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Hey Hunters,

Happy New Year and welcome to Kamura Hunter’s Hub #16!

We hope you’ve been having a great time with Free Title Update 3! Taking on the newly added Monsters, crafting powerful new gear and delving even deeper into Anomaly Investigations, as well as the expanded Followers system!

What’s been your favourite parts of the latest Title Update? Let us know in the comments at the end of the post, we really appreciate hearing your thoughts! (Also, feel free to share some cool mixed sets you’ve been making with the new gear!!!)

Now, back to today’s post! We’ve got a Sunbreak Developer double-bill for you as we share some challenging hunt gameplay straight from the team, as voted for by the community on Twitter, and put a spotlight on the Dev Teams very own buddies that they take out on hunts – including those of both Rise and Sunbreak’s Directors!

Let’s jump in!

The Sunbreak Developer’s Challenge
Since mid-October, the Sunbreak Dev Team have been putting their skills on display in the Sunbreak Developer’s Challenge, taking on Event Quests as they showcase their moves against a range of Sunbreak’s monsters!

Each Developer that takes part has also been sharing a “Challenger’s Comment” with some fun insight at the end of their clip – we’ll share those under the videos too!

The first one dropped on October 14th, with subsequent ones being voted for by the community on Twitter! Let’s take a look at what hunts have gone down so far…

Hunt 1 – Dual Blades

Things kicked off in style as one of Sunbreak’s Game Designers took on the Event Quest “Dual Threat: Go Out with a Bang!”, tasking them with taking down not one, but two Seething Bazelgeuse with their dual blades!

It turns out our Game Designer was quite the fan of Spiral Slash, and they took a moment to explain why:

“I’m a game designer on Sunbreak. I mostly focused on using the Spiral Slash this time.

The MHGU team had a hunter art naming content, and “Rasenzan” (Spiral Slice) was actually my idea!

I hope you all give it a spin.”

Following that we held a weapon poll for the next video between Long Sword, Gunlance, Charge Blade and Bow, with the winner being…

Hunt 2 – Gunlance!

That’s right, Gunlance’s explosive personality blasted it to victory in the community poll!

Another brave Sunbreak Game Designer stepped forward, Gunlance in hand and took on the Event Quest “Dual Threat: A Returning Rush of Red”, pitting them against the fearsome Elder Dragons, Malzeno and Shagaru Magala…

We saw many comments from Gunlancers that our Developer had an unexpected, yet effective playstyle, encouraging them to try it out for themselves! What could have led to this playstyle? Well, it turns out this particular Game Designer worked very closely with the Gunlance on Sunbreak:

“I’m a game designer on Sunbreak. I used different Switch Skill Swap Scrolls for each monster.

I designed the Reverse Blast to offer both good offense and defense.

It’s quite a lot of fun to blast around with the Gunlance, so I hope you give it a try!”

Then came the next poll, pitting Sword & Shield, Hammer, Insect Glaive and Light Bowgun against each other, with the winner being…

Hunt 3 – Insect Glaive!

The Insect Glaive gracefully vaulted itself into our third and most recent challenge video!

Our third intrepid Sunbreak Game Designer stepped into the arena (literally) against a Crimson Glow Valstrax and Furious Rajang in the Event Quest “Dual Threat: Destructive Stars”!

Our Developer used a range of aerial and ground combos to successfully complete the hunt, and even took a moment to share their personal tips for Kinsects:

“I’m a game designer on Sunbreak.

I tried out the Speed Type Kinsect “Fleetflammer” this time. The Speed Type Kinsect Charge kind of keeps your hands busy, but I feel that gives it a stronger sense of joint combat than the Assist Type.

The Kinsect Type greatly changes how the insect glaive plays, so I recommend trying out types you haven’t used before!”

What’s next for the Sunbreak Developer’s Challenge? Well, our latest Twitter poll recently with the Hunting Horn being selected as the winner!

That means that the next video will be releasing in the near future over on the official Monster Hunter Twitter, so feel free to drop us a quick follow if you’d like to see another member of the Sunbreak team showcasing their skills in the hunt!

Buddy Spotlight – Meet the team’s Buddies!
Now you’ve seen some of the team in action! But what about our faithful Palico and Palamute pals? If you’re keen to see what Buddies some of the team use, or after some cheeky Buddy build inspiration, we’ve got you covered!

We’re currently mid-way through our Buddy Spotlight on Twitter, so we figured it’s about time we looped you in on it too!

So, get ready to meet the Buddies of Monster Hunter Rise Director, Yasunori Ichinose, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Director, Yosh*take Suzuki, as well as Sunbreak’s Lead Buddy Designer!

Director Ichinose’s Buddies!

First up, meet the buddies of Monster Hunter Rise Director, Yasunori Ichinose! The fluffy black and purple look of the buddies matches the violet princess look of the Hunter!

Check out the details of their hunting set HERE.

Director Suzuki’s Buddies!

Director Suzuki uses two sets of buddies, with one consisting of two Palicos. He focuses first and foremost on having the most noble look possible!

Naturally, these buddies are as sharp as their fashion when it comes to the hunt, so check out their set HERE.

Lead Buddy Designer’s Buddies!

Now we have the Lead Buddy Designer’s very own Buddies! Let’s check out what they had to say when we asked about their Buddies:

“I chose a cute and dark layered armor. My buddies are a combination of my versatile Palamute, covering both attack and healing, and my Palico who is skilled at chance-making.”

(A pawfect combo in our opinion!)

How does our Lead Buddy Designer kit out their buddies with gear and skills for the hunt? Find out HERE.

That wraps up our current Buddy Spotlights! We’ll be sharing more on the official Monster Hunter Twitter account soon!

Did anything catch your gaze? Will you be teaching your Buddies some new tricks, or maybe even upgrading their wardrobe? Let us know!

Oh, and one more thing, whilst we’re chatting about it, if you want some cool new layered gear for your furry friends, make sure to complete our recently added Event Quest “Purr-ivate Eye”!

Doing so will unlock these rather dapper outfits for budding detectives!

Quest Complete – We’ll see you next time!
That wraps up this week’s community post! Thanks for checking it out!

We hope you enjoyed seeing the Dev Team in action in the Sunbreak Developer’s Challenge, as well as getting a little look at how some of the team like to equip their Buddies for the hunt!

We’ll be back again soon with another community update, but in the meantime happy hunting with Free Title Update 3!

See you in the hunt!

- The Monster Hunter Community Team