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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hey Hunters,

Welcome to Kamura Hunter’s Hub #11!

Since our last post, we’ve been revealing brand new weapon actions coming to Sunbreak over on the Monster Hunter social channels. We’d seen some of you chatting about it and discussing the reveals here in General Discussions, so we thought hey, now all 14 weapons have had their reveals lets share all that goodness for our Steam Hunters!

In today’s post we’ll be detailing four of the weapons and linking to the other ten so you can see them all in action! After the weapons we’ll also be showing you how Sunbreak is building upon Rise’s Dango mechanics to give you even more choice when going into a hunt…

New Silkbind Attacks and Switch Skills
As previously mentioned in Kamura Hunter’s Hub #10, you’ll be able to unlock new Switch Skills and Silkbind Attacks for all 14 weapons and utilise them using the new “Switch Skill Swap” mechanic.

As for the new skills themselves, let’s take a look at what you’ll be using in the hunt!

Switch Axe

Switch up your style with new Switch Axe moves, including a powerful new counter-attack!

Elemental Burst Counter

Unleash a decisive counter-attack just as a monster strikes to perform a Power Finisher, immediately energising your Switch Axe into an Amped State!

Axe: 2-Staged Morph Slash Combo

An impressive combo that follows your Axe: Wild Swing.
During this combo, the power of Sword Mode attacks increase and Axe Mode attacks fill the Switch Gauge faster.

Great Sword

Become an unrelenting force with new Great Sword silkbind combos!

Strongarm Stance

Reinforce both your arms and weapon with Ironsilk to temporarily fend off attacks.
If used while charging, you can quickly parry an attack and then unleash a fierce onslaught afterwards.

Surge Slash Combo

An offensive style that combines speed with the weight of the Great Sword to unleash a stream of powerful strikes in quick succession.


Level up your archery game with versatile new Silkbind abilities for the Bow!

Butcher's Bind

Fires an arrow loaded with Ironsilk.

If the follow-up arrow lands in the same spot as the first, Ironsilk winds around both arrows, inflicting severing damage.

If the second arrow is off target, the lodged arrow disappears.

Stake Thrust

An attack that thrusts an explosive stake into your target.

The stake reacts to follow-up attacks, dealing extra damage to the target. The amount of extra damage dealt is determined by type of arrow loosed!

Hunting Horn

DOOT DOOT! The beatdown just don't stop with groovy new Hunting Horn moves!

Silkbind Shockwave

A Silkbind attack that wraps the Hunting Horn in Ironsilk. For a short time, any attack causes the silk to vibrate, creating a time-delayed shockwave that triggers additional hits. These additional hits do major stun, exhaust, and part damage. DOOT!

Swing Combo

A two-hit attack that can be delivered from either the left or right. This allows you to quickly shift directions, making it useful for repositioning in true Hunting Horn style.

Even more weapons!

Not spotted your favourite weapons yet? Fear not, we’ve got links to their bespoke videos for you right here:

Long Sword
Sword & Shield
Dual Blades
Light Bowgun
Heavy Bowgun
Charge Blade
Insect Glaive

Introducing Hopping Skewers
It’s time to level up your Dango, Sunbreak style!

In addition to the regular skewers you’re familiar with, you’ll also have access to new “Hopping Skewers”.

Hopping Skewers are an optional, alternative method of eating before a hunt that enhances two Dango skills at the cost of the third one being weaker. Watch those activation chances too, it might be worth using a Dango Ticket to help secure some powerful buffs!

There’s lots to experiment with here, so make sure to get stuck in!

The Hunt Continues June 30th!
Elgado Outpost awaits you when Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak launches on June 30th!

Prepare to take on the Three Lords and everything this mysteriously land has to offer by pre-purchasing here:

Hunters who pre-purchase will also receive:

Bonus Add-on Content
  • "Loyal Dog Costume" Palamute layered armour set
  • "Striped Cat Costume" Palico layered armour set
Note: Layered armour is a "skin" which changes the appearance of the character without affecting their stats and abilities.

Quest Complete – We’ll see you next time!
That wraps up this week’s community post! Thanks as always for taking the time to check it out!

We hope you liked what you saw regarding the new weapons actions you’ll be wielding from June 30th. What were your favourites? Did any of these new moves tempt you to try a new weapon for Sunbreak? Let us know in the comments!

We’ll see you in the hunt!

- The Monster Hunter Community Team