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15 Oct

14 Oct


There is currently an issue where multiple event preview cards were created and Mojo's Mayhem is not accessible. The game team is currently investigating and working quickly to address it.

EDIT: The issue with Mojo's Mayhem not being accessible has been fixed but you might need to restart your client before you can see it again. The extra event preview cards and related inbox messages have also been removed. The team will be discussing potential compensation for this inconvenience. Thank you for your patience while we worked to address this.

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The final Experiment X Milestone was intended to end today, however another instance of the Milestone was unintentionally started. As players have already started making progress in the extra Milestone, we will continue to let it run for the full length of the timer. Enjoy the bonus rewards!

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12 Oct

11 Oct

09 Oct


Today at 5:00pm PDT all Red Star Orbs were unintentionally displaying orange / gold rarity indicators (only used for 6 and 7 red star promotions) for all red star promotions of Silver Samurai. This was a visual-only bug and did not affect drop rates in any way. The issue has now been corrected and we apologize for the confusion this caused. EDIT: You may need to restart your client to see the update.

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08 Oct


Originally posted by Spinningpen

No news on where we can farm the secret avengers....

Not yet, but we are targeting to have more information to share in next week's blog.


Greetings Commanders,

Rumor has it that the legendary Black Blade has been sighted on Nexus Earth, and this week we've got the details on a warrior to help dull its villainous wielders. Also slicing your way is the next season of S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass, a magnetic repeating Legendary Event, wild Blitzes, and precious Bonus Events. Now, unsheathe your excitement for the arrival of a Weapon X warrior...


Keniuchio Harada is the mutant son of a former Japanese crime lord and grew up learning the disciplines of the medieval samurai. His mutant ability allows him to generate a tachyon energy field from within his body. He can focus this energy through any object, but he typically chooses to focus the energy through his preferred weapon: the katana. Operating under the name of "Silver Samurai," Harada has worked for various criminals around the world, as a hero for the Japanese government, and alongside Wolverine on multiple occasions.

Silver Sa...

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07 Oct


Today there will be two updates to the ability text of two Weapon X characters:

Omega Red
His basic ability, Carbonadium Lash, will now state that the healing cap is 25% to match the function.

Silver Samurai
His special ability, Executioner Slice, said that it would flip Counter on only the primary target. The ability text is being updated to reflect the actual function of flipping Counter on the primary and adjacent targets.

A quick developer’s note: when these characters are tested internally, they are put to the test with the how they function and thus is why the ability text is changed and not the other way around.

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Originally posted by Marlon195

Hey Cerebro. Android we're still getting a little bit of a bug currently. When I leave the game for even 30 seconds and put the game in the background to take a call or something I'm getting anomaly detected and have to restart the game. Sometimes when I take a call or something I lose out on arena or war attacks. Hopefully you guys can take a look at that. This was happening last patch as well but hasn't been fixed yet. Thanks!

Thanks for reporting - I will forward this information


In Advanced Options, the toggle for Download all Assets on Wi-Fi has been reactivated. If you encounter any issues regarding this feature, please comment here and send in a support ticket for investigation.

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Originally posted by Troypachi

Any acknowledgement of the saved squads glitches? When I saw the in game notice for maintenance I figured that was one of the bugs being addressed but it is still there.

We are still investigating this issue.


Originally posted by Jhulyus

What about the removed advanced option to download all assets via wifi?

It will be back in the future but we are being cautious to ensure that it isn't contributing to the Android issues.

06 Oct

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