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Rebirth: trash outside of raids.

MoE: trash outside of crucible. Hell, not even the top dogs within crucible but that’s a different post.

Invaders: trash outside of raids.

They’ve been making teams more and more tailored to specific game modes for a while now but these three highlight just how bad it’s gotten.

Raid teams use to be a very solid “investment” across all game modes immediately following their releases; particularly in war. Symbiotes, great. Axmen, astonishing (hey-yo). SA, Awesome. NW, fantastic. WW… solid (until BA’s release). BA, great. DS, amazing.

….Rebirth and Invaders, …complete sh*t.

I’m also struggling to find a place to use a 1M+ MoE team in War. Sucks that we can put so many resources into brand new teams that are barely even useable at their peak value outside of a very specific game mode.

What the hell is everyone doing with these teams in war? We shelving them all but Fury and Kang?

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