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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hey Hunters,

Welcome to Kamura Hunter’s Hub #15!

In this week’s post we’re going to be taking a closer look at the new armour skills that arrived as part of Free Title Update 2! These skills are unique to the three new armour sets that can be crafted from defeating Title Update 2’s new monsters and offer interesting new ways to power-up your playstyle, so we thought we’d check them out with you!

Director Suzuki also has a message to share about a powerful feature that you can harness by using Flaming Espinas weapons…

Before we get into that though, we’d like to say a HUGE welcome to all the new Hunters who joined us in the recent sale. Whether you’re stepping into Kamura for the first time, or taking a voyage over to Elgado Outpost with Fiorayne, we hope you’re having an awesome time – thank you for joining us.

Oh and for those new Hunters, if you’re looking for a helping hand, or simply want to get to Sunbreak as quickly as possible, check out our free, optional Black Belt S armour and Defender Weapon set:

Right then, it’s time to chat about that spicy new gear!

New Monsters, New Armour Skills!
Three fearsome new monsters arrived with TU2 in the forms of Flaming Espinas, Violet Mizutsune and Risen Chameleos!

They’ve brought the heat, and Hunters that rise to the challenge will reap the rewards! With hot new weapons in the case of Flaming Espinas and Violet Mizutsune, plus new armour sets, skills and decorations for all three monsters, you’re going to be keeping Minayle busy!

Flaming Espinas & Intrepid Heart – MR 10

Flaming Espinas by name, Flaming Espinas by nature! Hunters that manage to take down this fiery monster will be able to start crafting its set of weapons and armour, channelling this monster’s unrelenting nature.

As with all other armour sets, there’s a range of skills available for you to utilise, but today we’ll be highlighting its unique new skill, “Intrepid Heart”, which can be found on Flaming Espinas’s Arms and Greaves.

Intrepid Heart is a skill with two levels that does the following:

After filling the gauge by continuously landing attacks, negates damage reactions and reduces damage taken from a single attack that would knock you back.

At level one you’ll get the above effect, and with two levels you’ll reduce damage further and also release a damaging explosion when struck!

If you’re looking for a rocksteady offence, this one’s for you! After all, they do say the best form of defence is attack…

Violet Mizutsune & Embolden – MR 10

Sliding in with a barrage of bubbles, Violet Mizutsune is ready to put a singe in the step of any Hunter who dare challenges it!

After hunting this monster the crafting can begin as you embrace being the centre of attention for powerful buffs!

That’s right, Violet Mizutsune’s set comes with the unique skill “Embolden”, which can be found on its chest, greaves and waist!

Embolden is a skill with three levels that does the following:

When targeted by a monster, that monster becomes more likely to become enraged but your own defence is increased.

Level 1: While active, defence +10, slightly prolongs dodging invincibility and slightly lowers impact when guarding.

Level 2: While active, defence +20, prolongs invincibility when dodging and lowers impact when guarding.

Level 3: While active, defence +40, greatly prolongs dodging invincibility and greatly lowers impact when guarding.

For Hunters that relish being in the spotlight, this ones for you! And about the monsters you face being enraged more? These pieces also come with Agitator to really capitalise on the situation!

If you’re looking for a powerful defensive and offensive boost when it matters the most, check out the Embolden skill and the Violet Mizutsune armour pieces it comes on!

Risen Chameleos & Buildup Boost – MR 110

Rising up to overcome the affliction, Risen Chameleos unleashes a toxic nightmare to any foolish, or brave enough to confront it.

This one’s for the Hunters who, much like Risen Chameleos, head into the hunt with hard hitting offensive status attacks at the forefront of their strategy!

Equipping the Greaves, Chest or Arms of Risen Chameleos’s set will grant you the new skill “Buildup Boost”!

Buildup Boost is a skill with three levels that does the following:

Increases attack power when you land attacks that build poison, paralysis, sleep, blast, or exhaust. (Exhaust - ammo/phials/coatings only)

Level 1: While active, increases attack power by 10%

Level 2: While active, increases attack power by 15%.

Level 3: While active, increases attack power by 20%.

Oh yes, landing blows that build status effect will increase your attack power for that strike! We’ve enjoyed seeing the build crafting occurring within the community as they’ve sought to harness the true potential of this skill.

From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like a certain “Status Trigger” skill from Title Update 1’s Gold Rathian armour has some powerful synergy with Buildup Boost, so it might be worth getting hunting party together for a visit to the Illustrious Queen…

But remember Hunters, this is just one of many combinations! Have you been utilising Buildup Boost, or any of the other new skills that arrived in Title Update 2? Let us know how in the comments, we love reading about your favourite and ingenious new skill combos and sets.

A Message From Sunbreak Director Suzuki
Hey everyone!

Free Title Update 2 is now available. Weapons made from Flaming Espinas materials possess two different elements. Only the main element is displayed on the weapon's details screen, but the weapons also possess a poison element that builds up as you attack a monster.

We've also identified an issue where using gestures/poses in quick succession can put a heavy tax on the Lobby. We've restricted this in Ver.12, but we'll continue to look into ways of allowing as many inputs as possible whilst maintaining the stability of the game.

- Suzuki, Sunbreak Director

Quest Complete – We’ll see you next time!
That wraps up this week’s community post! Thanks for coming by and checking it out!
We hope you’re all having a great time with Free Title Update 2’s content, from the new monsters, armour and weapons, to the new Decorations, Qurious Crafting upgrades and Anomaly Investigation level cap increase!

For those of you yet to reach MR10, fear not, after completing Sunbreak’s story you’ll be just a few hunts away from joining in on the expanding Sunbreak endgame too!

We’ll be back again soon with another community update, but in the meantime, happy hunting!

See you in the hunt!

- The Monster Hunter Community Team