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Does Anyone know if the current event is bugged and will be fixed?

Currently the event's banned list reads like it's a historic singleton event, but when you try and make a deck it shows as a Standard singleton event. I already paid my entry fee but don't want to submit a standard deck if it's going to get fixed halfway through the event. SO do we know if there will be a confirmation on what format this is actually supposed to be or not?

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The list of banned Historic cards in the article was just an error - we're removing it. The event uses the Alchemy card pool, and that will not change.

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I am getting duplicates of card styles despite not owning them all.

That certainly doesn't sound right. The support team should be able to see those appearing on your account and make it up if you file a request. I'll keep an eye out for any similar reports to see if this is systemic.