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1445s with each breath pain and
1449s destruction my world is
1452s broken by your
1457s seduction your touch a whisper from the
1462s past a
1465s memory that's fading fast
1470s so I
1471s search for you where souls go to die
1477s Keeping
1479s home as life goes
1482s passing by the Flames of
1485s face turn my love for you
1490s into so much pain but still I can't keep
1496s away I'm ready with this
1500s chance I hope we meet again
1506s someday
1509s somay the Flames of f torching love at
1514s the
1515s G
1517s gate our souls changeing
1522s aous way my heart wait and wait I don't
1528s care if I
1532s ins I know we'll me again
1565s the sky is Frozen by
1569s aathy
1572s desolation fear and
1577s castrop but I won't stop hunting with
1580s play
1583s point this
1585s pain a fire consume
1589s me so I
1592s search for you where
1595s those to TI Keeping
1599s home and life goes
1602s Hing by the Flames of face turn my love
1607s for you
1610s into so much P but still I can't
1616s keep I'm ready with
1620s this I know we'll meet again
1626s someday
1629s somay the Flames will face torching love
1634s at the
1635s gy
1637s Gat our soul changeing
1642s a way my heart W and W I told there in
1652s my we me in our
1656s girl somay
1696s speech
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1720s foree
1737s foree
1767s foree
1797s for
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1811s fore
1827s fore
1857s for for
1915s got position oh so for
1958s fate what
1960s is
1962s fate it's about shattering the
1966s cycle altering the rules of the game
2005s hey hey
2026s new challenges will be
2029s ignited and a new order is poised for
2032s reshaping
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2072s he
2098s oh
2162s let's crush them d d
2203s did you see this coming
2228s yes
2276s speee
2306s for
2309s foree
2336s fore
2366s fore
2389s foree
2396s for
2426s fore
2456s fore
2465s foree OG
2613s with each breath pain and
2617s destruction my world is
2620s broken by your
2625s seduction your touch a whisper from the
2630s past a
2633s memory that's fading f
2638s so I search for you where souls go to
2644s die Keeping
2647s home as life goes
2650s passing by the Flames of fi turn my love
2655s for you
2658s into so much pain but still I can't keep
2664s away I'm ready with this
2668s CH I hope we meet again
2674s someday
2677s somay the Flames of Fate torching love
2682s at
2683s again
2685s gate our souls change in
2690s aous way my heart wait and
2694s wait I don't care if
2698s by
2700s day I know we'll me
2704s again some
2733s the sky is Frozen by
2737s aathy
2740s desolation fear and
2745s catastrophy but I won't stop hunting
2748s with
2751s play this
2753s pain a fire
2756s consuming me
2758s so I
2759s search for you where
2762s soul to die Keeping
2766s home and life goes
2770s Hing by the Flames of face turn my love
2775s for you
2778s into so
2780s much but still I can't keep away I'm
2786s ready with this
2789s I know we'll meet again
2794s somay all
2797s day the Flames of face torching love at
2802s the
2803s G
2805s Gates our soul
2810s changing way my heart W and
2814s wa I don't dare
2821s me
2824s our somay
2872s by
2901s say what
2903s is
2906s faith it's about shattering the
2910s cycle altering the rules of the game
2949s hey
2970s new challenges will be
2972s ignited and a new order is poised for
2975s reshaping
2997s he
3056s though
3070s foree
3074s spe spee
3077s spee foree
3097s foreign
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3233s I'm s thing you people wouldn't believe
3238s attack ships on fire of the sh out
3241s R I watched sea glitter in the dark near
3247s the touser
3248s gate but all those moment when we l a
3255s time time to
3268s yeah we want to take it
3272s higher light it up like we on
3278s fire yeah we want to take it
3283s higher at the top we be singing like the
3286s choir we bu in the
3291s Empire we The Chosen We the Kings we the
3295s leaders in the ring they can't tell us
3299s not a thing yeah we running the game we
3301s canot
3312s win yeah we want to take it
3317s higher light it up like we on
3323s fire yeah we want to take it higher
3327s yeah we bu in the
3331s Empire we chosen we the ks we the
3335s leaders in the ring they can't tell us
3339s not a thing yeah we running the game we
3342s can win
3357s and ladies and gentlemen welcome to day
3359s two week four trios for the mvpl spring
3362s split my name is sario and alongside me
3365s you guys know who it is Senor Raven plz
3368s making it through here how's it going
3370s dog thank you surf I'm excited to be
3372s here tonight second day new patch trios
3376s all the new compositions with the new
3378s glitch system and the money system and I
3382s I'm glad to see that new comp with Z
3385s coming out big but also
3387s sand Mech coming back the the monk Tami
3391s uh Faria was one of my favorite
3392s compositions it sadly kind of fell out
3394s of style because of all the Vipers
3397s coming out and figuring out a nice
3398s counter to it now also uh F3 Viper and
3402s V3 Viper seems to be phasing out as well
3405s talking with APF I've seen and felt
3409s personally uh that F2 um V1 the more
3413s traditional Viper is coming back so that
3415s high execution uh coming back in big so
3418s I'm excited to see more of it today so
3421s for the nvpl spring twitch drops if you
3424s watch the game for 15 minutes you will
3427s get some Tay watch it for 30 minutes get
3430s some silk for 60 minutes a choice gift
3432s now we are in the bi-weekly 4 so getting
3436s 60 Minutes in will get you this Conquest
3441s background man I kind of want that
3443s background not going to lie sir that
3445s looks kind of that look kind of nice it
3447s look clean I don't know a lot of
3449s character selections especially like if
3450s you have the Viper star collection where
3452s if you go all way it just matches like
3454s too good to be true uh and with
3457s everything coming through the the
3458s bi-weekly finals drops are a limited
3460s time guys so if you are going to be
3461s watching it make sure you're watching on
3463s Twitch I know our YouTube homies are out
3464s there watching this from their side I
3466s want to shout them out as well but we
3468s are going to have uh those rewards only
3470s be for the by-weekly finals on the
3471s bottom row now daily Drops make sure you
3473s guys keep those watching and yeah like
3475s you said zy comp has been making her her
3477s appearance a lot of names have been
3478s thrown out there right the zon comp you
3480s know Z Za Yi you got the chain Scythe
3482s comp where it becomes more
3483s understandable that it is having Zion
3485s there and that huge potential that when
3486s JL brought it out in here in day three
3488s for week three uh they really set the
3491s tone here for finals as well where then
3493s it just translates into a potential you
3496s know Contender for fighting out against
3497s sandbox comps just because that F3
3500s refresh can come through where she can
3501s go and be immune to like fear and blast
3503s she can also pressure down to mulches
3505s when it comes down to it where she uses
3506s her F to push him into a position he'd
3508s rather not be in use the ultimate to
3510s come out and just rush him down if it
3512s comes down to it in part two electric
3514s bugalo but standings here coming from
3516s day one trios has this to Showcase J
3518s team didn't have that great of a chance
3520s for their day one they're had last place
3522s with 12 points so or 12 place with 20
3524s points we have ewg into 11th we have bow
3526s in 10th BB in 9th xcg in seventh in
3529s sixth but we do have jdg here in sixth
3532s place actually making it through for the
3534s top six so far with the alliance's team
3536s Mak into fifth drg making into fourth FX
3539s having a great game as well for up third
3540s place so far JL in second and wolves
3543s actually being able to pick up three
3545s MVPs into day one one of those being a
3549s Transformers comp into game five so that
3552s should be pretty interesting how that
3554s can kind of also come to uh fruition
3556s with these new comps right this also G
3559s uh grants a greater Synergy across if I
3562s can use this comp to counter this comp
3563s and so on so forth and Raven you know a
3566s lot of comes come and go and the new
3567s metas can be formatted uh day in day out
3570s season 12 really gave an opportunity for
3572s that to come through considering more
3574s and more players are just trying things
3576s out here and
3577s there yeah and Transformers is one of
3579s those compositions that uh always comes
3581s back you think it's going to go
3583s somewhere but it is the oldest
3585s composition when it comes to trios the
3586s staple of nraa trios and it doesn't
3589s surprise me with uh Transformers coming
3592s back is exactly why F2 and V1 Viper
3595s comes back says the reason why we call
3597s it Attack on Titan is that for the
3599s longest time there was only one trios
3601s composition played and the only thing
3602s that can stop it was the silence Viper
3605s paired with wuen you attack these Titans
3608s as they dform and you managed to secure
3611s the kills or you can find a silence on
3614s the uson V3 traditionally has never been
3616s played until this current meta with uh
3620s siphon running round and Cannonball
3622s running round they were very very
3624s vulnerable to the V3 and the bir in but
3626s now with the new glyph system and the
3628s amount of damage reduction you're
3630s getting from going full Rage with that
3632s last uh glyph buff we're seeing a lot
3635s more durability and that defensive trios
3638s play coming in big now we were talking
3640s about the the Z siphon comp uh it's
3643s nothing really new Once Matari is used
3645s it's mainly because vipers are having
3647s such a good day so when you're seeing
3649s these nighttime days coming out you're
3650s seeing a lot of uh value coming out from
3654s these Matari coms especially if the
3657s Viper is going to run V3 which ties back
3660s to what I was saying earlier um V2 or F2
3664s V1 Viper is coming back and that very
3667s coordinated silence is going to be going
3669s onto the Yan and Matari because uh V3 is
3672s just not cutting it you can actually
3674s reaction ultimate against the V3 Viper
3677s cuz the tether of that AOE silence is
3679s not instant it does require like half a
3682s second to connect to you and in that
3684s time all these guys are Pros Lightning
3686s Fast reflexes are able to react to it
3688s and ALT and ends not not being such a
3691s reliable way to execute someone but we
3694s shall see new comps are being made every
3697s single season we have the new character
3698s around the corner not going to be played
3701s yet but still I'm excited to see if
3704s these guys using the new glyph systems
3706s figure something out especially when it
3708s comes to the mixture of running uh rage
3711s grapple distance and discount what
3714s creative things can we spot today and
3717s I'll be spotting that energy bar seeing
3719s just exactly how most of these Pros are
3722s playing it I was saying after worlds uh
3725s spending my time there in China that I
3727s think this time around we're seeing an
3729s increase in mechanics CU traditionally
3731s solo players have always had uh looked
3734s at as a lot better 1 V one skills but
3736s we're seeing the rise of players like K
3738s Lau who's now on ug that mechanical
3741s proudness being so much more powerful
3743s and traditionally you had no energy when
3745s you played trios so a lot of the Finesse
3747s of solos that you would do didn't really
3749s exist but now with the amount of uh
3751s stamina you can run or energy we're
3753s seeing a lot more mechanic show showcase
3757s where we're seeing you being able to 1v3
3759s people as long as he set up correctly
3762s with his Jades and everything and I I
3764s see that Trend kind of moving forward
3765s and teams really really mastering all
3768s aspects of the game no longer will it be
3769s a game where uh you can play only one
3772s mode I really think that with the new
3774s glyph system uh we're going to see a lot
3776s better fights when it comes to these
3777s trio teams yeah good points to be made
3780s yeah and going into game one also uh
3782s with the season 12 being introducing
3784s those new glyph systems and seeing how
3785s the rage builds are being prevent are
3787s being you know contrasted with their
3789s discount builds some teams are even
3791s opting in as we saw into day one where
3794s we are able to see players going for
3796s that grapple distance and on some
3798s occasions even to the other side for
3799s those early game for the start spawning
3801s in with grapples and armor powders with
3803s Vitality SL healing berries and usually
3806s goes down that route with energy to cost
3808s you know to cost efficiency even with
3809s the increase to base stamina base energy
3812s some teams are still taking that
3813s utilization of that uh of that region of
3815s the glyph system and just being able to
3817s go in full aggressive aggression route
3819s I'm hoping to see what we're going to
3820s see for the round pick selections
3821s because we've been seeing a lot of uh a
3823s lot of changes with these team comps
3825s especially for the round three the last
3826s round selection process where we've been
3827s seeing auses they made their rounds into
3830s day one and I'm curious to seeing where
3831s they're going to come in the day three
3832s but or for round three but going into
3834s this first round selection going to see
3835s SanSai but we are going to see a Viper
3837s wanessa hey thumbs up coming in here and
3839s with the wbg rocking the Viper wanessa
3842s as the first round pick selection we are
3843s going to see those onepoint banss uh for
3846s the uh sand siphon with both Tami as
3848s well uh no just as Tami because I see
3851s that uh from the Tian High coming in
3852s there for the team prior but with
3855s everything coming out Viper wesa is
3857s going to come into the second round
3858s selection I'm going to have to see what
3859s this what that is going to be later on
3860s but te are opting in here for that as
3863s well and I mean this is kind of the base
3866s bis of what you can see for that third
3867s party potential Squad of making their
3869s comp you known and making it very loud
3871s in their appearance when they drop in
3873s and like you said v1's making its
3874s returns with the F2 and V3 F3 shutdowns
3877s usually come through but as we can
3878s expect jdg making their arrival for
3880s their first round play as the uh Zeon
3883s chain Scythe whatever which way you want
3884s to call it it's going to be Z Matari and
3887s ziping Ying as well as with wolves
3889s opting in for that choice with two
3891s Cannonball coms coming in here from 521
3893s and
3894s BBE and uh noticing how this is going to
3897s end up going into Hol Roth Sunny for
3900s this
3901s round uh with the Tien high as being the
3904s soul tanai into this Lobby Raven I think
3906s one thing that is going to be noticed is
3908s how well that team is going to want to
3909s try to push that I'm not sure if you saw
3911s which team it was but one tanhai just
3914s like how wbg tried to bring in the um
3917s tanhai to Tessa as well as with the
3919s karumi and just trying to hold down the
3922s fort as much times as they were we don't
3924s see it as often as before for them yeah
3927s it's because uh as y High or monk um
3930s you're buffed by having more monks in
3932s the lobby now on Hol Roth It's one of
3934s those lobbies where uh these guys are
3936s going to try to play as slow as possible
3938s and we saw a lot of success from wbg we
3940s actually are have the pleasure of having
3942s three bi-weekly Champs in this Lobby we
3944s got wbg we got
3947s UG and we have the most
3951s recent winners GG all here today holl
3955s Rock G game one usually really really
3957s defensive so monk play does come out
3960s huge we've seen teams go into end game
3962s with two kills and manage to steal the
3964s MVP we're getting that 10 to 11 kills
3967s couple Matari and uh Z zyphon coming out
3971s looking to counter how many teams are
3973s going to start off uh this hollow Roth
3975s very very fast now I'm curious to see
3978s how many vipers are going to be playing
3982s F2 we got a couple right now we got F2
3985s on drg
3986s on wbg it looks like they're not going
3988s to be opting for it uh K is not te is
3993s not U but the lobby is always really
3996s really slow for these adjustments now I
4000s the privy of hearing from some of the
4003s coaches within the league um and it
4006s looks like there is going to be a shift
4008s Cannonball is one of those compositions
4010s as well um with the new spirit well I'm
4013s curious to see who ends up winning out
4016s if a cannonball team or a sand Mech team
4019s sits in the center of her spirit well
4022s how who can take it cuz the way it works
4024s now instead of it being a moris it's
4026s whoever gets to hold the center so if
4027s you can push out a team for x amount of
4030s time a lot of the times you can get your
4031s alt refresh plus the loot in the center
4034s especially when it comes to these end
4035s games these very very slow compositions
4037s like Cannonball and sand Mech have a
4039s huge advantage in pooth when we go to
4041s these end games and you need to use
4043s these Titans as cover to uh pick up up
4046s additional kills now the question is can
4048s they even get there cuz they're going to
4049s have a bunch of vipers chasing them
4051s around the map looking to stop them from
4053s scaling and catch them when before they
4055s hit their power spikes early in Middle
4058s game we're seeing a a pretty big spread
4060s here but traditionally game one teams
4062s are warming up we're going to play very
4064s defensive I'm surprised just how many
4067s teams really really want to take it to
4069s these guys I'm excited to see how the
4071s new or old school Viper ends up playing
4074s out with that silence
4077s yeah F2 V1 hopefully they make it to
4078s rounds over here I've been seeing the F3
4080s V3 and I think they're taking the hint
4081s out from JL when they tried to do it
4083s into round four but they found no value
4085s out of the V1 stun hopefully they're
4087s going to see that transition later on
4088s but starting off into the plume Castle K
4090s and wbg making their spawns here for the
4092s economy just being being able to pick up
4093s utility of the gear of the to frequency
4096s and as you can see eliminations
4098s Happening Here in the kill feeld with
4099s jdg finding two eliminations against
4100s wolves and actually if I'm not mistaken
4102s they find the whole team wipe as well as
4104s with BBE into the first minutes of the
4106s match they're going to find themselves
4107s abing that Moon Bane if they can and
4108s with this new shop being introduced into
4110s season 12 the amount of consistency
4112s towards getting those early game kills
4113s and this spending purchases towards a
4115s shop is a must but with K cxe looking
4117s for his chance here to back lineing here
4118s finds those rmbs with the staff a moon B
4120s coming in for K as they were the first
4122s to immediately use it and being able to
4124s contrast into what's happening here qgg
4127s actually getting eliminated here the
4128s moon Bane is dropped KS exe gets caught
4130s into the Testa enchant coming out and
4132s with Sleep Walker backing up here the
4133s rest is going to be confirmed as long as
4134s those f3s come out with the enchant will
4136s give enough time for zxe here with those
4138s Shield walls of providing protection for
4140s his own sake now with this Moon Bane
4142s this could give any any sort of players
4144s such as te that spawn north to North of
4147s the Pinnacle town to make their way
4148s towards this a forbidden seal has been
4149s spawned in players can take the vicinity
4151s of reaching out towards his area if they
4153s really want to take the doo but ug
4155s having been spawned in in the Salvation
4157s Podium for that puzzle are going to
4158s possibly making their ways towards here
4160s as well while drg and The High Ground te
4162s are making their ways in a counter
4164s counterclockwise motion toward towards
4166s this area just trying to see if any
4167s outskirts of any stragglers from the
4169s fights if there had been any but now as
4171s we can see you know K they got
4174s themselves out there without having
4175s worst case scenario being eliminated off
4176s the rip and D drg looking the back off
4179s here as well and with the chase coming
4181s up from K they do have a Tesla ultimate
4183s cast readily to go um I'm also curious
4185s to see if we're going to see the energy
4187s build or rather we're going to see the
4188s discount builds for these teams judging
4189s by how K is going to see it CXC finds a
4191s Parry off of drg wfz and with everything
4193s coming out here has a test enchant
4195s misses Target with the cxd getting
4196s silenced here and caught into the test
4198s enchant for that moment of suspension
4199s gets caught with an R&B from the fan and
4202s as we can see wfz is going to look for
4203s that kill it's going to be confirmed brg
4205s picking up their first elimination
4206s they're not going to stop here they're
4207s going to see Exile looking to try to
4208s lock down into Q's position and trying
4210s and lock in through for R&B with a long
4212s sword but as you can see the position
4213s from cuckoo is looking to stagger those
4215s enemies from not pushing any further
4216s along but the double ha coming out from
4217s XI and that's with the kills coming back
4219s in here for drg they're going to find
4221s kills number two and three fully
4223s eliminating k for the first set of Al
4226s and now going into the city tank we're
4227s going to have jjh look to the monk
4230s Raven godl on the monk they've been
4232s running this monk for a little bit now
4235s and on before godl was alone with
4238s Sleepwalker now he still has one little
4240s Duo but monk in tank is Pretty Tough BB
4244s is going to be coming in with the
4246s cannonball with full ultimate Godly
4249s Noble sacrifice holding the backline
4251s nice flanks coming out from the Tempi
4253s unfort going to get Perry per is going
4255s to be invested
4257s uh War HEI on the Yodo looks like they
4260s got Moon Bane as well second moon Bane
4262s is going to be invested and jjh managing
4264s to cover and move peeling their way out
4267s of this situation godl Sur surviving
4270s because of the quick action from the
4272s Faro now poking out on the edge now BBE
4275s still has three ultimates to their name
4277s on the corner when that moon bait's
4279s going down the bat signal is up people
4281s will be coming in with the third party
4283s BB is now activating Looking In For the
4285s Kill monks going to go down first will
4287s jjh be able to sur survive in Salvage
4289s the situation looks like bbb's iin is
4292s hot on their heels this Max grapple
4294s distance just not letting you get away
4296s like you used to Yan Al is going to be
4299s invested but Flames finding a way create
4302s a little bit of time I believe one of
4304s his teammates came down but Flames is
4306s going to get taken down B on the board
4309s climbing up there up to five kills
4311s starting off
4313s there by weekly four Trio day two well
4317s now moving over to metab we got wolves
4321s the current leaders right now postering
4324s looting up this whole left side of the
4325s map is really really good for playing
4327s slow and lading up and it looks like
4329s they're trying to catch one of these
4331s slow teams
4332s te on the attack on Titan hunting these
4336s valleys looking for these slow
4338s Transformers now o ug probably the best
4340s s in the league right now because of
4343s this man you already got the gold fan
4345s I'm guessing these boys already hit up
4347s the puzzle ug
4350s um picking up uh where they left off
4353s they've been the puzzle team this entire
4355s season uh they've been contested by wbg
4358s and K but if they are left to their own
4360s devices they scale out of control just
4363s like Gigi both of these teams just
4365s absolute macro demons if you do not
4368s harass their loot spat spots they are
4371s going to scale out of control we got
4373s triple purple armor on GG purple weapons
4376s on that F3 Viper she's going to be
4378s nuking hitting a ton fpx as well no
4381s slouch one of those one of the tier one
4385s teams their macro hitting on points are
4386s teada still needs to get to that point
4390s where he has that purple Ultimate a lot
4392s of siphon only really gets online as you
4396s buff that teada as the game goes on but
4398s once that teada get to that uh purple
4400s old that gold ultimate he becomes a
4403s force toon with looks like 52 one's
4405s going to find
4406s a little bit to reset I'm really excited
4409s to see this wolves team go at it now I
4412s I've been a not a believer of wolves but
4414s they've been showing a lot more
4416s consistency is this the season you think
4418s Serio that they're going to transcend to
4421s the next level but
4423s first got 521 versus jdg white armor
4427s tough spot for 521 going to come in it
4430s looks like jdg wants this action wants
4432s to take this fight seeing that unique
4434s only has a white AR
4436s uh the Z looking to engage onto the yo
4440s looks for the F3 not able to get up
4441s going to pop ultimate now Yodo denying
4444s all the pressure popping her ultimate
4446s back nice meteor to get out of that
4448s situation now 521 reversing the momentum
4451s can they find it though Z back to about
4454s to activate and come back in but it
4456s looks like their forign brothers BBE is
4458s going to take advantage of this
4459s situation seeing all the ultimates
4462s invested F Mech is going to go down
4465s trying to to kill but now 3v3 unfolds
4468s pampy has to go into Mech tries to ice
4470s us off jdg doing a good job putting 5
4473s to1 back in the middle and now BBE wants
4475s some blood wants to find a kill right
4477s now Roy HEI and the squad descending
4480s upon them just poking probing for
4482s weakness trying to find that white armor
4484s that they saw earlier but pampy in the
4486s fch hiding his vulnerability same thing
4490s with unique on the Yan able to kite
4492s perfectly into the Zone The Zone this
4494s early doesn't doesn't do a ton of damage
4496s 5 to1 making a great play here
4498s retreating into the Zone using their
4500s white heals and hopefully be able to
4503s break contact it looks like jdg is going
4506s to lose their zipping and great great
4509s play from 521 to ice off that jdg
4512s pressure and use and take advantage of
4514s BBE third party yeah 521 taking
4517s advantage of that terrain and just being
4518s able to use his Zone to their advantage
4520s of not having any teams to want to push
4521s in was a great alternative for them
4523s instead of getting eliminated off the
4524s end cuz they already lost the first Al
4525s but GG is going to be looking to this
4527s fight an elimination off of fpx is
4528s dongin gives lxm enough chances to pick
4530s up the soul blo and start building up
4531s rage consistently after he had utilized
4533s as a B3 in that engagement now as we can
4535s see donin is getting resed out here from
4537s the karumi and as we can see Jau is in
4539s the backline and trying to keep himself
4541s alive with his teammate but water goes
4542s down in reciprocation 330 from GG we're
4545s able to get con to a third body from jjh
4547s jjh are cleaning up shop here as xia
4549s gets to that dragon slayer with the ne's
4550s might and keeping everything in motion
4552s for that stone form but it's not going
4553s to be enough when a whole team and a
4554s whole Squad is to set up for those
4556s eliminations jjh is fining the three
4558s eliminations we do have ROM Yang brought
4559s up and right before the ROM Yang begins
4561s I'm hoping to see where woles stands as
4563s you mentioned before uh considering that
4564s they are making the season their own and
4566s having those caught out I want to see
4567s and seeing how they perform out here for
4569s finals because that's where that make a
4570s break is going to happen for their
4571s position and it can introduce a lot of
4573s things but ug you my hero trying to look
4575s for those micro shots of being able to
4577s hit those pistol shots and bow shots but
4578s he's finding this RB in mid air with the
4579s F1 and a lot of action coming out from
4582s from BBE as we can see Ian is in a
4584s locked position inside of the semy
4585s Circle where he can't shoot in or he
4587s can't shoot out but you is going to get
4588s caught out here for those cannon shots
4589s he's not worried he's not using his
4590s ultimate early on he's waiting for the
4592s disengagement from the fair Shen neck as
4593s it gets disabled Ian gets that F3 caught
4596s uh into the sky and as you can see this
4598s point of view camera coming in from you
4599s you can see he's keeping eyes and ears
4600s left to right 180° perspective pretty
4603s much and as you looks towards in Saving
4605s the spe Blast for in case if anything
4606s happens for his teammates RI is on the
4608s offensive with the with the uh Yoda Kim
4611s Ian being locked out here and being
4612s eliminated it gives only these two
4613s teammates between him and fat milk to
4615s 2v3 but as you can see fat mil is
4617s Consolidated in a 2V1 royi in a 1 V one
4619s against the zai and we're going to see
4621s the zip pinging we're going to see F3
4623s coming out from Roy shishi as fat milk
4624s is caught out here and getting
4625s eliminated Roy Shi is the only lasting
4627s teammate for BBE into this realm if he
4629s can cat a Perry he will have a good
4631s chance but the amount of pressure coming
4632s out from OG this R Yang gives them a
4635s huge lead they have already a gold fan
4637s they're picking up another gold weapon
4638s it's going to be a gold spear that can
4639s be converted for a staff but considering
4641s that we've been seeing the spear having
4642s more a prevalence inside of the trios
4644s because it's m massive amount of damage
4646s single blue Focus hits in a quick 1.0
4648s manner of fashion for that vertical
4650s which is called the Cresent slam I don't
4651s know why just sticking in my heades slam
4653s can do a lot of damage for a lot of
4654s enemies especially if you're able to
4656s confer with a fur and Blast coming in
4658s from you or teada in general but we do
4661s have wbg hiding this out outside of the
4663s Roman Yang they saw ogou leave out there
4666s over by the trenches we are going to see
4668s K versus jdg 521 pampy is by himself as
4671s CXC is looking to lock this one in and
4673s K's cuckoo is looking for those r shot
4675s he finds out between both of his
4676s teammates he has his angle on ballista
4679s gets a first set eliminations off of
4680s pampy and looking to try to see if
4682s anyone is looking to backline into this
4683s position no one's making their move so
4685s far and as K are looking to get those
4687s two eliminations we can see tuty is
4689s still in Soul form as the last remaining
4690s teammate jdg zdi is looking to be uh you
4693s know right behind these enemies as a
4694s whole 521 losing one of their teammates
4697s while zdi is the only one left into the
4699s Z and comp and they only have three
4700s eliminations so far jdg zdi has to be
4703s making sure that once the time comes for
4705s finding out if those spear Wells have
4707s been completed and remembering the
4708s locations to find that Reaper charm has
4710s to also look for BuyBacks for his team
4712s by that point in the meanwhile wolves is
4714s making their push against KLA here as
4716s the background comes through BBE are in
4717s sole form outside of the ryang fight so
4719s they're looking for those engagements
4720s that cause a third party but we can see
4722s Z is activating the zy ultimate here
4724s hasn't that free for the reset and with
4725s it we're going to see qg looking for
4727s that V3 but as you can see the Matari is
4728s making her move the wuan is looking for
4729s the port they are going Southbound and
4731s as you can see KLA is already in that
4733s position of being able to catch these
4734s teammates out for that third party and
4736s uh and looking for the uh the Escape
4737s Route but BBE are close behind a
4739s Ballista shot coming in here from the
4741s backline and trying to find these
4742s teammates f is initiated from cucko as
4744s the wuan to give some range immunity or
4746s grapples in case any sort of staggers
4748s come out from wolves and they are not
4750s stopping they got white tigers prowess
4751s they're looking to make sure and making
4753s account if they can build up that
4754s stackable buff that would be of great
4755s value for them for the end game and
4757s coming out from the spear well is
4758s something r that you know like you said
4760s with Cannonball comp being able to take
4762s utilization of it and I think also to
4764s the extension once small divit is that
4766s teams who have like one remaining
4768s teammate you know for instances like how
4770s jdg has only one teammate if they don't
4772s remember where that Spirit Well is uh
4774s they won't be able to find that you know
4776s the spot because once you complet a
4777s spell there is no marker whatsoever left
4779s on the map no one has Vision on where
4780s that spw well is it's kind of like
4782s hopefully I think I remember it being
4784s here type situation and I kind of hope
4786s if they find their opportunity Raven
4787s that they might remember that on the
4790s bar I love this building for wolves that
4793s little spot right there one of the first
4795s place I found to hide but they
4796s unfortunately cannot hide from BBE BB
4798s wants to take this fight they have the Y
4799s completion a minute 40 Roy he going
4801s crazy with the dragons there now Wolves
4804s at the mercy of this Cannonball Matari
4809s and zai doesn't do super well versus the
4811s Transformers and wolves Matari down to
4814s half Health but doing a great job kiing
4816s in this situation tough spot for the
4819s Transformers to hold someone down Yan
4820s doing his best to look for someone but K
4823s have been on fire they're timings have
4825s been impeccable their hunting paths has
4828s been wonderful they spot out this yangan
4830s situation they're going to be able to
4832s pick out two of the remaining BBE
4834s members fat milk is going to go down on
4836s the Yan and now last ditch effort Roy
4839s HEI on the Yodo one slash out two
4842s slashes out Dodges the Tessa all with
4845s the third slash now Roy he can he find
4849s that 1v3 magic in the middle of wolves
4851s looks like he is just going to be that
4853s red meat for klaa or Wolves he chooses
4857s to feed himself over to wolves he is
4860s going to go down and now K has to be
4862s careful right now Wen Port is down no
4864s Viper all to their name that wolves
4868s composition is a direct counter to them
4870s KLA backing off wisely and again
4872s scouting out waiting binding their time
4875s looking for this Ambush play but wolves
4878s spotting out their prey spotting out
4880s their hard counter XDM is going to
4883s activate right now looking for the flank
4885s finds looking for their pri Target but
4889s it looks like wolves is going to bind
4891s their time seeing too many teams
4892s activating they're going to opt out to
4893s buy a little bit and K is going to go to
4896s the right trying to get out of the
4897s middle of jjh with this third party jjh
4900s is on the slow composition they're not
4901s going to look for a bit an investment
4903s here but wbg is looking for that fight
4905s they're going against CE Sleep Walker is
4907s going to get taken down from Leo zone is
4909s pushing in and it looks like te is going
4911s to get the best of the second bi-weekly
4914s champ wbg K not getting away from wolves
4919s they are going to lose their wuen and
4920s their ability to get out of the
4921s situation and now Z with the meteor
4924s activating with the zal eating this
4927s Attack on Titan alive Matari still the
4930s bane of vipers there yeah Viper is uh is
4934s not having a great time especially
4936s against these Zeon comps and for the
4938s past two trios days that we've been able
4939s to see him being played it's very
4941s apparent considering that Z is going
4943s into the fireball mode and having
4945s V2 ultimate with the chainsight suppress
4947s not a lot you can do against those Burns
4949s unless you are a Kum got to cleanse that
4950s out whether for the ultimate cast which
4952s is you know last resort but also to the
4953s F1 where it can cleanse that ability out
4956s but GG are opting in here for the spirit
4958s well as it comes through no team is want
4959s going to want to contest for the ryang
4961s here as GG are looking to try to get
4962s this purple armor confirmation with the
4963s buff entailed uh so once that comes out
4965s here to be unlocked let's take a look
4967s and seeing what GG are looking for it
4969s looks like they're not wanting to accept
4971s it immediately they want to delay it as
4972s much as possible uh just to try to
4974s create some more time of value for
4976s themselves as the spirit will takes time
4978s to you know build up they're just
4979s waiting this one out to build up more
4981s time as it comes through and as you can
4982s see ryang has timed out ug find their
4985s Free Victory no one wanted to contend it
4987s eight eliminations for this team so far
4989s another gold weapon into their Arsenal
4991s and for ogou the King right he's going
4993s to be able to get himself into see this
4994s Draco storm as a zipping King he's happy
4996s golden nunchucks are going to be picked
4998s up from this romang as well as the
4999s flamebringer this is going to get to
5000s Kate a super huge value for the amount
5002s of pressure that he can do uh getting
5004s free Burns pretty much if he switches
5005s over for that uh take of fur and blast
5007s and just being able to ensure that the
5009s enemy teammates or enemy you know
5010s combatant aren't ready to go for that
5012s now Asia has wait this is a V3 Wen I
5015s didn't even see this V3 Wen into the
5016s build W that's going
5021s to ASA with the V3 that can be used
5024s while under attack but not getting the
5025s whole team out in an immediate quarter
5027s of fashion cost him as as we didn't even
5030s see it we didn't even see it they didn't
5031s like no no no no no get them out on
5033s what's going through wpg these Minds I
5035s didn't even see the V3 into the preview
5037s of the skill selection I totally was
5039s oblivious and all right you know what if
5041s it's a play if it's a tactic they're
5042s like you know what if but it didn't work
5044s out we saw how te were able to pick the
5045s elimination at the final member of wbg
5047s this round uh for this sake now OG are
5050s hunting here for the next two minutes
5052s with her Draco storm te Leo finding
5054s elimination of a fight to one pompy as
5056s they're looking at ug's U against cxz
5058s from K it looks like K's cxz is the the
5062s remainder of the team for themselves now
5064s K has to ations right now we have around
5067s approximately 17s to be available here
5069s for the final circle of B1 of a wild hay
5071s maker from cxe deny the enemy team
5073s combatant will be able to chase this one
5074s down CXC has 3 seconds to Mak this count
5077s as the king is not the only is not the
5078s only one that's looking to try to keep
5079s this pressure on you can see SS is ready
5081s to go ahead and launch those RB to the
5083s PSE sword and as zxe gets eliminated KLA
5086s or OG I should say find their ninth
5088s elimination into this
5090s round
5091s ug with the Draco Stone Unstoppable just
5095s absolutely Unstoppable and again when
5098s ug's uncontested offs spawn they usually
5101s win this round out uh Hol rooth still
5105s super super strong for the teada siphon
5108s com you're just in these end games
5110s you're able to dictate the spacing uh as
5113s long as you get to that power Spike and
5115s survive all these Viper com I'm
5117s surprised here that GG has uh been
5122s playing mainly for the L not not for
5125s trapping like we're seeing two different
5127s play Styles work out super super well we
5129s see K's super heavy Ambush uh kill heavy
5132s play style first is GG's very very slow
5135s play style on the
5137s Viper now I'm curious to see how this
5141s end game will be playing out cuz all
5142s three phases has their super super stack
5146s team wolves with the Z composition xtm
5150s having gold armor on the Z super super
5154s buff for this end game can they play it
5156s to the te just like JL does now with the
5160s super durable
5162s compositions of jjh and um what's their
5167s name
5169s jjh an 's siphon I'm curious to see who
5172s comes out on top on hollo we've seen JL
5176s make it work um feel like with the comet
5180s being so vulnerable I still feel like Z
5182s is super super vulnerable as long teada
5185s does their job and uh crowd controls
5188s them and make sure that they can't get
5190s as much value even though uh the triple
5192s Comet or triple meteor does give them a
5194s ton a ton of Mobility midf fight they
5197s can get in Ultimate start doing pressure
5200s if they do get pressure they can get out
5202s and as soon as Matari Al goes off they
5204s can get back in it's pretty nuts what's
5206s uh C possible and how Innovative uh JL
5210s is has been but it doesn't surprise me
5212s uh vbv and th J both part of the world
5216s champion teams both of them I have
5218s watched throughout my naraka career cuz
5221s a lot of the league always looks to them
5222s to innovate and show them new things and
5225s we're still seeing that today now into
5227s this mid game everyone's slowing down we
5228s got that day one everyone's content with
5231s how much loot they have I really want to
5234s see this sand Mech have more success I
5237s believe I believe we saw them have a
5239s hollo MVP previously in a previous week
5243s and we're seeing the ride of this sand
5245s Mech the Faria Tami monk with Faria
5249s feeding their mechs to the Tami over and
5251s over the o g Cannonball strategy before
5255s te switched that up with Yoda before
5257s Yodo was buff this was the
5260s original rotation of that FIA Mech where
5263s you just build up ultimate and you just
5265s keep dumping that Mech onto your
5267s teammate over and over while Faria
5269s builds her ultim up with that Cannon now
5271s we're seeing te as blueberries these
5274s wmer transition in this end game their
5276s main objective here uh if you you're new
5279s to N Rock you're just tuning into the
5280s pro league there is one or two more
5283s chess that show up in these end games
5284s and usually the team that managed to
5287s survive getting to this point tries to
5289s play for this chess because they're
5290s really as much incentive when you're
5292s super stacked to contest the chest you
5294s get a little bit more loot but you're
5295s already super stacked you have that um
5299s the alpha status when people come check
5301s your health like oh it's one of the
5302s stronger teams your range is set up good
5304s good to go uh and if you want to make it
5306s past this next step a lot of these
5309s weaker teams do play for this gold block
5312s so as the the Moon Band goes up and the
5314s last box shows up we're going to see
5316s these teams posturing to try to bring
5318s this up but now it's going to be a game
5321s of chess between all of the scale teams
5324s all of the winners of their pois we got
5326s wolves super sack on the zon we got ug
5329s super
5330s stacked on their traditional siphon and
5334s we got jjh bringing up the tenen high
5337s going into this end game serf yeah te
5340s actually was working their timings right
5342s they had 40K gold on Leo and as it came
5345s through they waited for the timer to hit
5346s down they going to take a look at the
5347s builds right before I get to the point
5348s you can see discounts off here for SS
5351s but you can see U is actually going
5352s opting in for that grapple distance into
5353s that skill cool down with the rage with
5355s the mitigation and zipping Ying opting
5357s in for the rage on top of the discount
5359s to make sure that team has 16% and as
5361s was as the point was going to be made
5363s here um once that timer clicks down for
5365s these shops now in season 12 we did see
5367s te went straight towards the shop and
5369s buying out those gold armors as well as
5370s the JS that could be combined I think I
5373s saw this from Team JJ they have
5375s themselves a jade that can be really
5377s utilized well with a paired with another
5378s Jade where a martial artist will hook
5380s form was obtained as well as having a St
5383s and Sky Pillar if they are able to lock
5385s down somebody in that animation and
5387s Grant themselves that silence they could
5388s do some detrimental work against a
5390s single Target Spirit Well is spawning in
5391s here though as we can see wolves is on
5393s the outskirts GG are looking to try to
5395s hold this range down as as we mentioned
5397s before and as yesterday is the first day
5398s of trios if you guys haven't
5399s participated and seen this new patch
5401s being dropped this is where Spirit Wells
5403s come to huge moments into the final
5405s circles whether or not teams are looking
5406s to want to engage they can't range in
5408s they can only be inside shooting out or
5410s just fight the team in melee combat
5412s stance inside of it as you can see CGS
5414s comes out here for a double tether up
5415s against wolves ZK and as you can see is
5418s not going to be disabled for the and
5420s disenchant and with GG C CJs finding
5422s that gold armor for their team for thick
5424s up lxm is going to be the one to pick it
5425s through and this team is disengaging
5427s immediately upon that pick up for this
5429s farewell they are going straight down to
5431s South we can see drg are right next door
5433s and if whether or not they want to take
5434s the time to engage here for range shots
5435s you can see 330 is taking the most
5437s damage from this team losing out all in
5438s his armor and getting that regen here
5440s this is going to be where the team is
5441s going to consolidate whether or not
5442s they're going to have the certain
5443s weapons uh for Jades uh for themselves
5446s we're going to see lxm having that one
5447s gold Jade in play and for alexm as the
5451s Viper right some J's like the Overcomer
5452s which is what he's going to be holding
5453s on to come into moments if he goes into
5455s the final circle of launching people off
5457s I'm not sure how the verticality into
5459s imperial Village will end up here but as
5460s you can see the builds are in play CJ is
5462s going for a majority of that rage and
5463s with the discount coming from 330 did he
5465s catch what lxm had for his uh for his
5467s rage bar or for his build for the talent
5469s glys Raven it looks like a lot of people
5471s are going full discount full rage
5473s surprisingly uh with the exception of
5476s you really going a Max grapple distance
5479s I still feel like back to Grapple
5480s distance is going to be critical in that
5482s middle to transitional end game being
5484s able to chase people down find the
5485s openers on to your PRI Target but it
5487s looks like uh as I suspected we kept
5490s this a little bit hidden on a tactics
5492s but we're seeing it right now everyone
5495s is going full discount without that
5497s discount with how expensive everything
5499s is right now in a mortal War you're just
5501s not able to buy significantly anything
5504s transition end if you're hoping for
5506s those jates you're hoping for that power
5507s Spike unless your full team has Max
5510s discount uh it's going to be really
5511s tough times and most of these teams uh
5513s with the St with the changes are still
5516s op to play no stamina Go full R get that
5521s nice last bit
5523s of uh rage 20% damage reduction on all
5526s their ultim and still trios is a game of
5530s ability rotations uh the fighting really
5533s really big and neutral off spawn inside
5536s realm of Yang but you're only in those
5538s two situations for very very little
5540s these end games is all about churning
5543s out those ultimates getting it onto your
5545s carry character to push you through this
5547s we're seeing you wolves all these teams
5550s posture we're going to get an exciting
5551s end game Ser with all these buildings
5553s with all these Cliff sides I love very
5555s complex end games where there are little
5557s nooks and CR cranes here and there and
5560s how these teams interpret this
5562s positional chess match you uh and ug
5566s still one of the best to do it I still
5568s believe the most mechanically talented
5570s team here but wolves has been impressing
5572s me with their ch CH over there on the
5575s spirit well and their ability to survive
5579s ug's sandwich coming into the play with
5581s GG perfectly zoning them out W's able to
5584s mitigate their risk and find their way
5587s into the situation te and um with the
5591s blue armor they managed to get Han the
5593s purple armor they're still salvaging the
5595s situation we'll have to see how this
5598s great imperian poy endgame is going to
5601s evolve sir I'm hoping this is not ideal
5604s situation for monk but I'm going to put
5607s my bets on ug taking this with teada
5609s being very very versatile in these end
5611s games yeah a lot of buildings to kind of
5613s avoid you can see the Tessa are going to
5614s have a great time of of engaging with
5616s their Tessa en chance through walls
5617s where there's so much terrain for them
5618s to worry about you can see fpx taking a
5620s full blunt force as the third parties
5622s are coming in here for the flame breaker
5623s from youu he gets caught to the Tami
5624s whis and he's going to be losing a lot
5625s of HP and armor swap would be idealistic
5626s here but he's looking for the manual
5627s regen V2 coming after out from their zip
5630s as a result and then Z side to locked
5632s into this Yer in the T he's got get
5634s caught into this enchant he's got F3
5635s available in case things get a little
5637s bit CPUs but no one's pushing this tent
5638s whatsoever considering that the Z
5640s Ultimate is active but they're going to
5641s Cannon the heck out of you see how much
5643s armor is being lost out here from Zam
5645s he's losing HP on the Fly jjh are in the
5648s background here and as we can see te are
5649s going to be locked into the Zer as well
5650s but FTX are taking full advantage of The
5652s Spirit Well jjh is Godly looks to push
5654s this an immediate aggression route for
5656s this canonball combat looking to push in
5657s and not take any sort of R damage from
5659s the outside inside and U is going in
5661s here gets caught into the Somers coming
5662s out here from uh from d ding getting
5665s those lmbs from the horizontal the Dual
5667s Howard gives him the elimination off of
5669s ss and this is where you has to be
5672s careful here because he's caught between
5673s a rock and a hard place and that hard
5675s place is a fair Shen ready to go into
5677s full aggression for these cannon shots
5679s you get caught to the rmbs and all these
5680s blue focuses are dealing a massive
5682s amount of damage but he finds the
5683s opportunity moment of being able to
5685s escape here Glides over with his ability
5687s with the F1 and keeps her aggression on
5690s the moment in in case anyone wants to
5692s try to push up onto that rooftop he can
5693s just r with the fan as it is not going
5695s to be uh or or the Hong sword as he lost
5697s that fan earlier from that somersault
5699s but as you is looking to try to avoid
5700s his teammates he's trying to keep
5702s himself uh it's kind of weird he's
5703s trying to hide in the plain sight as
5705s much as these players are going through
5706s but you can see the decision making that
5707s he's making is working in his favor
5709s keeping that type of regression of not
5711s attacking and then finding that safe
5712s spot into that tree line but we can see
5713s fpx is working their way into the middle
5715s of all of these tents it's closing in
5717s the last 2 minutes are going to be
5718s arriving JJ's Godly having having
5720s himself the cannon is going to go
5721s straight into T high you're hoping to
5722s see where the T High happens Raven I'm
5723s here I'm hoping to see what Go's got in
5725s store here he looks for grab as it comes
5727s out he's looking for a lot of double
5729s grabs and there's a whole team right
5730s here for jjh for him to look towards and
5732s making sure that his team can cause some
5734s staggers against fpx and with Godly
5736s looking for the first slam down he finds
5737s water first set of eliminations looking
5739s for those manual grabs he can't find any
5741s range grabs he gets himself back on top
5743s to this uh on top of this Cliff side
5745s he's making sure he's getting any sort
5746s of targets but he's not having any
5748s success gets meter dump as a result GG
5751s gets that elimination and you can see
5752s drg's XI low but d jjh have to worry
5755s about this Viper now that the V3 is
5756s coming out there is no ultimate to give
5758s them any sort of pressure into this
5759s position of worrying about where these
5761s enemies are going to go through CJs
5762s having this dagger and going straight to
5764s the sky as much as he can to try to
5765s mitigate the uh lock down Potential from
5767s any of the en enemy teammates Zen finds
5769s elimination against a multitude of
5771s teammate enemies from drg and FTX wolves
5774s are picking up the eliminations here for
5775s seven kills so far they are still
5777s looking at towards making sure they can
5779s make this work against this push Zam
5781s having the meteor coming out here has
5782s that V2 to come through with the comet
5784s coming from Zen it could come into full
5786s work value for him to just launch out
5788s gold Focus attacks as he climbs this
5790s Hilltop again he's looking at GG with no
5793s promise of demise and he's looking to
5795s just keep that pressure for his team as
5796s the wuan port comes out here from GG
5799s they go inside the inside of the roof of
5801s or on top of the tree line and as jjh is
5803s looking to try to lock this one down
5804s another Port but this time from te
5806s they're looking to try to get an attack
5807s buff here as they use that Wen port in
5810s the first couple of seconds there from
5811s their full HP bar but wolves finding
5813s elimination off G's lxm t with that V3
5816s Viper is locking down through three and
5818s into the Zone Z has himself to get
5819s caught to that tether pop he's got F3
5821s he's got that meteor coming out here for
5823s the comment he's looking for this RBS
5824s with a testing sh comes out from lyd
5826s trying to lock down wol zen zen finds a
5828s soul bloom in the middle of all this
5829s action and looks to get enchanted into
5831s the Zone eating up a lot of Zone damage
5833s and there's not going to be much to
5834s worry about but you is the only other
5836s remaining ug teammate but wolves has te
5839s down here for 12 eliminations and U is
5841s going to be their 13th as you is just
5843s keeping these teammates push back back
5844s into the Zone can he make it happen he's
5846s looking for kill number one but he gets
5848s caught to the ZK from the R&B from the
5850s fan and that's going to give wolf their
5851s 13 kills for MVP in this round wow what
5855s a beautiful end game we're seeing the
5858s full countering go down we see jjh with
5862s the monk trying to play it correctly
5864s they do absolutely dominate The Spirit
5866s Well in end game running that triple
5869s Transformer alt into the ni Shield Monk
5873s and Faria not getting hit by any of that
5874s range using it perfectly forcing ug into
5877s a terrible position taking one of their
5879s competitions out and wolves managing to
5882s play that UL to low managing to use each
5884s building to bring things to Close
5886s Quarters combat with their Z not using
5888s anything just buffing up their Z for her
5891s to go around and absolutely Crush every
5893s single location the second jjh is monks
5897s D transforming the attack on Titan
5899s coming down from GG they try to dominate
5902s they try to take down their biggest
5905s threat that Monk and as they do it
5908s wolves comes up with the
5910s countercommie forcing them off The High
5913s Ground securing the last kill and we see
5916s a great clutch play coming out from you
5919s being able to stall having that Max
5920s grapple distance on the teada he's been
5924s super huge for ug clutching up those
5926s placement points with his wonderful
5927s movement and he almost wins the 1v3
5930s situation forcing wolves out over and
5933s over with his te all and that
5935s flamethrower trying to get that last
5936s kill but the
5939s mobility on the Z wolves is able to push
5942s him out and not get clutched out in that
5944s 1v3 but beautiful stuff everyone pushing
5947s the new meta to the absolute limits I
5950s love seeing these complex end game sir
5953s yeah there there was a lot of action
5955s coming in from wolves and a nice play
5957s from a shout out to ogu um if he was
5959s able to catch those two eliminations
5960s they actually would have grabbed MVP
5962s just by placement alone but one thing
5964s coming out here guys for you into the
5966s chat is a question uh if you guys are
5968s paying attention in twitch chat how many
5970s kills did team OG get into game one now
5972s I did mention if they got those kills in
5974s the end they would have got an MVP but
5975s this is for you guys to keep mention
5976s about who did they kill in the final
5978s seconds with you with that flamebringer
5980s is it A8 B9 C10 or d11 make sure you
5985s guys have your Whispers open cuz you are
5986s going to get a message from The Rock a
5987s blade point in the twitch chat like I
5989s said I know YouTube chat's like only the
5990s tri only the twitch drops but hey you
5992s guys watching over there I appreciate
5994s y'all and we have to keep mentioned
5995s about that final Circle about how much
5997s that terrain worked in favor for a
5999s majority of reasons we were hoping to
6001s see where Godly came through but GG you
6003s know they come in here to stop any sort
6004s of T high from making any sort of
6006s aggression that Viper uh you know not
6008s even to the Viper but the amount of
6010s terrain that jjh had to kind of work off
6012s of you could saw Godly was looking for
6013s those manual grabs below that bridge had
6015s to jump right back up and that's exactly
6017s what GG was looking for in terms of just
6019s launching a tesel giving that stagger
6020s and just meter dumping with range
6022s weapons as a result or just close
6024s guarded rmbs from critical weapon
6026s attacks one thing I'm kind of hoping to
6028s see though is considering that second
6030s round is coming through teams can look
6033s towards you know that copy and paste
6034s type of mentality of seeing how much
6036s value comes great right if a value of a
6037s team comp comes into working
6040s tremendously for placement and as well
6042s as for points for strategy uh for the
6044s strategy that it comes out of what we'll
6045s be able to see more Z maybe not into the
6047s last round picks but even to the second
6048s round picks remember third party
6050s opportunities for Viper W andesa it's
6052s strong it's it's a strong comp
6054s especially from what we can see from the
6056s from the teams that were able to play it
6057s in the past and even to the present but
6059s then when you start seeing these
6060s trickled in comps to make their way
6062s through with the zon uh into the play
6064s I'm hoping to see Raven about whether or
6066s not you know this gives an opportunity
6068s for certain players to say okay but what
6070s if you know we were able to see about
6071s certain Builds on this because when you
6074s see how you was blaming up the energy
6076s coming off right I'm curious and seeing
6078s about whether or not with whether or not
6080s energy and rage comes out for Discount
6082s those beginning spawns whether they're
6083s going for aggression or going for those
6085s uh just going straight for those uh
6087s purchases for Moon bans but standings
6089s here for the majority of the players
6091s wolves catching a 22.2 game with OG in
6094s second place with 16.5 te with a 12.4
6098s and then with GG having 9.9 and fourth
6100s we have jjh coming to 6.7 now
6102s interesting enough all the teams here
6105s have points across the board this is
6106s still some day one games for some of
6108s these teams uh for instances with wbg
6110s having this to be their day one game and
6112s you know they they had V3 wuen you know
6114s Raven and I'm still kind of like I saw
6117s that from a oh my goodness that that was
6120s a sight to behold and I'm not going to
6122s lie we've run V3 wuen by accident when
6125s you're messing around in training range
6127s you sometimes forget and we're seeing
6129s even the pros could make this mistake we
6132s we made this mistake during an egl Grand
6135s finals on our wuen in an unironically
6138s actually helped us in the realm of Yang
6139s fighting against the Transformers just
6141s cuz the the V1 wuen doesn't give you
6143s much now I know for a fact there is no
6145s way he intentionally used that unless
6147s there was some weird like flying through
6150s the portal Viper ultimate but still V1
6153s almost does everything better now the
6154s overall standings wbg the second
6157s bi-weekly winners at 2.5 but they can
6159s start off slow you can always have one
6161s bad game 521 at 2.7 klaa very very
6164s active very aggro finding situations but
6167s unfortunately not able to capitalize on
6169s that 3.8 GG that slow methodical macro
6173s style paying out for them having a solid
6175s game one at 10 points now J team not
6177s active on this game two bottom of their
6181s game one but ewg as well Bal not here as
6184s well xcg not as but at the top six jjh
6191s 54.2 with the monk Alliance is not here
6193s but fpx is here today starting off a
6195s little bit slow with a 3.4
6198s drg 6.5 solid game but wolves is really
6204s who's howling at the moon with all of
6207s their points and their Z composition we
6209s saw in this end game the building play
6211s the close quarter combat being so
6214s important ug trying to play that
6216s traditional height normally height being
6218s one of the best positions but in that
6220s imperian end game you that was one of my
6223s my first uh proleague end games I've
6225s seen in Imperium the buildings and the
6228s complexity of the fences end up paying
6231s off and cut off a ton of angles Plus
6234s with the new spe and the monk being able
6236s to go in there not pulling out any
6237s distractions it look like the key to
6239s victory in that end game was holding a
6242s building was denying some of the angles
6244s of this and we're seeing wolves with the
6246s F3 coming in fly the leading one of
6249s their counter com again wolves waiting
6251s for the exact time attack Tian goes in
6254s and activates and wolves just dominates
6255s this ultimate low picking off all these
6258s weaker teams just beating this Z nonstop
6262s ultimates now going to the POS we see
6264s heroic play trying to this out but again
6267s Z with the mediator that Mobility able
6270s to hold him down if he doesn't get that
6272s chain off there's a good chance that
6274s youu is able to pick up that threepiece
6276s nice play coming out from the Z from
6279s wolves the meteor coming in clutch
6282s flying in Gold F burn damage especially
6286s in that heal off situation where the
6288s zone is doing so much damage that meteor
6291s is going to get massive value XM with
6294s almost 20K damage a lot of that damage
6297s coming from his ultimate and his skills
6300s 7K good googly mes you just see how much
6304s value my man is squeezing out of that F3
6308s that initial F3 the refresh off the
6310s ultimate and the refresh off the mataria
6313s ultimate makes z a bursting character
6318s really really cool in 2024 nraa that
6321s we're seeing this type of tech come out
6324s and prevailing and it's such like a a
6327s set meta we haven't seen much shakeup
6330s usually we've seen like one or two
6332s differences but bringing out the Matari
6334s and the origins of the siphon comp with
6337s zipping buffing Z instead of uh cicada
6341s really really cool stuff from wolves JL
6343s was first to do it and now wolves
6345s following suit able to pull it off
6348s themselves so it looks like this
6349s composition is here to stay serf yeah
6352s and I think another thing is keep in
6353s mind about with that comp right is that
6356s we looking at zy and you're looking at
6358s the you're looking at the stats of how
6359s that kind of stream light between the
6360s skill and the ultimate chain siye but
6362s one other thing about that is it also
6364s helps ziping right the skill reset off
6367s of an F1 ziping ining giving a burst
6369s heal and that damage mitigation for your
6370s one of your teammates and an immediate
6372s ultimate V3 coming in from Atari to give
6374s the zip pinging another F Refresh on top
6376s of that can give someone so much sustain
6379s if they are locked in in the position of
6381s being caught out that if the Matari
6382s finds the opportunity Ting it could give
6384s them the Salvation moment especially for
6385s Z who even though she doesn't have like
6387s a true combo breaker uh as her F3 comes
6389s through she does have that
6391s invulnerability state to be giving her
6393s uh much value if just catching someone
6395s in it does have its uh it does have its
6397s values of being a massive damage uh drop
6399s a damage drop that happens onto the
6401s enemy when you hit it and giving them
6402s the burn but one other thing is that you
6404s can see even it's the replays uh youu
6407s had uh you know he's very you know
6409s attributed to seeing those eyes and now
6411s he's he's just looking for those dodges
6413s because once you miss that F3 if you
6416s don't hit the ground at an angled slope
6418s you can just start gliding away
6420s sometimes I can give some value if
6422s you're looking to escape and you're like
6423s you know what another team's here let me
6425s just back off but if that doesn't work
6426s out for a kill confirmation you if he's
6427s in tea ultimate and if the odds were
6429s better in his favor he could have found
6431s he could have found a time of just being
6432s able to catch anyone out but meaningless
6435s uh you know you know value there
6436s considering we saw you was able to get
6437s caught to the zk's RB from the fan uh
6440s but he was able to hold that ground as a
6441s teada and that's still a person a
6444s character that just has so much you know
6446s chances of just catching enemies when
6448s they're not ready to see when he's using
6450s and holding that fre and blast as long
6452s as he can until the right opportune
6454s moment happens so yeah and and you is
6458s easily has some of the best Vision when
6461s it comes to controlling on that teada
6463s putting out those pururin shvs over and
6465s over is basically a V2 Viper every
6467s single time it goes out it's around 2
6469s seconds that you're staggered and it
6470s takes up such a wide area that most teas
6474s that you see they think about it like oh
6475s we just want to do damage we want to
6476s shove and get our folks to attack off
6478s while you on the other hand does his job
6481s as far as crowd the other teada and
6483s crowd controls the entire other team
6486s usually doing two fights at the same
6487s time he's fighting for his teammates and
6489s he's winning the TAA mirror matchup
6491s absolutely destroying the mirror matchup
6493s he's creating so much value for his team
6495s and even when he his team loses his T he
6498s still manages to survive all the
6500s different houses all the different trios
6502s and maneuver using his great movement
6504s and that I discovered you way way back
6506s back when he was playing k k had the
6508s best Viper composition and it was really
6510s on the back of the fact of how Dynamic
6512s youu was now traditionally people think
6513s of wuan as a support character but
6515s actually an attack on Titan he's part of
6517s the front line and he plays one of the
6519s hardest roles because he can never get
6521s silenc and he has to use his goldf
6523s offensively to create the angles for his
6524s teams so he's playing support he's
6526s playing position one it's why it's so
6529s natural for a lot of these teams in nvpl
6531s for their monk players to play Wen as
6533s well and we're seeing you playing Yodo
6535s playing teada and also still playing UG
6539s and wuan is one of the hardest roles in
6541s the in the league so is teada and we're
6543s seeing exactly why ug was confident with
6548s taking him from KLA implementing onto
6551s this team and he's showing the league
6554s why exactly now when I first met you I
6556s got his signature because a lot of the
6558s girls at bwg are a huge fan of him I'm a
6561s huge fan of him and he actually told me
6563s that he was super super shy and he
6565s actually didn't believe he was very good
6567s and I told him that most of us in the
6569s Western World especially even in EU and
6571s IDC we all study him we think he's a
6573s stellar player and he was he blushed and
6576s he was super surprised and we're seeing
6578s my man right there super humble super
6581s sincere really cool dude and we're see
6583s him having a breakout season with ug
6586s most people don't know this serf but
6587s when uh he was part of K we the The
6590s Narrative was on hlg was on te since
6593s they were the world champions with a 05
6595s uh deficit but right before uh in the
6598s second R of Yang you almost clutched a
6600s 1v3 to bring his teams back to the
6602s depths and they were only seven points
6605s from the world champions like most
6606s people think it was a two-way tie but in
6608s my eyes as a competitor I saw a
6610s three-way tie go down CU if you was able
6612s to win that last 1 V one and not get
6615s double parried we could have seen K as
6617s the world champions but ug spotted it
6619s out they scooped up EU and now we're
6621s seeing a super dominant ug in solos in
6624s trios and they're absolutely crushing it
6626s now after game one we're going into the
6628s game two I'm going to see more of the
6630s same with the new phases we pretty much
6633s have the same mixture uh of compositions
6637s every single Lobby we're going to have
6638s that phase one everyone's going to go
6640s some variation of siphon or their
6641s comfort pick phase two always some
6644s variation of Attack on Titan we're
6646s seeing a little bit of silence come out
6648s not seeing as as much only one team
6650s running it this time around and then
6651s that third group um The Cannonball
6654s coming up that slow composition that
6656s slow macro style coming up now hopefully
6659s uh we'll see I don't know if we'll see
6661s more monks going ated jjh still a big
6665s believer of it um the great thing about
6669s playing monk composition as we saw jjh
6671s is able to sit on the outside and play
6673s for this Spirit worlds but something
6675s that most people don't consider is how
6677s powerful Viper is at challenging those
6679s situations cuz technically if the team
6681s gets there and you all in that situation
6683s they still have a get out of free card
6685s with that wuen port and you still have
6688s to try to get close to them and close
6690s the distance with the shield denying all
6692s range attacks they can get a little bit
6694s of advantage and V3 deny your ultimates
6697s and possibly still get it so GG doing
6700s some interesting stuff playing the Viper
6702s composition but not playing it fast not
6704s playing for those midgame assassination
6706s playes for the Yang depletion but
6708s instead playing that slow methodical
6709s play that Gigi is known for and it's why
6712s they are still Staple in the league you
6714s cannot stop them from looting you will
6716s always see them in these end games and
6718s they are one of the best teams at
6719s positioning in these end games yeah
6721s fantastic points all around I mean GG
6723s like last week's champions for the for
6725s the week three finals and just being
6727s able to catch it through we saw how well
6728s they were able to you know garnish the
6730s economy uh throughout their play style
6732s for that round but they're now under
6734s round one selection process uh obviously
6737s we've even seen the siphon comp between
6739s the sandbox and whatnot between Ki or to
6741s the ziping Ying to make its uh rounds
6743s here if GG's going to opt in for that
6744s route I'm hoping to see where it stands
6746s I'm hyping to see whether or not 330 is
6747s going to be doing some you know
6748s Shenanigans off that end as well as with
6750s CJs but we do have to see what these
6752s round selections are going to be met out
6754s for I'm curious to see if OG is going to
6756s bring shy back I they tried to do it
6758s once it didn't have rare they brought it
6759s once they brought it twice not great uh
6762s opportunities for it to shine but like
6764s you said like they can be really great
6765s you know like they can take the mantle
6766s of like how te and JL are um innovators
6770s and this is the drg comp that I was
6772s trying to make mentioned before but
6773s they're rocking this as a first round
6775s selection into the oos Justina Wayan
6779s picks uh drg are utilizing this again uh
6783s they did this yesterday for day one and
6785s they're bringing it through here for
6787s this round did they do well on day one
6790s they got second place 17.9 points into
6792s round three in Hall Roth so they rock
6796s that comp they're rocking it here as a
6799s first round selection and you can see
6802s the siphon com for KLA te and whatnot
6804s but BBE opting in for the siphon with
6807s karumi uh we can see jdg locking in what
6809s seems to be the Viper witch in Tessa as
6811s it comes through as well with the 521
6813s I'm looking at it uh but wolves is still
6814s holding their ground I'm thinking I'm
6816s contemplating I'm going to make a thesis
6818s about it wolves is still trying to think
6820s about whether or not they're going to be
6820s picking out here for a siphon but no
6822s they're going for the traditional
6823s Transformer comp as it is in Hollow
6825s rooth uh for today this is their first
6828s Transformer comp today I'm hoping to see
6830s where it stands to go because they did
6831s have uh in to Morris Island they won
6834s tremendous success with rocking. comp
6836s but now we're going into the San the San
6838s High comp uh San beating tanhai Tami and
6841s FIA Shen and with it another Transformer
6844s comp coming in here for wbg this time
6846s around to match wolves's Transformers
6849s and the Viper Wen from JJ uh and UG and
6852s just to make sure they can come you know
6853s comply with their you know round
6855s selection picks but man drg trying to
6857s make it work because they went into
6859s round three with that comp and round
6861s four they decided to swap out um they
6863s decided to walk rock aost with Z Matari
6865s right so these are two comps I'm like
6867s are they going to try to bring in it
6868s today like what's uh what's their
6871s motive a sand forers in sanme wow two
6876s Transformers teams coming out you just
6878s can't get a rid of this composition I'm
6879s curious to see how these Transformers
6882s Play are they going to play Spirit Well
6883s situation or they going to go Yang uh
6885s Transformers one of the most technical
6887s compositions uh that you can play inside
6889s the real of Yang now siphon has been a
6893s favorite able to cook the Monk and force
6896s out the karumi all very early trading
6898s two for one early will the 20% damage
6903s reduction from the new glyph board end
6905s up being uh A Difference Maker with monk
6909s being able to survive now monks as long
6911s as you rush Health Jades off spawn you
6913s can be really tanky going into that
6914s first real of Yang but it's still they
6917s have to compete with the likes of GG and
6919s ug well ug is actually not going to be
6922s on S this time so I'm curious to see I'm
6925s happy to see SLE Sleepwalker back on the
6927s monk back on Transformers he was with
6930s the tessla variation and the Tesla
6932s variation with monk was a hard counter
6934s to Cannonball you're able to get that
6937s Tesla all onto the Faria position her so
6940s that your monk can D transform her but
6942s we're not seeing as many Cannonball this
6944s is uh what I was hearing from the
6947s coaches in nvpl that Cannonball is
6951s getting transitioned out it just doesn't
6953s have that same amount of durability on
6955s sandc but we'll have to see how it plays
6957s out on Morris Holo a little bit
6959s different not a lot of terrain to hide
6960s behind and going into that end game we
6962s saw the Imperium end game where there
6964s was tons of buildings similar to like
6966s Hol Roth with Celestia but that is a
6968s rare location when it comes to these
6971s Hollow rooth end games very unlikely uh
6973s it really benefited more of the
6975s versatile uh close B combat teams like
6978s Viper like
6979s Desai com but this time around most
6983s likely it will be out in a wide open
6985s area and that Tempi wall is going to be
6987s needed in in order to survive a lot of
6990s these dicey situations that monk that
6992s cover with the Faria able to secure
6995s those locations and we're seeing again a
6997s lot of spread out play coming out from
6999s all these teams wanting to play this
7001s slow wanting to go for these timing
7004s attacks wbg all the way in the South and
7007s ug with their patented puzzle locking it
7010s down hoping to have that macro game
7012s still even with that Viper composition
7015s you know it's crazy uh coming into here
7017s I'm going to make a point after this
7018s first fight but fles having caught into
7019s one 2 three not having the Arsenal not
7021s even having a weapon te is finding the
7023s first set of eliminations JJ Mor looking
7025s to try to support his team on this end
7027s but you can see L finds his wh throws
7028s try to control into the aerial position
7030s just repositioning and having the
7031s chances of regrouping with his teammates
7033s as it comes through tting the blue Focus
7034s he gets cont R&B and ultimate coming out
7036s coming out here from Godly it could
7038s cause some issues for lyd if they don't
7039s kill her in time but that's going to be
7040s a three eliminations round and that's
7042s going to be the first eliminations but a
7044s point I wanted to make JD G's Tessa has
7047s V3 into this round so I'm not sure how
7050s they wanted to operate off of having
7052s that Tessa with the V3 into the
7053s beginning rounds they are near to the
7054s usan ruins uh so they could make their
7056s ways into a fights off of that end but
7058s qg here K's teammates are looking to try
7061s to hold down jaq as the T or as the ti
7064s high now they're looking to use his Moon
7065s Bane and push pressuring out this team
7067s and getting a potential kill but a nice
7069s Tami was coming out here from uh from an
7071s enemy uh Team coming through nice dragon
7073s slayer coming out and a nice long sword
7074s straight into the moon Bane water is
7076s looking to be like I got to I got to
7078s make sure I back up but he couldn't
7080s corki gets eliminated as well FX are
7082s looking to just try to recoup for
7083s economy at this point because qg just
7085s found those eliminations like like that
7087s and using the Moon Band being one of one
7088s of the only one of two that they
7090s actually do own so the being able to
7092s pick up those moon bands early on but
7094s that fast in Plume Castle is just
7095s straight Great Value and ug again with
7099s the Salvation Podium spawn finding a
7101s gold fan for their Viper and utilizing
7103s that with the have3 for the damage Spike
7105s coming out here but you can see over to
7106s the Imperial Village CJs is looking to
7107s try to work it out here as a he is
7109s silenced we're going to see TDY though
7111s coming through here he doesn't have 100%
7112s ult yet but he does like I said have V3
7114s so he finds a three Man ultimate coming
7116s out and if he's the last person alive to
7117s kind of hold this one down we're going
7119s to see him just being able to sustain
7120s this one out before this point F2
7121s silence coming out against CJs they're
7123s not going to be looking to need to use
7124s an ultimate those silences are just
7126s coming in clutch when the taada can't
7128s use anything to kind of stop the push
7129s for 8 seconds that's going to be where
7131s the loss is but drg coming in for the
7132s party with the V2 the V1 is in effect as
7135s zdi is looking to try to get this 5sec
7137s sun off of wfz and finds the V3 usage to
7140s be a full value of eliminating wfz drg
7143s Wan gets caught to this Perry T is
7144s looking to try to convert into pushing
7145s the teammates with the jump lmvs and
7147s that's where this elimination factor is
7148s coming back in they're locking in exi
7150s from drg F2 is already proed out here
7152s and doesn't have the time to use the
7153s ultimate and jdg just picked up these
7155s four eliminations through the Imperial
7158s Village J's execution really impressive
7161s right there able to focus fire people
7162s down perfectly We Got U porting out
7165s right now great Port from you we love to
7167s see it versus K his former teammate but
7170s we're going to see ug you on the Viper
7173s instead ug is rotating around B3 is
7176s going to be invested right now qg able
7178s to Swerve off and now you with the tap
7182s Dodge to the rod dodging the first shove
7185s helping his teammate avoid the uh teada
7188s Parry but again K with the double moon
7191s bait on SP they're going to lose their
7192s teada right right now can ug find the
7195s 3v1 on to cxz you going to get hit by
7198s the moon m double hit by the moon M SS
7201s with the great cover and you's able to
7203s peel and get out of that situation SS
7206s going back and investing looking to get
7207s this last hit but the double moon is
7208s going to come out SS getting juggled by
7210s this Moon B he is going to get hit even
7213s more the heals from the Wen able to pick
7215s him up good job from the King and ug
7218s just Moon Bane surfing and again you is
7220s going to get the best of their former
7223s his former teammates k a u oh my
7227s goodness I can't believe every single
7229s time I look at these guys they're
7230s they're rotating around their positions
7234s all the time trying to find the best
7235s position for you uh you having such a
7239s great fighting capability you want him
7240s to be on that Viper I didn't get to see
7243s whether or not he was uh F F2 or F3 but
7247s if he's just given any amount of utility
7250s to make plays he creates so much
7253s openings for them and the King being
7256s part making that transition over to ug
7259s has been playing that support role for
7261s the entire time while he was has been
7263s with ug so able to pick up that mantle
7265s and possibly let you shine I know
7268s there's always like a trial period where
7269s you're taking in the new guy you don't
7271s want to just give him the Reigns but I
7272s feel like ug is finally uh giving up
7275s some of those Reigns that you has earned
7277s his place as that position one and they
7280s can trust him to make these All-Star
7282s plays GG not able to survive their off
7285s spawn but still you seeing their
7287s recovery a lot of the teams what defines
7290s you as a really really good player is
7292s not the rounds that you should win not
7294s the fights that you should win but the
7295s fights you shouldn't win when you're
7297s down and out what is your plan B look
7299s like can you still MVP when you don't
7301s win that offs spawn when nothing is
7302s going right for you we're seeing a lot
7304s of these top five teams if you happen to
7307s go watch their povs afterwards you see
7309s how these teams are able to recover and
7311s Salvage these really really bad games
7313s looks like GG is going to be one of
7315s those teams that claims the north sides
7317s one of the kings of the north that macro
7320s and all those Tree locations able to
7323s allow them to bring them back fpx on the
7325s sand Mech trying to taste Down K and
7328s this is one of the tough Parts if you
7329s don't run that grapple distance that
7331s short grapple is a pain in the butt see
7334s XZ finding a kite path over here able to
7337s double hold in Cano getting an uppercut
7339s he wants to try to get against the wall
7342s Rush right now but the surround from fpx
7345s is going to take him down now looking at
7348s one of the new caves all of the Viper
7352s Suns coming out right now jdg is going
7354s to be claiming this situation wen's
7356s forcing the wuen to pour it out of there
7357s no ultimates to their name will we get a
7359s recontest from JJ it doesn't look that
7362s jdg is going to be able to get this
7364s chest tons of loot goes into this chance
7366s we got purple armor that gold uh Loot
7370s and as long as the Moon Bay are are
7372s active on the the map you're able to go
7376s in these caves and contest and get all
7379s these JS really really scaling up a ton
7381s it's almost like winning a realm of Yang
7384s you don't really get that uh gold weapon
7387s that we're seeing on the the Viper but
7389s you do get tons of J sometimes you get
7391s money and it really really sets up for
7394s that nice midgame power spike it is a
7396s huge risk though cu the rest of the map
7398s does see whoever has that key but it
7400s really isn't that big of a money
7402s investment as long as your team is
7405s running that maximum discount we're
7407s seeing i' I've been super excited this
7409s entire time serve to see how the pros
7411s are going to adapt to this new money
7413s system we pretty much played the same
7415s version of nraa for the last two years
7417s with like moris coming out than real of
7420s yangang being pretty big differences but
7421s I would say this last patch really
7423s really shifted how uh the game is played
7427s completely in tournaments you really
7429s there's a lot of opportunity right now
7430s for these teams to innovate and we're
7432s seeing um how discount is still the name
7436s of the game still sacrificing for the
7439s greater good for your team as far as
7440s going for rage going for abilities and
7443s going for that shared discount amongst
7445s each other is being the most optimal
7447s strategies that these pro teams are
7449s taking now going in the first round
7451s moyang I'm hoping to see a Transformer
7454s ditto I can't believe I'm saying that
7455s I've seen so much Transformers in my day
7458s that I was kind of sick of it at one
7460s point but it's been so long we've seen a
7462s full year dominance from that Sion comp
7464s I'm hoping to see some Transformers
7466s moving to this first real of Yang yeah
7468s right before the r of Yang ug just found
7470s some double eliminations against te Leo
7472s and Han not a great position for them
7473s but they still have a soul available for
7475s them to find out lyd still holding
7476s ground inside of the C is waiting this
7479s one out there is a bell in here so I'm
7480s hopefully not seeing ug trying to hit
7482s this one out but we are going to see
7483s another fight coming out here from jdg
7485s against JJ H before the first round Yang
7487s going to be eliminations factors against
7488s flames and as Cy looks for this Parry
7490s he's confirming it against Godly who had
7491s to activate that combo breaker the V3
7493s from Dy confirms it and as it comes out
7496s he just locking down this wueen [ __ ]
7498s [ __ ] is looking towards himself and
7499s getting eliminated and jdg just found
7501s these eliminations like that seven kills
7503s so far for jdg uh but like you said this
7506s new Soul this new Talent glyph system CH
7508s it just turned n on its head and the
7509s economy system now those initial dark Ty
7511s coins on top of the 90 uh dark Tye coins
7514s given to you for every 10 seconds gives
7515s the teams a whole new way of wanting to
7518s play the game for those early games
7519s right we saw K was able to utilize
7521s dropping into plume castle and not even
7523s before they found eliminations they
7525s found two moon ban purchases purchases
7527s into those for early seconds and like I
7529s said those 15 that, 1500 initial tide
7531s coins per person is is his Great Value
7533s whether or not the teada wants to run
7534s that because we saw how U rocked into
7536s the energy glyphboard side uh is going
7538s to want to try to utilize that for the
7540s team that rage side is just complete you
7542s know overhaul in terms of how play
7544s styles are to be had especially with
7545s that 20% mitigation for 10 seconds but
7548s ryang fight starting out here BBE is
7550s going up against wolves here as royi
7553s looking to try to look for his position
7554s ASA snack is immediately sniped upon and
7557s getting eliminated for this first set
7558s and royi maybe looking for the time to
7560s use ultimate here is going to see Z use
7562s his wayon ultimate in response EG coming
7565s out here as a t High not even having to
7568s here as the Wayan is the first set to
7570s enable this pressure rii isn't going to
7572s be wanting to stay on the ground for
7573s much longer but he's going to try to
7574s give Ben some potential or just holding
7576s the ground but brai goes down V is the
7579s only remainder for BBE into this bar and
7582s with them they're going to be looking to
7583s just lock down this kill that R&B fan as
7584s we can see ZK was able to find
7586s eliminations against Ben as this team is
7588s going to win their ryang it looks like T
7590s Leo is also being able to find the
7591s response and being able to Res one of
7594s his teammates after that first initial
7596s set of kills that we were able to see
7597s but into Serpent's Pass we do have fpx
7600s looking to hunt down UG and as a result
7601s you having F3 as uh you were mentioning
7604s before what skill he's had having he's
7606s going to rock the F3 V3 but with the
7608s with the farious Shen Mech Beacon being
7610s utilized here a double enchant gives a
7612s nice rotation for you to look for this
7614s position for the enchant to be super of
7616s huge value as we can see as much as it
7619s comes out for this uh tul to get into
7621s The High Ground U is hunting him down as
7623s we can see corki is just looking to
7625s rotate around this building looking for
7626s those scare rushes U is already on the
7627s rooftop and look to Glide over with the
7629s F3 and close Gap to position on corki
7632s you looking to the sky again looking for
7634s those rmvs against aaria Shen who's on
7635s that fence post is still looking to be
7637s aggressive but we could see the third
7639s party coming out here from K they're
7641s looking to use the K fur ult immediately
7643s not thinking twice about whether or not
7645s this Vier has an ultimate and there is
7647s you getting propelled getting juggled
7649s and getting eliminated for their c as K
7652s are able to pick up their fourth
7653s elimination into this moment at the
7655s Serpent's pass this is a tough point for
7657s OG cuz I'm pretty sure we saw two reever
7659s charms be purchased they have 10
7660s eliminations they can play for placement
7662s as much they want to but if that so or
7664s that reir charm isn't available they're
7666s going to have to make their way towards
7667s a known Spirit Well or finding the
7668s opportunity of hoping for Reaper charm
7670s to come through and it looks like SS is
7672s able to purchase that off the ground so
7673s they're going to get you back Raven and
7675s they're not stopping then they're still
7676s going to try to hold out for the
7677s remainder of this match yeah really good
7679s job from K to assassinate the Viper now
7681s one of the finesses for Target selection
7684s especially for teada is that each team
7686s has the carry essentially it's very
7688s close I've always uh related nraa to
7691s more of the Moa or RTS type style where
7695s you have a carry on the team and they're
7696s scaling up significantly and if you have
7698s to Target select when you third party
7700s the person who's the pinata who gots
7702s most of the loot is the carrier of the
7704s team and for that attack on Titan it is
7706s the Viper and they're going to be able
7707s to pick that gold fan off the Viper and
7709s on the opposite end if it's a siphon
7711s team that teada usually has most of the
7713s loot has the weapon Rarity has the best
7715s armor and you have to pick one out of
7716s that Target selection that's who you
7718s want to go for a jdg with their attack
7720s on tight end finding xtm out in the open
7723s they're going to take this fight zdi of
7727s with the silence denying any type of
7730s counterplay great silence coming out and
7732s the monk going down as well Transformers
7735s a victim to the attack on Titan it's
7738s still happening to this day two years
7740s later vipers are still finding those
7743s kicks finding those silences denying any
7745s of those Transformations from coming out
7747s now we got wbg versus 521 Sleepwalker on
7750s the monk one of the gold monks of the
7753s league can he make this happen he they
7755s do have um re after this Tess Al going
7759s to come out Sleep Walker able to pop his
7760s ultimate in order to ey frame is the
7762s double gr coming out wind wall coming
7763s out from 521 good job from them but monk
7766s coming in hot with the new Slam trying
7768s to find the hit cre is going to be
7770s invested we're all in baby can we find a
7774s double grab right now Pam is going to
7776s get grabed down to 1 HP Wen Port is
7778s going to come out great Port coming out
7780s from their wuen going into Zone but
7782s Sleep Walker hot on their heels be wbg
7786s has the momentum right now are they
7787s going to take this fight now one of the
7790s tough Parts again on Transformers you
7792s don't got that grapple distance and you
7793s know who does got that grapple distance
7795s is Viper team can they get away drg
7797s coming in hot with the AOS Justina the
7800s rank comp going absolutely crazy how do
7803s you get away from a jumping feline and a
7807s Justina dashing at you from out of an
7809s anime it's just impossible to get away
7811s from drd just investing all that in and
7813s with the USA just denying any type of
7815s counterplay on the Viper it's like I get
7817s it I get what drg is doing this works in
7820s rank it's working in nvpl right now it's
7823s absolutely nuts now going back to the
7826s remang we're seeing that replay of the
7828s F3 usan F3 usan able to blow up Kumi I
7831s was wondering how that Kumi went down so
7833s fast but we're going to go out back into
7834s Zone back into the Suffocation where te
7838s is going to be suffocating fpx out here
7840s in the middle of the Zone yeah uh Zone
7843s corruption is popping off right now
7846s we're going to get to Max right now Han
7847s has to be careful T has to be careful
7850s but kby one of the best Zone fighting
7853s characters in the game especially with
7855s the tether chains on the F3 healing both
7858s out looks like fpx is going to find the
7860s rest water going back picking up the
7862s Tami to continue on to fight another day
7866s he is going to be going down right now
7868s and the leap frog of resing your
7870s teammates back and forth going back in
7872s zone 25 people allow alive serve going
7876s into this second R of Yang and now with
7878s the soul blo changes we now finally
7882s the patch is updated no one can have
7883s this insurance plan where they can find
7885s a kill off on the edge keep that uh Soul
7888s boom ready just in case you lose rang
7890s now you're all in baby all the teams who
7892s go into rang they believe they are the
7895s better team they believe fortune favors
7897s the bold and now with risk or with the
7901s reward of Yang there comes great risk
7904s now so we're seeing a lot of the
7906s strongest teams uh really establish them
7909s that yeah we were going Yang before
7910s we're still going to be going and a lot
7911s of the other teams were just going in
7913s the Yang if they had a good off spawn
7915s are now uh deciding the back off we're
7918s seeing more teams skip that SEC second
7920s real of Yang and teams getting this
7922s freebie wolves getting a nice freebie
7924s inside the real of Yang on their
7926s Transformers they're going to be able to
7928s scale up significantly and everyone on
7930s these Transformer teams you get a gold
7932s weapon in the yon's hands you get a gold
7934s weapon in the Mon's hands they're going
7935s to be doing the damage when you do
7937s damage that's how you get kill sered
7938s that's how you take these games down and
7940s it doesn't surprise me that wolves is
7942s doing super super well considering how
7944s much damage they're doing wolves is
7946s doing some good work in getting that R
7947s for free but FX is making the decision
7949s making of being almost a whole kilometer
7951s away from the zone of going for these
7954s backtack reses weakness escalation
7956s kicking in there's 500 there's 500
7958s meters before corki can make it to the
7959s zone right I say for the next Zone but
7962s Xiao hu has been rotating water's been
7964s rotating for these reses and it's just
7967s back to back of just holding on the
7968s position they can make end game work
7971s that would be great but look at this
7972s everybody's in the vicinity of this area
7974s by this point that if if corki wants to
7977s get engaging he's not going to want it
7979s and they are not going to let it happen
7980s the moment that he was spotted ug find
7982s their elimination for number 11 now
7985s coming off of this end FX is working
7987s through this position you mentioned 27
7989s people or 20 players plus alive 27 are
7991s now left into this Lobby into after post
7994s real Yang 2 Spirit Well might be still
7996s on the board for some teams if they had
7998s the opportunity picking it up but we
7999s know that we see wolves here with that
8000s Mystic might bu we're going to see that
8002s hunt down coming into fruition but drg
8005s against jdg a way Shania Shen versus
8009s jg's option of using the F2 V1 for Viper
8012s and the F1 V3 for the Tessa this is a
8015s very interesting setup between both of
8017s these enemies of course we know that we
8018s can see 10 10 kills eliminations for jdg
8021s drg were able to utilize it you said you
8023s meant you saw you saw the vision right
8024s when it came through the AOS with the
8026s with the Justina of how Vis I see a
8028s vision it's working it's working the V2
8030s pound
8032s for free free optimal and of course wfz
8036s has H sword the amount of healing and
8037s damage he's going get especially for
8039s that one single jump gets purple Focus
8041s second jump gold Focus that type of
8043s pressure can also funnily enough if they
8046s go up against a decada comp right F1
8048s comes out from teada the purple Focus
8050s can stagger teada with the if tea
8052s looking to whole blue focuses that's
8053s where AOS can really shine you see wz
8055s dropping in here as we can see the uan
8057s is actually caught into that Tesa
8058s enchant with a V3 from the from uh from
8061s the but we see a V3 coming in from the
8063s backline and with a third party coming
8065s out here from 521 trying to locate a
8067s Target to hold on to wfz is just Rocking
8069s around the Christmas tree and XI is
8071s looking to try to be in a position to
8072s use the Destino and get the double
8074s freeze and is able to regroup with his
8076s team but looking at how much HP he's
8078s looking to use and picking up finding an
8080s armor zdi is looking at just trying to
8082s lock this one down zdi gets the
8084s eliminations exi is down jdg having to
8087s go ahead and find the souls for the
8088s Tessa for this next fight but we can see
8089s K KLA finding eliminations for two
8091s rounders of te Han and Leo and we're
8094s still looking towards ATT lyt is inside
8096s the bush but looks like cuckoo is not
8098s letting this one up and finds him as
8099s they are hunting down for the remaining
8101s teammate the f1's available for L but
8103s the F1 the zone is not going to be
8104s enough to keep himself alive and with
8106s that K find themselves at seven
8107s eliminations for this round so far and
8109s with them going back into the Zone this
8111s is where the Zone corruption starts to
8112s pick in a little bit more often they're
8114s over by the ice Shard Lake but a
8115s majority of the fights are happening to
8116s the west side of plume Castle are and
8118s into the Eastern side so for them to get
8120s into the northern side and rushing down
8122s from the Cory it could be a great
8123s opportunity for them to hit the shop
8125s they have an immense amount of gold here
8127s for the shop and just being able to pick
8128s up any gold weapons or any gold jads as
8131s well as the armor for themselves once
8133s the timer reaches that point but their
8135s jads right now are a perer rarity they
8136s still rocking this through they have a
8138s juggernaut on cxz so as he kind of
8140s stands if he's able to catch you know
8142s eliminations on the board he's just able
8144s to deal out the damage with those dual
8145s blades that he's got on standby with the
8147s V2 Raven and I mean k is having seven
8149s eliminations so far we still have around
8151s 20 plus players still left on the board
8153s a replay coming out here from K as a are
8154s in the zone against te this is how we
8156s saw te got eliminated into those first
8157s fights it's m Circle working in the
8159s favor for qgg for cxd kind of lock it
8161s down and as much as it came down to Han
8163s getting eliminated in Leo in response it
8165s was just a quick R&B spam coming from
8167s those blue focuses it just came out to
8168s melt the HP bar even with that
8170s creal K had the drao storm right there
8173s and it's pretty much un losable once you
8175s have that Draco storm the only thing
8176s I've ever seen be the Draco storm is
8179s consistent double grabs coming on you're
8181s talking about like a six piece not even
8182s like a single double grab we got to go
8184s with a six piece we got to go with a
8185s double double double triple double going
8187s out if you're going to be winning versus
8189s that Draco storm now we're seeing drg
8191s getting picked off right now Wen being
8193s chased by the goat ug's you establishing
8197s himself this season in Hot Pursuit that
8200s F3 is going to be flying out can he
8202s Dodge the F3 as it comes in he is able
8206s to just by the nick of his little chin
8209s he's able to dodge that hit not able you
8212s not able to connect right now but he
8214s will be taking him down drg has been
8217s impressing me today though with their
8220s focus fire with this composition but uh
8224s without that
8225s wuen when you are going when you were
8228s flying so close to the Sun you're going
8229s to be get burned flying around with this
8232s triple or with this solo comp there's no
8234s disengage when it comes to this if you
8235s don't get that momentum and one of these
8237s Attack on Titans pick you off it's very
8240s very hard
8241s to survive now ug still picking off
8245s where they left off already up to looks
8247s like 12 kills already good googly M what
8252s can't these guys do I'm curious to see
8254s if ug will run a Transformers that's the
8256s one thing I haven't seen them run really
8258s well but first drg's last member is
8260s going to get picked off by wolves on
8262s their Transformers and wolves actually
8264s for the longest time has always had a
8266s decent transformance it's one of the
8268s things that kept them very competitive
8269s in the league even though they weren't
8271s in the the top five they were always
8272s crashing the surface willing to go in a
8274s realm of Y on their Transformers in the
8276s past they were known for being a little
8279s bit too passive but it looks like they
8281s finally have put the pedal to the metal
8284s and are very very active dominating this
8287s uh fourth by weekly qualifiers showing
8291s everyone what's up now wbg Sleepwalker
8295s transitioning into this end game every
8297s team postering but first we're going to
8299s see one of the goat monks of the leak
8301s he's been here forever wg's Sleepwalker
8304s with the SAP with the monk able to pop
8306s off Al versus drg are we going to get
8309s one grab are we get two grabs what we're
8310s going to show us today
8312s Sleepwalker looking for the grab great
8314s cutting coming out from drg it's kwy
8316s sitting on the outside T is going to get
8318s grabbed right now drg with the Justina
8321s my bad this is the the crazy yon comp
8324s free going to come out double grab is
8326s going to come out wfz is going to get
8329s taken down Sleepwalker sitting in the
8331s center of this realm of young dominating
8334s this position not allowing any of this
8336s offense from the solo characters to come
8339s out and now coming out alha ultimate
8342s cleaning up these kills wbg making it
8346s look easy Yan all is going to be alting
8349s at the end of this but to what degree
8351s the nice slam coming out into
8353s transformation into the fan R&B nowhere
8356s left to go this Yan is getting full cook
8359s breaded deep Fri see you later drg
8362s bye-bye get that
8364s trash rank com out of here Transformer
8367s is back serve he's like let me get a 799
8370s combo with that three piece right there
8373s sleer really made it work through I mean
8374s even picking up the Z picking up the
8376s just I should say and then picking up
8378s AOS twice bold in that position was not
8380s what drg was looking for in that first
8381s ryang but or to that ryang in general
8383s jdg though losing out Kiki CDI is still
8386s the only person here this storm with the
8387s ice storm if no one pick up that pick up
8389s the fire that's not going to be a fun
8391s time because their rage is going to go
8392s down slowly but we can see EG uh
8394s especially with Wolves finding that gold
8396s armor into the board and we can see that
8399s ZK is out here with two gold Jades uh
8402s just being able to lock this one out
8403s here he has a long sword or Phoenix
8405s blast actually being available for him
8407s into this build as a karumi and that
8409s right there is like that's one part
8411s right you're like oh that's it all right
8412s bet no they also have an OCTA slash blad
8414s he goes into dual blaz she lock down
8416s players and then with it the ti high can
8417s just go ahead and just clean sweep this
8419s as well as with Wayan keeping the
8420s pressure that whole gold focus is being
8422s released we're going to see GG team
8424s looking for their gear here and with
8426s them having a good selection of the
8427s purple jads across the board and with
8428s the gold Jade for themselves they are
8430s going to be just holding down to this
8431s area into the corner K having themselves
8434s at full capacity for them uh for their
8436s position with the gold fan are going to
8438s be looking towards and just trying to
8439s look for those cannon shots back and
8440s forth I'm not mistaken that's an
8441s explosive armor for qg to have on
8443s standby for the teada and that's massive
8445s right qg g b the teada being able to
8447s have a free knock back in the air for
8449s any opponents that want to try to push
8450s this just gives them a whole opportunity
8452s field for themselves and on top of that
8454s they also have a St and Sky Pillar for
8456s them so we could see that being utilized
8458s out here the moon Bane's being dropped
8460s into the year to the P Village and this
8461s snow storm is not helping anybody in the
8464s slightest if no one was able to find
8466s that campfire like I mentioned if you
8467s guys see those campfires over by the
8468s Imperial Village in the northeastern
8470s side of holl rock this is the reason why
8471s you would want to pick those uh find
8473s those campfires the little flame symble
8475s when these storms are happening if you
8476s don't the snow the the the frost uh
8479s accumulation can happen and you start
8480s losing rage faster you can regain it
8482s when you're dealing damage to enemies so
8484s this is where a lot of teams have to be
8485s very careful in their Forefront if
8486s you're trying to push enemies into a
8488s zone that they don't have that fire buff
8489s in effect they're not going to have a
8491s fun time ug's SS here for those range
8493s shots here playing the Tessa right and
8495s with zdi still being one of the two
8497s remaining teams for jdg they have 11
8499s eliminations right now ug has 13 so far
8502s K are rocking into eight kills into
8504s being a third place position but we
8506s still have a lot of terrain that's going
8508s to give monks from wbg for instances a
8511s bit of trouble I mean this is this is
8512s like a Deja Vu you know we' seen the
8514s monks in the position where there's a
8515s lot of terrain issues but if they can
8517s make it happen if they can make this
8519s work in their favor of catching those
8521s third parties Len f3s are down tesas are
8524s in the vicinity of being caught out that
8526s would give so much value for the tan
8528s high in here it's not even it's not even
8529s kidding they could pick up 10
8530s eliminations here in a in a span of like
8532s 30 seconds and just being able to catch
8533s everyone out there Raven I know we're
8535s kind of hoping to see where tulas uh or
8537s not tules with wayon as well as the
8540s Transformer comp see the works out here
8542s yeah going to this end game we're
8543s getting the I've never seen this end
8545s game and now we're getting back to back
8546s another unique situation with the snow
8549s burning down everyone's ultimate not
8551s everyone's going to be able to get that
8552s ultimate the second the buff coming out
8554s ug claiming this house right now
8556s everyone's trying to Pile in right now
8557s GG wants to claim this location but G
8560s GG teada coming in forcing ug out
8564s evicting them from their house ug is
8566s like all right we're just renting it's
8567s an Airbnb we're getting back out of here
8570s ug is taking up the top GG does take the
8572s center able to push them out you with
8574s the white armor with the cannon able to
8577s survive though with their lives no
8581s ultimate now on the tea GG using the
8583s tempo of the te was be able to snow
8585s snowball these situations but like you
8586s were saying
8588s serve you um tanhai monk having a tough
8592s time with all of this terrain just so
8594s much to hide from unfortunately not the
8597s best situation for these Transformers
8599s now the second Spirit Well the last
8602s Spirit ra coming in for the last
8604s contentions ug wants to force this out
8606s youu doesn't have purple armor wants to
8609s take this from a GG wants to take this
8611s as well wbg ug all posturing for this
8615s last bit of armor on The High Ground
8616s though ug does have the
8618s Vantage raining down some focus with the
8621s range attacks but now GG comes in to
8623s contest ug up the top teada has to be
8626s careful right now he's down to no armor
8628s great job from UD to take down 330 and
8631s now GG one of the goats of the end game
8633s is going to get out positioned outplayed
8636s by ug with the white armor U and it
8639s looks like wbg is able to sneak on that
8641s armor as they're going in now on the low
8643s ground 5 to1 versus KLA we saw the
8646s situation go down to kada dominant on
8648s this low ground only at 30% ultimate T's
8651s going to be invested right now they're
8651s going to take this iated fight 5 21's B3
8654s is coming out can they find a kill
8656s everyone is stacked out of their minds
8659s though on k f going to out Wan is going
8661s to choose to disengage 5 to1 now finding
8664s a little bit of fence room to hold on to
8666s right here in the edge they're able to
8667s get the full heal off get that full
8668s reset now K everyone's ultimate
8671s absolutely charg everyone doing a good
8673s job of surviving the allins versus
8675s everyone we got ug back in their house
8678s you stacked up and K 5 to1 round two
8681s going in is going to get taken down by
8684s the camping ug within the building now
8686s wbg on the edge on the left side same
8689s with Wolves trying to hold on the
8690s position every nook and cranny is taken
8692s up by a full trios we're seeing non-stop
8694s cannon shots going off everywhere 5 to1
8697s is the first one to fall down their
8699s range superiority too little they cannot
8702s hold their grounds they're getting
8703s picked apart cannibalized by this Lobby
8705s wbg is going to find the kill now K
8708s finding wbg distracted looking for the
8711s side hit but ug in on the side with the
8715s Tesla all going to get a couple of them
8717s ug with this little bit of pocket is
8719s doing so much PR WG forced to po pop the
8723s monk out we're seeing a monk in endgame
8725s it's been so long nice hop coming in
8727s knocking everyone off the top K now in a
8730s little bit of pocket cxz is going to get
8732s grabbed by Sleep double grab comes out
8734s baby wbg is back on the dominance on The
8738s High Ground looking to get some more
8739s Scoops through there everyone's trying
8741s to run away from Sleepwalkers double
8743s grabs wolves inside their bu building on
8746s vacation waiting binding their times
8749s holding on to their ultimate for the
8751s last second ug as well hugging this
8753s little left corner Focus hacks coming
8755s out looking to prop in hopefully steal
8757s this away from everyone with a massive
8759s amount of kills they just need to get
8761s the second multiplier now you activating
8763s popping up the B3 looking for the
8765s jabbing hitting people in the back you
8768s taking this High ground but wbg still
8769s has their Yan alate now you take to the
8771s skies all they need is placement right
8773s now wolves activates they've been
8775s holding all their ultimates T pops up
8778s looking for the double grabs looking for
8779s the Scoops everyone jumping up Tami Al
8782s in there chaos is breaking out nine
8784s people still alive wolves with the
8785s double gra EG trying to find more kills
8788s he got armor Circle it's not going to
8789s help him out but ug is able to stall
8792s this out wolves though with their uan
8795s able to hold his ultimate to the last
8797s second secure that first place secure
8799s that placement points and Transformers
8802s showing exactly why this comp has been
8804s so dominant throughout the years of nraa
8807s that endgame play coming out beautiful
8809s from wolves but oh you ug showing them
8811s why they are the face of that new nraa
8814s that super aggressive style that ug's
8816s you even with white armor these guys are
8818s able to Rally back and take the MVP of
8822s this game too
8825s surf you know the crazy thing it was
8827s with the uh with wbg they had a
8830s tremendous position on top of that
8831s rooftop that tent and just being able to
8833s try to catch those grabs you were able
8835s to see them kind of hold off and just
8836s trying to go for those melee grabs that
8837s everyone tucked into the corner you know
8839s it's all cozy snuggly you know
8841s everything with a blanket just to avoid
8843s those melee crafts which worked against
8845s them then wolves just shows up into the
8846s final seconds of the round and you can
8849s see Zen was holding that Wayan until the
8851s final seconds of his HD bar that way the
8853s King was just susceptible of just being
8855s Dy to Zone and the Wayan comes out but
8858s ug MVP 17 kills in the first place is
8861s going to give them a nice jump into this
8863s first day for them playing and of course
8865s just holding down for the top 12 before
8866s this weekend or before next weekend for
8868s the finals and of course uh it's it's a
8870s pleasure to scene you know like if are
8872s Transformers going to work into these
8874s final seconds of course they are I mean
8875s like in the case scenario that happened
8876s last round we were able to see the
8877s Transformers try to work uh it didn't
8880s happen as well but at the same time that
8883s was just because all the comps were just
8884s looking to try to snipe them out but
8886s this time around with double
8887s Transformers and one of the teams
8889s recognizing that there is another
8890s Transformer team they try to put as much
8892s pressure between both wbg and wolves in
8894s that spot where if they take the
8896s opportunity of just being able to burn
8898s out one side could they catch enemies
8900s trying to to run away from the other
8901s side and catch him in that in that spot
8903s of a pinch if everyone is using their
8905s abilities right we saw tules from lyd
8907s was able to use his F1 trying to keep it
8909s up as from te we saw the uh the the burn
8913s uh the burning of the skill coming out
8914s from even from uh tesas right she's
8917s trying to reposition herself when she
8918s get caught into the slam down from the
8919s tan height and just try to shift out and
8921s just trying to keep her you know
8922s movement left to right and you know
8923s zipping across the floor but that's
8925s where it came down to try to burn
8927s everyone out for what they have into the
8929s worthwhile effort and that ch did not
8931s help that out early on before that final
8933s Circle but question on the board for you
8934s guys in twitch chat which team is
8936s leading this total scored board now is
8937s it a CD wolves bdrg cjl or D fpx CQ make
8943s sure you guys mess message the letter in
8945s twitch chat and know YouTube chats out
8947s there I see you guys are responding to
8948s me on early end and uh we do want to
8950s appreciate you guys there but this is
8951s for twitch chat for you guys if you guys
8953s have your Whispers open please keep that
8954s in mind the rocket play point is going
8956s to give you that whisper for those
8957s results of you winning it out and know
8959s at you as well in chat just keeping you
8962s excuse me keeping you through into that
8963s bar but back to the point you know that
8966s Chill Zone into that area Raven right
8968s it's just like one other thing about it
8970s is that it also forces some teams that
8973s you would probably see where they have
8974s to burn ult before that chill depletes
8976s their chances of being able to use that
8978s ultimate and you know area effects like
8980s that is something that I like about Hol
8983s Roth a lot and question I want to ask
8985s you right is because you know we have
8986s cloudy that also brings out Gastly Mist
8989s um these zones phones have such great
8992s value you know would it translate well
8993s into Morris a do you think if they had
8995s some sort of effect that can change the
8997s possibility of end games uh completely
8999s or would it just be a basis of just
9001s having you know those zones just the
9003s locking into Holo only uh just to make
9005s it that unique area of expertise for the
9007s players to just
9009s recognize I think the hazards of hollo
9011s kind of gives it that charm and Morris
9014s kind of was the first iteration of of
9015s map design for nraa I don't know if they
9018s really need to add hazards to hollo now
9021s with the third map coming out this year
9023s I'm excited to see what nraa brings out
9025s more more is it going to be more chaos
9027s or we going to go to a more uh slower
9029s Pace now traditionally battle Royals uh
9031s as they go on WE everything starts
9033s becoming more and more congested and
9035s we're seeing in that end game that
9036s congestion and just uh how great these
9040s Chinese teams are at playing at a unit
9042s now 521 new to the league they were able
9044s to survive all to that point and you see
9046s them going toe-to-toe with KLA but in
9048s these clutch situations you're finding
9050s that the veteran teams are finding a way
9053s to maneuver with such little room
9055s playing as a unit to get kills and
9057s survive to that last little bit on that
9059s rooftop now ug having a crushing
9062s performance with their attack on S with
9063s 17 kills able to Ladder Up play the
9066s positioning perfectly able to get you
9068s back up and wolves with the Transformers
9070s showing that Transformers is back baby
9072s with a nice 13 piece coming out jdg
9074s super super strong with their focus fire
9077s with Viper these
9078s guys sending this season they really
9081s really impresses me with how clean they
9083s are in the moment of chaos those 3b3 V3
9086s situations not really the realm of Yang
9088s but outside when they're going in that
9090s True Battle Royale this team moves super
9093s super well together but up top we got
9096s you crushing it on viper I haven't seen
9098s you on viper you normally see him on the
9100s Wen the king picking up that he has been
9103s playing uh wuen for ug for a while now
9107s so no slouch on wuen as well being a
9109s solo player as well the King has
9112s excellent uh mechanics as far as
9114s Mobility finding those good points
9115s having that good awareness and now we're
9118s finding and seeing the the dominance of
9121s utilizing that skill set now looking at
9122s the overall skill U scoreboard 521
9126s having a tough day at 6.1 GG picking it
9129s up a little bit and now at 11.4 wbg at
9133s 13.6 klaa at 16.2 that aggressive play
9137s style with te not paying off so far
9141s but at the top BBE they've been
9143s dominating the last two bi-weeks this
9146s bi-weekly not showing that same
9148s dominance and this is what's so
9150s unforgiving about the NV everyone starts
9152s sting you every all the coaches are
9154s breaking down your offs spawn so getting
9155s that macro game going is very very tough
9157s you're seeing ug still having a crushing
9159s time able to probably qualify just on
9162s this one day by the pace they're going
9164s but here at the top in the top six jdg
9167s keeping up the momentum having a
9168s consistent day 16.1 after two games
9171s solid stuff coming out for them um fpx
9174s at 6.9 getting unlucky we saw them uh
9178s doing decent in the mid game but not
9180s able to survive the Yang depletion of
9182s the mid game drg we see them get it
9185s going that last game but at the top
9187s wolves keeping up consistent having a
9190s crushing day one with that 114 and
9193s having a crushing day two we're only two
9195s games in and wolves are still absolutely
9199s dominating going back to the replay We
9201s Got ug's U with the F3 coming flying in
9204s taking down snake snack eating him like
9206s he's a cookie looking for the Parry
9207s looking for the second fa not able to
9209s get it though the third party is going
9211s to come in and this is where ug really
9213s sign shines they're able to peel and
9215s survive this Fierce third party with a
9219s great Port coming out from the King and
9221s versus teada this is not an easy fight
9223s to take especially they all in the able
9225s to consolidate and blow up K's karumi
9229s then following up and somehow surviving
9232s versus Thea with the multiple shs great
9237s uh scale rush into a flanking Focus
9239s attack coming out from
9241s you excellent excellent play this is
9243s what really impresses me from you he's
9245s not a solo player like the king he has
9247s strictly been a trios players and his
9250s ability use scale rushes his ability to
9252s find these flanking angles over and over
9254s and execute everything perfectly is
9257s something to behold you would think by
9259s how fast my man plays that he comes from
9263s solos but he in fact is a trios player
9265s and you and ug able to clutch it out
9267s play that placement perfectly able to
9269s Grapple stall even with the Monk and
9272s Tami ALS coming out on The High Ground
9274s ug is able to clutch out get that fatty
9276s multiplier and take that game to MVP
9280s yeah big chances from you there and you
9281s know I like this the micro he does the
9283s micro gaml he does is phenomenal just
9284s switching out and just being as concise
9286s as he can with those shots but our MVP
9288s this round for OG is going to be the
9290s sixth time for ug's SS he came out here
9292s for 16k nearly nearing 17K damage total
9296s uh with over 10K damage off of the fan
9298s alone right having the siphon technique
9300s on standby if he look to kind of go for
9301s those quick heals he did use utilize
9303s that ballista into those fights but also
9305s with a bow and you know trying to
9306s utilize those boats with scatter shot
9308s the fire arrows Target lock uh just
9309s building up that um jade uh and being
9312s able to just utilize it in as a whole
9313s but that short handle sa in Assassin's
9314s lunge now he didn't utilize assassin's
9316s lunge right we don't see the dagger as
9317s one of his top uh you know damaging
9319s weapons by finds that Parry that short
9321s that short handle sa allows for him to
9323s just close G the distance from opponent
9325s that he parries does an AOE attack uh
9328s for the vicinity of any enemies and he
9329s gets that siphon coming back from the uh
9332s from the effect from the saps and it's
9333s just a strong Jade that kind of comes
9335s out to play for multiple weapons right
9337s you know the heavy sword St is just a
9338s large you know a large circle of just
9340s Mayhem of just swinging out against
9342s anybody that's in the vicinity for you
9345s to just strike and on to the point that
9347s we going into Hollow off round three uh
9349s we are going to be be able to see this
9350s to be whether or not it follows the same
9352s rotation that we saw last day for day
9354s one whether or not these picks are kind
9355s of coming through for different type of
9357s Team comps now drg they Rock their
9359s second time of using uh of utilizing
9362s their oos into the first time oos is
9364s today will they be able to bring Aus
9366s into the for uh forward into the next
9368s rounds we'll see later on because we are
9369s going to enter a short break make sure
9371s you guys go to the bathroom get some
9372s water get some snacks we're going to be
9373s right back after this break and going
9375s into round three for this week
9394s with each breath pain and
9398s destruction my world is
9402s broken by your
9406s seduction your touch a whisper from in
9410s the
9411s past a
9415s memory that's fading
9419s fast so I
9421s search for you where souls go to die
9426s Keeping
9428s home as life goes
9431s passing by the Flames of face turn my
9436s love for you into w
9440s so much pain but still I can't keep
9446s away I'm ready with this
9450s chance I hope we meet again
9456s someday
9458s somay the Flames of f torching love at
9463s the
9465s gy
9466s Gat our souls changing in
9471s aous way my heart wait and wait I don't
9478s care if I
9481s insane I know we'll me
9485s again Som
9514s the sky is Frozen by
9519s aathy
9522s desolation fear and
9527s catastrophe but I won't stop hunting
9529s with with play
9532s point this
9535s pain a fire
9537s consum me so I
9541s search for you where Soul go to die
9546s Keeping
9548s home and life goes
9551s passing by the Flames of face turn my
9556s love for you into us
9560s so much pain but still I can't keep away
9566s I'm ready with
9569s this I know we'll meet again
9578s somay the Flames of face torching love
9583s at the
9585s gy
9586s G are so change in
9590s a fell way my heart W and wa I don't
9598s care
9599s if
9605s SA somay
9634s and we are back ladies and gentlemen for
9636s some nraa pro league trios I am joined
9640s by the great serveo for some nraa trios
9644s it's been an exciting day we've seen
9646s Transformers coming back we've seen the
9648s zon coming out Z coming in with the
9650s meteor doing some big plays and we've
9652s seen backto back Imperium end games and
9654s I I'm not going to lie sir I've seen a
9656s lot of end games in my day I've watch
9657s most of the vods out there and it's very
9660s rare that we get that situation and it's
9661s crazy to me that we got it back to back
9663s and the reason why I love that scenario
9665s is you see such excellent play coming
9668s out from these teams you're seeing every
9669s single composition go to the absolute
9672s limit monks being on The High Ground
9674s still getting value out of these 10
9676s situations Tess's with the crazy alts
9679s through the 10
9680s with teas going out non-stop trying to
9683s shove her team trying to get the
9684s momentum going T's cutting it up and
9686s we're still seeing that anyone can win
9689s in this situation it's not necessarily
9691s the composition it's the players behind
9693s it seeing you on that Viper instead of
9695s his traditional wuen role now I've
9697s always thought of him as one of the best
9699s in the game to do it but looking at this
9702s last game and going in the game three
9703s everyone's heaing up surf what are you
9705s excited to see moving forward for the
9707s rest of today yeah I mean one thing I'm
9709s excited to see uh hoping to see uh is
9712s that kind of conversion towards the
9713s comps um I know JL uh brought it into
9715s the play into uh for day one at least uh
9718s where they're able to bring some
9719s surprises surprises like like how drg
9721s were able to incorporate AOS into these
9723s matches with Justina and seeing how it
9725s works well with the Wayan I'm hoping to
9727s see if J I'm hoping to see if whether or
9729s not someone is going to want to bring up
9731s the AOS faia Wayan that comp being
9733s brought out from JL for day one that
9735s comp did significantly well into round
9737s five uh yesterday for day one where they
9739s had a 16.6 game for second place and
9742s that I like to call it the auran comp
9744s because in the lore ha if you guys
9746s understand um various Shen akos and
9748s Wayan they were all part of the airan um
9750s Empire and just holding down the forts
9751s as the Battalion commanders and it's
9753s kind of interesting to see it work
9754s coincidentally for these days Raven and
9757s for these comps to make their rounds of
9758s just being able to switch this up I'm
9760s hoping to see if that really will make
9761s its
9762s difference I can't believe you just hit
9764s me with the lore and know all the lore
9766s very really fascinating I love the yart
9767s style on all the lore especially as new
9770s characters kind of come out we're
9771s rounding out at 20 characters now going
9774s in that game three Hollow Roth and one
9776s of the things
9778s um going into game three we ging that
9781s halfway point and we're still Hollow
9783s Roth we start out the days three daytime
9786s Hollow outs no fireflies starting out
9788s nice and easy all the teams get to warm
9789s up on their defensive comp this wide
9791s areas and I like to see these stacked
9793s end games personally uh but moving
9795s forward we're going to see this is
9797s usually when I see a lot of the league
9799s really really pick up these teams the
9801s Jitters are out the nerves are there the
9803s strats are flowing now we're going back
9805s to our instincts now we're trying to uh
9807s execute and try to do the best with what
9810s we prepared this week and we're seeing
9812s big adjustments coming out today serve
9815s now what do you think as far as
9817s adjustments uh these teams should be
9820s making as they're going forward just
9822s with the new composition I know you got
9824s to see uh the uan drg going crazy seeing
9828s this new stuff going down what
9830s adjustments do you see these teams
9831s making as they move forward today I
9833s think we've seen we've been seeing a lot
9834s of it Raven with the v1s from vipers
9837s because that mitigation change from her
9838s Baseline of 5 50% up to 70% gives her
9841s full priority for those armors uh for
9843s selection for him herself but on top of
9845s that right she is able to rock the full
9847s rage side for that defense buff at the
9849s end she can become an Unstoppable Force
9851s for that CC control it all really
9852s depends that we saw right how we saw jdg
9854s try to utilize V3 uh into the comp
9857s because when it came down towards it if
9858s you can keep the suspension for anyone
9860s in the vicinity of his locking them
9861s through this is just kind of that basis
9863s of how well you can kind of lock a team
9865s down for x amount of seconds and how
9866s much you can kind of utilize that for
9868s your third teammate in this case
9869s instance of the wuen where he's able to
9871s catch those quick uh blue focuses and
9872s just locking anyone down for anything
9874s and if if a third party comes out right
9876s you seen the F3 come out here if he's
9878s rocking if by miracle if he's not going
9880s for Discount and he decides to go into
9882s full energy we've been seeing full
9883s discount for these teams but let's say
9886s he wants to go to the skill cool down
9887s that would give him more reason to kind
9889s of keep the team sustained Raven where
9891s you know this is where that glyphboard
9893s works wonders it changes how these
9896s players kind of want to utilize certain
9898s skills and ultimates on the
9899s board yeah the new glyph Port system I'm
9902s loving what the pros are coming out with
9905s the Innovation coming out from these
9906s coaches like starting out with Naga year
9909s one it was pretty rough around the enges
9911s everyone played really really defensive
9912s we have these super 36 man sacked end
9914s games with the Monk and as the game has
9917s progressed we're seeing a lot more of of
9919s the ceiling getting closer to being
9921s reached these timing attacks coming out
9923s with the the Viper composition with the
9925s teada compositions with a lot more High
9927s execution plays and we're seeing B3
9930s showing up with F3 and the the phasing
9932s in of this like flying Viper with this
9934s umbrella silence coming out still new
9937s stuff coming out we're seeing the meteor
9939s coming out with the zyphon comp going
9941s into these end games and we're seeing
9943s three different s tier locations showing
9946s down like Gigi controlling the snow Air
9948s Kings of the North we're seeing ug on
9951s the puzzle claiming all of that loot and
9954s then on the side jjh doing a great job
9956s scooping up the loot the bottom left
9958s metab 521 trying to contest the CN teams
9961s not able to get it and it turns out like
9962s a lot of the Viper teams traditionally
9964s in the league a lot of the monk teams a
9966s lot of the slower um uh siphon teams
9970s would go on that left side of the map
9971s because it wasn't as contested and uh
9974s wasn't really known that how much loot
9975s was back there we're seeing a lot of the
9977s Viper compositions going out there
9979s hunting on that left side trying to
9980s sniff people out but unfortunately uh
9983s they're not finding those kills that
9985s they used to now today with the The
9988s Spirit Well being implemented I what do
9990s you think uh Ser what do you like more
9992s the moris or Spirit Well from a viewer
9994s standpoint I feel like The Spirit Well
9996s my vote goes definitely Spirit Well I
9998s think it's really exciting uh to see
10000s teams duke it out in there and the
10001s posturing that goes on I'm double
10004s Downing on the spe for sure man and the
10007s reason if I say that is because of this
10008s right before you would see tules work
10010s outside of the ryang into making sure
10012s they confirming those Morris blessings
10014s right ult for ult for box if it's a
10016s mysic might if it's a uh if it's a Filan
10018s burst M that gives them their ult back
10020s uh into the play and if not Draco storm
10022s right and they don't regen any rage
10023s because of that but Spirit Wheels
10025s especially because this doesn't negate
10027s uh anybody's chance of just trying to go
10029s in there and snagging anything of the
10031s value one big aspect of it as well is
10033s that The Spirit Well does give range
10035s immunity from anyone shooting outside in
10037s so for anyone inside it just gives them
10038s full Val towards it I'm seen 52 un
10040s locking Matari with Wen I'm I'm fuddled
10044s Excuse me wait a second Wen with the
10047s Viper Raven what do you think what do
10049s you think about that I I love I love the
10052s melee uh distance and in Tri you really
10055s saw range being pushed in the Meadow Way
10058s Way further later solos with pistol
10059s shots coming out where range really
10061s pushed in in a rocket Meadow but it it
10064s gets a little bit stale from a viewer
10066s standpoint when a lot of these teams are
10067s sitting playing this chess match and it
10069s makes sense to be optimal to poke
10071s everyone down with these cannon shots
10072s but we we play nrao we want to see the
10074s nitty-gritty we want you get in there
10076s monoi mono looking for those pars
10079s looking for those quick Dodges getting
10081s in there looking for those flank Focus
10082s like the triple charge coming in hot
10084s with the pord that's what we're like we
10086s want blood we want to see the white in
10088s your eyes as we take the life from you
10090s with those points that's what we want to
10091s see as Spectators and I think with The
10093s Spirit Well we get a lot more of those
10095s actions and since it's very new we get a
10098s nice fresh take on how competitive nraa
10102s should be played what little nuances you
10104s can find and we're seeing because of the
10107s new phase system three different
10110s compositions this is what everyone
10111s wanted to see and you're seeing it right
10113s now ladies and gentlemen these Pros
10115s taking it to the absolute limit with
10118s these new compositions the zon coming
10120s out more of the league taking up this
10123s competition at first it was JL no one
10125s could believe it I couldn't believe it I
10127s saw day one and I was like oh my
10128s goodness
10130s what is this Z composition coming out I
10133s told you this a little bit the ulti low
10136s dominance going into these end games
10139s especially on hollo it's where you get a
10141s ton of value it's where people kind of
10142s fall into your arms but D drg with the a
10147s we talking about the the glyph boards
10148s and everything now we're seeing drg
10150s running a different variation of acos uh
10154s serve what do you think about this
10156s mataru acos zai what do we doing now
10161s faster I think that um that was a game
10163s that they actually played into round
10165s four into day one so for them it wasn't
10168s it didn't perform that well fifth place
10169s 10.6
10171s points and was good I don't know if I
10173s don't know I don't know yeah I I don't
10175s know if you saw
10176s 521 Len Matari Viper I imagine the
10181s reason why they're rocking that is for
10182s the V3 for Matari to give Lin that extra
10185s quick sustain value from the F3 to get
10188s the team uh the armor Surplus that they
10190s can and as well as regen for the rage
10192s but I don't know I mean I can see it
10195s working r i mean there the same there
10197s from the F3 alone is one thing but it's
10198s also that guarantee that if anyone
10200s decides to range game the heck out of uh
10202s of the place that they will just be able
10203s to lock in their Corners wolves actually
10205s like you said they're walking the F2 V1
10207s for the Viper so for them to look for
10209s that shutdown that's going to be to play
10210s the oos though with a z and the Matari I
10213s can I can see the vision right V2 from
10216s the AOS locks down somebody Matari
10218s backstabs and if not luan's going to WAN
10220s 98 can meteor himself towards there with
10223s this Comet skill with F3 and it works
10225s out for himself to do it that way but I
10228s don't know uh I'm kind of contesting and
10231s seeing I'm on the edge for that one
10233s especially for that type of comp to be
10234s built rate I I I kind of see the vision
10237s too uh they were running uan so Matari
10240s just being a nice uh addition to it and
10243s with Z Matari having such good Synergy I
10245s see them attacking a lot of vipers
10247s especially with a Viper V V3 being so
10250s prevalent one of the big counters to V3
10252s is if you're some type of Transformer if
10254s you're some type of character that does
10255s it doesn't matter once you're silenc so
10257s with your Z as long as you hit that alt
10258s Button as your as long as your AOS as
10260s long as you hit that alt button the
10262s second the V3 comes out you're going to
10264s be able to deny a lot of that pressure
10265s being able to pounce around on acos and
10268s being able to chain and slap people away
10270s with your your chains as zy and with
10273s matara being that fail safe I just don't
10275s really see how a Viper composition can
10277s really get in there even with the hit
10279s and run to try to extend the cool down
10280s rotations coming disengaging and
10282s re-engaging I just don't see it going
10285s down but off spawn 521 versus wolves who
10289s do you take this for this one sir I'm
10292s GNA say wolves uh no bias I think they
10294s might have a chance here they've been
10295s building out their energy on Tessa I saw
10297s her actually having two armor Powers off
10299s there but I'm not sure if that was just
10300s because quick loot or she just went the
10301s energy path K in their fight over the
10303s grizly rise though xia try to avoid this
10306s push coming out from qg as well as with
10307s 17s and Xiao not being able to re uh
10310s reposition is now going to find that
10311s opportunity of doing so Raven I think
10313s honestly right then and there qdg is
10314s just making this work for his b he
10315s hasn't used F3 until now to make sure
10317s the K confirmation was there and he
10319s finds elimination from the rip and just
10321s finding this early game kills and I
10323s think Raven that qg just made sure that
10324s this was his fight to kind of aror until
10327s that Tessa enchant was just happening
10330s yeah the Tessa such a critical component
10333s of off spawn fpx uh corki doing such a
10336s wonderful job returning that pressure
10339s changing the tides of that battle able
10341s to find that nice Tesa ultimate now
10342s going over to GG versus jjh who is going
10346s to be king of the north jjh a force to
10348s be reckoned with with their macro right
10349s now but the goats lxm GG with fting them
10354s off now the moon Bane is going to be
10355s coming out can they hold them down looks
10357s like GG's able to get to the edge right
10358s now chilling godl though leading the
10360s charge on the Monk on the Transformers
10362s trying to get in there alexm in the back
10364s line on the Yodo able to surround an
10368s absolutely cooked JJ even though they
10370s have the moon bit Advantage they fall
10372s into the Trap of GG the fade back able
10375s to get a nice jugle the godl one person
10377s down but GG is going to trade out 2v2
10379s situation who is going to take it 330
10382s with a ton of pressure going out jjh
10384s truly going back into the moon Bane
10387s keeping safe right now is going to take
10388s a giant shot Julie going to make his way
10391s further in close fight right now great
10394s job from both of these teams with the
10395s moon Bane timing and the fade away from
10398s GG now jjh is going to invest that youan
10402s 330 going max range trying to make his
10404s way up the wall delay wake up able to
10406s dodge out great PE coming out from the
10408s fair close fight from these two evenly
10411s match Yan going to be denied by these
10414s trees from 330 but jjh working their way
10417s slowly back in but in the distance we
10419s see fpx lurking on that attack on Titan
10423s we got a bunch of Juicy Titans here sir
10425s ready to go yeah big time and he was
10427s crazy we talking about spawns from early
10428s on but before that a third party coming
10430s in here as it came through jjh is able
10433s to have all three teammates in one
10434s vinity at the moment fpx comes out here
10435s for that third party and trying to lock
10437s down this team and noticing where it
10438s comes through the T High coming out from
10440s Godly as it comes through the F3 from
10441s the Wen as yfu was able to try to keep
10443s his team away from that pressure he gets
10445s frozen Godly is in a position of getting
10447s Frozen because of the ice butterflies if
10448s I'm not mistaken but everything coming
10449s into place jaq still has ultimate
10451s available to get his team out for this
10452s third party they can go in and go out
10454s and you can see water was able to catch
10456s off of that grab she was getting
10457s eliminated Flames is at 1 HP
10459s and you know the point I was trying to
10460s make earlier looking for this chances is
10462s that jjh spawned onto GG we saw GG were
10464s looking for economy Spa their first
10466s round Raven and they were able to look
10467s for it but JJ is hunting right they find
10468s this double grab coming off and of
10470s course Godly is finding these souls to
10471s be able to be obtained he's going to try
10473s to look for his res and corki just
10474s looking for this test enchant corki just
10476s keeping this in the 1 V one vicinity of
10479s of of action and we can see Jau is
10480s actually looking to Sal not say salty
10482s res right they're looking to optimally
10484s get themselves back to the game Raven
10485s even if it cost them that latter half
10487s positions of being able to reset for
10490s later end of the game sometimes salty is
10492s better than sweet you know we just we
10494s got to run it back we got to make sure
10495s that we secure the kill coming flying
10497s back and taking those fights next to Rez
10500s is a big part of 30 part third partying
10503s and especially when you're picking about
10504s a Transformers you don't want to let
10506s them uh get going Cannonball traditional
10509s Transformers Cannonball is basically the
10511s 2024 Transformers it took the place
10514s denying those monks because of the Yodo
10516s and faia the ability of that one two to
10519s punch pushing monks out into the open
10521s but with the 20% damage reduction coming
10523s into to play with the new glyph system
10525s monks were seeing that rise of that
10528s defensive play that very slow methodical
10530s double crab team play uh composition
10533s coming out and the only counter to that
10535s is that super fast Place super high
10538s execution uh high risk High reward F2
10542s silence not that re through silence um
10545s and we we'll probably see that phase out
10547s as we go on but drg this is one of the
10549s composition I was excited to see serve
10551s uh when you said
10552s akos and Yan and Justina I was like that
10555s sounds like a fun rank com I'm going to
10557s try that out if it's working at this the
10559s highest level that's definitely going to
10561s work in an NA Immortal War Lobby now
10564s we're seeing another variation of this
10565s one mataran Z also going to be trying
10567s this one out drg going at it versus
10571s wbgs by and Sleepwalker now can they
10575s survive this there's a lot of terrain to
10576s be working with right now looks like WFC
10579s is going to be probing looking for the
10580s Ambush play but wbg probing for weakness
10583s realizing this team is good to go isn't
10585s going to commit to this situation but
10587s akos Z Matari which one you want to play
10590s in this composition Ser oh I'm a Matari
10592s main day one with fight but you know in
10594s this case is going to be with the person
10596s I choose and uh it's great to see how it
10598s can work off the only thing I'm having
10599s issues with not say issues with V3 but
10601s one of the cons is that out of the three
10604s ultimates you know besides you know we
10606s not we're not going to talk about V2 uh
10607s but it does have a 12se second duration
10610s so you have to be very considerate about
10613s how much time you're in that ultimate
10614s form to ensure backstabs of timing it
10617s with your teammates if you're going to
10618s use it on offensive pre pressure of
10619s coming through and you know Z with it
10621s with a comet right she's able to get
10623s that F3 to come out here she has great
10624s value off of that alone right so you're
10626s just going to use it for utility great
10627s that's the aspect we can see Zen coming
10629s out here for that push against wbg the
10630s F2 s was confirmed he's going to get the
10632s 5 Second stun off of the aan and not
10634s going to give by ba a whole full set of
10636s eliminations but the eff from the karumi
10638s comes in and gives him a full advantage
10641s and you can see the Parry off of ZK is
10643s not what he was hoping for because now
10644s that wolves had expanded the ultimates
10647s I'm not sure if EG has a port ready to
10649s go here because you're going to see this
10650s turnaround come happen if B doesn't get
10652s caught in the silence he could have a
10654s force ultimate to come out here there it
10655s is Asa gets CAU to the enchant there's
10658s going to be of time a moon is dropped
10660s here as a result from uh from this team
10663s and if it comes to fruition wbg have PRD
10666s to work off Raven and that third party
10668s opportunity opportunity is massive let's
10670s take a look and see though if it's going
10672s to work out here before this uh before
10673s this Dr happens to just drop to the
10675s ground yeah drg's timing here with the
10678s moon Bane going into Transformers it's
10679s pretty tough when the Transformers click
10681s buttons we got two Transformers juicy
10683s Health pumi able to get them out of the
10686s sticky situation but as they dform
10688s that's where the weakness comes in we're
10690s seeing wolves coming in with the third
10692s party as well everyone's coming in
10693s picking apart these Transformers they
10695s cannot survive the lobby descending upon
10698s on them WFC with the new composition
10701s with the r composition coming in hot
10703s trying to pick off find these kills on
10705s the Viper teams have wolves xcm
10707s surgically picking out fights right now
10709s ug is going to take the fight with them
10711s V3 is going to be invested from you now
10713s wolves with the purple armor are they
10715s going to be able to survive the amount
10717s of damage and silence coming out they
10719s will fade the initial execution now you
10721s going for a ride from XM forcing ug to
10724s back off the king bails his team out of
10726s this situation will they be able to get
10728s out of hard Grapple out wolves knows
10729s that they have them against the ropes
10731s but the hard grapple coming out that Max
10732s grapple distance paying off wolves
10734s though trying to cut them off trying to
10737s push them into this Zone wall going
10739s straight ahead but the backrack from ug
10742s veteran play from ug cutting back the
10745s king making the noble sacrifice leading
10747s them on a wild goose chase across so his
10749s team can survive to fight another day
10751s but wolves hot on the heo looking for
10753s that red mean looking for that kill and
10755s jjh picking up two of the rebirth charms
10758s already bringing back their team so it's
10760s going to be tough if ug is not able to
10763s survive this situation you still split
10765s off from his team but great job from ug
10768s to Bluff this no old Zone letting wolves
10771s know that we are posted up showing this
10773s Alpha body language as you makes his way
10776s down to the left great play coming out
10779s from them but Wolves at six fpx at six
10783s drg at4 BBE finally have uh having a big
10786s game what do you think about BB
10788s performance so far in the league serve
10790s them being uh with 5 to1 the two foreign
10793s teams to join the League what do you
10796s think their performance and how do you
10798s think they'll be doing going into the
10800s actual finals of this first spring nvpl
10803s I think BBE has been having better and
10805s better finals uh so far between week one
10807s and week two especially coming out from
10809s the scoring boards across the board uh
10811s into these fights and they have a great
10813s opportunity of actually catching that
10814s through for this position for point
10816s value even though the today you know
10818s it's kind of like you being on the
10819s Seesaw this has been their only first
10821s day of you know catching it through for
10822s the the third round for H today uh but
10825s we just saw the eliminations that fpx
10826s were finding out drg outside of the
10828s ryang that spear is being high contest
10830s we were talking about that earlier with
10831s the amount of AGR that the SPs can
10832s ensure because now we're going to see
10833s dve inside of the ryang up against what
10835s seems to be jdg the ult comes out here
10837s from iin Ian's going to have to put that
10839s pressure on hand because you're going to
10840s see JG jdg finds a Parry Ian's at a
10843s point where he has to be able to be
10845s considerate about what this is going
10846s what's going to happen right here and
10847s there because jdg Tudy is looking for
10849s those rmbs with the fear and blast Ren I
10850s think this going to be a huge
10852s opportunity if Roy and she can look for
10854s it with the fear and blast is after he
10855s lost his snack it's going to be a 2v2 he
10857s gets caught to the Parry again and again
10859s this is happening with the fen getting a
10860s dragon slayer F and Blasting response
10862s royi just trying to hold this one down
10864s the lethal jab is confirmed but I think
10866s right then and there Ian just being at
10867s this low enough position gets caught out
10869s there as a result from Q's push from uh
10871s from this point or from this side of
10873s things and as you can see jdg actually
10875s had this in the bag and that's just a
10877s confirmation kill set right there
10879s yeah Roy he going for a ride right now
10881s and jdg just their focus fire is so
10884s crazy once they get a hit they convert
10887s so much into their juggle they don't let
10889s you breathe they just hold your head
10891s underwater suffocate you before you can
10894s take a breath the second you poke your
10895s head out you're back into a stagger your
10897s back to taking T of damage now on the
10899s outside wolves versus fpx V3 B1 it looks
10903s like he going to be invested to Draco
10904s storm though on water oh my goodness I
10906s love that Draco storm he just one
10908s instance where you can be a vulnerable
10910s character you can be that support
10911s character you can be that Viper
10912s character you can just lead the chars
10914s cuz you're practically unkillable it's
10916s such a freeing feeling especially with
10918s the new grapple distance and everything
10919s te is going to be backing off right now
10922s on the Z BBE scaled out of their minds
10925s now de has a Yang pollution 3 minutes
10928s and 40 seconds they need to eat a soul
10929s Bloom coming out of Yang and nice scale
10933s Rush knocking Roy HEI away get out of
10936s here Teo get your booty out of here now
10939s Han with the R&B is going to get a big
10942s chunky hit onto the t o and it's going
10944s to be a little bit too late the zipping
10946s fire fireb burn denying a lot of the
10949s heal pickup
10950s for the Tami and now te with the zon
10955s coming in hot fighting against the more
10958s scaled BBE looking to peel for his
10961s teammates lyd Matari trying to make his
10963s way out ofan on the Z able to slow down
10967s this teada making ton of work now karumi
10970s getting caught out now has to be careful
10972s the light attack with the chains coming
10974s out lmb R&B F going to come out from te
10977s great team play coming out from te they
10979s were in disadvantage but they turn their
10981s weakness into a strength luring BBE into
10985s a false sense of security serve that was
10987s a crazy F3 Z coming out there I think
10989s another thing else is that during that
10990s timeold just looking for the reposition
10991s into the sky gave Z full advantage we
10994s are going to see this fight against fpx
10995s though against wolves wolves is getting
10997s some lad half amount of damage but U is
10999s looking to try to be that one target to
11000s be able to lock down this team the V3
11002s comes out from from water though and as
11004s it's coming out here with that Draco
11005s storm SS is trying to look for those
11007s rmbs it's coming off here finds that
11008s range Tesla ultimate corki locking
11010s himself to try to go for the disenchant
11012s he's looking to try to be in his 1 V2
11013s against SS and you know water uh has to
11016s make sure that you or rather the king
11018s and SS are looking to try to get you
11019s back in while FPS is just looking to
11021s hunt this down you can see you hidden in
11022s the hidden in the grass SS is just
11024s locking his position after that W Port
11026s from the King uh the king gets to this
11028s enchant though this is a terrible
11029s position that he would want to rather
11030s let his teammates get that res off of
11032s even with that Draco storm luckily
11034s enough though we got fpx to pick up
11035s those eliminations but there is still an
11036s opportunity for OG to come back into
11038s this round because you can see SS just
11039s looking to regroup and getting res on
11042s you that delicious Parry coming out with
11046s the NY Perry The One Shot capability
11049s coming out from it's not a two hit Parry
11050s just a nice big kick to the chest corki
11053s coming in hot close the distance traps
11056s the overh hold release from his opponent
11059s able to pick it up now going back to see
11061s whether or not you is going to get resed
11062s we as fpx we don't want you to get
11065s picked up over here one of the strongest
11067s players in the game we got to make sure
11068s he stays dead dead dead dead dead dead
11070s dead now K five times dead what an
11075s interesting stat during vermillion's but
11077s 521 making the way across with Yin and
11081s seeing this wuen
11084s Matari wiper is that what I saw this the
11088s full counter counter super safe that's
11091s like we got a we got a designated driver
11094s and a designated driver for the Sleepy
11095s driver it's just we got to so much
11098s safety on that team sir and passing by
11101s I9 I95 and they're like are we there yet
11103s no you know say you know I got my other
11105s homie right here to to take the break
11107s and it's kind of weird it's like uh it's
11109s remember if you remember seeing in the
11111s past um we did see a play with uh with
11114s mat not matar with Wen t uh wuen toada
11119s and the ziping Ying I like to call it
11121s the passive aggressive comp because if
11122s anything happens if anyone wants to push
11124s that comp that they're trying to be
11125s passive porting out to is there to kind
11126s of push them off into that the realm of
11128s Oblivion but we have this replay coming
11130s out here from the first realy and Q here
11132s on the zck I was calling this one out
11133s for the kill eliminations this is the Z
11135s Matari scyon comp uh with it this going
11138s to be huge here for that for that F3 and
11140s Hana goes down immediately lyd coming
11141s out here for the gold focus and you know
11143s it just comes out here where this comp
11144s is is to make that pressure to be held
11147s you can see how much this team can't do
11148s anything about him if they catch the
11149s early ends even though te here all have
11151s blue armor um the amount of chances
11154s right then and there where the sustain
11155s came back Raven from the Matari as much
11157s pressure that was coming out from both
11159s qg and 17s that was let alone the
11161s biggest sense of sustain on top of the
11163s V2s uh ziping just keep this t Team
11165s alive against that KH yeah that's where
11168s that's where the the term siphon
11169s actually came from it wasn't just
11170s because teada when he shoves he gets a
11172s little bit of Health back on every shove
11174s it was the fact that you combin it with
11176s Matari it was basically a super heal so
11179s at a point in the fight even if you were
11181s winning the fight all all that would
11183s happen is they would the whole team
11184s would go invisible teada would Al and
11186s instantly he'd go back to full health so
11188s he was basically unkillable he was an
11190s absolute Juggernaut it just turned out
11191s that t ended up being a better pick now
11194s we're going to get I believe jdg versus
11197s GGG jdg super impressive with their
11199s Fierce fast play Style versus The Rock
11202s the unmovable objects GG with their
11205s macro now jdg cada dropping in against
11208s Cannonball now Cannonball was a counter
11210s de cphon what are we going to show us
11212s today GG scaled out of the mind oh my
11214s goodness gold armor FAL is going to be
11216s invested slamming him against the wall
11217s now teada tap dodging his way Kumi
11220s coming out with the armor Circle able to
11221s pick him up can he survive the burst
11223s nice peel coming out from t with the
11224s merciless denying a lot of this pressure
11226s and now GG against the ropes T going to
11229s be invested can Yodo get away from this
11231s situation Yodo is forced to pop off
11233s reducing the damage getting a little bit
11234s of heal from each slash right now but GG
11236s 330 has to peel for his y Doo tons of
11239s pressure coming out onto him Yan doing
11241s his best to keep him alive and get a
11245s kill on the Tami as well teada playing a
11248s little bit too defensive letus Tami goes
11250s down 2v3 situation can they bring this
11253s back GG's Yan armor is stripped Yodo
11257s giving up her back slam is going to come
11259s in now Yodo down to one HP half Health
11262s right now still a close fight with jdg
11265s karumi and teada doing their absolute
11267s breast but great job from GG able to get
11270s the nice flank play onto the KO with
11272s that scale Rush super safe damage coming
11274s out GG wants to close this out comets
11276s coming out with these great swords
11278s cleaving their way down and JG is going
11281s to fall to the Cannonball of GG yo Alex
11285s did some phenomenal work there with that
11286s P sword I'm going call him the MVP with
11287s that r g he had a great position in
11290s regrouping with his team as much as it
11291s came down to that uh to K to to try to
11294s work things out the Cannonball comp just
11295s came out on top regardless right it's
11297s just like amount of passiveness that you
11299s can play as a deada is it's you can't
11301s afford to do so you have to be very
11302s careful about what happens once the way
11304s on ult cuz what happens when the way on
11305s ALS what happens to the fairy Shen ults
11306s a lot of things can come out if you burn
11308s your ult spits too quickly or you don't
11309s use it at all and I just came out to the
11311s ladder for teas and it has to be very
11313s mindful about what your team comp can do
11314s without you or rather what they can do
11316s and by their own but another fight
11318s happening here drg are trying to make
11319s their rounds again this is going to be
11320s the OS spari into the Zant or wasai on
11323s top of this comp wz looking the back
11324s line this he's got Draco storm for
11326s another minute or so from the spear whe
11327s that was most likely cuz this is a
11329s really early uh you know timer from
11330s what's happening but Godly looking the
11333s opp Opposite Direction against exi in
11335s the zone burning time for ultimate for
11337s exi Flames is trying to lock him into
11339s this corner finds the grab though and
11341s exi is just looking for a double grab
11342s that's it jjh just gets the double kill
11344s and the white tiger prowess buff they
11346s really just deleted a lot of the HP bar
11349s they got to be careful about this one
11350s there it is wfz is healing back with the
11352s V2 he has no more ultimate readily
11354s available we're going to see how fast
11356s this comp can go down if one of
11357s teammates are left alone alone Raven and
11359s you can see wfz is just losing out his
11361s uh his lifespan as much as he's healing
11363s back with the Draco storm the amount of
11364s pressure from these guys just unbearable
11365s for
11366s him this is what I was saying before
11368s Draco storm only can lose only can lose
11371s to monk double grab and we're seeing drg
11373s go down and The Slayer of rank
11375s compositions is Transformers and that's
11378s why rank compositions exist cuz no one
11381s wants to play Transformers within rank
11382s it's one of the harder compositions to
11384s play it's one of the slower composition
11385s to play everyone want to play fast but
11387s we're seeing a one situation cuz of this
11388s Draco storm coming out we have to
11390s invested Yan all this AOS is going crazy
11392s karumi Al going to be come out drg's WFC
11395s will now go quietly into the night we're
11397s fighting our way out of there Kitty
11399s claws are out the usan is smacking this
11401s cat down trying to hose him down denying
11403s this pressure but that Draco storm like
11405s I was saying before serve just gives you
11408s so much healing gives you so much AOE
11410s damage so you can just get through
11411s people's pares with the focus attacks
11413s the overh holds coming in but wfz the as
11416s I say this Draco storm is going to run
11417s out and Godly is going to close this out
11419s with a last hit but FZ wfz still wants
11423s this fight way through it Val and effort
11425s from my man almost taking that 1v3 and
11428s now dragging jjh the deep water that in
11430s that deep water the great whites the
11433s sharks of macro are coming out team GG
11435s with the third party serve jjh is Godly
11438s looking for those grabs in the middle of
11439s all this action of course you can see
11440s how much it's kind of coming to Value
11441s because they lost clams he's getting
11443s resed they're allowing shu to go for
11444s this res because they didn't really
11445s think that the T high was going to be
11446s much of a threat but they had the back
11447s off anyways you don't want to risk it
11449s it's a kind of a greater or equal than
11450s type situation goly get con these B
11452s shots the third party coming in for 521
11454s in the backline I'm I'm curious to see
11455s how that com's going to work into this
11456s third party because we also have jdg in
11458s the background GG just trying to lock
11459s down this fairy Shen Beacon as 330 is
11461s looking to repair and trying to confirm
11462s any some time right might me some time
11464s roll 3 seconds that's all I need for
11466s repairs jdg though have to see about who
11468s they want to lock down the enemies that
11470s already use ultimates or the possibility
11471s that there is an ultimate one or greater
11473s for the other enemy team and you can see
11475s how it comes out here jjh having that
11477s small window of opportunity for the res
11479s of flames he's probably at 70% rage
11481s right now if things happen Raven where
11483s it's not his careful position with that
11485s rage gain it could cost the enemy team
11487s to fight and we can see that happen
11489s right now as jdg are getting the cleanup
11491s crew but 521 are trying to make this
11494s through for that third party into this
11496s play Raven with that Viper Matari wuen
11500s comp yeah and going into this this 21
11504s people alive game three like I was
11506s saying serve everyone is moving really
11508s really fast right now everyone's one
11510s round the fiery engages no one is
11514s cautious anymore we're throwing caution
11515s to the win we're fighting in zone
11517s everyone's looking for a Zone hold right
11518s now Merc is going to come out for jdg
11520s 521 wants to get active wants to get get
11522s their game going 7.7 points to their
11525s name they want to get aggressive to get
11527s these kills they want to get take their
11529s Destiny to their own hands but they got
11532s KLA lurking in the shadows again K
11535s masters of that sneak attack sitting
11537s here looking for that great third party
11540s timing able to pick up a kill onto jjh
11541s but GG as well super scaled out of their
11544s minds we got gold armor on the uan
11547s interesting stuff coming out from GG to
11549s slow it down usually you see that the
11551s gold armor go on Faria or Yodo trading
11554s out those mechs but it's actually going
11556s on to youan interesting stuff coming out
11559s from gii that it makes sense to me
11561s though serve CU as uh siphon one of the
11565s weaknesses is
11568s uh going for the Yan as EG transforms
11570s jjh trying to survive in this situation
11572s though Godly last Monk in can he show
11575s with some movement here ser and survive
11577s as the lobby descends upon him it's kind
11580s of tough he's got ultimate coming up
11581s here in 10% has to be careful about when
11583s he whether not he's wanted to time it up
11584s there but we see GG getting eliminations
11586s off of Godly as a result that lock down
11587s with the F1 just came in the clutch uh
11590s that armor swap going to CGS though it's
11591s a good point to be brought up right cuz
11593s yodoe she can be a ground unit and if
11595s she does get caught out uh she needs
11597s that to kind of keep her on the field
11598s that she has to utilize b as a last
11600s second opportunity if whether or not
11601s she's using F3 for the vulnerability it
11603s gives her more time to kind of sustain
11605s out but for Wayan right we also have to
11607s mention to this patch into season 12
11608s that the armor increases did happen we
11610s are going to see armor increases from a
11612s baseline of each bar of armor being 250
11614s up to 300 so from 1250 armor for gold
11616s armor it goes upwards to, 1500 for that
11619s gold set which gives enough opportunity
11621s for the sustain to get that ultimate off
11623s and it depends right because if the
11624s Wayan is alive for longer for the armor
11626s Raven right it gives him opportunity
11628s against vipers if we see we've been
11629s seeing more we've seeing more V1 vipers
11631s make the rounds and that opposite OPP
11634s opposite attract moment gives him a uh
11637s gives him enough time to get that V3 off
11639s it could save the team
11640s potentially that's so funny to me seeing
11642s jg's uh Kiki inside the pot we see that
11645s in solos and it looks really silly but
11648s it actually was a finesse that one of
11651s the solo players happen to fall into and
11653s you can't really range inside of it you
11655s also can't jump in and melee him it g
11657s gives you an ability to sit back and
11659s actually reset and you see Kumi use that
11661s perfectly now we're going to get fpx
11663s versus te looks like T
11667s has Z activated right now with the
11669s ultimate corki has to be careful right
11671s now getting right next to the Z the burn
11673s damage is coming out now cor is going to
11675s fade away back off KLA lurking in the
11677s outside again fpx doing a good job of
11680s icing out the pressure they are scaled
11681s to the Moon with the gold armor set K in
11685s the background happy to take this loot
11687s but t
11688s in a tough position last two alive fpx
11691s smelling the blood in the water coming
11693s in like sharks picking up the kill fbx
11697s consuming te Han slurping up all the
11701s loot but on the outside K finding that
11704s critical scale up getting to that power
11706s Spike with Q on the side gold armor gold
11710s spear these chains are going to be
11713s whipping this end game into submission
11715s surf yeah qg having his gold weapon he's
11718s cooking uh but if things come out to the
11720s this uh this you know this you know
11722s dismemberment of the team is that if he
11724s gets caught out he's got heart stoper
11725s kick as well right so he confirms the
11726s silence he can lock down to a dragon
11728s slayer NE combo you know you know
11730s twopiece combo type ordeal but this team
11732s has so many gold Jades in their Arsenal
11735s right now thunderstorm for qgg on top of
11737s the martial artist will hook form on top
11738s of the hard stopper like he's got a lot
11740s to work with in terms of that but 17s as
11743s well as with cxz we're going to see a
11744s phoenix blast he the D chat on cxz which
11746s is crazy for the K jumping into the sky
11748s and then launching a vertical attack
11749s into he the detach to lock down for qdg
11752s just to go Bonk with an R&B that's like
11754s that's like 1,500 damage right there and
11756s I think honestly Raven if that comes out
11758s that's where K can just snipe people if
11760s they can catch that head the detach it's
11762s kind of do uh please
11764s put yeah ability combinations and Jade
11768s combinations really really really big
11770s and and like I was saying before Ser
11772s third game everyone is so super super
11775s aggressive they're ready to transition
11776s to Firefly day as we close out the game
11779s three Hollow Roth all of the attacking
11783s teams just absolutely going crazy the
11786s zon getting tons of value the Viper
11789s teams hit and run not letting any of
11791s these Transformers get there we're not
11793s playing a slow slow game anymore we're
11795s on to the races we're off to the speed
11797s merciless coming out from UG and still
11800s the goats doing super super well you on
11803s the Viper again
11806s dominating uh this position dominating
11809s this league but they're at the two kills
11810s can they find a way to ladder up right
11813s now we still got GG absolutely crushing
11817s it with the cannonball with the
11819s Transformers on The High Ground swapping
11820s the gold armor to lxm got a gold puler
11823s it's going to be a big damage coming out
11825s from this team but on the low ground V3
11826s is going to be invested from ug moving
11830s over to take The High Ground away from
11832s fpx but they're going to get forceed off
11834s right now down into the low ground they
11836s having a tough time finding their
11837s and a nice dragon slayer or dragon roar
11841s coming out from corki to pick off the
11843s king fpx showing their dominance this is
11846s our side of the map sir yeah the ZIP
11849s code is 18542 for themselves cuz they're
11852s really locking in that location for the
11854s points Corky the backline is going to
11856s get caught out here from 17 S as it
11857s comes through but gg30 finds that bow
11859s shot right that that last hit off that
11862s end but this Spar is immensely great for
11864s everybody man cuz see everyone can just
11866s hunt Into The Spar they won't take range
11867s shots unless you're inside of it he the
11869s D chat coming out from zxz like I said
11872s you find that he the D chat your team
11873s can just look to lock it down between J
11875s and skill selection qg though just
11877s comments down here is that the is that
11879s is that what I think it is is that the
11880s shooting star because that's exactly
11881s what qg is playing for he's trying to
11883s make it into a mythical event to be
11885s happening for everyone to just worry
11887s about whether or not is happening or not
11888s and he just has that set set side for
11890s him but you killing off water here this
11893s is where these last minutes pushes
11894s happen guys this is where the ultimates
11896s come through here and how how much
11897s pressure can you do before it's where
11899s the point you can't catch up to that
11900s enemy team cuz you know K Raven they're
11903s making this happen for themselves yeah
11905s the meteor is just coming in so big uh
11909s transitioning and taking the fight to
11911s these teams Z just being just as mobile
11915s as C but just being a tad bit more
11918s oppressive in this hu CQC this close
11922s combat for is qgg whipping smacking
11927s everyone in submission in this end game
11929s right now fpx up to 16 kills right now
11932s where can anyone run in high to on The
11935s High Ground GG on The Cannonball willing
11938s to play this out playing this slow until
11940s the end up to Nine Kills they want to
11942s secure this wi they want to keep their
11943s Yan with his last little bit of Health
11946s they don't want to go into that ulti low
11947s mess around with that Z get messed up
11950s 521 Yin on the Viper able to get a nice
11952s nuke on the K K's qgg now making the
11957s their way up on The High Ground we got
11959s the chopping blocks chopping wood lxm
11962s waiting for anyone to come up here now
11965s fpx Wen coming flying up trying to
11967s salvage this situation trying to secure
11970s that second place for that juicy 1.4
11972s multiplier can he do what you does and
11975s survive all the way to the end he found
11977s his way into the nook and cranny but
11978s going on to this end game it's looking
11980s like this is cinch up from team GG ser
11985s and we lost KLA into those round 17s uh
11987s being able to get caught out the last
11988s remaining person but one crazy thing
11990s about this SS is just hiding this one
11991s out 521 has been doing such a great job
11994s as these last seconds until this round
11996s happens you can see y was able to
11997s utilize his V3 and just trying to lock
11999s this down has F3 available but he's
12001s getting locked from CJs from GG as the
12002s Wayan putting the pressure y now below
12004s 400 below 200 below 100 the zone is
12006s finishing off of what his lifespan is
12008s going to remain but you can see SS
12010s looking for that Soul Bloom he finds it
12012s he's got gold pole Sword action he can
12014s go ahead and find that Tesa enchant that
12016s cannot be found but see all of these
12018s boxes in CGS is just trying to lock down
12020s the remaining combatants from 5 to1
12022s unique having this opportunity of being
12024s able to find that wuen Port is going to
12026s look for that reposition spot but he
12027s still gets caught out the farious Shen
12029s is not going to care about that 330 is
12031s locking this one in 330 finds a kill off
12033s of unique we're going to see lx7 fting
12035s out against a USS and this is where GG
12038s just came out on top overall Raven and
12039s that's going to end out round
12041s three oh and we see 's SS able to clutch
12045s it up for that last little bit of play
12047s from ug Stellar performance still they
12050s were scuffed and this is what makes
12053s championships Champions serve it's not
12055s how well you do when everything's going
12057s well when you should be winning those
12059s fights when things don't go well are you
12061s able to damage control are you able to
12062s still squeeze out that value and they're
12064s able to get that second place for that
12065s nice placement points and the 1.4
12068s multiplier denying it to their
12070s competitions as well unfortunately
12072s they're not able to deny this round's
12074s MVP fpx having a
12077s absolute monster of a game on the Zeon
12082s going crazy left and right finding those
12085s kills the the Z just overperforming uh
12089s at first I'm not going to lie sir I
12091s didn't know if it was real I I thought
12093s maybe it's just vbb with the magic it's
12095s not the character it's the player behind
12097s it steering the character but we're
12099s seeing that it might be the composition
12101s sir it might be the fact that when
12103s you're a meteor you're flying in hot
12105s that sustain pressure that burn damage
12108s just ends up being so critical in these
12110s Zone rotations uh going in and these end
12113s game situations where you able to get
12115s that nice burn damage onto players they
12117s can't get the heal they can't really
12119s reset and as long as Z is able to
12121s sustain that pressure and stay on top of
12124s you especially an invisible Z that just
12127s sounds like a pain in the butt to deal
12130s with at this level yeah I think one
12132s thing also is that the fact that when we
12134s see zxz is able to kind of work you know
12137s the magic of positioning himself for his
12139s team it also gives uh it also comes out
12142s here right right right we said when te
12143s is BBB right the let's call him the chef
12146s right because he likes to cook these
12147s comps up and it all of a sudden gets
12148s started get used this is where KLA is
12151s that kind of uh it's that kind of
12153s condition where certain teams can bring
12155s a comp in do well with it but then
12158s another team can utilize it even better
12160s and it just comes out between multiple
12161s teams trying to the comp out and it just
12163s having success Can it can solidify
12165s itself to be like a comp for the
12167s remainder of the Season or even for a
12169s couple of rounds for a day it just comes
12171s out for the amount of success that the Z
12173s Matari zipping Ying that amount of like
12176s sustain you know versus a Sandbox comp
12178s where you're able to see zipping ying
12180s teada and and tumult where tul kind of
12182s gives that value of control with the
12184s heal from the from teada if a Zai is
12188s able to pop into the realm of OBS you
12190s know you know just Rumble Absolution of
12192s just being able to find a high Rarity
12193s weapon off the spot she also has that
12197s skill to give the offensive push against
12198s enemies Raven where they can't do
12199s anything right especially in the End
12200s Circle when you're taking burn damage
12202s and you're trying to rotate around the
12203s Zone sometimes that can cost you your
12205s life and that could just really just
12206s cost you the match for the round for
12208s your
12208s team yeah it's very interesting position
12211s with that with the mataran Z Synergy
12213s especially with the change of the spirit
12215s well uh in end game you you really a lot
12218s of these teams you're really weighing
12220s the pros and cons whoever establish
12222s himself in that that circle like on one
12224s end we can go in we can go go invest all
12227s of our Cannonball ultimate push them out
12229s of it or we can give it up to a zai that
12234s if we give the Zia gold a weapon we're
12237s seeing what exactly she can do with that
12239s and woo 16 kills 22.3 going fbx GG
12244s playing it slow and steady on the
12246s Cannonball 13 kills at 22.2 that
12248s multiplyer and that placement points is
12250s no joke serve they are able to pick up a
12253s ton of points from that and K tying it
12255s up with 17 kills the most amount of
12257s kills but still not making it out with
12260s the most amount of points that placement
12262s and multiplier comes in big 521 finally
12265s getting something going baby we're up to
12267s eight kills at a 12.4 jdg still staying
12270s super super solid super super consistent
12272s same thing with jjh ug having their
12275s first bad game but able to salvage it
12277s getting that second place denying the
12278s placement points and uh multiply to
12281s other teams and clutching it up
12283s wisely but fpx St performance coming out
12288s from them with the F3 Viper just nuking
12291s their way to Victory we saw corki over
12294s and over peeling for his teams we saw it
12296s off spawn able to clutch it out off
12298s spawn and even in this end game with
12300s those Stellar Tessa Ultimus able to
12303s clutch it out for his teams now looking
12305s at the overall stop uh
12307s standings wbg
12311s surprisingly uh I was super happy for
12313s them when they won the second by-weekly
12314s they they said they' been working a year
12316s and a half to get get to this point uh
12318s going in the third week falling a little
12320s bit short and now in the fourth week are
12322s we out of gas serve going forward into
12325s the last finals I'm hoping that they're
12327s able to bring it back te former world
12330s champions letting everyone know that
12332s they were world champions for the reason
12334s two of their original members are still
12336s there I hope those guys are able to dial
12338s it in and kind of prove to everyone that
12341s they were 50% of yte won there but GG uh
12346s showing up already in the top 12
12348s qualifying just of one day
12351s 33.6 we're just passing that halfway
12354s point Ser a lot of nraa to be played and
12356s looking at this top
12358s six what do you think Ser it's going to
12362s take for one of these teams to take down
12364s wolves dominance here you know that's a
12367s 50 point that's the 62 Point difference
12369s or so that's crazy right like for fpx to
12372s be in second place they had a great day
12373s one even though JL kind of overtook them
12375s for points this today uh this last round
12377s was uh is huge momentum for fpx to get
12379s uh you know a plus 20 point game and GG
12382s though are another team I want to take a
12383s look for but we have highlights before
12385s we go through on the end where Thunder
12387s robot you know is a sponsor of the event
12388s so you know War for gaming is where they
12390s kind of come through and supporting for
12391s Thea Gamers but fpx comes out here as
12393s corki was able to try to lock down
12395s wolves's Z and that elimination is off
12396s of the first after the first R Yang just
12398s gave him full position but this early
12400s early game fight where jjh was able to
12401s catch that double grab uh and able to
12403s finish off the job with that lunch which
12405s is immense and they found that kill
12406s against wrg or drg when we saw that
12409s double grab happen again this gives wfz
12411s a lot of issues because now he's the
12413s only team a team teammate alive and as
12415s they AOS we saw that chase happen for
12417s like 3 minutes it felt like corki though
12419s getting eliminations off of there
12420s getting eliminated by 521 and as we can
12422s see K's qg are looking to try to force
12424s this push out here with that Z and is
12426s pushing down U into the ground near to
12428s that bush and the qg just coming through
12430s hot every single time he can find the F3
12434s lock him in and GG we're able to find
12436s those final seconds eliminations from ug
12438s as they were able to catch second place
12440s there but you know I'm just I'm just
12442s curious to see about you know this uh
12445s I'm curious to seeing how the other
12446s teams are going to want to translate
12447s this over to moris
12449s a yeah with hollo being this sa that's
12452s something I always noticed first game ah
12455s we play we play slow We warm things up
12457s nice nice end gamees second game same
12459s thing we just want to capitalize on our
12461s mistakes second AME we were blessed
12463s today with awesome Imperium end game
12466s really cool chess match between the
12468s positioning the building play the fence
12470s play going all the way down to the heel
12472s off now third game gloves are off it's
12476s start bald up we're slugging it out no
12478s more end games we're not playing through
12480s that last little bit now GG no slouches
12483s when it comes to end games they let the
12485s games come to them they're always
12486s willing to play it to the last little
12488s bit cuz that when you get first it's
12490s four Place points plus a 1.4 multiplier
12494s and GG has always been one of the most
12497s consistent teams that's why they won the
12499s third bi-weekly finals I saw them go
12501s into an end game with two kills and end
12503s up taking the MVP um by just getting 12
12507s kills stealing it away by just playing
12511s perfectly uh Kill by kill surgically out
12515s positioning rest of the lobby and you
12516s see it there again you don't see them
12518s get o over zalas you don't see them
12521s overp pooke their range to get a team to
12523s all into them they play it slowly even
12525s with everyone on their team having gold
12527s weapons and um gold armor and two purple
12530s armors scaled to the Moon they play they
12532s just wait on High Ground if anyone moves
12534s towards them they don't overcommit they
12536s just guard the ledge they make sure none
12538s of them gets surrounded and they're able
12539s to secure that win making it look almost
12542s too easy now technically fpx takes the
12545s MVP but we basically have a three-way
12547s tie in that third game KLA fpx and GG
12551s but first we will be going to an
12553s interview ladies and gentlemen and we
12555s will be back after to this short
12561s break hi everyone welcome to the post
12563s game interview I'm Leah so this time we
12565s have q from the team K to our interview
12568s so please say hello to our audience
12571s first
12573s hello okay welcome so we already
12576s finished three games so how do you think
12577s about today's match
12584s up I think it's just okay well so I saw
12588s your team in game three used uh Z ping
12592s and materis combinations so which hero
12595s you think is the key of these
12611s combinations okay so I think the key is
12614s about Z so you have to really like play
12616s familiar with this hero and this hero
12619s really have a huge power so after like J
12623s created these combinations and then more
12627s and more team use this one so for your
12629s team why you team choose these
12631s combinations
12653s okay so uh because of the hero points
12655s also for the new patch taka is not very
12659s powerful as usual so we want to play
12663s these combinations and uh to like fix
12666s the taka is not that powerful for this
12669s patch okay let's move on to our answer
12671s for
12672s Treasure so this time our question is
12674s which Ro did k qg used in the game three
12678s well so we mentioned about the hero uh
12681s we know in these combinations they use
12684s F3 but uh what if we change F3 into F1
12689s do you think is okay
12709s okay so of usually when you use in the
12712s daily game I is okay but in the
12715s competition like mvpl F3 is better
12719s because you can uh like act more
12722s stronger and uh use like more powerful
12725s for F3 okay so please come down
12729s time three two one okay screenshot
12733s everyone well uh so we mentioned about
12737s Tara is not like quite strong as usual
12740s and do you think these combinations will
12743s become as popular as Tak and T
12747s combinations for this patch
12776s okay uh I think it depends on the hero
12780s every team use usually like if some team
12783s not usually to play 10 high maybe this
12786s combination is like quite feedable for
12788s them uh like half to half well so
12792s mention about monk do you think this
12794s patch is okay for
12815s mon okay I know only monk player can
12819s play monk well so uh for this uh this
12823s time this season's Kaa we all the
12826s audience and the Kaa fans are really
12828s like looking forward to see you guys
12831s maybe make some noise in the game so how
12833s what's your plan for the following games
12835s maybe for the uh these five weekly
12838s finals or the
12852s finals okay so we just what we will do
12855s better in the fall games Okay thank come
12858s to our interview and thank for doing
12864s this just good luck for you okay that's
12867s all for the interview byebye everyone
12900s you
12916s oh
12975s but
13004s say what is
13006s is
13009s fate it's about shattering the
13013s cycle altering the rules of the game
13052s hey hey
13073s new challenges will be
13075s ignited and a new order is poised for
13079s reshaping
13101s he
13165s let's crush them D dun
13205s did you see this coming
13223s and ladies and gentlemen we are back out
13225s here for the last for the second day for
13228s trios for this week for mvpl 2024 spring
13231s split my name is sario we're back from
13233s the half break I hope you guys got some
13234s drinks I'm alongside with Raven poz and
13237s we're going to make sure that these next
13238s three rounds going to go crazy because
13240s we saw what happened last round Raven um
13242s these zoms are just making their ways uh
13244s back into the back into the Ring of
13245s things and we still got three more
13247s rounds left to go today yeah and
13249s transitioning from Hollow rooth daytime
13251s no fireflies rage cages it's not doesn't
13254s hit it hits differently when there are
13255s fireflies on the match uh now if you're
13257s just tuning in there's still a lot of
13259s nraa to be played we're at that halfway
13261s point game three in the bags going into
13263s game four all these teams are fired up
13265s and they're going to be armed with
13267s fireflies going in the last game and
13268s with the rise of the Zeon Ser uh the
13272s countering of these Viper compositions
13274s going around lurking the the hunters can
13278s be the hunted at any single point but if
13281s you're hunted for some twitch drops
13282s maybe and you're just tuning in we're on
13284s that week four check out that Conquest
13287s background that looks really really nice
13290s now if you're watching for 15 minutes
13291s you're going to get some Tay 30 minutes
13292s some spectral silk 60 Minutes a nice
13295s choice gift for you so stay tuned
13298s there's still so much the Rocka to be
13302s played today game four Morris
13306s High action Transformers is back silence
13310s Viper is back oh yeah new composition
13312s exists we got we got ROMs in nvpl right
13315s now we got the AOS Matari Z what is
13319s happening we got Yan AOS Justina
13321s straight ooly booly rank coms coming in
13325s hot hunting down these uh traditional
13328s hit and run coms with just some hit no
13331s run just hit hit hit more hitting triple
13335s alting Justina just running it down
13338s trying to get some kills now I I respect
13340s it Sur I I like I like the the new style
13343s I'm not going to lie I'm going to be
13344s trying out some of these uh these coms
13346s CU if it didn't work in nvpl that can
13348s definitely work anywhere else yeah and
13351s you know it's crazy too is that um we
13352s were making mention this in the round
13354s two and three uh how or even round one
13356s right because we've seen this economy
13357s spawn the Nu Cliff system and everything
13359s but another thing right is those shops
13360s rotations one crazy thing about it is
13362s that in moris aisle a lot of the a lot
13364s of the uh uh stashes have those
13367s fireflies if teams are wanting to rotate
13370s out and buying the keys to try to get to
13372s a stash with like three fireflies like
13373s you know the fiery stash down south of
13375s Morris Isle that has like a plethora of
13377s fireflies to be available if teams want
13379s to try to utilize breaking those boxes
13381s getting the gold the initial tide coin
13383s build and just trying to wait out time
13385s with the moon bains of hunting a team
13386s down and making sure they have good gear
13388s they can find fireflies for forcing out
13390s a fight between them and others if
13393s considering that it's the nearest stash
13395s that when you you buy that uh key from a
13396s chest this can force other teams to
13399s notice that hey look there is a stash to
13401s be available look at the map right look
13402s at the top right is someone is opening
13404s up a stash here let's or found the key
13406s they bought a key for the stash let's go
13408s invade him and it could be a mixed bag
13410s of things right like it could be a more
13411s a moon B being dropped it could be a an
13414s extension of you know ult for ult to get
13416s those rage fireflies and just keep that
13418s pressure keep going keep pushing and
13420s just being as aggressive as possible
13422s yeah I got to tip my ha to the dev team
13424s especially with the the design of this
13426s new style like the states like you were
13428s saying sir they they bring such
13430s interesting combat going in and
13432s interesting new compositions because now
13434s Close Quarters combat is super important
13437s with the stash and the amount of loot
13438s that you can get from it uh you have to
13440s have a moon Bane that covers you or else
13442s another team can come in and just yoink
13444s that away from you it's something that
13446s Transformers can't do super super well
13447s at when you're in this confined space
13450s Baria doesn't get as much value monk
13452s doesn't get as much value uh Z does get
13455s a massive amount of value teada does get
13457s a massive amount of value especially
13459s with t you can ice off those situations
13461s so really really cool stuff from the dev
13464s team to create uh these exciting moments
13467s now as we move forward with the spirit
13469s well all that CQC all that close Corners
13472s mono imano teams coming out throwing
13474s those Blues left and right just really
13476s really cool stuff going on and I'm
13478s excited to see uh we saw a little bit of
13480s the specs going out I love that the the
13484s viewers uh whoever it's on the camera
13486s going in peeking under the hood we got
13489s these reving up engines of these teams I
13491s want to peek under hood I I want to geek
13493s it out I want to know what we're running
13494s with and a lot of these teams running
13496s full rage throwing caution in a win we
13498s don't need no stamina we're trios
13500s players we're holding Blue we have
13502s enough stamina to our names we got that
13504s discount we just need more abilities to
13507s jam it down your throat even with the
13509s initial range Mana right before the the
13511s glyph change being so big with Tessa uh
13514s 15% initial R not as big but with the
13517s new glyph on kill getting a massive
13521s amount of Rage for all the damage that
13523s you do it practically evens out and it's
13526s one of the best rage towns especially
13529s off spawn we're seeing that the off
13530s spawn fight uh I thought this when I was
13532s at Worlds with IDC that off spawn was
13535s going to become more critical moving
13536s forward cuz most people don't realize
13537s that first Blood gets you so many uh so
13541s much money and you're seeing these teams
13543s within the first 15 seconds get these
13545s mov B A lot of the times we seeing K
13547s with double moon Bane getting to have
13549s their way with the lobby early on yeah
13551s and the thing about it too is that right
13553s if they're working for the economy in
13554s the early games of getting the massive
13556s dark Ty coits increase uh by those first
13558s kills before the first round Yang kind
13561s of spawns in after the shadow starts to
13564s collapse there's a certain time frame
13565s when the purple armor becomes available
13567s and teams could just take that
13568s opportunity of taking that gold and just
13569s splurging in the shot they'll grab as
13571s much as they can as fast as possible if
13573s it comes to the benefit of the team if
13574s they're running discount that just helps
13575s out saving that retention of gold for
13577s later on or for other items such as for
13579s supplies and even making that big round
13581s play of just buying weapons out right
13583s but game four is going to end up going
13585s here Raven and I think right now uh
13587s we're hoping to see some of these comps
13588s we're probably going to say you know I'm
13590s going to I'm going to assume that we're
13591s going to see sandon running out here for
13593s the first round and I see wbg are
13595s hovering around this that that's a
13597s karumi for ug instead of uh okay okay
13603s what's your opinion on that take
13605s jjh on the sand former now most people
13609s don't realize but it it is a hard
13611s counter to uh Viper composition just um
13615s back in the day Attack on Titan were
13616s having their way with Transformers and
13618s Transformers big adjustment on holl
13620s rooth was subing out kwy for the Tami
13622s for that extra offense and the ability
13625s play for boxes as well and it just uh
13628s the the temi AL just is able to bait out
13631s cool downs and in general zoms the new
13635s Zen just
13637s struggles um versus Tami but also just
13640s multiple Transformers going on top of
13642s them they're mainly looking to hunt out
13645s um teams struggling other Viper teams
13648s going in so they're they're basically
13650s the for fourth party they they're here
13652s to crash parties while the Viper teams
13655s are there to assassinate so the hunters
13658s becoming the hunted kind of like this
13660s this old box comp but it's cool to see
13664s these old school compositions coming
13666s back sand forers was one of the biggest
13668s compositions during the second J cup it
13671s was everywhere on Hollow nonstop played
13675s and we still see it played a little bit
13677s today I know I personally run it when
13678s I'm getting sick a little bit of the
13680s Viper teams out there running around
13682s being a little bit annoying we're
13683s busting out the full hard counter with
13686s the monk cuz especially with monks it
13689s kind of
13691s Stomps all of the Jank out there and
13694s technically until zy siphon survives a
13697s little bit more we're going to put that
13698s in the J category it still has to
13701s survive the test of time it's only been
13703s two weeks since it's kind of debuted by
13705s JL so there still needs a a little bit
13707s of time of counter comping to it uh
13709s going against it and as a leag goes on
13712s I'm excited to see what people's answers
13714s are to the new composition yeah I think
13717s one other thing though is uh know tried
13719s and true comps are to be made and make
13721s their appearance and reappearances
13722s during the n i mean each week kind of
13724s brings out new things to kind of bring
13726s brought back into the Limelight we
13728s actually see wolves planted their
13729s traditional Transformer comp into this
13731s round as well so it kind of makes it
13733s seem that they're TR trying to make sure
13734s that Z's don't have as much value uh
13737s across the board if they can out sustain
13739s her pressure coming forth but looking at
13741s these abilities jdg going to opt in for
13743s the F2 V1 uh we are going to see a V3
13745s coming in from their from the Tessa this
13747s time again uh looking at the abilities
13749s across this board nothing too crazy
13751s another F2 V1 this time from BBE as
13753s those Viper W and Tessa and and uh we
13755s look into the last round selection pool
13757s looking to see across nothing to kind of
13759s be anything out of the ordinary but we
13761s do see how these v1s are making their
13764s rounds more often now in Morris Isle you
13767s know or hollo you were able to see that
13769s uh you know before and after effect
13772s about the F3 V3 Raven where you know the
13774s aggression is met for the V3 VIP or the
13776s F3 and the reason I think that is
13778s because of terrain but in Morris aisle
13780s you're going to see we might be seeing
13781s more the v1s just because you there's
13784s more flat ground more planes uh where
13786s these teams can kind of fight out
13787s between those final circles there could
13789s be an opportunity for us to end up in
13790s buildings but if not I mean Viper can
13792s have real estate for the stun if the
13795s conditions are met when those fights
13796s start to
13797s begin yeah I'm really curious to see 5
13801s 21's average points with their Matari
13803s Viper wuen like I was saying that's a
13806s super super super safe comp and you can
13808s guaranteed there's going to be plenty of
13810s vipers to be hunted on on a firefly
13813s Morris now with the
13816s uh phases and character
13819s bands would normally see even more
13821s vipers in this type of scenario but
13823s there's a a nice healthy mix a little
13826s bit of everything a little bit of slow
13827s play a little bit of fast play a little
13829s bit of counterplay uh and it's looking
13832s like just like on game one hollow Roth
13834s we're going to start this a little bit
13836s slow everyone's going to be spreading
13837s out Firefly timings all over the map and
13840s going into game four a lot of n rocket
13842s will be played we're going with the
13843s tried and true Firefly positioning wbg
13846s facing off versus ERG in Sunwing wolves
13850s versus jdg jdg super good and
13853s consolidating onto GDi on the Viper
13856s looking for the silence coming in Wen
13857s with the lmb looking for the follow up
13859s not able to land the follow up but the
13861s Parry coming out from ZK peeling for his
13864s teammate his teammate still not able to
13866s get out now wolves salvaging the
13868s situation just wants to hold out back
13870s off ZK with the p sword is going to lmb
13873s faded out faded back in send the rmp
13876s unfortunately for him it's not going to
13878s go up but nice beel coming in Tesla is
13880s going to be invested now karumi with the
13882s F3 can he find some value right now monk
13885s is going to Salty respawn he's going
13887s back for this F3 is going to be invested
13888s but nice weight perfectly from jdg they
13892s consolidate perfectly they get the big
13894s kill now XM just a formality is going to
13897s be consumed by jdg woo I'm telling you
13901s sir every time I say it every time I'm
13902s watching them just looking really really
13905s really squeaky clean yeah it's crazy too
13908s cuz we know ZK actually was looking for
13910s that F3 Kum F to actually just give him
13913s that 4 seconds of 99% mitigation and
13916s even with it the enchant going through
13918s and whatnot still couldn't lock it down
13920s jdg just find these eliminations and
13921s that V3 coming in clutch when finding
13923s those fireflies off the rip ZK was
13924s looking to try to you know kind of hold
13926s his ground towards it but they weren't
13927s able to kind of force themselves in the
13929s upper position for that but drg I mean
13933s they got blue armors they're already set
13934s for me ation right now right 900 Health
13936s without armors but you know they're
13937s trying to just find you know whether or
13939s not just going for the the boxes
13940s deluding and just keeping from Crow's
13942s Nest uh to make theel way towards one TR
13945s and even the ventti but 521 are
13947s currently in The Crows Nest Yin having
13950s the f2v one for the Viper uh the teams
13953s uh pampy doesn't have ultimate ready
13954s just yet but you know unique has that to
13956s stand by in case of anything for them to
13957s reposition we do have into the Shipwreck
13960s where fpx and ug are in a position to
13962s fight here and uh I'm hoping to see what
13965s can come out of because SS the first
13967s person to engage and if aai Raven is the
13969s first person to go through if she Burns
13971s her F3 I don't know I think that might
13973s give an opportunity for uh for the
13975s remainder of the teams to kind of work
13976s through cuz the king is that backup
13977s support line this was one of my
13979s adjustments is switching out crw for
13981s zipping just because of the burn but
13982s first wbg versus BBE piling in over a
13987s BBE with the tesup with the fan looking
13990s for the verticals not able to get his
13992s Sleep Walker getting jug right now but
13994s the Z is going to out V1 is going to be
13996s popping up Roy he on top of everyone but
13999s the matarial is going to deny all that
14000s pressure now Sleepwalker is going to
14001s have his way with everyone by getting
14004s more he against the ropes and taking him
14007s down now Wen trying to get out of here
14009s but Sleepwalker looking for the kill
14011s they're happy with this one kill a lot
14013s of terrain to be worked with now but in
14015s the background GG lurking In the Shadows
14018s coming in hot lxm on the Viper F3 V3
14022s waiting to get in there but drg beats
14024s them to the punch able to come in pick a
14026s little bit of of wbg pick a little bit
14029s of BBE and now drg comes out he's like
14031s wait a second what is this another Viper
14033s it's a whole another team it's GG
14036s waiting on the outside now drg is
14039s against the Rope
14040s serve this is tough by getting
14042s eliminated off of that and W drg getting
14044s those two eliminations there too wbg
14047s aout whoa whoa whoa whoo bro you can't
14049s just hide out in the front of the plane
14050s cyer these enemies cuz now drg you're
14052s like yo what's going on here double
14054s Parry coming through here a might be
14055s making his work his V2 is a available
14058s he's hoping to have this to be the
14059s enough sustain the knock back is enough
14060s to push back everybody but I don't know
14062s he's looking for the R&B she goes with
14063s the double BL focus a B3 coming out here
14065s from DG they're already coming here to
14067s clean up shop they heard sounds they
14068s heard a cricket you know in the
14069s background and they come through for
14070s four eliminations just like that that's
14072s tough Raven yo GG uh they're taking a
14076s book the book for the third parties and
14077s you know six eliminations so far and
14079s enough gold to keep them sustained for
14080s the rest of these first couple of
14082s minutes yeah great timing coming out
14084s from them and axum griefing on uh woen
14088s his team with the V3 and now griefing
14091s the other team completely just not going
14093s down quickly and the drop down V1 the
14096s ac130 Ning from the top roads coming in
14100s h zdi ey with the stun you love to see
14103s it back here ladies and gentlemen on the
14106s Morris V1 Viper is back here to stay big
14111s stunts big amp pushes coming down the
14113s trees are no longer safe you better stay
14115s out of here cuz V3 is falling out of the
14118s meta and jdg showing with this clean
14122s clean execution just what is possible at
14125s Worlds uh the whole year V2 F3 was
14129s played to try to counter siphon then all
14130s of a sudden B1 F2 with Tessa this 8sec
14134s stun comes out of nowhere everyone's
14136s playing it now you're seeing this zyphon
14139s comp coming out now we're seeing just
14143s like in traditional siphon karumi being
14146s swapped out and that that was one of my
14147s my first considerations when I was
14149s looking at that zy really counters
14152s zipping she took a pretty big hit before
14155s this glyph W came out but but she's now
14157s back a little bit stronger now that uh
14159s that 20% reduction makes her unkillable
14162s but ug activating with this Croy
14165s variation and ug's you on the cwy as say
14168s going to come in with the F3 not able to
14170s land the first F3 dodging it out but the
14172s response from K also dodging around now
14175s ug K the moon Bane team of nvpl coming
14180s in with that pocket Moon Bane but great
14183s cover and move coming out from OG able
14185s to peel out slide and Vibe get out of
14187s this situation and SS with the Z able to
14190s poke his way to Victory and like I was
14193s saying Ser the zipping Al just not as
14196s powerful that burn damage just limits
14199s the potential but the cleanse from
14200s karumi absolutely wonderful but not one
14204s wonderful enough jjh comes in with the
14207s third party and absolutely Cooks them
14211s even within that armor Circle what
14214s that's the that's the power of you know
14216s once you see a moon man on the map
14217s Gondor calls for Aid everyone is readily
14220s available to see what happens jjh is jjh
14224s is tmy just found that whis and they
14225s just got deleted through the crew that's
14227s insane right then and there they found
14229s that opportunity of third partying that
14231s opportunity for themselves and uh it
14233s works out I they're going to hunt down
14235s but ug is in the zone right now as
14237s they're trying to look for that chance
14238s of regrouping outside of the West side
14239s towards the shore uh in Shadow Jade mine
14242s te inside of the Shadow Jade mine as it
14245s comes through actually uh shipwreck
14247s expands for the shores on the west side
14248s by the way but that's where the ug are
14250s making a way in rotating out qgg from
14251s KLA all of two of the K members actually
14254s in the zone right now just hunkering
14255s around there we have drao storm for The
14257s Spirit Well as it stands to show
14259s southeast of the uh Noble cave and with
14262s the ra Yang towards the servants ground
14265s this type of positions right now the
14267s type of positions that we're seeing
14268s right now is that BBE are right next
14270s door to that Draco storm for that spare
14272s well if they want to make sure that they
14274s have better opportunity right they would
14276s do what GG did into round one they would
14278s delay the pickup of the buff or they
14280s would delay the pickup of that spear
14282s well as long as they can just because
14285s then they can actually just wait for
14286s that opportunity of popping that for the
14288s Romany teams to win the Romy yangang or
14290s into the extension of relocating if a
14292s third party is there they can finish up
14293s the job of picking up the buff and just
14295s go on that aggression route and I think
14296s that's also you know it's a good Ploy
14297s Raven where it can like turn the tables
14300s uh where a team thinks you just started
14301s doing the spirit well but at the end
14303s side of the point you're already
14304s finished it on the job like you just do
14305s it on the spot where they don't realize
14307s it yeah it's a really really good trap
14310s play like you were saying and Draco
14311s storm with the buff that extra duration
14315s I've always loved Draco storm for that
14317s regen for that AOE damage and just from
14319s how aggressive you can be it was the
14320s first buff really introduced uh to the
14323s middle game of nraa spicing it up end up
14326s being a little bit too spicy and too
14329s dominant just overtaking the blue buff
14331s uh and the rilion res buff just you just
14334s there's no reason to take it so they
14336s really had to Nerf it but they brought
14337s it back to that same duration and we're
14339s going to see the drosa being fought for
14341s right now 5 to1 versus BBE forign on for
14345s and the both the Vietnamese teams going
14349s ated V fire ultimate going to be
14351s invested but 5 to1 has the edge in the
14353s Viper ditto V1 with the Enis is going to
14356s take that they're going to take down
14358s their brothers BB but jdg coming in hot
14360s with the flank with the V3 from the
14364s Tessa catching everyone unique is going
14366s to have to Port him out of the situation
14367s unfortunately he does get staggered
14369s right now they want to fight for this to
14370s the very end and jdg actually gets
14373s forced out of the situation but fpx with
14377s the fourth party comes in hot taking
14380s down everyone GG again with that slow
14384s method I play just having their way with
14387s everyone but fpx has something to say
14389s about this fifth party sixth party it's
14391s just a festival and the drop down ning
14394s from above Viper stun coming in hot serf
14398s everyone staggered so much action in
14401s this thunder in this Spirit Ro everyone
14404s wants this Draco storm yo jdg zdi is
14407s like Batman he's the planning is
14408s impeccable for these stuns to happen
14410s twice and then one match match is crazy
14412s but we are going to see the V3 be
14413s utilized again for we're going to see
14415s zdi actually being at a low no spot
14416s being caught out here 17s finds the
14418s elimination qg is in the spot right now
14420s where he has to pop up as a zy has to
14422s find one target to lock down he's going
14424s to look at 330 he knows that that wuen
14425s does not have a port that was how that
14426s team got out here in the first place in
14428s the midst of all his action though how
14430s can he keep track of there's so many of
14431s the same characters to be played in the
14433s one type of fight unless you can utilize
14434s and scene about the abilities being used
14436s by their teammates that's when you can
14437s kind of fire fire that one out of the
14438s chamber but ogu finds a kill against
14440s Tean KLA are going to rain out here
14443s Victorious for this spear well capture
14446s this is a draco storm that's really held
14448s out for the longest duration of time so
14450s for them to get this for 3 minutes it
14452s could buy him enough time before ryang
14453s even to the spawn point we get see ug
14456s actually finding another uh another
14459s spear will if I'm not mistaken yeah or
14461s out of the Romy they finally wished out
14462s their fight in the ryang and I'm curious
14464s to see that Raven because you know this
14465s team just came out here with seven
14467s eliminations after this post ROM Yang
14468s and the vermillion's gold Hong sword for
14470s his eye ouch just big
14472s ouch yeah OG with the Kumi variation of
14475s this life and we're already seeing new
14477s composition already new variation of the
14480s new composition with karumi being
14482s adjusted especially with you playing on
14484s the KY he I was watching his kwy earlier
14487s like what can my man not do position one
14489s position three he is just looking
14491s stellar and his awareness his his abil
14493s his vision for the field of battle is
14496s just exceptional now looking over the
14499s scoreboard we still got wolves 65 point
14503s lead now they're only going to be able
14504s to take 9% of this into the fourth
14506s by-weekly finals but 165 they're going
14509s for the 200 bomb they're trying to let
14511s everyone on notice that wolves is here
14512s to stay and they're one of the most
14513s consistent teams uh fpx at 105 on the
14518s Kumi siphon doing really really well now
14521s at the altar everyone's staring off
14524s checking everyone out just like are we
14525s resing here are you resing here who's
14527s resing here and is it gonna be Kumbaya
14531s or we just going to go at it right now
14534s we got Yang depletion going down it
14537s looks like we're willing to take this
14538s duel all the Yang depletion ready to set
14541s out we're double checking we're redouble
14543s checking that we're about to get the
14544s spare 3v3 for this scrap off
14547s serve oh man they the biggest part I
14550s think the reason it came out here is for
14551s buying out and buying out boxes just
14553s trying to find boxes to break for gold
14554s but this is where it came down towards
14556s both of the decision makers between both
14557s of the teams and jjh godly sees that his
14560s teammate Wayan from Flames is proed lyd
14562s will use it in response we know that
14564s this is where things get a little bit
14566s interesting if uh if te wants to lock
14568s down Godly right now would be the way
14569s way case scenario but if they force the
14571s T higho it's not going to be pretty
14573s because we know this is where it's going
14574s to be forcing down the pressure Godly
14575s though in response it's going to
14577s activate it he has a little bit of Armor
14578s after this ends but he's going to be in
14579s the zone trying to lock down te Leo the
14581s Justina dashes are going to be trying to
14582s get Theo Frozen positions off of goly
14584s with the meter dump coming out from je
14586s runs out of ammo so he has to lock down
14588s Leo with those melee attacks Han is
14589s looking for the freezes he catches that
14591s free freeze reset he's looking for this
14592s chance but he gets caught into the grab
14594s no double grab for Godly we're going to
14595s see these can shots coming out here and
14596s as Han gets launched to the ground the
14597s Zone's going to be not going to be
14598s what's killing him it's Wolves somehow
14601s someway wolves just shows up into the
14603s Zone they find the cleanup crew on Isle
14606s 7 for themselves and find two
14608s eliminations into this area Raven where
14610s I wasn't expecting them to come into the
14611s Zone this deep in it's like a and this
14614s is exceptional play from them this is
14615s one of the things that we talked about
14617s with IDC the third partying after Yang
14620s you really have to look down at the map
14622s and figure out exactly where people are
14623s and and fighting in zone and you saw it
14626s before these two teams even du it out
14628s both of them gang depletion but they're
14629s both scouting out just like hey uh it's
14632s going to be a three 3v3 one of us is
14633s going to go ahead but we just don't want
14635s to both die so let's like double check
14637s look out Scout and make sure the coast
14639s is clear for us to have our scrap off
14641s but just when you think it's going to be
14643s done
14644s drg uh waiting on the alits trapping and
14647s just taking note of exactly where Yang
14650s depletion is and where they can survive
14651s now going back in the r we're going to
14653s get te versus
14655s ug te on the ice pick with this rushtown
14659s composition trying to make something
14660s going going onto the King on the matori
14662s getting a big big burst off on there but
14666s King able to pop the ultimate able to
14668s sit in the healing Circle able to
14670s survive that situation SS getting cooked
14672s by the F1 but the healing Circle coming
14674s in huge now Han with one dash to his
14677s name everyone's really really low in the
14679s te he needs to get maximum value out of
14680s this this get does get a Double Dash but
14682s not able to get the damage that he wants
14684s to in order to complete this now he's
14686s going to have you and the king in a 2
14690s one situation scale Rush is coming out
14692s from the king not giving any room for
14694s Han to breathe overh hold's going to
14696s come out over and over Han finally C's
14699s under the pressure slines and going to
14701s get deep fried and breaded see you later
14704s bye-bye my man my man's hoping for the
14706s best here for the case scenario SS
14708s outside the Ry Yang just waiting this
14710s one out and it's crazy too cuz you know
14711s we saw te were able to be aggressive the
14714s middle of that fight and the beginning
14716s to the middle but then once that Wayan
14717s ultimate just like dissipated there was
14719s nothing that's was going to give them
14720s more you know position of uh oh rather
14723s than losing that extra HP increase and
14725s and you're getting caught out there as
14726s one case but oh we know how they perform
14728s they do really well across the board a
14730s spear fight though for GG against BBE
14732s the V1 stun could be massive here but we
14734s don't know whether or not 330 is getting
14736s the team out here if it's necessary
14737s they're not going to be needing to do so
14738s a double chesa enchantment coming out
14740s from CJs that could force out BBE fat
14742s milk's ultimate for the Wu and and this
14744s spear wheell is still in play but 521
14746s are also in the vicinity K could come in
14748s here to sneaky sneaky you know kill
14749s everyone off in sight with their zon C
14752s but of course it really comes through
14754s now that there's a draco storm Raven I
14756s think GG has this in a in a way of being
14757s aggressive as aggressive as fast as
14760s possible yeah Draco storm on viper
14763s composition is it's definitely the last
14765s thing you want to see in front of you
14767s cuz not only is it impossible to kill
14769s them it is for sure impossible to kill
14771s them with the wuen you can't even really
14773s get a double grab versus him unless the
14775s Wen makes a massive mistake just doesn't
14777s press buttons doesn't press F doesn't
14779s press his ultimate just never really
14780s press but like takes his hands off his
14782s keyboard it's the only way that that
14784s team is ever going to die so they get a
14786s free rundown to chase you down in the
14788s situation I would even say that Z zyphon
14791s would still have a hard time versus an
14794s F3 V3 Viper with Draco Thorn but on the
14798s outside we got drg every way working
14801s their way in and just like game one uh
14804s serve 32 people alive we're playing slow
14808s we're we're we're easing in to our moris
14812s strategy we just want to make sure that
14814s we're locked in the timing attacks of
14816s all these fireflies and everything the
14818s mid game timing attacks with the
14819s fireflies and these rotations there's
14821s just a lot more
14823s terrain and foilage trees everywhere for
14827s these surprise attacks from vipers to
14829s come in and all these teams you can see
14832s their hesitance to get their offense
14834s going going into this game four yeah and
14837s a lot of pushes coming out here into the
14839s Zone Ben getting eliminated out here one
14841s of the one of the few teammates left for
14842s BBE into this round GG find their uh
14844s seven elimination a lot of a lot of
14847s things come out to Morris aisle where
14848s it's either going to be a position of
14850s hold The High Ground be king of the kill
14852s King of the Hill I should say or just
14855s duking it out and try to keep yourself
14856s suspended with grapples alone and for
14858s final sight final fights with 30 players
14860s still left alive into this final uh 13
14862s minutes under below it really does come
14865s down to who can take utilization of um
14867s taking the the gear that they have and
14869s making it last or even having the
14870s benefit of a shop nearby we may mention
14873s of the new shop being available for
14875s every single one of these players where
14876s they can take their team's gold amass it
14878s buy the best J they can find buy the
14880s best Jes they can hopefully get or they
14882s can buy those outright Jades and that
14884s can really switch up the way these teams
14886s can start the to be safe right because
14887s we seen merciless Havoc rven right where
14889s merciless Havoc Aurora burst uh two you
14892s know Jades where it causes you know a
14894s lot of suspension for someone to be
14896s locked in when they are hoping that it
14899s didn't happen in the first
14901s place yeah
14903s drg wsen XI wfz I want to see another
14908s Yang f for this second Yang a lot of
14911s teams are scaled up playing this a
14913s little bit playing this really really
14915s slow um and when you're on this Morris
14919s and you're on your cphon composition a
14921s lot of the times um the the bottom half
14924s of the lobby doesn't play siphon into
14926s Holo because they want they don't want
14928s to really run that mirror matchup into
14931s the strongest teams you got GG you got
14933s ug on siphon that's not really a fun
14935s match up uh when you know exactly where
14937s you're in Hy now on the second map moris
14941s where you know both those teams have
14943s already used their siphon now going to
14945s the Yang sounds a lot better now there's
14947s a high chance that you're going to run
14948s into a Viper comp as well so as long as
14950s you survive the burst you can make it
14952s through now there is is a Transformers
14955s team walking around there is a sand
14957s forers team walking around but uh teada
14960s and the way te's matchup has evolved
14964s throughout this last year and a half we
14966s got answer to all those things so
14968s playing this second half siphon has a
14970s huge Advantage going into the r of Yang
14974s with 31 people alive I'm excited to see
14977s also what wolves can do if they get
14980s their monk to this end game like jjh has
14984s already fallen on the sand forers so
14986s we're not going to see that monk there
14988s can we see that magic like hlg was able
14991s to pull off at Jacob will there will
14994s wolves's monk be able to survive against
14998s all of the rest of the lobby with as a
15000s solo monk well technically jjh God blay
15002s is another Monk in the lobby but all of
15005s his support is dead All My Friends Are
15007s Dead and uh we just got to make this
15009s work we got to secure that placement can
15011s what do you what do you think godly's
15013s percentage is if you were a betting man
15015s what percentage do you think godl has to
15017s make it to this end game uh 13.8% 13.8
15021s that sounds pretty reasonable I like the
15023s I like those I would take the Y for that
15025s one it's it's look Coke for my friend
15027s yeah I think one thing also is that with
15029s Godly having now have he had to use
15032s ultimate he can still kind of hold off
15033s and just being you know sneaky sneaky
15034s slight Cooper but the only problem is is
15036s that uh once we start running into these
15038s Bell rotations for players to just lock
15040s down a ping right they can find the
15042s nearest three enemies in vicinity now
15044s but the other thing is that they also
15045s looking to the back of their head like
15046s who else is there around the area and if
15048s they find a solo player rather to the
15050s extension of the vicinity they'll look
15052s to try to rotate towards them as long as
15053s the team that got belil doesn't want to
15055s be on the aggression of just running
15056s this through it would be the case but
15057s Godly running into GG not his best case
15060s scenario but they see a t high they
15061s don't know whether or not he's the last
15062s one but there's a lock down from the
15063s grapple sackers Godly looking for these
15064s rmbs it's not looking like a lower
15066s percentage rate it goes down hill we're
15068s going to see Godly rock into into the
15069s Ravine and an uppercut from alexm there
15071s Raven just gave himself you know that
15072s extra elimination for the team
15075s ah the pit of death the pit of
15077s commitment you just the second you get
15079s hit into this pit in celesa you always
15081s it's looking cooked you can't you can't
15083s get out buttery rocks are a scam it
15086s feels like you can make a lot of moves a
15088s lot of play scale rushing up and down
15090s but you end up just getting juggled
15091s forever and you can't hold blue to
15093s prevent sacker we're seeing him go down
15096s now second R Yang is going to be coming
15098s up right now wolves posturing to go in
15101s now if I'm Transformers and I am this
15104s juice EG we are going into the realm of
15109s Yang
15110s 100% uh that's that's definitely what I
15113s want to do on this but unfortunately we
15116s will be transitioning this end game 30
15119s people alive wolves EG on the Monk and
15122s the gold spear if the double grabs be
15125s grabbing we're going to be doing big
15127s damage off each clap that's going to be
15129s two kills every single time every single
15132s time we're seeing WG axom my man axom
15135s has been on my mind all day sir and not
15138s necessarily for his excellent play but
15142s his his play of just how mortal some of
15145s these Pros can be the V3 coming out and
15148s his ability to grief the other team in a
15150s 1v3 situation investing his ultimate uh
15153s in an unwinable situation getting that
15155s team Focus fired by GG just uh wbg
15159s showing up doing some hilarious things
15162s and now trans I'm wondering what's going
15164s to be the strongest comp in this uh like
15167s Spirit Well situation is it Transformers
15170s or is it is it Viper is it the new
15173s counter comp we're seeing how we're
15175s seeing science being done right now here
15177s Ser can Transformers hold on to this
15179s it's tough because now we got see wolves
15181s they're able to pick up the gold armor
15182s uh for ZK who's able to get himself back
15184s off there but we are going to see how
15185s much these other teams are wanting to
15187s engage upon the now we're looking at CG
15189s or GG CGS is getting these test en
15191s chants like no problem he can't even
15192s have an ultimate cast because everyone
15193s is meter done with the EG the way Shan
15195s tries to go for the ultimate the F3 is
15196s coming up from the Ki and it gives EG
15198s just enough time while ZK is down as the
15201s final hatmaker for giving his teammate
15202s enough sustain to come through for an
15204s ultimate cast it's up to Zen now to
15206s deform and having to look for these
15208s reses but no one is letting this one up
15210s Raven everyone is looking for it he gets
15212s 17s but you can see 521 are meter
15216s dumping as fast as they can this is not
15217s going to get enough time for EG with
15218s this R&B hold check that's exactly what
15220s pampy was looking for Z is the only
15222s teammate alive for this Transformers
15223s comp to still be into the game he's the
15225s way Shan we can hopefully see him lot
15227s less for this maker but there's 28
15229s players I cast a cursed him out for I
15232s can't I can't keep doing this can't keep
15234s getting away with
15236s this it's tough XM has to pay for the
15240s discovery of your superpower as a Caster
15242s to be able to will his being out of to
15245s this existence and I was saying before
15247s is Transformers one of these teams who
15249s can take down a spirit well and turns
15253s out no they cannot even with that range
15257s denial no one wants to see a Transformer
15260s scale up and we're seeing the attack on
15261s titans come in descend hit him with that
15264s tesel it's only half of the ultimate to
15265s kind of probe the waters and then
15267s everyone with a little bit of blood in
15269s the water the sharks of the lobby
15271s everyone descends upon them now going
15273s into this end game uh the addition of
15276s this
15277s 80% Moon Bane is what I'm calling it cuz
15280s it just takes up the middle of this
15281s Lobby it forces everyone out of uh
15284s camping in the center on some type of
15287s like building or inside of a building
15289s and really it creates all this tension
15291s right here on the edge where you got
15293s teams to the left teams to the right
15294s who's going to be a happy neighbor and
15296s it look it looks like fpx is not a nice
15298s neighbor they immediately assassinate
15300s fat milk on the Wen the life blood of
15304s this team and now BBE with a ton of
15307s offense their next play will be their
15310s last yeah Moon Bane is a is a grief Bane
15312s especially into the extra Moon B being
15314s included but it does create this push
15317s you know for aceration of area control
15319s if no one is able to kind of hold off on
15320s their own because it's in the moon Bane
15321s it's like okay how can I do outside of
15323s the Moon Bane and the thing is is
15325s outside of the Moon Bane is 14 looking
15326s outside in right this gives enough
15329s opportunity for your team to just uh how
15331s well can you place this one out
15332s unfortunately BBE fat milk right getting
15334s the first set of eliminations on board
15336s uh fpx looking to hunt this one down
15338s dongi has his has his blue fan right
15340s blue fan right you're like no way but
15342s the fans R&B is nothing to mess around
15345s with if you can catch someone in that
15346s caught into that R&B from that blue fan
15348s even if it's a blue fan just fan in
15350s general your team's your teammate can
15352s come back in here and just uh create
15353s pressure for them but honestly right now
15356s like you said the aggressors are for BBE
15358s but BB's Roy having no opportunity here
15360s to use his F ability correct because
15362s they were looking for it the whole time
15364s they dodged it in this V1 not coming out
15366s there because there was no real
15367s opportunity for him to do so he just got
15369s locked down just like that
15371s Raven yeah five 5 to1
15375s fpx Cliffs side end game just buttery
15377s rocks everywhere it's going to be tough
15379s for anyone to survive this situation GG
15381s massively holding the flat ground
15383s keeping this one little bit safe to
15385s their name hoping anyone falls into
15387s their loving arms for some easy kills
15389s but fpx going to put some pressure right
15390s now forcing F21 onto them and now GG on
15393s this lowr duking it out with fpx fpx
15396s probing for some weakness realizing that
15398s GG's able to hold their ground nice play
15400s from GG to secure that location now w GG
15403s is going to activate Sleepwalker on the
15405s Z going around finding some nice value
15409s off these whips and chains now GG in
15411s that corner Sleepwalker probes over sees
15413s that wait a second we can't be over
15415s investing just kidding we're in there
15417s 330 what's up buddy nice big burn coming
15421s down onto GG's 320 from Sleepwalker now
15424s Sleepwalker up to 30% eating one Soul
15427s Boon on the bottom of themselves fpx
15429s everyone finding a little nuk and cranny
15431s on this
15433s Cliff side end game very very
15436s interesting another end game that I
15438s don't particularly see at least in MVP I
15440s played this end game L but seeing this
15442s in MVP one of the first times I've seen
15445s this exact location go down the ston
15448s wall is also brifing a lot of teams
15449s they're trying to disengage right they
15450s have to cross that wall and the zone is
15452s closing in towards the top of this hill
15453s this is an exact I I call this out it's
15455s a king of the hill situation from what
15456s we've seen there drd are finding that
15458s gold armor for wfz of course he doesn't
15460s have level three ultimate for the cast
15461s he does have this to be available for
15463s himself as the sustain is met ug are
15466s holding off to this side and near the
15467s immortal Temple for their position sake
15469s so for GG right now it's going to have
15471s to be careful about whether or not o ug
15473s or wanting to take this one to the field
15475s but CJs having that Parry right there
15478s having the chance of picking up that
15479s gold weapon is not being able to do so
15480s so he looks to reposition towards fx's
15482s backline as alexm was getting caught out
15485s here for his HP bar 33 looking to use
15487s that utilizing that Universal slash
15488s taking it up here from it from wolves
15490s we're going to see that Universal slash
15492s making it work for them and having that
15494s gold uh gold set of dual blades is
15496s definitely a mark into the right
15497s direction OG's SS though caught with a
15499s tether this is where it comes
15501s interesting right you said how you know
15503s karumi has better benefit here because
15504s you can cleanse the burns compared to
15506s zipping in who don't have a way of
15507s cleansing those Burns so for now ug were
15510s caught in the position where we can see
15512s SS unfortunately getting C to the
15514s enchant has to use the F3 like an
15516s escalera looking towards looking for the
15518s ladder and getting to the sky and not
15520s having much of a chance here to live out
15522s here into the top the hilltop for long
15524s maybe Raven
15526s maybe now 23 21 people alive buttery
15530s Rock just everyone on a different layer
15532s GG holding this low ground picking off
15535s kills ug up to seven kills GG up to 11
15538s kills this end game play coming from GG
15540s just absolutely
15543s surgical kumate Circle going down not
15547s much room to work around with on the low
15549s ground just absolute death on The High
15551s Ground drg r down cannon shots on the
15554s left side ug holding the ground as much
15556s as they can neighbors to fpx and it
15558s looks like OG and K are going to start
15561s duking out getting peppered in from brg
15563s on The High Ground B2 is going to be
15564s invested by zipping Z's going to come
15567s out fpx is donq is going to get picked
15569s Off K holding this low ground trying to
15572s survive up to two kills got that gold
15574s armor earlier but on The High Ground
15576s everyone's taking to the ropes taking to
15579s the skies able to get that grapple but
15582s GG making this timing attack with the V3
15585s making their positional play to go over
15587s to The High Ground secure some uh
15590s location but lxm not able to find the
15593s look that he wants trying to get his
15594s team to Corral up to the high ground
15596s running into a teada though going into
15598s the last leg lxm swinging for the moon
15603s with the gold P sword Tessa's coming in
15606s late he gets a kill onto the king Q G
15610s coming in hot last sliver of Zone back
15613s everyone swinging GG still alive ug is
15617s still alive fpx still alive K still
15620s going who's going to win it out and it
15622s looks like KLA A's
15625s czx is going to hold his round and take
15628s the first but team GG with that slow
15632s methodical macro play is going to secure
15636s the first game of Hall Ros that's an
15639s immense opportunity for for team GG to
15641s climb the leaderboards into this round
15643s and of course we are seeing to how GG
15645s were able to take that buttery rocks
15647s slope to their advantage right when we
15649s saw the re the reset right the biggest
15651s opportunity for any team is to find a
15654s way of regrouping with your teammate and
15655s just giv them enough time to survive if
15657s they were caught out if they lost armor
15659s if they lost themselves the skill usage
15661s you just find that time to regroup
15663s towards them if they were too deep into
15664s Behind Enemy Lines but a lot of things
15666s is about the adaptability if a teammate
15669s can set themselves up for holding down
15671s the forth by themselves it's only a
15673s matter of time before the enemy team
15675s starts spending resources of their own
15676s their own skills where that teammate
15678s starts calling it out Raven where they
15680s can find the opportunity of clapping
15682s back no opportunity for them to come
15683s back into the fights and holding it off
15685s for victory
15688s Royale team GG 330
15692s lxm no slouches I like I like the the
15696s the white hair from my man you're you're
15697s seeing the teams who are on their day
15699s one day one just business look on their
15703s just locked and loaded they want to show
15705s up they want to just have a good game
15707s one so their game or their day two can
15710s be nice and relax
15713s GG professionals at this they've been
15715s doing it for a while they've been doing
15717s it for a long time tried in true that
15720s nice slow methodical play now it doesn't
15723s mean that these guys aren't aggressive
15725s they just pick their spots very very
15727s wisely and they just know in these end
15729s games they know how to navigate these
15730s situations perfectly they know how to
15732s navigate these weird terrain situations
15734s and and these clip slides I call it
15736s buttery rocks uh for these end games
15738s just cuz the way nrao ends up working
15740s out if you're trying to hold focus and
15743s you're against some type of slope
15744s especially some rocks you get put into
15746s this sliding animation and it's just
15748s such a pain in the butt but first ladies
15752s and gentlemen in the twitch chat we have
15753s a question the spring split random gifts
15756s are dropping how many players chose to
15761s play Matari in game 4 2024 we're talking
15764s about Matari was it a 2 B 3 C 4 or D
15771s five what do you think is
15772s z why think I mean I feel like give give
15776s the viewers a hint so give them a hint
15778s you know give him a hint all right I'm
15780s going to give him a hint who's in second
15782s place right
15784s now and how many kills did they get this
15786s round that's not a hint I'm just making
15788s sure you guys are keeping track oh my
15791s God Ser with the curve ball he hit me
15792s with ridd I was like wait a second how's
15796s that throwing uh throwing everyone in a
15799s in a disate CU I saw yesterday someone
15800s said oh it's this answer and everyone
15802s said oh yeah this is the answer and
15804s guess what that wasn't the answer so
15806s make sure you guys check your sources uh
15808s for everything for the chat right but
15810s one important thing about this day uh
15812s we've been seeing a lot of chances for
15814s the players of just uh working out the
15816s tried and true comps but also I was kind
15819s of hoping to see like you said wolves
15821s they kind of flew too close to the sun
15823s no pun intended uh when it came to that
15825s spe well they were looking to opt in for
15827s that gold armor the only problem is is
15828s two things one their Transformers comp
15831s that's already that's issue number two
15832s as well because what happens is that
15833s number two they take that spear well and
15835s if everyone sees a comp or sees them
15837s inside of that Circle they know they
15838s take them out they don't want them to
15840s stay into the final Circle where they
15841s can have the opportunity of clocking in
15844s uh everybody in for double grabs into
15846s the top of the top of the cliff side
15847s free grabs free grabs everything in the
15849s nature like if they don't catch the wuen
15851s uh off the end right Wen can Castle
15853s Shield walls but if they don't have a
15854s Wen they have nothing to kind of save
15857s save and Grace themselves out even with
15859s the Tessa enchant being burned out you
15861s usually want to save those ultimates for
15862s the end but you don't really get a
15864s chance to seeing that
15865s Raven yeah to build off what you were
15867s saying I'm curious why their kumy chose
15870s to go armor Circle if that was a misplay
15871s or uh wolves really believes in it now
15873s GG 17 kills at the top 26.3 massive game
15878s coming up from them K with Nine Kills at
15880s 16.6 still a fascinating playing that
15883s mid game perfectly wbg waking up a
15886s little bit at 8.4 9.9 for the day jdg
15890s still again super solid impressed by
15892s these guys ug seven kills not able to
15895s fade away and get as much as they would
15898s like out of their end game and their mid
15900s game but still solid performance fpx
15902s with five and and the rest of L be
15904s around five now looking at the stat
15906s sheet lxm on that F3 Viper uh me
15911s personally F3 Viper is one of the most
15914s damaging characters in the game you
15915s wouldn't think it but as long as you're
15917s hitting more than one player with that F
15920s F3 it's just cleaving people down doing
15923s massive amount of damage and especially
15925s with the V3 you find yourself chasing
15927s people running away from you you just
15929s get free damage hitting into people's
15931s backs over and over it's almost like
15933s you're you're a nice Rogue going out
15935s chasing people down now going at the
15938s standings any surprises here serve of
15941s how some of these teams are heating up
15944s halfway through this nraa Trio day I
15947s mean we brought at the point about wbg
15950s um and considering how they had week two
15952s into the back but the uh it's kind of
15955s tough seeing how they are sitting right
15956s now I'm kind of hoping to see a
15958s turnaround match cuz the amount of value
15959s of points like this is no cap but the
15961s amount of value of points they got in
15962s this so far they could earn that in the
15964s game just in one game they can earn as
15966s much as that points even better we've
15967s seen those 30 we've seen a dir bomb from
15969s OG for an example point where they can
15971s earnestly earn those kills first place
15973s ranking have even the second place for
15975s that 1.4 the 1.4 multiplier and just
15977s catch a massive point value game to up
15979s to 30 points and it could propel them to
15982s make sure to ensure finals for this next
15984s weekend but hoping to see how that turns
15986s out JJ are having a little bit of uh you
15989s know Point values where this is their
15991s second day of playing they have 64.3 in
15993s sixth place jdg is in fifth uh but the
15996s most value so far to be earned has been
15999s wolves so far today with that 53.4 now
16002s now honestly we still have to see how
16005s day three ends up for these teams I'm
16007s kind of hoping to see what JL is going
16008s to be cooking up and bringing up because
16010s the fact that they brought uh this you
16012s know zon into the mix for day three in
16015s the week three it's kind of interesting
16017s to see if they are doing if they're
16018s doing the practice scrims today and
16020s bringing it into the into day three but
16022s clips and highlights to Raven Pro the
16024s robot take it away dog they about the
16026s replay coming into these matches GG lxm
16030s doing things big ax
16033s with the full grief investing his
16035s ultimate getting absolutely destroyed
16039s for them investing those uh getting
16041s third party by GG and GG again uh if you
16045s want to learn how to play End games GG
16047s is a wonderful team to study they play
16049s these end games perfectly high energy
16052s great positioning they play as a squad
16054s and there's a lot of nuance to how these
16056s play how they play these situations
16058s their weapon choices their positional
16060s choices when they side to move and
16063s you're seeing lxm a master class taking
16067s the skies not looking for uh the hits
16069s that he wants right here just waiting
16071s and keeping his health as high as
16073s possible get these last hits going off
16075s into this last little bit great grapple
16079s stall coming out for him able to survive
16081s this situation eat some soul blooms get
16083s an ultimate off super super clean play
16087s coming out from Yugi but before I wanted
16090s to talk about a little bit how wolves
16092s get getting lobbied like you were saying
16093s Transformers the Kumi on Armor Circle I
16095s feel like if karumi has healing Circle
16097s there that team is able to sur survive
16100s and ug same thing they're running karumi
16103s on their zon composition uh able to
16106s cleanse burn and stuff so it's looking
16109s like even in in
16110s 2024 karumi is looking a little bit more
16114s dominant with zipping now with the new
16116s glyph 20% damage reduction uh I still
16119s think zipping has a place it's
16120s definitely easier to execute and I feel
16123s like zipping overall in a heads up
16126s matchup who do you think takes it Ki
16128s versus zipping in a Transformer comp or
16131s like in the in the general like how
16132s we're seeing her Zing versus pering
16134s multiple comps yeah in multiple comps
16136s not not not necess transform in general
16140s in take
16142s sir so I'm thinking to myself when it
16145s came down to Z or when it came out to
16146s ziping ining right her biggest uh issue
16148s that comes out is that if there is teams
16151s that are utilizing those Jades like
16152s breath with the with the rupture Gil or
16154s right cleansing that not a case scenario
16156s right she won't be able to have that if
16157s the pressure comes out from third
16158s parties Burns is are one of the biggest
16160s Cc or like CC controlling effects of
16162s like a AO a Bane really of losing out on
16166s that healing efficiency now karumi has
16168s this you know ultimate cast that can
16170s come out to cleanse but not only to that
16173s when we saw that change for F3 Kumi
16175s where it gave her that mitigation this
16177s gives enemy team or this gives the
16178s teammates an opportunity of turning the
16180s fight around because that person cannot
16182s not be locked down as they were hoping
16184s as the enemy team would be hoping for
16186s Kumi gives that defense buff for her to
16188s be in these comps now more often
16191s especially when it came down towards uh
16193s just in this past game right wolves
16195s choosing you know karumi into this case
16197s with the V2 right maybe it wasn't the
16199s ideal option maybe they were looking to
16200s kind of keep the armor up in case
16202s they're in ground uniform and then
16203s expending ultimate at the last possible
16205s second against a ziping Ying the amount
16208s of unbiased towards karumi just because
16211s of how much you know her value comes
16213s forth in um in both you know the troll
16215s picks and solos right but more
16217s importantly in the trios where her
16219s sustained goddess format of being able
16221s to cleanse as well makes it that ziping
16225s Ying's only biggest caveat is basing her
16228s her abilities to be used in uh you know
16231s in on the Move standpoint but if you can
16232s hunker down right hold the fort Place
16235s defense posts I think KY is going to
16238s take the bag into the any case scenario
16239s as long as it ends up being that way in
16241s the first place
16243s yeah I tend to agree with that kumy has
16244s a lot more upside it's just in in
16247s tournaments easy is what works and
16250s zipping is definitely an easier
16252s execution because you don't need to have
16253s line of sight and it's very hard not to
16255s be pushed out in uh out of your circle
16258s like once the ultimate's going it takes
16259s away now with burn being so prevalent uh
16262s not just with Z but just with Canon
16263s Jades with um B Jades everyone wants to
16267s get that burn in that end game
16269s now I still think uh what you're saying
16273s about kumy is 100% true it's definitely
16277s takes a lot more skill for KY to get
16279s maximum value off that F3 that damage
16281s reduction that you're saying plus the
16283s new addition of the tether uh adding
16285s heals it adds a lot more sustain to
16288s weird situations in zone weird sit
16291s situations in end game where you're just
16292s getting constantly poked plus you can
16294s use the umbrella to guard against a lot
16296s of the range attacks um we mainly see
16299s the rise of it because there Aron
16301s Transformers where karumi is kind of
16303s tied over to Transformers we're seeing a
16306s little bit of that rise coming back um
16308s especially with the the current meta
16311s being what it is now uh tanhai is buffed
16316s by other Tanis when another Monk Is
16318s there everyone will not turn to shoot
16321s one of the monks most of the everyone in
16323s the lobby ends up being concentrating on
16324s dodging monk RS when when there's only
16327s one you're a big meaty Target to hit and
16331s they did change the the head hit shot
16334s head shot weakness even on a V1 you just
16338s you're just chunking damage on the monk
16340s you just taking absolute
16343s uh fire from everyone and uh you're such
16347s a big Target it's really easy to hit so
16350s unfortunately for wolves they're not
16352s able to pull it off I think if I'm them
16356s we just play more lowkey we play to hold
16358s that High Ground uh and deny the space
16361s and we play for those those 10 kills
16362s there's no need to be so greedy and
16365s that's why I think GG takes it uh GG
16368s recogniz these situations their game
16369s sense is on point but going into a game
16372s five server I always call this clutch
16374s round who do you think is going to be
16376s clutching him who do you think like
16378s Waring up uh they started up a little
16380s slow or who do you think needs to clutch
16382s up right now I think uh I think if
16385s anything comes out I think we might see
16386s a double back to back coming from GG
16389s they're good back to back back to back I
16391s don't call it oh no I might I might jinx
16393s it it might be a moonman that eliminates
16394s them who knows
16396s but um one thing that you know it comes
16399s off of was riding off the uh they can
16401s ride off of the the play style of it
16403s right like seeing how they work their
16404s Viper W and Tessa comp we know for
16406s instances for wolves right they didn't
16407s have that much of a great game last game
16409s but that wasn't their only uh if I'm not
16410s mistaken that wasn't their only
16411s Transformer come to rock in that was
16412s their second pick for Transformer so
16414s they want to rock three round picks for
16415s them they're going to have to swap
16417s someone out especially for that hero
16418s point valers which I don't even think is
16419s going to be enough cuz I think they're
16420s rocking they have two hero points left
16423s I'll have to double check and scene
16424s about that one but hoping to see GG
16426s looking to cat catch that momentum push
16429s for them uh they they kind of you know
16430s they can kind of work off of it and if
16432s not if anything kind of I'm kind of
16435s hoping at for Te uh cuz they can bring
16438s in a comp out of the Woodworks like how
16440s we saw with AOS but that only came into
16441s round five only to that case scenario
16443s but it didn't work out very much for uh
16445s some of those teams that try to bring it
16447s and try to work with it at all I believe
16450s some teams are on math point they they
16452s this this is their second day
16453s so uh what's what's kind of a bummer of
16456s going a game two days in a row is that
16460s that third day if you don't do super
16462s well you don't really have your
16464s Destinies in your own hands anymore
16465s you're kind of hoping for the downfall
16467s of others so they don't pass you so I I
16470s kind of like going game one into game
16472s three just so that that game three one
16475s you get more scouting information from
16476s the game to you get to see what everyone
16478s was doing what people are going to be
16480s running for that last day so you get
16481s more info going last always has a huge
16483s advantage and then two you get a chance
16486s to to kind of pop off you know exactly
16488s where you need to go rather than here in
16491s game two I would say uh the biggest
16493s thing is to play your game play it slow
16495s GG one of those teams that does it their
16498s way they they've never changed how they
16501s like to play um nraa trios they like
16504s playing slow they like playing slow and
16505s methodical they don't take unnecessary
16508s risks now when they got the third party
16510s opportunity they're going to take it
16512s they're going to go in but they're going
16513s to play it very very nice and easy and
16516s slow and very Ambush heavy same thing
16519s with KLA out of all the teams in the
16521s league I would say Klay is one of the
16524s best Ambush teams they're also one of
16526s the best Moon Bane teams too they just
16529s always seem to have the moon Bane in
16530s their hand uh wherever they land
16533s wherever they're hunting they're trying
16534s to Leverage The Moon Bane going forward
16537s and uh Moon Bane unlike normal ranked
16539s the Blue Moon Bane hits really really
16541s fast almost like it's a gold Moon Bane
16543s it's probably somewhere in the middle of
16544s the frequency of a purple and gold Moon
16546s Bane but getting moon Banes off spawn um
16549s very very devastating for all the teams
16552s involved especially because like you
16554s were saying earlier sir it does put a
16556s bat signal in the air uh for everyone to
16559s come in hot now interesting enough first
16564s round on Morris two
16567s teams choosing Viper and two teams
16571s choosing
16572s siphon H night time too right so I mean
16577s we saw what we we saw what happened when
16578s uh when actually I used the the V1 fight
16580s for in the sky so maybe that takes some
16582s inspiration another team though that I'm
16584s kind of hoping to see kind of propel
16585s themselves and then making into finals
16587s CU this is their second day of plane is
16588s BBE uh their placement right now is a
16590s little bit teeter totter right now for
16592s the second day so they have to make sure
16593s these last two pushes uh can clutch up
16595s for those points they are rocking the
16597s zon comp with the chain Scythe uh with
16599s uh wolves as well and into this second
16602s round we're seeing some sprinkled in
16604s even to the first round like with this
16606s with the Tessa wuin Viper there is going
16608s to be that onepoint ban but Cannonball
16609s is making their appearance back into the
16611s freay of things for jjh and OG wbg and
16614s fpx fonking oh OG wants to swap out for
16617s the snowball count okay for the ice pick
16619s so OG rocking that one in and wbg are
16621s going to lock into their Cannonball 20
16623s seconds on the clock fpx is still
16624s thinking R what do you think what do you
16625s think they're going to be doing
16628s Shenanigans
16630s Shenanigans no shenanigans
16632s uh I feel like especially with zy
16636s running around a
16638s Muk what all right I I I stand correct
16642s Shenanigans Shenanigans serve we got a
16644s Justina Transformer variation now
16648s unironically I've seen the great combo
16651s of Justina and monk do very very well in
16654s in EU you're able to lock people down
16656s and as far as a singular alt um I'm not
16658s sure what they're going to do with it do
16661s they really have a gang strategy for
16663s this
16665s uh just being able to freeze in the monk
16667s grab the theory is there youan guards
16670s against
16671s Viper but I mean Tami
16675s also gets countered by Yan but what do
16679s you have for teada like Justina get her
16682s all of her abilities kind of get
16684s neutralized by teada now technically
16686s monk can get some value but Monk naked
16689s with no karumi it's a cold world for
16691s monks with no it's a cold world deserve
16694s just really really cold I need to see
16696s what water is rocking for ultimate cuz
16697s if it's not if it's if it's V1 it is
16699s going to be V1 it's the V3 from corid I
16701s was keeping in mind about cuz I was
16702s thinking to myself like I've seen
16703s Wayan's rocking V1 like uh we saw J team
16706s kind of utilize that early on uh and I
16709s was like are they really looking to try
16710s to kill confirm one person but it's not
16712s the case they have the V3 but like you
16714s said toas they can deny a lot of
16716s pressure for uh for Justina in any sort
16718s of world that Justina can rock through
16720s as if she doesn't have
16722s uh you know to mulch to kind of work
16724s with in terms of mitigating it it's only
16725s those 4 seconds that the v3f can uh give
16729s the you know Justina free free real
16731s estate against tumult circles after
16733s those 4 seconds there's nothing else you
16735s can do and it also comes to the benefit
16737s of that V3 to worry about not even have
16739s to worry about the Viper tether right
16741s we've been we're seeing the F2 v1s
16743s coming back and now it's in full swing
16746s where Wayan are having a little bit more
16747s better value Raven into these rounds and
16750s now they're switching out the other her
16752s into those comps to see if it works best
16754s for
16755s them yeah I'm looking at the spread
16757s remember game four everyone was nice and
16760s spread out you know we want to get our
16762s moris strategy going and now we're
16765s taking those hot drops we're where're
16768s we're good we're dialed in we want to
16770s take these fights now GG known for their
16772s cave play in the top right GG Northern
16775s cave te in the southern cave but te now
16778s has split up into JL and te so a little
16782s bit of different strategy but GG again
16784s these guys tried and true if it's not
16786s broke don't fix it yep going into this
16789s game five call this Championship round
16791s some of these teams on their game too
16792s they need to have a good game right here
16794s they need a clutch up but first Firefly
16797s off spawn nighttime sir there's so much
16800s actually going to happen here Noble cave
16801s going to be the spawn of three teams
16803s Wolves of Z finds one Firefly here he
16805s doesn't have ultimate all he's got is
16806s his feet and a will and a way and he's
16808s trying to lock down corki who found a
16810s Parry off of ZK and he took the blunt
16812s force of it he finds a staff he's got F3
16814s in 3 seconds that V2 is working magic as
16817s ZK was able to find the proc off of here
16819s he's got ultimate but jdg are rocking
16821s the third time this today they're
16823s rocking the V3 Tesa and Z gets a Parry
16826s off of Kiki he gets kicked off the The
16828s Cliff side tries to look for a chance
16830s here of regrouping and decides to use
16831s his V2 to reset the skill to get high
16834s ground position he at the top of the
16836s hilltop right here and trying to lock
16837s down Tedy trying to lock down jdg and
16839s Raven it's going to be a point where
16840s they can be met but is it going to be
16842s worthwhile for this effort if there's
16843s third parties all around
16845s them it's always worth it you got to you
16848s got to go for everything on the zon
16851s everything is earned within the league
16853s everyone is so ferocious zal just doing
16856s super super strong off spawn it's like
16858s what can you do versus even a blue
16861s weapon Z it's just always their T always
16865s their turn we have fpx in the background
16867s waiting but te with a timing attack F3
16870s going to be investive night coming in
16872s from wolves XM able to dodge the Tes all
16874s but now his team stck against The
16875s Buttery Rock he does connect onto Leo
16877s tough situation for this attack on TI
16880s and te is going to be investing their V3
16883s good job from wolves they're trying to
16885s scratch every lit of little bit of value
16889s out of their one HP situations trying to
16891s peel for each other but they're not able
16893s to te is going to clean it up and you
16895s again serve you curse them you said is
16898s it worth it if the timing attacks are
16899s going on now we do have the privilege
16902s as cters to see what the map is going
16904s down but you can assume that all the
16907s fireflies around the map there is going
16909s to be a timing attack no matter where
16911s location you're at now unfortunately
16915s for uh te they have to just or Wolves
16919s they have to hard commit there cuz he
16921s landed there for that reason but you
16923s just know that that Firefly rotation is
16926s going to come in and possibly take you
16928s out but wolves EG will not go quietly
16931s into the serf he is fighting his way to
16934s th nail with this one HP yeah the is
16937s crator is a great spot there's lot of
16938s scle positions but he does get fired by
16940s L we're at the uh the point right now
16942s where BBE in the very Southern tips near
16944s to the ghost town extension where BBE is
16947s up against the drg and drg are going to
16949s fall here now BBE find six eliminations
16953s and the crazy thing is they're also next
16956s to the stash they got 30k on standby for
16958s themselves for them to go into the shop
16960s and just waiting this area out but it
16961s looks like at this point they can just
16963s wait this one through or just keep
16965s looting around here for any sort of
16967s sustain for the economy but wbg
16969s Sleepwalker here activating F3 in
16970s response after taking that long sword
16972s beam to the face he's going to look
16973s towards and keep the team through he's
16974s got the broom ready to go here trying to
16976s sweep away the competition if it comes
16978s to the fruition but all these team both
16980s of these teams have full ultimate
16981s valleys here jdg are looking to try to
16983s force his team into their own vicinity
16985s now here's the kicker right we know that
16988s vay has himself into V3 ultimate so if
16991s we see the Testa enchant coming out here
16993s for the V1 don't tell me he guys trying
16994s to set up for a V1 he doesn't even have
16996s it he he was in the sky but he's at 85%
16998s Sleepwalker is there to engage it I
17000s don't know I mean if zdi was able to get
17001s that Tessa or get that Viper ultimate
17003s off he looks at the silence this forces
17005s yo not to be able to teleport which
17007s gives an opportunity to see of whether
17009s or not sleeper is going to have enough
17011s time to kind of save the team here if he
17012s can for those last slashes of pushing
17014s those enemies away Raven this is tough
17015s right now for wbg they have no ultimates
17017s the only thing they got is a way shot in
17019s a
17020s way yeah wbg popping the cool Downs
17024s popping the Ultimate Putting jdg against
17026s the ropes they do still have their Viper
17029s ultimate so wbg has to be careful with
17031s this overcommitment if they get too
17033s close to this Viper you better bet we're
17036s going to get that sun off now ohug in
17038s the South having an isolated scrap off
17040s versus jjh God lay on the Yodo no
17042s ultimates anyone's name we're all in
17044s baby in the corner ug's
17046s SS on the Justina looking for the pick
17050s off onto Yan already down to a quarter
17052s of a health Yan even though he can't be
17055s crowd controll still will take a massive
17057s of damage as long as you have bursting
17061s uh weapons now ug's you locking down
17063s godl able to turn this round no armor on
17066s two of ug but the Parry is going to come
17069s out chulu is going to get taken down by
17072s the Yodo slashes now Flames trying to
17074s make his way out of here ohzu chasing
17077s him down with the grapple looking for
17078s the upper or looking for the Parry not
17081s able to get it but still ug making it
17084s look easy and walking through them
17089s mhm Moon Bane again Ser Moon Bane again
17092s with 521 Moon Bane again I don't want to
17095s call it I ain't calling I ain't calling
17096s nothing guys py has ultimate still go
17099s he's still readily available if he wants
17100s to use this for D's Kiki he could but
17101s you know it's kind of a risky play here
17103s we're going to see zdi looking for those
17104s Dodges finds the F2 is able to dodge it
17107s can't be seen that tutty is down can now
17108s find this opportunity of looking past
17110s the region but the wbg are here this is
17113s their they're going back to retreat into
17115s their movement they got 30 seconds on
17116s this bar to look for some resets as Yin
17118s has no armor currently he's looking to
17119s the regen but the V1 coming up from zdi
17121s oh man te was right there but the
17122s disenchant was necessary as zdi was
17125s caught into it as he was hoping to kind
17127s of realize a situation where he could
17128s have take that stun but it didn't work
17130s out Raven didn't work out at all te are
17132s caught in here as fight two looking for
17134s this engagement for a third party and
17135s they might be looking for the I mean
17136s they might look for all full values for
17138s this I mean wbg are still in the back
17139s lines Raven I I don't know they might
17141s cause some
17143s issues H even though they're the back
17145s lines we're still staying active still
17149s looking for it uh I believe wait is this
17152s wg's second
17154s day oh uh first day first day first day
17157s first first all right well the bi-weekly
17159s Champions they still got even though
17162s it's his game five uh they they they're
17165s one of the teams that can manage at 100
17167s point game just like um wolves they seem
17170s to get it going now they they had a
17172s little bit of a mental Edge running uh
17175s their Tessa Monk and getting value off
17177s of it knowing that they were doing
17178s something out of the order now they're
17180s not really running out of the ordinary
17182s now now they're back to more more meta
17185s if anything else so can they find Value
17188s playing the way that they're playing
17190s again KLA every time I see these guys
17192s they got Moon B every single time we see
17195s them they got Moon B I respect it I
17197s respect it a lot CU it's optimal now
17200s like I was saying before securing the
17202s Box ends up being huge you get a purple
17204s armor sometimes you get a boatload of
17207s money sometimes you get a bunch of
17209s purple weapons and sometimes you get
17211s Jades and money now technically
17215s depending on your composition uh you
17217s want certain things uh depending on
17219s whether or not you're not scaled and
17221s looking at KLA right now on the siphon
17224s getting that room to breathe they don't
17226s find a kill but they find some massive
17228s Loot and we're going to see K probably
17231s make it to the end game just based on
17233s this one play a simple Moon Bane and
17235s grab key you know what's crazy too qg is
17238s able to fat soul Jade that was right
17240s there it must be correlation to the
17242s other purple Soul JS but he found a
17244s phoenix Blast from that uh so for a
17246s teada that have Phoenix blast before the
17248s first ryy this is going to give him a
17250s very surpassed push if they want to push
17252s Romy they got around 20 seconds to make
17254s that chance but o oping in for the shop
17256s play very nice opportunity for them to
17258s find that purple armor to be purchased
17259s if it isn't have done been already and
17261s also to any sort of reason if they want
17263s to buy purple Soul jates the extension
17265s but we are Ro in the spawn out here BBE
17268s wolves drg next to the zest Winery they
17270s are all right next door towards this GG
17272s are already on the heels for Action they
17275s have great gear to hopefully work this
17276s through they only have one if I'm not
17278s mistaken one purple weapon and that's
17279s the P sword but double fan Raven into
17282s this Romy Yang is it going to cause
17284s issues for fpx maybe but let's take a
17286s look Raven and see how this one ends
17288s out
17289s uh double I
17292s fbx with the Justina variation can they
17295s win it show me some stuff fpx with the
17298s Justina karumi just taking monk for a
17302s ride usan already getting armor shredded
17304s corki forced to pop the usan on
17306s immediate but it looks like shiau not
17307s popping his ultimate at the same time
17309s holding in waiting for some more
17311s ultimates coming out of BBE wisely
17314s holding on to it but he's going to take
17315s a massive amount of damage due to the
17317s scale right now corki does get one of
17319s BB's players locked down right now we do
17322s get a grab we do get a slam and water
17325s and crew is going to take down I been
17328s from BBE now it's just a formality 2v3
17330s situation with Transformers there with
17332s Justina dashing around Roy HEI in disel
17337s that they could lose to a Justina monk
17340s Yan K corki still kinding right now it's
17344s not over crazier things have H happened
17347s in a 2v3 situation the among is going to
17349s have to heal Right Here and Now water is
17352s going to get parried but Shang h on the
17354s monk is going to Parry him back now 2v2
17357s situation who can win this war he does
17359s get the Parry again and good job by
17362s Justa appe peal for the monk but the
17364s focus attack is going to come out
17367s from uh fat milk able to pick it off and
17370s now 2V1 situation everyone relatively
17373s down to the same amount of the health
17375s Roy HEI taking the action to water water
17378s just needs one more juicy hit
17381s can he find it he's going to fade away
17383s try to get the Parry punish looks for
17385s the fade away sneaky Focus to focus not
17388s able to get it fat milk not giving it up
17391s and again BBE continues to surprise me
17395s able to slow down fpx one of the top
17399s points of the lobby with again a siphon
17404s C BBE growing a lot now normally Ser
17407s they they're really good on their Viper
17409s team I would say they yeah they're I
17411s would say they're in the the top five
17413s for their Viper team but they needed to
17415s figure out their slow game how to be
17417s slow how to be methodical how to to
17419s secure that first kill and that second
17422s kill going to Yang Poli and making it to
17425s these end games yeah they had to outlast
17427s a lot of the pressure coming in from
17428s tanai and Wayan to make sure it's just a
17430s drown unit type fight but into the
17432s shadow into the uh Sigma M we are going
17434s to see ug outside after they lost in the
17436s Romy Yang they are going to go up
17438s against fpx here as fpx are looking to
17440s try to fight fight this one now both of
17441s these teams are at Ro in completion mode
17443s right so we're have to really worry
17444s about who is going to come out on top
17446s because the moment one person dies there
17447s ain't no res happening and as you can
17449s see water is immedi eliminated we can
17451s see SS pick up the soul Bloom as a
17452s result and of course uh GG spawning in
17454s here and they lost their ryang too so
17456s they'll take any opportunity coming out
17457s for the third party xia looking for The
17459s High Ground here as a result as the T
17460s hyp ultimate is forced out for him to
17463s look towards SS look towards ug into the
17465s distance and it doesn't seem that
17467s nothing is going to give him the
17468s opportunity to do so he's the last
17469s teammate alive for fpx and this is tough
17471s output from that first that first ryang
17473s into a mixed bag of finding out a team
17475s who also lost the ryang and on top of
17477s that a third party Raven that just shows
17479s up and just steals the
17481s show GG on the trid and true this siphon
17486s composition now even though the team
17489s doesn't have any kills right now it
17491s doesn't matter this is exactly what I
17493s saw during their um their MVP rounds
17496s they just they able to scale so well
17499s transitioning into this end game
17501s um finding the kills where they need to
17504s and if anyone is caught off like fpx
17506s right here they're able to pick off
17508s these stragglers and transition to this
17510s end game now purple armor on the siphon
17513s almost up to that gold ultimate CGS
17516s looking real stack and they're searching
17519s for another solo and Duo player this
17522s time it's ug's U you trying to make his
17524s way out of here and going to go into
17525s Zone to deny a lot of this pressure it's
17528s an early zone so teada can follow him in
17531s but fighting a zipping in zone without
17535s burn damage is really really scary the
17539s only time I've ever been 1 V3 is this
17541s exact scenario where a zipping was in
17543s zone and we chased her down all the way
17545s over here the V1 and the the abilities
17549s just allow her to survive now as I say
17552s that I curse you we get a bista into to
17555s that's a little bit Overkill my man you
17558s just got pancak Yo CJs is like I'm not
17561s letting this one down and 3's like I got
17562s you homie just send up a 1,200 damaging
17564s ultimate or a Ballista shot Jing Yu
17567s though looking the RZ you as time came
17570s down he's able to pick up his teammate's
17571s gear and just make the journey back into
17573s the Zone I do see JD GG's tutty though
17576s in in this area and I'm not sure if he
17578s saw everything uh he is coming from the
17580s top down below and another R Happening
17582s Here tuty is with the V3 right Tesa
17584s ultimate is available here now finds the
17586s two man no one man Tes ultimate zdi is
17589s looking to try to confirm for this but
17591s TTY is taking heal over time from the V3
17593s so for now TTY trying to avoid the
17595s pressure coming out he finds Elin
17597s against zingu he finds that Soul Bloom
17598s and he's avoiding SS as it comes through
17600s for the justtina two dashes has been
17602s expended for SS to get out of the V1
17604s stun range but a Perry coming out from U
17606s get a confirmation kill for UG and where
17608s we're going to see jdg looking for the
17610s reset over near to the Zone this is
17612s where the hunt begins Raven for both of
17613s these teams it's making sure they can
17614s Outlast the
17617s other close fight going down and now GG
17621s not a close fight for them they just
17623s play all these situations super super
17625s safe GG's able to pick up ug's SS U is
17630s going to go down as well to Zone and now
17632s they're going to make their way into the
17633s Yang Yang coming up but it doesn't
17635s matter they stayed relatively healthy so
17637s going into zone is going to be a simple
17640s tax now wolves up the eight kills I
17643s don't believe any of them are alive uh
17645s BBE up to Nine Kills woo K up to three
17649s GG up to three getting those nice time
17652s attacks uh te up to four 27 people alive
17657s we're going to see I'm guessing a little
17659s bit of hesitation again going into the
17661s real of Yang no one wants to Hard come
17663s in here and we got wolves XM with the
17666s gold fan no hesitation from that one
17669s team though come on wolves let's again
17672s in there we got the gold fan let's try
17674s it out but it looks like wolves is going
17676s to be camping it out seeing if a Viper
17678s team tries to assassinate this situation
17680s really really smart play from them
17682s Hunters being hunted but drg sniffs
17686s something is weird right now sending an
17688s ambush for themselves BBE showing up to
17690s the party as well everyone is debating
17694s on going in and fighting against klaa
17697s super super stack siphon right now and
17699s we are going to get wbg versus K A
17703s Classic matchup yeah K right like I
17706s mentioned that that that St that stat
17708s they picked up has qg on long sword duty
17710s if he has he's using the fan first and
17712s foremost he drops into the he goes into
17714s the sky and drops right down below he's
17715s looking to try to find a Target he might
17717s be using an F1 early here but it looks
17719s like right then and there cuckoo is
17720s looking to just force this team in a
17722s position where they're all grouped up it
17723s gives K the perfect opportunity to lock
17725s down wbg a but a looks towards him
17727s dropping that Beacon down he has to
17728s utilize it HG is focused down the Yodo
17731s keate as Sleep Walker is the next Target
17733s on the list but as you can see by is
17734s denying that motion he's looking to
17736s force qg in spots where he has to use
17738s fre and defensively instead of the
17739s offensive push and of course ASA having
17742s this ultimate as Furious Shen proves the
17744s amount the pressure that can come out of
17745s it but sleeper first to get eliminated
17747s from wbg you can see the frustration on
17748s his face but the amount of sustain from
17750s this comp is pushing the sandbox comp
17752s into inir for victory qg has the F1 in
17755s midair the toot ultimate comes out here
17758s and this just gives K the necessary
17760s kills into getting another gold weapon
17761s for their Victory into the real raven
17763s where they can just can just snowball
17765s through the end of the game they a
17767s snowball if they find a gold weapon of a
17769s long sword yeah
17771s gold ultimate onada is no joke you
17775s basically turn into a Viper with four
17778s ultimates that's what you turn into and
17779s with blue buff they're going to be able
17781s to hunt down all of these Duos and solos
17784s these stragglers and down to 21 people
17787s it was looking like a stacker at first
17789s but as the games go on so does the speed
17793s so does the ferocity we've already
17795s warmed up our Morris now we're on night
17799s time and K is capitalizing on the fact
17802s that there aren't siphon teams inside
17805s that Ral Yang they don't have to
17807s necessarily fight against the likes of
17809s UG and GG but little do they know that
17811s those teams are still around and still
17813s willing to Duke it out now
17815s wolves with the zyphen team grabbing a
17820s chest to themselves looks like it's
17822s going to be uncontested for now wbg is
17826s by
17827s gay coming in to check out whether or
17830s not they could res here and they're
17832s going to see the rude surprise that
17833s wolves just got the buff the 20% damage
17836s reduction they're going to have to wait
17837s this off yeah yeah there's two teams
17840s arriving here wbg are just a waiting
17842s this one out but even GG are showing up
17844s to the case and they're thinking oh we
17845s can get the spirit well it's perfect
17847s good case scenario but then Z is an
17849s active Z Ultimate right before the spw
17851s proed they got the Mystic might so now
17853s they have that on hand for anyone who
17855s wants to try to jump into that area for
17857s the next 30 seconds and they don't want
17859s that they don't want that tassel they
17860s they definitely don't want that tackle
17861s against that Z for her to have another Z
17864s on top of it uhuh I don't think that's
17866s happening for anyone that wants to take
17867s a you know if they want to Ego check I'm
17869s sure but no not happening in mvpl we are
17871s going to see the spawn coming through
17873s here for GG they made their way up north
17875s towards emeros and they are going to go
17878s up against uh what seems to be wbg and
17881s uh this is where it comes through right
17883s now for this fight it's a make or break
17885s between both of these teams the position
17886s is three eliminations for GG wbg was
17889s Zero still and this is is where those
17891s forc ultimates just came out right from
17892s from the GTO where they're going to have
17894s to be aggressive
17895s quick yeah you don't want to hesitate
17897s when you feel like you're behind and
17899s loot one of the easiest ways to equalize
17902s an unfair battle is use your ability to
17904s strip the enemy's armor now if they have
17906s gold armor like GG does uh your ultimate
17909s should force them to pop their
17912s Transformers and at least we have a
17914s similar Health to fight against but wbg
17917s is not
17919s able get as as much as they would like
17921s out of this and wolves on the outside
17924s looking about hunting seeing
17927s wbg set up for this fight and now
17931s regretting their decision he has XM hot
17933s on his heels light attacks coming in
17935s Burn coming out and now multiple teams
17938s all here fighting on the edge of the
17940s Zone everyone sees where the action's
17941s coming out they want a piece of this and
17942s GG's 330 is going to get taken down by
17945s the Z one minute left on that blue buff
17948s they're going to be able to check out
17949s figure out where everyone is and see if
17951s they can get a nice third party as they
17954s kind of a probe for that threshold now
17957s K's qg sitting in zone scaling up widely
17962s up to Gold ultimate wolves oh I you
17966s think wolves hits the the 200 bomb serve
17969s drg is barely hitting 100 and we got we
17971s got wolves almost at 200 what world am I
17974s living in if they get a 20 bomb this
17976s game this could give them an opportunity
17977s then getting that yeah yeah yeah I think
17979s though that uh the potential for that
17981s would be remarkable right you said like
17982s 9% for finals uh for them to kind of
17985s take us proposed points are into the
17987s value that could give them a lit like
17990s literally a whole game's worth of points
17992s for them to just take full value into
17994s making sure that they can get Match
17996s Point quicker when the time comes but
17997s for wolves I can't I can't say anything
17999s you know why I can't say anything right
18000s I can't even knock on a wooden table you
18002s know if I wanted to if I said anything
18004s to deny the cter curse moment but I
18006s think right now they have a good chance
18008s for this end game they got 19 uh players
18010s for the to look for eliminations just's
18011s 22 total into the bar for this final uh
18014s final 9 minutes into this round pampy
18016s has himself to look towards and just
18018s looking through we're going to actually
18019s see the victory coming out for this R
18021s Yang fight right 521 campy having his
18023s having themselves to lock themselves
18025s right into the tumult Circle based off
18028s the timing that unique was able to pop
18030s that V3 Wayan ultimate granting pampy no
18032s worry about the wall now this gives him
18035s enough backline pressure where you can
18036s see how GG are trying to pressure this
18039s team out as as much as they can pampy
18041s just on Full Source SP Rush Duty has
18043s ultimate still so if anything comes out
18045s D wants to try to push this one through
18047s they have to focus the Yodo he as fast
18049s as possible and they're not doing so
18050s right now B 21 is looking to just force
18053s this one through and forcing everyone in
18054s the vicinity their own making that's
18056s when P finds that parry and puts a
18059s position where they can lock down 330
18061s the first slash comes out the teammates
18062s are on Onslaught position unique Yin
18065s they are not letting her go for dodges
18067s and pampy finds these 33 slashes to be
18070s in session and as much as it comes out
18072s here LM is one of the final teammates CJ
18074s gets parm just looking for those sword
18076s swings another from 521 this is a
18079s phenomenal chance for them to Showcase
18081s what they got here and this Roman Yang
18082s just proves that it could be anyone's
18083s chances of coming through and pampy did
18086s some work out there yeah pami able to
18088s hold her Yodo all all the way up the end
18091s just coming in bid with that last little
18094s bit of pressure stalling out their cool
18096s Downs using the fa ult to going through
18097s but first drg versus J G V1 is out B1 is
18102s back nice Port out coming out from drg
18104s going to be healing up right now but jdg
18107s hot on the heels sees them on The High
18109s Ground do they want to continue taking
18111s this fight no they do not they would
18113s rather go and claim this in center but
18115s 521 is going to claim out with the
18117s ultimates now both of these teams grief
18120s out of potentially fighting more teams
18122s but 5 to1 wanting to leverage their
18125s advantage here now this is a really
18127s really good stuff from 5 to1 slowing
18129s things down but doesn't look like jdg
18131s and uh wz are going to be slowing down
18135s drg's AI looking for the opener with
18139s these dual blades these dual hes I mean
18142s coming in hot able to find a Parry now
18145s looking to close it out with another
18148s Parry not able to but JD's toot is going
18150s to get taken down by uh
18153s drg now jdg last one of last one
18159s remaining Kiki making his way out of
18162s here and wolves spotting this out knows
18165s that there's one player around here
18168s don't believe they have blue buff but
18170s they're looking for that last kill 5 to1
18174s clutching it up versus GG let's see what
18177s more value can this Cannonball get in
18180s this end game serf yeah we got yen to
18182s try to look for those rage retentions
18184s from getting as much cannon shots as
18185s possible and just pelting them through
18187s as drg are caught into this backline
18189s pampy having the fairy Shen Mech into
18191s the favor of the yoim so if anything
18194s comes out we're going to see how much
18195s Pam can put pressure out here and it
18197s kind of blows cuz we saw jdg actually
18198s put themselves in the spot Tedy having
18200s that V3 if he had at least that 55%
18202s versions of whether or not it's V1 or V2
18204s he could have had cost cast a three-man
18207s ultimate potentially but at the end of
18210s the day we're going to have to see what
18211s comes out here a moon M coming out here
18212s drg XI gets caught into it so he has to
18215s take the time to heal he's got eight
18216s grapples left into his uh into his stash
18218s for his inventory and of course uh drg
18221s have two eliminations so far the
18223s potential here for third parties is
18224s immense right I think honestly right now
18226s and then though KLA has the the
18228s necessary gear potential of lasting this
18230s one out for the end of the matches and
18232s and wolves is right there on contenders
18234s point to be made but you know I don't
18235s want to kind of sneak in this last
18237s person the last team but BBE they're
18239s still in here full team everything
18242s available for them yeah
18244s BB sh up clutch in this this game five
18248s right now now normally I would give give
18250s this to a siphon comp especially a
18253s siphon com like K but wolves has been
18257s super impressive on their Zeon
18259s composition I'm going to have to choose
18260s wolves this time going into this end
18262s game I'm I'm tired of betting against
18264s them uh let's see if they're able to do
18267s it again now they are going against the
18269s Cannonball of 521 right now able to grab
18273s some loot grab grab some um resources
18278s going into this last EG of this end game
18281s still a lot of space made here 19
18284s players alive uh three three or four
18287s teams up to 9 to 10 kills so right now
18290s transitioning to this end game it's all
18293s about lading up the placement the actual
18296s placement points the multiplier ends up
18298s being a little bit better than points so
18300s as long as you play this slow play this
18302s calculated you actually benefit a lot
18306s more from uh surviving to the last
18310s little bit of end game the name of the
18312s game here is using that range and to
18315s range to your advantage and you're
18316s seeing K qgg seeing jdg Kiki down to one
18320s HP trying to make his way to the zone
18321s and cuckoo is going to find the nunchuk
18323s kill onto him easy pickings right now
18326s all the Duos and solos getting forced
18328s out to the open into the loving arms of
18330s all these trios players and we're going
18331s to see 5 21 pampy jumping into Fair Mech
18334s serve what can we see pampy do during
18339s this last leg of this ending he's going
18342s to get into the enchant I think right
18343s now pampy having this into ground uni
18345s form is now going to force him to try to
18346s take the time to retreat if not like I
18348s said Force the enemies into your
18350s Battlefield force them into your side
18351s because they want to try to be
18352s aggressive make it worth their while
18354s they have to use their own skills into
18356s this vicinity but te on has to get
18358s caught out here by 5 21's Yin from that
18361s Cannon shot and one thing that's coming
18362s out from 521 is one of them has a
18364s martial arst will look form uh which is
18365s the Jade of the Dual hirs where you can
18367s lock down somebody if 521 finds any
18369s opportunity for catch anyone outside of
18370s that vicinity it would work in great
18372s wonders and here we are final spear well
18375s 3 minutes left a lot of players are in
18377s vicinity of it but no one wants to take
18378s the opportunity of using it to their own
18380s Advantage we saw how last round how much
18381s I came into Valley but T lyd getting C
18383s to that tmy whis going to get caught
18384s through a multitude of rain shots has
18386s himself the cap B1 against B but he's
18388s going to be looking to get focus on by
18390s any of the enemy teammates I'm seeing qg
18392s trying to launch those Phenix blat in
18393s the background but this burn enough is
18394s going to be what's going to kill out lyd
18396s qg finding the elimination for their
18398s team number 10 on the board so far Kaya
18400s are still going to be looking to try to
18401s keep themselves inside the spear as that
18403s range immunity comes out for dodging out
18405s these areas but of course 5 to1 they've
18408s like I said they got to have people if
18409s they want to force them fight into their
18410s vicinity this is what works best for
18412s them pampy being nearby to that fairy
18413s shenme is looking for this opportunity
18415s but Leo getting caught to the ends of
18416s the Earth Raven to getting caught out
18418s for his team as they get eliminated have
18420s 14 people alive last Spirit Well going
18424s down everyone's posturing for it BBE
18427s trying to claim this last little bit of
18429s loot but k doesn't want to give it up
18430s for free wolves Hawking this as well
18434s it's super super dangerous to go for
18435s this everyone's going to be backing off
18437s no one wants to do it's a death trap
18438s Lobby is adjusting for this they don't
18440s want a hard commit everyone's taking to
18441s the sky they want to secure this
18443s placement point we're seeing non-stop
18445s action in this guy is crouching TIG H
18447s and dragon grapples going out over and
18449s over wolves takes to the guy where the
18451s stall out but on the low ground we got
18453s 521 on The Cannonball pami loading up
18456s with his Squad Yin just needs to drop
18459s that F mea but it looks like Pam's going
18461s to activate with this gold Hong sword
18464s Yodo slashing everyone to the low ground
18466s and Yin is going to activate into the
18468s fairy Mech sitting there pushing
18470s everyone down to the low ground and as
18472s they sit on this High Ground as they
18473s raid down chaos onto the lobby KLA
18477s struggling on this low ground taking
18479s barious shots to the side of the head
18482s but K qgg on the teada building up his
18485s ultimate again with the last shove to
18489s his name but wolves activating did I
18491s curse them did I ruin their momentum
18494s serve xtm trying to get this heal off
18497s invisible who was going to take it 11
18499s people left Z not having any armor here
18502s is a dangerous predicament he find qg
18504s finds an F1 to kind of Summers s
18506s somebody he's just spamming the RBS from
18507s the from the fan he's trying to catch
18509s that Soul shot as well he's utilizing
18511s this much as as much as he can but one
18513s other thing is that we are still yet to
18515s see BBE make that final round here
18517s there's a toot Circle finally unique is
18519s down but qg have has three more fearing
18522s blasts to go he's looking towards and
18523s making sure and capturing anyone in the
18525s vicinity the bottom of this Cliff side
18527s looking for the soul shatter looking for
18528s those Soul blooms he's keeping this
18529s momentum going he's looking for the army
18531s of the fan he catches pampy with it we
18532s see the F3 ey being utilized the comment
18534s goes to the sky and looking for those
18536s aerial blue focuses but qg just keeps
18538s that going Perry comes out Ben is going
18540s to get cut out here and with this into
18542s the Zone that's going to be elimination
18543s upon elimination 20 bombs so far for K
18546s and as a 521 Y is one of the few
18548s remaining enemy combatants against them
18550s there is nothing that's going to give
18551s any other team an advantage AC pross
18552s this point where qg has been pick up
18554s every single soul Bloom across the board
18557s and just making sure that he has old for
18558s team old for Circle and of course old
18561s for the victory into this round as he's
18563s throwing out the blue focuses he catches
18565s Yin as he's throwing out the fan he's
18567s catching win and with this team looking
18569s for this final Circle they're going to
18570s come out here against ZK but it looks
18572s like w still has one left leg to kick
18575s out into the face of danger and look to
18577s first place for the displacement points
18579s but we know who won out here for MVP and
18583s that's going to be
18584s K oh my goodness
18587s now the siphon from wolves I was hoping
18592s that they would prove me wrong again but
18593s it's kind of as I suspected uh the zy
18597s variation of siphon really really brand
18599s fense from the close quarters and we get
18601s um an end game that's very very wide
18603s open they're not able to take those
18605s isolated fights so they take up a ton of
18608s poke damage from everyone around we see
18610s 521 activate at that very end with the
18613s gold weapon Yodo pressuring L everyone
18617s onto the low ground a k still doing
18620s spectacular with the position that nice
18623s tight Consolidated play that wolf pack
18625s play where they're going around picking
18627s off people just like jdg really really
18630s impressive the focus fire really really
18632s tight really really aggressive really
18635s effective as well um siphon still here
18639s to stay and like I was saying before K
18641s doesn't really want those mirror match
18643s ups versus ug versus GG and they're able
18646s to pull out uh the siphon late in today
18650s and get a ton of value using that siphon
18654s late in this day um going into game six
18656s though we're still seeing a lot of
18659s zyphon today normal siphon and a lot of
18665s Transformers I want to see uh if a Ze
18670s composition would does it have a chance
18672s versus Transformers that that's the
18674s question I really have today my last
18676s question it's been a lot of excellent
18678s play from all these teams but one of my
18680s last questions I really want to see is
18682s how these pro teams deal with the zai as
18684s a Transformer compositions anything you
18687s would like to see going into this last
18689s game sir I mean it's interesting to see
18692s how well those Transformers can work and
18693s then sometimes how they don't work as
18695s well but I think honestly um a good
18697s highlight today of what I'm hoping to
18699s see is another type of utilization of
18701s what we've been seeing where Matari has
18703s been used Z has been making rounds right
18705s Z with the Matari with the Z has been
18707s such a strong point but I'm going to
18709s bring that point in in just a moment
18711s because I got a question for you guys uh
18712s which player used tanhai in game five is
18715s it a GG's lxm B wbg AA ug's Shinu her C
18720s option or D fx's sh he now this is again
18723s towards twitch chat so make sure you
18724s guys message out make sure you have your
18725s WordPress open uh you can get a reply
18728s out here from the the from the blade
18730s Point twitch Channel and you will be
18731s able to claim your reward that way just
18733s make sure you have Whispers open for
18734s that for you guys and you we're just
18736s talking about Transformers but um one
18739s thing uh is the integration about how
18741s Matari has been used of a way for player
18745s a different teams right we saw 521 try
18747s to bring Matari into that wuen Viper
18750s comp it worked a little bit it worked a
18752s little bit yeah it came down towards uh
18755s just making sure that that wuen had some
18757s sort of reset but it also opens up the
18759s door right if V3 Matari is like that
18762s skill reset usage there's always so many
18764s comps that she can work with where it
18766s has a great value and that's where we're
18768s kind of watching these testing grounds
18770s and even to not only to the uh mvpl
18772s matches that we're watching here live
18774s but you know a lot of these teams are
18776s practicing these in scrims Raven right
18778s where they're having that practice uh to
18779s be made for each and every one of those
18782s matches where they learn from each other
18790s now looking at the scoreboard klaa 22
18793s kills good googly moly 33 points first
18798s 20 bomb of the day wolves with 12 kills
18801s with that uh Zeon coming out with the 12
18804s kills 20.8 BBE heating up same with
18808s thing with their forign brothers 521
18810s heating up having a more solid day 13.2
18812s and 8.5
18814s te Champs struggling a little bit today
18818s at 8.2 ohou g h not the best performance
18822s still playing solid 7.5 it's better than
18824s being in last place but still I've
18825s noticed him in the middle of the pack at
18827s least three games in the row but at the
18830s top Q G leading his squad on the takada
18836s 31k
18838s damage
18840s zipping with the classic F3 B2
18845s karumi CH up big over uh the zipping
18848s with with eyes everywhere the karumi
18851s might be the Difference Maker for these
18854s uh siphon teams to get things going to
18856s make sure they can cleanse that burn
18858s damage now we're seeing the evolution of
18860s the Tami no more v3s V2 for that nice
18863s stamina regen and F1 making sure that
18866s they can crowd control correctly now
18869s looking at these final leaderboards any
18871s surprises here serve going into game six
18875s I think uh I think it's game six a lot
18877s of things can come out hero points at
18879s been expended right we have a total of
18880s nine starting off the day into round one
18883s uh and now that if the players are
18884s looking to try to Triple comp up in
18886s terms of a specific comp this is where
18887s those expansion of points can really
18889s start to be dilapidated by this section
18891s where they have to use a third comp or a
18893s fourth comp into their favor hopefully
18896s right this is where like you know
18897s Shenanigans can really start to happen
18899s if it's to the benefit of the players
18901s but you know the coaches the players
18903s they keep in consideration what works
18904s best for them and how they can rotate
18906s they know when they're going to be first
18907s second and third rounds uh you know
18909s choice pick so that way they can kind of
18910s format the calculations of which Heroes
18912s they can utilize the only outside force
18915s is whether or not uh heroes are chosen
18918s three times or more in the first or
18919s second round positions where they even
18921s chose up to five and that could cause
18923s issues so I'm kind of hoping to see uh
18925s what can kind of come out from teams
18927s that have zero points and they can't use
18929s any of those key comps but then again it
18931s can make any sort of way of the world uh
18933s for their benefit if it works in their
18935s favor and you know they catch victory
18937s for this point and you know for the
18938s clips and highlights coming out here in
18940s just a moment I'm curious to see what we
18941s can see from previous fights from the
18943s MVP as we know K came out here for a
18947s majority of the points into that round
18949s they came out here on top for MVP
18951s they're at 88 points they're shy here
18953s for a 100 Point day for their first day
18955s of playing while wolves is inching
18957s towards that 200 point mark That's to
18960s where we can probably hopefully see that
18962s and with that BR the robot for for
18964s gaming the clips are here Raven take it
18966s away here dog KY La in with their
18969s Stellar performance 33 bomb or 33 points
18973s not 33 bomb but 22 kills a nice 20 bomb
18976s going to them nice slow and steady
18979s versus this Cannonball team getting a
18981s ton of pressure uh tamy able to buy some
18984s time for his team able to get Faria
18986s stuck into this ultimate cooking her up
18989s not letting her go anywhere closing that
18992s out and wbg is going to get taken down
18994s now T again a facilitator the unsung
18997s hero of siphon composition finding a
19000s nice P hits looking for the muskin shots
19004s but really keeping everything on the
19007s rails making sure thata is taking us to
19009s the promised land taking us to the
19011s victory but you're seeing uh the
19013s facilitator Tami in the back lines with
19018s the good good high value V2 T Al that P
19023s sword coming around caming everyone in
19025s that last little bit unlucky for Wolf to
19028s clutch that last little bit of placement
19030s points but still 22 kills
19034s KLA playing their early g game perfectly
19038s playing their mid game perfectly winning
19040s their yangs and then even playing that
19043s end game wonderfully Q G with a massive
19048s game surf
19050s 31k damage and now look at over here 14k
19053s from that Cannon 14k man's uh man's
19056s packing a punch there and you know it's
19058s for good reason too with that rupture
19059s Gil once you take that dat and you have
19061s it in slot you utilize that and we also
19064s right we also see how into that final
19066s Circle uh he swapped off the he swapped
19069s off the Phoenix blast to one of his
19070s teammates because the moment he picked
19072s up that Soul shatter the moment he had
19074s that fan on standby for the nether step
19076s ain't nobody going to be safe from a
19079s deada that wants to engage you right you
19081s look to the soul shatter for any sort of
19083s control because it's a fast action blue
19085s Focus if you have nether SE on top of
19088s that for that to be secondary as the
19090s most damage that's just because you're
19092s just and then all of a sudden R&B pord
19094s comes out from cxz and there's nothing
19095s you can really do from that point
19096s because the reaction timings from enemy
19099s opponents just realizing that Jade is in
19101s the hands of a teada uh makes you think
19103s that maybe they're looking to try to R&B
19105s spam right if you don't have the Jade
19106s that's what they're kind of expecting
19107s from that weapon we saw the rmbs coming
19109s back and forth those vertical blow
19110s focuses so hoping to see what happens
19112s here into the next round because we're
19114s going to have a short break we're going
19115s to initiate ourselves into round six my
19117s name is sario alongside with the raven
19118s plz and we'll be right back for you guys
19120s in a couple of
19148s minutes
19178s foree
19208s fore
19238s fore
19250s foree
19268s spe
19298s fore for
19350s ladies and G gentlemen welcome back to
19354s nraa pro league I am Raven plz and I am
19357s joined by the great
19359s serveo it's game six rocket trios going
19364s into this last game we've seen a lot of
19368s old school play coming out of the
19370s Woodworks Transformers coming out
19372s looking at the standings unfortunately
19374s the old school J team not doing so well
19376s the first day but wbg by leally two
19380s Champions not doing so well today got
19382s kind of having an average day it's
19383s actually not that bad 27 but BBE heating
19386s up finally they started off really
19388s really slow finally picking up some of
19389s it GG absolutely activate activating
19392s here having monster games back to back
19394s jjh trying out their monk stuff not able
19397s to get it going on holl Roth still not
19399s able to get it going on Morris but we'll
19401s see moving forward ug having an
19404s excellent day as well
19406s 65 points now on the top six jdg at 35.2
19411s these guys have been impressing me all
19413s the whole day even though they're not
19414s doing as good as the top they have been
19418s winning their fight so decisively I I
19421s can't help but notice the way they're
19422s doing it K having a monster day just
19425s when you think you count them out the
19427s way they're playing these end games the
19428s way how these top five teams are
19431s performing in these end games is making
19433s the biggest difference we're seeing
19435s because of the new glyph system a lot
19436s more end games theg at 26 fpx at 38.7
19440s but Wolves at the top there might be
19442s breaking the 200 bomb threshold there's
19446s only a couple teams I've ever seen in
19448s the league get past that 200 and if
19452s wolves are able to do it they're
19454s definitely putting the league on notice
19456s now technically this is the qualifying
19458s round and technically playing for those
19460s points do matter because you're going to
19461s get that 9% going into uh the fourth
19465s by-weekly
19466s finals so it does put you in a good
19468s position they do have incentive to go
19470s for it but they have to be feeling it
19472s and I got to say I'm impressed by what
19475s wolves is able to do JL did open up with
19478s the siphon com but it looks like wolves
19480s has taken that composition to the next
19482s level and what what do you think is
19485s going to happen this game six do you
19486s think Ser that wolves is able to take it
19489s even further today the 11 points isn't
19492s that crazy for themselves I think one
19494s thing that gives uh wolves a great value
19497s is that if they find the opportunity for
19499s those early game kills right this is all
19500s until this is all to make it to finals
19503s that's really the main goal for this
19504s round but I think one thing we have to
19507s see about is if they want want to make
19509s this as a hurah type moment they just go
19511s straight crazy into the wood Woodworks
19513s of just catching those early game
19514s eliminations and with everything coming
19516s out towards Romy they catch eliminations
19518s there they wait it out they go to the if
19519s they lose right they wait for a team
19521s they third party we've seen them looking
19523s for third parties as well we saw it
19525s happen towards Northeast of Shadow J
19527s mine where they're able to go into the
19528s zone and clean up shop for their benefit
19531s but one other thing is uh to the
19533s extension of finding out whether or not
19535s players were able to you know realize
19537s that it is wolves but at the same same
19539s time this is like I said qualifiers are
19541s to make it to finals if wolz makes
19543s history for patching out a plus 200 game
19547s or a plus 200 into a week that would be
19550s phenomenal I I'll be they got they got
19555s style well don't winning the game
19558s six uh first round pick prizes here some
19563s people uh I mean this doesn't surprise
19564s me from the foreigners from uh BBE over
19568s here going with the tried and true Viper
19570s these guys we had the pleasure of
19573s playing against them with IDC they were
19575s able to actually win Yang they're one of
19576s the few teams that were willing to go
19578s Yang with their Viper composition even
19581s versus uh the counter coms a siphon
19583s Transformers they were willing to get in
19585s there won a really really good 8sec stun
19588s play and uh we're seeing the fast play
19592s coming out for our last game of the day
19595s the Vipers coms coming out and with the
19598s vi Viper rise the V3 Viper the F3 Viper
19602s coming out we're seeing the rise of the
19603s zyphon comp the Matari invis coming in
19606s clutch to counter that V3 and zy just
19610s providing so much pressure the one
19612s missing component of zy is that when you
19614s got away from her uh it was really hard
19616s for Z to find Value on her ultimate but
19619s with
19620s F3 uh being used a lot more with the
19625s Innovation coming out from jl's vvv and
19628s with Matari giving her that extra F3
19632s making sure that she stays on stop of
19633s her opponents we're seeing this
19636s composition not only thrive in the
19638s counter comp but also really contest in
19642s these end games as long as they have the
19644s right type of terrain a enough Close
19646s Quarter situations we're finding that
19649s the Z Matari zipping compositions are
19652s finding a ton of value in these end
19654s games uh youd like to see it I've been
19657s playing a lot of over these past 2 years
19659s 10,000 hours and I got to say this is
19662s probably the most surprising composition
19663s I've seen come out of the game yeah and
19666s I think this is a good chance for us to
19667s see I think one of the biggest uh
19669s turnarounds of the position the end
19671s circles right is like where Morris Isle
19673s can have you know potentially flat
19674s ground to high ground and same thing
19675s follows for hollow off it's just kind of
19677s interesting how we've been seeing these
19678s slopes happen uh round four right where
19680s we able to see it come out here uh for
19683s the high ground but we weren't able to
19685s see the third round selection and I was
19687s kind of curious are we going to see AOS
19689s my prediction was right drg are trying
19691s to bring it into fruition man and I
19693s think I think this is where an
19695s opportunity of them to catch up the the
19697s value of it could be met but their
19698s average right now is 6.6 for that value
19701s so uh this comp the Zari comp like I
19703s said like their best can case scenario
19705s was with the Justina Wayan but the Z
19707s Matari was their second type of uh pick
19710s and they're choosing instead of V2
19712s that's a V1 oos he got buff for season
19714s 12 that's not a problem but the other
19717s thing about it is the of V1 also got
19719s changed to be more heal back more damage
19721s value out of it so maybe they're just
19724s trying to see how it works potentially
19726s lock down push back Transformers because
19728s of
19729s it uh
19731s B1 on
19734s Transformer cuz it pushes back trans it
19736s pushes back um ten High's Fair
19739s shens uh and there's only one
19742s Transformer like there's only three sets
19744s of of teams for the Transformers right
19745s now for for AOS is WF WF
19749s he's been running V2 the entire day
19751s that's what was surprising too my man's
19752s full solo
19754s spec he's just going in for the Vibes
19756s right now I mean they they're mainly
19758s rushing down Viper teams and it the the
19761s whole idea makes sense to me is that
19763s they're they don't want to be the the
19765s actual initiation onto it but they want
19766s to be the cleanup crew the garbage
19768s collectors like the janitor come coming
19769s in hot uh finding these these Yang
19772s depletion teams kind of duking it out in
19774s that mid game and they're hoping just to
19776s snowball that situation out of control
19778s just because uh with the new glyphs uh
19781s board with rage as soon as you do get
19784s that first kill and if you're the one in
19786s the ultimate you get so much um ultimate
19790s charge back after you eat that Soul blo
19792s as long as you were the one who got that
19794s kill and you get that buff going like
19796s you just get so much Al so you're able
19798s to snowball a lot of these situations
19800s and I I believe that their their
19801s strategy is to just use that snowball
19803s effect of getting those kills in the mid
19805s game and trying to leverage the amount
19807s of kills not really wor so much about
19809s that the end game but more just to get
19812s on the board and stay consistent just
19814s through kills yeah yeah jdg are rocking
19817s in here the Shipwreck just to pick up
19818s the the S so hope or the fireflies so
19821s they're making the rotations out there
19822s and uh hopefully to see what that kind
19824s of comes out here for those AA
19826s opportunities to be met now te they're
19829s rushing down here from victim's Haven
19831s they're looking for anybody that's
19832s looking that that look to spawn here for
19834s those fireflies and then clashing them
19835s for those x marks they know they see
19837s that it's been picked up that's in Han's
19839s favor to say eight there ain't no
19841s fireflies here it's already been picked
19842s clean now victim's Haven shows wbg here
19845s but also to the vicinity towards the
19846s zest Winery with K picking up those
19848s fireflies too so any one of these teams
19851s could be ready to go find the
19853s elimination pick up the solom have the
19855s ultimate ready and it's on slot mode
19857s from there on if it's given to the right
19858s person but it also comes down towards
19861s whether or not uh they want to take the
19863s opportunity of putting themselves out
19864s there Raven where like if for instances
19867s Transformers are here right we see this
19869s the sand comp coming through for the
19870s sand forer where qg here is on the is on
19874s the Tami right if the T isn't active
19877s first or he doesn't if he wasn't able to
19878s find a firefly first this could give
19880s them a lot of trouble against those
19882s snipe comps of the assassinations coming
19884s out like Tessa for instance yeah the
19887s Tami for sand neck ends up being a very
19891s very very stressful position CU you end
19893s up being one of the pryo targets and you
19895s end up being uh the main counter to
19897s Viper because your your f1's able to
19899s iframe the actual Sun now a lot of these
19901s vipers are are V3 so you're end up
19903s having to like Perfect Space line of
19905s sight pop your um Tami wall to try to
19908s split up that burst same thing with
19910s Faria with the V3 uh it's kind of like a
19912s makeshift way to deal with Viper that's
19915s why you saw sand really phase out of the
19916s meta and and teams move on to just
19919s traditional Transformers um
19922s outside of holth on Hollow Roth Tammi is
19926s just so big for creating space for the
19927s Monk
19929s um but it's really really hard to uh
19932s play sand Mech in that early in mid game
19934s it is very very vulnerable to a lot of
19936s the fastpac composition we're going to
19938s see BB versus jdg
19940s ke Pokey down Roy he jumping immedately
19943s in on the Viper going to pop the V3
19945s wants to secure this key F3 is going to
19947s put it in Tech situation dropping down
19949s from the top ropes we're seeing BBE get
19952s staggered right now but the AL is going
19954s to come out from Tessa Tami all the
19957s surprise attack coming out from jdg is
19960s going to take down Tessa I just gets
19963s assassinated from jdg Roy he wants to
19966s finish off his Target but he's not able
19968s to the W's going to P them out into the
19970s tree but the Tessa Al is going to reveal
19971s their location jjh his team is coming in
19974s with the fourth party so many teams on
19977s this outskirts now JD G's God uh jjh
19981s godl on top of the teada keep it on top
19985s of him doesn't want him get a reset
19986s doesn't want to get that armor reset
19988s full Trio team now consolidating on top
19991s of teada looking for the followup
19993s getting the kill and now BB on the
19995s outside so many teams here now and
19997s wolves from the top ropes B1 ning from
20000s above going to go for the Stagger but
20002s wuen does react in time and Port them
20004s out to safety
20007s yo EG was just like I send something in
20009s the distance right coming through here
20011s and Zen just dropping down there the
20013s push is coming out here foring all these
20014s teams are just impeccable right now Zen
20016s is getting CAU to this enchant gets
20017s caught to the stand right then and there
20019s as Z going caught through for the chance
20021s the RVs come out here EEG still has Port
20023s ready to go here but he's not looking
20025s for this he's looking to try to lock
20026s down DB and that's be the eliminations
20027s from there it's kind of crazy what we
20029s saw jg's uh you know lone lone karumi
20033s was able to come through here and being
20034s by herself then her teammate show up it
20037s turned the fight around for where BBE
20039s were able to look forth and turning the
20041s fight to their favor JJ comes in sneaky
20044s sneaky to try to look for that third
20046s party and then wolves comes in as the
20048s fourth party to come this through and
20050s we're not even stopping there this fight
20051s is still happening wolv just came back
20053s Raven for some blood and I think they're
20054s they're thirsting for it and wol wants
20057s this 200 bomb JJ A's Godly and crew has
20060s their work cut out for them they don't
20062s have any alss to their name they only
20064s have white armor the v1's going to be
20065s invested by Wolves what can they really
20068s do godl last second able to focus slide
20070s out of that situation but wolves on
20072s their heels they smell the blood in the
20074s water they want to eat some red meat
20077s they want this 200 bomb but JJ is doing
20079s a great job of fending off this pressure
20081s now
20082s wolves able to take down one of them but
20087s the V1 is going to come out nice job
20089s from XM to deny the Stagger deny the
20092s pressure Tessa with the peel into the
20094s lmb and now Flames is going to get a
20097s sequence of light attacks to take him
20100s down great job from wolves ZK on the
20105s Tessa to save his Viper from that Sicky
20107s situation
20109s is it that great great great utility
20111s aspect when it comes to Tessa ultim
20112s right usually you going to see Tessa to
20114s like you know lock down to enemy
20115s teammates for their Viper to consolidate
20117s for a you know two for one type ordeal
20119s but uh using your test using your
20121s ultimates for support like that that
20123s comes to full value as well guys you
20125s take a look in the scene about what
20126s happens right wuen is at support point
20128s where he is also one of the more
20129s important roles but Tessa follows suit
20131s for that because her ultimate cast at
20133s 55% rage proves to the point where if
20135s you can cost out for one cast ultimate
20137s you can you can hold on to it as long as
20139s you can in in situations where your
20140s teammate could be cut elimination
20142s because let's say if the elimination
20144s happens and all of a sudden the soul blo
20146s gets picked up that enemy combatant can
20148s just turn the fight around they got a
20149s thousand they can get a thousand heal
20151s back coming back from that Soul Blom and
20152s that could turn it around so for finding
20154s those opportune moments like that Raven
20155s I think Tessa uh proves to be one of
20157s those main slot positions where you know
20159s you mentioned like you know position one
20161s position three type Gamers and I think
20162s she can take uh positions one and
20165s possibly even to uh to two for that you
20167s know for those what it's supposed to be
20170s worthwhile GG no surprises here the cave
20174s dwellers of the north it seems like GG
20177s really likes the north of all maps they
20178s they they've been Landing there for as
20180s long as I've seen you GG the the cave
20182s always spawns those fireflies even
20184s though it's evening even if it's daytime
20186s there's always a series of fireflies in
20188s there now in the South we're going to
20189s get fpx versus ug this is a very very
20192s corner I actually used to land here uh
20194s as my first landing SP just super super
20196s lowkey and senu going to pop his V3
20199s tried to put on the pressure for the fbx
20201s but the moon Bane is going to come down
20203s and now suu stuck in the corner the Wen
20205s Port is going to come out dragging them
20206s to safety nice Port coming out from I
20210s guess youu is on the wuen I don't see
20212s the King right now ug's team is just so
20215s Dynamic with who they're willing to sub
20217s in and get practice and just rotating
20219s composition trying to eek out every
20221s little bit of performance now fpx hunt
20223s on their heels chasing them down but 's
20226s making their way to the corner making
20228s their way to a no old Zone great job by
20230s them but corki is able to get that max
20232s range T Al now ohi's U is going to get
20235s staged right now he's going to get hit
20237s by a big RG from Corgi great peel coming
20240s out from ug but the blistering Edge
20243s doing a massive amount of damage
20245s cleaving all of ug the burn damage doing
20248s a lot but ug coming in hot with the peel
20251s you is able to get a Parry on to corki
20253s he's going to bring this down to a 2v2
20254s situation this is where ug signs the
20256s clutch moments just like this 2v2 Shu
20260s looks for the Parry gets a light attack
20261s great peel coming out from Shu the wuen
20264s trying to get the peel but youu is able
20266s to come out with another flank taking
20267s down the kill and shiu is going to Port
20271s his team out of here but ug's SS is
20273s going to get the rest they're going to
20274s get the first one will they get the
20276s followup clutch play coming out from
20279s ug massive chances there for that forbid
20281s and seal the grief and gave the
20283s opportunity for that reset and OG coming
20285s back out here on top now wbg and in
20288s their position as zeen comp finds
20290s eliminations against jdg eliminating
20292s them from this Lobby this round this is
20295s jdg the second day of playing they're at
20296s 87.3 so so far they have a good position
20299s so far for the lead but anything can
20301s happen to day three like I'm I'm not
20303s cursing there but we are going to go
20304s back to Shadow Jade mine BBE is looking
20307s to try to look for the value off of the
20309s V3 uh with the with V3 coming out from
20311s jingu uh from jinu ouu found the port to
20315s be more valuable for them in this
20317s instance now jingu has himself no more
20319s grapple so right now we see SS left by
20321s his own Lonesome and R&B gets caught to
20323s the fox fire while Ben is looking to try
20325s to lock this Tessa down but of course
20327s there's also those teammates to come
20328s back into the freay of things we know
20329s the Viper doesn't have an ultimate cast
20331s but she does have F3 so with it we're
20332s going to see SS get eliminated as a
20335s result and you know ryang fight
20336s happening out here te against 521 and
20340s with 521 actually having pampy on full
20342s sword duty this is where it's going to
20343s be met with Team the Zeon and the
20345s sandbox comom into this round Raven and
20347s you can see the ultimates are being
20350s casted pami and crew T's going to be
20353s invested but they they don't want to in
20356s invest the teada all yet tough position
20358s for Te right now they're trying to get
20360s value on the Z but as soon as pami hits
20363s this ultimate he's going to be in a
20365s world of hurt bampy does hit the
20368s ultimate Matari is going to respond F3
20371s is going to be invested Kumi also going
20372s to deny some of that pressure from the
20374s F3 and now we're back to phase three
20378s really really stalling out everyone's
20379s single ultimate but teada still has two
20381s more shs to his name te's lyd is GNA
20384s take a massive damage off this shot but
20385s he's able to ice off the pressure again
20387s now
20388s Yin uh with the F3 keeping pampy nice
20392s and healthy lyd with Matari doing God's
20395s work trying to create some space trying
20397s to create some planking angles for his
20399s team now going to Port out as well now 5
20403s to1 staying as a squad able to just
20406s cleave t down and this is what I was
20408s worried about uh the zon comp I just
20411s felt that like if you don't have a gold
20414s F versus teada the F3 is really really
20417s good for these pick outs for the nice
20418s third parties but how do you win in the
20421s long run if teada just holds his ult and
20424s like you don't really have an answer to
20428s the Tami wall so tamy counter Z Teo
20431s Waits and Matari definitely does not
20434s beat teada ult so how do you win in the
20437s long run
20438s yeah I don't I don't think there's much
20439s really much wind value out of that I
20441s mean even with Matari ultimate those
20443s backstabs even tamy can counteract that
20446s because tamy Circle can just be caught
20448s in the way of the backstab and guess
20450s what she's floating down and there's
20451s nothing that can save her at that point
20453s cuz R&B P sword swing comes down and
20454s there's nothing that she can really do
20456s to you know guard this through but GG
20458s working their magic through here in
20460s getting a stash to be bot and with this
20462s key they're looking to unlock this box
20464s wolves is rushing towards the stash this
20466s is stash had a lot of poison shrooms
20469s inside of it so things can happen it'll
20472s be basically because of that of Tesla
20474s ultimate comes out from wolves they miss
20476s all the targets inside of this now we're
20478s going to see a Viper coming out from Z
20480s as the V1 proc comes through Z is
20482s looking to lock down a person but they
20484s look to CGS and CGS founds the bush
20486s finds the V3 ultimate for that Wayan and
20488s now it's not where a place where the
20490s Transformers can go inside this is
20491s working before and after between both
20493s opponents that wolves have not much of
20495s an issue except for these poison shrooms
20497s that's the biggest point to be made
20499s Wayan jumping right through here CJs is
20502s losing all of his health every single
20504s bit of his health is gone he's got
20506s himself to try to get towards where the
20508s farious Shen is and the Wolves is uh
20510s looking to try to re-engage disengage
20512s everything with a sword lxm gets caught
20513s to the test enchant procs out the
20515s ultimate for the tether to try to look
20518s for a Teleport and I guess it didn't
20519s happen cuz now Z gets a full level three
20521s p sword swing and looks for level four
20523s but it's not going to happen for that P
20524s sword R&B and we can see how much Z is
20526s just putting the pressure this Draco
20528s storm though is exactly what you say man
20530s this is exactly what Raven's been saying
20532s the moment that Draco storm comes online
20534s there is nothing going to stop the
20535s amount of pressure with the ticks and
20537s the heals and everything in between and
20538s with that wolves are making this happen
20541s for themselves and the port out gives
20543s them the necessary reset as EG looks to
20545s get the team out before the third party
20546s Kay drops in yeah and K finds a really
20549s good third party here and they're the
20551s one composition I was saying sir that
20553s can take down Draco Tor they got a monk
20555s they need to get some double grabs they
20556s got the nice Terrain no old Zone usually
20558s is around that area I didn't get to see
20560s if there's a no old Zone in that area
20561s looks like Ki is going to back off they
20563s miss a third party opportunity but that
20565s close
20567s quarters with Draco Thorn is just brutal
20571s for GG rare misstep a little bit greedy
20574s with their macro uh but if you find the
20576s timings when these macro teams are
20578s trying to power Spike and you're even if
20580s not doing a little bit better than them
20581s that's the Tim you're trying to look for
20583s that's the timing attack that you need
20585s to achieve victory in these lobbies to
20587s get a a leg up on your competition we're
20589s seeing wolves again it's looking like
20592s they're about to hit the 200 bomb uh
20594s serve they're at 199 up to 10 kills
20597s they're just absolutely shredding the
20599s lobby they are on point with all their
20601s tactics especially early in Middle game
20604s now ug still doing super well too what
20607s were you saying sir I five now they're a
20611s point they're half a point they uh I saw
20613s te actually got eliminated Han the last
20615s remaining teammate and once I saw that
20617s number go up to.5 I'm like oh man we we
20620s uh we about to cross the boundary and
20622s this gives wolves enough time here to
20624s look for this but at the same time right
20626s K can really put that pressure through
20629s uh with the T High we might have to see
20630s the sunville dwelling fight because they
20632s are up against fpx a tether as qg is
20635s want to get caught out here is going to
20637s see whether or not this is going to be
20638s of best value K 17s finds that fair Shan
20641s Beacon to the works it looks for the
20642s cannon shots ofm and this T higho coming
20644s out to try to lock down everybody
20646s there's 10 seconds on r K needs to find
20648s themselves so cuz otherwise water goes
20650s down cxz looking for it having to hope
20653s for that so picked up is is going to be
20654s wor 17 goes down in 4 seconds 3 seconds
20657s is left he may not have enough chances
20659s but he looks towards his uh tan ultimate
20661s as a way of trying to deny anyone to try
20663s to push this but of course corki man
20666s living in lav Loca and this is where
20668s Raven this is where the if she can make
20670s this one out she can make it alive and
20672s you I say that but I C it I'm trying to
20674s hide this one out you're a super real
20677s serve cursing all of these nvpl Pros to
20683s their deaths BB is going to find that
20685s kill nice job by them to Search and
20688s Destroy fpx his player now xanu making
20691s his way into celestra not able to get
20693s out presses the F now trying to use the
20696s F uh liftoff to get out of there but BBE
20700s surrounds them takes his soul from his
20702s body give me those points up 25 people
20704s alive game six BB activating right now
20707s this is their comfort zone this is where
20709s they like to be on that Viper just
20711s swinging very very fast and
20714s violent now GG opposite end KLA opposite
20718s they like to play that slow and
20719s methodical way
20721s wbg uh having a an an okay day they want
20724s to have a pop off day though gold armor
20726s on the Sleepwalker now they're looking
20728s to get very active picking up the
20729s remnants of this uh KL K's team now qgg
20735s doing a good job of icing off the
20737s pressure wbg doesn't want to just
20739s blindly go in get third party they're
20742s looking around they're making sure the
20743s coast is clear and they're back to
20745s committing against five grapple to wbg
20747s Sleepwalker name they are probably going
20749s to get tell all the second they can
20750s close out the distance and great Perry
20753s coming up from Sleepwalker he goes for
20754s the F3 I fly relate with that the meteor
20758s missing for the midair shot super
20761s satisfying you landed little bit troll
20763s when you miss it I respect that he's
20765s going for it but k q his time is limited
20768s his days are numbered and he is g to get
20771s taken down from wolves walked and ran
20773s down by the pack it's tough cuz wbg like
20776s you said they need a pop off day to
20778s happen and they were hunting those cles
20779s down but the moment that wolves just
20780s shows up there that the test of enchant
20782s happens for a double down there is no
20783s way for them to look to try to stay
20784s there for much longer but we are going
20785s to see drg here into these final seconds
20787s of the fight I believe so cuz wfz is in
20789s this position where he had to use the V1
20790s pounces to come off here he's the only
20793s teammate Left Alive for drg they only
20794s have one elimination even though they're
20796s third overall right we're looking down
20797s towards and seeing how these comps can
20799s work out into their favor but it looks
20800s like this round is not going to be it as
20802s much as it can we've seen this Chase
20804s before W back into round three from not
20807s mistaken where we saw wfz is running
20808s away from jjh this time against ug two
20811s teams between the both of them where
20812s it's not going to be a fun time of for
20814s wz taking his chances here is going to
20816s get eliminated from the from UG and
20818s that's going to be the 11th elimination
20820s this round for them and they're near to
20822s the sun cave towards this region they
20824s have a lot of ground to make cover but
20826s we are going to see between uh two other
20828s teams into vicinity Raven where we have
20829s 521 jjh into this region of course with
20834s six eliminations 52 seven eliminations
20836s say 521 are trying to make this game
20838s worthwhile they have another day of
20840s working off but I'm kind of curious to
20842s see what like what do you thinking in
20843s terms of 5 21's performance between them
20845s and like you said the forance between
20847s both 521 and then BBE you know where
20850s that catchup can be met because I'm
20852s curious to seeing what your take is on
20853s that end uh I mean 521 they their main
20857s shortcoming is that they're really
20859s strong in Viper comps but their slow
20861s play isn't as strong now playing a slow
20863s composition on a very fast day saving
20865s for the last spit like I was saying if
20866s you save your s income for the last day
20869s it's very rare that you're going to run
20870s into the other really really strong uh
20872s slow composition now GG will play their
20873s slow combo on this day uh with seven
20877s seven kills already and 41.2 we've
20879s already reached our Benchmark you want
20881s to be around that 40 to 50 a point day
20884s cuz it's going to be there's no way it's
20886s going to be around 100 points to qualify
20888s for the top 12 now going into round Yang
20891s we're going to get GG versus K two
20894s Titans of the league going at it CZ or
20897s cxz in the F alt already starting the PO
20900s lxm trying to delay versus the Tami nice
20904s R&B is going to come out 's going to
20905s come out Tam's going to have to fade
20906s away Tami Al is going to come out but
20908s the slashes are going through great
20911s combo coming out from Yan and Yodo able
20914s get that one to punch now k against the
20917s Roes monk looking for the grab but
20919s nowhere to be seen in that t old alexm
20923s the only vulnerable one and not very
20924s vulnerable using that pillow perfectly
20926s to line the sight now GG's 330 putting
20928s up the pressure on the K the
20929s Transformers consolidate onto that monk
20932s a monk with no Ki is a sad monk Faria is
20935s going to get juggled 100 to zero and
20937s just you're seeing it right there Ser
20939s what I was saying a monk with no karumi
20941s it's tough life cold world for that monk
20944s cold cold world yeah 20 3° C type
20948s weather there or Fahrenheit in this case
20950s because whatever happens down towards
20952s not having a k it's just not going to
20954s have fun time especially against that
20956s comp Zeno doing some work out here and
20958s trying to keep this Chase off against
20959s cxz but cxz get caught in the test
20961s enchant and that's a kind of done ordeal
20964s uh for the fair Shen but Perry coming
20966s out as a sneaky sneaky qgg with the RMB
20969s uh gives ZK enough chances here for
20971s another chance of just deleting his
20973s deleting a third party to come through
20974s here and for ZK he needs his soul right
20977s he's at 5% 6% rage they need the kill as
20980s well but more importantly they need to
20981s set themselves up for when another team
20983s shows up here and for ZK this is going
20985s to be where that Valley comes out it
20987s looks like Z having not a lot of armor
20988s to work with has to take the time to
20989s looking for that reset and the other
20991s side of this side of the ventti temple
20993s we are going to see K HG at 200 Health
20996s he's looking to try to back off here as
20998s BB are looking to lock this one through
20999s 17s activates the T High ultimate but qg
21002s goes down cxz goes down 17s is the only
21004s person left alive for for KLA into this
21006s round and could get focused down here
21008s Raven as a result and decides to just
21010s call it quit and go into the Zone
21011s because he does not want to give any
21013s other teams the necessary points for
21014s Value unless he is looking for that
21019s res wolves up to 12 kills ug up to 11
21022s kills it's been an absolute suckless 22
21025s people alive 9 minutes left Lobby is
21028s getting thinned out really really
21030s quickly right now and wolves they hit
21032s the 200 Mark they made it across uh a
21036s kind of I don't I have to go back and
21039s really look at what wolves big
21042s adjustment is for them to have such a
21044s Sellar performance during these
21046s qualifying rounds now with the new
21047s glyphs and everything there is a lot of
21050s optimization that's still to be had
21051s we're still very early into this new
21053s meta looks like K 17s able to survive
21056s with a sliver of Health sliding in
21058s trying to get this placement points for
21060s his team Sleepwalker has an inkling
21063s looking in the corner I thought he saw
21065s some motion but 7 s being really really
21069s quiet Sleepwalker staring exactly to
21073s where he was by kind of poking around
21077s seeing if you see somethingone but 521
21079s team showing up distracting to them
21081s their senses were going off they're like
21083s something is amongst us a free kill is
21086s somewhere I can feel the free kill in my
21089s bones unfortunately K's 17s is not going
21093s to be spotted by them but he is he does
21096s have to fade so many T's around all the
21097s grapples going to come out jjh is going
21099s to activate can 7 n find is a sliver of
21102s without the grapple stacker is going to
21102s come out light attack comes out and JJ's
21105s godl is going to come in with the swoop
21108s and pick up this kill you know
21111s interesting Moran's just jump hopping
21112s towards him you can see like all right
21115s man I know you're at one you're sneeze
21116s away from Death that's okay you know
21117s take it easy and uh Morana just coming
21120s through there uh it is interesting to
21122s come through back into the Zone it was a
21123s miraculous play from 17s to find that
21125s rotation now but without supplies into
21127s the end games like that there's no
21128s chance for him to pick it up from dead
21130s bodies there's so many enemies in the
21131s vicinity for him to kind of worry about
21133s but OG here rocking themselves into the
21136s department for uh for just rocking
21137s around here into the cliff side GG are
21140s opting in for this Spirit well and
21143s getting K to test it enchant this early
21146s on not what they're kind of hoping for
21148s CJs had to force Wayan ultimate as a
21150s result once once they claimed it lxm
21152s finding that gold armor for themselves
21153s and obviously right now the Dreadful
21156s whale that LM is is now proceeding to
21157s Showcase to the whole world for anyone
21159s that's looking through the window s in
21162s uh it will be interesting as the fair as
21164s the yohime for themselves as CGS does no
21167s longer have this ultimate now CG GG's
21169s lxm gets constant enchant and inside of
21171s this building we are going to see
21172s whether or not this teleports going to
21173s happen and it is not lxm gets caught
21175s into the R&B he's going to be locked
21176s through in this position with the dragon
21178s slayer as well and after he the push
21179s back with fat milkk finds the
21180s eliminations BBE catching his
21182s eliminations number eight into this
21183s round are locked in with the farious sh
21185s with the Canon mode engage be Ben is one
21187s shot away for probably even going to get
21189s burned out but not going to be the
21190s happening unless dgs says otherwise and
21192s with the RBS this is going to force out
21194s BBE the port out is coming through and
21196s the clutch plays Raven with the blue is
21198s always a pleasure to see and GG making
21201s this end game on the cannon ball but
21204s Faria in those Close Quarters just not
21205s getting as much value too many sharp
21207s angles the brawling comes the close
21210s quarter comes having a ton of success
21212s over here pamy with his gold ultimate on
21215s the teada finding some kills over here
21217s with the crossbow picking up his brother
21220s BBE one of the foreign teams fat milk is
21223s going to go down and wbg is going to
21224s activate with their zy trying to pick up
21227s kills Sleepwalker going in hot trying to
21230s find an opener he is going to get hit in
21231s the back by the Wen of wolves EG barely
21235s taking any damage though that
21237s melee resistance doing a ton of work for
21240s him wolves picking up some kills over
21243s here on the edge 15 people alive 80%
21246s Moon Bane in
21247s wolves activating a little bit just only
21249s the zy ultimate just just seeing what
21251s they can get with a nice little bit of
21253s third party getting eating up those Soul
21255s blooms
21256s but uh wolves on The High Ground now ZK
21262s switching out the cannon going onto the
21264s Viper you want to run all of your
21266s ultimates through these Vipers for this
21268s end game really really good area for
21271s Viper Sleepwalker is going to get caught
21273s out Tesla Al is going to get
21275s invested nice meteor from Sleepwalker to
21278s get away from that situation try to
21280s survive play some place but he does have
21282s gold armor uh Sleepwalker
21285s still running away from wolves wolves
21287s does not mind rotating through the map
21290s to pick up this one kill but Sleepwalker
21292s is not going to go easily as this free
21294s kill he does go under the roof tries to
21296s get away he not able to get away the the
21298s jabbing is going to come out from the
21299s zipping the Tal's going to be invested
21301s and now wolves a little bit on the back
21304s foot with tunnel visioning this kill now
21308s in a tight position but they are going
21309s to get ported out by Wolves EG and reset
21314s to live to fight another
21318s day four days or four teams alive
21322s 13 people alive wolves up to 15 kill
21326s 28.5 ug up to 12 kills at
21330s 81.6 now it is only ug's first day it is
21334s only JJ's first day so they're still
21336s having monster games 521 can they get
21339s more out of this if they end this day
21341s with a nice big win they're going to be
21344s feeling good going into the game too
21346s it's always nice to do well your day one
21349s so you can pick off where you left off
21351s really tighten things up moving forward
21354s but jjh has the god position over here
21356s raining down lots of cannon shots but
21359s going into this last little bit who do
21361s you think is going to take this serf I
21364s think honestly uh if anything comes out
21366s toward Ward the position OG has a great
21369s opportunity of just catching everyone
21370s out as long as it doesn't come down
21372s towards the benefit of people not
21373s focusing on cada from 521 considering
21376s how much he's built out Zen finds
21378s finally wolves find Sleepwalker right by
21381s finding him out there after they chase
21382s him for so long they find him out but is
21384s it at the cost of their own lifespan
21386s because now we're going to see a double
21387s enchant happen here as Zen is going to
21388s be caught out here and no cannon shots
21390s are going to be being slammed across
21392s this corner of the ridge but we're going
21393s to see EG getting locked from the Tami
21395s Wisp and he still has enough time to
21396s kind of back off there as a result now
21398s wolves having their opportunity here
21400s looking for the reses looking for or
21401s looking for the regen here with their
21402s armor bar are still not going to let up
21404s the pressure they're going to
21404s continuously push this one down we're
21406s going to see another enchant coming out
21407s here z g gets caught ZK gets caught out
21409s here from Camp the 12 three coming from
21411s this point 521s eliminated from this
21413s Lobby for this round ug dropping in here
21415s with a gold long sword and with the with
21417s the long sword beings able do a
21418s detrimental amount of HP damage just
21421s outright and they look towards the port
21423s they find wolves and as a result we're
21425s going to see them get locked out here
21427s for OG they're just looking to try to
21429s anticipate the stone form the blue Focus
21431s throws and with it they're not even
21432s going to have to worry about that the
21433s solom pickup comes out and jingu loses
21436s the explosive armor has himself to force
21438s his own team to look for the port out as
21439s jingu gets himself for a heal back those
21442s cannon shots are letting up Raven this
21443s is going to be where we're going to lose
21444s jingu due to the amount of damage unless
21447s the team looks for it but Godly with
21449s those Majestic cannon shots coming from
21450s the backr Majestic cannon shots and de
21454s serve we're coming down to the lasts
21455s like five people alive ug versus JGA
21458s Moran though down to a 1 HP situation
21461s this is where you shines can he find the
21463s kill he brings it down to a 2v2 how does
21465s my man always do it how does he clutch
21466s it up for his team in these big moments
21469s he is going to SS is going to get
21471s chopped down and now you in a 2v one
21473s situation again presses F Fades away
21476s looks for the focus attack is going to
21478s get surrounded the one charge is going
21480s to come out they're not going to shy
21481s away from the moment jjh is going to
21484s clutch it out I can see them they're a
21486s little bit nervous like you know what
21487s it's you again how does he always do
21488s this but this time we are just going to
21491s throw out those Blues nice flank play
21493s from jjh and that's how you stop uh a
21497s very very skilled player from just
21499s clutching up that 1v2 situation you put
21502s him in the blender monkey in the middle
21504s you put him to his position Blues on
21506s both sides who's going to throw it you
21508s don't know gamble this you and they end
21511s up sandwiching you for that win good job
21515s by jjh though that pun intended right
21517s there is that a pun intendo was that
21519s intended pun right there U having to get
21523s cop rocking the hard place uh definitely
21525s wasn't the idealistic position but
21527s listen they got themselves in there uh
21529s for locking that one down for jjh is is
21531s a great 2v2 position but once he lost
21534s that one and once OG lost that one it
21535s was just a one V2 and then you know blue
21538s focuses from both sides he ain't going
21539s to have much opportunity there but
21541s regardless wolves passed the 200 point
21544s mark congratulations have this day two
21547s down we still have day three to kind of
21549s look forward and seeing about how D can
21551s kind of perform cuz they have a 91o day
21553s but you know catching more than 110
21555s points there would be something that
21557s we've seen JL kind of make forth in
21558s terms of value I mean remember it's
21559s former te teammates former world
21561s champions with vbv as well to make his
21564s kind of standpoint as being one of the
21565s most Innovative players into the points
21567s but it it's also to the benefits of
21568s other teams to see about the Innovation
21570s themselves and of course we rocking to
21572s this point where we see the sandbox
21573s coming through here for the final
21574s seconds into this uh into this round
21577s where the sandbox can have uh that
21579s momentum Ren right having the the
21581s position of not having to look towards
21585s what works best for them but what works
21587s best uh for their opponents in their
21589s mind right like it's like oh yeah we'll
21590s leave this fight we'll let that one
21592s happen you know but then they can just
21593s drop right the Hat they can drop the hat
21595s and then they take position uh lead
21596s overall any day of the
21598s week yeah and these end games especially
21601s game six everything is moving so fast
21604s all these teams um just swinging for the
21607s moon they're they're kind of over it
21609s they've already they're super heated up
21611s now some of them I'm not going to lie
21612s some of the pros a little bit tilted we
21614s saw of the first V3 wuen I've ever seen
21616s inside mvpl trios running the wrong
21619s ultimate uh little bit of mistakes here
21621s and there but going to last game we're
21624s seeing 5 to1 BBE with their Viper I
21626s think they Thrive really in the chaos
21628s that's where those two teams really
21630s really shine but it doesn't mean that
21631s the CN players don't Thrive as well we
21634s saw some really really great play from
21636s ug right there somehow youu always finds
21639s himself in these crazy situations and he
21641s finds a way to get some value even
21643s though he doesn't win the the the clutch
21645s right there just for some reason we
21647s always see his face in these clutch
21649s situations I'm hoping for the 1v2 clutch
21652s unfortunately uh jjh responds
21655s accordingly with the sandwich play
21657s stopping him in his tracks but today to
21660s day serve what a wonderful wonderful day
21664s for the new patch uh all these teams
21667s showing up big showing that discount is
21669s going to be playing off the most with
21671s how expense of everything and we got
21673s wolves rounding it out with another MVP
21677s game 25.4 points 18 kills good googly
21681s moogly Le now ug with 15 kills still
21684s doing super super well massive game 23.5
21687s jjh clutching it up securing that first
21690s place of four placement points big
21692s points going to them at 16.6 521 in BB
21694s like I was saying activating that last
21697s little bit uh getting that La squeezing
21699s out that last little bit of value for
21703s today but looking at today's
21705s MVP last game game six wolves ZK 20K
21711s damage on the Tessa doing tons of work
21714s normally you
21716s see uh the Viper doing a ton of the
21719s damage but with F2 and V1 Viper becomes
21723s more of the facilitator not the
21725s frontliner doesn't want to just get
21727s caught out and blown up every time he
21728s goes for the silence versus the F3 Viper
21731s you kind of just get to go AOE and nuke
21732s and cleave everyone down but still Tessa
21735s making up for that damage difference
21738s it's all about effective damage Landing
21740s those kills now looking at the overall
21741s store scoreboards uh serve any surprises
21745s for you
21746s today I think um in terms of uh you know
21750s what I can expect for the better um I'm
21753s kind of hoping to see where we can catch
21756s the
21756s day three for wbg nte right two teams
21760s two teams right former you know like
21762s with world championship last year with
21764s te right coming back this week four and
21766s making it to finals I'm still hoping to
21768s see them have to Grant a MVP you make
21771s mention right like it's 50 they have 50%
21773s of the remaining of their roster into
21775s this year uh for their side so hoping to
21778s kind of have that type of position of
21780s like we're not we're not letting up even
21781s though we lost half our peeps we're not
21783s going to be left alone to the dark cuz
21785s we are the ones that shine in the
21786s Limelight and that's where I'm kind of
21787s hoping to see them do better now I'm
21789s kind of surprised how we're seeing uh a
21792s big change up for the top uh scoring
21794s teams here where you know GG's uh
21797s prowess into this week a 73.1 game day
21801s this is the highest one of higher values
21803s uh from today I'm actually seeing them
21805s to be uh the fourth place team in terms
21807s of standings because of that value
21809s because wolves making today their
21812s opportunity of surpassing 214
21816s points taking that into finals that
21818s alone is insane for me because when
21821s you're taking the 90% value of that into
21824s play when you we've been seeing solos
21826s change their values from 34 points to 30
21828s points for finals where they need to
21830s make match point but trios has been
21832s steadily alongside 74 points there
21834s hasn't been much of a change and some if
21837s they have to if they had to decrease it
21838s for solos it's one thing if they had to
21840s Inc increase it for trios this is the
21842s main Prospect as to why because some
21844s teams have such a high point value to be
21846s carried over that they had to make it
21848s seemingly you know adjusted for the
21850s other teams but clips and highlights
21852s coming back to you for sponsored by
21854s Thunder robot gaming Raven take it away
21857s dog for these highlights wolves having
21861s another pop off day XM you're hearing
21865s the the the pop off of the coms going
21867s off xm's Viper sitting right in the
21870s middle with the over staring jjh in the
21873s eyes Soul read letting them know you're
21875s not going to V Z me brother we're just
21877s going to sit here and watch nice time
21879s buy from this I remember this clutch
21881s play the Tessa all going to come in
21882s Saving this Viper right before she's
21885s about to eat a focus attack that Tes
21887s comes in clutch denying flames' pressure
21889s and again flying in with a big Silence
21892s of Draco storm just doing so much work
21894s versus GG nothing they can do now going
21897s into this last leg of this end game
21899s they're not able to clutch this out able
21900s to get picked off by uh jjh and ug but
21905s still having a massive amount of kills
21907s it's not going to matter they're still
21909s going to be able to MVP this round
21912s Tessa doing the work 20K damage 9,000 of
21917s on P sword 7,000 of it on the
21921s ban and tons of heal coming out actually
21924s from him 16k my man was taking lots of
21927s damage they were surviving in this end
21930s game rarely do you see that much healing
21932s coming out from a DPS player you know
21935s it's you know it's one stat I would love
21937s to see in the trios is how many Perry
21939s counter strikes had happened cuz uh that
21942s could also attribute to why he has 16k
21944s healing if they didn't find the time to
21945s heal he has two saps between both
21947s nunchucks and the short handle but uh
21949s even not to the extension for those
21952s paries they do a lot of damage anyhow so
21955s you know we would see into the
21956s standpoint of whether or not those two
21957s weapons were being utilized for damage
21959s with Spike but the P sword like you said
21961s just comes out to do 800 damage for each
21963s blue Focus that comes through of purple
21965s Rarity or higher against someone who uh
21968s enemies who don't have a much fam
21969s resistance to board off in the earlyer
21971s mid game but definitely into the mid
21972s late game that we able to see but you
21975s know I'm kind of curious in seeing about
21977s uh where this comes down to I mean
21978s wolves picking up I think their fifth
21980s MVP between of two days playing
21983s phenomenal job for them to catch five
21985s MVPs in 12 rounds of playing so far for
21987s this week being highest scoring team
21990s outright you know independently uh
21992s compared to both you know for instances
21993s of UI and Gigi two teams that we've seen
21996s have you know massive 100 plus Point Day
21998s games and this time around they're
22000s making their marks Raven of catching
22001s that one
22003s up but interview guys as you guys can
22007s tell we be right back coming forth in
22009s this round uh at the very end of the
22010s interview to guys give you uh through on
22012s this end and for day six or day two for
22014s trios so see you guys in a
22019s bit hi everyone welcome to the post game
22021s Tov I'm Leah so this time we have ZK
22024s from the team City w come to our
22026s interview so please say hello to our
22027s audience
22031s first okay welcome I have to say this
22034s patch is just like c woles patch because
22038s your team can play tusas combination so
22040s well and also you have the like one of
22043s the topest monk players which is Eagle
22045s also you can play the Z uh Z and matus
22049s combination well to how do you think
22052s about this new patch B wolves like uh so
22079s well okay so I think this patch is
22082s really buffed wolves very well because
22084s for our team with think our Styles is
22087s like uh boast fighting and operation
22090s style so for this patch is really
22092s feasable for our team we can do more do
22095s better in the final Circle okay so in
22098s the game five we noticed that when all
22102s we think it may be K who will be the
22106s last team standing in the final Circle
22108s and that time you ZK you like appear so
22112s suddenly so what happened at that time
22136s okay so uh uh in game five I played the
22140s Ping and in the last Circle I standing
22142s on the tree and Ed My ultimate to heal
22145s my uh teammate and at that time in that
22148s Circle our health is better than KOA so
22151s we were the last team standing in the
22154s final Circle okay let's move on to our
22156s answer for
22157s Treasure so this time our question is
22159s how many kills did the team City wols
22161s get in the game
22166s six so we come to this patch with
22169s mentioned about is more difficult to do
22171s well in the operation part so for your
22174s team any like good tips you can share
22177s with us about the
22200s operation okay so you need to get more
22202s short in the game like a golden armor or
22206s purple armor just do all you can do to
22209s get the good equipment for your team
22211s okay please come down
22213s time three two 1 okay screenshot
22216s everyone well I have a question do you
22220s think it's possible for taka which uh he
22224s like let his ultimate come to Golden
22227s level to the first Young
22246s okay I think it's possible but it's
22248s quite difficult because you have to do
22250s really uh good in the like uh first part
22254s in the B fight you have to find the
22256s golden uh weapon also your teammate have
22259s to like hold the purple weapon as well
22263s so it's quite difficult well so the last
22267s question I want to ask you so you just
22269s mentioned about this patch is really
22270s feasible for wolves and but so far your
22275s total points it's like the same story
22278s the first place of the regular total
22280s points how about this time
22300s okay so we just keep our uh status and
22304s uh to the bi-weekly final okay so how
22307s about for the bi-weekly final how do you
22310s think the game the competition so far
22312s for
22321s w oh I think is as easy as turn my hand
22324s so I have a English way to say like can
22327s I ask you to say that together with
22335s me okay 3 two 1 naraka easy game okay
22341s thanks ZK that's all for today's
22342s interview byebye
22344s everyone oh I bring this
22346s in easy game easy life is that the is
22350s that the motive we the model we should
22352s be taking in uh probably right Raven
22355s easy game easy life of course of course
22358s sir it's always a it's always a pleasure
22360s you know enjoying the game you know and
22362s then you know then classifying as an
22364s easy game and then just be like yeah I
22365s can just steam roll I'm
22367s joking but it's been an awesome day here
22370s today guys uh of course with uh day two
22372s coming to a near conclusion marks um our
22375s standings are going to Showcase here
22376s we're going to have a preview for
22377s tomorrow cuz solos is going to happen
22379s this is going to be day uh or not
22380s tomorrow for next week I should say uh
22383s for Thursday we are going to have solo
22385s the schedule isn't being pushed a day
22387s earlier the holiday season is you know
22388s coming through to a close for uh for CN
22391s so with that we'll see how day three
22393s ends up going I'm curious and seeing how
22396s this is going to translate over towards
22397s next week because that's this is next
22398s week is the final week Raven right we're
22400s heading we heading into finals before
22402s last chance qualifiers into pre-finals
22404s and this is where a lot of marks are to
22406s be made for players trying to catch
22408s themselves for finals for those ranking
22409s points that can just carry over and all
22411s they need to do is be top six for their
22413s uh for their distinguished you know
22414s regimen
22417s yeah uh like you said surf last little
22420s bit before we go into the last leg of
22422s the spring nvp I looking at the
22423s standings uh J team quite a big fallof
22427s for this season I know they have a new
22428s squad for them but J team two-time World
22430s Champs they'll bounce back uh ewg 28.3
22434s 31 on bow wbg 32 about an average day a
22439s little bit below average especially for
22440s a team at wg's caliber they're hoping to
22442s have the breakout season right now
22444s hopefully they can pull it back together
22445s for their day three xcg a little bit
22448s slow for them too xcg one of those very
22451s very slow methodical macro teams playing
22454s that end game spectacular 521 47.5 solid
22458s solid time that's exactly where you want
22460s to be to feel comfortable going to your
22461s game two you still got to play Deb well
22463s on your game two but it's all good align
22465s same thing uh BBE they're going to be
22467s sweating it I don't think it's going to
22469s be enough at 66.9 to fade the rest of
22471s the lobby and to keep going 73.1 from GG
22474s off a singular day spectacular jjh 80.9
22478s still they're going to feel also
22479s uncomfortable going into that last
22481s little bit of uh day three to make it to
22485s the qualifying to make it to the
22487s bi-weekly finals week four ug 89.2 no
22490s surprises there absolute dominant
22492s performance same thing with K uh drg
22495s starting off the day really strong but a
22497s little bit gassing out near the end same
22499s thing with fpx uh a little bit more gas
22501s but still gassing out in the end but you
22503s know what pedal to the metal
22505s almost back toback 100 Point days but
22508s busting down the door to being part of
22510s that 200 point plus Club wolves having a
22515s spectacular day something that should be
22517s studied and I will be studying to check
22519s out how these guys did it how they had
22521s such a great qualifying round what
22523s glyphs they were doing and how they kind
22525s of adjusted for all of these zy siphons
22529s around the lobby by playing it
22530s themselves um but really really cool
22533s stuff from them but look at the calendar
22537s like you were saying serve we are on
22540s that by weekly 4 We're concluding this
22544s and then we'll be going to the last
22545s chance qualifiers for the solo and Trio
22547s going into the spring solo Grand finals
22550s and trios Grand finals I'm excited to
22553s see it who is going to take it we had
22555s the J Cup winners de and 's Mike who
22561s will win this next big tournament
22566s I think it's a I think it's going to be
22568s a surprise for everyone man I mean like
22570s this like I think another benefit and
22571s I'm bringing this up because you guys
22573s going to see on the screen the this is
22574s how the schedules are for the maps
22577s Hollow off Sunny to cloudy to Sunny and
22578s morof dust night to DK I think a big
22581s thing that happened right is that in the
22583s first three weeks for this spring week
22586s for both solos and trios is that we were
22588s pre-m season 12 now season 12 dropped in
22591s suddenly now we have teams that are
22592s doing the shenanigans banig against
22594s right having everything for them to you
22596s know work best for them and now we're
22599s seeing it the results of that type of
22601s you know that type of play right we seen
22603s wolves coming back here on top the whole
22605s system in the beginning of the game
22607s changed to throw it out the window right
22608s before like it can kind of match out but
22611s now that this glyph Port system comes
22612s into play things changed right
22614s opportunities arise for teams that
22616s usually uh if they had like a niche type
22618s play style to come through suddenly all
22620s of a sudden it could just make the make
22621s or break their position like then and
22623s there and EG or Wolves of having the
22626s opportunity of making this day a lot of
22628s high point valys it doesn't kind of
22629s brush away the other teams right we seen
22631s GG T take the opportunity for economy
22633s spawn and to day one we saw aggression
22635s Valley coming out where we didn't see
22637s there was actually a team that didn't
22639s have and I think it was drg where they
22641s were building out not discount they ran
22643s full rage into full energy why because
22645s in the early game fights they would look
22647s for that to be able to be on aggressive
22648s routes they got the energy they get the
22650s grapple distance they can fight the
22652s chase out here in Morris aisle and then
22653s catch those early the early eliminations
22655s which means also more gold and then that
22658s translates over into the end game for
22659s when they can utilize that for the uh
22661s for the gear in hand it just really
22663s comes down to who can adjust the best
22665s the fastest and you know coming out on
22667s top as victory uh as Grand finals reach
22670s into June that's where we'll be able to
22672s see that Raven yeah and just like you
22674s said um who whoever can learn the
22676s fastest
22678s will to go the spoils we're going to be
22681s pushing up the the boulder up this new
22683s meta but today is going to be concluding
22686s ladies and gentlemen I am Raven psle
22689s your expert analysis I am joined by the
22691s wonderful and great surve thank you guys
22694s for watching tune in next week for some
22698s more action for nakaka pro league but
22700s for this week we will be concluding uh
22703s stay safe out there guys have fun and we
22707s will see you guys next time
22740s right
22759s bch
22804s r
22805s go
22840s I
22886s you