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0s trying to clean up Alliance here gray
4s armor he does get a Perry now no way he
8s won situation can sanzi clutches versus
10s lucky
12s versus Yodo New School versus Old School
15s wait lucky would not be both one here
32s [Music]
35s you know
52s [Music]
72s [Music]
80s [Music]
87s [Music]
97s [Music]
104s foreign
119s [Music]
145s foreign
166s [Music]
177s [Music]
190s thank you
209s [Music]
222s foreign
229s [Music]
247s [Music]
263s [Music]
269s [Music]
284s [Music]
296s foreign
299s [Music]
302s [Applause]
302s [Music]
328s oops
331s I'm only sorry it didn't hurt more
334s [Music]
336s sigh Calamity Rising
358s [Music]
362s foreign
378s because the closer I get to finding her
382s the more scared I am
390s scared of what she's become
394s scared of seeing the face of my baby
397s sister
399s stood by the nightmare she's had to
401s endure
402s [Music]
409s I'm scared she's so broken she can never
412s recover
424s [Music]
432s foreign
436s [Music]
450s but then I remember
452s no matter what's happened
456s better with pain and torment and beating
459s her down
460s [Music]
464s she will always be my sister
488s thank you
507s thank you
510s foreign
517s [Music]
543s foreign
583s foreign
599s [Music]
612s [Music]
647s [Music]
652s [Music]
657s thank you
662s foreign
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681s [Music]
692s [Music]
710s thank you
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734s foreign
767s [Music]
778s [Music]
786s foreign
787s [Music]
798s [Music]
805s foreign
806s [Music]
819s [Music]
853s [Music]
901s thank you
903s [Music]
916s foreign
919s [Music]
957s [Music]
960s foreign
964s [Music]
995s foreign
1000s [Music]
1013s [Music]
1032s foreign
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1080s foreign
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1104s foreign
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1125s [Music]
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1141s foreign
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1180s [Music]
1187s [Music]
1191s foreign
1193s [Music]
1194s [Applause]
1211s [Music]
1227s [Music]
1240s [Music]
1244s boy
1251s donkey
1254s [Music]
1269s [Music]
1271s foreign
1275s [Music]
1295s [Music]
1324s [Music]
1337s thank you
1339s foreign
1351s [Music]
1357s [Music]
1384s foreign
1412s foreign
1427s [Music]
1435s [Music]
1476s foreign
1480s [Music]
1490s foreign
1515s and with these claws he's just gonna be
1518s able to win neutral for free finding
1521s these openers there is a takeata alt but
1523s that great sword chops wbg in half and
1526s sleep while there gets cleaned up by
1528s water
1532s handedly
1537s that over extension with oug coming down
1540s hot with the big Viber Sun catching
1542s everyone they're gonna clean everyone up
1544s away with the gray play they're here to
1547s stay but it's too late and now oh yeah
1552s oh my goodness so much grief coming down
1556s at this yang xcg
1561s foreign
1572s Advantage Sleepwalker will be ganged up
1574s and finished up he can't 1v2 or can he
1577s counter comes in Sleepwalker does it
1588s trying to clean up Alliance here gray
1591s armor he does get a Perry now no way he
1595s wants his situation Ken sansi clutches
1597s versus lucky
1600s versus Yodo New School versus Old School
1603s wait lucky would never be both one here
1621s [Music]
1634s foreign
1639s [Music]
1654s [Music]
1677s [Music]
1682s foreign
1693s [Music]
1699s [Music]
1709s foreign
1714s [Music]
1740s [Music]
1756s [Music]
1768s [Music]
1777s foreign
1779s [Music]
1789s [Music]
1795s [Applause]
1795s [Music]
1817s thank you
1824s I'm only sorry it didn't hurt more
1827s [Music]
1828s say Calamity Rising
1849s foreign
1851s [Music]
1866s I can't sleep
1871s because the closer I get to finding her
1875s the more scared I am
1883s scared of what she's become
1887s scared of seeing the face of my baby
1890s sister
1891s Twisted by the nightmare she's had to
1894s endure
1895s [Music]
1902s scared she's so broken she can never
1905s recover
1916s [Music]
1921s foreign
1929s [Music]
1943s but then I remember
1946s no matter what's happened
1948s no matter what pain and torment had
1951s beaten her down
1953s [Music]
1956s she will always be my sister
1991s foreign
2010s [Music]
2028s thank you
2035s [Music]
2065s [Music]
2085s no no no no no no no
2088s ah
2098s I will break your neck
2107s [Music]
2150s thank you
2153s [Music]
2167s thank you
2177s [Music]
2182s [Applause]
2182s [Music]
2190s what's going on ladies and gentlemen
2192s welcome back to the naraka blade point
2194s of pro league I'm your host in your
2195s Caster this season the Rune keeper
2197s joining me is my main man my right hand
2199s man Javier and before we get things
2201s kicked off with the last six games of
2204s our solo Grand finals for the spring
2206s split we've got some awesome things for
2209s you guys that we're going to be
2210s showcasing Zai the new hero Tarka G's
2214s sister we're gonna do two amazing
2216s showcase games I don't know about you
2218s Dobby but I'm pretty hyped I would have
2220s thought they had a sister that's crazy I
2221s mean
2226s I'm
2229s show me a shot I'll be honest I got a
2232s sister this whole time what she been
2234s hiding hold on it's kind of crazy but
2236s it's also going to be a good time as
2238s well we get a chance to show you guys
2239s two Showcases of the new character and
2241s then obviously we get into the last six
2243s it's the last six games of the spring
2245s season the last
2247s six
2249s years
2251s don't forget we got trios tomorrow
2254s I mean specifically our solos like
2257s people people are fan of solos people
2259s love the 1V ones I love the 1V ones this
2261s is this is my my area this is my
2262s stomping grounds I love the trios don't
2264s be wrong the trios are crazy the trails
2266s jam-packed they're all over the place
2267s but I love me some good one-on-one manoi
2269s mono it's you and me and no one else
2272s kind of action and tonight we solidify
2274s who is going to be our spring finals
2276s Champion as of right now
2278s lw's mic is
2280s is completely unfaced you can't see me
2284s ice in his veins destroying the lobby
2286s three-pointers from half court range see
2289s you later I'm done like what is going on
2291s so you know what's funny is AWS Mike is
2294s here based on consistency sitting at the
2296s top right I think he walked away with
2298s one MVP and the rest of the day he just
2300s was always in the top of the pack but
2303s wildly enough it's been crazy yeah I
2306s feel like I'm back in season one and BPL
2308s Dobby because the top of our leaderboard
2311s right now is aow's Mike Gigi Shaw
2315s Wang Liang and wolves Kai bow no spider
2320s to be seen in our top five right now and
2323s uh you know again these were the boys
2325s that in season one dominated every time
2328s we cut back as season one mvpl it was
2331s Gigi Shaw it was Wang Liang it was aow's
2334s Mike it was wolves kaibao these were the
2336s four boys who were duking it out uh
2340s season one of nbpl they were absolutely
2342s going crazy and here we are you know
2345s this season has kind of been wbg spider
2348s he walked away with not one but three
2352s bi-weekly vinyls he came in the first
2354s seed here in our overall Grand finals
2358s for the spring split and he's kind of
2360s sputtered out and done nothing for his
2362s first six games it's kind of crazy
2363s because I know you were uh I know you
2366s were big on talking about
2368s um uh wbg spiders consistency is where
2370s his head is his head was like a very
2372s very big
2373s um issue in terms of how he played his
2375s game but then at the same time how his
2377s performances showed and it was kind of
2379s like it was kind of like the same thing
2381s of like you know them playing it out and
2383s doing exactly what they need to but they
2385s definitely but he definitely suffered
2387s some and I noticed that in terms of when
2390s you know when you said that the first
2391s time and then obviously those next games
2393s over obviously throughout the season
2395s he's been playing phenomenal right he's
2397s been getting three weeks back to back
2400s first place like it's nothing and then
2402s it always comes to this finals that he
2404s really starts to struggle now here's the
2406s thing
2408s he's been in this situation before in
2409s terms of where he's had a rough first
2411s day that second day he comes back he
2414s does now whether or not that that is
2415s guaranteed a win that's something where
2417s he's gonna have to put in a lot of
2419s consistency and a lot of work where at
2421s least two out of the six games at least
2423s two maybe even three he has to pop off
2426s in an incredible fashion to see himself
2428s go just move up higher and higher and
2430s higher but he has been into space before
2432s so I'm not gonna fully cancel him out
2434s just yet and I know you're not but we've
2436s seen this before we've seen how he plays
2438s so let's hope that his mind says a
2440s little bit better coming into the night
2441s yeah I mean absolutely and again like
2443s you said wbg spider he's found himself
2445s in this situation before he's come back
2448s in day two he's been able to come back
2450s from a bad jam and and honestly if it is
2453s his mental which is what it feels like
2455s right he kind of got beat up his first
2457s three games of the day in day one right
2460s his first game he walks away with like a
2462s two-point game not a great game for wbg
2465s Spider but the more consistent spider
2467s we've seen would kind of be okay with
2470s that kind of game right game two he
2472s walks away with a big goose egg not a
2474s single point on the board you know wbg
2477s spiders not happy about that for him
2479s it's he has to have at least some level
2481s of consistency to be happy right he's
2484s never happened with the zero point game
2485s and then he comes in in game number
2487s three
2488s he has a decent game number three he's
2491s able to find a little bit of that
2492s momentum that he's known for you know
2494s once he starts picking up some of those
2495s early kills he kind of starts walking
2497s through the lobby the problem with game
2499s number three is not only does he miss
2502s MVP by like 0.5 points for that game so
2505s he doesn't get that that big morale
2507s boost that he gets out of taking first
2509s place in a game but he's in top three
2512s and all the other people in top three
2514s are people that did consistently well
2517s during the first two games and they're
2519s like within half a point of each other
2521s so even though wvg spider gets a decent
2524s game it's not even a 10 point game and
2527s realistically because his score line is
2529s the same as the other two players who
2531s had consistently been doing just as good
2533s in the previous two games he doesn't
2535s really get to play catch-up at all with
2538s that game right he's just kind of in
2540s limbo and then after that it's it's more
2542s of the same those first three games
2544s clearly get to him he's not really able
2547s to find that level of foot voting that
2549s he wants we even see him do a salty run
2551s back in game number four which is
2553s something you know we we talk about like
2555s as new players you shouldn't be doing
2557s salty run backs wbg spider he knows
2560s better that's that's a mental decision
2562s right you're In the Heat of the Moment
2564s you you you go down you're you're not
2567s feeling it you're not having good games
2569s you make that decision you're like I got
2571s this you know I'm wbg spider I got this
2573s and then you run headlong into a
2575s situation you know isn't an optimal
2577s situation for yourself and that is
2579s definitely a mental decision coming out
2582s from wbg spider because every player
2585s who's in this league knows better than
2587s to give it the old salty run back after
2590s that the games just kind of continue to
2592s go downhill for him he walks away like
2593s 1.4 points or zero points every game
2596s it's just not a good day that's that's I
2599s think that's more surprising if anything
2600s because even in it's you know some of
2602s his bad games he's at least getting a
2603s few points oh he's at least getting
2605s something where it you know he isn't you
2608s know maybe he'll have like one drop-off
2609s game where it's a zero but the majority
2611s of the time you know even during his not
2612s that not so great games he's getting you
2614s know a few kills he's getting a few
2616s moments where he is able to get those
2618s finishes but to be able to see that and
2621s then just like he's just getting zeros
2623s is kind of surprising honestly because
2625s this is definitely a player that we've
2627s seen in terms of literally three weeks
2629s back to back to back number one Dobbs
2631s and just putting in a massive amount of
2632s eliminations and then all of a sudden
2634s coming into this finals he's just
2636s struggling he's just nowhere to be found
2637s so yeah are we gonna see kind of the
2640s switch up from him today I'm really
2641s hoping so here's the nice thing is that
2643s there's been a 24-hour break between
2645s solos right he's had an entire day to
2649s reset his mental as long as he doesn't
2652s get shut out in these sort of first
2654s three games today he's gonna you know
2656s find his Pace he's gonna find his
2658s momentum the real question I think is
2660s going to be is if he is able to find
2662s that sort of face and momentum can he
2664s play catch-up at this point you know
2666s he's at a 24.4 points right now aow's
2670s Mike's sitting on top with 45 points
2672s that's two pop-off games ahead of wbg
2677s spider right realistically that's over
2680s 20 point difference and alw's mic is not
2683s going to come in and slow things down
2684s today that's not his Mo Mike comes in
2687s here and he puts his foot to the floor
2689s and he keeps the gas going to the very
2692s last game and it's not like AOW Mike is
2695s one of those players that has any
2696s problem you know keeping the gas going
2698s he continues to go and play strong every
2702s single game no matter how many games
2704s we've played all day so you know spiders
2707s got a lot of work to do even you know
2708s Gigi Shaw sitting at a 37.5 Wang Liang
2711s sitting at a 32.8 and even wolves Kai
2714s bow again this is a player
2716s I you know we haven't talked a lot about
2719s wolves this team sorry this season as a
2722s team or you know kaibao is a solos
2724s player because I haven't really done a
2726s lot which is not usually their MO even
2729s if they're not having a good day they're
2731s still kind of in the middle of the pack
2732s but they've been all the way down at the
2734s bottom almost every single week you know
2737s wolves had that one good pop-off day and
2740s then the next day they just came in and
2741s did nothing so for kaibao to be back
2744s here crazy position for him to be in and
2746s you know I said it during the broadcast
2749s during the first you know six games of
2751s our grand finals here is his first game
2754s to me I wasn't ready to be like all
2757s right our boy wolves Kai bow is back
2759s because the way he got his his MVP that
2763s game could have been a fluke it could
2765s have been real good positioning but it
2767s also could have been a fluke because it
2768s was just one good old where he hits like
2770s four people into the zone and he
2773s scatters them and because he's done so
2775s much damage to him the zones just kills
2776s them and it's like bop bop bop bop you
2779s know the kill feed just kind of goes
2780s nutty
2781s um so I'm like all right I'm not willing
2783s to give him the benefits I wouldn't call
2784s those moments I wouldn't call those
2786s moments um
2788s I wouldn't I wouldn't really call those
2790s moments of flute because like I said we
2791s like he's he's been in these situations
2793s he knows how to handle himself in a lot
2796s of ways here so I wouldn't really
2798s necessarily say a one one pop-off game
2800s in these situations are considered a
2801s fluke the only reason why I say that is
2802s because
2803s spider is a dangerous man when he really
2806s gets up and running
2807s and we've seen it a many times we know
2810s how certain things go and at one point
2813s it's really all about just
2816s keeping that momentum strong for the
2818s next few rounds and that's what he needs
2821s to do for these next six like I said
2822s there's gonna be at least two Papa
2824s because what place is he in currently or
2825s uh for it for solos spiders in seventh
2828s right now he's see seventh isn't bad
2830s seven to seven like seventh is bad dead
2833s center of the pack
2835s I remember we're two players less right
2837s now but that's not bad though if it was
2840s if it was 10th 11th we've seen people
2843s listen we've seen people come back from
2845s a into a top five from 13th
2853s but let's not act surprised that if he's
2857s in the halfway mark of the rest of the
2859s pack
2860s it's not bad coming in that's not even I
2862s feel like even if the numbers are like
2863s let's say they're 20 points 20 points
2865s above right towards first place right as
2868s long as Mike keeps the consistency which
2870s obviously he's doing it's obviously
2872s going to look really really good for him
2873s but in terms of
2874s the rest
2876s of those top
2879s right outside of Mike let's exclude Mike
2881s from the situation Mike you're good go
2883s in the back room we'll talk to you in a
2885s minute right y'all 60 to keep y'all
2888s momentum
2889s cause if
2890s he decides it's on like Donkey Kong
2895s I don't know them six is looking a
2897s little shaky that's why I'm saying a
2898s little shake your little shaky right so
2900s you have to play into that I know that
2902s you're thinking Technical and I know
2903s you're thinking you know all this type
2905s of stuff but this is wbg spider we're
2907s talking about this is a man that has won
2908s three weeks back to back to back dude
2911s who else was doing that
2913s besides Mike
2916s nobody nobody was doing that so when we
2920s come into this and we think about the
2922s idea all he needs is one good game
2925s that's it we've seen this before we've
2928s seen it where he's had those bad games
2929s and he's just in his head and then he
2931s just kind of comes down
2934s I mean but when he really gets one good
2937s game in when he gets the I don't I don't
2939s like this W Beach's spider stat slander
2941s I don't like it when he gets this one
2943s game that's all he needs we've seen it
2946s before we know he's he's capable of this
2948s why are we so why are we so dependent on
2951s expecting this man to fail
2953s well you know what that's all right
2955s we've got two showcase matches to get
2957s through here for zai so we're gonna go
2959s ahead and jump in here and you know uh
2962s we got some special rules for math one
2964s match two here uh game one here all of
2967s these team cops have got to be the new
2968s Hero's eye Matari and kurumi so we're
2972s gonna see the same comp uh for every
2974s single team here in game number one when
2976s we head into game number two it's gonna
2978s be Zai and parka the brother and sister
2980s Duo and then these teams can pick any
2983s third they want to uh coming into game
2985s number two so it's gonna be very
2987s interesting to see how these sort of uh
2989s Team comps play out I'm excited to see
2991s the new hero Dobby I don't know about
2993s you I'm trying to see some of these
2994s players drips though and seeing what
2995s they rocking I'm seeing a lot of casual
2997s wear currently here so I wanna I wanna
2999s see what some of these players are
3000s rocking here is we're gonna get ready to
3001s lock in for our first zai showcase here
3004s so while we're going through a little
3006s bit of this madness here uh as CC ends
3008s up getting pushed immediately
3010s um player number seven obviously
3011s everybody's just trying to catch a field
3013s for the new care director beautiful
3014s Perry starts to come out but look at the
3016s reset coming through here as we see the
3018s dark side come out now I gotta figure I
3021s gotta figure out my new names for like
3022s what are like what are we gonna do I'm
3023s thinking Dark Side the dark side comes
3025s out she's a little dangerous she can get
3027s away in situations the reset's gonna be
3029s very helpful I like the dark side it
3031s sounds nice
3032s um I'll think about some other ones here
3033s but one ends up getting pushed into this
3035s corner here but I mean the kurumi is
3036s just keeping her alive here throughout
3038s all of this madness here but
3041s um give me a little bit of some uh some
3043s some info on uh this new character
3045s outside of the fact that you know this
3047s is uh this is a uh uh well relative of
3050s one of our well-known uh favorite
3052s players in this game I mean you know
3054s zaire's got quite the interesting kit
3056s right um so her affability allows her to
3058s kind of go intangible for just a couple
3060s of seconds
3062s um she
3063s almost becomes invisible she's got like
3066s this black outline you can literally see
3068s her heart beating in her chest though it
3071s turns blue and you can see the Flames
3072s running through her blood it's really
3074s really cool uh during that intangible
3076s State at any point if she you know does
3079s any sort of aggressive aggressive action
3081s if she attacks
3083s um or if she recasts the ability which
3085s will knock Slayers back off of her that
3088s intangible status goes away so you have
3090s to be very selective with not only when
3092s you activate the ability but when you
3094s decide to go back on the offense after
3097s using it you can see here she uses it
3099s here goes in pop CF knocks the other
3101s players off of her team she's getting it
3103s pushed uh by team 10 here or sorry uh by
3107s team five but her team matar is going to
3109s come in and cover really solid ability
3111s though and then the old just as cool she
3114s literally replaces whatever weapon she's
3116s using in her hand with these amazing
3118s chain sites that are like wrapped in
3120s flames and she can use those to combo
3123s off like they're their own unique weapon
3125s right you can see them doing that right
3126s here they also build this incredible
3129s meter very similar to the nunchuck meter
3131s dump here and when they charge up a blue
3135s attack and they've got full meter and
3136s they let it go it kind of does this huge
3139s AOE wave in front of her that sets
3143s people on fire you can see it right
3144s there the fire tick uh taken out and
3146s doing a lot of damage to these players
3148s here it's a very very cool kit love to
3151s see her kind of uh coming into the game
3153s we always love new Heroes but for me
3156s personally I feel like this is going to
3157s be one of the most well-balanced Heroes
3159s on release that we've seen in a while
3162s and I really like that it speaks volumes
3165s about how much the devs are learning
3167s from all these new Heroes that they're
3169s adding into the game and what the
3170s players have been able to accomplish
3172s with those new Heroes
3174s had a new accomplishments coming into
3176s this as the nunchucks are putting in
3178s absolute work on player number five
3180s drills coming through has been
3181s absolutely amazing here but look at this
3183s as well here they're coming through
3184s kurumi just trying to keep the game
3186s alive and doing a fantastic job of it
3187s now obviously there were some rules
3188s coming into this game here obviously
3189s there's at least one player on every
3191s team that has to play the new character
3193s um there is also another rule
3196s um that we saw in our um
3198s in our list of lineups here uh for what
3201s was happening and there is still a lot
3203s of it now obviously game two is going to
3204s be slightly different as well in terms
3206s of these player picks Godly just trying
3207s to hold on just little by little here
3209s but it's not going to be enough as
3211s obviously still able to put this one
3213s down and obviously his shutout's been
3215s absolutely fantastic for these games
3216s here obviously it's gonna be very chill
3219s and more so relaxed game obviously
3220s there's still gonna be a little bit of
3221s momentum as number five is just gonna
3222s try to dip out as fast as possible but
3224s obviously that momentum coming in from
3227s Team 10 is just gonna maneuver it down
3229s faster and faster gets the grapple on
3231s number five gets the official push down
3233s but uh huyong is not actually going to
3235s drop out without a fight here he's gonna
3237s make him work for it here
3239s dangerously low without no Shield though
3241s does go with the disappearing act though
3242s is able to take the time off but it does
3244s go for the dark side
3246s nearly that dagger also putting in a lot
3248s of work here those with a nice reset
3250s here it looks like young might be able
3251s to potentially away but actually I take
3252s speak a little too soon here looks like
3254s they find them and they're still gonna
3255s be able to keep going here all around
3257s throughout this building here going ring
3258s around the home
3260s looks like they find the grapple to get
3261s the stop here as their teammate's gonna
3262s start to put in nice little bits of
3263s damage on each side and it looks like
3265s that disappearing like yet again able to
3267s retreat young trying to hold on sees a
3270s little bit of a glare from the
3272s invisibility but it's not gonna be
3273s enough you're as young just putting in
3274s absolute work and gliding like an
3276s airbender across the skies
3278s absolute crazy Chase they're burning out
3281s all of their grappling hooks forcing an
3283s old to come out from the Atari and still
3285s getting away as we turn our attention uh
3287s to kofi's team here looking to engage
3289s with a team number one trying to lock
3292s down uh Jail's ego as well as the rest
3294s of the members of ego's team we're gonna
3297s see that groomy old coming through and
3299s immediately zai just gonna go ahead and
3301s Bop him right out of the ultimate ear
3303s using those chainsaws to create all of
3306s that distance keeping them away from the
3308s kurumi ultimate pumping out damage and
3310s just crowd controlling that area so that
3313s the rest of kopi's team can come in and
3315s clean up those eliminations great use of
3317s that ultimate as we turn it now to about
3320s me Dion here and the rest of Team nine
3324s moving across the map it looks like
3326s there is a bounty on to meet Dion so the
3329s team needs to be very careful as they
3332s move across the map gear looking to get
3334s some of those resources they desperately
3336s need we see Tian here with only two
3338s Health Bots and this is probably a
3341s decision based on the fact that they're
3342s playing kurumi here they are able to
3344s just kind of heal the team up they can
3345s tether to somebody else and get some
3347s heals on themselves we do see them stop
3349s and uh buy a couple more Health thoughts
3351s playing a little bit more safe here I I
3353s know I personally wouldn't be running
3355s around with just the two Health Bots a
3356s member of Team 10 here standing still
3358s not quite awake but that bow shot from
3361s etn gonna wake him up here as a team
3363s bound out here looking to push in onto
3365s team number ten we're gonna see a Bane's
3367s breath come through Dan actually gonna
3369s be completely caught out by the rest of
3372s Team 10 here gonna get the umbrella off
3374s and do a little bit of healing coming in
3375s as the rest of Team nine shows up
3377s looking to butcher the members here of
3380s team 10. we see the invisibility come
3382s out we see both olds coming out as well
3384s here from the rest of Team 10 but it's
3386s not gonna be enough as now it's just the
3388s zai left remaining alive and team nine
3390s more than happy to stand here in the
3392s ultimate and keep away from that fight
3394s because the third party potential coming
3396s in here from team number as well as
3399s multiple other teams showing up team
3400s three team seven valdost here it needs
3404s to be very careful as they back off and
3406s try to not get collapsed on by multiple
3408s teams
3410s even with that here we're still able to
3412s see all of the momentum coming through
3414s here as number nine trying to see if you
3416s can put in this amount of momentum looks
3417s like CC's on team seven trying to hold
3420s on here the scramble all throughout as
3422s it looks like cannon shots are coming
3423s through from the other section that's
3424s team eight trying to see if they can
3426s create some Madness as it looks like
3427s we're getting some bow shots as well
3428s ricocheting is number nine is still
3430s getting a little that a bit of that burn
3431s to damage he's gonna have to back off
3432s here as it looks like he's getting just
3433s a free reign of absolute destruction
3436s here he's got a free reign but obviously
3438s they know now as they're all gonna start
3440s to come through and that's s railgun
3443s that's railgun coming through as one of
3445s the solo players here who really came
3446s back from just The Graces of down below
3448s I mean literally the Bikini Bottom it's
3451s real able to put in some work here
3452s towards this one is CeCe able to hold it
3455s on a little bit longer here trying to
3456s see if they can find any type of
3457s slashing but looks like their kurumi's
3459s Just Gonna Keep the game alive for them
3460s and so is the grooming on team seven
3462s trying to hold on here as the rest of
3464s the team oh one gets absolutely sent out
3465s on this corner you saw that you gotta
3467s sit so far on the other side of the
3469s cliff here meanwhile team cc is going to
3470s hit a nice plus over the other all off
3473s the cliff here
3474s looks like the reset is going to be very
3475s viable for them though as tcmc it looks
3478s like he's gonna be able to go for the
3479s reset it looks like the realm of Yang is
3480s also going to pop open as well here the
3481s question is since this is more of a
3483s casual is anybody actually going to take
3484s the realm of gang it looks like
3485s everybody's so busy in this fight here
3486s that the realm of Yang could potentially
3488s be free for somebody here
3490s um and that could be a massive Advantage
3491s but they play this smart look at the
3493s dark side coming through from number 12.
3494s I think she's trying to get away but
3495s it's not gonna be enough two three four
3497s parries comes through in between all of
3499s these massive players absolutely
3501s insanity but obviously team number three
3503s that third player uh actually ends up
3506s getting finished off here by a lot of
3509s spaces unbelievable that was Monumental
3512s here in these last couple of seconds
3513s here and obviously the reset on each
3515s side everybody getting a chance to split
3517s off here coming right back towards his
3518s looks like Eight's gonna try to see if
3519s he can get some nice loot same as 10 and
3522s it looks like I was uh I was rocking my
3524s statement in the in the realm of yanger
3525s there is a master natural fight
3527s happening currently in this in this nice
3529s space it looks like the waves coming
3531s through on all sides here trying to hold
3532s on and the snaps coming through what is
3534s this this is is it like chains for her
3536s because she's got reach oh yeah she's
3539s getting she's using those chainsicles
3541s man they're absolutely insane here you
3542s go you're gonna see the full meter being
3544s used there Letting Go those waves of
3547s fire and I mean the crowd control coming
3549s off of that ultimate is so massive for
3553s trios I can see her becoming an absolute
3556s monster here in trios she's really got a
3559s great kit to let her team come in and
3562s clean up off of that not only that but
3564s you got to remember that the fire adds
3565s that little bit of heel cut to players
3568s as well meaning it's gonna make you much
3569s much harder for these players to get
3571s away and get that healing off that they
3573s need you when they're under so much
3575s crowd control they get the flame tick on
3577s them as well that's constantly doing
3579s damage she's gonna be an absolute man if
3581s she's gonna stick to people like Lou
3583s we're gonna see a huge ballista shot
3585s coming out here from the keys rail guns
3588s team and looking for another one there
3590s it is no place for that member of Team
3592s 10 to go as we're gonna see the Flames
3595s take their life away from them we love
3598s to see some good ballistic action here
3599s about us Michiana in a little bit of a
3601s pickle here team seven coming in looking
3603s to clean this up 101 TN trying to lock
3607s down the remaining members of team
3609s number nine here inside this groomy
3611s ultimate hasn't been able to find it
3613s just yet we're gonna see some knockback
3614s come through the kurumi on their team
3616s the whip the tether keeping the heels
3618s coming through for 101 TN there's a
3621s scene now Team Four coming in for the
3623s third party 101 TN using that Matari
3625s ultimate to get a little bit of a
3627s lockdown get away and try to pressure
3629s back in now this is uh Team sevens
3631s karumi ultimate they're gonna get full
3633s heals here and just back away they don't
3635s want to take this fight with Team Four
3636s they burned a ton of resources with
3639s their engagement they're on to team
3640s number three so now team of four more
3643s than happy to come in and start cleaning
3645s up some of these eliminations team seven
3647s loses one of their members and they're
3650s gonna be forced to back off especially
3651s because it's kurumi it's their healer
3653s their support they're gonna find
3655s themselves Sans that ultimate that can
3658s buy them so much space back into this
3660s game it's gonna be really hard for team
3662s seven to find their way back
3666s absolutely insane coming through here as
3669s a k i a d is gonna be able to get the
3672s fine and the Fisher for this one here it
3674s looks like he's able to find it as he
3676s finally gets the elimination here we've
3677s been in the same spot for the last 15
3679s minutes we have not left this single
3682s sector over this map here and they've
3684s still been fighting this whole time we
3685s literally went through a realm of Yang
3687s we went through two other fights we come
3688s back they're still fighting here I'm
3689s gonna need y'all to figure this out okay
3691s there's a lot of money let's go through
3693s here Steve wgs are on looks like he's
3695s gonna try to see if she can get to me
3696s it's in his well here it looks like one
3697s of them dangerously low but they decide
3699s not to chase here as Kenny ends up
3700s getting absolutely shredded by another
3702s player and it looks like they're gonna
3703s eventually go back towards the chase
3705s here looks like number eight was able to
3707s get some nice heels off it looks like
3708s they're gonna be able to get their
3708s Shield off in the same way
3711s looks like he's gonna hit the top part
3713s here maybe hoping that maybe they can
3714s potentially split off here towards the
3716s farther side here as it looks like oh
3718s man Rand just ends up getting hit here
3720s the fire consuming all of them here as
3723s they realize that they completely forget
3724s that somebody isn't getting hit by the
3726s ballista it looks like number eight it's
3728s gonna be ready for him as he knows he's
3729s gonna be able to come up top here it
3731s looks like he was able to get
3731s elimination here but it looks like he's
3732s gonna decide to go for the flip too it
3734s says hey
3735s for myself I'm gonna get some hits gets
3737s a shot on srail and then immediately
3738s gets the bird to take for this one
3740s dangerously low as he does is able to
3741s get the finish off of this one can
3742s number eight finish it off is able to
3744s finish off one beautiful hits and
3746s Strikes over this one is able to come
3747s back towards it ZX trying to see if he
3748s can hold on towards it and it looks like
3750s he's able to see if maybe they can find
3751s him here inside of the stretch and looks
3753s like it's not going to be enough
3753s dangerously low and Anthony does I say
3755s he's able to get their faith elimination
3757s in this game here
3759s insane amounts of moving here and seven
3761s eliminations deep into this game here
3763s this is um this is a good game even
3764s though it's just a little chill relaxed
3766s trios
3768s yeah this is a crazy eight here needs to
3771s be careful though somebody needs to go
3772s tap uh the other member of Team eight
3774s here because kid coming in gonna spoil
3777s the ability for them to get any sort of
3779s Resurrection here relgan trying to get
3781s that Resurrection but we're gonna see
3782s Jail's ego and team one coming in kid
3785s trying to go back over here looks like
3788s they're trying to get the res but
3789s Against All Odds here why would you go
3792s back into this you've got all of Team
3793s eight and team one here and you're just
3795s sandwiched between them kid asking to
3798s get eliminated here is ego and the rest
3800s of team one just come through and starts
3803s lifting them down euron finds a
3805s resurrection and comes back trying to
3807s save kid but they're not able to get in
3810s the ultimate and that's gonna be it for
3812s team two here there's no place for giron
3814s to go as all of team one just butchers
3816s them down here in the zone the ultimate
3819s goes away the Zone tick comes through
3821s CeCe finds the final hit there on the
3823s end of the dual blades and that's gonna
3824s be it for team number two
3826s yeah
3827s whole lot for this game here is look at
3830s the emotes coming through here love to
3832s see I need to be able to use some of my
3833s emotes a little bit more I don't I don't
3835s use them enough
3837s I feel like I kind of need to hear in a
3840s majority of these situations here but
3841s it's still uh been absolutely Monumental
3843s for some of these moments here it's been
3844s a good time though
3846s a little little casual fight here
3848s breaking out uh between the members of
3851s Team nine team ten they're just standing
3853s here casually waiting for uh this realm
3856s of Yang to come through they're gonna
3857s see which team's able to get their hands
3859s on it first little Gentleman's Agreement
3862s here they said we'll take the fight and
3863s said Rama Yang thank you very much but
3865s it's team nine able to sneak in followed
3868s immediately by team 10 nobody else gonna
3869s get it so now the fight that uh these
3872s guys were holding off on gonna take
3874s place inside the realm of Yang we're
3876s gonna see one of them two of them three
3878s of them four of them all go in top side
3880s here the dual blades coming out here
3882s 1390s legendary dual blades looking to
3884s lock somebody down if they can find it
3886s oh my goodness they're gonna run into a
3887s tool Blade Set themselves both of them
3889s gonna pop the ability at the exact same
3891s time just kind of stare at each other
3893s like what what do we do now as we see
3896s Team nine just absolutely getting run
3898s through
3899s um one hook one TN oh my goodness benz's
3902s DJ here burning through meets Young from
3905s Team bow down this just gonna be it all
3907s three members of Team 10 still up the
3909s last member of Team nine locked down and
3911s size old That's All She Wrote returned
3913s to her other realm of Yang and it's Team
3915s Four versus a team 11 jdg's Kobe the
3918s first one down they're gonna lose a
3920s second one and only one remember of Team
3922s fourth still remaining here trying to
3924s clean up at least one elimination if
3926s they can doesn't look like they're gonna
3928s be able to find it though as the rest of
3930s Team 11 quickly turns their attention to
3932s them 52 seconds left oh my good side
3935s comes in with a huge crowd control off
3937s of the ultimate they rate the London
3939s three
3941s I'm sorry
3945s what
3947s what what
3951s um
3952s ruin I need your help here hold on
3956s hold on I didn't think we were gonna get
3958s a 1v3 in the middle of this madness
3960s number one is absolutely going in
3962s Airborne it's been so much momentum
3964s coming into this first game I thought
3966s this was just this was just for fun how
3968s did this become like clutch season I'm
3970s sorry is there something that there
3971s still need to be proven here in between
3972s this is there some behind the scenes
3974s stuff that we don't know about and they
3975s decided yo if we see you in this game
3977s it's on like Donkey Kong did we see did
3979s we figure out something did I miss
3980s something did something go down because
3982s Dad was of how what how do you
3986s okay here here's the thing very
3988s impressive we love seeing the 1v3s come
3990s out but for a lot of these players first
3992s time seeing this hero come out right
3994s they you know you know what the kit is
3997s but you don't have practice playing
3999s against it it was a massive player
4001s mistake for the other team to run
4003s headlong into his eye while she has her
4006s old top right she's got that frontal
4008s cone that huge CC that comes out where
4010s she can lock down multiple players and
4012s it's a gold Focus typically you know
4015s going against a solo player you want to
4018s group up the problem is if you go into
4021s Zai when she has her old like that she
4022s has the potential of locking all three
4024s of you down and doing massive damage
4026s with that golden Focus against azai like
4030s that you wanna you wanna spread out
4031s right these guys are so used to grouping
4035s up they're like hey we've got the
4036s numbers Advantage but zai brings a
4038s little something new to this meta brings
4040s that sort of hey if I've got my ultimate
4041s you can't afford to group up against me
4044s right you you've got to wait for me to
4046s burn that ability and then you've got
4048s you know a couple seconds of a safety
4051s net before I can build the bar back up
4052s and do it again Unfortunately they
4055s didn't realize that and they walked
4057s headlong into that full charge coming
4059s out of his eye and the whole team just
4061s gets eliminated because of it
4065s a whole lot of that coming through here
4067s is obviously still able to get the fines
4069s for this one though so far this has been
4071s a fantastic showcase and this is only
4072s game one we're giving you guys two
4074s fantastic games uh before we get started
4076s here for our next six games here for our
4079s finals a lot of predictions here I want
4081s to know in chat who would you like to
4083s see when in our spring finals here for
4086s our solos there's a lot of names we've
4088s watched them all throughout the season
4089s we've seen a lot of momentum in in so
4092s many different ways the confidence is
4094s very high with some of our players here
4097s but we want to hear from you guys in
4098s chat so for you guys and Chad coming
4100s into this game what do you think you
4102s guys would want to see take it all the
4105s way home
4106s um as a winner
4108s honestly uh same thing with you uh Rune
4111s ideas thoughts
4113s you know we'll we'll get into that we'll
4116s get we'll get a little analyst going
4118s when we're done here with our our two
4119s showcase games because right now it's
4121s all about zai and I mean look at this
4122s here we go we're gonna go back for the
4123s replay on this look she's got the bar
4125s she's invisible she starts the charge up
4128s here in just a second and you're gonna
4129s see she gets those uh little frames of
4131s protection just whips it around on him
4133s again you can't afford to group up ah I
4137s love it I love when a hero comes in and
4139s she's kind of shifts the dynamic of
4142s the meta like this right because for so
4145s long if you've had a numbers Advantage
4147s you're just able to pressure that right
4149s you can just get on top of a player and
4151s dog them down if Zai has their ultimate
4154s you cannot afford to do that because if
4158s she catches your team out because you
4160s group up like that exactly what we saw
4163s happen is going to happen to you so
4166s these players are gonna have to learn to
4168s adjust when they see this hero and go
4170s hey usually we group up she's by herself
4174s she's got her ultimate up we need to
4176s back away from this and just uh you know
4178s let it be what it is till the old runs
4180s down or till she throws that ability out
4182s and we've got those couple seconds of
4184s safety where we know all of us can go in
4186s on her
4187s and I love that I love when a hero comes
4189s in and like changes The Meta but changes
4192s it in a decision-making way where you
4194s just you've got to play smarter around
4196s it instead of just being able to
4198s overpower them
4201s a lot of overpowering here is looks like
4203s four trying to Glide out through this
4205s air here looks like he's trying to see
4206s if they can hit some shots
4209s gliding through the air
4212s so what do you think is going to be her
4214s best advantage and then also her
4215s disadvantage coming into the pro league
4218s I mean we're not gonna see her in the
4220s pro league just yet you know um so times
4222s we're going to see her by next season I
4224s mean yeah by next season next season
4226s we'll see her then but the the thing is
4229s it's going to be kind of hard to tell
4230s right because we're gonna probably have
4232s another hero release before next season
4233s The Meta is Gonna Change we don't know
4236s what kind of Nerfs or Buffs are gonna
4237s come in for right now I think she's
4239s going to be very strong in trios just
4240s because of the amount of CC she can you
4243s know punch out with that ultimate and
4245s then that ability to just kind of phase
4247s shift away from stuff she has answers so
4250s if her team gets locked down somewhere
4252s she can answer get away old up and then
4256s come in with some of that heavy CC and
4258s buy the team out of bad situations so in
4261s terms of you know where she's gonna be I
4264s think she might see some solo play
4266s um but I think for the most part she's
4268s really really Gonna Shine in trios
4270s because she does have that ability to
4272s just control those areas with that
4275s Ultimate Force teams to play a little
4277s bit differently and you know we we've
4279s talked about it before in terms of the
4281s pro league right anytime you can force
4283s the players to play they differently
4285s force them to play in an uncomfortable
4287s position that's when you really stand a
4290s chance at popping off and I mean that's
4292s how we saw wvg spider you come into the
4294s league and absolutely start to dominate
4296s stuff right was because he forced
4298s everybody to play at a pace that was so
4301s much faster than they were used to in
4302s the pro league so when he came in for a
4305s season debut they just weren't ready for
4307s that they didn't they didn't understand
4309s how to play in that speed uh that level
4313s of momentum that he was able to carry in
4315s those games and it's because it makes
4318s them uncomfortable he was able to take
4320s advantage of that I think she's going to
4322s do the same thing when she finally comes
4323s into the meadow for trios
4325s YouTube
4328s all right okay I'm very very interested
4331s in that and I love to see like how
4333s certain things are going here and inside
4334s of this momentum as a circle is going to
4336s start to close in here we're in our
4337s circuit Circle Four gonna start editing
4339s the circle five here very very very
4341s smooth soon here
4344s as there is as resistance come alive as
4346s number Nine's trying to see if maybe
4347s they can hit something here uh in
4349s between Alliance here but the karumi and
4352s obviously their momentum speed is doing
4354s pretty well here towards this next face
4356s and
4356s gonna be interesting to see what we do
4360s so I also have another question here
4361s inside of all of this mom madness here
4363s pistol shots ricocheting all the way
4365s towards 10. trying to see if they can
4366s connect something here could be helpful
4368s as 10 just trying to see if they can
4369s hold on it's a nice little long-range
4371s fight between all these players so in
4373s between all of this madness here that's
4374s going on here
4375s um who do you what is the other two
4377s characters currently that would probably
4379s be the best accent
4382s um her as a uh as a trio team
4385s I mean if I had to make a call for it I
4388s think uh zeping on the team with her is
4390s going to be absolutely insane and then
4392s for the third character I think you can
4394s either bring in Takeda or akkos and that
4397s team's gonna do very well right so I
4399s think it's gonna be zipping zai and then
4401s again for your third character kind of
4403s pick your poison whether it's gonna be
4405s Takeda or it's going to be ocos I think
4407s both of them bring enough aggression and
4409s the ability to capitalize on all the
4411s crowd control that she brings in
4414s um that they're gonna work very very
4416s well together
4420s it's going to be interesting to see how
4422s they're able to find this out here
4423s because they still have a whole lot
4424s happening within the season here
4429s see if they could find that this one out
4431s here is Bubbles just trying to see if
4432s maybe they can hold on to this one
4433s Ventus putting it together
4436s see if they can find suit throughout all
4439s of this
4442s oh almost gets hit though by that and
4444s looks like team number four actually has
4445s a full sector here nice little open area
4448s here but also has a little bit of some
4449s shield for them as well can be very
4451s helpful for them as Vince is called a
4452s tough situation as the dark side comes
4454s out
4455s trying to see if they can get around
4456s here but ends up getting shot
4457s immediately by B and it looks like
4459s they're gonna try to see if they can
4459s Ricochet hooks as well gonna try to see
4461s if they can force the back off here
4463s getting really tired of them getting
4464s bullied here by that it looks like they
4466s might be able to cause that pressure
4469s so ricocheting towards each side here as
4470s the cannon shots coming through on all
4472s sides just trying to see if they can
4474s connect pretty much anything towards
4476s them it looks like it's unsuccessful
4477s through both teams here
4479s foreign
4483s looking to pressure on to team eight but
4486s back off just a little bit as Team Four
4488s starts to throw those rain shots down
4490s they don't want to give away the safe
4492s space that they've been able to create
4493s for themselves over here in the corner
4494s they've got cover with the trees they've
4496s got a little bit of High Ground here
4498s they're pretty happy about it so they're
4499s not gonna chase just to get a couple of
4501s potential kills and give up that
4503s position team three in a really bad
4505s situation here caught out in the open
4507s look room each other trying to buy some
4509s some time but those candid shops are
4510s coming in from all angles Kobe coming in
4512s with the dragons or doing a ton of
4514s damage onto Alliance Jin Jin gonna be
4516s forced to pop that F ability just to go
4518s for a couple of seconds of safety Jin
4521s though gonna step out into the zone and
4523s get picked up there from the fire tick
4525s and the Zone took too much tick uh
4527s common down is gonna spell disaster for
4530s Alliance of gin teammate here we're
4532s gonna see them use that ability as well
4534s just to buy themselves away from some of
4536s these rain shots resistance second
4537s coming through now team 10 cleaning up
4540s the remaining members there of Team
4541s three they've got a little bit of a nice
4543s space down here they can get some resets
4544s they can go ahead and loot those bodies
4546s nobody's going to really be able to
4547s pressure them because of where the zone
4549s is located it looks like teams ten eight
4551s four and nine the last four teams left
4553s are remaining alive here there might be
4555s a couple of stragglers somewhere else
4558s kopi's team over here Team Four trying
4560s to hold on to this space but teammate
4562s not really wanting to give them any sort
4565s of respite we're gonna see here the
4566s kurumi tether buying quite a bit of
4568s healing here for Team Four zai zai
4571s looking to keep Airborne here doesn't
4573s want to fall victim to disclaimer from
4575s teammate yet again or those bow shots
4577s coming through but now the rest of Team
4579s Four getting collapsed onto by team nine
4581s and Team Four in a very bad situation as
4584s they are sandwiched between the players
4586s of Team eight and team number nine zai
4589s still alive kurumi still alive no tether
4592s yet coming through from Kofi onto their
4594s size Kobe just trying to keep it alive
4597s trying to get that Resurrection off onto
4599s the other player unfortunately it looks
4602s like no oh it looks like they're
4603s actually going to get that tether up
4605s they will get the resurrection Team Four
4607s is back in the game the question is can
4608s they find the reset for their other
4610s player going forward team 10 here is
4612s going to lose a member of their team to
4614s team number nine and they're going to be
4615s forced to back off as that player is
4617s stuck on the edge of the zone and we are
4620s at zone six The Tick gonna be way too
4622s much for them to be able to pick up the
4623s resurrection here team Eight coming in
4625s trying to collapse onto the remaining
4626s members of team number four at flame
4629s breath putting in absolute work and a
4630s pick up the elimination onto Kopi looks
4632s like they might get the other one on
4634s design though with the ultimate catches
4636s all three of them out there but it's not
4638s gonna be enough the criminal coming out
4640s to buy them some safety from all the
4642s damage coming in from zai's Ultimate
4644s that's two members of Team Four going
4646s down
4650s looks like four is going to be up top
4651s here just slowly creeping
4654s so that sleepwalker's gonna try to see
4655s if maybe they can find the advantage but
4656s sadly isn't able to here as the circle
4658s take starts to come through here it
4660s looks like Sleepwalk is gonna be able to
4661s find himself on another section of this
4663s tree here meanwhile 10.
4665s just sitting up top here trying to see
4667s if they can hold some heels together
4668s they're like actually getting hit off
4669s the top here it looks like the
4671s flameburger is gonna try to see if
4672s anything can create some damage here is
4673s number eight just trying to hold on a
4675s little while longer they got a full team
4676s here really putting it together here
4678s towards this final but everybody's gonna
4679s just gonna be latching up to this tree
4681s trying to get to the highest point here
4683s trying not to get in a cc has has not
4686s gotten the program as he ends up getting
4688s hit losing most of their Shield here
4691s still trying to keep it together
4692s throughout all of this here and
4694s obviously the flameburger is just
4695s putting in a massive amount of damage
4697s here towards some of these players here
4699s just trying to spray as much fire as
4700s possible throughout everything just
4702s trying to see if maybe they can capture
4703s fire damage on one of these players here
4707s still able to put something down though
4708s but let's see how we can place it
4710s together still a lot more happening and
4713s obviously trying to see if they can hold
4715s it all the way towards this end but the
4716s shots ricocheting all the way down
4718s towards the ground here ran is all the
4720s way up top here and so was the rest of
4721s team number eight
4723s meanwhile Sleepwalk is going to be up
4725s there by himself ends up taking CeCe
4727s down all the way if you didn't notice
4729s that one towards the very bottom and
4730s obviously everybody's gonna fall right
4732s back down right towards the very action
4733s as the circle starts to close in
4734s meanwhile team number eight just trying
4736s to see if they can keep the momentum
4737s together for the very first game all of
4740s this showcase ladies and gentlemen
4741s Showcase in the newest character for the
4743s rocket blade Point meanwhile
4744s neat thing number eight one of their
4746s players ends up getting absolutely sent
4747s from the outskirts here as those long
4749s swords trying to see if they go together
4751s oh my goodness he gets absolutely
4752s decimated on the guilty of a long sword
4754s here but meanwhile and we still have one
4757s of the dagger ones too putting in a lot
4758s of placement sends one on the outskirts
4760s here team number nine trying to hold on
4761s here this could be a massive switch of
4763s the momentum here as kurumi's just
4765s trying to keep their team alive for as
4767s long as possible but that circle is not
4769s giving them the advantage they want in
4771s team number nine looks like they're
4772s gonna be able to capitalize on this and
4773s get this done but look at team number
4775s six look at Sleepwalker able to hold on
4777s for as long as possible to get that
4778s second place finish obviously able to
4780s hold on here oh it's up to getting rid
4782s of one wait a minute I'm sorry did team
4785s number six just win with solo
4787s Sleepwalker getting able to take it home
4789s wait a minute
4792s oh my God I love to see it such smart
4795s plays coming through from Sleepwalker
4796s he's invisible nobody's paying attention
4798s to him because he's a solo player he's
4800s just sitting up inside the circle while
4802s these other teams are taking the fight
4804s in zone tick he comes down he pops
4807s ultimate and immediately just goes I
4808s cannot afford to take any more damage
4810s I'm just gonna backstab backstab get at
4813s least one elimination and buy myself
4815s some invulnerability during those
4817s animations so that all the damage I'm
4820s taking is Zone kick and that buys him
4822s just enough space to come out on top we
4825s love to see it great great plays coming
4828s in from wbg Sleepwalker what a smart way
4831s to end the game
4835s what an amazing finish though I mean it
4838s it pretty much looked like team number
4839s nine was going to take that home here
4842s and a sleepwalker just ends up keeping
4843s himself alive that gold shield able to
4846s do so much as he's staying inside of the
4848s circle for as long as possible meanwhile
4849s the rest of the team is just trying to
4851s finish off these eliminations they go
4852s outside of the circle they let the
4854s circle to kind of do the damage and
4855s Sleepwalk is just there for the ride and
4857s just lets them take the rest of it as
4859s Sleeve Walker ends up taking it all the
4861s way towards the very end and gets a
4862s beautiful finish and a beautiful
4863s shutdown for this first game of our
4865s showcase
4867s oh my goodness I love it I love to see
4870s crazy circles like this you know what's
4872s funny too is like you know if your wbg
4874s Sleepwalker their team doesn't have a
4875s lot of kills into their belt but in a
4877s showcase game like this the kills don't
4879s really matter yeah it's great to be able
4881s to be like yeah I was in the Showcase
4882s game and our team picked up like a 20
4884s bomb but at the end of the day
4886s if your team wins as a solo player
4889s that's all the bragging rights that you
4891s need right like it's just a massive
4893s boost the ego here for wbg Sleepwalker
4895s look at here Kobe having a blast look at
4897s the smile in this man's face I love it
4900s he's just having the time of his life
4901s right now Dobby
4904s all right
4908s oh my goodness I'm still
4913s I'm sorry that was amazing watching that
4915s Circle tick just finish off the rest of
4917s the team just for him to be able to get
4919s one of those eliminations to get the
4921s finish and just is able to just just
4923s snatch it from just literally snatched
4925s it from him that was absolutely amazing
4928s I was not expecting that finish the way
4930s that he did that and just the way that
4932s he just came through at a beautiful time
4933s to get that shut down here oh my
4935s goodness you couldn't have asked for a
4936s better you couldn't have asked for a
4937s better game
4938s laughs
4940s yeah no I mean this is great I you know
4942s it's I I love doing these showcase games
4944s before we get into the nitty-gritty
4946s right they're they they're a little more
4948s casual we really get to delve deep into
4951s kind of like the hero Dynamics and stuff
4953s like that because when we're casting
4955s those pro league yeah all of those
4957s moments are absolutely so impressive you
4959s have to just stop what you're doing
4961s sometimes it's really soak in the
4964s incredible plays that are happening in
4966s the pro league but when we get to do
4967s these more you know casual fun things we
4969s can kind of really dive in and talk
4972s about the different Heroes and the comps
4975s and stuff like that while all the
4976s action's going on it's so much fun and I
4979s mean this game I love it we get to see
4981s players already adapting too right like
4983s did you see how strong kurumi was there
4986s in the end we saw somebody catch another
4988s team in a three-person xaya old where
4991s she turns around and the kurumi has the
4993s wherewithal just to drop the ultimate
4994s and go cool you can catch us in it but
4997s you're not gonna catch us like you did
4998s that other team we're just gonna stand
5000s here in the old and heal up cool you got
5003s the old off what are you gonna do now
5004s and the whole team just runs them down I
5007s love it the adjustments that happen on
5009s the Fly especially in these more casual
5011s matches I we got to see what was I think
5014s it was teams nine and team ten just
5016s casually kind of standing there throwing
5017s emotes at each other while they were
5018s waiting for a realm of Yang to pop they
5021s were just like Hey we're getting ready
5022s to go ROM with Yang and Duke it out
5023s anyway let's just chill let's have a
5025s moment man
5026s we love those moments we've seen them
5028s before in certain instances and even in
5030s some of the pro plays we've seen where
5032s you know they might not necessarily
5034s fight it out I don't know I don't know
5036s necessarily if we've seen them in terms
5037s of the emotes being thrown but we
5039s haven't we haven't seen them in that
5040s sense so for them to be able to get that
5041s shut down here was amazing by the way I
5043s saw those uh those not um those nvpl
5045s jackets I'm gonna be honest I need I
5048s need one I need to talk to I need to
5050s talk to production behind the scenes on
5052s how can we get like a naraka blade Point
5054s package of jackets kid y'all got socks
5057s I would love some socks let me get the
5060s whole thing let me get the the beanie
5062s let me get let me get a nice hoodie you
5064s know like honestly I need the I need the
5066s zipper like I need the zipper like
5067s windbreaker jacket and I need the hoodie
5069s right I need that comfortableness and
5070s then I need the you know the the you
5072s know especially out here because you
5073s know it gets a little rainy sometimes
5074s and obviously it's about to be
5075s summertime we got a month left for
5077s summer so I hope everybody's got you you
5079s got your Show everybody's ready now I
5080s hope y'all got your sunscreen because
5081s it's gonna be hot could you imagine some
5084s black and red and BPL cargo pants with
5087s one legs black and the other leg is the
5089s dragon but in red going down on top of
5092s the black and it just says nvpl down the
5094s side of the lake those would be awesome
5096s I love it whatever's over whoever
5099s they're doing marketing take that idea
5101s clip this right now because uh yeah we
5103s need those the whole nine honestly yeah
5106s and uh make sure you send me and Dobby a
5109s care package because we gotta be we
5110s gotta be repping the NBC I need a care
5112s package I need a naraka care package man
5114s I I really feel like I deserve I feel
5117s like we deserve a care package honestly
5120s I would love one like genuinely like I
5122s see some of the people that's you know
5123s kind of standing around and stuff that
5124s get these nice jackets I'm like yo I
5125s would rock that genuinely I really would
5127s rock that and be like yeah this is like
5128s my thing preferably though I would love
5130s it with our games that'd be amazing but
5132s you know I'm not gonna get too picky I'm
5133s not gonna get too big I'm not gonna do
5135s that to you but obviously the first game
5137s knowing that this is this is just a
5138s showcase this is a showcase I can only
5140s imagine how these solo games are going
5142s to go here I think there's I'm inspired
5145s I'm absolutely inspired I hope we get
5148s some Madness coming into our final games
5150s and I really hope that these next six
5152s that the six games we're gonna go
5153s through are going to be gonna be
5155s absolutely incredible but we have one
5157s last game left with our newest character
5159s so far so far I like her though
5161s she look she's a lot of fun I I think
5163s she brings
5165s um some really interesting Tools in her
5168s kit to trios again the crowd control off
5171s that ultimate is so great but you need a
5174s team to follow up on it right which is
5175s why I think she's really really good uh
5178s in trios don't get me wrong I think it's
5180s gonna be pretty wacky and wild and solos
5182s as well you know our solo players are
5184s gonna figure out how to you know get
5186s every little inch of advantage that they
5188s can out of that ultimate but the the
5190s toolkit that it brings to trios to just
5192s be able to lock a team down to get that
5195s flame tick on them as well that flame
5196s tick you got to remember not only does
5198s it you know do that HC damage straight
5201s to your HP but it also reduces your
5204s healing uh by 50 for the entire time you
5208s have that flame tick and into lobbies
5210s with like kurumi's and Z ping Yang
5212s that's huge that's absolutely massive
5216s coming through not only the fact that
5217s you get to put the flame tick on
5219s somebody and you get that crowd control
5221s great I love to see it this exactly
5223s right here uh the and let's be honest
5226s man these chain sites I'm a little sad
5229s I'm I'm gonna be honest I was hoping we
5231s were gonna get change sickles is like a
5233s main weapon that everybody could use in
5235s game
5236s but if it's size old they can't do that
5238s now you know what I'm saying we gotta we
5240s gotta just be happy with the fact that
5242s they exist in the game for zai because
5244s uh they ain't gonna give it to her for
5246s her ultimates and then let everybody
5248s else have it that's that's her bag you
5250s know what I'm saying Dobby right exactly
5252s even with a lot of that momentum coming
5254s through here they're still able to put
5256s some more of that together here as
5258s obviously that shutdown is is absolutely
5260s incredible here so I'm really excited
5262s with where we go with obviously this
5264s next game here and obviously there's
5266s still more after this like we we're
5268s doing
5269s um if it's six uh we're eight games it's
5271s eight games total obviously we have two
5272s showcases and then the rest are just
5274s going to be straight out uh Bon only
5277s model one-on-one Madness it's gonna be
5278s absolutely incredible I'm excited
5279s tonight is going to be absolutely fun
5281s and knowing that this was the first game
5283s I can only imagine how the rest of these
5284s games go I hope I hope
5287s I'm not gonna lie I hope these games are
5288s tight
5289s I mean like points wise I hope it is
5291s like it takes that one kill that one
5293s elimination that one placement that just
5295s that alone I don't wanna you know
5298s as much as I would I don't want to see a
5300s blowout I don't
5302s I don't know I want to see a close game
5305s we don't even have to wish for that
5307s that's one of the things you know I say
5309s this every time we get to like a grand
5311s finals or like a bi-weekly finals or
5314s something like that every single time it
5317s always comes down to like the last three
5319s kills in the very last game naraka is
5322s always blessed us with these super tight
5324s games where it's like man you know one
5327s kill means the absolute difference but
5329s between going home you know first place
5332s or last place because realistically if
5334s you're not first you last
5345s I mean I like this new character though
5347s she's got reach that's the big thing
5349s that I feel like a lot of these uh a lot
5352s of these characters don't necessarily
5353s have in certain instances unless you
5356s have
5357s um some sort of Soul Jade
5360s for that type of reach the amount of
5362s reach that she has especially let alone
5364s in those tight circles here can be
5365s absolutely momentum I mean we saw like
5366s those uh that that two elimination from
5369s the new character in the realm of Yang
5371s and just the change
5372s just that was that was incredible to see
5375s knowing like just just a little sneak
5377s peek of her power I can only imagine
5379s what how these Pros are going to be able
5382s to utilize her once she's in the game
5384s and they're they are able to just work
5387s with her as much as possible and they're
5389s able to to break it up break her down
5391s know her weaknesses know her strengths
5394s and just see where she goes I'm very
5396s excited to see where that goes you know
5398s that's what that's one of the things I
5400s really really like about her is the
5401s characters again we talk about the you
5402s know the crowd control she brings with
5404s that ultimate when she gets her two bars
5406s filled and the thing in naraka is right
5409s now like the instinct is somebody like
5411s tarco or akos or monk you know all of
5414s these really big popular characters they
5416s pop their ultimate and like the mindset
5419s is all right I gotta get away I gotta I
5421s just gotta Escape until this ultimate's
5423s gone Zaya's kind of on the opposite end
5426s of that fence you don't really want to
5427s be eating those abilities to your face
5429s but the only time she's really
5431s vulnerable in that ultimate is if you
5432s get close before she can get those gold
5435s focuses off and you can pop her with
5438s some light attacks get her like in an
5440s aerial juggle or something like that she
5441s doesn't really have a way to get away if
5443s her F's on cooldown so you can utilize
5446s that to your advantage and just keep the
5448s pressure up on her but if you try to
5451s turn and run away like you do with other
5453s ultimates she's got that reach you're
5455s talking about she can just reach out and
5457s break your ankles you know what I'm
5458s saying you just you you try to turn
5460s around run away and she's gonna be like
5461s Bop get back here none of that she she's
5464s gonna hit you with all the Scorpions
5466s she's gonna be like get over here right
5468s and that's one of those things that I
5470s think a lot of people especially with
5471s that too you have to kind of be careful
5473s of you have to see that and kind of
5474s understand that like yo like you knowing
5477s the range that she has
5479s you have to be able to kind of be
5481s careful of that
5482s and I think that's the one thing that
5484s obviously in this first game a lot of
5486s people didn't really necessarily think
5487s about obviously they'll probably think
5488s about it now so now obviously that range
5490s is going to be helpful in many
5492s situations so now people are going to
5493s come into this next game I feel like
5494s they're gonna be a little bit more
5495s careful and hesitant going into it
5497s oh yeah I mean I think I think the big
5500s thing that got learned just from that
5501s realm of gang at least for one of the
5503s teams is if she's got her alt up you
5504s can't group up you need you need to keep
5506s the pressure up you need to you know all
5508s three of you need to be trying to hit
5510s her but you can't be all directly in
5512s front of her you got to try to come from
5513s like different angles and be on the side
5516s and stuff because if she locks your
5518s whole team down in that ultimate it's
5520s it's deadly man it's absolutely just
5522s gonna rip through your team that's what
5524s we saw happen we we saw a turnaround
5526s catch three of them out picks up one
5528s elimination the other two are so low she
5530s just throws those chains out it's like
5532s bop bop done picks up all three kills
5534s and all of a sudden our first 1v3 here
5537s in the mvpl in a long time
5540s it's gonna be a whole lot of that coming
5542s through here even towards this very very
5544s end here and obviously the shutdown was
5546s absolutely Monumental but man oh man was
5548s I not expecting that wow all right one
5552s game down one more to go and after that
5554s ladies and gentlemen we get back into
5555s the action and obviously it's going to
5557s be absolutely incredible
5559s it's gonna be exciting I'm excited I'm
5561s excited I'm excited I really want it I'm
5563s ready for game two I think I didn't
5566s think game one was really gonna pop off
5567s the way that it did though
5569s look at that we've been so blessed here
5571s in our our spring split uh Grand finals
5574s our first day of solos was absolutely
5578s wild you know I feel like every single
5580s time we come back to the nbpl I'm always
5583s like all right there's no way they top
5585s what they did last Grand Final because
5587s of those plays the clutches everything
5589s was absolutely insane like it we're
5592s never gonna see it come that close again
5593s and then I feel like I'm I gotta take my
5596s shoe off and put it in my mouth every
5597s single finals we get to because they're
5599s like hey by the way hold my beer because
5601s uh yeah we're gonna top what we did last
5603s grand finals the clutches are going to
5605s be insane the plays are going to be
5607s massive you're gonna see things you
5608s haven't seen before and we're always
5610s just absolutely blessed to get so much
5612s of that coming through and I mean I I
5615s game five
5616s game five of the spring split solo Grand
5620s finals I I encourage everybody who's
5623s here watching if you did not see the
5626s first six games if you can go back and
5627s find the replay you gotta watch game
5629s five game five was just some of the most
5631s crazy things I've seen in all of naraka
5635s and I've seen a rock I've been I've been
5637s around the block when it comes to Rocka
5639s right Dobby yeah you've been around for
5641s a long time here there's times where you
5643s know we'll talk about certain things and
5645s you know we'll kind of like go through
5647s our own you know Vibes and whatnot but
5649s you definitely have been around for a
5650s very very long time you know the
5652s community
5653s um everybody everybody knows you
5654s roomkeeper but at the same time too you
5657s have been in the depths
5659s of a lot of Madness that happens into
5663s this game we love calling naraka you've
5666s been through a lot of it so it's like
5668s one of those things where you just
5670s you're just always in the right place at
5671s the right time especially when it comes
5673s to naraka but at the same time we love
5674s your honesty and we love that you're not
5676s afraid to speak your mind when it comes
5678s to certain things whether it's something
5679s you don't like whether it's something
5679s that's happening whether it's something
5680s that's involved in the community and
5682s it's like you're not afraid to speak
5683s your mind and that's the one thing that
5684s we love about you by the way that thing
5685s on this wrist that thing on his necklace
5687s is about two three hundred dollars
5697s broadcast over here you give me all
5699s kinds of compliments left and right you
5701s can call out my drip look guys I'll get
5703s pictures of this later anybody wants to
5705s see this this is this is a cool little
5707s piece I picked he's getting this for me
5709s guys she's let you know he's getting
5710s this for me guys okay you should talk
5714s about he's like now I want some drip
5715s okay now you want some drip okay he got
5717s that necklace I was like that's a good
5719s choice that's a good choice proud of you
5720s Dobby do be out here helping me helping
5723s me get dripped up you didn't even call
5724s me he didn't even call me for the
5725s necklace he didn't even call me he just
5727s knew he saw it he was like this is
5728s something that he would approve of and
5730s you're right I absolutely approve of
5731s that that is nice oh my goodness you
5734s know what else I prove zai this new
5736s character absolutely wild I love the
5738s balance you know we a lot of people talk
5741s about naraka's balance all the time
5743s especially when new Heroes come out
5744s everybody as soon as a new hero comes
5746s out the first thing the community always
5748s screams is man this hero is absolutely
5750s overpowered they're crazy they need to
5752s take them down
5754s and you know a lot of that comes down to
5756s you know it's gonna take you a month or
5758s two to really get into that Rhythm to
5759s understand how to play against a new
5761s hero
5762s um but I think A lot's been learned over
5765s the years of naraco like releases and
5767s stuff and I'm happy to say I really just
5770s I got to play with Zai just a little bit
5771s today before we came in here and stuff
5773s and I think they're gonna be one of the
5775s most balanced Heroes on release uh I say
5778s almost balanced yeah I'm I'm gonna look
5780s I'm gonna cross my fingers when I say
5782s that because the naraka community are
5784s are very very good at finding ways to
5787s abuse things so so far I haven't seen
5791s anything that's too too crazy but in
5793s terms of hero releases I think zai is in
5795s a very very good place on release
5797s breaking that character yeah we might we
5800s might see some small adjustments either
5802s you know a small buff or a small Nerf
5804s you know but you got to get that right
5806s you gotta you get that first month out
5808s of the way there's always going to be a
5810s little bit of tweak but I don't think
5811s it's gonna be anything crazy you know I
5813s don't think it's gonna be like zipping
5814s on release who is absolutely just wild
5817s just crazily broken you know anything
5820s like that and I appreciate that I love
5823s seeing the game move forward in so many
5825s aspects and there's a lot of cool new
5827s stuff coming forward too as well you
5829s know we're gonna have a new patch when
5830s she drops uh there's some Buffs coming
5832s there's some Nerfs coming there's some
5834s new mechanics being added to the game I
5836s always love when we get new mechanics
5838s and stuff uh and don't worry for those
5840s of you who uh want to know all about you
5842s know what's coming and stuff as soon as
5844s we get those full list of patch notes
5846s I'll do a patch notes breakdown for you
5848s guys like I always do but I mean I I
5850s love it I love to see how bar naraka has
5853s grown and I mean again you and me been
5855s in the trenches almost since the very
5857s very beginning we've got to see this
5859s game grow over time you know I I
5862s remember the first time we got to go do
5864s land and be on stage together Dobby we
5867s got to walk out there and we were just
5868s like bro these Caster desks are crazy
5870s and then we came back for that next
5873s season and the stage was even crazier
5875s than the first time you know the
5877s production has just continued to go up
5879s and up I mean even here the nbpl is
5882s crazy we get to watch all of the crazy
5884s like 3D heroes jump out on stage and do
5887s honestly or uh what was the the opening
5891s ceremony just for this nbpl they showed
5894s everybody who had picked up in solos on
5897s MVP for the season and you got to watch
5899s spider walk out on stage three different
5902s times in three different bits and do
5904s three different poses and I was like
5907s wait a minute and it looked like spider
5908s was really standing right there three
5911s different times and then he just like
5912s burst into these particle effects I was
5914s like that's wild that's an absolutely
5916s wild effect and I mean the production
5919s quality just keeps getting better the
5920s games keep getting better and we love to
5922s see here This Crowd by the way I love
5925s the crowd man
5927s get ready for game two baby this is what
5929s I'm talking about it's brother sister
5931s time it's Parker inside plus the Third
5934s Wheel coming in for all these teams I'm
5937s interested to see who the third hero
5942s absolutely insane I think the hero picks
5944s I mean they should be they should be
5946s relatively different in some way shape
5948s or form here
5949s um obviously looking into this now
5951s obviously the first game had a little
5952s bit of some specifics but obviously game
5954s two they're actually switching this up
5956s so let me tell you guys exactly like
5957s what's going on here so for our um
5960s let's see I'm trying to see where that
5963s was when they were talking to us about
5964s it because I know that way that we had a
5967s little bit of some specifics uh coming
5969s into this like one player had to do kind
5971s of something specific oh here we go so
5973s for rule number one every team picks
5975s azaya Matari and macaroni
5978s that was pretty much what we saw all of
5980s the Goblin game one Zion Atari and
5981s kurumi and there was a lot of heals
5983s there were a lot of support there was a
5985s lot of certain things that we really got
5986s a chance to really see
5988s um in a lot of instances here so
5990s obviously coming into the games was
5991s pretty Monumental now
5992s for game number two that is every team
5995s picks I Tarka
5997s which is her brother
5999s and then anyone else so obviously that
6002s third Haymaker that third pick is going
6004s to be very very important here coming
6005s into this is where we will be seeing
6006s some brother sister action coming that
6009s didn't sound correctly but obviously you
6010s understand what I mean as uh obviously
6012s we're gonna see some cannonballs coming
6014s right through here the fireball is going
6016s to come through with so many ticks and
6017s obviously Sleepwalker and the rest of
6018s their team is going to come through with
6019s Monumental starts here obviously let's
6021s get the games going here
6024s I'd love to see it here Sleepwalker on
6026s Tark is something I never thought I
6027s would see you know we're talking about
6029s one of the best monk players in the
6030s league he's out here on Target and he's
6031s he's a man after my own heart he's
6033s playing Fireball Target that's that's my
6035s business you know what I mean I love me
6037s some Fireball darker unfortunately he
6040s does get mints down here uh very
6041s interesting picks coming through for a
6043s lot of these teams looks like a lot of
6045s octos coming in for this that you know
6047s third pick where these teams can't
6049s really blame him octo's still in a state
6051s where he's really really strong right
6053s now oh man those chains coming out I the
6055s animation on that man is wild you just
6058s Ride the Lightning you know I mean just
6060s wave after wave coming through here we
6062s go Zai with that ability looking to
6064s charge it up unfortunately Target not
6066s gonna let him happen that's what I'm
6067s talking about the the your instinct is
6069s to run away from zai when that ultimate
6071s pop but if you can get in her face and
6073s you can get that hit stun off man she's
6075s hard-pressed to get those abilities off
6077s in your face and make something happen
6078s that's what we saw Target just come in
6080s blitzes through there with the great
6082s sword taking a look sleepwalker still in
6084s it the Resurrection comes back through
6086s still playing that fireball Target
6088s looking to make something happen here
6089s we're going to teach a team down here
6091s action putting in work going to pick up
6093s the elimination there on to team 12. uh
6096s they're running the keeping and this is
6098s something I talked about before right
6099s you know with uh zai is gonna be really
6103s strong uh in terms of teams they're not
6106s surprised to see some of these people
6108s that they're having that sort of support
6110s uh in this phase here Tarka here are
6112s going to get Perry to able to get that
6113s great sword back up Team Six
6115s Sleepwalkers team here still looking to
6118s capitalize on this elimination a lot of
6120s these teams here in plumed Castle all of
6123s them fighting for the best gear loot
6124s here uh on the hollow Rock map coming
6126s through so I still trying to lock down
6129s these players here from Team nine
6131s waiting for Target to come out of that
6133s elbow Tarka is gonna miss the elbow
6135s we're gonna see zai come through here
6137s just needs to find a couple more hits
6138s here but the rest of Team nine showing
6141s up from from behind gonna make it very
6143s very hard Team Six to clean this fight
6146s up Tarka gets away in team nine able to
6148s clean up another elimination
6152s a whole lot of that coming through is
6154s team number seven trying to put it
6156s together here as the Dark Cloud comes
6158s through as CC looks like he's gonna be
6159s able to get the heels but that burn take
6161s putting in a little bit of damage here
6162s very helpful but so does that long spear
6164s the spear coming through as well as the
6166s eight goes trying to see if they can
6167s continue the continuation going with the
6169s fire coming through has been absolutely
6170s detrimental for some of these players
6172s here as he ends up going for the dark
6174s Spirit again yet again oh he ends up
6175s getting carried on the outside juggled
6177s and sent on The Outsiders B also was
6179s able to get a nice finish as well the
6181s burnt tanks are being absolutely
6182s incredible here insane coming through
6184s with all of this momentum though you
6187s love to see where the rest of this goes
6189s here it's been absolutely Monumental for
6191s a lot of this here
6193s looks like here comes another set of
6194s fireballs here a beautiful defense on
6196s each side of Sleepwalker ends up getting
6197s sent back here towards the outskirts as
6199s b gets hit by a massive one the Perry
6201s comes through gets shut down in the
6202s eight coach comes through with the tiger
6203s to get the Finish unbelievable so much
6206s happening in those few seconds here just
6207s like that it goes from a little bit of
6209s some quietness to the absolute madness
6210s here
6212s is literally team number nine looks like
6213s they're gonna try to see if they can
6214s follow akos here and see if they can get
6215s the Finish
6218s team just doggling moving grooving and
6222s ducking
6223s yeah using that egg result to get as
6225s much speed as possible trying to get
6226s away from team number nine here does not
6228s want to be sussed out team nine on the
6230s Move looking for me he needs to be very
6232s careful he shows himself unfortunately
6234s the team number Nine's uh uh me Tiana
6237s here and not a great space to be in he's
6239s gonna be forced to go into the white
6241s armor swap here forced to use the AFT to
6243s create any sort of distance and there's
6244s really no place for the remaining member
6246s of Team Six here to go all three members
6249s of Team nine just gonna come in
6250s completely dog him down no surprises
6253s there he needed to find a little bit of
6255s a better hiding spot tubby oh yeah
6257s definitely a lot of that in terms of
6259s that
6260s number nine I'm able to put in some more
6262s momentum as well here and do so much
6264s more you'd love to see the shutdowns
6265s here coming through and obviously you
6267s have to be careful here but it looks
6268s like oh they got a free space here Team
6270s Six looks like he's able to at least
6271s Escape here
6273s he's gonna be able to continue to move
6274s on towards the next space it's just been
6276s a lot of momentum coming through and
6278s obviously the shutdown's been very good
6279s for him
6281s yeah absolutely team 12 way out here on
6284s the outskirts here uh looks like they
6286s may have been forced to uh use those
6288s resurrections so they're just trying to
6290s loot up get themselves back into the
6292s game uh don't want to pressure on to
6295s some of these other teams when they're
6296s behind in loot they don't have those
6298s resurrections but they were able to pick
6300s up five eliminations in the fiesta up
6302s there in plumed Castle so they're going
6304s to be happy about the five kills that
6305s they do have under their belt take a
6308s look at this this is gonna be our first
6309s time getting to see this this is going
6311s to be one of those areas of interest in
6313s uh Hollow Rock that gets changed with
6314s the new patch that comes out on June 1st
6316s so this is going to be my first time
6317s actively uh seeing the change here for
6320s this map adding a little bit of greenery
6322s out here in the desert and I think it
6324s looks quite good Dobby what about you I
6326s love the greenery needs a little bit of
6329s that as well coming through
6331s it looks like I mean it's just a really
6333s nice space though in between all of this
6335s whole lot of this
6337s I mean as of right now it's just been
6339s looking right I love it
6342s I think the sand too also is another
6343s space I think my favorite place has to
6345s be the the exactly what I was with rock
6347s jelly about to say
6349s um I love the snowy areas man I think
6351s the snowy areas are really fun
6353s I love seeing those I love seeing those
6355s areas especially here outside of the
6357s water here where you could just slide I
6358s mean look at that
6359s being able to take the ice and just use
6360s that towards your momentum to be able to
6362s go get a little bit further here it's
6363s just so so incredible and I love to see
6365s it throughout all of it you know look
6367s I'm I'm not even gonna lie I am
6369s completely guilty of coming out here and
6371s finding the longest downhill section of
6373s the map that I can and just like
6375s sledding in the snow on the map is so
6378s much fun naraka really is it's got
6380s everything man and Hollow Rock a really
6382s great map you know you've got all these
6384s different areas you've got the big city
6386s you've got a almost hobbed and just like
6388s these really ruins you've got um the
6391s desert of course you've got the gorgeous
6393s snowy area out here you've got that big
6396s waterfall at the top side of the map all
6398s Roth really has just got it all man such
6401s a gorgeous map great addition to the
6403s game it was so happy when it came out
6406s and we got to see it and I I love the
6408s fact that naraka doesn't just keep like
6411s static maps and it's like all right
6412s we're just gonna go work on the next map
6413s they get we get to see these updates to
6416s the area right we get to watch the game
6418s and the map grow and it's so awesome to
6421s get to be a part of that coming in here
6422s we're gonna see that old come through
6424s trying to lock down the other side but
6425s Desai was in their ability so
6427s unfortunately teammate you're not able
6428s to go through the portal needs to make a
6431s quick getaway here yeah because the rest
6432s of Team Six gonna be hot on their heel
6434s Sleepwalker still in a team Eight's last
6437s remaining player alive trying to go
6440s through and lock somebody or trying to
6443s get away here from Team Six he's trying
6445s to lock them down Sleepwalker hungry to
6448s pick up another elimination you know
6450s Sleepwalker does not like to let kills
6452s get away and here we go there it is
6453s player eight gonna go down and it is
6455s going to be wbd Sleepwalker who pick up
6457s the elimination as team one shows up
6459s having resurrected nearby they've got
6461s all white armor here this is going to be
6463s easy pickings for Team Six if they can
6465s start locking down some of these players
6466s we've seen Sleepwalkers land a massive
6468s Fireball here we're gonna see uh Tamal
6471s come through I saw the Demi F uh coming
6473s through from uh Team one here more of
6475s those Target Fireballs that blackout
6477s Vulcan let him just throw Fireball after
6479s Fireball team one is able to clean up at
6483s least one elimination here but they
6485s still need to back off as Team Six goes
6487s ahead and takes the portal they get
6488s their player back together and uh are
6490s gonna move away from that fight as we
6492s head into the realm again
6494s found me Yang's looking pretty good
6496s though towards this as it looks like
6497s team number two trying to see if they
6498s can capture some momentum oh my goodness
6500s ends up getting hit by so many Spears
6502s being sent their way this looks like
6503s plus is trying to see if maybe they can
6504s put some more momentum into this as well
6506s as it looks like the ulti officially
6507s comes out putting in some problems here
6509s for ziron here as Iran ends up taking
6511s some hits here from the absolute ulti
6513s coming through from the new character
6514s meanwhile kurumi is able to keep it the
6516s game alive for the rest of the team
6518s here's Matari he's able to see if they
6520s can find any type of momentum ears plus
6521s is just trying to get some massive hits
6523s is able to get a double here in between
6524s this beautiful reset coming through from
6526s that uh Tarka on the right side here
6528s nice burnt it coming in from the other
6529s side but they all get eliminated at the
6531s same time as ziron gets a three piece or
6534s two should I say
6535s into that fight meanwhile Sleepwalker on
6538s the outside here ends up getting
6539s absolutely shredded here by team number
6541s one or by team number six it looks like
6543s they're all gonna be able to go for it
6545s and try to scramble it out as
6546s Sleepwalker ends up getting caught
6547s outside of the mountain it's not gonna
6548s be enough if Sleepwalk games and getting
6549s hit finished and saying night night for
6553s this game specifically
6555s team five here engaged with the members
6557s of Team 12 trying to use that Tamil to
6560s buy him a little bit of space they are
6561s going to be able to lock down one of the
6562s members of Team 12 and turn this into a
6564s 2v2 but Godly goes down and now it's a
6566s 2V1 zai no ultimate Tarka old coming
6569s through here with the pole sword gonna
6571s make things pretty difficult knows I did
6573s have just a little bit of old meter left
6575s there but it's not enough to overcome
6577s the Big Brother Tarka coming in with
6580s those heavy flames and that big old pole
6582s sword you know do a little bit of
6584s shopping off the back of that man that's
6586s it that's cruel and unusual you're gonna
6588s you're gonna take your little sister's
6590s allowance and then go shopping with it
6591s come on Tarka you're better than that
6594s oh a lot of that in the sense they say
6596s that you are better than that but look
6597s what happens no matter this momentum
6599s here coming through here obviously are
6601s they specifically maybe I don't know
6604s it looks like we're gonna be able to
6605s find out here as to team number four is
6607s still on the outskirts here of this
6608s circle
6609s getting the finish and getting the
6611s spread here let's see if they uh still
6612s have more momentum than what we've seen
6613s thus far here love to see how they're
6615s able to do certain things here so
6616s obviously it's going to be a little bit
6618s better and you know obviously a little
6619s bit more helpful for them
6621s I was still able to get the finish here
6623s and you love to see how they're still
6624s able to push it down towards this
6627s see if they can find the momentum the
6628s way that they need to
6630s shutdown only gets better
6633s it looks like number one it could be
6635s fighting against out with number 10 and
6636s it looks like they have found the next
6637s player but it looks like it's gonna be a
6638s 2V1 between one but looks like one was
6641s able to at least get out of there
6643s definitely did not want to get caught
6644s into that and the rest of the team looks
6645s like they're gonna follow suit in while
6647s oh beautiful Fireball right in between
6650s cats have only on the inside here
6652s Fireball goes right direct towards the
6654s inside and gets the Finish inside of the
6656s uh inside of the ulti and it looks like
6658s they've got a email to also try to do
6660s the exact same thing
6662s that was a Madness of her first few
6664s seconds here as he ends up getting
6665s caught on the inside here almost could
6667s have used
6669s the I almost could have used the bush as
6671s a place for hiding but obviously they
6673s knew where they were and they were going
6674s to be able to get the hide as well
6676s towards this B just trying to fight this
6678s out but TJ just gets the upper hand
6680s knows exactly what's doing the situation
6682s here and looks like he's gonna try to
6683s see if maybe he can get out of here in
6684s the best way but it's not gonna be
6685s enough here dangerously low the fire
6687s tick might be able to keep him alive and
6689s it does
6691s he's able to scramble and hold on
6693s absolutely huge come around there they
6695s knew what they were doing they played
6696s around their team railgun up here trying
6698s to get some shots on the ballista but
6700s he's up top here and he's just taking
6701s constant damage somebody down here with
6703s a repeating crossbow just putting head
6705s shots onto a railgun railgun actually
6708s almost dies just sitting up there on the
6710s ballista not any not really able to find
6713s any mileage able to scare the team off
6715s but doesn't do a whole lot of damage
6717s with that big old scary Bliss as we turn
6719s back the Team One engaged in yet another
6722s fight up here and you Asian ruins trying
6725s to engage with Team 11 now we're gonna
6727s see the temiolt come through as team 11
6729s and tries to pressure on their Zai with
6731s ultimate available is going to get
6733s caught out in the temi with though bill
6735s got quite a bit of old charge left here
6737s turns around or releases the full meter
6739s dump into the back looks like they might
6741s be able to pick up one of these
6743s eliminations of the team one one of Team
6745s 11 here on the run it's so very low that
6748s zile gonna come through on to Tarka
6750s little are not happy with big
6752s brother and making it known trying to
6754s find somebody else with that ultimate
6756s before the time Runs Out unfortunately
6759s times will run out they're going to find
6761s themselves in a 1v2 separated from the
6764s rest of the team and ego not gonna waste
6766s any time as they start to completely
6768s collapse on to his eye here that's gonna
6771s be another player there from Team 11
6773s goes down now it's back into the 2v2 and
6776s team 11 very low they're gonna lose
6778s their Yodo he may and now it's just the
6780s zy here ego trying to get the Perry off
6782s does the knot get it though missed times
6785s there with the dragons rush but uh
6787s unfortunately uh for the Zai player
6790s there the Tammy waiting in the wings is
6791s going to come in and clean up easy
6793s elimination
6797s thank you
6800s even that as well here coming through as
6802s ziron oh nice little reset here nice
6806s little bit of some slashes coming
6807s through as Jerome's gonna decide to go
6808s for the back off here is able to get a
6810s little bit of some heels on him as well
6811s it finds a shield swap but it's not
6812s gonna be enough if he's gonna be able to
6813s catch him inside of the corner here it
6815s looks like he's able to find number two
6816s as well here goes for the dark side here
6818s and obviously into this corner as he
6821s ends up bullying the next character
6823s trying to dish it out and do what's next
6825s towards this meanwhile number B able to
6828s find the next stretches looks like he's
6830s gonna be able to pick up some of the
6831s fruits of their labor here inside of
6832s this fight doing such a fantastic job
6834s here throughout a lot of this space is
6836s here
6837s that's a lot more towards it and let's
6838s see what they can find towards it
6841s if they could figure it out with a lot
6842s of this momentum happening
6846s and obviously able to pick up the next
6847s pieces
6851s gin here with those legendary nunchucks
6853s quite a good situation for uh Team three
6856s to be in here they do need to find that
6858s purple armor here for gin Alliance will
6860s go into the realm of Yang looking to
6861s pick up that purple armor Forge in here
6863s there's legendary nunchucks though gonna
6865s be really really good here on to zai
6868s they're gonna have multiple options for
6870s coming in either with the ultimate or
6872s with the nunchucks to pick up some of
6874s these players and lock them down in that
6875s heavy CC gin
6877s immediately pressures into the fight
6879s we're gonna see the monk coming through
6881s here for team three as well very
6884s interesting choice there's no real cover
6885s or support for the monk so they're just
6887s hoping to get some of these grabs out
6889s here Tarka burning the ultimate just to
6891s create the space to get away here
6893s they're gonna come in Atlanta some
6895s massive hits and unfortunately the monk
6897s just not getting any mileage here for
6899s team Alliance here uh you know jyn
6902s really trying to keep the pressure up
6903s here on the Zai pick and the monk takes
6906s so much damage while they're monked up
6908s here gonna come in though they've got
6909s one of the members of Team 12 caught out
6911s but now they're going to find themselves
6912s on the receiving end of two of the
6914s players they need to find anything here
6916s maybe a Charged horizontal or even a pot
6919s here for the monk player team 12 looking
6922s to come in and make something happen
6923s here Jin though not gonna let it happen
6926s to the team we're gonna see a massive
6927s Ferry come through on to plus there we
6929s go They're Gonna Pop the ability knock
6931s them away try to get it back but it's
6932s not going to be enough as team three
6934s does manage to come out on top
6937s nice little bit of a finish here coming
6939s through beautiful shutdown
6941s with all of this happening here you love
6943s to see how they were able to create it
6945s and make it a lot more of this happen
6947s I mean obviously it looks pretty good
6949s for them even with this amount of
6950s confidence here
6953s still is a lot more happening here but
6955s obviously it's just it's just even
6957s better than the rest
6961s I think they've done a fantastic job of
6962s this game so far here obviously able to
6964s capitalize on a lot of their
6965s opportunities here as every team every
6968s player has a almost four eliminations
6969s here CC only having three to their name
6975s 11 eliminations in total here for this
6978s uh second game of trios here as number
6979s eight it's gonna try to see maybe they
6980s can get away beautiful pair to go for
6981s the reset there's another parody able to
6983s come back and go The Retreat for both of
6985s them as it looks like another team is
6986s going to come in beautiful bell coming
6988s through gets the pair gets the sh gets
6990s the kick from the outside is it looks
6991s like ran is going to decide it looks
6992s like he might need to be able to help
6993s them out as well here
6995s but he also needs a shield up as he
6997s nearly gets hit by a massive bow shot to
6999s the head and then obviously ego able to
7001s get the finish here from a beautiful
7003s beautiful Fireball as aranis is trying
7006s to see if he can hold on for as long as
7007s possible I mean look at all of the
7008s amount of Madness happening in these
7010s last couple of games here it's been so
7012s insane seeing how they're able to hold
7013s on to all of this coming through and
7015s still able to do what they need to here
7018s only gonna get a lot more better here as
7019s it looks like team number 12 is trying
7021s to chase team number eight srail
7023s dangerously low here it only takes one
7026s hit the question is are they gonna be
7027s able to srail beautiful move and it
7029s looks like he's able to get away
7031s he's able to retreat and get away
7035s you know this is funny this is exactly
7037s where we saw team eight go down earlier
7039s uh the last remaining member of their
7041s team and srail now just using all the
7043s sides of this building here using the
7045s scale rushes break the ankles here of
7047s Team 12 keep himself moving the problem
7049s is he's got that Yang depletion two
7051s minutes for him to be able to find a
7053s soul Bloom here and he's got to spend
7055s that time running away right now because
7057s he's separated from the rest of his team
7059s and team 12 is hot on his heels misses
7062s the wall there but is able to find it
7063s just in time to get the scale Rush
7064s unfortunately the grapple in the back
7066s because of the extra time it takes him
7068s is gonna lock him down into some heavy
7070s punishment he uses the F to avoid the
7072s damage there on the rain shot trying to
7074s keep it moving here using the dagger
7075s gets caught in the corner though this
7077s could be it that extra time might be all
7079s it takes he does find an armor swap into
7082s a white armor though it looks like
7083s they've lost sight of him as Team Four
7085s comes in he's gonna live to fight
7086s another day but he doesn't have too long
7088s before that Yang depletion comes through
7090s and ends it all for him Team Four here
7093s now heavily invested into this fight
7095s here with team 12 a massive pole sword
7098s from the elbow coming in from Target
7100s there on to team 12 going to do a ton of
7101s damage to Kobe Kobe able to find a lock
7104s down there with the ultimate still
7106s looking to catch this Tarka out they are
7109s going to lose another member and now
7110s it's just the Tarka that ultimate the
7113s timer ticking down pretty heavy no real
7116s space for him to go anywhere but the
7117s third party comes through and might save
7119s the final remaining member of team
7121s number 12.
7122s team number 12 just trying to hold on
7124s for as long as possible but sadly was
7126s not able to finish it up but they still
7129s did a fantastic job throughout the
7130s majority of uh these games here and
7132s obviously
7133s it's not a fantastic job and you love it
7135s to see it
7138s let's see how team number one or team
7141s number three excuse me
7144s looks like they're gonna be able to go
7145s through their rotations here obviously
7147s there's these characters here I mean
7149s these players have really been able to
7150s do a good job of knowing exactly like
7152s what they need to do in certain
7153s situations here
7157s obviously team number one that I said
7160s earlier that I've misconstrued
7163s they know exactly what to do exactly
7167s and let's see what they can do and let's
7168s see what they can find here for the
7170s number one they've got a bounty on to
7173s somebody in team number three over there
7174s I do believe we're gonna see them use
7177s that Soldier there go ahead and get the
7178s full reset get a little buff going but
7180s it looks like they're gonna push on to
7182s team four instead of their Bounty here
7184s interesting choice from them here I
7187s don't know uh if they know anybody's
7188s over here or if they're just trying to
7190s stay away from the Bounty and not take
7191s fights right now they do have all of
7193s their ultimates available to them so
7194s they're in a good position to move on to
7197s a fight if they want to take it they do
7200s see the members of Team Four now and
7202s they are heavily going to engage on to
7204s Kopi and their team we're gonna see the
7206s staff come through these guys just
7208s chilling they're gonna back off of this
7211s they look like they wanted that smoke
7212s Dobby and all of a sudden they're just
7213s gonna back away from it listen sometimes
7216s that you can still want the smoke you
7217s just don't you just you just realize
7218s that right now the smoke isn't needed
7222s currently I don't need the smoke right
7224s now I would like to smoke but just not
7226s in this moment meanwhile Kobe trying to
7230s see if they can hold it together here
7231s inside of this as the ulti comes through
7232s and the fireball is able to connect a
7234s little bit the burnt damage able to do a
7235s lot for copier as it looks like it's
7237s still gonna be able to get hit again I
7239s have to be very careful in a lot of
7240s these instances here and obviously get
7241s shredded up all the yet again as the
7244s fire take damage just putting out a lot
7245s of work here and this is why you play
7246s Tarka this is exactly why you play
7248s Target for a moment like this and
7249s obviously even with that burn take
7251s obviously he's able to pop the ulti here
7252s and it looks like it's just gonna be a
7253s massive Chase
7255s they would go through for the retreat
7256s goes for the reset here tries to go a
7258s little bit for the defense but obviously
7259s a 1v3 with dangerously low health is
7261s just not practical and obviously we're
7263s able to get the able to get the dub
7264s they're able to get the finish and are
7266s you able to say see you later that's
7267s gonna be a GG's for him in this final
7269s game nice work though
7271s yeah team one's doing a really really
7273s good job here you know they went up top
7274s side uh all the way by yoshan ruins
7277s there they cleaned up multiple fights
7279s they kept letting teams come through the
7281s portals into them they would win those
7283s fights come out on top and now they've
7285s moved all the way to the south side of
7287s the map here and continue to just pick
7289s up elimination after elimination only a
7292s couple other uh full teams left here a
7294s single full team and then oh okay I was
7297s gonna think it was two players but no
7298s it's gonna be two solos two rats going
7300s around two full teams and uh Team three
7303s gonna evict the Tarka off the ballista
7305s here he gets a couple good shots in but
7306s that's all he can get as all of Team
7308s three pressure onto him and he is by
7310s himself team three looking to come over
7313s here trying to uh catch on to the darker
7315s here and darker really hoping he can
7317s find another team to run team three into
7319s here so he can stop being the target
7322s team three is going to keep the pressure
7325s up onto team number 12 here team one
7327s seems a little oblivious to What's
7329s Happening Here Antarctica is actually
7331s gonna run in to the blizzard here this
7334s could spell disaster for him because as
7336s soon as that cold comes through he's
7338s going to start losing old charge and
7339s he's going to need that old to get away
7341s he's just continuing to pop grapple
7344s after grapple in team three does not
7346s want to give up the chase even though
7347s they've got to chase him here through
7349s the cold Zone the grapples continue to
7351s come out Tarka with the dagger turning
7354s back around into the blizzard yet again
7357s team three really does not want to let
7359s him go but this target just breaking
7361s their ankles they haven't been able to
7363s catch on to them there we go we're gonna
7364s see the gravel come through but he's got
7366s the nice blue charge off of the dagger
7367s to keep the hits done from stopping him
7369s they're gonna catch up though finally
7371s get on top of him but he's keeping
7373s things moving this team about to lose
7376s their old charge if they continue to
7378s stay in the blizzard he runs into the
7380s Zone deeper into the blizzard and team
7382s three is having none of it
7387s having absolutely none of it though as
7391s nice little reset through a lot of this
7393s here is FC trying to see if they can run
7395s through this who do you think has the
7397s best uh momentum right now to win this
7400s potentially oh it's it's gonna be a team
7402s one over here um that team has
7404s absolutely just been mints and three
7406s teams oh my goodness look at this team
7407s three coming through underneath the hunt
7409s underneath player 12. who's just hanging
7412s from the ceiling they somehow don't see
7414s him they come back to Reliance gin must
7416s have heard him as he's coming back in
7418s and the Tarka on the run yet again and
7420s moves into the blizzard he knows team
7423s three is gonna need their ultimates for
7425s this final late game fight they cannot
7427s afford to keep chasing it through the
7430s blizzard that buff gonna go away for
7431s them uh that keeps them from losing
7434s their old charge and here it is team one
7435s the only other full team remaining here
7438s now engaged head to head here with team
7441s at number three gin able to catch a
7443s couple of players out here with that old
7445s charge on to zai but not able to hold on
7448s too much the temi ego trying to stick to
7450s a lion's gin and able to catch them out
7453s with a whisk there do a little bit of
7454s damage team one losing some of that
7457s momentum as the Tammy old doesn't buy
7459s them as much safety as they were hoping
7461s ego separated from the rest of the team
7463s we're gonna see now those whips coming
7465s through team one gonna lose one of those
7467s members it's now 1v2 the bow down vtn
7470s coming in with the merciles Havoc gonna
7472s start cleaning up multiple kills
7474s including one onto team three and one on
7476s to team one it's now a 2V1 B1 B1
7479s situation
7482s a lot of this here as it looks like uh
7485s number three just trying to hold on for
7487s as long as possible and number 12 also
7488s wants to try to see if they can join in
7490s on that action as well with this beat
7491s down towards this one player trying to
7493s keep it alive here and this man is like
7494s why are y'all don't like me what did I
7496s do as he's able to get the finish here
7498s and the shutdown it looks like they're
7500s gonna be able to go for the separation
7502s here doing a fantastic job of certain
7504s instances here but obviously he's able
7506s to get the shutdown in so many which
7507s weighs more than one
7510s hmm
7512s look this comes down to a 1v1 V1 here in
7516s the end four solo players left live in
7518s our Trio's game the blizzard common in
7521s strong we're gonna see oh my goodness
7523s look at this team three trying Against
7524s All Odds in the zone tick to get the
7526s resurrection here but the question is
7528s how do they get Jin alive once they get
7530s the resurrection off unfortunately ego
7532s sees it goes in throws the fireball
7534s cancels the res will pick up The Kill to
7537s the Zone tick as well
7539s Jail's ego here keeping the dream alive
7541s for team one it's a 1v1 V1 and ego with
7547s the ultimate available has got the buff
7549s as well catches a player from Team nine
7552s here about us metien in the Trap as well
7554s breaking his ankles giving ego the time
7556s to get the full reset he's hoping for
7558s he's got the buff to keep his ultimate
7560s alive here in the blizzard as well we
7561s see the trigger come through from ego
7563s which is gonna buy him some safety so he
7565s can get inside and start looking for
7567s that reset team 12 not wanting to give
7569s up the chase though will eat a bow shot
7572s to the face
7576s obviously the shutdown coming through
7578s has been absolutely incredible
7580s throughout a lot of this here
7583s 1v1 V1 very very surprising sometimes we
7586s don't realistically get these too often
7588s uh because obviously numbers is really
7590s the name of the game
7592s and obviously coming forth towards this
7594s one here let's see if uh
7596s maybe they're able to find that out
7599s able to get the instances going here is
7601s obviously still a whole lot more coming
7603s through here
7605s let's see if maybe they can find this
7607s out here
7608s FC goes for the repair on their stuff
7611s ego on the outskirts meet Dion all the
7614s way up top as well here
7617s you're gonna have to fight this out in
7618s some way shape or form here
7622s let's see if maybe they can't find it
7629s obviously going through with the
7631s Fireballs here trying to see if maybe
7632s they can have that oh
7639s it looks like methion is trying to see
7641s if they maybe they can hold it together
7642s here just waiting it out what are they
7644s waiting for they should be fighting this
7645s out there's no real reason to wait for
7647s this
7649s is just having fun here here we go as
7651s FC's gonna be able to come through with
7653s the first connection connection here
7656s it looks like he decides to back off
7657s doesn't necessarily want the smoke as
7658s much as he wanted to
7660s and a shot's gonna be able to Ricochet
7661s this and Fireball try to see if they can
7663s hit but it looks like the cannon not the
7664s cannon but
7666s looks like the one of them hits first
7667s trying to go a nice and high up in the
7670s air here as the eagle ends up getting
7671s doused and so does meet the on losing
7673s all of their Shield
7677s looks like nithyan is going to be able
7678s to get the shield off here you can go
7680s able to get the heel off as well here
7682s we're seeing the fight and tell him hey
7684s get out of my Hut
7687s thank you
7690s taking a look here ego's still holding
7693s it alive here nobody willing to give up
7695s ground here ego finding yet another
7697s reset in the corner here as uh the
7699s player from Team 12 here is still
7701s raiding shots uh with me Dion from Team
7704s about the ego once again gonna find a
7707s pot just out in the open man nobody
7710s wanting it to let themselves get
7711s punished here me Tiana trying to use
7713s that merciless habit gets buried team 12
7715s so they're tired of seeing it Michiana
7718s all of their legendary armor very
7720s quickly shredded off of them and the
7722s race is on as Zone Seven starts to
7724s collapse right now it's ego versus Team
7727s 12 versus me on ego coming in getting
7730s huge mileage off of these legendary
7732s nunchucks doing a ton of damage michian
7734s able to find a pot ego able to find a
7736s pot as well all of them going for the
7739s full reason here it's Tarka versus Tarka
7742s versus Tarka or no sorry akkos not Tarka
7745s for uh medium two attackers we're gonna
7748s see the Fireballs coming through Dion's
7751s just trying to use those hops to keep
7753s himself in the game ego wants to go as
7755s high as possible gonna get knocked down
7757s there though with the grapples ego in
7758s the middle of the Zone here wants to get
7760s away from mitian who's gonna throw that
7762s old out the fireball is coming in ego
7764s taking a ton of damage there on the back
7766s hit from the ultimate the fireball does
7768s connect but it's not gonna be enough
7769s nicheon picks up the elimination player
7772s 12 comes out on top
7775s oh it took him long enough to be able to
7777s figure that out here so I thought we
7779s were going to be here for another minute
7780s I was like okay huh you want some coffee
7782s what you want you want some if you want
7784s some snacks I thought it was gonna be a
7785s minute here but obviously you're getting
7787s that finish here
7788s absolutely amazing though to get that
7791s finish all the way towards this one to
7793s get the shutdown obviously it's gonna be
7795s a nice one here but ladies and gentlemen
7797s the Showmanship is over ladies and
7799s gentlemen for the new Showcase of the
7801s new character
7802s still got a lot more Happening Here
7804s throughout all of this
7809s and obviously we still got more to do
7811s though
7812s yeah absolutely great two games to
7814s Showcase I love this final fight man
7817s these three solo players just go and at
7820s it nobody wanting to let the other ones
7823s win man and it came down to an
7826s incredible final fight between those
7829s three players we love to see that energy
7832s and passion even when it's just coming
7834s through here in a showcase match right
7836s these guys didn't have to come here and
7838s play that hard but they're like nah man
7840s I'm here I'm on the big stage imma show
7843s everybody what I've got and man what a
7846s great showcase it was we love to see the
7848s brother and sister coming together uh of
7851s course Tarka and Zai just bring it out a
7853s little bit of the Aquos action I like to
7855s see temmie coming in as well we all love
7857s to see some tamole play uh coming in
7859s from these teams man it's just
7861s absolutely crazy the team comps that are
7865s gonna show up around this hero are gonna
7867s be absolutely wild Dobby
7870s absolutely wow them a lot of instances
7872s and obviously this game
7875s has been a absolutely insane finish here
7880s let's see if they can figure this out
7882s here with a lot more coming through and
7883s obviously the shutdown is only going to
7885s get a little bit more
7887s incredible
7889s as obviously they're able to find more
7891s stretches towards this but ladies and
7892s gentlemen we still have six games
7896s to have six more games coming through
7898s here is obviously
7900s it's going to be a good one folks and
7901s I'm excited
7904s oh yeah I mean this is what I'm looking
7907s forward to these games great happy we
7909s got to see these incredible showcase
7911s matches we got to see the new hero but
7913s Dobby you know I'm ready to get into
7915s these six games of solo and see who's
7917s gonna come out on top for our grand
7920s finals for the spring split it's it's
7923s already been wild the first six games
7924s absolutely incredible wpg spider is in
7928s seventh place four players who were like
7931s dominant in season one who like have
7934s played well but haven't really like had
7937s that dominant presence throughout the
7939s rest of the seasons coming back at the
7941s very top of the list aow's Mike GG Shaw
7944s but Wang Liang of course our boy wolves
7947s Kai bow you know those are four players
7950s that in season one man it seemed like
7952s every time we came down and we were
7955s talking about the best of the best in
7956s season one it was those four players and
7959s then you know I don't know what happened
7960s spider joins The Meta we go to Worlds
7962s new Heroes get released right you know
7964s know Mike has to take a six-month Hiatus
7968s um some of the some of the teams change
7969s up and stuff and we just kind of lose
7972s sight of these players and now all of a
7974s sudden here we are they're like you know
7975s what season one we're at the Grand
7978s finals it's time it's time to take the
7981s limiter off if you will open those flood
7983s gates we're coming in hot we're coming
7986s in heavy we don't care we're gonna show
7988s people that we are still the best of the
7990s best and it's been a wild ride again man
7993s if if you have not seen the first six
7997s games of Grand Final solos telling you
7999s right now you need to go watch the VOD
8001s go watch game number five because it was
8003s insane taking a look here at some of the
8005s replays from our last showcase game here
8007s see the replays
8009s so cool just comes in bop bop bop all
8012s the members of JT near team nine coming
8014s in clutch here in this absolute cluster
8018s of a fight that happened here in bloom
8020s Castle this was wild man this was a
8021s complete Fiesta I mean all these players
8023s these tarkas coming in another's eye
8025s coming back in oh my goodness absolutely
8028s love it but uh ladies and Gentlemen We
8031s Are Gonna Take just a short break before
8034s we come back and lock in for our six
8036s games of solos here for our grand finals
8039s don't go anywhere we're gonna be back
8041s with all the action
8044s [Music]
8048s all right
8049s [Music]
8057s I can't eat
8059s I can't sleep
8064s because the closer I get to finding her
8068s the more scared I am
8076s scared of what she's become
8080s scared of seeing the face of my baby
8083s sister
8084s Twisted by the nightmare she's had to
8087s endure
8095s scared she's so broken she could never
8098s recover
8117s foreign
8127s [Music]
8136s but then I remember
8138s no matter what's happened
8141s no matter what pain and torment have
8144s beaten her down
8150s she will always be my sister
8173s thank you
8193s thank you
8195s foreign
8203s [Music]
8229s foreign
8269s foreign
8285s [Music]
8300s [Music]
8310s [Music]
8326s thank you
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8396s thank you
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8461s thank you
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8492s [Music]
8505s [Music]
8539s [Music]
8587s thank you
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8601s thank you
8602s [Music]
8635s launches
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8845s [Music]
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8859s thank you
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8868s [Music]
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8925s [Music]
8934s foreign
8976s ladies and gentlemen
8979s yes sir we're about to get ready to lock
8982s in for six high impact High intense
8986s games of naraka Blade point for your
8988s final viewing pleasure of the spring
8991s finals I am your host Javier and I'm
8993s accompanied by Rune keeper as we're
8995s about to lock it in for one last round
8998s it's day two of our spring finals and
9001s obviously as you saw from the trailer
9002s the hype is here the momentum is
9005s incredible and spider
9007s and Mike is going at it Head to Head
9010s currently Mike is looking really good
9012s his spider is uh a little bit tied up in
9014s his own web he's he's like you know he's
9016s got his arm up here he's got another arm
9018s down here his leg is up hold on let me
9022s is his leg is like up here I don't know
9025s if you see my knee he's like up here
9026s somewhere he's like I need to
9029s figure out how to get out of this little
9031s predicament that I'm in it's you know
9033s he's got one free leg on the left side
9035s he's like kicking he's like trying to
9037s ah
9040s you know he's he's trying to reach for
9043s something
9044s um to to go through what he wants to now
9047s obviously
9048s with how the rest of these games has
9050s gone here a lot of these players have
9052s been very surprising right to see Kai
9053s Balan top four uh has been also
9056s incredible as well I know you're a big
9058s fan of Teen Wolf so I know you're very
9060s excited to finally see wolves really get
9062s a chance to be in that top five the way
9063s the way that they deserve to now
9066s as for everybody else
9068s it's been a little bit of a Struggle Bus
9070s some of these players here we've been
9071s very surprised to see all the way at the
9072s very bottom of the leaderboard but at
9074s the top though are we really surprised
9076s not really but to see spider down in the
9079s halfway mark is like we said before
9081s listen I had a full-blown argument with
9082s this man early okay listen he's been in
9085s this situation before the fact that he's
9086s in seventh place isn't necessarily a bad
9088s thing okay there's still room for him to
9090s grow now you see the excitement in my
9092s voice you see how excited like I am oh
9095s okay
9096s ladies and gentlemen this is going to be
9098s a very good sixth set of I'm sorry like
9101s you know what roon
9103s talk to me your thoughts about these
9105s next six games the expectations coming
9107s into
9108s excitement and all the aggression what
9110s are you expecting to see out of these
9111s next six games look I'm just as excited
9113s as you are right I love you I I talk a
9117s lot about spider I talk a lot about of
9118s his mental first of all I I've said it
9120s before I'm gonna say it again his mental
9122s as a player has improved so much over
9126s this spring split season you've seen it
9128s you you've watched him learn lessons as
9132s they're happening to him right as a
9134s player he's only got more room to
9138s continue to grow does he still struggle
9140s with that mental sometimes absolutely
9142s but he's much much better about it so
9144s I've got to give him his dues where he's
9146s earned him you know what I mean but I
9148s love to see spider in the situation he's
9151s in right now he's had a full day to get
9154s that mental reset he's got six more
9156s games to come back in for this is where
9159s spider is gonna start he's gonna pull it
9161s all out right
9162s if he can find that momentum in game one
9165s it's gonna be a really really close day
9169s at the end of the day we've got those
9171s six games coming at you of course
9172s there's more style Hollow Roth more Silo
9174s take a short little break and come back
9176s more so I'll holler off Morris aisle but
9178s man spider has got a lot of work to do
9181s but I'm excited for the day and not just
9185s because I think he's gonna you know come
9186s out and try to bring out all the stocks
9188s which is always great but we've got four
9191s players at the very tippity top first of
9193s all of course AOW Mike came back from
9195s his Hiatus this season that's a whole
9198s thing AOW Mike versus wbg spider but
9201s we've got three other players in the top
9203s four right now who used to be always
9206s sitting there in the top contention
9210s coming back alive here finally at the
9213s end of the spring split and of course
9215s we're talking about Gigi Shaw xcg's Wang
9217s Liang two players who were always duking
9221s it out in season one and then of course
9222s wolves kaibao one of those players
9224s always in that top five space during
9226s season one these guys know that spider's
9229s gonna you know be looking to put them
9232s under the gun today so they're gonna
9233s come out swinging just as hard as wbg
9236s spider is and all that means for us to
9239s get to be here to cast these games and
9241s watch them from home means the games are
9243s going to be absolutely insane today and
9246s I expect nothing less from these players
9248s taking a look here aw Mike extend to the
9250s top 45 points
9253s second place GG shot 37.5 third place
9256s xcg's Wang Liang 32.8 and then fourth
9259s place wolves kaibao with a 30.6 the only
9262s three players breaking at 30 points
9264s after their first six games Kaylee fong
9267s in fifth place J teams action and six
9270s and the wbg spider all the way down in
9272s seventh with a
9274s 24.4 he can still walk away the champion
9278s I don't think anybody it's never smart
9280s to bet bet against wbg spider at all
9283s right
9285s he could still walk away champion
9287s no I've said that for a long time it's
9290s never smart to bet against a man that
9293s said he's got a lot of work to do today
9295s he's realistically two very good games
9298s behind arw's mic
9303s even with that amount of momentum though
9305s Also let's go back to looking at the
9306s spring final gift collection here ladies
9308s gentlemen
9309s if you don't have your naraka blade
9310s Point link I suggest you do because the
9312s more that you watch the stream the more
9314s drops that you receive there is extra
9317s Treasures you'll also get to such as the
9318s Reckoning treasure the legendary Choice
9320s game from the spring split Lucky Box
9324s on top of this you also get some extra
9325s silk you also get some more taste some
9328s ink as well so as as long as you are
9331s here and as long as you are watching it
9332s as long as you have your account linked
9334s you will be earning more stuff towards
9335s your account as we go further along into
9338s tonight now obviously
9340s coming into this and looking into the
9341s final standings from a lot of these
9342s players here very surprised to see one
9344s fly 10th Place uh panaman uh 23.2 a
9348s little higher than expected to be honest
9350s with you coming into this T225 a very
9352s popular player amongst uh the rest of
9354s the casting team so far T225 has been a
9357s big favorite so to see him in eighth
9358s place a little bit surprising here
9360s obviously Zhang Yu yay Ron down at the
9362s bottom here I mean these are some
9363s players that absolutely fought and they
9365s loses brackets to really get back into
9366s this tops game and then obviously seeing
9369s ex-gen
9370s in that sixth place kla's Fang in a 26.4
9374s and a 25.5 coming in friction a little
9376s bit surprising knowing that KLX Fang is
9378s the king of consistency right he is the
9380s king of really being able to put himself
9382s in a lot of great situations getting
9383s from third parties but
9386s [Laughter]
9390s did I not remember saying that Gigi Shaw
9395s the moment he gets back into this game
9396s he's going to be a thorn in the back of
9398s aow's mic he's gonna just pick hope
9402s did I not say this now look at this 36
9404s points less than you know we're gonna
9407s save it eight nine points behind
9411s when it comes to
9413s Gigi Shah but Gigi Shah has been the
9417s person that is aow's Mike's Kryptonite
9420s this is a problem for Mike knowing that
9423s he is in that second place he is in that
9424s slot here that is perfect it is exactly
9426s where he needs to be now for the rest of
9430s the other players right wbg spider
9432s included they still have to work with
9434s the momentum of what they got now
9436s going into these first games there's
9438s gonna be some aggression off the top
9441s no hesitation there's going to be fights
9443s to be honest with you it's either going
9444s to be fights or at least these first two
9445s games I think everybody's gonna play a
9447s little bit more safe I wouldn't be
9449s surprised just because everybody wants
9451s to last those extra rank points are
9453s gonna be very important in terms of your
9454s placement it's massive those four points
9456s are big that will change the game
9458s whether for you being like you know
9460s let's say you have two kills and you're
9461s in like 10th place and then you get a
9463s dub let's say you get one or more
9464s elimination that can put you up there in
9465s like top five easily just because you
9467s ended up getting that dumb you get one
9468s more elimination now as for the other
9470s ones though
9472s we still have more to go now and
9474s speaking of that though we're going to
9476s take you guys to a quick video because
9478s um yeah alw's Mike's got something to
9480s say and uh they pretty
9483s thank you
9484s foreign
9523s foreign
9531s aow's Mike there giving us a little bit
9534s of insight into where his head's at
9536s right now and you know the confidence
9537s coming off of Mike I love to hear it
9540s love to see it because that's where Mike
9541s excels when he comes in and he plays
9543s confident man he does some absolutely
9546s wild things and you know I was singing
9547s his Praises during day number one Dobby
9550s you know his first game he gets to that
9553s final Circle and you know what Mike's
9555s known for he's known for that aggression
9557s right Dobby but he's in final Circle he
9560s hasn't been able to find purple armor
9561s for himself yet and that's a bad
9563s situation to be in in final Circle and
9567s he continues to play aggressive and
9569s because he's aggressive He makes himself
9571s a Target they realize he's got that blue
9573s armor and then obviously everybody in
9575s the lobby dogs him down the one bad game
9578s he had was game one and it wasn't even a
9581s bad game he made it to final you know
9583s top Circle the problem was was his
9586s aggression costume because he was in a
9589s situation where he didn't have blue
9590s armor game two he finds himself in the
9593s exact same situation and he completely
9596s changes his playstyle when he gets that
9598s final Circle he realizes hey my
9600s aggression cost me in game one we need
9602s to adapt and overcome while we still
9605s keep that confidence going that's what
9607s we see him do in game number two game
9608s number two he gets the final Circle he
9611s pokes other players out but never
9614s aggressively goes on to them because he
9616s knows if he does that He makes himself a
9619s Target and as soon as they see he's got
9620s blue armor they're not gonna stop
9622s dogging him down because of that he
9624s comes out on top in game number two
9626s great situation for him to be in he gets
9629s a lot more points and then just from
9631s there he plays so consistently for the
9633s rest of the day if anybody deserves to
9635s become an incompetent today it's aow's
9637s mic
9641s 12K damage coming in at 2.3 average
9643s eliminations for t228 sitting in an
9646s eighth place spot here
9648s it's pretty decent in terms of where you
9650s should be I always say when it comes to
9652s those those two days in those finals
9654s here if you get yourself in that very
9656s center position but also at the same
9658s time if you're a little bit higher you
9659s will look good coming into the next
9661s games now obviously you obviously want
9662s to be in that top five here but in
9664s reality as long as you're not down
9665s towards the very bottom you have a
9667s massive chance in order to getting that
9668s dub accident sixth place take 2.1
9671s eliminations and less than 5 000 damage
9673s I mean xgen also doing the exact same
9675s thing as well here they're able to put
9676s in a lot more uh movement here towards
9678s this next space here and exit has
9680s definitely been an absolute problem
9681s especially throughout this season I mean
9682s look at the crowd look at the excitement
9683s coming in J team support coming through
9685s we love to see it about to get ready to
9687s lock in for our game number one is that
9690s even see one of the players you're
9691s sitting in in the in the crowd showing
9693s some love
9694s love to see when even some of the other
9696s players here can also be able to sit
9697s down and also watch a lot of the
9698s momentum here but it's still stressful
9700s for a lot of them as one fly 10th Place
9702s 10.3 average eliminations and eight
9704s thousand plus damage coming through a
9707s long fly another player that really
9708s surprisingly out of nowhere came back
9711s out of retirement not really retirement
9713s I'm just saying like because I wanted to
9714s sound a little more spicy out of
9715s retirement Hawaii decided I'm back in
9717s this game comes through in the losers
9719s bracket destroys and then decides hey
9722s I'm back here into the finals just like
9724s that for a spring final so does Huang
9726s fly have a lot of that OG
9728s um
9729s structure to be able to capture his
9731s first place slot I don't know we'll have
9732s to see in the next six games but
9733s obviously even with that alone right we
9736s still have three top contenders I think
9738s we need to still pay attention to and if
9739s anything I'm gonna say four right now
9740s because honestly kla's Fang is a very
9742s powerful character I think KLA is so
9745s good in a lot of instances that we sleep
9746s on him he is that one guy that really
9748s he's the one guy that sits outside and
9751s he looks outside the window and most
9752s anime protagonist shows uh 1.5 average
9755s kills 9 400 plus damage coming in from
9757s Rexy Rexy in 11th place not a great spot
9759s for him but it's still nonetheless a
9761s spot for him to be in Rexy has been a
9764s very showstopper throughout this season
9766s here but sadly just hasn't really been
9768s able to produce a lot of those
9769s eliminations that he really wants to
9770s throughout this season he has yet to get
9773s a dub really uh but he has had those
9774s very close calls here but is today going
9777s to be the day that maybe he pops off
9779s it's going to be interesting to see
9780s where he goes meanwhile looking back at
9782s another player here that really has put
9784s in a lot of work we have been surprised
9786s by shizank's performance here so Zhang
9789s has been back and forth up and down the
9791s Richter Scout we've seen this man win
9793s two games back to back we have seen him
9795s be at the very bottom of the leaderboard
9796s to the very bottom slums of Bikini
9798s Bottom meanwhile he's at the bottom here
9800s in terms of this final set but we have
9802s seen him in the top six
9804s as much as possible I mean has been all
9807s over the place this man has been more
9809s faster than a Cadillac driving across
9811s Santa Claus
9813s San Diego lines okay it's absolutely
9816s insane Meanwhile we're gonna lock this
9817s in for a game number one I am absolutely
9819s excited ladies and Gentlemen let's lock
9821s this in let's see which characters are
9823s going to be picked for our first games
9824s here and who is going to be choosing
9826s what because obviously these first three
9828s games are gonna be very vital so let's
9830s see what happens Dobby I'm gonna need
9832s you to take a deep breath before you
9833s drive that Cadillac off the side take a
9836s look here at our hero picks locking in
9838s we got a lot of various shade coming
9841s through we got a lot of zeping here in
9843s game number one as well this is really
9846s interesting I expected to see some
9849s Justina picks here in game number one
9851s that's kind of been the go-to for a lot
9854s of these players in solos especially on
9856s the dawn map where they have access to
9858s those fireflies but instead we're seeing
9860s zipping coming in these players
9862s apparently looking to go ahead and get
9863s their zipping game out of the way we're
9865s seeing that various shade come in and
9867s we're seeing one Matari getting locked
9870s in J team's action still favoring that
9872s Matari and you know it's been so good to
9875s see Matari come back into the meta this
9876s is going to be a very
9878s very interesting Lobby will the mech or
9881s the Healer be the one who's able to
9883s clutch out the final Circle for game
9886s number one here and you know my eyes are
9889s on wbg spider when he came into season
9892s two and had his absolutely dominating
9894s record-breaking performance he did it on
9897s the back of Z ping so let's see if he
9899s can continue that sort of trend here in
9902s game number one but Dobby tell me about
9904s these Landing zones baby man The Landing
9906s zones is definitely going to be the
9908s exact opposite of what I just said and I
9910s thought everybody's gonna spread out but
9911s I am absolutely wrong GG's and J team
9913s immediately is going to hop in here
9914s meanwhile aow's Mike and oug is
9916s immedially gonna start absolutely duking
9918s it out meanwhile xcg and jdg is gonna
9920s fight this out as wbg spiders gonna take
9922s the top spot all the way near vintage
9924s basically near that Riverside on the
9926s outskirts of Lake Yellow Leaf meanwhile
9929s right side it's gonna be two other
9930s players landing at least towards the
9932s south side of the tower meanwhile that's
9934s gonna be their win Shrine that's gonna
9936s be a very favorite in a lot of these
9937s areas here and obviously we're gonna see
9939s what about his players heading all the
9941s way towards shipwreck's expanse and we
9943s have one player in your deserted
9945s graveyard so there's gonna be a lot of
9946s immediately immediate fights coming into
9948s this let's hope that maybe they find
9950s their at least quick uh quick Shields
9952s quick
9953s um uh fines for some of these weapons
9956s and then immediately start to go in the
9957s ladies and gentlemen game number one
9958s game seven of our finals our grand
9962s spring of finals here as caniman could
9965s potentially be sought here by aow's Mike
9967s but decides they need to start to go
9968s through and try to find it look at the
9970s crowd look at the excitement coming in
9972s the rocket blade point is here ladies
9973s and gentlemen and the spring finals are
9975s gonna get underway as GG Shaw causing
9977s problems immediately for T25 already
9978s eliminating so much of their Shield gets
9980s the parents gets the fetish and GG Shaw
9983s just shuts down T25 and doesn't even
9985s care what a start wow I'm sorry I I
9988s don't know if he will owe you money
9990s maybe he owed you uh oh that was a
9994s little disgusting meanwhile action ends
9995s up getting sent on the outside of your
9997s GG shot could be potentially go for the
9998s two-piece here he absolutely finished
10000s him off which is absolute disgust
10002s meanwhile actually I'm gonna be able to
10003s try to see if he can go forward towards
10005s it
10005s the pole sword trying to see if he can
10007s get some connectivity but it looks like
10008s the bow is gonna connect from a third
10010s party here potentially you don't
10011s necessarily know where that's coming
10012s from as GG Shaw's gonna get some nice
10013s suits on exit action having no Shield
10015s basically into this is gonna have to put
10017s in a lot more a lot more work on the GG
10018s Shaw but it looks like it doesn't matter
10019s his long sword action is gonna be
10021s absolutely detrimental for GG Shaw
10023s hitting those nice hits though from
10025s Exton looks like the charge coming
10026s through trying to see if they charge it
10027s up beautiful hit towards this one
10029s getting hit the Finish though on to X
10030s shinier he does have that bow so he does
10032s have the opportunity beautiful backflip
10033s from the f is gonna be able to get the
10035s shutter and gets the finish and it gets
10037s the two piece GG saw starting off strong
10039s here immediately as we look at alw's
10041s Michael our number one competitor for
10043s our final spring finals is aow's Mike is
10045s caught in between two players Kaiba and
10047s yaron trying to see if they can cause
10048s some issues kaibal dangerously low yaron
10050s wants to try to see if you can get a
10051s free elimination but kaibo's not gonna
10053s give it to him it ends up immediately
10054s popping the ulti gets in the mega
10056s decides to go out faster than
10057s overwatching Diva meanwhile able to see
10060s if they can figure it out but it's not
10061s gonna be enough as alw's mic comes
10062s through and says bring that booty here
10065s you're not not going anywhere meanwhile
10067s gabron able to hold it maybe for an
10069s opportunity but it's not gonna be enough
10071s as Mike might be able to potentially go
10072s there beautiful reset from dayron here
10074s but still he's getting absolutely sliced
10076s and dice is going to be able to call his
10077s call it immediately towards it let's see
10079s if he's gonna be able to pop his load it
10080s looks like he'll have the time for it
10081s yes he will as he does get some hits
10083s decides not to be able to go for the
10085s fight goals only in goals on the inside
10087s goes for the reshield and immediately is
10089s gonna pop some cannon shots here and
10091s obviously a Ron is gonna be able to go
10092s for the re-heel and goes for the reset
10096s as those cannon shots Dr Ricochet right
10098s on the aow's Mike trying to keep it
10099s alive here and obviously not trying to
10101s get hit by the futuristicates of this
10102s Mayo W's might getting shredded by some
10105s of those hits though from the ulti of
10106s yeyron and it looks like the euron
10108s depletion is gonna be there but here
10109s comes Gigi Shaw this could be absolutely
10111s massive for him to be able to steal this
10112s elimination beautiful defense on each
10114s side here but now it looks like
10115s everybody's gonna decide to scatter this
10116s out meanwhile it would have used my kids
10118s I'm getting caught in the back stretch
10119s off of GG shot GG shot like I said
10121s before what did I say before GG shot is
10123s going to be a sword in Mike this is a
10125s whole six game he's gonna be absolutely
10126s annoying and I hope he does he's gonna
10128s be absolutely he's gonna be more
10129s annoying than every younger sister
10131s that's just poking trying to get
10132s somebody by somebody's Barbie doll can I
10133s get it can I get it can is it my turn my
10135s turn is my turn meanwhile heyow's Mike
10137s immediately gets carried by yayron gets
10139s juggled on both sides GG shot could use
10141s this as an opportunity but the heels
10142s coming in coming through from Z pink
10144s could keep him alive a little while
10145s longer beautiful defense on each side
10147s here as aoow's Mike is at a disadvantage
10149s here and is going to try to see if he
10150s can retweet this as long as possible but
10152s he ends up popping the bubble keeps it
10153s on each side yayron able to hold it a
10155s little bit longer GG saw trying to see
10157s if he can hit some shots with the bow
10158s but it's not gonna be enough is he able
10160s to come through the inside and go for
10161s the reset
10162s aow's Mike here going absolutely wild
10165s here able to pick up that first
10166s elimination but like you said shock
10168s coming in being an absolute Thorn inside
10170s and shot is off to a tear at the start
10173s of this game two eliminations under
10174s their belt already they just went in on
10176s to teach you two five early like you
10178s said like 225 owed the man Money Mike
10181s coming in here with the bubble trying to
10183s find a little bit of Advantage with that
10184s pole sword shredding most of the bubble
10186s off a real fast ewg he runs still here
10188s gonna find the turnaround but able to
10191s pick up the elimination with the charge
10192s vertical off of the long search euron
10195s not happy about that turn of events at
10197s all but Sean looking to turn it around
10198s goes for the carousel but we see Rion
10200s use the app to get away from his shot
10202s very very low right now the pillar
10204s coming down from year on shock trying to
10207s play around his pillar doesn't want to
10208s play too risky here gonna go ahead and
10210s Mecca goes for the cannon gonna try to
10212s keep Iran off of their pillar not able
10214s to find it looking to get a reset here
10216s but we're gonna see immediately
10218s you're on coming in tearing through with
10221s those shots Shaw able to find a little
10225s bit of a reset here gonna find another
10227s punch just in time jumps away from the
10229s cannon gonna go Cannon for Cannon but
10231s year on finds the first shot Sean not
10234s able to make it happen another shot
10236s coming through from year on year on
10238s playing this textbook shot able to find
10240s one shot before the hold goes down he
10242s run looking for one more not able to
10244s find it the old goes down and the Hunt
10246s is on GG shot versus year on Miss times
10249s the Perry forced to use the up again
10251s shot going to Airborne here yeeron is
10253s hungry for this elimination very not
10257s happy about the fact that Shaw comes in
10258s at the last second and takes that
10260s elimination away from him oh my God the
10263s parent coming through from shot the
10264s follow-up with the Pulsar but year on
10266s with the F yet again the fight keeps
10268s going the Zone comes in Huron gonna be
10270s forced to back away here look Perry
10272s coming in from Sean again and saw cleans
10274s up their fourth elimination of game
10276s number one GG Shaw playing app
10278s absolutely out of his mind currently in
10280s the first game here obviously aow's Mike
10282s is still playing for the long term
10283s hereby GG shots playing for the now
10285s obviously seeing every every app
10288s absolute opportunity that he can wbg
10290s spider is trying to hold it together
10291s keeping himself beautifully calm here in
10293s the situation as Rexy is being
10294s absolutely destroyed here by this case
10296s that we call the spider immediately
10298s coming through the bubbles gonna be able
10299s to go through it and so does the
10301s Beautiful Finish though as obviously the
10302s bubble's gonna get absolutely popped and
10304s depleted here and it looks like now it's
10305s just going to be a massive Chase here as
10307s a spider is going to try to see if he
10308s can catch him inside of his web to catch
10309s his elimination this could be massive
10311s for him as he absolutely needs this he
10313s already has one so getting the second
10314s elimination could be absolutely big for
10316s him here that looks like he's gonna wait
10317s for the opportunity to cast him on the
10319s inside if he does way too
10323s I'm at a beautiful point when he can
10325s capture the opportunity and the
10327s elimination finish meanwhile Taylor's
10329s fangs bad guys again with one fly the
10331s new G versus the OG well technically the
10332s both ogs if you think about it KLH Spang
10334s both of them having their mechs ready to
10336s go here as one ends up popping there's a
10337s little bit two immediately into this
10339s dangerously low he's gonna be able to
10340s send it out but obviously trying to
10342s catch him in the no ultimate but one fly
10344s is gonna be gonna be able to get out of
10346s it just in the lick of time for KLA to
10348s be able to go through with the prayer
10349s gets the finish and obviously we're
10351s gonna see people Landing inside as the
10353s bird call comes in and the realm of Yang
10355s is going to be opened meanwhile UG and
10356s GS that means it's gonna be uh T225
10359s versus Panda man inside of our first
10361s realm of Yang for our game number seven
10364s meanwhile
10365s let's see if we can capture this amount
10367s of momentum here as panaman's gonna be
10369s able to find it looks like he's gonna be
10370s able to connect potentially one of the
10371s both shots here actually misses both as
10373s it looks like they're gonna be able to
10374s hit the Cannons as well towards this and
10376s it looks like the charges on each side
10377s here the question is who's gonna connect
10378s first out of this looks like t245 Mrs
10381s Hayes the question is does he hit his no
10382s it's unfortunate though as a spear is
10384s gonna be able to connect and to this is
10385s the one immediately coming through both
10387s of the shields gonna be able to help and
10388s so does the bubble as it looks like he's
10389s gonna be able to call in sends Panama on
10391s each side of this one able to hold it
10392s for as long as possible but the heels is
10394s gonna be able to help Hannah man keep
10395s himself alive as he possibly can go for
10397s the reset but decides not to and decides
10399s to put the pressure right on the T225
10400s meanwhile immediately calls out the ulti
10402s could potentially move on from this what
10404s is this movement
10405s this man is moving like a Michael
10406s Jackson video unbelievable I see two two
10409s five trying to see if he can find it
10410s here with the amount of hits as well
10412s you'll been hit back
10415s obviously able to fight it's smooth
10417s criminal
10426s though as it looks like he's got one
10428s more hit towards his Cannon maybe even
10429s two maybe even three but it's not gonna
10431s be enough as he ends up losing the
10433s depletion of it and now it's just a
10434s one-on-one model remodel beautiful call
10436s coming through with a bubble but it's
10437s not gonna be enough and c225 is going to
10439s be able to create that pressure right on
10440s the piano man Panama they would hold it
10442s together but it's not gonna be enough
10442s since they're both gonna die from the
10445s realm of Yang they took too long no one
10446s could decide a winner just like that the
10448s realm of Yang did decide for themselves
10450s meanwhile Wang Lee ain't able to fight
10452s this out 19 seconds left on the clock
10453s both of them still trying to find out a
10455s little bit more shield on Wang Liang
10457s here but dangerously long exit and this
10458s could be massive form 13 seconds left on
10460s the clock they both are gonna have to
10461s watch out for this could we both see a
10463s double elimination from the realm of
10464s Yang could they get up four eliminations
10465s just like that well dangerously trying
10467s to find him it looks like action might
10469s be able to capture the advantage or Wang
10471s man trying to hold on for as long as
10472s possible but it's not gonna be enough as
10474s action just in the lick of time two
10476s seconds left on the clock action is able
10479s to capture the elimination and get the
10480s rewards under the realm of gang
10482s absolutely wild realm of yangs here for
10486s our first game at things going crazy
10488s turning back to GG Shadow this could be
10491s bad for shot shot there's no
10493s Resurrection left available on the board
10494s they're so low luckily inside celestra
10496s they've got the dagger they're going to
10497s try to use their scale rushes gotta
10499s break some ankles here because Shaw has
10501s got to find their way back into the game
10502s but spider shows up with the red scenes
10505s where shy is shot with the dagger on the
10507s dashes keeping it moving here needs to
10509s break these ankles needs to find even a
10512s single pot reset here because of one
10514s decent rain shots all it's gonna take
10516s for shot to go down some nice tricky
10518s movement there trips up wbg spider has
10521s no idea where he is Shaw finds the armor
10523s Swap and the pot spider coming in oh my
10526s God shot going so low but he's still got
10528s a chance here gonna see the F come out
10531s trying to pop it but the Perry from
10532s spider that's gonna be it no oh my God
10534s stop still alive somebody stop this man
10537s he's insane he's losing his mind right
10539s now keeping it going breaking ankles
10542s left and right here he gets inside but
10544s the long fly is right there the ulti
10547s comes out a little bit of a heel comes
10549s in for Shaw oh my goodness it's absolute
10552s madness here in Sylvester shot gonna
10554s find another reset Against All Odds
10556s Gigi's shot is still alive here inside
10560s celestra wbg spider bout us won't fly
10563s it's just a fiesta and Shaw gets the
10567s full reset against the odds this is
10570s insane this man is playing out of his
10573s absolute mind today he wants a
10576s championship so bad he can taste it
10578s Dobby
10581s a lot of it being absolutely incredible
10583s here and meanwhile Gigi Shaw still in
10585s the lead with this fine
10589s as he's able to capture it in many
10590s different instances let's see how he can
10593s find this out here there's still a whole
10594s lot Happening Here with more and more of
10596s this coming down
10599s obviously able to put it together and
10600s piece it by piece it little by little
10602s here
10603s still a whole lot happening here towards
10605s this
10608s obviously able to do a lot more as aow's
10610s Mike is trying to see if they can find
10612s any more
10614s than what they can
10617s obviously AOW is Mike able to rotate
10619s this out here as it looks like it's
10620s gonna be another fine here as GG Shaw is
10623s able to just hold strong here as Wang
10624s Liang looks like he's gonna be able to
10625s go for the Chase and it looks like it's
10626s between him and wgbg spider
10629s question is is he gonna be able to
10631s capture him he's having a tough time to
10633s it it looks like he finally does is it
10634s looks like he's gonna be able to go back
10635s towards it hits him on the outskirts
10637s here and catches the meanwhile GG Shaw
10639s finds an open opportunity but decides
10640s not to call it
10642s out of it
10644s let's say Wang Liang here just trying to
10646s keep the chase but it's really hard
10647s inside so let's just over to T225 here
10651s going to head to head with oud Fan Man
10652s both of them rocking the staff here
10654s panaman able to find a little bit of
10657s control of the neutral there T225 can be
10659s forced to pop the end of a panda man
10660s follows it right back up dg25 though
10662s with a massive Harry into the aerial
10664s combo the hot swap into the Breakthrough
10666s Panama taking a ton of damage gonna be
10668s forced to pop the old key here TG to
10670s five sends him into the Zone with a hot
10672s swap for the second time and tt25 cleans
10676s up the elimination on the panda man
10678s making it look textbook meanwhile back
10681s in celestra xcg's Wang Liang with the
10683s Yang depletion has got 57 seconds left
10686s to find himself a soul Bloom Kaylee's
10689s fan gonna show up looking to offer an
10691s opportunity here Wang Liang has got to
10693s play his mind out here there's so many
10696s places for these players to run he's got
10698s to risk it for the biscuit if he wants
10700s to keep his game number one alive here
10702s Fang trying to come in tries to bait the
10704s pair
10705s gets the read though holding on drops
10707s the pillar gonna go for it there it goes
10710s the prideful coming in wearing away with
10712s needs one more hit but Fang gonna start
10714s using the scale rushes here we go trying
10716s to break the ankles to Wang Lin he's
10718s gonna get the grapple up but Wang Lin in
10720s Hot Pursuit he just needs a couple more
10723s hits here on to bang and he'll be back
10726s in this game but bang giving him the
10728s business here with the dagger the
10729s workaround inside celestra those ankles
10732s seem to be hurting because duang Liang
10734s his entire hopes and dreams of staying
10737s alive slowly ticking away two seconds
10739s left remaining he's gonna find himself
10741s going into the Zone there's nothing he
10743s can do it's Kayla's bang takes the
10745s elimination
10750s kla's bang finally able to find himself
10753s one elimination into this game
10756s of Madness that's being swept in so many
10758s different areas here as Jose is just
10760s trying to see if he can run around and
10762s trying to get caught out it looks like
10763s the entire lobbyist here inside the
10765s center of celestra here meanwhile he
10767s finds KLA Spang on the inside trying to
10769s see I don't know what he was doing but
10770s he necessarily just stood there
10773s as yayron looks like he's gonna be able
10774s to go towards the rotation it's wbg
10776s spider right behind him look at the
10779s movement coming through here not using
10781s all of their momentum on me look at the
10782s slide speed coming through spider can
10785s barely keep up
10787s jayron's able to see if maybe he can
10789s clutch through and see if he can find
10790s any more momentum since GG Shaw is able
10793s to hold strong a little bit more towards
10794s this all the way up top here for
10795s eliminations a beautiful start for him
10797s in here into this circle here Circle
10799s three minute and 40 seconds left on
10801s clock here aow's Mike is trying to see
10803s if maybe he can conjure up one more
10804s elimination into this uh Circle here
10807s still a lot of momentum as yaron it
10808s looks like bang looks like they finally
10809s able to catch up with each other
10811s beautiful hits coming through as the
10812s ulti starts to come through it looks
10814s like he's also going to pull out theirs
10815s as well
10816s and it looks like the mech starts to see
10818s if he can come through with this one it
10819s ends up almost hitting a wbg spider out
10821s of the rotation here but
10823s dangerously low here it's not going to
10825s be enough as he ends up coming through
10827s in wbg spider actually comes through and
10829s snatches the elimination away that's his
10830s third elimination into this game Here
10832s and Now ladies and gentlemen my man wbg
10836s spider is cooking I think he's
10838s officially found his little bit of a
10839s stride and let's see if I'm correct as
10842s shazing looks like he's gonna find a
10843s safe space for himself here all the way
10845s up top those for the hide goals for the
10847s shield goals for the heels and Emily's
10849s gonna go for the quick reset here the
10850s AWS Mike is up top that Blue Shield
10852s still trying to push onwards towards WB
10854s just spider not giving him too much of a
10855s place to go as looks like he's gonna
10857s call for with the bubble going for the
10859s shield all he needs is a little bit to
10861s keep the game alive for himself and
10862s obviously he's able to pop it off goes
10863s for the quick reveal it gets the gets
10866s the shutter and obviously is able to go
10868s for the retreat here still able to move
10870s consistently here not fully able not
10872s fully using all of their Shield here but
10874s that Mystic might coming in from GS is
10876s being very helpful for him let's see if
10877s he's going to be able to use that to his
10879s Advantage jdgs dangerously low shazing
10881s the second time again that we've seen
10882s before absolutely getting chased it's
10884s like Tom and Tom and Jerry in an old 90s
10886s animation meanwhile to Zane trying to
10889s figure it out
10890s it looks like he's gonna be able to duck
10892s and Dodge as as hard as possible here
10895s still able to rotate this as much as
10896s possible man he is absolutely moving
10899s that man is moving faster than Duck
10901s Dodgers Boomer Duck Dodgers back in the
10902s day oh yeah look yeah cartoon references
10905s man you talk about Tom and Jerry this
10907s makes me think of Scooby-Doo you
10908s remember the old scenes they're opening
10910s all the doorways running past each other
10911s that's what the left there looks like
10913s right now all these guys absolutely just
10916s breaking ankles keeping it moving as
10917s fast as they can aow's Mike's been so
10920s close to death uh so many times I can't
10922s even keep track of how many times he's
10924s been able to find the full reset here
10925s he's on the move yet again wbg spider
10927s trying to give Chase JD's jujang just
10930s trying to get out of here he wants
10931s nothing to do with what's happening in
10933s Sylvester Mike gonna go through the
10934s building yet again here and again so
10936s many of these players just using
10938s Sylvester to their advantage so many
10940s surfaces for them to scale rush off of
10942s everybody with a dagger in the back
10943s pocket just trying to keep the momentum
10945s moving since they don't get caught out
10947s Kelly's Fang here gonna find that
10949s ultimate ending for themselves gonna
10951s move into the Zone a little bit here and
10953s this is really smart he knows the that
10955s he can go ahead and use that Soul Jade
10957s get the reset and even out heal the Zone
10960s tick because it's only zone three it is
10962s collapsing onto zone four though so
10964s those ticks really gonna start hurting
10966s as soon as we get to zone four Mike
10967s doing a little bit of shopping out here
10969s in the zone while he's got the
10970s opportunity needs to get those pots
10972s under his belt because he's got four and
10974s four Still rocking that blue armor GG
10977s Sean aow's Mike this is something we
10979s sold a lot of in day one making their
10982s way into final game with blue armor not
10985s having been able to find that purple
10987s armor that they need makes these fights
10989s so much harder for them but aow's mic
10992s only has that one elimination under
10993s their belt and Gigi Shaw has gone off
10996s this game he's already been able to find
10998s four eliminations under his belt and
11000s break in to the 40-point range currently
11003s sitting at 42.3 points hot on the heels
11006s of aow's mic and like you said GG shot
11009s just out here poking Mike just like hey
11011s you remember me I'm right here baby
11013s don't forget about me I'm right hi on
11015s your heels aow's Mike and you know he
11018s even came in stole an early elimination
11020s on to aow's mic the time Mike lost his
11024s elimination in this game was to GG shot
11027s and he's not happy about it we're
11029s getting ready to see now again zone
11031s three collapsing on the zone four wolves
11033s kaibel moving in on to the Morris
11035s blessing this is going to be a set of
11036s purple armor for somebody and there's a
11038s couple of players who are in desperate
11040s need of it Dobby
11044s and desperate need is definitely the
11046s name of the game with some of these
11048s players here meanwhile
11051s a BBG spider is still pretty kitted up
11053s here
11055s into this momentum here
11058s as obviously they're able to find it in
11060s much more places than what is need to be
11063s as they're still able to work towards
11064s what's next here and still be able to go
11066s through
11068s it looks like now is able to get the
11070s shutdown here with a lot of different
11071s types of momentum
11073s still able to put it down here as wbg
11075s spider is able to find it
11079s aw's Mike here down in the trenches
11082s trying to come in finally finding the
11084s upgrade he's looking for he got himself
11086s that legendary set of armor out of the
11088s box and man this is a great place for
11091s Mike to be and he's set up going into
11093s these final circles now the blue armor
11096s is not the place that Mike wants to be
11098s he's still gonna be a little bit of a
11099s Target because he's got that gold armor
11101s some of these players are going to be
11102s looking to upgrade taking a look here OC
11104s Zhang you finding a little bit of spot
11105s to hang out get that armor pod off many
11108s of these players trading those rain
11109s shots nobody hyper committing to
11111s anything wbg spider a little low though
11113s here Zhang you gonna get caught out
11115s though and by spider the time he needs
11118s to get away here and zhenyu gonna be
11120s forced to burn resources yet again to
11122s find any kind of reset here he will
11125s finally find the full reset spider and
11127s Chu Zhang both going extremely low
11129s inside the hut here all these players
11131s coming in looking to capitalize on it
11133s wdg spider just trying to get away but
11135s Haley's fun doesn't want to give up the
11137s chase here on to side there's spider
11139s gonna pop the bubble to use that to get
11142s any kind of distance that he can here
11143s but Gigi Shaw coming in with the bow
11145s gonna break that healing off of The
11147s Shield the bubble goes away aow's Mike
11149s waiting around the corner wbg spider has
11152s got to find a way to get away and get a
11155s pot off for himself here he's gonna be
11157s forced to go in the zone if he wants to
11159s take it nobody wants to give Chase here
11161s in the zone though it is zone for that
11163s tick doing a lot of damage to wbg spider
11166s and he's got to be careful he's only got
11168s four Health pots left he's gonna be
11170s forced to use one after that zone tick
11172s he's down to three and he's running low
11175s on those crucial resources aow's Mike
11178s coming in gonna trade bubble for bubble
11180s on spider do a little bit of damage
11181s spider gonna get away get the reset off
11183s the bubble Mike looking to go Airborne
11185s here wants to come over see if there's
11186s anything left in the Box looks like he's
11188s able to find a couple little of
11190s resources more than happy to take those
11192s and get away spider coming to see if
11193s there's anything left there he doesn't
11195s really see a whole lot and he's gonna be
11198s forced to do take the scraps like a dog
11201s Dobby
11205s all right
11207s sorry I just had to accent that real
11209s quick here as we're ready to be able to
11210s keep it going here into this one and it
11212s looks like the looks like they're gonna
11214s be able to capture the chest here as GG
11215s Shaw's able to find it as a Zhang you
11217s could potentially try to conquer this
11219s into the next fight but decides not to
11220s you're knowing that X gin Wong fly Zang
11222s Mike basically the entire Lobby is here
11225s in this circle here and obviously you do
11226s have to play uh to the best of your
11228s ability here
11230s obviously working towards this one and
11233s obviously wbg spider is able to hold it
11235s strong just a little bit while longer
11236s here able to do exactly what he needs to
11237s his aw Mike it tends to find it
11239s meanwhile
11242s AWS Mike going through for a decent
11244s Retreat here trying to get caught up
11246s here as it looks like uh a couple both
11248s shots here from the Creed impossible
11249s comes through from action
11251s meanwhile
11253s alw's Mike with that gold shield here
11255s this is this is this is dangerously AWS
11257s Mike when he gets that gold shield it's
11258s dangerous man right here yeah be careful
11261s everybody's gotta watch out now
11263s this is where things get good let's see
11265s what happens now
11266s yeah we're down to 10 players left live
11268s this is a very very active Lobby right
11271s now for there to still be 10 players
11273s left alive as zone five gets ready to
11275s collapse on to zone six this is gonna be
11276s a hectic final Circle and you know
11279s honestly the various shades are the one
11282s who's are going to be able to capitalize
11283s on this when there's so many players
11285s left alive they're able to get into
11287s those mechs they'll start launching
11289s people into the zone and you know a lot
11291s of collateral damage off those big
11294s cannons for the Faria players so it's
11296s gonna be interesting to see how this
11297s Zone plays out as things start to
11300s collapse and here we go zone five
11301s collapsing onto zone six it's about to
11303s be a tight Circle for there to be 10
11305s players left alive you can bet these
11306s fights are gonna break out very very
11309s quickly Kaylee's fong in his element
11311s he's got that purple armor purple dagger
11313s he's got that Brides fall look at that
11315s looking to catch somebody out here gonna
11317s catch a little bit of damage onto jdg's
11319s Tuesday and keeping it moving here
11321s though with the dagger taking a little
11323s bit of Zone tick more than happy to do
11325s that though trying to get the soul Jade
11326s off there does get the ticket the full
11328s reset gets the huge Parry on to choose
11331s and quickly takes the weapon off of his
11333s while choosing taken Stone takes the
11335s whole time and the repos coming through
11337s to Zhang going so low Zhu Zhang looks to
11340s be the next player to be eliminated
11342s against knocked away from their ultimate
11344s Battles one boy comes in and cleans up
11346s the elimination once like gonna keep it
11349s moving here trying to turn onto Mike
11350s Mike with the bubble though gonna make
11352s it impossible for a Wonka to lock him
11354s down wbg spider trying to use those
11356s legendary dual blades just to buy some
11358s space and now it's Huang fly he's gonna
11360s pay the price for coming in and picking
11362s up that elimination all of his Shields
11364s broken away cannon shots coming in left
11365s and right no place for one play to go he
11367s gets a single pot off here but the must
11370s get shot he goes for the ultimate he's
11372s able to find it but will it be enough
11373s we've seen so many range
11377s picks up the elimination you
11380s still able to do a whole lot more
11383s towards this one as obviously able to
11385s put it piece by piece together as wbg
11387s spider is going to be able to find his
11389s uh next moment here to be able to calm
11391s down get himself a little bit of a a
11393s reset here with a lot of this and
11395s obviously it's only going to get better
11397s and better here as now they're gonna
11399s have to find this out
11400s in terms of what's next
11403s and obviously that's the things that we
11405s talk about all the time in these uh in
11408s these situations here how they're able
11410s to keep themselves in these moments that
11412s are very very very notable but then at
11416s the same time knowing that all of this
11417s could be very very hectic in a lot of
11419s situations here so they're able to do it
11421s in the best way possible in a lot of
11423s instances so let's hope that maybe
11425s they're able to see a lot more of it
11428s as they're going to be able to slowly
11429s close this Gap into the circle circle
11431s six able to squeeze in a little bit more
11434s towards this and let's see how they're
11436s able to dish it out more and more
11440s connectivity starting to get a little
11442s bit more lethal here in some of these
11444s instances is oh one handsome getting
11446s targeted and that's wpg spider looks
11448s like he's gonna be able to go forth and
11449s reset here could potentially try to get
11450s out of this as he ends up getting
11452s shattered and scrambled outside of this
11454s reset meanwhile
11456s is able to hold strong meanwhile nobody
11458s else decides to be able to go for him I
11459s take that back so far as Gigi Shaw ends
11462s up catching an issue out of it the Perry
11464s comes throughout a T225 as it looks like
11466s he's gonna be able to come back here
11467s towards this trying to see if maybe he
11469s can have some time for a quick Shield
11470s maybe the opportunity to stay alive here
11472s but it's not gonna be enough as it looks
11474s like saying you is gonna be able to get
11475s the Perry and get the finish off of a
11477s wbg spider into the circle ending him
11480s with three eliminations and obviously
11482s that's like a Seventh Place finish sadly
11484s uh for him meanwhile aow's Mike all the
11487s way at the top TG Shaw playing the game
11489s of his life right now is able to find a
11491s little bit of some more moments here to
11492s be able to get the shield off
11495s it looks like he's able to pop a mini
11496s which does amazing work for him though
11498s able to pick up a few little pieces here
11500s towards this waiting for the strike to
11501s come but it's not going to be enough as
11503s GG Shaw's trying to see if they can come
11504s through meanwhile aow's Mike full shield
11506s full heals got a little bit of a bubble
11508s limb here near him not everybody's
11509s trying to contest him doing a fantastic
11510s job he ends up getting carried halfway
11512s across the map almost as he isn't coming
11514s through getting the reset getting the
11516s pickup and just like that aow's Mike is
11518s still back into this but now he still
11519s has to pay attention to what's going on
11520s he ends up getting hit by uh by the
11522s Ricochet of somebody else he's able to
11524s pop through with the shield though very
11526s helpful for him though as the circle
11528s slowly starting to close in here let's
11529s see if they're gonna be able to find
11530s that amount of momentum towards the very
11532s end of this circle it's gonna be very
11534s tight ladies and gentlemen here we go
11536s Circle Number Seven closes in as the
11539s Perry starts to come through on each
11540s side kaibal T225 lw's Mike is trying to
11542s see if they can find it beautiful ulti
11543s coming through with Kai pal is able to
11545s fight it as we look through all the way
11547s towards it Kai pal squirting all the way
11548s up towards the very end T225 calls in
11551s his neck and now Kai Val calls in his
11553s and now everybody's excited about
11555s meanwhile aow's Mike is by himself
11557s Lonesome meanwhile KLA also gonna be
11559s able to do the exact same thing trying
11561s to keep the game alive from his AWS Mike
11563s that's just trying to get away and it's
11564s ladies and gentlemen it's a Gundam race
11566s all throughout the end as c225 gets
11568s eliminated alw's mic is so close to
11570s getting finished and he does get
11571s eliminated KLA Spain could potentially
11573s Tax Service as the dub itself but we
11576s don't necessarily know who ends up
11578s taking that dub it could be Gigi Shaw
11580s for what we have seen here but that
11582s placement points are gonna be absolutely
11584s massive because this question is who is
11586s going to be the first place slot for our
11588s game number seven is it going to be
11590s aow's mic does he holds strong for a
11592s little while longer or does gigi saw
11594s kept himself alive long enough with
11595s those four eliminations to take it all
11597s the way to the top
11598s oh my goodness what a final Circle that
11601s was Mech on Mech action absolute Mayhem
11604s coming through we love to see it oh my
11607s goodness everybody fighting tooth and
11609s nail and coming into the very ending
11611s there it's gonna be a tight tight game
11613s and it looks like kale is Fang is gonna
11616s find his first MVP of the finals our boy
11621s Fang has got to be springing his sweet
11624s prayers right now because he needed this
11626s Victory really bad oh my goodness this
11629s leaderboard is gonna be so tight when we
11632s get to it Dobby man I lost track of
11635s who's picking up what kills but it looks
11637s like bang able to tie out a first place
11640s finish here there's couple of placement
11642s points gonna bring him over the hump and
11644s make him the MVP
11646s what a game coming in from kla's Fang
11648s that was a beautiful start for him that
11650s was something he exactly needed into
11651s this space here
11653s and obviously the more of this coming
11655s through here obviously the easier and
11657s the better that it's going to be and
11659s still able to come through with a lot
11660s more momentum here you love to see it as
11663s obviously able to splice it down with
11665s just a lot more than what is absolutely
11668s needed and I mean look what happened
11669s obviously was able to get the Finish was
11670s able to get the shutdown here
11672s and he looks good all the way towards
11674s the very end here as KLA is going to be
11675s your selected winner for our game number
11678s one but man there were so many surprises
11680s so many
11682s um hit so many things that were going
11683s down here it was absolutely insane
11686s coming into this
11687s uh dude what a game one Dobby I told you
11690s man after those first six games on day
11692s one we were in for it today and it was
11695s non-stop action Not only was there never
11698s a pause in the action but we still had
11700s 10 players left alive that's celestra
11702s action oh what a cluster so many players
11706s just tap dodging around you oh excuse me
11708s using those scale rushes breaking each
11710s other's ankles trying to keep it alive
11712s and I mean Wang Liang there in the end
11713s man that was such a sad sad moment to
11717s see he literally had Kayla's fangs
11719s locked down to one hit and he couldn't
11722s get it bang just chases him around I
11724s don't even think Fang knew that Wang
11726s Liang had that Yang depletion but he
11728s just keeps moving and finally Wang
11729s liang's down to like three seconds left
11731s and he's like man I gotta make that sad
11733s sad trip out into the Zone because it
11736s ain't gonna happen three seconds left on
11738s the clock I gave it my all but Fang gets
11740s away and of course we see Wang Lan go
11742s down and that elimination Knight B just
11745s enough points to have bought Kaylee fan
11747s this MVP I'm thinking we're going to
11750s take a look at this leaderboard and it's
11751s going to be close it's going to be so it
11754s has to fight you know what and here yeah
11757s I'm gonna give it to WBZ spider as well
11759s he started to find that momentum in this
11761s game I hope he doesn't let it get to his
11763s head that he didn't come out the overall
11765s MVP this game because he still played a
11768s great game he's got three eliminations
11769s he goes out in seventh place but he's
11772s still gonna get some decent points up on
11774s the board he's just got to keep that
11776s momentum going through the rest of the
11778s day and he still has a great chance of
11781s climbing all the way back up and taking
11783s this Championship away from some of
11785s these other players but finally we're
11786s gonna get a chance to look at this
11788s leaderboard I'm excited to see how close
11790s this is because this is going to be wild
11792s man of course Kaylee is bang with three
11794s eliminations and a title finish gets him
11797s a 7.8 GG shot with four eliminations and
11801s a fourth place finish gets him a
11804s 7.1.7 point difference J teams and two
11808s eliminations tied for first place finish
11809s to 6.2 aow's Mike two eliminations in a
11813s third place finish with a Five Points
11816s wbg spider all the way down in six but
11819s he's got a 4.4 it's way better than some
11822s of his games yesterday he's just got to
11824s bring it back and man look at this so
11827s many of these top end players still
11829s holding on to the top spot stopping
11833s I mean I mean they're able to do it in
11835s the best fashion possible here meanwhile
11839s notice this T225 211 Aces but a 4.5
11842s meanwhile spider with three eliminations
11844s and a 4.4 spider got eliminated by
11846s saying you in that final Circle getting
11847s absolutely decimated GG shock coming
11850s through absolutely getting those
11851s eliminations here in the very early
11852s Beginnings there
11854s and all he really had to do towards that
11855s very end was really focused on getting
11856s those eliminations at the very end GG
11858s Shaw playing the game of his life in the
11860s first game a hero of our game number
11862s seven I mean obviously looking at the
11863s defense the Perry coming in trying to
11865s see if you can find that momentum here
11866s and the timing absolutely incredible I
11868s really hope they bring up
11870s um
11870s the elimination that we saw from uh wbg
11873s Spider and him knowing when he's gonna
11875s walk through going on the around the bin
11877s and then able to get the shutdown here
11878s look at this
11880s 0.1 seconds inside of the realm of Yang
11883s to capture that elimination was so
11885s crucial
11887s so crucial for him to keep the game
11888s alive for himself meanwhile T225 causing
11891s problems from and a man here and I mean
11893s look at this Perry this was the fitness
11894s that we saw here inside of that Wide
11895s Circle Zhang you was able to get the
11897s shutdown here and I mean look at this
11898s rocket Ricochet coming in from all
11899s different players here I mean at this
11900s point it was just Madness of all
11902s different levels as KLA was able to find
11904s so many eliminations here from all of
11907s those mechs and obviously the mech being
11909s the winner for our game number one here
11910s kla's is able to do the most and
11913s able to hold on for as long as possible
11914s outshining Mike and Gigi Shaw with 21
11918s 000 damage and three eliminations coming
11921s through Earth Shaker Pride's fall Sky
11923s Force Nether sepsuna and Alchemy 18 000
11926s damage coming in from the dagger alone
11927s and his 13th MVP my welcome back to
11932s these games Fang I like no surprises to
11935s see 18K damage coming from Dagger from
11937s Fang let's be honest I I've given this
11940s player heck man I every time I see him
11942s when he's got a purple dagger and he's
11944s got purple armor that's his element
11946s right he loves to have that dagger but
11948s sometimes it's to his detriment we see
11950s Fang running around with like a white
11952s dagger in final Zone and we're like what
11954s are you doing what what life decisions
11956s are you making Fang I know you like the
11957s dagger but you can't be running around
11959s that final Circle trying to beat people
11961s up with a white dagger but this game he
11963s was in his element you know he he was
11965s playing fairy Shay which with how many
11967s players that were left in that final
11969s Circle was the hero to beat
11971s gang he had the purple dagger he had the
11974s purple armor it's exactly the place bang
11977s thrives and he comes out on top still a
11980s very close game he's got a 7.8 game
11982s score but Gigi Shaw very close behind
11986s him with that 7.1 and man Shaw stole the
11990s show this game man his four eliminations
11992s like out of the gate Perry after Perry
11995s after Perry and then when we cut to that
11998s moment in celestra he's got wbg spider
12001s he's got Wang Liang and he's I can't
12004s remember who the third player were but
12005s three players dogging him down he
12007s literally goes down to one HP in a dream
12010s at one point and somehow manages to
12013s break the ankles of all of those players
12015s get a full reset under his belt and
12018s start taking the licks back to the rest
12020s of the people in celestra Shaw played
12023s out of his mind this game and because of
12026s that he's climbed so much higher like he
12029s was in second place already but the gap
12031s between him and aow's mic is the most
12033s non-existent now so he's got to be
12036s feeling really good about himself after
12039s game number uh seven here and like you
12042s said you know he really being a thorn in
12045s Mike's side you know he picked up that
12046s early elimination onto aow's mic in the
12049s final Circle he was dogging Mike down as
12051s well you know this is a player who's got
12054s some things to say about aow's might
12057s I mean the shutdown was absolutely
12059s incredible though even for aow's mic but
12061s then honestly a wbg spider just trying
12063s to hold on for as long as possible
12064s meanwhile Gigi's shop like I said
12068s being that little needle poking all the
12071s players as much as possible a little bit
12072s of pokes here and there GG saw started
12075s off strong with four eliminations before
12077s we even got to Circle Number Two okay
12079s let alone being able to hold on strong
12081s towards the very end here but obviously
12083s coming through to this game here
12084s obviously hopefully you guys have been
12086s paying attention here but who won game
12087s number seven huh
12094s I would hope that maybe
12098s you guys remember I feel like this is a
12100s little easy I'll give you a hint
12103s their team's color matches the cup
12106s that doesn't really help but still I you
12109s know I said you you can
12111s you know y'all can figure it out right
12112s yeah I could probably figure that out
12114s it's a little easy as we were just
12115s talking about how amazing some of these
12117s games are and you know we talk about how
12120s um I said before this was going to be a
12122s very strong start for a lot of these
12123s players here and I absolutely called it
12126s just that it was going to be very
12127s aggressive from the very get-go but who
12129s would have thought that in reality there
12131s really wasn't much of a downtime there
12133s might have been
12134s for like half a circle
12137s maybe two that was something I was very
12140s very surprised about because typically
12141s if you see games this aggressive we're
12145s going to final circle with four maybe
12147s five players left away we're not hitting
12150s we're not Hitting Zone six with ten
12152s players left alive and I think a lot of
12155s that has to do with how much of that
12157s Circle took place in celestra you know
12160s you see a lot of players congregate
12162s there and it's because they have the
12164s ability to just break people's ankles
12166s when they get low there's so many
12168s surfaces that they can just grab onto
12170s scale rush you can play Mind Games you
12173s go out a window you go up and like grab
12176s the ceiling somebody goes out from
12177s underneath you just scale rush back
12179s through the window they can completely
12181s lose sight of you and that's why these
12183s players favor hovering around celestra
12186s because when things go wrong they have
12188s extra utility to be able to sort of
12191s Escape those scenarios and I think
12194s because so much of the circle took place
12196s in celestra that's why we had so many
12199s players left alive I know Gigi Shaw if
12202s he hadn't have gone to Celestial when he
12204s got low like that there's no way he got
12206s away right it's only because he had so
12209s much of that terrain so many of those
12211s little Windows to duck and weave and
12213s Dodge in and out of that he was able to
12215s survive and take it to late game and get
12218s so many points on the board for the four
12220s eliminations that he had already picked
12222s up so because of that we see a ton of
12225s aggression coming out this game but then
12227s we end up with just a massive number of
12230s players still left alive in those final
12232s circles which actually plays into the
12234s favor of everybody who's playing various
12236s shape because if you go into late game
12238s and it's like Feria or zipping if
12241s there's less players it's a circle that
12243s favors zipping really hard if there's
12246s more players it's a circle that favors
12248s barrier Shea so for those various Shea
12251s players it was a godsend in the end and
12253s I mean Feng would not have come out on
12257s top of this if there weren't that many
12258s players left alive he was able to pick
12260s up most of his eliminations in that
12262s final Circle putting in work with the
12265s Mac so great game number one I can't
12268s wait to see what happens when we head to
12270s holleruff
12274s whole lot of momentum happening here as
12276s yeah Ron down at the bottom with 13 of
12277s the 13th Place
12279s still a lot happening here but obviously
12281s it's only going to get a little bit
12282s better but
12284s so far it's been amazing honestly it
12286s really has been absolutely incredible to
12287s see how certain things can go and
12289s how things have been
12291s you'd love to see it
12295s yeah it's it's been yeah dude the
12298s momentum is absolutely insane for all of
12301s the players involved here I I am so
12304s happy to see our players from season one
12306s like our big dominant players making
12309s this wild comeback right you know if we
12311s were if this was season two last year or
12314s even worlds last year Gigi Shaw was not
12317s playing like this I don't know where his
12319s head was what the mental was going on
12322s with Gigi's shop but he just he wasn't
12324s there the same thing with Wang Liang
12326s right Wang Yang one of the defending you
12329s know big boys here in solos season one
12333s walks away with that big victory and
12335s then like
12336s kind of falls off the map and then the
12338s same with Wolves kaibao
12340s you know we haven't seen a lot of wolves
12343s kaibao in final Circle it's the every
12346s game thus far we have seen wolves kaibao
12349s go to final Circle that's not the usual
12352s ammo we're used to seeing out of him
12353s that was season one those four players
12356s aow's Mike GG Shaw xcg Wang Yang and
12359s wolves kaibao they were absolutely
12362s dominating that scene and now they're
12364s making a return to form and if there was
12366s a time to do it it is here in the grand
12368s finals for solos but we're getting ready
12369s to lock it in for game number two and
12371s we're leaving Morris Iowa we're getting
12373s on a boat me and Dobby been paddling
12375s across because we're heading over to
12376s Hollow Rock it's about to get a little
12378s cold Dobby and you know what they say
12380s revenge is a dish best serve cold
12385s Burr
12387s oh I'm so cold oh Rune hold me hello
12391s meanwhile
12395s gonna be able to see our hero lock oh
12398s oh oh
12399s my goodness
12402s uh rune
12406s we were just talking about how cold it
12409s was gonna get heading over here right A
12411s lot of these players opted to bring in
12413s that uh that warm tiger skin you know
12416s what I'm saying akkos coming through
12418s heavy in the hero picks here on to
12421s hollow Roth we've got a couple little
12423s things dabbed here and there we got a
12425s Justina coming in from Rexy we've got a
12427s fairy of shade coming in from Zhang Yu
12429s Gigi Shaw gonna be bringing in that
12432s Matari and wbg spider gonna be playing
12434s Tarka I feel bad for spider in this
12437s particular Lobby because akko's in the
12440s current patch that we're playing on kind
12442s of Tears through Tarka and you know
12445s spider he it's not like it was in the
12448s old Seasons these players don't get to
12450s see the other players hero picks going
12452s into the match he has no idea what he's
12455s about to walk into Dobby
12457s I don't think any of us know what we're
12459s about to walk into is we're gonna look
12460s back here at holleroth and obviously the
12463s spread is a lot wider than it was at our
12466s previous map meanwhile bowdo looks like
12468s he's gonna be on the centerfold of
12469s Salvation Podium as W as Kai Val is
12471s going to be towards this left side
12473s followed by igneous Mound on this other
12475s side meanwhile
12476s it looks like it's gonna be favoriting
12478s the left side here so it looks like
12479s we're gonna be seeing a lot of fights up
12480s on this top section as Gigi Shaw ewg KLA
12485s um GG is also going to be towards this
12486s left side closer a little bit more tense
12488s towards Center so mystic forest serpents
12491s pass it looks like the altar of trend
12492s quality is also going to see a fair
12494s share of some players as well here
12495s meanwhile uh T225 J team and ougie is
12498s gonna be heading towards the bottom
12499s section near matab that big section near
12501s Moonbeam past the um the
12504s um Moran Hall and the Temple of Light
12507s and Shadow so many spaces in between
12509s where there's a lot of places where you
12510s can really hopefully get some good loot
12512s here but it looks like Wang Liang
12513s doesn't want none of that he wants to
12514s just get straight to the fist fighting
12515s he wants to get hands on hands modeling
12517s when I get my hands on you I'm putting
12520s I'm putting the Dukes up put the Dukes
12522s up young boy I'm putting them time and
12524s stop me to come through with it and it
12525s looks like Wang Liang uh also decides to
12528s back out of this but Kayla thing doesn't
12529s want none of no parts of this
12532s absolutely
12534s no no part whatsoever xcg's Wang Liang
12537s out here going a little wide trying to
12538s get up into plume here nobody here this
12542s is gonna be great for Wang Liang if he's
12543s able to put some blue together wbg
12545s spider uh out into the outskirts here
12547s doing a little bit of gathering here in
12550s this gold Zone it doesn't look like
12551s anybody's here to contest him some
12553s spider uh off to a little bit of a
12555s slower start GG shot already in the zone
12557s gonna find himself face to face over the
12559s ewg's new Ron and immediately we're
12562s gonna see the tiger come through shot
12563s just going to Tap Away here shot playing
12566s this really well if you're playing
12567s Matari into akos here you just need to
12570s bait the ultimate out here he's already
12572s got you run to expend it and create the
12575s distance if you're Matari you've got
12576s those teleports we see him break the
12578s ankles by teleporting back euron trying
12581s to get in here but most of that ultimate
12582s gone getting frozen out by GG shot as
12585s well the app gonna come through Sean
12587s needs to play this a little careful here
12589s because euron still has some time left
12591s on the old he's gonna try to get the old
12593s off but unfortunately it's going to to
12594s go down before he can get it out GG Shaw
12597s gonna get the full reset here and Shaw
12599s gonna have the ultimate gonna start
12600s trading some rain shots down all the
12603s year on year I'm gonna return the same
12604s but Shaw if he can get in with this
12606s ultimate it's gonna spell disaster here
12609s for year on year on Armor completely
12611s broken off your shot comes in at shot
12613s looking to go crazy here shots with the
12616s amounts of Perry on the year on no place
12618s they can go no F nothing they can do and
12620s Gigi saw off to a blitz in game number
12623s two
12625s absolutely Monumental kind of nutty
12630s to be quite honest with you
12633s I think even with how certain things
12634s have been going and where certain things
12636s are I think it's been absolutely
12638s incredible where certain things have
12640s been
12640s and obviously wbg spider looking like
12642s he's trying to see if he can capture
12643s connectivity here but it looks like he's
12644s gonna be able to come through with it he
12645s says oh you decided to hit me I was
12647s actually gonna spare you but now there's
12648s no need for me to spare you you don't
12652s need Spirit Shazam
12656s I was waiting for the finish I thought
12658s there was going to be a finish there but
12659s it looks like a wbg spider actually
12661s misses out on the finish of the juggle I
12663s thought that was gonna be a free
12664s elimination for him because he caught
12665s him on a wall where he really couldn't
12666s be able to go through anywhere else here
12668s and obviously
12669s was able to get the shutdown does a
12671s fantastic job of it but I really thought
12672s that was it I'm gonna be honest
12674s you know spider doing a great job there
12676s but unfortunately you know they made it
12678s harder to keep that juggle infinite and
12680s he just didn't have a katana that was
12682s strong enough to get the kill before
12684s he's forced to drop the juggle and then
12687s on top of that T225 shows up and kind of
12689s makes it hard on him to uh continue the
12692s Chaser he's forced to turn his attention
12693s to T225 wbg spider missing out on an
12696s opportunity to get that infinite and
12698s pick up the elimination as we turn our
12700s attention over to Vince's recce and
12701s xcg's Wang Liang Wang Liang with the
12704s downhill Katana juggle love to see it
12706s now back to GG shot looking to pick up
12708s their second elimination this time into
12710s ewg he run he run with a massive Perry
12712s though shot gonna be able to use the F
12713s to get in the backstab comes through it
12716s just needs one more hit and shut up
12718s finds their second elimination this time
12720s on ewg's U run and while we're watching
12723s that I don't know what happens but jdg
12725s XU Jang picks up the elimination turns
12728s it back on to wbg spider going head to
12731s head still though with gs's T225 catch
12733s him in the Ariel they're about evil on
12736s healthier two Zen gonna back away take
12738s the armor swap teaching you Clive you're
12740s gonna get the armor heel coming through
12741s and they're realistically about even yet
12744s again XU Jiang just trying to keep it
12747s moving here the charge right click
12748s coming out of the dagger into the
12749s re-uppercut T225 with no armor will find
12752s an armor swap into the white comes in
12754s with the F follows up for huge damage
12756s Zhu Zhang really wants to take this
12758s fight g225 gonna get knocked him back
12760s tries to pop the ultimate misses the
12763s first opportunity on to choose anxious
12765s and Pops their ultimate and this time
12767s p225 gets picked up by Choo Zhang but
12770s finds an armor swap in the middle of
12772s injuzeng catches them again but p225 too
12776s much healing coming through where the SI
12778s chuzhang desperately fighting for their
12780s life here both players gonna back off
12782s xujang finds the armor swap teaching to
12784s five no armor Swap and tight shoes and
12786s finds it goes into the arrow and teaches
12788s you five goes to one HP in a dream the
12790s Clones come through and chuz Zhang picks
12792s up their third oh elimination of the
12795s game
12798s all right shazing
12800s what's going on huh
12802s where'd all this come from
12806s what happened what's going on all of a
12809s sudden now you got three eliminations
12810s you've got a lot of confidence going
12811s into this what's it what's uh what you
12813s doing huh
12817s meanwhile
12820s looks like Panda Man by himself one
12823s elimination deep into this 24.3 in Ninth
12826s Place
12827s yay Ron eliminated with a 12.6 right now
12830s it's not it's not looking good for your
12832s boy over at ewg man AWG is not looking
12834s so hot over there
12836s meanwhile
12839s leading the pack again into this game is
12842s Gigi Shaw meanwhile Gigi Shaw trying to
12844s see if maybe they can capture
12847s a moment here and getting this
12848s elimination between him and Zhang you
12850s saying you dangerously low but it looks
12852s like it's not going to be enough as it
12853s looks like he's gonna be able to go for
12854s the reset here
12855s still has the opportunity decides to
12857s walk to push him in here hitting those
12859s pistol shots here
12861s obviously going right through the side
12863s and decides not to go for the push here
12865s kind of crazy but
12867s doing a fantastic job here with this
12869s ends up finding Kayla's Fang
12875s as he ends up getting the Finish towards
12877s this one too and gets a shutdown
12881s yeah Zhang you taking a wide Arc here
12884s through the Zone doesn't really want to
12887s push into some of these other players
12888s Fang in a very similar situation you
12891s know just keeping things moving here and
12893s Fang yet again you know no surprises
12895s here he's got a blue dagger this is
12898s exactly where Fang wants to be just
12900s hanging out waiting there we go we're
12902s gonna see the realm again come through
12903s I'm gonna take this
12905s oh he misses out on the opportunity it's
12907s gonna be Panda Man versus wbg spider and
12910s choose Zhang versus wolves Kai Bao
12912s spider up on the pillar waiting for
12915s things to get started here he's got the
12916s staff it's Tarka versus akko's here
12919s spider come in with the cannon and
12921s trying to find some hits here Panda man
12922s though taking control spider with the
12925s blue armor a little bit behind here
12927s immediately we're gonna see the old come
12928s through from wbg spider and Panda man
12930s kinda playing this out doesn't want to
12932s end up in the infinite gonna be forced
12933s to go ahead and pop their ultimate finds
12936s controls the neutral with a massive hit
12938s coming in from the ultimate the grapple
12940s doing a ton of damage to wbg spider
12942s though still with the tarcole if he can
12945s find that uppercut hit here on to Panda
12947s man it's gonna be huge for him but it
12949s doesn't look like he's gonna be able to
12950s find a Panda man keeping it moving there
12952s misses the opportunity for the gravel
12953s does not miss the re-jump into the claws
12956s the spider just trying to avoid getting
12959s caught out into the juggle from the
12961s claws we're gonna see him come up into
12962s the F not gonna be able to find the
12964s elbow spider with no ultimate left
12966s available to Perry coming in from Panda
12968s man and Panda man picks up the
12970s elimination on to wbg spider he comes
12974s out on top with his second elimination
12976s of the game and it looks like wolves
12977s kaibao comes out on top of his realm of
12980s Yang as well the boy's going to be
12981s walking away with purple armor legendary
12983s weapons and Vermillion birth
12988s yeah see that looks like a very good
12990s look they're saying
12992s that seems very helpful for them
12993s hopefully they'll be able to use that a
12995s little bit helpful more for the uh for
12996s the later on in the game say
12998s that could be very helpful for them sake
13001s let's see if they're gonna be able to
13002s use that to be able to rocks for that
13004s say say look now look at kaibao with
13006s that one elimination say Panama tied up
13008s with two and she's laying with three so
13010s hey let's see but Shadow has 15.6 he's
13013s gonna have to do more than that with
13014s those three eliminations in order to see
13015s himself in the top five say
13017s now
13019s obviously
13021s looking at the rest of the pack
13022s [Laughter]
13026s a BBG spider
13029s able to get himself
13031s it's a little bit of a bounty here looks
13032s like he's gonna be heading towards g225
13034s for his potential shot at a elimination
13036s here
13038s if you can find any any which more
13040s towards this
13045s would you uh you love to see it how
13046s they've been able to play this so far
13047s here
13050s hopefully they're able to work towards
13051s more
13052s yeah and spider though in in that sticky
13055s situation right they've got Yang
13056s depletion and it's even worse for two
13058s Zhang right he's got three eliminations
13059s under his belt if he can take those to
13061s late game that's a lot of points that he
13063s desperately needs he could climb pretty
13065s high in the standings with some of those
13068s multiplier points for himself here so
13070s he's sitting here with Yang depletion is
13072s not where you want to be Kayla is Fang
13073s chasing Town xcg's Wang Lan both of them
13076s in the tiger form here we're gonna see
13078s oh my God the claw jump into the weapon
13081s swap Greatsword I'd love to see that
13083s Wang Liang trying to pump out the
13084s maximum amount of damage there we go
13086s we're gonna see the grapple come through
13087s oh my goodness but Wang Lan quickly
13090s turns it around onto bang bang not
13092s getting any story of gain there just a
13095s little tick of armor on to Wang Liang
13098s Wang Liang able to get most of the
13100s shields off of Kayla's Fang both of the
13102s alts gonna come to an end here these two
13104s players more than happy to back off and
13107s uh just take the reset and while we
13108s watch that happen jdg's Choo Zhang
13110s getting eliminated uh unfortunately
13113s Ventus is recce picking up an
13114s elimination on the panda man Panda man
13116s though with that Vermillion Birds might
13118s is gonna go find the respawn wolf sky
13120s bow as well picks up an elimination then
13122s goes down but he has that Vermillion
13124s Birds might as well turning your
13126s attention to a fight breaking out
13127s between GG Sean aow's mic man these two
13129s guys absolutely going at it non-stop
13132s shot looking to find that full reset
13134s will find it unfortunately forced to
13136s burn the ultimate so can't aggressively
13137s press into this fight it looks like
13139s wbg's fighter was able to pick up an
13142s elimination and get rid of that gang
13145s depletion so he's much more happy with
13148s his situation in life right now the last
13150s place you want to be you got zero
13152s eliminations didn't have the game one
13154s you're looking for is to go out to Yang
13157s depletion and it seems like Yang is one
13159s of those things for wbg spider that's
13161s extra tilting for him ever since jdg's
13163s two Zhang kind of griefed him out of
13166s that one game and got multiple
13167s eliminations onto it spider does not
13170s like to die to Yang depletion we've
13172s actually seen him start to take less and
13174s less of those Realms of Yang I think
13177s specifically because of that reason
13178s Dobby
13183s I mean because of that reason look at
13184s where Gigi shy is
13186s he is sitting less than five points
13189s behind
13190s the number one spot
13194s Gigi Shaw has been in this place before
13197s this is why
13199s Gigi Shaw needs to win this spring final
13203s it's been a minute since we've seen him
13204s at the very top of the podium like this
13207s he's been overshadowed a couple times
13210s I really want to see Gigi Shaw take this
13212s home I think for one he deserves it I
13216s think the other thing is that he
13218s has done an amazing job being able to
13221s put certain things down and get a
13222s shutdown for it
13224s I think he deserves that
13226s I mean Tom's gonna tell right Gigi Shaw
13229s though today he's gonna be proud of his
13232s performance no matter what because he's
13233s been playing his absolute mind out right
13236s the fact that he's back at the top after
13238s the first six games it came in game one
13240s today I mean the aow's Mike had like a
13243s 10 point lead on him and he closed that
13245s Gap in a single game like he was
13247s breaking people's ankles he was at four
13249s kills before zone two the man was going
13252s absolutely off and then every time he
13254s got low Against All Odds he's just able
13256s to get away and survive you tell how bad
13260s GG shot wants it spider uh after I just
13264s got done talking about the fact that he
13265s seems to be taking less of these Realms
13267s Yang is gonna go into the second realm
13269s of Yang and this is not a great position
13271s for him to be in there's so many ocoses
13274s in this Lobby and realistically Target
13277s doesn't do great into this matchup so I
13279s don't know what he's thinking coming
13281s into the realm of Yang
13283s um it's not a great decision here from
13285s wbg spider I hope he's not falling into
13287s Old Habits here panaman gets buried he's
13289s gonna immediately pop the ultimate to
13291s come back out of it catches spider here
13293s gonna go into the F doing a ton of
13294s damage to spider spider losing control
13296s and neutral gonna be forced to pop the
13298s ultimate here his F Zone cooldown as
13300s well he's got to play this very
13301s carefully you're gonna see him here look
13303s he's trying to just keep it in the air
13304s we see some of those hits coming out
13306s from the claws spider able to find the
13308s elbow doesn't get the uppercut though
13310s super unfortunate for wbg spider he
13313s needed that if he had any chance of
13315s winning that he needed to convert that
13317s into the ultimate he doesn't find it now
13320s we're gonna see Panama lock him down the
13323s grapple comes in wbg spider taking a ton
13326s of damage the old Runs Out Panama just
13328s needs another hit the F comes through
13330s and wbg spider loses in the realm of
13334s Yang for the second time in game number
13336s two
13339s wow
13342s he playing out of his mind right now
13345s he playing differently he's moving
13347s differently as well here as we obviously
13349s get a chance to like see how certain
13351s things can go but still
13353s is able to do it the best way that they
13354s can here as Gigi Shaw
13356s is able to do a lot more with this one
13358s as valida is able to run out of there
13360s with that Mystic might and so does oug
13362s that has theirs already Gigi Shaw's
13363s gonna try to see if they can find this
13364s oh no they're both going to resurrect
13366s right next to each other
13368s wbg Snyder and T225 and immediately
13370s gonna be able to get ability to be able
13372s to fight this out off the rift off they
13374s already know what's happened to here as
13375s the acos is gonna be able to come
13376s through with those nice hits though wpg
13378s spider beautiful Perry coming through it
13380s spider ends up getting caught in the
13381s corner beautiful reset here as it looks
13383s like he's gonna try to see if he can
13384s capture him with the Tiger but it's not
13385s gonna be enough as the speed of the
13387s tarka's gonna be a little bit faster
13388s here gonna beat you able to try to see
13390s if maybe he can capture him a Different
13391s Light they're both moving at the
13393s lightning fast speed each of them have
13394s their own little powers of their own as
13396s it looks like spider might be able to
13397s capture him but he ends up finding
13398s another Shield here where'd he even find
13400s a purple a gray Shield where'd it even
13402s come from as it looks like he's gonna be
13404s able to continue with the Chaser but it
13405s looks like a long flight's gonna be
13406s right behind him here could potentially
13407s get a free elimination out of this just
13409s for the free 99. the question is can he
13413s be able to two two five turns around and
13415s turns it right on the back strength of
13416s cwbj spider just like that he's gone
13418s eliminated two two five just like that
13420s is able to come through get the get the
13422s finish and then immediately is able to
13424s get the shield Swap and get right back
13426s into the next fight doesn't necessarily
13428s want to fully fight this outer because
13429s one flight definitely has the advantage
13430s the Perry comes through midair is able
13433s to get the shutdown but the a coast
13434s tiger is gonna be able to catch him
13435s inside of a corner you definitely don't
13436s want to get caught inside of the Lions
13438s next here
13440s wow one o'clock going airborne here
13443s still trying to give Chase here aw's
13445s Mike also showing up looking for that
13447s elimination on to T225 T225 able to get
13451s that Soul Bloom keep himself in the game
13453s off the back of wbg spider but now he
13455s like you said he's in the Lion's denke
13458s aow's Mike two absolutely incredible
13461s players giving Chase two two five no
13463s ultimate he's up to 50 charge just
13464s trying to get away here Mike not willing
13468s to let this one go Mike not on the board
13470s yet knows he needs some eliminations
13472s before he goes to late game teaching
13473s five just trying to break his ankles if
13476s he can playing Ring Around the Rosie
13478s here on this rock we're gonna see some
13480s rain shots come through he is able to
13482s find the shield pot but these players
13484s are hungry for it Mike more so than
13487s everybody else it's just absolutely on
13490s the chase here teaching two five trying
13492s to use all of these formations to keep
13494s it moving as long as he can here oh my
13497s goodness the Melissa coming through or
13499s the TCG five he's gonna run
13502s forced to use the F finds an armor swap
13505s into the white armor but these players
13506s not willing to give up the Hun they
13509s smell blood in the water t-225 oh my
13513s goodness of Perry coming through here
13514s from aow's Mike trying to do five just a
13517s little bit of time he's keeping it
13519s moving but Mike with a boat shot from
13522s downtown cleans up the elimination
13527s foreign
13530s get the dust off as well towards this
13532s one has a lot of sand coming through
13533s with these cave systems
13536s circles starting to close in here so he
13537s does have to be careful though
13539s I don't think the circle thing is going
13540s to hurt too badly here meanwhile GG Sean
13542s klas is fighting this out
13544s so many hits on each side here but GG
13546s shots able to play this as well as
13547s possible here nice little reset coming
13549s through GG shot ends up getting hit and
13551s absolutely blitzed towards this is he's
13552s gonna have to be careful he's gonna try
13554s to see if he can reset in here goes
13555s through with the cave systems trying to
13557s see if he can find a free space here to
13558s be able to get away and go for the
13559s shield it looks like he might find a
13561s free space and it looks like he does as
13563s he ends up getting out of there
13567s you want to finish and what a way to get
13569s out of there
13574s able to get that fine as GG Shaw is able
13577s to find the next pieces of the puzzle
13578s here trying to see if he can scale up
13580s here and try to see if he can get out
13581s and meanwhile they're in the no old Zone
13582s as the ballista is looking right in
13584s between them aow's Mike could
13585s potentially actually use this as an
13587s opportunity as kla's Fang is just trying
13588s to see if you can find one that peeks
13590s out
13592s ends up hitting him from the inside of
13594s the Bush meanwhile Jesus shot gets hit
13597s by the burning but it looks like he's
13598s gonna be able to catch him on the
13599s outskirts as one fly is going to use
13601s this as an opportunity to try to see if
13602s he can get something Gigi Shaw is just
13604s trying to escape here it's not looking
13605s good for him as he goes inside of the
13606s cave and outside of the circle
13610s forcing himself to be able to go through
13611s with the rotations as he finds kaibal
13613s immediately onto the rotation stretch
13614s KLA Fang able to do the exact same thing
13616s as he finds a free open space to be able
13618s to run through Rickshaw not trying to
13620s get caught up by all of the Spears and
13622s all of the arrows
13624s like Shaw playing this very very well
13626s goes inside the Zone just enough time to
13628s get some of those Shield pots off comes
13630s through uses the TP through the no old
13632s Zone just trying to buy his face these
13634s players though not giving him a break
13636s Kaylee Fang with the Perry though that's
13638s going to be it GG stock gets sent back
13640s to the lobby and it's so unfortunate
13643s for GG Shaw still one hell of a game for
13647s GG got two eliminations under his belt
13650s gonna take a little bit of points into
13652s the next game they can't all the winners
13654s aow's Mike still alive though and this
13657s is a great opportunity for him he needs
13659s to create some distance between him and
13661s Gigi Shaw now that GG Shaw is eliminated
13664s from the lobby Mike over here playing
13667s with fire though that ballista Putin
13669s didn't work and Mike just teasing those
13670s shots out at maximum range here
13673s oud's Panda man now on the receiving end
13675s of summer if dagger action from Haley's
13677s fan Panda man going into the old Fang
13679s gonna return the favor with the F for f
13682s here just going top side decides you
13684s know what I don't want to burn my
13685s ultimate I don't want to over commit to
13687s this fight I'm gonna go ahead and get
13688s the heck out of here Panda man you can
13690s do whatever you want if you want to
13691s chase me up here where nobody else is
13692s maybe I'll take that fight but I ain't
13694s gonna go in while you've got your old so
13696s many other players nearby Valdosta look
13698s at it come in see if he can clean
13700s anything up here he's been absolutely
13703s just been leading players here with this
13706s repeating crossbow I feel like every
13707s time we turn to a fight somebody's
13709s getting absolutely lasered here by Wong
13711s fly Wang Liang down below here one
13713s elimination of about here on to akos
13715s just trying to hold it all together here
13718s Wang Wang still in fourth place Alias
13722s Fang is looking to push on to Phantom
13723s and Pops the no old Zone here
13726s puts himself at a little bit of a
13728s disadvantage as Panda man of course
13729s doesn't have his Ulta he just used it
13732s earlier but Fang trying to deter other
13734s players for pressuring onto himself
13736s knows it's a good option to go ahead and
13738s pop that the ballista sitting outside
13739s Zhang Yu just trying to hold on here
13741s unfortunately zhangyu with zero repair
13744s kits he's got four shots on this
13746s ballista and he needs to make every
13748s single one count aow's Mike taking a
13751s little bit of Shield tick here getting
13752s his ankles a little broken but he's able
13755s to slide away gets the shield pot off we
13757s see badass Wonka waiting in the wings oh
13760s my goodness there it is the ballista
13762s shot coming in from Zhang yug able to
13764s find Value on the first one
13766s unfortunately the second one just barely
13768s ticks and collides with terrain aow's
13771s Mike though Stuck In The Zone we see oh
13774s my goodness the repeated crossbow just
13776s lasering him down zhangyu trying to pick
13778s up the elimination I don't think he's
13779s got any shots left on the ballista oh my
13781s goodness Mike Abel to grab on to Fang
13784s gets some healing coming in there from
13787s the ultimate with the grapple and Mike
13790s finds himself on the other side of the
13792s map Against All Odds finds an armor Swap
13794s and he's holding it down
13798s meanwhile
13802s alw is Mike with a gray Shield he's
13804s gonna be able to hide inside Michaela's
13806s Fang knows exactly where he is he's
13807s gonna be able to try to go through
13810s and get the and get the um the reset
13813s here
13820s looks like aow's Mike is just trying to
13822s see if they can find an opportunity here
13824s for it
13825s pale lace Fang is able to do the
13827s absolute most towards this
13831s gets the shutdown the way that we expect
13833s for him to do that
13839s let's see if they're able to find what's
13841s next here is kla's Fang is just able to
13843s dish it out just a little bit more all
13845s the way towards the outer stretches here
13847s Circle slowly starting to close in here
13849s for our Circle number five is trying to
13851s see if they can find their own spaces
13853s here a lot of space really to come
13855s through here and try to conquer
13856s something here it's a lot of space
13858s honestly I actually thought it wouldn't
13859s be as much space as I thought it would
13860s be and honestly it's looking pretty good
13862s here
13864s it's now kaibao on the outskirts as well
13867s who do you think has this game so far
13868s look at this it's a full team of acoses
13870s except for our single
13873s are single single character here uh
13877s which is Rexy which obviously just
13879s popped their ulti and caused uh kla's
13881s Fang to experience Antarctica for a
13882s couple seconds meanwhile be able to come
13885s through and capture this next Point here
13886s as Bailey's Fang just trying to see if
13888s they can get out of there as best as
13889s possible oh and some sitting him on the
13891s outskirts of the circle here sends them
13893s so far out of it
13896s and alw smack actually snatches the
13898s elimination away with a bow
13900s lights
13902s I love it this is this is this is
13905s Classic aow's Bike man just coming in
13908s with those bow shots making things
13910s happen and look at this we talked
13911s earlier about how he adapted after his
13914s game one during day one where he played
13917s way too aggressive In the End Circle
13918s when he had that blue armor here he is
13921s again in an end circle with blue warmer
13923s and instead of playing hyper aggressive
13924s he's just running around with that bow
13926s looking for opportunities to snake kills
13929s if he can but trying to keep attention
13931s off of himself here it is look at this
13932s up top with the bow nobody's paying him
13934s any mining boom picks up a massive
13936s headshot on to Ricky and there's the
13938s elimination and I love to see how
13941s quickly Mike can adjust his playstyle on
13944s the Fly and the decision making coming
13946s out from him has just been so clean this
13950s season as well as during these Grand
13953s finals he's really been putting in the
13955s work and he's got to put in the work
13957s here in this particular game because the
13959s fact that Gigi Shaw May managed to get
13962s caught out gets eliminated he still puts
13964s some points on the board but it opens up
13966s the opportunity for Mike to create some
13968s breathing room for himself given how
13971s hard Gigi Shaw came back after game
13974s number one so Mike playing this
13976s extremely well knows he needs to make as
13978s many points as possible this game even
13980s if he's not situated to take the victory
13983s obviously he's gonna try to he's sitting
13985s over here on that legendary uh long
13987s sword that purple bow but he's got the
13989s blue armor so he's not in the best of
13991s positions in terms of gear if he can get
13994s an elimination and maybe take some armor
13996s from somebody else it's gonna help his
13998s odds drastically of coming out on top
14000s Dobby
14002s somebody's going to be coming up on top
14004s into this game here and let's see as the
14006s final circle is going to slowly close in
14008s here we're gonna find that out as well
14011s into this one here let's see if they can
14012s find any more momentum as aow's Mike is
14014s able to hold on towards the bottom
14015s kaibal getting some nice hits here
14017s absolutely getting decimated towards
14019s this kaibal trying to get on the
14020s outskirts as the aw Mike is able to come
14021s through up top here ends up tackling uh
14024s pan-to-man here with that gold shield
14025s trying to control the instance here up
14027s top looks like he might have a free
14029s space here by himself here to be able to
14030s pop himself a nice little bit of Shield
14032s to keep the game alive for himself
14033s meanwhile Zhang you though on a
14035s different instance popping his uh
14037s popping his ulti a little early into
14039s this game knowing that there's only 30
14040s seconds left on the clock doesn't really
14042s have much of an area here to try to
14044s attack anybody
14046s foreign looks like he's gonna try to see
14048s if maybe he could find any more of that
14049s momentum coming through to this space
14053s and let's see if he's gonna be able to
14054s find it towards this one though
14057s a whole lot happening though towards
14059s this very end
14061s alw's Mike ends up getting stand all the
14064s way down at the bottom here just trying
14065s to struggle not to get caught up here
14070s oh my goodness
14076s picks up the elimination you know what
14080s is with Zhang Yu right he's not been
14082s able to pick up a ton of eliminations
14083s during this but it seems like he's just
14086s existing to grief the top players every
14088s final Circle and there he goes one fly
14090s just throws him into the zone and he's
14092s gone but every game he's been able to
14095s grab a hold of one of our top players
14097s brief him out of the final Circle oh my
14099s goodness Paul slide gonna go down to
14101s Kaylee's fangs thing trying to win two
14103s games back to back panaman though
14104s picking up wolves type out with a huge
14108s stab a soldier just locking him down
14111s there with the merciles Havoc Wang Liang
14112s though out in the zone picks up thing
14114s but now Panama versus Wang Lin who's
14116s gonna come out on top panderman sends
14119s Wang Liang flying he goes down in Panama
14122s will take the first place finish and
14125s then MVP
14129s panda panda panda panda panda
14136s this man needed this I'm be honest he
14138s needed this he needed this push he
14140s needed this amount of momentum he needed
14142s this amount of hype that was happening
14144s happening I think there was so much
14145s going down here that was actually
14147s struggling with certain instances here
14150s and obviously getting that shut down was
14152s exactly what he needed to have happen
14155s as he was able to get the finish the way
14157s that he needed to here and I mean
14158s obviously he did an amazing job of that
14159s one towards this one what a finish what
14162s a shutdown
14164s absolutely incredible to see that
14166s towards the very end here big congrats
14168s to Panda man he was able to hold on for
14171s as long as possible so that's really
14173s awesome to see that he finally was able
14174s to get that going here what a shutdown
14176s what a finish and obviously coming into
14179s this game too is done ladies and
14180s gentlemen we still have a few more games
14182s and obviously we're close to our
14184s halftime we got one more game left
14185s before that
14189s oh man look at how clean that trophy is
14192s Dobby man these players man there's
14194s something about sitting in an arena like
14196s this that trophy just you know meters
14200s away from your face it's right there
14202s it's tangible you can reach out and
14205s touch it and it is certainly lit a fire
14208s under some of these players panaman
14211s coming in hot GG Shaw aows Mike man
14215s absolute Mayhem breaking out today but I
14218s I gotta talk about it there there
14220s there's a a an elephant spider in the
14224s room so to speak and uh WBT Spiderman I
14229s first of all he picking Tarka in into
14232s this particular Lobby I you know I know
14235s you can't see the heroes but right now
14238s this has kind of been the mo since ocos
14240s has joined the meta is game two is an
14243s akko's heavy Lobby because we head into
14244s Hollow raw and he excels very well in
14247s Hollow Roth there's so many surfaces for
14249s him to just grab and use those claw
14250s scale rushes off of so for him to pick
14253s Tarka into this Lobby kind of griefing
14255s himself just a little bit he goes into
14257s that first realm of yang
14259s and again your Tarka once you've seen
14262s that this Lobby is full of akkos why
14264s would you go into the realm of yank
14265s Tarka just he doesn't stand a great
14268s chance he's got about a 25 win rate
14270s against akkos those are not good odds
14273s you play for late game get to that final
14276s Circle try to make something happen but
14278s he does it not only once he loses the
14281s first time is able to get rid of Yang
14282s depletion and then he goes back in a
14284s second time and loses to an akos again
14287s he drops a big opportunity as well
14290s inside the realm of Yang he finds
14292s himself on the outside and then he just
14294s gets picked up well if he's got that
14296s Yang depletion and I hate to admit it
14298s but we were just talking about him dying
14301s with Yang depletion being one of those
14303s things that is kind of a trigger for wbg
14306s spider and his mental he doesn't have a
14309s great game one he has an okay game one
14311s this game he comes in and he gets
14314s absolutely destroyed I really hope he's
14318s gonna be able to recover from this and
14320s come back in game number three because
14321s if he has a bad game number three
14324s historically wbg spider falls apart
14329s so hopefully he can make it happen but
14331s we're gonna take a look here at the
14332s standings from this game panaman with
14334s six eliminations in a first place finish
14336s a 13.6 game score
14341s what a game coming in from here
14342s meanwhile one fly with three
14344s eliminations and effect 5.7 as Fang
14347s aside for a sliver small zero point less
14350s than 0.7 points a solid five points
14355s coming in towards all of this hype and
14357s all this momentum here
14360s like I said you'd love to see it here as
14362s obviously they're still able to do so
14364s much more towards this final ending
14366s and obviously able to do a lot more
14368s towards this very end here the stretch
14369s of it has been
14371s absolutely insane
14374s still gonna be able to get the shutdown
14376s here towards this and obviously let's
14377s see if they're gonna be able to find it
14378s this Fang is able to get the second
14379s eliminations as well two eliminations in
14382s a third place finish for a five
14383s meanwhile 4.6 on a 4.4 between Weyland
14386s and Rexy and obviously looking back
14388s towards the highlights here it was still
14390s a very explosive game here inside of our
14391s holler off game as the Aron ends up
14393s getting parried and Gigi Shaw gets a
14394s beautiful finish as Wang Liang
14397s trying to cause some problems for some
14399s of these players here
14401s haven't necessarily heard a lot about
14403s Wang Liang in some of these games so far
14405s here I mean look at the Aeron just
14406s trying to hold on
14408s beautiful Parry towards this but it's
14411s not enough as Gigi Shaw was able to get
14412s that finish I mean look at this one
14414s beautiful finish on to uh the Perry and
14416s the finish on wbg spider and obviously
14419s spider getting caught again with panda
14421s man on the outskirts here dangerously
14423s low able to come through gets the finish
14425s and gets the shutdown here I mean spider
14427s just absolutely struggling with some of
14429s these games here I mean look at things
14430s just playing this off getting the Finish
14431s beautiful both shot from aow's mic look
14434s at that clean headshot coming through as
14436s he's able to send kaibal to the
14437s outskirts here Piano Man playing the
14439s game of his life this is the panaman we
14441s wanted to see right here
14442s this was an explosive game for oug and
14446s the man that we call Panda absolutely
14448s put it down here and obviously game
14450s number eight goes to this man let's hope
14452s that maybe we're able to see him again
14453s do more look at that
14454s I don't think we really got a chance to
14456s see the final like animation for him
14458s though that's crazy I like that as we
14460s look through for the spring finals MVP
14462s 11 000 damage his fifth MVP 3600 damage
14465s from the skill ultimates and six
14467s eliminations with two merciless habits
14470s Juggernauts daggersop and two melee
14473s resist Soul Jades wow
14476s yeah absolutely crazy game here for
14479s panda man and you know what I've Loved
14482s Panda man this season I think you know
14484s he's always a fan favorite you know
14487s unfortunately he just barely by one
14490s elimination didn't qualify for worlds
14494s last year and I think this is lit such a
14496s fire under panaman because coming into
14498s this season man he's he's been such a
14501s different Beast he's adjusted his play
14503s style the aggression is next level with
14507s confidence is next level and you know
14509s he's had sort of this feaster famine
14512s play style that's not the panda man
14514s we're used to seeing but those Feast
14517s games have been so good that he's been
14520s able to you know climb into those sort
14522s of top spots he came in fourth seed I
14525s think to the Grand finals this time
14527s around he's been playing his mind out
14529s and this game this is this Panda man
14532s baby six eliminations first place finish
14534s double digit score line I love to see
14538s this coming out from Panda man I know
14539s the fans there have got to be losing
14542s their mind when Panda man comes up on
14544s that mvp I know chat right now talking
14547s about how much Panda man just tearing
14549s through
14550s wbg spider like he's not even there and
14554s again you know I talked about I hope
14555s spider can come back from the mental I
14557s didn't realize that spider lost both of
14560s his realm of Yang fights to Panda man
14562s both no no one of them one of them he
14565s lost to uh Wang Ling in that first game
14567s and that first and that first one was
14568s winning lawsuit in the first game but in
14570s this game both realm of yangs he loses
14572s to Panda man and you know what
14576s spider's done some trash talking about
14578s panda man in the past before so to see
14581s Panda man come out on top It's gotta be
14584s a nice little uh you know cherry on top
14587s for panda man to not only win but to
14589s kill wbg spider in that vacuum 1v1
14593s there's I mean if you're a wbg spider
14595s you lose the fight in Roman young you
14597s can't make any excuses you can't go oh I
14599s got third party you know somebody else
14601s was bowing me in the back whatever it's
14604s a 1v1 mono Amano that he loses those
14606s fights and again he didn't pick a Great
14609s Hero for the matchup but he chose to go
14611s in those realm of yangs knowing he
14613s picked a bad hero for the matchup it's
14616s all on wbg spider for him
14619s I I hate to say it I really really hope
14622s Spider-Man bounces back in game number
14625s three because I feel like if he doesn't
14627s that that's gonna be all she wrote for
14629s wbg's fighter because he's gonna let
14631s that mental get to him he has a bad game
14633s three and I don't want to see it I want
14635s to see spider clawing his way back to
14638s the top and I want it to come down
14640s between him and somebody else that are
14642s this close in that final game you know I
14645s love to see that action coming through
14648s but we're gonna throw it to a short
14651s video ladies and gentlemen don't go
14652s anywhere because we're coming back and
14653s we've got four more action-packed games
14655s before we Crown our grand finals
14657s champion
14662s foreign
14677s [Music]
14695s don't go
14705s Home Alone
14709s foreign
14730s [Music]
14769s foreign
14776s [Music]
14808s I'll be break your neck
14817s [Music]
14819s all right
14836s foreign
14853s foreign
14867s going to preserve to strive to hit the
14870s top three but on top of this also
14874s really really
14875s exceptional gameplay coming in from
14879s Gigi's Shaw I think Gigi Shaw has been
14881s looking really good throughout these
14883s games thus far here but it has been a
14884s strong start for certain players here
14888s as Panda man takes game two
14891s for our holler off damages absolutely
14893s goes exceptionally
14895s overboard
14897s with Acres listen this was the first
14900s time I've ever seen almost a full a
14901s coast Lobby since the showcase for akos
14905s that's just how many players we saw play
14908s a coast uh into this game here in holler
14910s up it was absolutely a massive treat
14912s here but how many ankles were chosen to
14914s get him number eight
14915s what a lead into the next game was it
14917s six was it eight was it ten was it 12
14920s put your answers in the chat for a
14922s chance to win a limited great treasure
14924s now just as I was saying there was a lot
14927s of acos into that game what a great
14929s transition but
14931s there was still a lot of of momentum and
14934s Madness happening throughout a lot of
14935s these games here they really held it for
14937s a very long time and I think they did a
14939s fantastic job of that but oh my goodness
14941s I mean there still could have been so
14942s much things happening and
14945s honestly I think it'd be interesting to
14947s see how that type of stuff starts to
14949s kind of go down and or happen and I
14952s think the more and more of it we do it I
14954s mean it's it's just kind of like hey
14956s there's there's still an opportunity for
14958s more things to happen here and obviously
14960s we were able to see it in such a such an
14963s incredible way
14964s such an incredible way I mean look at
14966s the shutout here from what we were able
14967s to see here I mean listen they were able
14969s to do it in such a great way that the
14971s shutdown just looked a little too good
14973s it's a little too look I I want to
14975s address something all right because you
14976s know what Dobby it's well known that you
14980s hate a rat when it comes to Rocket play
14982s point right I think that's that's that's
14984s well well known I I gotta address twitch
14987s chat for just a second because somebody
14988s over twitch chat tried to say that my
14990s boy panda man was rat in that game
14992s because he only had 11k damage with his
14995s six eliminations
14997s you know a rat when you see a rat Panda
14999s man definitely was not rat and that man
15001s was just efficient you know what I'm
15003s saying he's hunting yeah he he weren't
15006s out here trying to chase somebody for
15008s five minutes and have to do you know 10K
15011s damage just to get one elimination if
15013s that man locked you in his sights he was
15016s on it you it was Do or Die time he took
15019s it every realm of Yang in that game not
15021s only did he take every realm of Yang
15022s that game he beat wbg's fighter
15025s twice in the realm of Yang that says a
15028s lot he was pushing he was going to make
15030s it uh well worthwhile for some of these
15032s players here he was going to make
15033s somebody feel it uh he was going through
15035s all of the the all of the contention and
15038s all of the time that they had with a lot
15040s of these momentums here I mean obviously
15042s they've been able to do a fantastic job
15044s of it thus far here but obviously being
15046s able to get that shut down being able to
15047s get that finish was just as incredible
15049s but I mean look what happened I mean
15052s they were able to get an amazing game in
15055s they were able to do so much more than
15057s what they needed to and I mean just like
15059s that they're back in the game they're
15061s just they're back in the madness they're
15062s back in all of the hype exactly what
15064s they needed to do and now all of a
15066s sudden things are just right back to
15068s where they need to be
15070s oh absolutely take a look at the top
15072s scores here aow's Mike's still on top he
15074s was able to create just a little bit of
15076s Gap in this game because GG shot goes
15077s out a little earlier than he wanted to
15079s so he's you know spread that Gap he's
15082s not quite the 10-point lead he had
15084s coming into the day but he created just
15086s just a little bit of breathing room for
15088s himself he's still got to come in he's
15089s got to keep playing consistently if he
15092s wants to walk away the champion because
15093s you know Gigi Shaw man he is hungry he
15097s is
15098s so hungry to walk away with that first
15101s place Championship you can feel it
15104s there's something different about Gigi's
15106s Shaw in this Grand Final man the way
15108s he's playing how absolutely crazy he's
15112s going off with his you know gameplay the
15115s ankles he's breaking in celestra this
15118s man
15119s is he he's a he's a man on a mission
15122s Dobby
15124s I mean
15126s he absolutely is here and obviously you
15128s have to be a man on the mission in these
15130s in these instances just because listen
15132s there's there's a lot that you really
15134s have to go into when you're thinking
15137s about a lot of these a lot of these
15139s moments here
15140s and obviously coming into these games
15142s and and coming into how certain things
15144s go they've been able to do that in a lot
15147s of different instances so now coming
15149s into these you know these next steps in
15151s these games and how certain things go
15155s they they realistically have to play
15157s smart right and obviously when you play
15159s smart when you think about all the
15161s things that's happening when you think
15162s about certain things that are are
15164s definitely going to help you in a lot of
15165s these areas here it does make things a
15168s little bit easier in some way shape or
15170s form now
15171s coming into this next set of games here
15176s they still got a lot to do let's hope
15178s that they're able to find something
15181s and give themselves relatively uh an
15183s opportunity where they could
15186s do some pretty nice things
15189s a great start for them Zhang you here
15192s not a great start for him he needs to he
15194s needs to put his work here
15195s 11th Place 1.9 8 000 damage and he's
15199s winning some work real talk oh
15200s absolutely no I just think it's
15202s hilarious because Zhang Yu he had his
15204s pop-off moments this season he looked
15206s like he was going to come back and be
15208s crazy and now it just looks like he's
15210s griefing player in final Circle he makes
15212s it the final circle with like no kills
15213s every game he locks he sees one of the
15216s top players locks them down gets the
15218s elimination and then all he just gets
15221s eliminated after that he just griefs one
15223s dude and then he's out I think it's
15225s hilarious to see wbg Spider-Man this is
15228s please I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm on I'm on my
15231s knees I'm praying to the new rocket Gods
15234s I I need him to have a good game here
15238s so that it just doesn't blow the rest of
15241s his mental out because I I don't I I
15244s love wbg spider he's such a great player
15247s and I don't want to see us go down to a
15250s final game where he stands zero chance
15252s of walking away the the champion I would
15255s hate to see that that I don't want to
15258s see that spider I'm Fray into the naraka
15261s god pop off for me dude you don't want
15264s to see that
15266s [Music]
15267s no I don't want to see that I want him
15269s to have a chance to walk away the grand
15272s champion he's got triple backed up back
15276s bi-weekly finals if we go to game six
15279s and he's with nowhere Within Reach of
15283s walking away the champion I'ma cry I'm
15286s I'm crying I'm telling you dog you're
15289s gonna walk right here on the screen
15291s yes oh my God by the way look at this
15293s more akko's coming in but our girl valda
15296s making the way in you know Moxie's gonna
15298s be happy about seeing some ball to come
15300s in bro oh absolutely here I mean
15302s obviously they were able to do such an
15303s incredible job with that but still you
15305s know able to put in more and more
15307s efforts and I mean obviously look where
15310s it's where that's gotten them in in this
15313s situation here and obviously piecing it
15315s together here there's still a lot of
15316s acos to be really running around here
15319s a lot of acos
15322s question is
15324s is ako's gonna be able to win this again
15327s or are we gonna see a totally different
15328s dub happening from somebody else
15332s now you got me interested now you got me
15335s pulling now you got me wanted to see how
15337s the next games are going to go
15339s that excitement comes through and
15342s obviously it's going to be a good time
15343s so let's see what we can do and
15346s obviously coming into this
15349s piece by piece it's only going to get a
15351s little bit better as we see the The
15353s Landing zones coming through on Morris
15356s Isle looks like we're gonna see some
15358s people it looks like one person's gonna
15359s be heading all the way towards sun wing
15360s rest actually I take them back that's
15361s gonna be three three players heading
15363s towards sun wing rest as we look at all
15366s the comments too in terms of where
15367s certain people are too curious where
15369s that part is from cause I'm seeing all
15370s the little bubbles from all the way
15371s around meanwhile we got some people
15373s heading towards uh Crow's Nest and Wayne
15375s shrine
15377s all the way on this side it looks like
15378s oug's panaman's gonna be headed towards
15380s Daylily Meadow at least headed towards
15382s uh at least close by sun wing rest
15384s meanwhile JD uh J team and wbg spiders
15388s gonna be heading towards winwell George
15389s very close to shipwrecking's fans as it
15392s looks like it's going to be at least
15393s five different teams heading towards
15394s sunwell dwelling and Wayne Shrine here
15396s so that's gonna be a massive start for
15398s them as well coming into our game number
15400s three and our halfway mark for our grand
15402s final solos day two as AO W Mike ends up
15406s getting sent out of the air yayron
15408s starting with some problems beautiful
15410s Perry though coming through as the valda
15412s yeah Ron just trying to hold on strong
15414s for as long as possible ends up getting
15415s hit inside of the corner here the alw's
15417s Mike trying to see if he can hold strong
15419s doing the best of what he can with the
15421s best of his ability here as he ends up
15422s trying to see if he can find some stuff
15423s beautiful hits towards this is aow's
15425s Mike gonna try to see if maybe he can go
15426s for the quick reset here goes for the
15428s quick Shield it's like he knows that
15430s he's going to be on the it on the end
15431s skirts of this building here potentially
15433s it looks like he's gonna be on the
15434s outside though actually ends up getting
15436s duped
15437s it looks like he's gonna be able to try
15439s to see if he can find a beautiful hitch
15440s though towards this inside nice hits
15443s with the dagger gets the Perry but it
15445s looks like a player might be coming
15446s through on the inside here as ow's Mike
15447s is going to be able to shut down yay Ron
15449s for the Finish
15450s oh we love to see a mic off to a tear
15453s already we'll type out coming in wants a
15455s piece of it though Kai bow here on Tarka
15458s and you know kaibal always pretty
15460s confident here on to the Tarka mic
15462s though trying to turn things around here
15464s with the long sword kaibal looking for a
15466s couple of resources here wants to find
15468s an optimal way to go in but Mike finds
15470s an armor swapping Kai pal gonna be on
15472s the receiving end of some huge pain here
15474s from aow's Mike two players crushing him
15477s but it's GG shot who picks up the
15479s elimination takes it away from aow's
15481s Mike and Mike gets his Shields
15483s completely stripped off here he's got
15485s shot put in the corner though but the
15486s old comes through and this is not where
15488s Mike wants to be GG show with that
15490s akkazole absolutely huge here lock it
15493s down Mike Mike gonna go in able to come
15496s in with the invisibility shot knows Mike
15498s is gone here so he's just gonna wait
15500s gonna take the reset he's got that
15503s longer duration ultimate means he's
15505s gonna get some extra mileage out of it
15507s over Mike's old here looking to find him
15510s Mike comes through shot up just gonna
15511s back off a little bit gonna scale Rush
15513s away just sides he doesn't have enough
15515s ultimate left he doesn't want to take
15517s this fight that early into aow's Mike
15519s xcg's Wang Liang on the back foot here
15522s the Aquos are rolling but T225 here
15524s coming in onto the target G trying to
15526s take control of the neutral wbg spider
15528s coming in looking to find his early
15530s elimination this game but T225 able to
15532s clutch it out comes up gets a huge heal
15535s there from the soul Bloom but spider
15537s doesn't want to get away spider gonna go
15539s for the no old Zone here to cancel out
15542s tgu5's ultimate now coming in with the
15544s carousel gonna get the extra juggle off
15546s of the grapple and that's gonna be it
15548s for T225 as wbg Spider able to pick up
15550s his first elimination but J team's
15552s action waiting in the wings sees the new
15554s old Zone wants to figure out what's
15555s going on comes in takes a little poke
15557s here wbg spider not happy with the
15560s situation though gonna scale it on top
15562s side spider turning in looks to go for
15564s the carousel yet again is able to get
15566s the one two three he blocked j-team's
15570s engine makes it it happened your engine
15571s going low the app comes out action
15573s looking to make something happen and
15575s this might be it wbg spider might be
15578s starting to pop off as he walks away
15580s with two eliminations I'm gonna be
15583s believable what a stretch of the
15585s imagination here able to play this uh
15588s the well that the way that he just did
15590s here and is able to get the Finish
15591s though as he ends up being rewarded for
15593s that though with those two eliminations
15594s that's going to be absolutely massive
15596s for him okay he's been working towards
15598s this eighth place second two elimination
15600s 31.9 he still has a long way to go if
15603s he's really gonna see himself in the top
15604s spot but he also needs to realize that
15606s he's gonna need to
15607s um really get these finishes as well
15610s towards this so he's gonna have to pay
15611s attention to a lot of the momentum
15613s that's really going forth here as now
15616s let's see where the rest of these
15618s players are going to start to try to try
15620s to show up here is Gigi Shaw
15622s so he's gonna Ricochet in it looks like
15624s he's gonna head towards his realm of
15625s Yang as well
15627s he's going to try to play this to the
15628s best of his ability here tries to play
15629s the smart
15631s let's see if he has the opportunity for
15632s it though I'd love to see it
15635s obviously it's only going to be pretty
15638s good for him though
15640s obviously the shutdown be very good very
15642s helpful for him
15645s it looks like KLA Spang also in a very
15647s similar situation as well so here's my
15649s here's my question to you in a lot of
15650s these situations here some of these
15651s players like really have been just
15652s trying to push through as best as
15653s possible what do you think some of these
15655s players need to do to really see
15656s themselves
15658s really see themselves
15664s in that top spot see themselves get
15666s adopt in the top spot here I mean
15668s realistically you got to look at Players
15670s like AOW is my GG shop right these guys
15673s are they're always making the final
15675s Circle they've got at least one
15676s elimination under their belt and it it
15679s comes down to that level of consistency
15682s right if you want to be where these two
15685s players are right now you have to be
15687s playing
15688s consistently every single game you're
15691s allowed to have one bad game
15692s realistically if you're playing 12 games
15695s here uh in the grand finals you're gonna
15697s have one game where you get like no
15700s points or maybe one point something like
15702s that that's gonna happen to you that's
15704s just statistics that's how it works out
15706s you you can't be on top all 12 games
15709s that would be absolutely insane but that
15712s game doesn't hurt you so bad when you
15716s play consistently you know aow's mic
15718s hasn't really gotten hardly any MVPs
15722s here in the grand finals but he's
15725s sitting on top because every game he's
15729s putting up five or more points if you
15731s can put up five or more points every
15733s game and then you have one big pop-up
15735s game it's hard realistically for anybody
15738s to catch up to you and we see that
15741s happening here so unfortunately you know
15744s this is our ninth game of our 12 game
15747s series first some of these other players
15750s it's it's more and more Out Of Reach for
15753s them to come out on top they just need
15756s to come in for those players who are
15758s sitting around you know seventh or below
15760s they have to hope they pop off every
15763s single game and they have huge games
15765s like we just saw pandaman have right you
15769s know six kills first place finish double
15771s digits is huge we watched Panda man jump
15773s all the way up from eighth to like
15775s fourth or something like that Panda man
15777s put himself in gunshot range of being
15780s able to be top three now but he has to
15783s continue to have incredible games
15785s because he hasn't had consistent games
15787s consistent games at this point aren't
15789s gonna buy him you know into that top
15792s three because everybody who's in that
15796s top three is just playing consistently
15798s now he's got to pop off
15803s asked to be able to pop off here with
15804s the best of his abilities here
15806s foreign
15808s coming in from our main man himself
15811s Aruna keeper TV by the way if you want
15813s to follow us on Twitter make sure to hit
15815s us on the rocket Esports and uh naraka
15817s blade point the game official
15819s um as obviously a follow our twitters
15822s here at official daviera and at
15823s roomkeeper TV on Twitter as well uh we
15826s do live streams full full time as well
15828s and try to you know make you know
15830s always possible because we love we love
15831s doing our streaming as much as possible
15833s meanwhile wbg spider is trying to catch
15835s GG Sean a beautiful space almost catches
15836s incentive inside of a corner here ladies
15838s and gentlemen we're gonna call that
15839s bully time here's Gigi Shaw trying to
15841s see if he can find a space here for this
15842s but it looks like spider's gonna have
15843s the upper hand and gets the Finish
15845s doesn't give GG shop much of an
15847s opportunity here really to catch it but
15848s this is exactly what this is exactly
15850s what wpg spider needs to do he needs to
15853s start nerfing Shaw and Mike early
15856s getting those early eliminations to get
15858s them out of the game that is what he
15860s needs to do if he's gonna see himself
15861s really in a higher higher place if
15863s they're not getting points he should be
15866s and that's the idea that he needs to do
15868s if he's gonna really see himself in the
15870s next in the next position that he wants
15871s to be in
15874s yeah I mean absolutely Shaw great
15877s elimination Mike realistically needs to
15879s be next but again Mike is that
15881s consistency player and here we go by the
15884s way this is the first real bad game that
15886s Gigi Shaw's had where he goes out early
15888s so this is exactly what we were just
15890s talking about right you're realistically
15892s in 12 games you're gonna find yourself
15894s having a bad game as we take a look back
15895s here on the realm again we see oug's
15897s Panda man here going Head to Head uh I
15901s do believe if I can take a look at the
15903s name of your uh Kayla's phone I'm not
15905s sure if he's gonna come out on top here
15906s is that Justina freeze is pretty huge
15908s into the Tarka Tarka though has got to
15910s find something if he wants to go for the
15912s victory if another freeze comes through
15913s there's nothing you do there we go it's
15915s gonna be the infinite from oh you she's
15917s Panda man and he capitalizes on it man
15920s Panda man off to an absolute territory
15922s found out here by AOW Mike that Yang to
15925s please in pretty hard on the KLA Spang
15927s Fong gonna pop the ultimate but Mike is
15930s not the turd whatsoever Fong able to go
15933s top side just doubled Michael Burns the
15935s ultimate says I have got to get out of
15938s Dodge and he lives to fight another day
15941s absolutely insane beautiful
15944s way to escape in that situation here
15947s that really could have been bad in a lot
15949s of different instances here but he was
15950s able to get that finish the way that he
15951s wanted to and I mean look what happens
15952s though in that situation
15954s is able to do exactly what he needs to
15956s and just like that he's back at it
15959s game could have been a totally totally
15960s different
15964s and obviously it's going to be a lot
15965s better for him as well towards this one
15967s here
15969s see if you can get that finish towards
15971s this as well and does a fantastic job of
15973s it though
15976s let's see if maybe you can find any more
15978s of a progression coming through towards
15979s this as aow's Mike is going to be able
15981s to see if he can work towards this
15985s aow's Mike is able to go forth with the
15987s rotations as well trying to see if he
15989s can make it a little bit easier for
15990s himself
15992s yeah Mike just trying to get outside
15994s that no old Zone he doesn't want to take
15995s a fight at a disadvantage when he's got
15997s the resources to burn you know why am I
16000s going to fight Fang inside a no old Zone
16002s when I've you know I've got my old I've
16004s got resources I've got better armor I'm
16006s just gonna go outside and Fang consider
16007s whatever he wants to man like he knows
16009s there's no resources here this has been
16011s picked through he he doesn't have to
16013s take this fight if he wants to look at
16014s this he's coming in he's trying to bait
16015s Fang to the edge of the zone you see how
16017s Mike's staying here where he's got the
16018s option to scale rush to get away if he
16020s wants to bang if he comes in and starts
16023s to lose this fight Mike can continue to
16026s Pummel him but if Mike starts to lose
16028s he's literally just within scale rush or
16030s teleport distance away from the no old
16032s zone so he can get out and just pop the
16034s old immediately Mike gonna back off
16036s though he sees another player in the
16038s distance bong just chilling in an old
16040s zone taking the Zone tick over and over
16042s again and realistically Mike now can
16044s just play gatekeeper he's just got to
16046s figure out where I'm trying to come back
16048s in and Mike's gonna be able to punish
16051s this since he overstayed his welcome
16053s here in that no old Zone and now inside
16056s the zone taking a ton of fang gonna get
16058s the pot off that Fang only 56 seconds
16061s left on that Yang depletion Mike trying
16063s to come through here Fang must be
16065s thinking about trying not to give an
16068s elimination away here to the Yang
16069s depletion I think he's given up his life
16071s at this point but Mike just needs to do
16073s a little bit of damage here on to Fang
16075s and when Fang goes down to the depletion
16077s or the Zone Mike gets the elimination
16079s for free Fang coming in Mike there he is
16081s he finds the hit he doesn't even
16083s realistically need to do too much more
16085s here though Mike risking it for the
16087s biscuit here not a great situation no
16090s old Zone comes down Mike's got to go he
16092s has got to get out of here he's got to
16094s break the ankles of fang bang no way for
16097s him to come back get rid of that Yang
16099s depletion Mike did some damage he's
16101s gotta hope that one Fang goes down that
16103s he had enough damage on him long enough
16105s ago that Fang will be a kill under his
16109s belt here if not Mike wasted a lot of
16111s resources here but he's able to get back
16114s in the zone long two seconds left
16116s remaining here he will go down but
16118s nobody gets the elimination so AOW Mike
16121s puts in a lot of work doesn't find the
16123s elimination he's hoping for
16124s unfortunately it's not what he was
16127s hoping for there turning now to wbg's
16129s fighter and oug's Panda Man Spider
16131s looking to get a little bit of payback
16133s on to panaman the rolls reverse panaman
16136s On Target and now spider on ocos looks
16139s like he's gonna find the elimination
16141s here on to Panda man know the close shot
16144s comes in and that locks it down and
16146s secures it for wbg spider Panda man
16149s getting griefed here by OC zhangyu oh my
16153s goodness no but then Spider goes down
16158s there is so much happening and that was
16160s just a replay
16162s that was so much happening and that was
16164s literally just a replay this is the type
16165s of things that you expect coming out of
16167s naraka Blade Point pro league here as
16170s anything realistically can happen in
16171s these instances meanwhile d225 and
16174s panaman coming through for the run back
16176s ladies and gentlemen we saw them have
16177s the same fight in the very first game of
16180s our game number seven meanwhile they're
16182s back at it again can panda man able to
16184s clutch this up or his T25 is going to
16186s get revenge on the man himself that is
16188s Panda meanwhile waiting for the charge
16190s for the dual blades is able to connect
16191s them beautifully on each side both Loom
16194s is going to be able to connect him
16194s waiting for the charge as now he's able
16196s to pop his ulti and is going to start to
16198s cause these issues potentially but it
16199s doesn't look like it's going to be
16200s enough as panaman has just hitting his
16202s momentum and able to piece it together
16204s what is Panda man on right now he is
16208s switched up meanwhile it's high bow
16210s absolutely bullying Zan you in the
16212s circle here looks like he's finally
16213s gonna be able to pull out his ulti here
16214s in this in this type of circle here
16216s obviously waiting for the point here
16217s where he still could be able to come
16218s through but he looks like he can't be
16219s able to go anywhere it looks like he
16221s keeps getting ricocheted right back into
16222s the space can't really go anywhere as
16224s Kai balance is gonna have to fight this
16225s out on the inside of the skin of his
16227s life as Kai balance him getting getting
16229s juggled the question is can can Zen you
16231s hold it and it looks like he's not able
16232s to though 39 seconds left on the clock
16235s here waiting for the ultra to pop and it
16236s looks like he does as Kai Val is also
16238s gonna pop his ulti as well it looks like
16240s they're gonna Ricochet on each side here
16241s trying to see if they can capture it on
16242s each side it's able to catch Jen you on
16244s this but now not able to do enough as he
16247s does get eliminated and Kai bow is able
16248s to get the fruits of the labor here at
16250s the realm of yang
16251s man and Panda man coming back with a
16255s vengeance today this man is Riding High
16259s after that last game that mvp six
16262s eliminations 13-point game oh my
16264s goodness jdging just getting cleaned up
16266s by AWS Mike as we turn our attention
16269s over here Kai Bao as well picking up two
16272s eliminations still holding on to a top
16274s five position wolf sky battle this is
16276s not where we have seen Kai Bao recently
16280s you know it'd love to see my boy kaibao
16283s here from Team wolves wolves you know I
16285s love you
16289s looking to make something happen but
16291s same with Panama Panama has moved into
16294s top three off the back of his
16296s performance and man you know Mike
16298s this is another crucial game for Mike
16300s right now GG shock goes out early right
16303s this is huge for Mike Mike needs to hold
16306s on here continue to cement the Gap that
16309s he was able to create between himself
16312s and Gigi Shaw it's gonna make it that
16314s much harder for Shaw to catch up Panda
16316s man though also you know if he has
16318s another 13-point game here Mike gonna
16321s need to start sweating bullets and be
16322s worried about GG shot and oug's Panda
16324s man but Panda man Gotta Be Riding High
16327s right now the fact that he's moved up
16329s into third place he was all the way down
16332s in like yeah 10th Place the start of the
16334s day if I remember correctly so the man
16336s coming in putting in the work the myth
16338s the legend we love to see KZ or sorry
16342s not Casey's Panda man he's ug now I'm so
16344s used to OG Panda man you know what I'm
16346s saying when he's like 13 KZ but now he's
16349s with oug I'm just out here defaulting
16351s because you know that's back when we
16353s used to see Pan Man absolutely pop up
16355s crowd favorite love to see him here uh
16362s mixing it up with aow's Mike battles
16364s long fly won't fly pretty low but he
16366s does have that akazole pop to your
16368s trying to keep it ticking
16370s um both of these players T25 and aows
16372s might really want to clean this up if
16374s they can one Clyde misses the grapple
16375s there the app coming in from T25 making
16377s it pretty hard long fly goes low it's
16379s just a question of who's gonna pick up
16381s the elimination he goes Sky High
16383s handyman or sorry no Kai bow coming in
16386s looking to clean this up gt25 popping
16388s the ultimate he really wants this he's
16390s put in the work Mike comes in but wait
16391s who is it Jay James action picks up Jang
16394s Yoo but it's T225 who does finally find
16396s the elimination onto one fly the only
16398s problem is he's still low no place to go
16400s Wang Liang slides in and picks one up
16404s absolutely insane to be able to find out
16406s that next space here still able to do
16408s exactly what he needs to and is able to
16410s get the shut down let's see if they have
16412s the opportunity here to find it
16414s still able to work through so many
16416s different things here
16421s and obviously able to do exactly what
16423s they need to though
16428s and obviously kaibal by himself you're
16430s still trying to see if he can find any
16431s instances that can also help him out
16434s not able to do a whole lot here but
16435s they're still still gonna be able to
16437s bounce it back in different areas here
16443s still gonna be able to rotate this
16445s around but I hey it really can be
16446s anybody's game here in these next couple
16448s of uh ones so let's see if they're gonna
16449s be able to find it
16454s that was a good job of that as we look
16455s back towards the replays here with a lot
16457s of momentum as an x-gen able to bully
16459s Zang you into this whole corner here
16461s right in between the trees such a hard
16464s place to be able to fight this out as he
16465s ends up getting juggled a little bit
16466s here but that a Coast Recovery is just
16468s so incredible for a lot of different
16469s reasons here xang Yu trying to find
16471s everything possible to be able to
16473s capture those moments
16476s and it's just gonna be able to get those
16477s nice hits on each side here zhangyu
16479s caught inside of the section here and
16481s just struggling to try to find the extra
16483s little bits of combos that can be able
16484s to complete it as well I try to go out
16486s the window but it's also not going to be
16487s enough as he ends up getting absolutely
16489s bullied and getting finished though
16490s towards that end
16493s what a finish
16496s I mean look at how aggressive this game
16497s has been to Dobby we're down to five
16499s players and it's zone four right right
16502s nobody in their right mind looking to
16504s take a fight right now either oh this is
16506s gonna be interesting though we're gonna
16508s see the Morse blessing come through and
16510s it's in the middle
16512s all the Baines breath here Mike with the
16515s little tricky trick
16517s comes in grabs the armor and TP out yeah
16520s the legendary armor right now I mean
16523s look that's a risky situation to be in
16525s but if you're Matari it's a little less
16528s risky for you right you're able to get
16529s in you just get your armor you you pop
16532s the TP you get out but man you know
16534s always interesting to see the Bane's
16536s breath just come in is he going back for
16538s seconds man said hold up let me give
16539s some seconds real quick oh gets hit with
16541s the Bane but he's got the re-teleport to
16543s get back out finds himself some extra
16546s goodies that he desperately needs there
16548s he's gonna be forced to spend some
16549s resources because of the Bane's breath
16551s coming through hit him with the pops it
16552s looks like he wants to come look at the
16553s shop he's going to do a little shopping
16554s himself here he says all right look I'm
16556s gonna take some of these goodies I'm
16557s gonna get some goodies of my own Mike
16559s just uh on that different level of
16561s confidence oh the Bane breath coming in
16563s yet again though you're gonna be forced
16564s to burn two more Pops here and that's
16567s not where Mike wants to be you know he's
16570s pretty safe given what he just did there
16572s but unfortunately he does burn four pots
16576s just to get back to a healthy situation
16578s he might have to burn a fifth because
16581s he's not gonna have that full golden
16582s armor because he's still got a little
16584s tick there but he doesn't want to burn
16586s the extra pot right now because he is so
16589s low on resources after taking multiple
16591s hits from the Bane's breath there and
16592s Wang Liang weren't happy to come in and
16594s clean up the scraps man he said the risk
16596s is gone let me slide in get some goodies
16598s and get on the heck out of here
16602s and then they're able to do a lot more
16603s towards it too so you are going to have
16605s to pay attention to kind of how certain
16606s things go so obviously those advantages
16608s can be a little bit easier for some of
16611s these players here as as this is the
16613s type of circle that we realistically
16614s expected coming out of this five five
16616s players alive Circle Four is closing
16620s this is what we expected for some of
16622s these games to go right
16624s oh yeah absolutely I mean
16626s this is the level to go like this oh
16629s yeah well I mean again game one
16631s realistically came down to the fact that
16633s so many players just kind of hiding out
16634s there uh inside of uh celestra being
16638s able to use all of that movement and
16641s keep things going
16643s um is why we realistically saw so many
16645s players left in game one because the
16646s aggression in game one was just as heavy
16649s as the aggression here in game number
16651s three for the day right I mean I don't
16653s think we ever caught a break heck this
16655s is the longest break I think we've seen
16657s all day in the action and as soon as I
16659s mentioned the word break aow's Mike and
16661s uh xcg's Wang Liang going head to head
16664s here Mike just pumping in the damage on
16666s duang Liang Wang Liang forced to burn
16668s the ultimate here very unfortunate
16670s because that resource is gone so he
16671s doesn't really have the safety net he's
16673s just kind of gonna find a little hiding
16675s spot here uh while he waits to get some
16677s of that rage back Mike already on the
16679s hunt looking for him he heard the
16681s ultimate go down and he's like
16683s I smell weakness and he comes in he's
16685s gonna find j-team's action hiding in
16688s here that abyssalore coming in from the
16689s dagger following up with the uppercut
16691s Mike gonna see that armor shredded and
16693s again not a great position for Mike he
16695s had to burn a lot of those Shield pots
16698s already because of the Bane's breath
16700s hitting not once but twice and here he
16702s is gonna be forced to burn even more of
16704s him after J team's action puts the
16707s business on him
16708s foreign
16709s obviously they're able to put through
16711s how certain things can work out and then
16713s obviously bye Belle
16717s trying to keep the game alive they've
16719s done a pretty good job thus far with
16720s some of this stuff I'm gonna be honest
16721s like I think the way that they've done
16723s in certain instances I think they've
16725s been fantastic and I think now it's all
16728s about if they can honestly maintain but
16732s it's the same thing with panaman too
16733s panaman I mean like I said I mean it's
16736s just been playing out of his mind right
16738s and that's fantastic it's great that
16741s he's gotten to the point where
16743s we can really see him just absolutely
16746s dust
16748s so now I need to see him do this about
16751s three more times
16757s I'm 100 with you unfortunate you know we
16760s talked earlier about there's an elephant
16762s in the room a little spider-sized
16763s elephant
16765s I think we got to talk about it we have
16767s to talk about it you know he picked up
16768s four kills this game
16769s but even off the back of those four
16771s kills he's still in ninth place he is
16773s over 30 points behind aow's money
16777s there there it's mathematically possible
16781s for wbg spider to come back and win it
16784s all but he has to have three incredible
16786s pop-off games and aow's Mike has to do
16788s nothing
16789s Gigi Shaw has to do nothing
16791s ug's Panda man has to do nothing for
16794s those three games I I hate to say it
16798s um and you know what I might end up
16799s putting my foot in my mouth but I'm I'm
16801s gonna say it I think the nails in the
16802s coffin for wbg spider I think he has let
16806s the bad games get to his head
16808s he came into this game got four
16810s eliminations and then goes out I think
16813s he's gonna come into these next three
16814s games and he's gonna sputter out he's
16816s not gonna do a whole lot and I don't
16818s think there's any way he walks away or
16819s championed Dobby really
16826s I think I think um I don't know man I
16828s still think three games are are enough
16830s time I think like I said before it
16833s really comes down to he has to grief
16836s those two players those two players have
16839s to be griefed in order for him to
16841s realistically have a shot at at really
16843s getting the dog
16845s that's what I see and that's what I
16847s notice now obviously when it comes to
16850s all of the other abilities and and
16852s certain things that they could be doing
16853s you're absolutely right they should be
16855s able to you know if if they're good they
16858s should be able to figure it out they
16859s should be able to make it happen but
16860s obviously
16862s that's not necessarily the case
16865s if that makes sense and I think it's a
16868s little scary to think that I think it
16870s could be too early I'm not afraid to
16872s admit that obviously he probably should
16875s have
16876s um done that in some way shape or form
16878s but obviously I mean sometimes you have
16881s those bad games and obviously it's not
16882s as easy as you think it is so obviously
16885s yes it is a little hectic it is a little
16888s early let's hope that they do come back
16892s and come back a little bit stronger I
16893s would love for them to come back a
16894s little bit stronger and harder than ever
16896s but obviously it's gonna be tough for
16899s them to find that he's tough for him to
16901s find that momentum for him to really get
16902s back to that place and let's hope
16904s honestly let's really really hope that
16907s maybe he finds it in these next couple
16909s of games here but obviously between the
16911s top four Wang liang's Kai bao
16914s Mike panda
16917s I mean if anything Panda has no shot
16920s in this in this moment for sure and he's
16922s further down
16924s so I can only imagine how far down the
16926s other players are going to be in this
16927s situation here as aow's Mike is just
16929s trying to scale up here they're not
16930s really trying to fight too this is also
16931s funny
16933s well I mean look there's four players
16935s left they're just trying to make the
16936s most of those kills count right they
16938s don't want to fight unless they
16939s absolutely have to ever every little
16941s fight that they take Burns and extra
16943s resources they run the risk of you know
16945s popping the F or being forced to pop
16947s their ultimate and then not having it
16949s for these final moments and I mean this
16951s Zone collapses in five seconds there's
16953s gonna be no Zone left there's a lot of
16955s tarkas here uh we do have Wang Liang
16958s who's positioned pretty good because
16960s he's playing akkos right so he can
16962s potentially lock down multiple people
16963s with those grapples throw them into the
16965s Zone maybe he's if he's running the uh
16968s sorry the V2 he gets that extra healing
16971s from grabbing onto people as well which
16973s is gonna be really good for him Mike
16974s over here he's situating himself and
16977s this is the thing is look at this Mike
16979s hasn't won an MVP today he's just
16981s consistently been here this is what we
16983s talked about earlier right you know you
16984s talked about what it takes to be in the
16986s top and be here and it's it's you don't
16989s have to be super flashy all the time you
16991s just have to play great and play
16993s consistently that's what Mike it sells
16995s it doing that's what he's doing here
16997s like he doesn't even have to come out on
16998s top here oh Master Perry though on to
17001s the panda man Panda man gonna be forced
17002s to pop the ultimate here Mike so low
17004s though oh my goodness he picked no Kai
17007s bow goes that Wang Yang comes in picks
17009s up Andaman
17011s oh what a crazy fight I called it though
17014s arco's really in a great position to be
17017s able to come in here lock these players
17019s down in the final Circle because of his
17021s ultimate he holds on to the very end
17023s lets it rip and he picks up multiple
17025s eliminations and xcg's Wang Liang is
17029s going to be your MVP for our third game
17032s of the day you did say that you did call
17034s that out right before the absolute
17036s Madness happens here and we I mean we
17038s kind of already knew that akos was going
17039s to be a very powerful player and even in
17041s these final circles here when we don't
17043s necessarily know what's going to happen
17044s they are going to use that momentum as
17047s best as possible to get ready for that
17048s next bid here and obviously that's
17050s exactly what we saw happen in this game
17053s and then look what happens Wang Liang is
17054s able to capture the dub and get the
17057s finish what an amazing show out this is
17059s exactly what Wang Liang needed I mean I
17061s think he's been playing some of his
17063s games I I don't necessarily know if
17064s they're the games of his life I think
17066s he's been just caught in some really bad
17068s situations he's been one of the players
17069s here that you can really see the the
17071s stress and uh the hecticness really I
17074s won't necessarily say getting to him but
17077s he has been a lot more vocal
17080s um about you know how he's been playing
17082s and how he needs to improve and knowing
17085s that he feels like he's still one of the
17086s best players and in reality I still
17088s still think that he is but obviously
17089s coming into this it's a little bit
17091s hectic in certain situations
17093s yeah Wang Ling again we come in on this
17097s first day really kind of cemented
17100s kind of the Old Guard right you know you
17102s xcg's Wang Liang GG Shah aow's mic
17105s wolves kaibao Panda man these guys were
17108s all in our top five after our first day
17111s and these guys really are the Old Guard
17113s if you go back to season one these were
17116s the players to look out for these were
17118s the players to watch these were the
17120s players bringing us the crazy plays the
17123s absolute best naraka we got all season
17126s in season one so to see them coming back
17128s right now after wbg spider just being so
17132s dominant throughout the regular season
17133s here or the spring split really is
17136s absolutely crazy I'm loving every single
17140s second of it I don't think we could
17141s crazy fine yeah I don't think we could
17143s ask for better naraka right now and it's
17145s unfortunate though
17146s that spider doesn't have a good game
17148s here and chat everybody you saw me I was
17151s praying for it I wanted this man to pop
17154s off he even found four eliminations this
17156s game but he just he wasn't able to find
17159s that end game he wasn't able to find
17160s what he was looking for he's all the way
17163s down in ninth place right now again it's
17165s mathematically possible for spider to
17169s come back but there's a there's a lot of
17171s there's a lot of stars that need a line
17173s in yeah okay for spider to come back
17176s it's mathematically possible
17179s mathematically not plausible not
17181s plausible
17183s I hate that for wbg spider because
17186s you're talking about a kid who came in
17189s here
17190s young kid too right you know right we're
17192s talking about somebody who's one of the
17194s younger players comes in and he he he
17197s kicks the door in on his debut he breaks
17201s records he picks up 10 eliminations in a
17203s first place finish it was the highest
17204s scoring game we had seen you know and he
17207s is dominated but
17210s clearly something is different something
17211s is shifted I think he's letting that
17214s first day get to him Dobby and I hate to
17216s see that because he had a full 24 hours
17217s to get that sort of reset taking a look
17220s here xcg's Wang Yang three kills first
17221s place finish in 8.8 oug's Panda man
17224s another strong showing three
17226s eliminations second place finish 7.8
17229s wolves type out three eliminations
17233s your third place or sorry your fourth
17235s place finish here six points even aow's
17239s Mike not one of his best games but a
17242s third place finish two eliminations
17243s still five points on the board and
17247s that's what it's about man GG shot only
17249s picking up the one so AOW is Mike Four
17253s Points more ahead of GG shot he
17256s continues to grow that Gap and it's all
17259s off the back of consistency we haven't
17261s even seen Mike walk away with an MVP
17263s today and he's still on top topping
17268s still on top obviously I mean it Wang
17270s Liang with that 8.8 has been that's
17272s definitely something that's going to put
17273s him up higher in the leaderboards here
17274s but also you do have to realize
17277s um first place still gets an extra bag
17280s sodas uh getting an elimination for what
17283s was it I think uh the most elims also
17286s get you uh some more
17288s um more bread as well there's a lot of
17291s different chances here for you to earn a
17292s little bit more of a bag on top of just
17293s being first place overall obviously
17296s overall is is the big bag but there also
17298s is other ones too where you can still
17299s earn a little bit of some cash on top of
17301s that as panaman it's just coming through
17303s beautiful juggle
17304s to get the finish your aow's Mike caught
17307s in this corner beautiful finish on to
17308s Jose as we saw that happen
17311s team X jamming catching saying you on a
17315s different Specter able to do a lot more
17317s with that too
17318s and is able to get it shut down here and
17320s makes it really really awesome
17324s what a finish coming through here as
17325s Wang Liang ends up catching two catching
17328s three towards the final Circle I mean
17331s obviously what a what a what a game what
17334s an absolutely insane game the way that
17337s they were able to do that much much more
17339s and obviously coming into this game
17340s getting that shut down Wang Ling with a
17343s soul slash storm stride Cavalry Bloom
17344s Abyssal Aura two melee resist Soulja
17347s 6900 damage and three eliminations
17350s is the greatest in damage
17353s but it's 14th MVP
17355s well done young sir well done
17358s yeah like Wang Liang man really great
17361s job this season again a real return to
17363s form from season one because I dude I
17366s remember do you remember season one Wang
17368s Liang playing uh Takeda with the
17371s nunchucks this man was dangerous oh yeah
17374s dude and he he was not quiet he wasn't
17377s the I'm just gonna play for end game and
17380s kind of chill out this man was going Toe
17382s to Toe every time you turned him with GG
17384s Shaw and aow's Mike and he was slinging
17387s those nunchucks and he was just like you
17389s can you can get it baby he he was he was
17392s a mom he said you go and talk to me you
17395s gonna talk to me this is what you gonna
17397s do you gonna talk to me
17400s I dude I loved it and look at this yeah
17403s 14 MVPs for the season is nothing to
17407s shake a stick at right at all right like
17410s realistically that's a lot of MVPs for
17413s the entire season man is out here
17416s putting in work and that's again there's
17419s a reason he's sitting at the top of the
17421s leaderboard with these other guys in
17423s that sort of top five space right now
17425s right that has been popping off and this
17428s final Circle I love how he played this
17431s final circle out he he dipped
17433s dodged weaved and waited for that
17436s opportunity he's like look I'm ocos
17438s there's a bunch of tarkas here all I got
17441s to do is get them into one space where I
17444s can line them all up like dominoes and
17446s knock them down as soon as he saw that
17449s opportunity what did he do he saw them
17451s all lined up he come in clap clap fat
17453s send all three of them back to the lobby
17456s said get better out of here
17458s you thought you had a chance he thought
17460s she was nice
17461s see you later and just like that was
17464s able to get uh the shutdown was able to
17467s do a whole lot to get that finish and
17468s obviously like I said like what what a
17470s great and amazing set of games I mean
17472s obviously so far we're at the halfway
17474s mark we have three games down we have
17476s three more to go obviously looking at
17477s the standings here for this one it's not
17479s looking good for some of these players
17480s that's down low including
17483s our top player
17485s or one of our top players throughout the
17487s whole season
17488s lbbg spider in ninth plays with a 34.3 a
17492s very shocking
17493s shocking performance coming in
17496s from this man that in reality we really
17498s saw him come through with a lot
17501s of confidence a lot of momentum not only
17503s confidence but he talked the talk it
17505s wasn't like he was just
17507s yeah it wasn't like he was just talking
17509s he wasn't walking it he was walking it
17511s so to see him in a place like this is
17513s very very very shocking and obviously
17516s coming back towards the rest of it here
17518s aow's Mike at the top of the 58.6 that
17520s consistency has been insane Shaw is
17522s gonna need to pop off if he's gonna need
17524s to take this away from aow's mic but as
17526s of right now it doesn't look like it and
17529s I know you've said it before we were
17530s talking about this in some way you were
17531s like is this is this the story for
17536s wbg spider where we talk about how you
17540s know oh if if alw's mic wasn't here you
17543s wouldn't have won
17545s oh man I is this that story is this
17548s actually going to be the story that we
17550s are have to tell
17552s I dude I can't believe you you called
17554s that out I've been trying to avoid that
17556s subject oh no I'm gonna bring it up
17557s trust me I'm gonna bring it out to you
17559s you think I'm gonna let that slide you
17561s think I'm gonna let that slide what you
17562s said yeah yo back when we first started
17564s when we first started the season chat
17565s let me let me take you back to a nice uh
17567s nice real throwback Story Once upon a
17570s time there was a man named Rune keeper
17572s Rune keeper said and I quote
17575s that when we came when we went back to
17578s the games we had to say if if aow's mic
17582s wasn't here with wbg spider still be
17585s winning would wbg spider still be the
17587s top man if alw Mike wasn't there and
17590s that's the one thing that will continue
17592s to haunt him until he finally gets to
17595s meet his match which is aow's Mike he's
17598s met it he's handling throughout the
17600s season but sadly he's not able to
17603s fulfill that final say-so now before
17607s that though we're gonna have to show you
17609s something else we got an interview
17610s coming up for you as we're gonna get
17612s ready to lock in for our game number
17613s four so
17615s do your thing take it away
17617s foreign
17636s so first I would like to know it seems
17639s like your style in the matches is really
17641s different from other players because it
17644s seems like nowadays in the solo game
17646s some of them would like to operate to
17648s the end of the game but at that at that
17650s time you're really aggressive to stay in
17653s the Grand Final and I would like to know
17655s why yeah
17677s [Music]
17688s okay so to be honest I think at the
17692s beginning of the game because we have
17693s the SEC we have two lives and I think
17696s for the first lives we won't be afraid
17698s of fighting with each other and if I
17701s can't I would like to have more scores
17702s at the beginning of the game and for the
17705s middle time of the game I would like to
17706s just pass away everywhere and to find if
17709s there are other players are one-on-one
17712s fighting or more people are fighting and
17713s I can join them and then just operate to
17717s the end of the game and have higher like
17719s survive score at the end of the game I
17722s think it's also it's time for us to move
17725s on to the next part answer for
17729s treasurements
17734s okay so you guys can the aggression on
17737s the screen and if you know the answer
17739s just type them in the chat box after a
17742s player coming three two one we will take
17745s a screenshot and the lucky guy will be
17747s whispered okay so let's see today's
17750s question
17751s who is leading the scoreboard now okay
17777s [Music]
17778s so in my opinion
17782s opinions in
17785s the card in the rest of the game today
17787s in the Grand Final okay I think our
17790s player is prepared in let's start
17792s counting now screenshot
17801s okay it's time for us to find out the
17803s correct answer
17810s a mic yes the correct answer is alw Mike
17815s okay because because we have the One
17818s season it's it's like um we are really
17821s close to the end of the season and I
17823s want to know what you think the most
17826s important reason that you can have very
17828s good status now in the grand finals
17849s I think work harder and
17857s Twitter hotels
17862s and thank you for today's interview we
17864s will take a break and be right back
17865s later
17867s [Music]
17871s I can't eat
17873s I can't sleep
17879s because the closer I get to finding her
17882s the more scared I am
17889s foreign
17891s scared of what she's become
17894s scared of seeing the face of my baby
17897s sister
17898s Twisted by the nightmare she's had to
17901s endure
17902s [Music]
17909s scared she's so broken she could never
17912s recover
17924s [Music]
17925s thank you
17936s [Music]
17943s stop inside this isn't you
17951s but then I remember
17953s no matter what's happened
17955s no matter what pain and torment have
17959s beaten her down
17964s she will always be my sister
17998s thank you
18018s [Music]
18042s [Music]
18046s foreign
18073s [Music]
18091s thank you
18095s [Music]
18103s [Music]
18119s foreign
18120s [Music]
18129s welcome back my lovely lovely naraka
18133s family if you are unaware of who I am I
18135s don't know what rock you've been under
18136s but my name is the Rune keeper and I'm
18138s your host and your Caster this evening
18140s joining me is the OG my right hand man
18143s we go way back to the very beginning of
18145s naraka I remember cast of the very first
18147s Morris cup with you my boy Dobby air and
18151s man it has been some crazy games today
18155s and unfortunately you know we've got
18157s some peeps that uh you know I'm putting
18160s putting out a little prayer for over
18161s here for wbg Spiderman he's hurting
18164s right now I know he's feeling it in his
18166s chest
18167s um but
18168s you know what they say when Titans fall
18170s others gotta rise and man some of the
18174s old boys the Old Guard coming back you
18177s know what it's like Greek mythology
18179s right all of a sudden wbg spider shows
18182s up and he cages all the Titans right
18185s he's Zeus he's coming in he's bringing
18186s him lightning bolts and he cages them
18189s Titans up but now all of a sudden it
18191s tightens they broke free from the cage
18193s AOW Mike's come back he said look this
18196s was your playground one I weren't here
18198s but I'm back baby I'm gonna need you to
18200s take a back seat and then of course Wang
18203s Liang showed up GG Shaw wolves Kai Bao
18205s Panda man playing his freaking mind out
18208s absolutely love to see the old Titans
18212s coming back and showing everybody hey
18215s imma need you to to get my name out your
18218s mouth put something on my name name yes
18220s sir I'ma need you to stop this whole
18223s forgetting that I exist wbg spider cool
18226s and all but we still here and we're
18228s gonna show you how the real ogs do it
18231s he said nah not today we're just gonna
18233s let you know how we get down around here
18235s y'all might be the youngins but we the
18236s olden okay we know exactly what we're
18239s doing in the situation dude can I sit up
18240s here and sleep on us and think that all
18242s of a sudden everything will be cool and
18244s we gonna be all right no
18246s that's not how I rocks and that's not
18248s how we run and that's not how we roll
18249s now
18250s coming into these games here obviously
18252s it's been absolutely Monumental so we
18255s still have we're three games down with
18256s three games left
18257s it seems as though spider just it's it's
18260s impossible for him to reach now for Gigi
18262s Shaw on the other hand
18264s he's close he's still close he's only
18266s within less than 10 points so
18271s All I'm gonna say is that it's grief in
18272s time
18273s personally that's what I think in these
18276s situations right you need to start
18277s griefing these top players so that way
18279s you have a chance and obviously you
18280s won't know that they're the top players
18281s because obviously you know you won't
18282s know who you're limited until afterwards
18284s but
18286s one of these top players need to get
18287s griefed look look if we talking about
18290s grief in time I gotta talk about my boy
18292s OC zhangyu this man has been bringing
18294s the grief
18296s all this entire Grand Final every time
18299s we cut to a final Circle OC zhangyu like
18303s locks on to one of these top players
18305s slides Up Kicks him out of the Zone it
18309s risks it all to get the elimination and
18311s then just dies afterwards it's like he's
18313s he's like I don't care he's like I don't
18315s care where I place but there's some
18318s people who've not been putting respect
18320s on my name and I'm about to make sure
18322s that they remember who OC Zhang you is
18324s real quick hold on hold it hold my beard
18327s real quick you know what I'm saying he
18329s said y'all gonna remember me
18332s if you go remember who I am sir
18336s because this is what we're doing today
18340s we're gonna piece this together and
18342s You're Gonna Know My Name by the end sir
18344s this is what we do in these situations
18346s here and obviously
18347s being able to work through this and
18350s obviously seeing how everything goes
18352s it's obviously going to get harder but
18354s Wang Liang is in third place now
18358s he went from being in those spaces to
18360s now he's close to climbing the top
18362s he's feeling he's very very much feeling
18364s it now obviously
18367s a little bit hectic
18369s a little bit hesitant and certain in
18372s some way shape or form but
18374s the possibility is there absolutely
18377s it is absolutely endless now the
18380s question is is can he hold on
18384s for a big big fine can he do it
18390s I mean you know
18392s I still think there's a couple people
18394s very much Within Reach aow's mic is
18397s bringing the consistency and he's got a
18399s decent lead at the moment but we saw in
18402s game one that 10 points wasn't that much
18405s of a lead you know after game one Gigi
18407s Shaw had a good game one there was a 10
18409s point difference coming into the day and
18412s that one game brought him right there
18414s nipping at the heels like less than a
18417s point away from aow's Mike so Mike's
18419s bringing the consistency right now but
18422s if some of these players in that second
18424s to fourth place can have a real big game
18428s like if Panda man can get another 13.6
18431s he's right there he's chomping on the
18434s heels of aow's mic I think it's still
18437s going to be a very tight game going into
18438s the final game like it always is and I
18441s love to see it there's by the way
18442s there's the man himself the big grief
18444s boy on campus Zhang Yu
18448s and uh you know
18449s hmm he's he's had some interesting
18452s moments today I I want somebody to put
18454s together a grief reel for zhangyu I just
18457s want to see all those those grief kills
18459s in the final Circle just back to back to
18461s back but uh yeah again anybody who's in
18464s that top four space right now I think
18466s realistically has a shot right not even
18470s not even like because again wbg spider
18472s numerically could do it realistically uh
18476s not so much but the the players in the
18478s top four all have a shot a good shot now
18483s every game deeper that we get that shot
18486s gonna get a little you know that Gap
18488s gonna get smaller and smaller right
18490s obviously odds the odds of them coming
18493s out on top gonna gonna close in on them
18495s so
18497s these guys need to come in this is a
18499s game
18500s realistically I think this game's gonna
18502s be very very important it's gonna be a
18504s big Turning Point
18505s oh oh Panda man hit them
18508s [Applause]
18515s Panda man
18516s that's the one I love I love I love I
18519s love trash talk to the highest degree I
18521s love that he didn't even look at the
18523s camera
18524s he didn't even look at the camera you
18526s saw eating like he'd even look at the
18527s camera that's just that's just crazy
18530s I'll be I hope listen I love panaman I
18532s really hope he can put up in this in
18534s this next game here obviously we're
18536s gonna get ready to lock this in for the
18537s next game here obviously The Vibes are
18539s gonna be just as high and hopefully just
18540s as good as we're gonna see the
18543s advantages towards this so let's see if
18544s maybe they can find it
18546s [Music]
18548s yeah the momentum towards this so it's
18550s only gonna get better
18553s we're just gonna take it down little by
18555s little little by little that's all we
18556s got to do here in this situation I want
18558s I want the deck of playing guard
18559s stopping you want the playing cards with
18562s all our top players on it heck yeah I'd
18564s be playing as a poker with that you bet
18566s we'd be playing some Blackjack some
18568s Omaha you know what I'm saying oh my
18570s goodness we're gonna take a look here at
18573s the hero selection this is uh a Morris
18575s aisle we have one more Hollow Roth after
18576s this we're gonna see a lot more valda
18578s coming into play here aow's Mike did I
18581s expected to see more Justine on this map
18583s it's night time there's a lot of
18585s fireflies available and we're only
18587s seeing Mike and Kai Bao bring him to
18589s bear and this is kind of interesting
18590s because Justina actually her kid
18593s pretty decent in to akkos really good
18597s into Tarka as well you have that
18601s opportunity to catch akos out you freeze
18603s them you get a huge hit off on them and
18605s then you back away right because you can
18607s create that space real fast you let the
18609s old burn out you dash back in you catch
18611s the freeze again get a little damage off
18614s you kind of you you get to play footsies
18616s with akkos instead of just running away
18619s from him the whole time as Justina right
18621s so I feel like that's a big Advantage
18623s for that hero that some of these other
18625s Heroes don't bring to the table against
18627s akosui right now
18628s so very surprised that we're on a
18631s nighttime map there's a lot of fireflies
18633s available and we're only seeing two
18635s people bring Justine into the mix
18638s obviously being able to put this down
18640s here this map is being absolutely
18642s incredible towards this let's see if
18644s they can find more momentums coming
18646s through as we're gonna piece this
18647s together little by little by little now
18649s obviously coming into these games so far
18651s they've been absolutely incredible and
18653s let's see where the time comes with
18656s everything else Happening Here you love
18657s to see it as Panama it looks like he's
18659s gonna push in on shazing here she's
18660s saying able to do so much more within
18662s this relative space here and obviously
18665s looking at this panaman is just going to
18667s try to keep that same aggression and
18668s that same momentum throughout all of
18669s this you'd love to see how these players
18671s have been so far here and how they've
18672s been able to rotate this in much much
18674s more
18676s obviously able to dish it out little by
18677s little
18680s and let's see if they're gonna be able
18681s to find it throughout all of this as it
18683s looks like Panda man is gonna keep going
18685s gonna push hard towards this and
18687s obviously it's gonna be a fantastic one
18689s to be able to see how they're gonna be
18690s able to put all this together here
18692s nice split through it all good finds
18695s through many places Hannah man's gonna
18698s try to see maybe he can keep it together
18699s but he decides to play the smart here
18703s you know Panda man playing this really
18705s smart right I love the aggression coming
18707s through even though the Valdez got the
18709s uh V2 active he comes in he threatens
18711s the space pushes him off forces them to
18714s back up because those Spears kind of
18716s hard to land at the super close range
18718s like that just burns more of the time
18721s off the ultimate there and keeps a
18723s position of power love to see it he
18725s doesn't pressure the fight once he gets
18727s him low as well he's just like look I'm
18729s playing smart yeah I could potentially
18731s chase that kill but I got no armor right
18733s now and you know I'm on a gray grave
18736s sword here I kind of need to play a
18737s little bit smarter here GG shot here
18739s doing what Shaw does best in the early
18740s game off to a massive tear chasing this
18743s kill down onto Jason's action wbg spider
18745s gonna show up Shaw taking the
18747s opportunity to get a reset while letting
18750s spider put a little bit of pressure on
18753s to action here so that he can keep up
18755s the Chase and not worry about action
18757s getting too much of a reset spider
18759s coming in with the nunchucks putting a
18760s little bit of work ewg's euron kind of
18762s show up to the party here Shaw coming in
18765s putting in work with the dual blades on
18766s to Yi Ron we're seeing euron forced to
18769s use the F to get away from GG Shaw Shaw
18772s on the back side of the building here
18773s looking for an opportunity to find a
18775s reset but doesn't want to let these
18776s players keep getting away wbg spider
18780s still in it spider needs to find his
18783s momentum this game
18784s he really if he has any hope of you know
18787s making it to even top five he has got to
18790s bring something here this game and he
18793s needs momentum if he's gonna do that
18794s shock still keeping the hunt up here on
18797s to j-team's action not wanting to over
18800s commit knows he needs to spend some time
18803s looting right it's very early in the
18804s game he's not got a ton of resources
18806s he's got to play smart gonna catch him
18808s out yet again X in there with the
18810s nunchucks holding that uh horizontal
18813s charge given away that he probably has
18815s got meter there for the trigger so we're
18817s gonna see him back off a little bit now
18818s turning to wbg spider here going head to
18821s head with ewg's u Ron this is spiders
18823s second game on octos he doesn't get to
18827s play akos anymore after this and he's
18828s got to play all different Heroes after
18830s it gotta catch eron out there euron
18832s misses the elbow spider needs to take
18834s advantage of the momentum that he's
18836s created here he's been able to get the
18837s claw onto Iran but ye run got the elbow
18841s back up going to back away here jdg
18843s Tuesday and coming in look into read
18845s this out potentially pick up this
18846s elimination waiting for the moment oh my
18848s goodness the infinite coming through the
18851s two Zhang and they're winning take from
18853s the elimination on the spider and he run
18855s oh my goodness
18857s jdging with the massive grief onto
18860s spider GG shot gonna get buried out here
18862s by exit and action plays it so patiently
18865s finds the flip and picks up the
18867s elimination onto GG Shaw
18870s so so I'm gonna be honest with you
18873s um
18875s that wasn't what I meant by griefing
18880s you wasn't supposed to grief the spider
18882s you were supposed to grief Mike and Shaw
18886s not spider that was the wrong that was
18889s that was not the griefing Ike's I really
18891s expected to happen that was not what I
18893s called
18894s that wasn't what I said they didn't
18896s listen to me
18898s they didn't listen to me and I'm like oh
18902s no
18903s look look we don't give Chu Zhang a
18906s break here he's all the way down in 13th
18907s Place right here he got a grief whoever
18909s he can grief you know what I'm saying oh
18911s my God the sign coming down
18912s might be getting creepier Jason's action
18915s put the work on him while he's stunned
18918s out by the sign oh my goodness action
18920s able to find the armor swap might
18922s actually be able to turn back into the
18923s fight and potentially pick up the
18925s elimination and there it is on
18928s believable the amount of time that
18930s they've been able to push forward here
18932s and really dish out a lot of momentum
18933s here that they've been doing thus far
18935s here I'm I'm not only impressed but at
18937s the same time I think they've done a
18938s fantastic job with all of this happening
18940s here and now we're just kind of back
18941s into this fight here and what is going
18943s on what is these lower players like
18945s really exciting all of a sudden like
18946s now's the time for me to start to pop
18947s off you should have been doing this a
18949s couple couple games ago I'm sorry you
18950s should have been starting this yesterday
18951s excuse me meanwhile
18954s air W's might find this out with ew GJ
18955s Ron yeah Ron trying not to get caught up
18957s in the hit midst of the fight here
18959s knowing that there's a third party
18959s nearby here
18962s looks like aow's Mike ends up getting
18964s juggled here into in between this fight
18966s here ends up getting caught and
18967s immediately goes through with the Arctic
18969s tries to call it as GG Shaw looks like
18971s he wants to cause some missions as well
18972s here in the third party plays for the
18974s scale Rush is able to connect at least
18975s for one here able to catch the juggle
18977s piece ends up slashing him it looks like
18979s he's gonna try to and this is the tech
18980s book this is textbook Gigi shot right
18982s here it's gonna be able to separate
18983s himself from the man in that oh
18986s getting juggled inside of the air here
18988s trying to see if they can hold strong
18989s towards each side here's the Aron try to
18991s see if he can capture one with the
18992s freeze and Gigi Shaw is able to snatch
18994s ya-ron and Mike gets the free double
18999s DG Shaw's late has just griefed aow's
19002s Mike into this game he still has one
19004s more life left but there's still an
19005s opportunity meanwhile wbg spider is on
19007s his last leg of his life here
19009s this man has been struggling into these
19010s games so far ends up getting in ends up
19012s getting doused on each side here trying
19014s to play it a little bit better than what
19015s he's been doing thus far here
19018s let's see if maybe he can find it here
19020s but as of right now he has been
19022s struggling here a lot of momentum coming
19025s through with all of this all of the
19026s pieces coming through little by little
19030s the question is is he able to do it
19032s though that I do not know and we're
19033s going to have to see is we're going to
19034s lock in we're going to head towards the
19036s realm of Yang ladies and gentlemen
19040s man this is this is difficult to watch
19042s this is this is not my wbg spider I hate
19045s to say that man me neither the
19049s how does J teams actually even have hold
19051s of him spider usually would have broken
19053s this man's ankles ages ago and been out
19055s of here he's trying to turn onto this
19057s fight right now we've got some Roman
19058s fights going on but action getting the
19060s time to get the reset here and spider
19062s just let him do it now into the realm of
19064s Yang we're gonna see Kayla's fan going
19066s Head to Head without us long fly here
19067s it's a Justina versus
19071s I have three bubbles already we're gonna
19074s see the old come out from Fong and now
19076s we're seeing the V2 valdo coming out as
19079s well Fang gonna go top side here that
19082s swamp fly continues to give Chase oh my
19083s God there's the spear huge for them
19085s Bongo with the backstab oh my goodness
19087s they actually missed the opportunity to
19089s get the clutch out backstab onto one guy
19091s gonna drop the bubbles here trying to
19093s get some time to get some heals up but
19095s Fang finds it and is able to keep long
19097s squad for making it happen long life no
19099s safety net whatsoever here now it's off
19101s the back of their abilities or nothing
19103s bang has the teleport still available to
19106s him they've got to get out of jail free
19107s card the uppercut lands and Fang and is
19109s gonna walk away your winner here inside
19112s the realm of Yang and it looks like
19113s Andaman is gonna clean up wolves kaibao
19116s as well and Panda man back onto a tear
19118s in the realm of yang
19121s a whole lot Happening Here into the
19123s sentiment and obviously able to do what
19125s he needs to here to try to see if he can
19126s get that shut down and obviously makes
19128s it look good all the way towards this
19130s Final End here but I mean obviously
19131s looking at what happens here still able
19134s to dish it out in many instances here
19136s meanwhile action just trying to hold on
19137s spider trying to put an amount of
19139s pressure here he's gonna need to put in
19141s a lot more if he's really gonna see
19142s himself ending up catching a dub in some
19144s way shape or form here he's been
19145s struggling a little bit throughout these
19146s games here so let's hope that maybe we
19148s start to see him do more
19150s as now it looks like spider waiting for
19151s the charge here and so has action and
19153s waiting for the exact same thing here
19155s could be absolutely massive for some of
19156s these and obviously trying to dish it
19158s out little by little here but let's see
19159s if there's an opportunity for that to
19161s happen
19163s obviously still trying to find it here
19166s see if they can work towards this not
19168s easy for a lot of this space is
19170s obviously now
19172s just trying to put forth more of that
19173s momentum as wbg spider is gonna try to
19176s see if you can find it
19178s foreign
19182s 's action able to get the reset on the
19184s bottom and these two are going to keep
19185s train blows the problem for spider here
19187s is he's only got these armor powders
19189s he's got seven of them but it's half the
19192s speed of healing of what J team's
19193s actions got here actually I'm gonna
19195s carry him top side here oh my goodness
19197s the juggle into the huge full charge
19198s there on the katana spider's gonna lose
19201s his armor and half of his HP here and
19203s this is a problem for wbg spider he only
19206s has those powders now for both HP and
19209s the shields here healing is gonna be a
19211s tall order form here especially T225
19214s waiting in the wings as well spider
19216s gonna find it pretty hard to get away
19218s we're gonna hear the Bell get popped as
19220s well everybody knows where spider is we
19222s see the third party coming in oh my
19224s goodness it's Panda man this is not good
19227s for spider panaman has been on fire in
19230s terms of eliminating spiders and oh my
19232s goodness he's out with a big fat zero
19236s here in the hard fourth game of of the
19240s day Dobby take it away
19242s the griefing has been absolutely insane
19245s listen you called it before you said it
19247s in some way shape or form that there was
19249s an opportunity for him to maybe find it
19251s you said there was that moment where it
19254s could get hostile it can get crazy for
19257s some of these players there's been an
19258s absolute struggle for a lot of these
19260s players here to realistically find it
19262s and obviously for him to be able to do
19265s the exact same thing and run that course
19267s the way that he has been doing here has
19269s been absolutely incredible here but
19271s obviously looking at how these players
19273s have been here panaman just decided it's
19275s time to go Super Saiyan mode it's sad to
19278s say that it's been he's very I
19280s um actually I take it back
19283s um this man's in third place
19285s hey wait can we can we talk about the
19287s plaque that this man is in third place
19288s right now he went from uh close to being
19290s halfway down the bottom of leaderboard
19291s 10th Place just like that too babe you
19293s see how you see how I told you that it
19295s really takes two games to pop off look
19298s at Panda man now see if this was wbg
19300s spider we would be scared
19302s okay panda bear keeps the same energy
19304s are we gonna Crown Panda sin as a
19306s champion that's all I gotta say here is
19308s actually just putting in the absolute
19309s work here beautiful right clicks onto
19311s the katana here and it looks like he
19313s will get finished here but he does have
19314s that beautiful beautiful Resurrection
19317s though so he does have an opportunity to
19318s run it back yet again his action is
19319s gonna be able to claim the elimination
19320s that jumping the jump back Perry on T25
19324s here is gonna catch him on the outskirts
19325s of the circle here he's gonna try to see
19326s if maybe he can find him here with more
19328s of that tick just hurting him little by
19329s little the outskirts able to hit him
19331s more and more but it's not going to be
19332s enough here as he's going to be able to
19333s get the heel and the shield and gets the
19335s Finish meanwhile Samuel is going to come
19337s through and cause some issues as well
19338s inside of this and now says hello buddy
19340s you thought you had a chance here but
19341s it's time for me to come through and
19342s cause some issues here and ladies and
19344s gentlemen here we go
19346s oh my goodness Panda man that's still
19348s here he's got that legendary long sword
19350s purple armor three eliminations under
19352s his belt man he's been playing his mind
19355s off you know he was Fourth Place coming
19356s into this game but unfortunately Wang
19358s Liang hasn't put any work in and
19360s Panama's just been able to creep back up
19362s take that third place away from Wang
19365s Liang even after Wang Ling was able to
19367s get that huge MVP so M Wang liang's
19370s gonna have to cover some ground here man
19372s aow's Mike no eliminations under their
19375s belt GG shot double eliminations
19377s and a man not far behind him we're gonna
19380s see battles won't fly go down to Yang
19382s depletion
19383s unfortunately Jay team's action very low
19385s here action has got four eliminations
19388s under his belt right now but he's popped
19389s his old his F's on cooldown he's got 30
19392s aow's Mike is on the pursuit OC zhangyu
19396s also waiting the wings oud's Panda Man
19398s action has got a tall order here he's
19401s been able to create some distance he's
19402s gonna get inside the realm of Yang here
19404s that's gonna buy him the time oh my
19407s goodness to get the heels he needs but
19410s he's going head to head with oug's panda
19412s man and Panda man has been the king of
19415s Yang all day long Bill Jenkins action
19419s Hannah's been playing his mouth
19422s yeah dude I mean these realm of Yanks
19425s panaman just doesn't seem to be able to
19427s lose and unfortunately for Action here
19429s Panda man is playing Baldo which is kind
19432s of the bane of existence for Tarka able
19434s to cancel Tarka out of that ultimate
19437s with their own ultimate and that's not
19439s where tarco wants to be you see the
19441s scale reps coming connect onto panaman
19442s panaman still in a great place though
19444s he's got bubbles available he's gonna
19445s land the bubbles down he also still has
19448s ultimate available action though
19449s unfortunately doesn't have ultimate this
19452s was a desperate cry for him to come into
19454s the realm of Yang oh my goodness there
19457s it is we're gonna see it come through
19458s the elbow comes through the pandemon
19460s finds the second Spear and Panda man
19462s picks up his fourth elimination and he
19465s is one back you're back good back the
19468s back no back to back six Realms of Yang
19472s three games running he is the king of
19476s yang
19478s absolutely insane to see this finish
19480s though as Rexy is going to be able to
19482s claim that but it looks like panaman
19484s also won their realm of Yang as well on
19486s the other side
19488s what a finish though coming through here
19490s the beautiful shutdown here and making
19491s it look really nice
19495s is able to get to finish the way that
19496s they have been so far here
19500s what a finish though and what a fine
19502s here and obviously now action is facing
19505s the clock in this game number five
19510s sorry game number 10 realistically sorry
19512s it's the game number five technically in
19514s in terms of today but in total it is
19516s going to be a game number 10 here so
19519s let's see if they can find it though
19520s towards this
19522s they still do a fantastic job with
19525s everything else that's been happening
19526s here and obviously able to get the
19527s shutdown here and is able to look good
19529s towards it let's see if maybe they can
19530s work towards it I I love it whenever we
19532s get to these places and it gets a little
19534s bit more tighter towards a lot of
19536s instances here where we can
19538s realistically find it and obviously the
19540s shutdown here can get just as good as
19543s any other realistically you know
19545s Sensational moment here and getting that
19548s shutdown can only get a little bit
19549s better here so let's see if maybe they
19550s can work towards that in City's final
19552s circles here but GG shocked
19554s playing the game of his life so far in
19557s these games absolutely feeding it in so
19559s many different ways
19562s and Panda Man Four kills down third
19565s place currently in this games can we be
19567s crowning him as a Champions tonight
19569s I look I told you it was in the cards
19571s it's a possibility we're about to
19573s witness right to make it happen if Panda
19576s man walks away our champion you know I'm
19577s gonna lose
19579s you think you're gonna lose your mind
19582s you think you're gonna lose your mind
19584s sir GG shot here desperately looking for
19587s an elimination he's got that Yang
19589s depletion he needs to get rid of it Mike
19590s here gonna be forced to actually armor
19592s swap back into the blue armor as he
19595s takes multiple shots from downrange he's
19597s burned his ultimate he's going to be
19598s forced to head into the no old Zone here
19600s to have any chance of survival but these
19603s players want to come break his ankles
19605s because they know he's got that blue
19607s armor he's on the back foot no ultimate
19609s now he doesn't have the F either as well
19611s and shut up desperate Shaw has to take
19613s any opportunity in here to pick up an
19615s elimination because he does have that
19617s gang depletion we're gonna see the old
19619s come out onto aow's Mike this could be
19622s huge for sure if Sean can get back in
19623s the game and eliminate Mike here if
19625s they're going to open the plug-ins for
19627s Mike it's gonna open the floodgates
19629s foreign to be able to come back in the
19631s game Shaw picks up the elimination and
19634s he gets the full bloom he's back in the
19637s game the door is open for TG Shaw and
19641s ug's Panda man am I I mean are we
19644s surprised though I mean Gigi Shaw has
19646s been playing the game of his life so far
19647s here he has been snatching up
19649s eliminations uh he has been stealing so
19651s many opportunities here in reality for
19654s there to really be some insane moments
19656s here he's not gonna let them really sit
19657s there and breathe he's not going to give
19659s him that opportunity though even with
19660s all of this coming through though they
19662s still were able to do a fantastic job of
19663s that and obviously they're going to play
19665s it to the best of their ability here and
19666s they're not going to make it easy for
19667s the rest of the click to really find any
19669s opportunities here if if they can really
19672s find it though obviously they're just
19674s trying to play it smart and obviously if
19676s you do want to play that smart there's
19678s still so many lanes for you to walk
19680s towards here as action just getting
19682s caught inside the bubble shazing is
19683s gonna be able to get some connectivity
19684s action trying to see if he can get any
19686s more hits towards this meanwhile there's
19687s a bow that's just absolutely just
19690s shredding shazang right now he's trying
19692s to keep it together here he's trying to
19694s piece it together little by little here
19695s but he's absolutely struggling by all
19697s means of the stature as he's just
19700s wobbling down and here comes the ulti
19701s trying to see if he can hit him with the
19702s spear in here trying to find all types
19704s of momentum to see if we can make it
19705s easier for himself but obviously it is
19707s not easy for him though as now he's just
19710s pushing through and he's just trying to
19711s play to the best of his ability though
19713s towards this obviously it's not easy for
19716s the man himself though but obviously hey
19718s it still could be a lot tighter with so
19720s much more happening within this momentum
19722s let's see if maybe he can still find an
19723s action trying to capture something and
19725s it looks like he's able to hit him with
19726s a nice little bit of defensive playing
19727s here could be a lot easier to try to
19729s slow him down here as a lot more of this
19732s starts to piece together the question is
19734s can he find it I don't necessarily know
19736s and it doesn't look like he does though
19737s and that's kind of the tough part here
19739s within this game still trying to find
19740s out any more areas where he could and
19742s the Perry comes through here as Panama's
19745s gonna see if he can find it the
19746s secretary comes through out of nowhere
19747s so genius just trying to back off just
19748s remember have the opportunity but Panama
19750s knows that could be a free elimination
19752s if he finds it and it looks like he's
19753s gonna try to see if he can push towards
19754s it gets the beautiful hit off of him the
19756s question is can you capture the
19757s elimination no GG saw steals it right
19759s from behind him oh my goodness what a
19761s finish coming through as GG shot come
19763s through at a beautiful time just as fast
19764s as a shark is from Finding Nemo
19767s GG Shaw trying to pack off as hard as
19769s possible here he's still getting hit
19771s though and he still has to be able to
19772s pick it and now he ends up popping the
19773s Ulta and he says all right buddy you
19774s want to get this war down let's get it
19775s going as he ends up getting shredded
19776s immediately by Rexy does have the free
19778s space though to be able to pop the
19779s shield and it looks like it's gonna be
19781s enough for him to stay alive in this
19782s game wow
19784s man things are getting absolutely
19785s intense we're heading into zone five in
19788s the next 38 seconds we're down to our
19790s top five GG shot Panda man two of our
19793s contenders for the very top tying it up
19795s right now four to four in our fourth
19798s game of the day obviously Zhang you
19799s Kayla is playing both so low trading
19801s floats here zenyu catches the uppercut
19803s into the reset but Fang comes back in
19806s with the fact stand and is able to pick
19808s up the elimination thanks to gold armor
19810s takes the goodies from the box and now
19812s we're down to our top four before zone
19816s five Kelly's Fang tying it up it is four
19821s four and four ladies and gentlemen come
19824s to Wendy's get you four for four
19826s laughs
19831s this man said come to Wendy's Get your
19834s fork for four oh my goodness I am done
19837s with you oh my goodness the amount of
19840s times we've been able to put this down
19841s with all of this momentum has been
19843s absolutely incredible you love to see
19845s how they've been able to scatter it
19847s around with that many uh that many
19850s pieces of momentum here the way that
19851s they've been able to put it together
19852s here has been absolutely phenomenal and
19854s obviously the shutdown has been just as
19856s oh so sweet uh coming through trying to
19858s see if they can find it
19861s and obviously getting the selectivity
19864s could also be just as good and obviously
19866s the shutdown could be just as sweet as
19868s now we're looking into this and we're
19869s just trying to play this as smart and as
19872s best as possible and obviously looking
19874s towards this
19876s they were able to put it together they
19878s were able to piece it
19880s they were able to find as much of it as
19882s possible here now obviously
19884s kla's Fang is able to do the absolute
19886s most
19888s and just like that is able to piece it
19892s and now we're back at it
19894s oh still able to work towards it and
19896s look at this now we're back at it again
19898s what a crazy game top three before zone
19901s five we're now officially locked down
19904s onto zone five OG padman Kelly's bang
19906s Ventus is wrecky going head to head here
19910s unfortunate Gigi Shaw is out of it oh
19914s man though what what an absolute hair
19919s coming through here man this game has
19921s been insane I love it Panda man though
19925s coming in trying to clutch it out
19926s Kaylee's bangle with five eliminations
19928s panaman with four Ventus is recce with a
19931s single elimination here just trying to
19934s get as many points together for
19935s themselves as they can panda man holding
19937s together they're locking it down pretty
19938s tight recce trying to play it smart here
19941s just wants you know the third party kind
19942s of poke wants to grieve him out Panama
19944s here putting in the work on the Kayla's
19947s thing Ricky gonna come in grief panda a
19949s little bit keep him from getting the
19951s follow-up on the Fang thing forced to
19953s back away here is able to find one pot
19956s but it's got to keep things moving into
19958s the zone a little spot on the back but
19960s Panama says
19962s no no no no not in my house you can go
19966s ahead and get out of here with that
19967s thing no ultimate one TP available to
19970s themselves Shield completely gone health
19973s and half here gets one pot off Ricky and
19976s Chanda keeping it moving though Panda
19978s gonna try to take a little bit of a
19980s reset here doesn't want to let Fang get
19982s too much momentum the grapple gonna come
19984s through things does find another pot
19985s here but panda is so hungry for this
19988s elimination he takes a shot though so
19991s he's gonna back off take the repair or
19993s sorry uh yeah use the shield pot here
19996s get reset Ricky taking the time to get a
19999s repair in man three Titans going head to
20002s head here what an incredible game we're
20005s watching unfold in front of her faces
20008s right now Dobby these guys going
20010s absolute crazy man panda is just on
20013s something different today Dobby man
20015s every time we look back he's tearing
20018s into Fang thank you absolutely tearing
20020s in as much as possible here I mean able
20022s to get the shutdown the way that he
20023s could here
20026s and is able to push it down towards all
20028s of this though
20031s as obviously Rexy able to find a lot
20034s more momentum here could be a massive
20037s form to see if he could find something
20038s that's going to be very helpful for him
20039s but let's see how they're able to dish
20042s it out little by a little here still a
20044s whole lot happening
20046s obviously just trying to play it to the
20048s momentum that he can as KLX Fang is just
20049s trying not to give himself to open too
20051s easily to some of these players here he
20053s doesn't want it to be too easy for a lot
20055s of these players to get a free
20056s elimination definitely doesn't want to
20058s get a free lick out of this though
20060s obviously coming into this there's still
20063s a whole lot as Rexy just trying to dish
20065s it out meanwhile panaman's just trying
20066s to keep himself alive as Rexy literally
20068s Fang just saved panaman's Life by
20070s actually eliminating Rexy into that
20072s space here the amount of time that he
20073s was able to dish that out and was able
20075s to do that comes in at such a beautiful
20076s time that really could have been
20078s anybody's moment here and obviously he's
20080s able to catch him in such a great time
20082s in this moment now obviously coming back
20084s towards the end of this Hannah man's
20086s back at it he's got full shield he's
20088s alive and he's well now
20092s and a man's got to be able to catch her
20093s up to the top he's got to be able to
20095s stay so he's got to be able to be smart
20096s towards this next game he's got to be
20098s able to figure out where his momentum is
20100s going to be and what advantages is going
20101s to help him in this situation
20106s he's played this so well he's continued
20109s to grief whoever's ahead in the fight
20111s back and forth here
20113s because of that thing and Panda man have
20116s no Shield pots left to their name
20118s whatsoever recce though flush with pots
20122s he's in a great situation if he can get
20124s Panda man's Shields low here there's
20126s nothing panaman can do about getting
20128s them back up so Ricky really playing
20130s Panda man and Kaylee's Fang against each
20133s other here knowing it's his best
20135s opportunity to come in and clean these
20138s up in the end he's in a good situation
20140s he's got a good old he's playing Feria
20142s oh my god bang I'm gonna take a massive
20144s shot here do the HP recce topside oh my
20148s goodness huge shots coming in Panda man
20150s and thing starting to realize wrecky is
20152s the problem here gets the Perry but
20154s panaman able to avoid it Ricky gets the
20157s ultimate out here oh my goodness some
20158s huge shots coming in these two players
20160s need to be careful though Ricky can do a
20162s lot of damage while in this ultimate and
20164s they've got no Shield pops both players
20166s recognize Ricky is the problem and they
20169s are trying to turn their attention to
20170s their Panda man though gonna take some
20172s huge cannon shots right trying to make
20174s something happy Rocky so low who's gonna
20176s get the elimination though there he is
20178s in the zone
20181s I gotta figure out how he's gonna keep
20184s it alive here though bang coming in oh
20186s my goodness you need to pop the F3 Santa
20188s man you've got it use it if you can the
20191s bubbles are out oh my God the wave can
20193s pad the man too he's got five can he
20196s gets six he just needs to get one spear
20199s one spear is all it's gonna take he's
20201s holding it he Spears all he needs son
20203s bang the top side just try to stay there
20206s what just happened right go to this
20208s problem
20230s how do you come back from that just so
20234s close that was a guaranteed win for him
20236s you're literally called inside of a
20237s hurricane that is Phantom man's finish
20239s and literally is able to heal himself
20241s just in the seconds the mere seconds to
20245s get the finish I'm losing my mind
20249s handyman is not happy right now he
20252s played that so perfectly to lose
20255s what can you do in that situation here's
20258s the thing is he didn't know that Fang
20259s had mortal Defiance mortal Defiance
20262s literally wins this game for kla's fun
20266s absolutely insane
20269s I oh oh these games Dobby I'm gonna lose
20273s my mind
20276s I'm losing my mind this game hasn't been
20279s absolutely incredible and I literally am
20281s at the edge of my seat literally I'm at
20282s the edge of my seat
20284s literally at the edge of my seat I am so
20286s excited
20289s no he's rocking a jade necklace like I
20293s am Dobby
20296s see what happens when great minds think
20297s alike oh my god dude bro I'm this game I
20301s I feel like I my my Esports Caster
20304s Persona has come down the veil has been
20307s lifted because I'm just losing my mind
20309s at Panda man right now what a crazy game
20313s even though Panama doesn't take a first
20315s place finish here this is still a huge
20317s game for him
20318s foreign
20318s [Music]
20320s that is a Monumental game coming in from
20322s Panda man okay I'm sitting here thinking
20324s about all the the amount of momentum and
20326s what he has done so far in terms of how
20328s the games have been played he has done
20329s such an amazing job
20331s he's still at it
20333s he's still
20334s owning
20336s and killing it my oh my the way he's
20339s been able to get the shutdown here has
20340s just been a little too good I'm be
20342s honest a little too good and just like
20345s that is able to do such an incredible
20347s job gets the finish and says see you
20350s later bye bye I'm out but then literally
20353s gets the switcheroo coming in and he
20355s says no you don't he's like wait what
20356s Perry done finished Justin I know
20360s panaman has to be a little bit angry
20362s that he did not get that dub but
20365s he still ends up getting a massive
20369s massive win for that second place and
20371s those eliminations he's still looking
20373s good for those games it's okay it is all
20377s right
20378s it is all right and the panda man and
20381s our boy Kayla's Fung after after these
20383s games are about to have some words I'm
20385s telling you right now because Panda man
20387s if it's not for the Mortal defiant Soul
20389s Jade he wins that fight he had it
20391s clutched he does he does we had it
20393s completely entirely on oh and you're all
20397s right and you're all right he didn't
20398s have it unlocked he did absolutely which
20400s way he absolutely did have it online yep
20402s I that losing to Mortal Defiance in the
20405s 10th inning man like
20407s that would upset me worse than dying to
20410s Yang depletion you know what I'm saying
20412s like can you imagine you're right there
20414s Glory you know what I'm saying uh that
20417s would be another six kill first place
20419s finish for panda man
20421s that's insane I mean we've been going
20423s through it as much as possible here I
20424s think the way that they've been doing
20425s certain things has been absolutely
20427s amazing but to be able to see that from
20429s klas Fang and then from Panda man I mean
20431s these have been players that Kayla Fang
20433s we've talked about in many different
20434s instances being an amazing clutcher but
20436s to see Panda man into this space we have
20439s been cheering him on for Seasons ladies
20440s and gentlemen Chad just let y'all know
20442s we've been cheering this man on Four
20444s Seasons okay I have been waiting for the
20447s chance to see this man really get a
20448s chance to pull off an incredible win
20450s here and obviously as of right now it is
20452s looking like this opportunity has
20454s presented itself for him and he has done
20457s an amazing job and now look where he's
20458s at
20459s bro I you and me since season one have
20462s been singing hand to man's Praises I
20466s know we've been watching the blues he he
20468s is an n a favorite this man is
20473s we the things I would give
20476s for panda man
20477s to have a championship finish here to
20481s have a grand finals champion
20484s I oh I'm I'm losing my mind Bobby I need
20488s you to take over and talk about these
20489s clips because I just man of trying to
20491s hold on strong air Gigi shy end up
20494s getting caught in by exigent here action
20496s putting in so much uh time and momentum
20499s into these games so far he's been
20500s absolutely dishing out a lot of problems
20502s for some of these players here and he's
20503s done a fantastic job of it thus far but
20505s obviously still trying to find those
20507s little bits of hits sometimes can get a
20509s little bit hectic as obviously being
20511s able to do that is amazing as Panda man
20513s as just being able to find it here as
20514s action was able to get that shut down on
20516s the panda man but obviously that did not
20518s work towards the very end of the game
20520s here as kla's Fang trying to capture
20522s this elimination in between him and gets
20524s the beautiful Perry on the Wang Liang
20525s right before Rexy tries to see if he can
20527s snatch it away Kayla's fake dangerously
20529s low zangyou trying to hide it together
20531s but that acos is able to do just enough
20532s to keep him alive in this fight here
20534s still able to run through so much and
20535s look at this look at this replay here is
20537s able to catch him into this almost
20539s catches I'm looking him into the ulti
20540s goals for the right click the heel
20542s castes him in a beautiful time is able
20544s to get the Perry and the shutdown here
20546s for him to be able to give him the final
20549s dub of not the final dub but just the
20552s dub to solidify a spot and obviously his
20555s second MVP of the night 17 000 damage
20558s six eliminations mortal Defiance Phoenix
20560s blast another step Katana Sab and
20562s Alchemy he didn't have a sixth
20564s he did have a sixth and also his dagger
20567s damage was 10K his 14th of today
20572s unbelievable coming in you love to see
20575s it
20576s but wow oh wow did we get an absolute
20579s treat coming in from these games right
20580s here
20582s Dobby I'm I'm at a loss for words man
20584s how how is it how is it that every time
20588s we come to one of these bi-weekly finals
20591s or now of course the grand finals
20594s we see something that tops everything
20596s we've seen before and we go there's no
20598s way there's no way they're ever going to
20602s top that
20603s you know I was talking about game number
20604s five
20606s from from yesterday and how insane that
20608s game was I'm 100 gonna be talking about
20610s game number four today because the the
20613s the craziness that comes through the the
20616s the Mind Games just the dentist is recce
20619s in the end playing Panda man against
20622s kla's Fong I also love the wherewithal
20625s because those two guys man as soon as
20628s they realized that Ricky had been
20629s playing them against each other to
20631s whittle down those pots both of them
20633s looked at Ricky and we're like wrecky
20634s you a problem you've got to go
20637s I need you to go ahead and get the out
20640s of my Lobby because we we ain't having
20642s this well I gotta say all I gotta say
20645s currently is this has to be one of the
20648s most intense but absolutely insane
20651s finals I think I've been able to cast so
20655s far in my naraka career if you were to
20657s say that I this has got to be such a
20660s jam-packed and exciting finish so far
20663s with some of these games here this has
20665s been exciting this has been Monumental
20666s this has been absolutely insane with how
20669s these games have gone so far I think
20671s we've been in so many different
20673s instances where we've seen how these how
20677s these moments really start to piece
20679s together
20681s um and and been able to tell these
20682s stories but then at the same time when
20684s you see somebody like like like you know
20686s literally like panaman who has been
20689s absolutely dishing it out to all of
20691s these players who has been the the easy
20693s target as we've as we've heard many
20696s times and now all of a sudden look at
20698s him now
20699s he's the problem starter as we look in
20702s for your women with chance to win a
20703s limited great treasure which hero was
20705s the MVP of our game 10 was involved
20706s though was it akos was it Atari was it
20708s Feria now this is an interesting
20710s question because that means you have to
20711s pay attention
20713s look I I know the answer but I'm still
20716s I'm still just in shocked I'll be I'm
20719s stunned I'm do you think you're shocked
20722s what a game my boy like just
20726s a panda man is he's on something else
20730s today Gigi Shaw's on something else all
20733s these guys are just
20735s tearing it up and
20738s I hate to say it I'm so happy Mike took
20740s the L this game dog
20742s so happy he took the L because now it
20745s opens up this space where these last two
20747s games are so tight
20750s Titans in the top three that's what I
20753s love I love new Rocky it always delivers
20756s on these tight final finishes man and I
20760s I need to see the overall scoreboard
20762s right now
20763s because it's you're not wrong you're not
20765s wrong so close right we love to see when
20768s these games get very very tight we'd
20770s love to see when
20771s um those momentums really start to come
20774s through and obviously looking at the
20776s standings here I mean obviously the
20778s pinpoints have changed just a little bit
20779s here but like we said before it really
20781s only takes one good find and just like
20783s that we're back into the game you're
20785s back into the momentous and you're back
20786s into the hype and all of a sudden it
20788s becomes this Insanity of what could be
20791s right it comes this whole moment of like
20794s how things can really realistically go
20796s right and and how you know we really go
20799s through a whole lot of momentum
20802s and obviously able to able to see
20804s through it man it really can be anyone's
20807s game truly in these in these moments and
20809s honestly to be able to be here is just
20812s Monumental to see where these things
20814s could truly truly go in these final
20817s games here as we look at alw's mic at
20819s the top still at the top 56 points
20822s though he's less than three points he's
20823s three points away Panda man that's four
20826s points
20827s Fang at seven
20830s that's a seven point difference between
20831s first and fourth somebody is walking
20835s away with a massive dub somebody is
20837s gonna be walking out of here with a lot
20838s of bread somebody is going to be
20840s smacking somebody across the face
20841s tonight that's all I gotta say with a
20843s bag full of cash
20845s bro what did I tell you man this this
20849s um
20850s this is Juicy this this is just this
20853s this is like that that prime rib when
20856s you're going out to the steak restaurant
20858s you know what I'm saying
20859s what a meal what an absolute meal these
20863s guys are giving us today man I'm my
20866s voice is gonna be shot by the end of
20867s this technically it's gonna be shot too
20869s technically we're six games deep we
20871s still got two games to go and this is
20873s the most screaming I've done at naraka
20876s in a hot minute because man these boys
20877s are going and we had a week and we had a
20880s week break
20882s that's the crazy part we had a weak
20885s break to really just be like you know
20887s what we've been doing well we've just
20889s been like well let's let's go at this
20891s hard when we come back for naraka and
20893s obviously look at how they've been what
20895s what look at the present they've been
20897s giving us
20898s uh dude an absolute gift from these
20900s players I I gotta say it right now to
20903s all of the players in the nbpo thank you
20906s for this Incredible Gift these games yay
20912s no rocket is never boring
20915s you know people talk about it sometimes
20917s they they get a little burnt out and
20919s stuff
20920s but how can you watch these games and be
20923s burned out on naraka how can you watch
20925s these games and not immediately be like
20927s yo I gotta go get me a piece of that
20931s oh I'm just what a what an incredible
20934s performance from everybody if I'm losing
20937s my mind I I can't I kind of want like an
20940s audience cam I want to see how these
20942s players the the audience how nuts they
20944s were going in that final fight Dobby
20946s because I'm telling you what they had to
20948s be losing their
20951s I mean the amount of momentum that we
20953s have seen thus far trying to pinpoint
20956s how a lot of this realistically goes
20958s here has been absolutely incredible and
20960s obviously just being able to push
20962s towards this and try to find it has been
20964s absolutely incredible and just like that
20965s look like I mean look look at what we've
20967s been talking about we've been talking
20968s about this so long
20969s that the amount of things that they have
20972s been able to give us so far has just
20974s been so oh so sweet
20977s and now obviously look at where we're at
20980s now
20983s still is able to put us together what a
20986s day I I just
20989s incredible is the only word to describe
20993s honestly the gift we have been given
20995s because
20998s every single time I start to think that
21001s the caliber of naraka we're seeing can't
21004s get any fire
21008s these guys prove me wrong
21010s every single time every time I'm like yo
21013s this is peak naraka these guys come back
21016s next week and show me I'm I'm wrong
21019s that there's more Peak naraka to be had
21021s and I just uh
21025s we're blessed Dobby to be right where we
21027s are right now on the Forefront watching
21030s this unfold the way it is that we are
21033s the only thing that can make this better
21035s is if we were physically there and let's
21036s hope that maybe worlds has a lot in
21039s store for us where there is that
21041s opportunity for us to potentially uh be
21043s able to actually enjoy the festivities
21046s of what could be naraka on a global
21049s scale around the world now obviously
21051s coming into these games let's see what
21054s we have
21056s towards this and obviously looks like
21059s we're gonna be able to see this and
21060s obviously it's gonna be pretty good I'm
21062s excited and uh take it away what are we
21065s locking in for these games here
21067s Wang Liang I'm looking at you bro why
21069s why are we doing this again
21072s I'm angry Dobby
21075s I just went from Charlie to anger call
21078s him out quick I said why are we doing it
21080s every time you play Wu chin he you know
21085s he made it to top four with like two
21087s kills but still didn't Place very high
21090s last time he did this because he was on
21092s Wu Chen
21094s the only reason he even got the two
21096s kills that he got it was after he
21098s completely burnt his kit went back to
21100s neutral full heal and he just raw skill
21102s dipped him why are we playing a hero
21105s that gets you no mileage it's the grand
21109s finals Wang Liang you're gonna give me a
21112s heart attack boy
21114s I'm sorry I had I'd get that out of my
21115s system I don't like it listen it's okay
21118s it's okay it's okay it's okay it's
21119s understandable I get it I get it we've
21121s been through this before you don't want
21123s to see a man's Wang Liang get uh get
21125s diff that hard in these games here you
21126s want them to be able to absolutely come
21128s through and become a problem for a lot
21130s of these players here now obviously it's
21132s been a different uh amount of momentum
21135s for some of these players here obviously
21136s as we're gonna get ready to lock this in
21137s and obviously power off
21139s looks like Kai pal and it looks like a
21142s shazing it looks like if they're gonna
21143s be fighting it out here at Salvation
21144s Podium I mean while ewg is gonna be
21146s fault right on the section side of it
21149s looks like that's gonna be a New Year's
21150s you shot ruins here on this far left
21152s side meanwhile there is so I mean look
21154s at so many players heading towards Plum
21156s Castle I'm talking aquilia's Crest Hall
21157s of Ceremonies Falcons pouch altar of
21160s Tranquility also on the backside the
21162s query they're all going to be
21164s surrounding the center side of this
21165s meanwhile oug and also one other player
21168s I can't tell who that is on the back
21169s stretch it's gonna be in her slow louds
21171s looks like that's gonna be their
21172s celestial abdode
21175s uh potentially here and that's gonna be
21177s near at least the desert area here as
21178s it's going to be so many far stretch uh
21181s levels here in so many different ways
21183s here as we're gonna get ready to lock
21184s this in for our game number 11 and we're
21188s two games away from crowning a champion
21190s ladies and gentlemen it is all coming
21192s down to this
21194s yeah things are about to get absolutely
21195s intense Mike right now feeling the sweat
21199s I'm telling you after that game he's
21202s over here like man I gotta make
21203s something happen this game because he
21205s had a 10 point lead he was he was right
21208s there you know what I'm saying he had
21209s created a nice little safety net for
21211s himself but that zero point game gonna
21213s cost him heavy because that safety net
21215s is gone two games determine the Fate for
21219s these players in the top four I think
21222s it's anybody's game among these guys
21225s only seven points separate fourth from
21228s first and that's the difference between
21230s a one good game OC Jen you trying to run
21233s away here oh my goodness the roller
21235s coming through almost catches Zhang Yoo
21237s on the fallback down almost catches one
21239s fly as well zhangi just trying to keep
21240s it moving hoping to find an armor there
21242s he does find the armor swap he risks it
21244s for the biscuit and it pays off he hits
21247s the trigger on to one point turns it
21248s around with the uppercut combo on the
21250s nunchucks here long fly gonna come in
21252s here with the bubble unfortun only for
21254s zhangy that means his only option is the
21256s blue and his own bubble he does catch
21259s long fly out in the bubble long flight
21260s does have the ultimate though zhangyu
21262s trying to kill him before he can make it
21264s happen and he does Zhang you turns it
21266s around
21267s what a turn around though being able to
21270s find that space cell within this one and
21272s obviously still putting the pressure on
21273s which is exactly what you need to do
21274s into this moment here
21277s obviously still able to work towards uh
21279s what is next year is GG Shaw is able to
21282s find any Mitch way even more of an
21285s opportunity here to get the shutdown
21286s here at GG Shaw able to run towards this
21288s is able to play this to the best of his
21289s ability here as DJ Shaw's able to try to
21291s see if he can find it it's so much of a
21293s better light
21294s about to dish it out and do so much more
21297s here he's trying to hold on as alw's
21299s Mike wants to try to see if he can cause
21300s a problem he wants to get this
21301s elimination onto GG Shawn he does as
21304s aow's Mike is going to be able to grieve
21305s him into this game and gets the finish
21308s the exact finish that he absolutely
21309s needs In This Moment here
21311s what a what a finish what a find
21316s oh man AOW Mike two eliminations here
21320s off to a really good start for himself
21322s unfortunately Gigi Shaw gonna lose that
21324s resurrection that safety net that he
21326s talked about having early that he likes
21327s to play around already gone ug's Panda
21330s man here though still has the
21331s resurrection look I want you to look at
21333s Panda man right now down below that is
21335s the stare man I'm telling you what no
21338s matter what this man is not that stare
21341s down I I don't want to be on the
21343s receiving end of my balls I'm a panda
21344s man you know when I'm there in person
21346s I'm gonna need you to keep that look
21347s away from me you know what I'm saying oh
21349s Panda man you you playing risky here you
21351s going in you said I want this kill and
21353s you run he's gonna find it Vincent says
21355s Ricky at half Health as well he also
21358s gets the soul Bloom keeping Ricky from
21361s getting the heel the pillar comes down
21362s handyman happy to invest it gonna come
21364s up here he just needs a couple of shots
21366s here on to Ricky to lock it down gonna
21369s get the pot off that means Ricky gonna
21370s find one as well though but Panda man
21372s happy to take the full reset he wants
21374s Ricky to burn that ultimate down because
21376s he knows that puts him in a better
21378s situation oh my God Ricky trying to come
21379s back get some pots in the body and Panda
21381s man catching him out gonna rip those
21383s Shields right back off of Ricky coming
21386s in Catching him out again recce does get
21388s that Blue Shield but Panda man really in
21391s a good position to lock us down recce
21393s gonna be out of ultimate very soon here
21395s panaman loses his recce trying to get
21398s away panaman though wants to keep the
21400s hunt up he knows Ricky is in a bad
21402s situation no ultimate for the akkos here
21405s is not where he wants to be Panda man
21407s really trying to take control of the
21409s situation looking to make something
21411s happen with nunchucks there it is he's
21412s gonna take the combo there can't go for
21414s the uppercut because of the terrain
21415s playing it real smart Panda man Slow
21418s Rolling this fight gonna let Ricky back
21420s off gonna take the reset again and take
21422s every little advantage that he can out
21424s of this fight he knows Ricky low on
21426s resources this early into the game Panda
21428s man taking some huge hits from the
21429s dagger though
21431s really trying to keep the momentum going
21433s forward here Panda man's only safety net
21435s right now is that app ability gonna swap
21438s into the long sword because it's got the
21440s better Advantage there into the dagger
21442s gonna get the carousel Circle there it
21444s is panaman finds his second elimination
21448s what an amazing find though coming in as
21450s he's able to finally catch himself a
21453s little bit more towards this able to
21455s find the Avenue that he absolutely needs
21456s to here trying to place himself in a
21459s better position here could be really
21461s good for him in a lot of different
21462s momentums
21463s obviously GG Shaw trying to see if you
21465s hit some shots onto Wang Liang here
21468s obviously ends up getting absolutely
21470s iced towards this obviously not too too
21473s detrimental into this fight here as GG
21475s Shaw's just trying to hold on beautiful
21476s hit onto Wang Liang here Wang Ling just
21478s trying to hold on a little bit
21481s ends up getting caught inside the juggle
21482s here the question is can Gigi Shaw get
21484s the finish the way that he wants to oh
21486s he ends up getting the heel in a
21487s beautiful time and it looks like he's
21489s gonna be able to loosen himself out of
21490s there it's not going to be enough though
21492s and he doesn't have the range to be able
21493s to do against him catching him and it's
21495s just like what you said it's it's
21497s exactly what you said
21499s Wang Liang what are you doing why are we
21502s doing this why are we oh no why would
21504s this happen oh my look at the horror as
21508s Wang as aow's mic is gonna try to see if
21510s he can ditch this out here and get out
21511s of this arm's way it's the best shape
21513s possible
21515s he's trying to keep the Maneuvers going
21516s I mean look at the movement speed coming
21518s in here it's absolutely phenomenal
21522s you want to talk about it
21524s yeah Mike you're able to get away off
21526s the back of the old there J team's
21527s actually not wanting to keep the pursuit
21529s up for too long here who does come
21532s around the corner he knows that
21534s ultimate's gonna be down soon action
21535s hitting those shots with the bow here
21538s Mike not happy about that he walked into
21541s wbg spider action and spider putting the
21544s work on Mike Mike's got nothing left in
21547s the tank he's got an F but he's not
21548s gonna be able to find it action picks up
21551s the elimination spider not happy about
21553s that spider was in the perfect position
21555s to find himself an elimination and he
21558s just doesn't get it action breaking his
21561s ankles too here moving through plume
21563s castle like he owns the place
21567s pretty insane though to get this shut
21569s down here
21571s you love to see how they've been able to
21572s do certain things here
21574s obviously a nice look with everything
21575s else that's been happening so far here
21577s as aow's Mike
21581s trying to see if maybe they can rotate
21582s this in rotate it out
21585s able to do so much more though nice
21587s little look though from what they've
21588s been doing thus far here
21590s I'm so sad Panda man didn't make it into
21592s Roma yang
21594s did you want to talk about what happened
21595s with Wang Lang
21597s ah not not all right I said my piece
21600s already he proved my point for me yeah
21603s saying he said he said your piece you
21605s you feel like you got that point across
21607s yeah I I think I think I got a good GG
21610s shot here though going with uh wolves
21613s coming in here absolutely putting the
21615s work on the shot Baldwin for valda both
21618s of them using the F3 already here we're
21619s gonna go over to see the old come out
21620s Kai Bao not popping the old yet trying
21623s to get as much of the old off of Duty
21625s shot as they can doesn't want to risk
21627s going spear for spear Kai bow gonna pick
21629s up oh my goodness no Sean's gonna find
21632s it on to Kai bow with the spear turns it
21634s around kaibaldo still with the ultimate
21636s here just needs to find one saw able to
21639s avoid two of them the old's gone but
21641s wolves came out still with some Shield
21643s here full HP stop with the uppercut the
21645s bubbles come back out shot is so low Kai
21649s Bao with the weapon advantage on to the
21651s legendary Spearman stop putting in the
21653s work
21657s even with this one though still able to
21659s find is a momentum the way that he needs
21662s to here
21664s obviously able to get to find the way
21666s that it's been thus far here you love to
21668s see how it's been thus far here
21672s obviously able to find it to get a nice
21674s little piece of momentum here
21676s kls Fang looks like he's gonna try to
21678s see if he can find one as well as it
21679s goes through and he sees uh yeah Ron it
21681s looks like he's gonna wait for him on
21682s the outskirts ends up getting the nice
21683s hits though immediately and we're
21685s outskirts on the outer let's see if
21687s maybe they can find a way towards it now
21690s trying to play into what ability can
21692s they do it with and much much more
21695s obviously the more opportunity you have
21696s the better shots you have as KLA is
21698s going to be able to get the shutdown
21699s onto Fang panaman is so dangerously
21702s close to getting this dub this could be
21704s absolutely Monumental for him though
21709s bang here on the Move playing that
21711s zipping using that bubble to their
21712s advantage but man The Hunt is going hard
21715s Zhang you
21716s the grief man himself on the hunt here
21719s trying to shut down Fang he pan from
21722s climbing any higher in the leaderboard
21724s Zhang you gonna lock him down into the
21725s corner here bang the old ticking down no
21728s bubble available zhangyu you got him in
21730s the corner pop him with the bubble they
21732s got a bubble for bubble here now the
21734s cooldown finally coming back fan gonna
21736s buy themselves just a little bit of time
21737s here trying to get a pot but Zhang you
21740s do not letting it happen keeping the
21742s grief up here on to Kaley and Spang
21745s battle swanfly gonna show up as well and
21747s Zhang Yu now gonna look for the third
21749s party
21752s third party trying to come in here but
21755s kla's Fang is not making it easy for
21757s them they said listen if you want to get
21759s this elimination you better come here
21761s you better work for it
21763s obviously he doesn't necessarily know if
21765s they actually are willing to work for it
21766s here as he's able to get the nice
21768s shutdown here beautiful right click on
21770s the panaman panaman trying to hold it
21771s strong but it's not going to be enough
21773s as he ends up getting eliminated early
21775s into this game falls down to third place
21778s as Gigi Shaw ends up taking it but
21781s ladies and gentlemen this could be the
21782s runaway game for Gigi Shaw and aow's
21785s Mike
21786s but that leaves us with our final game
21790s this is where things get a little bit
21792s more interesting here and gets the shut
21794s down here
21795s you love to see it as Kai Bell trying to
21797s fight this out with X inside of
21798s this inside of this Temple
21801s trying to wait it out here looks like
21803s the spears is not going to do enough as
21804s the nunchucks is going to be able to
21805s connect as much as possible here trying
21807s to see if they can find it gets the
21808s ankle breakers not going to be able to
21809s do enough beautiful Perry is going to be
21811s able to get this shut down get some
21812s caught up inside of the bubble tries to
21813s push him out towards it still gets him
21815s caught up waiting for the time for that
21816s dagger strike to still be able to run
21818s two but obviously he's gonna be able to
21820s ditch this out and try to run as fast as
21821s possible but obviously it's not going to
21822s be enough as it does end up catching him
21826s oh do you see the slow motion look how
21829s awesome this is ladies and gentlemen
21830s this is the Rocco blade point and it's
21833s the finest this is so amazing
21838s the questions comes out on top in the
21841s end here wolves by Bell still on the
21843s hunt trying to break each other's ankle
21845s this could be it for Kai Bell their one
21848s hit and one hit High bound needs to see
21850s oh desperately he's lost the realm of
21852s Yang oh my goodness action canceled the
21855s pot he didn't get it off walls goes into
21858s the bubble he's trying to keep the
21860s momentum on to j-team's action it's so
21864s close action finally finds a pot here
21866s wolves gonna be forced to take another
21868s reset into it oh what a fight breaking
21872s out here between these new both of them
21875s holding the spears for dear life oh God
21879s he catches the freeze this could be it
21881s for Action action's gonna come in with
21884s the Craig skybell walks into the bubble
21886s he just needs one more hit he's got to
21889s clutch it out here against 18 section
21891s this last hope he's got 30 seconds till
21893s he ties to Yang depletion exit trying to
21896s keep him moving will it be enough will
21898s wool sky bow clutch it out and he find
21902s the hit he needs action on the Move come
21905s on wolves you can do it
21909s this has been absolutely insane
21912s to come towards this hole and still
21915s being able to get the shutdown here the
21916s way that it's been thus far
21918s it's been absolutely insane the timing
21920s has been Monumental and at this point it
21922s just doesn't feel
21923s it doesn't feel real how this has been
21925s so far here
21927s even with the amount of momentum even
21929s with the amount of timing that has been
21930s so far here the way that they've been
21932s able to push this out has been
21933s incredible but Wang Liang Kai Bala and
21935s wbg spider is officially out
21938s officially out of these games here
21943s trying to hold it together
21946s and just struggling here Scala Fang is
21948s able to find it
21950s able to do the most looks like ala is
21953s just trying to see if maybe they can
21954s connect it as well here into inside of
21957s this trying to just juggle it up as far
21958s as possible using the scale rushers to
21960s try to be able to go through the
21961s Maneuvers and at this point I feel like
21962s just people just use a dagger just for
21964s more of the movement than it is the
21965s actual damage here
21966s it looks like he finds the advantage
21968s here
21970s still was able to go a lot more Airborne
21973s here out of this
21975s ends up getting caught I mean look at
21976s the movement coming in from fang man
21982s that was incredible wow
21985s all right oh my goodness
21987s incredible
21990s the these games are insane the slow
21992s motion with the Valdez back to back
21995s that's a clip that's a highlight for
21998s sure aow's Mike here now on the Move
22000s Mike trying to solidify their lead going
22004s into the final game it's tight GG shot
22006s only two point actually less than two
22009s points behind Mike Mike has got to find
22013s some eliminations for themselves I'm not
22014s sure what Shaw's doing up here in the
22016s tree we turn our attention over here
22017s this is a fight where GG Shaw and oec
22019s Panda man go head to head you know two
22022s of our top contenders here in shock was
22024s the one who comes out on top panaman
22026s trying to lock it down we see the spear
22028s come through Shaw keeps the chase going
22030s the old almost gonna run out here to the
22033s he is able to find the spear and off the
22035s back of that is able to pick up the
22037s elimination on to Panda man and this
22040s puts Shaw so close in the running to be
22043s able to come out on top and take that
22045s first place away from aow's Mikey's less
22048s than two points away a from first place
22051s Dobby
22053s absolutely insane
22056s it's so close it's so close when it
22058s comes to this game so far
22061s it really can be anyone's game in a lot
22063s of these instances here and I think it's
22064s going to be
22065s really interesting to see how this final
22067s game truly truly truly goes
22070s this really is going to be the final
22072s game
22076s as it looks like Rexy is going to find
22077s T25 on the other side here looks like
22080s there could be a space here for him to
22081s be able to catch him outside of this
22083s wall here the scale rushing can be
22084s absolutely incredible as Rexy looks like
22086s he's going to try to see if he can close
22087s this Gap in but it's going to be a lot
22089s harder though
22091s as we're on top of this mountain they're
22093s trying to scale up as much as possible
22100s Ricky here on the Move these players got
22103s to be real careful if they can't find
22105s those fireplaces to get rid of the
22107s debuff from the blizzard here they can
22109s lose their ultimate recce currently 50
22111s left on that buff from those fireplaces
22114s JT's action a little bit above that 75
22117s but action doesn't currently have their
22121s ultimate so they're gonna have to find a
22123s way to go ahead and pick that back up
22124s we're gonna see the blizzard end here
22126s there is a bounty on to action so they
22128s need to play this very very carefully as
22132s they keep going and as these uh game
22135s gets Tighter and Tighter more players
22137s eliminated aow's Mike just off the back
22140s of uh the the points coming up closer
22143s Gigi sha is now
22145s um just a little further away from Mike
22148s but only like point one point further
22150s away Mike still has a lot of work to do
22153s if he wants to guarantee himself that
22155s first place finish after this game and
22158s there's still one more game to play
22160s after this Mike Sweating Bullets but
22162s he's you know a calm player he's here
22165s he's the consistency from Mike has been
22169s so good he knows he doesn't have to come
22172s out and be crazy he's just gonna play
22174s consistently he sees Jason's action and
22175s he's not even worried about it look at
22177s this man's just taking what he wants
22178s he's like action you know if you want to
22181s stop me from from looting these bodies
22183s come do some about it
22187s foreign
22188s looks like it's still going to be able
22190s to try to see if they can find the
22191s momentum all the way around this though
22193s still is more happening though
22198s at least let's see if we can make it
22200s happen
22203s obviously doing a lot more than need be
22205s in certain situations
22210s still able to do a lot more into this
22212s one
22216s obviously aow's Mike's just trying to
22218s play it to the best of his ability here
22220s last game
22222s we're getting close
22224s when it comes to Panda man what does he
22227s need to do in his final game
22229s I mean handyman in his final game him
22232s and Shaw both need to come out and just
22234s keep doing what they've been doing all
22236s day honestly right it at this point it's
22239s kind of aow's Mike's game to lose we're
22241s taking a look here on the replays T225
22243s is able to clean up uh not fight his
22245s only elimination buying him out of that
22247s Yang depletion but like I said
22249s realistically Panda man and Shaw just
22251s need to keep doing what they've been
22253s doing all day it's Mike's game to lose
22256s at this point Mike has to come into the
22258s last game honestly with how close
22261s the points are
22263s he needs to look to have a bigger game
22265s he's been playing consistent for every
22269s single one of his games right that has
22272s kept him in the lead ever so slightly
22274s but after that zero point game he
22277s doesn't have a comfortable cushion where
22279s consistent is gonna cut it because Panda
22282s man and Shaw are going to come into this
22284s final game looking to rip and tear they
22288s are going to be trying to pick up as
22289s many eliminations as they can and to
22292s make it happen a little bit of a truce
22294s going on here zhangyu trying to come in
22296s onto Mike Haley's bang J team's action
22298s we are down to top eight players here
22300s that blizzard come through yet again
22301s Mike able to slip in and get the armor
22304s he does have the buff Mike playing it
22306s real smart he's gonna come over here
22308s he's I really thought he was gonna stand
22310s there and do that prayer shine in front
22312s of all these players I'm like Mike come
22313s on you know better than that you know
22315s better net you know what they say Wanna
22318s Be Like Mike
22320s I'm sorry that's a different sport
22322s anyway coming back towards this one
22324s though aow's Mike
22326s be like Mike
22329s AOW might potentially try to see if
22331s maybe you can find another player as
22332s Zhang used these two two five on top
22336s 35 seconds left on the clock here as
22339s we're slowly gonna start to put this in
22340s here
22345s seal got a whole lot
22348s still working towards this is we're
22349s gonna be able to see how they're able to
22351s push this one in alw is just trying to
22353s see if they can find it
22356s everybody playing real cautious right
22358s now and I can't blame them you know
22359s there's so much
22361s on the line with this particular game if
22364s your aow's Mike you do not want to give
22366s this lead away to GG shot going into
22368s this last game right
22370s he he can afford to play a little safer
22373s in the last game if he's got one or two
22375s points ahead of GG Shaw like he does
22377s right now but he still needs to you know
22379s come in and play a strong game so he
22382s knows that so he doesn't want to throw
22386s away that little bit of lead he's got
22387s right now
22389s and then come in and have to play a
22391s risket for the biscuit Style game like
22394s Gigi shop
22395s and Panda man have to in that final game
22398s that's kind of the situation that he's
22401s in so I think he's playing it real smart
22403s and these other players know
22406s you know some of them you know like J
22408s team's action realistically not in a
22410s space to take first place but he can
22413s climb a little higher and every one of
22416s these placements here not only gets you
22418s extra money from the prize pool but you
22421s gotta remember you're also playing for
22423s those coveted
22424s qualifying points for the world
22427s championship
22429s and every position higher you finish
22431s gets you more of those points and those
22434s are so important so if you're in if
22437s you're J team's action right now you're
22439s just trying to play consistently get a
22442s couple of kills maybe move up one more
22445s position
22446s right and I mean he'd have to have a
22448s crazy game to overcome Kelly's Fang
22450s fangs got like
22451s eight uh an eight point lead on him
22454s right now almost so he doesn't want to
22457s end up going any lower because look at
22459s how close Wang Liang is Wang liang's in
22461s six by like oh no he's they're tied so
22465s Jason's action needs to keep holding
22468s where he's at right now he needs to you
22470s know survive at least to seven this game
22473s so he kind of solidifies that place and
22475s keep playing consistently so he gets as
22478s many points towards world as possible so
22482s we're gonna see things drastically slow
22485s down right now that's what we're seeing
22487s these players know how much is on the
22490s line and they don't want to tip their
22492s hand until the very final game
22494s foreign
22496s coming through here but obviously I mean
22499s it's only going to be better
22505s even with that though they're still able
22507s to push this one a little bit closer to
22509s the goal that they need to do
22511s and obviously we still got a whole lot
22514s Happening Here is obviously it's just
22516s going to be a little bit harder
22518s they gotta figure this out
22524s because now they're gonna start to get
22525s coveted
22528s they're about to start pushing their
22529s bones in
22531s gotta start paying attention got to be a
22533s little careful
22535s hey you know things getting real tight
22537s here zone five collapsing on to zone six
22539s a lot of this safety net gonna go away
22541s because the zone is kind of pushing
22543s around these couple of rocks and then
22545s just the rest of this open area that's
22548s all that's going to be left is this ice
22549s right here right now Venta zareki before
22552s he you know moved that way with smack
22554s dab in the middle of it so Ricky you
22557s know trying to just hold the strong
22559s position here but there's a lot of
22561s opening going around we're gonna see a
22562s lot of Ring Around the Rosie around
22564s these three rocks a lot of scale rushing
22566s dipping and moving in and out here and
22570s oh my goodness look at that portal there
22571s too that's got to be tempted for some of
22574s these players but there's no way if you
22575s go through that portal you you survived
22577s the uh Zone tick no matter how much
22579s healing you've got this late in the game
22581s here we are zone five collapsed on to
22583s zone six and this is it look look at how
22585s open this is man you've got these three
22586s pillars and Ice that's what you got you
22589s you're you're out here you know baby
22593s a little bit of hot getting played out
22596s here and it looks like right now GG Shaw
22598s is the puck taking a lot of damage here
22601s off of The Shield forced to take an
22603s armor swap in to that blue armor he's
22606s just a little blueberry right now not
22608s where you want to be if you're GG
22612s um using the iframes on the roll there
22614s to avoid those detto rounds coming off
22617s of the pistol that he had stuck in him
22618s that could have been disastrous if he
22621s was forced to take those dead or rounds
22622s standing right next there to OC zhangyu
22625s the grief man himself
22628s oh yeah especially with that too you
22630s definitely have to be careful of that
22631s though in these in these situations here
22634s and obviously with him uh really seeing
22636s that though as an opportunity and he
22638s just decides nah it's probably better if
22639s I just like you know realistically back
22642s off of the situation here he realizes
22643s that it's probably not worth it and
22645s obviously uses it to to his Advantage
22647s here
22648s in these situations I mean look at all
22650s of the craziness that's happening though
22652s within this fight
22654s Gigi shop holding on strong here as he
22657s ends up catching kla's Fang up at the
22659s top here
22661s obviously with all the pieces coming
22663s together here
22664s looks like the circle is going to be
22666s nice and tight towards this final Circle
22668s here oh a lot of momentum happening here
22670s or a whole lot of special Spectra
22672s moments coming through piece by piece
22676s Break by break
22680s obviously not making it look easy on a
22682s lot of instances here but obviously
22683s they're still able to put it down
22684s towards the other other spaces
22687s beautiful hits coming through as aow's
22689s Mike's gonna go through with those with
22691s the switcheroo here has that gold Autumn
22693s here he's gonna have to try to see if he
22694s can find any open area for a split
22696s second just to him for just so he can
22697s heal off but it's not gonna be enough as
22699s each space he's losing a little bit of
22701s momentum every single time he's able to
22703s get a little bit of Shield off just
22704s enough to keep him alive throughout this
22707s valda long fly oh c235 ends up dousing
22710s him at aow's Mike in the circle here
22713s not looking good for him though aow's
22715s Mike and Gigi Shaw still alive in this
22717s making it a little bit further and
22718s further away as T225 is able to capture
22721s the elimination on aow's mic so he's out
22723s with those two eliminations and he's out
22724s with six points so listen this still has
22726s a chance for Panama this is massive and
22729s Gigi Shaw ends up winning this game he
22731s takes the top spot and now
22734s for the first time in these games alw's
22737s mic will be trailing and it only takes
22739s one game to see how the rest of this
22741s starts to go over now
22743s all of a sudden trying to see if they
22744s can find any more momentum that could be
22746s very very helpful for them though they
22747s still got to push through they still
22749s gotta push through very very hard now
22751s obviously even with that there's still
22753s more and more happening though as the
22755s final Circle starts to come through here
22756s no eliminations has been able to be kept
22758s yet still just juggling up into the air
22760s as kla's Fang ends up getting a hit
22761s immediately towards this final Circle as
22763s GG Shaw trying to see if he can juggle
22764s him away ends up getting caught on a
22766s grapple as somebody else's teacher to
22768s five and it looks like now the circle's
22769s gonna start to close in alts are gonna
22771s start to get called out here as the ulti
22773s from ACO starts to get called
22774s immediately the tiger starts to be able
22775s to connect him to connect towards it
22777s Rexy starts to be a problem for some of
22778s these players Gigi Shaw just trying to
22780s stay away from everybody letting the
22782s circle do its thing letting the players
22785s get the finishes trying to see if he can
22787s find it GG Shaw pops open his ulti
22790s trying to see if he can catch one on the
22791s outskirts ends up hitting some massive
22792s hits on one action dangerously low
22795s couldn't capture the next one here
22797s trying to see if he can find it saying
22798s you ends up catching elimination action
22800s and some catching elimination towards
22801s the very final end of this circle and
22803s they're still alive all the way towards
22805s the end here
22806s but it looks like it might be enough for
22808s GG Shaw to be alive and potentially gets
22813s the Dobby does get the top three at
22815s least minimally but the question is did
22817s x-gen
22818s have enough with those eliminations to
22821s do it yes he did
22823s look J team's actually super happy about
22825s this but GG shot even happier it's it's
22828s a three-way tie for that first place
22830s finish so they're all gonna come out
22832s like at 1.5 placement points this is
22835s actually best case scenario poor Panda
22839s man as well right because if you're a
22841s panda man the scariest thing about GG
22845s shot and of course uh AOW is Mike still
22848s being alive
22849s was the potential for them to pick up
22851s four placement points that would set the
22854s Gap way wider between Panda man and them
22857s but since there's a three-way tie for
22860s placement they're all only getting 1.5
22863s placement points
22865s so that Gap not getting too much wider
22868s between panaman GG shot and aow's mic
22871s but Gigi's Shaw very crucially slides
22875s ever so slightly ahead of AOW Mike
22881s absolutely insane coming through towards
22885s this gets the final say gets the final
22888s laugh and says ha ha towards this says
22890s JJ JJ uh is able to get that and
22893s obviously I mean a j-team able to do
22895s exactly what he needs to here as he's
22896s able to get it action feeling it out
22899s here but now it's close to a three-way
22900s tie even though panaman got out early
22904s Gigi sha ended up doing pretty decently
22906s but alw's Mike kind of in the same place
22908s they got a couple of points but nothing
22910s too extensive if panaman pops off in
22913s this final game and does what he's done
22914s so far from what we have witnessed
22917s okay from what we have witnessed
22921s we are going to see a Monumental dub
22926s on on another level
22929s because I'm gonna be honest I'm gonna be
22931s honest
22932s did we expect panaman to be in the top
22934s three no
22935s no do you think he's about to go off in
22937s this next game you absolutely you you
22939s betch your bahones he is oh yeah no no
22943s there's no way Panda man doesn't come to
22944s this game swinging and here's the thing
22945s realistically Panda man is four to five
22950s points at maximum behind aow's Mike ngg
22954s Shaw that's it that's the gap
22957s I don't think anybody else is kind of in
22959s range to to make it there it's one of
22962s those three players that's gonna be
22963s walking away and it's gonna come down to
22964s the final moments to determine who's the
22967s Victor and I mean GG shot aow's Mike
22969s within like maybe one point of each
22971s other
22973s half a point if that I mean it's it's
22975s tight it's close between these two when
22978s we go to look at that scoreboard and man
22980s Panda man is close he can feel it he
22984s wants it he's been performing at a level
22986s we're not used to seeing Panda man
22988s perform at you know and like
22992s the the other sad thing is I don't think
22996s there's any way wbg spider can even take
22999s first place I don't think it is any
23001s longer mathematically possible
23006s yeah I I you know as as badly as I want
23009s to rebuke that from you and as badly as
23012s I want to be like no no no you're right
23014s no you're right you're right you're
23016s right you're absolutely it's unfortunate
23018s for him especially because like I said
23020s man this has been somebody we've been
23022s cheering on for so long we have watched
23024s the games we have seen the amount of
23026s momentum that this man has put us
23029s through we have seen the amount of
23031s moments that he's given us and the fact
23034s that he's even gotten to a point where
23036s we can even sit here and go oh my
23038s goodness it has been an amazing moment
23041s to watch this man flourish but sadly
23045s comes up short
23048s I gotta agree with you thumbs up short
23050s like it is what it is man and I hate to
23053s say it I knew after game three his
23055s mental was gone
23057s I knew he wasn't gonna do a whole lot
23058s and sure enough that's where he is I
23060s mean look at one point one this game
23063s same place he's been all day towards the
23065s bottom of the leaderboard unfortunate
23066s Jason with a 9.5 OC zhangyu with eight
23070s zhangyu the grief man himself getting
23074s his refund GG shot with a 6.5 aow's mic
23078s with a 3.6 jaw absolutely gonna be in
23082s that first place uh oug's Panda man 3.6
23086s handerman and Mike with the exact same
23088s score line by the way
23090s so pandaman is maybe four points behind
23093s Gotta Give It Up J team's action though
23096s you remember what I said he he needs
23100s this game so he can hold on to that
23102s fifth place he's he's got to be patting
23104s himself on the back right now being like
23106s Oh
23107s oh he just needs to come in play
23109s consistently hold on to that fifth place
23110s and get those huge placement points for
23112s worlds that's what J team's action's
23115s playing for right now
23117s oh absolutely even with that the way
23120s that that has been so far
23122s um how everything has been I think
23124s they've done a fantastic job of it but
23126s obviously even coming towards that
23128s though they're not gonna make it easy
23129s for him though as he is going to be able
23131s to get that finish and obviously all it
23134s takes is like I said it really does take
23136s that one last game to really see himself
23140s in that top spot here and obviously
23141s that's exactly what we're going to see
23143s coming into this game here and the
23145s shutdown is going to be just as
23146s incredible
23148s and look exactly what we're going to see
23150s the feed coming through that's going to
23151s be just as incredible to get that shut
23153s down is going to be absolutely amazing
23155s and Wang Liang with zero yay Ron with
23157s zero shazing with one
23159s spider with a 1.1
23163s it's gonna be a tight game here as wbg
23165s Spider ends up coming through and
23166s obviously aow's Mike look at this
23168s putting in so much work here is waiting
23171s for the Perry but obviously gets the
23172s strike and gets the shutdown the way
23174s that he needs to look at this does it
23175s again towards Gigi Shaw ends up seeing
23178s him towards the final game here and
23180s stays alive a little while longer so it
23182s looks like Gigi Shaw ends up getting the
23183s last lap of that game meanwhile Rexy
23185s ends up getting bullied by panaman
23186s trying to hold strong here as Rexy and
23189s T225 is able to hold it just a little
23191s while longer there's still so much more
23194s that needs to happen with some of these
23195s players here but Rexy was just trying to
23197s find it and obviously he was able to
23199s Meanwhile T225 and Gigi Shaw this is one
23202s of the fights that we were talking about
23203s that was a very big detriment right here
23204s using that to his Advantage here and
23206s just being I mean just be absolutely
23208s shutting him down here and T225 yet
23211s again doing it again in that situation
23212s here everybody's staying alive not
23214s really trying to risk an elimination but
23216s action steals that one elimination and
23218s that was just enough for him to be able
23220s to qualify and get himself into that
23222s number one slide
23226s so happy about this love to see the
23228s valda MVP coming through to the big old
23231s bubble coming out 13
23232s 000 damage almost 14
23234s 000 five elimination and just a complete
23238s mix of weapons here man 4K with pistols
23240s 4K with nunchucks some damage coming
23242s into the long sword they're 12th MVP of
23244s this season Greg congratulations J team
23247s section what a great game for him
23249s hopefully this solidifies his place in
23252s fifth place and he gets those juicy
23253s juicy points to go to Worlds because uh
23256s is it really World Championship without
23258s J team there Dobby
23260s I mean in some ways yes in some ways no
23263s it depends on how you see certain things
23266s and what you expect now obviously coming
23268s into these games it could be a whole lot
23270s of momentums coming through and
23271s obviously with those 13k damages it
23273s means he's able to do enough he's able
23275s to do a bunch I think there's some
23276s confidence coming into it and like we
23278s said we'd love to see it we'd love to
23279s see how they're able to do exactly what
23281s they need to in certain instances and
23283s like I said they they make it look good
23285s they make it look very very good now
23287s obviously
23288s you know we we still got more to do
23293s don't you think
23296s got one more we got a whole lot more to
23300s do before it's out this final game is
23302s gonna be in
23305s sane
23307s aows Mike GG shot oh you G's Panda man
23311s what a top three I'm gonna be going at
23315s it I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm
23318s nervous
23319s I want it to be a good game I want it to
23322s be uh I want it to be incredible I want
23327s y'all to come into this and I want y'all
23329s to explode I want y'all to cause some
23331s issues I want there to be some problems
23333s I'm ready I want y'all to come into this
23336s with the highest amounts of of of
23339s respect and love and I want to see it
23343s absolutely go all the way down ladies
23346s and gentlemen
23348s I hope y'all are ready I hope y'all is
23349s in your seats
23352s I hope y'all got your snacks all of it
23354s has come down to this
23358s and that's it's all come down to this
23361s now we have been dishing it out
23365s oh my goodness it's point two point
23367s difference between Mike and Shaw oh my
23371s goodness and look at this Panda man I I
23375s thought it was gonna be four or five
23376s it's a three-point difference no I told
23378s you it'd be small I told you it'd be
23380s very small it's it's not me it's really
23382s nice this is anybody's game between this
23385s is anyone's games
23388s Panda man Panda man all the panda man
23391s realistically has to do right is just
23393s keep this game alive that's all he has
23396s to do as long as he stays alive as long
23399s as he focuses on getting those
23401s eliminations as long as he takes this
23403s time to realize that he is in a prime
23407s spot right now he is exactly where he
23410s needs to be
23412s now this could have been wbg spider in
23414s this situation but instead
23417s panaman this is the person that we
23420s haven't talked about in the finals and
23421s the fact that he is one game away
23423s potentially from crowning himself a
23425s spring finals Champion is going to be
23428s Monumental now in terms of that I need
23430s to go and calm down before we get ready
23433s for this last game
23435s um we're gonna show you guys a couple of
23437s commercials here and then we're gonna
23439s get ready to lock in
23440s for game number 12 our final game for
23444s the spring finals
23464s holding that neutral with the Dragon
23466s Sword is such a lethal thing all of
23469s these people with the nunchucks
23473s His Thousand sludge come out as well
23476s into the circle you're trying to go for
23478s that third drop Mike getting super low
23480s the Assassins shot able to take him out
23482s here
23490s gonna get the opportunity to get a full
23493s Carousel here but no you're unable to
23496s follow it up with the F Wang Lang loses
23498s the
23500s SE is there to make something happen
23502s so in control of this wingman however
23505s foreign
23516s coming through we're gonna see the
23518s ultimate pop out from the year round
23520s Mike already got that cooldown gets one
23522s heal up with the back slash the backstab
23525s is gonna be super detrimental here so
23527s we're gonna see the charge come off it
23528s is a little bit harder to see the charge
23529s almost gets that combo off and it looks
23532s like Mike is gonna bring the combo the
23533s other way here
23534s [Music]
23540s absolute Blitz by j-team's action gift
23543s making another long sword classic face
23545s getting caught in the bubble we're gonna
23546s see the ultimate come out from both
23548s gonna be a tenement those ones here he
23550s still has three left and eight action is
23552s now the one getting low he's gonna get
23553s caught in it and a man
23557s [Music]
23559s all right
23561s it looks like Wong fly came in and stole
23563s the kill just at the last second there
23565s because of that mortal Defiance and Mike
23568s is another huge carry here another huge
23570s Perry Oh My Goodness Mike is on fire
23573s right now coming away with the kill tale
23575s is Fang with the dagger trying
23578s [Music]
23580s foreign
23583s [Music]
23613s it didn't hurt more
23617s say Calamity Rising
23623s [Music]
23634s [Music]
23643s [Music]
23667s oh the spring finals are here the hype
23671s is incredible the place is packed here
23675s look at yay look at that look at that
23679s you see Yeager out there sitting there
23681s with the rest of the team showing some
23684s love here as ladies and gentlemen
23687s we are one game away from crowning a
23689s champion I need everybody I need
23691s everybody who's watching to take a deep
23692s breath
23695s [Music]
23696s I need the players to take a deep breath
23698s I need everybody to breathe because
23699s right now it is it is stressful some of
23702s these players here okay I can only
23704s imagine what it's like
23706s as it looks like you have one more
23707s chance to get a win in limited great
23709s treasure how many kills did Team Action
23711s get in game eleven was it three four
23712s five or six cast your votes now
23717s your chance at something nice
23719s as uh we're about to lock this in for
23723s one more good game here now I'm gonna be
23725s honest I'm
23726s these games have been absolutely
23728s monumental
23731s it doesn't even feel real how these
23734s games have been so far
23736s but at the same time it's also been
23738s incredible how we've been able to
23741s push this down create this amount of
23744s momentum and just absolutely just
23746s do it the way that it has been done thus
23748s far here there's been so many moments
23750s here that's been absolutely incredible
23751s the amount of pushing the amount of
23754s aggression the amount of hype that it
23756s has been throughout all these playstyles
23757s has been phenomenal absolutely
23760s phenomenal you couldn't ask for a better
23762s final
23763s for tonight you couldn't ask for it
23766s could not in any which way ask for it I
23769s couldn't and I know you couldn't the way
23772s that it has been didn't didn't I say at
23774s the beginning I don't want this to be a
23775s blowout I wanted it to be nice and tight
23776s and look what we got look that's that's
23779s what it always is though baby that's the
23780s beauty of naraka I don't know what it is
23783s I don't know the you know when the
23785s rocket Esports was founded who came in
23788s here and sprinkled the magic dust on it
23790s we've never had a blowout it's always
23794s come down to the final game the final
23797s moments you know some blowouts it just
23799s hasn't been at this finals type level
23801s though I think I think the closest we've
23804s ever come to a blowout was last game
23807s top eight situation we kind of knew who
23810s was gonna win right I think that's the
23812s closest we've ever come but it always
23814s comes down to the final game and most of
23815s the time it comes down to the final kill
23818s right who gets first place who gets that
23821s last kill to determine who walks away
23823s the winner we've been very very blessed
23825s and again I think somebody dude hey the
23828s man I'm gonna need you to stop that that
23829s stare man
23831s look at those eyes he's locked in baby
23833s he's he's scanning the room he's looking
23836s at everybody he's like who's weak he's
23838s sniffing him out he's like who who's
23840s who's who's who's the weak one here
23842s because I'm gonna come cut you off at
23843s the knees
23847s an absolutely Monumental the way that
23849s these games have been so far
23851s has just been able to dust so many types
23854s of of things and the momentum has just
23856s been so good and so well and
23859s [Music]
23862s it's just I'm still you couldn't ask for
23866s a better game honestly
23869s you couldn't ask for it
23871s I'm excited to see
23874s how this goes
23878s this is the final game
23881s it's gonna be insane I already know it
23883s every one of these games has been Next
23885s Level following it up with even more
23887s Next Level the next game I just dude
23891s Shaw hand man aows Mike these boys are
23896s locked
23897s in absolutely locked
23901s everywhere every which way they are
23903s locked in here as we're gonna lock it in
23904s ladies and gentlemen here we go our 12th
23908s and final game of tonight and of the
23911s season
23912s somebody is being crowned a champion
23915s somebody is walking away with a fat bag
23918s a fat stack
23920s somebody's gonna be walking away with a
23922s lot of momentum and a lot of love I'm
23925s excited to see where this all goes it
23928s has been insane
23930s a whole lot has happened and let's see
23933s where the locks are and it looks like
23936s akos is still a favorite but the variety
23938s has really started to show up here in
23940s this game
23941s oh absolutely I mean it's game six they
23943s gotta play different Heroes every game
23944s T225 gonna be bringing the Viper in
23947s trying to get some mileage out of that
23948s really powerful F3 well it's still here
23950s before it gets nerfed Express won't fly
23953s man I love this pick he's gonna bring
23955s Tammy in when you see Tammy and solos in
23958s a hot minute I love it I absolutely love
23961s this Bitcoin information
23963s coming in on the Z ping ready to make
23966s something happen we gotta where's my boy
23968s panda man Panda man saved his second
23971s ocos pick for this game
23975s to begin the big game where he got 13
23978s points Dobby was the zakos game
23982s smart man
23985s he started to take he started to think
23987s about a lot of things here and he
23988s realized what he needs to do is think
23991s about a lot of moments here that would
23994s make sense
23995s and obviously within this fight within
23997s this battle it is it is making sense in
24000s terms of how certain things should go
24002s and look what happens now we're at a
24005s point where they were able to dish it
24007s out and they were able to do certain
24008s things that really helped them go to the
24010s next level now look where we're at
24013s we're back here at Morris look at this
24015s look at look at these Landing look at
24018s how close
24020s oh I'm looking
24023s these guys are ready to go at it every
24026s place is a hot Drop right now
24031s it's time for you to put up a shut up
24032s it's time for you to put up or shut up
24034s this is it it's time for you to put up
24036s and shut up everybody is ready for a
24039s fight
24040s somebody's walking away
24043s so much richer somebody is walking away
24046s and is going to absolutely dish this out
24048s I am so ready to see how we're gonna be
24050s able to lock this down let's get it
24052s going ladies and gentlemen our 12th and
24054s final game of the night Baraka blade
24057s Point pro league the spring finals is
24059s upon us and we are on our final game
24062s here ladies and gentlemen all of you
24064s guys are ready because they're going to
24065s start fighting this out oh so quickly by
24068s the time we even start thinking about it
24069s we're immediately gonna start seeing the
24071s fights happen as it looks like Kyle
24072s Bowen wbg spider fighting this out as
24074s Wang Liang is going to come through and
24076s cause some issues Kai bow dangerously
24078s low already beautiful hit from the long
24080s sword sends another one back spider also
24082s gets shut down as well giving kaibal
24084s time to be able to get a shield swap
24087s here
24088s as the opportunity the question is who
24090s is going to get the first Blood of our
24092s game
24093s Wang Ling's gonna be able to push in
24095s waits for the charge and obviously
24096s misses out on the opportunities Kai bow
24098s is going to use it to his opportunity
24099s here waits for the charge tries to see
24101s if he can go for the split wbg spider
24103s also finds a spare trade for it as well
24105s throws the fireball misses unfortunately
24107s wbg spider catches him on the inside
24109s weighing Ling holding on for as long as
24111s possible ends up getting eliminated but
24112s it looks like Kai Bell actually ends up
24115s taking the elimination beautiful Perry
24117s from kaibal but spider's gonna be able
24118s to come back beautiful reset from him as
24121s well the right click coming through as
24122s well getting the shutdown as the a coast
24124s ulti comes through but it's not going to
24125s be enough the spider is going to be able
24127s to capture his first elimination of the
24128s game and so does Kai bow meanwhile aow's
24132s Mike
24134s able to try to see if he can capture a
24137s nice point for himself here beautiful
24138s backflip trying to see if you can find
24139s any bits of momentum here the nunchucks
24141s able to do a lot of work here shazing is
24143s going to try to do the disappearing act
24144s trying to keep him as far as possible
24146s away looks like he might be able to do
24148s the switcheroo and he does trying to see
24150s if he can use his time here and
24151s manipulate and monopolize all the
24153s opportunity to get some heals off and it
24155s looks like he does but it's not going to
24156s be enough as AOW is able to catch up to
24158s him and looks like he's gonna be able to
24159s capture the elimination as well AOW but
24161s GG Shaw comes through has a secondary
24163s and says I'm here to cause problems
24165s ladies and gentlemen it's less than a
24168s point between these two players here
24169s this could be massive for both of these
24171s players all they need to do is capture
24173s one big elimination this could be it
24174s that's GG Sean ends up getting caught
24176s inside of the right click of aow's Mike
24178s with the katana ends up catching on the
24180s outskirts and alw's Mike pulls off for
24183s the massive Mech and goes for the heels
24185s goes for the reset and it looks like
24186s he's still gonna try to see if he used
24188s his robots in disguise
24191s AOW Mike they're able to get the old off
24193s plays around the pillar Shaw though with
24196s the full reset just trying to bait out
24197s the rest of this ultimate right he goes
24199s behind the wall here this is huge for
24201s shot right realistically Mike's already
24203s got the reset Shaw just needs to keep it
24205s in the area so he can pressure onto this
24207s because Shaw still has the ultimate
24209s meaning he's got the advantage of this
24210s fight now absolutely catches out Mike
24213s with the overhold on the katana Mike
24215s gonna go for the carousel into the swap
24217s with the great sword but Shaw wants to
24219s keep the pressure on he's got the bubble
24221s he's got the old he knows he can keep it
24224s coming Mike though gonna find the armor
24226s swap Into the Blue Shaw doesn't seem to
24228s mind he's more than happy to go pot for
24230s pot here knowing he's gonna have the
24232s advantage knowing he's got that ultimate
24234s mic with 45 charge on that ultimate
24237s coming in Shaw Gonna Keep it going but
24239s you know old Zone gonna come through
24241s Gonna Keep Shaw from playing aggressive
24244s with that ultimate Advantage Mike making
24246s good decisions here though John with a
24248s massive Perry with the follow-ups
24249s unfortunately the corner
24253s Mike with the change into the blue armor
24256s but it's not enough Shaw quickly strips
24258s it off of arw's Mike Mike coming in with
24260s the great sword swap for Rooney here oh
24262s my goodness this is gonna be it for shot
24263s no ultimate available he needs to find
24265s the bubble the old will pop them
24272s unbelievable fine for alw's mic with
24275s those two eliminations but let's not
24277s sleep on the fact the panaman found his
24278s first elimination he's dangerously low
24280s here wbg spider could potentially pull
24282s this off as well as he ends up getting
24283s eliminated as well but there still has
24285s the reset on both sides here so it looks
24288s like as of right now aow's mic does have
24290s the advantage he still has his life
24291s intact and it still has another things
24293s as well
24296s still able to work towards other things
24297s here and obviously getting the shutdown
24299s could be just as incredible
24302s oh Mike back at it again here at ewg's
24305s euron coming in trying to lock him down
24307s oh my God a huge hits onto Mike Mike's
24309s still in no old Zone actually griefing
24311s himself now uh with the no old Zone that
24314s he popped to be able to take that
24315s elimination with GG shot will find the
24317s weapon swap into the great sword yet
24318s again Mike pulling out all the stops the
24321s F coming out from ocos here on year on
24323s year on able to find the armor swap
24324s gonna find some heels as well Mike looks
24327s like he messes up that scale Rush a
24329s little bit I think he intended to go
24330s through the window and cancel that pot
24331s out euron just outside the no old Zone
24334s the no old Zone gonna go down both of
24336s these players with the armor swap into
24337s the White gonna be forced to back up
24339s here Mike though some blue Armor's top
24341s side probably gonna need to be healed
24343s euron more than happy to find the swap
24345s back into his blue armor and get the
24347s heel off and that gonna come through
24348s take the swap to the better Katana here
24350s doesn't want to waste the resources Mike
24353s looking locked in he's got his glasses
24355s on man he's paying attention to
24357s absolutely everything finds the swap
24359s back into the Bloomers gets the heel off
24361s still keeping it going euron and Mike
24363s committed to the fight here euron wants
24366s to keep this going and Mike trying to
24369s get away he knows he's over committed
24371s too long to this area and this fight in
24373s the party or sorry the potential for the
24376s third party pretty big here so Mike
24378s trying to back away create some distance
24380s he's got the ultimate he does not want
24382s to stick around and over commit that
24383s realm of Yang get ready to come through
24385s Mike would like to get inside that realm
24387s of Yang there's a safety net there if he
24390s dies he still gets the Yang depletion he
24392s can find his way back into the game so
24394s he wants to aggressively pressure get
24396s that extra elimination and continue to
24398s widen the gap between himself and Gigi
24400s Shaw Shaw a little on the back but here
24402s inside celestra taking a lot of damage
24405s from The Zone tick forced to come
24407s through this way to find any sort of
24409s tick and the dropping extra little piece
24411s of armor to come back there Shaw gonna
24413s pop the bubble to get the yield doesn't
24415s want to waste the resources he only has
24417s the one HP pot left aow's mic sniffing
24421s something out he really is somebody's
24423s low here this could be huge if he
24425s catches Shaw out here and picks up an
24428s elimination that is it for GG shop all
24432s he has to do is stay above
24435s oug's Panda man at that point the two of
24437s them trading blows here nobody with an
24439s advantage Mike has popped the F Shaw has
24442s moved away the bubble gonna be back off
24444s cool down here for GG shot he's gonna go
24446s top side looking to get away those
24448s Realms of Yang gonna pop here neither of
24450s these players gonna go it's gonna be wbg
24452s spider Vince isn't Ricky GS is T225 and
24454s ewg's year on inside the realm of yang
24460s absolutely insane coming into this fine
24463s here is still within the same place here
24467s able to cook some stuff up here and able
24469s to work towards this one it's still been
24470s a whole lot happening and
24472s obviously getting the shutdown here has
24473s been pretty decent for a lot of this
24475s stuff here but look how it's been thus
24477s far here
24481s obviously getting the shutdown here
24482s could be just as good
24490s handyman here trying to find that extra
24493s elimination needs to be careful the
24494s Wolves type out waiting in the wing J
24496s team's action getting a little bit of
24497s reset onto the armor there with the F1
24500s Panda man going a little low in terms of
24502s the armor oh my goodness pan right
24503s getting absolutely griefed here the bow
24506s shot coming out from Kai Bao on to
24508s panaman instead of Jay team's action
24510s who's extremely low Panda man with no
24513s ultimate available here either so low
24515s trying to pick up the elimination on to
24517s exit but now two Zhang shows up and are
24520s taking ranks up everybody is trying to
24523s Greece pandemon oh my goodness
24529s remember how I said this wasn't the
24531s person you're supposed to grieve
24533s say the same statement three games later
24536s that wasn't the person you were supposed
24538s to grieve in this game
24540s it's unfortunately oh my goodness
24542s unbelievable
24543s it's just as tight as it can be in these
24546s situations just as crazy it can be
24548s now it's just
24552s it's insane
24555s it's tough to be able to really piece it
24557s together here but Panda man trying to
24559s hold on for as long as possible
24561s third place
24564s by the way can we talk about wbg spider
24566s coming alive too little too late I mean
24570s so late into this I just
24575s I'm a little mad that he decided to pop
24577s off in the final game like I'm I'm a
24578s little I'm a little
24580s I gotta commend him though I got you
24582s know I gotta commend him I don't we we
24584s talk we talk about we we talk about how
24586s much of a mental player he is if I was
24588s wbg's fighter and I'm coming into this
24590s game in Ninth Place
24592s or sorry he was in 10th place when he
24594s came into this game
24595s I would be so defeated there's no way
24597s I'd be popping off spider though he's a
24599s professional you know what I'm saying
24601s he's like look I'm tilted I gotta bring
24603s it back even if I can't win I can get
24608s some higher placement points to qualify
24610s towards worlds I owe my team that much
24612s let me come in here and try to make
24614s something happen Kaylee's falling in a
24616s little bit of a bad situation here going
24618s head to head with Vince's recce has
24620s popped to the pillar doesn't get the
24622s opportunity to play around it though
24623s because we see the F come out from recce
24626s so Fang just gonna be forced to pop in
24628s the corner here we see wolves Kai bow go
24630s down to ewg xeron you know I love me
24633s some wolves but kaibao did her boy panda
24635s Man Dirty
24636s [Music]
24638s full HP and three people show up out of
24640s the Woodworks taking rain shots at Panda
24642s man for no reason
24644s I'm mad at you kaibao
24648s a lot Happening Here with a lot more of
24650s that momentum coming through here as
24652s he's I mean they were able to get the
24654s shutdown here but very unfortunate here
24656s as Rexy was able to get uh it does get
24659s parried though in the middle of all of
24660s this happening here
24662s shut down is absolutely incredible
24666s kla's Fang able to find much more of a
24669s momentum based
24672s moment towards this is able to hold on
24675s Rexy dangerously low but kla's Fang is
24678s able to get the shutdown here now here's
24680s another thing that we haven't talked
24681s about before here
24683s um I was going to say something but I
24684s could be wrong here if spider actually
24686s ends up getting the elimination here at
24687s kla's Fang is actually deciding to back
24689s off here uses the ulti
24691s the getaway the range is gonna be
24693s helpful for him though now here's the
24694s thing that we haven't necessarily talked
24696s about
24698s kla's fan could potentially pop off here
24700s and actually take the a dub away from
24702s Mike and Shaw
24703s he he would have to have an absolutely
24706s insane game I mean the numbers that
24710s wouldn't have happened no
24712s uh there's only eight players left in
24714s the lobby elimination minimum of four of
24717s eliminations in the top
24721s for that to happen the next elimination
24724s has to be aow's mic
24728s because if Mike gets to eat another
24730s place if somebody else dies it's
24732s impossible
24735s in place
24736s he could potentially get third place oh
24739s my God shot coming in with a massive
24741s Perry on the wbg spider coming in oh
24744s spider gets the dragon Rook but we see
24747s Shaw come through with the bubble to buy
24749s himself to safety oh my goodness shock
24752s trying to make something happen here
24753s hold on to wbg spider
24756s he's got those legendary nunchucks he
24758s stole right out from spider spider
24759s getting green from the side too the
24761s flame and arrows coming in Shaw more
24763s than happy with his lot in life gets the
24765s massive pair he gets those legendary
24766s nunchucks says peace
24772s it's a little insane finish though
24773s throughout all this though
24775s able to put it down it makes it look
24777s really good towards this
24781s it looks like wbg spider and Gigi Shaw
24784s are fighting this out here you said it
24786s before GG all they need to do here is
24788s get a grief here imagine if they grief
24791s each other
24796s anyway absolutely amazing though as as
24798s the fire is starting to do a little bit
24800s of a take on uh wbg Spider here here we
24802s go
24806s this WP as well fly is gonna be able to
24808s find it as well here
24813s yeah the second Roman coming up doesn't
24815s look like anybody's too eager to take
24818s this realm of Yang GG Shaw still over
24820s here got those legendary nunchucks he's
24822s managed to grab from spider here a lot
24824s of these players just trying to break
24825s ankles and break away from this sort of
24827s area nobody wants to over commit they
24829s know how many players are here the third
24832s party potential absolutely massive the
24834s rain shots coming in from bow down swamp
24836s fly really deterring these fights from
24838s breaking out aow's Mike over here in a
24841s bad situation he's trying to come get
24843s the purple armor from the box here
24844s there's so many other players show up
24846s we're gonna see jdgs choose Jang a
24847s battle swung fly going into the realm of
24849s Yang here wbg spider trading blows yet
24853s again
24854s not able to get the purple army wanted
24856s here the carousel coming in from spider
24858s the three jungle here we go GV shot no
24861s way to get at the almost infinite the
24864s bone comes through oh my God just
24867s doesn't die
24874s I saw the absolute mad Life coming in
24876s ghosts
24879s oh he gets a shield swap though that
24881s Shield swap could be massive for him
24883s they'll just be able to go through with
24884s the rotations though
24887s oh my goodness Shaw in such a good
24890s situation now was completely on the back
24892s but almost the full reset coming in for
24895s him here he's got the bubble pop some
24897s huge rain shots coming in from downtown
24899s though gonna do quite a bit of damage
24901s there catches the Perry or the wbg
24904s spider yet again
24915s [Applause]
24917s at the ankles
24921s ladies and gentlemen
24924s it looks like uh we might have crowned
24927s ourselves a champion if kla's Fang
24930s decides to potentially pop off with five
24933s or six eliminations but he has to
24934s eliminate everybody and win the game
24939s for this to be a game over
24941s but as of right now wbg spider are able
24944s to hold on here he has five eliminations
24950s a whole lot happening as wbg Spire is
24953s able to capture his sixth elimination
24954s eliminating long fly into this game
24960s a whole lot happening though wow I'm
24963s just
24966s spider's trying so hard here and it's
24969s unfortunately like I said it's too
24971s little too late but I've got to give him
24972s props man you know he knows anything
24974s situation where he he can't even make
24977s top five but he he owes it to his team
24980s here to have the best possible game that
24983s he can have he's gonna pick up his
24984s seventh elimination and that moves him
24988s up into seventh place again every place
24990s that he moves up in the rankings is a
24994s place that gets him more of those
24996s qualifying points for the world
24998s championship and he owes his team every
25002s one of those points that he can get his
25003s hand on especially after the
25004s disappointing performance he had coming
25006s into the game here today wbg's fighter
25008s now though on the receiving end of OC
25010s Zhang Yu and Kayla's fangs fighter not
25012s happy with the way things are turning
25014s out right now he's got the seven
25015s eliminations he really wants to find an
25018s MVP he hasn't been able to get a single
25020s MVP here during this Grand Final in 12
25024s games wbg Spider usually racking up
25026s three or four a day here trying to hold
25029s her on ewg's ye Ron going super low
25032s spider trying to get into this getting
25034s mixed up here he sees the opportunity
25036s for his eighth elimination but Fang
25038s gonna clean it up here it's fighter not
25041s happy about it wants to turn his
25042s attention on the bank bang able to get
25044s some huge hits on the spider though
25045s picks up the soul Bloom and immediately
25047s takes command of this fight the F gone
25051s no Fang ultimate still available coming
25053s in is able to lock some hits in onto
25055s spider yet again spider gonna be forced
25057s to burn even more resources Fang comes
25059s in finds some more hits on the wbg
25061s spider
25064s this game has been absolutely insane
25066s though
25067s been doing so much more
25075s still able to work too so much more
25077s though
25079s and obviously wbg spider just trying to
25081s get any more eliminations here the more
25084s eliminations that he has and obviously
25085s the higher he'll be it's gonna be pretty
25087s good for him though
25093s let's see if they're gonna be able to
25095s find it here but obviously ladies and
25097s gentlemen it looks like we're going to
25099s be crowning a champion
25101s foreign
25109s ladies and gentlemen
25111s and it's going to be aow's Mike you've
25114s said it before
25116s now it's time to get back into the and
25118s that's time to get back in the lab and
25119s start working wbg spider needs to go
25121s back in the lab
25123s he's been putting in a lot of work he's
25125s been working hard he's been looking good
25126s all season and when it comes down to the
25128s finals he's been kind of slacking a
25129s little bit not necessarily slacking
25131s either it's just been it's just been
25132s getting caught up
25136s yeah I mean
25138s I I wanted to see this in game three so
25140s fast I I prayed for it I asked the
25142s naraka gods for this in game three Dobby
25145s I I wish this was the wbg spider we had
25149s seen all Grand finals man OC Jen you
25150s coming here trying a green spider right
25152s now gonna pop the ultimate spider trying
25154s to keep it alive on valdo though he's
25155s got old available gonna be forced to go
25157s head pop in here he really desperately
25159s does not want to pop it here but he has
25163s no choice realistically he's able to get
25165s a little Shield powder up there he does
25167s get caught out here though oh my
25169s goodness he almost eats two Bane's
25170s breaths after that
25173s fighter holding it on lock right now
25176s trying to keep it alive Kelly's Bang
25178s trying to climb desperately higher in
25181s the standings he only needs
25183s point one point
25185s to take third place away from oug's
25187s panaman
25189s bang wants those placement points that
25190s top three that prize money those
25192s placement points oh so juicy and Fang
25195s does not want to lose it here in the
25197s final moments of this game wbg's fighter
25200s common in bang gonna immediately cut
25202s through half of his purple armor here
25204s and spider resources going low man he's
25208s got three Shield pots two HP pots left
25211s there's no shops here the only place
25213s he's gonna find pots are on bodies
25216s spider in a dangerous situation Dobby
25220s it's been absolutely insane to piece
25223s this together here but obviously
25225s I mean it's been good thus far here
25227s we've been eating good okay me and you
25230s we have been eating good
25232s tonight has been a day I'm full I'm full
25235s of naraco Blade points
25237s as of right now
25240s you couldn't eat another Perry you
25242s didn't tell me you couldn't eat enough I
25243s don't think I can eat another pairing I
25245s actually don't think that I could eat
25246s another Berry
25248s foreign
25255s is like
25256s he he dines out on some Perrys all day
25259s air day
25261s man it just goes to show you how special
25264s like this has been
25266s and every which way shape or form and so
25269s far this has just been good man honestly
25273s yeah this has been such a crazy day and
25277s I mean again congratulations already to
25279s aw's mind we know who we're crowning our
25281s champion nobody else can catch up to him
25283s here but
25284s still what a what a final game man it
25288s was so close coming into this game
25291s OC Zhang you getting those brakes beat
25294s off of him here by wbg spider but Zhang
25296s you gonna turn around and return the
25297s favor for those legendary nunchucks here
25300s on the spider and you know what
25302s oh he's gonna go down to Taylor his
25305s friend who comes in and cleans it up and
25307s just like that bang moves into third
25310s place
25311s banging slider going head to head here
25315s spider needs one more elimination
25320s to move into sixth place
25323s top six the money's bigger the points
25326s are bigger and spider needs it man
25329s he has had such a bad grand finals here
25332s he needs some sort of consolation to
25336s make it all worth it in the end wbg
25338s spider come on baby you can you can find
25340s that next kill aow's Mike here
25343s I mean at this point if I'm AWS Mike I'm
25346s I'm cruising baby
25348s I don't I don't know if he knows if he's
25351s in first place right now but I'd be
25352s feeling pretty good about my odds with
25354s there only being three people left in
25355s the lobby
25360s I mean you're not wrong here I would
25363s love to see a wbg spider really get a
25365s chance to pop off here obviously with
25367s those seven eliminations and potentially
25369s a top three here if it's you can still
25372s see himself I'm gonna say he could
25373s easily push himself in the top five
25375s easily top five here uh with his
25378s performance a good performance though as
25380s he we look back at some of the
25381s eliminations he's already had here he's
25383s gotten eliminations from kaibao
25385s obviously gonna be a beautiful jungle
25387s piece right here he's got an elimination
25389s onto oh That's aow's Mike aww's mic
25391s comes through with the elimination
25392s toward this one a beautiful fine
25396s for this as well here is GG Shaw was
25399s able to find an aow's Mike trying to see
25401s if he can hold on for as long as
25402s possible obviously it was able to get
25404s the heels but it's not going to be able
25405s to get enough
25407s these three just able to Duke it out
25409s little by little here
25411s do you see that
25415s you realize he was like AFK for a second
25417s and decided not to attack him yeah he
25420s rolls up sees spiders like nope bye
25423s I'm gonna go find my own spot Deuces
25425s he's like I'm not about to risk my
25427s elimination for that
25431s like nah I'm good
25433s that was funny I I love that I we I
25437s needed a little a little moment of
25439s laughter there a little break from how
25441s intense these games have been
25443s and that was great
25445s uh
25448s spider over here looks like he's
25450s shedding a city here yeah oh my goodness
25455s Spider Man it this has been an emotional
25459s unemotional Grand finals for spider
25462s bro I I mean I mean I mean I can imagine
25465s man you've been putting in so much work
25467s you've been looking good all season long
25470s not like partial season not like kind of
25474s oh you kind of doing all right nah you
25477s have been killing it all season
25481s yeah I know this has to be a little bit
25483s of a you know a tough ending but
25487s my heart goes out to wbg spider right
25490s now man oh Sam and you know what this is
25492s this is just another learning experience
25495s in a long line of learning experience
25497s through wbg spider I'm so proud of this
25499s this kid man he's come in he's really
25502s opened up this space to to new heights
25506s of naraka and I I will say it 100 wbg
25511s spider has made everybody else in the
25514s nbpl a better player
25517s he forced these players to learn to play
25521s at a completely new Pace a completely
25523s different momentum and they had to they
25526s had to catch up they had to learn to
25528s play wbg Spiders game and because of
25532s that all of these players are better
25533s players because of it he's got to be so
25535s proud of himself you know what it's a
25538s rough Grand finals for wbg spider but
25541s he's still the defending world champion
25542s you know what I'm saying he proved to
25545s everybody that a young kid can come in
25547s and make it happen here and he he has to
25551s be so proud of his performance there's a
25553s whole other season there's worlds to
25555s come wbg Spiderman I'm a just a clap for
25558s you dog
25561s I mean he's been putting in the amount
25563s of work and the amount of time here and
25565s obviously it absolutely shows into these
25567s games I mean he's I mean he's made it
25570s look good in a whole lot of instances
25572s and
25573s it's just been it's just been a good
25575s thing to have and a good thing to see
25577s and hopefully the more of it starts to
25579s come that way in that in that situation
25582s and obviously let's just see how it ends
25585s towards this section here as wbg spiders
25588s KLX Fang aow's Mike's just trying to
25590s hold on a little while longer onto the
25591s side of a wbg spider definitely has the
25593s momentum and the side piece towards it
25597s here
25601s [Applause]
25604s and it looks like they all missed their
25606s chance of getting the elimination on
25607s aow's mic trying to hold on for as long
25610s as possible here definitely does not
25612s want to risk
25613s any real potential loss but it doesn't
25615s really matter though as he is already
25617s going to be
25619s early into
25622s spider actually catches that elimination
25624s on to Mike and now it's just him and
25626s kla's Fang Fang
25628s heck of a performance coming in from
25630s kla's Fang trying to hold on for as long
25632s as humanly possible
25634s beautiful swept off of each side here
25636s but still able to get some nice hits on
25639s the wbg spider it actually ends up scale
25641s rushing from the outskirts here comes
25643s through calls the mech out
25646s hits him from the outskirts here he
25648s might be able to actually capture this
25650s elimination onto spider this could be
25653s big for Fang actually regardless of how
25655s he how we splice in here
25658s it looks like it's not going to be
25659s necessarily enough here as
25662s spider does capture the elimination of
25665s the number one dub but it doesn't matter
25668s as alw's mic will be crowned your spring
25671s finals Champion I think we're gonna go I
25674s think we're gonna go to the main floor
25675s as they're going to be crowning a new
25677s Champion for our solos ladies and
25679s gentlemen alw's mic is back
25683s what a what a day suit yourself
25696s together
25700s [Applause]
25703s so shout out loud who is the
25706s Championship today congratulations
25718s [Music]
25724s foreign
25751s [Applause]
25752s Angola
25757s through the two days solo games and now
25761s you can get your trophy so what you want
25763s to say to your fans and to other players
25767s and to the club
25769s [Music]
25776s I think the land game now like today a
25780s lot of audiences just came to here and
25782s like support me and she don't
25808s and I would like to know from the first
25810s buy win final till now what do you think
25813s you changed
25816s congratulations
25860s [Applause]
25860s [Music]
25864s Michael
25868s now hello
25871s after you got a Championship today
25875s and I think every audience and also the
25880s players
25883s and I know everyone would like to say
25886s congratulations congratulations again
25888s lwmi
25890s foreign
25941s [Music]
25953s so what you want to say to him yeah
25958s I know that sometimes we have we can get
25962s a very high score and sometimes we also
25965s don't have good status and I would like
25967s to say it in Spanish
25970s I know that you haven't thought this day
25973s and have a fever
25975s keep resting and take care
25981s and I would like to say thank you to all
25984s the players because we know every player
25986s you have very hard and you can work hard
25988s and then can bring us a very excellent
25991s matches we would like to say thank you
25993s and please it's the honor time let's
25995s welcome the president
26003s and also after get the trophy of the
26007s championship we will also give the
26009s middle to our our Championship mic
26019s okay so let's take photo together
26029s [Music]
26031s thank you thank you Mr Ho
26033s [Music]
26059s all of them are also the like patient
26063s that you can get the championship what
26065s do you want to say to them
26069s yeah I know a lot of my fans and also
26073s some of them they are also my friend in
26076s my live show
26077s and I would like to say I'm very I'm
26081s very moved today because I saw a lot of
26084s a lot of our fans they are shouting out
26086s my name
26087s I'm on stage I'm also very excited
26094s your position and I know a lot of your
26097s fans whatever where they are now I would
26101s like to know what's going on next
26103s Edition
26107s like my friend
26110s you also want to get a championship
26128s congratulations LW Mike
26131s [Applause]
26133s thank you
26146s [Music]
26170s [Music]
26177s foreign
26186s [Music]
26192s [Applause]
26196s [Music]
26199s oh my goodness congratulations to aow's
26204s Mike what an insane insane Grand finals
26209s for our solos players my heart goes out
26213s to wbg Spiderman the he's he's got so
26218s much heart Dobby I I he's got a lot of
26221s passion behind that man that's that's a
26223s kid that
26224s put as heart and soul into it all season
26229s only for
26231s it to fall
26233s short
26235s and I think it's one of those things
26237s where we all know he's a great player
26241s there is no
26243s hesitation around that
26246s but I think because it was such a under
26250s mining performance at least probably to
26253s his standards
26254s right that it just
26258s ah
26259s it just it didn't it's a sour taste in
26262s his mouth man and it Now sucks but like
26265s you said I don't think anybody can
26267s question the wbg spider is one of the
26269s greats man this he's come in and been
26273s such a dominating force and like I said
26275s a every single player in the NBA PL is a
26280s better player because wbg spider has
26282s been here
26283s I that's a fact I don't care what
26285s anybody says all of these players have
26288s had to get better to keep up with spider
26290s to to be in a position where they could
26293s overtake him today there there's no if
26296s ands or buts in my mind about it and you
26298s know like I said coming into the day you
26301s know spider was lower on the leaderboard
26303s he was in seventh place but I said I
26305s he's not somebody I would bet on count
26308s now you know what I mean right he's the
26310s player if anybody can climb back up from
26312s that it's wbg spider he doesn't quite
26314s make it today but I'm still so proud of
26317s him as a player and you know I'm proud
26319s of aow's Mike too aow's Mike
26322s comes in he finally is able to find that
26326s huge Victory he's been looking for over
26328s wbg spider and he's so humble about it
26332s he gives his heart out to spider in the
26334s end as he's accepting the trophy there
26336s you know these two guys it's hard being
26340s the two top competitors in a league
26343s where you're constantly competing
26345s against one another to have a friendship
26347s and these two guys Against All Odds
26350s as much as they have to compete against
26353s each other play against each other as
26356s much smack talk as they've got to do
26358s against one of each other they are still
26360s friends and that says so much about
26362s naraka blade point in the end and look
26364s at this nobody can take this away from
26366s spider 16. finally points well he
26369s finally finds his MVP here in the end of
26372s the day eight kills 16.8 it's the
26375s highest single scoring game in the
26378s entire Grand finals here for the spring
26381s split wbg spider
26384s great performance and again for him to
26387s come back in this final game
26389s he was in 10th place in the standings
26392s to have such a dominating performance
26395s with how much
26398s his being in 10th Place had to be
26400s weighing on him absolutely incredible my
26402s heart goes out to him but you know what
26404s Sam here I'm I'm about to say the word
26407s the chat hates when I say and you know
26410s why I'm about to say it aow's mic takes
26413s away the championship here on the back
26416s of nothing but consistency alone he has
26420s zero
26422s MVPs in the grand finals
26425s that's how important consistency is he
26428s doesn't win an overall game in 12 games
26433s but because he performs consistently
26437s aow's Mike walks away our champion
26442s kind of crazy with certain instances too
26444s how certain people have just been able
26445s to play it I mean they've done such a
26447s good job of that but obviously it just
26449s it just went to another level today and
26454s the fact that Panda man got so close he
26457s ended up getting griefed
26459s oh that that fighting that fight made me
26462s angry here's Panda man at full health
26466s Yee Ron chilling right there no armor
26468s half health
26470s all of a sudden zhangyu shows up starts
26472s taking shots at Pan Man somebody else
26474s shows up starts taking shots at Panama
26475s and I'm like whoa whoa what's happening
26478s right now why are we griefing punt boy
26480s panda man
26482s unfortunately that's how it happens
26484s sometime Zhang you that's been the name
26486s of the game though for zhangyu OC Zhang
26488s you that boy has been griefing people
26491s yes Zhang you out here he he had some uh
26496s he had some feeling to share with
26499s certain players I think somebody over in
26503s chat today said I don't take kills
26505s unless they're top three players
26507s he said the rest of the lobby you can do
26509s whatever you want if you're in the top
26512s three right now you're my target
26515s so you know OC zhangyu doesn't have the
26517s pop-off I I it's funny too because at
26520s the very beginning of everything I said
26521s jangyu might be the Dark Horse right
26523s because he had some moments this season
26526s where he looked like season one zhangyu
26529s you remember that crazy play in season
26530s one where he had like no HP he had no
26534s abilities left and he just dupes that
26536s fight out two clanks would have killed
26538s him in that final Circle and he's got to
26540s fight somebody who's got their old and
26541s is at full HP full armor and he clutches
26544s that up that's the old Zhang Yoo I
26546s remember that man went wild so for him
26549s to come in here and just grief players
26551s it's it's a little weird but I I you
26554s know what I'm I'm gonna give him some
26555s props for being like I only target top
26558s three players
26560s I mean they've been able to do it for so
26563s long here you think at this point
26565s they're used to it but
26568s I think time will only tell and
26570s obviously in this situation I mean it's
26571s just a little more hectic now now like
26573s you said before
26578s you know it's gonna be a little bit of a
26580s nightmare for spider
26583s because I'm gonna go back to the words
26585s that you said
26588s because spider wasn't here last season
26593s is he really the champion
26597s and he came back
26599s and he snatched it back
26602s rightfully so
26604s but now that's going to be looming over
26606s his head that he is secondary to
26612s Mike
26614s and the status that
26616s obviously stats wise right obviously
26620s wins wise getting the trophy et cetera
26622s Etc but I won't lie
26624s nobody else was doing three weeks back
26628s to back of Dubs like that Mike got one
26631s dub during our week
26632s but every other week has just been
26634s spider spiders spiders so to see him
26636s come into this and just
26638s just barely get to that point it was a
26642s little a little surprising a little
26644s little surprising look you you've got
26647s bad days you've got bad attorneys I
26650s don't think wbg spider lets us get to
26651s him too much in the moment right now
26653s he's feeling it don't get me wrong
26655s we we saw he was shed in a tear in that
26658s final fight because he knew that that
26661s final game that was the wbg spider that
26664s he really is that last game where he's
26667s tearing through people just coming at
26669s him coming for their throats that's the
26672s wbg spider we all know and love I think
26674s we're gonna come back next season and
26676s spider is not gonna slow down he's gonna
26679s come in he's gonna put his foot on the
26681s gas pedal and all this is gonna do this
26684s is this is this is fuel for the tank
26687s this is gasoline for the tank baby the
26689s fire don't keep burning for wbg spider
26692s season two this is just gonna make him
26695s more hungry
26699s really is I really do I hope
26704s I really hope that it does I think he's
26706s just been putting in so much work and
26708s he's been showing so much Ops he's been
26711s showing so much that it's just not
26713s enough
26714s to just
26716s do what he needs to and obviously he's
26718s kind of he's kind of suffering from it
26722s and obviously him crying definitely
26725s showed that Not only was he really
26727s really invested in wanting to get this
26729s win but also it was a lot for him he
26732s really he really wanted to prove that
26736s it wasn't just a fluke
26741s and that sucks that he has to go out and
26744s feel that way
26746s and it's like oh it it's like um
26750s it's so unfortunate it's so unfortunate
26752s that he's been doing so much of that and
26754s putting in so much time and so much
26756s effort he's been looking so good and
26758s then just all of a sudden just
26761s tanks at the final final end of this of
26763s the season so I don't know man
26766s um
26767s you know I I don't I don't think he's
26769s got to prove to anybody it's a fluke
26770s because let's let's be honest this is
26773s the fifth in you know five 12 game
26777s series where somebody gets to claim a
26778s championship
26780s AOW Mike takes two spider takes three
26784s yes this is the the big one you know it
26787s it it's the grand final he just wasn't
26791s able to make it happen this time but
26793s realistically
26795s three out of five is better than two out
26797s of five I think spider is more than
26799s proven that him being the world champion
26802s not a fluke more than proven that him
26804s coming out in season two of The mbpl and
26807s you know capping it out just because
26810s aow's mic wasn't there was not a fluke
26813s because aow's Mike was here for all five
26815s of these spider takes three Mike takes
26819s two that says a whole lot about spider
26822s as a player you can't win them all every
26826s single tournament can't be your best one
26828s and if I if I'm wbg spider as soon as
26830s the emotions wear off and stuff I'm
26832s gonna look at it and be like you know
26833s what I took three might you know we can
26836s let Mike have to be all right
26841s he has the two but obviously it's not
26843s enough for him to be the one
26845s which is unfortunate but
26848s still being able to put in all of this
26850s stuff and still being able to work
26851s towards this sometimes it's just
26853s it's it's tough it's tough it honestly
26856s is tough to see that I was rooting for
26858s him the entire season I think he's been
26860s doing amazing all season and sadly just
26862s wasn't able to really produce that
26865s amount of hype that he did do all season
26869s long
26870s all season
26872s stats have been phenomenal coming from
26875s this man
26877s absolutely incredible and then obviously
26879s with aow's my he's just been consistent
26881s but he's had a couple of ups and downs
26884s during his Seasons where he was
26886s we weren't even talking about Mike
26888s and then for Shaw
26892s or Shaw to come into this
26895s and put his two cents in there for his
26897s chance he I know he's been trying to
26900s capture That Glory since that first
26902s season
26905s I know he's been working towards that
26908s look there's players I gotta talk about
26911s you know Gigi Shaw Haley's Fang all
26915s these guys Shaw here by the way most
26916s damaged with melee weapons absolute mad
26919s lat 125
26924s 000 damage Dobby
26926s we're talking six figures baby wow
26933s we finally got here
26935s the dagger Katana the staff the pole
26938s sword oh my goodness 125
26941s 000 damage this man went into overtime
26945s this man actually went into overtime
26948s oh he came in swinging baby he he
26951s absolutely
26953s brings the heat no surprises here you
26957s know to see Katana towards the top of
26958s the list here for GG Shaw Katana was one
26961s of those weapons that he heavily favored
26962s little surprised to see daggers how it
26965s is jaw typically didn't favor the dagger
26967s too heavily as we take a look here at
26969s most kills also
26971s go into GG shot
26977s spider and also tying it up with Mike
26981s with those 28 eliminations here into our
26983s finals but those 30 eliminations coming
26985s in massively for him this man is that he
26987s I'm telling you this man is built
26989s different he has been at a little bit of
26991s a thorn and some in a lot of people's
26993s behinds in the craziest part is that
26995s usually you would think with all the
26997s third partying he would actually end up
26998s having less damage how do you end up
27000s going through all those all those third
27001s parties and end up having the most
27003s damage out of everybody
27006s crazy good taking a look at GG Shaw man
27009s 30 kills an average of 2.5 kills the
27013s damage man huge
27015s trippy is six digits baby
27019s six digit damage for GG shot Shaw right
27021s now man there there's a lot of players I
27023s want to call out right now Gigi shop
27025s klas Fong aow's Mike uh xcg's Wang Liang
27031s of course oud's Panda man wolves Kai bow
27035s these guys all duking it out for those
27037s top three positions constantly moving in
27040s and out of it man this was this was a
27043s crazy final for these guys
27046s absolutely insane OC zhangyu finally
27049s makes it into 10th place he's gonna get
27051s himself some of those points for worlds
27056s jangyu I see you he he's hovered 11 in
27060s right around 11th all the way until the
27062s last game
27063s Jang uscu making top 10.
27067s but man I got I gotta see what's wrong
27069s he's got to be like fit
27072s no he's gonna be third
27075s third second now second yes
27079s what are you talking about I'm kidding
27081s okay I'm gonna say fourth it's either
27083s fourth I'm gonna say fourth I'm gonna
27084s say solid fourth place
27087s okay he's in six six give me six or
27091s fifth year unfortunate for Wang Wang
27093s Wang Liang was the top three shifted all
27096s the way down to seventh place here he
27097s just didn't clutch it out in the end of
27098s the day aow's Mike Ben
27102s sitting right there in the top kale is
27103s paying 63.5 GG Xiao unfortunately losing
27107s that second place to point five points
27110s in the very final moment Panda man gonna
27111s be moving down to Fourth but I mean
27113s Panda man who's 37 points for the day
27116s the only player who got more points than
27119s Panda man today
27121s was Kayla's Fang and it was point one
27125s point but here is your grand final
27127s Champion for solos
27129s aow's Mike lady and gentlemen
27133s congratulations yet again
27134s congratulations to everybody who played
27136s because this this was a wild Grand
27138s finals man from start to finish very
27140s wild if if you didn't catch every single
27143s game I'm telling you you need to go go
27145s back watch the vods it is worth the
27149s watch because all 12 of these games from
27152s start to finish were absolutely just
27155s wild man
27157s it's been an absolute treat like I said
27159s I am literally full off of naraka I'm
27162s full of Paris I'm full off of the
27164s clutches here I'm gonna be good until we
27167s get ready for uh the next cup and
27169s obviously all the other ones that will
27171s be in between as well here but we're not
27174s done in terms of Morocco blade point
27175s because ladies and gentlemen we still
27177s have the grand finals the rest of our
27180s trios and obviously the trios are going
27182s to be absolutely just as a phenomenal
27185s and jam-packed as it was tonight let's
27189s hope that it's going to be even more
27190s wild going into our final games for our
27194s seven our six games or trios and
27199s obviously you guys will be accompanied
27200s by uh Moxie and hip rain uh to people
27203s that are absolutely in love with the
27205s trios and obviously we're going to be
27207s seeing so much more of that but
27208s obviously
27210s still got a lot more happening though
27211s and also we actually I think we start
27213s the qualifa that we start our summer
27215s qualifying I think literally like in
27217s like a couple days like after that like
27219s the 31st and the first we literally
27221s start going into our summer
27222s qualifications
27224s um and obviously that's when things
27225s start to get a little juicy is that
27227s everybody just starts right back from
27228s the top you get a couple days off and we
27230s get right back into the action ladies
27231s and gentlemen but yes ladies and
27233s gentlemen it's been a whole lot of
27234s momentum thank you guys for being here
27236s thank you guys for showing love it it
27237s has been absolutely incredible it's been
27239s a pleasure to cast for myself with roon
27242s with you guys all season long and um
27245s currently at least for myself and and
27248s your room that's gonna be a wrap year
27249s for us for this season
27254s oh yeah no no for for the spring season
27257s that's that's gonna be different from us
27259s like you said hip rain and Moxie gonna
27261s be joining you guys tomorrow to wrap out
27263s the trios for you guys but man what a
27266s season it's bid dude I like what you
27268s said I'm full baby what a meal what a
27274s meal and not only we we got 12 games of
27277s solos and then today we got two extra
27279s games we got to see zai we got to see
27281s the craziness coming out of that we got
27283s to see a 1v3 clutch in realm of Yang
27285s that was absolutely wild as well eight
27288s games of naraka today and those last six
27290s men let me on these showcase matches
27293s were cool
27294s but those last six games man oh
27299s oh what a treat what an absolute
27303s delicious meal these players delivered
27305s to us across the board it comes down
27308s super tight as we head into the 12th and
27311s final game of the of of our little split
27314s here man just
27316s insane I love it so much in Rocka blade
27320s Point such an incredible game no place
27325s in the world I would rather be than
27326s right here cast in this game with this
27329s incredible Community with these
27330s incredible players and right alongside
27332s you as well Dobby
27334s just been such a pleasure but ladies and
27337s gentlemen that's gonna be it for me here
27339s and Dobby air as well thank you nbpl for
27342s having us thank you all for being here
27344s thank you players for some incredible
27345s games and we're gonna see you guys next
27348s season
27350s [Music]
27358s [Music]
27360s [Applause]
27361s [Music]
27362s yeah
27365s foreign
27368s [Music]
27396s [Music]
27431s it's awesome
27433s [Music]
27438s foreign
27442s [Music]
27465s [Music]
27482s thank you
27485s [Music]
27509s foreign
27512s [Music]
27528s [Music]
27537s [Music]
27542s foreign
27548s [Music]
27576s [Music]
27579s foreign
27584s [Music]
27597s [Music]
27635s [Music]
27637s thank you
27641s [Music]
27655s foreign
27660s [Music]
27667s [Applause]
27669s [Music]