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30 Sep


The new advanced option of “Download all assets via Wi-fi” has been temporarily disabled to investigate a possible link to certain players not being able to load the game. The feature will return in the near future.

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Originally posted by Radking95

Shit what do you even call someone who is beyond kraken? Omega kraken?

Cerebro 😉

29 Sep


Originally posted by anythingyouhave

I was hoping for Cyclops in a speedo

I mean, who know what he's got underneath


On Tuesday, September 28th PDT, the dev team released the first look at the character model for Silver Samurai. Since then, we have heard some significant concerns with the symbol on Silver Samurai’s chest, as it has historical associations with military subjugation in certain regions - we did not intend to endorse this message.

The dev team is taking action to address the design by removing the symbol on the character model by next week. We greatly appreciate that players brought this to our attention quickly so that we can move swiftly on our end to address it.

The dev team wants to be considerate of all cultural sensitivities, and we apologize that this was not fully examined earlier in the development process. We will work hard to consider issues like this in future to ensure the best experience for all players.

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Originally posted by obscuretelepathic

Is the Emma costume going to be obtainable this patch?



Devour alphas with the one true omega: Omega Red!

Arriving over the course of this release:

  • Enhance your Roster with 3 new playable characters: Omega Red, Lady Deathstrike, and Silver Samurai
  • Ability and stats improvements for Wolverine and Sabertooth
  • New costumes: Cyclops - Dawn of X, Wolverine - Weapon X, Venom - Ancient Pharaoh.
  • Assemble your Secret Avengers team, Nick Fury, and Winter Soldier for the Omega Red Mythic Legendary Event, "The Red Death"
  • Form a top squad with the limited-time Honorable trait for the Silver Samurai Event Campaign: Curse of Muramasa
  • New Gear Tier 16: Teal (Augmented) Gear
  • New Doom II Raid: Earn Teal Gear, T2 (Blue) Iso-8, and more with Doom's next challenge for your Alliance.
  • Raid updates: The completion percentage requirement to unlock higher difficulties and earn first-time rewards have been reduced for Alpha IV, Beta IV, and Gamma IV Raids
  • ...
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28 Sep


Originally posted by studlymagoo

Did any of the point values change for clearing a room? Since the bonuses changed.

No, these are unchanged.

27 Sep


Greetings Commanders,

Helicarrier-sized updates are heading to the Alliance War battlefield with our upcoming version 5.7 Release that are aimed to give you more freedom when you want to engage with the game mode, add a new angle to strategy, and improve gameplay. Here's your official Alliance War Update briefing:

War Energy

The first update you'll notice is that you now start with 4 War Energy (increased from 2) and we've increased the War Energy cap from 5 to 10. A maximum of 14 attacks (10 free, 4 refreshed) per player can be done in each War. You should now have more freedom to attack when your schedule permits and the increased cap will make sure you're not missing out on any Energy.

Iso-8 & "War Ready" Trait

Characters equipped with higher levels of Iso-8 will now enjoy a new advantage in battle, in addition to what their Iso-8 Class provides. Arriving with the 5.7 Release is the new "War Ready" trait. ...

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25 Sep


The next phase of gear progression is on the way in the form of Teal (Augmented) gear. Teal gear arrives with our upcoming version 5.7 Release, which is currently slated for September 29th (PDT) and characters equipped with Teal gear will enjoy a major stat boost in battle. Our previous gear releases would imply that Gear Tier 16 should be another level of Orange gear, but we have something else in mind. As we mentioned in our 2021 Preview Blog, we're going straight to Teal (Augmented) gear in order to reduce the overall cost of Orange gear and generally make it more accessible.

Acquiring Teal Gear

At launch, you'll be able to earn Teal gear from the Doom II Raid (primary source), the Supplies Store, the War Store, as well as from event milestones and various offers. Doom II will reward Teal Gear Raid Orbs via the Raid Completion Rewards. This orb rewards all Teal gear types, excluding mini-uniques, so you'll want to start coordina...

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Originally posted by OmegaRedMSF

When do we get an official announcement on the kit reworks for wolverine and sabertooth?

Next week.

24 Sep


Originally posted by hulksmash50

Do we need to get 100% on Doom 1.1 in order to be allowed to launch Doom 2.0?

No, if you have the requirements you can jump right into Doom II Raid.


Originally posted by hulksmash50

Does gear tier 16 require any of the tier 13 unique pieces or is there a new tier 16 unique piece now?

Teal Gear is self-contained, so it won't use any of the same pieces needed for Orange Gear.

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