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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hey Hunters,

Welcome to Kamura Hunter’s Hub #13!

A lot has happened since our last post, and that’s putting it lightly! Sunbreak has launched and you’ve joined us on a new adventure to save the Kingdom.

You’ve boldly charged into Master Rank to save the Kingdom and we’ve loved hearing about your hunts and seeing all the new armour and weapon combos you’ve been crafting and wielding.

Thank you all so much for your amazing support of Sunbreak’s launch, you rock even more than a Basirios!

A New Dawn!
Now Hunters, Sunbreak may have launched but your adventures in the Kingdom have only just begun.

In this week’s post we’ll be having a look at launch, sharing some words from Sunbreak’s Director, Yosh*take Suzuki, as well as peering into the near future at Title Update 1 and beyond!

Your Thoughts and Feedback

Throughout launch week and beyond, the team have been eagerly collating your thoughts and feedback, investigating any issues that reared their heads and reading about your epic hunts and gear crafting plans.

It’s been truly humbling hearing about your enjoyment of Sunbreak, from Master Rank to new monsters, new gear and skills, we’re so pleased to be sharing this new journey with you.

We also want to take a moment to say thank you to those who reported any issues they ran into, this allowed the team to quickly investigate them and fix some early issues that arose. The team are remaining vigilant, so if you encounter any bugs, please post them in the “Report a Problem” sub-forum so they’ll be seen.

Now, before we look to what the near future holds, Sunbreak Director Suzuki has a message for you!

A Message from Sunbreak Director Suzuki
Hello everyone! Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has sold over 3 million units worldwide!

All of us from the dev team are deeply thankful. I'm here to present an illustration to commemorate the occasion, and to let everyone know that we're working hard on future updates.

The team is still hard at work on the first Title Update, coming this August. Not only do we have additional content like the new field and monsters, we plan to add new content regarding Anomaly Research, and more options to provide players with a greater range of difficulty.

Please look forward to it!

- Suzuki, Sunbreak Director

Looking toward the horizon!
As mentioned earlier, your adventures in Sunbreak have only just begun! The team are keenly working on a number of free Title Updates, starting this August, that will add even more exciting content to the game.

Check out what’s just ahead with our Sunbreak Roadmap preview below:

Keep your whetstones and ammo handy, you’re going to be busy!

As you can see, our first Title Update, arriving in August, is bringing with it a host of new content, from a new locale: the Forlorn Arena, to the explosive Seething Bazelgeuse and elusive Lucent Nargacuga, plus even more that’s yet to be revealed!

We’ll be sharing more information on Title Update 1, including when you’ll be able to play it, on the lead up to its launch. Watch this space Hunters!

Celebration Item Pack
As Director Suzuki mentioned, support for Sunbreak has been amazing and the expansion as already sold over 3 million copies globally!

To celebrate this milestone, the team have put together and released 3 free item packs that you can grab from Senri the Mailman, or Elgado’s Courier if you haven’t already.

This item packs include some powerful items to aid you both in and out of the hunt, so make sure to grab them!

Item Pack 1
  • 10 x Ancient Potion
  • 20 x Dango Ticket
  • 20 x Dash Juice
  • 5 x Heavy Armor Sphere
  • 5 x Silver Egg
Item Pack 2
  • 50 x Mega Potion
  • 30 x Well-done Steak
  • 20 x Large Barrel Bomb
  • 10 x Mega Demondrug
  • 10 x Mega Armorskin
Item Pack 3
  • 30 x Dust of Life
  • 30 x Herbal Powder
  • 15 x Demon Powder
  • 15 x Hardshell Powder
  • 10 x Friend Vouchers

The Hunt Continues!
Elgado Outpost awaits you now that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has launched!
Take on the Three Lords, Master Rank and a whole host of fearsome new foes that the Kingdom has to offer:

Quest Complete – We’ll see you next time!
That wraps up this week’s community post! Thanks, as always for taking the time to check it out!

Whether you’re unravelling the mystery of Mazleno to save the kingdom, or currently diving into Sunbreak’s endgame as you work to perfect your new builds, we hope you’re all having an awesome time!

We’ll be back again soon with another community update, but in the meantime, happy hunting!
See you in the hunt!

- The Monster Hunter Community Team