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2s this scrawny Outcast turned into a
5s powerful villain that defeated She-Hulk
7s [Music]
11s Mary McFerrin grew up an undersized poor
15s high school student who was starved for
16s attention and affection
19s she often fantasized about winning the
22s lottery to gain influence and respect
24s she never won the real Lottery but she
27s did win the Super Power Lottery
32s she stumbled across the Tyrant Dr Doom
35s who was looking for recruits for his
36s army
39s he offered Mary incredible abilities in
42s exchange for serving him an offer she
45s accepted
48s Mary was infused with radiation and the
52s resulting mutation caused her to become
54s tall massive and super humanly strong
59s she took the name Titania and after
62s helping Doom she joined the masters of
64s evil
68s Titania has repeatedly clashed with the
70s Avengers
71s X-Men and Spider-Man
74s but her Nemesis has always been She-Hulk
81s Jade giantess has threatened Titania's
84s belief that she's the strongest woman
86s resulting in repeated battles between
88s the two but time and time again Titania
92s has come out on top proving that her
94s power is not only worthy of she-hulk's
96s respect but worth adding to your roster
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