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06 Oct


Originally posted by vonte0425

So when will silver samurai appear in the roster?

We're working on it now, hopefully very soon!


Originally posted by Nifarious

Lame to "fix" Misty by not fixing her, but on the other hand, I dont want to face a harder h4h. A t4 refund really should be in order, here.

The team is discussing potential compensation for this issue.


Today at 12:00pm PDT (Pacific Time) the game will require all players to update to version 5.7.1. It is possible that this could interrupt combat, so we recommend that you do not attempt to start a battle around this time until you are prompted to download the update.

This will address the following issues:

  • Fix for Phoenix not summoning Dark Phoenix upon death
  • Fix for Deathpool occasionally dealing low damage with her ultimate ability (fully charged)
  • Updated art for Silver Samurai’s character model

Android Crash bug

Some players were encountering a crash when attempting to load the game, specifically while on mobile service data (not Wi-Fi). We believe this is related to an upgrade with the Android API from version 29 to 30. We have reverted this upgrade and it should address the loading issues but we will be monitoring closely to ensure that it has the desired effect.

Alliance War Anoma...

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05 Oct


Originally posted by ZiponIT

The Real Question here is What's Bigger than a Facebook Outage......

Please don't Fail me, u/CM_Cerebro
I enjoyed the Joke.

Slushie machine outage?


Originally posted by z_dogwatch

I've said it before, Cerebro's salary would be better spent on QA, or poured back into the game. Just have a dev update the patch notes and push them to the site and you'd essentially have the same effect if not less animosity for the game.

Better spent on - slushie machine!


I’m just here for the slushies commander!


An update was made to how many Raid Season points are awarded for 30% completion of Doom II, at Difficulty 1 or higher. It now properly accounts for three Strike Teams instead of just one (as it was previously).

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04 Oct


Originally posted by BigMikeThuggin

ive seen as many as 9 in a stack for 540,000 gold

Thanks for confirming.


Uniques should appear in stacks of 2-4, so if you're seeing more than that in a stack it's not intentional. We will investigate this.


Thanks for reporting. Would you please provide a few more details including your device model and if there are specific game modes where you're encountering the issue?


Thanks for reporting - the team is currently investigating


Thanks for reporting - I will look into this.


Originally posted by NasRenegade

First you hold on to Emma for months and now you put her in the battle pass? Hard pass. Even for the Karen Frost costume.

Of course, MH to war store. My only surprise here is that its not Captain Falcon. Btw, who are you taking out in her place?

Oh. And speaking of Phoenix, what're yall doin about the fact that shes bugged?

Mercenary Sniper will be leaving.


Originally posted by Ahrayashiki

Who's leaving the war store when Maria will get in there /u/CM_Cerebro ?

Mercenary Sniper.

03 Oct

02 Oct


That's what we initially suspected as well, but in seeing what's happened since disabling the feature it's becoming more likely that the two things are unrelated. We have a hotfix planned for next week that should hopefully address the problem.


Any characters in particular?

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