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Honestly, who proofs read at marvel strike force and why haven't they been fired yet?

With a slew of content creators who want to give players the best strategy to complete these events, it would help if the charts in the blog were correct.

Masters of Judgement shows only 51k points to complete. That would be 51 wins amongst your alliance, so 2-3 wins from everyone. That can be done in a day. WRONGO!

In game milestone shows 240K points needed. Let's get it together Scopely.

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Yes, it's a major problem that /u/CM_Cerebro and /u/CM_Archangel could approve and publish something on a Friday that doesn't come close to matching what was launched on Sunday. Especially because it comes after the thousandth time they promised to be better about that stuff.

But we need to view it in a new light. Was the event description free of any potentially racist phrasings? Yes! That's progress.

Hah they really are an embarrassment

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