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0s [Music]
16s [Music]
32s n
36s [Music]
62s n
66s [Music]
90s sh
95s [Music]
120s n
124s [Music]
245s [Music]
251s [Music]
273s [Music]
289s [Music]
305s [Music]
348s [Music]
371s [Music]
395s [Music]
498s n
502s [Music]
511s n
514s [Music]
615s [Music]
623s [Music]
629s [Music]
651s [Music]
667s [Music]
683s [Music]
696s [Music]
727s [Music]
750s [Music]
772s [Music]
779s n
782s [Music]
898s n for
916s [Music]
925s [Music]
942s fate what
944s is
947s fate it's about shattering the
951s cycle altering the rules of the game
964s [Music]
976s hey
977s [Music]
993s [Music]
1011s new challenges will be
1013s ignited and a new order is poised for
1017s reshaping
1037s [Music]
1039s he
1057s [Music]
1070s [Music]
1078s [Music]
1090s with each breath pain and
1094s destru my world is
1097s broken by your
1102s seduction your touch a whisper from the
1107s past a man
1111s memory that's fading
1114s fast so I
1117s search for you where souls go to die
1122s Keeping
1124s home as life goes
1127s passing by the Flames of f turn my love
1132s for
1134s you
1135s was so much pain but still I can't keep
1141s away I'm ready with this
1145s chance I hope we meet again
1151s someday
1154s someday the Flames of Fate torching love
1159s at the
1160s gy
1162s gate our souls change in a
1167s marous way my heart wait and
1172s wait I don't care if
1177s I I know will be
1181s again somay
1189s [Music]
1210s the sky is Frozen by
1214s aathy
1217s desolation fear and
1221s [Music]
1222s catastrophe but I won't stop hunting
1225s with play
1227s [Music]
1229s is
1231s pain a fire
1233s consuming me so I
1237s search for you were
1240s those to die Keeping
1244s home and like
1247s go by the Flames of face turn my love
1252s for
1255s you so
1258s much feel I can't keep
1261s away I'm ready with
1265s this I know we'll meet again
1271s someday
1274s someday the Flames will face torching
1279s love at the
1280s gy
1282s G our soul Chang
1285s [Music]
1287s in way my heart wait and
1292s wait I don't care
1296s [Music]
1301s if somay
1305s [Music]
1336s [Music]
1342s [Music]
1361s [Music]
1433s [Music]
1437s for
1441s fore
1445s [Music]
1467s speee
1481s [Music]
1497s foree
1514s [Music]
1521s fore she
1531s [Music]
1549s [Music]
1557s for
1566s [Music]
1568s [Applause]
1571s [Music]
1584s [Music]
1587s foree
1588s [Music]
1596s [Music]
1601s [Music]
1617s for
1626s [Music]
1629s fore fore
1631s [Music]
1662s [Music]
1682s [Applause]
1685s [Music]
1712s [Music]
1720s [Applause]
1721s yes
1741s you
1744s [Music]
1751s [Music]
1806s [Applause]
1807s [Music]
1832s let's crush them d d
1848s [Music]
1873s did you see this coming
1877s [Music]
1895s [Music]
1900s fore
1914s [Music]
1922s [Music]
1934s [Music]
1940s fate what
1942s is
1945s fate it's about shattering the cycle
1950s altering the rules of the game
1962s [Music]
1975s [Music]
1989s hey
1991s [Music]
2009s new challenges will be
2011s ignited and a new order is poised for
2015s reshaping
2034s [Music]
2054s [Music]
2067s what
2069s [Music]
2076s [Music]
2088s with each breath pain and
2092s destru my world is
2095s broken by your it
2100s ction your touch a whisper from the
2105s past a
2109s memory that's fading
2112s fast so I search for you where souls go
2119s to die keeping
2122s hope as life goes
2125s passing by the Flames of f
2129s turn my love for you
2133s into so much pain but still I can't
2139s keep I'm ready with this
2143s chance I hope we meet again
2149s someday
2152s someday the Flames of f torching love at
2157s again
2160s gate our souls change in
2166s aous my
2168s heart and
2170s wait I don't care
2173s if
2175s insane I know we be
2179s again Som
2187s [Music]
2208s the sky is Frozen by
2212s ay
2215s desolation fear and
2219s [Music]
2220s atrop but I won stop hunting with
2226s play this
2229s pain a fire
2231s consuming me so I
2235s search for you where go to die Keeping
2242s home as light goes
2245s Hing by the Flames of
2249s turn my love for you
2253s into so
2256s much still I can't keep away I'm ready
2262s with
2263s vision I know we'll meet again
2269s someday
2272s someday the flame of face torching love
2277s at the
2278s like
2280s Gates our soul Chang
2283s [Music]
2286s in my heart W
2290s and I don't care in
2294s [Music]
2299s my somay
2303s [Music]
2334s [Music]
2340s [Music]
2359s [Music]
2370s [Applause]
2370s [Music]
2396s let's crush them done done
2411s [Music]
2436s did you see this coming
2440s [Music]
2453s [Music]
2460s [Applause]
2462s yes
2484s [Music]
2492s [Music]
2555s [Music]
2561s [Music]
2580s [Music]
2602s [Music]
2622s [Applause]
2625s [Music]
2654s [Music]
2666s with each breath pain and
2670s destruction my world is
2673s broken by your
2678s seduction your touch a whisper from the
2683s past a
2687s memory that's fading
2691s fast so I search for you where souls go
2697s to die Keeping
2700s home as life goes
2703s passing by the Flames of f turn my love
2708s for you
2711s into so much pain but still I can't keep
2718s away I'm ready with this
2722s chance I hope we meet again someday
2730s som the Flames of f torching love at the
2736s gy
2738s Gat our souls changeing
2744s a my heart wait and
2748s wait I don't care if
2753s I I know we'll be again
2765s [Music]
2785s som the sky is Frozen by
2790s aathy
2793s desolation fear and
2797s [Music]
2798s catastrophy but I won't stop hunting
2801s with
2804s play this
2807s pain a fire
2809s consuming me so I
2813s search for you where those
2817s die Keeping
2820s home and life goes
2823s Hing by the flam of face turn my love
2828s for you
2831s into so
2834s my but still I can't
2837s keep I'm ready with
2841s vision I know we'll meet again someday
2848s all
2850s day the Flames of face torching love at
2855s the
2856s gy
2858s gates our soul
2861s [Music]
2864s changing my heart wake
2868s and I don't care if I been
2873s sa me our God
2877s [Music]
2878s somay
2881s [Music]
2903s [Music]
2911s [Applause]
2913s yes
2936s [Music]
2948s [Music]
2952s position
2963s [Applause]
2967s [Music]
2976s [Music]
2993s fate what
2995s is fate
2999s it's about shattering the
3002s cycle altering the rules of the
3015s [Music]
3025s game hey
3028s [Music]
3042s hey
3044s [Music]
3062s new challenges will be
3064s ignited and a new order is poised for
3068s reshaping
3087s w
3108s [Music]
3121s [Music]
3128s [Music]
3139s [Applause]
3146s fore
3152s [Music]
3167s foree spee speech
3186s [Music]
3189s spee spe
3193s [Music]
3251s [Music]
3269s n
3271s [Music]
3322s I'm s things you people couldn't believe
3327s attack ships on fire of the sh up
3331s R I watched sea glitter in the dark near
3336s the touser
3338s gate but all those moments when we lost
3343s a
3344s time time to R
3347s [Music]
3357s yeah we want to take it
3362s higher light it up like we on
3367s fire yeah we want to take it
3372s higher at the top we be singing like
3376s Theo then we bu in the
3380s Empire we The Chosen We the Kings we the
3384s leaders in the ring they can't tell us
3388s not a thing yeah we running the game we
3391s can
3397s [Music]
3401s win yeah we want to take it
3407s higher light it up like we on
3412s fire yeah we want to take it higher
3417s yeah we buil in the
3420s Empire we chosen We the Kings we the
3425s leaders in the ring they can't tell us
3428s not a thing yeah we running the game we
3431s can't win
3454s hello everybody and welcome back to the
3456s nraa blade Point pro league I'm Moxy I'm
3459s joined by Jake which means it's time for
3462s breakfast with the Brits as we bring you
3464s all of the triers action and Jake I am
3467s incredibly excited because after day one
3470s of ug's performance where they not only
3473s broke the record they absolutely smashed
3475s it into a million a billion tiny little
3478s pieces for amount of kills picked up in
3480s one match coming in with 30 kills on one
3483s of the holl off matches making 46 points
3486s in one game and then ending off the day
3490s on a 20 bomb as well ug are playing
3492s their second game today and I cannot be
3494s more excited to see whether or not
3496s they're going to do it all over again
3500s yeah OG have been really really fun to
3502s watch this uh this split and you know
3504s you looking at the the performances to
3506s them and some of the other teams as well
3508s tros has just been so stacked um I got a
3512s big shout out to JL as well I think
3513s those guys prior to the bi-weekly finals
3516s actually popped off they look really
3518s really good they got four games in we
3520s saw a GG day as well where they got four
3522s wins in as well uh and even with these
3525s teams looking that good ug still somehow
3529s shine brighter than them and by like a
3531s significant margin it's really really
3533s great to see I'm absolutely loving
3534s watching ug uh for you guys at home
3537s though you can grab yourself some
3538s goodies just by having your account
3539s linked on Twitch um your Twitch drops
3542s here so bi-weekly finals we do have
3545s extra Awards as well so make sure you
3546s tune in for those those were last
3548s weekend not this weekend uh well next
3550s weekend as some might say coming in for
3552s the daily drop so you can get T special
3554s silk yourself a trial Choice gift as
3557s well um this sword we were watching the
3560s adverts in the uh in the pregame this oh
3563s man this looks so so good absolutely
3565s love it I'm Cosmetics never miss and I
3568s mean if you pick yourself up the hang
3570s you might still miss I'm not going to
3572s say that it immediately up you Ary to
3574s 100% but did you see the Hang sword
3576s showcase that we had on one of our solo
3578s days where they brought in like five
3580s solo players and they made them all play
3581s t with hord and it was absolutely
3586s hilarious absolutely hilarious but uh no
3591s moving on uh as we've been talking about
3593s the drops if you're thinking okay
3595s where's my avatar that's a bi-weekly
3597s finals drop that uh always happens that
3600s is a question that always crops up in
3601s chat bi-weekly final drops are only on
3604s by weekly final days regular week drops
3606s are on days like today so make sure that
3608s your account is linked we're going to be
3611s making sure that the action continues to
3613s heat on up because as we've been talking
3615s about Jake we've got a lot of these
3616s really heavy H teams in the lobby today
3618s right we have ug we have JL the reason
3622s why all of us casters are like super
3624s hyped about JL this season is because JL
3626s roster has gone through some pretty
3628s significant changes in that of the four
3631s players that te brought to jaob last
3633s year Well JL has made off with two of
3636s them txj and vvv have been yed from the
3639s te roster and are now on jl's core and
3643s there is just something really special
3645s about those two players we've been
3647s seeing vvv clutch out fights 1 V2
3650s survive Ram of Yang 1 V2 for over 20
3652s seconds so that it times out like
3655s honestly these two players there is just
3658s something about them that elevates their
3660s gameplay and especially with things like
3662s Cannonball and also the VIP of variety
3664s uh composition coming back into the mix
3666s right things like the Viper for vbv
3669s who's probably his most known hero the
3671s Yoda for txj these are their bread and
3673s butter and they are known in the rack of
3675s follow specific Heroes for a reason yeah
3679s I mean two World Champs on your team's
3681s obviously always going to elovate you
3682s but it's it's the fact that they've also
3684s been able to intricate intri
3687s add and play alongside a new player
3689s because I think this the thing about uh
3691s the te roster the former te roster was
3694s they played together on fpx the seasons
3696s prior they were a team who were very on
3699s the ball as a as a trio the whole time
3702s and now kind of pulled apart still
3704s missing I can't remember the name of who
3706s they're missing but uh missing one of
3708s their players um who's actually stayed
3710s on te oh LD and Leo are the two that
3713s stayed on te thank you thank you so with
3715s those guys you know it it makes it it
3718s makes it crazy that actually they're
3719s able to play without them and actually
3722s still look really really solid obviously
3724s not quite good enough though because if
3727s you looked at the bi-weekly finals OG
3728s were the ones to take it but we were
3730s expecting a few teing issues and if
3732s teing issues are a really solid
3734s performance and like an absolutely
3736s amazing by-weekly one I don't think you
3738s can really be too upset I think they
3740s definitely want to keep your eyes on
3742s going forwards um I'm trying to like
3745s wack my brain for like who else is like
3747s really catching me off guard right now I
3749s mean obviously me wbg for me cuz wbg
3753s been running Sleepwalker on monk again
3755s yeah yes they have they have been
3756s picking that one up uh bb have also been
3758s quite interesting um they've been a
3760s little hit a Miss but they are a new
3762s team to the to the league coming over
3764s from Vietnam and honestly they've shown
3767s us that they able to run with the big
3769s boys and it's not always been perfect
3772s there's definitely some room to grow
3774s there's definitely a few teing issues as
3776s you would expect from a new team but
3778s they to me remind me of this time last
3781s year K do you remember that K who came
3783s out raru Peak you yeah that was it yeah
3787s and they they they just look so good all
3791s throughout the split and it was just an
3792s improvement until they went all the way
3793s to the finals Unfortunately they didn't
3795s actually get to play in the finals
3796s because of reasons but I would like to
3798s see BB follow a same trajectory is that
3800s and actually you know attend the finals
3802s and attend the playoffs uh for you guys
3805s at home though this is what we have got
3806s coming up the same schedule's been
3808s running for the well first three weeks
3810s of this league so far um we're on to
3813s week four now though no we're on to week
3815s three I'm having a brain fart right
3817s we're on to week three but by weekly two
3820s because we play the biweekly finals
3821s every single two weeks now that's how we
3823s do our formatting we are we play Four
3826s bi-weekly finals and then the teams that
3828s are able to make up those points in the
3829s biweekly finals move on to the playoffs
3832s teams that don't unfall a little bit
3833s short go for lcq and then once we've
3835s done l C we have our pre-finals uh which
3838s means that we play six games uh the
3841s total score that you pick up in that day
3842s gets hared and you carry those half of
3844s the points with you into the grand
3846s finals which then gets added onto the
3848s total of your final scoring to decide
3851s and determine who picks up first second
3853s and third
3855s position there you go that's uh that is
3858s how the league is all maed out but yeah
3859s we'll be playing three games to holler
3861s off at the beginning of the day then
3862s going into free morile morile is always
3864s super interesting just due to the fact
3866s that
3866s on the moros map we have
3870s um they're the ones with the fireflies
3872s all three of them and I thought that was
3875s actually going to affect the the hero
3876s select it kind of lowy hasn't because
3879s because monkeys I'm going to say dead
3882s but we know that some teams are picking
3884s it up still um what wbg being some teams
3888s well WG have run it uh te run it and
3891s actually got a last team standing with
3894s unline composition because they got
3896s incredibly lucky it was on Morris Isle
3899s and it went final Zone to Shadow Jade
3901s mines which
3903s is absolutely awful for monk but it
3906s actually happened to to close out the
3908s End Circle on flat ground so they
3910s actually had plenty of terrain to be
3912s able to to keep the monk standing and
3913s manage to y a couple of players uh
3916s wolves have also tried to run the monk
3918s the thing is that you just saw it flash
3920s up on your screen just that wbg do not
3923s play traditional Transformers at the
3925s moment they actually take the karumi but
3927s instead of a uan to be able to cover for
3930s the monk once you drop out of ultimate
3931s they run the Tessa instead so a lot of
3934s CC a lot of crowd control but
3938s unfortunately like you don't really have
3940s that thicker uh Health to be able to
3943s absorb and get like permanent stagger
3945s because obviously Tessa the way she
3947s finds her stagger is off of her ultimate
3949s you can only throw two of those out and
3952s there is a time out because it does cost
3954s 55% uh before you can thr the second one
3956s because this is nerfed Tessa as opposed
3959s to on release Tessa uh and one of the
3962s values that uan brings to the
3963s composition with Transformers is that
3965s once you go into that ultimate you can
3967s just jump and swing that spear around
3969s and stagger as many people as you like
3971s yeah it's it's interesting cuz um we saw
3975s wbgu also run the monk but I think they
3979s ran full traditional monk yeah um
3981s earlier on in the first bi-weekly that
3983s one they got really unlucky with the
3985s final Zone they they did not pick it
3987s right I mean it's you never know what
3988s the final Zone's going to be um but yeah
3992s they just they were not able to achieve
3993s anything in that one that actually might
3994s have also just been outside of Shadow J
3996s mines and I think it ended in like loads
3998s of buildings I can't remember yeah I I
4001s remember it just like the monks just
4003s sadly standing in a little cottage being
4005s like well I can't actually do anything
4006s here yeah it wasn't just that it was
4008s also the fact they were like surrounded
4010s by both Cannonball and Viper variety and
4012s like cannonball with the Yoto the more
4015s boardings that are like the better it is
4016s for the Yoto because Yo's ultimate goes
4018s through ceilings and floorboards yes so
4021s if you're actually underneath a team
4023s like if a team is standing above you you
4025s can yo Al through the ceiling and it's
4027s still going to connect and that actually
4029s I believe ends up happening to wolves uh
4032s there was I think it was ug actually uh
4034s there was a team that had a Yoto who
4035s basically just like was directly below
4038s them and they just ate so much damage
4040s when they had to try and reposition run
4041s away something else to look out for as
4043s well all lions have been liking to run
4045s Justina uh in Cannonball which
4047s transforms it into ice pick uh which
4049s means that they normally run the Yoto F1
4053s rather than either the F2 or the F3 when
4055s they pair it alongside that Justina they
4057s like to run it in game one and game six
4059s so I would be unsurprised if we see that
4062s particular pick coming out from that
4064s side so just looking at who's going to
4066s be picking up first here um all of the
4069s the I want to say teams to watch
4071s actually picking a little bit later in
4072s this uh selection but right now just
4075s seeing doing there the Wolves yeah there
4077s you go picking up the uh is this ice
4080s pick is that what what you were calling
4081s it yeah I like that that's a good name
4083s for it actually um then we got kind of
4086s just regular sand siphon coming well
4088s variations of the sand siphon coming in
4091s uh ewg picking up the blind date comp
4093s there as well actually a lot of teams
4095s picking up in this second rotation JL uh
4098s going for the foto comp cannibal comp on
4102s that front so pretty standard I say kind
4106s of stuff the the first round was
4107s actually quite interesting what was
4108s getting picked up but a whole lot of
4110s cannonbal getting picked up in this uh
4112s last round of of uh hero select here see
4115s what fpx are going to look to round out
4118s this with we want to look and turn their
4120s attention to Pall is free for them
4122s they're going to go for that looks
4124s like actually looking it's interesting
4128s that we are starting to see like a
4130s little bit of deviation from Sans siphon
4132s like traditional Sans siphon was with
4134s Zing but some of these teams now with
4136s the Zing Nerfs are actually starting to
4139s pick up the karumi since like normally
4142s you would have your karumi points
4144s allocated to Transformers but obviously
4146s like you've said Transformers are sort
4147s of moved away from being quite as
4150s valuable or as consistently viable so
4153s it's okay to be able to slot things like
4155s the uian into Cannonball and the Kian
4157s into sand siphon especially with the
4159s Buffs to e like the fact that you can
4161s basically just manage to make sure that
4164s your tea just face tanks
4166s everything like when Cannonball runs up
4169s against a traditional sand siphon the
4171s line has sort of changed you'll see it
4173s from a lot of teams like JL where the
4175s traditional pacing of The Cannonball
4177s composition would be that your Yota
4179s would open with ultimate then the fer
4181s would drop her V3 for the Yoto to be
4184s able to hop into once she's sort of like
4186s more vulnerable since her ultimate has
4187s been expended uh and then you would have
4190s like your uation come in and close up
4191s and stagger everyone but now that the
4193s zip NFS have come through a lot of the
4195s teams have actually started just going
4197s for the full ultimate burn they'll have
4199s Yodo ultimate going at the same time as
4201s farch at the same time as Yan to be able
4203s to force that zip to pop ultimate as
4205s quickly as possible and then once that
4207s sedated Soul has proed they'll just all
4209s in and kill everybody in seconds the
4211s problem is against the karumi
4213s composition you can't really do that
4214s because that defense up that 20% damage
4218s reduction and then the additional 90%
4221s damage reduction after 4 seconds once
4222s the te has been broken just means that
4224s the decator gets too face tank the
4226s entire window of all of those ultimates
4229s yeah it's it's interesting to see the
4230s kind of variation we talked well me and
4233s uh me and D talked a little bit about it
4234s during um our last cast together and the
4238s kind of like the nuances of the karumi
4240s and the zip and why you take one over
4242s the other and then a stat change just
4244s completely kind of undo that it changes
4246s everything cuz we were talking about how
4248s karumi is more positional based and you
4250s don't want to be getting picked off
4252s where zipping kind of just like
4253s mindlessly bruls with everyone else and
4255s just keeps everyone alive but you change
4257s things around and then suddenly that
4260s whole that whole like kind of look into
4262s how you're going to run everything does
4264s does uh does move about but we are
4266s having a little look at the team comps
4267s here pretty much everyone playing
4268s Comfort 33% that's that's pretty much as
4271s good as 100% that's most of the times
4273s they can take it they'll take it as uh
4275s seeing the spread of where everybody is
4278s dropping uh seeing j team not J team
4280s sorry te wolves uh I think it's drg and
4283s ug all dropping at Imperial City attack
4285s T got BB and ewg actually a pretty WID
4289s spread on the map on where everybody is
4291s dropping so going to be an interesting
4293s on to see who kind of fights and who
4295s gains control of each Drop Zone but I
4297s think Imperial is going to have a lot of
4298s action down there wait Jake you're not
4301s commenting on the fact that jm's not
4302s dropping city of Tang uh well we I I
4305s already I've already talked about this
4307s they finally learned not to drop at city
4309s of Tang and some WIS rest every game but
4311s now they just they dropping um I always
4314s forget the name of it the the other one
4317s on on the south the other side I can
4320s never remember but uh it is going to be
4322s ug that we following along with running
4325s the Tessa Wan and Viper this isn't their
4328s big Point composition that's their Sans
4330s siphon Sans siphon was what they picked
4332s up the 30 bomb and the 20 bomb so
4334s potentially quite a game for OG to start
4335s off with as looking over to the first
4337s fight it's going to be JTG versus J team
4340s Le already incredibly low however PP for
4343s jdg also already down that being said
4346s jdg Kiki coming in with those dual
4349s blades and absolutely wrecking two
4351s players of J team in one go and that is
4354s going to have to be a full disengagement
4356s for the remaining farer is heading over
4358s to Imperial te just looting up at the
4361s moment not really wanting to take a
4363s fight since lyd that usan still does not
4365s have armor they haven't really been able
4367s to find the best loot this is a model
4369s War so the loot Rarity on the over map
4372s is increasingly uh smaller than it is in
4375s your regular ranked and unranked it's
4377s over towards city of tank we've got a
4379s fight breaking out over here as BBE and
4382s ewg are going Head to Head Tessa
4384s ultimate comes on through nice little
4387s cover of the yo F2 to make sure that
4388s they can't actually interact with the N
4390s to be able to cancel out that
4392s enchantment as 14 just continues to
4394s throw out the fan R&B on repeat catching
4397s the back and trying to scoop some of
4398s these players in since the other players
4400s are playing more forward and locking
4402s them into that light stagger and there
4403s is no way that they can par the fan as a
4406s result B such a strong weapon both in
4408s solos and TRS for how quickly those
4411s Focus attacks here well fpx found them
4414s in a fight here versus Alliance but with
4417s the vein's breath coming down Alliance
4418s are going to have to fall disengage from
4420s this do not want to be fighting on a
4422s favorable turns but b gets struck
4424s immediately there I believe another
4426s remember Alliance also got themselves
4427s CAU out as fbx able to take down the
4429s kill onto thean taking them out as now
4431s keeping the pressure up onto Revenge Ren
4434s losing that armor very very quickly
4436s three members of fbx just handing them
4438s down lovely little Parry coming in from
4439s dongqing gets the vertical strike as
4441s well there from the long sword onto him
4444s now it's just bow left standing on his
4447s Lonesome he will be not long for this
4448s world although he does get himself a
4449s nice amount of damage off on to dongqing
4452s strips away using the fan beautifully he
4455s might be able to trade this out at least
4457s three for one but it's looking rough
4459s it's looking hard he's still holding
4460s fast going low down he goes dong Ching's
4463s able to secure that one and finish it up
4465s that was really really well played by
4467s Bow and that'ss off honestly to Alliance
4470s because these guys have been a bit of a
4472s meme for the longest time but this this
4475s season it's like they get their we of BS
4478s before every show man they are so ready
4480s to play and they look they have these
4482s games where they look so so good they've
4484s still got a ways to go but there's a lot
4487s of strength in this Alliance roster
4489s right now and I I think we're going to
4490s see some some really good stuff coming
4493s from them over time yeah and if you're
4495s asking yourself why they're leaving the
4497s soul blooms I direct your attention to
4499s the top right of the screen chat we are
4501s not currently playing on live patch
4503s which means that Soul blooms do not yet
4505s have that two-minute lockout timer so
4507s for all of these teams that are picking
4508s up these early kills they can still
4510s leave those blooms as insurance to take
4512s the first round of Yang and if they do
4514s lose they can res the soul alter
4516s backtrack over grab those bodies and
4519s instantly cleanse that debuff without
4521s having to worry about over aggressing
4523s staying in fights a little bit too long
4525s and going out of the lobby regardless
4528s really can't wait until we do actually
4529s see that patch coming on through that's
4531s going to be coming in by weekly three uh
4534s we'll be heading over to live which
4535s means that glyphs will change entirely a
4537s lot of those uh IMM modal War new rules
4540s will come into play as well the St Bloom
4543s timeout will be very much a thing as
4545s well as the aerial uh combos changing up
4548s although I don't think that's going to
4549s affect these players as much considering
4551s they do all play on landan already yeah
4554s so
4555s ooh txj taking a little bit of pressure
4559s from jdg the Yodo does have the ultimate
4562s and the F2 variant which is a little bit
4564s harder to be able to use since you have
4567s to choose your window throw it out
4569s prematurely and then come in once with
4572s that second swing into the gold and
4574s there it is txj moving in for the kill
4577s one target has been identified off of
4579s the back of that F2 but now he doesn't
4581s have the combo breaker he's going to
4582s have to go for the ultimate and he's not
4584s actually getting covered by by his team
4586s currently so he's going to go down to a
4588s bow shot coming through from two tick
4590s and without that Yoto this cannon bol of
4592s haran is just forced to use their own
4594s ultimates for themselves vvv hops into
4596s his Mech FX inside that terra cotta
4599s Warrior trying to Pilot find a Stager to
4602s set vvv up to be able to come in with a
4604s kill it looks like PP and that's exactly
4607s what has happened vvv now outside of
4610s that Mech moves on over to be able to
4612s grab the reset of the Soul Bloom to get
4613s a little bit of extra health terot
4615s Warrior still on the field but that's
4617s about to disappear and TK is still going
4619s to have the ultimate TK now with that
4621s staff and jabbing off of the back of it
4624s instantly procs it onto FX and that is y
4627s Shan down even better for jdg they do it
4631s before PP times out so they don't even
4633s have to burn one of those rebuffs I
4636s really feel like that was
4637s a a massive mistake from JL they they
4641s really positioned terribly for that
4643s fight and you know y goes in nose this
4646s might have been an even bigger mistake
4647s txj I
4648s think next to J team they did no no no
4652s txj resed and I think was thinking about
4655s maybe salty running that back because
4657s they managed to get the kill onto top
4659s and they knew that the teor ultimate
4660s would be running
4662s out yeah it looks like though with J
4664s team they were dissuaded from going for
4666s the salty run back I actually think
4668s that's probably in their best interest
4669s to have done that so they're going to be
4671s a okay OG getting themselves in a scrap
4674s here versus wolves EG G getting a lot of
4676s work done there the charm comes down
4678s from SS though keeping the pressure up
4680s wolves getting absolutely obliterated ZK
4683s locked in place with the freeze not
4685s freeze sorry with the charm getting
4687s himself taken down here comes a Bane's
4689s breath as well this fight is just so
4691s onesided for ug able to take wolves down
4694s like it is nothing that wasn't a bath
4696s either that was wol oh wow wolves wolves
4700s really got clapped there I mean they
4702s kind of went down before the B bre even
4704s came up as that's the problem when you
4706s have one player like going to cast Ban's
4708s breth you can get interrupted on the
4709s cast of Bane so you have to actually use
4711s the the full the back player to be able
4714s to to cast that one out uninterrupted
4717s and they tried to send the teada uh
4720s after the Tessa but ug's SX actually
4723s does a really nice little bit of Tess
4724s attack where he uses the gold on the
4727s Tessa ultimate to be able to dodge out
4729s of being hit into the uppercut confirm
4732s uh off of the teor engagement so even
4734s though he does catch the charm onch the
4736s teada he still manages to stop himself
4738s from being comboed down and as a result
4740s you can see it right here when we look
4742s at ug's uh POV they do not have the Bane
4746s Talman around their players in fact it's
4748s Wolves who have the Talman around their
4750s players and as a result Tri come back
4752s into this
4754s fight oh well wolves keeping the chase
4757s on Chan comes out from SS tring to see
4760s if they can catch onto him here but
4762s breaking away OG
4765s I I'm losing track of where they are but
4767s there they are low HP doing some work
4769s with the bow now just trying to finish
4771s up fortunately our camera angle not
4773s particularly showing us exactly where e
4774s is but falling from the sky e does go
4777s down and know able to secure themsel
4779s that kill I believe actually they did
4781s take the uh the soul Bloom there so
4783s maybe even confidence maybe they don't
4784s think they're going to be going they
4786s don't have a good comp they got a key
4788s they're going to use that instead yeah
4790s yeah they they don't have a good comp
4792s for for R of yang right Tesla struggles
4794s inter
4795s even TR cuz a lot of flat grind means
4797s that it's very easy for a lot of players
4799s to be able to just react Dodge the test
4802s ultimate it's another reason why she
4803s struggles in solos uh Plus wuen in realm
4806s of Yang he sort of used for a lot of
4808s Mobility to be able to sort of like
4810s disengage fights and then return back
4811s into them once you've still got
4812s ultimates and the other side doesn't you
4814s can't really do that inside realm of
4816s Yang since the area is so short in
4818s comparison to the full length that a w
4819s and TP can go to by has jabbing he's
4822s already going to reveal that however
4824s with that legendary staff uses the to
4826s Ultimate activation to knock two players
4828s back will be able to as well try and
4830s proc the jabing off of the fur and shelf
4833s set up it's not able to cancel one
4835s player getting into the F Mech however
4838s and this is what I was talking about
4839s this line now starts to come in that is
4841s Cannonball Mech and Terra Cotta Warrior
4844s on the field for both of these players
4846s wvg at the moment going to be setting up
4848s a scale Rush coming in through from by
4850s just looking to try and find some damage
4852s onto these players as well as avoiding
4854s all of that potential stagger from the U
4856s once the ultimate has run out that's
4858s when we'll start to try and take this
4860s fight and that time is now Lee does want
4862s to find a Parry on to Sleep Walker but I
4864s believe it's a one versus three and he's
4866s going to go down incredibly shortly as a
4868s result yeah it was a very very one-sided
4870s fight there from uh
4872s wbg going to make that fight look really
4874s really one-sided is OG now getting them
4876s in a scrap versus ewg here 14 low HP
4880s they're just going to get the damage off
4881s onto him knocking them back T the charm
4883s actually misses there from drg coming in
4885s as a third party looking to tidy this
4887s one up woin 8 loses a fair amount of HP
4891s as he almost is able to secure the kill
4893s for his team now turning their attention
4895s on actually to him TR to see if they can
4897s chase him down fing 14 14's on the run
4900s and now he is going down nothing he's
4903s going to be able to do about that one
4904s drg beautiful little third party able
4906s SEC kill himself just the one
4907s unfortunately nothing more but able to
4909s get them that one kill I mean that is
4912s how the vi variety composition is meant
4914s to play you assassinate onto these teams
4915s that are already taking fights so that
4917s they don't see the tester ultimate
4919s coming you find that connection and then
4921s you just all in on one specific player
4924s as opposed to Sanson where you just try
4926s and stay alive as much as you possibly
4927s can and keep the teor up that's another
4929s jabbing on the field this time for jg's
4931s two tick going up against B who also has
4934s chapping in the pocket you can see how
4935s quickly it comes out there is no visual
4937s Quee either that attack is changed
4939s because of the Soul Jade both of these
4941s players now have seen it because both of
4942s them have been hit by it so they both
4943s know it's on the field and by will be
4945s able to find a par onto two tick who
4947s does still have a backup staff will be
4949s able to keep that one in the pocket the
4951s furing shelves just isolating the other
4953s teor away as Kiki plays into the pocket
4955s and allows tu ti to really come in with
4958s those massive hits Zen also has jabing
4960s in the back pocket he's going to get
4963s stuck inside that NZ has will be able to
4965s fride his F to be able to just combo
4967s break outside of that one and J teams
4969s lean now onto the field inside the
4971s ultimate is going to look try and
4972s isolate this teada down so that they can
4974s try and remove the damage hyper carry
4977s they go after wb's AXA who does fall it
4979s looks like they actually decided to
4981s ignore the teada and go after one of the
4983s other players because they were on the
4985s cliff side so as a result the teada
4986s couldn't be able to connect the furing
4988s shelves and push them far enough away to
4990s be able to combo afterwards as Z Now
4993s with that Yodo ultimate is going to try
4994s and catch onto two tick going to use the
4997s TP to be able to keep the damage and
4999s isolation onto jg's Kiki who's looking
5002s to try and Dodge around it but then with
5003s some really nice holds will be able to
5005s find a lot of damage goes for the
5007s grapple lock onto the teada trying to
5009s follow up with the R&B on the hit of how
5011s fast those come out this fight still on
5014s going LLY little bit of Peel on the F to
5017s be able to cover F Le but unfortunately
5020s it's not going to be enough Kiki frows
5023s out the R&B on that fan and it catches
5025s him right in the face and now it is just
5028s the Yoto who has to disengage as a third
5030s party comes through wpg and jdg now
5034s going Head to Head Tok the only
5037s remaining player for jdg at the moment
5039s just trying to play inside that tul
5042s ultimate as JL show up for the party as
5046s well there's just so many people I don't
5049s even know what teams were fighting there
5050s there just a million people fighting in
5052s the area unfortunately for J team that
5054s went really bad really quick as they did
5057s lose uh two players I'm not sure they're
5060s even going to be able to get um get
5063s their uan back so it looks like it's
5065s probably just going to have to be a
5066s matter of uh hopefully having enough
5068s money in the inventories to buy the
5070s rebirth charms and then Reviving your
5071s team from there yep that looks to have
5073s been the game plan here from them able
5075s to get back they able to get back both
5077s or is it just going to be Alex y uh
5079s sorry yeah it looks like it's just lxy
5082s yeah have no more money so they're just
5084s going to rely on the oan and the Yoto
5086s maybe try and see if they can salvage
5088s together a couple more dark high coins
5090s and then translate that into another rth
5092s it's going to be interesting the the
5094s value of of th coins going forwards
5096s because like you're saying the next
5098s patch as well a major change is we're
5100s going to be able to buy armor and I feel
5101s for some of these teams who have been
5103s struggling with getting blue armor until
5105s a late game where as you can see with ZK
5107s losing all of his HP does turn around
5109s onto dong ching pretty well here here
5111s comes the follow up down goes donging
5114s okay just ignore everything I said about
5115s blue armor ZK is making it work with a
5118s Justina getting the freeze the uppercut
5119s comes in on D Xiao last freeze just to
5122s finish this one a funk with the St
5125s almost got the kill water now coming in
5127s to try and save the day no freeze
5129s breaking through ZK is just keeping the
5131s pressure up water in danger down he goes
5134s as ZK able to secure himself all of the
5137s work for his team there really really
5139s beautiful play mhm yeah Justa V1 freeze
5143s into jabbing is not fun for
5147s anyone like jabing comes out so quickly
5150s it's such a good followup to getting
5152s caught in that ultimate like it becomes
5154s a little bit problematic trying to get
5155s the freeze connect onto teada cuz he
5158s just like shoves as a peel but we saw
5160s just like the full all in on the teor
5163s the second that they saw that shelf go
5165s out it's basically just caling hey uan
5168s get over here keep this guy staggered
5170s I'm going to be able to kill him once
5171s the hyper car is gone once we don't have
5172s to worry about being displaced when we
5174s go after those other players because
5175s teada in s s siphon he can be used like
5178s super aggressively if you want him to be
5180s your hyper carry but he can also be used
5182s incredibly defensively right those
5183s furing shoves even if you get silenced
5186s or stunned by Viper ultimate you can
5188s still throw those shelves out so you can
5190s actually use them to sort of Peel uh and
5192s provide a lot of spacing for things like
5194s your tumul and you can always see the
5196s teams that prioritize that style of play
5198s in the damage statistics because that
5200s tumul will be the damage hyper car
5201s instead speaking about hyper carer
5203s though txj is a hyper carrying Yoto at
5205s the moment gorgeous V3 connecting and
5209s setting up so much damage unfortunately
5211s it does not peel for vvv as the the yo
5215s ultimate goes through DG get the musket
5217s shot to connect and txj now outside of
5220s that ultimate without a f to drop for
5222s him is just oh so vulnerable and is
5225s immediately chunked down as it looks
5228s like ug have immediately won their realm
5229s of Yang don't know if they got it for
5231s free we do however know that wbg are
5233s currently fighting jdg for control of
5236s this one as it is going to be by getting
5239s stuck inside that toal whisp is he going
5241s to be able to use his ultimate yes he
5243s just manages to Popp it and the knock
5246s back on the activation will be able to
5248s buy himself the spacing to get one reset
5249s off pan shove into jabbing follow up he
5252s gets hit by the blistering Edge however
5254s which is going to be really annoying for
5256s him to try and receive that zip healing
5258s as a result now we're going to see him
5260s trying to just set up goes for a jump
5262s Parry no one actually throws the blue
5264s into it and as a result he doesn't get
5266s the followup so that he's just content
5267s to throw jabbing into the backs of these
5269s players as quickly as he possibly can
5271s Dragon Ro coming on out locking down one
5273s player from J DG to take the target of
5276s choice we're overh holding onto the blue
5279s into the jabbing onto jg's PP seeing
5281s whether or not he goes for that
5282s immediate parry and as a result wbg
5286s dragons Roar jabbing on CER ultimate
5289s just two oppressive in controlling the
5291s space to be fought against that is the
5294s second time today well I guess is their
5296s first game but that's the second R Yang
5298s they've been able to pick thems up
5301s wbg starting to look really really solid
5304s here really really really well
5306s played OG won around and they pick Draco
5310s storm so this has been interesting cuz
5312s some teams have uh decided that they
5316s prefer the dragon storm over the Mystic
5317s might it's really really interesting to
5319s see wbg took the white tigers as well so
5321s no one going Mystic might which has
5323s typically been the go-to for the second
5325s real of Yang um obviously there's been
5328s changes to Draco storm coming into this
5330s season uh so people are starting to
5332s maybe favor it a little bit more I still
5335s think I prefer the Mystic M information
5337s is very valuable plus the damage
5339s reduction is really nice on it but Dro
5341s storm to me screams but you want to
5345s fight and that's obviously what ug are
5346s looking to do ug want to use that Draco
5348s storm use it aggressively and take a
5350s fight here you can see jdg doing a
5352s little bit of scouting out to see where
5354s they're going to go for the rebirth but
5356s wbgr in the area with that Draco storm
5359s going to be very hard to fight them with
5360s that J team actually sandwiching right
5363s now the position between Soul alter as
5365s well so it could be very messy as ug
5367s with this Draco storm now look the
5369s pressure up here on to te going to try
5372s and keep them pinned in place here with
5373s the Viper stun able to make the
5375s connection hand goes down immediately
5377s zenu now is looking to keep the pressure
5379s up onto the remaining members of te
5383s slammed down there by the uan in comes
5385s to transform on to the Cannonball from
5388s the far there is U just break it away
5391s trying to find a position to heal but Le
5393s actually staying on top of them really
5394s really well OG need to buy Zeno a little
5397s bit of time so they can get that reset
5398s off but the health bar running low on
5400s the mech this could get really nasty
5402s really quickly here for Leo the grapples
5404s coming in there's also a third party jdg
5407s third partying once again looking to
5408s slide in and get this one as Leo gets
5410s some beautiful Parry off on the air into
5413s zenu able to keep the pressure up onto
5415s them though but using that long sword
5416s really well jdg coming in for the third
5418s party P just slides in and takes the
5421s kill away massive denial onto ug over
5423s the shoulders you goes as he's going
5425s down the Wen out out to safety they get
5428s Uber out
5430s jdg all they're going to be able to do
5432s is just secure that one kill but no
5434s annoying little third party from them
5435s they're pulling them off really well
5437s today yeah karumi Tav on totic as well
5439s on engagement so he gets the damage
5441s reduction as well as that healing proc
5443s so he can go aggressively in with the p
5446s sword it actually looked like um it was
5449s a Tessa V1 enchan on onto the farch that
5452s allowed SS to be able to recover OG are
5456s running the V3 variant of the Viper
5458s ultimate rather than the V1 which means
5461s that you do not get the 5 Seconds done
5462s instead it is the silence on the charge
5465s up of the ultimate which is really
5467s annoying for these uh Cannonball
5469s compositions that like to be able to
5471s utilize their ultimates to be able to
5473s try and ey frame around that Viper stun
5475s activation jdg now however having to
5478s worry about being stuck in position
5480s between two different teams there's that
5481s karumi te immediately going to be snap
5484s gets the full 90% damage reduction and
5486s can go as aggressive as he chooses with
5489s this teada ultimate they're having to go
5491s aggressive too because they're being
5492s absolutely barraged at the moment by
5494s cannonballs from all around ballista
5497s shots too coming on out dog trying to
5500s take the fight to jdg jdg not really
5502s wanting to commit especially now that
5504s the wuen teleport has gone out and it
5507s does look like di are not the ones with
5508s ballista control because they actually
5510s teleported in front and further away
5513s from ballista as a opposed to closer to
5515s it so we don't know currently which team
5517s are in control of that Tower but it's
5520s definitely not one of the teams that we
5522s can see currently taking fights and with
5524s ballista in power it does look like jdd
5527s are just trying to take Blind Side
5529s Alliance might actually be the ones with
5531s control of Bist and they will be able to
5533s find the kill onto Moonlight they're
5535s running the Z ping variant of the S SI
5538s which does do better than the karumi
5540s once we do get towards those final zones
5543s since final Zone corruption TI damage
5546s entirely ignores armor and one of the
5549s things that we started to see from the
5550s Kumi variant of sans siphon is that it's
5553s actually more common to take the armor
5555s Circle rather than the health yeah that
5557s has actually been a really weird
5559s adaptation where for the longest time I
5561s don't think anybody really took that now
5563s might have to hold that for cuz Alliance
5565s trying to take this Mor's blessing
5566s underneath the ballista which J team is
5568s standing on top of and they just get it
5570s for free like there was no contest
5572s coming in there from J team not even a
5574s cheeky ballista shot they got a swarm in
5576s there as well so very very effective in
5578s those final circles to swarm kind of
5581s just can cannon on steroids basically
5583s and we know the Cannon's great unless
5585s you got really good soulj to the cannon
5587s true but it's not as effective as the
5588s flamer cuz flamer goes for yo a flamer
5591s flamer is absolutely Bonkers once you
5593s get into tight quarters yes very very
5596s rough but lovely stuff coming in there
5598s from uh wolves wolves got on their sixth
5601s kill of this game actually so they've
5603s been an interesting one because
5604s obviously I think well myself and run
5607s and I think you as well we've all been
5608s hyped and wolves for quite a while uh
5610s they started off really strong at the
5613s beginning of the split and then kind of
5615s in classic wolves fashion haven't been
5618s as as exciting as they were on their
5621s first day um but you there's always that
5624s hope there's always that
5627s um I guess hope is the word I was
5629s looking for there's always just that
5631s lingering hope that maybe wolves are
5633s going to pop off again uh they're such a
5635s fun team to watch when they really get
5637s going but it's been it's been a hot
5639s minute since uh since wolves have you
5641s know been able to take over lobbies and
5643s I just think you know when you got such
5645s stacked groups and that's what I was
5647s talking about last bi-weekly was how
5649s stacked the groups were like ug
5653s JL um wbg now joining into the fry GG um
5658s to be fair te L though te obviously a
5661s shadow of their former self the shadow
5663s of the world champion ship they are I
5665s just talking about wolves popping off
5666s and they take out jdg who actually being
5668s really really consistent but now they
5670s find surrounded by wbg and jdg
5673s immediately Sleep Walker with the musket
5676s able to take down Z so wolves already
5679s missing a player going to have to just
5680s back off the safety but ZK is going to
5682s pop the ultimate just so they can put
5684s some distance between them and everybody
5685s chasing but the zone is starting to get
5687s small and no Justina ultimate onto ZK is
5690s going to be a bit of a problem here for
5692s them they're trying to break away just
5693s going to use the dashes on the Justin
5695s got two more of them is wbg doing a
5698s really good job keeping on to ZK they
5699s cannot find any rest they can't find it
5702s anywhere to gets to safety as ZK finally
5706s able to get himself towards the
5707s buildings but wbg on the hunt for EEG
5711s his last remaining teammate as EEG loses
5713s all of his armor his health is going low
5715s I don't think he's going to be able to
5716s survive this for long wbg able to secure
5719s that kill for the with the nunchucks the
5721s final member of wolves left on their own
5723s as the rest of the pack is down oh
5726s someone from wbg has got storm stride
5729s man that's soul Jade it can do so much
5731s it can also kind of groupy though cuz um
5733s storm rde has a really fun mechanic
5735s where if you actually get a Parry on a
5736s player storm rde can sometimes knock the
5738s player that you pared out of par uh
5740s follow-up range so you don't always get
5743s the follow-up damage as a result whether
5747s wolves are going to be able to live is
5749s now going to be determined on whether or
5751s not the Justina gets spotted out uh I do
5754s believe they're hiding inside one of the
5755s purple bushes it looked like they were
5757s trying to O B oh he's dead he's de he's
5762s dead the
5763s flamer yeah and just put him on the put
5766s him on the Bobby oh these veins have not
5769s been messing around yesterday's solo
5771s matches like five players died to Bane's
5773s breath it was it was really quite
5776s something like spider was using Bane's
5777s breath to try and juggle players into it
5779s and then Bain breu decided to hit where
5781s spider was standing speaking about Bain
5783s breu hitting players where standing
5784s all's bow takes one knock Lane also
5786s incredibly low for the tumult doesn't
5789s have to invest the ultimate to be able
5791s to disengage securely so at least they
5793s don't have to worry about being run on
5795s top of unfortunately jg's PP does get
5798s run over and I do believe that is all of
5800s the players for jdg down which is rather
5802s unfortunate considering that they'd
5804s already picked up 14 kills unfortunately
5807s for them that score multiplier is not
5809s really going to be making those 14 kills
5812s work out for them in the long run ug
5814s however still very much alive with 12
5817s kills they don't have Xin Yu you does
5820s have the teleport available to him
5823s whether or not he's going to be able to
5824s find the spacing to be able to connect
5826s the corpse yet there it is that's why we
5828s didn't immediately see the teleport come
5830s through he was just setting up to be in
5831s distance of the can lovely armor swap as
5834s well coming on through to be able to
5836s drop the purple armor and give it over
5838s to Jin you when he's incredibly low
5840s after having come out of that
5842s resurrection and now U because of that
5844s will be able to keep their Viper alive
5846s deal with the pressure coming on through
5848s from Alliance as as on repeat throwing
5850s out the phoenixes just to try and buy
5853s spacing for some of these teams away and
5855s allow ug any sort of terrain to be able
5858s to reset and recover as it looks like
5861s off of the back of that Alliance lick
5863s their wounds reset and look to re-engage
5866s yeah it looks like OG are being
5868s absolutely cooked as well in this corner
5870s Ian able to take one kill down where
5873s with the cannon quick work of them off
5875s the back of that one and Moxy there's
5876s only 10 players left and four minutes
5879s left this has been a very very empty
5882s lobby at the end a lot of kills a lot of
5885s aggression meaning we've actually got
5887s you know it's a small Zone because of
5889s because of the final Zone Circle
5891s positioning in this Village but at the
5893s same time it's been uh Z going down
5897s first of all down he goes Revenge able
5898s to kill that kill Alliance five kills on
5901s the board they are popping off and we
5902s haven't really talked too much about The
5903s Kills here ug have only got one player
5906s left standing for them but they have 12
5908s kills wbg though full team standing 11
5911s kills in their pocket uh J team with the
5914s three kills have been able to keep one
5915s player left standing alone and they are
5918s just playing for placement at this point
5920s as we're seeing if anybody is going to
5923s be able to handle this one Li just
5925s hanging out inside that building staying
5926s away from the action and honestly with 3
5928s minutes left and just the amount of
5930s terrain this could still drag on just a
5932s little bit more because it's very hard
5934s to actually really find a weakness and
5936s find an opening on the enemy but Le
5938s actually loses a lot of HP there b just
5941s keeping the pressure up onto them the
5942s gold armor not really lasting all that
5945s well here it's going to do a bit but wow
5947s what a turnar around onto wbg they lose
5949s a fair amount of HP bow now also under a
5951s bit of fret but wbg that flamer is
5954s really starting to mess them up B low HP
5957s down he goes with the bow Revenge able
5959s SEC kill the kill onto him as now Exile
5961s he is on his own running away from the
5964s members of Alliance who are just going
5965s to keep the pressure up onto him down he
5968s goes he's cooked and it is just them
5971s hanging about ug have you and J team
5974s have little and that is it that is Le
5976s was still in the bush by the way he was
5978s still inside that invisibility Bush the
5980s entire time beautiful position in there
5983s he has been spotted yeah he's been
5985s spotted he he he's been spotted he
5988s doesn't have his ultimate unfortunately
5990s Alliance have absorbed all of the
5992s soldiers of the teams that they've
5993s knocked out by the way they have ug's uh
5995s Phoenix to be able to just Blitz these
5998s players and just rag doll them off of
6000s that head into corruption take damage so
6003s that they get pushed back have to expend
6005s all of the stamina to be able to dodge
6007s out of the corruption and go straight
6008s into the flamer this is what I was
6009s talking about right swarm is good but
6011s flamer is as here when it comes to just
6013s controlling all of this bacing of final
6015s zone for ugs you just having to go as
6017s Arial as possible to be able to stay
6019s away from it for as long as he possibly
6021s can utilizing the Wen f just to hold
6024s that go focus a little bit longer but
6026s unfortunately like Icarus well actually
6028s the opposite of Icarus he he doesn't fly
6030s too close to the sun he FES too close to
6032s the ground he gets hit by that flamer as
6034s poor wolf s k tries to go for the free
6036s shell on that Justa just to try and live
6038s a little bit longer but that just makes
6040s him too static for the flamer to be able
6042s to connect and absolutely toast through
6044s that water As Nice Sleep Walker is the
6047s target of choice is just clean up on
6049s Isle three and alliance with 11 kills
6052s will be the last team St in whether or
6054s not they've done enough for the MVP
6056s we'll have to see cuz some of those
6058s teams were sitting around about 14 kills
6060s and did outlive others but no Alliance
6063s it's Brits on broadcast it's EU on top
6067s Alliance walk away with the first MVP of
6071s the day absolutely huge game coming in
6073s there for Alliance really really good
6075s performance and it's nice to see
6078s honestly this iteration of Alliance this
6080s this season has been looking really good
6083s for them I'm not going to go as far as
6085s saying it's their season uh I think it's
6087s way too early to say that but I will say
6089s is a massive season of improvement from
6091s them uh the alliance we have been seeing
6094s for the last 3 weeks is just vastly
6096s better than the alliance we saw all last
6098s year they had like their odd game where
6100s they'd pop off and be like oh this could
6102s be alliance's day but like they are
6105s consistently playing well now and it's
6107s really really good to see they
6109s just I I don't know what they what
6111s they're doing differently but it's
6113s obviously recognizing when to take
6115s fights how to take fights you know not
6117s being overly passive and then getting
6119s knocked out with zero kills was a allian
6122s classic uh so it's really cool to see
6124s you know they they are recognizing their
6126s strengths as a team recognizing openings
6128s from other teams and able to capitalize
6130s on it Alliance honestly really really
6133s solid stuff coming in from them but you
6134s have to also keep your eyes on like jdg
6137s played amazing this game they a bunch of
6139s kills under their belt OG I mean let's
6142s be real no surprises that ug played well
6146s they're a team who you know won that
6148s first by weekly they looked terrifying
6152s in the run-ups of the bi-week le as well
6155s I I'm really excited to see the rest of
6156s the day CU I think you know that game
6158s was actually it even though there wasn't
6160s many people left in that final Circle
6162s which indicates a quick game it felt
6165s relatively tame it felt like a lot of
6167s the fights were very isolated and I
6168s think that's because a lot of people
6169s dropped on top of each other so when
6171s they lost and respawned they were close
6173s to each other again or they'd be close
6174s to a different party and they'd get
6176s knocked out very quickly but it didn't
6178s feel other than a couple of moments it
6180s didn't feel like a like a real nraa
6182s clown show and they're the games I love
6184s the ones where it's just absolute
6186s Carnage around the map and it just say
6188s we did get that Carnage did like you
6190s said it it came shorter like it came
6193s earlier in the stages like that fight on
6194s met up where there's like five different
6196s teams uh and like two teams take a fight
6199s for maybe 30 seconds and another team
6200s rolls up and it just becomes you know
6202s all of the survivors of the fight
6204s currently just having to try and play
6206s for for a better survival but if you
6208s want to play well you won't be able to
6209s play into these pro games but you can
6211s play into the question game all you have
6214s to do to get your hands on one of these
6216s spring split random gifts is answer this
6219s question Jake's going to be happy cuz he
6221s just talked about them what score did
6223s team jdg get in game number one was it a
6227s 16.7 was it B 17.8 was it C 18.7 or was
6232s it D9
6234s 19.6 get your answer in chat nraa blade
6237s point in chat will do a countdown of 3 2
6239s 1 and when they reach that one they'll
6242s take a screenshot of the chat and they
6244s will pick a lucky winner from one of the
6247s answers the correct answers that are
6249s actually showing inside that screenshot
6252s so me me and D were joking but like
6254s these get harder actually me and run as
6255s well joking these get harder through the
6257s day we haven't even revealed the scores
6260s yet I I know I mean
6264s and then yesterday we had we had some of
6267s the easiest questions where Le is like
6270s okay we're going to show the question
6272s which hero did so and so play and then
6274s literally the next question she asks us
6276s so how was your Justina
6280s game sometimes easy this one like you
6283s might need a calculator because you got
6285s to like figure everything out that's
6286s actually a hard question yeah you either
6288s need to be able to figure it out or you
6291s need to go back and look at what the
6294s score jdg got because remember jdg did
6297s go out earlier so that score would not
6299s get your Here There It Is hopefully
6302s you've been able to get the correct
6303s answer they got 14 kills and their total
6306s score after that multiplier was
6311s 17.8 that is a
6313s yeah good good math R only got that
6316s right or really good job copying
6318s everyone else because I know how show
6320s someone puts C or something and
6321s everyone's types C uh Alliance though
6324s 19.4 kills there to open that game off
6326s didn't get as many kills as jdg but just
6329s placed a lot higher played that final
6330s Circle very very well uh wbg narrowly
6334s narrowly eing it out over jdg as well by
6337s 0. one of a point really really solid
6339s performance from them coming into this
6340s game ug even though again they got they
6343s they were able to outs survive jdg but
6345s they did still get knocked out a little
6346s bit too early in this game still really
6349s really solid performance from them and
6350s overall everybody was scoring at least
6353s something other from BBE a te I pra at
6355s the beginning of the day I cast the
6357s curse them I
6359s apologize um but yeah I mean like if you
6361s actually look at the scores that was a
6363s pretty decent score game for everybody
6365s like three points isn't anything to
6367s scoff at like if you have a thre Point
6369s bad game that's that's all right it's
6371s not the end of the world it's not great
6372s but it's not the end of the world well
6374s we can have a look and see Alliance say
6376s stats only 10,000 healing from Revenge
6379s I'm guessing no Advanced heal which is
6381s sort of like the god load out uh for
6383s Zing group heal Advanced heal uh means
6386s that your healing tends to be inos from
6387s 20K to 30k but without those days it can
6390s sit around about the 10,000 to 15,000 as
6392s we talked about zip has been nerfed as
6394s we are going to have a look and see the
6397s current standings after this it is of
6399s course triers day two so for some of
6401s these teams it is only their first game
6404s uh day which is the reason why the likes
6406s of JL wolves and jdg are all currently
6410s at the lower end of the leaderboard as
6412s opposed to of these other teams who
6414s already maybe have had one game of Play
6417s One Day of Play Rather and will be
6419s starting to add to their score and
6421s continue to pull ahead of the pack until
6424s the third day of trios speaking of which
6427s Alliance currently sitting in 12 this is
6429s only their first day of play however so
6431s they're definitely going to be rocketing
6433s up the leaderboard if they have more of
6436s a success like we just saw in game
6438s number one yeah this is just the start
6441s of the day for them so we'll see uh
6443s obviously don't want to get too ahead of
6444s ourselves it's not unlike a team to uh
6447s pop off and then unpop off but as you
6450s can see everybody at the top of the
6452s table has played two days um apart well
6455s BBE technically they've not really
6457s played yet they got zero points but they
6460s are on their second day of games OG
6462s still quite comfortably sitting at the
6463s top of the table 135.8 day one 176 17.6
6468s on their first game as
6470s well on on brand really
6474s on track is another way to word it but
6475s on brand here for the side of ug
6478s although GG did overtake them briefly uh
6482s last week so it'll be interesting to see
6485s if GG when they play uh next Friday yeah
6489s next Friday um if they're going to be
6491s able to really pull it off as looking
6494s back on this last game it was a very
6496s interesting drop cuz a lot of people
6498s were spread out across the map it was
6500s really interesting to see now for me
6502s this was a real blunder from JL uh and I
6505s actually feel like JL they're a team who
6507s have mastered Hof that was not like a
6510s holl off mistake that was just like a
6511s really like a bit of a flub a bit of a
6513s technical mistake coming in from the
6515s team you know separating your Yoto from
6517s the rest of the team going too
6518s aggressive while no one else was in
6519s position to follow up just cost them
6522s heavily in that's going to be JL going
6524s back to the going back to the drawing
6526s board for this game but we'll probably
6527s see them try and make a recovery coming
6531s forward into uh
6533s into this second day as uh to look at
6537s everyone else and what all the action
6539s was looking like at the the end of the
6540s game was it's honestly this this flamer
6543s the golden
6544s flamer yeah it it's good in these final
6547s circles isn't it I mean the way that the
6549s Lions played it as well it's so smart
6552s they had Lane with the flam on the tumul
6555s he also had Phoenix and Hapa to be able
6557s to follow up which is a little bit odd
6559s because normally you actually play with
6561s the teada having that to be able to
6563s confirm furan sh sagger into uh Phoenix
6565s burst into HEPA but the way that they
6568s played it was they had Lane take a side
6570s angle so when B and the teada actually
6573s like pushed someone uh with the furin he
6577s would shove them directly into the
6579s flamer and Lane would be able to hit the
6581s fire tick onto them so they would get
6582s the heal reduction uh and then he would
6585s come in with the Phoenix into the he to
6586s follow up damage so when you actually
6588s look at the stats he's got 6,29 damage
6591s on the long sword 3,000 damage coming in
6594s on the flamer but I want you to have a
6595s look at the five assists that he picks
6598s up as well he gets six kills himself but
6600s he also gets five assists all of which
6603s he picks up from helping that toada in
6605s Ultimate yeah really really nice stuff
6607s coming in there 12,000 damage dealt on
6611s this uh Tammy really really solid stuff
6615s healing as well so was keeping up with
6616s their healer as we
6618s are seeing them after that game getting
6621s ready for the second game as well
6623s so we do play these first two games back
6625s to back more hor off action to come I'm
6628s going to be really excited to see what
6629s this game to looks like cuz I feel like
6630s you know J made a mistake uh OG probably
6634s a little bit upset with that one can't
6636s be too upset because they they didn't
6638s like really do that bad but they had a
6640s lot of kills that that game felt like it
6641s was in their hands and then they kind of
6643s just fumbled in that final Circle and
6645s got knocked out a little bit too early
6646s so well o got pressured by Alliance is
6649s is the problem they got pressured by
6651s Alliance they um they were playing on
6652s the back foot because like jinu went
6654s down remember so they had to set the Wen
6656s teleport up uh and then they had to to
6659s purple armor drop swap for the Viper and
6663s then Alliance continued to pressure
6664s backed off a little bit because they
6666s took too much pressure they didn't want
6667s to overstep because OG kited and forced
6669s Alliance to cross through middle which
6671s is why you never want to be especially
6673s since you know you're broadcasting to
6675s everyone in the circle you have flamer
6677s and everyone who knows like when a team
6679s has flame they have the means of being
6681s able to control all of that spacing so
6683s they either avoid a fight or everyone
6685s just all inss to try and deprive and
6687s deny that win condition which forced
6689s like both of the teams into trying to go
6691s for the reset but because ug had put in
6693s like so much in trying to peel the
6695s initial aggression off of Alliance they
6698s also just kept eating up a lot of other
6700s uh pressures coming through from other
6701s teams Alliance really wanted to move on
6704s to og2 uh it was really easy to be able
6706s to track down specifically what team and
6709s players of the L had already pressured
6711s because OG were one of the last teams
6712s with w a full team until they were
6714s running that Viper variety so remember
6717s like in this tournament you don't see
6720s the Cosmetics you don't see the
6721s customizations you don't see the name
6722s plates all you see is default hero so if
6726s you have like one wuen left with a Viper
6729s and a Tessa it's very easy to be able to
6732s tell who you were just taking a fight
6734s against who does not have an ultimate
6736s who you can afford to be able to maybe
6738s get a little bit more overaggressive
6739s knowing that the wuan doesn't have that
6741s emergency get out of jail free card to
6743s be able to throw down and teleport
6745s everyone out of that so they all ended
6747s on that team they wanted the Phoenix
6748s they wanted the hapter they wanted to
6750s set there to mulch up and that's exactly
6752s what they got yeah absolutely um it'd be
6755s really interesting to uh to kind of get
6757s into this next game um I I'm I want to
6761s see you know what the drop spots are
6762s going to look like again because that
6763s was a very very spread uh drop like
6767s there were like teams in like microcosms
6769s of each other but normally it's either
6771s like one Mega drop where everybody kind
6773s of just like death B drops on top of
6775s each other and then runs away uh
6777s normally around um plumed because you
6781s got the uh you got the puzzle uh but you
6783s do see you know Imperials always a hot
6785s spot because there's so many good loot
6786s spots around there you got the cave
6787s around the back you got the the Beast
6789s pits there's so many good loot spots top
6791s of the big TP as well I can't is it it's
6793s not a tar it's a tepee is it a teepee no
6796s it's not what's it called do you mean
6800s like the y y That's the word I'm looking
6803s yeah um dropping at the top of that y
6807s that is my Lo there a really good like y
6811s like if you go all the way to the top
6813s top of that Y A lot of the time there is
6815s a yellow there is a legendary TI uh
6817s Trove that you can find so you can go up
6820s there then you can go for the two levels
6821s of Y like you said there's the cave
6823s behind which we call a waterfall which
6824s has both layers sometimes there a Sol Al
6826s there as well if you feel like you want
6828s to to go for the salty R then there is
6830s indeed like totem there's Beast pits
6832s that you can just sort of like kite down
6834s so you start at the top work your way
6836s down uh and then you can like push
6838s towards maybe Yan ruins which has all of
6840s the Fire Fly cages inside it so even if
6842s we're playing on day you can get your
6844s ultimate up super quickly there's a lot
6845s of really fast places that uh that you
6848s can go and that's like the thing with
6849s Hol off one thing that I really wanted
6850s to talk about was how quickly all of the
6853s teams that we saw had jabbing and I
6856s think that was another reason why we saw
6858s a lot of teams start to to drop towards
6861s the earlier stages uh of the game as
6863s opposed to the latest stages of the day
6866s yeah because like staff in intrs and so
6868s this is a very very good weapon but
6870s staff when you have jabbing attached to
6872s it is just like it gets elevated to just
6875s the next level it's almost Untouchable
6877s cuz the way that you play into jabbing
6879s is it's it's a roll of the dice it's
6881s always a roll of the dice it's a 50/50
6883s on whether or not they have jabbing and
6885s you have to Parry faster or they don't
6887s have jabbing and if you get that like
6889s wrong and you mtime it and you mis call
6892s it and you flash at the wrong
6893s opportunity or for instance they
6896s overhaul the staff and then activate
6897s jabbing once they see that red flash
6899s which actually happens inside a ROV Yang
6902s then there's absolutely nothing you can
6903s do about it it comes out so quickly it
6905s does so much damage even if it's like a
6907s purple staff it will take a massive
6909s chunk of your health it's if it's a
6910s legendary say goodbye to your armor
6912s that's like gone in two hits yeah it's
6914s really really brutal actually playing
6916s into it and it's it's also interestingly
6920s you have more Soul Jade space now
6922s because
6923s some soul Jades were combined the big
6925s ones the big ones is the the rupture G
6927s orb and Flame breath being one I was
6930s saying this needs to swap with meteor
6933s and become a golden
6936s um I feel like it needs to be a
6939s legendary yeah it's like you have two
6942s but already boners strong purple Soul
6944s Jades now combined into one it's
6947s absolutely nuts that Soul Jade is just
6949s like I mean obviously very good for like
6952s late stages of the game like Cannon
6954s Cannon's always going to have some value
6956s but like you're going to get a lot more
6957s use out of it in the later stages cuz
6959s there's more people to hit it's it's
6960s kind of easier to land those shots um
6964s but yeah very very solid but because of
6965s that my main point is you actually have
6967s more Soul Jade space so what used to
6969s take up two Soul Jade slots now only
6971s takes up one so now you can actually
6973s have you know even more power
6975s effectively just by being able to pick
6977s it up but into the heroes Delight for
6980s our first game of the day looks like a
6982s lot of sand siphon yeah this is the ug
6985s pop off Jake this is the ug pop off game
6988s uh Sans siphon in regular week by weekly
6990s one ug had both the highest average
6994s kills with s siphon and the highest
6996s average damage they averaged 14 kills
6998s and their damage average for Sanson
7000s composition was
7003s 49,000 per game 49,000
7007s 49,000 oh my word yeah when they when
7010s they dropped the 30 bomb uh in regular
7013s week 2 and this is something else the
7015s statistics that I just gave do not cover
7017s regular by weekly 2 so those stats are
7019s only going to get higher but in that
7021s game they dropped nearly 100,000 damage
7024s between
7026s them yeah you I your did a 40,000 damage
7031s alone oh my
7035s word that is dis
7037s disgusting that is absolutely disgusting
7040s about damage he's such a good pickup uh
7043s if you recognize him from last day he
7044s previously played for klaa and then ug
7047s picked him up after
7048s Jacob is where they got you also
7051s Alliance running the Justina uh
7053s variation of Cannonball so definitely
7055s Revenge probably going to be pivoting
7057s either from the F2 to the F1 we have
7060s seen the F2 it does get a lot of value
7061s of how far it flings the Yoto but when
7065s you have the F1 you get a little bit of
7067s an easy ter of Engagement plus a
7069s guaranteed uppercut if the Yoda connects
7071s off of that teleport
7074s yeah absolutely right
7076s so finish hero select seeing what
7078s everyone's playing a lot of our honestly
7081s my attention was so on that OG and just
7083s the disgusting amount of damage they can
7084s do with this but I totally Miss what
7086s everyone else is playing we will get a
7087s little uh a little graphic will show us
7090s what everyone's got well a liance and
7092s wolves are both running Ice Pick uh and
7095s everyone else is going either karumi
7097s sand siphon Zing sand siphon or
7099s Cannonball cool and wait is there only
7103s one people playing blind
7105s date there's a couple of teams playing a
7108s Viper
7109s variety it's it's called Blind a I'm not
7111s having I I will I will fight you on this
7115s every single time I've talked to a pro
7117s this L that like you're calling it VI
7119s I'm like okay yes
7121s sir well the pros the pros don't know
7123s anything they know a lot more than me
7126s they they don't know anything about
7128s naming although I did like uh Duncan WG
7131s by the way Monk
7134s oh yeah we were a little lost on the ug
7136s side of things whipping out the monk uh
7139s this is that varant you were talking
7140s about as well the one where you have the
7142s uh the Tessa and the karumi coming in um
7148s Tessa replacing the uan J team's on F2
7151s okay so F2 is not the combo break F2 is
7154s the rang it's where the Tesla throws out
7157s the fox tail and it like grabs all of
7159s the players in who's in the oh
7161s interesting can sort of like use it to
7163s peel for your team but it does mean that
7165s the Tessa in like the 1 V one is a
7167s little bit more vulnerable as opposed to
7169s the F1 variant where you can throw it
7171s out if you're under attack now this is a
7173s bit more of a clown shell on the but
7175s everyone's dropping South basically
7177s Alliance but a very very good game one
7179s actually I'm going to be near the action
7181s up in the north uh they do have a couple
7183s of people nearby UG and wolves both
7185s dropping just south of plumed at the
7187s puzzle whole bunch of people dropping
7189s here at City ATT tank drg J uh jdg and E
7192s WG so G's all dropping in that area then
7196s matab yeah matab mat's actually going to
7199s be a clown show it's going to be
7200s brilliant to watch so many people
7202s dropping here and they are spread out
7204s enough that they can grab some goodies
7206s and then it's going to be third party
7208s into fourth party into fifth party into
7210s an absolute Madness it is nice to see
7213s though that J team are no longer
7215s dropping just at one spot this is a
7218s shift up massive shift
7220s up they're going to be dropping Yan to
7223s be able to try and get the hands on
7224s those Firefly cages as quickly as
7225s possible ug as quickly as possible
7227s though are going to be taking a fight
7228s against wolves SS with that P sword
7231s looking to try and clear for as many
7233s players as possible going up into the
7235s sky Yodo F has come out trying to grab
7237s some of those players and keep them
7239s isolated ZK is also away from his team
7242s SS is going to fight the wh isn't
7243s actually able to catch on to ZK so OG is
7247s the king does indeed go down and SS is
7249s now just going to be killed off of stone
7251s form Wolf's getting the better of ug in
7254s terms of Loot and also Weaponry having
7256s that fan High quickly it can be thrown
7258s out is so good in those 3 v3s early on
7261s there's the Tesla F1 coming through from
7263s wbgs by gate to make sure that tan is
7265s not able to interact with the soul ear
7268s canel it out and as a result he eats the
7270s full free seconds of that enchant CC and
7273s now loses all of his armor he does have
7276s purple dual blades he's setting up the
7278s scal rush will be able to find a
7279s connection and uput onto two players of
7282s te and that's directly in to te zahan
7286s who's able to just come in and finish
7288s them off with that hit of damage on the
7291s Viper F3 it does so much damage and
7295s early on when these players do not have
7298s those larger pools of health because of
7300s the armor it is got real kill potential
7304s that scale rush into uppercut was
7305s absolutely beautiful there by hand
7307s played that really really well now di
7309s get themselves in a fight versus ewg
7311s inside the city Tang WF wfz trying to
7315s get some damage off onto 9 is going to
7317s throw the charm down trying to connect
7319s onto them gets himself the knock back
7320s onto 99's low HP this charm's about to
7322s proc any second now has been one player
7326s who has been hit by it but they are just
7328s pinned in this Corridor and no way
7330s they're going to be able to survive that
7331s one nine caught out as well a little bit
7333s here just trying to put some pressure
7334s onto the drg players sending them
7337s packing can they make the turn around
7340s wuin 98 also going down and Moonlight
7342s the only player standing is going to try
7344s and come in and save the day n getting
7346s bonked out in with the teleport Uber out
7349s to safety theg able to make a breakway
7352s to safety but ewg are going to be coming
7354s in for the hunt can he get them both up
7356s in time is the question I think they've
7358s scouted them out Nine's going to have to
7359s do a bit of a uh bit of a UI turn around
7362s and find the rest of them but Di were
7364s able to get their teammates up and a way
7366s to safety but they are low HP they are
7369s scattered inside tang and now Moon
7372s doesn't have that ultimate he's only 11%
7375s 12% just trying to break away hiding T
7379s Corner no way did he hide and seek them
7382s Moonlight went above rooftops and he
7385s just crouched around the corner which is
7386s not where you expect him to be you
7388s expect him to be either in a building or
7389s just like hanging off a
7391s rooftop really smart play from D's
7394s Moonlight nap 20 on the self check as it
7397s is going to be no Al Zone coming in Kumi
7399s ultimate has already come through
7401s however and is going to be element
7403s interacted with the SM to be able to
7405s just stamina drain recover a lot of
7408s these players who get caught up inside
7410s of it VV with the lmb on those hirs
7412s karumi T catching on as well to the tul
7416s to make sure that everyone survives the
7418s disengagement as wolves sit inside that
7420s noal zone and JL decide to just play
7424s away off of that karumi everyone lives
7427s the disengagement is clean that's
7429s unfortunate for wolves too cuz they bu
7431s committed into that fight they dropped
7433s Bain bre directly on the dinell and as a
7436s result it's now moved away from that
7437s area of location if they're not too
7439s careful they're going to get third
7441s partied and I think that might just be a
7443s fact to happen because everyone saw the
7445s noal Zone everyone saw that BB they know
7448s a fight is going down around this area
7451s wol K does have the Justina ultimate was
7453s he able to find a freeze he immediately
7455s gets the tul ultimate dropped on top of
7457s him so he's not really going to be able
7458s to try and catch onto some of these
7460s players we'll be able to find F X and an
7463s opening for Jam to come in with that
7465s Yoto V3 finding the kill onto JL and as
7469s a result now it's just going to be the
7471s Justina trying to go up against this
7472s toada who was wanting to disengage the
7474s fight ZK takes so much damage on the R&B
7477s on the steel H but reinforcements get
7479s called on in they're going to be able to
7481s potentially lock the kill down on the
7482s toada but they are going to have to deal
7484s with the third party coming in on the
7486s right flank te like I said they saw the
7489s no Zone they saw the Bane's breath they
7491s knowah fight's going down and they are
7493s on the Viper variety this is a
7495s composition designed to thir party and
7497s vvv he survived one team now he has to
7501s survive the full night of his former
7503s teammates oh no LD takes vvv down I mean
7510s I have to give it to vvv he survived a
7512s long time there that was quite
7515s impressive almost got a turnaround as
7517s well and traded out a kill unable to
7519s fully make it work in his favor though
7520s as he did go down now popping over to
7523s jdg it's a little bit more quiet over
7525s here for them having a uh having a
7527s pretty chilled
7529s one um for a minute I I thought Morris
7532s this this zone is very moris to me where
7535s we are very green green yeah yeah caught
7538s me off guard though I was like wait
7539s where are we got really lost there for a
7541s brief second but wbg up by plumed
7545s doesn't look like anybody's in the area
7546s as well not too long until those
7550s um till the R Yang start to spawn up so
7554s expect to see some uh expect to see some
7556s people showing up in this part at some
7558s point
7559s soon 24 minutes on the clock still
7562s plenty of time left in this game as uh
7564s back at cyia Tang back at the clown show
7567s does look like ug are in the area for
7570s jdg maybe looking to find them you spots
7573s out onto kek immediately trying to keep
7575s pressure onto him trying to get a couple
7577s of those aerial shots that switches off
7579s to the fans two tick with the Parry over
7581s the shoulder you goes very very low is
7583s able to pick his fans up but in comes
7585s the ultimate from two ticking U is just
7587s being toasted here such low HP healing
7591s is coming in gets himself Frozen is
7593s going to be able to survive thanks to
7595s the zipping healing just keeping him
7597s alive but he is still going is going to
7599s lose SS is going to take down one in
7602s return though so it's a one for one so
7603s far scale rush off the wall trying to
7605s come out from you but he is getting
7607s slammed down just being bought so much
7611s time here by this uan caught out with
7614s the fans taken down off the back of that
7617s one two TI able to take down you is now
7618s PP now pressing on to the last ug member
7621s standing the King on the Run PP just
7624s keeping the pressure up onto them are
7626s they going to be able to get it vertical
7627s strike coming in do a little bit of
7630s damage just going to back off actually
7632s scared about the third party cuz BBE has
7634s showed up fat milk is here to try and
7637s find the turnaround PB now need to make
7639s a break away and disengage and rejoin
7641s with the rest to their team but fat milk
7643s being hesitant knowing that they're a
7645s distance away from their team but does
7646s interrupt the grapple away catches with
7648s the uppercut on the fat milk onto PP
7650s sorry as PP has to go for the turn
7652s around the Parry comes in able to buy
7654s himself a little bit of space now trying
7656s to just get up onto the walls onto the
7657s ceilings away not going to be able to
7659s break that one out as Rishi now keeping
7661s the pressure up onto two tick coming in
7663s with those fans on the soul Jade once
7665s again for the tornado two tick trying
7667s just to break away as Ro shishi keeping
7669s the pressure on we'll see where two tick
7671s is grapples forward and continue the
7673s chase on to two tick question is is is
7676s he going to go all the way or is he
7678s going to be happy with just capping away
7679s no he caught him out with a grapple he's
7681s got the lock on two tick losing a lot of
7683s HP royi doesn't actually have all that
7685s much armor coming in as two tick getting
7688s themselves forced to go in for the
7689s ultimate to try and find the follow up
7691s onto iin but iin actually going very low
7693s HP two tick able to secure the kill is
7696s going to get himself the heal as well
7698s off the soul Bloom and now he's the one
7700s with the pressure royi just going to
7702s look to try and find the the uh lock
7705s down to comes out Roy shishi finally
7708s able to secure the kill time for KiKi to
7710s come back in they're going to get iin
7712s back up can they get the heel onto him
7714s he is going to so Bloom his heel back up
7717s in key oh no go for it I he can't BBE
7721s are camping the body at the
7724s moment so unfortunately he can try and
7727s get the revive but he can't do it while
7729s BP is still sitting on top of it
7734s okay they've started to move away this
7737s should be when he goes for it they're
7739s also like not looking backwards with
7741s their camera so he should be able to
7743s find the revive just before that Yoto
7745s burns
7746s out in the realm of Yang Alliance versus
7751s wbg this is going to be a big one gets
7755s nice and aerial to start this one off
7757s immediately the transform comes in is
7759s able to dodge away on it freezes up it's
7762s immediately CAU out on the next one
7763s though can't find the freeze in time on
7766s the Sleep Walker can he find the regrab
7768s he can't because Le's able to buy some
7769s space Gets behind the pillar to heal up
7772s Revenge now looking to put the pressure
7773s in the freeze comes in onto Sleep Walker
7775s another Dash coming down as wbg actually
7777s starting to get themselves a little bit
7779s Stripped Away on the health bars here
7780s the karumi healing is going to come in B
7783s trying to buy some space Sleep Walker
7785s about to lose that ultimate as he
7786s finally times out and now is the time
7788s for Alliance to strike but the charm was
7792s huge onto them sleep Walker Pops that
7794s Bell full HP to work with as wbg have a
7797s Health Advantage right now but they are
7799s down a player Sleep Walker can he find
7802s that turnaround onto them it looks like
7804s it is just the one versus two maybe he
7806s can find a kill maybe he can find the
7807s sto but I think that's going to be so
7809s hard for him to do will an staing back
7812s Alliance they played that very very well
7815s yeah he was going to set up with the fan
7817s R&B but Alliance were doing a really
7818s good job prevent especially just coming
7820s with the jump horizontals on those h B
7822s to be able to just keep him having to
7824s sit in that Focus for as much as
7825s possible otherwise he gets staggered
7827s since he would just be great to grow and
7830s the clanks would come out faster they
7832s going to have to immediately take a
7833s fight against drg however who were
7835s camping the exit drg who already had
7838s picked up familian birds might either
7839s off of AR rovang themselves or a Morris
7842s blessing Aurora burd coming on out from
7844s the h with the silence attached to it
7847s and that's immediately going to signal
7849s that we are going to back on off of this
7851s fight wfs with that Aurora boost but
7854s wuan just going incredibly low they must
7857s have picked it from am moris blessing
7858s given the fact that two of their players
7859s are still on blue armor they are not as
7862s scaled as Alliance in terms of that one
7865s as Moonlight did yeah well they're going
7868s to have to take a fight now because
7869s Alliance know that the wuan TP is out B
7872s is going to actually throw in the Yan
7873s ultimate to be able to just try and
7875s engage onto these players of drg before
7878s they can kite their way over towards
7879s ballista who is going get locked down it
7883s looks like it's just going to be an
7884s absolute slug Fest the usan jumping onto
7886s two players at once getting all of the
7888s spear connections necessary for Alliance
7891s to get set in oh gorgeous use of the
7895s Yoto F1 to be able to follow up on
7898s whoever B had been able to stagger out
7901s with that Yan ultimate just to make sure
7904s that they can find that instant burst of
7905s damage instant engagement knock the
7908s player off and keep them isolated away
7910s beautiful way to play and it's not that
7912s often that we get to see the yo F1 still
7914s in play considering the fact that txj
7917s has moved away from it he plays the F2
7919s variant
7920s instead yeah I I I absolutely love F1 yo
7924s it's my favorite version the blink is so
7926s fun to use but wolves now getting
7928s themselves in a fight versus wbg wbg
7931s they need to win this after losing that
7933s Realo Yang and everyone just disengages
7935s this is the uh the classic issue with
7939s um with Monk on the on on Morris Horus
7944s holl off it's too early I woke up too
7946s early that's the problem brain brain not
7948s working yet give me give me give me
7950s another game and I'll be I'll be awake I
7952s promise but this is the issue with
7954s playing Monk on Hof is yeah there's so
7957s much terrain there's so much verticality
7959s but everyone can just disengage away wbg
7962s remember they're on a timer right now
7963s wolves quite happy to take this fight
7966s they've got the um Vilan Birds Smite as
7968s they get lock down onto wbg just so much
7971s damage coming in very very zoomed in
7973s perspective of ZK getting Charmed as
7975s they are going to walk towards that
7977s coming in for the last free onto the W
7979s BG members and what a Viper stun coming
7982s in from J team little able to lock
7984s wolves down that's going to be one kill
7986s onto them wbg sleep Walker will be next
7989s up on the menu an absolutely Splendid
7992s third party by jtam and they blink out
7994s when they get a little bit too heated
7996s for them yeah this is something that
7997s Raven was talking about J teams Le one
7999s of the OG Vipers really sort of
8002s pioneering a lot of the attack and Tien
8003s compositions with that V3 connecting all
8006s of the Sciences onto so many of those
8007s players in that phe so no one could
8009s utilize ultimates or abilities to be
8012s able to buy themselves spacing once
8014s those health bars started getting low te
8017s also running that V3 another uh thing
8020s with the Viper V3 variant is that your
8023s viper in Ultimate can actually freely
8025s move and attack so more hands more
8027s damage more ways to be able to lock
8028s these players down and guarantee that
8030s you instantly get one of those kills
8031s before the ultimate Burns its way out
8034s perfect for those third party
8035s engagements before you just W and TP out
8038s unfortunately wbg are going to be out of
8040s this Lobby fpx who also going incredibly
8043s low almost joined them does manage to
8045s get the Wen teleport off before the Tess
8047s of V1 hits them unfortunately that
8049s tether gave away where the wuen
8052s teleported to so even though he's able
8054s to carry the bodies of both of his
8055s teammate side he is just not able to sit
8057s on top of one of them and try and get
8059s the revive because they knew exactly
8061s where the Wen was they had a homing uh
8063s beacon on him the the Tesla V1 when it
8066s chains onto a wuen even for teleport it
8069s still te on his ankle and it gives away
8071s where you directed to yeah and he got
8073s Charmed as well so he didn't even have
8075s any time to pick his team up just got
8077s running slowly waddling towards and then
8079s gets taken down the uh the Phoenix's
8082s Wings have been clipped unfortunately
8084s for fpx in this game takes me back
8087s Alliance inside a purple Bush yeah this
8090s this is the Alliance side
8092s know they got six kills this time so
8094s it's actually not the alliance I know
8095s normally it's zero kills they're just
8097s chilling in a bush with blue armor
8098s that's wow I can't believe you're going
8101s to fire those shots at I will fire those
8105s shots well Do's wfs is also going to be
8108s firing shots not Alliance because
8110s Alliance is sitting currently inside of
8111s R of Yang unchallenged I do believe cuz
8113s it hasn't actually shown that they're
8114s taking a fight wolves might be trying to
8118s break towards one themselves although ZK
8120s does not have that Justina ultimate so
8122s it would be a little bit risky in fact
8125s jeem also not having that yo ultimate
8127s online too like Cannonball needs the yo
8129s ultimate to be able to work and as a
8131s result Alliance is going to be able to
8133s pick up this realm of Yang for free the
8136s question is which buff do they decide to
8138s take dracoom has started being seeing a
8141s lot more play but I feel like it's much
8143s more favorable for the Tessa Viper uh
8146s variety compositions because like you
8147s want to just get as much damage as
8149s possible uh inside the since you are
8152s missing a little bit of damage cannonbal
8153s is also going to pick it up since
8156s they're going to have all of this
8157s additional lightning strikes on all of
8159s their hits including their ultimate so
8162s if you think that a Yoto and a uian are
8165s scary before when you add additional
8168s lightning AOE damage to every single one
8170s of those hits they become absolutely
8172s bone chillingly terrifying the problem
8176s is that Draco storm is not giving you
8179s information not like Mystic might so as
8183s a result Alliance basically have to just
8185s get as mobile as possible and try and
8187s hunt down some of these teams they're
8189s going to drift towards sora's blessing
8190s to see whether or not a team has
8192s recently gone through here and left
8194s anything behind even if they don't find
8196s a team if they see that there's been
8197s like an armor swap on box they do know
8200s that a team is closely nearby and I
8203s think one of the players from JL might
8204s actually be as we're going to have a
8206s look at a replay and see exactly how
8208s wolves versus ewg went down so in the
8211s free shell going to be coming in with
8213s that ultimate immediately bursting on
8215s through finding the freeze getting the
8217s follow up off of that Yoto ultimate into
8220s all of the damage this is what we're
8222s really seeing with that justtina
8224s variation all of the ultimates get
8226s popped all at once you all into to be
8228s able to take off one of these teams
8230s immediately and then you just turn the
8232s numbers Advantage right into your favor
8235s R&B on those Ste H ZK thr at the R&B on
8238s the Hang to be able to buy himself
8240s spacing to players away and get a reset
8242s on the shielding looks like he actually
8244s has advanced heal as well to be able to
8247s keep that one going once the pot has
8249s been used now it's going to be this
8251s Justina again with the R&B just flashing
8253s the red to see whether or not 14 is
8255s going to try and throw a focus strike at
8257s himself to be able to force the Justino
8259s away he doesn't rise the bait but
8260s unfortunately as a result he doesn't get
8262s the hyper armor and does go down wolves
8265s looking incredibly strong as well
8267s another of these teams like a line
8269s struggling last year definitely picked
8271s it up into the new season they they've
8274s honestly really improved themselves and
8276s away from wolves I'm so happy to see
8278s Justina back in the meta in trios I I
8281s really really love watching Justina get
8283s played in trios I think in solos she's
8285s very boring boring and St heavy but in
8287s trios it's super aggressive and it's
8289s really really fun to watch they and
8291s there did a bit of that stool though as
8292s they were getting chased into the Zone
8294s this is very hard for them fighting into
8296s a team who are just cooking them with a
8297s draco storm looks like uh breaking away
8301s and coming in to try and lock them down
8303s here with the stun on the Viper Revenge
8307s going very low and for Alliance it might
8310s just be the end of days for them as te
8312s with this third party being a complete
8315s problem although looks they've been able
8316s to break away somewhat here actually
8318s keeping the pressure up blinking out to
8320s safety te decided that fight was getting
8322s a little bit too dicey for them and they
8324s are going to break away and then
8325s Alliance finish off their kills so
8327s Revenge taken out PP finishing what they
8329s started before that very very rude
8332s Interruption from te came in now just
8335s going to head back into the zone They
8336s Contin to lose too much HP and now the
8338s question is our alliance going to chase
8340s te oh it looks like they're thinking
8342s about it they're heading in the
8343s direction that they thought that the WAN
8345s pul went out the problem is that the WAN
8348s pul went out and alliance's uh POV was
8351s blocked by the cliff yes so it is easier
8354s it was a couple of patches ago in fact I
8355s think it was like half a year ago they
8357s they did make Wan's teleport path more
8360s visible um but unfortunately more
8363s visible even like when you're on the low
8365s ground and they teleport on top of a
8366s cliff means that you're still not going
8368s to be able to see it with the cliff
8369s blocking your line of sight and that was
8371s actually one of the changes that we saw
8373s like Wen started after it was more
8375s visible on uh the flat like Quan started
8378s actually mixing up where they were
8379s teleport and they would teleport onto
8380s areas of high ground so that either they
8383s would be out of your camera perspective
8384s and you wouldn't see the flash or they
8386s would be obscured by like the The High
8388s Ground like edges the sort of like lip
8390s of the ground of the sort of like Cliff
8393s would obscure a lot of where the W and
8395s teleport would would end up as currently
8399s it does look like te have been able to
8401s obscure where they CED out to Alliance
8404s definitely not hot on their heels as we
8406s can see from the mini map they are
8407s currently nowhere in sight in fact the
8409s closest team at the moment is going to
8411s be wolves as we do have a weather effect
8414s which means that all of the troves in
8416s the area have been refreshed so this
8419s this is the gong summoning all of these
8421s teams to the area because you know that
8424s all of these troves have been refreshed
8425s so you can stock up on resources even if
8428s before players had been through here and
8430s picked this entire space clean and taken
8432s all of the resources all of the Vitalia
8434s all of the shield plots away because of
8436s the weather effect those are now
8437s refreshed and you can stock up into
8439s final Zone where it's going to become
8441s really important that you keep those
8442s resources as topped up as possible
8445s especially when we start to see loot
8446s getting much more scarce cannonballs
8448s coming through a flame breath cutting
8449s heal Effectiveness and for you to burn
8451s through those resources quite literally
8453s it's also really big for teams like jdg
8456s who just used a a rebirth charm because
8458s that means they're going to now be able
8460s to regear their player who got reborn
8464s and will be running around with gray
8465s armor and weapons which is just an easy
8467s kill right now like golden fan is going
8470s to almost one shot someone at that point
8472s going to do so much work now Alliance
8475s they are feeling aggressive here they're
8476s coming in for the freeze onto Moonlight
8478s instantly blinking out do not want to be
8480s dealing with them off the back of that
8482s one yeah still has the thing is Justina
8483s is so good at chasing Wan yeah she's so
8486s good at it and they they had that one
8487s dash left it looks like they don't know
8490s exactly where they this is the mixup I
8492s was talking about right drg teleport but
8494s they teleport in a way that the WAN
8496s teleport isn't visible to the Justina
8498s because that was the thing like he was
8499s saving one of those Justina dashes to
8501s teleport uh to dash after the W and TP
8504s the The Ice Pick variant of Cannonball
8506s is not used to b s siphon it's used to
8509s chase after the Viper variant
8513s yes
8514s yeah very very solid for that one but
8517s looks like uh B breath coming down
8518s though Zone popped 8 minutes left 20
8522s players left so a lot more players left
8524s in this final Circle than we had in game
8526s number one um still got a bit of time
8528s though so those numbers could change but
8532s the weather effects forcing people
8534s apart or into each other
8537s really could see some action break out
8540s around that one as
8542s wolves EG on his Lonesome right now he
8546s running away T trying to a couple of
8549s little pot shots at
8551s him uh there's jdg just doing a bit of
8554s shopping grabbing some soul Jades
8556s because this is a reborn player yeah
8560s needs to get some good goodies they
8561s actually doesn't get Spott they just
8565s back they are in a bad spot oh this is
8568s an incredibly low Justina oh will be
8571s able to just make it in and they did go
8574s blind side so they used the cliff to
8576s obscure the line of sight problem is
8578s being spotted by drg cuz drg like they
8581s saw the Justina they knew which
8583s direction they were running into two
8584s tick is absolutely isolated for his I
8587s they have to buy themselves as much time
8588s as possible but wuan with those hits
8590s will be able to keep the chase up and it
8593s is going to be T he tried he tried to
8595s swap to the fan where you can get the
8596s faster scale rushes but unfortunately he
8599s kites into the open River space and
8601s there is just no terrain to be able to
8603s scare rush off of as a result and that
8605s is going to be jdg losing the Yoto
8609s potentially losing the uan as well PP
8612s gets grapple heal into Position will be
8615s able to utilize a little bit of holding
8617s on to that Focus From the long so to buy
8618s himself the time without getting grapple
8620s stunned again but unfortunately Alliance
8622s just immediately move in find the kill
8625s and are able to find another straggler
8628s and now it's just for alone tries to use
8631s the shadow step on the Hang sword to
8633s keep their movement going as much as
8635s they possibly can one Justina freeze
8637s will be able to connect onto BB's Roy sh
8640s sh he even goes into the pain bre to try
8642s and just use this surfing to dissuade
8645s teams from pushing on to him but he's so
8648s incredibly low BBE more than happy to
8650s risk one hit of the B breath Alliance
8652s risking a lot of damage coming through
8654s to open up this moris blessing Lane
8657s actually forced into utilizing that
8658s Justina ultimate as scatter shot com
8660s through hits both of the players who'
8662s stacked onto top of that box to try and
8665s open that load out as quickly as
8667s possible and so as it opens
8668s automatically in trios it has a load bar
8671s timer which is part of the reason why
8673s Yoda was so matter and unfortunately off
8676s of that pressure from scatter shot dog's
8678s wfs actually takes the Justina down
8681s Revenge now with the Yoto ultimate will
8683s be trying to put pressure onto BBE
8686s another team to try and pressure drg
8688s gets someone low that drg turns on to
8690s them instead of their Yoto and maybe Bo
8693s is going to be able to make it out in
8695s the middle of that uian ultimate but
8698s once revenge is out of the V3 he is
8700s vulnerable
8702s won however gorgeous Parry coming for
8704s into the R&B follow up from the steel
8706s Hal but weion going incredibly low and
8708s it's Moonlight who actually has to step
8709s forward absorb the pressure against that
8712s Yoto 1 V one save his teammate bail them
8714s out and we see the aurora bus being
8716s thrown from drg side as they're out in
8719s the open and they use the hit box of the
8720s soier to block range projectiles coming
8723s through because drg they initiated that
8725s fight off of scattershot they know how
8727s dangerous it is fighting out in the open
8729s against things like the bow the musket
8731s and the cannon especially if things like
8733s scatter shot target lock and slow shot
8736s are in practice all of which can just
8738s like prevent you from being able to
8739s Sprint and Dodge uh for a lockout time
8742s so it is so important that they utilize
8744s things like Aurora burst to be able to
8746s make sure they don't have to worry about
8747s that that was so greedy from Alliance
8749s though cuz they had the Bain breath in
8750s front of them two teams either side of
8752s them and then the Zone behind them they
8754s they were pined when they decided to go
8756s for that play and they took way too much
8758s damage they dra too much attention to
8759s themselves and yeah the scatter shot is
8761s just so hard and so oppressive to try
8764s and play at range against real real
8766s mistake there from Alliance and now yeah
8769s they have golden armor on B but B's just
8771s going to be playing for placement points
8773s and multipliers off the back of that but
8774s already been spotted losing half their
8777s armor they're on their Lonesome they're
8779s going to find themselves a purple bush
8780s they can hide and heal right on the edge
8783s of the Zone but wol a to find them both
8786s pined in plays no room for them to play
8789s they're just being juggled in the sky
8791s wolves secure thems another kill that's
8793s their n for the game and they are
8795s climbing up the ladder now after a
8797s pretty rough uh start really starting to
8800s pop off in this game Nine Kills under
8802s their belt and that red line represents
8805s bi-weekly finals and qualification
8806s there's still another game another day
8808s of games for them to play but if if they
8810s can be clear to that by the first the
8812s end of the first day they're going very
8814s very comfortable going forwards as lot
8816s of little relay as well there from
8818s wolves uh a player with blue dropped it
8820s so they could pick up the purple and
8821s then that player ran on top of B's body
8824s and picked up the legendary
8825s armor yes really good stuff coming
8828s through from them you can see like the
8829s coordination this is the thing in Che
8831s like your coordination has to be on top
8832s your communication has to be absolutely
8834s perfect cuz things can change at the
8836s absolute flash of a hat that Aurora Bur
8840s doing so much and unfortunately BB
8842s having absolutely no choice but to just
8844s go full on with the wit and teleport Ro
8847s having to the Viper V3 to absorb that
8850s space and make sure that they do not get
8852s pressured but it is going to be wolves
8854s off of the back of that claiming all of
8856s the space for free te trying to Res LD
8860s going to be chased off of that spot the
8862s Yoto F just making it so much harder for
8865s them to be able to stick on top of that
8866s body Han having to use the Viper
8869s ultimate to make sure that there is no
8870s follow up from wolves on the low ground
8872s as bb have been able to recover their
8875s armor swap over to the cannon and start
8877s to pressure because although wolves have
8878s control of the lower ground this does
8880s leave them incredibly open to being hit
8882s by the cannon shots from all of the
8884s players above them as composed to ewg
8888s who s on the inside of the building
8889s could potentially get hit through the
8891s wall but the thing is there's no other
8893s team through the wall that can
8894s potentially try and challenge them dog
8896s also thinking very simly putting
8898s themselves inside to try and avoid all
8900s of the r pressure coming out from the
8902s teams looking to try and force some of
8904s the ultimates onto the teams on the
8906s outside this is an incredibly good final
8909s Zone Jake for Tessa and
8911s Yoto yes very very good for both of them
8914s with their abilities to go through the
8916s walls and through those uh through the
8918s through the floor basically really going
8920s to make it hard for everyone di though
8923s get themselves set up quite comfortably
8924s in this little spot ewg as well nine
8927s just staring at a wall while he waits
8929s for the circle to move
8931s still a lot of a lot of contesting
8933s coming out you can see but BBE Canam
8935s fire trying to just get the blast
8937s through the wall but well through the
8939s floor yeah ewg is going for the cannon
8941s through the wall just in case team on
8943s the other side and you can also see them
8944s putting pressure onto DG above them with
8947s a flame
8948s breath di just going turn himself into
8951s light fixtures cling to the quite
8953s literally wfs with the Aurora is is
8956s probably enough to be able to light up
8958s one room at least
8961s look like they have been forced down
8962s though this is starting to get a little
8963s bit messy wolves getting jumped onto the
8965s flamer coming in from nine here it's
8967s going to to ZK ZK flamer is a counter to
8970s Justina you can't use it like that ZK
8972s just getting himself as aerial as
8974s possible just to stay away this is
8976s classic Justina but actually dashed out
8977s the zone to that taking some of that
8979s corruption damage they are going to drop
8981s back down onto the floor let's see if
8983s they can be able to survive this one
8985s sure if they're going to be able to do
8986s so is now nine coming in we see the oo
8988s ultimate coming out here comes a Viper
8990s done to lock everybody in place I don't
8992s even know if it fully made the
8993s connection DG just picking up kills left
8997s right and Center W able to get a couple
8999s as well but Leo coming in with a fan but
9000s it's ewg also tidying this one up that
9003s was just an explosion of action an
9005s explosion of kills as nine for ewg the
9009s last man standing there was so many
9012s kills picked up in half a second I don't
9014s know who won that it's ewg it's ewg I
9018s think wolves still get a pretty decent
9020s score though because ZK on that Justina
9023s who like you said classic Justina when
9025s the Zone collapses pops the V1 goes his
9028s Aral as possible to be able to stay away
9030s from everyone in the final Zone in
9032s Cannonball or ice pick variant the
9034s Justina is not your win condition the
9036s Yoto and the uian are the uian to be
9038s able to get the health refresh and when
9039s heal off the Yoto to be able to utilize
9042s that ultimate and connect as many
9043s slashes as possible onto all of the
9045s players who are clumped up bunched up
9047s trying to stay out of the corruption for
9049s as long as they so you get maximum
9051s amount of damage but you also get that
9053s knockback attached to being hit by the
9055s Yoto slashers which pushes them into
9057s corruption and they have to use all of
9058s that stamina to be able to uh not avoid
9061s the yo ultimate which is pretty easily
9063s avoidable for these Pros but in that
9065s scenario you have to use all of your
9066s dashes to be able to get back into the
9068s safety and as a result you eat the full
9070s damage from the Yoto ultimate instead so
9072s he's able to avoid all of that comes
9074s back down once all of the kills have
9076s been picked up by ewg who walk away with
9079s the MVP but I think if you're a WS fan
9082s you're not too unhappy about the results
9084s of that one it was definitely a good
9087s game for them it's a bit of a shame that
9089s they lost uh too many players too early
9093s um I mean I was actually talking about
9095s Alliance there not wolves got my got my
9097s tees modeled up there for a brief second
9099s Alliance going to be really disappointed
9101s that but yeah wolves we seeing that
9104s spark we keep seeing that spark it needs
9107s to actually ignite into a fire but they
9109s do keep having these games where they
9111s they genuinely look like a pretty solid
9114s team so it's I I I'm excited by Wolves I
9117s think you know there's still a bit of a
9120s a bit of work to be done uh from the
9122s side of wolves but that spark is
9125s brighter than it has been for a long
9127s long time for the side of wolves so very
9129s happy that one but ewg taking the win I
9131s mean honestly it's it was a classic
9135s everyone is in a building ending where
9137s like there's not it's it's like a town
9139s or a city ending at that time it was a
9141s temple because everybody just finds a
9144s floor or a building that they can hide
9145s behind or a wall or or set aoda or
9149s something they can hide behind uh and
9151s then as soon as the C forces them
9153s together it's what I love about Yoto
9155s lobbies is it just explodes I I I it
9158s cast my mind back to like solos back
9160s when the meta was Yoto and Justina and
9162s it would just be everyone taking chip
9164s shots at each of from range and then
9166s that final Circle would close and all
9167s the Yos would go off and it just be like
9169s a light show just like abilities flying
9172s justina's jumping out of the yo wats
9174s getting chased up into the sky it was
9176s absolute Carnage and honestly that metal
9179s was pretty lame I'll be honest with you
9181s that metal was pretty lame but the
9182s endings were always very very exciting
9184s to watch that kind of cast me back to
9186s that we had a very very explosive ending
9188s to that game because there's a lot of
9189s justinas well a couple of justinas
9191s couple of Yos a little bit more as well
9194s you the U and all that but ewg were able
9196s to eat out the victory off the back of
9199s that one and it was very very good game
9201s for them we'll see the scoreboard now
9202s see where everybody placed at the end of
9204s that one ewg 15 kills to 25o game for
9207s them absolutely massive pop off coming
9210s in for ewg wolves taking second with
9213s 16.5 te taking 15 points BB taking
9217s 12.3 everybody scored even wbg all the
9221s way at the bottom with that 0.5 they
9223s still got something in this game yeah
9226s and and the like the reason why wolves
9227s were able to pick up second is because
9229s of ZK at surviving like everybody except
9232s ewg uh like you said it's a little bit
9234s of a shame because as we sort talk about
9237s like that final Zone was perfect for
9238s Yodo there was only one Yoto remaining
9241s in that Lobby so we did only have one
9243s Yoto uh ultimate going off and I believe
9246s it might actually have been canceled
9248s early by a Tess of V1 because we heard
9250s the yo Al go off and then we also heard
9253s the T
9254s snap and if you're playing Yoto in these
9257s compositions well the Yodo is not going
9259s to be playing with the Tessa because it
9260s used to be that the Yoda would be played
9262s with the Viper and the wuen in uh the
9264s the classic Attack on Titan composition
9266s and then Tessa got released uh and it
9269s took about like two weeks of play what
9271s Tesla was introduced into mvpl uh in
9275s 2023 season two and fpx tried to make it
9279s work but it was te actually OG te with
9283s their jup prosto who landed on the Tesla
9286s replacement for the Yoto uh and everyone
9288s started running the Tesla over the Yoto
9290s instead but we can have a look at the
9292s stats for ewg who had sand siphon only
9296s 9,700 damage coming on through from the
9300s teada so you can definitely see that as
9303s we talked about right teada can be used
9305s aggressively but he can also be used
9307s defensively because the damage hyper
9308s carry in this instance was the
9310s tul yeah absolutely well have a look at
9312s the standings at the end of this game
9315s see where everybody is at a bunch of
9317s teams actually playing today at the
9318s bottom of the table cuz they still got
9320s day to put the points together and move
9322s stuff around a little bit uh wolves in
9324s 14th right now do need to do a bit of
9326s work if they want to progress into that
9328s top end of the table te how the might
9330s have fallen pry tragic day for them JL I
9334s think is is an even more tragic taale
9336s because I feel like JL were very good
9338s last week and so far only on 4.8 points
9342s not a particularly solid day from them
9343s the only team playing today right now on
9345s this part of the standings is Alliance
9348s 31.2 narrowly hanging on to that top
9351s spot but things could get moved around
9353s they could climb up a little bit more or
9355s slide a little bit further down see how
9358s everything else goes out we only two
9359s games in so far so we've got plenty of
9362s nraa to go and at the top of the table
9363s ug honestly disappointing start to the
9366s day from them not too many points put
9369s together that last game they only got
9370s one point as well so very very
9373s disappointing from them off the back of
9375s that one wbg also having a pretty
9377s disappointing game I think the only team
9379s who actually
9380s even drg aren't really performing
9383s honestly all of the teams at the top of
9384s the table are doing pretty tragic today
9386s they're doing pretty tragic this is this
9388s is good though this causes some uh some
9391s shake up some excitement Moxy we'll get
9393s a little bit more of the uh little bit
9396s more action I like to see things moving
9397s around I don't I don't like it being
9399s stale at the top it's more fun when you
9400s don't know who's winning when this was
9404s OG's initial fight SS unfortunately
9406s mistiming the par having to utilize the
9409s uh Tom F to be able to back off this was
9412s uppercut into
9414s F3 which was able to pick up two players
9417s at once which was absolutely gorgeous
9419s that was scour into uppercut uh into I
9421s jump horizontal into F3 that's a really
9424s fun one to to be able to play into this
9426s is two tick being able to survive and by
9428s K the time to be able to ride over and
9431s revive him here's the massive Viper V3
9435s from J team's le as we talked about an
9437s OG Viper player J team after last year
9440s not making it to Jacob they sort of went
9442s back to their Roots picked up a lot of
9444s their former players who'd been able to
9446s to take Jacob and Lee is one of them he
9448s does have a world title under his belt
9450s and you can absolutely see why there's
9452s the final Zone with ewg and again it is
9455s the flamer that is allowing them to be
9458s able to do just so much work getting the
9461s fire tick hitting the heal reduction so
9463s that all of these Zips can't try and
9464s just out sustain everybody uh once that
9467s corruption tick starts pushing on
9469s through and it's actually going to be
9470s the teada who's going to be taking MVP
9473s not the tumul as we talked about
9476s sometimes you get to play him
9476s aggressively other times you get to play
9478s him defensively and that was definitely
9481s the style that we were seeing ewgs 9
9484s deciding to take with soul release uh
9488s skyforce martial art taii fan slow shot
9492s and Sunwing shot there's one of the
9493s soulj that I was talking about slow shot
9495s on musk is an absolute killer especially
9498s with these late Bane breath coming
9499s through a lot of the time if you get hit
9501s by slow shot and you're in the middle of
9502s that Banfield it is just a touch of
9504s death there's also wav roll and a blue
9508s attack Soul Jade as well that really
9510s goes way to much was the one 2, damage
9514s the soul Jade load out was definitely uh
9516s in the favor of the tul it can be very
9518s sort of scenario specific for how you
9520s play s and whether it's your tamy who
9522s takes first point or whether it's your
9523s teada a lot of it comes down to a
9526s whether you need the peel uh for the
9528s teada shoves or also whether tul has the
9530s better weapon load out and tul is the
9533s one who's going all in on those kills
9535s yeah it's it's one of those uh ones
9538s where you know the damage was actually
9540s very low but I'm going to quickly pull
9542s us away which player use karumi in this
9545s second game was it uh the King was it FX
9548s was it Sleepwalker or was it lyd ABC or
9550s D into twitch chat make sure you do
9552s check your whisper box cuz that's where
9553s you will be notified they do put a
9555s little out at out as well but the
9558s whisper box is where you need to be so
9560s make sure you do keep your eyes on that
9561s ABC or D the king FX Sleep Walker or LD
9565s who's playing karumi in that game I have
9568s had a brain fart I can't remember the
9570s answer to this one so well I believe
9572s only
9574s one was only one there was like only one
9578s yeah oh wow I'm having a real brain fart
9580s then uhoh well a lot of people opting
9583s for for The Zing over the karumi uh in
9586s the S saon at least in the opening games
9589s yes remember the points you know the the
9591s way the new hero select Works gives you
9593s a little bit more flexibility but also
9595s removes some flexibility it's quite
9597s interesting
9599s I I feel that we could change things up
9601s a little bit on it I'd be interested to
9602s see if we had lower starting points how
9604s much that would take things up maybe it
9606s just be lower people get too griefed
9608s anyway we are going to throw it to a
9609s quick break and we're back be back with
9611s this third game and final of H off for
9613s the day so we'll see you in a moment
9616s [Music]
9624s [Applause]
9626s yes
9647s [Music]
9655s you're
9682s let's crush them D dun
9697s [Music]
9722s did you see this coming
9726s [Music]
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9798s for
9800s [Music]
9806s [Applause]
9813s for
9818s [Music]
9828s thoughe
9833s for spee spee
9839s [Music]
9852s [Music]
9862s hello everybody and welcome back to the
9864s MVP a we're getting ready to go into our
9866s third and final game of Hol off before
9868s we kick off the Morris eyar of today's
9870s games uh so today's actually been an
9873s interesting one where the teams we were
9876s hyped about you know your ugs your jl's
9878s all of those lot first of all
9879s underperforming but not taking a single
9881s win it's been Alliance and
9883s ewg two teams who have been pretty
9886s consistently okay but not like wow
9890s but today has been their wow day see um
9893s if either one of those can replicate
9894s that again going into third game or if
9897s maybe another one of our kind of back
9898s burner teams will be able to pull a win
9900s out because all of the teams at the
9902s bottom end of the table are actually
9903s scoring pretty good right now and all
9905s the teams at the top having a pretty poo
9907s show so far I mean that's sort of been
9911s what's been happening a lot of the time
9913s in regular week like if you were
9914s following trios last week Bower doing
9917s really really well was a huge surprise a
9919s pleasant surprise don't get me wrong
9921s like it's really good to to get to see B
9923s popping off again that's like full
9925s Nostalgia all the way back to to not
9926s last year's MPL but the year before it
9929s uh but like you said a lot of these
9930s teams who have been towards the the
9932s bottom end of the leaderboard have been
9934s starting to perform really really well
9936s and I think part of it might be down to
9939s some of these teams towards the top end
9941s they think that they've already got
9943s enough points to be able to qualify into
9945s the bi-weekly finals because like the
9947s tempo compared to regular we and by
9949s weekly finals are two vastly different
9952s beasts right in regular week you're just
9955s trying to qualify into by-weekly finals
9957s you don't want to run out of all of your
9960s gas in regular and have nothing in the
9962s tank for bi-weekly and worse you don't
9964s want to give away your better
9966s compositions your better Loop paths your
9968s rotations uh and the way that you play
9971s those specific compositions the lines of
9973s attack in regular week you want to save
9975s them for bi-weekly finals so that they
9977s don't get spotted and scouted out by all
9978s of these other team teams yeah you're
9980s right but also you kind of need to take
9982s it still seriously like you might think
9984s you're clear but there clear they they
9988s had 135 points in one day Jake they're
9992s guaranteed to be in the next five weekly
9993s finals but they've had a bad they if
9995s they continue to have a bad day and
9996s let's say they scored 20 points what's
9998s the stop a team who's only had 20 points
10000s also score 10 and something points in
10002s the next day there's a world there is a
10004s world I mean they are like 99% secured
10008s let's be real like it's the odds of them
10011s not like the odds of everyone scoring
10013s enough points to knock them out is nonon
10016s impossible not impossible but pretty
10018s much impossible uh but they do need to
10021s kind of continue also remember these
10023s points also translate into those
10024s bi-weeks so the better you do here the
10026s more points you take in the more likely
10027s you are to win the whole thing now into
10030s hero selection a lot of sand siphons
10032s getting picked up in that first rotation
10034s W VG it's monk
10036s again they love this monk they are
10039s really really trying to bring monk
10041s back I just think the problem with this
10043s comp is like it's not a bad comp I
10045s really like the tesser addition to it or
10048s um well I really like the tesser Edition
10050s to it but I just think Sans siphon um
10056s blind date The Cannonball comp I think
10059s all three of the actual meta comps at
10061s the moment all count a monk that's why
10063s monkeys are't in the meta right because
10065s like it's it's not unplayable countered
10067s but all of those teams have something in
10070s their team which can handle and deal
10072s with the monk even the ice pick variant
10074s I wonder if the reason why we're seeing
10076s the monk come back is because teams have
10078s started pivoting away from the zip sand
10081s siphon and move towards the karumi cuz
10084s like the problem is for for the zip Sion
10086s you are correct all of the the
10088s compositions currently in mattera like
10090s monk really struggles into it especially
10092s inside a r Yang fight and monky is so
10094s dependent on loot because it scales
10097s right Monk's ultimate the damage that do
10099s the health that you have scales off of
10101s the loot that you have equipped when you
10103s activate that ultimate so if you have a
10105s golden weapon in hand when you hit your
10107s ultimate you're going to be doing golden
10109s uh tier level damage if you have a gray
10112s weapon in hand you're only going to be
10113s doing gray levels and it's the same for
10114s armor if you have like gray armor then
10116s the health that you have as monk is far
10118s less when you're transformed than it is
10120s if you have something purple and the
10122s problem that like monkers has had and
10123s it's actually something that slea
10125s himself experienced that was a real of
10127s gang fight that wbg took against the
10129s sand siphon team on their first day of
10132s play this week and wbg Sleepwalker I kid
10135s you not got a double grab into an
10137s immediate follow-up double grab the
10140s problem was it was up against the team
10141s with
10142s zip so they didn't get any kills they
10145s got two backto back double grabs and zip
10148s ultimate proed and they didn't get any
10150s kills and monk after his ultimate is
10152s just incredibly vulnerable in the
10153s neutral and they got absolutely stomped
10157s afterward CU s safeness wrong with
10158s ultimate but also incredibly strong in
10160s neutral as well however if we have the
10164s Kumi
10166s variation then one you as a monk can
10169s grab players outside of the karumi
10171s ultimate and uh two you don't have to
10174s worry about sedated Soul literally
10175s proing and saving someone from what
10178s should be an elimination because double
10179s grab
10181s damage all righty well just having a
10183s look at the overall pick rates of
10186s everything here actually see a 43% pick
10188s rate onto JL they really love the
10191s Cannonball um very very much a comfort
10194s comp for them uh first time we seen te
10197s playing sand siphon uh with the karumi
10201s instead of the zip so that is their
10203s adaptation to this version of the comp
10206s we'll see how this is going to break
10207s down as uh I'm look at the drop spots
10210s not as kind of clustered it's more
10212s clustered towards the center uh it looks
10215s like Imperial was uh grayed out so no
10217s one can drop there actually has even got
10219s a gold spot at the moment so I don't
10221s even see if anybody is going to run up
10223s north towards it see bunch of teams
10226s dropping down uh by myab wow that's a
10229s lot of green that's alliance's logo that
10232s is Alliance just taking up the
10234s spotlight wbg are getting hard dropped
10237s on by BBE oh that's really unfortunate
10239s monk struggles early on because when you
10242s don't have your ultimate active you
10243s don't have kill
10245s potential oh well at least they have the
10247s Tessa I mean the T variation might be
10250s able to alleviate a little bit of that
10252s early drop pressure because tesra is one
10255s of those characters who doesn't need
10256s 100% rage to be able to use our ultimate
10259s but it is just it's so key and crucial
10262s that the test ultimate manages to catch
10264s someone and you get a kill off at the
10265s back of it otherwise y mon is just not
10266s going to have a good time well looks
10268s like already jdg and wolves have got
10270s themselves in a scrap here Z just trying
10273s to break away from K keep the pressure
10275s up onto them but hasn't actually been
10277s able to land the kill test the charm
10279s coming down here from the side of wolves
10281s K goes down they're able to secure
10282s themselves one kill in with the spear on
10285s the pp PP losing a lot of HP EG just
10288s keeping the pressure up onto him as it
10290s looks like the wolf pack has secured
10292s themsel their first kill taking down all
10294s three members of jdg now ewg coming in
10299s on the area and that actually may have
10301s saved the lives of uh wbg Bane's breath
10304s getting used as well it's actually going
10306s to be uh I think that's BB who in
10309s control of this Bane's breath almost
10311s connecting on the Sleep Walker getting
10312s the counter off onto him pops the Bell
10314s just to keep himself getting too much
10316s follow-up damage Landing in on as here
10318s comes the Bane's breath has to tap Dodge
10319s out of that one that could have been
10321s really hairy Sleep Walker low HP now
10323s he's still in the Bane breath he has to
10325s be careful CAU out by the whiff I been
10328s able to secure that kill as a now in
10330s some serious danger I been keeping the
10332s pressure up onto him but the sandstorm
10334s has broken out iin goes down and somehow
10337s it goes bad oh that was rough almost got
10341s himself taken out isn't going to be
10343s going down should be able to pick his
10345s teammates back up in time breath not
10348s going to be making a connection onto him
10349s by gay just about getting picked up
10352s Sleep Walker also just about getting
10354s picked up you can see the ghosts of uh
10357s BB were hanging about but decided not
10359s going to do the salty run back that
10361s fight went a little bit rough for them
10363s and yeah somehow by maybe a little bit
10365s of a miracle considering they were
10367s fighting in a Bane's breath with a monk
10369s wbg pulled the win off in that in that
10372s little fight yeah actually being able to
10374s get that Soul reset after the B bre hit
10377s was what saved them to be honest if a
10380s second Bane had come through he would
10381s have been absolutely done for there's
10383s jdg two tick coming taking a one versus
10385s two will be able to find the par on to
10387s jahu and immediately that pressure is
10389s going to be absorbed by water trying to
10391s come back on through they're going to
10392s set up where One can just Parry in front
10394s the other can just throw blue focus into
10396s the back because Parry only has aor
10399s facing window so if you're ever in a one
10401s versus two or if you're in a two versus
10402s one you always want one player in front
10404s one player behind cuz only going to be
10405s able to Parry one of you as it's going
10408s to be J team this time dropping that
10410s Bane's breath Tessa does manage to find
10413s the connection xoy will be able to
10415s interact and cancel that one sits in the
10418s fan R&B throws out the charge trying to
10420s catch on to as many players as possible
10422s the B has drawn the attention though of
10425s teams that were in the area and weren't
10427s originally fighting JT team Alliance it
10429s looks like are going to kite over
10431s towards that normal Zone don't decide to
10434s actually pop it in so just waiting to
10436s see whether or not J team are going to
10438s decide to actively take this engagement
10441s Tessa V1 comes on through now Alliance
10444s are going to PL that no and because the
10446s S siphon team are in too deep they're
10448s not going to be able to run away and
10450s utilize any of the decator ultimate to
10452s turn the fight into their favor
10454s unfortunately J team Le is the one that
10456s comes in with the first kill x l y again
10459s just throwing out the fan rmbs looking
10461s to try and do as much damage as quickly
10463s as possible onto Alliance as well scoop
10465s those players up and closer to him so
10467s his team can follow up small ultimate
10470s gets thrown just on the edges of that no
10473s old zone so J te will be able to use
10475s that one to obscure their escape and now
10477s catch onto Alliance it actually I think
10479s wuan teleported out and directly on top
10483s of where J team decided to disengage
10485s onto a little bit of an unfortunate one
10487s for Alliance there as they have not
10488s being able to recuperate any of that
10490s Health as a result XL y playing outside
10494s of that no all can still throw the fur
10496s and shelves into it and as a result
10498s Alliance will lose their players as JL
10501s comes in for the third party txj the
10503s Yodo F2 gold frame focuses on to put XL
10507s Y and he has just gone in a matter of
10510s moments that is rough now Alliance going
10513s to get tied up here by
10515s txj JL beautiful little third party
10518s coming in from the them there able to
10519s turn that one nicely is they're actually
10521s still not done Alliance desperately
10523s trying to scramble away as bow got that
10525s great armor with a blue fan it still
10529s does have a revive in their pocket so if
10531s they go down here it's not the end of
10532s the world but JL honestly needing a good
10535s game they have had a terrible terrible
10538s some might say tragic start of the day
10540s 8.8 points four of which are in the last
10543s couple of moments that's how bad this
10545s day has been for JL they've only just
10548s picked up points here and they've almost
10550s doubled their score across the last two
10552s games
10553s soing they can has Revengers is in the
10558s area in Soul one yeah can he do anything
10561s about this though really are they going
10563s to do the revive and try and save the
10564s day they're just going to let them go
10566s down and then find a good rebirth area
10568s for them as a team to fully reset JL
10571s keeping the pressure up onto bow B has
10574s done a good job of staying alive as long
10576s as they have but JL are able to secure
10578s themselves The Kill
10579s that is the start but they needed they
10581s have been desperate for a good game and
10583s this could be the start of one I'm not
10585s going to say it is one cuz it's still 24
10587s minutes to go we'll we'll let we'll come
10589s back to this in 24 minutes and see how
10590s they're doing
10591s but left at least J have one Insurance
10596s plume the problem is that it's it's so
10598s far scattered away from where the rest
10600s of the fight went down that uh if they
10602s do lose a r of Yang fight they're going
10604s to have to find another team to be able
10605s to kill cuz it's only two blooms and oh
10608s you also going to be leaving a bloom
10610s behind as we talked about we are not
10612s playing current patch these Soul blooms
10614s do not have the two-minute timeout uh it
10616s is currently previous patch so all of
10619s these teams wanting to take a r of Yang
10620s risk it for the biscuit uh will be
10622s leaving those SS behind and will still
10624s be able to return to those corpses as
10626s insurance policies as drg are going to
10628s be looking to set up some of those
10630s corpses and insurance policies wfz with
10633s those sh shots just trying to sit in the
10637s middle and do as much damage as possible
10639s karumi ultimate has been called in
10641s unfortunately however it is karumi
10644s versus zing in the Overworld what is
10646s going to have more power wfz because he
10650s has that zip will be able to play away
10652s from the rest of his supports and create
10655s a little bit more spacing for the team
10657s te with that karumi however just
10659s absolutely unkillable even through
10661s everything that drg through at them and
10664s now we go into neutral karumi has been
10667s broken Leo getting that 90% s damage
10669s reduction to be able to survive as they
10670s try and pressure onto the room but that
10672s damage reduction is now removed dr's W
10675s trying to set up the Dragon Slayers into
10677s nzar the armor gone for the karumi but
10679s WFC also taking a lot of damage because
10683s of it comes in with those hits on the
10685s R&B catching onto as many players as
10687s possible on the side of T to get as much
10689s damage done as possible but Han with
10691s that also doing a very good job of
10693s creating the spacing for his team was
10695s that Focus line as well just skating
10698s into the angle
10699s not allowing them to be able to Parry
10703s any of the blues that te froze out and
10706s off of so much peel to guarantee that
10709s that karumi lived once that T from the 4
10711s second 90% damage reduction had passed
10714s they're able to win the fight out in the
10715s long run really good stuff from te and
10718s te just like JL a team that needs to do
10721s well today start making their way up the
10723s leader
10725s board absolutely needed that one as we
10727s are seeing the Z shift actually on top
10729s of plume we just going to have very
10732s crowded final circles in the sense where
10734s they're not open in fields it's going to
10736s be in in buildings cuz every every final
10739s Circle today so far has had uh homes and
10743s and space for people to move around in
10745s as uh R Yang spawns up JL jump in see
10750s who their opponents is going to be who
10751s they're going to be playing versus so
10754s far no one might just be getting this
10757s one uncontained
10759s there is a world where that happens well
10761s everyone's waiting for for the thir
10763s there are three R of yangs now and the
10764s thing is like the teams that go in
10766s immediately are the teams that are
10767s scaled to be able to like play Super
10769s aggressive if you wait for the third one
10771s potentially you're going up against a
10772s team that's a little bit more cautious
10774s doesn't really want to take the R so you
10776s could potentially go up against the
10777s weaker team well JL versus UI this is a
10780s very very hype one OG winning the last
10783s by weekly just being the best team but
10785s JL an absolutely amazing by-weekly
10787s themselves so going be a fun one to
10790s watch see if anyone can kind of put
10792s their Authority on this one dxj able to
10794s dodge a lot of that lovely little summon
10796s of the pillar of the mech knocking two
10797s members of JL back transforms come out
10799s cannonballs come down as both of the
10801s mechs are just going to be shooting at
10803s each other txj throwing down that
10805s ultimate trying to get the Yoto to rip
10807s through SS SS low HP down they go JL
10811s able to put their their stamp down on
10813s this game as the final couple of yo
10814s strikes coming in onto that Mech as dxj
10818s doing a great job of just avoiding
10819s losing too much HP but then they are
10821s followed up onto staggered cannibal
10823s comes in lose a lot of armor are just
10825s going to go for a quick heal up while
10826s they wait for these transforms to time
10827s out switching out for the bow for the
10829s shot T JL have the advantage right now
10833s have the man power to overwhelm ug zenu
10837s goes down TL are just going to be JL
10840s sorry just going to be able to finish
10841s this one up U does pop the ultimate see
10843s if they can find a miracle kill or two
10845s onto some of these JL members but FX
10847s avoiding an evading away on the slashes
10850s from you is going to be able to land the
10852s last couple but not enough as they
10854s caught in an uppercut down they go that
10856s is a JL Victory played that very very
10860s well and they're going to be sitting
10862s very comfortable off the back of this oh
10864s legendary d h too that is a very good
10867s weapon and S weapon uh both in terms of
10869s chasing and also just how fast that R&B
10872s can come out from te in the Overworld
10875s will be able to take down drg
10878s looks like uh it wasn't actually there
10880s to mult Ultimate considering lyd still
10882s has his intact so they're able to turn
10885s the tides into that one in fact they've
10887s still got all of their ultimates World
10889s drg once again that Z ping just
10892s struggling to be able to kill any member
10895s of te cuz the way that you pressure the
10897s zip at the moment for for Sanson right
10899s you all in on either the zip or the teor
10902s so Force the ultimate as quickly as you
10904s can then you just all in the damage to
10906s be able to prox theate Soul as quickly
10908s as can you can't really do that into the
10911s karumi variant of the sandon if you try
10914s to all in on the teada all you're going
10916s to do is a proc tether from the karumi
10919s and she gets to hold on to her ultimate
10921s a lot longer than the zeping does a lot
10923s of the time in those specific
10924s engagements plus you can only get like
10926s one recast to be able to move the circle
10929s but having that tul F and the
10931s interaction where you turn it Elemental
10933s even if it comes out before you actually
10936s mov the karumi ultimate in your recast
10939s the elemental interaction remains so if
10942s he if you have KY ultimate into semf and
10945s then you recast the KY ultimate you're
10946s still going to have the stamina sap
10949s attached to it so it becomes incredibly
10951s problematic for a lot of these teams
10952s especially with karumi being very smart
10954s about where they Place their ultimate a
10956s lot of the time if they're up against
10957s deada team they'll actually Place their
10959s ultimate and the team will position in a
10961s way that the karumi ultimate will be
10963s either up against a wall or a pillar so
10965s if your avator gets F and shoved they
10967s can't actually shove you outside of the
10969s Kumi
10970s AOE look like go getting run down here
10974s by
10975s wbg it's could be a very very rough one
10978s for them they've got the debuff on and
10980s SS is losing a lot of HP into the mech
10982s they go Sleep Walker transforms up see
10985s if they can find a grab able to get one
10987s onto you looking for slam down you lose
10989s a lot of HP you can they get the rear
10991s grab ja actually a l a lot of HP as SS
10995s just cannon firing away onto you on the
10998s low ground is able to get the grab onto
11000s Sleep Walker the grab comes down sorry
11002s from Sleep Walker onto you able to get
11004s another grab coming out and they get one
11006s on the mech nope going to switch forms
11009s not going to be able to pick that one up
11010s as Yu keeping the pressure down and
11012s somehow ug have turned this fight around
11015s I thought it started pretty bad for them
11017s but wbg were able to well unable to make
11021s this really stick with them as down they
11022s go ug cleanse thems of the debuff and
11027s get a lovely little V taking the monk
11028s out of the lobby and it's what we're
11030s talking about these comps just counter
11031s the monk it's too hard Cannonball like
11035s the fact that you can basically
11036s immediately have a Yan alt denies one
11039s potential double grab and also the way
11041s that they played it into that monk it's
11044s really risky you goes for the the
11046s transfer the ultimate with the Yoto and
11048s actually gets the Stagger he does get
11049s early grabed out of his ultimate I do
11051s believe as we can have a look and see
11054s what exactly J has to say
11076s for
11092s A J's FX there just saying about how
11096s basically having as he said two veterans
11099s to uh two World Champs on the team is
11101s affecting cuz te back when they had that
11104s that roster core of L Leo vvv and txj
11107s they were a very aggressive team this
11109s was a team who even with the yo F2
11112s changes like they still stuck with the
11113s Yoto F1 even when everyone was running
11115s yo F3 before it got nerfed they still
11118s ran the Yoto F1 because they would just
11121s fully push in and be able to isolate one
11123s specific Target and they would just move
11125s from that one kill to to snowball
11126s through the other two remaining players
11128s off of just playing light and blue Focus
11131s uh in the pocket and it would work out
11133s well for them so it it would definitely
11136s be daunting I think for anyone uh but
11139s it's it's really good to see that FX
11141s like they understand that okay maybe I
11144s played a little bit too tentatively
11145s maybe I was a little bit nervous moving
11147s forward it's going to be something
11148s something that they'll they'll look to
11149s change and this is definitely not at all
11151s from JL this is JL second realm of Yang
11155s two armors deciding to take a fight this
11158s is going to be a miracle play watch just
11160s watch this face he's going to do it he's
11161s going to make an absolute Miracle happen
11163s I believe no he's not he's absolutely
11165s cooked there's no way surviving I I
11168s think it was a weird Gamble from the
11171s team to decide to let him go down here
11173s because they should be able to revive
11175s him and if they get the free Roa Yang
11177s they get the free R Yang that's
11178s brilliant but yeah I think wfx
11183s unfortunately has found himself alone in
11186s this R Yang maybe a miracle can happen
11188s but very unlikely down he goes JL maybe
11191s a little bit mythed it's a free R Yang
11194s but it's only one you can't be really
11195s mythed it's only one kill but like I
11197s guess it's it's a free R Yang and a
11199s point so you can't really be that
11200s annoyed about it
11202s actually yeah if you're complaining
11204s about it you're just a big baby that's
11205s that's that's that's such a win-win well
11207s they got mytic mode and the Damage
11208s production and they have a team directly
11210s in front of them that they can
11210s immediately aggressively push on to and
11212s they got all of their ultimates
11213s recharged so yeah they're not exactly
11215s going to be my about that one Moonlight
11217s however might be a little bit peeved
11220s because unfortunately wfs going inside
11223s that real of Yang he's still going to be
11224s returning to a soul alter uh and
11227s Moonlight gets spotted out so they're
11229s not going to be able to go for the play
11230s of okay we'll just buy back the one guy
11233s who went in because he's going to be the
11236s only one returning and and he has Yang
11238s depletion as well and if he wasn't the
11241s one carrying the money Jake then uh uhoh
11245s spaghetti it is equally spread between
11247s him and who just went down so uh
11249s Moonlight yeah yeah and like the thing
11252s is as well you can't have him go out to
11255s like corruption take damage and one of
11256s your players buy him back because there
11258s are no other players on drg to be able
11260s to
11261s purchase uh the re charm activate the if
11264s he goes down to corruption take damage
11266s or or tries to find any other way to
11268s take himself uh down early so that his
11270s team could res him back up without that
11272s cor uh without that Yang depletion they
11275s go out of the lobby regardless as it's
11277s going to be jdg and te as we talked
11279s about now onto the field te with that
11282s Draco storm getting incredibly
11284s aggressive as JD's K just froze on
11286s repeat wind spout from a distance so he
11289s doesn't get it parried away from him
11291s poor old hand eat so much damage from
11293s this fan oh his armor is gone he'll be
11296s able to skip into his roomy V2 so at
11299s least the armor is going to be regen
11301s backwards but there is just so much
11303s damage coming on out from him you can
11305s see that they're trying to push him
11306s outside of that karumi ultimate there's
11308s the elemental change that stamina going
11310s to be affecting the players of jdg Han
11313s getting absolutely Frozen in position
11316s right now still trying to keep the
11317s spacing with the R&B on the fan and you
11321s can see just how good karumi is at
11323s keeping that teada alive ewg all in
11327s absolutely abely everything they could
11329s to try and win or rather jdg all
11332s everything that they could there was
11333s even a third party coming on through and
11335s Han all he does is lose his armor but
11337s the second that Leo comes in with that
11339s V2 te are absolutely
11343s Untouchable yeah that was T is starting
11346s to look quite good in this game got five
11349s kills under their belt uh having a quick
11351s stop in with some of the other teams JL
11353s 12 kills deep now considering how low
11356s they are sitting at the bot of the table
11359s this is a absolutely Monster game for
11361s them and they needed it if they want to
11363s slingshots up the standings they're
11365s going to have to do a lot more ideally
11367s get a couple more kills turn this into a
11368s first place and jump into above that red
11371s line is where they really want to be cuz
11373s the first two games they had only put
11376s four kills together Four Points together
11378s total sorry so very very rough start for
11382s them but it's for WFC and there it is he
11386s managed to lose JL and he immediately
11389s got find by Wolves I mean he's got the
11391s debuff on so he has to either hopefully
11393s find a Lucky Soul Bloom which why would
11395s there be a soul Blom sitting about here
11397s or somehow pull a 1 V3 off I don't think
11399s he's going to be able to do that
11400s especially now he's had to switch out
11402s into the gray armor is trying to break
11404s away but he has found himself caught out
11405s by EG and down he goes one last slam
11410s from the staff of Z and they're able to
11412s secure the kill down go drg and
11414s unfortunately it's another disappointing
11416s game from our currently second place
11418s team in the standings but that may
11421s slipping CU they've had three pretty
11424s rough games so far today yeah he
11426s unfortunately doesn't even manage to
11428s grief wolves by just lasting long enough
11430s for J team to come in for third party
11432s the repeating crossbow did come through
11434s J for by pressuring uh they saw the body
11436s drop they knew that the team would
11437s probably try and land on top of it as we
11439s can have a look and see how exactly wbg
11442s taking this realm of Yang and out for
11445s them jdg using those four pillars to
11447s avoid L of sight from the monk K with
11450s that free shell will also be able to
11453s avoid the Tessa trying to stun the
11455s Justina so that Sleep Walker had one
11457s person to grab just not able to find it
11460s V1 does catch onto the Justina but the
11463s Yoto F from two tick actually allows kek
11466s to avoid getting monk grabbed and it's
11468s going to be the wind spite coming
11470s through from kek Once the fight moves
11472s away from him into the free zone to AC
11475s with the follow up of the legendary
11476s Soldier yet again and from here it's
11479s just a numbers game it's poor wbg Sleep
11482s Walker uses that Bell uses that F1 tries
11485s to live as long as he can but it is all
11488s for not unfortunately that was a
11490s brighter day for jdg CU When we cut back
11493s to them it's just the Justina left that
11496s was tragic that was tragic that we went
11499s from like yeah look how good they were
11500s doing to oh it's G bad really really
11503s upsetting wbg this monom has not worked
11506s out for them every fight I've seen the
11507s in they've lost they are getting slammed
11510s and it's again it's it's what we were
11512s saying it's just not a monk meta I I
11516s understand it's a comfort for them and I
11517s understand there's an argument oh this
11519s Tess variant's really good with it but
11521s there's just too much that handles it
11522s there's too many things that can deal
11524s with it and monk used to reign supreme
11526s in the realm of yangs it is a great
11529s fighting comp it's super super good at
11531s fighting other comps in an isolated
11533s situation where you don't get third
11534s parted where you're in a Zone where you
11537s can't really escape the monk all you
11538s have is the pillars and a bit of
11540s verticality to get away but like you
11542s don't have the knowing that like it's
11545s not going to have to be burnt out
11546s immediately cancelled and then just like
11549s chased down cuz like some ultimates like
11551s Yoto ultimate terer ultimate you can
11553s cancel early uh you don't get all of
11556s your rage back but you do still retain a
11558s percentage of it monk doesn't have that
11560s so if you're forced to monk up because
11562s you think you're taking a fight and then
11564s they run away and you have to D
11565s transform to be able to keep the chase
11567s up you lose you go from 100 to zero and
11570s you just get third parted and like
11571s instantly killed because the monk
11573s doesn't have ultimate to be able to to
11576s Zone everyone away and Bully all of the
11578s teams
11581s around yeah it's it's a rough one and I
11584s just I just feel the well I know and we
11587s we've said this multiple times and I
11588s know I sound a bit like a broken record
11590s but you can't play monk the comps are
11592s too good into it there is not a single
11594s bad comp right now in The Meta that can
11597s handle that can't handle a monk that's
11599s why monk doesn't get played um and I
11601s think
11602s wbg they're trying I think a bit of a
11605s desperate play to kind of Cu SLE Walker
11607s is to be fair as much as monk is a bad
11609s character at the moment Sleep Walker is
11611s one of the monk players like he's very
11614s very good at this hero I just think they
11617s you can't rely on this guy being very
11618s good at this one hero to get your wins
11620s you have to look elsewhere you have to
11622s uh well he's been impressing on the
11624s Justina is is the thing like super
11626s Walkers Justina and I'm sure get to see
11628s it when we move on to moris is is very
11631s very strong I hope so cuz I I think wbg
11635s are let themselves down a little bit
11636s with this uh with this pick so far as
11639s they have been knocked out of this game
11641s as well we have 26 players left with 7
11643s minutes left on the clock uh nine teams
11646s in the Runnings right now uh just once
11649s again taking a quick look can't see what
11651s oh J at the bottom of the table that's
11653s why I think in the game J you also went
11656s out by the way we were following other
11658s players perspectives alliance's bow I do
11661s believe found them out ah I see that's
11664s that's a little bit that's a little bit
11665s unfortunate for them uh I'm trying to
11668s see yeah JL starts JL are still in the
11671s game there we go I can speak I promise
11674s uh B's breath coming down uh Morris
11676s blessing is on the other side of it and
11680s going for Lions going for it they've got
11681s the wind wols from the Wen to keep
11683s themselves safe from any uh any contest
11685s and there is literally no contest they
11687s just grab those goodies for free get the
11689s golden armor get the weapons they peace
11692s out they're quite happy off the back of
11693s that one really really nice there from
11695s Alliance actually way better read on it
11697s than we saw in the last game um I don't
11700s think it was Alliance who made that
11701s mistake but I was the LI I believe you
11704s made that mistake last game but this
11707s time playing it a lot
11709s better able to break away from this one
11712s as
11713s ewg just trying to see if they can land
11715s a couple of shots and Mel complaining
11717s was obviously heard by the
11720s uh by the NAD deaths because we are not
11724s ending in buildings we're ending in an
11725s open space and I think most frustrating
11727s right now for wbg is this is actually
11729s probably quite a good Circle for a monk
11732s but not going to be able to use it it is
11735s dunzo so everyone's going to find
11737s themselves their little Nook their
11738s little cranny where they can hide behind
11741s take shots at each other and try and
11742s just burn some of each other's resources
11744s getting closer toward final Circle oh oh
11748s you have BL string you can just seey
11750s just throwing it out on repeat with the
11752s p sword just thr the wall try and catch
11755s on to anyone advertising like hey if you
11758s want to come into this building you take
11759s the fire tick and you are not going to
11761s be happy as uh wolves currently looking
11764s for a place of safety Alliance making it
11766s harder for these teams that are wwg
11769s taking a lot of pressure from that swarm
11771s held by Lane at the moment in fact so
11774s much pressure that JL actually have to
11777s use utilize the F Mech for txj to try
11780s and absorb all of the spacing on this
11783s High Ground buying themselves and The
11785s Cannonball composition all of this
11787s spacing as JS FX is just going to
11789s continue throwing out Katana legendary
11791s soulat to be able to hit box safe anyone
11794s who tries to range down
11797s txj yeah txj quite happy on this High
11800s ground though block the cannon form
11803s there's a lot of people that is that is
11805s like a damage Farm there unfortunately
11806s loses Mech as soon as everyone groups up
11809s but can JL hold this High Ground is the
11811s real question they're just shooting the
11812s cannon fire down Alliance getting
11815s toasted down there as well as you can
11817s see U from ug just shooting in to BBE
11821s put up the sandstorm just to make sure
11823s that the can't get continue to be uh
11826s harassed by you in this m Sandstorm is
11829s going to fade fairly soon though so is
11831s the mech so they are safe for now
11833s another sandstorm being used on the
11834s other side of the rocky terrain as J
11837s team find thems in a bit of a scrap here
11839s versus Alliance they are going to lose
11842s Revenge already J te quite happy
11843s actually to continue to hold onto this
11845s building for now whole bunch of teams
11847s waiting out on the other side it is
11849s complete mess down there as wolves take
11851s down ewg's 14 and alliance's Lane
11854s picking them up but in comes JL txj
11857s slamming into the face of wolves to see
11859s if they can finds a kill in that Mech
11862s wolves are just going to have to TP out
11864s they do not want to be dealing with that
11865s one as JL now going to get himself onto
11868s this low ground deciding to give up The
11870s High Ground making less of a mar a
11872s target of thems it's ewg stepping
11875s forward txj coming in with a cannon fire
11877s able to secure one kill the yo ultimate
11879s comes down though it's doing a lot of
11880s damage to J team they're finding
11882s themselves in a bit of danger here they
11884s are going to get another kill though
11885s picked up 14s in danger J team able to
11888s finish up a member of ewg JL having to
11890s transform having to use their own Yoto
11892s ultimate as well as now they're just
11894s looking to find the last few slices of
11898s off but they can't quite get it the
11899s whist lands on to txj he l a lot of HP
11901s for it is going to be safe though is
11903s going to be able to reposition get onto
11904s that High Ground decides to drop it with
11906s Wolves holding it it should just be a
11908s nice little reset opportunity here for
11910s the side of JL J team quite happily just
11912s sitting inside this building as long as
11915s they possibly can jl's vvv lands the
11918s cannon shots onto a couple of members
11920s just knocking them into the Zone
11921s battering them about here is going to re
11923s switch out switch into Canon form and
11926s try to land a couple more shots a little
11928s bit more damage that is now going to go
11929s down onto cool down not going to be
11931s usable for a little bit more so ug able
11933s to SC himself a kill on to snack there
11936s Rishi goes down to Leo and BBE losing
11939s two key members is really really rough
11941s in comes wol Zen with a massive ultimate
11944s from the Viper locking te in place but
11947s aren't able to really capitalize on it
11949s aren't really able to get that punish is
11950s J team still quite happy sitting in
11952s their house being untouched in all of
11955s this action JT JL sorry have gots on top
11958s of the building in a little bit of a
11960s place where they can go for a full reset
11962s and get comfortably situated for the
11963s next stage Z zenu on the mech here from
11966s the Farah just trying to land the shots
11969s off on to JL on top of that building
11972s while J team happily just buying time
11974s buying space they got six kills they can
11976s get a good multiplier on that zenu
11979s firing some shots off not able to make
11980s the connection happen right now J team
11984s still holding fast for the moment wolves
11986s outside their door JL trying to just res
11989s situate himself actually on High Ground
11991s away they find Zu they are going to look
11993s for the finalize onto him and that is
11995s another kill for the side of txj going
11999s in for the ultimate here a lot of people
12001s grouped up they're going to be able to
12002s get some serious damage off lining up
12004s those shots but unable to really make
12005s the connection J team trying to make
12007s their way now back into this Zone they
12009s didn't really do much with the yo
12010s ultimate and say that and the last
12011s couple of shots are absolutely huge here
12013s comes the transform they're going to get
12015s that Yoto in it so they can stay in safe
12017s for now just firing down with the cannon
12020s onto everyone doing so much damage here
12023s this is absolutely brutal JL putting out
12026s the work putting out the damage coming
12027s in for that slam down if they can find
12028s it but they're not going to be able to
12029s get it cu the wo comes in to teleport to
12032s safety J team actually picking up a
12034s whole bunch of kills but J answering out
12036s with their own in kind SS low HP the
12039s cannon shots are huge but J team they
12042s are popping off they are taking it all
12044s UF The Last Man Standing that's got to
12046s be J teams I don't know if it's j teams
12049s I don't know if it's J's J's had like 16
12052s kills uh wolves was sitting around about
12054s 15 but wolves got eliminated before JL
12057s and we're panning over to JL I feel like
12060s JL take this on I'm waiting to see yeah
12063s there it is JL walk away with the win we
12067s said that this needed to be one of those
12069s games where JL were able to pop off we
12071s heard from FX we got a little bit of an
12073s inside view into the workings of the
12076s team into the pressure that is
12079s unfortunately being placed upon this
12080s team with the pickups that they made in
12082s the offse and it is a pressure that they
12085s are now finally being able to to really
12088s make work like ja had a very good play
12090s they made sure that they were claiming a
12092s lot of that High Ground spacing uh early
12094s on where we basically just like saw on
12097s repeat I believe it was both
12098s thunderstorm and soul slash the drop
12100s down into uh the the spin with that
12104s Katana uh setup that they were able to
12106s take to be able to absorb a lot of the
12108s pressure that would have been placed
12109s upon the fch they understand in terms of
12112s tempo for final zones uh Cannon really
12116s dictates which teams get jumped on by
12119s the other teams in the area right you do
12121s so much damage with rupture Gale and
12123s Flame BR you're getting so much of your
12125s rage generated incredibly quickly uh and
12127s teams that go incredibly low off of that
12129s pressure from the cannon are the ones
12132s that everyone decides okay this is the
12133s team that we're going to push on and we
12135s even saw when Jiles first started to
12137s make that play for that High Ground
12138s Control the team right next to them like
12141s a little bit lower down to their left on
12144s the the secondary surface of the cliff
12147s they actually drop the tumul ultimate to
12150s be able to just make sure that they're
12152s not the team that's getting pressured by
12154s the farer or rather the Yoto inside that
12157s F or the Yoto ultimate coming out
12158s afterwards right it's everyone who's
12160s inside that building J team get to sit
12162s inside that building for as long as they
12164s do because they have dragons Raw on the
12166s nunchuk so single team that tries to run
12168s from JL runs directly into J team which
12170s is how they manag to to start racking up
12172s a lot of their kills but JL for the most
12174s part just make sure that their win
12175s conditions are met they know that when
12177s the final Zone collapses in every single
12180s aspect of Cannonball becomes that much
12182s stronger because you have health reset
12184s on your uan stagger on The uan Spar
12187s connections Yodo ultimate gives Mobility
12189s as well as zoning control and also knock
12192s back and Faria as well being able to go
12194s in with the cannon activation knock
12195s everyone back away from from her feet
12197s into the corruption tick damage and then
12198s follow up with those cannon shots like
12200s cannonballs kill potential in the
12202s closing moments of a round is probably
12204s one of the highest in all of the
12206s compositions we've seen in all of Nar
12209s orts yeah it's such an explosive kind of
12212s team there's so many big tools that can
12215s do a lot of damage it's it's very brutal
12217s to play into and uh they played really
12219s really well there coming in from the
12221s side of JL it's one of their better
12223s comps as well uh took him a while to
12225s wake up though those first games were
12227s very very rough it is their first day of
12229s play but they're going to be kicking
12231s thems a little bit about those first two
12233s cuz typically HOV has been where JL do
12236s pop off so bring up the scoreboard and
12238s see how we do sit at the end of that one
12240s a 20 bomb coming in from JL 28 points
12243s remember they started this game with 4.4
12245s points so that is a huge Improvement
12248s upon the last two games wolves also
12250s popping off here 16 kills 22.3 points
12253s put together J team 10 kills most of
12256s those honestly in the final stages of
12257s this game we got a lot done there ug
12260s with eight it was only drg who walk away
12262s with that goose egg but I mean that is a
12265s pretty high scoring game especially on
12266s the top end of the table 20 16 10 88
12271s that's a lot of kills being put together
12273s by some of these teams really really
12274s good game sh up from them yeah and I
12277s mean scores are only going to get higher
12279s moving into the remaining part of the
12280s day because when we move over to moris
12283s we move over to fir flights which means
12285s that we see just all aggression
12287s especially on the drop a lot of these
12289s teams are going to be picking up a lot
12290s of kills and they're going to be able to
12292s pick up a lot of momentum off of the
12294s back of that because they're going to
12295s absorb all of the Looting paths they're
12297s going to force a lot of these other
12298s teams into playing on the back foot
12300s they're going to be able to scale as a
12301s result into R of Y and then from R of
12303s Yang scale into the Final End Zone as we
12306s can have a look at the damage statistics
12307s and oh my my okay vvv
12313s 39255 on that Faria txj very very
12317s closely behind him
12319s 35766 like this is the thing JL works so
12323s very well together because some of this
12325s Synergy is already there txj and vvv
12328s have been on the same team as each other
12329s for a very long time and I feel like
12332s when JL decided that they wanted to pick
12333s up players from te they knew that they
12335s wouldn't just be able to take one they
12337s had to take two it had to be a package
12338s deal to be able to retain some of the
12340s Synergy already created yeah absolutely
12343s and with this last game J have been able
12346s to jump up from 18th Place into 13th so
12348s a massive Improvement they still have
12350s some ways to go if they want to return
12351s to their their top spot which we know
12353s them for top end of the table but there
12355s are still three games left to go so if
12357s they have a couple more pop off games
12358s like that L up shouldn't be too much
12360s harder and I mean realistically where
12362s they are now versus seventh isn't
12363s actually all that many points and those
12366s teams right now haven't actually played
12368s today at all other than wolves who also
12371s had a very good game there climbing back
12372s up towards the top of the table where
12374s they started at the beginning of that
12376s last weekly as well really really solid
12378s game coming in from them it's going to
12380s be about the top of the table though
12382s honestly top of the table is pretty
12385s achievable I think I a lot of these
12387s teams are having a pretty rough day too
12389s I mean 33 points for ug they are making
12392s a recovery but it's still got some work
12395s to go uh I think catching that 135 that
12398s they got in day one is going to be a
12400s little bit harder for them uh fbx though
12403s only 11 points put together today drg
12405s only 18 point points fo together today
12408s some of these teams are a little
12409s underwhelming right now um and that
12412s makes it exciting gives us a little bit
12413s more to kind of aim and hope for well
12416s wbg the reason why they put up
12418s 47.2 uh in their day one was a lot of it
12422s off of the back of Sleep Walkers Justina
12423s when they move into second half of the
12425s day so I think moving into second half
12427s of the day is where we start to see
12428s teams like wbg popping off Alliance 2
12432s more than likely probably going to to
12434s run back they're just in at least one of
12436s these games
12437s they had a very good game the first time
12439s that they ran the justo on Morris
12441s because they managed to get their hands
12442s on hot stopper and they were just H
12443s stopping the yo to be able to stop the
12446s F2 PE coming through once a freeze came
12447s out as we can have a look and see
12449s exactly how JL were able to hit the 20
12451s bomb vvv with that F3 just finding such
12455s good silencers onto all of the targets
12458s very simly used in the vein of the Yoto
12460s F1 that txj used to have where you would
12462s pick a Target everyone would all in and
12465s you would be able to just find the
12466s almost immediately off of the back of
12468s that one as we can have a look and see
12470s that JL by the way did the entirety of
12473s the final zone for the most part with
12474s one blueberry one of them still had blue
12476s armor and that's how oppressive they
12478s were being in terms of just controlling
12480s spacing and not allowing anyone to
12482s return fire onto them the fact that they
12484s had a blueberry and we say blueberry
12486s because normally when a player with blue
12488s armor is identified they get picked
12490s immediately uh and they were able to
12492s continue that dominant performance and
12493s just hold all of the space down into
12496s second into final Zone just goes to show
12499s what a smart team this team is in terms
12501s of their macro and micro understanding
12503s of the game and no surprises there it is
12505s theia getting our MVP that's vvv huge
12509s performance from them
12510s 39,000 damage eight kills 20K healing
12513s they had half stop a kick razor Swift
12515s group heal Advanced heal Juggernaut that
12516s explains the heal rupt Gale orb and burn
12520s no surprised is to see that little
12522s Cannon combination coming in there doing
12525s 18,000 damage
12527s 14,000 damage coming in from their
12528s ultimate as well uh well skills in
12530s Ultimate but let's be real that's just
12532s from the ultimate absolutely huge game
12535s coming in for that was probably a full
12537s stack Juggernaut too like the fact that
12538s he had eight kills that would have been
12540s a full stack Juggernaut by by
12542s Endzone absolutely huge from vbv really
12545s really big game and they still got three
12547s games to go they got a lot of work to do
12550s yes they still get to play on Friday
12551s before the bi-weekly finals but they do
12554s have a lot of work to do so I definitely
12556s on them going forwards to see if JL can
12560s continue to clamber their way up because
12561s they started at the bottom of the table
12563s today they have had a bad start to this
12566s second by-weekly and a team who honestly
12568s performed amazing in that first
12570s by-weekly eyes are very much on them cuz
12573s you can't just focus on the top team
12575s like OG yes they want it but you know
12577s you've got your likes of uh your jl's
12579s your ggs I mean honestly kind of looking
12582s at Alliance right now as well Alliance
12584s are looking very very good whether or
12586s not they're bi-weekly winw worthy I
12588s think no but definitely top of the table
12590s on a biweekly I think anyway we're going
12593s to pass it over for an interview after
12595s that game and we'll be getting ready for
12596s game number four so we'll see you in a
12601s moment hi everyone welcome to the post
12603s game Andia so this time we have uh
12606s Wolf's DK so please say hello to our
12609s audience
12611s first okay welcome so for the last game
12615s it's like really pity because for your
12618s team it's only one step you can get the
12619s MVP so what happened like in the last
12623s Circle for your team that's
12650s okay so actually we want to use our
12652s automate to like kill our neighbor team
12655s but uh uh it's really pity that our
12657s automate is not like very useful at that
12659s time and we didn't get uh the point uh
12662s for that time so uh after we used all
12666s our timate and we were like bought into
12668s a kind of uh like we can't we couldn't
12671s have the ability to get a killing point
12673s so we like maybe not perform very well
12676s in the last Circle well also we noticed
12679s that there was like so many people in
12682s the last Circle how do you think like
12684s what is the reason do you think caused
12687s this kind of situation
12709s okay so I think like uh all the team for
12713s the first two games like we were like
12716s act too aggressive so we want to be more
12718s stable for the game three especially for
12721s uh the team who get got a lot of points
12724s in the first two games and they want to
12726s be more stable and for us like for the
12728s team who like didn't get a lot of points
12731s uh from the like uh first two games and
12734s we want to to make uh to make the make
12737s us to like survive for more times in the
12740s final Circle okay let's move on to our
12742s answer for Treasure so this time our
12745s question is how many scores did team
12747s City Wolves get in the game three well
12750s also I like I you team yours the Tesla
12754s combination in the game three I want to
12756s know for these kind of combinations like
12760s how do you feel when you are using these
12762s combinations and how do you feel like
12765s when you use others combinations and mat
12768s Tess combinations
12798s okay so when we are using the tesas
12800s combinations I think this uh combo is
12802s quite strong in the B fight so
12805s especially you have the Wei one wuen and
12808s it's can like keep your um more
12811s abilities to get the points and after
12813s you win the BN fight you can like have a
12815s well operations for the falling time so
12818s I think this combination is quite strong
12820s okay please uh count down the time for
12822s audience three two 1 okay screenshot
12825s everyone
12827s and uh I know like I mean all the
12830s audience and all the Ws fans are really
12834s like want to see WS have a loud voice in
12837s the game so far from the beginning uh to
12841s this by week I think wolf have a kind of
12845s improvement especially for this week so
12847s how do you think like the shape your
12850s team have so
12855s far
12876s for okay so we are trying some new
12879s combinations for the uh competition and
12883s also we want to like do better for our
12885s corporations and we want to like solve
12888s more mistake in the regular game so that
12891s we can like uh perform very well in the
12894s final games okay so what's your plan for
12898s this
12912s week okay so first we was we must make
12915s sure that the weekend get into the
12917s biweekly final of TRS and we want to get
12919s a better like grade than the last week
12922s because we didn't perform very well in
12924s the last B weekly final so in this times
12927s final we will like do better okay thanks
12929s ZK come to our interview and thank you
12930s for doing this like hope you guys good
12932s luck in the following games
12937s okay okay that's all for the interview
12939s bye-bye everyone
12943s [Music]
12955s with each breath pain and
12960s destruction my world is
12963s broken by your
12968s seduction your touch a whisper from the
12973s past a memory
12977s that's fading
12980s fast so I search for you where souls go
12986s to die keeping
12989s hope as life goes
12992s passing by the Flames of f turn my love
12998s for you into
13001s was so much pain but still I can't
13007s away I'm ready with this
13011s chance I hope we meet again
13017s somay
13019s someday the Flames of f torching love at
13025s the
13026s gy
13027s gate our souls change in
13032s aous way my heart way
13036s and
13037s wait I don't care
13040s if
13042s insane I know we'll me
13047s again Som
13054s [Music]
13075s the sky is Frozen by
13080s aathy
13083s desolation fear and
13086s [Music]
13088s catastrophy but I won't stop hunting
13091s with play
13093s toys this pain
13097s a fire
13099s consuming me so I
13102s search for you where souls go to die
13108s Keeping
13109s home and life goes
13112s highing by the Flames of face turn my
13117s love for you into work so might pain but
13124s still I can keep away I'm ready with
13130s vision I know we'll meet again
13137s someday
13139s someday the Flames of face toring love
13144s at the
13146s gy
13147s gates are
13151s [Music]
13152s so this way my heart w
13156s [Music]
13157s and I don't care if
13161s [Music]
13167s my somay
13170s [Music]
13196s hello everyone and welcome back to the
13198s nraa blade Point pro league I'm Moxy I'm
13201s joined by Jake and Jake we just had our
13203s interview which means we're moving over
13206s from Hof we're headed over to Morris and
13208s that means that the fireflies are going
13211s to be coming out as well potentially
13214s hopefully it also means like we're going
13215s to see the Justina come through from wbg
13218s as well cuz they need to start making up
13219s for some of these points so it's it's
13222s interesting cuz I feel like um I feel
13224s like the fireflies don't affect hero
13227s select quite as much as they used to due
13229s to the new system uh what the new system
13232s does is it forces variability from
13234s everybody you can't just have a full
13236s Lobby of Monk like we used to because
13238s you're not playing based on your point
13240s of b b playing what other people are
13242s playing um and then you know you can
13245s risk and Burns and points to pick
13247s something that maybe a little bit more
13248s costly if you need to but typically the
13250s points don't get really spent that well
13252s that much um so it is interesting to see
13256s the uh to see how how this affects the
13260s affects basically the the hero SEL going
13262s forwards uh but I do think the the
13264s priority will shift moving into the
13267s first rotation now that we're on
13269s fireflies and they'll want to get these
13271s these kind of pick comps the Sans cphon
13273s or the blind dat and stuff like that uh
13275s for you guys though if you want to be
13277s getting some stuff you can grab yourself
13278s some goodies make sure you CLI linked up
13281s and you can get yourself your daily
13282s drops remember the bottom the bottom
13284s four you only get from the bi-weekly the
13286s top three that's from uh that's from
13288s watching today so grab yourself some Tay
13290s if you want to unlock some new Heroes if
13292s you haven't got them all if you are
13294s maybe newer to the game um or trying it
13297s out for the first time check it out that
13299s way also some goodies some new swords
13301s coming up I'm so excited for this man so
13304s excited for this it's so pretty it's
13306s it's so pretty we we we have like a
13308s couple of Esports fed Cosmetics right we
13310s have uh the the dagger the J cup F
13313s dagger we have the uh Spider Katana that
13317s he got for winning WS uh last time that
13321s he was he was around before Mike took
13323s the title from him back in December and
13326s now we have the
13327s nvpl themed hang sword which matches the
13331s mvpl themed Z skins so you can pick both
13334s up they definitely get your hands on the
13336s Hang it's a very strong weapon both in
13339s solos and trios the spacing like the
13341s distance on the R&B is still tripping up
13344s some of these Pros with quite how far
13347s and how wide it goes like you have to be
13350s so careful how you play in the 1 V one
13352s against the hord user because like they
13354s can mix up their distancing incredibly
13356s quickly it sort of takes a little bit
13358s from the dagger with the shadow step
13360s movement right where you can charge up
13361s your horizontal and you follow it up
13363s with a vertical to be able to just
13365s instantly sort of like teleport your way
13368s behind them there is a trick to it you
13370s always actually go the right side of a
13373s player so you want to flip your camera
13374s left and you'll always be able to catch
13376s which direction they do show up behind
13378s you make it a little bit easier if they
13380s decide to go straight for the focus
13381s strike uh followup you will be able to
13382s Parry that pretty decently but there's a
13384s couple of different things that you can
13386s do once you do decide to like just go
13388s straight into their backside which make
13390s it a little bit problematic and turns it
13391s into a mind game was like trying to
13393s figure out are they going to throw that
13394s Focus strike are they going to try try
13395s something else and what do I have to try
13397s and do in return as a result which is
13399s why Nora solos is is so fun especially
13402s inside the RM of yangs like the micro
13404s matchups between two players if anyone
13406s caught the fan ditto a couple of days
13409s ago where it's literally just I'm going
13411s to to hold lmb into Crouch into you're
13414s going to hold lmb into Crouch just like
13416s on repeat for about nine Cycles it was
13419s the funniest thing ever but that's
13421s exactly how you play The Fan
13423s the yeah it's so you mentioned Z and
13426s that just like threw me for a loop
13427s because I I basically have been deemed a
13430s trios person as I actually love trios so
13432s it's fine uh so I haven't seen Z AES I
13434s know she gets some playing solos yeah
13437s Kai has been been running her a fair bit
13439s F F3 V2 like he double picked that on
13443s his his last day of play I mean I've
13445s still yet to see sh because just not
13447s getting played in in triers at all so I
13450s I are they actually getting any playing
13452s solos I'm not sure she only played in
13455s solos man I give a there's a couple of
13459s like reasons for it the main one is that
13461s she only gets fre torto shell blocks on
13464s her ultimate and it does not scale
13466s separately uh for solos and trios so you
13469s only get free for solos you also only
13471s retain free int trios ah I see okay bit
13475s sad bit sad I don't to see the uh see
13477s some of the new stuff but like I like in
13480s a way that solos and trios have very
13482s different Mets um cuz you know when was
13484s the last time we saw like AOS in in
13486s trios it's been a while right it's been
13489s a while since since Z in
13491s trios uh I think this meta is is a very
13494s exciting one i' the last few have
13496s actually been pretty good in um in Pro
13499s play for trios because for a while I you
13502s know as much as I am an advocate for
13504s trios now I used to love it I used to
13506s hate just watching monk every game and
13508s like variations of that basically is the
13511s like comps being played I think this is
13513s a way more exciting meta for trios and
13515s now is I don't want to say monk skilless
13517s cuz he's absolutely not but I feel like
13519s these comps lend more skill expression
13523s if that makes sense like you got to be a
13525s lot more kind of like it's it's you know
13528s the monk mechanics are there but it was
13530s like it was one be mechanic really right
13533s and like the team would have to play
13535s around these like your combo as a team
13537s your Synergy as a team would be just the
13539s same thing every fight but with these
13541s ones there's variation cuz you're
13543s playing into different teams there's
13544s different ways you got to play in into
13545s them you know the way you engage the way
13547s you take the fights I think it's super
13549s fun to watch I'll stop rambling on I'll
13551s stop waffling on about uh about how much
13553s I like the meta right now because I do I
13555s genuinely think it's very good uh moving
13557s on to holl off though so one thing you
13560s talk about the fireflies
13563s um I promised I'd wake up I promis I'd
13565s wake up by game four but apparently my
13567s brain is still scrambled um moving on to
13570s game four onto moris Isle you know the
13572s original map the one the one we all
13574s should know the name of Jake um this map
13578s is this map obviously has fireflies for
13580s the last three games we are playing on
13581s the nighttime Dusk and adjacent Firefly
13584s maps for this one uh what this makes is
13587s obviously it changes the priority more
13590s than what we're going to see cuz you
13591s kind of have the three to four comps
13594s getting played and they're just kind of
13595s sorted out but those jdg Alliance wbg
13598s and wolves who are in first round
13599s selection I expect to see them look for
13601s like things like sand ciper uh blind
13604s date these comps for blind date less so
13606s cuz he like you said Tess can Al on
13609s Lower rage but Sans Sion definitely
13612s going to be a higher priority comp right
13614s now uh with the variations of the karumi
13616s and the zip versions of it but yeah no
13619s no uh surprises to see that the sand
13622s siphon is going to be the high priority
13624s first round selection and expect that
13626s for the rest of the day now I think R
13628s first two of picking first is going to
13630s prioritize Sans siphon but teams have
13633s saved points like ug so going forwards
13636s as they move later down into the pick
13638s selection they can spend those points JL
13641s a fresh out of points they're on zero
13642s points now so they have to play stuff
13645s that doesn't get put in this bar above
13648s the top of the hero select with the zip
13650s the teada the Tami you can't be playing
13653s those cuz they cost a point to pick up
13655s each one of those and J have no points
13657s to do so so they have to be playing
13659s stuff that hasn't been picked yet yeah
13661s DG by the way have actually picked up a
13663s Justina wbg are in the first iteration
13665s of phases so as you said they're going
13667s to go for the high priority which is the
13669s sand siphon when we see them slip I into
13671s to pools B and C where other teams get
13674s to to choose first that's where we're
13676s probably going to see the Justina
13677s variant of Cannonball come out FX also
13681s going to be matching it water I I need
13683s you to name change to ice so that you
13685s are canonically correct playing
13688s alongside donging and XU on that
13690s Cannonball variant looks like everyone
13693s else who haven't been able to get their
13694s hands onto siphon will be going for
13697s Viper variety so as you said even though
13699s we do move Maps even though we do have
13701s fireflies coming through it's still
13703s going to be the same free compositions
13705s coming out from everyone it's just a
13707s matter of which order you pick them
13709s depending on which phase that you are
13711s allocated we could see potentially a
13713s couple of wrinkles come through right
13715s maybe a Yodo F1 although I don't believe
13717s that Alliance are running the Justina so
13719s that probably if they do have a Yodo
13720s they'll be running F2 a lot of these
13722s other teams also prioritizing the F2
13724s just for the sh amount of time that it
13726s stays up every a while back now got Nerf
13730s from a 5sec duration down to a 3.5
13732s second which unfortunately is just not
13735s enough iners a lot of the time yes you
13737s can use it as a combo breaker but
13739s unfortunately for things like opening
13741s Mars blessings and also just like
13743s sitting inside that spinning blade and
13745s getting a reset off it's just not enough
13747s time to be able to get that proper reset
13750s given the fact there are Zips and kumis
13753s in the game that can just fully heal you
13755s back up as opposed to getting a couple
13758s of potions off fpx there it is they're
13761s actually going to be running the F3 on
13763s their Yodo so that probably going to be
13764s prioritizing going for moris blessings
13766s to try and use the FY which is the way
13768s that you traditionally saw it back in
13770s the olden days when it was a 5sec
13772s duration you would put it on box it
13774s would block all of the attacks you would
13775s be able to to open it up and make up
13777s with all of the loot because you
13778s wouldn't be running something like a tul
13780s or a woan so you be able to use things
13783s like the wind wall in the cannon
13785s variation it's all about the yo to block
13787s the range damage pressure
13789s instead all righty well wow JL 45% pick
13794s rate on Cannonball they absolutely adore
13796s this and I mean it worked for them last
13798s game and it didn't cost them anything
13800s this game they were quite free to run it
13802s so making most use of that so we are
13804s seeing where everybody is dropping a lot
13807s of teams actually uh dropping in the
13810s South here a lot of action over at this
13813s point JL
13815s fpx J team I think that's Alliance off
13819s to the side as well te dropping near
13821s some's rest wolves have got um all of
13826s the uh all of the temple at the top to
13828s themselves so they're pretty they're
13829s pretty happy with that one able to put
13831s some Loop together bunch of teams
13832s dropping down by the
13834s wreckage pretty souly drop though
13837s overall when we really look at it so
13839s yeah walls are going to be happy cuz not
13840s only do they have all of that loot they
13842s also get access to secret tunnels and
13844s Secret
13849s nightlies so you will be able get your
13851s uncontested on unfortunately for wolves
13854s there is no team in even the near
13856s vicinity so having those ultimates
13858s doesn't mean that they'll be able to use
13860s them early on so it is a huge gamble
13863s because if you don't find an isolated
13865s fight off of the drop then you're not
13867s going to be able to stock up those Soul
13868s blooms to have as insurance if you lose
13871s that first realm of Yang somewhere that
13873s is seeing a lot of contestan is going to
13875s be shipwreck this is one of those areas
13877s that a lot of players do like to land
13878s into because of the amount of loot that
13880s you can pick on up as bar Shi Falls
13883s incredibly low Moonlight with that
13885s Justina F will be able to make sure that
13887s he stays alive coming with the Dragon
13888s Slayers into nar's conversion throws out
13891s the focus horizontal off of the back of
13893s it as well and absolutely home runs royi
13896s out of the fight he comes back in
13898s however taking a little bit of time off
13900s of that damage to be able to pick up
13902s great armor get a reset and come back
13904s into to the mix as J team's xly thrs out
13908s the Tess of V1 trying to catch on to
13910s these players of fpx which and windws as
13913s well coming on through from Zam so that
13915s the range pressure if they try to keep
13917s on this attention onto J team after the
13919s disengagement is going to be blocked as
13922s dong ching does manage to find NZ has
13924s onto both of the players on J team one
13926s of the reasons why SP is so incredibly
13929s strong y he lands it again and as a
13932s result because it's a golden Focus
13934s follower J team had to wait before they
13936s were able to re-engage and as a result
13940s it's allowed another team to come into
13941s the mix alliance with the third party
13945s capitalize and start finding these kills
13947s gorgeous Parry comes out from alliance's
13950s bow onto J teams Lee and that is
13952s successful third party for Alliance
13955s starting off incredibly strong four
13957s kills already for their s Sion team it
13960s was actually a fourth party cuz JT third
13962s party J and fpx so that was uh pretty
13966s brutal luckily for J they only lost I
13968s believe one player in all of that so
13970s it's not the end of the world but they
13972s did lose their purple fan I believe
13973s which they had as a UG and ewg finding
13977s themselves down here in Celestia with
13978s the Ban's breath coming down that Bane's
13980s breath I believe is controlled by Og as
13983s ewg don't have the swirling talismans
13985s around them being like dead giveaway yep
13987s it is going to be OG they are going to
13989s look to try and Chase onto ewg see if
13991s they can take this fight but maybe a
13993s little bit hard look like disengage is
13995s coming in from ewg but ogr going to keep
13998s the pressure up looks like XJ has been
14001s found here for the moment they're going
14003s to try and keep the pressure up onto
14004s them zinu chasing forwards with that
14007s purple fans the Viper stun looks to
14009s coming down actually there could be a
14010s potential turnar around here the sun has
14012s connected instantly blinks out want
14015s nothing to do with that the teor
14016s actually or the charm connects onto two
14018s members of R and they may have
14020s overstayed their welcome a little bit
14021s there are going to be able to heal up
14023s get themsel reset and E two major CC
14026s ultimates used and not really going be
14028s able to capitalize on it SOG are going
14030s to be a little bit we this could be
14031s dangerous for them here as OG look for
14034s the re-engage 14 now they're the one
14036s under risk they portal out and everyone
14039s used a lot and not a much lot of M
14042s really was been made from it so looks
14044s like they are just going to come back in
14045s for another re-engage o keeping that
14047s pressure up here comes the the charm
14049s from the Tessa coming in from 14 what AZ
14053s is coming out from the spear so much
14055s work coming onto ug zyu as they go down
14058s wg's 14 can he keep that pressure up
14060s with the spear once again looking for
14061s the final member of OG they have lost a
14064s player themselves are they going to be
14066s able to find that turn around it looks
14067s like nine May finds in danger but J team
14069s coming in with the third party just to
14071s tidy this one up coming in with our own
14073s charm from their own Tessa they've got
14075s the Viper stuns they've got the lock
14077s down they need you is going to jump out
14079s to safety does not want to be sticking
14081s around as J team just third partying
14083s after third party so so brutal this game
14086s from these guys yeah these Viper v3s are
14089s so
14089s oppressive with that silence as a result
14093s like you have to wait until the silenc
14095s is going for the Wen to be able to Port
14096s out which makes the third party even
14099s stronger because you get to see where
14100s the WAN teleports to which is the reason
14103s why J team have been able to track down
14105s ug XO y a little bit ahead of the rest
14108s of his team however and it has been
14110s noticed by ug they're going to
14112s immediately all in on the Tessa and that
14114s is XL y gone jinu 72% of the way to that
14119s next Viper ultimate J team did manage to
14123s Port the Tessa away did manage to also
14126s get the revive with two players stacking
14128s on top of the body to be able to double
14130s up the timer they might actually get a
14132s gray armor reset it's actually JT B Lee
14135s who goes down as ug com in for a fourth
14138s party and now jinu gets to see whether
14142s or not J team are sticking around
14143s celestra and trying to hang around the
14145s area maybe backtrack towards the body uh
14148s and kite ug through the streets but no J
14150s te were just in full disengagement mode
14152s as we have a look they are out they as
14155s far away from celest as they possibly
14156s can run because they are down so many of
14158s those ultimates as wbg at the moment oh
14162s there's a spirit floating past them
14164s little bit close they've spotted out
14167s probably that that player was that close
14168s and now they're going to start rotating
14170s over to the Sol alter to see where
14172s exactly PVE tried to run to if they can
14175s find them but that was just classic J
14176s team wasn't it like very very separated
14179s that was the jtam I remember just taking
14182s fights a little bit too quick not having
14184s their full team and they they paid the
14186s ultimate price for that now they're
14187s going to have to go get them a rebirth
14188s charm and pick that player back up they
14191s were able to successfully disengage but
14192s this to me oh there's a bounty on them
14194s that's rough there is a bount on them
14197s this says but JT are not going to be
14199s jumping in any uh any real of yangs mhm
14203s not at least the first rounds cuz well I
14205s mean they don't have the composition for
14206s it like one they don't have the gear uh
14209s and two they have a composition that
14211s that's more designed around griefing
14212s other players entrance to of yang right
14215s Tessa and Viper very good at being able
14218s to to seec stun up some of these players
14220s when they do try and enter in and we
14222s have seen it teams have been caught out
14224s in the past by both the Tessa and the
14226s Viper and as a result we've had a couple
14228s of 2v fre inside ROV yangang and a
14231s couple of players that just get
14232s instantly stunned and absolutely smash
14235s the pieces right in the middle of that
14238s Yang portal before they can go through
14241s it's a classic the old R Yang grief it's
14244s something where I remember when it first
14245s popped up we were like oh this is kind
14247s of smart I like this because you're
14249s basically fighting versus a team who are
14251s reluctant to throw their ultimates down
14253s yeah where you are willing to just throw
14255s everything at the kill which guarantees
14257s you at least an initial amount of
14259s pressure asz uh just going to see ewg
14264s thought out right now Romo Yang spawning
14266s up that's going to be a ailon birds
14267s might Mor's blessing spawning in the
14269s north as well see he can get that get
14272s their mits on that one Roma yang right
14274s in the South as wbg going to run
14276s straight towards that I'm
14278s assuming they put that Bane's breath on
14280s top of it I'm going to make that
14283s assumption that they did and now they're
14285s just going to go gu we see in a matter
14287s of moments cuz they're probably going to
14288s try and enter for they actually don't
14290s have the uh the Talisman so it's not
14293s them I'm pretty it's an auto generator
14296s natural natural
14298s one since it also didn't pop up with
14301s usage of B breath true I was looking at
14304s the map but mind you I was I was fixated
14307s on the map and not what was going on on
14308s the actual in the actual game at that
14310s moment uh wolves running towards the
14312s Rama Yang It's like got our teams pretty
14315s much set up J team if they're lucky no
14317s they're not t going to B Be line for it
14319s I was going to say if JT are lucky they
14320s might be able to go grab a Mora's
14323s blessing and get some gear for them self
14324s considering how rough the start to this
14326s game has been but look like that's not
14328s going to be the case
14329s ug meanwhile they've been people have
14332s been trying to grief them this game and
14334s they've done a fantastic job of tur it
14336s around so really really solid stuff
14338s coming in from them oh they're going to
14340s try and G the portal I think OG missed
14343s it they they're going to they wanted to
14344s grief Alliance I think they they thought
14346s about going for it Alliance are running
14348s uh Sans Sion OG are running Viper
14351s variety so they would have tried to set
14352s up a stun onto one of those players uh
14354s no surprises that all of these other
14356s teams like they get the notification
14357s someone's entered round they want to try
14359s and and be the last one in so they don't
14362s go up against a super stacked and scaled
14364s team which is another reason why dog are
14366s also taking a little bit of down time
14368s before they decide to enter on through
14371s might face some challenge coming out
14372s from JL on the other side as moris
14376s blessing is actually currently being
14377s contested by both ewg and te T Le
14381s immediately getting that pick onto XG
14383s it's going to immediately actually Wen
14385s teleport out of that one as they'll be
14388s able to find the revive and the moris
14390s blessing as Alliance and wolves go head
14391s to head this is where Alliance ended up
14393s running away from ug B with that purple
14397s fan decides to pop the F and try and run
14400s in he disguised the fact that he has
14402s that F in play as well off of the back
14404s of going aiel but the Wolves just not
14406s playing into him there's the ultimate
14408s activation wolves them incredibly low
14410s being hounded down by two players of
14413s Alliance as you just see Lane with that
14416s P sword shadowing his teada to be able
14419s to throw out those blue focuses after
14421s they've been locked into that stagger
14422s animation by eating the fur and shove
14425s wolves egg now Under Fire from bow into
14428s the merciless Havoc does he go gorgeous
14432s little side angle that Revenge takes
14435s very similar to the way that we saw game
14436s one with the flamer from the Tammy just
14439s stacking onto the side so the fur and Sh
14441s sets up that extra little bit of damage
14443s afterwards
14445s I I'm convinced the lions are actually
14446s really cracked like these guys are super
14448s super good both play that very very well
14451s both times Us in the F in the air just
14453s to try and hide what they were up to
14455s doing so much work there b really really
14458s well played and this is a this is
14461s screaming to me a team who aren't just
14462s yelling this person this person this
14464s person it's I'm going to I'm going to
14466s stagger you're going to use that blue
14468s like they they're just playing it so
14469s smart it's very uh methodical and it
14472s seems like you know the communic is
14474s super relaxed as Z actually looking to
14477s jump in onto Alliance both these teams
14479s have a million Birds M so it's a
14481s fretless fight for either side nobody
14482s really loses too much unless they parry
14484s and lose a nice weapon as B losing a
14487s fair amount of HP here getting himself
14489s locked in place they are just absolutely
14492s caught out by the charm are going to be
14495s able to use that F to stagger find thems
14497s a Parry onto Zu and out with the blink
14499s that fight just got a little bit too
14501s hairy for ug but Alliance know where
14503s they went they saw that in the distance
14505s B's going to quickly get an armor pot
14507s off and look to continue on with the the
14509s pressure they have gots one last cast of
14512s that ultimate from B Bo losing a lot of
14514s HP trying to find a good opportunity to
14516s line the shot up is not going to be able
14518s to find it so they're just going to have
14519s to activate that F once again but ug
14521s keeping the pressure up onto bo b going
14523s in for you going to step back just heal
14525s himself up the zip heal comes in SS goes
14528s down that's one that's two that's ug
14531s losing their buff beautiful play there
14533s from Alliance
14535s yeah oh man B like you said really
14538s really good just utilizing that F in the
14540s air making it so much harder for ug to
14543s play into him as a result now we're
14545s going to be seeing jdg versus wolves
14548s wolves needing to win this fight since
14550s they lost their R of Yang zip ultimate
14552s is going to get popped from ZK DED s
14555s however not been proed just yet gem
14557s going incredibly low does get the reset
14560s off of the Soul blim in front and now
14563s it's going to be will is trying to find
14565s the cleanup lovely little lock in with
14568s those nunchucks so that J is able to
14570s follow up with the fan R&B and this is
14572s what you're going to start to see from
14573s triers as well like you said there's a
14575s lot of coordination there's a lot of
14576s communication it's not we're all just
14578s going to mash attack on one specific
14580s Target they're very methodical with how
14582s they take these fights with how they
14584s stage them up to make sure that they do
14587s as much as possible to minimize the risk
14590s of things like the fan R&B and the pul
14592s sword uh charge R&B properly getting
14595s parried out things that you wouldn't
14597s tend to see in solos like the spear the
14599s Dragon Slayers interal which is so easy
14601s to Parry in an isolated 1 V one really
14604s flourishing inside trios as a result wbg
14607s SP gate does get hit by the Viper V3
14610s however that's now going to be removed
14612s and he can come in with the teor
14613s ultimate to control all of the spacing
14615s as a result te Port unfortunately for
14617s them it's support directly in front of
14620s wpg LD is so incredibly low here has to
14624s try an obscure line of sight by going
14626s into the Cliff face he has been able to
14628s make it pretty far because some of those
14630s grapples from wbg didn't actually
14633s Connect into the spacing that they
14634s wanted to be able to continue that chase
14636s as much as they wanted plus wbg not
14638s running the uh the Justina this time
14641s around so they can't use the Justina V1
14642s to be able to claps on in instead
14644s they'll still be able to find L is
14646s inside this building is very quickly
14649s becoming a mo Liam as drg's Moonlight
14651s tries to come in with that scale Rush
14654s into the Justina ultimate tries to throw
14656s it out again this time does get parried
14658s the freeze still being set up however
14660s onto all of these players and I think
14662s that's actually the shn staff not staff
14666s spare so as well which does so much
14669s damage when you're able to find an
14671s Avenue of a fight to thr in it does look
14674s like J were able to take one player down
14676s so that's pretty big one off the back at
14678s that but jtam Contin to be griefed in
14681s this game been a pretty rough one for
14683s them as they are un eliminated off the
14685s back of that quite a game from JL only a
14688s single point put together for them but I
14690s think the start of this game may have
14692s scooped them a little bit when they had
14693s uh UG and I can't remember who else
14696s chased them they had a whole bunch of
14697s people chasing them it got it got messy
14699s pretty quick as you know that was fpx
14702s chasing them and then J team third party
14704s that's what happened uh they've been a
14705s little spooked this one but it does look
14708s like JT sorry JL have got ug in their
14711s sites right now Z looking like a bit of
14713s a blueberry he's the pick off see if
14716s they decide to go for that heading back
14717s in to Celestia as they are running
14721s towards uh JL here JL are now in sights
14725s the camera's facing the wrong way I can
14726s see them on the mini map I was like
14727s where are they camera Zips around see
14730s exactly where they are ug are going to
14732s struggle in terms of loot scaling
14734s because they're on a composition that
14735s struggles into RAM of Yang so you can't
14737s use Yang winds to be able to to scale up
14739s into mid game plus they don't have
14741s something like a tul uh or a Yoto to be
14745s able to control the mors blessings with
14748s the Yoto either F2 or F3 sitting on top
14751s of the box so as a result a lot of what
14754s ug pick up in terms of of loot is either
14757s going to be off of troves themselves or
14759s off of players bodies that they drop
14762s right running into teams getting a kill
14764s very very quickly uh Scavenging all of
14766s the loot off of those bodies and then
14768s moving on to the next as it does look
14771s like Alliance are going to be able to
14772s get theirs for free looks like that was
14774s a Gamble from a lion his part because
14776s they only sent two players instead of
14778s three who has the money is the question
14781s not really any of them that could have
14782s been really dangerous they immediately
14785s find themselves in a fight here versus
14787s BBE RI gets himself caught out lose a
14789s lot of HP B trying to put the damage in
14792s has got the ultimate now popped looking
14794s for that Parry I can't see what's going
14796s on it's just particle effects on my
14797s screen it's like a light show absolute
14801s harage in the middle of this Sandstorm B
14803s trying to put some damage down unable to
14805s fully find a opening and all in all a
14809s lot was used there not much really
14811s connected Rishi now trying to break away
14813s does find the knock back onto B still
14815s got one last charges here from B the
14817s Draco storm is just going to be a
14819s complete Menace though and make make it
14821s very very hard for BBE to break away Roy
14824s HEI trying to get away
14827s from Alliance but Alliance just doing so
14830s much actually to be fair bb have the
14831s white tigers prowess as well in their
14834s pocket so it's not like they haven't got
14835s a buff themselves two buffed up teams
14837s fighting each other ewg coming in for
14840s the third party I think they're thinking
14842s about it but they are also a little bit
14843s hesitant te in the area snack goes down
14846s that's a kill for Alliance I've been
14848s trying to break away from B but B is
14851s keeping that pressure up but ewg coming
14852s in for the third party this should be
14854s the signal for Alliance to break away I
14857s going to get picked apart by ewg they do
14859s have that charm coming down as well just
14861s to make sure there is no escape and I
14863s been the last standing member of BBE
14866s being hunted down by ewg although now
14868s Alliance have seen the opportunity to
14871s come in and reengaged on the third party
14873s is grief the Griefers and they're
14875s looking to take them down charm looking
14877s to come in B can he break away from it
14879s but he's just getting himself caught out
14881s by all of the CC right now they are
14883s going to Port all them well their way
14884s out of it as Alliance are they going to
14886s keep the pressure up there's so many
14887s teams in the area ewg now that was a bit
14890s of a uh a dill Bell being run cuz now ug
14893s also coming in for the pressure onto ewg
14896s they saw where the portal went and it
14898s looks like Alliance just desperately
14900s trying to get some of these kills some
14902s of this hard work that they've been
14903s doing just keeps getting third partied
14905s and these kills are being denied from
14907s them now the Viper stun coming down can
14909s they make the connection onto b b's
14911s trying to break away from it Sandstorm
14913s breaks out he is low HP he is going down
14916s OG able to secure that kill Le gets
14917s himself parried gets himself in a lot of
14920s danger here but the sandstorm stops them
14922s from the follow-up damage making the
14923s connection is going to reip the fan and
14925s look to break away from ug can actually
14929s make this happen or is this just going
14931s to be the end of days for them ug the
14934s fifth party to this clown fiester of a
14937s fight are going to be the ones putting
14938s the final stamp and finishing this one
14940s off yeah Lane goes down that was a
14942s little bit greedy from Alliance to be
14945s honest the reason that they actually
14947s re-engage in on the first uh Tesa team
14951s is because they knew that they had
14953s already in vested one cast of The tesser
14956s Ultimate when they originally third
14958s partied when Alliance backed off
14960s initially so they thought okay we know
14963s that there's only one test ultimate at
14964s most we're going to be able to push this
14966s we're going to have our teor ultimate up
14968s we're going to be able to try and fight
14970s this and then when they saw the wuen P
14972s come through they knew one they'd
14973s already used the test ultimate to be
14975s able to connect onto B uh to stop him
14977s from being able to to pick up the kill
14979s onto the Tessa and two the Wen teleport
14982s that disengagement tool was then removed
14985s the problem was that they decided to sit
14988s in the fight against OG so they just
14990s burned all of their ultimates into
14992s fighting a sand siphon and a Viper
14993s variety team and then they took another
14995s fight into a team that still had both
14997s teser ultimates when they didn't have
15000s really anything to their name except
15002s from a couple of furing shelves left
15003s over before the to Ultimate was gone
15005s moving on however Do's Moonlight is
15007s going to have to be very careful about
15009s how he plays this one OG trying to chase
15011s down these players from drgw F Earth as
15014s tries to come in with the body block so
15017s that he can come in with that Yan
15018s ultimate and cover for moonlight who was
15020s incredibly low and looking to just full
15023s on escape the fight but he is still
15024s brought down ballista shots coming on
15027s through jl's vvv will be able to claim
15030s the kill onto one of ewg's players as
15033s unfortunately txj is still just going to
15035s be held into position as drg wfz still
15040s inside that uan ultimate is going to
15042s immediately turn back on to vvv who
15045s tried to get the revive onto txj before
15048s his body went too low to be brought down
15052s and as a result he could maybe have been
15054s able to s that tap onto the yo but the
15056s usan is able to cancel it out and now
15058s vvp has to try and fight against two
15061s players BBE and JL going to be able to
15065s take down Roa sh BP snack still in play
15069s however as I do believe is the ballista
15072s VP having to be very very careful
15074s but how he plays this as the corruption
15075s TI damage does continue to increase he's
15078s able to land the he into the toothpick
15080s into the launcher into the follow up
15082s vertical when snack is on the ground and
15084s we're going to see him hit the one to
15086s light confirm into the setup for the F3
15089s snack trying to find an opportunity to
15091s use this fan throws out the R&B grabs
15095s vvv and he's stuck in the animation he's
15098s stuck in the scoop Jake which means he
15100s can't get into the neck pillar but snack
15102s still goes down down that is so tragic
15106s they did have berries but I don't think
15108s they were going to have time to get them
15109s off in time so unfortunately for snack
15111s there snacks will not help them today
15113s down they go they don't give a kill over
15115s though they did just go down to the
15117s corruption so no points getting scored
15119s for their death it's not the end of the
15121s world but that is them knocked out of
15122s the game now off the back of that one it
15124s has been a bloodthirsty game Moy 12
15128s players four teams left and this is a
15131s big circle this could end early yeah
15133s toally fireflies like they may not
15135s change the compositions now but they do
15137s increase the aggression it's weird cuz
15139s every time every moris all I've had has
15141s been super chill every single moris I've
15144s had has just literally been we start
15146s aggressive we continue aggressive we end
15148s aggressive speaking of aggressive OG are
15150s going to get incredibly aggressive and
15152s for we and TP did get the uh T all as
15157s well but again that's relatively easy to
15159s build back up it could be cast at 50% as
15162s a a ug just to pressure onto te here OG
15165s 16 kills so they're finally coming
15167s online finally having a good game for
15170s themsel off the back of that JL knocked
15172s out very early still sitting low in the
15175s standing they got some serious work to
15177s do if they want to make a recovery going
15179s towards the bi-weekly finals if they
15181s even want to qualify for the biweekly
15182s finals at this rate H is such a good
15185s Viper by the way they they expended that
15188s wi ntp when OG pressured them initially
15190s right so like you said OG tried to come
15192s in with the Tessa uh because they knew
15194s that they got the V1 enchantment onto
15195s the Wu Chan which would have meant that
15197s they were vulnerable they tried to close
15199s up the distance so that when M Havoc
15201s came through it was Parable as opposed
15203s to max range musle Havoc where you don't
15206s have the Parry distance to be able to
15207s stop it from coming through and Han
15209s actually steps into the Tessa's path
15211s hits them with the F not to get the kill
15213s but to hit the knock back so that
15215s everyone from te can just back off and
15217s ug can't chase Because by the time the
15220s Tessa is is back up and ready to engage
15222s te have been able to the distance where
15224s mus Havoc would be able to proc onto UG
15226s and ug would not be able to par it down
15229s well we are seeing wolves in the area of
15233s ug but this is what happens when you do
15236s have such a bloodthirsty game it's very
15238s hard for the final kind of fight to
15240s break out because there's so much space
15241s to appeal back to and no one's
15243s pressuring each other like this is the
15245s one time where cannons aren't as
15247s valuable I would say they're not
15248s valuable at all cuz they're very good
15250s but you're not constantly shooting loads
15253s of dire guaranteeing the rage build up
15255s you get out of the cannon instead you're
15257s kind of hoping they're in a building
15258s you're kind of hoping someone's around
15260s that
15260s corner but you can land that Cannon shot
15262s onto them but you don't ultimately know
15264s and all you're actually doing is
15265s announcing where you are so lot of these
15267s players are just waiting it out seeing
15269s the B bre's about to time out and
15272s there's that's another reason why why
15274s they weren't going aggress over into the
15275s middle CU they didn't know where the B
15277s bre would be so everyone took a a
15279s position around the outer edge so that
15280s if was dead in the middle then they
15283s would be able able to just use Bane bre
15284s to Zone other teams away from them and
15286s they had a less chance of being caught
15288s out by it when it hit cuz if you're in a
15291s bad position when this be bre comes
15293s through everyone jumps on top of you and
15295s this lad into the game like things like
15297s slow shot things like Target lock are in
15299s play and as we've talked about not being
15301s able to uh to dodge inside the Banes
15304s breath when all of these players are in
15306s such a clustered up space it is just
15309s GG's like there's nothing you can do
15312s yeah true true well B press timing out
15314s in 13 seconds time so expect to see that
15318s come to an end and teams maybe look for
15321s a fight with each other but right now
15322s Banes bre is just making a No Man's Land
15324s dead center in the circle does look like
15326s OG are trying to get their hands onto
15328s this Mor's blessing and they going to
15329s successfully get away with it golden uh
15334s can't see what that is golden armor and
15336s there it is golden uh P sword I believe
15338s that is or is that a spear that's P
15341s sword that's the extreme P sword skin
15344s yes got really confused there for a
15346s second looks like right now now that the
15349s ban breath is worn out the team's
15350s feeling comfortable to go for those
15351s shots at each other wol ZK trying to
15353s land those bow shots not able to quite
15355s make his Mark unfortunately couple of
15358s cannon shots coming in from Z
15360s here land them on to Sleep Walker SLE
15363s Walker actually doing a good job of
15364s evading for the moment I think he's got
15367s repair roll cuz he instantly repaired
15368s that Cannon which is a pretty common
15371s combination rug G orb uh B blame breath
15374s and repair roll CH connect wbg getting
15378s kind of toasted here a little bit the
15379s sandstorm definitely doing a lot to save
15381s them cuz that could have been real messy
15384s he is just inside the cave by the
15386s way wait what they're they're inside the
15388s cave they've just come out they were
15390s using the inside of the cave uh before
15392s Zone claps to be able to sort of like
15394s keep a hold of all of their resources
15395s and thr most havoc in case anyone
15396s contested them speaking about Merles
15398s Havoc wbg try and hold this High ground
15400s and keep themselves away from Canon Fire
15402s by using the cover of that Cliff face
15405s going to be thring out their own
15406s merciless havoc on cool blistering Edge
15409s however coming in from ug that's dropped
15412s by jinu coming on in with that one finds
15414s the immediate connection onto ba and
15416s that is going to be ba going down
15418s immediately as ug now move into the
15421s absent space that wbg have left behind
15424s them SS chasing down Sleep Walker will
15427s be able to pick up the kill as ug it
15430s does look like they were able to pick up
15432s one of their players
15434s uh or rather actually no ug were the
15435s ones that were able to take down wbg
15437s rather as they've kept all of their
15439s players alive looked like there was an
15440s armor swap too coming on out from you to
15442s be able to keep their Viper up from that
15444s pressure there's te now outside of that
15447s cliff on the low ground Han having to
15449s scush off of the tree finding a position
15451s for this Viper to be given the fact that
15453s he just is V free and is going to be
15455s very vulnerable out comes the flamers
15458s fur and shelves coming on out from
15460s wolves as they get aggressive ult
15462s ultimate dropped onto jinu to Zone the
15465s Viper away so that everyone from wolves
15467s can jump on top of the Tessa before the
15469s next ultimate comes on through from her
15471s and that is job done Tessa removed
15474s wolves know that they have the better
15475s ultimate economy now up against the
15477s Viper variety team better for wolves as
15480s well a body drop means more resources to
15483s be able to get that Soul Bloom get that
15485s rage generated and get that teor
15487s ultimate back up and running for jeam
15490s who with that Cannon is an absolute
15492s Menace zedk on the fan follows up all of
15495s the Stager that the deada has set into
15497s motion finds a kill onto te's Han and
15500s it's just going to be Wolves at the
15501s moment running this Lobby in terms of
15504s momentum te is Leo left with no choice
15506s but to try and hold on to The High
15507s Ground and hope that he goes unnoticed
15510s as jinu tries to come in with the E
15512s doesn't find a connection wol ZK going
15514s incredibly low U trying to find an
15516s opportunity the Wen TP so that jinu can
15519s try and just stay alive long enough will
15522s be able to drop back down on top of ZK
15525s who flashes the regu doesn't bait into
15527s it doesn't throw the scare onto a player
15529s but instead goes upwards to be able to
15530s reposition get a reset off one of the
15532s dro Soul blooms swaps over to that P
15534s sword and sets up the scar should be
15536s able to try and land into the true R&B
15538s followup afterwards but unfortunately he
15540s gets scooped up into the staff and sent
15542s into the corruption TI damage he's still
15545s able to find another soulin reset off of
15547s one of the bodies still in the zone
15549s however with that pul just not allowing
15552s any of these these remaining players
15554s poal te Leo getting absolutely chased
15556s down by the two remaining players of UG
15559s and now it's time to wolves zedk
15561s unfortunately he's silenced he's knocked
15564s into the Zone by wind spout and ug walk
15567s out last team standing and that is ug
15570s taking the win as well absolutely huge
15573s game from these guys able to pull that
15575s win out the bag wasn't really out the
15577s bag at all they were just so on it like
15579s they they got third parted by J team as
15582s last year they had a bad fight as well
15584s initially and then they turned it around
15586s then getting third partied and then
15588s turned it around again and then they
15590s decided to become the third party is
15591s they became the problem really really
15593s well played by ug this game and it's
15595s nice to see them return to form cuz you
15597s know they are they won the first P
15598s weekly Champion uh they
15602s um they had an amazing week one or well
15605s first week by- weekly um absolutely
15610s dominating the scoreboards like you said
15612s broke some records the of damage they
15613s were putting out in the in that week as
15615s well huge huge stuff coming in from OG
15618s and then the first first three games of
15620s this day has been just so disappointing
15623s from them but coming in huge in their
15625s second round of the day second half of
15628s the day wow words are hard apparently uh
15630s second half of the day uh really really
15633s popping off absolutely enormous game
15634s coming in from ug that's a needed one as
15637s well they want to stay at the top they
15638s want to keep their score going good you
15641s can see even ewg celebrating with them
15643s how well they played that absolutely
15646s Monster game coming in JL last off the
15648s stage first out the game disappointing
15651s game from them to be honest uh
15654s definitely keep my eyes on JL going into
15656s these next two games cuz we saw that
15658s game three absolutely amazing from them
15660s games one two and four pretty
15662s disappointing from JL so eyes for me is
15665s very much on them to see how they
15666s improve across the day Alliance though
15669s these guys are still looking good
15670s alliance have been consistently good all
15672s day yeah they only have won the first
15674s game of the day but like they're still
15676s scoring every game like a decent amount
15679s so I'm really really impressed with
15681s Alliance today they've been very very
15682s solid so I'm excited to see you know
15684s what these last two games are going to
15685s look like and this next game is up
15688s pretty soon we play these very very
15689s close back toback so this next game is
15691s going to be absolutely amazing let's
15693s bring up the question though before we
15694s talk a little bit too much more about
15696s this how many kills did a get in game
15698s number four was it a18 B20 c22 or d23
15702s ABC or in twitch chat please make sure
15704s you check that whisper box cuz that's
15706s where you get your goodies yeah oh like
15708s in that final Zone they really came
15710s alive I mean the fact that they were
15712s able to aggress on to wbg to deny the S
15717s siphon composition uh holding that High
15719s Ground like that blistering Edge drop
15721s from from jinu where the Viper just
15723s grapples up drops down with blistering
15726s prox it immediately onto one of those
15728s players from wbg so that the the zip
15731s just cannot get the heal feeling
15733s necessary to be able to keep them up in
15735s that sheer amount of pressure and then
15738s as well like just being very clinical
15740s picking the right weapon for the right
15741s situation uh a lot of like weapon meta
15744s has changed and sort of evolved both in
15747s solos and trios it's really interesting
15750s uh solos like players actually have
15751s started picking up things like spare a
15754s lot but they always sort of have a p
15756s sword like in the back pocket when we
15758s hit into the final Zone same for trios a
15760s lot of it the reason is because like
15762s that's Rush is literally like the pulse
15765s of scare Rush does the most amount of
15767s damage in a like a scare Rush damage
15769s attack can do so if it finds that
15771s connection then it just like it
15772s absolutely shreds through your health
15774s and if you combine it with blistering
15776s where it just like it gets that fire
15778s tick proc it cuts the heal Effectiveness
15781s it absolutely just like blisters through
15783s sand sion's sustainability as we can
15786s have a look and see congratulations chat
15789s if you answered 22 it wasn't 18 it
15792s wasn't 20 it wasn't 23 it was 22 leading
15796s up to a game score of
15798s 34.8 but still good games for Alliance
15800s and walls where they also score above 10
15802s as we can have a look and see all of the
15804s damage statistics done ogu off of the
15808s back of the pul off of the back of the
15810s blistering and those scill rushes
15811s dealing almost
15813s 30,000 damage and I cannot wait to see
15816s I'm guessing he's probably going to get
15818s MVP that'll maybe you because this wuen
15821s did 20,000 healing uh which means
15824s Advanced your group you're 100% yeah
15827s Nine Kills as well really putting in the
15829s numbers there for the team absolutely
15831s huge so have a look at a quick look at
15832s standings JL slipping from 13th to 15th
15835s off the back of that game pretty tragic
15837s game JL Step It Up te slowly starting to
15840s climb themsel up the standings as well
15842s it was been a rough start to the day for
15845s them uh but they are slowly starting to
15847s put a couple of points under their belt
15848s here and there making some progress it's
15851s weird to say this about t who are
15853s currently the defending world champions
15854s but there's not much of the defending
15856s world champions left it is a uh a hollow
15858s shell of the team that once was um down
15862s in 14th Place most of the middle of the
15864s pack Still Remains to be teams from the
15867s uh lower tables oh sorry from the first
15869s day but Alliance have now climbed out of
15871s that lower table section into this and
15873s wolves have climbed all the way to the
15875s top slowly closing in on the top end of
15878s the table 60.3 points for them today
15881s let's see what number six is going to be
15883s looking like and that's how much more
15884s they got to do to climb into that top
15886s end and if they can climb in off day off
15888s one day they're going to be sitting
15889s pretty happy cuz they still have another
15891s day to play and a lot of the teams at
15893s the top of the table are teams that have
15894s played two days yeah they are only four
15897s points behind fpx right now they have
15899s not a lot to do to really catch up OG
15902s though starting to pull it back 204
15904s points remember part of these points get
15906s translated into the bi-weekly finals so
15908s the better they do here the more of a
15910s head start they have in those bi-weekly
15912s finals and right now they are 100 points
15915s above D 104 points above drg who are the
15919s next closest team in
15920s second wow by weeklys could be quite
15923s one-sided if especially cuz like we have
15926s that rule right if if you're new to mvpl
15929s for this season this is something that
15931s we actually haven't had in the previous
15933s uh mvpl Seasons we have a match point
15937s system now where you can play up to
15939s eight games uh in one day of by we solos
15943s and bi-weekly uh final trios and when
15946s you hit a certain amount of points in
15948s solos it is 30 in trios it is 74 once
15953s you go past those points any game
15956s afterwards where you take the overall
15958s win where you pick up the MVP game day
15961s just stops and you get given the the
15962s bi-weekly final win it doesn't matter if
15964s we've played eight games it doesn't
15965s matter if we' played four games it
15967s doesn't matter if who played six games
15968s if you hit that Ma Match Point
15970s eligibility and you win an MVP
15973s afterwards you get the title so for ug
15976s like you've said if they're able to take
15978s like upwards of 40 points forward then
15981s they're only like 30 points away from
15983s being Match Point eligible Jake we could
15985s be in for a very short day of indeed
15988s yeah really could be I
15990s mean that would be it could actually
15992s genuinely be a record for like the
15994s shortest day that would be absolutely
15996s crazy if they pull that one
15999s off they are really looking abs
16002s absolutely amazing in this uh in this
16007s week well in this season not this week
16009s just in general this season they've
16010s looked so so clean um really really
16013s impressed by Og and you know I think you
16016s know there's been a lot of excitement
16017s about OG but I I've tried to kind of
16020s stay as like positive about other teams
16022s as well because I really do think
16024s there's a bunch of amazing teams this
16026s split I think a lot of teams have found
16028s their form and really started to take
16031s over cuz I think for a while it was very
16032s much show and as much as right now it's
16034s a bit of an show I think the
16037s supporting very very solid uh I've said
16040s GG multiple times I've said even JL who
16042s are disappointing today but typically
16044s very good and there it is it is going to
16046s be aen MVP coming in for you 30,000
16051s damage that might be it Nine Kills 30k
16053s damage 20K healing this guy just put the
16056s whole team on his back he's going have a
16057s s back going home tonight I there's the
16059s advanced group here that we 100% called
16062s there's also the wind spout which is uh
16064s probably what poor ZK is traumatized by
16067s cuz he just got held into all of the
16069s corruption tick damage by being buffeted
16071s back by World Wind SP that is one mean
16074s soldo uh when you take into account the
16076s knock back that is attached plus
16078s Juggernaut as well and with nine kills
16080s 11 assists you better believe that that
16082s one was fully scaled too yeah absolutely
16085s huge I mean 19,000 damage from the fan
16088s uh Ripple step Phantom stepping up one
16090s of those Soul Jades which is now
16091s combined into multiple um really really
16094s big stuff coming in from you they fourth
16096s MVP of the Season as well so you take
16099s that game everybody else is getting
16100s ready on the stage as you can see right
16102s now they'll be closing in on game five
16105s nice and soon and yeah I
16107s mean you were right my my my Morris
16110s Isles were super chill but apparently
16113s it's it is explosive as hell so I'm
16115s really excited to see what that looks
16116s like I'm also excited to see what hero
16119s select looks like cuz remember JL they
16121s have used all of their
16123s um words they've used all of their
16125s points going into into this hero select
16128s already and they still got two games
16129s left to go I think they drop into third
16132s selection in this game and then they're
16133s first for the last game so the last game
16136s they'll be able to guarantee whatever
16137s comp they want but this last game uh
16139s this next game they're going to have to
16141s really think long and hard about what
16142s comps they're going to be able to play
16144s uh I mean there's plenty of metal ones
16146s left regardless but Cannonball is their
16148s go-to luckily for them I think a lot of
16150s teams don't prioritize The Cannonball
16152s especially on the Firefly Maps where the
16156s K comps and the sand siphon comps are
16158s the ones to keep your eyes on uh and
16161s they're they're like they're the most
16162s sought after comps but yeah I'm going to
16165s be I'm going to be super excited to see
16167s uh what this next hero slate looks like
16168s because it is going to be all to play
16170s for going into this game number five and
16173s it is going to really be for some of
16174s these teams last chance to loan before
16177s the bi-weekly finals comes around and
16180s they better Hope they've done enough
16182s that they're not going to get knocked
16183s out because there's a bunch of teams
16184s below them who are all scoring quite
16186s well right now and have two days of
16187s games to go so well an extra game extra
16190s game day at this point to go so a lot of
16193s points are going to be up for grab so I
16194s think things are going to get sh shook
16195s up quite a lot I do think OG at this
16198s point I don't think it's possible for
16200s anyone to even like they can be passed
16202s but they're not getting knocked out like
16203s the worst they're getting is third that
16205s is like worst case scenario is third
16207s going into by weeklys and I'll be
16209s surprised if they're not in first or
16210s second but GG so game day to go so they
16213s could potentially put some points under
16215s their belt anyway game number five
16218s um what we what we expecting coming into
16221s this one then cuz I obviously I think m
16223s sand Typhon in the first
16225s rotation where where do you think the
16227s Cannonball does fall in the rotation is
16229s that bottom or do you think it's still
16230s good enough for that middle teams to
16232s pick up I think it's still good enough
16234s for Middle teams uh I think like it's
16236s problematic for cannonball at the moment
16238s because the karumi variation just makes
16240s it a lot harder for The Cannonball to
16242s win against s saon inside the realm of
16244s yangr because of the zip Nerfs it's
16246s really easy for a cannonball team to be
16248s able to instantly like aggress onto the
16250s zip Pro oxidated all and just like
16252s instantly kill someone uh in the opening
16255s of the fight which is basically denying
16258s one Avenue for for Sans siphon one of
16260s the reasons why Sans siphon was so
16261s oppressive uh in terms of like all of
16263s the other competions back when it first
16265s started becoming a thing was because the
16267s zip heal meant that you could still
16270s fight while it was going on in fact you
16273s want another point that illustrates that
16275s exact sort of like meta shift Viper V3
16278s we've moved from the V1 which has a
16280s longer stun and you sort of like played
16282s it off of the back of a Tessa ultimate
16285s you would come in with the Tessa V1 uh
16288s you would set them up so that they would
16289s be hit by the enchant they would be
16291s stuck in the enchant so they would not
16292s be able to try to either if frame with
16295s something like Phantom step or line of
16297s sight break uh the Tav that is attached
16299s to Viper uh to be able to stop the
16302s followup 5sec done from the V1 and you
16304s would basically be able to guarantee an
16306s 8sec lock down on one player which would
16309s just immediately smoke them
16310s unfortunately however like we've started
16312s to see that some of these teams have
16314s been able to figure out like okay well
16315s if we have zip if they get stunned by 8
16318s seconds we're probably still going to be
16320s able to live through it so it's much
16322s better to have the v3e WHERE not only is
16324s the Viper free to be able to move around
16326s the field you also actually get a 40%
16329s damage reduction the entire duration of
16332s the cast so having that Viper and a lot
16335s of the time in the past matches we have
16337s actually seen Viper V3 being utilized
16340s not aggressively but defensively when
16342s the Viper either like comes Under
16344s Pressure loses armor or takes a fight
16346s where they're suddenly out of position
16348s uh and need time to be able to buy for
16350s reinforcements to come through they will
16352s pop the V3 and they will live because of
16355s that 40% damage
16356s reduction yeah it's the changes are
16359s interesting just because of how much the
16361s uh how much ver various different
16364s characters and comps do Shuffle around
16366s um I also like like non number changes
16371s um so like the Justina at the beginning
16373s of the season was not getting picked up
16374s anywhere near as much as she's getting
16376s picked up now and I think that's cuz
16377s people recognize what she offers like
16380s she's she's very good especially when
16382s there are now Transformers also
16383s occasionally breing their heads
16385s justina's ability to lock people down is
16388s just so invaluable and it it's I think
16390s it's one of the harder ones to dodge
16392s it's it's harder to hit to be fair than
16394s like a Tessa or something because the
16395s Tess you kind of just shoot out and it
16396s does all the work for you um Justin you
16400s got to line upright otherwise you're not
16401s going to be getting the freeze off but
16403s if they line it upright there is kind of
16405s no counter playay cuz it's so fast you
16408s just got to hope that you can either
16409s like that Dodge out in the time and just
16411s time it perfectly your Dodge otherwise
16413s you are getting locked so very very
16415s valuable uh ability obviously the the CC
16418s length isn't as long but it makes up for
16419s it in the sense where technically you
16420s can add it multiple times and
16423s Justina I think struggled in solos for
16426s the reason where like she was built to
16427s counter Yoto in solos well played the
16429s counter YOLO Yoto in solos uh because
16434s you could kind of just ice freeze
16435s through the ultimate um but very hard to
16438s land the ultimate onto Yoto but when you
16440s got a team to set up the staggers and
16442s and the lck down that way that's when
16444s you do see it now I was wrong about jail
16446s they're actually first rotation this
16447s time so I assume last game they're going
16449s to be on their um
16452s last game there'll be last rotation it's
16454s going to be ewg DG UG and G JL getting
16458s the teams they want in the first
16460s rotation so we'll see what they're going
16462s to be looking to pick up I expect a lot
16464s of sand siphon if I'm real with you
16466s that's what we've been predicting the
16467s whole time and Firefly Maps do love sand
16469s siphon or sand siphon does love Firefly
16471s Maps so expect that just a question of
16474s whether it's going to be the roomy or
16476s whether it's going to be the zip that's
16478s one karumi two Z ping we're waiting to
16480s see what EX vvv or actually yeah vvv
16484s plays the te when they're on Sand siphon
16487s so it's going to be FX deciding to uh to
16490s pick up the karumi get you a support and
16493s a DPS hyper carry like vvv is is just
16496s that good a player like in my opinion he
16498s is just one of the best players in the
16499s world he's one of the best support
16500s players in the world but he's one of the
16502s best at being able to flex both to being
16503s a support and also a forward front
16506s position because him just invaluable
16509s even when vvv is a support he's a carry
16511s like so good oh yeah like the fact that
16514s as a Kumi he he lived a 1 V2 in R of
16517s Yang so that it timed out was yeah was
16519s crazy unbelievable unbelievable player
16522s we can have a look at some of these
16523s other teams there's the answer to your
16525s question Jake Cannonball not going to be
16528s yeah the second phasing that most teams
16530s lean towards ice it's going to be ice
16533s pick coming through like you said from
16535s the be ironically enough it's going to
16538s be ice pick on the the row of columns
16541s that it's meant to to counter the
16542s composition that it's facing into yeah
16545s that Viper variety with the Wen TP as
16547s we're going to have a look Alliance yet
16549s there it is Justina so it's probably
16550s going to be F1 for revenge jdg wbg and
16554s wolves are also going to be opting to
16557s run the Justina to be able to save some
16560s of those hero points there it is that's
16562s a lot a lot of ice pick actually coming
16566s in I think that's five ice picks total
16568s this this game so lot of going to be a
16570s cool game so to speak
16573s uh interesting interesting hero I do
16576s feel that like teams are still very some
16579s teams are very precious with their
16580s points still where I actually feel like
16583s points weirdly are less valuable and
16587s also simultaneously more valuable than
16589s they used to be if that makes
16590s sense um well there's more compositions
16593s that are meta at the moment I would say
16595s so you can stretch your hero points
16597s further because even the metac
16599s compositions like they have a couple of
16601s pieces that you can slide in and out so
16603s they're still a lot more versel than
16605s what they were in the past where you
16606s didn't really have all that much Variety
16609s in both the compositions that were top
16611s of the food chain and also that had
16613s interchangeable pieces with other
16615s compositions that you would play I do
16617s also feel though but like you have like
16618s a stage here where this is your second
16621s to last game you know you're not on the
16622s last rotation for the last game so
16624s you're quite happy to spend points and
16626s some team you just don't and I feel like
16628s they need to recognize that like you can
16630s spend your points I'm glad to see this
16632s is an adaptation where more teams are
16634s spending their points so te JL J te and
16637s jdg all on zero points so I think that
16641s is uh really nice to see coming in from
16644s them um a quick look at what everybody
16647s has got here 35% pick rate here for
16649s Alliance on this team it's the first
16651s time D have played uh the zip wait huh
16657s they got wuen in
16658s there they do have Wu Chen in there oh
16663s that is a curve okay so we don't have
16666s the tumult in the sand
16670s siphon so they're not going to have a
16672s lot of CC but they are going to be able
16674s to have like the teleport away and out I
16678s don't know quite how well that is going
16681s to work because tul being able to come
16684s in with things like uh the ultimate over
16687s moris blessings and also to be able to
16690s especially against like this many
16692s Justina like one of justina's hardest
16694s counters in game is to mulch because
16697s it's just so oppressive for her to try
16698s and use her alt through the tal ultimate
16701s and as a result I don't think di if they
16704s do run into a Justina team are going to
16706s have a very fun time especially since
16708s they slotted the tul out and put a wuen
16711s in and wuen now gets counted by the
16713s Justina just V1 Dash following up on his
16718s TP all righty well here we go game
16720s number five there is a lot of teams in
16723s the area this is also a firefly hot spot
16726s but there is a lot of teams in the area
16728s this could get really messy really
16730s quickly oh we're not where we thought we
16732s are no there is fireflies here there's
16733s still fireflies here yeah yes so I
16735s thought we were north of Celestia for
16736s some I think it's the
16738s bamboo wait we are nor celesia I'm an
16740s idiot where the hell are we there's your
16743s answer to who got fireflies to Ultimate
16746s immediately comes on down and that is
16748s going to be making it a lot harder for
16750s all of these other teams in the area to
16751s maneuver
16752s yeah that's a real shutdown especially
16754s on the in the kind of maze like
16756s Labyrinth this place can be very hard to
16759s escape out of it is RO finds himself in
16761s a fight here versus U and fat well with
16763s fat milk actually as a backup you get
16765s using a lot of HP they do get a lovely
16767s little Parry out here doing so much work
16770s to the member of uu goes over the
16772s shoulder tries to follow up the King
16774s goes down
16775s ug slaughtered at the start of this game
16777s Dr trying to come in for that third
16779s party not really going to be able to
16780s make much of a connection as BB just
16782s keeping the pressure up onto wuin 98
16785s scale rushing up to put some distance
16787s away but they find themselves caught in
16788s the sky wuin 98 still holding fast for
16791s the moment do have that ultimate
16792s available to them so they can blink out
16793s if they need to and it's going to have
16795s to come down soon they get a nice a
16797s little bit damage off there with the
16798s katana onto Roi just to force them away
16801s Roi now cutting over to them comes in
16803s with their ultimate trying to land some
16804s damage but out jump drg and BB going to
16807s be happy with this good start get three
16809s kills rubber band back in w still has
16812s toor ultimate so he immediately just
16813s cses back onto PVE who thought that they
16816s were out of the woods and started
16818s actually going for reset opportunities
16821s and as a result WFC just comes in with
16823s the teada the F and shf catches all of
16826s the players who are stuck in heal
16827s animation and there's nothing they can
16829s do what a bait and switch coming on out
16833s from drg this is a team they always have
16835s fun mind game strategies they're always
16837s an absolute joy to watch either in solos
16839s with Fang or their Tri team yeah they
16842s are really really good for that actually
16843s DG I I I believe they were the ones at
16846s one point running the uh back when
16849s justtin wasn't me like a Justina comp
16851s was super fun to watch but uh very very
16854s smart team but unfortunately sometimes
16855s the points don't quite translate until
16857s recently this season has actually well
16860s this week has been really good for them
16861s currently in second place so it's nice
16863s to see that the team but for a while I
16865s think used to be punished for their big
16867s brain plays they finally started burning
16869s when they were cooking and they're
16871s actually making some good dishes cuz
16872s they get up a
16874s storm most people are used to the uh the
16877s Wen Port actually being a defensive tool
16880s not one just for a quick like bait and
16882s switch really really smart use of it as
16884s JL putting some kills on the board for
16887s themselves here trying to see if they
16888s can get one bow get a lot of damage down
16890s goes vvv fortunately for them not going
16893s to be enough Alliance able to secure
16895s them the
16896s kill yeah Alliance using that yo F1 I
16899s don't know if brandor is in chat but if
16901s if he is I know he'll be happy he's one
16903s of our European Pros who is a strong
16906s believer in the Yoto ofone he's always
16909s very happy when he sees that one get to
16910s come on through it's a very good tool as
16912s well to be able to just isolate a lot of
16914s targets unfortunately a little bit
16916s harder to be able to to make work in a
16919s already begun fight right like if
16921s halfway through it comes back onto cool
16923s down it's a little bit harder to to
16924s throw out given that you can't use it
16927s while under attack so you do have to be
16929s pretty careful about how you throw it in
16931s as OG's U cuz Arrow once again operates
16935s into that f as a result BB's I just has
16937s to just keep charging the R&B cannot
16939s turn it into that teada now utilizes
16942s that Justina ultimate will get one dash
16944s doesn't find a freeze but his TR trying
16946s toate will be able to turn and find the
16948s freeze there this is one of the weapon
16950s identities that has started to develop
16952s with the Justina the P sword being
16954s utilized to instantly be able to find
16956s that burst of damage onto the player
16958s Frozen in as succinct a fashion as
16961s possible
16962s before you just try to reposition and as
16964s a result ug don't actually manage to
16967s keep tracking the Justina in fact I
16969s think they see another team coming and
16971s decide to back on off I think you with
16973s the gray armor they got great weapons
16975s but like they are so squishy still and I
16977s think they need to be very hesitant very
16979s aware of that uh just having a look by
16981s the way JL have used their revives up
16983s and they're down a play already so they
16985s are off to a bad start in this game and
16988s ug um unable to actually connect any
16993s so so rough but lovely moves coming out
16995s from n here avoiding away from that yo
16998s ultimate to break away is actually in
17000s comes wbg Sleep Walker with the freeze
17003s trying to just connect the damage onto
17004s two tick two tick goes down little pick
17007s there by wbg they are now chasing onto K
17011s can they actually find the opening they
17012s got one last charge as they do see them
17014s in their line of sight may not even need
17016s to use the freeze holding fast for just
17018s a second longer they've got another Dash
17020s are they going to use it there it's
17022s going to be K goes down wbg able to
17025s secure them their fifth kill of this
17026s game having a really really solid start
17028s already they leaving the Bloom as well
17030s wbg when they ran uh the Justina variant
17034s of Cannonball before they took every
17036s single Rumble that they could with mixed
17039s results in fact they would go against
17040s one team find a win and then second time
17042s around they would go against the same
17044s team wouldn't find the win like it is
17047s very much all on the Justina to be able
17049s to to set up those freezes and find
17050s those carry opport unities as
17052s unfortunately for Lane he's going to be
17053s denied any opportunity for that one at
17056s the moment as the zone is in play
17059s Revenge coming on in with the shin art
17062s Soldier for dual halberts absolutely
17065s stomping through vvv it's such an
17068s oppressive soier it's very very similar
17070s in terms of Oppression to levels of
17072s dreadful whale once it hits that golden
17074s Focus State as Alliance Knight try and
17077s figure out where exactly the last player
17079s from JL decided to run off too they've
17084s only just picked up one of their players
17086s so they do not have the money to go for
17088s any revives either now at this point for
17090s JL that is very rough for them it's just
17093s going to be their Tessa left uh oh no Ki
17097s I'm an idiot it's the fox tail thex tail
17100s bait me bro the fox tail baited me and
17103s then I saw the abilities and I went
17104s that's not Tessa oh Alliance nor to
17107s karumi too so they're just going to be
17109s sticking around the area to see whether
17111s or not the karumi tried to get the
17113s revive cuz karumi can actually um te
17116s onto a body and get a revive like timer
17119s going yourself so you actually get
17121s double the the res timer yes or rather
17124s half the res timer necessary for Kumi to
17126s be able to successfully get a player up
17128s so Alliance speed half the timer yeah
17131s that's the one Alliance will be able to
17133s just eat a little bit of that corruption
17134s TI damage it's still early game so it's
17136s not going to be doing too much to that
17137s health bar and just make sure that
17139s unfortunately JL are not able to be able
17142s to turn that one around as we have a
17144s look going
17145s down they're not leaving the Zone he's
17148s he's still moving he is still moving but
17151s he might just go to corruption take
17153s damage or he's just very slowly making
17156s his way unfortunately for him is
17158s directly in the path that he needs to go
17161s through to avoid the corruption dick
17163s damage killing him as Alliance are going
17165s to get hit by the Viper V3 Lan as a
17168s result only now come in with that V1
17170s finds a huge freeze onto two players the
17173s follow up with revenge on that Yodo
17175s ultimate doing so much damage
17178s immediately the wit TP is forced Lane
17181s does still have three of those dashes
17182s he's going to go aial to try and see
17185s where that wuen teleported to and then
17188s cancels the Justina ultimate early to be
17190s able to retain 30% of the r charge in
17193s case they get rubber banded back on
17195s since the wit and TP means that you save
17197s some of your ultimates and can come back
17199s in for seconds once the other team has B
17201s through all of that yeah it looks like
17204s for now though going to be calling that
17205s one J team moving into the Zone just to
17209s uh a little bit of little bit of
17213s gatekeeping drg inside the Roma Yang who
17216s is going to join them is anybody going
17217s to join them is the question I assume so
17219s wolves are in the area maybe not
17222s particularly set up they
17224s found FX stayed in the zone for so long
17229s I don't think a karumi has a miracle in
17231s them I say that they find the Parry they
17233s almost get a kill not going to be enough
17237s are they going to be a to kill up in
17238s time no they go down JX their dying
17242s breath is taking out them I think that's
17245s worth it's an extra point and JL godamn
17249s they need every point they can get today
17250s it's been a bad day for them okay wolves
17253s get their R of Yang for free they went
17255s into the Third Realm uh everyone else
17258s does have to fight for control of their
17259s wbg also went into one but the one that
17261s we're going to be following is drgs
17264s currently going up against BBE WFC
17266s coming in with that deor ultimate
17268s immediately going to pop it as we're
17270s going to see the yo dropping the F2 we
17273s have the incredibly low trying to just
17274s find an opportunity the Witch and TP now
17276s comes on out as he tries to avoid the
17279s Yoto ultimate followup damage gets hit
17281s into by the Justina freeze unfortunately
17283s for him and go so incredibly low they're
17286s handing down this teada the zip is going
17289s to try and keep him healed up but he's
17291s even lower he gets the f I do believe to
17294s keep the health by going a little bit
17296s longer but that's all she wrote as BBE
17300s will be able to dispatch the strange new
17305s iteration of sans siphon which doesn't
17308s really work inside ROV Yang for all of
17310s the reasons we've already talked about
17311s which I'm struggling into as outside of
17313s ROV Yang te and ewg are going to go head
17316s to head LD with that staff Rose out the
17320s Tess of V1 catches onto the players of
17323s ewg going to go into the wind wall to be
17325s able to try and just make sure that he
17327s flashes the jump Parry in case a focus
17330s attack comes on through from XG to try
17332s and lock Leo down this is what we talked
17335s about inside the one V2 one player will
17337s flash Parry one player will look for the
17340s immediate hit so if they try and Clank
17342s the focus attack they get parried and
17344s need all of that damage as a
17346s result well now BBE find themselves here
17349s in a fight versus wolves Z on the run
17351s those yo connections were beautiful able
17354s to land that Cannon shot as well RI able
17356s to secure the kill now going to see ZK
17359s finishing up a kill onto Rishi taking
17361s them down still not got one last charge
17364s on the freeze are they going to use it
17366s there it is comes in iin gets all of the
17369s damage laid onto them and they should be
17371s going down there it is lovely little
17373s pick up for wolves they take that fight
17374s nice and
17378s easy yeah Justina freeze straight into
17381s to R&B of those hang sword there so much
17385s damage comes out so quickly and has such
17388s a huge hit box both on top of the floor
17391s and also above it there a DG having lost
17395s that R of Yang spawn on up in celester
17398s there are spirits around they're just
17400s exciting to see whether or not this is a
17402s good opportunity try and use the soul
17405s alter in front of them it is actually
17408s fpx who uh wait fpx with the Viper
17412s variety went inside a realm of Yang now
17415s that is very interesting I wonder if
17416s we'll get to see the replay of how that
17418s fight went down as so we have talked
17420s about the Viper variety like team with
17422s the wuan struggles into realm of Yang
17425s for all of the reasons that dog had
17427s problems as dog I think they know that
17430s there is a team in the area they're
17431s waiting to see whether or not they take
17434s uh the S alter as both teams are hit
17436s with Yang depletion Z unfortunately
17437s going to be hit by a Parry gets
17440s immediately dis rated by the players of
17442s wbg inside the Zone who were hunting out
17445s to see if there were any stragglers fpx
17448s now deciding to take that Soul alter and
17450s unfortunately for TG Jake this is this
17453s is so ironic for anyone who plays like
17454s an MMO you'll know this the moment you
17456s take your attention off of the space is
17458s when the raw spawn the r spawns up and
17460s that's exactly what's happened fpx the
17463s moment DG reposition that's when they go
17466s for the soul
17467s alter I once lost the T Jake to that
17471s reference for people yeah ouch um
17475s looking lovely though coming in seeing
17477s if they can get some damage off on to
17479s the remainders of these members you're
17481s seeing the uh the corruption actually
17483s taking out wbg in the distance uh they
17486s are just going to go for a rebirth
17488s though so should be sitting okay but
17491s right now a lot of players have actually
17493s been knocked out of this game it has
17494s been a very very bloodthirsty very very
17496s fast-paced game so far as drg continuing
17500s to keep the pressure up fbx did come in
17502s for a bit of damage on to fxz he's going
17505s to land himself a grapple onto water
17509s land some damage off they've got the
17510s Viper stun coming in as well fsz just
17513s trying to get behind the tree wasn't
17515s able to angle it quite right in comes
17517s Moonlight drg putting the pressure up
17520s onto Xiao getting so much damage off
17522s instantly popped out but they tracked
17523s exactly where they were they saw the pop
17526s in the distance and keeping the pressure
17527s up they still got plenty of charges left
17530s on this toada ultimate is yiau now
17532s they're just keeping the pressure up he
17533s can't even get an opportunity to heal
17535s off this that TP did nothing for him as
17538s down goes one down goes the next fpx
17542s losing two players very quickly there to
17544s drg water the last player standing it
17547s looks like this is going to be FX F wfxz
17551s whatever his name is able to take down
17553s water and finishing up the remainders of
17556s fpx yeah I feel you players with three
17559s letters and their name hardest to
17560s pronounce in in quick fashion in a
17562s sentence use normal
17564s names I've had this recently you one of
17567s the easier names to to be able to
17569s pronounce unfortunately not going to be
17571s able to find an easy kill uh they have
17573s been able to chase te away so they will
17575s be able to get the revive potenti onto
17577s SS unfortunately for them te double back
17580s in and literally just peper the ranged
17582s in to stagger ug from being able to spot
17585s the resurrection and as a result they
17587s lose another player and you gets hit by
17590s the teso V1
17591s and will go down te playing that
17594s absolutely perfectly not taking full
17596s advantage of the range of distance of
17598s the wit and teleport can take you but
17600s understanding that ug would prioritize
17602s getting their player back up and just as
17604s we saw from drg earlier when they first
17607s dropped on to was it wbg uh just coming
17610s in immediately back again with something
17612s like the teor ultimate in this instance
17614s those musket shards to be able to make
17616s sure that they instantly down two
17617s players with that Tesla V1 would be able
17620s to Booker the
17622s fight all right well B getting himself
17625s nice and aerial here for this fight
17626s versus wbg immediately catching out onto
17630s ba trying to get some damage off onto
17632s them been actually doing a lot of work
17634s forcing the transform out instantly
17635s coming in for the jusa freeze trying to
17638s get that damage down onto jahu oh able
17641s to land it actually with the musket shot
17643s in the distance still got a couple of
17644s charges left on the freeze can't really
17647s line it up seeing for an opportunity to
17649s go for it see if they can track that
17651s freeze do catch b b going to lose their
17654s life down they go I actually gets froze
17657s up beautiful Parry coming in from Roy
17658s shishi though that's BBE taking the win
17662s yeah that Justina variant not only is it
17665s really good against Wan it's also really
17667s good against other Cannonball
17668s compositions because like you said
17670s Justina freeze onto the Transformers
17672s with the extended seconds uh after they
17674s buffed her I think back in like November
17677s was when that one came through being
17679s able to freeze both the ation and also
17681s keep pressure on the yo like a going
17683s incredibly low through the ultimate
17686s getting finished off by the musk shot
17688s means that there's just less damage
17690s coming through less zoning potential
17692s where the Yoto and the usan can't
17694s cooperate to be able to just make sure
17696s that when one attack hits the other
17697s can't be dodged and unfortunately it
17700s does mean that they get hit by that Yang
17703s depletion wbg going over to ship Rak
17706s having to take a fight immediately
17708s against
17709s BBE super poker on that Justina does
17712s have the ultimate will he be able to
17714s find an opening freeze or are BBE going
17717s to be able to outlive the blizzard does
17721s look like Ian could potentially get
17722s jumped upon right now as the poker
17724s getting into position wanting to try and
17726s isolate one of these targets gets the
17728s Parry onto Ivan who immediately has to
17731s go for the free shell both justinas
17733s going to actually have their ultimates
17734s but it's actually Sleep Walker who holds
17736s on to his Ivan utilizes the new knock
17739s back on the Justina activation will be
17742s able to Zone Sleep Walker away and
17744s without that free CC it's all going to
17746s fall apart very quickly potentially for
17749s wbg cuz Ivan still on the field yes
17752s there's a uan trying to Zone space for
17755s wbg but Ivan with the Justina Dash is
17757s going to be able to find the freeze
17758s connection the paron to AOW pull up into
17761s blistering Edge and that Yodo should
17763s surely go down in a matter of moments
17766s he'll live a little bit longer but it is
17768s not enough to turn the fight around by
17770s gay fall
17771s and that's wbg when they had 12 kills to
17774s their name Jake not able to take it into
17777s a good kill
17778s multiplier yeah that's that's real sad
17781s there for wbg getting knocked out but at
17784s least it's 12 points at least it's
17786s something for them but yeah they they
17788s realistically would have liked more uh
17790s we'll have to keep our eye on them for
17793s the last game and see if they're going
17794s to be able to some decent points
17796s together for themsel oh I don't think
17798s dog saw the fight oh that's r
17801s they're on they're on the Y if they had
17804s seen the fight and they' been able to to
17805s third party in then they probably would
17807s have been able to come out on top like
17809s if they just engaged in super quickly
17811s but as it is the team that they might
17812s run into is either J team or wolves and
17814s I think both have ultimates
17817s up all righty well let's see if they're
17821s going to actually do anything it looks
17822s like it's just a bit of a back off cuz
17825s we are again at that point where um the
17827s teams
17829s are well the team are basically at the
17831s point where there's not many people left
17833s in the game it's it's 16 players left
17837s six teams left and there's 11 minutes
17839s left in the game there's a lot of space
17840s and we're down the shipwrecks as well so
17843s oh theyve spotted spot they can't afford
17846s to be pass Survivor they only have a
17847s minute left like they're going to have
17849s to get in and get a kill immediately the
17851s good news for them is that jg's
17853s positioning is potentially putting them
17854s with their Zone to the back and that is
17856s exactly what WFC is going to try and
17858s take advantage of turns the fur and Sh
17859s Ro finds
17861s will be able to get the followage and
17863s this fight is going to continue moonight
17865s also over that yo ultimate to try and
17869s just play off of the Stagger set up by
17872s this teada is he going to be able to
17874s find any of the kills to TI
17876s unfortunately keeping the pressure onto
17878s wfz who catches to as he falls out of
17880s his ultimate into the fan R&B Jill halit
17883s come out Dragon like might being used to
17886s try and buy the Yoto the ability and
17888s movement to get out of the corruption
17890s and into the Zone dog have been able to
17893s pick up one Soul wi for wfz but
17896s unfortunately they haven't been able to
17897s full team clear at the moment two TI
17900s does go down that's another Soul blim B
17903s for drg another of their players saved
17905s it's just one last player who's trying
17907s to kite out into shipwreck are they
17910s going to be able to pick him up in time
17913s PP incredibly low armor on Blue Health
17917s below 50% has the fan in the back pocket
17921s swaps over to be able to get the SC to
17923s connect 12 seconds left
17927s for where he is but there's no way that
17930s he's going to be able to find it and
17932s with his last breath he teleports his
17935s team into a better position and goes out
17938s to Yang depletion that was a proper like
17941s salute as you go down like I'll get you
17943s out to safety boys that was so tragic
17946s lovely little uh hide there though
17948s coming in from Moonlight is the final
17950s player
17951s uh no not the final player sorry it was
17953s uh J
17953s te I've lost I've lost my place already
17956s anyway
17958s JD who was in the corruption and
17960s unfortunately he doesn't hide for long
17961s he gets spotted out and uh directly on
17964s top of Bane's breath as well yeah that's
17966s going to be hard to break away from and
17968s there it is BB's fat milk with the
17970s musket able to secure that kill lovely
17972s inside the Bane's breath though so let's
17974s see BB get out of that one just narrowly
17976s avoiding that that little splatter could
17979s have been quite dangerous for them now
17980s we have left with 12 players left in the
17982s game di are going to be able to get
17984s their hands on to this moris blessing
17987s grab themselves some golden armor not
17988s sure what the weapon was but they got it
17990s I assume and unfortunately they do not
17994s have any ability to bring back their
17997s whoh in oh was a flamer it's really
17999s annoying cuz they like I mean it's I
18000s guess best case scenario the
18004s um best case scenario is you've
18007s got uh like your two most important
18011s people for taking fights it's the
18013s defensive person gone yeah if you lose a
18016s player um towards mid to late game wuen
18022s is the best to lose right unfortunately
18026s it is going to be potentially ballista
18029s in play which means that lacking the
18030s wuen wind walls to be able to block the
18033s range pressure could become a problem
18036s for them the reason like why they are
18037s hugging the base of Bist like they're
18039s right inside
18041s is because they heard a team actually
18043s rolling around on the ballista above
18045s their heads you do see if you actually
18047s open your mini map you see the blister
18048s icon moving around if there is a player
18051s currently occupying it so you you don't
18054s get caught out uh in terms of Surprise
18057s by a player sitting on that one and
18058s you're not understanding it's there
18060s there's wolves ZK pops the Justina
18062s ultimate tries to find a connection onto
18064s J team speaking of ballista hello there
18068s we go J team's xly taking one right to
18071s the cranium and having to just scale
18074s Rush right away as that just absolutely
18077s shredded his armor he's going to go
18079s Ariel he's the only player currently
18082s alive for jtm as well so he's going to
18085s just try and play to be as small and
18087s quiet as possible unfortunately for him
18089s he's been spotted by te L yd F1 comes on
18093s through XL y kiting on over to the base
18096s of ballista to be able to try and use
18098s this terrain to try and scale Rush
18100s arounded on infinite but he just gets
18102s absolutely stun locked by te and as a
18106s result is not able to hit that win
18108s condition and te now just Contin to
18111s occupy ballista Han Waits out the fire
18114s tick on the arrow that was connected
18115s onto him gets aen windwall from Leo to
18118s make sure that he's not staggered off of
18120s it cuz the way that you can actually
18121s counter a player on ballista is by
18123s hitting them with anything if they take
18125s any form of damage they're forced off of
18127s it so good W and wind W to be able to
18129s peel from him and T I do believe also
18132s have two n as well so they're going to
18133s be stalking up on resources and putting
18135s themselves in a brilliant position
18138s especially since the Baines breath is
18139s going to make it really hard for these
18141s players to position around ballista
18144s because they either go into the ballista
18145s damage or into the Bane bre or into the
18148s cannon fire that wolves are just
18149s absolutely assaulting BBE with on the
18152s other
18156s side yeah I mean 11 players four teams
18159s left in the the game is uh absolute
18162s chaos at the early game but now the end
18165s game normally a little bit more chill
18166s for a bit it will explode in the next
18168s couple of moments once the map is shrunk
18170s a little bit more it's just too much
18172s space for the players to quite
18173s comfortably sit with their back to the
18174s Zone know they're not going to have
18175s anyone coming up behind them and they
18177s can just trade cannon shots out and uh
18180s burn resources especially when again the
18182s Ban's breath is creating a Zone in the
18184s middle of the map basically just means
18185s that no man's land is
18188s there oh we're covering with Dreadful
18191s whale oh te is
18199s stacked BB Ian two shots left on the bow
18204s checking to see whether or not they're
18205s going to get any retaliation or pressure
18208s to use lyd and Leo now off of that
18211s ballista Tower zone is going to move
18213s away from ballista and the players in
18215s the area bre a huge side of relief that
18217s they don't have to worry about that
18219s coming into play
18220s anymore as T start to get into position
18223s Han runs out no way to re see a blood
18227s Ripper final Zone coming through from te
18231s I'm going to laugh so hard if this
18232s actually gets a kill I cannot remember
18234s the last time that blood Ripper has been
18235s able to find a
18236s kill Lobby I barely see it like it I do
18242s adore
18243s it I think the smaller sized final
18247s circles suit the blood Ripper more cuz
18250s the problem is is when everyone's when
18251s there's like 30 people in a circle and
18253s there everyone's just shooting cannons
18254s you're just going to get killed with a
18255s blood Ripper there's L speaking about
18257s getting killed it's not a blood Ripper
18259s but it is ripping right through Han's
18261s head bat milk comes in with the musket
18263s shot they try and cover for him with
18264s like Dreadful whale but unfortunately he
18266s just takes too much pressure and goes
18268s straight down wolves now also backs
18271s against the wall having to just all in
18273s on to everyone from BBE out comes the yo
18278s ultimate trying to just buy space
18280s as they get pressured by everyone from
18283s BBE taking the front line fight Roy Shi
18285s see the yo ultimate has been burnt out
18287s now decides it's his opportunity to be
18289s able to keep that pressure going from on
18291s high tries to find the connecting
18293s slashes onto some of these players but
18296s he's done enough to be able to buy his
18298s team the space that wolves wanted to
18300s hold on to chees H we're able to
18304s actually bring up the player that went
18306s down that probably was off of an armor
18307s swap coming through once the uh revive
18310s had come on out unfortunately for them
18313s they're still being pressured on all
18314s sides yet again comes the Dreadful whale
18317s so that BP can't move off of the musket
18319s pressure coming out from fat milk is's
18321s going to immediately utilize that huan
18323s ultimate knows that te's hard is a
18325s little bit too close to the end of the
18327s zone and unfortunately off of the back
18329s of the Stagger connection from the usan
18331s spear will go down and now it's open
18334s season for the two remaining players of
18337s te fat milk also able to avoid the
18340s V1 Leo incredibly low goes out on the
18345s ground as well L is the next to for
18348s poison spash is going to be hitting into
18349s the players of BBE but I don't think
18351s they care have they spotted out wolves
18353s hiding inside that shed well now they're
18355s going to know as fat mil gets caught
18357s inside the yo F2 and immediately takes a
18361s lot of damage it's not enough to be able
18362s to kill him however as they'll be able
18364s to follow up with a kill onto wolves egg
18367s they're going to be able to find the
18369s freeze as well off of iin following it
18371s up with the R&B on the Jill halberts
18374s this surely is going to be PVE the
18377s Moonlight like you said plays for
18379s survival Reveals His Hand it's not
18383s enough Jake it's all she wrote as surely
18386s BBE I believe this is their second MVP
18391s in uh the mvpl season are able to walk
18394s away with the win yeah nice little win
18396s there for them early finish once again a
18399s lot of action in the in the start and
18401s the middle of the game and kind of cools
18403s off towards the end but BBE finally
18406s striking and today he's been a little
18408s bit of a a let down from them for a team
18410s who have actually been pretty
18411s consistently good since joining the MBP
18414s mvpl as one of our newer teams um but
18417s today not quite so great to be fair I
18420s would say today has been a day of
18421s disappointment I think uh it took Aug a
18423s little bit of time to warm up and now
18425s suddenly they're they're just looking
18427s amazing uh BB just this is their first
18430s really really solid game of the day
18431s actually they had they had won I think
18433s three or four was actually quite good um
18438s but bunch of teams not really kind of
18440s find of the mark and BB getting a good
18442s win under their belt and needed win for
18444s them back of that
18446s one got one more game left in the day
18449s the question is is who is going to take
18451s that final one no one has like ug have
18454s been pretty dominating towards the end
18456s of the day but no one has like really
18460s ruled the day actually we've had a
18461s unique win at every game of the day so
18465s far so it's it's been fairly unique you
18467s know we've had Alliance ewg JL ug BBE
18471s you know see if anyone else has got that
18473s win in their in their back pocket it's
18476s been a very varied day so to
18478s speak yeah Justina composition as well
18481s coming at on top there's a huge Turning
18484s Point as well for for BBE and that is
18487s when they're fighting up against wbg
18489s who's who's running the same thing right
18490s they both have justinas the the
18492s difference is the The crucial aspect in
18494s that fight is Ian is able to pop
18496s ultimate Sleepwalker does not and as a
18500s result Ian's able to find the knock back
18501s Ian's able to find the freeze Ian's able
18503s to keep the pressure up onto the uan and
18505s wbg they lose their Tempo control right
18508s Justina like you said is one of those
18509s Heroes who can either dial the
18511s aggression up or slow a fight down
18513s entirely and that option is just not
18515s allowed for wbg because they lose that
18517s Justin early and Ian is is free to to be
18520s the ones to just take the reins and
18521s decide exactly how fast and how slow the
18524s next fight uh braws on out and because
18527s of that actually they don't get spotted
18529s out by DG who move into the area of
18532s shipwreck looking to see if they can
18533s take a fight against some of those teams
18534s in cleans yangle and instead they are
18537s forced to turn on to jdg find a miracle
18540s two Soul blim kill uh pickups when they
18543s only have about 30 seconds left of of
18545s that Yang depletion and are able to keep
18548s Moonlight alive to trans The Kills that
18550s they picked up prior into a pretty hefty
18553s skore multiplier actually and like drg
18556s this was a team that picked up wuen
18559s instead of tul in sand siphon and
18563s bizarrely that hail marry of a Wen TP
18566s before that wuen goes down actually
18569s saves their skin it allows them to fully
18571s reposition away from all of the teams
18573s that are looking to sort of hostage
18575s situation all of the players CAU CAU out
18577s rotating late in the corruption when
18579s sort of broiled up in the fight going
18581s down in shipwreck and who' burned
18583s ultimates and just weren't ready to be
18585s able to take a fight afterwards back of
18588s it yeah DG pick up 13.7 but oh my word
18591s indeed BBE 23 kills 36.2 games score we
18596s knew that this is a team that could be
18597s explosive after their performance in
18599s Jacob we hoped that they would be able
18601s to carry that forward into nvp and that
18604s is exactly what they've shown us here
18606s today absolutely Monster game from BBE
18609s their team also getting a pretty decent
18611s score for themselves remember they're
18612s still chasing making it above that red
18615s line into 12th spot and uh game like
18618s that is going to do them a lot of good
18619s alliance 6.5 just honestly the scores
18622s coming in today like people are scoring
18624s a pretty decent amount and Roy shishi
18627s coming in with 30,000 damage on the Yoto
18631s Nine Kills for fat milk did get 10 to be
18633s fair um only doing 18,000 damage and
18636s then 20,000 damage coming in from iin
18639s who kills but those 13 assists was doing
18641s a lot of work on that Justina it's
18645s really cool to see the Justina man like
18647s more more people starting to put more
18648s respect on her looking very very good
18651s and we'll have a look at the standings
18653s as well and see where everybody is
18655s sitting at after this game still got one
18657s game left for the day um jjh obviously
18660s not playing today so they got they've
18662s got some work to do on uh Friday next
18665s week but for JL actually slipping again
18669s in to 15th Place not being a good day
18672s for them at all so they got some work to
18675s do in this final game and then they
18676s better play their hearts out on Friday
18678s because they are they're in treville
18681s right now honestly they've had one
18683s really really good game and then the
18684s rest of the time has been pretty
18685s disappointing from them uh as we move up
18688s into the next stage cuz I think that's
18689s where it gets a little bit more exciting
18691s where we start to see actually I think
18692s the bottom two tables are actually a
18694s little bit unexciting we are seeing more
18696s teams moving around here fpx in 7th t e
18700s in uh eighth and then Alliance in ninth
18704s the big thing is is fpx they've slid
18706s down the rankings and this is their
18708s final day of games they've only put 15
18711s points on the board
18714s 65.9 is a very passible score there's a
18717s lot of teams lower down right now who
18719s can easily surpass that and every time
18722s someone beats them on that they slip
18723s closer and closer to that 13th that
18725s dreaded 13th spot so they need to make
18728s sure they can get some probably I'd say
18730s about 80 by the 8070 is probably
18733s somewhat more comfortable but I would
18735s still be worried if I was them ug not
18739s moving too much on the points after that
18741s last game but BBE actually surpassing
18743s drg and moving into second place after
18747s this game yeah BBE picking up 122.75
18759s at the moment on
18763s 24.9 but for some of these teams it is
18766s going to be due or die in this next
18768s round they have to be able to put up a
18770s lot of points to be able to cover their
18773s backs so we can have a look and see some
18775s of these fights this was the the
18777s immediate disengage re-engage mind bait
18781s play coming on through from drg like we
18783s said a very smart team both in terms of
18786s macro and also micro from the way that
18788s you saw them prioritizing Moonlight
18790s living the way that we saw the W and TP
18792s to guarantee that the other two players
18794s lived as well wbg SL porker getting to
18797s come in with those Justina freezers that
18799s he's able to find nice little jump Parry
18801s there as well to set up into the wind
18804s spite from the rest of his team WFC
18806s coming in with a absolute be of a dragon
18809s slayers into Nezar there was the iin
18811s musket shot to be able to take down WBT
18813s Is AO inside the realm of Yang and here
18816s unfortunately Is AO falling down yet
18819s again this time to the nunchucks coming
18821s through from R sh here one of our
18823s players who plays both solos and trios
18825s both in mvpl and in jup you can do it
18828s all as we can have a look and see
18830s exactly how this last fight went out for
18832s BBE fat milk jumping on in with the
18835s after find the uppercut conversion so
18837s that Ian is able to find the freeze on
18840s the fall down brilliant coordination
18843s coming on through from BBE and it's no
18845s surprise there's going to be Ro Shish
18847s here picking up MVP with Yoto as we can
18851s have a look and see the soul Jade load
18853s out repair roll Sky Force Dragon Roll
18856s velocity Untold that's why we were
18857s seeing the nunchucks come through from
18860s him as well as the sap attached to it
18862s with rupture Gale and Flame breath to
18865s make sure that that repair roll is doing
18867s its job in keeping those cannon shots oh
18869s so painful I mean only 6,000 damage for
18872s the cannon with those Soul Jad you'd
18874s expect more but again that kind of lends
18877s into the fact there's less people to
18878s shoot a Canon and heend game so yeah
18880s well I mean he was more M he was using
18883s the cannon to pressure teams into
18885s committing ultimates or coold Downs to
18887s be able to heal through it and then he
18889s would follow up with the Yoto ultimate
18891s cuz you can see like he does 12,000
18893s damage with uh his nonu he does 6,000
18896s damage with his uh Cannon which means
18900s that a huge chunk of that 30,000 was off
18903s of the back of the V3 and it wasn't like
18907s it was a lot of players clustered up and
18909s one space and one massive Yoto ultimate
18911s hits everyone it was sort of like death
18913s by a Thousand Cuts to all of the teams
18915s in the area he would he would put a lot
18917s of damage in with an ultimate on one
18919s team get a kill and then move on to the
18921s next and the next and the next yeah it
18923s was it was really really solid game
18924s coming in from uh from BBE in general um
18927s let's bring up the question though and
18929s see if you guys can grab yourself any
18930s points any any good points goodies how
18933s many kills did Fat bil get in game
18935s number five we did just show you the
18936s answer to this one is it A7 B8 C9 or d10
18941s ABC or D in twitch chat you'll be
18943s whispered so make sure you check that
18944s whisper box uh grab yourself some
18946s goodies for your nraa uh for your Nara
18949s account saying nraa as if it's a cat uh
18952s for your nraa account um yeah BB just
18956s looking very very solid in this game
18957s especially when they got that big brain
18959s outplay played against them at the
18960s beginning of the game versus drg
18963s shutting them down with the kill they
18964s picked up onto I believe it was ug who
18967s spawned in the same area as them as well
18969s it it was kind like a three man three
18971s team fight yeah everyone was sort of
18973s like jeweling over Firefly control yes
18976s in the area and then like the teas
18977s picked up the fireflies the tumult
18979s picked up the Firefly first to be able
18981s to to get that drop down ultimate to box
18984s up the entire space and it just became
18986s like all hands on deck and they did win
18988s that fight like you said against UI but
18990s they got third partied by do afterwards
18993s but speaking about afterwards after we
18995s move away from this cutaway we'll be
18997s cutting away to a break so which means
18999s get your drinks get your snacks and get
19002s ready to lock in for the last game of
19004s the day we'll see you on the other
19009s [Music]
19020s [Applause]
19027s side though
19033s [Music]
19039s fore
19047s speee spee
19050s spee foree
19053s [Music]
19067s [Music]
19070s fore spe for
19082s [Music]
19089s [Music]
19107s [Music]
19125s [Applause]
19127s yes
19150s [Music]
19156s [Music]
19179s oh
19185s [Music]
19213s hello and welcome back to the mvpl we're
19215s getting ready to go into our sixth and
19217s final game of the day it's been a very
19219s varied day in who takes the wins uh some
19223s teams have performed some teams have
19224s underperformed expectations somewhat
19226s shattered somewhat met it's been a a
19229s bizarre day Moxy so
19232s far yeah I mean ug after an absolute
19235s record-breaking day quite literally the
19237s their first day of play uh in this week
19240s they managed to pick up 30 kills which
19242s is now the highest amount of kills
19244s picked up in any one lobby picking
19247s themselves up 46 points in one game and
19250s elevating them to above 200 points in
19253s regular week which makes them pretty
19255s much uncatchable for a lot of these
19257s teams especially the teams that have
19259s their second day of play uh today but
19261s like you said they haven't really been
19263s popping off all that much they have
19265s picked up one MVP uh as of today but
19269s we've been seeing a lot of other teams
19270s really surprising us like BBE wolves
19273s Alliance all of these teams normally a
19276s little bit towards the lower end of the
19278s standings really picking it up and
19280s getting to play as aggressive as they
19282s want and really controlling a lot of
19284s these final zones as well like BBE in
19286s that last match absolutely on fire 23
19288s kills picked up from them Sur passing a
19291s 20 bomb which is now even harder since
19293s we've moved from these lobbies having 16
19295s teams to well 12 it's it's kind of crazy
19298s to think but they got 30 kills and some
19300s teams aren't even getting 30 kills in a
19302s day like absolutely huge there from OG
19306s and like with their really good game
19308s today as well and just like at least
19311s they've been scoring I do think it is
19313s genuinely impossible for them at this
19315s point now to be knocked out of play out
19318s of by weekly but their spot of the foot
19321s at number one could potentially be uh
19323s threatened because today hasn't been as
19325s good I mean if GG have a really good day
19327s or um well any of the teams who've still
19330s got games to play could potentially
19332s shake things up on that table so I'm
19334s excited to see how that is going to go
19336s moving into Friday next week but we
19339s still got today's games we still got one
19341s last game left to go see how this is
19343s going to fair for our teams dropping on
19346s morile one last time I'm most interested
19349s by the select order we're going to see
19352s it shuffle around so there you go uh JL
19356s have zero points and they're at the
19357s bottom so that's really going to fect
19359s them on that front uh I believe J team
19361s have zero points but they're at the top
19362s so this is this is actually a really
19364s good like perfect spending of points
19365s from J team here uh BBE get first pick
19368s of the lter as
19369s well yeah this is I'm going to be
19371s interested to see how this how this faes
19373s now for teams who have lesser points and
19375s won't be able to pick up what they want
19376s to pick up going into this final game
19379s yeah I'm really interested to see how
19380s many justinas were were actually going
19382s to get whether or not that's going to
19385s continue especially since it is still
19387s going to be an increased fireflies
19389s uh spawn rate map wbg they've been
19391s picking up Justina BBE they've been
19393s picking up Justina BBE are actually
19395s going to be in the first iteration but
19397s they're not going to opt for it they're
19399s going to go for Viper variety fpx going
19402s to be opting for the karumi aspect of
19405s sand siphon wbg there it is Sleep Walker
19408s is out onto the Justina act show and by
19412s going to be on the Yoto and that uian as
19415s so far we're not seeing all that much
19417s sand SI and Jake
19419s we haven't seen that much but this is
19421s the point where like some of these teams
19422s are going to be able to afford to pick
19423s it although it's cannibal coming in from
19426s ug aren't running a rep
19431s Wan oh yeah we saw it once and now it's
19435s it's off to ice pick it has to be
19438s cannibal or ice pick for um
19443s JL wait they can't ice pick oh no they
19446s can't afford ice pick they can't afford
19448s ice pick
19450s uh they can have a Justina they can have
19452s changing their mind they're trying to to
19454s figure out really thinking
19457s oh that is that is them basically being
19460s like we do not have the points they I I
19464s think this was a panic pick I truly
19467s believe this is a panic pick yeah I I
19469s think as well cuz like when we initially
19470s saw the zip and the Justina they were on
19472s the other sides right FX originally
19474s picked the Justina vvv originally picked
19476s the Z ping and it was sort of like a
19478s okay who goes
19480s what question this is going to be really
19483s interesting to see exactly how well this
19487s works out cuz Zing is not the greatest
19492s at keeping monks alive as opposed to the
19496s karumi especially since like the damage
19498s reduction on the F and just like the
19501s continuous heal on the V1 is so perfect
19504s for karumi and monk Synergy because monk
19507s wants to stay still if you're moving if
19509s you're rotating as monk you're not able
19510s to grab players so being able to sit in
19512s the middle of a Kumi ultimate is
19514s absolutely perfect for for the monk to
19516s be able to just keep his intact yeah I
19519s think they're going to have to really
19520s they got the work cut out for them in
19522s this game it's going to be a very fast
19523s moving game people are going to have
19525s fireflies they're going to be able to
19526s shut the monk down very quickly now
19530s there there is if I'm going to go down
19532s like a bit of a copium route here there
19534s is a world where you know the Justina
19536s can set up the monk grabs because you
19538s get the free into the grabs not really
19540s much you can do about that but I just
19543s think there's also plenty of ability to
19544s handle the monk we've seen this but you
19547s can't go for the Justina setup because
19549s if you go for the Justina setup you have
19550s nothing to cover the monk dropping out
19551s of Vault oh well that's well they don't
19553s have that anyway oh well that's what the
19555s justina's for that's what the Justina
19557s Justina doesn't do that I just it's look
19560s we know what happened here cuz they
19561s reloaded their comp select three times
19564s and have points for to mulch because
19567s they've been playing s siphon yeah and
19569s they couldn't play the uian because
19571s they've been playing Cannonball this is
19573s JL making as much as they possibly can
19576s out of the heroes that they're allowed
19578s to
19579s pick I actually just feel like you pick
19581s a different carry instead of the monk I
19584s feel like I this is my this is my
19586s madness kicking in are you say vda no no
19592s wish I wish but like you could have gone
19594s like AO or um just any kind of carry who
19598s is not going to be instantly turned on
19602s because there's lots of justinas in the
19604s game very hard for monk to deal with
19605s Justina cuz they freeze him and run away
19608s it's everyone can just disengage from
19609s this Monk and that's going to be is
19611s really good in solos but in trios it's
19615s really hard for AOS to find a of value I
19619s genuinely agree I AOS was just like an
19621s example by the way I the reason I say
19624s this is I say I just don't think the
19626s monk Justina combo is there so
19629s so you've picked this in panic I feel
19631s like you could have probably picked any
19633s non monk carry here and you might have
19636s been a little bit more comfortable going
19637s into this game but we'll see maybe maybe
19639s I'll eat my words and I'll happily o
19641s where voice going with there I'll
19642s happily eat my words uh but I haven't
19646s been overly impressed with JL today uh
19648s they've been a little bit disappointing
19650s is that two tick has already got himself
19651s a blue weapon and purple armor so EG is
19654s uh not really going to be able to do too
19656s much about jdg here this is going to be
19658s a very very hard to deal with Team
19660s running wolves down wolves don't really
19662s have the armor or the health to really
19664s keep this going so they are going to
19665s Port out of that one as the uh te will
19668s proc on wolves and ZK wind comes up to
19671s make sure they don't just get hit by a
19672s random aerial shot but there's going to
19674s be one with a musket coming in from two
19677s tick keeping the pressure up onto wolves
19679s and this is going to probably be the end
19680s of days for them looking for that CL
19682s actually a lot of damage comes out
19684s looking to get next charm Parry AR going
19686s to be able to get the upper cut but down
19688s they go jdg Pi this fight nice and easy
19690s three kills to start the game off for
19692s them yeah PP got the firefight as a
19695s result had all of the rage to be able to
19697s cast out that test of V1 we're going to
19700s get to see how good the monkey is going
19701s to do they've already been able to pick
19703s themselves up purple armor for txj
19705s problem is that that is a ban ref and it
19706s is a b ref that they are not in control
19708s of that is J team dropping the B
19711s directly on the monk txj is going to
19714s unfortunately have to put his pain into
19716s the hands of the nraa Gods does at least
19719s have one of the jumps to be able to
19720s maneuver himself out of position but
19722s he's only been able to find one gra
19724s looking for the double might not be able
19726s to find it he knows that he's going to
19728s be on the move so just has to go for
19729s immediately the slam onto that player as
19731s quickly as he can o almost finding to
19734s double but just has drop out of the
19735s ultimate there's the Justina V1 to be
19738s able to cover for the freeze and it
19739s actually manages to find a connection
19741s onto a place that txj is able to follow
19742s up on the CH R&B on that long sword and
19746s they will be able to find the conversion
19748s of the onto J team Z as a result J team
19751s falling incredibly low hops into the
19753s middle of the B breath AOE so that JL do
19755s not follow him through and uh Jake I'm
19758s not saying that the monk composition
19760s Works they got one kill don't get ahead
19762s of yourself they got a kill and the
19764s Justina covering the monk dropping out
19766s of the ultimate with the freeze kept txj
19769s alive yeah it did it did him having
19772s purple armor helps uh he's quite tanky
19775s already that's like a major factor right
19777s like a purple armor monk at the
19779s beginning of the game is very hard to
19780s deal with because you don't really have
19782s the weapons to do significant damage to
19784s it definitely something to keep in mind
19787s drg do have the weapons to deal with it
19789s though they got that purple fan onto
19790s wuin they've got you know they've got
19793s the perfect comp to deal with it as well
19794s and just run
19796s disruption and they are running JL down
19798s right now txj has been found out as wuin
19801s trying to open up the fight with those
19803s purple fans looking for a little bit of
19804s early damage onto him finds himself
19807s getting caught by the horizontal strike
19809s there just going to put some distance
19811s between him and come in for a bit of a
19813s heal TR to get himself that armor back
19815s txj is being bullied around quite a lot
19817s here W's losing a lot of HP and this is
19820s starting to get a little bit messy for
19821s them Moonlight going to peel back with
19823s them and as soon as the monk transform
19824s comes out they run away they do get the
19826s grab onto one the repeating crossbow
19828s going to be doing a lot of damage to txj
19830s in his backside they are able to finish
19832s up the kill though and suddenly JL have
19834s found that opportunity that opening to
19836s try and get the damage down the healing
19837s from the zip going to top txj up just a
19840s little bit as Moonlight dropping onto
19841s low ground they're trying to find the
19843s grab but txj now losing the transform I
19846s think the damage has actually been done
19847s as they move into the M try and break
19850s away Moonlight is incredibly low maybe a
19853s miracle can come out they almost have
19854s that Yoko ultimate built up as well and
19856s here it comes can they make the strikes
19859s land txj trying to avoid trying to evade
19862s Moonlight still holding their life here
19864s down they finally go to JL as they're
19866s going to finish up the last couple of
19868s bits to damage onto wuin and JL honestly
19871s piloting this C very very well yeah I
19874s mean there's a trick to it as well uh JL
19878s they don't have ultimates when that
19879s fight begins but they see that d g are
19882s going to hand them down like you said
19883s they're just going to run straight out
19884s them because they have the perfect
19885s composition to counter it and JL instead
19887s of trying to like disengage or run away
19889s which would immediately give away the
19891s fact that they don't have the monk
19892s ultimate you actually see when they spot
19895s that there's a team running at them they
19896s stand still like they invite the
19898s conflict because they basically play as
19901s if monk ultimate is already on board and
19903s that's why you see like drg trying to
19905s just Hound down the monk to force that
19908s ultimate as quickly as possible and also
19911s generate the the rage necessary for the
19913s yo ultimate which is a couple of
19914s percentage away can come through and if
19916s the monk ultimate comes out then you can
19918s use the Yoto slash connections to be
19920s able to stagger the Monk and prevent him
19921s from either finding a grab or actually
19923s slamming a player down if he's able to
19925s find a pick but as a result WFC in the
19929s interim when those ultimates are
19930s boarding up the one who did have the
19932s ultimate the uian he didn't use it
19934s immediately cuz they thought the monk
19935s ultimate is going to be on board goes
19938s down with the health replenish and as a
19940s result it just becomes so much easier
19942s for them to be able to dispatch and get
19944s Moonlight incredibly low and then when
19946s the Yodo ultimate does come through well
19948s txj is one of the best Yodas in the
19951s world so you can actually see his
19953s absolute amazing movement of being able
19955s to dodge all of the follow-up slashes
19957s sets up a scale rush off of the ceiling
19959s side of the inside of Shadow Jade mines
19962s to be able to find a connection the
19963s second that that's gone and just finds
19965s all of the kills all of the damage and
19967s all of the loot as a result txj is going
19970s to be pretty stacked when it comes to
19973s trying to put themselves into a fight I
19975s don't know whether they take a realm of
19977s Yang they have dropped the bodies to be
19979s able to have the soul Bloom insurance if
19981s they want to try and risk it and they
19983s are in a pretty obscure position the txj
19986s is in a position where he's going to get
19987s hit immediately by Sal molder coming out
19989s from Ian the Tessa V1 also connecting
19991s onto the monk he doesn't have that
19993s ultimate to be able to try and ey frame
19995s the te connection and as a result BBE
19999s will be able to come in with one and two
20001s kills shortly afterwards and that is the
20004s danger of the monk composition Jake one
20006s ultimates are not in play unfortunately
20009s it's so easy to run you
20011s down absolutely they are going to get
20013s themselves completely obliterated here
20015s Sleep Walker coming in with freezes just
20017s doing so much work for his team fat milk
20020s is going to actually come in used to
20021s kill himself that one kill a little turn
20024s around here I pops the ultimate just to
20026s get the T charm off chasing up B has
20030s found himself caught out by the charm
20033s but this should just be I been in some
20036s danger although they have got the the
20038s numbers Advantage still so feeling
20039s pretty comfortable keep the pressure up
20042s out comes the Wen portal BB decides this
20045s getting a little bit too hot they're
20047s going to peel out
20049s well JL now revived going to be up and
20053s running once
20055s more after this I mean do they try and
20058s go s not s Al ROV yangang they managed
20061s to to get all of their loot back because
20063s of the the third party coming through so
20066s that is two sets of purple armor I do
20067s believe picked up for this team yangs
20070s are around J pretty close to one if they
20072s do decide to try and and start pushing
20074s towards it problem for them is that
20076s they'll have to run through two two
20078s teams wbg and one team I think around
20083s them DG yeah DG so for the monk
20086s especially like you don't want to be
20088s forced on utilizing your ultimate on
20090s rotation and it looks actually like wbg
20093s attention has been drawn away from the
20095s ramble G and occupied by drg that's over
20098s towards jdg we're going to see a fight
20100s breaking out from them and e as ptic
20104s just go so incredibly low there's the W
20106s and teleport was WG is not able to grab
20109s the armor upgrade I think he was before
20111s the W and teleport came through and
20113s carried that can out as they're inside
20115s the Zone JL and drg have now spotted
20119s themselves out wbg and DG and JL all in
20123s this area trying to fight through T does
20125s have that ultimate vbv actually kicking
20128s things off with the justtina ultimate
20129s himself since he can cancel it early and
20131s retain some of the rage and it looks
20133s like they're not taking a full 3v3
20135s instead it's very much just catching a
20137s straggler
20138s out one of the players a little bit
20140s further away from wbg since they got
20142s split between JL and do and as a result
20146s you use the ultimate that can be
20147s cancelled and keep some of its rage as
20149s opposed to the problem with the monk
20151s ultimate that we mentioned earlier when
20152s you use it and you have to cancel out
20154s early you lose all of that rage as
20156s opposed to holding on to a small
20158s percentage of it absolutely well into
20160s the realm of Yang we move oeg and fpx be
20164s going up Toe to Toe versus each other SS
20166s just going to get himself nice and aial
20169s for this one he going to lose a little
20171s bit of Health nothing too major
20173s everyone's just kind of playing that
20174s chicken on who pops ultimate first who
20176s pop big spell first facing forward to
20178s see if they can interrupt with the yo F
20180s they do actually get a lot onto in he's
20182s just being juggled around SS's health
20184s bar is
20186s obliterated what the hell happened there
20189s svx melted them down and that was just
20194s so one-sided so the reason it was
20197s one-sided Aurora burst Aurora Burst when
20200s you get hit into it it has a silence
20201s effect so unfortunately the second that
20204s you get hit by that you do not have
20206s ultimates that you can use to be able to
20208s buy yourself the spacing and you saw the
20209s Yodo like the second that the SS was
20211s gone he tries to throw the F2 the
20213s problem is the follow up from the Aurora
20214s bu was the teor ultimate so they got
20217s bounced up into the air by Aurora bu
20219s directly into all of the followup from
20221s the teor ultimate and as a result even
20223s when you get the ability to be able to
20225s use your abilities again it's just not
20227s enough to be able to save your
20229s team J going to be able to grab himself
20232s maybe a kill here onto the RG the freeze
20235s comes in as well keep them in the zone
20238s in that freeze in the damage that goes
20241s FX WF wzf God the names are so annoying
20246s WFC WFC thank you brain fart that's okay
20251s we can move on to that and we can talk
20252s about the fact that JL are currently on
20256s seven kills yeah surprising they have
20259s found PB BBE who are also doing very
20262s very well for themselves J te with the
20263s white Target prow going to be utilizing
20265s that as much as possible as txj goes
20267s down vbv maybe next up on the menu and
20270s suddenly BBE they have just started to
20273s find their
20274s Tempo BBV avoiding and evading can they
20278s make the miracle happen not when you get
20280s parried in the zone down they go fat
20282s milk with the fan calls him off and
20285s there is only one member of J oh sorry
20287s no
20289s they're eliminated it's JT with the
20290s white tigers my bad yeah but I mean
20293s seven kills in a lobby with a
20294s composition that you kind of had to
20296s panic pick honestly if you're J up
20298s you're happy with that as so we're going
20300s to see the lmb into Dreadful whale
20303s confirmation coming on out for p ewg is
20306s 9 is's going to get the grapple onto
20308s JD's PP following it up with the
20310s horizontal unfortunately for him he gets
20312s grapple bump so he's not able to avoid
20314s the Tessa V1 but his health but is large
20317s enough that he will be able to live the
20319s follow up and once that stun connection
20321s has been removed he can come back in and
20324s find the damage necessary to win the One
20326s V one jg's k will be able to drop one of
20329s the fs to get a little bit of Shield
20330s reset unfortunately he gets caught by
20332s the ultra whisp called into position and
20334s ewg will finish him off in a very fast
20338s fashion yeah that was a nice little pick
20340s there from ewg eight kills in they need
20342s this as well a pretty rough day for them
20345s below that red line J
20348s just finished today below the red line
20351s so they're going to have to do some
20353s serious work on Friday to get themselves
20356s into a more comfortable position going
20357s forwards just quickly heading back into
20360s the zone to see if there was any goodies
20362s up for grabs and the K got
20364s dropped 17 minutes left in the lobby 22
20367s players and eight teams left remaining
20371s we do still have ug with the debuff on
20373s two of their
20374s players so wait yeah
20378s yeah so they must have found a random
20380s Caren cuz they haven't got any
20382s kills huh interesting yeah the one of
20385s all of the kills calling in this Lobby
20386s is BBE they have 12 yeah BB are
20389s absolutely killing it quite literally
20392s having a very very good game for thems
20394s right now and uh right now it looks like
20397s fbx and ug have found each other out
20399s king just holding up in the sky waiting
20401s for opportunity to come down Thro down
20402s the mech actually the pillar doesn't
20404s quite get the placement perfect is able
20406s to open up the Xiao though who losing so
20408s much HP luckily the karumi ult comes in
20411s refreshes some armor but it's not going
20413s to do much as you got everybody pounding
20416s down on you the king quick flicks back
20417s with the F has still got that me pillar
20420s to work and jump into if they need to SS
20422s actually losing a lot of HP here they're
20424s going to Mech up see if they can buy
20426s some space for their team as dongqing
20428s now just finding himself going to get
20430s absolutely assaulted by the damage from
20433s this uh from the King but it's not
20435s actually able to really find an opening
20437s is the bom of Transformers in these uh
20440s in these Titan it zones is easy to
20445s evade fbx griefing the potential revive
20449s from OG by dropping the fire cage
20451s directly over the canel xaho and SS
20454s might actually time out on that
20457s one yeah they're about to go down
20460s permanently can they touch they just
20462s need to
20464s touch I don't think this is going to
20466s happen oh good shot actually
20468s yeah gets the kill like the king gets
20471s the kill but unfortunately for him it's
20473s too late the fire kage zones him away
20475s from being able to pick up his teammates
20477s jinu and SS in the fight bleed out he
20480s has the money he has the money that's
20482s the key thing he just needs to find them
20483s okay there's no that's DG oh there it is
20487s okay on the soul alter he's about to run
20489s oh no run the know you know this
20492s Simpsons meme where like grandpa just
20494s walks in through the door see thought
20496s and turns around immediately that
20498s unfortunately is UG and unfortunately
20500s for him even worse his Mech is right
20503s inside a room where if he jumps into it
20505s he's not going to be able to get out
20507s because the mech just can't go through
20508s the door frame he just has to go into
20511s celestra and try and run Do's Moonlight
20513s has spotted out the state that the fer
20515s is in pops the juser ultimate and tries
20517s to hunt him down the good news for OG
20520s the king is that this is celestra and
20522s this place is a staple of being able to
20524s just break the ankles and get out of the
20526s chase um we'll have to wait and see
20528s keeping on the kill feed whether or not
20530s he is able to live this one no he's not
20532s D finds
20537s him coming from BB's Ivan Wen Port
20541s actually in the middle of a r of Yang
20543s yet again Phantom step on ewg's 9 is
20546s going to make that Viper ultim from even
20548s harder to land as Ian froze out the test
20551s of V1 catches one catches two utilizes
20554s the F1 to be able to knock the players
20555s back from interacting with the ER but
20556s nine is still a to get on top of it and
20559s interact with it in time Dreadful whale
20561s comes on through Ian with the windout
20563s throws it onto the back of the teada to
20564s be able to try and peel for his low
20566s Health player roit incredibly low but
20570s gets so much zoning created from him by
20572s the rest of this team wind spite just
20574s thrown out on repeat ewg is just taking
20578s so much damage from the wind spite in
20580s fact so much rage has been generated
20582s from this that they'll be able to come
20584s back in with the Tess ultimate the V1
20586s stun catches on to the players sedated s
20589s is proed from the zip Tessa F1 by the
20592s spacing open fro up yet another win SP
20595s con onto another player of
20597s ewg and Ivan With the Wind spout sing
20601s well I say single-handedly no I'm to my
20605s goodness that was 75% of the fight won
20608s by that fan Soldier I'm going to say
20611s genuinely I've been getting countered
20613s and having to switch into the fan was
20614s the best thing that ever happened to
20615s them like that Parry forcing them to Dro
20617s I think they had a katana I don't
20619s actually I couldn't see what they were
20620s using at the time but picking up the fan
20622s so so big drg they may have griefed um
20627s wbg I can't remember who they grief now
20629s I think it wbg doesn't matter not going
20632s to do much about that because they are
20633s losing a player off the back of this one
20635s I bin and the rest of uh BBE very very
20639s strong right now J team are able to
20641s respawn with the debuff on so they need
20644s to make this happen pretty quick got two
20646s uh three and a half minutes oh they've
20647s got a B scr at least so they'll be able
20650s to zero in on one specific team's
20652s location uh it's BBE that is worst case
20655s scenario oh that is very much worst case
20658s they got and are just gig stack all and
20663s the fact that they went into real of
20664s Yang won it as well like when you win or
20667s lose real of Yang your ultimates get
20669s refreshed right so for every hero that
20671s means that they get to use it once but
20673s Ted that means you get two ultimates
20674s immediately give wrapped for you so Ian
20677s is going to be very happy as we can have
20679s a look at a replay for another R of yank
20681s that we didn't follow along with this is
20683s a te going head to-head with J team
20685s which unfortunately we already know J
20687s team are going to lose karumi comes on
20690s through Han getting the damage reduction
20692s so if this is another wins fight
20695s situation I'm going to lose it but it's
20698s not H's just got a blue fan trying to
20700s play off of karumi ultimate into karumi
20702s ultimate tal is both going to throw in
20704s the F to be able to keep the elemental
20706s Circle and you can see as a result the
20708s stamina is just going incredibly slower
20710s in terms of regenerating asan with a
20713s huge F and shove connects on to so many
20715s players from J team follows it up with
20717s the RMB on that fan charges it throws it
20720s right back up Scoops them all through at
20723s max range after the fur and shelf knocks
20725s them back does not give them the chance
20727s to play counter and uh it is going to be
20731s J team immediately getting spotted out
20732s by BBE cuz in the interim Jake they've
20735s got one minute left on that y de and
20737s they have not taken a fight they got ewg
20740s now jumping on top of them so this could
20742s potentially be a blessing or a curse but
20743s they need to take a fight the problem is
20744s is BBE are in the area so third party
20748s very likely getting the clang off onto
20750s 99 losing a lot of armor pops the
20752s ultimate just to keep himself alive in
20753s comes the sandstorm can they get the
20755s damage on nine trying to back away has
20758s actually been disarmed right now lucking
20760s on an item gets himself an aerial clang
20762s off there just keeping the pressure onto
20764s lxy who also is forced to use their own
20766s ultimate JT for n Nine's H far very very
20770s low but he's got that te from well he's
20772s got the healing from the karumi just
20773s keeping his armor pop up charms coming
20776s in from lean in comes the side of
20778s Alliance for the third party J team they
20780s need this to go right for them but it's
20782s going also wrong with the third party
20784s Revenge taking down x l y now looking
20788s for another member as it's actually
20789s going to be BBE also coming in everybody
20792s is is here fat milk again with a fan
20795s just doing so much work the portals out
20797s they cannot hang about any longer
20799s they're all going to be backing off but
20801s everybody collapsing in on to Alliance
20804s as this is getting really hairy really
20806s fast Rishi chasing forward they've got
20808s themselves a potential te coming in from
20811s the lock down of the Viper nine gets
20814s teed gets caught gets CAU out and loses
20816s so much HP but they do a lot of damage
20817s to Rishi in the middle of all of this as
20819s well so it's not completely one side
20821s it's not completely done down go Shi
20823s teleport out the safety they you to get
20824s the pick up out and head away 10 players
20828s left in this game I think Ian actually
20831s lost the fan uh he threw a blue focus
20833s into ewg's n when the F was active oh
20838s and yeah I'm pretty sure the fan that n
20840s is is using currently might actually be
20842s iin cuz he had to swap
20844s weapon uh and that was probably another
20847s reason why they they went for the the
20849s reg TP away cuz they needed they didn't
20850s have wi spite to be able to create all
20852s of that zoning potential and catch onto
20854s the backs of ewg who are very whereare
20857s of the sades that
20859s PP cuz I mean wi fite killed like three
20862s of them in the realm of Yang fight as
20866s unfortunately it was Alliance like they
20869s thought that they were coming in for the
20870s third party but BBE had actually scouted
20872s that a fight was going on I think Ian
20875s showed up it was like Ian or Ro when the
20877s fight was going on uh one of them showed
20880s up saw that there was uh players taking
20883s a fight backed on off waited for his
20885s team to be able to join him and then
20887s they all end after Alliance said had
20889s already made their first move yeah so
20892s they had the better fight and it goes a
20893s little bit wor when they try and Chase
20895s and
20895s ewg after that as we're going to have to
20898s see whether or not Ian has been able to
20900s find a fan or whether unfortunately he's
20904s had to swap soulj load out I could have
20907s given it to fat milk to be
20909s fair te looks like they just had highway
20913s robbery they they make off with the
20915s moris blessing the legendary armor that
20916s was inside it for free entirely
20920s uncontested as everyone else is on the
20922s other side of the map all drawn in by
20924s the teams that were forced to fight
20926s because they had yank depletion and I
20927s mean speaking about forced to fight
20929s that's something that we get to look
20930s forward to and by weekly three because
20931s that's when we get the sbl two minute
20934s timers so all of these teams who lose
20937s raml Yang like they're going to have to
20939s just keep the aggression going and
20940s you're going to see scenarios like the
20942s one ewg find themselves in where it's
20944s not just the team that they're fighting
20945s that they have to worry about it's
20947s everyone in the string area piling in
20949s and taking advantage knowing that these
20951s teams have to overcommit in fights early
20954s on to try and close them out before a
20955s third party takes advantage of them I'm
20958s going to be really interested to see how
20961s many people how many teams just decide
20962s not to do R yangs anymore after this
20965s yeah true very interesting cuz it it's
20967s almost like an an added layer of risk
20969s cuz there is already the risk um I think
20973s the teams are not going to worry that
20975s much about it I actually think they're
20976s still going to go
20978s in I'm pretty pretty certain of that one
20981s right now just having a look at the
20982s scores uh BBE 16 kills for themsel they
20986s are closing in on a 20 bomb uh although
20989s there's only nine players left so it's
20991s it's a bit of work to do actually secure
20993s that 20 bomb still 7 minutes left on the
20996s lobby so moving at a very very
20997s tremendous Pace right now
20999s ewg just uh playing off in the distance
21002s as I've been trying to land a couple of
21004s shots onto nine see if they can open up
21007s onto
21008s ewg just making those making those shots
21011s from a distance n is actually losing a
21012s little bit of armor not too really too
21014s much health here say that actually
21016s starts to tick down just a little bit
21018s more BB not willing to full commit to
21021s these fights yeah they're just zoning
21023s ewg so they get the moris bling that's B
21025s to spawn on top of
21027s them they are the only team currently
21029s running Viper as well so it's going to
21031s be very easy to to pick them out uh once
21035s they burn through their ultimate they do
21037s have the W chance to be able to use the
21038s wind walls but WG do have the tul and
21042s tul in the past has been called box
21043s composition because you used to just be
21045s able to drop tal ultimate on top of mar
21048s blasing and you'd be able to pick that
21049s one up commitment and it is going to be
21051s the commitment of the tal ultimate ewg's
21054s 9 comes in with the Cavalry Bloom will
21057s be able to interact with the soul ear
21059s but having to interact with that forces
21062s bve into using the Witch and TP and just
21064s immediately about turning un for them
21067s because they got taken up into the fight
21069s against ewg they've lost the positioning
21071s to be able to control the moris blessing
21073s unfortunately for ewg however they had
21075s to burn the small ultimate to make sure
21077s they didn't get third parted when BBE
21078s pressured them and as a result that
21080s Morris blessing is unpicked as the
21083s Baines ref comes through and the teams
21085s that didn't decide to put themselves
21087s towards the outer edges of the zone now
21089s face going into the additional AOE
21091s damage wg's 9 comes on in with the to
21094s Ultimate into the Cavalry balloom that
21095s we saw him tease in the fight prior
21098s Viper V3 comes on out from Ro shisha the
21100s 40% damage reduction as well as V's grip
21103s allowing him to live and hold on to his
21106s weapon when he gets parried
21108s unfortunately he doesn't have the 40%
21110s damage reduction now and it's going to
21111s be te coming in with the third party to
21114s cater ultimate from hand into Dragon
21115s like might with those halberts SM
21118s ultimate invested as well to make it
21119s even harder for ewg to be able to escape
21122s and disengage the te can full push back
21125s on through that's going to be the
21127s Defiance picked on out for
21129s ewg so DED Soul has been proed and burnt
21133s out and immediately dealt with is BBE it
21137s is the third party coming through from
21139s te that saves the team and somehow they
21142s were able to pick up Ro [ __ ] in the
21143s downtown as well absolutely huge pick up
21147s there for them but I'll keeping our eyes
21149s on to BBE who unfortunately I know
21153s fortunately do have all their teams I
21155s thought that was one got the TP onto
21157s Ro's body when T parted onto
21160s ewg seven players left six of which are
21164s here so this could get really hairy
21167s really quickly looking to open up into
21169s the fight immediately charm comes down
21171s on to Han Han's going to find himself
21173s getting in danger unless that gets
21174s touched in a second but no caught out
21176s are they going to open up forcing him
21178s with his back to the Zone he props the
21179s ultimate get a load of damage down onto
21181s iin catching him out with his Hal doing
21184s so much work but he is Po down he goes
21187s Roy now putting up a little bit more
21189s pressure can he actually find an opening
21191s an opportunity to finish up lyd here
21194s looks like the answer to that is going
21195s to be yes he actually does turn it
21197s attention towards him as lyd taken down
21199s that's going to be night kill number 19
21201s this could be a 20 bomb around the day
21203s out for BB E2 wins back to back if
21207s they're going to be able to put the the
21208s final nail in the coffin ewg with 14
21210s kills trying to sweep it out from
21212s underneath them a couple more up for
21214s grass but it's going to be so hard to do
21216s so 14 gets himself a knock back onto one
21218s trying to find the whis is able to
21220s actually open up onto iin here but the
21223s fans here down they go this should just
21225s be an easy close out as BBE close out
21228s with their final win of the day two wins
21230s back to back as well huge day for BBE 20
21232s bomb 20 bomb picked out from them and
21235s even in the the three versus one like
21238s they don't get overconfident you can see
21241s in how they're taking the fight against
21242s the tul uh in how especially with like
21245s the long SWOT they have Fenix they have
21246s Hapa but they throw the Phoenix out to
21248s the side so that it doesn't have the
21250s potential to get parried and then commit
21253s the HEPA afterwards to be able to to
21255s lock her small st and into place when
21257s you ear the golden Focus as opposed to
21259s it being just like instantly parried and
21261s turned on your two teammates really good
21263s job coming through from BBE playing like
21266s absolutely perfectly there was a little
21267s bit of a hiccup where they took the
21269s fight against ewg for contest over that
21272s Morris blessing uh and both teams did
21274s commit ultimates BBE they knew even if
21278s they like lost a player uh or got in a
21281s little bit of hot water they still had
21282s the Wen TP and it was better that they
21285s boned it then when there was still room
21287s to maneuver after the TP has gone out as
21291s opposed to when the zone is entirely
21292s closed up and when you have to TP all
21294s you can do is TP at low health or even
21297s with a dead player directly on top of
21299s another team especially when there's
21300s things like in the lobby they're just
21301s going to look to see where you land hit
21304s you up with the fur and shove and just
21305s immediately follow up into a combo
21307s extension yeah absolutely BB just played
21310s that so well I I'm loving seeing the fan
21313s like the fan I remember seeing it when
21315s it first got teased I was like a this
21316s especially with that Soul Jade it's
21318s going to be really really nasty and BB
21321s just I mean so many teams look so so
21323s good with it but BBE they that that that
21325s Roman Yang where they perfectly just
21328s kept Roy shishi alive with just spacing
21330s and using using the fan as like an
21332s interrupt so they can never get that
21334s final hit that final bit of damage onto
21336s Shi absolutely huge really really big
21339s game coming in from the side of BB
21341s played that fantastically well and
21343s honestly they've been a bit
21344s disappointing at the beginning of the
21346s day they had like one okay game and then
21348s like games five and six they were just
21351s they were everything they needed really
21353s really big one I should secure them
21354s second at least for now we'll see if
21356s anybody can upset them on day number two
21359s but I feel like a lot of the teams who
21360s are remotely close they're going to have
21362s to have a very very good day if they
21363s want to beat them out and take that
21365s second space from the side of BBE
21367s absolutely hugee game and huge day for
21370s them yeah like we said BBE are a team
21373s that really impressed us on job the fact
21375s that Roy shusher can do both solos and
21377s trios and be incredibly good at both as
21380s well like there's no detriment for him
21381s like taking time out of potentially
21383s Trio's practice to to go for solo
21385s practice like it really does not show in
21388s his gameplay he's also been around the
21389s nisene for a very long time he was he
21392s was at uh both the J Cup last year in
21396s December and the year before where he
21398s had an absolute Mammoth game I'm sure
21401s everyone remembers in his triers game he
21403s was the monk who was able to one versus
21405s three an entire team uh yes they they
21409s did try and and push into him when he
21411s was moned up and he managed to get a
21413s double grab off of the back of it but
21415s still absolute solid gameplay coming
21417s through from him but like you said I
21418s been with that fan with that Wild win
21421s fight absolute MVP for me it has to be
21425s there can be no other option he was
21426s doing so much damage he was creating so
21428s many just like space opportunities for
21431s his team with a composition that
21432s traditionally does not do well inside
21434s the ram of yangang they were able to
21436s find those moments they were able to
21437s sort of utilize wild wind fites as a
21440s miniature pseudo toer ultimate almost
21444s where you use the win by thrs in place
21447s of the fur and shelves is like you said
21449s there it is 20 bomb has been acquired
21451s for BBE putting their score up to a 32
21455s game score off of the back of an
21457s incredibly in explosive uh game number
21460s five so they are most likely going to be
21463s cementing their position in second place
21466s just after ug in terms of overall
21469s standing so far but like it's also crazy
21471s when you think about it cuz like this is
21473s a 20 bomb from BBU but ewg got 14 kills
21476s there as well te got nine Alliance got
21478s nine JL got seven like there are people
21480s putting a lot of points on the board and
21484s that's a longside of 20 bomb cuz
21485s normally when you have like a team score
21487s a lot they kind of vacuum all of the
21489s kills up in the game they vacuum a lot
21491s of the points up but like that is just
21493s not the case anymore like more and more
21494s people are getting the kills cuz part
21496s because you got you've got well it's
21498s that but it's also obviously people are
21500s more willing to fight early so get the
21503s Rives off that everybody especially now
21505s that there's an additional real of Yang
21507s means there's like what three teams with
21510s uh Vermillion birds mate so three teams
21512s who have another revive after revives
21514s come out a lot of people are putting
21516s more is on rebirth charms and using and
21519s utilizing those so you're seeing like um
21521s coins per minute and stuff like that as
21523s their as their runes so we star to see
21525s more and more people have use the revive
21527s mechanics within the game to keep
21529s themselves going it it's super fun to
21531s see I'm really enjoying it and here we
21533s are seeing the individual stats a pretty
21535s even spread as far as the damage goes
21537s and the standing's going to be pretty
21539s interesting to see JL moved up one spot
21541s into 14th uh jdg in 17th so they have
21545s some work themselves to do going forward
21547s so everybody on this bottom end we will
21549s see on Friday next week they have a lot
21551s of work to do they have a serious amount
21553s of work to do if they're going to make
21555s it into those bi-weekly finals uh I
21557s think this side a little bit
21558s uninteresting this is where it starts to
21560s get interesting this is where we start
21561s to see some of the teams who are going
21563s to be playing next week and contesting
21566s some of these teams contesting top spots
21568s some of these teams will just be
21569s fighting for their lives to hang on for
21570s that that that um above the 12th Mark or
21574s above 13th Mark and fpx is is going to
21577s find themselves yes yes fpx are right
21581s now fbx are the hard line right you need
21584s to get 71.9 points if you want to
21586s qualify into that top 13 like that is
21589s the hard Line in the Sand cuz they are
21591s going to be sliding down rapidly over
21593s the over Friday but BBE taking second ug
21597s right now locking thems at 29.2 points
21600s for the bi-weekly final they're going to
21602s have a hell of a lot of points to take
21603s into those bi-weekly finals it is going
21605s to be it could be a quick one honestly
21607s if they play like they play today it
21609s could be a quick one yeah it it could be
21611s it's all over uh by game fre like I
21614s wouldn't be surprised apparently when
21616s they were running scrims in solos
21617s actually Mike won in three
21620s games really yeah which is the reason
21623s why Fang like all in uh on counter
21626s picking and counter dropping onto Mike
21628s when they actually ran by weekly finals
21630s one solos yeah cuz he knew that if he
21632s left Mike alone he would literally just
21634s like the day would be gone
21637s and finished halfway through but not
21639s even that as we can have a look and see
21641s exactly how this game went down jlt XJ
21644s there with the monk scash from ceiling
21647s finding the connection onto drg pting a
21650s composition that as we talked about it
21652s was a composition they didn't want to
21654s run it was a composition that hand got
21655s forced into running because of their uh
21658s hero points that they had available to
21660s them but they managed to pick up seven
21661s kills off of the back of it so not all
21663s that bad for them in the long run as we
21666s get to see BB e with Ivan on that fan
21670s just doing so much work that was before
21673s the realm of Yang and just on repeat
21675s wind spouts coming on through as LD
21678s comes on out with the dragons Ro R here
21681s with the Viper V3 finding all of the
21683s silence connections onto all of the
21685s players around them this is time BB were
21687s able to dispatch the last remaining
21689s player of ewg and there it is it's going
21692s to be the Tessa picking up MVP I thought
21695s maybe it might go to the Wen considering
21698s he had 30, plus healing but no it is Mr
21701s Ian and take a look at the
21704s 15,000 damage on that fan no surprises
21709s the reason why you do not see Wild winds
21711s spout on his load out is because it got
21714s grabbed out of him by a teada about four
21717s fights before second last Zone claps and
21719s he had to immediately pivot to a
21721s different load out
21723s entirely that photo by the way I love it
21727s to me it just looks like he's like if
21729s you mess with my Tesla I'll fight you
21731s he's ready to throw hands he was
21733s throwing fans in the last to be fair
21735s absolutely amazing performance from iin
21738s really really solid performance 15,000
21740s damage with a fan huge huge game um I
21744s mean BB what a recovery because honestly
21747s they were disappointing for a lot a lot
21748s of this day but bounce back hard I am
21753s also just very very uh excited to see
21757s the um see the side of like how JL are
21760s going to Fair how GG are going to Fair
21762s as well because obviously we haven't
21763s seen GG today uh and they're the guys
21765s who I really have my eyes on uh as like
21767s another Contender towards the top end of
21769s the table it's it's going to be a good
21771s day it's like Friday is going to be a
21773s sick day more trios action obviously we
21775s got more on Thursday as well solos but I
21777s never get to watch solo so it's trios me
21780s I'm a trios guy I mean G are probably
21783s happy that they didn't play today cuz a
21785s lot of the final zones that we have
21786s didn't include ballista like G are one
21788s of the teams in solos if a player is
21791s using ballista 100% it sure in trios if
21794s if a player was using ballista like 75%
21797s of the time it is GG and we only really
21800s had one uh game on moris a where
21803s ballista started coming into contention
21806s and it did get used to to sort of like
21808s oppress a lot of those teams around them
21809s and force out a lot of those abilities
21811s and resources and that was actually the
21813s one that BBE won that was game number
21815s five they were able to depry off of all
21816s of the resources that the ballista
21818s damage had been able to take uh but I do
21822s believe we're going to be taking our way
21823s to an
21828s interview but not just now okay bold the
21833s anticipation to see who exactly Leah is
21836s going to be standing next we've already
21838s had wolf zedk Jak is that any player
21840s that you would hope to get to see on the
21841s interview block I hope it's a BB player
21843s person yeah I've been right it's got to
21845s be the guy guy looked so so good that
21848s last game honestly iin really really
21849s impressed me I know there's a lot of
21851s hyper around shishi obviously very very
21854s kind of storied player at this point two
21856s uh J cups under their belt both of which
21859s looked absolutely amazing in both of the
21861s uh the J cups they played in um but
21863s coming into like this series and and
21866s like just this this year the rest of BB
21870s also had their ability to shine and iin
21872s has been one of them who to me really
21874s really shin
21878s H everyone welcome to the post game
21879s interview and this is Leah translating
21881s so first like our
21895s guest so after today's six
21899s game how do you think about today's game
21904s L uh
21910s actually I'm not ner at
21913s all so today we can see group a and
21916s Group C game is really good really
21920s wonderful so compare with the last week
21922s game how do you think about this
21930s week I think we are like one game
21933s aggressively and one game stably
21938s so so far T is really in a good shape so
21942s we are quite curious
21944s about how do you think your team
21947s coroporation so
21948s far still have space to
21959s improve so last by week a little bit for
21964s so how do you think about like
21974s I think our Target if is only like want
21977s to get into the final is not enough we
21979s want to get
21985s more we are looking forward
21989s [Music]
21993s for so how do you think about today's
21995s game
21998s [Music]
22006s now I think we had a good gr
22011s today yes of course all of us can see B
22015s have a really good shape
22017s today so also we want to know how did
22020s you like adjust your
22025s shape foree
22057s I think compared with the Jacobs and the
22059s last week we think is a little bit slow
22063s about the steps so we like think more
22066s after the last by weekly final so we
22068s want to do better this
22082s week also I know all the
22087s want to learn a little Chinese this time
22089s so could you please LD like maybe teach
22109s or
22112s like like how will you say when you want
22115s like sharing up for your
22117s teammate teach him some several
22146s so I hope all the team all the players
22148s can like break the break The Challenge
22151s on this stage and all good luck for you
22155s for the weekly
22160s fin that's all for the interview
22162s everyone bye-bye
22167s [Music]
22181s there we are hello and welcome back
22184s honestly first of all big shout out to
22185s Leah like insane when you got three
22188s languages flying around and she's done
22189s translating for us uh backstage that's
22192s that's a skill man that like that makes
22194s all of us look pretty talentless let's
22196s be
22197s real huge huge uh game and day coming in
22200s from BBE really really enjoying that but
22202s before we can talk a little bit more
22204s about everything in the interview let's
22205s bring up the question let's see what uh
22207s is going on how many scores did tbbe get
22211s in the standing so what was say score at
22212s the end of the day uh is it a 142. 7 B
22218s 154.000 C 16.8 or
22223s d64.9 ABC or D in twitch chat check your
22225s whisper boxes cuz that's where you'll be
22227s getting all your goodies uh good luck I
22230s can't remember I've had a brain
22232s fart we already shown it I I was just
22234s going to say I know we've sh it this is
22237s hard I'm just being an
22240s idiot this is your last chance as well
22243s of the day and of the week because the
22245s next time that we have mvpl it will be
22247s uh Thursday and it will be solos day
22250s three before we go into uh the next day
22253s of triers and then we head into those
22255s bi-weekly finals as well to get to see
22257s who exactly is going to be walking away
22258s with that title and then Jake we head
22261s into patch change we get a new patch
22264s coming through we get a model War
22266s changes coming through and uh hopefully
22268s we also get some correct answers in chat
22270s coming through as I I hope that they've
22274s picked a winner before we go all the way
22276s up you're going to have to wait a couple
22278s of uh numbers that we climb through
22280s because BBE are not sitting at 18th nor
22284s 13th they are all the way towards the
22286s top of the leaderboard and unfortunately
22288s for some of these teams who are in this
22290s position they're going to have to do
22292s incredibly well on day three if they
22293s want to be able to make it into the the
22295s top 12 and have any chance of graduating
22297s into the bi-weekly finals absolutely it
22301s it's it's so crazy how quick nraa moves
22303s like I swear the season just flies by
22306s the fact that we're like you know next
22308s week is the second bi-weekly finals that
22310s means we're four weeks in at that point
22313s just like I swear we only started it
22314s last week I I'm convinced I'm convinced
22317s the season started last week yeah know
22319s we're almost well halfway for regulars
22322s we still have lcq we still have
22323s pre-finals and Grand finals but we
22326s halfway a regular
22328s week absolutely crazy that that is
22331s absolutely crazy um I'm so excited to
22334s see how playoffs and everything goes I I
22337s mean we still got a way to go till then
22338s and I'm sure things will evolve I will
22341s be surprised if ug aren't more contested
22344s towards the end I'm not going to say
22346s that they've been like the throne from
22347s the top because these guys look
22348s terrifying at the top right now but I
22350s would be surprised to see if no one is
22353s able to kind of go Toe to Toe with them
22355s uh towards the end and I mean to be fair
22357s BBE they're a close shot yeah and I mean
22360s the the the first bi-weekly finals the
22362s one that OG actually ended up winning
22364s they weren't the first team that
22365s actually uh hit the the match cap they
22369s they had to to actually contest a lot of
22371s other teams who were able to like B xcg
22375s all of them were were able to to hit it
22377s a lot faster than some of the other
22378s teams and for OU like it did take them a
22381s little bit longer and it also took a lot
22384s of grieving from K and wolves jumping on
22387s on teams like GG uh and xcg to make sure
22390s that their early games of the day did
22392s not go well and that allowed ug to be
22395s able to to build the temper to hit into
22397s the 74 and then walk away with MVP
22400s alongside wbg spider was in a very
22403s similar situation Mike and orano hit
22406s Match Point eligibility before spider
22408s and they got griefed like specifically
22411s getting targeted by drg's Fang uh and as
22415s result spider was able to to make up
22417s backto back MVPs and walk away with the
22419s win overall but we can have a look and
22421s see as we talked about the next
22423s iteration of nvpl it's not going to be
22425s tomorrow it is going to be the 18th of
22428s April it is going to be Thursday and we
22430s will be having a and C oh time is flying
22436s too quick how are we halfway through
22438s April already unbelievable I can't
22440s believe we're halfway through the
22441s regular split as
22443s well time is Time's moving too quick I
22445s don't know if this is just me but crazy
22448s what what a timeline we're on but a fun
22450s one it's I'm very excited for next week
22453s um excited to see you know first of all
22455s how solos is going to go not that I've
22456s really been that up to date with it but
22458s for me the trios i' I'm so invested in
22461s these trios right now I think it's one
22464s of the most fun ones in the sense where
22465s like a lot of the teams are very capable
22468s there's a lot of very very good teams
22470s and obviously OG still somehow are
22472s shining above everybody else it's crazy
22474s to me but they're doing that great
22476s considering how good everyone else is
22478s that's not a slight ug that's that's if
22480s anything a a a compliment to them in the
22483s sense where like they are playing this
22485s well when everybody in the lobby is just
22488s like unbelievably Peak right now it's
22490s it's making some really really fun games
22493s and I'm excited I'm excited to see how
22495s the meta develops as well once bi-weekly
22498s 3 kicks off the fact that you can now
22500s like buy armor things are going to
22502s change around a whole bunch have some
22504s number changes as well I'd be really
22506s interested to see what that's going to
22508s look like I pray this doesn't mean a
22509s return to the monk uh I don't really
22511s foresee that because I feel like buying
22513s armor isn't why Monk's weak I think the
22515s reason Monk's weak is cuz the comps
22516s don't beat well a lot of the comps can
22518s handle him um yeah I'm I'm just I'm just
22522s excited to get get into it and see see
22524s how see how next week goes and I think
22527s there's a bunch of teams who have a lot
22528s to do next week cuz that Friday that
22531s Friday is going to be sweaty as hell for
22532s some of these teams mhm 100% especially
22535s since again like towards the second half
22537s of the day we have all of the Firefly
22539s Maps so it's like you kind of have to to
22541s sort of save up the hero points to be
22543s able to spend and splurge on the Heroes
22546s that you actually want when fireflies
22548s come into the mix because those are the
22550s lobbies where you're going to be able to
22551s get the most amount of kills
22553s unfortunately if you want to see those
22554s lobbies you're going to have to wait a
22556s little bit of time because that I do
22558s believe is mine and Jake's time up today
22561s it has been an absolute pleasure to get
22563s to see all of the action on TR super
22565s super happy as well to get to see some
22566s of the overseas teams that came in Frost
22569s ofus getting his first MVP in solos BBE
22572s picking up three MVPs so far in their
22575s days of play as well doing incredibly
22578s good work for them to come through
22579s really going to show that a lot of Nora
22581s Esports while yes it is for the most
22583s part developed inside CN is starting to
22586s Branch off into the outer parts of the
22588s world as well so that just makes me all
22590s the more excited the jup at the end of
22593s the season which is obviously what we're
22594s working towards unfortunately we'll
22596s catch you all in the next week take care
22599s everybody bye-bye bye
22623s [Music]
22654s your
22656s you wante
22659s [Music]
22667s [Music]
22687s [Music]
22693s [Music]
22696s for
22708s [Music]
22713s [Music]
22738s you fore
22758s [Music]
22764s [Music]
22766s spee
22768s [Music]
22774s fore
22783s for spee
22789s [Music]
22803s [Music]
22816s [Music]
22826s [Music]
22845s [Music]
22856s [Music]
22865s n