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2415s blade Point pro league I'm your host and
2418s your Caster the Rune keeper joining me
2420s as always is my main man my right hand
2422s man damier and let me tell you it feels
2425s good to be back you know I gotta I had
2428s to leave for a little bit this week I
2431s got to fly out to San Francisco and talk
2433s with the naraka team and man let me tell
2435s you the future of naraka looks very
2438s bright but you guys know I'm ready to be
2440s back and happy to be right here with my
2442s boy davier Caston the nbpl I mean you
2445s know I missed a lot this week I've been
2446s playing catch up looking at the games
2448s checking the stats and you know team te
2451s and uh of course J team on a tear two
2454s Titans at it again this week Dobby it's
2457s been a lot of Madness in the trio
2459s section because most of the time me and
2461s roon have really just been sitting in
2463s the solos like kind of having enjoying
2465s our 1v1s and our realm of yangs and
2467s really just enjoying that just modeling
2469s mono type of fighting but in trios it's
2472s been an entirely different change of
2474s pace it's been an entirely different set
2475s of aggression but at the same time with
2477s a new tank on the horizon it's also
2480s switched up the whole meta
2485s Jay in here the ability for the monk to
2488s just jump into the giant Mech build more
2490s rage and immediately Munk Up afterwards
2493s or vice versa you can go ahead and pop
2494s his ultimate uh run it down and then
2497s jump into the mac and start building
2498s rage while he has the defensiveness of
2501s the mech to cover that space has been
2503s huge for many many of these teams and
2506s then of course we also have to talk
2507s about zip and yang making her way into
2510s trios even when she was an absolute
2513s dominating Menace In solos during season
2516s two last year she was not played in
2519s trios it just didn't happen and then
2521s yesterday we saw Jay team play Z ping
2524s Yang and absolutely dominate a match in
2527s trios where they did almost 50k healing
2531s because of zipping yang
2533s yeah we um we here at naraka blade Point
2537s have a very interesting chat a very
2540s private one
2542s um as you may say between me uh roon and
2544s a few other uh casters and let's just
2547s say
2548s um the uh this this displacement of the
2552s amount of healing that has been
2553s portrayed by zaping
2556s um has been outstanding to watch here as
2558s I'm sitting with popcorn watching with
2560s gleefulness as both Jake and Moxie lose
2562s their minds okay absolutely goes out of
2566s their way to scream about it which I
2570s absolutely love and thoroughly cherish
2572s thank you rock I appreciate it
2574s um
2575s by the way while you was out in San Fran
2578s talking to the developers I also had a
2579s little bit of some fun on my own I had
2581s to get a chance to do a 1v1 against um
2583s one of the top in a monks uh one of our
2585s friends that we know it was actually my
2587s first time meeting him booby
2589s um which was a fantastic experience I
2592s actually did win around
2593s uh because there were four rounds of uh
2595s naraka that we were playing in one of
2597s those rounds I ended up winning and I
2598s actually won the game on my account on
2601s rank mind you is bronze but that doesn't
2603s matter secondly
2607s I got a cool jacket
2609s you did you got an excellent jacket but
2613s as much as I love to talk about booby
2614s the man the myth the legend the giant
2616s we're here to talk about these players
2618s here in the mbpl because we are jumping
2619s in to day two of trios here and our
2622s second bi-weekly of the season and man
2625s time flies we're already in our second
2628s bi-weekly and it just feels like things
2630s started yesterday Dobby you know I'm
2632s super excited to get in here I'm ready
2634s to watch these trio teams trios is my
2637s bread and butter don't get me wrong I
2638s love my solos but trios is where I get
2640s to see these comps come out I really get
2642s to see you know these teams coming
2644s together and having to use their heads
2646s really pick together these different
2648s comps that work well for them uh and
2651s kind of watch The Meta be shaped before
2653s our very eyes right you know we came in
2655s day one and we saw that Feria you know
2658s we talk a lot as casters behind the
2662s scenes about what kind of comps we
2664s expect to see especially coming into the
2666s season and Feria monk comp was one of
2669s those comps that we theorized was going
2671s to be very very popular and then almost
2672s immediate really out of the gate these
2674s teams prove us right bring it in here
2676s and absolutely start dominating KLA of
2679s course taking the first bi-weekly
2681s Championship here
2683s um by storm using that exact same uh
2687s composition and then of course now it's
2689s become meta many of these teams playing
2691s the same Euro comp here and then of
2693s course now we've seen uh J team start to
2696s Pioneer this Z ping and trios meta as
2699s well so I'd be very shocked if we didn't
2702s see a couple of teams running those
2704s z-pings into that decay to monk comp
2706s today as well oh absolutely it's it's
2709s definitely one of those things where 50
2712s absurd I mean we knew there was high
2714s tier
2715s um healing in a lot of these games
2716s especially in trios but I don't think
2718s we've really seen 50k let alone anything
2720s slightly under or above that at least
2723s often right so obviously seeing a 50k is
2725s absolutely massive look at that suit
2726s with the Roses I like that nice clean
2728s look as we're looking at all the teams
2730s here backstage getting ready to rock it
2732s in for six games of absolute Madness and
2735s Trio
2736s um
2737s just Madness coming in as uh we got of
2739s games one through six uh to a teams a
2742s through C here so it's a stacked list of
2744s teams here who have put in work now mind
2746s you this is my first time casting for
2747s trios this season a lot of the stuff
2749s that I've been casting so far has been
2750s nothing but solo so this is gonna be
2752s kind of a treat for me for myself to
2754s really kind of catch up on everything
2756s um in terms of how trios has been and
2757s obviously it's just like how you said we
2759s knew that when it came to fadia we knew
2762s the moment she was introduced into the
2763s game we knew she would shake up the
2765s entire meta and basically the maps in
2768s terms of how people have been playing so
2769s far and where they're expected to go
2771s who's gonna be playing them so we knew
2773s the popularity of Feria was going to
2775s take the game by storm but now
2777s with this new character that just came
2779s out
2781s um it's funny I'm I'm kind of hearing
2783s that akos isn't really all of all that
2785s much of a a threat when it comes to
2788s trios which has been kind of interesting
2789s because mainly you know obviously you
2792s have the two main
2793s um Transformers and obviously you have
2795s something of a Healer behind you to keep
2797s the game alive so it's understandable
2798s why a coast is kind of taking a back
2799s seat in some way but I don't know roon
2802s what are your thoughts on eight codes in
2804s terms of uh trios so it goes is going to
2806s be very very interesting on paper akos
2808s was designed as a hero to counter these
2811s Transformer comps right because
2812s Transformer comps have been so dominant
2814s for so long and I mean literally every
2817s available ability he has staggers a
2819s Transformer the problem is is when you
2822s start getting into these double
2823s Transformer comms with the Monk and
2825s varia he doesn't bring enough to Bear if
2828s it was a single Transformer comp where
2830s you could just focus down the
2831s Transformer with akos it would be a huge
2834s you know advantage to have him on your
2837s team because you could just keep that
2839s one Transformer off of the rest of your
2842s team the problem is now is many of these
2844s teams are running dual Transformer just
2846s like they did back in the day with you
2847s as Sean but of course now it's with
2849s Feria
2850s we're coming in and they're running
2852s Takeda as well so akos just doesn't
2855s bring enough to that sort of trios area
2858s but I don't want to speak too soon and
2860s say that he's not gonna make an
2861s appearance in trios in the pro league
2863s yet because typically we see these
2865s players will find strategies that we
2868s haven't thought of before and make some
2870s things happen in terms of the team
2873s compositions and I hearken back to the
2875s very first world championship where J
2877s team brings that Viper comp to life that
2880s Viper that was considered heavily
2882s non-meta during the time and use it to
2885s dominate the first world championship
2886s topi
2888s that's actually insane I actually did
2891s not know that the lava stats you never
2892s really know like what you can learn from
2894s some of these other teams once you start
2895s to actually see it but obviously I mean
2897s coming into it let's hope that maybe
2899s akos kind of can help somewhat kind of
2901s shake the meta a little bit maybe there
2902s could be some fixes could be some Alters
2904s to him um in the future that do make him
2906s a lot more threatening for some of these
2908s um for some of these Transformer cops
2910s here because we love to shake it up as
2911s much as possible and obviously as
2913s they're going to get ready to lock in
2913s for our game number one you know
2915s obviously the meta has been set so far
2917s so let's see
2919s um where this takes us for the next few
2921s rounds because we have six on the way
2923s for our trios and obviously it's going
2925s to be absolutely Monumental this is oh I
2928s gotta get my bearings together man it's
2930s been a minister sign of cast of trios
2932s well things are going to get very
2934s intense very quickly you know these
2936s teams are going to be running out
2937s looking to pick up those early
2939s eliminations a lot of these teams
2941s typically going hyper aggression in the
2943s early trying to use those resurrections
2945s while they have them trying to pressure
2947s onto those Realms of Yang here in trios
2951s of course many of them looking to get uh
2954s early points especially like you know
2956s Viper comp not as viable as it once was
2958s uh because of the changes coming in with
2961s Feria because of Yodo kind of falling
2964s behind after some Nerfs um it's just not
2966s as strong a comp as it used to be and a
2969s comp that was more geared towards the
2972s late game now a comp that's geared
2974s towards an early to mid game so if you
2976s see those Viper comms coming through
2978s they're trying to pop off aggressive and
2980s early where they don't have to deal with
2983s so many of these Transformers they don't
2985s have to worry about that barrier pillar
2987s so early on because as soon as you drop
2989s you want to pressure in onto those teams
2992s and fight them while they don't have
2993s those ultimates available to them and
2996s because of that many of these teams
2998s taking the aggression even stronger in
3001s the early game trying to rack up points
3003s so that they can then just cruise into
3005s the late game with you know 9 to 12
3008s eliminations and still get enough of
3011s those rank to make those rounds count
3014s but we're gonna find out what the hero
3016s sections are
3016s blocking for our first game of the day
3019s Dobby I hope you're as excited as I am
3021s because I want to see how the meta
3023s continues to shake up especially now
3025s that these teams are running I expect to
3028s see some monks Decay to zipping in this
3031s first game Dobby
3033s absolutely going to be insane as we're
3035s going to lock in for our hero picks here
3037s and still still learning kind of where
3040s everything is here and seeing some of
3041s the the other team members that we've
3043s seen obviously you've seen the king
3044s we're seeing Asylum
3047s oh not surprising here for some of these
3051s lock-ins but roon tell me what's going
3053s on
3054s we're seeing a lot of this traditional
3056s Transformers comp here we're Aviation
3058s Monk and kurumi and again this has been
3061s statistically a very good team they have
3064s a huge win rate uh inside of the realm
3067s of Yang because of that kurumi healing
3069s they actually have the most uh win rate
3073s in overall team comps thus far in the
3076s season with 37 wins out of 57 attempts
3080s inside the realm of Yang so no wonder
3083s many of these teams continuing to run
3085s them because there's Realms of Yang
3086s absolutely huge not only do they get you
3089s those Buffs but if you're running that
3090s Transformers comp the extra armor and
3093s weapons are so crucial for that comp so
3096s the fact that they have such a huge
3098s Advantage inside the realm of Yang and
3100s it also buys them better gear to take
3103s into the late game means many of these
3105s teams are going to be positioning to try
3106s to take these Realms of Yang they're out
3108s game number one here Dobby speaking of
3110s positioning tell me about the map man we
3113s love positioning especially for a
3116s massive map like this as we look at G uh
3118s who's gonna be landing straight in the
3120s middle of celestra here right next to
3122s Celestial Corridor meanwhile we have oug
3125s and jdg heading towards the left side
3127s here at least in their shipwrecks
3129s expense as one team's gonna be landing
3131s all the way up top into vintage straight
3133s into the Hall of pentatives we have
3135s another two teams headed towards Emerald
3136s Cottage and we have at least two or
3138s three added to the small Huts right to
3141s the south side of the Immortals Temple
3143s so very very close but as we come in
3144s it's going to be immediate Madness
3146s coming in as xcg and ewg looks like they
3149s might have been lucky enough to find one
3150s of JJ's players out by themselves and
3153s obviously catches the first elimination
3155s and an easy elim steal as the rest of
3158s the team's Godly and truly start to back
3160s off as far as possible meanwhile ewg has
3163s a massive opportunity though but they
3164s don't have a lot of weapons on them
3166s though as xylee who actually doesn't
3167s have anything so they might need to
3169s start at least looking for some weapons
3170s to fight with meanwhile
3172s oh Yuji looks like they are ready to
3174s fight as well xcg is ready to fight as
3176s they already have their weapons out and
3177s ewg is fighting it out but they're they
3179s don't have one more player with them
3181s that doesn't even have any weapons
3183s meanwhile it looks like xcg's not HQ
3185s ends up getting absolutely dished out by
3187s xyle you and immediately he's gonna
3188s start to back off as the Bane's breath
3190s starts to get called in beautiful time
3192s for this could be a potential free
3193s elimination for them as it looks like
3195s Knight HQ ends up getting hit and so
3197s does one of the other players I don't
3198s understand why they're still sticking
3199s inside of the circle here that's what I
3201s was gonna get hit massively and two of
3203s them end up getting eliminated by Fade's
3205s breath
3206s what this super super unfortunate year
3209s for the members of xcg they were really
3212s banking on that z-ping ult to be able to
3214s buy them through the Bane's breath so
3216s they could pick up these eliminations on
3218s to ewg but almost immediately the
3221s ultimate gets popped as two members get
3223s hit with the same Bane's breath drop
3225s coming down and xcg now on the back foot
3228s trying to get those resurrections but
3230s jjh shows up for the fourth party here
3233s and is able to keep uh lingx10 here from
3236s picking up uh their team members as well
3238s as now continuing to push towards xcg's
3242s winning extend Lance and just trying to
3243s create some distance doesn't want to get
3245s eliminated here and give any points here
3247s to jjh but also needs to be careful they
3250s don't want to give that information away
3252s where xcg plans to respawn luckily team
3254s GD coming in for the third party on to
3257s jjh here and tgd in an excellent
3260s situation in terms of armor and gear
3262s moving forward they're gonna drop the
3263s Bane's breath as well and jjh is gonna
3266s find themselves in a very precarious
3267s situation actually munking up inside of
3270s the Bane's breath they're gonna find
3272s themselves in quite the predicament but
3274s the monk able to just duck weave and
3277s Dodge his way through the Bane's breath
3280s hasn't taken a hit yet but a lot of
3282s these rain shots coming out from Team GD
3284s Godly trying to get hands on to Don
3286s quing dongqing just blistering him down
3289s with the repeating crossbow but no hands
3292s able to be found Godly still trying to
3295s make something happen here he's going to
3296s de-month and it's going to be donkwing
3298s who looks to push in onto this and get
3300s the party started biker 61 of the way to
3303s the old no alt to really come in and
3305s counteracted slow down the scene yet but
3307s it doesn't matter the Monk Is Gone
3308s they've got the Bean's breath to fall
3310s back to the ballista shots come in and I
3313s do believe that is JJ H's lsh in the
3316s background here trying to cover Godly
3318s and the rest of the team here with this
3320s ballista pumping out tons of damage we
3322s see a kurumi old come out from Chuli to
3325s buy Godly he's some safety and team GD
3328s is gonna have to back off to the safety
3329s of their own Bane's breath here I mean
3332s it's a small call to makes currently
3333s here as xcg is already starting up
3335s really small strong with four
3337s eliminations AOW and ewg leading leading
3339s it up with three eliminations as ewg
3342s does have one player uh elim so far here
3344s could be a possibility of picking them
3346s up as well as it looks like GD is going
3348s to start to push in immediately onto jjh
3349s which already have has lost one of their
3352s lives already here so this is going to
3353s be very unfortunate if they end up
3355s getting eliminated again and obviously
3357s that will be a game over as Julie looks
3359s like they want to go for the ballista
3360s but it's not going to be enough as they
3361s both are going to absolutely push in
3362s dive bomb on one of their players truly
3364s gets absolutely pushed in as the
3365s Terracotta Warrior comes through fixing
3367s trying to give as much defense as
3369s possible as Godly he's gonna hit a
3370s massive massive periodic email LCL
3373s immediately comes through taxes the
3375s elimination off of Julie then you get a
3377s second though very dangerously close on
3379s each side of the margin as Godly is
3381s going to claim sadly
3383s you want to get the second version of it
3385s claimed as lickson by himself just
3387s trying to give some some elimination
3390s some chance of this and obviously GD is
3392s just gonna absolutely bully lickson and
3393s just like that jjh is sadly fully at
3396s least I think though so they should be
3397s out of this game are they I think they
3398s might have left actually through it no
3401s that was actually their uh first
3403s elimination we were watching uh jjh come
3406s in and pick up eliminations onto xcg
3408s earlier but no I mean the target
3410s acquisition by team GD there they focus
3412s out Julie who's playing the kurumi there
3414s they know that Julie doesn't have the
3416s ultimate to buy themselves safety so
3418s they just have to burn the one heel onto
3421s the kurumi and then that team has
3423s effectively no healing and of course
3425s they don't have the monk transformation
3426s either so you Asian really the only one
3429s able to do anything there to cover the
3430s team and he's not able to cover both
3432s kurumi and of course our uh Tian High
3435s there so that ends up being the fault
3438s for that team GD with a very good Target
3441s acquisition TK here backing off of this
3443s fight with KZ as they are down to just
3445s their uh Channel which is about to run
3448s out kurumi getting their old back up
3450s here now does give them some options if
3452s Casey wants to push back into this fight
3454s and it looks like they do his fajine
3456s begins to come in here with the
3458s repeating crossbow and start to just
3460s ticked down the members of Team K Jen
3462s going to come from over top of the
3463s rooftops here using those grapples to
3465s lock these players down in position
3466s we're going to see Kay getting it
3468s completely locked down gonna be forced
3470s to use the belt a massive Perry comes
3471s out from 40 iwn onto pajin margin the
3474s kurumi for this team to be forced to pop
3477s that ultimate but they do have that old
3478s to buy them some space to continue this
3481s fight here with Team TK and they're
3483s gonna pick up the elimination on to Lee
3485s on to the other there's only a single
3487s member left remaining Jen trying to hold
3489s on there it is 40 iwnl goes down and
3492s team KZ picks up the eliminations
3496s absolutely insane but a beautiful push
3498s towards that obviously playing it as
3500s smart as they possibly can and obviously
3502s sometimes you have to be aggressive
3503s especially in these early games and
3504s obviously it was very very helpful to
3507s them as it looks like TK will be the
3508s first team that ends up getting
3509s eliminated completely out of the game
3511s for our game one with one elimination
3513s unfortunate but they can come back
3514s towards it and game number two as AOW is
3517s in the lead with six eliminations thus
3519s far looking in on Alliance here that
3521s doesn't have any and they they're gonna
3522s need to do something as we go back to
3523s our leading team AOW which looks like
3525s thing oh oh shoot ends up getting
3528s destroyed by a fiery bow
3532s looks like they got some decent uh range
3534s here so obviously
3537s they were able to put that one together
3538s and shut it down
3541s as best as they could here oh you g
3543s looks like they're sitting idly by on
3545s top of this building seeing you've been
3546s just maybe wants to push up wx98 is by
3549s himself though
3550s oh you g pushes on that that could be a
3553s really good uh Advantage for them as it
3555s looks like Lynn is gonna be pulling out
3557s the monk ult immediately into this fight
3559s here between them and KLA KLA cxd trying
3562s to see if they can do something massive
3563s Yoda Hime ulti coming in from qgg oh I
3566s need a lot it immediately ends up
3568s getting grabbed and the question is can
3570s he get a second oh no looks like it
3573s wasn't able to do enough to even get the
3574s first one to get the throw down
3576s obviously the heels coming in for Lynn
3578s has been very helpful but obviously it's
3579s not going to be enough it's cxd is going
3581s to be able to back off get the heel off
3584s and full shield and they're still on the
3586s back side of the circle they still need
3587s to be able to rotate this in now
3588s obviously the early ticks aren't going
3589s to be too damaging but sometimes it's
3591s just enough that could end up getting
3593s them a free elimination if they're not
3595s careful as KLA is going to be running
3596s away from the circle but also away from
3599s Alliance which Alliance are still stuck
3600s outside the circle here and they're
3602s gonna need to rotate in a little
3603s differently looks like KLA might
3604s actually try to meet them on the other
3606s side here they're not going to give them
3607s really any opportunity to try to push
3609s out inside a circle here oh yeah they're
3612s gonna push in with massive aggression
3614s knowing that all of them need a little
3615s bit of some heels and sometimes that's
3616s all you need is a little bit of an
3618s advantage as they catch one slip in and
3620s it looks like one of their players is
3621s going to try to see if they can help
3622s with the support the Viper old comes out
3624s everybody scrambles immediately trying
3626s not to get caught out and it looks like
3628s one of them sadly does and that is qg
3630s but it looks like he was able to reset
3632s and get out of there as it looks like
3633s the realm of Yang comes out WG and xcg
3636s looks like that fight's gonna be
3636s happening is the whooshin is going to be
3638s able to take them out and sometimes the
3640s motion could be the best thing possible
3641s as we're gonna start the first realm of
3643s Yang between
3645s xcg and wbg fight comes out immediately
3648s monk starts to come through ends up
3649s getting the first grow and the grab nice
3651s Q absolutely gets destroyed by that one
3653s immediate arrows and Bows trying to get
3655s caught in As Nice HQ ends up getting
3657s grabbed
3658s holding on for as long as absolute
3660s possible dangerously low but the hands
3662s from Z pink comes through at a beautiful
3663s time exactly when you need it to and it
3666s looks like he's gonna repeat the same
3667s thing Lexington aims are getting slammed
3669s up thrown and just like that it's still
3670s not going to be enough I made it in 16
3672s left on the clock and they still have so
3673s much time left to try to see if they can
3675s gain enough eliminations here as Jing
3677s ends up coming through with the
3679s Terracotta Warrior puts pressure on Nai
3681s HQ here desperately trying to get out of
3683s there with out of Harm's Way beautiful
3684s long sword throw in him hitting both two
3687s teammates here on the other side as the
3689s scramble comes through and it looks like
3691s Phoebe is gonna claim the first
3692s elimination off of Lexington HQ trying
3695s to go up toe-to-toe against a massive
3697s massive ulti here but it's not gonna be
3699s enough as the Parry comes through
3700s beautiful time defense on each side
3702s zound and scrambling trying to back off
3705s fears pp's gonna catch him on the same
3706s side and it's just not gonna be enough
3708s as they claim the second oh and Jenkins
3710s I'm getting illuminated beautiful timing
3712s on that one and here goes the 1v1 here's
3714s peep he's getting absolutely destroyed
3716s this could be the switch that we all see
3717s before it's wbg he switches it around
3720s and just like that xcg is fun
3724s hey xcg played this fight very well here
3726s but wbg immediately recognized the team
3729s comp they were going into here and
3731s typically if you're coming in as this
3733s traditional Transformers comp you want
3734s to pop both transformation ultimates
3736s immediately so that if you're up against
3738s another Transformers comp you don't have
3740s to worry about the double grab coming
3742s through they realize that they were up
3744s against the Z thing old there and they
3746s waited it out they used the UA channel
3748s to cover as soon as the monk goes down
3750s to continue keeping that pressure on
3752s because of how drastic the yields are
3755s turning now to KZ going up against team
3758s Alliance here we watch KZ absolutely uh
3761s destroy another team earlier I do
3763s believe it was team TK that they went up
3765s against here now looking to do the same
3767s to team Alliance here they are able to
3770s pick up alliances lucky and Juan and
3772s Lena forced to actually go through the
3775s zone to create some distance and escape
3777s the remaining members here John taking a
3780s lot of Zone tickets they try to get back
3781s in but look at this the remaining
3783s members of KZ do not not seem to care as
3785s they push into the Zone looking to pick
3787s up the elimination on to Lynn if they
3790s can make it happen and Lynn just wants
3792s to keep giving them the runaround
3793s doesn't want to take this fight
3794s whatsoever but fajin gonna be able to
3796s find Lynn here Lin gonna be forced to go
3798s back to the Zone turning around with the
3800s dual blades here actually catches quite
3802s a bit of damage onto the members of Kaz
3804s but it's not going to be enough Jen
3806s looking to use the Bell to cover
3807s themselves here Leona not gonna be able
3810s to lock them up here and they try to go
3812s for the ultimate but it's gonna not
3813s gonna be enough as Casey is able to pick
3815s up the elimination before the old goes
3818s through now turning back to wbg the
3821s winners of a realm of Yang here still
3823s whatever million Birds might looking to
3825s put it to good use here as they start to
3827s pick up the members of Team G oh sorry
3829s jdg jdg down to a single member left
3832s alive Kobe picks up a good Parry but
3834s then immediately is turned around and
3836s carried on by the members of wbg wbg
3838s will be picking up all three members of
3841s jdg ironically jdg the other team with a
3845s Vermillion Birds might will be able to
3846s respawn and find their way back into the
3848s game and oug just hanging out not
3851s wanting to give away their position here
3854s as they know wbg has everybody's bite
3856s and somehow BP steps into the house that
3859s oug is hiding in the ceiling and just
3861s doesn't find them so wbg is on the hunt
3864s for another team and they are going to
3866s leave
3867s oug behind oug breeds a sigh of relief
3870s as they live to fight another day
3874s fighting another day in another round as
3877s it looks like xcg is going to be coming
3878s in straight towards KZ here the absolute
3881s aggression coming through real strong as
3883s Knights Q is going to be able to pop the
3884s Terracotta that's terracotta but the uh
3886s the ulti from cicada immediately coming
3887s through the ghost coming in with maps
3889s deficiency but not HQ dangerously low
3892s here it's not looking good for Naya SNY
3894s is gonna just gonna try to back off of
3896s them as hard as possible meanwhile
3898s Lexington
3900s trying to also see if he can do the
3901s night Switcheroo as well here trying to
3903s bait out the rest of the team here so
3904s that way they can put move their focus
3905s towards another player as it looks like
3907s they're going back and forth Jen holding
3909s on for as long as possible ends up
3910s getting hit massively with that and the
3912s heels coming through being very handsome
3914s the rest of the team as Lexington get it
3916s getting found right in front of Jen
3917s beautiful bell though to get some of
3919s that defense off the backside here
3921s meanwhile Knight HQ is going to go for
3922s the shield and it looks like it looks
3924s like that's a hazy promise you can get a
3926s bow shot here uh whipping a lot of his
3928s shots here it looks like they're gonna
3929s try to go for the reset here and it
3930s looks like they do it looks like they're
3932s gonna go all the way towards the top
3933s reins through hazy trying to connect
3935s something the the Cannons coming through
3938s in a beautiful way Takeda coming through
3939s with a takedown oh Triple Berry
3942s coming through from it what did I just
3945s witness absolute shut down here as we
3947s see two more fairies come through a
3949s massive explosion on each side here but
3950s it looks like the heels are coming
3951s through in such a beautiful way as hazy
3953s ends up sadly getting claimed here as
3955s the monk ends up being formed
3956s immediately the Transformer cop helping
3957s him pass away possible here the question
3959s is does the grabs aren't helpful as
3962s Knights you actually can get
3964s the throws actually end up sending them
3966s out of the circle here and it doesn't
3968s help as Jen ends up sadly getting
3969s eliminated from this and so does fat
3971s Sheen as xcg is going to be able to shut
3974s this down and get the finish all the way
3976s towards the end wow oh wow what a finish
3979s yeah Casey unfortunately holding on to
3982s that monkey just a little too long here
3984s if they could have baited that fight out
3986s just a little bit longer there was 20
3988s seconds left remaining on the Yang
3990s depletion xcg would have seen themselves
3992s die to the Yang depletion and KZ could
3995s have easily resurrected uh the remaining
3997s members of their team but unfortunately
3999s the target acquisition was not great the
4001s monkult comes out a little too late and
4003s uh we see that repeating crossbow with
4005s the Venom tip absolutely shred through
4008s the monks HP bar as he grabs the wrong
4011s target and unfortunately it will cost
4014s the members of Team KC we turn now to
4016s the realm of Yang and it looks like wbg
4018s currently is unchallenged inside the
4021s realm of Yang here we're gonna see if
4023s another team comes in 28 eight seconds
4025s for these other teams to find themselves
4027s a way into the realm of Yang and that we
4030s might see our first unchallenged realm
4032s of Yang in trios all season if nobody is
4036s able to find their way in here soon wbg
4039s would be more than happy to take the
4041s free buff and gear coming out here and
4043s it looks like that's exactly what we're
4046s gonna see happen here jdg picks up Draco
4047s storm outside from one of the Moore's
4051s blessings and wbg goes unchallenged
4055s inside the realm of yang this is gonna
4057s be a huge pickup for wbg here as they're
4059s able to get that buff they're able to
4061s get a legendary Greatsword out of this
4063s box as well and this is just a complete
4065s freebie for them they're going to take
4067s that Mystic might that 25 damage
4070s reduction and of course the ability to
4072s track down some more of these teams
4074s gonna be huge for wbg and they didn't
4078s have to risk anything as nobody comes to
4081s challenge jdg going to be picking up a
4083s bounty here on to the members of wbg who
4086s are not far away whatsoever
4089s here looking to find a little bit of a
4093s top side get a view onto wbg looks like
4096s they have seen them of course they know
4098s exactly where they are on the map but
4099s they want to get a little more
4101s information before they pursue
4102s pressuring onto this as you can see here
4104s again wbg has that Mystic might this is
4108s not a fight jdg wants to take that 25
4110s damage reduction in it to a monk
4113s annuation is going to be a very hard
4115s fight for the members of jdg to overcome
4118s here but they continue to pressure on in
4120s wbg creating space looking for a more
4123s optimal position to take that fight
4125s potentially to give the monks the
4126s ability to get the grabs that they're
4128s looking for AOW here A Team who's been
4130s playing very aggressive coming in on to
4133s team GS pink Tau immediately comes in
4135s with the long sword gets some good
4136s damage off but he sees a couple members
4138s of their team take some long range shots
4140s backs off and allows himself and his
4143s teammates to get a little bit of a reset
4145s here before they continue to pressure on
4147s to team gsgs finding themselves in
4150s vicarious situation if AOW continues to
4152s push onto this GS is going to find
4154s themselves sandwiched between the
4155s members of KLA and AOW but KLA both
4159s members getting shot off the top of the
4161s tree here I'm not quite sure who landed
4163s the shots but I think it was the members
4164s of Team GS and GS now puts KLA in the
4168s same situation they were in whereas if
4170s AOW pressures on it to KLA here they
4173s will find themselves between a rock and
4175s a hard place but it looks like AOW has
4177s decided to back off as we turn our
4179s attention back to wbg looking to take
4181s this engagement with Juventus wx98
4183s taking quite a bit of damage you're
4185s going to find a little bit of an armor
4186s swap there into a blue armor but that
4188s armor gonna be immediately ripped off of
4190s him with a massive bow shot from
4192s downtown here Sleepwalker trying to keep
4194s the pressure on using the meteor here
4196s from the cannon looking to just a build
4199s rage continue to pop damage onto team
4202s Ventus vet has forced to move just
4205s continue to stand in the zone that takes
4207s damage off the backside here pixel
4209s looking to pressure up creates in space
4211s for team Ventus to make it into the Zone
4214s here with a little bit of cover but
4216s they're not able to find it as Jing and
4218s Sleepwalker with the rain shots
4219s continuing to keep that pressure on them
4222s in wbg taking some rain shots from the
4225s sides but not enough to keep them away
4227s from pressuring this box tabby
4230s not enough pressure here as it looks
4232s like Ventus is still going to keep this
4235s alive here as the Sleepwalker is trying
4236s to get a little bit more Brave pushing
4238s on to pixel here hitting some of those
4240s shots though with the cannon it looks
4241s like they also have the soldier that
4242s actually has it shooting like a rocket
4244s here but obviously not fully trying to
4246s just absolutely go in with that a much
4249s aggression as they are gonna be able to
4251s straight out some from Shields
4255s but also Soul Jades as well meanwhile
4258s with vintage keeping the game alive
4260s they're gonna start to scramble inside
4262s of the circle as well here trying to get
4264s an early mode on where certain players
4267s are currently
4269s let's see where Sleepwalker comes into
4271s this space here Sleepwalker was playing
4273s this very very aggressively a little
4274s earlier very surprised that he really
4277s didn't get 1v3 and one from earlier but
4279s obviously Sleepwalker with some great
4281s teammates here to keep the game alive
4283s for himself their xcg though with nine
4285s eliminations so far really keeping the
4286s lead strong here has it all has always
4288s had at least a two or three kill deficit
4291s between first and second place
4293s um obviously with AOW being behind with
4295s seven eliminations and GD and wbg with
4298s six eliminations to their score as well
4300s so obviously a strong start for xcg and
4302s AOW let's see if they can keep that lead
4304s all the way towards the very end here
4306s as sadly Ventus jjh and GS don't have
4309s any elimination so far and the only
4311s teams that we have that are eliminated
4312s are kze ewg and TK very surprised by ewg
4315s ewg I think really came in with a lot of
4318s promise and definitely some aggression
4319s but sadly we're just not able to do
4321s enough here
4322s into these games
4326s let's see what we can do here is it
4328s looks like we're gonna be able to rotate
4329s this in a little bit more here nice two
4332s trying to find anything that's gonna be
4333s helpful for their teammates here and it
4335s looks like GS is gonna be on the other
4336s side and a bow actually comes from
4338s behind them though
4340s curious where that came from
4343s and who shot it looks like it could be
4346s JJ H that was shooting from that
4348s direction no that came from another
4349s Direction actually
4351s we are zone three collapsing onto zone
4354s four as we speak which means we're gonna
4355s see a couple of those Morris blessings
4357s come through that start to have that
4359s gold armor and gear that these teams
4361s desperately are going to want especially
4362s if you're like team AOW here they've put
4364s a lot of eliminations on the board here
4366s with seven elims early and again they
4369s are playing that early to mid game comp
4371s now that comp used to be a late game
4373s comp because Yodo he may able to pop off
4376s in those final circles but now because
4378s of the pressure of the double
4379s Transformer uh coming through especially
4382s when Feria is in the lobby uh it makes
4384s it very hard for that team to control
4386s the final Circle so AOW has backed off
4390s in the mid game and they've missed the
4391s opportunity to pick up some purple gear
4393s so the ability for them to pick up one
4395s of these more blessings is going to be
4396s huge if they can get their hands on it
4397s looks like team GD has the same idea
4400s here looking to come through and try to
4402s secure this they're going to use that
4403s wooch and that wind wall to try to buy
4405s them a little bit of space of course the
4406s Yoda F3 coming through as well trying to
4408s buy that space and it looks like they
4410s are able to slide in and pick up both a
4412s legendary set of armor as well as a
4414s legendary set of dual blades which is
4416s going to come in at very handy here for
4418s K in the final Circle if they intend to
4420s use that Yodo he may ultimate to
4422s continue to pick up some eliminations
4424s for the team a lot of these teams
4426s continuing of course to throw out these
4429s rain shots trying to pick something off
4431s of them not able to really find anything
4433s there great use of the wuchen wind walls
4435s and of course the eurohime F3 or KLA
4438s able to slide onto the Box pick up a
4440s couple of upgrades in terms of Soul
4442s Jades and a couple of resources because
4445s we saw that team GD just took the armor
4447s just took the legendary dual blades and
4450s immediately backed out they did not want
4452s to keep themselves exposed in the open
4454s any longer than they had to so KLA able
4456s to get some resources here unfortunately
4459s 17s Is Still rocking that blue armor is
4462s a bit of a problem for team KLA turning
4465s now to xcg on the other side of the map
4467s just trading shots with many of these
4469s other teams and we are going to see here
4471s now zone four is collapsing on to zone
4473s five and this is where things are going
4475s to start getting a little hectic so we
4476s have 33 people left alive in this Lobby
4480s and coming into zone five there's not
4482s gonna be a lot of space so many of these
4484s teams can be forced together and there's
4485s going to be some action about to pop off
4487s soon gear Dobby
4489s well I would absolutely hope so here as
4491s a circle is going to start to close in
4492s and obviously it's going to get
4494s absolutely Madness the pandemonium is
4497s going to be wild here so I'm excited for
4498s this is lichting hangs down and an ihq
4501s is also preparing themselves as well for
4503s a monstrosity of a first Circle close or
4507s at the end of this game is AOW on the
4510s other side here
4512s looks like the musket being very very
4514s helpful for them as well here it feels
4516s it seems as though more people have been
4518s choosing the musket over the bow as of
4520s recently at least from what I've noticed
4521s outside of the uh the cannon being
4524s another favorite for certain players
4525s here is the musket has been making a
4527s really nice comeback for these Trio
4529s games
4530s um a beautiful look at that Cannon's
4532s just ricocheting all over the place here
4534s trying to see if maybe they can get some
4535s type of damage here Knight HQ watching
4537s as jdg is gonna start to close slowly
4539s closed in on their section here as
4542s they're going to start the Ricochet
4543s those same hits back as LSR actually
4545s ends up getting hit by some of those
4547s cannon shots forcing themselves to heal
4550s definitely does not want to get
4551s eliminated by some of those by some of
4554s those cannon shots here
4555s ricocheting on each side here GS trying
4558s to keep the game alive for themselves
4559s let's see what they can do as another
4562s player that looks like jjh right behind
4565s them is GS trying to gate keep them as
4567s much as possible from outside of the
4569s circle they're gonna have to force the
4570s push in right right here which obviously
4572s isn't going to be good for them because
4573s they're in a very open area here so it
4575s could be very structurally not that easy
4578s for him as I Theo actually ends up
4580s getting a hit ricocheting from some of
4582s the cannon shots
4584s forcing themselves to heal as well here
4586s and it looks like Juwan also ends up
4589s getting destroyed by some of his as well
4591s also uh popping that Terracotta Warrior
4593s as it looks like GS
4595s um ends up losing one of their players
4596s that's Anne getting elimination from
4598s Lynn Lynn actually claiming it as well
4600s trying to keep the game alive for a team
4602s Alliance as DS actually ends up getting
4604s plus zuan he needs some help here
4607s and it looks like one of their teammates
4609s is gonna get eliminated sadly here very
4611s surprising they didn't really back up
4613s their teammate as much as they should
4614s have in that situation here knowing
4616s there were so many things happening on
4617s each side jdg has their own separate
4619s section here thanks to the wooshin
4621s making sure that they don't get hit by
4623s all of
4625s the weapons the Cannons the bowls from
4628s each side
4629s meanwhile AOW is on the other side it
4632s looks like they're also getting hit as
4633s well but they have this free section
4634s here to themselves to get the chests
4637s could be potential to get something here
4639s as oog also is in the is also fighting
4641s another team as well here meanwhile KLA
4644s holding it together here cscl trying to
4647s get out of as best he can and it looks
4649s like Kayla is going to claim the
4650s elimination GS at the very end trying to
4653s hold on for as long as possible but
4655s obviously it's not going to be enough in
4657s this massive Circle here a meanwhile the
4659s rest of the spread starts to come
4661s through and the Viper all comes through
4662s at such a really pretty time but then
4665s literally the whooshin takes them
4667s outside of circle and stuns the whole
4669s camp
4670s full of players as it looks like
4672s everybody else starts to defend
4673s themselves here Sleepwalker is already
4675s in his monk all grabs one ends up
4677s catching one catches two beautiful slam
4680s grab ends up catching one of those
4682s eliminations from the monk slam and it
4684s looks like we lose two of the
4686s Transformer months at the same time
4687s meanwhile a Viper comes through it a
4689s beautiful time kick taxi he's gonna try
4690s to see if he can claim one and he talks
4692s he claims two it looks like it might be
4694s a beautiful finish on sanzi and it does
4695s as GD
4698s done Queen looks like he's gonna be able
4699s to claim that elimination the ulti comes
4701s through for qg trying to hold it
4703s together here beautiful yodohime throws
4706s trying to see if they can get some
4707s beautiful hits onto Kobe as it looks
4709s like Kobe's gonna be able to back off at
4711s a beautiful time try not to get caught
4712s up here massive explosional hits hitting
4715s on each side LSR dangerously low qlas
4717s won't gonna pick up on that knowing he's
4719s dangerously low and they're gonna push
4720s to claim the elimination as they do
4721s meanwhile rest of the team still trying
4723s to hold it together wbg dangerously
4725s close to GD could potentially push this
4727s but doesn't necessarily want to here
4728s they have this full spread to themselves
4730s but also knowing Sleepwalker the
4731s aggressive player that they have is
4733s gonna continue to push creating as much
4735s damage for some of these other players
4736s as possible they want to make sure that
4738s it's absolutely tough cxd dangerously
4740s low but the Viper roll will not go out
4741s as it looks like cxd will sadly get
4743s claimed here for that elim right before
4746s the Viper was able to spread a lot of
4748s that poison all over the place
4750s meanwhile the ocean is going to take out
4752s one of the teammates here and it looks
4753s like wbg has just enough time to be able
4756s to hold smooth towards it meanwhile
4758s Circle slick slowly closing in alliances
4761s Lynn all the way up top trying to see if
4763s he can get some eliminations get a free
4765s grab from all of these players here but
4767s they're not gonna make it easy on him
4768s though as Allen's trying to create as
4770s much damage onto him with that repeating
4772s crossbow as possible so that way he
4775s doesn't necessarily rely on the muffle
4777s of the team up too often here as Godly
4778s also on the other side is going to be
4780s able to pop his monkey and trying to see
4782s what happens we're ladies and gentlemen
4784s we're playing the crane game who's gonna
4786s get snatched first and it's gonna be the
4788s king and done Queen but just like that
4790s his
4791s time with the monk depletes and just
4794s like that will not be able to get the
4795s free grab unfortunate Sleepwalker trying
4797s to do the exact same thing before it is
4799s too late and obviously not gonna be able
4801s to do enough here as my HQ just seconds
4803s away from getting grabbed here as the
4805s cicada all comes out trying to see if
4807s they can grab and snatch anybody here
4808s beautiful a limbs on each side trying to
4810s hold strong there's so much heals
4812s happening from all which way possible as
4814s he throws out yodahime the qgg trying to
4818s hold that F3 holding it on for as long
4820s as possible here the absolute Madness
4822s from all sections here trying to put it
4824s together here Sleepwalker is going to
4825s try to see if he can create some massive
4826s damage oh my goodness the soldier coming
4828s in from that massive long sword is going
4831s to come through with a massive time but
4832s sadly he's not gonna be able to do
4833s enough's in you dangerously low here is
4835s he gonna be able to blame the
4836s elimination
4837s trying to hold on and show a sleepwalker
4840s massive time to be able to get it he
4842s gets the second grab gets the throw down
4844s and he does get one eleven gets the
4846s re-grab on Double S the question is if
4848s Katie find a third not gonna be enough
4850s he ends up getting the throw go down and
4852s he grabs another player just like that
4854s the question is Kenny Grant two yes he
4856s does he gets the double slam on the
4858s double a level deline Walker is going
4860s absolutely insane in this first game of
4863s our Trio's
4866s going back and forth here from each
4867s Spectrum it's going absolutely insane
4869s roon What's Happening Here look wbg
4872s taking complete control of this final
4874s Circle here Sleepwalker put in absolute
4876s work we talked about it they took that
4878s realm of Yang for free and Sleepwalker
4880s here with the legendary Greatsword
4882s creating a ton of space for his team
4884s pumping out massive damage and of course
4886s when he Mugs Up he does so much damage
4889s with these grabs and here it is yet
4891s again he's been able to do so much
4893s damage to that legendary against what
4894s he's got monk again already he doesn't
4896s even need the double grab he picks up
4897s alliances lucky takes the slam and sends
4900s him to pound town and a lucky
4902s immediately goes down he's got one of
4903s his hand he's gonna have to go and take
4904s the slam he gets staggered out of it
4907s though by the Decatur Sleepwalker though
4909s still just an absolute wall keeping
4911s these players from doing anything we're
4914s gonna see AOW lose the member here OU is
4916s gonna lose a member as well KLA trying
4919s to hold on qgg looking to take the win
4922s away from xcg here unfortunately xcg
4925s will go down to the Zone but the
4927s question is who's going to walk away the
4928s winner and it looks like it might be
4931s members of AOW we're going to find out
4933s in just a second wbg or AOW ladies and
4936s gentlemen who's gonna walk away our MVP
4939s no it's going to be x c g who comes out
4942s on top in the end ladies and gentlemen
4945s we love to see what a great final round
4947s wbg though man Sleepwalker putting on a
4951s clinic with that great sword in the end
4953s unfortunately not able to buy as much
4956s space as he needed for his teammates in
4958s the end there he had a double slam ready
4960s to go and he got staggered back by the
4962s Takeda and it cost him potentially one
4965s to two eliminations which it could have
4968s been the Difference Maker here in the
4970s final score Dobby I'm gonna be honest
4972s here that was an absolute massive finish
4975s coming in from these players I think
4977s they did a fantastic job I'm very
4978s surprised by the performance of wbg I
4981s think that they were playing so well
4983s throughout the majority of that game
4985s here I think they knew that they had a
4987s massive opportunity and obviously they
4988s took it all the way by storm very sad to
4991s see that they didn't actually end up
4992s getting the dub even though they were so
4994s close that could have been like a second
4995s place finish at least from what it
4996s looked like I think with even with all
4998s of that happening they still were so
5000s within the right space that they needed
5003s to so I'm very surprised to see that
5005s they weren't able to get it done but
5006s obviously xcp was able to knock it down
5009s all the way towards the very end here
5010s and they get the first dub of tonight
5012s I mean look xcg had an incredible game
5015s here we go back to the first set of
5018s Realms of yang right and it was xcg
5020s inside that realm of Yang that was
5022s almost able to flip a fight 1v3 in the
5025s very end but it was wbg who came out on
5028s top in the very end there it came down
5030s to literally a sliver of HP on their
5033s karunian kurumi was able to find the
5035s combo back onto the Decatur there for
5038s xcg xcg with only 20 seconds remaining
5043s on their uh Yang depletion was actually
5045s able to find the members of KZ pressure
5048s onto that fight pick up the eliminations
5051s and keep themselves from being
5052s eliminated from the game in the ninth
5055s inning and off the back of that they
5057s continued to pressure the game pick up
5059s eliminations they get to that final
5061s Circle and there again there's a moment
5063s in the end there we see Sleepwalker and
5065s wbg take control of the final Circle
5068s they have the most eliminations in hand
5070s at this point Sleepwalker demon monks he
5073s starts immediately putting in work with
5075s that legendary Greatsword that they took
5077s from the realm of Yang that they were
5079s unchallenged for and as soon as he gets
5082s the opportunity he monks back up he gets
5084s one slam picks up the elimination onto I
5087s believe Alliance is lucky and then he
5089s picks up a double grab and as he goes
5092s for the slam we see a Decay to ult come
5095s in and stagger him keeping him from
5097s being able to get that slam both of
5099s those players slip away from wbg
5102s Sleepwalker because of that and the only
5104s Takeda Left Alive was xcg's Takeda
5107s meaning xcg literally steals Victory
5111s from the claws of defeat and of course
5114s those claws belonging to wbg Sleepwalker
5116s after that Sleepwalker taking so much
5119s damage he's not able to find the grabs
5121s he's looking for at that point he's
5122s forced to demonc he goes down and then
5125s it's just the remaining members of xcg
5127s and another team and the yodohime not
5129s able to put in the damage to really get
5132s those eliminations and xcg walks out on
5135s top with a second place finish and
5137s enough eliminations to be our MVP for
5139s game number one and what a final Circle
5141s that was to watch Dobby absolutely an
5144s insane final Circle I think there was a
5146s lot to really take in from that one I
5148s think I think around Circle six a lot of
5150s the players here I think there was a lot
5152s more aggression a way more amount of
5155s aggression where some of these players
5156s were even halfway in the middle of
5158s circle and was trying to see if they can
5159s capture some eliminations here I don't
5161s know where some of these players have
5163s been sipping this drink from but oh my
5165s goodness you are right literally snatch
5167s is the elimination and the dub away from
5169s them even though wpg has one more
5171s elimination than xcg 17e Limbs and 18
5176s eliminations coming from wbg but 29.5
5179s and a 30.2 the deficit between the
5183s ranking points of a 2.5 and the three
5186s points that little small kill Point
5188s deficit is enough that they were able to
5190s take it all the way to the top of the
5192s 30.2 you that really could have been
5194s anyone's game there in that final Circle
5196s and wbg knows it oh absolutely I mean
5199s again xcg literally snatches Victory
5202s away from the claws of defeat that one
5204s Decay tool to keep that double slam
5207s coming through from Sleepwalker buys xcg
5211s the space that they need to walk away
5213s are Victors here for game number one
5216s enemy Knight HQ no surprises here five
5218s eliminations 33 000 damage and look at
5221s this lingx head on the Matari with 38
5225s 000 damage and nine eliminations
5227s linkington just looking for low
5229s opponents in these final circles and
5232s using that backstab to pick off these
5234s targets that are low no chance for them
5237s to escape and then of course drown on
5239s here with a huge assist coming in on the
5241s Z thing we're gonna take a look at the
5243s replays here x yeah KZ here absolutely
5246s obliterating the members of TK as they
5249s come through and then back to the fight
5250s here and look at this again Knight HQ oh
5252s almost turns this fight entirely on its
5254s head he picks up two eliminations here
5256s turns around onto PP hits the full
5259s juggle combo and then goes to turn
5261s around but PP finds the space to pick up
5264s that elimination and this is what I'm
5266s talking about xcg here in the ninth
5268s inning except the eliminations they need
5271s from KZ look at this 40 seconds left on
5273s that Yang depletion we're seeing them
5275s just take this fight it's a Hail Mary
5277s from xcg in this situation he doesn't
5280s even get to pick up the soul Bloom
5282s because the transformation comes through
5284s but KZ here unfortunately with the wrong
5286s target acquisition picks up somebody and
5289s we see that repeating crossbow come
5291s through and absolutely obliterate
5293s Sleepwalker here gets the double slam
5295s and then luckily for the members of oug
5297s though the z-ping buys them some space
5299s but not enough space as they pick up the
5301s king they turn around and pick up some
5303s more limbs here as well with another
5305s grab gonna throw SS to the ground
5307s Sleepwalker just work picks up
5309s jdg picks up no I thought he picks a PB
5312s there no that
5313s yet again and in these final moments
5316s Kayla qgg trying to get on to xcg and
5319s you know what it just wasn't enough in
5322s the end xcg was able to take that second
5324s place finish in the MVP gonna go to Lane
5326s xn no surprises here with nine
5329s eliminations and 38
5332s 000 damage what an aggressive Matari I
5335s love to see it but I gotta talk about it
5337s 22 000 of that damage coming from Cannon
5340s Dobby
5342s absolutely insane the camera and damage
5344s being absolutely detrimental for their
5346s team here I mean listen I mean even with
5348s that amount of space I did say that
5350s though with 38 000 damage that's still
5352s pretty insane but 22 of that coming from
5354s the cannon I mean you definitely were
5357s that teammate that made sure that nobody
5359s else was going to be able to get close
5360s to the rest of your team putting up that
5362s much damage so clearly not being not
5365s only being an MVP in terms of actually
5366s getting the eliminations but also the
5369s support the healing of the 12K but also
5371s that much damage coming in from Canon
5373s means that there were so many players
5375s trying to push and obviously licking hen
5377s just being the actual wall that stops
5380s them from coming through with that
5381s elimination and all those cannons making
5384s people think twice before they actually
5386s push up because if they continue they
5388s will most likely lose that fight look
5390s 22k damage on a cannon is absolutely
5393s insane I'm not quite sure yet if that's
5395s a record or not I'm gonna have somebody
5396s take a look at the statistics and let me
5399s know but that's a lot of damage I mean
5401s and it's those rain shots the pure
5404s harassment
5405s 22k damage from a cannon is literally
5409s Next Level we see players come through
5411s with MVPs that have 18K damage total so
5415s for 22 000 of that damage just to be
5418s coming through from the cannon and
5420s putting absolute numbers down range onto
5424s these teams making sure they have that
5426s ultimate always available and you know
5429s in the end you watch them in the final
5430s Circle go after some of those players
5433s who are a little bit lower using those
5435s teleports to get those backstabs in do a
5437s big amount of damage and follow it up
5439s but clearly you know those eliminations
5441s are great but the cannon damage is just
5445s an insane insane number when you're
5448s talking about Matari who's a hero who
5451s wants to get in and wants to fight you
5452s close right they need to aggressively
5454s teleport at you while they're in their
5457s ultimate to get those big backstabs in
5459s so that they can lock you down for your
5462s teammates and do a ton of damage but
5465s instead can just sit at range with the
5467s cannon and pump that damage out Linux
5469s had doing a phenomenal job here in game
5472s one and I've got to give it to xcg again
5474s they literally were able to grasp
5477s Victory from the claws of defeat they
5479s went up against wbg in that first realm
5482s of Yang wbg comes out on top wbg feels
5486s like they're on top of the world they
5487s get to the final Circle we see
5489s Sleepwalker absolutely popping off right
5491s he's very aggressive boy he's getting
5493s grabs left and right and then xcg all of
5497s a sudden turns it around gets a huge
5499s Takeda ultimate stops wbg's momentum and
5502s comes out on top we love to see the
5505s Cinderella story but speaking of A
5507s Cinderella Story we got a short video
5508s for you guys before we come back and
5510s immediately lock in for game number two
5513s foreign
5515s [Music]
5537s inside
5551s out
5561s xcg giving us a little bit of insight uh
5565s into their game strategies and of course
5568s playing next to te and how close they
5570s came in to them in some of our previous
5573s days here in the bi-weekly but you know
5576s what I love to see xcg turn things
5579s around here in game number one and it
5581s really was a Cinderella story from them
5583s they lose in that first realm of Yang
5585s they're behind in terms of gear they
5588s literally have 20 seconds before they
5591s die to Yang depletion and we've seen a
5594s lot of teams in the past when they get
5596s to that sort of 20 second mark
5599s realize that they're gonna die anyway
5601s and walk into the Zone except their fate
5603s to keep other teams from picking up the
5607s points and the elimination our boys here
5610s in xcg say no that's not the strategy
5612s we're gonna fight it out to the very end
5614s they just continue to dog down the
5616s members of KZ are able to pick up the
5619s soul Bloom Essences in the very last
5621s second and then completely turn the game
5624s around and flip things on wbg wbg right
5629s now it's got to be kicking themselves
5630s I'm sure they're coming into game number
5632s two looking for some Revenge Dobby
5637s try to go for some Revenge especially
5639s after what they've been through so far
5640s especially with them actually stealing
5642s the eliminations away I mean I will say
5644s that's very very impressive for them to
5647s do that even with the amount of insanity
5649s that we just witnessed here
5651s still the fact that they got to a point
5654s that they were so close and just just
5656s like that I will say having more
5659s eliminations doesn't also mean that
5661s you're guaranteed to get the dub and
5662s that's one of the things that we'd love
5664s to see when we talk about naraka blade
5665s Point yes it is about getting those
5667s placements it is about getting that
5669s first place it is it is about all of
5671s that but at the same time it's also
5673s about being smart in moments when it's
5675s absolutely needed and this right here is
5677s a perfect example of that wbg was very
5680s close in the lead I think there was a
5682s lot of confidence there I feel like they
5683s knew they had the greatest observation
5685s and they knew that they were pretty much
5687s ready to win this but only for somebody
5688s else to come in with less eliminations
5690s but still snatch up the dauba towards
5693s the very end just goes to show you you
5695s can never count anyone out no matter how
5699s close it is to the end of the game
5701s yeah you absolutely can and again again
5703s it was xcg who stopped Sleepwalker from
5706s picking up that double slam if they had
5709s even picked up one more elimination off
5711s the back of that double slam which given
5713s the fact that Sleepwalker had a
5715s legendary Greatsword when he transformed
5717s the amount of damage he would have
5718s pumped out with that slam and the fact
5720s it was a double slam almost guaranteed
5722s he picks up one if not both the fact
5725s that xcg was the one who altered them
5727s kept him from getting those slams you
5730s know wbg is kicking themselves over that
5733s situation not that they could have done
5735s anything about the decade ultimate
5736s coming through but really just kicking
5738s themselves that they allowed xcg to get
5741s away with that that they let themselves
5743s get eliminated and let xcg grab those
5746s extra placement points and walk away the
5748s victors of game number one I expect to
5750s see wbg come back and play even more
5752s aggressive than they did in game one
5754s Dobby
5756s I think they're gonna come out
5757s absolutely swinging especially with wbg
5760s though yeah I know for sure if I'm wbg
5762s I'm ready to go at number two and I'm
5764s absolutely making sure that that team
5765s gets eliminated early
5768s if it was me if it was me you'd be going
5771s out first buddy I'd make sure that
5773s oh absolutely we're gonna take a look as
5775s we lock in for game number two we're
5777s gonna see these hero selections here
5779s soon it's gonna be interesting I didn't
5781s expect to see quite so many traditional
5783s Transformer comps in a game number one
5785s here I expected to see uh something a
5787s little different it's gonna be
5789s interesting to see if Hollow Roth
5790s changes that up and here we go we're
5791s gonna see the fairy is coming through
5793s onto these Transformer comps
5795s this is kind of what I expected for the
5798s season it's literally almost every
5799s single team except KLA and oug and
5802s Alliance who will be running the
5803s traditional Transformers copier
5805s everybody else we're gonna see Feria
5808s coming through onto these t on high
5810s picks for our nbpl game number two in
5814s trios and man it's gonna get absolutely
5817s crazy because we're gonna see what we
5820s love to call the Pacific Rim meta
5823s because we're gonna be seeing the big
5825s Kaiju Titans come out and of course
5827s we're going to be seeing the big mechs
5829s dropped by the fairies shenzier Dobby
5832s it's going to be an app absolute
5834s Monumental game here I'm excited to see
5837s this I haven't necessarily been able to
5839s actually peep in terms of how
5841s um the the both of these comps go
5845s um seeing both Transformers go at it and
5847s then obviously
5848s um seeing I'm very surprised for the
5850s whooshing I thought they'd be a little
5851s bit more healing involved at least at
5854s least from my observation I feel like
5856s more of the healers could have been a
5858s very
5858s um detriment to this one but it doesn't
5860s really matter here in this space as we
5862s lock in for holler off here is oh my
5864s goodness emprio Village is gonna see a
5866s well-round amount of people here inside
5868s of the space here I mean we're gonna see
5870s jjh we're gonna see Alliance we're gonna
5872s see jdg we're gonna see ewg all within
5875s this space as AOW is gonna have that
5877s full section of city of Tang to
5878s themselves to be able to get as much
5880s loot and as much opportunity as possible
5882s here they might even focus more on
5883s getting the realm of Yang if anything
5884s and even on this top right side still
5886s gonna be able to find something but on
5888s this left side you Sean ruins is gonna
5890s find at least two teams there as well
5892s and the same in the center of Plum
5894s Castle very much less from what we're
5896s used to but wbg
5898s outh is going to be the main people is
5899s in you immediately is going to be inside
5901s of the bow but it looks like he's gonna
5903s get absolutely pelted PP trying to hold
5906s on here as oug is gonna absolutely
5908s decimate and get the first elimination
5909s on to wbg's BB meanwhile they're steady
5912s trying to focus on the
5914s it looks like they're trying to focus on
5916s the actual puzzle they don't even care
5917s that oug's trying to fight they're like
5919s yeah that's great but like we're trying
5920s to solve this Puzzle first as uh the
5922s king is gonna be able to claim the
5923s second elimination here the Big King
5925s trying to push this one as hard and
5927s aggressive as possible here as wbg Jing
5930s trying to hold a beautiful bell and
5931s defense coming in as the fight as the
5933s Flames come through and deplete heals oh
5935s my goodness the ball putting in massive
5937s work onto the jingle but genius I'm
5939s getting a nice right click but it
5940s doesn't matter there was the fire tick
5941s is gonna claim the elimination onto
5943s jingin look how close their players in
5945s you was from getting eliminated he was
5947s one HP into that Circle and just like
5949s that that could have been a Switcheroo
5951s of the game but it doesn't matter though
5952s because they do get eliminated out of
5954s this out of this first one at least and
5956s it looks like they're gonna solve the
5957s puzzle get the chest and keep going
5960s yeah Ouija came in here and absolutely
5962s took control of the ballistics here
5964s using them to pick up multiple
5966s eliminations onto wbg wbg in the end
5968s there just really trying to pick up that
5970s elimination they had one player
5972s extremely low I do believe it was Xin Yu
5975s who was so low and they just weren't
5978s able to find the single hit that they
5980s needed great cover coming out from SS
5982s and the King to keep wbg from picking up
5985s any score and now ug also going to be
5988s able to pick up the box here they're
5989s going to get themselves a legendary
5991s dagger and a purple set of dual blades
5992s which is going to be huge for that
5994s Transformer comp coming through early
5996s turning now to KLA and JD and man what a
5999s complete mess as qgd comes in on the
6002s ultimate here for Yoda yimi and is able
6004s to pick up an elimination on to jdg
6006s xiaohui and now we're gonna see yet
6008s another
6010s team are coming in from the side looking
6012s for the third party I do believe that
6014s team Ventus but KLA wants to pick up
6016s these eliminations that they put the
6017s work in for and unfortunately they're
6019s not going to be able to his team Ventus
6021s comes in and completely blitzes them
6024s down jdg still holding on to two members
6027s here but now team vent is coming through
6030s with the third party looks to start
6032s picking up the members of jdg as well
6035s KLA unfortunately going to be sent back
6037s to the soul altar but four eliminations
6039s under their belt those resurrections
6041s really just a resource KLA using them to
6044s their advantage it's also early enough
6045s in the game they're going to be able to
6047s go find some easy loot early on here as
6050s the map still has plenty of those troves
6052s left to them no no please tell me KLA
6055s I'm not seeing what I think I'm seeing
6057s they are not going for the salty run
6059s back they respawn in this same space and
6062s it looks like they're gonna pressure
6063s into this fight potentially as we see
6066s qgg come very close to jdg and the
6068s members Avengers but decides to back out
6071s which is very smart given the fact that
6073s there's so many teams here and KLA with
6075s literally no armor or weapons to their
6078s name Alliance pressuring in for the
6080s fifth party on to this fight now as we
6083s see the members of jdg get sent back to
6086s the soul altar with one elimination
6088s under their belt jjh also coming in
6091s looking to get their claws into this
6093s fight Godly giving Chase here to the
6096s members of Ventus sansi just trying to
6098s create some space completely separated
6100s from the team it knows that if he gets
6102s locked down here it could be very bad
6104s sansi will find himself locked down
6106s forced to drop the pillar and go ahead
6107s and Mech up so he can get away from the
6110s members of jjh and sansi just trying to
6114s keep it alive here as he is the only
6116s remaining member here for team Ventus
6118s their monk looks like he's gonna time
6121s out here soon so Ventus completely alone
6124s now and we are going to see KLA pick up
6127s their fifth elimination on DaVinci this
6130s is wx98 as well and that is going to be
6133s it for wx98 I'm not sure if fentis has
6137s already used their resurrections or not
6139s we'll find out momentarily as Alliance
6141s looks to come in here and there's sansi
6144s inside the building and now it's
6146s Alliance who's called out Sandy Sandy
6148s with no ultimate no place to go the
6149s Perry comes through and that is gonna be
6151s it it looks like they do still have some
6154s resurrections available because they are
6156s not completely eliminated here jjh gonna
6158s Munk Up in the face of Alliance and now
6160s we've got two Titans going head to head
6163s here but Alliance is lucky immediately
6165s gonna pop that huge gurumi ultimate
6167s gonna buy the space for their team to
6170s stay alive Lynn get full health here but
6173s God Lee just getting completely pelted
6176s by the mech and of course alliances Lynn
6179s Godly no place to go if he D transforms
6182s here Lin's just gonna grab him off the
6184s ground he doesn't have too much of an
6186s option we're going to see the dagger
6187s come through and then we're gonna see
6188s the immediate Bell follow up buy a
6190s little bit of space Godly able to escape
6192s here as the rest of the team jjh buys
6196s him the space he needs to get a little
6198s bit of a reset as he immediately turns
6200s back into the fight but zone now with
6202s the uh Channel buying even more space
6204s for the members of Team Alliance as they
6207s pick up TK's Ali and it is just a
6210s complete Fiesta here in the beginning of
6212s game number two Dobby
6214s we'd love to see an absolute Fiesta as
6216s it looks like the Perry comes through as
6218s well from this one as a strong tornado
6221s trying to see if maybe they can stun out
6222s some of these players their Alliance is
6224s lucky trying to hold on for as long as
6225s possible but it's not going to be enough
6226s as Juan ends up getting carried into the
6228s air and absolutely gets finished here
6230s beautiful finish here by uh jjh as
6234s they're gonna go and pick up their
6235s teammate Godly gets the finish this
6237s truly is going to be four eliminations
6239s deep into their team and it looks like
6241s it's gonna be a four-way tie so far
6243s between xcg vintus KLA and jjh with five
6247s eliminations completely different game
6250s but very expected coming in from xcg
6252s here at the top of the leaderboard
6255s so back at the top of the order
6257s we've been going through so much of this
6259s so far here but it's been also
6261s incredible to see how it's been going
6263s down right so
6265s my question to you roon is if you are at
6269s the bottom of the leaderboard here for
6270s some of these players here that haven't
6271s really claimed an elimination what do
6273s you do
6274s well it depends on what comp you're
6276s playing right you know if if you're the
6278s Viper sort of comms you're in a really
6281s bad situation because you're playing
6282s that early to mid game comp now again
6284s used to be a late game comp but
6287s especially into these Feria versions of
6290s the Transformer comp here you really
6292s have to be aggressive early while these
6294s teams are Sans resources and their Sans
6296s those ultimates and then take those
6298s kills into late game so if you're those
6300s Viper comps the best thing you can do is
6303s find some gear and look for some fights
6305s in the mid game
6306s and you need to stay away from the
6308s Realms of being you're just not going to
6309s win the Realms of Yang into these
6311s Transformer comps as that Viper comp you
6314s need to find some good terrain where you
6315s can escape the monk grabs and you can
6318s kind of take these fights to your own
6319s Advantage if you're the Transformers
6321s comps and you're towards the bottom of
6323s the barrel here and you've not picked up
6325s any eliminations you're doing okay
6326s you're a late game comedy you're looking
6328s to pop off in those final circles the
6330s best thing that you can do here is a
6332s potentially look to secure a Moore's
6335s blessing find yourself some better loot
6337s maybe catch some of these stragglers
6339s coming out of the realm of Yang who have
6341s that Yang depletion and find yourself
6343s some easy eliminations so that you can
6346s get yourselves into the game here as we
6348s take a look we're going to see KZ over
6350s here have popped in no old Zone trying
6352s to keep ewg for pressuring onto them and
6355s keeping them from a being able to use
6357s those Transformer comps to their
6359s advantage and KZ more than happy to just
6361s sit here and a rain down shots here with
6364s the bows and cannons and pump damage out
6366s onto the the likes of ewg ewg doesn't
6369s have a choice but to pressure forward
6371s through KZ here as they quite literally
6373s have their backs to the zone so KZ
6376s looking to come in here we go we're
6378s gonna see ewg actually slip into the
6380s realm of Yang and so does KZ but they
6382s aren't going to be going Head to Head KZ
6384s is going to be against jdd and AOW will
6386s be fighting the members of ewg It's
6389s Gonna be interesting to see if KZ and
6391s ewg both come out on top they will both
6394s come out in the exact same place with
6396s that buff and immediately have to take
6398s it by here we're going to see both monks
6399s transform as Casey looks to take
6401s advantage of the situation here we're
6403s gonna see the first temi olds come out
6405s and interesting to see the uh the fact
6407s that we don't see there it is the second
6409s time you'll to cancel out the first one
6411s we're gonna see the monk here for KZ
6414s immediately take the pillar and
6416s transform as they go so low the members
6419s of jdg just have completely taken
6422s control of this fight here in the realm
6424s of Yang we see one grab coming out
6426s unfortunately he doesn't have enough
6428s time to get the slam but still a ton of
6430s damage pumped out onto fajine hazy here
6432s trying to make something happen the Bell
6434s coming out from LSR but it's not going
6436s to be enough as easy able to turn around
6438s with the nunchucks and find a combo but
6441s we're gonna see the transform and the
6443s mech come through and just completely
6444s Pummel down AZ and jdg is gonna walk
6447s away Victoria's here inside our realm of
6450s Yang and it looks like ewg also comes
6453s out on top
6455s absolutely insane a beautiful start
6458s though for this team as the ewg he's
6460s gonna get that vermillions bird might
6462s here it looks like they're gonna be able
6464s to keep that going meanwhile there's a
6465s massive Chase going on between the wbg
6467s Sleepwalker and KLA look at the movement
6469s coming in from qgg just absolutely
6471s gliding through the ground here
6474s absolutely insane coming into this is
6476s they're gonna just try to continue to
6477s push onto this wbg Sleepwalker might be
6481s by himself as to why he's just dipping
6483s out as hard as he possibly can here it
6485s looks like GS also near that space as
6487s well here it looks like GS is going to
6489s continue the the chase as well as it
6490s looks like ala is going to decide to
6491s back off realize this is probably not
6493s that worth it
6495s decides to dip out meanwhile ewg and AOW
6498s is in there is in the middle of their
6500s own fight massive tornado comes through
6502s here as it looks like the first grab is
6504s able to get thrown thrown all the way
6506s down as value gets absolutely destroyed
6508s immediately following another a hit of
6510s the Longbow as xylu looks like he's
6512s gonna get ready to pop his ulti as well
6514s here they're just waiting it out on each
6515s side of your beautiful grab coming
6517s through as well gets the double grab
6519s gets the double slam and the finish the
6521s cold start coming in and ladies and
6523s gentlemen we got the engine ready when
6525s it comes to AOW
6527s yeah AOW coming through huge there with
6530s that double grab Dobby
6532s a finish coming through to this is AOW
6534s just feeling it out beautiful start for
6536s them as well here and
6538s finally got the elimination off
6540s Sleepwalker if you look back now as
6542s we're looking back at the replay here
6542s for the realm of Yang let's see what
6544s happens to ewg in terms of how they were
6545s able to come through and clutch this up
6546s beautiful slam coming through as the
6548s adron is able to get the double grab
6550s gets the first slam and obviously the
6552s rest of their team is gonna just be able
6553s to come through beautiful sweep and
6555s that's why ewg comes through Victorious
6557s for that round as the king actually ends
6560s up claiming the elimination off of
6561s Casey's the Gen currently as well as it
6564s looks like AOW statistical Soldier
6566s shopping look some sometimes you
6569s sometimes you got to do a little
6570s shopping you know and say you've put in
6572s work you've earned the money you gotta
6573s you gotta treat yourself right Dobby and
6576s some sometimes that's all that matters
6578s you come through you got to take care of
6579s yourself and I mean look AOW here
6581s clearly they like a little bit of shiny
6583s in their life the the Pink Town
6589s I know right yeah
6592s I got from the rocket team necklace with
6594s look look AOW they they after my heart
6598s here they coming in they playing their
6599s minds out they had a really good round
6601s last round too so you know what let us
6603s treat they self they've earned it wbg
6605s here going Head to Head now with jdg jdg
6607s hooking a lockdown PP and PP just
6610s completely separated from the team
6611s there's no place he can go here Kofi
6613s locks him down and LSR finishes him off
6615s jdg picking up yet another elimination
6618s for themselves go into five a lot of
6620s these teams with five to six
6622s eliminations we typically see kind of a
6625s bigger spread where some of these teams
6626s are kind of like in that nine to ten
6628s range and everybody else kind of
6629s chilling in that four range this
6632s particular game is a very tight game ug
6634s jjh at the top with six eliminations
6637s each but then you have xcg vintus KLA
6639s jdg and GS
6642s all rounding out the middle here with
6644s five eliminations each gonna be a very
6647s tight game but going into the final
6648s Circle here uh as we continue deeper
6651s into the game we do have zone two
6652s collapsing on to zone three as we speak
6656s uh which means we're gonna see those
6658s Realms of Yang come back very soon if
6660s you take a look jdg and uh GS here those
6663s Vermillion Birds might's gonna run out
6665s anytime uh KLA moving across the map
6668s potentially looking to set up for that
6670s next realm of Yang and hopefully they
6673s can find it at KLA with five
6674s eliminations all of which are on qgg
6677s here and KLA again they're running that
6680s Viper comp they're going to be much more
6681s of that mid sorry early to mid game so
6684s they need to pick up eliminations while
6685s they can they need to find themselves
6687s potentially uh looking for some of those
6690s stragglers as they come out of the realm
6691s of Yang Unfortunately they can't really
6693s pressure into a realm of yang right now
6695s given the comp that they're playing the
6697s win rate for these Transformer comps
6699s just so high inside the realm of Yang it
6702s would be almost impossible for them to
6705s come out on top uh without a little bit
6707s of luck and a lot of hard work so
6710s they're gonna have to find themselves uh
6711s looking for some of these stragglers as
6713s they come out of the realm of Yang and
6715s look to pick up some easy eliminations
6716s Dobby
6718s well absolutely let's hope that they're
6720s able to work towards that one as well
6721s and maybe figure it out here as they're
6723s gonna get ready to keep this movement
6724s going here as Alliance all the way on
6726s this rotation has been doing its job
6728s let's see if they're going to be able to
6729s find any more towards this space
6734s as alliances Lynn trying to see if maybe
6736s he can get a nice hit from the bow here
6739s still has a nice little bit of room here
6741s it doesn't look like it's going to be
6742s enough as they are going to be able to
6743s get away here
6745s meanwhile with jdg also on the other
6747s side here and it looks like the realm of
6749s Yang is going to be mirrored by they're
6750s trying to wait this out as well waiting
6752s for this border to pop in
6754s it looks like they're going to be ready
6755s to fight this out here as they're going
6756s to all push into this fight let's see
6758s what happens is jdg and jjh the two J's
6762s coming through
6765s see if they can find the next one here
6767s and you like we said you love to see it
6771s yeah there's gonna be jdg's second realm
6773s of yang this game they won their first
6775s one let's see if they can do it again we
6776s receive the Tammy old come through and
6779s actually catch Kofi out here but they
6781s also have attending of their own so it
6783s looks like they're gonna drop theirs and
6784s cancel out the temio from jjh jjh's
6787s Godly finds a grab though and it looks
6789s like he's gonna go for the slam but
6791s Godly goes extremely low and actually
6792s gets stunned out of the slam here God
6795s Lee gets picked up though LSR needs to
6797s go ahead and go for the slam before he
6798s times out he does get the slam and Kobe
6801s follows up with a long story slash able
6802s to pick up the elimination on to God Lee
6805s here we're seeing it JP jdg once again
6809s take control here inside the realm of
6811s the line uh Yang linger 10 here taking a
6814s ton of damage uh gonna get picked down
6817s and it's gonna be jdg who comes out on
6819s top for the second time they're two for
6821s two here in game number two jdg looking
6825s to dominate this match Dobby
6828s domination absolutely here coming
6831s through and jdg is gonna be able to shut
6833s it down in a beautiful way here let's
6835s see if they will be able to work towards
6837s the rest of it though
6839s coming through with such a great officer
6841s opportunity here with the Mystic might
6846s see if they're going to be able to use
6847s it towards its Advantage meanwhile ewg
6850s is already halfway through
6852s their Draco storm jdg with eight
6855s elimination six tied up with JJ and
6858s oug
6859s and a five-way tie between xcg Ventus
6861s KLA and GS meanwhile KZ and TK having a
6866s really big struggle here and sadly wbg
6869s definitely a team that we thought would
6871s truly truly pop off here is struggling
6873s with one player already down and no
6875s eliminations to their name
6878s well wbg here in the early game really
6881s kind of uh found themselves in a
6882s terrible situation they got eliminated
6884s early uh in that fight with oug who was
6888s able to take control of ballistas over
6890s by the puzzle uh and when they
6892s resurrected they kind of resurrected uh
6895s towards the north side of the map hoping
6896s to find some space where a lot of teams
6899s hadn't looted yet but there was like a
6901s five-way fight going on nearby where
6904s they resurrected and while they still
6906s had white armor and weapons they get
6908s caught up in that five-way fight and get
6911s completely separated they're forced to
6913s just send one of their members off to
6915s die they find a situation where they're
6917s forced to send Jing off to also die in
6920s that situation and they've been able to
6921s string together enough dark tide coins
6924s to buy one Resurrection for the team but
6927s unfortunately that one Resurrection
6928s isn't enough to bring the full team back
6930s they haven't been able to find the armor
6932s that they want so they're really kind of
6933s playing for placement at this point as I
6936s speak they pick up another rebirth arm
6938s though and they do find their third
6940s member back in So if they can find some
6942s gear underneath their belts before we
6944s come to the final Circle we might see
6946s the members of wbg pop off yet again
6949s taking a look now over to team jjh who
6952s lost their realm of Yang into team jdd
6954s they have two minutes and 12 seconds
6956s left remaining on at that Yang depletion
6959s before they just simply find themselves
6961s eliminated from this Lobby KLA is
6964s another team we've expected a lot about
6966s today and they still only rocking those
6969s first five eliminations that they picked
6970s up in the early game here and again
6972s playing that Viper combo a comp that is
6975s now kind of shifted in terms of the meta
6977s towards the early to mid game they need
6980s to find some eliminations here before
6982s things get too hectic and the risk of
6984s third party grows even more for them
6987s jjh on the hunt actually has found the
6990s members of KLA and this could be very
6993s good for KLA jjh very desperate here the
6996s Viper old coming through the Tamil gonna
6998s buy jjh a little bit of space but not
7000s enough as 17 from KLA finds a massive
7003s bow shot onto licks and godly goes down
7006s and here it is chew Lee the last
7008s remaining member of jjh has Yang
7010s depletion as well a massive Perry coming
7012s through from cxe who's gonna put chewy
7015s completely on the back foot they're
7016s forced to use the F to buy themselves
7018s some space they will find a single
7020s elimination but unfortunately it is not
7022s going to be enough as the third and
7024s fourth parties come through and Julie
7026s finds themselves eliminated that's gonna
7028s be it for jjh
7031s oug here GD here as well and man that
7034s fight completely popped off there in the
7037s last second Cala able to get themselves
7039s away with that Wu Channel but still on
7042s the run as the members of oug pressure
7044s onto them KLA picking up two of those
7046s eliminations finds themselves in second
7049s position right now and much better off
7052s as we get ready to head towards the late
7054s mid game to the late late game KLA uh
7059s still on the move here wants to find
7061s that potential third party opportunity
7063s as these teams look at each other
7065s because with their team comp that's
7066s going to be the best situation for them
7068s to pick up some more eliminations
7071s absolute Madness coming in though as we
7075s still are going to be able to come
7076s through a little bit closer towards the
7078s uh end here with jdg leading with eight
7080s eliminations AOW as we're keeping an eye
7082s out on as only three sadly here
7086s going right towards this straight front
7088s here right on the outskirts here
7091s looks like they're gonna be wanting to
7092s try to make up a fight here as well and
7094s let's see what they can do here but
7095s currently as of right now we are at
7097s Jin's Armory right near matab as we're
7099s finding this out as we go back towards
7101s the very center of all the madness
7103s that's happening all the way in plumed
7105s Castle
7107s whole lot of areas and edges to really
7109s come through to us JD GD wanting to
7112s really push this fight oh you oh you g
7115s wants to see if they can get some type
7117s of eliminations as well here so many
7119s Soul Jades down there at the bottom here
7120s could be massive but they're gonna
7122s decide to retreat off that and realize
7123s that it's probably not worth it
7126s definitely have to play this to their
7127s advantage here is also KLA is also on
7129s the other side too so they have to be
7131s very very careful because this really
7132s could be
7134s um really bad on each section here if
7136s they're not paying attention it's gonna
7138s be a whole lot of momentum coming
7139s through here so let's see if they're
7140s gonna be able to find this out or be
7142s smart in any which way towards this
7145s fight is it looks like they're gonna be
7146s going for the realm of Yang here
7148s the bird come alive let's see if any of
7150s them are gonna go through if it looks
7151s like Ventus by themselves look they have
7153s a full chest over here to themselves
7155s free don't have to worry about anybody
7158s yeah this is a huge pickup here for team
7160s vent is pixel able to get that legendary
7162s armor is going to be absolutely massive
7164s for him when he monks up in these final
7166s circles Ventus here with five
7168s eliminations under their belt and you
7169s know this is a more typical Ventus they
7172s typically play you know towards these
7173s late game spaces they didn't really find
7176s the gear that they were looking for they
7178s weren't able to make it to those uh
7179s Realms of Yang so for them to be able to
7181s find at least one legendary set of armor
7183s for the team so that they're not all
7185s stacked uh with Blues is gonna be huge
7188s uh as they head into those final moments
7190s of the game xcg finding themselves uh
7193s hugging the side of the circle here just
7195s looking to hold on to a little bit of
7196s space as the Zone collapses we are going
7199s to see zone four collapse onto zone five
7201s in the next 15 seconds and that's really
7204s gonna pressure a lot of these teams
7206s together that Bane's breath ending is
7208s gonna buy some of these teams a little
7210s bit of space to maneuver forward GS is
7212s still waiting on the other side over
7214s here GS able to find some eliminations
7216s under the belt this game moving up to 5
7218s eliminations when we looked at them
7220s earlier I do believe they were holding
7221s on to two or three eliminations bling
7223s thanks hand here taking quite a few
7225s arrows to the chest gets caught out in
7228s the Tammy sandwich and almost
7230s immediately gets eliminated there it is
7232s he finds time to bop the ultimate which
7235s gives his team just enough time to
7237s resurrect him here if he hadn't got that
7239s ultimate out things could have gone very
7241s poorly for team xcg here as they're
7244s looking to pop off yet again in these
7246s final circles jdg still at the top of
7249s the order though and at the very top of
7250s the map they've had a very good games
7253s for themselves wbg still zero
7256s eliminations looking to find their way
7258s back into this game they were able to
7260s get not one but two resurrections to get
7262s the full team back together they've been
7264s able to Cobble together a little bit of
7266s gear here hopefully they can find some
7268s eliminations in the end game ala here
7270s with quite a few eliminations under
7271s their belt as well seven eliminations
7273s our first bi-weekly Champions looking to
7276s have a good performance here today Dobby
7281s performance coming through absolutely I
7283s mean it's ill even with all of this
7285s Madness that's been going on here they
7287s still have found their own uh Lanes on
7289s how to create this separation but then
7291s have done a good job of keeping the
7293s games alive for themselves here there's
7295s still so much more that we still have to
7297s see within these games here but
7298s obviously even with this face so far
7300s here they're still able to hold it down
7301s and sometimes it's just better just to
7303s do what they're doing they're just
7304s taking their time they're not forcing
7305s anything and it's kind of just being
7307s like hey this is probably this is
7308s probably a little bit more worth it
7309s currently here just to be like hey just
7311s take our time let's focus on this and
7313s let's not force anything that we don't
7315s necessarily have to because sometimes
7317s it's better to not do that sometimes
7319s it's better to just go hey let's just
7320s play this smart we still have a couple
7322s more games left we're still working on
7323s some other stuff so let's actually spay
7326s uh stay patient and sometimes you need
7328s to do that now with ewg going through
7330s going through this rotation it looks
7331s like they might be able to potentially
7332s go towards another player here there's
7334s still a whole lot going down here
7337s all within this space
7340s and it's I mean just look at the amount
7342s of players that's in the different areas
7344s here it looks like ewg pop their ulti
7346s might have been hit by at least a bow or
7348s something here as looks like the cannon
7350s shots of ricocheting on each side here
7352s as yayu trying to see if maybe he can
7354s hit something as well but they have The
7355s High Ground here it's not looking good
7356s as The Bull shots come through and it's
7357s forcing it's gonna hit the Bell here
7359s beautiful cannons ricocheting down there
7361s this is why Feria is such a powerful
7363s Transformer here if not only do you have
7365s The High Ground but you have that kid
7367s and you are going to use it to your
7369s advantage here and obviously
7371s they almost got an elimination because
7373s of it and if they was not paying
7375s attention particularly to that specific
7377s area at that moment they also could have
7379s got the elimination from the full team
7381s and that would have been mashup now the
7382s question is when you get that kill do
7384s you jump down there and try to get the
7386s arrested eliminations or do you just
7387s accept the fact that hey we got one kill
7389s they're most likely pick up The Kill
7390s let's just keep this High ground and
7392s hopefully nobody steals
7394s well I mean if you've gotten The High
7396s Ground there and you're pressuring onto
7397s a team like that and you pick up an
7398s elimination you just keep playing the
7400s range game because their team is gonna
7402s feel the need to try to go ahead and
7404s pick up that player and if you have the
7407s ranged advantage over them you can make
7409s it very very difficult and easily find
7410s yourself to get more elimination g-ron
7412s here finds himself parried goes for the
7415s Bell to protect himself is going to be
7417s forced to monk up to have any hope and
7419s survival here as we see this Pacific Rim
7422s meta coming alive it's Titans and Mech
7424s everywhere you'll look as far as the eye
7427s can see this is the sansies or sorry uh
7431s Zhao non here Joe who KLA CXC coming in
7434s one of the only vipers in the lobby
7436s looking for some stunts able to find a
7438s short stun out but not anything to take
7440s control of the lobby and look at this
7442s wbg Sleeve Walker just humbling
7444s everybody here from the ferry Mac
7446s building rage looking for the
7448s opportunity to drop down onto some of
7451s these teams keeping covering here with
7454s the staff as as well Sleepwalker are
7455s going to come out of the mac and there
7456s it is he's got the monk already and is
7458s immediately gonna Munk Up like I said
7460s that Pacific Rim meta coming to life and
7463s the kill feed goes absolutely wild as we
7466s see jdg eliminated xcg picking up eight
7470s eliminations for themselves oug going to
7472s seven KLA still unable to find another
7474s elimination as they lose the number 17
7477s qgg just buying space here with his Yoda
7480s Hime ultimate for as long as they can
7481s now gd's kakaishi picked up by giannon
7485s and that's gonna put xcg into first
7486s place with nine eliminations
7488s sleepwalker's gonna find an elimination
7490s for himself Ventus is sansi with that
7493s flame breath gonna pick up klasa qgg and
7496s that leaves KLA with a single member
7498s left remaining alive at their Viper
7500s looking at to buy themselves some more
7502s space in this game and a higher
7504s placement because there are only a
7506s couple of teams fully eliminated here 19
7508s players left remaining as zone six
7511s begins to collapse onto Zone Seven links
7513s in here is gonna have to move away from
7515s the Zone looking to get that High Ground
7517s here and start pummeling damage out
7519s we're gonna see Vince's pixel down below
7521s going for the grab his Link in 10 to
7523s have Dodges out of the transfer D
7525s transformation from the mech and just
7527s narrowly avoids the grab coming out from
7529s ventus's pixel pixel looking to continue
7531s to pressure here on to gs's xiaohui
7534s xiaohui taking the fish to the back so
7537s much damage being pumped out he's gonna
7538s be forced to de-transform and he's gonna
7540s go very low we're gonna see so many
7543s people popping into the kill feed Ping
7546s Tao trying to pressure in and pick up an
7548s elimination but Vince's pixel now
7550s keeping him locked down in the zone a
7552s single HP remaining as he G transforms
7554s he finds the Bell he's got purple armor
7556s but if he takes the zotech he's gonna go
7557s down the wrists are gonna lock him up
7559s he's almost caught into the Zone but no
7562s it's gonna be wx-98 who finds him with
7565s the spear Stanzi looking to continue the
7568s pressure here for the rest of Team
7570s Adventist and just goes Airborne CL
7573s sorry klas CXC coming in with the Vipers
7576s done able to catch out a couple of
7578s players but it's that short Viper stun
7580s it's not the V1 they're not going to be
7582s able to capitalize on anything as they
7584s find themselves alone here KLA holding
7587s on for dear life
7589s I mean holding on absolutely for dear
7592s life maybe potentially even within this
7594s space here I would be too as a circle
7596s slowly pushing in at CG to getting hit
7599s by a bow it looks like they're gonna be
7600s able to go for that reshield here trying
7602s to take their time here all within this
7603s is both Mass all three massive uh
7607s massive monks you definitely don't want
7608s to be at the bottom of that just
7609s absolutely bouncing on each side over
7611s and over again trying not to get caught
7612s in a bad situation meanwhile die
7614s trying to grab it up on each side here I
7616s see R is the XZ sadly is going to get
7619s grabbed thrown and finished here as it
7621s looks like the poison is going to come
7622s through trying to get something off of
7623s wx98 it looks like it does here but it's
7625s not going to be able to do too much here
7627s as it looks like the flameburger is
7628s going to come out we haven't seen too
7629s much of the flame Burger so far tonight
7631s so it's good to finally see it here in
7633s this game too full circle comes through
7634s pixel dangerously low the defense is not
7636s going to be able to do enough beautiful
7637s Perry coming through getting the nice
7640s depletion off of wx98 trying to hold on
7642s for as long as possible but it's not
7643s going to be enough as looks like xcg
7645s holding it down getting the finish off
7647s of AOW and xcg claims another dub just
7651s like that two games back to back are you
7654s kidding me
7655s yeah look xcg in rare form today and I
7659s mean they played this game exceptionally
7661s well yet again you know that first game
7663s they actually found themselves in a
7665s really terrible situation and were able
7668s to turn around that game and walk away
7670s the winner this game they played
7672s textbook naraka
7673s they had really good Synergy they knew
7676s where to be they were able to capitalize
7678s on multiple third-party fourth party
7680s scenarios they get into the final Circle
7683s and they're just able to find the best
7685s spaces pick up eliminations one after
7688s the other you see a lot of these teams
7691s going for that sort of high ground up
7693s top and xcg more than happy to stay in
7696s the spaces where they don't have to
7698s worry about so much of those monk grabs
7701s and the Feria shots just coming through
7703s they have the cover they can let teams
7706s come to them they fight those teams on
7708s their own terms because of that they're
7710s able to survive to the very end and this
7712s is a team that knows how to take control
7713s of a vinyl Circle we saw that happen in
7716s a game at number one where even though
7718s wbg had control of the circle when
7721s things closed in and their comp was much
7723s stronger in those floated combats it was
7725s xcd finally takes control of the circle
7728s so this is a team very very good at
7730s taking control of those situations and
7733s once they find find that Circle pushing
7735s in and they get into that space they
7737s have them uncle they have the Faria
7738s pillar they're just able to take control
7741s walk away with a ton of eliminations in
7744s a first place finish xcg in rare form
7746s today and I love to see it and this is a
7748s team that always plays consistently and
7751s they're having big pop-off games right
7754s now it's going to be a very hard team to
7756s catch back up to if these other teams
7758s don't start putting in the work Dobby no
7760s you're absolutely right as xcg just
7762s comes through with a massive finish here
7764s I mean it just doesn't look like their
7766s reign of terror is going to stop anytime
7768s soon as xcg clearly has the formula not
7772s only both with the eliminations but also
7774s just knowing when to play it safe
7776s obviously you know we talk back and
7778s forth about consistency but also you
7781s also need to know when it's a good time
7782s to just back off hey it's not this worth
7784s it to try to push into another fight or
7786s or try to you know come through and
7788s steal this elimination it might be
7790s better just to keep The High Ground hold
7792s on to what we have we're already doing
7793s well and let's just play this until we
7795s get to the very end of the game now
7796s obviously with xcg they're able to be
7799s able to handle and balance both and
7802s that's how you make a championship team
7804s it's not always about getting the
7805s elimination it's also knowing when to
7807s back off and when to quit now
7810s where was wbg in this nowhere to be
7814s found well
7816s wbg had a little bit of a run in bad
7819s luck right they dropped in Detroit well
7822s look so they drop and they try to
7824s contest puzzle unfortunately they're not
7826s able to take control of ballistas oug is
7829s the team that grabs ballistas uses that
7831s to their advantage and it sends wbg back
7834s to the soul alter that early in the game
7836s it's not that big of a deal you have the
7839s resurrection you can go find a space
7842s where there's plenty of resources still
7843s available and get back into the game
7845s what happens unfortunately is they pick
7848s the wrong space to resurrect and there's
7850s like a five-way fight going on near them
7852s they lose two members super early
7854s they're forced to spend the rest of the
7856s game looking for resurrections for their
7858s team and clearly didn't pay off for them
7861s they were getting able to get their team
7862s back get to the final Circle only able
7864s to get two eliminations because they
7866s couldn't find the gear that they needed
7867s xcg takes control of the final Circle
7869s yet again and is able to walk away with
7872s 15 eliminations in a first place finish
7874s with a game score of 29. that's almost
7878s two 30-point games back to back Dobby
7881s will we see the hat trick coming out in
7884s game number three from xcg because again
7886s look we have Team Ventus a very close
7889s second place here from Team Ventus with
7891s 13 eliminations of 21.5 game score for
7895s team bentis and it was Ventus who was
7897s taking control of the final Circle until
7899s the very final moments where xcg shows
7901s up and goes hey y'all been burning
7903s resources we've been chilling right here
7905s boom takes control of everything comes
7907s out on top
7909s massive game for xcg as we take a look
7911s at the stats here links in yet again six
7915s eliminations on the temi here with 19
7919s 000 damage coming through here for our
7922s team xcg and then you see Knight HQ yet
7926s again on the very as well 20K damage
7928s we're gonna take a look at the replays
7929s here jjh up here Godly getting these
7932s massive musket shots onto these
7934s different teammates and now turning over
7937s yet again to licks in here this was one
7939s of those fights here with Team Alliance
7941s where Alliance just have found
7943s themselves uh biting off a little more
7945s than they could chew here with JJ Jean
7948s really trying to turn things around here
7950s not quite able to find the advantage
7953s they were looking for gets caught out in
7954s the whiff and jjh picks it up gets the
7956s resurrection now into the realm of Yang
7958s where we see ewg here going head-to-head
7961s with the members of AOW and ewg just
7965s absolutely destroying AOW here really
7969s AOW not putting up much of a fight
7971s whatsoever but now turning the favor
7973s background on to the members of ewg
7975s later they pick up quite a few
7977s eliminations to xcg here look at this
7979s look at this space xcg able to find
7982s elimination after elimination down range
7984s using that range to their advantage and
7987s yet again here in the final Circle
7988s playing Gatekeepers here vent is up and
7991s looking to make things happen but it's
7993s xcg who just comes in and re-takes
7995s control of these final spaces pixel just
7998s gets picked up immediately by that
8000s legendary Pulsar wx98 gets parried and
8003s na HQ turns around with the flamer
8005s immediately and capitalizes on Juventus
8008s goes out gown on an xcg then just have
8010s full control of that final Zone and here
8014s it is it's actually going to be an ihq
8016s who walks away the MVP with five
8018s eliminations and 20 000 damage and yet
8021s again it's a ranged weapon coming in
8024s with the most damage 8K damage here for
8028s 9 HQ and this is something you're only
8030s going to see in trios it's not something
8031s you're going to see typically into solos
8033s there's so many targets that are being
8036s caught out all the time that you can
8037s capitalize on with those rain shots and
8039s want to hearken back to the replays you
8041s see this moment where xcg is sitting up
8043s on top of this rock that's like a
8045s billion miles from the action you see a
8047s player get caught out on another team
8050s and go low and xcg is just like oh Bow
8053s shot picks up the elimination from you
8056s know three football fields away and
8058s that's where we see xcg really
8060s capitalizing they've got good spacing
8063s and they're able to pick up those rain
8064s shots and as soon as they see somebody's
8067s vulnerable all three of them turn to
8069s that Target
8070s and you're absolutely uh right here into
8073s this they were really able to knock down
8075s as much of it as possible here and they
8077s did a fantastic job of it throughout all
8078s of this and obviously it was able to
8080s shut it down especially towards the end
8082s Gotta Give It Up to GD though who really
8084s held that top space up for as long as he
8086s possibly could I was kind of surprised
8087s that they didn't but we still have
8090s another video to show you before we get
8091s ready to rock in for our trios game
8094s round number three see here in a minute
8097s thank you
8118s thank you
8135s thank you
8150s [Music]
8182s thank you
8185s [Music]
8202s [Music]
8217s foreign
8220s [Music]
8227s [Music]
8253s [Music]
8257s thank you
8265s [Music]
8277s [Music]
8285s [Applause]
8291s [Music]
8301s foreign
8315s [Music]
8337s foreign
8340s [Music]
8359s as we get ready to lock in for another
8362s game we have game three and obviously
8366s we'll be going straight into our
8366s halftime ladies and gentlemen welcome
8368s back to the mbpl pro league bi-weekly
8370s split week two and day two of our trios
8374s I'm your host Javier alongside my real
8376s one my OG here from the rocket blade
8379s Point Rune keeper and uh we also you've
8384s been here since 2020
8386s oh yeah dude I I've played everything it
8388s feels like you've been here longer than
8390s that it feels like you've been here
8392s longer than that I mean the first
8394s closeout Alpha was only available in
8396s late 2020. so I mean that was I've been
8399s here since the very very beginning uh
8402s the first mention of Maraca that I ever
8403s saw was E3 2017 uh and then he didn't
8408s see anything else again until 2020 and
8411s uh I
8413s uh been following for a very very long
8415s time we've got a short VCR though before
8417s we come back and lock in for game number
8419s three so don't go anywhere we'll be
8420s right back uh ladies and gentlemen I
8423s just got a quick question for you guys
8425s and that is it gonna be
8428s um which team won game number two if you
8431s man if you guys don't know this it's
8433s either a Ventus b k l a c x e g or
8436s d-o-u-g uh I'm gonna give chat a little
8439s bit of a hint here and then that is
8441s gonna be is they've won both games today
8444s so if you know who won game one you know
8446s who won game number two so go ahead and
8449s get your answers uh locked in to chat
8451s here with either A B C or D for your
8455s chance to win yourself one of these
8457s lovely limited gift treasure boxes go
8461s ahead and get them in
8464s all right
8466s pretty insane in terms of how it's going
8468s to work here but
8473s Jihad will be able to work out though
8474s but yeah you definitely should be able
8476s to know who was the uh who was the
8478s winners here for this one
8483s yeah let's go and get those answers and
8484s this is your last chance to get them in
8486s A B C or D hope you guys have excellent
8490s luck and I hope you guys walk away with
8492s some goodies here uh after getting your
8495s answers pumped out over in the chat but
8497s I want to talk about going into game
8499s number three Dobby what do you think do
8500s you think xcg is gonna walk away with a
8502s hat trick today baby I mean at this
8504s point even without the hat trick I
8507s definitely can see them getting another
8508s dub regardless let's say they don't get
8510s game three I feel like they're gonna get
8511s game four let's say if they don't get
8513s game four they're gonna get paid game
8514s five and obviously so on and so forth
8516s they're definitely going to get three
8518s dubs tonight now the hat trick that's
8521s hard that's tough but
8525s obviously the probability of that
8527s happening is a lot higher
8529s so what's the nerves but you never know
8532s I think that's what's gonna be a little
8534s bit more interesting as we come into
8535s this game here I think a lot of people
8537s might be shooting for xcg to get that
8539s get those eliminations done because if
8541s the leaders end up getting a limbed that
8543s means everybody else it's it's
8545s gung-ho everybody's gonna go ham
8548s you know a xcg here has been playing it
8551s very very smart though right both games
8553s that they've come into here game one and
8556s game number two they've been running the
8558s comp
8558s that most of these other teams have been
8561s running it's very hard to identify who
8564s some of these teams are because you
8565s don't exactly get a player tag when
8567s you're locking onto somebody you can see
8569s their health bar and stuff when you're
8570s fighting them but you don't know until
8572s you've picked up the elimination or you
8573s recognize their play style and in trios
8576s things are so hectic it's very hard to
8579s identify a team from another team in the
8583s midst of all of that chaos so xcg you're
8586s right A lot of these teams going to be
8588s looking to pick up those eliminations
8589s and try to get them out of here as early
8591s as possible but it's going to be very
8593s hard for them to know who it is they're
8594s gunning for if xcg continues to lock in
8597s the majority team because many of these
8600s teams are going to struggle to figure
8602s out if that's xcg or just another team
8604s that they're locking in against and xcg
8608s has had excellent execution today you
8611s were talking about it earlier knowing
8613s when to back out of fights and knowing
8614s when to pressure into fights is
8616s something that xcg knows very very very
8619s well we talk about that decision making
8622s all the time and how important it is and
8624s one of the reasons xcg is one of the
8627s most consistent teams in the league is
8630s because they have that decision making
8631s down to a science Dobby
8635s that is true to some way shape or form
8638s that science can also be altered in many
8641s different ways that's the beautiful
8642s thing about science is that things can
8644s change and realistically at within a
8646s moment's notice but
8648s even with all of that coming into it
8651s there's still going to be a lot of
8652s surprises along the way which like I
8653s said I'm very very very surprised and
8655s I'm very ready for now obviously as we
8658s get ready to lock in for our game uh
8660s number three here obviously there's
8663s still a whole lot coming so you asked me
8665s that question so now the question for
8666s you is what do you think
8669s um do you think that they're going to
8671s um do the three-peat
8674s oh absolutely I think xcg walks away
8676s here uh with the hat trick today just
8678s just off the performance alone in games
8681s one and game number two not only are
8683s they a very consistent team regularly
8685s throughout the league but the decision
8687s making has been so on point for this
8689s team today and if you notice teams like
8692s wbg Inventus in game one and game two
8695s they look to take control of that that
8697s final circle around zone six it was our
8702s boys in xcg who waited until the final
8705s zone that zone seven to fully take
8709s control of that space knowing that they
8711s had enough time to stagger their
8713s ultimates once they take control in zone
8715s seven for there to be no Zone after it
8718s the thing is is you want to be the last
8720s team in control of the zone and if you
8722s know there's only enough time that once
8724s you take control of it nobody else can
8727s snatch control back away from you
8728s because you can stagger your ultimates
8730s to maintain control for the entire
8732s duration you're gonna find your self
8734s walking away most the times in that
8736s first to second place position and it's
8739s exactly where xcg needs to be to walk
8741s away with these dubs they've done it
8743s twice today they sit in a position where
8747s yes they can't pick up a ton of
8749s eliminations but they already are coming
8751s into late game with plenty of
8753s eliminations under their belt and when
8755s they finally take control of the Zone in
8757s the end they're able to pick up massive
8759s amounts of eliminations and the better
8761s placement to take control of these games
8764s and walk away the winner I think they
8766s can easily do it again in game number
8768s three if they don't find themselves
8770s eliminated early well let's see if they
8773s can do that within this game ladies and
8775s gentlemen we appreciate you for coming
8776s through here as we're about to get ready
8778s for ready to lock it in for our game
8780s number three for our trios if you are
8782s new to the channel make sure to hit the
8783s follow up button and also check and see
8785s if you gotta um well I was getting wow I
8788s was actually gonna do a twitch Prime
8789s thing here because I'm so used to saying
8791s make sure to check and see if you got a
8792s twitch Prime available um everybody
8794s ready make sure to hit the follow button
8797s on Twitter too also at naraka Esports as
8799s we're gonna get ready to lock in for our
8801s game number three of our trios a whole
8803s lot of momentum has been happening so
8804s far here and xtg has been absolutely
8807s controlling The Narrative of these games
8809s the question is can they continue for
8811s the next four games that we have locked
8813s and loaded getting ready to lock in game
8815s three Rune let's let's see what's
8817s happening what are they locking in I
8819s mean I I'm expecting to see more of
8821s these Transformer comps more of the
8823s Feria here we're gonna see this is the
8825s comp I'm interested in I want to look at
8827s wbg right now this Decatur Z pink comp
8830s worked extremely well for Jay team
8833s earlier in the week during trios we
8835s talked about that stat almost at 50k
8838s healing coming through uh for J team's Z
8841s ping and again here wbg and ewg GS all
8846s gonna be running this particular comp
8848s looks like oug has switched to this comp
8850s as well so we're gonna see four of this
8852s comp coming through and I'm interested
8854s to see how this plays out xcg gonna be
8858s running that Viper comp they're gonna
8860s need to be aggressive early and into the
8862s mid game to make this work for them so
8866s there is still a chance that they walk
8868s away with the three Pete here it's just
8870s going to be very hard because this Viper
8872s comp not as strong as it once was into
8875s these Transformer comps and it's going
8877s to be even harder for them to secure
8879s kills onto those teams that are running
8882s that Z ping Takeda
8885s absolutely insane though but also great
8888s coming in from my main man uh roomkeeper
8891s here as we're looking at the map here
8892s for Morris Iowa as it looks like the
8894s king and jdg is going to be landing on
8896s the left side of celestial mean on the
8898s right side we got jjh and another team
8900s that's going to be right at the bottom
8901s section of Immortals Temple meanwhile
8903s o-u-g-a-o-w-e-w-g is gonna be near
8905s Shadow J minus GD it's gonna be all the
8907s way on the top section separate from
8909s that at Paula pensonance at Eventide
8911s Temple so all the spread is going to be
8914s decently wide there's gonna be some
8915s immediate fights here but not everybody
8916s Landing in one particular place unlike
8919s hollerock here we saw eight teams
8920s Landing in one space I can't wait I
8923s really hope to see like that again at
8925s least one more time as Godly is going to
8927s claim the first elimination here
8928s catching Godly uh slipping in a space
8930s where they actually I don't even think
8931s they had any a limbs or anything really
8934s to Bear any it finishes four as Godly is
8938s trying to see if they can nudge out any
8939s more elements from this team here zoo on
8942s dangerously low here as he does end up
8944s getting grabbed the double beautiful
8946s timing though for that ends up getting
8948s the one grab does he grab the second no
8950s he doesn't as he ends up getting
8951s finished and depleted all the way
8954s towards the end obviously jjh knowing
8956s that they can get absolutely aggressive
8957s onto this massive Monk and they know
8959s exactly what to do in that situation
8960s meanwhile GS in a totally different
8962s situation as they can finish the
8963s eliminations off of jdg
8965s meanwhile
8967s yeah I was gonna say Alliance they're
8969s not in a great situation they have those
8972s early rage Jades and it did not pay off
8975s as lucky just gets splits down wbg here
8977s going against KLA the last remaining
8979s member they're able to get one
8980s elimination look at this cxz
8983s completely
8985s dming in the face of Sleepwalker here
8987s and it continues to tap uh the Karen
8990s here for the team Sleepwalker gonna go
8992s down unfortunately he's not able to find
8995s the double grab he's only able to find
8996s the single KLA is gonna find themselves
8999s fully resurrected here and they have
9001s three eliminations under their belt
9003s already this is exactly where it would
9004s be xcg I talk about this you need to
9007s have that early aggression running the
9009s Viper comp three eliminations under
9010s their belts already and looking for more
9013s xcg is going to be a team to watch here
9017s because we're hoping to see the three
9019s beat the hat trick come out of him the
9021s question is can they pull it off
9023s foreign
9025s within this one KLA all the way it looks
9029s like we're back at the top uh left
9031s section here of this map we're in Sun
9033s Wings rest meanwhile going all the way
9035s back down towards the bottom near uh
9037s shipwrecks expense currently here is
9040s Alliance as it looks like Alliance is
9042s going to be uh rotating outwards towards
9044s the middle section kind of near Council
9047s it looks like as uh they're gonna try to
9049s see if they can find some more loot here
9050s but look at the movement and the gliding
9052s coming in from some of these players
9053s here meanwhile GD also in another
9056s section here it looks like we're in the
9057s cave section and it looks like we're
9059s close to the top section of Eventide at
9062s least from where I can tell of the map
9064s and it looks like they're gonna go
9066s through the one I didn't know that's how
9068s that happened I don't know if you broke
9070s the walls through there like that
9071s actually
9073s no wonder I can't find them I thought I
9075s was expecting one big door and come to
9076s find out it's all these small little
9077s spaces that you would actually have to
9079s melee I actually did not know that
9081s yeah we like to call that little area
9083s secret tunnel Dobby uh but now we're
9085s gonna see GD coming over to Horseshoe
9087s here that's one of my favorite areas to
9089s loot typically uh at least one to two
9091s gold piles there and some significantly
9093s good loot for those players so great
9095s place to see them moving through some of
9097s my favorite loot areas as we now turn
9099s the team jjh and at KZ now going head to
9103s head over here with xcg xcg here very
9105s smart they pop the no old Zone here
9107s we're just gonna buy them a lot of space
9109s into this Transformers team as if they
9111s just have to take this fight off of raw
9114s abilities xcg's comp actually has the
9117s better setup here vajin actually already
9119s completely picked out by laying extend
9121s and the members of xcg so KZ down to a
9125s 2v3 that pole sword putting in work but
9128s oh my goodness turns this entirely
9130s around and that's gonna be it for the
9131s members of KZ is they're eliminated
9134s they're gonna be sent back to the soul
9136s altar xcg picking up six eliminations
9138s and sitting themselves back into first
9141s place yet again Dobby now back to the
9143s team at jjh as they pressure on to team
9145s GS it is a 2v2 type scenario here and
9149s we're gonna see the wu-chan old from
9151s Chuli come out so that jjh can get Godly
9154s back into the game
9157s even with that all the way towards this
9160s let's see
9162s where we can put all this momentum into
9164s the space here as it looks like AOW has
9166s found their next Target and it's going
9168s to be Alliance as they're gonna get
9170s pushed in immediately called the Bane's
9172s breath here trying to scramble them and
9174s get them stuck inside of the space here
9176s but it looks like he got him on the
9177s outside and just such a decent such a
9179s great way here that Alliance isn't
9181s really going to force a fight here
9183s knowing that AOW has all the space to
9185s work with and what they need to do here
9188s very very unfortunate though to be able
9190s to put that together
9193s very very unfortunate to put that
9195s together
9197s meanwhile even with all of that though
9199s we're still able to work towards that
9200s again let's see if they can figure it
9201s out towards the end here
9204s as AOW is going to be able to find
9206s something within their chest meanwhile
9207s GD on their rotation trying to see if
9210s they could find something as well
9211s still able to put more time into this
9213s though let's see where they can put the
9215s next face
9218s and able to do it well the way that they
9219s need to here
9222s as you can see here I was gonna say on
9224s that traditional Transformers comp which
9226s is very interesting to see you know we
9228s saw it in game one game two everybody
9230s opting for that Faria version of the
9233s Transformer comp and now we're seeing
9235s three different versions of this comp
9236s we're seeing the Takeda Z ping version
9239s we're seeing the Feria version and then
9241s we're seeing the more traditional
9242s version
9243s I really want to see how this
9245s traditional version of the Transformer
9247s comp fares against the Takeda zping
9250s version as we head into the realm of
9252s Yang because currently it is still the
9255s traditional version of this comp that
9257s has the highest overall win rate
9259s inside the realm of Yang so hopefully uh
9264s we can see that action pop off as Zone
9266s one collapses onto zone two and we get
9268s to see those Realms of Yang coming
9270s through Dobby
9272s absolutely being put down fourth towards
9275s it let's see if they can put that all
9277s within that space here
9281s see if they can rotate towards this one
9282s here as AOW just said he's trying to
9284s find some little bits of uh some soul
9287s Jades here within this meanwhile TK and
9288s GS also nearby looks like TK wants to
9291s see if they can get in some of this
9292s action as well here they want to get a
9294s little aggressive the question is is are
9296s they gonna find it and it looks like
9297s they might have the opportunity to hear
9299s a CK is gonna find it oh okay and it
9301s absolutely destroyed in seconds my
9305s goodness gracious that was a little
9306s Discord dirty I didn't think they had to
9308s do that in a very aggressive way I feel
9310s a little
9311s wow
9313s wow that was um
9316s just wow they got destroyed in seconds
9319s good Lord
9320s well te here a little bit of uh
9323s Panic coming out or sorry not te but uh
9326s Team TK a little bit of panic coming out
9328s for them right they absolutely they
9331s absolutely were in a great position to
9333s pick up the elimination on Joe Hui but
9335s they had lost a member so the Wu Chen
9337s throws the teleport old out while the
9340s Yodo he may resulting and it actually
9342s costs them the yodohime ultimate so TK
9345s is in a situation where they can't
9346s re-pressure onto that fight because
9348s they've committed the double ultimates
9350s and need to find the resurrection so
9353s unfortunately for them just a little bit
9355s of miscommunication coming through there
9357s it would have been better for uh the
9359s Yodo to go ahead and get that kill onto
9360s xiaohui so they they at least get some
9363s eliminations on their board before the
9365s wooch and old comes out but the wooch
9367s den sees the opportunity to get out goes
9369s ahead and takes it costs them the old
9371s costs them the ability to pressure back
9373s into that fight and it is quite wild but
9376s unfortunately sometimes that's how it is
9377s it's one of the major risks of running
9379s Wu Chen and while we've seen a little
9381s less of him on a lot of these comps
9383s right is because he can cancel out some
9386s of those ultimates like the Yoda Hime
9388s ultimate for his own teammates
9390s and we've seen it happen quite a few
9392s times Alliance sitting over here on the
9394s edge of this new old Zone uh that they
9396s created as we turn now to team Ventus
9397s and KZ trying to go toe-to-toe inside
9399s the realm of Yang and it looks like both
9401s of them make it inside and it's gonna be
9404s KZ versus GD Ventus versus jdg it's
9408s gonna be very interesting to see if KZ
9410s and Ventus come out on top of these
9412s because if they do they will both
9413s immediately respawn with that buff in
9416s the same exact spot and have to go
9418s toe-to-toe right after this realm of
9420s Yang we're gonna see Genie's kakaishi
9422s immediately Munk Up Jen gonna go away
9424s following here but isn't going to find
9427s the Slams on it to kakaishi kakaishi
9430s doing a ton of damage to Jen Jen trying
9432s to come in and get those slams onto
9434s kakaishi is able to keep them from
9436s getting the slam on to fijin looks for
9438s another one isn't able to find it finds
9441s another grab though on to hazily looks
9443s like he will get that slam down to pump
9445s out some damage here GD is taking
9447s control of this there's gonna go easily
9449s as well and now it's just five Gene the
9451s last remaining member here for KZ and
9453s they will be eliminated as team GD walks
9455s away the Victor from the realm of Yang
9457s and it looks like he met jdg will also
9459s be walking away the Victor from there
9464s even with that as well here the realm of
9466s Yang still will be able to get the
9468s reward and then be able to push outwards
9470s let's see if they're gonna find another
9471s team immediately to try to see if they
9473s can fight this out here and start to use
9475s that to their advantage might not be
9478s able to here as it looks like Ventus is
9479s going to be able to get the heel off and
9481s immediately finds KZ ready to fight this
9484s out and ready to keep the aggression
9485s happening hopefully maybe even just
9487s glowed to claim the elimination as well
9489s here they want to try to get that finish
9491s though as the the monk immediately comes
9493s through they're both gonna be able to go
9494s forward fight fight as the two monks
9497s come down and so does the two mechs both
9499s on each side here being absolutely
9501s dangerous towards one another absolutely
9502s putting in so much towards each space
9505s let's see if they can find it all the
9507s way within this rotation here
9508s it looks like wx98 is gonna be able to
9510s find faction and it looks like Juventus
9513s to samsi is going to be able to claim
9514s the elimination Vince's pixel gets
9515s absolutely destroyed by that one and
9517s hazy is gonna be able to come through to
9519s get the finish off of that one next here
9521s meanwhile it looks like wx98 trying to
9524s see if they can hold it together here
9525s trying to find them as well within this
9527s gets the ball the question is are they
9528s able to get the elimination no and it
9530s looks like hazy gets a 1v3 and into this
9532s finish and Vince's is going to be able
9534s to leave out of this and come out
9535s Victorious
9536s yeah Ventus coming out on top here for
9539s themselves they are down a member
9541s unfortunately though and they're gonna
9543s immediately buy that Resurrection charm
9544s to get sansi back in to the game here as
9547s we turn our attention to gs on the other
9549s side of the map o u g sitting up top
9551s here with Draco storm not wanting to
9554s pressure down onto GS yes they have that
9556s Draco storm Draco storm not quite as
9559s powerful as it was since that 25 damage
9561s reduction has been moved over to the
9563s Mystic way and they're not sure if
9565s that's one of the teams these Vermilion
9566s Birds might uh coming out of those
9568s Realms of Yang so they're more than
9569s happy to just sit topside and uh play a
9572s little hide and seek if you will team TK
9574s over here on to the fight with jdg jdg
9577s in uh quite the precarious situation but
9579s TK already losing their Viper here now
9582s finds themselves completely on the back
9584s foot after the Karim yield is able to
9586s buy space for team jdg and it looks like
9588s that's gonna be it for team King as they
9591s get picked up by the members of team at
9593s jdg jdg tying up do it first play
9596s situation against
9599s xcg xcg nine eliminations already Dobby
9603s and this is what I talked about they're
9604s playing that early to mid game comp with
9607s the Viper yodohime Wu Chen this is
9609s exactly what they need to be doing they
9611s need to be picking up as many
9613s eliminations in the early to mid game as
9615s humanly possible and they're doing
9617s exactly that xcg working towards the hat
9620s trick here as we watch oug get blitzed
9623s through by the members of GS GS xiaohui
9626s looking to continue to give Chase and
9628s gd's kakaishi sitting nearby says I'm
9631s gonna go ahead and get the heck out of
9633s Dodge I don't want anything to do with
9635s Team GS as they tear through the members
9637s of oug and if you look back there all
9641s three members of Team GS missing a
9643s member of oug who's just hiding on the
9646s back side of the stone and jinyu also
9648s completely separated and Away the
9651s problem is is now these two members of
9653s oug got to figure out not only how to
9654s get uh their teammate resurrected no
9656s look SS actually slit faster is gonna go
9659s get the resurrection this is huge SS
9662s grabs the backside of the stone is not
9665s seen as the members of GS give Chase and
9669s is able to come get the Resurrection on
9671s King it is up to zenyu now though he has
9675s to be able to reconnect with the team
9677s without being caught out because he is
9679s completely separated and alone but this
9681s is huge for the members of oug
9685s absolutely insane here let's see if they
9688s will be able to work towards that next
9690s section here and still has to be able to
9692s do it all alone here but let's see where
9694s we can do towards next
9697s meanwhile wbg looks like they went a
9699s little bit shopping as well here how to
9701s get some stuff for themselves as they're
9703s going to get ready to uh close in for
9704s this next Circle the circle too
9708s halfway done
9710s into this area here
9714s it looks like the rotation is going to
9716s be helpful for them as well here's it
9717s looks like Ventus and KLA also in a very
9720s similar situation here xcg has been an
9722s absolute
9725s has been an absolute monster so far
9729s um with this team
9731s absolutely insane to put this together
9733s here let's see if they can find out
9735s what's next here but they've done a
9736s fantastic job of it so far I'm curious
9739s to see if
9744s curious to see if they're gonna be able
9745s to do a lot of here it looks like GD is
9747s gonna decide to back off this Gs does
9750s not really want to push onto this as
9752s hard as they want to here or as large as
9754s they should as GD just decides to
9756s continue to push off this doesn't really
9758s want to fight this too often and the
9759s spread is nice except for all the way up
9761s the top right what's going on over there
9763s wbge WG
9766s um it looks like jjh is nearby it looks
9768s like JS is also nearby nearby there as
9771s well here
9774s they might be ready for the realm of
9775s Yang here as it looks like JD is also
9777s doing the exact same thing they're going
9779s to be able to push through and lock it
9780s in the question is who is jdg going to
9782s be able to find on the other side
9785s yeah it's gonna be interesting just well
9787s I mean we sold wbg not get challenged
9789s earlier in game number one so jdg might
9792s find themselves in a very similar
9793s situation you know a lot of these teams
9795s collapse onto the portals for the realm
9798s of Yang and they may have to burn
9800s ultimates uh as they find themselves
9802s being pressured by multiple teams and if
9804s you burn those ultimates you do not want
9806s to risk going into the realm of Yang
9808s without your ultimates to take those
9810s fights so sometimes you just have to
9812s give up on the idea of going in and it
9814s looks like jdg is gonna walk away for
9816s free uh with that wbg here are going to
9819s be able to secure the Draco storm as
9821s they get themselves their hands on this
9822s Morse blessing but jdg actually gets a
9825s Challenger in the ninth inning here it's
9826s going to be team GD going head-to-head
9828s with jdg let's see who comes out on top
9831s it looks like both monks gonna go ahead
9833s and monk up here at the exact same time
9836s Hey Joe Hui looking to immediately
9838s pressure onto kakaishi and then look at
9841s the damage coming through onto kagaishi
9843s he's able to find one grab into Islam
9846s here we're going to see double kurumi
9847s olds come out both Titans trying to
9849s stand on it but it's kakaishi who's able
9851s to get jdg's LSR outside of their kurumi
9855s ultimate here and now just trying to
9857s keep that pressure on trying to keep LSR
9860s from pressing forward into the healing
9861s Circle and the script has been flipped
9864s as GD able to turn things around here
9867s the D monk comes through from LSR
9869s kakaishi following shortly behind gd's K
9873s top side just the kurumi tether trying
9875s to keep the heel on as he's trying to
9878s create a little bit of pressure and find
9879s the space to D transform as well but Joe
9881s Hui here now gonna find his own
9883s transformation onto the uh and start
9885s putting huge pressure onto the members
9887s of team at GD kakaishi goes down and
9890s it's gonna be jdg who flips the script
9893s and takes the win inside the realm of
9895s yang beautiful finish here for jdg
9897s really trying to switch it around here
9899s obviously they have been a toe-to-toe
9902s with xcg here trying to see if maybe
9903s they can take on the absolute Dynamite
9906s of a teen xcg here but sadly
9908s um it might not be enough here as it
9910s looks like we're going back to xcg here
9912s and xcg is finding another team as well
9913s you're playing this off as hard as they
9915s possibly can here go to email comes
9917s through trying to see if they can get
9918s something off of zayu zyu dangerously
9920s hit on each side here it really can be
9922s anyone's game as Knight HQ forces the
9924s back off here doesn't really want to get
9926s too aggressive within this space here
9929s let's see if they can work towards this
9931s one as dialyu looks like he's gonna be
9932s able to find it o u g double s is in you
9935s the king trying to create some distance
9938s here as it looks like love it looks like
9939s they were able to claim an elimination
9941s off of GS here
9942s meanwhile ewg on the left side here
9945s trying to see if maybe they want to
9947s force a fight as well here but doesn't
9948s want to get too picky onto it as well
9950s they gotta play it to the best way they
9952s can here let's see if they're gonna find
9953s it
9955s unknown so far how it's gonna turn out
9960s ewg here doing a great job of creating
9963s these third-party opportunities to kind
9965s of pick up these solo eliminations over
9968s and over again they've only been able to
9969s pick up to this game uh but the fact
9971s that they were eliminated early and have
9973s found themselves back into the space
9974s with some decent gear and picked up
9977s these eliminations by playing smart is
9979s very very good for them because again
9980s they're playing this Transformer comp
9982s here where they have the potential to
9983s take control and pop off in those final
9985s spaces as we take a look at the
9987s leaderboard here xcg still with nine
9989s eliminations and they're about it's been
9990s uh jdg who took that realm of Yang fight
9993s and was able to find three more
9994s eliminations
9996s slipping into first place with 12 elims
9999s they also of course have that buff that
10001s Mystic might for another 90 seconds they
10004s may be able to track down some more
10006s eliminations and give themselves an even
10007s bigger lead heading into our late game
10010s here taking a look over to team GD doing
10012s a little bit of shopping uh hoping to
10015s find an advantage as they pressure out
10017s they have two minutes and 22 seconds
10018s until they die to Yang depletion they're
10021s gonna need to find a team pressure onto
10024s that team and pick up some eliminations
10025s if they want to stay in this game and
10028s they need to do it fairly quickly two
10030s minutes goes by in the blink of an eye
10032s in these lobbies we see jdg here going
10035s out and starting to look for those
10036s eliminations but it's jdg versus Team GD
10039s it's the run it back GD here looking to
10042s get Redemption for the fight inside the
10045s realm of Yangon looking to put that
10047s Redemption on to jdg but this is a very
10050s bad fight for the members of Team GD
10052s they lost this exact fight inside the
10055s realm of Yang and team jdg here has 25
10058s Damage Done action we're seeing some
10060s huge poison splashes come through and
10063s look at that we're seeing the healing
10064s Circle actually poisoned out as well
10067s from these teams hey the last remaining
10069s member forced to run away and this is
10071s going to be it for the members of Team
10073s GD you know okay he's running away he
10077s might get away from jdg but he is on
10079s Yang depletion he's by himself now
10082s there's no way he can pressure onto a
10084s triple stack find an elimination and
10086s find himself uh that Soul Bloom he needs
10089s to stay alive the best thing he can do
10092s now is wait for that clock to tick down
10094s so that he doesn't count as a free
10096s elimination for jdg and go find a nice
10099s little place in the zone to let himself
10100s die
10104s it's very dark the way you explain that
10106s even though I know this is just like
10107s it's a tournament just the way you
10110s explain I'm like wow that sounds really
10112s dark when you think about it anyway
10115s going into this rotation oh
10120s I don't know if you just noticed xcg
10123s Genies King which is sitting in Bush
10125s they both hit it they picked the bush
10129s they hit the bush and they missed K and
10132s K was able to successfully get away and
10135s xcg just fully dissipates and they don't
10138s even realize that he was sitting right
10139s there
10140s I mean I I got to give it to you see
10142s what K does here he comes out he gives a
10144s little prayer to the Statue here and I
10146s like I don't even like why why is he
10148s healing what is he doing wait was he
10150s able to buy a rebirth germ oh my God
10155s charm hey is actually gonna die here to
10158s the Yang depletion kakaishi won't be
10161s able to resurrect him because it's Yang
10163s depletion but he gets all of his loot
10165s but he gets all of his Loot and is back
10167s in the game GD when you think they're
10171s out they're not they find a way to keep
10174s it alive here that's why he said this
10176s was so big he they literally missed an
10178s opportunity on getting a free kill on K
10180s because they swipe literally into the
10183s bush and miss him
10184s I this absolutely huge I mean the thing
10187s here man kakaishi is in the game it's
10190s all about placement points at this point
10193s right like look at the smile on kakai
10195s she's facing Don Queen's face right now
10197s they know they're not gonna pop off this
10199s game but they can get potentially some
10202s more placement points and they're just
10203s happy to still be alive what an insane
10206s turn of events here for gd's K I didn't
10209s even realize he had the dark tide coins
10211s to buy the resurrection he slips into
10214s the Zone he makes it happen he gets
10216s kakaishi back into the game and man we
10218s love to see it these players with these
10221s 200 IQ plays coming out Dobby
10224s absolutely insane coming through here
10227s like I said you never really know how
10229s some of these how some of these are
10231s going to go here but man oh man when I
10233s tell you it was absolutely impressive to
10235s come through with that with an absolute
10237s shutdown they still were able to do a
10239s lot more and just like that that could
10241s switch up the game for them to where all
10242s of a sudden now it's now they have a
10244s chance at keeping the game alive as ewg
10246s trying to back out of this as much as
10247s possible it looks like they was able to
10249s get what they needed to it looks like
10251s did they hit the did they get the blood
10252s of dripper
10256s actually ends up getting shriveled and
10259s grilled
10260s from all of the bow absolutely coming
10262s through here that could have been
10263s absolutely amazing though but you never
10265s really know
10266s how that's gonna go as ewg is able to do
10268s as much as they can as aww is going to
10270s try to say hey
10271s hey don't get from that box hey stay
10274s awake
10275s look at jdg it was a massive lead of 14
10278s elimination so far and just like that
10281s look at that GD GD was right in front of
10284s one of the teams here GD is still in
10286s this game
10288s they were right in front of a team here
10290s as they as we went away so we didn't
10291s necessarily know where they were going
10293s to be when we saw that fight GD is still
10296s in this game that is incredible
10299s thank you
10301s yeah okay she's still holding on there
10303s for team GD and I mean again every
10305s single point counts you know it's you
10308s know kakaishi might be able to monk up
10309s here in the end potentially pick up an
10312s extra elimination or two but
10313s realistically they're fighting for those
10314s placement points but every Point counts
10317s if you can't have a good game this game
10319s you might as well have the best game
10321s that you possibly can so that you can
10323s come back in some of these later games
10325s and make it count here we are jdg at the
10328s top of the order 14 eliminations has
10329s found themselves a couple more
10331s eliminations as we take a look here at
10332s wbg wbg ever since game one here finds
10337s himself struggling you know they popped
10338s off and had a really really good game
10340s one very close to taking that first
10342s place in game one and since then they
10344s just haven't been able to find any sort
10346s of momentum uh here in game two or three
10349s for themselves vent is here oh my
10352s goodness look at this they see jjh pop
10355s over here and we're immediately gonna
10356s see the sandstorm come out from Team
10358s Ventus to block some of those rain shots
10359s try to lock down uh that other team but
10362s they're not quite able to as we turn now
10364s to jjh's Reign looking to pick up the
10366s elimination on to Zia Louis here that a
10368s huge zeping coming in though buying them
10371s enough space to survive they're going to
10373s lose two Lee here from team jjh and
10375s jjh's godly just trying to desperately
10378s get away there using that dagger using
10380s the Assassins
10382s Reign gets shot with a Ballista from
10385s downtown KLA picks up the elimination
10388s the burntek going to just burn through
10391s the health bar there if jjh's ring KLA
10394s season climb up the tree and says uh-uh
10397s not in my house go ahead and get out of
10399s here with that
10402s absolutely insane coming through towards
10404s it that was it looks like Juventus is
10406s going to go all the way up towards the
10407s air here you really have to be careful
10409s though in terms of what's worse certain
10410s things are going to go
10412s and it looks like pixel is going to be
10413s up top here is going to play it very
10415s very slow towards it
10417s and still will be able to rotate with
10419s this one though
10421s meanwhile jdg with a massive leaderboard
10423s listen if xcg ends up taking this dub
10426s and snatching away from jdg I'm
10428s definitely just gonna be like yeah we
10430s might as well just let them Crown the
10431s next three and just call it a day I
10432s don't even know why we need to see the
10434s other three games I mean I would still
10435s love to see them but I don't think we
10436s need to see them though any more oh my
10438s goodness xcgs is yelling ends up getting
10440s thrown from a way up top here and then
10444s immediately gets grabbed
10446s looks like White's KC is going to be
10448s able to miss that one though the next
10449s opportunity to get the free grab but
10450s still is going to try to see if he can
10452s grid it grab it again here for another
10453s one it looks like he does finds uh one
10455s of the gold players oh man actually ends
10458s up missing the opportunity though a
10459s little bit too slow with that and just
10461s like that back in the game as well
10463s trying to hold it together here
10467s wbg coming top side looking to hold on
10470s to a little bit of space trying to play
10472s defensively here it wants to keep it
10474s alive Sleepwalker though out in the open
10477s here Jing not really able to buy him any
10479s sort of cover as he doesn't have the
10481s ultimate Sleepwalker just going to be
10484s eliminated once again wbg finding uh
10487s themselves in a tough space Vince's
10489s pixel going extremely low as well man he
10491s hardly has any armor but he is going to
10493s be able to find that Soul Bloom to keep
10495s himself alive here and then pop into the
10497s ferry Mech there Feria dropping the
10499s pillar buying him the space to keep
10501s things going aow's Ping Tao tethered by
10505s their kurumi going airborne there but a
10507s huge hit coming out from Vince's pixel
10509s there inside the ferry Mac gonna send
10511s pink towel flying pink towel up in the
10513s top looking to get some of that rage
10515s built back up here with the Cannons but
10517s we do see the temi old coming out
10518s completely denying Ping Tao from doing
10521s exactly that he turns his attention to
10524s Sleepwalker inside the mech there but
10526s isn't able to find them and now
10528s top side here night HQ doing a little
10531s bit of that naraka three-point just
10533s trying to keep themselves top side here
10535s not on the best of uh Team comps here
10539s for these final circles xcg finds
10541s themselves in a precarious situation
10543s where it doesn't look like they're going
10545s to be able to take control of this
10547s circle their wuchen already eliminated
10549s and their two members just kind of
10551s completely separated here and too many
10554s Transformers to make things happen Jade
10556s though getting grabbed dot by Ping Tao
10559s but one elimination goes off can he get
10561s the re-grab onto Kopi he can't seem to
10564s find it he does get a grab onto somebody
10566s else it looks like they will pick up
10568s another elimination but it's not gonna
10569s be enough Ping Tao barely holding on for
10571s dear life here the colonial comes
10573s through xcg finds themselves another
10575s elimination going to 11 jdg holding on
10577s with two members Left Alive as well
10580s ewg's who tick here gonna get knocked
10583s around into the zone is able to roll out
10586s of the Zone before the tick comes
10587s through but it doesn't matter if
10589s instances Sandy is still waiting to pick
10591s up the elimination and we're gonna see
10593s them go down wx-98 also picks up Ping
10596s Tao LSR here with their hands onto one
10599s of the last members of xcg down on
10601s coming down trying to stop the whole
10603s Lobby comes through with a massive stun
10604s jdg's yo Hui holding on for dear life as
10607s he comes through with the Karimi tether
10610s xcg down to just their Viper jdg with 19
10614s eliminations on their belt team Ventus
10616s and xcg holding on to that second place
10618s position 11 eliminations each year both
10621s with one member left alive
10624s jdgui here locking on to aow's Pink Town
10627s will find the elimination plays
10629s gatekeeper a massive cicada coming up in
10631s wbg's Jing but it's not going to be
10633s enough it just moves the members of jdg
10636s around the Zone he's not going to find
10638s any eliminations there ewg trying to
10640s stay topside down on trying to do the
10642s same out for xgg kakaishi just holding
10645s on for dear life for team GD here he was
10648s bought back he hasn't been able to find
10650s any sort of space for himself he does
10652s still have that monkey and he is waiting
10654s till the very last to pop that looking
10656s to find some eliminations there and we
10658s have the 20 bomb as jdg finds yet
10660s another elimination
10662s they are sitting at the top of the
10664s leaderboard right now with 20
10665s eliminations xcg channel gets sent into
10668s the Zone there and that's gonna be it
10669s xcg is out ladies and gentlemen it is
10673s all coming up jdg in the end jdg gonna
10676s pop the ultimate kakaishi forced to pop
10678s his as well deep into the Zone though
10680s he's already half Health LSR just
10683s holding on for dear life as he continues
10686s to Pummel these members kakaishi finds
10689s two more eliminations in the zone finds
10692s the third oh my goodness Genie's
10695s kakaishi finds three eliminations to the
10697s end and a second gonna be enough finish
10699s for team GD it's not enough for them
10702s there's no way but considering they had
10705s three eliminations and look to go out in
10708s the very middle of the game a huge
10710s turnaround for the members of Team GD
10712s see it's one of those things too where
10715s we knew JD jdg has also been another
10718s surprising team that to be honest with
10720s you I'm still very very surprised at how
10722s much they absolutely popped off the way
10724s that they've been playing this game so
10726s well but then even with the solo games
10729s too you know I feel like JG which jdg
10731s was just one of those slept on teams we
10732s didn't really think too much of it and
10734s then slowly but surely we started to see
10736s this team rise up against the ranks and
10738s really put work towards some of these
10739s teams like xcg that to be honest with
10741s you that we expected for them to have
10743s the 3p but look at them they weren't
10744s able to at least clutch it up for this
10746s round but I fully expect in these next
10748s three games that they're going to get
10749s one more dub to solidify how much of a
10751s strong lead that they're going to have
10752s but jdg with an absolute Flawless run
10755s more than at least 15 eliminations into
10757s this game here it's gonna be an absolute
10759s sacked um
10761s absolutely stack source of eliminations
10764s and obviously it's gonna be great for
10766s the game score
10768s yeah I mean absolutely huge for day to
10770s year they had a 20 bomb Dobby I'm not
10773s sure how many people actually get a 20.
10775s yeah they had a 20 bomb already before
10778s that final Zone collapsed they were able
10779s to string together a ton of eliminations
10782s a first place finish as well and then
10785s you know again honorable mentions to
10787s team GD they found themselves in a
10790s really terrible situation they were
10791s forced to press on to a fight that
10793s wasn't advantageous to them right they
10796s lose two of their members K able to hold
10799s it together gets back into the Zone buys
10801s back kakaishi and you know what again at
10804s that point you're really playing for
10805s placement but kakaishi holds it together
10808s he's extremely patient he waits till the
10811s very last minute to show himself to make
10815s himself vulnerable Pops that monkey is
10817s able to find a double grab is able to
10820s get a little bit of damage onto LSR and
10823s LSR before a d monks dies to Zone tick
10826s as his arms just kind of hanging out in
10828s the zone over here on Monk and because
10830s they were trying takaishi who gets the
10833s slam just before that zone tick picks
10835s him up kakaishi picks up the third
10836s elimination and again
10839s oh excuse me oh absolutely getting hit
10843s with that one though I mean listen it's
10844s been an absolute explosive game in terms
10847s of trails and it's even got Rune over
10848s here absolutely choked up here trying to
10851s figure out where the next source of how
10853s these games are gonna go here it's been
10854s an absolute fantastic three games and
10856s listen you need to drink yourself some
10857s water here room okay because we still
10859s got three more games I don't need you
10860s dying on me okay
10861s for that there's oh there's there's no
10864s dying baby look absolutely no dying
10866s again no GD honorable mention though the
10868s fact that he's able to get three
10869s eliminations when he's the last
10871s remaining member on his team absolutely
10873s huge for team GD it's not gonna be you
10877s know a top five sort of finish given how
10880s many kills there were on some of these
10881s other teams if they're lucky they might
10883s take fifth place but you have to have
10886s that wherewithal to weather the storm
10888s right you have to know okay things are
10891s coming we can't obviously win this game
10893s anymore we're down to a single player
10895s left live but you have to make the most
10897s of it and kakaishi it does exactly that
10900s right he's able to hold on to the very
10902s last he holds on to that alt for dear
10905s life knows that he might be able to pick
10907s up an elimination with it is not able to
10909s find just one but three eliminations in
10912s the very end and get some massive
10913s placement points for his team if I'm the
10916s rest of the members of Team GD I'm Pat
10917s and kakashio in the back right now like
10920s bro that's it that's what I'm talking
10922s about absolutely that's exactly what I'm
10924s talking about too same thing with jdg I
10927s think jdg are coming into this and being
10929s kind of the unexpected like
10931s um kind of third party in this I I
10932s didn't expect for them to actually pop
10934s off the way that they dated man oh man
10935s did they even with all of the momentum
10937s that they put forth thus far
10940s um it still was able to put right in
10942s between both wbg and xcg because
10945s obviously wbg won a little bit of
10947s Revenge after getting their first place
10949s game snatched away from xcg and then
10951s obviously xcg just being just the
10953s absolute Victorious players that we saw
10955s in our game number two here able to shut
10957s it down as much as they could and
10959s obviously as you look at it from the the
10961s list of teams 22 eliminations 35.5
10965s eliminations coming through for the game
10969s score 22 kills I mean unbelievable what
10972s a run coming in from this
10975s yeah absolutely huge from jdg I want to
10977s talk about this GD actually slips into
10979s fourth place because of those three
10981s eliminations and the placement points
10983s that they get in the end here this is
10985s huge for team GD again they were
10987s basically eliminated in the middle of
10990s the game heading into final uh final
10992s circles here with a single member left
10995s remaining alive and off the back of
10996s Kakashi's performance there in the final
10999s moments come out in fourth place with a
11001s 12.6 game score huge for team J GD jdg
11006s playing their absolute Minds out here as
11009s well and I mean look at this stat line
11011s 33
11013s 000 damage coming out from xiaohui here
11015s on it you Asian just picking up a ton of
11019s damage for their team LSR here able to
11022s pick up nine eliminations on the monk 28
11024s 000 damage and even kurumi
11027s battle roomy here with 28 000 damage
11031s Dobby
11035s putting in the amount of work that they
11036s did though I mean are we surprised are
11038s we surprised no not really I know I'm
11040s not but even with that one though
11042s they're still absolutely impressive to
11044s shut this down I mean the amount of
11046s damage across the board here is
11048s phenomenal and obviously those
11049s eliminations have just been putting it
11051s down obviously LSR might they might need
11053s to pick it up a little bit but still it
11054s doesn't matter when your team is just
11056s absolutely slaying it out regardless as
11057s we look back at the replays here jdg
11060s putting in the amount of work that they
11062s did inside of the realm of Yang getting
11064s the grab from sanzi getting the double
11067s grab getting the finish and obviously
11069s shutting it down as ug's The King and I
11071s was able to get some eliminations here
11072s with the cannon same thing a lot of
11075s monks coming through being absolute
11077s problem starters for a lot of these
11080s teams here getting the grabs as much as
11082s they could here and it looks like the
11083s rest of the teams just being such a
11085s massive supporters wait a minute
11087s did ykc get an elimination here with the
11090s bow hold on let's see oh my goodness and
11093s he dies with the tick damage coming
11095s through absolutely massive meanwhile
11096s another bow hit coming through on each
11098s side here as the slams comes through
11100s pixel trying to hold it together towards
11102s the very end and obviously at the very
11104s end here gd's takaxi putting in so much
11106s work towards the very end with wbg able
11109s to hold it together here and I know
11110s those placement points were absolutely
11112s massive for him and obviously it's not
11113s going to be enough with a massive lead
11115s from jdg putting in those night
11117s eliminations now they were tied for
11118s eliminations here so it has to go off of
11121s also the damage so 28 000 coming in as
11124s Kobe is gonna claim his first MVP of
11127s tonight with 31 000 healing by the way
11130s with a phoenix blast burst Arrow Target
11132s lock Lord long shortstop and Scatter
11134s shot and obviously that long sword
11136s coming in big with 21
11138s 000 damage we gotta talk about this
11140s right not only uh Kopi coming in here
11143s showing you that you can still get MVP
11145s as support but the first MVP player
11148s tonight who most of their damage comes
11151s from melee weapons instead of range both
11154s of our first two games it was a musket
11156s and a cannon that had done 20 plus
11159s thousand damage Kopi here says this is
11162s not a ranged game this is not an FPS
11164s we're coming in hot with the sword this
11167s is a melee game and yeah I might be a
11170s Healer but this healer is gonna bite
11173s this hill is going to be a problem is
11176s what you say it's going to be an issue
11178s for you just because I'm healing doesn't
11179s mean that I can't attack either
11181s I am an issue and I am a problem be
11183s careful cause I'll fight
11184s it might hurt it will hurt
11187s and then I'll heal you later
11189s as they're gonna get ready to lock this
11191s in uh we still have we have another we
11194s have an interview that's gonna be uh
11195s given to you guys here very very soon
11196s but obviously very explosive game for
11198s jdg I know they're going to be feeling
11199s good going into their next game
11201s especially Monumental with 22
11204s eliminations that is a big jump compared
11206s to the first two games but obviously xcg
11209s feeling good with their first two dubs
11211s and also their massive eliminations
11212s definitely is going to be a little bit
11214s out of the pack here outside of jdg with
11216s their 22e limbs but the question is is
11218s now is jdg going to be able to do that
11220s again
11223s look Amy jdg is always one of those
11225s teams that comes in and plays
11226s exceptionally well even when they have
11228s bad games they're usually in the middle
11230s of the pack towards the top this just
11232s happens to be one of those big pop-off
11234s games we often see from jdg when they're
11237s having a good day love to see it
11239s happening and in the past when jdg has
11242s had those pop-off games they've been
11244s able to do it again so we might see the
11247s back to back coming out from jdg but
11249s we'll see first we're gonna throw things
11250s over to Leah for an interview and then
11252s we'll be back for game number four do
11254s you
11269s so first it seems like you already think
11273s a lot after like last time I interviewed
11275s you and I know that you are having a
11278s plan losing weight on the social media
11280s so I would like to know how is it going
11281s right now now
11288s foreign
11299s foreign
11307s so actually for like half of
11310s half already lost weight for like four
11312s to five kilograms and yeah that's my
11315s plan now okay so let's move on to the
11318s next part and so for treasure okay now
11321s um
11325s [Music]
11330s so you guys can see a question on the
11333s screen and if you know the answer just
11335s type them in the chat box after our
11337s player counting three two one we will
11339s take a screenshot and the lucky guy will
11342s be whispered okay let's see today's
11344s question is which Hill which which hero
11348s below can transform into a large shape
11351s is
11373s foreign
11377s foreign
11385s so actually this hero in the trolls game
11389s is very strong but it's like we can feel
11392s times can see it in the solo game and
11395s which one is the correct answer after
11397s our company we will find out the correct
11399s answer okay I think our player is
11401s prepared and let's start it
11404s screen
11407s okay pay attention to your mailbox it's
11410s time for us to find out the correct
11412s answer now
11418s yes our correct answer today is D okay
11422s so we know that I still have one more
11425s question for you guys because it seems
11427s like for teams xcg you guys just joke
11430s yourself a lot a lot of times that like
11434s um for the game one to game three you
11436s are really really aggressive and like a
11439s God and for the for the uh more more
11443s three games sometimes it's like you just
11446s won't have a rest and I would like to
11448s know how's your plan for today
11452s um
11462s foreign
11485s [Music]
11497s thank you
11501s on the fair as well
11503s it's also dropping in closer facility
11505s we've seen Chelsea and get himself a
11507s carry off onto rail gun rail gun already
11509s low HP is able to re-pick up his uh his
11513s spear as he's now going to try and turn
11514s the fight into charge just actually
11516s going very low
11524s able to fully connect on to uh but I'll
11528s give you the damage up I'm done for the
11530s moment haven't got any got any armor but
11531s catch some of the F there lovely damage
11533s coming out you ran actually doing some
11536s serious work and these Z things they
11539s look way less strong right now I say
11540s that as you ran almost turning the fight
11542s he's getting himself
11550s going up high into the pistol shot there
11552s gonna get
11554s it that'll be a problem Oh that happens
11555s to be called out there for the Target
11556s now trying to respond both players pop
11559s in this ultimate here goes for the error
11561s RMB off the great sword there that puts
11562s a lot of damage c225 losing a lot of
11564s Health
11567s foreign
11568s [Music]
11574s forced to pop that F1 off to justina's
11576s Royal gun still getting aggressive here
11578s from the Yodo but the lmb charge from
11579s that gold Dagger from tt25 to pick up
11581s the count of fang notice that he does
11583s pick up the kill off the shrug and as
11584s well the Clinton comes any
11592s if they've just agreed to focus spider
11594s and finish him up as he's caught out
11597s finally taken down and now the two
11599s talkers taken to settle their feet
11600s between each other without spider Rook
11602s playing interrupt
11604s yeah looks like shiny one already in
11606s Ultimate Form gets the uppercut there
11608s onto euron euron loses a lot of Health
11610s he is forced to pop that F now he's
11612s gonna win catch another way
11618s [Music]
11626s thank you
11630s [Music]
11647s [Music]
11660s thank you
11665s [Music]
11679s [Music]
11694s foreign
11698s [Music]
11726s [Music]
11734s thank you
11736s [Music]
11763s foreign
11769s [Music]
11777s [Music]
11785s [Music]
11793s league as we take a look at our scores
11796s here in the halfway point of today's six
11798s games of Trio's TK all the way at the
11801s bottom here with only a single point on
11804s the board for the day ewg GS jjh also
11809s rounding out the bottom of the
11811s leaderboard taking a look here wbg with
11814s 40.6 for the days jdg with a 48.5 off
11818s the back of their performance in a game
11820s at number three finding themselves in a
11822s fairly decent situation oug with only
11825s 32.4 a much better day too than day one
11828s as they still have three games left to
11830s play but this is their last day to put
11833s points on the board so if they want to
11835s climb that leaderboard they still have a
11837s lot of work to do coming into our last
11839s three games of the day so we take a look
11841s xcg with a 74.5 here for day number two
11845s already doing much much better than
11848s their day number 40. but to keep in mind
11851s J team and team te are not playing today
11855s and this was a team they clearly
11856s struggled against in day number one is
11859s jtm and te both walked away with over
11861s 100 Point days in their first day of
11865s trios during this bi-weekly so xcg has a
11870s lot of work to put in if they want to
11873s maintain that position at the top of the
11875s leaderboard
11876s and again they've already walked away
11878s with double MVPs for the day they could
11880s easily walk away with a third and fourth
11882s Victory yes they didn't come out you
11885s know on top in game number three here
11886s but they were still top three yet again
11888s and that's the thing about xcg I'm gonna
11890s use that word that everybody hates
11892s consistency
11896s look xcg's got it in droves okay
11899s consistency is the name of the game for
11901s this team so the fact that they walked
11903s away with two wins and are consistently
11905s in the top three they are a very hard
11907s team to beat now again seeing that they
11910s don't have to compete against the likes
11911s of Jay team and team te today they're
11914s doing even better than they did on day
11916s one day one they put together 60 points
11918s across six games they've already put
11921s together 74.5 points across three games
11925s in day number two here
11927s let's talk about the fact that TK has a
11930s one point
11933s like entirely one point just one I mean
11937s listen I I get that you struggle I get
11940s that you know certain games don't go
11941s your way
11942s fully understand that I get it
11946s one point though
11948s one well they've they've only had three
11950s games to play thus far and we've seen
11953s teams in the past put zeros on the board
11955s and not come you know come back from it
11957s later I mean I get it but even the teams
11960s also started from day they they got at
11962s least 12
11963s 13
11964s yeah but they still got three games to
11966s play today so at the end of the day if
11968s they're still sitting in single digits
11969s obviously team TK probably not gonna be
11972s going to the bye week Alliance has 7.7
11975s okay so not total their first day they
11977s had a 56.5 but let's say they didn't
11979s play game one and this was our first
11981s three they put up 7.1 points
11984s at least they got seven
11986s I won TK is struggling there's no if-ans
11989s or buts about that I mean I I'm not
11992s saying I need them to wake up they're
11994s doing phenomenal
11995s to not go to sleep
11997s I need them to wake up and I need for
12000s them to lock it in that's what I want to
12002s see from TK matter of fact you know what
12004s I want to see I want to see TK get it up
12006s in these next three games that's what I
12008s want to see I want to see if TK can
12009s surprise everybody and go absolute
12011s Mayhem and I want to see them get it up
12013s how about that
12015s I know the probability is low
12018s look I mean you know that's the thing
12020s that was every game is a new game to
12022s play right at the end of the day you
12024s still have to come in and play every
12026s game like it's a brand new game and you
12028s can't let those previous games get to
12031s you TK I haven't seen enough of them yet
12033s you know they're a new team coming into
12035s this season
12037s um I haven't really seen enough of them
12038s to have a read on kind of their mental
12041s situation whether they're going to be
12043s able to bounce back from three really
12046s poor games here in their first day or if
12049s they're the type of team that crumbles
12050s under the mental pressure only time it
12053s will tell is if we get ready to lock in
12055s for game number four but like you said
12056s they do need to wake up they need to
12059s find some sort of space for themselves
12062s here in the next three games because
12064s they do still have a second day to come
12066s into play but importantly of note
12068s they're gonna be playing against the
12070s likes of J team and te who in their
12073s first day put up a hundred points so for
12077s team TK this is their best opportunity
12080s to put some points on the board because
12082s coming into team uh J team and te
12085s they're gonna struggle even more than
12087s they found themselves struggling today
12088s Dobby no no no no no no don't say
12090s something they need anything
12092s at this point they need anything not
12095s something don't say something like they
12096s did something they didn't they haven't
12098s done anything they need anything
12101s to do more than just one singular Point
12104s matter of fact I'm cheering them on so
12105s they can give I hope they get Five
12106s Points
12108s absolutely clapping for him come on
12110s let's go TK let's go let's go TK let's
12113s go as we're gonna lock it in for our
12115s game number four here
12117s the start of the half
12120s as we're gonna get ready to lock this in
12121s I need TK to wake up
12124s well let's see if they wake up my name
12126s in their team it has the king I'm Ambush
12129s King okay I I'm a little
12131s thing that my team with my name is doing
12133s this bad I need for them to wake up
12136s to take a look here as we get ready to
12138s see the team comps we're gonna see uh if
12141s TK can uh pull it together here in the
12144s game number four and what kind of comp
12145s they're going to be you know putting
12147s together here but Dobby you know at
12149s least if uh TK lets you down oug won't
12152s because the king is going to be bringing
12154s in that TNI here with the ferry at comp
12157s as well as we take a look at King gonna
12159s be running that Viper comp and you know
12162s this is a comp that's much harder to
12164s play nowadays it's going to be
12165s interesting to see how they do I want to
12167s take a look at xcg going back uh here
12170s they're going to be rocking a less
12172s standard version of the Transformer comp
12174s they're actually going to be replacing
12175s kurumi with uh to molecare which means
12178s they're not looking to take realm of
12180s yank fights this game they're looking to
12181s secure boxes in the mid game and pop off
12185s heading in to the late game we're gonna
12187s see if that decision pays off for them
12189s we're gonna see a couple more of these
12190s teams rocking that uh Takeda Z ping
12194s Ventus interestingly uh gonna rock that
12197s same comp but gonna be you rocking temi
12200s instead of our Transformer TN High here
12202s uh GS going to be rocking that new
12204s Transformer comp as well but a good
12205s healthy mix of these uh Transformer
12208s comps coming through
12210s we've got some of the classic we've got
12212s some of the Feria we've got some of the
12213s Takeda and we even have the uh tamolk
12216s variant which we haven't seen in a long
12218s time since these realm of yangs come
12220s through but Dobby tell me about this map
12223s nice spread out map that we see as well
12226s here but it looks like it's going to be
12227s some immediate fights as the owg and one
12230s other team it's also Alliance is gonna
12231s be heading right towards the Shipwreck
12233s expense and it looks like a full set of
12235s teams I'm talking
12238s ewg
12239s um wbg
12241s etc etc heading towards Sun Wings rest
12243s I'm talking five specific teams that's
12245s gonna be over there meanwhile xcg and GD
12248s is gonna be headed over to ship ranks
12250s expanse it looks like that could be a
12252s free elimination for um xcg here is
12254s we're gonna be able to lock this in for
12256s game number four
12257s I love to see the action coming in very
12259s very strong and let's see how deep it's
12262s gonna go in our game number four
12264s yeah xcg off to a decent start here some
12267s armor and weapons of the belt so if they
12268s get pressured onto they actually can
12270s fight back early here but they're gonna
12272s go ahead and push deeper in looking for
12274s some more of that uh gear and loot that
12276s they need at giannon I'm gonna go ahead
12278s and find that blue armor huge for him
12279s early on giving that they are running
12281s that transformerscom euron and ewg here
12284s find themselves face to face with team
12286s at GS just really trying to pressure
12288s onto this space and they've got a good
12290s comp to be pressing into the members of
12293s Team ewg here Joey way or sorry xiaohui
12296s uh looking to use that monk Bell to buy
12299s just a little bit of spaces one of their
12300s team members uh finds a kill on to two
12303s chick but the third party coming through
12305s from wbg both of these teams are gonna
12307s find themselves very susceptible now
12309s because wbg with much better gear and
12311s the third party coming through as these
12314s other teams have spent abilities looking
12316s to pick up some eliminations GS has
12318s become the target here for wbg as Jing
12321s picks up the elimination on dejao hooey
12325s daisies Jen gonna pick up KLA in the
12327s kill feed as well but ewg wants to come
12330s back in onto wbg and they will find the
12333s elimination on to Louie and Sleepwalker
12336s so ewg really trying to flip the script
12339s here we see the Viper coming through as
12340s well to counteract Jing Jing tries to
12342s teleport away we're gonna see a little
12345s bit of a hit come out here and not quite
12347s enough for the likes of pp though and
12349s unfortunately wbg does not go down as
12352s easy as ewg thought and ewg picks up
12356s three eliminations and gets sent back to
12358s the soul altar
12360s sending them right back exactly where
12361s they need to be here is we're going to
12362s be able to go back right towards the top
12364s of the order
12365s wbg holding it down two eliminations so
12369s far GD with three
12374s I was about to say wait a minute does
12375s that mean that wbg actually got
12376s eliminated no they didn't
12378s as I was about to say I had to think
12379s about it for a second as we're gonna
12380s look through here keep the same momentum
12382s all the way towards it let's see what we
12384s can find here towards the very end here
12386s trying to keep it together
12392s love to see it though it's TK in the
12394s king here we go looks like they're gonna
12396s find their first fight here I need for
12398s y'all to do this well come on now as AOW
12400s is gonna try to push in here pink top
12402s being absolutely dangerous here for this
12404s team trying to hold it down as best as
12406s they absolutely can they're gonna be
12407s able to push in keeping that 1v2 and
12409s looking like they're gonna find shoe
12411s thongs in a very low dangerous situation
12413s here and it looks like they're gonna go
12414s for the switch heading towards another
12415s player here
12417s Juventus is sanzi and the rest Juventus
12420s decides to come through with a third
12421s party and decides to start some issues
12423s has a blue Hong Kong decides to pull up
12426s that ulti here immediately gonna get one
12428s grab here from Vince this is wx98 gets
12431s the throw down doesn't get the Finish
12432s though and looks like he's gonna try to
12434s see if he can get the grab again
12435s unfortunate not being able to do it as
12437s they shred so much Shield as AOW and
12440s Alliance is the picking up an
12441s elimination but sadly TK ends up coming
12444s up short and they're still trying to
12446s find anything to scramble onto though so
12448s far it looks like the nice bill on each
12450s side oh this big down gets a massive
12452s Perry right in front of shoots on that
12454s was trying to do a massive hit though
12456s meanwhile shoots on trying to hold it
12457s together as AOW looks like they're gonna
12459s try to see if they can get this
12460s elimination though 1v3 on one shoots on
12462s try to hold on for dear life here
12464s letting the heels take over still trying
12466s to get some heals even with all this and
12468s it's not enough as TK finds the
12470s elimination and they fly through oh my
12473s goodness TK finally going off in Subway
12475s shape or form meanwhile Elias is Lynn
12478s he's gonna be able to get the first grab
12479s although one of the players from TK
12481s question is can he grab the next one
12482s goes for the Throwdown isn't confirmed
12484s for the elimination but the Wu is
12486s going to take him out and keep the game
12487s alive
12488s this is huge for team TK here wuchan
12491s I-40 NL they're able to just get them
12493s away and this was this turned into a
12495s third party fourth party fifth party
12497s situation so the fact that TK was able
12499s to get any eliminations whatsoever when
12501s they got third party all the way to a
12503s fifth party huge for them the wuchen
12506s gets them out for the reset they're able
12508s to come back in on this looks like
12509s they're trying to pick up some more
12510s eliminations here but the Perry is
12512s absolutely coming in strong from Team
12514s Ventures is going to flip this
12515s completely on its head we're gonna see
12517s shenyon absolutely destroyed after being
12520s buried TK's AK no place to go we see
12524s that massive cicada olds come through
12526s and TK it's gonna lose two of its
12529s members 40
12530s iwnl trying to keep the dreams alive
12533s here for team at TK and you know what
12536s massive wu-chan old there by 40 coming
12540s through for the team TK thinks okay we
12542s can come back in and lock this down and
12544s they just bite off a little more they
12546s can chew 40 finds the pair here goes for
12549s the repost isn't able to find the full
12551s reports of it and there it is they are
12553s going to drop down and all three members
12556s of TK gonna be sent back to the soul
12558s altar as team Ventus slips into first
12561s place with five eliminations tying wbg
12564s here in game number four
12567s man I'm sad
12570s I'm sad
12572s LSR try to hold it together here with
12574s the bow
12575s but it looks like he's gonna immediately
12576s go for the monk old and so does xcg's
12579s down and
12580s immediately going through and punching
12581s him in the back back it's like like as
12584s it looks like they're both going to be
12585s able to Jungle up through this one and
12586s see what they can do with all this
12588s happening though but
12589s still putting it together with
12590s everything happening here as the Bane's
12592s breath comes through at a beautiful time
12594s here
12595s xcg just trying to separate a whale
12599s trying not to get caught in a bad
12600s situation here
12603s still able to work towards this one
12605s those LSR is able to find it much much
12607s more but it doesn't look like it is
12608s going to be able to do much to as that X
12610s down and ends up getting targeted
12612s dangerously low they're gonna looks like
12613s they're gonna go for the ground
12615s we have yet to see the horse especially
12618s in our solos but in Trails it comes out
12620s of nowhere we love to see it coming
12622s through ladies and gentlemen oh my God
12625s I'm so happy
12626s we literally just saw that happen I've
12628s been waiting to find one in the pro
12630s games and we finally find one and I'm so
12632s happy
12634s yeah absolutely love to see the
12637s Overcomer coming out I know mocks are
12639s gonna be absolutely happy about that
12640s when she gets to see it in the replays
12642s here's jjh trying to turn on to our MVPs
12645s from our last game here the jdg and not
12649s quite going the way they want Reign able
12651s to come in and find some huge damage
12654s though on to jdd here in the UAE Sean
12656s old the healing circles coming through
12658s for both themes and it's just a complete
12661s brawl here on top of these kurumi
12663s ultimates and Reign able to keep things
12665s alive here for jjh they're able to find
12667s it and now looking to find yet another
12671s elimination as we see LSR and Kopi go to
12674s the backside here jjh not wanting to
12677s pressure too too hard as they did commit
12678s two ultimates for that but looks like
12680s they will continue the fight here but no
12682s look at this Joe Louis gonna come back
12684s give it the run it back for team jdg
12687s they said no no no we're not just gonna
12689s let you have this fight with a 2v3 Zoey
12692s way immediately picks up Godly
12695s no monk transformation for the likes of
12697s jjh and that was their last ultimate
12699s that they hadn't used in that fight
12701s which means jjh has no choice but to
12704s back away from this will jdg continues
12707s the hunt they're going to lock it down
12708s this member here I do believe it's rain
12711s rain so far away from that ultimate
12713s trying to pick up the elimination this
12715s is the target acquisition they will pick
12717s up the elimination and jjh is
12720s immediately regretting turning back into
12722s this fight after having picked up that
12724s first e-limit it's just two Lee here for
12726s JJ H2 lead gets buried massive damage
12729s coming through and jdg flips the script
12733s the salty run it back works out for
12736s jehui and the members of jdg as they
12739s pick up all three eliminations on to jjh
12745s JJ H getting finished and claim inside
12748s of the circle here absolute massive
12750s fight happening here is GD and GS is
12753s about to go out of here at the realm of
12754s yang
12756s and immediately off top without even
12758s thinking about it immediately the monk
12760s starts to come through here getting the
12761s first grab though and immediately
12763s starting to hit the other one here
12765s to try to throw them off of their game
12768s here as xylu gets dangerously low here
12770s ends up getting grabbed himself and just
12773s like that now all of a sudden the game
12774s has changed and no he's gonna try to see
12777s if he can get the grab but successfully
12778s is unable to
12780s and just like that allow you it's
12782s definitely gonna get thrown down here as
12784s Kay is going to try to see if he can get
12785s complete the rest of it gets a second
12787s grab and a second throw down towards the
12789s end as GS loyo ends up getting finished
12791s first here not looking good for GS here
12794s as now they're gonna try to see if they
12796s can push this in beautiful Bell on each
12797s side trying to hold on tokaxi
12799s trying to find Any Which Way range to
12802s hold on to in any which way shape or
12804s form here but sadly it's not going to be
12806s able to do too much as xyle you ends up
12807s getting hit by hands and Sarah Carter
12809s Warrior GDK just putting the pressure
12811s onto zylu here but also he ends up
12813s sending him right back to him though
12815s beautiful 2v2 happening right now though
12817s this really could be anyone's game xylia
12819s getting close and he ends up getting
12821s eliminated and now it's a one of 2V1 and
12824s and will be able to do too much here as
12826s GD is gonna be able to get the shutdown
12828s get the Finish pick up their loot
12831s get their teammates up and ladies and
12833s gentlemen GD is back in the game
12836s yeah GD here off to a good start with
12838s his victory in the realm of Yang gonna
12840s be picking themselves up that Vermillion
12842s Birds might and some much needed loot
12843s for their team comp as we see kakaishi
12846s of course going to be taking the purple
12847s armor there because he does have that
12849s monk transformation turning now to jdg
12852s our uh winners of our last game off to a
12856s really good start here flipped a fight
12858s onto jjh earlier picked up three elims
12861s immediately they're gonna find KZ after
12863s a respawn here and KZ with that white
12866s armor finds himself in quite the
12868s precarious situation LSR with a massive
12871s Perry on to Casey's gen tries to turn it
12874s around is the Bell gonna come through
12875s mocking a little bit of space LSR tries
12878s to monk up but gets grabbed by fajin
12880s this could be really bad for jdg we see
12883s the Venom bolts coming out from that
12886s repeating crossbow he goes to bunk up
12888s and gets grabbed a second time fall Jean
12891s absolutely going insane has kept LSR
12894s from monkeying up twice now don't
12899s an absolute mad lad keeps jdg from
12903s getting their monks transformation and
12905s now it's a 3v2 jdg regretting this
12909s interaction and the members of KZ here
12912s had white armor they literally just
12915s respawned and jdd finds themselves
12918s eliminated
12919s hey Zee deciding to switch it up and
12923s absolutely becomes a problem for jdg and
12925s just like that
12927s GGG is out of this game what just
12930s happened that's the beautiful thing that
12932s I tell you just because you have massive
12934s amounts of Shields and everything
12934s doesn't necessarily mean you're
12936s guaranteed a win it really does take a
12937s couple of slip ups and just like that
12939s your Shield is gone and all of a sudden
12941s it becomes a 1v2 and just like that the
12944s game is over and I love to see how
12946s they're able to play that off to the
12947s best of their ability as TK ends up
12949s getting both slammed and thrown on each
12951s side here and they end up getting
12953s finished as GS is gonna claim the life
12956s and the game for TK
12959s damn I'm sad
12962s I am I really wanted them to pop up I'm
12965s still speechless KZ faji you okay there
12969s buddy
12969s I don't care who the MVP this game is
12972s five jeans the MVP of my heart did you
12975s just see he kept jdg from monkeying up
12980s three times every time that animation
12982s started for even half a second fajin
12986s immediately on the grab he canceled
12988s their monk transformation not once not
12991s twice but three times
12994s absolutely insane fajine a man after my
12998s own heart Dobby
13000s sometimes you gotta do it yourself in
13002s order to get the finish off
13003s and obviously he was able to do that
13005s though it's ewg
13007s y Lee who's trying to back out of this
13009s and CXC is going to keep the same
13010s pressure right onto him right now
13013s back into kind of a 1v1 situation here
13015s as they're trying to go Airborne here
13016s gets hit by a bow unexpectedly by one of
13019s the other players here it looks like it
13021s could be from uwg
13023s as DxD is trying to find any which way
13025s of an exit just to try to back out here
13027s meanwhile the rest of KLA
13029s is on the back stretch here trying not
13032s to get caught on on these 1v3s and he
13035s looks like okay wide KC is caught out
13038s alone here that it's not looking good
13040s for me as he ends up getting absolutely
13042s scrambled into the next blender as two
13045s TYC ends up getting in the elimination
13048s and it looks like GS is gonna try to
13050s come in and get this elimination towards
13052s ewg here as the ocean is going to decide
13055s to take them out of this
13057s trying not to get them in the very
13059s stressed and tight-knit situation here
13061s unbelievable from all the ways that
13062s we've been seeing this thus far here the
13065s absolute finish though but KZ
13068s that was incredible trying to actually
13070s stop them from getting the
13071s transformation cop happening I didn't
13072s even know you can actually stop them
13074s from the transformation because most of
13076s the time you know nobody's really trying
13078s to force
13080s you know Force cancel uh an ulti like
13084s that so for somebody to come in and try
13085s to do that I've actually never seen that
13086s before so that was really impressive to
13088s do it three times as well you you have
13090s to be so on your game for that to happen
13092s so there's a couple of frames at the
13095s very beginning of the monks
13097s transformation where he's grabbable or
13100s ccable and in those frames you have to
13104s land the grab before the transformation
13107s fully kicks in so as soon as you see
13110s that bright flash of the monk
13112s transformation come through you have to
13114s land the grab and we see faijin he
13116s literally he's waiting for it every time
13118s we're now gonna see we're going into our
13121s first realm of gang here it's gonna be
13122s Alliance versus AOW inside our first
13125s realm of Yang and this is why you know
13128s we talked about those monk
13129s Transformations we're gonna see both of
13130s these monks start to transform before
13132s the Wall comes down so that neither of
13135s them can be canceled out of that
13136s transformation and that's exactly what
13138s we see happen here and we're seeing both
13140s of these teams I do believe running the
13142s Takeda Z ping it looks like alliance's
13145s Lin here going extremely low already not
13149s enough healing coming through for the
13150s z-pin here for the Lin Lin trying to
13152s find something but it doesn't look like
13153s it's going to matter as multiple taked
13156s adults come rushing across the field Lin
13158s could be forced to de-transform here
13160s just to get back in to their armor Zhang
13163s Wukong here also going to be forced in
13165s the same situation
13167s Alliance is lucky going very low Shu
13169s Tong very low pink towel very low AOW
13172s able to pick up one of those
13173s eliminations two of those eliminations
13175s and now it's just one looking to make
13178s something happen here and a Zhu Kong
13180s here trying to find the elimination
13182s protect his teammates that's exactly
13184s what happens in AOW is going to come out
13187s on top here in our first realm of yang
13191s beautiful start though for AOW I know
13193s they needed a little bit of a confidence
13194s booster here
13196s um with their games
13198s I've had a very uh surprising low start
13200s towards their games here especially in
13202s the first half nothing really of a
13203s massive pop-off here coming in from AOW
13205s so I definitely think that's a little
13206s bit of some confidence coming in from
13208s them definitely needing to make
13209s something happen though even with all of
13211s this happening here is wbg Jing
13213s and the rest of the team is going to be
13215s rotating from outside of the circle in
13217s as a KZ trying to continue their reign
13220s of terror with those four eliminations
13221s I'm telling you if if I'm KZ
13225s and after a massive play like that
13227s ladies and gentlemen it's go time we're
13229s pushing everybody we're pushing
13231s everything we're keeping aggression
13233s we're gonna keep these eliminations
13234s happening and I wouldn't be surprised if
13236s we see them in the top spot
13238s of this game I would not be surprised in
13241s the next two or three minutes or at
13243s least one to two sir
13246s yeah I mean absolutely insane only 33
13248s players left alive and this is typically
13250s how many players we see left alive uh
13252s heading into zone five for these Trio
13254s games Alliance here with that Yang
13256s depletion looking to pressure on to wbg
13259s and this could be the fight they need
13261s given that wbg has much worse gear here
13264s uh and we're gonna see Alliance just
13266s pressuring heavily onto this they need
13269s to get rid of this Yang depletion
13270s Sleepwalker extremely low here uh finds
13273s an armor swap though into a gray armor
13275s Alliance is Juwan here with a massive
13277s dragons rush into the nezas might will
13279s pick up the elimination onto Sleepwalker
13281s now they find the elimination on to PP
13283s it's just Jing fighting for their life
13285s and Alliance will pick up all three
13287s eliminations they're gonna get those
13289s Soul blooms and they find themselves
13290s back into this game with six
13292s eliminations under their belt here this
13295s is huge for team alliances we now cut
13297s down to 30 players left alive as well
13300s because wbg completely eliminated from
13302s the game we see zone three will be
13304s collapsing onto zone four in the next 20
13306s seconds which means soon we're gonna
13308s find those Realms of Yang coming
13310s available AOW coming in as Alliance
13313s stops to do a little bit of shopping
13314s some bow and cannon shots ringing down
13316s gonna put quite a lot of pressure onto
13318s team Alliance and Lynn once again almost
13321s instantly that health bar completely
13323s blitzed through here for team alliances
13325s Lynn and Lynn goes down no place to run
13328s the rest of Team Alliance says okay look
13331s we're just gonna go ahead and get out of
13332s here we're gonna let it be we've got the
13334s dark tide coins to buy you back you bait
13337s the team and let us buy you back and
13339s that's exactly what we see Happening
13340s Here lucky gonna stop to get a little
13342s bit of a heal off and Juan and lucky
13344s gonna need to go find themselves another
13347s shot so they can buy Lynn back into the
13350s game here Alliance is still holding it
13353s down uh not the best situation to find
13355s themselves in but not the worst either
13356s given that they hadn't done all their
13359s shopping yet so uh they're able to buy
13361s their teammate back
13364s absolute beautiful timing though to be
13366s able to get their uh teammate back
13368s though sometimes we talk about that all
13370s the time as well here and sometimes it's
13372s still going to be needed as they play it
13373s to the best of their ability in here and
13375s obviously able to shut that down as best
13376s as they could here
13379s let's see what happens here as GD
13383s gonna be able to go for the rotation
13385s here going inside of the circle here
13388s still need more time as oug
13394s looks like they're soon as trying to see
13396s if they can get a bow shot here on the
13398s KLA
13401s nice grapple coming in on on Double S
13404s here is the movement they're just gonna
13405s start to move in here as Alliance as you
13407s want is gonna be on the inside this oh
13408s no and he ends up actually finding one
13411s Alliance by himself trying to Ricochet
13414s and run out of this one but oh no he
13416s ends up getting found I know ug is going
13418s to scramble on this opportunity for a
13419s free elimination beautiful Perry coming
13421s in from Dewan is gonna be able to go for
13422s the Reel but it's not gonna be enough as
13423s though Eugene's gonna push him right
13424s into the wall right into a tree get the
13427s elimination and that's a massive one for
13429s them taking the lead for seven
13431s eliminations oh that's tough coming in
13433s from Alliance though it looks like
13434s Alliance is still alive though they
13435s still have one more but it looks like
13437s the first one they just happened to just
13438s catch him by himself and obviously they
13440s took advantage of it
13442s you're going to see here KLA looking to
13445s pressure in onto this fight as well they
13448s know that oud's chilling right there and
13450s look at the cxd trying to bait oug into
13454s this corner here where KLA can take
13456s control of the fight oug not wanting to
13459s take a bite of the bait though knows
13461s that it's not a great position for them
13463s so KLA just gonna back off and take a
13465s little bit of loot from the body here
13466s not finding the opportunity to engage
13468s into this fight with oug the way they
13471s want to KLA a little behind here in this
13474s game at two eliminations under their
13475s belt not typically where we see the
13477s steam this team typically uh towards the
13479s top side of things here gonna have to
13481s find some space uh heading into the late
13484s game here zone three collapses onto zone
13486s four we're gonna see those first Morris
13488s blessings with the golden armor get
13489s ready to come through and many of these
13491s teams going to be looking to secure
13493s those as many teams here
13495s Still rocking blue armor for themselves
13497s we're gonna see ewg here actually have
13500s one of those poison shrooms popped on
13501s them they're gonna force them into a
13503s negative situation it's xcg looking to
13505s secure this Morris blessing but some
13507s huge shots coming in onto jonon is going
13509s to force them off of the box it doesn't
13511s look like they're going to be able to
13513s get their hands on that box KLA gonna
13515s come in drop it that temi old trying to
13518s secure the boxer themselves and they are
13520s gonna find it it looks like they're
13521s gonna get a legendary blood Ripper and a
13523s set of legendary armor for themselves
13524s and no surprise that they put it on to
13526s ykc the monk for their comp here KLA
13529s very happy about this situation as they
13532s were rocking some less than uh quality
13535s armor here with only the one set of
13537s purple and the two Blues now into a
13541s purple and gold for their team KLA in a
13543s much better situation they might be able
13545s to find those eliminations they're
13547s looking for Dobby
13548s let's hope that they do find it though
13549s even with all of this happening because
13551s KLA gonna be able to go through the
13553s rotations and staying away from the null
13554s old Zone
13558s see if they get a roadway tape with this
13560s one as well
13563s it's like ewg still trying to see if
13565s they can find anybody looks like there's
13566s not a lot of people nearby they have TK
13568s up top here on top of these trees and oh
13570s looks like AWG is gonna go soaring up
13572s top trying to see if maybe they can find
13573s anybody here
13576s it doesn't look like they won't be able
13578s to really see anything though
13582s more of that to come here as xyle you
13585s gonna find the next bit from Alliance is
13588s lucky and it looks like Eliza's lucky
13590s ends up getting shut down in Alliance
13592s fully done and finished out of their
13594s game it was only a matter of time until
13596s they found the missing straggler from A
13598s team's Alliance and luckily they were
13600s able to find it
13602s now back at top here it's a tied game
13604s between GD ewg and GS
13607s jdg surprisingly even after the massive
13610s game with zero eliminations and xcg down
13613s at the very bottom with only one
13615s elimination KZ having four
13620s just wow okay a lot of momentum coming
13623s into this is oug is taking the lead up
13625s KOA two eliminations but they have a
13628s beautiful blood dripper could absolutely
13630s cause some massive damage here if they
13633s play their cards right
13635s look I mean KZ I don't even care what
13638s place they finished this game they're
13640s the MVP in my heart Dobby that fight
13642s into jdg and eliminating jdg so early
13645s especially when jdd pressed so
13648s confidently on to KZ knowing that they
13651s had wine armor thought they were just
13652s gonna get that fight for freebies man
13655s Casey really he played that fight out of
13658s their complete mind fajin the absolute
13661s MVP man just being able to keep jdg's
13665s monk from ever transforming so huge not
13668s only once but three times just I'm never
13670s gonna get over that that's probably
13671s gonna be the highlight of this season
13673s for me quite honestly I want to see
13675s another box coming through here KLA
13677s trying to secure uh this Morris blessing
13680s but there's so many rain shots coming
13682s down on him it's gonna be hard for them
13683s to just kind of Crash her in and uh
13686s secure this box if they're not gonna
13688s burn the temiol the problem is is that
13690s so many of these other teams like jjh
13692s are literally right on top of them so
13694s it's gonna be super hard for them just
13696s to create enough Gap where they have
13698s time to secure it you're gonna sit top
13701s here they're gonna trade those rain
13702s shots with AOW downtown here at jjh
13705s also in a similar situation where they
13708s really could use that gear but they're
13710s not going to be able to find the
13711s distance onto that box we're gonna see
13713s rain trying to come out and pressure
13714s onto it but AOW just has such a good
13717s spot over here where they can continue
13718s to pressure both of these teams off the
13720s Box almost for free realistically you
13723s know they can trade some rain shots back
13724s but AOW isn't the one trying to secure
13727s the box they're just trying to keep
13728s these teams off of it and that's all
13730s they have to do is run the timer out on
13733s that box keep either of those teams from
13735s securing and realistically they're good
13736s plays jjh and KLA starting to find
13739s themselves engaged in a little bit of a
13740s fight here qgg actually caught out in a
13742s whisk in the zone is going to find their
13744s way back into the Zone here
13746s KLA giving up on the box looks to come
13748s top side we hear the blood Ripper here
13750s are they gonna drop down looks like
13752s they're not gonna drop down they just
13754s want to hold that rooftop hold that
13755s space from themselves now sitting over
13757s top of oug jjh finds themselves in a
13760s precarious situation is about to get
13762s evicted from that Hut nobody gonna be
13764s able to secure that Moore's blessing as
13766s it sits out in the zone in that zone
13768s five tick gonna do so much damage here
13770s as zone five collapses down on to Zone
13772s number six xcg gonna be forced to go
13775s ahead and monk up here JJ's Godly gonna
13777s do the same as well as ug's the king
13779s many of these teams looking to commit
13781s this one called Godly in a very bad
13783s situation that repeating crossbow with
13786s the lovely poison coming through does a
13789s ton of damage to these monks absolutely
13790s able to just shred through their health
13792s bars Genie's kakaishi here able to get a
13795s slammed down onto AOW shootong looking
13798s to find some more grabs here he's gonna
13799s find fajine and fajin
13802s does not die but it's a ton of damage
13805s and we're gonna Secret icy pick up
13807s multiple eliminations and one onto
13810s Casey's gen as well God Lee's gonna go
13812s down gd's K is gonna get picked up by a
13814s bow shot from xcg xcg starting to find
13818s some more eliminations here in our
13820s fourth game of the day Kelly is why King
13822s C with a slam of their own onto gd's
13826s donkwing ykc just sitting topside needs
13829s to be careful here of all these rain
13830s shots come through is gonna come out and
13833s it looks like almost instinctually pops
13835s the Bell there was worried about the
13836s rain shots coming through nobody
13838s targeting them though so unfortunately
13840s doesn't get any mileage really out of
13842s the Bell other than the the present the
13844s the safety of Mind of I'm not gonna
13847s instantly die when I come out of
13849s transformation here we're gonna see
13850s Casey's gen back in it resurrected by
13853s the members of KZ here absolutely
13855s butchering AOW here on this uh Channel
13858s punching out a ton of damage wants to
13860s evict them from this rock here looks to
13863s go for Shu Tong and not quite able to
13864s find the hit that he's looking for John
13866s on here for xcg with a grab in hand is
13869s able to get the slam and not the
13871s elimination though is Gonna Keep
13873s kakaishi though from going Monk and
13876s kakaishi immediately going to be picked
13877s up by ew's G Ron with the bow from
13880s downtown unfortunately xcg doesn't get
13882s that elimination and they certainly need
13884s is they only have three kills under
13886s their belt ewg just gonna pressure on to
13888s the members of xcg and completely
13890s eliminate them from the lobby here
13892s that's gonna be it for xcg they're not
13895s gonna find that third game victory that
13897s they were looking for here Dobby ewg
13899s putting in absolute work ougs the king
13903s just trying to hold on for dear life
13905s here as he's pressured onto by the
13907s remaining members of ewg who have taken
13910s control of this lobby as they find
13912s another elimination on to two tick the
13915s yodohime putting in work for the members
13917s of ewg but they need to be careful they
13919s burn through the ultimates now and they
13921s only have two members left remaining
13923s live no Viper to lock the lobby down
13925s either gd's kakaishi here looking to
13928s have a repeat performance from before he
13931s dominates his final Circle and this time
13933s he's got his team to back him up too
13935s looks like they pick up the elimination
13937s on to yiron kakaishi picks him up and
13939s Don Queen hits him with a bow shot right
13941s out of his hand trying to find these
13942s members of AOW not quite able to get a
13945s hold of Ping Tao does find a single slam
13947s though will go for the damage goes for
13949s the Reed grab at OG's SS keeps it from
13951s happening since
13953s the Zone though he looks for his own
13956s monk up he's gonna find it here on the
13958s edge of the Zone SS continuing to pump
13961s out the damage here will find the
13963s elimination onto aow's ping Tau gonna
13965s jump top side and DMACC in the air less
13968s chance of being grabbed because he gets
13970s to keep moving while he's falling just a
13972s pretty little piece of tech coming out
13975s from oug's SS shoot or yeah Jun Kong
13978s going for another slam here not able to
13980s find it gd's kakaishi is still holding
13982s on for dear life looking to find a
13983s little bit of damage so he can find his
13985s own monk for him he's able to get to 58
13988s here he will get buried out of that
13991s nunchuck
13992s um charge Focus coming through there the
13995s dragons were but he's able to recover
13997s with the Bell KLA gets eliminated by
13999s gd's K and G D coming out on top here
14003s with 13 eliminations he's able to find
14006s the turnaround though with his own meter
14009s dump from the nunchucks SS trying to
14010s make it happen but Don queen with the
14013s follow-up will save kakaishi and a team
14016s GD who comes out on top
14020s oh my goodness he was putting in so much
14022s work towards that very end and it is
14024s absolutely swept and sent off his feet
14028s outside of the circle in seconds and
14030s just like that he ends up getting
14031s finished and eliminated here but that
14033s doesn't matter though as it's gonna be
14034s raining all over GD who finally is able
14038s to catch themselves their first limb
14040s um of tonight here as the scramble upon
14043s each section of all of these players
14045s here has been absolutely Monumental for
14046s a lot of these players here but I know
14047s GD he's got to be feeling good though
14049s finally getting a dub here especially
14050s with those Smiles on their faces I know
14052s the confidence is feeling pretty pretty
14054s good for team GD here as uh we're gonna
14056s rotate this in but like you said before
14058s man
14059s no matter who's going to be uh the MVP
14062s hey Z is going to be the one that steals
14065s your heart huh rude
14067s look KZ man I get fajine absolutely
14070s stole my heart here like fajin coming in
14073s the ability to keep jdg's monk
14075s completely locked down not only a
14078s massive turnaround in that fight because
14080s again KZ had just respawned they had all
14083s Graves I think they had one blue weapon
14085s between all three players there
14088s and just beautifully executed by their
14092s monk right efajin able to lock down
14095s jdg's Monk and every single time jdg's
14098s monk thinks he's got a safe spot to bunk
14100s up fajin proves him wrong picks him up
14102s and keeps him from transforming if you
14105s can do that that's the target selection
14107s that rips through Transformers comps
14111s right whether it's a Viper being able to
14112s find the stun and then your team able to
14114s just kill the monk before the monk is
14116s able to find his transformation or
14118s you're able to silence the Monk and
14120s you're able to kill him before the
14122s silence ends so that he can't transform
14124s or in this particular case you have
14126s another Monk who's able to find those
14128s grabs at the very beginning of startup
14130s and you I have to give it to fajin again
14133s there's a couple of frames at the very
14135s beginning of that startup where another
14136s Monk's able to grab you out of it if
14138s fajin was in the middle of finishing a
14141s grab animation or had just started
14143s another grab animation as soon as that
14146s transformation came up he would not have
14148s been able to grab him and cancel it out
14150s fajin keeps the pressure on the enemy
14153s team but maintains his ability to not be
14157s locked in an animation and is always
14159s looking to get the grab onto jdd and
14163s cancel out that transformation and he
14165s does it not once but three times and
14168s just completely flips that fight on his
14169s head if that's not immediately in in our
14173s in our room
14174s it has that fight has to be in the
14177s replays because that is one of the best
14180s fights that I've ever seen in terms of a
14183s transformer comp versus a Transformers
14185s comp and keeping that Target acquisition
14187s onto the monk it's huge it's probably
14189s one of the best plays we'll see in nbpl
14191s all season and actually getting that
14194s getting actually getting the Transformer
14195s taken away also as well
14198s um we don't see that too often
14199s especially let alone happening in three
14201s three times now like I said before you
14203s know you fooled me one shame on you fool
14205s me twice
14209s you can't fool me again
14213s apparently you can if you name
14216s okay you know you can't can't do it
14218s again you can't fool me again is
14220s obviously he was able to with three
14222s different times now the question is does
14224s that mean three strikes are out I assume
14226s so is we're gonna look at the list here
14227s and obviously it's gonna be three
14229s strikes for GD that's gonna be at the
14230s very top with 15 eliminations 24 kill
14232s points and a 29 game score absolutely
14236s massive coming through as AOW is going
14238s to be falling behind that 12
14240s eliminations
14241s 22.2 and EV WG with a 19.7 absolutely
14245s massive I'm just happy that TK got more
14247s than one point that's awesome I'm just
14250s happy that they got more than one point
14251s xcg has three wbg has five KZ with those
14255s four eliminations and a 6.6
14257s um definitely a plethora of a trios
14259s thing but like for like I said
14260s personally for me I'm just happy the TK
14262s got more than one point
14265s oh man you know you're absolutely crazy
14267s to see this entire game this was a game
14270s of uh fights being flipped on their head
14272s absolutely as we take a look here uh at
14274s the stats for team at GD we're gonna see
14277s kakaishi here with three eliminations
14278s 16k damage we're gonna see K coming
14281s through with seven eliminations and 22
14283s 000 damage uh and Don quaint with five
14286s eliminations 22 900 damage we might see
14291s yet another kurumi MVP here we go ewg
14294s going on to wbg here then the fight
14297s between Juventus TK this was absolutely
14301s just a massacre here GK had no business
14304s turning back into this fight and
14306s immediately find themselves being
14308s stripped of two of their members and
14309s here it is man this huge fight for KZ
14312s they just continue to keep LSR lockdown
14315s look as soon as he goes for the
14317s re-transform is grabbed again he can't
14320s find the time to do it that's another
14322s one he goes to go for it again and not
14325s even going to be given the opportunity
14327s just gets grabbed right back up and it's
14329s the three piece man five Gene just keeps
14332s him locked down and we love to see it
14334s AOW here blitzing through the members of
14337s Team Alliance Juwan tries to come into
14339s the backside onto pink failure but a Zhu
14341s Wong here who keeps that from happening
14344s and they come out on top in the end here
14346s GG's kakaishi man just absolutely
14349s popping up he showed us what he could do
14351s in the last game by himself the last
14353s surviving member of Team GD and look
14356s what they can do when all three members
14357s are alive on team GD they absolutely
14360s have a pop-off game for themselves 15
14362s eliminations in the first place finish
14364s these guys have got to be so proud of
14366s themselves and oh my goodness no it's
14368s gonna be the Eurasian coming through
14369s seven eliminations 22k damage we're
14372s gonna see our first MVP for k
14375s okay absolutely being an absolute damage
14378s ducer here with 22 000 damage seven
14380s eliminations Sky Force merciless Havoc
14382s detonating around Soul release razor
14384s Swift and a phantom step absolutely
14387s putting in office also his first MVP
14389s congrats to pay finally locking in a
14392s first MVP you love to see it with almost
14396s uh 10K healing 7821 uh with this one as
14399s well with three assists
14401s absolutely stacked here is an MVP for JD
14403s her GD
14405s um did a fantastic job with that thus
14406s far here still gonna be able to lock
14408s that down here as uh
14410s I mean look at the stage the state
14412s this is absolutely phenomenal you love
14414s to see it look at that
14416s all within the replay series of showing
14418s off all the team players here for our
14420s trios
14421s as they're able to knock it out and do a
14423s fantastic job like I said these games
14424s have been so good so far we still have
14426s two more left
14428s come on baby I'm trying to see xcg get
14431s one more dub in them come on now come on
14433s now oh look I think I think xcg can get
14436s the Three B's man look they didn't have
14438s a great game here but neither did jdg
14440s this whole kind of game for Action was
14443s really kind of the Underdog Story right
14446s we saw a lot of these teams flip
14448s complete fights on their head like there
14450s was a point jjh right pushes on to jdg
14453s and they have the advantage and then jdg
14455s all of a sudden flips that fight over
14457s and wins it and then jdg man they push
14461s on to our boys KZ and honestly they
14464s should have they took some test shots
14466s they saw that jdg or sorry that uh KZ
14468s had white armor and they were like oh
14470s these guys just respawn there's a soul
14472s altar nearby this is an easy clap and
14475s all of a sudden it was not an easy clap
14477s uh for the members of team jdg is that
14480s whole fight was flipped on their head TK
14482s was able to pick up a couple of
14483s eliminations off the back of a bad fight
14486s Unfortunately they turned back into that
14488s fight like they completely get away
14490s scot-free because of wuchen and they see
14493s like it's still three teams dog piling
14495s on each other for some reason after
14497s burning two ultimates and having very
14500s little resources they press back into
14501s that fight they lose two members
14502s immediately
14504s um we just saw a lot of those sort of
14506s fights where things were getting flipped
14507s on their head and I kind of loved that
14509s here for game number four taking a look
14510s TK is still at the bottom with a three
14513s points total to their name jjh with a
14515s 17.7 for the day GS with a 27.5 ewg with
14520s a 33.8 wbg KLA round out 12 and 13 in
14524s the 40 Point range jdg with a 50-point
14527s day thus far two games to go jdg could
14531s find themselves with yet another MVP for
14534s the day as well if they continue to have
14536s a good games this last game
14538s Unfortunately they tried to uh Chomp on
14541s KZ when KZ was down and Casey said man
14544s sometimes you don't gotta kick a horse
14546s when it's down and flip that script on
14548s them real quick team Alliance here with
14550s a 14.8 not a great day
14553s for the members of Team Alliance finding
14556s it hard
14558s to make anything happen is taking a look
14560s at the top of your xcg still the very
14562s tippity top with a 79.4 but they didn't
14565s really uh gain too many points in this
14567s last particular game they're gonna need
14568s to come back and have two very good
14570s games if they want to maintain that top
14573s spot especially given that j-team had a
14576s 131 Point day their first day and still
14580s has a whole day left to play xcg only 10
14583s points ahead of them so like you said
14585s we're looking for that three-peat from
14587s xcg definitely looking for it in terms
14589s of uh not only points are concerned but
14592s also just confidence as well being able
14593s to keep that lead because that lead is a
14595s very big jump but this is trios
14597s this isn't solos trios there's a massive
14600s massive jump with a lot of these teams
14602s and it really only takes one to two good
14604s games and all of a sudden you're seeing
14606s yourself in the top splits over where
14609s you're in solos and you only necessarily
14611s need like a couple of points and just
14613s like that you can smush yourself up to
14615s the top you're gonna need a lot and
14616s obviously as a trios you can definitely
14618s get a lot of magic and a lot of
14619s eliminations done in a couple of games
14621s obviously as we saw 22 eliminations
14624s even with that one as well but as we're
14626s gonna get ready to lock in for our game
14628s number five we got something to show you
14629s guys so we'll be right back with the
14631s game number five
14633s foreign
14662s culture
14664s this is
14682s oh welcome back ladies and gentlemen as
14684s we get ready to lock in uh for game at
14686s number five some wise words coming in
14688s from AOW and I mean AOW uh one of those
14692s teams kind of towards the top of the
14694s leaderboard every game today they
14696s haven't really had their big pop-off
14698s moment yet but sometimes uh those
14700s consistency games are better than not
14702s having any good games at all taking a
14705s look here at KLA this is a team uh you
14707s know I think everybody expected a little
14709s bit more out of today given the fact
14710s that they were our first bi-weekly
14712s Champions here and they had a very good
14715s uh week number one so hopefully they can
14718s find some sort of space moving forward
14720s uh in these final two games to get
14723s themselves back up that leaderboard and
14725s make it into the bi-weekly and see if
14727s they can claim a second week in a row
14729s oug here
14731s no surprises them kind of in the middle
14733s of the pack this is typically where we
14735s see oug uh unless they have some big
14738s pop-off games which they've definitely
14739s not been able to find today it's kind of
14741s all been uh xcg and jdg today I mean of
14744s course GD just walked away with a 15
14747s point game but of course you know xcg
14749s and jdg having some very very big points
14752s games especially jdg with a 22 uh
14755s elimination game which was absolutely
14757s massive for the members of jdg we're
14760s gonna see if we can find the three piece
14762s or if jdg can find their second Victory
14764s as we lock in for game number five Dobby
14767s game number five is gonna be expected to
14769s be an absolute good one though as we're
14771s gonna be able to see who is going to
14773s take not only this game but also see how
14775s game six is going to be especially with
14777s some of the movement and how some of
14779s these players have been uh definitely
14780s some uncertainty with some of the top
14782s players that we saw in the very
14783s beginning of this game
14785s xcg coming out on top of the first two
14788s and absolutely almost nowhere to be
14790s found in our games uh three and four
14793s here so we're gonna be interested to see
14795s how those games go here and see how
14798s those next sections go as obviously
14800s we're going to be able to rock it
14801s towards it in hero picks roon what's
14803s going on
14804s I mean we're gonna see a lot of the same
14806s here man I mean we're in that
14808s Transformers meta right and especially
14810s when we go to holleroth We tend to see
14812s these Feria picks come out this is what
14814s we call that Pacific Rim meta man we get
14817s the big Kaiju boss coming out from Tian
14819s high and we get the big uh Mech coming
14821s in from Feria we're gonna see a couple
14823s of teams KZ here notably running that
14826s Decatur zping here on the TNI that works
14829s so well for j-team earlier in the week
14831s team GD gonna be running it as well uh
14834s as we continue to look wbg gonna be
14837s rocking that very accomp without the
14839s kurumi of course we're rocking the temi
14842s with it because temmie able to buy you
14843s so much space for that team uh to monk D
14847s Monk and hop into the Mac as well as
14850s secure some of those boxes mid game if
14852s you don't go into the realm of Yeti
14854s because
14855s still the more traditional monk comp to
14858s having the higher win rate inside those
14860s Realms of Yang so these teams not really
14862s wanting to risk forcing those realm of
14864s Yang fights if they can just go secure
14866s boxes in the mid game and get those same
14869s sort of supplies that they need for that
14871s Transformer competabi tell me about the
14873s map man my top is going to see a very
14875s interesting set of people here I mean TK
14877s I'm talking wbg is going to be towards
14879s the center as well here at the hall of
14881s ceremony so does ewg and it looks like
14884s one of the other teams as well is going
14885s to be in a quails Crest meanwhile all
14887s the right side section and frail Village
14890s is gonna see a fair share of players a
14893s lot team Alliance and two other teams so
14895s it looks like the fair the favorites are
14897s going to be all the big sections here
14899s that usually most people aren't really
14900s Landing in it's gonna be in matab it's
14902s gonna be Plum Castle it's gonna be
14903s imprio Village and I think maybe one
14905s team is going to be heading towards
14906s igneous Mound at least towards the left
14909s side but pretty much there's gonna be
14910s near Plum Castle so all that spread is
14912s going to be absolutely massive here at
14913s wbg it looks like it's gonna be a
14915s massive fight here from the majority of
14917s these teammates as it looks like one of
14918s them is going to absolutely hit and
14920s splattered by the long sword here wbg
14921s Jane caught in a very tough situation
14922s here it ends up getting caught inside of
14924s that sand space and it looks like it's
14926s not going to be enough here as he does
14927s end up getting the boilers getting the
14928s elimination in lug is going to get the
14931s first shutdown of the game
14933s yeah turning your attention now to jdg
14935s and KLA going head-to-head up top side
14938s of the map we're gonna see KLA just
14941s looking to pressure on to GED GD not
14944s with the best of gear here but KLA also
14947s in a similar situation it looks like
14950s they've decided to back off of that
14952s fight for now and turn their attention
14953s to the members of jdg Kobe coming in
14956s with the dagger looking it to lock down
14958s one of these members here of KLA cxe
14961s though not having it though turns around
14963s it gets paired by Kobe Kobe able to pick
14966s up a very quick elimination here onto
14969s Cala now GD coming in for the third
14971s party this is the opportunity they were
14973s looking for they don't have the best of
14975s gear here but with the third party
14976s opportunity they might be able to find
14978s something we're gonna see jdg's copy top
14980s side in the mech gonna come out of the
14982s mech but 2gg gonna follow up gonna be
14984s forced our armor up but not able to find
14986s it in time as Don quing is able to get
14988s the damage through before the armor
14990s comes through team Ventus looking to
14992s come in and mix set up the end of this
14994s fight as well GD is K gonna catch out
14996s sansi with that horizontal long sword
14998s slash there doing a little bit of damage
15000s danzy wants to go and take the repair
15002s before they force this sort of fight
15003s onto the members of GG we're still back
15007s off here klas or sorry GD kakaishi
15011s pressuring in here looking to keep
15013s Juventus off the rest of the members
15015s kakaishi will find that monk
15017s transformation finally able to get the
15019s rage he's looking for finds a member of
15020s KLA and just immediately takes the slam
15022s before turning their attention back to
15024s pixel and the members of Ventus who are
15027s the immediate threat here looks like a
15029s pixel is absolutely blitzing it through
15031s okay wx98 standing on Kakashi's head
15035s just hitting him with the Goomba's thumb
15036s and now sansi coming through with the
15038s yodohime ultimate pumping out a ton of
15040s damage this not going the way GD wanted
15043s but we're gonna see Team Ventus use that
15045s wu-chan alt to pressure out of that
15048s fight and GD looks like they get the
15051s resurrection are going to be able to
15052s stay on it and even though they only
15055s have white armor they want to continue
15056s pressuring this fight conquing in that
15059s old transformation here for Takeda still
15062s has some of those charges but is
15064s immediately silenced out by pixel so
15066s it's gonna be a kind of difficult fight
15069s for team GD here now that they don't
15071s have those old charges and unfortunately
15073s the old does time out for dunking he is
15075s able to find the Mythic grab though on
15077s to ventus's pixel pixel gets eliminated
15080s we're gonna see wx98 coming in here with
15084s the Viper stun not able to find a
15086s connection onto anybody in GD might
15089s still be able to pick up this fight I
15091s mean team Ventus making it very hard for
15093s the members here of GD but GD able to
15096s weather the storm is gonna find the
15098s elimination on to sansi and wx98 and
15101s that's going to be it GD comes out on
15103s top
15105s great start for them gonna be able to
15106s get that finish all the way up top here
15108s as GD beautiful shutdown here AOW
15111s Vince's alliances have to go through uh
15113s with their fixes here
15115s as it looks like we're looking at the
15116s overall leaderboards here so far as xcg
15119s is still leading the pack but gets those
15121s five eliminations so obviously making
15123s making it a little bit further away from
15126s AOW is they're still at a 126 so they
15128s still have a lot of room to work with
15130s here and they still need to figure out
15131s what they're gonna do to really lock
15133s this down and get the full shutdown here
15136s or these next sets of games here as oud
15139s GD and Vince's still have to figure it
15141s out here but GD and oug already have six
15143s eliminations a piece on each side of
15144s yourself pretty impressive on each side
15147s as xcg they're immediately starting to
15150s come through immediately with these
15151s eliminations here as xcg back towards
15153s the center all within Plum Castle trying
15156s to see what they can do as well
15160s that's what we talk about here trying to
15161s get that space as well here as down and
15162s looks like he's gonna find a bounty
15166s or at least that's about me
15169s now
15174s moving through the space there in matab
15177s looking for some gear as we turn our
15178s attention over to AOW and jjh
15181s jjh looking to pick up some eliminations
15184s here finally pressuring onto a team AOW
15186s singtel instantly gonna go ahead and pop
15188s the alt here and we're gonna see temi
15190s old for temil so both of these old's
15191s gonna be canceled out by one another
15193s Godly gonna jump into the mech here on
15196s the side of jjh jjh gonna jump up into
15199s the air here and jjh remember starting
15202s this fight pressured in on to aow2 lead
15205s gets grabbed immediately gets picked up
15207s and re-grabbed we're now seeing the mech
15209s top side starting to pressure on to Ping
15212s Tao but Ping Tao finds yet another grab
15215s his third grab of the transformation but
15216s goes very low gonna be forced to d-meg
15219s actually dies sorry D monk I want to say
15221s dmac because we're sitting here watching
15223s Godly absolutely blitzed through the
15226s health bar here and godly still has alt
15228s available here was able to use the fairy
15231s old first able to come out on top of the
15234s other monks of Godly gonna continue the
15236s pressure here for jjh looked like things
15239s were gonna turn into the favor of AO W
15242s and jjh was going to regret taking this
15244s engagement but jjh able to find the
15247s space they were looking for able to get
15249s rid of the monks as he de-transformed
15251s we're gonna see the double uppercut and
15254s follow-ups coming through from two Lee
15256s and lickson and AOW finds himself down
15259s to just shoot Tong and God Lee giving
15262s Pursuit no place for shuitong to go no
15264s access to their ability or ultimate
15266s right now Godly trying to find the pair
15269s he doesn't find the Perry chutung will
15271s find the uppercut with the nunchucks
15273s though and do quite a bit of damage here
15274s to Godly God Lee now though waiting for
15277s the rest of jjh as they show up is gonna
15279s find themselves into a two V1 Advantage
15282s onto Shu Tong and that's gonna be it as
15284s AOW is completely eliminated from this
15288s Lobby
15289s unfortunate really was trying to fight
15291s that out with Godly trying to make it
15293s that 1v1 maybe scramble to get that
15295s first elimination but obviously licks in
15297s and truly getting finished as best as
15299s possible here
15302s trying to put it together
15305s even with all this putting together here
15307s still is able to rock towards him as
15309s best as they could here is too as Tut
15312s gonna ramble through get the scrambles
15314s as much as they can but TK
15316s still able to rotate this is in as well
15319s here trying to see if they can play this
15320s safe doesn't necessarily want to force
15322s this as much as they can TK has been
15324s having an absolute struggle here to get
15325s these eliminations but at least they got
15327s three I mean listen here's here's what I
15330s can say right
15332s obviously their first day is a little
15334s bit different but if when you look at TK
15337s um they have three points the the next
15339s team has 20.
15344s yeah that's what I'm saying there's a
15347s difference in some of the teams in terms
15348s of how the comp is yes I can understand
15350s if you have some bad games that's
15352s completely understandable but for
15353s everybody else to have at least 20
15354s towards the very bottom and you don't
15356s even have at least double digits
15358s a little tough coming in from TK here TK
15361s is definitely not the um
15363s well look look at it this way it's it's
15365s TK's second week
15367s as as a team competing together here in
15370s the nbpl most of their members are new
15372s they haven't competed on this level of
15375s stage
15376s for yeah yeah 40 iwnl really the most
15379s experienced player on that team
15381s typically the one we see alive the
15383s longest as well he's he's kind of got a
15385s Corral these team members and get them
15387s used to playing at this competitive
15389s level not that they aren't great players
15392s in their own right already they've
15393s proven that or they wouldn't be here in
15395s the nbpl but competing at this level all
15398s the time on a consistent basis into
15401s these crazy matchups is something that
15403s they're not used to yet right and we're
15405s gonna see here GS going head to head
15406s with the members of KZ fajine
15409s coming through here a man after my own
15412s heart looking to come in on to xiaohui
15415s here trying to lock him down we're going
15417s to see a lot of those temi olds coming
15418s in yeah Hui going to pressure on davaji
15421s and fajin looking to come in onto
15423s xiaohui here is gonna absolutely get the
15425s slam through keep them from getting a
15427s full slam through the Donald grab from
15429s fauzene comes in and trying to get that
15431s pillar down Gs does find the pillar Joe
15434s Hui here though extremely low won't have
15437s the mech to fall back onto because gs's
15439s and was forced to go ahead and pop it
15441s and make something happen here and we're
15443s now we're gonna see Xiao Hui trying to
15445s give Chase to Zen Zen just trying to
15448s keep it alive going very very low here
15451s forced to pop the Bell to stay alive no
15453s place to go really and looking to find
15456s some shots over on occasions not gonna
15458s find it fajin does get picked up by the
15460s members of GS and now it's just Jen in a
15463s 1v2 both of these members very low
15465s though if they can find a pick onto one
15468s of them they might be able to make
15470s something happen
15471s unfortunately Jen is opting to take the
15473s heel here which is the last thing they
15475s really should be doing because you're
15477s just giving these opponents more time to
15480s heal and it's even more HP you have to
15482s go through because of the numbers
15483s advantage and exactly what you expect to
15485s see GS comes out on top at this point
15487s Jen takes too long to pressure the
15489s threat of the ranged weapons scares them
15491s off into taking a reset and because of
15494s that GS will be winning our first realm
15497s of Yang here against them gonna be
15499s walking away with that Vermillion Birds
15500s mine it looks like jdg also wins their
15502s realm of yang
15504s a whole lot of Realm of Yang winners
15507s here as we are trying to scramble to
15509s rotate this in here and said he's just
15511s playing it's smart and safe throughout
15512s these last couple of uh games here as it
15515s looks like Vince's pixel sadly does get
15517s eliminated looks like by the Throwdown
15519s of kakaxi here is wx98 ends up getting
15522s the first grab gets the second grab and
15523s gets the finish off of both kills and
15525s gd's kakaxi Beautiful Finish here it
15528s looks like they're gonna be able to pick
15529s up their team AK
15531s they are not down and out for the count
15533s do not count them out in any which way
15535s shape or form here because they're still
15536s in this game and they're still alive and
15538s so it looks like we're gonna be able to
15539s rotate this in and keep the same game
15540s going
15542s even with the massive space here as
15544s Casey's gen
15546s getting caught up in between a katana
15548s from Xiao trying to see if they can
15550s rotate this in here as uh heisey's gonna
15552s try to see if they can call out the
15553s Decatur ghost coming through beautiful
15554s ulti time into coming into this as Anne
15556s and it looks like Zio and foxine coming
15558s through a beautiful time to be able to
15560s shut this down and it looks like they're
15561s gonna both uh monk up at the same time
15563s here taking their time trying to see if
15565s maybe they can get a good grab here as
15567s Casey is just trying to scramble just to
15568s get away on every section imaginable is
15570s PeePee and wbg is gonna try to come
15573s through and cause some issues here
15575s as DS is just trying to hold the
15577s scramble as it looks like he was able to
15579s get at least one throw in vaccine
15581s getting absolutely destroyed it is not
15583s going to be able to have enough time to
15584s throw down Louis to get the elimination
15586s as KLA is going to come through with the
15587s third party get the two eliminations
15589s beautiful pick up here is wbg
15591s Sleepwalker is gonna just decide to Bone
15593s and bounce out as qgg trying to continue
15595s this strongest and is trying to hold on
15597s for as long as possible but it's not
15598s gonna be enough as KLA is going to be
15599s able to get the full kill sweep here
15602s gets the finish and it looks like KLA is
15604s going to push in on this next fight here
15605s as wbg is right behind him here and it
15608s looks like Sleepwalker is going to go
15609s through with the mug as qg is going to
15611s go through with the Mech that decides to
15613s immediately go in going through with all
15615s the shots here trying to make it a lot
15617s harder with everything happening
15619s and let's see what happens is it looks
15621s like they're just gonna tremble to just
15622s to try to back out of here and not get
15624s caught in a bad situation probably the
15625s best thing that they really can do in
15627s this situation here
15630s and it looks like they're still gonna be
15632s able to find it here as wbg Jing is
15634s going to be able to turn it on at the
15635s exact same point as one of the other
15638s mechs is going to be is gonna have to
15640s debunk so the best timing honestly
15642s possible here within this space here and
15644s was able to find it exactly the way that
15646s they need to hear a beautiful shutdown
15647s and look where we're at back at it again
15649s here just to try to find it out as KLA
15652s back safe and good
15655s yeah Kylie looking to come back alive
15658s here in this game again this is a team I
15660s kind of expected a lot more out of today
15661s given the fact that they were the first
15663s bi-weekly uh Champions here and uh they
15666s haven't really performed super great
15668s they've been middling or the bottom of
15669s the pack here so it's nice to see them
15672s with some eliminations and about and
15673s looking to pressure on to some of these
15675s teams wbg here 45 seconds uh left
15679s remaining alive we're gonna see now Jing
15682s dropping quite a bit of their uh dark
15685s tide coins so that their teammates can
15687s uh go ahead and pick those up uh
15689s question is is do they have at least one
15692s Soul Bloom Essence so they can start
15694s buying each other back we will find the
15697s answer to that very soon as they do only
15700s have 20 seconds left remaining and all
15702s three of them are sitting in the zone
15704s um so we will watch as those
15706s eliminations tick to the other side uh
15709s and it come through very soon for the
15712s members of that team we're gonna see
15713s here xcg in a very good situation with
15717s um a total of seven eliminations under
15720s their belt and at quite a good amount of
15722s gear here we're going to see Jing dies
15724s to Yang depletion but it looks like the
15726s other two members of wbg are alive and
15728s that they had found themselves uh some
15730s soul blooms so they're easily going to
15732s be able to buy Jing back into the game
15734s and wbg continues the fight there it is
15737s we're gonna see the rebirth term bought
15738s in Jing already back into the game xcg
15741s at the top of the order here for the day
15744s seven eliminations are about but GD with
15746s nine thus far GD looking to have a
15748s Repeat Performance and I mean kakaishi
15750s today really quite popping off you know
15752s GD didn't have the performance they
15754s wanted in games one and two uh and then
15757s in games three they found themselves in
15760s a really precarious situation but it was
15762s kakaishi who was able to buy themselves
15764s quite a bit of points in the end as a
15766s solo player Left Alive pick up three
15768s eliminations second place finish for him
15770s got themselves uh fourth place overall
15772s in points they of course have walked
15774s away MVP's last game game and now are
15776s finding their momentum again here in
15778s game number five
15781s love to see how the momentum actually
15782s becomes uh your best friend here even
15784s with all of the spacing as well as wbg's
15787s peepee he's gonna try to see if he can
15788s back off as far as possible dangerously
15790s low still has full shield though but at
15792s the same time definitely does not want
15793s to get caught in a very easily 2V1
15795s situation here is it looks like he's
15796s gonna play it to the best of his ability
15797s here besides the back off the way that
15799s he needs to here is klac XZ
15802s trying to see what they could do next
15804s year even within the folds of what's
15805s Happening Here is K gonna be able to
15807s hold on to it as best as they need to
15808s here
15810s KLA able to switch this up
15813s even within this space and momentum as
15816s it looks like they will be getting a dub
15817s over there inside the realm of yang
15820s doesn't look like anybody had jumped in
15821s there
15822s as it looks like wbg was actually hey
15824s he's actually able to at least pick up
15825s one of their teammates though
15827s love to see it as some of wbg's play
15831s style is still alive oh I see what
15834s they're doing
15835s oh no
15837s did he pick him up in a decent space Oh
15839s yeah he did
15843s oh no xcg ends up stopping them from
15847s healing and picking up their players
15849s peepee's gonna decide to just dip out as
15851s best as possible here dangerously low
15853s he's absolutely gonna be high flying and
15855s high signing all the way out of there
15856s and says see you later sadly wbg's
15859s Phoebe was not able to get the heel off
15862s for his friend very unfortunate as xcg
15864s is gonna be able to wait
15869s did they miss him
15872s look at look at peepee over here just to
15874s hide now down on sees him he knows he
15878s knows there's no place to go peepee's
15880s gonna find himself eliminated here oh my
15883s goodness that's unfortunate playing with
15885s your food xcg playing with your food
15887s it's Bad Manners I really thought he
15889s didn't know
15891s I truly thought that he didn't know
15895s that's why I was very excited here on
15897s the back foot unfortunately as he's
15899s caught out by the members of GS is going
15900s to be able to grab Anna but he's gonna
15902s be able to push the other away here
15903s gonna monk d-monkey or be forced to use
15906s the Bell to buy himself a little bit of
15907s space but he has no Shields left here
15910s and he's just gonna go down K also gonna
15913s get picked up kakaishi and Kay both
15916s eliminated and that's gonna be it for
15918s team GD they were able to string
15920s together 11 eliminations and looked like
15922s they might be going for the back to back
15924s but GS able to find them and get the
15928s eliminations there too tick here uh
15930s doing a little bit of fancy footwork
15932s here as they are able to charge up that
15936s Soul slash with the katana and come off
15937s the edge and just throw it out in midair
15939s KLA cxz up top looking to find somebody
15943s here with the wisp on jjh hasn't thrown
15946s it just yet the grapple comes out there
15948s goes the whisp question is will he land
15950s on to somebody no jjh gonna be able to
15953s tap Dodge away from it and see if Z
15955s gonna back off of the fight they
15957s committed some resources they didn't
15959s find the pick and are just gonna back
15960s out and wait for a better opportunity to
15963s push in
15965s even with that though that's very
15967s unfortunate though just for
15969s um for one of their teammates is to be
15970s able to try to develop out of there and
15972s sadly uh xcg
15975s he's able to take advantage of that
15977s moment at that time here and he hits the
15979s finish here they use up a lot of the
15981s resources here's jjh
15983s trying to see what they can do here
15985s meanwhile ewg trying to go for the
15987s rotations here trying to see if they can
15989s find anything that will be very very
15991s helpful for the meanwhile xcg I think is
15994s still alive in these games or at least I
15995s think so is ewg
15997s you want to be able to rotate this all
15999s the way around here
16001s getting towards the next Circle as much
16003s as possible same with KLA and looks like
16006s it looks oh no it looks like KLA
16008s actually ends up getting found here ykc
16011s and qgd all the way on this other side
16013s here's 92 is going to go for the repair
16014s here on this bus get musket shot's gonna
16016s try to see if maybe they can connect
16017s something as well here qg just trying to
16020s rotate it out beautiful hit marker on qg
16022s is able to take out at least half their
16023s heels
16025s doesn't look like he's going to be able
16026s to hit it again though
16029s even with all of this happening though
16031s and it looks like now back at it again
16032s in ihq able to hold it down towards the
16034s very center
16036s as zile
16038s going shopping here A whole lot of good
16040s Soul Jay's there hopefully he was able
16041s to find something good here because that
16042s is a lot there
16045s oh my goodness look at all the the money
16047s being spent here ready to just go ahead
16049s and full commit as zone three gets ready
16051s to collapse on to zone four there's not
16054s gonna be a lot of opportunities for
16055s these teams to buy back their teammates
16058s so uh gonna go ahead and spin the
16060s cheddar while you got it look to get
16062s some uh extra goodies there and it pays
16065s off as all three members of GS have at
16067s least two legendary Soul Jades under
16070s their belt uh xiaohu here with of course
16073s the legendary Katana as well so many
16074s monks up he gets a ton of damage coming
16076s out KLA just chilling out here in the
16079s sandstorm more than happy to do a little
16081s bit of shopping in the the safety of
16083s this uh fun fact for those of you who
16086s are watching at home uh one of the nice
16088s things about some of these weather
16089s effects is during the weather effects uh
16093s the trolls respawn uh so you can come
16096s back in while the weather effects are
16098s going and potentially get some more Loot
16100s and the troves that respawn during these
16104s weather effects also have higher Loop
16107s chance so you can find yourself finding
16109s some higher loot here but it's at high
16111s risk High reward gameplay right you're
16113s you're making yourself susceptible to
16115s that weather effect so you pays off if
16118s you do a little bit of looting while
16120s you're doing that not paying off super
16122s great for jjh here at the moment as we
16124s see those huge cannon shots coming down
16127s range not a lot of those Loop piles
16129s available for them here as the members
16131s of KLA had already come in and done
16133s quite a bit of looting uh towards the
16135s side of the map in the sandstorm and
16137s we're going to see them turning their
16138s attention to GS now KLA just more than
16141s happy to maintain the space that they've
16143s got here they've got six eliminations
16145s under their belt in total here not the
16148s KLA we're used to seeing that hyper
16150s aggressive team that usually has uh
16153s double digit numbers going into the late
16155s game but still alive still some good
16157s armor under their belt set up for
16159s Success here coming into the final
16161s Circle we'll see if it finally pays off
16163s for them cxe trying to get in a sec cure
16166s this Moore's blessing for themselves is
16169s able to find it and find that legendary
16171s armor for ykc as well here which is huge
16175s for the monkey there's also a legendary
16176s swarm there not quite sure why they're
16179s not taking the Swarm just for the sake
16181s of the stats right because Transformers
16183s depending on what weapon they transform
16185s with they do more damage if ykc was to
16187s take that uh swarm and put it in his
16190s back pocket and is swapped to it just
16192s before he transformed he'll be doing way
16195s more damage while he's in that monk form
16197s so interesting to see them not take that
16201s legendary weapon even just for the
16202s Transformer ewg however will take the
16205s Swarm and be passing it over to the Yoda
16208s Hime as they pressure in and we're gonna
16210s see them actually change that spear into
16213s a staff I do believe ykc in here gonna
16216s get a little bit of a heal off as it
16217s looks like some rain shots coming down
16219s dealing some damage onto them and it
16221s looks like xcg still sitting at the top
16223s of the order with nine eliminations
16224s right now Dobby
16226s nine eliminations absolutely phenomenal
16229s coming through as they will uh be able
16231s to keep the lead up a very very high
16233s with that 156 obviously those 911 issues
16236s are gonna be absolutely massive though
16237s but I did say before they are going to
16239s get that three piece and I feel like
16240s this could be the game that does it
16241s though it looks like we're gonna go
16243s through with the rotation let's see if
16245s they're gonna be able to find it
16247s playing it to the best of their
16249s abilities though all the way with these
16250s rotations KLA all the way up top KLA has
16253s also been playing very very well as
16254s playing playing very good as well here
16257s also another team definitely need to uh
16259s pay attention to a little bit here I
16260s won't lie
16261s I think they've been doing a fantastic
16262s job here let's see how at the end of it
16264s also goes right towards uh the end here
16269s as now
16272s we're gonna be able to see where the
16274s next spaces go here is KZ right down at
16276s the bottom
16278s right next to one of the other teams
16279s that's kind of filing it out as well KLA
16281s just trying to hold Strauss strong to
16283s where they are they're in a good space
16285s in the circle here they have a lot of
16286s open territory here to really look at a
16288s lot of stuff here hopefully maybe try to
16290s take advantage of a team maybe getting
16291s some eliminations from some team but
16294s they still have to be able to work
16295s towards where they can get other stuff
16296s to do as well so let's see
16299s let's see where they can put this one
16301s together here and see if they can find
16302s it at all
16304s still much more work to be done here but
16308s let's see how they can put it all
16310s together here all within the space here
16312s rotating the sand is jjh is Godly trying
16316s to even get some extra Soul Jades here
16317s out of this as Lynn as just being an
16319s absolute Thorn
16320s right next to him though making it a lot
16323s harder for him to do it like man can you
16324s leave can you let me get some stuff
16326s thank you appreciate you like man get
16328s off me
16333s I didn't mean to cut you off there but
16335s ewg coming in here looking to secure
16338s themselves Amore's blessing that's gonna
16339s be a legendary pull sword and a
16341s legendary set of armor here for Zhao uh
16344s Zhao Liu absolutely huge the full sword
16347s gonna be given off to another team
16349s member there the armor of course going
16351s to the Viper they hard to engage for
16353s that particular team comp TK still alive
16355s Dobby only two members here uh as we see
16358s ah lee and 40 iwl unfortunately a
16362s suffering yet again off the back of no
16365s gear for this team both of them Still
16367s rocking blue armor here it's gonna be
16369s very hard for TK to find any sort of
16372s momentum uh going into these final
16374s circles as we are zone five getting
16375s ready to collapse onto zone six in the
16377s next couple of seconds TK just looking
16380s to find some space to call their own xcg
16383s out here taking these rain shots looking
16386s to see if they can pick up some of those
16387s long range kills like they did in their
16390s first two matches gs's and goes
16392s extremely low hasn't yet armored up
16395s gonna be susceptible to some rain shots
16396s here but we're gonna see the temio come
16399s out to actually cover for Anne so that
16401s Anne is able to just walk around in that
16403s Mech with the safety net and able to
16406s just go ahead and heal up as we see Juan
16409s coming over top here with a Mecca of
16411s their own looking to trade some damage
16413s down onto jdg is able to find a shot
16416s onto LSR and the bush LSR gonna lose
16419s most of their shields in that
16420s transaction Swan gonna lock down on the
16422s cannon again find some more damage out
16424s onto God leaf turning their attention
16427s over to chew Lee chew Lee well grappled
16430s up there gets picked up by alliance's
16433s Lynn with a cannon shot from down
16435s arranged Juan gonna come in and look to
16437s continue to pressure this fight on to
16439s the members of xcg xcg gonna drop a
16442s temuolt of their own the pillar is there
16445s and waiting for zionon as soon as he
16447s debunks he will be able to go ahead and
16448s grab that Mech if he wants it he finds a
16450s grab onto gs's and looks for another one
16452s not quite able to find it just yet xcg
16454s will pick up the elimination on to end
16456s though Godly finds a double grab onto
16459s two members of GS and will pick up both
16461s elimination absolutely huge for the
16464s members of jjh Alliance finding
16466s themselves in a precarious situation as
16468s they've run out of ultimates and are
16470s kind of sitting out in the ultimate xcg
16472s here Lee xn is gonna go ahead and take
16474s that monk here on behalf or sorry not
16476s the monks but take the mechier on behalf
16478s of their team varia able to buy them
16482s quite a bit of good space here in ihq
16484s going very very low so we're gonna see a
16487s massive Viper old coming in from Zhao
16490s Liu but not able to capitalize on too
16493s much here their teammate will find an
16495s elimination onto alliances on though KLA
16497s finds an elimination on the jg's LSR off
16501s screen as well and ewg looks to hold
16504s things down as we are 12 people left
16506s alive Dobby this final circle is going
16509s absolutely crazy oh absolutely it is
16512s even with the amount of space that they
16514s have the ykc coming through as a massive
16516s turret that could also create some more
16518s issues and more problems as KLA is just
16520s going to try to dip out as best as
16521s possible here trying to separate himself
16523s possibly goes for the mount but the rest
16525s of the circle is going to be able to get
16526s the the completed the completion from
16529s ykc trying to see if maybe they can go
16532s forth with another rotation here as
16534s loudon's gonna try to see if they can
16535s keep the game alive for himself
16537s xcg trying to hold on for as long as
16540s they potentially can here as ewg zi Lou
16542s trying to be the open space here oh but
16545s he ends up getting one though on each
16546s side though is TK and the rest of the
16548s team end up getting eliminated here in
16550s this game trying to hold on for as long
16552s as they potentially can but it's not
16554s going to be enough as ewg is able to put
16556s it together here with this one ewg
16558s versus xcg it doesn't really matter
16561s though 15 eliminations coming in KLA
16563s could potentially come through maybe
16564s with something here but it's not going
16565s to be enough here is
16567s ewg is able to hold it all the way
16569s towards the end here 2-2 trying to put
16573s it all within the space here KLA this
16575s could be massive though if they can hold
16576s on for as best as they need to xtg being
16578s an absolute Thorn down being so
16581s dangerous and obviously the timing of
16582s the monk coming in at a great time
16584s though as Lexington trying to also pop
16586s it open with the ulti as well they're
16588s gonna try to see if they can go for the
16589s grabs here as the ewgs 2-2 ends up
16591s getting eliminated finished and claimed
16593s same with kll's qgg getting that second
16595s next place finish could be massive but
16597s you know what's even better a first
16599s place finish and xcg is gonna do just
16602s that
16603s xcg coming in with the three-piece Dobby
16606s that's three nvps being locked in here
16610s for xcg and we're only five games deep
16613s will they walk away with the four piece
16617s we talked about Audrey three is the
16619s charm here now if you end up doing a
16621s four then I don't know I don't know how
16623s a four could technically go it is very
16626s very possible but do I see it being
16628s going to a four I don't know I don't I'm
16631s not gonna I'm not gonna say that that's
16632s not possible but I definitely think
16634s there's definitely some players here
16635s that could actually create a surprise
16636s here and could shut it down and I'm
16638s gonna be honest with you I think KLA or
16640s KZ could do something
16642s look Dobby you're always talking about
16644s that you know that that number two
16646s barbecue with a Sprite but apparently
16648s xcg said look we don't care about the
16650s number two barbecue with the Sprite we
16652s looking to pick up a four piece with a
16653s biscuit all right I mean they gonna need
16656s that biscuit though because without
16657s without that drink though they might
16659s suffer
16661s that's all I'm saying you might have a
16664s biscuit but if you ain't got no drink I
16665s don't know how good that biscuit gonna
16667s do you that's all I'm saying as it looks
16669s like we're gonna be able to lock it in
16670s for our sixth and final game very very
16672s soon xdd is going to be your champions
16675s for our game number five Beautiful
16678s Finish beautiful execution coming in
16681s beautiful time even with ewg though
16684s still able to hold it down to the very
16686s very end it really could have been ewg's
16689s game but xcg coming through just at a
16691s better time and obviously KLH is holding
16693s it down just trying to get that third
16695s place finish trying to be smart here and
16697s play it very very safe and obviously
16699s they were able to get that third place I
16701s don't know how many eliminations Kayla
16702s had but they definitely worked towards
16704s the very end here to at least get them
16706s some type of placement and that right
16707s there alone is massive
16709s xcg did exactly what they did during
16712s their first two games that won them
16714s those games they waited until zone seven
16718s to walk in and take control of the Zone
16720s they let ewg kind of have control of
16722s that zone They played off of ewg if you
16725s noticed there was a couple of uh grabs
16728s that ewg made and the xcg were able to
16730s pick up eliminations just taking those
16732s kind of rain shots from downtown but as
16734s soon as Zone Seven came up they walked
16737s in took control of the Zone staggered
16739s their ultimates and were able to just
16741s maintain that control based on the
16743s Stagger and they knew that when they
16746s finally ran out of gas The Zone was
16748s going to be collapsed and it wouldn't
16750s matter because it was going to be the
16751s end of the game they've done that three
16753s times today and every single time that
16755s they've done it they've walked away the
16757s MVP they clearly have a style that
16760s they've worked out as a team and this is
16762s this is something different from xcg
16764s don't get me wrong xcg every single
16766s season leading up to this season has
16769s been a very consistent team right during
16771s season one xcg and xsg the two most
16774s consistent teams of the season during
16776s season two at CG he was the most
16779s consistent team they went to Worlds they
16781s did very well in Worlds as well and now
16783s we're back here but they've clearly
16785s worked out a play Style a a Tempo if you
16789s will that works best for them and that
16792s Tempo has continued to get them win
16794s after win today and I think we could see
16797s the potential four piece coming out from
16799s them going into the sixth and final game
16801s of the day if they play that same tempo
16806s absolutely coming through with this one
16808s as xcg is gonna have another 18 piece
16812s and a top score of a 33.8
16817s goodness gracious within these three
16819s games they definitely made over well
16821s over 50 plus points
16823s absolutely insane coming through is
16825s we're going to be able to get the finish
16827s going here xcg coming through with that
16829s at KLA tying it up with GD with the
16831s eliminations though with a 19 points and
16834s 13.7 coming through though obviously
16836s those ranking points not being able to
16837s do enough here as ewg is going to be
16839s able to snatch those three ranking
16841s points that's gonna help them out and
16842s keep them in that fourth place slot here
16845s but man xcg first place those five
16848s ranking Points Plus that 18 eliminations
16850s I mean what can you say for a team like
16853s xcg right now they're absolutely holding
16854s it down
16856s I mean yeah they're doing phenomenal
16858s today and again they've just sort of
16860s found their sort of their Tempo and
16863s their pacing that works best for them
16865s and again it's these final circles they
16867s know when to walk in and lock down the
16869s final Circle one of the problems we
16871s typically see and we've seen it today
16872s from all these teams we saw it from ewg
16875s this last game was that if you take
16878s control of the final Circle too soon you
16881s run out of gas right yes you can stagger
16884s your ultimates to maintain that control
16886s but as soon as you run out of that third
16889s ultimate you can't hold on to that
16891s control if another team pushes into your
16894s space and Pops like a monk old or a
16897s fairy old right you have to just give up
16899s that space what xcg has kind of been
16902s pioneering here today is waiting till
16905s the last possible moment to take control
16907s of the zone and waiting till they know
16910s that the exact moment they run out of
16912s gas is when the game is going to be over
16914s so they found that sort of big moment
16917s and are very into Judy's kakaishi here
16919s by the way Gotta Give a huge shout out
16921s to he's been such a strong monk today
16923s and just played very very well look at
16925s this wbg Jing here picking up the double
16927s eliminations there was absolutely
16929s massive inside the runway van Kelly also
16932s playing a much better game uh here today
16934s than they have in the earlier games so
16936s honorable mention here for game number
16938s five jjh here with some very very good
16941s grabs uh towards these final spaces as
16944s they started to pop off and find a
16945s little bit of space before ewg took
16948s control of vinyl Circle Luke is jonon
16949s able to pop Julie out into the Zone ton
16953s of damage picking that up ewg coming in
16956s here able to get a stun onto Alliance
16959s and follow up there with yaoi lingx10
16961s here is just absolutely locking down all
16964s of these players in the final zone is
16966s shown on coming through with a slam on
16968s the year on and that was all she wrote
16970s for xcg man again they really have just
16973s pioneered this sort of pacing and the
16975s decision making to go okay hey we have
16978s exactly this much gas in the tank we're
16981s gonna wait to take control of the Zone
16982s till we know that we have enough gas to
16986s make it all the way to the very end
16988s without anybody taking it back from us
16990s and every time they've done that today
16992s they've walked away the winner I think
16994s we're going to see a lot more teams
16996s doing this in the future trying to play
16998s this sort of basic but right now it's
17000s xcg who's got it dialed in they've got
17002s it figured out and they're able to walk
17004s away with their third MVP of the day and
17006s this time it goes to Nye HQ with 22 000
17009s damage six eliminations and six assists
17012s on variation
17014s to do when he needs to with the 22
17018s 000 damage six eliminations
17020s 12 000 healing and check this out 12 000
17024s of that damage came from his musket
17027s armor Pierce Phoenix blacks repair Roar
17029s Juggernaut long sword sap long slow shot
17032s everything that you would need for a
17034s very very powerful musket to be able to
17036s do exactly what you need to here and
17038s obviously he was able to get the shut
17039s down the way that he needs to but more
17041s than half of that came from just his
17043s long-range musket that goes to show you
17046s the amount of times that the the long
17047s range can absolutely be your best friend
17049s especially in a game like trios where
17052s you can absolutely master that and be an
17055s absolute Aimbot in these games here and
17056s can shut it down the best way that you
17058s need to and clearly
17059s now HQ was able to show you that I mean
17061s that's that's part of the pacing they've
17063s run all day right is they're not over
17065s committing to fights they're not over
17068s committing to taking control of the Zone
17069s too early and part of that comes with
17071s being able to harass from range in the
17074s early game we see xcg going very hard
17077s committing to fights while they have
17079s those you know resources those rebirths
17082s available to them but in the mid game up
17084s until the very end game they're playing
17087s that range game and they do it very well
17089s but ladies and gentlemen we've got a
17090s short VCR for you guys before we come in
17092s and lock in for game number six we'll
17095s see you guys in just a few minutes
17098s good
17099s [Music]
17125s yes
17130s [Music]
17131s at all foreign
17136s [Music]
17167s laughs
17181s [Music]
17202s foreign
17205s ladies and gentlemen getting ready to
17207s lock this in for our final game here
17209s let's show you the standings of what's
17210s going on here with all of these players
17212s here now obviously still disappointed
17215s but at least they don't have more than
17216s one point TK with a 5.9 currently in
17220s their game like I said before like I
17221s said 20 points from Balta at least they
17223s was able to drive 20 points but TK sadly
17225s has been struggling just to be able to
17227s get one elimination
17229s in these games here and obviously a 5.9
17232s or at least they're able to get
17234s something here within these games here
17235s so obviously still need a little bit
17237s more for them to do as we look at up at
17240s the next games here and still ewg and
17243s wbg very very close together here with a
17245s 49.8 and a 49.4 in this game 61 points
17251s coming in from jdg and 61.4 coming in
17254s from KLA
17256s very very close to one another here I
17258s think they've done a fantastic job thus
17260s far here I mean look at it they've
17261s they've are all very very close together
17263s here with each of these games so
17265s hopefully this could be a very fun and
17268s final game for them as well as we're
17269s gonna look at the top seven players here
17272s from these games let's see what we can
17275s find
17277s obviously are we going to be surprised
17279s to see one of our players our top player
17280s xcg still at the top absolutely 113
17283s points absolutely massive they're about
17286s to take over
17287s um uh what a te score of a 125 and J
17291s team score over 131 if they end up
17293s popping off and having another dub the
17294s way that they have thus far
17296s yeah if xcg has that four piece that
17299s they're looking for a little chicken
17300s with a biscuit they are definitely going
17303s to outpace j-team and te the problem is
17306s this is their day two and their day one
17309s when they were playing against j-team
17311s and te they only put 60 points on the
17314s board so if J team and te come in and
17316s have similar performances to their day
17318s one there's not going to be a whole lot
17320s that xcg can do about uh that situation
17324s but we've got a quick question for you
17327s guys in chat here and a chance for you
17329s guys to win some of those limited
17331s treasures and the answer today is going
17334s to be which team is currently leading
17336s the scoreboard we just showed it to you
17338s is it a j team b t e c x c g or d a o w
17343s I'm gonna be very very disappointed in
17346s the chat uh if they don't get this one
17348s because we've literally been talking
17349s about it all day Dobby
17351s it's te
17353s Dobby you can't you can't come in here
17356s with the you know what I'm I'm not gonna
17357s I'm not gonna give chat any hints I'm
17360s gonna I'm just gonna let chat do their
17362s thing here again is it age 18 b t e c x
17366s c g or d a o w get your answers in a
17369s chat and then make sure you're watching
17371s your Whispers this is one lucky person
17374s who gets that answer in on time is gonna
17377s walk away with that great treasure and
17380s man a treasure it's gonna be but you
17382s know what else is gonna be a great
17383s treasure Dobby this is game number six
17384s damn yeah no seriously a whole lot of
17388s that coming through if we're gonna get
17389s ready to lock in for our game number six
17390s our sixth and final game here a lot of
17394s suspense happening so far here they've
17395s still been putting in a lot of work
17396s throughout these games here but let's
17398s see how they're gonna be able to put
17400s this one together and get the finish the
17402s way that they need to hear they've done
17404s a fantastic job of it thus far so let's
17407s see how well this goes all the way
17409s towards at the end I like I said I am
17411s very excited I'm very hyped I I think so
17413s far these games have been very good I
17414s think they've done a fantastic job and
17416s hopefully
17417s we will be able to see more of that
17419s hopefully soon as it's only going to get
17422s better and then yes let's see uh where
17424s the game ends I would love to see xcg
17426s get a four piece though but honestly I
17428s do want to see one of the other teams
17430s come through with a surprise I would
17431s like to see either KLA or
17434s um KZ come with a surprise get the
17436s shutdown get the finish and get the game
17438s personally
17440s no we're not rooting for team TK anymore
17442s or are we done are we done
17445s the ship is sailed okay Dobby's like
17448s look man that ship was at Port I was
17451s ready to get on board and do the whole
17453s thing but uh they they left me behind I
17456s ain't Five Points about it listen listen
17458s Five Points in in three games I I gotta
17462s be like all right boys it's time to lock
17463s it up time to go somewhere else Dobby's
17466s like I'm looking at oug and the King now
17468s because that's the only king that's
17470s going to be rocking my name in the nbpl
17472s currently at the moment
17475s oh man but yeah what a great I mean five
17478s games it's been today man xcg already
17480s with the three piece under their belt
17483s jdg with a massive 22 game as well you
17486s got your 20 bomb today Dobby I don't I
17489s don't think you can ever ask for more
17490s than that
17491s um and you know we have a whole other
17493s game to go here today wbg still looking
17497s for some Redemption as well because I
17500s mean they were so close to taking game
17502s one and xcg takes it away from him in
17504s the very end there you know they've got
17506s to be looking for a chance to uh knock
17509s xcg down a peg so we'll see if maybe
17511s they're able to come in and find that
17513s sort of space for themselves uh in game
17515s number six and then taking a look at
17518s some of these other teams as well like
17520s oug has played very well today AOW has
17524s been another team that has played
17525s exceptionally well has been towards the
17528s top of the pack and continues to put
17529s points up on the board GS had a fairly
17532s good performance this time around as
17534s well unfortunately they kind of lose I
17537s don't want to say gas as if they don't
17538s have gear or ults available or things in
17541s the end but they kind of lose steam him
17542s a little bit towards the end of these
17543s matches where it's like they start
17545s really steamrolling in the middle of
17547s these games and then all of a sudden
17548s they make one mistake and they're just
17550s like all of a sudden all the air is
17552s blown out of their balloon they're not
17554s really able to recover and start
17557s pressuring teams like they had been the
17558s whole time
17561s a whole lot of Madness coming in man
17563s sometimes it's just not easy sometimes
17566s when you can really see a lot of this
17567s momentum happening but then you have
17569s like no idea how to really uh cope with
17572s the rest of it happening either so
17574s sometimes you just have to just kind of
17575s balance it out
17577s but I think with how this has been going
17580s so far
17583s I think we'll be able to see this game
17585s really end on a very strong suit here
17589s and I think we're gonna see how this all
17592s plays out here more and more and
17594s honestly I think it's just going to be a
17595s good time
17596s to see where this ends as it looks like
17599s we're going to be locking this in here
17600s for game number six let me know what's
17602s going on let's see how this looks yeah
17604s let's take a look at these comps we've
17606s seen fairly similar to what I'm
17608s expecting uh all day and it looks like
17610s we're gonna get that again here taking a
17612s look at xcg we're gonna see bringing
17614s them in with the Veria comp here and I
17617s mean this is smart from xcg probably the
17619s strongest comp in the league right now
17621s and they're going to be bringing it into
17622s their last game of the day makes perfect
17624s sense uh we're gonna see jdg rocking
17627s that uh new comp that we've seen coming
17629s in on Transformer with the Takeda Z ping
17631s that has served J team so well earlier
17633s in the week we see oug uh bringing it in
17637s with just the temi instead of the
17639s Transformer wbg going back to the
17642s classic Transformer pick as well as team
17643s TK and KLA gonna be interesting to see
17647s how they do uh these two three teams
17650s definitely going to be looking to secure
17651s those Realms of Yang because that team
17654s still having the highest win rate
17657s overall inside the realm of yankarooni
17659s yielding just too strong for those
17662s particular teams oug here again we see
17665s that Takeda Z ping coming through KZ and
17669s I do believe ewgs all gonna be rocking
17671s that traditional sort of Viper comp and
17675s then another team though running temi
17678s Tian high yodohime and I have no idea
17682s how I feel about that Dobby
17685s absolutely it's gonna I mean it's gonna
17687s be a strong one though my question is
17689s for you because you've been asking me
17690s all these questions all night what's
17691s your prediction what do you want to see
17693s I'm out of this out of this game tonight
17695s I mean look I know exactly what I want
17697s to see I want to see xcg win four games
17700s we've only ever seen that in solos we've
17703s not seen the four piece in trios uh it
17707s looks like we're gonna have a quick
17708s restart here for game number six I think
17711s one of the PCS had a technical issue so
17713s we're gonna get this game underway here
17716s in just a minute or two but uh again I I
17719s won't see xcg win to answer your
17720s question Dobby I would love to see the
17722s four piece I would love to see the
17724s challenge come in for J team and um Team
17728s te as well as those two teams had very
17731s very big days be nice to see a third
17733s team kind of pop off and I mean they've
17735s already hit the 100 Point range right
17737s now it's just a question of do they have
17739s the four piece do they have the biggest
17741s day we've seen out of any team entry is
17743s this season and I mean quite honestly
17745s with the way xcg's been playing and
17748s again it's really this sort of pacing
17750s that they've established for themselves
17752s that's doing them so well and clearly
17755s because they've already won three games
17757s that they've played that exact pacing in
17759s I want to see him do do it again in a
17762s fourth game and kind of solidify
17764s that sort of play speed and pacing for
17766s themselves and see if some of these
17769s other teams start to follow suit
17771s that's true
17773s it's gonna be interesting to see how
17775s they're gonna be able to put that one
17776s down here but like I said we'd love to
17777s see it though with all these games and
17779s let's see how they're going to be able
17780s to rock towards it I would love to see
17782s it too but I think I want to see I want
17783s to see it upset personally I want to see
17785s it upset
17788s I mean these upsets are always are
17791s always great right
17793s absolutely like we we live for the
17796s upsets but also at the end of the day
17798s man sometimes I just want to see a team
17800s coming and dominate that's something we
17802s like we see that happen in solos for
17804s naraka right we'll see a solo player
17807s coming in just dominate a day
17809s very rarely do we see a trios team just
17812s absolutely pop up you know the last time
17814s we saw it
17816s was day one of nbpl season one all the
17821s way back in the very beginning we saw
17824s Jay team come in have an absolutely like
17827s dominating day I think it was something
17829s like 160 Point day or something like
17832s that
17834s and then they just dropped off the face
17836s of the Earth until worlds happen like
17838s they just suffered the rest of the
17839s season we haven't seen another team
17841s absolutely just have an explosive day
17844s where they control the entire narrative
17847s in The Meta I want to see that today
17849s I've missed seeing it I love to see the
17852s struggle it puts the other teams in
17854s because it creates so much more
17856s competition and then these other teams
17858s get even hungrier especially going into
17861s day three because at that point xcg has
17864s already put in both their days they've
17865s put in the work these other teams then
17868s just have to rise to the occasion well
17871s xcg kicks back they put their feet up
17873s they put their hands behind the head and
17875s say yeah go ahead catch up to us if you
17877s can
17879s he's like yeah let's see if you can and
17882s good luck you got a big jump ahead of
17884s you sometimes you like to see that
17886s though you like to see like the amount
17887s of aggression in some of these players
17889s and uh seeing that some of them aren't
17891s really willing to accept the no they
17894s want to be able to come through and go
17896s back strong and sometimes that's
17897s fantastic you want to be able to see
17898s that more often and even with all of
17900s that coming into it you still want to be
17902s able to look at it and go hey we're not
17904s don't count us out that's why I was
17906s counting I was uh counting on KZ or TK
17910s at least at least try to get some more
17912s points because I'd love to see a
17913s surprise upset but obviously I didn't
17915s get it so I I can't really
17917s eat that obviously as uh they're gonna
17919s get ready to lock this in for this first
17921s for this last game here but yeah I I
17923s couldn't I I couldn't get what I wanted
17925s so you know what sometimes you can't
17926s always get what you want you know and
17927s yeah I gotta accept that you know
17930s look sometimes you can't get what you
17931s want but I'm hoping I get what I want
17932s today you know what I'm saying of course
17936s look look look
17939s we haven't seen it since season one
17942s right let's have one day where one of
17945s these teams just is dominant man I love
17948s naraka I love the fact that it typically
17950s comes down to like those final moments
17953s the final game that's the way we see
17955s most of the bye weekly finals come down
17957s or like to these final tense type
17959s moments and I love that
17962s but we're not in the final yet let's
17964s just see one team absolutely dominate
17966s right and then here's the thing here's
17969s the thing typically when we have seen
17971s that when they get into the bi-weekly
17973s they crumble right so I guess the big
17977s question is if xcg does walk away with
17979s the four piece today and they go to the
17981s bi-weekly final at the very tippity top
17984s do they overcome that curse
17986s where when we do see a dominant team get
17989s to the bi-weekly final that they crumble
17991s or do they fall into the same old
17993s pattern we've seen time and time again
17995s in naraka where that top team they they
17997s have a pop-off week and that's it
18000s they're spent when they get to the bye
18002s weekly what do you think Dobby
18004s I don't know I I
18007s it's me
18009s if it was me like I said I want to see
18012s the next phase I want to see
18015s a surprise upset um you know what I
18018s might sound like a hater I don't want to
18019s see xcg actually end up taking the dub
18021s I'll be the villain here I don't want to
18023s see them do it because at the end of the
18024s day yes I want to see some surprise
18026s upsets and you're absolutely right you
18028s know it would be awesome to see that 4K
18030s but I want to see somebody take it away
18032s from him
18033s just like how somebody took away
18037s just like how they took away someone's
18039s first dub in game number one
18041s which was wbg east's they had their uh
18045s game snatched away from them why can't
18046s somebody else snatch their game huh
18049s looks like we are looks like we are
18052s gonna see game six start back up and I
18054s don't think we're gonna see uh any
18056s changes from the teams in terms of
18059s Heroes here uh typically uh per the
18062s rules if there is a restart you have to
18064s pick the same Heroes again and this is
18065s the team I wanted to talk about was jjh
18067s look at this team Wu Chen Tian High
18070s and yodohime
18073s I I don't know how I feel about this
18075s comp
18076s I uh it's a very confusing hero
18080s selection to me just given that there's
18081s not a lot of synergy uh between these
18084s years but maybe maybe there's something
18086s there maybe you know maybe these guys
18088s went to practice and tried this out and
18090s they were able to find a way to counter
18093s some of these very among comps or
18095s something like that I don't see it
18097s happening that way but you never know
18099s and clearly if jjh is running it there's
18102s a reason at the end of the day right you
18104s know they they've got to have some sort
18107s of reasoning behind it
18108s um Alliance here running the Viper comp
18110s for the first time because they have
18111s exactly zero hero points left
18114s uh so they have to run a comp they
18116s haven't run and they haven't run this
18118s Viper comp all day uh so that way that
18120s they don't lose points for picking
18122s Heroes uh against their hero Point uh
18124s pool uh xcg of course running that Ferry
18127s a monk that we were talking about that's
18129s so strong I'll be talking about the map
18131s man back at it again with Morris Isle
18134s here it looks like there's nobody gonna
18135s be landing celestra looks like there's
18137s gonna be a team or two heading towards
18138s sun wing we've got three teams headed
18140s towards shipwreck expense as jdg is
18142s going to be by themselves inside of the
18144s Huts near Sigma mine meanwhile the rest
18147s of them are going to be towards center
18148s near Jade Pond and Gamma mine but looks
18151s like KLA and AOW and even wbg is gonna
18153s be in the back left section of sun Wings
18155s rest while trench uh Onyx dwelling and
18158s Autumn's planes as nobody's gonna be an
18160s Eventide Temple nobody's gonna be to the
18162s far left nor on the back right side
18164s which is also surprising as well uh
18166s coming into this circle here but
18167s obviously it's going to be a very strong
18169s start here as we're heading straight
18170s towards ship rats expands for GD and
18173s seeing who's gonna take it over as KLA
18175s actually is going to be able to knock
18176s out the first elim and get the finish
18179s going here as well unbelievable
18183s xcg here in the middle of shipwrecking
18186s Defense here looking to push on to GD GD
18189s I think was a revealed to them when xcg
18191s was able to pop the Bell there a massive
18194s dragons Rush Indonesia's might on to
18196s xcg's 9 HQ but unfortunately xiaoan
18199s gonna come in behind onto John Queen
18201s pick up the elimination K grabs that HQ
18203s though and it is a 2v2 breaking out
18205s between the members of Team GD and xcg
18208s xcg however heavily on the back foot
18210s genron forced to pop the Bell here will
18212s it go down and out to 2V1 and that's
18214s gonna be it gdu picks up three
18216s eliminations onto xcg xcg gonna be sent
18219s back to the soul Altar and that means
18221s unfortunately they're not going to be
18222s able to come in with that early game
18223s aggression that they want to they're
18225s gonna have to find some eliminations
18226s later into the game if they want to pop
18229s off and get that four piece that they're
18231s looking for jjh here with this very very
18234s unusual comp coming through finds an
18237s elimination onto Vincent's sansi finds a
18240s Perry on the wx98 and an elimination
18242s pixel last remaining member here for
18245s team Avengers looking to find a dragon's
18247s rush but is going to get carried out no
18249s wait pixel does find the dragons rush
18252s into the Ninja's might but it's not
18253s enough damage only catches out one
18255s member of team jjh and jjh on this weird
18259s cop finds three eliminations already
18261s listen listen I'm telling you there's
18263s some of these uh lower team teams are
18264s gonna start to wake up and JJ could be
18266s one of them that's all I'm saying xcg
18268s better be careful they got their one
18270s elimination and GD also has three so far
18273s sadly they are eliminated but that's
18275s okay though as uh oug is also going to
18277s be figuring that out as well as we have
18279s a tie between KLH adg uh Alliance they
18282s all have three kills a pop which means
18284s people immediately started to go in and
18285s they went off I'm telling you people are
18287s gonna be feeling this out I think xcg
18288s might be in trouble
18291s well xcg uh has lost their safety net
18294s right they did get eliminated early so
18296s they had the respawn but they've got to
18298s find some gear again which shouldn't be
18300s too hard this early into the game the
18302s problem is that you're playing without
18303s the safety net now they picked up one
18305s elimination lost their safety net they
18308s can't be as hyper aggressive as they
18310s typically like towards the start of the
18312s game but they can keep that sort of same
18314s pacing uh that has done them so well
18316s they just have to start the slower
18318s pacing now rather than at the start of
18320s the mid game
18321s which means they go into the final
18323s circle with less eliminations but we saw
18325s them do that in game one and still pop
18327s off and steal the victory away from wbg
18331s so I don't think you can count xcg out
18333s whatsoever I'm counting them out because
18336s Dobby's like I'm counting them out
18338s because I want him to be out
18340s exactly
18342s I'm gonna be xcg hater for specifically
18346s these this specific game specifically
18348s I'm an Executor every other time I'm a
18351s big fan and right now I don't like him
18353s anyway you can call me the grumpy old
18355s man as a back in my day when it came to
18357s xcg wasn't all that powerful all of a
18359s sudden they decide to I think this is
18361s ridiculous as we're gonna lock in here
18363s for GD gd's done clean looks like he's
18365s gonna be able to back up ewg trying to
18366s chase get that chase going here it's 2-2
18368s uh they're not gonna let up really
18370s anytime soon here but Don Queen is
18372s actually getting their Lane going here
18374s actually being able to get it away as
18376s far as possible though doing a fantastic
18378s job Don Queen just trying to keep it
18380s away as much as possible here and
18382s they've got a fantastic job in the thus
18383s far here but it looks like tutu is going
18385s to be able to sneak in a little bit
18387s closer
18389s each time
18392s you win a good job of it the way that
18394s they did the last time here is 2-2 just
18397s trying to close this in more and more
18398s here
18399s making it a little harder than the last
18401s time and let's see if they're gonna be
18403s able to find it here
18406s I love GD here by the way he's just like
18408s all right look if you're gonna come in
18409s I'm gonna make it as annoying as
18411s possible I'm gonna drop my ultimate I'm
18413s gonna throw some whisps at your face you
18415s know I'm gonna get some damage out I
18417s might pick up an elimination a little
18419s bit I mean yeah I'm not I'm just not
18422s gonna give it to you you know what I'm
18423s saying and meanwhile all this is going
18425s on kakaishi is slid back in found K and
18428s has found the resurrection it's like
18429s look yeah sure you got the elimination
18431s because Kay didn't have any weapons in
18433s hand but uh we're gonna get K back in
18435s and Don quigman we'll we'll swing back
18438s around to pick you up don't worry about
18439s it we got you you uh you you played the
18441s perfect decoy here we're gonna we're
18443s gonna do the thing turning now to uh
18445s following again look you know I'm I'm
18448s here I want to see the four P's come out
18449s from xcg I'm still the biggest fajine
18452s Fanboy there is today after that fight
18455s earlier where they just cancel out jdg's
18458s monk not once but three times fajin has
18461s absolutely won my heart KZ here great
18464s team buzzing keep doing what you do as
18467s we see them uh trading blows with ewg
18469s here but nobody really wanting to commit
18471s the pace of this game already much much
18474s slower than we've seen all day and this
18476s is kind of typical of what I've seen
18478s this season as we head into game six
18480s many of these teams not wanting to play
18484s that faster Pace because you know they
18487s want to maximize their points it's their
18489s last game of the day to put points up on
18491s the board so they're going to try to
18492s play things a little bit slower they're
18494s going to try not to force these fights
18496s we're seeing that here at ewg backing
18498s off from this fight with a KZ of course
18500s Casey using that wooch and ALT there to
18503s buy themselves a little bit of space ewg
18506s wanting to turn up onto this fight now
18508s as a KZ continues to press away look for
18512s the reset and look at this phagine all
18513s three of them going in opposite
18515s directions so if they catch out one of
18517s them they don't catch out the full team
18519s here I kind of like the strategy from
18521s Casey it's a dangerous strategy
18523s but it's looking to pay off hazley
18525s trying to regroup with fazeen though
18526s unfortunately gonna get caught out we're
18528s gonna see the Viper olds come through
18529s here I'm not sure quite for which team
18532s it looks like it was Daisy's Viper but
18534s they are able to pick up the elimination
18535s onto hazy before the Viper roll comes
18538s all the way through ewg now goes to look
18540s to find the other members of KZ and this
18544s is really weird look at how far ewg's
18546s back and all of this KZ has pressured a
18549s little too far away the other direction
18551s they actually could go get a free
18552s Resurrection off of hazy right now
18555s there need there needs to be some
18557s communication going on here because hazy
18559s needs to be telling me hey yo look ewg
18561s dipped come back and get me jdg
18564s meanwhile going head to head here with
18566s Team o u g o u g give him a little bit
18569s of trouble here is that you Asiana will
18570s put in absolute work onto Kobe and some
18573s of the other members but oug's SS gets
18575s caught out in the middle of it and it's
18577s gonna go down so now oug in a 2-3 we do
18582s see a massive Ferry come through from
18583s Zen you but is it going to be enough it
18586s doesn't look like it's going to be as
18588s jdg finally finds their footing in the
18590s fight flips it around and is going to
18592s come out on top
18594s even with that though still able to put
18597s in a massive amount of work here
18599s putting it down here all the way towards
18601s the very section here is AOW looks like
18604s they will try to see if they can find
18606s something as well here and it doesn't
18607s look like they're just trying to just
18609s divert
18610s the fight in between this one just
18612s trying to see if they can get some
18613s pickups the way that they want to here
18616s see if they can get that finish in that
18617s final the way that they want to though
18621s okay
18623s it looks like jdg looks like he's gonna
18625s be able to go forth with this rotation
18626s it looks like they go over this clip
18627s though they might be seeing um AOW I
18629s think they're heading straight back
18630s towards the next fight though it looks
18632s like they might be ready for it though
18633s musket shots coming in on the outside of
18635s Barry up top though both ricocheting
18638s back up top
18639s chutung ends up getting hit he's gonna
18641s be able to go forward with the shield
18645s doesn't want to make it easy for them as
18646s well here's the realm of Yang comes
18647s through and they're both going to push
18648s in on it and it looks like it's going to
18649s be jdg versus wbg
18652s oh
18654s an AOW versus k-l-a I have a feeling wbg
18658s might be on the winning side of this
18659s fight here but actually no not wbg uh
18662s jdg is immediately they're gonna start a
18664s meleeing straight towards the massive
18666s monk one of the monks ends up getting
18667s grabbed the beautiful Perry coming in
18668s from pp's Ali trying to see if they can
18670s hold it strong as best as they can
18672s cicada ghost comes through and he ends
18673s up getting parrot yet again for the
18675s second time in a row unfortunate coming
18677s in from there but Still's gonna try to
18678s see maybe they can create some damage
18679s onto their monk here as the other monk
18681s is going to start balancing up in town
18682s meanwhile valuese ends up getting
18684s grabbed both of them end up getting
18685s massively slammed to sleep organs get
18688s the skip the second grab ends up getting
18690s the throw immediately towards it trying
18691s to see if maybe they can find any space
18693s ends up going inside the healing Circle
18694s Sleeping Walker trying to hold on Azalea
18696s actually ends up getting eliminated
18698s inside of this space meanwhile the fight
18700s juggling absolutely getting juggled
18702s kopians are getting finished here as is
18704s now LSR just trying to keep the game
18706s alive for himself but obviously even in
18707s a 1v3 situation
18709s almost impossible as the repeating
18712s crossbow comes out so does the long
18713s sword and the nunchucks both putting in
18715s absolute pressure and obviously wbg are
18717s gonna be the ones that actually take it
18719s over meanwhile back at the other realm
18721s of Yang they're still going 45 seconds
18722s left on the clock as their first
18723s elimination comes through and that's
18724s klas qgg schultzong is actually
18727s dangerously low as whale here if KOA
18729s actually had the opportunity here cxd
18731s could have been able to actually come
18732s through and maybe get an advantage here
18733s but it's not going to be enough as the
18734s ow is going to be the one that shuts it
18736s down
18738s yeah AOW gonna walk away the winner here
18740s and wbg to no one's surprise wins that
18744s uh realm of Yang again that traditional
18746s Transformers comp has a massive win rate
18750s inside those Realms of yang right it's a
18753s 64.9 win rate the highest win rate of
18757s any comp inside realm of Yang is that
18760s standard kurumi monkey they're able to
18763s just stagger those old so well the
18765s healing coming through from kurumi it's
18767s so hard to overcome that even if you're
18770s running the Decatur zping and that's a
18772s fight I really wanted to see I thought
18774s potentially zipping and Takeda brought
18777s enough stagger and heels to win that
18779s fight uh and maybe we could see that
18781s statistic change but clearly it's still
18784s very much in favor of that traditional
18786s Transformer stop AOW here going head to
18789s head here with the uh jdg very
18791s interesting uh jdg kind of on the back
18794s foot here is AOW has that verbillion
18796s birds might they have that rage build
18799s and they have that safety net to be able
18801s to continue this fight and jdg very
18804s quickly finding themselves on the back
18806s foot as AOW pumps out a ton of damage
18809s onto the members of jdg they're going to
18811s find yet another grand Kobe goes
18813s extremely low it's forced to pop the
18815s bubble very quickly we're going to see
18817s another grab come through from Ping Tao
18819s oh no the top Dodge comes through he
18820s doesn't quite find the grab Ping Tao
18823s very quickly turning around with that
18824s Assassin's lunge though finding more
18826s damage and more picks and GS shows up
18829s for the third party with a massive Viper
18832s stun coming through here for the likes
18834s of Team GS not quite able to capitalize
18835s on it as they do finally find an
18838s elimination on to jdg they find one onto
18841s aow's pink Tau and Shu Tong GS with the
18845s successful third party finds four
18847s eliminations for themselves here and
18849s finds their foot in the door where this
18852s game unfortunately uh during that we
18855s also saw team TK complete eliminated
18858s from this Lobby meaning that they are
18861s done for the day Dobby
18864s absolutely insane coming through here as
18867s jdg is able to get the reamer of charm
18869s though able to keep the game alive as
18871s KLA ykc try to hold it together here
18873s down in absolutely already eliminated as
18876s well as an ihq is gonna have to D
18878s um mechify we're gonna call it d-mac
18883s as ykc ends applying the elim as well
18886s with that finish obviously xcg is not
18889s they could go without a fight here oh my
18890s goodness why Casey absolutely gets sent
18892s here by the spear a massive hits coming
18895s through here actually able to get very
18896s very close to getting that fish though
18897s almost is a fantastic job of it is ykc
18900s ends up getting called close to it
18901s though it's Lexington is trying to hold
18902s on to it as long as possible qg trying
18905s to keep the same pacing together here
18906s but obviously dangerously low and it
18908s does look like Lexington is gonna be
18909s able to be eliminated here by qg
18912s and KLA backs up to try to fight for
18915s another day as GS might be getting
18917s pushed in on on ewg ewg keeping the that
18921s momentum going here
18923s it's not making it easy but they will be
18925s able to try to find it here let's see
18926s what they can find here
18929s oh we're gonna see in the kill feed at
18932s JD or sorry gd's K picking up an
18936s elimination onto cases falling and
18937s unfortunately that is going to be it for
18939s team at KZ is they are fully eliminated
18941s here from game number six ewg was giving
18945s Chase here to team GS and GS finds a
18948s little bit of breathing room in a no old
18951s Zone and ewg not wanting to commit to
18953s this fight without bolts available to
18956s them is just gonna back off from the
18958s hunt here they know when not to pressure
18960s a bad position and this is a bad
18963s position for them to pressure they
18964s already spent a ton of grapples giving
18966s Chase here they weren't able to find it
18968s they've been in the fight for so long
18970s the potential for third party is huge
18972s and now there's no old Zone where they
18974s won't be able to spend those resources
18976s that they have and they knew that they
18978s had oats available over top of the other
18980s team ewg just is fine we'll back off you
18983s can you can sit there and hold that
18984s space as long as you want we're more
18986s than happy to not play into your hands
18989s in the potential third party we're just
18991s going to go off and do our own thing
18994s probably the smartest thing to do even
18996s within this space here is it looks like
18997s obviously with that rotation still means
19000s more opportunity for more things to
19001s happen
19002s has um
19004s I mean at least CK got a got one point
19007s I got it again with a 6.9 that's tough I
19010s mean at least they got one that's all
19011s that's all
19013s that's all I can really ask for out of a
19015s t out of Team TK that's unfortunate
19017s coming through from them as we go back
19020s to Ventus and then see sunsey looks like
19023s he's gonna be able to scroll all the way
19024s down here looks like they're ready for
19025s the realm of Yang to come through here
19027s oh no they might be actually ahead of it
19029s though no they're actually not they're
19031s pretty far actually I thought there was
19033s a realm right next to them but obviously
19035s not as it looks like they're gonna be
19036s right in front of ewg here ewg
19039s trying to see what they can do here even
19041s within this space
19045s trying to work towards this one though
19047s as Ventus is just trying to see if they
19048s can find any type of momentum and pacing
19050s to try to figure this out because ewg
19053s trying to pace through it but GD also
19055s dangerously low too ewg wants to see if
19057s maybe they can go through with this
19057s fight here oh look at something just
19059s trying to go shopping just a little bit
19060s here meanwhile the bike roll comes out
19062s it doesn't necessarily know if they got
19064s a stun out of it though as it looks like
19065s the Russian is going to try to create a
19066s little bit of that shield and obviously
19067s the Wilson's gonna back out of theirs as
19069s that they are inside of the storm
19071s of the Danes rep doesn't definitely does
19073s not want to get caught by this one this
19075s could be very very bad for all of these
19076s players though as it looks like they're
19078s still going to try to see if they can
19079s find it sansi gets a massive hit on the
19080s gd's done queen as it looks like he
19082s catches the elimination inside of the
19084s band's breast
19085s absolutely insane though but it can't
19088s say enough for the rest of the team over
19089s at sunsi sansi ventis trying to see if
19092s they can scramble away here but it looks
19093s like sansi's not going to be able to do
19094s a lot here and it looks like sansi
19096s deciding to back off here playing the
19097s smart game here as Godly is going to be
19100s able to force uh the monk all trying to
19102s see if maybe they can grab Viper into
19103s this but it's not going to do enough
19104s here as the Baines breath is still
19106s surging all throughout the space though
19108s still 21 seconds left as it looks like
19109s it looks like that was and and that he
19111s gets hit by the Bane's breath here and
19113s it looks like another player ends up
19114s doing it as well as Louis same thing as
19116s well ends up getting hit by the beans
19118s bread there's a lot of confidence going
19119s into these Bane breaths nowadays
19122s oh it ends up burying one even within
19125s this space though as Julian's about
19126s getting oh my goodness absolutely
19127s decimated and doused as Anne ends up
19130s picking the elimination from truly
19131s taking advantage of the Bane's breadth
19132s of surging and obviously the Viper pit
19134s coming through trying to see if they can
19136s get us done it looks like they were able
19137s to at least get one here as lauui ends
19139s up still taking the pace out of this
19141s game here as Alliance is lucky and the
19142s rest of his team wushin is going to be
19144s able to take them out of there
19146s Draco storm putting enough damage in
19147s them and whooshin keeping them alive
19149s Dobby did somebody lose a bet what is it
19153s with these six teams standing inside of
19155s Bane's breath taking this fight
19157s they're just getting bounced around like
19159s ping pong balls why am I watching
19163s I know it's like they don't even care
19164s that the base breath is happening
19168s so much confidence coming in from these
19170s players and it was funny is that we see
19173s jjh just trying to hunt down an
19176s elimination in the middle of that and uh
19178s the the elimination that they're chasing
19181s dies to the Bane's breath and it's a
19183s natural Bane's breath so nobody gets the
19185s elimination they're just like oh piece
19188s of candy gone
19189s absolutely insane ewg here able to walk
19193s away with at least something there they
19194s do have that Draco storm right now like
19196s you said that Wu General coming in is
19198s super good for them Ventus here uh two
19200s eliminations under their belt in this
19202s game down to a single player left
19203s remaining alive I I want to talk about
19206s you know I talked about how kakaishi
19208s really coming into his own as a player
19210s uh on that month today and it seems like
19213s every time I turn around and See Team GD
19215s kakaishi is munked up getting a double
19217s grab uh we've talked about for a long
19220s time who the top three sort of monks are
19223s in the trio space right we always talk
19226s about you know uh sleepwalker we always
19229s uh talk about 3 30. we always talk about
19232s Eagle right those are the top three
19234s monks in the league kakaishi typically
19236s in the past has been a Viper player
19238s right that's where they've excelled now
19241s obviously the meta leaning even more
19243s heavily back into Transformers Viper
19246s comp falling out of favor we've seen
19248s takaishi have to turn into the monk
19251s player for their team as we take a look
19252s back here at wbg AOW going head to head
19256s here uh inside the realm of Yang and
19259s this was a back-to-back fight we saw
19261s earlier AOW and W or sorry we saw wbg
19265s fighting somebody else before but AOW
19266s able to find this space here uh and it
19270s started getting a little bit of an
19272s advantage on the wbg they find another
19274s elimination there PP going down to the
19276s musket shot here from Ping Tao and wbg's
19279s Jing and just looking to lock this face
19281s down not quite able to find it Ping Tao
19284s finds another elimination with the
19286s musket there and Jing very
19289s with three eliminations inside realm of
19291s Yang with musket absolutely huge for
19293s them uh we're gonna see these two teams
19295s right now going ahead to head uh outside
19297s and it's unfortunate for wbg that
19301s they're having to take this run back
19302s fight because the members of AOW have
19304s that Mystic might wbg's already lost
19307s this fight once now they're having to
19308s take this fight while AOW has 25 damage
19311s reduction honestly it's not looking good
19314s for the members of wbg but they are kind
19316s of forced to take the fight they're
19317s sitting here on Yang depletion and it's
19319s not like a ton of teams are going to be
19321s handed to them on a silver platter oh no
19323s Xiao Liu tries to drop down but wbg
19326s Sleepwalker literally has sights on them
19329s just grabs them up out of the air
19331s they're able to pick them up and pick up
19333s an elimination and this could be huge
19335s for team wbg as they will be getting at
19337s least one of the Soul Bloom Essences
19339s that they need the third party fail on
19342s behalf of ewg wbg finds their first Soul
19346s Bloom Essence here they still need two
19348s more but at least one of their team
19350s members won't be suffering from that
19352s Yang depletion Sleepwalker still trying
19354s to keep this fight going forward here
19356s looking to see if they can pick up
19358s chutong there it is they've got at least
19360s one more yeah we see here Sleepwalker
19363s picks up that Soul blue messes will stay
19366s in the game ewg gets the resurrection
19368s and finds themselves back into this
19370s third-party situation again picks up PP
19373s looks to turn things on to AOW Ping Tao
19376s taking big damage from two tick in the
19378s yodohime ultimate year followed up by
19380s the Assassins once too thick gonna be
19383s forced to just keep it moving as we see
19385s Ping Tao pop the ultimate and the AOW
19388s looks like they're gonna pay the
19390s ultimate sacrifice on behalf of wbg
19394s in that sand coming through as AOW able
19397s to hold it on for as long as possible
19398s though and they still was able to still
19400s get eliminated though as two able to try
19403s to find it as best as they can here
19407s what a surprising game coming out of a
19409s lot of these players here I told you
19412s what I tell you
19414s xcg out of this game obviously a massive
19418s lead ahead of the pack regardless right
19419s but ewg KLA ewg with nine elements six
19425s nine eliminations leading the pack at
19427s least for this game they've been playing
19428s their absolute mind off so far but they
19431s still have a couple more uh circles left
19434s we still have some players that still
19436s can make some magic happen and I still
19437s think that KLA still has an opportunity
19440s to catch this dub this could be an
19441s absolute massive game now I'm not just
19443s saying it but if I call it correctly too
19445s it's also going to be even better too
19447s like my money's on wbg
19450s yeah if anything I think the ewg would
19453s snatch it away from him
19459s ewg's doing okay I'm I'm not saying they
19462s aren't they definitely have the end of
19464s the game with nine eliminations they do
19466s have nine eliminations yes but they had
19468s a failed third party where they
19470s immediately lost a member and the only
19472s reason that fight didn't turn bad was
19475s wbg had Yang depletion and was forced to
19478s continue to turn the fight onto the
19481s other team so that they did not lose
19483s their members to Yang depletion ewg
19486s comes back in for a second third party
19488s and isn't able to lock down Bobby wbg is
19492s forced to fight AOW and takes his
19495s eliminations and wbg was able to stay in
19499s the game afterwards they do need to find
19501s a way to get a resurrection here
19503s together for their teammate they are
19505s down to two members but I'm just saying
19507s ewg that Viper the the trying to come in
19510s there and just getting yanked out of the
19512s sky that was a bit of a faux pas wg's
19516s part there
19519s 'll be interesting to see how this ends
19521s up as GD ends up having a one player
19523s alive same with Ventus as well
19526s she needs the other team that I'm I'm
19529s watching here because kakaishi might be
19530s alone right now but we watched them
19532s earlier with just kakaishi
19535s NAB three more kills and take second
19538s place in final circles so oh yeah
19541s they were able to do something even with
19543s that one as well so they still were able
19544s to figure this out so I can definitely
19546s understand that that is going to be a
19547s struggle but it doesn't necessarily mean
19549s that it's not possible though so we'll
19551s see exactly how that all goes even
19553s within the space or within this momentum
19555s noise we're seeing a massive fight come
19556s through here as ewg is going to be able
19558s to claim the elimination onto wbg
19559s remember that he was just talking about
19561s look I literally was just about to say I
19563s just cast records to wbg I just I just
19567s Castor casted them I was like yeah wbg's
19570s got a good opportunity and then as soon
19571s as I say it uh they get caught out and
19574s uh we see one of them get eliminated and
19576s I hate myself did you just didn't you
19579s just
19581s said somebody with me
19584s that's crazy anyway putting it back down
19586s towards the end of the game here and
19587s still has the WG and WG still has a
19589s massive opportunity here with 11
19590s eliminations leading it up wbg even with
19593s even with their one
19594s good turn this game around it really
19597s could be the switch of the ages here so
19599s you never really know what the rest of
19600s the game is going to be planned for
19601s towards the very end here and it's only
19603s going to get a little bit better it's
19605s only going to get a little bit crazier
19606s here and we still have more and more to
19607s do
19609s yes sir guys we're gonna be able to find
19612s out how it all comes down together here
19613s trying to figure this out as ykc ends up
19616s getting hit by through two by three bows
19618s on each side here trying to play this as
19620s best as possible till within this area
19622s there's still more work to be done
19625s towards the very end as we're still
19626s gonna be able to find it out but let's
19627s see where we can pinpoint this place
19628s though
19631s love to see it though all the way with
19632s this is ewgs just holding the fort down
19634s with this
19635s so that way it's a lot easier for
19637s everybody to try to do anything
19640s love to see it even with all of this
19642s happening though there still could be
19643s more and more of this happening but it's
19644s only gonna get crazier though as we're
19645s gonna be able to lock in towards the end
19646s of this game
19648s I am excited
19653s it's always excited because right now
19654s uwg is uh in the lead
19657s and that's exactly what because if I'm
19659s right right Mike my predictions are
19660s really going to be like just on point
19662s right now I'm really feeling it I mean
19664s can you really call it a prediction when
19666s you make the prediction when they're
19667s already in the lead is that's more
19671s I was saying this before the game even
19673s started don't do that
19675s when the game started I said that KLA
19678s has a shot I said that
19681s um
19681s I said the KLA and KZ now obviously KZ I
19684s had that was a very big shot but even
19686s with that one I even said it too I was
19688s like ewg has a better shot from wbg hold
19690s on now even with the lead now mind you
19693s that now mind you I said that and I
19694s could have switched wbg could have
19696s absolutely went off and absolutely went
19697s stupid and then just like that I could
19699s have been absolutely wrong but you still
19701s put me in a space that made me feel like
19702s I had to call someone out so I was like
19703s okay I had to do the exact opposite of
19705s what you mean ewg is going crazy I still
19707s hope that KLA actually ends up snatching
19709s the elimination against the win that's
19710s what I really want to see but at the end
19712s of the day they're still with three
19713s teams strong they're still keeping it
19715s alive here it really can be anybody's
19717s game if we're really talking about like
19718s who actually has the opportunity here
19720s right now oug Alliance KLA all have
19723s three full teams everybody else is just
19725s a bunch of solos right so we still have
19727s ewg as two man wbg has one GS has one
19731s and probably one other team I think
19733s Alliance has two currently so and oug
19735s also has two as well so still even with
19737s this even with the spacing as well here
19739s the the numbers is going to be very very
19741s important as is able to get a massive
19743s massive Viper ulti
19745s on to one of the players and obviously
19747s oh you're just the king is going to be
19748s able to take advantage of that and
19749s eliminate GS even with this even with
19752s this amount of momentum here and
19753s obviously zinyu all the way up top here
19755s just trying to see if they can get the
19756s scramble going as much as possible
19758s oug just trying to hold on for as long
19760s as possible they've done well so far and
19761s they still have six eliminations deep
19762s Alliance is at eight right now so
19764s they're still trying to see if maybe
19765s they can get a nice little big pick Lynn
19768s is dangerously low on shield on Heels
19769s he's gonna have to find some time here
19771s beautiful F3 comes out to protect his
19773s teammate here while they're gonna be
19774s able to get the shield done they still
19775s have to find this out here and just to
19777s do this well and be smart they still
19779s have to work towards what's next now
19780s obviously even with the rest of that
19781s they still got to figure out how to get
19783s the other stuff going here as a double s
19785s is gonna try to see if they can go in
19786s but the yodohime all teeth coming
19788s through at a good time though for 2-2 as
19790s 2-2 is going to find double s and gets
19792s the elimination in the finish here AWG
19794s playing their absolute mind off here
19796s with that gold shield trying to find it
19797s though
19798s and obviously even with that Alliance
19801s and
19802s Alliance and ewg still holding the
19805s fourth down as best as possible all the
19806s way up to the top and obviously the team
19808s that I'm rooting for KLA meanwhile wbg
19810s is up top here and it looks like one of
19811s the other teammates actually was able to
19813s find it here they might be able to claim
19814s a free elimination off of that one as
19816s the Sleepwalker is gonna throw down and
19818s create a little bit of a Scramble for
19819s the rest of the players here as a
19820s massive monk gets transformed on this
19822s side here definitely has to be very very
19824s careful does not want to get caught in a
19826s bad situation here but here we go as
19828s Sleepwalker the last player from wbg is
19830s going to try to hold this down hold the
19832s four down as much as possible seeing
19834s that maybe he can get a grab it ends up
19835s getting sprayed in all different ways as
19837s alliances Lynn sadly does get the
19839s elimination on oug's the King was not
19841s able to at least get the Finish gets the
19843s stun but the question is who gets the
19845s Finish that's gonna be alliances Lynn
19847s gets another elimination that makes it
19849s 10 for them and they've been absolutely
19851s trying to keep it neck and neck between
19853s them and just like that Alliance and ewg
19856s very very dangerously close as the Wu
19858s Shin is going to take out one of their
19859s teammates here full Alliance uptime hey
19861s Ali still holding it together as ewgza
19863s Ron all the way at the top of the tree
19865s here meanwhile 2-2 is going absolutely
19867s Airborne do you see how high this man is
19869s going he is trying to get away from
19871s Every Witch person shape or form just
19873s like any person who who works out trying
19876s to stay away from a Krispy Kreme as
19877s you're able to work towards this one and
19879s try to stay close
19880s even with all of this KLA still has a
19882s massive opportunity though as he finds
19884s in you it absolutely decimates him all
19885s the way towards the end and KLA catches
19887s the next elimination that makes eight
19889s for them as oug is officially out KLA
19891s still trying to hold strong all the way
19893s towards the top they have a massive
19894s opportunity all the way up top they
19896s really could get this finish going the
19898s way that they want to here ykc all the
19900s way towards the end here it looks like
19901s he's gonna be able to go for the quick
19903s swap here and it looks like it's gonna
19904s be the final fight of the ages here's
19906s ewg's all the way up top trying to hold
19908s on strong ear with 12 eliminations and
19911s one player left and in this finish
19912s Alliance is lucky is going to throw down
19914s sends ykc outside of the circle handsome
19916s again on the outside here cxd ends up
19918s getting finished on that side ykc trying
19920s to hold on for as long as possible he
19922s tries to go for the ultimate he doesn't
19923s and he doesn't do it in the lick of time
19924s chaos KLA is officially out of this with
19927s evil meanwhile qgg gets finished ewgs
19930s 2-2 trying to hold on for as long as
19932s possible alliances the full Alliance
19934s team ends up shredding all over it but
19937s it doesn't even matter Alliance does get
19939s the dub but do they get It's the final
19941s say in being the winner it looks like
19944s they might have with that dub and with
19946s the finishes yes they do alliances
19947s snatches it away from ewg at the very
19950s end
19951s so two things I have to say one
19954s Alliance why is why is this always what
19957s happened
19958s do you have a not so great day in game
19961s six you decide to wake up you decide oh
19965s hey it's game six maybe we should just
19968s kind of throw that Hail Mary and you
19971s know just go crazy and then they pop off
19973s in game six if if they put the pressure
19976s on in game six and they're able to come
19979s out on top in these game sixes all the
19981s time why aren't they doing this all day
19983s why don't they just going hey
19986s let's go ahead and you know we've had a
19989s bad day we might as well you know go for
19991s the crazy plays now if it works for you
19994s in game six why why aren't you letting
19997s it work for you all the time it's like
19999s every single time I see lines pop off
20001s their one pop-off game is game six where
20004s they're desperate to put points on the
20005s board Alliance please just play like
20007s this all the time that's the first thing
20009s I have to say the second thing I have to
20011s say is Dobby I have I I try never to
20014s correct you on stream but I can't keep
20017s letting you do uh our boy two tick like
20020s that you kept calling him dude
20024s you kept calling him two two man he's he
20028s ain't out here prancing around being a
20031s ballerina it's too tick he was dancing
20034s he was he was listening he listen listen
20036s you might listen he might not be
20038s considered a tutu but he sure was 2-2
20039s and around the air and this guy's here
20041s as he was trying to make sure not to get
20042s eliminated that's all I can tell you it
20043s might not have been pink but it sure was
20045s Green
20047s at least that's what I was able to see
20048s here could have been a big green too too
20050s you don't know
20051s at least from what I at least from what
20053s I could tell I could tell at least it
20055s looked a little bit different from what
20055s I could see I didn't see a peak 2-2 but
20057s I sure did see green for a split second
20058s here he was trying to keep the game
20060s alive and obviously he was able to
20061s though his Alliance was able to do it
20062s but you're absolutely right why does
20064s Alliance take all this time and get all
20066s of these uh uh and get all of these like
20068s decent-ish finishes and then all of a
20069s sudden they decided to pop up at the
20070s very end maybe you should start to do
20072s that in game two or three not
20073s necessarily one because obviously the
20075s gamer's curse is still here but
20076s obviously with game two or three it
20078s could have been a little bit better but
20079s Hey listen it's not about that sometimes
20080s sometimes you gotta come through at your
20083s own pace and Alliance was able to find
20084s their pace and obviously that massive
20086s one will still be well for them though
20088s but the question is will there will that
20089s be enough for them to at least go up a
20091s couple of them
20094s that's my big thing with Alliance right
20096s is they clearly
20098s can play very well they're capable of
20101s winning games but it's always game six
20103s and what it feels like is that they they
20105s have a bad day they get into game six
20107s and they're like oh well we've got
20108s nothing left to lose so we're just gonna
20111s go all in on everything
20113s and then they pop off so why don't they
20116s have that confidence
20118s in games one through five it feels like
20121s a confidence issue it's not a skill
20123s issue because we just watch them
20125s absolutely dominate the final Circle
20126s here in game number six so it's clearly
20129s not a skill issue it's a confidence
20131s issue because it's like oh we you know
20133s here it is game six we've already had a
20136s bad day we might as well just go in and
20138s take these fights because it doesn't
20140s matter
20141s if we you know if we get eliminated
20144s early because I've already had that and
20145s they just hit a job like that and then
20147s they hit a dub that's one thing that's
20148s what I'm saying is they have the skill
20151s they just need to bring the confidence
20152s in games one through five I think
20154s Alliance could be a team to be reckoned
20157s with if they just came in and they
20159s brought that confidence and you see
20161s other teams right we see it come out
20164s from these other teams xcg will cons you
20167s know confidently go into every fight and
20169s yes sometimes it costs them like they
20171s get eliminated early here in this game
20172s but does that really matter when they
20174s hit three dubs the rest of the day
20176s Alliance could have put themselves in a
20178s very similar situation if they just
20180s brought the confidence and look at this
20181s they walk away 15 eliminations a first
20184s place finish a 29 game score
20186s congratulations Alliance but I want to
20189s see you do it in games one through five
20192s I mean I mean you know it can be a tall
20195s order
20196s you know personally at least for more
20199s everything else has been going on though
20201s but serious seriously though ewg with 12
20203s eliminations 22.2 Alliance leading that
20205s one with the 29 Points in KLA and top
20208s three 14.5 really was hoping KLA was
20211s going to come through the dub I'm not
20212s gonna lie to you
20213s I was really hoping KLA was going to
20215s come through with something massive I
20217s would have hoped to but hey we can't
20219s always get what we want I'm just happy
20221s they were able to come through with a
20223s massive dub and was able to shut that
20225s down the way that I wanted to see it at
20227s least and obviously as we look forth
20229s towards it it looks like Lynn is going
20230s to be our MVP for this game here with
20233s six eliminations and 14
20235s 000 damage unless they give it to
20237s alliance's Lucky with three eliminations
20239s but 23 000 damage I'm assuming they're
20242s gonna give it to Lynn here
20243s um who has the most eliminations and the
20244s most damage obviously from their team
20246s Juan also doing a very great job with
20248s those six eliminations of 12 000 damage
20250s so 2K less obviously but still uh doing
20254s apps doing the absolute most that's very
20256s much needed in order to capture map
20258s capture a massive obviously look back to
20259s replays here and still able to come
20262s forth here with a lot of momentum here
20264s JJ was trying to hold on for as long as
20265s possible here get the massive Harry on
20267s the wx98 and speed gets to finish
20268s offline Vince's wx98 as Louie
20272s beautiful Viper gets the dub and the
20276s Finish from that round here look at the
20278s Harry though the Dual carry on each side
20281s is Ping Tao gets hit up by a just by a
20283s tennis ball here but just look at this
20285s the amount of times that we saw people
20287s get it just died and eliminated by uh
20289s the band's breath was absolutely
20291s Monumental this game I don't know how
20292s many I wish we could see how many
20294s eliminations that the Bane's breath had
20297s by itself
20301s well I think I saw the Bane's breath and
20303s get one player in terms of like
20305s eliminations where it was just the
20307s Bane's breath but I'd like to see the
20309s statistic for how many players it died
20312s with Bane's breath playing a part in it
20314s right
20315s this this
20317s ewg tries to go in for this third party
20320s and come down with the Viper and it just
20322s gets nabbed out of it man that had to
20325s feel so bad and then coming in here
20327s Alliance is lucky you know what's funny
20329s about this we're talking about two tick
20331s for ewg right and you were talking about
20334s how they were Skyward they kind of
20336s wasted their yodel just to go Skyward
20338s yeah one of their teammates were
20340s eliminated but the Zone was so small at
20343s that point they could have come down and
20345s at least probably picked up one to two
20347s more eliminations there I I don't get
20349s the fear coming out from ewg's two tick
20351s there and clearly Alliance no fear in
20354s this final game and we see them pick up
20356s a massive dub and the MVP is actually
20359s gonna go to Juan here with 12K damage
20361s six eliminations but look at this eight
20363s assists he had almost 100 percent skill
20367s participation Dobby
20369s wow that is definitely being able to
20371s help out the team as much as possible a
20374s big assist coming in six eliminations
20376s 12K damage stamina strike iridition
20378s Alchemy great sorts that blistering rage
20381s and Phantom step whoa
20385s love to see how that goes even with
20387s everything happening here as Juan is
20389s going to be able to catch his first MVP
20391s for trinos just in general let alone the
20394s rest of the games here and obviously uh
20397s for our final game which obviously still
20400s um confuses
20402s this guy
20404s a lot
20405s look you're confuses this man a lot it
20407s doesn't it doesn't confuse me right I'm
20409s I'm more just upset with the Lions right
20412s because like we know they have the skill
20415s to pull out dubs and they show it yet
20417s again but it's always game six it's got
20420s to be a confidence issue where this team
20422s isn't coming into games one in five
20424s confident they have a bad day and then
20427s off the back of the bad day they get
20429s into game six and they're just like hey
20431s man we got nothing to lose at this point
20432s let's just go all out and then when they
20434s go all out they pull big games out so
20438s why aren't they going all out every
20439s single game there's just not an excuse
20442s for team Alliance here team Alliance
20444s needs to come alive here they've been
20446s you know they've been a fan favorite
20447s since season one everybody wants to see
20450s them do well clearly they have the skill
20453s to do well I don't think it is like it
20455s was in season one right if you remember
20457s season one team Alliance
20460s that team was not the most well-oiled
20463s machine at the end of the day they had a
20464s lot of issues to work out they had a lot
20466s of Kinks they really didn't synergize
20469s well together as players season two they
20471s started to come more into their own you
20474s know they just barely squeeze into uh
20477s the world championship they don't really
20479s do a whole lot there now they're coming
20481s back this season and every time we see
20483s them play when they play confidently in
20485s that game number six
20486s they absolutely dominate why aren't they
20489s doing it every single game I think team
20491s Alliance needs to get together and just
20493s go hey look we gotta stop playing it
20496s safe risk it for the biscuit but ladies
20500s and gentlemen we'll throw things over to
20502s Jaeger for a quick interview before we
20504s come back to take a look at the final
20506s scoreboard of the day
20509s hey guys this is and welcome to
20512s post game interview and now I'm standing
20515s here with pinto and let him say hello to
20517s our audience
20523s so first I would like to know it seems
20526s like this season this new season your
20528s monk is really strong and I would like
20531s to know how you change in these times
20551s foreign
20561s set it to the five times healthy and
20565s then I will train again and and again
20567s that's why my mock is drawn now okay so
20570s let's move on to the next part answer
20572s for Treasure says
20584s okay so we have seen a question on the
20588s screen and if you know the answer just
20590s type them in the chat box after our
20592s player coming three two one we will take
20595s a screenshot and the lucky guy today
20597s will be whispered okay so let's see
20599s today's question is
20601s how many games has xcg won today
20623s foreign
20643s screenshot okay pay attention to your
20645s mailbox if you are the lucky guy today
20647s you will be whispered okay I think it's
20650s time for us to find out the correct
20652s answer now
20656s say yes see three times okay and we like
20662s you guys today you have very good
20664s performance and we know like last week
20667s we saw AOW Mike he caused the he caused
20670s a hero in the game and I would like to
20673s know if you have time and you can choose
20676s you have to cause a female hero in a
20680s game which one you will choose
20689s foreign
20711s ladies and gentlemen oh welcome back and
20713s Jaeger thank you yet again for a lovely
20715s lovely interview over there with aow's
20718s Ping Tao man what a day of games Dobby
20722s and I mean xcg absolutely on fire today
20725s not quite the four piece that they were
20727s hoping for as they got eliminated here I
20729s didn't even see uh how they ended up
20731s getting eliminated we saw their early
20732s elimination they picked up a couple more
20734s eliminations and then they just kind of
20736s go out in the middle of the game while
20738s we're busy watching so much of that
20740s other action unfold between so many of
20742s these teams but still I mean
20745s don't get me wrong xcg absolutely
20748s massive day we can't take that away from
20750s them they broke a hundred points in a
20752s single day not an easy feat even though
20755s we did see it you know earlier this week
20757s from both j-team and team te
20760s e but I gotta give it to team KZ man
20763s that fight against jdg where they just
20766s we see fajin stop the monk
20769s transformation not once but three times
20772s do you have any times we've seen a monk
20775s stop another Monk from transforming in
20777s the mbpl Dobby if I'm not mistake if I'm
20780s not mistaken the statistic before today
20783s was twice
20785s not twice in the same fight twice ever
20789s and we saw it happen three times in the
20792s same fight with kz's fajin today I you
20797s know I love team wolves team wolves has
20799s been my team but uh Casey might be
20803s convert me here today Dobby because
20805s fazeen uh trying to win my heart
20810s yes sir
20813s a whole lot of that coming into this
20815s game here when obviously I I think um I
20817s can honestly say the same about KLA
20820s um I've been kind of paying attention a
20821s little bit to KLA as they've been doing
20823s it and obviously they've just gone
20825s better after each game and obviously
20827s just gets a little bit crazier and
20829s obviously with this final game then
20830s getting that third place I think their
20831s confidence is going to come in very very
20832s strong uh for the next uh day worth of
20836s trios here whole lot of Madness whole
20838s lot of action and like I said you love
20840s to see it coming into these games here
20842s but honestly I'm very happy with the
20844s games we've had so far and we've got a
20846s lot of wildness happening
20847s um in our first games here so it's
20849s really good to see
20851s um how well these Trails have also been
20852s plus it's been good to get back into the
20854s trios here at least for me as a Caster
20856s because I've been doing so many of the
20857s solos I forgot what it was like to hear
20858s the the That's The Madness of trios I
20860s need to get back to the action
20862s oh man the trio is just such a different
20864s Beast right man I talked about it with
20866s chat a little bit earlier when we were
20868s on break and you know my love typically
20871s for trio sometimes it goes to solos it's
20874s very meta dependent right for me but I
20878s really always have loved the absolute
20880s pacing of trios and one of the things I
20882s love about trios is like Solas is great
20885s we get those huge you know those
20887s one-on-one fights we get to see some of
20888s those skills really come out trios is
20891s all about coordination it's about
20893s decision making it's about what team
20896s comps are we gonna actively be playing
20899s and how those comps fall in to the meta
20902s right like so like one of the statistics
20904s that I talk about a lot is that
20905s traditional Transformers comp the uh
20908s Tian High karooni uh UA Sean right that
20912s right now is so dominant in realm of
20914s Yang if you're running into a Lobby and
20917s you're not running that comp running
20919s into those Realms of Yang is a massive
20922s risk for you and I I was kind of hoping
20925s to see that upset a little bit today
20927s where we saw these Takeda zipping
20930s Transformer comps come through which was
20932s something that J team used to great
20934s effect earlier in the week you know they
20937s had a hundred plus Point day off the
20939s back of that particular comp I wanted to
20942s see if it could stand up to that grimy
20944s comp inside the realm of Yang and
20945s unfortunately it couldn't so you have to
20948s play the comps that you pick very
20950s specifically the only one that really
20952s has a similar win rate is the Faria
20955s version of that comp where you're
20957s running farrier Feria temi into the
20960s realm of Yang so if you're running that
20962s more traditional comp or you're running
20963s that Faria comp you're able to take
20966s those sorts of Realm of Yang if you're
20967s running to K to Z ping still a comp that
20969s works very well but you need to go
20971s secure those more blessings in the mid
20974s game you need to find those early
20975s eliminations and then get to the final
20977s Zone and use that combination to pop off
20980s there whereas if you're the more
20982s traditional monk comp now you can pop
20984s off throughout the mid game because
20985s you're able to go to those Realms of
20987s Yang and really pressure those and know
20990s that you have a huge advantage over
20992s almost every other team comp that's
20995s going to be going and taking those
20996s fights that's a huge sigh of relief for
20999s those teams that are able to do that and
21001s it's great to see that these teams are
21003s adjusting to that making those decisions
21005s and it's part of why I love trios so
21007s much is there's a lot of little mind
21009s games going on right you gotta you gotta
21012s pick the right comps you have to come in
21014s at the right times you have to have the
21015s right pacing kind of speaking pacing xcg
21019s had an incredible pacing today was able
21022s to walk away with three games because of
21025s that particular pacing
21028s nothing going on to this one as well and
21029s still able to do much more but then also
21031s at the same time too I think realm of
21033s Yang has been a really good separation
21035s from Life the people who can clutch it
21037s up and really win versus the people that
21038s really just are the easy targets
21042s and sadly you know
21045s um
21046s TK is one of them
21048s six points guys really 6.9 this is what
21053s we doing
21054s 6.9 I'm just so yeah come on man figure
21060s it out
21062s Meanwhile we're gonna look at it again
21063s from jjh here we'd at least get 15 29
21066s for today GS starts with a 46.
21069s 15.9 for KZ and obviously as we're gonna
21072s keep going higher here obviously it's
21075s pretty much expected that we're gonna
21076s see
21077s um one of our top teams still staying at
21081s the top here
21082s it doesn't really matter but with the
21085s other teams as well look at this jdg
21087s taking the top spot away from wbg in
21091s 12th Place 11th place for jdg ewg being
21095s displaced downwards outside of where KLA
21098s was with a 75.9 so a well-earned
21101s placement for them today KLA did a good
21104s job so hopefully they'll be able to pop
21105s off a little bit more within the
21106s standings obviously oug the king
21110s my king
21112s for the 68.2 playing that well for our
21115s day number two and obviously we look at
21117s our top seven here
21119s gonna be an interesting stretch here to
21121s see where it is but that was the biggest
21122s fight between KLA ewg jdg and wbg those
21125s were the four that we were paying
21127s attention to a lot
21129s let's see where who was gonna be at the
21130s top of that and crazy enough KLA is in
21132s the top of all three which is crazy now
21134s if we look back at the top of the order
21135s are we surprised absolutely not 182
21138s points a literal 50 plus Point deficit
21141s between first and second place
21142s absolutely ridiculous but let's talk
21143s about this more than more than anything
21146s Alliance AOW with a 67.8
21150s to take it off with a 1.132 138 sorry
21155s but also Alliance surprising us at the
21157s very end with that shocking score
21159s putting him in the top seven 50.3 106 in
21163s total so Alliance might have been
21165s playing a little bit passive maybe they
21167s wasn't doing as well but with them still
21169s being prop 7 is good because that means
21172s that they still have some room to really
21174s make some magic happen they can't really
21176s afford any bad games now but
21180s seventh place isn't a bad place to be in
21182s our week too at that place like their
21185s seventh place for now there's
21186s unfortunately they've played both of
21188s their days already right we still have
21190s another day I see them dropping out of
21193s that top seven there's no way that they
21195s that's true they realistically don't
21197s there's a team below them that had like
21199s a 70 point day they only need to get 20
21201s points in the second day to kind of
21203s overcome Alliance there xcg
21206s unfortunately you know they had a very
21208s very good day we can't take that away
21209s from a 116 Point day unfortunately J
21213s team and te still exist who both had
21216s 125 points or more and uh they are
21219s easily gonna be able to take that top
21221s spot away from xcg if they have pretty
21223s decent days as we take a look at the
21226s schedule here again guys this is gonna
21228s be it for this week but you can join us
21230s in next week for our solos and trios
21233s bi-weekly and then after that we'll move
21236s into our second bi-weekly final next
21239s week on the first and second of April so
21242s make sure you tune in because there's
21244s going to be no fooling happen on April
21246s 1st we're gonna determine who our second
21249s bi-weekly solos Champion is and then on
21251s the second we'll be figuring out who our
21253s second trios bi-weekly Champion is so
21256s make sure you tune in taking a looks
21258s here it's going to be groups A and B
21259s going head to head next week in our
21262s solos games
21263s absolute Madness coming through here as
21265s games as uh teams eighth through b is
21267s also gonna go at it here absolutely
21269s slanted up and like you said we'd love
21270s to see it as they're gonna get ready to
21272s lock it in I mean man it's been an
21273s absolute heck of a day here uh for a me
21276s and roon pasting for all of you guys
21279s over in twitch chat and everywhere else
21280s around the world I hope you guys are
21282s having a fantastic Morning Noon evening
21284s night wherever you are around the world
21286s here at mvpl is a place that we would we
21289s would love to be
21290s um here being able to cast and have a
21292s good time here as we're gonna get ready
21293s to lock this in but yeah
21297s 6.9 points
21299s really
21301s 6.9 I'm still I'm still in Southfield
21304s about that like I want them to do better
21306s personally like I want to see them do
21308s better I don't even want to see the win
21310s I just want to see them do better
21312s presently comes back and ends up
21314s clutching it up
21315s Dobby's about to come back uh after we
21318s get off broadcast
21320s manager he yeah he's about to pick up
21323s the phone he's gonna dial TK's manager
21325s be like look you making me look bad you
21327s got my name you didn't even ask if you
21329s could use my name and you're gonna be
21330s coming here with a 6.9 what kind of Hey
21332s listen to this this is I'm I'm a little
21336s bit I'm even with everything that's been
21338s going on I still feel some type of way
21339s you can't represent a team that has my
21341s same name and then be able to pull
21342s something like that that's not a king
21345s not even a queen
21346s not a jack
21349s it's not even the deck of cards
21352s not even an ace at least Alliance is
21354s able to pop off or at least do some
21355s stuff they was at least they was able to
21357s put an ace together word with Mikey
21360s so anyway even with that and all the
21363s stuff that's been going on here you know
21365s we're still able to put you know I
21368s anyway you know what you you feel the
21370s same way you feel about it Alliance the
21372s same way that I feel with the King okay
21375s so at least we have our teams that we
21378s want to see do well yours is obviously
21380s going to do well then TK mind you
21383s it's just more so than names just
21385s general at least for me personally but
21386s at the same time
21388s a whole lot of games coming into this
21389s but obviously your your teammate that
21391s you was like oh my goodness that that
21393s that the stopping of the ulti three
21396s different times was absolutely insane
21397s but you know what here's what I'm gonna
21398s do I'm gonna let me see I mean let me
21403s all right
21404s Dobby's about to call him up here ladies
21406s and gentlemen but uh again I'm gonna
21408s give a shout out to Casey's father he
21411s had a great give him a call you and you
21413s you end all this okay hello
21415s Dobby's giving a call to the other team
21417s ladies and gentlemen we're gonna call it
21419s an end here make sure you come back next
21420s week you don't want to miss the bye
21422s weekly final you don't want to miss
21423s those games you don't want to miss those
21424s drops Dylan it's with me and Dobby here
21426s we're gonna see you guys next I
21427s understand that y'all just finished I
21429s need to talk to the players now
21432s you think this is the no now
21436s [Music]
21454s [Music]
21467s [Music]
21474s come on
21476s [Music]
21495s foreign
21500s [Music]
21511s [Music]
21517s [Music]
21528s [Music]
21539s [Music]
21546s thank you
21556s [Music]
21564s foreign
21571s [Music]
21588s [Music]
21596s [Music]
21610s [Music]
21615s thank you
21620s [Music]
21629s I'm the Phoenix in my head all the scars
21634s beneath my armor I will wear them like
21639s in order they remind me to be stronger
21643s like the Phoenix in my head and they can
21649s try to bring me down
21653s oh push me to the edge but it won't work
21659s oh no
21662s they can try to bring it down
21671s [Music]
21673s rise a thousand times
21678s oh rise a thousand times
21686s oh
21690s see my blood is in the shade of a
21695s burning Scarlet Sunrise the end is my
21699s beginning
21700s I will rise a thousand times
21704s [Music]
21717s oh
21719s come back stronger I know

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