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0s this masters of evil villain is a
3s must-have in Marvel strike horse
6s Titania is the brawler for the masters
8s of evil and possesses the additional
10s traits of global and bio
13s she's the muscle for her team and strong
15s arms enemies with high damage attacks
18s Titania ensures she attacks often with
20s speed bar manipulation and fortifies
22s herself with counters and deflects
26s you can really pump up Titania by
29s equipping her with either the Raider
31s or striker ISO 8 Class
34s because Titania has so many crit based
37s mechanics Raider improves her crit
39s chance stats so she can apply secondary
42s effects
43s but since Titania already has additional
46s crit chance in her passive ability
48s Striker can be a great way to juice her
51s up don't miss her opportunity to unlock
53s this smashing master of evil in Marvel
56s Strike Force
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