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3s Direction
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15s foreign
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44s um
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87s all right
90s [Music]
105s thank you
108s hello
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132s foreign
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151s foreign
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194s thank you
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243s [Music]
276s there is no point to this Viper
282s you've spent too long fighting Mortals
284s in a forgotten Hutch but I am no
287s immortal
292s your anxious
295s [Music]
300s but it is time to accept your fate
304s daughter
305s you're not my mother you're a monster oh
309s ungrateful
313s honor for I allowed to serve me in death
317s as in life
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323s Viper
325s who is this test Justina goob Winter's
327s Grace
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351s not that girlfriend said let's finish
354s this
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375s yes
426s thank you
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1178s together
1197s um
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1247s coming out here with the long sword oh
1250s my God he changes it up
1253s [Music]
1258s I didn't even try to respond T225 is
1261s first part as a pink ultimate and today
1263s is going to release that RB charge off
1264s the dual blades in the back end into the
1266s air r b and that's gonna do it for
1268s himself he is gonna pick up that elim
1277s now might be caught up he's doing a
1279s really good job staying mobile but you
1281s want and on in that taco ultimate Farm
1283s looks like he's gonna be caught out he's
1284s gonna come in high with a big Ferry I'll
1286s take
1290s [Music]
1292s first and blue staff and you got to be
1295s careful because he does have that weapon
1296s swap combo in hand right now the f is
1298s forced out of mic now a spider trying to
1301s get the opening there does not get the
1303s pair he does get illuminated by spider
1304s but spider's still in the mix here now
1306s it gets T225 the V3 forced out for T225
1309s now the clink comes in spider now trying
1311s to find an opening for himself let's go
1313s for the Perry the lmb charge release
1314s Here off the stab does get some damage
1316s onto the spider there two two five now
1317s trying to lay down some more damage onto
1319s spider spiders gonna blink up with a
1321s nice big bear
1329s get shredded Again by Rexy Rexy trying
1332s to hold the fork down beautiful Perry on
1334s to Rexy the question is is he gonna be
1336s able to hold the momentum and keep the
1337s elimination here he's gonna be able to
1339s keep the rotation all the way Clear goes
1341s for the heel drives them together pops
1343s him with another
1344s [Music]
1352s um
1372s foreign
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1438s thank you
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1517s thank you
1521s yo cholan
1527s I waited yeah
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1650s thank you
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1669s foreign
1673s [Music]
1688s there is no point to this Viper
1694s you've spent too long fighting Mortals
1697s in a forgotten Hutch and I am no
1699s immortal
1703s s
1705s [Music]
1713s but it is time to accept your fake sweet
1716s daughter
1717s you're not my mother you're a monster oh
1722s ungrateful
1725s it is an honor for I allowed to serve me
1728s in death as in life
1733s [Music]
1735s Viper
1737s and who is this Justina group Winter's
1740s Grace
1743s foreign
1746s [Music]
1756s [Music]
1765s let's finish this
1787s goodness
1822s thank you
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1858s thank you
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2164s you know what I don't think that advert
2166s is ever gonna get old nor stop me from
2168s getting hyped up as it is going to be
2170s the bi-weekly two or day one of truths
2174s I've got Moxie I have the absolute
2176s pleasure of being here alongside Dunkin
2177s Donuts as we get to bring you all of the
2180s action and get to see some of our really
2182s top groups back into play after what was
2184s a surprising well let's leave a little
2187s bit of a pin in that one a surprising
2189s bi-weekly finals from a couple of these
2192s groups uh and teams that definitely have
2194s something to prove heading into this
2196s week
2197s oh no absolutely thank you again for
2200s casting would be very excited to be here
2202s I'm very excited to be uh seeing what
2204s we've got today KLA coming out on top
2207s last week I don't think they're gonna be
2208s playing today sadly but uh definitely
2211s got some other good teams in today te
2214s gonna be uh gonna be an exciting pick to
2217s watch today I'm very very interested to
2220s see what they're gonna be bringing out
2221s this week
2222s um I have
2225s what do you think they're going to be
2226s bringing out this week do you think
2227s there's gonna be much different from
2228s last week I I don't think it's going to
2230s be it will not too much yeah I I think
2232s we're still going to see the same
2234s compositions come through obviously that
2236s pacific room composition of Monk
2237s Rivera's insanely strong at the moment
2240s just because of how hard it can be to
2242s bust through uh something that we did
2244s see last week however was an adjustment
2246s in terms of running a Yoto heavy
2248s composition instead of a Decatur on dusk
2251s Maps so that you could actually take
2253s advantage of the amount of fireflies
2254s something that J teams started
2256s pioneering uh with a Decatur composition
2258s all the way back in 2022 which I can see
2261s why it actually is preferred for the
2262s Yoda composition though since we've had
2264s this Dynamic shift in the Euro
2266s composition doesn't really do so on to
2267s final Zone A lot of these teams want to
2270s be able to get the Yodo ultimates and
2271s the Viper ultimates up as much as
2273s possible when they're able to play
2274s around the map where they can pick up
2276s those fireflies but building into early
2278s games that they can then bring that
2279s momentum into final Zone as opposed to
2282s the Decatur which sees a lot of value
2284s all the way through and doesn't really
2286s push you into picking up those fireflies
2288s as often as you had previously now that
2290s it said with something like a zip who
2292s just sustains them into that final zone
2294s so you can come with your ultimate and
2295s please how everyone plays around their
2297s positionings
2300s no absolutely
2301s um another reason though uh that's very
2304s very important to note with Yoto being
2306s picked up it is inherently very strong
2308s into other Transformers being able to
2310s stagger them down you can burst them
2311s down with long saw wind slashes try and
2314s melt them as fast as possible
2316s um alongside the value and end game
2318s which is very very important to note
2320s um we have the inherent sort of counter
2323s towards Decatur if decade is being
2325s played and Yoto is there to prevent him
2328s from doing what he wants to do prevent
2330s him from using his demonic blades to
2332s stagger the enemy and um and melt them
2336s with Blues
2337s um she's able to be there and peel for
2339s her teammates as well as being able to
2341s always cancel her ultimate
2343s um before having used up all of it and
2345s be able to save rage and save it up for
2347s the next fight
2349s um so I think
2351s if you've been seeing do you remember if
2353s it was yoto's alongside
2356s um Viper wuchen the original it was it
2358s was the original
2360s conversation yeah no this this com
2363s definitely I think we're gonna be seeing
2365s a lot of young Griefers a lot of people
2368s looking to prevent other teams from
2370s entering the Yang portals and uh trying
2373s to pick up maybe one kill and forcing an
2375s ALT out of them
2377s um and maybe making it maybe catching
2379s one as maybe a straggler is being left
2382s behind they managed to pick up a free
2384s kill the other two people end up dying
2387s in Yang in the 2v3 and then they they
2389s can potentially Camp the soul authors
2391s and look to pick up another couple kills
2393s or wait until they've uh they've raised
2396s the person and then pick up the uh all
2398s the kills for themselves and securing
2400s those low effort kills yeah one thing
2403s actually that we were getting to see was
2405s actually kurumi braless being used to uh
2408s stun out the people and knock them back
2410s from being able to enter the Gate of
2412s Yang slight thing to note however with
2414s te being in play we did see a player
2418s interview and a lot of RT team
2419s interviews when we had the bi-weekly
2421s final day and everyone was saying well
2422s we're worried about te because of that
2424s gate of Yang just fight wins that
2427s percentage was something like 100 until
2429s that day where I believe it was GD were
2431s able to actually beat them instead of
2432s Gator Yang and as a result a lot of
2435s teams just for one scared of Young's
2437s entirely and this is actually something
2439s I wanted to pick your brain about
2440s because giraffeine have had a huge
2443s impact on this game right they've
2445s changed up the pacing entirely a lot of
2447s these teams that had to really push for
2449s more blessings were able to come in with
2451s compositions that uh veered back towards
2453s that kurumi away from that Timmy being
2456s able to just use the ultimate to lock
2458s people down in place that you could
2459s guarantee a box grab to remove obvious
2462s he was able to just use her ultimate and
2464s the umbrella keeping up her monk but
2467s also allowing her to teleport inside and
2469s outside of that Tammy ultimate and thus
2471s diminishing his impact now however we're
2474s seeing a lot of teams forego the gates
2476s entirely and look to group The Soul
2479s altars something that we've seen have a
2481s little bit of success doing but now that
2485s another shift has come through with some
2487s teams just not going for the gates and
2489s everyone trying to creep the soul altars
2491s the one team that does make a play gets
2493s a free buff and everybody else just sits
2496s around waiting for someone to come out
2497s of the Soul altar that never appears and
2499s they waste a good three minutes not just
2501s in terms of folding up alternate but
2503s also better positioning into that late
2505s game do you think that this is the right
2506s play or do you feel like they should
2508s once again proactively look to the
2509s fights
2511s well see the problem is is that they
2515s they are very aware at this point that
2517s other teams especially those Attack on
2519s Titan uh Titan Titan the Yoto
2523s um Viper and wuchen comms are all going
2526s to be lurking around the gates of Yang
2528s looking to prevent people from going in
2530s like it's very simple as well you you
2532s simply just throw down the Yoto F3 on
2535s top of the Yang portal and people
2537s literally just let me in and just
2541s bouncing off the blade and they uh they
2543s end up having to use their cooldowns and
2545s they just they just can't go in so
2547s the because Yang inherently is already a
2551s high risk higher reward if you're not if
2554s you haven't stored some soul blooms away
2556s in the forest or something and you can
2558s you you're risking death really you the
2561s reward is massive gold gold weapons the
2565s buff
2566s um Soul Jades are all very very
2568s important
2569s um but it's it's still a risk so if
2573s there are now people making it even more
2575s risky to attempt to do this I feel like
2577s it is a reasonably good idea
2579s um to depending on your team confort of
2582s avoid these kind of scenarios
2584s um one thing that you said with karumi
2586s her being able to teleport in and out of
2588s the tomoko one really handy thing about
2591s kurumi umbrella tether is that if one if
2594s you attach your tether to one of your
2596s teammates before they enter the Yang and
2598s then they go through you can then
2600s teleport to them when they're already in
2602s the Yang which is very handy
2604s um so not all three members have to
2606s really get in immediate at least who can
2608s get in and the other teleports in but
2610s still a risk to be taken it definitely
2612s depends on um
2614s on team Ponto because if you
2617s like if you're running Attack on Titan
2619s you're looking to agree because then
2620s yeah realistically you're not having
2622s you're not gonna have as much power as
2625s some of these other compositions the Wu
2627s Chen ultimate sort of the value is
2630s pretty much negated unless you use it
2632s immediately to get the attack buff
2635s um so because that composition is still
2637s being played still being seen quite a
2639s bit it means that teams are now
2641s apprehensive which I think is safe and
2643s it's a good idea when it comes to
2645s qualifying for bi-weekly finals and that
2648s sort of thing
2649s um not taking risks and that sort of and
2651s what have you I mean it depends it's
2654s it's hard to say it could we could
2656s potentially actually see teams baiting
2659s the grief I think that might be
2661s something that we see it's also very
2663s dependent on loot paths and hunting
2665s paths being able to hit certain timings
2667s throughout the game to be able to hit
2670s these third parties knowing whether
2672s people like to fight I mean all these
2673s players they fight together in ranks so
2676s they're very aware of other other teams
2679s looting paths Tendencies and they
2681s they've done the work they've done the
2683s homework to be able to know exactly
2685s where other teams are likely to be in
2687s certain times of the game
2688s So speaking of homework it feels like
2692s we're actually going to get to be able
2693s to have a little bit of a session with
2696s one of the players so let's have a look
2698s and see what exactly the skill mix that
2700s they've been cooking up on the other
2701s side
2706s okay
2714s [Music]
2724s um
2735s foreign
2745s [Music]
2750s Ty
2761s do you send me back
2775s oh yeah foreign
2821s [Music]
2832s the city
2846s foreign
2850s foreign
2855s there we go that was a couple of
2858s highlights from our bi-weekly finals
2860s which was a couple of days ago and I
2861s have to say a lot of surprises but
2864s really nice to see that te are actually
2865s looking to themselves they're taking
2867s accountability for that performance
2869s because even though they did rank within
2871s the top 10 it was as they said
2873s themselves and confessed off of the
2876s point that they were already bringing in
2877s they started off the day at something
2878s like a 52.7 lead because of just the
2882s record-breaking performance that they
2884s had on day three of the regular week one
2886s and the fact that they only managed
2888s described together something like 40
2890s points for all six games is definitely
2893s something to still look and fix for this
2896s team
2897s um no absolutely um they you mean 46 in
2900s the last five after they're 52 because I
2903s think they I'm looking at it now they
2905s had 97.6 at the end of the day so
2907s although I mean they're still they still
2910s came out fifth the the top the top seven
2913s were all reasonably close I mean KLA
2916s coming out on top with a pretty
2918s substantial lead over the second place
2919s with an extra 13 points or so but second
2923s to seventh as I can see here all within
2926s around there well within 11.6 points
2930s yeah it was it was so close throughout
2933s the day like throughout that last game
2935s we literally had Face camera reactions
2937s from KLA waiting to see whether or not
2939s teens would be able to overtake them
2941s because in that last game almost every
2943s single team that was within the top five
2945s went out super early and so Kayla were
2949s just forced to watch there were I
2951s believe it was the second or third team
2952s that went out in game number six so they
2956s just had to wait in see whether or not
2958s one of the other teams who were towards
2960s the lower end of the leaderboard will
2961s ever win and their wishes were granted
2963s it came down to GG vs xcg two teams that
2966s had no hope of being able to put
2968s together enough points to be able to
2969s overtake Klo
2971s hmm no yeah they and they definitely xcg
2974s although they didn't have the best games
2977s throughout the day their first game of
2978s the day last week in the finals of 47.7
2981s a substantial game I think it was the
2984s only the second highest scoring point
2985s game of the day
2988s um then second third fourth and fifth
2992s game already like below 10 points so not
2996s that much but they ended up coming back
2997s with a 30-point game in this in their
2999s final game of the day and securing that
3002s top eight
3003s um position for themselves so they
3006s redeemed themselves at the end of the
3008s day and I'm looking at looking to see a
3010s little bit more consistency from them
3011s today hopefully
3013s um two zero point games it it happens I
3017s mean we're all human everyone makes
3018s everyone has bad games everyone makes
3020s mistakes
3022s we can't we can't be perfect
3025s but uh definitely a little bit more
3027s consistent let's see uh coming out from
3029s xcg would be nice to see
3031s um especially at this highest level of
3033s play
3034s um but what do we have here we have
3036s first two games seem to be daytime Maps
3040s I think the first game today RSL is
3044s gonna be a morning map bit foggy you're
3046s going wreckage be proud be prepared to
3048s not be able to see very much
3051s um but uh yeah I I what do you think
3053s we're gonna be seeing in the first game
3055s today
3056s I mean I'm guessing it's going to be a
3057s lot of monks that is what we typically
3059s tend to see as both of these all of
3061s these teams try and sort of settle in if
3062s you're comfortable monk is the
3064s composition that has the least amount of
3066s risks I feel to it as well just because
3069s of the fact that you know you can really
3071s trust and being able to come in find
3072s those kills Look to set up that Rhythm
3074s as we can have a look at some of these
3077s teams GD one of them we've played
3079s compositions is in fact the traditional
3082s monk composition this is something that
3084s a lot of teams have actually been
3085s running we thought maybe the farrier
3087s muck would come through but it feels
3089s like te and other teams have been able
3091s to sort of pioneer and show that not
3094s just running that Pacific Rim
3096s composition is the way forward and if
3098s you sort of retreat back towards a more
3100s traditional monk composition to start
3102s off the day you can save your hero
3104s points because remember the first
3106s composition that you play is free so it
3108s does make sense that you want to come up
3110s with your strongest composition out of
3112s the gate
3113s absolutely um I completely agree that it
3116s is very likely that we're going to be
3118s seeing a lot of safe picks with these
3120s traditional Transformers
3122s um making sure that they're not going
3124s they're not pushing the boat too far out
3126s sticking to what they know and that sort
3128s of thing I mean here we have a pretty
3130s solid composition here with farrier F3
3133s to mold and monk another comp that was
3135s we've been starting to see a little bit
3137s more uh play extremely powerful the F3
3141s from Ferrier having that silence gold
3143s Focus the tamolcaf and they're
3146s combination and their their their
3148s Synergy being able to lock down targets
3150s and completely melt them with crossbows
3155s um but one thing that we have to
3157s consider though that I always like to
3159s talk about is that although there are
3161s people who are going to be playing it
3162s safe today
3164s or at least not in at least in the first
3166s game there are always those teams that
3169s think okay we have all these all these
3172s other teams playing safe what if we get
3174s really ugly and just go hard out of the
3177s gate so
3179s one thing that I I also have noted is
3182s that juggernauts which is uh Takeda
3185s zipping and Matari
3187s does pretty well on daytime Maps where
3191s fireflies aren't available readily to
3194s all the Transformer cons and making it
3196s so that they can essentially hunt these
3199s Transformer comps in their time in their
3201s timings where they don't have odds
3203s available and making it much less
3205s difficult for them to pick up kills so I
3208s imagine that we might end up seeing a
3210s couple a couple aggressive compositions
3213s coming out of the game
3215s um but as you say it is it is pretty
3217s likely that we'll see the majority month
3220s compositions people like to stay safe
3222s first game it's it's their comfort pick
3224s they don't want to get too crazy they
3227s don't they want to get a solid
3228s consistent point game off the rip
3231s because if you come out the gate and you
3234s don't do all that well in the first game
3236s it can be rather hard to recover
3238s mentally as a player it's very very
3240s difficult to make sure that you stay
3242s focused and you stay positive and you
3245s don't tilt of the face both of your
3248s first game
3249s um but we'll have to see I'm I'm
3252s assuming we're going to be seeing the
3253s compositions coming up very shortly but
3255s um yeah as you say man comes and I think
3258s maybe a couple ooglers in the mix
3261s um perhaps an attack on Titan com
3264s perhaps the the composition still does
3266s pretty well into traditional
3267s Transformers
3269s um although it doesn't have the power
3271s and yang as we said it can be very
3274s effective griefing those other teams
3276s looking to go into the Yang portal
3278s um so I don't know I'm I'm excited I
3281s guess let's see some in the racket
3284s um yeah I'm excited let's see some
3286s Market we will be seeing some naraka in
3288s in about a minute and a half more than
3290s likely as we can have a look at some of
3292s these teams have a look at how they're
3294s adjusting once again to being back on
3295s that stage not really giving much away
3297s in terms of game faces at the moment
3299s like you said it's very early on in the
3301s day as we tend to go through some of
3303s these games especially slipping towards
3305s that later half
3306s does become a little bit more apparent
3309s in terms of how players are feeling and
3311s like you said that does have a massive
3312s impact in terms of how they game because
3315s if you don't have the confidence to be
3316s able to win the 1v1s you're not really
3319s going to be taking those fights in the
3321s gate of Yang and instead you are going
3322s to have to switch strategy to griefing
3324s those players who do come off the salt
3326s as punishing the fact that they have a
3328s four minute timer and if they don't
3330s manage to pick up at least one Soul
3331s Bloom for one of their players they are
3333s going to be out of the lobby entirely
3335s something that we're seeing a lot of
3337s teams really take advantage of looking
3339s like you said to grief though so Alters
3341s especially because of just how powerful
3343s Tammy was is at the moment a lot of the
3345s time when a demi wasp comes down it's a
3347s death sentence and sometimes we see some
3350s teams just not really willing to
3352s sacrifice One play it's really
3354s interesting that sometimes like
3355s especially these monk compositions if
3358s when they're out of ultimates after
3359s they've tried to disengage a fight one
3362s time maybe that one of their players
3363s will get tracked down and they'll
3365s sacrifice something like the you that
3367s was his traditional role right he would
3368s all to cover the monk dropping out of
3370s that art form and pull people away with
3373s his ultimate and then if things go a
3375s little bit too bad to be able to keep
3377s yourself in that fight you would use
3379s those leaps disengage and draw and bait
3381s so that only one player goes down as
3383s opposed to two that's not really
3385s something we've seen when players get
3387s caught up by telling lips a lot of the
3388s time teams Rush forward to try and peel
3390s that position for their players and as a
3393s result we saw teams like wbg just get
3395s ripped apart within moments unless we
3397s can have a look at absolutely the
3399s compositions that come through in just a
3401s moment like you said it is going to be
3402s one of those daytime lapse Morris I'll
3404s Dawn so we are going to be seeing a
3406s couple of the juggernauts coming through
3407s however a lot of traditional monk
3409s compositions coming out as well yeah
3412s we've got the we've got the one the xcg
3414s ooglers I love it let's go we've got the
3417s juggernauts coming out off the rip
3419s unless they change last minute we've got
3421s the traditional Transformers as he said
3423s very very safe and traditional Perkins
3426s in the name and then we've got Attack on
3428s Titan another staple composition that
3431s we've been seeing we've seen time and
3433s time again we know how sprung it is we
3435s know how safe it is as well
3437s um and it looks like a pretty even
3440s match-up between the Transformers and
3442s the the attack on Titan what do we have
3445s here one two three four five
3448s one two three four five six so a bit
3453s more no seven in terms of Monk columns
3455s we have seven man comes so the Yodas are
3459s gonna have their work cut out for them
3461s um being at the uh in the minority here
3464s but I definitely think that if we see if
3467s we happen to see a tree end game with
3470s little open space we will definitely be
3472s seeing these Attack on Titan bombs
3474s coming out on top of the leaderboard
3476s this game but let's have a look at the
3477s map here what do we have no wreckage
3479s okay no foggy there's no fogginess we do
3483s have a Minds game I might no one's
3485s Landing Minds though oh no wait it's not
3486s in the zone okay fair enough
3489s no one's letting celestra it's probably
3492s the biggest surprise no one is
3495s fighting really like off the rip one
3498s team's going towards secret tunnel makes
3500s sense you're running that composition if
3501s you're trying to run over the Yodo or
3503s the monk you do want to get those
3504s fireflies as quickly as possible but
3506s they are going to be uncontested which
3509s is very interesting because the last
3510s times we've seen teams actually run into
3512s secret uh tunnel immediately off the rip
3514s it's always been two teams and it's
3516s always been a Scramble for those players
3518s who can find the trolls first as we can
3520s have a look oh Eugene te before they've
3523s even been able to try and pick up any
3524s loot immediately going Toe to Toe t-e's
3527s txj has been able to pick themselves up
3529s blue nunchucks but they're just not
3530s getting the time to be able to use them
3532s that's the scourish out of that fight
3534s and then engage back on through trying
3536s to cover for that teammates oud let's
3538s lock down one of these players there's
3540s that yodel F making it even harder
3541s forcing to actually to Grapple up onto
3543s those roofs we'll be able to use the app
3546s one okay gets the engagement on to oud's
3550s SS off of it though and as a result is
3552s able to turn that fight around normally
3555s we don't see the F1 come through from
3557s the Yodo te using that very aggressively
3560s but they are able to turn the fight
3562s because of it and lyd is actually able
3564s to find some purple armor too so we can
3566s have a look at xcg and jl's one thing
3569s who look like they've been spottedly
3572s Xing hand is going to be able to see
3573s that graph will come through he doesn't
3575s really have the loot at the moment to
3577s properly be able to challenge it as te
3580s by a very early Moon spin we'll likely
3582s be using it to lock down other players
3584s positions if they run into a fight that
3586s they don't want to take
3588s absolutely
3589s absolutely one one thing though that um
3591s as you said with the F1 Yoto I mean
3595s I I was I was flabbergasted when I
3598s thought when I saw it initially f 3 Yoto
3601s is quite frankly one of the strongest
3602s abilities in in in trios because it
3606s allows to allows your team to have so
3608s much neutral pressure and be able to uh
3611s fight in small spaces gaining prior
3614s sending it out those balloons
3615s willy-nilly
3617s um
3617s but more on that in the second I think
3619s we might be seeing an engage here
3621s a huge loot disparency between these
3623s teams the juggernon also just don't seem
3625s to care about oh my God actually geez
3628s cicada taking a huge amount of damage no
3630s ultimate to speak I'm just getting taken
3632s down this feels a bit ambitious
3635s xcg oh no this is not what you want to
3638s be doing oh
3640s oh no no ultimates no real armor to
3645s speak of and they just
3647s they just I mean we said they were
3650s getting ugly but there's ugly and then
3652s there's a sum up
3654s come on now boys they've now essentially
3656s just given JL a huge Head Start in this
3659s game two purple armor is a substantial
3662s amount of money to be able to buy Jades
3664s with rolling J's being a huge importance
3668s in the Mortal War being able to uh to
3671s know that every Jade that you roll is
3672s gonna be purple or higher
3675s um and securing those kind of Jades
3676s early as possible allow you to pick up
3679s all the kills that you want and here we
3681s are back to te with the F1 Yoto
3685s looks like they're trying to lock down
3687s this yusha I'm getting the silence onto
3689s him pop in the Yota wall
3691s Fusion are unable to move
3694s get off me Moonbeam coming down I think
3696s this is a one fight for team here
3700s gotta be surely but Casey is still gonna
3702s try and fight her they use that kurumi
3704s ultimate allowing the monk to be able to
3706s transform up and look for the Gramps not
3708s that the Yoda waltzman has run out it's
3710s easy te rather don't really have that
3712s ability to be able to burst through this
3714s Monk's Health but the karumial is gone
3715s and they're still sitting in the middle
3717s of that veins where Afghan is having to
3719s actually try and just disengage that he
3721s doesn't take that damage from the AOE as
3724s te are able to stop themselves from
3726s getting double grabbed look for the
3728s disengagement so that the monk form runs
3730s out and then immediately double back but
3732s here comes the third party wolves sorrow
3734s looks to make that engagement is TE
3737s still in the middle of that beans back
3738s it's gonna be running out in the second
3739s bench you're using that Cannon just to
3741s be able to buy that last drag of Rage to
3743s build the ultimate as we're gonna see
3746s the Witch and TP te are able to connect
3748s it on to the Fallen member as well on to
3750s txj's can to be able to look for that
3753s reposition benshu however did not
3756s actually throw in the ultimate he find
3757s that kill off of the cannon shot so
3759s we'll can still try to track down where
3762s that team has ran to in fact it looks
3764s like they might be heading towards that
3765s bounty to try and connect it onto te to
3768s be able to track this team's position
3769s down as to eat very wisely not going to
3773s stick around looking to lengthen that
3775s distance between them and wolves so the
3777s Bounty Falls onto another team and it
3780s becomes hard to track te and they have a
3782s little bit more time to be able to build
3783s those alts back up absolutely the uh the
3787s although the the Viper and the Yoto both
3790s have their ultimates available not
3792s having that Wu Chen teleport
3795s um not having it up is is always a big
3797s risk to take being able to know that you
3799s have this sort of safety blanket this
3802s get this get me out card
3805s um ready to go at a moment's notice if
3807s something goes wrong
3809s um is is I mean it's you need it
3811s essentially if you're playing safe and
3813s you're looking to get as many kills as
3814s possible but maintaining
3817s um like a good Tempo and not getting too
3821s too excited
3823s um you need that we channel to be up
3825s um but yeah the moon brain there
3827s getting extremely aggressive here te
3829s definitely
3831s looking to come out of the gate and the
3834s gate swinging today with the traditional
3837s spawn them like known for this spawn
3840s this cave here with the fireflies I call
3842s it the fbx drop I always go here
3844s fireflies Tucker enjoy we love to see it
3847s or at least some of us do man
3850s um but yeah the uh the Moonbeam purchase
3852s the the lockdown of the neutron making
3855s sure that he's not able to pop that
3857s ultimate preventing the Viper's done all
3859s the damage it up should've come through
3860s and just wiping out the team
3863s it doesn't I don't I can't see exactly
3865s six kills the start of the day and it's
3868s gonna be a great feeling for them being
3870s able to come out swinging on the in the
3873s first game and be able to go out the
3876s rest of the day knowing that they've
3877s already secured a pretty solid lead and
3880s well at least as long as they don't
3883s throw it away here they are gonna be uh
3886s they're taking it they're playing smart
3889s they're not looking to get to ooga booga
3891s as we saw since they are disengaging
3894s even though they have two adults
3895s available they don't have one Shin to
3897s get them
3899s I wonder if that adjustment as well to
3901s the yodels F1 free and instead of taking
3905s that F1 is another sign of that Dynamic
3908s shift between this composition wanting
3910s to find as many kills as possible for
3911s early game just because you know you
3914s can't look for those fights in Gate of
3915s Yang and is that you have triang group
3917s The Soul Alters
3919s like it allows you to be a lot more
3921s proactive in terms of that early phases
3923s my man unfortunately not going to be
3925s able to proactively engage onto the
3927s retreating backs of OC we were able to
3930s land that shot onto the Viper and stop
3932s that grapple from being able to connect
3934s further allowing beta to move a little
3936s bit faster the Bounty is still going to
3939s be giving that position away however run
3941s better or just taking their time slowly
3942s but surely
3944s moving around with the dual blades not
3946s taking actually a moment to repair the
3947s bow they don't want to give OC any more
3949s time to be able to build up further
3951s distance as it is not going to become
3953s that tree phase now when on the Viper
3956s does have the ultimate wants potentially
3958s to look but that engagement onto a team
3960s especially if it's up against the
3961s Transformer composition for the alt to
3964s be there and charge up and then drop
3966s from the tree so that you prevent as
3968s much time as possible for it to be
3970s canceled out as we can have a look at
3972s how the gates are spawning Alliance it
3974s feels is going to immediately Veer
3977s towards Sun Wings barrier and xcg about
3979s to try and spot uh Spa over one Juventus
3983s and J team however is going to be a very
3986s interesting Showdown whether or not we
3988s are going to see that composition come
3990s through from some of these yodos looking
3993s to put a little bit more pressure in
3995s some of these Transformer compositions
3996s there's the kurumi tablet from J team
3998s very early on as the gate goes through J
4001s team looking to be in that forward
4002s position might just be able to take it
4004s in fact Eagle is actually going to body
4007s block it he uses the monk transformation
4009s and crapside any player looking to push
4012s through juventus's pixel gets grabbed
4015s out and j-team have played in it another
4017s strategy into stunting players positions
4020s here you go with that faster
4022s transformation is going to be out of it
4024s a lot faster than pixel but pixel's
4026s health is dropping at a staggering speed
4028s kurumi ultimate trying to keep himself
4031s up Eagles pushed out of pixels but that
4034s just pushes him back into his own teams
4036s fixes looking for the grab remember Jay
4039s team are looking to disengage but eagle
4041s gets picked out before the grapple can
4043s allow him safe passage and as a result
4045s pixel will find a slam doesn't manage to
4047s find a second onto ZK but J Timo being
4050s hunted down Juventus not allowing them
4053s to be able to escape this engagement now
4055s trying to push on forward 101 10 coming
4057s in with the UE ultimate to cover for his
4060s team and will be able to whip the space
4062s daggers connect onto the there's all
4064s vent if you were converging on the two
4067s remaining members of je team and Allied
4069s themselves to become a little bit too
4071s much of a target for the UE space dagger
4074s both of them caught by the UE ultimate
4076s on what could have been a really rough
4077s position is turned around by J team
4080s they've been able to find free picks as
4082s well as now starting to head towards
4084s some of those outer edges of the Zone
4085s looking for that recovery but also
4087s looking to see whether or not a team
4089s that loses that gate fight is going to
4092s take my biggest pet peeve at the moment
4094s dunking donuts which is heading to
4097s assault altar away from Central belts so
4100s that you don't run into griefing because
4102s that massively eats into your time bank
4105s speaking of hello Gigi that's exactly
4108s what they just did
4111s uh no absolutely I
4114s I mean oh perhaps okay perhaps so you
4118s give them this perhaps they opted to
4120s spawn here since they knew that the
4122s other teams have been fighting outside
4124s of Yang and they they Scout after having
4127s come out in Seoul form and see that
4129s these bodies are lying there and they
4131s ought to try and go over there pick up
4133s some some of the some of the the
4136s remainder what was left behind but aw
4138s here versus JL ping toe having popped
4141s the marker getting the grab on the thing
4143s can they it doesn't look like they can
4146s melt them down but they managed to get
4147s the blue Focus after the slam
4149s but I'm forced to pop the ultimate here
4151s trying to do what he can
4155s the yods are here by managing to get out
4157s of the ultimate and the Wu Chen manages
4160s to Port them away to safety Yoto still
4163s having ultimate available but this team
4165s is not looking to look back at all that
4168s they're gonna there's no get me out I
4171s mean they kind of have to because they
4174s committed free ultimates into that fight
4176s yeah getting third-party by a by a red
4179s buff Yankee xcg coming in the
4183s juggernauts having this recovered hugely
4186s after their initial blunder at the
4188s beginning of the game blue and purple
4189s arm was gang buff gold pole so let's go
4193s looks like AOW Zone Zone Wukong he's
4197s gonna be taken down
4199s a cheeky little kill as well as true
4202s thong as well two kills
4204s oh
4208s oh to eat have spotted them out and
4210s actually we are actually sandwiched at
4211s the moment between OC who have control
4213s of the lifter they can't really back out
4216s there's TD's engagement the F1 that's
4218s Lee shanghen straight away from their
4220s team isolates them from the pack so T
4223s he's vvv can come through with a clean
4225s Viper ultimate it is gonna be a squad
4228s wipe what looks like from the side of
4230s xcg remember they are going to stay in
4231s the lobby given that they're still
4233s rocking that familiar Bird's might but
4235s osino coming with that potential third
4237s party te don't really get the luxury
4240s that xcg have at the moment they can't
4242s stay in that fight that's why we're
4243s seeing the witchen TP come through
4245s because they didn't go through one of
4247s those Gates of Yang they didn't pick up
4248s that Vermillion bird so they are going
4250s to nope straight on out of that one as
4253s we can see waiting in the wings a lot of
4254s these teams JL has seen an engagement
4257s going on and they've decided to raise
4259s their head above the power pet whether
4261s or not they can snipe out one of those
4263s players but you've still got the Euro
4265s ultimate two Jiang Nan just going into
4267s the zone to be able to die and respawn
4270s with the rest of the team before that
4272s buff falls off wolves unfortunately
4274s didn't have a Vermillion Birds might so
4277s they might just be out of the lobby for
4279s good but it did feel like one of them
4282s was able to find this
4284s I think it's possible that he's died to
4286s the Zone deliberately wolves as you said
4288s I don't think they did have the rebirth
4292s um from realm of Yang so perhaps he is
4294s the Wolves died in the realm of Yang and
4297s has opted to try and die in the zone and
4300s then allow one of his teammates to
4301s potentially buy him back
4303s um however is gone though
4309s crying all he can because the no avail
4312s getting taken down into the Zone by J
4314s team traditional Transformers
4316s sitting on six kills a pretty solid spot
4319s to be in at this time of the game
4321s Alliance though topping the leaderboard
4323s alongside te 7.7 Points each Jay team
4328s close behind so two traditional
4331s Transformers at the top of the
4332s leaderboard an attack on Titan and an
4334s xcg not far behind with their Juggernaut
4337s Pig I'm still rather surprised that they
4339s managed to come back into the game
4340s having made their blunder in celestra
4343s and then to turn up later on the game
4345s with young boss and have a look at
4349s wolves oh they're pulling a GG
4352s they're all going into design and they
4355s were arresting each other
4356s yes
4358s yes wait it's not quite it's not quite
4360s the GG it's not quite the Sun for like
4363s 16 but the problem for them is that our
4366s OC are currently hunting stragglers and
4369s they are going to see wolves
4372s they've been spotted JL as well are
4375s going to be close nearby so even if
4377s those are able to survive this
4379s wolves have one choice but to head away
4383s the problem is they don't head towards
4384s JL they had further out of their way so
4388s they're not going to be able to run OC
4390s into a potential third party and throw
4391s attention off of them that way benju
4393s goes down sacrificed to try and save the
4396s remaining member there's OC now are
4399s actually taking that fight against JL JL
4401s saw the opportunity for a third party
4403s and have saved wolves Slayer gets the
4407s Viper ultimate drops out of the monk
4408s form to try and drop away from that
4410s stagger but as a result his helper is
4412s immediately diminished and JL will be
4415s able to pick up a very quick Fight Win
4418s as OC unfortunately but a little bit too
4421s much attention towards just chasing down
4423s those members of walls they saw two
4424s stragglers saw an easy meal and as a
4427s result they're the ones that end up
4429s getting devoured instead wolves by the
4431s way still in this still got one player
4433s as there's that adjustment that I was
4435s telling you about before broadcast teams
4437s just not wanting to take the Gate of
4439s Yang fights one team walks through and
4441s picks up everything for absolute free
4446s grief
4451s win is here getting a free Yang buff
4454s rocking seven kills all ultimates
4457s available gold weapons there I I think
4460s PE are definitely in my solid position
4462s here oh no um come out on top of this
4465s game wolves no yeah lxx unfortunately
4469s and rather unluckily for him runs into
4471s alliance with lucky before he's able to
4474s make it to a soul altar speaking about
4476s Misfortune OC's last remaining member
4479s has The Misfortune of running into te
4482s and she he straight off of the Gate of
4485s Yang Victory who with Mystic flight will
4488s not do well yeah but te know this
4492s however it's not going to be that OC
4493s situation where they're entirely
4496s oblivious to jail at their backs and
4498s looking for that opportunity to third
4499s party te with that Mystic Knight Will
4501s constantly be getting pings out about
4504s other players locations that's why
4506s they're not taking that fight they're
4507s not chasing after an OC instead will get
4511s a little bit of time for respite as you
4514s can see t wait for JL to be out of the
4516s way before immediately
4523s oh this is not gonna go well that's that
4526s Yoda F1 batting them up into the air
4528s locking them down and te with some
4531s really good Synergy like this isn't
4535s right it opens up the possibility
4537s because so many combinations of
4540s follow-up damage that the F3 doesn't
4542s because like you said every is very good
4543s for controlling that neutral and buying
4545s yourself the time to reset te don't look
4548s for time to reset they look for time to
4549s aggress so TSA throwing in that F1 he
4552s can be in one entirely different
4554s location immediately tap that up again
4556s be able to peel back to his teammates
4558s location to help them out but also set
4561s them up to be able to come through with
4562s aerial finishes absolutely no I
4564s completely agree if if executed properly
4567s it can work pretty well
4570s um however this is this is one
4572s misconception
4574s um that F3 is is all about the research
4577s although it's like it can be extremely
4580s useful although it seems like an
4582s offensive ability but it's actually
4584s reasonably strong and offensive in
4587s offensive terms as you throw it down
4589s with your teammates next to you you can
4592s use it to prevent Parry punish you can
4594s use it to aggress you you lock a person
4598s down by just throwing the F3
4600s and letting your teammates stand next to
4602s you one of them throwing Blues the other
4604s one light spamming and the person the
4607s person stuck next to the F3 simply
4608s cannot do anything without
4611s um uh using using very important
4614s cooldowns which uh although F1 can
4617s potentially do the same thing it doesn't
4620s offer that defensive capability when
4622s it's needed however one thing that we
4625s definitely saw that was executed
4627s perfectly there when they hunted down
4628s that kurumi in the zone was that the
4631s Viper acts as a Frontline the Viper acts
4635s as a sort of engage tool with her F and
4637s then you have the follow-up from the F1
4640s Yoto
4641s having the target silenced they simply
4644s unable to do anything but another thing
4647s that I was thinking about was that we've
4649s actually started to see a little bit
4651s more of parenthemum
4653s monk being a very high value Target for
4658s these Attack on Titan compositions if
4661s they're running paribel
4662s and you throw an F1 in there in their
4665s Direction you cannot manage to knock
4666s them up silence them when they hit the
4668s floor
4670s so they can't actually use the power
4671s belt because the Perry belt is not a
4673s combo break only F1 the normal Bell is
4676s combo break so if you get hit unless
4678s until you hit the ground you can't use
4680s it
4681s so if they manage to burst down this
4683s monk before he's able to use anything
4686s they've essentially won the fight so I
4688s think the one worry though because like
4690s you're saying all of this I'm concerned
4693s that the F1 is good for individual
4696s Target lock so it works here because te
4698s are taking these isolated fights if
4700s they're not taking an isolated fight
4701s whether running into a straggler they're
4703s using like you said either that Viper or
4705s the F1 to be able to isolate out one of
4708s those players from their teammates and
4710s find that lockdown that works in a free
4713s versus free well that falls apart is in
4716s the chaos of final Zone where there's a
4718s good six other teams around you and that
4721s defensive capability that is there for
4723s the F3 becomes absolutely valuable
4725s because we go into Canon phase where
4728s every single monk runs fully stacked
4731s soldered Canon to be able to get that
4734s transformation up as much as possible
4736s and the F3 finds the value there because
4739s it blocks the projectiles and allows
4742s that monk not only to not get that
4744s ultimate up as much as he wants but also
4746s allows your team to be able to hold on
4748s to the positioning so that you don't
4750s have to worry about running into the
4752s center of the Zone where everyone is
4754s looking for one team to make that first
4755s misstep that F1 is not going to be able
4758s to find the same value that it is now so
4761s it's smart of te to take advantage of
4763s the F1 while they still can so that when
4766s we head into that final Zone they don't
4768s have to rely on the final Zone to be
4770s where they get all of those kills
4773s true I I do agree with that that is very
4775s true and I'm I'm definitely an advocate
4777s for F3 I uh I always want my Yoto
4781s teammates taking F3 over F1 not only
4783s because F3 in my opinion simply has more
4787s value more of the time but um F1 is very
4791s hard to execute properly being able to
4795s so one one big thing in pretty much all
4799s Esports is if something is easier to
4804s execute or if something is easier to use
4806s it inherently has more power if
4810s something is easier to use for players
4812s we're all human we're not we're not able
4815s to play perfectly constantly there is
4817s always going to be room before error
4819s when using something or using a mechanic
4821s or an ability or a weapon whatever it
4823s may be there's gonna be room for error
4826s if it's harder to use therefore if Yoto
4829s F1 is being used although yes it can
4832s work
4833s um and as you say it's not going to give
4835s you the value in endgame although they
4837s do have the wu-chan F3 that is still
4839s something that they want to be using
4841s more as a sort of although the wind wall
4842s is very useful to block in these ranged
4844s attacks having two sources of protection
4847s as well as saving the the Witch and F3
4851s for shielding and being able to heal his
4853s teammates as they have no other form of
4855s sustain I mean it's impacting now as
4858s well like this Morris blessing has been
4860s hit never of these teams have been able
4862s to actually open it up te because
4864s they're not running that are free can't
4866s run the F3 as we can see JL doing right
4869s now dropping that every the problem is
4871s they still haven't actually been able to
4873s open the box they waited too long the
4876s zone is now chasing them out and they
4879s don't want to sit in this fight because
4881s they don't have that High Ground te do
4883s so they can just Reign range shots from
4887s above as we can have a look at xcg and
4889s Alliance who are going to be contesting
4891s their own Morris blessing in a matter of
4893s moments xcg looking to find an
4896s engagement Alliance just pushing them
4898s with so much range damage into these
4901s little hearts that buccaneering phase
4902s but it's going a little bit worse for
4904s xcg given that Alliance have a lot more
4906s space to be able to roam around and
4908s Dodge out all of those cannon shots
4910s coming through we can see the kurumi
4912s type of does actually attach itself onto
4915s alliance's is KZ from that High Ground
4917s are looking to again keep both of these
4919s teams pressured and take advantage
4921s whether or not one of these teams has to
4923s use an ultimate to be able to buy
4924s themselves this box they're going to be
4926s waiting in the wings to see that they
4928s can actually finish off this JL coming
4930s with a third party that's the musket
4932s onto zwan from the Lions and then not
4935s running that wu-chan they are not gonna
4937s be able to find the room to be able to
4940s get that Resurrection so we can actually
4941s see the karoo meets ever from the lane
4943s so that they can get one back into the
4945s mix unfortunately for him however he is
4947s gonna be weaponless this jail have
4949s already been able to pick through
4950s absolutely everything on his body Lynn
4953s seeing that the resurrection is about to
4955s finish now drops down to allow
4957s themselves to space to be able to
4958s properly gets one back into the mix and
4961s fortunately for Reliance so many teams
4963s have congregated in this area that he is
4966s going to be able to drop that UE
4967s ultimate we'll have to sacrifice it to
4970s get back to safety but will be able to
4972s survive the line's still gonna have
4973s three players the problem for them is
4975s that they had to escape onto a high
4977s ground and that High Ground is already
4978s occupied they can't fully push onto J
4981s team given that they just use the UE
4983s ultimate which means that they can't
4985s really put Lin into a position to be
4987s able to use his monk ultimate because
4988s they're not gonna have anything to cover
4990s him when he drops out of it and the
4993s Morris blessing is still absolutely
4995s ignored right now because no one wants
4998s to walk out of possession and try and
4999s get anything in that box because they're
5001s just going to be opening themselves up
5002s to lose one of these players and one
5005s thing we've seen in final zone is that
5006s these Transformer compositions need all
5008s three players to keep that monk standing
5010s JL decided to make the forest move
5012s windhall comes through immediately it's
5014s going to be chunked down by a lot of
5015s Cannon fires but all they're doing is
5017s just beating out teams positions
5020s jail dudes definitely seem to be safe
5022s and pretty right now though they didn't
5024s actually uh well I mean I I don't think
5027s they used any cooldowns to deal with
5030s that uh that you shun when they managed
5031s to get the pick unless they're able to
5034s maintain all of their important
5035s abilities up however we have bowder and
5038s Jason here contesting The High Ground
5040s JT's Eagles
5046s slapping each other Eagle managing to
5049s get the ground getting balls down really
5051s low the Caribbean now coming out he's
5053s not staying inside the circle
5068s managing to bring him to safety but
5070s they're being brought straight into
5071s another team can they it looks like they
5073s manage to stay alive here JL
5075s being pressured here by the the team
5078s next to the house getting rained down
5081s oh no the yodes are getting taken down
5084s Jen from KZ month finding an opportune
5089s moment to pop his his transformation
5092s JL Lu Chen now doing
5095s you're gonna get slammed she does have
5097s his gluten Port available but it doesn't
5100s look like they opt to commit it they
5102s simply use the Yota Walt and cancel it
5104s half after having sent out a blade and
5107s opt to try and save their woo channel
5108s for later on in the in the game JL still
5113s seemed to be in a pretty solid position
5115s here they're they're still pretty
5117s healthy the go-to-walk is going to be
5119s currently up at about 25 Viper alt is
5122s available
5123s although they're stuck in the open here
5127s to come down yeah that's the problem for
5130s them no they have to break out of that
5132s position
5134s through but it doesn't connect onto
5136s anything unfortunately for them one
5138s thing that because they put themselves
5139s in that forward position for the fiber
5141s ultimate to connect forces them to
5143s actually use the Yoda ultimate to be
5144s able to cover and they still lose one
5146s thing in the process it's not able to
5149s buy that vipers repositioned to safety
5151s is that Yoda ultimate now gone is going
5153s to leave this Yoda vulnerable as we see
5155s them having to go up into that tree
5156s trying to disguise their position so
5158s they don't get grabbed out why aow's
5160s pinged out as AOW occupy the roof now
5163s things are looking for the grips he
5165s doesn't even need to find a double
5166s because they've got a flamer he can
5168s literally just hold zedke in position
5170s walking into shooting get that fire tick
5173s to connect and then find that slam
5175s because of the flamer is still gonna
5177s guarantee a death and ping Tai will be
5180s able to lock down one of those plays it
5181s was a kurumi as well so that's going to
5183s be really problematic for some of these
5185s monk compositions as J teams eagle goes
5187s for a late transformation te still
5189s keeping themselves alive vvv the only
5191s player left having to swap to that
5193s dagger and just use the uppercuts to try
5195s and push everyone away from him xcg
5197s taking a little bit of time just inside
5200s that building to get a repair job onto
5202s that Cannon as quickly as possible to
5203s use vvv coming in with a stun should be
5205s able to lock down a couple of players
5206s looks try and use it on the edge of the
5208s zone so even though there's no two
5209s teammates to follow him up he might be
5210s able to knock someone back with the
5212s dagger and still find a kill for his
5214s team Swan Goes Down Jay team are able to
5217s clear off vvv and as a result the team
5220s are going to be out xcg however still
5222s looking extremely set they've got the
5225s Takeda ultimate they have the
5226s positioning to be able to use it anyone
5228s tries pushing inside of this room
5229s they're gonna go straight into that
5231s cicada lockdown as wanna once again
5232s swaps towards the nunchucks now has to
5235s take a little bit of damage from that
5237s Yodo drops into the Zone trying to dodge
5239s the second strike and as a result AF is
5242s able to find the kill Jay team going to
5244s be knocked out of the lobby as well and
5246s we are down to eight players remaining
5248s xcg still three of the five players AOW
5251s looking to prioritize that roof up yet
5254s again things I might be able to go for a
5256s transformation time Casey's gen uses the
5258s Bell knocking players away and allowing
5260s himself the space to be able to build
5261s that ultimate transformation back up
5263s safely because as now taking a lot of
5266s fire from the Longford range damage has
5268s to go for the roof to be able to try and
5270s get a heal back in time as AOW
5276s finds the double slam will be able to
5280s find a pickle to jail 17 for you and as
5283s a result xcgino come out of that room
5286s this is the moment that they were
5287s waiting for to cater ultimate loves
5289s everybody into the final Zone check an
5293s xcg they waited for the Transformers
5296s they waited for the timing it's
5298s absolutely perfect for them that zone
5301s closes up forces everybody away from
5303s actually being able to back into that
5305s room so many people have to go into the
5307s rooftop because that room is already
5309s occupied by the Takeda and they can't
5311s challenge him out for it because there
5313s isn't enough distance to tap down away
5315s from the ultimate if it comes out he's
5317s into their resources allows all three
5319s players safe passage as the monk
5322s Transformer around the no one able to
5323s grab the mountain dwindle the numbers
5325s down all they need to do is just wait
5328s for that final Zone and then the Decatur
5330s ultimate comes through an absolutely
5332s tears shop
5335s absolutely xcg they they they they set
5339s up in that house they were they were
5341s they were
5343s moved in they put furniture around they
5346s had toothbrushes
5348s and just uh oh my God they they I think
5353s they were in but but in that tiny little
5356s room for the entire end game they were
5359s literally we even saw them inside that
5363s room when all of the teams were sparring
5366s like remember everyone is uh watching
5368s over that Morris blessing that spawns in
5370s the open an xdg prioritize having that
5373s room they know that that zone is
5375s potentially going to collapse inside
5376s that building and they stay there
5378s through thick and thin through cannon
5380s shots exchange from every single team
5382s around them because they know that
5385s Decatur is going to find Value as long
5387s as you hold on to that ultimate until
5388s that final Zone collapses you are going
5391s to have the room to make sure that you
5393s don't have to challenge those Euros that
5395s you don't have have to potentially get
5396s locked down and isolated that one of
5398s your players isn't going to get grabbed
5400s by a monk all the way from another map
5402s entirely and you're going to lose the
5404s ability to be able to protect them
5405s because remember they're not running
5406s that kurumi so you don't have things
5408s like the tablet where if a player goes
5410s down in no man's land or unfortunately
5412s for you like 20 meters away you don't
5414s have the wu-chan you can't TP the can
5416s out you don't have the kurumi you can't
5418s tether the resurrection you have to have
5420s all three of your players surviving to
5422s allow that cicada deprive and that's
5424s exactly what they do no absolutely and
5426s they I did actually notice um about
5429s halfway through the end game that they
5431s were they had tuna I'm not sure if they
5433s had Advanced heel as well but tuna
5435s manages to keep them topped up getting
5437s that passive Shield healing and keeping
5440s their health topped up as well managing
5442s to stand their ground this is my house
5446s just staying in there I saw the Cavalry
5449s Bloom getting used managing to cut those
5451s cannon shots as they came in through the
5453s window all the months transforming
5455s around them I do feel like a few of
5457s those monks they they jump the gun a
5460s little bit because
5461s unless you're sitting on top of that
5463s building it's going to be hard to
5465s potentially get certain grams however if
5468s you're on top of that building you
5470s instantly become the target for
5471s everybody else in the lobby so it became
5474s uh I became a sort of hard scenario for
5477s those Transformer compositions if they
5479s didn't have their kurumi available to
5481s manage to to keep them healthy and to
5483s pop that old down when they needed it
5485s they they just got melted we saw so many
5487s monks just getting taken down
5489s um before the actual End Zone all of
5492s these teams fighting around that house
5495s were xcg the the owners the the
5499s landlords
5501s they come out on top with 19.4 points to
5506s start off the day although they didn't
5507s top the leaderboard in terms of kills
5509s having that uh that placement multiplier
5513s the ranking points definitely did a lot
5516s for them five ranking points there
5518s bringing them out ahead of GS by 2.4
5522s points
5523s the price we didn't see to t uh
5526s wait VK where's te am I I believe that
5531s that is T TK are not playing it might
5534s just be a little bit of an error on the
5536s scoreboard I I think so
5538s um but yes no I'm surprised that we
5539s didn't see a little bit higher placement
5541s from them because they looked like they
5543s were in such a good position the vibe
5545s that they they were positioned really
5547s well they managed to get certain picks
5549s they had their cooldowns often
5552s um I think the wuchen port close to
5555s where the other teams were was their
5556s downfall towards them
5566s that we were talking about right when
5568s you take that F1 it allows you to play
5571s aggressive and proactive in terms of
5573s those early zones but like you said that
5575s which end TP unfortunately dropped them
5577s into the lapse of a transformer
5579s composition who still had a monkey up
5581s and they just burned the Yoda ultimate
5584s to try and cover right so not only were
5587s they not really able to use that F1
5589s because you're just gonna get grabbed
5591s out when you poof on the other side of
5593s where that blade ends up but you also
5595s don't have the fra to play defensive and
5598s try and stop that monk from grabbing you
5600s you actually sort of you didn't hold
5602s their ground on the low ground and said
5604s try to push up to get closer to the
5606s monster speed where you're able to find
5608s that rhythm of tap dodging the punches
5610s and the grabs and still trying to worry
5613s the monk enough to try and force that
5615s ultimate to drop out which is
5617s unfortunately for them with Loadout that
5619s these are secured for themselves not
5621s wanting that every but taking the F1
5622s instead was the better option for them
5625s as we can have a look at some of these
5627s highlights aligns another of these teams
5629s who like to go for early bench refuses
5631s especially on places like Sunrise that
5633s finds a lot of value whether the Turkish
5636s rooms already controlling a lot of
5637s spacing in terms of the advice when we
5639s see the neutral te now that we got to
5642s see is JL coming in with a really good
5644s yodel ultimate trying to cover I believe
5646s that was for bank trying to reposition
5649s Unfortunately they still lost the Viper
5652s but JL was still able to keep themselves
5653s alive for a little bit longer as xcg now
5656s he has to see their moment of Triumph
5659s coming on through the pole sword as well
5661s from Legion and legendary status is
5664s allowing them to police so much of those
5666s stagger knockbacks onto players looking
5668s to tap Dodge back into that zone you
5670s have that moment of panic where you have
5672s to tap Dodge out of that zone tick
5674s otherwise you're just going to go down
5675s and it forces you into tap dodging
5677s straight into the fall sword which
5678s unfortunately for you if that is
5680s straight back out and it's a very much a
5682s moment of deja vu as we can have a look
5685s and see the MVP it is going to be well
5689s it's the cicada no surprise is that my
5692s HQ comes in clutch 21.8k damage and 10.2
5696s of it is done by the Canon to Kayla much
5699s like the monk does like to favor that
5701s Cannon to hit as many plays as possible
5703s to build that ultimate up as much as
5705s possible as well and no Canon Jades to
5708s speak of either he did have slow shot
5710s but I don't see any musket damage on the
5712s board there he must have just had a
5713s really
5714s really good Cannon a purple or gold
5717s potentially and um just just doing a
5720s ridiculous amount of damage from inside
5722s that little house I'm quite surprised
5725s though that he managed to stack up that
5726s much Cannon damage without a single
5728s Cannon G no flame breath no bounce shell
5734s normally when we see the monks and the
5737s MVPs it's like three soldiers at least
5739s all all for the Canon as like you said
5743s everyone really does prioritize getting
5745s those coins as quickly as possible so
5747s that they can go to those uh Rift shops
5749s and just roll through Soldier to be able
5751s to stack up on things like the cannon
5753s and it's interesting too that a lot of
5755s these compositions even if they don't
5757s have the monk are pushing the cannon
5759s forward because they understand how
5760s important it is in creating a safe haven
5763s a space for your competition to be able
5765s to retain all three of its members
5767s because remember xcg didn't top the
5769s leaderboard in terms of kills they
5771s willingly took themselves out of the
5773s most aggressive positions willingly
5776s didn't resort to trying to chase after
5778s those kills in the final Zone knowing
5780s that if they survived and played their
5782s cards right with things like that
5783s together in the pole sword they're still
5785s gonna be able to come out on top even if
5787s the other team is able to find more
5788s kills than them
5790s um no absolutely and they were in the
5791s perfect position to take that spot
5793s within the house as monk or Transformer
5796s comes trying to hold their ground inside
5799s a house if the monk pops his hole I mean
5801s there are certain houses that you can
5802s use monk transformation in but even then
5806s you're not going to get much value
5807s unless you're using it to Simply top up
5809s your health and to stay alive you're not
5811s going to get much value the other team's
5813s looking to try and get as many monk ravs
5815s as possible trying to get those points
5817s on the board
5818s um they were in a perfect position I am
5820s surprised that none of the attack on
5822s Titan teams opted to try and take the
5824s house from that other team
5826s um and have I mean as we say the F3 has
5830s so much value in those title spots as
5832s I'm pretty sure only was it was only te
5835s that was running F1 I think I don't
5837s think I saw any other F1 yo for humans
5839s but uh yeah it's quite surprising that
5842s they went completely uncontested the
5844s Cavalry Bloom just flurrying around
5846s within the building is very dangerous
5848s and if you get caught by that Decatur
5851s and that Matari it's gonna be extremely
5853s hard to get away and you're going to
5855s have to commit something like your witch
5858s and portal
5859s um but the thing is I'm still surprised
5862s you're too old negates Takeda almost
5865s entirely in certain scenarios I'm very
5867s surprised that no Yoto is truly tried to
5869s contest the Decatur
5871s um
5873s yeah like everyone is so concerned about
5877s the fight going on around you right
5879s these Yodas are obviously looking for
5880s the monks mostly because when the Yoda
5884s was in her ultimate you get that first
5885s slash off for free but the second one
5887s you become grabbable so it really is a
5890s sort of push and pull a very much tug of
5892s war between who is more dominant at the
5895s time that Euro or that monk who's more
5897s controlling in terms of when you're
5899s using your ultimate and for the Yodo
5901s that window where you're in control is a
5903s lot shorter so a lot of the time
5905s especially when we're seeing you're just
5906s really Thrive like Wukong unfortunately
5908s um Casey went running theater
5910s conversation but Wukong is probably one
5912s of the smartest Yodas when it comes to
5913s this using that Yodo ultimate to put
5916s pressure on the one compass version and
5918s then saving that last slash he always
5920s saves that last slack to be able to
5921s break line of sight so that when the
5923s transformation comes through when the
5925s attempt to grab is pushed after that
5927s Yodo he has that building or tree to be
5930s able to hide himself away and stop
5932s himself and being grabbed out and the
5934s ultimate losing a lot of its value what
5936s should be in brilliant engagement tool
5939s very swiftly becoming a degradement for
5942s a team in terms of having to peel back
5944s and help that Euro out to survive
5946s because if you try and peel for the Yodo
5948s you put yourself in position for that
5950s double grab potential and that is when
5952s the monk becomes absolutely deadly
5955s absolutely and another thing as well I
5958s when I was talking about how the monks
5960s were a bit sort of they should they were
5962s jumping the gun a bit
5963s I think they uh I don't think I saw all
5966s that many monks try and actively save
5969s their ultimate at the very end as we all
5971s know that if you if you save your
5973s transformation until the very end and
5976s try and get as much value out of your
5978s health bar before then transforming to
5981s reset it entirely
5982s I I don't think we saw almost all that
5984s much of her I think they they were all
5986s too preoccupied with trying to get kills
5988s earlier on into the end game than not
5990s having that transformation available
5991s when they actually needed it
5994s um I feel like a lot of teams coming out
5996s the coming out today just a bit I don't
6000s know nervous maybe a bit they're not
6002s making the right decisions they they're
6004s opting to try and
6006s for certain things when they shouldn't
6007s be forced um yeah I would say restless
6010s and another thing that I want to talk
6012s about like like you said it does feel
6014s like some of these teams are trying to
6015s force things that shouldn't because
6017s body blocking a gate of gang with a
6020s transformation
6021s like in practice pretty good idea in
6025s actual play like pretty poor
6028s eagle goes for that transformation and
6032s then he just absolutely gets mints they
6034s have to throw in the kurumi as well to
6037s try and keep him up because they do it
6038s against another Transformer team like I
6041s can understand if it's something like a
6043s Yoda composition because they can't use
6045s their ultimates if the Euro does use
6046s that ultimate you're in Prime position
6047s to grab her and you already know that
6049s they're not gonna try and make a break
6050s for that gate of Yang because they're a
6052s composition that doesn't do well but the
6055s fact that they were evil not just to be
6058s able to stop Ventures from actually
6060s pushing into that game of Yang but that
6062s they survive the disengagement was so
6066s lucky for Jay team because that decision
6069s could have ended an absolute disaster
6072s absolutely the I I genuinely don't know
6075s how they managed to turn it around I
6077s think I saw in the middle of that fight
6078s that the uh the opposing teams kurumi
6081s made Chase on on J teams kurumi who was
6085s extremely low HP
6087s um but J teams karumi managed to come in
6090s and um wait am I saying is it was it JT
6093s or JL it was illustrating Jay it was JT
6096s okay so I thought it was JL all of a
6098s sudden I think one of Jay uh JT's
6101s teammates came in and managed to peel
6103s and the kurumi went down off the rip
6106s immediately turning it into a 2v3 and in
6109s Immortal war that is huge since in
6111s Immortal War as we all know when we have
6114s the double value from Soul blooms Soul
6117s blooms if you get a soul Bloom and your
6120s low HP you're instantly getting a
6122s thousand effective Health as well as a
6124s bunch of your ultimate charge hmm But if
6127s you're missing a little bit for your old
6128s you can always get it up pretty quickly
6130s but a thousand effective Health 500
6133s shield and 500 health is pretty hard to
6136s burn through
6137s um if they have teammates around them so
6140s getting that one kill is always a huge
6143s huge priority for these teams
6145s um and I think the uh the opposing
6147s team's karumi got a bit overzealous got
6149s a bit too aggressive and tried to finish
6151s off that kill a bit too bit too early
6154s without the team of support uh and it
6157s ended up going in in Jason's favor
6159s yeah I I think it's definitely going to
6162s be an adjustment for a lot of these
6163s teams to try and figure out if they
6166s really do want to go that route of
6168s preventing teams from entering into the
6170s gates of Yanks so that they can force
6172s them to either just forego those paths
6174s or push them to group more so Alters
6176s thus putting teams are already planning
6178s on graping solutors into a more
6180s precarious position they are going to
6182s have to sort out the priority of uh
6184s abilities that they list so let's be
6187s able to pull that one off as we are
6189s going to get a look at some of these
6191s compositions that'll be going to come
6192s through from these scenes it is going to
6194s be the first time that we had over two
6195s color off for the day when this map
6198s first dropped we thought oh okay this is
6200s going to be a map because of its
6201s verticality that immediately this weighs
6203s a lot of Monk compositions but obviously
6204s with barrier coming through and the V3
6206s the option of just locking your monk
6209s straight after his ultimate in a jet
6210s pack and being able to boost over some
6213s of those walls and cliffs allows that
6215s monk a lot more of a bigger presence on
6218s this map which is why we are seeing
6219s those compositions come through but a
6222s lot of those teams varying away from the
6224s UE as that second Transformer and
6226s instead pushing that farrier no
6229s surprises there a little bit more
6230s surprising however is that we are still
6232s going to be seeing a couple of those aot
6234s compositions both j-team and GG going to
6237s be running those a lot less than we saw
6240s in the previous game but still something
6242s to be concerned about for these monk
6244s comps especially in the early game where
6247s they don't really have the loot and the
6249s ultimates readily built up to be able to
6251s sustain if that Euro and Viper ultimate
6254s does come out
6256s no absolutely um but one thing that I I
6259s do have to I do have to point out though
6262s is that we'll I think how many timox is
6265s that like I I feel like every other team
6268s has its role it's five six seven eight
6271s nine nine
6273s nine so a considerable majority and it's
6277s it just simply speaks to how useful to
6279s mob truly is on holleroth since Colorado
6283s in comparison to Morris Isle has so much
6285s more open space less buildings in
6288s certain areas fewer trees all of that
6291s sort of thing it means that to malk
6293s immediately becomes far more valuable as
6296s popping that to Malco not only allows
6299s you to lock teams down
6301s um and to to use it in fights it could
6303s be extremely effective
6306s um to protect you and your teammates
6308s from
6310s from third parties from other
6312s engagements that you simply don't want
6314s to take however
6315s another thing to note is that
6318s tomoks can walk through tomorrow yeah
6323s it's it's very much
6325s everyone is known as to monk exactly so
6331s we're gonna have to see how that pans
6333s out but we have te versus oug here no
6337s real loot to speak of but oug
6341s Zen you getting taken down reasonably
6343s low
6344s but his teammates are there to back him
6346s up txj now
6348s being hunted
6351s his teammates there to peel him off oh
6353s you G's to Mark trying to make something
6356s happen
6357s but the king is
6360s King managing to come out on top though
6363s the king now knows
6367s takes it down to a 1v1
6370s BBV now on the back foot pops his V3
6373s down trying to use the F3 to kill for
6375s himself get the silence off
6377s and is forced to use the ultimate the
6379s king follows suit using his own does he
6381s manage to get the turret form down he
6383s does manage to get the Stagger but
6385s there's not all that much damage that
6386s you can do to the uh other farrier here
6390s especially if you don't manage to get
6391s your turret form down before the enemy
6394s Furrier the king now having been burned
6397s out of his ultimate off to try and pick
6398s up the soul Bloom and he's gonna look to
6400s try and take vvv down oh no it seems
6404s wait he's managing to
6407s I'm not sure what the healing animation
6408s was it looked sort of strange it looked
6410s like the Mac was being healed
6412s that is V3 it is I'm not too sure but
6415s the oh the the king I was about to say
6417s the um
6418s [Music]
6420s uh oh you G's the king now opening to to
6423s back away here
6425s I mean they have to eat yeah t had
6428s already decided when that bike continued
6431s that uh they would sacrifice that
6432s rebirth come and go for the solder and
6435s as a result he are able to regroup a lot
6438s faster vvv by the way one of the
6440s standout players from last season able
6443s to really come in clutch for tet XJ had
6446s a gorgeous spell to be able to buy that
6448s Ferry at the time to be able to peel
6449s back for the mug then we did see that
6451s double Parry vvv unfortunately throwing
6453s out the blue to stay trying to cover as
6455s well coming at that scale Rush expecting
6457s to be able to push the back and stop
6459s that Parry from being punished still is
6462s able to catch both of them but vvv with
6464s that Mech will be able to survive
6466s against oud's the king like you said
6468s managing to go into that Cannon form and
6471s push the king away so that he doesn't
6474s get to be able to build up and set that
6476s stagger up himself as we had over the
6478s absolute brawl that is going down on
6482s Imperial so many teams dropped in this
6485s location as vent is just buying
6487s themselves a little bit of space with
6490s that bean sprout for this is going to be
6491s removed now however and unfortunately
6494s for them it doesn't really look like
6496s they were able to scrounge together the
6498s better Loop off of the space that that
6500s should have provided buried Aaron so
6501s that the ones that are looking a little
6503s bit better set up purple armor for both
6506s their tummy and moment on that monk
6508s purple dagger as well to make sure that
6510s that ultimate one it comes through has a
6512s lot more bite to its bar because bent is
6515s still relegated to only blues and Grays
6517s not going to be looking particularly set
6520s heading into that fight if they do want
6522s to take it can you see
6524s also being able to find themselves a
6526s little bit better loot not purple armor
6529s for them but still purple Weaponry but
6532s no one really wanting to make that first
6533s move these three teams know that there
6536s are other teams around them know that
6538s there are other teams running that Monk
6539s and that if they make that first move if
6542s they're ever wants to opt into that
6543s First Transformation these two other
6545s teams are going to distance themselves
6547s wait for that ultimate to drop out and
6549s then they're gonna look for that
6551s re-engage so because of that stale mate
6554s we literally do just have a standstill
6556s as JL note come through but the loot has
6560s already been picked almost absolutely
6561s clean if they want to continue trying to
6564s push forward and find better gear to
6566s better equip this double Transformers
6568s they're going to run straight into
6569s Ventus and that is not a fight they
6571s currently want to take
6573s no absolutely not I did see
6575s um the Juventus had picked up a quest
6577s and it does look like they uh they're
6580s opting to take this downtime where it is
6583s quite literally a standoff uh to try and
6585s farm up some money get some weapons
6587s potentially by those by those weapons
6589s out of the Shob ranged all melee
6593s uh or roll for those Jades as we said
6595s the Jades are extremely important but
6597s here we have j-team
6599s what's on the heels of o u g o u g
6602s rocking triple white armor here although
6605s they do have their ultimates available
6606s they're not in a position to be taking
6608s any fights I don't think and it looks
6610s like they're just trying to
6612s stay as hidden as possible crouching
6616s behind those rocks J team though that he
6618s could smell them they they have the
6620s Bounty they're like get out here boys oh
6625s you do you have just so unlucky
6627s today it feels like they took that fight
6629s super early against he almost turned it
6631s around lost and as a result I had to run
6634s super far away from everybody but like
6636s you said J team with that vanity half
6638s being able to track that position down
6640s oug were thinking very much in the same
6642s way as we see a lot of times when they
6643s lose that young depletion we're going to
6645s look for a soul altar as far away from
6647s fighting as possible so that we have
6650s time to build back our Loot and ball
6652s towards that mid game j-team have not
6655s allowed them that cushion of time and as
6658s a result they are not going to really be
6660s able to get free movement as Juventus
6662s drop another Bane's breath pixel in that
6665s muncle is try to chase after JL the
6668s problem is that Feng has already been
6669s able to pick up a member of Ventus
6671s hasn't been able to find Islam however
6673s as he's being absolutely hounded he had
6675s to disengage from that veins breath and
6677s now pixel's still in that ultimate it's
6679s just knocking him back wx98 even
6682s transforming into the ferry on neck not
6684s to cover pixel but to just push back
6687s onto the members of jail who try to peel
6689s for that month pixel with the Bell
6691s Bisons of the time to be able to recover
6693s but go straight into the mech from Fang
6696s that had now come through that monk able
6698s to get into the pillar and as a result
6701s boosts away and here comes the third
6703s party unfortunately that kill just did
6706s not come through fast enough and as a
6709s result all of those teams that were
6710s sitting waiting in this area at that
6712s stalemate have now seen the action come
6714s out of the woodwork and look to punish
6716s either not looking for an active
6718s engagement content to just hammer away
6720s from the sidelines as GG drop the wind
6722s walls that the pistol shots can't
6724s connect and bow down I turn back to try
6727s and find the members where Ventus
6728s scurried away too
6730s trying to pick up the uh
6732s the the dregs what's been left behind
6735s and looking to see if they can find any
6737s other teams fighting getting those lower
6738s for kills is exactly what you want to be
6740s doing here early on in the mid game
6742s trying not to commit your ultimates
6744s unnecessarily trying to get as much
6747s value
6748s out of your micro positioning as
6751s possible we have a team here now having
6753s seems to have popped the three band Zone
6755s preventing any ultimate usage
6759s it looks like the team close by is not
6761s looking to go in there and uh
6764s and play neutral with them it looks like
6766s they're just trying to
6767s buy as much time as they can looks like
6770s they just got some money as well
6771s potentially looking to go and get some
6773s soldiers from the shop
6777s um J teams still in the hunt though
6778s they're waiting they know the Zone's
6780s pushing them forward they know that they
6782s can't stay in there and I'm assuming
6784s they've now deduced that they don't have
6786s the best of loot two members of oug now
6789s white armor already have been committed
6794s ZK they're getting a bit overzealous and
6796s getting absolutely melted
6800s and oug capitalize on this though
6803s it does seem that they can j-team
6805s committing the wuchen port to get the
6807s viper out of a sticky situation
6811s but they do have the uh the Viper and
6814s Yoto World available to them so they
6816s could potentially go for a fight but it
6818s doesn't seem as though that all that
6820s into the idea wolves Now versus GD both
6823s Minecraft being committed off the rip
6826s foreign
6832s but it doesn't look like the enemy team
6833s has tomorrow called either they are
6835s running the traditional Transformers
6838s you shine out now being popped to Moog
6841s sort of thing
6843s slapped around by ushan being forced to
6845s use the V3 form farrier to try and stay
6848s alive
6849s GD month though getting taken down
6852s extremely low wolves staying extremely
6854s healthy due to the kurumi of being
6856s available to them now having virtually
6858s all of his health to work with after
6859s having come out of the ultimate donkey
6862s as well
6863s now getting it it seems forced out of
6866s the ferry oh
6869s the blue folks is coming out banshu with
6872s the price fall just narrowly missing
6875s takes a dragon slayer to the face but no
6877s follow-up
6879s clanking over and over wolves seem to be
6882s coming out on top here the monk while
6883s being used to prevent the Parry punish
6886s but they're getting hit in the back
6887s they're getting flames
6888s benches one HP now can he can he clutch
6892s no he couldn't there's no shot
6895s and then we have a traditional
6897s Transformers coming out on top over the
6900s sand formers as they are sometimes known
6917s actually look for that engagement and he
6920s said more more content to put their
6922s interest towards other teams as we can
6925s have a look at wolves now out of that
6928s gate GD immediately don't run it
6931s straight back onto them once again
6932s there's that Tammy ultimate Banshee
6934s building extremely low we can actually
6935s see wolves having to invest at UV
6937s ultimate just to run perimeter so that
6940s GD aren't able to use the term ultimate
6941s to cover and split off members of wolves
6944s kakaichi just dancing around so that he
6947s doesn't get punted Away by the other
6950s Monk and locked into that stagger has to
6951s drop out of transformation we'll use the
6953s Bell to be able to lengthen his life and
6955s hopped into the pillar there's the V3
6957s from the farrier as far as UE ultimate
6960s is about to run out and he is not
6962s looking for a great reset spot because
6964s because you on that leg is being melted
6966s down but he's melting sorrow as well
6968s sorry swapping to that grateful there's
6970s a force drop Into the Storm form tries
6973s to throw it out and gets parried Sarah
6975s loses his weapon can't walk backwards
6977s because there's a Tammy wisp has to swap
6979s towards the speed eats a long sword
6981s Charged Up Click straight to the face
6983s and that's where it's all wolves have
6984s not been able to turn this around until
6985s now sorry we're able to find that High
6987s Ground purchase films in with the cannon
6990s Peppers the members below from GED
6993s clears the space for his team and is
6995s able to save everybody and clutch it out
6998s but my goodness what a close fight it
7001s was cheesy almost were able to run it
7003s straight back onto the members of wolves
7006s wolves remember running that for million
7007s Bird's mind would be able to stick in
7009s that fight a lot longer that's why GD
7012s decided to run it straight back on to
7014s them because even if you do go down the
7016s million Birds might still actually drops
7019s the soul Bloom for all those players
7020s with gang depression to be able to pick
7022s up on this patch and it meant that they
7025s were going for an isolated quite no
7026s potential third party if they'd been
7028s able to turn that around they would have
7029s been able to see themselves in this
7030s Lobby for a little bit longer as we head
7032s over towards plume and we can see te and
7035s it is going to be mailman from bad I
7037s going to come on and drop the chandelier
7039s on the head I'm yet to see an mvpl
7041s chandelier draft but I'm still going to
7043s be waiting for it as my man swapped
7046s through that Mech will be able to go
7048s into Cannon form vvv absolutely hammered
7052s down we'll be able to take a lot of
7054s damage drops the pillar doesn't opt into
7056s it just yet as Mario man is actually
7058s going to be losing that ultimate in a
7060s matter of moments try to go for the
7062s cannon just a little bit longer to keep
7064s te away from being able to brute force
7066s and stagger lock his one other teammate
7068s though kurumi is already going to be
7071s gone my man and actually are the only
7073s ones left for Baroda and there we can
7075s see my mom being locked down swaps to
7077s the dagger to get a little bit better
7079s movement to look to the disengage
7080s doesn't actually go into the Bell clang
7082s so it doesn't get staggered swaps right
7084s click to keep himself with that purple
7086s from being parried but te are still able
7089s to lock him down it was a two versus one
7091s Amendment which wasn't able to find that
7094s opening not up with the dagger that he
7096s was looking for to try and regain
7098s control of that neutral te will be able
7100s to pick up the pillar as well and as a
7103s result because we're playing on the
7104s patch where it only costs 30 rage meter
7106s instead of 50 they're gonna have the
7108s ultimate back as soon as possible AOW
7111s however are going to be uh looking as
7113s soon as possible to pick up a soul Bloom
7114s because they have 22 seconds left
7118s hopefully it's just one of their members
7120s currently Afflicted it does seem like
7121s shooting is willingly going to die to
7124s that zone so that AOW can try to buy him
7127s back
7129s indeed it does seem as though they do
7131s have the money especially after the
7133s change to the cost of the rebirth I'm
7136s not sure exactly how much it is in a
7138s motor War currently but I know that it's
7140s gone down from uh 12K to uh to 9k in
7144s normal rank I remember
7149s okay beforehand wait
7151s who
7152s I think I just saw a 101 TN prior to
7155s Yodo F2
7156s no surely not
7159s surely not
7161s dead we have to keep an eye on this man
7163s the Yoto F2 no that blade moved my mind
7166s just
7167s just mixed on me that played me
7170s well we have Alliance Now versus KZ
7174s you won now being forced to use the
7177s u-shot ultimate gen trying to
7179s back up now trying to
7183s reset now having forced out the ultimate
7185s coming back in though with the overcomer
7188s taking that kurumi for a ride sends her
7192s out of the fight now going back towards
7194s his teammates having forced a crew me
7197s into a reset
7199s somebody just got smacked by a turret
7202s lucky trying to make something work
7203s trying to kite away using the defense
7205s for the defense from the Karimi umbrella
7208s to try and keep himself and his
7209s teammates alive wait did he just bounce
7211s no he didn't okay
7214s I thought he bounced off the roof but no
7216s I think he just teleported or something
7219s close by as well
7222s it looks as though they might be heading
7224s straight for that Yang portal though I
7225s don't think they're going to be able to
7226s make it in time are they
7232s they got it and more importantly uh no
7235s one else is getting it either
7238s I told you I genuinely said don't be
7240s surprised if teams just alive one person
7243s to look into a gate of gang and walk
7246s away with a buff for absolute fruit we
7248s saw it in the first series we see it in
7250s the second series you know what's even
7251s worse Duncan
7253s um they're the only teams that go for a
7255s game
7257s they're the only team no they're going
7260s to turn it on to Casey more than likely
7263s with that Mystic might there is another
7265s horse in this race and I don't think
7268s even the Overcomer is gonna be able to
7270s save Casey from being hunted down by te
7274s with that Mystic might they are
7275s bloodhounds right now I'm not
7277s apologizing for the whole sponge Jake's
7279s gonna hit me up and be like you had run
7280s I'm like yes Jake yes I have pages of
7284s fun don't ask me is TE now gonna be
7286s testing Casey The Wiz blocks one down
7289s txa coming in with the transformation
7292s Tammy ultimate too to make it even
7294s harder for these teams to be able to
7295s maneuver and look for that disengagement
7297s as te just with of that Tammy and he
7300s actually on this monk have been able to
7303s absolutely bankrupt two members of KZ
7306s but for a tries to escape but Jan has
7310s already used the ultimate and vvv
7313s knows exactly where Jan is going to be
7316s had Jen has to pop that Bell so that
7318s they get a better idea of te's position
7321s as t with that Mystic might have 106
7323s seconds left to be able to try and track
7325s that last member down and even if Jen's
7328s able to survive they are being chased
7329s away from their teammates as we have a
7331s look at a one-on-one see you looking to
7333s try and lock down we'll be able to use
7335s the uppercut to dodge out of the Wisp go
7338s straight back onto audition you but walk
7340s straight into that semi ultimate every
7343s attempted to connect
7345s one that has now become party crafts
7351s they've got the Cavalry Bloom but
7354s Cavalry Bloom is a little bit more
7355s predictable to be able to Parry see you
7358s we'll be able to get the turnaround onto
7360s the Sharon and to buy themselves a
7361s little bit more time to escape xcg
7363s running with that Draco storm off of
7366s amorous blessing you don't get to choose
7368s the buff you get it handed to you
7369s instead so if they're able to escape
7371s line on sights you has a little bit of
7373s an easy time disguising their position
7375s drops the pillar doesn't actually
7377s they were looking to get a knock back
7379s onto that monk to allow themselves a
7382s better reprieve but now they can try and
7383s backtrack their position to maybe get
7386s back into the mech if they feel worried
7388s enough but they're not actually allowed
7390s to go through xiaoman not allowing them
7392s space for the F3 connects onto the
7395s monken's view is able to use that timing
7398s to get into the mech cancels it out and
7401s actually xpg able to find the pick onto
7405s the ferry yeah so you picked up the
7406s pillar because he thinks that he's going
7408s to be able to use the pill at the
7410s knockback if it connects onto one of
7412s these players to buy himself safe
7414s passage out of this Canyon if he went
7416s into that neck he is a walking Target
7419s we're three other players I agree I
7423s would enter it though I wouldn't trust
7425s her
7427s before he goes into the mac and tries to
7430s get just the boosters off so he can
7432s survive a little bit longer and maybe
7434s lead exceed you into a third party
7436s because OC we're on the sidelines but
7439s unfortunately In the Heat of the Moment
7441s he does what he do and he be out
7445s um I mean I thought it was looking all
7447s right for him there he managed to get
7448s the double armor swap he was kiting
7451s effectively but then to use his ultimate
7453s having already placed it
7455s means
7458s I'm inclined to say that it was a
7460s mystery surely I think it might have
7462s been a little bit of a fat finger and
7464s then to a me but then as well once
7466s you've gone into the ultimate
7469s would it they you'd have to he canceled
7472s it then immediately after as well
7474s knowing that the month was called on his
7475s heels it doesn't even make that doesn't
7477s even mean whatever
7479s we'll be here until the end of time
7482s until we can interview and then ask God
7484s exactly was the thinking maybe you know
7487s I have a Leo or Jaeger will will be able
7489s to catch us up on that one as we can
7491s have a look at a xcg now posturing up to
7494s take on OC yes xcg do have jiaonan not
7497s only with the ultimate online but oh my
7499s goodness the absolute most ultimate pile
7502s of soldiers you've ever seen and they're
7505s still rolling more
7509s oh God they are literally just sort of
7512s creating a little stockpile for
7514s themselves and the Zone isn't gonna be
7516s moving either I mean it is currently
7519s moving so that it might move in future
7521s but if another team happens to be close
7523s by and just comes along and sees this
7525s giant pile of soldiers they're in for a
7528s treat I mean that is I feel like that is
7530s one a pretty decent idea simply just
7533s going around the shops and trying to see
7535s if people have left behind any soldiers
7537s especially if you're not in a decent
7539s position
7540s um but it is a little bit risky as you
7542s might just bump into a team that's one
7545s one a crazy number of fights is
7548s completely stacked and you're sort of
7550s running around with blue armor so it's
7552s the bait player it's the patches play
7554s right where you just leave a lot a lot
7556s of really shiny little you're saying
7558s yeah
7562s you just push him off the cliff okay
7566s well here we have quite a few teams
7568s circling around this Morris I think we
7571s are probably gonna end up seeing the
7573s same thing that's happened in the past
7574s however as no team is truly will truly
7577s be able to open it unless
7579s I'm just gonna let them oh it's because
7582s they have the ballista right next to it
7588s this dude
7598s thinking ah yes we've got this in the
7600s bag then they see the ballistic control
7601s and they immediately just whistle very
7604s very quietly away as you can see they
7607s are not willing to contest wolves very
7610s much set up to be in a very good
7611s position the list of control Morris
7614s blessing secured unfortunately for them
7616s it does look like the Zone's gonna be
7617s pushing them off it pretty soon so they
7620s are going to be giving up that Prime
7622s position at the moment and so we can
7623s have a look at where there's our mic
7625s clubs into te another one of the teams
7628s that you really do have to watch out but
7630s still haven't really taken an engagement
7632s against some of these teams like xcg who
7634s are just waiting in the link but again
7636s it really does feel like a lot of these
7637s teams are just waiting for someone to
7639s make that Miss play we can see that
7641s fairy pillar come through just in case
7643s the XJ does get poked down they're even
7645s being able to use it to sort of break
7647s line of sight from some of these other
7648s teams around them so that you can try
7650s and mitigate that poke phase as JT now
7653s unfortunately not able to find that
7654s Morris blessing have to satisfy
7656s themselves with a pick onto perhaps
7657s wolves but a lions come through so that
7660s immediately gets minced by the dual
7661s blades the windows come out but J team's
7664s still wanting to hold themselves in that
7665s fight ZK with that dagger's doing so
7668s much work to be absolutely everywhere at
7670s once with Assassin's lunge lxm does find
7673s one grab onto Eagle doesn't find a
7676s second player though and has to look for
7678s the slam out of that kurumi ultimate say
7680s okay with the Assassins which able to
7682s dodge out from the grab Center his way
7684s and it is gonna be our Lin unfortunately
7687s for Alliance dropping out of the
7689s ultimate tries to use the Bell to save
7691s himself for a little bit longer the
7692s third party does come through and we can
7694s actually see that restraint from J team
7696s has paid off dividends that get isolate
7699s the player from GG's Miss gear and GD
7702s now have to come in for the peel oh this
7704s game goes down the zone is still pushing
7706s on both of these teams Gigi with that
7708s wikian TP will be able to find the
7710s reposition and keep all of their players
7712s alive now it is gonna be Jay team with
7715s that which NCP able to rather get out GG
7718s also with a witch MTP able to get
7720s themselves out of that fight and find
7722s the revive onto their fallen player but
7725s that is too which an ultimates burned
7727s from both of these teams and they are
7730s not in a brilliant position scatter shot
7731s comes towards J team as well actually
7733s gigianan has even transformed up into
7735s the monk to try and grab out clothes
7743s [Applause]
7745s before too late to save ZK it comes
7747s through in time to save 101 TN but J
7750s team have already lost one player
7752s they're not gonna have to reach ntp xcg
7754s Jan dropped out of the transformation
7757s but Jason just don't have this space to
7759s be able to try and push themselves onto
7760s The High Ground and get the revive onto
7761s their teammates there's GG now come
7763s through and couch onto the isolated
7765s member G team had split one went for the
7768s revive one thing on the logo into one on
7770s one Tien goes down
7772s oh no Jay team having come out of that
7776s engagement looking extremely good now
7780s just get picked up here pick the part
7783s this random monk just sitting Atop The
7785s Cliff I don't even I mean we didn't see
7788s why he was forced to transform but he
7790s definitely like he was forced into doing
7792s it as he had no armor having when he
7794s came out of it so he didn't do it
7796s proactively which was my initial thought
7798s I mean randomly just monk holding at the
7801s edge of the Zone it seemed a little bit
7803s uh a little bit there I don't know but
7806s it looks well I'll be holy we've got a
7808s lot of people over here I just it just
7811s popped the camera perspective and we
7813s have about nine people all jumping
7816s around over this rock we have t e it's
7819s mug sitting inside the ferrier Mech just
7822s shooting that turret
7824s the Swarms coming out the tomoko now
7827s being forced out Yota World getting
7829s people I can't see his name
7833s GG
7835s managing to pick up some kills though
7837s yusha now coming in pouncing ball
7839s panting on top of them the Witch and
7841s keeping them healthy it doesn't look
7842s like they're under much threat here but
7844s wolves trying to make something happen
7846s now both Transformers having popped
7849s their ultimates not exactly what you
7851s want to be doing staggering your
7853s ultimate is always typically a priority
7856s so that you don't get caught up
7859s oh he nearly gets the double he doesn't
7862s get the thought he roller kill sadly but
7864s this yoto's looking like she's in a bad
7867s spot
7868s but Gigi's Viper now going into The Fray
7871s but getting grabbed since the tomoko
7874s prevented her from tab dodging the monk
7876s crabs the woo Channel managing to pull
7879s her up pull him to safety though no kill
7883s for txj sadly
7885s but they're still looking but still
7888s they're still chilling though they've
7890s got all of their armors topped up
7892s gold armor this Monk Is Still is almost
7895s how is he just D transformed and he's
7899s already got his ultimate
7900s this man is running no stamina
7905s he's got that meteor firing firing
7909s cannon shots across the zone
7911s my HQ here getting fresh at no ultimate
7915s and missing a team member as well just a
7918s monk and a farrier
7920s looks like they're gonna try and stay as
7922s inconspicuous as possible to Moko
7925s they'll be enforced by it for juventus's
7927s tomorrow
7929s looks like they're just trying to
7930s pressure with these Canon's flame breath
7933s coming through doing a considerable
7935s amount of damage and wasting a lot of
7937s resources from the enemy teams
7940s one curious thing is that they're not
7942s opting to wait until they're fired
7945s um effect expires before healing so
7948s they're going like half of their value
7949s but a huge huge bubble grab
7956s yeah he holds him in position waits for
7958s his team to come through with the bow
7959s shots to stagger them down below 50 and
7963s then finds the kill with the double slam
7965s txj with that position of the
7967s transformation from The High Ground is
7969s in Prime position to allow te to find
7973s themselves another MVP gets a little bit
7976s cooler on the parkour over the walls but
7979s should be able to make his way safely
7980s all way before bench you can try and
7982s return the favor and look for those
7984s grabs covered by that fairy and Mac does
7986s txj return back on through and what used
7989s to be 17 players is very quickly been
7991s reduced down to seven Tammy ultimate
7994s from te now coming through to lock down
7997s every single player inside this Zone
8000s they have to go into the wind wall or
8002s take so much Zone tick as well as the
8004s damage from the thorny roller as it's
8005s trundling by dxa still in this Mech is
8009s about to drop on out jumps in with the
8011s legendary armor and that Katana looks to
8013s try and put that Bell onto pink from AOW
8016s and try and knock him into that zone it
8019s doesn't match to find the connection
8020s however so he's still able to move
8022s around freely but now he gets spotted
8024s out by T's lyd coming through with those
8028s cannon shots connecting on to just GG's
8031s free free uh rather lxm who's the only
8034s player that isn't te left and he is very
8037s quickly going to go down I tell you what
8041s that final Zone was all te but g g are
8045s going to once again be left with very
8047s very bad memories of teammates getting
8050s grabbed out of position by Transformer
8052s comes it always seems to be on this map
8053s and it's always in final Zone there's
8056s even plays that Gigi have made in the
8059s past well when they see Transformers
8060s around them they will both throw an
8063s ultimate so that they don't get double
8065s cracked and unfortunately for them
8068s they're running a composition where they
8070s can't really do that so Chichi once
8073s again just lose members shaved down one
8075s by one by all of the monks around them
8077s because they have that Central
8078s positioning that just leaves them way
8080s too wide in the open and te take full
8083s advantage pushing onto everyone around
8085s them that they see with a position a
8087s little bit too close towards the edges
8088s of the zone that look to take advantage
8091s of what exactly te are doing keep
8093s yourself on the edge play a little bit
8095s out of line of sight just use those
8097s cannon shots to continue to push onto
8100s those players who are converged on mass
8103s on Your Flank so that nothing can really
8106s come against you because if they won't
8108s try and push onto you they have to move
8109s into Center and that leaves them a much
8111s more vulnerable Target that's why they
8113s turn immediately onto AOW and they use
8116s the fact that they're pushing onto AOW
8118s to push this team and catch them in the
8120s middle you either push them out of that
8122s zone because they have to step backwards
8124s and look for that disengagement whether
8125s they're going to eat the zone damage or
8128s they have to run into you and you become
8130s a lot more vulnerable because everyone
8131s who's fighting on the other side turns
8133s around and looks for that third party
8137s though holy moly this this monk jumping
8142s on top of that pillar just transforming
8145s in front of everybody and just hitting
8147s those grabs
8148s perfectly I don't think they even
8150s realized he was there they they just
8152s came out of nowhere and securing his
8155s team that first place I don't even know
8157s how many kills they had it was it was
8160s crazy that after getting himself at gold
8162s armor it sort of felt as though he was
8164s Untouchable having the farrier V3 come
8167s down be able to be to to cover the uh
8170s the the downtime of the Monk's ultimate
8173s as we like as when monk transforms after
8177s his alt expires he's an extremely
8179s vulnerable Slug and if he has no way of
8182s escaping pressure from other teams then
8184s it can quickly go downhill but having
8187s that Ferry of e3 so that he can just
8189s quickly jump in no problem I'm I was I
8192s was a Kaiju before now I'm a giant robot
8195s I mean it's just it's it's perfect play
8199s they're using everything to their best
8201s ability and it just goes to show why
8203s they're one of the best teams in mppl
8205s right now I
8208s there's nothing really more to say
8209s really the sand formers showing why it's
8212s one of the most popular pics of
8213s holleroth having that Tamal cult to
8215s prevent any any uh any crabs from out of
8219s nowhere as you were saying before how
8221s Gigi was just getting picked apart and
8224s it was that they were playing the um the
8226s attack on Titan so they didn't have that
8228s tomorrow gold they do have the the
8230s wuchen F3 but other than that
8232s but if if your teammate gets grabbed
8235s you're gonna have to commit the teleport
8236s well we even started from J2 right
8239s remember I think it was that K he gets
8241s grabbed out at the beginning when it's
8243s um xcg just just with that uh
8246s transformation that he's supposed to use
8247s after GG and J team take that fight
8250s instead okay gets grabbed out and the
8252s witchen attempts to use the windward to
8253s save them but it comes through too late
8255s oh it just yeah and as a result it is
8258s used to save the Yoda when the second
8260s grab comes through but then the team is
8262s split because again you die vastly out
8265s of position from your team and you just
8267s use that which ntp this is why we see
8268s Jay team even though they come into
8270s seven kills they do fall down to sixth
8274s position because they go are relatively
8276s early we had a pretty active final Zone
8280s where there was something like 17
8281s players still standing and that benefits
8284s te massively because that means more
8287s players for them to be able to look for
8288s those double grabs for as well as the
8290s fact that there weren't really a lot of
8292s temmies left in that final Zone either
8294s so when we see the terminal come through
8295s from te it is just te's tell me none of
8299s the other tummies can actually walk
8300s through those wind walls and turn what
8302s should be an advantage for Te against
8304s them trapping them in the middle of that
8306s temi zone it is purely for te's benefit
8310s that they get to just hole up in the
8312s middle of that sandstorm
8316s 23 kills on the board more than double
8320s events of that Adventures
8324s Ah that's a huge game coming away from
8327s that second game of the day
8329s you're chilling and I I can't remember
8331s exactly how much they scored in the
8333s first game but to get such a high
8336s scoring game you're in a you know to get
8339s such a good game your mental state is
8342s going to be really really really good
8344s however if you get too confident that
8348s can be a huge detriment because you end
8351s up feeling yourself a little bit too
8353s much take engagement
8357s get a little bit too too excited like
8360s that
8362s yes well I like that moment like we can
8364s see we can see the advantages of te and
8367s we can see the uh the the slight
8370s overconfidence I would say sometimes
8372s when it comes to our engagements like
8373s honestly when they're playing mid to
8375s late games very smart a lot of the time
8377s very aggressive like they know they have
8380s a very good understanding of how to play
8381s this composition how to cover for each
8383s other a little bit of the time they do
8386s get a little bit overconfident in the
8387s beginning of these fights because they
8390s like to come in with a lot of fills into
8392s that final Zone hopefully we're gonna
8394s get it yeah there it is tea using the
8396s fact that that phony roller pushes a lot
8398s of teams against taking that fight so
8400s they have to eat the damage from the
8402s katana and the soldier txj's holding
8404s juventus's members in position so they
8407s can find that kill with the double grab
8408s and you can see again txj is coming
8411s through really good awareness of
8412s positioning they drop the monk ultimate
8415s txt is able to get himself behind that
8417s wall so when wolves has been true monks
8419s up to try and punish a lack of monkey on
8422s the of his side he isn't within line of
8424s sight he can't get grabbed out he then
8426s makes it back into the neck and wolves
8428s Benji is now in the back foot because he
8431s can't actively push onto that farrier
8433s the mech is going to last a lot longer
8435s than his monkey is and if he goes for
8436s the active engagement when the alt drops
8439s out he's going to be just absolutely
8441s batted back and forth with the CC No
8443s Surprises by the way that it's vvv who
8446s comes out on top in terms of MVP because
8448s look at the damage 42
8451s 000
8453s 988 coming in from vvv what an absolute
8461s monster
8464s absolutely
8466s 43k damage
8468s in a oh my God that's not zip numbers
8471s but that's legitimately zip numbers in
8475s solos with zip Bubbles and zip ultimates
8478s is literally just keeping everybody
8479s healed up into that final Zone vvv might
8482s have broken a record most amount of
8485s damage done by a single player in
8487s trier's gameplay in fact te with the
8489s amount of damage that they racks up in
8491s that game might have broken a record for
8492s the amount of damage done total by a
8494s true scene because remember vpv comes
8496s from something like 43k the other
8498s members are batting above 20 themselves
8500s each
8504s um absolutely I that is a considerable
8507s amount of time if you if you don't know
8509s getting 43k damage in a game is not an
8514s easy feat in in normal right you have to
8518s be turbo smurfing to be able to do
8520s something like that like that is that it
8523s just speaks to how good these players
8526s truly are how how much work they've put
8529s in to perfect these compositions the
8532s sand formers just just showing up and
8535s doing exactly what they want to be doing
8536s playing their game playing on the right
8539s side of the tracks and uh just
8543s showing up and doing exactly what they
8545s wanted to do I mean there's there's
8546s nothing more to say they did
8548s everything well I didn't we did we we
8551s don't think we saw them lose all that
8552s many fights at all yeah other than that
8554s first matchup against oud
8557s that is literally the only fight they
8559s lost
8562s anyway we'll have to see uh I think
8565s we're going to a break here real quick
8566s before we head off into game three of
8569s the day uh and I suppose we'll see you
8571s soon
8573s foreign
8625s foreign
8627s [Music]
8648s foreign
8651s [Music]
8658s [Music]
8678s [Music]
8693s foreign
8696s [Music]
8703s [Music]
8705s [Applause]
8706s [Music]
8720s foreign
8722s [Music]
8729s [Music]
8740s [Music]
8752s [Music]
8782s foreign
8787s number two out here throwing hands and
8789s do you know who else for his hands
8791s Duncan it's a it's a very own Tiana this
8794s is gonna be the exact premise for the
8796s question that you and Chad are going to
8798s have to answer if you want to get your
8799s hands on some free goodies we all love
8802s free goodies so the question is how many
8804s hands are there when monk uses all is it
8808s free is it four is it five or is it six
8811s I mean I'm gonna guess that Casper is
8813s out here spamming her
8815s spamming D or C given that he always
8819s likes to gravitate towards those ones
8821s but uh for everybody else
8823s Choose Wisely because there is Loot on
8826s the line
8828s absolutely
8831s but yeah when the monk uses alt how many
8834s hands are there are we talking I think
8836s we're talking about how many hands he
8838s actually has as opposed to how many
8840s grabs you can throw out but uh oh they
8843s change when they change the numbers oh
8846s yes they changed their numbers I was
8848s reading something okay is it two four
8851s six or eight
8854s I was like I was looking at those and I
8855s was like wait a minute something
8856s something is wrong the universe is out
8859s of balance
8861s there you go how many hands are there
8863s one monkeys assault is it two is it four
8866s is it six or is it eight I hope that you
8870s get it right because uh let me tell you
8871s the cosmetics in naraka do not miss
8875s no they do not not at all the the the
8878s design team
8880s they do amazing work truly the
8882s Aesthetics in in naraka is one of my
8884s favorite things about the game it's
8887s everything's just beautiful
8889s sometimes I log on and I just look down
8892s the weapon list and look at all of the
8894s pretty shiny things I wish I could hold
8896s you in real life like I am so jealous
8898s not just of the players when I go to to
8901s Worlds or when they're able to pick up
8903s the MVP Trophies of being that good at
8905s the game but also that the MVPs
8908s legitimately get a weapon
8910s to hold I'm like I was looking at that
8913s long Source in the spirit lasting I was
8914s like um
8916s behind that above my bed and I would
8919s never let it go
8921s I want a great soda I want my own great
8924s sword I mean they legitimately made a
8926s great suit in the advert I'm sure if we
8928s still like show them a message and be
8929s like hey there's a lot of long swords in
8931s the wall you got a couple spare
8934s the rocket take my money
8938s I don't know the postage might be a
8941s little bit
8943s shipping shipping a great sword
8947s as long as it was scaled down that
8949s that's one advantage
8954s yeah I mean let me tell you if we ever
8957s get like actually go in person to wolves
8959s and hold the weapons and that to scale I
8962s have no shot of being able to lift
8964s anything other than dagger and maybe
8966s nunchucks these noodle arms uh they they
8969s do not they do not lift anything other
8972s than my mouse and my keyboard when I
8974s have to move my setup
8978s I'd like to think I'd be able to pick up
8981s the grace one but if it truly is to the
8982s scale and if it's made of metal it's
8984s gonna be heavy
8987s I uh I like to think I would but I think
8991s we'll have to see but once it's totally
8993s in the air you know you can you can get
8994s some prep ahead you can start lifting
8996s hitting the gym so that when we hit
8998s December you might be able to lift it
9000s above your shoulder
9001s we'll see we will see but anyway we are
9005s heading now into the next game of the
9007s day and I think that this is going to be
9009s our first
9010s Firefly map of the day so I'm curious to
9014s see what people are going to be pulling
9016s out that they haven't been playing
9018s already
9020s definitely
9021s anticipate seeing quite a few
9023s Transformers our Transformers still do
9026s pretty well when they have fireflies
9029s available to them
9031s but I'm not too sure I think we may see
9034s a few juggernauts here and there because
9038s although they do Excel on non-firefly
9041s maps because they managed to uh do well
9044s into the other Transformer cons
9046s they do extremely well with fireflies we
9049s all know how oppressive a takada can be
9051s when he has an ultimate and if there's
9053s simply more uptime on that ability it
9056s becomes far far more difficult to deal
9059s with
9061s um so we're gonna have to see do you
9062s think there's gonna be any anything that
9064s we haven't really seen already today I
9066s think the last time I said that Takeda
9068s would probably come through on game
9069s number three we didn't get a lot of
9070s Decatur so I'm gonna hold my tongue and
9074s see whether or not some of these teams
9076s are going to be running that monk
9077s whatever and what we're going to have
9078s something like that attack on Titan
9080s composition where it is just trying to
9082s bust over those Transformers as quickly
9084s as possible my biggest question is going
9086s to be in terms of drop spots a lot of
9090s the time we see teams giving up
9092s immediately hot dropping into the high
9094s loot area so they can look from the
9096s fringes they managed to make sure that
9098s they push back engagements they have
9100s time to link up and then they can go in
9102s what they think action is and that works
9104s great when it's like one individual
9106s thinking outside of the box we have seen
9109s a major shift though in that team start
9112s thinking about that first and foremost
9114s and as a result if one team goes for a
9117s fringe fight another team tends to be
9119s hot on their heels and that has caught a
9122s couple of these teams a little bit off
9124s guard we saw it from o Eugene te uh at
9128s the very beginning of that second game
9129s on Hollow roof where both of those teams
9131s I think didn't really anticipate either
9134s of each other dropping quite so close
9136s because people tend to gravitate towards
9138s places like salvation Podium so you can
9141s solve that puzzle as quickly as possible
9142s or in the plume Temple so that they can
9145s find loot and then push on a team that
9148s gets caught out on salvation Podium
9149s getting a little bit too caught up in
9151s frequencies and benefits that the puzzle
9153s provides those Transformers you can head
9156s into game number three and immediately
9158s those answers those questions are going
9160s to be answered thinking what
9162s compositions are we going to see is it
9163s going to be varying towards the Decatur
9165s composition trying to play off of those
9166s fireflies or is it going to be that sort
9169s of adjustment to the change in pacing
9171s for the Yoda composition and using the
9174s Yoto and the fireflies around to have
9176s the Yoda ultimate for as much as
9178s possible while you can still Traverse
9179s the map and pick those fireflies up as
9181s opposed to the decada which relies a
9184s little bit more heavily on it in the
9185s final Zone KZ going to be running
9188s honestly in my opinion Casey run really
9191s clean Euro composition they are the only
9194s team however all right no there we go
9196s wolves and xcg both going to be running
9197s it as well so no massive outlier in
9201s terms of composition no one's really
9202s going to be able to track down people
9204s just off of composition that they see
9206s alone which is very much a good thing
9209s for those Euros given that when that
9211s routine TV has burnt out it's open
9214s season you're being hunted down
9217s indeed but we are seeing a slight
9220s variegation to the Juggernaut com
9223s um with the addition of monk as opposed
9226s to Matari so monk zipping Takeda so this
9230s is this slight variation is also
9233s extremely powerful
9235s um as you can still deal with Viper
9238s compositions without the Matari by
9241s making sure that your monk can use his
9243s ultimate
9244s um at the correct time to be able to
9246s iframe the stun or perhaps to um simply
9251s say that okay Takeda you are now the
9254s peeling the peeling character for us if
9257s we get stunned we need to use the roll
9258s to get us out of there but here we have
9260s it off the rip te and uh well I can see
9264s xcg off the rip on the fireplace on just
9268s next to the ballista but it looks like
9270s half the members don't even have weapons
9272s everyone's punching each other xcg is
9275s remember getting taken down first team
9277s he seemed to be on top here it doesn't
9279s look like there's gonna be all that much
9281s the xcg can do for themselves and te
9285s managed to pick up two of the three
9287s members
9289s Duncan it doesn't Renaissance going on
9292s that that was another Yodo F2 from xcg
9296s wait no you're not no yeah
9301s are you sure that's F2 I was F2 that was
9305s moving
9308s that was for a night and that was moving
9310s and it lasted longer than 3.5 seconds
9312s which is now the duration of the F3 wait
9315s oh my God
9318s she's absolutely shredded yeah my man oh
9323s they almost found the grab on to go that
9325s Bean's breath is gonna be running out in
9327s a moment though as Kate loses that
9329s ballistic control it's not going to be
9331s forced back towards the beans where if
9333s you're trying to bait and engagement he
9335s is able to get closer to his kurumi
9336s though so the Tava will be able to
9338s secure him in position and biter can't
9340s really properly push into this as they
9342s want because of the beans rushing around
9344s them now however they come in with a
9347s blister of their own because they're
9348s still going for 30 seconds however so it
9351s is going to actually allow GD to be able
9354s to hold themselves in this fight and
9355s challenge that ballistic control but
9356s better come to the ultimates the UE
9358s transforms immediately goes in they
9360s isolate one member of GD and then turn
9363s on to the remaining two making sure that
9366s they keep one other eye to towards that
9369s ballista as a shot did come through this
9371s time it's from
9375s it's just in Cross the parcel at the
9376s moment the music has stopped another
9378s team steps up to the plate oug coming in
9381s for that potential third party but
9383s Baroda have very wisely distanced
9386s themselves from that engagement because
9388s it's gonna be a lion hunting down at the
9391s moment as I swapping to that Cannon
9392s trying to find that entry shot onto him
9394s will be able to find the lockdown as we
9397s head over and have a look at te now
9399s deciding to go up against Hills okay
9402s easy yeah T.E remember they started off
9404s aggressively they were able to drop onto
9407s the where did the second three come from
9411s that is remaining 15 but now they might
9414s be able to lengthen it into nine KZ
9416s taking this engagement Bell has been
9418s wrong both of these teams can have a
9419s very good understanding of the time that
9421s they have to look for those kills before
9423s a third party comes through but Casey
9425s not actually actively taking that
9427s engagement at the moment just charging
9428s up that skill rashven not going for the
9431s engagement but using it to back away is
9433s Casey hold their grinds and teeth decide
9436s to opt on out of it not something we
9439s typically tend to see coming through
9441s from this team but given the fact that
9442s they're still recharging lyd's ultimate
9444s definitely a wise decision to make is JL
9448s now let's try and aggress on to the
9450s receding members of wolves banshu a
9452s little bit away from the pack that's the
9455s turnaround and deal with the grackle
9457s Council that is attempted to be landed
9459s on to his teammates they are swapping to
9460s that long so just trying to chip away at
9463s the shielding with that charged up
9464s vertical comes in now with the Decatur
9467s ultimate they've isolated the Viper away
9469s from wolves and as a result we're
9470s hearing the go to Ultimate to try and
9472s cover and push as back that Decatur not
9475s able to set the Stagger up and Soros is
9477s hounding him down using those blades
9479s tping in towards that Decatur to push
9482s him further away from this team but
9483s wolves can look to control the neutral
9485s when the ultimates drop away but here
9487s comes JL there's the Decatur ultimate
9489s both managing to Naga on to two members
9492s of wolves with that last slash but
9495s there's the Witch and TP and wolves are
9497s out they're not getting that time to
9499s reset though JL not actually allowing
9501s them time to just sit back and get that
9504s re-shield they've got a zip they don't
9506s have to worry about long-term
9507s sustainability they can still isolate
9509s these members of wolves they have put on
9510s to benju benju not able to use the app
9513s to be able to guarantee himself that
9515s gold now has to drop straight into view
9522s as well
9524s what is going on wolves seem to be
9528s trying their best to turn it around but
9531s to no avail
9533s extremely unfortunate for Walter though
9535s the wuchen and vipero both coming out at
9539s the same time like completely
9543s losing all value from their Viper old I
9546s think there was a slight
9547s miscommunication there that the Wu Chen
9549s opted to try and get them get them out
9551s of that sticky situation and the Viper
9554s had already popped his ultimate
9556s um definitely not what you want to be
9558s doing those kind of miscommunications
9560s are the downfall of the attack on Titan
9563s composition as if you waste your
9565s cooldowns even a little bit you end up
9568s being very very defenseless against
9572s other teams but here we have AOW taking
9575s down oug's yushan
9578s inside the Bane breath the king now
9583s getting forced oh and there it is sadly
9585s he manages to gain prior with the
9587s nunchucks getting him to that uppercut
9588s combo but just getting cut down by that
9592s long sword win Slash from the side AOW
9594s picking up a few kills for themselves
9596s not too many on the board just yet but
9600s they're definitely in a position to
9601s accelerate their lead looking like
9603s they've got some pretty good loot
9605s purple weapons all around
9607s ping Toe with the with the pole Sword
9610s and the dagger is Ultimate going to be
9613s coming up reasonably soon as well
9616s I think I think it's gonna start dying
9619s down a little bit now as uh we're gonna
9621s start seeing teams positioning to uh try
9625s and see what's happening over at the
9627s Yang portals either they're gonna opt to
9630s grief other teams trying to go in or try
9633s and go in themselves
9635s xcg here
9637s not looking too hot with only blue armor
9641s and zero kills to their name
9643s they do have all of their cooldowns
9645s available so potentially they could opt
9648s to try and get some sort of third-party
9651s Groove onto Yang as they're in uh
9653s they're using the com for it I mean Yoto
9656s is extremely good at griefing other
9657s players going into the portal but I'm
9660s not too sure if they're gonna try and do
9662s that as they don't really have the
9664s resources to be taking a fight if it
9667s goes wrong although they have the wuchen
9669s port they could get hunted down
9670s afterwards
9672s so now we can say those teams starting
9675s to position us they hear it on the map
9678s locations are immediately pointed out
9680s and everyone is going to change up where
9682s they want to be standing PE helping to
9685s go to a shop will take a lot of brunt
9688s from the repeating crossbow by going for
9691s that as we can have a look at how this
9693s map is laying out te and Judy both
9696s extremely close J team and bow down or
9700s seeming to be scrapping out towards the
9702s center Duty maybe making a play towards
9705s that more Southern gate but baida might
9708s be the ones to make it their first and
9709s fight J team opting entirely out of
9712s challenging a good of Yang another guild
9714s of Yang it seems is going to be going to
9716s Free Fall by there if they're able to
9717s make it in time they're not gonna have
9719s to worry about taking a deal so they
9721s should be able to make it through
9722s whether or not they're going to be
9724s challenged remains to be seen is again
9726s it feels like a lot of these teams
9728s foregoing the importance of that gate
9730s foregoing the potential of that love
9732s because they don't want to put
9733s themselves against that four minute Yang
9735s depletion because now we can see early
9737s kurumi umbrella comes through to try and
9739s knock these players back te are able to
9742s make their way into a gate and now they
9745s are going to be challenged there's Banda
9746s they were the ones who were the only
9748s ones who headed towards that gate so
9750s they're going to be able to slip in nice
9752s and easy txj and Mom and both going for
9754s the transformation very early on for
9756s that Mama also monks are able to control
9758s that fight txt able to actually scoop up
9760s one of the members still not really
9763s finding the time to be able to slam
9764s until just now knocks back Merriman to
9767s be able to complete that one and
9768s immediately scoop straight back up lion
9770s my man however is holding hostage one of
9774s the members of te doesn't find the slam
9777s has to go back into that kurumi ultimate
9778s txj still holding themselves strong they
9781s don't have a kurumi but they're just not
9783s really getting focused on at the moment
9785s drops out of the transformation this is
9788s why you should really go after that monk
9790s since they're not running that barrier
9791s but he's just not being focused on the
9793s zip doing such a good job as well as the
9795s Decatur of controlling that space But
9797s the UE with that spare controls so much
9800s more of the after ultimate from this
9802s monk composition but te just with the
9804s sustainability does it bring to the
9806s table able to chunk through that damage
9808s remember it was only first gate side as
9810s well so the Weaponry wasn't really on
9813s the side of the Transformer composition
9815s to be able to Brute Force through all
9818s the sustainability that zip brings to
9819s the table and as a result te are the
9823s victors alongside JL
9827s um indeed no you're absolutely right
9828s Transformers do definitely need to scale
9832s up to be able to uh make the most out of
9835s their uh out of their Transformations as
9838s all of their Transformations scale off
9840s of the damage and the uh the the Rarity
9843s of their armor and their Weaponry we
9845s have Alliance here picking up KZ gen
9847s just lurking at the edge of the map
9850s unfortunately unable to really do
9853s anything about it zwan virtually taking
9855s him down on his own but here we have it
9857s Ventus popping down the tomoko The
9859s three-band Zone getting called
9860s simultaneously trying to make use of the
9863s ultimate and uh not allow the enemies to
9866s use anything for themselves Juventus on
9868s the back foot here managing to get that
9871s huge healing off from the Zippy though
9873s the Monk's now inside the three band
9875s Zone looking to take a heal and come out
9878s and help his teammates he tanks the
9879s Parry damage for his teammate and has
9883s ultimate available I'm not sure
9885s if Juventus is gonna be able to come out
9887s on top here since he's trying to kite
9889s away with the dagger throwing those
9891s Blues but to no avail he just gets cut
9894s down
9895s unable to do anything GD coming out on
9898s top
9901s scrapping it out the monks have come out
9904s the poison mushroom oh no
9906s oh but the grab is that it's good but I
9909s don't remember have to win this fight
9910s they can't afford to give it up they
9912s lost that fight in Gate against te so
9915s they have to keep themselves in this
9917s fight against your team and finish it
9918s fast before a third party comes through
9920s and stops them from picking up those saw
9921s blinds Mario man as a result needs to
9923s stay in this ultimate for as long as
9924s possible they're even using that kurumi
9926s ultimate very early on as Jay team are
9928s able to attach themselves towards the
9930s monk legs allowing them to not get
9932s grabbed out by mailman who now out of
9934s the ultimate one becomes extremely
9935s vulnerable thankfully lion is there to
9937s try and cover but the ultimate is going
9939s to be gone in a matter of moments on 101
9941s or the ones who have a UE still lasting
9944s they're able to turn it straight back
9947s onto the members of farida with that
9949s kurumi to have a keeping 101 TN up in
9951s place and healed I was biod I haven't
9953s been able to find a single pick no soul
9955s Bloom no reset they still can't look for
9957s the disengagement the fight's gone on
9958s for so long if they do look for the
9960s disengagement they're going to go down
9961s to yank depletion anyway but merciles
9963s have it comes through locks them in
9965s position connect the angle onto lion and
9968s it is powder going down
9971s oh and here we have it from fight to
9974s fight we have xcg now versus JL JL team
9978s to have the red buff from Yang the xcg
9981s looking to take them down regardless
9983s gets a huge carry on the as stealing
9986s himself the gold long sword in a sitting
9990s pretty old I'll take that boy OC now
9993s coming in from the wings looking to try
9995s and pick up some kills here some low
9997s effort kills but it doesn't look like
9999s xcg isn't too bad of a spot they have
10001s wooch and ALT available they have viper
10004s all coming up very shortly and Yota
10006s world
10007s sitting there waiting to be used appeal
10009s for their teammates it doesn't look like
10011s OC is gonna be able to force anything
10013s out of this
10014s and here we are again celestra now
10017s wolves getting aggressed on by GD forced
10020s to use their witch and port to try and
10023s Escape danger as they were getting
10025s really low GD although having already
10028s committed two ultimates
10030s I'm not sure if they're gonna look I
10032s think they were trying to see if they
10033s were yeah two balls running out both on
10036s opposing against the latter they were
10038s really trying to track down that team
10040s before the Witch and TP would be built
10042s back up again when they engaged it's the
10044s most frustrating thing for that
10045s Transformer composition right you Monk
10047s up you wait to try and find those
10049s players to grab out and then a witch and
10050s TV discount so you'll forced to just
10052s drop the ultimate knowing full wow that
10055s that is going to immediately turn back
10057s onto you but it's very much a pushable
10059s situation the wishing TP comes out early
10060s you push onto that the Mongol comes out
10062s too early you disengage and push onto
10064s them as well and speaking about pushing
10066s peripherals pushing straight now on to
10068s oud gets that knock onto the king to
10070s stop him from finding that opening grab
10072s three for your however finding himself
10074s extremely low the kurumi has already
10075s gone down now like Sam has been removed
10077s from the fight and as a result 330 has
10080s absolutely no help inside that Tammy
10082s ultimate he has to drop the
10083s transformation early otherwise he's
10084s gonna go down and that just leaves him
10086s open to be grabbed back up by the king
10088s who's still in this all miss you with
10090s that UE ultimate just has to try and use
10093s it to disengage he goes into the zone to
10095s be able to try and survive so that oud
10098s don't hunt him down given that we're
10100s heading towards second Zone collapsing
10102s but oh you g send one of their members
10104s to deal with them
10106s don't have to swap towards that Spear
10108s and look for lockdown get staggered onto
10110s the ground tries to come back in with
10111s the F doesn't manage to find the neutral
10113s control that he's looking for however as
10116s venue hits him with the right click from
10118s the sphere and puts him out of its
10119s misery GG it all went horribly horribly
10123s wrong that kurumi going down before your
10125s monkey goes through is an absolute death
10128s sentence especially against those
10129s tummies where you don't have the ability
10131s to be able to change that Monk and keep
10133s him healed up JT now going up against JL
10136s as we head into another gate of Yang
10138s fight eagle and Zoo both going for the
10139s transformation both looking for those
10141s grabs JL it seems like half hepta on
10144s their side as ego Falls extremely low
10146s the kurumi tablet from ZK is that but
10148s that means that he can't really help
10149s himself out in a Fighter's eagle has to
10153s actually drop the Tervis so that the
10155s kurumi can help out get that lost little
10157s bit of damage needed to board the kurumi
10159s ultimate and allow Eagle to stay
10161s standing is that okay with a very
10163s aggressive play turns things around for
10165s J team is eager to take so much damage
10167s the swap from the crew me in the
10168s background too that flamers eagle uses
10170s the belt in the gate the worst of the
10172s Takeda ultimate slashes as JT and I
10174s looked to swap in with weapons they've
10176s only got one UE ultimate to last himself
10178s through the sustainability from the
10180s other side but the Decatur ultimate is
10182s about to run out 101 TN drops behind the
10184s pill to be able to let himself safely
10186s out of the ultimate and Jay team off of
10189s some really good plays coming through
10191s Ron zedke on that kurumi building up the
10195s rage necessary to keep Eagle standing
10197s despite how low he initially went are
10200s able to come out on top of another gate
10202s and see themselves picking up that
10204s Mystic might
10206s hmm absolutely extremely well played
10208s from them it didn't look as though it
10210s was going to be uh it didn't look as
10212s though it was going all that well for
10214s them to begin with the hefter coming out
10216s from the uh from the Takeda an extremely
10219s dangerous Soul Jade especially on Takeda
10222s who's able to secure that win slash
10223s initially and then just immediately
10225s follow it up with that hepta both
10229s locking down the enemy the enemy player
10231s and healing himself up just a little bit
10235s um but yeah sadly to no avail the
10238s traditional Transformers coming out on
10239s top of the kurumi healing just being a
10241s little bit too much for them to deal
10243s with as well as them having slightly
10246s better armor I I think I remember but
10248s here we have xcg aggressing on the GDs
10251s Xiao Nan trying to get some height it
10253s seems as though he was looking to get a
10255s Viper up from above but here we have
10257s okay getting taken down so unbelievably
10260s quickly I didn't even see it the caxi
10263s now being forced to pop his monkey
10264s getting stunned while his transformed
10267s state but he looks like he's just gonna
10268s get melted down and the kurumi gets
10271s taken down as well they just got
10274s absolutely
10275s dissected by xcg
10278s AOW now coming in trying to get the
10281s third party but Wu Channel just coming
10283s in clutch getting them out of the sticky
10286s situation having picked up three kills
10288s for themselves although they don't get
10290s to pick up the loot those points are
10292s gonna feel really good for them as they
10295s head towards the end game so I can
10297s please tell me you saw that please tell
10298s me you saw that F2 from the Yodo no I
10301s didn't see it wait what am I missing it
10303s every time
10308s putting themselves in that position to
10310s pick for that light have put themselves
10312s to be picked up by JL JL and AOW both
10315s with Mom Transformers though going to be
10317s able to try and find the grass but Zoo
10319s just doesn't find the ground at the
10321s moment until now he's able to find one
10323s on tissue Tong the Decatur ultimate
10325s trying to mince through that hell from
10328s aow's player still held in his hands
10331s he's gonna have to drop him now in a
10333s matter of months to be able to escape
10334s that zone tick as Jay Al still keeping
10336s you up for a matter of moments he's
10339s about to go down to just absolute Focus
10341s Fire coming through from AOW Canon and
10344s repeating crossbow in tandem to deal
10346s with that Monk's Health while punishing
10348s a lack of kurumi as JL isolated one by
10352s one picked off the monk first to take
10354s away that zoning potential and then the
10357s remaining members a-o-w will be able to
10360s keep themselves alive for a little bit
10362s longer and even better for them because
10364s they come out on top of that fight
10366s Wukong does so much damage in it he's
10368s already pretty soon he's five percent
10370s off to the next transformation
10373s it's already gonna be up nothing but
10375s Rangers
10376s but rage glyphs and cannons from this
10379s team and this is honestly really smart
10381s if you want to play so far into that
10383s zone to try and take those fights
10385s against straggling teams you need to be
10387s running those rage glyphs so that you
10389s don't get punished by teams looking to
10392s scavenge out those kills from players
10394s that have been in the zone a little bit
10395s too long have just emerged from a fight
10397s and are pretty low in terms of not just
10399s reserves for vitalias and reshields but
10401s also ultimate charges teams like xcg
10404s that are very much waiting towards the
10407s lower parts of this Zone wanting to try
10410s and not just catch out other teams but
10412s also roll through the soul Jades so that
10414s it's in the position where a lot of
10416s people aren't likely to come through and
10417s pick up your left behinds
10421s um no absolutely and it definitely looks
10423s like we're heading into a little bit
10424s more of a a low-key stage of the game
10427s teams are now shopping going to the mall
10431s getting some money and just trying to
10433s pick up some jays to head in on in onto
10435s end game get themselves Some solid
10437s ranged fix
10439s um being able to secure themselves that
10441s flame breath Cannon the uh the fire
10443s arrows bow all that sort of thing being
10446s able to deal a considerable amount of
10448s damage with your ranged weapons is just
10451s it's just invaluable when it comes to uh
10454s nbpl end game in trios especially it
10458s looks like aows
10460s coming to close proximity with uh
10463s saw that it was oud I think
10465s but it doesn't look like they're gonna
10466s be having a fight J team now looking to
10469s hold this Ballista
10471s just trying to keep a
10474s solid position for themselves did I just
10476s see 101 TN you switch Dazzle I think I
10481s did you just use Canon switch Dazzle in
10485s the middle of the open for no reason
10487s other than for fun I think
10489s I mean like pretty particle effects
10494s has made me so hyperactive and like
10497s Restless in all of my other games that I
10499s play like I just I can't play anything
10500s without constantly needing to move
10504s at the moment
10505s because like you really do just have to
10507s be so active you're always worried that
10509s someone is going to be waiting in the
10510s wings especially with things like
10511s scatter shot and armor Pierce upon that
10513s musket as a lines are very much worried
10516s about those and uh will immediately drop
10518s a semi-ultimate to secure themselves up
10520s that Morris blessing poison Splash
10522s coming on for Revenant with them
10524s repeating crossword absolutely no joke
10526s as lucky is absolutely eviscerated in
10530s terms of armor has to use the the pulse
10532s odd surf to be able to get himself a
10533s little bit more out of line upside as te
10536s now move in to try and pick through what
10538s was left behind in alliance's hurry to
10541s abandon that box and keep all three of
10543s their players alive doesn't look however
10545s like Alliance left much they were very
10548s very quick going through what exactly
10550s was on that lesson as a result he not
10552s really wanting to push their luck just
10556s yet
10556s and extremely well plated from them as
10559s well that the quick thinking and quick
10561s reactions dropping the the armor for
10564s their to Mulk and swapping armors
10566s between the teammates just so that they
10569s could keep that 10 Mark alive as the if
10572s the monk were to get low enough that
10575s he'd potentially die he could
10577s immediately pop his ultimate and save
10579s himself however if the Tomato having
10581s already used his ultimate not having his
10583s F available he had no way of defending
10586s himself so for the monk to quickly drop
10589s his armor allowing the tomok to stay as
10592s safe as possible very very nicely done
10594s there very nice team play and that that
10597s right there these little like tiny Min
10601s maxing sort of things that that of team
10604s play that they do in mbpl in China is
10607s why they are Simply the Best in terms of
10611s trios they do they they take team play
10613s to a different level than uh than the
10616s rest of the regions and certain teams
10618s you can just see how much they've worked
10620s on their team play how much they've how
10623s much work they've done to make sure that
10625s they understand all the different lines
10627s how let's say if your tamalk is dying
10630s and you have
10631s alternately drops his armor or if Yoto
10635s is Yoto is uh is getting is is outside
10641s of the fight their teammate is is
10642s getting extremely low for them to
10644s immediately drop whatever they're doing
10646s and to head on over and drop that F3
10648s down to try and peel for their teammate
10650s all these different sorts of lines of
10653s team play extremely important when it
10655s comes to coming out on top in a Lobby
10658s where you are matched against some of
10661s the best players in the game you need to
10663s be able to take every small advantage
10665s that you can and to try and work
10667s together as as a team as well as you can
10669s otherwise you're going to get diff by
10671s these other teams who are going to be
10673s doing them talking about advantages
10676s polista is very much one of them and J
10679s team are going to be using that ballista
10682s to hold OC hostage
10684s as we can even say the kurumi Teva onto
10687s 101 TN this is really smart from Jay
10688s team like they hold on to all of their
10690s ultimates and they get a free Morris
10693s blessing for the team and OC can do
10696s absolutely nothing about it J team
10700s getting that positioning Forward
10702s Thinking coming out from them they're
10704s going to be really sad in terms of when
10706s we see the Zone collapses we can hear
10707s all of the Cannons go off we can see the
10709s wind walls from all of these Yoda
10712s compositions which are stuck inside
10713s these buildings
10715s parano looks like does have a bounce
10717s shells so should be able to keep
10719s everyone a little bit more of an arm's
10721s length away we can just set up in case
10725s things get pushed to shove in 0 to 60
10727s ignition moment you have to just
10729s immediately get on out of there is TE if
10732s I used to go for a little bit of an
10734s above bird's eye angle grapple shot come
10737s through into Cannon to drop them back to
10739s the team a little bit out in the open
10740s and there's a temi ultimate coming on
10742s through to actually try and push them
10744s all you'd have seen the tier out of
10746s position that their back is against that
10748s zone and it is going to converge pushing
10750s them forward and oh ug can use that
10752s Tammy ultimate to keep te back to
10755s caterer comes on through from te pushing
10757s back on to oug
10759s UE ultimate now so that the king can
10761s save this one composition and use it to
10763s limp in his lifespan if he does get
10765s turned on to aow's woo Kong having to
10768s use that transform gets a little bit
10769s stuck on the scenery but is able to use
10771s those little buildings like building
10773s blocks to keep himself nice and safe if
10775s out of that zone finds a grab onto lyd
10778s mid ultimate and will be able to keep
10781s himself isolated from the team doesn't
10782s find the slam however t-e-t-xj comes in
10785s with the peel the slams connects on to
10787s the other monk so he doesn't find that
10788s knock onto lyd who immediately drops
10791s back down right next to his mom's feet
10793s going for that Cannon pressuring all of
10796s these other players then you Falls gets
10799s grabbed out of position held in place
10801s for the shots to come through but j-team
10803s actually snipe it out from te's nose oh
10807s they're not gonna be happy about that
10809s because te now without ultimates have to
10811s take cover inside these buildings so
10813s that they don't get turned on to lyd
10815s pulling extremely low as we can have a
10818s look at J team just sitting in one of
10820s the buildings parallel pushing onto
10822s t-e-a-o-w having to take more cover
10825s inside this building they still however
10827s lose your tongue to vvv coming in at
10830s that repeating crossbow and the Venom
10832s tip attached to it taking Shu Tong
10834s beyond the Brave before he's able to
10836s heal himself up from that poison pick as
10838s lyd now hits in with that long sword to
10841s be able to connect into even more
10843s Decatur stagger woo Kong from AOW be
10846s making it harder however for him to have
10847s control of that opening but off of that
10850s Decatur use they will be able to see
10852s themselves a pocket of safety to try and
10855s recover as everything opens up every
10858s single team knife fighting tooth and
10860s Claw to control and find a kill before
10862s the Zone pushes all of these players
10865s closer and closer together
10867s still waiting for J team to make that
10869s move they have not revealed themselves
10871s firstly out more than content to hold on
10873s to those ultimates hold on to those
10874s resources and potentially look to snipe
10876s out some of these players all while in
10878s the in Syrian chaos no one has turned on
10881s to them xcg make their moves Yao Nan
10883s with the Viper isn't actually able to
10885s connect that stun onto tetxa times the
10888s transformation perfectly and frames out
10891s of the vipassan connection we see Jaden
10894s just hiding behind the rock I don't
10895s think anyone actually knows that they're
10897s there likewise that time yeah a lion's
10901s just sitting on that Tower going to have
10903s to drop down now the Zone pushing them
10904s off J team's Eagle using this moment to
10906s reveal themselves but they get stuck in
10908s a Tammy ultimate and have to actually
10910s run out of it Jay team going into the
10912s zone to be able to reposition his te now
10915s look to push on today team pushes them
10918s into Eagle
10919s lid sees that he is not gonna go down
10923s well he gets grabbed out by eagle and
10925s then grabbed on the Reverb into the
10927s flamer damage J team take lyd out and
10930s that was one of the big efforts for Te
10932s gonna make it so hard for them to be
10934s able to control the final Zone as xcg
10936s now make their move yodel ultimate Jews
10938s from my HQ but it doesn't find the kill
10939s that he's looking for Te with vvv trying
10942s to control that rooftop and put even
10944s more pressure onto alliance's Lin that
10946s monk just a big old Target right now as
10949s jonan comes through with a Viper son
10951s doesn't find the sun to connect that
10952s they're looking for however just buys it
10954s in time to be able to get behind that
10956s wall but unfortunately that reset spot
10958s is sold after J teams see what they run
10962s to find a kill and J team coming alive
10965s te 13 kills J Team Hot on their heels
10968s with 10 might be able to see themselves
10971s the MVP but he picks up another one on
10974s to Lynn eagle takes this opportunity
10976s goes for that transformation but so too
10978s is txj it's a monk off at the moment and
10981s she actually has The High Ground Eagle
10982s using time of the ultimate to try and
10984s push onto txj but he gets knocked back
10986s down to the low and he hasn't found any
10989s opportunity to look for a grab TX Jano
10991s is the one pushed onto that low ground
10993s but in so much time for Jaden using
10996s these ultimates to try and control that
10997s space they haven't equalized kills and
10999s te are still with the monk still with
11002s The High Ground looking for these picks
11004s Lucky from Alliance using that Tammy you
11007s have to buy themselves aerial control so
11009s they don't go down to any Reverb the
11011s eagle now pulls into a whisk gets
11013s grabbed out and te looks to turn around
11015s they'll lose txj the kurumi ultimate
11018s from j-team comes through into the razor
11020s Swift coming out from Eagle to control
11022s that zone and JT might just have done it
11025s all three of their players remaining
11027s push now onto the two other players left
11030s alive it's just J team standing T is vvv
11033s goes down to Zone denying Jay team a
11036s pick but j-team outlived them maybe with
11040s the kills the T were able to pick up the
11042s walker with MVP it's going to be an
11044s absolute Nails Edge between the these
11047s two teams
11049s absolutely extremely well played but it
11052s does look like te comes out on top in
11056s terms of points it must be absolutely
11058s well it must be just by a couple a
11062s couple points and like maybe one point
11064s one one kill is this one kill official
11068s maybe I tell you what point is all the
11070s difference
11071s txj an eagle just having a Sumo match
11075s because we wanted to see control of that
11078s High Ground that's what wins it that's
11080s what clinches it for Te right the fact
11083s that eagle even though he's able to
11084s safely use that transformation and keep
11087s himself in it for so long that they
11088s don't actually have to use that Korean
11089s ultimate because he's going Toe to Toe
11092s against the other monk in txj because T
11095s are already leading in kills t-a-t-e
11097s already have that control of The High
11099s Ground Eagle is the one that has to come
11100s to him and he burns like 75 percent you
11104s can see Jay team they're all smiles
11105s They're laughing 100 they're talking to
11107s you right now she burns like 75 of the
11111s entire duration of that monkey just
11113s trying to get back into that position
11115s and that's time that he doesn't find
11117s those grabs with so J team in that sort
11121s of time where they should be controlling
11123s that fight where they should be coming
11124s with the most amount of kills in that
11125s final Zone
11126s okay
11128s really because they can't make the move
11131s they can't try and put even more
11132s pressure onto the members of te because
11134s txj is just going to grab them and they
11136s need that kurumi to be there now the
11138s Eagles already invested that Mongol he
11140s has opened himself up to every other
11142s player in the zone once that drops out
11145s they need the kurumi to be intact to
11147s cover for him so it literally just
11149s becomes 30 seconds of just
11152s Tom and Jerry antics of slapstick
11156s one monk kicks one monk punches and we
11159s have an absolute filmmate where tea come
11161s out on top because they're leading by
11162s four kills already
11163s no yes indeed I mean
11166s I can't help but love when I see these
11169s two monks just sort of popping on top of
11173s the building just trying to steal them
11175s it's literally patty cake but they're
11178s playing it's it's amazing it truly is
11182s um but yeah no absolutely J team doing
11184s exactly what they wanted to do they know
11186s that they're playing traditional
11187s Transformers into the uh the Juggernaut
11191s adaptation with monks
11193s um and they know that as long as they
11194s buy their time and they keep their
11196s cooldowns up and they try and get into
11199s the uh
11200s into the into The Fray
11202s towards the very end and that they have
11205s everything available to them but they're
11207s gonna come out on top and take them in
11208s because I don't think there was very
11210s many other kurumi's
11212s um alongside Monk and uh at the very end
11214s there and being able to keep your monk
11217s and your usern alive in that end zone is
11220s invaluable you're gonna be able to do so
11222s much and keep knocking these other
11224s players out into the Zone preventing
11227s their healing I feel like that was one
11229s of the big things with the monk his
11231s zipping had uh was trying to heal him
11233s but he wasn't he wasn't able to get the
11235s full value out of the deal due to him
11238s having a foot in the zone and having
11240s that anti-heel take effect
11243s um but alongside that he did use his
11246s ultimate when he had no Shield available
11248s to him so I feel like he they they got
11252s forced into a bad spot and they were
11255s forced to use the monk ultimate when
11256s they didn't really want to and JT
11258s managed to take advantage of that
11260s picking up some kills and managing to to
11263s take the first placement but te is still
11265s coming out on top with all the points
11267s and all the kills they managed to
11268s accumulate throughout the game
11270s exceptional play from te doing doing
11274s phenomenally well in in Yang in in just
11278s normal fights and being able to stagger
11280s their cooldowns using that to cater
11281s extremely well the zipping just we're
11284s just seeing how valuable zipping truly
11286s can be after the Buffs made to her
11288s keeping her teammates alive and healthy
11291s just popping that ultimate and uh and
11294s knowing that you have this cushion to be
11296s able to take some damage and not have to
11298s worry all too much about it and also
11300s another thing is that you don't have to
11302s stay within a specific area being able
11305s to move around freely and not have to
11308s stay within something such as a kurumi
11310s circle makes it so that fights can
11313s happen more naturally and you can
11315s you can fight
11316s um a little bit more Loosely because if
11318s you are using kurumi you have to make
11321s sure that you're staying in the circle
11322s and as well as that enemy teams they're
11325s not going to want to fight you in that
11327s Circle they know that if they're
11328s fighting you in your kurumi circle then
11330s they're losing a lot of value and that
11332s the enemy team is just gonna sit there
11334s and tank unless they can be pushed out
11335s they're just going to back off and try
11338s and pull them out of the circle and try
11340s and get that damage onto them and try
11342s and get the kill
11343s um but with zipping that's there's no
11345s limitation in that regard so okay I I
11348s kind of want vvv to walk off MVP just to
11350s see how much healing he did but um
11352s Phoenix straight coming in with 37 874
11355s damage off of a game with te already
11359s outputted nearly 80k
11362s this is absolutely insane as we can have
11365s a look at some of these highlights oh
11367s you did definitely one of those teams to
11369s watch j-team having a really good fight
11371s here being able to just whip that
11373s merciful Topix control that neutral
11375s catch on to those members isolate
11376s Fighters two remaining players into two
11379s separate pockets of very dealable with
11382s especially when you have that tiger lock
11383s xcg that coming of German Viper ultimate
11386s into just dagger uppercut destruction
11389s that I'm sure more than one of us have
11391s been on the tail end of multiple times
11393s in our own matches and then we can have
11396s a look at j-team who were playing
11397s towards that final Zone like they had
11399s control of the outer edges of the zone
11401s so they knew that they would be able to
11403s try and punish any player that looked
11405s for a sort of reset Point as JT met
11409s coming in with that last surviving
11411s player on fortunate for them didn't have
11414s the kills it was I think a little less
11416s close than we expected in terms of how
11418s the points played out they were
11420s unfortunate I believe it was three kills
11422s behind te in the end so T were able to
11425s widen the distance a little bit more
11427s than was expected but again it really
11430s does just go to show how strong that
11432s monk composition is when you slot
11434s anything in alongside it it very much
11436s does become very hard to take down
11438s especially with things like that zip and
11441s just that sustainability no surprises it
11444s is gonna be the monk picking up the
11445s MVP's second MVP the txj as there it is
11450s Rapture galeb flame bro there's always
11452s Cannon soldiers all of these monk
11455s players I absolutely love myself some
11459s Canon rupture girl orbit with flame
11461s breath is literally just win condition
11463s and even in solos as well not only trios
11467s I mean I I am more of a solo player than
11470s I am a trio player I mean we all know
11471s how bad even letters and trios but in
11474s solos it's it's just as strong this
11476s combination of rupture Gale orb and
11478s Flame breath is is insane you don't even
11481s have to remotely you know your canister
11485s doesn't even remotely have to be close
11486s to the person and you still manage to
11489s apply that fire damage and in end zones
11492s I mean even in general again just
11494s neutral it out in the open being able to
11496s apply that fire damage get that burn
11499s applied and cut their healing in half is
11503s such a huge huge Advantage especially
11506s when it comes to um comps like zipping
11508s and uh and kurumi although kurumi can
11511s cleanse the fire
11513s um the fire anti-heel zipping does get
11516s um
11517s sort of completely screwed over by fire
11520s damage since she has no real way of
11522s cleansing that sort of thing
11525s um and uh basically cutting down the the
11528s heel of all the multiple defiances if
11530s they're using V2 cutting down that
11532s killing in general from the old uh and
11535s from the uh the F1 or the F2 if they're
11538s being if they're being used so
11540s definitely an extremely powerful tool
11542s and uh I love it it's so much fun it's
11546s the one thing that I will use a lot more
11548s but anyway I think we're gonna be
11550s heading off and uh catching some
11552s interviews catching up some Thunder
11554s players
11555s um and then we'll be heading on back to
11557s game four of the day
11559s but yeah and shoot a little bit
11566s hi everyone welcome to the post game
11567s today I'm Leah so this time we went to
11570s txj from the team te to our interview so
11573s of course let him say hello to us first
11575s continue
11578s okay welcome so you know in these games
11582s final circle is really a kind of
11584s impossible situation at that time your
11587s team only have two person but you can
11590s still get the points continue to
11592s continually but you can also like say
11595s make yourself survive in the final
11597s Circle so how did you do that
11599s went to the fashion League of Legends
11619s okay so of course we have a really good
11622s equipment in the final Circle and we are
11625s have also good so Jade and vvv is the
11629s pink so he has a really strong ability
11631s to make us survive in the final Circle
11634s okay so then I want to ask you a
11637s question about like how can we recognize
11640s a team if he or if the team was in a
11644s young depletion in the game
11654s foreign
11669s if they are really
11672s really they are really like eager to
11674s fight with you and use the hook or uh
11677s like attack you in a really heavy
11680s situation and you can see the statement
11683s of them and you can like recognize if
11686s they are in the young depletion okay
11688s then come to our new part the answer for
11691s treasure
11692s and this time our question is who will
11694s win the first place of the Bike Week
11697s 12's finals that is
11701s [Music]
11706s okay so I know I know you know the
11708s answer but I want to say because your
11710s team was the like first place of the
11713s regular game and come to the bi-weekly
11715s finder but you didn't get the champion
11717s so do you think like this team took away
11720s the champion from your team that is
11724s in the foreign
11735s I want to say so of course we didn't
11739s have a really good performance in the
11741s bi-weekly final so we will still like
11743s try hard to try better in this week uh
11747s like so it's not the first time you know
11749s I remember you are really like
11751s perfect performance in the regular game
11753s but when your team is in the bi-weekly
11756s final always like not quite well why is
11760s that that is
11770s foreign
11782s so like you know last time when I had a
11786s interview lyd from your team and I asked
11790s him if you like afraid about the curse
11792s that maybe the first place of the
11795s regular game called get the champion of
11797s the like final
11800s so at that time he answered me he like
11802s Not Afraid about it what about this time
11828s okay so actually we are not afraid about
11831s this curse but the only thing I think is
11834s you have to do your best in the regular
11837s game so that you can get more points to
11839s get into the Grand Final uh into the
11841s bi-weekly final and you will have like
11843s more confidence and feel like less
11846s stress in the graphene but of course
11848s this time uh we like didn't perform well
11851s in the bi-weekly final okay and that's
11854s all for our inter well thank uh txj for
11857s doing this and hope you got well better
11860s performance in the following games okay
11862s bye
11869s foreign
11885s that spider dog taking Rexy for a ride
11888s with the infinite grapple into the area
11889s grapple there into the RV and spider
11892s what up snakes this combo coming out
11894s here with the long sword oh my God he
11897s changes it up
11899s [Music]
11905s to try to respond T225 is first popped
11908s as a pink ultimate and Jose is going to
11910s release that RB charge off the dual
11911s blades in the back end into the air r b
11913s and that's what they're doing for
11914s himself he is going to pick up that elim
11916s oh
11922s I coming in from Mike here this ain't
11924s now might be caught up he's doing a
11925s really good job staying mobile but you
11927s want and on in that taco ultimate Farm
11929s looks like he's gonna be caught out he's
11930s gonna come in now with a big Ferry
11937s [Music]
11939s and blue staff and you gotta be careful
11941s because he does have that weapon swap
11943s combo in hand right now the f is forced
11945s out of mic now a spider trying to get
11948s the opening there let's not get the pair
11949s he does get eliminated by spider but
11951s spider's still in the mix here now it
11953s gets T225 the V3 four stop for T225 now
11956s the Klink comes in spider now trying to
11957s find the opening for himself let's go
11959s for the Perry the lmb charge release
11960s Here off the stab does get some damage
11962s onto the spider there T225 now trying to
11964s lay down some more damage on some spider
11966s spiders gonna blink up with him nice big
11968s bear
11971s foreign
11978s down beautiful Perry on to Rexy the
11982s question is is he gonna be able to hold
11983s the momentum and keep the elimination
11984s here he's gonna be able to keep the
11985s rotation all the way Clear goes for the
11988s heel drives them together pops him with
11990s another
11991s [Music]
11997s [Music]
12014s laughs
12017s [Music]
12026s [Music]
12048s thank you
12057s [Music]
12080s thank you
12082s [Music]
12102s welcome back everybody to the nbpl
12106s regular week two day one for the tourist
12110s action we can have a look at some of
12112s these teams and how the leaderboard is
12114s going to be setting up in terms of
12116s heading into this next week for some of
12118s these teams who unfortunately didn't
12119s quite make it into the weekly finals
12122s last week this time around they're going
12124s to be looking to change that up I think
12127s the team on everyone's lips however at
12129s the moment has got to be te once again
12132s they've been having absolute stunning
12133s performances slight hiccup on game
12135s number one maybe a little bit of just
12137s finding their footing but game two
12139s straight off the gates 41.8 game free 27
12143s points they really are looking once
12145s again to cement themselves as one of the
12148s teams in the lead heading into this next
12149s bi-weekly finals my thing for them
12151s however is that was still to see whether
12154s or not they can carry their performance
12156s through an actual bi-weekly finals I
12158s don't think it's the Chris I think
12159s that's just something going ever so
12162s slightly out of place for the scheme
12165s whenever we move away from regular weeks
12167s into bi-weekly to efforts nerves whether
12169s it's the pressure whether it's just
12170s having one bad game at the start of the
12173s day and not throwing off your tempo for
12175s the entire rest of it there's something
12178s that's just not quite right with this
12180s team but they know it and they are
12182s taking steps to make sure that it's
12184s going to be fixed and I think when they
12186s get that Under Wraps they're going to be
12188s absolutely formidable because it is by
12190s far their biggest weakness no absolutely
12193s I do think that it's possible to
12195s consider that
12196s the reason is mainly because well
12200s potentially because these teams in the
12203s uh in the lead-ups to the bi-weekly
12205s finals are mainly playing to qualify as
12208s opposed to get those big games and get
12211s the big numbers on the board and to try
12213s and come out at the top of the
12214s leaderboard so it's possible that
12216s because these other teams are playing
12218s safer and playing less aggressive and
12221s trying to get consistent games to make
12223s sure that they make it into the finals
12225s they're they're not finding as many
12228s kills and as not finding as many
12229s opportunities as they would normally do
12232s in the finals
12234s um because of this because the other
12236s teams are being more aggressive they're
12237s trying to get those kills and they're
12239s sort of getting beaten to the punch or
12241s potentially just getting third party
12243s themselves when they would normally be
12245s the party in or in the background trying
12248s to become a uh come out and pick up
12249s those kills for themselves so it's hard
12252s to say but nerves definitely do play a
12254s factor absolutely there's a coming
12257s coming through into the this big
12259s competition and trying to play your best
12262s and knowing that there's like there's
12265s it's it's important there's there's uh
12267s there's like so many people counting on
12270s you or like your fans or your your your
12273s your teammates to perform it can be a
12276s lot of pressure on on one's mind so well
12279s I mean we'll have to see hopefully they
12281s can break their uh their curse so to
12284s speak and uh like I said I don't think
12287s so to sort of circle back to Circle back
12291s to that point that you made about maybe
12292s teams playing a little bit more possibly
12294s because they're playing so qualify then
12297s uh yeah like you can definitely see a
12299s change of tempo but we're gonna change
12300s Tempo really quickly we're gonna show
12302s avt and we'll be right back to have a
12304s deeper in-depth discussion about that
12306s right after this don't go anywhere
12310s foreign
12338s okay
12346s um
12366s [Music]
12375s it's interesting that uh the VT that we
12378s get is from J team because that was
12380s actually one of the teams I was about to
12382s bring up J team and T it feels like both
12385s of them really stand out performances in
12387s terms of regular week what are
12389s consistently hitting those highs and
12391s posting really good scores where it
12393s falls apart for both these teams in
12395s terms of consistency is the bi-weekly
12397s finals and to sort of go back to your
12399s point about something for me playing a
12401s little bit more passively in terms of
12403s regular weeks because they want to play
12404s safer they want to play more
12405s consistently for points so that they can
12407s push into the top 14 remember it's top
12410s 14 this time around not top 16 as well
12412s so two of those places that had
12415s previously been open and allowed for
12417s these teams to be able to graduate into
12418s those bi-weeklies have been closed down
12420s encouraging consistency all the more
12423s they are the teams that don't really get
12426s to play amazingly in terms of actually
12430s on the day their score from regular week
12432s tends to carry them pretty far in the
12434s leaderboard and j-team was one of the
12437s teams who most consistently the last
12439s bi-weekly finals that we had were
12441s getting third parties because they were
12443s thinking that they would be in that
12444s position of being the aggressor they
12446s would stay in fights a little bit too
12447s long sometimes so it's even lost
12449s something like 10 or 15 seconds and they
12451s would just get turned on to they would
12453s be third party they would even play
12454s towards the outer edges of the Zone
12456s thinking that they would be fully in
12458s control because of that position they
12460s would still get food potted we would cut
12461s across to a different team would go
12463s entirely to a different part of the map
12464s then we would cut back to J team like 20
12466s seconds after they made an engagement
12468s and they were being third party and the
12470s same thing was happening to te
12474s I mean
12476s I think we're just gonna have to wait
12477s and see and hope for the best really for
12479s uh for our fan favorites here but here
12483s we have it we have now I'm about to see
12486s what people are gonna be picking going
12488s in to this next game I don't think
12491s there's gonna be too much variety I
12492s don't think we're gonna see necessarily
12494s anything that we haven't seen already
12497s um it is a daytime map so I I think it
12500s could mirror perhaps the uh the game one
12502s and we'll see a lot of Transformers not
12505s as many juggernauts although actually
12507s yeah maybe improve wrong there's quite a
12509s few
12510s well I mean this is interesting humans
12513s have seen that te found success with
12516s that monk when combined with the zip
12518s indicator and they are adapting it in
12521s fact they're adopting that same strategy
12523s this is how you actually use those hero
12525s points to the most of your advantage
12527s remember progressively these
12530s compositions that you play the more you
12531s play them the more expensive they get
12533s the more they eat into the 15 points
12535s that you are allowed and that monk is a
12538s figurehead of this composition if you
12540s want to run Transformers if you want to
12541s give those gate fights if you want to
12543s have final control of Zone you want to
12545s be running that monk most of all so this
12548s allows you to still have that stagger
12550s with things like the Decatur why you
12552s still have to sustain from dessert
12555s absolutely and it's I mean I don't think
12558s anybody can really
12560s um couldn't really say that Monk Is Just
12562s he's probably the most picked character
12565s in trios throughout mbpl history he is
12568s always going to be a staple in the in
12571s the matter and he's always going to
12573s provide the uh the huge rewards
12575s available to him uh and the lockdown
12578s potential and simply like he just offers
12580s so much to the team that although the
12583s juggernauts seem to originally be Matari
12586s zipping to cada having that monk instead
12590s of the Matari does give a lot of
12592s potential upside whereas Matari would
12595s potentially be slightly more safer
12597s giving a sort of direct counter to the
12601s uh the Viper old it sort of isolates as
12604s well a lot of the potential of that
12606s Viper right because we were talking
12607s about the fact that with the zip the
12610s ultimate the healing that you have you
12611s can have it if you're separated the play
12613s in dealing with a Viper ultimate is
12615s everyone scattered everyone splits apart
12617s so if one gets stunned it doesn't lead
12620s into a full stack wipe or you just
12622s getting caught all in the same stagger
12624s lock with that zip you can still get the
12626s sustainability as opposed to that kurumi
12628s where you need to play inside that
12629s kurumi ultimate AOE and you're gonna get
12632s stacked on and all caught out by that
12634s same vocal a little bit more of a safety
12636s in terms of that as well as we head over
12638s and have a look at someone that isn't
12640s safe JL going up against oud a team that
12643s always seems to find themselves up the
12645s rip into these fights the problem is
12647s that they haven't found themselves
12649s weapons necessary to be able to turn
12651s this around JL will be able to find one
12654s pick but it is very quickly going to be
12656s traded out however as with that zip
12658s healing is going to be able to turn it
12661s straight back onto oug and moving over
12664s the Shipwreck we're not slowing down
12665s anytime soon when we get to the later
12667s half of the day that absolutely seems
12669s really get aggressive and ramp up that
12672s fight power te a team that does not slow
12675s down never really seems to slow down
12677s actually once again looking to take
12680s these fights Landing off of the rip on
12681s shipwreck and going towards boat as well
12684s the more hotly contested Landing spaces
12686s of shipwreck given the sheer amount of
12689s space and troves that you can find
12690s things like on um the Crow's Nest on the
12694s sale all the way up alongside the mass
12696s there really is some very high tier loot
12698s that you can find on this boat
12700s yeah no absolutely I love that little
12702s spot at the very top of the Mask I
12704s always go up there and I I just wanna go
12707s no no one lose it half the time I feel
12709s like a lot of people don't know it even
12711s exists
12712s um but speaking of good looting areas
12714s this right here just to the north of
12716s somewhere extremely good looting area
12717s but here we have wolves
12719s getting going for the engagement but
12722s sorrow being carried and taken down
12724s extremely low the currently having to
12726s come in link him with the umbrella
12728s trying to keep him alive the J team
12731s doesn't look like they want to fall too
12733s easily wolves two members being taken
12735s down now the mark managing to get a huge
12738s carry for himself taking one in return
12740s oh no wait oh no sorry it's switched
12743s team's perspective that I got confused
12745s oh God no J team and with a sort of
12749s decisive Victory there no ultimate to
12751s use no nothing getting parries paying
12754s their bread and butter
12755s traditional Transformers as well
12758s yeah like the fact that they didn't use
12760s Ultimus 2 is massive because it means
12762s that you can't sort your run back onto
12763s them
12764s if you go ahead use that monkey and uh
12767s the team that they were fighting had
12768s saved up you go to Soul alter and you
12770s push onto that team before they have the
12772s time to be able to loot and set that
12774s Transformer composition up and you know
12776s that they're going to be weak you know
12777s that they're going to be vulnerable
12778s because they haven't found the loot the
12780s rage when they actually try and turn it
12782s back onto you isn't going to be fast
12784s enough uh to be able to build that
12786s ultimate online as quickly as Jay team
12788s are going to be wanting the problem is
12790s that Jay team like you said they held on
12791s to the ultimates so they're going to be
12793s buying themselves a little bit of time
12795s to be able to run around and loot that
12797s spaces oh see how I find themselves
12800s purple well only one purple
12803s unfortunately
12804s player is not going to be given the
12808s majority of the lead instead are they
12810s giving it to their barrier they're not
12812s loot funding to their Monk foreign
12815s I think I think perhaps since he does
12818s have a higher tier secondary weapon he's
12820s got that I think that's a purple pistol
12822s that he's got there if he if he opts to
12826s try or if he needs to use his ultimate
12828s he can always quickly swap to his uh his
12831s purple secondary and gain that increased
12834s damage due to the weapon Rarity so
12836s although his primary weapon is common
12839s it's not the end of the world as long as
12841s he's able to quickly swap before
12843s transforming he's still going to be able
12845s to uh uh get some extra damage in there
12849s um but yeah no that that is true
12852s um the it's sort of understood that you
12855s funnel your monk as he has so much
12857s upside potential
12858s um with the damage he can output oh but
12861s less on that and more on this fight
12867s tell me you saw the F2
12871s again F1
12873s no they're running the F2
12876s but F2 is the one where you throw the
12878s blade down and then you can reactivate
12880s the combo Bridge yeah
12882s am I just am I blind
12891s as well
12894s ug though looks like they're gonna be
12896s picked apart here but they are gonna get
12898s teleported out
12900s the month not being able to get enough
12902s kills on the board but the Matari not
12904s Matari sorry the kurumi is dead and
12906s they're trying to raise up but the Viper
12908s gets immediately melted coming back into
12911s the fight
12912s the nunchucks meter burn that gold Focus
12916s oh Parry baited oh very successful but
12920s no damage from the punish tries to turn
12922s it around onto the other player a month
12924s now
12926s only gets parried himself is the usual
12929s does try and come in to peel for him The
12932s Witcher now on the back foot trying to
12933s get away doesn't look like he's gonna be
12935s able to do anything the last remaining
12937s remaining member of ug
12939s oh
12942s I did some damage but they used on F1
12944s coming in trying to dodge the bullets
12947s he does manage to find the armor sword
12949s but I don't think this is gonna end up
12951s going much further no
12954s and JT managing to come out on top that
12957s was so mean to the king he had a sliver
12960s of opportunity where he might have been
12962s able to win that one-on-one because he
12963s was going up against a great sword and
12965s you can see that like Jaden they know
12967s one-on-one of the Greatsword you don't
12969s let stone form go it's the easiest thing
12971s to power in the game backstop into Parry
12972s simple ads so if he doesn't throw it out
12974s and the king is able to actually come in
12976s with the middle jump on the nunchucks
12977s and try to turn it around unfortunately
12979s Jay team still have two other players
12981s remaining so they were able to peel and
12983s finally secure that pick and OG will be
12985s going back to the soul altar as GG now
12988s taking a pretty inopportune fight
12990s unfortunately locked inside the Zone
12993s having to drop around that Tammy
12994s ultimate as well missed you with that
12996s long sword trying to transition into a
12998s chapter he isn't able to find the
13000s lockdown necessary though and has to
13002s keep himself alive as his teammates now
13005s get turned on to this year went for it
13007s on the Swap and as a result he leaves
13009s free free oh open and vulnerable xcg
13012s will be able to get the transformation
13013s for Jose
13015s that follows him and just uses this clip
13019s to be able to break out of line of sight
13021s xcg knowing that they were able to at
13023s least chase him away temporarily Are
13025s Gonna Keep the monk transmission up just
13027s in case he does try and double back and
13028s look to grab his two teammates up but it
13031s does seem like Gigi or unfortunately for
13034s them going to go down and have to rely
13038s on the one player remaining to try and
13040s buy them back
13042s having that extra Transformer as well
13044s having that extra Health reset
13046s definitely gave them somewhat of an
13048s advantage here when trying to fight
13050s inside the Zone when you have your help
13052s when you take down
13053s um buy the uh by The Zone damage
13057s um but definitely look like they it was
13059s a little bit of a miscommunication there
13061s miskaya went off to try and pick up a
13063s soul Bloom while his teammate was left
13065s alone in the 1v1 I'm not sure if he'd
13067s been at a disadvantage to begin with but
13069s he certainly ended up losing that fight
13072s and misky and not being able to help him
13074s out there um not getting not being able
13077s to get that monk halt off and then the
13079s enemy team's marker just coming in and
13081s getting that reset off getting that
13082s pressure down unable to really Salvage
13085s the situation sadly
13087s um but yeah no I mean I would like to go
13090s back to the that quite previously though
13092s where we had that um that 2v2 situation
13096s at one point
13098s like the Viper after having it
13100s teleported out coming in and simply just
13103s jumping into two people with her
13106s teammates nowhere to be seen just
13108s absolutely
13109s running it's quite frankly there's no
13112s really there's no other word for it at
13114s this point he literally just just gave
13117s it up he just he just ended up suiciding
13121s virtually but no apparent reason trying
13123s to prevent that race from from happening
13126s but here we have JL
13129s versus wolves in Yang both monkeys have
13131s been popped Bantu though now taking
13134s pretty low kurumi forced to pop her
13136s ultimate in response being grabbed at
13140s the same time getting taken down
13141s extremely low and getting grabbed again
13144s are they able to bust her down it does
13146s look like they are oh you shot old now
13148s being forced out as well from wolves
13149s bench who manages to get a grab for
13151s himself but his ultimate soon timing out
13155s yushan trying to make something happen
13157s the Decatur trying to use his Blaze to
13159s peel for his teammates
13162s but it looks like JL are gonna come out
13165s on top of this one as
13168s sorrow is truly in a sorrowful position
13171s here he's literally just given up
13174s and accepted his faith and once again
13178s that zip it actually triumphs the monk
13181s composition with the zip indicator wins
13183s out in a gate fight against the kurumi
13186s composition
13187s I do think though that it was it was uh
13191s pretty huge the the kurumi got grabbed
13194s one that is not only once but twice
13197s um because you have to make sure that
13199s you're not if you're open for your own
13201s monk you have to be very careful that
13203s you don't get grabbed in the animation
13205s because it becomes it's very easy to do
13206s you're just a sitting Target uh but here
13209s we have bauda
13211s who wants to use both Monk and kurumi
13214s old trying to lock down Ventus here
13216s Ventus pixel getting taken down in the
13219s mid-range monk grab well they're coming
13222s out on top here picking themselves up
13223s their first kill of the game
13226s looking pretty happy with themselves
13228s though they do have quite a decent
13229s amount of money they're probably going
13231s to opt to try and pick up some soul Jade
13233s soon I would I would imagine but they
13236s wanted though yeah with the with the
13239s Phoenix plume bath looking to try and
13241s get as much value out out of that as
13243s possible
13245s yeah they saw that uh
13247s I've actually thrown in that monk also
13249s man
13250s as a result Kakashi is on the prowl he
13254s has legendary nunchucks for million bird
13256s smart he is not going to be giving up
13259s this chase at any point as we head over
13262s very temporarily for Artisans no one
13265s really getting the time to be able to go
13266s through those buildings and find
13267s themselves
13269s I don't think he's going to be able to
13271s catch up or really get much out of this
13273s oh he's gonna try the nunchucks
13276s he's seen better The Promise You Can't
13279s Go For That transformation at the moment
13281s because they're going to be out of range
13282s and now he waits for Don King actually
13285s to take that first point of charge
13288s they've isolated one member of GDI the
13292s problem is there is another team waiting
13293s in the wings obviously are very much
13295s close on hand and badass sacrificed one
13298s player to buy the other two teammates a
13302s little bit of time a moment of respite
13304s so that GD weren't able to just
13306s relentlessly keep chasing them
13308s one of these players has storms ride it
13311s seems
13313s she's using that bounty to actually try
13316s and track down while those other players
13318s have gone are they using the uh the
13319s anti-bounty
13336s you have arrived at your destination
13340s right now are very much wanting to just
13343s sit in this bush they had to throw one
13346s member to the Wolves to be able to
13348s guarantee the other two teammates
13350s survive but that has left them
13352s open though because OC are still
13355s sniffing around oh W they have that
13358s Bounty out onto Voda but they're not
13360s taking it yet obviously have been
13362s spotted out actually obviously have
13363s isolated out a member of paroda there's
13365s my man making a break for it uses that
13367s Bell bite himself a little bit of time
13369s comes in with that dragons isn't able to
13372s find the pick onto one of these players
13374s doesn't go down to the Whispers or just
13376s now however
13377s as OC the first whisk doesn't find his
13381s Target the second one certainly does
13383s those things are homing devices and if
13387s they see you they will connect and if
13389s you don't have a teammate try and throw
13391s down anything to peel for you you are
13395s going to go down to about I don't know
13397s if that was their third player that they
13399s had to
13400s to lose whether or not they're still
13402s going to be in the lobby but uh if beta
13404s are still remaining in play it is only
13406s going to be the one they had to
13408s sacrifice one to drop the Bounty and the
13411s second unfortunately to keep OC from
13414s being able to get a full Squad wipe
13416s indeed that's extremely unfortunate he
13419s played it extremely well as well he like
13421s he he sent the the the meter down from
13425s the nunchucks in the opposite direction
13427s turned it around forced the uh the Bell
13430s out from the Monk and then immediately
13432s dodged out into a Parry from the wind
13435s slash coming from the long sword
13436s extremely nicely done getting that
13438s parody uh the Parry punish but then I
13441s mean you're in a 1v3 it's it's it's
13444s virtually impossible the majority of the
13446s time unless the the three players
13448s managed to make a considerable mistake
13451s and perhaps it could also be conditional
13454s on whether or not you have a sap Jade to
13457s keep you topped up and healthy and do a
13459s little bit extra damage on a Parry but
13462s anyway regardless he definitely played
13464s it well but it is what it is getting
13466s hunted down in a three versus one it's
13468s always a feels bad man
13470s but here I I think AOW is looking for
13474s that grief I see them heading towards
13476s this Yang portal it's about to spawn I
13480s don't think they're gonna off the go in
13482s it though
13482s surely not it's not really the
13485s win condition
13487s they're not making any moves to to
13489s actually head into it it very much does
13491s feel like they're just getting a feel
13492s for shipwreck ring that Bell wanting to
13495s see whether or not other teams in the
13496s area were looking to is GD and wolves
13499s don't have to worry about that they've
13500s already been able to make it through and
13502s now the fight Begins for them bench you
13504s already falling almost below half
13506s kakaishi taking a lot of damage from
13507s that Katana no grabs just yet as we can
13511s actually see geds K going for that
13513s double transform to stop the double grab
13515s Con coming through from banshu Kakashi's
13517s found one onto sorrow hasn't found a
13519s second pulls out not again there's no
13522s way he was able to grab a kurumi out of
13524s there
13525s as GG now just back on off wolves using
13529s that kurumi ultimate to keep everyone
13530s topped up they however have the longer
13532s UE ultimate sorrow pop theirs after case
13535s so that is going to be running a little
13536s bit longer kurumi to ever trying to keep
13539s Caleb in position is unfortunately going
13542s to this inside is the other kurumi
13544s Ultimate Knife comes through trying to
13547s keep all of the members from GD up and
13549s about as wolves of storyline drops out
13551s of the UV ultimate he has not got any
13554s moment to breathe with oh he isn't even
13556s able to find the blue Focus attack touch
13558s out on that damages he's hounded first
13560s by cannons and having to use that Focus
13562s to try and push back onto teammates and
13565s that means that he gets parried GD play
13569s that really smartly going for that early
13572s UE ultimate it did cost them in terms of
13574s sustainability but being able to just
13576s keep holding on to that kurumi ultimate
13579s allowed them to be able to turn the
13580s tides on not having that Huey ultimate
13582s last
13584s no absolutely and here we have GG
13587s picking up a straggler for themselves
13591s it looks like they've got quite a few
13593s people around here lurking around the
13595s outskirts of wreckage
13597s the aot team looking to potentially get
13601s a third party but they're not looking to
13602s take a 3v3 fight just yet it seems
13607s I don't think I don't think too many
13608s teams are going to be opting to try and
13611s take some take 3v3 fights unless they're
13614s forced to do so I feel like it's getting
13616s to that point in this game that they're
13617s gonna look to try and buy their time
13620s potentially pick up some third-party
13622s kills find some stragglers some solo
13625s players uh and then essentially just try
13629s and get the end game wolves however are
13631s gonna have to try and find themselves
13633s some soul blooms so that it can stay in
13636s this game
13637s one thing though that I did actually
13639s notice oh hold on hold that thought oh
13642s this is engaging they managed to find an
13644s opening on the zipping but to no avail
13646s the zipping simply just turns around
13648s with the merciless Havoc slapping him
13650s around the monk now trying to get a heal
13652s after you shallow being caught trying to
13655s force
13657s force the issue here trying to take down
13660s this to Mulk
13662s trying to get away managing to stay on
13664s this rock
13666s stay elevated for Decatur alt now coming
13668s through the kurumi forced to pop her
13670s ultimate alongside the tianhei now fully
13672s committing all of their ultimates it
13674s seems as though the team is looking to
13675s try and reset having forced the
13678s ultimates but there is another team in
13680s the wings GD coming in
13683s and trying to get those low effort kills
13686s oh the kurumi seems very very low down
13689s there just yet
13692s manages to get a heal off his Monk's
13694s gotta grab he gets a slam
13697s oh what he goes oh he gets taken down
13699s the Decatur the poison Splash though the
13702s grief Jade probably not gonna do all
13704s that much but it's always nice to see
13706s the hefts are coming in and wolves
13709s getting
13710s decimated here in their attempt to force
13713s the issue here to try and get that Soul
13715s Bloom to try and stay alive
13720s yeah it does come through from Juju like
13722s GG are a team that consistently are very
13724s good at understanding when teams are
13727s fighting around them and looking for the
13728s Snipes
13729s a vast majority of GT's damage like 75
13733s of the time tends to come from just
13735s rifles and bow shots and cannons as well
13738s this year is probably one of the best
13739s snipers in the league hands down as we
13743s can have a look at GG they still want to
13744s hold this ground they want to try and
13746s maybe turn this onto GG and frighten out
13749s with no GTR actually going to hard
13751s commit to the engagement given that
13753s teams like Alliance and Diaz still
13755s pretty much buried there in the
13758s surroundings and as a result GG are
13760s actually going to try and turn onto
13762s Alliance hounding them towards te
13764s inviting that engagement so that they
13766s can actually force a fight that they can
13769s potentially come in and third party AOW
13772s or also off in the distance so all of
13774s the teams starting to just position
13776s themselves towards this one very small
13779s location for a lot of these teams you
13782s really do want to have control of that
13783s high ground for vipers like you need to
13785s have somewhere to be able to hold up
13787s until your ultimate is ready likewise
13789s for the Yoda you need to have cover to
13792s be able to teleport away from these one
13794s compositions that's what Teo does
13795s hounding Gigi at the moment for not
13797s allowing them that safe cushion of cover
13801s especially because GD are still on their
13804s left blank so te have essentially caught
13806s GG between two teams and Alive
13809s themselves to just sit back knowing that
13812s when the Zone pushes Gigi are going to
13814s have to come to te and they don't have
13816s to force the issue they're going to be
13818s able to hold on to their ultimates
13819s they're going to be able to hold on to
13820s this monk transformation from txj and
13823s now they can just start pulling back
13825s towards shipwreck they took a little bit
13827s of poke so they're gonna have to try and
13828s reset some of their supplies as they
13830s head in towards the central belter
13832s shipwreck to potentially try and pick
13834s away some of the stragglers alliance
13836s have been spotted out in that purple
13837s Bush T are going to be chasing them away
13839s and if this disengagement isn't clean
13841s from this team they could potentially
13843s get isolated and that's exactly what te
13845s will looking for they just push Alliance
13847s off of that shop it's an IDE have the
13850s time to be able to roll the soldier to
13852s set the Cannons into motion for txj and
13855s they've secured themselves far better
13857s positioning when these teams who are on
13859s the fringes eventually still have to
13861s start having to fight each other but
13863s control of positioning as we head
13865s towards the next Zone
13867s it doesn't look like much more is going
13870s to happen here as you said trying to
13872s force some certain teams into each other
13874s to try and make them fight and then pick
13877s up
13879s um any stragglers in the fight Jay team
13881s here looking to try and secure this
13883s marks for themselves even through the
13884s moon Bane
13886s Eagle doing a pretty pretty good job by
13889s himself
13890s managing to disappear himself that gold
13893s armor
13894s he looks pretty happy with himself I'd
13896s say he looks like a pin cushion hey he
13900s just tanked all of this damage and
13901s there's just not scared at all
13905s j-team definitely coming out on top here
13909s managing to get themselves not only the
13911s gold armor but then the purple armor
13913s transferring from the monk over to the
13915s yushan
13916s pretty he's pretty happy with themselves
13918s going into this end game now as you know
13920s that the the health of the Monk and the
13923s yushan all depends on the Armor's Rarity
13928s I'm waiting for peripheral to slip
13930s through that purple Bush that Alliance
13931s are hiding in
13934s you know one of them he didn't do it
13937s Alliance can be very happy about that
13940s because they are hiding in two separate
13942s spots so there is going to be a little
13944s bit of time before they're gonna be able
13946s to peel for each other if one gets
13947s spotted out before the call is made to
13949s engage in fact they're pretty far apart
13951s from each other so yeah they're really
13954s banking on us not being found who kaishi
13958s taking Hot Shots from scatter shots
13960s coming out from GG gonna have to give up
13963s that forward positioning on the roof
13965s let's get the kurumi tower will be able
13967s to reposition and reset without eating
13970s too much into the resources and it's the
13972s Canon exchange comes on through the
13975s Monk's best currency
13976s now that all of the soldiers has been
13979s rolled on out in terms of kills it's
13981s still pretty close in the leaderboard
13983s Duty leading the pack with 10 but J team
13985s not too far behind sitting at eight JL
13987s seven and GG sitting on six a couple of
13990s other teams sitting around about the
13991s five that all can change was still 23
13994s players up and around Gigi looking to
13996s have control when this Morris blessing
13998s starts to spawn in AOW and OC moving in
14001s position to potentially challenge in GG
14003s moving into position to potentially for
14006s a party as well is going to have to be
14008s something that a lot of these teams are
14009s worried about AOW especially their back
14011s is towards that zone you can see that
14013s they're the ones currently being
14015s peppered by a lot of the damage from GG
14017s who was set up on that high ground in
14019s AOW he decides hey that's a pretty nice
14021s spot that you've left kind of open for
14023s us we're gonna slide on through with
14025s Cavalry and there isn't really anything
14028s you can do about it because no one wants
14030s to condense Cavalry bloom in a small
14032s room and we're right back to game number
14034s one I don't think this is the best idea
14036s though if you look at where they are in
14038s comparison to the other teams they're
14040s literally smack bang in the middle
14044s it looks like they've opted to leave
14046s that little house
14048s although it seemed like a good idea at
14050s the beginning which perhaps it was just
14051s a pit stop although G uh GG here
14055s managing to secure themselves the Morris
14058s for the uh for the monks if they get
14060s they got they did get the gold albums
14062s yeah exactly what they want to be doing
14064s here
14065s virtually uncontested J team
14069s 101 TN getting taken down a bit low but
14073s Eagle does have that merciless Havoc to
14076s feel for any any incoming range damage
14079s and he's showing it off yeah the AOE
14082s from this Jade is is insane the amount
14086s of of space that that it covers is it is
14090s is it's just unparalleled it's not a
14093s space ever it's that CC like that looks
14096s and it connects onto one player just
14097s pushes them up into the air it's
14099s essentially Tammy wisps
14102s I mean if you can connect it onto
14105s someone that's the main thing like the I
14108s remember when it first came out
14109s merciless Havoc was uh only usable when
14114s you actually hit a Target but then they
14116s shortly changed it so that you could
14119s just simply use the reactivation without
14122s having to hit anybody at all making it
14125s extremely powerful especially in trios I
14128s mean we all know how strong it is in
14129s solos we've all experienced that but
14131s trios the amount of space that you can
14135s occupy the CC the peel that you can
14138s provide for your teammates it's it's
14140s unparalleled Dragon raw although it does
14143s do a similar job it does require you to
14146s uh have that energy to use the uh the
14151s the full meter burn oh yes I think
14154s there's there's no need for that at all
14156s oh Jay Allen a really tough spot at the
14159s moment so you had to go for the monk up
14161s against txj and as was the one who got
14163s grabbed he goes extremely has to Scurry
14165s behind the rock to be able to reset and
14167s te are able to take advantage of the
14169s Zone closing in But Here Comes
14174s grab onto txj and he goes outside of the
14178s zone to case you know coming in for GD
14180s does take a little bit of damage from
14182s the poison Splash off of one of those
14184s bodies dropping but j-team have actually
14186s held that UV ultimate in for reserves
14189s ego does go down but there should be
14191s enough space created by that UE to be
14193s able to peel for him to be revved back
14196s up GD trying to do everything they can
14198s to stop that from happening as we see
14200s the kurumi just in the little Center
14202s even using that kurumi ultimate to be
14205s able to keep Eagle up neither the devil
14207s was successfully able to get him back
14209s into the game he actually has another
14211s Monk ultimate and he signs another
14213s double grab and he holds them in
14215s position for the logs have to come
14216s through and then there's this
14219s we need to start playing Space Jam
14221s because every single time we start
14222s cutting to tea he's just slamming them
14225s straight into the ground they're even
14227s playing Super close
14230s we're playing Super close in the zone as
14233s well so that even if you don't find a
14234s double grab you can slam a player into
14236s that zone tick so again they have to
14238s just tap Dodge out of that zone tick
14240s commercials have it coming through for
14241s AOW as well as J team so that's
14244s something else to watch out for as we
14245s head into this I'm pushing these players
14247s towards the low ground where that Muslim
14250s Savage is looking to pick up some of
14251s these players dropping from the high GD
14253s have to give up the Revive on kakaity as
14256s they take so much damage from t h unit
14258s turns on to them okay thanks so much
14261s that tree
14262s into the middle of that zone he's able
14265s to squirrel his way out of that damage
14267s and follow up the txj comes in with
14269s another Minecraft the wind was there to
14271s try and stop him and he is being
14272s staggered back by a really good yodel
14274s ultimate coming through from aow's
14276s Wukong who gets the Saga to connect will
14278s be able to see himself through the
14279s entirety of the Yoda ultimate but it is
14282s gone now and those monks are still going
14284s to be up DHA pulling extremely low does
14286s have the curry me ultimate to be able to
14288s keep himself alive but Eagle now is
14289s looking to get a Connect action onto txj
14292s and push him outside of the Zone but the
14293s rock is making it so hard for him to be
14295s able to actually make a move and connect
14297s onto the monk he actually drops out of
14299s the ultimate but Eagle now can find the
14301s grab the kurumi server is keeping him
14303s healed up but that's
14305s the double txj stops the movement with
14309s the Bell will be able to survive the
14311s double grab off of that cooldown but
14312s that does mean that he is going to be
14314s out of commission have to go into the
14316s tree to get that reset as he now has to
14319s push his way back towards that zone
14320s using that staff making it hard for him
14322s to be approaches he does for the
14324s merciless Havoc connecting onto J team
14326s but I don't like
14337s looking for the Zone creation into the
14340s merciless havoc and as a result he is
14343s out t e lose txj and J team looks set
14347s for an MVP they just need to keep Eagle
14350s up for a potentially double grab to come
14352s through
14354s eagle gets another one
14357s let's go
14361s this is just jtm's lost her raw as the
14364s eagle shows exactly why he's known as
14367s the most dominant monk in the league
14370s oh my Lord
14372s these crap these monks be thrown hands I
14378s I don't think I've ever seen that many
14380s double ribs that's insane I mean there
14383s was so little cover but still that was
14386s extremely well done
14392s to be honest with me perfect way for
14395s Eagle it played perfectly there was like
14397s one witch-hand left so he only really
14399s had to navigate his way around like two
14400s wind walls he's already dealt with the
14403s big and Mark him and they keep him in
14406s their sights constantly to the point
14407s that we see Eagle come through with the
14409s merciless Havoc which then bats him
14411s straight into line of sight all of that
14413s yui spear just pushing him and it is
14416s literally a cat and a mouse just batting
14418s the mice around with its paws in terms
14420s of CC that poor txj goes through for
14423s like 20 seconds straight he he basically
14426s has to just take his hands off of the
14427s keyboard J teams don't allow him to play
14430s the game at all and from that txj is
14433s gone Eagle doesn't have to worry about
14434s another Monk coming through with an
14436s ultimate and getting those punches
14437s getting those kicks to connect and
14439s staggering him out from getting that
14441s ultimate off he already knows that the
14443s Yoda wall has been exhausted as well
14445s because he's been hit by the Stagger
14447s countless times from it when it did come
14450s through so he's able to deal
14451s individually with every single threat
14453s that's there for the monk composition
14455s and from that he literally just gets to
14457s sit Center of that zone not worrying
14459s about any cover for people to hide
14461s behind which means it's double grab into
14463s double grab into double grab into MVP
14467s as long as you've got the aim you can
14469s make it work as Mark I mean I it's it's
14471s so much fun as well I've I've rarely
14474s been able to to actually play that sort
14477s of end game as monk but I can tell you
14479s that man is he's enjoying himself he's
14481s just
14483s he just starts grabbing people left and
14485s right slamming their cheeks it's just
14488s it's glorious
14490s it's so satisfying It generally just
14493s makes the most satisfying noises when
14494s you are able to connect that double grab
14496s and like he's known constantly is
14499s there's like a sort of push and pull
14501s between all of our monkey players in the
14503s league like Sleepwalkers is always in
14505s the running Eagles always in the running
14506s pixels always in the running I'm sure
14509s I'm forgetting about so many other mugs
14510s just because of how strong uh the league
14513s is when it comes to those final Zone
14514s among players but like eagle and pixel I
14517s think when it comes to double grabs just
14518s have the most amount of success in those
14520s final zones they are always able to find
14522s double grabs and they're always able to
14524s just consistently keep finding the
14526s double grabs to the point where my voice
14528s goes so high that I'm like I have to go
14530s even higher because it is getting even
14532s higher hey here we go
14535s you know you know and towards the end
14538s there you got you went so high that it
14540s cut out completely I couldn't hear what
14542s you were saying I just saw you there
14544s just
14548s uh and be this what is what those mugs
14551s do to you the monsters they just got
14555s that that wrist they just they're just
14557s grabbing people they break the hype
14560s barrier we have like the light speed
14562s barrier we have the high speed power and
14565s an mvpl when it comes to double grabs
14568s and those monks sitting in that final
14569s Zone you you know it gets hype you know
14572s it gets hectic you know that jtmr
14574s enjoined the heck out of it
14576s it's a lot of fun I I definitely Envy
14580s them the satisfaction and the the sheer
14583s exhilaration of playing those kind of
14585s end games with those kind of
14587s compositions with all these monks just
14589s grabbing people left and right it's so
14591s much fun but here we have it J team with
14595s a
14596s 35.4 game
14600s 19 kills yeah I mean we all saw what was
14604s happening they definitely they were
14607s playing their game they had the
14608s merciless Havoc they came out on top
14611s with that first place ranking points and
14614s multiplier I mean it didn't really seem
14616s as though they needed it considering
14617s they had 19 kills but
14619s four an excellent performance for j-team
14623s calculated they dealt with the other
14625s months exactly how they wanted to they
14628s used the terrain to their advantage
14631s when it comes to these sorts of
14633s teams and this sort of play I find it
14636s sometimes hard to really
14638s save certain things
14641s the play is so magnificent
14645s yeah you're just like sitting back going
14648s that has happened that actually happens
14652s you experience something beautiful today
14655s and this is
14657s I mean this is
14659s it's so lovely as soon as you even
14662s popped him around for being played and
14665s like as a as a huge like supporter of
14668s this game and I love I love it but it's
14670s it's a community everything about it
14673s it's so lovely and it's so great to be
14675s here
14676s Duncan we're gonna get to see it again
14678s exactly
14681s okay so ego is on three kills by the way
14684s he goes on three kills I think when the
14685s first double graph happens
14687s and then he just he Rockets up he he
14690s comes in with seven kills total uh so
14692s four four double crap coming from him in
14697s that final Zone absolutely insane coming
14700s out from Eagle like it's so ironic as
14703s well that J team a team that found
14706s success in the first year of um wolves
14708s by pioneering an anti-monk composition
14713s are the ones like picking up MVPs with
14716s one of their best compositions being
14718s known as just Eagle Gober he he finds a
14721s double graph he finds those picks he
14723s finds the opening and you really do see
14726s it especially from how the damage is
14728s allocated between all three of the
14729s players it's very much shared between
14731s all three of them right everyone pulls
14733s their weight on j-team as we see from a
14735s lot of these one compositions yeah it is
14738s all about the double grabs if you can
14739s find an immediate lockdown onto two out
14741s of three uh odd teammates from enemy
14743s squads brilliant but a lot of it comes
14745s down to just being able to pull those
14747s players on position and holding them up
14749s so your other two teammates can actually
14752s be able to secure those picks because
14754s getting them out of position is
14755s sometimes a lot more valuable than
14758s finding those immediate eliminations if
14761s it leaves you vulnerable to being third
14763s party by everyone around you uh it's
14766s gonna be the first time that we get to
14767s see 101 TN pick up an MVP he's back he
14771s temporarily had left J team when we
14774s headed towards worlds then he is now
14776s back playing for the team and my
14779s goodness we've missed them because he
14781s just brings something special to this
14783s roster but coming out as the MVP
14786s extremely well done there I think the
14788s majority of this damage actually came
14789s from Paul sword I I mean I I do know
14793s that the majority of lucians and
14796s I usually in these compositions are
14798s running pole sword because it allows
14800s them to essentially act as a as a wall
14803s as a tank and be able to block these
14805s attacks coming towards them and then
14807s being able to use that Dodge out into
14810s mix up with either a blue focus into
14812s clmb or the uh the RMB into potential
14816s follow-up afterwards extremely powerful
14818s tool allowing them to conserve stamina
14820s which is um really really useful when it
14823s comes down to these kind of uh
14825s environments in these kind of fights
14827s where you need to be able to have as
14828s much uptime on your ultimate on your
14830s important cooldowns
14832s um it makes it makes so much sense that
14835s is one thing that we haven't really
14836s talked about is weapon allocation
14838s certain characters have been typically
14841s running the same weapons over and over
14844s again we see time and time again that
14847s uh eurasians are running pole sword and
14849s things of the sword we're seeing uh
14851s various running dagger
14854s um using uh using the mobility to their
14858s advantage and being able to like stay in
14861s and out of the fight is being able to
14862s use that V3 when necessary all that sort
14865s of stuff there is a lot to be said about
14867s weapon choice for specific characters
14871s um and I
14873s it's lovely to see talking about all of
14876s this sort of stuff it just makes me yeah
14877s I love it it makes me happy but uh going
14881s into game five
14883s I think it's nightmare are we gonna see
14885s juggernauts again or is it gonna be
14888s I think most teams have used up a lot of
14890s their Transformer cars I think this is
14894s to see yeah so a lot of the time some
14897s teams will burn through it amongst
14898s relatively quickly other teams tend to
14901s hold off on using all of them on
14904s conversations so they're on like the
14905s last game they can potentially be the
14908s only team that runs it which can be good
14910s because it doesn't that you don't have
14912s to worry about being like stacked out as
14914s we see a lot of the time when there are
14916s other monks in the vicinity one month
14918s one one monk uh also the other teams
14920s went full also monk up because you can
14923s just use that rock paper scissors match
14924s up for monk versus monk and ultimate
14926s form of being able to guarantee those
14928s knockback staggers so that they don't
14930s find the grab opportunities but at the
14932s same time if you're the only monk in a
14935s entire Lobby of non-month players you
14938s are painting a ginormous Target on your
14941s back and if you're not running the temi
14943s I would be like why because just
14946s thinking about being one monk against
14948s all of those other teams especially into
14950s places like final Zone where everyone's
14951s clumped up together and thrown very much
14953s into the same place if you're not
14955s running Tammy for the ultimate repeating
14957s crossbow is your worst enemy Venom tip
14962s minces through a month's Health to the
14964s point that even when we see monks
14966s standing in karumi ultimates if enough
14968s Venom tips get pushed that Monk's way
14970s and the repeating crossbow is strong
14972s enough he's evaporated within split
14975s seconds
14977s no absolutely being a alone monk in a in
14981s a Lobby is not something you want to be
14984s um although it's great fun to be the
14986s Monk and end game alongside your
14988s brothers in arms but um
14991s when you're alone it's a very lonely and
14993s painful world for you as you said you
14996s just simply get shredded
14998s um and unless you have that tomorrow
15001s all to be able to keep you safe
15003s or potentially the kurumi uh to keep you
15006s topped up on health potentially using
15008s that defense buff as well to reduce the
15010s incoming damage to you
15013s um you're going to get melted uh but
15016s that's that's another thing we are going
15017s to be going into Colorado
15019s um and it's going to be a night map I
15021s think
15022s so I think we're definitely going to see
15024s a lot of Tamal like we saw on the
15026s previous uh Hollow Earth Map since it
15028s just has so much value in its ability to
15031s section off certain areas that are very
15034s open and uh giving your team that
15037s protection that you need I think we'll
15039s probably see some farrier as well I
15041s reckon it'll probably be
15042s somewhat of repeat of the previous
15044s holograph game but
15047s I think the previous horror of the game
15048s was a day map so we might see some some
15051s adjustments uh because of the the
15055s fireflies being available to them I
15058s don't think it'll be anything too spicy
15060s I've always figures
15063s I've always wanted to see taka be a
15067s playable character in trios but at this
15071s point it just feels kind of like a meme
15073s I really want to see it one day perhaps
15076s Parker actually being played but I don't
15079s think I mean I think Ryan would would
15082s lose it if if talker ever made it this
15084s way into a viable tourist conversation
15087s you know the roon and I like we do I
15090s have an attacker accomplished that we
15091s like to run rich was um to remove Alda
15094s and taco where you would use the washing
15096s machine yeah well we called it uh
15099s cremation composition
15101s information because we would use the
15103s kurumi AOE to turn the talk of fire and
15106s then the valder bubbles we would turn
15107s the circle Elemental to the talk of fire
15109s and we would just uh bind everyone
15111s between valda Bubbles and uh talker
15115s variables it was very enjoyable played
15117s quite a bit of this composition myself
15118s it is good fun the problem is it's too
15121s well it's too many ultimates it's it's
15122s free also well two ultimates and one
15125s valder F2 is uh unfortunately like it
15128s would be viable in Gate of Yang not so
15130s much in um base out of Yang fights for a
15134s lot of the league and so as a result we
15136s don't typically tend to see things like
15138s Wilder or talk and making their way into
15140s trees as much of a shame as it is but we
15143s instead get to see this wonderful meta
15145s which is a lot more diverse I think than
15147s we've been seeing a lot of matters in
15149s the past obviously we've still got that
15151s Yodo the wuchen and the Viper but to
15154s cater uh Matari is the thing mixing it
15157s up a little bit especially with the rear
15159s Edition so that the Transformer has a
15161s little bit of a new taste to its name as
15163s it does seem like Ferrari is going to be
15165s a little top heavy in terms of some of
15167s these Transformer compositions sometimes
15169s running traditional Transformer two
15171s teams gonna be running uh that attack on
15175s Titan composition so they're definitely
15177s going to be looking to pick up momentum
15179s early on to be able to buy those kills
15181s and golden into that late game
15183s absolutely
15185s um but yeah it doesn't seem as though
15187s there's all that much of a change from
15190s our previous Hollow Earth game uh
15193s certainly
15196s um but uh I don't know I think we're
15199s probably going to see some specific
15201s looting Parts perhaps a specific hunting
15205s part it looks like there's only one team
15207s Landing in the city of Tang which is in
15211s fact gold Zone which is quite surprising
15213s no one looking to contest that high tier
15216s loot
15217s um which is rather odd to be honest in
15219s my opinion if you're you it feels like
15222s you're simply allowing a team to take an
15226s entire City's worth of high tier loot
15230s um but here we have it AOW
15233s oh my God okay okay goodbye
15237s goodbye
15241s there's a reason that 450 teams are
15244s wanting to keep fantastic Shannon like
15245s you said it's a day map so there are
15247s going to be lots of fireflies which
15248s means that you Shan and the ability to
15250s immediately go for this Firefly cages
15251s just becomes so much more valuable and
15254s both of those teams it's it's a it's a
15256s dusk map it's a dust map okay there's
15258s gonna be lots of fireplaces yeah but
15261s however it is still it still applies
15263s though this this spawn location with
15264s yushan ruins having the uh I think it's
15267s called the Enigma I think it's cool
15270s yes exactly and having the oh dunk Wing
15273s oh no the uh having the fireflies and
15277s the old charging station over there can
15279s be extremely useful at the start of the
15282s game
15283s what do we have Juventus yoto's already
15286s been taken down
15288s the Viper head looking to try and appeal
15290s her teammates and secure the kill
15295s I can't I can't see why can't I see it's
15297s getting it's a bit blurry for me for
15299s some strange reason however we have the
15301s tamale on the back but although he has
15303s the Moon
15305s up I'm not sure it's gonna be all that
15309s all that uh of a presence
15313s okay well they opt to use the wood chin
15316s port to get out makes sense they have to
15318s go back in Don Quinn went for that
15320s revive and venters are actually able to
15321s Grapple cancel him out of it hmm like
15324s the one thing that I always I always
15326s have to you kind of have to bear in mind
15327s is that all those this is a Moonbeam it
15330s is still a blue moon bin and it's not as
15332s it's not the same as your moon beans
15337s it still has pressure but it's it's not
15341s gonna drop down those beams anywhere
15343s near as often
15345s um as let's say a gold Mood Lane from
15348s your from your normal rank over this
15350s kurumi
15351s doesn't look like she's gonna be able to
15353s do anything about this gets caught
15355s inside the tumult or gets whisked and
15359s just simply taken down
15361s txj now being
15363s pursued by the yushan but it doesn't
15366s look like anything's really going to
15367s come of it
15368s I think KZ is simply going to try and
15371s get away with their lives they might be
15375s able to get that revive but txj actually
15377s drops from the ceiling and runs it back
15379s onto KZ this guy doesn't really want to
15381s go for the transformation though he's
15382s only running a gray weapon at the moment
15384s so the punches aren't going to be that
15387s brutal and as a result they are just
15389s going to look for the group lockdown and
15390s stagger heading over towards matab
15392s however sharonan is not having any of
15395s that reservation he immediately goes for
15396s that monk form as xcg push on to oug oud
15399s using those walls to actually make it
15402s harder for this monk to be able to find
15404s those openings as he does drop down
15406s looks maybe grab a player out before
15408s they were able to make it inside the
15411s main building not able to find a grab
15413s however as oh you knew turns it around
15415s the UV ultimate gonna be running out in
15418s a matter of moments but still able to
15420s try and find some of that space and push
15422s on to Zhao Nan because now out of that
15424s monk transformation still has the Bell
15427s but the Tammy ultimate comes on through
15429s xcg more than happy to just sit right
15431s here and mince away the individual
15433s members of oud now that it's just going
15435s to be SS the swap onto the great so to
15438s keep him locked down and xcg walk away
15440s with a full Squad wipe as we head back
15442s towards Imperial as GD and bauda baira
15446s with a bounty on their heads push on to
15449s GD over the top of these Cliffs now I'm
15452s going in first gets the belt Connect Now
15455s buys himself that space he's integrated
15457s himself in the middle of this team
15459s they're not going to be able to
15460s disengage as cleanly as they'd like and
15462s as a result GD is going to have to Munk
15464s Up instead fired up just kicking him
15466s away from his team kakaishi taking it
15468s upon himself to pull the members of
15471s buried out away so that his other two
15472s teammates can escape and as a result it
15476s is going to be a sacrificial play but
15477s Baroda and I once again can use the
15480s reverse bounty to hunt and track down
15482s those other two members to see where
15485s exactly they've gone to manually staying
15487s a little bit closer just to make sure
15488s that no one backtracks and gets that
15490s Resurrection as Juventus start to come
15493s onto the scene but are already going to
15495s be leaving however allowing them to
15497s control of the loop but in an area
15499s that's already been scrapped through yes
15502s it looks like trying to find those two
15504s teammates get away yeah it does appear
15507s that they have the bounty on them that
15509s they they've used the teleport to try
15512s and put as much distance between them
15514s and their Hunters as possible I'm not
15517s sure if there was a res available I do
15519s imagine so considering it's still
15521s reasonably early on into the game but uh
15524s it doesn't look like bowdo's looking to
15526s give up the chase just yet they've
15528s already passed GED though Don Quinn was
15530s sitting in the purple Bush on their
15531s right before they scaled up that cliff
15534s with the Bounty still perhaps the the
15537s the member who has the bounty on him is
15539s trying to lead them away
15541s here we have it's really unfortunate for
15543s GED like you lose one player to play
15547s that sacrificial player and then a
15548s bounty gets put on you so you have to
15549s lose another player and then you're just
15551s reduced to sitting one by one honestly I
15554s would rather just see them take the
15556s rebirth so they can group up and look
15558s for kills because this is going to be
15559s eating into their long term as well
15562s right by pushing your players into just
15564s going for these pockets of 1v1s you're
15566s not going to be able to take fights and
15567s you're not going to be able to build up
15569s kills to take into that final Zone as we
15572s head and have a look at j-team who are
15573s looking to set up kills Viper ultimate
15576s comes on through oh
15579s a little bit late they lose Lynn or
15584s rather Lynn loses ZK to the team but J
15587s team are able to come through baine's
15589s breath drop to be able to buy themselves
15590s that space to be able to get the revive
15592s off onto their Viper as 101tn on that
15595s Euro hunted down the members of Alliance
15599s pushing them away from Jay team J team
15602s have used a lot of those resources
15604s however both the Viper ultimate and the
15607s Yodo the good news is that by hounding a
15609s lion's den they're not allowing them to
15611s just sit tight and build up those
15612s ultimates so as a result 101 Tien can
15615s look for this engagement into the
15616s neutral but he gets caught out in the
15618s Wisp and the Yoda left isn't going to be
15620s able to save him J team look for the
15621s peel it's not going to be A2 versus two
15623s as the staff comes through Lynn with the
15625s left click will be able to hit in but
15627s there's the barrier Mac and there's the
15629s wujin TV Jay team beat out the farrier
15632s and immediately disengage the wind walls
15635s so that j-team aren't hounded down by
15637s hot swaps into ranged web happens as
15639s Lin's still extremely low doesn't
15641s actually take the time to look for a
15643s reshield he goes straight for the
15644s ultimate knowing both the Viper and the
15646s Yoder's main threats have been removed
15648s the ultimate's not going to be there as
15649s bioda look in from the hiker into third
15651s party and this benefits J team as
15653s they've been able to turn on to eager
15656s Alliance Lynn hounded both by JT mondalo
15659s and Bayer from the top ropes goes too
15662s low and goes down J team oh powder of
15665s thank you card sent that way because
15667s that was a team assist
15669s indeed j-team managing to pull it out of
15673s the bag even though the Yoto did go down
15676s due to the Whisk being thrown into the
15678s Yoto F3
15680s and getting completely busted with the
15682s farrier from the opposition managing to
15685s get the res off right next to where they
15686s were they still managed to salvage the
15690s situation I feel like the monk out there
15692s was a little bit I
15695s although I don't know if it was because
15698s it was early or if it was just simply
15700s bad positioning because he was in a very
15703s open space he was able to get shot from
15705s all angles and I feel like he wasn't
15708s really in a position to really help his
15710s team all that much I think it was mostly
15713s to try and frightening off since they'd
15715s have invested both the witch ntp and the
15717s Euro ultimate and the Viper like they
15719s were out of resources if biter wasn't
15721s there that fight would have gone
15722s incredibly differently potentially
15726s I don't know it's I feel like they they
15729s got a bit too aggressive like they they
15731s probably should have just taken it uh
15733s taken the reset
15735s and then um allowed them to to heal up
15738s because they did know that they didn't
15740s have the ultimates well here we have the
15741s Yang fight GG versus xcg the monks being
15746s forced out of old
15747s extremely low here but managing it seems
15750s to get the reset oh no the ferry at
15753s turrets knocking him down followed up by
15757s the teammates
15760s doesn't look like xcg is gonna be able
15762s to do anything here
15763s GG looking to come out on top even
15767s though it is a 2v uh 2V1
15771s it's not 3v1
15772s I don't think there's all that much that
15774s can be done here
15776s yeah there it is
15778s a scale Rush yeah
15781s not very much to be done excellent Parry
15785s there good read
15789s already just so strong on paper but then
15792s you add that knockback that's there when
15794s you pull that pillow down and she just
15795s becomes so much stronger
15799s is multi-purposed as it is going to be
15802s Gigi immediately taken into a fight
15804s against te who are looking to grieve
15806s unfortunately for them Gigi won that
15809s fight and uh they have Mystic might so
15811s they can hard commit into this fight
15812s with a 25 damage reduction and they have
15815s all of their ultimates built up again te
15819s hoping that that farrier would be able
15821s to stagger for referee oh I go for the
15823s cannon aren't able to actually stop the
15825s Slime from coming through in time
15826s peripheral manages to hit vvv into the
15829s ground and is able to get on top of the
15831s body to get the soul Bloom so he does
15834s not go down and now it's just gonna be
15836s lyd getting absolutely hammered as misky
15840s held on to their own Max
15848s to get that revive and keep all of their
15851s loot but that is still free kills handed
15854s over to GG and a Vermillion Birds
15856s absolutely burnt to a crisp almost the
15860s second that Tu picked it up
15862s yeah I think that would have been I
15864s think
15865s um
15866s the Mystic might team would have
15869s probably lost this fight if there had
15871s been a soul altar slightly more close by
15875s being able to die and then essentially
15877s just immediately come back into the
15879s fight with full health and full armor
15882s from knock two like not too far away
15884s would have allowed them to begin the
15886s fight overall even if they managed to
15888s give up a few kills they'd be taking out
15890s a team completely
15892s um but sadly the defense bar for simply
15895s too much we have wolves here trying to
15898s get the soul blooms trying to prevent
15900s their deaths from uh from Yang depletion
15902s but J teams not look does it look like
15905s they're gonna go down easy wolves his
15908s monk just gets taken down Yota while
15911s coming in alongside the Viper to Mark
15913s trying to make something happen trying
15915s to take down this Viper
15921s but it doesn't look like they're gonna
15923s be able to do all that much J team
15924s managing to kite around this small stump
15928s of a rock very well the ferry are unable
15931s to shoot directly below her
15934s it doesn't look like wolves is gonna be
15936s able to get this
15937s Soul blooms unless they managed to turn
15939s this around J team's Viper can take you
15942s down extremely low triple charge from
15944s pole sword oh no
15947s and sorrow losing out for the spear
15951s Clank
15952s J team coming out on top wolves with
15954s their last ditch attempt to try and make
15957s something happen
15960s also damages uh no joke
15963s they were almost able to turn it onto
15965s third game but is that okay I actually
15967s kind of takes a block for the team by
15969s baiting that pull sword away and
15972s stopping that stagger from being there
15974s and keeping two members as opposed to
15976s just the one caught up talking about
15978s caught up Judy era keeping one member
15981s caught up as it is gonna be one player
15983s held in amongst hands immediately going
15985s to get melted because OC and AOW go
15989s toe-to-toe with GD caught right in the
15992s middle of them
15994s huge vipestone come true from Ventus
15996s into what look like merciless Havoc as a
15998s follow-up as well and that is absolutely
16001s brutal this is what we were talking
16002s about before this actual series started
16004s the biggest character to that Viper is
16007s all of those players scattering away
16009s that scatter doesn't happen they all get
16011s stunned out in a relatively small space
16014s and the merciles having just absolutely
16016s shreds every single person standing
16019s there and it really didn't hold that aw
16021s we're also on the sidelines just giving
16023s a little bit more additional damage but
16025s venters are the ones to come in with
16026s those kills and they're going to be
16028s feeling very happy about themselves this
16030s xcg are not gonna be feeling very happy
16034s at the moment they have a 13 seconds
16036s left to take a fight all J team have to
16039s do is kite and they will be able to
16041s survive jianan is going to go for that
16043s transformation try and grab a player
16044s from J team and hold them in position
16046s for his teammates to find a pick he's
16048s looking for the double slap he has been
16050s able to instigate the Viper stunt to
16051s come through but Knight HQ goes down to
16054s the soul Bloom Yang depletion hits for
16057s xcg he's the only one however so it does
16059s look like the two other members were
16061s able to actually find Soul blooms
16064s themselves they are still going to be
16065s alive and by using that amongst actually
16067s instigate into a fight they have baited
16069s JT into using the vipestone which is the
16072s one thing that could instantly shut xcg
16074s down the problem is that xcg are still
16076s missing one very integral part of the
16078s composition NJ Team still have three
16080s players and they're able to isolate the
16082s fight into just Legion and that is a one
16086s versus three
16087s I don't really know what they were
16089s thinking really I mean potentially they
16092s were thinking that they could
16093s potentially potentially about four times
16097s uh maybe they thought that they could
16099s pull pull this team into so into like
16102s using their ultimates and essentially
16104s just grief them but it doesn't look like
16107s much is going to come of it
16109s oug not really looking to commit too
16111s much even though they've seen this team
16113s take down take down that final member
16115s they didn't see any ultimate utilization
16118s or anything along those lines no way
16120s not again
16121s please please no oh there we go oh thank
16126s goodness let's go it was just like that
16129s moment where both of us were like oh
16131s someone's gonna get a free they're not
16133s gonna get it for free they're gonna have
16134s to fight super nail
16137s wanna fight oh we're gonna get
16139s challenged and they'll just
16140s tumbleweeders t-e-n-gg go Toe to Toe
16143s immediately double transformation coming
16146s out from te Gigi being a little bit more
16150s timely in terms of using those ultimates
16152s Tammy ultimate comes on through making
16154s it harder for Te but it's tell me
16156s ultimate inside Tammy ultimate so no
16158s one's really finding a value at the
16160s moment Peru Frio is able to push onto
16162s txj who's gonna have to drop out of that
16164s month from relatively soon and the scoop
16167s picks up the ferry of periphery oh holds
16169s vvv in his hands but t-e's l-yd has
16172s still been able to get into that pillar
16174s and as a result he comes through for
16176s cover because he now moves in with that
16178s spear looking to set the Stagger up it
16181s looks so good for the GG getting that
16183s grab onto vvv but the ferry had already
16186s dropped the pillar and no one had
16188s actually turned around and dealt with it
16190s and as a result lyd is able to sneak his
16194s way into that neck and he turned around
16197s to fight that really rapidly could have
16199s driven out of control
16201s absolutely the uh the tomok alt did ex
16205s like did so much work in that fight
16207s initially the enemy farrier was taken
16210s down so unbelievably low and was forced
16213s to use the V3 and the thing is V3
16216s although it has has more versatile uses
16220s than V1 as you can allow your teammates
16222s to use it it can be dropped down on top
16225s of people as a form of CC and damage
16228s um it doesn't have as much health as the
16232s uh as the other ones so if you're
16233s already low you're you're sort of stuck
16238s trying to decide whether or not to heal
16240s or to try and do damage
16242s so here we have a replay with J team
16244s versus JL
16246s 101 PM being forced to pop his ultimate
16250s putting out a substantial amount of
16252s damage
16253s and they cut him down doesn't look they
16255s meant like they managed to finish him
16256s off
16258s well they do take down one
16260s yeah
16265s this is going to be J team coming out on
16267s top yeah J team unfortunately pushing on
16271s to JL forcing uh them to use that very
16274s ultimate to disengages Gigi decides to
16277s go for a small to a relatively close to
16279s the zone so they're not gonna be
16281s tracking for two minutes to try and find
16283s teams in fact picking up that Bounty is
16285s brilliant for this team because now they
16287s have a tracking device on a team an
16289s engagement and potentially a solvent
16291s that they can lock down given how low
16293s zamming is for OC at the moment Gigi are
16296s just gonna relentlessly pursue this is
16299s essentially wolves seeing an engine
16301s injured deer away from its uh herd and
16305s they're gonna track them down the
16306s problem for GG is that uh oug are
16309s actually tracking them down as well and
16312s miskier is just one player and that's
16316s gonna give Gigi serious reservation
16318s because one player you can't split three
16321s ways between you for everyone to get
16323s Soul Bloom you have to decide who gets
16325s to go problem who removes the Yang
16327s depletion and put yourself in a position
16329s where you can buy your two teammates
16331s back and make it to the soul to alive in
16334s a time where a lot of teams look to Camp
16337s the soul altars so that they can stop
16339s teams from doing just that
16341s absolutely it doesn't look like they end
16344s up getting the uh the soul Bloom that
16347s they so desperately need
16349s they are JT Moore they've amassed quite
16352s a few Jades for themselves they look
16354s they're looking pretty stacked
16357s minimum two gold Jades each
16360s I do I do wish I could read what they
16362s were I do I imagine that a couple of
16364s them are things such as desperation and
16366s repair roll perhaps repair all being in
16369s such a huge uh huge Soldier uh in trios
16373s since ranged battle is one of the most
16376s important things
16378s um for this game mode J team though
16380s although they did commit that Yota was
16382s initially she's not gonna lose all that
16385s much of her ultimate
16387s um when being ported out by Wu Chen and
16390s it looks like they're just trying to get
16391s out of the Zone here as if they were to
16394s fight a Transformer team inside the Zone
16397s they are an inherent disadvantage due to
16400s the Transformers being able to reset
16402s their health bar and uh survive much
16405s much longer
16406s especially because it looked like they
16407s didn't have a lot of resources when we
16409s were looking at a 101 TN on that Yodo he
16411s only had two vitalias left and uh
16414s ignores all the shielding it goes
16417s straight for your health so that euro is
16419s not gonna be in a great position if they
16421s stay there for long TD put onto
16424s a-o-w-txj does get silenced so he's
16428s gonna have to wait that one out
16429s thankfully fairy of silence is a lot
16431s shorter than Viper silence so tea are
16434s going to be able to disengage back on
16435s off and wait for a better opportunity to
16439s see whether or not they can push back
16441s onto AOW it looked like they wanted
16443s control of that Morris lesson that's
16444s going to be spawning up but there's also
16446s going to be ghost mist and that's going
16448s to be something that's concerning for a
16449s lot of these mod players because if you
16450s do drop into that monk uh ultimate film
16452s you don't really have the ability to
16455s navigate as seamlessly around some of
16456s those grasping hands that do silence you
16458s if you get hit as some of these other
16462s Heroes who were able to well continue to
16464s use grapples and keep themselves on
16466s rooftops and scale Rush
16468s watching monk would be absolutely
16470s terrifying please never put that into
16472s the game
16480s I don't want to I want to go to sleep
16482s tonight and have peaceful dreams
16484s Alliance have been able to put
16485s themselves into a more forward position
16487s before any of these other monk
16488s conversations drop the Tammy ultimate
16491s guarantee that they were able to clean
16492s thisly and without having to worry about
16495s one of those players getting picked into
16496s position by either or temi whisper or
16498s Yodo at free will be able to slide in
16501s grab that box there's the ghost hand
16503s there's the silence so picks uh te we
16507s did see them trying to use that to Mulk
16509s F2 the tracking whisk alongside the
16513s farrier F3 silence to try and secure a
16516s kill
16517s um however when they did it did hit a
16519s Target but it was a tomog who had
16522s literally just used his F so they didn't
16523s manage to get all that much value out of
16525s it but I feel like that is one of the
16527s big uh the big synergies between to milk
16531s and Feria right now where you can use
16533s that Wisp from afar from like even from
16536s above you grapple up a tree you get up
16538s as high as you can and you throw the
16540s Whisk in the general direction of an
16543s enemy team and it just sort of creeps
16545s down at them from above and it's very
16548s hard to notice I've been hit by that and
16551s then immediately cross mode to death it
16554s is not fun but um is it extremely
16557s optimal to play and a really good
16558s Synergy and a great way of picking off
16561s players
16562s um without having to commit all that
16564s much yeah
16566s because you like you said you can do it
16568s from range so you can literally just hot
16569s swap to something like a repeating
16571s crossbow and you don't put yourself in
16573s that forward position like a lot of
16575s teams especially at this moment
16576s everyone's waiting for someone to make a
16577s mess play there's someone to either
16579s position wrongly towards heading into
16581s that final zone or put a little less
16584s resources than they potentially should
16586s into try and to control some of these
16588s spawning Morris blessings which a lot of
16590s teams are now going to be looking at the
16592s Idaho specialty are going to be looking
16594s towards one of them te however having to
16597s use ultimates a little bit earlier than
16599s I'm sure they would want against oeg to
16601s try and shut down that push onto tx8
16603s allowing him to find that reset swaps
16605s are repeating crossbow there's this
16606s energy it's not from the farrier it's
16608s from the repeating crossbow into the
16610s west but the king survives long enough
16612s to be able to Shield the rest of his
16614s team and go for the transformation he
16616s will get into that monkey will grab a
16619s member of J team ZK gets caught and held
16623s an absolutely smudge around
16626s XJ likes to pick up from seconds the
16631s King goes down in the meantime but Paul
16633s said K just gets passed around the monks
16637s and J team they lose that case so far
16640s away from them they're not running that
16643s kurumi they do have the Wu Chan the
16646s problem is they're going to have to
16647s really commit that TP in if they want
16650s they can to be transported to them they
16652s need the Viper to set the Yodo up
16654s otherwise she's just gonna get grabbed
16655s the second she goes for the ultimate but
16657s everyone's going to be watching to see
16658s whether or not cheating go for that Ram
16663s I don't I doubt they're going to go for
16665s it it doesn't I mean
16668s they'd have to commit so much and if
16670s they see if enemy teams see this Wu Chen
16672s Port come out and then manage to track
16675s their destination they're immediately
16677s going to try and Bully them and and
16680s force out anything that they have left
16682s and just trying is it like either greet
16685s them and make it so that they do die
16688s um to another team or try and pick up
16690s the kills for themselves yeah just let
16692s it go they didn't even wait around to
16694s see if they were being rap though
16695s immediately just turned out
16699s but it's unfortunate but it is like the
16701s microwave that you have to make
16704s what it looks like here we've got the
16706s monks doing what they do best grab
16709s grabbing everybody left and right
16712s managing to pick up that sobling but the
16714s Viper now coming in trying to uh
16717s trying to lock down the monks after
16719s they've come out of their ultimate but
16721s did they I think Ventus did manage to
16723s pick up the kill um
16727s Jay team by the way lost Eagle Eagle
16730s unfortunately got grabbed out by another
16734s Monk and as a result J team now only has
16737s the Yodo so work with 101 Tien is going
16740s to have to pull off a miracle and
16742s unfortunately for them that a miracle
16744s beyond the grave that's the he goes
16745s Darren the Ventus J team gonna be out of
16749s this Lobby all to play for tea and vent
16751s is both sitting on 10 kills a PSG 18 out
16754s of the lobby can't add to the 12 that
16756s they've already accrued as well as
16757s increase that survival timer so we are
16759s going to have a different MVP walking
16761s away to e starting to lengthen that
16763s distance move from 10 to 11. really good
16766s control once again of where the zone is
16768s positioned from this aowws picked out
16770s goes for the transformation lasts a
16772s split second immediately has to pop that
16775s out of the month form and pop into that
16777s neck so that he's able to survive but
16780s that's the glass Cannon he does actually
16782s use the cannon form to be able to land a
16784s connecting shot onto Ventus forcing them
16786s away he has bought his teammate they're
16788s supposed to be able to get the revive
16790s onto their third ball and member as
16792s juventus's wx98 makes a play the Viper
16795s so I'm trying to connect onto someone
16796s doesn't manage to find it and now he's
16798s out in the and on low Health aoow
16800s however by trying to take cover in this
16802s tent open themselves up for cannon fire
16804s to come through and the connection is
16806s fire and shoot on goes down
16809s lyd for Te is able to snipe I think time
16813s as well with the bow to finish that shot
16814s up and te very much in the driving seat
16817s Gigi coming in however from that right
16820s side pushing T into using that Tammy
16822s ultimate Gigi walking straight into it
16824s there's tea actually now comes in for
16826s transformation free for yo going
16828s extremely low will be able to survive
16830s the transformation timer and as well he
16833s now goes toe-to-toe with txa knocking
16835s him away from that Faria pillar and
16838s allowing lxm to potentially get into the
16840s mech but he gets grabbed out of it txj
16843s now going extraordinarily low but free
16845s for still holding on for a split second
16847s to be able to give them into the parry
16850s and it's going to be the swamp to the
16852s dagger to be able to try and push back
16854s onto the members of te GG still alive
16856s they lose Miss Kia but peripheral is
16859s still going to be standing AOW shoot on
16861s now turns back onto t e dxj caught out
16864s of position and they're going to be
16866s potentially knocked out of the lobby too
16868s they're missing that two players
16870s remaining to te Alliance down to one oug
16873s down to one is all too playful as oug's
16876s assets just takes the time to be able to
16878s wait out some of these ultimate gets the
16880s reset and re-heal intent before coming
16882s in with the ultimate catches on to shoot
16885s on forces him outside of the zone and
16887s back into that temi ultimate into the
16889s flame of shoot on our court I get pushed
16891s into with the grappling Katana follow-up
16894s coming out from SS who goes aerial now
16896s making it harder for these players to be
16898s able to hit him he's not gonna get
16900s grabbed out he's not gonna get caught by
16901s the Fourier Cannon pushes his way onto
16904s the tent roof to be able to get a
16905s reshield and he's able to pull it off
16907s now goes on towards the set at the top
16909s of that tree and wait to see whether or
16911s not he's going to be challenged sitting
16913s on top of that tree he does lemon you
16914s might not have cannon shots that are
16916s able to connect onto him but Wukong on
16918s the team is just raining wisps looking
16920s to catch out one of these players it's a
16922s one versus one versus one in the final
16924s Zone
16925s the dagger Lynn tries to come in with
16928s the Bell doesn't managed to find the
16930s window that he's looking for but does
16931s push SS towards Wukong with the flamer
16934s and the flame tick does match connect
16936s onto Len he now goes in for that
16938s engagement against the Tammy and he does
16940s get taken down one versus one Wukong now
16944s has the ultimate SS has to make a move
16946s right now both of these termies gonna be
16949s playing extremely aggressive Soul slash
16951s comes through Wukong now goes in for the
16953s engagement as that's however takes so
16955s much of the dagger damage that he's
16957s going to go in against Wukong will be
16959s able to get a little bit of reset but
16961s with the other guy
16967s he walks away the winner my goodness for
16970s a second we were playing solos because
16973s she was a solo match up in heaven for
16978s all three of those players
16981s holy moly they played this extremely
16983s well the uh the tamog using his ultimate
16987s to essentially armor through the soul
16989s slash closing the distance and managing
16992s to use the dagger the dagger's uh Tempo
16995s control to dictate the fight for himself
16997s using their assassins Advantage doing a
17001s considerable amount of damage coating
17003s the enemy to multiply and uh and
17007s overholding him extremely well played
17009s I'm not sure who even came out on top
17011s there TV he was top of the pack
17014s how many points is that I feel like
17016s they've could they've amassed a
17018s considerable amount of place today
17020s so to you I think there was a thing
17022s that's something like 14 or 15 kills
17025s when they go out of the lobby I know
17027s honestly like plays out perfectly for
17028s them in that final Zone because it's a
17029s one versus One Versus One not a lot of
17032s kills are left on the table so te
17035s sitting with just leading kills I'm
17038s assuming will be able to lock their
17040s position in for another MVP of the day
17043s and it's really interesting actually
17044s that when we saw the one versus one with
17046s the tamiers neither of them opted for
17049s the F and this sort of tracks back to
17051s what we've been seeing from like
17052s temmie's will use the Wisp when they're
17054s out of that melee engagement but when
17056s they're in the melee engagement they
17058s don't like throwing in the ass because
17060s you can chase it with the uppercut and
17062s the dagger and the dual blades are one
17064s of the most punishing when it comes to
17066s chasing after that F Activation so we
17069s see the Wisps come out but only when
17071s those temmies are far enough away from
17073s the others that no one can actively
17075s chase them and use the activation of the
17077s ability as a window to control that
17079s neutral
17081s and uh another thing to note the both of
17084s the tamales they both recognized that
17087s they needed to try and deal with the the
17089s monk that was left over because having
17092s two to Marks in a month
17094s it ends up meaning that if the Zone gets
17096s too small and if it does go to heal off
17098s then the monk inherently has a huge
17100s advantage over the other two so they
17103s both essentially I mean it's not like
17105s they're shaking their hands and saying
17107s all it's good but they both understand
17108s the mission and they need to focus
17111s priority good Target selection we love
17115s to see it sadly we don't see it
17117s everywhere you all know what I'm talking
17119s about
17122s infiniteful Fireball talker yep just
17125s slipping his way onto the radar and then
17126s coming out in that final Zone with no
17128s one turning on track
17132s until it's the very end and then just
17135s winning the game just from final Zone
17138s um but yeah no extremely well played
17140s there from the uh from the malls nicely
17144s recognize that they needed to focus down
17146s the monk amongst even as though he was
17147s in a decent position as well but he did
17150s manage to get hit by that to bulk Wisp
17152s and melted a little bit the flame rate
17153s here coming in clutch there as well
17156s definitely kitted out to deal with that
17159s end game but here we have te with
17162s another 23 points on the board GG close
17166s behind with a 21.1 point game J team
17170s although they've had only two kills less
17173s like they're still a little bit lagging
17176s behind due to the kill multiplier from
17178s the placement and the placement points
17180s themselves
17182s um wait is the ranking points they came
17185s first though
17187s but they only got two ranking points
17192s first place rank points so when you in
17195s your in placement for first place you
17197s get Five Points no
17199s just for placement
17202s I'm trying to find what uh the broadcast
17204s like sent us because they they sent us
17206s like this whole package up like this is
17208s this and this is this I think but we can
17210s have a look at uh perhaps it was
17213s something to do with uh I don't know but
17216s yeah but for the second time today yeah
17218s for the second time today
17220s here above 40K in terms of one of their
17223s players doing that damage and more
17225s importantly can we just appreciate it's
17227s neither of the Transformers like txj and
17230s vvb absolutely pulled that weight but
17234s the fact that the Tammy is the one that
17237s comes in with over 40K damage is not
17239s something that we typically tend to see
17241s every day and again it does show the
17243s sort of tempo shift that things like the
17245s Tammy are now sort of looked at as the
17247s forward position that they've moved away
17249s from the support role for this
17251s composition and that they're now much
17253s more proactive with those whiffs hunting
17256s down those players and pulling someone
17257s who even normally isn't out of position
17259s out of position and making them
17261s vulnerable
17265s smoke was having been buffed I'm not
17267s entirely sure how long ago it was now it
17270s feels like it's been forever
17272s um but not being able to combo break out
17274s of being hit by a tumultuous is is just
17278s simply huge
17280s the the fact that you can't break out of
17282s it and that you can get melted down
17284s within seconds is is truly a force to be
17288s reckoned with it extremely useful tool
17291s um and it's it's extremely cool to see
17293s that these tomatoes have managed to
17296s um find a way to make it even more
17299s optimal with the uh with the farrier F3
17301s being introduced alongside it but here
17304s now we've got to see this 1v1v1 again oh
17308s off the cut into assassin's launch as
17311s someone who adores dagger and and
17313s definitely uses it as a crotch of a
17315s weapon it's one of my favorite combos so
17318s Paula because it's so clean especially
17321s if you're just able to anticipate where
17323s the uppercut is sending them off to so
17325s the Assassin's one just comes in and
17327s makes it look oh it really is you you
17329s clip it you ship it you highlight it on
17332s your Twitter and all of your your
17334s results
17338s with that 41
17341s 190 damage
17344s skills and ultimates doing 14
17348s 000 damage that means that
17352s I'm assuming that that means that he did
17354s that much damage to people that were
17357s whisped so that they were locked inside
17359s his wisp or potentially within stuck
17362s inside the wall so that means that the
17364s majority of his damage came from like
17367s Optimal utilization of his abilities
17370s which is really great to see because
17371s it's not although we all get a bit
17374s irritated when we get hit by a
17376s tumultuous when we can't move it's not
17378s always easy especially in in high tier
17382s lobbies like this it's not always easy
17384s to find those picks find those wisps and
17387s positioning your ultimate so that you
17388s can maximize the the value out of it and
17391s get your get the most amount of damage
17394s get the most amount of picks and prevent
17397s um any t or any counter play because if
17399s used correctly there is very little
17401s counter space this sort of thing which
17403s is why it's so strong it's why we're
17405s seeing it so much in mbpl and um mainly
17409s seeing it in holler off it makes
17411s complete sense since there's so much in
17412s space and you can make these picks and
17414s you can protect yourself so
17417s see I mean it's it's good to see I I
17419s don't think there's gonna be all that
17421s much of a change for horror of matter uh
17423s as we move forward in these next few
17425s weeks but uh we'll have to see do you
17428s think there's gonna be anything else I
17429s don't think so I I think the strongest
17431s kind to play to it is just another team
17433s coming in and sniping character kill on
17435s the poor players
17436s unfortunately isn't isn't great news for
17439s the person stuck in the list but uh
17441s we're gonna get stuck into a VT so we're
17443s gonna go grab some water and reset
17446s because we have the last game of the day
17448s coming up in just a second and you know
17450s it's gonna get hyped you know it's gonna
17451s get aggressive you know it's gonna get
17452s hiki so buckle up we're not going
17455s anywhere
17456s we'll see you in a sec
17489s [Music]
17507s foreign
17532s [Music]
17560s thank you
17570s and we're back we're gonna be heading
17573s into our final game of the day we've had
17575s a lot of good naraka today and I'm
17577s excited to see the final game as as
17580s Moxie put it very nicely we're bringing
17583s the hype hopefully it's gonna get real
17585s ugly and we all like to see you again
17588s it's it's great to see I mean it has to
17592s be optimal you can't be running it down
17593s no I mean we've seen a little bit of
17596s that today but thankfully not too much
17599s um and I'm excited to see if any any
17600s teams decide to bring out anything spicy
17603s for the last game Tucker
17623s is pretty established at this point as
17628s we can have a look at something else
17629s that's gonna be uh established and that
17631s is which team is currently leading the
17633s scoreboard
17634s is it a j team is it b as a dunking it's
17638s like it's like CT or is it d g d some of
17644s these teams have had some pretty good
17645s pop-off games so hopefully you guys I've
17648s been keeping an eye on terms of that
17650s leaderboard or you can do some pretty
17652s quick Maps I'm not gonna try and do a
17654s quick maps live on there because uh I've
17656s had enough casting experience to know
17658s that that is a bad idea
17661s yes no I although I I did do maths at
17665s school it's not a mental math it's not
17668s my forte so I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm
17670s gonna abstain as well
17672s um but uh we shall see get your answers
17676s into the chat
17677s but yeah here we have it Alliance all
17680s the ooglers ready to go into their final
17683s final game of the day
17685s I feel like it's definitely like it's
17688s it's a lot it's a lot playing six games
17691s it's a lot to be able to make it through
17694s to the very end of the day with the same
17697s kind of energy uh you had coming into it
17699s is is always difficult so I applaud all
17704s the players I know how how hard it can
17706s be to uh to try and stay as laser
17709s focused as possible trying to keep your
17711s mentality as uh as positive as you can
17716s um all the way through the day even
17718s through some some rather disappointing
17720s defeats in in certain fights in certain
17722s games
17724s um it's still it's it's it's really
17726s great to see the the majority I would
17729s say don't don't falter they they don't
17732s they don't let it get to them and that's
17733s why they're here in nbpl they managed to
17736s power through they they keep the they
17738s keep their cool they keep their mentals
17740s and uh I'm excited to see what we bring
17744s um for our final game I doubt there's
17746s gonna be anything spicy probably I think
17749s we'll probably see a few safe picks
17750s maybe quite a few Transformers I think
17753s it's going to be a daytime Morris Isle
17757s map so
17758s I'm not sure how many teams still have
17760s uh traditional Transformers available to
17764s them
17765s because of the uh the hero point system
17767s but I do imagine that we'll see quite a
17769s few of them as it is a bread and butter
17772s staple safe and reliable Pig in uh in
17777s trios in nbcm especially because I mean
17779s we game free or game two where a lot of
17783s these uh heavily Reliant monk teams did
17786s run the monk with both the zip and the
17789s Takeda as opposed to running the more
17790s traditional one composition and it's
17793s Morris Isle Knight so maybe that's going
17796s to have an impact on what compositions
17798s we're going to see and there it is the
17799s cicadas immediately going to be locked
17801s on through a couple of um proper uh
17805s fully Takeda heavy compositions vent is
17807s going to be running both the Decatur
17809s with that zip and tear me alongside
17812s j-team and KZ uh OC gonna be feeling
17815s that as well as oug GD however kakaishi
17818s is still going to be saying on that monk
17820s wolves Ben 2 also going to be staying on
17822s that manka xcg running the newer but
17825s less traditional still extremely brutal
17828s composition with the Monken farrier AOW
17831s however going for that very traditional
17833s one composition alongside JL so expect
17837s to see a lot of kurumi pressure coming
17839s through in terms of those umbrella is
17840s pushing teams away from saltwater as
17843s well as the gates of young entrances and
17845s trying to teleport past some of those
17847s temi wind walls to allow their monks to
17850s be able to hold steady in the face of
17852s those temmies in those individual free
17854s beavery fights
17856s absolutely and uh I've I mean I don't
17860s feel like there's all that much more to
17861s be said I I do imagine that there will
17865s like as we are seeing now since its
17867s night map we are getting some more
17868s juggernauts we're getting some takatas I
17870s think there are going to be a lot of
17871s aggressive plays early on
17874s um to then moving on to a slightly more
17877s quiet mid game where teams that have
17879s survived and have managed to secure even
17881s just a few kills are going to attempt to
17884s try and get that multiplier get that
17887s placement for themselves uh and uh try
17891s and potentially pick up a few along the
17892s way but other than that I think it'll be
17894s a pretty quiet mid game with an exciting
17897s end game as well as an early
17899s yeah it's gonna be an explosive start
17900s game though as we can have a look at
17903s what some of these teams are dropping it
17904s being like no surprises that a lot of
17906s these teams are trying to Veer towards
17908s where those fireflies are going to be
17909s grouped up and it does mean that for a
17912s lot of these teams they are going to
17913s face that pressure coming through right
17914s some of these teams are right off of the
17916s bat are going to be contested in places
17918s that are highly terrorists but are also
17921s going to be strongly desired for those
17922s fireflies that we've talked so much
17924s about this we can have a look at te
17926s tradition dictates that we start off
17929s with the team that took the last MVP te
17931s however have not found themselves a
17934s brilliant start at the moment blue armor
17936s picked up for lyd they at least have
17937s weaponry the problem is that it's not
17940s just one team that they're going up
17941s against it's uh it's free GD and xcg all
17944s landed in the exact same space and that
17947s is cannibalizing the loot that is
17950s available for all of these teams and xcg
17952s because they've been able to find that
17954s farrier purple armor and a purple weapon
17956s are going to be extremely confident at
17959s holding their ground and pushing these
17960s other teams away securing themselves all
17963s of the loop but also this Rift shop so
17966s that's going to allow them to
17967s potentially pick up over an early beans
17968s or some sold users that would have come
17970s in blue dagger looking to set up that
17973s uppercut lock down but my man not able
17975s to Parry the Dragon Slayers eats the
17977s nezas follow up as a result goes super
17980s low goes down in fact and barodana
17983s actually having to use that which ntp to
17985s get nyman back into safety but too many
17987s teams are around they've been spotted
17988s out where they run to and t e now come
17991s in and try and finish them off it was so
17993s rapid too that the revive was not there
17996s in time and te now looked to be able to
17999s finish off action for Baroda will be
18001s able to find that kill and Baroda have
18004s to go right back to the soul Altar and
18006s regroup
18007s yeah moving over into celestra here I
18011s think we've got a couple teams I did
18013s note that at the when we were looking at
18015s where these teams were Landing there is
18017s a uh the two teams decided to land a
18021s little uh southeast of celestra where
18024s there are two well there are three
18026s fireflies and uh and use that then
18030s essentially fight I didn't think we saw
18031s any of that fighting potentially they
18033s just moved straight into celestra but
18035s here we are back to where we started xcg
18038s in a scrap of their own having
18040s tomorrow's old pops barrier trying to
18044s get her out of the field for her
18045s teammates te at txj getting taken down
18051s unable to get his Mongol off I don't
18053s think he had it available to him so xcg
18055s though also another mom getting taken
18057s down all available dying with old is
18059s never something that you want to be
18060s doing he's cicadas though now coming in
18063s cicada having popped his ultimate trying
18065s to knock down some of these uh these
18068s opposing members
18070s I don't think there's gonna be all that
18072s much to get from it though the farrier
18074s trying to pull for her teammates but
18075s unfortunately is unable to do anything
18078s whatsoever Don King managing to pick up
18082s a kill for himself from xcg xcg's to
18086s Malt now trying to make something happen
18087s popping his Tamal gold but it doesn't
18090s look like he's gonna be able to to
18092s survive for very much longer or pick up
18094s any kills for himself as he gets taken
18097s down
18098s so we're moving out into the sticks here
18100s we've got GG in close proximity of
18104s Juventus
18106s doesn't look like they've spotted each
18108s other just yet
18112s ah true
18114s oh I I would imagine with a bounty on
18116s your head like you are a little bit more
18118s relaxing to take those bites given that
18120s a lot of teams could potentially know
18122s your location as we're seeing a bane
18123s strap come through from Casey the
18125s lockdown oh see oh we see currently
18127s being hounded by this decoder and you
18130s want to talk about weapons and specific
18132s Heroes look no further than long sword
18135s and Decatur and if it counter comes
18137s through from hazy we'll be able to try
18139s and find the connection of that long so
18140s charged up that doesn't manage it
18142s however the zip ultimate pushes
18144s everybody back when the zip should go
18146s down but we see as a result we'll build
18148s by themselves fashion seconds but it is
18150s just going to be that seconds into sort
18152s of circle back to why you take it up
18155s with that long sword is so brutal you
18158s can catch them with that cicada stagger
18160s knockback off the slash into a long
18162s sword charge up and we saw it coming
18164s through from every single ticket when
18167s they're in that ultimate form just
18169s hounding those players first of that
18171s Decatur alt slash and then with the long
18174s songs follow-up it's absolutely
18176s devastating a lot of the time because
18177s the Decatur stagger from that Old slash
18180s connects that they don't get the
18181s opportunity to power you the follow-up
18183s click from that long sword charge up and
18186s they don't get to turn it around on that
18187s Decatur so if you get hit by one you're
18190s effectively gonna get hit by both and
18192s your health just drops at the absolute
18194s drop of the hack
18196s absolutely especially after the uh the
18199s Buffs along so the changes that they
18201s made uh not all that long ago they made
18205s it so that longsword was able to charge
18207s an extra tick on their blue focuses
18211s essentially making it so that the first
18213s I think the first charge still kept the
18216s same amount of damage that it had before
18217s but the second charge
18219s essentially allows for far more damage
18223s output than it did previously so because
18226s of that you can literally just get
18228s completely melted by a double charged
18231s long sword even if it's blue if you've
18233s got a blue long suit with a couple
18235s attack cheats you are still going to be
18237s doing a considerable amount of damage
18240s and chunking someone down from range I
18243s might add being able to do it from a
18245s reasonably safe distance as well and
18247s being able to hold it trying to force
18250s out the enemy players tap Dodges trying
18252s to make them burn all the stamina and
18255s realistically just just allowing your
18257s teammates to follow up
18259s um without like all that much effort and
18262s the presence there's just exists because
18265s of Decatur longsword it's uh it's
18267s extremely powerful as you say I I don't
18271s get me started on the addition of hepta
18275s a completely destroy people
18280s it's the best it is the best but it's
18284s it's also like you get hit by that it's
18288s just you just walk yourself when it's
18292s Phoenix intercaptor cicada into Phoenix
18295s into Hampshire it's literally just like
18297s okay I guess I'll go to the soul as uh
18300s we're going ahead towards a fight going
18302s down to Baroda versus Juventus at the
18305s moment tell me ultimate keeping all of
18306s Vira in check and they are actually
18308s going to use the Witch and TV a little
18310s bit closer I think that they're
18311s expecting to set that one up because
18313s then just simply turn their heads a
18315s little bit the side immediately spot I
18317s wear those members have tp2 swap to the
18320s repeating crossbows and maramam is
18323s actually forced to use that Viper
18324s ultimate to try and lock these members
18326s from Ventures down doesn't match the
18328s peel however for lying and the dragons
18330s flurry comes through from vent is
18333s catching on to Mario man and now the
18335s Cavalry blooms since no one really has
18338s left to be able to take advantage of how
18340s easy it is to Parry on a 1v1 situation
18343s that one horribly horribly wrong yes the
18348s second I used that we can TV Regency
18351s feels a very cool mistress if you
18352s misplace the distance you are
18355s essentially signed your death warrant as
18357s AOW now not letting up GD once again
18361s coming under Fire Ping Tao going for the
18363s transformation looking to try and find
18364s some of these graphs but GED all just
18367s break away kakaisha using that Bell to
18369s give himself a little bit of extra time
18371s he's the one that could potentially be
18372s grabbed back he's the one that is coming
18374s under so much Focus fire from AOW but
18377s they haven't actually been able to find
18378s the lockdown and kill and as a result GD
18381s have been able to find the time to look
18383s to reset kakaishi still not fully reset
18385s however gets caught out we'll actually
18388s be able to go for the transformation but
18389s he's using it inside the building is
18391s able to actually frame it so that he's
18393s able to alt up outside of it and as a
18397s result now it's going to be AOW to look
18399s for a disengagement shootong pushing
18401s after Kakashi with the UE I don't think
18404s was expecting that you would be that
18405s aggro chasing after him drop them Uncle
18408s a little bit too early and now she's
18410s talking with the Spurs lashes still
18412s lasting catches onto kakaishi and takes
18414s him down
18416s hello that is one of the most painful
18419s feelings getting slapped about by ushan
18422s but moving on we now have KZ versus JL
18427s in realm of Yang here we have the
18428s juggernauts
18430s with uh with tamolk instead of Matari in
18433s fact another adaptation of this
18435s composition another pretty strong
18437s composition as well I would say pretty
18440s all right well-rounded we have the uh
18442s the yushan out getting pulled out
18444s reasonably early shortly followed by
18446s jl's Monk alt the Takeda old trying to
18450s be used to peel but it doesn't look like
18452s all that much is going to come of it
18455s he's trying to use his stamina he's
18456s trying to avoid getting grabbed but he
18458s gets double grabbed
18459s the tomok trying to use the Whisk after
18462s having been grabbed the combo breaking
18463s out of the Stagger but it doesn't look
18465s like he's gonna be able to salvage this
18467s in a 3v2 situation the zipping and the
18470s Tamal I think it's just over hepta into
18474s a grab
18476s monk Bell
18478s and there it is there you have it that
18481s is see like this this this composition
18484s these Juggernaut compositions unless
18487s played extremely well it becomes very
18490s difficult to deal with Transformers
18491s especially in traditional Transformers
18493s and especially in Yang because in Yang
18497s there it is an enclosed space as well as
18501s um the fact that there's a time limit so
18503s you don't have the time to really kite
18506s out these Transformers or necessarily be
18509s able to um
18511s uh to
18513s what am I saying dude
18520s being able to just take control of the
18523s entire circle by just jumping around and
18526s dictating the pace it becomes extremely
18529s hard to deal with only having these four
18531s pillars to uh to try and maneuver around
18534s it becomes extremely difficult and
18536s unless you manage to play it perfectly
18538s it's uh it's usually much more favored
18542s in the Transformers uh for the
18545s Transformers
18546s um but one thing I did want to mention
18547s earlier on was the the play from Ventus
18551s is to mald earlier on when we were
18553s watching that fight previously I'm not
18555s sure if you noticed I'm not sure if many
18558s people noticed and I'm not sure a lot of
18560s people actually know this uh but to
18564s multif can be used to iframe Viper stun
18567s Viper ultimate stun can be iframed by
18570s using to Mulk f so he timed it so
18574s unbelievably perfectly got a huge Parry
18577s after having been dropped after having
18579s dropped down in the 1v2 and just took
18583s control of the 1v2 situation abusively I
18585s just wanted to
18587s point that out and just to upload this
18590s man for extremely well played 1v2 but
18592s here we have KZ
18595s um versus Juventus
18597s KZ now I'm gonna trying to make
18600s something happen since they have Yang
18602s depletion using the Takeda all and the
18604s tomatoes to try and lock down this enemy
18608s team juventus's Takeda also going
18611s recently low but the zipping as we can
18613s see keeping him pretty healthy even
18616s though kz's tomorrow gets the gets the
18619s Parry with the sap Jade he doesn't
18620s manage to stay alive Jay team now coming
18624s in trying to get this third party KZ
18627s not in a good spot here not at all
18632s and it just seems like uh
18635s like an unwinnable situation Ventus does
18638s have this Phoenix blue buff so they are
18640s going to stay alive after having picked
18642s up a couple kills but J team definitely
18644s happy with that timing attack onto this
18647s fight managing to pick themselves up a
18649s few kills for themselves
18651s yeah JT moving away from being
18653s third-partied like they were in the
18654s bi-weekly suit being the third party up
18656s as Alliance and oud now going to so oud
18660s and a little bit of a worse position
18662s having already used that tell me all
18664s smart going to have to actually pop the
18665s anti-alt area so that Alliance now is
18668s going to be kited outside of it if they
18670s want to be able to set into motion
18672s disengagement the problem for oud is
18675s that they're going to be locked into the
18676s space and they can't really step out of
18678s it because the line's just gonna be
18680s waiting for them on the other side all
18683s the while that until air it doesn't stop
18686s repeating crossbows it doesn't stop bows
18688s it doesn't stop muskets or any ranged
18691s weapon so oh ug very much having to play
18693s very far back to not get sniped out fire
18697s lines in that poke phases so I want to
18700s take some time repairs that pistol swaps
18701s over towards the pole sword and sits in
18704s position to see whether or not oug are
18706s going to wait the entirety of the
18708s anti-ultimate era but whether they're
18710s going to walk willingly out of it a
18711s little bit sooner t e by the way have
18714s seen that someone has activated this
18716s very large glowing Dome and have decided
18718s that they're going to come see what
18720s exactly is up because if someone's
18722s sitting or rather if someone's activated
18724s that very large glowing Dome it tends to
18725s be for a reason and a team tends to be
18727s stuck in the middle of it both of these
18730s teams want to try and push onto outh who
18733s have been able to make it out of the
18735s very big glowing Dome and find
18737s themselves on High Ground yes the fact
18741s that you keep saying foreign
18748s a lion star trying to push on to UG and
18752s T still not making that move at the
18753s moment Alice and I decide this is the
18755s time they go for that High Ground they
18756s go for the drop down with the Viper
18757s ultimate lucky just sitting there using
18760s the Yoda we have to find that reset
18761s jinyu gets actually staggered out by
18763s that Viper and here comes the lights are
18766s looking for the connection lucky having
18767s to come in for the peel with that Yodo
18770s blade But Here Comes the Decatur and the
18771s zip the sustainability is all that is in
18773s you goes extremely low and te coming in
18776s finally with that third party might
18777s actually be able to pounce both on the
18779s remaining members of oug but also
18781s Alliance and the Lions have a luchin TP
18784s oug do not te now see where that last
18788s remaining member of oudt has ran to
18789s they've got SS stuck in the corner this
18791s garage is able to be fine but
18793s unfortunately he just finds himself
18795s dying in a different spot
18797s um definitely an unfortunate scenario
18799s for them te doing an excellent job of
18801s timing their attack making it as low
18805s effort for themselves as possible but
18807s here we have JL versus j-team the 2J
18811s team so to speak you have the kurumio
18814s being popped down the tomal called as
18816s well monk trying to make some crabs
18818s happen trying to protect his kurumi he's
18820s gurumi getting stuck forced up against
18822s the the edge of the circle unable to
18824s really do anything about it the Decatur
18827s stagger defeat
18829s unavoidable at this point the huge range
18832s coming out from Decatur but the monk is
18834s the double grab chunking down two of the
18837s members J team ZK only surviving due to
18841s the zipping uh mortal Defiance here
18844s but they have managed to take down two
18846s members it is now a 2V1 you should try
18848s to make something happen his ultimate
18850s now finally ending in a reasonably bad
18853s spot
18854s the enemy team is just trying to keep
18856s him at Bay not trying to make sure we're
18859s not trying to take too many risks
18861s one thing trying to space out trying to
18864s potentially get a reset but there's
18865s nothing he can do he does get that blue
18867s Focus off but to no avail you know that
18870s in that kind of situation
18872s it's it's a no-win situation you can try
18876s your best essentially get lucky but uh
18880s more often than not it doesn't happen uh
18883s but good on him for continuing to try we
18886s have seen people just simply give up
18890s but yes anyway we do have J team now on
18893s the hunt again with their uh Mystic
18896s might buff trying to use it to find
18899s these these teams lurking around they do
18902s if they do get distracted by the Jade
18904s but uh but not a lot not for long
18907s it does look like I have to run yeah
18910s they're not looking to take this fight
18911s they don't have wuchan alt available oh
18914s nor do they have Yota world oh and the
18918s F3 grab into the ultimate V3 Viper old
18921s being forced out to try and peel for his
18923s teammates I don't think they're gonna
18924s get all that much value out of this
18926s especially considering that 2K can
18929s simply use his blades while stunned an
18931s extremely useful
18933s um aspect of cicada's ultimate unless
18936s he's silenced he can still use his
18937s ultimate if he's stun they do manage to
18939s get this uh three-band Zone put down to
18942s try and prevent any more
18944s um optimization out of the potato but it
18947s doesn't look like they're gonna be able
18949s to
18950s to keep it together here they do manage
18951s to get the Yoto old out the tumult old
18953s also being put down here the edge of the
18957s Zone 2K getting taken reasonably low but
18959s the with this defense buff with the win
18962s with the with the sheer advantage in
18964s terms of eluth and the razor Swift
18967s coming in juggling to taking them down
18971s extremely low it doesn't look like J
18973s team's gonna have much more
18977s much more of a problem with them JT
18980s managing to secure themselves three
18983s tasty kills after having just one Yang
18985s for themselves ah you got such a good
18988s time as well the Wisp I don't know if
18989s you saw it connects it on to Lucky
18991s before he was able to make it inside the
18993s Euro F3 so he doesn't get to sit in the
18996s middle of his ass and reset and looks a
18999s trip potentially trying people and that
19001s Euro and the effort being removed from
19003s the fight means that Jay team were just
19004s free to move as oh see make it harder
19007s for JL to move at the moment tamiot
19009s comes on through because yes let's try
19011s and Chase that long sword charge up not
19014s quite coming on through but what does
19015s come is the merciless Havoc okay I'll
19018s see you with that staff making it
19021s extremely hard for OC to look to
19023s actually land this engagement and keep
19024s it Slayer coming in with those longer
19026s charge duplex puts themselves into range
19028s of the merciless there's the knocker
19030s there's the damage no one follows after
19032s him however as everyone is too busy and
19035s boiled in the Frontline fight there's
19036s this other two team teammates are making
19038s it extremely hard for JL to be able to
19041s disengage that currently running on the
19042s Yang depletion as well so they have to
19044s stay in this fight and find those picks
19046s Bell form comes out from as to cover the
19048s transformation as it goes up so you're
19050s chasing after the members of OC with
19052s missiles Havoc looking to maybe knock
19054s one of them up into the air so that as
19056s can grab them out of that CC but seeing
19059s the monk transformation knowing that OC
19061s don't have that semi ultimate they just
19063s disengage and this is going to pay off
19065s for the team more than it pays off for
19068s JL because is forced to drop the
19070s transformation go into the Zone still
19072s chasing after the members of OC in the
19074s hopes of picking up a soul Bloom but AOW
19077s see smoke in the distance and come in
19081s for the third party and they snipe out
19083s the kill and now both teams they're in a
19087s really horrible position as AOW from the
19089s top just pushed with the Cannons The
19092s Zone add OCS back they're going to go
19094s down to that Yang depletion as well if
19097s they're not careful since the zip has
19099s been isolated she's the only remaining
19101s member for OC at the moment in AOW with
19104s that kurumi tab I can just content
19105s themselves to hunt her down guarantee
19108s the kill and then nip back into that
19110s zone where it's safe is tease vvv runs
19113s into J team said K coming into that
19116s cicada ultimate into the right click
19118s from the spare just does so much damage
19120s and they're able to find that pick far
19122s faster than any third party can come
19124s through from Ventus
19126s holy moly and it looks like te mate
19130s they're completely eliminated out of
19132s this final game but as you can also see
19135s they're still sitting pretty at the top
19137s of the leaderboard J team though now
19139s looking to try and take the day for
19141s themselves
19143s they could potentially well actually
19145s it's more of a it's more of a certainty
19149s at this point they still have all of
19151s their team members alive they have 15
19154s kills so as long as they stay alive
19156s they're going to get that multiplier
19159s stacking up for them and it looks like
19161s they're gonna overtake te for the day
19163s although it's a bit disappointing for Te
19166s they've definitely both teams have
19168s definitely played extremely well today
19170s so they I mean props to te still there's
19175s uh there is no shame in it whatsoever
19178s um but yeah J team doing extremely well
19181s for themselves they've got that fully
19183s stacked Takeda ultimate they've got all
19186s the money in the world to buy as many
19187s J's as they want and they are they are
19190s actually showcasing how powerful this uh
19193s tamolk adaptation of juggernauts really
19195s can be the the Tamal being extremely
19198s useful in certain scenarios where monks
19201s are like prevented from being able to
19204s grab their teammates due to the monk
19206s wall uh the tamolic wall
19210s um and cutting off The Cutting them off
19212s at the knees essentially as well as
19214s being able to Simply throw long sword
19216s beams through the Tomato wall and melt
19219s um melt the monk down
19221s um and force him out of old or
19223s potentially Force kurumi old uh out as
19226s well I mean not only that but remember
19228s tell me all is very much a lockdown if
19231s anyone gets caught in the middle of it
19232s you have to go through the window and
19234s that slows you down significantly if
19236s you've tried to cater ultimate into the
19238s middle of that semi old spot you're
19240s gonna be able to catch on to every
19241s single person stuck there and we
19243s actually see a lot of the time when the
19244s Tammy ultimate comes down so too does
19246s the Decatur ultimate and he's just
19248s playing perimeter check so that if
19250s anyone tries to get through that wind
19251s wall they're slowed up and they're
19253s straight into that cicada to get
19254s battered straight back into the Tommy
19256s ultimate into the long sword click it's
19258s very much a repeating cycle that no one
19261s wants to fall into it's oh you geez the
19263s king
19265s say that just a little bit longer there
19269s you go I mean they're a zip they do have
19271s a bit of a better chance of surviving on
19273s their own than potentially that scared
19275s or the Tammy given that that bubble is
19277s still crucial in being able to disengage
19279s here we're gonna get the CGA team and
19281s how exactly they were able to deal with
19284s te it does look again like it's just
19287s that zip healing that K takes so much
19290s damage from that yui from lyd but he
19292s just does not drop below 50 the Tammy
19295s ultimate comes through but JT might just
19296s more than content to drop a
19297s semi-ultimate inside of it and still
19300s lock down those numbers all the while
19302s that zip healing just keeps everybody
19304s refreshed then they catch on to that one
19306s remaining member from tevv who's
19308s isolated and alone and easy for the
19310s pickings and like you said it very much
19313s does feel like this Tammy with that
19314s Takeda and that zip just have so much
19317s power as well sustainability to that
19319s name that they can look for those
19320s aggressive first fights and isolate
19322s those players out with only using that
19323s wisp alone while holding on to the
19325s ultimate so if they get third party they
19327s have the means of being able to survive
19329s the engagement and Outlast the potential
19331s third party too
19333s absolutely and uh I I
19336s it does take some considerable execution
19340s to be able to play this adaptation of
19342s the calm because if you you might think
19345s that there is very little
19348s um that you have on this composition to
19350s counteract things such as Viper because
19353s you don't have the matara you don't have
19354s the yushan
19356s however if you uh use the the tamalk app
19360s let's play it optimally or like as uh as
19364s efficiently as possible and you don't
19365s get silenced when the Viper stand is
19368s coming through you can use it to prevent
19370s the the stun which is extremely oh no
19373s pink towel but it is reasonably hard to
19375s execute but yes here we have it it looks
19378s like AOW is gonna get caught out in the
19381s middle of the desert just unable to do
19384s anything about the situation no no
19387s tomorrow no nothing getting caught in
19389s the desert this kind of Final End Zone
19392s is exactly where tamalt is going to
19394s excel not only that if you have a three
19397s band Zone and you pop down and then
19400s activate the three band Zone afterwards
19402s the tumult will stay as active it won't
19406s be too actually extremely useful and
19409s they're pretty handy
19411s um a pretty handy thing for uh for
19413s tomorrow team J team although they're
19415s taking a considerable amount of damage
19417s here they're staying completely topped
19419s up I swear I just saw 2K feel over a
19423s thousand health
19425s in the matter of seconds although they
19427s have they have had a teammate taken down
19430s Eagle the tomorrow
19432s being taken down 101 TN trying to make
19436s something happen popping the ultimate 2K
19439s now starting to get healed up a little
19440s bit but it doesn't look exactly like
19442s he's gonna be able to
19444s we saw it
19446s the the infinite logs on beams
19450s oh
19452s I mean at this point it's a formality it
19454s is a 3v1
19455s and it's the end
19457s I I only just realized that it was just
19461s those two teams
19463s that it did end in a rather
19465s anticlimactic I mean it was rather
19467s anticlimactic but holy mom
19470s I I think Ventus might actually have it
19473s look at them just being able to uh to
19476s clinch it out above Jaden Jay team
19478s coming in with 15 kills but venters yeah
19481s Jay team will be able to come out
19482s because of those 15 kills and the fact
19484s that they were second surviving with the
19486s MVP we have to talk about AOW for a
19489s minute because oh my goodness the
19490s tragedy that was pinged out he went into
19493s center of the Zone because he saw okay
19495s this is nice this is open there's not a
19497s lot of cover for a lot of people to hide
19499s behind no one's really running anything
19500s that can actively count me other than
19502s those tummies I'm going to all up and
19507s um then Ventus come along and pop the
19510s very glowy very shiny anti-oh Dome and
19519s it turns out that he'd actually tried to
19522s monk oh and he he got it for like two
19524s seconds she got past the the initial
19527s glowing phase oh facts he didn't get the
19531s heels and then he didn't get the heels
19534s and then the no the very big glowy no
19537s ultimate Dome hit and he just got
19539s absolutely eviscerated by Juventus
19541s coming through and finishing off with
19544s the crossbow and from The Avengers just
19546s pushing to J team and it did look like
19548s Jaden would be able to turn it around
19550s onto Juventus given the fact that that
19552s zip healing did so much that there were
19554s points where we saw both the two
19556s teammates on J team's house full far
19560s below what are they to still be
19562s standing and then immediately just
19565s rocketed straight back up we saw them
19566s getting caught in this uh in wisps that
19569s K gets grabbed in the middle of a temmie
19571s ultimate by a wisp his health is a
19575s roller coaster it goes all the way up
19577s and then it goes all the way down and
19579s then it goes all the way back up again
19581s because oh my goodness the healing that
19583s was coming out from that's open up Final
19585s Fight sure Jaden lose against Ventus
19587s Ventus come through with the flamer
19588s they've managed to isolate out a lot of
19591s the teammates from j-team they have like
19593s you said that infinite long sword Loop
19595s the problem for J team is that they got
19598s isolated by that that they lost Eagle
19599s very very early on in that engagement
19601s and so they would just lose to stagger
19603s that's why she gets to Decatur with the
19605s long sword but J team have uh definitely
19609s felt happy because not only have they
19611s picked up MVP they've broken a record
19614s that was previously set by te last week
19617s so Erica didn't say around for very long
19620s Jay team are actually the highest total
19623s Point set in one match day the record
19625s that was previously set by te last week
19627s and there's no help by jtm river
19631s 141.31 points in nbpl
19637s it was close I will say I can't remember
19639s what te were able to do it with it it
19642s was something on 130 as well I mean it's
19645s definitely close between the two but
19647s it's not
19648s I mean that is truly impressive and the
19650s thing is TE was not all that far behind
19652s either in their final game I feel like
19654s if they had if they'd uh been on equal
19657s footing with Jay team uh they
19660s potentially could have come out on top
19662s in that fight but Jay team had the
19665s Mystic might buff having that defense
19668s um that defense buff for themselves made
19670s it so that Not only was the uh was it
19673s harder to do damage to them they were
19676s also getting far more value out of their
19678s healing so any damage you did to them is
19681s just became completely irrelevant as the
19684s healing was constantly coming through
19685s taking over keep keeping them topped up
19688s and allowing them to just tank through
19691s everything and that's why we call them
19693s the juggernauts they just run in and get
19696s oogly boogly and just make you wish you
19700s you just you just didn't find them
19702s it's I think this composition is gonna
19705s see a considerable amount of play coming
19707s through
19709s um and it's kind of it's very cool to
19710s see that we're
19712s um that we're getting different
19713s adaptations of it as well initially we
19716s were seeing Takeda zipping Matari now
19719s we're seeing Takeda zipping uh tianhei
19723s and and now we're seeing it to cater
19726s zipping to MOG the fact that I mean
19729s as Raven has told me before he actually
19732s put this reasonably reasonably well it's
19734s the duo comp with an extra with an extra
19737s teammate because as we all know Takeda
19740s zipping is extremely obnoxious endures
19743s the power they have together in
19746s combination the healing the anti-stagger
19748s the the potential to um to prevent you
19752s from holding Blues like you just get
19753s grabbed out of it just give me that boom
19756s get slammed you know it's and then just
19760s have another another character get put
19763s in into the mix and to sort of
19766s essentially allow you to deal with the
19769s situations of the day as the matter is
19772s continuously changing and adapting
19774s people are using different things to try
19777s and deal with
19778s um with certain compositions
19780s I
19781s nah okay I was gonna get all coping
19784s about taka coming in but that's just
19786s but anyway we see here J team coming in
19790s with 28.6 points Juventus 25.8 AOW 15.5
19797s jl14 sadly te with only a 5.2 game down
19803s in 10th place I mean there's It's the
19806s final game of the day as I said before
19807s the game started it is very hard to stay
19810s at your Tip-Top shape throughout the
19813s entire six games and they performed
19815s unbelievably well leading up to the
19817s sixth game so
19819s there is no shame in that whatsoever
19822s everybody has lots of great games
19825s um and even then they died to the team
19827s that ended up winning the game when they
19829s had a completely stacked comp with the
19831s defense buff with juggernaut's
19833s composition it's it's it's a hard fight
19836s to win exactly okay give it to me give
19840s me that 101 TN MVP so I can see the
19842s stats on this healing
19847s on the ceiling as we're gonna get to see
19850s some highlights from the match that just
19852s went down to you unfortunately falling
19853s to execute relatively early on I don't
19856s think again like they anticipated just
19858s that many teams being in that area
19860s because we can have a look at Jaden
19862s coming in Dragon's lace into races oh
19865s it's so good for full coverage as well
19868s into tourism there's no way that you can
19870s really avoid it because then you're
19872s going outside of the new old Zone and
19873s you're just gonna get pressured out
19874s another way because Jay team listen
19877s every single time we're going to see
19878s them in the house watch the house
19884s is literally just sometimes on the life
19888s support every single time he gets taken
19891s down so low and immediately just finds
19893s those full backup as we just hear all of
19896s the longest word like uh right clicks
19898s just exchange and push forward and
19901s backwards as the Decatur just films on
19904s through those lashes and locks those
19905s players into position J team smiling
19908s around their PC screens are surely very
19911s very happy about the performance that
19913s they put on today come on I need it give
19915s me that 101 TN healing stuff give me
19917s those healing stats let me see whether
19919s or not he hit 20K I actually I I think
19923s that I think you're I think you're a low
19926s balling in there to be honest
19927s considering what I just saw no I would
19930s say always is oh it's not him sir okay
19935s if zedke did this is this is like a
19937s maths question right if zedke did 10.3k
19940s healing
19941s how much healing do you think that 101
19944s TN sifted in fact I'm an honestly if
19946s Paul can get us though it's not yeah it
19948s could could we could we please get the
19951s statistics on this I reckon it's
19953s probably something along the lines of
19956s 30k Plus
19957s minimum
19959s I mean considering how much health ZK
19963s healed in that fight in that clip that
19964s we just saw where he got knocked down
19966s after having been so slashed into the
19969s follow-up into another slam getting
19971s knocked to the floor with a sliver of
19973s shield and then before he even had time
19976s to get up off the ground was it full
19979s health
19980s um
19981s it's really funny because like say you
19984s were like okay what patch are they
19985s playing on again I'm like it's the zip
19986s buff patch I didn't even need to answer
19988s that question I just need to show you oh
19990s just showed me the clip that 30 damage
19994s reduction is just like the healing that
19995s you get the fact that you can be just so
19998s far away I'm very much uh surprised it's
20001s taken this long for zip to get
20003s integrated into the Transformers and
20005s into things like this to get a
20006s composition that it has but it's here
20009s and I feel like it's going to be here to
20010s stay for at least a little while because
20012s we've even seen against things like
20013s Barry on that can even with the monk the
20016s fact that you can still get healed even
20018s when you're picked up in that Monk's
20019s hands like even if you find the slam
20022s their health bar isn't gonna go low
20024s enough for that slam to actually find
20025s the kill
20026s indeed but yes anyway we are going to be
20029s heading off to an interview now and uh
20031s I'm assuming we'll see you very shortly
20033s afterwards but uh in June
20039s hi everyone Welcome to the
20042s deep so this time we might one and from
20044s the team J team to our interview so of
20047s course please say hello to our audience
20048s first is
20053s okay welcome
20056s I noticed
20060s by weekly
20063s with a really high total points in the
20065s beginning but your team got the second
20068s prize of our bi-weekly final also in
20071s today's game in the beginning of the two
20073s games your team didn't perform very well
20075s but then you got better and better so
20078s why your team always got a script like
20080s uh following up a victory with hot
20083s pursuit in the game that is
20094s foreign
20105s [Music]
20126s okay uh so I think it's just okay
20129s because now it's the beginning of our
20131s seasons and in last last seasons I
20135s didn't like uh in our mvpr to play the
20138s game with my friends so in this these
20141s Seasons I want to do uh better and there
20143s is still things I have to learn I have
20146s to like a few more feedback with the
20149s steps and so I want to I also need more
20152s time with my like teammate to do better
20156s corporations in the game so of course we
20158s want to like have a better performance
20160s in these Seasons well and also I want to
20164s ask you ask you a question about a ring
20166s of young because I noticed things when
20169s the beginning of the rim of young and
20171s every one of you just use the hook to
20174s get into the sky and why is that is that
20177s like kind of smart uh smart method in
20181s the removing that is
20186s a whole so much
20197s um
20211s okay so that's because we want to like
20215s disappeared of our like uh we want to
20219s disappear in the site of the game in the
20222s rim of young and we want to like give
20224s ourselves more time to uh do more
20228s preparations for the battle well then
20231s come to our new part answer for Treasure
20234s and this time our question is which one
20237s below is the most picked hero in the pl
20240s of rules that is
20249s but I want to ask you a question because
20252s I know you are not a monk player
20255s but how's your monk that's usually yeah
20266s um
20269s okay so I think my Mark is a little bit
20273s weird but if I want to play this hero I
20276s would do more practice for it but how's
20279s your level now now
20283s foreign
20295s well
20296s um so you can give a comment about your
20299s team's monks yeah
20308s oh I think our monkey Easter
20312s so I think our team's Monk Is the word
20316s number one monk wow that is a really
20320s high comment okay it's time for our
20322s screenshot please
20324s okay three two one okay screenshot and
20330s don't forget to check your chat box and
20332s do not miss the message from us and
20335s lucky guy will be you well that's all
20338s for our interwill and the next day will
20340s be always solo so don't forget to miss
20344s it bye
20345s do not
20348s you know what I I feel into something a
20351s little bit personal about that question
20352s considering it was wish humor was the
20354s most picked uh in terms of vegan you
20357s know what I've wanted to see valder I'm
20358s always advocating for her to come
20360s through you want to see taka and both of
20362s them are options and I'm I'm sorry both
20364s of them were probably not picked at all
20368s no I think there was some there was some
20370s people on copium just for the memes
20372s picking Tarka and valder so I mean we
20375s have a lot of people who who love these
20377s characters and even though they don't
20379s get picked they're just gonna slap it up
20381s she just has a zero percent win right uh
20386s I can't remember the last time she was
20389s big
20390s last week I'm sorry
20400s no I mean even in solos she she does
20403s struggle in the current meta not having
20405s the ability to disengage
20407s um her ultimate not really offering her
20409s all that much power in terms of where
20411s the damage or defensive capabilities it
20414s becomes it becomes pretty hard to play
20416s valdo in the current meta where things
20418s like zipping for a Decatur and very
20421s prevalent
20422s um but yeah even in even in trios the
20425s the fact that valda it's it feels more
20428s like a sort of combo character and then
20431s trios typically you don't always want to
20432s be dedicating more than one ultimate to
20435s uh to lock down and uh finish off a team
20437s but here we have the standings for the
20440s day sadly bowdo wolves KZ
20444s ocgd all in the the the the bottom half
20449s but we have J team here the kings of the
20453s hill at the top of the leaderboard with
20455s a record-breaking
20459s 131.3 points on a single day of trios
20463s that is astonishing te not all that far
20466s behind having previously set the record
20468s last week as well and it just I mean the
20472s the disparities is is clear as day te
20475s and J team are dominating these lobbies
20478s right now AOW in third place
20481s being 45 points no sorry maths uh uh 55
20487s points behind excuse me
20492s um it's it's clear to see that these two
20494s teams are uh are definitely doing
20496s something right over the over the other
20499s teams
20500s um it's great to see because we get to
20502s see this incredible play and this
20505s credible this decision making like we
20507s saw te
20509s um doing extremely well in their timing
20511s attacks last game we saw them sitting
20513s behind a rock waiting for the other two
20515s teams to fight
20517s um having spotted out the giant glowing
20520s dough
20521s um in the distance I mean it this is the
20523s sort of thing that you have to be paying
20525s attention to uh in these kind of games
20528s moonbeans and three banzos are very very
20531s visible all from like very far away so
20535s if you use one of those things you have
20537s to be prepared because it's essentially
20540s a beacon saying we're here we're here
20542s come get us we're fighting so unless
20545s you're prepared for that sort of uh
20547s engagement you uh you don't really want
20550s to be using those sorts of things
20552s um as we saw the the te managing to
20555s clean up a few kills for themselves in
20557s that scenario
20558s I mean I'm not complaining because te
20561s and J team are both in the same group so
20564s they're both in group b which means
20565s every single time we see jtm we're going
20566s to see te and vice versa and I think off
20570s of just how these first couple of days
20571s from trios especially has been it's
20574s going to be a constant tug of war
20576s between both of these teams in terms of
20578s who is leading that pack jtm is known
20581s for being Innovative in terms of
20582s compositions but te is not like you said
20585s for that team Synergy and being able to
20587s play off of each other so it really is
20589s going to be such a fun enjoyment to
20593s watch both of these teams constantly
20595s battle it out one coming in one week
20598s breaking the previously set record
20599s another week with Mike CTE come back in
20602s and break that record and I'm not gonna
20605s be complaining I'm gonna be here for
20607s every single step of the way because
20608s that is going to be an absolute epic
20610s showdown of a Titanic proportions
20613s because remember both of these teams
20615s they may be playing into MVP at the
20617s moment guarantee you that that thinking
20619s into December they're thinking in terms
20621s of Worlds te previously fbx they want
20625s that title they got so close they were
20627s one of the Front Runners NJ Team came
20630s along and swooped it from right under
20632s their noses there is a rivalry boarding
20635s between these two teams and that rivalry
20637s is such good fun to watch yeah no
20640s absolutely and you can think as though
20642s it is it's it's a it's a friendly
20644s rivalry though as you can see like after
20647s the games you could see them laughing
20649s and sort of making faces over and doing
20652s doing this to the other teams and like
20654s come at me bro you know like it's it's
20657s it's definitely friendly banter but it
20659s is it is very enjoyable to watch having
20662s them both in the same group trying to uh
20665s outdo each other every single day every
20668s single game and making sure that they're
20670s pulling out all the stocks to try and
20672s prove that they're the best it's it's
20675s really amazing to see as we can sit back
20678s and watch some amazing miraculate take
20680s place
20681s now speaking about watching some amazing
20683s the architect place you're not going to
20684s be able to watch this amazing naraka
20686s take place any time longer we're going
20688s to be ending for the day but we'll be
20690s back with solos a little bit later this
20693s week and you don't want to be missing
20694s that action because thinking about
20695s rivalries there's a little bit of a
20697s rivalry boarding up between wbg spider
20699s and aow's mic both two top players in
20703s the solos field on both top always
20706s constantly in terms of either the
20708s leaderboard or in those bi-weekly finals
20710s spider wants to defend that title Mike
20713s he wants his crown back and he said to
20715s prove that he's here to stay
20718s I I completely agree I am a huge solo
20721s player myself and I'm extremely excited
20723s to see how that turns out if Mike can
20725s keep his Tempo throughout the next uh
20728s the next few weeks uh or if spider or
20731s fun come back and take away the take
20734s away the spotlight but uh if you want to
20736s find out you're gonna have to tune in to
20738s solos I think we're gonna be having
20739s solos tomorrow followed by another day
20741s of three years after that but uh sadly
20744s that's all we have for you today and uh
20747s thank you so much Moxie for uh
20749s forecasting with me I had an amazing
20751s time I hope you all enjoyed chat
20753s um any finishing remarks
20756s stay out of big glowing domes it's not a
20759s safe environment
20762s thank you so much uh take care and I
20765s will we will see you next time
20771s [Music]
20780s [Music]
20800s [Music]
20803s thank you
20805s [Music]
20818s [Music]
20846s foreign
20847s [Music]
20861s [Music]
20867s [Music]
20882s [Music]
20887s so the odds armed in my favor I was soar
20893s above the mountain I won't give an or
20897s Surrender I'm the Phoenix in my head all
20902s the scars beneath my armor I will wear
20906s them like an ordinary they remind me to
20911s be stronger like the Phoenix in my head
20916s and they can try to bring me down
20921s oh push me to the edge but it won't work
20927s oh no
20931s and they can try to bring it down
20934s [Music]
20941s rise a thousand times
20946s [Music]
20948s rise a thousand times
20952s [Music]
20955s let's go
20959s see my blood is in the shade of a
20963s burning Scarlet Sunrise the end is my
20968s beginning
20969s I will rise a thousand times
20972s [Music]