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MTG Arena on Mobile FAQs
Answers to your frequently asked questions as Magic: The Gathering Arena comes to mobile devices.

May 2021 Arena Open: Strixhaven Sealed
You've been hitting the books in Strixhaven, and now it's time for a pop quiz to test your progress—in Arena Open style!

MTG Arena Bugs: Hot (2642 ideas) – Customer Feedback for Wizards of the Coast
Two disconnects today which couldn't reconnect. (timestampts at UTC+2) First at 17:55, waited for reconnect till 18:00 when I killed Arena. The second after 21:00. This crashed the client and the log looks unkomplete. I attached the windows dump from the crash, renamed the ending because your form wouldnt allow it. And if I may say so, your "new" Bug report is garbage.