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Maybe it's just me, but I'm not used to playing this many mirror- or semi-mirror matches. It's crazy at this point.

I go into the Explorer Play queue with my mono white lifegain, and 4 matches in a row I get a white or selesnaya lifegain opponent.

I switch to the Standard Play queue with an Azorious jank pile revolving bringing back One With The Multiverse and Portal To Phyrexia from my graveyard.
3 matches in a row that's the same deck I run into.

Looking to get my daily wins I stay in the Standard queue but switch to my mono Red haste deck, and the next 6 matches is nothing but mono red.

I'm used to seeing a few color matches, maybe 50% on a boring day, but today has been pretty much 100% matching my deck.

Is anyone else getting this?

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3 months ago - /u/WotC_Jay - Direct link

Yesterday's update was about hardware adjustments to keep the backend stable. There were no changes to matchmaking itself.