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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hey Hunters,

We hope the hunts have been treating you well so far in 2023! Also, a huge welcome to all the Hunters that have joined us in Kamura and Elgado in the recent Steam Winter Sale, it’s great to have you with us!

As you may already know, Free Title Update 4 is coming in February and on the lead up to its arrival, Sunbreak’s Director Suzuki is sharing weekly sneak peeks every Wednesday at what’s to come on the official Monster Hunter Twitter account!

This week we got a first look at a juicy new quality of life feature we’ve seen Hunters requesting, “Hunter Loadouts”…

Hey, everyone! Here's more details about “Hunter Loadouts”, coming as part of Free Title Update 4. You'll be able to register an “Item Loadout”, “Equipment Loadout” and “Layered Loadout” as a single Hunter Loadout set, and switch to it as needed.

- Suzuki, Sunbreak Director

You read that right, from Free Title Update 4 you’ll be able to combine your equipment, item and layered armour loadouts into one handy Paratoad sized package!

This’ll allow you to quickly switch to the right set for the occasion, whether that’s for fashion, function or both – meaning you can get back into the hunt even swifter than before!

We’ll leave you for now with a look back at the awesome year we had in 2022, as well as a little look into what 2023 has in store…

Hmm, this latest version of Sunbreak’s roadmap from the end of the video has a rather intriguing silhouette, wouldn’t you agree Hunters…

Thanks everyone! We’ll see you in the hunt!

- Monster Hunter Community Team