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now we just need a WOTC dev to come in here and condescendingly explain how the backend is actually working correctly and for several unrelated reasons, this purely cosmetic issue may be in concept for a fix Q4 2024

This is clearly a shot at me, so sure, I'll take the bait.

I try to be very clear about acknowledging when something is not behaving as desired. However, that doesn't always mean it is bugged - and while that distinction doesn't necessarily mean much to the experience players are having, it is a look behind the scenes (which players sometimes enjoy) at why that issue may not be as easy of a fix as players think (which players often do not enjoy, I admit).

I also try to be clear when an issue, even though it's not desired, may not be as high priority as other issues. The truth is that game development involves a lot of push and pull. That means some things aren't likely to be addressed or will be addressed later on. I certainly don't intend that to be condescending; it's just honest.

I can understand that it's not fun to hear that something you don't like won't change, or at least won't change for a while. Some people might still prefer to know, while others don't want to bother hearing about it if there's not going to be immediate action. I'm still - always - trying to understand that balance and be a useful part of the conversation.

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