Transcript (by Youtube)

7s what's going on guys this is slide out
9s and today we're going to be learning
11s about the new hero of narak Blade Point
13s various shin at her core Barry Shin is a
17s range support Transformer that focuses
19s on defense and range support with her
22s ultimate
23s her abilities offer a gold escape and a
26s gold second ability that allows you to
28s peel and extend combos
32s while her ultimate will provide the team
34s with the tone to support from the
36s backline ensuring your team is being
38s defended while securing kills now let's
40s go over variation skills amazing various
44s Shin's first skilled Gunplay will allow
46s her to lean back while firing an
48s explosive round creating a blast that
50s deals damage and blocks all weapon
51s attacks it
53s get used while under attack and leaps in
55s the opposite direction the Crosshair is
57s facing
62s various Shin's second version of her
64s ability called scatter shot allows her
66s to dash forward a significant distance
68s shooting in all directions while
70s blocking weapon attacks you're able to
72s adjust the direction by moving the
74s Crosshair during her Dash but cannot be
76s used while under attack now let's get
78s into various Shin's ultimates the first
80s version of her ultimate is called Mech
82s Mayhem when activated this allows you to
84s call upon her bronze Mech and pilot it
87s Mech has its own energy and health bars
90s and restore steadily under certain
92s conditions holding your horizontal
94s attack button uses her Mech swarm attack
96s letting off rapid shots and building
98s hermex energy
100s tapping your skill button uses her Mex
103s rocket first jetting Skyward a certain
105s distance
106s while tapping your vertical button will
108s put her Mech into Cannon Mode and allow
110s you to tap the horizontal button to fire
112s while in Cannon Mode various Shin is
115s protected from vajra hand grabs and
117s ranged attacks attacks upon the mech
119s only deplete its Health Affair yet is
122s vulnerable to range attacks while not in
124s Cannon Mode
125s barrier's second version of her ultimate
128s replaces her Rocket Jump with the more
129s defensive ability allowing her to
131s sacrifice her mech's health to restore
133s armor to herself and increasing damage
136s reduction to nearby allies one thing to
138s know is while her Mega Energy is full
140s she would deal increased damage and
142s knockback while in Cannon Mode overall
145s fairy provides some amazing range
147s support for her teammates and allows her
149s to create new Combos and adapt in many
151s situations helping her teammates with
153s some of the combos as you can see here
155s being a small example of what her F2
157s allows you to do
159s foreign
188s as you can see area will appeal to many
191s players with her adaptive kit just be
194s sure to protect your Mech while you're
195s in it not letting go of azure hit you
200s area will be a great character to learn
202s as she has a ton of unique possibilities
204s that could help support and win a fight
211s oh guys that is all the time we have for
213s today thank you for the rock blade point
215s for having me again this is Sly dog and
218s you all have a great day I hope to see
220s you in game