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As a f2p player who is always short on wildcards, i am looking forward to be granted the new precon decks from this weeks midweek magic in early august.

But i heard the way this works, you only get the cards unlocked that you dont have enough copies of to play those decks.

So if you already have a rare pathway unlocked, you wont be granted an additional copy.

So i wanted to check, which rares and mythics are included in those 10 precons, so i avoid using a wildcard to craft my first copy of any of them.

I put them all on a decklist on aetherhub for easy import on my accounts to check which of them i am still missing.

Maybe thats of use to you as well.

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Just a heads up: There is a chance that these decks will change a bit before becoming final. One of the reasons we run events like the current one is to test how balanced these decks are against each other, and based on that we may find we need to adjust them a bit.