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Anyone else noticing this? Have you found a way to get it to update without having to restart? Not the most serious bug considering Arena's history with set releases, but still not ideal.

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22 days ago - /u/WotC_Jay - Direct link

This is a bug. We're aware and working on a fix. The quest does actually swap properly, but unfortunately the display isn't re-pulling the data to show the new quest. Restarting or playing a match will make it re-pull.

22 days ago - /u/WotC_Jay - Direct link

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Awesome, thanks! If you’re having trouble finding a fix, can I suggest sending me a few hundred draft tokens? I’m not sure why, but I’m convinced that will solve the problem. My username is andalite

Thanks for the suggestion and your willingness to "take one for the team". We'll hope it doesn't come to that, but I'll keep the option in mind.