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1s foreign
3s when you mix together the right
5s conditions or maybe the wrong conditions
7s anyone could become a villain
16s in an alternate reality where professor
19s Charles Xavier was killed before he
21s could form the X-Men the ruthless mutant
23s apocalypse Rose to power and took over
26s North America
27s [Music]
31s without the guidance of Professor X
32s Henry McCoy became a twisted and
35s sadistic genius
37s [Music]
40s foreign
42s McCoy one of his most valuable
44s geneticists second only to Mr Sinister
47s in intellect
49s for Apocalypse McCoy committed
51s unspeakable acts while experimenting on
54s mutants in an attempt to create an
56s unbeatable Army
59s experimented on himself resulting in his
62s gray furred form that along with his
65s cruel acts earned him the name Beast
72s dark Beast is one of the smartest
74s individuals on Earth and possesses
76s superhuman strength agility reflexes and
80s a healing Factor
81s he's also been augmented with cybernetic
84s components to increase his abilities
88s the X-Men eventually corrected the
90s timeline to prevent the rise of
92s Apocalypse destroying this alternate
94s world but not before dark beasts managed
96s to flee to the X-Men's original timeline
101s dark Beast continued to attempt his
103s experiments causing him to repeatedly
105s clash with the X-Men and X-Force
110s he's a high-focused controller for the
113s death scene team and specializes in
115s splicing enemies with negative effects
117s along with supporting his allies
121s dark Beast flips enemy positive effects
123s on each of his turns spreads negative
126s effects and his counter-attack and
128s assist punish foes with bleed offense
130s down and heel block if you lose an ally
134s in battle dark Beast can bring them back
136s from the dead with his revive the death
139s scene team shines in raids and that's
141s where dark Beast truly becomes a mad
143s scientist as he can clone his primary
146s target with this special ability
150s [Music]
152s recruit dark Beast now in Marvel Strike
156s Force
158s foreign
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