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2s [Music]
13s when she was just seven years old
15s jessica drew contracted uranium
17s poisoning from her father's genetic
19s experiments on spiders her father saved
21s jessica's life by injecting her with an
23s experimental spider-derived serum and
26s suspending her in hibernation in a
27s genetic
29s accelerator she finally awakened fully
32s cured she had developed new powers
34s including super human strength agility
36s reflexes and wall crawling abilities
40s jessica's body now also produced
41s bioelectricity and a pheromone that
43s elicited fear attraction and repulsion
46s in others jessica was recruited by an
48s underground criminal organization she
51s was trained to be an expert assassin by
52s taskmaster and assigned to kill shield
55s director nick fury however during the
57s mission jessica learned the true nature
59s of her employers which led her to
60s abandoning the organization
65s jessica adopted the name spiderwoman and
67s fought alongside captain marvel jessica
70s jones and members of the avengers and
72s her many adventures
74s spider woman swings onto the air force
76s team as a blaster with the additional
77s traits of hero city and bio
81s she features high damage and speed
83s making her a constant threat in battle
86s along with painful attacks spider woman
88s brings a good deal of damage mitigation
90s for her air force allies by way of her
92s passive ability pheromone fighter and
94s speaking of pheromones you can see her
96s pheromones in action during an alliance
98s war offense battle as she can lower the
100s accuracy of enemies who possess offense
102s down when spider woman is above 30
104s health and has three or more a force
106s allies
108s keep in mind that spider woman starts an
109s alliance war offense match by applying
112s offense down when she has three or more
114s a-force allies so this accuracy ability
116s can be very powerful
118s don't forget to stop by the iso 8 lab
120s and add even more power to spider-woman
122s we recommend equipping her with either
124s the striker or skirmisher iso 8 class
126s striker gives spider woman additional
128s damage
130s while skirmisher provides her with more
131s focus and helps her allies by applying
134s vulnerable
135s spider woman a hard-hitting blaster who
138s strikes fear into the hearts of her
139s enemies recruit her now in marvel
142s strikeforce
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155s character you want to see in strikeforce
157s then let us know thanks for watching