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It's 2023 and no information is getting out about a friggin maintenance.
How I would react if I ever got to interview one of these "community managers"


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Ask me anything commander. The mic is yours!

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Who the f**k is Kestrel?

It’s interesting question commander. Kestrel was the brain child of a product “manager” and an actuary. The goal was to create an overpowered character that was “new” to the marvel universe and scopely had full control so it would be needed to release overpowered fan favorites.

All in all it was a great success for scopely. Still waiting for the kestrel #1 comic with a hood chrome cover to be released. I’ll be signing copies for all my favorite commanders.

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Why is kang yet to make it into premium,mega, and basic orbs?

$$$$$ or gross negligence

You decide commander

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I panicked and finished my dailies immediately. W Shortly, what does that mean?

We will Never.


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How many shots of whiskey should we buy to get Agatha and Ikaris farmable?

Congrats commander! It’s farmable with new Ultracores!!!!

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