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269s xcg looking to take them down regardless
272s gets a huge carry on to as
282s not being able to get enough kills on
284s the board but the Matari don't matter is
287s dead and they're trying to raise up but
289s the Viper gets
290s the nunchucks meter burn that gold Focus
294s oh Perry beat it oh he does manage to
298s find the armor sword but I don't think
300s this is gonna end up going much further
303s though
310s don't seem to care though oh my God xcg
314s Decay to taking a huge amount of damage
316s no ultimate to speaker I'm just getting
317s taken down this feels a bit ambitious
321s xcg oh no this is not what you want to
324s be doing cool
326s oh no no ultimates
360s foreign foreign
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671s there is no point to this Viper
676s you've spent too long fighting
678s importance in your forgotten Notch and I
681s am no immortal
685s s
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692s put yourself
695s but it is time to accept your faith
698s daughter
700s you're not my mother you're a monster ah
704s one grateful
706s to be my child is an honor for I allowed
710s to serve me in death as in life
717s Viper
719s two is disaster
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747s let's finish this
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1435s xcg looking to take them down regardless
1437s gets a huge Parry on to as
1447s not being able to get enough kills on
1450s the board but the Matari don't Matari
1452s sorry the furumi is dead and they're
1454s trying to raise up but the Viper gets a
1456s nunchucks meter burn that gold Focus
1460s Parry baited oh
1465s this is gonna end up going much further
1468s now
1472s [Music]
1476s don't seem to care though oh my God
1478s xcg's potato taking a huge amount of
1481s damage no ultimate the speaker I'm just
1482s getting taken down this feels a bit
1485s ambitious
1486s xcg oh no this is not what you want to
1489s be doing oh
1491s oh no no ultimates
1497s all right
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1771s hello everybody and welcome to the nbpl
1774s my name is hit friend and I am joined by
1777s creatives as we're getting ready to go
1779s into today's solo game this is actually
1781s my first solos of this season so I'm
1783s very excited to see what these guys have
1785s got but creatives before we get started
1787s first of all hello how are you doing
1789s you're all right I'm doing amazing here
1791s friend thank you so much I'm always
1792s always a pleasure being here and as
1794s always I'm super excited to see how day
1796s two of the Solo's gonna be I know it's
1798s full of action
1799s yeah I'm really excited to see solos
1801s actually
1802s um we have the return of Mike obviously
1803s this season obviously he took all the
1805s last season off due to uh these
1807s competitive stuff fans mostly
1810s um but he is back and he did win the uh
1812s solos
1814s um first bi-weekly as well beating that
1817s spider who honestly chokes and spiders
1819s being the guy to talk about I mean he is
1821s currently the world champion uh he won
1823s the
1824s um season two of the mbpl Jordan Mike's
1826s absence so Mike's coming back and
1828s winning it really really big you know a
1831s massive return for Mike and you know
1833s he's obviously going to be looking to
1835s pick up where he left off as the top
1837s player in solos today we don't actually
1839s have Mike playing which is a bit of a
1841s shame I was really excited to see him go
1842s spider we do have spider playing uh
1845s because we are covering both Group B and
1847s C in today's action I'm very excited to
1850s see honestly how the solo players handle
1852s the new format change as well uh
1854s obviously as if you've been watching for
1856s the last two weeks you'll see the we
1857s play the first two games more or less
1859s back to back the players don't get much
1861s downtime in between that so yeah it's a
1864s double-edged sword because if you've won
1866s your last game you kind of have the
1867s momentum and you can just carry it
1869s forward there's not much down time it's
1870s better like you know when you're at home
1871s just so like you're in games straight
1873s into the next game straight into the
1874s next game
1875s um but you know on the competitive stage
1877s if you had a rough game or maybe you
1879s made a mistake which could cost you a
1880s lot of points or even the game itself
1882s you then gotta quickly recuperate and
1884s recover and then head into that second
1886s game of the day so I I'm interested to
1889s see how the solar players handle it I
1891s think we saw over in trios over the last
1893s two weeks some teams handle that
1895s pressure fairly well and some teams
1897s really struggle actually I think you
1899s know a big a big uh a big team we're
1901s very good at handling that with
1902s virtually xcg they were amazing at
1904s taking those first two games because
1906s they'd win the first one or have a good
1907s first one and then carry that energy
1908s into game two but in between game two
1911s and game three we saw some of these
1912s teams like xcg being crucial of this
1914s really struggled actually in
1917s recuperating and kind of getting that
1918s down time and kind of almost losing
1920s their momentum entirely and because of
1922s the nature of the day it's kind of like
1923s it's very stop start you have like two
1925s games back to back then a break then a
1928s game then a slightly longer break then
1930s two games back to back again and then
1931s you go into that last game so it makes
1933s for a really interesting kind of way for
1935s the show runs but as you can see we have
1937s 14 players playing today and this is
1940s where the points are currently this was
1942s from uh our game on Thursday so this
1945s will have a mic scores in here and we'll
1948s see exactly where everybody was at but
1949s uh xxy from the King unfortunately down
1952s at the bottom of the table with only 4.4
1954s points and not a particularly good day
1956s for them uh I think the only person here
1960s is really cashed me off is maybe you ran
1961s and Dubai I'd say on that side of the
1965s table but there you go spider having a
1968s pretty good start to it Mike as well
1970s also on that 33.9 day and then T225 as
1974s well for the team GS 34.1 those are the
1977s top three right now
1979s yeah I mean and we're looking at the at
1981s the points right now uh the top four are
1983s not that far apart
1985s um as we saw in day one of the solos
1988s um we saw Mike with that massive W uh
1991s game one and game three uh the one thing
1994s that kept spider at the top was the
1996s consistency of him picking up those uh
1998s kills and points and not dying very
2000s early uh we saw Mike that he was getting
2002s taken out pretty early in some games and
2004s he almost he also had a game where he
2006s didn't pick up any points which was game
2007s five
2009s um which is zinc as well choosing really
2012s impressed me uh day one who's really
2015s being very very consistent he was uh was
2017s really putting up a lot of points and
2019s kills on the board uh long Leong as well
2021s he got two back-to-back uh dubs uh game
2024s five and six uh so a lot of the players
2026s are really on par with each other right
2027s now the the differences between these
2029s players are not that far away so I'm
2031s really interested to see how Group B and
2032s C are gonna do today is gonna be very
2034s entertaining for sure yeah I know I
2036s think it will be I mean
2037s hearing that about Mike doesn't surprise
2039s me uh back in season one I remember
2041s saying oh Mike's Mike's got potential to
2043s be a really good player but like he just
2045s takes bad fights and that was like week
2047s one and a half of my was he was very
2049s much like a player who would take stupid
2052s fights lose out for it and then like
2055s either have like a game where like he
2057s scored like well but didn't get a good
2060s multiplier or again we could just go out
2061s early and get nothing he did seem to fix
2064s that and I'll give him benefit the doubt
2066s he was away uh for a while yes he did
2068s win that first bi-weekly but you know he
2070s was off off competitive for a while he
2072s didn't get to compete at Worlds uh as
2074s well so you know going up versus a lot
2077s of these players who've kind of stayed
2079s on had lots of time to kind of practice
2080s on that stage and uh kind of get their
2083s head around it because remember
2084s when Mike made his debut it was all
2086s remote still so everyone was still
2088s playing from home uh then he was there
2090s for a little bit of the stage time we
2091s had for season one
2093s um but it's daunting he was he's been
2096s gone for a while a bunch of his players
2097s in the Mirror Has Changed a lot of I
2099s feel like a lot of solos players were
2101s kind of refined their like understanding
2103s and competitive now so he's kind of
2105s joining almost a little bit late in that
2107s front and you know he's then got to kind
2109s of get reacclimatized to the stage and
2111s playing on stage is a very surreal
2114s experience if you've never played on it
2115s it's it's it's very different from what
2118s you'd feel like it would be even though
2120s you know
2121s you think it just you the computer and
2124s you're getting a play you've got the
2125s lights you've got the referees standing
2127s over you watching every move you make
2129s you've got the uh in the ear you have a
2132s uh a buzz so you can't hear stage sounds
2134s oh sounds like a white noise who comes
2136s into your ear and if you're not used to
2138s playing with white noise it's actually
2139s quite weird eventually you do just Zone
2141s it out from my experience uh by very
2144s limited experience playing on stage but
2146s it is it is a very different experience
2148s to play it over you know you can't just
2149s like slap music on on your other monitor
2151s or a Netflix movie you know you've got
2154s that that white noise and it is just you
2157s and the game and especially with your
2158s solo for some of these players they do
2160s play
2161s in teams as well so it must be a bit
2164s surreal like when you go you're used to
2166s having ponds and people to chat to and
2168s almost people give you a calm your
2170s nerves down in the uh in the free game
2172s where you can kind of chat to your
2173s teammates and kind of just joke around
2175s and feel nice and comfortable and uh not
2178s unsettled when you're on your own it's
2180s just you and your thoughts until the
2181s game starts so it's a very different
2183s experience it's a very very different
2185s experience but we are quickly having a
2186s look through some of our players
2188s um I'm curious actually because I
2190s haven't really been able to keep up with
2191s solos what are we looking at on The Meta
2193s because I know we're still keeping the
2194s five hero rules you have to play five
2196s unique Heroes a day but have we seen
2199s like a particular meta start to evolve
2201s um yeah so we definitely have Matari
2204s back in the meta a lot of these players
2206s are bringing out their Matari and I'm
2208s pretty sure you're not surprised the
2210s pink still being in a meta as well as
2212s opinions is a strong pick for all the uh
2215s players right now as well as Feria Feria
2217s has entered the Meadows ball
2219s um she is just super good in the Roman
2220s Yang and the the potential of that F1
2223s and just winning the games and in circle
2224s with the mag it's just it's just too
2226s good not to play
2227s um one one hero I did this uh being in
2231s America
2233s V3 we are still taking V4 okay obviously
2237s V3 is very good for trios I didn't know
2238s if we're taking a different version for
2240s solo so it'd still be free yeah wow
2244s so the V3 they uh that Beacon that comes
2247s down they get a free knockback off of
2248s that and that that confirms into a free
2251s blue they get probably off of that once
2253s again so it's a super strong tool to
2254s have especially if area where the F1
2257s also does damage uh so she's definitely
2259s super strong right now
2261s interesting well we'll see exactly what
2264s the uh priority is because like I said
2266s you could only pick uh five you have to
2268s pick five unique Heroes you only get to
2269s pick one hero twice in the day I'm
2271s curious to see where some of these
2273s players put their priority I'm hoping
2275s it's not two games of Z pings from
2277s people uh if you've watched mvpl for
2280s long enough you'll know I absolutely
2281s love sleeping I don't actually hate I
2283s just think it's got a little bit too
2284s much sustain to make fights feel fairly
2286s dragged out but it looks like we are
2289s getting ready to go into our first game
2291s of the day
2293s see how these guys are going to be
2294s playing we obviously have T225 and um
2297s spider in this game who are second and
2300s third respectively right now in the
2302s standings and it does look like yeah
2304s that's the Z ping Lobby
2306s yeah I mean we see these players loading
2309s in right now we have two zapings back to
2311s back right now with yinchon and Kai Bao
2314s uh chasing on the Feria Shaw on the
2316s Matari action bringing out the Matari as
2319s well spider playing up game one it is
2321s Dawn so the fireflies are gonna be out
2322s bringing out that cicada for himself
2324s Iran bringing out that zipping as well
2326s as zhangyu uh xxy playing up Matari as
2330s well truly bringing out the tumult
2332s um truly did really well day one with
2334s the tomorrow uh ended up going to the
2335s End Circle so I'm interested to see how
2338s he's gonna play out this game one with
2340s the tomokao uh he is the odd pick so
2342s everybody else is going to be running
2344s that's a ping and mataris uh but T225
2348s coming out with that Ferry as well and
2350s thing is well gun with the zipping and
2353s hip ring he got what you didn't want to
2356s see the supings
2357s yeah I mean I I'm gonna say I'm
2360s disappointed but not not surprised if
2362s that's for the best way to win it um I
2365s expect this game to be quite a lot
2366s slower uh then you know maybe we would
2369s uh normally see in a solos game just due
2372s to the fact because zipping just has an
2374s insane amount of sustain you know it's
2375s very hard I actually take them down you
2379s kind of you need that third party
2380s realistically to come in because the 1v1
2382s especially for zipping versus zp they're
2385s trying to just gentleman agreement
2386s exchange blows of each other and walk
2389s away but the good news is third partying
2391s is very likely for the way that these
2393s drops are going a lot of people are
2395s dropping in close proximity to one
2396s another so expect to see quite a lot of
2399s action to kick this game off the spider
2401s is the uh he's down there with Fang but
2404s well up there I guess we're playing all
2406s the way um in the north of the map but
2409s for the most part A lot of these players
2410s are going to be dropping in relatively
2412s close proximity to one another as we are
2414s getting ready to go into our first game
2416s of the day and she's having a little
2418s look at Feng right now from KLA uh he's
2421s having a pretty rough start
2423s solos uh his team having an amazing dive
2426s on trios though uh so far if they did
2428s win that first weekend Bank actually
2430s immediately with the purple armor if you
2432s can get a good weapon he can look to try
2434s and turn a fight here onto spider spider
2435s though is gonna grab himself that blue
2437s armor as uh I think thank you he's only
2439s got ranged weapons so he's not
2441s particularly in a position to fight now
2443s he's got those dual swords but I feel
2445s like that Advantage may just have left
2446s him although spider might actually still
2448s be on the hunt here because he does spot
2450s then take off into the skies there and
2453s may just keep some somewhat of a Chase
2455s up but I think spider will play this a
2458s little bit cautiously
2460s yeah he's definitely gonna slow down I'm
2462s gonna try to re-get some uh some
2464s resources there for himself but we gotta
2466s scrap off here tt25 putting uh who was
2469s that that was Shin you on getting taken
2470s out by T225 there with the katanda
2472s katana dual blade swap there coming in
2474s from T225 he was doing this in day one
2476s uh day one as well and he's back at it
2478s again right now getting a quick kill
2480s there now we got Fang against spider in
2482s the scrap off that F3 called out in a
2484s big thing from spider out to Fang and
2485s that was a lot of damage coming in from
2487s spider Fang has that ultimate though off
2488s of the fireflies in the beginning of the
2490s of the game there Fang now of course to
2492s back up for the time being trying to use
2493s the movement from the dagger he did
2494s manage to get a common armor saw now wbg
2498s spider as well I'm gonna try to back up
2500s yeah he has it now but thing managed to
2503s get a blue armor off of that re uh the
2505s trobe there and now a thing trying to
2507s respond both of these players with a
2508s common dagger there Pryor comes in for
2511s Fang now Fern's gonna be called out for
2513s spider now spider's gonna try to spawn
2514s he calls in foreign he's gonna get that
2516s lmb charge off the dagger not a thing
2518s once again getting that armor back up
2520s again super quick from that common armor
2522s swap there now spider's gonna continue
2524s to try to respond here he does have
2525s another F and he needs and there it is
2527s he's gonna clip him off for him but he
2528s does not get the confirmation lmb charge
2530s off the dagger but spider still putting
2532s up a lot of damage in this rear terrain
2533s near the window bang might be in big
2535s trouble but there goes the old problem
2537s and thing once again with another armor
2539s swap coming in hot here this is a lot of
2542s damage for no kill so far spider calling
2545s out that F3 now trying to get prile the
2547s F2 bubbles up for this opinion look at
2549s the sustained hip brain this is what you
2550s were talking about it is super tough to
2552s take out as a ping and what better way
2554s to short right now with the start of
2555s game one
2557s it's a phenomenal about a sustain and I
2560s actually think things now got the upper
2561s hand here over spider
2563s needs to disengage actually switching to
2565s the range weapons there's now a spider
2566s on the back foot he needs to heal he
2569s needs to get the opportunity but it does
2570s look like a chest young is in the area
2572s looking to jump in spider is able to get
2574s an armor swap off himself as now he
2576s tries to turn onto one thing Jason
2578s should be able to hear the damage just
2580s coming down this one thing actually
2581s steals away the purple armor back for
2584s himself for spider now on the Run cheers
2587s young Jonas just finished off spider is
2589s an easy kill for himself with that pole
2591s sword against the wall spider trying to
2594s desperately get away as he scale rushes
2595s out of the window but doesn't quite make
2597s the grab one thing now has been caught
2599s and that just for the end of them
2601s cheers and keeping them up but know the
2603s healing comes in again from the Z ping
2607s and it just looks like they are they're
2609s out they're not going to be able to find
2610s the kill onto them spider almost gets a
2612s full reset off so he may feel
2613s comfortable to now try and turn the
2615s fight gets a cheeky uppercut young and
2618s spider just gonna try and look for an
2620s escape here he's used way too many
2621s resources in the zone actually it's just
2624s stopped in the distance so it doesn't
2626s feel a little bit careful it's not
2627s closing in yet but spider armor swaps to
2629s gray as Fang gets a full healing and now
2632s looks to rejoin it in the fight spider
2634s is keeping this going this fight started
2637s when the drop started it just refuses to
2640s end
2642s that is so much sustain from this
2644s opinion spider now is in big trouble he
2646s loses almost all of his armor I mean all
2648s of his a white Health he has no more
2649s armor left and Fang has his eyes onto
2651s spider spider tries to run to the Zone
2653s but it does not matter Fang is to pick
2654s up that kill there looks like chizing is
2656s going to come in hot with a nice scare
2657s rush off the boom stay out there he's
2659s gonna go for the one two three and it
2660s does connect there for shazing now
2662s things gonna try to back up for the time
2663s being he's gonna pop that's a pink
2664s ultimate once again he got it another
2667s time just the just the the rage coming
2669s in from uh from this opinion there where
2671s all the damage uh he put up there it's a
2673s lot and now things can just sit in the
2675s zone uh to try to get a reset in T225
2677s with two kills xxy as well but the scrap
2680s off rear aggresses here for chazing and
2681s Fang he's gonna go into the blue staff
2683s Into the Blue post or swap on to Fang
2685s Fang now he's gonna try to back up he is
2687s fairly weak has to use the movement off
2689s the dagger to try to get away but your
2690s Zing has his eyes onto Fang bang still
2694s using the skill Rush is very nice but he
2695s might be taken out by the zone and he is
2697s chasing coming in big here taking out a
2699s thing and that was a long fight hit
2701s brain from the thing onto uh versus
2703s spiders a lot but spider is bad yeah he
2706s actually went for the salty run back
2708s here there's no way he's gonna take this
2710s fight right
2712s he doesn't have that much sustain yeah
2714s he's gonna wait I
2716s I think we've seen we're seeing the
2718s zipping problem here that that fight was
2720s it was personified like any other champ
2723s hero and the spider would have won that
2725s fight ages ago but there's just so much
2728s to say and I have to to be fair give it
2731s to them on on like really really good
2734s armor Swap and kind of management of
2735s where the armor was they were constantly
2737s keeping their armor up so the healing
2739s was gonna be as effective as possible
2742s but man zipping has an insane amount of
2745s sustainers uh we are actually seeing now
2746s railgun in a fight here versus x-gen is
2749s that X in let me get the pressure up
2750s tries to get the uppercut he's almost uh
2753s got his weapons durability fully down
2755s though so not gonna be doing quite as
2757s much here as railgun does get a nice
2759s little bit of a turn around it's gonna
2761s pop the healing as uh as in gets himself
2763s blinked out and away from their Zone
2765s catches an uppercut on the railgun tries
2767s to knock him into the zone for a bit of
2768s bonus damage unable to fully connect it
2770s but that should just be the finisher
2772s there's no the healing on zipping is
2775s super unhealthy and railgun's able to
2777s find the kill
2779s this is the pain proc there barely saves
2782s Royal gun it was not enough for the
2785s matar
2786s that is just that is just super
2788s unfortunate right now the pings are
2789s running the lobby in game one here for
2792s the bi-weekly spring split day two we
2795s got Julie now on the tomok the lonely
2797s tomok here and getting game one against
2800s xxy xxy we know how strong the movement
2803s is for the staff you can be very annoyed
2805s try to catch up a player with this he's
2806s gonna go for the Perry bait now truly
2807s forced to pop the ABS gonna use it to
2809s come right down but the r b off the
2811s lunch there for xxy to pick up some
2812s damage onto Julie and the Crouch only be
2815s there truly to pick up the counter xxy
2816s in the zone but it looks like we have
2818s our first realm of Yang spawning in and
2820s it's wbg spider against jdg shazing here
2823s and a massive scrap off we saw what
2825s these two players could do in day one oh
2827s spider trying to find an opening
2828s challenge lay down some musket shots
2830s just waiting for to uh chazine here to
2833s drop down off the barrier both players
2835s of scale rushing the patients aren't you
2837s seeing right now is incredible just
2838s waiting right now trying to find an
2839s opening for himself spider as well both
2842s of these players are very scary in the
2843s Roman Yang he baits off that app nicely
2845s done from Jose but now both ultimates
2848s are gonna be called out get the prior
2849s off that V3
2850s you can spider now trying to respond he
2852s loses all his armor but you're seeing
2854s has the confirmation hits there now
2855s spider's gonna Force out that F and now
2857s the ferry uh ultimate is out for to zing
2859s and needs to buy some time here and
2861s needs to try to find a place to pop a
2862s powder he's gonna weave that first
2863s missile and shazing now is gonna wait
2865s and be patient here trying to find an
2866s opening he's gonna try to hit the second
2868s does not connect there for himself and
2870s spider nearly back to full health
2871s shazing still laying down some missile
2873s shots does not connect with any so far
2875s but spider now is just gonna wait he
2877s knows he has that opening one step air
2879s ultimate goes away to zingo still trying
2882s to laying down some missiles and he's
2883s gonna connect off that third one oh
2884s spiders spiders gonna lose a lot of
2886s Health here he's gonna connect with the
2887s fourth there as well now he's gonna
2889s continue to get aggressive spider
2890s there's only eight seconds on the clock
2892s left for this Roman Yang so both of
2894s these players might be taken out here
2895s unless she's in gets the confirmation
2897s hit there now the time is up spider
2899s she's gonna go up high not die both of
2901s these players are gonna be taking down
2903s the realm of Yang and what a Roman Yang
2904s hit brain yeah that was a really really
2906s explosive Roman young there it's fun to
2909s finally feels happy but he's not
2910s fighting Z paying to immediately get
2913s slammed uh by the pharah V3 but
2916s unfortunately neither player was able to
2918s find a foothold in that fight so they
2920s both have that Runway yank depletion on
2921s them can't go over now to T225 he's
2924s found himself in a fight here versus uh
2926s GG Shah nunchuck versus dagger Char got
2930s that purple armor and purple daggers
2932s he's feeling pretty comfortable but
2934s wants to get himself a bit of a heel off
2935s before he can go any further shot has
2938s that running depletion as well as he did
2940s lose uh to GS earlier so it's gonna be a
2944s little bit of a harder one is that just
2945s young actually finding himself in a
2947s potential Skirmish here versus
2950s spider the
2952s wait did this yeah these both just okay
2954s they just rest versus each other and now
2957s looking to try and win the fight versus
2958s each other get rid of that Roman young
2959s Diva but
2961s it's definitely elongated fight it feels
2963s like never play really wants to fully
2965s commit knowing the consequences of
2968s losing this but you know they also need
2969s to take this win and fight uh well they
2971s need to win this because otherwise the
2973s next three minutes 20 they are gonna be
2975s out and that will not be a great start
2977s today for spider who you know is trying
2979s to catch up with the likes of Mike he
2980s had a pretty decent day number one so
2982s any goes on to chess but enable just
2985s away avoid away for the moment spider
2987s trying to catch the scale rush off as he
2988s finds him here with the opening pops
2990s himself the ultimate gets one of those
2992s deaths down it's gonna be giving a lot
2994s of damage up almost had him locked in an
2996s infinite there the mech gets cooled down
2997s it's a bit of a panic play coming in for
2999s just young catches the cannon onto
3001s spider a couple of Rocket shots coming
3002s in as well but the mech's already low HP
3004s so spider feeling pretty comfortable
3006s just get himself on top of this wall get
3008s an armor swap out and now let's just
3010s kind of nail onto chaos Young's Mech and
3012s try and take away the armor as quick as
3014s possible cheers able to heal back up
3016s though so he's gonna be A-Okay spider
3017s tries to Now open up with the fight on
3019s him gets a charge click off there with
3021s the katana swap out now to that uh spear
3025s or Star sorry I'll get some damage onto
3027s chances he's just dodging away from him
3029s of the scale boss gets a little Bonk on
3030s the spider spider now caught some caught
3032s in a bit of danger Charles has got the
3034s damage he's got the combo he's got the
3036s opening on the spider spider I don't
3038s think he's gonna be able to win this
3040s he's dodging and down he goes with two
3043s minutes left he's able to strip himself
3045s that realm of Yang diva
3048s spider almost did it to him with the
3050s heaven step that is the first time I see
3053s a Heavens there coming to play from the
3055s mainland and that was insane I'm super
3058s sad he didn't get the confirmation kill
3059s there but I'm surprised that I got to
3062s see a heaven step from the mainland that
3063s is incredible uh super unfortunate for
3065s spider he is going to be taken out to
3066s Zing with a nice kill onto the spider
3068s there to get that Soul Bloom that he
3069s needed for him to stay up in game one
3071s but we got another scrap off year on
3073s looks like they are fighting truly right
3075s now the tomok you on trying to find an
3078s opening here with the spear only common
3079s spear in here right now for is a ping
3081s euron he won gonna continue their
3084s grapple spam onto Julie truly gonna go
3086s ahead and swap on over to that purple
3087s dagger trying to use the movement to
3089s stay back up trying to find a place for
3091s himself to uh to take a reset but now
3092s he's gonna spin back that r b charge
3094s tries to go for the full combo but the
3096s F2 bubbles outfit is a ping to cancel
3098s any damage from coming in now you are
3099s gonna go ahead and swap on over to that
3101s purple pulled sword to get some damage
3102s in from the scale uh from the grapple
3104s spam there Iran now
3106s just gonna go ahead and back up for the
3108s time being running that comic sphere
3110s Pulsar combo they're already gonna look
3112s to try to get prior off of that lmb from
3114s the spear into the pull sword swap there
3117s for a lot of damage but T225 here in
3119s Temple against swell gun swell gun with
3121s the F2 bubble up here for the Japan T225
3123s looking to get very aggressive here with
3125s that purple dagger is gonna come in with
3127s that jump lnbs are gonna get
3128s confirmation hits the beacons uh hits on
3130s top of the stairway there does not get
3132s any knockback there for T225 T225 though
3135s is going to continue to get aggressive
3136s tries to pair that has to call out the
3138s average to come right down with the lav
3139s charge into the Samsung's ledge but it
3140s does not connect there's a ping guess
3142s that ultimate Prague early on T225 now
3144s it's gonna continue to get aggressive
3145s does not connect off the second
3146s assassin's lunge as well now T225 just
3149s has to wait try to get a reset for him
3150s so as well and look at the realm again
3152s spawning once again hit brain they are
3154s going to come back up and we're gonna
3155s get another run back
3161s see the sandstorm coming out here you
3163s ran
3165s playing around the center of that uh
3167s arena for the moment yeah let's say
3170s you're able to get away to safety is the
3172s Rama Yang does spawn up and we'll see
3174s who's actually able to get in it who's
3176s gonna take that fight at the moment I
3179s can't see exactly who's in there uh
3182s we'll go over in a second though so we
3183s will see
3185s choosing somebody else yeah okay okay
3189s well
3190s hopefully we'll zip into that one and we
3192s can see the the fight that will be
3194s breaking out inside that Roma Yang uh
3196s because our last one unfortunately was a
3198s bit of just avoiding each other for two
3200s and a half minutes and uh Steve but
3201s actually let's look into the empty room
3202s yeah it might be free yeah oh I didn't
3205s see that it was empty that might just be
3207s a freebie five seconds left I don't
3210s actually see anybody looking to join in
3212s so that is just a free Roamer young they
3214s are going to be very happy with that one
3217s complete freebie over to jdg's player
3220s there there's uh we're just gonna get
3222s himself onto that Mystic Mike I assume
3225s that's what they're gonna be taking yeah
3226s from this I don't feel like Edward wants
3229s to go for Draco storms no no no
3230s definitely missing my the damage
3232s reduction is too good
3234s absolutely I mean a strip Breakout song
3237s like it was the it was the one but they
3241s kind of nerfed it I think it needed
3242s nothing it kind of did everything and
3244s more uh but now that we've got three
3247s players on our screen all of which uh I
3249s just kind of avoid each other just
3250s waiting it out we got 12 minutes left
3252s until final circles done it's already
3254s quite a small final Circle and seven
3257s players left I said this was gonna be a
3259s bit of a slower paced game but I'm
3260s pleasantly survived but we've already
3262s lost 50 of our players from this Lobby
3264s it does feel like the pressure is still
3266s there and the players are still looking
3267s to fight I don't know if he expected to
3269s jump onto Iran here but she has young
3273s with that uh golden Katana and the
3276s Mystic might oh he definitely knew it
3277s was there okay don't worry you can see
3279s him he's gonna keep the pressure up on
3282s to Iran Iran trying to get away but it's
3285s so hard because just you can see exactly
3287s where he's going and now Iran's getting
3289s absolutely hounded by two people losing
3293s his armor but just gonna kill the
3295s pressure up onto him you can keep the
3296s track Chase going yes he's got himself
3299s that zipping healing and sustained but
3301s Chaz has that golden Katana so he's got
3303s the damage and actually most of the
3305s lobby is all quite tight together and
3307s nobody's really just using it as an
3309s opportunity to hide they all want to be
3310s fighting and scrapping and looking for
3312s the kills you ran he's on that back foot
3314s being forced to use as many grapples as
3317s he can to try and get away but he does
3319s want to hold on to the some of those
3320s resources it's going to get himself an
3322s armor heel off and does look to be okay
3324s for the moment
3326s I'm looking at the powders right now
3328s only three left
3330s and that's that's super unfortunate
3332s that's a lot of that's a lot of
3333s resources being used there but he did
3335s manage to get away so that's good he is
3337s gonna manage to stay up here in this
3339s game one seven players remaining they're
3342s all at Temple like you stated it was a
3344s Havoc there for for a quick second the
3346s Mystic Mike is still up for 67 seconds
3348s so
3350s um might be trying to get aggressive
3352s here Kai bow is just waning right now on
3354s top of the top of the uh the temple here
3356s just waiting trying to find he can spot
3358s anybody he's gonna go ahead and hit that
3360s Bell to try to get some info doesn't
3362s look like they're gonna spot anybody so
3364s Kai boss is gonna back up for the time
3366s being but this is a replay that we
3367s missed on Roman earlier T225 against GG
3369s Shaws p225 coming in here trying to bait
3372s out the Perry gonna go ahead and lay
3374s down some cannon shots Shaw against the
3376s r b power off the none took there the
3377s double hole but a nice pair from T2
3379s filing to Shaw and Shaw gossip respond
3382s with that matar ultimate two backstabs
3384s back to back T225 though just needs one
3386s more hit here the queen comes in as well
3388s get to Dubai still finding the matar in
3390s the old forms you can throw down that
3392s Beacon and get the confirmation kill
3393s there for himself oh it's nicely done
3395s from T225 now they're just waiting he's
3398s done a lot of damage this game once his
3400s name is still trying to get aggressive
3402s goes in with the grapple out of the win
3404s low into the aerial lmb off to Katana
3406s and this is a goal Katana we know how
3407s much that hurts to Zing still the
3409s aggressor here against all these players
3411s in this Lobby Iran unfortunately still
3414s is the one getting spotted by chazing
3416s try to go for the 1-2 heman's just using
3419s the the temple here to the Bell Temple
3422s just to just a kite to make sure you can
3423s stay mobile is going to cancel that into
3425s the cross telling me off the dagger
3426s chazing still trying to find an opening
3428s for himself gets to jump l b some
3429s confirmation hits there but doesn't look
3431s like it's enough for him to pick up a
3433s kill euron's still getting some health
3434s back off that as a ping ultimate Soul
3436s they are going to be able to get some
3437s health here you can throw down that F2
3439s bubble once again the supines the
3441s sustain is just incredible for this hero
3443s I mean it's so much damage it's super
3446s super tough to try to get a contour as
3448s the pain like you said it brain the
3450s third part the third parties are really
3451s what confirm skills on zapings and right
3453s now it looks like nobody else is getting
3455s really aggressive I mean it's kaibao now
3457s yeah get some poke shots there but euron
3459s is still fairly healthy he's gonna find
3462s a reset as well for himself and and
3464s that's gonna be it I mean the Ping is
3466s still up here Brandon's uh it's it's
3468s actually insane like it's too much man I
3471s mean me and Moxie actually Fair crafted
3473s like a way to kind of deal with Z ping
3475s like what what the devs need to do they
3477s need to basically make for a bubble in
3479s her oh don't actually start coming off
3481s cooldown or start you can't build rage
3483s and stuff or you know in the bubbles
3484s case doesn't come up go down until it's
3486s gone it's the fact that like you can be
3488s bubbled and the cooldown still ticks
3490s away yeah and you don't have that much
3492s down time that way I can't remember the
3494s mask because it's a while since I've
3495s actually played zepping but I you don't
3497s have it you there's a it's a very
3499s notable lack of downtime on the bubble
3501s when you're playing Z Pig I mean we were
3503s looking there like 21 seconds but it's
3505s not really 21 seconds you know that
3507s would normally be a fairly lengthy
3508s cooldown but because for a chunk of that
3511s 21 seconds you're bubbled uh yeah yeah
3515s it's pretty rough anyway it does look
3517s like as much this is my complaining
3518s about Z pink is gonna go on a fair few
3521s of our deepings have been knocked out of
3523s this Lobby mostly just kind of through
3524s the numbers as the Morris blessing is
3526s going to come up and
3528s see he's gonna be able to get their
3529s hands onto this I feel the zip is coming
3531s down Kai pal is immediately cooked has
3535s to put the healing
3536s Zephyr just doing so much work there was
3538s golden armor in there and a golden
3540s Katana and kaibao his greed was his Bane
3544s the one Tammy in the lobby catching him
3549s with a beautiful Zephyr don't think they
3552s were able to get confirmation on the
3553s kill there but Xian from J team was able
3555s to get their hands on the golden armor
3557s and uh they just swap it out for a
3560s regular bow okay well I guess they
3561s needed some range at this point
3563s but
3565s that was a really really nasty Zephyr
3567s coming in and there's a Bane's breath
3569s also now in the area but down to the
3572s final six players and the circle is
3574s still big enough at this point where
3575s like these players are probably quite
3576s comfortable just to kind of hold up and
3579s find themselves a corner where they can
3580s kind of just wait out and see where the
3582s circle goes next
3583s yeah most definitely I mean I like to
3587s call it Mickey time because this is a
3588s it's a lot of uh she's a lot of just
3590s claiming your area for the next Zone to
3592s start closing uh so it's just a matter
3594s of time where the where the action
3595s starts after that uh but yeah what a
3598s whisk coming in there from the
3599s tumultuary just catching and we saw this
3601s multiple times day one where the
3603s blessing really catches people off guard
3605s and and they're trying to sneak in try
3607s to get some resources and and they
3609s highly regret it really quickly for them
3611s uh getting caught up by by any bow shots
3614s or candy shots coming in from the whole
3615s lobby but truly now the scrap up against
3617s giron purple dagger versus purple dagger
3620s here for both of these players he's
3621s gonna go ahead and double hold that r b
3622s he's gonna try to back up because he
3624s does loses all his armor but now yvon's
3627s gonna continue to get aggressive here it
3629s looks like they are gonna pop a powder
3630s real quick a nice post shot coming in
3632s from uh euron in the back in there
3633s against Julie Julie now forced to back
3635s up here for the tamote using the
3637s movement of the dagger they're very
3638s nicely there with the lmb charge there
3640s to get some height and the scale rushes
3642s are so quick on this weapon it is the
3644s weapon of choice if you want to stay
3645s Mobile in these games it is the quickest
3647s weapon with the Scara rush so it is very
3650s nice to have especially in a situation
3651s like this he is gonna call out that to
3653s make sure he does not get hit by any
3654s rain shots
3656s so that's a nice protection therefore
3657s the Tomato but year on looks like they
3659s are going to give up for the time being
3660s Action Moving on in as well with that
3662s gold armor T225 now showing up to the
3665s party looks like they do have the gold
3666s gold dual blades in hand for himself is
3668s going to come right down with the
3669s calvary blue lmb charge Julie's forced
3671s to pop that ultimate as well try to back
3673s up and now he's gonna just sit behind
3675s his Rock get a reset in that could have
3676s been really bad for him the Matari is
3678s still very close but Julie is going to
3679s go ahead and throw down that whiz let's
3681s not connect onto anybody Action Now
3683s moving on in the Matari here from
3684s earlier trying to find an opening
3686s against Julie looks like Julie does have
3688s two players on to him right now so he
3690s needs to be real careful year on as well
3692s continue his aggression here it has the
3694s opening onto the tomorrow Patchouli once
3697s again doing a really good job staying
3698s mobile here with the dagger and it's
3699s gonna be really hard to catch him here
3702s site e225 barely stacked right now gold
3705s low blades purple long story purple
3707s nunchucks and uh purple my skin in the
3710s back pocket if he needs it looking like
3712s he does have some standard J's as well I
3714s saw the Cavalry balloon come in earlier
3715s so we know how strong that is especially
3717s paired up with a gold dual blade all
3719s right now it's just a matter of time
3721s players are moving up from the temple
3724s side looking like they are going to be
3725s moving down to where the Bell is located
3727s actually now catches Julie the whist is
3730s going to be called out try to go for the
3731s Perry off of that that prize fall
3734s action please hit him with the hidden
3736s Lotus please I really want to see the
3737s hidden loaded finish skill here in game
3740s one that would be amazing yeah looks
3743s like these three players here are going
3745s to get aggressive on chewy still on the
3747s run hit bring I don't know if he has a
3749s vendetta or if these players have a
3751s vendetta against him I don't know what's
3752s going on right now he is just getting
3754s bullied by the lobby I I feel I feel but
3757s they recognize as the circle gets
3760s smaller if he's able to get a big old
3761s off or you know throw these lifts out he
3764s is a real threat to the entire Lobby so
3766s I feel like there's a bit of an
3767s agreement just to take him out make sure
3769s that he's not gonna be able to do too
3770s much what's that because he's not a z
3772s thing he doesn't have the sustain so
3773s naturally it's a little bit easier for
3775s them to actually kind of group up and
3776s kill because if you're chasing a z-ping
3779s there'd be full health by now yep so it
3781s feels like this Tammy just too much of a
3783s threat right now and once somebody gets
3785s low it's it's blood in the water and the
3788s Sharks all come swimming so Julie he's
3791s just using like you said that scale Rush
3792s that movement from the dagger just eat
3794s himself as mobile for as long as
3795s possible but I feel this might just be
3797s the end of him and it's a matter of not
3799s when it's just it's the one who's able
3801s to find the kill there so down to those
3803s uh final five players uh four of which
3805s are on our screens right now all
3808s spreading out and
3810s it's two zepings two pharaohs and a
3813s Matari left in this Lobby
3816s Billy's pharaohs are gonna have a
3818s serious impact with their mechs when you
3819s get into the later stages they're not
3821s back on that secondary file on the
3823s cannon it's gonna be there's so much
3825s damage and not people into that zone
3827s gonna be really really impactful here
3829s but for now the players are just gonna
3831s be holding up and waiting to see you
3833s know where the Zone actually goes nobody
3835s really wants to be that player who gets
3837s taken out just before the Zone fully
3839s closes just before that final shuttle so
3841s it feels like it is a bit of a waiting
3843s game right now for our players so we're
3846s getting himself locked down inside a few
3847s on top of roofs few out inside the
3849s building just waiting to see where this
3851s Zone goes if this Zone's inside it'll be
3854s a little bit more Awkward for the
3855s Pharaohs to kind of knock people into
3857s zones because it's just natural terrain
3858s to kind of stop people from being
3860s knocked into that zone but if it moves
3862s just off a little bit to the side this
3865s could get a little bit scarier because
3867s zipping you know the thing is reduced
3869s once you're inside that shadow
3870s corruption yeah so suddenly zeping's
3873s kind of utility and usefulness does fade
3875s away well a lot of these other heroes
3878s are still going to be able to keep you
3879s know the vast majority of their utility
3882s in these next few circles so the lights
3885s that you ran they need to be a little
3886s bit more careful
3888s as we are just playing that waiting game
3890s the circle's gonna close up for the
3891s final time in a second
3895s and then we'll see how this is gonna go
3897s where this is going to go it does look
3898s like we're going to have around here
3902s of all of these walls in the buildings
3903s as the circles closing in and the
3905s players are going to get pushed Tighter
3907s and Tighter action actually just playing
3909s inside the building for as long as
3911s possible has still got that golden armor
3913s wants to make sure that they can hold on
3915s to their health for as long as possible
3916s and nobody is willing to fight right now
3919s they are just waiting to circle out 55
3922s seconds again until the next Circle
3924s closes as it is just a waiting game for
3927s all of our players but as soon as this
3930s timer takes down expect to see a whole
3932s bunch of ultimates get caught especially
3934s from the Pharaohs they're going to be
3935s looking to knock people into that zone
3937s looking to deal as much damage as
3939s possible and at this point
3941s it is all going to just come down to
3943s who's gonna be able to take that win
3944s right now tt25 is leading the charge
3947s with five kills they're still in this
3949s game so if they can get a couple more
3950s kills and take that first position
3952s they're going to be sitting very happy
3954s with themselves off this first game
3956s it'll be a good start for them
3957s considering right now they are the
3959s second seed player in the lobby
3962s obviously sorry in the overall group
3964s considering Mike isn't playing today and
3967s Spider went out early this is tt2's
3970s five's chance just to LEAP into that
3972s first place three seconds until the
3974s circle starts to move and then I think
3976s we're gonna be in for some action here
3978s we go circles closing in the players are
3980s going to get forced quite Tighter and
3982s Tighter together nobody's willing to
3984s start it off as you run does take a
3986s chunk to his armor initially there from
3987s ttt5 he wants to hold uh the the power
3991s he wants to hold dominance over this
3992s rooftop here as the circle is closing in
3995s just waiting this out as long as
3997s possible it's gonna jump in with the
3999s scale Rush onto Edge in Exxon just let
4001s them lock him back and just coming down
4002s with a scale Rush as well waiting for
4004s the opportunity does connect onto Iran
4006s with it has that ultimate up and
4007s available to him another scale Rush
4009s being charged up not able to quite hit
4010s it yet tt5 just played a waiting game
4013s here wow if the fair met comes in
4014s knocking down some people in goes
4016s everybody tt5 goes in for the mech the
4019s secondary fire comes out and the
4020s knockbacks is there a whole bunch of
4022s damage railgun he just isn't going to be
4024s able to save the long enough for tt-5
4026s he's bleeding out that's gonna be one
4028s everybody's going down you ran against
4031s all odd takes the win
4034s Iran coming in big here with the first
4037s win of day two that was a that was very
4041s needed for himself it looks like T225
4043s though it's the overall winner with the
4045s kills he got earlier on in the game and
4047s it was that's a master game for himself
4048s as well I'm not really sure what he
4050s plays maybe fourth or third we're gonna
4053s have to wait and see but that is very
4054s huge for T25 as you stated he was the
4057s second in the overall standings so this
4059s game is definitely going to be super
4060s massive for himself
4062s yeah that was a uh that was a nice win
4064s for him you know maybe he would have
4066s like more points but I mean
4069s I forgot what solo final circles are
4072s like it's been a while especially when
4075s it's a z-ping Lobby yeah nothing happens
4077s from like the last I'd say eight minutes
4080s of that game like they chase uh chewy
4083s down but like other than that it was
4085s just nothing going on because like no
4087s one can kill each other yeah but the
4088s good news is
4089s that is one of the most that's most the
4092s players playing Z thing done they might
4094s play her a second time some point in the
4096s day but realistically from now on we
4099s should actually have a really exciting
4100s solos because we've got most of our Z
4102s things out the way now I think we're in
4104s for it I think we're gonna be in for a
4106s good one and let's hold her off is
4107s everybody using up their second uh
4109s second user ZD ping but that was uh that
4113s was a very interesting solos it was it
4115s was something we saw a little bit on the
4118s second week of trios as well where
4119s people just actually opted out of taking
4121s the Roma Yang and purely because you
4124s know the debuff can basically just
4126s guarantee you're knocked out of the game
4127s so it was interesting to see some of the
4129s players in solos also go down that
4132s Avenue and decide I see the Rama Yang
4133s 100 is not worth going for it I mean
4136s spider had a rough game he he ran into I
4139s believe it was Iran actually at the
4141s beginning of that game it was chased on
4143s it was um
4144s it was uh ks's player right the klas
4148s players
4149s um
4149s okay but they yeah but he was he's been
4152s around for ages he gets third parties
4154s after probably I think it was seven
4155s minutes of fighting yeah and then gets
4157s taken out and then respawns runs into
4160s the realm of Yang neither of the players
4163s would not remember Yang he gets his
4164s completion then runs into the play he
4166s was fighting in the Roma Yang and then
4168s gets taken out again like spider had
4169s such a rough game so he's definitely
4172s going to be looking to recover uh but
4173s remember like I was saying you have less
4175s downtime now so coming into the second
4177s game like he's got to mentally recover
4179s from that game one pretty quickly
4183s um I mean it is super unfortunate how
4185s his game one went uh but you know what
4188s the type of player spider is he's always
4190s ready to bounce back I mean he was just
4192s super unfortunate like you stated I mean
4193s the sustain I was a pain there from that
4195s fight when he was fighting fangy he put
4197s up a lot of damage and the armor swaps
4200s is being right there poor thing for him
4202s to be able to get more armor over and
4204s over again I believe that was like three
4205s or four armor swaps just back to back
4207s it's just super unfortunate for him he
4209s couldn't pick up that kill and the third
4211s party ran out ran in uh from chasing
4213s there he was just there at the perfect
4214s time there knowing that uh the loan
4216s cicada was already uh fairly weak so
4219s that's super unfortunate spider but uh
4221s tt25 had a really good game one I mean
4224s he like I said he really needed that it
4226s was it was super important for me to
4227s come out hot here in day two and he
4229s clearly did that yeah I mean currently
4231s the second seat in the trios sorry in
4235s the solos I wouldn't fit him here
4236s obviously technically puts him above
4238s Mike Mike has only had one day under his
4240s belt so dtd5 this is his final game
4243s before
4243s bi-weekly finals providing he makes it
4246s but getting an 11 pointer here on the
4248s first game if he has a good day today
4250s first we could just guarantee himself
4252s first place so remember a percentage of
4255s your points translate through into that
4257s bi-weekly final so every point you earn
4259s here does potentially help you win that
4261s by weekly final next Saturday so it's
4264s really important for him to find that
4265s win here he was able to do that he's
4267s gonna be sitting very happy himself she
4269s has changed actually coming in in
4270s seconds with 9.5 points and then Iran he
4273s did win the lobby overall didn't really
4275s have too many kills mostly because he
4277s spent most the game running from like
4278s multiple people uh does end the game
4281s with 8.8 points there so pretty good
4284s start for some of these players actually
4285s kicking off some really good points only
4287s two players get that uh get that donut
4289s in both uh zhangyu and ego who are
4292s knocked out very early in this game but
4295s honestly quite a few low scoring points
4297s pointers across the board of inspired
4299s over 0.5 points Chen Yuan we've got 0.5
4302s points Fang with 1.1 like honestly
4305s really really low scoring game across
4306s the board by a lot of players I'm not
4308s overly surprised by that if I'm going to
4310s be completely honest with you just
4311s because of the Mobby when you have DP
4313s you're actually going to get so many
4315s people using up those uh using up those
4318s revives in fact mostly players are
4320s probably going to hang on to those
4321s reverbs and actually just never get to
4323s use it because you're fighting Z thinks
4325s it's so hard to actually force them to
4327s go down and kind of get that so I'm
4329s hoping in game two you know we get some
4331s more interesting picks and some a bit a
4334s bit of a change because you know we get
4336s these Yoto lobbies depending especially
4338s on my ability to quite Firefly heavy
4340s lobbies if you see like yotos and things
4342s like that show up so I'm interested to
4344s see what we're gonna get on uh on holler
4346s off if it's gonna be another zipping
4348s Lobby which uh holder off used to be the
4351s easy ping Lobby so we'll see
4354s um I'm expecting more tarkas maybe uh it
4356s all depends on the time of day yeah
4359s um but what is one hero you really want
4361s to see do you have that one hero that
4362s you barely see in these solos or or
4365s anything like that
4372s unfortunately I know valdo's not in a
4375s great state so uh yeah we don't really
4377s get to see here too much occasionally
4378s somebody pulls her out and does
4380s absolutely nothing with her because you
4382s know she just can't keep up with current
4384s with all the heroes at the moment but
4386s there you go your MVP for this game T225
4391s 21k damage coming out that is some
4393s pretty big numbers coming out I mean
4396s you're gonna see pink Lobby you can Farm
4398s damage because it's just like having
4399s trading dummies they don't go down so
4401s you just Farm the damage on them but a
4403s really really big game jokes aside over
4405s the ttt5 the F1 and the F3 like you
4407s correctly said uh creatives
4410s I mean I'm curious now yeah I I do hope
4412s we do get uh a taco Lobby uh it's been a
4415s while because yeah for a while it was
4417s leaping only on horror off and then
4418s we're like zipping Antarctica on hollera
4420s for a while
4422s so I'm here for it I'm still here for a
4426s uh for a taco Lobby going into that into
4428s that second game on holler up and it's
4430s honestly about these players like I said
4432s and it's something I say quite a lot but
4434s when you play these first games back to
4436s back you really need to be able to kind
4438s of keep your mental strong from game
4439s number one from game number two because
4441s it is exhausting playing two games on
4443s stage back to back yeah
4446s I mean you really gotta
4448s I also feel like it might be good for
4449s some of the players
4451s um just like like you stated when we
4453s first started like how quickly can you
4454s maintain and how quickly can you be set
4457s um so I'm really interested to see how
4460s spider's gonna do you know some of these
4461s players can just brush off bad games and
4463s just go and going straight hot into the
4465s game too
4466s um so you don't really have to wait a
4467s long time for that some other players do
4469s prepare to wait a little bit you know
4471s try to think of more different strategy
4473s that they can go into the next game of
4475s what Heroes everybody's gonna pick
4478s um but that's one thing that uh it's
4479s gonna be really rough for some of these
4481s players but you have to wait and see I
4483s mean everybody you know can just perform
4485s it really just need to stay consistent
4487s and have like one pop-up game and you
4489s can really get really get a lot of
4490s points
4491s um but since then getting second place
4492s there is really good as well for himself
4495s I mean he was just in fourth place uh he
4497s had a lot of points from day one as well
4499s uh he manages to get second place there
4501s that's a lot of points for himself
4503s um moving into game two
4505s um like I said I do expect a lot more
4507s tacos maybe to K uh we are going to see
4509s some fairies well
4511s um probably some Ataris I did see Mike
4513s play uh Atari at holleros uh so this is
4516s probably my hero Point predictions right
4518s now for uh for game two uh but yeah I
4521s mean it's just it's just gonna win it
4522s we're just gonna have to wait and see
4523s how fast these players game one
4526s yeah no I'm I'm interested to see what
4528s it's gonna look like going into that uh
4530s going into that game number two I'm
4532s hoping for the title we'll have to hold
4534s that I mean it won't take too long until
4535s we get after this to that we should be
4536s moving on to holler off in relatively
4539s quick succession uh after that previous
4541s game but you know we do get a bit of
4543s time to kind of theory craft and stuff I
4545s actually can't remember what time of day
4546s is the worst thing is is me and uh me
4549s and Moxie did the draw for for the maps
4552s bi-weekly and I genuinely can't remember
4554s what time of day was using a holler off
4557s I know we don't have holler off night at
4558s all in this bi-weekly
4560s um
4561s but you know I'm I'm excited to see I'm
4564s quite excited to see what it's gonna
4565s look like anyway before we get into that
4566s game we did actually have a chat with
4567s the previous winner of the game tt25 so
4569s let's see what you have to say
4572s um
4605s interesting to hear that Mike uh Mike
4608s actually talking to himself during games
4611s I didn't know if he does that that's
4612s kind of cool I guess he's like making
4613s mental notes to himself of like what's
4615s going on and what's happened
4616s uh I felt like I'd be the kind of person
4619s who'd probably more just yell at myself
4621s let's play it wouldn't be like oh he's
4624s he's uh he's used that ability uh like
4626s in kind of keeping track of that I'd be
4628s like what the hell are you doing how did
4629s you miss that that's such a easy
4632s thing
4634s that's how I talk to myself when I play
4636s all games and my teammates in some games
4637s no I'm not laptop
4641s oh man I mean he also stated that uh one
4644s of the players don't really get enough
4645s sleep and that is very interesting to
4647s see uh to see that one of these players
4649s are speaking about because uh you know
4652s pretty sure we all play video games and
4654s we all know how uh how rough it is when
4656s we don't really get enough sleep so not
4658s having that uh not having the potential
4661s view of you how of how you actually play
4665s um it's really tough especially if you
4667s know you have have a uh a bye week the
4670s game the next day so that's super
4671s unfortunate for them I mean yeah I know
4673s if I don't get enough sleep I'm usually
4675s shooting walls I I don't I don't get no
4678s hits off you know so that's super
4680s interesting to say that he actually
4681s spoke about that
4683s um but yeah I mean players look that
4685s they're locked in ready for game two
4687s have ego here okay like he looks he
4690s looks locked in right now but it does
4691s look locked in
4693s just a matter of time these players are
4695s gonna be moving into the second game of
4696s the night Iran here with an average kill
4698s of 1.1 average damage is not that high
4701s 9.5 k
4704s yeah I think that's all the game running
4706s doesn't get to do any damage I mean
4708s there you go literally saying it or is
4710s it 31 pick rate on uh on z15 that
4714s explains probably why
4716s um
4717s his damage isn't so high I mean some
4719s some Civic players can do you know a lot
4722s of damage yeah because the constantly
4724s scrapping stones are being players I
4726s kind of just victims and just being
4728s chased around by the whole Lobby yeah it
4730s typically seems to be that player uh
4732s it's genuine 16 pit break on the valda I
4736s am here it is for it I am so here for it
4740s we never get enough out of matter we
4742s never get enough out I love it I
4743s absolutely love it
4745s um another hero who I Theory crafted
4747s ideas on how how they could change her
4749s to make her a little bit more viable let
4752s me hear it I I definitely got to hear
4753s that so I've had a few options like for
4756s different versions of that old
4758s um one is
4759s uh so like one of the versions could be
4762s it's got like a lot of range and it like
4764s slowly picks up speed and this I feel
4766s like if you were to use it it'd be like
4768s your trios option because if you run in
4770s it as a you and your teammates get like
4771s a movement speed buff as if you're
4773s riding the wave oh it's gonna be like a
4775s really good chaser and then you can
4776s catch him with the wave and take him up
4778s the other one is it just like fires out
4780s you know shorter but faster so it's
4782s easier to hit or wider or initially
4785s faster and then slows down I've been
4788s thinking of ideas without it for a while
4789s I really want better to be better I
4791s absolutely love her but unfortunately
4793s for me there are no vouchers oh my God
4795s Jen you haven't done it
4797s I am so happy there we go
4801s a couple of mataris a couple of Z things
4803s but most there's a monk
4806s a solo monk from xxy
4811s I don't know about that one I don't know
4814s about that one either mate I I agree
4816s with your match I don't know if if there
4819s it is yeah yeah thank you okay I mean
4823s that would have been really scary I mean
4825s I I wouldn't in any world play a monk in
4829s a competition like this
4831s um even with the Perry Bell I mean it
4833s still wouldn't be a a smart hero to pick
4837s uh but it looks like the rest of these
4839s players are gonna be running as a ping I
4841s mean spider hop on over to that as a
4843s pain to Zing running uh zipping as well
4845s Julie up and over to his opinion as well
4848s xxy uh we don't have a lot of tarkas I
4851s mean we only have one right now hip
4853s brain swell gun
4854s yeah interesting actually we are saying
4857s uh
4858s I believe mostly the players who didn't
4860s play seaping last game playing Z playing
4862s this game yep I don't know what a6y
4865s played but I feel like at this point you
4867s know
4868s realistically we only have a couple more
4869s zepings that we'd like to see and show
4872s up depending if they want to play it
4874s twice we could have a second Z pink
4876s lobby at some point but here we go
4878s getting ready to go in to our second
4880s game as hollaroff has been locked and
4883s loaded
4884s a lot of players are dropping in close
4885s proximity to one another
4887s expect this to be a pretty Explosive
4889s Start Maya's on powder man
4892s we finally got our hands on the valve
4894s for bowder do you like the single bubble
4896s or do you like the triple bubble uh I
4899s think there's a triple bubble yeah three
4901s okay yeah I think it's that free I mean
4902s I I to be fair I don't play Bad on the
4904s servants that's smart that's smart yeah
4907s it's me Moxie and uh me Moxie and roon
4911s have like a a
4913s Tarka vowda and I can't remember the
4915s third hero
4917s we run run like a comp around that for
4919s the trio okay it's a fun it's a fun Club
4922s it's really really fun I just unveiled a
4924s duty to hit Title Wave so them carrying
4926s me while I miss tidal waves basically
4928s pretty much what we're gonna spend
4930s anyway you ran you found himself in a
4932s fight with you you eat in comes SS Rogan
4934s actually immediately in gets a big chunk
4937s out onto them they are just looking to
4939s turn this fight onto railgun instead
4940s realizing there's no point chasing
4944s on to the Z pink so let's try and finish
4946s up railgun as you ran with the gunshots
4948s gotta counter off against the wall and
4950s secures himself his first kill of the
4952s game
4953s 's got a kill already
4957s looks like Euro's not gonna slow down
4959s that's spot truly here
4961s on the Ping once again well for the
4964s first time here in this uh this night
4965s but Iran looks like they're all gonna
4967s stop right now try to take a reset try
4968s to get back to full armor to continue to
4970s hunt Julie he's gonna back up as well we
4972s have ego in the back end who nunchucks
4974s four of them in the back game right
4975s there truly now spotting year on year on
4978s winning hot hit with an r b gets the
4980s part off that r b charge off the
4981s nunchucks and another way into the glow
4983s hand and call him furin gonna try to get
4984s the Pryor off that fur into MLB charge
4986s but there's another player moving in
4987s that's ego jl's ego now moving on to
4989s truly truly now forced to back up with
4992s that zipping eagle
4994s I got their ankle broken and does not
4996s spot where truly went there but you want
4998s has not lost lost sight of truly truly
5000s still on the Run euron trying to get
5003s close to truly but truly looks like did
5006s uzum there nicely done we have spider
5008s now
5013s this is hip range pick here the Walda
5014s going in for with a nice MLB charge off
5017s that dagger spider forced to pop that as
5018s a pink ultimate does manage to get that
5019s crouching be proud but the spider's
5021s gonna respond with that nunchuck combo
5023s and the reset there once again and
5024s spider doing a really good job does not
5026s match count to third he's gonna be
5028s called and there it is the V1 is up for
5031s the for the valda they are gonna manage
5032s to get the pistol shot as well after the
5034s knockback and that F1 bubble coming in
5036s hot hit though minutes to get spider and
5037s spider now loses all his armor needs to
5040s be real careful against the ball to get
5042s you on trying to respond here with the
5044s common dagger in hand nice grapple
5046s pistol shot coming in from spider in the
5047s F1 bubble once again and now the enemy
5049s charges out to the soul free off the
5051s dagger now
5052s and just take out spider spiders gonna
5055s be taken out he is not happy about that
5057s hey look so upset with that one shenyo
5060s on on the vowder actually looking super
5064s crisp with it as well Landing that
5067s ultimate Landing two bubbles I'm
5069s actually beating a z-ping in a 1v1 I am
5072s a happy boy I am finally happy boys
5075s kaibao not so happy as tt25 is gonna
5079s finish him up buying a nice kill onto
5081s him and obviously we are still laid off
5084s in the game but everybody still has
5085s their Vibes I mean not those who were
5087s taken out but most people are going to
5089s be going down are going to be having
5090s their revive so they're going to be
5092s feeling quite comfortable as you ran two
5093s kills in finding himself in a potential
5095s fight here
5097s um I'm not able to fully connect on to
5099s uh they'll keeping the damage up onto
5102s them for the moment haven't got any got
5103s any armor but catch him with the F there
5105s lovely damage coming out your ran
5107s actually doing some serious work and
5109s these zippings they look way less strong
5112s right now I say that it's Iran almost
5114s turning the fight he's getting himself
5116s knocked up he's finished
5118s still are you able to just about turn
5120s that fight with a sliver of Health
5123s truly doing a really good job planning
5126s running that staff weapon swap with that
5128s pole sword you can also do it with a
5129s great sword truly put up a lot of damage
5131s you really don't need any High Rarity on
5133s the staff or spare you really just get
5135s it for pile and after that you just go
5136s into the uh the shift uh weapon swap
5139s into the postal or Greatsword and it
5140s just does a lot of damage and we clearly
5142s see there uh how much damage it put uh
5145s pulls up for Trulia to pick up uh elim
5147s for themselves we got Ben here with a
5148s gold staff in hand we are currently 2254
5151s looks like the realm of game is going to
5153s be spawning in around a minute so we're
5155s gonna get our first Romanian game too
5157s pretty soon klas Fang just on the top of
5160s the rocks and plume Castle wbg spider
5163s it's like they were in a scrap off they
5165s were fairly weak still common armor for
5167s spider uh that supreme ultimate is ready
5170s for himself he does get caught out by
5171s anybody it looks like there's nobody
5172s around looking at the mini map who got
5174s truly now spots xxy xxy with that blue
5177s daggering hand truly once again with
5179s that weapon swap combo in his hand truly
5182s both players pair here actually Smart's
5184s gonna throw down that bubble that only
5185s be released off the stab there you can
5186s put up a lot of damage we got GG shots
5187s in the back end laying down some tanning
5188s shots as well he does might just get the
5190s pry on there it is he's gonna spin back
5192s that one two from the pole sword to pick
5193s up some damage onto the second player as
5195s well after the elim and now GG shot now
5197s gonna be caught up here by the stat or
5199s the staff here the stamping up a lot of
5201s damage trying to go for the pair they
5202s have to bubble in a big pair coming in
5203s from Julia to Shaw and Shaw now forced
5205s to pop that F once again they're gonna
5206s click off of this blue uh charges here
5208s the 1.0 release off the katana truly now
5210s he's gonna throw down that v302 lovely
5212s no putting up a lot of damage Shaw has
5215s that triple bow set up there
5218s Julie's gonna back up as well
5220s Kai Bao picking up a kill to kill people
5222s against T225 that was our game one
5224s winner there T2 to five I believe still
5227s has the second life so they are gonna
5229s still be in this game Gigi Shaw looking
5231s to get aggressive here on to truly truly
5233s still attending the neutral game strong
5235s for himself both players clanking here
5236s back to back the 1.0 release Here off
5238s the stab put them some damage he's gonna
5240s Perry beat him here he has forced to pop
5242s that app to not get hit by that combo
5243s off the weapon swap CG Shaw trying to
5246s find an opening does go for the Crouch
5248s lmb Perry is a little bit too early he's
5250s gonna be clip off of that lmb charge
5251s until the soul break now Julie might be
5253s taken out here does not get the
5256s confirmation hit goes for the Triple
5258s Dodges does get caught out he's gonna
5259s try to spin back that MLB charge off the
5261s staff there
5262s now he's gonna back up he does have it
5264s oh no he's gonna come right back with
5265s into the lunch there but GG Shaw's gonna
5267s clip him off that lnb charge and there's
5269s another player showing up in his year
5270s wrong
5271s he comes in hot here but now Gigi Shaw
5274s is not happy about that he still has the
5275s beacon if he needs it Iran didn't clip
5277s off these dagger hits they're doing up a
5279s lot of damage Iran nearly has any more
5281s armor left he's gonna come back down
5282s until the enemy charge off the dagger
5283s and GG Shaw
5285s still on the hunt he is not happy by
5287s getting his kill stolen he did all the
5288s work and he won just like a thief just
5290s running back make sure he can stay
5292s healthy here in this fight
5294s oh you ran that was so scummy all of
5297s that work set up by shards the night of
5300s a quick steal away we are seeing the uh
5302s Rummel Yang spawning up in the meanwhile
5304s as uh Josh giving the pressure up like
5307s he said still has that pilly just needs
5308s to land that knot back onto uh Iran
5311s because he's gonna lose a whole bunch of
5312s HP not back from the F they're doing a
5314s lot of damn switch out to the cannon
5316s actually seeing another player coming in
5317s potentially onto Shah in the distance as
5320s you ran those uh bouncing shells will be
5322s chasing him from java Shah it's just
5324s gonna be able to heal himself back up
5325s and this fight is still going on holding
5328s fast as we're gonna cut over the spider
5330s and chess Young Who find himself inside
5332s that realm a young chance as she opens
5334s up on the spider here spider he's got
5335s the sustain he's got the Parry down
5337s cheers very low HP both of them are
5339s going to be healing each other he's
5340s healing themselves up though on their
5342s z-pings but spider still with the
5344s advantage is gonna lose that though as
5346s his armor is Stripped Away From Him pops
5348s himself the ultimate the F sorry there
5350s just to try and get a bit of healing up
5352s at the moment on to Chelsea's just oh HP
5355s now just playing the avoiding game but
5356s the cannon shot around the pillar
5358s beautifully placed there by spider able
5360s to secure himself the Victory and he's
5362s going to grab himself that Vermillion
5364s Birds by and golden dagger that's his
5366s prize for that fight
5368s you know how how aggressive spider can
5371s be with that gold dagger I mean that
5373s weapon does a lot of damage he is
5375s looking to uh res uh rebounce back from
5377s game one so that's definitely a good
5379s pickup for himself we've got Kai Bao
5381s against xxy purple nunchucks here for
5383s Kai bow blue nunchucks for xxy for
5385s everything to be called out for type out
5387s how about he's gonna plow fur into the
5388s lb charge off the nunchucks put up a lot
5390s of damage toxicity and then they Chuck
5392s meter Burns gonna come in hot for xxy
5393s but he procs that ultimate there he gets
5395s a final hit and xxy needs to be real
5397s careful he's gonna spin back the r b
5398s charge off the nunchucks and pick up
5400s some more damage off the kai bow but
5401s it's not enough Kai bow coming out big
5403s here picking up another Elon for himself
5408s lovely little solo killed there so we
5411s are going to see spider now
5412s um obviously with that vermillions first
5414s Mountain gold dagger taking himself a
5415s fight versus uh genuine on the uh on the
5419s vowel once again did wait did he win his
5422s no he didn't win his one that's someone
5425s else okay but he's just got a golden uh
5427s golden stuff spiders getting kind of
5429s slammed here honestly again I say that
5432s and then show you actually ends up
5434s losing quite a lot of HP don't know if
5436s he has that title if he catches him with
5437s the bubble again spider taking so much
5440s damage look at this damage coming in
5442s from genuine absolutely schooling spider
5445s getting the blind off as well the bubble
5448s connects again this is four for four by
5451s genuine as bubbles coming in Tyler wave
5454s chasing on just about able to avoid away
5456s on that one he's genuine keeping the
5458s pressure on the fighter chasing forward
5460s and catches him with a pistol switch
5462s absolutely Flawless bow the player and
5465s he is winning the lobby now with it I am
5469s getting everything I wanted from this
5471s one guy
5474s beautiful they were near the uh the
5476s flowers that blind you so he knew he had
5479s to be careful not to release anything
5480s because he did Perry the first time once
5482s he was blind so he used that opportunity
5484s to throw down the F1 bubble and it was
5486s it was just too clean for him it was
5488s just beautifully done there by the valda
5489s picking up another Elam looks like euron
5491s as well as gonna pick up a kill onto
5492s Jail's ego it kill people with a dagger
5495s but just ain't now in the scrap off
5496s against Rel gun the long Tarka here in
5498s game two go ahead and Perry does not get
5501s any confirmation hits here just ain't
5503s gonna be hit by this purple dagger here
5505s but it's stronger with a big pair
5506s options might be in big trouble does pop
5508s that F2 bubbles gonna hit by
5510s back-to-back must get shot triple shots
5512s from swell gun put up a lot of damage
5514s for himself their officer Jose to see
5515s now it might be in big trouble does
5517s manage to pop a Vitalia therefore uh for
5519s more Health there so all gundo has the
5521s opening that he needs he also has that
5523s vermillions birds might buff if he needs
5525s uh to just continue to get aggressive he
5527s is not afraid of anything he has the
5528s time and everything he needs so Zing
5529s though he's gonna be caught up
5533s and now he's off the scene
5536s he is gone he did everything he needed
5538s he'd pick up the elim and now he can
5539s just go back to the poking game with the
5540s with the rain shots and that's massive
5542s for T225 there pulling up two elims on
5544s the board but Shin Yuan with five kills
5546s right now the Father the off pick of all
5549s that just coming in Bay with five kills
5551s playing really good with the F1 bubble
5553s they pick up two kills onto spider throw
5555s a gun looks like he was out of there as
5557s well getting a reset T225 now on the
5559s scrap off against action action has that
5562s Advantage right now does manage to get
5563s that Supreme to pop that ultimate early
5564s on he should do five now he's gonna
5566s continue to get aggressed armed by
5567s action action putting up a lot of damage
5569s with that purple dagger so uh Action Now
5571s forced to pop that burn ultimate he does
5573s manage to clip him off of this let's put
5575s a crotch yell and be r b there does not
5577s connect up to that second time around
5578s and T225 now is on the Run action is not
5581s gonna let him go for that bar T225 just
5583s trying to stay up here there's some
5584s player in the ballisto as well you gotta
5586s be real careful not sure if that's Shaw
5587s I believe that Shawn the spider's on the
5589s bottom end as well tt25 trying to run up
5591s but the list of shots are gonna come
5592s into play Shaw still laying on some
5594s damage on top of the ballista Tower here
5601s there oh my God
5604s lovely little shot there now on the low
5606s ground spider once again genuine he's
5609s not gonna lose three fights to this guy
5611s right that's just not gonna happen td5's
5614s coming in trying to steal this one away
5615s the grapple canceling onto spider though
5618s really starting to mess with him
5621s spider can't lose the same fight three
5624s times in a row that is just not fair at
5626s this point
5628s maybe louder is good and yeah no one's a
5631s bit about her oh I say that Shah gets a
5635s great ballista shot off but doesn't that
5636s losing quite a lot of HP is the shinyuen
5639s trying to heal up inside this building
5641s does get himself a pot potion off can he
5644s get the full resale that's the real
5645s question a shot unable to hunt him down
5648s and this is quite hard to actually kill
5649s genuine he's got both the ultimate and
5651s the bubble if you're inside a building
5653s it is so hard to fight about it because
5656s those are basically guaranteed to hit
5658s the dtd5 just looking to try and get a
5660s little bit of damage off of that final
5661s shot of the list they're not gonna be
5663s able to connect it unfortunately
5665s it's just under the hill as they head
5667s into the Zone spider it's gonna do a bit
5669s of zoning on the ttt5 to stop him from
5671s re-entering and this is if spider needs
5673s to take somebody out this is the player
5675s he needs to take out because right now
5677s dtd5 is pulling ahead and has got that
5681s lead right now in the groups overall
5683s the spider this is the player who right
5686s now is the scariest player to him from
5688s denying him first going in to the
5691s bi-weekly finals
5693s I think the ball doesn't is in his head
5695s as well I mean a little bit yeah
5698s just plain balda very perfectly right
5700s now against the panes T225
5703s getting aggressed on by multiple players
5705s the cannon shots in the back game looks
5707s like Kai balance well here the blessing
5708s spawns out he tried to go to try to get
5710s the armor swap there but he does not
5712s manage to get it the random Bane as well
5714s spawns in I do have one player entering
5716s the Roman Yang and it's shrell gun
5718s looks like no other player might be
5721s moving in instead of remin yeah it was a
5723s free buff for strong guy he gets that
5724s Mystic might for free you Rondo still
5726s continue his aggression onto T225 T225
5729s using a lot of resources right now to
5731s try to back up he was a lot of grapples
5733s still has to use uh his Vitalis and
5735s powders when he gets the time to do so
5737s but T225 is just getting aggressed on my
5739s euron euron really wants his elim right
5742s now so he's gonna do everything he needs
5743s he has 13 grapples yet a left in his
5745s inventory e225 I wonder how many
5747s grapples he has he has used up a lot as
5750s well it's just a matter of time that one
5752s of these players does get caught up T225
5754s throws on the F2 bubble in the straw gun
5756s moving in he has the UAV he knows where
5759s these players are and T225 still on the
5761s Run doing a really good job staying
5762s mobile with that dagger the dagger once
5764s again the weapon of choice is just too
5767s good to not use to have that Mobility
5768s with it and look how he kites over these
5771s uh defense here to make sure he can get
5772s a scale rush off every time in the Rock
5774s the side of the Rocks using the using
5776s that first Scout rushes as well tt25
5778s father
5779s still just trying to make a run for as
5782s well laying down some musket shots and
5784s that's connect off of that now swaragon
5786s did pick up on goal long short as well
5788s off that free Ram when you ain't so
5789s that's very good for himself and he's
5791s not gonna lose his player he has the UAV
5793s he's not going to lose this player T225
5795s can run as much as they want seven
5797s grapples lamb he gets hit I believe that
5799s was a scattered shot coming in or it's
5800s just a regular bow shop in the back and
5801s he did does get clip off of that the f
5803s is up now so he might throw it down
5805s there it is the f is up here for T225
5807s and truly now joining the Wolves to try
5810s to pick up this Elam onto T225 T225 so I
5813s said they're off to go high here to
5815s continue to get
5816s continue to move on using the dagger
5819s once again it's just a lot of movement
5821s coming in from tt25 he needs to be real
5823s careful truly now
5825s trying to line up a shot out so it's
5827s truly with the scatter shot okay truly
5828s has the three round burst on the ball
5830s excuse me five
5833s this is super unfortunate for him just
5835s trying to stay up I mean he manages to
5837s get out now I believe so he's gonna have
5839s a place to pop a powder in Vitalia for
5841s himself
5841s so there it is players do lose them
5843s truly moving on in not sure if they are
5845s going to check the bottom of this Hut
5846s here
5848s looks like they are going to get a full
5849s reset for themselves in action now it
5851s looks like they're wearing a scrapbook
5852s I'm gonna spider spider comes on down
5853s tries to get a nice uh bow shot there
5856s does not connect spider's gonna back up
5857s as well just a little bit of poking from
5859s these players action that's that common
5861s musket purple dagger in hand
5863s spider as well is gonna repair his bow
5865s here make sure he has enough bullets in
5868s the chamber for himself
5869s fighter
5871s looks like he's not trying to get
5872s aggressive aggressive onto the cicada
5875s here uh but we do have a replay early on
5877s from 225 onto kaibal Kai ball getting
5879s caught up here with the purple uh duel
5881s place from T225 Clint comes in for both
5883s of the fair the f is called out for the
5884s Takeda there tt25 the nice pistol shot
5887s there does connect off of that he's
5889s gonna release the r b charge to play
5890s with some damage into the aerial r b
5891s there to pick up more damage and
5893s kaibal's gonna be caught up off of two
5894s rmbs R B's tie about once again here
5897s until another kill onto T225 how about
5899s with the purple nunchucks uh this time
5901s around onto t65. if you do five it's
5904s called out by fur into the MLB charge
5905s off the nunchucks the Clint comes in he
5907s did manage to get a common armor swap
5908s looks like Kai bow bill came in hot with
5911s a nice F3 that is still the weapon and
5913s that was a massive kill for Kai Bao very
5916s good nicely job from him and he's
5917s putting up a lot of kills right now he's
5919s doing a lot of damage to kaibal and the
5921s really comfortable spot here moving into
5923s game two
5924s and interestingly at this point in the
5926s game there's more players left than in
5928s the previous game yeah like but in the
5931s game I predicted to be slower because of
5933s the amount of Z pinks we went down to
5934s seven players real bloody quick yeah
5937s this game definitely moving at a way
5938s slower Pace
5940s um but it feels like it's just been a
5942s constant stream of action to be fair we
5944s did have that chase go on for about five
5946s minutes again yeah it was just grapple
5949s chasing onto the zipping very hard to do
5951s by the way uh because any damage you get
5953s can just be alleviated you need to be
5955s unziping at all times to win the trade
5957s if Steven gets a brief period to head to
5960s recover they will fully recover it's
5961s very hard to actually punish them here
5964s railgun got a uh golden staff in their
5967s inventory and a golden long sword like
5969s they are they are kitted out right now
5972s they've got some real really good stuff
5974s uh genuine on the vowda dominating this
5978s lobby with this welder Peck actually and
5979s vowed a genuinely in final circles is
5982s terrifying you get hit by that uh you
5984s get hit by the the tidal waves you're
5987s just locked in place am I correcting no
5990s I'm I was about to say something very
5991s silly there uh I'm gonna finish my
5993s sentence about saying it but genuine
5996s honesty
5997s really really going to be a scary factor
5999s with the bubbles the tidal wave all of
6002s the all of the kind of things that can
6003s uh can really just displace and upset a
6007s final Circle they need to be so careful
6009s of us there is Jin steps into the circle
6011s to heal bit of an interesting decision
6012s ends up losing a fair amount of HP for
6014s that spider atop the tree right now just
6017s uh looking to type with the bow shot
6018s can't quite connect onto Jin with that
6020s bow he's looking to drop down actually
6021s maybe see if they can join it into the
6023s fighters Jin gets an armor pot off but
6026s it comes at a cost to his main health is
6028s gonna be able to get another pot off and
6030s heal his actual Health back now a bit so
6032s he's not too behind on that front he's
6034s indefinitely
6036s needs to be a little bit careful um
6039s he's gonna jump forward on to Chewie
6042s here gets himself a big chunk of damage
6043s off
6044s with that uh
6046s with that ultimate but it's just gonna
6048s cool it for now and step away can't
6051s really go for anything more
6053s yes we have eight minutes left on this
6055s Lobby and we're very much in the
6057s buccaneer phases I like to call it where
6059s everyone switches to cannons and muskets
6061s it starts taking long range harass at
6063s one another to try and burn those
6064s resources but like I said it's hard to
6067s burn resources when you're also looking
6068s at the likes of a uh I think a lot of
6071s likes of a zipping as you ran he's gonna
6074s try and get in onto this Morris blessing
6075s very hard for him to do so though with
6077s the grapples and the shots coming in all
6079s that long range he did get the golden
6080s armor out though so he's going to be
6082s very happy with that one didn't get the
6083s golden katana
6085s is in there I think he knew it was in so
6088s he wants to grab it nobody's picked up
6089s that golden Katana he ran look in the
6091s grapple in and quickly grab it but
6093s playing this a little bit as safe as
6096s possible spider and she jumped out
6097s someone from the side of this fight I
6099s believe versus uh railgun here railgun
6101s with the golden uh long sword capable of
6104s doing a serious amount of damage to
6105s spider
6108s a lot of these players have gold uh gold
6110s weapon old staff golden sword for swell
6113s gun Refugee spider with a gold dagger
6116s um so the the gold weapons are scattered
6118s a little bit I'll move into this uh to
6121s zone four uh but still a top nine
6124s situation spider
6125s it does have one Elin but it still seems
6128s like he still hasn't picked up his
6129s Groove so far I mean it was super
6131s unfortunate he he bought the valda three
6133s times
6134s and he did lose two out of three so he's
6137s gonna have to wait and see and like you
6138s stated of all the wave and the end
6139s circles are very scary if you get caught
6141s up with the wave you're just gonna be
6143s ticking that storm hell out there and
6145s the ball does is gonna be holding you
6147s there until the to the he's forced to
6148s throw down the spear from that valda
6150s wave it's just a matter of time looks
6152s like spider
6153s it's getting focused on by a lot of
6155s players in the lobby right now spider
6156s does manage to pop a powder here now
6158s he's gonna use the movement off the
6159s dagger
6160s looks like he does spot out action
6161s actually it's gonna take up some damage
6163s off the gold dagger here spider still he
6166s knows he needs to get some elims here on
6168s the board for himself game two got GT
6171s Shaw laying down some cannon shots in
6173s the back and action losing almost all
6174s his armor there he needs to be real
6176s careful this might be bad for him look
6178s at the cannon shots and look the dental
6179s rounds came into play as well but it's
6181s no it's truly picking up the kill
6182s without the dagger I'll have to cook the
6184s cannon in the back end there for himself
6185s that was nicely done there's super
6187s unfortunate this is the problem here hip
6189s brain when a lot of these players start
6190s getting aggressed on by one player and
6192s you get caught up and you lose your
6193s armor everybody in the lobby is going to
6195s come and hunt you
6198s that partying it's the way to play it's
6201s literally the way to play the game
6203s unfortunately for some of these players
6204s so I'll play in that ultimate price I
6206s believe there was a snowstorm off in the
6208s distance there which is um quite brought
6210s to the Z thing because it takes away at
6212s your um at your rage and reduces it as a
6215s railgun and spider finding himself in a
6218s little Skirmish tgifies also here the
6220s railgun needs to be careful spider as he
6222s is the one to get clipped there by ttg5
6225s and relevant g65 probably two of the
6227s least equipped players right now in the
6228s lobby I think he's only got blue armor
6230s here does have the uh purple dagger
6232s though so not completely the worst
6234s Loadout on that front genuine just
6236s waiting
6237s got himself those five kills and he's
6240s just waiting to see you know where this
6242s circle takes him
6243s I am so excited to see the final Circle
6245s I'm so excited for that this is a matter
6248s of time he's on five starting to close
6251s right now a lot of these players are
6252s going to start getting congested onto
6254s each other here a lot of these players
6256s are moving in we have a lot of players
6257s in the top right corner a spider already
6260s in the center of the next Zone truly in
6262s the top left side of the next Zone uh
6264s genuine just just waiting the ball to
6268s trying to find an opening he does spot
6270s tg25 laying down some r b long sword
6272s waves right next to him
6275s I feel like uh Shin yuan's actually
6277s playing this smart because like in the
6280s previous game
6281s you can recognize like a good solo final
6284s Circle kit character like as much as
6286s valda I think has her her issues as a
6288s hero I feel like as a final Circle
6291s character she's super impactful because
6293s like we said the title with the bubble
6294s can really basically just displace an
6296s interrupt everybody won what they want
6298s to be doing you know deeping's actually
6300s not that scary in final circles because
6301s once that zone is fully closed like
6303s she's not doing much her healing's not
6305s gonna really keep her alive she takes
6306s such reduced healing like it doesn't
6309s really actually affect the overall state
6310s of the game but things like the uh the
6312s tumultuous the uh valders the yotos like
6316s they have super powerful final circles
6319s yeah so they're the kind of Heroes that
6321s if there's only one of them in the lobby
6323s uh actually to cater as well but if
6324s they're in the lobby they do just get
6326s focused
6328s um not to cater to Parker Target I've
6330s been taking it out also it's by the good
6331s final circles to be fair there's a lot
6333s of Heroes you do well in the final
6334s Circle but valda genuinely once you're
6337s grouped up and that tidal wave hits
6339s everyone's screwed it really can just
6342s solo winner win a final Circle so
6345s I think genuine recognizing but like if
6347s they appear too early they could get
6350s blown up and yes they've got good uh
6351s weapon load out there with a golden uh
6353s the golden uh staff they actually
6356s haven't got the greatest arm so if
6359s they're jumped onto like this with
6360s spider oh it could be a little bit
6363s dangerous genuine now being spotted out
6365s wants to heal up a spider just being a
6367s real nuisance genuine is able to get the
6368s pot off and uh recover their armor to
6371s themselves but they're actually gonna
6372s take another chunk of damage there and
6374s immediately they're in some serious
6376s dangers they're trying to join up into
6378s the circle are able to do so but it
6380s comes at a pretty heavy price throwing
6382s forward the tidal wave out of basically
6384s frustration at spider and that's now
6386s down nice and early and they're out
6389s take it and that's exactly what I'm
6391s talking about oh my God he was not happy
6395s about that you see him even throw the
6397s ball to spear at him there at the end
6398s and he did take up a lot of damage off
6401s of spider there even though spider
6402s didn't pick up the elim but now spider
6405s trying to lay down some hits onto Julie
6407s now the final circle is starting to
6409s close out got year on still with that
6412s gold armor losing half of it GG Shaw on
6415s the barrier still fairly healthy very
6417s healthy actually truly as well spider
6419s just trying to use his treaties as
6420s movement here make sure he can stay up
6422s high off the grapples GG Shaw off the
6425s cannon just trying to be a nuisance
6427s Shawn laying down some some cannon shots
6429s to get some damage and potentially even
6431s a kill for himself truly comes in down
6432s with a nice lmb charge up dagger gets
6434s two hits off of that onto Sorel gun and
6436s year on struggun forced to pop that
6437s charcoal ultimate early here with that
6439s staff he needs to be real careful not to
6441s get focused here he doesn't have a lot
6443s of Health yet
6444s um Kai bow as well on the bottom side it
6446s looks like truly now he's gonna get hit
6447s off with someone as long sword waves
6449s there from that blue launcher in the
6450s bottom right corner there truly might be
6452s in big trouble as well that'll be Char
6454s swell gun almost loosens all of his uh
6456s Health there he might be taken out early
6457s here as well so right now just trying to
6459s stay mobile here with that Target
6460s ultimate out trying to get some punches
6462s on to truly truly though still up losing
6465s all his armor and a big pair coming from
6468s he jumped into the Zone but no Gigi
6471s shot to swell gun off the cannon there
6473s and Kai Bell is still up as well lmb
6476s charge release from the spider onto T225
6478s and the bounce is coming in from these
6480s cannon shots here the bounce chair shell
6482s Gigi Shaw just being a real nuisance
6484s onto these players you gotta be real
6485s careful he does does lose all the armor
6487s there also there to come in hot with a
6489s nice yellow be charged off the dagger he
6490s is gonna pick up kybell is gonna be
6492s taken out he did to five now it's gonna
6494s get aggressive by GT Shaw yes but it's
6497s not enough GG Shawn taking out TD to
6499s five and now it's spider and Enzo here
6501s against Shaw here and a big 1v1 spider
6503s getting hit up but no another player set
6506s up sure Julie still up spider tries to
6508s go for the baron ferns call down golden
6510s oh
6526s with a massive win there that was such a
6529s big final Circle for Shaw thinking so
6532s many gifts outside with honestly a
6534s massive misplay I I totally forgot what
6536s it was but he hit the cannon this is the
6537s biggest price damage they've run into
6539s the zone and die immediately and then he
6542s just starts snowballing chain and kills
6543s Baxter back to back to back sure an
6547s absolutely phenomenal game number two
6549s for him and he had a pretty
6550s disappointing game one so opening it up
6552s in style and somebody stayed with GG
6555s since season one as well Char has just
6558s been a staple in solos for a while and
6561s honestly kicking it off with some real
6563s style phenomenal game number two over
6566s there and then very needed one I also do
6569s think um dtd5 you know he went out a bit
6572s early and maybe he would like to but he
6574s still you know had a pretty seriously
6576s good game for himself spider honestly
6581s and while he made it into the final
6582s Circle this time I didn't worry I mean
6585s he got he got destroyed by valda yeah
6589s three fights in a row
6590s yeah he's lucky he got away that third
6593s time like he did not have a particularly
6596s great game uh and I I feel spider
6598s honesty
6599s looking lost right now this season I I
6602s don't think he's been the dominating
6604s Force who was just like a guaranteed
6606s first place in pretty much every Lobby
6607s or like at least a high scorer in every
6609s Lobby I feel like that has faded away he
6612s will score fairly well this game he
6613s plays fairly well later on into the game
6616s I believe he had a fair few kills on the
6617s roof belt or you know a couple of girls
6618s under his belt so it's not gonna be the
6620s worst game in the world for the GG uh
6623s sorry for spider but I I do worry but
6627s you know
6628s he's definitely looking quite lost right
6631s now uh in the way that the games have
6634s been going so he's gonna have to really
6636s have a bit of a think going into this
6638s break and figure out what the hell he
6640s needs to get right because it's honestly
6642s not being the greatest start to a season
6644s for him he didn't win the uh bye week
6646s finals in fact he looked quite lost
6648s during the finals and Mike just
6650s capitalized on that and today you know
6652s again it feels a bit similar he didn't
6655s have the greatest day one of the second
6657s bi-weekly Mike and TTC five did beat him
6660s out and now he's currently in third
6662s place and it's this team so they're a
6665s player so who are very close to him and
6667s if he doesn't if he continues to have a
6669s rough day there's a chance he just gets
6671s to pass and doesn't even have a poding
6673s position going in to those five weekly
6675s finals
6676s I still have a favorite spider I think
6678s spider is definitely a very strong
6680s player
6681s um
6681s I I he just really needs to just brush
6683s out these last two game
6685s um because they won he did come out hot
6688s he started warming up around game three
6690s a game four I believe he did pick up a a
6693s big win for himself
6694s um but like you said it he really needs
6696s to start turning up now I mean the time
6698s is taking two games are done uh going
6700s into game three he really needs to pick
6701s up more elims and attention to get a w
6704s um yeah but yeah it's it's gonna be it's
6706s gonna be a lot of work for him right now
6708s moving into the next final game
6710s yeah I mean going into game number three
6712s um he's obviously gonna definitely need
6714s to uh definitely to kind of look at what
6717s what he's uh what you can fix obviously
6720s moving back to Morris Isle we have two
6722s games on more asyle now coming up and
6723s then uh
6724s it then back to hollerock so a bit of
6726s time before they head over there but we
6728s will see our scoreboard no surprises
6730s sure the 15 pointer does take that
6735s second uh victory of the day you ran
6738s just behind him and honestly it was good
6741s to see you around being more proactive
6742s and more aggressive in this game Shen
6745s Yuen from Powder does take that third he
6747s was knocked out very early as well this
6749s could have very well been his game this
6751s could have been his moment
6753s I love to see that powder I hope we get
6755s to see more valdo like that because that
6757s was that made valder not look as broken
6759s and not look at when I say broken I mean
6761s broken in a bad way
6762s um not look is kind of weak as as a lot
6766s of people will say because you know you
6767s even ask me like oh what heroes are you
6768s looking forward to I was like and you
6770s kind of went oh oh well I'm lucky mate
6772s like that was pretty much your response
6774s to that a genuine one yeah bet and like
6777s literally just whipped out the most
6779s cracked battle game I've seen in
6780s competitive I think we've had like one
6783s foul to win in all of the mbpl like it's
6786s been really really uh it's been a really
6788s really underutilized pick uh obvious
6790s reasons but genuine looking super good
6792s on it and this is that first 1v1 versus
6795s spider I think it was two bubbles I
6797s think he hit five bubbles back to back
6799s on spider like spider just was suddenly
6801s unable to dodge so much of that but you
6804s ran a lot more aggressive this game he
6806s looked he looked infinitely better so it
6808s was nice to see you know Iran and this
6810s is such a close fight it was honestly a
6812s battle of inches in that one wow this
6816s was the uh the F1 bubble off of the uh
6818s the bind there onto spider throws down
6821s the ball the way he doesn't catch him he
6823s doesn't catch the damage off to that
6824s spear as well but a nice pistol shot for
6826s himself here to pick up the Ethan was
6828s just disgusting Shin you on there very
6830s nicely he's done Sorrell gun hanging out
6832s some nice musket shots there and Shaw
6835s here with the cannon just being the
6836s nuisance there with the cannon picking
6838s up a lot of kills here with a diagonal
6840s for a nice finisher this is where he
6842s calls in the Pharaoh ultimate laying out
6843s some big missile shots here with the
6845s stomp there picks up the kill onto
6847s spider and then he lays down another
6848s shot to euron and then went to Julie and
6851s he manages to get the kill there off the
6852s storm they're on to Thule that was just
6854s beautifully done for GG Shaw and
6856s obviously he is our MVP here in game two
6859s but the ferry I met coming out laying
6861s out some missile shots there on the
6863s screen
6865s 25k damage coming in from GG shot here
6868s seven kills on the board wow
6872s [Music]
6882s he was using that very effectively
6884s during that final Circle getting those
6886s kind of like angles working for himself
6888s you know just getting as much damage off
6890s as possible really really big game
6891s coming in from GG Shaw there and taking
6894s our second victory of the day but
6896s obviously we'll be moving back to Morris
6897s Isle
6899s I said it last game but we've now used a
6901s lot of Z things
6903s um yeah I'm curious whether or not they
6904s prioritize the zipping as as their
6907s second uh hero because obviously you can
6910s pick one hero twice every other hero you
6911s have to play once you're allowed you
6913s have to play five Heroes a day in solos
6915s so I'm curious what Heroes people choose
6918s as their like repeatable hero that he
6921s really want to run more than once again
6923s I annoyingly I can't remember the uh the
6926s time of day we're on for the for the
6928s games today
6929s um the certain Maps seem to you know
6931s depending especially on Morris Isle
6933s depending what time of day when you get
6934s this fireplace it really can affect
6937s um
6937s what Heroes do get picked up we thought
6940s I think there was like a there was a
6943s rotation back in season two where we
6945s would have all the fireflies so everyone
6948s runs everyone run uh
6950s everyone ran oh God Yoto there was like
6953s it was 16 yotos obviously we moved down
6955s to 14 but it was full Yota lobbies and
6957s they are very very fun anyway we are
6960s gonna throw it to a quick break and then
6961s we're back back with our third game of
6963s the day so we will see you in a moment
6965s thank you
6974s foreign
6988s [Music]
7018s [Music]
7027s foreign
7030s [Music]
7045s foreign
7049s [Music]
7070s [Music]
7089s [Music]
7096s [Music]
7121s [Music]
7129s foreign
7133s [Music]
7145s [Music]
7182s [Music]
7190s thank you
7192s [Music]
7200s foreign
7207s [Music]
7225s [Music]
7228s Ty some fairly interesting games I
7230s didn't expect the eval to pop off that
7231s previous game we've got that I'm no
7234s surprise it's about a lot of zp
7236s um I think everybody who watches this
7238s show probably know my thoughts on C ping
7240s at the moment uh and well since launch
7242s you know fun hero lots of healing yep
7245s yep amazing uh but I do feel wood now at
7248s the point where
7249s I think we'll start to see a bit of a
7250s cool off on the z-pings elite for a bit
7252s you know we may have the odd player pick
7254s it up because remember the players can
7255s play one hero twice and I feel just due
7258s to like the strength of their hero and
7260s almost I don't say guaranteed make it to
7263s final Circle or late game she definitely
7265s is one of the best heroes to run to kind
7268s of secure that position
7270s um I do think but you know we will
7273s probably see the odd zeping shot but for
7274s the most part I think this is where we
7275s can see some exciting stuff some changes
7277s uh in the uh in in the lineup but we do
7281s have a little bit of a prize for you
7283s guys so we have our answer for Treasures
7285s okay so here's the question which hero
7288s did baldashin Yuen used to kill spider
7290s twice in game number two I just went a
7293s little bit mad about that so I'm pretty
7294s sure you should know the answer to this
7295s if it is a taka B Matari C valda or D
7300s Yoto Hime make sure you answer A B C or
7303s D into twitch chat and uh you can get
7306s yourself a chance for some limited
7307s treasure boxes which would be nice uh
7309s I'll give you a little clue there were
7311s no yotos in the previous game that's
7313s your Killers
7315s um
7320s yourself some Treasures
7332s hey uh naraka you wanna you wanna hook
7335s you wanna hook me up
7337s please yeah
7341s it was funny the timing there
7343s yeah yeah kind of said it right right
7346s before right before the the question God
7349s for those so we're gonna have to wait
7350s and see who's the lucky winner a big
7352s shout out to everybody in the chat
7354s that's always watching the show
7356s um I know I can speak for me personally
7358s I love every single one of you guys at
7359s the chat you guys are amazing always uh
7362s yeah big shout out to everybody in the
7364s chat uh but yeah we're about to move
7366s into game three
7368s got a spider
7370s not having a hot start so far here day
7372s two
7374s um off of game one and two he did didn't
7376s really pick a ball out of elims he did
7378s manage to get into the end circling game
7380s two but he did get picked up early
7383s this is where spider needs to flip the
7384s switch right here like you mentioned the
7386s pings are gonna start not showing up as
7389s much uh so we're gonna have to wait and
7391s see what hero he is gonna be picking uh
7394s but Jay team's action here
7396s average temperature 10K two kills
7398s average kills
7401s also as well he needs to find a find a
7403s different group for himself I'm actually
7405s very curious how they're gonna move into
7406s more style uh I wish I knew the time of
7408s day uh I'm I'm not sure if it's going to
7410s be at the same time as time of day as
7412s day one
7414s um yeah so so this week is all the same
7417s so if you know the rotation of a lot of
7419s of uh Thursday you know the rotation of
7421s today okay so uh I don't I can't
7424s remember the top of my head but it's
7427s either this game or the next game uh
7430s it's gonna be night time Wars aisle so
7432s uh we're gonna have to wait and see
7434s um I should know I did the Drone shot no
7437s I didn't mean boxy did it but I spent
7439s more time getting mocked by Moxley than
7441s paying attention to be honest so that's
7445s the price you had to pay
7446s uh but Fang
7449s bang had a really slow day one
7452s um his average damage is 12K with 2.3
7454s kills uh I'm very curious to see how how
7457s he's gonna pay out these last and final
7458s games I mean we saw in uh bi-weekly one
7461s how strong of a player he was uh four uh
7464s bi-weekly one so it's just a matter of
7467s time that these players start loading in
7469s to the lobby looks like they are loading
7471s in right now in the hero point or the
7473s hero picks are gonna be showing up in
7475s any second now
7478s I'm I'm suspecting if it's nighttime
7480s suspecting tarkus
7482s once again I know I said a last game but
7484s it's something oh it's dusk so oh
7487s there's another no way cheers I'm now
7490s playing the vowder I'm getting spoiled
7493s today uh only one zipping as well from
7497s eggshin
7498s this is a dream Lobby honestly this is a
7501s Dream Lover we got the otos we got the
7503s uh valders we got the uh tarkas we got
7506s the cicadas
7507s and I actually I'm a big fan of Atari
7509s I'm not gonna lie yeah
7511s honestly uh how do you feel about the
7513s new buff she got
7515s uh I actually didn't see the bugs that's
7518s really bad isn't it that's really bad
7519s come on yeah so now uh with her F3 uh
7524s the recall uh if she pops her F3 and she
7528s gets caught up she can use the recall
7530s under attack now as well as the ultimate
7532s the ultimate now can be called under
7534s attack so she got a very strong buff oh
7536s that's very nice compared to how she was
7538s before so it's it's really nice for her
7540s and it's interesting because matara is
7542s already technically quite playable at
7544s least she you saw her quite a lot in
7545s trios
7546s um I'm currently running in the zipping
7549s uh cicada comp
7553s um with Matari in there
7555s it's nice to see it's nice to see that
7557s you know she's she is getting uh some
7559s love and actually you know even even in
7562s a state where she was still relatively
7563s playable you know they give her a bit of
7565s love just to make her a little bit more
7566s a little bit more effective
7568s um we're so do you think we did I think
7569s some Heroes do need bringing up a little
7571s bit so nice to see but here we go
7574s getting ready to go into game number
7575s three we can see the drop spots where
7577s everybody's dropping
7578s I'm not gonna lie
7580s looking at the comps and the like what's
7582s been locked in and where everybody's
7584s dropping I'm gonna call it this could be
7587s a quick game
7588s this genuinely could be a very very
7590s quick and explosive game but we will
7592s have to see as we load it in to game
7594s number three having a look over at Feng
7597s to kick us off again
7599s this is exactly where Fang dropped in
7601s the first game correct uh and spent
7603s seven minutes getting chased by spider
7605s this time it's tt25 this time he's not
7608s on the zipping so ttg5 might actually be
7611s able to get the advantage off nice
7612s little uppercut though Fang actually
7613s buys himself some space bunch of damage
7615s coming in from those dual swords he
7617s blinks forward aren't the thing gets a
7619s whole chunk of damage off on them and
7620s now thanks on the back but trying to
7622s find the charge click off can't quite
7623s connect it on TD5 keeping the pressure
7626s up on two Fang Fang gets himself the
7628s armor swap off something he was so
7630s effective at his tg5 blinks forward into
7632s him charges through slams down TD5
7636s blinks out to safety scale rushes in
7638s gets the climb down Play It's one better
7641s thing losing so much health charges it
7643s is sliver of hell then finds the win
7646s what a fight that was super close it
7650s looks like spider did not want to he did
7652s not want to fight for the fireflies in
7653s that cave this time around he did not
7655s spawn there but he did to find Fang were
7657s in a very close fight but we got I bow
7660s putting his spider into a standard combo
7662s there off the katana now spider barely
7664s weak in the batari he gets clipped off
7666s that lmb charge off the Dagger by saying
7668s you saying you is gonna pick up The Kill
7669s it's a spider and Kai Bell with the one
7671s two three off the katana to say you now
7673s trying to find the opening he does
7674s manage to get the r b jump in and be
7676s proud the f3's force out of the Yodo
7677s here saying you it's gonna go ahead and
7679s pop a reset for himself Kaiba as well
7682s kaibao is ready goes in for the Army
7683s charge does not connect off of that goes
7685s for the jump r b l b there or the RV
7687s jump lnb but no saying you still
7689s responding with the dagger there GG Shaw
7692s showing up with the Tarka Pig just
7694s camping that a call back there the
7695s armberry released for Kai balance to GG
7697s shot he does not get some damage in but
7699s insane you picking up the kill off
7702s autism you now trying to be aggress here
7705s with his aggression off to Zane using
7706s you just eating up a lot of damage but
7708s it's just a common dagger now he's
7710s forced to pop that ultimate go ahead and
7711s swap on over to that purple spear let's
7713s not get the prior off of this let's not
7714s get the punch as well GG Shaw
7716s but the dark Ultimate Zombie he calls up
7718s with a 9 attack Chase off that lmb off
7721s the staff there so make sure you
7722s continue his aggression there he does
7724s pick up a lot of damage but no JL ego
7725s now showing up gets the people's elbow
7727s there and picks up some damage the
7728s cicada forced to pop the ultimate now
7730s needs to be real careful
7731s or the staff there to pick up the kill
7734s there for for saying you up to GG shop
7736s he's not gonna go for a fourth kill
7738s zhangyu is just chain killing the lobby
7740s right now he's three kills deep gets
7742s Eden up there by ego there puts down the
7745s affability himself to keep himself
7747s sustained and alive at the moment quick
7748s Clan coming in zhangy is gonna vote down
7750s the ultimate actually cancel that out
7751s early decides just forcing ego away was
7754s enough but ego now keeps the pressure up
7756s with that spear onto Zhang Yoo zhangyu
7759s now very low this could finally be the
7761s moment where he goes down can he turn
7763s this fight versus ego this is gonna be
7765s one hell of a fight from Zhang Yu and
7767s it's not gonna happen ego is finally
7769s able to stop this madman's Blood spree
7772s as he gets himself three kills chained
7775s back to back first one of which was here
7777s onto spider as uh actually cutting over
7780s now to chazhang who is on the vowder
7785s see if he can maybe have quite the same
7787s success we saw from Shen yuan in that
7789s previous game gets a counter off onto
7791s Chewie chewy picks the bubble up he does
7793s have himself the F up it's the triple
7795s bubble is able to connect one on throws
7797s down the ultimate doesn't quite connect
7799s it looking for the spear don't think
7801s he's gonna be able to find that one
7802s unfortunately maybe on something they'll
7805s spot him out but he's gonna miss that
7807s Spear and unfortunately for Chelsea I'm
7809s not able to quite get the damage off
7811s interesting that he went for the Triple
7812s bubble instead of the single bubble like
7814s you saw on our previous game there from
7817s chess young but now with those bubbles
7819s on cooldown is actually on the Run he's
7822s gonna get himself caught out again
7823s though by thing as bubbles are back up
7826s and available to uh cheers see if he
7828s actually does look to try and go for his
7830s thing keeping the pressure up here it's
7833s down in here but chess needs to try and
7835s get his opportunity to recover that
7836s armor before he wants to go for anything
7838s else
7839s is gonna get one grapple away to safety
7842s it looks like he should be out but then
7844s he's keeping the pressure up here right
7847s now on the two chairs
7849s yeah thanks Phil from bi-weekly one just
7852s running dagger not sure what else he has
7855s in his inventory
7856s but he's still just running the common
7858s dagger I mean have you met have you met
7860s uh Jin before Jin literally will always
7864s take dagger over everything we've seen
7865s him drop a legendary long sword to pick
7868s up a gray dagger like genuinely this guy
7870s only plays daggers
7872s I mean that that's what I was uh talking
7874s about the other day uh very very
7876s interesting because you know you see a
7878s lot of these players play every weapon
7880s uh just because of the Rarity I mean
7882s they try to master every weapon uh so
7884s really just often insane with one weapon
7887s in particular is it's very interesting
7889s to me because I'm always uh I'm always
7891s always see everybody play every weapon
7894s uh especially in in different regions uh
7896s when I do cast uh n a EU or C like
7900s everybody is trying to master every
7901s weapon uh so having someone in the
7903s league who is just trying to be a dagger
7906s God is very interesting to me
7910s come on honestly some of these players
7912s like Jin is a perfect example like
7914s consistently one of the good players in
7916s solos and whenever they have a dagger
7919s they just it's something they're like a
7921s completely different Beast it doesn't
7922s matter on the Rarity of the dagger they
7924s will put the work in and make it look
7925s like they don't have a just a you know a
7928s gray dagger and look like they're
7929s rocking like a purple or an epic dagger
7931s they look super good with it
7934s so expect to see some action break out
7937s around there I'm very excited to see
7940s some of these teams now but you know
7941s not so much of a zipping Lobby I say
7943s that as we look at action and the dagger
7946s funnily enough
7949s that's what himself your RAM actually
7950s gets a little chunk of damage off just a
7952s chip a taster of what he can do I feel
7956s like the attention though is more
7957s towards who am I young for these players
7959s more than getting himself involved into
7961s a fight they don't want to be burning
7962s key abilities and then decide the
7964s Romanian just isn't doable
7966s they are just gonna be waiting that one
7968s out but Romanian is gonna finally be
7970s spawning up any second now
7973s there's a whole bunch of players in the
7975s surrounding area
7977s so this is obviously one that people
7979s really want to be taking I built
7982s with the fact it's not a z thing you're
7983s less likely to basically get stalled out
7985s and just not find anything is they're
7987s all jumping in that's actually going to
7989s be the F ability thrown down by Zhang Yu
7991s he didn't get in so buddy
7993s that is super unlucky everybody missed
7996s the gate on that front but we do still
7998s have to remember Young's actually
7999s breaking out on the other side so we'll
8001s cut over to that in a second and see Jay
8003s teams xgn versus GG shot GG shot only
8007s rocking the gray dagger as the eggs in
8009s it's just gonna be to play in the kind
8011s of avoidance game for the moment here
8012s from Shaw has got obviously the zipping
8015s so the healing is up and available to
8017s him GG shot as he's just struggling to
8019s even connect any damage onto XG and
8021s action it's just kind of scale rushing
8023s using these pillars to avoid away
8025s basically waiting out the uh
8028s the darker ultimate but finally shot
8031s does catch him with a grapple and gets a
8033s whole chunk of damage onto Jin Jin
8034s actually losing a lot of HP here sharp
8037s keeping the Staggering up and says
8038s healing coming in to keep him alive for
8040s the moment backs did very low HP and all
8043s shot needs is just a tickle moral damage
8045s finds himself after getting turned on
8046s doing gym finds the opening to turn this
8049s fight around and gets the ring shot up
8051s and winning it meanwhile spider having
8054s to Blink away on the Matari from that
8057s fight
8057s wow
8059s he turned that fight around fairly
8061s quickly there it could have been really
8062s bad for him but that's the pink ultimate
8064s came in hot for him but it looks like
8065s spider gonna pick up a kill on to saying
8067s you there off of that lmb charge from
8069s that dagger spider now
8072s doing a really good job here make sure
8073s you get some e-lands we got thing
8075s gonna scrap off trying to back up once
8078s again here with the dagger got tt25
8080s moving in just zing in the bottom end as
8081s well we got two players on to bang here
8085s Fang needs to be real careful on the
8087s Takeda T225 with a little bit of a
8089s movement error there but it's not a
8091s problem for him he is going to continue
8092s to try to get aggressive onto Fang looks
8094s like he does spot to Zing there because
8096s Zing needs to be real careful it looks
8098s like xgn against spider I'm gonna be
8100s charged with spider they're off the blue
8101s dagger action
8103s trying to respond here with that gold
8104s Katana you got to be real careful with
8106s the gold Katana we know how much damage
8107s can do the clinks are coming in hot here
8109s goes for the r b l and B but the prior
8111s comes in here for the dagger for spider
8112s the Clint comes in off the blue charges
8114s there goes into the mid Dodge there into
8116s the nice grapple standard combo coming
8117s in
8118s up for the pistol shot but no spider's
8120s gonna blink out for the time being you
8121s need to be real careful he's One pistol
8123s shot a way to be taking out that would
8125s does not connect spider on the run now
8127s needs to be really careful here at least
8129s try to pop a powder yeah there it is
8130s he's gonna get that off action as well
8132s in the back end he's gonna get a nice
8134s reset for himself we do have some codes
8137s once again guys you guys need to be fast
8139s for these game codes gotta have the
8141s steam client open if you guys do not own
8142s a copy of the game if you guys do want a
8145s chance to win these make sure you guys
8146s are as quick as possible enter those
8148s codes into the steam client to be able
8150s to get the game for free but now we have
8152s another scrap off Kai bow against ego
8154s batari Takeda big Perry coming in from
8156s Eagle now tybo's gonna eat up all that
8158s damage even though he popped that
8159s ultimate he's gonna go for the backstab
8160s eagle though he's gonna respond with the
8162s F he's gonna go ahead and pop Vermin
8164s he's gonna use the call back there off
8165s that after for Kai bow he's gonna call
8167s in front to get the r b Prime off of
8168s that release there in the staff coming
8170s in big here from Eagle picking that
8172s healing for himself here in game three
8173s that was massive friend
8175s absolutely phenomenal win there for ego
8177s really really big fight the spider spin
8180s jumped on to It's Gonna blink out to
8182s safety does not want to be dealing with
8184s that fight it's uh Asian already has won
8187s this fight against him previously golden
8189s katana
8190s very very scary spider I see training
8194s out quite effectively here versus Dixie
8195s and clings coming in spider loses a lot
8198s of HP though charge but doesn't quite
8199s hit it there from Jin low HP on both of
8202s these players just in comes the healing
8204s on next gen he's now going to try and
8205s just turn this fight and Spider goes
8207s invisible with that ultimate for the
8208s moment as Jade teams X Jin trying to
8212s sustain up you should be able to do so
8214s he is a z pink after all as let's say uh
8218s here see if they can find a couple of
8220s boost shots off spider will reveal
8222s himself oh that was a lot of damage from
8224s the bow there Frontier gonna get another
8226s shot off here and spider now low HP
8229s could just be finished up by the bow not
8231s gonna hit that shot as they are chasing
8234s onto the kill spider just
8236s permanently low in this game oh my god
8238s really really rough
8240s oh my god spider
8242s please back up safety you should be real
8246s careful he got caught up on another
8247s player it's xxy he was just waiting
8249s there and his spider just moving in he
8251s was fairly weak it was like a present on
8253s Christmas for xxy there he does manage
8256s to kick that kill onto spider and that
8258s spider's game three with only one Elam
8261s 1.1 game score there for himself he's
8263s having three bad games back to back to
8265s back that is super unfortunate for wbg
8268s spider
8269s wow jail eagle with three kills JLo
8272s eagle has been putting up a lot of kills
8273s currently here in game three as well as
8275s saying you with three kills early on in
8276s game three got xxy getting caught up by
8279s a bow shot there by Julie Julie's gonna
8282s try to back up but xxy say you shot me
8284s now you are not gonna get away for the
8286s time being truly trying to create some
8288s space here by xxy catches the prowl
8290s there he nice half coming in from xxy
8292s and now he's gonna go in for the
8294s uppercut but truly with a nice counter
8295s punch there coming in from truly xxy now
8297s forced to pop that Tark ultimate he's
8299s gonna try to get inside that rock there
8300s to get some movement here for himself
8301s xxy is going to go ahead and swap on
8303s over to that calm and Katana gets to
8305s punch in to get some burn damage in but
8306s no looks like that was a pulse or a
8308s great sword coming in for Julie they
8309s have a fireball Tarka as well for Julie
8311s coming in xxy running that F1 gonna go
8314s ahead and pop a Vitality here to make
8315s sure he stays healthy make sure he does
8317s not get third party he just called out
8318s but Julie is just gonna go ahead and
8320s rotate into the next Zone super super
8323s unfortunate he cannot pick up that kill
8325s for himself looks like we have another
8327s temple in circle this time around here
8330s brain again yeah crazy ass you have any
8333s chemical circles we've had we have quite
8335s a few in uh trios as well recently oh no
8338s maybe the algorithm's broken
8342s I think this might be my fourth one of
8345s the season so far if I remember right
8347s regardless uh Remini has spawned up and
8350s it's actually going to be tt25 versus X
8353s Jin both of these players rocking purple
8355s armor and legendary weapons so this is
8357s gonna be a bloodbath this fight as a TT
8360s survive let's see if he can get the uh
8362s skill rush off actually switch it out
8364s for a quick long shot guys the other hit
8366s is able to get on with that long sword
8367s there you go partner initially getting
8369s himself juggled up and absolutely slams
8372s around by ttg5 with the nunchucks but
8374s it's been a fairly close fight so far
8375s there's gonna be the ultimate pop there
8377s from the side of eggs and just keep
8378s himself sustained up for the moment she
8380s is healing up for now as ctt5 try to
8383s chase on with that invisibility has now
8385s finally worn off as they did it's gonna
8388s lose his armor pretty quickly once again
8390s to tcc-5 giving the pressure up the
8393s episode there and available to T5 if he
8395s needs it and he's going to so he just
8397s blinks out to try and get some better
8398s sustain in but it's gonna be hard eggs
8400s in now being jungled not bad and knocked
8403s in low action with the charge click
8405s again able to secure himself the win
8408s there we'll see what he can get from
8409s that more as blessing Mystic Knights are
8411s given that's a golden sphere I believe
8413s yeah I've gone spear in there for him
8416s wow that was massive that could have
8418s been bad but I mean
8420s just as a pain sipping is so strong
8423s that Health that you get back from the
8425s old it's just it's just way too good the
8428s situation like the Roman Yang is just
8430s super tough to try to uh pick out a
8432s zipping uh even the farrias the Pharaohs
8435s do really well in the Roman Yang I mean
8436s if you if you have a fairy of Pop
8438s they'll owe around 30 seconds 25 seconds
8441s I mean that oh it's not gonna run out
8442s before that time of ticks so it's pretty
8445s much a draw there if you don't die
8447s against the Mac but look xxn going in
8450s for the grapple spam both shots there
8452s gonna release that Army charge tries to
8454s go to the grapple stun there but Shin
8456s you on now trying to respond here with
8458s the blue staff
8460s another boat shot but now send you on
8462s here and putting us a lot of damage with
8463s the musket here on to action action
8465s those will respond with a nice close
8467s shot there to counter that he's gonna
8469s double hold that lmb chucked off the
8470s dagger and now the target is forced to
8472s pop the ultimate action as well he's
8473s gonna respond with the ultimate but he
8475s gets the prior off the lunge into the r
8477s b follow up there but look at the ticks
8479s there for the zipping is get sent into
8480s the storm and lucky gets fire off me and
8483s said you are gonna be taken out by
8484s action that turning the fight
8486s around there even though he was fairly
8488s weak and disappear put up a lot of
8490s damage there she takes you five now
8491s super weak here with the gold nunchucks
8493s only three minutes left to get that Soul
8495s plume that he needs to stay alive here
8496s in game three he's gonna try to back up
8498s for the time being but he has swirl gun
8500s and taco ultimate form already trying to
8502s get him low but the Callback comes up
8504s they're ready for it they just tapping
8507s the call back there is gonna get sniped
8510s out by the blow shot there by year on
8512s 18225 gonna be taken out of game three
8515s that is so rough there your arm of an
8518s amazing bow shot because just going back
8520s to that previous fight as well it's hard
8522s to beat anything but they've got Mystic
8524s fight and there's just the base to say
8526s they've got absolutely hugees One bank I
8528s had to get a whole chunk of damage off
8529s of the railgun here get the charger
8532s can't attack off as well as railgun he
8534s should just be toasted at this point as
8536s he's dodging around a lot of damage that
8538s he gets the most armor swap off but
8539s finally goes down bang able to secure
8542s the kill with the cannon shot and I said
8544s we're in for a quick game 11 minutes
8546s left and we're down to seven players
8548s already it has been a bloodbath of a
8551s Lobby so far really really nice stuff
8554s we'll see a replay actually is this
8555s kaibal taking on tt25 uh inside their
8559s Rama young he's in vitari versus Matari
8561s it is there's a lot of blinking around a
8564s uh
8565s is that a pole sword as well I believe
8567s as well so it's it's a very uh very back
8570s and forth fight between these two they
8571s both got incredibly low as they got
8573s through that armor but
8576s just using their Mobility as it looks
8578s like it's easy to find able to finish up
8579s tybal just follow him around every time
8582s he blinks out it's hard to just blink
8584s it's hard to Blink out when the other
8585s person can blink after you as well so
8587s really really classified coming in there
8589s from the side of tt25 and you know he's
8591s been having a good day he's been having
8593s a very very good day so far only three
8595s games in but
8596s some really really good performances
8598s coming in from him
8600s yeah I mean
8602s am I gonna lie
8604s I was not happy about the Matari being
8606s in the meta but for the mainland and I
8609s mean now they're they're starting to see
8610s I mean these players are camping that
8612s that callback so I'm interested to see
8615s if if something's gonna change if
8617s they're going to go back to the yodo's
8619s or something I mean this is on day one I
8621s also saw everybody spider was one of the
8623s main ones to Camp that call back even
8625s though the mataras are getting chased I
8627s mean they know that they're if they get
8628s caught up they're gonna go ahead and
8630s recall and then they're just gonna take
8631s that damage there so I mean we saw that
8633s earlier on from the guitar there just
8635s just getting all their armor chucked off
8637s there off that callback which was super
8639s unfortunate uh but you're saying here
8641s the loan all the trying to see they can
8645s stay up here in this top seven got Julie
8648s poking some shots here
8650s that blue bow a lot of these players
8653s just gonna wait out the zone to start
8655s closing up here in game three
8657s just a waiting game once again
8660s got blue daggering hand for truly also
8663s had a blue staff in the back pocket
8664s You're On Top of the Rock here that's a
8667s really nice setup with the gold
8667s nunchucks has a purple long sword as
8669s well in the back pocket he is currently
8671s running that blue dagger with the blue
8672s ball
8673s um looks like that is scatter shot for
8675s that uh for that bow as well so that's
8678s gonna pick up a lot of damage there if
8679s he does connect onto someone Fang look
8681s at the load out here for bang wait he's
8683s gonna get caught up by a nice bow shot
8684s and loses all his armor he's forced to
8686s back up now that was super quick and now
8688s another bow shot from the other
8690s direction Bang
8691s that's fire arrows as well for year on
8693s there and another one oh no well dang
8696s needs to be real careful he loses all
8698s his health now he's on the run euron in
8701s the back end here trying to get the bow
8702s shot and there's another bow shot
8704s connected fan needs to be real careful
8706s the grapple comes in a year on gets the
8708s killer he's not happy he is not happy
8710s about that he knows that is not the best
8713s way to get taken now for year on and it
8715s was another player I believe is action
8717s that was laying down some bow shots from
8719s the top of the mountain there that was
8720s super unfortunate for him in the
8722s blessing spot then it looks like action
8723s just gets everything for free gets a
8726s blown that's why that's exactly why his
8729s army was chunked out because there was a
8731s gold bow action laying down a lot of
8735s damage or did he pick it up that
8736s blessing he could have picked it off
8737s that blessing
8738s yeah yeah he had to go to guitar already
8742s it's a purpose it is he is
8747s so so stacked now look at this leather
8749s he's even got a golden spear in the uh a
8752s staff that's the one in there in case he
8754s needs it so Jade's a little bit lacking
8755s a couple of Blues still in there but has
8757s got a legendary Soldier and a couple of
8758s purples he is
8761s set up right now for this final bit we
8763s obviously seeing a replay of a spider
8765s actually just for the beginning of the
8767s game actually versus action
8769s Aussie action is having a phenomenal
8771s game so far instantly finding really
8774s really solid fights for himself
8775s obviously beating out spider here and
8777s then he had a really good um a couple of
8779s Roman Yanks he won two Romanians back to
8781s back up the lead
8782s he's just really phenomenal stuff coming
8784s in as uh okay just kind of seeing how
8787s spider was just getting absolutely
8788s slammed I believe the third party came
8790s in yeah from tybal and action just able
8793s to sustain and survive through all of
8795s that
8797s that might have been where he went down
8798s originally yeah he went down originally
8800s and then uh came back and honestly his
8802s recovery into this game has been really
8805s really impressive but
8807s just under seven minutes until the game
8810s does come to an end in the circle fully
8812s closes out but we are down to six
8813s players now what you have at well you
8815s have a game like this is you have a very
8817s large final Circle
8818s considering the amount of players that
8820s there's not that many players left the
8822s circle's quite big so everybody's gonna
8824s be able to find himself in a lot of
8825s places where they're just gonna be able
8826s to chill and wait out the circle until
8829s they know where everything exactly is
8831s going to close there's lots of terrain
8832s and there's caves and everything for
8833s them to kind of all just sit at and and
8836s wait out
8838s yeah I mean I'm looking at the I'm
8840s looking at the uh the kill count right
8842s now in our top three I mean they're
8845s sitting at the same score right now with
8848s three different Heroes ewg giron on the
8851s tarco with three kills Jay team's action
8853s with three kills on zaping jail Eagle on
8856s that cicada with three kills as well I
8859s mean this is this is still anybody's
8860s game I mean it's not like only one
8863s player has been dominating this whole
8864s game three so it's gonna be very
8866s interesting to see I mean we do have
8868s three tarkas up still and the balder can
8871s just completely counter any of those
8873s tarkas as soon as they pop that ultimate
8875s so it's gonna be a very scary sight for
8877s the Tarka there uh to try to pop that
8879s all but action
8880s looks like they are going to continue to
8882s get aggressive they want to pick up
8883s another elim action
8885s I'm so glad he's playing gol Katana I I
8888s personally go the katana for me is
8889s personally my favorite weapon uh just uh
8892s just uh the variety of what you can do
8894s with the weapon I mean we saw a spider
8896s trying to go for the for the heaven step
8898s combo earlier in game one uh the katana
8901s is the most versatile Weapon It's not
8903s the strongest I mean we know how strong
8904s dagger is uh so having uh so having
8907s someone play Katana I mean it is gold so
8909s why wouldn't you play it but just the
8910s fact that the katana is all in play uh
8912s which we rarely see uh in solos is is
8915s just very very nice to see for me
8918s personally but JT in action
8921s tries to catch ego lacking here from
8924s rotation Jail's ego is going to try to
8925s respond with some bow shots none of
8927s these players are going to connect so
8929s far with a bow shot
8931s action as well just gonna go ahead and
8934s swap on over to that purple bow this
8936s time around jail ego as well he's ready
8938s for whatever comes his way I'm gonna lay
8940s down some bow shots Jo ego is ready for
8944s that as well but action just goes in for
8946s the full rotation here he does move
8948s ahead into the next Zone to Zing just
8951s chilling in the bottom left right there
8952s looks like he's gonna try to catch
8954s player lacking he can
8956s um yellow Eagle still left behind in the
8958s zone he's gonna be forced to start
8960s moving in right now ewg's year on
8963s already posted up on the right side of
8965s the next Zone truly on the top left as
8967s well
8968s yeah it's just a matter of time I mean I
8971s think we're uh
8972s we're pretty much in that Buccaneer
8974s phase like you said it hit brain
8977s yeah but it's a very quiet Buccaneer
8979s face nobody's actually shooting cannons
8981s I don't know how many people live in
8982s half cannons I mean you can see uh uh
8985s Chewie has one but that's kind of it so
8988s I think just due to the size of the
8990s circle nobody's willing to fight we now
8992s have you know
8993s just under four minutes left until the
8995s circle fully closes out X that's why I
8998s think you can hear is in Walking about
9000s uh is Gonna Cancel out uh and let's jump
9003s away and everyone Tyler just hiding in
9006s in this uh in the case right now I I
9009s want to see what he can do with this
9010s Felder in the final Circle I want to see
9012s him make it there and see what kind of
9014s impact he's gonna be able to have on
9015s that on that hero and just you took away
9018s for the game has gone he has a pretty
9019s comfortable spot for himself where he
9021s can just wait it out and see where the
9022s circle kind of goes from there so
9025s just for now is gonna be hanging on and
9028s it's very much a matter of hanging on
9030s and waiting out this timer before we get
9033s going is that honestly the game's so
9035s slow but we get to see uh egg yin's
9038s point of view on that fight early he did
9039s have a purple bow when he was Landing
9041s those shots
9043s I mean look at the damage he's just
9045s constantly beautiful shots onto him
9048s absolutely ripping away their health bar
9050s and then you ran I believe it was Uranus
9053s in the end yeah he was able to finish
9054s him off inside the building poison
9056s splash I always think of as the uh as
9060s the sad the sad one as uh ego bigger sad
9063s ones currently getting jumped onto is
9065s able to get a pull off and recover his
9067s armor cannon shots now coming in is the
9070s zone is getting small enough but now
9072s finally the players are starting to feel
9074s that that uh that itch to go aggressive
9076s with ego is actually looking to throw
9078s down that fability doesn't quite connect
9080s it unfortunately his xxy he's got a
9082s whole bunch of damage off London with a
9084s pole sword oh this is why he's able to
9086s finish up ego now action launching in
9088s onto xxy chasing him down but he's gonna
9092s pop that ultimate and have to uh that's
9094s almost cut off as well
9097s let me cancel that early there to make
9099s sure he goes on the cooldown as quick as
9101s possible then it is that waiting game
9103s right now
9104s waiting to see what the final Circle
9106s takes all of these players and chasing
9109s on the valda you can see he just wants
9112s nothing to do with the fight for as long
9115s as possible we do see the end of xxy
9117s he's taken out as action was looking to
9119s get some damage onto cheshang but Jesse
9121s young dodging away on that Katana strike
9122s there he's gonna now just try and
9124s reposition away everybody's been flushed
9126s out into the open and finally this game
9128s is starting to heat up starting to get
9130s some level of action actually losing a
9133s lot of HP looking for the counter onto
9134s action able to get it with the uppercut
9136s as well the dagger's doing some
9137s phenomenal work here getting the
9139s backstep off back through the window
9140s where he can get the pot off and heal
9142s himself back up nice and safely action
9144s doing the same but maybe now thinking
9146s twice before messing with this vowler
9149s waiting it out as the circle will be
9151s closing in two seconds time cheshang
9153s inside the roof right now looking for
9155s the scale Rush onto x-gen as he makes
9157s his way out of the out of the tunnels
9159s but is gonna have to cancel that one out
9161s of the circle now will start to move and
9164s these players are are going to get
9165s pushed closer and closer together only
9167s four players left in this Lobby is
9169s actually making his way out chesyang
9171s comes in with a scale Rush from that
9173s rooftop there that is just gonna back
9174s outside again doesn't want to really
9177s overreach or overstay his welcome is now
9179s for him it's a matter of just staying up
9181s in the air and waiting for the prime
9183s opportunity to get that big valder
9185s ultimate down everybody is throwing all
9187s of their abilities up and down now as it
9191s is just a waiting game Fireball goes a
9192s little bit wide here front and chewy as
9194s in comes the tidal wave catching onto
9196s your ran he's gonna get hit by the
9198s fireball he's gonna get finished up by
9200s Chewie he's the one to secure the kill
9201s it's just him now coming in he's got the
9203s bubbles to use this they ain't gonna
9205s look to connect them to multiple members
9206s and they're all so low Chelsea only the
9209s final member standing but I don't think
9210s he wins the lobby
9212s wow the play there from the Tarka going
9215s up high with the fireball attack could
9217s really play really played out in his
9219s favor there uh being up high laying down
9221s some hits but the only disadvantage he
9223s had was that house the house did not let
9225s him allow they did not allow him to get
9227s any damage from the Fireballs but looks
9229s like j-team's action
9231s is our game three winner here
9234s Morris Isle picking up that massive W
9236s even though the valdo was the last one
9238s standing
9239s was not enough for him to pick up the W
9241s there for himself
9243s J teams action
9245s but a massive Victory here in game three
9249s super well done well played for himself
9251s I know he's definitely happy after that
9253s one
9254s yeah it's gonna be very very happy with
9256s that what a phenomenal game there from X
9258s Yin winning out this Lobby
9261s and he earns it I mean he was so set up
9264s yeah he was so set up for this game like
9266s really really just gold armor gold bow
9269s two golden melee weapons in the staff
9271s and the katana
9273s just it would have been very hard for
9275s him to lose this game and
9277s there was a moment I we you could see
9279s the potential of the Velda unfortunately
9281s only catching one with the ultimate and
9283s I think that kind of comes down to just
9284s there weren't that many people left it
9286s was such a quiet lobby at the end of the
9288s game there's only four people like
9290s you know you're not gonna catch the
9291s whole Lobby in that tidal wave unless
9293s there's a really scrappy fight going on
9295s so it was very much like a he's trying
9297s to wait and see and did hit that one
9299s player and then I believe uh I think it
9302s was Chewie actually he stole the kill
9304s with the fireball yeah on the uh on the
9306s target there so a bit of a rough one uh
9310s for revella but you know I'll take two
9311s valders performing two games in a row
9313s you know that's uh that's a win in my
9315s head that's definitely a win in my head
9317s but yeah very very explosive game number
9320s three a lot of people went out very
9322s early in this game and then it kind of
9324s quieted down towards the end and that
9325s typically what happens in solos you've
9326s had like a quiet early game and a very
9329s explosive end game or explosive early
9331s into mid into a quiet late game that
9333s game was a lot of we had you know a very
9336s um
9337s a very very explosive earlier mid game
9339s there with a pretty chill ending to that
9341s game but
9343s honestly it's the realm of yangs don't
9346s feel as impactful in solos as they have
9348s in trios and
9350s why would you see some people like
9352s fighting on it and getting kind of taken
9353s up at the Roman young depletion it
9355s doesn't feel like it forces aggression
9357s like it does uh in like you see in trios
9360s where like it's almost constant fighting
9362s because of the Roman young station and
9364s while this game was the first time when
9366s we've seen someone not just get a free
9368s realm of Yang and it does it is
9370s interesting to see that some players
9372s just decide not to even think about
9373s going in they just don't feel equipped
9374s already to take those fights so it's
9376s been interesting to watch the uh the
9378s trio players sorry the solo players kind
9381s of adapt to their changes versus what
9383s you get in the trios
9385s yeah which is a a big surprise uh for
9388s today because in day one there were
9391s everybody was fighting for that Roman
9393s gang I don't know yeah if it's something
9394s that they uh they change they're
9396s changing up I mean like you said I mean
9399s game one and game two I mean someone got
9401s free around me a free buff uh cause
9403s someone took the Roman Yang so I'm very
9406s curious to to know the game plan there I
9408s mean in game one on day one of uh
9411s bi-weekly two there was a lot of there's
9414s even people dying for the Roman Yang uh
9416s when they were not allowed to go inside
9418s the port uh so now being different very
9421s interesting to see I mean
9423s um we even saw it there uh yo I think it
9425s was game two the Yoda was throwing down
9427s uh the F3 blade to try to get in even
9429s though they didn't get it uh but we're
9431s gonna go ahead and see our MVP of game
9434s three
9436s already showed up I am trolling but this
9439s is our scoreboard for game three J Team
9441s Action five kills
9445s yeah I've really really big of him not
9447s like as high scoring as some of the
9448s previous games but this one and most
9451s people scored something other than Shaw
9453s uh which is a bit disappointment because
9455s he did when that previous game went up
9456s very very early but spider another
9458s disappointing game coming in from him
9460s 1.1 but you ran starting to be a pretty
9463s consistent player actually you know 7.5
9466s kills uh 7.5 points here did pretty well
9469s in the previous game and the game before
9470s that uh actually we went out early in
9472s the first game the last two games has
9474s started to look pretty decent so you ran
9476s honestly showing up today right now uh
9480s Chewie coming in you know he stole that
9483s one kill away but you know didn't really
9485s get much more from that 4.6 points for
9487s him and an ego from JL someone who
9489s actually I believe he's had some pretty
9490s low scoring points uh across the last
9493s couple of games uh actually making
9495s something work for himself as uh again
9497s fake just he will always drop here I
9500s think that's what we're learning now
9501s like he will always take tunnel secret
9503s tunnels like hey as a place where like
9506s he is willing to fly every time
9509s one thing I was watching there was the
9512s uh
9512s I'll get back to it in a second we're
9514s gonna go ahead and go into the quick
9516s replay here of game three action here in
9518s this runwaying against T225 T225 try to
9522s respond with that LMP confirmation
9523s throughout the nunchucks but actually
9524s with a nice r b release there to pick up
9526s the kill for himself in the realm and
9528s yang and this was the kill that if I got
9531s taken out there by the bow x x y with a
9534s lot of damage here for the full sword on
9535s to Ego and here's where tail A's Fang
9538s got caught up by the bow shots there in
9541s ewg's euron did manage to get the kill
9543s there off the grapple it was the nice
9545s Fireball at the end of The Zone there
9547s this is uh chasing here unless you get
9549s the the victory in the game but not the
9551s victory overall there on the balda just
9554s super unfortunate man here it is
9556s our MVP of game three
9560s J teams action a little bit lower on the
9563s damage they're only 19 take of an
9565s affirmation but it was it was a fairly
9567s kill spready game like a lot of people
9568s got killed so yeah he wasn't doing quite
9570s as much damage but
9572s absolutely amazing uh
9575s amazing damage coming in from the uh
9578s from the boat obviously at the universe
9580s lash and the katana sap there or his uh
9583s for his Katana really really nice stuff
9585s coming in from from uh from xen and
9589s honestly
9590s I I think when Solo's what we're seeing
9592s is what's nice is that it doesn't feel
9595s like one player is dominating every
9597s Lobby it feels like it's a fairly even
9599s spread I think we're seeing a few
9600s consistent players I feel like uh yoran
9603s is probably an honorable mention on that
9604s front while he hasn't won a game today
9606s he has looked very very consistent
9608s across the whole day he's being able to
9609s kind of hold his own versus no matter
9611s what player he's
9613s um
9613s and no matter what player he's going to
9615s go in Toe to Toe with so it has it has
9617s been an interesting day so far in that
9619s front but we still have three more games
9620s to go and the next two of that kind of
9621s big one where you get two games back to
9623s back we get Morris Isle straight into
9625s all oral and you know for the players
9628s the exhaustion starts to set in a little
9630s bit on that front so I'm excited to see
9632s you know now that they've had a bunch of
9633s games back to back how they're gonna
9635s fare going in to this uh going into this
9638s game four and game five you know Morris
9640s are in the holler off back to back hero
9642s points uh obviously well the amount of
9644s Heroes are starting to get used up as
9645s well so I'm excited to see you know
9648s who's gonna what what that's gonna look
9649s like I mean we haven't really had too
9650s many yotos today we've had like one Yoto
9653s today I it's crazy to think we've had
9655s more battles than yoto's anyway we're
9658s gonna pass it over to Jaeger standing by
9659s with one of our players after that game
9661s so over to you Jaeger
9663s foreign
9679s so first I have a very important
9682s question I want to ask children that as
9685s a as a welder player and it seems like
9688s we are very few times can see that Velda
9691s in the solo game in mbpia I would like
9693s to know how you comment on this on this
9696s hero now
9708s foreign
9728s actually I think Velda is very strong
9731s especially in the room of young because
9734s her ultimate is very strong and have
9737s very high damage and also his skill can
9739s have the combo with the weapon that's
9741s why I like to use welder okay let's move
9745s on to the next part answer for
9750s treasurements
9755s okay so you guys can see a question on
9759s the screen and if you know the answer
9760s just type them in the chat box after our
9763s player counting three two one we will
9765s take a screenshot and the lucky guy
9767s today will be whispered okay so let's
9770s see today's question is
9772s which player is new to Mbps is
9805s okay so actually children have few times
9808s like
9809s um just played with that our new player
9812s so I think you guys have the answer in
9815s your heart so let's uh start counting
9818s now okay
9820s okay let's start counting
9824s three two one okay screenshot okay pay
9829s attention to the mailbox and if you're
9831s the lucky guy today you will be
9833s whispered and I think it's time for us
9835s to find out the correct answer
9841s yes and correct answer today is B and we
9846s know like last week after the B weekly
9848s final we just saw the my Coast uh
9851s because our hero in the game so I would
9853s like to know for children did you like
9855s set up the flag for this double week
9863s um
9875s okay okay so actually I
9885s CC and we are looking forward to this
9887s um
9895s thank you children for today's interview
9897s and we will take a break and be right
9899s back later
9915s thank you
9947s whatever
9955s [Music]
9969s from fight to fight we have xcg now
9972s versus JL JL it seem to have the red
9976s buff from Yang the xcg looking to take
9979s them down regardless it's a huge carry
9982s on the as
9984s [Music]
9990s the monk not being able to get enough
9992s kills on the ball but the Matari not
9994s Matari sorry the karumi is dead and
9996s they're trying to raise up but the Viper
9998s gets
9998s the nunchucks meter burn that gold Focus
10002s oh Parry baited oh he does manage to
10007s find the armor sword but I don't think
10008s this is gonna end up going much further
10011s no
10014s [Music]
10024s I'm just getting taken down this feels a
10027s bit ambitious
10029s xcg oh no this is not what you want to
10032s be doing oh
10034s oh no no ultimates
10037s [Music]
10043s [Music]
10058s laughs
10061s [Music]
10070s [Music]
10091s [Music]
10096s foreign
10103s [Music]
10128s foreign
10131s [Music]
10155s split solos day two
10159s we are back looking at the overall
10163s scores here for solos
10165s looking at te straw gun put into 15
10169s plays with 9.7 Point Valdosta but 8.7
10174s but he's been done dirty man he he's
10177s he's performed so well in that game
10179s number two like I want to see I I I got
10182s my fingers crossed to this guy he played
10184s super well in that second game Dead
10187s I mean it's his first day yeah yeah you
10190s know he still has a lot a lot more games
10191s to be played out
10193s um it's just a matter of time I mean
10195s we're looking at GG Shaw as well here in
10197s 11th place that is someone I wanted to
10199s speak about as well he won game two and
10202s in game three he he actually got zero
10204s points for that game hit brain I think
10207s game one he got zero points or at least
10208s got like half a point or one point like
10210s he didn't do great in that first game
10211s either so GG Shaw like very inconsistent
10214s today at least anyway not had a
10216s particularly great day
10218s um Panda man has been now been knocked
10220s out of that top eight but that'll
10221s probably buy a few players who've played
10222s two sets of games so you mind he's got
10224s pretty well on that first day 27 is not
10227s a bad score line at all but yeah you can
10229s see the likes of uh uh Chewie has
10231s basically surpassed at this point and
10233s moved in to that seventh spot keep your
10236s eyes on Mike obviously on next Thursday
10238s because obviously you started today in
10241s in first position oh no sorry in second
10244s position yeah second position
10246s um
10247s but you know he's only played one day
10249s and he's currently in fifth off one game
10251s versus everyone else who's played two
10253s games back to back you know big one on
10255s that front but wbg spider having a
10258s really bad day 4.6 points so far today
10260s like he is not scoring and
10263s this is this is a uh a kind of new
10266s spider issue of like the inconsistency
10269s the spider during season two and during
10271s the World Championship was
10272s just one of the most consistent solo
10274s players like always really really on
10276s point and right now he's having a bad
10279s day and you know from what we've been
10282s seeing you know he definitely it feels
10284s like pressure starting to mount the
10286s spider a little bit
10287s um during this season so far you know he
10289s didn't perform at the bi-weekly finals
10291s uh hanoke group stage and everything
10295s going into that by would you find all
10296s the just about a weekly itself but as
10298s we're seeing right now spider is
10301s struggling so he needs to make these
10302s last three games count and really work
10304s for him and these are the if you're
10306s gonna do it game four or five of the
10308s games to do it because that's the game
10309s where you're picking that momentum up
10310s you've had a bit of a break you know
10312s you've had that had maybe a banana
10313s backstage is a good good one to eat if
10315s you're a player backstage because you
10316s get yourself slow release energy
10319s um but then you get into this game win
10321s this one and then or have a good game
10323s this one and then just carry that energy
10325s through because you don't have a break
10327s really very little downtime so you
10329s basically go straight into that game
10331s number five so
10332s I want to see you know some of these
10333s players step up because we definitely
10335s have had a few players underperforming
10337s coming in to these games and I'm curious
10340s to see what the hero select looks like
10341s because we had a very very interesting
10343s one in that previous game so it'd be
10346s it'd be uh it'd be fun to see what the
10347s players are gonna pick up going in to
10350s our game four no three game four of the
10353s day as we head back onto Morris Isle I'm
10355s not entirely sure what time of day it is
10356s again unfortunately so I couldn't tell
10358s you the answer on that but interesting
10360s take but you know we've only had one
10362s yoshihime so far today uh yote someone
10365s who dominated tree uh sorry solos for
10369s all of
10370s season one season two and a large
10372s portion of Worlds as well was very very
10374s comfortable pick for a lot of these
10375s players but it feels like a lot of
10377s players have kind of slowly but surely
10378s moved away from her I feel like a series
10380s of uh series of Nerfs that make her
10382s maybe less effective obviously the big
10384s one being that F uh stopping it from
10387s spinning for as long so players can't
10389s get more than one pot off in it and it's
10392s if you interrupt them find a way to
10393s interrupt them while they're in that one
10395s pot they're not even going to be able to
10396s complete that
10397s yeah as well as uh Justina
10400s I've ever really seen a lot of justina's
10403s coming okay
10404s yeah I I think Justine has a simple
10407s problem with the Z pink where like they
10409s stressed all the heroes it's very hard
10412s to like punish Justina because they can
10414s freeze themselves up recover armor and
10416s if the fight's going really bad they
10418s just alt and zip away like the old is
10420s Barely Used aggressively mostly
10422s defensively or like to chase someone on
10424s the Run
10425s yeah that's correct
10427s uh who else uh was I thinking about I
10431s remember I remember in world's uh game
10433s one I mean it was like nearly a whole 16
10436s player Lobby of tomokes and yet we've
10439s only seen one tomok so far and it was
10440s from truly in game one so I mean the
10443s hero picks are definitely different this
10445s time around but I mean that's the beauty
10446s of Morocco The Meta is always changing
10448s uh patch by patch so
10451s um yeah um also interesting to see if
10454s akos will be in the meta uh whenever
10457s these uh players are on that patch uh
10460s very curious about that here friend
10463s yeah well the the take is that uh akos
10466s is definitely gonna shake up the solos
10467s meta
10468s um varying opinions on three years I
10470s can't remember who I was talking to
10471s about it but they seem to think that
10473s he's gonna have a a major impact on
10475s trios I think unless he like is a hard
10477s count as a monk they probably won't but
10479s I think in solos I I think we can't
10482s expect to see a ghost uh show up you
10484s know I maybe he won't be like pickable
10487s twice
10488s but he'll he'll definitely be someone
10490s who we see in uh in the in those solo
10493s games especially you know with the fact
10495s that they have to they have to shake it
10496s up they have to be you know fairly
10498s varietied I guess in a way I we have
10502s seen a few players actually pick up
10503s evasion in solos previously as well
10507s um
10508s because he's he's he's Mobile on like
10510s the monk so he's yeah not as easy a
10512s Target to take out when transformed it's
10514s gonna have a lot of fighting Power
10515s because you basically get a second
10517s Health after the transformation so is
10519s that something else to kind of keep our
10520s mind on is we may see the uh show up
10522s here in this hero selects but it looks
10524s like we are getting ready to go into
10525s game number four and so far just a lot
10530s of uh pharaohs actually there's another
10532s chewy actually going for the uh Tammy
10535s twice actually interestingly so he won't
10538s be able to pick like something like a z
10539s ping twice and then xxy last time he did
10542s betas with that monk pick but right now
10544s hovering the uh the Wu Shen Another Hero
10546s who kind of went over my head actually
10547s but yeah another good hero for the uh
10552s mostly because you can just do the old
10554s teleport behind you nothing personal kid
10555s move
10556s um I can't actually remember which
10557s version of the V that is but the one
10559s where you jump behind them and stand on
10560s the back so that is an option
10563s the wuchen
10565s very interesting to see how the
10567s witchin's gonna do
10568s which one was Heavy inside the meta a
10572s couple couple months back
10575s um but Lucian does have the potential if
10577s they're running that V2 swap they can
10579s they can swap out the ferry off the
10581s ultimate um but a lot of these uh a lot
10583s of these players are running that V3
10585s Feria so it might be a little rougher
10587s for the Wu chin to do that I mean it's a
10589s lone wolf uchin so it's gonna be very
10592s tough for him uh here to try to try to
10594s see how he's going to play luchin I mean
10596s the lobby is just looking strictly
10599s fairies right now action on the Tarka uh
10602s the Lone Wolf Tarka Shaw bringing out
10604s the zipping
10605s it's gonna be it's gonna be very
10607s interesting to see we're gonna go ahead
10608s and jump in to see where these players
10610s are landing looks like we have three
10612s players Landing by celestra here looks
10614s like we have T225 and banging year on
10618s here landing at Celestia two Landing to
10620s the left side ewg's euron and KLA Spang
10623s here Landing to the left side of
10624s celestra we have a couple players
10626s Landing to the right hand side as well
10628s we have four players dropping on the
10630s right side there right above
10633s um Shadow J mines there
10635s and they also got two Lone Wolf players
10637s landing on the left side of the map
10640s this is gonna be very interesting it's a
10641s straight line there hip brain yeah
10644s straight down the center as we get ready
10645s to go into game number four focusing
10648s once again on thing let's just be our
10651s point of Interest whenever we drop on
10652s Morris Isle uh is just gonna be trying
10656s to grab as much gear as possible you've
10657s ran who I've been very uh
10660s I'm very positive about today actually I
10662s I genuinely think he's been performing
10664s incredibly well you know very
10665s consistently performing uh so
10667s interesting to see what he's gonna do a
10669s bit as a spider here on the ferret as
10673s well
10679s already low HP is able to re-pick up his
10682s uh his spear as he's now going to try
10685s and turn the spot into church just
10686s actually going very low and railgun able
10689s to turn the fight around and find
10690s himself a victory meanwhile spider gets
10692s himself in a fight here with the
10693s previous Victor of the last game x-gen
10695s he's got this purple nunchucks that is a
10697s purple sphere on spider so he's feeling
10699s comfortable to keep the pressure up and
10700s with the armor Advantage he really wants
10703s to keep the damage onto eggs make his
10706s way up the stairs and just playing the
10707s complete evasion game quick armor swap
10709s out from xjin trying to win this fight
10711s versus spider trying to get through that
10712s armor is able to do so and now spider
10715s he's on the back foot tries to Blink
10717s back tries to Blink away and is able to
10719s do so from X Yin he's gonna heal himself
10722s back up
10723s spiders still trying to looking to try
10726s to get oog here against action when he
10728s gets a full reset he has that purple
10729s spear in hand extreme with that purple
10731s nunchucks he goes back for his blue
10733s armor
10734s eye on the right hand side of the screen
10736s guys the codes go by fast but they're
10739s aggressively aggressive for both of
10740s these players spider getting hit by
10742s enemy charge off of those purple
10743s nunchucks there by action action's gonna
10745s get caught up now by the lmb off of this
10747s purple staff he's gonna Force to pop
10749s that F1 he's gonna go ahead and pop the
10750s note Zone here so he is gonna be able to
10753s back up for the time being by action as
10754s well it looks like they both have the
10757s same plan go on top of the roof spider
10758s it's that nice blue armor swap there on
10762s top of the roof he had it hidden there
10763s from accident action
10765s gonna spin back this lmb charge tries to
10768s go for the r b here not get the prowl
10770s there it is he does get it this time
10771s around since I'm fine down he tries to
10773s go for the reset off the lmb there and
10775s he would have caught him there he could
10776s have got the full recent go for the
10777s uppercut once again but he does nine
10779s looks like spider rocks that nunchuck
10781s there action still maintaining the
10785s aggression here procs again gonna Perry
10787s bait and spider there all right spider's
10789s gonna spin back to lmb charge off the
10790s stab and actually now is gonna eat up a
10792s lot of damage he's gonna release this
10793s MLB charge the f is called Alpha spider
10794s he does not get the pistol shots action
10797s now and spider getting a full reset
10800s common armor for spider here action does
10802s manage to get a powder off he's gonna go
10804s ahead and back up tries to get a reset
10806s outside of this window spider still
10808s looking for an opening for himself and
10809s he knows he needs these skills there are
10812s no olds allowed right now here in this
10814s fight we have a lot of scrap off so it
10817s looks like shin Yuan gets a picks up a
10819s kill to throw gun and Kai Bell as well
10820s on sustain you but spider now getting
10822s caught up once again forced to pop that
10824s F once again and the f is called out
10826s very early for spider he has to back up
10828s to try to find armor swapping he does
10829s here it is a double hole coming in
10831s that's not released the prop comes in
10832s once again off the nunchucks he's
10833s getting caught off at the lmb there he's
10835s gonna release his lmb gets the pride off
10836s that half armor there now spider trying
10839s to find an opening once again he gets
10841s another armor swap there and there's a
10843s lot of armor so I look it's looking like
10844s a Deja Vu from game one earlier on he
10847s was Finding Fang there but actually now
10849s getting caught out forced to pop that
10850s tarko ultimate now the ultra out here
10852s action is gonna Force to back up at a
10853s time being looks like he is gonna be
10855s able to pop a reset as well and spider
10857s does not manage to get a confirmation
10859s kill so far it needs to be real careful
10861s here the action doesn't hit him with the
10863s people's elbows it goes to clean he does
10865s manage to get the pride off of this goes
10866s for the jumper r b and spider finally
10869s does it he picks up the call to action
10871s and it was a battle for him
10873s how come spiders fight always take so
10875s long they're always such a long fights
10878s man Shah getting a Parry off into kaibal
10880s though into the Zone kaibal stripped of
10882s his armor low HP but now he's starting
10884s to juggle shot about he's actually gonna
10886s try and just get as much damage off as
10887s possible as playback gets himself popped
10889s back by the Pharaoh they got the healing
10892s coming in but kaibo with a second
10893s counter massive healing though coming in
10897s on the Z pink and one more bow shot kind
10899s of trying to heal he's dodging he's
10901s duking he's able to avoid it all healing
10904s back up to four HP just gonna zip
10906s himself back towards that zone doesn't
10908s want to hang around for too long a shot
10910s now I gotta try and keep the pressure up
10911s onto Kaiba and maybe a good bow shot
10914s could just about do this for sure but
10915s it's gonna be a hard and Tall Arc here
10918s it's Kai Val very low HP sharp gonna
10921s heal up he doesn't want to risk it if he
10923s misses the shot
10924s there's no way you think we have to
10926s fight the fight and now jumping on onto
10928s kaibao massive charge attack coming in
10931s here from tybell able to get a whole
10933s bunch of damage off into star who's
10934s forced just to pop that bubble once
10936s again getting some damage off of the
10937s dual blade so in response onto kaibao
10940s kaibao avoiding away on susha is he
10943s coming in another attempt there with the
10945s dual blades to try and get through
10947s clyvel's Health but fine was there
10948s enough to keep him going for now as
10950s Global I think I'm avoiding away now
10952s knocking in he's the one to get counted
10955s he's the one to get bought back dropping
10957s his Katana he's gonna switch out to that
10959s purple great sauce but his health bar is
10961s just so low has to mess up and he may
10963s look to try and get away as quick as
10965s possible but he's bleeding out to the
10967s zone and Shaw is able to secure the kill
10970s that was a massive Kill from Shaw
10972s ah super unfortunate uh I like I like
10976s the play he was going there for super
10977s unfortunate that the damage still came
10979s in from Shaw there so he is going to be
10981s taken now but spider's still in the mix
10983s now this time around Celestia looks like
10985s Fang super weak here trying to create
10988s some space here and this is a very tough
10990s place to catch any player especially in
10992s Celestia especially with a dagger as
10994s well I mean the movement can just be
10995s absurd here from all these players
10997s because every player in this Lobby has
10998s just amazing movement thing showing it
11001s out right now with the uh with that
11003s common dagger once again
11005s he is he is the dagger lover so he is
11007s gonna be keep he is gonna keep running
11008s that weapon he does manage to get away
11010s crosses the uh the hill there onto the
11013s other side of celestra moving on over to
11015s the temple side but truly as well on the
11017s tumult tries to catch him with the Wiz
11018s bang just moving right now the movement
11021s from Fang coming in is very nice right
11023s now he does manage to get inside the
11024s temple he can use this building just to
11026s kite here it looks like he is gonna try
11028s to pop a powder he does manage to get it
11030s he gets two bars back off of that purple
11032s armor and chewy try not to let him go as
11035s far as possible he knows he is weak so
11036s he's going to continue to get aggressive
11037s that's the R B file there from the
11039s nunchuck goes for the arterial r b now
11041s the f is forced out of the ferry the
11043s thing comes in there from the area of
11044s grapple there he's gonna go ahead and
11045s lock him in with a tomok ultimate this
11047s might be bad for Fang here then go ahead
11049s and Pop That F once again the r b army
11051s confirmations into the list but it does
11053s not connect yet doesn't even have meter
11055s yes he needs to be real careful the
11057s ultimate didn't do a lot there because
11058s it was inside the building the Clint
11059s comes in once again Fang does manage to
11060s get an armor solve a common armor Swap
11062s this time around truly now
11064s still aggressing the uh thing there in
11066s the bottom side of this Temple looks
11067s like Eagle is moving in but we have a
11069s scrap off here in the red one Yang wbg
11070s spider against OC saying you saying you
11072s getting called out by the lmb chart uh
11074s confirmation they're off the staff
11075s spider now he's done a lot of Hell the
11077s beacons are out here for both of these
11079s barriers now saying you
11081s just wait this out he has that Beacon
11083s hit there if he needs to take it
11084s spider's gonna try to
11086s under it there he manages to hit that
11088s first missile there nice patience coming
11090s from wbg spider there make sure you get
11091s some damage on the saying you and saying
11093s you now
11094s gonna continue just to play around this
11095s pillar make sure he can uh tap those
11098s these missiles when they come in but
11099s he's gonna get clipped off that second
11100s one as well and saying you now almost
11102s losing all of that armor he still has
11104s that Beacon down not sure if he's gonna
11106s want to take the spider still trying to
11109s find an opening now it looks like sangyu
11111s has the advantage here he's back to full
11113s health spider though trying to find
11115s confirmation hits here the prop comes in
11117s mouth to nunchucks he does not release
11118s that the F1 called out for the barrier
11120s the double hold F1 called out for Zane
11122s you now
11123s both of these players trying to get this
11125s kill here the V3 beacons
11128s and that was really
11130s enough the realm of yank
11132s for both of these players teams and
11134s that's super unfortunate for wpg spider
11136s and OC saying you
11137s zhangyu was like one hit he was like one
11141s hit away from winning that and now he
11143s has to run around with Roman yank the
11145s police on for the next four minutes and
11147s something seconds ah that is
11150s that's a rough one that's a rough one
11152s for him he's gonna be a little bit upset
11153s with that one we do see though thing
11155s from KLA has been knocked out of the
11157s game while we're on that especially
11159s cutting over the shin Yen here versus X
11161s Jin trying to see if you can get the
11163s damage off has obviously got the uh yeah
11165s three available here on the sparrow is
11168s um
11169s I see it's quite happy to go for the
11171s heal up and hey Jim taking this fight
11174s versus him goes for the quick F back uh
11176s just to dodge away onto the damage
11178s coming against he doesn't get himself
11179s chain locked here by x-gen his next gen
11183s and she's got no armor needs to find an
11185s opportunity to get a pod off but genuine
11188s keeping the pressure up onto him making
11190s it very very hard for exit in to
11192s actually even think about getting a pot
11193s done for himself as uh just avoiding
11195s away at the door it's gonna be uh you
11199s have a rough idea but he's moved off is
11201s it actually can't get a single pot
11202s offers in comes Iran actually from ewg
11205s to see if maybe he can keep the pressure
11207s up onto HD next in avoiding away but now
11210s pinned against the wall here is gonna
11211s try and turn some of this pressure
11212s around onto Iran is able to hook away
11215s for the moment but Iran is hot on his
11218s heels it does actually look like genuine
11219s he was calling it off for a bit besides
11222s actually he did a lot of work he doesn't
11223s want to give this kill up so he is now
11225s going to be chasing as well and it's
11226s going to be two people chasing he's
11229s gonna have to find an opportunity to
11230s turn this one around throws down the
11233s ultimate to get as much movement speed
11235s as possible and just to try and get away
11236s from this uh this Chase should be able
11240s to do so at least long enough to get a
11242s pot off maybe a second one is Iran is
11244s keeping the pressure up he does get
11245s himself the healing into the Armor's
11247s back and now it's in feeling comfortable
11249s just trying to keep this fight going but
11251s he's not completely stripped of all his
11253s resources
11254s now we're gonna hop on over to saying
11256s you against GG Shaw GG Shaw open up a
11260s lot of damage onto saying you he has to
11261s as a pink ultimate ready he's gonna get
11263s clip off of that lmb charge and charge
11264s gold for the grapple there but the f is
11266s called out for saying you saying you now
11268s is gonna play around the beacon he looks
11270s like he is gonna take the mech and he
11271s has two minutes for that Yang depletion
11273s to take effect so he needs to pick up a
11275s kill in under two minutes here it's
11277s gonna be a very high task for himself GG
11280s Shaw laying down some nice pistol shots
11281s there onto the mech the mech now trying
11284s to find an opening he can go for the
11286s stomp he does not get the hit on the
11287s stop does not get the hit on the missile
11289s as well GG Shaw just playing right now
11291s with saying you here saying you
11293s in a very big trouble here they cannot
11296s find an opening off these missiles Gigi
11298s Shaw he's not afraid he does connect off
11300s for that third but that Meg goes away
11302s and saying you now losing his armor once
11304s again GG shops closing out the blue
11306s dagger this time around does not get the
11308s Pryor off of that nice F2 bubble there
11310s to so Dodge back there does not get the
11312s enemy confirmation because the ultimate
11313s came into play cancels that into the
11315s grapple but he does not get a
11316s confirmation hand GG shot just laying
11318s down a lot of hits here saying you to
11320s come in with the area r b to get some
11322s damage in but that's gonna do it for
11323s Zane Ugg shot picking up another kill on
11326s the board for himself and that was
11327s beautifully done I'm gonna go ahead and
11329s hop on nowhere into wbg spider once
11331s again it looks like three players and
11334s it's Julie with a repeating crossbow
11336s picking up a kill to Zing there that was
11338s super unfortunate that was three people
11339s in that whiskey brain that was insane
11342s that was such a big wisp actually
11344s massive coming in we still listen chewy
11347s and get another one he was so on it with
11349s these whisps did get kind of bullied out
11351s of the game early last time but this
11353s time it's not so many z-pings so he
11355s might not just be the only person
11356s getting focused down the spider again
11360s always low HP always being kind of
11362s dogged by somebody he's having a very
11364s very rough one on that front is going to
11366s be able to uh step away and heal up
11369s after that little engagement but spider
11372s definitely have a bit of a harder time
11373s right now it looks like kaibo is going
11375s to get his health towards this Gator
11376s Yang and looking at the positioning he
11379s might find himself in a fight versus
11380s ttt5 he's the only person who's kind of
11382s postured right now to get in that realm
11384s of Yang Shah I guess is also in the area
11386s but these players maybe actually playing
11388s a little bit less uh less and actually
11392s instead turning their attention towards
11394s is more as blessing as you can see uh
11397s wolves actually step after it's gonna be
11399s ttp5 he makes his way through into the
11401s gate let's see if anybody else wants to
11402s contest him because it looks like for
11404s now he might just get a free Roma Yang
11406s for himself nobody really feeling
11408s comfortable fighting that and to be fair
11410s you are going into a purple armor golden
11412s long sword uh Farah on ttt5 one of the
11415s top players in the lobby so makes sense
11419s actually maybe these guys but they don't
11421s want to go for it instead attention goes
11423s towards this Morris blessing kite about
11425s would like to get his hands onto but
11426s it's actually going to be X Yin taking
11428s on tt25 here inside this realm of Yang
11431s so there is going to be a fight breaking
11433s up between these two players is to
11434s survive waiting off in the sidelines is
11437s now going to come in try and get that
11439s bow shot off unable to fully connect it
11441s it's actually rather stick to the dagger
11442s here with that purple dagger on to
11444s action action trying to get the damage
11446s off of the nunchucks great little Dodge
11447s back there actually my ttg5 to avoid
11449s away on that does throw the f as well
11451s he's just dodging all these little bits
11453s of combos that actually you can put down
11454s but finally Asian finds himself an
11456s opening and an opportunity does throw
11459s down the Pharaoh uh killer and isn't
11462s actually able to really get much of a
11463s knockback for it so actually keeping the
11465s pressure up them now as he switches out
11466s to that long sword into the mech tt5
11469s goes doesn't want to hang around for too
11470s much longer look at the damage he's
11472s taking from action it's so hard foreign
11474s a win here is he's slowly but surely
11477s stripping through that armor trying to
11478s get the cannon fire off does connect
11480s onto action with one can he get the next
11482s one switching out to the other rockets
11483s and just getting a splash damage off and
11485s that's gonna be enough
11487s dtd5 clutches the win
11490s wow that was massive that was very huge
11493s for me
11494s yeah he got he got another long sword
11497s with the Mystic might now
11499s so now he's gonna be sitting with two
11501s gold long swords and we know the
11503s potential of that weapon if you can
11504s catch somebody into the carousel or the
11506s grapple infinite off of a long story we
11508s saw it in day one uh Spider was hitting
11510s people with the with the long sword
11511s infinite so coming in with a gold long
11513s sword is gonna do a lot of damage but
11515s talking about spider we're gonna go
11516s ahead and hop on over to him against
11517s ewg's Iran he was gonna be caught out
11520s here off the purple staff eating up a
11522s lot of damage off of this eron's gonna
11524s be forced to back up a nice pistol shot
11526s coming in from spider spider now trying
11528s to pick up this kill I mean I don't he
11530s barely only has one so far in game four
11532s so he needs this kill but his last
11534s previous game is not being as well as he
11536s needs him to be looks like jl's ego is
11539s showing up to the party as well he has
11541s his eyes onto ewg's euron ewg giron is
11544s going to go ahead and swap on over to
11546s that blue staff we know how good the
11547s movement is on that weapon when you're
11549s using it uh for the lunges there's super
11551s super good uh to stay mobile there super
11553s hard to catch anybody off of this he's
11555s still staying mobile here he needs to be
11558s real careful he is sorry so he needs
11560s that ultimate he can pop it whenever
11562s another pistol shot coming in from wbg
11564s spider there Irondale might be in quite
11567s a lot a little bit of trouble here
11568s spider's gonna go ahead to the grapple
11569s span the blankets that come in from the
11570s Matari he's running that F3 he's gonna
11572s go ahead and blink back as well he's
11574s gonna use the lunges once again off the
11575s stab and spider cannot manage to just
11578s get a confirmation hit here to get a
11580s full combo and it looks like there's
11581s other players moving in it's Wolves Kai
11584s Bao he has his eyes he did manage to get
11586s some shots there he did get the call how
11587s weak eron is but Iran's gonna go ahead
11590s and move on over to celestra where he
11592s can get the full Mobility here it looks
11593s like action though it's gonna catch out
11595s JL Eagle on the outskirts of Celestia
11597s and a big pair coming from Jello Eagles
11599s on to J team Jackson Action Now is going
11601s to go into the people's elbow he's gonna
11602s catch him there off of that lmb charge
11603s off the blue uh dagger there the beacons
11605s will be called out for jail Eagles and
11607s jail Eagles is going to take the Pharaoh
11609s ultimate he's gonna hit action here with
11611s a big missile exit now just trying to
11613s play behind this wall make sure he can
11614s get a full reset and there is a no-o
11617s circle I believe called out on the back
11618s end there it's a little bit of blue got
11621s jail Eagle though he is going to d-mac
11625s I mean go ahead and continue to get
11626s aggressive onto action action
11628s that dagger double holding forces that F
11631s out of the ferry out of jail Eagle Now
11633s Sports to move in into Celestia I mean
11637s we know how strong it is to try to
11638s capture people in Celestia and it's
11640s looking like a Celestial in circle here
11641s I mean look how many players are here
11643s right now
11644s I genuinely like Celestia and circles I
11646s think I feel like the parkour is super
11648s fun to watch like the movement is you
11651s know they make it look so easy I I just
11654s don't have I I've got Boomer hands I
11656s cannot do this what they do when they
11658s get into this map in this part of the
11659s map they are so good at dancing Through
11662s the Windows it's almost as if they know
11663s exactly where every open window is they
11666s just kind of got a maps in their head
11667s and they have like a complete map of the
11669s the way around without even after the
11670s look it's complete muscle memory uh we
11673s did just see Sean get knocked out so uh
11675s unfortunately for him it's another game
11677s where you know he had that one win and
11679s then like a bunch of disappointing wins
11680s there's a spider I think he was looking
11682s elsewhere because he just got himself
11684s ambushed by Iran armagon a little bit of
11688s that Health as well is able to slip into
11690s the building and get a pot off so it
11692s leads to get some of that armor back
11693s Iran is gonna hunt him down though
11694s spider doesn't get the full heal off he
11697s does still lose a little bit of HP as
11698s his armor now getting stripped away as
11700s well spider is able to just about avoid
11702s away and jump to safety but yes but I
11705s did definitely caught sleeping a little
11706s bit there having a bit of a harder time
11708s of it but for now our eight players who
11711s remain are all just waiting for an
11714s opportunity to uh
11717s to find somebody they can take out in a
11720s fight without getting first partied
11721s might be a little hard at this point
11723s though
11724s yeah I mean wbg spider oh v-ron has it
11728s as well he was trying to go for the tuna
11730s I don't I don't know if uh like you
11731s mentioned he had his camera turned
11732s around oh he got caught up but he
11734s managed to turn that fight around when
11736s he got that massive Parry there so he
11738s does still manage to stay into this game
11740s four uh it's just a matter of time here
11742s these players are just waiting they're
11744s just sitting here claiming their spots
11745s don't bore about to start spreading in a
11748s minute 20 day Team Action here pulling
11752s out that purple katana
11753s so we're all gone still on blue armor I
11755s think the only player so far euron
11757s getting caught out by some rain shots
11759s this managed to get the gold armor off
11760s the blessing he's out of there he got
11762s what he needed now he just back up and
11764s these players gonna continue fighting
11765s for that blessing it's spider trying to
11767s find something off the box there tg25
11769s now showing up as well spider's gonna
11771s just move back into Celestia T225 is
11774s gonna back up as well Kai Bao as well
11775s does not want any Palms near the
11777s blessing we know players can be taken
11779s out
11780s by the blessing ewg's euron does go back
11783s up gets some more resources with his wpg
11786s spider with a nice r b charge release
11787s there off that purple staff but Yuan now
11790s trying to respond here Canon shots will
11792s come flying in from the other side of
11793s the map as well spider now has his eyes
11796s to call back here from the matar he's
11798s gonna go ahead and hit gets connected
11799s off some both shots there as well euron
11801s needs to be real careful loses almost
11803s all of his armor but spider has his eyes
11806s on you the dagger is out now the
11808s movement game is in play here for both
11810s of these players he wrong with the
11811s dagger Advantage here with the scale
11813s Rush spider just gonna go ahead and pop
11815s that tuna once again T225 with the goal
11817s long sword two gold on swords for tt25
11821s trying to find an opening here for these
11823s players ewg xeron's gonna back up does
11826s go back to full health off that gold
11827s armor wpg spider just super unfortunate
11831s for him you cannot finish up the kills
11833s which is not what he needs right now he
11836s needs to get as many elims as he can but
11838s nothing is really going his way and I
11840s think he said he praying earlier that
11841s his fights take so long they all just I
11845s don't know why he just has the most
11846s stretched out fight ever it's it's
11848s really bizarre like a lot of other
11850s players have like well much shorter
11853s fights but uh I I used to spot it I mean
11856s he's not even not Z pink or against the
11857s Ping in some of the fights we've seen
11859s today it's just yeah he's just very good
11860s at he's very good at stalling when he's
11862s on the back foot which I think is is the
11864s skill in his own right because some
11866s players you know eventually they do just
11867s kind of crumble and fall apart uh we
11869s just did a little replay here of ttt5
11871s versus uh chess Yang here
11874s um let's see actually how this fight
11875s went down but just
11877s you next comes out of the mac and sorry
11881s TT device comes out of the mech and
11882s feels comfortable to take this fight
11884s versus Chaz is uh
11886s looks pretty comfortable to do so with
11888s the nunchucks done a lot of damage even
11889s with the pillar coming down dtd5
11893s almost turns the fight around there
11895s it's super close is uh Charles is able
11898s to finish him up this is also during the
11900s replay this is the uh this is these two
11902s fighting again within the Roma young a
11904s bit of a grudge match between the pair
11905s of them as uh I didn't think he won it
11907s originally
11909s uh was it GT5
11912s I don't remember yeah not me no it's
11915s apparently not wait maybe it was I can't
11918s remember he got a gold long sword so
11920s yes yes it was him could have been him
11922s yup wow oh yeah because he got two long
11925s swords didn't he yeah
11928s oh he almost got taken out there he he
11931s turned that fight around very nicely
11932s there uh playing around the beacon going
11934s inside the mech to make sure he gets
11936s those missile shots and he confirmed two
11937s there to get the kill for himself T225
11941s four kills on the board right now tt25
11944s is playing really well to uh today hit
11946s brain he's playing very nice yeah he
11948s really is having a fantastic day so far
11951s really impressive stuff coming out from
11952s this guy I mean he is currently at the
11954s top of the tables I believe he was
11956s second or first at the start of the day
11958s anyway so he he was already having a
11961s good run of it uh but he needed a today
11963s to go well as well to guarantee him
11965s basically he wants to be still playing
11967s for first for the bi-weekly final he
11969s won't be playing obviously next Thursday
11971s as that will be a group a
11974s um like Mike and stuff like that will be
11976s playing uh he'll be looking to try and
11978s overtake him so he needs to make sure he
11979s puts as many points together as possible
11980s because Mike will be positioned to try
11983s and take the spot from him so it's
11985s something to kind of keep your eyes on
11987s but right now four minutes first until
11989s the circle fully closes out the circle
11991s has moved actually away uh from Celestia
11993s so it does look like the uh the players
11996s won't be forced into uh forced into
11999s parkour final circles instead they're
12001s gonna be out in the open should be
12003s really nice actually for these Ferris
12005s who are going to bring me out one thing
12006s to be able to line up these Mech shots
12009s um we haven't had a water wheel kill yet
12016s too
12018s I was looking at the water wheel I'm
12020s looking at
12021s seeing who will be the one
12024s to hit that water wheel pick up an elim
12027s or I guess the second one uh in mbpl for
12030s a second kill with the water wheel
12033s um this is a very interesting spot here
12034s uh ewg's euron is inside this little Hut
12038s is Fang still alive I think it's not
12039s alive uh I believe in the finals thing
12042s was actually hitting a spider through
12044s that through that Hut there so not sure
12047s if that's gonna happen once again spider
12048s getting aggressed on here a lot of
12050s players now getting aggressive spider
12053s catching a lot of damage well not that
12056s much he did lose two bars of that purple
12057s armor that's meant to pop the powder
12059s he's back to full house it's the lmb
12061s prowl makes that inferior pop that ass
12063s now players are still laying down some
12066s bow shots there T225 claiming his area
12069s here in the top side
12071s making sure nobody aggresses him
12073s and he has
12075s oh no
12076s he has hepta
12077s he has hepto with the gold long sword
12080s that is very scary that's very very
12083s scary actually for these players to be
12085s dealing with
12086s I actually genuinely worry about this
12088s final Circle goes into the canyon and
12090s someone who hit the water wheel might
12092s just end the lobby like that that'll be
12095s the hypest ending to her to a to a game
12097s I've ever seen
12101s but for now as you're seeing ego uh
12104s getting himself jumped onto by railgun
12106s railgun uh actually out of armor so just
12109s need to be careful he's taking a couple
12110s of shots he's gonna just try and jump
12112s back up to the other side but the
12113s problem is right now is because this
12115s we're not in Celestia anymore there's
12116s actually not that many places for the
12118s players to like hide and look to try and
12121s recover so it's gonna be a hard one for
12123s them on that front as a couple of
12125s players have been uh knocked out in to
12128s the new Zone
12129s that they are just holding fast and it
12132s does look like we are going to be
12133s settling on the canyon so if someone
12135s wants to run into the zone and hit that
12138s that actually could be just game
12140s changingly big this could be super rough
12143s come on someone do it someone being mad
12146s lad
12148s IES gonna summon the met and immediately
12151s jump off into The High Ground after
12153s losing a fair amount of HP switches out
12154s to that Cannon gets a whole bunch of
12156s damage off but he is low HP he could
12160s just Cannon he could just Cannon the
12161s water wheel come on man
12163s give it to me
12166s I think they've just forgotten it's
12167s there
12169s ah she's doing it no oh he looked at it
12173s he aimed and he canceled the cannon shot
12175s on it
12178s I am holding this abated breath
12188s yeah I save come on hit it
12191s I think I don't think anybody's going
12193s for it unfortunately
12194s this is Prime real estate
12200s he's gonna lose his he's gonna lose
12202s everything if he stays for too much
12204s longer he needs to heal up but it's
12205s gonna be hard for him to do so somehow
12207s he's able to get a pull off and at least
12209s recover a little bit of HP but Iran will
12211s spot him immediately and look to jump
12212s out onto him circles moving away so the
12215s water will probably unlikely at this
12216s point as it is actually gonna be moving
12218s on to the cliff Edge spider summons the
12220s mech actually knocking back a couple of
12221s players there but it's just gonna wait
12223s down on the low ground before he looks
12225s to jump up has that Canon form available
12227s to him there's actually railgun still
12229s very low HP somehow able to get into his
12232s Mech and survive for just a little bit
12233s longer going now for the cannon shots
12234s off spider also joining him up there
12236s good luck to finish him up as
12238s everybody's been knocked into the Zone
12239s that's gonna be just a shadow corruption
12241s kill there the spider reigning the
12243s cannon fire down onto everybody jumps in
12246s well Kai Bell's gonna make up as well in
12248s comes the second man from ttt5 spider's
12250s gonna go down in the meanwhile as that
12252s is gonna be a kill onto eggs here the
12255s ttt5 down it's raining the cannon fire
12257s down onto everyone but Kai pal is
12259s mopping up this Lobby
12261s I believe that might be a clybal win
12265s spider got two elims there
12267s Kai bow
12269s not sure if he is the winner
12272s Kai bow 25
12276s I mean he had four elims moving into
12277s that last and final circles I'm not sure
12280s if he picked up an Elam I know spider
12281s picked up two there
12284s you didn't have to wait and see
12286s wow consistently good day
12289s uh yeah did that first game as well on
12292s Moro style going back can he translate
12294s that into a win Now we move back to
12296s hollerock I'll have to say but yeah
12298s really really solid game coming in a lot
12300s of makeups there in that final fight
12301s yeah I'm I'm a little heartbroken yeah
12304s me too I'm a little heartbreaking we
12306s didn't get the water bill at the end of
12307s that one there mate uh but you know at
12308s the end of the day still a very solid
12310s game coming in from a bunch of those
12311s players and uh interesting final Circle
12314s we thought we're gonna go into celestion
12316s just in the last moment decided to nope
12318s out into the canyon just outside
12320s Celestia
12321s oh that's where the game does end
12323s I was staring at the water wheel I was
12326s just staring at it there uh
12329s I actually feel I can't remember who it
12331s was in The High Ground but you can break
12333s the water well out of the map for the
12334s secondary fire get it off and then just
12337s like just run over like eight people
12339s that would have been such a hype mode
12341s that could have been that could have
12342s honestly been a game-winning play but
12343s unfortunately weren't able to make that
12345s work for them and uh
12346s are not gonna be able to find themselves
12348s to kill bear through that way but tt25
12350s does win our fifth lobby of the day I'm
12353s sorry a full floppy today we're moving
12354s on to the fifth after this on to holler
12356s off uh and they are putting some serious
12358s points together they are making a a run
12360s towards taking that top spot at the end
12362s of the bi-weekly going into the bike
12365s being here finals of as many points as
12366s possible because remember I say it time
12368s and time again but to reiterate what you
12370s earn here still carries through to those
12372s bi-weekly finals and could be the
12375s difference making between you making it
12377s to those uh Grand finals and actually
12379s winning the whole thing and getting as
12380s much prize money as possible
12382s yeah
12383s 2225 just playing really well today
12387s playing very well he's staying
12389s consistent
12391s spider
12392s Man Spider he's struggling a little bit
12395s he can't it seems he can oh can't really
12398s finish up kills I mean we even said
12401s earlier and I I mentioned this fights
12404s are super long and hmm amount of damage
12406s he's putting it up and he can't he can't
12407s finish up a kill he's really hurting him
12410s right now I mean they pick up two elims
12412s there at the end of the final Circle uh
12414s which is good but I'm picking up those
12416s kills early game and even mid game I
12419s mean all that counts up and the
12421s multiplayer at the end
12422s really gives a lot of points and super
12424s unfortunate for spider he can't find
12426s that Temple yet I still have two more
12428s games to play it out yeah but
12432s yeah it's just it's it's interesting
12434s with spider because I feel like the long
12436s fights are what's trusting him so much
12437s because he's a good player but he's in
12440s fights where he's not able to like you
12442s say secure the Kill The Kills take to be
12444s long the fights take too long he's maybe
12445s a little passive in some areas and
12447s unfortunately for him what that means is
12450s he's not getting many kills early or
12452s he's getting knocked out early by a
12454s third party because he fights for too
12455s long so he's not putting many points on
12456s the board this is his best performance
12458s of the day 6.2 points this one game
12460s scored higher than the rest of his games
12462s combined today but ttt5 does come out in
12465s first with 12.5 points and you ran again
12467s consistently showing up 8.8 points in
12470s seconds but ttt5 honestly looking very
12473s very scary right now he's put a lot of
12475s points together today put a lot of
12477s points together on uh Thursday as well
12479s so he is all but guaranteed
12482s realistically to make top 14 and
12484s probably still sit at the top of the
12486s tables going in to that bi-weekly final
12489s um on Sunday next on Saturday sorry next
12492s week so attention towards him on that
12494s one I I do feel like unless Mike has a
12497s really really good day ttt5 probably
12499s will just take first at the end of the
12501s bi-weekly finals or the bi-weekly at
12503s least yeah I mean moving in he was uh
12506s currently in second
12507s uh Spider wasn't first he's not having
12509s pretty much
12510s any really good luck today
12513s um actually
12516s uh Spider wasn't first I so I think it
12518s was ttt5 Mike then spider if I believe
12522s right uh Spider hat 41.4 uh oh iPad 34.1
12527s I'm sorry third yeah it was funny then
12530s okay yeah it's super unfortunate right
12532s now uh but T225 I mean he is
12536s ah there's there's not really much to
12538s say I mean we've seen it all I mean
12539s throughout the whole day even day one I
12541s mean he's just playing very nice I mean
12543s we saw him in Worlds he was was the one
12545s giving his run to the money to spider
12547s um and he's actually just
12549s playing very well and he's showing up
12552s but we're gonna take a quick look at the
12554s replay here we got Sorel going picking
12556s up a kill there off the pole sore and
12558s truly here with that massive three whisk
12560s uh player there repeating crossbow
12562s finish there for himself T225 picking up
12564s that Elam onto action here inside the
12566s Roma Yang inside the Pharaoh ultimate
12568s actually just getting hit by those
12570s missiles there from T225 TV goodbye once
12573s again it's here in the scrap out which
12574s is Zane this was a very close fight he
12576s almost nearly lost that he hops into his
12578s Mech here gets the big Missile hit here
12581s into the follow-up hit on the second one
12583s there it is on the third he did manage
12586s to get the W there uh well they killed
12588s him for himself T225 here getting a nice
12591s scale Rush hit there onto ego to pick up
12592s Elin for himself gonna Mech up here on
12595s the side of the cliff got spider in the
12597s top end there the Matari
12600s Iran still staying The Last One Alive
12603s but it wasn't enough gst25
12610s coming into the MVP they're 31
12614s 000 damage coming in absolutely
12617s disgusting you noted the Hipster is
12619s attached as well in that final Circle
12621s just absolutely enormous performance
12624s from ttt5 and where did that damage come
12627s from because they did 10K with a long
12629s sword six okay with the nunchucks 5K
12631s with a dagger but that that that's
12632s really accounting for half his damage
12634s where was the other half of that damage
12636s absolutely phenomenal in 23k with melee
12640s weapons
12642s that's a lot of damage 31 000 that's I
12645s think that's probably the highest I've
12646s seen so far 31 31 000. I don't even
12649s think I've seen uh Trio players have
12651s that number 31 000 that's a lot yeah I
12654s feel like 28 is typically what I see
12656s from like an MVP in Trio maybe 30 like
12659s 31k
12660s absolutely colossal massive massive win
12664s there uh he really is putting his stamp
12667s down on this Lobby and on this
12669s tournament and keep in mind
12671s spider doesn't play next fight next
12673s Thursday he'll play in the play weekend
12675s finals when he qualifies for that for
12677s running he does which realistically he's
12679s got enough points he should be able to
12680s qualify for that but you know
12682s TD5 is being dominating on both days
12686s well spider was just dominating in one
12687s day so there is genuinely a world now
12690s where
12691s I don't think ttt5 can take first and
12693s it's really only gonna be about Mike as
12695s a potential person to overtake him I
12697s don't know if Iran's played already as
12699s well I can't remember what group he's in
12700s so Iran could potentially be in a
12702s running there as well if he plays on
12703s Thursday next week but we will be moving
12706s with the horror off early soon so we'll
12707s be keeping the pace up going into this
12709s next map and I'm very excited to see uh
12712s what what that's gonna look like and we
12714s saw shark at his first win of the day on
12716s holler off in game number two
12718s um but he's been underwhelming ever
12721s since then to be honest he's not really
12723s had the uh the greatest performance so
12726s attention kind of going towards Char to
12728s see maybe if he can somewhat show up as
12730s well but it's been weird because today
12733s definitely has felt like the uh fell at
12736s the ttt5 the Iran day they've kind of
12739s been the like the kind of keys players
12741s today uh well like spiders fans just
12744s being on the back foot all day long
12745s exiting did have his moment in the sun
12747s he did win game number three and did
12749s look very good on that one to be fair
12750s but I feel like
12752s normally it feels like in silos it's
12755s it's a bit of a it's a bit of a tug of
12757s war a bit of a back and forth and uh you
12759s see multiple players showing up but
12761s today it feels like
12762s it's really just been about a few key
12764s players
12766s I'm very very uh
12768s very uh surprising to see chasing not
12771s playing really well as well he had a
12774s really good day one
12776s um it's kind of following the same boat
12778s as Spider right now where
12780s um they're really not picking up a lot
12782s of elams or we're getting to the final
12784s Circle so that's very interesting to see
12787s um how they're gonna bounce back I mean
12788s I still have two more games to be played
12790s out I'm going back to hollyroth
12793s um that's the paint games probably are
12795s over for pretty much always going to see
12798s as a ping even if a player hasn't uh
12800s picked her yet I mean she's always been
12802s called out but
12803s um in all the rods it's a very very
12805s different type of game than in horse
12807s aisle
12808s um yeah we just gotta wait to see when
12810s these players start loading into game
12811s five of our second to last game of the
12814s night be very interesting very
12816s interesting I mean
12819s just playing very very good right now
12821s it's insane yeah no he's playing he's
12824s playing phenomenally well I'm
12826s I'm excited to see what this other
12827s horror off is gonna look like obviously
12828s not too much down time but while we wait
12830s we can have a little look at the
12831s scoreboard and see how everybody is
12833s doing uh Xin Yuan obviously had that
12836s very good uh Hollow rough game on bowder
12838s but other than that it has been a little
12840s bit of a lackluster day from him so far
12842s remember top 14 is all you need to make
12844s he still will be playing on Thursday
12846s next week so we can't keep his eye on
12848s him there see maybe if there's a room
12850s for him to climb but top 14 is where the
12853s uh is with the Bike Week the final limit
12855s is anyone below that in this stage of
12858s the uh bracket from 15th to 21st
12860s unfortunately uh will not be able to
12862s qualify for that by week and final we'll
12865s move up though and see some of the more
12866s exciting teams uh unfortunately this is
12868s mostly scenes who haven't played today
12870s we can see again a bunch of players who
12872s haven't actually played today in the
12873s likes of refi Jin and Panda man but then
12876s you got Shah with 19 points mostly off
12878s that game number two because the rest of
12880s the day's been a little bit
12881s underwhelming and Fang he's 12 right now
12884s but keep in mind there's a bunch of
12885s players who are are not too far off them
12887s in points you haven't played so he needs
12889s to step up to the final two games if he
12891s wants to stay in this uh in this kind of
12894s bottom part of the top 14 to make sure
12896s that he qualifies for that bi-weekly
12898s final and gin as well one really really
12901s good game he won that that game number
12903s three but he's only got 13 points he has
12906s not put as many points together today
12908s out of the out of the domination not on
12913s one player I mean
12915s they win one game and then they start
12917s slowing down the next game they're very
12919s there's a lot of inconsistency right now
12921s going on lobbies uh but tst225
12927s 29.5 points currently currently here in
12930s day two the two more games to be played
12932s out with 63.6 points on the board a
12936s spider
12937s still on second I mean there's a lot of
12939s players who still have another day to be
12940s played out apparently only has 10.8
12943s points for today uh 52.2 points on the
12945s board to Zing with 17.3 for today 50.3
12949s currently
12951s eron as well ewg's Iran even on up here
12954s on the board
12955s um yeah he didn't have an amazing day
12958s one only had 15.7 points that day but
12960s right now he's ranking up a lot of
12962s points here friend
12963s yeah absolutely but I I feel like if I
12966s was spider right now I would be I would
12968s be sweating like yeah he's making it
12971s finals let's be real like
12973s on next Thursday it's gonna have to be
12975s an absolutely bonky day for him not to
12977s qualify A lot's gonna have to go down
12979s realistically
12981s um he could drop a Podium spot he could
12983s drop into he'd stay in the top eight but
12985s like I don't think he could stay third
12987s if Wang Liang has a good day Mike
12989s realistically we expecting to have a
12991s good day he is currently the defending
12993s champion of the bi-weeklies uh did win
12995s that first one so you know it's it's I
12999s expect to see spider drop down because
13000s he just hasn't been consistent enough
13002s today and a bunch of other players have
13004s just been so on it
13006s um so we have to keep our eyes feel for
13007s the next two games to see you know how
13010s how he performs because if spider does
13011s put two wins back to back here and T25
13014s has super hard game spider can take
13017s first back that is that is within the
13018s realm of possibility but it's when
13021s you're just going off the performances
13022s we've seen today so far spider hasn't
13024s been that consistent uh dtg5 has been
13027s tg5 you know he's had like an odd off
13029s game but like for the most part has at
13031s least been you know relatively
13032s competitive scoring at least a decent
13034s amount well spider you know he tests
13036s some half point games some donuts you
13039s know no no real outstanding games I
13043s think this goes back to what we were
13044s talking about with the uh with the the
13046s extended fights and the kind of slow
13047s tempo that he's been playing where his
13050s fights do take sometimes like five
13051s minutes and it's just like
13054s you can't be doing that because someone
13056s will find you within that time someone
13058s will third party you and all that time
13060s resources investment are either wasted
13062s if someone takes the kill or just gone
13064s as you get taken out and all of them are
13066s taken away from your Karen but it
13068s doesn't look like we are getting ready
13069s to go into holler off at any moment now
13071s it's currently a t65 looking
13074s you know very prepared like very relaxed
13076s not too uh
13078s not too kind of nervous face there not
13080s to over eager to play he's just he's
13082s just chilling he's waiting for the uh
13084s waiting for the game
13086s thank you as well
13089s been left up a little bit in the back
13091s and tell us he needs to start turning it
13093s up for himself trying to find an opening
13096s these games
13098s like a spider
13100s even though he's had a rough day
13103s still looking a little relaxed he
13104s doesn't look he doesn't look really
13106s stressed out
13107s 2.6 average kills 14k damage for spider
13110s currently number two in the overall
13112s standings
13114s for the bi-weekly to Spring split
13117s got
13119s Tai Bell
13121s hey uh have you heard we haven't really
13124s heard a lot about kaabao currently right
13126s now right he's not had a massively Stand
13129s Up Performance thing he's always been a
13131s player who's been relatively in the
13132s lover pack for the last couple of
13134s Seasons
13135s um but it's been a bit of a
13137s disappointing day from him um he's been
13139s relatively quiet today hasn't really
13141s achieved too much but we are getting
13143s ready to go on to holler off for game
13145s number five Steve what the hero select
13148s will be looking like after this game we
13151s will see
13153s the points will be roughly laid out and
13155s we'll have one more game but I'm more
13157s interested by Hero select
13158s okay
13160s no sleeping at all a bunch of yotos a
13164s couple of pharaohs some tarkas some
13166s cicadas and a Matari I like this this is
13170s this is a fun solos solos as a fun meta
13173s I'll give it that as much as I will
13175s always complain about zipping uh solos
13178s when you get games like this very very
13180s fun to watch no story Champions though
13182s like Justine is or anything like that oh
13184s hyper aggressive a lot of fighting a lot
13187s of scrapping and I expect this to be a
13189s really really good game
13191s still have three fairies coming out
13193s we have a loan Justine up from Bang
13197s I didn't mention the Justina I I think
13199s we also got one Justina day one
13203s um so we're gonna have to wait and see
13204s how the how the lonely Justina does here
13207s uh does here in game five uh we still
13209s have uh one cicada coming out two
13211s takatas uh from T25 and saying you a
13215s slug gun running that Yoda as well this
13216s is a lot of Yodas here in this Lobby I
13218s mean we know how strong the yodels are
13219s in the End Circle be very tough if one
13222s of these uh dodos uh end up in the End
13225s Circle uh with that ultimate I mean
13227s every every blade hit just gets more
13229s health and it's super annoying if you're
13231s a player like uh like a Tarka or or
13234s Justina or anything like that so it's
13236s gonna be very interesting to see
13238s um but yeah we're learning into game
13240s five
13241s okay it looks like we have a couple
13243s players Landing Bloom Castle we have
13245s some players Landing in ushan Ruins on
13248s the top left-hand side of the map and
13250s actually jl's ego Landing in Plume
13253s Castle we got KLA Spang DG Shaw action
13256s as well letting you Sean ruins it's a
13259s lot of a lot of players right now in the
13261s snowy side right now hit brain it's my
13263s best my favorite bit I love the snowy
13265s bit of uh
13267s of holler off and with it's not Imperial
13269s Village I don't think the map's actually
13270s on there the circles on there so that's
13272s probably why but Imperial Village is
13274s typically quite a popular Rock Spot uh
13276s she used to see you know what the uh
13279s what the puzzle's gonna look like we
13281s still yet in competitive at least in
13283s both uh the mbpl and at Worlds we have
13287s never seen the red armor red armor it's
13290s it's got a seven percent job trance
13291s right and it's still never shown up in
13293s any of the games ah this is really sad
13296s actually in a way because I I love the
13298s red armor but unfortunately I say I love
13300s it I've only actually ever seen it in my
13302s games once
13303s uh we got it roon picked up and then
13306s immediately died oh no I was very sad uh
13309s thing here actually taking himself a
13311s fight versus
13313s um I can't see who it is because they're
13314s too low it's Jin from J teams uh he's
13317s actually able to do a lot of damage to
13318s him the freeze comes in from Justina but
13320s then he's gonna try and zip out all the
13322s portal
13323s is able to make a grand Escape there but
13326s he's in a little bit too slow on the
13328s follow not gonna be able to catch you up
13330s onto him so lovely little Escape there
13332s from Fang
13333s action
13336s looking to find some resources as well
13338s as Fang
13339s just a matter of time that these players
13341s start going at it TT 25 spots saying you
13344s here Takeda V Takeda common staff here
13347s with that Pulsar combo there for the
13349s weapon swap or tt25 saying you calling
13351s him for an early on F3 called out for
13353s two two five gets the prow here now go
13356s ahead and just set off that normal staff
13358s combo there it doesn't do the swap to do
13360s five it's gonna back up for the time
13362s being Zen you looking like they are
13364s going to take a reset in as well 225
13366s spawn uh finds a katana purple Katana
13369s there saying you it's gonna run down
13372s there but look at that freeze coming in
13375s from finger on to action and that's a
13377s massive kill there for Fang he manages
13379s to take out action and now star GG Shaw
13382s moving on in kll Spain gets another
13385s freeze now the F call down here for the
13387s Feria goes for the r b release they're
13389s off the dagger does not get the pile now
13390s GG shot eating up more damage off this
13392s common dagger gets clipped off with two
13394s hits kll Spang still putting up a lot of
13397s damage here on the board for himself
13398s onto GG Shaw Gigi shotgun spawn with an
13400s r b release Here off that blue dagger
13403s click comes in for both of these players
13405s once again both players Perry as well
13406s now the F1 from Justina to get some
13410s armor back running in here from kll
13412s Spang
13413s make sure you can get more uh held him
13415s from South Gigi Shaw looking like
13417s they're all gonna take a reset as well
13419s the resources are there for him so he
13421s does he's gonna be able to get back to
13423s full health Bal Dash Xin Yuan here in
13425s the old notes no oh Circle against xxy
13429s xxy barely weak as well wpg spider rocks
13433s that nunchuck onto euron gets the lmb
13435s proud or F3 called out for the Yodo now
13437s the Yodo is gonna get he's gonna F3 his
13439s F3 I haven't said that in a while WBZ
13442s spider though trying to find an opening
13443s for himself against the lb prior once
13445s again goes in for the aerial lnb into
13447s the RB r b on the ground the prop comes
13448s in once again from the nunchucks he's
13450s gonna cross up that nunchuck meter there
13452s that burn there that's nicely done from
13454s WWE spider onto E1 you was going to get
13456s hit off of two pistol shots now you want
13458s Force to pump out yo ultimate the Wii
13460s comes in for spider off that first flash
13461s gonna clip him off that second slack
13463s he's gonna weave that third one he's
13464s gonna hit off that second follow-up
13466s there now you want to continue to get
13467s aggressive the F3 is called out for
13469s spider the Clint comes in here on to the
13471s F3 blade here from spider e Rondo it's
13473s fairly weak has to be real careful to
13475s call down to F3 now spider has to hold
13477s this time around
13478s gets hit off of that first blade there
13481s in spider with a nice kill and this is
13483s what he needs he needs that Temple
13485s yeah that was a really nice pickup there
13487s from spider and it didn't take too long
13488s as well so he'll be sitting very happy
13491s with that one
13493s lovely little pickup on that front
13494s there's uh let's look like now uh
13499s actually taking a fight versus by the
13501s last time these two matched up on the
13503s holler off genuine actually made a mug
13505s of spider completely ruined him every
13507s time but Sean's actually coming in to
13509s see if he can get a third party down on
13511s this Bearer has got the mech pillar to
13513s use as genuine now actually losing the
13515s fight pretty whole-handedly so he's
13516s gonna try and this girl Rush away the
13518s safety shot does land the bow shots onto
13520s him he actually does connect onto spider
13521s with that great sword and lovely little
13523s bit of damage coming in from genuine and
13524s it actually does that ultimate available
13526s spider lose a lot of HP genuine's gonna
13528s throw down the ultimate to try and clip
13530s onto spy he's going in for the chase can
13532s he land the sword shots no he can't he
13533s needs to cancel the ultimate because
13534s he's just a sitting Target in the air
13536s for sure to finish up and shot keeping
13538s the chase on there's gonna be one pot
13539s coming out the interrupt means he might
13542s not be able to get this next pod off and
13543s he won't be able to so shot can keep the
13545s tempo you can get the pressure up onto
13546s shenyuan can he get away for real
13548s questions looks like the answer's gonna
13549s be no the question is who's gonna get it
13551s because in comes the repeating
13556s and finishes up The Kill now he's going
13559s to keep the pressure on the spider the
13561s spider puts down his death ability to
13562s buy himself some space actually it's not
13564s gonna be but he does to you throw it
13565s down there is Iran was the one to use it
13567s now there's pots are coming in and
13569s spider is gonna be able to hit himself
13571s back up
13572s spider super unfortunate put up a lot of
13575s damage there he did not manage to get
13577s the confirmation kill still sitting in
13579s one one kill currently on the board got
13581s euron getting caught up with a nunchuck
13582s meter brand there from the top end
13583s spider
13584s still on the hunt here picking up
13586s another kill it looks like a nice blow
13588s shot came in here on to euron from the
13590s bottom side here he should do five
13592s though takes out action in The Kill feed
13593s GG Shaw still in the mix
13596s both of these players are gonna get
13598s aggressive onto ewg's e-ron GG Shaw just
13601s waiting for this opening here
13602s both shots do not connect spider ready
13605s here for this afternoon to go down you
13607s are now on the Run once again getting
13608s hit by these armor beats off the
13610s nunchuck gets called out by the MLB
13611s Chargers while GG Shaw's trying to pick
13613s up the kill WWE spider is not gonna be
13615s able to get it it's GG Shaw with a bow
13617s shot there WG spider still not finding e
13621s lamps here switch is super unfortunate
13622s for himself GG Shaw with a nice hole tap
13625s thoughts there winning from GG Shaw now
13627s WWE spider trying to find an opening for
13628s himself once again onto spider spider's
13631s gonna release that lmb Charlie's gonna
13632s go ahead and throw down that V3 Beacon
13634s there to get plyo off of this now spider
13635s forced to pop this go to Ultimate and a
13638s double hole is going to connect up to
13639s that that first blade there let's not
13641s hit the second now GG Shaw is gonna make
13643s up for the time being and you're in the
13645s Yoda ultimate is going to be coming down
13646s here for spider spider though he's gonna
13649s weed that he has eyes in the back of his
13651s head there to read that missile there
13653s coming in from Shaw that was nicely done
13655s from spider now looks like he is gonna
13657s be able to get some health back in this
13659s area but GG Shaw's here with the mag
13661s he's not gonna let him go that far he's
13663s gonna hit him off of this stop here and
13664s there it is the missile is going to come
13665s into play even though he called in the
13667s F3 blade WWE spider though gonna lose
13669s two blocks of armor off of that EG Sean
13672s is gonna D Mech now for the time being
13674s he looks like he's not gonna get
13676s aggressive here he's gonna wait this out
13677s but we do have the rumble yank spotted
13679s in looks like we have some more musket
13681s shots coming from spider but we're gonna
13683s go ahead and hop on over to the runway
13684s ain't here hit brain yeah we're gonna
13686s see Cala here versus uh oh God they're
13689s floating so high in there I can't see
13690s who they are uh there we go uh can you
13694s give the five already with golden weapon
13696s feeding very confident to take this
13697s fight versus bang bang and he just can't
13699s play he just doesn't get to move as he's
13702s knocked up in the air and then
13703s absolutely flan is gonna go for the
13706s freeze can he predict this for the scale
13707s Rush yes he can now the ultimate's been
13709s thrown out by Fang he might look to try
13711s and get the freezer off onto tg5 gets a
13713s good chunk of damage off there for the
13714s moment it's Knocked Up finished up and
13716s TD to five minutes that looks easy with
13718s the golden Jewel swords cutting back
13720s though Sharon spiders fight is still
13722s going on this is what we're talking
13723s about spider space takes forever he just
13725s doesn't get to do anything and he's
13727s eliminated
13728s that is super unfortunate for spider
13731s he did not manage to pick up any of
13733s those last two pills that he worked so
13735s hard on but GG Shaw now coming alive in
13739s game five trying to look into try to
13742s pick up another W on the board for
13744s himself
13745s um
13747s hey little Spang lost Rumble yang
13750s he has around four minutes to pick up a
13752s soul Bloom got two players with
13754s vermillions birds might buff right now
13756s DJ Shaw still super aggressive this time
13759s around gets Shin you on and shin one on
13760s the Yoda easy Shaw looks like a big bear
13763s came in in the back end there the empty
13764s blade is called out for the yodel and
13766s the T225 responding that would have to
13768s take him out that F3 blades and now that
13770s he was eating up a lot of damage and
13771s there's four players here J.O Eagle
13773s showing up on the Tarka Shen yuan is
13775s gonna be taken out and look at the
13777s diamonds coming in here now off to teach
13778s you through five he's forced to pop that
13780s cicade ultimate but now the target is
13782s gonna respond with that Taco open
13783s Ultimate as well Gigi Shaw is gonna pick
13785s up the kill off to T225 T225 it's gonna
13787s be taking out jail Eagles now okay so he
13790s run back to me and now the beacon is
13791s called out here he did have the
13792s vermillions birds might buff there so he
13794s could run this back like you stated but
13796s you have to wait and see Jail's ego
13799s let's not get the people's elbow there
13800s he is gonna have to back up for the time
13802s being while this Mech is up
13804s yeah he's literally standing next to a
13807s place where he can resurrect as well so
13808s there's a chance he actually comes back
13809s wants all these ultimates are used we'll
13812s have to see sure honestly it this is his
13815s map he's so on it whenever he whenever
13817s he's on on horror he won the first one
13820s are we in the infinite no he canceled it
13822s he didn't quite get the infinite off
13824s that was so sad almost finding the
13826s opportunities ego got a bunch of damage
13829s stuff he looks like yeah Chewie's
13830s actually joining in as well now this one
13833s spot has had so much blood it's been
13836s such a bloodbath down there and you can
13837s see look at all the Karens in the area
13838s he goes low HP he might just be joining
13841s the graveyard here he's keeping the
13843s pressure up does get a bit of an
13845s interrupt on but this could just be the
13847s end there's no he's constantly dodging
13849s away using that stuff really really
13850s effectively Chewie chasing up with the
13852s grapples making sure the ego can't get
13854s away he may look to off the no alt
13856s Zone to make sure he's nice and safe it
13858s is gonna go down but I don't think Julie
13860s feels like he even needs it because he
13861s has the pressure but the counter comes
13862s in they're not back with the F actually
13864s to make sure doesn't take too much
13865s damage there from that counter as now
13868s he's getting the pressure up onto ego
13869s one more pistol shot but no the pot
13871s comes in and keeps him alive for a
13873s little bit longer now with the Dual
13874s plays she'll be giving the pressure up
13875s on to Ego ego trying to desperately
13879s slide away from this fight but I don't
13881s know if he has the opportunity maybe if
13883s he finds another counter he does get the
13884s bot back though from the medic pillar
13886s and that should just be all she wrote
13887s unless ego has a miracle of his sleeve I
13892s see him going down
13893s trying to find an opportunity to get a
13895s pot off does get an armor swap out
13897s actually so maybe that might have been
13899s his Saving Grace maybe that might have
13901s been his opening Clan comes in Chewie's
13904s got the pressure and he's able to find
13905s the kill I see job coming in from truly
13908s there truly what's the last one to show
13911s up he took out jail Eagle it was super
13913s unfortunate about xxy was just chilling
13915s here bow making an opportunity there
13917s that the player was not moving xxy now
13919s losing almost all that blue armor does
13921s manage to go for the common armor stop
13922s now Kai bow is gonna go ahead and Pop
13924s That Tarka after gets the lmb charge
13926s there now the lines isn't coming to play
13928s kaibo is going to go ahead and Pop That
13929s ultimate F1 Now call it out for the
13932s failure to avoid out infinite he's gonna
13933s try to run into the into yushon ruins
13935s off this teleport there kaibao Hunter's
13939s gonna wait this out wait for the body to
13941s come back I mean he really can't go that
13942s far but it's truly moving on in here how
13944s about cancel that ultimate only 48 left
13946s two leads back
13948s he's gonna wait absolutely
13953s Oh I thought he was going to take that
13954s fight there he did not it's like they
13956s they are gonna just scatter apart now
13959s just a poking game right now
13961s what are we right now top eight top
13963s eight in zone two hit brain that is
13965s that's a lot of bodies dropping very
13967s quickly do you know what that is because
13969s then they've got that z-pings
13976s it does mean we'll probably have a
13978s fairly quiet End Zone we haven't seen a
13980s game win before the circle closes I
13982s don't think all season
13984s uh we've actually know we have I think
13986s we have one on day one I think actually
13987s but they're quite rare
13991s but this is a lobby but it's moving fast
13993s enough the theoretically finish early
13994s I'd be I'd be surprised if we see it
13997s because it has been a hot minute but uh
13998s ttt5 finds himself GG Char there decides
14001s actually not to take that fight
14004s doesn't that golden dagger though say he
14006s is sitting very comfortable if he wants
14009s to take a fight I mean we've seen TV5
14010s has been very good with the dagger as
14012s well
14013s but he's uh not willing to fully commit
14015s and I think that's fair because he
14016s doesn't really know where the rest of
14017s the lobby is I think there's only Yang
14020s sporting up soon and honestly with his
14022s Loadout if he gets his hands on one of
14024s those he's he's gonna be really really
14026s scary yeah
14029s I mean
14030s the clip is looking like he wants to
14032s just play the top side of that balloon
14033s Castle I mean we know how sean the
14035s Boomin is there uh avoiding anything it
14037s looks like GG shot is not going to take
14039s the Romanians looks like it's Wolves Kai
14041s bow against te swell gun here gold
14044s nunchucks in hand for troll gun Bull
14046s with the purple uh Katana in hand right
14049s now on the Yodo here Army r b probably
14053s here for the kazana
14054s gonna try to find a opening for himself
14056s he's gonna reach that RMB charge there
14058s Kai Bell put up a lot of damage here
14059s onto swell guns Royal guns Gonna Pop
14061s That F3 and looks like he wants to get
14062s aggressive off of this he's trying to
14063s hold that double uh that none took me to
14065s burn there he does not get the any
14066s confirmations hit what was Kai bounds
14068s gonna block that let's check me to burn
14070s now he's forced to pop that ultimate now
14071s Sorel gun forced to pop the ultimate as
14073s well he hits him off that first flash
14075s off that Yoda ultimate he's not gonna
14077s connect after that second one the
14078s knights icebreak coming in there from
14080s guy battle from the punch there gonna
14081s get some follow-up damage to the emphas
14083s called out here to avoid any damage so
14084s I'll go now let's say both of these
14086s players are gonna take a full reset in
14087s but atarka has the advantage right now
14088s he has that ultimate gonna go ahead and
14090s swap on over to that great source Royal
14091s gun doing a really good job attending
14093s the distance in between making sure this
14095s Taco ultimate runs away but the Tipo
14096s people that was gonna come into play the
14097s F3 blade is out here from Yodo still
14100s trying to find the opening for himself
14101s looks like both of these players are
14103s gonna pop
14104s if Italia now the taco team is gone it's
14106s real gun
14107s he's gonna wait it's gonna cross up here
14109s with the lmb gets the armbrial there Kai
14111s bow now gets the F in to follow
14114s coming out big there against Rogers will
14117s be taking down the Roma yay
14119s lovely winner from Carvel just amazing
14122s damage coming in Golden uh
14129s for him
14131s getting happy with that one
14133s yeah I always get him muddled up I
14136s always get like I swear sometimes the
14138s spirit just as icon I I honestly fall
14141s for that all the time now with this
14144s Roman young depletion wants to try and
14146s get a bit of Revenge onto Kaiba remember
14147s he's taking damage reduction due to that
14149s Mystic might but Reverend he doesn't
14151s care he's actually winning this fight
14153s pretty whole-handedly lovely shot with a
14155s bow switch out there from kibal though
14157s but railgun getting the damage off there
14158s it's gonna be the ultimate pop there
14160s from kaibal to try and win this fight
14162s versus railgun railgun gonna heal
14163s himself back up and then maybe let's try
14165s and keep the pressure up onto kaivakova
14167s he can see him he has to miss him right
14169s he knows exactly what's going on and
14171s he's on the back foot trying to get away
14172s he gets caught with a grapple there from
14173s Rogan another grapple comes in as he
14176s look at the keep that pressure up onto
14177s kaibao and we're back at the graveyard
14179s again it's always here Kai Bell getting
14182s himself absolutely slammed right now by
14184s railgun railgun doing a fantastic job of
14187s turning this one around he's almost got
14188s the finisher he's almost done with the
14191s legendary pole sword is too much Kai
14194s bound wins the fight
14197s wow the damage coming in from that gold
14200s pole sword was just insane even though
14203s he got massive hit so they're off of
14206s that juggle there from the top of the of
14207s the cliff there but this is what a pick
14209s and look back when ttg5 managed to pick
14211s up the count to send you on here it
14213s looks like
14214s um jail Eagle moved in T25 gets very
14216s weak there I believe he does get taken
14218s out there uh this was another situation
14220s here where he was in a in Plume Castle
14222s kll Spain
14223s super weak forced to pop that F1 off to
14226s Justina Sorrell gun still getting
14227s aggressive here from the Yodo but the
14229s lmb charge from that gold Dagger from
14230s T225 to pick up the kill into Fang it
14232s looks like he does pick up The Kill onto
14234s shrug and as well the thing comes in and
14235s he uses the F to get that second e-land
14238s form solve and tt25 has not let go of
14241s the cast pedal he's still playing very
14244s nice here in game five and it looks like
14246s he's not gonna slow down anytime soon as
14248s well yeah absolutely well
14251s seven players left in the lobby at this
14253s point
14255s and a massive Circle still got a fair
14258s amount of time so expectations are this
14261s might take a little bit of a slower pack
14263s State now we've got 10 minutes left
14264s until the circle fully closes out and
14266s with seven players here at please as
14268s well a lot of terrain a lot of places to
14270s kind of hide and wait it out so I think
14273s you can see Shaw doing what he's doing
14274s here a little bit of shopping seeing if
14276s you can get any uh anything good from
14278s from the uh
14279s from the shop
14281s and then probably just gonna weigh it
14283s out find himself a nice place to hide
14285s although tg5 give him pressure up though
14288s he's got Joe's thing in his line of
14290s sight right now he wants to try and see
14292s if he can get the uh damage off onto him
14293s but just doing a good job of just
14295s avoiding for the moment t65 does connect
14298s onto him with the golden dagger oh he is
14301s feeling so comfortable lovely knock up
14303s and Charles is so low goes invisible for
14305s the moment it's easy to five trying to
14307s find the bow shot as he blinks back to
14309s safety they're giving the trip the
14310s pressure up onto Jazz and all of a
14312s sudden this seven just could become six
14314s in a matter of moment blinks in blinks
14317s out trying to just use this invisibility
14319s and the scale rushing to his advantage
14322s and all this terrain is he's just
14323s blinking around but look at everybody
14325s it's blood in the water like I said they
14327s smell it like sharks they collapse into
14330s the kill just honestly does a great job
14332s of escaping here I say escaping but
14334s kaibal has seen him the armor swaps come
14337s in and immediately boost off to just
14339s strip it away
14347s he started it and he ends it
14350s wow that was super unfortunate for Jose
14353s but T225 managed to pick up the elim he
14357s has eight kills right now eight kills in
14360s game five
14361s wow he Zing was moving he was moving
14365s with the dagger he managed got the blue
14367s armor swap but it wasn't enough he got
14369s picked up that was super unfortunate for
14372s him he does end up in four for the time
14374s being batiz do five just completely
14377s shredding the lobby currently this was a
14379s realm of Yang replay earlier on with
14381s siralko with a nice Berry there reading
14383s the the uh the lmb charge there from the
14387s air and shiny one is just trying to
14388s respond here with the staff Serge gun
14390s thinks off of this trying to find an
14393s opening he does manage to go for the for
14395s the line she fakes it out baits out that
14397s lmb charge gets the L B file into the
14399s gray sword swap here from the staff
14401s great sword nicely done for him there
14403s that was a quick replay two two five
14405s yeah still getting super aggressive now
14408s he has Assassin's lunch he got it out of
14410s uh chasing's body so now gold armor uh
14413s gold dagger with assassins lunge does a
14415s lot of damage so you gotta be real
14417s careful not to be called out by lmb
14418s charge because right after that he's
14420s gonna go ahead and put up some damage
14422s off of that assassins and so he is going
14425s to continue to get aggressive the random
14426s Bane is going to spawn and I believe the
14427s blessing as well gonna spawn up he's
14429s gonna have to wait and see who's gonna
14431s take what looks like Kai Bao got the
14432s gold armor Kai bow got the gold armor
14434s with the gold dual blades now
14436s um running Tarka what was Kai about also
14439s has that gold pole sword of gold
14441s nunchucks look at the Jades as well two
14443s gold Jades he has four I believe that's
14446s Phantom step as well it's that Phantom
14448s set I need to see him Dodge it looked
14450s like the icon he has the tuna though he
14451s teach a five dog getting aggressive here
14453s in the butterfly cancel against
14457s Fernando he's still getting aggressive
14459s with the candle shots are smooth oh why
14461s check it out DJ do five did you do five
14464s gets taken off but he was just putting
14466s up a lot of damage it does not matter
14468s and gets taken out that is super
14470s unfortunate for him
14472s um that honestly looks like tt5 is like
14475s he'd ordered a delivery and it said it
14477s was on the way to the studio and he's
14478s like I didn't finish this game or I'm
14479s not gonna get my food in time he was
14481s just playing so aggressive
14484s absolutely crazy and he pays the price
14486s for his aggression I think he's got
14488s comfortable with his load outfit he's
14490s he's very good with the dagger he had
14492s that dagger so he said he had the
14493s Assassin's lunge as well so he just felt
14495s so set up to take these fights and
14498s I I think his confidence his confidence
14500s bit him at the end there he he really
14502s struggled to form the back of that and
14503s now
14504s out of that game five players left wow
14508s still six minutes left so
14510s I feel like the person who's been
14512s starting a lot of the fights is now dead
14513s yeah now it might slow down but I I was
14517s wrong last time I said that we'll have
14518s to see Kai Bell that was then also just
14521s kicked it to the teeth right now and we
14523s even said in the previous game we're
14524s like we haven't seen much from him but
14527s uh-huh he's showing up right now as
14529s sharp and uh xxy actually he's taking
14532s himself a fight for the moment not gonna
14535s over commit to one another as the cannon
14537s from Chewie a little bit scary for them
14539s don't don't really want to have a kill
14541s stolen or their health bar accidentally
14542s shredded by a cannon shot
14544s coming in randomly for them and all
14547s these people now down at plumed
14549s it's just a waiting game now to see what
14551s is the next move who's gonna be the next
14553s person to spark that action that
14555s aggression
14558s um
14561s he is he is the only person here with
14563s gold armor
14564s he has to go door Blaze as well is on
14567s Tarka he'll get aggressive
14570s if you really wanted to he only has two
14571s kills currently here in game five uh but
14574s it's just looking like a winning game
14575s honestly I mean it's just so many houses
14577s here and buildings that these players
14579s can just hug and and just wait for the
14582s zone to completely start closing Zone
14584s five's gonna start closing in around 30
14585s seconds uh so it's just a waiting game
14588s for the time being uh truly with a
14590s cannon playing down some cannon shots
14592s from the top side here onto xxy xxy is
14594s forced to move right below him uh both
14597s shots coming from the other side on uh
14598s from GG Shawn to truly uh Zane you just
14601s running on the wall there make sure he
14602s does not get spotted uh no connections
14604s off of any ranged weapons so far xxy did
14607s manage to get a reset in they're in the
14609s bottom side of plume Castle uh saying
14612s you looks like he is going to start
14614s moving in does rotate in
14616s look like to get uh try to get ahead of
14618s the Zone there kaibao jumping around
14620s waiting for for the zone to completely
14622s start closing and there it is the zone
14624s is starting to move eyebrow hits the
14626s Bell gets some some information where
14628s some of these players are he has that
14630s repair roll as well so he's gonna manage
14632s to get some quick uh repairs on his
14634s weapons uh whenever he needs it with
14637s that bow he is gonna try to look up look
14639s to pick up a kill off of range xxy and
14641s truly is just having a cannon off here
14643s uh see who can pick some damage up here
14645s off the cannon the common Dagon uh
14648s Cannon for xxy here does go for the
14651s repair no hits off yet for none of these
14653s players looks like they are going to cut
14654s nope they're we're not going to cut each
14656s other off but Julie's gonna go ahead and
14658s just boot back
14660s it's a winning game right now a lot of
14662s these players
14663s I'm gonna have to wait and see how many
14666s players
14668s are gonna be able to keep up here in the
14670s last final Circle top five situation is
14673s it's very like you said it's
14675s it's a very very slow Circle right now
14677s yeah I mean when you got this little
14680s players in such a Wide Circle yeah
14683s expect it to go a little bit slower but
14685s they are gonna slowly but surely get
14686s forced out into the open I see very
14689s thematic place I think this is almost
14690s dead center on the map this might be the
14692s most Central final Circle I think I've
14694s ever seen across both Maps there's um
14712s I'm not gonna waste any resources you
14715s can let everyone else whistle each other
14716s down
14717s and then look to join in a little moment
14719s so now
14720s I just gonna be waiting out they've got
14722s 15 seconds until the circle Creeps in
14724s closer and forces them to move again
14727s zhangyu is gonna have to move from his
14729s position
14730s but that's not gonna be a particularly
14732s hard move for him to do is three seconds
14734s to go
14736s make sure that he is now set up on that
14739s low ground as the circle starts to move
14742s on six finally moving
14745s oh Canon shots banan once again it's
14750s truly a real nuisance as well as xxy
14753s looks like xxy does not like those Canon
14755s shots that he's receiving he's still
14757s sitting on Julie's way there uh Kai Bal
14760s gonna hit by a couple there he's gonna
14762s have to pop a powder he does lose some
14764s white Health as well from the burn off
14766s the cannon
14768s um dang you
14769s it's in a very nice spot earlier so
14771s being really really good with his
14773s rotations right now make sure he does
14775s not get caught up in the crossfire from
14777s any of these weapons truly still laying
14779s down some cannon shots thank you
14781s right below the stairway there the pole
14782s sword comes in from GG shot a clink with
14784s Julie a lot of players is winning up 54
14788s seconds remaining this last and final
14790s Circle to completely close who's Kai bow
14794s managed to take a full reset as well XX
14797s watch chilling right there on top of the
14799s roof inside of that bottom area
14802s um
14803s it's gonna have to run into the zone to
14806s try to get out uh GG Shaw
14809s still claiming his area on top of the
14811s stairway there Julie going up high oh
14814s still laying down some cannon shots Kai
14816s Bao gets really interrupted by truly
14818s truly forced to pop that F might be
14820s really bad for Julie needs to be real
14822s careful here he needs to make sure he
14823s doesn't run into none of these players
14824s Gigi Shaw's gonna stop that he's gonna
14826s grapple in mid-air now he's gonna be
14827s dropped down there in the bottom side of
14828s the stairs he's gonna take up more
14829s damage now these players are gonna start
14831s moving in Wolf Sky Baldo he's taming
14833s this little pot side on the top right
14834s there Julie's gonna be caught out by the
14836s armies they're off the gold dual Blaze
14837s Julie now forced to weave he has that
14839s has that uh that's um another step sorry
14843s GG shot comes in Bob G no it's true
14845s he reads the blessing and age there that
14848s was nicely done from Julie he's still
14850s trying to find a reason for himself but
14852s he can't find it Kai Bauer just charging
14854s up the Scout Rush Julie needs to be real
14855s careful and Julie has all the Jades
14857s right now nether step and Assassin's
14859s lunch there for the dagger Kai bow still
14862s doing a good job claiming that top right
14863s side of uh of the of the Zone there GG
14865s shot as well the bottom side xxy a lot
14867s of these players are going to start to
14868s go up high Kai bow let's get the Bravo
14870s spam there another player flying up
14872s karbach's gonna reclaim his height there
14874s DJ shot with a blistering Edge putting
14875s up a lot of damage here with a blue pull
14877s sword truly though not letting him take
14880s a reset that V3 is out here Julie is
14882s gonna take the barrel and now another
14883s one's gonna form up xxy saying he was
14885s gonna be hit off of that stomp there Kai
14886s bow is going to eat up that missile the
14888s f is called out for the Tarka it's truly
14890s with a nice position on the top of the
14891s roof here make sure you get some damage
14893s oh no way but saying you comes here with
14895s a big pull sword kill off to Shaw but
14897s look at the position in there from the
14899s mech that was beautifully done from him
14901s that was phenomenal coming in
14904s lovely ending for that game that was
14906s that was just such a bizarre game like a
14909s lot of crazy
14910s Crazy Action at the start and then it
14913s slowed down but ttt5 you can see on his
14916s face
14917s still winning that game but probably
14919s very frustrated with himself and that's
14922s his third win of the day second back to
14923s back as well carrying the momentum but
14926s he just went a little bit too hard and
14928s that could have been more points under
14929s his belt but he just got a little bit
14930s too aggressive and and it and it cost
14932s him it cost him heavily because he
14934s chased for too many kills instead of
14936s just waiting it out until later stages
14938s within the circle but now there's still
14940s one more game to go he's gonna be
14942s turning his attention towards that last
14943s game on mauricyle before he can look to
14946s you know sit comfortably and basically
14948s wait out until Saturday now next week
14950s because he won't be playing Thursday
14952s he's like 99 guaranteed to make it to
14957s the to the bi-weekly finals so
14959s yeah attention attention definitely on
14961s him to uh to make that to make that
14963s qualification on that front yeah overall
14966s really really good game
14968s very very explosive
14969s um
14971s everything in Adam wood it was just it
14973s was such a bizarre game like it was just
14975s a lot of early aggression that I mean
14977s like can we just kill bull bats and
14979s where the graveyard was but like
14980s everybody was just wiping in that same
14982s spot but like most of the game people
14984s just picking this one spot to fight at
14986s and again it's spider in elongated
14989s fights getting third parties and paying
14991s a heavy price for it like he just
14994s is is fight selection and and like the
14997s speed of his fights just are not going
14998s in his favor spider is seriously
15000s struggling today
15001s yeah it's super unfortunate of him uh
15004s stuff fights like stated just taking so
15007s long
15008s um put up a lot of damage onto two
15010s players uh that game and he didn't end
15012s up getting the uh the eliminations there
15015s for himself he lost two of those kills
15016s there um in the graveyard uh where
15019s everybody was just fighting it was just
15021s it was his insane just graveyard of
15023s everybody scrapping off their
15025s um T225 is putting up a lot of kills I
15028s mean it's gonna be a very high task for
15030s for aow's Mike to try to throw him here
15032s in the first place for the bye week
15034s split too but I mean they're just trying
15037s to qualify right now I mean they're
15038s their eyes are just you know trying to
15040s get to the finals and with that yeah I
15042s mean that's what I think for a lot of
15043s these people no attention is I mean for
15044s spider like obviously saying like he
15047s can't really reclaim first I see that I
15049s think it's actually impossible for him
15050s and like he has like the most insane
15052s game for sale uh but you know I don't
15055s have that faith in him today uh I think
15057s for him it's more about making it to the
15059s bye week in finals and then reclaiming
15061s the Bible final itself because he had a
15064s uh he had a ruffle last time he really
15066s struggled a bit like today and Mike just
15068s punished him for it Mike took the whole
15069s thing completely denied him
15072s the opportunity to really like take over
15074s take over the game so yeah I'm excited
15076s to see you know what that biology finals
15078s could look like we still have another
15079s Hollow Rock game no sorry never more
15081s recital game coming up after this and
15083s then we've you know we got that next
15085s Thursday where we'll see aow's Mike Clay
15088s and and group a play because there's
15090s still a bunch of teams who haven't
15091s played but here we go our overall points
15093s at the end of that tt25 coming out with
15096s 12.2 chewy coming up with eight points
15098s wow eight and then Gigi Shah with 6.5
15101s sharp he put like three kills back to
15104s back of that in that beginning area yeah
15106s man ttg5 he's gonna be frustrated with
15108s himself because he had eight kills that
15110s could have been such a big game
15113s I probably could have got the most kills
15115s I've seen so far I mean if he would have
15117s stayed up even potentially winning that
15119s game he could have walked out of there
15121s with like 10 12 kills you know it's
15123s super unfortunate he was getting very
15125s very aggressive and he paid a price for
15127s that but I mean still just claiming AE
15129s limbs hitting those 12.2 game score
15131s there was a super massive win
15134s yeah really really big win yeah it's
15136s having a quick look at the others um
15138s spider 1.1 not a particularly great uh
15142s not a particularly great one Fang's been
15144s having a pretty rough day
15145s Trail Gun like man this guy's had like
15148s areas of like solid potential and then
15151s just kind of not making it work
15152s unfortunately
15155s says
15156s there's a bunch of players today who I'm
15158s like I see so much potential in them but
15160s they just haven't quite hit it I mean
15162s our valder on our first Hollow Rock game
15164s I can't remember I don't know who that
15165s was now
15166s um either way they play Super well on
15169s that game and like they outplayed spider
15176s they played so well but unfortunately
15180s they just haven't had the rest of the
15181s day haven't really got particularly well
15182s for them he's been so on point but just
15185s getting taken out way too early
15189s this is super unlucky for him I mean
15192s a lot of these players have potential
15194s they know what it takes for them to be
15195s the best of the best of what they're
15197s doing here
15198s um it's just some of them can't find
15200s their role right now and it's very tough
15203s I mean tt25 I mean like I said in in
15206s Worlds he he was that number two player
15209s and now he's finding his Groove he's
15212s really playing out of his mind I mean
15213s day one he played great and right now
15215s he's playing Amazing so I mean t to do
15217s five is like becoming very scary for
15219s these players to play against and he's
15221s actually making that statement right now
15224s absolutely this is such a weird final
15226s song just like the cannon fire coming in
15228s on all fronts and uh it was ultimately
15231s gonna be TTC 5v1 but phenomenal game
15235s coming in but here you go here is your
15236s MVP T225 from GS
15241s on that Decatur 18K damage honestly
15245s surprised it was only that it felt like
15246s you did more but he was also just
15248s third-party king for a while until he
15251s was like really geared up uh and then
15254s unfortunately got taken out the moment
15256s he was killed not the greatest one on
15259s that front but yeah there you go ttd5
15260s really really good stuff only 7K with
15263s the dagger so
15264s not the highest uh not the highest
15267s dagger damage coming from him but yeah
15269s overall really really solid game uh but
15272s we have still got one more game to go
15273s I'm curious what the uh the Hero 6 is
15275s going to look like in my front as well
15276s and
15278s I have a bad feeling in the pit of my
15281s stomach but I know what this sixth game
15282s is gonna look like because there's been
15284s one hero who showed up a lot at the
15286s beginning of the day and hasn't shown up
15288s that much and I don't know how many
15289s repeat Heroes have been used to have
15290s really been keeping track of that I
15292s think we might have a bit of a zeping
15294s heavy Lobby coming up in game number six
15295s I hope not genuinely I hope not I also
15299s just got told by Moxie about the 50k
15301s healing vaping in trios yesterday what
15304s the hell that is that is not okay it was
15307s the cicada monk comp was a zipping
15310s his hero and he's looking at this hero
15312s seriously needs some a real looking at
15314s is it's not okay how much healing she's
15317s doing uh but yeah
15320s memes aside memes and sadness sorry
15322s aside uh
15324s I feel like
15326s I've sort of like my brains on like
15328s who's being played with actually a fair
15330s amount of uh decada uh very much
15333s as well so I I'm excited to see what
15337s this is gonna be anyway we're gonna
15338s throw a quick break and then we'll be
15339s back we're back with that final game of
15342s the day so we'll see you in a moment
15359s [Music]
15392s foreign
15417s [Music]
15438s thank you
15443s [Music]
15463s foreign
15465s [Music]
15482s as we are getting to see who's gonna
15484s take it all in this final game and ttt5
15487s has been on form all day long I think
15489s he's only had like one off day well
15492s spider it's been a bad day I actually
15495s kind of want to see Iran step up because
15497s he's always been fairly high on the
15499s scoreboard throughout the whole day uh
15501s but hasn't actually been able to like
15502s take that W because it feels like he
15504s goes out a little bit too early so my
15506s eyes are definitely gonna be on your
15507s hand as well in this game it's maybe
15509s your kind of secret your secret team a
15512s secret team secret player bridge
15513s overtake but anyway before we get going
15514s into this game we did actually speak to
15516s some of our players so that's still
15518s there to say before coming into this
15519s game oh no it's Treasures don't worry
15521s I'm an idiot it's traces I've misheard
15523s uh okay so how many kills did tt25 get
15526s in game number five was it A6 B7 C8 or
15531s D9 make sure you enter ABC or D into
15534s twitch chat for a chance to get yourself
15536s your choices also make sure you do check
15538s that whisper box because that's where
15539s you'll be getting messaged if you do win
15543s do you know the answer to this I know
15545s the answer but I didn't the audience no
15547s I mean he was
15548s just shredding the lobby
15551s that's that's the clue I can give them I
15553s mean he was really shredding the lobby
15555s he was getting a little bit too ooh that
15558s caused him his game five but
15561s two five
15562s but coming into today yeah no MVPs and
15566s now he has three MVPs two two five just
15569s showing up in day two and it's just
15571s massive for him I mean he's been playing
15573s out of his mind
15574s I feel uh but now we're on to that
15577s second bite we're into the third week I
15580s feel like you know that kind of rust for
15581s some of these players and that nerves
15583s some of these players have has probably
15584s been shaken off and they probably feel a
15586s little bit more comfortable a little bit
15587s more warmed up because you know when you
15589s we had a fairly lengthy off-season
15591s world's ended what like
15593s Before Christmas it was like the second
15594s week of December was When Worlds ended
15597s now the last time these guys played
15598s competitive and then they have to wait a
15599s couple of months until you know until
15601s March starts to actually kick off the
15603s mvpl so they had two months off
15604s basically two and a half months off and
15607s yeah I I assume they would have been
15608s playing during that down time but maybe
15609s not as much
15611s um then you have to go through the
15612s contractor and you know by the time you
15614s kind of gone through like signing
15615s contracts doing your teams all that you
15617s then get into the into the shooting
15618s you're like oh man I am not I am not as
15621s like fresh and like as ready as I
15623s thought I was so I feel like for some of
15624s these players they might have uh they
15626s might have been a little bit kind of
15627s caught off guard by that
15628s um
15629s regardless though it feels like now
15631s we're at that point where like players
15633s probably have kind of started to feel a
15635s little bit more comfortable have started
15637s to kind of shake that rust off and you
15639s know you're now to a point where I like
15641s to say it's now not acceptable to have
15644s that kind of like new nerves or that
15646s like that rust anymore like if you're
15648s still struggling at this point there's
15649s something genuinely wrong
15651s but as you can see okay unfortunately
15654s 14th right now
15655s something is seven is a little bit wrong
15658s he's not having the greatest deal of it
15661s um
15662s every time we see him he's in an early
15664s fight but just either goes on forever
15666s because it's worth a spider or like he
15668s just loses
15669s super unfortunate I mean he does a lot
15671s of damage too
15673s um but it's just like those picking up
15675s those skills I mean he is only running
15677s dagger uh he chooses anything besides a
15680s dagger even if it's common
15683s um so it's super unfortunate for him but
15685s serial gun this was a player and you
15687s didn't mention you really wanted him to
15689s perform better I mean look at his
15691s average damage only 8K average damage
15694s for him picks up only an average kill of
15696s one which is not a lot and he's really
15699s struggling right now here in day two
15702s I feel he's he's a massive victim of
15705s third party and I know that's like
15707s you're in you're in a battle royale game
15710s like you have to you have to play around
15712s I'll wear parties it is the way to win
15714s that's where else and you know any kind
15716s of game like this third partying is is
15718s the way to do it right but for sure
15720s Dragon like he he looks great at some
15723s point like some of the like the
15725s individual mechanics and some of the
15726s plays you see you're like okay this guy
15728s could actually be quite good but I think
15730s it's more his game awareness and like
15732s getting caught out by uh those first
15734s parties I mean Jin is a prime example of
15737s this as well like he won our third game
15739s he genuinely has shown us and we know
15742s he's a very very capable Place being on
15744s the scene for a long time now I mean
15746s he's been here for all of the seasons of
15748s the mbpl but
15751s I don't know it feels like you know
15754s he's just struggling with uh uh with
15757s kind of translating his knowledge of the
15760s game actually onto that live stage and I
15762s mean spider as well I mean we've said
15764s enough about spider it's really time for
15766s him to show up and actually prove us
15768s wrong because we know he's one of the
15770s best players in the world like there is
15772s no denying that I mean he is the world
15774s champion so technically
15776s technically he's the best player in the
15777s world because he won the World
15778s Championship but
15780s he is just being Outlast this season by
15784s both Mike and TTC five or see if he can
15787s make a bounce back though as we head
15788s into our final game of the day dropping
15791s on tomorrow's IR one last time let's see
15793s what the hero select looks like see what
15795s these guys have got up their sleeves I
15797s hope it's not Z Pig I hope it's not Z
15799s big we'll we'll see
15801s pretty sure we're still going to see uh
15803s some barriers as well uh come out oh
15808s oh interesting okay so nosy there's
15811s there's the uvation I was talking about
15812s I don't think Huey's gonna play Monk
15815s he'd be a lunatic to play Monk
15820s I'm so interesting I'm just staring at
15822s it I mean we have we have the the Tarka
15825s Takeda Lobby yeah we do I mean it's more
15827s uh Moore's aisle night
15830s um spider is gonna run that area uh
15832s Julie is still on the Monk
15835s are we gonna see this monk come out
15837s right now in game six okay well the USA
15840s got switched out for a Matari I don't
15842s mind you waiting we had a little bit
15844s abstract about it but do you think if
15847s you're gonna run a Transformer other
15848s than fair like your racing is actually
15851s probably one of the best ones you can
15852s run uh he's got a lot of Mobility a lot
15855s of damage you basically get a second
15856s health bar when you transform
15858s um
15859s you know you're very reliant on your
15862s ultimate I will say that but I mean same
15864s with monk amongst heavily a mobile I
15867s mean into the likes of like yotos and
15871s um
15875s wow takas uh yeah I mean you just can
15879s take so much damage but he's sticking
15880s with it that's a monk by having a monk
15883s on the final final game of the day I
15886s said I'm better for monkey trios
15888s so now I'm getting it in my solos I
15890s don't know what's happening man I don't
15893s know either I mean if if you Munk Up I
15895s mean everybody's gonna turn their
15897s attention on to you you know
15899s um
15900s we've been having this fight all day
15902s long tt25 and bang fighting for that for
15906s that Firefly clay cave there in the top
15909s right side of the map uh we have a
15911s couple players landing near sun wing as
15913s well
15914s and look at the spread right now it's
15915s fairly spread out but we're gonna see
15917s the scrap off once again we're right
15918s back into it GS T225 trying to find his
15922s opening here does manage to get one
15924s Firefly running charge up bang looks
15927s like they both are gonna Collide now
15928s that Anthony called out early on for
15929s bang he's gonna go in and take off that
15931s weapon I'm gonna call it burn into the
15932s army release no way right now two five
15935s it's gonna be taken out very quickly
15938s against Fang there he snags up his
15939s weapon I believe that was his only one
15941s there now we got spider in a mix here
15943s and the most common five Zone here and
15946s Morris aisle apparently Iran but he's
15948s gonna take that opportunity to back up
15949s at a time being spider already having a
15952s very bad start here in game six already
15954s does manage to get a common armor swap
15956s Ali Ron it's gonna continue his
15958s aggression out to spider spider doing a
15960s really good job it looks like Shen Yuan
15962s now is gonna cut out catch out euron
15964s here the Clint comes in here got blue
15966s nunchucks in hand for shinyon and year
15968s on with the blue Katana now spider
15970s moving on to the mix as well with the
15972s blue dagger in hand continue on though
15974s that three that's two Targets one Feria
15977s two Targets one fairy looks like shin
15979s you wanna is gonna continue to get
15980s aggressive onto the spider taking up a
15982s lot of damage and nearly losing all of
15984s that armor already try to go for the
15986s grapple lnb spider's gonna get caught up
15987s the V3 Beacon is out now for spider
15989s gonna use that opportunity to Mech up
15991s now he's gonna use the missiles now to
15993s get some damage not to shame he is going
15996s to hit him with a fireball Josh gold for
15998s the stomp there does not get the missile
16000s shot there on to send you on that's
16001s gonna be super unfortunate for him he's
16003s gonna be sliding off that Cliff so he
16004s doesn't or the top of that roof he is
16006s not not going to get the Vitalia there
16007s now the repeating crossbow shots coming
16009s in that's a purple a repeating crossbow
16011s for Shen you on there picking up some
16014s damage onto spider spider's gonna be
16016s Mack here and go ahead and just back up
16018s for the time being he's still getting
16019s aggressed on by both of these tacos he
16021s needs to be real careful here he does
16022s not have the ultimate this time around
16023s looks like he is going to cut noise here
16025s make sure he can try to break their
16026s ankles looks like eron might have
16028s spotted him yeah I'm gonna get a must
16029s get shot there onto spider spider now is
16031s gonna respond with an enemy charge
16032s outside of the door there he's gonna let
16034s another one lose but that was called out
16035s for ye run you run out trying to find an
16037s opening for himself he has that opening
16038s though he's gonna get the pry off the r
16040s b the F1 is called out for spiders
16041s spiders gonna get another armor Swap and
16043s euron now does manage to get a powder
16045s off let's go for the prowl off the lmb
16047s but it's not get it now the taco
16048s ultimate is to be called out now spider
16050s needs to be real careful he does not
16052s have all and the f is on cool
16056s he catches him there off that first
16058s slide uppercut but he goes through the
16060s door and does not get the problem the
16061s Clint comes in once again off the scale
16063s right there now this is very unfortunate
16065s for the spider he has two tarkos on him
16067s right now yeah that's gonna be so hard
16069s but again spider long fights it's the
16072s same thing as always he's always getting
16073s himself caught out in these long long
16075s fights
16077s finally getting himself low he does get
16079s another bit of armor back sorted out for
16081s himself but Fireball slams right into
16083s his face
16084s and a spider can somehow get away from
16086s this it'll be a goddamn Miracle two
16088s attackers would just be dealing with him
16090s as it's almost as if they've just agreed
16092s to focus spider and finish him up as
16095s he's caught out finally taken down and
16097s now the two talkers they can just settle
16099s their food between each other without
16100s spider without playing interrupt
16103s yeah looks like shiny wine already in
16105s Ultimate Form gets the uppercut there
16107s onto euron euron loses a lot of Health
16109s he is forced to pop that F now he's
16111s gonna win catch another way oh on top of
16114s the there that was beautifully done from
16116s Xin Yuan there becomes a kill on euron
16118s absolutely Flawless Fireball there as we
16121s do see kaipal getting himself in a fight
16123s with xxy jumping in with that stuff
16125s can't quite get it with a ping back so
16127s hard to pin them Atari down his thing
16129s actually from KLA now after winning that
16132s fight versus uh
16133s ttt5 at the beginning of the game
16135s actually feeling quite aggressive right
16137s now is uh xxy getting jumped onto right
16141s down by this beach up one thing
16144s looking to try and finish this up and
16146s make this his game he's already got
16148s himself a bunch of kills two kills under
16150s his belt wants to turn it into more xsy
16153s caught out by the grapple they're
16154s keeping the pressure up who's gonna be
16155s able to secure the kill is the real
16157s question there's one thing definitely
16159s has the inside track on to xxy we'll
16162s Chase in keeping the pressure up with
16164s those uh with that dagger in his hand
16166s ready to just absolutely rinse the
16168s remaining of the health bar but xxy is
16171s doing a great job of playing The Escape
16172s job here but he's got the grapples on
16174s he's finally stumbled and that might
16176s just be the opportunity to finish him up
16178s he's low HP who's gonna get the kill the
16179s clan comes in he blinks out there as
16182s they get the pressure off and switching
16183s to the pistol and Fang secures The Kill
16187s dang what a nice pistol shot to xxy to
16190s confirmed to kill for himself that was
16191s nicely good job for me he also has that
16193s storm shot so he is gonna be a real
16195s nuisance with that we got T225 here in
16197s Temple looks like he was in a scrap off
16199s against Jose and chazang
16201s what is that I think that's a purple
16203s purple
16204s blades which is saying in the back game
16206s but looks like kll klas Fang still in
16209s the mix here now the Tarka already in
16211s ultimate form is gonna take out Cruella
16212s gun ego with a massive kill now the pit
16214s bulls elbows are coming to play now
16215s things can respond with Fern and he's
16217s gonna call him through to pick up the
16219s aerial Ella Pizza to the jump r b to
16221s confirm the kill for himself onto Eagle
16222s Fame doing a really good job pick up
16224s that kill very quickly after that Target
16226s pop the ultimate and it looks like it
16229s does have set up at the top being I mean
16230s he's right next to the realm of Yang so
16231s he's gonna wait that out make sure he
16233s can take that when his spawns up we got
16234s WB spider onto Julie Julie laying out
16237s some nice pistol musket shots on to
16239s spider truly with a common dagger in
16241s hand against a blue blue nunchucks from
16243s spider has to release the zombie
16245s challenge oh my God the spin back off of
16247s that lmb charge off the nunchucks there
16248s was incredible from spider make sure he
16250s does not get parried truly now on the
16253s hunt onto spider spider doing a really
16254s good job using the the Huts here for
16256s movement truly trying to find an opening
16258s here using the grapples and the dagger
16260s now he's gonna get Harry baited spider
16263s thumbs down with a Perry does not get
16265s the confirmation Perry the f is forced
16266s out out of the ferry now he's gonna go
16268s ahead and run in here uh the thing comes
16271s in gets the lnb charge now truly might
16273s be in big trouble they're both at the
16274s same Health gets the enemy prior off the
16276s nunchucks does not get the confirmed
16277s damage at the end the V3 Beacon is out
16279s and now the RB army's coming in the
16281s month is getting forced to pop them up
16282s go to me this is the first month oh
16284s we've seen
16286s it is I I mean it's a monkey solo so not
16289s really gonna do much Oh I thought he got
16292s spider there oh my God there's no way
16294s there's no way he ever lands a grab
16297s right like spider has to literally just
16299s Sprint it into him to be able to get
16301s that
16302s well that was close he got him no way
16308s Glam gonna get the re-grab he's about to
16310s lose Mech so that's all right if I lose
16312s a flesh Mech cause I like to call it now
16314s uh he's not gonna find that chewy yes
16317s Crying by tc5 he comes in and takes the
16320s kill away from spider once again spider
16322s is denied ttt5 now wants to try and turn
16325s this fight onto Spider goes out he's
16327s just out of the game and that is his
16329s that is his Run For This by weekly done
16332s and it is a rough end both players
16334s though both without their revives
16336s playing this a little bit more calmly
16338s and stepping away from one another but
16340s spider that gt25 actually is still
16342s fighting the fight here wants to step up
16343s misses the shot get the counter off from
16345s spider that's gonna be the kickback TG
16348s defied losing way too much help he has
16350s to pop the ultimate to try and get the
16351s damage going spiders doesn't lose a lot
16352s of HP Fireball goes a little bit wider
16354s believe he does get caught in the splash
16356s damage though it's dtd5 now on the Run
16358s using that movement to get away spider
16360s pops the Bell to spot exactly where he
16362s is he has one shot in that musket maybe
16364s that should be enough just to get a
16366s bunch of damage off the TV device armor
16368s swapping running towards the runway
16369s young Not Gonna Take it way too low
16372s spider doesn't really feel it either the
16374s no alt zone is popped to ttd5 are on the
16377s run away from spider can he make this
16380s Grand Escape it's gonna be one hell of a
16382s run out
16384s knocked out in the mean while in the
16386s middle of that fight
16388s no uh Target Decatur ultimate anymore so
16391s so Taco available anymore
16394s so he's just gonna have to rely on those
16396s grapples but spider he's got 23 grapples
16398s he's got he's got this Chase going all
16400s day and he is not willing to let this
16402s one kill slip away from him especially
16404s when that kill was someone who denied a
16408s different Kill from him previously 55
16411s Still rocking really really low he's
16414s only got one grapple left he's using
16416s that spear to get as much movement as
16417s possible but I think this might actually
16419s be the moment where he's now in serious
16421s danger lxy he's coming in as a potential
16424s third party Fireball goes down lxy is
16427s trying to get the damage offers now can
16429s he turn this fight around he looks like
16431s spider is still set on ttt5 as his
16434s victim here as he's trying to find an
16436s opportunity to counter maybe with this
16438s third party tt5 can turn the attention
16440s onto spider instead of himself as he's
16442s desperately trying to get away using as
16445s much of this attack as possible
16446s Fireballs backwards but now he gets
16448s himself a counter back on spider an
16450s opportunity has been presented to him
16452s and he's not gonna let it slip away
16454s failed the grapple ttt5 is in so much
16457s danger he doesn't have grapples he has
16458s nothing to get away with he jumps into
16460s the Zone he's gonna try and get the map
16462s the pots off in the zone he's so low
16464s that's one part can he get another part
16466s spiders hunting so is that is why they
16468s found each other and they've distracted
16469s each other somehow he's got the full
16472s reset out and he's on the run back into
16474s the Zone 225 he just got away with
16477s murder here how on Earth did he pull
16479s that off oh my God he's out of there he
16483s broke their ankles he's gone now spider
16485s against xxy just come around spider
16487s tries to go for the ferry xxy Perry
16490s beats him out he is going to release
16491s that lmb charge off that stab spider now
16493s gonna release that selling be charged to
16495s respond
16496s the neutral game is strong for both of
16498s these players now the enemy prowl he
16500s does not get the uppercut he fell down
16501s the proc comes in and a big crack coming
16503s from XX watch a spider the spider might
16505s be a bit of trouble he might be taken
16506s out he has that V3 Beacon he can jump
16508s inside the mech and he ends Tau but time
16511s would tell is he gonna be able to get
16512s the full reset off it looks like yeah
16514s xxy it's gonna blink up to save save for
16516s a spot for him to take a reset for
16517s himself as well you gotta you can't
16519s forget who's around it's T225
16522s and that man was schmooving he ran into
16525s xxy still managed to stay alive even
16528s though spider was on the trail we got ye
16530s run against saying you nice F coming in
16531s from saying you on to yiron you run out
16533s gonna invest this Taco ultimate very
16535s quickly here to try to pick up Elon for
16537s himself saying you trying to back up off
16539s the off of this Taco ultimate you wanted
16542s to catch the infinite no only gets one
16544s uppercut there gets a nice F now the r b
16547s release him off the spear into the
16548s aerial r b he can't get the punch
16550s confirmation because he's on the ground
16551s and now saying you it's gonna respond
16553s with the taco ultimate and both of these
16555s players are barely at the same hell nice
16556s as Houston coming from saying you it
16558s goes to the area RB to follow up area RB
16561s now you ain't wrong
16562s he is football players against
16566s and you both get taken out
16569s that was so insane what a fight we are
16574s eight players left at under 16 minutes
16577s we've basically a 16 minute mark this is
16580s crazy how fast this game's moving so
16583s much aggression so much action it is
16586s delivered and Fang is having an absolute
16589s Corker of a game four kills under his
16592s belt right now we we literally talked
16594s about him just before we went in this
16596s game saying he hasn't really delivered
16598s much today and he is now finally having
16600s that moment that incredible
16602s over-the-shoulder Pro into the into just
16605s a full combo
16608s gets himself two cell phones quite happy
16611s gonna grab himself some purple gear as
16613s well
16614s he's sitting pretty after that escape
16617s honestly this game has been one of the
16619s most exciting the rack against we've had
16621s in a while
16622s yeah I made aggression from tarkas and
16624s takedas it's just always amazing
16626s otherwise this is always my favorite
16627s lobbies when the turkeys and cicadas are
16629s out if you do five oh my God T225 was
16633s schmooving earlier that was insane from
16635s him he managed to stay alive you got
16637s genuine but gold long sword wbg spider
16641s still struggling a little bit he only
16644s has one kill on the board just seeing
16647s does manage to have three kills we have
16648s I don't think we've really seen much of
16650s him so far but he does have three elims
16652s running on uh running the yodel right
16654s now of a spider super unfortunate for
16657s spider I mean
16658s can't find an opening that gets a nice
16660s musket shot there onto xxy it's the weed
16663s back there to avoid that MLB charge off
16665s the nunchucks the blink is gonna come
16666s into play for the Matari xxy is fairly
16668s weak now losing all the armor gonna run
16670s inside the zone to try to get a reset in
16672s is spider going to invest his time there
16674s for that kill
16676s no he's gonna wait for this uh player to
16678s get out of the Zone we got a rumble Yang
16680s got Kai bow against T225 here it's gonna
16683s be a big scrap off here in the realm of
16685s Yang T225 is going up high into the
16686s pistol shot there he's gonna get that
16689s wouldn't be a problem Oh that happens to
16690s be called out there for the Target two
16692s two five now trying to respond both
16694s players pop in this ultimate here goes
16695s for the air r b off the great sword
16697s there that puts a lot of damage ct25
16699s losing a lot of hell
16710s that is such a big play there by kaibal
16713s this is just the game of upset it's
16715s incredible
16717s cutting over now to La xxy you've got
16720s himself in a fight here versus genuine
16722s uh with the golden long sword it's gonna
16726s be a little bit of a harder one for lxy
16728s xxy sorry as he is it's me trying to get
16731s away the chase is on especially
16734s with that taco burning away he's got all
16737s the movement speed necessary and I'd
16739s actually think sxy might be in a bit of
16740s danger does blink Up and Away for the
16743s moment is now trying to run away as ego
16744s is in the area but
16746s really not gonna overstay cutting over
16748s the spider he's got himself in a
16750s potential Skirmish here with tt25 this
16753s is just something we thought we followed
16754s for a while but this time the shoes on
16756s the other foot a spider is getting
16758s himself juggled in the air fightable to
16760s the face spiders he's going down this
16763s might just be the end no he gets into
16765s the Meg how to get the soft room
16767s assistant time to break it he did he
16769s picked it up T225 he's out of there he
16772s might not have got the kill but he got
16773s rid of the depletion
16776s wow that's super unfortunate for spider
16778s he got hit going inside the mag he
16782s popped the oil a little bit too late and
16783s that spider last and final game of the
16786s day ending with one kill he didn't do a
16790s lot of
16791s much of anything throughout the whole
16793s day which is super unfortunate for him
16796s but T225 still in this game top six
16799s situation Bang
16802s we haven't talked about Fang bang with
16804s five elims right now onto Takeda type
16806s out with two genuine as well with four
16809s kills on the Tarka a lot of these other
16811s players are starting to get more elims
16813s now T225
16814s just gonna wait this out purple
16816s nunchucks there Daniel on here and
16819s around my hand against saying you golf
16820s targets out looks like shin Yuan does go
16823s for the taco ultimate uh earlier goes in
16826s for the bar ball gets the RB to the r b
16828s there confirmation hits votes for the
16830s grapple span jump r b another Army off
16833s the dual blades will try to go for the
16834s punch looks like saying you does manage
16837s to put some damage against him there so
16838s anyone's gonna not connect up that
16840s fireball he nearly misses that saying
16842s you read that ghost into the Sprint form
16844s there from the Tarka and there goes
16846s another pile there forms the dual play
16848s it's not the same you and the follow-up
16849s r b for him to confirm the kill onto
16851s himself and now it's a zing on to action
16854s here in the Rama yang this was a early
16856s on fire action getting hit up by a lot
16859s of damage off the purple dual blades
16860s it's like the failure did end up going
16862s to the mag and just seeing response with
16863s the Yoda ultimate as well hit some of
16865s the first the second as well the third
16866s as well put up a lot of damage look at
16868s the armor there off of the mech there
16870s just getting completely shredded there
16871s this is that arm oh that missile there
16873s misses the second one as well is in with
16875s a nice weaves off those missiles action
16878s D-Max the r b r b follow up into another
16881s r b to confirm the kill that was just
16882s beautiful
16884s that was really really nice five players
16886s left what are these lobbies they are
16889s moving so fast
16891s such fast lobbies but ttt5 is still in
16895s this game only with a single kill though
16897s spent a lot of the game running away
16899s from spider
16900s um finally was able to get his Revenge
16902s by not killing spider before getting
16904s spider killed himself and spider it's
16906s ironic how spider basically spent most
16908s this game trying to kill tt5 and the one
16911s time he just would have died the realm
16912s gang depletion spiders death save tt25
16915s they are completely saved by that but 10
16917s minutes left until the game's fully done
16919s though
16920s and our players are currently in Fairly
16923s large open circle area where they will
16925s probably be able to Hideout thing right
16927s now definitely leading the charge on the
16928s kills and having a really phenomenal
16930s game
16931s performing for his team and he needs to
16934s because KLA won trios in the bi-weekly
16937s last week uh had a really really good
16939s performance and he's been upperforming
16941s right now in the solo so it's good to
16944s see him have a bit of a recovery you
16946s know do his team proud
16947s after after that Trio performance on
16950s Sunday
16951s yeah I don't think we've seen uh
16953s have we seen a uh one team win both
16956s trios and solos
16959s not in the same week I don't think yeah
16961s that would be yeah I'll have to double
16964s check but maybe I I'm pretty sure not in
16965s the same week
16967s and that would actually be insane if one
16969s team just takes both
16971s boats that would be that would be I
16974s believe history now because it hasn't
16976s been done so I'll be very interesting to
16979s see you're gonna have to wait for that
16981s next week is the finals for both solos
16983s and trios with solos is on Saturday and
16986s chills will be on Sunday Sunday for the
16988s bi-week two finals but yeah I mean
16992s spider I I ca I love spider I watch
16996s spider stream uh whenever he streams and
16998s stuff
16999s um so it's just super unfortunate for
17002s him to have a really bad day I'm gonna
17003s keep bringing him up because once again
17005s he is the champ
17006s so him having a a a bad uh bi-weekly day
17011s um super unfortunate for him but I mean
17012s if he at least if he makes it to the top
17015s 14 that's really all he needs and then
17018s he really needs to perform in the finals
17019s on Saturday uh but yeah it's just a
17022s waiting game right now all these players
17024s are just have all this Zone here the
17027s zone is very big look tt25 getting a
17030s free blessing right now gets that gold
17031s armor there is a lot of area on the map
17034s still open and with only five players
17037s remaining TV5 is gonna get the gold
17039s armor the gold pool sword he's gonna get
17041s two free gold Jades as well I believe
17043s that's Phantom step there he nearly oh
17045s my God clip off that moonbait there but
17047s he manages to weave it and he has to
17049s overcome oh there it is
17052s he has to overcome her and that's gonna
17054s do a lot of damage with that gold pole
17055s sword uh that is terrifying p55 suddenly
17059s realized it's suddenly not the point
17060s where like he is capable of absolutely
17062s messing people up I guess the only the
17064s good news is it's not for people like um
17068s people like Fang it's Fang's already got
17070s five kills the most
17072s that uh ttg5 can actually get is four
17075s more kills so he can just match thing
17078s on five kills here so Finn could
17080s theoretically still take first dependent
17082s on his position his placement oh okay
17084s everyone's kitted I get it okay we're
17087s just we're just showing off now Fango an
17089s old spinny boy
17091s yeah
17093s that's purple grater it's gonna do a lot
17095s of damage oh my this is gonna be an
17098s unbelievable final version yeah
17102s it's just a waiting game I mean it's
17105s just it's only five players hit brain
17107s everybody got taken out so fast we had a
17111s full impactful game six everybody was
17114s just
17115s coming in hot trying to pick up elims as
17118s they as many as they could before they
17119s got taken out and we saw tt25 had the
17122s Overcomer Jade here for the gold pull
17124s sword and uh somebody had uh Earth
17128s Shaker I'm not sure who that was was it
17131s bang might have been Fang but the Earth
17133s Shaker the great sword uh Kai bao
17137s sweating this out the spot Shin you on
17139s there the gold long sword Kai ball
17142s I think it's the only no no no we had a
17144s goal we had a purple great sword too but
17146s Xin Yuan has the gold on sword T225 has
17149s the gold pole sword
17151s two two split right now there is another
17153s player
17154s um
17155s not sure what Fang is running right now
17157s probably a
17158s there it is bang with the purple great
17160s sword uh swell gun is what I'm missing
17163s has purple dual blades
17166s um as well so it's just a matter of time
17168s bang trying to get some resources he
17170s does hide that purple armor back there
17172s uh but tt25 spots that so it's not gonna
17176s able to do much there for him unless he
17178s gets super weak just laying down some
17181s pistol shots down on bottom side of the
17183s cliff
17184s but yeah still a minute left here in
17186s this fifth Circle
17188s about to close up it's very much a
17191s waiting game at this point and yeah uh I
17194s think we're probably not gonna see much
17195s until the uh and unfortunately until the
17198s end of the game uh I think
17200s the circle's too big there's a lot of
17202s terrain for people to hide behind and
17204s the way in which the meta has changed is
17207s if you think about like season one and a
17209s big chunk of season two as well cannons
17211s were just met up for everybody in solos
17213s like it was just cannon shots constantly
17215s unless you had like the really good bow
17217s uh set up with like fire arrows in the
17219s triple shot like realistically most
17220s people would just run in cannons because
17222s it's very easy to kind of accidentally
17224s damage people it's very easy to like
17226s Whittle away at people
17228s fairly safely and fairly confidently
17231s um a few people were very good with bows
17233s and they would pull both out instead and
17235s you could you know those bow users were
17237s really capable of upsetting the lobbies
17238s but there's been a real change where
17240s like people
17242s you know they'll have like a musket or a
17243s pistol for like Chase down kills but
17246s then typically as you can see with Feng
17248s here they'll have two melee weapons so
17249s they can switch out mid-fight it's a
17252s massive change this isn't something we
17253s used to see in incompetitive for a very
17255s very long time
17257s this is a very recent addition to kind
17259s of to The Meta where like it's not just
17261s melee and range melee melee and with a
17264s ranged weapon in your in your bag in
17265s case you want to switch out for it a bit
17267s later uh very interesting to see T225
17270s though is currently under a bit of fire
17272s here jumping in it's a fireball for
17274s going forwards there has got his uh
17276s ultimate on on the go at the moment
17279s trying to finish up a kill here is one
17281s thing trying to see if he can actually
17282s maybe take this away obviously very
17284s kitten with a gray sword and doing a
17286s serious amount of damage but that's a
17288s lot of damage actually thrown down onto
17290s t65 uh send you in now I see with his
17292s own ultimate on trying to get the damage
17294s off into t65 trying to turn the shark's
17296s attention towards him instead of himself
17298s but it is gonna be a hard ass for him to
17302s get away from this one grapples are on
17304s ttd5's gonna get himself chunked out
17306s somewhat here and now two very low
17307s targets are up for grabs Fireball could
17310s be all in it is genuine goes down to
17312s Fang fangs just curing everybody here
17315s two kills over to him zombies is to win
17318s and we said KLA needed to step up and
17322s God damn it he steps up now kaibao and
17325s Trail Gun are the final two people for
17327s him to deal with Wow and this should be
17329s his he should be able to close this one
17331s out he's got his ultimate and he is
17333s ready to throw down
17336s a little bit of time now until that
17338s Circle really forces them together
17340s I'm curious to see when and who's gonna
17343s start it are they gonna wait for
17344s themselves with the fully close or are
17345s they just gonna go right it's kind of
17347s ball boys and throw down it is just a
17351s matter of waiting 20 seconds until the
17353s circle closes and I feel depending on
17355s where this circle goes and how much it
17357s displaces them that really might move
17359s this entire game up this Hut right now
17362s is being used as a real safety net and
17364s the circle will be closing away from
17365s there so
17367s they're gonna get forced out and one
17368s thing's just holding this High Ground I
17369s mean he's just so ready with this great
17372s sword
17373s got his ultimate ready up and is
17375s available as well if the circle now is
17376s moving in they're gonna get forced out
17378s from their little Hut
17380s it's a slow creep and a slow move
17383s forward
17384s question is is it gonna stay there for
17387s long no it's the answer they're now out
17389s in the open but nobody is really willing
17391s to try anything there's a bow on claibal
17393s but
17394s he's not even willing to test the shots
17396s here does switch out for a quick shot
17398s but does miss out on it shots coming
17400s back in from Sorrell Gunners these guys
17401s are holding fast right now two minutes
17405s left
17406s it's railgun take a little bit of damage
17408s onto his armor take another shot there
17410s from Feng that's his armor basically
17412s half Health well under half Health at
17414s this point thing with that pistol just
17417s trying to test the waters get them a
17419s little bit lower as the circle closing
17421s Tighter and Tighter they're all out in
17423s the opening Trail Gun if he goes down
17424s here if he gets chunked out they will
17426s feel comfortable just to go for the
17427s fight thing actually switches that to
17429s that golden long sword he now knows it's
17431s time for as much damage as possible
17432s kybell has the pole sword I don't know
17434s if he got the uh have you got the horsey
17436s but we'll see he may have to use that in
17438s a moment she's desperately trying to
17440s keep throw gun away at arm's length
17443s nobody really wants to switch back to
17445s those ranged weapons and it is just a
17447s tense waiting game oh he connected with
17450s the charge click there from Fang can he
17452s get another one onto kaibal he goes
17454s throwing out the F Authority used kaibal
17456s use a lot of HP Trail Gun as well
17458s another charge till it goes wide in
17460s Comes The Pony let's try bow finishes up
17463s this kill now it's the 1v1 between tybal
17466s and bang who's gonna take the win they
17468s are both kitted to the team as in comes
17470s Fang popping the ultimate get in the
17472s uppercut cobal losing health so rapidly
17475s but cobal's not done getting himself a
17478s massive chunk of the thing in response
17479s in comes the F ability once again the
17482s trade is so close between the pair of
17484s them they are both exceptionally low
17486s high pass ultimate about the timeout but
17488s he gets the charge in forward
17490s no bang takes the game with eight kills
17493s in his pocket
17494s wow that was a beautiful usage of fur in
17498s there to stop the Overcomer Jay there
17500s coming in Bang
17505s The Zone completely closed there that
17508s was super massive from him one of the
17510s players have more of the fines but it
17512s wasn't even enough to stop thing to
17514s picking up those e-lands I believe Fang
17516s might have had around
17518s seven he limbs that game is is that
17520s correct eight eight he had eight at the
17523s end of that bang that was mad like
17525s you're very happy with himself
17527s for that one absolutely amazing game
17531s a very needed game as well I mean it's
17535s bizarre but we were like man we haven't
17536s seen lots of things today he's not
17537s really performing yeah and then Bob
17539s comes in with a big win at the end of
17541s the game taking out some serious players
17543s and type out a little frustrated of
17545s himself there because that game could
17546s have been his for the taking he got
17548s he got some serious damage he got the
17550s soul Jade he got he got the pole arm to
17552s go with it and he he did some work but
17555s Fang came in tidied up thumbs up
17559s absolutely tremendous performance coming
17562s in from Fang there because he does take
17564s that Sixth and final game of the day to
17568s himself and he'll be very very happy
17569s with that one nominal stuff coming in
17571s from thing from the side of KLA doing
17575s you know his brothers in the trio team
17576s the proud to be honest actually it's
17578s fake is it true I think he might be I
17581s might be crazy
17583s I need to double check I'll have to
17584s double check later but either way uh
17586s thing absolutely just Monumental
17589s performance today and uh the 1925 a
17592s fourth victory of the day as well I mean
17594s spider did a lot of that work each
17596s entire game chasing tt25 around the map
17599s they both invested about 20 grapples I
17602s think it might I think it was about 20
17604s to 23 grapples each used on that escape
17606s like and then tt5 somehow whatsoever I
17609s mean massive processes you divide today
17611s I think he that last game was a little
17614s bit of a sad one especially considering
17616s he was so kitted and then he just kind
17618s of got taken out right in that like
17619s final moments but
17621s um he has had a bloody good day and I
17624s don't think or that one game I don't
17626s think we could say oh well he had a bad
17627s final game so he's not a good like
17629s that's not the case right like he just
17630s played seriously well today and even
17633s when this bad game went
17635s we were singing his phrases when he just
17637s did that escape that was an absolutely
17640s so so clutch
17643s broke his ankles hit behind the rock
17645s there got a full reset in I think the
17648s other two players fighting like that's
17649s super hard to do uh we saw Mike do that
17652s day one where he had at least like five
17655s players of chasing him and they were
17658s chasing him for a good like seven
17660s minutes and he ran into matab and
17662s holleroth and he just completely made
17665s everybody fight each other right after
17667s them hunting him for a good like seven
17669s minutes and you know tt5 showing it as
17671s well that he is capable for doing that
17673s as well make sure he stays alive and
17675s I mean even though he got taken out kind
17678s of early towards the end of the circle I
17679s mean if I'm him I'm still very happy
17681s with tonight's up yeah no absolutely I
17685s think he had it he had a he had a
17686s absolutely brilliant performance uh
17688s today I think you know
17691s Iran's gonna be a little frustrated but
17692s he didn't get a single win under his
17694s belt because he was consistently quite
17696s good I think he tapered up a little bit
17697s towards the end if I remember right it
17699s didn't do amazing in this game off the
17701s top of my head
17702s um this was this was kind of the
17704s underdog game because he had like Kaya
17705s Valley had fangs
17707s as well in there like I had a bunch of
17709s players who have had okay moments today
17712s but haven't actually been able to find
17714s himself you know and translate that into
17715s anything meaningful apart from this
17717s final game where they all finally made
17720s it work for themselves and there you go
17722s the three names I just mentioned are the
17724s hook free after that game thing walking
17727s away with 16.8 points a very needed game
17730s for him and potentially something that
17732s could qualify him for the bi-weekly
17733s finals because that is his final game of
17735s the bi-weeklies done kaibao coming in
17738s with 9.4 and then Shang Yuen with 7.1
17741s points at the end of that really really
17744s solid stuff uh Spider 1.8 points uh
17748s where it is uh TT t22 quite three points
17753s sharp one point you ran uh I've lost you
17756s around entirely uh where the hell is
17758s your oh there one point one point it's
17760s like
17761s not particularly great day yeah it's not
17765s a lot of point
17766s GG Shaw
17768s got that Victory and just slowed down
17770s right after that which is super
17772s unfortunate for him he's that Victor he
17775s got was massive
17777s to be fair Chelsea's been pretty
17779s consistent
17780s sure been really talked about that like
17782s I think you mentioned it at one point
17784s but like we haven't really like focused
17785s too much on it asha's actually you know
17788s he's never like flashy but he's always
17790s scoring this was so sick that was so
17793s fast pt5 just didn't get to do anything
17795s absolutely just after school
17798s [Music]
17800s spider can't have a short throw
17803s he's like a progressive metal band like
17806s everything goes on for like 18 minutes
17808s oh this is disgusting caught the
17811s uppercut into the fireball here pick up
17813s the elim for himself oh that was nice
17816s I'm gonna send you on there pick up the
17818s Elia Monte Tron that was passive uh then
17822s get some rest on but another player is
17823s spider with a saw two run back we didn't
17825s even we didn't watch this but he ran his
17826s bag I think these spider gifts uh they
17829s eat them this time around
17831s yeah it looks like he does spider
17833s somehow base this thought we'd run back
17834s work in his favor but here we go our MVP
17838s it's the one it's the only it's Fang
17840s absolutely huge Victory there
17844s on the Decatur
17846s absolutely huge storm stride Earth
17848s Shaker as his legendary Soldier it's
17851s only 14 000 damage but he made it work
17853s regardless absolutely huge game coming
17856s in getting himself eight kills he was
17858s just the third party king for a lot of
17860s this to be honest he really really read
17862s the the room well and played around the
17864s map just really impressive really
17867s impressive stuff coming in okay
17869s the six MVPs as well that's super
17871s massive so you know he's always up there
17873s been picking up uh those MVPs for
17876s himself eight kills 14k damage
17881s what a better better way to uh to end
17884s the day with a massive uh W like that
17886s for thing yeah absolutely a really
17888s really big W there for Fang and uh
17891s honestly just a good day in general it's
17893s nice to be back on solos I haven't
17895s actually been uh I haven't had the
17897s pleasure of covering solos
17899s um all season because I've been stuck on
17901s trios which has been amazing I am anyone
17903s who's been watching Cheerios will know
17905s but I'm absolutely adoring the current
17906s meta I mean other than like a lot of
17908s monks I I like the way the I like the
17911s tempo of trios at the moment like the
17912s Roma Yang really sped that game up and
17914s it doesn't feel like there's much down
17916s time it felt like towards the end of the
17918s day once the z-pings wore out the
17920s downtime started to disappear in the in
17922s solos it was a very very fast-paced game
17924s there's a lot of variety in Trio in
17927s solos which is really nice I I love the
17929s five hero rule I think it's one of the
17931s best changes they've done because it
17933s forces the players to adapt it forces
17935s them to not be one trick ponies I mean
17937s in the face is like Zinn who obviously
17939s was you know dagaman uh like other than
17943s that like it's for your Heroes go it
17944s gives a bit of variety
17946s I I think you know
17948s trees cheers does still have a little
17950s bit of downtime
17952s um which I think if Z thing wasn't a
17955s hero and like just took like five
17956s minutes off the game length you'd
17957s actually have like a really picey game
17959s mode
17960s um but that'd be super quick that would
17962s be crazy quick
17964s um but yeah no honestly we had a good
17966s day it's been nice fast and we created
17967s with uh always it's always a pleasure
17969s yeah yeah
17971s but yeah I agree I love the hero point
17974s system
17975s um pretty sure everybody knows in the
17977s chat how I feel about the thing that's
17978s why I haven't said anything and I've
17979s just been hearing you out what you're
17981s saying about it all right all quite
17982s happily all quite happily complaining
17984s for you mate it's fine
17987s absolutely ridiculous hero yeah uh I
17990s mean it was in the break when Moxie
17992s messaged me she's like yeah zipping did
17994s 30k healing yesterday in three years
17996s it's like
17997s how how is that that's not an okay
18000s number that is not okay it's it's
18003s ridiculous
18005s that yeah I mean
18007s silly Heroes I I was actually okay with
18010s the one Justina I was I was okay with
18012s the one just seeing it because normally
18013s I don't like Justina because I think
18014s she's quite slowly but a single Justine
18016s is quite fun anyway before we complain
18019s about heroes we don't like we're gonna
18020s pass it over to Jaeger he's standing by
18022s for our interview after that game
18024s foreign
18028s welcome to post game interview and now
18031s I'm standing here with spider and
18032s lacking say hello tell audience hello
18034s spiders
18042s so we know that at the resting time like
18048s take a small short video for the mvpr
18051s and I would like to know how's the
18053s feeling as an actor and like at that
18056s time who you think is the best actor on
18059s Sand now there is a spider champion
18080s what's up
18084s because everyone at the time is just
18088s laughing and I think the best actor at
18091s the set on set is Panama because Panama
18094s is the only one who didn't laugh on that
18096s okay very interesting Journey
18101s let's move on to the next part answer
18104s for Treasure
18112s okay so you guys can see a question on
18116s the screen and if you know the answer
18117s just type them in the chat box after our
18120s player counting three two one we will
18123s take a screenshot and the lucky guy will
18125s be whispered okay let's see today's
18128s question
18129s the question is how many times has Velda
18132s been picked today
18146s foreign
18162s [Music]
18181s more okay so I think it's time for us to
18185s Counting uh our player is is prepared
18188s and let's start counting now
18193s three two one okay screenshot okay pay
18197s attention to your mailbox it's time for
18199s us to find out the correct answer now
18208s be B okay so the correct answer is B2 uh
18216s so we know that we still have the
18220s um have one day and after that we'll
18222s have the B weekly final and we know that
18225s a lot of audience just comment you and
18228s Mike both of you are very strong and I
18231s would like to know after he got the
18233s champion of the B weekly final so how's
18235s your feeling and did you set up the
18237s ambition and set up the flag for the
18240s upcoming B weekly final now
18253s um
18254s [Music]
18262s have the champion of the B Wiki final so
18265s I'm going to have the dinner with all of
18268s you guys okay thank you CCA spiders
18275s thank you spider for today's interview
18277s and we were back to our casters
18281s foreign er
18289s um it's nice to see potential or a very
18292s very Slight Return to valda I I feel she
18295s needs a bit of a bit of love a bit of a
18296s little bit of a little bit of a sauce to
18299s kind of make her a little bit better but
18301s um it is nice to see you know that
18302s valver is starting to become a hero that
18305s is is being played I think
18307s people are realizing that she has the
18310s use I think there's obviously some
18311s weaknesses within her like realistically
18314s rude like to look at but it's cool to
18316s see it's good to see people kind of
18317s picking her up and actually making it
18318s work I mean spider spider got absolutely
18321s slammed and my father in game number two
18324s three fights in a row he lost he went
18326s down in two of them absolutely uh pretty
18330s painful pretty painful for spider let's
18332s be real on that front uh
18334s anything anything to Davis maybe caught
18336s you off guard maybe you weren't
18338s expecting creatives yeah I mean you
18340s mentioned it in game six uh we're
18343s talking about uh melee range combo uh a
18347s lot of players starting to pick up the
18348s double melee um
18351s combo uh for their for the weapon Choice
18354s um game one we saw a lot of weapon swaps
18356s coming in uh staff into the great sword
18359s and today we rarely saw that uh so that
18362s being a change very interesting to me
18364s because we saw how strong potential is
18366s of having the double melee weapon combo
18369s for uh pick up elims uh so being
18371s different this time around a really
18373s caught me off guard uh but we're gonna
18375s take a quick look at the final standings
18377s of day two the spring split hearing
18380s solos day two 15th Place we have Rexy
18384s still has another day to be played to
18386s play out their games with 16-4 points on
18389s the boat on the board so all guns as
18390s well on that 17 spot uh on our eighth
18394s spot we have one Leon still having
18395s another day get day as well to play out
18397s their their games 27.3 points hand in
18400s man as well with another day to be
18401s played out Panda man had a really good
18403s final two games day one so I'm gonna
18406s have to bounce back uh come in with the
18407s same energy day two uh Kai Bao falling
18410s in 10th place with 27 points Gigi Shaw
18413s with 26.7 chin Yuan with 19.3 Elias's
18417s gen with 17.8 TKS xxy
18421s to that 17.3 and 14th Place
18424s I feel like Xin Yuan might be my player
18426s as a watch going into next Thursday not
18429s because I think he's gonna win it all
18430s because I think he could genuinely be a
18432s player who will qualify to the uh
18435s qualify to
18437s um the bi-weekly final but not only that
18439s I just I think he's he's got some real
18440s potential this guy really has some
18442s serious potential but as you can see KLA
18445s right now uh that thing after that win
18447s did qualify himself from the top eight
18449s uh he is done though
18451s and all of the people below him the
18453s bottom next eight of the on the table
18455s all have to play tomorrow oh sorry on
18458s Thursday so he might not make it to buy
18461s weekly finals he might not have had
18462s quite enough of performance we'll have
18464s to find out though Mike is the only
18465s person on top of the tables right now
18467s who hasn't played all of their games so
18469s that's a scary fact for everybody
18472s um and it is Mike so expectations are my
18475s major show up uh but then again he could
18478s have what spider had today and a bad day
18480s today that is also essential option but
18482s this is for tomorrow's games on uh on
18485s Sunday we'll be kicking it off remorse
18486s going to holler off Morris Morris holler
18488s off Morris uh this is gonna be our trios
18490s games within groups A and C very excited
18493s to see how these uh do shape out trios
18495s honestly if you haven't been watching
18497s three days and you'll be watching solos
18499s make sure make sure you go over because
18502s trios have been so phenomenally fun at
18505s the moment they are really explosive
18507s games it is constant action it doesn't
18510s feel like you get a moment to rest it
18512s doesn't feel like there's any like
18513s waiting time you just have constant
18515s action always it's so much fun so I'm
18518s I'm really excited to see you know more
18519s Trio's action uh coming up on Sunday and
18522s that'll be the last games for some of
18524s these teams this bi-weekly until the
18525s finals as well so
18527s they've got a little bit of downtime
18528s potentially to kind of plan and plot and
18530s I'm curious you know for the teams who
18532s play on that Talent of the uh of the
18536s Season uh because uh so
18539s they play the early part of the
18540s bi-weekly and then they miss a week
18542s effectively so some teams don't get to
18544s play they only play like once once every
18546s two weeks because they don't qualify for
18548s bi-weekly so they don't make it and in
18550s some teams they qualify for the Buy
18551s weekly but they don't play that that
18553s warm-up game before so they go into the
18555s bi-weekly may be cold I'm curious to see
18557s maybe after the chart and see how they
18559s kind of fare on that because I'm curious
18560s if some some players struggle kind of
18563s warming up going straight into the
18564s bi-weekly where someone else has played
18566s two days earlier and has you know has a
18568s little bit more more on stage time that
18571s week and maybe feel a little bit more
18572s warmed up regardless that is uh that
18575s would be a solo project of mine I think
18578s it's necessary but yeah it's it's um
18580s make sure you do tune in for those uh
18582s for those trios tomorrow because they
18584s are going to be they're really good
18585s Traders have been super fun
18588s I personally haven't been able to catch
18590s any Trio so
18591s yeah
18593s I'm definitely going to catch tomorrow
18594s because I'm very interested to see how
18596s the meta is now I haven't I haven't
18598s caught any Trio games uh all I remember
18601s was from Lassie and so
18603s um yeah I'm very interested to see like
18605s what the picks are I have not seen
18607s anything like I stated I want to see how
18609s the fares are being played out how
18611s different it is from from n a uh because
18614s I do watch n a uh when the boys to play
18617s uh because I personally play trios but
18619s uh when a bit when the boys play trios I
18622s do see uh some of the comps are being
18624s played out
18625s um I think I might have spotted like
18626s standard Transformers comp still in the
18629s mix uh the Sean monk yeah that's that's
18633s one of them and then the other one you
18635s have uh you have a one now call it
18637s coining the Pacific Rim comp which is
18639s the mecca the mecca monster where you
18641s have like Monk and pharah uh and then
18643s normally that's where you run your Tammy
18646s as well so you have like a Sandstone for
18647s a bit of safety it's just maximum monk
18649s protection make sure you tune in tune in
18651s for that you'll put let me see it
18652s tomorrow on Sunday anyway for us here
18654s that is US done today thank you very
18656s much for joining us for the mbpl we'll
18658s be back tomorrow with our trios game so
18660s till then good night good morning and
18662s we'll see you later
18664s together
18671s [Music]
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18684s [Music]
18692s foreign
18695s [Music]
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18812s nothing
18813s [Music]
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18840s [Music]
18852s foreign
18869s [Music]
18882s [Music]
18885s foreign
18887s [Music]
18893s [Music]
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18920s [Music]
18931s thank you
18932s [Music]
18942s [Music]
18958s foreign
18962s [Music]
18967s [Music]

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