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Originally posted by spinz

They should just errata perpetual to not stick on commanders.

This was discussed, and if we see more problems than we expect it's on the table. But there's also a lot of fun to be had via perpetual buffing of commanders, and some fair-play debuffing too. We want to see how that goes first.

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Originally posted by thigan

We know that some players want a faithful recreation of tabletop Magic, and Standard, as well as Premier Draft, on MTG Arena, and we will continue to provide that.

And Pioneer in the future right?

To that end, he confirmed that they are going to ensure Standard, booster drafts, and other tabletop formats remain intact the way they are now

And Pioneer in the future right?

I just want to know if it dead for good, officially. To me, Modern will be too expensive in 5 year to be worth in MO and tabletop. Pioneer could be a alternative but maybe that is why they think is better to let it die. Just want to have the official word.

Not dead. Still something we want to do, but not something we have the bandwidth to put on a schedule currently. We're working to fix that, but with no clear timeline we felt it right to communicate that it was paused. We talk often about how to make this work (it's come up for me multiple times this week, for example).

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Can we expect to see an errata if it is ruining the historic brawl queue?

Yup; we're interested to watch how perpetual plays out here. We think it can be fun and fair, barring a few cards, but if we learn otherwise we'll change our plans.

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Has the new player deck grant date changed to September? as the renewal season article has the heading "Early August". But has the "Deck Grants" listed for August? Edit due to half of my post missing

That’s coming with this release

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/u/WotC_Jay Hi there, thanks for the update. The article says "both seasons will have the full normal rewards" - does that mean just the boosters and gold, or the card styles too? Are there 2 different sets of 2 card styles to collect for August 10th and August 31st, or are they the same? Thanks in advance. :)

2 sets - The "early August" season has different style rewards than "late August"