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I am currently dreading queueing in what should have been my favorite format on Arena for two reasons:

  1. commander-based matchmaking seems nonexistent. I can't tell how many times I was matched against one of the usual problematic commanders while running a mediocre deck made for fun rather than to stomp other players (don't tell me that [[Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons]] is at the same power level as Esika, Golos or Kinnan)

  2. when I insta-concede to one of the aforementioned piles (because no thanks), there is a reasonable chance that my next match is against the same person, rinse and repeat until I wait it out for a few minutes.

Is this only happening to me? Why can't we have the same commander tier list as in Standard with additions for Historic only commanders?

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This is not only happening to you, as you can see.

The deck matching system is not currently working correctly, which I know is frustrating. We are still figuring out why not, but we'll get a fix out to players as soon as we are able. There is a fix already in the pipeline for the rematching.

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When it gets fixed, can we please get an official list of which Commanders are considered high tier and will be matched against each other? Because before the last update broke the matchmaking, I found myself constantly being paired against Golos, Esika and Niv decks when using some of my Commanders like [[Nethroi, Apex of Death]] and [[Teysa Karlov]], who absolutely should not be considered to be anywhere near the power level of 5 color goodstuff piles like Golos. Also can we maybe look into a ban list update? Cards like Field of the Dead, Paradox Engine, Ugin and Agent of Treachery completely ruin the fun of the format. Field and Ugin are too much of a generic "do nothing and win" power cards that gets tossed in every deck because why not, they're colorless hard to beat bombs. It always feels so bad and frustrating when you build a board then your opponent just slams an Ugin and exiles everything.

Your commander is a large part of the matchmaking formula, but it is not the only factor. The contents of your 99, for instance, are also indicators of how you are approaching Brawl as a game mode, and our goal is to find you someone with a similar approach. It's very possible to play against someone with a more powerful commander but a less powerful deck. There are even other factors also at play, as well, so you will and should get a variety of experiences (when the system is operational).

I won't go into full details about who is pointed where. That path leads to a lot of negative behaviors: players optimizing for the system rather than for their own enjoyment, debating the fairness of rankings based on single data points, "bug" reports when one of the many factors alluded to above leads to an "out of tier" match-up, and so on.

Bans are a tricky discussion. In many ways, Brawl formats are the most casual thing we offer on Arena, and banning someone's favorite card in a casual format - especially when we usually have tools to protect players in other ways - feels pretty bad. That is why we are currently as hands-off as we can justify. It doesn't mean we will stick to that forever, but in my mind, a couple specific commanders getting to have big combo turns off of a Paradox Engine is a feature of the format, not a bug.

Originally posted by WolfGuy77

So are you saying there's a hidden deck weight system too? I don't remember that being mentioned before. Like, if I play X amount of rares/mythics in my deck then I'll be paired against broken Commanders more frequently? There are a ton of really janky rares/mythics, so if that's the case that doesn't feel very fair. Some of my decks have a lot of rares in them, but they're not necessarily powerful rares. Just cards mostly unplayable in constructed formats that fit the theme of my deck. As for not wanting to list the Commander tier ranking...not knowing which Commanders are labeled as top tier also feels unfair too. If you play a Commander that's been deemed to be top tier by the Arena team, then you're essentially being punished by being pitted against only other people playing top tier Commanders every game, but you don't KNOW you're being punished because there's no official tier list. It's almost akin to what other games do with their invisible griefer servers and soft bans. Where when a player commits too many offenses, they're secretly put on a different server from the rest of the public where they only play against other rulebreakers. I don't want to fight Golos and Esika every game, so if I'm playing a Commander that's been deemed top tier, I want to know so that I can change my Commander, or so that I can tweak my deck to be ready to fight other top tier Commanders rather than playing more casually. And if not, then I want to know that there's some kind of bug that's matching me against these Commanders and not.

I guess in my mind, if Brawl really is meant to be a casual format, then cards universally hated by casual players like Field of the Dead, Ugin and broken combo pieces like Paradox Engine have no business being legal in the format. It sucks because Commander is my favorite Magic format and Historic Brawl seems to be the closest we'll ever get to that on Arena. I want the format to thrive. I want people to play it and for it to be supported by the Arena team. I want new players to get into the format. But I can't imagine how many people have tried Historic Brawl over the past week for the first time, built a really casual deck around their favorite legendary, queued up, got absolutely stomped 10 times in a row by Golos/Esika/Niv goodstuff decks and then decided they're never touching the mode again.

Rarity does not influence the system. It is based on individual cards.

We hope for Brawl formats to welcome all kinds of players - casual, competitive, and in between. Obviously, when the systems we put in place to help that are not working correctly, the experience won't be as good.