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I was eagerly awaiting this patch, as I heard they were fixing some of the issues and shortcomings with the new preferred printing feature. The most important thing for me was setting my default basic lands. This was fine for me as of last week, as I wanted to set the Unfinity Spaceics as my defaults. I know others wanted to set the Theros Parallax basics and that was bugged. Looks like that is now fixed.

The second most important thing for me is being able to set default styles for my favorite versions of important constructed cards, many of which I spent money on yet have been annoyed having to re-activate them on for every deck I ever make or import. For example, being able to default the Unfinity shock land arts or the Phyrexian Sheoldred. Both of these appear to still not be working as far as I can tell? Those cards do not show the appropriate icon to select a default version out of the options. I can see it working properly now for Abrade (which I believe was only half working last week), but I don't really want to interact with this feature until it works 100% across the board.





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As others here have said, the feature (as currently implemented) is about printings, not styles. This means that, in your Abrade case, it won't (currently) remember which style of Abrade you prefer.

We're well aware that this is less useful than it could be, and we are in the process of extending the system so that it will properly remember which style you prefer. No ETA or timeline to give there yet, but we are actively working on it.

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Thanks for the reply! I have been through a bit of an emotional loop on this over the last two weeks given I brought certain assumptions to the table and probably didn't read/listen to the context clues properly haha. We are clearly very passionate about our card styles (and somewhat bothered by having to reset them all the time :P).

EDIT: And just so I understand, does that mean it would also be extended to any card that has multiple styles, even if it doesn't have multiple printings? Specifically things like the Overgrown Tomb example above.

The goal is to get all of this working smoothly. That may be rolled out in pieces, as we get parts of it working. In general, we would rather ship "better" now than wait indefinitely to get "perfect".