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298s hello and welcome everybody to that time
300s of the week where we get to go over a
303s brand new character reveal
304s stripe and I can't wait to show you
307s exactly how exciting it's going to be to
308s play this brand new Assassin for this
310s game but before we talk about that we
312s also have some other news that was
313s revealed yesterday that I want to share
315s with you as well it has to do with the
317s Esports scene of multiverses go ahead
321s and take a quick look
332s thank you
339s [Music]
344s that's right the mvs fall Showdown has
346s begun make sure you go ahead and
347s register at start.gg mvs fall Showdown
350s team up with your friends to compete for
352s sixty thousand dollars in total prizes
354s across multiple qualifiers there are
356s qualifiers for at a East at a West and
359s EU do not miss out it's gonna be
361s incredible time I cannot wait to see all
363s of your great plays make sure you also
365s tag mvs and all of your great plays that
367s you get during those brackets but
370s I know why you're here we all know why
371s you're here why you've woken up this
373s morning it's time I hope you have your
375s water and your Stacks ready for stripe
378s hey yo hello everyone and welcome to the
382s Multiverse spider showcase for the
384s newest villain joining the roster Stripe
387s from Gremlins this is the cat and I'm
389s going to walk you through Stripes kit
391s and help you get started clawing and
393s devouring your opponents he's angry and
397s he's vicious let's take a look at stripe
399s in multiverses
401s stripe is a new assassin class character
404s while he lacks durability in recovery
406s options he excels in speed and kill
408s power his goal is to focus one target
411s relentlessly until he scores a ring out
413s for his team Stripes allies should look
415s to zone for stripe to allow him to
417s perform his brutal combo game
418s uninterrupted Stripes enemies should try
421s to double team stripe whenever possible
423s to exploit his weak defense and weak
426s recovery let's dive into Stripes moves
428s and start with his normal attacks
430s Stripes air and ground neutral attacks
432s throw his buzz saw stripe can hold the
435s button down to charge and aim the bus
437s saw in any direction if the boss saw
439s hits the ground or a platform it rolls
441s along terrain for a short time knocking
444s back any enemies in the way if the buzz
446s saw is in the air when it hits an enemy
448s it bounces back toward stripe stripe can
451s hit the buzz saw to redirect it to hit
453s enemies again if the bus saw hit Stripes
456s Ally the buzz saw briefly orbits the
458s Ally giving them a moving hitbox a
461s buzzar that hits an enemy while orbiting
463s an ally acts just like an aerial Buzz
465s saw and bounces back towards stripe the
467s buzz saw is the core of Stripes neutral
469s game with its short cooldown stripe has
471s the ability to get multiple bus saws on
473s the map if he can juggle them
475s effectively he can make life incredibly
477s difficult for his opponent Stripes other
479s normal attacks are pretty standard so
480s let's move on to special attacks
483s Stripes air and ground special is his
485s toy gun by itself it has an incredibly
488s short range that fires directly in front
490s of stripe but stripe can extend the
492s range by marking a Target stripe marks a
495s Target by hitting them with any melee
496s attack spawning this little aim reticle
498s on his marked Target if stripe fires his
501s gun while he has a Target marked he will
504s automatically fire on that Target and he
507s can fire on that Target from anywhere
513s stripe can also Mark his buzz saw and
515s fire it to bounce it in the air and
517s reset its hitbox the gun shoots in a
519s straight line towards its Target so if
520s anyone gets in the way they should
522s expect to eat a quick shot to the face
524s now let's look at Stripes up special
526s stripe leaps into the air knocking back
528s and marking any enemy he comes into
530s contact with a strike leaps onto an ally
533s well nothing happens stripe doesn't roll
535s like that you feel me instead stripe has
538s the ability to leap off of projectiles
540s he can leap off of Ally projectiles like
543s his buzz saw to move quickly towards his
545s enemies he can also leap off of enemy
548s projectiles to destroy them as he leaps
551s forward he can even destroy Harry
552s projectiles by leaping off of them so
555s enemies should be careful about spamming
556s projectiles while stripe is around let's
559s look at one last special move stripes
561s down special pulls out his Dynamite
564s after a delay the dynamite explodes
566s hitting all enemies and hitting stripe
569s himself stripe can't throw the dynamite
571s but he can use his down special again to
574s bite into the dynamite setting it off
576s before the timer expires when the
578s dynamite explodes stripe himself becomes
581s a hitbox by holding a direction during
583s the explosion stripe launches himself in
585s the hell Direction colliding with and
587s marking all enemies in his path it works
590s as a finisher a combo tool a recovery
592s there's a ton of potential with the
594s self-launching dynamite
596s stripe is the quintessential rushdown
598s assassin he wants to hit an enemy and
600s never stop hitting that enemy until he
602s brings him out don't be afraid to use
604s all the tools at your disposal to push
605s for that kill and if you don't have
607s quite enough damage the gun can always
609s serve as your final trick to secure the
611s ring out and with that we are done with
614s this Multiverse fighter showcase
615s featuring strike from Gremlins I hope
617s you all enjoyed it and are ready to give
620s stripe a try once he's released I
622s personally am incredibly excited to have
624s a new Assassin in the game you feel me
626s it's been a while he feels absolutely
629s incredible again this has been the cat
631s and thanks for watching as usual take it
635s easy
638s so I hope you're all ready for the chaos
641s that is a stripe the first villain here
643s of Multiverse is I'm super excited to
645s see them uh first appearing back in 1984
648s in the Gremlins movie uh he was a kind
651s of a phenomenon because it featured the
654s adorable Mogwai and then all of a sudden
656s everything with the chaos the leader of
659s that chaos of course is stripe so
662s also if you can't tell
664s pretty unique look here over on Wonder
665s Woman so uh I can't stress enough how
669s important some of the moves on his kit
670s are for one that saw blade but we'll get
672s that into a second uh first off we're
674s gonna go over every move as usual you
676s got his standard Jabs
678s which are a standard swipe at higher
680s percentages that will knock out you get
683s this to
684s around 100 I'd say around
686s 140-ish give or take on someone like
688s Wonder Woman
697s close enough what
700s stripe is someone that you will be using
703s uh pretty aggressively because his
705s Mobility is awesome you have things like
707s the swipe you also have the up attack
710s which is a pretty good antier it's also
712s a combo tool at the right percentages
714s for it too and then you have this move
716s here just down attack shoot the speaker
719s now this move also is another knockout
722s option
723s a little bit higher though you want to
725s save this
727s for later on don't put it on attack
728s decay
732s Wonder Woman is heavy
736s there we go
744s but the most important move in this kit
747s is this all blade
749s this is going to be a nightmare tool for
752s many people you could use it as a
753s grounded approach for neutral
756s you could use it as an aerial approach
760s then you could do things as well on the
762s ledge you could let it go down guarantee
765s a lead strap
768s you're going after someone who bounces
769s off of it but there's also one more
771s really good tool for it
775s if you're recovering you throw that at
778s the ledge and everybody's got to get out
779s of the way
780s nobody can sit there and not jump or not
783s Dodge out of the way so you're
785s guaranteed
787s it's pretty much to make it back unless
788s somebody jumped over that and guaranteed
790s your way out it's actually pretty
792s ridiculous but yeah besides those
795s there's a standard attack of the course
796s and then that's your neutral Tech you
798s have your down air
800s which is a spike
801s it's also another one of your knockout
802s options at higher percentages
814s then you have your up air and your side
816s air this is going to be one of your main
817s approach tools your Sam that is your
819s that is not your side area
821s this is your side air the swipes it also
825s applies that debuff which you're seeing
826s there I'm going to talk about that in a
828s second as you saw in the video the
829s targeted debuff
831s you could use that in combination
837s so pretty much anytime somebody has a
839s targeted debuff at higher windows
845s that's if I actually edit it
849s foreign
851s fact by the way you have to wait for
853s that to end before you could go again
856s [Music]
861s as I show y'all three times in a row not
863s to do that but still
865s when it comes to Stripes as long as you
867s have the targeted debuff which is that
869s icon that you see off of physical
870s attacks
871s this will find you anywhere on the
873s screen speaking of that gun
875s by itself
877s it has no range
879s you can use it as a drifting tool if you
881s like
883s very similar to what we showed off with
885s Rick
885s so if you want to fade out of the way
887s it's not the most range but it will help
889s keep you safe
894s then of course is up here which is a
896s chargeable option as well
898s that's as you can see it's not the
900s biggest modern range but you can fast
901s fall it
903s catch someone off the ground
908s so although it doesn't have a massive
909s amount of range it can be used for some
911s setups which I'm going to show you later
913s they'll bring her health back down
921s now as for more of his special moves
923s this is his main tool that you'll be
925s using with the debuff of course the gun
927s then you have the skateboard on the
928s ground
930s now if you do a second one
932s it will cause a kickflip which it
935s doesn't true combo at all windows but at
936s some windows it will
938s and it also does apply the debuff
943s so at higher percentages if you line it
945s up properly
948s that'll lead to a knockout off the top
952s then of course this up special which we
954s saw I'm not gonna go into that too in
955s depth because we did just see it pretty
957s standard move you can use that as a
958s knockout option at higher percentage uh
960s at the higher spaces as well thing to
963s remember is that you use this off the
964s ground this does count as one of your
966s specials
968s so be very careful when you decide to
969s try and use that
970s it's mainly for when you're in the air
972s or if you could bounce off of someone
974s else
976s now one thing that was also not shown
978s yet
981s is the chainsaw now this move is
983s hilarious because if you Let It Rock
988s you will just fall but you can jump
990s cancel out of that or a Dodge cancel so
992s using this
995s you could use that as a bait to approach
996s people so you go
999s instantly cancel out everybody's gonna
1001s be afraid to try and go after
1004s the chainsaw
1006s but if you Let It Rock it'll also hit
1008s little Tech you could also do is that if
1010s you started in the air you could fast
1012s fall down
1013s and use it as a grounded option because
1015s if you're on the ground you'll get the
1016s skateboard but
1018s if you short hop with it
1021s you can also use it as both a ground
1023s approach and use it as a way to bait
1025s people as well
1029s and then it has a pretty good recovery
1031s range as well
1034s so you can use that all the way through
1035s it's active hitbox it's going to allow
1037s people to back off of you uh it
1041s of course like I said it's a mix-up
1043s options so once you hit the wall you
1044s could also do this
1047s if I aimed it the correct way
1049s active hitbox
1052s saw blade at the wall there's a lot of
1054s ways to help keep yourself alive when
1055s you're trying to get back with this
1056s character
1057s although it may not seem like he has the
1059s best vertical recovery which to be fair
1060s he doesn't he has really good horizontal
1062s recovery for that also another move that
1064s gives you recovery TNT
1069s so if you have this active you could use
1071s that but also
1075s I'm sorry that scream is great uh when
1077s you're on stage be careful how you press
1079s it
1080s because you can also accidentally knock
1081s yourself out at zero so
1084s this character has a lot of tools and I
1087s think that TNT is going to be one of
1088s your main tools because you could use
1090s TNT in combination with other things
1093s or let the timer run out to extend
1095s combos I'm going to show you that in a
1097s little bit too but I think that TNT is
1100s one of your main tools
1102s actually wrong shrink I was looking for
1104s TNT it was one of your main tools
1108s to try and push advantage
1111s so you can use TNT in the air if you
1113s catch someone slip and hold to the wrong
1115s di or if they Dodge in
1118s go after him we'll appears
1120s the main thing you're gonna be using
1121s with him of course is this saw blade as
1124s an approach tool for your combos
1135s leg strapping
1137s and Recovery
1139s and as you saw before
1142s you can also hit it as well
1152s I messed it up but if you time it
1153s properly
1156s you can send it right back now if you
1158s get it in mid string it'll constantly
1159s hit your opponent so when you have a
1161s teammate on the field as well it's gonna
1162s help and it'll attach to your teammate
1164s it'll constantly rebounce but a couple
1166s of the combo ideas that I came up with
1169s of course I'm gonna go ahead pop these
1171s on here
1173s foreign
1186s that one right there you let the bomber
1188s time out as well mid string this one
1192s if you catch someone hold the wrong di
1193s go all the way up there with them
1195s and then for some of the big characters
1197s you get you can have a little bit more
1198s fun
1205s so there's a lot of different things you
1207s could do with that also I feel like some
1209s of y'all might have saw something I was
1210s just showing off there but
1213s before I actually go over what some of
1216s y'all may have seen just now I want
1218s y'all to get a little bit of insight and
1220s a little bit appreciation from the
1222s people who give us this character give
1224s us that life behind everything and I
1227s want to give the floor to Daniel Ross
1230s himself the individual who has been
1232s voicing so many of our characters in
1234s this game let's go ahead and have a look
1236s with them
1237s versus fans my name is Daniel Ross and
1240s I'm a voice actor who you may know is
1242s one of the voices of
1244s lucky the leprechaun and Starscream from
1247s Transformers
1249s but for multiverses you might recognize
1252s my voice more as like Uncle shagworthy
1255s actual service
1259s and now you can hear me as the
1262s villainous strike from Gremlins Gizmo
1265s Kaka
1268s oh my gosh I am so excited for you to
1270s play as scribe he's going to be dropping
1272s soon the very first villain of
1275s multiverses uh I want to take a moment
1277s just to thank the folks at player first
1279s games Warner Brothers games and of
1281s course multiverses for having me in this
1284s amazing game I hope you're enjoying it I
1287s am so excited to be a part of it and hey
1289s if you want to give me a follow on
1290s social media check me out at actor
1292s Daniel Ross capital
1295s Capital hello thank you so much Annie
1298s Ross and all the other voice actors and
1299s actresses who put in all the time and
1301s effort behind the scenes to make this
1303s show uh as important as possible to us
1306s so we could have we could get to enjoy
1307s every character all the life behind it
1309s and I feel like it's one of them uh one
1312s of the most unappreciated Departments of
1314s the industry and I greatly appreciate
1316s everything you have done for us and what
1317s you've done with the characters now
1320s I'm gonna stop teasing y'all the
1322s Halloween event begins today so if you
1326s took a look at the Skins I just had in
1327s those combo showcases well there's quite
1329s a few more if you want to get access to
1331s those skins you just need to play every
1334s time you win or lose a match you get
1336s candy and for every win or loss you have
1339s without one of the Halloween variants
1342s you get 20 to 10 candies respectively
1344s but if you play with any of the variants
1346s you see here including combat Gizmo and
1349s combat stripe you will get 40 candies in
1352s 20. now if you get enough candies at the
1355s end and you've used them all you can
1357s also trade them in for gold later so if
1359s you end up unlocking all the things you
1361s need with candy including the pumpkin
1362s patch icon and those skins you stare as
1365s either the Calico cat and the mommy rain
1367s dog you will be able to redeem it for
1369s later so you still have reasons to use
1371s uh to get that make sure you get a part
1373s of this because it's a limited time it
1376s does end November 15th which is the same
1379s time the season one battle pass ends so
1381s if you're still working on that battle
1382s pass you have something else to work
1384s towards two as well as the battle pass
1387s so it gives you a little bit more to
1388s have uh while you're at it plus
1390s a reason to check out the other skins
1393s but
1394s that of course
1397s is gonna bring us close to the end
1398s however uh that does not mean we are
1400s done with showcase we're gonna go ahead
1402s and take a look at the official trailer
1404s for strike
1420s oh my God
1432s let's do it
1457s oh
1461s sure you're not using Kryptonite
1465s [Laughter]
1471s [Music]
1474s baby
1478s okay Chad I saw enough requests in there
1480s I'll take a look at the skins that I'm
1482s gonna go ahead and show it to you
1483s because why not so I'm gonna take a
1485s quick look at every one of the Halloween
1488s skits
1489s see who's first here
1496s so first we got one uh the one woman
1497s Black Lantern skin I am a huge fan of
1500s this because that ax looks amazing look
1504s at how like it's still it still works
1507s exactly the same way
1509s like
1511s but it's a whole different weapon so
1512s it's the same hitboxes nothing changes
1514s it's all visual
1519s ander's different voice actor uh voice
1521s lines as well for both the Black Lantern
1524s skins just to make that aware now
1527s I don't know if I could get let me see
1528s if I can get one to go off
1538s I I love the attention to detail on that
1541s now some of y'all have seen this one
1545s the Black Lantern skin has returned for
1547s Superman
1549s again save things no visual differences
1551s in terms of the moves
1556s but
1563s turn
1566s it's phenomenal this
1569s might be my favorite one though
1574s I don't think you could have asked for a
1576s more accurate Frankenstein skin
1580s this is by far and away one of my
1582s favorite skins easy
1592s now uh let's see who we got next
1595s rain dog okay rain dog players y'all
1598s stay winning that's all I have to say
1599s but this looks amazing so I I was
1603s curious if we would ever see an Anubis
1605s style skin for rain dog or something
1607s along the lines of uh Egypt since
1609s happens to be a dog
1611s and look at this it looks so good
1616s so you get to look at a very cool rain
1618s dog as they throw a whole bunch of stuff
1620s at you
1626s let's see now
1633s this one kind of speaks for itself
1635s I am a big fan of the detail on this
1637s Velma Velma players also stay winning
1642s but this one this one doesn't have a
1644s different voice or anything it's just a
1645s whole it's a whole new skin but visually
1647s looks amazing
1660s and I think
1662s oh
1673s I love this
1675s I love this so much this is the single
1678s one that we didn't get to see but uh
1680s this is the Tom and Jerry vampire outfit
1685s I it's just the amount of detail that
1687s they put into every one of these skins
1688s is phenomenal so much like the summer
1690s skins again this is a limited time thing
1693s so do not miss out one more time I'm
1695s gonna go ahead and show y'all uh the
1697s Halloween event
1701s again you get candies for each one of
1703s these
1704s do not miss out
1706s it's uh as you play it's not no other
1709s attributing factors to it is as you play
1711s you get candies towards the skins and
1714s when you are done you can go ahead and
1715s use that later towards uh redeeming gold
1718s as well so you get something towards it
1720s but again thank you everybody for tuning
1722s in today greatly appreciate uh your time
1724s here and enjoying the stripe Showcase
1726s with us of course and don't forget to
1728s sign up for the mvs fall Showdown
1730s because it's the start of uh something
1733s big sixty thousand dollars on the line
1735s plenty of pride of course everybody
1737s wants to have those big W's you could
1739s possibly get maybe exclusive icons like
1741s what they did with EVO it's the first
1743s follow-up to Evo and you're gonna be
1744s hearing a lot back from me of course
1746s during that because I will be hopping on
1748s the mic to bring you the calls for all
1750s the action I honestly can't wait to see
1752s everything y'all do and any of the big
1754s plays you get with stripe please make
1756s sure that you at multiverses on Twitter
1758s uh and so we can see them hashtag stripe
1761s hashtag multiversis I want to see all of
1763s your best plays uh throughout the day
1765s because I know a lot of you are going to
1767s experiment not only with the saw blade
1768s but I want to see some of the TNT setups
1770s that you come up with because I think
1772s that that is going to uh really change
1774s the game with stripe it's a little bit
1776s of chaos but that's kind of exactly what
1778s he's about
1780s and uh also uh best of luck to everybody
1782s who competes in that also I hope that
1784s you enjoy all of the skins that we have
1786s for this event this is only a taste of
1788s what is to come in the future there's
1790s gonna be a lot of exclusives uh
1791s throughout this game's history of course
1793s but I am so happy to see these seasonal
1795s Skins are looking amazing but that's it
1798s for me of course my name is Ajax if you
1800s happen to know who I am great but if you
1802s don't you can follow me at uh on Twitter
1805s Ajax underscore HQ and everything else
1807s of course at agents underscore HQ for
1810s now though that's the end of the stripe
1811s reveal look forward to seeing you at the
1814s next one or any future reveals but for
1815s now I hope you all have a wonderful time
1817s with stripe I hope you had a wonderful
1819s time with me here today I'm gonna go
1821s ahead and sign it off and get ready to
1822s pass the ball over to one of our
1824s community members as they get ready to
1826s play stripe that's it for me today hope
1829s you all have a beautiful rest of your
1830s day and for now have a good one
1836s foreign
1850s [Music]
1864s [Music]
1874s foreign
3 months ago - MultiVersus - Direct link
3 months ago - MultiVersus - Direct link