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12s a unique online multiplayer action game
15s with players all around the globe
17s as a net e studio 24 entertainment is
21s joining hands with microsoft to bring
23s naraka bladepoint to consoles for the
26s first time
27s you could play the game on xbox series x
30s and s as well as windows next week
33s we're also joining xbox game pass a
36s platform with a huge player base and a
39s vast bright future
41s naraka has been so well received on the
43s pc platform i am so grateful to the
46s players for their love and support
50s as a competitive survival game
51s incorporating a lot of action elements
54s naraka features a range of characters
56s with unique personalities
59s each hero draws from different
60s civilizations and cultures
64s battles allow for a great degree of
66s strategic play you've got a wealth of
68s melee and ranged weapons to choose from
71s and a vast map filled with interactive
73s elements to explore
76s perhaps you'll engage your foes in
77s samurai combat katanas at the ready or
81s maybe you'll use persian assassin
82s techniques and strike from afar
86s with your grappling hook you can fly
88s between temple walls and across bamboo
91s forests with ease
94s beyond solo endeavors you can also party
97s up with friends and use group tactics to
99s flatten your foes
102s that's noraka's underlying design
104s philosophy that you're unchained and
107s have the freedom to choose how you play
111s collect soul jades to change how you
113s play
114s transform your katana strikes and make
116s your cannon a weapon of mass destruction
120s each hero can be customized too
122s whether you want to rush into battle as
124s a berserker warrior or cast fireballs as
127s a sorcerer the choice is yours
131s we can't forget to mention our unique
133s face customization system too
135s you'll never need to worry about running
137s into a doppelganger on the battlefield
140s because you're able to edit your hero's
142s features to your heart's content you can
145s even recreate your favorite faces
148s as we approach naraka's first launch
150s anniversary
151s we're introducing a brand new weapon
154s the twin blades releasing together with
157s the xbox and game pass editions
160s twin blades strike with the speed of a
162s raging tempest and sweeping blows
166s we've seen similar weapons in other
167s games
168s but here in naraka it comes with a style
171s all its own
173s charging up strikes is usually a high
175s risk high reward move
177s with the twin blades you can charge up
180s while moving and keep your momentum as
182s you unleash a flurry of combos on foes
186s since its release naraka bladepoint has
189s launched its own faction clash game mode
191s with omni's nightmare and the thrilling
194s limited time mode shadow surge
197s there have been many casual modes to
199s play as well
200s but our community has eagerly asked for
203s a campaign mode
204s we're always listening to our player
206s base and we're happy to announce that
208s the wait is over
211s players will see the first chapter of
213s our campaign mode
214s form teams of three to take on new enemy
217s types and massive bosses
220s disarming a boss won't be as easy as
222s disarming another player though
224s [Music]
225s pvp and campaign mode are two entirely
228s different games
230s further campaign chapters are also in
232s the works so we're eager to hear any
234s feedback you have for us
236s we are also working on an xbox one
238s version and hope to see more players
241s join naraka later this year
244s naraka is launching on xbox series xns
247s and windows store on june 23rd and it's
250s included with game pass at launch day
253s now's your chance to dive into the world
255s of naraka bladepoint
259s [Music]
270s you