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27 Jul


It was recently announced that Heroes for Hire characters would be added for use in Gamma Raid nodes. This update was unintentionally not included prior to the start of the Gamma Raid. The team is currently working on the issue and should have a fix ready today. We apologize for the delay in this update.

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26 Jul

24 Jul


There's currently an issue affecting some players where bonus Power Cores are not being granted with the purchase of Case of Power Cores, Crate of Power Cores and Shipment of Power Cores. We are investigating the issue and will ensure that any players that didn't receive the bonus amount will get it delivered in the near future. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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23 Jul


Greetings Commanders,

If your roster is feeling blue, seeing red, or is just green with envy, read on because this week we're revealing how to power up your characters with more Orange than ever before. We'll also be revealing a new trait option for our upcoming Gamma Raids, Blitzes that'll sting if you miss them, and weekly events to put shards and Catalysts in your hands.

Ability Materials Updates

As S.T.R.I.K.E.'s roster has increased, so has the need for more Ability Materials to power up your characters. To help you earn more T4 Ability Materials, we'll be updating the rewards for Raids and Alliance War. Depending on your Alliance's activity level, you should be earning between 60-190 more T4 Ability Materials per season. Here are the updates that are on the way:

Raid & Alliance War Season Rank Rewards

Rank Rewards for Raids will include 100% of all Raid participants and everyone outside of the top 5% will earn more T4...

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22 Jul


Originally posted by Lifewoos

Does this mean that you took out the trash? :)

As the game's CM, it would be in poor taste for me to officially agree with that statement. UNofficially... 😇

21 Jul


Nobu was removed from the pool.


Thanks for reporting, I'll look into this today...


I hear he's traaash.

20 Jul

17 Jul


Originally posted by wotts918

Sharon Carter event is bugged

Thanks, we're looking into it now.

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