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0s foreign
2s [Music]
13s but then I remember
15s no matter what's happened
18s no matter what pain and torment had
21s beaten her down
26s she will always be my sister
59s thank you
73s foreign
83s [Music]
104s foreign
136s I can't eat
138s I can't sleep
144s because the closer I get to finding her
147s the more scared I am
156s scared of what she's become
159s scared of seeing the face of my baby
162s sister
163s Twisted by the nightmare she's had to
166s endure
174s scared she's so broken she could never
177s recover
183s foreign
189s [Music]
201s [Music]
213s thank you
215s but then I remember
218s no matter what's happened
221s no matter what pain and torment have
224s beaten her down
229s she will always be my sister
261s thank you
285s [Music]
290s foreign
307s [Music]
321s thank you
350s like he doesn't even have to come out on
351s top here oh massive Harry though on to
354s the Panama panaman gonna be forced to
355s pop the ultimate here Mike solo though
358s oh my goodness he's picked no Kai Bell
360s goes that Wang yang
363s thank you
368s very not happy about the fact that Shaw
371s comes in at the last second and takes
372s that elimination away from him oh my God
375s the Perry coming through from Sean the
376s follow-up with the Pulsar but you run
378s with the F yet again the fight keeps
380s going the Zone comes in neron gonna be
383s forced to back away here look Perry
385s coming in from Sean again and Shaw
387s cleans up that floor
392s [Music]
404s foreign
418s [Music]
423s though has got to find something if he
426s wants to go for the victory if another
427s freeze comes through there's nothing you
428s do there we go it's gonna be the
430s infinite from oh you she's Panda man and
433s he capitalizes on it man Panda man
435s [Music]
440s foreign
444s into the blue armor but it's not enough
447s shot quickly strips it off of amw's Mike
450s Mike coming in with the great sword
451s swamp Baroni here oh my goodness this
453s could be it Rashad no ultimate available
455s he needs to find the bubbles the old
456s will pop them
467s [Music]
501s I'm only sorry it didn't hurt more
504s [Music]
506s say Calamity Rising
510s foreign
513s [Music]
520s [Music]
529s [Music]
542s [Music]
552s thank you
560s [Music]
573s [Music]
583s foreign
584s [Music]
595s [Music]
612s [Music]
639s foreign
648s [Music]
651s foreign
684s uh uh socialism
700s situations
734s foreign
759s [Music]
777s foreign
795s [Music]
809s foreign
865s [Music]
878s oh
883s [Music]
906s foreign
937s a whole
939s um
950s foreign
980s foreign
982s [Music]
1010s somewhere
1011s foreign
1026s [Music]
1034s [Music]
1044s foreign
1056s [Music]
1071s foreign
1084s [Music]
1089s foreign
1114s foreign
1147s foreign
1151s thank you
1154s woman chase the late high side soy
1157s oriented myself
1188s foreign
1219s foreign
1228s foreign
1266s foreign
1311s thank you
1315s foreign
1327s [Music]
1357s foreign
1387s foreign
1422s foreign
1450s foreign
1460s something
1475s seriously
1482s candy alone
1490s foreign
1518s foreign
1529s Dunya
1532s Channel
1537s um
1555s [Music]
1559s foreign
1596s foreign
1607s give it
1611s is
1625s okay
1628s that is
1650s foreign
1674s can't see that
1676s is
1677s my channel
1689s [Music]
1712s foreign
1741s foreign
1751s foreign
1783s [Music]
1785s thank you
1789s sorry
1817s really child
1821s foreign
1865s YouTube
1883s children
1893s foreign
1924s foreign
1951s foreign
1990s thank you foreign
2001s [Music]
2022s title
2026s okay
2035s foreign
2067s foreign
2107s foreign
2112s foreign
2147s yourself
2166s hello
2185s [Music]
2201s foreign
2259s you remember
2266s foreign
2275s [Music]
2277s foreign
2314s okay limitations
2339s okay
2343s foreign
2352s foreign
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2390s foreign
2397s [Music]
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2435s foreign
2466s foreign
2501s [Music]
2510s conditions
2539s foreign
2569s foreign
2582s foreign
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2659s foreign
2699s foreign
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2766s foreign
2807s foreign
2854s foreign
2878s foreign
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2931s thank you
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2965s thank you
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2982s [Music]
2989s thank you
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3033s thank you
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3066s [Music]
3085s thank you
3089s [Music]
3107s foreign
3154s I'm only sorry it didn't hurt more
3157s [Music]
3159s sigh Calamity Rising
3164s mm-hmm
3175s foreign
3215s foreign
3232s [Music]
3245s [Music]
3253s [Music]
3257s aha
3276s universe
3296s hold on foreign
3309s [Music]
3341s tunnel
3364s [Music]
3370s [Music]
3381s thank you
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3403s [Music]
3411s thank you
3424s thank you
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3448s thank you
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3478s thank you
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3638s [Applause]
3646s Mario games
3650s [Applause]
3655s [Music]
3659s hello everybody and welcome to the nbpl
3663s Trio's Grand finals my name is hip brain
3666s and I am joined by poopy and Moxie hello
3669s poopy Festival
3670s um welcome I guess and how you doing you
3672s all right I'm good thank you for having
3674s me it's a pleasure I'm so excited I'm so
3677s excited to get going everything uh Moxie
3679s you weren't here with day one I know you
3681s were watching uh any initial thoughts
3683s before we get into my flame Fest because
3685s I've now got like I got two extra
3687s casters you can kind of balance me out
3689s so I'm going off uh
3692s how are you feeling after everything so
3694s far
3695s I'm just really excited as you can see
3696s the crowd's super excited we've got some
3698s really good teams as well just from the
3700s VT the the Rivalry that has developed
3702s for J team and te all throughout the
3705s season finally it's gonna culminate in
3707s this finals and we're going to see which
3708s team is going to be able to walk out on
3710s top I mean that that uh video was pretty
3713s accurate as well because JT Machado lost
3715s to show up uh which seems pretty
3717s accurate how we were on day one they
3719s were honestly really disappointing for
3721s most of day one I think their first game
3724s was pretty impressive
3726s um and then I know the first game was
3727s about the second game was pretty
3728s impressive and then they got knocked out
3730s too early they had like 16 kills or
3732s something and then just got knocked out
3733s the game incredibly early got no
3735s multiplier got no editing and then it's
3737s just like they just look lost all day
3739s and then at the end of the day they
3741s pulled out this a costume which we'd see
3742s in a bunch of other teams starting to
3744s pull out more and more throughout the
3745s day and damn they look really really
3747s good on it they said they they took
3748s their first win of the day they pulled
3750s themselves back up in the standings and
3752s right now at the top we've got uh te who
3754s are ruling leading the charge then it's
3756s I believe J team or ug it's one of those
3759s two teams it's j team Deno ug in third
3762s and we've got a whole bunch of teams who
3764s are actually performing incredibly well
3766s right now a bunch of teams who have as
3768s expected been a little bit disappointing
3770s but the team's like uh JL
3773s they just kind of stuck up on me out of
3774s nowhere like these guys have looked
3776s really really good
3777s I
3778s I don't know how everything's gonna go
3781s today because narak is so hard to
3782s predict like it's always so hard to say
3784s oh well this team always looks like
3785s great so they're gonna perform well
3787s because I TR case and point on that they
3789s always look good and then half the time
3791s they don't even perform
3793s yeah de have always been a sort of coin
3795s flip team right regularly making it by
3797s weekly finals and then falling apart
3800s when it really did matter and so a lot
3803s of pressure is going to be on this team
3804s J team the current world champions have
3806s even more pressure on them though when
3808s they're going to be feeling the heat
3809s because it wasn't an easy world
3811s championship for them this time around
3813s either JL was right behind them in those
3815s standings and it really did come down to
3817s that final game on the day where our J
3819s team got knocked out early and they
3821s actually had to wait and see whether or
3823s not JL would be able to find the kills
3824s necessary and they were only one or two
3826s off from being able to swipe that title
3828s out from beneath J team so coming into
3830s the day it's very strange that the J
3833s team they're not the favorite so we were
3835s having this discussion well debate about
3837s whether or not we can say that J team
3839s are a dark horse because they've
3841s performed on certain days of the season
3844s so far but they've also had a couple of
3846s rough patches too yeah no absolutely uh
3849s speaking of teams in rough patches I
3851s know poovie is uh on one team uh Phoebe
3855s come on where's it where's your money at
3857s like I don't actually I want to know
3859s where your heart's at who do you who do
3861s you really want to see come out today
3863s wbg all the way man I'm special I heard
3866s always goes out to Sleepwalker is my
3869s favorite one
3871s they're gonna have some work to do and I
3873s think what's really tragic about that is
3874s is what a tragic for you great for me
3878s monk is actually starting to get played
3879s less and less than trios I think a bunch
3882s of the uh a bunch of the changes that
3883s kind of meta has kind of lent in that
3885s way as you can see the overall standings
3886s right now Alliance it's bad it's real
3889s bad like there's no there's no beating
3891s around the bush on that wbg unfortunate
3893s for YouTube VR and 11th right now but
3895s it's not like it's impossible I mean
3897s when you look at the overall standings
3899s it's not massive amount between them and
3901s GS right now so one good game could
3903s easily see them just slingshot up the
3905s standings and that's the main thing I
3907s think for all these teams at the bottom
3908s there's still a lot of room to move yes
3911s allies need WG are definitely gonna have
3913s a harder day because they're so much
3915s further behind everyone else but as we
3917s can see te who honestly I don't think
3920s they were like impressive in the sense
3922s where like they had loads of pop-off
3923s games they were impressive because they
3925s were consistent which is something tea
3927s haven't really been for a long time
3928s especially when it comes to like games
3930s of matter I mean back when this team was
3932s on FDX they would crumble regularly in
3935s finals and by weekly finals and things
3936s like that uh J team big game at the end
3939s of the day really helped them pull that
3940s back oeg which is consistently good I
3943s think the consistency of OTE and oug are
3945s things that a lot of these teams need to
3947s be watching out for coming into today
3949s and I I put oug as my Dark Horse from
3954s coming into day number one I think
3955s they've kind of broken up from that dark
3957s course position and they're definitely
3959s teams that look to just be running at
3960s the front to my dark course right now is
3962s going to be uh JL guys for you guys
3965s watching on Twitch make sure that you
3967s make sure that you link your accounts up
3968s because you can grab yourself some drops
3970s for watching these Grand finals that are
3972s going to be all up on your screen so
3973s make sure you do keep your eyes on that
3975s one uh let's go back to that Dark Horse
3977s conversation then so
3980s um I'll start with you baby
3982s a wbg just gonna be your dark horse or
3984s if you've got another team who maybe you
3986s would place in that Dark Horse position
3988s well you can't really put J team in a
3990s dark horse when they're the two-time you
3992s know so they're very fancy
3995s I'll get back to that later I have an
3998s entirely different team that no of you
3999s have mentioned yet
4001s okay
4004s tell me tell me about course then I am
4006s going to tell you the tale of Ventus the
4008s team that had to make it through last
4010s chance qualifiers and were able to break
4012s both the kill records that J team and te
4015s had when there were two lens teams in
4018s the lobby I am never going to forget the
4020s game that vent is common with 28 kills
4024s with 12 teams in the lobby and they walk
4027s over 28 bomb it was ridiculous and hey
4030s look they're sitting at number four so
4032s Ventus can absolutely make a play for a
4034s Podium finish you know what honestly
4036s I'll give you that one because I kind of
4039s think about the fact that oeg also came
4040s through the rapid Shades they had my
4042s eyes on them from that front but then
4043s you think about it this is yeah it is a
4045s fair assessment uh I think they are a
4048s team who genuinely could show up today I
4051s think there's so many teams though I
4052s think this is the thing where it's like
4053s there's so many teams who are actually
4056s have the expectations to just be really
4058s really good
4059s um I mean t obviously on your screen
4061s right now are one of those teams but
4063s I've been inspired teams that could be
4065s in for running and the great thing about
4066s that you always have it because it comes
4069s down to that final dance that final game
4071s is where everything really
4074s really comes alive it's gonna be
4076s brilliant I promise you game six is
4077s gonna be a banger I I would I would bet
4080s any amount of money on that
4082s um
4082s I do think he could set himself up for a
4085s comfortable day off these first couple
4086s of games and this first game is probably
4089s gonna be one of those slower paced games
4091s just because we're starting on uh Morris
4092s island in the daytime what we did see
4094s unfortunately for me great for poopy a
4097s bunch of monkey comps coming out because
4099s there aren't any fireflies so teams
4101s don't really want to look for those
4102s cicadas and those early kind of
4103s skirmishes so instead expect to see a
4106s lot of kind of more traditional monkey
4107s forms and all variations of the monk
4109s comp in this first game which means odds
4112s are we're gonna have a fairly cramped
4113s final Circle which then leads into one
4115s team being able to probably pick up a
4116s fair amount of kills with their if
4118s they're monks on point for those grabs
4119s yeah but the question is are we going to
4121s see traditional Transformers composition
4123s or are we going to see farrier time and
4125s make a play because it feels like she
4127s saw a rise to prominence in the first
4129s couple of weeks that she was available
4131s and then the second that we actually
4132s moved on to the patch where that neck
4135s drop when you just drop the pillar
4136s immediately I actually bumped up the
4139s rage charged out from it she sort of
4142s fell away a big reason for that was
4144s because not just her ultimate was used
4146s to keep those monks safe but just being
4148s able to drop the pillar had a whole host
4149s of impacts as well being able to either
4151s knock players into combos or you were
4153s able to use it defensively if you were
4154s the one about to get a combo or even
4156s using it to break line of sight for a
4158s Viper ultimate now that it's become a
4160s little bit more costly and hero hasn't
4162s really found that place in the gate of
4163s Yang fight to be able to leg up some of
4166s those monks to be able to contest with
4168s another Monk on a different team we've
4170s seen a retreat back to the traditional
4173s reason as well and why we've seen this
4175s is first of all fairy together so the
4178s health on the mech isn't as big so it's
4179s not as great of a safety net but it's I
4181s think the main thing is that cop uses
4183s Tammy and there's so many other comps
4185s right now that use Tammy but you don't
4187s want to be spending your hero points to
4188s run a kind of mediocre support for uh
4191s for monk when you could just go for the
4193s Eurasian and the kurumi crumi is
4195s exclusively used in Monkey complex I
4197s can't think of another comp that
4198s actually uses kurumi right now and what
4201s that means is you're saving so many hero
4203s points by picking the kurumi and like a
4205s traditional one comp and then also kind
4207s of going back to something that runes
4208s talked about a lot is when you actually
4210s look at the statistics in the realm of
4212s yang
4212s the traditional monk cop has a vastly
4215s higher win rate versus the uh the
4218s ferrier version of the monkey comp
4219s because the Pacific rimcom just honestly
4222s doesn't look that great I mean yeah it
4224s it just struggles in those Roma yangs uh
4226s we have coined a new term actually me
4228s and Raven when we were casting uh the
4230s last finals because we started to see
4232s again as you expected uh Tammy showing
4234s up in the acoscoms I've called it the
4236s eye of the tiger because he got the
4237s storm and inside the storm is the tiger
4242s so keep your eye out for that one I know
4245s pooby you're a big fan of the Tammy
4247s um I I guess we could just talk a little
4249s bit about him because he's used in so
4250s many comments why do you feel that like
4252s Tammy's just got so much prevalence
4253s right now it's a solid support I mean
4256s that means
4258s yeah he's uh this all has so much value
4262s not only is it something that can create
4265s space it could put you know push teams
4267s away no range pressure can come in you
4269s know one grabs can't come in but it's
4270s also could be as aggressively they can't
4272s they use all their stamina you know can
4274s set up for plays in the Wombo plays or
4277s it's just such a versatile and it's just
4279s really showing them back right
4282s it feels like the Wisps especially now
4285s that we've moved away from things like
4286s Yodo are free just being able to block
4288s places like those blessings and one
4291s player gets caught in a demo and
4293s immediately it's a death sentence or as
4295s good as and a lot of these teams waiting
4297s for those kills looking for that third
4298s party where they have to have as little
4300s risk for as much reward as possible
4302s immediately pop their heads out of the
4304s world oh my God and try and Chase that
4306s and I mean Jake you said it was going to
4308s be a lot of Monk I'm seeing a lot of
4311s money
4312s my team moving away and being the
4314s outlayer from the pack it's gonna be JL
4316s coming in with one thing on the zip a
4319s ads on the Decatur and Zu that
4321s supportive role that we see and that
4323s we've talked about on that tell me
4325s looking to lock some of these monk
4327s players down but I really hope we don't
4328s see that team try and take a kid of
4330s young bite that is not going to be a fun
4331s time at all it was really interesting to
4334s see one of the uh one of the fairy among
4336s I actually run the karuni in there uh
4339s they're like no we just want the flat
4340s healing and I guess that probably leans
4342s a little bit more to safety into Roman
4344s Yanks but also like we're saying kind of
4346s saves you I'm picking up Timmy this is
4348s why jail my uh my dark horses man these
4350s guys are crazy I can't believe that you
4352s and yeah this is the game to play Takeda
4354s they know everyone's gonna be playing
4355s Monster they are ready and aware that
4358s this is going to be going down
4363s normally in a month in a a single monk
4366s in a Lobby full of cicadas that monk
4368s that monkeys gets absolutely blasted but
4372s I don't know man I feel like Takeda
4375s you're dodging a whole lot of grabs it's
4377s gonna be a hard one but here we go
4378s getting ready to go in the first game of
4380s the day eyes on te the current Champions
4384s at the top of the lobby they've just got
4386s six games left to go before they get
4388s into the action and J team speaking of
4390s action have found JL immediately see you
4392s gets himself counted and gets a counter
4394s onto Eagle Eagle disarmed Now quickly
4397s switches out to the cannon he's just
4399s trying to fight with his bear this is JT
4401s they're somehow getting a hand up on
4402s this eagle goes down to as the advantage
4404s comes in as JL they're just going to use
4407s the cannon to spray damage down onto the
4409s JT members a little by little they're
4411s falling but One Bank also chunks out
4413s heavily maybe looking for that salty run
4415s back 101 TN the final one standing and
4417s he goes down JL take a fight yeah it's
4420s not just the fact that they were able to
4421s find a cannon it's also they're able to
4423s push jtm right into the Turkish rooms
4425s and see with that Canon is able to
4427s activate them and the poison tick damage
4429s starts to chunk J team down as opposed
4432s to jail who have that sustainability but
4434s we're not slowing down at all at the
4436s moment there's an xtg and now we're
4438s going to be going Toe to Toe Dragon
4439s Slayers into fullness comes out from
4442s water cleaning so much of this space up
4444s in fact jjh both using spheres at the
4447s moment to be able to try and grab as
4448s much space as possible and isolate these
4450s members of xcg away from piojaron and
4453s just falls into that stone bomb is just
4456s going to die stuck in it as jjh's water
4458s resisting such a good job with that
4461s speed thus being able to push these
4463s players away the monk especially being
4466s able to lock them down remember JL are
4469s the only ones are running that to me so
4472s they are going to have so much control
4474s but when it comes down to these other
4476s teams it's all going to be about that
4478s weapon stagger what are you going to
4480s play is it going to be the spirit is it
4481s going to be the pole saw because posad
4483s did take a little bit of a heavy hit in
4485s terms of damage Department as well as
4486s moving over towards the Eventide we're
4488s going to be seeing GG now trying to
4490s track down a different team ewg you are
4493s going to be caught in that Crossfire is
4494s the studio looking for this Invasion
4497s onto the team space they've spotted out
4499s one grappling over the trees ewg are
4502s looking a little bit split if misky is
4504s going to be able to actually lock down
4505s one of these players to tick on that
4507s right side definitely a little bit more
4510s vulnerable for these other two members
4511s of uwg who were just going to have to
4514s try to pull back but euron's noticed
4515s that they're being chase takes the fight
4517s a little bit more into the open to make
4519s those bow shots a lot scarier for Gigi
4521s to have to deal with his toothache does
4523s have that purple armor will have the
4524s monk ultimate as well a year I'm doing a
4526s very good job of just buying so much
4528s space for ewg to work with and Gigi just
4531s don't want to cross the opening area in
4533s case the monkult comes through before
4534s they're able to actually lock a player
4536s down
4537s yeah it's looking for a couple of uh
4538s cheeky shots there with that bow but not
4540s actually able to uh line up the shot we
4542s are cutting over now to GD who have
4545s found te actually are looking to maybe
4547s chase them down and take this fight you
4549s have them in their line of sights BBV
4551s that's some purple weapons I should say
4552s for lyd shop the market comes in onto
4555s the price she loses a whole bunch of HP
4557s and that armor immediately because she's
4559s been caught goes in for the
4560s transformation it's txj already taking a
4563s little bit of fire it's just gonna try
4564s and avoid away and look for these grabs
4566s kakaishi getting railed from behind by
4568s Lloyd by lyd is gonna get himself bought
4570s back for the moment both of the monks
4571s are going a little bit low here just
4573s trying to avoid away on each other txj
4574s is gonna get like a roomy healing to
4576s keep him alive as now kikaishi he's
4578s gonna have to get the kurumio himself to
4580s keep him up for the moment it's just
4582s gonna be a game of healing with dong
4584s Shing has been grabbed since Kakashi is
4587s gonna be looking for the slam down onto
4588s now gonna be on that run as cxj they
4592s lose their amongst Transformations the
4593s eurasians come out and it is that
4595s extended very traditional among style of
4598s fighting it's txj trying to get him to
4599s kakaishi he has no armor he's an easy
4601s target he's just been juggled around
4603s stagger locked down the bell comes out
4605s he's trying to desperately get away but
4607s somehow he's holding on txj now low HP
4609s been run down Don Shang able to pick him
4612s up nice and simple as vvv gonna
4615s desperately try and get away from
4617s dongchang and K but there is going to be
4619s no running te losing an early fight that
4622s is rough te going to have to go back to
4625s the solder and use those rebirth charms
4627s ewg is too tick playing a title that no
4629s old zone is going to be able to find a
4631s grab and a slam the WG able to find the
4634s kill off of that damage as well euron
4636s coming in with the dagger to be able to
4637s finish Gigi's miskier off and then
4639s immediately ewg repositioning knowing
4641s that they don't have that monk ultimate
4642s up to be able to Zone that follow-up
4644s aggression coming for Juventus going to
4647s be going for a transformation of their
4648s own not a monkey UE ultimate coming
4650s through Stanzi trying to push all of
4652s these members of wbg outside of that
4654s kurumi ultimate so they don't get that
4656s burst heal link as there are two cover
4658s meals still in Play It's All About the
4660s spacing who is going to be able to
4662s receive the most amount of heals creamy
4664s ultimates 9 both removed and everybody's
4665s teams really being able to disengage
4667s over the beans but making it a lot
4668s harder for them to be able to escape any
4671s of this engagement as ventus's sansi
4673s still in that ultimate gonna be dropping
4675s out of it just now Sleepwalker does go
4678s down however vent is able to focus fire
4680s one player that should make the
4681s follow-up a lot easier for this team
4683s especially now that they're going to be
4685s able to use a monk ultimate but Sandy
4688s gets caught wpg's Jing with the katana
4690s able to lock him out juventus's wx9a
4692s just sitting with this monk ultimate to
4695s push these members of wbg away as a grab
4698s does come through
4700s double Jing goes down and now it's just
4704s gonna be wbg's PP trying to use the tap
4707s note just to escape the grab he's able
4709s to dodge one he's not able to dodge the
4711s second and it's just going to be that
4713s singular kurumi for a little bit longer
4715s as Ventus finally put him out of his
4717s misery and send him back to his team as
4720s Jay team off-screen have actually been
4722s able to pick up even more kills sitting
4725s at seven at the moment most notably they
4728s have however lost the Reba chances we're
4730s gonna have a replay to see exactly where
4732s they're able to build those seven up
4734s from JT's Eagle just locking down these
4736s players towards that corner you're doing
4738s such a good job of making sure that oud
4741s do not get to find that opening that
4743s they wanted when the king went for the
4745s ultimate Eagle going for the ultimate
4746s afterwards as well he's already fine to
4749s grab and they're killing
4751s I don't know if it's ready
4755s oh my goodness he goes on an absolute
4759s role that is beautiful considering they
4761s lost us drop at the beginning as well
4763s they literally
4764s spawn died effectively and they've still
4767s kept the aggression up this is what I
4768s wanted to see out of Jay team I guess uh
4770s poopy I can ask you a little bit about
4772s the concert because a lot of the teams
4774s are playing the same comp so what do you
4776s think actually makes the what is kind of
4779s the deal breaker the make or break for
4780s these teams that are playing you know
4782s the same companies fights you know what
4784s are you going to be looking for to get
4786s an advantage in these fights so pretty
4788s much as one of there's each character
4790s has their own role I I'll start with
4792s like monk for instance with for the monk
4794s they want to pretty much make sure that
4796s they're creating space for the for the
4798s other one to not do anything like for
4800s instance in their last fight where uh
4802s the king actually went small right in
4805s front of another month that's that
4807s window of just a free grab opportunity
4808s it it's just there you know like that he
4811s pretty much secured that double grab
4813s um for the enemy uh for the kurumi she
4816s wants to make sure you know she's
4818s watching depending on she's F1 or the
4820s invulnerability F she wants to make sure
4822s that she's watching a teammates uh to
4825s make sure that she gets a well-timed f
4828s off and also as well to make sure no one
4830s dies and then the year Sean's just any
4833s damage control uh anyone that goes low
4835s anyone that gets paid making sure that
4837s you know your teammates aren't uh in
4839s situations where they're uh they eat too
4843s much damage from either the enemy Irish
4844s on or from the the other team
4848s perfect well we've actually got the uh
4850s Rama Yang spawning up in the next few
4851s seconds it's uh Ben's press down by
4853s bowder means that they will have control
4855s of the gate when it opens because nobody
4857s was able to contest that looks like it's
4859s not going to really happen either way
4860s though Asia romigang spawns up falder
4863s gonna jump straight into that one oh
4866s they know they don't get in in time so
4867s it's gonna be Alliance versus GD and JL
4870s versus xcg inside their Remy gang powder
4873s probably a little bit heartbroken about
4875s that they committed a lot to try and get
4876s in that and they're unable to do so now
4878s both the monks here are gonna instantly
4879s transformate transform Kakashi and Lin
4882s gonna be looking for each other just
4883s gonna be like you're saying trying to
4885s keep each other busy so their teammates
4886s don't get grabbed because you're not
4887s doing a great job of that because Kay's
4889s being grabbed not gonna let him go for
4891s the slam though just gonna knock him
4892s back as Lynn actually loses a lot of HP
4894s there so gdlers are getting Advantage
4896s once again Lynn gets another grab off
4898s there is even gonna get the follower
4900s slime onto Don Ching he just jumped
4902s straight into that roomy up for a bit of
4903s HP it's gonna be a grab coming in from
4905s kakaishi a re-grab as well on to Lucky
4907s it's lucky starting to lose a little bit
4909s of HP here is able to hold for just a
4911s little bit longer the Transformations do
4912s timeout unlucky does finally go down as
4915s kikaishi there's a whole bunch of hp's
4917s John keeping the damage up on Casey for
4919s the moment he's trying to catch him
4920s without apricot unable to really connect
4922s anything is Lynn pops the belt blocking
4924s out that damage
4925s in comes the slam from Eliza Jean Lin
4928s goes down and GD still got the man
4930s Advantage here I was gonna be able to
4932s take this fight nice and simple as they
4934s get that realm of Yang and these Roma
4936s Yanks are gonna be so vital so important
4938s for all of these monks teams because
4940s they are such item dependent comps they
4943s want the golden weapon to the extra
4944s damage they want as good at Armor for as
4946s much health on their mouths as possible
4947s and kakaishi golden nunchucks already
4949s purple armor he's gonna be able to do a
4952s lot of work for this month oh if he gets
4954s dragon's Rush he is going to have such
4956s good final Zone control but he's just
4958s gonna be able to run around very similar
4960s to how we see cicadas run around full
4961s sword when we have zone six collapsing
4963s into zone seven and no one's going to be
4965s able to get close to him this is really
4968s precarious positions but the team's
4970s around him and it's not just about the
4972s weapon scaling either it's also the
4974s safety cushion remember first song just
4976s collapsed so we've lost rebirth charms
4978s for all of these different teams if you
4980s have the million Birds might you have
4982s that Lifeline even if you lose a fight
4984s even if you go down you're still going
4986s to be able to survive and even
4989s reposition while keeping all of your
4990s loot as opposed to being knocked out of
4993s this tournament or well this map
4995s entirely so it means that some of these
4997s teams who are lagging a little bit
4998s behind in the leaderboard in terms of
4999s the kills that they've been able to pick
5001s up they get to go aggressively as they
5002s want or maybe they're going to be JL and
5004s they're gonna
5006s so much of a million Birds might just
5008s just shopping I mean I get it solo
5010s Jade's very very pretty a lot of these
5013s weapons incredibly dependent as well on
5015s those extra skills that a soul Jade can
5017s provide things like Phantoms that being
5019s absolutely invaluable to being able to
5022s just allow you so much more control of
5024s your movement and those windows for that
5026s portal to play so much more aggressively
5027s than some people are perhaps
5029s anticipating as Alliance and J team are
5032s going to be getting aggressive at the
5033s moment Lynn going to need to use this
5035s monk transformation pretty soon they
5037s have lost that gate of Yang so they are
5039s on the clock at the moment and there it
5042s is taking the fight down so that Lin's
5044s going to be able to have a lot more room
5045s to be able to maneuver around but J team
5047s also has that ultimate up and he's going
5049s to be looking for grabs too Lynn already
5051s below 50 Health as well gets kicked by
5055s eagle this is really rough
5057s down
5061s with the long sword finishes the long
5064s cup and this is looking curtains for
5066s Reliant without a lungs they just don't
5068s have the means of zoning Jake in the way
5070s the Eurasian ultimate comes on perfumes
5072s one to try to damage control these
5075s members of Jay team so they don't pick
5076s up a third but it's going to be so tough
5080s as J team have been isolated Eagle away
5082s from the pack at the moment but he's
5084s able to Grapple over the top of the
5085s Eurasian and so I'm already using those
5088s jump cooldowns has no choice but to just
5090s waddle after the members of J team on
5093s the ground he's gonna be dropping out of
5095s the ultimate anytime soon but this fight
5097s is as good as J teams they just need to
5099s clean up and that's going to be Alliance
5102s knocked out of the lobby early
5105s I thought it's just a world Champs being
5107s back absolutely brutal we are seeing JL
5111s also just deal with jjh here cicada
5113s ultimate coming out they're two using
5115s that power as much as possible to keep
5118s them pinned down one thing getting
5119s caught and jjh are gonna get taken out
5122s of the game by a uh by as and the rest
5124s of JL but going back to that uh that J
5127s team fight what the hell went wrong they
5129s got the jump on J team we are going to
5132s see a replay of uh JL inside there
5134s around the Yang uh this is their one
5136s versus xcg there's a JL
5139s hey honestly let's just be getting a
5141s little bit slammed around here by xcg I
5144s don't actually know who won this I'm not
5145s gonna lie I totally missed who won this
5147s one it has to be CL right they didn't
5149s have young depletion and they were also
5151s rocking uh oh Draco storms yes you might
5154s be right then
5155s Draco store
5158s I'm not sure I mean if you want to play
5160s aggressive yeah yeah
5162s they had both focused on and the million
5165s for it tonight
5166s the million Birds might from the Box in
5170s uh in Gate of Yang and then they
5171s probably went to a Morris lesson I did
5173s not know you could have two I've never
5174s seen another round with two mouths
5176s that's crazy that's absolutely crazy
5178s well we're into shopping time as a
5180s honestly I expected this Lobby to move
5182s way slower than it has I thought with a
5184s lot of months people were going to be
5185s playing for late game but like everybody
5187s wants to get as many kills as possible
5189s as quick as possible and keep their
5191s hopes alive in this uh in this in this
5195s tournament I mean there's there's six
5197s games left of the whole tournament this
5199s is really the Dual diamond for some of
5201s these teams who are
5203s in a position where they are not happy
5205s with their standing right now your wbgs
5207s who are very low in the standing right
5209s now actually are very close proximity to
5212s j-team so they may actually look to try
5214s and fit on them cfj team actually do
5216s give themselves away or are just gonna
5218s stay in those buildings oh people are
5220s actually challenging so I can get off
5222s yank oh my goodness free teams
5227s off camera xcg unfortunately going to be
5229s losing that HQ to that Yang depletion
5232s timing on Ida so here it is this is the
5234s Gate of Yang that is apparently the Talk
5236s of the Town at the moment as absolutely
5238s everybody wants control of their space
5241s maybe not to go through the portal but
5243s to just prevent players from going
5244s through us all Kakashi it's caught in
5247s the Wisp but is able to make it through
5249s JL going to actually be going into a
5253s gate of Yang despite running a temi
5255s focused composition so they're going to
5257s have to lock down these members of jail
5259s and hope that the kurumi isn't going to
5261s be able to teleport right past as goes
5264s Ariel going for that can and just
5265s putting a little bit more pressure onto
5267s these members of GD below him not
5269s wanting to touch the ground as there's
5271s the Decatur ultimate coming on through
5272s the full sword it's time my Genies don't
5275s cling the Eurasian ultimate now coming
5278s through to make sure that JL are not
5279s able to group up and fully put this
5281s Decatur crowd control into motion his as
5284s with that long so it just provides a
5285s little bit more damage from afford
5286s there's the monk ultimate now coming out
5288s from kikaishi doesn't have to worry
5290s about waiting for another Monk he's
5292s going to be able to use that ultimate
5294s whenever he wants as trying to get
5296s behind the pillar to line inside the
5297s grab it isn't able to get entire
5305s separating kakaichi from his team But
5308s the Groom ultimate is still going off
5310s inside it and kikaishi is getting so
5312s much healing at the moment as the US
5314s forced to go behind the pillar and look
5315s for that reset going to be able to heal
5317s up to full kikaiti dropping out of that
5319s monk ultimate steals the kurumi Teva so
5321s it can go aggressively as he wants is
5322s going to be targeting as but he gets
5325s counted the Bell coming through so jail
5327s I'm actually able to punish that as
5329s kakaishi now coming in with that dagger
5331s trying to take advantage of how fast
5332s that weapon can be Tammy F coming out so
5335s that you can get a little bit further
5336s away from the fight he's going
5337s incredibly low and he just gets
5340s absolutely chipped down Jill's one thing
5342s with the katana this is the hepta coming
5344s out allowing them to finally be able to
5347s lock the members of GED down and despite
5350s coming into the composition that we
5352s often talk about being just not equipped
5354s for a kid of young Fighters especially
5355s against the kurumi who can just tether
5357s and teleport away from that tell me
5359s ultimate lockdown they come out on top
5362s that might have been the most hyped monk
5364s versus another team in a Roma young I've
5367s ever seen that was so clutch honestly
5371s played super super well there by JL and
5373s this is why I put them as my Dark Horse
5375s for today I think these guys have shown
5377s some serious promise in day number one
5379s and they are just stepping up it's crazy
5381s though because we think uh still a bunch
5383s of teams you know opt away from actually
5385s going for Roma Yang uh poopy why do you
5388s feel that like teams sometimes just
5390s decide the Rama Yang is not worth it and
5392s you know what what do you think the
5393s decision making is in going into those
5395s Runway hands or not going for them
5398s um I think it's mainly uh it's going to
5401s be the risk of risk of a reward uh if
5405s you win the Yang versus if you get into
5407s the English as a team that's far more
5409s outscaled the chances of you winning are
5411s a lot less
5413s um so like it's just depending on how
5416s how what how much you're willing to risk
5419s you know so I think that's a big factor
5421s into but talking of risk if you're a
5425s team that loses that second gear of Yang
5427s obviously there's less Ruby of charms
5428s and the area of the map is a lot smaller
5430s one so you're potentially going to be
5432s running into third parties a lot more
5433s often how would you play at such a
5435s disadvantage would you just throw in all
5437s of your ultimates and hope that you're
5438s able to find a kill before the third
5440s party comes through or do you want to
5441s just start off using one and drip feed
5443s them in in case that third party does
5445s hit and you need resources to survive
5448s not just the fight that you're in but
5449s the fight afterwards
5451s ideally you're going to want to go with
5452s the second option but you know a lot of
5454s teams you see when they when they have
5456s that the engine depletion they're going
5457s to just you know dive on my team triple
5460s bump them and then if they if they make
5462s it out they make it out
5465s yeah because GD are in that position
5467s right they lost that gate of Yang fight
5469s against JL so now they are going to have
5473s less than three minutes to be able to
5475s find those Soul blooms and pick up those
5477s players as Kakashi with those legendary
5480s nunchucks they'd won the first gate of
5481s Yang fight that they took purple armor
5483s for the monk as well so at least he has
5485s a little bit of loot scaling in case
5488s they run into another team that have
5490s been able to win one of those gate of
5491s gang fights and are better equipped as
5494s well the problem like you said is that
5497s because so much time is passing for GD
5500s just trying to hunt any team down no
5503s care about being spotted they need to be
5505s spotted at the moment going incredibly
5507s aerial Kakashi just trying to look for
5509s any sign of movement any player around
5511s them but by the time that they actually
5513s find a team they're just gonna have to
5516s throw all of their alternates in and
5518s hope that they're able to pick up a slow
5519s bloom in time
5521s yeah absolutely uh well we've got 10
5524s minutes left now until the game does
5525s come to an end still got 33 players so
5527s actually all of the action we've had
5529s more people left in the lobby than I
5531s expected we normally look at about seven
5532s minutes are you heading into that 20
5535s kind of five to Twenty Eight Mark
5537s normally around that point in a regular
5540s paced game so still got a bit of time to
5543s go until then but it has been a way
5546s faster Pace game than I expected as uh
5548s finally for the side of GD they do find
5550s a whole bunch of teams and this could
5551s get Harry for them quickly they've got a
5553s minute left until they just go down to
5556s that depletion so they're just looking
5557s to open up onto battle as quick as
5559s possible kikaishi gonna commit the
5560s ultimate immediately Mountain will
5561s answer in kind but these comps already
5564s quite moving quite slow they need to
5566s find one of those so uh Soul balloons as
5568s quick as possible because actually
5569s trying to find that slam on the line is
5571s gonna be able to get it the repeating
5572s crossbow is coming in Melbourne's
5573s actually going very very low here
5575s healing is going to do some good for him
5577s but not a massive amount he does go down
5579s oug are the ones to play that kill but
5581s honestly the GD all they wanted the soul
5583s blooms as long as they get that they're
5584s gonna be okay they're able to cleanse
5586s kikaishi he's going to try and heal
5588s himself back up powder lion the only one
5591s left standing and he is now just gonna
5594s be easy peeking to the rest of the lobby
5595s so he's just gonna use that Mobility you
5597s get to the uh transformed get away if
5600s you have a team's fight the problem is
5602s however that GD are able to cleanse
5604s Kakashi but it's actually at the cost of
5606s their kurumi and even if they had lost
5609s one like if they still have the Karimi
5611s you can tether at least from afar and
5613s still get that revive off as long as
5615s you're not pressured but they're also
5617s going to lose gd's Cape alongside it so
5620s now it is going to be down to just
5621s kakaiki to play for survivability and
5624s unlike on the zone I'm sure probably you
5626s can attest to this a monk without
5627s support especially when there are so
5629s many players so close around you is not
5631s going to last long at all that is unless
5634s your voice easy of course but yeah
5639s oh that fight was gorgeous
5642s I mean what do you look to do now what
5644s is what is the game plan for the teams
5645s as we move into this final Circle
5647s YouTube
5648s yeah let's say you're in this game baby
5650s what what is your what is your game plan
5652s what are the calls that you're making uh
5654s we're gonna look at how many kills we
5656s have at the moment if we're you know
5658s most of the kills around this stage are
5660s going to come you know to through to
5661s your end game if we're sitting on like
5663s six kills five kills we're definitely
5665s not fighting so I'm just gonna throw my
5667s team we're ranging if the team jumps us
5669s we full disengage uh
5671s um but otherwise you know just wait
5673s until the end zone you know rotating see
5675s any any big fights going on we're going
5677s to range pressure try to get ourselves a
5679s good position as we lead ourselves into
5680s the end game and just wait for the kills
5682s to come that's everyone I never really
5684s run my head around is
5687s terrain and verticality and kind of
5689s where their position is in that final
5690s Circle obviously every game is random so
5693s you don't really have the ability to
5694s prep that so how do you prepare and kind
5697s of make those in the game calls of like
5699s Where Are You Gonna Stand where are you
5700s gonna set up as a comfortable sport
5702s honestly sometimes it's an ego check uh
5704s there's a team in a nice spot we want
5706s that spot so we eat on that team you're
5708s giving us those spot or we're going down
5710s together you know sometimes that just
5712s has to be how it goes and you see that
5714s actually internally it's like this team
5715s just pushed this other team off the you
5717s know they're good spot or sometimes you
5719s know we get lucky we're able to hold our
5721s ground at a nice spot you know just I
5723s guess it's a VR you know at the end of
5724s the day it's those types of factors are
5726s are pretty as you said like random so
5729s you just weaken what we can
5732s so a bit of luck and a bit of ego that's
5734s what yeah we've seen the ego
5743s where they'll really nicely hold up on a
5745s rooftop opposite another team both of
5748s them flying for High Ground Control and
5749s wbg got egoed out of that spot and uh
5751s actually get stuck inside the building
5753s and stuck between the zone and all of
5755s the other players in the area
5758s um
5762s your story comes true in the team that
5765s you favor but WBT have not been having
5767s the greatest season and unfortunately
5769s for that not having really had the
5771s greatest impact in this game so far but
5773s the monk composition does come true in
5776s full when we hit zone six collapsing
5778s into zone seven and that is when
5780s Sleepwalker has proven to be one of the
5782s best monks in the world but talking
5784s about best in the world J team currently
5786s sitting played alongside GD with 10
5788s kills JL however your dark Wall Street
5791s sitting on 13 and eclipsing that as oug
5795s are going to knock out gd's Kakashi's
5798s last remaining member so no
5801s survivability points normal kill
5803s multiplier coming through for GED as Jay
5805s team's eagle gets caught out in the open
5808s having to heal through all of these
5810s Cannon poke shots and as a result oh
5813s that is not good for Jay team they have
5815s to burn the kurumi ultimate early so
5817s they're not going to be able to have it
5819s to sit with when Eagle Falls below 50
5822s the tether as well so J team feels safe
5824s enough to be able to reposition out from
5826s that middle spot where they're going to
5828s come under the focus as we know where
5829s the next zone is going to be collapsing
5831s and J team decided they want to make
5832s that aggressive rotation forward to be
5834s able to play for a better position when
5836s everyone is eventually forced to move
5838s that was the most Jay team thing I've
5840s ever seen they literally they're so
5843s criminal of finding like of fighting
5845s himself in a bad spot in the final
5847s circles and then just getting blasted
5849s out the lobby they are I'm happy for
5851s them but they were this time didn't get
5852s taken out but I could I could run a
5855s highlight reel or J team standing in a
5857s bad position and just the whole team
5859s canning them down
5860s would you say that this is going to stop
5863s them from just using Eagle's ultimate
5865s until that kurumi comes back into hose
5867s or do you actually use the monk ultimate
5869s knowing that you're going to be such a
5870s Target
5872s um I don't know if you're noticing but
5873s if you check the teams usually the one
5875s gets the strongest armor right and as
5877s the we're going into End Zone you can
5879s see teams with the kurumias the
5881s strongest armor uh there's you know that
5883s could play into the reason why we you
5885s know you kind of let the kurumi uh you
5888s know use her ultimate possibly instead
5889s of forcing them Uncle because typically
5891s when one monk holds every month old
5893s because you want that pillar to stand
5895s behind you don't want to not be that
5897s team with uh you know just a crew me oh
5899s to stand underneath
5900s because that's not going to do anything
5902s versus what we're actually about to see
5904s happen right now
5905s Eagles actually find that transformation
5907s out already he's gonna be looking for
5909s the grabs txj got himself on top of that
5911s building looking to find somebody has
5913s actually picked up Iran who is now being
5915s toasted by txj and down they go lovely
5919s little picked up there vvv actually gets
5921s the kills the door as Eagle without a
5922s kurumi ultimate very exposed very weak
5925s they are going to do their best to try
5926s and keep them healed up and Alive tev
5928s has gone on to Eagles he's just trying
5930s to hold this ground right now he's gonna
5931s use that transformation unfortunately
5933s for him as Miss Kia now in the mech it's
5935s gonna be raining fire down onto Eagle
5937s they are losing a fair amount of HP it
5939s is getting pretty chaotic here in this
5941s final Circle still 24 players looking to
5943s fight it out it's JT trying to contest
5945s is the cannon fly coming in from Miss
5947s Kia onto them is coming down this free
5949s for yo going very low on HP 101 TN gonna
5951s force them away for the moment the
5953s mech's gone they're losing all of their
5955s Transformations and one-on-one TNS just
5957s keeping the damage on the lxm getting
5959s himself bought back to walk the Zone
5960s juggled in Miss keirs thrown into the
5962s Zone 3-3-0 desperately trying to get
5964s away as there goes down e Eagle secures
5966s the kill KTM with the kurumi ultimate
5969s are going to keep themselves healed up
5970s but once again is going to lose his
5971s transformation that's all of the
5972s ultimates down on the side of Jay team
5974s they have got some of those salt there
5976s from those kills and that cannon fire
5978s should build that rage up fairly quickly
5979s so Eagle we'll be looking for a
5981s transformation relatively soon cutting
5983s over the JL though right now currently
5986s the kill leaders in the lobby with 15
5988s kills absolutely monstrous performance
5991s with these guys but Jay team they're
5992s looking to do their best to try and pick
5994s up as many kills as possible themselves
5996s taking out 3-3-0 putting themselves up
5998s to 12 kills only three behind the kill
6000s leaders in JL slam comes down they're
6004s closing the Gap they've got themselves
6005s up to 13 kills off the back of that one
6007s as Smith Kia tries to desperately Dodge
6009s away as Eagle looking for these grabs
6011s it's getting harder and harder with the
6013s Miss than the the kind of fog of War
6015s almost or Eagle to find them they are
6018s looking to go for it does look like but
6020s now te do still hold a pretty
6022s comfortable High Ground for the moment
6024s two tick cutting over to him looking for
6026s the grabs Jing's gonna transform so he's
6028s not gonna get himself course out for the
6029s moment two minutes left on this game and
6031s it's still anybody's he just took down
6033s two players Offspring from jail side
6037s and that is going to be really tough for
6039s them fortunately for this team they are
6041s still going to have that Decatur and
6042s this is where the Decatur comes fully
6044s into play being able to use that
6045s ultimate and push those players outside
6047s of that zone into the tick damages tu's
6049s lyd displaying Sentinel at the moment so
6052s they can find a revived WG Sleepwalker
6054s playing for her alive as long as you
6056s possibly can ewtc's euron is going to be
6058s taken down by jlcu however as we're
6061s gonna see Gigi's misket absolutely
6063s barrage on juventus's wx980 it's just
6066s taking so much damage J team's Eagles
6069s sitting isolated away from his team in
6071s that Tammy ultimate is looking to try
6073s and find the grabs as he was able to tap
6074s judge around one of them Eagles got one
6076s in hands miskier gets slammed into the
6078s ground but no kill comes through because
6080s teams txa has also gone for the monk
6082s ultimate alongside wbg Sleepwalker who's
6084s not out of the building into the open te
6086s loses lyd Eagles finally able to find
6088s that pick onto miskia the Sleepwalker
6091s finds another
6102s is going for the feet taking him down
6104s with the long sword as the king having
6106s to play that aggressive being grabbed
6108s out is that having to play off of the
6110s back that swaps onto the camera to try
6111s and build all to that as quickly as
6112s possible but not in time to stop a grab
6114s from coming through to go through the
6117s transformation but against Council the
6118s Iron by two and sick who's now looking
6120s to complete another double grab as the
6122s flamer from on high te toasting all of
6126s the players below them creating Smalls
6128s out of this lobby at the moment as we're
6130s still waiting to see JL make that move
6132s with Mr Takeda oh you just as this
6134s building incredibly low has tattered
6136s into the zone to get away from the
6138s Monograms as it's gonna be JT's Eagle
6140s picking up another kill t with three
6142s players still alive txa finding a scoop
6144s and grab as a result we'll slam down
6147s ewts out Louis outside of the Zone into
6149s that tick damage as we're now going to
6151s see gd's eagle holding onto the ultimate
6153s for the refresh onto herself the only
6155s player in his team left standing the
6158s late transformation but there's t e that
6160s work out the last team standing will
6163s they able to pick up enough kills or
6165s have Jane team being able to pick up an
6167s MVP right beneath their biggest rival's
6169s nose I'm gonna have to guess what I
6171s think Jay team did win that we even had
6173s the percentage ring showing us the
6175s percentage chance
6176s win that and they do take game at number
6178s one they ended yes uh Friday with a win
6182s and they are gonna open today on a win
6184s as well a very very confident start from
6186s Jay team looking really really
6188s comfortable in their element and
6189s honestly their team we've seen to excel
6192s when these Monster Cops are the game
6194s plan and absolutely brilliant
6196s performance from them big big opener on
6199s the world champions who remember have
6201s never domestically won a title they've
6203s only ever won the World Championship so
6205s their artists are set on their first
6207s mbpl
6209s win and honestly set up for Success
6212s absolutely brilliant start but let's be
6215s real the guys on the screen right now JL
6217s had a really phenomenal performance
6219s themselves there a lot of kills a lot of
6221s action coming in and honestly jail
6224s that dark horse is making a run
6227s I just I wonder how that last song would
6231s have looked if te Offspring hadn't been
6234s able to find those kills onto jail I
6236s think a lot of it as well was was down
6238s to Jail's positioning as a Decatur you
6240s always want to be able to just keep
6242s yourself safe inside of building playing
6245s with things like the ultimate Brighton
6246s as well as just something like the drill
6248s blades and Cavalry Bloom which we've
6249s seen such a prominent rise into meta or
6252s just controlling those buildings making
6254s sure that you have a safe Avenue to be
6256s able to hold yourself alive as long as
6258s possible and then you come in as that
6261s zone collapses out outside of that
6263s building into the open pushing all of
6265s those players and Zoning them away from
6268s your team but also into that zone tick
6270s and that was something that te did an
6271s incredibly good job of right do you have
6274s the prime position even choosing to take
6276s a little bit of the Zone tick damage
6278s they can hold themselves on The High
6279s Ground and just pressure all of the
6281s players below them with that flame of
6283s forcing the monks into altering early to
6285s be able to replenish their health so
6287s that txj is the last Monk standing
6289s there's only Eagle who has his ultimate
6291s but no team left to support him and te
6293s almost make a play from MVP because of
6296s her
6297s anything you want to add about that
6298s final Circle about that game there pooby
6300s kind of joining us for our first game
6301s but your initial thoughts
6305s um so I think that yep the J team they
6309s played that and so they played the
6311s entire game exceptionally and at the end
6312s zone they definitely played it extremely
6315s well and as I said like once once the
6318s monk once one month olds the rest monks
6320s are going to hold and it's just that
6321s Tempo the alt rotation you know you want
6323s to keep you want to make sure that as
6325s one all comes down you have another old
6327s ready you know you definitely want to
6328s dodge all the monk grabs across the map
6330s and I think uh they team just they
6333s showed why probably the best
6335s yeah I mean they did they did show us a
6337s really good game there but we are good
6339s moving with the horror off for game
6340s number two we talked about it all season
6342s you know by now but holler off the first
6344s two games are back to back so they have
6346s very little time they're gonna cool off
6347s and get going number likes to J team
6349s this is probably great for them they
6350s just had a good game that momentum
6352s they're probably feeling comfortable
6353s they're gonna carry that forward but it
6354s is likely a very different game because
6357s we're actually having starry night
6358s holler off which is something we haven't
6359s seen all season it's our first time
6361s actually on uh on it for the final week
6364s we did get starry night I'm very happy
6366s with that one Moxie is as well uh does
6368s mean there's going to be a lot of
6369s fireflies on the map as well so expect
6370s here like the Decay to come since these
6373s Yoto comps coming out the question for
6375s me is you know how easy is it gonna be
6377s for these teams to you know look good on
6380s the monk cons who've played well on the
6381s monkey so then basically entirely switch
6383s gears and playing a very very different
6386s game I mean J team to be to give it to
6388s them they played that game like they
6391s were playing with an acos or a cicada
6392s they were pretty aggressive early they
6394s didn't play for late game they played
6395s for Mid and early and then late game
6397s just went well as well
6399s um I guess how easy is it is it to
6401s switch comps on a fly you know you're
6403s playing the monk or then you're playing
6405s a vastly different cop going into game
6406s two with a very different style how easy
6408s is it to make that switch well it's not
6411s really all that easy one is more
6413s execution based versus you know um
6415s sustain you know the traditional comp is
6418s usually you know it's all about
6419s survivability while you know being able
6421s to pick up those kills
6423s um and then the you know Viper which
6424s hand comps those execution-based comps
6426s you know you want to make sure that
6428s everything goes right and if it doesn't
6430s have you know the Witch and port or the
6432s safety net or whoever uh your whichever
6435s comp you're playing you're about safety
6436s net to be able to kind of yeah
6439s improvise whoa there you go uh you can't
6442s see the scoreboard on your screen right
6443s now J team 28 points I'll back that one
6446s JL was 16 kills as well come out in
6448s third 21.8 CE mostly because they got a
6452s great placement at the end there plus
6453s those 11 kills do come out second 22.2
6456s points that's six points sorry uh OG
6458s with nine points they uh the former Dark
6460s Horses uh still having a pretty good
6462s game to be honest sometimes game's not
6464s bad uh unfortunately the umox Juventus
6467s didn't have quite as great a performance
6469s today in this first game but there are
6470s still five games left to go uh GG a
6474s little bit upsetting Alliance powder
6476s honestly not surprised to see them at
6478s the bottom of the table these guys
6480s they've been our last place teams from
6482s pretty much the entire the entire run of
6484s it I mean there was a glimmer of hope
6486s from Battle at one point but
6488s I've not got my hopes up for them if I'm
6490s gonna be completely honest with you if
6491s I'm gonna be uh a little bit a little
6493s bit brutal I think you know the
6494s attention is towards the likes of Euro
6497s ugs your J teams your ggs you know are
6499s these guys gonna be able to make a a
6500s kind of Miracle run back at the end of
6502s the day we can't see the overall scores
6504s of uh the players where they were
6506s individually I think Auto One TN
6509s you might have MVP maybe it's gonna be
6511s eagle with those seven kills well that's
6513s if the kills versus the damage is gonna
6515s be the Difference Maker
6518s but it is the top one right because
6520s everyone on dating did except me well
6522s but I mean we had some really good plays
6525s jdh's water had such a good opening
6528s fight here just being able to come in
6529s with back-to-back Dragon Slayers into
6531s nezas they're just doing a very good job
6533s of creating that distraction Focus so
6535s that water is able to successfully pull
6537s those off as we've talked about it in
6538s life this is my one of the hardest to be
6541s able to actually pull off without being
6542s counted as Jay team's Eagle there's a
6544s double gram coming through from him just
6546s making it look so easy as a some of
6550s these Vlog players make the era look
6552s incredibly easy it is not especially an
6555s mbpl where everyone is incredibly versed
6557s in just the tempo of being able to dodge
6558s out of those grounds get close enough to
6560s the Monk's feet so that they were able
6562s to fall into the rhythm of tap dodgy the
6564s grabs and continually to pressure these
6566s monks down which is why that final zone
6568s is so important for these one
6569s compositions because of how many monks
6572s there are in the area no one really
6574s actually gets to use that strategy to
6575s deal with among the way we see it in the
6577s full free versus free they get a lot
6579s more time and just a luxury to be able
6582s to actually set up those grams as
6583s opposed to having to use the majority of
6585s their ultimate to play hopscotch to make
6587s sure they don't go down early I'm a
6589s little Savage in the replay we didn't
6590s get to see that uh the Decatur versus uh
6593s monkey oh in the gate of Young Forever
6595s Young oh my word that was so good that
6597s was such a good fight uh a bit of a
6600s tragedy going on that one but it was
6601s honestly that might have been the most
6603s exciting monk Rama Yang I've ever seen i
6605s i find I mean we all know I don't like
6607s the mount comps I find them boring as
6609s hell uh honestly normally in a rama
6612s Young when there's a monk they're just
6613s out sustained versus whatever other team
6615s they're playing or they find that lucky
6616s grab or lucky double grab which
6618s typically wins you the Roma young at
6620s that point but it was just so well
6622s played by uh it was JL who running it
6625s yeah it was JL who running it they just
6627s played that fight so well they
6628s positioned so perfectly and it just it's
6630s absolutely phenomenal game coming out
6631s from them and able to pull themselves
6633s into third off the back of a really good
6635s game but here's a eagle he gets MVP for
6638s game number one 25k damage seven kills
6641s coming in from this guy absolutely
6642s monster performance on the monk uh a lot
6645s of damage coming out from that skill in
6646s the ultimate I mean all of that's the
6648s ultimate let's be real and the rest of
6649s that damage really coming out from the
6650s cannon pretty much what you expect from
6652s a monk they do so much with that Cannon
6654s and interestingly it wasn't really
6656s running uh the the main kind of uh Canon
6660s uh soldier's in the rupture orb and uh
6666s yeah he does a Flames breath so yes his
6669s friends like a pretty nasty combo that's
6671s the one yeah
6673s like butter can be pretty mean but a lot
6676s of the time plays seem to forego it twin
6678s shot is this the one that you really
6680s want if you're a monkey's double the
6683s cannon shots means double the ultimate
6684s charge but baby in terms of like
6685s soldiers a lot of the time we actually
6687s see teams as going straight to the shop
6689s as quickly as possible and rolling for
6691s certain soldiers is there like one
6693s specific stack of soldiers as a monk
6695s that you're looking uh to be able to to
6697s pick up and roll continuously until you
6699s get it
6700s not not necessarily I think every team
6703s as you said they want the range Soul
6704s Jades the the really good ones you know
6706s the armor piercer the the uh the flame
6710s flame breath the fire breath you know
6713s they want the really good Cannon still
6714s Jays they want the really good musket
6715s Soldiers the bow Soul Jades so that's
6717s kind of what you're really rolling for
6718s also the the wind Soldier it's the uh
6721s the dragon roar the uh yeah let's Havoc
6725s you know those types of Jades they
6726s really want uh and that's pretty much
6728s what you're rolling for you definitely
6729s want to prioritize health and range
6731s resist you know as a monk you're taking
6732s a lot of range resist and eating a lot
6734s of pits so pretty much what we're
6736s looking for
6737s you do see obviously the repair roll as
6739s well which is the big one that just
6740s keeps the cannon up time it's it's it's
6742s it's brutal I mean the the very changes
6745s over over the seasons is that like the
6748s air face is truly back because
6750s we used to have a lot of people at the
6751s beginning of the Season running out
6753s where it was all about the Cannons and
6754s the muskets muskets maybe not so much
6755s anymore but it's all those cannons
6757s repeating crossbows has been something
6759s that kind of showed up a lot of Worlds
6761s and it's carried over as well and partly
6764s it's because if the monk finds a grab
6765s you just can repeating crossbow in and
6767s take them out you don't have to be in
6769s closer range like we see a lot of people
6770s with that flamer uh but what we do see
6772s is the review crossbow also is very good
6774s into monks you're playing against as
6776s well because you just it's such an easy
6777s target to line those shots up onto that
6779s you can strip that hell far away
6781s especially if you've got the is it I
6783s come with the Venom one's called Venom
6785s tip that's the one thank you yeah when
6786s you've got the Venom tip as well because
6787s you're just gonna start to drain Health
6789s uh for you guys at home though make sure
6791s you can uh get yourself some limited
6794s Treasures uh which game which game which
6797s team one game number seven was the age
6799s 18 b o u g c g g or D Alliance make sure
6803s you uh put that in the twitch chat and
6804s check your whisper boxes and you'll be
6807s in with a chance to grab a great
6809s treasure if you don't know the answer to
6811s this question you've ever just joined us
6813s or you've fallen asleep or you have the
6815s memory of a goldfish they're the only
6816s three outcomes
6818s I mean could anyone have slept through
6821s that final Zone at one point there were
6822s like seven months all alting at the
6825s exact same time literally one goes and
6828s then everyone goes it's exactly like
6830s poopy says and it just becomes absolute
6832s chaos where you're scrambling to make
6834s sure that you don't get grabbed out
6835s because even if you survive the initial
6837s grab it becomes so much easier to be
6839s able to just be caught again after that
6841s slam comes through these monk players
6843s have gotten so good at timing the Reverb
6846s grab and just dribbling players like
6849s they are basketballs it's ridiculous
6851s absolutely uh well we got a quick moment
6854s before we get into game number two so
6856s let's uh let's take away from the racket
6857s for a second I just want to talk to
6859s poopy poopy I didn't know where your
6861s name came from where's where's poopy
6863s from uh it's it was the name given to me
6867s by uh like really long long time friend
6870s I we had these like Minecraft Mondays in
6873s the computer lab and I needed a name one
6875s day I remind my friend of like a teddy
6878s bear with pooh bear so I just came up
6881s with Rubio that's gotta Hudson that's a
6884s wholesome one that is normally they're
6885s quite boring I'm not gonna lie
6887s just random name generator or I just
6890s came up with it it was it was my
6893s nickname that's a wholesome one that's a
6894s wholesome like that
6896s I don't know where to go with this now
6897s Moxie I can't literally come from Jake
6903s it is boring it's genuinely a boring one
6906s it was I I used to play a lot together
6909s with my friends
6911s um and when I first got my Xbox Live I
6914s was quickly trying to make it make an
6916s account so I could just pay my friends
6917s as quick as possible I would have had a
6919s really bad edgy name but I was just
6921s skipping steps I'm very much the guy
6923s that doesn't read the terms of service
6924s I'm the guy that just like I will sign
6926s my soul away I will not read what I'm
6929s doing and I just skipping set and then
6931s suddenly I got given hip rain is my name
6932s uh I hated it I really hated hip brain
6935s as a name uh so all my friends whatever
6937s I used to get down and gets War would
6939s all scream hit for a no uh and it kind
6941s of just a meme that started between my
6943s friend group and it kind of just carried
6944s on so when we moved into other games I
6946s just carried the name over because I was
6948s like screw it now stuck with me I didn't
6950s know it was gonna be my job I'm not
6952s gonna lie I didn't know if it's gonna be
6953s a name I was actually gonna be known for
6955s it I'm completely honest with you I'm
6958s kind of okay with it now but like
6959s initially when it was like what's your
6961s class today was like oh God it's hip
6963s rage oh no okay whatever you do don't
6967s read your spam email folder like I have
6970s a feeling that you will respond to
6971s everything with all of your details
6973s absolutely don't do that I mean I just
6975s thought that the name was a take on your
6977s age and that you know you'd be crying so
6979s much Reigns of tears from the fact that
6981s your hips were creaking but bro I was
6983s like 16 when I made it I might not be 16
6985s anymore but like come on this thing has
6987s lasted me a long time but yes no I mean
6989s it's it's my uh on Twitter you know when
6992s everyone changes their name for
6993s Halloween mine's hip pain
7000s like the really depressing thing though
7002s is that whip would like not actually
7004s that far apart in terms of age
7032s [Music]
7040s do have a Deck of Aces because they seem
7043s to be able to beat out the king here but
7045s yeah
7046s we need we just need to be over there
7047s honestly we're watching if you guys are
7049s watching the stream before we went live
7051s there was a games with um with Pros
7055s um the GPS player who I'm pretty sorry I
7057s can't remember her name uh and I can't
7059s remember which one of our hosts was
7060s playing as well but we had everyone down
7063s there they're giving goodies away I just
7064s I just want to be there I'm just going
7066s to turn it with like a big coat bag and
7067s just grab a bunch of goodies when we go
7069s down next hopefully we get invited over
7071s at some point maybe that's why we don't
7073s get invited over they know we're just
7074s gonna Rob them we'll just grab all of
7075s their stuff it's like hotel rooms wait
7077s if it's not meals and just grab it and
7079s go
7080s we're taking players in our bags on the
7082s way out I mean I tell you what I would I
7085s would 100 try it try my hand at that MVP
7088s trophy it's a pole saw that's
7091s awesome I was seeing it on stage and I
7092s was like that is a chunk that is a chunk
7096s of scenery and I don't think I would be
7098s able to lift it but damn if I could what
7101s a profile picture that would mean I
7103s don't think you're gonna get a pole
7105s sword through uh through airport
7106s security I'm not gonna lie they're
7109s pretty they're pretty tight on that
7110s stuff yeah I I have a feeling you're
7112s right I I don't know I feel like if we
7114s were over there that we could like we
7116s could maybe do some Recreations of a
7117s final zones you know like I feel like
7118s you could lift up and uh you could you
7120s could be like I have blistering Edge wow
7123s you uh you you have a lot of confidence
7125s in my strength I'll give it a go on a
7128s shot I'd give it another shot I'll
7129s probably
7131s fails it's the Tesla streams right when
7133s you have like the hammer and the bell
7135s and whoever Rings it the heart yes you
7137s do not want to be swinging that you do
7139s not want to be swinging that pole saw
7140s that is gonna end badly for anybody in
7142s in a probably like a 10 foot uh area
7146s anyway looks like we're getting ready to
7147s go into Hollow Starry Night our second
7149s game of the day yes look at that there's
7154s only one bald head on my screen
7160s you know what I am happy about I am
7162s happy because it's tiger time ecos is
7165s coming out for both JL and jjh
7168s interestingly enough JL again uh going
7171s to be Fielding something a little bit of
7173s a careful in comparison to some of these
7174s teams making up with the fact that
7176s they'd already used one of the Decatur
7177s picks in the previous map so now they're
7179s going to be of sake today because for
7180s the exact same thing a lot of crowd
7182s control a lot of being able to push some
7184s of these players to the absolute Brink
7186s blocking them down inside that ultimate
7188s and more specifically I want to talk
7190s about is the Viper because I'm seeing a
7192s lot of zip and uh we're playing on viper
7195s every patch and that absolutely wrecks
7198s zip sustainability so the team's
7200s Fielding of Viper are instantly going to
7202s have a significant advantage against
7205s these quote unquote sipping sustained
7207s compositions yeah I'm wondering if we're
7209s going to start to see kurumi shop
7211s because I believe she thinks Wednesday
7213s F3 yeah she can team so like I wonder if
7215s he start to see like roomie show up in a
7218s replacement for uh the zipping in some
7221s of these comps it's it's up in the air I
7224s I think I've also seen some vipers not
7226s run the F3 and uh run this side is
7229s always a favorite yeah I probably can be
7231s just like having it in your pocket and
7232s that sort of question hanging over as
7235s well because obviously you don't know
7236s the loadout that the Viper is running
7237s with until you actually get hit by it so
7240s just having that in the back of your
7241s mind can influence how you actually take
7243s a bite yeah absolutely
7245s um I'm a lot of times again into this
7246s game I think this one's gonna be an
7247s absolute Banger as we are loading up in
7250s to game number eight closing in on those
7253s grand finals on that final game J team
7257s that have went to the previous game get
7259s himself a pretty safe stop they do seem
7261s to drop around to their tank quite a lot
7263s actually I made the rest of your thing
7265s and they're a team that seems to be
7267s their comfortable drop spot on holler
7269s off typically no one else really seems
7271s to drop there though so JT normally
7273s quite uncontested on their early lose we
7275s are cutting over to battle now he's got
7277s himself in a fight with GS already
7279s seeing those fireflies coming in as the
7280s cater alts ripping through the health
7282s Moon's gonna pop the healing it's going
7284s a little bit low the zipping healing
7286s keeping them up for just a little bit
7287s longer they're holding faster able to
7289s turn it around and getting heavily
7290s caught out here they're desperately
7292s trying to get away with the grapple but
7294s they've been caught out of balder able
7296s to take down GS absolutely brilliant
7299s start for them battery team up is very
7301s critical of really coming into their own
7304s as Louis actually able to take out two
7306s gets the butt back onto two the pole
7307s sword can it get the one versus three
7309s he's taken two out no way has done this
7313s yeah
7314s soon as barely get a compliment it just
7316s goes so wrong so fast one versus three
7321s you're able to win that fight
7323s oh weapon identity cicada ultimate with
7328s full sword is just oh it's so mean it's
7330s so brutal and this early on in the game
7332s when you just don't have the armor to be
7334s able to sustain through those chunky
7336s hits there's nothing you can really do
7339s about it except eat the damage as it is
7342s not going to be xcg using a Viper
7345s ultimate te txj looking for this
7347s lockdown at the moment on to these
7349s members leaving hand gets caught out by
7351s the sun txj trying to find an opening at
7354s the moment looking for that push up onto
7356s the cliff to be able to scale into the
7358s rush pushing on to lisinghan who again
7360s is incredibly low Takeda just trying to
7362s lock him down to using two of their
7365s players keep leading hand isolated away
7367s from his team standard te play but it
7370s leaves vvv behind he gets caught by the
7373s Viper ultimate and he gets taken down
7375s xcg with that long so I'm doing such a
7378s good job of controlling the facing in
7379s this fight but now he's up against two
7381s members of te and they just plaster him
7384s into that stagger lockdown his xcg
7386s Valery quickly loses and because not
7389s enough time has passed he will be able
7391s to get the revive without burning into
7393s that Soul all to revive as oud and jjh
7397s now decide to go toe to so water goes
7400s down incredibly low incredibly low so
7402s far that he actually falls before Oh
7404s zero and has to go straight back to that
7406s Soul altar as Gigi are not allowing this
7409s fight to Finish they come in for the
7411s third party three three oh cashington
7413s new in the charged up stop locking the
7416s player down there's so much damage it
7419s isn't able to find the kill however has
7421s to use that zipping bubble to be able to
7423s sustain and come back in rubber banding
7425s with that aggression collapsing hunters
7427s in you who just was not ready for the
7429s follow-up horizontal off of that grapple
7433s take the distraction that's been handed
7436s to them a little bit of a get out of
7437s jail free card or maybe it's just
7439s temporary as GG revoke survival
7442s Privileges and comes right back for the
7445s members of JJ aged water has been able
7447s to escape but Godly is still locked down
7450s Gigi just uh go for free players that
7454s are actually wanting to send Alex M and
7455s miskia to deal with Godly as their third
7458s chases down water but it's actually
7461s stolen away from the avengers's EU going
7463s to be able to pick up that third party
7465s as Gigi just immediately put themselves
7468s onto frozen lake be in a better position
7470s out in the open as well as getting to
7472s ring down Bell knowing that there are
7474s other teams in the area that that kill
7476s got stolen away once and they don't want
7478s to go into a situation where that Darren
7480s ultimate when the third party comes
7481s through is here it is juventus's sansi
7484s moving forward the Bane drop however
7486s dropped from Alliance to lock this team
7488s straight down as long as you're just not
7490s able to find the kills just yet the
7492s spear getting a lot of displacement
7493s however with the Crescent overhead slam
7495s pushing onto these members all the lines
7497s but Sandy not able to find the kill not
7499s able to fight what he
7501s as it's going to be such a good meter
7504s done coming out from the members of a
7507s lion Sans he's still just not able to
7510s lock anyone down with the spare long
7512s enough to secure a pick as Alliance do
7514s such a good job of peeling for anyone
7517s that he tried to focus down as GD now
7520s Wade In the Wings the beans were ever
7522s bite to run out a line significantly
7524s blind in terms of ultimates they're just
7526s going to use the last couple of moments
7528s of the beans we have to reposition so
7529s they don't get caught in gd's crosshairs
7532s yeah Atlanta's quite happy to uh move
7534s away from this one I'm loving this
7536s matter at the moment the kind of like
7537s the trifecta of Yoto Takeda and acos
7540s just being these like hyper carries very
7543s very aggressive comps super super fun to
7545s watch it does feel like that uh that
7547s Trifecta does lean a little bit in favor
7548s of Decatur at the moment it seems
7550s definitely are preferring that I think
7551s the kind of mass amount of cluster
7553s damage you can get with the staggers
7554s It's very effective but there is still
7557s that kind of those three Heroes you
7559s can't kind of pick and Vary your comps
7561s around with uh poopy what are your
7564s thoughts on acos now that he's kind of
7565s joined into the meta do you think like
7567s he's Nerf worthy or do you think you
7569s know the med is just in a good spot and
7570s he's very strong hero
7572s so I definitely think Arcos is like
7576s really good current patch um I know
7579s they're planning to Nerf him pretty soon
7581s and we're going to see even more uh of a
7584s swap to the Decatur comms but like as
7587s you can see
7589s um it's pretty much the favorite pick of
7593s Decatur versus ocos but he's he's really
7595s good like he's current patch he's
7598s extremely strong and you even see that
7601s in solos as well
7604s what do you think the the kind of
7605s decision making is on you know when
7607s would you rather run a Decatur over an
7608s A-Class or a Yoto
7610s um is it purely just a hero Point thing
7612s or you know do you think there's like
7614s certain setups or things where they feel
7615s more comfortable running one over the
7617s other I think it's going to be the
7619s confidence in the Arcos player um you
7621s know he although he's like really good
7623s there is you know versus just throwing
7625s out a wave of of uh just like uh the
7629s Demon versus you know actually locking
7631s down someone with his his Tech uh some
7633s of the Arcos Tech that you have with the
7635s jump cancels and uh
7637s the jump lmd reset
7640s all right wow
7642s Jason hasn't end at all the J team are
7645s keeping the aggression up here onto JL
7647s they're looking for one thing here able
7649s to get a bunch of damage over the
7650s shoulder he goes ZK got a bunch of
7653s damage off there is now waiting just to
7656s get that ultimate back up has got it up
7658s and available so I'm gonna keep the
7659s pressure up here on to JL who are on the
7662s run from JC and JC without Bane's breath
7664s feel comfortable just to control this
7665s whole area
7667s and it just looks like it's not going to
7668s be enough for uh jail to stick around J
7672s team unable to find any kills off the
7673s back of that one and so far unable to
7675s find any kills at all it's been a much
7677s slower game for them and weirdly that
7679s you know they're playing a more
7680s aggressive team than they were last game
7684s ultimate however as a Jail's as having
7688s to use those strikes before it runs out
7690s in its entirety and that is all the jail
7693s are going to be able to do push onto JT
7695s and force them to spend a little bit of
7696s time when we saw the wuchan TP come
7698s through it's so easy now to track on
7700s this patch where that region has gone
7702s that is really smart play coming through
7704s from JL just to push a little bit more
7707s aggressively using those last couple of
7708s seconds of the ecos into burning the
7710s shields onto jtm forcing them to wait
7713s and actually look for the re-shield as
7715s opposed to being able to immediately
7717s chase down where the button has
7718s teleported jl2 allowing them a window to
7722s actually be able to use that which ntp
7723s to fully reposition and make it a lot
7725s harder for jtm to figure out where
7727s they've gone to as we head towards
7729s salvation Podium ewg locked in the
7732s inside of those Caverns those jjh is
7735s Godly not able to find the picks that
7738s he's looking for with this monk but has
7739s been able to Zone a majority of the
7740s players out ewg's two dick actually
7743s grabbed up from the high diagram not
7745s slammed in time for Godly to actually be
7747s able to pick up the damage before the
7749s ultimate is out we're currently in the
7751s middle of a medial storm as well so
7752s those players going into those purple
7753s orbs are able to buy a little bit more
7756s ultimate charge there's another Acres
7757s now comes on through water putting so
7760s much damage and knock back onto all of
7762s the plays that he connects on to yiran
7765s gets caught in the middle of that temi
7767s ultimate the wind while doing his job
7769s locking him in position as it's going to
7771s be ewg having to reposition the problem
7774s for them is that they have absolutely no
7777s space to be able to play with they're
7778s going straight into that zone tick but
7780s it's apparently a better position than
7783s the one they were previously in they
7785s choose they opt into taking that zone
7787s tick so they're away from all of the
7789s fight going on around them to be able to
7792s just look for that reset look for that
7793s heel and come in for that potential
7795s third party is TE are looking to do the
7797s exact same at the moment they've got
7799s control of The High Ground but oug able
7802s to push back onto the members of ewg
7803s Boss before they're able to find the
7806s full reach that will be able to take
7807s them down and now we're going to see oud
7810s potentially Chase water down at the same
7813s time as well as he's just having to go
7815s on the Run roping that he's able to push
7818s far enough away from oug maybe bait them
7821s into walking into another team but he
7823s gets locked down and there is no one
7825s inside on the mini map again of Yang not
7829s actually going to be taken by either of
7830s these players as there it is water goes
7833s incredibly low the horizontal from the
7835s long side chunking him down as Ouija
7837s will finally be able to finish him off
7839s but that Vermillion Birds might still
7842s going to be online for a lot longer so
7844s ug can immediately get back to
7846s progressing on to those players sitting
7848s around salvation Podium as they'd only
7850s actually had two players chasing that
7852s one straggler from jjh down their third
7855s was playing scouting to see whether or
7857s not there was a team they could
7858s immediately turn on to
7860s we're gonna go into a cheeky replay here
7862s of a GG taking on wbg lovely little
7865s counter she landed on to miss gear but
7866s just get their uh last charge of the old
7868s dolphin the vertical story from that
7870s long sword
7872s chipping away at wbg's arm a little by
7874s little is Alex M so it's very low does
7877s look like GG a very comfortable position
7880s right now just so many charge Clips
7882s coming in from those vertical strikes on
7883s the long sword from Miss Kia and yeah
7886s unfortunately for wvg things continue to
7889s be a little bit rough as they find
7890s himself actually in a fight here versus
7891s xcg Ching it's gonna get himself very
7893s low pinned against the wall by John with
7896s the nunchucks the deeping healing though
7897s does come in and keep him alive counts
7898s comes down great charge of the ultimate
7900s actually onto Gene to make sure he
7901s doesn't get the follow-up damage but
7903s it's counted again back to back HCG find
7907s themselves to kill onto Jing They're
7908s Gonna Keep the pressure up onto PP the
7910s last one standing I don't think he's
7913s gonna be able to get a soul Bloom I
7914s think he may just be going down
7916s unfortunately but they are keeping the
7918s chase up onto him he'd be desperately
7920s trying to use those grapples to get away
7921s and luckily for him ewg have actually
7924s gone in on the chase to GG
7927s um let's take I sorry xcg so wbg will be
7930s able to get away the problem for people
7931s though is he's going got two minutes to
7932s find a kill or at least the soul Bloom
7935s and I don't think he's gonna be able to
7936s do that cutting that down over to the
7939s far north as JL have got himself in a
7941s fight here versus bowder instantly
7943s blinking out with that Wu Shen
7945s fight was not good for them they don't
7947s want to take it they are just going to
7948s move away to safety as jail just going
7951s on the run I mean they could rub a band
7954s back in given the fact that they did
7956s actually force that Tammy ultimate I
7958s from the team that they were fighting
7960s and that is the one thing that that
7961s composition is worried about doing being
7963s locked down especially if you have your
7965s Echoes just coming in wanting to lock
7967s those players down with crowd control
7968s you don't want the other team that
7970s you're facing to be able to potentially
7972s isolate the Target and separate any pure
7974s to come through from that acos being
7976s able to knock those players down on
7977s connection there's J team a little bit
7980s of a slower game still not finding the
7982s kills that we'd seen in the past still
7984s currently sitting on a duck egg at the
7986s moment looking for any opportunity what
7989s they're going to be able to have the
7991s upper hand said okay trying to push onto
7994s these members
7996s breathing
7998s incredibly long perhaps signs of relief
8002s comes through as Jaden grapple directly
8004s overhead of the building that he is
8007s hanging from is it's Alliance that J
8010s team want to be able to try to track
8013s down when trying to make sure that he's
8016s not too far behind his teammates they do
8019s have that term he saw if he does get
8020s caught they will be able to throw
8022s something like that with all the
8023s ultimate out to be able to make sure
8024s that J team aren't able to isolate the
8026s player to an immediate numbness
8028s Advantage second gear of yangs are going
8030s to be spawning we've seen teams in the
8032s past actually go for the Gate of Yang
8034s fights whether or not they're going to
8036s be that confident that aggressive this
8038s time around we're going to get to see
8040s but what we do know is that those codes
8041s on the right hand side of your screen
8043s they're one time use lonely so be very
8045s very quick lock them into steam and
8047s you'll be able to pick yourself up a
8048s free copy of the game to join us on the
8050s aisle as soon as possible
8053s yes right now probably going to be
8056s timing out on their uh
8060s on their thing actually they found Jing
8062s the final player for wbg that they have
8064s 38 seconds if they can get the kill onto
8067s Gene in 38 seconds they are going to be
8069s sitting so pretty they've got 30 seconds
8070s left this is gonna be so tight Jing he
8073s just doesn't want to give it to them
8074s he's on the Run he's just gonna try and
8076s go down to the uh the zones but the
8079s problem is is even so he may be able to
8082s get away can he though desperately
8084s trying not to live TS out of this game
8087s at the rest of the team are chasing them
8089s down he gets caught mid-air it's gonna
8091s be close it's gonna be tight he gets
8093s caught in the nick of time eight seconds
8094s left they're gonna be able to get one
8095s player up but the problem is is they've
8097s now got to run back through the zone and
8099s get out the rest of the team will be
8100s going down unfortunately GS if you keep
8103s yourself alive a little bit longer but
8106s xiaohu have a bit of a way to go now
8109s have got themselves for help though to
8111s give himself going in the box they've
8112s got the coins too they can afford Reuben
8115s fires like this is what GS did they were
8118s actually really smart they chose one
8119s player who would pick up the soul blend
8121s all of them dropped uh dropped their
8122s coins so that now your wuchen can just
8125s go straight to a dealer and pick up the
8128s river drums and get his way into assault
8130s Altar and it's the perfect time to do it
8132s because the second get of yangs are
8133s spawning up right now so all of the
8135s teams who go into it are going to be off
8136s of the map not actually playing around
8138s their souls and all of the teams that
8140s decide to opt out of the gate of Yang
8142s they're going to be hiding away in case
8144s they run into a team who do have Buffs
8146s yeah well um we're at a point now where
8149s you know we're in the mid game
8150s obviously a very different style of
8152s games but we had uh in our previous game
8155s so poopy at this point in the game
8156s you're not a monk comps it's a very
8158s different style what do you actually
8159s what are your goals what are you aiming
8160s to do around 15 minutes till final
8162s Circle
8166s as weird as it sounds pretty much the
8168s same thing it's uh see it notice how
8170s many kills you have and decide whether
8172s or not
8173s um you know you want to pick up the pace
8174s play a little bit more aggressive but as
8176s I said typically the you know in these
8179s types of end zones The Kills will come
8180s to you you don't want to you know over
8182s commit you know be that Catalyst for a
8185s really bad fight or get third party
8187s at the ghost composition yourself in a
8190s pretty good way as you lead into the end
8192s zone
8198s it is very lucky that uh GS had actually
8201s dropped all of their coins and selected
8203s the Wu Chan as as their sole survivor
8206s because he's able to TP out of that
8208s Focus fire that came out from powder to
8211s be able to make sure he's able to escape
8212s that focus and make his way to a soul
8214s altar as it's gonna be J team putting
8217s themselves into a Morris blessing and
8219s picking up a draco stormers
8221s Unfortunately they don't get to pick and
8222s choose they just get allocated above and
8224s they have to deal with it Drake or
8225s something as weird as it sounds like in
8227s the past like last year if we were
8228s sitting here we'd say oh yeah Drake is
8230s almost the one everybody wants now it's
8232s like the worst
8235s yeah absolutely I mean we're just in
8237s shopping phase now I think for some of
8239s these teams they just want to grab as
8240s many soldiers as they can
8243s it does look like ACG I've actually
8244s found a lionfish Allen getting himself a
8247s little bit opened up on two guns to
8248s count on to Jean takes away all of his
8250s Shields is a blueberry so he's a little
8252s bit easier to kind of pick up it there
8253s at this point of Shannon slowly surely
8255s going low they blink out Alliance they
8258s know where they are but I think the
8259s health bars are too low on both sides
8260s actually xcg just take a quick moment to
8262s kind of reposition and Chase in to
8264s Alliance and see if they can find these
8266s kills onto them
8268s question is is are they going to be able
8270s to do so if you can't see the scoreboard
8271s on the side of the screen right now J
8273s team have been overtaken once again by
8275s te who have four kills this game Jay
8277s team out of falling into J team fashion
8279s of having like good games and having
8281s games where they do nothing like which
8283s is absolutely nothing uh GG though is a
8286s great bounce back from them a great
8287s Resurgence they got seven kills under
8289s their belt this is quite pretty
8292s unfortunately GG did get eliminated just
8295s a second ago as well so they have been
8297s taken out of the game as we do now cgg
8299s finding himself in a fight versus JT
8301s Misty it has been caught up zk's already
8303s gone down 101 TN low HP I don't think
8306s he's gonna be able to survive this one
8307s unfortunately as is just GG keeping the
8310s pressure up onto them J team lose 101 TN
8312s only one player left and that's Eagle
8314s he's being railed on by 3-3-0 in comes
8317s Ventus with a third party though to see
8319s if they can turn around j-team's Eagle
8320s comes in with the nunchucks gets a whole
8322s bunch of damage down but he is offensive
8324s stealing away the kill the third party
8326s and knocking JT mad on the level
8328s so usually are really starting to pick
8330s up steam however of all of the teams for
8333s the second kid of yank Gigi are the ones
8334s that actually contested no one else
8337s steps foot into it so they were able to
8338s pick it up for free and if you actually
8340s saw they have two legendary weapons at
8344s the moment and that is looking
8345s absolutely terrifying for being able to
8348s control that final Zone we did actually
8350s see Alliance still surviving despite
8353s having used that Tammy ultimate early
8354s when they were running up against their
8356s pursuers a couple of fights prior very
8359s smart from them they actually chased
8362s towards in the old Zone pop it so the
8364s Viper ultimate isn't actually available
8366s and no one decides to actually make that
8369s move so the Tammy ultimate will be back
8371s online for Alliance to be able to huddle
8372s around in case that Viper ultimate does
8375s try to come through and stun someone out
8378s I'm going to be looking for just a
8381s little bit of downtime one legendary
8383s weapon still needing a little bit of
8385s better armor however to be able to scale
8388s up into the coming fights there's one
8391s legendary weapon pretty good but two
8394s blue arms this late in the game not
8397s looking great lion TT at least going to
8399s be on the temmie so if you can get your
8401s way into a Morris blessing you can just
8402s drop the ultimate and immediately make
8404s off with the loot but it's going to be
8406s an incredibly tough task to not run into
8408s another team that has the exact same
8410s idea a team like potentially te who's in
8413s a very similar situation one purple
8416s armor onto the Viper funneled over very
8418s similar to the way that we see monks and
8420s uh ticket it's being funneled the better
8423s armor so that you're going to be able to
8424s survive the full duration of the charge
8425s up on your ultimate and you don't go
8427s down in the focus fire that comes
8429s through when you're shooting a signal
8431s floor up into the sky and announcing
8432s where exactly you're playing from
8436s it's getting um
8438s to that 10 minute mark 27 players left
8441s in the game nine teams left it's a bit
8445s of a waiting game GG doing a bit of
8446s shopping before this uh
8449s or they're forced to move out I'll see
8451s in a couple of repeating crossbows shots
8452s coming in from ewg on that High Ground
8454s just get a little bit damage off and
8455s another meteor shower attitude but two
8457s of them this game spawning up so it
8460s doesn't mean like I said there's rage
8461s bars can be uh somewhat filled up if
8463s they want them to be
8464s uh GG they've got their ultimates
8466s they're pretty comfortable
8468s pretty chill grabbing what they got
8470s let's go to try and play that reposition
8472s the game Roma Yang is going to be
8473s spawning up soon we'll see if GG want to
8476s jump back into another one did take the
8478s previous one if they can do it again if
8480s they want to do it again
8482s still got a bit of time left on the uh
8484s on that media shower coming down GG
8487s definitely set up in the optimal
8488s position on this uh on this uh gate so
8490s question is who's gonna get their hands
8492s on it who's gonna be going in this is a
8494s bunch of teams all contesting for this
8496s Roma Yang as the gate's gonna be opening
8499s up
8500s it actually seems to be a bit of a ways
8502s away from uh GG standstill comes up oh
8505s it was actually Morris blessing I'm an
8506s idiot I'm an absolute idiot there we go
8509s ewg get the more expressing you to the
8511s sandstorm to get it I promise I'm awake
8514s oh it was a good one too it was one of
8517s the DWG needed terminal legendary armor
8521s but it's blood rippers not the legendary
8524s weapon that you perhaps won but I mean
8527s verticator especially being able to
8529s control that that final Zone you know
8531s Takeda ultimate if you have a blood
8533s Ripper and you're playing on the low
8534s ground not a lot of teams want to run
8536s into you the problem is if we do see
8538s that final Zone clubs onto verticality a
8540s lot of players are just gonna be able to
8541s play a bucket head
8543s yeah that was just some serious coping
8545s bro like their blood no one's a blood
8546s River okay if you're around
8551s your ultimate but yeah
8554s yeah
8557s what could they do to blood Ripper to
8558s make it a good weapon
8561s give it a range
8564s how would you give that one range
8569s the engine up and just fire the the
8572s arrowhead like at that it's front
8576s it's like a zombie apocalypse weapon
8578s that sounds like that is our
8579s unfortunately the end of J team in this
8582s Lobby GG though I much needed game for
8584s them honestly they've been playing super
8586s super well taken out 101 TN Eagle was
8588s next to fall as well as he was hunted
8590s down but it was vintage he stole this
8591s kill away so I guess uh GG or at least
8595s denied one kill
8597s Eagle tried his damn this he tried his
8599s hardest but honestly it's been a very
8600s quiet game from JT man that's that is
8602s very typical of Jason they're a team
8604s whoever
8605s um
8606s pop off or do absolutely nothing and uh
8609s it was a nothing game for them so good
8611s start to the day they can't play like
8613s that for the rest of the day though they
8615s need to have they need to keep their
8616s game one performances up
8618s to me all right T are still standing
8621s they are so close in terms of
8623s leaderboard as well between te and KTM
8626s and if te have a pop-up like game when
8629s Jay team has been knocked out of the
8631s lobby incredibly early but also with
8633s very little kills to that belt te are
8635s going to be able to widen that distance
8637s and off of this game alone Jay team may
8639s lose the title
8642s the title they've never had
8645s they're the world champions but they've
8647s never had a domestic title so this is a
8649s very important game for them the very
8650s important day for them they really want
8651s to take one of those home
8653s because
8654s it's all well and good being the world
8656s champions but like it's a bit of a joke
8658s when there's now been two tournaments
8660s domestically and you've won neither of
8661s them so if they can get this third one
8663s under their belt
8665s then at that point they really do make a
8667s statement for how strong of a team they
8668s are and how they really are the best
8670s team in the scene is that see are gonna
8674s get their hands onto a much better setup
8676s with the golden flamebringer and the uh
8678s golden armor gonna give txj as you
8680s normally do giving your viper the golden
8682s armor means they can jump into the midst
8684s of everybody and survive just a little
8686s bit better and that was just a freebie
8688s to be honest with TV
8690s it just walks up and grabbed it they had
8692s no real threat on it at all yeah I mean
8694s they did put down the the precautionary
8697s windows from the wuchan but I mean tea
8699s is looking absolutely terrifying because
8700s not only did they walk up and grab it
8702s they've also got repair roll so that
8704s Viper ultimate up time is going to be
8706s absolutely
8708s insane and when you look at this final
8710s Zone there's a lot of high ground for
8713s those vipers to be able to climb up and
8715s drop down from with that ultimate
8718s catching on to as many people as
8719s possible with as little time of
8721s revealing yourself as possible as ewg
8725s just gonna be using this morning I can
8726s hear the blood rippers there the rattle
8728s is solo ass someone's using this
8731s they haven't just been dropped in the
8733s corner of a map for some obscurity there
8735s they are and there they go again ewg are
8738s like two e isn't maybe we don't maybe we
8740s haven't done maybe they're just like
8741s looking at the shiny
8743s that is that is not a shot of you ought
8745s to be looking at that is that's sadness
8747s this is oh well we've been doing the
8749s best of what they've got okay picking
8751s and building making sure that they have
8752s the blood rippers on on full show so if
8754s a team tries to come into that building
8756s they run straight into the blood rippers
8757s very similar to the Cavalry blimp that
8760s we see from teams if you don't have
8761s Cavalry blimps make do with
8763s the second best which feels like an
8766s absolute joke given that Calvary blame
8768s is purple and a blood roof is a
8771s legendary weapon but hey ho Cavalry
8772s Bloom's golden
8776s oh yeah I've summoned it into existence
8779s of course miskey's got it with legendary
8781s two of words
8782s you just wanted it Jonathan actually
8784s really kind of fell in that start I say
8786s that malman gets stunned to know you g
8788s secure the kill onto them see another
8790s Viper stun off in the distance there
8792s coming out from one thing able to lock
8793s down some of the members of Ventus
8795s meteor is also raining down as well
8797s building up those rates for everybody
8798s involved wimbles coming out and zona's
8801s stopped moving just for the second but
8804s will be picking up again fairly soon the
8807s themes are playing this game
8809s with very little terrain to hide behind
8811s so it is carnival coming down to those
8813s ranged weapons and get as much damage
8815s off as possible vvd with the golden
8816s flamer putting as much damage into these
8819s teams as they can in the surrounding
8821s areas desperately spraying that fire
8823s down wushen ultimate comes out from jail
8825s to reposition away from all of the
8826s action as you can see oeg trying to
8829s contest JL on top of this uh
8831s trying to get control of the area unable
8834s to really do so say that as SS jumps in
8836s finishes up as just hyper aggressive on
8839s the Decatur so as I end up a charge
8840s there on that ultimate odg just gonna
8842s head back into their Sandstorm good out
8844s by the Wisps let us know what they need
8846s Ventures find one should be able to find
8848s the second one as well te actually
8850s taking away that kills Ventus do get it
8852s OG knocked out T up to six kills but GG
8856s still sitting on that 11 at this point
8857s Juventus had pulled it back to four but
8859s they've lost their Z pinks they don't
8861s have to sustain sandstorms coming out
8862s once again in the same area this kid is
8865s going using that long sword trying to
8867s just get some control of the area those
8868s vertical slashes coming out
8870s holding on two minutes 45 now
8875s until this game comes to a full-on close
8879s it's a flamer coming out from vvv trying
8881s to just control the area everybody's
8883s using the pillar as a place to hide but
8885s it's just everybody's there so they're
8886s all getting chunked out
8888s zone is going to slowly but surely look
8890s to go in for the move
8892s JL still trying to hold this High ground
8894s but GG doing their best to force one
8896s thing off GG have a nice place where
8899s they can go for the rest of their income
8900s cha with the Viper lockdown of the
8902s multiple people able to catch on to Juan
8904s Zorn does get himself into the counter
8906s though but he will go down just before
8908s that at the end of the day he is knocked
8910s out his vvv now trying to see if he can
8912s find the lineup on that Decatur
8915s got one more charge from that ultimate
8917s Ventus and Alliance fighting for the
8919s final bit on that pillar still 16
8921s players left in this Lobby is an
8924s absolute cost to sell bars are blinking
8926s across the board it's 3-3-0 with a
8928s musket able to find the kill onto
8930s Vince's Xenu finishing them up nice and
8932s simple as vpv is being jumped onto in
8934s comes txj though with the katana to save
8936s dvb's life and keep him alive and Lynn
8939s gets counted Lin able to pick his weapon
8942s up and his Armor's low is just a
8943s blueberry at this point he's not gonna
8944s have to work with the flame is coming
8946s out from BBB desperately trying to put
8948s the last little bits of damage in before
8950s this weapon fully rolls out for him it's
8953s going a little bit low on that front
8954s it's sanchi getting himself jumped onto
8958s by t-e-t still holding into this game
8960s for the moment though t with Nine Kills
8962s looking to catch up to GG who are still
8965s just down to that one player three three
8967s oh holding on in this game in comes one
8971s thing this is gonna be a monster stun
8973s only catches on to three members two
8975s dick is going to be the one who gets his
8976s health bar Stripped Away by jails one
8979s thing is now tsg he's gonna answer out
8981s with his own Viper son jalore low-hage
8984s fever is not going to be turned on to
8986s here from the back of that stun tfj he's
8988s the one in the zone back take a lot
8991s of Zone seek damage as he's getting
8993s himself back in but once again jungled
8995s out 3-3-0 with the spear With The Star
8998s Story doing so much work keeping so much
9000s Zone control but he goes down ewg able
9003s to finish him up dxj now seeing if he
9006s can find the extra little bit of kills
9008s chasing on the GG they are set up to win
9010s this game but miss Kia is holding on
9012s he's trying to keep this game going
9014s finally goes down
9016s and it's all on the side of te to close
9019s this game out Alliance is lucky toasted
9022s in the zone and BBB The Last Man
9024s Standing
9026s oh gee they came so close the first time
9029s around to turn that mvp away from Jay
9031s team this time around they're able to do
9033s it they take it away from GG my goodness
9036s we've talked so often about tea Synergy
9039s in that final Zone but I was just
9041s keeping an eye on the loop because they
9043s were playing hot potato with that
9045s legendary armor it was bouncing between
9046s that Viper but it was also bouncing
9049s between Leo whoever was actually taking
9051s a lot of focus fire and falling low in
9053s terms of health would actually be
9054s funneled that legendary armor and as a
9057s result it allowed te to have all three
9060s of their players alive when it mattered
9063s the most they've got their Viper
9064s ultimate he has to be able to Zone all
9066s of those players into just taking Zone
9068s Tech damage hiding behind the rock like
9070s that final Zone when we collapsed into
9072s it very little space for players to be
9074s able to line and play the Viper ultimate
9076s and it played perfectly into TD's hands
9078s it could be gods in the past controlling
9080s final Zone fights and we see it yet
9082s again they have such a good handle of
9084s the situation I mean poopy you're in
9087s that final Circle how the hell do you
9089s handle that there's very little taurine
9090s to work with it's a lot of indicators a
9092s lot of like AOE staggering stuff we can
9094s just take you randomly is that just like
9097s you're just hoping that you dodged the
9098s bullets or is there actually like a game
9100s plan on handling a final circle like
9103s that
9104s so that final Circle had so much going
9107s on but I don't know if you noticed but
9108s it was at a point where in that final
9110s Circle there was uh the meteors happened
9113s the meteor shower in that final Circle
9115s and then as the final Zone started to
9118s get smaller and smaller there were these
9120s blast flowers in the center just sending
9122s people outside of the zone and they kept
9123s getting popped over and over again
9125s there'd be people who were just sitting
9126s on the outside they'd get sent into the
9128s zone and take almost all of their health
9130s gone because of these bat these blast
9131s flowers and it's just it was just chaos
9133s I think it was just all up to fate who
9136s was who was gonna come out on top and it
9139s it showed we we saw who won yeah gee
9142s that was uh yeah it was a chaotic final
9145s Circle a lot going on there
9147s um
9148s see that was a needed win for them
9150s because I kind of talked a lot about how
9151s like J team they've won World
9153s Championship twice but never won
9154s domestically CE formerly the fpx players
9157s a similar a similar situation where yeah
9160s they haven't won the World Championship
9161s ever but they have been a favorite in
9164s the region for a very very long time and
9165s the fact they've never stepped onto the
9167s plate and actually taken that W is is
9169s pretty big so for them and J team right
9172s now it's really about proving their
9174s worth as as uh players and as
9176s organizations because like are you
9178s picking up this fbx roster there's so
9180s much hype behind it everyone's been so
9181s excited to see these guys and
9183s it feels like the final day's starting
9185s to deliver tea and JD and both stepping
9187s up to the plate oeg had a better game
9189s there as well they did last a little bit
9190s longer but man that was great for GG
9192s though they also just got so many kills
9195s under their belt and a team who we've
9198s always said it could have been
9199s chronically third they've always been
9200s that like bridesmaid never the bride
9202s team where they've they've always been
9205s in that top end of the table but never
9206s really D team to watch uh this season
9209s has not been like for them they've
9211s actually been just significantly worse
9212s so coming into this and actually getting
9215s 14 kills they've been climbing up the
9216s ladder slowly but surely they're going
9218s to be very happy off the back of that
9220s one and you know they were very close to
9222s taking it all with that 14 kills there
9223s she had more than two years just kind of
9225s came down to placement at the end there
9226s as t with 13 kills take 25.8 points at
9230s the end of that game and J team 1.7 that
9233s is disappointing
9234s yeah unfortunately for GG they they had
9237s to contest that Viper ultimate so as
9239s poopy said not only do you have the
9240s glass flowers popping up you also have
9243s Gigi all hiding behind the rock into
9244s that zone six damage because it's
9247s literally the only thing that can break
9248s the Viper ultimate line of sight and
9250s lonesick ignore shielding it eats
9253s straight into your health bar so as a
9255s result Gigi even after they were able to
9257s recover are on the back foot they do a
9259s very good job of it coming into that
9261s merciless havoc and just continuing to
9262s Output pressure onto TXU on the Viper so
9265s he just gets continued to be pushed away
9267s from that safety but te are still able
9271s to walk away with the pick and this this
9273s is the worst possible outcome for J team
9276s j-team had an absolutely horrible
9278s performance and we talked about it these
9281s two teams have been so close in terms of
9283s the leaderboard in terms of breaking
9284s records all throughout the season who
9286s would come out on top and the actual
9288s bi-weekly finals and no surprises it
9290s feels like the championship is going to
9292s come down between te and JT and te
9296s popped off so they're already ahead in
9298s terms of the standings at the start of
9300s the day they might have been able to
9302s make that Gap even larger and J team
9304s have not been able to find any point in
9307s the second match
9308s yeah absolutely I mean that's that's a
9310s rough one I think but it doesn't it's
9313s basically zero let's be real very very
9315s rough game for them on that front this
9318s was so hyping away with the pole sword
9319s getting them one versus three versus
9322s bowder and bowder finally it started to
9326s look like things are going right for
9327s them and then they get one versus three
9328s that is gonna be just mental Kaboom but
9331s then at that point really really rough
9333s ones uh that nobody obviously to more of
9336s the uh the CE action good game no real
9340s surprises they played very very well
9341s here as um
9343s are we are we now at the point where
9346s people want to start reassessing their
9348s dark horses in today's game poopy I'm
9350s looking at you uh wbg it's not been so
9352s hot
9354s although wbg I'm sticking with wbg I
9357s think I think we still have you know we
9359s still have a few games left and you know
9361s uh actually I asked him Alliance you
9364s were you were talking pretty uh pretty
9365s hard on the lines uh but previously and
9367s uh they put up food
9369s seven kills you know you wanna you think
9372s you want to reassess maybe no Alliance
9374s the Lion's still not gonna win
9381s like come on right but like it's not the
9385s 14 kills we're seeing from like the
9387s likes of GG and stuff and D with 13. it
9390s was a better game I as much as I love to
9392s clown on the line it was definitely a
9393s better game from them uh they've got
9396s right now they're chasing just like top
9398s eight at best I would say and I think
9400s that's still a bit of a stretch but guys
9403s who are chasing top one if vbv one of
9405s the best vipers in the world playing
9407s together
9408s sorry the best Viper in the world this
9411s time playing Takeda uh absolutely huge
9414s stuff there Phoenix blast repair roll
9415s coming out from those Soul Jades and
9418s just a huge huge amount of kills six
9420s kills 19k damage honestly the damage is
9423s a little lower than I was expecting uh
9425s but I think uh these guys had a really
9427s good damage spread across the board like
9429s everybody was doing their role and doing
9430s their parts so you don't have one person
9432s kind of taking all the glory uh but vvv
9435s an absolutely monstrous performance
9437s there 8K coming in 8.8k actually it was
9440s 9k coming in from the flamebringer and
9443s uh from his 401 zero zero zero zero zero
9446s he actually did three thousand damage
9448s that was obviously a visual bug I don't
9449s know what that was but he did 3000
9450s damage to someone else uh but a lot of
9452s damage coming out from that flamebringer
9453s and you know I was saying that cannons
9455s have kind of cannons and repeating
9457s crossbows are kind of
9459s taken the uh taken the command as
9462s endgame weapons it's cool to see the
9464s flamers are still being used
9466s oh we saw it like on the first map as
9469s well TV picking up a flamer standing on
9471s The High Ground hosting all of the
9472s players around them pushing them out of
9474s better positions and you can't really
9476s group up on the flame driver because
9477s then you're all feeding into that zone
9479s tick do you want to talk however about
9480s the fact that vbv is sitting on nine
9482s MVPs at the moment here's one MVP away
9486s from double digits and that might
9488s actually be the most amount of MVPs for
9491s a player that we've had so far in this
9492s season I will die on this hill bpv is
9495s the best Viper in the world and I will
9497s never ever say otherwise because she's
9500s had some amazing games where he has been
9502s able to challenge that title but vvv for
9504s consistency alone takes it easily and
9507s there it is the the patented Moxie uh
9510s cluster curse
9512s you you doomed him to fail for the last
9515s four games of the day good job foxy uh I
9518s I am inclined to agree to be honest with
9520s you
9521s um he's he's always been so consistent
9523s on the Viper and the thing I think about
9525s vvv and his main strength isn't his
9527s Viper like it's it's obviously like a
9528s crush you can lean on but like dude's
9530s super flexible I mean like he's just put
9532s up an amazing game under cicada there
9533s like we've seen him on the Viper I'm
9535s trying to think of other things we see
9536s him play uh in other comps I can't
9539s remember what he plays a monk is he that
9545s so it's it's you know he's it's just an
9548s incredibly flexible player he plays the
9550s curry and this God plays supportive
9551s characters like off GPS supports I guess
9554s more than like a kurumi is like a true
9555s support
9556s um he's he's just he's always putting in
9559s the numbers and uh it's very impressive
9561s to see are there any other players who
9564s are like jumping out to you guys right
9565s now before we get going into game number
9567s three pooby who's like has any player
9570s caught your eye you can't say
9571s Sleepwalker he hasn't caught your eye
9574s um
9577s no one that's like
9579s really really standing out to me yet um
9581s I think I think I've been doing the next
9584s game we're going to have some well
9585s actually uh we had uh
9588s wasn't John who
9590s which which player was it was the Viper
9592s she had like four Perrys that game with
9594s 90 with nunnies oh God I can't remember
9597s that yeah see many multiple Pairs and
9599s then just doing a phenomenal job locking
9602s down players with spear as well it was I
9604s was that was pretty outstanding we're
9605s trying to figure out who that is but for
9607s now we're gonna quickly throw to a break
9609s and we're back with game number three so
9610s we'll see in a moment
9611s all right
9616s [Music]
9633s [Music]
9647s [Music]
9673s thank you
9677s foreign
9680s [Music]
9711s I'm only sorry it didn't hurt more
9716s say Calamity Rising
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9750s [Music]
9791s foreign
9828s Channel
9835s so nice to hear that from uh txj from
9839s the side of te talking about the uh kind
9840s of tape hater versus Acres we had a
9842s little bit of a discussion about that uh
9844s before going into that last game talking
9846s about you know where we sit on that
9848s fence it's interesting that you know
9849s they do also believe that dictator
9852s um his main strength is the fact that he
9854s just
9855s he's not as reliant on gear like damage
9858s comes from his old and that's that's the
9859s main thing that makes him really strong
9861s in the middle right now uh we do have a
9863s quick look at the scoreboard right now
9864s see how things go at xcg being a bad bad
9866s day for them only five points put
9868s together in these first two games and
9870s currently sitting at the bottom of the
9871s table our lights have been able to call
9872s himself up a spot into 12 as a Founder
9876s wbg the rest of these teams haven't
9877s actually moved overall in the standings
9879s uh looking pretty rough for jjh though
9881s with the three-point day that is uh
9884s actually I think this swapped with GS
9886s but that's a pretty rough one that's a
9888s pretty rough one anyway we want to see
9889s the top end of the table that's where
9890s all the fun all the action's going on uh
9893s obviously we know who's at the top right
9895s now it is team te these guys have been
9897s just phenomenal JT I I the thing for me
9900s is I wonder how far behind or ahead jtmr
9903s right now it's pretty close it's very
9906s very close third and fourth is also
9909s three points apart 3.1 points apart that
9912s is a very very close one
9914s it's all the fight for the iron this
9917s whole day this top four is gonna be so
9918s fun to watch I'm so excited about this
9920s yeah especially because you know all of
9922s these teams to you J team JL not
9926s in the past I've always been
9927s consistently good right but those three
9930s teams in particular
9932s incredibly inconsistent so for tea and J
9935s team who felt the practice of bi-weekly
9937s finals before and have crumbled under it
9940s they now have to keep that mentality
9942s strong J team cannot allow the
9945s performance on second match to bleed
9947s into the performance on third because
9949s they had such a good game number one at
9952s the start of the day but you compare it
9954s to what they had the game that we just
9956s saw where they struggled to find a
9959s single kill get third party time and
9961s time and time again lose another fight
9964s straight off of the rip they did not
9967s have a great start or a great end to
9969s that second match and they have to pull
9971s it back on game number three otherwise
9972s that distance between te it's just gonna
9975s keep getting further
9977s yeah I uh I will go on to my point in a
9980s second because how many caters were
9981s chosen eight is our question is it a
9984s eight B 10 C 12 or D the 14 wow I'm
9989s getting there a D14 make sure your
9991s answer in the twitch chat will get a
9993s quick screenshot and if you do win you
9994s will be uh whispered so make sure you do
9997s check that box I don't know the answer
9999s for this question that's the main one
10001s that's that's a hard one I actually
10004s genuinely do not know that one good luck
10007s if you know that uh because I can I can
10009s even give you a clue I I have no idea
10011s Phoebe do you know
10014s I'm gonna nope
10017s even if we didn't know we wouldn't give
10019s the answers away right guys we totally
10021s know the answer but we can't say it just
10023s yet because then everyone in charge is
10024s gonna spam what we say
10026s we literally just you can't try and fool
10029s them after we always have no idea that's
10031s not how it works well I can still try
10033s and figure that's that's such a mean one
10035s but I mean Grand finals you gotta stop
10037s up the difficulty of those questions
10038s because that loot that you can get if
10040s you get the right answer in chat it just
10042s keeps getting better yeah absolutely
10044s well if you don't lucky uh let me know I
10046s actually want to know I have no idea how
10047s many tickets are picked up we'll try and
10049s count because we're going back onto
10050s Morris Isle for again number three I
10053s cannot remember the time of day on this
10055s one because we have two more Styles now
10056s back to back and one of them I think
10058s actually could be another Monk favorite
10060s game uh where it's it's there's no no
10062s fireflies it's like a morning or dusk I
10065s can't remember which one has no that's
10067s gonna have fireflies I can't remember
10068s one of the when we got we got a more
10070s sale where I expect to see a whole bunch
10072s of uh monks but we did last time on
10074s Friday when we were on that particular
10077s map if it was game three or game four uh
10079s the interesting thing was there weren't
10080s as many monks as we expected because I
10082s think people are just really favoring
10084s like the decades the acoses and stuff
10086s like that right now especially as we
10087s heard from txj why the decades getting
10091s played so much it's just
10092s very fun ladies he's a very almost like
10095s cheap hero to build is probably the best
10097s way to go because that you don't have to
10098s be as gear relied like obviously you
10100s want good armor so you can survive but
10102s like your damage isn't locked behind
10104s your weapon quality when you're playing
10106s like something like monk you are
10107s desperate for those Morris blessings
10109s you're desperate for those lucky drops
10110s on those gold weapons and gold armor
10113s um and I just think people go well Katie
10115s can stagger monk as well I mean we even
10116s saw uh JL or yeah JL win a fight in the
10121s Roman young versus the monk top using
10123s educator com it was super super hype it
10126s looks like the crowd already it looks
10127s like we are ready to go into game number
10129s nine heading back to Morris Isle for
10133s this midpoint of today
10135s and that final game is drawing ever
10137s closer as one teams will be lifting that
10140s Trophy and one player will be lifting
10142s that pole arm I have not been tracking
10144s The Kills by individual players so I do
10147s not use no who's number chance of
10148s winning that one I mean I I think it's
10151s probably going to be a player on te just
10154s off of The Kills alone that they've been
10156s able to to put up so far in the regular
10158s season they have been leading the charge
10160s by by a good mile but it'll be
10162s interesting like you said to see what
10163s compositions we do get again the fact
10166s that Takeda doesn't have to have like
10168s that loot dependency not only favors him
10170s for a majority of not having to to push
10173s but get off the animals wasn't it also
10175s massively favors him in terms of that
10178s first fight right where a lot of these
10179s players run rage Soldier so they can
10181s alter as quickly as possible as soon as
10183s possible when they drop for those month
10185s comes but a monk not really having the
10188s time to be able to scale their loot
10190s their first ultimate is going to be
10191s incredibly weak compared to something
10193s towards that final Zone it's okay
10194s they're not having scale his he's still
10196s gonna be hitting just as hard at any
10198s point of the given game and that is a
10200s huge reason why we actually sort of
10202s Decay to come out on top of a one versus
10204s three in the previous map yeah
10207s absolutely I one thing I do want to kind
10209s of keep an eye out is for maybe any
10211s spicy uh picks but we do see some odd
10214s comps and maybe off metacoms I mean I
10216s cast my mind back to I think it was like
10218s week six where we had uh I think it was
10221s jjh who actually ran a um
10225s a Justina carrier Atari Justina and I
10229s can't remember who their last I think it
10230s was like zipping uh it was a really
10232s bizarre comp uh poopy do you do you have
10235s any spicy uh cups that you kind of got
10237s up your sleeve you know so no one will
10240s really be expecting and when you do pull
10241s it out it catches them with a bit of
10243s that cheese
10244s I can't really say I don't want to give
10246s away the spicy
10247s Jake what are you asking literally
10249s defeats the purpose do you have any
10251s hidden information that you don't want
10253s anyone to know let's just tell it to
10255s everybody on the broadcast yeah but I
10257s can't say with the update coming Justina
10260s we are going to see a lot more Justina
10262s back in trios because she is getting a
10265s really really good buff but what about
10267s you see them now because I think
10273s things would actually drop or support or
10275s even like Drop it to me to try and fit
10277s Justina into a monk composition and
10280s those monks would just go down in a
10281s moment
10283s um I think Justina now she doesn't
10286s really
10287s fit because of you know we have the
10290s Sandman to stop or we have the Viper but
10292s she does excel at like you know uh uh
10296s the Wu Chan clubs she's able to like
10298s it's we we've said that it's a lot
10299s easier to see the witch ends now than
10301s which import she would be able to
10303s um capitalize on a wu-chan port when you
10305s know resources are exhausted so that is
10307s something that we we could see that
10308s maybe even this next game we might see
10310s something like that we used to have the
10312s rest of the games to be showed maybe
10313s someone pulls out of Justina I already
10315s had to say I mean there's one hero who
10317s we won't see who I really really want to
10319s see most you know to it is one day one
10322s day didn't she get both
10327s the problem with valda is it's always
10330s going to be a lot of the time when you
10333s hit them once it just breaks the CC
10341s this is a Taylor's oldest time that Jake
10344s and I have gone back and forth he's so
10346s wistfully said I wish I could see your
10348s valda and I immediately come into the
10350s splash of reality I love Zelda I play
10352s valder in my games I adore using Valdez
10355s every to be able to just hop around all
10358s of the attacks that are sent my way and
10360s beat people into walking to Bubbles but
10362s I just every single time one person gets
10364s caught in that CC either someone else
10366s especially intros where there are so
10368s many players on the field just become so
10370s chaotic and so easy to early break
10372s someone out of that CC bubble or just
10375s getting that one hit isn't enough
10376s because my loot isn't scaled better to
10379s actually be able to to find the pick off
10381s of that one hit confirm you really enjoy
10383s putting me down on that note you really
10385s enjoy rubbing rubbing it in my face but
10393s Solo's father has picked up MVPs and
10395s solos and in regular season of 2023 mbpl
10398s so I feel like
10400s as much as I'm as much as I'm a uh I am
10404s an enthusiastic I do feel if you do
10406s Pickler here you are just trying to lose
10409s the grand finals let's be real like it's
10412s it's gonna go well for you at all
10414s um Justina I do feel actually like
10416s you're saying it's while she's not the
10418s strongest does still have some place and
10420s some capability to kind of play versus
10423s some of these obviously originally when
10425s we used to see dracino and Fritos it was
10427s as a way to freeze man because you'd
10429s lock him down with the freezes and he
10431s you can't Dodge a justina's monkey two
10433s clock cumbersome you see slow
10435s um and like you're saying I actually
10437s didn't really think about the uh the
10439s whoosh entities like you can hunt them
10440s down while they TP out freeze them lock
10443s them down while your team then catch up
10444s like do these are really
10447s awkward little interactions for a bunch
10450s of the metacoms willful weakness too I
10453s do think things like the cicada comps
10455s though will just like flatten adjusting
10457s a comp I think but that that's where you
10458s have weakness is like yeah well we saw
10460s it we saw Justina working alongside
10463s takoda where Justina would be able to
10465s lock all of those players down and
10466s Takeda would just be able to alt and he
10468s had absolutely every single person and
10470s you would literally just sort of ping
10473s pong them between the Justina freeze and
10475s the Takeda stagger of every single frame
10477s of your all it was it was really strong
10479s it was really good the problem now is is
10481s that we have things like a timing who
10483s just drops an ultimate and make sure
10484s that you can't really have that freedom
10486s of movement that that composition wants
10488s to be upside into motion
10490s yeah absolutely you know the one thing
10492s before we wrapped off our Justin Iran
10494s I've just as long as we don't see it
10496s back in solos I
10498s I absolutely despise Justina in solos
10501s because it does the same thing as monk
10502s it's just slowly and slow and boring
10504s it's like it's like it's slightly better
10506s than zipping like thank you we've just
10509s seen their own solos is that your quote
10511s unquote reset window also becomes your
10513s opponent's lose that window
10516s it's really fun watching two justina's
10518s one freeze one pot then the next one
10520s freezes and the other one pops and then
10522s when one gets too scared they pop out
10524s and run away every time it's awful
10526s anyway luckily we're in Trio so we won't
10529s have to deal with that we could see
10530s Justina technically uh I do feel like
10533s with the current meta being so wide hero
10536s points actually aren't as impactful
10538s because people are honestly spreading
10540s most of the hero points and spending
10541s most of hero points on things like the
10543s uh on the tummies and things that share
10545s comps but other than that they're very
10547s flexible so what you are seeing is the
10549s need to kind of go a little off meta and
10551s pick things like justina's are kind of
10553s less prevalent and not being played as
10555s much we are seeing a couple of yotos
10557s coming out in this game though a very
10559s very aggressive game a bit of a spread
10560s we've got some Monk comes coming out
10562s we've got some yo to come some acos
10563s comps and obviously the the very favored
10566s uh Decay to comps actually only two
10568s teams being GS and Alliance playing that
10570s at the moment
10571s yeah more salt dusk as well as the
10573s answer to what weather condition or time
10575s of day I guess we're going to be seeing
10578s no snow on the podcast no uh no Justine
10580s is going to be in this lobby at the
10583s moment as my eyes on te like they're
10585s running this very traditional
10586s Transformer composition they're yet to
10588s pull out in my eyes the strongest
10590s composition which is that Yoda wuchan
10593s and Viper especially when you have TX
10596s races using that Euro F1 being able to
10598s lock some of those players down I wonder
10600s how far teas influence on this
10602s composition has reached out to some of
10604s these teams now they've had a little bit
10605s more downtime are we going to see your
10607s movement away from the F3 on the Yoda
10609s which traditionally has been used more
10611s often than the F1 simply because of the
10614s overall value that it brings you can use
10616s it aggressively to split up players you
10617s can use it defensively to be able to
10619s block off things like the most blessing
10620s the tea has shown that that F1 is
10623s absolutely brutal on being able to
10626s clutch a first kill within moments
10629s absolutely I
10631s got it has been in a weird place ever
10632s since she got like for this nurse last
10634s year I think she's still very strong but
10637s she used to be considered like a pretty
10639s solid Council for among cops I think
10641s nowadays
10642s the Stagger the damage isn't really
10644s enough and the fact that she could just
10645s get grabbed after that first sword
10647s Splash means a really hard Lobby there's
10650s lots of months to play Yoko in because
10652s you can only really Dodge so many hands
10654s you become a very just like a floating
10655s Target and once that bird slash goes
10658s down all the monks will just put their
10659s hand in that direction and try and grab
10661s them I think that's the major issue you
10663s do have of running Yota especially in
10665s this Lobby I think when you're in like
10667s the cicada and the across lobbies you
10669s actually have a way easier time because
10670s it's not as easy to kind of catch the
10672s Yoto well the eyes right now are on te
10675s the current team at the top of the
10678s tables
10679s at an amazing game number two but
10682s honestly the best finals performance
10684s we've seen out of them in their entire
10686s career as as just a roster be this
10688s Beyond this goes beyond the label of
10691s whatever team they're with as a roster
10693s they have struggled in Grand finals and
10695s they are finding their opening they're
10697s finding their opportunity and honestly
10698s playing way better in these Grand finals
10700s than we've ever seen before xcg it's not
10703s been quite as good for them these guys
10705s did formally win a uh a domestic title
10709s but ever since then they've kind of been
10711s a little bit underwhelming let's see if
10713s they got some life in them and as I say
10715s that dong Shing able to take down Knight
10717s HQ because she does offset back out
10719s though so two versus two the uppercut
10721s comes on to giannon and GD gonna be
10724s quite happy with that win oh Jay Z I'm
10726s gonna be picking themselves up a very
10728s early uh Moon's been trying to be able
10730s to use that wherever they want as far as
10733s taking away the opportunity for some of
10735s these other teams to be able to use that
10736s bandwidth early on to lock down a team
10738s as well as jjh's reign with that staff
10740s just playing positioning making sure the
10743s Gs are isolated and don't have that
10744s space that they're looking for trying to
10745s bait into that power as well as the rain
10748s just pushes really aggressively and she
10751s has his leeway just called in that
10753s stagger we're in with the connection
10755s from that stuff locking them down into
10757s position uppercut now coming on through
10759s juggling gs's and between all of the
10762s members of jj8 to allow them to talk
10764s with a really nice clean mechanically
10767s driven fight coming through from them as
10769s we head back over to have a look into
10771s you somehow have already been able to
10774s find themselves two lots of purple armor
10776s despite this being a mortal War and the
10778s loot Rarity being a lot lower hence why
10781s so many of these seem so pressure taking
10782s those fights in Gate of Yang is Tes txj
10784s going to take a little bit of pressure
10785s from wbg but Sleepwalker already on the
10788s run it is too far away from Team XJ not
10792s gonna be able to actually find a
10794s connection to stop that slime from going
10796s down so she's holding PP long enough for
10798s the helper to be chunked down so the
10800s initial sign does blow him and take him
10802s out as wbg's Jing is not able to push
10805s onto txa he tried to go for the feet and
10807s pressured the monks that way but that
10809s just speeds into the ground and t e off
10812s of such a good performance in the last
10814s map are bringing that confidence and
10816s that aggression and then some as we move
10819s over and have a look Bean's breath going
10821s down between JL and Alliance Alliance
10824s being the ones to actually drop that one
10826s are able to play inside those aoes
10828s making it a lot harder for jail to
10830s actually be able to lock these players
10832s down one thing surfing between the
10834s banesworth hasn't actually been hit by
10836s one just yet but still isn't able to
10838s find a full lockdown connection onto the
10840s members of alliances e Delphi hugee oh
10844s my goodness yeah Louis that is some
10847s confidence right there to just hold
10849s yourself aggressively not giving up that
10850s position from The High Ground the Viper
10852s wants to be able to drop down with the
10854s ultimate and somehow I'm smiling on him
10858s because he hasn't been here just yet as
10860s he swaps down in with the Bible doesn't
10863s find a connection however as everyone
10866s was blocked by the tree line
10868s that is so tragic for sure that is so
10871s upsetting we are going to try and
10873s aggressively push up as JL are just
10876s gonna be on the Run
10877s looking for those grabs not actually
10878s able to get them base breath times out
10880s honestly it looks like this fight may
10883s just be done though uh one thing is
10885s about to lose their transformation
10887s though so ewg may now think this is an
10889s opportunity to go on the aggressive to
10891s the monk now he's lost that
10892s transformation and immediately as he
10894s de-transforms jalloway Springs into
10896s action to try and find the kill they do
10899s catch on to gyu here uh grapple comes in
10901s from as just to kind of stagger and
10903s cancel onto xiaolu a and they are just
10906s gonna step away I decides to play a
10908s little bit more a little bit more chill
10909s with SS coming in on The High Ground has
10912s got his ultimate up and available isn't
10913s actually going to throw it down as he's
10915s gonna finish them up oh youg just
10918s stealing these kills away lovely easy as
10920s you like finishing up all of a wgs
10924s members there uh not all of them JL and
10926s ewg but they are able to get themselves
10928s a whole bunch of kills uh one thing baby
10930s we've not really talked about is early
10932s game I've kind of asked for your kind of
10934s thoughts on what you do in the mid game
10935s what you do in the late game what what
10938s is your kind of game plan at the
10939s beginning of the game
10941s I think it varies it depends on how your
10943s team's feeling if your team's feeling
10944s you know a little bit more of an
10946s aggressive start you're going to
10947s obviously drop how to try and drop on a
10951s nice loot Zone and then
10953s rotate to whatever team you see that's
10955s near it's near you but um if you're
10957s looking to play Slowly obviously going
10959s to play you know more for the games it
10961s just depends on the game plan and you as
10963s a team have to decide what you're going
10965s into before the game starts
10967s oh
10970s and again at least we've all been there
10972s right where two vipers all at the same
10975s time but one is just ever so slightly
10977s faster so their ultimate cancels out the
10981s others and that unfortunately is the
10983s position that GG find themselves in as
10985s has one for the ultimate at the exact
10987s same time but theirs was first so GG are
10991s actually the ones that not only get
10993s stunned out but also lose the Viper
10996s ultimate in the process since the Sun
10998s comes through before your ultimate is
11000s completed it immediately nullifies the
11002s charger on the Viper and you lose it
11004s without even regaining rage made it it's
11006s not like a Yoda where you can cancel it
11008s out early and retain a little bit of
11010s race percentage you just have to board
11012s it up all the way from scratch and
11014s unfortunately for GG it means that they
11017s do lose that fight up against oug
11020s yeah there's a bit of a rough one on
11022s that front for them
11024s having a quick look at the scoreboard
11025s and seeing where the teams are at J team
11028s again they've not done anything they are
11031s they're starting to fall behind a little
11033s bit too t who've got those three kills
11035s oug though with six
11037s that's the scary thing for Jason right
11039s now they are closing the gap on them OG
11041s starting to clamber up their standings
11043s and uh only 10 points behind right now
11045s TJ teams say Jesse needs to start
11048s putting some kills together I actually
11049s have another good game because game one
11051s was amazing getting too disappointing
11053s and that coin toss the J team is
11056s starting to come alive as a wbg are
11058s looking for a fight here versus JJ hey
11060s Sleepwalkers heavily chunked that
11061s remember they've already lost a fight so
11063s they are gonna be without those rebirths
11067s right now but Sleepwalker finds himself
11068s the double grab the stackers are coming
11070s in and there's the Yoto work from water
11073s shutting down Sleepwalker now with the
11075s pulse on pp's chasing up Jing gonna try
11078s and see if he can turn this fight around
11079s but he's lost all of his teammates
11081s the healing will be coming in there will
11084s be no ability for Jing to save the day
11087s here although jjh can come in with a
11089s third party actually a salty run back I
11092s think maybe I can't remember who they'll
11093s find those wavg okay it was the third
11095s party coming in it looks like Jing and
11098s she is gonna get himself PP he's gone
11100s back to life with the Teva and wbg
11103s they're just running away oh well we
11105s talked about prior to the game why Yoda
11108s was so good early on against those mind
11110s compositions the Stagger from the
11112s ultimate so even those people can find
11114s that double grab he's not able to find
11115s the kill and as a result jjh will be
11118s able to deal with the members of wbg
11120s both Sleepwalker and Jing have already
11122s been dispatched it's now up to PP that
11125s kurumi to be able to survive and he's
11128s not even really getting the time to be
11129s able to heal just has to make it
11130s immediately to a shop and try and find
11133s those reboot charms we'll be able to
11134s pick up one
11136s wasn't able to see whether or not he was
11138s able to afford a second is that yep
11140s there it is will be able to use it
11142s immediately Sleepwalker brought back
11144s into the mix the problem is this is a
11146s monk and monk scales with the loot that
11149s you have Sleepwalker having gone back to
11151s the soul altar without a million Birds
11153s might is going to have to pick up that
11155s loot again or your kurumi drops
11158s absolutely everything and you risk
11160s running into another team with your
11162s support vulnerable but your monk at
11164s least able to alter in peace let's talk
11167s about alting there it is gate of Yang
11169s fight immediately opening up between JL
11171s and te and immediately txj has been able
11174s to find a grab and a slam going straight
11177s for that damage chunking through the
11179s members and able to find a second after
11182s jail and try to hide out of line of
11184s sight behind the pillars txj and I just
11187s trying to occupy one thing for as long
11189s as possible he's able to grab another
11191s player right under his nose and it's a
11193s double as well kurumio ultimate over the
11197s top of tees to try to save the members
11199s that txj had thrown onto the ground but
11202s he's out of the melee swaps onto that
11205s Cannon just pepper and pressure jails AF
11209s in the situation with cannon fire
11211s stormstride as well smacking the
11213s situations how far down even lower is t
11217s e are able to clutch another gate of
11220s Yang fight when we saw them in the
11222s season at the very start team said that
11225s they were one of the strongest in Gate
11227s of Yang fights and you can see why they
11229s have such good control such good
11232s understanding of the pacing and Temple
11234s of when to use those ultimates that
11236s they're practically Unstoppable
11239s is doing them some favors here Eagle
11241s he's going low he's going down and this
11244s may just be a big old Donut for J teams
11246s DK desperately trying to get away he's
11249s gonna be able to do so ewg and JL now
11251s let's take you the scrap between
11253s themselves maybe there's a world where
11255s JT can loop back around and get their
11257s teammates up but I think that ship has
11259s sailed it's ewg
11262s pressuring on to the world champion it
11265s has not been a good last two games for
11268s them whooshen alt out there it's just
11271s gonna get them away from all of that
11272s action and
11274s it's just now gonna be a a survival game
11277s for Jason maybe get the dark side coins
11280s available to get the rebirth charms off
11281s but these are all big if than butts they
11284s haven't really got any money because
11285s they didn't have any kills in this game
11288s they are keeping this fight up ewg
11290s desperately trying to see if they can
11291s shut down oug can't season you breaks
11294s away from the line of sight doesn't get
11296s hit by the Viper ultimate he's now gonna
11299s throw down that Yoto ultimate try and
11300s get the damage onto two take the wind
11301s was doing a good job of blocking him
11303s though it's just gonna have to cancel it
11305s up because he can't keep the chase going
11306s as scg coming and actually shut down the
11308s kill oug getting third party here now by
11310s xcg this fight is going from bad to
11312s worst SS is gonna try and come in with
11315s the lockdown on that stun does catch on
11317s tonight's Q oh you g just desperately
11318s trying to sliver away from this one they
11320s don't have that Lucian olds often
11322s available I don't think so they just
11323s need to get her out no they do they
11325s blink out they zip out they want nothing
11327s to do with this fight
11329s there are they stalled they they prove
11331s that Viper ultimate just all so that
11332s that which announcement was built up
11334s because at the start of it it was not
11338s ug unfortunately however this is the
11339s change that we were talking about right
11340s that Wu Chan is so noticeable where you
11343s teleport away to and now they have to
11345s take this fight against JL again jail
11347s however need to find a win otherwise
11350s they're going to go down to Yang
11351s depletion and AUD is doing a very good
11354s job of just playing around the sides of
11355s the ship making it hard for jail to
11357s actually be able to lock one of these
11358s players down until now then you will be
11362s able to find a pick onto jails one thing
11364s they're counter setting that one up as
11365s Luigi's SS goes incredibly low they're
11367s being chased down by this Yoda ultimate
11369s from them as they will get taken out Zu
11374s is able to claim a pick and try to pick
11377s up a Yang Soul limb to block out that
11379s Yang depletion but a third party could
11381s potentially come on through oug have
11384s been able to push back the members of JL
11386s now that one Soul Bloom has been picked
11388s up will be loop back and find that
11390s revivers JL have run straight into
11394s another team at the moment ew G's lone
11398s standing player will be taken out of
11401s jail just doing such a good job of
11402s locking them down with those dual blades
11405s and being able to pick up that kill so
11407s they're not called unless
11409s ability actually lost the fight as well
11411s off my distance they've got the uh
11414s defeat uh vermillions birthmarks so they
11417s are okay they are going to get
11418s themselves back up but they lost a fight
11420s there uh I think it was GG I actually
11422s did win it ZK our final player from
11424s j-team
11425s desperately running around the map they
11426s don't have enough money I don't think
11428s though so
11429s I think they are gonna struggle to get
11431s their team back I'm gonna maybe do a
11433s little bit of shopping or maybe they've
11434s got discount stuff on no it's going to
11436s put as many dark type coins as they can
11438s together and pray but they can rebirth
11441s at least one player and then go from
11443s there because you are on Lone kurumi
11445s that is that is scary territory right
11448s now there's uh anxiety inducing there's
11451s a wbg sleepwalker still look great armor
11454s very very weak right now obviously lost
11456s a fight very early on in the game and
11459s the pp just been a blueberry themselves
11460s it's gonna be hard these guys are very
11463s easy to squash and and deal with it's
11466s been a chaotic mid game so far so then
11470s talking about like dealing as well with
11472s survivability when you look at kurumi
11475s poopy a lot of the time we see kurumias
11477s as the player that everyone gravitates
11479s towards taking out as early as possible
11481s but left alone in comparison to
11484s something like a monkey regulation how
11486s would you rate a kurumi's chances of
11488s surviving
11490s um
11491s it's you know like I think I think of it
11494s as a monk's duty to protect their kurumi
11497s make sure that she's not put in a
11499s situation where she has to alt unless
11502s you know obviously you know she's
11503s getting range pressured
11504s um but it's just I always think that
11506s kurumi kerumi can survive if she has to
11509s you know pop her old you know it's
11510s extremely hard to die as a fear of me
11511s but definitely want to do your part as a
11513s month to make sure that the kurumi
11516s doesn't get put in a situation where she
11518s has to throw her old help where another
11521s Monk Is
11522s you know working out here
11529s oh now on the run from GSE here the
11532s realm of yangs uh wake up and everybody
11535s will be heading towards those or they'll
11537s be heading towards GG or absolutely
11539s bolting it away from GS they want
11542s nothing to do with that fight with
11544s nothing to do with them
11545s heavily chunked out
11549s actually I don't know if they do I
11551s didn't see
11552s um yeah okay so they do have those get
11555s away Ruby Yanks sorry
11558s excuse me spawning up here it doesn't
11560s look like it's going to be GD getting
11562s inside this one and they are going to be
11563s taking on xcg
11566s okay she is taking Center position ready
11569s to be able to alt as quickly as possible
11572s xcg immediately playing behind that
11575s pillar so they don't get double grabbed
11577s as we're going to be seeing the monk
11579s versus the Monk and now it's down to the
11581s teammates around the monk to flush the
11583s players out and into line of psychic
11586s okay she's already been able to find Lee
11587s Jiang Han and now goes for that pomelon
11590s to Jonah so he's not actually able to
11592s find the grabs past him kurumi ultimate
11594s forced out early from xcg Sliders
11596s Kakashi just storms jonan outside of it
11599s there's the push the punch to make sure
11602s that he's forced to use so much of that
11604s precious time of the monk ultimate to
11605s hop back in and that means that
11607s kickaishi entirely unfettered by the
11610s monk in front of him is able to set up a
11612s double grab and now it comes down to GD
11615s dealing with my HQ on this uh and who's
11619s actually keeping gd's k at beta make
11621s sure that the equation isn't able to
11623s find those first stagger connections
11625s onto the members around into 9 HQ still
11628s alive not coming under too much Focus
11629s fire from GED will be able to take down
11632s kikaishi as well and now the numbers are
11636s against GED and despite it being
11639s incredibly rough for a start for xcg a
11642s double grab coming through incredibly
11644s early on for kakaishi xcg are able to
11647s recover despite the double grab no one
11650s actually goes down early so GD don't
11653s immediately get the advantage of numbers
11655s to turn the fights and just stagger
11657s lockdown after stagger lockdown well I
11660s don't know if you missed that but don't
11661s you basically died as soon as the game
11662s that side they got jumped on immediately
11664s and at that point there's no kurumi for
11667s the Monk and that is so doomed it was
11670s really really rough for GD to pull that
11671s back the fact they survived as long as
11672s they did is impressive to be honest with
11675s you
11676s um
11677s going over now to te who are hunting zkr
11681s poor ZK
11682s oh poor zika they got the Mystic might
11685s so they know where he is as well he's
11687s obviously got the uh the blink to try
11689s and get as much space as possible using
11690s that pole sword Tech to move away as
11693s quick as possible but te
11695s e if they can find this kill they say
11697s first of all take away someone who is
11700s a team that is contesting them very
11702s heavily right now
11703s but also denying them any points in this
11706s game
11708s that is going to be unbelievably rough
11710s for J team they got 16 grapples left the
11712s question is are they gonna be able to
11714s get away they've even got the blueberry
11715s it's in that blue armor so they're easy
11718s to pick easy to kill that's not the only
11720s thing blue that they have either they
11721s have a bounty on their heads so even if
11724s te didn't have Mystic Knight they'd
11726s still know where this karimi's running
11727s away from the good news there's a silver
11729s lining in this in that this Chase is so
11732s drawn out that te I'm not actually able
11735s to use this Mystic might to find entire
11737s other squats they're going to be able to
11739s pick up one kill and not the couple of
11744s multi kills that they could potentially
11745s have is that okay has actually been able
11746s to survive long enough to see other
11749s players around him as well so he might
11751s be able to bait te into actually taking
11754s down a squad and finding three kills as
11757s opposed to the one that they've been
11758s looking and chasing down
11761s well just running into the Zone breaking
11763s away as much as possible unless the oeg
11765s are now just gonna gatekeep the edge of
11767s that zone and not let ZK back in but
11770s everybody knows that's the Rogue Squad
11772s everyone has their loan as a GD with
11775s this realm of Yankee buff are gonna try
11776s and get the kills here onto GS is there
11779s a it's a fair amount of heat to be
11781s already Don chin getting jumped onto
11784s once again and they are going nice and
11785s low able to take down xiaohu healing
11787s from hands gonna be a little bit too
11789s slow a little bit too late there's
11790s Kakashi this is a fair amount of HP but
11792s JL have come in as a third-party threat
11795s to this because she's gonna go in for
11796s the transformation in jail just gonna
11798s wait out the monk transformation they
11799s know as long as that goes down they can
11801s then come in in third party and only
11804s Kakashi I think has cleansed himself of
11806s the uh the diva GD keeping the pressure
11809s up until Louis able to finish up a kill
11811s there and actually I do think maybe they
11812s have cleansed everybody at this point
11815s but they definitely have no given the
11817s fact that Don Quinn is able to find
11818s another kill so another Soul win picked
11822s up from them there's a jail are waiting
11824s in the distance going to have to go into
11826s that zone for just a little bit of
11829s replenishments and
11831s is clinging on the problem is they're
11834s going to have to move soon otherwise
11835s they're going to die to Zone tick but if
11838s they move before JL has left the
11840s vicinity
11841s they're also going to die because
11844s they're alone zipping up against all of
11846s these other players the good news for
11847s Anne however is that they're able to hop
11849s into that bubble and instantly get a
11850s replenishment on the health the problem
11852s is that Bell was just wrong and that
11854s gives away their location jail instantly
11856s double back knowing that someone is Left
11858s Behind and will be able to pick up the
11861s kill given the fact that does it had to
11862s use the bubble early to be able to heal
11865s through that zone and as a result does
11867s not have it to be able to try to outrun
11870s JL with the fact that it stops the
11872s grapple cancelers oh are we gonna see ZK
11875s go down in the replay the grapple cancel
11878s onto the kurumi is at least able to put
11881s himself onto the base of the tree to
11882s make sure that he doesn't get collapsed
11884s upon kurumi ultimate to heal a little
11886s bit longer using that golden Focus or
11888s he's not jumped upon but he's just gonna
11890s be forced into the
11895s absolutely no mercy there in dealing
11898s with that lunker roomie
11900s and the Dark Horse on Friday are
11903s starting to climb up those standings
11905s they were in third all day and this is a
11908s big big game for them the question is is
11910s how are te gonna be doing and he
11913s actually within that within their site
11914s currently being collapsed on by the side
11916s of GG as well so Luigi could come in in
11919s third party and take out two teams who
11921s are having phenomenal performances maybe
11923s opening up a win for them at this point
11925s there's a txj jumping in does look like
11928s GG are able to get the moral splicing
11930s golden armor onto miskier I didn't see
11932s what the weapon was but they've at least
11934s got themselves a nice setup on that
11935s front as t-shirts just gonna pick apart
11937s the scraps and what is left over for
11940s them at this point in the game
11943s still got a bit of time though until the
11945s game does come to a full-on close eight
11948s minutes 30.
11950s so as we can see the overall scores GD
11953s with 10 kills odg have 11 kills he have
11956s seven right now uh dentist slipping out
11960s of fourth into fifth only having two
11962s kills not been the greatest day two for
11963s them unfortunately steam who previously
11966s did have the uh did have the kill lead
11970s um in most kills done from the refugee
11972s struggling somewhat coming into day two
11975s of the grand finals and I guess Phoebe
11978s how do you handle nerves because this
11979s the players got to be real nervous right
11981s now like how do you think they've been
11982s handling their nurse the last few games
11985s I think they've just been uh just trying
11989s to stay afloat it's it's a matter of
11991s just getting past the early game into
11995s the into the late game for most of these
11997s teams that's where as I've said multiple
11999s times it's where most of the kills come
12000s out
12002s um although the Mancino's uh like the
12004s last game where you know we have a lot
12005s of the more aggressive comps but like
12008s for a game like this it's just making
12010s sure that we as a team stayed mentally
12014s sound and just get to the point where we
12016s can you know uh
12019s create uh the situations for our teams
12022s to pick up those kills you don't have
12024s any uh situations
12026s positions how important is it especially
12030s now that we're actually going to be
12030s seeing the Zone include a Ballista how
12032s important is it in controlling this
12035s space that JL currently have over all of
12038s these teams
12039s that one's extremely important this is
12041s this could make or break the game
12043s honestly like that they could win off of
12045s just having this ballista alone you know
12048s and dominating this area and making sure
12050s no team can get up here this is I mean
12053s it definitely looks like that's not for
12055s it because yeah I'll also have a as just
12057s rocking the Overcomer doing a little bit
12060s of dressage around the base of that
12062s Tower to make sure that no one is going
12064s to be able to Grapple up and can test
12066s one thing until that ballista has been
12067s drained of all of its shots and you can
12069s see teams in the surrounding area they
12071s have an understanding ballista isn't
12072s like no one is really wanting to go out
12075s into the open where those shots can
12076s connect everyone's just racing to be
12079s able to get themselves around the base
12080s of that Tower so that out of line of
12082s sight but the blister isn't going to be
12083s able to connect onto them but over here
12084s you're actually taking this as an
12086s opportunity and playing perimeter check
12088s any team that tries to get past and into
12090s the safety of that tower
12092s fan but oh my goodness one thing just
12096s hit such a good mid-air connection on
12098s that shot onto the King that was
12101s absolutely filthy that was nasty that
12104s shot actually a mid-air ballista shot
12107s able to secure that kill nice and easy
12109s uh tomorrow's racing has been picked up
12111s I believe it's a c here you do have it
12113s because BBV is golden armor they had a
12115s flamebringer again T keep getting
12117s flamebringers like this has got to stop
12119s happening like there's a GD you picked
12123s up a blood Ripper or something and then
12125s like it's just constant flamebringers
12127s over to the side of tee these guys are
12129s just they just they should enter the
12130s lottery honestly it's just a lock is in
12133s their favor right now oh youg though
12135s still leading the kill score definitely
12138s set up for a good game here the question
12140s is how well are they gonna end how is
12142s this final section of the game gonna go
12144s they still got five minutes left until
12146s that Circle does come back to a full
12148s close there's a t probably don't have
12151s the most ideal position right now but
12153s they're not in range of the ballista and
12154s I think that's the only thing that
12156s really fixated on for the moment is not
12158s getting you know most your health bar
12160s removed by one thing who is uh quite
12163s comfortable up on top of that uh on top
12166s of that point as a sleepwalker has come
12167s for a transformation actually on the low
12170s ground of the tower it's gonna lose that
12172s transformation now unable to really find
12175s an opportunity to get onto the oug
12177s members so I was just going to try and
12179s force them away for the moment
12181s it looks like the tower now has finally
12182s been ejected and cleared out so teams
12185s are gonna have to reposition in and use
12187s these trees this is where all the Vipers
12189s are going to be very happy with this
12190s final Circle because there's a lot of
12192s trees for them to use to get that
12194s verticality and give that big drop down
12196s and the Tactical news a lot everybody in
12198s place is SS with the staff making quick
12201s work of rain oud cashing in on their
12204s 12th kill of this game lovely stuff from
12207s them going into squirrel phase and just
12209s gonna get himself tucked up at the top
12211s of the tree as the circle stops moving
12213s and everybody now needs to find a place
12215s to settle before this final Circle
12216s starts to move now wbg doing the exact
12220s same thing despite not actually running
12221s a Viper they're just trying to keep
12223s Sleepwalkers safe for as long as
12224s possible so you can hold on to the
12226s ultimate for as long as possible the
12228s problem is like you said there's a lot
12230s of vipers here and as a monk you do not
12232s want to have to waste burning that
12234s ultimate and then immediately counting
12235s out to be able to iframe with the
12237s Dropout out of a viper stun that's all
12240s wxane okay almost find the sun
12242s connection onto the monk into his right
12244s side but they're able to frame through
12246s it as a result of that transformation
12248s and immediately gets swept into the pop
12251s of the Overcomer and you're scooping
12253s them up and just not allowing them to be
12256s able to reposition the first time you
12258s get hit by it pretty easy to counter
12260s when you're ready and it's pulled off
12261s you're never going to be able to slow
12263s that pony down as jails one thing it's
12266s just looking to find these grabs against
12267s the kurumi tether will be up to drop
12269s safely out of the ultimate but now
12270s Ventus of Sandy throws in that acos
12272s ultimate to try to knock onto all of
12274s these players scrambling for control of
12276s middle so they're not having their back
12278s to that zone and pushed away by these
12281s yodos who are going to be waiting in the
12283s wings to be able to play off of the
12284s Viper utility but oug have lost their
12288s Mains they they've lost the Viper
12290s they're set in motion play that they
12292s need us on the table they do not have
12294s the ultimate to set the Yodo up and as a
12298s result everyone is playing to T E's
12300s tempo it's gonna be the flavor coming
12302s out from them so no one can contest TX
12304s and the second that he finds out there
12309s just evaporates in a pub of smoke fire
12313s and Ash and tea claim another kill
12316s it's the double flamer they just
12319s instantly toasted it's so brutal it's
12322s actually now using that Cannon just to
12324s build that rage back up he's already at
12325s 53 he is sitting so comfortable on that
12328s front and like you're saying OG without
12329s their Viper they are terrified they're
12332s just playing in the trees they're gonna
12333s look to jump down use the uh Yoto at the
12335s end try and pick up as many kills as
12337s possible the circle slowly but surely
12339s closing in now giving everybody in close
12342s proximity to one another
12344s gdr knocked out xcg actually picking up
12347s a whole bunch of kills here Sleepwalker
12348s gets himself a grab onto one thing he's
12350s gonna look for the slam down as the crew
12352s me ultimate to try and keep him up but
12354s he's unable to get the slam down in time
12356s he's staggered in the final moment he's
12358s gonna Bop one thing into the Zone
12359s Sleepwalkers getting all the healing he
12361s needs to come into so many players all
12363s clustered together in such close
12365s proximity we haven't seen our ug go for
12367s their strike yet they're holding out
12368s waiting as long as possible there's only
12371s 12 players left in this Lobby and te can
12374s capsize and grab as many kills as they
12376s want yeah xcg's living in jumps down
12378s from The High Ground in to the Miss of
12381s all of the action as xdging able to get
12383s the kill onto one thing there it's
12385s cutting us down to another player we are
12387s seeing the flame that's coming out once
12388s again Frontier slime onto you is able to
12391s stay alive thanks to a bit of healing
12393s not gonna get re-grabbed though and that
12395s should just be enough for fun to
12396s finalize the kill onto them lovely grab
12398s there by dhj but he's now starting to go
12400s a little bit low down and also going in
12402s for a transformation a TX get
12405s into the zone and scg capitalized to
12407s take away the kill a huge amount of
12410s kills getting picked up here for them
12411s the king from oug grab that mid air
12415s they're looking for the Slime Monster
12416s and he does go down how do you do this
12419s is all on zinu as he's got that ultimate
12422s can he make it work for him is the
12424s question trying to find those sword
12425s slices everybody's getting clustered
12428s together it's getting really scary
12430s coming in with the swords can he make
12432s the damage stick can he finish up the
12434s lobby I think he might be able to do so
12437s get something I HQ gets it real low
12440s somehow though he's able to find even
12442s more kills working that kill but since
12444s he jumped Sleepwalkers low the Cannon's
12446s coming in and there it is
12449s oud take game number three
12451s oh my goodness well you asked before
12455s this match if there are any players
12456s that's today I think we found one I
12460s think we found one Jin you on that Yoda
12464s so deprived of the Viper able to clutch
12467s in Iron waits for the ultimate to be
12470s gone waits for the zone to be able to
12472s collapse in so that the Yoda blade every
12474s single time you hit that blade I hope
12476s you're finding damage connection or
12478s you're pushing them off of that
12480s connection or just trying to tap it out
12482s of that damage into that zone tick and
12485s he plays it pixel perfectly there's no
12488s other way of describing it he plays it
12489s to the absolute best that he could have
12491s and oug come out on top
12499s foreign
12511s extreme value I think every slash
12515s connected with multiple heads it was
12517s just it was just crazy and then at the
12519s end even after all those yellow slides
12522s the picture perfect Yoda old he still
12525s was able to pick up more kills because
12526s at the he had the F down and he was able
12530s to use the meteor from the cannon to to
12532s interrupt the double fight that was
12534s going on between Sleepwalker and so it
12537s was just it was a great Enzo
12541s they have to be so happy with that like
12542s you saw the reaction to of the player
12545s Comes The Joy on Jenny's face
12548s oug May overtake JT maybe able to
12552s challenge te for the title but uh tea
12554s currently are in the lead for because
12556s again Jay team they struggled they had a
12559s little bit of a pull for performance and
12562s ug they had a pop-off game T despite not
12564s coming in with an MVP still able to put
12566s a decent amount of points on the board
12568s as well so that Gap just keeps getting
12571s bigger and bigger and bigger and we
12574s thought it would be a two-horse race
12575s between J team and uh uh te but J team
12580s might have fallen out of favor Moxie you
12582s thought that I know that both te and Jay
12584s team have massive coin flip teams Tia
12587s constantly going all heads but J team
12589s it's coming up Tails time and time again
12591s for them they are
12593s they're looking bad they they gotta get
12595s it together they got they got three more
12597s games now and if these three games any
12599s of them are bad I really feel it just
12602s makes it well I mean
12604s step what it does is at the end of the
12606s day it means that every game then has to
12608s be even better every time you have a bad
12610s game from this point like if you have a
12612s bad game fourth game five and six have
12614s to be absolute bangers if game five is
12616s bad then game six has to be just the
12618s most phenomenal like record breaking
12621s game possible and you don't want to be
12623s putting yourself in a position going
12624s it's against it it's going all right we
12625s need like 34 kills to the first place to
12627s win this like because that's not gonna
12629s happen and I mean it could technically
12631s happen but like realistically that's not
12634s gonna happen so they need to now have
12636s good games these can't just be like oh
12638s that's great they got 7 to 15 points
12641s that's all right they need to have good
12642s games all three games
12645s t on the other hand off the back of this
12647s game they're now on the point where as
12649s long as the next games are just
12650s consistently good they're in a very
12652s comfortable position going into that
12654s final game six to then go all right we
12656s need x amount of points or we need you
12658s know the game to go this way and then we
12659s should just take the title so it's
12661s really on on the side of J team now to
12663s step up oug they've just had a pop-off
12666s game they know they need to have more
12667s pop-off games but that momentum's with
12669s them they've had a bit of a slow start
12672s to the day but now we're starting to see
12673s the oug we did see during day number one
12676s of the grand finals uh and they are
12678s starting to step up to the play
12680s JL as well also you know they are here
12683s today they are they are here to play
12684s they were my Dark Horse coming into it
12687s and they have been proving us pretty
12688s good across the day being up there all
12691s day long but 29 Points go to Ouija at
12694s the end of this game xcg finally showing
12698s up a little bit it might be a little bit
12699s too little too late but a second place
12701s coming in from them 22 points there te
12703s 18.5
12705s they're gonna be happy with this one JL
12707s with 15 points as well these guys are
12710s playing phenomenally well but I mean
12711s it's only J team it's only J team with a
12714s donut right now they are
12716s they're not doing good it's there in
12718s struggle they're in struggleville right
12719s now
12721s yeah and I mean te as well like you said
12723s that okay for the next three games they
12725s just have to play consistently good
12727s they've kind of bought themselves one
12731s game where they can struggle right one
12733s game what if they do post below two
12735s points they're still going to be ahead
12737s but by a good margin from J team given
12740s the combination that J team had before
12742s uh poor performance in the last game and
12745s a poor performance in this game as
12747s opposed to te who had a little bit of
12749s struggle game six but coming to game
12752s seven and game eight absolutely popped
12755s off and were able to to put a massive
12758s amount of points on the board widening
12759s that distance even further and for Te a
12762s team that is so coin flippy in the past
12764s that's huge because that means so much
12767s less pressure but look at the damage
12770s numbers is there any doubt as the new is
12772s going to be walking away with an MVP
12774s because 11 kills and 18 888 damage other
12779s than just being incredibly aesthetically
12781s pleasing to look at is a massive amount
12784s of burst damage in a Yoda matter that we
12786s talk about predominantly Yoda just not
12789s having that burst damage that we've
12790s looked to in the past before yeah it's
12792s interesting as well because when you
12794s look at the trifecta of like these hyper
12796s aggressive teams yoto's probably the
12799s beat here of of the three you've kind of
12801s got like uh decades like your SKF like
12804s that's the one everybody wants to be
12805s playing then you've got the A2 and the a
12807s coast maybe that comes down to maybe
12808s people not being as practiced on it but
12810s like we heard from uh txj he was saying
12813s it's just the value of the ultimate and
12815s then Yoto and I think yota's weaknesses
12817s just come down to uh F3 doesn't last as
12819s long so if you're interrupted on that
12821s pot then you're gonna be in trouble so
12823s it's more just a space fighting ability
12825s more of a a healing ability nowadays and
12828s then the ultimate it's quite easy to
12830s attack Dodge out of but when it hits it
12832s hits hard and
12834s G using it to success I feel one very
12837s happy to see a bit more of the Yoto it's
12839s uh I'm a big Kyoto fan so it's good to
12842s see and here he goes in you with his
12843s final ultimate they just stayed in the
12846s tree until the last possible moment and
12848s then just lining up these shots
12850s absolutely phenomenal do do get jumped
12852s onto but they do grab a kill as well on
12854s the way out of that and then at this
12856s point it just runs in you just to land
12858s up these last couple of cannon shots and
12859s they didn't get all of those kills there
12861s at the end but they got enough and
12863s that's what that mattered that is What
12864s mattered the price surprise on her MVP
12866s let's be real it wasn't just that right
12869s it was also we talked about all of the
12871s value that the Euro ultimate finds
12872s there's a reason we're calling it The
12873s Perfect year to Ultimate it's also
12875s because with the connections of the
12876s blade he pushes everyone out of the crew
12879s meal yeah so you could have sustained
12882s them through then you just pummeling
12884s them with damage they're bald access
12887s from so he's still able to find those
12890s picks and I mean stacked on Soldier it's
12892s stacked on damage stacked on skills
12894s lovely to see the F3 come through after
12896s we've seen so many Yodas with the F1
12898s wanna MVP every all around the board
12901s just has so much value and allows you to
12904s play both aggressively and defensively
12906s it's something that's in you despite
12907s losing that Viper incredibly early on is
12910s still able to walk away and survive long
12912s enough to actually be able to see the
12914s Zone collapse it's the ultimate when he
12917s needs to find the value because if he'd
12918s been pushed if he'd been pressured and
12920s found out before and had to pop that
12922s Euro ultimate early to be able to
12923s reposition with that teleport we
12926s wouldn't see oug coming with an MVP
12927s there are a lot of teams that were
12929s Incredibly Close behind them in terms of
12931s being able to pick it up
12932s uh poopy what are your thoughts on oeg
12934s and their kind of performance in this
12936s game and what you've seen of them so far
12938s I think uh
12940s you said it best I think you said
12941s they're kind of a coin flippy team you
12943s know they've had this really really
12945s strong game here and uh this could be
12947s what they needed to to excel them
12949s forward uh J team uh they tried to play
12951s it slow you know play for the Yang they
12953s didn't get the Yang they caught up they
12956s died donut came you know and this has
12958s allowed them to propel for it with uh
12960s with their extreme performances game
12961s yeah no absolutely it's been it's a it's
12965s a needed win and a needed bad game for
12968s ugs that like it felt like a lot of a
12969s lot of the uh the chips fell in their
12970s favor uh which I'm sure they're gonna be
12972s very happy with but there is still three
12974s games so we're going to the next section
12976s of games there's gonna be another
12977s back-to-back series as well uh we saw
12980s Jay team they did so good on that first
12983s Morris style and then going into that
12986s horror off that's where things started
12987s gone a bit of a downward Hill trajectory
12988s I honestly kind of think J teams just
12991s suck a horror I actually started just to
12993s come to the the assumption but like they
12995s just don't seem to know how to play it
12996s man like time and time again we see them
12999s take drops into city of Tang nobody
13001s drops with them they get their kills
13003s they then plot around the map lost on
13005s what to do they haven't really got the
13007s gear to jump into a realm or Yang so
13008s they're like oh we don't want to coin
13010s flip it so then they don't do anything
13011s and then they just randomly get found
13013s out and die like I just feel like they
13015s need to re-look at their horror off
13017s obviously you're not going to be
13018s changing your holler up for the last
13020s holder off of the of the uh of the
13022s tournament but I think they really need
13024s to look at it going into next season and
13026s say okay this this map doesn't seem to
13028s be working for us why what what is going
13030s wrong here for us as a team on this map
13032s and um
13034s you know it's definitely a ways to go I
13037s think there's a bunch of teams who still
13038s have like weaknesses that really need
13040s looking at but like being bad at holler
13042s off at this point I think is inexcusable
13044s you've had a whole season and a world
13046s championship and now most of this season
13048s uh if I say most of this season I mean
13050s there's three games left so you've had
13052s you know
13054s so much time so much exposure to this
13056s map you should know where you're at but
13058s oh my word te
13062s 173.9 points is gonna be their overall
13064s points oug
13066s 145.8 they got a way to go but J team
13070s have been passed and
13072s I got my hands up I put OG as a dark
13075s horse on on Friday right now they're in
13077s second I couldn't be more proud of them
13079s great little chipmunks
13082s look at the difference in points between
13085s jail and Jay team there's a very real
13087s reality that Jay team lose out on the
13089s podium finish if they don't have a clean
13091s next three matches jail is potentially
13094s going to bypass them and and push them
13096s even further down this leaderboard and
13098s the problem vegetating is that we still
13100s have one game of holler off left waiting
13102s in the wings after this map yeah I made
13105s out of me I am the prediction God what
13107s can I say I get everything right I'm I'm
13109s reverse Moxie she'll say something 100
13112s right and it will be broken by just a
13115s Caster curse I on the other hand just
13117s pull stuff out for them and it works
13119s every time we're gonna pass over for our
13122s interview after that game number three
13123s and we're back for game number four at
13125s the moment see in a sec
13127s all right
13129s guys welcome to the post game interview
13131s and Leah so this time we might assess
13133s from the team oud to our interview so
13135s please say hello to artists first is
13141s okay welcome so it's such a wonderful
13144s King but I want to know how do you think
13147s which is the key point for these times
13150s victory
13154s foreign
13157s [Music]
13159s because we have a really wonderful
13160s Management in this game and our Judo is
13164s the key point so you can see we have a
13168s lot of fans come to our place and you
13170s can hear they are cheating you up here
13174s so like how do you feel when you're
13176s hearing the chainsaw
13185s okay so I feel really excited but I also
13188s feel like more nervous when I play in
13191s the game okay so let's move on to our
13193s answer for treasure
13195s so this time's question is which team is
13198s leading the scoreboard now today is
13206s but I also have to ask you like after
13209s this game
13211s maybe this is the like slowest time your
13214s team can get the grand finals champagne
13216s so like before this game how do you
13219s think about your targets
13227s foreign
13229s actually before this game our Target may
13233s be like
13236s [Music]
13243s okay so I think these games Victoria
13246s gave us a really strong support to get
13248s the champagne
13250s so maybe please since the countdown time
13257s okay screenshot
13259s and don't forget to check your mailbox
13262s do not miss surprise everyone okay so
13265s like you know after these weeks read you
13269s also have
13271s 20 points uh like after te so what's
13275s your plan for the following games
13290s okay we will like play more harder and
13293s we want to make sure we can at least get
13295s top three at last so we saw the card of
13300s your team so like is that a kind of
13304s also a key point for your victory
13314s so as
13316s I was the card of the team and this is
13318s The Treasure of the team we can see the
13320s King on it okay well so how do you think
13324s the king's performance today
13327s [Music]
13333s okay so I think he have a really great
13337s performance today and also he have a
13339s really great like Improvement in this
13342s business also in the Grand Final
13354s in the following games okay that's all
13357s for the interview bye bye everyone
13381s foreign
13423s foreign
13454s foreign
13479s foreign
13510s tunnel
13528s foreign
13552s [Music]
13563s [Music]
13566s thank you
13569s [Music]
13601s foreign
13610s [Music]
13638s thank you
13639s [Music]
13662s whatever
13664s [Music]
13671s [Music]
13690s thank you
13699s [Music]
13715s [Music]
13750s foreign
13762s to game five uh we've talked about this
13765s a lot we kind of theorize what it's like
13767s when you have very little down time in
13768s between games we might as well ask pooby
13770s poopy what's it like if you gotta play
13772s like a game and then you have like
13774s barely time for a toilet break and then
13776s you jump into your next game what is
13778s your mindset when you got kind of was
13779s like a Marathon run of a game you
13782s there's not much time to really dwindle
13784s on like your mistakes you just have to
13785s like basically slap yourself in the face
13787s and just get reset your mind and get
13790s ready for the next game
13791s the violent approach I love it all right
13793s so
13797s again I believe this is the one where we
13799s won't see as many monks because that was
13800s a that was a bit of a 50 50 split like
13802s 50 in the lobby like let's go aggressive
13804s 50 Lobby went nope let's go monk I think
13807s this is a Mac time I can't remember the
13809s I think this is dusk wait we just had
13812s dusk we just had dusk where we at then
13814s we've had day we've had dusk night it's
13817s night it's night time there we go it's
13819s nighttime CEO there's gonna be a lot of
13821s fireflies this is gonna be a chaotic
13823s game if if you've uh if you're new to
13824s the racket you don't really understand
13826s like how the times a day affects the
13828s cogs it's because you can get fireflies
13829s at this time of the day which give you
13831s rage it means you can get your ultimate
13832s pretty much immediately on spawn so you
13835s see these cicadas you see these acrosses
13836s come out
13837s everyone just goes ham it's it's farming
13841s kills time everyone uses their reverse
13843s because they're just constantly looking
13844s for those action those kills
13846s this is gonna be an explosive game like
13848s we had in game number two
13850s um I expected to move very very fast I'm
13852s excited for this one I mean I'm excited
13855s to because we were having a discussion
13857s uh when we were all on break and people
13859s were saying that he thinks that jtm
13861s aren't out of it just yet and I agree
13863s with him they've had some pretty poor
13865s performances in the last two matches but
13867s the last three matches of the day have
13869s consistently been where J team come in
13872s onto their own and Jake you experienced
13874s it as well the last time on Friday where
13876s J team do incredibly mid for the first
13880s couple of maps and then on that game
13881s number six just come in and knock it out
13883s of the park I mean if that they open on
13886s a good game for Jay team it's almost a
13888s scary thing for a bunch of teams because
13890s most teams know they come alive in the
13891s second half of the day so it is going to
13893s be a bit like oh they've already won a
13896s game and now they gotta come back and
13898s and this is where they fight this is
13900s where they're at their best
13902s um I do think I don't know if it's very
13904s much if it's like they just seem to come
13906s alive in the last half of the day or if
13908s it's just like a kind of a mental thing
13909s I think the thing about j-team is
13911s they're a team who have incredibly
13913s resilient mentals and are able to
13916s they're able to bounce back so so
13918s effectively uh where I feel like tea
13921s either opposite I feel like they're a
13923s team who you know when when the wins in
13926s their sales they're great but the moment
13927s that falls away from them they crumble
13929s and I do worry that if T do start to
13932s experience some bad games the lead that
13934s they built up could quickly start to
13936s disappear anyway before we get going
13938s into game number four I believe we had a
13939s chat with oeg so we'll see what they
13941s have to say and then we're getting raped
13942s again number four
13943s foreign
13958s foreign
13981s [Music]
13994s that is a comfortable man that's what
13996s you need you don't want to see these
13997s these people nervously playing with
13998s their hand warmers the Kindle all sweaty
14001s and scared just comfortable and ready to
14004s go
14005s a tea as well they look pretty in the
14007s zone they look pretty really discussing
14009s discussions about what's going to be the
14010s game plan for this game what they're
14012s gonna do but every time we look at te if
14015s these stats at the bottom but always
14016s scare you it doesn't matter what the
14017s stat is they are just number one in
14019s every stat it's they are just crazy good
14022s at it
14023s they haven't said the Yoda comp yet
14024s either like that's the thing that I'm
14026s terrified about because when they play
14028s the Yoda position te once they drop they
14031s don't stop they literally just continue
14034s to aggress into every single team that
14037s they can find and sometimes it works out
14040s amazingly for them and they can come in
14042s and just break records like the amount
14044s of kills picked up uh insurers in One
14047s Singular match te can help for I think
14049s it was like a week after J team had
14051s broken it the week prior and then event
14053s 28 and blew both of those teams out of
14056s the water the problem for Te the reason
14058s why we talk about them being such a coin
14060s club team is that if they lose that
14063s first fight after the hot Drop they
14066s don't really know how to play from that
14069s disadvantaged position that varies have
14071s been the most aggressive and the most
14073s outfitted team in the lobby if they lose
14076s that then they can very quickly lose
14078s their sense of way yeah absolutely I
14081s will say though to this in in favor of
14083s GTE typically if we see them lose like
14085s an early bite that needs to shatter them
14088s we we see them lose quite a few early
14089s Vines today and they've actually still
14091s been able to get good leads they're
14093s doing how to play well
14095s so I actually feel there's an element of
14098s they've obviously been working on
14100s whatever's been kind of baking their
14102s their kind of mental going in to each
14105s game and you know they don't look as
14107s nervous to take some fights like they
14108s used to they they don't look like taking
14111s a single loss it seems to affect them
14113s like it used to they're definitely a
14115s team who've kind of got their head
14116s screwed on in the right place the
14117s question is is
14118s exhausting they're playing six games a
14120s day they've obviously been very kind of
14123s building up towards this Saturday
14124s wouldn't have been a quiet day for them
14126s they're gonna be coming into this Sunday
14128s matches feeling very very kind of wired
14132s and geared in from playing so many like
14133s practice matches and scrims and all that
14136s [Music]
14140s Grand Final and you are now in those
14142s last three games that home stretch is
14144s all about keeping that energy up for
14146s these next three games they're all going
14148s on tomorrow side all night well let's
14149s see what the uh the hero slight's gonna
14151s look like not a single board head in
14154s sight I'm a happy boy
14160s however ewg Alliance going to be running
14163s it GE they're also not Fielding the Yoda
14167s instead they're going to be running to
14168s Caterers that burst damage with txj and
14170s the matarian lyd on that supported for
14172s Tammy GG going to be Fielding alongside
14175s a lot of these other teams building
14177s towards that that Yodo previous position
14180s now you served by acos as we talked
14182s about it Yoda does feel like the beat in
14185s terms of burst damage here at the moment
14186s obviously eclipsed by a conclusives on
14188s the A and cicada on that highest perch
14192s on the ass
14193s so Phoebe why do you feel that like the
14195s Yoto
14197s as much because Saul from oug what that
14200s can do in the final Circle why why do
14203s you think that Yoto is so much lower
14205s than the priority right now
14206s well after akos does the old you know
14210s that kind of does you know around if not
14212s more all the damage that Yoda old does
14215s you know he still has his old he still
14216s has that the you know dominance with his
14220s um it's the uh you know unable to be
14222s staggered by light attacks when he's
14223s jumping white then he has the purple
14224s priority on the lunge which guarantees
14226s an uppercut you know after
14229s um he just he's still able to cause a
14230s lot of you know damage after them and
14233s Yodo just doesn't have that you know has
14235s that that really dominant pull but
14237s octopus has more that's kind of why you
14239s see that value for rage so to speak
14242s that's what it is you burn you invest
14244s you invest your raids and you get a
14246s higher value out of it makes sense it
14247s does make sense why that seems to be the
14249s case it's having a quick look at the
14250s maps and where everybody is dropping uh
14252s Jay team they pretty much always drop uh
14256s someone's arrest that is one of their
14257s most comfortable drop spots and they
14259s will be joined by a bunch of other teams
14260s because they're not the only team that
14261s drops there oug they just start out with
14264s purple armor that is the that's where
14265s this game starts in them uh a purple
14267s dual sword purple armor oh my word it is
14271s that they have full control of GrooVe at
14274s the moment battery are going to contest
14275s them forward the reason is that all
14276s three of these buildings top middle and
14278s lower when you break those boxes you you
14280s get money you also get items from them
14283s that's how they've been able to take up
14285s so much loot so quickly on the problem
14287s is that jinyu is actually falling
14289s incredibly oh we'll be able to push on
14291s to my man using those dual blades to
14294s such devastating degree as the new
14297s despite falling low in that first
14299s opening going to be able to survive
14301s oud's SS taking it upon themselves to
14303s lead the third partying then just away
14306s from the majority of his team is xcg
14309s have now also come to play there's a
14312s reason that these teams want their space
14313s they want the coins they want to be able
14315s to roll for soldiers before that first
14317s gate of Yang spawns up so they can have
14319s that leg up but they're going to have to
14321s pay in blood for that privilege as
14323s Knight HQ is under the fire of that
14326s Acres ultimate just doing so much damage
14330s you want to talk about value for rage
14332s there it is sansi with the increased
14335s Mobility as well as that massive damage
14337s burst that acos provides in the ultimate
14340s uniform rips for oug an absolutely
14345s dismantles them
14347s that's so sad as well for OG because OSS
14350s is their player who's got that good loot
14352s start he got the purple armor the purple
14354s weapon and then immediately is hounded
14357s and taken down to so many teams in the
14358s area this is a absolutely bloodthirsty
14361s start to the game OG did not want to be
14363s wasting any time they wanted to get
14365s those kills they wanted to get those
14366s loots and Snowball the game after what
14368s was that amazing game number three but
14369s has crumbled a little bit for them
14371s losing SS at the beginning of this one
14373s there's a sleepwalker I'll keep the
14375s chase up onto bowdo here
14377s seeing if wbg can close that Gap pippy
14379s with the purple armor and the blue
14381s nunchucks is uh pretty heavily set up
14383s here it's actually a uh purple pull
14385s sword as well for Sleepwalker so very
14388s effective it's gonna try and get the
14389s lock down with that Viper stun is gonna
14391s connect Moon not breaking that one down
14394s there you go wbg able to pick those
14396s kills up
14397s and now it may chase a little bit
14399s further and is that event system is 98
14401s was watching the fight from a rooftop
14402s but not hidden so it's just gonna take
14404s himself a smack Avengers all got purple
14406s armor I feel a bit all geared up right
14409s now which is crazy at this point in the
14411s game absolutely boring
14416s that is two wbg members down they have
14418s two people with purple armor and purple
14420s weapons yeah well one of them they
14422s picked up from oug remember oh you do
14424s you find purple armor very quickly on
14426s but then finally just dismantles as us
14428s who had it were able to to pick up one
14430s from there and then they've covered a
14432s lot of ground too with some really high
14434s tier Globes uh to be able to pick
14437s themselves up a second set of purple as
14440s fantasies that you will be able to take
14441s them wvg's PP but it is my man not gonna
14444s be able to find that connection of the
14446s Viper ultimate as they are able to push
14448s ntp outside of it and the thing is that
14451s uh vendors still have ultimates to play
14453s with as well they've burned the Witch
14455s and TP yes but I believe wx18 still has
14457s that Vibra ultimate so unfortunately
14460s better even if they know where they
14461s reach in tp2 can't push that engagement
14464s otherwise they're walking right into the
14466s stunt setup is TE have also been able to
14469s equip themselves with loot but not kills
14471s as bioda actually chose to rubber band
14474s back onto Ventus or oh this could be
14477s devastating that's the Viper ultimate
14478s that we were talking about the double x
14480s planet does go down but Sans is able to
14483s trade line TT Falls as he however
14486s isolated away from his team might be
14488s called out silence does connect as well
14490s onto sansi so he's not able to use any
14492s of his utility to make a break for it as
14495s Marin's able to push onto the you know
14497s that the acos has been moved away but
14499s suddenly coming back in with the
14500s ultimate looks for the connection onto
14502s the members of bioda the more members
14503s that he hits the more damage that he
14505s does Windward comes through but Santi
14506s has my own incredibly more and has to
14509s step up to the plate to absorb the Dead
14518s and replenish himself yes
14521s confirmation into the head and says he
14524s walks away with the clutch that was so
14528s insane how did he pull that off
14530s hey guys
14532s motivated
14535s the aqueous value it's it's it's insane
14539s that's twice we've seen at this one game
14543s that just is just getting spoon-fed
14545s kills they're Nine Kills in by the way
14547s already like this is an insane amount of
14549s kills somewhere somehow J team have been
14552s able to pick up three kills so it's it's
14553s at least they started off fairly strong
14555s it's t this time who started off a
14557s little bit slower a little bit more calm
14558s and uh Gs are actually already out of
14561s the lobby that is them eliminated as our
14563s first team out very early on into this
14565s game as uh let's say ter on the hunt
14568s here see if they can find any teams in
14571s the area as Alliance are just clinging
14574s to the walls I'm waiting to see if they
14577s can get their skill rushes off onto
14578s anybody who comes in Springs their trap
14580s it does look like the sandstorm comes
14582s out to you have found out onto these lot
14584s they get themselves whole bunch of
14585s damage off immediately with that long
14587s sword BBV they're just grouped this is
14589s so easy here for Te with this com to be
14593s able to find this one as in comes the
14594s interrupts in comes the follow-ups in
14597s comes the finish-ups as down te will
14600s take
14601s the lives of the alliance members one by
14604s one Lynn Falls is only one left lucky
14606s gonna have to pull a miracle out here
14608s and they're just being juggled around
14610s never fight cicada inside their minds
14613s because you're just too clustered and
14614s you're gonna eat so much damage yeah
14617s that was pretty brutal that was pretty
14618s brutal Ivan for Reliance though they
14621s were kind of stock right they didn't
14623s have anywhere that they could really run
14625s to and if they've been able to find a
14627s connection of a viper ultimate that same
14629s advantage of the scenery that played so
14631s well into te's hands of that Decatur is
14633s there for the Viper as well as we're
14635s going to get to see how Jay team was
14637s able to come in with those cuts
14638s potentially as a 101 TM breaking out of
14641s that Viper Sun now immediately pushing
14643s on back these members of GG really good
14646s Tammy with connection as well for Eagle
14648s to be able to grab these members of Fiji
14651s and just hold them in position so the ga
14653s team can turn that Focus to the players
14655s around them entirely unimpeded and they
14658s will be able to find those for refills
14660s as we can have a look at uh oug fighting
14663s outside has been Zone unfortunately it
14665s looked like they were chasing down xdd's
14667s young Nan who had no choice but to just
14669s throw the Viper to the Wolves so that
14672s Knight HQ could try to make a break for
14675s Freedom towards the shop and maybe pick
14678s up a Reaper of Dramas JL having a little
14681s bit of a Lola game also running
14683s alongside that Acres going to oh I
14685s actually do pop that no wall Zone just
14687s so that they're going to be able to free
14689s up a little bit of time to go through
14690s that Rift Hayden I want to talk about
14692s vendors for just a little bit longer
14694s because it should be noted Ventus was
14696s one of the teams in the last chance
14697s qualifiers who actually experimented
14700s with acos in fact they were the only
14702s team who experimented with acos and it
14705s didn't look great I'm not going to lie
14708s but you can see that in the downtime
14711s that they've had between Last Chance
14712s qualifiers and these finals they have
14715s been working on getting the coordination
14718s of this Acres composition down to an
14720s absolute art and it means that Stanzi
14722s already has experience on the hero and
14725s understands exactly how to use the tech
14727s kit that poopy was highlighting to an
14729s absolute devastating degree
14732s they picked up very quickly they
14735s practiced on it and they are looking
14736s really really formidable with it uh J
14739s team I don't know I've got eyes on right
14740s now just on the edge of some wings rest
14742s are getting themselves in to this realm
14744s of Yang they want to be taking it
14745s they're going to be taking up jjh
14747s because they're a quick look at their
14748s soul Jades not the most equipped but
14751s either way I think they'll be pretty
14752s happy with this and see if they're gonna
14755s be able to pull this win off versus jjh
14756s remember J team they need this game to
14758s go well for them if they want any hopes
14760s of catching up with the other teams who
14763s are starting to pull away from them on
14764s that top end of the table as uh ZK opens
14767s up on the water gets clanged down does
14768s fair amount damage to his uh Shield
14770s there has got the ultimate it's gonna
14772s get the charge through Godsey takes a
14773s bunch of damage Sandstorm comes out ZK
14775s does eat a Takeda himself but gets the
14778s free man stagger back is gonna get the
14780s arm to back up to Eagle though caught
14781s out by the width Hector hits on to ZK
14784s he's trying to dodge away catches out
14785s another F onto the members got one left
14788s in the tank but in comes the counter
14789s from water ZK switches out into another
14792s pole sword has still got that last
14794s charge has actually used it sorry it's
14796s gonna get some damage off here for the
14797s moment as one on one TN is being caught
14799s out caught up on a Hector once again
14800s finished up nice and simple J team
14803s struggling crumbling only DK left and
14807s he's got to somehow pull off the one
14808s versus two his health bar is liquefied
14811s and jjh take the win oh that's tough
14815s zedke actually brought the blue focus on
14817s that pole saw twice the first time he's
14819s able to get it past the Parry he beats
14820s the parry and then is able to throw the
14822s blue in front of it the second time JJ
14825s have rised up to the Antics they know
14826s that the blue is being thrown and they
14828s are able to time the power and we do see
14830s that the backup pulse would come through
14832s to be able to put the blistering Edge to
14834s work but because that case so occupied
14836s he hasn't actually been able to use the
14838s pulse Hood to Zone space for Jay team to
14841s be able to work with as a result he's
14844s not only removed from the fight with
14845s that Decatur ultimate just doing very
14847s little that J team are looking for to
14849s just lockify a kill down before the
14850s ultimate runs out he's not in position
14853s to be able to peel when a lot of
14855s aggression comes down onto his two
14856s teammates with that pole so to create
14858s that space and stop jjh from just
14861s stagger locking those members and J team
14863s now are in a really rough spot not only
14865s in terms of the leaderboard we've talked
14867s about it but so much of the post match
14870s they need need to have a good game
14873s they're going to be needing to pick up a
14876s good fight in the next three minutes and
14878s a half otherwise they're going to go
14879s down to Yang depletion yeah the Jazzy
14882s just got a bounty on jjh as well so they
14884s know where they are if they want to go
14885s try and take that rematch but maybe not
14887s quite feeling that they do cgg gonna
14890s catch Miskin with the grapple there from
14892s ZK has got his ultimate up and ready to
14894s go when he wants to fire that output
14896s they're actually deciding not to take
14898s the fight versus GG and maybe actually
14900s looking to try and get some revenge on
14901s jjh they know where they are but that's
14905s three minutes now at this point
14907s this is risky this is real risky from
14909s them but they're going for it
14912s but not only is it risky because it's
14914s taking them longer to actually be able
14915s to push onto the team they know that
14917s there's another team in the area so if
14919s they try and run away from jjh now
14920s they're going to be going into a third
14922s party if they take too long again
14923s they're going to go into a third party
14925s yeah absolutely well DK already catches
14928s onto water water loses a lot of HP
14930s immediately throws down the ultimate
14931s himself DK's been caught trying to get
14933s some damage off Waters already caught
14934s Jane team this is a much cleaner fight
14937s this time around as Godly getting
14939s himself chunked out Zeke is keeping the
14941s pressure up onto him trying to avoid out
14943s the Whisk this time Gumby just can't
14945s move j teams they look like a different
14947s team from the last fight last time they
14949s fought these guys Godly chunks Godly
14951s healing up as much as possible but
14953s finally he is gonna go down there goes
14955s the birds might on them and JJ hey as
14957s soon as they let the more as play as
14959s soon as they get the blessing the buff
14960s from that Roma Yang they are instantly
14963s going to be losing it as 101 TN will
14965s make quick work of it cleanse there for
14967s JT six kills in they're gonna be happy
14970s with that probably not the way it went
14972s about but at least they do walk away
14973s with those extra kills and they don't
14976s have that debuff on anymore it feels as
14978s well that they immediately diverted to
14980s judge age because they understood the
14981s composition that jjh were running and
14984s you can see that adaptation coming from
14985s foreign
14989s depletion but also for that potential
14992s third party to prevent it from coming
14994s into play and so they just throw in the
14995s Tammy lockdown immediately pushing onto
14997s one player and finding that number's
14999s advantage that they're looking for is
15001s Juventus are able again to put this
15003s across to such devastating impact
15005s because we are going to see our lines
15006s having to use Lucky's Yodo ultimate to
15009s try and clean a little bit of space away
15010s from ventus's follow-up on to that the
15013s wx98 with the follow me to jump on the
15016s nunchucks only has to use half of it
15018s he's got dragons Rush that nuncho charge
15021s is building up by the second and he
15024s knows exactly where Reliance are trying
15026s to Scamper away to the wujin TP gone
15030s look he's got a bounty on his head as
15032s well and Ventus are coming to collect
15034s the swap onto the range just to try and
15037s deter Ventus break this Shield so that's
15039s why I can come in with this Viper
15040s ultimate stands Incredibly Close is not
15042s going to actually be able to break away
15044s now for suspension us into using that
15046s which end tv neither online support
15048s themselves a little bit of time they can
15050s look to try to lengthen the distance
15051s between themselves and vendors who were
15053s immediately coming back in understanding
15056s that both the Witch and TP and the Viper
15058s ultimate are going to be on cool and for
15060s Reliance and Ventus despite just using
15063s that witch ntp they've still got wx98's
15065s Viper ultimate they've been able to
15067s isolate Swan chasing him away from the
15069s pack and it looks like Alliance are just
15071s conceding this one player no Lynn comes
15074s back in he steps in front of wxi looking
15076s for the fuel looking to create an
15077s opening so as one can actually try and
15079s turn this onto them
15082s oh
15085s there's able with the nunchucks to
15087s escape a little bit that's a little of
15089s the blue shop finishes them off and it
15091s was looking so good for Ventus but a
15093s lions turned the fight on its head
15096s beating Avengers into thinking that
15098s there's a free kill and then immediately
15100s rubber banding back in as lucky charges
15102s up the scours go straight into them no
15104s way
15110s no way did they pull that off
15114s Lynn jumping in singing I can be your
15116s hero baby that actually Saves the Day
15119s for Alliance Zorn does go down but they
15122s are gonna be able to pick him up in the
15124s nick of time Junior HR in the area
15126s though so they need a run real quick but
15129s Alliance
15130s the EU theme coming up huge there and
15134s actually five kills deep into this game
15136s absolutely phenomenal stuff from them
15138s they get all of the good armor from
15139s Ventus as well and venters are out of
15141s this Lobby that is that is horrifically
15143s bad for them jail might be getting their
15145s hands on a free uh Rama Yang unless Jay
15148s team off V are feeling it they are
15150s waiting it out as long as possible
15152s seeing if someone wants to come in and
15154s maybe third party or maybe they just
15156s don't want to risk it again they did
15158s lose their last one but they're all
15160s waiting out as much they are really
15161s waiting for this actually I mean look at
15164s that calm they're running your tummy and
15166s we've told us a month about a hard time
15167s you can be problematic in running into a
15170s gate of Yang but J team decide to take
15172s it
15173s yeah they lost their last one let's see
15174s if they can win this one this time they
15176s are playing into Eurasian version of the
15179s a close comp jumping down ZK immediately
15182s strips as of his armor lovely charge
15185s click there gets the ultimate down and
15187s as is just gonna be put in the blender
15188s throws his ultimate out but if the acos
15191s goes down quick this is going to be
15192s problematic caught up in the air trying
15194s to jump away for the moment tele
15195s transform comes out from one thing
15197s Zeke's taking a whole bunch of Damages
15199s they're trying to get onto AF not
15200s letting him get an opportunity to help
15202s next shock of the up comes out from ZK
15204s gets a whole bunch of additional damage
15205s onto AF they're trying to play
15206s Interrupters situation is buying time
15208s here the health bar is going very low on
15210s ZK but same for as and Zu once one thing
15213s times out ZK should be okay he's trying
15215s to just dodge away but he thinks stagger
15217s he's being pinned he's being locked down
15218s but the turnaround here for j-team is
15220s seems goes down they're almost through
15222s the Uhn transformation and ZK has
15225s refused to die eagle jumping up in the
15228s sky one thing caught that and he is the
15230s only one left standing J team with a
15233s nominal Victory here inside the realm of
15236s Yang and they're making it look so good
15239s they turn it around it looked really
15242s rough but eagle and ZK and when I want
15246s you and just refused like you said to
15247s Die the fact is that gay just does not
15249s go down and continues to be able to
15252s Hound pressure from the sidelines with
15254s that pistol sharp chipping away at those
15256s honors is so huge for jtm because not
15260s only does that mean that they're going
15262s to be able to not have to worry about
15264s finding gang depletion's albums they are
15267s also able to scale into the next area of
15271s this match because they're able to
15273s immediately open up a box and boost
15276s their armor that they were running
15278s because they needed that loot they
15280s needed it badly not as much when you're
15282s running that one composition because
15283s obviously Decatur ultimate doesn't scale
15285s with it but you still want that Lifeline
15288s to be able to pressure the teams around
15290s you where maybe if a team like te runs
15294s into a team and they see blue armor they
15295s say Okay green light we can immediately
15297s crush them like gnats if they see
15299s Legendary on they go into second guess
15301s so PB what do you think the j-team did
15304s right in that second round which they
15306s did wrong in the first uh altember
15308s definitely uh if you noticed uh
15310s especially like when they came back and
15312s fought uh I can't think of the team but
15314s the after they had lost uh they jumped
15316s on the exact same team after the Bounty
15318s uh yeah they did they had they initiated
15321s a lot quicker uh all the odds were down
15324s and the position to split the uh the
15326s positioning of the other team was
15327s attacked was also a two Factor but
15329s mainly uh the how quickly they're using
15331s their alts
15333s um that sets uh like you don't you don't
15335s there are times when you want to be the
15336s second o but there are also times when
15337s you want to be the first alt and in
15339s those situations they that where they
15341s won they were the first holds that were
15342s that were used that's definitely plays a
15344s big part in the tempo of the olds being
15347s used and then being able to come out on
15349s top
15350s in the past as well I'm sure Jake you
15353s remember the the days of gates of yangwa
15355s we would see eurasians just hold on to
15357s that second transformation and allow
15360s double grabs to come through JT was one
15361s of them most problematic when it came to
15363s holding onto those ultimates so it's so
15365s good to see that they've identified that
15367s they need to sometimes be that
15368s aggressive team making that first move
15370s and that to me screams that actually
15372s what happened there was they they kind
15375s of after that last loss figured out
15378s immediately what went wrong
15380s the actioned it so so quickly that is
15383s that's definitely a discussion they had
15385s In the Heat of the game you know they
15386s were okay we took JJ outs this time out
15389s because we were smart about how we how
15391s we ran that fight and that's exactly
15393s what they then went and did into the
15394s next round of Yang also another thing
15397s which uh we did this out they didn't
15398s keep getting caught by Tammy wisps
15402s are connected in that first round of
15404s yang right like they just kept eating
15406s them uh JL uh are currently chasing one
15409s for a girl here they finished with the
15411s Acres uh and the uh Decatur comp going
15414s here they really need to find some kills
15416s and I say that as they kill moons they
15418s will be able to cleanse one person with
15419s the diva the rest of the team are
15421s keeping the pressure up on onto the
15422s remainder of members of bowder jail just
15425s healing off as quick as possible and
15426s then one thing to keep this Chase going
15428s they have caught out on zumaumont and
15431s mountain will be next up in the meat
15433s blender that is JL another cleanse comes
15436s through they're gonna make sure that
15437s goes over to one of their players
15438s there's wbg Jing chasing bowed as lion
15441s TT and herding them towards jail almost
15444s to help them get that cleanse going as
15446s Jay team though are in the area and
15449s we'll be looking to maybe pick up a
15450s couple of kills the cleanse comes in JL
15452s are gonna be happy off the back of that
15453s one as wbg chasing up forward so with a
15456s lot of ultimates committed by JL they
15458s just want to disengage they do not want
15460s to be hanging around as well
15462s oh no one thing missed the sold them the
15466s kill came through from jail but he isn't
15468s actually able to pick up the solvent
15470s because ug intrude in and they all just
15473s have to book it
15475s that is really bad that is really bad
15477s for them
15478s we gotta try and heal up and get away
15480s but like you said they need to keep the
15483s fight going now but they've got that uh
15484s Soul bloom
15485s that hasn't been quite ticked off and
15487s unfortunately it does look like one
15489s thing with 18 seconds left yeah you have
15492s to alt too to be able to escape but he's
15495s about to go down he's gonna have to drop
15496s ultimate early if he wants to be able to
15498s pick up that solvent he's just leading
15500s all of these players in the area away
15502s from his two teammates but look at the
15505s loot because they'd lost their gate of
15507s gang jail is still sitting on blue armor
15510s yeah they are a little bit weak
15512s unfortunately and down they go nice and
15515s easy kill there for jjh bit of a freebie
15517s a rebirth charm was picked up so they
15519s will be able to get uh Zu back it's not
15522s the end of the world Fallen but the
15523s problem is is we're very late in the
15525s game if they can find a place to go get
15527s that Revival the major problem they're
15529s gonna have is they can have no gear like
15531s you're spawning in with Greg here at
15533s this point you're gonna be significantly
15534s weaker than the rest of the lobby
15536s they're not running Tammy either because
15538s they fielded both the uh and Takeda and
15540s ecos they don't have an ultimate to just
15543s log down tomorrow's blessing and
15545s immediately pick up for being this late
15547s in the game without gear and speaking
15549s about without Gear Well maybe JJ has
15551s stolen it all because
15554s goodness the yellow yellow in this team
15556s they are making out
15561s loud
15562s ever I've seen one I did feel that like
15565s this uh revive might be a little hard to
15567s pull off when he is standing next to the
15569s soul holder like how are you gonna be
15571s able to pick a teammate up uh
15577s no and uh one thing okay that's not
15580s getting used
15581s Jay team actually giving a little bit of
15583s extra damage out there are just gonna
15585s pull some away they're gonna grab
15586s whatever they can off the back of uh as
15588s uh Karen there's one on one TN also
15591s making his way back to J team J team we
15593s said then he did a good game they are
15594s having that good game they're going to
15596s go do a little bit more shopping Brad as
15598s good a loot and as good a setup as they
15600s can
15601s before this game does come to an end
15603s seven minutes left on that timer
15607s it's gonna be actually 25 people in the
15610s lobby I expect it's to go a little bit
15612s more slow for the next couple of moments
15614s just while the circle's fairly large
15615s it's fairly easy for these teams
15617s especially with the current terrain to
15619s kind of find a tree or a house to
15620s Scuttle in and just kind of wait out
15622s wait out the storm
15624s of the upcoming action again it's sort
15627s of everyone eyeing up that estate that
15629s they want to be in control of when the
15631s ultimates come through you want someone
15633s who you're going to be safe from the
15634s Poke phase or the buccaneer face as you
15636s like to call it as we're seeing all of
15638s the swaps come through te with the
15640s musket this time around I haven't seen
15642s them actually pick up a flamer she asked
15644s yeah so that's that's a little bit of an
15646s anomaly for uh to eat today but hey
15648s Morris blessings start spawning up so
15650s maybe they're able to pick one up there
15652s but for cicadas they want to be able to
15654s find these buildings they want to be
15655s able to find Space where they're going
15656s to be able to hold up and hold on to
15659s that ultimate for as long as possible
15660s but the Viper again High Ground jail by
15663s the way it felt like we're actually able
15665s to get that rebirth off this is why you
15667s is unfortunately so tragic that they
15670s lose two players in the process they are
15672s still in this lobby but it's only their
15674s Takeda Left Alive since they had to
15677s sacrifice those players when they went
15679s to this Altar and were subsequently
15681s caught out by all of the teams
15683s surrounding it waiting for an easy kill
15685s to come their way as J team a little bit
15689s more out in the open at the moment not
15691s really pushing towards the central belt
15694s of the Zone sticking towards the fringes
15696s which is something that we have seen Jay
15697s team prefer to do since it keeps them
15700s out of focus from all the teams around
15702s them and make sure that they're able to
15703s hold on to resources for as long as
15705s possible as oud are just threatening the
15707s space essentially shouting out hey we
15709s have dragon sludge don't come closer
15711s boys you're gonna be put in a blender
15714s oh the waiting game starts lint there's
15717s a little bit of poke as they try to uh
15719s get himself set up in a tree but he's
15722s very much just a waiting game at this
15723s point I'm having a quick look at the
15724s overall scores t uh d e currently have
15727s three kills ob3 but J team are leading
15730s the charge with those 10 kills and if
15732s this game continues to go well and they
15733s win the lobby then the sweat may start
15735s for Te going into those last two games I
15738s did say for chasing my pretty horrendous
15739s uh horror off though so there is at
15742s least probably a little bit of comfort
15743s going okay well next maps are off but
15745s see there's still plenty of people left
15747s in this Lobby for them to kill so keep
15748s our eye on how they actually play out
15750s these next few stages is uh just using
15753s those uh multi-shot foe with the flavor
15755s the flame Arrow sorry on to Sleepwalker
15758s no Sleepwalker onto who's up the tree
15760s I've forgotten already uh thank you
15762s water
15763s um
15764s which is ironic because of his names
15766s they should probably put out the uh the
15767s fire tickets
15769s unfortunately not so much as oud's SS
15772s with the Viper ultimate not actually
15774s able to find the lockdown onto jlcu but
15776s has done enough to be able to push them
15779s back as it is just coming down to who
15782s wants to control what space version TP
15784s coming out to be able to evacuate from
15787s the top of tree and again now use
15790s another team using it the problem here
15792s is that when you use that which end TP
15794s you don't know where you're tping to a
15796s lot of the time with how fast you have
15798s to be at choosing your location as Yao
15800s Lily is going to actually be able to use
15801s that Viper some we'll be able to connect
15802s onto two but it's so low announced that
15804s you just have to scroll back off the
15806s tree and instead becomes an opening for
15808s ewg's u-run to poach away the kill
15811s asleep is going to be able to get tea
15814s feed onto the top of the building roof
15817s with that Viper ultimate looking to lock
15819s the players down on the low who would
15820s try to take advantage of the Morris
15822s blessing won't be able to find a kill
15823s but is doing a very good job of securing
15825s that space with wbg but PP on the low
15828s ground goes into the blender that is a
15830s coordinated full free stack of J team
15832s and disappears
15835s yeah that's gonna be the 11th kill over
15837s the planet once again
15839s the golden armor and flamers I don't
15842s understand how they do this but it
15844s always consistently have flavors every
15845s game today they've been able to pick one
15847s up and uh just using that to kind of buy
15849s themselves a little bit of space with a
15851s quick uh old weapon switch in the Cannon
15853s Hill up there for vvv it's uh it's just
15856s gonna find opportunity ZK the rest of JT
15859s quite happily actually holding on to
15860s this High Ground
15862s getting the cannon shots down building
15863s those rage bars off as much as possible
15865s ZK does eat a cannon shot for the face
15867s and a repeating crossbow but uh follows
15869s he may be forced off that High Ground
15870s now unable to really do too much about
15873s that as uh jjh take themselves the top
15875s as ZK jumps in tries to try it he go
15878s check them as Phoebe told us about
15879s earlier is able to actually successfully
15881s ego check them but at the cost of most
15883s of his golden armor is going to use as
15885s an opportunity to heal up behind the
15886s wall and get some of that armor back
15888s because he's just keeping the cannon
15889s fire going as lyd losing a fair amount
15892s of HP here miss Kia stepping up there
15894s comes the flamer just to kind of took
15896s away a little bit of miscares HP two and
15898s a half minutes left on this lobby as
15899s lucky is being toasted inside the inside
15903s the zone and down he goes vvb able to
15906s secure that kill there for the final
15907s tick in the flamer is JL or eliminated
15910s from the lobby very early on at this
15912s point there's still eight other teams
15913s left in the lobby as it does look like
15915s wbg and the rest of the Sleepwalker has
15918s jumped in on that to the e-boys but
15920s they're gonna get knocked out of this
15922s game not going to be able to do too much
15923s yeah jjh actually taking himself a fight
15925s with a JT but in comes a massive
15927s Lockdown from SS onto the whole Lobby
15929s huge lockdown the king doesn't actually
15932s close up onto J team but they do take
15935s out the JJ H members water does go down
15937s uh DC101 TN go down to uh t e l y d able
15941s to pick that kill up the ZK has not got
15943s his ultimate ready and available yet
15945s he's gonna get himself boxed back into
15947s the zone and it's all about te who are
15949s starting to take over this entire circle
15950s there's so much controls so much demand
15953s over this circle quick wushen ultimate
15956s out from oug to get them out but they
15957s are gonna lose SS in the process to the
15960s cannon and eagle goes down Jay team are
15962s eliminated and te they can now start to
15965s round up these kills and close out this
15968s win they've pretty much got it as a
15969s Surefire thing ewg ping out and te need
15973s to be stopped there becoming a problem
15975s for everybody here the king is caught as
15978s he jumps away to safety BBB still
15980s feeling very comfortable got a all
15982s health bar his arm has been Stripped
15984s Away but he is gonna heal up on the low
15986s ground while he has the opportunity Iran
15988s goes down to the zone as lyd finishes
15991s him up and this is just a couple of
15993s players to finish up here for the side
15995s of te they're playing this so flawlessly
15997s this final Circle and the flame are
16000s coming in GG are eliminated and T
16002s creeped ever closer to getting another
16005s win under their belt in these Grand
16007s finals and it's been just a phenomenal
16010s performance from the the tree is slowly
16012s but surely fading away from the players
16014s they can't stay airborne for long and as
16016s they drop down they drop into the Jaws
16018s off the side of CE so Louis gonna try
16022s the 1v3 it's not gonna happen until you
16025s take the win I mean tea are just gods of
16029s final Zone I think there is no other
16031s team who rival te in being able to come
16036s so quickly up the leaderboard if you
16039s were looking at the percentage they're
16041s sitting on something like
16043s 24.7 of the chance of walking away with
16045s an MVP at the start of zone six
16047s collapsing into zone seven and by the
16050s end of it it's rocked it up into 86.7 in
16053s a matter of moment a large part of it is
16055s down to just weapon identity they have
16057s such a good read of of grabbing things
16059s like a poor sword and swapping to a
16062s significantly different weapon Tempo
16064s than they had in the past when they're
16066s going into that sort of Buccaneer phase
16068s another part of it is just the fact that
16070s they've been able to get a hold of the
16072s flamer and they will I I think Tia
16074s probably the team that used the flavor
16076s the most out of all of the teams in the
16079s pro league at the moment they're
16080s definitely the ones who have it the most
16082s prevalently and don't just have it in
16084s the back pocket they will actively use
16087s this weapon to be able to either push on
16090s with the fire to can eat for your
16091s resources or push you towards the back
16094s of that zone forcing you into players
16097s who are a little bit behind in terms of
16098s that rage meter so that their ultimates
16100s can be up for as much time him as
16103s possible they've got really good reads
16105s of how to use those two significant
16107s weapons to just dispatch all of the
16110s teams around them
16111s anything to add on that poopy uh any any
16114s kind of how do you get a control like
16116s that like that they just took over that
16118s Lobby in the final moments I mean te
16120s went into that end zone with three kills
16122s like just they were they only had three
16124s kills there wasn't oh there wasn't too
16126s much uh but PE they ended with
16131s you know they just ended with a bang
16133s they they came out they controlled the
16135s lobby I think the biggest part in order
16138s to do something like that is to have
16139s such a strong uh
16142s awareness of just where everyone is you
16145s know old management I guess you always
16146s want to have an ultimate uh the rotation
16149s available so if one notes down you know
16151s you have another one coming up and just
16152s positioning as well and te was able to
16154s just
16155s dominator
16157s yeah I mean they are looking like a
16159s formidable photo and I feel that wind
16161s there makes oeg and JT even really
16164s nervous because that was a pretty big
16166s ending there yes j-team had a lot of
16168s kills that game but they went out quite
16170s early so their kill multiply will be
16171s there they were late enough to have kill
16173s multiplier but like not what they wanted
16175s not what they needed at all so Jay team
16177s needed this game to go right for them
16178s and it just felt like the Mobby turned
16180s on to them at the wrong time and they
16183s just started they just crumbled in that
16184s final Circle you know we saw some life
16187s on them that that initial uh Rama Yang
16189s went horrifically and they instantly
16191s recognized the problem jumped out got
16193s their revenge on jjh then jumps into
16195s another rubber Yang and makes it look
16197s easy in that second round of Yang
16199s started to round up a whole bunch of
16200s kills and then they just started to fall
16202s apart and now they're moving the holler
16204s off it's a place where they normally
16206s drop a city a tang and we don't really
16208s see many other teams drop at City time
16209s we haven't seen a couple of teams
16210s sometimes go oh it's not our first pick
16212s but we'll drop there and those games go
16214s okay for them but Jason were a team who
16217s if nobody drops on them and they don't
16219s have that early fight then they don't
16221s have a fight at all they just they they
16222s play really nervous almost for some
16225s reason like they haven't warmed up for
16226s that game because they haven't had a
16228s spawn fight uh so I definitely keep my
16230s eyes on what the drop spots are gonna
16232s look like going into holler off into
16234s game number five
16235s um we're quickly going back to that now
16237s T getting another big win for themselves
16240s 29 Points 15 kills coming in there jjh
16243s do go out in second 19 and luckily for J
16246s team that's a 17 point game for them but
16248s when you're looking at that and going
16250s that's a lot of points being put and
16253s that Gap is just growing further and
16254s further apart and odg has still
16257s consistently bought scoring above 10
16258s points even on a rough game like this
16261s one it's definitely on J team now they
16263s need to have two really pop off games
16265s but at the same time T also needs to
16267s have kind of middling games for Jay
16269s seems to feel comfortable and able to
16271s catch up to team yeah the problem for
16273s jtm as well is that on that game they
16276s were running their strong longest
16277s composition does matter like they
16280s started to Pioneer this receiving
16282s alongside cicada and temi composition at
16285s the very start of the season and it was
16287s so strong that other teams had to copy
16290s them and unfortunately for them they've
16293s burned one of those picks of that
16295s composition they'll probably be saving
16296s the second pick that they can make of it
16298s or potentially that game number six or
16300s maybe we see that a cup composition come
16302s back for them that they had so much
16303s value with on Friday but the problem for
16306s J team just continues to grow because
16307s not only did they not pick up an MVP on
16310s this game te the current Rivals who are
16314s sitting at that number one spot
16316s presently were able to pick up that mvp
16320s and I mean I don't know who's going to
16322s take MVP off of of kills I would say VPP
16325s is finally able to hit the double digits
16327s and go from nine to ten but lyd also
16330s encompassed him in terms of damage but
16332s in terms of kills was lagging a little
16334s bit behind like te are just so good at
16336s synergic amazing to make sure that their
16339s damage is consistently across the board
16341s equally matched by all of their players
16343s on a pretty easy scale
16345s yeah I mean this was uh how they started
16348s their game that uh fight over GG we're
16350s able to get the stuff really nice little
16351s win there and uh honestly event doesn't
16354s look quite scary for a moment in this
16355s game
16355s absolutely they were just they were just
16358s given so many kills and like this was an
16360s insane play by fancy able to get that uh
16363s that heal from the soul Blue Mountains
16364s and that was the Difference Maker
16366s because he would have died there at the
16367s Moon otherwise it must be moving another
16369s shutting down uh but then after this
16371s moment it just felt like teams kept
16373s walking one by one into them like it's
16375s like kind of that bad Ninja movie where
16377s all the all the bad guys throw
16378s themselves a hero one after that and
16379s then we got to Alliance and they threw
16381s two people instead of one yeah
16384s and uh here you guys it definitely just
16387s kind of closed this game out golden pole
16389s saw on txj I mean that's a scary concept
16392s especially when our golden puzzles
16394s coming out of invisibility from Atari
16396s like oh
16397s that's rough that's real rough it's the
16400s uh
16401s it's a pretty rough one for them to play
16403s around but obviously this is the the
16405s moment in the game where we have a
16407s slightly uh it's like shorter break so
16410s what happens is the the players are
16412s going straight to horror you know they
16413s they don't have much time to kind of
16415s relax and get themselves back together
16417s they're probably just gonna be talking
16419s about okay what went right what went
16421s wrong we need to do what went right two
16423s times now or we don't take this title
16426s and Jay team best so this is the closest
16429s they've ever been taking a domestic
16431s title this is the closest they the world
16434s champions have ever been to take their
16435s own title they've never had that they've
16437s only taken the global one and he's dead
16440s he's just coming he did get it oh he did
16442s there we go double digits everybody
16445s let's go
16447s damn BBB popping off stickers I talked
16450s about him being just one of the best
16452s vipers but we also talked about his
16453s flexibility and I mean you can see it
16455s here in full absolute amazing Decatur
16460s coming in from him and
16462s he's gonna be happy with that one off
16463s the back of that
16464s lovely little win there for this for him
16466s and his team and
16468s over to the side of te they are two
16471s games away
16472s two decent performances from taking it
16475s all and while I said about Jason they
16477s are also a team who while te are a new a
16480s team to the League this roster have been
16483s playing together for a very long time
16485s formerly on fpx a team who everybody was
16488s excited about and used to really get a
16491s bit hyped up about
16492s they still were never able to make it
16494s work so this is their moment it's either
16497s gonna be t or J team realistically
16499s you're gonna be taking that out but I've
16501s still got my my eyes and myself course
16503s oeg could be the team
16505s Cactus all off guard in that final
16507s moment yeah AUD have really been proving
16510s I think like oud are in a really good
16512s chance of over passing J team at the
16516s moment but in terms of properly favored
16519s team I I think te if they have one good
16522s holiday you've done it moxie
16526s look we have to say it okay because fft
16528s you do good great that game number six
16531s is going to be a nice lap of victory for
16532s them if they do they do and some other
16534s teams start coming up behind them then
16536s we have a really good game number six in
16538s our hands where there's a lot of
16540s pressure and absolutely nothing to lose
16544s to just risk it all for the biscuit on
16547s that last game of the day because I mean
16549s you're not holding out compositions for
16550s another map afterwards you don't have to
16552s go past your 15 hero Point rule this is
16554s the last two matches in the entirety of
16557s season one so may concern we I mean
16560s we've never had um
16562s we'd never had a go going into a game
16564s six where it's basically decided it's
16566s always been still like 10 points between
16569s them and very very possible uh so it'd
16572s be crazy to see if T actually dudes find
16574s a win here in this Final in this game in
16576s holler off and then basically make it
16578s where like it's nine impossible for a
16580s team to pass them we've never had that
16582s in Iraq because that would be really
16584s really bizarre speaking of good things
16585s though uh if you want to grab yourself
16587s some Treasures uh how many kills do you
16590s get in game number 10 was it a11b 12 C
16594s 13 or D15 make sure you answer in the
16597s switch chat uh once you do get your
16599s answer in if you do win you'll be
16601s whispered so make sure you check that uh
16602s that uh was for Vox and then grab
16604s yourself some limited great choices uh
16606s poopy I still got a little bit about
16608s your predictions going into these last
16609s two games where are your eyes at have
16611s you got any uh any any future Dark
16614s Horses I think WBZ are out of the race
16616s so anybody you want to uh renew your
16618s love for or do you think are you Moxie
16620s and you uh is your faith in Te now fully
16624s cemented well given that Moxie just cast
16627s across de and my faith is now in JT
16630s taking the win
16634s a great thing about this approval side
16636s we have Acres compositions okay we have
16638s we have sansi it's so nice to just talk
16640s about like the tech and say that this is
16643s something we could potentially see to
16644s devastating in fact and then vintage is
16646s just like you want to see Acres okay
16648s here you go it has a gorgeous Showcase
16650s of Acres now I I feel so bad for Ventus
16652s because they went from such a good high
16655s like the Euphoria of being able to
16657s clutch out that fight to the lowest of
16660s lows are falling for ye old bait and
16662s switch coming through from Alliance I
16665s love a lion so much they have some
16667s amazing memorable plays they were they
16669s were the first team that really properly
16670s started using those invisibility bushes
16672s so just play Ambush around teams that
16675s random password remember the time that
16676s Eliza just stacked all of their players
16678s inside the purple and this is invis Bush
16680s Jake and waited for a team to run right
16682s past item Zone tick and straight into
16685s all of them oh it was gorgeous yeah a
16687s lines are a team who are always just fun
16689s like they're just a fun team they don't
16692s unfortunately
16694s the greatest performances but they are a
16695s fun team that is a pretty daunting climb
16700s for both those you and JG uh Jakey I'm
16703s sorry I so I don't think I can cast to
16707s kill someone of his title
16709s oh Moxie you really underestimate your
16711s power
16713s the great thing about this by the way is
16715s now that poopy said J team if either of
16718s you are wrong the other the Caster
16719s cursor and if I use G win then you're
16721s both cast to curses and I'm amazing
16724s um
16728s right alongside the king yeah that's
16730s oiji I hope you do that put me on an Ace
16733s card I'll give you a better picture from
16735s the one we use where I had long hair
16737s um no but realistically for this game
16739s for these two games to go that bad for
16742s tea it's gonna have to be rough like his
16745s his scenario where J team wins they
16748s either go to 30 bomb games or 230 point
16751s games back to pack and then they catch
16753s up and overtake a little bit by that
16755s point or
16757s whatever sorry that anti you get zero
16759s points two games in a row or t continue
16762s to score you know eight seven points a
16766s game and then suddenly those seven eight
16768s points are now an extra 14 which means
16770s you need to have like 35 36 point games
16773s a 36 point game I believe is a 20 bomb
16776s and a first place for 36 points so
16779s yeah it's it's a it's a hard climb it's
16782s it's mathematically possible
16785s statistically improbable but we still
16787s have two games to go it is naraka and
16791s this is a game where it generally seems
16794s to always come down to the last moment
16795s this might be the first time where that
16797s in that whole storyline is broken
16800s I kind of low-key want a CTE in this
16803s game so the game number six is really
16804s exciting that's what I want I I'm gonna
16807s be real you that's that's what I'm
16808s betting on here it's game number five is
16810s gonna be an absolute Banger and it is
16813s holler off uh morning I believe uh so we
16817s may see some Transformers come out on
16818s this map it's not uh like our previous
16820s game where we had the horror off night
16822s with the uh with the meteor shower and
16823s all that
16824s um I'll be curious to see what it's
16826s actually gonna end out looking like uh
16828s what they what what people are gonna be
16829s comfortable for because the great thing
16831s about the current meta is we talked
16833s about hero points honestly teams aren't
16835s spending that many hero points the most
16836s expensive like unit in the game right
16838s now is probably your tammys because
16840s that's shared between multiple comps
16843s um so I actually think going into this
16845s game
16846s I'm excited to see what the hair is here
16848s so that's gonna look like because I feel
16849s we'll start to see some teams go it's
16850s monk or nothing now and then some teams
16852s go no hyper aggression Takeda yotos uh a
16855s classes and stuff like that and I think
16858s we're gonna have a bit of a split I
16859s think some teams are going to lean on it
16860s and the question for me is what a tea
16862s gonna pick up because I think if T pick
16864s a monkey
16865s I'm not gonna say I lose all faith in
16866s them but I'm definitely gonna lose a bit
16868s of faith in them because I think they've
16869s looked better on though on like on our
16871s Trifecta comps more than the
16873s transformation comes
16875s see again it calms down to how they can
16878s control the Zone they do it in a couple
16880s of different ways when they're running
16881s the Takeda composition they play to keep
16884s the cicada alive for as long as possible
16886s and we'll just prioritize getting a full
16889s sword and being able to run perimeter
16891s around all of the players when they play
16893s into a monk cup composition they've
16896s actually played a punch off of teams
16899s around them a lot of the time te will be
16903s the one to trigger monk ultimates around
16905s them but they won't actually monk all up
16908s they'll be the only ones holding on to
16910s an ultimate as all of the other monks
16912s around them domino effect
16914s coach sometimes just wait for the cry
16917s number two who can potentially hit
16919s number
16921s but like tea have always just been
16924s amazing at being able to understand the
16926s tempo previous talked about our ultimate
16928s management making so that they always
16929s have something to be able to cycle
16931s through and that's what te do best they
16934s are really good at making sure that
16936s they're always the one at the end of the
16937s day in control no matter what part of
16940s the final Zone they've always got
16942s something extra to throw on top as
16944s opposed to all of the teams around them
16945s because they have played quietly up
16947s until that collapsing Point they've been
16949s burned out of ultimates they've been
16951s burnt out of resources and they have to
16952s just panic and throw everything that
16954s they have remaining at the wall and hope
16956s that something sticks yeah absolutely
16959s um
16959s it's it's hard to add on to this because
16961s we're in a point where like we've got to
16963s stated the major things right like
16966s are they gonna be playing this I'll even
16969s defend that
16970s things have to go very right for both UG
16972s and JT before the second win here and
16974s things have to go very wrong for today
16976s to lose their grip hold on that top spot
16978s uh poobie let's talk a little bit about
16980s team comps then what do you want to see
16982s out of these comms what is what has
16983s impressed you about each comp with each
16985s team and like what comp do you think
16987s suits like the likes the J team what
16988s comes you think so you g t e you know
16991s for the big three right now what are you
16993s wanting to see in these last two games
16995s he just seemed like a jackable trades I
16998s saw their monk game they played they
17000s played it phenomenal it was it almost it
17003s looked great they saw the their uh their
17006s Viper Lucian team it was extremely
17008s strong I saw the Box comb the salmon
17011s okay
17013s they have it you know but I think it's
17015s definitely they've done their homework
17017s they need to do and their end zones even
17020s even more outlined they're just a really
17022s good team for
17025s for Jay team
17027s and one comp's been looking a little
17029s rough but they're a Takeda the Decatur
17031s teams are looking very strong so I give
17033s them the cicada you know Decatur wuchen
17035s Viper
17037s um
17037s [Music]
17040s going into this game I want to see a lot
17042s of uh I want to see I want to see
17044s something that stands out you know I
17045s want to see a team that decides to go
17048s against the curve maybe the Justina we
17049s were talking about earlier you know I
17050s want to see I just want to see something
17051s something uh that the team realizes we
17055s need something big in order for us to
17057s you know make it so they they pull it
17059s out
17060s alrighty well we will see as we're
17063s getting into game number five of the day
17065s 11th of the grand finals and that is
17069s what I'm talking about teams none of
17071s this monk nonsense all of this action I
17075s am so here for this cicada's coming in
17078s I think especially for easy
17080s oug and J team they needed to pick these
17083s bumps because they want to find as many
17085s kills as he has aggressive as possible I
17087s want to see Jay team and ougie Hot Drop
17089s if they want to contest they're at the
17091s point now where
17092s are they just gonna be playing for prize
17094s money and their placement overall or are
17096s they actually gonna be playing for Glory
17097s that's that's the real question they've
17099s got to ask themselves right now and
17102s well I guess we'll get a proper answer
17104s on that of how they drop and where they
17106s look to go yeah t by the way looking a
17109s little bit different they have a Viper
17111s in play but this is
17113s all of their base discovered not just in
17115s compositions but in Heroes vvv is the
17118s cicada player this time around txj is
17121s actually going to be moving over to flex
17123s onto the Viper Leo staying and retaining
17126s that wooch and roll going to be able to
17128s play that support and teleport te at us
17130s oh hey look it's it's a hollow rough and
17132s J team are dropping where is it City
17135s attack who could have called that this
17137s time around they are going to have some
17138s company out of it in the form of GD so
17141s immediately for J team they're not gonna
17143s get that bubble of safety that they've
17146s become solo custom too I was talking
17148s about Bubble of safety well salvation
17150s Podium is also going to get that one
17152s burst very very quickly three teams
17154s dropping into that surrounding area so
17156s they can try and solve that puzzle as
17157s quickly as possible but as we've seen in
17159s the past the team that makes it to
17161s Salvation Podium first doesn't always
17163s come out on top because ballista control
17165s tends to be what the team's coming after
17167s them cries yeah and interestingly te on
17171s the bottom of the map they are so far
17172s away from anyone they know this game
17174s just needs to be chilled they just gotta
17176s they're gonna grab loot they're gonna
17177s take safe fights and they're just gonna
17179s play for later later gameplay good
17182s placement
17183s to get as many points and keep
17184s themselves in a comfortable position if
17186s they jump in Hot Drop lose a fight then
17188s immediately lose another fight and get
17189s zero points that's when they start to
17191s get a little bit nervous going forward
17193s so for them it's just about putting us
17195s enough points on the ball to be
17197s comfortable but they don't need anything
17198s big uh oug they have dropped in an
17202s unbelievably hot drops for location so
17204s expect to see a whole bunch of action
17206s breaking out there so they could Farm up
17208s a whole bunch of kills there J teams
17210s looking for GD they have actually
17212s spotted out uh one of the players here
17214s Kate has been caught by 101 trying to
17217s keep the pressure up onto MK gonna try
17219s and take to the rooftop interrupt coming
17220s in from 101 tnk what's his Armature as
17222s she goes to charge quick with the katana
17223s vertical strike comes in from dong Shing
17225s he's got the purple armor J team need to
17227s find this fight win here over the
17229s shoulder they go as kekaishi is taking
17231s down that's one already for J team now
17233s looking for another one onto GD Eagle
17235s just going a little bit low but is able
17237s to hold fast for the moment ultimate
17238s almost builds up here they've got the
17240s healing coming in dong Shing losing a
17242s bunch of HP Eagles to jump into that
17244s fight as well and join the rest of the
17245s cmk keeping two members busy as
17248s dongshing also doing a pretty good job
17249s on that the knock-ups are coming in as
17251s dong ching is gonna actually catch the
17253s Zephyr on they're gonna heal him down
17255s and there we go J team start with three
17257s kills oh look at the positioning as well
17260s when they're going up against dongling
17261s one player in front one player behind if
17264s the bluff gets thrown out one person's
17266s gonna be able to find the Parry even if
17267s you go for the 180 turnaround really
17270s good team play coming through from
17271s j-team to make sure that they have all
17273s scenarios covered for as like you said
17276s tea actually being a little bit far away
17278s from the action not coming up in terms
17280s of leaderboard just yet which is
17283s something we don't typically tend to see
17284s coming through from them so good to see
17286s that they've acknowledged as long as
17287s they're able to play for survivability
17288s in those final zones they can just post
17290s the amount of points that they need to
17292s be able to retain that figurehead
17294s position as opposed to trying to have a
17297s little bit too much of a glorious last
17299s two games and going out incredibly early
17301s opening up either OU energy or J team to
17304s take the title away from them JL another
17307s team that has impressed trying to push
17309s onto GG at the moment as on that cicada
17312s taking that point position looking for
17314s the engagement grapple connection does
17315s come down on to Alexa but no follow
17317s through the hyperamicom science JL have
17320s been baited at the moment into taking
17322s ballista fights so they're going to have
17325s to be incredibly careful that they don't
17326s go too far away from the base of the
17327s tower as GG are able to use the fact
17330s that they're boxed in on this space to
17332s make sure that they're able to burn down
17334s one thing and now it's just a
17336s so the blue gets instant buried in GG by
17340s baiting JL into taking a fight in such a
17343s really rough location we'll be able to
17346s find the pick but GG now will be able to
17349s hold on to that ballistic even longer Zu
17351s going to be caught with one shot is able
17354s to use the Wisps to make sure he
17355s survives any follow-up but GG aru in Hot
17358s Pursuit they know it's just one person
17360s left for jl's team and they want to make
17363s sure that they get this full Squad wipe
17366s actually had a pretty rough Hot Drop
17368s they dropped got one kill and lost two
17370s players so that was uh not what they
17372s needed is that miskier is just gonna be
17374s checking all of these purple bushes
17375s doesn't check the ones you use in yet
17378s but lxm is coming forward spots him
17380s catches him out wait
17383s um
17384s wait what he backwards rolled and he
17387s didn't say yeah
17389s no
17390s way did he actually get away with it
17394s because they think
17396s here we go
17399s check the bush what
17402s they were like we know he's around here
17405s somewhere hold on a minute something's
17407s not quite right oh my goodness the
17409s backwards roll we finally get to see it
17413s that was insane that was so cool
17417s just grabbing themselves some loot
17419s already got purple armor purple long
17421s sword now for txj as well on the uh on
17424s the Viper he's quite happy with that one
17426s actually got himself some pretty good
17428s Lucas wall because vvv also has that
17430s purple armor it's it's got to be a
17432s little bit nerve daunting for txj to be
17434s playing Viper with vvv on this team as
17436s uh you know one of the best vipers in
17439s the world I Moxie always corrects me and
17441s says the best Viper in the world
17443s um
17444s but we also didn't see one of our vbv's
17447s MVPs today came from Decatur so they are
17450s also very very capable with catering you
17452s know if someone's got to play it vvv has
17454s been putting the numbers in like you
17455s said earlier 10 MVPs this season for BBV
17459s hit that double digit so almost makes
17462s sense but in a way but they'd rather
17464s give the carry over to someone who has
17466s really proven their their worth and
17467s their capability as a carry for the team
17470s yeah it was lovely to see as well
17472s because a lot of the time when we see
17473s like the the players talking their VTS
17476s Tha is considered the god of naraka and
17478s he absolutely is and this is I think the
17481s problem with tea this is why a lot of
17483s people were disappointed with that
17484s performance last year this is a god-tier
17487s roster right these players are
17489s absolutely stacked they are the best at
17492s the heroes that they play in if not the
17494s region the entire world when they're
17496s playing at their absolute Peak and they
17498s have been playing the absolute a game
17500s today as the oug might unfortunately be
17503s handing the team that they're currently
17505s chasing down an L as as is looking to
17508s find this lockdown with that Takeda
17510s alongside that balls which is doing so
17512s much damage with the hit confirms Viper
17515s ultimate outcomes Brew but as it's able
17517s to break around the corner we'll be able
17519s as well to use that scale rush to make
17521s sure that he's able to push on to bioda
17523s before they're able to open up the
17525s distance between them off of the back of
17526s that Viper ultimate forcing oug back if
17529s you see man I'm just trying to hang
17531s above as this head looking for that drop
17534s down connection but Asus is still able
17536s to dislodge him as wbg now coming
17538s through for that third party tell me
17540s ultimate going to be dropped right on
17542s the exit catching on to all of these
17544s players as immediately That Base replace
17547s it so much harder for anyone to escape
17549s really clean third party coming through
17551s from wbg as lion TT is the only
17555s remaining player Left Alive about it
17557s waits around the corner trying to catch
17558s onto these memps with wbg with that
17560s pulse or does not want to give the
17562s legendary weapon up but it might
17564s unfortunately be grabbed out of his cold
17566s fingers as it looks like he's not going
17569s to be able to get away legendary puzzle
17571s though doing a lot of damage and
17572s connection with pep blue Focus coming
17574s through to be able to break out of that
17576s grapple cancel that wbg try and connect
17578s on to him
17580s he almost takes PP Darren alongside him
17583s but wbg support with the repeating
17586s Prosper was able to take him down in
17587s time to save his teammates but Gigi have
17589s been waiting in the wings and w do not
17591s get to sit on that Laurels temi ultimate
17593s cancer walking down the members of wbg
17595s Jing is the one that they've chosen to
17597s try to go after the Decatur forced away
17599s Castle ultimate will be able to peel
17601s onto Gigi with it of lxm twice Chaser to
17604s care to go straight into this
17608s to the merciless Hamburg that's Alex I
17611s was taking so much damage can you do
17614s something
17617s please
17622s I'm sure there's the ball sword and
17625s finally lets it rip alongside the
17627s Stagger the miskey had set into position
17629s but we have another team coming back
17632s here to fight with all of this Soul
17633s alter salty running it right back to the
17636s location that they just went down and
17638s now crouching On To Gigi who
17641s disconnected without ultimates without
17642s any resources left in the pocket now
17645s we're able to be taken down as another
17648s him
17649s she wants his very same space but
17651s thankfully for my voice they don't know
17653s which in GP art and we get a little bit
17656s of resp Fighters oh my goodness that was
17658s like four points back to back to back to
17660s back
17661s third party of the third party coming in
17664s there absolutely manic is that ewg
17667s taking themselves to fight here versus
17668s oh geez and he's just not revealing
17670s themselves they are just quite happy to
17671s let their teammate go down
17674s um I'm curious when it comes to third
17675s parties uh poopy how do you read those
17679s situations how do you know when to take
17680s those fights uh is there is there a kind
17683s of math to it or is it you just press W
17685s and and pray
17686s uh it's you want to position yourself
17690s where if you know that there's a third
17692s party you want to be fighting as to
17695s where the team that's third partying is
17697s facing uh
17699s towards you not away from you so if
17701s you're in the center of the two teams
17703s that is not where you want to be you
17705s want to make sure that you rotate so you
17707s always have the team that you're
17708s fighting if there is a third party uh in
17710s the center and typically you just want
17712s to not fight but if you're going to
17713s commit to a fight you just that's that's
17715s pretty much your biggest thing you want
17716s to make sure that you're never that team
17718s in the middle that's being fired at by
17720s two teams or you're being focused fired
17723s while fighting another team so it's very
17725s much about kind of reading those uh
17726s those rotations when the fight's going
17728s on and making sure
17730s ears to the ground for when that third
17732s party does happen there's uh I think
17734s Jason just got a free Roman Yang getting
17736s himself out for a million Birds might to
17738s themselves golden weapons as well onto
17740s Eagle uh with the privately saw the end
17742s of
17744s um the end of oug knocked out of this
17746s game with uh two kills
17748s JT may be able to surpass and grabbed
17751s himself that second place
17753s T still been a very quiet game for them
17756s just 202 points still total so I think
17758s JT's gonna do a bit of shopping here
17761s um they're closer to you though do you
17763s currently hold up from the top on a j
17765s team ah directly north of it
17768s as they might actually run oh they're
17770s not going towards Metabo
17772s so they're not gonna run the teeth just
17774s yet unless they pivot to Lola but it
17778s looks like they're not wanting to they
17780s want to go to where the loot is golden
17782s so they can try to figure out if any
17785s team is holed up in this space just
17787s playing towards the fringes as well this
17789s is a place all that a jtm developed very
17791s early on last year and were criticized
17794s heavily for because they would always go
17795s to the fringes of the Zone first rather
17797s than looking for Loot and as a result
17799s even though they would come in with one
17801s or two kills off of stragglers towards
17803s the edges of the Zone they wouldn't have
17805s the loot to be able to scale and board
17807s into the game afterwards so good to see
17808s that change up of pacing will they look
17811s for the loop first and then they look to
17813s punish the players out of position and
17815s hugging the edges of the zone to try to
17817s not attract attention
17820s well see if uh with that birds might
17823s maybe they're just feeling a little bit
17824s more confident kind of not be on the
17826s edge
17827s there's a maybe looking here for xcg
17831s um xcg are just quite happily chilling
17833s in bushes
17835s the Trap is sprung and GD Gonna Keep the
17837s pressure up a bit hard when there's the
17839s Draco storm but it's gonna be timing out
17841s onto GD not the most impactful of the
17843s bus but either way you'd rather not
17845s fight anybody with any of the Buffs uh
17847s xcg
17848s probably don't have the timer on that so
17850s they wouldn't have realized it
17851s the dragon storm has in fact worn out as
17853s Jay team are actually coming in as a
17855s actual third-party threat onto 18g ACG
17858s now just playing run away there's a
17861s j-team desperate to try and get
17862s themselves some points they need this
17864s game to go well remember they're looking
17866s for second right now but if they want to
17868s get first they're gonna have to have two
17870s very very big games back to back and
17872s only got three kills at the moment they
17874s need to start making something off that
17875s a ZK immediately getting jumped onto
17877s there it's gonna be the ultimate out
17878s though that's your third party I think
17880s it's GD in the distance looking to join
17882s over the wall as the sandstorm gets
17884s caught onto Eagle does get caught out
17887s there by The Whispers Eagle getting
17888s jumped out slowly but surely the flame
17890s is coming out on tonight HQ is using a
17891s fair amount of HP here they still got
17893s that ultimate last pick here on to the
17896s side of ZK it's not HQ is low HP j-team
17900s slow to keep the upkeep on the chase
17902s centers multiple teams actually
17903s collapsing in the area they need to find
17905s these kills before other teams can come
17906s and steal them away in ihq desperately
17908s trying to make a break for it as Jason
17909s keeping the pressure up on him juggling
17911s around ZK keeping the chase on grapples
17914s land malman coming in with the ultimate
17916s to try and lock everybody down but it's
17918s just miles away from the action breaks
17921s his angle on the floor as he hits
17922s nothing and I do believe Jason were able
17925s to pick up a couple of kills but Bowden
17927s now getting turned onto here fighting
17930s they're going to lose their lives very
17932s quickly out comes the Lucian and the
17934s Escape
17935s oh rough unfortunately it's about that
17939s the
17941s closer to Mama which is why he thinks
17943s it's okay to be able to fall from that
17944s high ground and still look for a
17945s connection of the Viper ultimate but
17947s unfortunately in the time that he's
17949s descending it moves away from the
17951s Viper's range and as a result all he
17954s does is provide another kill but lion TD
17955s will actually be able to take down
17957s Legion hand and gd's K has now actually
17960s the one in fire at the moment as he's
17962s going to go incredibly low as gs's Anne
17965s will be able to pick him up and so we
17967s can have a look at the other members of
17969s Judy donkling still not in a great spot
17971s either trying to run away from both the
17973s sng that's the thing that her poopy
17976s talked about not wanting to be the
17977s player in the middle tonking runs right
17979s into the middle of two teams and
17981s immediately is punished for that attempt
17983s to disengagement as we're going to see
17985s it might be xiaohu Toto also getting
17988s taken incredibly low forcing GSM to
17991s actually using that wooch ntp as we can
17994s see all the teams starting to push jj8
17996s looking for an in onto that fight and
17998s pushing on to GS now that they know that
18001s which ntp is gone Godly trying to find
18004s this boy connection onto jehuto who is
18007s still incredibly low they just use the
18009s wish ntp but they haven't actually been
18011s able to find any downtime to be able to
18014s replenish their health bars now behind
18016s the back of that Cliff they'll be able
18017s to no also actually popped punishing jjh
18021s since jsr down ultimates in comparison
18024s so Judy not actually deciding to contest
18027s in the front line opting instead to hug
18030s the edges and wait to see when she also
18033s going to have to move away because that
18035s zone is going to push them outside of
18036s that bubble straight into Godly but
18040s we're actually going to see that she
18042s also going to try to just make it award
18044s the back end of that zone and away from
18047s jjh towards the front but they're going
18049s to be tracking the position of GS is it
18052s gonna be the bait and switch and just
18054s waiting along that lower Edge to see we
18056s have not GTH all going to be intruded in
18058s figuring out whoever they want to go
18060s left or just more than content to sit
18063s and wait for GS to play their hands yes
18066s now outside of that in the world Zone
18068s making a break for an unfrozen Lake I've
18071s potentially been spotted out by a
18074s different team entirely JJ's got tired
18077s of waiting for them and his GG on the
18080s horizon GS have given their pursue as
18082s the slip
18083s yeah are able to break away jtm only
18086s four kills though in this game and yes T
18089s it's been quiet but JDM are quite Far
18092s Behind still they need to put some
18093s serious kills together lucky for them
18095s it's actually in a relatively slow paced
18097s game
18099s um I say lucky for them T is still in
18102s this Lobby and we've been a slow pace
18103s game that's maybe not the most ideal
18105s situation Alliance are actually trying
18106s to jump on the 2J team and take a fight
18109s here Jay team they don't seem overly
18111s interested they gotta pop the no alt
18113s Zone they obviously don't have the old
18114s economy to be able to keep this fight
18115s going in their favor and Alliance
18117s they'll kind of be forced to back off
18118s here it's Jay team gonna take the Escape
18121s quite happy just to uh not get involved
18124s in any of that action the problem is
18125s they are running towards uh GG as
18127s Alexander has been caught out here ZK
18129s just uh getting himself on the flank
18132s behind side of GG I see it's like
18136s there's no flanking it is pure escaping
18138s from the side of J team they're just
18141s folding away from everybody who's
18143s chasing them down and txj for the side
18146s of T puts his team on the board yeah
18148s first kill coming through from te very
18151s shortly followed by a second te still
18155s running that Mystic fight as well so
18156s they are going to have full awareness of
18158s the people around them thus they can
18161s actually taking engagements on the
18162s players that they find because they have
18164s a clear understanding of whether or not
18166s there is a potential for referred party
18167s whether or not it's safe to be able to
18171s look for those openings teacher actually
18173s has a bounty on his head too so
18174s potentially they've been using it to
18176s reverse Bounty onto Ventus so that you
18179s can actually use that Beretta that you
18182s can see above txj's head tracking when
18184s it fills up to know who put that bounty
18187s on your head and how close they are to
18189s you even without something like Mystic
18191s might which is why sometimes we see
18193s teams just opt out of taking bounties
18195s entirely because they just don't want to
18197s give that position up but te having
18199s already found three kills sitting on
18202s ultimates and a massive amount of loot
18204s definitely going to be feeling pretty
18206s happy with themselves when they head
18208s towards the final Zone because oh look
18210s it's a poor sword that's what the weapon
18213s that they've needed that's the weapon
18215s that they always want to have a decade
18216s equipped no matter what map they're on
18219s and they've already got their hands in a
18221s purple scale tier of it that is
18224s scary for the teams around them for sure
18229s very well 12 minutes left in this game a
18232s whole bunch of time
18233s for these teams to get themselves set up
18236s for what is to come but three kills now
18239s into te
18241s and I think for the side of oeg and Jay
18243s team they are very nervous about the
18246s state of this game not being the quite
18248s explosive game we needed from j-team oh
18250s you just not even been again they just
18252s got two kills and got knocked out
18253s immediately
18255s it's gonna be hard for them to kind of
18256s make around a bounce back I think also
18258s but I kind of keep an eye on the lower
18259s end of the table as well because some
18261s teams are going to be fighting for that
18262s top eight spot to get as much prize
18264s money as possible so there are still
18265s teams who have a horse in this race as
18269s uh te right now they know that if this
18272s end game goes really good for them they
18274s just don't even have to worry about game
18275s six like a good end here makes it
18278s impossible for anybody to catch them
18281s especially with the state that Jay team
18283s only got themself four kills so far so
18286s if Jay team end on a low score this
18288s could be the setup for them Jay team
18289s have got pretty good gear uh it's golden
18291s a dagger onto eagle
18294s purple armor across the board I mean
18296s they are set up for this final Circle
18298s it's just how are they going to use it
18300s it's the real question right now and it
18303s is definitely hit a lull in the game
18306s been a very hyper aggressive
18309s um couple of days in trios
18311s yes game one has been very monk favored
18313s so we have seen some slower paced games
18315s but
18316s there are still a lot of people to kill
18318s in this Lobby and J team have a whole
18320s bunch of soldiers they are set up to
18323s close this game
18325s we're seeing Eagle use that for a little
18327s bit of added momentum honors movement
18330s Australian team have been able to spot
18331s another team it is going to be Alliance
18334s do they decide to take this fight or do
18336s they actually prioritize positioning now
18339s that they know what that zone is going
18340s to collapse into looks like they
18342s actually decide to prioritize
18343s positioning problem is tea has done the
18347s exact same these two teams today team
18349s and te both ee on the other hand they're
18352s very flexible they can play the fringes
18353s but they can also play towards the
18355s central belt with a very good style of
18357s being able to throw attention on other
18359s teams around them but seeing that
18362s they're actually going to come under
18363s Fire potentially from J team if they
18366s actually try to hold that zone position
18368s they just immediately put themselves
18371s onto the sidelines of the entire
18373s remaining part of the map they're
18375s playing as safe as possibly can be they
18378s are fully playing for free players to
18381s survive when that zone collapses so
18383s everyone can play off of txj's wife is
18386s done
18388s alrighty nine minutes left
18391s teams are waiting it out
18393s sandstorms kicking up as well
18396s on holler off poopy how do you feel like
18399s the Weber effects can really affect
18400s those final circles you know there's
18402s various different kind of elements
18404s environmental hazards
18406s um
18407s other ones that you're like oh please no
18409s not in the final Circle or do you think
18411s at this point they're not as much of a
18413s problem
18414s definitely the uh the Mist the the
18417s silencing hands that can be like really
18420s annoying this uh the this one where we
18423s have the sandstorm where the loot hits
18425s refreshed it's a higher chance of a
18428s rarity Loot and we have like the wind
18430s tunnels that come up this is a really
18431s good one I love I actually quite enjoy
18433s this one uh but man it's the myth and
18436s the oh also the freeze uh where your
18438s rage is reduced that one's extra
18440s we've had that one recently in a
18442s tournament it was so frustrating because
18443s we had to make sure that we altered
18445s before the uh the ice wind crop up
18449s because at that moment no one has the
18451s old anymore so if you don't use your old
18453s you're not going to get it we actually
18456s saw that in mvpl I don't know if you
18458s were casting it with me Jake but there
18460s was a final Zone that actually collapsed
18462s into a snowstorm and all of the the
18465s players had to use their ultimates
18467s incredibly early I've always liked poopy
18469s said that that chilled me that if it
18470s passes below 50 uh over 50 it
18474s immediately starts to drain your rage
18475s unless you have a campfire and we
18477s actually saw players and teams going out
18479s of the zone to activate those campfires
18482s and pick up that buff so they would be
18484s the only one sitting on ultimates when
18486s everyone ran out of those
18487s yeah that was a really interesting
18488s motorcycle I mean I swear horror off we
18490s have the most interesting vital circles
18492s I'll always remember the one where we
18494s had the fully roller and the door yeah
18496s and the final Circle was on that and it
18498s was just like and what are you gonna do
18500s here this is this is gonna be awful the
18501s best thing about it was it was a monk
18503s only Lobby and they were all like oh we
18506s just don't get to play the game and it
18507s was
18508s it was beautiful it was it was just it
18511s was just everything I could have wanted
18512s oh the rolling pin of Doom remember as
18515s well when we had the entire tiger pick
18517s coming through from players one on Hall
18519s of like first initially released because
18520s they'd figured out that you could juggle
18522s people in to the phony roller if you if
18525s you flip your internet
18528s yes that was amazing I love horror I
18532s love it so much yeah I'm hoping next
18534s season we get more than two games a day
18535s on holder off because I think this map
18537s can be super interesting
18539s um and enough time has passed now as
18540s well that the players are sort of used
18541s to it though the first couple of weeks
18543s on holla off we're rough in in
18545s interviews players themselves actually
18546s like owned up to the fact that they
18548s hadn't really practiced it we had one
18550s final map where um the cognacs were in
18552s play where if you hit them they blinded
18554s you no one understood that's what
18556s happened and everyone trying to poke
18558s everyone else down kept activating them
18560s and no one could see your thing oh I
18562s remember that as well I remember that I
18564s also remember the show match on horror
18566s off when it first came out ended with
18568s someone accidentally walking onto a trap
18570s the last two people were dropped and
18572s died and it was like cool that's the end
18574s of the game I guess
18575s luckily
18577s the players don't have that problem
18579s anymore they uh they do know that they
18582s do understand how uh
18584s how everybody plays on this
18586s um and how to play holler off does the
18588s zone is gonna be forcing a bunch of
18590s these players together there's still 30
18591s players this is a fairly stacked final
18593s Circle and it's been a very slow couple
18596s of moments but with everybody running
18598s into this one building it feels like
18599s things might heat up any second now
18602s they're on multiple flaws though so
18603s everybody's quite happy just to uh
18607s not contest their flaws although it does
18609s look like JT even trying to kick their
18610s tenants below out
18612s um not able to actually do too much
18614s about that though I've got a framer this
18615s time we've seen T have so much success
18618s with the flavor all day long and it's
18619s been a weapon which is slowly started to
18622s kind of disappear out of the meta
18623s because I think repeating crossbows and
18625s Cannon has just been so important but
18628s I guess with the end of the kind of
18630s monkey era and monk not being as
18632s powerful repeating crossbows May kind of
18635s lose some of their uh some of their
18637s value and people will probably decide
18638s actually flame is a great way to buy
18640s space because yeah
18642s right yeah true yes
18647s the fact that it just stops range
18649s projectiles a lot of the time does just
18651s eat into the value of things like the
18653s cannon and the musket even though we do
18654s see it from time to time uh slow shot
18656s and armor appears as a combination that
18658s a lot of players like to be able to roll
18660s if they're running that must get load
18662s out GG love to play it like they've
18664s found so many Snipes they've probably
18666s actually got the most amount of kills
18668s picked up with with the most bit of all
18669s of the teams there's a j team going to
18672s be using that flamer just pushing even
18674s more pressure on all to the teams around
18676s them to be able to hold on to this layer
18679s of four JL doing the exact same at the
18681s moment this time with those Longs of the
18683s horizontal build up from that cicada to
18686s make sure that no one is able to move
18688s forward te currently three kills free
18691s play is still alive as well currently
18693s standing at the top as well of this
18695s building don't think they have a flamer
18697s they were using cannons to uh to poke
18699s everyone down but everyone is not going
18701s to be forced off of that building and
18703s here the floodgates go the teams I had
18705s previously rotated will be able to drop
18708s down from The High Ground with Viper
18709s ultimates everyone else who was sitting
18710s around that building for a little bit
18711s too long going to have to reposition and
18713s they've only got the low ground to be
18715s able to fall into there's J team look to
18718s be able to move away from the Viper
18720s ultimate
18725s that is not what J team needed they
18727s needed these kills Eagle is able to pick
18729s up another one for his team but he is
18731s low HP he's losing teammates he's down
18734s he's out this is it that could have been
18736s JT's moment to finally get himself some
18739s points and close that Gap but with te
18741s still in the game and the two teams were
18743s a major contestants for them basically
18745s out the zipping low the uh decader in
18748s the middle of healing there is only a
18749s tummy so it's gonna have to be a huge
18751s work play from Jay team as I say that
18754s and they're actually out I'm an idiot uh
18756s it does look like tea though this is
18759s they're going to be set up for although
18761s GG with seven kills may just be able to
18764s sneaky cheeky win out here same for ewg
18766s with six kills remember the bottom end
18768s tables there's a massive amount of money
18770s it's a fight higher up you end the more
18773s money you can get so you can be jumping
18775s a lot of places here on these bottom end
18777s table spots where all the points are
18779s relatively low and one pop-off game
18781s could genuinely jump you six seven spots
18784s in the table
18786s that's a lot of additional money all of
18788s these teams are just playing around this
18790s this High Ground I see te I see uh GS
18793s where's ah there's Gigi okay hanging
18796s around the edges of the zone out of
18798s sight from a lot of these players just
18799s looking to use those range weapons to
18801s snipe away some of these kills as misky
18804s and now is actually going to challenge
18806s for space so that GG have this uh room
18808s to be able to play around not only do
18811s they have the long edge of that zone to
18812s be able to poke damage into we've also
18814s got the back of that clip to fall back
18816s onto if they take pressure from all of
18818s the other teams around them this is
18820s going to be devastating potentially for
18821s everyone playing at the top of this
18822s building eventually they're going to
18824s have to give up this grind and walk into
18825s Gigi who are going to be set up for to
18828s kill the distance and ultimate
18829s connection of teams vvv is going to be
18831s brought down by wbg's Jing txj now the
18834s next one to come undefire doesn't have
18836s that Viper ultimate to be able to use it
18838s to throw all of this aggression off of
18841s his back he's going to try to scare us
18843s but he isn't actually able to charge it
18845s up before the hyper armor not able to
18847s sustain him from that stagger and as a
18850s result it is going to be txj going down
18853s as well and now GG making that move
18856s Tammy ultimate locking anyone down able
18860s to push onto anyone who tried to poach
18862s away those kills onto te misky is hit by
18864s the Phoenix we'll actually be able to
18866s tap Dodge back towards that zone but now
18868s he's going into that flame as we're
18870s seeing Alex I'm just throwing wisp after
18872s wisp into jjh's faces so they can try
18876s and find a connection onto one of these
18877s players and lock them down looking for
18879s that opening as Gigi still leading the
18882s kills at the moment in terms of this
18883s Lobby are in the best possible position
18885s to walk away with MVP
18887s absolutely keep your eyes on JL though
18889s they could make a miracle come back at
18892s the end here maybe let's try and take
18893s third it is within realm of contestion
18895s for them they've got three kills already
18897s view though heavily chunked out the jail
18900s trying to press up they are able to get
18902s a kill Oh They'll sleepwalker's able to
18903s get a kill onto xiu but they may try and
18905s just get the revive off but this is
18907s taking way too much damage from that
18908s High Ground the flight the repeating
18909s crossbow coming in yeah desperately
18911s trying to find the pickup onto their
18913s teammate I believe they're actually able
18914s to get the revive off there for them
18916s cutting down the GG on this low ground
18919s high percentage chance of winning this
18921s Lobby and they're just using that stuff
18923s the absolutely phenomenal
18925s um effect is uh not only does monk up
18929s outside of the zone and he's gonna try
18930s and now he's playing parkour to keep
18932s himself up Sandstorm comes down so he
18935s has a bit of space to work with is able
18936s to grab onto lxm and he's gonna slam him
18939s out into the Zone looking for the
18940s re-grab but Godly as you're losing so
18942s much HP they're trying to jump in as lxm
18944s does go down GG lose a player and
18947s suddenly he doesn't a bit of a rebound
18948s coming in there's a bit of a return
18949s around here jjh getting themselves up
18952s onto The High Ground trying to keep this
18953s game going for themselves at the moment
18954s one thing coming in there's so many
18956s players left as this final Circle has
18957s fully collapsed and down goes two teams
18960s in quick succession it's all about ewg
18963s and JL who's suddenly within a chance of
18965s winning this game ewg just pull it out I
18968s don't know who won
18971s this is WBT
18973s no no no wvz when I used to go ah is
18976s this child I'm guessing
18979s oh my goodness it was oh no ewt there we
18982s go the camera I'm like that's not easy
18985s that's bwg there they are ewg walking
18989s away with that one it all fell apart for
18992s GG at all they had it unlocked and then
18996s just in the blink of an eye it slipped
18998s through their fingers like fun
19008s very slow moving game number five and T
19012s probably very happy with that one all of
19014s their Rivals were knocked out with
19015s minimal kills
19016s I think it's still very it's still
19019s mathematically possible but the odds are
19021s like you're looking at like a five
19023s percent yeah you've actually been able
19025s to catch up going into this game number
19026s six it's gonna be a very very rough one
19029s for them and uh I think tea are probably
19031s quite comfortable with where this game
19033s has ended for them yeah maybe if they've
19035s got a little bit more points they'd feel
19036s even more comfortable but realistically
19039s they've done their work they've had
19041s their good games and now J team oug JL
19046s these guys are going to be playing the
19047s second but that is that is where these
19049s teams are now looking at I mean to put
19052s it in perspective right we were sort of
19053s trying to do the maths and figure out
19055s how many points how many kills JT needed
19057s one at JT Motorway with the MVP on game
19060s six on Friday they posted 37 points with
19064s 20 kills so they are going to have to
19066s surpass that if they want any chance of
19068s being able to contest TV but I mean the
19071s problem for j-team is that they've been
19073s playing incredibly slow today and if
19077s they played that Tempo by the time
19079s they're actually ready to make a move
19081s there might not be enough players left
19082s in the lobby to actually be able to post
19085s up the score necessary to be able to
19087s Eclipse te and te like you said they've
19090s played the slow game that they needed
19092s they've been able to retain that first
19093s place position game number six they can
19096s go all in they could go as aggressive as
19098s they want and they've been holding on to
19100s this Yodo I don't know if this is when
19102s we're going to see that Yodo F1 come in
19105s and he just burned through team after
19107s team after team or maybe they're finally
19109s going to be able to feel something like
19111s that articles but either way it's going
19113s to be a banger of a match I think this
19115s final game is going to be really really
19117s big uh could be any thoughts on that
19119s game and because it felt very different
19120s from any of the other games we play
19122s today is aggressive Lobby uh well
19124s aggressive teams very passive Lobby uh
19126s what are your thoughts I think uh that
19128s that round was really just teams are
19130s trying to play it safe make it into the
19132s end zone and then we had like a I think
19134s it was like a three-way draw at the end
19135s I don't think I think there are three
19137s teams that were still alive and the
19139s lobby had timed out so although like all
19142s the all the teams were like aggressive
19143s team comps they weren't really like
19146s jumping on double each other they
19147s weren't really uh playing extremely
19149s aggressive as the comps you normally
19152s experience with these clones so it was a
19154s bit of a different pace and I think only
19156s the last game we're definitely going to
19158s see teams ramp it up just to try to get
19160s those kills on the board I hope so that
19163s was you know I I don't like Miss news
19165s first game I like it when it's kind of
19167s mindless aggression so I'm I'm hoping
19168s Moxie's right and we do get like the F1
19170s Yoto and they're just like running teams
19172s down and I actually don't care who does
19174s that whether it's t or if it's uh or if
19176s it's even Alliance like I just I want to
19179s see one team
19180s go hyper aggressive and take this game
19182s over
19183s um
19184s I mean realistically I'd love to see a
19185s miracle come back but like that is we're
19188s talking you're gonna have to break a
19190s kill record to make that Miracle
19191s comeback happen and it also has to be oh
19194s Yeezy the T also have to get zero points
19196s it's the odds of it happening are so low
19199s right now but it does feel like tea are
19201s pretty much set up to take it all in
19203s this final game and it's
19206s it's a hard one it's a hard ass though
19207s it is genuinely a very hard ass on you
19210s know the actual end outcome of this game
19213s um
19214s because I mean we do we never know it's
19216s naraka like teams just seem to flip on a
19218s dime half the time remember the two
19220s teams we've got our eyes on are coin
19221s flip teams T have been way more
19223s consistent but they are still a little
19225s coin flippy they still have you know
19227s they've retained some of that uh some of
19230s that style to them I think they're a lot
19232s more they're a lot less likely to go for
19234s that coin flip and make that mistake
19236s like they used to but either way
19238s anything can happen it's not racket but
19240s let's have a look at the scoreboard and
19241s see how everybody fared after the end of
19243s that game ewg coming in with a big win
19246s there 15 points for themselves GG had
19248s 15.5 it was marginal it was like one
19251s kill difference between them wbg
19253s actually did come in with three kills uh
19256s sorry third in 14th Place with eight
19258s kills that was a very close lobby that
19260s was a very very close love event is the
19262s only team walking away with a donut
19265s yeah te doing what they needed to though
19268s being able to post up 4.9 points yes J
19270s team are ahead of them this leaderboard
19273s not overall leaderboard that's the
19276s worrying thing for this team right we
19277s said that you never want to be in that
19279s position where it comes down to needing
19281s not just a pop-off game on the last game
19283s of the day but needing a record-breaking
19286s oh and J team if they want to be
19289s able to finally win a seasoned title
19292s they're going to have to make something
19294s magical happen as uh it's going to be a
19297s real tough ask for both oug and jtm
19300s essentially it's going to come down to
19301s whether or not te survive the first
19303s couple of zones because if they do if
19306s they're able to just post a decent score
19307s that's around about five they've got the
19310s title in the back yeah absolutely I mean
19312s ewg there's a nice win for them it
19314s should put them up the standings
19315s somewhat uh they obviously have some
19317s work to do if they want to get more
19319s prize money obviously impossible for
19321s them to actually take a win
19322s um well I mean they can win the lobby
19324s they can't win the day unfortunately
19326s um but you know for our bottom end teams
19329s it is definitely about that placement
19331s where teams are going to be sitting
19332s who's going to be getting what points
19333s remember the higher you set up the more
19335s World points you get I mean I can't
19337s remember the cutoff is for worlds points
19339s in the in the top into the lobby but you
19341s want to be within those World points
19343s area you want to be in as much prize
19344s money area as possible and uh J team it
19347s started right for them they dropped into
19348s the attacking an area they're very
19350s comfortable and know very well they got
19352s another team dropped on them and I
19353s genuinely think Jay team are one of the
19355s best early team fighters in in the whole
19357s uh in the whole nbcl they're so good at
19359s taking like these immediate drop fights
19362s but half the time they feel very high uh
19365s very hesitant and shy to do so
19368s um and it's a bit of a shame because JT
19370s Murray team who they're very confident
19372s slow fully in the sense where like
19373s they'll take that first bite and then
19375s they'll snowballer into the next fight
19376s in the next fight in the next fight and
19377s then they put lots of points on the
19378s board but they dropped they got those
19380s kills very confidently very easily and
19383s then after that they just they kind of
19385s just struggled to be honest they uh they
19388s weren't really able to um
19391s they weren't really able to to kind of
19393s find anyone else to take out and fight
19394s and they just they knew that so much was
19396s on the line but maybe it got for them a
19398s little bit too much well I mean the
19399s problem was that guy got caught out by a
19401s Viper and when you lose that can you
19404s lose that decay to that figure out of
19406s this composition he's the main damage
19409s component right in that composition he's
19411s the one that they have to play to keep
19413s alive so that in final Zone you can hit
19415s into all of those players with that
19417s Decatur ultimators we're going to
19418s actually see Yao Louis uh coming in with
19421s his second MVP absolutely Stacks in
19424s terms of soldiers in fact doubling up on
19427s hotstar for kicks you don't get two
19428s silences that would be absolutely broken
19430s but this stat boost alone off of having
19433s two legendary Weaponry soldiers is
19436s through the absolute roof sometimes even
19438s if you don't use the weapon that the
19440s soul Jade actually elizable you still
19442s take it just for the Buffs that it
19444s brings alongside
19445s yeah I mean we're seeing a lot of kind
19448s of uh it's weird because soldiers were
19450s such a bizarre matter like I think about
19452s like season two where like we genuinely
19454s saw some monks just running like range
19456s Soul resists because they weren't like
19458s people weren't investing and using their
19460s dark tycoins to roll for soldiers that
19463s we do see now and like seeing someone
19464s with like three Soul gold soldiers was
19466s like wow that's pretty impressive now
19468s like as a minimum we see as most teams
19470s who win have like three soldiers per
19472s player as like a minimum at some points
19474s like people are way more uh way more
19477s interested in investing that high points
19479s into things like that over getting like
19480s the top tier Moon Bay chance for example
19483s um but like Everything's changed like
19486s you think about like back to season one
19487s and season two like
19489s a 17-point game was quite big and now
19492s it's like yeah that's a good game but
19494s like you could have had bigger we see
19496s teams get like 36 points on the regular
19498s like we see really really big point
19500s games coming in like a 17 point week
19502s used to be big a 70 point day now is
19504s considered okay like it's crazy how much
19506s how much things have changed now like
19509s how people are way more eager to fight
19510s way more eager to kind of understand
19512s whether you said Dark Side coins and I
19514s think remora's blessing as well also
19516s means you know there's way more
19517s resources on the map for people to use
19519s so I've seen way like more stacked uh
19523s final circles uh where everyone's kind
19526s of really really geared up I'm I'm
19528s excited going into this game number six
19530s I think we can all say pretty safely
19532s that we think uh uh the tea are gonna be
19534s winning this this uh this Grand finals
19538s unless a miracle happens I'm curious
19540s about where everybody else thinks the
19542s other stuff's gonna be going so poopy or
19544s who have you got your eye on going into
19545s this final game
19547s honestly I
19549s I was you know I was really hoping wbg
19551s would uh would put themselves in the on
19553s the board today but
19555s boys had a had a rough day but it's okay
19557s a rough season mate don't worry season
19559s yeah but
19560s I think J team going to do their best to
19563s come out second here and uh
19566s I'm hoping you know oug has a good game
19570s you know a good game but I want Jay team
19572s to have a better game that's what I'm
19574s wanting
19575s boxy
19577s it's problematic right because j-team uh
19580s creatures of patterns and habits we've
19584s talked about how often they've dropped
19585s city of tanglin holler off how often
19586s they've dropped Sun Wings rest on Morris
19589s Isle te could actually macro play this
19593s and Hot Drop on sunlings just to take JT
19597s might oh ug can do the same too
19599s right because we know we know that I
19603s gotta go the teams also probably
19605s understand where J team's going to go
19608s and OG immediately all sort of gets a
19612s GPS track on on J team's initial
19614s location if they do indeed a hot Drop
19617s back onto sunlings and that's going to
19619s inform my decision I think J team are
19621s going to be hunted down both by
19624s t-e-n-out and that oeg off of that early
19627s knockout onto J team are gonna be able
19629s to keep second okay so here's here's
19632s your first here was another mistake you
19633s made there yeah you're totally
19635s forgetting about JL uh I actually think
19638s there's a world where we see oug and JL
19640s take foot second and third in this Lobby
19642s or in this get in this over all Grand
19645s finals I think if JL wanna want to do
19648s that you're completely correct we will
19650s see teams dropping on top of someone's
19652s rest I think Dale might be in that
19654s cluster of teams so I am so excited for
19657s getting number six we'll have to see
19658s what's going to go down but before that
19660s we will cut to a quick break and then
19661s we're back with game number six we'll
19662s see you in a moment
19664s foreign
19679s it didn't hurt more
19683s sigh Calamity Rising
19691s [Music]
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19703s wow
19714s [Music]
19728s thank you
19730s [Music]
19735s foreign
19762s version
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19778s okay
19782s thank you foreign
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19849s thank you
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19885s [Music]
19898s [Music]
19935s all right
19939s hello everybody and welcome back to the
19943s mbpl we can see the overall scores
19945s before we go into the sixth and final
19947s game there are a bunch of teams here at
19949s the bottom of the table room to breathe
19951s room to move 100 and for these guys
19954s they're not playing for first they are
19956s playing for placement points get as high
19958s as possible and get as much of that
19959s prize money as they can uh on the other
19962s side though that's where it's all
19963s exciting at the top of the tables that's
19965s what we really really do care about uh
19967s xcg finding that win there I don't see
19969s WG sorry about not win there a massive
19972s jump up and you might they started with
19973s 10 points but holy moly that is a
19978s 60-point game they need to catch up for
19981s oeg
19982s I don't know if it's possible it's it is
19986s mathematically possible uh you can get
19988s 60 points in a game the highest we've
19990s seen is like 40 I think I think it's
19992s like 42 points is the most we've seen in
19994s a game ever and and that was 28 kills
19997s yeah exactly so like let's be real odds
20000s are We're not gonna see a 60-point game
20002s if we do I will do a backflip that is a
20004s promise I caught backflips and you'll
20006s see me break my neck on live stream
20008s um
20010s but man this is this is gonna be a tight
20012s one I I think the main thing is we're
20013s gonna be watching between uh Jay team JL
20015s and ODT they're the guys I've got my
20017s eyes on I've made my prediction for JT
20020s may not even make it into the top three
20022s as heartbreaking as that would be for
20024s them I think that's within the realm of
20026s possibility I'm very happy to see two
20028s teams I tell it about forces actually
20030s show up today as well I'm very happy
20031s with that one I'm feeling incredibly
20033s smug right now uh guys going into this
20035s next game what are we feeling other than
20037s smugness
20039s I just I want to know if Jason are going
20041s to retreat that creature of habit I I
20043s want to know if they go something
20044s because honestly if if you know that J
20046s team is in the lobby and they're playing
20048s on horror style all of your coaches
20050s should be telling those players drops on
20052s wings if you want to take J team out
20054s early because we've seen what happens
20056s when Jay team feels that pressure they
20059s start to play slow and you can't play
20062s slow in this current meta it's so
20065s Furnishing not only do you allow the
20066s other teams around you to cycling to
20068s Ultimate faster you also create that
20070s opportunity for the third party and
20072s we've already talked in length about how
20075s detrimental being called in that third
20076s party can be and J team unfortunately
20079s for them feel like they've been on the
20080s receiving end of more than a few third
20082s parties throughout the day
20084s baby what are you feeling coming into
20086s this final game what are your
20087s predictions I'm pretty I'm pretty much
20089s in alignment I do want to see that
20090s backflip so I'm pretty much in alignment
20092s uh with with what you guys are saying
20094s but I I really think tea takes this one
20096s but uh you know things can happen in
20098s snarak as you've said you know I've
20100s I've seen in in our games uh in our
20103s region I've seen I've seen the 60 I've
20106s seen this at 70 point games just because
20108s the team just went for chaos you know
20110s the Lobby's all in panic and they took
20112s great advantage of the panic and related
20115s to their best so that's the one we got
20117s the careful and there was a 60 point
20119s game but it's tea
20121s because you know that tea are going to
20124s go super aggressive they know that they
20126s literally don't have to have a
20128s quote-unquote pop off a middling game
20130s they can just go straight for the throat
20133s and not slow down but here's a question
20134s for you guys and don't slow down your
20136s answers you have to be fast to be able
20138s to make sure that you're the one that
20139s gets whispered which hero was the MVP in
20142s game number 11 was it aim Atari was it
20145s beat Kata was it C kurumi or was it D
20148s Jake's absolute favorite hero Tian High
20153s I didn't have this MVP
20158s I don't remember I actually have no idea
20160s wow I just I'm a space cadet today
20162s apparently you're not even getting a
20164s passing grade on these questions too no
20166s I'm doing pretty bad today I'm normally
20168s I'm pretty good at this uh they're gonna
20170s I'm gonna revoke your your correct
20172s predictions on uh on your Dark Horse
20174s teams since you're okay you failed a
20177s quick question questioners here's here's
20179s the real curve look we do see a 60 point
20181s game and it's a
20186s lion's have had some amazing games like
20189s some amazing games the problem is that
20190s they have one amazing game per day what
20193s we're yet to see the amazing game we've
20196s seen the amazing play I'm still not
20198s getting over the bait and switch I don't
20200s think Ventus are ever going to get over
20203s the beaten switches they really do like
20205s getting those cards on camera
20207s they're getting their money's worth they
20209s cost money to make those
20218s yeah
20220s yeah no there you go back onto them what
20223s the necklaces damn AG set up there's
20226s always uh there's always one coach she's
20228s always in designer clothes I can't
20229s remember which one that is there's
20230s always a coaching designer clothes out
20232s there as well
20233s the flower like the the flower
20236s um embroidered on the the pocket
20243s that is cool I don't like
20246s just going on to Fashion I don't like
20249s floral suits I think it's it's
20251s peacocking and it's stupid you look
20253s ridiculous if you wear a floral suit
20255s but for you guys I don't like pockets
20257s and I'm like what dimensions
20259s everyone loves pockets I just store
20262s everything in my mouth I don't know what
20264s you're talking about I found my wallet
20265s my car keys everything that's the only
20267s pocket I don't like it's the fake ones I
20270s I hate I hate that this is a thing
20272s whether you have like quote unquote
20274s pockets and uh in airlocks because
20278s they're not actually pockets they just
20279s have a little bit of a zip that doesn't
20282s actually open or close and get something
20285s and you're expecting a pocket and then
20286s you try and
20288s you don't need the zip button where it
20290s unzips and there's nothing it's just yes
20293s it zips and unzips but there is no space
20296s whoever did that genuinely needs to go
20299s to jail like that's not okay like but
20302s it's criminal I don't know
20305s you're woke up passion in me I didn't
20307s know
20308s oh bad well somebody's not in jail I'm
20312s feeling very comfortable right now RTE I
20313s don't know if that was the worst uh
20315s transition of my life but there we go
20317s I'm loving seeing the crowd shots though
20320s it's so cool like we don't normally get
20321s the crowd shots because we have an
20323s amazing AIA stage you see all the fancy
20325s lights and all that but it is awesome
20327s get the zoom out and see in the crowd
20329s and all the fans being super excited
20331s about the games saw a dude in the crowd
20332s of a megaphone
20334s type for me to see I'm sure if you're
20335s sitting next to him it's probably quite
20337s annoying
20338s screaming for a megaphone before the
20340s game starts but here we go game number
20344s 12. our final game of the NBL mbpl
20349s spring season the trios come to an end
20352s here
20353s it is All or Nothing be lead by over 60
20358s points or just under 60 points
20360s [Applause]
20365s if they're gonna catch them up
20369s or Alliance to get out of that last spot
20372s [Applause]
20375s show me oh they're not running it
20377s they're running the cicada so it feels
20379s like they've actually moved away from
20380s having that Yoda as that burst damage
20382s and instead they're still Fielding the
20384s Viper and the wujan but it's going to be
20385s the decade as the burst is there is not
20389s a lot of monks in fact there's only two
20391s monks in this lobby at the moment 18
20393s gonna be Fielding towards that acos
20395s alongside vendors you have shown that
20398s Sandy is more than capable of being able
20400s to pull it off but I mean like we said
20402s we were looking to to what compositions
20404s would be coming through we're also
20406s looking to what the drops are going to
20409s be are we going to CJ team E2
20412s predictable and get cornered in sunlings
20415s as they have done in the past or are we
20417s going to see them understand that they
20419s need to mix something up in terms of
20422s confidence aggression and position that
20425s they play because if they don't catch on
20427s to that fact I think it's going to
20429s become a two-way race between
20431s oud oh that's not sewing it's still
20434s close but it's not sunlings but look at
20438s oeg they have dropped on a hot drop
20439s location ter in the area as well Tia
20443s just gonna go absolutely manic this game
20445s I guarantee it it's gonna be crazy JL
20449s and J team are dropping in close
20450s proximity remember JL right now are
20453s chasing Jay team for that third spot if
20456s they can take J team out that will
20457s probably upset J team enough for Jay or
20459s have a massive Advantage for the
20461s remainder of the game if Jay team win
20463s this then JL are gonna have their backs
20465s against the wall no revives and it's
20467s gonna be all about them just getting as
20468s many points as possible without getting
20471s themselves into two hair over the
20472s situation this is gonna be an absolutely
20475s Bonkers game at number 12. everybody
20478s clusters together I am so excited to go
20482s see that hot drop all five teams in the
20484s area oeggdte
20487s three as well and I can't remember who
20490s the other one was but there's a bunch of
20491s teams and here it is the hot drops in
20492s the area Adventists are one of them Leo
20495s gets himself purple armor immediately
20497s but the rest of te are actually not
20499s looking any weapons immediately the
20501s ballista shot does come in and strip
20502s away a whole bunch of HP T coming in
20504s with a fist trying to see if he can land
20506s that extra bit of damage but Leo getting
20508s chunked out low in comes the back up
20510s from the rest of Ventus trying to get
20512s himself a Kill Leo goes down txj being
20515s hunted he's got no weapons he's got no
20517s armor he's got no hope Juventus will
20520s finish him up and that is already two
20523s deaths for te oh a little bit of a
20526s misplay to be honest from txj's side if
20528s it worked out it would have been perfect
20529s but uh txt on that Viper doesn't have a
20532s weapon how's the F available and
20534s actually puts himself into distance
20535s trying to use it to find that connection
20538s onto his opponent doesn't manage to land
20541s the silence without a weapon very
20543s quickly it gets turned upon and goes
20545s down so it's just gonna be zvb not
20546s visiting the soul altar off screen by
20549s the way J team already picking up three
20550s kills so they understand they have to
20552s play incredibly aggressive and be able
20555s to contest see that they cannot slow
20557s down at all they need to break a record
20560s if they want to be able to take this
20562s title away from their longtime rival as
20564s Gigi's misky is how chasing Dandy's
20566s members of ewg year are not able to make
20569s it through the doors will be hounded by
20572s that cicada in the ultimate still one
20574s slash left on miskier as well so he can
20577s still look for an engagement onto these
20579s other members of ewg who have not been
20581s able to break out of disengagement or
20585s notice Duty instantly zeroing in on Jiao
20588s Louis position skater ultimate going to
20590s be gone now for Miss gear but they have
20591s the numbers advantage and xiaolui just
20594s not able to do anything except connect
20596s the offer cut from that dagger to buy
20598s himself a little bit of time but he will
20600s eventually fall and we said it was going
20602s to be an incredibly aggressive game
20604s Ventus already on four kills xcg on
20606s three J team still sitting on free te
20609s playing from the back having to play a
20611s little bit slower than they would
20613s perhaps like is there it is ventus's
20614s sansi able to come in with that Aiko's
20617s ultimate to set up wx98 Bane's breath
20620s coming down now on to those members of
20622s Ventus as they decide to hold themselves
20624s in that area going to go incredibly
20627s lowest
20630s lowest record
20631s for the ale will be able to use the jump
20633s to escape the follow through but my
20636s goodness sansi one of his nightlife's
20639s was definitely lost in that Fray yeah
20642s that was a little bit too hairy for him
20644s uh having a quick actual look over
20646s everything that's gone on as well I've
20647s seen the ballista OG are looking to join
20649s into this fight looking to catch event
20651s this is wx-98 in midair with that
20653s ballistic shot not able to land it
20655s almost Landing the damage onto Yahoo
20657s they're doing away on those shots our
20659s shot has been used up and they're going
20662s to use that weapon repair kit I know
20664s they actually do they want to keep the
20665s power of the ballista with them for now
20667s they're just keeping the pressure up now
20669s I've got uh the king appinned for the
20672s moment as Yahoo gonna get himself up but
20674s he's still got that Ben spread for two
20675s seconds left it has finally worn off as
20677s you knew is gonna get hit throws down
20679s the F ability and that is going to be GS
20681s now being hounded down by oug there is a
20685s just modular amount of points separating
20688s J team and oeg right now second and
20690s third is very much up foreign JL are in
20693s incredibly close proximity to them as
20695s well and GG kicking it off with another
20697s great start Ventus with another great
20699s start as well
20700s the top end of the tables could see some
20702s movement still
20704s I read the problem for J team is that so
20706s much of this action is going on away
20709s from where they are we talked about the
20711s amount of kills that they needed to pick
20712s up yes they've already picked up free
20714s but Ventus are currently sitting on
20717s seven this is a very real possibility
20719s that we talked about in the breakdown
20720s before the match started that J team
20722s even if they play this perfectly might
20724s not be able to find enough players alive
20725s to actually be able to put themselves
20728s into a number one position and that
20730s reality seems to be setting in now it
20732s very much does feel like a tug of war
20734s between oud and jadim for that second
20737s place position as oud have already been
20740s able to post up two kills at the moment
20742s as JL just barely behind the two as well
20746s going to going toaster with GD Don Queen
20749s taking a lot of damage that Eurasian
20752s ultimate gonna be dropping out anytime
20754s now see you on the back foot they're
20756s supposed to actually use that cicada to
20758s just try to push onto these members
20759s actually Gina holding on to that pull it
20761s out now with Knight HQ coming in using
20765s that movement text to make sure that
20767s he's able to cover the distance and
20768s continue to chase in onto these members
20771s in the distance we see te pop up as
20774s they've been drawn by all of this noise
20776s and they want to nose into that third
20778s party
20780s I'm gonna pick that one up for the
20781s moment there's a te
20784s seeing if maybe there's an option for
20786s them to come in with a third-party
20788s action there they are going to try and
20789s Advance on that to xcg
20792s maybe if if you're dropping like we did
20794s at the beginning of that game right like
20796s what is what is your thought process
20798s where you're like okay there's five
20800s teams in the area like this isn't about
20802s who's in the middle anymore because
20804s you're always all in the middle of
20805s everything like how do you play those
20807s especially when you're going into a
20809s final game and like tensions are high
20811s and you know you need to score so pretty
20813s much it's just obviously Palms are going
20815s to be chaotic people are going
20816s everyone's going to have their own
20817s perspective on who they see uh
20819s especially like if you see someone low
20821s but I'm on someone who's like one HP so
20823s a lot of the times we just are
20824s constantly like trying to just make sure
20826s that we are consolidating and focusing
20829s the same Target because you know players
20832s will die all around us we're in the
20833s center of just nothing but chaos uh so
20836s we're just trying to make sure that we
20837s all are you know focusing the same
20840s Target and getting The Kills
20844s all about that Focus I mean for some of
20846s these guys they really do have to focus
20847s up GD almost dungeon's going pretty low
20851s here and I actually should be able to
20852s finish him up one last uppercut and
20854s there it is lovely little pickup left in
20856s Ice Cube has also got weapon repair kit
20858s to make sure that spear but only has one
20860s durability left is repaired
20862s um just gonna make sure that his Armor's
20864s up first there's a j-team find himself a
20866s fight here versus jjh remember they
20869s might not be playing for first at the
20870s moment they may just be playing to hold
20872s on to that second spot which they were
20873s able to take back from oug and grabbing
20876s himself a fifth kill is a pretty goddamn
20878s good way to do that slowly but surely
20880s actually up to six kills now
20882s reeling in on te but it's again it has
20885s to be a record-breaking game from them
20888s if they're gonna catch up to te and T
20891s also have to go out on a donut so it's
20894s gonna be a pretty tall ask for them for
20896s right now J team are playing just to get
20898s as many points as possible and catch up
20900s to the likes of our overtake the likes
20902s of ug but in comes Xiao Louie is trying
20905s to find the ultimate he misses it honor
20907s to the key targets uh toothpick throws
20909s the ultimate down Eagle is low HP gonna
20912s pull uh two of them but they do find the
20914s lockdown and ewg may just be in some
20916s serious danger here Jason picking up
20918s even more kills going for the revive
20919s onto Eagle but they may have to bail it
20921s bail out of this one no option to go for
20924s it 101 TN may just have to consolidate
20927s on the loss of his teammate Eagle does
20930s still have a revive though so JT they're
20932s not going to over commit they've got
20934s their seven kills they're happy with
20935s that and they're gonna move away yeah
20937s you can see as well the second that that
20939s initial attempt at the revive fails
20941s Eagle just um immediately concedes and
20943s drops out of the can form and goes to
20946s find the soul altar so that jtm aren't
20948s punished for like you said that over
20950s commitment that potentially was on the
20953s cards for them as oh you do going to be
20955s making sure that a gate of Yang is on
20957s the cards for this team or maybe just
20960s preventing teams around them from
20962s Gaining access to it making sure that
20965s with a Yoda composition it's a little
20967s bit harder to be able to find the value
20969s right we're talking length about how
20970s temi can be incredibly problematic in
20972s finding the value with an ultimate Wu
20975s Chen is even worse because where do you
20977s tp2 essentially it just becomes an
20979s iframe of being able to escape or move
20982s one of your team away from potentially
20984s being staggered and locked down by your
20987s opponent as GG don't have that problem
20989s they have the Takeda which is why Mr is
20991s immediately going to be going aerial
20993s waiting to look for these connections
20995s everyone actually playing the floor is
20997s lava at the moment as oh
21000s foreign
21012s however able to put a lot of their plays
21014s behind the pillars not in time though
21016s for lxm to not get grabbed out and it's
21019s immediately
21020s Jing finds the with the Eurasian
21022s ultimate spit into another grab coming
21025s through from Sleepwalker and this is
21027s falling apart for GG is free priono is
21030s the one that's gonna get crab
21032s Sleepwalker finds a second the double
21034s Grappler coming through after miss here
21036s and he's going to have to tap Dodge monk
21039s ultimate Knight drops down from
21040s Sleepwalker but they've already been
21042s able to whittle away one of the members
21044s of GG and now it just becomes policing
21047s them a sleepwalker goes incredibly low
21049s loses the armor but is still able to
21052s survive with that kurumi turbo turning
21054s on to the member of the gg330 keeping
21057s him just locked in so much stagger as we
21060s we can see he's just trying to appeal
21062s trying to take some of those hits so
21064s that their members can survive and trade
21066s the blows out but wbg do such a good job
21069s of juggling them through it we talk
21072s Phoebe about your influence and the
21074s impact that watching Sleepwalker has had
21076s I'm sure that was a fight you immensely
21078s enjoyed oh yeah I love that fight it's
21081s good to see you know Sleepwalker doing
21083s what he does best you know pulling
21085s pulling off these double grabs making
21087s sure his monk is uh the dominant Monk
21089s and yang in all situations
21091s and uh I'm just it's good to see that
21094s there that they're still they still have
21096s it's just you know it's been a rough
21097s season as we said earlier so
21100s yeah it's been a pretty rough one for
21102s them but yeah ending at least their
21104s first runway on the final game on a high
21106s uh T actually lost a player did get the
21109s rebirth charm though so they will be
21110s able to pick them back up uh JT still
21113s they are not out of the woods OG are
21116s very close on their tail lucky for them
21119s JL have been knocked out and Juventus
21123s are potentially in realm of catching up
21125s to OG and J team depending on the
21127s outcome of this game so they're
21130s definitely not the thick of the woods
21131s but they are still in those words Yahoo
21133s look at the transformation here seeing
21135s if you can grab onto those GG members GG
21137s fresh off a loss as well if they lose
21139s this fight they're just out they don't
21141s have they they need to get those
21142s rebirths uh from the from the soul
21145s blooms and Gigi pinned against the wall
21148s with an absolutely wailing on them in
21151s his uh Terracotta Warrior form making
21153s life real hard for GG but they are
21156s somehow holding up still inside this
21158s building waiting out the Transformations
21159s and buying some space but GG low HP and
21162s about to lose that transformation is GGO
21164s going to try and get some hills off Xiao
21165s who jumps in to the middle of the fight
21167s Miss Kia looking for the uh for the dash
21169s out of the wars now they actually
21170s connect a they tried to collect the
21172s Zephyr unable to connect it onto
21174s xiaohudo who is able to break away and
21176s it looks like GG just going for the
21178s hills before they keep this fight going
21179s but they only have a little bit of time
21182s left it's actually GS as well who have
21184s the uh the debuff on them so both these
21186s teams need to find a win versus one
21188s another so they can heal up Yahoo
21190s looking for the uppercut can't quite
21192s connect it unfortunately the charge kit
21194s comes down from The Sword and throughpio
21195s also takes a vertical strike as well to
21197s the base dodging away on the next one
21199s there's a three three desperately trying
21200s to land those long sword vertical
21202s strikes unable to make them connectors
21204s slowly but surely this is getting hairy
21206s over the shoulder he goes xiaohu low on
21209s HP two minutes left for these teams to
21211s find these kills well this is gonna be
21213s dunzo game for both of them as you can
21215s see the GS boys are starting to run a
21217s little bit low miskier does get bought
21219s back loses quite a lot of HP the counter
21220s has come in it's just gonna go for the
21222s heal version trying to keep on to him
21224s grapples coming out for cancels there's
21225s Miss gear desperately trying to go away
21227s remember if you go down you go down for
21229s good there is no picking you up from
21231s this point as now it does look like GG
21234s have the man
21235s disadvantage is Gs are slowly actually
21238s getting from taking through I'm wrong
21239s it's GS in danger and there's the
21242s healing there's the cleansing GG able to
21245s find the win
21246s once again this gear is just that clutch
21249s factor for GG whether he's on the Yoda
21251s whether he's on the Takeda he just he
21253s makes it look so clean
21255s as tea been playing a little bit slower
21258s having uh lost that initial fight off of
21261s the hot Drop as a result the Luke does
21264s reflect it as well as the kills they've
21265s been playing incredibly positive not
21268s really wanting to take any fights
21269s against any teams that are buying them
21271s because oh you are just applying that
21273s pressure breaking through that blue
21275s armor and the blink of an eye with those
21278s cannon shots but not actively committing
21281s to the full chase down just making sure
21283s the te are chased away so the oug get a
21286s little bit more time to survive look to
21289s loot up and play towards when we're
21291s seeing some of these Gates of Yang and
21293s Morris blessing spawning through
21297s right now it is J team who are just
21300s still looking to get a little bit better
21302s gear actually onto one of their players
21303s uh Eagle rocking just the blue armor JT
21306s maybe closing in on that Morris blessing
21308s it looks like they don't want to risk
21309s Aroma Yang so I'd rather go for the
21311s Morris blessing uh only problem is they
21314s actually have a like a tummy or a monk
21316s or anything you can really Dodge them
21318s from uh getting attacked at this Morris
21320s blessing
21322s like they have the Wiggles the bigger
21325s problem for them is that they're running
21327s Acres over the yield
21329s for the burst damage capability in this
21331s composition so you don't have the F3
21334s which means that if those wind walls are
21337s used or forced out too early you're
21340s essentially putting yourself into an
21342s incredibly dangerous position for
21344s control of the most blessing that a lot
21347s of these players are going to start
21348s gravitating Sports because they just
21349s don't want to run the risk of that
21350s second gear off yet there's te are just
21352s making sure that they're able to strive
21354s away from this Yoda ultimate but music
21356s actually Mind Games holds that second
21359s slash a little bit longer than vvv is
21361s expecting and will be able to find the
21363s connection but the problem is he hasn't
21365s found the kill and now te's two other
21367s teammates immediately pounce on to him
21370s yeah you find one slash connection but
21373s txj is immediately there with the
21376s follow-up as we're going to see the next
21378s gate of Yang wbg confident off of about
21382s performance and the last one Sleepwalker
21384s going immediately into the ultimate
21386s we'll be able to find a grab off the bat
21388s as again we we see that repeating
21391s crossbow now hounding his health bar
21394s down he's having to just jump around
21396s this kurumi ultimate to make it harder
21398s for that repeating crossbow to be able
21399s to hit and Lodge that poison take damage
21402s onto his health bar yet again as he's on
21405s an absolute sliver but he's been able to
21407s find another grab doesn't find the slam
21409s but are still able to displace one of
21412s the the teammates out into position into
21415s Sleepwalkers clutches as he tries to
21416s charge up the dragon Size Doesn't find
21418s the connection that he's looking for
21419s half the castle died early because my HQ
21421s was expecting and goes for that parry
21423s and now becomes the Mind Games super
21425s holding on to it not throwing out the
21427s blue until just now make it incredibly
21429s hard for XD to understand
21438s it's all like CG as they swap to the
21441s cannon and they just bled through the
21444s sliver of Health that he has left
21446s that was brutal that was so so well
21449s played uh we do see uh on top of the
21452s screen powder get themselves a rebirth
21454s charms and pick up one of their players
21455s who has gone down oh ug are being chased
21457s down this is bad for them actually J
21459s team have lost two players as well
21461s oug in danger SS goes down so all of a
21465s sudden the two teams who are currently
21467s chasing a higher spot in the standings
21469s are in danger is in you just playing to
21474s get away and playing for placement but
21476s first and second is very much up for
21479s grabs right now when we're GG having six
21481s kills and 30 points behind it's gonna
21484s have to be a pretty big win for them but
21486s it is a win that is capable of happening
21488s and I actually think oh you deal with
21489s this save onto SS they're gonna be very
21492s happy with this they actually may be
21493s able to take second place from j-team
21495s not however if they're able to make it
21499s out of that zone because the revive
21502s comes through but it's allowed to come
21504s through they still have to get out of
21506s that zone and back into a part of the
21508s map where they're not just going to get
21510s body checked the second that they reveal
21512s themselves as xcg have been doing
21514s serious work at the moment the kills
21517s they've been able to pick up six hmm 16
21520s kills for xcg at the moment there's a
21524s reason that uh they won season two and
21527s they're showing us exactly why maybe
21529s it's taking them until now to properly
21531s be able to show that capacity but then
21534s making some of these teams who were
21536s vying for that second place work a lot
21539s harder if they want to be able to hold
21540s on to that position because J team that
21542s reduced down to just 101 Tien who's just
21544s having to stay as mobile as possible
21546s using that momentum of the weapon as
21549s well as the sky Watchers but he's not
21550s actually able to pull this garage off of
21552s the cliff he's got a bounty on his head
21553s as well so no full reposition tries to
21557s throw in the blue has to fully commit
21559s and that's J team taken out of the lobby
21563s you can see the player cams there the
21565s disappointment on their faces as they
21567s are going to sit at seven kills and no
21570s more
21571s ug still in the lobby so close behind
21574s them in terms of overall standings to
21576s steal away that second place position
21578s NGA team can do nothing but watch a
21582s position that they find themselves in
21584s the last worlds as well where they were
21586s leading in number one but they had to
21587s wait and see whether or not JL would be
21590s able to Eclipse their score and now
21592s they're in the exact same position I
21595s mean lucky for them JL are out this time
21597s so they have to worry about JL taking
21598s their spot but it is oug a real threat
21601s The Underdogs who came all the way
21603s through the represent if they can take
21605s second by the end of the day coming in
21608s from that last chance qualifier coming
21611s in and taking second overall in the
21613s tournament that is absolutely phenomenal
21615s for oug they've been having success
21617s after success honestly they've won the
21620s regular split of season two they didn't
21622s unfortunately win the grand finals but
21624s this team have just shown up it's ever
21626s since season two and been a real Menace
21628s and I think I've been able to do a lot
21630s speaking of a team is able to do a lot
21632s do you remember that prediction we made
21633s about like the 40-point alliance I mean
21636s they got like eight kills right now it
21638s could be defenses too Juventus last I
21640s liked who was sitting on tan and I mean
21642s event is another team though they came
21643s up with this last chance qualified it's
21645s really impressed so they could
21647s potentially steal away either or second
21650s place if they were able to to find that
21652s same record-breaking game that they were
21655s able to pull off on those last chance
21657s qualifiers and they're absolutely in the
21659s running to do so the problem is that xcg
21660s have already picked up 16 kills and they
21663s are steamrolling ahead in this Lobby all
21666s right so there's like as much as it's
21668s not as hypers like first and second it's
21670s actually a real chance that uh Alliance
21673s can get themselves up until about ninth
21676s eighth place because xcg are gonna move
21678s up into throwing a bunch of teams
21679s they'll be BG are out jjh only have two
21681s kills like they got 10 kills right now
21684s they get a good enough ending here
21686s Alliance actually could jump themselves
21688s probably not into top eight but I reckon
21690s ninth is pretty doable for them at this
21692s point uh it's all just depending on how
21695s well they play these next few stages of
21696s the game so the question is do they sit
21699s on The Laurels to the sit on like the
21700s kills that they have or do they go
21703s looking for more knowing that there are
21705s no games afterwards and that this final
21707s game score is the one that truly matters
21708s I think you go looking for more right
21710s like they are literally because
21712s throughout the entire day your narrative
21714s has been if you have an amount of kills
21716s just play until that final Zone because
21719s the next ones are going to come to you
21720s that all changes when it comes to the
21722s final game let's go big or go home
21734s so they might as well go as hard as
21737s possible and get as good an outcome as
21739s possible that's my outfit but does that
21741s still hold true for Ventus who are in a
21743s position to potentially dislodge towards
21745s the top end of the leaderboard Ah that's
21748s a poopy question I got my answer that is
21750s a groovy question
21752s uh I think dentists go bigger go home
21754s what is it can only you either so they
21758s have to make the decision do they play
21759s for what do they play for where are they
21762s the boards gone at what do they play for
21764s you know a top top or do they just play
21766s for where they're at so it's just
21768s they're just better off just playing for
21770s the top that's that's what my team would
21773s do we'd play for the top
21775s I love it
21777s I actually feel like Ventures would
21779s probably catch just chill I don't
21781s think they should like be content with
21783s the character kills they've got but I
21784s think they should play for a later point
21785s to get more kills I mean we are also
21787s only eight minutes away from the end so
21789s maybe it is because the game has been
21792s very high Tempo the whole way through
21793s and uh dentist it looks like the answer
21796s is just go they found valder who are
21798s effectively three points of a team
21800s because they're not gonna do much
21801s they're gonna get
21804s GG do steal it that is real cheeky the
21807s rise of Gigi's been amazing by the way
21809s these guys are being disappointing all
21811s season and they're actually popping off
21813s right at the end and actually when it
21815s counts starting to make a recovery they
21818s could realistically catch up to JL so
21820s the problem here right now is there's a
21822s bunch of teams who depending on how many
21823s kills they end today with can get a
21825s whole bunch of uh points but there's
21828s only 21 players so technically there's
21830s only what 19 points before multipliers
21833s get applied left in the game oh gee have
21836s they got another him off they do this
21839s every game that's a golden flavor as
21840s well
21842s and they does nothing all game and then
21844s touched out with golden armor legendary
21846s I mean they got a Morris blessing for
21847s free everyone was was scrapping and in
21850s that fight that we just saw between
21851s bioda Gigi or Yuji in the meantime te
21854s entirely unnoticed just rolling that 20
21856s on the self track Anna make it away from
21859s a box with a full loaded kit
21862s yeah this is something they did as fbx
21864s as well so they were always so good at
21866s picking up those Morris blessings and it
21868s was just hard to deal with them as oug a
21870s shutting GG down taking away that kill
21873s they may look to try and shut uh
21874s Juventus down as well they got them but
21876s they're back to the wall but OG actually
21878s playing this nice and relaxed all quite
21880s happy to hold on to this High Ground T
21882s are playing uh upset in the tree house
21885s there's a zinu is gonna get a bit of
21887s damage put into him vvv just throwing
21889s out some of those shots there from the
21891s long sword but he's just gonna be
21893s playing it a little bit more relaxed for
21894s now they do step away as you can see
21898s there is a 0.1 chance that uh te
21902s uh lose this game some reason there's a
21905s 0.1 turn chance for battle can win it
21908s that was weird I don't think that's
21910s possible
21912s but realistically oug everything has to
21915s go right for them here for them to win
21917s this game it's it's very very unlikely
21920s but they're gonna win overall but
21923s 16 kills on xcg 10 kills on a lion 10
21927s kills on Ventus 7 on GG 7 on low ug this
21931s end of this game is still anybody's I
21933s mean I'm not counting to you I remember
21935s this is playing into final Zone and T
21937s have all three of their players alive
21939s they have a Viper composition a cicada
21942s as well they've got that legendary
21943s flavor which has influenced so much of
21945s how they play these final zones and look
21947s at where they are currently sitting in
21950s comparison to all of these other teams
21951s goofy has talked about you don't want to
21953s be the team in the middle because you're
21954s going to be the one that takes the most
21955s amount of damage in the third party te
21957s have made sure that they are not the
21959s ones in the middle they're the furthest
21960s to the right if anyone wants to
21962s challenge them for this place they're
21963s going to have to do it actively and T
21966s even if they do get challenged you can
21967s see right now they're making sure to
21969s move further to the side to always
21971s guarantee they're never the ones that
21973s people are going to turn onto
21977s well just a bit of a waiting game now
21979s in fact I think this is where our first
21981s circle of the day was as well so we're
21983s actually coming back in style
21986s for their final game of the entire
21989s tournament
21992s just under five minutes left until that
21994s Circle comes to a full on close
21997s wd's gone ahead and secured themselves
22000s second that's
22002s they have oh wow
22007s team out of this Lobby are not going to
22010s be able to do anything about it
22014s that's a massive pickup actually totally
22016s Mr fighter EG got that last kill they
22018s needed in those last couple moments and
22020s I mean they still could kill multiplies
22022s and things to go so realistically Kiki
22025s won't be able to catch up to them uh
22026s Gigi only have a single player left also
22028s in a bit of a dangerous situation I
22030s think right now for GG they're scared
22032s about Ventus I mean look at Ventus they
22034s are three kills behind them uh ahead of
22037s them sorry and they've got their full
22038s squad for this final Circle GG genuinely
22041s could make a big LeapFrog here
22044s if they take first overall and get a 20
22046s bomb ending they actually can take Jason
22049s out of top three yeah one player left
22054s oh I didn't see this Ventus Ventus I'm
22056s talking about Ventus
22057s yeah
22060s technically take Jay team out on top
22062s three which would be an amazing recovery
22064s from a team who I I'm not gonna like
22066s I've always joked they've been
22067s chronically third they absolutely could
22070s somehow make the run back of the century
22073s they're making their move
22078s well Jay team will be happy about that
22080s Juventus lose sansi the main damage
22084s component of the composition this is why
22086s I talked about tea they see that that
22087s fight is coming a little bit too close
22089s to that position and they just
22091s immediately turn back with enough
22093s aggression to deter everyone else out of
22095s that space find one kill and then fall
22098s back so they get that kill and there is
22100s no punishment that comes after them who
22103s found another kill they've Still Got The
22104s High Ground they've still got a flamer
22106s and everyone is going to have to walk
22108s straight into it there's still um the
22110s the Wu Shen also fell on the side
22112s Adventures there so they have no way to
22113s Port the Karen out and get the recovery
22115s off in a more safe position they are
22117s purely running on a Viper to somehow
22119s find 10 kills for them to grab
22121s themselves that top spot I think JT may
22124s just be so relieved for what just went
22126s down te also gonna get themselves
22128s wuchend altered out of here a lion
22131s actually finding himself a couple of
22132s kills onto te though Alliance making a
22134s run for it they've just jumped out of
22136s 14th into 30
22138s jumping in with a big old ultimate now
22140s he's going very low on HP trying to
22142s avoid away on the monk grabs from Godley
22144s who's been able to pick one Knight HQ
22147s goes down nope he's able to survive for
22149s just a little bit longer the re-grab
22150s looking to come in they're able to find
22152s it txj knocked out of the tree taken
22155s down as it looks like that should just
22157s be the end of tea at this point they are
22158s in dire dire straight only one player
22162s left in this Lobby for them but I like
22164s to try to make a miracle run but they
22165s don't have their Yoto for these final
22168s moments of the game oh you Jesus it's
22170s his moment to do or die the lockdown the
22173s pin down onto the entire Lobby has to
22175s immediately jump out because he is on
22177s his Lonesome no follow-up to come
22179s forward it is an absolute mosh pit of an
22181s ending as Ventus are knocked out of the
22184s lobby and knocked out of the game GG are
22187s still in it with their Tammy can he find
22189s that opening can he find that
22190s opportunity to make this game go for it
22192s good for him oh you Jesus chunked out
22194s trying to grab himself up the tree but
22196s water is slowly but surely whittling
22198s down his health bar oh yeah out they
22201s have no opportunity to get any more
22202s points put together for themselves but
22204s there's still a couple more teams who
22205s are in with a Fighting Chance xcg
22207s securing their 20th kill of this game
22209s that's gonna be their 21st there's five
22212s players left in this game lxm can he
22215s hold on he may actually lose his spot at
22218s the top here to xcg as Alliance are
22221s knocked out they were able to end in
22222s 12th Place at GG's lxm clinging to the
22225s top of the tree popped into the Zone
22227s trying to climb back up the tree as Leo
22229s is just holding on with this pole sword
22231s juggling and playing The High Ground is
22233s about as good as possible versus the
22236s last couple of members of xcg the
22237s sandstorm comes down Leo's popped up
22239s into the zone and that's going to be tee
22241s knocked out xcg with a absolutely Bama
22245s final game
22247s will close out for the final win yeah
22250s xcg having a pop-up game but the reason
22254s that the camera fans do a different team
22255s entirely is T.E
22267s the trails final champagne belongs to
22270s the team
22273s let's congratulations to lyd
22277s txj BVB Elio
22284s foreign
22293s [Music]
22303s [Music]
22329s sure
22330s I remember when there is a bi-weekly
22333s final
22337s and anything you want to talk to your
22340s teammate
22342s so I want to thank all yours
22348s spring splits we want to say we are not
22352s only have the regular game but also have
22354s the grand finals championship
22360s so next we want to ask our Leo
22364s here is the support position
22369s okay I want to say so today's game is
22371s wonderful
22374s so we want to ask the exchange who we
22377s call him God of mbpo so anything you
22381s want to say to your fans
22388s okay so I want to thank all my fans
22391s and I want to say it's not our only
22393s Champion we will get more and more
22395s champagne not only this one but also the
22398s Jacob
22407s so how do you think about today's
22409s performance
22426s not only in this spring split but also
22429s in the Jacob
22432s foreign
22434s so how do you feel after get this
22437s champion and stand on the champion stage
22442s I want to say everyone has a really
22444s great effort in today's game
22452s today
22466s [Music]
22476s foreign
22501s [Music]
22508s Make some noise
22509s [Applause]
22525s so now let's welcome
22530s to give our cup to all the champions
22544s foreign
22565s and I believe not only this time also in
22569s the following times you will get more
22570s and more Victory also champagne
22575s so please let's take a photo now
22582s [Music]
22594s so now
22600s we will know who is the fvp
22605s okay
22616s sword
22632s s
22655s [Music]
22664s [Music]
22669s thank you
22672s yeah
22677s okay so this time after you get this
22680s fmvp
22682s it's really a long journey
22687s when we see you we saw you in mbpl also
22691s in Jacob
22693s so
22694s how do you think in this adventure
22697s yourselves change
22704s so I think I'm more mature
22714s also I think fmap is just a name
22720s but behind this we have all the
22724s teammates support
22726s and efforts
22729s so how do you think about the god of
22732s mbpl
22741s ant
22744s so I think the god of mbpl
22748s is me but not only me it belongs to tea
22766s so today performance
22770s told us of course they are the god of
22774s mbpl
22776s so congratulations to them again
22778s congratulations
22784s please
22791s [Applause]
22795s [Music]
22800s foreign
22805s [Music]
22830s [Music]
22832s and there it is finally this this group
22836s of players under a new name under a new
22839s team have finally broken their curse and
22842s have taken a domestic victory for
22843s themselves T.E are the spring champions
22847s that was honestly what was crazy about
22850s that was the style in which they did it
22852s because normally we've been saying it
22853s for so long that it always comes down to
22855s that final game and it's always up in
22857s the air until like those last possible
22859s moments but T just played so consistent
22862s and so well the whole time that the coin
22864s flip notes has gone out the window they
22867s got themselves secured pretty much into
22869s first by game six it literally had to go
22872s almost almost statistically impossibly
22876s wrong for them so not have taken first
22878s and they just set themselves up
22879s successfully they walk in with that
22881s first of all that amazing trophy ball so
22883s what looks to be an incredibly heavy
22884s pulse order I don't know where'd you put
22886s that where does that go
22889s above your bed so you can look at it
22891s every single day or your gaming setup as
22893s well like can you imagine logging into
22895s to play some ranked naraka and you just
22897s have a pole sword
22900s that's called a guillotine hanging that
22902s above your bed or above your computers
22904s like yeah you're gonna lose your hands
22906s with your head nah that goes that goes
22908s against the wall like straight up and
22910s like in a part of the house you don't go
22912s in uh that was an amazing amazing Grand
22915s finals we had here uh I'm just gonna go
22918s poopy what's your favorite moment what
22920s was what what got you what you're most
22921s hyped today
22923s I think my favorite moment was when uh
22927s um so many good moments I think
22933s I was I was very disappointed with wbg
22935s so I was I was really hoping you know to
22938s say oh when Sleepwalker did this or when
22940s this monk did this but I think my
22942s favorite moment is when T E's monk when
22944s he
22946s he got a double grab in the Yang he
22947s actually he got a double grab and he
22950s jumped past the other monk so the other
22951s month didn't have enough any instant
22953s slams the other monk didn't have enough
22955s time to interrupt the double grab which
22957s is really cool with me because that just
22959s shows his understanding of just how you
22962s can't just go for the instant slam after
22964s you know you get the double grab and you
22966s have to sometimes position yourself in a
22968s way where you uh can deny the other monk
22971s any opportunity to to do anything to you
22973s we are not the same poopy when I asked
22975s you for your favorite moment you go into
22977s a monk moment that that's instantly
22981s absolutely not I mean mine involves them
22990s and they they played such a close fight
22993s it was absolutely brilliant
22996s um yeah a bit a bit I'm sorry about the
22998s uh about the wbg stuff uh maybe next
23000s season they had two good get off young
23003s fights where Sleepwalker was able to uh
23005s to clutch up
23006s yeah there's still the winners in my
23008s heart well
23011s fortunately for you they're not actually
23012s the winners that is TE I think let's say
23014s big congratulations to oeg for
23017s overtaking J team in the final possible
23019s moments like J team that game went a
23021s little bit bad for them in that final
23023s moment they needed to hold on to Second
23024s it was really between those two and OG
23027s were just able to outlast and find those
23029s extra little bits of kills as you can
23030s see the overall scores at the end of
23032s that xcg walking around for 24 get Point
23035s uh 24 kill game there
23037s 43.4 points there you can see that was
23041s like
23042s that was what the other teams needed
23043s that's why OPG and J team needed GG
23047s Walker 13 points they've been to this
23049s with 15 an alliance with 18. I'm very
23052s excited to see the bottom end of the
23054s table because there's probably been
23055s quite a lot of movement up there with
23056s Alliance getting those kills and those
23058s points of that multiply they actually
23059s might have been able to jump up to maybe
23061s ninth
23062s Place seventh if they're lucky but I
23065s think probably about ninth off the back
23067s of that which is a really really big
23069s plan considering they started this game
23071s in 14 and the difference between 14 from
23073s 9 from prize money is infinitely better
23076s so they're gonna be very happy off the
23077s back of that one I mean we talked about
23079s it right the fact that Alliance have one
23081s good game they need to be able to
23083s consistently post that good game back to
23085s back multiple times so we can have a
23087s look at not just the leaderboard in
23089s terms of kills that they were able to
23091s pick up in that match but the
23093s leaderboard as a whole throughout the
23094s entirety of the season and uh txj Reigns
23098s Supreme number one ranks in terms of
23101s total damage and kills as well coming in
23104s with 46 a total of two day for all of
23108s the kills that they're able to pick up
23110s and vvv also on the board as world
23113s number six that we're here to come in so
23116s that's okay for GE team sitting at
23118s number three in you for oug going to be
23122s coming in at number two as well two
23124s players we've had really good pop-off
23126s moments but unfortunately just weren't
23128s able to consistently post the numbers
23130s that te were able to synthesize and form
23134s into it with a trip because we talk
23136s about it right the fact that this team
23137s has finally been able to walk over
23139s domestic title they have had Synergy
23142s they've had chemistry they've known and
23144s played alongside each other so they're
23147s so long that it just looks so natural
23149s when they're looking for trading
23151s positions or trying to take aggression
23153s from the heat of their other teammates
23155s they're able to just seamlessly flow as
23158s a full unit almost a hive mind at times
23160s it feels like to be able to play three
23163s players in the same mindset of a
23166s singular entity and it just grants them
23168s so much control in that final Zone I
23171s think the one thing that we've talked
23172s about a lot a lot a lot over a whole
23174s time we've been covering this this
23176s roster of players it's been their nerves
23178s they've always crumbled when it comes
23180s they've always falling apart in those
23182s big moments and today was the day they
23186s finally broke that curse they stepped up
23187s to the plate the coin flip is done they
23190s are throwing heads constantly that was
23192s an absolutely phenomenal day there by te
23194s they didn't look nervous they didn't
23196s look lost even in their bad game it was
23198s still pretty decent it was still pretty
23200s possible to the point where it just
23202s wasn't a problem and OG do take second
23204s JT and do take for JL very close behind
23207s in fourth place but an amazing game from
23209s them then to send in six there GG in
23212s fifth but it's all about GTE 217 points
23216s it wasn't even close this was a absolute
23220s stomper of a day two coming in from te I
23223s mean it's so fitting remember the first
23225s ever events that FBI
23231s fpx so much about the players that are
23232s attached to it and they post a 144 day
23236s it's it's insane they break so many
23239s records that was the start of their pro
23241s league journey and to see where they are
23244s now walking away with that season title
23247s with that many points to their name it's
23250s just so good to see because they've put
23253s the hours and the Mechanicals were
23255s always there the Synergy was always
23257s there like you said they just had to get
23261s over the hurdle that was not just the
23263s nerves I think but also for them
23264s figuring out when to pull the aggression
23267s back we've talked about Mechanicals and
23269s the fact that this enjoys incredibly
23270s well sometimes I feel like they would
23272s just go for a little bit too heavily
23274s into some fights that they didn't
23275s necessarily take and definitely seeing
23278s them pull that aggression back
23279s understanding the position that they're
23281s in that they don't want to go out early
23282s but they don't want to put themselves
23284s into a prime targetable position in the
23287s last two matches of the day shows that
23290s this is a team that has grown not just
23291s in terms of synergy or mechanical game
23294s sense but understanding their own
23296s weakness says and now that they've been
23298s able to get over that what weakness is
23301s there to take advantage of te heading
23303s into the next season is potentially
23304s going to be absolutely Unstoppable
23307s they're very scary I do still feel like
23310s a bunch of teams stepped up to the plate
23311s over these Grand finals I mean oeg
23313s coming in second there's something I
23315s don't think anybody really thought was
23316s gonna happen JL playing the way they did
23319s especially on the first day nobody
23321s really saw that coming I mean we saw
23323s life at Juventus and Alliance as well
23325s multiple times across these last few
23327s days as well like it's awesome to see
23330s but actually the whole level has gone up
23332s and yes ter standing at the top but it
23335s doesn't feel like they've moved so far
23336s beyond everyone else they're impossible
23338s it just feels like they are an
23340s incredibly hard uh team to beat but
23343s they're not the gods they're not
23344s incredible uh and I think you know we
23346s have so much room for future Seasons to
23349s uh to really I'm so excited for summer
23351s man I'm so I know we've only just ended
23353s but I'm like buzzing for summer
23356s potentially new pass potentially new
23358s Heroes what we got we got a zaisal
23361s what's that I can't remember her name
23362s now oh God yeah yeah I like like she's
23366s obviously looking like a real carry
23368s style hero could add to our current
23370s Trifecta and make it into a triangle of
23372s of uh potential carry Heroes we need the
23374s more support Heroes to make those teams
23376s more flexible we might see a rebuff of
23378s the retari and you need some Valor Buffs
23380s come on come on guys give me some valid
23383s of us going into summer I want her to be
23385s playable uh you know we we haven't seen
23387s our Target comps in a while like I'm
23389s hoping someone's gonna give us so much
23391s more uh flexibility because we had a
23394s real taster at the end of the season but
23396s like monk isn't the be-all end-all
23398s anymore and there's so many cool carry
23399s cops that make for really exciting teams
23401s so I'm hoping that next season we do get
23404s we carry that cycle on and we don't just
23406s see the the rebranding of Monk again
23408s with the goddamn fearors and all that I
23411s I'm done with that put it in the bin
23413s give me some hyper carries give me some
23415s really explosive games that's what I'm
23416s here for poopy let's talk a little bit
23418s about what teams you're going to be
23419s watching going into summer I know you're
23421s gonna say wbgc you're banned from saying
23423s wpg give me some teams but really
23426s impressive today I want your top three
23427s teams who aren't at the top right now
23429s who you think actually could be a real
23431s formidable team going into summer okay
23433s uh with that last game xcg just shows
23437s that they can they can put the pedals on
23438s I think uh if they they kind of take
23441s what they you know did the last game and
23444s try to hone that into something more
23447s something more focused I think xqv they
23451s they definitely something to the plate
23453s Alliance
23454s they they did good they had multiple
23457s multiple days where they they perform
23458s multiple games they performed I I'm
23461s gonna you know I'm gonna give lines to
23462s perspective I know you don't give a
23465s lines and respect they deserve but I'm
23466s going to get the license there so and
23469s then lastly um I Know You Banned Me from
23471s saying this with wbg so
23475s I love
23478s it
23479s fit some season two like they didn't
23482s show up this season but they came alive
23483s at the end definitely showed us some
23485s hope I I'll agree with you I I think
23488s Alliance they've earned my respect
23490s honestly I'm super excited but big
23491s congratulations over to te who do take
23494s their first title here at the mbpl guys
23497s that is US done for season two of season
23500s spring the new season the new year of
23502s naraka action we'll be coming back for
23504s summer I don't know the dates yet I hope
23506s soon because I don't know if I can wait
23508s much longer thank you very much for
23509s joining us thank you to moxie and pooby
23511s if you're joining me on this cast and we
23513s will see you for summer action of mbpl
23515s goodbye
23518s [Music]
23527s [Music]
23548s thank you
23551s foreign
23555s [Music]
23561s [Music]
23580s [Music]
23589s foreign
23592s [Music]
23615s [Music]
23622s [Music]
23638s thank you
23646s [Music]
23655s [Music]
23666s know
23667s s
23671s [Music]
23679s oh my God
23683s [Music]
23688s [Music]
23710s foreign
23715s [Music]
23734s [Music]
23735s foreign
23741s [Music]
23754s [Applause]
23754s [Music]
23766s [Applause]

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