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There are three topics to address.

First, today the Destined Connections milestone was intended to start at 2:00PM PDT but didn’t. It did start at 2:30PM PDT but was not properly granting points. That issue was corrected at 3:30PM PDT and is functioning as intended. We will be sending compensation in the near future for the inconvenience caused.

Second, the new Golden Opportunity Milestone has added Rank Rewards, which requires a minimum of 6 million points to participate. Text will be added in the near future to make this clear.

Third, there is an issue with the War Horsemen Scourge Event that can cause a player to earn more points than intended. This is actively being investigated and any mistakenly acquired points will be removed from the final run scores.

Have fun in the new Web of Life event racking up character shards for Spider-Weaver!

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