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0s my name is special superhero and today
2s I'm going to be introducing to you the
4s brand new staff weapon that just came
6s out to naraka Blade point on the surface
8s level the staff and spear almost look
10s identical however the staff brings an
12s entirely unique style of gameplay and
14s strategy to the battlefield especially
16s with its unique stance known as
18s stanchion Rising Cloud bringing you a
20s variety of options to throw off your
22s opponent while being in the stance
23s though this weapon will be considered a
25s tricky one I'm here to break it down for
27s you so without further Ado let's go
29s ahead and get into it
34s so let's go ahead and cover the basics
36s we have our basic attack screen for
38s horizontal
40s foreign
44s then we have our vertical string
54s been our crouching horizontal
61s then we have our crouching vertical
63s which also launches your opponent in the
65s air
68s our jumping horizontal which while
71s moving forward this can actually track
73s an enemy
75s then we have our jumping vertical and
77s while jumping towards an enemy this can
79s track an enemy
81s then we have our horizontal Focus attack
83s also known as knee breaker all you have
86s to do is charge a horizontal attack
89s then we have our vertical Focus attack
91s also known as onslide all you have to do
94s is charge a vertical attack
99s the most important thing to understand
101s is the stanchion Rising Cloud stance
103s that staff has access to to get into
105s this stance you want to go ahead and
107s release a focused attack horizontal or
109s vertical on the second tick now while
111s under the state of stanchion Rising
113s Cloud you actually have two attack
115s options available to you first attack
116s option would be relentless lunge which
118s can be done by doing a horizontal attack
120s while Under The Stance which will allow
122s you to close the distance between you
124s and your opponent with a lunge attack
128s second attack option is heaven uproar
130s which can be done by doing a vertical
132s attack while in this dance which will
134s allow you to follow up with a two-stage
135s blue and then a purple Focus attack
137s leaving the opponent Airborne if the
140s purple Focus attack lands you will be
142s able to turn this attack into a
143s three-stage combo by pressing horizontal
145s or vertical at the end of the attack
147s stream dealing even more damage one
150s thing to keep in mind however is if the
152s initial attack doesn't hit the enemy
153s they'll fly further away from you to
155s make unable to do the three-stage combo
159s when it comes to Jades we have two Jades
161s to choose from which is Jade jabbing
163s which Alters the staff horizontal attack
164s into a jabbing attack and then we have
166s the second Jade which is merciless Havoc
168s which Alters the staff vertical strikes
170s while under stanchion Rising Cloud
172s stance just like before however if the
174s initial attack doesn't hit the enemy
176s they'll fly further away from you making
178s you unable to do the third stage of the
180s combo so keep that in mind
182s last but not least I'm gonna go ahead
183s and leave you guys with a small little
185s valda combo to get the ball rolling for
187s you in training mode to develop some
189s combos of your own this combo will
191s require valdo's F1 which is her original
193s F so everyone will be able to do this
195s combo what you'll want to do is hit the
197s enemy with a rising Cloud then move into
199s heaven uproar you only want to do stage
202s 2 of Heaven uproar then look down and
204s drop Valdez F resetting the enemy to
206s basically go into Rising Cloud stance
208s again to do heaven uproar again however
211s we're gonna do the entire stage combo
213s this time dealing massive amounts of
215s damage if you do have stat Jades that
217s this can increase the damage further
218s killing off the enemy
220s overall the staff thrives with
222s versatility and mind game potential
224s especially with the stanchion Rising
226s Cloud stance creating a different form
228s of strategy this weapon is also a
230s Powerhouse in creating control of an
232s enemy as well as granting your team the
233s ability to create combo situations
235s around one weapon however that is all
237s the time we have for today hopefully I
239s was able to help you guys with the basic
240s understanding of the staff to get you
242s started on some insane combos or to get
244s you in the door to distract your
246s competition but as said before my name
248s is special superhero and I'll see you
250s guys on the battlefield later
253s [Music]