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0s [Music]
6s [Music]
53s [Music]
62s n
67s [Music]
74s [Music]
92s n
98s [Music]
148s [Music]
151s n
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1354s [Music]
1357s I'm be all right cuz you
1359s know girl I'll be all night you know
1367s bepp ice fck it I always in first place
1372s been I
1374s I'm like like like a
1381s [Music]
1407s oh me
1410s [Music]
1425s all
1427s right girl be
1434s youpp in ice [ __ ] it I always in first
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1462s I'm let
1464s a like
1466s a like a m
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1474s ah oh ah
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1499s a
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1528s oh
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1761s [Applause]
1764s [Music]
1768s [Applause]
1774s [Music]
1845s [Music]
1861s [Music]
1869s [Music]
1888s a
1892s [Music]
1911s [Music]
1924s [Music]
1941s [Music]
1948s kind for
1959s [Music]
1968s [Music]
1980s [Music]
1986s say what
1988s is
1991s fate it's about shattering the
1995s cycle altering the rules of the game
2000s [Music]
2009s [Music]
2021s [Music]
2035s hey
2045s [Music]
2055s new challenges will be
2057s ignited and a new order is poised for
2061s reshaping
2073s [Music]
2080s [Music]
2097s w
2099s m
2103s [Music]
2113s [Music]
2121s [Music]
2129s yes
2132s [Music]
2140s [Music]
2159s [Music]
2214s [Applause]
2214s [Music]
2240s let's crush them done done
2255s [Music]
2276s what
2281s did you see this coming
2285s [Music]
2311s [Music]
2332s [Music]
2343s [Music]
2359s for
2360s [Music]
2371s [Applause]
2372s [Music]
2381s fore
2384s [Music]
2396s foree
2399s fore speee
2403s [Music]
2424s [Music]
2480s you're
2506s let's crush them d d
2521s [Music]
2547s did you see this coming
2550s [Music]
2569s [Music]
2578s h
2587s [Music]
2596s [Music]
2608s [Music]
2614s F what
2616s is
2619s fate it's about shattering the
2622s cycle altering the rules of the game
2627s [Music]
2637s [Music]
2649s [Music]
2661s hey hey
2664s [Music]
2673s [Music]
2683s new challenges will be
2685s ignited and a new order is poised for
2688s reshaping
2701s [Music]
2727s w
2728s h
2731s [Music]
2741s [Music]
2750s [Music]
2761s [Music]
2781s [Music]
2833s is
2836s [Music]
2859s [Music]
2900s [Music]
2909s [Music]
2914s [Music]
2917s [Applause]
2922s [Music]
2931s [Music]
2942s [Music]
2956s [Applause]
2957s [Music]
2961s [Applause]
2967s [Music]
3022s [Music]
3038s [Music]
3057s oh
3060s [Music]
3109s w
3110s [Music]
3117s a
3118s [Music]
3129s [Music]
3160s [Music]
3174s ni
3178s [Music]
3192s [Music]
3200s he
3209s [Music]
3217s girl I'm be all right
3222s know night you
3223s [Music]
3230s know I forget always in first place I
3233s been Bing cuz I know it I'm R like like
3237s a like a b
3242s [Music]
3284s girl I'm be all right CU you
3288s know girl be youpp
3296s [Music]
3298s I always in first
3300s place
3303s [Music]
3323s I
3325s them let them ah
3333s [Music]
3348s [Music]
3394s [Music]
3412s all
3425s I
3429s [Music]
3507s B
3510s [Music]
3565s I
3574s [Music]
3576s night
3587s [Music]
3606s [Music]
3638s [Music]
3647s [Music]
3686s for
3690s [Music]
3720s [Music]
3738s [Applause]
3740s [Music]
3745s yeah for
3805s oh fore
3809s [Music]
3818s [Music]
3823s [Music]
3845s [Music]
3851s spe
3861s [Music]
3877s [Music]
3885s [Music]
3902s [Music]
3906s one
3914s [Music]
3935s [Music]
3946s hello
3967s [Music]
3974s [Music]
3980s [Music]
3985s m
3995s fore for spee
4006s [Music]
4021s [Music]
4029s flame
4035s Z gaming
4044s [Music]
4054s [Music]
4059s jdg J pping
4075s [Music]
4105s RG
4124s [Music]
4131s drg
4133s [Music]
4145s [Music]
4157s [Music]
4164s te
4167s lyd
4178s [Music]
4208s KO
4234s k
4255s [Music]
4271s B
4307s J FY
4334s for
4339s [Music]
4347s [Music]
4350s [Applause]
4364s [Music]
4374s g c
4393s oh you
4397s [Applause]
4414s [Music]
4423s o the king
4431s [Music]
4443s d
4451s [Music]
4459s [Music]
4465s [Music]
4490s [Music]
4492s see who
4496s m
4505s [Applause]
4517s [Music]
4530s [Music]
4542s fore
4545s [Music]
4563s [Music]
4571s [Music]
4579s turn home
4599s for on
4601s [Music]
4614s whatever
4616s [Music]
4624s [Music]
4635s [Music]
4642s [Music]
4644s for fore
4649s [Applause]
4653s [Music]
4668s [Music]
4726s hello everybody and welcome to the
4729s mbpl spring finals my name is H and I am
4734s joined by Moxy for the trio Grand finals
4737s Moxy how you
4738s feeling I'm feeling excited honestly I
4741s was heading into this morning I was just
4742s really hyped up and getting to see that
4744s opening ceremony as well I'm even more
4747s ready to just jump into all of these
4749s matches I was talking to you a little
4751s bit before broadcast kicked off saying
4753s yeah solos ended a little bit early Mike
4756s walked away with that win spoilers after
4758s game five having hit MVP eligibility and
4761s just steamrolling through his
4763s competition hopefully we're going to be
4765s seeing a little bit of a longer day
4767s coming through from trios especially
4770s since it is the grand finals and that
4772s means that the Grand Final twitch drops
4775s are going to be enabled so the longer
4776s the stream goes on for the more you're
4778s going to benefit as long as your account
4781s is connected make sure that you're Thea
4782s account and your Twitch are connected so
4784s that when you keep watching not only do
4786s you get to benefit from watching all of
4788s these amazing games of nraa you also get
4791s a couple of really cool freebies as well
4794s as a little sneak peek into our new map
4799s peroria is going to be available on July
4803s the second which is going to be
4806s absolutely crazy to get to see that in
4808s action from all of the images that we've
4811s seen it looks like it's going to tip
4814s meta on its head with the amount of
4817s verticality I looks so cool I'm really
4819s excited see a new map cuz we were
4821s talking about this as well actually it's
4823s been 2 years since came out and horof
4827s was a real kind of explosion in the meta
4829s and changed a lot of the way the game
4830s played I mean you think about the the
4832s release of zip and how zip was like only
4835s relevant on horor off and I'm so excited
4837s to see what a new map is going to do to
4839s The Meta how it's going to shake things
4840s up and how our game days are going to
4842s look because at the moment we got three
4844s games of H off three games of morile
4845s we're going to have a whole new map to
4847s squeeze in there I'm really interested
4848s to see where that's going to squeeze in
4850s how that's going to comps like you said
4852s verticality is going to be a big thing
4854s so that would be very fun obviously
4855s we're looking more obviously with it
4857s coming next month it would be a summer
4859s season thing before us before we see it
4861s in mvpl but now we're on to finals uh
4865s all of the teams are getting ready
4867s getting set up I mean one of the
4869s expectations I kind of know your
4870s expectations because you've you've
4872s spoken to me while we were watching the
4874s uh the insanely hype opening ceremony
4877s but I think we should probably hash out
4879s what the expectations are today for
4881s everyone at home and who we're expecting
4883s to really show up today
4885s yeah I think definitely there's a couple
4887s of favorites uh in terms of performances
4890s that we've seen so far in the season
4891s wolves 100% up there my one concern for
4895s wolves however is the fact that despite
4898s currently leading the leaderboard and
4900s for the most part as well when they were
4901s taking on their regular weeks coming in
4903s first all of the times that they made it
4905s into the bi-weekly finals they didn't
4907s actually walk away a single bi-weekly
4908s finals win they crumbled under that
4910s pressure and other teams were able to
4911s take advantage of the match point
4912s eligibility system and the fa picks
4915s coming through teams like GG who looked
4917s a lot stronger on that style of macro
4919s aspect which is why I think wolves might
4921s have a little bit of a tougher time than
4923s a lot of these players are expecting to
4926s see personally my pick to take the
4928s entire thing is going to be JL JL having
4932s picked up two of the defending world
4934s champions txj and vvv not only have an
4937s absolutely insane roster but they're
4939s also the the sort of pioneering teams
4942s that have been pushing this matter and
4944s developing it and I think if any team
4946s that's been holding on to strategies
4948s it's going to be JL especially since
4951s when pre-finals went through we had a
4953s full two weeks downtown right and we saw
4956s how quickly when JL came up with this
4958s new composition and started running the
4959s siphon composition it took less than two
4962s days for every other team in the league
4964s to start trying to copycat it and as a
4967s result JL knew if they showed anything
4969s off in pre-finals that two we downtime
4972s would give all of these other teams the
4973s ability to to match up and figure out
4975s how to run it so I have a feeling that
4977s JL is sitting on a secret strategy that
4979s only now we're going to get to see I
4983s hope I pray you're right because JL they
4986s are the cooks of the league they get in
4988s the kitchen and they put something real
4990s good together um I I do feel you know J
4993s very very stacked lineup incredibly
4996s capable team I really want to go back to
4999s GG though personally they're the team
5001s I've got my eyes on because you talked
5003s earlier about wolves in Under Pressure
5006s GG Fran this is a team who I think
5010s especially if you look at their
5011s bi-weekly three performance they had no
5013s business winning that by-weekly 3 they
5016s they played that game so reserved it
5019s obviously wasn't bad cuz they won it but
5020s like it was so reserved and then they
5023s just pop off and I don't think there is
5025s another team in the league that plays
5027s final circles as good as GG JL shine in
5031s in in the sense where they're creative
5032s they're able to make um really really
5035s good decisions and cook up cool team
5037s comps and things that catch people off
5039s guard but GG their composure when that
5042s Circle was closing in is unparalleled
5045s right now so for me they're the team
5047s I've got my eyes on and tragically I
5050s think it is tragic neither of us really
5052s mentioned ug here OG won the first
5054s bi-weekly final they were the team who a
5056s lot of people had their eyes on going in
5059s to this season in general but I do think
5062s they're not as on form as the other guys
5065s right now as you can see though GG do
5067s have some work to do uh the match point
5070s threshold is reduced to 70 points down
5072s from 74 for the regular bi-weekly so you
5074s can hit that eligibility quicker but GG
5076s currently are in eighth place where ug
5079s they're in sixth place JL are in second
5082s place wolves in 12 in first place with
5085s that 12 point start for themselves so
5087s they're not that far realistically off
5089s hitting that match point eligibility but
5092s like you said wolves team you do
5093s typically seem to struggle under the
5095s pressure and I can't think of a higher
5098s pressure scenario that is a big arena
5100s there is a lot of people in the crowd
5102s hearing there's a lot of people probably
5103s holding up your logo wolves are a
5105s popular team people are going to be I
5109s mean if I was on if I was on wolves
5110s right now I would be nervous I would be
5112s very very nervous having to look out
5113s into that crowd yeah and I mean we're
5116s going to be starting off immediately
5118s diving straight into the action instead
5119s of starting off slowly and building up
5122s to the second half of the day with
5124s things like the the firl is coming
5125s through it's uh it's going to be dusk
5128s straight off of the rip we get Morris
5130s aisle three times back to back to back
5132s which means fireflies increased
5134s aggression and that sort of plays into
5136s having to to play into that pressure
5138s right this is game one and you cannot
5141s afford to play it slow right off of the
5143s rip we're going to see these teams
5145s having to take fights having to win Hot
5147s Drop situations because they're going to
5149s be scrapping it out over things like
5150s fireflies and with fireflies being on
5153s the map as an increased spawn we're
5155s going to be seeing a lot of that siphon
5156s composition coming through as well which
5158s you have to be so Adept at figuring out
5160s where that Z is playing from and
5163s counting down not just one every but
5165s three of them with that Matari V3
5167s composition coming through yeah
5170s absolutely right and I think I don't
5172s think we've ever talked about this but
5173s the thing that I find so exciting and so
5176s fun about um about the way the new
5179s system works the one which we adopted
5181s for biweekly finals and now going into
5182s the grand finals itself is the way you
5186s have to spend your hero points is super
5188s interesting obviously the first two
5189s games you all start on Zero Hero points
5191s so you have to you have to be kind of a
5193s little bit more uh you can be a bit more
5195s reserved there then as we get into the
5197s other games as we go further forward you
5199s know it's on you to burn those hero
5201s points in an interesting way where You'
5203s got to be a mixture of conservative and
5205s aggressive because if you overly
5208s conserve your hero points expecting to
5210s go to game eight go all the way and then
5212s the game ends early you might have you
5215s might have denied yourself from a win
5217s because you didn't burn those hero
5218s points but vice versa if you don't burn
5221s the if you do burn the hero points and
5222s it does go all the way you might find
5224s yourself stretched because once we get
5225s to that game five point that's where if
5228s you are at the top end of the table
5230s you're at the bottom of hero select
5231s which means hero points Heroes cost way
5233s more to lock in more going to yourself
5236s you know you can really handicap
5237s yourself on that front and you're not
5239s moving it's it's literally the uh the
5242s standings upwards is Is How We Do the uh
5245s how we do hero select so the teams who
5247s are more likely to win are going to be
5249s spending more and more hero points so I
5251s feel if you want to be coming in in the
5253s mindset of I'm going to hit 70 points as
5255s quick as possible you just want to
5257s really make sure that you're you're
5258s smart on your hero points because it you
5261s can find yourself really caught out and
5263s then forced to play like TKA or
5265s something in in trios which you really
5267s don't want to be doing as much as I'd
5268s love it you really don't want to be
5270s doing that so I'm supered to see what
5272s they're going to do I I don't think
5274s going to see anyone force on to the
5275s terer however there is a very
5277s uncomfortable pick coming through and
5279s Jake you're going to be incredibly happy
5280s to hear this it's zip is it's it's Z zip
5283s has fallen off significantly not only
5286s because she got hit by a whole bunch of
5288s Nerfs in the leadup to Jacob but with
5291s the rise of the zon composition right
5293s and that Z the F3 having fire tick
5295s attached to it three separate variations
5297s of of fire tick that you can be hit for
5299s as well as the V2 having fire tick
5301s attached to it as well Zeon into Sans
5304s siphon with that zipping just does not
5307s live that zip gets disintegrated on the
5310s spot within the first 5 Seconds of
5312s opening as opposed to the karumi
5314s composition who has the means of being
5315s able to tank the entirety of the Z
5318s Ultimate duration with that F3 20%
5321s damage reduction when the FY is attached
5323s to a player 4 seconds however once the
5325s te snaps of 90% damage reduction which
5328s means that you're going to be taking
5329s very little damage as well as the fact
5332s that kari's ultimate that healing Circle
5335s cleanses fireti every single second so
5338s it is perfectly positioned to take on
5340s the siphon and it's why we're seeing zip
5343s started off in the Zeon composition but
5346s now that other teams have started
5348s picking up the zon composition
5349s themselves suddenly Zip's fallen out of
5351s zon as well so not only is she being
5354s fallen out and pushed out like a cuckoo
5356s in the nest with karumi shoving her out
5359s of traditional s s with the teada match
5361s up karumi is now shoving her out of the
5363s way as well on the siphon but
5365s Transformers is on the upand coming
5368s again which means another conversation
5370s that potentially karumi needs to be
5371s slaughtered into so as you said having
5374s these teams that hit that top four spots
5377s once we go from game four into game five
5380s onwards they're going to be so expensive
5383s in terms of having to play that karumi
5385s over the Z ping it's going to be really
5387s uncomfortable for all of them you're
5389s absolutely right I will
5391s say in my defense when it comes to zip I
5394s don't like as if in solos I actually
5396s quite like her in trios cuz I don't
5397s think she's as miserable of an
5398s experience to watch um it's going to be
5401s interesting to see what they do because
5403s obviously with the fact that there's
5404s only two healers in the game right now
5407s one strong one not so strong uh okay I I
5410s will arue the budget of there is the
5412s budget of you know where do you use your
5414s zip cuz odds are have to use her at some
5417s point okay wuan is a support yes he
5420s doesn't heal your he but he does provide
5422s re Shields with with the Wind wall as
5425s well as the fact that Mr Monk got a
5427s little bit of of a buff as well coming
5430s through with that
5432s V2 why did you give me the bad news like
5435s that I mean yeah Transformers has
5438s changed okay Transformers has changed
5442s which means that we we don't get to see
5444s the monk looking for the grabs anymore
5446s so it is a different rotation a
5448s different lineup in how Transformers
5450s plays uh and that's why wolves a lot of
5452s the time when they picked up MVP they've
5453s picked it up from from the Transformers
5455s games cuz they use the karumi ultimate
5457s as a buff they use that as their opener
5460s to be able to sustain through all of the
5462s other ultimates coming through from the
5463s other team and then they actually Ed the
5464s T High ultimate as a closer in the
5467s composition and a lot of these other
5469s teams started picking up on that
5470s rotation as well jjh one of those teams
5472s that like to be running a lot of the
5473s monk with God le as well is going to be
5476s something that we're going to start to
5477s see that's another reason why the Kumi
5478s has started moving from the V1 which we
5480s saw in traditional Transformers over to
5482s the V2 with that armor restore instead
5485s I'm going to be interested to see what
5486s the uh first couple of games look like
5488s because obviously they are Firefly Maps
5490s so I don't expect to see these monks
5491s really show up maybe the teams whove H
5494s Ultra confident on it might start
5496s picking it up but I do think you know at
5498s least in these first couple of games
5500s where we got the fireflies I've got the
5502s expectation that odds are that's where
5504s we we won't see those teams and instead
5506s we'll see um we'll see the teams got
5509s default to the more aggressive comps you
5512s know the zon uh I know sanson's not as
5514s strong now but it is still there it's
5516s still
5517s very with karumi is is still decently
5523s strong the do you want to use the karumi
5525s there would you rather just take the zip
5527s and maybe take the L on that front like
5529s I three comps yeah there were three
5532s comps where karumi is is almost needed
5535s except I mean Transformers you can have
5536s the Faria and the Tami San forers has
5539s started seeing a Resurgence as well
5541s coming through time is a wibbly wobbly
5544s Circle Jake and eventually we always
5547s Circle back to the same compositions
5549s coming through for all of these players
5551s to to have to deal with the problems not
5553s just of the hero points but also of of
5555s the phases because when those Heroes get
5557s more expensive you simply cannot afford
5560s uh at the beginning of this day when
5561s everyone is starting out with Zero Hero
5563s points you can't afford to to Shell out
5565s if another hero becomes more expensive
5567s then it's it straight up just lock
5569s something else and I think that's why
5571s this system works so well cuz it forces
5573s the teams to be creative I don't think
5575s zon would have showed up if JL weren't
5578s looking for an alternative comp for
5581s something else because what we found
5582s typically prior to this was all of the
5584s teams would pick like whatever comps
5588s they thought were the best comps in the
5589s game at the moment and then they would
5591s play those comps on cycle and just trade
5594s them out and they'd have like two or
5595s three go-to comps you know you'd have
5597s your far comp your monk comp and then
5599s like the toada comp for a bit Yeah but
5602s now they've been forced because hero
5603s points work I mean the way the karumi is
5605s going to be so heavily picked up if
5607s you're at the bottom pick order you're
5609s never getting karumi that's just not
5611s going to be happening so they're forced
5613s to they're forced to adapt and that's
5615s why we saw the Z coming and we've even
5617s seen people pulling the valer out some
5618s big success if GG pulling it out but the
5621s valer even showed up I like it because
5623s it forces the teams to adapt it forces
5625s them to go okay what heroes are there
5627s what else we can we kind of cook up here
5630s so there's a little bit of Insider
5631s information um the zon composition was
5634s not just because of the phases uh there
5637s we haven't really like come over a name
5638s other than zon competition for it but if
5641s we didn't have zon the way that we would
5643s probably label it is budget comp uh or
5647s thifty because we know that the zy came
5650s through since you only need one purple
5652s armor and one purple weapon to hit your
5653s wing condition and these teams they knew
5655s that they would be moving to the next
5656s patch they knew that all of the prices
5659s like inflation would hit a moral wall
5661s everything would become so much more
5663s expensive so having a composition where
5665s you only needed to buy one purple armor
5667s and one purple weapon and then you're
5668s just good to go to dominate inside
5670s places like rovang meant that these
5673s teams had that immediate just okay we
5676s can then focus on rolling for pinks like
5678s Soul Jades and also Baines breaths uh
5680s the reason why we're seeing a lot of the
5682s valda come through and potentially the
5683s Hardy as well is to deal with the zon
5687s composition it's the the same sort of of
5690s mentality the valda V2 because it lasts
5693s so long long you can sustain through the
5696s zon ultimate of the the zy burst right
5700s because zon competition the way that it
5701s plays to get your full F free resets is
5704s you have to have zus one F then get the
5707s coold down reset with the activation of
5709s the ultimate and then a Matari has to
5711s lay a hor ulate on top of that too to
5714s get a third FY which means if you don't
5716s win the fight immediately in that window
5718s when those two ultimates are active
5720s suddenly you're losing control of the
5722s fight zyphon in neutral is absolutely
5726s awful because it just it doesn't have
5728s the damage to be able to burst through
5729s some of these tankier Heroes and as a
5731s result Cannonball composition's figured
5733s out if we go for something like the vda
5735s or the hadti that have these long
5737s lasting ultimates we can simply wait out
5741s that burst frame of the zyphon and take
5744s us back into neutral where we're so much
5746s stronger yeah absolutely that it's it's
5750s really interesting how the adaptation
5751s works you know not due to just what's
5754s relevant in The Meta as as far as the
5756s heroes go but actually the way that you
5757s know we changed Immortal War not me
5759s personally but Immortal war was changed
5762s uh which then affected the game but it
5763s does look like we are getting ourselves
5766s ready to go into this first game of the
5768s grand
5769s finals the old panning shot of the
5771s trophy high up looking over the players
5774s I am going to be so interested by this
5776s first hero select you know another
5779s little thing to kind of quickly note on
5781s top of everything is the changes to the
5784s armor is also a prettyy heavy Nerf to
5787s monk comps cuz monk comp
5789s is if if the zon comp is
5792s thft the monk comp is a pretty expensive
5795s comp to run in the sense where you want
5797s golden weapons golden armor and for your
5799s monk but then it's not just your monk
5800s you kind of really want that on your
5802s Asen as well but then you also want to
5804s make sure karumi is tanking enough it
5805s she can survive so she needs to get the
5807s purple armor in response as on top of
5809s that it's it's an expensive comp to run
5812s in that sense where everybody needs to
5815s be pretty well equipped to be able to
5816s really pull it off properly and with the
5818s changes to a mortal Ward that is a
5820s pretty heavy Nerf to it so true
5824s but the thing for the Transformers
5826s though is that they originally started
5828s falling out of met and losing their
5829s place at the top is the best composition
5832s because of zeping right the zeping
5834s ultimate meant that even if Tian high
5836s was able to find that double grab it
5838s just it wasn't enough to confirm a kill
5840s so when zip starts falling out of favor
5843s on these other teams start picking up
5844s the kuming suddenly that Transformer
5846s composition becomes much more valuable
5848s as well as the the pivot from those
5850s moris blessings turning now into capture
5853s the spirit Wells with the Dome where the
5855s teams that are inside the Dome can still
5857s shoot outwards as opposed to everyone
5860s who's outside of the Dome cannot shoot
5861s inwards and monk ultimate is is
5864s projectile those hands count as a ranged
5867s weapon that's why tal ultimate is is so
5870s good at stopping it but at the same time
5871s for capture the spirit well you can
5873s literally just use that Dome to act as a
5876s pseudo tul ultimate and sit in the
5878s middle and no team is going to actively
5880s want to challenge you because if you do
5883s you risk getting grabbed and having to
5885s to put yourself into a far forward and
5887s aggressive position with the second at
5889s the Dome shads every other team in the
5891s area is going to be lobbying you down
5893s you're absolutely right you are
5895s absolutely right it's interesting cuz
5897s there other teams that also can handle
5899s it I mean the sand siphon the the the
5901s sand formers as well I mean Tam just
5903s been to put the sandstorm up kind of
5906s shuts everything down off the back of
5907s that as well it it's going to be
5909s interesting to see you know how how this
5911s has changed things cuz we have only had
5913s what bi-weekly four and then the uh the
5918s kind of runup games which I've already
5919s forgotten the name for uh for the grand
5922s finals so we haven't had that much time
5924s with it and all in all the players as
5926s you talk spoke about earlier the players
5928s are capable of adapting very quickly um
5932s you look at the
5935s you look at the the the zon took like
5937s two days for everyone else to kind of
5938s pick up you know the teams do adapt they
5940s do learn this stuff very quickly so
5943s they've had enough time to really pick
5945s up how to play around the um the soul
5947s Wells and how they're going to work but
5950s grandf finals is a whole different Beast
5953s I like you said I feel like JL might
5955s have something up their sleeve mhm yeah
5958s I mean Liam is also enabled as a pick as
5962s well maybe we get to see it if you were
5965s following some of the EU action you'll
5968s already have got to see that particular
5971s composition coming into play and it is a
5974s huge surprise when you get scooped up
5976s into that orb and you're not expecting
5977s it you're not ready to to dodge out of
5979s it suddenly one second you're in first
5982s position looking for that aggressive
5984s play and the next you're just being yeed
5987s and deleted into all of the followup
5989s damage as I'm sure all of our viewers
5992s will no doubt have experience getting
5994s grabbed into an orb and spat out into
5996s something like a phony roller on holl
5998s off oh the phony rollers it's uh it's
6001s been a while since I've seen a take down
6003s on that do you remember the final Circle
6005s that ended on the for roller that was
6007s yes on J Armory greatest Thea moments
6010s that was so good just the whole Lobby
6013s getting run over at the end absolutely
6015s beautiful loved it um we are having a
6018s few issues hence why we are just waiting
6020s to get ourselves into game uh shouldn't
6022s be too long Lu
6024s look like players seem to be in pretty
6025s good mood so some of our some of our
6028s players here on GG getting ready for a
6030s sleep apparently I mean ug got the
6032s massage they they've they've taken a
6034s page from wbgs coach if you were
6037s watching Solo's wbg spider his coach
6040s always gives him the the head massage
6042s and he always gets MVP afterwards so I
6045s think ug Mike's been giving away some of
6048s the the spider strats to the team
6054s I love seeing it I I love the
6057s uh that that was a t high that was a a
6060s monk in personation the grabs and then
6063s the devil
6066s slam I'm telling you Transformers is one
6069s of the most popular compositions in in
6071s the CN region and I mean wbg have one of
6075s the best Transformer teams Sleep Walker
6078s we got to see his Justina walk away with
6080s a huge win for wbg early in the regular
6083s season but I mean I still remember the
6085s days that all of these teams lived in
6088s fear of Sleep Walker hitting that
6090s ultimate and looking for those grabs
6092s yeah there were there were like three
6094s players who were just like the monk
6096s players and Sleep Walker always stood
6098s out amongst them as like the guy for it
6101s so yeah it's uh for me it's a little
6104s distressing to see The Return of Monk
6106s you know everyone knows my thoughts on
6108s monk but everyone else seems to be well
6110s excited by it but I don't know we'll see
6112s I think I'm okay with it because there's
6114s so much variance in The Meta my issue
6116s was like 16 lobbies of Monk was just
6120s absolutely abysmal to watch it was just
6123s everyone standing in their corner of the
6124s circle throwing hands at each other and
6127s then hoping they grab the karumi from
6128s another team and then that that was it
6130s cuz if he got the ti high he just
6132s transform and run back to his team and
6135s so you know I uh I'm happy to see that
6139s the monk isn't the only meta thing I
6141s don't mind the odd monk because you can
6143s deal with one or two monks in a
6145s lobby but when the whole Lobby is monkey
6148s is pretty miserable and that that just
6149s can't happen anymore with the way we do
6151s our hero select so the Glory Days of
6154s Monk are gone he is now with everybody
6158s else fighting in the mud yeah he's he's
6161s so viable though and it means actually
6163s it puts more pressure on the Viper teams
6167s to to figure out it puts much more
6169s pressure actually not on on the players
6170s but on the the coaches side of of things
6173s because they have to figure out which
6175s compositions are going to be run
6177s specifically on those maps and for the
6178s Viper team especially you have to make a
6181s choice between do you want to take the
6182s the V1 or do you want to take the V3 do
6185s you want the silence and the Viper being
6186s able to contribute to the fight with
6188s less damage reduction or do you want to
6190s take the the V1 with the F2 so that you
6192s can have that 5sec stun put much more
6194s pressure onto those Transformer units uh
6197s and also have the F2 silence because
6199s that was the original load out that all
6201s of the Viper players had to use to deal
6203s with with guess what Transformers and
6205s with Transformers coming back in
6206s suddenly Viper teams are like okay do we
6208s take the V PR so that we can just play
6210s scavenger and pick up like as many kills
6212s as possible uper pink like the zon and
6215s the the sand siphon compositions but if
6217s we go up against a Transformers team we
6219s have to be even more careful or do we
6222s want to anticipate the Transformers
6223s compositions coming through and run the
6225s the F2 V1 and the problem is that uh you
6229s don't know until you load in and see all
6231s of those compositions whether or not you
6233s got the right load
6236s out yes yes that is very true uh I enjoy
6240s seeing the crowd shots it's cool because
6243s I think that the home studio hasn't got
6245s that much space for a big crowd so it's
6247s cool seeing like all the shots of like a
6250s a pretty big cloud ay Cloud crowd just
6254s all inside the everyone's everyone's
6256s there sold out sold out yesterday for
6257s solos as well so it's really cool to
6261s see guess excit for worlds that's what
6264s it is I know we're already finished in
6265s Spring we got all the summer to go but
6267s does get me excited for world see this
6270s being the crowd look at that so all the
6272s glow sticks as well yeah apparently a
6276s lot of wbg fans if you're going off of
6279s the color of those glow sticks JL as
6282s well jl's team do have a the red coming
6285s through as you can see all of the the
6286s lovely goodies that everyone has been
6288s able to get from the their team bags
6290s it's it's amazing you saw it in in the
6292s CED shots before we were seeing the the
6294s ramp up hype video whenever you go to
6296s these events all of the teams take these
6298s little I guess we would call them party
6300s bags where when you show up and you you
6303s go over to to the booth and you select
6305s the team that you want to support and
6306s inside you get like little signed
6309s pictures and a couple of posters that
6311s you can hang up as well as those glow
6313s sticks to to wave and show off your your
6316s support to your favorite
6318s team who you getting who you getting the
6321s glow scks from what we baggie again okay
6325s so going to Worlds I I here is a peek
6329s behind the curtain I was very lucky that
6332s poie was on the analyst desk when uh we
6335s were in shangdu because I got absolutely
6339s flooded with Team bags and poy had to to
6342s walk around and be my official bag
6344s holder where in our Green Room I had two
6346s chairs full of all of the things that I
6349s collected I was I was collecting the
6351s Infinity Stones Jake I got I got K I got
6355s wbg I got te I got
6357s JL yeah but I'm asking you for one oh
6361s who's your bag for today who's who you
6363s get who you're moxy's in the crowd you
6367s getting your bag who you getting I mean
6369s it's it's got to be JL I was talking to
6372s Raven about this earlier in the week I
6374s was like I don't know where my
6375s allegiance lies now because I I was a
6378s huge supporter of te for the longest
6380s time the reason being txj when te run
6383s the Yoda composition of Attack on Titan
6386s txj was the only yotto in mvpl who would
6389s run F1 over
6391s F3 and as a recovering Yoda main of my
6395s own games I am a huge supporter of the
6398s Yodo F1 it's it's really hard to to pull
6400s off it requires so much coordination so
6403s that you can get that that guaranteed
6404s engagement on one specific player
6406s however it looks like we're going into
6409s game number one and we can stop
6412s hypothetically speaking about what we're
6414s going to see and instead we have
6415s concrete evidence of the compositions
6418s that are going to be coming through the
6421s big question is what is everyone in
6423s first phase going to be picking I'm
6425s pretty sure it's going to be a whole lot
6427s of siphon composition getting
6429s lockedown yeah I think you might be
6431s right obviously there's only a limit of
6433s how much zon can really get picked up
6435s but I do think zon's going to be super
6437s popular here um curious to see what the
6441s rest of the comps are going to be
6442s looking like I mean obviously we think
6443s like the deada but like you said ZIP
6445s being Earth does affect that deada
6448s comp can run the karumi variant of it
6450s but then do you want to spend your
6451s karumi here you only going to have so
6454s many karumi games coming in but it does
6456s look like the K quite happy to be
6458s locking that one in seeing the te
6461s locking in the monk traditional monk
6463s here Zen for GG and Attack on Titan oh
6466s no canall coming in for Bower so yeah J
6470s look karumi karumi karumi yeah Kari s s
6475s karumi s like I said karumi is now worth
6479s one point which means everyone in phase
6482s two and three have to play the
6486s zip only seeing one ZIP so far yeah only
6489s going to be the one ZIP getting locked
6490s in lot of Tessa though coming in so
6493s expect to see Tess well Tessa is going
6494s to go into the hero Point increase for
6496s round three meaning no one's going to be
6499s able to pick up any Tessa no blind date
6502s coming in on that
6504s front does been the Zips open though for
6506s our third round selection so oh no there
6509s it is a lot of Heroes getting B away
6511s there but tamy Viper karumi Tessa we're
6516s getting the Hardy variant of Cannonball
6519s jjh are going to be running with the
6521s Justina variation of it dog going to be
6524s running zhon but probably with the Z
6526s ping although yeah that there was a
6529s little bit of discussion as I think they
6531s wanted to try and lock the Kumi and so
6533s that unfortunately no it it's too
6535s expensive they don't have access to it
6537s it does make sense though that all of
6538s the teams in Phase 2 saw that karumi was
6541s off of the table and just picked a
6543s composition that means that they did not
6545s have to to worry about Zing into just
6548s all of the fire bur
6550s damage all righty well there we go our
6553s team comps are locked
6555s in getting ready for this first game I
6558s expect this to be a blood buff I really
6560s do I mean we have one Monk
6563s yeah one Transformers team coming
6566s in oh they got a bit of a Target on
6568s there back off the back of that one as
6569s well for Te I
6571s mean obviously as you get later into the
6574s game you're going to be a lot more
6575s effective but it's it's how they play
6578s the drop is is what I'm worried about
6581s because if te triy and go for Firefly
6584s prioritization TI high is is not like um
6587s Z where the second that you drop down if
6590s Z gets her ultimate even if she doesn't
6592s have a weapon equip the game gives her a
6595s gray weapon so that she can use her
6596s ultimate and Parry in it so a lot of
6599s these D compositions are going to be
6601s gunning for those fireflies and it is
6603s going to be an absolute race between
6605s every single one of them to see who is
6608s going to be able to to NAB those first
6610s wolves going to be running the F2 V1
6613s variation of the Viper so anticipating
6616s having to counter a lot of these monk
6618s compositions coming on through there's
6621s no surprises all of the zon comp
6623s positions F V2 I cannot believe I'm
6627s saying this in 2024 but f z is actually
6631s much more valuable than the F1 as we can
6634s have a look and see what te are going to
6636s be locking in with F3 for the karumi to
6638s have a V2 armor Circle so they are going
6641s to be playing it just like wolves where
6642s you use the karumi ultimate to act as a
6645s buffer when all of the enemy teams
6647s ultimates come out and then you use that
6648s Transformer ultimate as a closer instead
6651s of relying on it to get all of your
6653s kills at the opening of a bite the way
6655s that Transformers needed to be played if
6657s you have a look at the map it's pretty
6659s spread out start to be honest where
6660s everybody is uh playing the map so we'll
6664s have some action obviously GG doing
6666s their very standard drop right at the
6668s back getting into the tunnels and uh
6670s grabbing thems those fireflies that is
6673s quintessential GG drop spot OG and xcg
6676s in relatively close proximity to them
6678s though so I just expect GG to come grab
6681s fireflies grab all their Loot and then
6683s probably head that way and go tidy up
6685s whoever's left over by the OG xcg fight
6688s as uh get ourselves ready to see what
6691s this game's going to be looking like a
6692s lot of Z coming
6694s in it's going to be a banger game one
6697s it's going to be aggressive right off of
6699s the rip xcg and ug both going to be
6702s fighting it out as you look to try and
6705s grab a weapon already picks up a fan
6706s which is absolutely huge this early on
6708s but XG however wanting to get fireflies
6711s and they've already got Kakashi's Hardy
6712s ultimate online J get the first blood
6715s but XD might be able to find a full
6717s clean up as it is going to be this H
6718s coming on through grayscaled damage but
6721s the triple charge the golden Focus right
6723s coming on for and the spacing the
6725s Kakashi is buying for his team to set up
6728s the port scale Rush follow through is
6730s something that ug are just not prepared
6733s for it's going to be the tul having to
6735s utilize the combo breaker on the F but
6736s all you're going to do is just prolong
6739s the inevitable as SS Falls three kills
6743s picked up incredibly early on for xcg as
6746s GG start coming in for that timing
6749s attack yeah they got yellow loot area
6752s which means that they got access to not
6754s only fireflies but also that potential
6757s loot disparity coming on through first
6759s F3 leads up into that engagement trying
6762s to put pressure onto X and CJs now going
6765s to be using the V2 activation to get
6766s another F and keep the chase up as we
6770s still haven't seen the matarial M come
6772s it was only the Z who got access to it
6775s as it is going to now be CJs trying to
6777s find the opening has that full charge up
6780s of the attack but the yian ultimate
6782s coming and for doing such a good job of
6784s forcing the Z away as the Hardy
6786s Interruption make sure that GG are not
6788s able to find an isolation F V3 Mech now
6791s called in and GG staved off of the kill
6795s Cannonball composition managing to
6797s prolong and sustain the fight outside of
6800s the ultimate burst window now zon loses
6803s all of its teeth and xcg D's Kakashi off
6807s of the hard going a little bit too
6809s aggressively forward away from the rest
6811s of the team and that might be the turn
6813s around that GG desperately needed
6815s silence comes on through from the fer
6817s into
6818s CJs as it should just be yeah off of the
6821s Parry followup damage Jan will fall and
6823s it took a little bit of time but Gigi
6825s will eventually be able to clean up and
6827s there's a lot of transforms there from
6829s xcg though so that is obviously always
6831s going to slow down uh GG's fight they
6834s had to kind of stagger that fight they
6836s came off pretty strong forcing them out
6838s getting one member very very low then
6841s able to force them away and slowly Bay
6843s out the ultimates until they felt
6845s comfortable to finish up those kills so
6846s GG coming in strong three kills under
6848s their belt taking down xcg exactly what
6852s we expected to see from them as Baler
6853s now sniffing around in the area GG don't
6856s really going to have those ultimate up
6858s and available where Baler are ready to
6860s go fre freo's getting engaged onto
6862s immediately so just seeing him avoid and
6864s evade getting C away but the double slam
6866s comes in from CJs with the F the B bre
6869s has been called in though but the
6870s ultimate has been used Yan already
6872s losing a lot of HP forced to pop the
6874s ultimate trying to get some damage down
6875s but with Peak losing his life this is
6877s getting really hairy GG though are
6879s fighting inside this Bane's breath Peak
6882s trying to get picked back up by Jing
6884s looks like with the Bane's breath GG
6885s will be forced away Baler able to save
6889s the day but that third party that little
6891s surprise attack from them unfortunately
6893s did not pay off at all they'll live it
6896s though because of that karumi F3 is
6898s heading over wolves have been able to
6900s pick off screen free kills and now
6902s looking to extend that lead xtm
6904s unfortunately not going to be able to
6905s find that F connection wo Chen teleport
6908s comes on through from wolves since
6909s they've given up both the Viper ultimate
6912s as well and jdg now can start trying to
6915s just push onto wolves is Retreat Suk
6918s going to have that V2 ready to take the
6921s engagement they know that wolves can't
6922s back off off however it looks like jdg
6924s decide to prioritize loot paring instead
6927s of chasing after wolves they get too far
6929s away with the WT and teleport they're
6931s not able to use the F on the Z to catch
6933s onto one of the players early and as a
6936s result it goes for the longc instead as
6938s D we get to see that V2 coming for for
6941s WFC fire tick catching onto ba and you
6945s see that confirm kill that time is so
6949s low as wfz with the F utilizes it breaks
6952s L of side away from the Viper ultimate
6954s and deina get to turn back into the
6956s fight two versus three it's simply clean
6960s up and drg pick up another couple of
6963s kills putting themselves on TI three and
6966s Jake we said it was going to be an
6967s aggressive start we said it was going to
6968s be a blood pery Lobby all of these kills
6970s are getting allocated however to so many
6973s different teams it's so nail bitingly
6976s close no one is currently pulling ahead
6978s because everybody has been taking all of
6980s these different Hot Drop fights in fre
6982s versus freeze instead of getting third
6984s partied yeah it's been it has been cuz
6987s it's so spread out it's been the fight
6989s has been sporadic there's not been too
6991s many third parties coming through so lot
6993s of kills getting scored across the board
6995s GG leading the charge with four but they
6998s have got themselves wbg closed in on
7000s that but GG who started in AP today have
7003s already jumped up into fifth place so
7005s very very solid start for them
7006s considering how low on the standings
7008s they were for the beginning of the day
7010s we are going to see a replay of this uh
7011s wbg te fight Sleep Walker just a
7014s fantastic jump down the AL stunning four
7018s absolutely brutal
7022s wbg that is that's the wbg I remember
7025s that was absolutely beautiful they did
7026s get taken out as you can see currently
7028s running around in spirit form just
7030s looking to find them a place to revive
7032s but really really nice there from GG
7035s huge Viper yeah that's traditional Viper
7038s role play as well remember when all of
7039s the Vipers used the V1 and whenever we
7041s got trees and game all of the Vipers
7044s would just climb up the tree charge up
7045s the V1 and then drop down onto so many
7047s unsuspecting heads and the entire Lobby
7050s it was like someone got a TV remote and
7051s just pressed pause 16 teams all thoen
7054s out in that 5sec stagger window
7056s unfortunately it is a huge commitment uh
7059s and the Viper is only able to help out
7061s the rest of the team after the stun
7062s duration has ended unlike the the V3 and
7066s as a result the the time to actually
7068s confirm into kills relies a lot of the
7070s time off of Tess ultimate followup as
7071s well to extend the 5 Seconds done into 8
7074s second which means two ultimates have to
7075s be committed and the third party is
7077s almost inevitably going to punish you
7080s which is probably why after that amazing
7082s Viper V1 wbg ended up losing the next
7085s fight that they took as a lot of the
7088s aggression has slowly simmered down as
7091s all of these teams now prioritize
7094s getting into a position to be able to
7096s take this realm of Yang having that
7097s Vilan Bo M as well as having that
7099s immediate loot upgrade with all of these
7101s Z compositions every single one of these
7104s teams want to be the one that starts
7105s pulling ahead in terms of that loot
7107s getting one of those weapons to have the
7109s more damage on that Z Ultimate is drg
7113s going to be dropping a b breath onto one
7115s of those entrances trying to isolate the
7117s fight against wolves charged R&B on that
7119s fan comes through dog having to take a
7121s little bit of down time interacting with
7123s the soul and after that test throughout
7124s the V1 and wolv Z for does get grapple
7127s connected onto by WFC the Z gets to set
7131s up the F into the V2
7133s and drg forc wolves into using the
7135s teleport the question is did drg see
7138s were they teleported to looks like they
7142s did not and now they have to be careful
7144s that jail don't push into their backs as
7146s wolves teleported into the corruption to
7148s damaged to fully break line of sight
7151s they go into shipwreck and JL sitting
7153s inside that purple invisibility Bush
7155s drawn by the AOE a map marker of the
7159s Baines ref knew a fight was going down
7161s thought about potentially taking the
7162s third party but drg having already
7165s disengaged not chasing heavily after
7166s wolves are not going to be in a position
7168s where JL can easily jump on top of them
7171s yeah it looks to me like drg are setting
7172s up for this Ro Yang Baler also getting
7175s himself positioned for this one uh not
7179s massively geared up but you don't expect
7181s every team at the beginning to be overly
7183s geared up for these R yangs so we're
7185s going to see Bal actually just playing
7186s kind of gatekeep at the moment I'm not
7188s sure if they're ready to go in obviously
7190s like you said it's those who go in first
7192s are always the ones who are most eager
7193s and the most geared it's GG knowing this
7196s fully purple armored fully purple
7198s weaponed oh no not fully purple weaponed
7200s but bling playing it safe blister like
7203s you said as well they' got bling they
7207s they have three ways of applying fire
7210s tick damage as a klaa with the S safe
7213s and karumi variant look to see whether
7216s or not they're going to get
7217s challenged both of the teams get the at
7220s the same time and they will meet each
7223s among the gates Q has already got a
7225s legendary Soldier I don't know which one
7227s it is potentially Merc Havoc with a
7230s actually no that's the spear instead of
7231s the staff so maybe it's going to be hard
7232s Stoppers as CJs charges up those nchu
7236s comes in with the E immediately trying
7238s to play that fire tick tul F combo
7240s breaker now is invested as CJs gets a
7242s charge in with that V2 the next a to
7245s reposition of the tul ultimate as we're
7248s going to see the karumi V2 start to come
7249s through trying to find the buffer until
7251s all of these ultimates have been taken
7253s off of the board another F3 comes into
7255s play for CGS hasn't used it just yet off
7257s of the activation of that Matari V3 so
7259s far no one's gone down the karumi on the
7261s sand siphon composition making it that
7263s everybody can tank through the Full
7265s Burst duration of cgs's ultimate and
7268s when we go into neutral that's when Sans
7269s siphon is really able to start
7271s overpowering the zon composition karumi
7273s caught out of position gets locked onto
7275s by the Z however qdd on the TOA gets
7278s into position to be able to heel and
7279s make sure that his support is going to
7281s stay standing char is up tries to come
7283s on through gets the grab to connect on
7286s to alexm doesn't time the Parry to stop
7288s the charged R&B on that fan however Kaya
7291s have been able to take down two versus
7294s one against the zon composition in the
7296s neutral before turning it into a three
7299s versus one and are able to win it I and
7301s you can see how impactful how important
7304s it is that the karumi is used in all of
7307s these compositions cuz if it was a Zing
7309s K would have been smoked to a CR
7313s yeah that was there was also a couple of
7315s M FS there from the uh from aai so
7318s unfortunately not really going to be
7320s able to get that damage out from them GG
7322s do go down K full out the win we
7325s actually saw wolves get eliminated so
7328s first team out first place in the lobby
7330s first team out wolves taken down don't
7333s know what happened there but that is
7335s then dunzo in this game number one
7338s everyone else playing very very
7339s aggressive we do have three teams with
7341s the r yang buff on them so they're going
7343s to be eagerly looking around for a fight
7345s and the teams with the Vermilion Birds M
7347s themselves going to also be pretty eager
7349s to take those fights while they've got
7350s that get out of jail card can trim the
7352s lobby down grab themselves some good
7354s loot and then just reset off the back of
7356s it no real problems at all ug just going
7359s to head over and do a little bit of
7361s shopping before they go in for a fight
7363s xcg are in the area so looks like
7365s Vermillion Birds might team versus
7366s vermillian bird M team going to be going
7368s Toe to Toe here SS has been spotted out
7371s by n who already lost a lot of armor
7373s kind of got caught on his Lonesome OG SS
7376s going very very low kashi's popped the
7378s ultimate he's going to be looking to get
7380s some damage down off the back of this
7381s one just lining up the shots lining up
7384s onto the members dashes with that first
7386s charge of the F through the king is
7388s going to eat a massive chunk of damage
7390s lose Mo most of his armor there goes
7393s another massive charge of damage coming
7394s through we can see the transform coming
7396s out from xan as well Kishi repositions
7399s himself up onto The High Ground now
7401s jumping down as SS on the Run breaking
7404s away the fan the golden fan from Kashi
7407s doing oh so much work but I don't think
7409s anybody's gten down quite yet it does
7411s look like it's getting a little bit warm
7413s here for the side of ug SS is going to
7416s lose his life as he's going to be forced
7417s to use the rebirth coming out the king
7420s getting absolutely melted by the golden
7423s fan and now you the final man standing
7425s xcg picking it off with absolute style a
7429s huge game one for them already as
7431s they're going to close this out with a
7432s ninth kill a massive massive lead here
7436s the side of xcg it's It's So Clean
7438s Kakashi just taking full advantage of
7440s the openings that the the fa V3 sets up
7443s so that you can come in with that
7445s charged vertical on the fan legendary
7448s damage absolutely shredding it comes out
7450s so quickly and if you get hit by that it
7452s Scoops you in so it means that the
7454s players aren't able to dodge out of the
7456s the fer Cannon shot follow up and you
7458s just see that those players disappear in
7460s the blink of an eye that's B were in the
7463s area could potentially look for that
7464s third party and challenge especially
7465s since s safe in composition do have to
7467s all in a lot of those ultimates canon
7470s ball as well do struggle against those
7472s third party situations unfortunately wbg
7475s looking like they're struggling too by
7476s gets caught out by that Tess of V1 has
7479s to utilize the F1 to try and break away
7481s now Pro out a t v one of their own but
7483s the enchantment window has already proed
7486s JL all of them got caught by the Tessa
7489s snare but it is not enough the 3C hits
7491s by
7492s before you can capitalize and JL three
7496s against one Tessa she is gone kicked out
7500s of the lobby but JL still I believe
7502s having a couple of players hit with Yang
7505s depletion it was not a full free kill it
7507s was not a team WIP and as a result they
7509s still need to look for some of these
7510s kills to cleanse their Viper as we can
7513s have a look and see GG landed on that
7516s feet were able to recover took a fight
7518s managed to find the soul blooms and put
7520s themselves onto seven kills as well as
7523s extending their existence inside this
7525s Lobby without having to overplay their
7527s hands and play far too aggressively
7529s which is going to get massively punished
7531s by all of these teams in the lobby as we
7532s can have a look and see te unfortunately
7535s the only Transformers team in the lobby
7537s having to play incredibly slowly not
7539s getting to go into these realm of yangs
7541s because of all of the karumi currently
7544s in play going to have to play very slow
7546s for control of the spirit well as we can
7547s have a look on the replay and see just
7549s how wolves were knocked out xtm comes in
7553s with that Viper ultimate WFC does get
7555s hit into by that full 5c St zi looking
7559s to clean up with the charge R&B on those
7561s hirs however wolves still lost the fight
7565s Wan find does get parried how does this
7569s get turned around Wan with that zip able
7571s to find the sustain gets hit by the Tes
7573s of V1 takes the full 3 second stag but
7576s wolves do not get to capitalize and
7579s chase after the zip instead one of them
7581s tries to disengage while XM holds off
7584s another player a little bit of
7585s miscommunication coming through from
7587s wolves players it feels like there's now
7589s one versus two you just get overwhelmed
7591s in terms of light stagger yeah
7594s absolutely right but DG coming back out
7596s of that replay as you can see have got
7598s no Z they've used their Z up they are uh
7602s zyus at this point so probably need to
7604s find them a rebirth charm heading over
7606s to the r Yang xcg get himself a free off
7609s that one golden armor golden fan very
7612s very scary uh the
7614s had just absolutely set up and now
7617s they're going to get a golden stuff or
7619s spear what is that spear I
7623s think hang sword actually hang sword as
7625s well wait what so they yeah stacked what
7629s the hell they have three but this is
7632s this is worst news for everyone in the
7633s lobby Jake Kakashi has a
7635s flam oh no so that remember what we were
7640s talking about in terms of fireti and how
7643s it it puts such a problem for all of
7645s these zip compositions to deal with
7647s flamer puts a very lar problem in the
7650s form of fire tick for fers to have to
7652s deal with because when the F goes into
7654s the mech or whoever takes that V3 if a
7656s flamer comes through it ignores the mech
7658s health and goes directly to your health
7659s bar
7660s instead yeah that's a lot of the time
7663s you're forced her to Dem early and you
7665s don't get to to use that to zone out all
7668s of these other players as it is going to
7670s be JJ H2 L going incredibly low Drop
7672s into that V3 to be able to back off as
7674s flames and godly have to play aggressive
7677s pushing te off of the space to provide
7680s their FA the opportunity to look for a
7683s reset before the fight can properly
7685s begin and uh te back off they don't want
7688s to take a fight against the Justina who
7689s gets extended freeze frames on
7691s transformed
7693s units well 13 minutes left in this game
7696s game number
7697s one it's been an absolute blood barath
7700s as predicted but this actually quite a
7703s lot of people left in the game I say
7704s that as wbg are going to be meeting the
7707s end of day JL running down a doing his
7711s best to hold fast and keep himself in
7714s this game but no FS there's the Parry
7717s there's the
7718s finalizer dxj sorry it's actually one
7721s thing he gets the kill onto that one
7722s taking it down and removing wbg from the
7726s lobby that is now two teams eliminated
7728s but honestly this is going to be a
7731s pretty busy End Circle with the amount
7733s of people left and looking at where we
7735s potentially could be closing up I think
7738s our Transformer comps are not going to
7739s be having a great time unless we move
7741s out some of this terrain and some of
7742s these buildings this could get a little
7745s bit dicey for monks monks absolutely
7747s hate being in closed places they want to
7750s be in Open Spaces where the monk grabs
7752s can have ultimate ultimate kind of just
7754s line of sight find those picks onto the
7757s uh onto the squishy karies the healers
7760s you really want to be picking off but
7762s for
7763s now there going to be a lot of terrain
7765s to work with I mean this final zone is
7768s it's it's xgs to lose to be honest the
7772s the Hardy variant of the The Cannonball
7774s is crazy strong because when that zone
7778s properly collapses Hardy can literally
7781s win it alone you can only be down to
7783s your Hardy and as long as that Hardy
7785s ultimate is up not only can you find the
7788s survivability with the cube just getting
7791s uh you out
7792s and playing out of line of side of all
7793s of these other players on the low ground
7795s who are just patrolling and looking for
7796s easy kills to to fall into their lap
7798s quite literally the knock back and
7801s damage on the ultimate as well as the
7802s fact that it has golden frames means
7804s that the hard is going to be able to
7806s push these players into the corruption
7807s TI damage but also CLE through all of
7810s the players that are stacked on top of
7811s each other and Cannonball is one of
7813s these compositions that you have to deny
7814s getting into the The End Zone if your
7816s things like the zon composition because
7818s fch can referee final Zone claps Yan can
7822s win the the heal off situation and make
7826s sure that your team is the last team
7827s standing to get a better multiplier and
7829s Hardy like I said is just that cherry on
7832s top to make it even harder for these
7834s teams and give that Cannonball that
7835s extra Edge when it comes to to getting a
7838s better multiplier and locking down those
7840s last hits to confirm the kills and make
7842s sure that your points are as extended as
7844s possible and no surprises the way that
7847s xcg have been playing this they've been
7849s playing for the r of yangs to secure
7851s those immediate load upgrades because
7853s unlike the teada who relies on getting
7856s the golden the legendary status of that
7858s ultimate off of the entire team's loot
7860s pool the second at the Hardy gets a
7862s weapon that is hard's Ultimate fully
7865s scaled up to maximum damage as we can
7866s see how JL took this fight this is a
7869s Tessa composition coming into R of
7871s something that we do not often get to
7872s see especially since it's the F2 V1 as
7875s txa charges up the R&B on that P and
7877s Cleaves into all of the players setting
7879s the scill rush up as well to put
7880s pressure onto the players of xcg misses
7883s the F2 connection has to dodge back in
7886s and go for that scare to put pressure
7887s onto xcg Shan forcing the fair into
7890s utilizing the boosters on the Mac as J
7892s use the W and teleport to reposition and
7894s give themselves a much more distanced
7897s line of sight for the bow setup one
7899s thing does unfortunately go down in the
7901s meantime because of xiaan on this F who
7904s is absolutely refereeing the entire
7906s situation jail have not been able to fry
7909s nor silence that Mech and as a result
7912s there is just too much damage one thing
7914s going down means that you don't have the
7915s W and wind walls to block the projectile
7918s damage coming through and that F me is
7920s absolutely
7922s Unstoppable does feel like uh a lot of
7924s the a lot of the ver yangs are a lot
7926s slower than they used to be in the
7928s earlier parts of the Season where you
7930s know even though zip has a lot of
7933s healing those those kind of teams which
7935s she encourag with Hyper aggressive with
7937s Transformers it it's a bit of a kind of
7939s like baiting out the health bars then
7941s transforming and kind of slowing down
7943s and controlling the finals and
7946s controlling the r Yang more than just
7948s getting into into a brw and hoping that
7950s your zip out heals there is it it it's
7953s it's a very different style of R Yang uh
7955s right now GG are on our screens um
7958s actually had a very very good start to
7960s this game jumped into fourth place um
7963s where they started at e at the beginning
7965s of the day they've done a lot of work to
7967s uh reclaims but all eyes right now on
7970s this team on your screen CG golden armor
7973s onto their Farah they are just very very
7977s set up they got a lot of really solid
7979s weapons and like you were saying not a
7981s moment ago their comp has three
7984s characters who are all incredible at
7987s controlling and winning final circles so
7989s it really does feel like it is their
7991s game uh it could still be a freak thing
7994s where they get caught uh they could get
7995s themselves taken out there is still te
7998s with their Mon and a couple good grabs
8001s you never know could spell disaster for
8003s xcg Te as we can see them right now are
8006s just playing away from a lot of the
8007s action they've got that ve breath in
8008s their line of sight there's going to be
8010s Spirit Well spawning up fairly soon and
8012s this actually harks back to something
8013s you were talking about earlier Moxy
8015s Spirit Well monk that that is their
8017s business they can jump in they can grab
8019s out they just have ultimate control JL
8022s are the team inside at the moment though
8024s of this Spirit Well um
8027s no just a shopping around but yeah like
8030s you said no particularly set up on that
8032s front but doesn't look like anyone's
8034s actually really contesting them on this
8035s so JL quite happily going to grab
8037s himself this one
8040s in it's straight up for freefor all we
8043s we'll let you capture the spirit wall
8044s and do all of the hard work and the
8046s second that that D breaks it's everyone
8048s all in and the second that the loot goes
8051s boom everyone scatters all the food into
8053s the pig TR all the pigs come running
8055s over to start grabbing it just random
8058s that is very funny they did grab them a
8059s couple of decent Soul Jades off there JL
8063s say
8064s armor that's the problem te did not get
8067s the armor JL got the armor one thing got
8070s the armor uh xcg slowly starting to to
8073s slow things down no surprises there they
8075s do not want to reveal their hand they do
8077s not want to reveal the fact that not
8078s only is there a cannonball composition
8080s there's also a Hardy that is going to be
8082s in play because all of the the zon and S
8084s siphon teams would turn and deny those
8087s free heroes from making it to final Zone
8091s understanding that if final Zone
8092s collapses and the hard is in play it's
8094s just going to be impossible for them to
8096s to stop the hardi from walking away with
8098s that mvp they've already got nine kills
8100s they don't want to overextend they don't
8102s want to reveal their hand and so they're
8104s going to be playing that macro game and
8106s making sure that the kill multiplier
8108s makes those Nine Kills and I would not
8109s be surprised if they hit something like
8111s 16 if the hard is able to to see it all
8114s the way to the end is GG get that karumi
8119s F fre to start being a little bit more
8121s aggressive taking some poke pressure
8123s coming on through as K on the low gr we
8126s can see have a legendary fan but at the
8128s moment nether of these teams wanting to
8130s take the full engagement GG have a
8132s better position K probably wanting to
8134s usurp it however not wanting to put
8137s themselves directly into the middle of a
8139s siphon composition because they do not
8142s want to have to overcommit all of these
8144s ultimates T having to posture up find
8147s themselves a corner playing out of sight
8149s away from all of these players cuz you
8151s don't get to see the tear of weapon that
8153s a player has until they hit you and the
8155s Damage reveals it you do get to see the
8158s state of the armor so if these teams
8160s understand there is a team who are not
8162s only on Transformers but are on full
8164s blue armor still it's going to be an
8166s absolute freefor all as GG almost took
8170s their fate against the cards of nraa
8173s just barely avoiding that b r as it
8175s drops down that space now cleared GG
8178s start getting into position to put
8179s pressure on some of these teams in the
8181s middle
8182s yeah 5 minutes left on the game though
8184s there is 30 players 10 teams we've only
8187s lost two teams this is actually a little
8191s crazy I don't think I've seen a final
8192s circle like this in a hot minute where
8194s most the lobby are in it and it is
8197s getting tight now having to look at the
8199s terrain I'd be a little bit myed if I
8201s was ke just due to the fact there's a
8202s lot of trees there's a lot of hit a lot
8204s of verticality your monk probably going
8207s to struggle here not going say do bad
8210s but you know it's defin itely going to
8211s be a to ask for hand to really make this
8214s work now what does go in te's favor is
8216s just the sheer amount of people once he
8218s transform you can throw hands in both
8221s directions and you're probably going to
8222s be getting at least near someone cuz
8224s there's 30 people in a very small circle
8226s odds are there's going to be people who
8228s going to be able to grab the problem is
8229s is are you going to be able to grab cuz
8231s you can see this woen uh winds coming up
8233s there's so many things that can that can
8236s take you down and deny you from getting
8238s those grab drg uh actually able to get
8242s uh their Z back CU they did actually
8244s lose their Z earlier on in the game so
8246s rebirth charm did pay off for them and
8249s is some action around the edge of that
8251s zone but GG they're playing the waiting
8253s game and I'm just going to take us back
8255s to what I was talking about at the
8256s beginning of the day GG I think are one
8259s of the best if not the best final Circle
8262s team in the mvpl right now they are just
8265s so intelligent reading it the last two
8267s bi-weekly finals came down entirely to
8269s the fact that GG knew how to manage
8272s themsel in these final circles right now
8274s them and xcg have got them themselves in
8276s a pretty comfortable position ong's side
8279s no way GG aren't even interested in
8282s contesting it that's that's the that's
8284s what we looking at here right now they
8286s just are going to get another lot of
8289s legendary
8290s armor that is they're going to have
8293s they're going to have full control of
8294s their space The Spirit Well means that
8296s all of the teams can't poke pressure
8299s xcg you essentially you let the Dome
8302s shatter and then try and slide him and
8304s grab some of the loot but even that
8305s doesn't happen as a t have been spotted
8307s out as the blueberries of the lobby you
8309s can see the pressure going onto this
8310s monk F1 having to be invested from Han
8312s and he doesn't even get to use the
8314s ultimate to get an exra lease on live as
8318s the Kumi should be able to stack on top
8320s of the body inside that V2 and find the
8322s revive but the chances are you're just
8324s going to be bringing him right back up
8326s into going down again as PO lyd is
8329s forced him to dropping the ultimate Han
8330s this time around will be able to off of
8333s the back of that V2 giving him the armor
8335s and that little burst of sustain hit the
8337s ultimate and now gets into position
8339s start grabbing some of these players as
8341s the Zone pushes everyone off The High
8342s Ground onto the low problem is there is
8345s so much terrain that blocks line of
8347s sight and uh like you said that
8348s Transformer is going to be pretty peeved
8350s in terms of where this final Zone came
8352s through Viper ultimate comes out does it
8354s get cancelled nope txj able to go for
8357s the full duration of that V1 as Han now
8360s has to use the stor reposition goes into
8362s the corruption TI damage look to play
8364s away from these other players however
8366s he's going to be chased down by jdg who
8368s come in with a huge Theo V fore to take
8370s advantage but my question is Jake
8372s where's xcg Kakashi playing out of sight
8376s not wanting to take the full commitment
8379s GG playing underneath hoping that no one
8382s notices and they can start running this
8383s lobby with the activation of that
8386s zv2 do they start getting the kills and
8388s running away or is it going to be the
8390s cannibal composition so far no one has
8393s spotted as 23 players left so little
8396s space tal ultimate comes through W and
8399s teleport gets called in a test of V1 as
8401s well looking to find a couple of
8403s staggers and the fre second stun hits
8407s xcg is not going to go down however
8412s until and
8414s they the can composition is falling AP
8417s for xcg as ug sit on the ultimate you
8421s still not having utilized that teor
8423s ultimate this sand siphon is in Prime
8426s position to connect all of the fur and
8428s shelves onto the players GG playing it
8430s smart CGS utilizing that F not to look
8433s for kills but to reposition into a spot
8435s and get her up out onto the can and
8436s start recharging that ultimate get the
8438s rage burn the ultimate right back on up
8441s as the zone is going to collapse sh and
8443s so far there are still 17 players in the
8445s lobby this is going to go crazily
8448s quickly as K qdd now utilizing that toor
8451s ultimate win spite off of the fan as
8453s well pushing all of the players into the
8454s corruption take damage OG taking so much
8457s damage off of the back of that one as
8460s klaa the wind F pushing everybody back
8463s set up with the karumi V2 to tank all of
8467s the additional pressure that the teada
8469s now invites surely this is when Kay get
8472s all of the last hits in but no The Kills
8475s are being divied up by other players win
8477s spite pushes everyone back but Jake it's
8480s not enough to get the
8481s hits it gets divided by UG and JL and so
8486s many of these other players that are
8488s still living and Kaya are not going to
8490s be happy I think they still won that
8493s though they were denied a lot of kills
8494s but yeah K they just did so much work
8497s there and it's a bit sad to see both xcg
8500s and GG I mean xcg more than anyone was
8503s so set up and then they just got caught
8506s off guard and that was like that was the
8508s perfect scenario to get a whole bunch of
8510s kills and really shine in that game but
8513s K they take the opportunity take the
8515s moment with the golden fan they just
8518s annihilated everyone in that Lobby 15
8521s kills maybe 16 actually by the end of it
8524s and
8526s G they too early yeah they they could
8531s have hit the 20 bomb the the turning
8533s point in that is that like you said xcg
8536s get caught out by a huge Tess of V1 and
8539s it it's so unfortunate for them right
8541s because Tess ultimate if you're not
8543s expecting to have to dodge it you're
8545s going to get hit by it and with all of
8547s the terrain obscuring line of sight and
8549s all of the players as well stacked on
8550s top of each other chances are when that
8553s Tess all hits it's going to hit somebody
8555s and it was xcg that that do get
8557s connected onto and the turning point is
8560s the fact that K actually spotted out in
8564s all of the chaos because the the PRC
8566s stagger window hits and it is literally
8568s at the tail end pun entirely intended of
8572s the the V1 uh enchantment stun duration
8575s that xan actually goes down and it's K
8579s that pick up that kill and from there
8581s xcg just lose so much of this momentum
8584s they don't get to utilize the Hardy
8586s ultimate or the fairy ultimate or the
8587s Yan the Yan to to win the heal off and
8590s Outlast some of those players when it
8592s was 17 players just trying to survive as
8594s as long as they possibly could against
8596s all of that push back from wind spite
8598s they don't get to use the fa to use some
8601s like The Cannonball connection and just
8602s sit in the middle of the Zone having the
8605s knock back on the cannon activation to
8607s shove everyone back into all of the
8608s cannon follow up and the Hardy goes down
8610s as well so huge plays coming through
8613s from K however we can see huge plays
8615s coming through from chat because with
8617s the end of one game the beginning of the
8621s question gets to come on through and no
8624s surprises it is going to be themed
8625s around our MVP team klaa specifically
8629s which hero did ug G used in game one was
8634s it tea was it karumi was it tamy or was
8637s it Hardy I've already given you one of
8640s those answers that it can't be by saying
8642s the team that did pick the Hardy an it
8645s was not klaa so there you go from four
8648s potential answers to the
8650s three yeah I just kind of going back and
8654s having a look at that
8655s game I am shocked about how many people
8657s made it to the final Circle we expected
8659s a blood bath and I mean it was at the
8662s end but there was a lot of action to
8663s start with and I feel like that
8666s um that that kind of Waits the uh the
8671s concern that like oh I don't want to
8672s lose the first game got to a few people
8674s and a few teams there um I have to give
8677s it to you xcg though even though they
8679s didn't win that game they played that
8682s very very well that final Circle
8683s definitely was a bit of a fumble from
8685s them uh I'm sure they're looking
8687s backstage right at it right now but
8689s here's the overall standings over V
8691s Baler everybody got something there
8694s really that was a really really solid
8695s game K coming in with first 15 kills
8698s 19.5 points overall OG 10 kills
8702s 16.5 xcg 11 kills
8706s 16.3 I mean that was a pretty decent
8709s scoring game across the board just
8711s except for wolves except for wolves
8714s that's the problem wolves went out
8717s really early and xcg stayed till almost
8720s the very end and oh my goodness that
8723s damage there is your answer Q G was
8725s playing the teada all the way until the
8728s very end
8731s 32,1 123 damage coming through from him
8735s no surprises when you have wind spite
8737s when you have the to Ultimate and all of
8739s those players are stacked on top of each
8741s other as said Zone collapses and it's on
8743s the low ground as well Pur and shove is
8745s going to be cleaving through multiple
8747s players every single one of those shvs
8750s find so so much value and off of the
8753s back of that match standings are going
8755s to have changed significantly wolves
8758s started out this day at the very very
8760s top they've already dropped down to to
8762s the second page of standings I hate to
8766s say that I predicted that wolves the
8769s worst enemy would be that pressure but
8771s it definitely feels like they need to
8773s have a little bit of a timeout a little
8775s bit of a reset before coming in to game
8778s two as off of the back of that huge game
8780s score Kaa will put themselves into
8782s second it's not enough though to defone
8786s xcg who we do have to mention are the
8789s current defending champions of the the
8792s pro league they may not be the defending
8794s champions of J cup but xcg are the team
8797s that last walks away with a win on the
8800s pro league stage so no surprises
8802s especially after the performances in the
8804s last chance qualifiers that they've
8806s really found their footing and recovered
8808s in the second half of the season it's
8810s still very tight on the standings
8812s overall though it's only first game so
8814s plenty of room four teams to make
8815s recoveries and come back from that but
8817s I'm sure yeah if you're wolves you are
8819s kicking yourself cuz you had a lot of
8822s tools to get yourself into a very
8824s comfortable position and they kind of
8826s fumbled it in game one now they could
8828s come back in game two and just do
8830s exactly what K did uh and shoot up the
8834s standings overall I'm sure GG are
8836s probably a little bit missed cuz they
8838s started eight went to Fourth and then
8840s have dropped back down the seventh after
8841s that game but there was a lot of
8843s actually a lot of upset happening in
8845s those final couple of moments and uh
8847s yeah I think even GG who are good at
8849s these final circles they don't have a
8851s read on it I K is so good in the chaos
8854s and you qgg just throwing to out left
8857s right and Center golden fan just had the
8860s fear himself ready he was just making it
8862s impossible to get into the final Circle
8865s just had so much control of this final
8867s circle with the decada and this is
8869s something we see from decada this is
8871s being the the the quintessential teada
8874s uh kind of play in the final circles he
8877s just controls that face with his
8880s ultimate so effectively no surprises to
8883s see it's K get an MVP for game one of
8886s the grand finals an absolutely monster
8888s performance coming in from him 32,000
8891s damage he had himself the Sky Force the
8894s wild wind Sprout he was set up with
8896s those golden Soul Jades and even though
8898s the fan looked like it was his primary
8900s weapon 13,000 damage of this came from
8902s the cannon that was his main damage
8904s there oh sure and play yeah there it is
8908s the second I saw that St I was like I
8910s know which solate he has yeah right
8913s there I mean wind spite as well did
8915s contribute a a huge chunk of damage
8918s 10,900 picked up off of the back of that
8921s fan 4,500 coming through on the spit and
8924s the rest of that doing uh from the fur
8927s and shoves as well as things like the
8930s the ground
8931s but no no surprises they they were
8933s making sure that that teada was fully
8935s stacked and you want to talk about
8937s identity of teada like you said you've
8939s got it in one the way that the deor
8941s ultimate plays into final Zone that's
8942s where he fully gets to come alive and
8944s connecting all of those fur and shoves
8946s however in terms of weapon identity the
8949s followup damage coming through from that
8951s fan fur and shove into wind Spite and
8953s then wind spite stagger into fur and
8955s shove it was just every single time back
8958s to back push back push back push back
8961s and then you had your V2 from your
8962s karumi as well we got to see it being
8964s dropped really early on to make sure
8966s that Kaya could put the teada into the
8968s mid position of that final Zone connect
8971s all of the the shelves and knock back
8972s onto the players around him and then as
8974s the Zone CLS through we got to see the
8976s recast of the V2 for the decor to be
8977s able to reposition and keep doing the
8979s exact same thing huge props coming
8981s through from the support player on K
8983s side to be able to hold on to that one
8985s and give all of the tools necessary for
8987s that de to get as aggressive as he
8989s wanted yeah absolutely it was it was a
8992s really good collab collab group effort
8994s there from K obviously we'll be going
8996s into this game number two fairly quick
8997s as we are sticking to the standard mvpl
9000s format our first few games are going to
9001s be back to back on moros Isle so we'll
9004s be heading over to moris for the second
9006s game fairly soon and the big thing to
9008s note going into game number two is all
9010s the teams who took karumi in game number
9012s one cannot take it in this game because
9014s you have zero hero points for these
9016s first two games so you are you're a
9017s little cooked on that front so I'm going
9019s to be interesting what going to be
9020s picking up um I feel like the t's been
9024s quite effective as well recently you
9026s know not in the way I thought cuz
9028s obviously the spirit well kind of does
9029s Tam's job for him so you save that Al
9032s there but you could then use it towards
9034s the end of The Spirit Well to then stop
9036s people kind of advancing in so you do
9037s get that golden armor because man we saw
9040s that that was uh that was absolute
9042s Carnage as soon as the spirit worldall
9043s pops everybody just rushes The Point
9046s grabbing what they can it's it's just
9048s Mania you got to
9052s grab the run the soul Jades and the and
9055s the things you want to get it is abute
9058s Carnage for them but it it did work out
9060s in the end um I'm excited to see what
9062s gen looks like though I'm excited to see
9063s what the hero looks like the teams who
9065s are um not going to be able to take that
9068s karumi whether or not they just go for
9070s like something like a zip or just avoid
9072s that entirely and choose a different
9074s type of support comp where you maybe
9076s like the Viper the Wen the Tammy there's
9078s so many different supports other than
9079s the Healer supports it's just at the
9081s moment the healing is is so effective
9084s and the zip gave birth to a whole new
9086s rise of comp the kumia returning it has
9089s brought comps with it and pushed other
9092s comps out in the meanwhile so it's going
9093s to be exitting to see what that looks
9095s like um I I I'm just disappointed with
9098s GG to be honest I think they had a
9100s really solid start to that game and
9102s after everything I said about them in
9103s final circles just fell out the sky at
9105s one point and died it was it was real
9107s sad it was real sad to see that the
9110s problem for GG is that their win
9112s condition is the same as K's they they
9114s wanted the final Zone to collapse and
9117s just the way that we saw Q with the wind
9119s spad and the fur and shelves refering
9121s the entire Lobby around him that is the
9125s way that the zai wants to play with with
9126s that V2 as well right and I mean Gigi
9130s even ran the kumu variant so they would
9132s have wanted to to use the same V2
9134s positioning into the recast when the
9136s Zone collapses through to make sure that
9138s the Z is getting so much damage and then
9141s you have the F3 connecting on to
9142s multiple players making sure the fire
9144s tick is going through so when the
9145s healing cut reduction comes through into
9146s the corruption tick damage you also have
9148s the 50% healing Effectiveness Nerf layer
9151s on top of that with the fire tick
9153s chunking away at your health bar and
9155s unfortunately when all of those teams
9158s had that win condition it was why we
9160s actually saw from such an aggressive
9161s start in the lobby things slowed down
9164s significantly it wasn't a case of teams
9167s getting nervous it was them
9169s understanding that the time frame for
9170s getting to play incredibly aggressive
9173s when you have those rebirths are
9175s available and if you take those fights
9176s and you lose them you can still recover
9179s that time frame ended and everyone
9181s wanted to make sure that they hit their
9183s wi condition and they lived they
9185s safeguarded all three of their players
9187s so that when the Zone claps they were
9189s able to put that zon or sand siphon
9191s composition or Cannonball composition
9193s into full value which is when end game
9196s properly comes on through that signifies
9199s to me that it's not a fumble from the
9201s team in fact it is a huge improvement
9203s from all of the teams because it wasn't
9205s just five teams understanding the better
9208s macro way of playing that composition
9210s and the true win condition of getting to
9212s to end game it was every single team
9215s left so in the two we span that we've
9218s had from pre-finals into Grand finals
9220s obviously a lot of these teams have
9222s boded and looked over how the top teams
9226s played these compositions and have a
9227s much deeper understanding as we can see
9231s no surprises karumi coming through like
9234s I said if there is any hero who is the
9237s most wanted that you have in terms of
9241s being able to pick into these phases it
9243s is going to be the
9245s karumi you're absolutely right the
9247s karumi is super high value although I
9250s will say one thing cuz I think I've
9253s um I've had the whole you know I've had
9256s the whole slander against monk for a
9258s while I understand why you run the armor
9260s variant with the monk but I do not like
9263s it for final circles and if final
9264s circles are going to start to be this
9266s packed more
9267s regularly you need to run the healing
9269s variant of Ki because monk just gets
9271s melted that armor variant does nothing
9273s for him uh other when he comes out of
9275s the monk transform I I'm not 100% sold
9278s on it right now so I'm going to be
9280s interested to see you know if that
9281s adaptation comes in moving forwards I
9284s mean I just I I'm curious how popular
9286s the monk really is going to be today h
9289s Ian obviously in these first few games
9291s it's always hard to say because cuz
9293s they're Firefly maps and I think Monk Is
9295s inherently less valuable on a map like
9297s this because the teams who want those
9300s alts early are going to be more
9301s aggressive and going to so you're not
9303s going to want to really have a monk
9304s because even if you do transform you
9306s don't have the the armor to back it up
9308s you know the damage to back it up the
9309s weapons so yeah obviously when we move
9312s into maybe holl off or the later morle
9315s games mon uh may be a little bit more
9318s valuable but again I guess it kind of
9319s goes down to the the the the same
9322s point all of our morile which is
9324s typically the better monk map is Firefly
9327s maps and all of our Hol off which is not
9330s a particularly great um monk map is non
9334s Firefly maps I mean there are still
9336s fireflies it's just not the like the
9339s nighttime map so you don't get as as
9341s many fireflies about so it's interesting
9344s that mon is still returned a little bit
9347s even with all of that in mind
9351s I just I want to see the compositions
9352s come through on this second map cuz like
9354s you said the the karumi is going to be
9356s available for some teams is going to be
9358s unavailable for a lot of other teams so
9360s I feel like the pivot is going to be
9362s either Cannonball which invites the next
9365s question of a what version of Cannonball
9369s is it going to be Justina is it going to
9371s be Yodo is it going to be Hardy is it
9373s going to be fty uh valda there are so
9376s many different competitions as we can
9377s see xg's coach just going through like I
9380s said you can see that the the macro for
9382s these teams have stepped up
9383s significantly and that is a very large
9387s notebook filled with notes on what all
9389s of these other teams like to drop
9392s because one thing that we haven't really
9393s talked about is how these teams actually
9396s play The Hot Drop it's not just to try
9398s and secure these fireflies these teams
9401s are trying to figure out which team they
9403s feel comfortable taking on for control
9406s of those fireflies there's a reason that
9408s no one is currently contesting GG in
9410s secret tunnel because even though you
9412s know that GG dropped there it's mutual
9415s destruction it's like a 50/50 based on
9418s not just who gets the fireflies but who
9420s gets the better Loop puff in terms of
9422s the actual tunnel itself which is very
9424s narrow and also the poison mushrooms
9427s adding that extra level of danger so
9429s it's actually very smart from GG that uh
9433s they keep dropping secret Tel because so
9435s far in the entirety of regular season
9437s we've only seen them contested for that
9439s space twice and once it paid off for
9443s them and once it worked against them but
9445s once those teams figured out that they
9447s had to deal with poison mushrooms as
9449s well as trying to see off Gigi uh they
9452s stopped dropping on secret T and just
9454s let Gigi have that space yeah that feels
9457s like a a very very GG area GG like that
9461s spot now having a look at the hero
9463s selection obious see all our teams who
9464s went first and now at the bottom of that
9466s pick order JL wbg wolves are going to be
9470s up first so I expect these guys to now
9472s get their hands on karumi because they
9473s were at the bottom so they have not
9475s played their karumi game yet yeah so
9477s that's probably where we're expecting to
9479s see those guys uh grab their hands onto
9482s that
9483s one we interesting hero select as we
9486s will be getting into that
9491s momentarily I don't think this is where
9493s JL run out the secret strategy either no
9496s not yet I I feel like it it's going to
9499s be a a late in the the day thing that
9502s that comes through if we do see it
9504s especially since at the moment all of
9506s these teams not close to that mvp
9509s eligibility there's wolves like you said
9511s they are going to get the hands on the
9512s KY as is wbg however wolves going to be
9515s opting to put EG onto that monk ZK
9519s probably going to be running the V2
9520s variant like I said wolves are one of
9521s the the teams that really started
9523s pioneering that V2 coming through from
9525s the Kumi armor Circle for the
9527s Transformer use it as an opener and the
9529s Transformer to close out jdg also going
9532s to be grabbing up the T high as well as
9536s jjh so already transform is getting
9540s quite an indirect buff for all of these
9542s teams because like you said Tian High
9545s the reason why we saw it so often wasn't
9547s just that it was one of the strongest
9548s compositions it was also because when we
9550s had 16 monks in the lobby when you
9552s dodged one monk grab you didn't have the
9555s stamina left to dodge the next so
9557s multiple monks in this Lobby means that
9560s the TN high is going to be a lot more
9563s viable for that end game right GG have
9566s done it they're doing it it's the vower
9568s comp I'm so happy to see the V of
9570s Cannonball coming in bonari for ta and
9575s klaa getting picked up there as their
9577s pick up so a lot of Cannonball or
9579s Cannonball variants uh getting picked up
9582s at the end here Bower L up now there's a
9586s lot of Transformers they're going for
9587s the Zon I was wondering if we're going
9589s to see something like an ice pick come
9591s out but I guess they they're going to
9592s move away from that one and decide
9594s they'd rather pick up this zhon the only
9597s zon of the lobby as well here from Bala
9599s so interesting a lot more um a lot more
9603s emphasis on the Monk and the Transformer
9606s variance of comps coming in there's
9608s actually very different versions of Monk
9610s or tianhai showing up across uh these
9613s games so interesting to see that's how
9615s game two is going to be uh phasing out
9618s uh Ki CH wasn't as high value as I
9622s expected she did get uh banned out
9624s basically by the end of the second
9625s selection but I was surprised to see her
9627s they it that far in to be honest uh
9630s everyone kind of a little bit more hyper
9632s fixated on the on the Tian High going
9633s forwards but it's going to be a very
9635s heavily transform a comp Lobby and I
9637s think the reason for that is I think
9640s that a lot of our teams saw how many
9642s people made it to that final Circle and
9643s realized how much more valuable monk is
9646s in those final circles I mean we got
9648s what three three monks coming forwards
9651s in various different uh States and forms
9654s oo F2 Parell coming out from
9658s TK F1 going to be coming through from EG
9662s my eye is going to be on the Vipers
9664s because I'm seeing at the moment a lot
9666s of F3 and a lot of V3 F3 is really
9670s strong against the zip variant right
9673s because of that healing Effectiveness
9674s cut as well as that massive chunk of
9676s damage uh that off of the drop can just
9679s be enough to to topple a player if
9681s they've taken a couple of hits coming
9682s through from a weapon as well it does
9685s struggle however into the Transformers
9688s composition but I think both of our eyes
9690s are going to be on GG who are mixing
9692s things up actually they are going to be
9694s contested on secret tunnel they're not
9696s going to be dropping directly on top of
9697s it I believe Bower is going to be a
9700s contesting them that or x no xcg is
9703s going to be I was going to say XG were
9704s one of the teams actually that have in
9706s the past in this season dropped onto G G
9710s and it is going to be a race to get
9712s those fireflies GG did stop
9714s experimenting with the vder but admitted
9717s themselves in interviews that while they
9718s thought it was strong they still needed
9720s time to be able to work out the ins and
9723s outs of it as even though they would
9725s will R of Yang a lot of the time it
9727s would not be off of spe connections
9729s coming through from the V2 so very
9731s excited to see if improvements have been
9733s made on that front as it is going to be
9736s those two teams having to scrap it out
9739s right off of the rip that both of us are
9740s going to be looking at since GG need a
9742s high scoring point game to be able to
9745s start pushing themselves up the
9746s leaderboard and XG want to be able to
9749s consolidate their lead as everyone now
9751s races GG getting into secret tunnel
9754s first LX already having the V2 tox
9757s coming into play do we get a spit
9759s connection there's one it catches onto
9762s so many players GG also got the hands
9765s onto the fireplace for that Yan and as a
9768s result there is so much t coming through
9770s xcg yet again try to drop on to GG and
9773s it does not work out for them GG with
9776s the better loot ping manag to pick up
9778s all of the firefights Tesla V1 does
9779s connect onto GG but that is going to be
9782s all she wrote as in that small enclosed
9785s space so hard to dodge out of the spe FR
9788s even harder to dodge away from the usan
9790s Stagger follow up GG make that V
9792s composition look natural I absolutely
9795s love to see the vower popping off as
9797s well as now we're cutting over to OG
9799s versus J DG instantly able to SEC kill
9802s themselves one kill there lovely little
9804s turn around coming out from you I don't
9807s think they're going to be able to do too
9808s much K on their Lonesome surrounded by
9811s three is just going to try and blink
9813s away throws down the wh isn't going to
9814s make the connection they sustained it up
9816s as long as they could OG quickly putting
9819s a dunk in here as now we c a te who got
9821s himself in a a three-way exchange
9824s everybody just parting waves from this
9826s action though think was getting a little
9827s bit too hairy as JJ H actually summon
9830s the Ban's breath just to cover their
9831s escape make sure they're not going to be
9833s getting jumped by anybody as wbg heading
9836s away they're not wanting anything to do
9838s with that action and very very Explosive
9841s Start across the board but right now it
9843s looks like everybody is separating and
9845s heading in uh different directions away
9847s from one another although JL have come
9849s into line of sight of wbg and JL right
9853s now a little bit scattered if they do
9855s take this fight this could get a little
9857s bit hairy waiting out for just a brief
9859s second txj advancing forwards has got
9862s himself the P or the purple one as well
9864s he's going to do a lot of damage to that
9865s one Asia immediately getting his armor
9868s Stripped Away From Him the Tessa comes
9869s down with the lock down on the ultimate
9871s txj being forced backed by two members
9874s of wbg hello health bar going low coming
9876s in with the ultimate trying to just find
9878s that lock down find that stun for his
9879s team Sleep Walker able to just about
9882s jump out there with a perfect par dive
9884s and now we do see JL jumping away hixel
9888s perfect uh Das there from the Tammy just
9891s to break away from the vower beautifully
9893s played yeah FL interception as well
9895s coming through from B on that toada sees
9897s the Viper was able to find the F2
9899s connection and potential follow up into
9901s charged R&B first stage of that P sword
9904s and immediately intercepts with that
9905s grab and now we get to see wolves on
9908s this Transformer composition going head
9910s to-head with K they've already lost one
9911s of their players EG is going to get the
9914s F ke to make sure that he survives that
9917s window of activating the ultimate gets
9919s taged out back however by the faer
9922s cannon and as result is not able to find
9925s the grab the te already having been
9926s investing m is not in position to try
9928s and find the revive onto XM who if he
9931s was brought back could immediately move
9933s into using that Ean ultimate but as a
9935s result they just are not able to and EEG
9938s is forced into just trying to scatter
9940s away from his karumi and hope that K get
9944s split between going after one of them
9946s and the other is able to survive and
9948s potentially regroup of the usan when the
9950s respawn comes on through this was why it
9953s was actually really smart from jjh at
9956s the very beginning to prioritize picking
9958s up a Bain's breath because as we've
9960s talked about for the entirety of the
9962s season one of Transformers weakest parts
9965s of the game is early right your ultimate
9967s is scaled your health off of the armor
9969s that you have equipped your damage off
9970s of the weapon that you have equipped so
9972s you become incredibly weak to things
9974s like the zhon composition the sand
9976s siphon composition and that Viper every
9979s chunk of damage coming through but jjh
9981s picking up the Bain bre they avoided the
9983s situation that wolves I find themselves
9985s in they had the Bain to retreat to if
9987s the monk Transformer got challenged
9989s before they had the equipment to
9991s actually justify having the threat when
9994s the transformation goes on through and
9996s as a result wolves it it's silver lining
9999s for them right your EG your monk alter
10002s is able to keep living long enough that
10005s you buy your karumi the disengagement so
10008s you do still have a REO on the player
10010s who with te can bring back one of your
10012s down players before you bleed out it's
10014s very smart actually from wolves to
10016s prioritize having the Cory having that
10018s rebirth yeah I really really smart play
10020s from them but I've seen Wolves pull out
10023s the monk quite a lot this season I
10026s really don't think it's a good comp for
10027s them I think wolves do not suit this
10029s comp all that much uh watch meat my
10031s words at the end of this game I was
10033s going to say normally the MVP games come
10035s off of the Transformer game I just I
10037s feel like I feel it's such a coin flip
10039s with them though and obviously I know we
10042s are talking about early game and you
10043s know monk obviously struggles early but
10046s I did I just feel like wolves are I've
10048s always thought they've looked better
10049s when they're playing more aggressive
10051s comps comps are going to take these
10052s fights they're going to jump inside the
10054s Roma yangs and stuff like that and
10055s obviously monk will be jumping into the
10057s Romo Yang but uh I I don't know I just I
10060s personally not a massive fan of it
10062s because I just I I think I've seen more
10064s failure than success maybe it's me maybe
10067s I'm the problem I don't know uh
10069s uh not overly sold on it they are all
10072s back up though had to use two of their
10074s rebirths to uh get themselves going
10076s having a look at jdg right now just
10078s grabbing them that purple armor so
10080s they're not particularly uh weak right
10083s now pretty heavily pretty comfortably
10084s set up ug are still leading the charge
10087s after an absolutely phenomenal game
10089s number one uh them and K popping off ug
10094s six kills under up to 30 points Leo
10097s avoids and evades getting CAU out there
10100s t actually very spread s did he
10104s minute invisibility Bush gets hit by the
10107s test of V1 Hardy has to use the glider
10110s to try and break away and regroup with
10112s the rest of his team but unfortunately
10114s the V1 is going to stagger him out
10116s entirely the cube comes on through
10118s that's why he went for the ultimate
10119s Activation so that he could Escape that
10122s follow up coming on through and maybe
10124s live long enough for the rest of his
10126s team to help him out where is the rest
10129s of
10130s te all of their players are currently
10133s alive but looking on the mini map I see
10135s absolutely no one that Leo is in range
10139s of maybe this is a strategy lead OG on a
10142s merry goose chase away from the rest of
10144s the team just the way we saw wolves but
10147s that feels like it was a huge
10149s miscommunication coming through from te
10151s in terms of where they was split as wbg
10154s could potentially take this fight
10155s against ja looks actually like we are in
10157s interrupting a fight that went out
10158s between the to however a wbg having the
10160s much better disengagement able to put
10162s themselves underneath waterfall pick up
10163s those fireflies and as a result extend
10166s V's ultimate duration so they can turn
10169s on JL who understood that wbg got that
10172s better positioning and are in full
10174s disengagement mode at the moment
10178s as yeah still has those free shoves the
10180s rest of his team doing a very good job
10182s of making sure that they're able to to
10184s keep JL occupi txj with the Viper V1 is
10186s going to be able to find one stun onto
10188s Sleep Walker however by with those
10190s shelves make sure to interrupt the Viper
10193s before they can collapse on top of the
10195s Stagger I player really good peel coming
10196s through from wbg karumi Ultimate now
10199s invested as well Tessa V1 is going to
10202s mean the 3 second stun window by sh the
10204s time set up the wi and teleport as well
10206s as find the revive onto txj and we go
10210s right back Deja Vu we have been here
10212s before J kite over to the no Al Zone and
10215s drop it before Sleep Walker is in
10217s position to use the ult ultimate and
10219s keep it in play even when the no all
10222s hits and as a result wbg going to be
10225s taking a little bit of downtime before
10227s this fight resumes yeah look like wbg
10229s are going to be getting away does sound
10232s like the Romo yangs are spawning up we
10236s keep our eyes on that one and where
10237s who's going to get their hands onto
10239s those Ro yangs I'm going to be very
10241s excited to see these first ones B
10243s looking to get their hands in actually
10244s no they're just playing interrupt on drg
10247s not letting them get in range Peak about
10249s to get lock down yuran forced away jumps
10252s inside did have to use an F but is going
10256s back up that was matar used they needed
10259s to get a win I think that was just too
10260s dangerous for them now they're in a
10262s really rough position taking this fight
10264s here versus j h without that mataro
10266s yuran staying up in the air for the
10269s moment as Godly is going to get himself
10272s a grab onto yuran no Matari up to keep
10274s him going as he is just being cooked
10276s slammed down can he find the regrab it
10278s looks like able to put himself away from
10280s a bit of distance but he is in danger
10282s going so so low able to evade getting
10284s caught out but he does go down mid Sky
10287s the interruption may not have got the
10289s kills against uh Baler on the team who
10292s did was doing the interrupting but Baler
10295s they just paid the heavy price there
10297s down they go jjh only have one last
10300s player to finish up Peak on their
10302s Lonesome got to pull off a miracle one
10304s versus three and I do not think they've
10306s got that one up their sleeve as JJ get
10309s himself just a freebie to be honest well
10312s jdg still having to fight for it though
10315s they went to the school of wolves in TS
10316s of Transformer karumi ultimate has
10319s already been invested as now we get the
10320s closer coming in through from Tuk on
10323s this transformed unit does he manage to
10326s find any double grabs GG currently
10328s trying to play around the pillar
10329s unfortunately kites them directly into
10332s the usan however they're able to focus
10334s him down as the ultimate had already
10336s been burned out and now it's just
10338s avoiding no one grab comes through
10339s immediately has to go for that slam
10341s drops out of the ultimate uses the jump
10343s to put himself onto pillar and get
10345s himself a little bit disengaged to try
10347s and come in with the charg RMB that was
10349s the par Bell coming through but GG did
10351s not fight into it and they'll be able to
10354s pick up the wi inside the real of Yang
10357s circling back to that fight with Bower
10360s it's really unfortunate that they had to
10362s use the Matari ultimate as they entered
10364s the realm of Yang not just because it
10366s means that you get denied one reset of
10368s the the Z one huge reason why Matari
10372s with Z works so well is the V3 gives a
10375s health sustainers speaking fact we're
10377s going to have to go back to that as GG
10379s immediately taking a fight against jjh
10381s there comes the valda F3 to clear up the
10383s space par V3 now gets dropped for the
10386s team to put themselves into the second
10388s that they get challenged by that
10390s transformed unit Godly is able to find
10391s the Stagger however on to free free o
10393s before he can come in with that Cannon
10395s and stagger the monk instead as Godly is
10397s looking for these grabs can he find it
10401s to Lou having to invest the fa Mech as
10403s well if Godly drops out of this
10405s transformed unit and they get third
10406s party they do not have the F V3 to cover
10409s for the T when he's vulnerable and here
10411s comes the thir party Bower having to
10413s take a fight almost immediately because
10415s of the Yang depletion Godly incredibly
10416s low managed to grab Peak out but didn't
10419s find the slam follow up Godly absolutely
10422s decimated fre will be able to claim the
10424s kill did B to grab the soul BL however
10426s as the matori ultimate comes through
10428s free reset of the eere and B to take the
10431s hard engagement J is is to Lou now is
10433s the player that they turn on to is going
10435s to be Yan making sure to isolate that
10437s player push them away from everybody
10440s else in the area so they can pick up the
10442s soul blim when they drop as in the mean
10444s time GG take advantage of B taking all
10448s of that attention and turn on to the
10450s remaining players of JJ and it goes down
10452s into a slug Fest Yan with another fere
10456s gets the connection onto fre for and the
10458s Damage off of the back of that will be
10459s able to claim the kill Peak sets up the
10461s sustain uses that zip ultimate to make
10463s sure that GT do not get any uh
10465s disengagement and exit trades before
10467s they revisit the soul alar that was a
10471s very very fast ripping of the vilon
10473s birds might however it's going to be jdg
10477s who were running it back in they've
10478s understood that Bower utilized all of
10481s those ultimates with scouting the area
10483s watched the investment come through from
10486s the Matari from the Z and now they take
10489s their rebirth with their y depletion and
10492s their full sets of free ultimates to
10494s have the better advantage in Ultimate
10496s economy that was really really well
10499s played by jdg they have that depletion
10501s on them so they wasted a lot of time but
10502s they were watching in ghost B waiting
10505s for the moment to jump on the winners of
10507s the fight jdg their third party may come
10510s back on them sorry Bower their third
10512s party may come back around to fight them
10513s in the backside as uran jumped away to
10516s safety jdg keeping the pressure up on to
10519s the side of bower Jing low HP they need
10522s to get these kills they need to get
10523s these cleanses cuz they wasted a lot of
10526s time waiting for this opportunity Jing
10528s by some space the cannon shot coming in
10530s secures the kill PE gets CED by two TI
10533s two TI puts a whole bunch of pressure in
10535s will cleanse himself but in comes JL
10537s with the third party locking them down
10540s with the ear two tick finds himself in
10543s danger has to pop the Bell has got a
10544s transform is going to use it he is the
10546s only person on his team cleansed but he
10549s is stun locked in place and two dick is
10551s losing oh so much health the rest of his
10554s team still trying to keep the pressure
10556s up on to xcg and now JL this is complete
10560s carage K have joined into the action
10564s there is just a blood barath coming
10566s through so many teams scrapping it out
10569s jdg don't have much longer left of this
10571s debuff on the players who didn't cleanse
10574s themsel I don't think they got enough
10576s Soul blooms I think they only got one
10578s got it for the T High the tamy and the
10581s Kumi are still lacking but there are so
10585s many teams in this area the question is
10588s who still has ultimates xcg held on to
10590s their so if a fight breaks out they're
10593s definitely the ones who have the the
10595s advantage in terms of that Firepower and
10598s as a result they are going to try and
10599s force one it is Kiki having to just take
10602s this fight in the hopes of being able to
10603s lock some of these players down before
10605s Yang depletion hits them Tesa V1 is
10607s going to be able to connect NQ able to
10608s come in with the Dragon Slayers into
10610s nzar thly locking down the players but K
10613s sniped the kill away cuckoo with the bow
10617s shot is able to claim the last hit and
10619s xcg sensing that okay there are too many
10622s teams in this area we've had to utilize
10624s that Tessa V1 the First cast of it we do
10627s not want to overstay our welcome they
10629s throw in the wit and teleport they're
10631s not able to find the kill but they will
10633s be able to guarantee that survival a
10635s little bit longer as a GG off of
10638s revisiting that Soul alter also showing
10641s up onto the Cena's outside shipwreck we
10643s get to see where the last player from
10645s jdg tried to run away from and that
10648s unfortunately was the player who were
10650s able to to cleanse Yang depletion Jake
10652s and he gets found out by UG and that is
10655s jdg until he knocked out of the
10657s lobby
10659s oh still pretty stat lobby as uh JJ H
10663s are going to grab himself this realm of
10665s Yang it doesn't feel like Realm of Yang
10667s ended that long ago that's how much
10669s action we had after ROM Yang but it
10672s feels like we are still in the Tidy Up
10674s phase from the first one but no jjh have
10676s grabbed himself a um Mystic no Draco
10679s storm sorry wow intered Draco storm
10682s actually I know some teams do favor
10684s towards it it feels like it's white
10686s tigers or um I forgot the name of the
10690s other one white tigers or Mystic M kind
10692s of the goto nowadays for your second
10694s buff but OG getting themselves in a
10696s little bit of a scrap here versus WB G
10699s they've got the lock down with the Viper
10701s AAL getting himself in some serious
10703s danger they got the lock they get the
10704s kill ug having an absolutely killer
10708s performance in this game 10 kills deep
10710s already make that 11 they're now just
10712s chasing on to Sleep Walker J are in the
10715s area but SLE Walker desperately making a
10717s run for it OG though they are keeping
10719s the pressure up they are keeping the
10721s chase going they are so in control of
10724s this game right now but just having a
10726s look at the overall Court scores
10730s Oh No Sleep Walker does get an armor
10732s swap off makes himself a blueberry but
10734s has be able to break away he's going to
10736s have to hope there re charms about
10738s otherwise he might be in trouble rings
10739s for Bell just to make sure that no force
10741s will can ring on him but also has some
10743s idea JJ H though with this Draco storm
10747s hunting in the area and again just
10749s looking at the kills yeah it's it's ug
10753s leading the charge with 11 kills but GG
10756s have eight they they could catch up
10760s I mean it was a huge Nim as well coming
10762s through from OG they were chasing wbgc
10764s poker and if they actually committed to
10766s that they could potentially have ran
10768s into a jjh who have Legendary Weapons as
10771s well as that Draco storm on the field
10773s and are looking to try and take a fight
10776s and that would have been devastating for
10777s ug having 11 kills like you said but
10779s running into a team that you are not
10781s prepared to to take on because you're
10784s running up against the Transformers team
10785s who have the Draco stor and that
10787s additional damage to to qualify having
10789s that kill confirmation a lot easier when
10792s you're running up against some of these
10793s players not having to rely on double
10794s grabs instead would have been such a
10797s tragedy if they get knocked out before
10799s they could find a good kill multiplier
10801s and like I said it goes back the reason
10803s why we saw so many of those players
10805s piling onto that one fo after Yang
10807s depletion is it's macro they understand
10810s that these teams are taking Yang and
10811s teams are going to get hit by Yang
10813s depletion as a result all of those teams
10816s with Yang depletion are forcing to
10817s takeing fights so both the teams in the
10819s area are going to consolidate in that
10822s space and look for the third and the
10824s fourth party and the fact it wasn't just
10826s one team looking for the third party it
10827s was pretty much every single player in
10829s the lobby again returns to that whole
10831s story line that all of these teams not
10834s just the top ones leading the the
10836s scoreboard at the moment have
10838s significantly stepped up in terms of
10841s understanding that the tempo and overall
10842s macro so I would not be surprised if yet
10845s again we see things just slow down to a
10848s all compared to the Sprint that we had
10851s previously where everyone prioritizes
10853s having that multiplier is GG have been
10856s able to make this V work a lot more
10858s efficiently this time around you can
10859s definitely tell that the time has been
10861s the one thing they were missing they now
10863s had that luxury to be able to to work
10865s out all of the the benefits and how to
10867s play this Val composition especially in
10870s terms of taking fights in a position
10872s where the V2 was harder to avoid it's
10875s going to be a little bit harder to have
10877s that decision Mak though when final Zone
10879s comes through because valder is just the
10881s fact that when the CC comes through you
10883s only get one hit when we have so many of
10885s these teams in the area it's not just
10887s going to be your team that gets the play
10889s off of that one hit right everyone is
10892s going to be able to take advantage of
10893s that CC and worst for GG if they're not
10896s immediately able to take the engagement
10898s off of that one hit if they're not fully
10900s prepared to follow up someone is going
10903s to be mucking up the timing of that one
10906s with a swap over to something like a bow
10908s or a musket or just the cannon AOE
10910s pressure coming on through and the fer
10912s is going to fall
10914s apart it does feel like everything has
10916s taking a little bit of a a cool off in
10919s Tempo so to speak um 10 minutes until
10922s the circle fully closes so it's still
10924s plenty of time and for now it just looks
10926s like uh the teams are just kind of
10929s grabbing what loot what resources they
10931s can get for this next stage of the game
10933s and 26 players left in this circle right
10935s now so it's it's definitely moved by
10938s Pace from the previous game but it's
10940s still as far as the rest of the season
10942s goes this is a pretty tame game the
10945s season has been very explosive I mean
10947s we've
10948s seen like 11 15 man lobbies to close the
10952s day the game's out on and by this point
10956s would' be relatively close to that and
10957s it feels like the teams are pretty okay
10960s with just playing it a lot more a lot
10962s more chilled in the tempo uh I do think
10965s this is partly due to the fact that we
10967s have seen you know some major changes in
10969s the way that obviously zip work so the
10971s teams that zip encourage do encourage
10973s this uh this kind of style of play this
10975s this more aggressive style where it's
10978s more teams that are designed to either
10980s take Roma yangs or take final circles
10982s than it is teams that are just looking
10984s to constantly Skirmish we still have you
10986s know the the blind dat comp which is
10987s currently being uh taken out here by
10990s ug um as y are on the blind dat so
10994s they're still kind of playing that um
10996s that that style that aggression and
10998s they're just so strong right now 12
11001s kills under their belt OG the last game
11004s was denied by them by K because K off of
11007s 15 kills ug did a lot of work to get to
11011s that spot where they also competitive
11014s and this is them at the beginning of the
11015s game they've just been constant
11016s aggression I'm loving them on this this
11018s comp they look so good with this Tessa
11021s this was I'm finding te at the beginning
11023s of this game and I'm pretty sure that
11025s was them before we cut to this replay
11028s managing to take out one of the hiding
11030s members of te which says to me I te only
11033s had one teammate left and we're just
11035s trying to play for better survival or
11038s had so much pressure on them that they
11040s had to just play for for a split maybe a
11042s bounty got put on their head but no the
11044s thing for ug is the fact that uh you can
11047s play this composition full up time for
11049s the entire duration of this match the
11052s the tessla composition is so good at
11054s hunting down stragglers and this is the
11057s time where you can see see that they're
11058s rotating they're trying to figure out
11060s where these players are going to be
11061s hiding there it is yeah t went for a
11063s split play unfortunately for them and ug
11066s on this this hunting path have been able
11068s to find another player from the side of
11071s te who was hoping to hide inside cave
11074s and ug figured like okay this is
11076s potentially going to be where our player
11077s is hiding to play for survival Ked over
11080s there found the usan force the ultimate
11084s can they find the kill before LD runs
11087s them into to another team that is the
11089s way that he is going to be able to
11092s survive the ultimate's about to drop out
11095s but I think he's done potentially enough
11097s he runs through so many different teams
11100s that being said the grapple cancel comes
11102s through and the chances are it's just
11104s out of the frying pan directly into the
11106s fire he might have denied the kill for
11107s ug but he's now served himself up on a
11110s silver platter to all of the other teams
11111s in the ring area he just he had no
11113s choice though he had to run into all of
11115s these other teams in the hope that ug
11117s back off or got taken into another fight
11121s in a 3v3 and allowed the Yan to slip
11124s away unnoticed unfortunately UI back off
11127s and one of the teams in the area spots
11129s the Yan trying to slip away and turn on
11131s him instead yeah it's one it was a lose
11133s lose situation he did as much as he
11135s could do to prevent that from being a
11137s lose but unfortunately there are just
11140s with the fact there's 24 people in the
11142s lobby odds are if you run from one team
11144s you're going to run into another OG's SS
11147s has lost amount of HP but they gots in a
11149s nice little corner where they can heal
11151s up uh GG got their backs to the Zone
11153s facing walls right now but are out in
11156s the open see a couple of Canon shots do
11158s come down the Bane's breath actually is
11160s going to get some dead center in the
11162s zone and GG going to get K this little
11164s area and if they move if wolves move too
11167s far over they might move into ug's
11169s pocket as well meanwhile at top The High
11171s Ground you can see JJ H just uh putting
11175s some pressure on to JL and all of the
11178s other teams drg up on The High Ground
11180s but JL are the ones currently in the uh
11183s in the pined spot as they are losing a
11185s lot of HP getting absolutely slammed by
11188s the Cannons it's the armor Dage coming
11190s out on dxj they they've got the
11193s legendary armor on the Viper and all of
11195s these teams want to knock ja out to be
11198s able to absorb that armor uh we do have
11202s two Transformer teams still currently in
11204s play wolves have been able to make it to
11207s to end zone this time around JH also
11210s like you said trying to just keep
11212s themselves safe play for that better
11214s position so that when the ultimates come
11215s through Godly is going to be in position
11217s to start finding those grabs almost
11219s immediately as a
11221s ug trying to just pick up some of those
11224s resources before everything gets picked
11227s clean we have 24 players in this Lobby
11230s which means those resources are going to
11231s be getting incredibly scarce and since
11233s they don't have either a karumi or a
11234s Zing it is so important that they stop
11238s loock up on the Vitalia and those Shield
11240s potions as we're going to see jjh start
11242s to put more pressure on some of these
11243s teams in the center Flames breath and
11246s rupture Gale going to be attached to
11248s that Cannon as we can see the fire tick
11250s just shredding through Q's Health very
11253s very slowly party variant of The
11255s Cannonball composition is going to be up
11257s for K xtg weren't able to put it to good
11259s use in the previous match K were able to
11262s use that teada however ug getting
11264s absolutely home run baseball bat style
11267s into the Zone managed to use use Wan
11270s teleport to reposition but unfortunately
11273s that was a glaring signal flare to a
11276s weakness D HED in on it immediately zinu
11279s goes down to another bow shot coming
11282s through massive Viper ultimate as well
11284s as going to slow down the other members
11286s of xcg into a Tessa V1 as winds spout
11289s comes out from NQ K taking advantage of
11292s the chaos now coming in with that Hardy
11294s ultimate wanting to get the last hit
11296s pushing some of these players into
11298s really rough positions where they're
11299s going to get focused and lobbied down
11301s for the rest of K's members as off of
11304s the back of that one drg might go out of
11308s this lobby as xtg unfortunately losing
11310s two of their players and that might be
11313s them eliminated it's just the wo
11314s unlocked OGG losing their Viper is going
11318s to be such a detriment to them now they
11320s really needed them for those final
11321s circles and this is the the chance for
11324s the liks of K GG drg although drg have
11327s lost two point players so maybe not them
11329s a lot of teams are in some serious
11331s danger but ug fighting back even with
11333s the man disadvantage forcing wolves away
11337s from this Spirit well as they're trying
11339s to control it but JJ H are in the area
11341s meanwhile on the low ground we can see
11343s JL txj has found the lock down onto a
11345s couple of members of K but they are just
11347s getting hit by the Cannons on the low
11348s ground one Fang is going to be able to
11350s finish up a kill on the cucko though for
11352s the side of JL putting another kill on
11354s the board for them able to step away and
11357s reset everybody else is still quite
11359s happily fighting for this spirit world
11362s Godly inside transform in he's going to
11365s get some damage down onto wolves wolves
11367s can't shoot back in and wolves are
11369s getting absolutely railed by the cannon
11371s here from godl you can see JL in the
11375s bush once SP gets captured they're going
11378s to sneak and grab all of the loot this
11380s is going to be an explosive moment from
11381s ug are they going to be able to pull it
11383s off or are they going to get instantly
11385s punished the RO loot Goes Pop oh GG
11388s actually don't reveals being down a
11390s member make this a little bit too hairy
11392s for them but GG have now joined up on
11394s The High Ground lxm waiting for an
11397s opportunity to kind of pounce with that
11398s ultimate and try and take out a couple
11400s of people for the side of GG Nine Kills
11402s under their belt oh just playing sustain
11405s here comes the transform from GG going
11407s to use the mech already one F Under Fire
11409s but free Freo doesn't really position
11411s himself that well EG gets himself a grab
11413s onto chewy CHS for the slam can he find
11416s the re grab Godly actually going to
11418s shove EG back as he's now just playing
11420s the reposition GG playing safe on the
11422s side of the zone as Godly is fighting
11425s out with Wolves here it is just Carnage
11428s inside this final Circle 14 players left
11431s as Godly has cooked 330 is going to be
11433s able to secure that kill actually gets a
11435s second one as well onto EG and just like
11437s that GG are up into 11 kills JL popping
11441s the Ultima from his Viper looking to
11443s lock down multiple people txj is able to
11446s get on to 330 3 goes down to txj and JL
11450s are back in the game with four kills
11452s under their belt it is absolute Carnage
11454s still though as JL able to take out
11456s Flames jumping up into six kills at this
11458s point as they are picking up kills left
11461s right and Center JL are popping off in
11463s this final Circle the Parry coming in
11465s from txj knocking ZK into the Zone
11469s knocking him back JL in control in
11472s demand right now as the Viper ultimate
11474s comes out from txj to look everybody in
11477s this down CJs finds himself caught
11480s inside the Zone the PO sword will finish
11482s him up knocking him down taking him out
11485s as now JL keeping the damage down but we
11487s do actually see lxm do some work with
11490s the valer but he has a lot of work to do
11492s against everyone GG's lxm is able to
11495s take down Chi as 's SS is going low it
11499s is all of the high kill teams going to
11501s the toes there last man standing will
11503s decide everything the wo P the
11506s reposition coming in M playing on the
11508s outside of the circle jumps back into
11510s the center gets a whole bunch of damage
11512s down but I find him in some serious
11514s danger JL able to get something but lxm
11516s actually making a hero play happen he
11518s gets himself the heal he gets the turn
11520s around BBV low HP lxm no way is he going
11524s to do this one versus two he pulls it
11528s off okay so the thing is GG the second
11533s that the V on the Yan live into that
11536s final Zone the they win heal off
11538s situation if it goes to heal off GG take
11540s it because it's it's so smart what they
11543s do and it's all off of the back of of
11546s the Val V2 when Jr start trying to open
11549s up that space with the Viper V1 right
11551s and it is a perfect zone for a Viper V1
11555s blat space no terrain to block line of
11558s sight and Gigi understand that there is
11560s no possible way that they are going to
11563s be able to to escape that stun so what
11565s the vda does is activates V2 which means
11568s all of that Health instantly shoved up
11571s to over 2,000 and as a result when the
11574s Sager comes through ja don't turn on the
11577s valda and then the second that the
11579s Stager duration wears off he's able to
11582s capitalize gets a massive spear that
11584s connects onto two players at the same
11585s time and GG not only is able to keep up
11589s the pressure with the weapons just
11590s coming from prioritizing all of the
11592s players who were low Health around him
11593s but he's able to keep all of the
11596s pressure off of him everye making sure
11598s that he has a little bit of bubble of
11599s safety to find the recovery and even
11602s though it went down to two versus one
11604s the problem becomes when that player
11606s drops the vder prioritizes picking up
11609s the soul Bloom to get the rage necessary
11611s to have the V2 recharged so if he
11613s started going low it would have gone to
11615s a heal off situation and he would again
11617s be able to utilize the V2 and outlive
11620s the two other players and be the last
11623s person standing like I said that vver is
11625s going to be really problematic in terms
11627s of you kills when all of those players
11629s are clamped up on top of each other
11631s however what the vaer excels at is
11634s winning the heal off when final Zone
11635s collapses and GG understood that wind
11638s condition like I said the vder
11639s composition is something that this team
11640s have been working on for a very long
11643s time they understood that the vda was
11646s better than the Yoto Yoto being able to
11648s to lose a lot of her ultimate because of
11650s players just kiting away from it and
11652s also not really getting to use it to to
11655s win heal off situation a lot of the time
11657s Yodo Al didn't have enough damage to one
11659s of its slashes that it would do a
11661s massive chunk of percentage to a
11662s player's Health Ball but cruly wasn't
11664s the last hit to confirm and and grab
11667s those kills so in it was setting up
11668s other teams around you to to push up
11671s their score instead of your own and so G
11673s pivoted to this valda understanding okay
11676s if it goes to that heel off V2 is going
11679s to be that potential difference maker
11680s and that's exactly how they play it and
11683s I have to take my hands off entirely to
11684s them because I I I really doubted the
11687s valder coming through I was like if they
11688s don't play for this heal off situation
11690s this valder is is going to be dead in
11692s the water and this is the easiest
11694s question ever I know you had a FY that
11696s question two tends to be the hardest of
11698s the day this is the easiest question of
11700s the entire season how many players chose
11704s valer in game number two was it one I'm
11707s I'm not even reading the other
11708s options if you get this wrong chat I am
11712s I'm not going to be angry I'm not going
11713s to be mad I'm just going to be very
11715s disappointed anyone getting this wrong
11717s is willfully getting it wrong uh I
11720s unbelievable performance coming in from
11722s GG uh Soul Bloom Hill was absolutely
11725s clutch as well for them GG coming in
11728s getting themsel a recovery after game
11731s number one 15 kills 25 points for
11734s themselves that was a high scoring game
11737s though Moxy I think we're going to have
11739s a bunch of teams hitting that 70 point
11741s at the same moment I think there's going
11743s to be a a I think game four is around
11747s the point where we'll probably see
11748s everyone Hit That 70 points and I think
11751s that game is going to have maybe two or
11752s three teams at that 70 point at the same
11755s time I think we're in for a treat
11757s honestly these games carry on like this
11759s we're in for such a good day yeah I mean
11761s you can see GG as well they they picked
11763s up 15 kills but this is very GG coded in
11766s terms of damage statistics like I said
11768s right with the vder composition you
11770s prioritize to heal off you don't
11771s actively take the the free free
11773s engagements so their damage statistics
11775s are going to be a lot lower in
11776s comparison to some of the these other
11778s teams that thrive off of those burst
11779s windows with things like the the fur and
11781s shelves and also the the zon teams which
11784s have that massive burst potential with
11786s the the V2 off of that Z GG it makes so
11790s much sense that they're the ones who are
11791s making the V compeition look the best it
11792s possibly can be because GG even before
11794s they played the valda were the best team
11797s in the league at analyzing players
11799s around them that were low pivoting to
11801s ranged weapons and creeping away
11803s literally not 20 roll checking every
11806s single time with the stealth pits onto
11809s all of the the kill poaches with things
11811s like the muskets and the bow so no
11814s surprises that they're able to to last
11817s until that final Zone do a lot of last
11820s hits off of setups from other teams
11822s around them and then as we pointed out
11824s utilize that V utilize that V2 and we
11826s are going to see the full replay coming
11828s through it started off so incredibly
11830s strong with that control of secret
11832s tunnel this could have gone pair shape
11833s really quickly if they had lost this
11835s first fight off of then it could be
11838s looking entirely different as it is
11841s however G home secret they had the home
11845s ground Advantage they defend it
11846s honorably the second at the V2 and the
11848s US ultimate come into play it is
11851s absolutely curtains for xcg as inside
11854s the realm of Yang we also get to see CJs
11856s on thisan doing such a good job of
11859s pushing these fights isolating a Target
11862s so that Alex h on the vda is able to
11864s follow up off of all of the Stag setly
11867s you can see fre as well with those every
11870s single time the Stager comes through
11871s following up with the charged R&B with
11873s how fast and how damaging that
11875s particular hit is as we can have a look
11878s and see how exactly this team played
11880s that end zone hiding behind pero me
11883s making sure that the Ean had the space
11885s to go for that stagger ultimate coming
11887s on through putting pressure onto those
11889s players forcing them into taking the
11891s corruption take damage there's the Viper
11894s V1 coming through and you immediately
11895s see alexm going for that V2 activation
11899s making sure that when the Stagger hits
11901s he has the help to be able to sustain
11903s through all of it massive SP connection
11905s onto two players slows things down
11907s immediately following up as well with
11909s the Char R&B on those HS Wan teleport
11912s does get pushed in lxm actually got hit
11915s by the Tess of V1 but utilizes his
11917s positioning turns his character around
11919s so that even though he walks out of the
11922s the zone out of the safety he takes the
11924s full corruption tick damage he walks
11925s away from all of the players so they not
11927s actually within distance of following up
11929s on the 3 second Stager gets like you
11931s said that Health reset as well as the
11933s soul blimp giving the RS necessary to
11934s come in with that next charge of the V2
11937s gets the SP connection gets all of the
11938s health suain to win the heal off and GG
11941s walks away the win and Jake I'm so proud
11944s for the first time for the first time
11948s ever in nvpl history we
11953s get this is the greatest moment of my
11955s life this is genuinely the greatest
11957s moment of my life I am so happy for lxm
11960s they are the only team who've been
11961s pulling the battle out as well it feels
11964s so good but everyone else tried it and
11966s they were like I can not actually really
11967s do it but GG stuck to their Laurels they
11970s were convinced this was a good pick and
11972s they have been the only team to
11974s successfully play it well but they
11975s finally pull it off get the MVP and
11978s where like this is the place to make it
11979s count right the grand finals you pull
11981s out this Niche pick which only you guys
11983s play and you get the victory with it not
11986s only that the V goes one versus two in
11988s the final Circle to close it out
11990s honestly that was just that was a fairy
11993s tale ending there for GG in that first
11995s game in that second that was a fairy
11996s tale for us you you and me both Jake we
11999s have been waiting to get to see a vda
12003s MVP in was like yeah we had that moment
12006s in solos where where V2 was absolutely
12008s busted and vda was always getting those
12011s MVPs but we we got to see it come
12013s through intr and I don't know about you
12015s but after that one I need to cool down a
12018s little bit we'll catch you with game
12020s three right after this break
12029s [Music]
12047s [Music]
12056s [Music]
12068s [Music]
12074s fate what is
12079s fate it's about shattering the
12082s cycle altering the rules of the game
12087s [Music]
12097s [Music]
12109s [Music]
12121s hey hey
12133s [Music]
12143s new challenges will be
12145s ignited and a new order is poised for
12148s reshaping
12161s [Music]
12167s he
12191s [Music]
12201s [Music]
12218s oh I am so incredibly hyped to get to
12221s see that reveal come for when Yan gets
12224s his Gundam however what I'm even more
12226s hyped for Jake is getting to see which
12228s team is going to walk away the nraa
12231s blade Point pro league spring
12234s 20124 Champions because we have had a
12238s nailbiter of the first two matches our
12241s dreams came true Jake so long we have
12244s waited valda trios finally activated
12249s with that absolutely crazy final Zone
12253s play out coming for that valda V2 coming
12256s in absolutely clutch for GG and GG off
12260s of the back of that managing to recover
12263s they started really well in game one but
12266s got outpaced by some of the other teams
12267s from finals Z properly collapsed but
12269s coming in with 15 kills and a last play
12272s standing on now so close behind ug who
12275s are currently leading the standings but
12277s we're seeing from every single game
12280s those standings even halfway through the
12281s game itself are continuously moving and
12285s fluctuating so like you said it is all
12288s to play for solos yes they ended early
12290s in game five I'm not sure if that's
12293s going to happen in a trio today because
12295s of just how much difference we've seen
12298s all of these teams coming with so many
12300s kills everyone is putting points up
12302s making it closer to that 70 point match
12305s match point eligibility so when one team
12307s hits the 70 they're probably not going
12309s to be alone I feel like if anything that
12312s actually encourages a potentially quick
12314s day which uh you know we obviously want
12316s want it to go all the way cuz it's it's
12318s fun morea but I think more teams hitting
12321s that eligibility at the same time and
12324s you know to quote to quote Harry Potter
12325s it's always you three there's there's
12328s always like ug JL K kind of at the top I
12333s mean GG obviously just at the last one
12334s but like there's always a select three
12337s teams who are just popping off today and
12340s I know we're two games in so you know
12343s the sample size is relatively small at
12344s this point but we are starting to see a
12347s lot of these teams at the top end really
12349s showing up and some of the teams at the
12350s bottom not so showing up at the moment
12353s so if we carry on on this trajectory
12355s odds are will have a couple of teams all
12358s hit that 70 point mark around game four
12360s game five and then once we get on to
12362s game five or game six depending on which
12363s point we hit the 70 on well have
12365s multiple teams all contesting then it
12367s just means one of those teams has to get
12369s MVP and they they've done it they've
12370s pulled it off so I think we we've kind
12373s of got that perfect storm right now of a
12375s mixure of Chaos
12377s but only in certain areas are actually
12380s thriving in that chaos and I mean the
12381s standings on the screens right now there
12384s is not a lot between first to Fourth
12387s really it's it's very very close in
12390s points right now so I think this next
12393s game is either going to continue in this
12396s trend or we may see one or two teams
12399s just blow ahead of the others and kind
12401s of make a big deficit because not right
12403s now there isn't a major deficit between
12405s our top end teams at all m one big
12408s difference as well and you talked about
12410s this right before we headed over to
12411s break Gigi being the only team who have
12414s been trying to to run this vder variant
12416s of of Cannonball right when we see all
12420s of these phases get get Perma shuffel
12422s and the top four teams always being
12424s locked into that that last phase pick GG
12427s have a huge advantage over the free
12430s other teams if they retain this position
12433s that they're in in terms of standings
12435s because they're the only ones been
12436s running valda which means if they want
12439s to use the vda for that mvp attempt it's
12443s not going to be super expensive and as
12445s we've seen that VA V2 when you play it
12448s for that ideal situation that heal off
12450s at the very very end zone claps has the
12453s potential to walk away with MVP because
12457s leading into that if we hadn't had the
12458s the VA V2 you have to remember ug were
12461s ahead of GG in terms of kills JL also
12464s started making massive moves coming
12467s through when Zone properly claps in with
12470s that humongous txj Viper V1 but weren't
12473s able to find the kills because GG were
12475s the ones profiting off of it instead
12476s since it was V1 done so the Viper wasn't
12479s able to to collapse on top of the
12481s opponents in time to to take full
12483s advantage of the 5c stagger yes
12486s absolutely
12488s it's oh man I'm just I just want to see
12490s they the hero select looks like cuz we
12491s now start with hero points in this game
12493s onwards so uh
12497s karumi will be back on the menu people
12499s game three they they they played the
12501s first three games of Zero Hero points oh
12503s is it three games of Zero Hero points
12505s yes I am I'm making a real mistake I
12508s thought they had for this game I thought
12509s it was only the first two well
12511s regardless we're going to see the uh the
12513s hero select jdg xcg drg and jjh are
12518s going to be going up first at this point
12519s so they'll get pick of the litter anyway
12521s on what they want to be playing um
12524s interesting but the zon wasn't that
12526s heavily prioritized in the last game in
12528s fact so far we haven't seen particularly
12531s amazing success from the Z which is sad
12533s because this comp is really really fun
12534s to watch but I think going into finals
12537s with some of the
12539s changes Z slowly has kind of fallen out
12543s of favor a little bit it's the neutral Z
12546s struggles into the neutral and because
12548s of all of these teams like when a fight
12549s begins a lot of the time it lasts so
12552s long that you're forced into that
12553s neutral phasing zon in terms of power
12556s just falls off
12558s significantly it spikes when ultimates
12561s are online but you having that ultimate
12563s online is there at the beginning of the
12565s fight if you don't close off that fight
12567s when those first cycles of the ultimates
12569s go through and you then even if you win
12571s the fight when those first ultimate
12573s Cycles go through that's two ultimates
12575s that you have to commit in the first 5
12577s Seconds of a fight right because all of
12579s these teams have been just piling on top
12581s of all of the fights and prolonging them
12582s and looking for third party and fourth
12583s party and fifth party zon just does not
12586s have the longevity to to sustain through
12590s that massively staggered out fight
12592s duration and as a result like you said
12594s we we've seen it just fall off
12596s significantly in in terms of kill
12599s potential well right now we're seeing
12601s what the hero select looks like as we're
12603s on that last round of
12606s picks lot of characters actually denied
12608s here so is actually going to be a little
12610s bit of Transformers uh a bit of sand
12613s forers actually as well coming in from
12615s JL
12617s Cannibal and I haven't really got a name
12619s for the uh for the Hadi variant of
12622s cannibal uh I believe people are calling
12624s it
12625s arom arom is a very good name for it
12628s yeah so the the reason is in in Chinese
12632s they they don't like specifically call
12634s the the character's name right so uh
12637s hottie is apparently called aerplane
12640s which is really really funny because the
12643s the Chinese for aerplane is the same as
12645s chicken so he gets called airlane man
12647s which can also mean chicken man that's
12650s brilliant that is brilliant that might
12652s explain the nunchucks and the
12655s crossbow that's what it was all about it
12657s was Big Brain well I I had this
12660s discussion with Raven I was like the
12661s chicken is
12663s Sunwing
12665s oh yeah well did I I so I looked up did
12669s you know that HTI is Turkish for come
12670s over here or come here ah well you know
12674s that makes sense why he has the grapple
12676s yeah EX exactly right makes a bit of
12680s sense well getting ready to go into G
12682s number three after my random language
12684s fact completely killed the hype there
12686s let's see how this game goes obviously a
12688s lot to play for there is a world where
12691s these teams start to get very close
12693s towards that match point um setup for
12695s some of these teams our team sitting at
12697s the top OG o uh GG K JL keep your eyes
12702s on these guys going forwards because
12704s this game could be the moment where they
12706s set themsel up for Glory going into the
12709s second half of the day yeah I mean we're
12712s seeing a lot of Hardy we're also seeing
12714s the well we had the valet previously one
12716s of the reasons that Hardy has started
12717s being filtered into Cannonball is
12720s because of again long lasting ultimate
12724s the problem that Hardy faces however is
12726s against the zyphon composition Matari
12728s backstab if Matari is able to backstab
12730s the Hardy in the Hardy ultimate that
12733s guarantees the Stagger which is going to
12734s be followed up by aai free and your
12737s wings are just going to be burned off uh
12739s and as Icarus found out in mythology
12741s when you fly too close to a burning
12743s object it does not pan out well for you
12745s when you have wings are GG getting
12747s contested by xcg again yes yes they are
12750s they Sly running back it again
12753s okay wow this time though G don't have
12756s the vder so when they get fireflies it's
12759s not going to be suddenly you have 2,000
12762s Health on the field as well as all of
12765s the the CC
12768s I'm amazed though that xcg dude decides
12770s to do that but you know they're feeling
12772s confident they want to take GG there's a
12775s potential third party as well I think
12776s that was jdg off just off to the side of
12779s them so after the fight's done they
12782s could just come in and mop it up and uh
12785s yeah is jdg so get your eyes on that
12788s there's a potential third party scenario
12790s to be set up JL dropping right on top of
12792s jjh as well so expect some immediate
12795s action over there
12796s as we're getting ready to go into game
12798s number three going an absolute Banger so
12801s far these games have been so explosive
12803s especially at the beginning it looks
12805s like GG into secret tunnel first though
12807s just going to grab himself all the
12808s goodies although they will meet xcg here
12810s they haven't actually got any weapons
12812s yet although CJs getting close towards
12814s having that Z Ultimate so he will get
12815s that one up comes in with the already
12817s two members go down they didn't get
12820s enough and this is going to be the end
12821s of CJs GG losing out this time xcg
12825s getting the
12827s yeah that's the problem xtg were the
12828s ones that got the fireflies and got the
12830s ultimates online and as a result CJs
12832s without that ultimate doesn't
12833s automatically get a gr weapon equipped
12835s and just had to go in for the melee
12836s upper cut scissor off in the meantime we
12838s have another two teams contesting
12839s fireflies JL and jjh going to have to be
12843s jeweling out J lose txj however one
12846s thing goes down to a huge scale Rush
12848s coming on through bvv now utilizing that
12852s Kumi V2 getting the armor Circle finding
12854s the ton to txj as well and JJ H don't
12857s want to take the fight they push and
12858s teleport their players body out to find
12861s the revive but JL spotted out the karumi
12864s t is still in play txj gets to play
12866s incredibly forward aggressive with that
12868s damage reduction as a result and Jayla
12871s going to keep it going vvv coming in
12873s with those dual blades just putting up
12875s the pressure they know that the W and
12876s teleport got utilized hul is not going
12878s to be able to hit that one in and find
12881s the disengagement and JL off of the back
12883s of vvv clutching it out are going to be
12886s able to come out on top yeah that was uh
12888s that was pretty unlucky there for jjh is
12891s now Godly The Last Man Standing trying
12893s to make a break for it but with the
12895s umbrella BBB can keep the pressure up
12897s onto Godly looks like Godly has
12899s potentially put enough distance between
12901s him and JL although J unrelenting in
12904s this
12905s Chase in the open they have got the alts
12907s like you said keeping that pressure up
12909s now te down here near shipwreck are just
12914s in range of Dr but T have been very on
12918s this of being like separated from each
12920s other hiding it it's very bizarre but
12923s Moonlight unfortunately for them has
12926s found uh the bad side of this one as T
12929s get the Parry they've got the ban breath
12931s this is just not as winning fight here
12932s for drg they're in some serious Danger
12935s on those B breath start to come down as
12937s here they come drg two members nailed by
12940s the Bane breath as TG just being kept
12943s inside the Zone te actually do lose a
12945s player though in the middle of this
12946s fight and somehow even with the Bane
12948s breath in their favor te are losing the
12950s fight down they
12952s Gog yeah the problem was B was not in
12956s their favor B was in their possession
12958s but no Bane AOE actually hit the S
12962s composition the reason why T were
12964s playing soit was because they were
12965s baiting they wanted one of their players
12967s to to look isolated so that the S and
12970s composition would rally around that
12972s player then one of te's players would be
12974s able to to take a back position activate
12976s the ban ref not get staggered out of it
12978s and then drop it on top of a team who
12979s are so deep entrenched into that fight
12981s that they can't disengage until Bane
12982s comes through unfortunately it is still
12984s RNG on where those AOE Hits come through
12987s and te just do not have the favor on
12989s their side as xcg now get that metari
12992s ultimate 50% of all of our damage coming
12994s through getting siphoned off into Health
12996s as NP sets up the scare rush trying to
12998s put prash each so much damage coming
13000s through from the charged hir of that
13003s RMB as at the moment no kills
13006s doing doing a very good job of making
13008s sure that NQ is just continuously forced
13010s back has to swap over to that P because
13012s of the Parry gets locked into stone form
13015s e will be able to chase onto the players
13017s of one of them unfortunately not able to
13020s stop two tick from taking down Kaki
13023s Tessa V1 also going to be connecting
13025s onto the Z huge Parry comes on through
13028s but we've still got the 3 second stagger
13030s window Kiki with the spare able to find
13033s the one to confirm to lock xan down into
13036s to that light hits and jdg throwing out
13039s two TI chared AR on the fan does get
13041s parried but it's still a two versus one
13043s situation and jdg off of numbers alone
13046s will be able to overwhelm and finally
13048s see the fight one that was nice there by
13051s jdg we talked about that as well when we
13053s were looking at the map and where
13054s everyone was dropping they were in close
13056s proximity to the ggx G drop so they
13058s could come in and third party whoever uh
13061s was left over after that is GG the good
13064s news for them was because they lost
13066s pretty much immediately on drop they
13068s didn't actually waste that much time
13070s they didn't lose any gear they just ran
13072s off reset and they have been able to
13073s grab himself a little bit more as
13075s actually see Bower taking a fight here
13077s versus k q is close down he goes Bower
13080s able to make quick work of him as now
13082s cxz realizing there's a bit of a mistake
13084s here he's one versus three has got that
13087s fan can he do anything with it is the
13088s question I don't think so he's in some
13090s serious danger does get a bit damage off
13092s on the peak but there he is he's gone k
13096s yet another player they do have the
13097s revive though it's the end of the world
13099s not the end of the game for
13103s them it's very smart from ber they see
13107s like you said K made a little bit of a
13108s Mis Communication in terms of that
13110s positioning one of that players far too
13112s forward uh and as a result B do invest
13116s they sink the Viper V1 in to make sure
13118s that the fighter is won incredibly
13120s quickly and that K are not able to to
13122s make up and have their two other players
13124s come in to peel of the positioning and
13128s mistake making up for the Matari as we
13130s do have one of the teams in the
13133s outskirts of shipwreck if they want to
13135s try and put pressure xcg now going to
13138s potentially be contesting
13140s jdg however a lot of these teams again
13142s that aggression slowly simmering down as
13145s everyone starts posturing up for control
13147s of ram of yangang I to go inside of it
13150s or if you're the Viper tester teams
13153s wanting to grief the potential entrances
13155s for some these teams and use the
13158s positioning of the realm of Yang to
13159s figure out the rotations of the stronger
13161s teams around you it's jdg dropping onto
13164s Jan can they find the kill before XG
13167s have the peel Tessa V1 does manage to
13169s connect we're going to follow it up with
13170s a Viper V3 the silence making it that
13173s xcg cannot properly break away however
13175s the Matari does manage to break line of
13176s side as a result n HQ gets to break line
13180s of sight from the V3 reset with that e
13182s coming on through and jdg off of the
13185s back of not being able to find the
13186s opening have to utilize the wuen
13189s teleport and run away really good stuff
13191s coming through from xcg huge play from
13193s that Matari to break te LLS and use the
13196s Matari ultimate to make sure that the
13198s rest of the team did not have to worry
13200s and had full access to all of their
13202s abilities I think they're looking for a
13203s potential re-engage onto xcg xcg I don't
13207s think they really want this they haven't
13208s got the ultimates on NQ and now they're
13210s getting run down this could be really
13212s detrimental to them Chong's a little bit
13214s wide there from the test nice Q losing a
13216s lot of HP does get the slam down with
13218s the F Harry on to him though he loses so
13221s much HP he's taken down and this is done
13223s to get really hairy here for the side of
13225s xtg but it's not done yet they do get a
13228s bunch of damage drop there's going to be
13229s a beautiful tesser roll through
13231s everybody the charms about to come in
13234s the lock down the snare and two tick is
13236s just going to be able to finish this one
13237s up Jan low HP two tick also low HP
13241s finally going down xcg find the turn
13243s around K on his loone is going to go
13246s down no way he can hold any longer Kashi
13249s finishes him up and xcg that went from
13252s really really dicey to pretty good
13254s pretty quick yeah the turnar around hits
13257s when Kakashi is able to come with that
13258s matori ultimate because you get
13259s backstabbed to set up CC and confirm all
13262s of the fallout damage onto one specific
13263s player but you also get the health
13264s siphon so 50% of the damage that you do
13267s is convert into to health back for all
13269s of your team as te now coming in with
13271s that Viper V1 looking to lock down some
13272s of these players bow they stacked up but
13275s the reason that they stacked up was to
13277s make sure that everyone got access to
13278s the W teleport and uh te ring the bell
13281s trying to figure out where exactly this
13283s team has run away too as about to come
13285s back in for the
13286s re-engagement do they drop onto Leo yes
13290s they do that Wan having now take the
13292s fight Jing utilizing that Tes F1
13294s clearing the space making sure that no
13295s one gets connected onto by the Focus
13297s right now coming of the charg R&B of the
13299s fan of them doesn't manage to stop the
13301s Dragon Slayers and as a result the N
13303s might comes on through as the full
13305s follow up however B still able to find
13308s the Kill playing incredibly split so
13310s that the NEOS does not CLE through
13311s multiple players as we get Transformer
13313s versus Transformer how long has it been
13316s Jake since we got to say those words
13318s toal chman immediately coming on for
13320s karumi Tav as well already invested on
13323s the side of JL for vvv uh to get and
13328s allow one Fang that full damage
13330s reduction to sit inside and just Outlast
13334s EG who was taking so much damage forced
13336s out of dropping the ultimate early gets
13339s grabbed out by one Fang who's still
13342s inside the transformation Kumi V2 now
13344s coming through as well as one thing gets
13347s another reset of the karumi F to live
13349s all of the pressure once he dropped out
13351s of this ultimate so far it's still a
13353s three versus three from both of these
13355s teams both of these Kumi still holding
13357s on to that ultimate as it's going to
13359s come down to the Yan's looking to place
13360s and find an isolation so that one thing
13363s with the horizontal and vertical charges
13364s on this long can play the sidelines
13367s before swapping over to that Cannon and
13369s putting more pressure onto the retting
13370s players of wolves's Team ZK goes a
13373s little bit low one Fang unfortunately
13375s not able to find the par off of the long
13377s sword instead it's a massive hit of a
13379s charge horizontal from the fan instead
13381s comes over horizontal from his own long
13383s sword 30 seconds left one thing going
13385s incredibly low gets the Bell to
13388s immediately move into the next cycle of
13390s the ultimate even though his health went
13392s low he's able to come in with the
13394s transformation gets it fully topped up
13396s and off of the back of that one surely
13399s this realm of Yang is jl's to take
13402s they've only got 11 seconds they've
13403s really got to get this one it looks like
13406s ZK is just buying time if he can avoid
13408s it for four more seconds he might have
13410s just done it the denial there's no way
13413s it's
13414s done oh that is
13418s [Applause]
13419s heartbreaking okay JL are probably like
13422s oh so that's how it feels because out of
13424s everyone who's been able to to clutch
13426s out real of Yang stalls it's been vvv in
13430s the past on the karumi who's been able
13433s to to out live one versus two scenarios
13435s but that is so unfortunate for both
13438s these transforming teams because now
13439s they're going to have to take aggressive
13441s fights against each other best case
13443s scenario they take the Same Soul alter
13445s and it just goes right back to a grud
13447s rematch cuz if they have to take a fight
13450s even if they go against each other they
13452s potentially have the third party
13453s knocking on that door with all of these
13455s Viper teams in the area that's the
13457s problem is that four teams five teams
13459s sorry running around with the REM and
13461s debuff oh wait did O they the only
13464s team there were two timeouts there were
13467s two timeouts I right we need to talk
13471s about
13473s monk I hate monk I hate this so much
13477s Jake's gone from like being semi to just
13480s n get get this man straight out of my
13482s Lobby Nerf it Nerf it
13486s yeah so there's now five teams who all
13488s got the diva there's a world where we
13490s just lose five teams in the next 3
13492s minutes that is a very realistic thing
13495s one nasty third party well at that point
13497s like a six party this could just be over
13500s yeah so the problem as well is that
13502s because we have five teams who all got
13504s timed out that meant that they gave up
13508s the reward of winning R of yangang so
13510s only one team has familian Birds m is
13512s playing High Progressive but also only
13515s one team has legendary
13518s weapon and it's on UG and that's that's
13522s scaling it it's going to be either on
13524s the Yan or the faer so the the the
13527s damage from the ultimate is is scaled up
13528s like crazy as a JL going to be shopping
13532s for a little bit so that they can pick
13533s up some of those upgrades since they did
13536s lose the r of Yang going to have to be
13538s trying to find the team this is how K
13540s timed out with
13542s wbg qgg already having gone down 7
13546s cxz on that Matari so close to the next
13549s iteration of that V3 there the timeout
13553s coming through is ug fighting inside
13555s Celesta this tends to be one of those
13556s places that teams kite to if they want
13558s to be able to lose line of sight break
13560s the ankles in a Chase and as a result a
13562s lot of teams with Yang def Fleet and do
13563s start coming over here to try and find
13565s some of these teams that are weaker and
13566s hiding out of sight there's OG jumping
13569s onto Bower Tess V1 does connect it's
13572s going to be folded up now by that Viper
13575s as well well 's SS manages to break
13577s around the corner does break L of sight
13580s but unfortunately loses the manag to get
13581s a huge par on their end however now it's
13584s the next catch of that Tes of V1 comes
13586s through and like I said all of these
13588s players consolidating inside celestra
13591s understanding this is the area of the
13593s map where everyone is going to run to to
13595s try and find a fight and as a result
13597s third party fourth party in it comes
13600s through wbg with the cannonbal
13601s composition EG already having to utilize
13604s that F1 on on the Transformer as wbg
13608s backing on off through the usan ultimate
13610s come through wolves chased out of the
13613s fight EG still holding on to that
13615s transformation has not needed to use it
13617s just yet gets the karumi T to live
13619s through all of the pressure the wbg are
13622s putting onto him but zone is also
13624s collapsing on through as well and that's
13626s going to be adding an extra level of
13628s damage as well as pressure to win this
13630s fight out quickly cannibal as a result
13633s playing bouncer bodyguard
13636s a coming on in with a huge hard ultimate
13638s looking to find the knock back play
13640s disruption inside every single one of
13643s these teams trying to hit into and keep
13645s playing around that karumi V2 armor
13647s Circle and as a result no one has
13650s currently gone down which is the worst
13652s possible outcome for everyone with Yang
13654s depletion still remaining J because they
13656s just haven't been able to find the soul
13658s blooms to cleanse it off wolves 24
13661s seconds left EG has the transformation
13663s but even if a soul Bloom drops he's
13664s going to have to give up up the ultimate
13665s early to be able to grabb it out there
13668s ug they don't
13669s have no OU don't have the buff if they
13673s go down H they're out of the
13675s lobby oh my word they still lost wolves
13679s as well I think they got to cleans
13681s though no they didn't wolves just lost
13685s their their monk oh no no they do they
13687s do have a they do have a car but it
13689s looks like wbg gatekeeping this one the
13692s bigger problem is ug died after the
13695s milon for might fell off well they s s
13697s and jinu are down and it's just up to
13701s the King on the far who is incredibly
13703s low if he goes down here he's not going
13705s to be able to recover his two teammates
13707s well they died back during the uh back
13710s during the the fight inside inside the
13712s streets basically and then they came
13714s back like I will tidy up this fight now
13716s and immediately get flattened oh that
13719s that might just be their their show done
13721s for the day for the game anyway uh xcg
13724s right now kills they are really leading
13726s the charge on this zon comp and it's
13729s nice cuz I was saying before this game
13731s that we haven't really seen a zon pop
13732s off this uh yet and finally that has
13735s been the case GG have been very quiet
13737s since they lost that fight at the
13739s beginning interesting to see that from
13741s them they are now finally getting Zen
13743s from the side of wolves and been able to
13745s pick themsel up their first kill of the
13747s game so wolves are now finally on the
13748s board but we just saw a bunch of teams
13752s get eliminated and I think we're now on
13753s the point where the stragglers are just
13754s getting finished up Jing On The Run
13757s trying to stay away but this is going to
13759s be the end of bower if they go down here
13760s and I don't really think they got the
13762s capability to to keep themselves going
13765s but wbg do slide in that's going to be
13767s the kill onto them so B now eliminated
13769s and jdg going to be forcing wbg away
13773s from them and yeah just like that we've
13775s lost what four teams five
13778s teams we've we've got one player
13780s remaining on ug JL out of the lobby
13783s entirely if there is any game for GG and
13787s xcg to threaten the position of first
13790s place right now it's this one the
13792s problem is GG they could potentially run
13795s into xcg no CJs decides to turn right
13798s instead of left good for the full
13800s recoveries ZK gets find out I think was
13802s trying to to go to the shop and maybe
13804s find a rebirth charm that was left the
13806s KY has 4, dark side coins but
13808s unfortunately are not 40,000 Health
13811s points will go down and jdg will be able
13815s to pick up another kill putting
13817s themselves up to seven this is
13819s definitely one of their stronger games
13821s so far in the day as xcg do not want to
13825s take a fight right now they know that
13828s they're behind in terms of standings
13830s they know that this is the game that
13832s they need to pop off and start making up
13834s that difference and put themselves back
13836s into first
13838s place yeah xcg unfortunately for them
13841s have had a uh have had a few
13845s few kills pinched from them in the last
13847s couple of moments so they haven't
13848s actually been able to go much further
13850s than that eight kills they are still
13851s leading the charge jdg very close behind
13854s him jdg being one of the teams that did
13856s secure that one as OG is theing trying
13858s to break away but jdg have them in his
13861s line of sight and uh the king he's
13863s pretty valuable right now just purely
13865s because of the weapon he's got he's got
13866s a golden long sword so a lovely little
13869s pick up for anyone who can get their
13870s hands onto him he's desperately trying
13872s to break away jdg are just keeping the
13875s pressure up they know they should be
13877s able to out out resource the king if
13879s they caught him inside the Zone zdi
13881s closing in as well the king just
13884s continues to try and play the evasion
13886s game but it's too late for him now the
13888s charm's coming in he's not going to be
13889s able to move he's taken down ug are out
13893s of this Lobby that's a yet another kill
13895s for jdg and they are starting to jump
13897s back up the standings they've had a bad
13898s start to the day and they are making a
13901s recovery here in game number three they
13903s still have a lot of work to do if they
13905s want to C catch up to those teams at the
13907s top of the tables and close in on that
13909s 70 point threshold which you need to be
13911s able to win the whole thing yeah so for
13914s jdg that long sword was a really nice
13916s surprise something that they did not
13918s expect one thing that they saw the one
13920s thing that they immediately honed on to
13923s was the way that the King was playing it
13926s was very apparent that this is a
13928s straggler player who's split apart from
13930s their team whether they're the last
13932s teammate standing or whether or not
13933s they're having to go for a split play
13934s and and just prolong the team
13936s survivability by splitting themselves
13938s away from the rest of that stack either
13941s way very clean kill very easy to find
13943s that isolated Target away from a lot of
13945s these other teams heading into the
13946s corruption s damage less chances of of
13949s you getting third partied even then you
13950s can see as well that there is a fear
13953s that they could potentially get third
13954s party that some of these other teams are
13956s rotating clockwise or anticlockwise to
13957s try and find those those same similar
13959s stragglers uh so jdg do commit things
13962s like that that Viper engagement as well
13965s the test of lock down coming on through
13967s the second that they're able to close up
13968s that distance and guarantee that the
13969s kill is clean and crucially quick as now
13974s they have that little bit of stall time
13975s to start Shoring those resources back on
13979s up and legendary long sword is a very
13981s good weapon for a Viper team to have
13984s because you have distance to it so even
13986s if you're running that Viper V1 stun you
13988s can use the horizontal or the vertical
13990s charge attack to still get the followup
13992s damage in time if the Viper is not
13994s directly behind the person who gets
13995s staggered as GG doing something very
13997s similar to jdg and that's hunting these
14000s straggler players down small ultimate
14003s gets invested wuan trying to be as
14006s inconvenient a kill as possible as it
14010s looks like dog did go for that split
14012s play Wan Falls but they still have the
14015s teada alive it looked like dog made the
14017s call to prioritize the teada
14019s survivability as we saw when final Zone
14021s collapses teada is the true win
14024s condition all of a sun safe in
14026s composition well 9 minutes left in the
14029s lobby and finally we actually see a very
14031s fastpaced Lobby uh just took you know
14033s the first R Yang to have four teams all
14036s lose
14038s yeah
14040s 16 players left in the
14045s lobby are they going to be able well
14047s what's really going to happen because
14048s we're just used to these massive like
14050s cage field final lobbies GG lagging on
14054s the kill
14056s from I mean they've
14058s got they got some work to do oh that's
14061s Phoenix okay jdg have Phoenix burst and
14064s a legendary long
14066s sword that is a lot of pressure they
14070s went to a dealers they had so much money
14072s they wanted to roll legendary soldes
14074s they managed to get their hands on to to
14075s one of the long sword it's not quite the
14078s zoning potential and capability that
14080s something like Merc Sav orus has but
14082s it's definitely something that's going
14083s to make these teams think twice
14085s about taking those engagements cuz like
14086s you said this is much more traditional
14089s uh to the normal form that we've seen
14091s coming through from this season and as a
14093s result a lot of these teams are going to
14095s need to have a Sate of Destiny to just
14098s bully a space cut out a position for
14102s themselves as this space gets smaller
14104s and smaller and when that final Moon ban
14107s comes through as well cuz it can be so
14109s problematic in terms of where it's
14110s positioned if you don't have something
14112s like merca's Havoc to just stop other
14114s teams from hard engaging on top of you
14116s teams can really struggle converting
14118s their survivability off of uh that
14120s particular
14122s position it's just been a a little bit
14125s of
14126s a chiller moment
14129s now but that that's kind of natural when
14131s you have uh this many players getting
14133s knocked out early but again yeah eyes
14136s for me are very much on GG CU they had a
14137s absolutely enormous game last game um
14141s all on lxm just playing fantastically
14145s on that
14146s valer but this game only been able to
14150s pick up the two kills being a very very
14152s quiet game for
14153s them so have to see how well they play
14155s this final Circle theyve got a pretty
14157s good comp and especially when there's
14158s not like too much going on I think the
14160s the zon can struggle when there's
14162s like ccle Jake this is yeah they do they
14166s find the last player and this is the to
14169s of a legendary weapon G you have to make
14172s this go fast there's another team in the
14174s area the going to come through JH are
14175s going to be contesting for no no they
14177s didn't GH is to with the boy swap is
14180s faster than GG crucially as well JH move
14183s into position and scoop the legendary
14186s weapon so GG denied the kill and the
14189s loot upgrade and that is Bad News Bears
14191s for CJs on this side who needed that
14194s legendary weapon to upgrade the damage
14196s on the ey
14198s ultimate yeah they're going to be really
14200s upset with that
14201s one really really upset with that one
14207s GG denied yet another opportunity to get
14209s a kill or even the item upgrade
14211s absolutely huge is wbg I believe that's
14214s their Mech in the background just off in
14216s case they need it GG actually getting
14218s couple of shots thrown into them from
14219s the bows 330 losing a lot of HP going to
14223s have to try and reposition GG definitely
14225s not in the right spot here looks like
14228s the attention has been shifted off them
14229s though they've been able to uh kind of
14231s evade getting caught as Freo is going to
14234s be heal himself back up CGS just going
14236s for a bit of a uh revive you can see
14238s where the final circle is right now B's
14242s breath still raining down and that's
14243s partly what's uh leading to this being
14246s such a such a tight position right now
14248s for GG because all of the teams have
14250s been pushed out to the
14251s edges of the
14254s zone five teams left
14256s though right now it is all on xcg they
14260s have eight kills in their pocket they
14261s are very much in command of this Lobby
14263s actually jdg also got eight kills to be
14267s fair evil one really in control both
14270s loot as well XG have legendary uh armor
14274s and weapon jdg not legendary armor but
14277s do have the weapon difference is that
14279s it's longer than a Viper composition as
14282s opposed to xcg with the zyon which has
14286s so much kill potential as well as the
14288s fact that some of these teams running
14291s the karumi variant GG they've got the Z
14294s but they have the Kumi right xcg
14296s problematic for them they have the zip
14299s which means the healing Effectiveness is
14300s not going to be quite as clean as the
14303s karumi if it does go to a z off in terms
14307s of that V2 fire tick Nord zone is also
14310s in play and that can be
14312s Monumental in determining how this next
14316s fight is going to play out I'm surprised
14318s no one's activated it already just to
14321s make sure that it goes into that one
14322s minute cool down when the fight probably
14324s breaks out jdg there it is might not
14327s have merc's Havoc but two TI just showed
14330s off jabbing and uh only one team I
14333s believe spotted out exactly the soldier
14335s that the Viper has and that is going to
14338s be a tough one to keep a track of when
14340s it goes to the chaos of this fight wbg
14344s getting incredibly pressured having to
14345s put themselves out of the noal Zone just
14347s to make sure that if the health goes a
14349s little bit too low they can hop into
14351s something like the F me is GG playing
14354s Just a little bit of survival sitting in
14356s those Focus stries using the damage
14358s reduction off of the back of that to
14360s live through a lot of the Poke pressure
14361s coming through from these other teams DG
14363s sitting behind the woen wind wall
14365s throwing out the Phoenix First to bully
14367s other teams off of their positioning as
14369s wbg drops the fa of V3 Asia going a
14372s little bit low I believe that's tuna
14375s that he is currently activating although
14377s the camera was a little bit zoomed out
14378s couldn't see if it was the full
14380s animation getting to go through huge hit
14383s though of Fire is going to be absolutely
14385s shredding through all of the players of
14387s wbg and forces by te into taking that V3
14390s Mech early Spirit Well is going to come
14392s up as well jdg having the better
14394s position K directly into the middle of
14396s it so they're getting all the Poke
14398s pressure in the teams around them and no
14400s one can retaliate as finally GG are able
14404s to put to use their range poaching
14406s skills with another backto back kill
14408s musket shot from free foro picks up one
14411s shortly after turns the second onto J's
14413s flames there's ba outside of that V3 mag
14417s is going to be looking incredibly
14419s vulnerable xcg now wanting to get into
14422s position see the next cycle of that F of
14425s V3 however b gets to hop right back into
14428s it that's how much damage sleeper has
14430s been able to Output with the cannon
14431s connecting onto all of these players now
14433s that spirit world Dome has dropped B
14436s getting absolutely cooked has to drop
14438s out of that Mech early gets the cube to
14441s come through and reposition into the AAL
14444s position playing away from the low
14446s ground as you can see AO below him
14448s getting absolutely shredded by all of
14450s the teams who spot someone without armor
14452s without ultimates and everyone collapses
14455s on top of them to try and find the kill
14457s goes down to a bow shot from jdg as AIA
14462s like you said now is removed I believe
14465s that was the fer which is going to be no
14467s it was the Hardy which is going to be
14469s very problematic however the fair and
14470s Mech cycle is still going to be in play
14471s for wbg 11 players left GG find a huge
14475s kill onto xcg CG has now starting to
14477s find the every movement that he was
14479s looking for still holds on to that V2 as
14481s well Dodges the test of V1 GG in full
14484s control currently have all of their
14486s ultimates active and available to them
14488s if they feel pressured into utilizing it
14490s the space may be open perfect for a
14492s Viper ultimate but Matari ultimate is
14494s going to mean that you don't have to
14495s worry about breaking out of line of
14497s sight di is able to find a huge kill
14499s onto xtg another teser ultimate comes
14501s through at the same time as CGS is hit
14504s by by that Viper however huge matori
14507s ultimate from lxm means that CG CGS
14510s Dodges out of line of sight doesn't take
14512s the Stagger and can still put to use
14515s this zy V2 catches the wuan teleport and
14519s GG stop
14520s cooking they're doing so much work here
14524s absolutely beautiful coming in from CJs
14527s can they do it can they deny jdg yes
14530s they can take in that kill now xcg next
14532s up on their menu seven kills in the
14534s pocket they're still not in complete
14535s control but NQ is being gate kept out GG
14538s able to secure that kill CGS jumps out
14540s comes in with the F slamming down hech
14543s doing a lot of work to try and stay
14545s alive beautiful Parry lands onto CJs in
14547s to the spear dump so much damage coming
14549s down onto CJs but he is holding fast
14551s jumps in with the F gets the slam and
14554s just like that GG remain in control
14556s Godly The Last Man Standing will crumble
14560s this will be an 11 kill win here for GG
14563s as they've only gone and done it again
14565s two games back to back do you know why
14569s as well even though they're lacking the
14571s safety blanket of the legendary armor
14573s that xcg had access to it it's the
14576s karumi Jake it's the karumi like you
14579s said CJs on that Z is taking so many
14582s hits but the hell bar just did not drop
14585s because the karumi saw that the Z was
14587s getting targeted Z being one of those
14590s Heroes who doesn't get damage production
14592s uh on her golden frames and as a result
14594s you can just shred her down under that
14596s Target Focus but when you match her up
14599s with a karumi it doesn't matter oh my
14602s goodness this is the the Gigi fan club
14604s Corner apparently coming on through and
14608s you can see
14609s relaxation from GG's side of things they
14612s are incredibly happy with how that one
14615s Panda night huge Matari ultimate as well
14618s coming on through from there and like I
14619s said having that Matari being able to
14622s instantly break away from the the he
14624s coming off of that Viper ultimate in
14626s that open space again allowed GG to
14629s retain control of the tempo and start to
14632s come into to play and motion with that
14635s zv2 just the way that we saw them in the
14638s game previously where they understand
14639s okay Viper ultimate is going to come out
14641s tesser ultimate as well probably this is
14644s when there's going to be high burst
14645s damage Windows coming on through it's
14648s time for us to pull out the defense
14649s resources Matari ultimate so we can get
14651s the health siphon as well as stop the
14653s Stagger coming on through karumi Tor
14655s onto our Ze that if you don't manage to
14657s dodge out of the the V1 from the Tessa
14659s in the chaos that Ines once that that
14662s Viper stun comes on out your Z your
14665s burst carry your win condition in that
14667s final zone is still going to survive GG
14670s never count them out they have been the
14671s team historically in the 2024 season who
14675s have been able to come in to end zone so
14677s far behind in terms of kills compared to
14680s all of these other teams but off of
14682s really smart understanding crucially not
14683s just of their composition but of the
14685s teams around them they're able to just
14688s keep finding this momentum as the game
14691s is ending and always somehow pull it
14694s back from the very Brink and off of the
14697s back of that I am sure gig's position in
14700s the standings so shooting ever upwards
14703s yeah I honestly I went into that final
14707s Circle being like I don't think GG got
14709s this I don't know why I keep doing this
14712s I even said at the beginning of the day
14713s I think they're the best team in final
14715s circles they went into that final circle
14717s like what three kills and then they just
14719s hopped off at the end like absolutely
14721s beautiful performance from them GG yet
14723s again proving to us but you know final
14726s circles are their jam they're so good
14728s they lost their drop fight to xcg XG
14730s with a salty run back from game two
14732s slammed them this time it didn't even
14733s look close GG felt like they were
14736s playing a little bit too reserved but it
14738s just they just seem to have this this
14741s third eye this Insight which I don't
14743s think the rest of us have on when it
14744s comes to final circles they they're just
14745s playing them really really intelligently
14747s it's amazing to see and that's two wins
14749s now back to back for them and they are
14752s closing in on that 70 point uh marker
14756s the the thing about that though is
14758s obviously when you hit that 70 points
14760s and we've talked about this a lot it
14762s does paint a bit of a Target on your
14764s back and I don't think we've had a team
14766s who's made match points first made the
14769s threshold first win ever I think it's
14771s always the team who's second or third
14773s over that who follows them so it's kind
14775s of in G's interest that a bunch of teams
14777s qualify with them because then it's not
14779s them getting targeted griefed cuz
14781s there's too many people to
14782s Target especially with the fact that we
14784s know that GG are a team who are a little
14787s bit readable in where they drop at least
14789s on moris aisle holler off as well they
14791s they drop Imperial they they drop water
14793s oh of course they do you're right yeah
14794s every time right the north so it it is
14797s very easy like you said too to predict
14799s where GG like to to land the problem for
14802s a lot of these other teams is that like
14804s you said GG on Morris their final zones
14807s are entirely just their bread and butter
14809s on Holo however GG both in solos and
14814s trios have always been one of if not the
14817s best team at playing all of the
14819s environmental positionings if you see a
14822s team on ballist in solos chances are is
14823s GG sha if it's in trios chances are is
14826s GG's Trio team as well this we can have
14828s a look and see that yeah GG 11 kills
14830s picked up from them crucially as well
14832s last team standing
14834s massive game score coming through from
14836s them of a
14838s 19.4 added on as well all of the
14840s momentum and high energy the confidence
14843s that they must have had finally finding
14845s that that valder win composition hats
14848s off that they didn't try and play Super
14850s aggressively forward we get to see a
14852s much higher damage number statistic uh
14855s coming through from them as again with
14857s the Val composition you play a little
14858s more reserved you play for that Health
14860s reset uh and to just win the the heal
14863s off State with the zhon it's it's all in
14866s when the ultimates come out you have to
14868s take the hard engagements and you have
14869s to win the fights almost immediately so
14871s for the fact that the GG were able to
14873s survive the neutral for playing as
14875s passively as they did allowing a lot of
14877s the other teams especially wbg who took
14880s a pummeling wbg in the the last half of
14884s just when that Spirit Well dropped were
14886s just the entire Lobby's punching pack
14889s poor ba was in and out of that F Mech on
14893s repeat and no surprises like I said GG's
14896s scoreboard will be shooting ever upwards
14899s and put themselves to a 61.3 score and
14902s I'm telling you GG are probably the team
14905s who are most relieved to see that that
14907s match point eligibility has moved from
14908s 74 to 70 because they have been one of
14911s these teams who have been burned by the
14914s 74 cut off in regular season they got so
14918s so close to qualifying onto MVP
14922s eligibility only for it to be ripped
14924s away from them on holl off however we
14926s can see just how they were able to take
14928s the lead in this last game no surprises
14931s a lot of it is just range projectiles
14934s coming through like I said if there is a
14937s team that you know is hitting the aim
14938s lab training it's juu yeah there so on
14941s it and there was a moment where it was
14943s actually them getting completely slammed
14946s but such a beautiful bow shot actually
14947s coming in uh from CJs get a head shot
14950s off secure the kill reposition and it it
14954s sounds whenever we watch these replays
14955s it sounds like like chaos but it's
14958s organized chaos these guys are very very
14961s clear in what who's controlling what
14963s there the mat as well which is huge yeah
14967s that you can see how low CGS one and
14970s then the karumi V2 kicks into motion the
14973s Z is able to sit in there get all of the
14975s armor restored we get to track where the
14977s wuen teleports and CDs is able to
14980s anticipate where to send the chain side
14982s and get such a huge chunk of damage
14984s connecting onto the wuen teleported team
14987s and from there it's just divide and
14989s conquer I think the chain thing was just
14992s beautiful cuz they did they blinked and
14994s he saw exactly where they're about to
14996s spawn the whip on the ground that
14998s ability so much damage and it just
15001s liquefied them really really impressive
15004s stuff coming in from GG but I was saying
15006s you know things were relatively close on
15009s the standings this game has now blown a
15013s significant lead for GG ahe of everyone
15015s else and it's not that people aren't
15017s scoring but GG will very likely unless
15020s this next game goes terrible they're
15021s very likely will qualify for MVP
15025s eligibility they'll go into that that
15028s um they go into the uh the final point
15032s where they could potentially win by game
15034s five and I feel like the other teams who
15036s will be qualifying for that point they
15039s will be hitting it after game five so GG
15041s will have an extra game where they can
15043s potentially pull it out we'll see what
15045s they're going to be able to do but 330
15047s is our MVP on the karumi not about that
15050s damage 13,000 healing coming in
15052s absolutely huge from them and look at
15055s the allocation though mus it's it's
15059s 5,865 of that 8,800 off of
15063s mus absolutely huge pretty pretty basic
15067s uh soulj setup as well just you know
15069s melee resist Health just things that
15071s they can keep alive CU obviously the the
15073s soul J economy is so different from what
15075s it was G to the days of group heal and
15078s advanced heel where every single support
15080s would have that sex and we would see
15082s healing games of upwards of 30,000 per
15085s game on something like a karumi or a
15087s Zing or even a wuan but no like you said
15090s that that economy that that push uh of
15093s making sure that everything is is much
15094s more expensive has hit supports probably
15097s the hardest because it means that you do
15099s not get those two Soul jats uh as often
15101s as you used to and even if we see one of
15103s them a lot of the time it's the second
15106s yes absolutely it's it's interesting cuz
15109s it feels like um you know back in the
15111s day it would be not uncommon to see
15113s people like with you know four soul jads
15116s on each player four legendary soul jads
15119s on each player and then two purple uh
15121s that's not the case anymore the game has
15122s changed massively off the back of that
15124s anyway I believe we have an interview
15126s ready after that game so we're going to
15127s go over to that one and then we'll be
15128s back with the next half of the day we'll
15130s see you in a moment
15135s welcome to the postgame interview this
15137s is eager and welcome to postgame
15138s interview I'm standing here with
15140s CJs and let him say hello to our
15159s audience okay so let's back to the
15162s matches and our like to say
15164s congratulation because in the match of
15165s three we saw that you guys got the
15167s winner and also now you're leading the
15169s scoreboard so cuz is the grand final
15172s today so I would like to know so so far
15174s how you think about the
15188s matches okay I think uh like my hand
15191s feeling of the matches is really good
15194s and all the status of my team they're
15196s really good okay and also because we are
15199s standing here and we saw the scoreboard
15202s and like CJs just said wow why not me is
15206s the MVP so how you think about that
15238s okay so to be honest I'm surprised at
15241s the first time because I'm using the Z
15244s and I think maybe I can get the MVP but
15248s also I would like to say that my
15249s teammate is really strong because he
15252s would the musk and kill two person in
15254s the matches and I really want to say
15256s good to to my teammate okay let's move
15259s on to the next part answer for
15264s Treasure so you guys can see the
15266s question and if you know the answer just
15268s type them in the chat box after our
15270s player counting in 3 2 1 we will take a
15273s screenshot and lucky guy will be whisper
15276s okay today's question is how many kills
15279s did team CD GG get in game three
15296s for okay I think all players prepare and
15299s let's start counting
15307s and oh three two one screenshot okay
15313s lucky gu will be whisper and today's our
15315s correct answer is C okay
15318s congratulations okay and because we know
15321s that today we are the grand final of the
15323s spring split so do you have the
15326s confidence and if you guys get the
15328s championship would you like to do after
15330s the matches
15357s okay okay so cuz if you ask me the
15361s ambition I think I just H wish we have a
15365s good luck today in the matches and after
15367s the matches if we get the championship I
15370s want to say we really want to rest for a
15373s long time maybe I want to do some other
15376s things because really tired
15389s recently okay we would like to say good
15392s luck to CD G and thank you for today's
15394s interview and we will take a break and
15396s be right back later
15403s oh
15406s [Music]
15456s w
15460s [Music]
15463s a
15464s [Music]
15475s [Music]
15506s [Music]
15525s [Music]
15538s [Music]
15552s hello everybody I'm and welcome back to
15554s the mvpl we're getting ready to go into
15557s basically the second half of the day but
15559s GG are pretty close to taking it all at
15562s this point they are nine points off that
15564s threshold and then they just have to get
15566s an MVP so it's been a very very
15568s Explosive Start today a lot of teams
15570s scoring a pretty significant amount of
15573s points and you guys can score yourself
15574s some goodies at home if you have your
15577s account linked you get the twitch drops
15579s from tuning in and honestly the rate
15580s today being played get this D cuz we
15583s might not be going all the way genuinely
15585s GG are on fire right now yeah like you
15589s said I mean the the one problem is that
15592s Gigi are very predictable when it comes
15596s to the drop locations right and they've
15599s stuck to the same game plan of landing
15602s on
15603s a secret tunnel I wonder if they're
15606s going to deviate now from the strategy
15609s of Imperials we can have a look at this
15611s new map I am so excited to get to see
15614s this one in play that mid section of the
15618s map as well as that Dragon oh I'm
15622s sensing that we might have a different
15624s environmental potentially coming through
15626s would be my guess we have the weather
15628s biodomes on uh on Hough that are
15631s influenced by the different day night
15632s cycle coming on through maybe we get
15636s some additional area of effect damages
15640s coming on out of the new map I will way
15643s we will find out all will be revealed I
15645s am sure at the next nraa Fest direct
15648s which is going to be on June 25th which
15652s I am very much looking forward to
15654s because that is going to be very very
15656s soon and I sure that they'll be giving
15658s all of the information about not just
15660s the new map but also the crossover
15662s that's going to be coming through we got
15663s to see the full teaser of it yesterday
15666s youan not only is he receiving all of
15668s the Buffs currently on live patch he's
15671s going to be receiving his very own
15674s Gundam Mech stylized ultimate designed
15678s by the creator of Gundam which is an
15682s absolute crazy awesome crossover that I
15685s and many of us are extremely hyped about
15688s it's going to be so sick like after we
15691s had um the near crossover as well like
15694s that was crossovers are getting sick in
15696s this game man they're getting so good um
15699s but yeah kind of moving away from how
15701s how exciting the future is to what's
15704s going on right now because the current
15705s is also pretty bloody exciting uh GG
15708s looking fantastic uh P actually looking
15711s pretty good jdg looking good like
15714s there's a whole bunch of really solid
15715s teams right now we are we are genuinely
15718s in for a seriously fun uh next half of
15721s the day as you can't see ug JL xcg all
15725s of these teams showing up but I do
15727s expect the light bited griefing to come
15728s in because if one of these teams can
15731s shut GG out of this game from getting
15734s that catch up and that match eligibility
15738s at the same time as them it's got to be
15741s xcg right they were the ones that every
15745s single time contested GG's secret tunnel
15748s drop and I am sure because XG are also a
15751s stone or not quite a stone a couple of
15753s Boulders uh of suring stones away from
15755s being able to to cross the chasm of
15757s Point differential and make it over to
15760s mash Point eligibility so I I I'm sure
15763s we are going to be seeing like you said
15764s multiple teams dropping towards Imperial
15767s it's a very short after location the
15770s loop halfing is very very clean
15772s waterfall has so much space uh and drop
15776s locations especially if it's yellow te
15778s loot areas so that you can open up those
15780s Tres and find off of the rep a couple of
15784s those immediate upgrades for your
15785s composition speaking about compositions
15787s too this is potentially where we see a
15788s lot more s siphon coming on out as it is
15792s going to be game four which means hero
15794s points have been refreshed all of these
15796s teams now have access to nine as the
15798s phases are going to get shuffled it's
15800s not until we head into the next game
15802s that are all of the teams that are
15804s currently in top four will be stuck into
15807s that last phase as it does look like XG
15810s GL OG and GG are all going to be in last
15812s phase
15813s regardless yeah this this might actually
15817s just be the state of being for them for
15818s the rest of Eternity now unfortunately
15821s hero points are in in effect things are
15825s going to change this does mean things
15826s like the karumi can get picked up in the
15827s second or third phase depending on how
15829s much she gets picked
15830s up but obviously we'll come at a cost
15834s and it's really about juggling your
15835s points cuz if you're GG there's a world
15837s where you could just go let's burn it
15839s all let's just go for the best comps we
15841s can do and get ourselves these two wins
15844s well you got you're going to burn n
15845s points G yeah GG right they have to to
15849s come into this and think okay we need a
15853s composition that is going to be able to
15854s net us nine points very very quickly
15857s they know that a target has been painted
15859s on their backs uh which means that they
15862s are going to have to approach this
15864s anticipating not making it to end game
15866s so they need a composition that's going
15867s to be picking up kills right off of the
15869s rip I would not be surprised if we see
15871s them lock in something like the the Tes
15872s of VI of Wan or they go for for the
15875s siphon composition they need a
15877s composition that right off of the rip is
15878s going to be able to contest the
15879s challenge coming through and
15881s Transformers just does not pro provide
15883s that safety potentially the sand siphon
15886s as well cuz like Zip early on with
15887s sustain before fire tick comes into
15889s question can play for survival if you
15893s get just dropped onto right off the
15895s GetGo personally I think I'd like to see
15898s a blind 8 coming in from GG I think that
15901s that comp definitely suit them the best
15902s XG actually going for the Transformers
15904s JL going for the uh the winged Mech and
15908s then yeah there it is K so I think that
15910s makes the most sense for GG curious what
15912s going to pick up so far uh their best
15915s performance never know you k Sorry their
15917s best performances have been on the the
15919s sand siphon like the the typical te vert
15922s variant they are really thinking about
15924s what they want to be locking in and
15926s looks like they're going to be going for
15927s a cannonball here no yeah okay it is
15930s yeah it's cannibal so what I'm worried
15933s about right we would talk about xcg
15935s potentially being the one that sort of
15937s steps in front of the bullet for the
15938s rest of these teams in the lobbies and
15939s tries to grief GG Transformers is not a
15943s good on drop grief composition pick
15947s right so that says to me that xtg are
15949s going to be giving a wide birth to to GG
15953s at least until loot has properly been
15955s stocked up GG going to be going for a
15957s composition that is able to see off a
15959s lot of threat of the third parties as
15961s well as off of the rip Tessa not needing
15963s the full 100% rage buol uh to utilize
15967s her first ultimate a lot of the time you
15969s can hit first ultimate find that CC even
15971s if the the Tessa
15973s V1 doesn't man to connect the Tav
15975s throwing it into a mix of a fight is a
15978s lot of the time able to find the
15979s disruption window necessary that you can
15982s focus down one specific Target and just
15984s win by snowballing numbers alone as we
15988s can have a look at all of the ability
15990s load outs so far not a whole lot of
15993s surprises a lot of these teams not
15994s really anticipating running into the
15995s Transformers as we head over to Hof as a
15998s result all of the Vipers I believe going
16000s to be running the F3 V3 variant rather
16004s than the F2 V1 as JL are going to be the
16008s only ones running the Hardy variant of
16011s this Cannonball composition sad to see
16014s no
16015s valder no valder yet yet is the key ter
16019s uh GG actually got a couple of people
16021s dropping on top of them over in Imperial
16023s uh they're actually dropping to more to
16025s the South I thought they were know the
16026s northern part of um that's intentional
16030s yeah there there were multiple teams are
16033s thinking that GG is going to be up north
16034s in waterfall and GG are playing them
16036s like a fiddle because those two teams
16038s are going to lock onto each other
16040s thinking one of them is GG and then GG
16042s can do the rotation Loop off from Beast
16045s pits up to Totem into the the northern
16048s aspect of Imperial and with the better
16051s Loot and also potentially having that
16053s Tesa ultimate charged up as well timing
16056s attack onto either Bader or jdg either
16058s when the fight is just cleaning up or
16060s when it's still going on really smart
16061s stuff coming through from GG yeah
16064s actually really is smart there from GG
16065s we'll see uh how this faes everyone else
16068s is actually relatively spread out we do
16070s see a couple of people dropping in
16072s relatively close proximity to each other
16074s xcg uh I didn't see exactly who they
16076s were on top of but they're on top of
16077s someone we are going to actually cxg and
16079s it is going to be them and JL in close
16082s proximity to one another cxj right now
16085s taking a little bit of heat xanon got
16087s himself a blue Katana a blue hang sword
16089s and a Blue Shield able to do a whole
16091s bunch of work gets himself a bit of
16092s damage off tries to come in for the
16094s upper cut on to one as BVB getting
16097s forced Away by xan low HP clangs coming
16100s in xon keeping txj juggled up in the air
16104s and he is just continu continuously
16106s keeping the pressure up on to these
16109s members of JL txj very low HP as xcg oh
16114s St get a little bit caught out here they
16116s are finally able to finish up vvv and
16118s the numbers Advantage has pulled out in
16120s their favor quickly grab himself a
16122s little
16123s range coming in for the timing attack on
16127s the
16128s perect because jdg were already fighting
16131s B in the kill feed as we were following
16133s along the fight and ruins there were
16135s kills that were being traded in favor of
16137s jdg and also B and GG coming in for that
16140s timing attack with the ultimates get the
16142s Tesa V1 have that full fre second
16144s stagger window have to now deal with two
16147s tick who manages off of the fight that
16149s they had taken previously to build up
16151s the rage however if is just one
16153s Transformer and GG have all of the
16156s stamina to be able to tap Dodge those
16157s grabs coming through and that is going
16159s to be fre kills off of the rip from GG
16163s who like I said played it like a fiddle
16165s and oh my goodness absolute orchestral
16169s Masterpiece coming on out from them that
16172s is classic GG as heading over towards
16177s salvation Podium something that we did
16178s not see is classic OG OG did not
16180s immediately go for the puzzle solve and
16182s and K instead lock on to
16184s jjh looks like K keeping that pressure
16187s UPS getting bed back keeping himself in
16191s the tree looking for a scale Rush unable
16193s to actually connect to anyone as Godly
16195s just voiding and evading lovely little
16197s aerial Parry coming in there jump par
16199s coming down Flames just getting himself
16202s slammed here qgg keeping that pressure
16205s up with the pole sword and Flames just
16207s unable to move he's just grapple locked
16209s and constantly being locked in place
16211s caught out by earn mid era as well in
16214s case there was a world where he gets
16215s away from that one as qgg keep that
16217s pressure back up onto JJ H able to get
16220s himself yet up a kill knocking back ban
16224s breath has been used so K actually have
16226s to scatter away
16227s jjh if he can actually survive this and
16230s force them back he may be able to get
16232s his team up but I don't think that's
16233s going to be on the cards he's down
16235s picked up by K B breath unfortunately
16238s not going to do too much Q canceling
16240s that jump at the nick of time
16243s oh just managing to avoid the fall up as
16246s well W ban bre has a bone to pick with
16248s this Viper that that is crazy that is
16251s Target tracking Ted on the Viper
16254s rotation is TE drawn by the giant shiny
16257s marker on the mini map come see whether
16260s or not there is a party that they can
16263s crash unfortunately it uh it ended early
16266s as they instead turn their focus into
16268s loot paring as K and drg now potentially
16271s go ahead head to head don't know if
16274s salvation Podium has been solved just
16276s yet WFC forite that test of V1 it's
16279s going to be into a Viper ultimate as
16281s well looking for the full shot down 3
16283s second stagger comes out onto woan and
16287s they are able to get the WAN teleport
16289s off of the back of that one as k q
16294s incredibly low has that V3 is not going
16297s to stick around into using it however as
16300s dog still going to try and push this
16302s they know that the W and teleport was
16304s used they do not know however the state
16306s of cxe whether or not that was the first
16308s or the second of the test ultimate now
16310s we get the V3 coming on through K
16313s feeling comfortable to take the attack
16315s shot R&B on that sta connecting on to
16317s wuan bopping him away from the rest of
16319s his team the wuen and the Tessa
16321s conspiring to take down the player as
16324s the Tessa V1 does come out CXC
16326s unfortunately not going down in the 3
16328s second stagger window as it's t time
16330s DG's turn thr in the W and teleport but
16334s yeah it is a lot worse than k k
16337s immediately clocking the position of
16339s that one WFC in absolute Slither just
16342s manages to make it Beyond The Cliff face
16346s before Kay are able to swap two AR
16347s ranged weapon and just pin him down as
16351s Moonlight takes his chances inside the
16353s purple invisibility but no
16356s wayx what um no no no no no is push that
16362s that bush is so wide he is literally
16365s pushing his character into the wall so
16368s when he checked the bush because it was
16371s the vertical rather than the horizontal
16373s it didn't actually connect onto to the
16376s player it didn't go for the wide cleave
16377s it instead went for the vertical hit box
16379s which is a lot Slimmer and narrower
16381s that's unbelievable so Moonlight
16383s lives oh
16386s no they get run over by the 40 roller
16390s absolute chaos breaking for it comes
16392s back around but this time no one's
16393s getting hit complete Carnage here
16395s between wolves and ug underneath the
16398s puzzle salvation Podium Z hasn't got
16402s much left on on his ultimate is actually
16404s starting to get lose a lot of HP here
16406s getting a lot thrown down onto him the
16408s mech gets called here from SS and the
16410s cannon fire is going to be landing onto
16411s Zen he is able to heal up a little bit
16414s thanks to the zip heels to keep him
16415s alive but zip Nerf zip not going to keep
16418s him alive for long wol losing the player
16421s as now they're just making break for it
16423s if they get caught though this could be
16424s dangerous with the 40 roller coming
16426s around looks like they're going to be
16428s given the opportunity to break away OG
16430s wait k d here as well yeah with the
16434s Viper F takes down wolf ZK who is in
16437s disengage mode EEG roll it's not a p
16441s roller kill it was very nearly what goes
16443s around comes around is DG coming for the
16445s third party this actually going to be a
16447s huge the connect to so many players and
16451s knocked them all all against the wall
16453s the Wen teleport comes into play DG just
16457s able to break away before the for roller
16459s comes through again but my goodness
16462s Kaya's life flashed before their eyes if
16465s their W had not been able to set up that
16467s V1 teleport and for came right again as
16470s WFC obviously did not get the stop look
16472s listen set down that you get
16478s ineh that was a very nce joke that only
16481s makes anyone in brit like anyone in the
16484s UK will 100% get that references you
16487s just transported me out of H from right
16490s back into to my primary Skool classroom
16492s off of the back of that one as a k and
16494s DG transport themselves right back into
16496s the fight resources have been topped up
16499s armor restored and we go right back in
16501s to this three versus 360 coming in with
16504s the charg R&B catching on to WAN and now
16507s we get to see the two versus one the
16509s communication has gone through here I've
16510s got one player locked down as long as
16512s one of your players comes on through
16514s we're going to be able to overwhelm with
16515s numbers alone Tessa V1 comes on out but
16518s fwfc is just so incredibly low however
16521s him surviving so long invites the third
16524s party to come through from wpg who say
16527s Okay Bor and Blitz time coming in with
16530s that Z V2 immediately connecting onto
16532s the players of K I don't think they have
16534s the reach and teleport to be able to
16536s reposition already set up and no they
16539s are going to lose both qg and exi seven
16543s kills picked up for k seven kills picked
16545s up for DG they did both have rebirth
16547s jarm so it will be a visit to the soul
16549s alar as I don't think anyone so far has
16552s been able to solve salvation Podium yeah
16555s this has been chaos for the
16557s podium like started with like I think
16560s someone just solved it I heard the
16562s laughter Oh I think they you're right
16564s they did yeah it was ug they snuck in
16568s while the fight was happening and just
16570s like scouted the puzzle solution out and
16572s then have gone and sorted it and then
16573s just bailed they heisted that's so funny
16576s that is so funny everyone else was
16578s playing a battle royale and OG we're
16580s organizing a
16582s heist Oceans 11 baby all looks like JL
16585s are going to be setting themselves up to
16587s jump into this r with Yang they're just
16589s uh playing that patient game and waiting
16590s for the waiting for the big boys to go
16592s in first then hoping they can kind of
16594s get whoever's left over xcg blue armor
16597s purple weapons sitting inside the Roma
16599s Yang waiting and wondering where is but
16602s what they didn't realize was there was a
16603s massive fight at podium so half the
16605s people are Reviving right now but it
16607s does look like we have now fulfilled and
16609s filled all of our Roma yangs see how xcg
16612s versus te goes down xcg having a very
16615s solid day so far want to keep that
16617s presence up and need to catch up with GG
16619s who kind of stole a win from them
16622s earlier today as xan is going to lose a
16624s lot of armor instantly forced to go in
16626s for the Transformer now looking for
16628s those grabs immediately PL Han out Han's
16631s going to find himself getting C out and
16632s they might just make quick work of him
16634s he's able to wiggle out the safety and
16635s with the zip heel not going to be able
16637s to do too much they do get the grab onto
16639s him he's taken down Ki secures the kill
16642s onto him xiaan looking for another grab
16645s can he make the connection on that one
16647s is able to do so Leo finds himself CAU
16650s out and xalan with just beautiful
16652s tracking on these grabs Landing grab
16655s after grab after grab finally losing the
16658s transform for the moment as Leo just
16660s basing uh just back off away from xcg
16663s they're keeping the pressure up onto him
16664s Leo going very very low at this point
16667s being forced away from his team and that
16670s is it xcg able to secure the victory
16673s forsel there gettings the Mor's blessing
16676s just absolutely clean coming in jum ABS
16679s amazing on the monk to be honest yeah
16682s really good stuff coming through from
16683s him as well as really clean tul ultimate
16685s from my HQ they're playing the the Tami
16688s variant of the the T High team instead
16691s of the which means that so much pressure
16694s could potentially come through from the
16695s T high once the ultimate drops out cuz
16697s you don't have thean to just come in and
16699s clear up the space with all of that
16701s stagger xtg also picked themselves up a
16704s key and are going to be able to unlock
16706s this cave are they going to be contested
16709s this is actually really smart from xcg
16711s because of the changes from Mor War all
16713s of the players all of the teams get the
16715s notification that that stash is going to
16717s be opened and this is xcg essentially
16720s signal flaring to everyone on the lobby
16723s hey there's a team here try and take
16725s this fight against us and now guarantees
16727s the fight when they have a million Birds
16728s might active jaran immediately going to
16731s be going for that ultimate picks up a
16732s grab right off of the rip with the SC
16734s gets the double as well there's the clap
16738s it's up against the zip team however so
16740s sedated soul is going to proc and save
16743s them from fatality unfortunately he's
16745s able to grab another immediate Reverb
16747s onto bow as Yan setting the kill up zip
16750s ultimate can only save you want J also
16752s showing up for the third party another
16755s double grab comes on through xcg
16758s absolutely grabbing slamming and
16761s clapping however jjh now with a late
16764s transformation of their own Godly in the
16766s driver's seat absolutely melted
16769s currently by the scar attempts coming on
16771s through from the P sword as that n HQ
16775s does get grabbed out held into position
16776s repeating crossbow comes out wisely
16779s everyone else from xcg has bailed out of
16781s this fight so there is no potential
16783s chance of a double grab as a result n HQ
16786s is surviving far longer than he has any
16789s right too and xcg now have to deal with
16792s a bower on the outside placing their
16795s potential disengagement xiaan for
16798s utilizing that F1 is probably going to
16801s go down it's just a question of which
16802s team is going to be able to claim that
16804s kill answer is
16806s jjh as K also showing up for the fourth
16810s party coming on through with a huge
16813s Viper V3 from qgg silencing all of the
16816s players preventing the use of grapples
16818s as well as they now claps onto the
16820s disengaging players from B Peak
16822s incredibly low HIIT into stone form qg
16824s going to be able to pick that one off
16826s and we said when that cave got opened
16829s there is going to be a contest for it
16832s did xcg manage to find any kills for it
16836s I mean they are currently on eight with
16838s the vilon birds SM as well unfortunately
16840s ug despite having heisted away salvation
16843s Podium are going to be losing SS and all
16847s of the Vilan Birds might that were
16848s currently in Play Jake very quickly
16851s ripped off of all of those bodies
16854s absolutely one thing also to note was
16856s while XG did start that fight by ringing
16859s the bell effectively ringing the dinner
16861s dinner bell and everybody swarm uh they
16863s were able to get a brief period where
16865s they had the cave tosel and they were
16867s able to grab whatever Soldier they
16869s wanted from there so even though they
16871s got a few kills and they then did lose
16873s their buff unfortunately ultimately
16875s that's a play that is just a Net game
16877s for them they went up and so Jad they
16879s got a couple of kills sure they burnt
16881s their um they burnt their revive maybe a
16884s little bit earlier than they would have
16885s like to but that's not the end of the
16886s world for them I think overall they're
16888s going to be in a pretty good mood after
16889s that one DG just finishing up JJ's CH
16893s finishing them down and catching them on
16895s their own as GG control the ballista and
16898s jdg are probably a little panicked about
16900s that one I told you in in solos it is
16904s always GG sh in triers it's always GG's
16906s entire team just haunting as they've
16909s been very quiet they had such a small
16912s plan around how to play that drop
16915s understanding that teams were going to
16916s try and contest them but unfortunately
16919s even though they're running this
16920s composition which should be incredibly
16921s strong in terms of that third party
16923s potential it's almost like they're
16926s prioritizing having a good kill
16928s multiplier they're not playing Super
16930s aggressive they're not r to the
16932s challenge that a lot of these other
16933s teams are putting onto the table they
16936s haven't even tried to grief real with G
16938s entrances with a Viper and Testa team
16941s they just want to make sure that they
16942s hit those nine points necessary to be
16944s Match Point eligible because they don't
16946s need MVP this game right it's not hit
16949s MVP when you hit 70 and you immediately
16952s walk over the win it's hit 70 and then
16954s any game after that walk away with the
16957s full win so GG not wanting to exhaust
16960s themselves uh going to be playing it a
16962s little bit slower than before put
16964s themselves a bounty onto drg to get some
16967s information on a team potentially put up
16969s fre extra kills so that they don't have
16971s to be the last team standing to be able
16974s to bag the nine points
16976s necessary looks like uh JL going to get
16979s their hands on to this Soul well fors
16982s grab some goodies uh Remy yangs did
16985s spawn up I didn't see anybody go in yet
16987s GG ran in the way of a of a gate I'm
16990s assuming like you said they're probably
16992s going to be looking to play interrupts
16994s but I don't think anybody after all of
16996s the Carnage we had in both the last game
16997s and what we just had at the uh at the
17000s Vault I think most of them were pretty
17002s okay with just not getting inside this
17004s Rumble Yang so jjh able to get two
17007s members back or get their member back
17009s he's down think it was just ch who went
17011s down Bell's rung JL grabbing them is
17014s that their second Soul
17016s well I believe so I'm pretty sure this
17020s is they just got one a minute go and
17022s they're getting
17024s another crazy stuff coming through from
17026s them crazy F maybe maybe that's the same
17029s one it could be the same one GG not
17032s doing anything they're playing
17035s Survival they had the option like I said
17038s they had the option of playing to to
17039s grief a previous realm of Yang entrance
17042s or go after a team that they put bounty
17044s on no they they have been burnt before
17047s they have been in the position where
17048s they have been less than one point away
17051s from being a match point eligible and
17054s they do not want to find themselves in
17056s that same position yet again very smart
17058s stuff coming through there's no point
17060s flipping the coin when you know they're
17062s consistently good in final circles are
17065s probably pretty confident that they can
17066s get the nine points in the final Circle
17068s they got three kills already so they got
17069s an okay start they're probably just
17071s grabbing whatever gear they can and
17073s their game plan is probably just to do
17074s what they normally do and pop off in the
17076s final Circle yeah I mean they don't even
17078s have to hard engage in final Circle they
17081s they can use final Circle to to push all
17084s of these players together and then I
17087s mean you heard it in the interview too
17088s like GG's players are very proud of that
17091s their musket prowess right so they're
17094s just going to sit on probably a high
17097s ground shelf removed away from all of
17099s the action on the low ground so that
17101s they don't get press into throwing their
17102s ultimates early and look to poach kills
17104s away from these players as jdg
17106s unfortunately not free to to sit
17108s unnoticed they get hunted down by D r g
17112s Viper V3 comes through two TI will be
17114s able to survive however the burst
17117s duration of that one don't know if he
17119s has this ultimate to be able to utilize
17121s and get that full health R said as K
17123s also in the area potentially looking for
17125s that third party spot the jdg took a
17127s little bit of pressure saw that no
17129s ultimates however were committed on the
17131s side of the Transformers team and as a
17133s result no hard engagement just
17137s yet not yet it does feel like uh today
17140s is definitely a day where we've seen the
17142s players definitely slow down around the
17146s around the 12 minute Mark after there
17148s like second after like after those
17150s second uh ran yangs have spawned up
17153s typically things do kind of chill off
17155s unless unless it's been crazy are they
17158s still on the same one or are they just
17160s running I'm like crazy or does this not
17163s take this long to prop pop one it it it
17165s doesn't take this long to pop one or
17169s they deliberately resetting it they
17171s could be deliberately resetting it and
17173s using the Dome as that makes sense I
17177s assume that's what they're doing safy
17179s line otherwise they're just going to
17180s rock up like Giga geared no other way to
17185s describe the the level of gear they're
17186s going to have if they got three Soul
17188s wells in a row uncontested and they lose
17191s this game I think it might be time to
17193s retire I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure
17196s though they are just holding the same
17197s one and just using it as a defensive
17199s Dome cuz it is it is a good place to
17202s Turtle you can't get hit by ranged
17203s attack and when you're it's glamping
17207s yeah it really is glamp that's a good
17208s ter for it actually I like that um but
17212s you know when you're done with it you
17213s get a goodie bag and you head off with
17215s you nice loot it's it's really nice you
17218s can sit in there you can set up your
17219s Wi-Fi connection you can have your
17221s snacks you can make sure that you are
17223s don't get poked and pressure down you
17224s know in a situation that XG and wbg are
17227s currently finding themselves I bet they
17228s wish that they could set up a 10 and a
17231s block all of this range pressure but
17233s nope if you don't have control of one of
17235s those does you just have to take it the
17237s hard way as xan with that Cannon has
17240s repair roll as well that's going to be
17242s something to to keep an eye on would not
17243s be surprised we see xtg funneling all of
17246s the repair kits over to the monk player
17248s gets the karumi Tav to play aggressive
17250s getting in position to try and force
17252s over wbg directly off of this bait out
17255s some of those ultimates and then come in
17257s with the Transformer ultimate as as
17259s we've seen in the past Monk ultimate is
17262s not the opener that it used to be and as
17264s a result sharan not going to be going
17267s for the transform wbg backing on off and
17270s uh wanting to prioritize keeping that
17272s legendary armor on Sleep Walker as xcg
17275s now have to deal with the pressure
17276s coming through from
17279s GJ yeah definitely just going to be a a
17282s defense point right now as Jan actually
17285s pops the Bell catches they catch Godly
17287s at a whis but there's not really any
17288s followup coming in off the back of that
17290s one it's the old cannon exchange between
17293s everyone it looks like J it's the shop
17295s everyone wants control of the
17298s shop where the goodies
17301s are they're not going to be able to get
17303s too much off here Godly I think he did
17305s get a light shop in but mhm it was
17308s really funny as well cuz they ignored
17310s they they ignored xcg and just went to
17312s the dealers and tried to purchase what
17314s they
17315s could as a
17318s xan also taking a is it to the store as
17324s we get to see JL having finally captured
17327s The Spirit
17329s Well
17331s position now you could see they have The
17334s Bu The the loot was also left behind
17336s when I when they rotated they were
17338s forced off of the angle as well by The
17339s Zone push to be fair they have a buff
17342s going way later into the game than
17344s anyone else would have Jake we talked
17346s forny roller final circle into existence
17348s it's Jin's Armory and forny rollers in
17350s play I realized me and you are the most
17353s blessed casters because every time we
17355s cast together and there's phony rollers
17357s like all of the phony roller Shenanigans
17359s have happened in Pro play me and you
17361s have been casting it it's we are either
17363s the problem or the solution I don't know
17366s what I don't know which one it is but we
17368s are involved heavily in this all of what
17370s just went down at podium at the
17371s beginning of this game mhm I don't think
17375s so many people hit by a 40 roller in a
17377s row yeah it's it's it's standard jaob
17380s Moxy cast the that Alliance teleported
17382s into the f r as well that was me and you
17385s that
17386s was that was genuinely my favorite nraa
17389s moment a shadow it out just trolled your
17392s whole team lost the game because you
17395s accidentally teleported onto the tracks
17398s and did they get another I am so tilted
17401s at jail it's clamping Time Jake it's
17404s clamping time the crazy thing is still
17407s got Draco storm for another minute
17409s they'll have Draco
17411s Stack Up The Campfire JL have moved into
17414s this space and called it home I think
17417s they'll pop this one I don't think
17418s they're going to stay and re do it they
17421s they got Draco storm so anyone who tries
17423s to jump in and steal the loot from them
17424s is going to get run over by them with
17427s Draco yeah but they might get into like
17431s this actually tried it actually tried to
17434s get a little cheeky connection onto txj
17437s in case fory roller was was pivoting
17439s around but no like you said that that
17441s Draco storm acting as as a buff from
17443s protection uh did stop any potential
17447s attempt of of sloping away with any of
17450s that loot that the JL had worked hard to
17452s be able to to Commander as GG playing
17457s Survival really not wanting to get taken
17459s out problem for them is that txj off of
17461s that Spirit Well has been able to pick
17463s up a legendary pistol which means that
17465s jl's ability to snipe these kills away
17468s just like GG is planning to do has now
17470s Ren
17471s in terms of potential as Sleep Walker
17475s sits with that hang sword controlling
17476s the space GG playing on the off angle
17480s very much removed away from everybody
17482s essentially using horny roller in the
17484s style of a mo like medieval castle
17487s everyone else is in the castle and Gigi
17491s they're not trying to lay siege that
17492s they're making it that it's harder to
17494s approach them because you have to cross
17496s over the track
17498s instead I wonder if more teams are going
17500s to do this uh not pop the The Spirit
17504s Well and stall it so you have the buff
17506s going as late as possible like that
17509s Draco storm was pretty much the reason
17510s they were able to confidently get the
17512s second Spirit Well because they still
17514s had a minute left they' only 5 seconds
17517s ago lost their uh lost their Draco storm
17520s on the side of JL I think this is
17522s actually going to be a new tactic where
17524s we start to see more and more teams pick
17525s oh no gg gg are in the middle of Banes
17528s and they can't move because K is
17531s contesting them off of the space they
17534s have 64 points Jake they still need a
17536s couple more kills to be able to hit that
17539s 70 pointer it's going to be devastating
17541s for GG if they for shorten this match I
17544s think they've been able to successfully
17545s positions away from the the Ban's breath
17548s but I think K now recognizing that GG
17552s are really stuck in a rough place are
17554s trying to push them off but GG use the
17556s uh wuen windw to repositions they did
17560s still have the as well and that's one of
17562s the things about D's comp here is there
17564s you go pop it to
17567s reposition with the woen AL they do have
17570s that extra little bit of safety they can
17572s use off the back of that yeah they they
17574s also get to disappear as well because
17577s there are multiple wuen around so it's
17579s going to be harder to track down the
17581s team that just used the wuen teleport
17583s and take advantage of the lack of
17585s reposition ability here's GG going to be
17588s playing very far removed swapping over
17591s to things like musk things like the
17592s repeating crossbow and trying to Pivot
17595s onto any player who goes low not taking
17597s a hard engagement but just looking for
17598s some of those kill seals start getting
17601s closer to that 70 point mark that they
17604s need to hit to be Match Point eligible
17606s and potentially end this day early it
17609s would be crazy if solos ends on game
17611s five and we see truers do the exact same
17613s thing as JL having to actually utilize
17616s txj Hardy ultimate to get a better read
17619s of the situation as well set up the drop
17621s down wild wind spout charged up surprise
17625s dropping in directly on top of drg
17628s before backing on off yeah Wen bought
17631s out the safety there did not want
17633s anything to do with that GG quite
17635s happily holding The High Ground I didn't
17637s see what their Al economy looks like I
17638s think they still got the Viper Al uh
17641s they've got one charge of Tessa woen not
17644s up yet though that's going to be a big
17645s one for them they need that Wen as a as
17647s a safety net to get them as late into
17649s this lobby as possible CU there's still
17652s only one two teams eliminated from the
17655s lobby there's still so many people left
17657s in but in onto 330 instantly they throw
17661s out the test of charm a spirit well
17663s break down everybody is actually going
17665s to turn their attention away from GG and
17667s towards this Spirit well as GG been able
17669s to reposition them for a bit but bow as
17671s he ran able to take down 330 that is
17674s such a bad loss here for GG they do get
17676s the stun down though onto jdg trying to
17678s turn the attention away from themex
17681s low HP needs to find an ability to heal
17683s as lxm is just potting up on that High
17686s Ground just in a little cubby where he's
17688s able to heal away gets some armor back
17690s gets his health back Godly finds the
17692s grab on the two tick but lxm has been
17694s found by Bower Bower continue the harass
17696s onto lxm lxm needs to make a break for
17698s it CJs still evading himself from
17701s getting caught out they do get the grab
17703s on of two tick two tick goes down as JL
17705s steal it away with a musket out of the
17708s hand of Godly JJ quite confidently hold
17712s this High Ground nobody can get close
17715s whereas GG they've lost the W they've
17717s still got the test they've still got the
17718s vi but they still have kill potential
17721s but they're having to hide inside the
17722s purple Bush and they get spotted out G
17723s jl's txj thrs out the wind spout not
17726s expecting to connect onto GG but the
17728s auto lock puts it onto them instead of
17731s jdg and GG have to give up their
17734s position as a result 28 players is going
17737s to very quickly start dwindling down and
17740s GG not afford to drop out now JL
17743s starting to really comfort with the
17744s kills lxm goes down GG only have the one
17748s player the Tessa to try to find any form
17752s of safety gets grabbed by Godly gets
17755s Reverb scooped into by Godly as well the
17758s double grab comes through huge Viper
17761s ultimate actually means that CJs is able
17763s to slip out of godly's hands before the
17767s double clap grab can come on through and
17769s the teser is given a second chance at
17773s survival is he going to be able to
17775s outlast these teams long enough for that
17777s kill multiplier to make it that GG land
17780s on 70 karumi Tav comes tonight from xcg
17783s who are currently on 10 kills and
17786s Counting jl's vvv able to find the kill
17788s onto wbd sleeper TX so incredibly close
17791s to getting that Hardy ultimate back
17793s online sees the musles hav come through
17794s utilizes the glider to reposition as xcg
17797s sits and recovers inside the Cy V2 see
17800s JS having to break away and just pivot
17803s with scale rushes off of this wall
17806s repeatedly hiding away not wanting to
17809s take the fight get Spott by wbg a gets
17811s merciless Havoc into the corruption take
17813s damage and might potentially go down
17817s huge Tess of V1 is going to come through
17819s that's probably from GG's side as the
17821s Panic ultimate comes on out turn
17824s everyone's attention away from the Tessa
17826s and gives CJs the ability and time to
17830s break out of that corruption and put
17831s himself into the middle to play for
17833s longer survivability another grab comes
17835s on through xtg Shar looking for the
17837s double he's already find one does he
17839s find the second no he's not able to find
17841s the SL but no CGS goes down GG get
17844s knocked out of the lobby before they can
17846s hit the 70 point marker and it's all
17849s falling apart for this team JL and xcg
17852s two of the teams closest behind them
17854s suddenly vying for MVP of this round xtg
17858s having some massive kills T is l going
17861s to be the last player standing with a
17863s huge vertical charge on that fan but
17866s Jake Jake how close how close GG came to
17871s being the only team eligible for match
17875s point in game five and in the cruelest
17878s possible fashion at the very last
17881s possible hour they were denied and worst
17884s news for them JL and xcg two of the
17887s teams that were closest in terms of
17889s standings behind them were the teams
17892s that popped off for the most part as
17894s that final Zone collapsed and off of the
17896s back of that set themselves up above 60
17898s points I I actually think JL might have
17901s qualified I think they're going to be
17903s exceptionally close at the worst I think
17906s they've done it um that was a monster
17909s performance coming in from JL GG I
17911s didn't think they were too passive to be
17913s honest GG got those three kills picked
17916s up very aggressive comp and just sat on
17918s their Laurels it's not like there wasn't
17920s clown yers where they could have picked
17921s up a bunch of
17923s kills every opportunity they were
17925s playing too too reserved that game was
17928s the game where you have nothing to lose
17929s that was the game where you could go
17930s aggressive and jump into the mix yeah
17933s what's worse if if you think about it
17935s with how long CGS was actually able to
17937s survive if they had played that Tessa
17940s composition to throw party and grief
17942s some of the entrances to to places like
17944s R of Yang or if they had taken uh part
17948s of that massive fight that went down
17949s underneath salvation Podium they might
17952s have been able to walk away one or two
17954s extra kills and off of the multiplier
17955s that CGS was able to to secure would
17958s have been able to to hit themselves up
17960s into that 70p point scoreboard but
17963s unfortunately for them like you said
17964s they they did they started off so strong
17966s but unfortunately they just Peter died
17968s in terms of that momentum but uh
17970s speaking about momentum chat is going to
17971s be moving incredibly quickly because
17973s it's question time and you know what
17975s this this is a toughy because we haven't
17978s shown you the scoreboard which team is
17980s leading the total scoreboard right now
17984s do you think that GG were able to keep
17988s their lead or with the likes of xcg or
17991s JL with the amount of kills that they
17993s were able to pick up as well as getting
17996s to outlive so many of those teams in
17998s that final Zone able to put enough
18001s points rallied together to overtake and
18005s as Jake fisers put themselves past that
18008s 70o marker a chat if you think xcg is
18011s leading B for OU C to show your support
18014s for GG or D if like Jake you think that
18018s JL were the ones that were able to take
18020s the plunge think it's JL I genuinely do
18023s think JL first that's actually that's
18025s relatively challenging one because we
18027s haven't shown those scoreboards yet uh
18029s that will be coming up briefly though so
18030s the answer will be here but make sure
18032s you put it in before that because you
18034s will miss out on getting your chances
18035s check that whisper box as always cuz
18037s that's where the goodies are given I
18039s think yeah I've done it I don't know if
18041s anyone else is qualified and maybe this
18043s is the big brain player GG because we
18045s talked about this actually typically the
18048s first team to make it to the match point
18049s threshold is the team that doesn't find
18051s the win and oh it's so close yeah I I
18055s Told You So Close yeah so the the
18058s scoreboard when you see it takes into
18060s account The Kills but also the kills go
18062s multiplier so you do see that the GG was
18065s still at the top even when CJs Goes Down
18068s And crucially as well JL and xtg like I
18072s said they they put themselves onto that
18073s 60 point uh rabite scoreboard but
18076s crucially they they didn't hit into that
18078s 70 point marker and like you said there
18080s is a silver lining that is present for
18083s GG we saw that they had to to mix up
18086s that drop strategy because they got
18087s contested by two teams and they
18090s essentially had to play those two teams
18092s against each other now that there are
18094s three teams that are one game away from
18097s walking out with that 70 point mark
18100s needed to hit into MVP eligibility it's
18102s going to split the attention so it's not
18104s just going to be GG that have multiple
18106s teams looking at them that attention is
18108s going to carry over to this over two as
18111s we can have a look and see just how many
18113s points everyone was able to put up GG
18117s they needed nine they walked away with
18120s four unfortunately for them falling ever
18124s so slightly short JL however Rising
18126s upwards Hardy composition of Cannonball
18130s arom Mech coming fully into play 22,000
18134s damage coming through from txa a huge
18137s chunk of that damage being portioned out
18140s in the final Zone collapses when he gets
18143s to come through with the triple charge
18144s golden Focus hits of the Hardy and also
18148s really able to just run the r of txj
18151s with that Cube giving everyone on jl's
18154s side essentially an extra
18156s reposition yeah I also think um just of
18160s moving away from uh JL right now I
18163s actually think we will see xcg
18165s potentially qualify in the next game as
18167s well so we may have going into what are
18169s we we're just finished game four going
18171s into game six I think we may have three
18173s teams all on that 70 points only8 points
18177s off like 8.4 or something off so it's
18179s super close to them I genuinely think we
18182s might see three teams all on that match
18184s point eligibility spot is going to be so
18188s explosive when that happens I really
18190s really excited to see how this next game
18192s goes down moving on to holl off GG we
18195s highlighted it they started so smart
18197s with that that drop they they still
18199s dropped where they know and where they
18201s felt comfortable but they just dropped
18202s slightly differently and changed things
18204s up didn't go to waterfall and here we go
18207s MVP coming in for
18208s aad huge huge game here for the side of
18211s JL needed victory for them as well I
18214s don't know if we've had a had MVP yet
18216s but there it is coming in for txj 22,000
18220s damage coming in 13,000 of that from the
18222s fan did have the Wild win Sprout though
18224s so yeah makes a little bit of sense that
18227s one yeah just the way that we saw K
18230s getting to utilize the wild wind spite
18232s earlier with the teada uh wild wind
18235s spite when that zone collapses and all
18237s of those players are forced into those
18238s very cramped up spaces is getting huge
18241s chunks of value as well as connecting on
18243s to multiple targets it's really
18245s unfortunate as well that wild wind spite
18247s was actually the undoing of GG if you
18249s remember remember when they lost their
18251s wuan they tried to hide two of their
18253s players inside invisibility Bush and J
18255s weren't even trying to contest GG they
18257s were trying to contest I believe it was
18258s jjh was either jjh or
18260s jdg uh and the Hardy actually ended up
18264s Target locking on to the two players of
18267s Gigi instead and those two Soul Jades
18271s win spite to to show that the two
18273s players were there and also meress Havoc
18275s coming through from wbgs Asia with the
18277s undoing of GG in terms of being able to
18280s convert those free kills or potentially
18282s pick up a couple more when all of those
18283s players got stacked up on top of each
18285s other because CJs having to play
18287s Survival got spotted by wbg who had the
18290s exact same plan they wanted that control
18293s of the other side of War so they could
18296s hide their composition away from the
18297s eyes of everybody else on the other side
18299s and one of them turned to to their left
18301s and went hold on a minute that's that's
18303s not our Tessa and just frows out a Mer's
18307s Havoc which Just Bats foror C has
18311s directly into the full head of the the
18312s corruption t damage and he has just
18314s Panic through the Tes of V1 to try and
18316s carve his bace of safety uh and Escape
18319s unnoticed back into the midst of things
18321s but that just puts them directly into
18323s the driving path of everybody else
18325s currently clumped up inside the mid yeah
18328s absolutely I mean just kind of stepping
18331s away and getting ready for game number
18332s five obviously we play these games back
18334s to back one thing we we have talked
18336s about in the past we haven't really
18337s talked about today is how um
18340s how the kind of like the mental affects
18343s you in going from game to game GG know
18345s that this could have been their their
18346s opportunity to take the whole day and
18348s not have to really worry about anyone
18350s else I'm sure they're a bit miffed at
18352s them themselves right now and they've
18353s got to really make sure that they come
18354s into this next game into game five of a
18357s clear head because if if they don't at
18360s that point they've suddenly got um you
18362s know they've got to play with their own
18363s mind HS they've also got to play versus
18365s all the enemy teams they know now
18367s realistically they're going to have at
18369s least one other team qualifying with
18370s them into game six for potential Match
18373s Point eligibility but there's a world
18376s where they are maxed by matched by x uh
18379s xcg uh there's there's a bunch of things
18382s a bunch of factors in the air there is a
18383s world where I can't remember who's
18384s fourth but that they could also pop off
18387s enough this game to secure themselves
18389s that that eligibility as well and it's
18392s so much more nerve-wracking when you're
18394s not worrying about how you're doing or
18396s how one other team's doing but like
18398s multiple teams in the lobby you know
18400s yeah then you get to a point where if if
18402s one half of the lobby if any of those
18404s games teams gets a win it's done so it's
18408s something they really got to be uh kind
18409s of keenly aware of and obviously we're
18411s now into the point where the top teams
18413s are going to be at the bottom of the
18414s pick order so G GG they they're last
18418s they're literally last team picking they
18420s are really going have to think about
18422s what they want to be picking here
18423s because they picked up that Tessa comp
18425s there but we talked a lot about the um
18429s the desire of for karumi at the moment
18431s and how she's very very high up in the
18433s in the power rankings odds are they're
18436s going to never get karumi today like if
18438s if the teams high up decide they want to
18440s start picking it I mean it can but it's
18442s going to cost it's going to be so
18444s expensive yeah that's the problem yeah I
18447s I think as well like something that we
18449s have to discuss too we theorized that JL
18451s would be the ones coming in with a
18453s strategy that they've been holding on to
18456s I think it might not be a composition as
18458s much as them using these light rotations
18461s of spirit
18462s well because that's something that we
18464s have not seen them do in the past no one
18468s has ever really camped out the full
18471s duration of Spirit Well to hold on and
18475s like I said I I theorized that JL would
18477s be sitting on something that gave them
18480s the advantage and that they didn't want
18482s to show off in the pre-finals because
18484s with two weeks down time more than
18486s enough time for all of these other teams
18487s to to figure out what JL was doing
18489s because J out of all of the teams in the
18491s league in triers have been the the team
18494s that everyone has turned to when they
18496s had that that two players the formerly
18499s of of te te were the ones that everyone
18502s was was looking at and copying
18503s strategies I remember when Tessa first
18506s release we had that Infamous interview
18507s that fpx did where they admitted like
18509s yeah we think Tessa's strong but we want
18511s to see how te uses the Tessa before
18513s properly putting her into compositions
18515s and it was because everyone would wait
18516s to see what te did before going okay
18519s that works let let's adapt that into our
18520s own strategies and as a result JL did
18523s not want to show these light rotations
18525s on Spirit well so they're the only team
18528s that have that last little drags of
18531s Buffs heading into the next spirit world
18534s where you're going to be running into so
18535s many more players and that buff matters
18538s so much
18540s more well here we are into hero select
18544s for game number five obviously as we
18547s said we are now just going reverse up
18550s the standings so if you're at the bottom
18552s of the standings you are in the first
18554s round selection if you look at who's
18556s currently in last place you might be a
18558s little bit confused because they started
18560s today in first wolves are at the bottom
18563s of the table it has been a uh tragic day
18566s for them and I think this is something
18568s which is not going to get fixed today
18570s obviously but I do think wolves are
18572s going to have to look to work on during
18573s the offseason between spring and summer
18576s I think they're going to have to get the
18577s rise on you know on their on their
18580s mental fortitude and making sure that
18582s the pressure doesn't get to them because
18584s this is a really really capable team but
18586s they crumble every time you get into a
18591s into a final scenario and this is
18594s probably extra nerve-wracking when
18595s there's a massive crowd every time a
18597s play happens you hear the Clow the crowd
18599s roaring and cheering I feel on the stage
18602s when this stuff happens there was so
18604s much expectation as well onto wolves
18607s because they they started first and I
18608s think that's actually something that we
18610s we do need to address because every
18613s single time like players when they did
18615s interviews leading into to the bi-weekly
18616s finals they they would actually comment
18619s and say that they didn't want to be the
18620s team in first because it felt like there
18623s was additional pressure put on you
18625s because of how well You' done in regular
18627s that you'd be able to to keep that
18628s momentum going and wolves every single
18631s time we we saw them qualify into the
18632s by-weekly finals a lot of the time they
18634s would qualify first place off of their
18637s performance in regular weekend and like
18638s you said that the pressure would just
18640s get to them and that was my reasoning
18643s for for heading into today I said like I
18645s I I'm not concerned about wolves
18647s mechanical play I know that they can be
18648s incredibly coordinated I know that their
18650s compositions are are really clean as
18652s well as the fact that they have so many
18653s different comps that means that they
18655s don't have to worry about things like
18657s the the hero Point rules coming through
18660s my main concern is whether or not
18662s they're going to be able to to let the
18664s pressure slide off of their backs or
18667s whether it's going to be them sliding
18668s down that slump and unfortunately
18670s dropping down in the leader board as a
18673s result I believe that would be the
18676s karumi getting uh B away going in well
18679s increase hero points going away into the
18681s later stages it's weird but we saw two
18683s variants of the uh the zom uh one of
18687s which ran Kumi one of which ran zipping
18689s in the first round selection so I can't
18691s actually remember who did it cuz I was
18692s so engross in everything else but I
18695s didn't even take note of who had picked
18696s what but yeah we got a karumi variant
18698s and a zip variant of the uh of the
18702s zyphon or the meteor comp I quite like
18704s meteor cuz it's it's Unique
18707s um so yeah I I think that that's a very
18710s interesting one that they just they
18711s decided they wanted to zip over the
18713s karumi but again maybe that's just
18715s saving the points for future comps you
18716s got to keep in mind gry is desired and
18720s while she costs uh extra points if the
18724s other teams have been picking her up
18725s enough she also cost more points every
18726s time you pick her as well so you have to
18728s kind of play a balance Act of how much
18730s you pick a hero going into this band
18732s phase so that's why I do think zip will
18734s still have a place while she might not
18736s be as strong as the karumi she still is
18738s hyper valuable in certain different
18739s comps yeah I I think zip like you said
18742s you want to to save the Cy for when
18744s you're going for that mvp eligibility
18746s that win round as opposed to to stacking
18749s up the the points necessary to to be
18752s able to set up for it so no
18757s surprises Viper we they're anticipating
18760s having to to third party into a lot of
18762s these fights okay they need to actually
18764s do it this time then yeah problem that's
18767s my comment on it the the problem for GG
18770s again is the fact that everybody knows
18772s where they drop so no surprises they're
18775s being challenged this time it's not
18777s going to be two teams so they're not
18779s going to be able to to quite literally
18781s just set two teams against each other
18783s and then capitalize off of the results
18785s it looks like a jdg got burned
18788s anticipated that bad would look for the
18790s challenge and just decided to call off
18792s Imperial
18793s entirely yeah looks like it is just
18795s going to be the two but C Tang got a lot
18798s of heat in the area K uh closest team to
18802s the podium so expect to see them head
18805s head over I believe it actually was them
18807s oh no it was Aug who snuck in and stole
18809s the uh stole the goodies if I remember
18811s correctly in the last time so let's see
18814s whether or not they're going to be able
18814s to do it once again very clustered
18817s starts this time though we've had quite
18819s spr starts across the day but today not
18821s quite so much the case we are seeing
18822s teams all drop in closer proximity to
18825s one another and we start again where we
18827s started last time JL in a fight versus
18831s xcg just over by the rift as Kakashi
18834s gets a whole bunch of damage put onto
18836s him from txj with the jeel halber even
18838s at gra varant those items do crazy
18840s damage but vvv with the fan secures one
18842s JL getting himself turned back on to
18845s this is getting a little heated here one
18847s thing pops the Bell just keep himself
18849s going and it looks like JL have been
18850s easily able to control and win this
18852s fight yeah scariest thing when you take
18855s a fight off drop is that the other team
18856s has a Kumi all of the damage that you do
18858s fully nullified by that e as ug taking a
18862s f against te for control of matab it's
18865s going to be a lot of damage onto the
18867s back of this teada for you this is one
18869s of his better heroes in fact probably
18871s his best heroes so we'll see if OG can
18873s play it the way that they want to
18875s unfortunately you does go down te Han
18879s takes the Parry loses the weapon manages
18881s to put themselves on top of Us's body to
18883s pick up that fan as a backup there comes
18886s in with the F3 finding the connection
18888s onto ug the king will be able to pick up
18890s the kill off of that and that should be
18891s te winning it that's heading over to
18893s Waterfall GG now having to take the
18895s fight three versus three against B huge
18898s Tessa V1 connecting from CJ as Yan
18901s incredibly low going to be targeted down
18904s by the players of GG however huge T High
18908s F1 that Bell actually saving his player
18911s and it gets turned onto GG instead lmbb
18913s comes on out from CJs with the blue fan
18916s GG breaking line of sight trying to
18918s avoid the grab doesn't manage to stop
18920s Alex um who gets ped CJs now gets
18924s grabbed as well Alex trying to come in
18926s with the Viper it's V3 the silences that
18929s you are not able to find and grab in the
18932s meantime does man to find the Reverb
18935s after that silence duration has woron
18937s out CJs with the test of one should be
18940s able to catch on to Yan locks onto the
18943s karumi instead and Peak is able to
18945s utilize the animation of that Circle as
18949s no way are GG salty running this no way
18952s are Gigi salty running this free fore
18954s I'll use
18956s theive
18958s 67.6 points Jake the pressure is getting
18961s to
18962s GG I don't know what they were cooking
18965s up there that was not
18967s it they're going to have to just go
18969s rebirth jump I I don't see any other
18971s world where this pulls off I think there
18972s was maybe like oh I can make it and save
18974s the day but he couldn't yeah he could
18977s maybe it was like Tessa V1 connected we
18981s forc the karumi V2 if we really quickly
18984s take this fight again we're our ultimate
18986s is going to come back online faster
18988s because Tessa gets two ultimates and
18990s 100% as oppos everyone else who gets one
18992s but that was a huge fumble on the side
18996s of GG as they W seven 7.6 they they are
19001s not in the clear for the 70 marker and
19003s JL has overtaken them as well in terms
19006s of overall standings because JL got the
19007s better
19009s drop I I see a word was GG probably just
19012s play placement now and hope that gives
19015s him enough points they got two kills so
19017s if they can get a good good enough
19019s placement point and a multiply they will
19020s make it but this is not the style you
19023s want to be making it two very very lack
19025s cluster games after two massive Popoff
19029s games
19029s so they are maybe losing a little bit of
19033s s wind in their Sals although GG I do
19035s think are better at morile than hollo
19037s typically they uh they do pop off more
19040s and more asile but even so I feel like
19043s the last two games have been pretty
19046s uh pretty undefendable really from the
19049s side of
19050s G the problem for GG is that they went
19054s from so much momentum to really smart
19059s drop coming through from from last round
19061s right but the amount of downtime that
19064s they had having to to play from that
19067s first fight on drop all the way to final
19070s Zone there was so much downtime so all
19074s of that energy that they picks up all of
19076s that confidence is just continuing to
19078s erode as more time passes and you can
19082s see that when they got put in that
19083s precious State again there was obviously
19087s indecision between the team that there
19088s was the call of like if we get a full
19090s team kill maybe we're going to get
19092s enough points to get over the 70 marker
19095s so even if we go out early at least
19096s we've guaranteed that we've hit Match
19098s Point
19099s eligibility but the rest of the team
19101s also wanted to play for for safety of
19104s survival instead and they're going to
19107s have to play for rebirth like you said
19109s there a JH now dropping onto wolves who
19113s is going to be losing XM Flames coming
19115s in with that massive hit of damage off
19117s of the Viper F3 so so far haven't seen
19120s GG State whether or not they've been
19121s able to pick up the the coins necessary
19125s to grab a reu charm and get the W up
19126s because like this is the fear for GG
19129s they're lacking the wuen which means if
19131s they get jumped on by another team they
19133s don't have the teleport if one of their
19135s player goes down then it's going to be
19138s granted they do still have two rebirths
19140s for for the test from the Viper but if
19143s one of their players goes down the wuen
19145s is not going to be able to Port out the
19146s body and guarantee that you have the
19148s time and space to find the revivor wbg
19151s have temporary control of cave as we
19155s have seen previously this is very much A
19157s din Bell as they will be able to access
19160s both it the legendary Soul Jades as well
19162s as the Morris blessing that is contained
19164s within keeping an eye on the mini map
19166s currently no one is actually contesting
19168s them on this one because we had clusters
19171s of action I think a lot of people are
19173s quite spread out right now uh although I
19175s will say jdg are relatively close to
19179s where GG are distance away but they
19183s there is a world where they they cross
19184s paths and GG desperately just trying to
19187s put together some uh some points I mean
19188s they they ran to City of Tang in ghost
19191s for and reset they did get they got back
19195s so I'm sure once he's revived there's a
19198s there's a sigh of relief but most of
19200s Tang would have been cleared right now
19202s and they've got a gear up pretty
19206s quickly not that they're going to be
19207s jumping into any uh Roma yangs anytime
19210s soon I this is not a particular Roma
19211s Yang team team of that sort the question
19215s is how much of the confidence has
19218s tanked because you have to remember as
19220s well it's it's not just a question of
19222s hitting Match Point eligibility you have
19224s to MVP why and why are wolves separated
19229s cuz we saw one of their players go down
19231s earlier yeah they were just because that
19233s was their second lives oh that that's
19237s your answer wolves lost X it was XM
19240s Second Life E's already burnt for the
19241s rebirth as well it's it's
19244s justk and he does not have the money to
19246s buy a
19248s uh by a rebirth as well so that might be
19251s a little cook there for the side of
19253s wolves they might able to get two kills
19255s so they cred out of last place into
19258s second to last place
19262s so uh they got some work to do
19264s unfortunately the side of uh wolves
19271s it's just killing off I guess well no no
19274s pun intended I guess we are just waiting
19276s for the uh the re GS to spawn up that's
19278s that's where we're going to see the
19279s players um yeah noed into more action
19283s yeah no one wanting to to take fights
19285s now because you're going to be forcing
19286s to utilizing your ultimates everyone
19288s wanting to prioritize paing towards
19290s shops so they can pick up soul rids and
19293s have those surprises uh which gives them
19296s that Advantage inside Rumble if you have
19299s a legendary sold that that's super early
19301s or something like Cavalry Bloom on the
19303s dual blades that the other team is not
19305s expecting a lot of the time that one
19307s advantage is all you need to to tip the
19308s scales in your favor is J L definitely
19312s looking to take an entrance inside R of
19314s Yang it is going to be spawning directly
19317s in front of them do they manage to get
19318s through in time are they yeah they just
19320s go immediately in ja are so close to
19322s that 70 point marker they have the
19325s Transformer they've already got purple
19327s armor onto to one thing it is is going
19329s to be a blue scaled damage however with
19331s the karumi variant as well as the tumult
19334s you have so much coverage to make sure
19336s that the T high is going to be able to
19338s survive it's going to be a fight against
19340s jdg everyone taking to the sky one thing
19344s trying to come on for doesn't actually
19346s to find any connection with the focus
19347s sets off of this bit still holding on as
19350s well gets the early transformation now
19353s of that t high as do we see the grabs
19356s come through Hardy Cube get set into
19360s play to make sure that we have the
19362s disengagement potentially available and
19364s there it is Hardy breaking away before
19367s one thing can find the grab and scoop
19369s him up into a double grab situation
19371s small is making it incredibly hard
19373s though for two TI to find a lot of value
19375s and he has to go onto the ground with
19377s the fan huge pick coming on out onto the
19380s faer cube now called into play to make
19383s sure we can reposition there's the
19385s karumi V2 gets the tumultuous thr into
19388s it so huge stamina drain going to be
19390s coming out from any of the players on
19391s jdg side to much receiving the karumi
19394s eere as well now transferred over to one
19396s thing for both of these players to get
19398s aggressive and you can see even though
19400s one thing takes the huge hit of the
19402s charge vertical on that fan the health
19403s just does not go down the dragon say has
19405s com through massive Interruption coming
19407s on out before he can hit the golden
19409s stage of that NZ has however horizontal
19412s jumping here comes on out from one thing
19414s just catching the feet of one of the
19416s players as they put themselves onto the
19418s pillar Parry does connect onto the Monk
19421s and we can see JL backing on off taking
19424s a little bit of downtime to shore up the
19426s armor before coming back in using the
19428s numbers to turn the tide in their favor
19431s yeah it's just our waiting game though
19433s 12 seconds left on the clock I don't
19435s know if JL can do this in time we might
19437s see them going down one Fang loses a lot
19440s of HP it's just waiting hit from two
19442s tick he's waiting the timeout it's over
19445s it's cooked everybody goes
19447s down and then going to have to Now find
19449s them a rebirth and maybe just instantly
19452s into a scrap I mean ja right next to a
19457s rebirth
19458s potentially they're waiting they're
19460s scouting they want to see they they know
19463s that there was another team that went
19464s into the r of Yang they want to see
19466s whether that team takes the Same Soul
19469s alter yeah look like they're not though
19472s cuz I think it was B was the I know B
19474s got milon first M but they were in the I
19476s think B were the closest team to them as
19478s w
19479s unfortunately ZK the final man standing
19482s here on this Tessa doesn't even have
19484s their ultimate up and available it's 5%
19486s rage away that may buy them the space
19489s they need but you're getting Draco
19491s stormed down they go I not a draco storm
19494s it is they do have
19496s a didn't show at the top of the screen
19498s so I was a bit like wait what's going on
19500s crucially J Al
19503s 69.1 score one more kill Jake or a
19507s better kill multiply and they'll be able
19509s to to qualify for Match Point
19511s eligibility jdg unfortunately timing out
19515s inside that R of Yang going to be hit by
19519s Yang defle and it looks like they're
19520s just going to cleanse it by chucking two
19521s of their players into corruption TI
19523s damage and two TI buys the reu charm
19526s just camping that box picks up the reu
19529s charm KES over to the soul alter right
19531s next door and grabs the player back this
19534s is probably the safest way of dropping
19536s the depletion especially because you
19537s know that it was a time out and another
19540s team at least two other teams are going
19542s to be kiting around this map looking for
19545s a fight you're now not going to be
19547s forced into having to take as K take
19549s full advantage of xcg having to be
19552s aggressive qg coming in with those
19555s legendary halber but that is yeah like
19558s you said xcg eliminated it's going to be
19561s a little bit of Trad coming through with
19562s drg going in for that third party
19564s crucially however K having won that R of
19567s Yang had the Birds might to reposition
19570s and continue in this Lobby something
19572s that was not up for xcg as looking for
19575s this last kill to net themselves that 70
19578s point score is this where they're able
19580s to find it one Fang commits in with
19583s backto back charge vertical on this fan
19586s putting down so much pressure no Zone
19588s also in play there it is charged
19590s vertical from the fan claims the kill
19592s onto bowas J with that one kill secured
19595s and JL piece out even if they get
19597s knocked out of the lobby here Jake they
19599s have done enough 70 points has been
19602s cleared they are now eligible for match
19605s point in all of the games after that is
19608s absolutely huge there for GG uh a little
19612s point just to make as well uh I said xcg
19615s were one of the teams who had the the
19617s potential to qualify for the next game
19621s for a potential MVP they went out with
19623s zero kills they're done they're going to
19625s have to play a whole other game now if
19627s they want to try and get themselves out
19630s is going to be very very rough for
19632s them and there's two teams now who are
19635s much Point eligible JL and GG yes you
19638s are right GG third parted ironically
19642s enough the the fight JL took a fight
19645s against B so that with Yang depletion
19648s they could at least take a fight and try
19649s and find a kill and clear the 70 point
19651s 70 point marker before they were kicked
19653s out of the lobby due to Yang depletion
19655s and then GG see the fight going down
19657s have the Tesa have the Viper and play
19659s the third party composition Scavenging
19662s off of those kills and taking advantage
19663s of the ultimates that have been burned
19664s out in the scrap that bder and jail had
19667s taken previously sneak in grab the kills
19670s necessary and make it over the 70 point
19672s stretch as well as Sleep Walker manages
19675s to find one grab does get hit by the
19677s test of V1 puts himself onto the ground
19680s or rather The High Ground so when the
19682s enchantment comes through does he match
19683s the ey frame and yes he does he cancels
19686s the ultimate ey frames the still does go
19689s down however as Bower immediately
19692s zeroing in forcing out that F1 taking
19695s advantage of the mon getting forced into
19697s utilizing that cancel of the ultimate
19700s early by the Testa team sneak in for the
19702s third party jdh will be able to grab
19706s themselves away with the w and teleport
19708s as uh wbg and B like to scrap it out
19712s against each other giving jdh the Escape
19714s tool
19716s necessary oh we actually saw uh
19719s te lose their Matari to
19723s the corruption which I don't really
19726s understand what happened there but they
19729s down a player due to that so that was
19731s during the middle of the fight wait
19732s there's no way l oh it worked he got
19735s away with it that is so big a free a
19740s free Mor's blessing while down rebu
19742s charm that that's the big thing free
19744s rebu charm there is a rebu charm that's
19746s contained inside the r of yang that was
19749s the gamble so now one of them went into
19752s real of Yang gambled on no one going to
19755s take the second while the other CTI a
19758s soul alter so the second that ly picks
19760s up the rebu charm it goes into the
19762s entire team's inventory and as a result
19765s you can automatically pick a player up
19766s immediately that is so intelligent there
19769s by T and I think they they recognize the
19771s pattern of very few people are going
19773s into the second R of Yang now these
19775s games they do not want to be risking it
19777s so they took that risk cuz the gamble
19780s was they lose the game here or they they
19783s sit or two members and probably lose the
19785s game down the line anyway so really
19787s really intelligent play there by te to
19789s make that risk it paid off and now they
19791s are back in the game in with a chance
19793s but still in 10th place they got to
19796s really really show up in this uh in this
19799s next section as Bal currently just
19801s hunting on to
19803s wbg GG been quiet since qualifying but
19807s they don't really need to do much now
19809s they can they can chill I feel this game
19811s is probably going to be a bit of a
19812s confidence booster for them so they'll
19813s probably just play it as normal and just
19815s kind of get that fundamentals back under
19817s their belt because the last couple of
19819s games the fundamentals kind of went to
19821s the Wayside uh my main interest actually
19824s isn't this game now it's it's the next
19826s game cuz I'm super interested in what GG
19829s now lock in cuz they've been locking
19830s this uh the blind D they very aggressive
19833s kind of like just Scrappy Skirmish comp
19837s what are they going to pick to try and
19838s win the game on I mean we know they have
19840s this uh the cannon ball the valer
19841s variant of cannon ball up their sleeve
19843s and that is a really really high
19846s performing comp for them you got just
19848s regular uh Transformers I'm going to be
19850s so interested to see what they lock in
19853s good bye G the bush managed to lose the
19856s tail don't check the invisibility
19860s Bush by
19862s [Music]
19864s no huge play coming on for from B he's
19868s not they found him yeah they found him I
19870s was going to say B scattered around by
19873s there's so many purple bushes in the
19875s area they knew that b was kiting to this
19877s space it was just a matter of of
19879s hideand-seek eventually as a k starting
19883s to pick up a lot of momentum for
19886s themselves as well 54 points if they
19888s have a high scoring game if they can hit
19890s a 20 bomb they could potentially put
19892s themselves onto Match Point eligibility
19894s as well and with the siphon composition
19896s as well as a legendary armor picked up
19898s but it would not surprise me if they
19900s were able to do just that as like you
19902s said GG for them this game is a
19905s confidence boost and my concern is what
19908s happens if that confidence that they're
19909s having to rebuild gets kicked right back
19913s into square one all over again if they
19916s do not do well in End Zone I worry it's
19920s going to push their confidence and when
19922s they need to get that mvp when they need
19923s to play aggressive in the first opening
19926s fights we're not going to see that
19928s aggression and they're going to get out
19930s tempered by these other teams the likes
19932s of JL wanting to play incredibly
19934s aggressive to try and put themselves
19936s ahead of GG every other team in this
19938s area who is not MVP eligible
19941s understanding that the tempo of the
19943s fight and the match has to shift up
19945s entirely so that you can take as many
19948s kills away from the teams that have that
19950s potential of if they take MVP game is
19952s done season
19955s ended well looks like we're just going
19957s to go back into the re play Bower taking
19959s on wbg inside this one able to get
19962s himself beautiful oh no they didn't get
19964s the grab on the I thought they did there
19966s uh Sleep Walker just trying to find his
19968s own grabs there just Transformations
19970s across the
19972s board is it going to be another
19975s timeout it can't be right uh I believe B
19979s had Yang
19980s de oh my word there's so many timeouts
19984s there's so many timeouts inside the r
19986s with yang this is the problem with monk
19988s mon versus monk is not quick enough for
19992s these typ for for R Yang it moves way
19995s too slow as a comp cuz it's naturally a
19997s sto heavy comp it's it's about slowly
20000s cycling through the alts buying space
20002s buying time and as we've seen today with
20005s monk kind of returning into the
20008s meta it they struggle if they bur
20010s another Monk inside the Roma Yang uh
20013s does look like B actually did beat
20018s and then they went and finished wbg up
20020s after as well yeah that that explains
20022s how they got the the legendary nunchucks
20025s as well as o Rampage attached to the
20027s Hang sword that you get to see the
20030s animation getting to change with the
20031s full 360
20033s pivot and the purple Focus
20037s strike as Rampage is one of those so
20039s that changes weapon animation as opposed
20041s to jabbing which is a
20043s 50/50 either hope that you get the Parry
20045s timing and anticipated jabbing or lose
20048s the 50/50 and instead of getting a
20050s standard Banner character unfortunately
20053s get just absolutely smacked in the face
20055s by one of the highest and fastest
20057s damaging Focus attacks in the game as
20061s we're going to see K like I said they
20063s are stocking up they are getting ready
20066s to just position inside this cave
20069s wherever effect's going to come through
20070s as well so all of the Tres in the area
20073s going to be refreshed which means that
20075s Kay get an absolute free form with all
20078s of the resources that they so desire
20080s could potentially get challenged in that
20083s space by some of these other teams with
20084s the same idea and so it looks like
20087s everything is slowing down for the most
20091s part all of these teams recognizing no
20093s one is MVP eligible we don't have to to
20095s Lobby any of those leading teams it is
20099s much better that we take this match to
20101s consolidate and push up our own score
20103s which means you have to play for not
20105s just High kills but High kill score
20107s multipliers is TE patrolling the space
20111s with that ballista getting a connection
20113s onto drg WFC instantly throwing in that
20117s side e to reposition as around comes te
20121s putting pressure on some of these other
20122s teams Han having to give up that
20124s ballista control however a single hit
20127s from B is going to stagger the ey and
20130s it's just past the p as B see the
20134s absence see the vacancy and immediately
20136s move in yeah get a massive shot off onto
20139s Leo again two times in a row he gets
20141s rail by that one Jing keeping the
20144s pressure up constantly having those fire
20147s down onto them and they have been able
20149s to position thems out of line of slight
20151s P that bista as we are seeing GG
20153s contesting drg here for The Spirit Well
20157s OG also in the potential areas this
20159s could get really feisty really quick so
20163s GG actually just decided to back
20165s off again I mean they don't really have
20167s anything to lose so this game's kind of
20169s like a W for them right now my eyes are
20172s actually on k k are geared to the teeth
20175s they are what like 16 points off
20179s qualifying 16 points is so achievable I
20182s mean we've seen 20 point games quite
20184s quite consistently today especially
20186s because there's only two karumi there's
20188s only two kumis everyone else in terms of
20191s support is running that Z so K with that
20193s zon composition are going to be able to
20195s obliterate the healing as drg are able
20198s to unlock Spirit wild don't make off
20201s with all of the Lo WFC huge whisp comes
20204s on through WFC does have dead z e so low
20209s like you said manages to make it on top
20211s of that Cliff not out of the woods just
20213s yet gets the armor swap coming through
20214s Froman as well the karumi stepping up to
20217s make sure that the Z is going to survive
20220s all of the focus fire that came on out
20222s really good plays coming through from
20224s them as B to get right back on top of
20226s that Ballista and see if they can keep
20229s putting this pressure we still have four
20231s repair kicks in play for Jing on this
20234s Tammy and he's even got the Wisps around
20236s him too so no one can range pressure him
20238s off of bista control
20241s either uh now with the uh Ban's breath
20244s starting up it's just going to force
20246s everybody
20248s away into their little Corners away and
20251s eyes right now on K and Aug they both
20254s are in a close proximity to being able
20257s to qualify it's still it's going to have
20258s to be a pretty big game from them uh I
20260s think K are a little bit more set up
20262s than OG but OG I mean you back on his uh
20266s back of his deada with the golden fan
20269s just like we saw them do at the
20270s beginning of the
20271s day oh no that's K piing up I'm thinking
20274s a q but we know use a good teor got fan
20277s just like you was if not the best teor
20280s last year he he received so much praise
20285s coming through for when he was playing
20286s TOA for for k
20288s as uh I believe it's Soul shatter as
20290s well that he has on that legendary fan
20292s too his do stuck directly in the
20296s middle no one making that first move
20298s just yet Bain still currently in play as
20301s a result everyone just wanting to Veer
20304s away from that confrontation as if you
20306s start getting aggressive onto some of
20308s these teams yes you might get those
20310s kills but the second that you clean that
20313s team everyone else in the lobby is
20315s turning on to you if you have to use
20317s those ultimates to be able to do so I'm
20319s going to be myed if I'm a monk player
20321s right now luckily it's only Bower who
20324s have got 11 kills to be fair they've had
20325s a really good game but this is this is
20328s an area where monk is really going to
20330s struggle you're working with a lot of
20332s verticality and you know especially if
20334s you get forced onto the low ground
20336s everyone's just above you can just like
20338s rain hop head shots at you and just
20340s whistle away your health bar and Dodge
20341s away your graph it's going to be so hard
20343s so for Baler it's about them holding
20345s that High Ground which right now they
20347s are but the zone is actually moving
20349s towards them so I think they're going to
20351s get forced off and it actually looks
20353s like the zone is kind of forcing
20354s everyone into the
20358s pit yeah K right next to gg gg now
20362s trying on notice to make that rotation
20364s small ultimate comes through Viper stun
20366s also comes through Bower taking cover
20369s from that one as they get hit into the
20371s follow up with that Tessa V1 with the T
20374s ultimate they will recover from the 3
20376s second stagger window however and now
20378s start to return a little bit of that
20380s pressure ug also getting hit by AA V1
20383s doing the exact same thing to mult
20385s Ultimate now force from SS to cover U
20388s from the focus fire of everybody else in
20390s this Lobby drg on the outside getting
20393s that karum getting to play a little bit
20395s more aggressive and outlive once ug try
20398s to turn onto them ug instead looking to
20401s favor having this control of Cliff face
20404s to up things like the scale rushes
20406s there's no really wanting to take an
20409s engagement outside of everyone buying
20410s for control of spirit well there's the
20412s Rampage coming on for from Y and karumi
20415s T as well coming on out from Peak and as
20419s a result that little bit of contest that
20422s some of these teams Tred to launch
20423s against B dies down almost immediately
20427s GG start making their first move that is
20428s a huge test of V1 coming out onto J who
20431s try to use the WAN teleport to dodge out
20434s of any followup I don't see the kofit
20436s light up unfortunately
20438s it might be now that it is going to be
20441s te turning onto them but it's drg with
20443s the pistol Moonlight is able to steal
20446s that one away underneath te's noses
20449s there te now CAU out Zone corruption
20452s pushing them off of Cliff D still in
20454s place Spirit Well is being prolonged by
20456s Bower who are using it in that glamping
20459s Style just the way that we saw JL
20460s sitting on that D for as long as
20462s possible to avoid the Poke pressure
20463s coming on through D finally collapses OG
20466s moving into position you with that
20468s legendary fan dodging out of the space
20471s and coming on through from the rest of
20473s the teams as three fans in synchronized
20476s fashion you've heard of synchronized
20478s swimming get ready for synchronized
20479s charged vertical throwing on this fan
20482s huge Viper V3 though comes on through as
20486s ugs you will be able to live here's the
20489s Monk and maybe monk was peeved before
20492s they're incredibly happy right now this
20494s corruption tick has pushed everybody on
20496s to having to stick themselves onto the
20498s Cliff face or go on The High Ground and
20500s that is just Prime double grab territory
20503s for Bowers youan into the flame of
20505s follow up from the rest of his teammates
20508s Viper V3 does connect on to Iran who's
20511s not going to be able to find the double
20512s grab until just now tool ultimate make
20514s sure to cover the ti high he will be
20517s able to find the double grab as a result
20519s K might stop pulling away with the kills
20521s necessary as they on 55.5 points too far
20525s away from that 70 point marker who works
20527s with m
20528s cuz Bower with the Transformers Jake are
20531s starting to absolutely make a mountain
20534s of movement in terms of this final Zone
20538s big Parry coming in there from wxd
20540s getting a whole lot of damage but lxm
20542s comes in with the par in the golden fan
20544s forcing WFC to go in for his ultimate
20547s gets a massive chunk down finishes off
20549s lxm securing a kill for his team but
20551s bowder closing the gap on everyone in
20553s the lobby Peak up on that High Ground
20556s just trying to avoid g g CGS Yan full
20560s armor full health with the cannon doing
20562s the worst GG are knocked out Bower
20564s they're about to get to that 20 bomb as
20566s yuran transformed once again this is his
20570s world looking for the grab Han's going
20572s to be the first one can he get another
20574s looks for woim 98 HS him with the clap T
20577s are out of the lobby out of this game
20580s and we are closing in on the 20 bomb
20583s Bower making the miracle comeback in
20586s this game w FD is almost caught out
20589s there's going to be the grab there's
20591s going to be the slam Jing's got to deal
20593s with your R the sandstorm comes down cxd
20596s it was his only hope to qualify and he
20599s has lost it B with a 20 b oh huge
20604s players coming on Pro from V like you
20606s said when that Z before it started
20608s properly collapsing yeah monk
20610s Transformers composition hated that zone
20613s but V playing it incredibly smart
20616s playing around that uh that Spirit Well
20619s making sure that they have full coverage
20621s in possession of The High Ground so when
20623s when the corruption take damage pushes
20625s everybody into the small space it
20627s actually closes on The High Ground which
20629s B are already in control of so all of
20631s those players who were waiting on the
20633s side lines and trying to play out of
20634s distance of spirit well and out of
20636s distance of potential grabs coming
20638s through from the Transformers unit they
20639s all get pushed into this very small
20642s crevice of corruption take damage on one
20644s side little bit of clear space and then
20646s direct clear face so B when that
20650s transformation comes on through it's
20652s it's just grab Central and everybody is
20655s just getting grabbed and then roasted
20657s and toasted with the flam of follow
20660s through and as I said there was so many
20662s Zips in that Lobby instead of karumi
20666s right that when the flamer comes through
20668s great news for the zhon composition but
20670s better news for the flamer as well
20671s because that has well I mean you you
20673s know the name flamebringer the clue is
20676s there that has fire s attach to it as
20678s well so every single time as zip
20679s ultimate tried to save anyone who got
20681s caught in the double grab it just it
20682s wasn't enough the Health bar was so
20685s incredibly low that another Reverb grab
20688s coming off of the back of a double slam
20690s would be more than enough to net you the
20692s kill and then you have your karumi
20694s making sure that the V2 and the F3 T is
20697s is up for the T High to get to just sit
20699s in that ultimate State tul ultimate
20701s making it even harder for those players
20703s to to position around not being grabbed
20705s out B has The Perfect Storm and they are
20708s directly at the center of it yeah
20711s absolutely I mean let's bring up a
20712s question let's see what you guys uh
20714s learned from that game how many kills
20716s did B get in game number five I yelled
20719s it at the end so if you get this wrong
20721s you had me muted uh A5 B17 C20 or
20726s d22 uh B just like popped off I wonder
20730s how far that slung them up cuz they were
20732s a little bit lower I think they were on
20734s 50 points prior to this game yeah they
20737s were 45 or 50 I I think they end on 55 I
20741s I'm pretty sure they end on 55 oh they
20743s end on
20744s 55 okay yeah they're not qualifying then
20747s but that was still that's still like a a
20749s major step forward and as long as uh GG
20753s or JL yes GG and JL as long as GG and JL
20756s don't win the next game and B to play
20759s well again they MVP is within their
20761s realm they could do it they could close
20764s the gap and jump back absolutely
20766s enormous game coming in from them I'm
20768s sure K probably kicking them a little
20770s bit cuz that game felt like they were
20772s very set up to be able to qualify along
20774s with the others uh unfortunately for
20776s them they weren't but we do have two
20778s teams who have successfully qualified to
20779s that match point scenario so our next
20782s game game six could be the final game of
20784s the day but there is still a world where
20787s we have the other two games coming up
20788s after as well and I think if we do get
20790s onto match seven we're going to have
20792s another kind of two or three teams
20794s joining if we get well sorry six if we
20797s get if we go a match eight then at which
20799s point we're going to have just half the
20801s lobby is going to be there here we go
20802s the overall scoreboard coming in B got
20805s 22 I was wrong they got another two
20808s kills after 34.8 points coming in for
20812s them DG got eight kills that's a 12
20814s poter for them k seven kills it was a
20817s really good start but Baler just shut
20819s them down at the end 12 point service
20821s for them big big game coming in a lot of
20824s teams scoring a lot of teams who aren't
20826s our top two scoring as well which is Big
20828s cuz that has closed the Gap somewhat
20831s significantly at this point you can see
20832s the overall damage being dealt very
20834s close between yuran and Jing actually on
20836s damage but yuran was securing those
20838s kills clapping people off the off the
20840s game yeah there there is nothing scarier
20844s uh than the prospect of a double grab
20846s except maybe a tumul with a karumi f cuz
20849s tul has the best combo breaker in game
20853s and when you have that forward position
20855s when you can play Super aggressive and
20857s look for for those with block Downs on
20858s the these players toal is just on an
20861s absolute Rampage and there's no way that
20862s you can actually shut him down as uh you
20865s just have to WEA the storm we can have a
20867s look back and see crucially for the the
20870s two teams because we had four teams who
20872s had that potential of hitting into the
20874s 70 point mark UG and xcg Jake do not
20878s qualify xcg go out of this lobby with a
20882s zero Baseline score and ug only walk
20885s away 4.3 which is not enough to qualify
20887s them and that is probably going to tank
20890s their momentum as we can have a look and
20891s see this crazy double grab coming on out
20894s from yon the fact that the Zone claps
20897s where it did not a single bit of high
20900s ground or cover it is just e corruption
20903s take damage or e double slam
20906s I I
20909s am very very well known at this point
20912s for being a moner I was going to say
20914s we've got eating coction tick we've got
20916s eating grabs are you eating your words
20919s did you enjoy a Transformer final Circle
20923s I still hate monk I have to admit though
20925s the clap animation is the greatest thing
20928s it's so satisfying that clap and yam was
20931s on the point he was clapping everyone
20933s desperation repair roll Rampage slow
20935s shot single ede weapon sa and pleasing
20937s Splash with 33,000 Damage Done on his uh
20942s on his monke he had 14,000 healing as
20945s well he was absolutely melting through
20948s people beautiful beautiful game coming
20949s in from Yan and yeah I still W eat my
20952s words I even if monkey is Meta Even when
20954s he was meta like consistently meta I
20957s still hated him but that that like over
20958s thehead clap of two people it's it is a
20962s beautiful animation it's very satisfying
20964s to see um but Bower honestly taking the
20967s win out of nowhere I don't think anybody
20969s expected them to uh to pop off like that
20971s and just a really really fantastic game
20974s from them moving on to game six now is
20977s are going to be on Baler is are going to
20978s be on K is are going to be on ug to try
20981s and qualify but we all know who
20983s everybody is going to be nervous about
20985s right now it's JL it's GG these two
20988s teams have been popping off today I will
20991s admit the last couple of games from GG
20992s have been a little bit underwhelming but
20995s they are really on fire we're going to
20997s throw ourselves over for a quick break
20998s and we're back we back with that game
21000s six we'll see you in a moment
21009s [Music]
21014s [Music]
21017s girl I'm be all right CU you
21020s know be you
21023s [Music]
21027s know
21029s I I always in first place I've been cuz
21033s I know it
21035s I'm like like like
21050s oh
21052s [Music]
21080s [Music]
21084s girl I'm be all right
21087s know girl be you know
21094s bepp in ice like ack
21097s I always in first
21100s place I it
21102s [Music]
21122s my let
21125s a like a
21136s oh
21140s [Music]
21198s hello everybody and welcome back to the
21201s last day of the spring split for the
21204s nraa blade Point pro league potentially
21206s Jake the last game as well we have two
21209s teams who are now Match Point eligible
21212s is it going to be GG is it going to be
21215s JL or are those two teams going to get
21217s lobed out by every other team currently
21220s needing to make up the 70 points
21222s necessary and we go another game
21225s afterwards we'll find out very shortly
21229s yeah all will be revealed in a very
21231s brief period of time uh right now
21234s obviously two teams in that FR in that
21236s front running spot three teams maybe
21239s even four I can't really remember the
21240s scores off the top of my head but there
21242s are a bunch of teams who are all closing
21244s in rapidly on that match point l ability
21247s for MVP so it is going to be all about
21250s watching either J or GG but the next
21253s stage from that is watching the
21257s um is is watching the scoreboard because
21259s anyone hitting 70 points if we don't
21262s have J GG win this game we're going to
21264s game seven we're going back to moris a
21267s and we're going to have a well we're
21268s going to have a whole bunch of teams
21270s it's it's probably going to get really
21271s Scrappy around game seven because people
21273s are going to be looking to desperately
21275s put points together and I think this uh
21277s this more passive play style that we've
21279s been seeing today is uh is is probably
21281s going to dissipate a little bit and
21283s everyone's going to get a little bit
21284s more aggressive because I feel like the
21287s last couple of games actually all day to
21289s be fair the games have been relatively
21292s tame in the mid game which is really
21295s unlike this season this season's
21296s probably been the most aggressive season
21298s we've had so far yeah I think GG I mean
21301s you can see it on the score there it is
21303s B finished off with
21305s 62.3 of of the back of that huge
21308s Transformer 22 kill drop Kaya also
21311s caught on their heels but I I think f g
21315s just taking a nap
21318s for he's getting the nap buff coming for
21322s he's activating tuna of the rust emote
21324s but no I I think like the the big thing
21326s for GG is that if we do go to game seven
21330s and we do re him back tooro that is when
21333s I think we see the VA come through from
21335s them because his historically in the
21337s past when they've tried to run the V
21338s compeition it has been a
21340s mors
21343s yes absolutely right
21345s well ja obviously being the other team
21348s we got our eyes on
21351s bbvs he's just cracked isn't he really
21354s yeah it's def real way around everyone
21356s knows my stance on vvv I personally
21359s think he is the best Che fire in the
21362s world oh you just full out not even like
21365s a particular hero just full out yeah I
21367s mean name one other player who has as
21370s much impact as vvv on not just one hero
21374s but multiple he has pushed the meta in
21377s terms of playing the karumi he has
21379s pushed the meta in terms of playing the
21381s farer he has pushed the meta in terms of
21384s playing the Viper he has left his mark
21386s on the nrai Esports scene and it is
21390s engrained you cannot say nrai esport
21392s scene without mentioning vvv in the same
21394s sentence
21396s f is really good though I feel like he's
21399s up there on that on that like he takes a
21402s lot of those boxes as well but I will
21405s admit that I think vvb might be better
21409s but I do think througho ticks a lot of
21411s the boxes but vbb ticks in the sense
21413s like he's good on multiple Heroes he
21415s used to be he used to be
21417s known he used to be purely known for
21419s monk but I've seen him so good ever
21422s since monk has fallen off he stayed
21424s relevant so I I think 330 in my head is
21427s up there with vvv but I do think vvv is
21429s ever so slightly better um but I it's
21433s it's a pretty it's a pretty good one I I
21435s have to admit uh looks like we're
21437s getting ready to go into hero selection
21439s as per normal just to reiterate for
21440s anyone who's joining us last minute if
21443s you're at the top of the tables you're
21444s at the end of pix select so you have to
21446s wait a long old time things are going to
21448s get reduced so far people have been very
21451s conservative with the um with the hero
21454s points we're now moving into the tail
21456s end of today I mean there is a maximum
21457s of three games left to play so I want to
21460s start seeing especially these teams like
21462s JL and GG start to burn those points and
21465s get themselves a really comfortable team
21468s get themselves set up for the Victory
21470s and I think a lot of these teams higher
21471s up the lobby uh well lower down but
21474s higher up in the pick order are going to
21475s be very much aware of the comps that
21479s they're going to be wanting to play so
21480s things like this Transformer pickup here
21482s denying the karumi denying the tianhai
21485s from uh from GG from JL make sure
21490s they're not on these big number of like
21493s MVP worthy characters as quick as
21495s possible and moving into the second hero
21498s select nobody's going to be denied yet
21500s but that with that karumi pick up from K
21503s karumi is now going to be an increased
21504s Point pick up so that's going to slow
21506s them down I believe Z Also may jump up
21509s off of
21510s this I think it might just be cannibal I
21513s think it's the V of cannibal from GG
21515s it's it's going to be cannibal coming
21517s through from a ggh it looks like either
21519s that or we get sand forers they do look
21522s like they're disgusting and godly is the
21525s monk player so ooh ice
21529s pick oh really yeah God is going to be
21533s coming out on the Justin I mean it is a
21534s good time to play the Justin there are
21535s already two Transformer units going to
21539s be yeah okay there we go tamy there's
21542s the vder coming through from from GG
21546s let's go karumi and tamy going to be on
21549s the more expensive and JL going to be
21551s locking in wait wait a
21555s minute that's zon but with a
21561s yo you predicted you predicted that that
21565s Gigi would run the valda here and I
21567s predicted that JL had a secret strategy
21569s please tell me that it's going to be
21571s Yodo F1 txa isn't on the Yodo it's going
21574s to be one thing but if any team is known
21577s for having Yodo F1 Shenanigans a foot
21581s it's been formerly te now JL I cannot
21585s wait to see these hero abilities come
21587s through oh my word that is spicy we we
21592s thought they've revealed everything with
21593s the turtling of the uh of the spirit
21596s well look Yoto variant up their sleeve
21600s hold on wait they're cooking because if
21603s it's if it's the F3
21607s or the F2 or the F1 remember with the
21609s matar with the
21610s V3 all of your Heroes get their F
21615s ability reset the Yodo is going to have
21617s two casts of
21618s Blade that's huge actually oh please be
21622s F1 where are they I mean I I'm not going
21625s to lie I kind of hope it's F2
21627s now because F2 has that window right you
21631s you get to use it first it's a focus
21633s attack but then on the second activation
21634s it it goes into the golden save Focus it
21636s has so much damage attached to it it has
21639s so much reach one thing it's it's going
21643s to be F3 it's it's not going to be the
21644s F2 so it's the combo break variety and I
21647s feel like that's the safer option and
21650s because you prioritized the Yoto over
21651s something like a Zing or a karumi you do
21654s need to have that spacing uh evident
21657s it's going to be really interesting to
21658s see the line as well as GG going to be
21661s contested by Bower over towards
21664s waterfall do J L see a contest or do
21669s they have the space for free no they're
21670s going to be contested by jdg they're
21672s prioritizing ruins not just for the loot
21674s pathing but also so they can go for Rift
21677s and pick up those ultimates as quickly
21679s as possible when you have that Z when
21680s you have the so much is all around those
21684s ultimate rotations as we've said the the
21686s down time the neutralist where zon
21688s struggles as like you said Bower
21691s dropping onto GG they they are
21693s contesting they have been every single
21695s time that we've seen holl contesting GG
21698s back to back to back they know if they
21701s want to have a chance of being eligible
21703s to walk away the Champions they have to
21705s stop GG's
21707s momentum all righty well here we go GG
21710s dropping in close proximity to heading
21713s straight to Waterfall they've got a fan
21715s picked up as once again we head over to
21717s the rift portals to see a fight between
21720s JL and jdg it's just a Perma scrap over
21723s here but JL losing vvb off the back has
21727s going to cost them pretty heavily as
21728s looks like two TI trying to re-engage
21730s one Fang doing his best to hold them all
21732s at B his health bar is being cut down
21735s down he goes jdg able to pick this one
21737s up but it is all about the waterfall
21739s fight here GG have already lost DJs F
21742s been able to shut that one down GG get
21745s themselves caught out by the charm
21747s they're getting locked in place trying
21748s to get the katana off they can't get
21751s an goes down both of the Front Runners
21754s are down at the beginning of the game
21757s both of GG and JL losing their first
21763s fight and that is going to be a lot of
21765s momentum loss we have seen however that
21767s even if they lose that first fight they
21769s have the macro understanding to recover
21771s they're probably going to Res somewhere
21773s into corruption tick damage that hasn't
21775s been already looted by these teams as K
21779s dro the banra guaranteed that they have
21781s full control of Salvation podium one of
21783s the players goes underneath rotates ran
21785s fig where the arrows are pointing and
21787s they can solve puzzle and be in and out
21790s liy split in a very succinct fashion
21793s before they get third party contested K
21795s is setting themselves up they are
21797s incredibly close as well to that 70
21799s point Mar with this immediate loot
21801s disparity between themselves and
21802s everybody else they can try and take
21805s advantage of ug who have kited over here
21808s seen that b go down and want to figure
21810s out what's going on it's opened up with
21812s a Viper ultimate coming through from
21814s jinu into a Tessa V1 from SS who gets
21817s stuck inside the tumult whisp however
21819s and needs the full charged R&B back to
21823s back on purple scale halberts into
21827s legendary damaging dual blades K
21832s instantly shredding that Tesa down and
21834s ug just not getting that free space to
21836s back on off qg overh holding the blue
21839s waits for the Parry animation before
21841s getting to commit on in with the focus
21843s attack and this should just be clean up
21846s 's U finds some potential turn around
21849s n's connecting onto multiple players of
21851s K forced into utilizing the ultimate KY
21854s V2 as well to make sure that K are not
21857s losing their REO charms early on as this
21859s gets another cast of the Tessa V1 to M
21862s ultimate gets dropped into position just
21864s to make sure that they don't get to
21865s capitalized off of any of those players
21867s getting staggered down and K pick
21869s themselves up not quite a clean
21871s definitely not a fast but it's still
21873s four kills going their way and they are
21875s now points away from qualifying if JL
21878s and GG go out of this Lobby early K are
21881s within spitting distance of that
21884s Championship yeah they're so close right
21887s now Bower also those three kills massive
21890s pick up for them there's multiple teams
21892s who could be qualifying off the end of
21894s this one but we're watching JL right now
21896s who are in the middle of a fight they're
21898s going to get locked down by this Viper
21899s St BBV finds himself caught out taken
21902s down they've lost their Viper remember
21904s they've already used the rebirth J
21906s trying to get the rude pick up one thing
21909s invisible right now as two TI just
21911s trying to hold him fast gets the Parry
21913s on to one thing forces him back txj is
21916s going to be next up on the menu this is
21917s a two versus two two TI low HP out comes
21921s the wuen jdg do not want to hang about
21923s any longer that was getting a little bit
21925s too dicey for them do they chase do they
21928s see where the W
21929s one maybe they just saw a little pixel
21933s the wind WS are up yeah where where adg
21936s were it's interesting as well that one
21938s thing for the Yoda is utilizing the F to
21941s cover vvv when the like get contested
21943s with something like a Viper or a Tas St
21946s coming on for they definitely know now
21948s where the wuen team is going to be
21950s coming from one thing trying to find
21953s that engagement immediately back to back
21954s charge verticals from this fan coming on
21957s out from both of these two players on
21959s jl's side gets the scoop onto one of the
21962s players from jdd drops in with that F to
21964s clear the space and JL committing the
21966s charge verticals as a result one thing
21968s gets parried the f means he is safe to
21970s pick the fan back up swaps over to the
21972s Hang let's loose the charge vertical on
21974s that weapon instead as we try and
21976s utilize the movement Tech on the Hang to
21978s DOD away from the tech Chas coming
21980s through from jdg however the Tessa
21982s ultimate catches onto the place of JL
21985s matori ultimate now comes into play is
21987s TX able to do the damage to keep one F
21990s healed up he's able to put himself out
21993s of distance B the fight comes back in
21995s with the grapple into horizontal to find
21997s the followup damage onto JD's zeddi who
22000s is going to go down and somehow out of
22004s the dying Embers JL who were on the back
22008s foot the second of the Matari ultimate
22010s hits turn the fight around and continue
22013s in this Lobby which is devastating news
22016s for the likes of bower and K and xcg who
22019s all had such a strong opening they had a
22022s very very strong opening they're also
22024s probably a little bit concerned about GG
22026s G he just picked up three kills for
22027s themsel as well our Two Front Runners
22031s still very much in this game Ro will be
22033s spawning up relatively soon as well GG
22036s this is their typical if they lose at
22038s waterfall they run the city attack so if
22040s you were trying to grief GG you could
22042s drop on Imperial beat them run down to
22045s City of tank and catch them while
22046s they're looting this is the go-to play
22049s here from GG and we're seeing them
22050s actually gettings their free kills
22052s versus jjh so they stay very much this
22056s game lxm using that long sword just to
22058s space down catch him with the uppercut
22061s really really nice stuff coming in from
22062s GG playing it very very
22065s clean considering they had a bit of a
22067s fumble at the
22068s start yeah GG like you said able to find
22072s those kills very very cleanly except
22074s until now uh will'll be able to find a
22076s Parry as well onto that Yan and set
22080s themselves up three kills now netted for
22083s GG crucially as well that is going to be
22085s Val V two up for lxm when we get to see
22089s these R of yangs come through I would
22091s expect that GG because this is the right
22094s that they have to take that mvp they
22096s have to get the kills they cannot play
22097s it slow and play for the end game they
22099s need to go into that R of Yang to get
22102s those kills to get that vilon bird Smite
22104s and then they can play slow tempo once
22107s that chaos runs on first we can have a
22108s look at drg versus jjh this is where jjh
22112s revived out into that corruption take
22114s damage unfortunately putting themselves
22116s into what they thought would be the
22117s safest play drg Spot out the strategy
22121s Camp city of Tang going to get to
22125s collapse onto them as now we get to see
22129s JL they've got all of their ultimates
22131s except
22132s txj currently in play just going for a
22135s little bit of loot paring also making
22136s sure that none of these teams that are
22139s looking for that recovery AR resing out
22141s in corruption hunting down stragglers
22143s but you can see from the overhead mini
22145s map no
22146s is within distance and J are going to be
22148s turning instead their attention surely
22150s to a real of Yang which potentially they
22152s get contested over with te starting to
22156s pass over to that space as
22158s well right well for now with the Romo
22161s Yang spawning up see B positioning
22165s themselves on it are GG going to get in
22167s is the question or are they just going
22169s to let try and maybe jump someone else
22170s is uh wbg coming in with a third party
22173s just to catch wbg oh God
22177s before they can get their hands on this
22178s R Yang just playing interrupt with the
22180s blind aom that was an aurora ver I just
22183s yeah very
22186s early for that
22188s one look like Le Walker just trying to
22191s find himself a couple of grabs but
22192s already in danger caught out by the
22195s charm he's going to get slammed down
22197s before he can do too much peak's able to
22199s break away CAU out by the charm locked
22201s in place a goes down to the Aurora burst
22204s there actually the PO sword in the
22205s middle of the Aurora burst as SLE
22207s Walker's breaking away from Peak but
22208s down goes Sleep Walker he has not got
22212s anything left in him down and out of the
22215s game first team down yeah that Aurora B
22217s is huge because it it has a science
22219s attached to it and that meant that the
22222s Tian high he find to grab on the player
22224s but the silence was still
22226s there crazy stuff coming on
22230s through as it is going to be real of
22233s Yang Gigi did decide to take it VA V2
22237s going to be coming into play we haven't
22238s seen it break out just yet SC instead
22240s for the P sword looking to start up this
22243s engagement as JL going to be up against
22246s GG this is going to be a huge factor in
22249s deciding who walks away the overall MVP
22251s in this game bvv having utilized that Z
22254s Ultimate and all of those FS txj still
22257s holding on to the Matari ultimate in
22259s case they need to play that sustain long
22261s term J vvv catching putting the pressure
22264s onto alexm now we get see that V2 coming
22267s into play SP still going to be up for
22269s alexm VV having to step into position
22272s and try and keep the vaers attention
22274s occupied there's the next F3 coming on
22277s through JL does lose txj however as vvv
22282s outside of that Z Ultimate does he have
22284s enough damage he gets stuck into the
22286s spit coming through from the V2 into the
22288s blistering Edge follow upop from lxm the
22292s Z normally does the cooking but this
22294s time it's a little bit bur for the side
22296s of JL hug Jee finds the connection on
22299s Alex but it's not enough one horizontal
22302s hit from the P sword finishes the fight
22305s and GG are able to see off
22309s JL I love valer she's so fun to watch
22314s man I'm I'm kind of sad that no one else
22316s has actually picked up on this Tech it's
22318s only GG playing valer and trios right
22320s now and they just look so good with it
22322s lxm has really mastered this way to play
22326s with the Cannonball comp it's brilliant
22328s to watch and I believe they have
22331s something like an 80% win rate in the
22333s first Romo Yang with this comp it's
22335s crazy how many times they win Romo Yang
22337s with
22338s this you can see as well that they've
22341s really landed and and found their
22343s comfort with this V because the last
22345s time when they would win the realm of
22347s Yang it would be longevity from the V2
22349s but not really big Spears coming through
22351s from alexam that spear onto the Z was
22353s Monumental the followup of blistering
22356s Edge one of valda's biggest problems is
22358s that unlike tamy who has the full
22359s duration of of the CC if you get hit by
22361s the whisp valda the second you land the
22363s CC you have one hit so you have to make
22366s a count and that swap onto the P for the
22369s blistering to confirm the connection
22371s onto the Z was absolutely perfect yeah
22375s it was really really nice it it they
22378s they balanced the the like the longevity
22380s of the tankiness you get with the with
22382s the kind of CC was so so well there and
22384s now on six kills the thing is is if you
22387s look at the top end of the table six for
22389s GG five for JL six for Bower seven for K
22394s the lobby is all popping off everyone's
22397s on fire right now so GG have some work
22398s to do yeah the the thing for GG though
22401s is because they won that real of Y right
22404s they can now take these six kills and
22407s play the way that they did when they
22409s envp withal before play for the heal off
22413s right prioritize keeping all of your
22414s players alive and you can see that
22416s they're going out onto the outer edges
22417s looking to see if they can pick up some
22419s stragglers but they're also not going to
22421s be taking these hard engagements JL lost
22425s the realm of Yang fight yes they're
22426s almost equal with GG in terms of kills
22429s but they have to take another fight
22431s otherwise they go out of this Lobby to
22433s Yang depletion and I don't know if
22436s they're going to be able to cleanly take
22438s a fight without getting third partied
22440s and that is the biggest problem with the
22442s siphon composition it is all on nothing
22444s you have to burn the Z and the Matari
22447s ultimate to confirm those free F resets
22451s that give the Z the damage and the
22453s reposition availability and because
22455s they're playing it without a normal
22457s support hero with the zip with the
22459s karumi they are looking a lot more
22461s vulnerable as unfortunately for them
22463s they're also not looking inside the
22464s invisibility Bush
22466s U the one team the one team that
22471s potentially that was exactly the
22473s composition G want to run into they've
22475s got them Matari or you you're on the
22477s Viper you can use the Matari ultimate to
22479s counter the Viper ultimate but ja are
22481s entirely clueless that they just walked
22484s past one of the compositions that they
22486s are designed to counter that is
22489s heartbreaking uh GG went a reset inside
22492s the uh inside the corruption so they are
22495s just going to use it as a free rotate
22497s basically at this point see they didn't
22498s have any more time to use the uh Vilan
22500s Birds SM and JL one minute left on the
22503s clock it's hard to kill all three
22505s players of another team in a minute so
22508s they might be a little bit cooked here
22510s though they do find uh
22513s K can they take this fight though they
22517s just don't have the time I don't think
22518s there's in the area yeah xcg are about
22522s let's see vvv has already popped the F
22525s has got the ultimate so he can get the
22526s reset on the F available there it is
22528s looking to slam down on the cxz if he
22530s can get one he can at least keep his
22532s team's hopes and dreams alive but it is
22535s so hard with so many people in the area
22537s he's just finding himself completely CC
22540s locked right now trying to use those
22542s chains to the best invisibility as K cxz
22545s is going a little bit low has got the
22546s healing to keep him up though 20 seconds
22549s left for JL and their dreams will
22552s disappear in a splash coming down with
22555s the meteor slamming in to one of the K
22557s members but cxz is able to hold his life
22560s and with 8 seconds left with the me
22562s coming in this is the end of the game
22564s for J l no opportunity for them to pull
22567s that one back and xcg are going to be
22569s happy for the fre kills they just got GG
22572s are going to be so so over the moon
22575s happy that they took that realm of Yang
22578s and put JL under Yang depletion K KN
22580s catching on to xcg as JL go out of this
22584s Lobby entirely bow at XG and K all
22586s hoping to keep their game alive
22590s unfortunately they're going to be
22591s playing off of GG's Tempo currently all
22593s they can do is hope that they put enough
22595s kills and a high enough multiplier that
22598s they hit that 70 marker and that GG do
22600s not get MVP and as a result the day
22603s continues xcg back on off backing on Off
22606s K likewise going to be disengaging not
22609s wanting to stick around into that
22610s corruption tick damages GG they are just
22614s full survival for the full fre players
22617s rotate into Spirit Wells to to shore up
22620s all of the resources pick up legendary
22622s armor for your vder and then rotate
22624s around the outer edge of the Zone in
22626s hopes of catching some of those straggle
22628s teams and managing to find some isolated
22631s fights where you don't have to all in
22633s every single one of your ultimates and
22635s can just keep those in the back pocket
22637s in case you get third parted there is a
22640s very high risk however in going for this
22642s strategy if Kay are able to keep the
22644s momentum or XD or Bower who are all
22647s sitting around the six and seven point
22649s mark in terms of kills GG are so far
22652s away from everybody else if every single
22655s team goes down around Temple or rather
22658s plumed instead of where GG currently are
22661s over in snowfields GG lose the
22664s opportunity to MVP and we go another
22667s game yeah that's the thing and if we do
22670s go the other game just look at the
22672s scoreboards right now K very very close
22674s they have eight kill eight points to get
22676s to qualify seven for xcg seven for Bower
22681s it's it's so close for a bunch of these
22683s teams they can really pull it in
22686s I would be very worried if I was GG
22688s right now cuz these teams are getting
22690s kills but wolves probably one of the
22692s better people to stop taking kills off
22693s the board for GG just because they're
22695s going to be you know not not a threat to
22698s them anytime soon only but the worst
22701s possible outcome for teams like K and
22702s xcg because like you said wolves are
22705s inconsequential right now to GG that was
22708s their third kill in the lobby if you
22710s want this day to continue you need the
22712s likes of B Kayla and xcg
22716s are and singed to GG that one closer
22723s walking away with the championship in
22725s this match so the fact that woles xtm on
22727s this side has a legendary scaled weapon
22729s is the worst thing for the likes of B K
22732s and XG to have to deal with especially
22734s if U goes down oh that's so unfortunate
22738s ug went from being in the top four to
22741s Sliding all the way down to current six
22744s we're yet to see where GG are in all of
22747s this chaos but I still think that
22748s they're on a long rotation they are
22751s taking oh there we go thanks bro they
22752s are just taking a vacation right now
22756s we're on holl off but for the way that
22757s GG are playing they might as well be on
22759s Morris yeah they're just they're just
22761s off a ski break while everyone else is
22763s down by the tempo having a fight or the
22765s castle watch is plume Castle isn't it
22767s it's just a bit of a waiting game for
22769s them there's still 22 players left in
22770s the game so as long as they have a good
22772s pop off at the end they could win it but
22774s the problem is is
22775s what the every moment they spend up away
22778s from flumes and away from where the
22780s action is currently happening k get
22782s another kill bow get another kill xcg
22785s get another kill these teams who are
22786s currently very close to having that mvp
22789s eligibility for themselves may just be
22792s able to sneak away the MVP for this game
22794s and deny GG from winning and I think
22797s honestly from the amount of kills that
22799s we are having as long as one of those
22800s teams doesn't go out we could have
22802s another three four teams qualifying and
22804s suddenly
22807s into yeah so here's GG's thinking they
22811s wanted to go to
22812s he they they wanted to go to heal off
22814s they're prioritizing having the VA
22816s prioritizing having the Yan doing the
22818s circuit to control things like The
22820s Spirit Well they want this to go to heal
22823s so that the VA V2 reset and the eusan
22825s Ultimate Health reset can win it out in
22829s the end against all of these other teams
22830s and even if they don't have more kills
22832s than everybody else the kill multiplier
22834s gives them that little Edge that tips
22836s them over into to walking away with MVP
22839s and there is a huge risk yeah there's a
22842s huge risk that is attached to the likes
22845s of K Bower and xcg who are having to
22849s play constantly aggressive looking for
22851s those kills to deny GG right which great
22854s news for you if you're winning the
22856s fights unfortunately it can get turned
22858s against you in a moment sign you can go
22859s from having seven kills and leading the
22860s lobby to being out before we get the
22862s last five teams in the areas we can see
22864s qgd com with a huge uppercut catch into
22867s R&B toor ultimate as well going to force
22869s that Z efree into repositioning his qg
22872s with all of his shs still intact is just
22875s charging up the scale rushes to keep
22877s this pressure onto the ey and make sure
22879s that the ultimate does not find any
22881s value coming out and cleaving down onto
22884s either the karumi or the tamy fur and
22886s shelves finds the interruption karumi T
22889s well on to CXC another uppercut catch
22891s into fur and shove from qg and he just
22895s makes it look Flawless with this teada
22898s as in the meantime GG have been found
22902s this is either going to go brilliantly
22903s for this team or it's going to mean that
22906s this Lobby closes out early because the
22909s team that they find is a team that was
22911s not ready to take a fight Wan teleport
22914s comes through GG not going to be able to
22916s collapse directly on top of them because
22918s of the test V1 fre second stagger but
22920s the second at that one's gone GG now
22922s have the option of chasing down JD G
22926s understanding that their loot is in a
22928s much better position than this over team
22931s yeah they are super set up to fight face
22933s them they see Tok I believe just behind
22935s that rock I don't know if lxm actually
22937s saw him just for a brief second they
22939s will now see them they on the lake so
22941s they know where Tok is and they can see
22943s the rest of jdg and everybody else is by
22946s plumed so this is a this is a third
22948s party L fight realistically for them
22950s unless somebody has sprinted up in the
22951s meanwhile be in the middle as well they
22954s have their ultimates well they barely
22955s used anything to get those fights on the
22957s other side jdg used everything the B
22960s breath comes down that may be enough
22962s just to scare them off bow close behind
22964s GG so GG do need to be a little bit
22966s careful on this front looks like they're
22968s not done though they want to keep the
22969s pressure up to take Taking got a bunch
22971s of damage gets caught out by the grapple
22973s he's going to get lock in place and jdg
22975s may find himself in danger to come in
22976s with the Viper lock down and actually
22978s wolves are joining into the middle of
22980s the action CJs is going to find himself
22982s course out and it looks like GG are just
22984s going to have to call it there CS using
22987s his ultimate is pretty big though for GG
22990s yeah but he was using it to cover for
22991s his Boulder yes he he used it to cover
22994s for his vder so that CGS or alexam was
22998s able to reposition despite getting hit
23000s by a lot of that CC they understood no
23003s no that there were too many teams in the
23005s area and here come K full commitment as
23009s a result we're going to see GG have to
23011s go into that F Mech and look to
23013s reposition with the boosters t a third
23015s party however that V1 bails GG out K
23020s have to call it quits on the fight
23022s because of the Tesa team staying in the
23024s area CGS now outside of that neck is
23027s going to get pushed onto fren Lake
23029s doesn't have the usan ultimate because
23030s had to use early alexm doesn't get to
23033s hit into the V2 this is the turnaround
23036s Phoenix burst comes out now connecting
23039s onto CJs and Bower have done what they
23043s needed 60 2.3 but crucially +
23048s 12.3 GG reduced to the one player if
23052s this game goes next Bower have qualified
23055s to match point eligibility as well GG
23058s hunting down that team taking that fight
23062s into Banes breath was the absolute
23064s undoing Jake they had the game plan they
23067s wanted to play it slow and that Tempo
23069s shift that little bit of over aggression
23072s has cost them dearly I don't think they
23075s have the money or the ability to get
23077s somebody up now so that might just have
23080s to come down to a miracle F play from
23082s fre Freo I don't think re left in the
23086s stores I I doubt that I don't even know
23088s if there's a store or a soul alter near
23090s by though is the problem like and if he
23093s leaves the bush they see him it's yeah
23096s it's really rough for him right now I
23098s don't think he's got the Met coming up
23099s anytime soon either we are going to see
23101s The Zone shift and move and
23103s unfortunately that hurt HS everyone
23105s towards 330 who is going to get spotted
23108s and forced out is going to take himself
23111s away the grapple coming in and wolves
23112s are keeping the pressure up on the 330
23114s he is now CAU inside for the moment just
23116s hops the F just to stay aerial but he is
23118s going to get caught by the Tessa
23119s everything is being thrown on the 330 it
23121s is the world against him the Bane's
23123s breath comes down 330 comes with a par
23126s on the two tick and the team but he
23129s started the fight versus is the one that
23131s takes him out jdg get their Revenge
23136s jdg that that kite directly through Bane
23140s into so many other teams like you said
23142s it's so fitting that they are the
23144s undoing of GG we're guaranteed to go
23147s another game bow lose one of their
23149s players but they are sitting pretty they
23152s were not looking for an MVP they were
23153s looking for the points necessary to
23155s Eclipse 70 which and teleport comes into
23158s play we should be able to find the
23160s Revive on to Tess as a result however it
23162s is not going to be out of the woods just
23164s yeah they get jumped upon Now by jdg who
23167s saw where the wit and teleport was set
23170s up windwall comes on through providing
23172s that necessary cushion for B to find the
23175s reset 12 teams left in the lobby klaa
23179s also managing to make it above the 70
23183s point mark xcg ug unfortunately all
23187s already eliminated Jake so right now
23190s it's just jdg and wolves jdg the only
23193s one really realistically able to if they
23196s pop off here put themselves into
23198s potentially taking an MVP eligibility in
23200s game seven but they're going to have to
23203s kill so many of these players probably
23205s every single player left in this lobby
23206s as well as have a last team standing if
23208s they want to find that reality for
23211s themselves is off of the back of that
23213s one we're going to see a little bit of a
23216s lull in terms of the action everyone
23219s waiting for the corruption tick to
23221s ignite the fight and when it does it's
23224s going to get real fast real brutal very
23228s very shortly as KLA with this sand
23233s siphon composition crucially have the
23234s karumi rather than that Zing which has
23237s benefited so often I don't know if we
23239s have any Viper teams left I think we do
23241s jdg I believe have that Viper and off of
23244s finding the pick onto GG they've
23247s actually been able to F the legendary
23249s armor that was on the fa over to their
23251s Viper there's the Aurora burst that was
23253s so instrumental but bow getting that one
23256s early on getting to go up against those
23258s Transformer teams is accompanied by
23260s merciless Havoc as well as no way that
23264s we have razor on this spear as well
23267s coming through from this team threee
23270s legendary Soul Jades they are absolutely
23273s stacked how about is so stacked actually
23277s that is crazy and no one's going to be
23279s able to push up on them like you're not
23281s walking into an aurora best that's just
23284s that's just straight up not happening
23286s it's going to be very very hard as K
23288s actually trying to get their hands on to
23290s this Soul world but again for them for
23292s Bower their work is done it's really all
23295s about wolves and jdg to see if they can
23298s maybe get some more points under their
23300s belt but I don't know if jdg can
23302s physically get enough points to make it
23304s to 70 this game so I yeah I guess if
23307s they kill everyone and take they can
23310s make the game seven less stressful if if
23312s they push up a lot of points in this
23316s game then game seven they don't have to
23318s pop off crazily hard it's still scary
23322s though because now there's four teams
23324s next game Who are all at MVP eligibility
23326s and and K have been popping off these
23329s last few games as well so I mean b have
23331s three legendary solders which are only
23334s going to get more valuable and you have
23336s to remember as well it's the V3 that the
23338s Viper running not the V1 Spirit Well
23340s comes on for about a reposition they do
23343s not want to be the team directly in the
23344s middle of it because that is the team
23345s that's going to get targeted down by
23348s everybody else and it does look like
23351s it's jdg actually who rotate into it to
23354s try and grab up that Space Wolves taking
23356s pressure from B could potentially be
23358s cided into them o Overcomer comes on for
23361s from K I think that's two Overcomers
23364s actually that K have been able to get
23366s their hands on Russ's Havoc as well
23369s comes on through from B they are
23371s absolutely stacked with those Soul Jades
23374s they're going going to be able to use
23375s those three to run the lobby the second
23379s that this Spirit Well drop spider is
23381s going to be collapsing on top of jdg
23384s can't take the full engagement that they
23386s wanted however because they potentially
23387s could have been caught in the middle
23388s wolves looking for that third party no
23390s one wanting to actively take the
23391s engagement the first team that makes the
23393s first move is going to be the one that
23395s the other two teams directly turn on to
23397s and as a result we might see it go all
23400s the way into Zone claps b as well get
23404s that full cushion of Merc Havoc for the
23407s Viper to activate tuna and continuously
23409s have the heal Phoenix first comes on
23411s through hits on to XM forces the Z into
23414s utilizing that f a lot earlier than
23416s wolves wanted to Matari ultimate also
23419s coming on through test ultimate now
23421s throne in defense to shove wolves back
23424s and XM has to put himself into the sky
23427s so the 3 second stagger window does not
23429s seal his
23430s death tix actually just jumped into the
23433s middle of all of this action right now
23434s GGG holding The High Ground jdg are set
23438s up for victory here but they have a lot
23440s of work to do lots of gear very very
23443s strong Soul Jades as well but they do
23446s have to get through bow and that Aurora
23448s burst coming in as qgg secures one for
23450s his team pops the ultimate with the fear
23452s and Sh just going to force people back
23454s and away from his Corner the Overcomer
23457s as well there's so much Zone control
23459s that qg are working with and now zdi
23462s jumping in he's going to lock the whole
23464s Lobby in place and in Jump everyone it's
23468s just a blender of action qgg all of the
23471s karumi ultimat getting popped as K able
23474s to secure a kill on the peak they take
23476s down two TI klaa are taking everyone
23479s down in the lobby it is all on them uran
23483s is able to SEC kill one for his team but
23485s ZK low HP it's onto him versus qgg K
23489s clows this one out the victory I cannot
23492s wait to see the heal stats coming
23494s through from cuckoo cuz I'm pretty sure
23498s that those heal stats are going to be
23500s absolutely cucko crazy that karumi V2
23504s did work to make sure that when both of
23507s those Viper rolls came through and both
23510s of those vipers aled at the exact same
23512s time the entire Lobby just froze and
23515s took so much damage but the karumi able
23518s to to keep up the healing Circle keep
23520s the teada alive even in the face of
23523s things like the silent is coming on
23525s through from the Aurora BR the threat of
23527s the mercus Havoc K
23531s relief absolute Jubilation on their
23534s faces as well as they just high five and
23536s celebrate that Victory celebrating not
23538s just the MVP win which means more money
23541s on the side for them but also the fact
23544s that off of the back of that game Jake
23546s they put themselves Match Point eligible
23548s and something that a lot of people
23549s forget is how close that world that
23553s Jacob actually came down to it was not
23556s just te walking away with it klaa might
23560s as well have come second with how close
23563s they were in the standings this is a
23565s very strong team this is a very smart
23569s team and this game seven is going to be
23572s absolutely crazy because we're going to
23575s see all of those top four teams since
23577s the leaderboard has shifted up that
23580s means that all of those teams that had
23581s previously been locked in on last phase
23584s now get shifted up as well K and Bower
23587s going to be accompanying GG and JL in
23591s having the last pick of the litter in
23594s terms of those hero compositions I worry
23596s for teams like di who obviously not in
23599s the Runnings right now but they have
23601s zero hero points so if they want to
23603s close the gap I mean this is this next
23605s game is their last game to hit 70 points
23607s because otherwise you are you're just
23610s you're toast because you're not going to
23611s hit 70 points in game eight well it
23613s doesn't matter if you hit 70 points in
23615s game M you won't qualify uh which team
23618s is leading the scoreboard is our
23619s question for you guys at home is it a
23620s Balor b g l CK or d g g let's know ABC
23626s or D in twitch chat check that whisper
23628s box because that's where you get your
23629s goodies he's leing the scoreboard I
23631s don't know but we will find out soon I
23634s actually don't know because that things
23636s could have changed
23638s GG their hubus really bit them there I I
23641s think they could have won that game that
23643s was the that was the perfect setup they
23645s had that valder comp they they knew
23646s exactly what to do and they were like oh
23648s we can squeeze it we can eek out a
23649s couple of we get more kill te yeah
23652s because we have the better loot I mean
23655s all credit for JD DH as well like they
23659s they saw that the team was coming after
23661s them that they had much better loot than
23663s them and they went the only way that we
23665s are surviving this is if we push and
23668s kite into that ban breath and it is it's
23672s such a gamble right because you you
23674s don't know where the AOE is going to
23675s come from you don't know if you're
23676s running into other teams but like I said
23678s it's the only play that they could make
23679s it actually forced all of GG into to
23683s backing off the fact that the yian
23684s ultimate had to be invested as well to
23686s to save the vda because they're
23688s prioritizing having that that vda V2 and
23690s the spear connections when the fight
23692s actually breaks out to act as an opening
23694s and like you said GG's Hub thinking that
23697s it was a team that was easy to collapse
23699s upon and and pick up they chased too
23701s long the distance they took too far into
23704s the unknown and they lost aalda before
23708s the V2 could even be used it it has to
23710s have been a silence it has to have been
23712s something like a Viper F2 or maybe an
23715s aurora brush running with with powder
23718s that meant that he just wasn't able to
23720s hit V2 in time before he went down cuz
23722s that's one of the reasons you're running
23724s the vda so that when you get low you can
23726s hit the V2 and have the health sustain
23728s but something happened that we did not
23730s get to see that just meant that GG with
23733s that V V2 were B the ability to to burn
23736s it and as a result B the wi condition
23739s and B the ability to walk away the
23741s trophy because like you said everything
23743s was stacked in their favor they had so
23746s many kills they had the V2 they had the
23749s usan they had the such good ultimate
23752s such good loot jail had already been
23755s knocked out of the lobby early but as it
23757s is they get knocked out and klaa pick up
23761s 30.6
23764s in one single game if you didn't answer
23769s klaa for that
23772s question I'm pretty sure that Kaya off
23774s of the back of that one is uh going to
23777s have moved up significantly I called it
23779s I knew it was going to be cuckoo crazy
23782s 46,700 healing comes through from the
23786s karumi from cuckoo oh my goodness I need
23789s to know was that advanced heal and group
23791s heal or was that just that V2 doing so
23794s much work with all of the pressure and
23797s focus fire that the tamy and the Teo
23799s were taking what a game for K what a
23803s game for the roomy yeah that was an
23805s amazing game coming in from the side of
23807s K and I needed victory for them and
23810s we're kind of just having a peek back
23811s into the passes both JL and GG got
23815s griefed at the beginning and I think
23817s we've criticized GG a lot on their drop
23819s spots but we need to start criticizing
23821s JL every holl off JL dropped on the same
23824s spot every time fail now we are now
23828s moving back to moris a for game number
23830s seven and eight
23831s so we may see things change up a little
23834s bit I don't think GG are not going to
23836s drop a secret tunnel though uh but J
23840s dropped on the Rifts every time without
23842s fail they were dropping there so just a
23844s real real fumble by them on on their
23846s drop and they they kept getting griefed
23848s by the same team but what an ending what
23851s a heal from the karumi yeah what a
23853s beginning as well cuz it it all stemed
23856s like we can criticize GG we can
23858s criticize JL what we have to do is
23860s praise K because yes they drop salvation
23863s podum which is always a very hotly
23865s contested area but crucially they only
23868s kited there when they had Bain bre to to
23872s control the spacing so ug saw the Bain
23874s bre thought okay there's a fight going
23876s on over salvation Podium it wasn't a
23878s fight they got baited into to taking a
23880s fight against a team that had just
23882s solved puzzle we're not going to get to
23884s see where or not it was Advanced he and
23885s grip it is going to be qgd with a teada
23888s walking away with the MVP
23892s 18326 damage coming through from him 11
23895s kills and six assists really clean stuff
23898s coming on through from K and it feels
23901s like a lot of the focus was put into
23904s barding up the karumi in terms of soulj
23906s cuz I'm looking at Dreadful whale and
23908s during and those are the only two
23910s soldiers that we have on that teada that
23913s AR
23914s so they knew going into this they had to
23917s prioritize that survival they had to
23919s make sure that the to was tanky and uh
23922s that's exactly what happens and you get
23923s 46 fisen heals coming on through
23925s unfortunately however you have to take a
23927s little bit of D time as we head into the
23930s map change up will catch you with game
23932s seven heading back to morile right after
23935s this
23939s [Music]
23951s [Music]
23970s [Music]
24033s oh
24037s [Music]
24048s [Music]
24071s for
24074s [Music]
24089s [Music]
24098s [Music]
24102s f
24103s [Music]
24106s [Applause]
24111s [Music]
24120s [Music]
24124s go
24131s [Music]
24146s [Applause]
24147s [Music]
24151s [Applause]
24156s [Music]
24177s and welcome back to the mvpl we're
24179s getting ready to go into potentially our
24181s final two games well definitely our
24183s final two games of the day maybe only
24185s one to go four teams have now qualified
24188s for that match point El eligibility and
24190s are getting ready to go in for this game
24193s this is the one where I think they will
24194s go all out a last couple of teams will
24197s be trailing their way in to game eight
24200s hoping to get that uh Match Point
24201s eligibility but I think with the fact
24203s that KLA and um who's the B Bower thank
24209s you bow and K have been popping off for
24211s the last couple of games so I think GG
24213s and are probably sweating heading back
24215s to moros which I do think suits GG more
24218s I think they're better G better moros
24219s team uh the problem is is I reckon XG is
24223s just going to drop on top of them and
24224s grief them because XG love dropping on
24226s secret tunnel on top of them XG only
24228s need a couple of kills to to make it so
24231s I was actually going to talk about this
24233s because we saw GD go for the mixup
24234s strategy right when they they dropped
24236s the first time uh on waterfall and they
24239s try to play two teams against them I
24240s wouldn't be surprised it it's it's going
24243s to come down how confident they are if
24244s they think that they can take the duel
24246s against XG and have the better kite path
24248s and get on top of the fireflies first
24250s it's going to be a secret tunnel drop
24252s coming through from them however they
24254s might go for a timing attack they might
24256s drop onto someone like horseshoe do the
24259s lot puff rotation of that area and then
24261s kite on over to secret tunnel because it
24264s might not be xcg alone who is trying to
24267s to Hot Drop on to G multiple teams might
24270s be dropping directly onto to G the
24274s problem is if they all focus on to GG
24276s that sort of gives a free pass to a lot
24278s of these other teams who are on the
24280s match point eligibility in terms of
24282s their rotations in early Zone because
24284s everyone is focused on where they know
24286s GG is going to be as opposed to some of
24288s these other teams that are a little bit
24289s more versatile in where they like to
24291s drop an aisle yeah absolutely that's the
24295s um that's that's the thing is like who
24298s gets focused and I feel like the teams
24300s who are close to 70 will probably look
24302s to grief because they want to set those
24304s teams back so they get that extra game
24306s in and then get their shot at winning um
24309s but then there's also an argument of
24310s like maybe JL look to grief G GG um to
24314s try and take one of their competitors
24316s down a peg because we saw JL do this
24318s already they have
24320s successfully um successfully griefed GG
24324s and you can see yeah xcg they're two
24326s points off they're not even two points
24327s they're 1.8 points oh 1.6 so ug ug are
24332s so so close to being able to to do it
24336s and I mean if there is any game for
24339s these other teams that are not on 70 to
24341s hit Match Point eligibility it has to be
24343s game seven because if they hit 70 in
24346s game 8 it still doesn't count like I
24350s said it's not get MVP in the game where
24352s you hit 70 you have to hit 70 first and
24354s then get MVP in a game afterwards and we
24357s don't go to nine games if no one who's
24359s MVP eligible gets an MVP in the eight
24362s games that we play it goes to overall
24364s highest score picked up for the entirety
24366s of the day so for like you said all of
24368s these teams that are so close that 70
24371s marker they have to play to grief these
24374s other
24376s teams yeah that they are definitely
24378s going to be the the the Griefers now I
24380s think those teams at the bottom 330 is
24382s honestly so Zen he's just been
24385s asleep we're waiting for him to wake up
24387s that's the real one when he comes when
24389s he comes
24390s to U definitely have more
24393s do though this game they've got they've
24395s got to get 10 points and it's going to
24397s be hard to secure 10 points when you got
24399s four teams all going manic for kills and
24403s you know that they are so you're going
24405s to struggle to get those 10 kills you're
24407s going to you're going to have to grief
24408s drop and then play aggressive as hell
24410s yeah I'm I'm so excited to see
24412s composition and drop location and also
24416s JL versus G that realm of gang fight
24420s that
24421s determined the GG uh that GG would be
24424s pulling ahead in terms of the lobby and
24426s overall sustain against JL do JL now not
24430s take a r of cuz like you can't exactly
24432s ignore the
24434s mechanic you have to either go in if
24437s you're playing a composition that needs
24439s the loot upgrade or you utilize the the
24442s portal placements to to figure out and
24444s pin down some of these other teams
24445s locations and if you have the Tessa you
24447s can play third party Griefer the problem
24449s as well is that all of these teams who
24451s are at Match Point eligible all of them
24453s are going to be locked into some of the
24454s last phases so hero Point rule as well
24457s as we head into the later stages of the
24459s day is really going to harm in terms of
24462s karumi as we talked about at the very
24464s beginning of the day karumi has been
24466s elevated so far ahead of The Zing you
24469s saw it from K how much healing that
24471s karumi has the potential to do in this
24474s current meta and just able to to see off
24476s the front of the zhon composition with
24478s the cleanse on the V1 and the V2 so much
24481s stronger but do the four teams who are
24484s currently MVP eligible have the hero
24487s points to afford the karumi if everyone
24490s in the first phases makes it much more
24493s expensive yeah that is going to be
24495s another thing to honestly herit is going
24497s to be super exciting there's a lot of a
24500s a lot of little bit of Mind Games but
24502s also a lot of um a lot of kind of denial
24505s it it's going to be interesting to see I
24507s mean we saw JL they had something and it
24510s immediately fell short I don't know if
24512s that was how I feel about it we didn't
24516s really get to see it to be fair it in ja
24518s the fence I mean it it works when they
24521s took that that fight three versus three
24523s it was the Matari ultimate yeah that
24525s that found them the the necessary
24528s resources to be able to to pull through
24531s as so we can have a look and see all of
24532s the CED cams I am still in absolute
24535s disbelief that yes someone literally
24537s came with Mike's face photographed and
24538s put onto a pillow like the the chibies
24541s are adorable but I remember them doing
24543s the cried pans and I was just like wait
24545s that's literally Mike's face printed
24547s onto a pillow that's crazy but who knows
24550s maybe that's the secret buff Mike did
24552s walk away with with solos so maybe
24555s pillow matter is uh going to be
24557s something that comes on through as we
24558s can have a look at those phases as we've
24560s talked about JL Bower GG and Kaya all
24563s because they are first to fourth place
24565s in the overall standings are immediately
24568s forced into having the last R selection
24571s so those hero points are hope they can
24573s make them
24575s stretch let's see how many hero points
24577s they've got first of all this we be
24578s getting into that hero select
24581s shortly go tense get me in I want to see
24584s what's
24585s happening I I want to know how much hero
24588s points GT have because like we talked
24590s about having that vda being the only
24592s team that plays the the valder is really
24594s good because you know that the other
24595s teams aren't going to make it more
24596s expensive but the more that you play her
24598s the more expensive she becomes and it
24600s would already be they've played her
24602s twice now so it will be the third time
24604s that they field the vder as we can have
24606s a look and see jdg going to be locking
24607s in the Hardy variant of can though
24611s that's the big thing it's it's you the
24613s Farah and the aian are also going to be
24615s pretty contested so they're going to go
24616s up in value I mean you could already see
24619s uh aan and Farah taken away once we get
24622s second selection if anyone picks it up
24624s that goes up in value that goes up in in
24626s cost now when we see GG's points we'll
24629s get a good idea of where they're sitting
24630s at looks like XG just going for the uh
24632s the sand Sion karumi variant we're
24634s seeing the sand siphon zip variant from
24637s drg who have blown through all of their
24639s points and zyphon coming in
24642s from Kari karumi is done now that's
24645s completely cooked let's see what it's
24647s done this this is where GG if they go
24649s the vda they don't have to to have the
24652s karumi that that is one of the benefits
24654s if they go for a cannonball sell then
24656s they do not have the to have the the
24658s Kuru me which is going to be probably
24659s the most expensive coming on through as
24662s we head into that last phase and this
24666s last phase is going to be so interesting
24670s K Cannonball comes through from JL
24673s Transformer comes through from B so
24676s remember they did pick up a 22 kill game
24680s with traditional Transformer except this
24682s time actually it was alongside the tus
24684s of the usan K also going to be running
24686s the Hardy variant of Cannonball and GG
24690s deciding to go for the sand siphon but
24693s with the karumi rather than the zp
24696s crucially bower seven hero points
24699s remaining JL n k 9
24703s gg3 by opting for this karumi pick Jake
24707s this is all or nothing for this team
24710s yeah they have burnt for a lot of hero
24711s points unless they have something else
24713s up their sleeve later down the line but
24716s I feel if we do go to game eight people
24718s will recognize that GG have the
24719s Cannonball valer variant they'll just
24722s pick a couple of pheras
24723s and as soon as the fair is denied that
24725s that completely shuts down the ability
24726s to be able to play that comp yeah one
24729s thing I I guess like that is a risk
24731s that's attached to the vder right is the
24733s fact that as we said GD are the only
24735s ones playing it that can be great in
24736s terms of affordability for hero points
24739s but in lobby if you run into a volder
24742s you don't have to play The Guessing Game
24744s you don't have to be like know who the
24746s is it's it's it's txj I fought against
24748s him before and he's utilizing this
24750s specific load out and this specific uh
24752s weapon
24753s you know that it's going to be GG and as
24755s a result GG if they did run the bder
24758s every single team would be gning for
24762s them well that's basically what happened
24764s they they they knew when they saw the
24766s valer they got to take GG out and they
24768s were hyper focused like jdg remember
24772s would have been the easier kill than
24774s GG but you see the team with the better
24777s gear and they're AER doesn't matter if
24779s the valer has ultimate or not you're
24781s you're jumping them you're going to take
24783s him out it was it is the the Target and
24786s this time around I think GG have
24787s recognized that and decided to go for
24789s this All or Nothing comp and the great
24792s thing about the teada comp is it it's it
24794s can fight early it's great with the uh
24796s with the fireflies you can go into R
24799s Yang and fight with it and it also
24800s fights very well into the late game
24801s obviously the monk is not going to be as
24805s hard shut down
24807s uh against it but he can still get
24809s shoved back by the fearing shs I think
24811s this is probably the best all round a
24813s comp they could have locked in here but
24815s it is a risky one because like you
24816s highlighted with the karumi having the
24818s increase in the points you are spending
24821s a lot of points on this one yeah B have
24823s a risk attached to them however and that
24826s is his final Zone going to be helpful
24829s for Transformers we have seen so many
24832s times the these teams they they pick
24834s Transformers and then it closes up
24836s somewhere like Shadow Jade and the ti
24840s High just does not find that that same V
24842s it was the Perfect Storm on Hol off
24844s because even though there was some
24846s verticality when the final Zone fully
24848s collapsed up bow had full flat space and
24852s no terrain no trees no rocks no Cliffs
24855s no buildings to to break line of sight
24857s for the monk to be able to find those
24859s grabs they're going to have to play for
24860s Spirit well as well and I feel like all
24863s of these teams are going to be looking
24865s for teams that try to play the spirit W
24867s because uh you look at how JL played
24870s Spirit W control you look at how Bower
24871s played Spirit w control if you use that
24875s Spirit Well to determine and pin down
24877s these teams who are MVP eligible you're
24879s going to have such a good read of the
24881s compositions that you're going up
24882s against who your opponents are the fact
24885s that like you said when uh GG got
24887s spotted out as running that fer everyone
24889s turned on them it's going to be a very
24891s similar
24893s situation yeah it really is we are
24895s loading waiting to load into the game
24898s anyway going assume uh taking a brief
24900s second maybe some technical issues we
24903s got to see a t by the way that that was
24905s a tker cosplay the only tker that you'll
24907s ever see in mvpl
24912s trios wait what was that that was cute
24914s yeah that that's the emote oh I like
24917s that in in the game you can you can lift
24919s the
24922s trophy very cute uh yeah so just a quick
24926s update uh just got an update from
24927s production there has been a quick reset
24929s on the lobby hence why we are still
24931s looking at the Players uh everything
24933s should stay the same as before um they
24936s getting into the game nice and quick but
24938s now they know what they're picking it
24939s won't take them long to pick and load in
24941s uh I'm very excited to see drop spots
24945s because I think that's going to be a big
24947s decider the drop spot locations who's
24950s going to be
24951s uh who's going to be dropping where um
24956s GG obviously all season long have been
24959s very predictable on their drops JL to be
24962s honest have been very predictable on
24963s their drops uh I think J I believe
24965s dropped Shadow Jade if I remember right
24968s or is it who who someone dropped Shadow
24971s Jade I think it's
24973s JL I I'll be I'll be proven wrong here
24976s I'll they have dropped a couple of times
24978s on on Shadow Jo today yes yeah so I
24982s would like to see you know some a shift
24984s up what's going to be funny is if GG and
24986s J try to agree with each other and just
24987s go to each other's spots just that would
24990s be hilarious an anticipation of running
24991s into each other
24994s yeah well we'll have to wait and see
24996s until then like there's so much tension
25000s you have to as well feel for these
25002s players some of these teams had so many
25006s chances to finish out the day early and
25009s surely that's got to be getting to them
25011s like GG have had setback after setback
25014s after setback at the moment there's 12
25018s opponents in the lobby there's 12 teams
25020s in the lobby right they can't fight
25021s themselves but they are going to have to
25023s fight that that confidence slide because
25026s they know that they got hit by a setback
25028s because they misplayed the last two
25031s games the first game they played too
25033s slow the last game they played too
25037s aggressively can they hit that goldilock
25040s spot and get the just right tempered
25043s approach of just enough aggression but
25045s just enough
25048s defense here we go getting ready to go
25050s into this game this could be the final
25054s game of the day really all to play for
25058s GG they haven't had a good game since
25061s game three if I'm going to be honest
25062s with you that was their last good game
25064s we are now on to game seven that was a
25066s long time ago four games ago now at this
25068s point yeah they have some work to do
25071s shifting things up going to the decada
25073s comp which I believe was actually what
25074s they won their first game on if I
25076s remember right or was that the valer
25078s game no that was the valer game first
25079s game waser K uh k a were able
25083s to you are correct on the teada
25086s composition I mean k have been doing so
25089s insanely well uh B to with this
25092s Transformers composition keep your eye
25094s on that one they never play this
25097s comp G have never played this comp
25099s there's no stats on
25100s it they have never played this this at
25104s least may they probably played the zip
25105s variant but they've never played the
25106s karumi variant of this comp I mean it's
25109s not overly different um karumi is a
25111s little bit more defensive than zip who
25114s jumps into the in in and rules with
25117s everyone else wbg going for the zon comp
25120s uh as well for them themselves
25122s here but here we go they're not in
25124s secret tunnel
25127s wait wait xcg tried to grief them and
25130s they got secret tunnel to themselves GG
25132s have gone to Sun Wings yeah they're
25134s camouflaging they're they're dropping on
25136s sun Wings because they know that's where
25138s wolves like to
25140s drop n GG
25143s they did what we were asking every
25145s single team that had a every single time
25147s 100% drop location when it matters most
25151s they mix it up and as a result they they
25155s just bu nope out they ditch xcg XG might
25159s have control secret tunnel but there is
25160s no opportunity to find
25162s kills yeah XG probably going to be a
25164s bited about this one they were probably
25167s hoping to just get their couple of kills
25168s they needed on GG grief GG in the
25171s meanwhile now they're going to have to
25173s find those kills elsewhere GG I would
25176s say if you're going to take out any of
25177s the teams you are in an area where more
25180s the weaker teams are you do have Bower
25182s nearby though that's going to be the big
25184s concern Bower are very very capable
25186s right now and they're both going for the
25187s same strategy both B and GG are dropping
25190s a little bit further away from those two
25192s teams in the center looking to loot up
25194s and then push in for that timing attack
25196s the way that we saw GG pull it off on
25198s waterfall K dropped onto shadow to break
25203s all of the boxes and pick themselves up
25204s a moon Bane charm B has the exact same
25207s idea and remember only one Bane's breath
25210s can be in play at any time so if one of
25212s those teams activates it it's denied as
25214s an option for the other as wbg comes in
25217s that z e looking to try and find this
25219s setup and put pressure onto jgh no one
25222s really wanting to hard engage at the
25224s moment however as there is a third party
25226s ug also coming out to play crucially
25230s this kill feed for the first time in the
25232s entirety of this day we are yet to see a
25234s single kill come through here it is GG
25237s looking for that timing attack wanting
25239s to for party in jdg and te already going
25242s at it CJs and lxm coming in with a huge
25246s tumult ultimate to try and find the
25248s isolated targets setting up dragon
25251s slayers into nesall collapsing and
25253s cleaving onto everybody who stacked up
25256s but here comes wolves de the ultimate
25258s going to be from wolves site CJs also
25260s going to be mirroring it char R&B on
25263s that fan connecting onto ZK and
25265s unfortunately CG has not able to find
25266s the Parry timing twice back to back
25269s misre the charge vertical and Zi gets so
25272s much damage onto points the upper cut
25275s into vertical hop and manages to get the
25278s kill onto GG granted GG walk away with
25282s free kills but this might be where they
25284s lose the rebirth charms and
25286s unfortunately for them every single time
25288s we've seen GG lose those rebirths early
25291s in this fight gotted their momentum for
25293s the rest of the match well at least lxm
25296s has kept his for now but that was
25299s honestly cgx really fumbled that one
25302s missing out heavily is ug are going to
25304s lose the king K sliding into this mix
25307s now with two kills under their belt
25309s looking to finish up JJ H's monk
25312s transformation will be timing out now so
25314s this is K's opportunity to strike and
25316s grab themselves some points Godly
25317s getting launched onto here by qg only
25320s got the gray armor but is going to take
25321s up uses the ultimate to keep himself
25324s nice and high and he find an opening
25326s onto juli is able to get one strike off
25328s Godly being chased down onto I still got
25331s a couple of charges of that F left and
25332s available to him he putting the damage
25334s in onto Godly there's going to be one of
25336s the F charges burnt out by him as he's
25338s just keeping the pressure up Godly
25341s struggling to break away from kggg it's
25344s so hard to break away
25346s from character has a has a lot of
25350s sticking pow Godly actually gets himself
25352s the uh the ballista that's enough to
25354s Force Q off at the moment but in comes
25356s the rest P trying to put that damage
25358s down dxz not going to jump into the me
25361s into the uh ballista yet as Chuli is
25364s just going to try and get the damage off
25365s they trade out one shot coming in Chuli
25368s decides he doesn't want any more of that
25369s he yeah but K have the B breath remember
25372s they bought it earlier they're going to
25373s drop it now and as a result JJ just
25376s going to be slipping away out of this
25377s fight ug also in the area see the B
25380s breath go down this is probably a reason
25382s why K also wanted to drop it they knew
25383s that ug were in the area didn't want to
25385s get third parted by the team especially
25388s since they had to overcommit so many of
25389s those ultimates as we got to have a look
25391s at JL now going head tohe head with drg
25395s JL currently kill us at the moment drg
25400s wanting to find this in but wolves
25401s making it uncomfortable for everyone and
25403s as a result the fight just gets a little
25405s bit too hot but to want to stick on that
25407s front line txj utilizing the glider on
25410s that hard he backs off coups with the
25413s rest of his team as the third party
25416s starts to ease on off wolves putting a
25418s little bit of pressure dog also sticking
25420s around to see whether or not they saw
25421s that wolves put that pressure on the
25423s receding backs of JL but no fight is
25427s going to Break On Through JL without any
25430s kills K with four GG with three B also
25434s being relatively quiet it's something
25436s that we expected coming through from
25438s this Transformers team you do not want
25439s to have to use the ultimate until you
25441s have the loot and as a result you have
25443s to play it pretty slowly as heading over
25444s to Shadow Jade K qdg coming under a lot
25448s of pressure on this Hardy has to just
25451s back on off entirely it looks like the
25453s karumi teleport was actually utilized to
25455s try and chase this Hardy down before he
25457s can get back to the rest of his team and
25460s there it is ug find the isolation and it
25463s looks like Kay just made the call that
25465s the hard would kite the full force of
25467s ug's team and your two other players the
25469s Yan and the Faria would prioritize
25472s survival that you only have to burn one
25473s of those
25474s rebuffs GG just doing himself a little
25477s bit of shopping but 330 still on the
25479s great armor GG realistically probably
25481s want to be getting inside of real Yang
25483s and snowballing off that but they are
25486s very weak right now and they've got a
25487s bit of time before those R yangs spawn
25489s up but ideally going to want to be
25491s getting some better armor onto your
25492s karumi because they are exposed Bower in
25495s the area though and Bower on the other
25498s hand pretty geared up you got the purple
25499s armor onto your ran that is the Monk who
25502s is going to have a lot of HP has got a
25504s purple weapon as well in that Cannon so
25507s first of all Cannon's great for monks
25508s second of all purple damage coming in
25511s from the monk as well that is honestly
25513s the stars of a line for Baler here once
25515s again on the monk feels like they are a
25517s little bit blessed on that front as uh
25520s GG going to have to do some real work
25521s here JL it's been quiet from them zero
25524s kills are currently in a bit of a uh a
25527s standoff with walls but ja honestly look
25530s a little bit nervous to pull the trigger
25532s M well if they take the fight there are
25534s so many teams we know drg is in the area
25536s wolves are in the area they do not want
25537s to have to all in with this Hardy
25540s variant of The Cannonball composition
25542s because if they get third party they
25543s lose the opportunity to go into the r of
25545s Y cuz like you said they're looking for
25547s the r of Y they need the upgrades they
25549s need that one V one three versus three
25552s no third party potential fight
25554s guaranteed so they can all in all of
25556s those ultimates when they choose as
25558s opposed to having to be incredibly
25560s budget friendly with
25562s that one is bower just play very long
25566s rotations wanting to stock up on the
25569s scaling knowing that the Transformer
25571s needs that better equipment as well as
25573s potentially getting to roll some really
25574s good Soul jates before that first real
25577s of Yang comes on through as it is going
25579s to be starting to spawn on up positions
25581s given away JL running through all of the
25584s destructibles they can pick up as much
25585s money as
25587s possible do we see the teams head into
25590s that area the two moon Banes have also
25592s been utilized very early on so we're
25594s probably not going to get to see those
25596s get put and blocking one of those portal
25599s entrances as we have some teams running
25603s with the Viper Tess and Wan it is going
25606s to be te who could potentially grief one
25610s of those entrances and with CC stop a
25612s clean entry as jdg think everyone is
25615s going to be positioning for RL Yang and
25617s take the opportunity to hopefully go
25620s uncontested and open up up this cave I
25623s don't know how well it's going to go
25624s we'll get to see just now is everyone
25627s reing position to St on top of jdg no it
25630s is going to be a prioritization of the
25632s realm of Yang instead yeah GG though do
25636s have fer they have JJ H they have JL
25639s they have a whole heap of teams in the
25641s surrounding areas so if they can't get
25644s inside the real of Yang there's a chance
25646s that they just get caught in a in a game
25648s ending fight immediately I mean we're
25651s actually cutting over J who are fighting
25652s over a shot versus jjh J do have some
25655s pretty good gear at this point they're
25656s trying to just jump forwards using the
25658s uh karumi umbrella get some free
25660s shopping time in grab what they can
25662s Roman Yang spawning up very very soon
25664s here it comes GG being forced back by
25667s Bower Bower going to be first in Portal
25670s who is going to join them though that's
25672s the question six spots up for grabs and
25674s only five left at this point Bower are
25676s they going to be contested by anyone GG
25678s actually waiting to see who else goes in
25680s it's going to be wol
25682s B looks like GG didn't get in unless no
25686s they didn't they do not JL JL get in J
25689s get in XG and jdg as Bower this is
25693s crucial for Bower they need a win here
25695s to scale up Gan immediately going to be
25697s going in with that transformation
25700s covered by the tal gets the grab onto
25702s wolves EG can't quite find the double
25705s slam the opposing T ultimate making it a
25707s little bit harder for him to have to
25708s operate around karumi ultimate also
25711s coming into place that he can find
25713s another grab looks for that double
25715s manages to find it the clap comes
25719s through XM absolutely shredded by a bow
25723s shot coming through from Jing playing
25725s off of the double slap Amplified damage
25728s gets another grab as well teada does
25731s manage to find the Parry but uran covers
25733s for his teammate with the F1 commitment
25736s dagger set up now to keep EG's attention
25739s the upper cut into dagger Dash is going
25742s to be the final knife in the back that
25745s clears the floor and Bower we said it
25748s was so crucial that they walk away with
25750s a win not only do they walk away with a
25752s win that is a legendary dagger picked up
25755s which is oh so quickly going to be
25757s turned into a fans yeah that is going to
25759s be huge for yuran as well most likely
25762s giving him that legendary damage on his
25765s grabs jdg were able to win their ROM
25768s Yang and uh not sure who's how the other
25771s one's going yet
25772s we'll keep our eyes on that for now but
25774s ug get himself in the fight here versus
25777s te te trying to find themselves The Kill
25780s Leo going very very low OG got some work
25783s to do if they want to catch up to the uh
25785s the match point eligibility catching a
25787s Parry off there from L onto Leo but Leo
25791s back on his feet able to save the day
25793s here SS going pretty low pinned up
25795s against the wall just going scar her up
25797s and get away to safety as L trying to
25799s buy himself in space they do have that
25801s wo
25802s and I think that Port is going to have
25803s to come out fairly soon here Bo this
25805s could get really hairy for them maybe
25808s they don't have the ultimate available
25809s to them actually hand goes down and just
25811s like that ug take out te yeah crucially
25815s as well JL and Bower now go head to head
25818s J had to take a fight earlier this time
25821s around they have a million birs might so
25822s to do B both of these teams feeling
25824s confident Yan is going to go for the
25827s activation of the transformation
25828s immediately finds that stomp looking for
25830s a grab onto some of those players Hardy
25832s utilizing the reposition and backing off
25836s of the fight as everyone swaps to the
25837s repeating crossbow however that karumi
25839s F3 with the 90% damage reduction doing
25841s work to keep Gan stabilized per does
25844s match to find a cannon shot will be able
25845s to find the Stagger and stop gan from
25847s potentially grabbing some of these
25849s players monk about to lose the ultimate
25851s might have to drop out a it early
25853s however as jl's txa comes in of the
25855s charge vertical on that fan massive
25857s karumi V2 is going to bail uran out of
25860s danger the uppercut from that dagger
25862s into another couple of hits forcing the
25865s hard into utilizing the glider as well
25867s as the Yan into the ultimate terra cotta
25869s Warrior now comes right onto the field
25871s Yan starts to get healed up by the te
25873s 20% damage reduction doing work as well
25875s as Jinx to mulch ultimate making sure
25877s that Yan can play in the middle of it
25879s can't stick around because txj with this
25882s Hardy can go in and out over the top and
25886s keep the pressure up on these low
25887s players TG also in the area looking for
25890s the third party this could be falls
25892s apart for B huge Parry connects onto CJs
25895s he's able to pick up the fan JL however
25897s finds two kills back to back on players
25899s of ther and start walking away five
25903s kills they picked up for them and GG
25905s have the ultimates can they tip the
25908s scales with the power creep third party
25911s coming on through CGS doesn't have a
25914s purple weapon he's getting staggered out
25916s utilizes the ultimate to force the knock
25919s back F gets dropped on the side of JL
25923s the karumi te keeps CJs topped up but it
25925s has to be snapped immediately for the
25927s 90% damage 20% huge play comes on for a
25931s free free o with the karumi V2 keeps the
25934s teor alive and GG have the sustain to
25937s see through the aggressive ultimates
25940s coming onight from JL BBB sitting inside
25943s this fa and Mech 55 seconds left on this
25946s familian Birds might wolves coming in
25948s with the third party they have been
25950s griefing every single one of these
25953s fights from start to now as soon as we
25955s headed into game seven and JL lose vbv
25960s crucially though they had fam million
25962s birds made in play txj is going to put
25964s himself into zone so that he regroups
25966s and respawns with the rest of his team
25967s and JL six kills available for them they
25971s did lose the FY Mech they did lose the
25973s Yan ultimate have to be very careful
25976s that they do not revive too close to
25978s another team and get lobbied down yeah
25981s that would be really rough for them GG
25983s that looked way closer than I think it
25985s needed to be for them they were in some
25987s serious danger wolves keeping the
25989s pressure up though onto Z Z try well Z
25992s sorry keeping the pressure up on CJs CJs
25994s no ultimate available just buying as
25996s much space as possible staying aiel here
25998s with the bow shot is going to actually
26001s be spotted out by some ghosts so
26004s they and either jail or Bower are
26007s sticking around in spirit form to get a
26010s read on whether or not it's worth
26012s running it back onto the team
26015s understanding that ultimates had been
26016s invested as wolv get spotted out by K
26021s and Q G wants to just take that kill K
26025s are one of those teams that are leading
26027s the standings overall at the moment put
26029s themselves up to five kills spot the
26031s isolated Target xcg unfortunately going
26033s to go down to Yang depletion as a k
26036s finding that isolated Target get the
26038s kill don't have to worry about a third
26040s party coming on through JL I think
26043s should have find a Revival pretty soon
26046s as it is going to be very quickly and
26048s shortly second realm of Yang coming on
26051s out B
26053s 32,000 coins attached to yon that is
26056s going to be a lot of soldes that this
26058s team can roll for as a GG need a loot
26062s upgrade and quickly foxy I'm just really
26065s confused why wolves died there they lost
26067s two people to Shadow corruption they
26068s didn't have depletion on them they just
26070s ran in and died to Shadow corrupt ition
26072s and then left one player alive inside
26074s the zone and got taken out I have no
26076s idea what happened it could be that
26078s there were teams that were too close in
26080s the area and without the information of
26082s which team that they were up against
26083s they didn't want to take a fight where
26084s they would lose and give kills away to
26086s teams that were MVP
26088s eligible as uh guess I guess okay giving
26092s kills to to Zone corruption is much
26094s better than fuming it over to the likes
26096s of bower if Bower get another win here
26100s inside realm of yang this game is going
26102s to be going so well for this team in
26103s terms of upward scaling yet again we're
26106s going to get to see Transformer versus
26107s Transformer both of these teams
26109s understanding that is Monk on the other
26111s side so it is going to be a mirror
26112s ultimate breaking on out now Kumi going
26115s to be utilized as buffer once that burst
26118s damage window has been removed Yan's
26122s also on the field jjh have invested the
26124s Yan ultimate to deny the double grab
26126s coming through remember B are running
26127s the Tami instead of the Yan so cannot
26131s deny by the double grab potential and as
26133s a result Yan is not getting to play
26134s Super aggressive is having to play
26136s around Godly spacing instead comes on
26139s for focus light attack to the T High
26141s gets a huge jump Parry into the NZ house
26144s cleaving through all of those players
26145s this the first K V2 is very swiftly
26147s pulled up by the second another Dragon
26150s SL inos comes out from Yan he tries to
26153s make the mag hacken three times gets
26155s parried out by the Hang sword before
26157s coming on in with the ankle break on the
26158s charge lmb on that Spar so much much
26161s pressure coming on out from this TN high
26164s on the back robes gets interrupted this
26166s time around with a Char R&B on those H
26168s but another charge up from the Dragon
26170s Slayers forces God into utilizing the F1
26173s to stop it from converting into the gold
26176s Focus frame and off of the back of that
26178s one the monk locked in place having to
26181s burn the peel tool instead to save his
26184s own skin B will be able to isolate the
26187s backline claps on the support players
26190s and ensure that it's just Godly before
26192s he goes down that is two real of Yang
26195s wins for bow and we have to start saying
26198s that it is a very realistic possibility
26201s Bader could be walking away with the
26203s championship yeah they are really set up
26206s at this point another golden weapon gets
26208s the Draco storm Bower set up for this
26211s one unless a upset of the century comes
26216s through legendary great too that's going
26219s to be swapped over to a p this team is
26221s going to have two legendary P swords
26223s yeah SC connections that's that's crazy
26227s okay so K still are heading kills right
26230s now yes uh J are Tiding kills GG are
26234s very quiet but I think that start really
26237s spook them they are going to get
26238s themselves the soul well although they
26240s are playing the uh the JL game of
26243s actually just holding it and not going
26244s entirely committing but I I expect to
26247s see them as soon as they can pop that
26249s grab some better gear onto their
26252s and then hope that the buff they get
26253s from it is going to be enough for them
26254s to kind of take through the next stages
26256s of the game yeah this wild b a very set
26259s up I will admit I think this is still
26261s anybody's game yeah Kay could very well
26263s take it this is how we get to see K
26265s taking this R of Yang against
26268s ohu qg charging up the scar Rush with
26271s that P sword there's the cube being
26273s utilized to reposition everybody from
26276s the side of K Into The High Ground they
26278s go to avoid that damage coming on out
26281s from the low ground playing above the
26283s Matari composition so the Z can catch
26285s absolutely nothing really smart stuff
26289s coming on through from Q to have the for
26292s Sight and set up that Cube before that
26295s burst window properly hits on through
26298s and off of the back of that zon going to
26301s be stuck into the neutral as we've
26302s talked about that is where it is at its
26304s weakest Q charging up the R&B on the
26306s pord fro the full triple charge finding
26310s the connection
26311s V2 does come on out to keep everyone
26314s topped on up however QD now gets to come
26316s in with a Hardy Ultimate Gold frame hit
26319s comes on out Parry as well onto ug's the
26322s king hard didn't used to be able to
26324s counter an ultimate it was a bu they
26326s gave him on the second patch after he
26327s was released and K off of the back of
26330s that when were able to pick themselves
26331s up they also opted for Draco storm and
26333s interestingly enough they kited over to
26335s celester anticipating that was where all
26337s of the teams with Yang depletion would
26339s squirrel themselves away into it's like
26341s you said GG finding themselves in a
26344s fight against JJ Godly already having
26346s utilized that transformation this is
26349s when GG can now come back into this
26351s fight wasn't quite a witch and teleport
26353s re-engage back in but with the karumi F3
26356s CGS should be able to survive gets a
26358s huge power Godly also having to invest
26361s that F1 toor ultimate now comes on fur
26363s and Sh catching on to all of these
26365s players Ki timate still held for the
26368s likes of fre free o so there's going to
26370s be the Transformers team having to burn
26372s this early and try and sustain in the
26374s fight massive Parry from CJs isn't able
26377s to find any follow of J's Flames
26380s utilizing this husian ultimate to keep
26382s the teada looking away from the rest of
26385s his players and it just becomes a kite
26388s JJ have accepted Flames is going to go
26390s down but for the betterment of the team
26392s he might secure a safer disengagement
26395s for the karumi and the TN high and it
26398s looks like GG now go hunting have H
26401s being able to distance themselves yeah
26403s GG have learned they've been burned they
26405s remember that horof where they kited too
26408s distant into that zone without knowing
26410s the players on the other side and they
26412s give it
26414s up absolutely huge there GG massive
26417s improvement from uh from
26420s before keeping our eyes on the K right
26423s now who've actually got OG in their line
26424s of sight the cannon comes in from cxz
26426s SEC K another kill for them K we've been
26429s singing bow song but right now have 10
26432s kills under their belt they are leading
26434s the charge jjh go down to JL who secure
26439s those kills denying that from GG is a
26441s big one GG they on seven too yeah GG at
26445s the bottom of our Front Runners
26447s but don't count them out they've done
26449s this before this is what happened two by
26452s weeklys ago they will behind actually
26454s every time they WI a by weekly they just
26456s pull it back from
26458s behind unfortunately
26461s already eliminated from this Lobby ug
26464s also losing you on the tail end of
26466s things so close to that 70 point mark If
26469s we go another game but it
26472s looks like the way that all of these
26474s kills are allocated towards the top of
26476s of the scoreboard it looks like it is
26477s going to be one of these MVP eligible
26479s teams finishing things off early and it
26482s seems like this is where the day is
26484s going to end it is just a matter of who
26487s is going to be able to lift the trophy
26489s everyone's so close in terms of those
26492s kills and you cannot declare a winner
26494s until we see the final Zone bully claps
26496s berer putting themselves up onto The
26499s High Ground so that they can try and use
26501s the cannon pressure onto all of the
26502s teams below K going to be playing
26505s potentially into that Spirit well as
26507s that JL no surprises they prioritized
26510s holding this position in all of their
26512s matches previously today push everybody
26515s outside of that one I do feel like jdg
26519s could potentially play upset here
26522s they got eight kills there is a world
26524s where jdg could play upset JL holding
26527s this as long as possible remember their
26528s game plan is to make sure that nobody
26531s can contest them and they don't have to
26533s pop this bubble until they are
26534s absolutely ready to leave it so it's
26537s just a safety point the glamping as
26539s we've been calling it here for JL they
26541s are just keeping the spirit well in
26544s their favor as soon as everyone takes
26545s their eyes off them they grab the gear
26547s they want they run away lovely little
26549s play there from uh JL picking all of the
26552s goodies up they needed now vbv has the
26554s golden armor powering their Mech even
26558s further as you golden po sword looking
26562s very very scary like you said aora burst
26564s also coming
26567s through that's the second time in a row
26569s they've had Aurora burst mhm and they
26571s they've put themselves into the perfect
26573s position to use it too because it
26574s entirely covers the top of tower yeah so
26578s if you try and and grapple up and swap
26580s to to something like Cannon and put
26582s pressure with the the AOE damage onto B
26585s so that at least they might not be
26587s getting uh you might not be getting
26588s kills but you are shredding resources on
26590s their end you potentially get scooped up
26592s into that silence and just deposited in
26595s terms of a respawn and waiting for the
26598s next game which very well may not happen
26601s Bain breath going to be coming on
26603s through directly into the middle as all
26606s of these other teams had already prior
26609s planned B
26612s potentially cut out on top of tower but
26616s again they have such a high vantage
26617s point that no one on the low ground can
26619s actually catch them they're hidden
26621s entirely from line of sight and K
26625s instead just prioritizing their own
26626s Survival no one wanting to make the
26628s first move this truce is so fragile
26631s though because the second that some of
26632s these teams are getting low and one of
26634s these teams gets aggressive and starts
26635s looking for kills everyone is going to
26638s be collapsing on top and as a result J
26641s wants to prioritize having control of
26643s this building K going to be putting
26645s themselves up onto The High Ground
26647s everyone just playing for full survival
26649s posivity until we see ban breath W and
26653s that's when it's going to be all a blaze
26657s J on the low ground GG also trying to
26659s find scouting figure out all of the
26661s teams they're up against figure out
26662s compositions that they're up against by
26663s taking a little bit of challenge it
26664s looks like from wbg who very quickly
26668s think better of it see the aurora br see
26671s the legendary P sword as yon just looks
26674s with the charged R&B to find that
26676s immediate Clash of damage onto the head
26679s of anyone who tries to Grapple challenge
26681s B's
26683s position right now is just a waiting
26688s game
26690s JL getting themselves down onto this low
26692s ground holding out we got four minutes
26694s until the circle fully closes and this
26697s could decide the day although jdg are
26700s still in the game G they have eight
26701s kills they have the uh the cannibal comp
26704s as well or at least the uh the aerial
26706s Mech they've got the ability to
26709s potentially play shutdown here we'll
26711s have to keep our eyes on jdg two TI very
26713s geared up as well golden
26715s fan on this H just holding the high Zone
26719s GG losing a lot of Health to this cannon
26722s they're just going to have to reposition
26723s away GG playing this very very tempered
26726s right now very cast jdg got caught out
26729s by a tul whz and they lose K oh that's
26733s huge yeah we we were
26736s following jdg they do find the revive
26740s onto the Yan I'm not sure if it was an
26743s ultimate immediately from Yan's end as
26746s we're now looking at K's POV B having
26749s been forced with the Zone moving off of
26752s that High Ground position now just
26753s sitting inside the Aurora so that all of
26755s these teams cannot possibly contest them
26758s in that space jails one thing goes
26760s inside the F me now he starts putting
26763s pressure onto K also wanted to go for
26766s that prior position to clear the space
26768s for JL to use The Spirit Well GG now
26772s coming on fire The Cannonball and all of
26774s the knock back Potential from those
26776s cannon shots having that risk of pushing
26778s GG who tried to go into the building but
26781s unfortunately find themselves boxed in
26783s against all of the AOE Splash damage
26784s coming through from the walls as well as
26787s those door frames it looks like there's
26789s going to be a z composition as well
26791s taking a fight the ffree hurling onto I
26794s believe it was jdg as J's one thing puts
26797s themselves into the building the
26798s entirety of jail wanting to play out of
26800s sight now that they'd unlocked that
26802s Spirit well and Jake we're going all the
26804s way to Zone claps I am entirely sure K
26807s cucko going incredibly low now utilizes
26810s the Yan ultimate to be able to survive a
26813s little bit longer and has to push up GG
26816s however covering inside of the building
26819s with d whale so K cannot possibly try
26822s and push the engagement and cucko
26824s instead has to push on the team that are
26826s out in the open turning onto
26829s jdg and this is absolute Carnage here I
26832s can't believe JL keep getting Spirit
26834s Wells as well they are playing so so
26836s well at controlling those zones and
26839s really really impressive stuff cucko
26840s going very low GG playing this out biing
26843s their time using that Dreadful well to
26845s control this building forsel there is an
26847s aurora burst actually from Peak trying
26849s to pierce through the building and catch
26851s on to GG aill gets pulled down kosing in
26855s on the Gap as the Zone's closing down
26857s Peak is low HP GG may actually pressure
26859s up off the back of this one knocking
26861s Peak back CJs is able to secure a kill
26863s but JL get one in response make that two
26866s in response they are up to Nine Kills at
26868s this point it is a blood bath on top of
26871s the building as jdg are starting to pick
26874s up kills themselves they're up to nine
26876s they're up to 10 picking up kills left
26878s right and center but K still in command
26881s they have lost their uen though GG
26884s remain inside the building waiting for
26887s their Prime opportunity to break out
26889s Jing finds himself poed out of the house
26891s by GG they don't want him in most
26893s taverns picking him out K low HP GG may
26897s take this as the opportunity to strike
26899s as they are staying inside the building
26901s still holding fast 1 minute 8 left on
26905s the game down go Bower they're knocked
26907s out by JL JL txj losing a lot of HP with
26911s Bower down another key competitor has
26913s been denied a GG have secured themsel
26916s yet another kill pet has been knocked
26918s out as GG are looking for an opportunity
26920s F here JL get the one on to TX txz on
26924s one Fang there with the pistol beauti
26926s shot from him as GG now stepping out
26929s there cjx has got his ultimate he's
26931s waiting for the opportunity one thing
26932s low HP but they don't fully commit they
26935s don't pressure there's the ultimate
26936s coming in CGS has already got one thing
26938s he's noted back by the cannon though he
26940s needs to reposition inside knocks a
26942s couple of people out with that fear and
26943s Sh gets onto The High Ground putting out
26946s another charge of the fear and Shar is
26947s available any second now he is going to
26949s blow that one down and get another kill
26951s for his team CJs holding The High Ground
26953s but Sleep Walker still holding on into
26955s this game GG gets a kill for jgg G
26958s they're still in the fight they're still
26959s in the game there's another kill for GG
26962s there's another kill for JL this is just
26964s absolute Carnage it's anybody's game
26966s it's anybody's day GG a knocked out JD
26970s je they might have done it they might
26972s have held long enough y they did here we
26975s go get
26977s eight holy
26980s moly what a play know they don't know
26984s they they don't know J think that they
26986s might have what it they're waiting to
26987s see what the score is going to
26990s be it's
26994s j it's jdg it's jdg Jake we go Gade we
26998s go Gade the honey lived the HTI was the
27001s last one that lived the HTI with the
27004s ultimate the V1 the cube to reposition
27007s the triple charge just bopping through
27009s the air weaving between all of the fairx
27012s two tick guarantees that we do not end
27015s the day early we go game eight and oh my
27018s goodness you have to think with how
27022s crazy with how much energy all of the
27026s top teams put into that match do they
27029s have anything left we talked about some
27031s of these teams if they went to game
27033s eight would they have enough hero points
27035s left to be able to play these
27036s compositions that they were the most
27038s comfortable and wanted to take an MVP
27040s round you can see JL figuring out wait
27043s we we didn't get it jdg for them deny it
27048s jdg deny it and we go another round
27054s absolutely insane play for a while it
27056s looked like GG we're going to take it
27058s they started walking with all of the
27059s kills G guaranteeing with the Dreadful
27061s whale that they were able to safeguard
27063s themselves inside that building hold ons
27065s their ultimates comes out with the pul
27067s so charges around with the R&B onto that
27070s one we see JL starting to make movement
27073s as well just like jdg they have the
27075s Hardy variant of The Cannonball
27077s composition so Cube gets put into motion
27079s when all of the ultimates start coming
27080s through so that you don't get stuck on
27082s the low ground well all of those players
27084s are just taking so many hits so many
27086s Soul Jades just right back to back to
27088s back Aurora brush Dreadful whale Merc
27090s Havoc all coming on through into the
27093s Forefront and it is it's the two teams
27095s with the Hardy that have the chance of
27098s ending the day and like you said a
27100s heartbreak for JL but Elation for
27106s jdg I don't know if they had enough
27109s points to qualify themselves they
27111s started off with
27113s 53 they in and they have they've done it
27116s they came into that game with around
27118s about 53 points that must have been 20
27122s points plus of a game score picks up for
27126s them and they are now MVP eligible we
27128s have five teams that can walk away the
27133s winner of the spring split and jdg what
27137s a
27138s storyline what a fairy tale finish it
27140s would be for this team to have to wait
27142s all the way to game seven to be the team
27146s that keeps the day going to carry with
27149s that Hardy and outlive and out sustain
27152s and get those last hits necessary to
27154s confirm those kills and squirrel them
27157s away from JL and then backto back MVP
27160s and finally lift the trophy I cannot
27163s wait to see how close the score was
27166s between JL and jdg but something that I
27169s don't have to wait to see is the
27171s question for game seven what is it going
27174s to be Chad how big was the score that
27178s jdd got in game seven I've already given
27182s you a huge hint I said it must have been
27184s something upwards of 20 points to allow
27187s them to walk away Above That 70 cut off
27191s is it
27192s 19.8 is it 20.7 was it 21.5 or was it
27198s 23.6 I'm veing towards one of the higher
27203s ends of that one as we get to see how
27206s close how close was it
27208s heartbreakingly close
27210s 14 kills picked up for jdg
27215s 23.6 GG also like you said Incredibly
27219s Close to walking away lifting that
27222s trophy but I mean that there can be no
27225s question who the MVP is two tick on of
27229s the Hardy 30,000 damage Last Man
27232s Standing in the lobby what a play coming
27235s through from
27236s him that is just the most gratifying win
27239s there for for jdg because that wasn't
27242s just extending the day that extended the
27244s day long enough for them to be in with a
27246s shot of winning the entire split I I
27249s they had no business pulling that out of
27251s there but they did they came back they
27253s popped off huge huge game for them xcg
27257s are going to be Ying right now they've
27260s been so close to qualifying for like the
27262s last three games and they end one point
27266s shy so even ifg pull out an MVP next
27269s game it's going to have to be a massive
27272s MVP cuz they have to take first place to
27274s win so if one of our top five teams
27276s doesn't get MVP it's whoever's got the
27278s most points at the end of this game will
27280s be the winner of the day but we have
27282s five teams in running for MVP we saw
27285s other than jdg it was all of those teams
27288s in the running for MVP that game and jdg
27291s they just they just somehow snuck under
27293s the radar they've just made it work I
27295s have to give it a GG I thought they were
27297s being way too passive inside that
27298s building but they actually really played
27300s that last bit well and I think if two
27302s tick had gone down any earlier this
27305s would have been GG's Victory but
27307s unfortunately for him Tok had the wings
27310s was able to fly around nobody caught
27311s Icarus this time there it is MVP over
27315s the jdg no surprising that a hardi is
27319s going to be two tick coming in with that
27322s mvp on the hardi really really good
27324s stuff coming from him from this guy
27325s 30,000 damage coming in he had group
27328s heill he had rug Gil or that' be damage
27330s is from
27333s 10K what a game yeah I mean hardus has
27337s played just the same way as things like
27338s the far you want that ultimate to be
27340s online as much as you possibly can
27342s because the the V1 this is the hard
27345s where all of the abilities got like
27346s mashed together which means that the the
27348s V1 you get the cube which you can use as
27351s as a reset position and as we talked
27352s about getting that reset opportunity
27355s allowed those Hardies to outlive so many
27358s of those other composition coming for
27360s also huge parries before the ultimate
27363s came out from him to make sure that he
27365s had those kills locked down that he was
27367s able to stick into the middle of the
27369s safe space as well didn't have to play
27371s inside the corruption six damage didn't
27373s have to take that massive chunk of hit
27374s to his health but was able to find the
27376s paries able to get the kill able to get
27378s the rage generated to come back in with
27380s another run of that V1 and play Above
27383s everybody else's heads and is that a
27385s bird is that a plane no it's game number
27387s eight that jdg decides to AK to which
27390s means goodbye morile hello Hol off yeah
27395s I'm going to see how that changes
27397s everything up as well actually because
27399s uh I mean we know the GG have been very
27403s very easy to read on on uh holler off
27407s and
27408s interestingly um on Mor a they actually
27411s switched up they went back to the uh
27414s they dropped the secret tunnel and went
27416s back to what' you call it UHS Sun wings
27420s back they went to Suns for the all and
27425s it was it was way better for them sure
27426s they got taken out early but they they
27428s got a good fourth party in took the
27430s fight got a fifth party on them
27432s unfortunately which kind of undid it all
27434s but they were able to get those early
27436s kills they then reset nicely didn't do
27439s much on the on the uh on the old real of
27442s yangs though and I think that was the
27444s they didn't go into them they they they
27447s went into to Spirit Well they CT the
27449s spirit going inside real of Yang and
27451s yeah they were missing they were missing
27454s a couple of kills they they they missed
27456s a couple of kills and there were a
27457s couple of occasions where you can go if
27458s they' just gotten a couple of kills here
27460s and a couple of kills there if they'd
27461s been able to go into realm of Yang and
27463s secure those kills if when they took
27465s that fight off of Sunwing they didn't
27467s get third partied by the likes of Kaya
27469s and wolves and were able to sit in that
27471s one a little bit longer and walk away
27472s with some more of those kills
27474s potentially GG would have walked away
27476s with enough kills to to outli and Out
27479s Pass jdg in terms of that scoreboard and
27482s this this is the tragedy that Gigi have
27484s always faced always the bridesmaid never
27486s the bride they are always Podium finish
27490s never getting to actually lift the
27492s trophy so JL logically for me was was my
27496s pick I thought of of all of the teams
27498s that had some secret strategy stored up
27499s and were ready and prepared it was going
27501s to be JL I wanted to see GG finally
27504s finds that win because they have been
27506s working so so hard for it and I think
27509s that Edition pressure is really getting
27511s to this team right now as well I think
27513s you're absolutely right I think you know
27515s how how close it has been for GG is
27518s definitely a factor which is maybe
27520s playing into them that was definitely
27521s the first good game from GG though since
27523s game three today so it was nice to see
27525s them have a return to life uh but they
27528s have some work to do now going back onto
27529s this next game they have three hero
27532s points though for the final game where a
27534s lot of the other teams at the bottom
27535s it's seven and 99 so they are they're in
27539s a world where they might just have to
27541s play whatever combo is left for them
27543s because they are struggling to find
27546s those uh the find the heroes that
27548s they're going to need but here we go
27550s getting ready to go into game a our
27552s final game of the
27554s day is there any more upsets up the up
27557s the sleeves or we finally going to see
27560s one of these teams pull a win out I lowy
27563s would love to see GG do it because
27565s always a Brides made never the bride has
27567s always been the saying of these guys
27569s they've always been a Podium team but
27571s never at the top of the podium they've
27573s always been looking up from their spot
27574s on the podium yeah and they're so close
27577s they can taste it I think jdg though the
27580s the fact that they had that momentum
27582s like that confidence boost remember GG
27584s were able to to find so much momentum
27586s off of the MVPs whenever they they had a
27589s good game going into the next one they
27590s always popped off jdd are going to be in
27592s a sinless situation right not only did
27596s they find the MVP they pulled the rabbit
27598s out of the Hat
27601s somehow someway with Houdini HTI two TI
27605s was able to outlive and disappear away
27608s from everybody else's sight and put us
27611s into game number eight and off of that
27613s one surely jdg are feeling themselves
27616s cuz there is no downtime we go directly
27619s into game eight and for these teams that
27621s didn't get to actually walk away with
27624s that mvp that was so close to lifting
27626s the championship that's another kick in
27628s the teeth because it means that you
27629s don't get the downtime to try and just
27632s dstress with your team you have to get
27634s flung straight into the next
27637s map yeah you really do but looks like we
27640s are getting ourselves set up and ready
27643s for this final game you can tell the
27645s tensions there
27647s K another team who honestly I feel you
27651s know we look back on K they joined us
27653s last year their spring split they
27655s honestly look like the best team in the
27657s league um due to issues they
27660s unfortunately had to pull out of the
27662s grand finals um some stuff their players
27665s were up to and it's sad because then
27669s they came back in summer and they were
27670s good but they were not that K and they
27673s are so close today for the organization
27676s to find a win here would be just
27679s groundbreaking for them and you know
27681s they want it but just having a look at
27682s our hero select to see what the game
27684s plan is going to be well K because
27688s they're currently fifth in standings do
27691s get pushed into second phase so they are
27694s going to have a better time of the the
27696s hero points jdg rocketing up actually
27701s from that last match were able to jump
27704s over K and put themselves into in the
27706s top four which is crazy they go from not
27709s being MVP eligible to to putting your
27712s into top four is absolutely insane the
27714s amount of scores that they were able to
27716s to pick up in that game alone they're
27718s going to have to do it back to back and
27719s going to get to see what exactly is
27722s going to be coming for no way no way do
27726s we get to see it
27728s t oh my word I'm waiting until we see
27732s jjh in the past have teased the TKA and
27735s dunk has fallen for it hookline and
27737s sinker I'm waiting until we swap over to
27740s phase two before I go okay sweet talker
27742s and
27743s Trio if we have a terer I mean they have
27746s took some points so they might just be
27747s having to pick up what they can
27750s let's see there it
27752s is it's not it's a talker yeah it's the
27756s talker but it's not alongside something
27758s like a Liam would have loved to see the
27761s the T Liam vder composition coming
27763s through you know you just asking for too
27765s much be happy with the fact you got a
27767s tker that that conversation is so fun
27769s you or them into the the tker and then
27772s you follow up with the VA the so so they
27774s take the full head of the the fire tick
27776s in one go uh we can get to see what
27778s exactly uh teams have to play with
27781s however B having a very intense
27784s discussion about whether or not they
27785s want to go for that Transformer jdg
27788s going to be running back with the Hardy
27790s variant of Cannonball JL also made sure
27793s that they had enough hero points to last
27795s to the latter half of this day going to
27797s be locking in that Hardy variant too and
27799s you have to remember too JL were right
27802s there alongside jdg and GG when it came
27805s to that last match both of those Hardies
27808s were making that V1 on survivability
27813s count all righty well just keeping an
27816s eye on what the I'm curious what the t's
27819s uh load Up's going to be actually that's
27821s going to be interesting what uh very run
27824s well here we go getting ready to go into
27826s game number
27827s eight final game of the
27831s day where's everyone dropping that
27833s that's also going to be super is GG
27836s waterfall is GG waterfall or are they
27838s going to time attack yet again K they've
27842s known now the strategy has been given
27846s away they Dro salvation Podium surely
27849s other teams are going to contest them
27850s because getting to solve that puzzle for
27852s free just gives you such an advantage in
27854s terms of loot sustainability coming
27857s through there it is confirmation ba did
27859s indeed lock in with that tker no
27863s surprises on any of the lotos that we're
27865s seeing F2 V1 on the Hardy F3 V3 on the
27869s farer F1 V3 going to be coming through
27873s from ba a little bit sad that we don't
27876s get uh fireable terer coming on
27880s through what do we get coming on out
27885s from KLA it's going to be the karumi
27887s probably F3 V2 for their version of the
27891s sand siphon I'm sure JL as well going to
27894s be sticking to V1 with that Hardy
27897s crucially we just wanted the drops we
27899s get to see them right now
27903s okay there is a waterfall but it's not
27907s GG Landing there ug going to be back to
27910s the familiar tricks salvation Podium has
27913s long been ug's original stomping grins K
27917s not going to be present however B going
27919s for waterfall GG entirely absent of it
27922s they're landing on xcg instead where
27925s have Kaya put themselves di go for C of
27929s Tang I okay kay I believe are up
27933s towards okay they're in plumed so
27936s they're going to to do the loot rotation
27938s of plumed take a fight against wbg and
27941s then potentially push onto the team of
27943s ug before ug have the chance of solving
27946s puzzle that's a lot to do in a very
27949s short period of time though from the
27950s side of uh K Bower have been
27953s consistently uh griefing uh GG at waterf
27958s so I think GG just decided it's it's
27960s like a 50% win rate let's just call it
27962s and move away
27965s as gg gg though don't actually have any
27969s gear onto all of their players so they
27972s finally got weapons they might be
27973s feeling a little bit more comfortable
27974s but lacking in the armor Department may
27977s come across as Kashi has lost a little
27979s bit of HP there's no there only one
27981s grapple though to work with so gear wise
27983s struggling a little bit and JL are
27986s joining up as well I think everybody's
27988s just going to scatter because this is
27989s getting too hot too quick yeah both of
27992s these two teams in the area two out of
27995s the three don't be on much Point
27997s eligibility not wanting to take a fight
27999s until they feel fully confident that
28001s they have the loot K now taking the
28003s fight against wbg Ki comes on out early
28007s qgg gets the damage reduction as
28010s everyone jumps on top of wg's by G this
28013s terer definitely going to be looking
28015s like a target for K to to jump down into
28017s especially since the app ability has
28018s already been bur anded p g going to be
28021s able now to take the fight against wbg
28023s Sleep Walker just overloading against
28025s the karumi with numbers as the TKA had
28027s already gone down previous great thought
28030s to the game coming on through from K
28032s they pick up three kills should be able
28034s to pick up out enough money as well to
28036s buy an early Bain ref and drop it on
28038s salvation to deny OG control of puzzle
28041s as xcg having to high score if they want
28044s to be able to challenge any of these
28046s teams in the lead Jan coming off the
28048s charge Ellen be on that dagger looking
28050s for the uppercut confirmation into
28052s follow through of that dagger dashes GG
28055s wanting to try and take this fight CGS
28057s with the jump lmbs coming up from that
28060s Spar jl's one thing goes down three
28062s teams in the area CJs utilizing another
28066s one of those shs cleaving down the
28068s players of
28069s xcg as now it's just going to be a
28072s matter of melting vvv outside of the
28074s mech sh R&B on the spirit is going to be
28076s able to catch him out if he tries to go
28078s right pushes him funnels him into the
28080s majority of the team of GG on the left
28083s and as a result vbb goes down jdg now
28086s two already having to use the ultimate
28088s and the cube to
28089s reposition now waits to see whether or
28092s not he can find any of these slash
28094s connections onto the players below him
28096s it's not in time to stop OG the king
28098s from picking up the kill onto one of his
28100s teammates out of the ultimate now this
28104s alone should be going down any second
28107s now but he's bailed out by the fact that
28108s oh G and K are too busy looking at each
28111s other
28112s instead look like he did break away from
28114s that one Q's got the pressure though
28116s onto the king he's actually backing him
28117s towards the Trap uh not going to get the
28120s trap to finish him up though King with
28122s the zip actually do a pretty decent job
28123s of sustaining but the res they revive
28128s without the
28129s rebuffs oh that is huge for them
28132s actually they're going to chase onto
28134s onto qg as they are looking to finish up
28136s these members K getting in very
28139s dangerous position the ballista from The
28142s High Ground two tick lining up those
28145s shots beautifully H he land another one
28147s I don't know if he can
28151s almost that's why you never take your
28155s eye of the team that you leave behind if
28158s there's still one player K and ug looked
28162s at each other ignored two tick who was
28165s able to find a revive onto both of his
28167s players then one of them gets to scy up
28170s on top of ballista and K may have solved
28173s salvation Podium but qdd might be losing
28176s this legendary hang sword as Tok is
28179s trying to chase him down Shadow step
28182s versus
28184s fan trap grid gets set off Q King that
28188s one to having to swi to avoid it hasn't
28190s actually committed the glider just yet
28192s as uh we might have seen yeah
28194s reinforcements have called through K
28196s find the interception that priority
28199s izing being able to kite over to the
28201s zone as well as making sure that if a
28202s player from K goes down it's not going
28204s to be the one holding that legendary
28206s weapon two tick
28208s Dage he throws out the charg directly
28211s into the Tada half as a result has to
28214s burn that glider K's already gone down
28216s so to Z Di and K find another huge Parry
28221s two tick Falls Q G what a read he didn't
28225s even go for the double jump into F
28227s activation he just straight upstairs
28230s that Hardy down anticipates the charge
28232s R&B on the fan and catches the grab as
28235s it comes out this is a blood barath just
28239s constant action K are putting so many
28242s kills on the board they are leading in
28243s scores right now but not on top of that
28245s they also just got all of everything set
28248s up they are so strong the Teo golden
28251s Hong sword has the Al has the fear and
28253s shove ug are chasing onto him though and
28255s I think this may be the end of days for
28258s him he's trying
28259s hard but he's doing a lot to be fair
28261s he's about to get another rotation of
28263s that shove back up maybe he could find a
28265s turn but I don't know if he can does get
28268s the F over caught out about to use his
28271s fear and shove up though and that is him
28272s dunzo I don't know if PG's going to be
28275s able to survive this one does get a
28277s bunch of damage off but down he goes
28278s hang sword lost but K did a lot of work
28281s with that and crucially as well the team
28284s that they lose the fight to the team
28286s that gets to absorb the loot of that
28288s legendary hung sword not a team that's
28289s MVP eligible that is the best possible
28292s outcome for K they get to play their
28295s early rebirths incredibly aggressive
28297s locking almost double digits in terms of
28300s kill numbers the kiting rotation
28302s absolutely perfect get to take early
28304s fight against wbg over and plumed push
28307s down to put pressure onto OG and take
28310s over salvation Podium and then kite over
28312s to City of tank see if any teams will
28314s try to revive and find the recovery over
28316s that area of the map which we see the
28318s likes of GG
28319s that's their comfort pick like you said
28321s when they lose a fight they go city of
28323s Tang we know it K know it unfortunately
28326s I do believe K lost one of their players
28328s twice as it is going to have to be a
28330s rebirth charm situation coming through
28333s from them as JG having revived now start
28337s to look for a recovery in terms of the
28340s loot that they have to give up as a
28342s result of losing that fight B being very
28346s quiet have yet to come in with a single
28348s kill jail also playing it a little bit
28350s slower sitting on two playing the long
28354s game starting to kind of I think they
28356s have a key yeah they do have a key
28358s they're going to put themselves to open
28360s this cave sash should be opening it
28363s should as well be timed pretty nicely in
28365s terms of a lot of these teams who've
28367s lost their fights having to go to the
28369s soul Altar and look for Recovery as
28372s opposed to being in a position where you
28373s can immediately pivot over to that
28376s statue's location and challenges you can
28378s see are very aware of that potential
28381s contest the Hardy just playing that
28383s outside acting as a scout to give his
28385s team a heads up if there is a team
28387s coming close to give them like hey we
28389s need a bucket and disengage so that they
28391s don't get stuck inside that very small
28393s space yeah are seeing the uh weather
28396s effect kick in which refreshes all of
28398s the troves on the map so K right now uh
28404s dying to Ban's breath actually uh unless
28406s they're doing a revive oh no they're
28407s doing a they're doing a I was like they
28409s went I was like no don't it's not over
28412s you can win
28413s still they they lost one of their
28415s players um and as a result they they put
28418s themselves into an area where it's out
28420s of the way into the corruption t damage
28422s it's very early on so the the damage
28424s that it does is very minimal and because
28427s you put yourself onto matab because it's
28430s so far away from everybody else you
28431s don't have to worry about getting
28432s contested when you bring that player
28434s back without any of the loot it does
28437s mean that they give up the chance of
28439s going inside the real of Yang but
28440s they've already picked up eight kills so
28443s K it's fine get in get in for once come
28446s on they they they're really passive
28449s about getting in these RMA yangs and
28450s last game I think the Difference Maker
28452s was they didn't go inside these RMA
28454s yangs uh te go to join Bower GG G
28459s they're just so passive with it I don't
28461s know why no no I saw the G got excited
28464s it's JL versus DG so B who are Match
28467s Point eligible and JL who are both Match
28469s Point eligible are going to be going in
28473s as it is going to be Sans and karumi
28475s variant trying to find a lock Rampage
28478s comes on through from the Hang Zord
28480s against the siphon composition Jin going
28482s incredibly low Force early into
28484s utilizing that ult ultimate Yan having
28487s to immediately come through with the
28488s followup of the T ultimate using those F
28490s and shelves to try to peel for his
28493s players and keep Jing alive the Kumi V2
28495s also being thrown into the mix so that
28497s they have all of the sustain we still
28499s got the recast jaing comes out from the
28501s saff in the side of the tumult e gets
28504s infested from the Z Yan gets to read the
28506s Z's position gets a huge F and Sh
28508s matarial but now comes into play te
28511s spacing it out to have that absorb
28513s Health after the Z has gone down in
28516s terms of her burst window unfortunately
28519s it's not enough to bring one of their
28521s players back from the brink ban
28524s distancing himself from the fight before
28526s coming back in with the charge R&B on
28527s that hang sword dropping down directly
28530s to challenge that support takes a little
28532s bit too much damage however his
28533s teammates have his back they've already
28535s been able to take down one of the
28536s players from te so the to has more than
28538s enough spacing to find that reset as g g
28541s did take a r gang does it work out for
28544s the grabs already come through from EG
28547s on to CDs double grab comes on through
28550s and the karumi was not able rather the
28554s zip wasn't able to use the sustain the
28557s bubble went wde did not connect onto one
28560s of the players in the double grab and as
28562s a result they've gone down eug now out
28564s of this ultimate it's just a case of
28566s dispatching 330 however and GG you said
28570s that they needed to take a round with
28571s Yang Jake it might have worked against
28573s them yeah unfortunately did not go in
28576s GG's favor they really misplayed that
28578s cuz they actually got a kill very early
28580s inside this R Ang looking at the kill
28582s feed while all the action was going down
28585s they lost uh the aan on wolves super
28588s early oh no sorry it's a teada it's t
28591s Tomy even uh they lost at Tomy super
28593s early but it just didn't
28596s matter GG made a couple of mistakes got
28599s the double grab as soon as they got
28600s double grab they lost all of their power
28603s now with the three kills under the belt
28605s GG has some serious work to
28607s do but they are under equipped and
28610s unfortunately I just think again GG's
28612s passiveness is is has been an issue for
28614s them today at least in the tail end
28616s Bower getting interrupted by wbg trying
28620s to get as more as bless the sandor
28622s breaks out inside it is just a particle
28624s effect Mayhem here youran a bit of
28627s additional damage he's got the fear and
28629s shove he's going to force them back they
28631s don't even go for the mor blessing they
28633s want the kills they don't give a damn
28635s about that JL closing in as well on a
28637s potential
28638s kill they activated the fash they
28641s activated the stash specifically to
28643s invite challenge just the way that we
28645s saw previously right they won a r of
28647s Yang they have the million might they
28649s signal FL to all of these teams hey come
28652s fight us for the space to make sure that
28654s they get the full benefit of this buff
28657s as it is now going to be J potentially
28659s slipping into the position and grabbing
28661s the loot that b Left Behind as B look in
28664s for those kills JL looking for that thir
28665s party Sleep Walker goes down Peak has
28668s also already been minced and JL
28671s crucially only utilize the Hardy
28673s ultimate to be able to find the followup
28675s if they get third parted they're still
28677s going to be able to sustain in this
28679s fight GG having lost that realm of Yang
28681s now have Yang have to win this fight if
28683s they want to continue in this Lobby and
28685s potentially for the first time lift that
28688s trophy problem is they up against the
28690s monk yet again they cannot afford to get
28692s double grabed to Mor ultimate does come
28694s through making it a little bit harder
28696s for wuan to find those gra
28702s ohm the double grab comes through yet
28704s again fre free0 so incredibly low to
28707s much combo breaker from the that comes
28709s through but it's not up for 330 and CGS
28713s gets grabbed as well
28715s wfz hunting down where the tea has run
28719s to and we theorized that maybe GG were
28722s running out of steam that they might
28724s have expended the energy too early in
28726s this day and unfortunately that is going
28728s to be g g ruc to the only lone Tami
28733s stuck with Yang depletion as inside
28737s other areas of the map ad2 tick the hero
28740s Hardy from the last match has that
28743s ultimate knocks back the players from
28744s wolves te appearing on the horizon
28747s looking for that third party wanting to
28749s find an in as wolves lose ZK here comes
28752s the Z the F3 announcing te's arrival but
28756s ug also wanting an in on this fight this
28759s has the potential to go on for a very
28761s long
28762s time yeah this could go for a hot minute
28764s again though GG the monk comps they just
28769s full victim to be to the grabs
28771s constantly double grab consistently it
28773s just cost them heavily there are so many
28776s players here though this is absolute
28777s Carnage zidi trying to land those cannon
28779s shots not actually able to uh not able
28782s to quite make the connection onto them
28783s although Leo is going to appear and just
28785s kind of bite at the ankles of the mech
28787s for the moment he is going to now lose
28789s that Mech and Zi is going to quickly
28791s take get the glider get away to safety
28794s they're going to be nice and distanced
28796s away for now as jdg losing K has been a
28799s pretty detrimental thing for them lxm
28801s got a rebirth charm off he purchased one
28804s so he may be able to get at least one
28806s player back use it on CJs so they've got
28809s the uh they got the debuff back and the
28812s problem is is they just don't have the
28813s money and by the time they're done
28815s putting getting everybody back and
28816s everybody geared the game's going to be
28817s over so GG unfortunately great little
28820s play to kind of hold on but oh no it's
28823s going to have to be a damn miracle from
28825s them as we are going to see the Roma
28827s Yang spawn up once again or hear the The
28830s Cry of the r SP up once again the
28832s question is is who is actually going to
28834s get in that that could buy sometime for
28836s some of these teams who are currently
28837s reeling and recovering te being down a
28840s player as well jdg being down a player
28844s there is a world where they may be able
28845s to get their players back as the king is
28848s going to finish up two ticket out oh no
28850s wait no goes down there it is they still
28854s have the teada in play but that is
28857s rather unfortunate K seeing that there
28859s are too many teams in this area for by
28862s potentially getting the the kill onto
28865s jdg when one of their players was
28867s scattered off into towards Beast pits
28870s but very wisely backs on off love the
28872s fact that they got the karumi F3 onto
28875s the teada to scout the area so that
28877s ugi's entire team was awaiting decided
28880s to back off that fight and play for
28881s survival as B and Wolves play for realm
28884s of yangin hon coming in with a huge hit
28887s with the chared R&B on this legendary
28889s fan harer Cannon immediately coming into
28893s play as XM just has to hop into the V3
28895s almost immediately once those players
28897s all land and B SW to the repeating
28900s crossbow and start to melt forcing the
28903s boosters so the cannon up time is as
28904s little as possible wolves EG does find
28907s azas but B do not care they have the
28910s karumi aeree to just tank all of that
28912s damage their entire Focus right now is
28914s onto this fer now they have to deal with
28917s the Transformer however come com through
28918s e finds a grab might be able to find a
28921s second coming on through really well
28923s placed to Ultimate makes it harder for
28926s EG to find that grab when uran still in
28928s his hand as a result he finds the grab
28930s onto Jin but it's after uran's already
28933s navigated away from that double damage
28935s slam and EG cannot sit in the space and
28938s look for the Grabbers Yan with that fan
28940s fries the T High's armor rder do lose
28944s Jing Peak is still up y gets caught the
28948s charged R&B furan sh can still be used
28951s when Guan is in the Stagger animation
28953s from that parry and as a result he is
28956s able to cleave the other players off of
28958s him but he gets parried yet again and
28960s noal fur shs to peel and B it started
28964s off so well for this team are now going
28966s to be hit with Yang depletion when then
28969s Match Point eligible Jake some of these
28972s teams that risked it are going to be in
28975s such a tough position as wolves may have
28978s started off the day at the very very top
28980s may have slid down in terms of the
28982s leaderboard but one thing that they have
28984s done is that they're griefing every of
28986s these teams at the top it's late they
28991s should they shouldn't be in this
28993s position they started at the top they
28995s are a good team they crumbled under the
28998s pressure and unfortunately the best they
29000s can do is just try and slide up the
29002s standings and get a little bit more
29003s prize money and if they do that they're
29005s potentially just giving the win over to
29009s um GG it' have to be a miracle I mean
29011s they've actually been able to get fre
29013s fre back wait GG back in the game well
29016s not quite they've been the whole team
29019s back but oh no wolves are after them
29021s with Mystic might and a legendary P
29025s sword so that to is going to be very
29029s vulnerable doesn't have to find the
29032s par gives us the te ultimate activation
29035s to buy the knock back from wolves and
29036s give a little bit of extra time on the
29039s live but unfortunately that is going to
29042s be the Tor going down as B now trying to
29047s track
29048s down trying to track down te this is
29052s such an important fight for B to win
29054s because they have y depletion if they
29056s get this clean kill on T before a third
29057s party comes through they can start to
29059s make the recovery if they lose this
29061s fight here they're out of the game for
29063s good huge Parry from Guan onto LD should
29066s push the zip into I in that ultimate
29069s Matari ultimate as well comes on first
29071s does to siphon the damage into Health
29073s the bar Peaks already been able to pick
29075s up lyd that's one Sol picked up dog in
29078s the area however potentially seeing all
29080s of the action going down looking for
29082s that thir party with that TN high but B
29086s they get the kills necessary just one
29088s more onto te's Leo and then they can be
29092s out of here having to reposition as
29095s there are a lot of teams starting to
29096s show up on the mini map crucially J l in
29099s the area as well and B just have to back
29101s off yeah V are going to be able to break
29103s away from this one though though GG have
29105s actually got everybody back again oh
29109s they their mental must be pushed to the
29111s Limit right now the amount of rebirth
29112s chance they've used but but they are
29115s still in the game that is the major
29116s thing for them right now it's it it has
29119s been a rough go but they are still full
29121s all here the problem is is they haven't
29124s got particularly great Soldier they
29125s haven't got particularly great gear
29126s we'll see if they can do something about
29129s that but right now wolves are
29130s potentially in MVP eligibility at least
29133s being able to take this game but it's
29136s not going to win them today there is
29137s literally not enough points for them to
29139s win here but they could rock it up the
29142s standings and really change their their
29144s Fortune for how bad this day has been I
29147s mean they have they have gained 30
29149s points in eight games today that's
29152s that's how bad it has been for for the
29154s side of wolves it is been a rough one
29156s overall but JL right now pretty geared
29159s up got himself the uh the golden fan got
29161s purple armor across the board so JL with
29164s the uh seven kills they've got are
29165s actually pretty set up for the end game
29168s Baler also pretty set up although they
29170s have this depletion dep two of their
29173s players they were able to find one kill
29176s onto te but they didn't manage to find
29179s even two kills as a result yeah it it's
29182s got to be by the money snowstorm hits
29185s into imperial the problem for them is
29187s that jails stand in their way currently
29191s so if they want to try and afford a rebu
29192s JP one their player has to go down
29195s before they can buy it and as a result
29197s they're just all inning the fight but
29199s they're up against the Hardy composition
29201s which means that ja have the
29202s maneuverability to dodge out of it
29204s entirely BV goes into the mech with the
29207s cannibal finds a huge connection onto to
29209s Peak this fight getting drawn out is the
29211s worst possible thing for for B to mul
29214s ultimate get Dr trying to lock these
29216s players down so that b might be able to
29218s secure a kill and get a soul boom just
29220s before one of their players goes down
29221s Peak desperately for hiside that karumi
29225s so they can keep this contest going but
29228s that's just going to be in 10 seconds
29229s and less there it is B to lose two of
29232s their players and their chances to walk
29235s away with MVP just
29237s tank yeah I think that is going to be
29239s them in a very rough position GG were
29241s able to pull it back but they did have
29243s the last like five or six minutes to do
29245s so JL getting hit by the pain breath
29249s that is very unfortunate for them no
29252s one's going to punish them off the back
29253s of that one though okay they are in the
29255s area there's a lot of people in the area
29258s very very quiet performance here from GG
29260s once again they find themselves in a
29261s fight though versus ug this could be
29263s their opportunity to get some gear if
29265s they win this fight they may still have
29268s a chance but they are undergeared they
29270s are under equipped for this little scrap
29271s and they are getting a lot of Health
29273s taken away from them CGS is doing
29275s everything he can the fear and Sh comes
29276s down he actually gets a kill on the king
29278s you next up on the menu got the golden
29281s weapon if they can find this GG may just
29283s have bounced back made the recovery make
29285s the comeback at the century SS being
29288s knocked back low youu goes down U are
29292s out and G G golden weapons better armor
29296s they are back in the game they're back
29298s on the scoreboard too they are so close
29300s behind K in terms of overall standings
29302s so if a team like wolves who were on 12
29305s kills walk away with MVP remember the
29307s person the team who lifts that
29309s championship trophy is the team with the
29311s highest scoreboard so if GG can Eclipse
29314s K in first place even if they don't pick
29317s up MVP they still walk away the champion
29321s so many teams stand in that way however
29323s B the one player who was able to pick up
29326s that sing with Yang depletion just
29328s having to play
29329s Incognito at the moment Zone's going to
29331s push Yan he's going to have to make a
29334s run for
29335s it right out too much health into the
29338s corruption doesn't want to get spotted I
29340s don't think k caught him but he's going
29343s to be out into the open now where y it's
29346s a lot easier to see as Yan unfortunately
29349s fan for the scale Rush speed has to kite
29353s klaa remembers jdg there's no Bane ref
29356s to Surf into though Yan is desperately
29360s looking for a team that he can run K
29363s into to avoid that pressure he takes
29368s Sanctuary behind the ranks of JL and off
29372s of the back of that one might be able to
29374s live but JL now turn onto the lone teada
29378s GG also in the area vvv sits in with
29381s that F3 looks for a silencing a little
29383s bit of damage to burst through some of
29385s these players
29387s 103.7
29390s 102.3 this game scoore is neck and neck
29394s between klaa and G G JL if they had a 20
29399s bomb too could potentially walk away
29402s first place in standings overall it's
29405s going to be up to whoever walks with MVP
29407s or if Wolves play havoc and yet again
29410s ruin and grief these teams at the top
29413s it's going to come down to overall
29414s scoreboard none of these teams want to
29417s go out until we hit that five teams
29420s remaining for the multiplier to start to
29422s come into play ban breath also slowing
29425s things down significantly as jdd surf
29429s right on through it get hit by so much
29432s pressure as they take the chances they
29437s organized the hit they see jdg sitting
29440s on that shop and they prevent it
29443s entirely putting themselves up to 1
29447s kills that is heartbreaking for them Yan
29451s is still holding on it's I mean right
29454s now he's just playing for multipliers it
29456s would have to be a miracle for him but
29458s jdg finding himself in D of beautiful
29460s little Parry but that is going to be the
29462s end of them as K up their score even
29464s more n kills on the board for them 4 and
29468s a half minutes left in this game
29471s everybody is geared to the teeth at this
29472s point GG I have to give it to them win
29475s or lose the recovery they made the
29478s composure to come back from this one cuz
29480s you could see cxz every not cxz sorry um
29484s you can see every time CJs went down he
29486s would put his hands on his head he was
29488s so irritated by the state of the game
29490s but it's not over yet the fighting is
29492s breaking out and K have jumped up to
29494s those 10 kills if anybody wants to
29496s compete they need to compete soon but
29498s with a monk guarding the area it's so
29501s hard ran 98 catches CJs with a grab
29505s inside the 10 he's going to try and Li
29506s for the slam unable to fully make the
29508s connection and mus is actually losing a
29510s lot of HP here to the side of GG they're
29513s down GG get the another kill drg losing
29517s their final player standing 3 minutes
29520s left GG are going to make an appearance
29521s any moment now as JL is on them they
29525s joined them as the first two teams in to
29527s the top spot and one Fang's getting
29530s absolutely obliterated by the cannon Q
29533s slides in one thing has to transform
29535s into the Terra Cotta Warrior to break
29537s away it's an open space lots of areas
29540s for them going to jump into the spirit
29542s well but they're going to get forced out
29544s by K bers Yan also joining inside the
29547s The Spirit Well just evading and
29549s avoiding anybody wolv ZK gets himself
29552s the light tap but nothing too major at
29554s this point one thing's going to lose his
29555s transformation he takes in to the dome
29558s for a bit of safety but he loses his
29560s safety net now as the Terracotta Warrior
29562s form drops dropped on top of GG's home
29565s and it's immediately swarmed by Wolves
29568s one Fang's armor going low but GG are
29570s going to keep the pressure up onto him
29571s they come in with all the damage there's
29573s the par one thing goes down ZK secures
29575s the kill that's the 14th kill now over
29578s to the side of wolves GG don't fully AIT
29580s they repeal back they play it nice and
29582s safe K though and Bower have found
29584s youran they've got themselves the kill
29586s onto them five teams left in this circle
29589s p holding tight in their Corner GG on
29592s that low ground and wolves off in the
29594s distance the other teams are just for
29596s scra the remnants of the teams who
29598s remain behind them one member of JL is
29601s standing is they are going to drop down
29604s into the middle of the dead into the
29606s middle of the action C pops the ultimate
29608s the sandor breaks out but he's being
29611s peppered and knocked back into low
29613s Health into the Zone he's burning down
29615s The Healing is coming in he's able to
29617s reposition inside thanks to the
29619s sandstorm from his decada he's healing
29621s back up he gets the damage on the cuckoo
29623s cucko is going one the faar and Sh
29624s secures the kill for GG they're up to
29627s eight now they're looking for cxe K on
29630s the menu here for GG they're going for
29632s the MVP can they make it happen ZK loses
29636s so much HP they're going to get the
29638s knock back down as JL take out cxz from
29641s the side of klaa EG goes down that's
29643s another one for GG they're chasing for
29646s more keeping the pressure up on the ZK
29648s zk's just been juggled by GG into the
29651s Zone down he goes ZK B to Alex Sam
29656s always the Bright's made never the
29658s bright no more g g are taking everything
29662s they have nothing and they standing in
29665s their way the free man Squad obliterates
29669s everyone before them G G have done it
29672s they have finally taken the mvpl
29681s [Applause]
29687s [Music]
29692s out open your mind to do anything is
29695s possible and you can anything you want
29698s and we would like to say congratulations
29700s to team GG
29705s congratulations so now it's the time we
29708s can shouting out loud your name team GG
29711s congratulations the championship of the
29714s spring split TR game Grand Final
29719s [Music]
29727s [Music]
29731s you guys working hard to the end of the
29735s and today now you get finally get the
29742s honor and finally the championship
29745s now they are here
29750s [Music]
29755s [Music]
29759s okay so now it's the time to
29761s welcome and Su to the center of the
29766s stage one like one player just
29769s represents your team and just St your
29772s logo on
29775s our I know this time we know all the
29779s players and um audience come to mbpr and
29784s really love our game
29787s I just Pro that what is the match what
29792s is the E
29794s player tjs time for you to show the
29799s Scarrow ex stamp your
29810s [Music]
29812s logo so to be honest I think to get this
29816s honor every teammate you have to be
29819s together and finally that you can did
29822s it okay now it's
29831s time we know the logo here now on the
29834s score just like what you did your effort
29838s today for the matches so it's time for
29841s us to take the photo together and we
29843s would like to say 2024 spring split the
29848s grand final championship which is team
29853s [Music]
29862s GG ask what you want to say to your
29865s teammate you guys are really cool what
29868s about you
29870s 330 anything you want to say
29877s in the summer split we will still stand
29881s here and get the reward of the
29885s championship so now the coach I gave
29888s what you want to say to your
29891s teammate I think we need to trust our
29894s teammates just believe each other and
29897s anything just everything we can did it
29899s we can
29902s it anything you want to say to your
29907s just say to your
29909s teammate I would like to say thank you
29911s to the our like manager and our official
29915s in our team and also our coach because
29919s we know that they are not on the stage
29921s but they do a lot of effort for us and
29923s pay a
29924s lot and also we would like to say also
29928s thank to the m because everyone staff
29932s your effort so now we can have the show
29935s have the here our grand final today and
29939s also I would like to
29947s say okay we know this honor is really
29950s belong to team GG because your efforts
29954s and so it's time to welcome our special
29957s guest
29967s we know every SPL we have the different
29971s Championship here but you guys just
29973s prove yourself and well welome our 24
29976s entertainment jior manager and L
29981s [Music]
29992s chance we know you guys great job you
29996s give a
29998s of like
30005s highlight take the photo together
30020s wow okay it's time for us to Guess Who
30024s is
30032s Mr CH you can tell us who is the
30037s smvp
30039s 330 congratulations 330 you get the fmvp
30044s for the
30050s [Music]
30061s thank you Mr
30070s CH I don't know how many audience just
30074s remember I remember that one time in the
30077s post game interview and you just said
30080s yourself you are like
30083s the top one of a par in the matches and
30089s really we know pass a long time so now
30094s what you want to
30102s say we know that you have changed your
30105s teammates but you still have teammates
30109s company with you for the like different
30112s season so what you want to
30114s say I want to say thank to my
30119s teammate and what's your what's your
30122s ambition for the rest of
30123s this I like to
30126s say because of my team
30130s support I like to
30135s Championship we know it's the all time
30138s and we would like to say congratulations
30140s again who is our grand final
30143s championship they are team GG
30147s congratulations
30155s [Music]
30170s [Music]
30218s [Music]
30225s well it's not quite a bouquet catch but
30227s I think a trophy lift in the eyes of
30229s Gigi is much better always the
30231s bridesmaid never the bride narrative out
30235s of the window G G what a recovery from
30239s this team cloring their way reset after
30243s reset rebirth after rebirth grabbing all
30246s of their players having to play for
30248s Recovery losing inside realm of Yang
30251s having to play against Yang depletion
30253s managing to to play into that final
30256s Circle having to go toeto toe kill for
30258s kill against KLA who both times when we
30262s saw that overhead pan when the fight was
30264s taken outside of the the T and move into
30267s the open space K and GD were looking for
30269s the exact same thing muskets came out
30271s from these two teams and they were
30273s looking to to get those last hits K
30275s started pulling ahead of GG and then GG
30279s just able to find that insane recovery
30281s and I mean a lot of it came off of the
30283s back of the fact that they were able to
30285s defeat UG and take all of the loot that
30288s ug had and translate into immediate
30291s upgrades for the team that had nothing
30294s oh check their PayPal after this game
30297s just they literally handed all of the
30299s loot on a silver platter it was
30301s absolutely beautiful I I kind of go back
30304s to what I said after bi-weekly three
30306s when G got their first win was they had
30308s no business winning that they got almost
30311s Squad wiped once they were able to
30313s somehow recover from it then lost their
30316s star player they lost their teada and
30319s still H back once again this is the
30322s fight here versus ug where they they
30324s were able to get the golden hang sword
30326s they just came back so beautifully off
30328s the back of it
30331s andus ug as well like had just better
30334s gear they still were able to pull it off
30336s really really nice to see huge F shs and
30339s also like the anticipation understanding
30341s that te likes to go for the double jump
30343s to activate that in the air right and
30345s you can see that CGS immediately comes
30347s in with the slide uppercut to try and
30349s cut the ankles off the toada inside the
30352s mirror gets the fan you can hear the
30354s coms is going crazy off of the walls
30357s excited as GG have to lock in fur and
30360s shove into te with that charge vertical
30363s on the fan keeping up all of the
30365s pressure forcing the T High into
30367s utilizing the F1 before the followup
30369s comes through of the Merc Havoc stagger
30371s set up into another follow up from the
30373s charge vertical on that fan GG every
30377s single time that we think there's no way
30378s that this team can recover there's no
30379s way that this team can MVP they hit
30382s their stride in final Zone they are so
30385s good looking at all of that at their
30387s disposal and figuring out how to play
30389s final Zone as you can hear how much it
30393s meant to this team you could see it in
30395s their faces as they went from being so
30398s far ahead of everybody else to having to
30401s play to recover to keep up their energy
30404s when they took hit after hit after hit
30406s started sliding down the leaderboard
30408s Kaya started punching up Bower started
30410s punching up so huge congratulations to
30414s to GG the adaptations that they made
30417s today going for the timing attack on
30419s waterfall the the
30421s hp2 composition coming through with the
30424s valder health reset to get to win out
30427s and find an MVP earlier in the day
30430s really smart stuff coming through from
30432s GG where you can definitely tell they
30434s knew a Target was going to be painted on
30436s their backs if they started pulling
30437s ahead against all of these other teams
30440s prematurely and they made plans to be
30443s able to bounce back if that did happen
30446s and going to be really proud of this one
30447s player in particular Jake cuz I remember
30449s a little bit earli in the broadcast I
30451s said that my favorite trios player in
30453s all of nraa Esports was vvp and you said
30457s that free free o was one of those
30459s players that was in discussion as well
30461s and he walks away the most valuable
30464s player getting to play that Z ping for
30466s his team I might be feeling a little
30468s smug right now if I be honest with you
30470s uh I I can see your face in the camera
30473s you're not feeling a little bit about it
30475s you're feeling a lot I feeling genuinely
30478s so happy for this team because I mean me
30482s and you have been around since the
30483s beginning of of the league and this team
30485s has always been I know we keep saying it
30488s they have always just been so close and
30490s theyve never made it and then this is
30494s all of the ways to win and come back and
30496s actually take it all this was how they
30498s did it it's phenomenal it was an
30501s absolutely incredible recovery from them
30504s I am so excited to see more of GG next
30508s season um I mean there's so many good
30510s teams right now but GG just completely
30513s sold on right now they they're really
30514s really good do you know who I feel sad
30516s for now and who now I think has taken up
30518s the the GG mantle I think it's I think K
30521s the new the new bridesmaid never the
30523s bride because they they already were
30525s inos yeah they already were in solos but
30528s now they're getting it in triers but I
30531s like you I'm really interested to see
30533s how that's going to affect the the
30534s summer down in time we might see a
30536s couple roster changes going through of
30538s some of these players drifting to to
30540s other teams you heard in the interview
30541s as well G locked in for the rest of the
30543s year they said that they're going to
30545s walk away the summer Champion as well
30547s and with the way that they were playing
30548s today I would not be surprised we're
30550s definitely going to see I think a huge
30553s influence of the vda composition getting
30556s picked up by some of these other teams
30557s as we talked about JL used to be the one
30561s that everyone looked to when they absorb
30563s two of those players from te I think GG
30566s is good going to be up there as well for
30568s strategies that players adopt in terms
30570s of how to play from a disadvantage
30572s finding that recovery how to play final
30575s zones and also how to play this V
30578s composition which has shown significant
30580s strengths I think I think by summer
30583s people unless there's been like major
30584s changes I think by summer valer will be
30587s played by more than just GG this was an
30590s amazing little pocket pick for them and
30592s it was a great find that they found out
30594s oh V's really strong and no one else
30596s knows how to play it or into it really
30598s and they were able to punish a lot of
30599s people I expect by summer a few more
30602s teams would have picked this betterer up
30603s and have it in their wheelhouse I don't
30605s think it's an S tier pick by any means
30607s but I do think it's a solid a I think
30609s it's it's something which it's its value
30612s like you said comes from the fact that
30613s like it it doesn't really take away from
30616s anything else like you're first of all
30617s you're not contested on it because no
30619s one's playing the Baler yeah uh it
30621s doesn't like it's not like you're
30623s filling a karumi or a zip spot with it
30626s it's it own thing in that right uh it
30628s obviously does give you a variance of
30630s the cannibal comp that is that's the
30632s only problem is you're sharing the fair
30634s and the U with various other comps but
30637s it it seems to just be so effective and
30639s like I said GG I think it's around an
30642s 80% win rate on first r yangs with that
30645s comp they they are really really clean
30647s with it so I'm sure during the off time
30649s between spring and summer we'll see more
30651s and more teams uh picking up this valer
30654s and getting the practice in on it
30655s because it just just looks absolutely
30658s incredible um I'm very excited to see
30660s what next season looks like uh my eyes
30662s very much peeled on K at the moment um I
30665s think while Gigi got that win I'm very
30667s happy for them I do think it's always
30669s cool to see the teams who are like the
30671s upand comers I would hardly count JL as
30673s an upand Comer they got two former world
30675s champions on them they're stacked as
30677s hell honestly they were the favorites or
30678s one of the favorites to win this whole
30680s season so eyes on them in that sense but
30682s I wouldn't say they're an upand Comer I
30683s feel like K definitely J G like what
30688s what a what an incredible comeback from
30690s them really really solid stuff and uh I
30693s definitely got my eyes on them going
30694s into summer as
30696s well unfortunately we're going to be
30698s closing our eyes Jake CU we got the the
30701s full shebang we did get eight games we
30704s both wanted to see it Go the absolute
30705s distance go the absolute distance it did
30708s until final Zone claps we did not know
30710s who was going to be walking away lifting
30712s that trophy huge congratulations to GG
30715s but unfortunately that all the time that
30717s we have for the spring split it has been
30720s an absolute pleasure as always to get to
30722s bring you all the action thank you so
30724s much everyone in chat I hope that your
30727s account was connected so that you have
30729s the drop progress because that is it
30731s your opportunity has now been closed uh
30734s Jake any parting words of wisdom before
30737s we sign off and Say Goodbye until summer
30741s uh I love this game man it's so good
30743s honestly mbpl always delivers these
30745s finals this new format is amazing summer
30748s is going to slap we will see you there
30750s good night guys
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