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Originally posted by Shin_flope

  • Improved messaging on mobile when there is a new client required to play.

Intrigued by this one, anyone knows what the improvements are?

It should pop a message letting you know that there is an update and you'll need to grab that from the store to continue playing. There are multiple things that can cause this to fail to appear properly, and we're steadily discovering & fixing them.

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Originally posted by karzuu

Always upvote a "Little Bobby Tables" reference.

And, in this case, the problem was that we were over sanitizing/protecting and needed to chill out a little bit. A simple '+' won't hurt anyone

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Originally posted by ghalta

On Mac, I usually launch MTGA directly, and only open the Epic game shell when I have to. Usually this is fine; at some point while logging in the client will tell me if it is outdated and needs to be updated.

However, if an update isn't forced, there isn't any notification. This happened with the prerelease packs for AFR. I was oblivious to the fact that they were available to purchase, because they weren't in my client. Eventually, like 10 days ago, I saw someone mention them here on reddit, and when I couldn't figure out why my client would not offer them, I ended up logging in on mobile to get them before they disappeared. Then I realized it was an issue with an out-of-date client and launched the Epic installer for an auto update, and sure enough they then appeared in the store for my kid's account.

I mention this because it's in the same category of issue and it almost cost y'all lost revenue, since I only buy for prereleases and would not have gone back to buy equivalent packs / draft tokens / etc.

Thanks for the comment. We're aware that some miscreants fine people don't always use the launchers, and are working on better tech & processes to make sure you don't miss out.

Also, BTW, there was a new patch released today that fixes a couple bugs, so you probably want to re-run that EGS launcher.