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3611s ladies and gentlemen welcome back I'm
3613s your host and your caster and it's that
3615s time again welcome to the nbpl spring
3620s split it feels like just yesterday me
3623s and Dobby were here Captain the World
3626s Championships we watched wbg spider
3628s Hoist the solos Trophy and J team
3631s Against All Odds come back and defend it
3633s their championship title and how the
3636s time does fly because here we are again
3638s for your next season of naraka Blade
3640s point a pro league I'm your host of your
3642s cast of The Room Keeper joining me today
3643s as always is my main man my right hand
3645s man Dobby air Dobby how we feeling baby
3647s man I'm feeling good it is good to be
3650s back here at the casters table it's good
3653s to have this behind me you know the pro
3655s league to sit oh it's it's it's it it
3659s feels fresh again you know I had to put
3661s in the washer you know so you know it's
3663s just nice to just see it here now and
3665s just back at it again but also at the
3666s same time we talked about trios but
3668s let's talk about what we're gonna talk
3669s about
3670s for the rest of tonight which is solos
3672s obviously spider being the main fresh
3676s blood that I talked about all last
3678s season he's no longer in fresh blood
3679s this man is a champion and he's coming
3682s back to do it yet again so I'm excited
3685s for that to see how these first six
3687s games are gonna go for what everybody
3689s wants to call
3691s they want to bug kill this guy and put a
3693s nice little spray guns
3695s all over wpg spider the question is
3697s trying to get around it look we're we're
3699s all excited to see the Spider-Man
3700s himself coming back flying high through
3703s celestra like he does but I don't think
3705s he's gonna go unchallenged this season
3707s first of all somebody we have to talk
3709s about uh aow's mic is back and this is
3713s somebody that spider didn't have too
3716s much of an obstacle with last season
3717s during season two uh and now that AOW
3720s used Mike back Mike is looking to
3722s reclaim his title as the solos demon you
3726s know season one it was all about aow's
3729s Mike going head-to-head with certain
3731s players and whether he was going to come
3732s out on top of them or not now spider and
3735s Mike step to the arena but there's some
3737s other new players to keep your eyes on
3738s here in solos as well and one of them we
3740s have to talk about from last season is
3742s T225 you're talking about a player who
3745s came in out of nowhere is an absolute
3748s demon and was even able to challenge wbg
3751s spider and missed out ever so slightly
3754s on walking away the Champion versus wbg
3756s spider so force to be reckoned with as
3758s we take a look here at our schedule
3760s ladies and gentlemen you know what it is
3761s we're doing it bi-weeklies that's right
3763s we're gonna do a six days of naraka and
3767s then we round out the second week with
3769s our bi-weekly final as you can see
3771s across the board here that's going to
3772s end up all the way through April and
3774s then at the start of May we're going to
3776s be coming in with the repa Shaws aka the
3779s losers bracket determine which of the 21
3782s teams will lock in for our top 16 teams
3785s that will be going to the Grand finals
3789s in May and that's gonna be May 18th
3792s through the 21st and we're gonna see
3794s who's gonna hoist that spring split
3797s trophy ladies and gentlemen it's gonna
3799s be one heck of a wild ride naraka comes
3803s and it does not stop its every single
3806s weekend right here on
3807s backslash naraka blade point you of
3809s course can join me Dobby and all of the
3811s other lovely casters here for the rock
3814s play point for League ever single
3816s weekend and there's no place we'd rather
3817s be as we take a look here at our groups
3819s for our first bi-weekly split here we've
3820s got groups A and B going Head to Head
3822s today Group C will be coming back for
3825s days at three and fours to make sure
3827s you're keeping an eye out for there but
3828s man looking at group a group a kind of
3831s stag tier team GD te Ventus J team
3834s wolves and JL and then of course taking
3837s a look at Group B we're going to see
3839s octgs TK two new teams joining as way
3842s well as team at KLA
3845s coming in and lock it down but today
3847s it's gonna be six games of solos and if
3850s you take a look here you're gonna see a
3852s little bit of a difference whereas
3854s before we were going at two games of
3856s Morris Isle and then heading to
3858s holleroth now it is Morris Isle
3860s holleroth Morris Isle and then of course
3863s back for the last three Morris I'll
3865s holler off Morris Isle so a little bit
3867s of a difference there in terms of the
3870s schedule uh going again can I bring up
3873s something really quickly I gotta
3874s interrupt you've talked about we talked
3876s about the players we talked about all
3877s the hype but I gotta bring up a really
3879s really massive uh importance here that
3882s we haven't seen yet until now I don't
3886s know if you guys saw the intro with
3888s everybody that's walking in and seeing
3890s all this happy national women's day we
3892s have two female competitors
3895s for our solos that we're going to be
3898s seeing tonight so we have ewgs xeron and
3903s we have gd's Muir we actually have not
3905s seen this yet so I gotta at least give
3908s them a shout out I gotta at least show
3909s them a little bit of love because we
3910s have yet to see this it's amazing to see
3913s some uh diversity uh coming out uh for
3916s naraka blade point and also just Esports
3917s in general here so I Gotta Give it up
3919s like I saw that I was like yo let's go
3922s I'm so I have a little bit of excitement
3923s a little bit I mean I brought out my
3925s robe for this I brought up my kimono I'm
3928s not up I had to I had to shine a little
3930s bit you know I had to come clean for the
3932s first day I got to do something you know
3934s so to see that was like that's that's
3935s amazing to see so I had to highlight
3936s that real quick oh absolutely we love
3939s seeing the female players come forth
3940s here uh you know it was it was really
3942s great we actually had a female player uh
3944s from SCA I do believe playing during the
3947s world championship and it was the first
3948s you know female player we had seen on
3950s the big stage and now coming into the
3952s pro league to see two more female
3954s players coming forward and of course uh
3956s we got to see one of them come forth and
3957s talk about uh you know the importance of
3960s being here and being able to prove that
3962s not only can women compete but they can
3964s also win I'm excited to see these ladies
3966s come out on the battlefield and show us
3968s how well they shine because make no
3971s mistake they are here because they
3973s deserve to be here there's a lot of
3975s qualifiers that go into getting here so
3978s they've already earned their stripes but
3979s now they get to show everybody watching
3981s uh that they have earned it and deserve
3984s to be here we're gonna jump to a short
3985s video before we come back and lock in
3986s for game number one
3989s see you
3990s know
3994s um
4004s [Music]
4014s foreign
4034s and spider go at it it's like seeing a
4037s OG versus like a new a young
4040s up-and-comer going against each other
4041s now mind you these guys are pretty much
4043s the same age so it isn't more of an age
4045s thing but I would say more of an
4047s experienced type of type of experience
4049s you know we we saw
4051s um him in the way back when we really
4053s first started uh casting for
4055s um the cup and everything like that and
4057s obviously seeing mirror here that's
4058s getting ready here and it's just it's
4060s it's amazing to see the amount of
4061s anticipation you know I love my solos
4063s you know I love my solos
4067s when it comes to the matchup between wbg
4070s spider and aow's Mike right Mike is much
4074s more used to a meta that is very
4077s fast-paced hyper aggressive that's where
4080s aow's mic always shines right do the
4083s issue I see going forward for aow's Mike
4085s that he might struggle with here in the
4088s beginning of the spring split is we're
4090s going back to a stall matter right
4091s Justina has seen some Buffs uh zpin Yang
4094s has seen some massive Buffs as well
4097s Matari has seen some Buffs as well all
4100s three of these Heroes being very meta
4103s right now in terms of solos that sort of
4105s sort of slow down stall kind of meta is
4109s not where aow's might shine whatsoever
4112s Mike is much more fast-paced get in
4114s there pick up kills and keep it rolling
4116s but wbg spider where he truly shined was
4121s during that season two during that
4124s original z-pig meta he was able to put
4127s z-ping into so much work and create so
4130s much space even during a stall meta that
4133s he made other teams play at his pace and
4136s because of that he was able to dominate
4138s I think wbg spider has a slight
4140s Advantage just in terms of meta here but
4142s it's gonna end interesting to see how
4144s things roll out we are getting ready to
4145s lock in for game one here no wbg spider
4148s here as well as no aow's mic they are
4152s both in group C so we're gonna have to
4154s talk about that coming in later this
4156s week but right now we're going to take a
4157s look at the players getting ready to
4159s lock in you know all eyes for me are
4161s gonna be on wolves Kai bow and of course
4163s gd's mirror as well I really want to see
4165s her come out and make a name for herself
4167s here today in solos but the demon of the
4171s lobby in terms of these groups is going
4173s to be T225 we're talking about somebody
4175s who very closely came to taking that
4178s title from wbg spider you know he's
4180s ready to come in here rip it up today
4182s Dobby listen I I Gotta Give a Little Bit
4184s of my uh expertise here as well here as
4186s much as I agree with you on mirror I'm
4188s definitely going to be paying attention
4189s to her in terms of how she does here I'm
4191s gonna I feel like there's gonna be a lot
4193s of energy coming from Wang Liang Wang
4195s Liang had just such a a roller coaster
4198s of a season and seeing the amount of
4201s struggling that he went through a lot of
4202s persevering and still being able to get
4205s still be able to qualify right you still
4207s have the opportunity to even after all
4209s of that and just sadly still come short
4210s I know Wang Liang wants to come out and
4212s absolutely put in so much work but I
4215s gotta put some eyes here on xiangyu as
4217s yell as well you definitely was one that
4219s I highly slept on and just absolutely
4222s came through with so much energy I gotta
4224s see how well he does this season so I
4226s got a couple of eyes on him as well but
4228s I Gotta Give It Up to the handsome man
4230s he knows he knows he looks nice and a
4232s little red the king o-u-g
4235s um you know he's also been another
4236s person that also have to kind of pay
4237s attention to in this space as well but I
4239s know you're big on wolves Kai bow here
4241s as we're gonna see the players lock it
4244s [Music]
4246s right now
4248s say again do you do you see what they're
4251s locking in yeah
4254s fairy is absolutely meta in solos do not
4258s sleep yeah she's both meta in solos and
4262s trios you're talking about a hero who
4265s excels well in just about every single
4269s situation the Mix-Ups she can add based
4272s on which F she brings to the table the
4275s silence coming in from the F3 or the
4277s ability to extend combos with the F2 or
4279s just the ability to break out of golden
4282s focuses with that F1 makes Feria
4285s extremely versatile not to mention the
4288s mech lasting so long buying her so much
4292s space she is even going to do well in a
4295s stall meta like we're currently seeing
4296s here so no surprises coming out there as
4298s we get ready to lock in for game one
4300s here we're gonna look in on GS is it
4302s T225 here again as somebody who gave
4305s wbg's fighter a run for their money last
4308s season and during the World Championship
4310s here taking a look over now at Kelly's
4312s Fang no surprises to see Fang back here
4315s competing again this season and now
4318s turning to gd's murder here surprisingly
4321s on the Tarka early before the pick where
4323s you see jails ego coming in here with
4325s the staff on to te and now we're gonna
4328s see that bubble come through gonna make
4329s it very hard ego with a massive Perry
4332s from the jump up this is an absolutely
4335s massive Harrier for ego as the bubble
4337s now goes away from railgun railgun
4339s coming in with a full Katana combo
4341s though nowhere near their old seven
4343s seconds until the bubble comes back up
4344s ego is going to be forced to back off
4346s here and take a little bit of a reset
4348s railroad trying to come in even though
4349s ego uh only gets the one pot off finds
4352s himself very good situation we're gonna
4355s see railgun find an armor swap into the
4358s bubble and ego is going to use the
4360s opportunity to get that full reset off
4362s so you so you said earlier too because I
4365s remember we were talking prior to at
4366s least getting started here are you
4367s saying that um one of the characters for
4369s these games zaping is definitely going
4372s to be a lot more harder to kill during
4373s this meta um that we have with these
4375s packs and obviously there still is a
4377s massive possibility here but you got to
4379s play to your strengths here and
4380s obviously being defensive is gonna be
4381s very tough as p225 gets hit massively
4384s with a pair from zhangyu and zhangyu and
4387s claiming that first elimination and gets
4388s the first kill of our first game for a
4392s day one worth of solos
4394s also finding it out with uh KLA staying
4397s here bang trying to put in a lot of
4399s magic here towards this but obviously
4400s the ulti coming in shutting your hands
4402s are gonna try to see if maybe he can
4403s back out of this situation dangerously
4405s low here it looks like he gets lucky
4406s enough to find a Blue Shield swap here
4409s gives him a massive Advantage here
4411s during this throws the fireball does not
4413s sadly connect to that as he is gonna try
4415s to see if he can grab it but sadly
4416s misses it
4418s definitely giving Fang an opportunity
4419s here to possibly get away but Fang is
4422s not really letting go too hard here but
4425s the Maneuvers are absolutely incredible
4426s though coming in from Fang Fang making
4428s it harder for Shane to try to see if you
4430s can give any type of uh hits or any
4432s damage though as it looks like he's able
4433s to shoot a little bit uh young is able
4435s to hit a little bit more onto Fang and
4438s sadly gives him more space he is able to
4441s get away but here comes Ventus Rexy
4443s slowly creeping in here what was he
4445s doing look like he got caught up on
4446s something in here and sadly was not able
4448s to and misses the grapples it looks like
4450s we might be able to get away here as we
4451s look back at Ali as well fighting it out
4454s with jl's ego ego trying to fight this
4456s out here trying to see and the ulti
4458s comes out ladies and gentlemen the first
4460s time we're seeing Oh will hit onto Eagle
4463s here Rockets ricocheting immediately
4465s onto him
4466s the massive amounts of hits coming in
4468s and like I said before this is one of
4470s the new Transformers for this game she
4473s is absolutely dangerous so if you see
4475s this it's just like what we talked about
4478s with Takeda when he first came out if
4480s you see this massive Mech you better run
4484s well a fairy here just buys themselves
4486s so much space right especially the
4487s version of the old they're running there
4488s but they're able to drop that thing down
4490s and buy themselves some face get a pot
4492s off get back in third party coming in
4494s from Kai Bao though a massive Perry
4496s which would have moved into the dragon's
4498s rush but we're gonna see Kai Bao
4499s immediately pop straight out of that
4501s there push in pops the old cancels the
4504s old to keep hold of that rage because
4506s the third party comes through and kaibao
4509s wants to hold that alt for if they get
4511s stuck back into another golden Focus
4514s here and they get to keep 60 of that old
4516s charge as they do cancel the old now
4518s they're all the way back up to 76 here
4520s likely running a rage build but kaibal
4523s gonna be caught out here by jails ego
4525s after ego finds an armor stuff we do see
4527s that elbow come through there with that
4530s F but Kai Bao on the run as we're gonna
4533s see ego and TL continue to give Chase
4536s here Kai Bao looking for any sort of
4538s space here trying to get their ultimate
4540s back online so they can get Escape 94
4542s looking into try to get a pot off you're
4545s going to be forced to cancel it as the
4546s ego comes in from the side kaibal just
4549s trying to continue to buy space needs to
4551s be very careful those bows does find an
4553s armor swap can use the F to block some
4555s of those rain shots coming in from TKA
4557s here and we're gonna see now Kai Bao
4561s does continue to keep it moving and
4563s finds a pot off here but doesn't want to
4565s push back into the fight because of the
4567s armor disparage as they had to take that
4570s white armor there as they continue to be
4572s chased kaibao doesn't really want to
4574s re-engage on that fight and immediately
4576s burn the old that he just worked so hard
4578s to get back as we pop over to gs's T225
4581s looking at to find a little bit of
4583s resources here on the outside edge of
4585s the map by Eventide ego now being chased
4588s by OC's zhangyu
4591s even with that as well here it looks
4593s like uh Zhang Yu trying to see if maybe
4595s he can close in this Gap here his ego is
4597s just trying to separate it as far as
4598s possible then you knows he's inside of
4600s this uh inside of this place here
4601s besides not to fully push out here
4603s decides to rotate and maybe go towards
4605s another section here trying to see maybe
4607s if you can get something here's kaibel
4609s getting some shots off on it Exchange in
4610s here Jim trying to see if he can do it
4612s but he has the staff ladies and
4613s gentlemen one of the newest weapons here
4615s for naraka blade point and the Esports
4617s scene in general here the staff has been
4619s a very fun thing to use so far I've
4621s really got a chance to like really put
4623s some work into this one and honestly
4625s um I think a lot of people have
4626s favorited the pulse poll staff but to be
4629s honest I'm loving the staff I'm gonna be
4630s quiet
4632s look the staff is a great change up from
4634s the spear right as well as the pull
4636s sword from the Greatsword both very very
4638s good weapons the thing with the pull
4639s sword is it is a heavy weapon it's the
4641s same thing with the Greatsword it's a
4642s very high risk High reward type weapon
4644s right and like we don't often see the
4646s Greatsword in solos here we're probably
4648s not gonna see too much of the pole sword
4651s either it's kind of a pub stomper in
4653s solos is going to build in a lot more
4655s work into trios where you have a team
4657s that can hold down uh your opponent so
4660s you can guarantee those huge blue
4662s attacks that come from out the pull
4663s Sword without having to worry about
4665s being parried when you're in solos here
4667s uh the odds of you getting paid are so
4670s much higher right because you're just
4671s kind of 1v1 with opponents or you even
4674s have the third party you can just come
4675s in and pick up the Perry when they're
4677s not the player locked down and all of a
4679s sudden you find yourself completely on
4681s the back foot so the spear and the uh
4683s sorry not the spear the staff gonna be
4685s putting in quite a bit of work here uh
4688s in that solo is a very favorite weapon
4689s the current meta we're gonna see the
4691s target Fireball come down down as all
4693s these players look to lock in for a
4695s first realm of Yang and it's gonna be
4697s gd's mirror versus wolves kaibao a
4700s little bit of a run back here as Kai Bao
4701s picked up the first elimination on Demir
4703s early into the game so the rematch
4705s coming in for both of these players both
4708s of them on white melee weapons here Kai
4711s Bell gonna come in immediately the
4714s charge right click there we're gonna see
4715s charcoal for tar gold here kaibo
4717s actually gonna get caught out there with
4719s the grapple but turn it back around on a
4721s mirror mirror goes Airborne the her
4723s ultimate is there there's nothing they
4725s can do kai Bell goes for a mini infinite
4727s and picks up the elimination we're gonna
4729s see here respawn with that yanga
4731s position and gonna need to find the soul
4733s balloon pretty quickly as we see TK's uh
4736s Ali also pick up an elimination on to
4738s T225 here T225 gonna be forced to go
4741s find the resurrection and look for a
4743s soul Bloom as well
4745s absolutely insane coming out of our
4746s first Arena hits coming in as wagonally
4748s anything it's a beautiful Harry onto
4751s kaibal here immediately trying to see if
4753s you can give any type of momentum a gin
4754s coming through with that third party
4757s of those Fireballs here and sadly is not
4759s able to really hit anything uh in terms
4761s of actual momentum meanwhile mirror
4763s trying to see if you can find at least
4764s any any type of uh uh elimination here
4767s looks like he's gonna be able to back
4769s out of here and at least get some shield
4770s and some heals here waiting
4772s top Contender that we talked about
4775s before and I talk about them
4776s consistently I love Wayne I think Wing
4777s Ling is one of the most dangerous uh
4779s dangerous players here in this game he
4782s has been through so I feel he is the
4785s villain of of a lot of our stories that
4787s we talk about and I like I love that I
4789s love the defining story of Wang Liang
4791s and how hard he's worked to get here as
4793s obvious is here he's putting in so much
4795s work trying to see the games get away
4796s and try to separate himself out of this
4798s fight as T25 is not even gonna let Mir
4800s get away two class here meanwhile Jin
4802s goes all in with the cannon trying to
4805s see if he can claim anything mirror gets
4806s caught in T25 is gonna be right there
4808s right behind her to claim the
4809s elimination gets it and says I'm out see
4812s you later let me get some Shields real
4813s quick I could run it back if I really
4815s feel like it you know this is huge for
4817s T225 right both Mir and T225 lost the
4820s Realms of Yang so both of them really
4822s fighting uh to pick up an elimination
4824s there so they could get that uh Soul
4826s Bloom and we'll see two two five be the
4828s one who comes out on top gets that Soul
4829s Bloom so that Yang depletion is gone and
4831s T225 no longer on a timer anymore they
4835s don't have to be aggressive they can
4836s choose uh which fights they really want
4839s to take and work on that macro and not
4842s have to be hyper aggressive here as we
4844s turn it to bowdaz Shang Wan here looking
4846s to pick up some rain shots here with the
4849s pistol onto multiple opponents but they
4851s need to be very careful here where
4852s you're seeing them try to fight over
4854s this box but there's a lot of players
4856s here looking to pick up some
4857s eliminations and speaking of
4858s eliminations let's take a look at the
4860s scoreboard here we're going to see gd's
4862s mirror and JLS uh ego both fully
4866s eliminated here in our game number one
4869s we still have 12 players remaining here
4873s in the lobby a little different than
4875s last season is we only have 14 teams
4879s each day instead of 16 teams so slightly
4882s less teams this season a total of 21
4884s teams competing so there are less kills
4888s to pick up in the lobby overall there's
4890s two less players to eliminate and two
4893s players can be multiple kills upwards of
4895s six eliminations depending on uh whether
4898s they go into realm or Yang or not so
4901s it's going to be very interesting to see
4903s how that plays out we are going to see
4905s the Vermillion birds being used by TK's
4907s Ali their Ali gonna walk away and get to
4910s keep all of their gear but T225 picks up
4912s an elimination and gets themselves
4914s another point on the board taking a look
4916s at the scoreboard wolves kaibao USI
4919s zhangyu and G2 or sorry gs's T225 both
4922s with two eliminations under their belt
4924s tied for first place and we're gonna see
4926s TK's Ali who won their realm of Yang
4928s with one elimination under their belt
4930s everybody else still looking for their
4932s first elimination here in game number
4934s one of this your spring split we knew
4937s that it was going to be uh very very
4939s tough for people to claim uh really any
4942s anime eliminations excuse me uh for uh
4946s our first few games here for naraka now
4948s obviously there's a lot of nerves coming
4950s into the first couple of games here
4951s obviously the first game Jitters are
4953s always going to be important especially
4954s after so much practice so much work now
4957s you're here on the main stage and now
4958s you have to put all of that money where
4961s your mouth is and obviously Wang layang
4963s here caught in between it but ends up
4964s getting hit and immediately pops the
4966s bubble
4968s um and obviously as we talked before you
4969s know obviously
4971s um zaping has got a a little bit of a
4973s buff you want to tell uh chat a little
4974s bit about that
4976s so the big thing here with uh Z ping is
4978s you know she was absolutely huge during
4980s the season two split last year uh coming
4983s coming into this meta after her big
4986s Nerfs during the off season she actually
4987s saw some massive Buffs one of which uh
4989s being her old The Tick down on that old
4992s is so fast it's not impossible to
4997s actually eliminate a zipping while she's
4999s in oh it will just tick up so fast you
5002s can have her in a full combo and never
5004s drop it and it does not matter it's just
5006s gonna continue to tick her health up
5008s there but the bubble also getting a
5010s massive Alt with the fact that you can
5011s go ahead and throw the seat out but it's
5013s not gonna proc until you take a hit so
5016s you almost get eight seconds back on the
5018s cooldown because you can throw it out
5020s and you're not gonna start
5022s um using the bubble until somebody
5024s actually hits you but the cooldown does
5026s immediately start as soon as you throw
5028s out the seed and pick it up so if you
5031s can wait till the six or seven second
5033s Mark to pick up that hit you're getting
5035s that cooldown back so much faster and
5038s we're gonna see Wang Liang already has
5040s the bubble back up again can just burn
5042s that to heal in this fight doesn't have
5044s to use resources and keep it moving
5046s while he's doing it it's one of the
5048s things that makes zipping so annoying to
5051s pin down they can actively move while
5054s healing we'll see a couple people go
5055s into the Zone here looks like only one
5057s player made it in but somebody else made
5059s it in across the map so we see TK's Ali
5061s going head to head here with s railgun
5064s for team te in our realm of Yang let's
5068s see who comes out on top I do believe
5070s it's a z-ping versus Feria here aka the
5073s Fifi we are going to see Ali here
5075s actually just come in and Blitz down the
5078s railgun but railgun has alt here it's
5080s gonna be very hard to eliminate them
5082s here yeah look at this oh no they
5084s actually are able to pick up that
5085s elimination wow the Fifi we're sorry wow
5088s the Z ping has alt available and up the
5093s staff hits actually coming out faster
5097s then the tick up from the ultimate and
5100s we're gonna see Lee here pick up
5102s legendary nunchucks from that box as
5105s well as picking up uh the Mystic might
5108s which is gonna give them a 25
5110s damage reduction as well as show them
5113s where all the other players are on the
5114s map this is huge Raleigh he actually
5117s just contradicted what you just said two
5119s minutes ago about how it's impossible I
5124s said deny impossible
5126s yeah I mean
5129s yeah
5130s it's very hard
5133s it's still a part of the word you know
5135s it's just like cop Tom Cruise and
5137s Mission Impossible he's still alive
5138s after eight movies
5139s um
5141s it's it's impossible that's close to it
5144s not even there we can we can we can put
5146s that on a slant anyway as we go back to
5149s the top of the order here it's still
5151s amazing though to see how amazing these
5153s players can even even with our
5155s predictions even with what we talk about
5156s we always learn more about what these
5159s players are capable of doing in these
5162s fights as we see Wing lingo into hiding
5164s into uh one of the other spaces here and
5166s it looks like uh Jay teams next in also
5168s going to be doing a very similar stat
5170s here as Israel and wolves are nearby
5172s um they're going to be possibly fighting
5174s this out as Cabela's actually throwing
5175s some pistol shots right in front of this
5176s rail meets right up with ex-gen and now
5178s they're in the middle of catching a
5180s fight here that's real actually putting
5181s in massive damage towards gin and Jen
5183s goes around the other side finds K Bell
5185s and now he's caught in a 2V1 situation
5186s definitely does not want to get caught
5188s in the worst place to be as Exton is
5190s going to try to see if he can get the
5191s disappearing and back out but sadly he's
5194s going absolutely insane actually hits
5196s Zen you and send him down the cliff just
5198s with him and obviously zenyu becomes the
5201s target the sharks are out they smell the
5203s blood and they want it and sadly Kai Bal
5205s is gonna be the one that claims the
5206s elimination meanwhile Jin and Zhang you
5208s all going back out for a reset here
5213s you know there's something we got to
5215s talk about uh right now at least in my
5218s part of the world it is full moon
5221s tonight and clearly that's paying out
5223s for our boy wolves here Kai Bao as he
5225s comes in it clutches the first place out
5228s uh with three eliminations currently
5230s under his belt and I gotta say it man
5231s Kai Bao is in rare form today you can
5235s really tell that he's put in the work
5237s between the off season and coming back
5240s to the season because I haven't seen a
5242s situation where if he's on the back foot
5245s even earlier when he had no Shields
5247s right he was able to utilize uh the
5250s spear to create enough space for him to
5252s find an armor swap
5253s takes a setback into the white armor and
5256s doesn't push back into the fight even
5258s though they burn cooldowns because he
5259s knows he's on the back foot and that's
5261s something kaibal struggled with during
5263s the World Cup and last season was being
5265s slightly too aggressive when they were
5267s playing uh into Heroes like tarco where
5270s they just were like okay I've got a
5272s little bit of Advantage I'm gonna push
5273s in even if I'm at on you know an armor
5276s disadvantage and stuff and one of the
5277s other things that team wolves in general
5279s suffered from last season was the
5281s ability to find good gear into late game
5284s it's actually what set them back the
5287s most during World they would pick up
5289s early eliminations they would get
5291s eliminated early and then couldn't find
5292s it back into the game but if we look at
5294s kaibal right now he's got purple armor
5296s and a legendary Katana so no problems
5298s finding a year here this game is going
5300s to come in onto railgun the old comes
5302s out he's looking for the elbow goes for
5304s it we're gonna see railgun pop the old
5306s here oh my goodness you can't tick past
5309s the headshot from a bow though and shin
5312s one says I don't care if you taking up
5314s I'm gonna do so much damage with a
5316s single head shot from the bow you can
5318s just go ahead and go back to the lobby Z
5320s thing I'm telling you these long ranges
5323s are also something that's very dangerous
5324s we've seen some massive hits coming in
5326s from a lot of these players here
5327s what good Lord have mercy look Shenron
5332s takes that elimination from Kai Bao and
5335s Kai Bao turns it back around on San Juan
5338s and says not in my Lobby you can go
5340s ahead and go join them right back there
5343s what just disrespected him so hard I was
5348s like oh my goodness what I said that
5351s felt personal I'm gonna be honest it was
5353s Shenron took his Kill from him and Kai
5356s Bao turns around and says no no no not
5359s in my house in my house
5362s I felt that it off a personal level and
5364s I was like wow I felt that with a
5366s skybound he's gonna get caught here on
5367s this wall here as a Fang is gonna push
5370s in on wolves kaibao the leader so far
5372s with four eliminations here absolutely
5374s decimates him for his shield here is Guy
5376s Bell is going to try to see if he can
5377s back out for the reset here in any which
5379s way as Yen you also gonna be inside and
5382s trying to see if he can catch anything
5383s of kaibal waiting for the Perry those
5385s kaibao forced to use his ulti trying to
5387s see if he can get anything as Fang he's
5389s gonna back off here trying not to get
5391s caught oh massive hits coming through
5393s from Zen you Zen you trying to hold it
5396s together here but saying you is gonna
5397s actually knock this out and claim the
5399s elimination on the wolves kaibal our
5401s leader of the game so far the head of
5402s the wolf pack is a visually eliminated
5404s with four kills and 5.3 game score at
5408s least a decent start here for our solos
5410s but it'll be interesting to see where he
5413s places overall here as we still have
5415s eight players left in this Lobby now
5417s obviously we still have the multipliers
5419s we still have all of our usual
5421s um points
5422s um that we have for the season I don't
5424s think anything in terms of that has
5425s changed so
5426s um that's we're still going to be seeing
5427s those points be very very helpful for
5430s him in terms of placements but now with
5432s eight players alive and still there's
5434s certain players here that don't have a
5436s single elimination here somebody's got
5438s to put in work
5440s oh absolutely I mean you can't come in
5443s here and not expect to put in work if
5446s you're coming into game one expecting to
5448s be lazy you're just you might as well go
5449s ahead and go home you might as well pack
5451s up your bags and just uh call it a
5453s season already speaking of not calling
5455s the seeds we see Wang Liang just down
5457s here uh using those dual blades to
5459s create distance and block rain shots
5461s while he takes whatever he wants from
5462s the box here able to pick up that
5464s legendary armor and keep it moving T225
5466s come to see if there's anything left in
5467s the Box he wants there uh TK's Ali just
5470s chilling top side as well looking to see
5472s if anybody's Gonna Come On To The Box
5474s 2225 pushing on to Wang Liang but Wang
5477s Liang instantly uh just creating a space
5479s again using those dual blades as well as
5482s uh not souljate so you can just keep it
5484s walking towards players and if they
5487s throw rain shots at him it's just gonna
5488s bounce off those dual blades right he's
5490s just gonna reflect those out of the way
5492s KLA is a Fang here looking to move in
5494s onto
5496s oug as well as OC Zhang you we're seeing
5499s now we're zone four collapsing onto zone
5501s five eight players left alive and things
5505s are gonna get very tight very quickly
5507s for these players Wang Liang looking to
5509s continue to create space using the
5511s soldier needs to be careful though this
5513s is a very periable Soul Jade so his
5515s players approach you're gonna see Wang
5517s Liang constantly using that tap Dodge to
5519s back away so that he doesn't end up
5522s getting parried by these other players
5524s he's just using it to buy space to force
5527s these players to not be able to land
5529s rain shots as well as forcing them to
5531s think about how they're going to engage
5532s if he can actually get them to misread
5535s into a Miss Perry when they tap Dodge
5537s and he tap Dodges forward he can
5539s capitalize massively on that by coming
5542s in with an uppercut on those dual blades
5543s and doing a ton of damage he just has to
5547s play that right everybody right now
5549s playing a little bit of footsie nobody
5551s looking to really engage here they want
5553s to wait till the zones completely
5555s collapsed and see if they can get
5556s somebody caught out in the middle nobody
5559s has taken in any rain shots from another
5562s player has seen their armor depleted or
5564s anything like that so right now
5566s everybody just testing the waters here
5568s as zone 5 is fully collapsed on we'll
5570s see it collapse onto zone six in the
5572s next 60 seconds it's about to become
5575s very small the no old Zone popped down
5577s below Ricky gonna move away from it but
5580s has found himself a little bit of a safe
5582s Zone in case any players want to push
5584s onto him with those olds he can just
5586s move into that no old Zone and get away
5588s canceling out those olds if they decide
5590s to give Chase kolo's Fang with a really
5593s nice hiding spot back here playing
5595s Matari but Fang a lot of these players a
5598s lot of work to put in Wang Liang
5599s alliance's gin oug is the king wrecky
5602s and Fang all with zero eliminations
5603s under the belt here and there's only
5605s eight players left alive
5608s only eight players left here with
5610s zhangyu with the lead so far with three
5612s eliminations but has to keep going here
5614s with the placements in order to get
5615s higher than 5.3
5617s and obviously there's still five five
5619s players without a single elimination
5621s here so they're gonna need to make some
5623s magic happen in at least they have some
5625s point on the board here it's Alex not
5627s one it's a 0.5 but it's better than
5628s nothing
5629s even in these games as oud the king
5632s trying to see if maybe he can push on
5633s towards the gym with Jin having those
5635s long ranges is not giving him any
5636s opportunity here really to push closely
5638s here as the circle is starting to push
5640s in we're in circle five with eight
5643s players left alive here the king getting
5644s hit by some bow shots it looks like Jim
5646s slowly oh no that's a lead actually
5649s slowly trying to close in the Gap here
5651s trying to see if maybe they can claim
5652s and eliminate elimination here very
5654s surprised by the amount of aggression
5655s inside of this this very small circle
5658s here usually it's around the time people
5659s start to at least kind of be a little
5661s bit more weary people are really
5663s watching pay attention but there are
5665s some people really pushing towards these
5666s teams they're not really letting them
5668s sit for too long here and you know we
5670s always say like don't stand in one spot
5672s and in reality that's for like every
5673s game but in this particular game here in
5675s this far left corner elijin Ali Wang
5677s Liang they're they're getting active
5679s over there
5680s oh absolutely look is again it's like
5682s sharks and they're being blood in the
5684s water we saw Wang Liang take some bow
5686s shots there half armor that's the only
5688s feasible player for any of these players
5691s to immediately turn their attention onto
5693s right because once you take some damage
5695s you instantly become vulnerable and the
5698s rest of the lobby wants to force you to
5700s burn extra resources right if they can
5702s force you to burn your app or burn your
5704s ultimate it leaves you in the worst
5706s possible situation and all other players
5709s are going to be looking to capitalize on
5710s that but we did see them able to get
5713s those heels off get themselves back into
5715s the game here but now it's gonna be ak's
5718s uh or sorry TK's Ali in the corner there
5721s seeing their armor take some big hits
5723s and now 225 also in the mix-up in the
5726s middle here with no armor looking to
5728s find a place to get some uh healing off
5729s but those cannon shots coming through
5731s gonna be forced to pop the F this is
5733s what I'm talking about now they have one
5734s minute charge left on that F coming back
5737s up in two seconds they do still have
5739s their ultimate there it is they are
5740s going to bounce back they're going to be
5742s using the F where they are able to
5744s teleport back to where they were they're
5745s going to find a little bit of a reset
5747s here but T225 not in a great place as
5750s they're gonna have to wait before that
5751s have to come back off of cooldown and
5754s we're gonna see now Zhang Yu gonna have
5756s their armor stripped down zone six is
5759s now collapsing on to Zone Seven it's
5762s about to be the final zone eight players
5763s left alive and things are about to get
5765s hinky for some of these players we're
5767s gonna see Fang taking some dagger hits
5768s from T225 T225 with that teleport back
5771s off of cooldown at Fang also with it but
5773s Fang gonna be knocked into the Zone by
5775s two two five and T225 just trying to
5778s keep the pressure on defang we're gonna
5780s see the Abyssal or coming out from Fang
5782s trying to buy a little bit of space but
5783s they need to be careful with that it's
5784s such a huge hitbox it's very variable
5787s from just about any distance so that
5790s Abyssal ore putting themselves in a very
5792s precarious situation does manage to buy
5794s them just a little bit of space so they
5796s can get a pot off Fang still holding on
5799s here alliances gin when with the greats
5801s are trying to buy some space they're
5802s going to go in onto the wall for the
5804s scale Rush looking for it does find
5806s ventus's Ricky with it Rexy gonna take a
5809s huge hit here no armor whatsoever left
5811s on to Rexy now jyn actually gonna get
5814s locked down by Zhang Yu we're actually
5815s trying to capitalize what we are gonna
5817s see the alt and F come out there from
5820s Jin as Jin catches the backstab off onto
5823s it Wang Liang picks up the elimination
5825s on to TK's Ali before Ali can get into
5828s their Mech that's going to see two
5830s players eliminated as Zhang Yu picks up
5832s ventus's Rexy as well six players left
5836s remaining here t2-5 caught out here by
5839s the charge left foot coming out from the
5841s dagger they can teleport back here if
5844s they need to four seconds left remaining
5846s before they can teleport back they're
5847s trying to get the pot off they can't
5848s find it they are gonna be forced to go
5850s and teleport back but one thing staying
5852s in the mid distance while threatening
5854s that space with the dagger there now we
5857s see zhangyu looking to pick up an
5859s elimination here on 4 recently they
5861s aren't going to be able to find anything
5862s looking to get a heal up they do have
5864s the option to make up here if they need
5867s to T225 is invisible trading dagger
5870s blows here with klas Fang Fang coming in
5873s still able to find them in the
5874s invisibility T225 just trying to hold on
5877s the Abyssal work done
5881s will find their second elimination of
5883s the game here we're down to three
5884s players left alive Fang versus Wang
5887s Liang down it's good three players where
5890s is our third player there they are they
5892s come down in jangyu from Team OC bank
5895s trying to lock it in gonna use this
5897s better win to go outside there looking
5899s for a barrier even gonna find it we're
5901s gonna see the mech getting ready to come
5903s out here from that BB no zenyu gets
5906s knocked away from it now it comes in
5908s it's zhangyu versus Palace bang as Wang
5910s lens eliminated
5916s eliminations in a first place finish
5918s here in game number one I told you
5921s before saying you is a dangerous
5923s competitor here and I told you at the
5925s very beginning make sure to don't sleep
5927s on this man and he shows you why you
5930s shouldn't be going night night cause he
5931s might be the one that put you there as
5933s he's able to lock it down throws down
5936s the mech robots in Disguise and is able
5940s to let him know how it gets it done
5942s sadly wailing is not able to clutch it
5944s up here but he does still get that
5946s second place finish though which is
5947s going to be a massive for him but
5948s zangyou definitely a breath of fresh air
5951s and at least a good start to the games
5953s for him Zhang Yu is gonna clutch our
5955s first game game one day one everything
5959s for first place for xanyou look Zhang Yu
5963s is a competitor I will never ever sleep
5965s on we're talking about a player who had
5968s the biggest comeback in all of naraka
5971s history right we're talking about a
5973s player who had to burn his old had to
5975s burn his affability in a final fight of
5979s three is literally down to a single tick
5983s of HP if he literally clanks twice he
5987s loses the game the other player has the
5989s moment I'll never forget have their
5991s ability up yeah we're talking about a
5993s history in the making in nbpl when he
5997s comes back and wins that fight he
5999s manages to Clank a single time has
6002s almost an invisible HP bar and still
6005s comes back to win the fight zhangyu is a
6008s player after that moment that I don't
6009s think anybody can ever count of a fight
6011s and he plays this fight he executes it
6015s so well right he's running the version
6016s of the mech uh where you can drop uh the
6019s pillar on the ground and then you can
6020s jump into the mech at any time he uses
6022s that pillar to shove everybody out of
6024s the zone and then when everybody goes
6026s back for the Zone they have no choice
6029s but to go to that zone so they're not
6030s taking tick damage he then jumps into
6032s the mech and knocks them back a second
6035s time uses the same ultimate to take
6038s control of the Zone twice and because of
6040s that he comes out on top by a single
6042s tick of HP picks up two extra
6044s eliminations and a first place finish
6046s this is a massive textbook reason why
6050s Feria is a huge solos Contender like we
6053s were talking about during the hero
6055s selection and Zhang you just again
6058s textbook execution coming from them the
6061s finisher coming into at that moment too
6063s is also kind of a dangerous call because
6065s he still was dangerously low and not
6068s only that he was still getting the tick
6070s damage from the circle if Wang Liang had
6073s just a little bit more heals and just
6076s was able to get away he might have
6078s actually been able to clutch the Roundup
6080s by just staying alive and obviously that
6083s really could have came down to anyone at
6086s any moment in that in that specific
6087s fight here but obviously Zhang Yu
6089s keeping the game alive and obviously
6090s even when there was three players alive
6092s we saw two people fighting and we was
6094s like where's Zhang you Zan you was up in
6095s the air letting them fight he's like hey
6096s that ain't got nothing to do with me
6098s I'ma sit up here I'm gonna sit nice and
6099s high I'm gonna drink me some pina
6100s coladas and when it's time to fight imma
6102s jump down I'm gonna get going and
6104s obviously he waited the perfect time to
6106s make that happen and obviously was able
6107s to get some Wang Liang though another
6109s player that we talk about here is
6111s steadily trying to put himself back in
6113s the top three like he always does
6114s keeping the aggression but sadly it was
6117s really struggling to really claim any
6118s eliminations in the earlier fights here
6120s sadly getting only one elim uh prior to
6124s I think top five I think it was about
6126s top five players he was able to at least
6128s get one elimination during that but Wang
6129s Liang was struggling though but those
6131s placement points him getting in top
6132s three
6133s um definitely is going to be massive for
6135s him but I'll be obviously will it keep
6137s them there I mean it's the first game we
6139s still got five more but
6141s I'll start I'll start look it we've got
6143s five games to go in being top three into
6146s the the final of game one is not a bad
6149s place to be and something again we have
6151s to talk about is there's two less
6152s players here in solos right it's 14
6155s teams every you know every group that's
6159s going head to head so there's two
6161s players left in trios that's six players
6164s left so we're actually gonna see
6167s slightly smaller score lines than we're
6169s used to seeing in solos and trios so
6173s being in the top with only one or two
6175s eliminations isn't as bad as it was last
6178s season given those smaller score lines
6180s now that said you've got a player who
6182s comes in with five and ticks first place
6183s finish you're still quite a few points
6185s behind them but it's not a bad place to
6188s be coming out of game one here not only
6191s have you proven hey not only can I make
6192s it to the end of the lobby I can pick up
6194s eliminations you've also put enough
6196s points on the top of it where compared
6198s to like the bottom 10 players you're
6201s leads ahead of them right we watch so
6203s many players go out in that final circle
6205s with 0.5 points compared to these
6208s players you're going to be walking away
6209s with like 10 to 12 points who finished
6212s in those top three it's gonna be
6214s absolutely huge for those players going
6217s into game two whereas there's players
6219s who walk away with like 0.5 points are
6221s gonna have to come back in and they have
6223s to have a hugely big pop-off game to
6226s even play catch-up if they want to be in
6229s those top three after game number two
6233s well they still
6234s I still have four more games on top of
6236s that one as well and obviously for the
6238s people at home here it's gonna be a
6239s little bit different there's no break
6240s we're just gonna go right into it into
6242s game number two once we show you
6244s obviously the MVP obviously our
6246s scoreboard for the very top of the order
6248s in terms of where people are going to be
6250s placed going into our game two here but
6252s there's no there's no real time to rest
6254s here everybody's gonna get ready they're
6255s gonna get thrown back into the lobby
6256s here and we're gonna lock it in for a
6258s game number two and um we're headed to
6260s hollow which by the way now I finally
6263s have all of the little intricate places
6264s and the little names for everywhere and
6267s I'm excited I haven't been able to talk
6268s too much about the map
6270s um as much as we did in the last season
6271s but man oh man am I excited to really uh
6274s bring that amount of energy into the map
6275s here because I do love Hollow Roth as
6277s much as we do it obviously seeing the
6279s top score here zhangyu are we surprised
6281s five eliminations eight kill points four
6283s ranking points with a total score of 12
6286s but
6287s check this out Kai Bao keeping top three
6291s even though we got eliminated early 5.3
6293s sadly his ranking points give him a 0.5
6295s but those four eliminations did massive
6298s work for him to keep him in top three
6300s it's a place that all wolves need to be
6302s and top of the pack so he's close to it
6304s as well as everybody else but sadly
6306s everybody else from 9th through 14th
6308s they got they gotta put some work in
6310s oh absolutely and I mean here's the
6312s thing is again with those less kills the
6315s more aggressive play style that we saw
6316s coming out of wool sky bow actually pays
6319s off for him here right he's top three
6321s with only four eliminations because four
6324s eliminations account for so much when
6328s there's so few kills to go around and
6331s the four eliminations even though he
6333s goes out kind of in the middle of the
6335s pack still buys him that third place
6337s lock-in with 5.3 now he still has a lot
6340s of work to do because it's not even half
6342s the amount of points that Zhang Yu is
6343s able to clutch because Zhang you
6344s finished out in first with those five
6346s eliminations but it still sets wolves up
6349s so he's coming into this next game not
6351s in a bad place right if you have two
6354s games like this and then you have two or
6356s three pop-off games you can easily find
6358s yourself at the very top of the pack at
6361s the end of the day and like I said wolf
6363s kaibel really coming in huge here we're
6365s gonna get to see that fight between OC
6366s Jen you and T225 early and see that's
6369s where that old comes down actually
6370s really pop c225 off creating the space
6374s for Zhang Yu to come in with that uh
6376s Perry and pick up the fight here and
6378s gd's myrrh going head to head here with
6379s Wolves kaibao it's all over as soon as
6381s kaibao finds the uppercut there on Tarka
6384s and both of them has popped their
6385s ultimate then T225 able to come in here
6387s picks up mer this is where they're able
6389s to get rid of that Yang depletion which
6390s is huge for them and then wolves kaibal
6392s just coming in here disrespecting
6394s players left and right here CS railgun
6396s here gets picked up by shenuan and then
6399s shenwan just gets disrespected by Kai
6402s Bao after that and Kai Bao picks up huge
6405s points because of it and now Wang Liang
6407s here getting dropped on kla's fan coming
6410s in and then we're gonna see those back
6411s Stacks coming in from bang able to pick
6413s up that elimination zhangyu able to Mech
6416s back up here in the very end pick up the
6418s elimination on Fang what a clean game
6420s for our teens here but it all comes down
6423s to OC's Zhang you in the end he's gonna
6426s walk away our MVP for game number one
6430s one the first MVP here for the spring
6434s split I mean zhangyu really putting in
6436s the work and we talked about this uni
6439s Dobby uh during the intro before we came
6441s into tonight you know Zinn was talking
6443s about how their macro is so good and
6446s they were just like praising themselves
6447s patting themselves on the back uh for
6449s their sorry not their macro their micro
6451s which is just you know your skill your
6453s ability to get in there and fight really
6455s well but the macro is what comes in and
6458s wins the day here because if you see OC
6460s zhangyu the ability to utilize that old
6462s to knock everybody out of the circle
6463s when he just plants you know the old and
6466s then uses it again to knock everybody
6468s back out creating this face and like
6470s you're talking about he was Airborne
6471s while those two were fighting and was
6472s just like I I ain't got no business here
6474s you all can do get out if you want to
6476s but I'm gonna take the win you know what
6477s I'm saying it's those sorts of decisions
6480s the decision making in your macro play
6482s that separates a great player from the
6486s best players at the end of the day and
6488s what she said before is uh separating
6490s the uh the smaller players from the
6494s Champions as we uh about to get close to
6496s locking it in for here for game number
6498s two here so obviously with the amount of
6500s surprise that we've seen obviously from
6501s our first game here even with the the
6503s eight players alive here still
6505s surprisingly some aggression coming in
6508s um a little bit of some antsy
6509s aggressiveness coming in from certain
6511s players usually when we get closer and
6512s closer towards that you know that that
6514s little middle ground that we always talk
6516s about how it usually kind of dies down a
6517s little bit everybody's just kind of
6518s watching seeing what everybody's doing
6520s it's a lot of dark eyes just back and
6521s forth back and forth back and forth and
6523s obviously no there was about two or
6524s three players that got a little
6525s aggressive and they were in somebody's
6527s face and it was like whoa Hold on shut
6529s up hey hey thumb down so I'm I'm curious
6532s now uh obviously with the Jitters and
6534s everything now game one is done thank
6535s you has collapsed the first game
6538s do we have the curse is he going to be
6542s able to clutch another one I don't know
6543s I love bringing it up just because I
6545s think it's fun and it creates a little
6546s bit more of a uh a little bit more of a
6550s um
6551s how can I say
6552s um
6553s a little bit of a tip toe type of
6555s instance you know for really any player
6557s not just saying you but with any of any
6559s of our players obviously from uh from
6561s near sadly he was getting eliminated
6562s early to uh who just gets absolutely
6565s destroyed by S rails um a headshot from
6569s the bow but let's also talk about how
6572s you were saying
6574s um the the ulti with the bubble was able
6577s to just make it where it's just almost
6578s impossible and we saw two players end up
6581s getting eliminated to the point where
6583s that bubble did not help them at least
6585s in that situation or in that moment so
6587s maybe they maybe they popped it a little
6588s too late maybe it just wasn't the best
6591s time maybe they had less heals but it's
6593s interesting to see how you know we have
6596s these observations and then the moment
6598s we see these in game it's sometimes it's
6599s a different story well you see what it
6602s comes down to is it comes down to game
6603s knowledge right I said it's nigh
6605s impossible to kill her while she's old
6607s thing right and in the first instance
6608s what we see is we actually see the
6610s charge left click come out of the staff
6612s right that is one of the few instances
6615s where a weapon actually hits faster than
6618s their ultimate right so the only like
6622s you have to have the game knowledge to
6624s know okay hey the charge left click on
6626s the staff is gonna hit faster than the
6628s old can tick and then you have to find
6630s the opening to execute it and in pro
6633s league there's no real surprise that
6635s players are going to be able to have
6637s that knowledge and then execute on that
6638s knowledge the other in
6640s into the headshot that we saw come out
6642s from Sean you right that headshot from
6645s the bow is almost instantaneous 700
6648s damage right you know a full combo
6650s coming out might be a thousand damage
6652s but it's a thousand damage that's slowly
6654s ticking up versus the super fast tick of
6657s that old you see them pop the ultimate
6660s you have to make a split-second decision
6662s to swap to the bow and go to the head
6664s shot before they tick up enough where
6666s that headshot won't instantaneously kill
6668s them so we see two very small instances
6671s where you're actually able to get around
6673s the zippon Yang ultimate but you have to
6676s be very quick you have to make it happen
6678s and you have to find the ability to
6681s actually execute that right and these
6683s Pro players again no surprise that
6685s they're able to do that speaking of
6687s doing that we're getting ready to lock
6689s it in here for game number two as we get
6692s ready to come back in and you know you
6693s talk about uh the kind of curse of being
6696s the first MVP of the day on Zhang Yu
6698s Zhang Yu played this very well it's
6700s going to be interesting to see if they
6702s bring varia back in because we do have
6704s those hero Point rules in effect you can
6707s only play the same hero twice once and
6710s then you have to play a different hero
6711s every single game looks like Sean Shen
6715s you on here actually going to be locking
6717s in valda uh which is something you don't
6720s see very often here into solos valda
6724s here actually doesn't really do Shenron
6727s a whole lot if you see there's nobody in
6729s this Lobby that they can cancel their
6731s ultimate there's no oh sorry there's a
6733s single Target in play that they can
6735s cancel their ultimate but every other
6737s player here that ultimate actually
6739s doesn't cancel out their ultimate uh the
6742s fairy is they can be stunned for about
6744s three seconds from that volatile
6746s connecting onto them depending on which
6748s wall the old that it is but it's not
6750s really gonna buy them a lot of space
6752s there's no yodo's here for them to
6753s cancel olds out on or anything like that
6756s so it's gonna be interesting to see how
6758s that hero selection comes in from one
6760s here because of all the typically a hero
6763s that isn't exactly meta but can counter
6766s specific other Heroes and we don't see a
6769s lot of those Heroes here in this Lobby
6771s no we don't here as we're going to see a
6773s little bit more Takeda action as well
6775s getting kicked over from kaibal exceine
6778s Fang SRAM done T225
6781s um and even Jin gonna be able to lock it
6784s in here too so it's gonna be very
6785s impressive to see how uh cicada is gonna
6788s be uh uh very helpful here for this map
6792s as well as everything else here but you
6794s know we love it we're back at it again
6796s here at holleroth and obviously it's
6798s still very very awesome to look at here
6801s as we're gonna see Ali zhangyu T225 near
6805s Plum Castle right in front of uh it
6807s looks like that's gonna be salvation
6808s Podium on a quails Gateway here
6810s meanwhile uh kaibao looks like he's
6812s gonna be towards the bottom of moonfall
6813s pass here as shuya and Wang Liang is
6816s going to be all at a quails aquilius
6819s Crest at Plum Castle meanwhile looks
6822s like a altar of Tranquility he's gonna
6824s get claimed by one of the players it
6826s looks like T225 is going to be mere
6827s ingest Mound as well so he's gonna have
6830s a little bit more uh looks like they're
6832s gonna be some decent loot there as well
6834s for him it looks like we got at least
6835s one player headed towards Grizzly rise
6838s near the far right but sadly nobody at
6841s least in the M impreels Village which is
6843s where the snow usually is and that's a
6845s very popular spot for a lot of these
6848s solo players here so gonna be surprise
6849s guys to see uh where people go here is
6852s we're going to see immediately the three
6853s players are you the king immediately
6854s going at it beautiful right click
6856s connecting with the katana from the King
6857s on the Zen you Zen you
6860s trying to see if you can keep the
6861s aggression here and obviously he's gonna
6862s go for the pack out here but the king is
6864s Gonna Keep it just as high But Here
6866s Comes Ali trying to back this out as T25
6868s on the wall here but sadly is hitting
6871s the podiums here it is not actually
6873s getting any hits directed right towards
6876s the enemies as he's trying to get the
6877s fight on but it looks like Zhang you and
6878s them is gonna back away I'm gonna not
6880s try to get caught up by a massive
6881s ballista you don't want to get hit by
6883s that too early because that could be a
6884s massive elimination and a big see you
6885s later and you don't want to get
6886s eliminated by that too early here it
6888s looks like Zan you is going to try to
6889s see if he can get a little bit more
6891s distance here as a lead
6892s I'm gonna try to Grapple him as well and
6894s the chase is on ladies and gentlemen
6896s nice and far we're gonna go all the way
6898s up to the top stairs headed towards
6900s Columbia Castle
6901s we're in the depths of one of the
6903s biggest places here for this game is ego
6905s dangerously low action going in for the
6908s chase here does not want to let him go
6909s as Fang closely behind could also be a
6912s free kill for Fang if he can but it
6914s looks like he's deciding not to here as
6916s ego is just trying to dip away as hard
6918s as possible and catches them on the fall
6920s off as Excellence gonna claim the first
6922s elimination kaibal is going to come
6923s through here immediately as Takeda is
6924s going to come through with that ghost
6925s immediately getting some nice slashes on
6927s a kaibao kaibo trying to see if maybe he
6929s can back away but exit putting in so
6931s much pressure towards kaibal Doug from
6933s definitely doesn't give him any
6934s opportunity he can do anything as Kai
6937s bow sadly gets eliminated here and looks
6940s like he's gonna go for the read back the
6942s re the run back the question is is it
6944s gonna be salty
6947s yeah we're gonna see now a thing just
6950s looking to lock into action here I'm
6952s gonna throw some bow Shots Out actually
6954s it creates a really good space here
6956s where they are Inner Space they can
6958s actually not get hit with uh the melee
6961s weapons over that little Ridge but they
6963s can still keep an eye on their opponent
6965s we're gonna see it Wang man coming here
6967s picking up a kill onto TK's a and now
6969s action pushing on to Fang though Fang no
6972s ultimate action does have theirs there's
6974s not a whole lot thing it can do here the
6977s Fang pops they're old but the action's
6979s gonna counter back with their own old
6980s action with one charge left on the alt
6982s needs to find it now but needs to be
6984s careful if one thing is able or sorry a
6986s thing is able to find their own ultimate
6989s back afterwards they're not gonna be
6990s able to do much here engine's just
6991s holding on for as long as possible
6993s waiting for Fang to pop theirs there it
6994s is this needed to be the moment that
6996s they popped their last charge but action
6998s not gonna send it they're just hoping to
7000s go back to neutral here doesn't spend
7003s the charge on the ultimate but Fang
7004s still has a little bit of time left here
7006s Jin just needs to buy some space we are
7009s going to see the grab come through but
7011s they're not going to be able to follow
7012s it up no all charges left remaining and
7015s now it's just back to a raw neutral
7017s fight here between action and Fang
7019s action gonna take the time to repair his
7021s dagger here going to give our boy Fang
7024s just a little bit of time to get some
7026s heels off action just gonna take the
7027s time to do the same here as we see Feng
7030s running away but action continuing chase
7032s the scale rust comes in he's gonna Clank
7034s off of it but now Vince's Rexy gonna
7036s come through with a huge vertical slash
7039s coming off of the long sword going to
7041s send our boy uh flying action looking
7044s out for a way to get out of this fight
7046s now but one thing not wanting it to give
7048s up it finds on to Rexy here one thing
7051s very low action very low as well as now
7054s it's turned into a free-for-all T225
7056s coming in for the fourth party and these
7058s four players are gonna split off into
7060s two separate fights
7062s looks like these two separate fights is
7064s more like one as Rexy claims elimination
7067s on the fan here and it looks like rexy's
7069s gonna try to see if maybe he can uh put
7071s some uh some damage in on this other
7072s fight here getting this fight off here
7074s with shuyong both of them pretty much
7076s dangerously lowly are getting caught in
7078s a bad situation as the ulti comes out he
7080s actually claims two here beautifully it
7083s on away and dangerously low as Shin
7085s Young ends up crushing him with the ulti
7088s and immediately starts to back off here
7092s that wasn't actually so here's my
7094s question I got a question so shuyan
7097s didn't pick that up with their ultimate
7098s they got the ultimate they got the wave
7099s out they did a ton of damage you saw the
7102s other old come out before it could Slam
7104s in and do damage chuyen swapped to the
7106s bow and picks up a head shot there and
7108s is able to pick up the elimination and
7110s then just back out of that fight but uh
7112s what was your question Dobby so the
7113s question is is when uh when you drop
7115s down your ultimate obviously and it
7117s immediately hits it does a little bit of
7119s damage I noticed that he ended up
7121s walking away now the question is does
7123s his Ultimate Reset to zero or does it go
7127s you know how certain people they'll kind
7128s of end it early and you know the re
7130s their ultimate goes to like you know 70
7132s 80 they still have a little bit since
7134s it's not in use um does it go straight
7136s to zero or does it like immediately just
7138s you have some percentage uh for your
7140s ultimate are you talking about eupheria
7142s yes so it depends on which version of
7145s the old you're you're seeing come out
7147s from Feria right uh what you're
7149s typically seeing here is you're seeing
7150s the version of the old where it drops
7151s the pillar down the pillow knocks back
7153s and does damage and then if they go over
7155s and touch the pillar and get into the
7158s mech that's it they don't get any rage
7160s back but if they choose not to get into
7163s the mech they do maintain a sliver of
7166s Rage not a big amount there but we're
7168s gonna see gd's uh T225 here looking to
7171s push in somebody was able to solve the
7173s puzzle here I wasn't quite sure who
7175s actually locked it down we're going to
7177s see OC Zhang you pick up a bounty onto
7178s wolves kaibao taking a look here at the
7181s map we are going to see those first
7182s portals to the realm of young getting
7184s ready to come through looks like Kai Bao
7185s on the bottom side of plume Castle here
7188s looking to try to lock that portal down
7190s we're gonna see gd's merge A team's
7192s action uh towards the south side of the
7195s map looking both to try to lock in to
7197s one of those this is going to be our
7200s first sets of uh realm of Yang Wang
7202s Liang here with white armor and white
7204s weapons looking to find some upgrades
7206s he's gonna find a blue set of armor and
7208s a blue staff here and it might be able
7210s to find themselves in to a real realm of
7213s Yang is they get a couple of upgrades on
7215s the Belt but yeah here we're gonna see
7216s Mur and J team's action both just kind
7218s of keeping distance here but we're gonna
7220s see a lot of these players dog pile onto
7222s this uh portal to try to get into that
7224s realm of Yang because this first buff
7226s that Vermillion Birds might is so useful
7229s early on here into solos we're also
7231s going to see Fang come in Mara is going
7233s to miss the opportunity to make it
7235s happen so it's gonna be J team's action
7236s and kla's Fang going head to head here
7239s as well as baldon TK going head to head
7241s in our other realm of Yang Kelly's Fang
7245s here with the dagger looking to find an
7248s intro on to action here gonna pop the
7250s ultimate early which could cost them
7253s here given the Decatur match up but
7255s we're gonna see two charges come out
7256s action hasn't burned a single charge yet
7258s and we're gonna see a single charge left
7260s on to Fang Fang only holding out as we
7264s see j-team finally burned their first
7266s charge coming in looking to go for the
7268s scale rush to get airborne trying to
7270s find a little bit of a heel trying to
7271s find actually sorry not out of here
7273s trying to find some rain shots with the
7274s pistol now looking for a heel on the
7276s backside as both of these ultimates get
7278s ready to tick down action looking to
7281s find that opening there is going to come
7283s in with the charge but Fang gonna find
7284s the charge left click off the dagger
7286s into the uppercut action going very low
7288s we're gonna see the grab come out from
7289s Fang but Fang not able to capitalize on
7292s the exit coming in with the katana the
7294s Clank comes through all he needs is a
7296s single more crank there it is the
7297s grapple into the left click we're gonna
7299s see our boy come out on top is gonna
7302s pick up that massive Vermillion Birds
7305s might end a legendary Katana off of this
7307s is huge
7308s I love the smile coming in from uh
7311s Banger I feel like he knew that he had
7314s the opportunity here to claim that
7316s elimination here and obviously that
7317s smile kind of says it all there's a lot
7319s of confidence going into these games
7320s here you know we've said it before Exton
7323s is is another big player here that has
7324s really done a lot and we've seen a
7327s massive amounts of clutches and um
7329s absolute destruction coming in from the
7331s man here so obviously they still have
7332s the opportunity here just so we can uh
7334s reclaim his life and get one more I
7336s don't think he's fully eliminated here
7337s as ego is gonna immediately pop the uh
7340s that that moment here where he can not
7343s pop his ulti Ali dangerously getting hit
7345s by the katana this is why I love the
7347s katana here even after all this space
7348s here it's still a dangerous weapon to be
7351s used here as Ali using that pole sword
7353s here putting in massive damage you've
7354s said before high risk High reward the
7357s question is is a league gonna be able to
7359s claim it no
7361s getting a beautiful shutdown gets the
7364s Perry immediately is going to get the
7366s grapple and shut him down against the
7368s Finish
7369s unbelievable we we said it before here
7371s how how much the the different
7374s differences can actually change up here
7376s oh my goodness Vegas is going off here
7377s shutting down Jin not giving him much an
7379s opportunity forcing Jin to pop the ulti
7382s here and trying to see if maybe he can
7383s get away here jyn doing as much as
7385s possible here to try to deter Fang away
7387s but still Japan is gonna push in and
7389s keep that same aggression he's been
7390s doing so far here putting in so much
7392s work and expertise into this fight here
7395s the question is is he gonna be able to
7396s claim it both of them going back and
7397s forth with each of each of her ghosts
7400s doing so much damage as Wang Lan's gonna
7401s come through with the absolute finish
7404s and the pulse Lord is just gonna do it
7406s right on top of his head and claim the
7409s elimination the question is can Fang
7410s even back off here for a split second or
7412s his Wang man gonna get two free
7413s eliminations it looks like he might be
7415s able to here
7417s looks like he gets dangerously close
7419s here and it looks like is actually going
7421s to close in a gap and show young claims
7422s the elimination and steals it away from
7424s Wang Liang I mean you know it takes one
7426s to know one you know a lot of a lot of
7428s eliminations getting snatched here in
7430s this game immediately off of the top and
7432s I'm very surprised to see that as xiong
7434s and Wang Liang both get a free
7436s elimination out of it
7437s you know Fang here with a legendary
7439s Katana but running around with a white
7442s dagger faking these fights I can't help
7444s crazy right you know he's trolling
7446s himself just a little bit there he not
7448s only does he lose the elimination
7450s because of the third party because the
7452s fight takes so long because he's doing
7454s so little damage with the white dagger
7456s there but also ends up losing his life
7459s forced to pop the Vermillion so he gives
7460s not one but two eliminations to Wang
7464s Liang in that fight I feel like if he
7466s had used the katana there he could have
7468s done enough damage picked up that
7470s elimination probably still died to Wang
7472s Liang but only given Wang Liang one
7474s elimination and we're gonna see Wang
7476s Wang speaking of which uh dying in the
7479s feed there to zhangyu otsijong you about
7481s to go for a roller coaster ride shenyu
7483s trying to get the juggle there but
7485s actually a great alt coming out from
7487s zhangyu there using the gold Focus to
7489s break out of that uppercut combo there
7491s and shenyu just obliterated as Xiang Yu
7494s turns it back onto them shenghyu
7496s thankfully though with the Vermillion
7497s Birds gonna be able to get the
7498s resurrection and OC Zhang Yu just going
7501s to get a little bit of a heel there and
7503s not much else oh she's the king here
7505s sorry ouija's the king here up top
7507s looking for Fang while in that very emek
7510s looking to make something happen we are
7511s going to see the candle shots come
7512s through but a great roll Dodge coming
7514s out from Fang able to avoid the damage
7516s there from the mech King no alt
7519s available three percent charge now
7520s trying to find their way out of this
7523s fight so many teams sitting on top here
7525s waiting for the box to come up as well
7526s as our next set of Realms of Yang
7529s getting ready to come through as zone
7531s two collapses onto zone three
7534s love to see the way that these players
7536s are maneuvering and just trying to keep
7537s themselves alive here within all of
7540s these places here and especially in
7541s these third-party fights here at like
7542s xdn currently juggling Rexy and Fang
7545s here and doing a lot of work here
7547s getting a massive damage onto Xenia but
7550s a fan just putting in so much work on X
7552s in not really giving him too much of a
7553s place to breathe here as it looks like
7555s he's gonna scatter off here and it gives
7557s like sin at least a moment here
7559s to maybe separate from the rest of the
7561s group Fiction's gonna die right here
7563s gang depletion in one there it is boys
7566s and girls
7568s I can we can we talk about how in that
7570s fight Fang finally pulls out the gold
7572s Katana it's almost like they're
7574s listening to me Dobby and go you know
7575s what I'm gonna keep the dagger out for
7577s movement but maybe I shouldn't troll
7578s myself and use a white dagger uh and you
7581s know do no damage while I'm playing here
7586s all right all right you know what why am
7589s I using this white dagger you're right
7590s why am I using it what's wrong with me
7593s so right here it looks like we're gonna
7595s go into another Arena seeing one of the
7597s players immediately caught me in here
7598s and it looks like Xiao young is gonna be
7600s on one side the question is who is it
7602s going to be on the other I'm gonna think
7604s it's it's Fang ladies and gentlemen
7606s beautiful fight here
7608s that we are getting the run back because
7611s they both were snatching eliminations
7613s earlier here so this is going to be fun
7615s to see how they both are going to be
7617s able to do this 1v1 and this is it right
7619s here somebody gets an elimination
7620s they're done for this game here both
7622s waiting for the scale Rush here on both
7623s sides here waiting it out both blocks
7625s holding it on each side beautiful
7626s defense happening on both sides here
7627s spring is able to pop in the beautiful
7628s oh coming in from Fang Fang trying to
7631s see if maybe he can wait it out with a
7632s little bit more time trying to fit the
7633s height the perfect shot it looks like he
7635s is able to get some decent amount of
7637s damage here throws the bubble
7638s immediately is able to go and get some
7640s more Shield here as well bang having an
7642s opportunity with his soul Jay trying to
7644s see if he can connect something sadly
7645s not enough here the katana trying to see
7647s if he can claim anything gets a little
7648s bit it's not enough dang you on trying
7650s to see if you can find anything here
7652s hits the bubble trying to see maybe he
7653s can bait him into pushing in towards it
7655s and it looks like he all he almost does
7656s here
7657s the timing couldn't be any better for
7659s him in this opportunity to show young
7660s gets a massive hit onto him as Fang is
7663s going to use that as his opportunity
7664s here scale rush trying to see if he can
7665s wait it out here but obviously not gonna
7667s be able to do too much here waiting for
7669s the bubble trying to see if he can bait
7670s him into it beautiful right click on
7672s that Katana trying to see if you can
7673s find it but sure young hits it with a
7675s beautiful Parry taking away his
7677s opportunity though with the katana now
7679s he's gonna be forced to use another
7680s weapon here but he hit the magic
7684s either this fight for the arena and gets
7688s his rewards onto the realm of yang
7690s so Fang played this so well we see again
7693s we talked about that valda right and
7695s even the bubble the bubble is able to
7697s Tod certain characters but the problem
7699s is is when you're going into Decatur
7701s both the old has the ability to just
7703s shove you off when you walk into the
7705s bubble and gets done and the Takeda grab
7707s there where he reaches out and grabs for
7709s you has a golden focused startup and we
7711s see there our boy Fang used the golden
7713s Focus uh on the startup of that grab to
7716s pop the bubble and just aggressively
7719s press in on it to our valda player there
7721s and go I really don't care about your
7723s bubble I'm just gonna keep coming at you
7725s is able to also take control of the
7727s neutral with the grab pops a huge combo
7730s off there and this this is again why I
7732s see this fall to pick as such a weird
7734s pick that said shenyu has been putting
7737s in work on valda I I you know I'm gonna
7739s give them crop for the vault to hear
7740s just because of the hero into the
7742s particular lobby but shenyu's playing
7744s their mind out this game they do
7747s unfortunately lose that realm they have
7749s already found owned a uh Soul Moon
7753s Essence though so they're back into the
7755s game right like they lose that
7756s particular fight immediately come out
7758s and find another and they parried that
7761s gold Katana and took it away from her
7763s boy Fang so shenyu even though I feel
7765s like they're kind of playing a little on
7767s the back side here given the hero
7768s they're playing just playing their mind
7770s out don't really care oh no I lied they
7772s do still have Yang depletion I'm not
7774s sure why it didn't show on that other
7776s screen but we see it here now so shenyu
7779s coming in onto thing Fang who won that
7781s fight actually gonna lose it here now
7784s coming in looking to lock them down
7786s they're gonna be forced to pop the
7788s ultimate Shen you though because ego is
7790s here actually can't risk trying to give
7793s Chase there and take that kill even
7795s though they do need uh that kill so they
7798s can pick up that solo mess it's gonna be
7800s forced to turn it on to Ego ego here
7802s looking to try to come in they do have
7804s their ultimate ego needs to play this
7806s very carefully Chen you did just use
7808s their ultimate so they can essentially
7811s Pop there's enough to worry about being
7813s canceled out by shenyu but Cheng Yu
7815s actually you're gonna come in find it no
7816s the bubble catches the ego out shenyu is
7819s able to live to fight another day but
7821s that Yang depletion ticking down two
7823s minutes and eight seconds left remaining
7825s on Shen you here shenyu finding
7828s themselves
7830s yeah look the bubble coming through
7832s absolutely due for them they're gonna
7834s throw the bubble down and yet again
7835s we're gonna see Fang actually back off
7837s because of the bubble able to buy a
7839s little bit of space but they're so low
7840s so many players here shenyu only 48
7843s towards their ultimate really can't
7846s afford to stay here but unfortunately
7847s there's no place for shenyu to go high
7849s they're gonna drop the bubble try to get
7851s a pot off in it but the rain shots are
7853s gonna come out this is why the bubble
7855s isn't that great for our girl about it
7857s and they are going to be picked up by
7859s Kale Fang bang coming through and
7862s showing that they are a demon Shen you
7865s with five eliminations on their belt and
7866s Fang doesn't care kills them twice back
7868s to back kills him in the realm finds him
7870s outside says look I'm gonna pick it up
7872s again
7873s Paula's still a good decent ball uh
7875s fightable character I don't care I don't
7876s care what anyone says I'll fight that
7878s till the day I die anyway even I have a
7881s valda I'm a vault of fans of the day I
7883s day okay
7884s still need to be altered on anyway
7886s um as Fang is gonna try to uh make some
7889s uh make that happen here we're gonna go
7890s back towards this replay here from the
7892s fight that we saw earlier with the Lee
7894s and Xiao Jung here
7895s Mali putting in massive damage onto Shay
7898s young here Trey you this is from the
7899s earlier one that we wasn't able to
7900s actually Peep and watch um as the league
7902s gets caught by the ulti here Xiao young
7904s trying to see if he can wait it out
7906s beautiful moment here to try to hit it
7907s beautiful grapple tries to get him
7909s caught in the bubble and is able to get
7911s a beautiful finish here with the dagger
7913s and is able to put in so much effort
7915s towards that so it's wild to see the
7917s amount of changes and and what could
7919s happen in the game later on when you see
7921s some of those same people like I said
7922s you never know what could happen in
7924s these games and you just love to see it
7925s here in naraka Esports anyway back
7927s towards the top of the order here Zhang
7929s you and Fang still leading the pack with
7930s three eliminations two eliminations on
7933s Rexy the king with eager the king and
7935s ego with one elimination and sadly
7936s surrailgun out by himself but sadly one
7940s game score for his placement but sadly
7942s not able to at least bring elimination
7943s to himself here so we're gonna see how
7945s this goes with Zan you showing that I
7947s this this first game was not a fluke I
7950s could do it again I could break this
7951s curse come through get some beautiful
7953s gold and now he has a massive
7955s opportunity here and so much heals for
7957s himself here and looks like Fang is
7959s gonna push in trying to put a little bit
7961s of some aggression oh boy look at that
7963s when the nunchucks absolutely flying in
7964s all different types of directions you
7966s better be careful you don't want to get
7967s caught by that zhangyu is going to go
7969s for the shield the reset here
7971s and caught in the outsider definitely
7973s does not want to get caught with this
7974s surrail gun gets hit massively by Fang
7977s Fang of putting in a lot of work here
7979s both tied up with 5.2 here so let's see
7982s how they're going to be able to hold
7982s this all the way towards the end here
7984s surrail getting caught on between a wall
7985s a whole lot of wood and another player
7988s looks like he's gonna be able to try to
7989s scale Rush this outside here trying not
7991s to get caught here almost does he does
7994s have enough opportunity here to at least
7995s get at least some type of Shield pop off
7997s here and looks like he does he's able to
8000s do a decent disappearing accurate is
8001s gonna try to see if he could separate
8002s himself away from ego ego not letting
8004s this go could be a massive free
8006s elimination for him if he can because
8008s nobody else is chasing but Eagle himself
8010s it was for the scale rush trying to see
8012s if maybe he can catch it but sadly he's
8013s not able to do it
8014s looks like that's real trying to just
8016s maneuver it as best as he can away from
8018s ego ego just trying to push her this in
8021s and oh no he misses the grapple this is
8024s a massive opportunity for Israel we're
8026s gonna see if he can pop his heels and it
8028s looks like he might have lost him for
8029s the Split Second here and he does and he
8031s is able to get some heals and he does he
8033s does have the opportunity to back off
8034s and it gives him a beautiful reset here
8036s to go against ego now here we go back at
8038s it again with the daggers both on each
8039s side here low
8042s low shield on his uh on his pistol it's
8045s also something he might need to possibly
8046s repair here if he's gonna need to use it
8048s here and it looks like he's going to as
8049s of right now as everybody else is
8051s finding this out here meanwhile Fang and
8052s Zhang you on the outside Rexy trying to
8054s see if he can claim something here both
8056s targeting Zhang Yu they want to get that
8058s gold shield for themselves here and
8060s claim a free elimination if they can but
8061s it's gonna come at a cost dang news not
8064s coming out without a fight
8067s yeah we're gonna see Zhang you here
8068s going very low able to find a little bit
8070s of space to get something off but the
8071s rain shots just come through and as
8072s Kayla is trying look at the capital is
8074s on it yet again Fang trying to find
8076s those shots here the invisibility you're
8078s buying zhangy just a little bit but not
8080s much they are able to find a couple
8082s little pots off there get their help
8084s tops back up at shangyou trying to buy
8087s themselves some space with that dragons
8089s we're on the nunchucks able to just keep
8091s players remotely away gonna be forced to
8094s teleport top side though as they
8096s continue to look to find something the
8098s rain shots continue to come out left
8099s right and Center Zhang Yu just can't
8101s find any sort of space you go low in a
8104s Lobby like this and it's blood in the
8106s water and yet again killing Spang able
8109s to capitalize and find the kill not
8112s wanting to let those kills go away like
8115s they did earlier to Wang Liang kale Ace
8119s Fang quickly learning from their
8121s mistakes and making those adjustments
8123s here in the late game for game at number
8125s two just locks it down and unfortunately
8128s we do see uh OC zhangyu from last game
8131s get eliminated here ventus's Rexy in a
8134s very similar situation on the Matari and
8137s low the rain shots just coming out left
8138s and right but now the nunchucks coming
8140s in from the King we're gonna see a Clank
8142s come through Rex is very low and there
8144s it is the fall back into the right click
8147s off of the nunchucks able to follow up
8149s that tap Dodge Jason pick it up ego
8151s finds himself on the receiving end of
8153s those nunnies as well wants to back away
8156s here looks for a reset as the king is
8158s able to pick that body and get the full
8159s reset
8161s even with the full reset here you love
8163s it to see the opportunity here just to
8166s try to get a free a moment here just so
8167s they can get the resets happening assess
8169s railgun is able to do a master Perry on
8171s to Fang massive damage hit onto him as
8174s well here but decides to back off he's
8175s gonna be able to go for his shield here
8177s doesn't really want a full-blown fight
8179s this out
8181s very surprised too as he does it but he
8183s knows he has that gold on him though so
8185s he does have to play to his strengths
8187s and his momentums here meanwhile a Fang
8189s is not gonna let him go without a fight
8191s here but he does do a nice little hop
8193s you know it's a nice little Hop On Top
8195s of the Rock I just thought that was so
8197s he's like
8199s all the way up top here it looks like
8201s the king uh it looks like he might
8203s possibly push in on Fang here too but he
8205s doesn't really want the smoke right now
8207s he's got the gold pistol
8209s looks like he's got a purple long sword
8213s or is that dagger that's a dagger got a
8214s purple dagger on him so he is able to
8216s play this as well here now here comes
8218s that down time that we talk about here
8219s not everybody really playing to the the
8221s desperate need of trying to claim an
8222s elimination here but the only person
8224s that really needs to find one is this
8226s rail gun with zero eliminations here so
8227s he's trying to play this out just trying
8229s to hold on for as long as he can here
8230s and sometimes in these situations it's
8232s all you can do uh without getting
8234s unlimited too early here now obviously
8236s uh even with all the full Stacks here
8238s chill trying to find anything that could
8240s be observational and very helpful for
8241s him within the space but
8244s bill has a decent amount of Soul Jades
8246s on them very very helpful towards this
8248s is now we're just going through the
8249s rotations here 43 seconds left on the
8251s clock here for Circle number six and
8253s this is where things get tight things
8254s get a little bit more crazy
8256s look Fang's in a really good situation
8257s right now he has four eliminations under
8260s his belt already he's got gold armor
8261s he's exactly where he wants to be he's
8264s playing Takeda as well meaning he can
8266s use that alt to shove people out of the
8268s circle he doesn't need to force fights I
8270s say as he immediately comes up and
8271s starts to force the fight here with the
8273s Jail's ego but look he's gonna back off
8275s he plays this very smart using the
8277s terrain to his Advantage railgun trying
8279s to get some shots off there with the
8281s musket not able to find them and Fang
8284s sticking to his guns has upgraded all
8286s the way from that white dagger we saw
8287s him playing with earlier up to the
8290s purple dagger there to be fair he did
8292s have that legendary Katana parried out
8295s of his hands inside a realm of Yang and
8297s then that player dies and dips uh with
8299s their legendary Katana so Fang has had
8302s to kind of stick to his gun so to speak
8304s speaking of sticking to his guns he does
8306s have a legendary pistol here and he's
8307s put in quite a bit of work with that as
8309s well he was able to pick up Zhang Yu off
8311s the back of just some very quick handy
8314s uh quick draws on that pistol and you
8316s know Feng really has had good Target
8318s acquisition this entire game he sees
8320s players who go low he sees players who
8323s burn you know ultimates and abilities
8324s and goes okay he wants all the smoke
8326s it's not so much he even wants to smoke
8329s the target acquisition is good right
8331s it's you you see a player who goes low
8333s but they have their abilities up versus
8336s a player who doesn't have their
8338s abilities up and has a little bit more
8339s Health you go after the player who
8341s doesn't have their abilities because you
8343s have to burn far less resources and
8346s spend far less time hunting those kills
8348s to actually make something happen here
8350s we're gonna see yeah the king gonna be
8352s forced to take the mech there on at
8353s Feria as he goes extremely low he was
8356s able to use that old to shove everybody
8358s away but now he's just trying to hold
8360s out for dear life here able to find some
8363s hits here but as soon as this old goes
8365s down we're gonna see King in a very
8367s similar situation look at this terrible
8369s place for him to pop up and try to get
8371s those right clicks out he just
8372s completely put himself between the
8375s players and and that giant stack up
8377s where you can't get shots off the whole
8378s smart able to grab a little bit of space
8380s on the side there so we can use it to
8382s get away the king able to get a full
8384s reset from the mecca but he doesn't have
8386s any space here we're gonna see ego
8388s pickup railgun ego going into the Zone
8391s here just to get that Soul Bloom and
8395s Fang still in a great place both of
8397s these players still only have two
8398s eliminations so one of them would need
8400s to kill both of the other players
8402s including Ben to be able to uh Take the
8406s Lead away from bang here and Fang is in
8408s a much better situation we are going to
8410s see the Dragons Were come out from King
8412s on defang Fang gonna lose much of that
8415s legendary armor gonna find some daggers
8416s though on to the Tarka there in ego and
8420s is going to be forcing ego to use that F
8423s so that F now on cooldown and things get
8425s ready to get very heated unfortunately
8427s Fang taking a lot of Zone to care needs
8429s to pop that ultimate soon we're gonna
8431s see ego do the same there it is actually
8433s getting knocked back out into the Zone
8434s knock back out again as soon as you get
8435s another charge you can knock your ego
8437s back again is gonna find the elimination
8440s bang Now versus The King The King comes
8442s in with a Perry and picks up the
8443s elimination but Fang still with more
8446s eliminations under his belt
8448s [Music]
8449s good timing though coming in from the
8452s King though able to get that first place
8454s finish and that elimination though he
8456s still had some points on the board as it
8457s was here but it does look like Fang will
8459s still be your winner regardless because
8462s of him not only being in the lead but
8464s also those placement points here so
8466s um the Fang able to do so much Fang
8468s played so differently
8471s he played that so well even towards the
8475s finals here and really just being able
8477s to juggle it as best he can here all the
8479s way towards the very end here and Fang
8480s obviously was a was a favorite chat I
8482s was noticing it a lot here but the thing
8484s really uh putting in so much energy to
8487s stop as much momentum as possible from
8489s the other players here but
8490s um it's just like what you said the
8492s acquisition for his accuracy was really
8493s good but to put to be honest with you he
8495s wanted all the smoke he wanted to fight
8497s everybody he was he he had confidence
8500s and you can tell by his play style yeah
8502s so much confidence going into this in
8504s that final Circle Fang had every
8505s Advantage going for him right he had
8507s more limited every single one he had
8509s better gear he had hold of his ultimate
8511s he had the better ultimate expect as
8513s soon as he burnt the only Feria ultimate
8516s that was there he just takes control of
8518s the final Circle right because not only
8520s do they not have a way to knock him back
8521s out of the circle they also don't have a
8523s way to reset their health bars so he's
8525s just able to come in and you saw what he
8527s did to the Tarka right he pops his old
8529s the target pops his old he just throws
8531s his old out onto the Tarka knocks him
8533s back up out into the Zone the Tarka
8535s tries to come in and he just turns
8536s around and holds him again and says I
8537s don't really you know care I'm Takeda
8540s you can just go ahead and sit back down
8541s I'm gonna walk back up the circle he
8544s does lose the final fight there he's
8546s super low but it doesn't matter because
8549s of the position he set himself in he
8551s already had four eliminations he picked
8553s up five eliminations whereas our boy
8556s Wang Liang there only picked up their
8558s third now I do want to give an honorary
8559s mention just one yon I you know or sorry
8562s Shen won I gave them a little bit of
8564s crap about the valda pick and I still
8566s think it wasn't a great bit right we saw
8568s time and time again he throws the bubble
8570s out tries to get the healing off and
8573s it's why Yoda was so favored over them
8576s in season two right Yoda was able to
8579s throw the F out and basically have
8581s relatives safely safety because they
8583s couldn't be shot out of the F the
8585s problem with valda is a lot of these
8587s valda players will throw those bubbles
8588s down and think they're safe there all
8591s you have to do is swap to a range weapon
8593s the bubble's not stopping the range
8594s weapon and into Takeda as well we saw it
8598s happen we saw our boy Fang use the grab
8602s to just pop the bubble and go you have
8604s no safety here I'm going to come in on
8606s you now that said Juan Juan again hugely
8610s successful playing ball that they played
8612s their heart out but I can't help but
8614s wonder if they had played somebody like
8616s Takeda into this if they had just scored
8619s way better points and won the whole
8621s Lobby
8623s probably I I think I I definitely
8626s understand where you're coming from in
8627s the sense that the long-range weapons
8628s just makes it a lot harder to try to
8630s protect yourself in those bubbles and
8631s that's really the the the one thing that
8634s really makes playing balda so
8637s um such a big risk as we talked about I
8639s know you said big risk High reward and
8641s it's not easy still me being a evolved a
8643s fan obviously but as we look at the the
8645s list here for our solos for our game
8646s number two Fang lead in the pack with
8648s those five eliminations eight
8649s eliminations and a 11 game score the
8653s king holding on to that second place
8655s with those three eliminations four
8657s ranking points putting them in an 8.8
8658s and Shane won taking it to the third
8661s with five eliminations 6.5 kill points
8664s and a 7.5 game score dangerously close
8667s here Rexy and Wang Liang with only a 0.2
8671s Point difference uh between uh sixth and
8674s seventh place here with a 4.3 and a 4.1
8677s and and even with this s rail sadly not
8679s getting any eliminations but he does get
8681s at least some type of point on the board
8683s with a 1.5 here but you know back to the
8687s the the whole of all the situation here
8688s you know of all this is is
8691s for the last two or three seasons she
8693s hasn't really been the favorite
8695s she hasn't because you know we've seen
8696s the z-pings be the favorite we see the
8698s Wu and we see the you know all of
8700s the main stars uh for most of our
8703s players gets a shot here so if I'm just
8705s more excited that we finally get a
8706s chance to see some gameplay but
8708s obviously it shows that she still needs
8710s a little bit of work before we can
8711s actually really see her Shine the way
8712s that especially for me the way that I
8714s want to as we look at the highlights
8715s here of X team putting in so much work
8717s on Kai Bao shutting and shutting them
8719s down not giving him an opportunity here
8720s really to do anything to show you off
8723s it's the headshot before Wang Liang can
8725s get into the mech it clean here's the
8728s thing is every time I watch shenyon win
8730s a fight it's not off the back of their
8733s Volta abilities it's off the back of raw
8735s skill which is why I'm looking at them
8738s going like you could have just played a
8740s different hero here it feels like they
8742s handicapped themselves the king coming
8744s in here on to recce was huge uh ego
8747s trying to catch somebody out here is
8748s able to get the Perry on to railgun
8750s railgun had no business letting that
8752s blue go but they weren't a terrible kind
8754s of situation there here we go we see
8756s Fang get parried out by the king but
8758s again it doesn't really matter there
8759s yeah it comes down there
8762s you know again the bank gets very there
8765s but he set himself up for Success where
8767s nobody can catch him so he's gonna be
8769s walking away our MVP here on Takeda no
8772s surprises to see Fang here after a game
8774s like this I mean it's just huge for him
8776s 25 000 damage five eliminations
8780s yeah 16k damage with the dagger keep in
8783s mind a lot of his early fights were with
8786s a white dagger while he's holding a gold
8788s Katana in his back pocket and I Gotta
8790s Give it to feng because I called him out
8792s on it early right he dies and not only
8794s gives an elimination to Wang Liang that
8797s Wang liang's able to steal out from
8799s underneath of him but then let's Wang
8800s Liang kill him he then very quickly
8803s adjusts and goes I'm gonna bring the
8804s Katana back out while he's chasing eggs
8807s in and it just goes I'm not gonna I'm
8809s not gonna do this to myself anymore uses
8812s the dagger for movement and then in the
8813s fight in the realm of Yang I really love
8816s the fact that he was swapping back and
8818s forth between the dagger and the katana
8819s he was using the dagger to set up his
8823s Katana being able to come in
8825s uninterrupted he does get the katana
8827s buried out of his hand but he still wins
8828s the fight so Fang playing very well
8831s making adjustments very quickly
8833s understanding okay I made mistakes early
8834s let me go ahead and fix those mistakes
8837s and he's able to do so because of the
8840s decision he goes into the realm of Yang
8842s he wins the fight of course he gets the
8844s Vermilion bird fight off the back of
8845s that even though he gives two
8847s eliminations to Wang Liang he's able to
8849s reset and go okay this is where I made a
8851s mistake I bought myself the space to be
8854s able to make a mistake it's time to lock
8856s it in and not go keep making that same
8858s mistake over and over again and then we
8860s see that decision making come through
8862s for him in the end as well as he
8863s continues to make the best of his Target
8866s acquisition he's always looking for
8868s players who have burnt abilities players
8870s who are low that he's not gonna have to
8872s hunt down and spend a ton of resources
8875s on and then once he finds himself in a
8877s leading position in the final fight he
8880s doesn't Force unnecessary fights he does
8883s get up in people's face like you said he
8885s wants that smoke but if he sees that
8888s it's unnecessary he backs off like we
8890s see him go in after ego right sees the
8893s third party come through takes a little
8894s bit of damage decides I'm gonna back off
8896s reset and is able to clutch it out in
8899s the end there ladies and gentlemen we
8901s are however gonna jump into a VCR and
8903s then we're gonna take a short break and
8905s come back for game number three
8909s [Music]
8916s [Music]
8923s thank you
8925s [Music]
8938s um
8939s [Music]
8945s thank you
8947s okay
8949s [Music]
8961s [Music]
8980s [Music]
8999s foreign
9005s [Music]
9032s thank you
9040s ladies and gentlemen welcome back to
9042s naraka Blade Point pro league as we're
9044s gonna get ready to lock in for our game
9045s number three we still have at least
9048s decent amount of stuff to talk about in
9050s terms of our last game for all the Roth
9051s here I mean it was definitely an amazing
9053s finish coming in from a Fang here who I
9056s mean subsequently enough just it sadly
9058s does get shut down towards the very end
9059s here but does take that first place
9061s finish here he played to his best
9063s advantage and just absolutely was
9064s fighting everybody in this Lobby
9067s um with so much confidence hearing I
9069s know you talked about his accuracy and
9070s everything else I know we talked about
9072s Volvo that was kind of a little bit more
9074s of a short-lived thing but there's one
9076s thing I wanna I wanna kind of talk about
9078s here that we have seen but we haven't
9082s necessarily had a discussion about okay
9085s we've seen this one particular player
9087s that sadly has not been getting the
9090s eliminations that he needs to but is
9092s still getting placements and still
9093s Landing in that top three top five at
9096s least for placements
9098s um for the actual lobbies but not for
9100s the full game the question is for that
9103s specific player and the only reason why
9104s I'm saying that's the same that specific
9106s player because I forgot his name but
9108s what does he need to do
9110s to really not see himself at the very
9114s bottom even with him still being alive
9117s focusing on his placements because like
9119s I said before we're seeing him and he's
9121s playing to his best ability he's trying
9122s as hard as he can but obviously when he
9124s gets that top five he's not getting
9125s these eliminations like at all
9126s if you're talking about Wang Liang which
9129s is who I think you're talking no
9131s way not Wayne I'm I'm drawn a blank on
9135s his name here
9137s um but it's it's a player that we've
9139s been seeing so far here that has been
9140s just struggling to get these
9141s eliminations
9151s Israel
9154s okay well we'll we'll discuss that we're
9157s gonna pop to a quick video and then
9159s we'll come back and talk about that
9173s [Music]
9181s what happened
9194s foreign
9208s we're talking about their decision
9210s making right they have what I would call
9213s Poor decision making early on into the
9216s game they're literally taking a fight
9218s with another player and while they have
9220s a legendary Katana sitting in their
9222s second slot so no ranged weapon no
9224s ability to hot swap into a ranged weapon
9227s and take shots
9229s they're fighting with the gray dagger
9231s and they get this player so low and they
9234s just let another player and I do believe
9236s it was Wang Liang slide in steal the
9239s elimination from them
9241s and then also die to uh Wang Lang as
9244s well and they're able to come back into
9245s the game because they have the
9246s Vermillion Birds might and then they
9249s start making better decision making it's
9251s nice to see somebody come back and you
9253s know realize their mistakes and not
9256s continue to be capitalized on for them
9258s and continue to do the same thing that
9260s sees you fail but it's very interesting
9262s because while I still think they die to
9264s Wang Liang there because Wang Liang just
9266s does a really clean third party in that
9269s particular instance I don't think they
9271s had to give wang Liang that kill had
9274s they swapped to that golden Katana and
9276s even hit their opponent once with a
9278s golden katana they wouldn't have been in
9280s that situation where they had to chase
9282s for so long that white dagger just not
9285s doing enough damage for them there so
9288s very interesting to see great to see
9290s that a player can adjust on the Fly that
9292s was something a lot of players struggled
9294s with during our last couple of splits
9297s and during worlds as well we're making
9299s those on the Fly adjustments and it was
9301s the players who were able to make them
9303s who came out on top and had the best
9306s displays we saw all season and the best
9308s displays that we saw during the World
9310s Championship so I I've kind of got my
9312s eyes on kla's Fang now seeing that they
9315s were able to do that and seeing how good
9318s their decision making was I'm expecting
9320s a lot out of them Dobby
9324s I'm hoping to see more coming out of
9326s some of these other players here
9327s obviously we're seeing the confidence
9328s coming from Fang here and I'm hoping
9330s that at least he keeps that same
9331s momentum and it makes everybody else get
9333s a little bit more hungry as we lock in
9334s for our game number three here going to
9337s start it off dangerously long as we're
9339s gonna go right back to Morris aisle here
9342s as it looks like we're gonna be locking
9344s in for our players here and everybody
9345s getting ready here still a lot happening
9347s here but Zhang you clutch in the first
9349s limit uh the first game and obviously
9353s our man from the top of the hour Fang
9355s clashing up game two let's see who's
9356s gonna rock it down for game number three
9358s I mean we're gonna take a look at the
9360s hero selection no surprises here I
9361s expected to see some muchans but here it
9363s is here comes the Menace zippin Yang
9368s being locked in by a majority of the
9370s lobby here and I want to take a look at
9372s TK from uh or sorry uh Ali from Team TK
9376s the king here locking in the UA shot
9380s this is a very oh oh as soon as I say it
9383s it goes away I I had some things to say
9387s about it but there's no point now it's
9389s like it's like they're listening to me
9391s they're like oh we're gonna talk about
9392s that no we're just gonna nah and don't
9395s focus on me here we go most of the lobby
9399s being Feria being Z ping we're gonna see
9403s that Matari come through again we're
9405s gonna be here as well guys wolves kaibao
9408s no stranger to playing Wu Chen locking
9412s in wuchen here it's gonna be interesting
9413s to see how wuchen does here I want to
9416s see which version of the old that he's
9417s running I love to to see the aggressive
9420s Switcheroo that V2 where he's able to
9422s swap their opponent out and go into a
9424s free combo the problem is into a Lobby
9427s full of Z ping like this
9429s if she's got the bubble tick as the swap
9432s comes out
9433s he just doesn't get the combo right it
9436s almost burns his ultimate out off of her
9438s F ability alone if she's running the
9441s version of the bubble where she doesn't
9442s take hit stuff
9444s right and that's typically what we see
9446s coming out from these things looks like
9448s we're gonna see a little bit of a fight
9449s breaking out here in celestra but Dobby
9451s tell me about the rest of this map
9452s immediately coming in there's about six
9454s players that's gonna be landing near Sun
9456s Val dwelling and near Wayne Shrine
9459s that's about six players here so that's
9460s gonna be an absolute Massacre as Elite
9462s and Fang is going to be taking over this
9463s far right side of him fair most right
9465s near Eventide but there's three main
9467s players that's gonna be inside of
9468s celestra celestial Corridor and wind
9471s howl force all the way in that very left
9474s section of where celestra is as a
9476s leading Fang immediately they're gonna
9477s fight this out we're gonna see a fish
9478s fight right towards the very end right
9480s right in the middle into the cave here
9481s as we see a blue Katana and uh numb
9485s Chuck's immediately coming in it looks
9486s like dual swords coming in from Ali here
9488s looks like they both have very good
9489s decent loot here one has blue the other
9491s has gray so this could be the
9493s opportunity that Fang can have here he
9495s does have the confidence he does have
9496s that blue so he really could push in and
9497s be very very aggressive but it doesn't
9499s look like they're really trying to hear
9501s they just want to see what type of loot
9502s they can get before they can force their
9503s hands and immediately Ali gets
9506s absolutely massacred by one thing
9508s hitting the getting pushed into a corner
9511s immediately shredding it and finish for
9514s our first dilemma of the game here fan
9517s coming in immediately strong with that
9518s as Wang Liang already collects two
9521s eliminations so far to start the game
9523s off strong as t-225
9526s struggling to try to see maybe he can
9527s get at least anything better he has a
9529s grave dagger not gonna be enough here to
9531s show you all is going to be able to push
9532s in keeping that same aggression all the
9534s way towards is gonna go off the cliff
9536s all the way down towards the very bottom
9537s we'll rotating into celestra here into
9540s the massive
9541s Shrine of the Sun and immediately
9544s rotating this Anna keeping the same
9546s aggression catching on the door but oh
9547s no
9549s stop snatches the elimination on the
9551s same wrong and it looks like there goes
9552s some payback from the man himself
9556s alliance's gin pushing in a four of the
9558s fourth party air zhangyu was able to
9560s come in for the third party and pick up
9562s the elimination there great uh third
9565s party coming out from jangy there is
9566s able to pick up an early elimination
9568s keep the pressure on and the only reason
9570s he doesn't turn around and continue to
9572s chase a new on there is simply because
9574s the Lion's gin shows up and locks him
9577s down he decides to just go and take the
9578s reset and back out while he waits for a
9580s better opportunity
9581s to go back in gd's uh mer there looking
9585s to find their way into this game kind of
9587s struggling a little bit during our first
9589s two games made it to the mid game last
9592s game but then was eliminated by Kai Bao
9594s and then our second game unfortunately
9596s was eliminated very early here John
9598s Young here looking for it again Shenron
9601s in a very similar situation as we saw
9604s our other zipping earlier but does have
9606s the ultimate does have the bubble
9608s available and you know when we're
9609s talking about leaping Yanks here that's
9611s absolutely huge they've got a lot of
9613s time to just continue and move on here
9616s we're going to see them back off a
9618s little bit there use the bubble to get
9619s some healing here Wang Liang giving
9621s Chase now they're gonna be forced to
9622s turn around and probably pop this
9624s ultimate before too long but we're gonna
9626s see a mini meter dump coming out from
9627s Shen one on those nunchucks there the
9630s backstab they're gonna lock it down they
9632s need to find this elimination quickly
9633s but Wang Liang gonna be able to get out
9635s of that tiny little room and we'll see
9638s Shenron here again
9640s unkillable they were solo everybody in
9643s that room somebody finally finds the
9645s elimination but with three people there
9647s all trying to kill you you should have
9649s died way sooner than that in that Tiny's
9651s face it's gonna see you Shenron there
9653s gonna be forced to go ahead and take
9654s that resurrection and now KLA is a Fang
9657s here with one elimination under their
9658s belt a little bit on the back foot but
9660s able to create a huge amount of distance
9662s there with the grapple and nunchucks to
9664s get away from J team's action as action
9666s looks for their own reset T225 not sure
9668s what's going on here stunned just
9671s standing still but then pops the bubble
9673s all of a sudden and it gets back into
9675s the game tt25 distracted by something
9678s there for a minute but it's able uh to
9681s pull it back together here looks like
9683s they're gonna get the heels off and find
9686s the full reset old still available myrrh
9689s trying to come in is going to find the
9691s armor shredded completely off of T225
9694s the bubble comes back out T225 gonna
9696s find quite a bit of space here mer
9698s looking for it here on Feria though but
9701s it looks like T225 live she's gonna give
9703s them the run around and able to get a
9705s full reset off here is Mer's not able to
9706s find them the shield pot does come
9708s through T225 now looking to turn this
9710s fight on them want to see staff versus
9712s dagger here staff a fairly decent weapon
9716s but Murr able to find the Perry into the
9718s Zone the bubble off cooldown already
9720s zipping able to find almost another
9722s reset there
9724s old available as well for T225 looking
9727s to get a little bit more there is able
9729s to find a pot turn things back around
9730s onto mer holding on to the ultimate
9733s though so might be able to pop onto them
9735s T225 finally pops the ultimate here goes
9737s back into the Zone knowing that that old
9739s tick is gonna buy them quite a bit of
9741s space looks for an armor swap not quite
9743s able to find it is able to find a
9746s massive Shield here though pops the
9748s bubble again waits for murder come in
9749s that bubble immediately ripped off of
9751s them though 2225 gonna be forced to go
9754s on the run again here no safety blanket
9757s for them 10 seconds till the bubble
9759s comes back up and they're old completely
9760s on cooldown they need to get things
9762s moving they're able to find another
9763s Shield pot but myrrh not willing to give
9766s up the chase
9767s yeah no they have to be able to play
9769s this to their strengths here and it
9771s looks like they will need to claim at
9772s least elimination here they've been
9773s struggling for these first two games
9774s here so trying to see if they can claim
9776s an early elimination could be absolutely
9777s massive for them within the spaces Wang
9780s Liang with low on shield and now looks
9783s like he's gonna be heels as the king is
9784s gonna push in on Wang Lang having a real
9787s big struggle here trying to separate
9788s himself from the King beautiful grapples
9791s coming in trying to see if he can
9792s separate himself as we go right back to
9793s mirror who's fighting T225 here trying
9797s to wait this out T225 turns on mirror
9799s trying to see if he can do it but a
9800s spear comes down all the way towards uh
9802s the very section here gets the ulti
9805s the question is will they have enough to
9807s be able to do anything here c235 we'll
9810s go for the reset here I didn't even
9811s realize that you can Shield
9814s yourself in it too which is also just as
9816s impressive as well could be very helpful
9819s but sadly it won't be enough to claim an
9820s elimination though but at least it's
9822s able to keep her in the game and keep
9824s her game alive meanwhile wrangling and
9826s the King all the way down at the bottom
9827s here looks like zanyu Jin and Fang could
9829s be possibly fighting it out here in a
9831s moment here looks like a Ali all the way
9833s up top is by themselves so is Sorrell
9835s gun and teaches you five on the far left
9837s sides of each corner here
9841s so it looks like Jin trying to hold it
9843s together all the way with this one here
9844s let's see if they can find it out
9847s all the way within is Yang Yu trying to
9849s hold this together two eliminations tied
9850s between kaibao Wang Ling and Zhang one
9854s elimination tied between Fang Xiao Young
9856s And as Xin meanwhile everybody else
9859s still trying to see if they can conjure
9860s up a one elimination at least getting a
9862s score on the board for himself before we
9864s get to the basement here all the players
9866s still alive here mirror trying to keep
9867s the same aggression on to T225 a T225 is
9870s giving her the same energy right back
9872s and here comes the chase the chase
9873s trying to put it together here nunchucks
9875s putting in massive amounts of damage
9876s trying to hold on here finds the shield
9878s swap beautiful opportunity to have one
9880s as well here beautiful dagger Downs on a
9882s T225 and here comes the ulti coming
9884s through
9885s here comes that opportunity that could
9886s be very helpful for him though as she
9888s pushes in trying to hold it together
9889s keeping it all the way pushes her into a
9892s corner here it's beautiful it's on each
9894s side and here comes the bubble the key
9896s T225 alive as Muir sadly does get
9899s eliminated here as we go right back to
9901s the top of the order here inside of the
9902s Arena here dangerously low a Lee trying
9904s to hold on and catch the elimination on
9906s to Ego ego trying to hold on here and
9908s doesn't want to leave without giving it
9910s they're all ego trying to hold on at
9912s least gets the bubble going trying to
9914s keep this game and this Arena fight
9916s still in favor of them but no the polls
9919s are doing so much massive damage Elite
9921s trying to close in the Gap here trying
9923s to see if they can get the Finish Eagle
9924s just trying to separate as best as
9926s possible but Ali is not giving him a
9927s really any space to try to get any form
9930s of heels off at all
9932s and it's just getting closer and closer
9934s towards the elimination here but Eagles
9936s just bouncing it back and forth a little
9938s bit of a laugh trying to hold on gets a
9940s nice another bubble here and another pit
9942s of Shield giving Ali A shot here 13
9944s seconds left on the clock
9947s doesn't matter it's ego still get
9950s eliminated by Ali Ali is able to get all
9953s of their rewards under the realm of Yang
9955s and comes out of the circle swinging
9957s yeah a Lee they're almost gonna be
9960s forced in to the depletion there we see
9962s them at the deeping just trying to buy
9965s time so that both of them are forced
9966s into depletion and nobody picks up the
9968s buff or the elimination but Ali finally
9971s able to find a scale rush into a quick
9974s tap attack there and pick up the
9976s elimination that's huge for Ali to
9979s finally be able to find that there the
9980s king coming in here now as a massive
9982s five-way fight breaks out here on the
9985s side of this wall Kayla is a thing here
9988s a little on the low side gonna be forced
9990s to back out look for the reset using
9993s that Skywalk to get some huge distance
9995s as we turn now to te's uh s railgun the
9999s player you were talking about earlier
10000s who needs to find
10002s some of that early aggression coming out
10004s and it's jlas or sorry jl's ego here who
10008s lost the realm of Yang fight going
10009s head-to-head with railgun who also lost
10012s their early Yang fight so both of these
10014s players are fighting to get rid of that
10016s Yang depletion a massive jump Airy
10018s coming out from railgun uses the old to
10020s follow up the combo into another set of
10023s hits here now using the katana here
10025s crouching under those horizontal blows
10028s railgun just taking absolute control of
10030s this fight with no damage taken ego goes
10033s extremely low railgun puts him into the
10034s corner they do have the F if they can
10036s land the grab here they don't even need
10038s it as they follow it up they pick up the
10040s elimination on the ego that's gonna be
10041s it for ego as railgun is able to get rid
10044s of that Yang depletion and finds
10046s themselves back into this game with some
10048s early elimination
10049s they needed that honestly esrl really
10052s needed that elimination we were talking
10054s about it earlier how he's been
10055s struggling in these first two games to
10056s really claim at least a single
10058s elimination to at least go towards the
10060s end of the game here and he finally was
10062s able to break it and finally gets his
10064s first elimination in the early game here
10065s now back at it with xjin and still young
10067s so young trying to hold on and as he
10069s finally gets the Perry that he needed
10070s he's been waiting and holding on trying
10072s to Bam as much as he could and he was
10073s able to finally get it bubble comes out
10075s so young dangerously low here is able to
10077s pop his now and they're both fighting it
10079s out just waiting for the opportunity to
10080s try to fight this out dangerously low on
10082s both sides here
10083s and so young is able to go for the heels
10085s it looks like Excellence is deciding not
10088s to go for the push decides to go for the
10091s full shield and the reset here so young
10093s didn't even actually have the
10094s opportunity to pop his shield here
10098s I I don't think he actually has any
10100s Shield which is why he's actually going
10101s to go try to see if he can find and look
10103s for here he actually needed some and it
10105s looks like it was a massive opportunity
10106s for X gen xen is going to be able to
10107s push in beautiful right click onto him
10109s get some dangerously low here with that
10111s finish in that push but he hits him with
10112s a massive damage onto it with the insane
10114s finish for the numb chucks the question
10117s is is it going to be enough he pops the
10119s queue here going for the beautiful
10120s shield and is able to get a nice Shield
10122s swap here could be helpful as actually
10124s in dangerously trying to be able to
10126s catch him with the juggle here as a lead
10127s is going to come through in a beautiful
10128s time but he ends up getting shut down
10129s and beat it like by the Perry I've shown
10131s you
10132s unbelievable these guys are fighting it
10134s out
10135s with the best of their abilities here
10137s the micro and the macro putting in so
10139s much time and effort here and you can
10140s tell they have been absolutely
10141s practicing putting in so much work and
10143s now the resets come from everybody the
10145s scale Rush here trying to see if he can
10147s claim something but sadly he's not going
10148s to have enough here
10149s looks like they're gonna be able to go
10150s for the reset here but the staff trying
10152s to see if we can create any type of
10153s massive damage here waiting for the
10154s third party here gets for the juggle the
10156s name that meat breaker comes through
10157s from a lead but leave is able to shut
10159s down and claim the elimination as Xin is
10161s going to be outside of the circle you're
10162s trying to struggle to get at least some
10164s heals off and shield is able to pop some
10166s they're gonna go back around towards
10167s this rock here maybe trying to see if
10169s maybe you can go for the reset here
10170s maybe get more out of this opportunity
10172s here as Ali is going to come through and
10174s start getting at X Den all the way up
10176s top here creates the bubble and the blue
10178s immediately beautiful defense on both
10180s sides are dangerously low pushes outside
10181s of the circle and he gets claimed again
10183s as Elena's gonna be able to pick up two
10186s yeah huge here for ta's Ali we saw
10188s earlier though they came in with that
10190s bull sword and this was something we uh
10192s discussed earlier when we were talking
10193s about the selection of weapons and why
10195s we probably wouldn't see a lot of pull
10196s sword in solos was the weapon is very
10199s periable when you're at a high level of
10201s skill like this and that's exactly what
10203s we saw happen and then they go back they
10205s pick up the pole sword put it back in
10206s their back pocket and go on the swap to
10208s staff now because uh that just weren't
10210s it as they go in with that golden staff
10212s there and Elise able to pick up multiple
10214s eliminations and sitting at the top of
10216s the leaderboard right now tied for
10217s second place as OC zhangyu xcg's Wang
10220s Liang and wolves Kai bow unfortunately J
10222s team's action would be tied but they
10225s were eliminated earlier on with their
10227s two eliminations under their belt as we
10231s take a look uh te's uh railgun finally
10233s able to pick up an elimination into the
10235s mid game but Ali versus xcg's Wang Liang
10237s the old hat versus the new hat gonna be
10240s very interesting to see how this fight
10241s pans out both of them rocking the snappy
10244s or Lee able to find find that vertical
10247s or right click overhead onto Wang Lang
10249s to start it up is gonna drop the alt
10252s there unfortunately the teleport
10253s actually comes out does not come through
10256s with the backstab onto Ali but actually
10258s hits their ultimate pillar there and
10260s unfortunate for Wang Liang that actually
10262s costs them quite a bit as they're forced
10263s to teleport back to avoid an attack
10265s there their alt and their F ability
10268s burned here so Ali now needs to find a
10271s way to capitalize onto this they
10274s actually still have their old they could
10275s easily go into it there we go the pillar
10277s comes down they are gonna find their old
10278s go into it gonna pop Wang Liang out of
10281s the corner looking for that opportunity
10282s again here just looking to shred them
10284s doesn't want to let Wang Liang continue
10286s to heal looking for it again there it is
10289s pumping out tons of damage but Ali has
10292s got to find some time to heal on their
10294s own because Wang Liang just gonna
10295s continue to tank this damage and finds
10299s basically a full reset into this old
10301s that said Wang Lang has a long timer
10304s before where this alt is up there it is
10307s it's gonna come down now and Wagner has
10309s eight seconds to win this fight or both
10311s Ali and Wang Liang are going to be in
10314s Yang depletion we're gonna see the Perry
10316s come in into the repost but both of them
10318s are gonna go down nobody gets the buff
10320s both of them are gonna pick up Yang
10321s depletion and need to go out and find
10323s that Soul Bloom with the quickness
10327s with the quickness at hand here but Kai
10329s Bao gets hit with the quickness in the
10330s back with a bow twice absolutely
10332s shredding his shield here as he's
10333s getting caught between two dangerous
10335s sharks here we got Fang and Rexy trying
10337s to see if they can claim the elimination
10338s on cowbell kaibal trying to hold it
10340s together and goes for the portal
10342s beautiful separation here he desperately
10345s needed that and did not want to get
10346s eliminated that early
10349s absolutely insane as Rexy is going to
10351s come through and finds kaibao kaibao
10353s trying to push in here dangerously low
10356s kaibal trying to hold it together here
10358s gets at least some type of Shield but
10359s sadly wait oh Team 25 ends up getting
10362s the elimination with a bow beautiful hit
10365s onto that one here absolutely insane
10367s finish though is Rexy
10370s looks like he's gonna be able to go for
10372s a decent little reset here but Fang and
10375s T225 trying to fight this out here
10377s trying to collect any type of extra
10378s Shields and heals as possible here but
10380s man oh man that's unfortunate though
10382s coming in trying to see if you can get
10384s something here but kind of get caught
10385s about eliminated here but I want to talk
10388s about how clean the execution was with
10391s the staff hit confirmed into the
10393s uppercut followed up into the hot swap
10395s with the Greatsword double horizontal it
10398s did so much damage had there not been
10401s other players there to dog him down he
10404s actually could have turned that fight
10405s there unfortunately for kaibao we are in
10408s some of the best caliber of play here
10410s for in the rocket blade point and there
10412s are other players waiting in the wing
10414s he's just not able to create the
10415s distance T225 takes advantage of him
10418s slowing down to try to take a pot and he
10420s is going to pick up the elimination with
10421s the bow there we're gonna see TK's Ali
10424s using the alt here just to buy space and
10427s get a reset actually he's gonna try to
10428s Greed onto Wang Liang here was able to
10431s get down below but Ali needs to find
10434s Space to go for the reset here he really
10436s wanted to chase this kill here but
10438s unfortunately wasn't able to find it
10442s gets a little punished for it but is
10444s able to go ahead and heal up off of it
10446s now Wang Liang gonna take a couple of
10448s shots here and it leaves Ali in a great
10450s position to push onto Wang Liang as the
10452s mech comes down tries to get in we do
10454s see Wang Lan cancel the pot but it's so
10456s he can pick up the Perry is going to
10458s pick up the legendary snap but Ali
10459s turning it around with a spear is going
10461s to use those horizontal strikes to
10463s create some distance here picks up the
10465s shield off of Wang Liang Wang Liang
10467s parries and it misses all lead punishes
10470s and picks up their fourth elimination
10473s here in game number three
10476s absolutely insane beautiful uh finishes
10480s coming through on each of these players
10481s though as now we're going to be pushing
10482s in uh towards our main map here all the
10486s way all the way up type here in event
10488s tied at Temple here as Rexy all the way
10490s on the side here leading the pack as a
10492s lead with those four eliminations we saw
10493s him claim those two from earlier here so
10496s that was very very helpful for him as
10498s he's gonna be able to lead the pack here
10499s with those four eliminations but let's
10501s go back to this replay here for what we
10503s didn't see from earlier srl and xgen
10505s fighting this out inside of the realm of
10507s Yang here putting in a whole lot of
10509s pressure here of x-gen uh able to close
10512s this Gap in between him and as rail as
10515s rail try to hold it together as best as
10516s he can but I mean the combo is coming in
10518s from Exton it was absolutely amazing
10520s here so srail looks like he wants to try
10523s to at least get some type of Revenge
10524s here for later on within these games
10526s here as the cannon shots ricocheting on
10527s all different sections here
10529s all the way within it but action sadly
10532s is eliminated in his games here and sril
10535s is still alive with the lemon one
10536s elimination 1.8 but at least he has one
10539s score on the board so at least he has
10541s something we were just talking about
10542s that earlier how he's struggling so hard
10544s to find something here now look he's
10546s able to at least get one and sometimes
10547s that's all you need just to get that
10548s motor running
10550s absolutely we're gonna see uh Ali here
10553s once again
10554s finds themselves a nice full reset as
10557s we're gonna see Kelly's Fang top set
10559s here Fang with only one elimination
10560s under their belt right now and still
10563s thing come on we gotta talk about these
10565s white daggers man I I know you're in
10567s dagger enjoyer you know what I'm saying
10569s I enjoy a little dagger myself every
10571s once in a while but you can't be running
10573s around this stage of the game with a
10576s white dagger I'm sure he's got something
10577s else in his back pocket but if as long
10580s as he's just using it for movement I
10581s don't want to see him make the same
10583s mistake he made early last game because
10585s he doesn't have that safety blanket
10588s anymore right he's gonna use the old
10589s pillar to cover this so he can pick up
10591s the legendary armor using the dagger for
10593s movement is gonna get away here we're
10595s gonna see T225 also favoring the dagger
10598s um we saw them come in pick up the
10600s legendary armor wasn't able to pick up
10602s that legendary long sword though Feng
10604s trying to come back in he's got that
10606s pillar down but again it's still rocking
10608s the white dagger here and the legendary
10610s armor has been mostly shredded off of
10612s him here he's down to one and a half
10614s ticks left on the full armor there but
10617s Fang able to create some distance goes
10619s bot's side looking to get some resets
10621s here he's holding on able to find those
10624s pots one thing or sorry Fang able to get
10626s there but now needs to get out of the
10628s edge of this Bane's breath because he's
10630s not in a great position stuck on the
10633s inside if that Mains breath comes down
10634s it's gonna be bad for fangarius fan
10636s gonna reposition out of the Bane's
10637s breath Ali going to do the same Ollie
10640s and really setting themselves up for
10642s Success here they've got that legendary
10644s staff they've got the cannon in the back
10646s pocket as well if they need those rain
10648s shots as well as picking up that
10649s legendary set of armor Fang really in a
10653s great place here now we're gonna see
10655s Ricky moving across looking for anything
10657s recce a little behind in the gear let's
10660s take a look eight players left alive at
10661s zone four collapses on to zone five
10664s thing gonna go out the window here
10666s doesn't really want to give himself way
10668s too much uh doesn't really get a whole
10670s lot out of that though going out of the
10672s back window instead of the front nobody
10674s really watching him but again it's still
10676s using the dagger for movement here
10678s Scott the pistol in his back pocket I
10680s want to see if he's got something else
10681s in his backpack I really do he's got to
10683s have something else that's not a white
10685s weapon there's no way Feng is just
10687s holding on to this white dagger and it
10689s tends to fight people with it coming
10691s into the end game he he's got to have
10694s learned from his mistakes there in game
10695s number two
10697s oh absolutely even with that though he
10700s still is able to learn something though
10702s at least with each of these games here
10703s you know every single game is a learning
10705s experience and each season always gets
10707s even a little bit better and sometimes
10709s harder depending on what these players
10711s can do and bring to the table to try to
10713s shake things up on the board as we talk
10715s about it all the time here as Elite
10716s looks like he's gonna do a nice little
10717s slide down
10719s goes inside this quick HUD goes for a
10720s nice little reset here trying to just
10722s hold on for as long as possible here
10723s doesn't really want to force any fights
10725s here he has the lead and doesn't really
10727s want to take any more fights and one and
10729s bang still in a similar situation here
10731s he has some elements on the board as
10733s well here it also doesn't want to really
10734s Force fights if he needs to but
10736s here we are top of Hall of pentatives in
10740s Eventide tempo as we look at the
10741s leaderboard here seeing a lead with
10743s those four eliminations two separating
10744s uh from zanyu and two T225 one
10748s elimination from Fang and S Rail and
10750s zero coming in from the King Rexy and
10751s Jin so those three need to be able to
10753s try to see if they can capture something
10754s as Fang beautiful backflip up the wall
10758s over this I love the new movements
10760s coming in from some of these players
10761s here is it looks like we're still gonna
10763s be able to see it here the question is
10764s is he gonna push in on Jim here
10766s looks like he is waiting for the
10767s opportunity he doesn't want to get
10768s caught by a Perry though but he does
10770s have that gold so he does have a
10772s beautiful chance for the recovery if he
10773s really needs to here
10776s just dancing around it as best as they
10778s can here I I swear I'm gonna send Fang a
10781s picture or or a shirt with a picture of
10783s just a white dagger on the front of it
10785s he has a purple long sword in his
10788s backpack and the long sword being quite
10789s meta right now in solos honestly and
10792s he's still trying to force engagements
10794s with the dagger I have no qualms with
10796s players using the dagger for movement
10797s the way he's been using the daggers for
10799s movement but he's engaging off of this
10801s purple dagger we're gonna see it here
10803s he's doing it right now with Vince's
10804s Rexy Rexy gonna back away here he's got
10807s the long sword gonna just continue the
10810s movement here and hey and this white
10812s dagger man it's it's gonna become Fang's
10814s thing I'm telling you right now ABS
10817s absolutely okay seeing him use it for
10820s movement but he's got to start engaging
10821s with that better Tier gear man we're
10823s sitting here zone five collapsing onto
10825s zone six and maybe he doesn't want a
10826s Four Seasons
10829s well yeah that's the other thing too is
10831s like if he's gonna have to repair that
10833s white dagger a ton right because it's
10836s got a much lower durability so every
10839s engagement he takes on he's spending
10841s repair kits to keep it fully repaired
10843s and you can see here that it is fully
10845s repaired right now he's costing himself
10847s resources and he's costing himself
10849s damage
10850s I I get it for using it for movement
10852s Tech but I'm I'm gonna harp on him for
10854s for using this white dagger it's not
10856s optimal I mean sometimes even in these
10858s situations though you have to be able to
10860s know like which ones are going to be
10861s more worth and in these fights here and
10863s sometimes you don't really want to force
10865s them if you don't absolutely have to and
10867s I think that's kind of what he's using
10869s it for at least for right now I feel
10870s like you you have a very similar
10872s observation in terms of what you think
10873s like hey I think it'd be better for you
10875s to be using it more than anything and
10876s maybe it's just not in that moment here
10878s but as we're seeing the circle starts to
10880s uh getting ready to close in here we
10882s have about another 45 seconds left
10883s before Circle six starts to close in and
10886s this is where things start to get a
10887s little bit more hasty
10889s all in between these fights here you
10891s know we we talk about uh the movements
10893s and how people play and sometimes it's
10895s just it's just a matter of just being
10897s smart here and you might not he might be
10899s deciding to use it towards the very end
10900s here which sometimes even for me I think
10902s that's possibly good go for these fights
10904s because you know most of the time
10905s they're not really committing to these
10907s fights and I'm really committing to
10909s forcing and trying to see if they can
10910s claim an elimination but the moment
10912s There's an actual open Moment
10915s for any type of close e-lim that's when
10918s you pull out the gold that's when you
10920s start to go in and that's when you
10921s really can try to push in but
10922s everybody's really playing the same game
10924s here now if this was like earlier in the
10925s game then I would understand like it's
10927s too early to be relying on your your
10929s gray you should be using your gold you
10931s should be maximizing as much movement
10932s and as much damage as possible to create
10934s those eliminations but I I don't know
10936s about doing it like in in this type of
10938s instance and as the king ends up getting
10940s shredded uh by Elite up top ends up
10943s throwing them down all the way towards
10944s the other side here T225 and as well
10947s fighting this out here's Rexy uh also
10949s fighting this out with Zen use and you
10950s trying to keep the pressure on the Rexy
10951s as much as possible forces the bubble on
10953s each side here and it looks like Rexy is
10955s sadly going to get eliminated by Zan you
10957s claiming the elimination making that
10959s number three for him as Dan you get
10961s caught on the outside here by Fang thing
10963s trying to get anything uh from that pack
10966s here Zen you dangerously low here is
10968s gonna need to force something here for
10969s his heels but Fang is gonna keep that
10971s same momentum onto him though he's not
10973s gonna really let him breathe gets hit
10975s with Matt that's a damage though but it
10977s looks like it wasn't too much as T225 uh
10980s the king and Zhang Yoo all the way down
10982s at the bottom here is that you taking
10984s that little bit of an opportunity here
10985s to get some heels up and so is the king
10987s not actually forcing a fight all the way
10990s down and let's see what happens though
10992s all the way towards this end as they're
10994s gonna wrap around here the Jin trying to
10996s see if they can hold it is a Lee all the
10997s way up top here trying not to force as
10999s much fights as he needs to doesn't
11001s really need to claim anything here as he
11003s does have he's in the beautiful place to
11005s be here but obviously the circle is
11007s going to be very unforgiving here as
11008s it's going to push in in 24 seconds so
11011s even within this space here what's the
11014s best thing that you might need to do in
11016s these situations you gotta be able to
11017s fight this out and hold on but it looks
11019s like they have the better opportunity
11020s here all the way towards the bottom here
11022s they don't really need to force these
11023s fights everybody's trying to focus on
11024s The High Ground but the bottom might
11026s actually be where you might need to be
11028s at least in a certain moment currently
11030s um within this meta here is everybody's
11032s just focusing on healing Fang just
11033s trying to hold on saying you dangerously
11035s low T25 on the chase trying not to get
11037s finished here as it looks like he is
11039s gonna be oh the beautiful Berry ends up
11041s getting targeted immediately by two
11043s other players and the and the shots from
11045s bows on each side here is the circle is
11046s going to close in here we go ladies and
11048s gentlemen Ali holding on all the way
11050s towards the end and here comes the
11052s grapples you're trying to keep the game
11053s alive for himself T225 they're grappling
11056s on each other
11058s trying not to land all the way down the
11060s bottom here's sril and Jin trying to
11062s hold on Ali is going to be able to join
11064s in for the rest of the pack here and it
11065s looks like he's gonna throw down
11066s something as well here and here comes
11068s the ulti coming in that massive neck
11070s coming through from massive damage here
11072s puts up so much from each player here as
11075s Ali is able to hold it together and so
11077s is Fang able to repeat and do the exact
11079s same thing and now it's just nothing
11080s matured trying to find at least anything
11082s here as bang as able to claim something
11084s from another player Elise sadly gets
11087s claimed from the olymp from each side
11088s here but it looks like
11091s it really could be anybody's game but it
11094s looks like Ali is probably going to be
11095s our top number one finisher here because
11098s I don't think Zhang Yu actually claimed
11100s to limit another elimination yes I I
11102s gotta talk about this Ali is meched up
11106s he's a massive Target his HP super low
11111s not a single player opted to hit him
11115s once he died to the Zone nobody claimed
11120s the elimination Elite
11124s the huge opportunity literally anybody
11127s could have loved tapped him they didn't
11129s even have to do enough damage to kill
11130s him just to get on the damage speed so
11133s that when the tick kills him they pick
11134s up the elimination there's literally
11136s players in a complete circle around him
11138s and another barrier who's altered up
11141s nobody takes a shot at him he's standing
11144s in the circle keeping players out of it
11147s and nobody takes a shot at him what just
11150s happened how did nobody turn and hit a
11153s lead for a single tick of damage so that
11156s they could claim an elimination I don't
11158s think that they realize that his HP was
11161s that low I think he was I think a lot of
11163s people already assumed that he had a lot
11165s more heals than probably what they
11167s expected and I think in that moment a
11169s lot of players started to scatter now I
11170s do understand what you're talking about
11171s though I'm very surprised that no one
11172s tried to use anything whether it's the
11174s bow or Cannon or he he has people
11178s literally one day distance what I don't
11180s understand is he's blocking the entirety
11183s of the circle and nobody nobody works to
11185s him to throw a single pick of damage at
11187s him
11188s wild absolutely wild it's like every
11192s other player in this final Circle just
11194s had their binders on and Elite able to
11197s capitalize on it picks up his fifth
11199s elimination and then just chills in best
11202s case scenario for a Lee here was nobody
11204s gets to pick up in a point off of his
11207s elimination and somehow even though he
11211s puts himself he's blocking the circle
11213s how are all eyes not on a Lee when he's
11217s blocking the literal Circle I don't
11220s understand what just happened absolutely
11223s Wild final Circle here for game number
11225s three I mean it's kind of wild
11226s considering the fact that there was
11228s another Mech right to his right and to
11230s be honest with you I'm surprised that
11232s the other Mech didn't claim the
11235s elimination either
11237s it has a nice spread where it could get
11239s a little bit of damage and all you need
11241s is just a tick and in reality you can
11244s claim that elimination so I I did
11246s remember him shooting in that direction
11248s and I'm just now I'm kind of thinking
11250s you're right
11251s I did how did he die without
11259s you're literally sitting in the final
11262s Circle your body blocking every player
11266s from safety and nobody looks to damage
11269s you even once in a lobby with six
11272s players left live that's absolutely wild
11275s to me what a way for this game to end
11279s and it's the best possible way it could
11281s have ended because if somebody else had
11282s picked up that elimination onto Ali he
11285s could have potentially put himself into
11286s second place and lost that mvp this was
11290s just one of those rare instances where
11292s you you watch something in naraka and
11295s you're completely dumbfounded by how it
11297s happens
11298s okay so I'm going back into this replay
11300s here as uh Fang actually uh is able to
11304s at least back out of this uh it looks
11306s like he landed first here as Fang is
11308s able to back off as best as possible
11310s here and he starts it looks like
11312s everybody just focused more on the
11313s smaller players that weren't a Mech like
11315s if he wasn't a Mech you're not focusing
11317s on anything else here as we look at a
11319s Lee here leading the game with the nine
11321s points game score five eliminations at a
11324s 7.5 with his 1.5 ranking points Fang
11327s coming through with three eliminations
11328s and a 7.8 game score with three points
11331s for his Rank and the King ending in a
11334s second place getting four ranking points
11337s that was very helpful for him with sadly
11339s one elimination still being in third
11340s place though great place to be uh for
11343s the king but let's go back here really
11346s quickly here I want to talk about this
11347s final circle in terms of what you were
11349s exactly talking about so
11351s um thing ends up coming through with all
11353s this momentum years we're gonna look at
11354s the replays here from earlier Fang and
11356s Ali fighting this out here in ads crazy
11358s enough Ben gets the elimination off of a
11361s lead first in the first one to open up
11363s in the very first intro of this game as
11365s Wang Liang friends one onto a jing
11368s looks like we're gonna be coming back as
11369s Rexy fighting this out with kaibal as
11371s well here beautiful Switcheroo here as
11373s we talk about it before from the ocean
11376s and immediately kaibao does get
11378s eliminated uh kaibo eliminates Rexy here
11381s Israel going with a beautiful jump Perry
11382s and just absolutely decimates ego for so
11386s much HP here and just keeps that same
11388s pressure onto him all the way towards
11391s this very end here and like we said we'd
11392s love to see it how much how much
11394s amazingness that they had here as a lead
11395s comes through that knee breaker that we
11397s was telling you about from the stat and
11399s then immediately claims two eliminations
11401s here to get to take the lead obviously
11405s coming through here we never noticed
11406s that he claimed the elimination onto
11408s Wang Liang here making it his fit
11411s and even with this like we said here we
11412s go back at it again it goes for both of
11414s them here Fang separates here and notice
11416s where everyone goes everyone starts to
11419s shoot the other players they're not
11421s focusing on each other here so I am
11423s really surprised to see that maybe the
11426s tick damage just prioritized them first
11429s and not the mech maybe the mech had
11431s enough defense to where it didn't hurt
11433s him I don't know I'm very surprised to
11435s see it myself here in this so I actually
11438s just watched what happened there in the
11439s replay coming back the other Mech
11441s actually turns and takes a shot at our
11444s MVP Ali here but somebody else steps
11448s into the bullet and blocks the damage
11451s and then Ali dies to the Zone absolutely
11454s wild to see that happen here but Elite
11456s here with five eliminations 19
11459s 000 damage and 11k healing we are gonna
11463s throw things over to Leah though for our
11465s first interview of the day
11469s good
11471s hi everyone long time no see I'm Leah
11474s and welcome back to our mbpl post
11476s interview so this time we have the king
11479s from oug please say hello to our
11481s audience first
11484s um
11486s okay welcome
11488s this time
11491s remember you got
11496s in these Seasons
11509s oh okay so I don't want to dye my hair
11512s these students I like black better okay
11514s so everyone which color you think is
11517s most feedable for our the king you can
11520s write your answer in the chat box so
11522s this time you know we have a new game
11524s it's called Uh answer for Treasure and
11528s and if you know we got a question or
11531s scream and if you know the answer please
11533s write in the chat box and later we will
11536s do a screenshot from or the king and the
11539s first one in the picture will got our
11541s prize well so this question is which one
11545s isn't female
11546s and um
11555s and you know like how do you think about
11558s our new hero Farina
11573s oh so I think this hero is really a
11577s perfect one and he have a really high
11580s Escape ability and also attack ability
11582s okay well please come down the time
11587s please the king three two one screenshot
11592s and don't forget to check your chat box
11595s or monitor will send you a message and
11597s do not miss the price well and there is
11601s also three game following uh after this
11605s game so how do you think about the
11606s following games that's your job
11616s okay so maybe just do what I do in the
11620s previous game I think it's really
11622s relaxed okay thank the game for doing
11624s this and that's all for our in so well
11626s well let's have a rest and see you later
11629s bye
11631s foreign
11635s [Music]
11661s foreign
11693s but yeah
11699s tomorrow
11703s foreign
11764s [Music]
11774s thank you
11780s foreign
11783s [Music]
11791s [Music]
11824s [Applause]
11843s foreign
11847s foreign
11853s [Music]
11863s [Music]
11891s [Music]
11905s [Music]
11909s thank you
11912s [Music]
11920s foreign
11924s [Music]
11953s [Music]
11968s foreign
11973s [Music]
11992s foreign
11995s [Music]
12003s [Music]
12011s [Music]
12035s pro league as we take a look here at
12038s overall standings three games deep here
12040s in day one and kla's Fang gonna be
12044s sitting at the very top of the
12045s leaderboard here with 26.6 points under
12049s his belt OC's Zhang Yu sitting in a
12051s close-up second with 22.1 and oug's the
12055s King holding out third place with a 17.3
12059s Ali off the back of a decent MVP gonna
12063s clutch out that fourth place
12065s unfortunately after two struggling first
12068s games for himself the 3.1 and a zero
12070s point score in game two Ali
12073s making a comeback but he's got a lot of
12075s work to do here in these last three
12077s games here
12078s in day number one of our spring plate
12081s Dobby is so good to be back here can you
12085s believe it's only day one it feels like
12087s we were just here yesterday doing this
12089s all over again from the very start and
12091s time really does fly my brother that's
12094s because it was Christmas time when we
12095s were doing all this especially for
12096s worlds and worlds what had such a
12099s massive State that's had such a massive
12101s stage and so much Stakes on the line at
12105s that time especially with you know some
12107s of the the biggest players in the world
12109s finding this out for a massive
12111s championship and a trophy which was on
12113s the um which you saw in the trailer
12114s earlier about uh they were like yo where
12117s we want to see the trophy too and it
12119s looks like some people are definitely
12120s want to get a little bit of some
12121s Vengeance so we'd love to see that
12122s coming into this new season but yeah day
12124s one it's it's like it feels kind of
12126s surreal
12127s honestly it's like man it feels good to
12129s be back traveling with yourself but all
12132s of our our casters are back we got Moxie
12134s we got Jake and we have some new faces
12136s you guys will be seeing this season so
12138s there's gonna be some some switch-ups in
12140s our casting which is fun
12141s um so there's gonna be new faces a lot
12144s of the old faces that you guys love to
12146s see and obviously Jay complaining about
12148s seeping being
12154s zap the zip I'm I wasn't about it I
12158s wasn't about it last season two I'm not
12160s about it this season I'm I'm ready for a
12163s meta where zip doesn't exist you know me
12165s I'm not I mean it doesn't it doesn't
12168s seem as bad or as or as least I
12171s because from what we talked about
12173s earlier prior to these games starting
12174s and obviously how they are now I think
12177s we both really thought that it was going
12179s to be just
12181s you said it before it was near
12182s impossible and I feel like I've I think
12185s we've seen more eliminations so far in
12188s these first three games than we saw
12191s last season entirely
12194s in terms of Z ping eliminations I don't
12196s know maybe it's just me maybe it's just
12198s too early to kind of have that
12199s observation but it really seems like
12201s we've seen a lot more eliminations from
12202s zipping happening
12204s um because there was people really
12205s fighting to stay alive last season and I
12208s think people are depending so much on
12209s the bubble that maybe they're just I'm
12212s not gonna say letting their guard down
12213s but there's
12216s look I'm not going to say Z ping is as
12219s good as she used to be zipping during
12221s season two of uh last year's meta was an
12224s absolute nightmare that's it she's still
12228s definitely a problem we watched some
12229s z-pings get out of some situations they
12231s had no business surviving right the Z
12235s ping I think it was uh Shen Yuan who was
12238s in a room with four people all focusing
12241s them while they had like one HP and they
12243s were able to like stay alive Against All
12246s Odds in that now they go outside and
12248s somebody's waiting for the fifth party
12249s and catches them with the nasty bow shot
12251s but the fact that they survived in that
12254s room full of players just trying to
12255s absolutely murder them they had no right
12258s surviving that whatsoever any other hero
12261s would have been dead there but Z ping
12263s doesn't matter throws the bubble down
12265s skirts outside gets the Escape dies to
12269s the fifth party it's
12270s it's very hard as any hero to not die to
12273s a fifth party though right so there's
12276s still a problem here in the meta she's
12278s still slowing things down significantly
12280s but a lot of these players have figured
12283s out the you know macro and game
12287s knowledge on how to kill her right we're
12288s seeing a lot more players carrying a bow
12290s in their back pocket this season and
12292s just hot swapping and going for the
12294s headshot because it doesn't matter how
12296s fast that takes up if you do 750 damage
12299s with a purple bow and a headshot
12301s that zipping's just gonna go down right
12304s right whereas if you're trying to hit
12306s her into a full combo she's just ticking
12309s up the whole time you're taking damage
12310s off of it right that's the difference is
12313s you have to have the game knowledge and
12315s then you have to put yourself in a
12316s situation to execute it and seeing as
12319s we're sitting here at the highest tier
12320s of play it makes her a little bit less
12323s of a menace because these players have
12326s the game knowledge and they know how to
12328s set up those situations or to find those
12331s situations most of those we've seen on
12334s z-ping today have been those third-party
12336s situations like when we saw uh you'll
12338s Sean in game one
12340s get picked up they got picked up by a
12342s third party bow shop right absolutely
12344s huge bow shot coming through but it's
12346s those third-party situations where it's
12348s very easy to pick up the kills on z-ping
12350s because they're so focused on staying
12352s alive from something else
12353s you know you stand still for a second
12355s and somebody else who you you don't even
12357s know is there hits you with a bow shot
12358s it's not a whole lot you can do about it
12360s in that particular moment you know what
12362s I'm saying whereas if you're actively
12364s running from other players you can make
12367s those fights last for a long time and we
12370s saw some of that today we saw two
12371s z-pings just absolutely duking it out
12374s and neither of them being able to kill
12375s each other and they didn't die until the
12378s third party comes through that's the key
12380s piece of information that was finding
12381s those third parties onto those deepings
12383s because they do stall the fights out
12386s right and that's a very important thing
12388s to keep in mind is yeah you're stalling
12390s your current fight out but you're
12392s opening yourself up to those third-party
12394s opportunities
12396s and and there's a lot of those
12397s opportunities too there massive amounts
12400s of them but at the same time like like
12402s we said before you you said it before
12405s um there there is that kind of
12406s expectancy here but look at this this is
12408s a little bit different
12410s um it's very very diverse this is so far
12413s we've seen a very diverse uh group of
12415s players so far in terms of their hero
12417s picks except for last game last game was
12419s a very uh deep uh zaping Lobby
12422s um but it's really awesome to see the
12425s differences in some of these player
12426s picks and it's not just everybody just
12428s immediately following a meta and just
12430s sticking to it there's a lot of
12432s favorites and there's a lot of
12433s opportunities here for people to kind of
12435s spread out and not spread themselves too
12437s thin depending on depending on certain
12440s players in certain moments so it's it's
12442s it's also nice to see because I think a
12444s lot of us really wanted that but then
12446s also
12447s I just wanted to see everybody just get
12449s busy well here's the thing you have to
12451s be mine too the hero Point rule is an
12452s effective we got to talk about ali I see
12454s you on that UA Sean pick and I've got
12456s things to say about that but we'll come
12457s back to that of course you do
12460s um look everybody here can only play the
12463s same hero twice a single time right and
12466s as meta as Z ping is we've seen today
12469s that Faria is even more meta so likely
12472s these players are only going to be
12474s playing the Z ping one time so that they
12476s hold that variate pick open twice most
12480s of our MVPs that we've seen today have
12482s become off the ferry we've seen two MVPs
12484s off area one off Decatur right Takeda
12487s does very very well uh into Hollow Roth
12490s and we saw a very taked a heavy game
12492s coming into Hollow Roth but we have more
12495s maps on Wars than we do on Hollow roster
12498s so you're gonna hold on to two of those
12499s for area picks if you absolutely can
12501s coming into today which really only
12504s leaves you one cicada game one ZIP game
12506s and that's why we've seen the Wu Chen's
12508s come through that's why you've seen so
12509s many Aries come through as well uh from
12513s a lot of these players so because
12515s they're forced to play some of these
12516s other Heroes because of this new uh hero
12520s selection Rule and solos that started up
12522s during uh Midway of season two Kai bow
12526s here coming in with the massive carry on
12527s to Ali follows it up by the way I want
12529s to talk about it but he doesn't have a
12531s weapons there he doesn't but he's using
12534s those charged right clicks oh another
12536s Perry Oh Lee should have stuck to the
12539s fists you can't Parry the fists he picks
12542s up a weapon inch high bow immediately
12544s hits him with the back to back Perry and
12546s says you should have held on to the fist
12548s Buckle because I'm the king of Perry's
12551s apparently thing coming in here trying
12553s to find something does find the charge
12556s left with the dagger into the uppercut
12558s kaibao going to use that F to escape
12561s from the combo though gd's mirror on the
12563s receiving end it's a pain here from Jin
12564s Jin gonna find the double tap shifts
12567s into the elbow and is able to pick up
12569s the elimination onto gd's murf and the
12571s pain is already coming as two
12573s eliminations straight out of the gate
12575s looks like it's gonna be three here as
12577s T225 looks to lock in on Shen one here
12580s who's very very low Shenron also gonna
12581s find themselves in the Zhang you no
12583s place to go Zhang Yu picks up the third
12586s elimination of our match four
12588s absolutely insane strong start coming
12591s into these games so far and it looks
12593s really nice here as one thing uh sadly
12595s doesn't have any eliminations but
12596s leading the pack with 26.6 Fang getting
12599s a Zen you getting an elimination and Kai
12601s Bao same with xjin so strong start for
12604s these three especially kaibao and x-gen
12607s that is down in the bottom top ten so
12610s they're gonna need to try to make some
12611s momentum happen they need to fire start
12612s to start figuring out some other stuff
12613s here has been able to work towards it
12615s the king able to put in some decent
12617s amount of damage here on to Janice Jin
12619s is going to be able to force the back
12620s off here trying to separate but sadly
12622s King will be able to push in forward
12623s here trying to get those shots in oh
12626s that'd have been a massive elimination
12627s as he was able to claim it here jyn able
12629s to get a nice Blue Shield swap here big
12632s Advantage here so that way he can go
12634s right for the five and doesn't have to
12635s force it as it looks like the king is
12636s going to be able to find out the combos
12638s but Jin is able to hit a beautiful
12640s beautiful Parry on to the king Jin
12644s trying to hold on but the King has not
12645s let him go without a fight he's not
12647s making it easy to get the full finish
12648s here beautiful hits on each side here as
12650s he pops the queue and it looks like he
12652s still is going to finish him before the
12655s ulti can land wow Gene trying to hold it
12659s together here and that is big for him
12661s being at the very bottom of the
12662s leaderboard that is a massive confidence
12664s booster to get the first eleven he
12665s needed that as like Zen is able to claim
12667s his second elimination and slowly
12669s getting himself further and further away
12671s from the top 10. overall with this game
12674s here in game number four
12676s we're gonna see you here now T's railgun
12679s who struggled to find those early
12681s eliminations coming in here trying to be
12683s aggressive but so many players nearby
12685s it's gonna be very tough for Real Gun to
12687s find anything here ego gonna catch the
12689s uppercut combo off of the nunchucks
12691s Royale gun with no armor here but two
12693s percent away from their old railgun is
12695s gonna find that ultimate here and is
12697s likely going to be forced to pop it
12698s there it is as these musket shots come
12700s out and absolutely drain his HP he's
12703s gonna be forced into the armor swap here
12707s and this is not a great armor swap for
12709s him as the purple armor into white looks
12711s like he's gonna try to go back in he is
12712s going to pick up the purple armor
12713s unfortunately it gets caught on terrain
12715s he's only got 28 of the old he's gonna
12717s end the old early here and I don't know
12719s if this is the car all as everybody else
12721s still sees him here with those muskets
12724s they were able to drain his armor and HP
12726s away from him and now he doesn't have
12729s the option to just run away and ignore
12731s those rain shots he's put himself in
12733s quite the precarious situation g225 here
12735s looking for a little bit of a reset they
12738s were able to drop their old pillar down
12740s not quite able to follow it up wreck he
12743s goes top side sorry Rexy goes top side
12744s looking for the reset of their own and
12747s sure enough we pop back to railgun that
12749s Armor All the Way shredded off here and
12752s just a little bit of HP left and this is
12754s what it was talking about might have
12755s prematurely ended that ultimate now able
12759s to get inside because of the third and
12761s fourth parties trying to keep these
12762s players from picking up the elimination
12763s railgun is able to successfully find a
12767s reset here falls off the inside though
12770s and misses one of those spots will get
12772s the full reset as the rest of these
12773s players continue to focus each other
12774s railgun now going to turn his attention
12776s into despite Fang turning on to j-team's
12779s action as well as ego fan gonna go top
12782s side here with the bubble pop looking
12784s for an opening here swapping back and
12786s forth thing with that gray pistol I
12789s swear if I sorry gray dagger if I see
12792s him with that gray dagger again I'm
12794s gonna lose my mind Dobby
12796s [Laughter]
12798s still a whole lot happening though with
12801s any of these games and they're still
12802s able to make it happen here as Rexy
12803s looks like he's gonna pop his ulti here
12805s and it looks like it then also will pop
12806s theirs as well as we're back at it again
12808s I I don't know necessarily know what
12811s it's like between two mechs fighting and
12812s outputs looks like we're gonna find this
12814s out here as he does end up getting the
12816s nice plan gets massive hits on to Rexy
12818s here as rexy's gonna try to separate as
12820s fast and as far as possible here g225
12824s trying to get some momentum here hating
12826s him with everything that he has here as
12828s he looks like he's he's spotting out the
12831s poison here trying to see if he can
12832s create any form of damage trying to even
12834s get any more hits with the heels is
12836s helping Rexy at least to be able to
12837s escape doesn't didn't get us insane
12840s amount of damage till he get it onto the
12841s mech at least for now back at it again
12843s T225 with the staff trying to hold it
12845s together here Rexy putting in massive
12847s damage with the dagger dagger holding on
12849s beautiful hits on each side as Rexy is
12851s going to be able to absolutely claw out
12853s T25 for all of his shield now it's time
12855s for the chase as rexy's gonna continue
12856s to push in here making it a lot harder
12858s here the spear right clicks trying to
12860s hold it to make that momentum so much
12862s faster without actually using any more
12864s of their energy that they really need to
12865s as Rexy trying not to get caught all
12868s throughout these trees here and he
12870s misses the grapple could be a big
12872s opportunity for T225 to be able to
12873s separate and get away here every gar
12875s Apple counts here and it looks like T225
12878s has the chance it looks like he's gonna
12879s be able to go back towards it gets the
12881s full shield goes back for the reset and
12882s we're backing it for another Friday so
12884s Lexi is gonna get hit he's gonna be able
12886s to go back towards it with the shield
12888s and now we're gonna be able to see what
12889s happens but let's go back here over here
12891s with gin and Wang Liang currently
12893s fighting this out here as he has the
12894s Tark all he's going to hit the he's
12896s gonna hit the uh it immediately start to
12899s dip out as fast as possible here it
12901s looks like he doesn't use the full
12902s extent of his uh of his ulti here but
12904s Wayne's gonna be able to get some
12906s separation here but it looks like he's
12907s gonna meet Ali here in a second oh no
12909s actually
12911s serval is right there the question is is
12913s he gonna be able to do it as mirror
12915s looks like he's gonna be able to dip
12916s that oh
12917s oh wait
12921s sorry wait
12925s Mira just got hit by a bow
12927s as he teleports as she teleports away at
12932s a beautiful moment but it's the worst
12934s hiding for her because she lands
12936s immediately gets hits in the back
12937s meanwhile a leap trying to hold on as
12939s long as possible is able to force the
12941s Terracotta Warrior ulti to come out
12943s forcing Trail Gun to try to dip out and
12946s maybe run as best as possible here
12947s trying to separate but he's hitting
12950s massive damage onto the ulti of tarkanji
12953s here but with that ulti sorella's making
12955s it very very hard for a lead to get a
12958s clear shot obviously with this it
12960s obviously derails the time 35 seconds
12962s left on the clock here dangerously low
12964s still gets a massive hit onto him and he
12966s only needs a couple more here beautiful
12968s hits on each side as a lead sadly has to
12970s go and D monkify all the way towards it
12974s though is s rail claims the elimination
12976s on to Elite and shuts it down to get his
12979s reward for the realm of yang
12981s hey look Ali here man absolutely uh
12987s plays that a little poorly there the
12989s dagger's gonna let those blue charges
12991s come out so much faster than those dual
12992s blades he he should have just parried
12995s into that situation instead of trying to
12997s force the Clank off of the Blues he ends
13000s up getting hit with the dagger first and
13002s goes down to it man a very interesting
13005s decision making coming from Ali
13006s especially because he flips that fight
13008s on his head by using Eurasia on inside
13011s of the realm of Yang to just kind of
13013s counter Tarka because typically what
13014s happens in that fight outside of the
13016s realm of the egg The Target just pops
13017s out and runs right he comes back fully
13020s reset after the Eurasian runs out of it
13023s because the uh Sean has much slower
13025s movement while in that ultimate it's so
13027s hard for him to just chase the Tarka
13029s down but inside the realm of Yang the
13031s target doesn't have that option and you
13033s Asian actually is able to come back and
13035s get him super low but he scuffs it as he
13039s comes out of the old and finds himself
13040s in a much uh unfavorable situation
13044s trying to go head to head with the blue
13046s charge into the dagger and uh gets
13048s obliterated for it as we turn now to
13051s TK's Ali here uh I can't tell if he has
13054s the end completion or not I got caught
13055s out with this last time they showed me
13057s this View and it didn't show if they
13058s still had Yang depletion or not coming
13060s in here is able uh to find a little bit
13063s of something there but then gets
13066s carried by OC Zhang Yu but zhangyu not
13068s able to capitalize on it because he
13070s falls off the building Ali forced to
13072s swap in to this blue pole sword here
13075s and not really able to find a favorable
13078s fight for himself as we take a look here
13080s somebody's got Yang depletion I can't
13082s tell who because we are on the aerial
13084s view here it's probably uh Ali with the
13088s Yang depletion if I had to guess as they
13089s now turn and look down onto OSI Zhang Yu
13093s as well as railgun railgun in a very
13096s good situation here he can just force
13098s these fights because he has that
13099s Vermillion Birds he has that safety net
13101s even if he dies here it doesn't set him
13104s back all that much so railgun trying to
13107s find an elimination and put pressure on
13109s while he has a safety net
13113s so Ali is able to hit the Terracotta
13115s Warrior and immediately starts to
13116s distance himself away from this fight
13119s here
13121s massive climb trying to separate for as
13123s long as far as possible here but it
13124s looks like Zhang Yu is gonna be able to
13125s go on the chase here doesn't look like
13127s he's gonna give that up as T25 hits in a
13129s massive beautiful jump Perry on this
13132s rail and S rail sadly gets caught on the
13135s wall and is not able to dip out and
13138s sadly does get finished and claim here
13139s Zhang Yu is going to be able to get the
13141s switcheroo onto ego ego dangerously low
13143s here gets scattered around from all
13145s areas as he pops the ulti and gets out
13148s of Dodge in the best way possible the
13150s question is is it gonna be enough he's
13151s scrambling in the air he's trying to
13152s rotate he's like
13156s he's trying to get away and it looks
13158s like he's able to pop some heels to keep
13160s himself alive unbelievable ego how do
13163s you do it how do you do it man as he
13166s gets caught in between the poison not
13167s the best place to be as it looks like he
13169s has three against one it is Rexy it is
13172s T225 it is Fang thing dangerously low
13175s but ego sadly the poison snatches him
13178s away Fang comes through immediately
13180s starts putting in the massive Paws onto
13182s T225 here and looks like they're both
13184s gonna be fighting this out here Rexy on
13186s the right side here with the Katana
13187s Katana right click comes through looks
13188s like he has that nice little bit of that
13190s and also check him check to see if you
13191s have a code for the game if you don't
13193s have a code here it is ladies and
13194s gentlemen we've got three more codes of
13195s Wade for you so that way you can use
13197s these exactly and it's able to get his
13198s six elimination this man is six limbs
13200s deep right now
13203s yeah absolutely going crazy J team's
13205s exit in here showing us what he's
13207s talking about and here here's the thing
13208s you know action talked about this a
13210s little bit during our our startup here
13212s to the day what he's doing a little bit
13215s of smack talking talking about how good
13217s his micro skill is in the game referring
13220s to how good you know his combos are his
13222s juggles being able to animation cancel
13224s things like that and he absolutely does
13226s have that that there's never in question
13228s for J team's action right it the thing
13231s that he always struggled with into solos
13233s was his decision making his decision
13236s making has already been much better
13238s today he's been able to put points on
13240s the board consistently and now he's
13242s playing a comfort pick here on Tarka and
13244s because of that the aggressions come
13246s through he's played very strongly he's
13248s been able to find eliminations time and
13250s time again and this could be our highest
13252s scoring game today eviction takes us all
13254s the way to the end there's eight players
13256s left alive he's looking go into realm of
13258s Yang here he could potentially pick up
13260s his seventh elimination here are using a
13263s long sword to buy himself some space
13265s here he's got that legendary Soul Jade
13267s for it he is able to find himself into
13269s the realm he's going to be going head to
13271s head here with wolves kaibao kaibao on a
13274s little bit of a shield disadvantage but
13276s has the better long sword whereas action
13279s only rocking the purple long sword here
13281s is gonna be very interesting kind of
13283s matched in terms of gear uh because of
13286s this kaibel able to find a huge early
13288s shot here Target are going to go
13289s Airborne here with the long sword there
13291s comes the juggle kaibao needs to find
13293s their ultimate very soon but the juggle
13296s continues in it to the charged vertical
13300s shot there coming out of the long story
13302s and because he's got that sold Jade it's
13304s more than enough damage off of waves one
13307s and two for extra to pick up the
13308s elimination that's seven elimination
13311s under J teams action here and if he
13314s takes this all the way it's gonna be a
13316s huge game for him T225 you're gonna drop
13318s the pillar to buy himself a little bit
13320s of Advantage Fang gonna find the bubble
13321s though come coming on to T225 T225 gonna
13324s be forced to hop into the mech as we do
13327s see Feng give Chase Bank gonna back off
13329s and just take the opportunity though to
13331s take the box 2225 looking for an
13334s opportunity with nobody wants to let
13336s T225 find it though they're potting up
13338s in the mech but still getting shot now
13340s we're gonna see the dagger coming in I
13343s do believe that was an Assassin's lunge
13344s that comes through from alliance's Jin
13347s Jin gonna be on the receiving end of the
13349s cannon here multiple shots coming
13352s through on to Gin only the first
13354s connecting those gin's able to find some
13356s Governor T225 using these uh dual blades
13359s here to create as much movement as
13361s possible while we continue to see
13363s players give Chase here T225 able to
13365s find the scale Rush knocked them bot
13367s side here and buy themselves a little
13369s bit of a breathing room but wolves Kai
13370s bow comes in from the other Widow TG to
13373s five needs to go ahead and get the heck
13375s out of Dodge we do see uh a lovely
13378s Bounty there and it's Alliance of gin
13380s who's gonna pick it up the question is
13382s who it going and actually goes on to
13383s kla's Fang bang close enough for the
13386s bounty to drop on to them as now we see
13389s Feng inside here just looking to buy
13391s some space able to find a pot off get
13393s the reset holding on to that bubble
13395s railgun going topside continuing the
13397s chase here the bubble does come down
13398s from Fang now gets popped by railgun so
13401s that the bubble goes off because of the
13403s changes made to the bubble there for Z
13407s pin Yang and wolves kaibao with only one
13409s elimination of their belt still looking
13411s to aggressively make something happen
13414s here because they have two minutes and
13415s 30 seconds before Yang depletion it
13418s kills them zipping not an easy target
13421s here for them to pick off with such
13424s limited time remaining they do have that
13425s legendary long sword if they can get
13427s some work in here though they might be
13429s able to pick up an elimination and keep
13430s themselves in the game but nobody wants
13432s to give kaibao the opportunity to engage
13436s here they would rather just see him die
13437s to the depletion why bother fighting if
13439s you can just eliminate himself here T225
13442s so gonna lock him down there with those
13444s dual blades we're gonna see the F come
13445s out from kaibao Kai bow that timer just
13448s ticking down Cannon chops coming in from
13450s Bank bang coming in gonna take advantage
13452s of how low kaibao is here kaibao going
13455s to be forced to Mech up here finding
13458s himself on the receiving end that
13459s Assassin's lunch putting in absolute
13461s work on to kaibel kaibel forced to deep
13463s back there as so many players come
13465s through and just Blitz the HP bar down
13468s from the mech Kai bow no Shields almost
13470s no HP it's JT's action who picks up
13473s their eighth elimination
13476s action just he just snapped built
13480s different he's still different he
13481s snapped he he he he called upon his boys
13484s he locked in put his head down and he
13488s said I am a monster let me show you how
13491s to get it done here beautiful Perry
13492s coming in as he shuts down shoyang from
13494s earlier here as we look door towards the
13496s replay here trying to get him not to go
13497s through the portal here as he ends up
13499s getting him inside thanks him from the
13502s inside here and he gets another
13504s elimination onto the king here as we're
13506s looking back at the king now who's just
13507s sitting pretty
13509s and just decides not to engage on any
13512s more fights he has eight eliminations he
13514s doesn't need to force anything if he's
13515s necessarily asked to I don't even think
13516s Rexy knows that he's even there maybe he
13518s does as X-Men decides to back off here
13521s but Exxon with eight eliminations 12.2
13523s on the board this is the pop-off that we
13526s needed to see and that we love to see in
13528s these games currently
13535s together look like he's about to get
13537s ready to summon the ulti but actually
13538s yes he does as now he's gonna try to see
13540s if maybe he can force himself to back
13542s off and separate from away from the rest
13544s of the pack here's Fang is gonna go for
13546s a nice joy ride parrying on to him and
13549s bang wants this energy he wants to push
13551s it he wants all the smoke
13555s two two five here able to get some pots
13556s off gonna be forced to D Mech though
13558s he's bought himself a little bit of
13560s space but Fang and Rexy giving Chase
13562s here real gun not far behind and
13564s j-team's action apparently never one to
13566s miss out on the opportunity to pick up
13568s an elimination also close by the entire
13569s Lobby's here now it's Fang who goes low
13572s the attention has swapped this is what
13574s I've talked about in the past if you
13575s want to survive these situations you
13577s need to get another player low and
13579s that's exactly what happens railgun
13580s gonna pick up the elimination there on
13582s to feng and it buys T225 all the space
13586s in the world to reset running away is
13590s extremely hard when you've got sharks
13592s like this in the lobby but if you're
13594s able to put somebody else low all of a
13598s sudden those sharks will turn their
13600s attention away from you T225 here not
13603s the one who puts uh our other player low
13607s there but capitalizes on it to find a
13610s full reset and is looking to get back
13613s into this game they do have three limit
13614s Nations under their belt at this point I
13617s don't think it's possible for them to
13618s take a first place away from that J
13621s team's action even if the action was
13623s eliminated here he has so many points
13625s under his belt in these top five the
13627s multiplier and just how many points he
13629s has is gonna give him first place but
13631s that doesn't mean T225 doesn't want as
13634s many points under his belt and a big
13636s second place finish right so T225 being
13638s able to get away there able to get the
13640s reset is huge for them if they want to
13643s continue to put points on the board
13644s especially because T225 is towards the
13647s top of our overall standings currently
13650s overall standing is going to look very
13651s nice for XG and X gen has been playing
13653s uh really well for these first two games
13656s already he's gotten some kills on the
13658s board for each of these games here so
13659s getting eight eliminations and if if he
13662s gets a top play score this could be a
13664s massive jump for him overall I think
13666s within these games it's going to be a
13667s real good look for him overall here as
13670s we're looking in towards this game as
13671s Jin looks like he's just taking his time
13673s here trying not to get caught up by
13675s another player here as he's still
13676s working around here exiting towards the
13678s bottom Rexy all the way up top getting a
13680s beautiful view
13682s of what's going on here
13685s let's see what's going on here in terms
13687s of what's next here I'm surprised no one
13689s is actually trying to do anything in
13690s terms of ranch here but we got seven
13691s seconds left on the clock for the circle
13693s to close in here and we have five
13694s players alive and it's only the start to
13698s close of Circle Number Four this is a
13701s very aggressive game and exit clearly
13703s clearly he's the culprit for why there's
13705s so many people that are not here in this
13707s final Circle
13709s yeah action putting in absolute work
13711s here and here's the thing is every
13713s single player that gets eliminated just
13715s makes his score go higher at this point
13716s because of those huge multipliers the
13720s higher he goes up and we have to talk
13721s about this he has a 12.7 game score if
13725s he was to be eliminated right now he
13727s would still have the highest single
13729s scoring game of the day if you were to
13731s be eliminated right now absolutely
13735s massive game coming in here from Jason's
13737s action but we're gonna see things slow
13739s down pretty heavily here because we are
13740s down to five players and it's only zone
13742s five being collapsed on right we've seen
13745s eight to nine players alive in zone
13748s seven right nobody wants to go in and
13750s take that fight against x-gen right now
13752s we're gonna see a lot of this we're
13753s gonna see alliance's gin up here poking
13755s with the musket a lot of repairs coming
13757s through
13757s dt25 here most notably only has a single
13761s repair kit left right they need to be
13763s very careful with their Resource
13764s Management as there's not a lot of
13766s resources for these players to get back
13767s here and J team's action more than happy
13769s to just till top side here he's got the
13771s Zone he's got Circle he's got high
13774s ground he's got coverage for himself
13776s yeah and he has the most kills in the
13779s lobby right now he is sitting very
13781s pretty as we get ready to see zone five
13783s pushing on the zone six in the next 60
13785s seconds we're probably just gonna see a
13788s lot of uh tree riding going on here a
13790s lot of these players are just chilling
13791s gin just you know holding on to that
13794s space buying themselves a little space
13795s look at this this is smart sees nobody's
13798s pushing for the rotation decides okay
13800s hey I'll go take the treetop rotation
13802s over here where I'm in circle and I
13804s don't have to move once players start to
13806s push in I have the space they have to
13809s push into me now I like this sort of
13811s decision making here from alliance's gin
13813s Jin though only one elimination under
13815s the belt needs to start thinking about
13817s capitalizing on some aggression here as
13819s some of these players go low still a
13822s great decision to come out from Jen but
13823s they just need to uh back it up with
13826s some eliminations so that they can get
13827s as many points as possible T225
13830s chill in here pretty far from the circle
13833s but has a lot of safety and a lot of
13835s time before the Zone starts collapsing
13837s he's also on the wide side of the circle
13838s so he can just kind of uh laissez faire
13841s walk it into the circle uh if you will
13844s because many of the other players gonna
13845s be forced in first like Vince's recce
13847s very very high up in that tree on the
13849s back side but here goes Zone pushing in
13851s so Rexy now going to be forced to move
13852s forward T225 is not going to waste any
13854s time he sees the other players starting
13856s to come in and sees that they're going
13858s to take The High Ground to push in he's
13859s just gonna go and take this low ground
13861s where he's very safe because he doesn't
13863s have to worry about those High Ground
13864s players giving up their High Ground to
13865s push into him and sure enough there he
13867s is he's in the back side of the circle
13869s there he's holding onto that low ground
13870s and now he can play gatekeeper for
13872s anybody who decides to drop in onto the
13875s low ground when there's no extra high
13876s ground for them to take T225 setting
13878s themselves up very well here with some
13880s good decision making we have to see if
13882s he's going to be able to capitalize on
13883s it though
13885s let's hope that he does though
13887s sometimes capitalization can be a little
13890s bit harder when everyone else is playing
13891s like a lowercase get it guys we're going
13894s to be able to look in towards this Rexy
13896s pops his ulti here trying to see if
13898s maybe he can get some free heels out of
13899s this but Sally is not able to as
13901s actually his ales get decimated even
13902s more might not have been the best call
13904s to make here as Rexy dangerously low
13906s using this bridge for any type of
13908s Defense as possible but it looks like
13910s Jin is gonna come through and claim the
13911s elimination on to Rexy Shin finally able
13915s to get some more eliminations on the
13916s board here's T225 is able to knock back
13919s pop his ulti the massive Mech Mayhem
13922s coming through as he pops up top you're
13925s able to get himself away from the patch
13927s here and it looks like he's gonna be
13928s able to go for his shield trying to see
13930s if you can get any type of feels as well
13931s here is X Jin trying to use his bow
13934s to get anything here Rockets hitting in
13937s on each side here as next is going to
13938s try to dodge hips each time looks like
13940s he looks like he does get hit by
13942s something
13944s unfortunately
13946s yeah I was gonna say again we talked
13949s about how jyn pushed in early took that
13951s high ground and he was able to
13952s capitalize on it exactly like it was
13954s talking about he sees another player
13956s pushing in and gets low and is just able
13958s to slide in pick up the free elimination
13960s he does give up his high ground for it
13962s but he's able to back immediately out of
13964s that fight picks up the elimination and
13967s is still alive here The High Ground lost
13970s but Jin capitalizing on it going to top
13972s four with the second uh elimination is
13975s huge and then Jin also finds his High
13977s Ground back again as well he's sitting
13979s very pretty right now Jin or sorry yeah
13982s jyn playing this very well but still J
13984s team's action just has such a dominating
13986s lead and I want you to see what one
13989s position difference makes J team's
13991s action was at 12.7 points one person is
13994s eliminated he's not even the person who
13996s eliminates him and he goes from 12.7 to
13999s 13.5 right right action literally can
14003s just chill right he doesn't have to take
14006s fights he doesn't want to every single
14009s elimination whether he's picking it up
14010s or not is going to be massive for him
14013s because of the number of kills he's
14014s already picked up here now that said
14016s action going very low here gonna be
14018s forced to pop the charcoal looks for a
14020s pot here he's able to find one is able
14023s to find two gonna go ahead and end the
14025s charcoal holds on to 46 percent of his
14027s rage there is gonna find the third pot
14030s off for his HP finds the fourth pot off
14033s gets the full reset as we see Jin from
14037s Alliance coming in and picking up a
14038s railgun and we're gonna see action go to
14041s 14 points alliance's gin here really
14044s capitalizing on everything he set up
14047s here just that original rotation to the
14050s top side where he's just able to take
14052s that High Ground he's able to force the
14054s players to come in on to him buying him
14057s all sorts of space right now he's able
14060s to get a full reset off of this he's
14061s coming into the Canon T25 is going
14063s extremely low from these cannon shots
14065s Jenna forcing in on to them were top
14068s three players left alive and xgen can
14070s just wait this out again every single
14072s elimination buys him more points he's
14074s gonna drop down unfortunately into
14075s alliance to Jin Jin's gonna find the
14077s time to d-mac as Action Falls and get
14079s some huge hits onto him but actually
14081s gonna find the time to reset yet again
14082s this tree house paying dividends for
14085s these players in terms of reset that was
14087s a funky interaction not quite sure how
14090s T225 actually connected onto action
14092s there I'm just assuming the hitbox
14094s extended but gin is gonna find action
14096s with the merciless Havoc into the Zone
14099s there's no real
14100s but he's stuck there Jim Against All
14103s Odds gets picked up and eliminated here
14105s he still is going to be walking away in
14107s the MVP there's there's no if ins or
14109s buts about it but we're gonna see T225
14112s going ahead to head here with alliances
14113s gin and I think Jin absolutely sets
14116s himself up great here he picks up a ton
14118s of eliminations T225 though is gonna
14121s take that bigger second place finish
14122s that he wanted that we were talking
14124s about earlier something much needed for
14126s him in here because he is towards the
14128s top of the order in the overall
14130s standings but alliance's gin plays this
14134s so well he makes the early push to the
14138s circle he takes The High Ground knowing
14141s that the other players are going to have
14142s to be pushed into him and is able to
14144s capitalize on players who get low as
14147s they try to push in he picks up three
14149s extra eliminations off of it including
14152s killing uh J team's action who was a
14156s massive kill leader above him takes the
14159s you know the second place finish quite a
14161s few kills under his belt but T225 gonna
14163s take the overall second place in terms
14165s of points and of course J team's action
14167s going to be our MVP here who walks away
14169s with a 14-point game the biggest point
14172s game we've seen today with a two-point
14174s lead over our 12 point game that we saw
14176s earlier congratulations to j-team's
14179s action because absolutely rocked this
14181s game out Dobby I mean it was absolutely
14184s insane to see extinct is absolutely
14186s decimate this Lobby to the point where
14188s we had five players alive in this final
14190s Circle it was one of our first games
14191s where we really saw a small amount of
14193s players with a large map still with the
14196s spread of where we was and obviously who
14198s was the culprit
14199s exit because we saw the stats we saw
14203s those play Styles we was like man you oh
14206s see he came to play he came to play he
14208s was already doing pretty decent in our
14210s first two games here but now being able
14211s to see where he is in these final
14214s circles was absolutely insane obviously
14216s he does get claimed here if he would
14217s have got a dub I would have I would have
14219s lost my mind
14220s I would have lost my mind if he would
14222s have cops her to die on top of that
14223s because that's not easy get those amount
14225s of eliminations and obviously he played
14227s into the best of his ability focusing on
14228s getting those extra placement points but
14230s still those placement points are still
14232s going to be massive he's still gonna be
14233s in first place and it's gonna be a
14235s massive jump for him into top fives
14239s even higher than that this was a huge
14242s game for Jay team's action here he's
14245s able to put up a 14-point game score
14247s line which is just absolutely massive
14251s anybody coming in now he's easily top
14253s five like you said potentially top three
14257s um he has another game like this and
14259s he's easily first place right and the
14262s thing was he he came alive here and on
14265s Tarka don't get me wrong Tarka has seen
14267s multiple Nerfs recently so he's kind of
14271s fallen off just a little bit in terms of
14274s the current meta right you know Ferry is
14276s still very much has the advantage into
14279s that matchup uh zeping a kind of a pain
14282s for tarkas to hunt down here but Tarka
14285s is still always going to be one of those
14287s fan favorites and clearly a player
14289s favorite regardless of how many nerves
14291s he sees yeah look at this eight kills
14293s with a 14 point game score but T25
14296s because he finishes in first and five
14298s gills walks away with a 12 point game
14302s score and that's exactly what I talked
14304s about in the mid game was if T225 get
14306s away from that situation where he was
14308s being chased and he does end up getting
14310s away from that situation because we see
14314s another player go extremely low and all
14318s of the attention immediately turns off
14320s of him
14321s and turns on to that other player T225
14323s takes the reset and is able to rock it
14325s out to the end picks up five
14326s eliminations also I misspoke earlier it
14328s wasn't Jin who picked up the kill on to
14331s action it was T225 and that kill coming
14333s in very clutch for him because that
14335s means he went from three eliminations to
14336s five which buys him these 12 points T225
14340s still a force to be reckoned with here
14342s today but I gotta give a little round of
14344s applause to alliance's Gin here Alliance
14347s kind of struggled at the end of season
14349s two gin coming in here putting them back
14352s onto the map and you know jyn came into
14353s this final circle with a single
14355s elimination but because of the decision
14358s making and the placement we're able to
14359s make things happen speaking of which
14360s tournament here here's that single
14362s elimination was against oug's the king
14364s they go pillar for pillar and one week
14366s uh the king feels forced to jump into
14369s the mech he's able to just slide in and
14371s pick up the elimination before he can
14372s even get the mech up love to see it come
14374s through J team section here going Tarka
14376s for Tarka against Wang Liang is able to
14379s catch those uppercuts then finds the
14380s massive to Bear here on to shenwan
14382s absolutely huge year for J team section
14385s look at this they go in here trying to
14387s get a little bit of Escape as soon as he
14389s sees that he just tap Dodges away he
14391s takes a quick shot and goes bam fix up
14393s the elimination railgun here getting
14395s picked up by T225 action again with
14397s those massive massive hits coming out
14400s from the long story there and then
14401s action again here against wolves kaibal
14403s of the juggle and then because he has
14405s that long sword Soulja boat slashes
14407s doing enough damage for him to just
14409s basically touch him death uh kaibao he
14411s finds a second elimination of crybab and
14413s here's Jin but that merciless Havoc just
14415s keeping action in The Zone able to find
14417s the follow-up sees him there in the zone
14420s almost gets the elimination but the
14422s biller comes down from tg25 who's able
14424s to pick it up and then of course it
14426s immediately mix up and just keeps Gin
14428s from walking into the Zone T225 picks up
14431s some huge points for himself here but it
14433s all comes back to J team's action who
14436s put in the work picked up eight
14438s eliminations 18
14440s 000 damage Dobby with infernal slash
14444s siphon technique wave roll two melee
14446s resist Soul Jays and a duels blade sack
14450s even with all of that though his first
14451s MVP of tonight and probably going to be
14454s more of them as long as he keeps these
14456s performances happening because good Lord
14457s eight eliminations up for our uh for our
14461s third game
14463s sorry I had a I wouldn't blame for a
14466s second but no that's that's our fourth
14468s floor I'm dabbing that's our fourth
14470s absolutely insane here coming into these
14473s games exit I'm showing him that he is
14476s the one to watch out for so so far we've
14479s had a decent stacked list of winners
14481s saying you on our first game we have uh
14484s X Zin in game number four we have
14487s um Fang coming in with our game two
14489s winner and we still have two more the
14493s title the question is are we gonna see a
14495s repeat from anybody
14497s you know we always love to see the
14499s repeats coming through but I'm happy to
14501s see a plethora of different players
14503s coming in and taking those diverse he's
14504s putting in work that said there's a
14506s couple of players and I here we go I'm
14509s gonna say it day one I'm gonna say the
14511s word Dobby is about
14514s consistency and there's a couple players
14516s who coming in making that happen like
14519s look T225 was already towards the top
14522s side of the list and he just put a 12
14525s point game together in a Lobby where
14527s somebody picks up eight eliminations
14529s above him okay so tt25 keeping the
14533s consistency High has set the bar for the
14537s rest of these players Bobby
14543s do I need to get the whale for you Dobby
14546s do you want to see the whale we don't
14548s see it we don't see it again well I
14550s don't know if we have the whale I don't
14552s know if we have the whale this season I
14553s I might that might have been on my last
14555s goodbye of the whale from last season I
14557s don't know if they're gonna bring him
14557s back this season I don't know um we have
14559s new views New New Heights from
14561s everything that we've seen I mean it's a
14563s new season you might as well do
14564s something fresh right you know maybe I
14567s have I gotta let the whale go
14569s if it doesn't come this season I'm okay
14571s with that we gotta find something new
14573s maybe a penguin just just just just a
14576s suggestion anyway
14577s um locking in for our game number five
14580s here we're still a whole lot left here
14583s on the table I can't wait to see the
14585s overall uh points look like and I think
14587s we'll probably uh see that after the end
14589s of our next game here for game number
14590s five but
14592s um even with that Exxon obviously is
14594s going to be in at least top three
14595s possibly top five easily top five could
14598s possibly be the top three but now some
14600s of these other players here have been
14601s kind of struggling we've seen a lot of
14603s struggles from srail and a few other
14605s players that have really been trying to
14607s scramble to get some eliminations
14608s they'll end up with two eliminations s
14610s rails at least getting in top five first
14612s placements but obviously those two to
14614s one eliminations are clearly not enough
14616s so for a player like Esra what does he
14618s need to do in these next two games
14619s obviously it's the aggression but you
14621s said it before I can't say anything what
14625s for railgun coming in here railgun needs
14629s to have some early aggression he has a
14631s safety net in the fact that he has that
14634s early Resurrection right he needs to use
14636s that safety net and push some aggression
14638s he's not picking up eliminations he's
14640s making it to late game
14641s but with no eliminations under his belt
14643s he's not getting any points for it
14646s we see him going in and taking this
14648s realm of Yang fights and if he picks up
14650s an early kill that's typically where he
14653s picks it up if he's able to pick up
14655s another early kill and then go into the
14656s realm of Yang and get that uh Vermillion
14660s Birds might he can go Force another
14662s fight even if he's picking up two
14664s eliminations before he goes into end
14666s game that's enough points worth your top
14669s five you're still sitting kind of okay
14671s in terms of consistency and then if
14673s you're able to find some more
14674s eliminations in the final circle after
14676s that you're sitting real pretty right
14679s because typically these games go players
14682s are finishing out with five kills most
14684s under their belt we saw a little bit of
14686s uh you know a change up from that with
14688s action and last game where he picks up
14689s eight eliminations but that's not par
14692s for the course right we talk about it a
14693s lot last season before we went into the
14696s world championship five is kind of where
14699s we see the kill sit in the solos and
14703s there's even less players you gotta
14705s remember instead of there being 16
14706s players per Lobby right now there's 14.
14708s there's a little less meat on that bone
14711s so to speak for these players to be
14713s non-off so you need to be going into
14716s late game with some eliminations under
14717s your belt or you're missing out on that
14719s whole meal Dotty
14722s I mean you're missing a whole meal here
14723s meanwhile looks like action is uh
14726s clearly just finished off the rest of
14728s his plate and is licking it clean
14730s the good Lord those eight eliminations
14732s show that he has a Powerhouse and he is
14735s a force to be recognized and do not
14736s sleep on me meanwhile
14739s else that we're gonna lock in for
14741s another game Kai battle with the average
14742s kills of 1.8 the damage is still taken
14744s away very very high here as we're seeing
14747s the hero pick rates of each player's
14748s here so they still have more to do here
14751s but obviously now people still have to
14753s scramble to go for the next ones if you
14754s go and lock into our game number five
14757s everything happening here let's see how
14759s they're gonna be able to work and
14760s maintain towards it here
14763s as they're gonna pinch it towards it and
14766s see where we can go here but let's talk
14767s about these hero picks though we've seen
14769s a magnitude of these hero picks thus far
14771s we've seen them do the absolute most
14774s here but we still have two more picks
14776s left and some people have to be picky
14777s about what they're going to choose
14779s because obviously we still have those
14780s limitations like we usually have for our
14783s Seasons like we did last season so what
14785s are you expecting to see in game five
14786s and six
14787s you know games five and six it's your
14789s last two games to perform here today I'm
14791s expecting to see a lot more hyper
14793s aggression here we're seeing a lot of
14795s takatas come out here
14797s um some of these being players who
14799s didn't run Takeda before but no
14801s surprises indicator making a comeback
14802s here uh into the hollow Roth Lobby uh
14806s because you know you see holleroth
14809s Takeda actually functions very well here
14811s there's the Firefly cages where you can
14814s build up your ultimate you can come in
14815s and uh you know find a lot of fireflies
14819s in General on this map and they're much
14821s more secure for you right you know where
14825s they're going to be on Hollow Roth here
14827s they're not quite as far spread out as
14830s they are on a map uh like Morris Isle so
14833s you're able to have that ultimate
14834s available and usable for you
14837s um but you have to be very careful
14839s because decade is one of those Heroes
14841s who doesn't want to engage without their
14843s ultimate
14845s absolutely insane here with the ultimate
14848s pick style looks like we're seeing at
14849s least one Yoto uh seeing some tarkas and
14852s it looks like the decade is going to be
14854s the favorite amongst this game here for
14855s holler off uh on the web of the weather
14858s of being cloudy here as we're gonna see
14860s the insane map here for holler off
14863s coming in and it looks like the spread
14864s is going to be a little bit different as
14866s uh the city of Tang is going to see Ali
14869s ex-gen and T225 and Bell Tower and
14871s Leisure Hall and Hall of Rejuvenation
14873s Kai Bao is going to be running the whole
14875s salvation Podium to himself meanwhile
14877s they have three main players here all
14880s the way in the Hall of Ceremonies in
14881s Plum castle and we have one particular
14883s player down near the bottom near tank
14886s Courtyard and moon fall pass so still
14889s nobody really hitting that snow area of
14892s you Sean ruins or impril Village which
14895s is still very very surprising coming
14897s into these games here as the king is
14898s going to get pushed in on Ringling
14899s trying to hold on with this defense
14902s trying to see maybe he can hit something
14903s here massive hit some damage hitting on
14904s To The King The King trying to keep it
14906s together here and keeping that
14907s aggression Zhang Hughes on the other
14908s side here I'm going to be announced the
14910s whole fight happening Wang Liang
14911s dangerously low here but it looks like
14913s he might have the juggle he might have
14914s the opportunity though but no the take
14916s of the defense gets him just enough to
14920s where he can do it and does a massive
14922s job of it meanwhile Rexy dangerously
14924s lowest Fang is going to be able to push
14926s in on this as well gold looks like he's
14928s gonna get found here on this inside the
14930s question is is he gonna be able to open
14931s it or is he going to push in on to hit
14933s here on it here gold trolls could be at
14935s the bottom here but sadly it doesn't
14936s look like he's gonna push on his head
14938s waiting for him to be able to come out
14939s and yes he does right off the edge it
14942s looks like he's able to claim the
14943s elimination and get his first
14944s elimination of this game meanwhile
14946s mirror and ego trying to fight this out
14948s dangerous low on each side here gets the
14950s cancellation from
14952s the massive hits of the numb shots and
14955s sadly is not able to find a mirror
14956s struggling to try to find an elimination
14958s here and ego is not him letting her go
14960s without a fight meanwhile trying to get
14962s the shield swap though unbeknownst isn't
14964s unable to find against the gray
14967s and just like that eagle was able to
14969s swap and get a free purple here
14972s trying to keep the game alive trying to
14974s hold on here let's see if they can do it
14975s the question is are they going to push
14977s on and be aggressive or are they going
14978s to back out and decide maybe to push on
14979s it looks like she's gonna opt to go for
14981s the fight here
14983s very dangerous game here but let's see
14985s if she is willing to play meanwhile
14987s mirror is going to be able to push it
14989s and on this one as well catches him on
14991s the other side here he catches ego on
14993s this right a beautiful right click hit
14994s onto Eagle does it again catches around
14996s a corner but the eagle is going to be
14998s able to repent and use the Perry to shut
15001s down your mirror is able to go for the
15003s reset if it was ego dangerously low
15005s decides to run away as Jin and Shay
15008s young looks like they might go for the
15009s chases gen decides not to Ego finds a
15012s shield swap here a great Shield swap
15014s gold Trove right in front looks like
15015s mirror's gonna be able to find it does
15017s she find anything good out of it it
15018s looks like she found a gold spear staff
15020s gold Trove up top looks like they were
15022s able to find something decent as well
15023s here
15025s and it looks like the loot patterns are
15026s definitely a very very very very helpful
15029s for all these players here mirror even
15031s though still isn't able to capture the
15032s elimination they're still alive and
15034s ready to fight
15036s you're gonna take a look here Jay team's
15037s engine no eliminations under the
15039s relative gear but they do still have uh
15041s Resurrection available so they're
15043s looking to aggressively punch in here
15044s I'm gonna grab all of uh those sand
15047s pairs there so nobody else can
15048s capitalize on them and while they're
15050s buffed look to push in onto these
15052s players here uh we're gonna see TK's Ali
15056s here quite low Ollie gonna go ahead and
15058s pop the ultimate to buy themselves a
15060s little bit of space just holding on to
15062s it but tt25 continuing to give Chase
15065s with that bow the ultimate not really
15067s gonna buy them any protection from the
15069s rain shots Ali able to find a reset here
15072s in Jay team's action on the Hunts gonna
15074s slide through the door Ali the old gonna
15078s run down here now in action and in the
15080s great places they come in Blitz the
15082s shield back off of Ali in action goes
15085s for the uppercut is able to find the
15087s damage but not the follow-up but still
15089s comes in it picks up the elimination on
15091s to Ali egin playing this very well and
15094s we talk about the decision decision
15096s making an action with a great decision
15099s making here look might actually lose
15100s their life here has old does lose the
15103s life but they're utilizing that resource
15105s this is exactly what we're just talking
15107s about players like railgun not using
15110s that early Resurrection as a safety net
15113s to pick up eliminations has bit them in
15115s the butt and action more than happy to
15118s trade one life for another to put some
15120s points onto the board and we're gonna
15122s see Kelly's Fang pick up at the second
15124s elimination on directxi in the kill feed
15126s here and that's gonna be it for Rexy
15127s here into game number five now Zhang Yu
15130s from Team OC goes super low Wang Yang
15133s keeping the pressure on with those
15134s elbows while in the Target ultimate able
15136s to pick up an elimination hell is Fang
15138s very low here but gonna pop the ultimate
15140s is the king tries to come in and make
15142s something happen bang able to do a ton
15145s of damage
15147s absolutely insane coming in though as
15149s Fang and the King still fighting us out
15151s though
15152s if they ain't having the advantage
15153s though with the Shields and heels really
15155s could have pushed in on this but the one
15156s thing that I love is that any of these
15158s players really it really takes one Perry
15160s or one massive defense to keep the game
15162s alive for one of them though and just
15164s like that Shield could be gone in an
15166s instant as the king loses his shield at
15168s fighting this out with the fan going
15170s back and forth and Fang is able to get a
15171s massive Harry and a finish onto the king
15174s here claiming the first Olympic and
15176s claiming that elimination here
15178s still has a chance to run it back as
15180s well here as kaibal is going to be
15181s fighting this out too with ego ego
15184s trying to keep this together here low on
15187s uh he has some heels no Shield at all to
15190s his name here trying to keep this
15191s together oh no he's gonna catch him with
15193s a Juggle here not looking good as Kai
15195s bow is going to be able to shut down ego
15197s and gets a massive finish and his first
15199s elimination on the board for this game
15202s bang in the lead though with 30.6 so
15205s this is massively helpful for him as
15207s well
15209s let's see if they can keep the same game
15210s alive here's the Fang
15212s I keep saying the Fang it's just Fang
15215s but I want to say anything I mean after
15218s today I think we'd call him the Fang you
15220s know what I'm saying yeah
15223s yeah Fang coming in here with the fangs
15226s absolutely biting players heads off
15228s today playing a massive day one here and
15232s just great we are gonna see those Realms
15234s of Yang getting ready to pop up gd's
15236s Merle looking to go into one we're going
15237s to see a lot of players down below here
15240s uh looking to find anything onto that
15244s portal and Wang Liang with his one
15246s elimination on his belt more than happy
15248s to pop off look to do a little bit of
15250s looting here he's still holding on to
15252s that blue dagger wants to find something
15254s a little bit better and I love this I
15256s love this decision from Wang Lang he
15257s wants to take the the realm of Yang but
15259s instead of fighting over one where he
15261s knows there's like 12 players he's gonna
15263s come to one across the map where he
15265s hopes there's going to be less players
15266s now railgun sitting nearby but Wang
15269s Liang right in the middle here has got a
15271s great opportunity to pick this up
15272s railgun's gonna have to come in and
15273s really try to force this and it looks
15275s like it might be these two no Kai Bao
15277s gets in so it's Wang Liang versus kaibel
15280s tt25 versus Zhang Yoo in the realm of
15283s Yang and I do believe it is Takeda
15286s versus Takeda here in a zhangyu versus
15288s T225 we're gonna see staff versus staff
15290s or no yeah no staff versus staff in this
15293s matchup between these two players but
15296s T225 here notably with a great sword in
15298s their back pocket and that hot swap
15300s method mid combo have a meta that's
15304s developed here but the Perry zhangyu
15307s goes in from the skin rush into the
15309s aerial Perry here comes the ultimate all
15311s he has to do is extend the combo with it
15312s there's nothing T225 can do and Zhang
15316s you picks up the elimination now to wolf
15318s kaibao versus Wang Liang Wang Liang
15320s already has popped the ultimate he has
15323s no way to Gold Focus out of this but
15325s unfortunately kaibal drops it kaibao
15328s needs a single hit and he's trying to
15330s fighting on to Wang Lan Wang Ling Barnes
15332s and scale which into the charge left
15334s foot Kai bow needs a single shot here
15336s Wang Liang so low even a clack a Clank
15340s will do it here four wolves kaibao both
15343s of them looking for the scale Rush Wang
15344s Liang gonna opt to go for the pot here
15347s he's not gonna be able to find a kaibal
15348s continuing to pressure comes in gonna be
15351s forced to stop the push one Clank is all
15354s he needs the elbow come through and he
15356s follows it up with the pull sword Wang
15358s Liang finds the victory in the realm of
15361s Yang how did Wang Liang keep it alive
15364s that entire time that could have been
15366s anyone's game here but really Wang Liang
15369s didn't have the advantage at all and
15371s that's exactly what I was talking about
15373s a minute ago it really does take one
15376s massive strike one defense one hole to
15380s keep the game alive and just like that
15381s you can turn this game around in one
15384s Spin and that's the one thing that makes
15385s this game so exciting it really can't be
15388s anybody's game in these instances and
15390s all of a sudden the narrative
15392s immediately gets spun around and all of
15394s a sudden we're talking about a winner we
15395s assume was already dead and just like
15397s that back at it again with the King and
15399s Fang holding it together here as fan
15402s goes back to fighting it with T225 T225
15404s just as being an absolute thorn in
15406s people's behind so far here as the king
15408s is gonna catch him on the outside here
15410s and it looks like they're both going to
15411s be able to rotate that out but my
15412s goodness Wang Lee Yang holding that for
15416s so long and then still is able to
15418s survive and win that's the thing that I
15420s talk about right the villain of our
15423s story can be a hero but sometimes he
15425s just gets caught in these situations
15427s where it just isn't looking good and
15429s he's able to come back and clutch it for
15431s the win you love to see it
15433s all right you know something else I want
15435s to talk about right now as well is
15437s Kayla's Fang here is playing Yodo gaming
15440s and has three eliminations under their
15442s belt here and this really speaks volume
15444s about Feng as a player in general Yodo
15447s has massively fallen out of favor in the
15450s solo meta right they they nerfed the F3
15452s it's on a you know the same cooldown but
15455s it only lasts for two seconds shorter
15458s now it's like three seconds instead of
15460s five uh the alt has become much much
15463s more difficult to land now as players
15465s have gotten used to it they've learned
15467s how to bait out uh hits like that we're
15469s gonna see TK going on to gd's Murr here
15472s with a massive ultimate Murr playing
15474s this very well though able to just slide
15476s around and get away from it knows they
15478s need to wait the old out here before
15480s they can re-engage on to uh Ali here
15483s from Team TK Murr gonna be able to find
15486s the pots that they really want and
15487s Jail's ego looking to come in K wants to
15490s pressure this while they still have
15491s ultimate but they need to be careful
15492s because the ultimate's gonna run out
15494s fairly soon as we turn our attention now
15497s to oug's the king who picks up an
15499s elimination on the Zhang Yu but Zhang Yu
15501s does have that Vermillion bird and is
15503s going to pop it immediately it's going
15505s to find themselves back into the game
15506s with all their gear the king though
15507s getting a third party here by uh GS is
15510s T225 and then it kills Fang also showing
15514s up for this fight and again back to my
15516s point about kl's Fang here is feng is on
15519s a hero that is massively fallen out of
15521s favor until Luke right but because
15523s they're just such a technically
15525s well-rounded player and they have good
15527s decision making it's very hard for these
15530s players to actually pick up eliminations
15531s on it and T225 there actually gets the
15534s grab but because Fang has the F3 down
15536s they can't really follow it up zhangyu
15538s gonna slide in uh after uh getting the
15541s resurrection there from the Vermillion
15543s actually finds the elimination on a T225
15546s who I also believe uh has for a million
15549s if I'm not mistaken so they should still
15550s be in this game gd's murder gonna come
15552s in looking to turn this fight on to Ego
15554s after ego picks up the elimination there
15557s on to Ali ego coming in with the katana
15559s turns it around fairly quickly Murr
15561s needs to do something teleports top side
15563s has the opportunity to aggressively turn
15565s this they have old could have easily uh
15568s popped onto ego here but would rather
15570s take the reset uh and lose a little bit
15573s of that Advantage here against ego
15575s because they do only have one charge
15577s after teleporting up ego gonna take the
15580s reset and happily get out of here ego
15582s with ultimate available now as well as
15584s the f is more than happy to take his
15586s elimination and just to let this one go
15588s for now
15590s sometimes you gotta call it in these
15592s certain situations here and it might not
15593s be worth it here because that that that
15595s specific call to your life in these
15597s games here and noting that we're in game
15599s five it really is a moment where you
15601s really have to protect yourself at all
15602s costs here in these final games here
15603s because you definitely don't want to
15605s have a good momentum and then lose it
15606s because of something else in in these
15609s instances so you have to be able to be a
15611s little bit more susceptible to being
15613s able to back out of these fights here
15615s even if you might have the advantage
15616s sometimes too because like we said it
15617s really can be one switch you got to have
15619s so much confidence in these fights here
15620s as ego is gonna push in and get some
15622s massive damage on the mayor though
15625s elbow comes through beautiful right
15626s click trying to even get in but the pair
15628s he comes through and looks like near
15630s still struggling to try to move it look
15631s at the Maneuvers coming in from ego
15633s though absolutely putting in so much
15635s maneuvering all the way around forcing
15637s mirror to back off here
15639s goes for the goes for the grapple and
15642s decides to back off as far as that far
15644s as she can she needs to be able to
15645s separate himself meanwhile back in the
15647s realm of Yang we got one last fight to
15649s take over here as it looks like they're
15650s immediately gonna go airborne and start
15652s to fight this out young versus uh Zhang
15656s you in this space here immediately gonna
15658s be pushed in here hits the Takeda ulti
15660s here trying to hold it together here
15661s trying to see if they can hit anything
15662s and yes they do onto Zen use and you
15664s holding out together here waiting for
15666s the ghost of each one
15668s try to see if they can hit some nice
15669s damage onto each side and you're trying
15671s to hold it the scale rush comes through
15672s trying to connect something here's dang
15673s you trying to hold it on and hitting
15675s some damage on to say young here
15677s beautiful hits on each side though I'm
15679s curious what saying you doing say he was
15680s kind of standing there though I don't
15681s know if he was building up to something
15682s or if he was doing something but he does
15684s get caught by Massive blades but he's
15686s also dangerously low and shayune
15688s say Huang guts down dang you in the
15693s realm of yang
15695s it's a gold pull sword what a beautiful
15699s piece of tech and follow up from Shenron
15701s there he gets the grab and immediately
15704s follows it up with a hot swap into the
15705s Greatsword with the uh jumping right
15708s click guarantees that damage coming out
15710s knowing that the great sword is going to
15711s give him more damage and that more
15713s damage will pick him up the elimination
15716s is going to get him in that legendary
15717s pull sword as well as the buff the
15719s Mystic might coming through for them as
15721s well
15722s extremely well played by uh shenwan
15725s there and now we turn our attention to
15726s Kale's uh Fang giving Chase to xcg's
15729s Wang Liang and this is where you don't
15732s want to be uh if you're Wang Liang into
15735s Feng here again Fang playing a hero
15737s that's a little unfavored but still able
15740s to just play so technically and it plays
15743s extremely well with their decision
15745s making look at this box off because Wang
15747s Liang gives them space they see the
15749s opportunity to just be equal with Wang
15751s Liang more than happy to take it the
15753s massive Perry comes through with the
15755s follow-up jump into the right click
15756s thing just gonna completely rip the
15758s armor off of Wang Liang here we're gonna
15760s see another Tarka coming through this
15762s time Kai Bao Kai Bao looking to pick up
15764s the elimination who's gonna get it it is
15766s gonna be Kai Bao and now Feng is gonna
15769s pop their F here gonna utilize the body
15772s to go ahead and get a heel off and you
15774s know what Fang in not that bad of a
15776s situation but to take this re-engagement
15778s with guy Bell yes they just burned the F
15780s off of the cooldown but they get a full
15781s reset that off of it they still have
15783s their ultimate and are in just the same
15785s situation they were when they engaged
15787s with the other Tarka so they have plenty
15789s of time to turn this back around and
15792s take the engagement if they want to
15793s Turning now to OC zhangyu and Zhang Yu
15795s is gonna aggressively push into kaibao
15797s here he needs to pick up an elimination
15800s here so that he can get that Soul Bloom
15802s and get rid of this Yang depletion that
15804s said wolves kaibao gonna come in with
15807s the juggle and absolutely rinse most of
15810s the shields off of Zhang you hear Zhang
15811s you're going to do quite a bit of damage
15813s as well turning it on to kaibao there's
15815s the old for old here Zhang you holds the
15817s F hoping that Kai Bao would pop the
15820s target ultimate which is exactly what
15821s happened zhangyu finds the space to go
15824s ahead and get a reset here needs to keep
15826s it going though but the bow shot coming
15828s in for kaibao on to zhangyu buys a
15830s massive space here he's got the F but he
15833s throws it and unfortunately it goes
15834s under the feet of kaibel he is able to
15837s find the grab rip the weapon out of
15839s kaibal's hand but kaibao comes back in
15841s with the elbow and picks up the
15843s elimination on the zhangyu
15847s absolutely insane coming into this as
15849s tybal top of the leaderboard with those
15852s four eliminations playing it all Fang
15854s tying it up with the king with three
15855s eliminations two from and ego Trail Gun
15860s back at the top from what we talked
15862s about earlier no eliminations still has
15865s a point on the board but it's just
15867s struggling to claim eliminations srail
15870s has really done a fantastic job of
15872s keeping some form of consistency in the
15874s sense of staying alive and getting some
15875s placement points at least he's getting
15877s something I don't think there's certain
15878s people I don't think that have gotten
15880s anything
15881s at least they have something but they
15882s still need to work to figure out what
15884s they need to do
15885s to maximize more advantages in getting
15887s these eliminations especially the early
15888s ones those early ones are so important
15890s here uh in these games especially
15892s nowadays with how hard it's going to be
15894s to knock all of these all of this type
15897s of momentum up though so let's see how
15899s they're able to put it down more and
15900s more but
15902s still going to be a little bit wild with
15904s everything happening though as bang
15906s looks like it's going to be on his uh on
15909s his space here trying to see if maybe he
15911s can get something for himself
15921s got this
15923s you know it's interesting kaibel is a
15925s player I never count out right and we've
15927s seen it today right kaibal has picked up
15929s big eliminations in almost every single
15932s game that he's been in and even his
15934s first game right he doesn't take like
15936s the top four kind of space but because
15939s of his eliminations he's able to just go
15941s ahead and you know take uh second place
15944s and it's that consistency with the kills
15947s here we're gonna see a lovely lovely
15950s infinite come out there from about this
15952s fight is so clean it's really
15954s unfortunate because Zhang Yu do you see
15956s that the F actually goes under Kai Bao's
15959s feet because kaibao is higher up on the
15961s terrain and he's just able to turn
15963s around with the elbow kaibal is a player
15966s I never count out right you're this is a
15968s player that went Toe to Toe with wbg
15970s spider last season and during season two
15973s every time these players went went Head
15976s to Head it would be like wolves kaibal
15978s picks up an elimination off of spider
15980s then spider picks up an elimination off
15982s of kaibal just back and forth forth
15984s every single time so you're talking
15986s about a player who literally had a
15989s rivalry with the champion from our solos
15992s last year and just absolutely massive
15996s right I and kaibel is just a very good
15999s player when he was known as kb11 during
16002s season one he was one of the top three
16005s players to be reckoned with he was him
16006s Wang Liang and of course Gigi Shaw
16009s during season one who kind of ruled the
16012s show if you will uh King gonna come in
16014s there onto railgun and capitalize on to
16017s that kill uh with that musket keeping
16020s kaibao from picking it up and now the
16022s king and kaibao tied for to first place
16024s here but kaibao in top five with four
16026s eliminations under his belt again he's a
16029s player you just can never ever count out
16031s and it clearly has the skills to be one
16034s of the best players
16036s he really can be he just had to play to
16039s his Advantage here as long as he keeps
16040s the momentum it could be absolutely
16041s massive for him and he's definitely
16043s gonna be somebody some somebody we're
16044s gonna be talking about a lot
16046s throughout this season we love to talk
16049s about some of our favorites here and
16050s what we expect out of them especially
16052s after what we just saw in our last game
16053s good disgrace so now going back to the
16057s top
16058s show you all
16061s the way on this rotation here looks like
16062s he sees one here
16065s trying to see what they can do here with
16066s all this look at all the prickly uh
16069s branches all the way throughout this
16071s trees here the detail of this map here
16074s for holler up is absolutely amazing I
16075s Can Only Imagine
16077s when we finally get to the point where
16078s we are gonna get a new map I'm very
16080s excited I'm I'm gonna be very excited to
16082s see what they do
16084s imagine an ocean map
16088s what about like in the forests there's
16090s like way more trees it's like a deep
16093s deep forest like rainforest type
16094s atmosphere you know oh beautiful shot
16098s coming in from Fang
16100s away from the other side goodness
16103s gracious bang has been playing this game
16105s so well right again you we're talking
16108s he's on Yodo and yodo's not a bad hero
16111s right just less favorable in the current
16114s meta than she's been right you know we
16117s we saw the old come through and there
16119s was that particular Meadow where she had
16121s been buffed like six ways to Sunday and
16124s then they fixed the old like they
16126s reworked the old and all those Buffs
16128s made her so strong I don't think we'll
16130s ever see yodohime go back to that level
16133s of prevalence right and especially into
16136s the current meta
16138s um where she's less favorable but that
16140s said still a very good hero I don't
16143s think you're really playing at a
16145s disadvantage playing on Yodo you're you
16147s know you're not 100 optimal but you're
16150s not really hurting yourself either as
16153s long as you're a skilled player playing
16155s yodahime and of course we're gonna see
16157s you know our boy Fang here show that as
16161s you know they won some fights into
16163s tarkas as yodohime even while Tarka was
16166s ulting you're just able to kind of use
16168s your own ultimate to counteract
16170s um that ability to just infinite you
16173s right and if you hurt the Tarka enough
16174s you force them to back off and then they
16177s don't really have enough alt to take
16178s that engagement again I think Feng is
16181s just playing their mind off but I also
16183s think yodo's not really as out of the
16186s meta as some of these players think Yodo
16188s is
16189s dude
16190s I mean it's still with the advantage
16192s though that Yodo is still powerful
16195s right so even with that too it's like
16198s yes there are other Alternatives now but
16200s Yodo still is a playmaker
16204s so it's kind of one of those things here
16205s where we can really start to see kind of
16207s what the next spaces are going to be for
16209s these games here but obviously
16211s um
16213s we will need to work on how that's going
16215s to be
16217s or the others as kaibao
16221s I'm gonna be able to hold that down and
16223s hold that one together as well
16226s tybelly able to go through with this one
16228s and just hold on here meanwhile uh Fang
16232s the king and Tru young all the way
16235s inside of this building here trying to
16236s hold it together not really going for
16238s any fights here they're not trying to
16239s engage but they're just keeping
16241s themselves in a short distance here's
16243s the circle is closing in the Gap is
16245s making it shorter and shorter here
16247s they're gonna have to force the fight
16252s yeah I mean look we're five players and
16254s we're now coming in onto zone six we're
16257s probably not going to see too much pop
16258s out here uh until Zone Seven
16261s fours together yeah we're gonna see a
16263s lot of this right we're gonna see a lot
16265s of these players just taking these rain
16266s shots and absolutely
16268s trying to Pepper people and what they're
16271s trying to do is they're trying to get
16272s somebody low enough here that they bait
16274s the rest of the players into the hunt
16276s right they're trying to tempt the Sharks
16278s to uh jump into the water as it were and
16281s as soon as that starts going that's when
16283s it's safe for you to come in and take
16285s the fights but you don't want to go in
16287s and force a fight because then you're
16289s going to be the person being third
16290s partied on it they're playing very smart
16292s this is a super good decision making
16294s coming out from these players and even
16296s Fang and the King here right like
16297s they're trading blows on the bottom side
16299s of this but they're neither of them are
16301s really committing to the fight you just
16303s see Fang way back out of that right and
16305s then come back in looking for some rain
16308s shots here now King gonna be forced to
16310s the other side it's nobody wants to
16311s commit to it because as soon as two
16313s players come into a fight the third
16314s party is going to come through now that
16315s said Fang's gonna see their armor
16317s completely ripped off here here we go
16319s blood in the water Fang able to find
16321s excuse me how is that pull sword going
16324s through the wall and connecting on the
16325s thing that doesn't make any sense
16327s um I'm gonna call that that shouldn't
16329s actually happen
16331s that's very weird uh you know what it
16334s may be they may have the uh
16337s Soul Jade that adds Splash damage so
16339s it's the splash damage connecting onto
16340s Fang that could be a possibility it just
16343s typically uh that should not connect uh
16346s Kale's Fang here gonna come down here
16347s with the dagger though onto the target
16349s attacker gonna pop the F now we're gonna
16351s see uh one of those sand polyps popped
16354s in the face there oh Fang Fang able to
16357s still find space on the edge and circle
16358s here and just keep it going we're gonna
16360s drop the F we're gonna take the full
16362s reset Fang a little bit of HP missing
16365s but for the most part you got those
16366s Shields up the Perry comes through
16367s though Jail's ego's gonna find it on the
16370s Fang and there we go the blood is in the
16371s water the Sharks descend don't the thing
16374s and it's going to be oh youg's the king
16376s with the musket yet again if you
16380s remember this from season two King was
16383s always able to find those long range
16386s third parties with either a bow or a
16388s musket and pick up elimination after
16390s elimination and that's the third
16392s elimination King's been able to pick up
16394s with that musket from range this game
16397s and now King sitting pretty with four
16400s players left alive is Zone Seven gets
16402s ready to completely collapse able to
16405s find himself multiple eliminations from
16408s range without having to really commit
16411s too many resources to these fights
16414s unfortunately that's gonna be it for
16416s Fang here in game number five
16420s even with that one though Shea young
16422s trying to see if maybe he can hold on
16423s between guy Bell kaibal trying to hold
16425s it together and he does claim the
16426s elimination on the shiny wall meanwhile
16428s everybody else is trying to scramble to
16430s get that elimination
16432s guy about trying to hold it and
16433s absolutely sends kaibel outside a circle
16435s here for a brief second here the final
16437s three inside of this plane and a whole
16440s lot of Sparks all over the place here
16442s has to be careful and even with all of
16443s this though kaibao trying to hold it
16445s together here trying to see if maybe he
16446s can get some hits onto the king as he
16447s does able to connect something though
16449s the question is is he able to get any
16450s Shield it doesn't look like he's able to
16451s get any as he's just trying to keep the
16453s game alive it's ego from outside of the
16456s circle here gets hit by ego it looks
16458s like he has just a moment maybe to maybe
16461s pop some Shield to get the game of the
16462s life no ego and the King are not gonna
16465s give him a second moment or a break to
16467s try to get some Shield off at all even
16469s with the defense not holding it together
16472s as the king is able to claim the
16474s elimination and here it goes the king
16476s versus ego 1v1 both of the holding on to
16478s catas try to do it but ego is gonna shut
16481s down the king in moments not giving him
16484s much of an opportunity to claim it
16486s though but I don't think it's going to
16487s be enough the King was able to claim
16488s that at that last elimination that he
16489s needed and he was able to do it in the
16491s best way possible and I think he's going
16493s to be crowned our winner absolutely as
16495s he does was able to shut that down the
16497s way that he wants to
16499s yeah King plays this extremely well in
16502s the end here he's able to come in and
16503s it's really unfortunate for kaibao as he
16505s gets caught out in low there he does
16506s have the F available to him there's not
16509s really a good Target for him to throw
16511s that elbow onto right you see King he's
16514s got the cicada old pop if he turns onto
16517s King decade is just gonna hold him back
16519s in that direction right if he turns on
16522s to the likes of ego he goes in alt as
16525s well and ego's just gonna elbow him back
16527s so not a really great Target for him to
16530s go on he opts to turn onto king king of
16532s course does throw the ultimate out and
16535s that allows him to secure the
16537s elimination because the hitstone also
16539s knocks ego back and it buys King the
16542s neutral to pick up the elimination on
16543s the kaibao yes ego then comes in and is
16545s able to pick up the elimination onto
16548s King but King doesn't really care but he
16551s has six eliminations under his belt at
16553s that point he's gonna take a second
16554s place finish he walks away the overall
16556s MVP for the match and it's well deserved
16559s again it is Ping kind of the master of
16561s taking his long range shots and picking
16563s up those eliminations and he picks up
16565s not one but two potential kills from
16568s kaibao with that musket from range
16571s keeping Kai Bao from taking that score
16574s line to a point where he can't overcome
16576s it and that's why the king walks away
16578s the MVP in this match
16580s absolutely insane here to really shut
16583s that down and make it look good all the
16585s way towards the very end here the king
16586s finally able to get the dub that he
16588s wanted so bad he was able to get some
16590s top threes earlier in our games but
16592s sadly just was not able to close it out
16593s the way that he wants to when he finally
16595s was able to get one to lock him down our
16597s game five is the king obviously we're
16599s gonna give you guys the scoreboards here
16600s in a couple of minutes here but back to
16603s what we were talking about earlier with
16605s these games here I mean holler off has
16608s been a little bit more slower
16610s and obviously we did kind of say that
16612s from earlier here holla up was going to
16613s be one of those slow Maps obviously more
16615s style still would be somewhat fast-paced
16617s but
16618s um very very slow at least towards the
16620s final Circle at least within this game I
16623s think a lot more slower than the other
16624s games at least thus far and
16625s um I think we've only had like I think
16627s two circles that have fully closed
16630s yeah well when you get to the the heavy
16633s level aggression that we saw early in
16635s this hollow Roth map as soon as you get
16637s to like zone five and there's only five
16639s players left alive you're gonna see a
16641s lot more of that footsing right you're
16643s not gonna see players want to engage
16644s until they see that blood in the water
16646s like I was talking about that's why you
16648s solo those rain shots coming through and
16649s here it is the king walking away with
16651s six eliminations and the second place
16653s finish it takes that first place MVP
16654s with 12.6 but even though Kai Bao goes
16657s out in third because of his five
16659s eliminations he's still holding on to
16661s that second place finish with a 9.5 High
16664s bow still sitting in the top five top
16667s three range here today because of
16669s consistency Jail's ego on the other hand
16671s only picks up his third elimination in a
16674s first place finish so he walks away with
16676s an 8.8 still not a terrible spoil score
16679s line but not the first place finish he
16681s was hoping to walk away with here today
16685s I mean he still was able to walk away
16686s with something hell on S railgun
16688s continuously at least getting a point x
16690s in just like you said was not able to
16692s get enough and so is Wang Liang two with
16694s a 3.1 sadly just sadly just slowly not
16697s able to get enough here as we're looking
16698s on the highlights here of Zin and Ali
16700s leaving that aggression here look at
16702s this hallway see these are the these are
16703s the certain fights that we actually
16704s didn't get a chance to see here as T25
16706s ends up putting X in in the same corner
16709s and then Zhang you doing the same thing
16711s that he teach her too far in that space
16713s here as we saw ego end up getting
16715s juggled from earlier here that beautiful
16717s fight and switch I mean look at this one
16719s HP from Wang Liang and it took takes one
16722s hit to shut him down and Wang Wang is
16725s still alive in this fight here but sadly
16727s it was not how how he wanted to end in
16729s the way Kai Bao shuts him down later on
16731s in the games as well here and it's the
16732s same thing going for zhangyu and show
16734s you on show you on trying to put so much
16736s damage on him zanyu one of our winners
16738s from our game number one here sadly
16740s trying to struggle to find another as
16742s shooting you on is going to be able to
16743s claim that elimination here and able to
16746s shut it down to the best of their
16747s abilities here at zhangyu holding it
16749s together but sadly loses to kaibal later
16751s on in that game here trying to hold on
16754s here for as long as he possibly can
16756s almost claims the elimination but sadly
16758s um was still a little bit too low to
16761s really hope that the defense is just
16763s enough to keep the game alive here and
16764s obviously ego all the way towards the
16766s end who claims the elimination on the on
16768s the king but sadly the king is gonna be
16770s able to sit down and take his crown and
16772s sit on that throat and say I am your
16774s game five's winner and obviously MPP
16776s with 13 000 damage six eliminations and
16779s over 38 almost 4K damage on the pole
16783s sword infernal slash aside from
16784s technique wave roll two mailers to Soul
16787s tapes and Abdul blade sap a whole lot
16790s momentum coming in from the King and
16792s obviously his first MVP of the night
16793s look the thing is the musket put in work
16796s for him this game right it's those long
16797s range shots because there was a moment
16800s where Kai Bao had somebody cornered they
16802s were forced to try to pop their Fiera
16804s Mech right and and it looks like it's
16806s all going to come up cry about and all
16807s of a sudden blue Rain King pop comes in
16810s with the musket shot picks up the
16811s elimination kaibals
16813s then we get back into that situation
16815s like I talked about they were waiting to
16817s find somebody to strip those Shields off
16819s we see Fang get his armor completely
16821s ripped off Kai Bao is in position to
16824s capitalize on that kill that's the
16826s second kill he's ready to just lock down
16828s he's in their face when they're at one
16831s tick and King's just sitting up top with
16832s the Musketeers click click bow picks up
16834s the elimination and takes two
16837s eliminations away from kaibao if Kai Bao
16840s had picked up the both of those
16841s eliminations and still gone out where he
16843s was he would have picked up the MVP for
16845s this round because he was already so
16848s close with the five eliminations he had
16850s under his belt he would have been at
16851s seven eliminations and not had a care in
16854s the world with the King able to clutch
16857s those kills away from him and because of
16859s it he keeps him from having the score
16861s line where he can just outpace the king
16863s and the King comes out on top as our MVP
16866s for this particular game and he does it
16869s with style he does it with the musket
16871s and we love to see the sorts of plays
16873s coming out from the King because that's
16874s what he's known for
16876s absolutely known for just absolute
16878s aggression and also playing smart to his
16880s advantage and even with everything going
16882s else though it looks like even with the
16884s King we still have one more game left
16886s but before we do that we got a video
16888s that we got to show y'all real quick and
16890s we'll be right back for game number six
16900s [Applause]
16923s foreign
16929s [Music]
16939s [Music]
16960s Direction
16962s [Music]
16981s [Music]
17001s thank you
17021s foreign they need to turn up the music I
17025s don't know what they doing but the
17026s production in terms of the music quality
17028s has infinitely just went up another
17030s level because I was vibing in the last
17031s 10 seconds as the as a person in my ear
17033s was telling me ten nine I was like yeah
17035s you can keep doing that that was nice
17036s ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the
17038s Rock and blade playing pro league as
17039s we're gonna get ready to lock in for our
17041s sixth and final game of our first date
17044s qualifiers here uh for uh for the cup
17047s here as I'm accompanied by Rune keeper
17049s we've been having such a good time here
17050s giving you guys all of the casting and
17052s all of the energy uh for our day one and
17055s it feels good to be back a whole lot of
17058s momentum coming into this first game and
17059s a lot of surprises we have uh the max
17062s amount of eliminations from his EX's in
17064s coming in we have so many surprise
17066s eliminations and even clutches coming in
17068s from Wang Liang last game in the arena I
17070s mean the fact that this is only day one
17072s I can't wait to see what our other not
17075s not only our other days
17077s what are other groups have because this
17079s is only the group a we saw Group B and
17082s we still have group C and Group C has a
17085s stacked list of people and of course we
17086s have our number one winner W uh uh
17089s spider coming in on that group for Group
17092s C so it's gonna be fun to see how the
17093s rest of them go but as of right now we
17095s still got one more game left
17097s that's right groups A and B going Head
17099s to Head today we'll be seeing groups A
17101s and B back tomorrow but it's gonna be
17103s our trios groups and then coming in the
17105s next couple days it should be groups B
17107s and C going head to head I know a lot of
17110s people in chat excited to see The Return
17112s of uh aow's mic and you know I gotta
17116s admit Group C kind of Stack you got wbg
17119s spider and aow's mic in the same group
17122s that's kind of wild you know what I'm
17123s saying like those two Rivals going head
17126s to head no matter what day they're
17127s playing uh mwah chef's kiss I'm about it
17132s absolute Chef is here as we're gonna get
17135s ready to lock in for our 6 -6 final game
17137s we
17138s what do you find me
17139s uh look you kind of have to leave
17142s everything on the table here for the
17144s second final game today at least you do
17147s have another day regardless of which
17149s group you are coming forward so you do
17151s still have six more games but you need
17154s to make the most out of game number six
17156s here today so if especially if you're
17158s the group going into you know you're
17161s you're the last day of solos you don't
17163s get to play in the next day of solos you
17165s don't want to have to kind of sit there
17167s and watch it and feel like you're in a
17169s bad position and just watch players get
17171s infinitely higher above you in terms of
17173s four and then go oh man I gotta come in
17176s on the last day and risk it for the
17177s biscuit kind of thing you got one game
17179s left here today everybody's watching you
17182s from home it's the first day back in the
17185s nbpl you really want to put a good
17189s presentation on here today and I'll say
17192s it these two groups have some very good
17194s players but again we were just talking
17196s about Group C group C's kind of stacked
17199s right so if you're here today you really
17204s want to be having some big pop-off games
17206s today before you go into Group C again
17208s some likes of wbg spider and aow's Mike
17212s because you don't know if you're gonna
17214s pop off into those lobbies given who
17216s those players are right so you want to
17219s have some big points today so you gotta
17221s just just a little bit of breathing room
17223s going into your last day of the first
17225s bi-weekly
17227s oh absolutely coming in as well you do
17229s have to be able to be smart here in
17231s these five so games here but as we're
17233s going to be able to lock this in here
17234s for our game number six we're gonna go
17236s through our last pick of our players for
17238s the heroes here and obviously there's
17241s been a lot of picks so far
17243s um it looks like you've seen a cicada
17245s has been a favorite uh zaping has been a
17247s favorite obviously our new
17250s um our new massive player has also been
17253s a very popular pick so far with these
17256s games uh that are fairies
17266s stop the presses there's no way Ali is
17272s taking
17273s our boy Tian High into this solos game
17276s there's just absolutely
17279s zero chance this is actually troll see
17283s now that you say that I think he's I
17284s think he's locking it in I there's no
17287s way here's the thing it's like fairy
17289s Shin at absolutely dumpsters among in
17292s transformation for transformation right
17294s not only that we've talked about it
17297s every single season monk doesn't perform
17299s well in solos because he needs a support
17301s team he's locking this in I
17305s take it away I can't you uh
17309s this is not happening guys we're gonna
17312s get ready to lock this in for Morris
17313s Isle for our final game here we have a
17316s few players that's Landing right in
17317s front of uh at least Jade Pond here near
17320s the sights meanwhile Fang is going to be
17321s taking all of celestial to himself Jin
17323s and while other players gonna be in
17325s servants grounds Rexy is going to be
17327s near the rivers at Council Courtyard
17329s T225 all the way to the right here near
17331s Crow's Nest potentially near the tower
17334s as well and so is Wayne Shrine as two
17336s other players is gonna be near Lake
17337s Yellow Leaf near events tide Temple
17341s um and servants grounds actually and all
17343s those little Hudson and and little areas
17345s all around the extravagancies of uh
17347s where this final map here is so a decent
17349s spread for a lot of these fights here
17351s and there's definitely going to be some
17352s aggression immediately as Muir and I'll
17354s leave immediately near by here trying to
17356s see if they can fight this out here but
17358s dang you and the King currently are tied
17360s for second place with a 31.6 a tie as
17365s fast a has a 33.3 this is actually
17369s pretty impressive to see zhangyu and the
17370s King tied up within these final games
17372s here this really can be anybody's game
17373s here in the top three
17375s yeah absolutely and I mean you know kai
17377s bow here just barely out of the top five
17380s uh
17381s less than a point difference between him
17384s and Jay team's action the consistency
17385s been doing very well from speaking of
17387s kaibao gonna find himself here on the
17388s receiving end of T225 unfortunately
17390s kaibao has no armor here and T225 with
17394s purple armor is just absolutely in a
17396s great position to Blitz guy about kaibal
17399s does have old early here though clearly
17402s running that initial rage build here on
17404s zippings he's able to get it off gets
17406s away finds blue armor for the reset as
17408s well and kaibal does survive lives to
17411s fight another day here T225 looking to
17413s push onto it a little bit harder but Kai
17416s Bao kind of in a good position to turn
17418s back on that if he's careful about it
17420s here we go Ali here gonna get parried
17422s early forced to pop the bell and I just
17425s mean
17428s like I I hate to see it he on high one
17432s of my favorite Heroes coming in playing
17434s naraka for as long as I have one of the
17436s OG characters but he just he doesn't
17438s have the kit to come into solos and I
17440s mean you get the Bell the Bell saves you
17443s from realistically a single hit and that
17445s is it and then it's cool down is just as
17448s long right just as long as a yodohime F3
17454s for protection from a single hit it just
17456s doesn't bring enough to bear for solos
17459s for it to be viable and of course we're
17461s gonna see them immediately have to be
17464s forced to use the resurrection gd's
17465s Murray here on the receiving end of
17467s subpano from araxi Rexy gonna be forced
17469s to pop the F here to get away on Feria
17473s myrrh gonna go ahead and take the
17475s opportunity to look for a reset here it
17477s needs to take this fight while they have
17479s it though I don't think Rexy has the
17481s ultimate and if mirror can catch them
17483s out and catch an infinite here this
17485s could be the elimination they need to
17487s get themselves together here in game
17489s number six the problem is there it is
17491s they're gonna go ahead and deal they
17493s only had 15 charge left anyway and they
17496s knew they weren't gonna be able to catch
17497s on a red T-Rex he's gonna find the Perry
17498s on to Burma doesn't have the old to get
17501s away from it Rexy going to get sent back
17504s there with a little bit of a hit there
17506s the staff comes around the corner but
17508s Rexy has the alpha available is able to
17510s just jump backwards pop the damage and
17511s unfortunately that's gonna be it for
17513s gd's murder further as they are
17515s eliminated they do have a resurrection
17516s but they are going to go down early here
17519s as we turn our attention to OC Zhang Yu
17522s who will be picked up here uh by
17525s alliance's gin with a bow shot from
17527s downtown bang not happy about it turning
17529s their attention on to Gin coming in with
17531s the F follows it up with a massive
17533s dagger uppercut now just sitting here
17535s he's got the effort as soon as Jim comes
17537s out he can just F do you need to go in
17539s effing pick this up don't let this kill
17541s Go away You're right here oh my goodness
17544s he lets the old burn out he's gonna let
17546s this elimination slip through his
17548s fingers all he had to do was press F to
17551s pick it up he's gonna let he might still
17552s get it you might still get it oh he's
17555s coming it's a race to the clock rest of
17557s the clock
17558s oh my goodness Fang he's gonna find an
17560s armor swap oh my goodness he gives the
17563s elimination away the ego I can't believe
17566s what I just watched Bobby I mean he does
17569s able to I mean he might have gave it in
17570s a way like an Oprah giveaway but he
17572s still might be able to claim another one
17574s here for Eagle potentially here still
17576s trying to put the same energy as he did
17579s from the one player onto this one Jin
17582s Sally gets eliminated but Fang is gonna
17583s be able to at least capture one and gets
17585s ego out of this game officially so might
17589s not have been necessarily worth it for
17591s that first elim but he does at least get
17592s one and at the end of the day to be
17594s honest with you that's all that matters
17597s I just
17598s Fang did the same thing in game two
17600s right he literally gave the elimination
17602s to Wang Liang because he refused to swap
17604s off of the white dagger
17607s and he's gonna do it again I just I
17610s can't with Fang I love Fang I'm a big
17612s fan of feng thanks turning me into a
17613s Fang fan but he's he's got to stop
17617s making the same mistake here he does
17618s pick up the elimination thankfully
17620s though the king here in a bad situation
17622s oh my goodness why would Rexy push into
17625s this when King has ultimate the F comes
17627s through Rexy still looking for those bow
17630s shots King just able to tap Dodge out of
17632s him here just popping the pot the whole
17636s time here we're gonna see Ali picked up
17639s by Jin and the monk player to nobody's
17642s surprise doesn't even pick up a single
17645s elimination before they're eliminated
17646s here from game number six absolutely
17649s unfortunate though coming into it you
17651s hate to see it
17652s um even with all of this momentum though
17654s that we talk about it's still a whole
17657s lot happening though within this space
17658s here as Rexy with the ultis decides to
17661s back out here meanwhile T225 is gonna be
17663s able to push in and keeping the
17664s regression who has no Shield field
17667s basically I mean you have a great show
17669s that basically means you have none as of
17670s T225 has the advantage though is able to
17672s at least get some Shields it gets a
17674s shield swap right in front of the face
17675s it's T225 decides not to push it and
17678s gets too aggressive goes for the
17679s reshield
17680s looks like they're gonna go for the
17681s rotation here trying to see if they can
17683s wait it out waiting for the Perry maybe
17684s he's gonna push in for the strike though
17685s but decides not to as he's gonna grapple
17687s and catch him with the dual blades here
17689s keeping the same aggression on each side
17691s pops the ulti catches the fireball but
17693s ends up stepping to the side and going
17695s ye he ain't gonna hit me with that one
17696s out today
17697s it looks like now they're still going to
17699s go through with the maneuvers
17701s Julian finds a Blue Shield here he's
17703s been lucky enough to find so many
17705s Shields to keep this game alive for
17706s himself here as now he pops his ulti
17709s all the way towards the top they both go
17711s for the reset here could be massive for
17713s him as Jaden comes back it looks like
17716s he's around there it could be
17717s dangerously close and yes he is
17720s definitely makes a good one though all
17721s throughout that one let's see if I can
17722s keep the same momentum pushing into it
17724s you love to see it as the king now back
17728s at it with that one as well so he's
17730s gonna capture and tries to see if he can
17731s catch rexty on this one Rexy trying to
17733s rotate around trying to see if you can
17734s get any free moment to get any Shield
17737s off here but look how close he is retsy
17739s going through the buildings and
17740s beautiful Maneuvers all the way on each
17742s side he was able to catch him up top
17743s here possibly goes for the reset waiting
17745s for the Perry beautiful defense waits
17747s for the strike but then catches him on
17748s the second turn beautiful reset though
17751s from Rexy trying not to get caught by
17753s The Sting of the Perry
17756s and it looks like we're gonna be going
17757s back in towards the top with the realm
17759s of Yang and Wang lag and Fang back at it
17761s again for another fight let's see how
17764s we're gonna see how this one is this the
17765s rematch I think this is the rematch
17767s ladies and gentlemen is uh Fang and Wang
17769s Lair gonna go at it for the second time
17771s tonight
17773s it looks like it's gonna be the last
17774s time too as Fang and Wang Liang fighting
17777s this out waiting for the Q it looks like
17778s the ultie comes through on both sides
17779s here trying to see if they can use their
17781s ghosts to try to see if they can get
17782s some both eliminations dangerously low
17784s but dang it is not going to give wang
17787s Liang the opportunity to go for the
17789s reset and possibly win the fight
17790s meanwhile saying what's yangu Zhang you
17793s in action waiting for as long as
17794s possible here pops the ulti dangerous
17796s thing low from Zhang Yus and you keeping
17798s the same pressure trying to just
17799s maneuver around each side keeping the
17801s game alive for himself here trying to
17804s hold on here as xan Yu is able to get a
17806s nice hit of the shield and heels and it
17808s looks like Xavier to go for the reset
17810s but not enough here as he's just waiting
17811s for him on each side he's trying to see
17813s which one and each one gets a hit every
17815s time he gets a shield up he gets hit by
17816s another one but now he still has an
17818s opportunity though almost full heels
17820s might be waiting for the shield here as
17821s xen is not going to use it to his
17823s Advantage here
17824s eight seconds left on the clock could be
17826s massive though as they both actually
17828s might lose out on this one though as the
17829s Nu gets hit with a massive juggle right
17832s click on it gets dangerously low and
17833s it's not gonna be at another state pulse
17835s die to the resurrection and now they
17837s both have to go for the resurrection and
17838s now they gotta fight to keep this game
17841s alive
17843s turning now our attention to Celeste
17845s we're going to see a shenwan here trying
17847s to go in on to gd's murmur gonna heat
17850s the huge Fireball onto them followed up
17853s by the decade old no place to go and
17857s it's Shen won with the musket who
17859s actually picks up the elimination a huge
17863s percent one unfortunately that's gonna
17864s be it for g d's Murr they get sent back
17867s to the lobby for the sixth and final
17869s game today Kayla is Fang gonna take a
17872s hit there from Wang Ling uh with the
17874s Takeda ultimate wangland looking to
17876s create some space get a little bit of a
17878s reset off of Zhang Yu close at hand as
17881s well ultimate and F both still available
17883s just looking to not burn those resources
17886s if they can find some pots off here as
17888s many of these players give Chase nice
17890s uppercut there coming out from the
17891s spears Zhang you doing enough damage to
17894s kind of make this ZIP back off a little
17896s bit of a zip gonna pop the bubble looks
17898s to find them zhangyu gonna be able to
17899s find the pot finely as the zip loses
17903s track of the them in that tiny little
17905s Gap Zhang Yu more than happy with the
17907s situation in life here doesn't have to
17909s burn a single ability and is able to get
17912s away GS is a tt25 here just looking to
17916s come in and capitalize onto anything
17918s alliance's Jen with the dagger going at
17920s top side so many of these players around
17922s celestra you can see here that a lot of
17925s them have popped to the bells and it's
17926s just everybody everywhere Wang Liang
17928s with that Yang depletion two minutes
17930s left remaining either needs to slide in
17933s and pick off uh the soul Bloom off of
17936s somebody else's elimination or find an
17938s elimination of their own wangland
17939s getting using scale rush because they
17940s don't get hit there with that long sword
17942s AS Slash Ang you trying to turn it on to
17944s Wang Liang is able to find it wangley
17947s and gets buried out of the air two no
17948s Zhang you gets buried I miss smoking you
17951s coming in and Wang Liang won HP in a
17953s dream but there's no place for him to
17955s hide here in celestra it's going to be
17957s kla's Fang who finds the elimination
17960s Zhang Yu going low as well as J team's
17963s engine and continues with the aggression
17965s the pillar comes down from James action
17968s to action they're gonna be forced to sit
17970s onto the pillar here goes very low but
17972s all the players are going to back off
17973s and action will find the space to get
17975s the reset continues to hunt them down
17977s but it's kla's Fang who picked up the
17980s elimination onto zhangyu Fang finding
17982s elimination after elimination thing
17984s finds another elimination his fifth
17987s elimination of the game on to j-team's
17990s action
17991s thank you
17993s meanwhile even with this one though you
17995s love to see the fine from each of these
17997s though and sadly action will get
17999s eliminated here and ends his day with a
18001s 23.4
18004s absolutely insane performance coming
18006s through here for teams x-gen here let's
18008s see if any of these other teams are
18010s going to be able to keep the momentum
18012s going here but Fang is making it so much
18014s harder for anybody to catch up saying
18017s you gets eliminated here the King has no
18019s elimination so far here with a 32.6
18022s g2225 has 28.5 so he could possibly take
18026s over the uh the top three uh from the
18028s King himself but a lot of these players
18030s will have to pop off and do something
18032s absolutely massive in order to see
18033s themselves in the very top of the
18035s leaderboards here but
18036s still able to put it all together here
18038s they're still able to find more and more
18041s of this momentum in fighting as T225
18043s finds Jade in this corner here
18045s trying to see maybe they can fight this
18046s out but besides the back office
18048s doesn't necessarily need to force the
18050s fights if they don't necessarily need to
18051s currently here there's still seven
18052s players alive here in the circle
18054s and we're only in circle two it's about
18057s to be Circle three here in a couple
18059s minutes here a couple seconds actually
18062s and it looks like the circle is going to
18064s be right in between or a little past
18066s celestra here if you're looking at it
18068s from the interactive map that we have
18069s going on here definitely look like it's
18071s going to land near Lake Yellow Leaf
18072s surface grounds could be in that Cannon
18074s area Cannon area and there's definitely
18076s some chest that's all the way around
18078s here though so let's see if they're
18079s gonna be able to find it here
18082s look at Feng has just cemented such a
18084s massive lead I don't know if anybody can
18086s catch up to him he's a 40.8 the king is
18091s 8.2 points behind him and Feng is still
18094s alive here into the top seven
18097s of our game number six those that Gap is
18101s only gonna grow King here very close to
18104s being eliminated the Met comes down from
18105s Rexy king in old goes top side and is
18109s able to get away from Rexy Rexy able to
18111s get some pots off just use it as a reset
18114s looking to turn back into the king but
18115s the problem is now King looking to go
18118s for the infinite I love this Rexy sees
18121s that uppercut coming in from the katana
18123s immediately pops the AFT to create some
18125s distances we turn now to Kayla's Fang
18127s and Shen Wang but shenuan so low Fang
18131s just needs to throw that F out grab
18134s himself a little bit of damage here he's
18135s gonna be able to pick up the elimination
18137s there it is that's all he has to do bang
18139s picks up his sixth elimination keep in
18142s mind if bang has six eliminations this
18144s game and he gave one of those
18146s eliminations away to Ego earlier when
18148s all he would have to do was pop the F
18150s key to pick up that elimination and then
18152s still turn the fight onto ego and picked
18154s up that elimination as well bang right
18156s now
18157s absolutely dominating in groups A and B
18161s I don't think anybody has a chance of
18163s even coming close to catching up to Fang
18166s anymore the king is still in this but
18169s he's picked up no eliminations he's got
18171s no armor right now he's he's looking at
18174s to find a reset onto that armor but he's
18175s got no old 33 Old charge here while he's
18178s being chased by Rexy he's only got three
18181s Shield pots left if he's got purple
18183s armor like I think he does he's gonna be
18184s forced to use two here two two five here
18187s looking to take this fight with Shenron
18189s shenwan trying it to make a comeback
18191s here looking to make something happen to
18193s 225 just gonna back away as he sees the
18196s old come out from Shen wanchen one
18197s trying to give Chase here I like this
18199s play from T225 he's just wasting the
18202s time on shenwan here knows that he's
18204s gonna burn through that old pretty
18206s quickly here and doesn't want to burn
18208s his own it finally burns his own old
18211s shenwan gonna be forced to take the
18213s reset he can't really give Chase here
18215s he's got 16 all yeah he's gonna go ahead
18217s and end and keep the rage he's got but
18219s T225 can easily re-engage on this he's
18221s got the F he's got way more old church
18223s his old comes up first needs to be
18225s careful though Finn coming in for the
18227s third part he's gonna find the grapple
18228s into Shenron but wants to look for T225
18230s as he's managed to shred the armor off
18232s of him throws the app a little bit early
18234s but is able to capitalize on it but as
18236s Shen won who comes in with the musket
18238s this time and capitalizes on it says no
18241s no no no no I put in the work that's my
18244s kill Fang get out of here
18247s absolutely and fangs is it and Spang is
18250s going to be able to try to push Sean
18251s looks like he's found his next Target
18252s which is kaibao I love it when we get
18255s into these buildings here because we I
18257s love seeing the Maneuvers around these
18259s buildings here and that movement is just
18261s so so well uh received from each of
18264s these players though and it looks like
18265s they're gonna find kaibao Kai Bao trying
18267s to decimate bang here trying not to get
18269s caught here almost catches them within
18271s the dagger downs but not fully able to
18273s hit him once but that's really about
18274s hitting his fangs deciding to slow down
18276s goes for the reset here for The Shield
18277s kaibal is going to come all the way
18279s around here at Young and the king and
18281s fighting out outside of the grass area
18282s here trying to hold us together the
18284s thing is going to be able to capture
18285s them on each side here dangerously hits
18287s the king here hits him with a cannon
18289s right in the face and now the king sadly
18291s with no Shield here is gonna have to
18292s maneuver all the way around the
18293s buildings and not get caught in a bad
18294s situation is gonna find him and Jane is
18297s able to snatch the elimination with a
18299s pistol
18302s or sadly he gets hit by another one too
18305s as a fireball comes out and Rexy claims
18307s the elimination onto Shen you on there's
18311s still so many kills coming into this he
18312s absolutely kills it
18315s Shenron had no business throwing that
18317s fireball there knowing people are
18319s sitting up top taking rain shots he's
18322s literally one tick of HP he jumps up
18324s makes himself a visible Target and then
18327s locks himself into the fireball
18329s animation and just gets immediately
18332s popped off by Rexy I just no business
18335s throwing that fireball whatsoever there
18338s he like he was in a tough situation
18340s either way but he just gives the
18342s elimination away down to our last four
18345s players left alive here in game number
18347s six Fang has had two kills uh popped out
18350s from underneath of him with uh just some
18353s tricky little rain shots uh this game
18355s and he had a third that he just let go
18358s earlier in this game because he refused
18360s to pop the F there when ego slides in
18363s and takes the Kill from him so Fang even
18365s though he's very in the top of this
18367s Lobby right now oh my goodness Kai Bao
18370s gets obliterated into that ultimate
18373s takes a ton of damage and he's on the
18376s run now uh but yeah Fang still with
18379s three eliminations taken out from
18380s underneath and he still has six
18381s eliminations more than or double any
18384s player in the lobby Rexy holding on to
18386s second place with six eliminations but
18388s hey nobody has the space to catch up to
18391s Fang Fang clearly gonna be holding on to
18393s that first place here after day number
18395s one here in the spring split kaibao is
18397s gonna go down and it's gonna be Fang who
18399s picks it up doesn't let somebody else
18400s pick up the elimination Fang at seven
18403s eliminations top three here in the lobby
18405s easily gonna be able to find the full
18407s reset there Alliance is Jenna poking at
18410s him with the pistol but it not really
18411s mattering too much as Fang it just has a
18414s tree to hide behind easily takes the
18416s reset and it's gonna be wrecky or sorry
18418s Rexy versus gin versus Fang here in our
18421s sixth and final solos game of the day we
18425s love to see it man a fake has put on one
18429s heck of a show here today for all of you
18432s ladies and gentlemen watching from home
18434s because man what uh what a performance
18437s coming in from kla's Fang
18439s is Fang able to just make the Gap so
18443s much farther for everybody for our first
18445s day what a great start to naraka Blade
18447s point for our first season and what a
18449s great start for Fang
18450s what a great start for him coming into
18452s this and saying hey I am going to take
18454s this lead I'm going to take this leap
18456s you guys are going to have to follow
18457s behind me
18459s and it looks like you're still gonna be
18460s able to do it if both three are going to
18462s be able to fight this out for this
18463s Morris blessing here let's see who's
18464s gonna be the one that snatches it looks
18466s like Fang is gonna be the one that takes
18468s it gets that snatch ability from that
18470s body and says I'm gonna see you guys
18472s later because yeah boys got a Goldie it
18474s looks like it's got a couple other nice
18475s little stacks over there too he's got a
18476s gold repeating crossbow looks like no
18477s one took that one
18479s as it looks like everybody's gonna try
18481s to see what they can do here to try to
18482s find some extra loot here
18485s Circle slowly starts to close in for our
18487s top three here and ladies and gentlemen
18489s seven elimination 12.5 total for Fang
18494s do we possibly see a back can we
18496s possibly see a two oh what
18499s what is he doing
18501s took all three of the cold and put them
18504s on top of this building right in the
18506s frontier goes for the Bounty what is
18509s this man doing he's making it harder for
18510s them to actually get those he's like no
18512s I'm gonna play around with you guys you
18514s guys are my meal but I'm gonna do a nice
18516s little bit of some I mean I'm gonna mess
18518s around with you guys really quickly here
18519s we're gonna do so we're gonna have some
18520s fun here on this final and he's like I'm
18522s already in the lead I ain't got to do
18523s much look I'm gonna I'm gonna call this
18525s right now this is a message from Feng to
18527s me right we've watched Fang all day with
18530s with the the white daggers this is Fang
18533s telling me look I don't care I'll drop
18535s the gold weapons I don't care about
18536s optimal I'ma play what I'm comfortable
18538s with and what I'm comfortable with is
18540s the white dagger now that said if a
18542s lion's gin takes this legendary uh great
18545s sword and blitzes down uh uh Kayla is
18550s Fang here I'm gonna laugh okay I will
18553s absolutely laugh my ass off because that
18556s would be pure sweet Justice I mean Fang
18560s can't not walk away way first place
18562s right now that said he still wants to
18564s pick up as many points as he can zone
18566s four collapsing on his own five We're
18568s not gonna see a whole lot we're gonna
18570s see a lot of downtime coming in here
18571s right now because it's zone five and
18573s there's only three players left alive
18574s they literally have no reason to fight
18576s each other right now right all you're
18579s doing is opening yourself up to a third
18580s party Fang common top side Fang
18583s apparently doesn't care though he looks
18585s like he wants to smoke with Rexy right
18587s now I I love Fang as a player at this
18591s particular moment I love that he would
18593s even clap back at me and just be like I
18595s don't care I got a dagger the heck with
18597s these Legendary Weapons like
18599s I love it such a great player great
18603s attitude coming out from well a little
18605s bit of BM we like a little bit we like a
18608s little bit of talking here yeah it'll
18611s just
18612s help her bang by the way these two
18614s players no way they could catch up
18615s defense sorry 45.8 points right now
18619s these guys are at 15 points nobody even
18622s in the ballpark a thing like
18627s not even close to the bar Park of what
18629s we were talking about earlier here as
18630s Shannon Rexy in fact I would love to see
18632s them drop all their weapons and just
18633s fish this fight it to the end that's
18635s what I like I would love to see that
18637s dude but you you don't do that in the
18639s pro league right all the people here
18641s watching from home you can't disrespect
18644s the the people watching like that you
18646s you're here not only that you can't
18648s disrespect your org like that as much as
18650s it would be cool to see I think you're
18653s here you're a pro player you need to put
18655s as many points on the board as you can
18657s and if I'm Fang right now like you know
18661s we see here jyn picked up that legendary
18663s pole sword that thing dropped right if
18665s he dies to that and I'm I'm things coach
18667s I'm gonna talk to him after the game and
18669s be like really like you really did that
18673s but if he does win though then it's also
18676s like
18676s oh if he wins it's just pure BM right
18679s don't don't get me wrong your arm just
18681s better
18682s that's what I really mean it's sending a
18685s message it's just like what you said
18686s it's pure I'm just better you guys are
18689s just gonna have to figure it out
18691s he's built built different right
18693s absolutely built different build very
18695s much different
18696s built one different than a Ford F-150
18698s anyway
18700s still able to rock it towards it towards
18702s this very end here Fang Rexy and Jin all
18705s the way in top three holding it in this
18708s man is playing with his food and you
18709s love to see it
18712s sometimes you got to be able to feed the
18713s chickens make them feel a little fatter
18714s just before you you know you toss them
18716s in the fryer anyway
18718s see how they were able to do it all the
18720s way towards the stand here as Fang Jin
18723s and Rexy getting ready to fight at this
18724s al-jin holding on for as long as
18726s possible trying not to force the fight
18728s to be absolutely needs to but ladies and
18730s gentlemen our day one winner for today
18733s and in the entirety of it 45.8 points
18737s probably gonna be it probably could
18739s potentially hit 50s depending on if he
18740s gets these next two eliminations and a
18742s dub but Fang will be your winner for at
18746s least today and tonight
18748s a lot of momentum happening is Rexy uh
18750s getting hit with all of those now here
18752s comes the ulti coming in as Rexy is
18753s going to be able to pop open the the
18755s Mayhem that is this Mech
18758s an
18761s sorry go ahead Bobby keeping the
18763s aggression all the way towards fangier
18765s is going to be able to catch him inside
18766s of here and here comes the cannon shots
18767s here trying to see if maybe they can
18768s connect them but inside of that Canyon
18770s gives a little bit of some uh some
18772s hindsight here to what he could do but
18774s they are not giving Fang a shot here and
18776s catching another dub they don't want him
18778s to have it they don't want him to have
18780s this dub at all
18783s we're actually here on the back foot
18786s quite literally no ultimate he does have
18787s the F available now but Fang is gonna
18790s pressure this there's absolutely no
18791s reason for Feng not to now knowing that
18794s Rexy has no ultimate available to him
18796s and we're gonna see the same coming in
18797s from the side as well as jyn knows that
18800s they have no ultimate and Jin just gonna
18801s sit here with the pistol looking to land
18803s their shots on to Rexy letting Fang kind
18806s of put in the work and it trying to kind
18807s of pick up that third party elimination
18809s from the side yet those shots going
18811s straight at Rexy no focus on defang
18814s because Fang has all their abilities
18816s available to him right Rexy just on the
18819s back foot here this is the time to
18821s pressure and take the fight you don't
18822s want to give Rexy the opportunity to get
18824s that ultimate back Rexy on the back foot
18826s it's just gonna come down to who picks
18828s up the elimination gin will pick up the
18830s elimination now but finds themselves in
18833s one heck of a situation we're gonna go
18834s over old here Feng needs to play this
18837s very carefully doesn't need to let jyn
18839s pick them up into the ultimate they do
18841s have theirs popular so they have the
18843s availability the kind of break out of it
18845s there we go into the uppercut now we're
18847s gonna see the elbow come through looking
18848s for it missed times the Perry but Fang
18851s has the app to walk onto it the uppercut
18853s coming in massive damage coming in from
18855s bang bang absolutely doesn't care gin so
18858s low even with the legendary pulse
18861s already gets some huge hits on to Fang
18863s though Fang just needs to find the neck
18864s when the elbow comes through waiting
18866s with the F here Fang finds the
18869s elimination eight eliminations in a
18870s first place finish for Taylor's thing
18873s Fang
18874s absolutely undefeated here today what a
18877s monster shuts it down and also gets the
18880s official back to back making it harder
18884s for everybody here I think that's going
18885s to be official 50. I'm going to be
18887s honest I think that I think that
18888s concludes today that is going to be a
18891s 50-point dub potentially that could be
18894s what we see here as the total because we
18897s love to see it here but we got to give
18899s it up to Jin Jin holding on for as long
18900s as possible here in this final Circle
18902s and still able to do as much as they can
18904s they've done a fantastic job of it thus
18907s far and I know those Smiles coming in
18908s hey at least he doesn't have to get told
18910s by his coach why would you do that
18913s look absolutely you know that and we
18916s love to see it it is going to be a very
18919s interesting season I can't wait to see
18921s Fango head to head with WBU spider and
18924s aow's Mike Man groups A and C are gonna
18928s be
18929s insane to watch Fang here what a crazy
18934s game coming out from them they just had
18937s such a dominating performance here today
18940s and I love the BM coming out from them
18943s the fact that they're willing to be like
18945s hey look we're in the pro league but I'm
18946s gonna throw you look here here's a
18947s little here's a little gold sprinkle for
18949s you little gold sprinkle and a little
18950s another one yeah yeah don't worry about
18952s it come come pick up the sprinkles if
18954s you want I'll let you put it on your
18955s cupcake because I'm a walk away to
18957s winner anyway this
18964s nice little bit of some salt and all
18966s that putting it together make it look
18968s nice and get he's he's just seasoning
18970s his food thank you appreciate it is food
18973s that's all it is
18976s you know what I'm saying like just kind
18978s of be able to put that down and make it
18979s look nice but still I mean it's still a
18982s very very scary situation but he made it
18984s absolutely fantastic all the way towards
18987s the very end here
18988s um Fang just being the MVP I think of
18990s overall
18991s of today I gotta say if we have to bring
18993s up an MVP I think if we're just at least
18996s today it has to be Fang bang is put up
18998s an insane amount of eliminations fangs
19000s put up an insane amount of Clips but I
19002s will have to give uh one
19005s um one extra highlight to x-gen uh
19009s putting in uh the most eliminations of
19011s eight eliminations in our game number
19013s four and then making people
19015s making people sweat so yes that's yeah I
19018s had to you should have had no and I was
19019s like wait what not wrong I I thought
19022s Fang hit eight here but I forgot that uh
19024s they were jyn was able to pick up that
19026s last elimination with a cheekilo elbow
19028s right I was like I know I ain't crazy
19031s now hold on don't do that to me
19035s so yes so as we are able to lock this in
19038s here for our game number six the day is
19040s done the day is done for our first day
19043s you know it's been fantastic being able
19046s to cast alongside it I'm excited to do
19047s it all season long
19049s um tomorrow we have trios for our groups
19052s a through b and obviously we still got
19054s to show you guys not only the MVP but
19055s also the highlights so I got highlights
19058s to catch at you guys very soon here as
19060s we're gonna be able to show you guys the
19061s replays of what happened but like we
19062s said before today was a very successful
19064s game uh even with all of this happening
19066s though they've done a fantastic job and
19068s obviously we still have more to do but
19070s my goodness was today good I I this was
19073s a great start I can only imagine how the
19075s rest of the season is gonna go oh
19077s absolutely I mean today was insane if
19080s this is the bar we're setting day one
19083s it's gonna be a crazy season I think
19085s there's gonna be a little bit more uh
19087s talking from the players this season you
19089s know what I'm saying and bang here no
19090s surprises eight eliminations first place
19092s finish a 16.8 highest scoring game of
19097s the Day alliance Jin picking up another
19098s three eliminations uh we we got to talk
19101s about alliances gin here right
19103s alliance's gin may not be in the top
19106s five today but every single game they've
19110s been towards the top of our little
19112s leaderboard here Jin putting in work and
19116s especially like we had the game where J
19117s teams action had eight eliminations
19119s right alliances gin in the end able to
19122s come out on top not able to put more
19124s points on the board than action but with
19127s some very well played decision making
19130s we're able to pick up extra eliminations
19131s and then even killed action speaking of
19133s actually here they are getting
19134s absolutely glitched down by yeah it
19137s shouldn't want here Murr unfortunately
19138s this was a tough situation to Fireball
19140s into the whole into the musket shot they
19142s really just couldn't do anything there
19144s here we go Kayla's Fang picks up one
19146s elimination here then we see action come
19148s in and I do believe Fang capitalizes on
19150s this and just instantly picks up another
19152s elimination yeah right back to back
19154s there for bang bang in here able to get
19157s the grab off swaps into the range
19159s there's a little bit damage into the
19160s dagger we see Shenron trying to catch
19163s the elbow here but his super low comes
19165s in just steps back and holds thing
19168s playing this very well
19170s so many eliminations look at this on to
19172s the well it doesn't quite get that
19174s elimination something fields or no he
19176s does he pick up the whole mission I
19177s thought somebody got that with a bow
19178s shot not bad either way Fang's still
19181s putting in work right here uh absolutely
19183s just picking up a ton of eliminations
19184s coming in here does pick up the
19186s elimination on the guy about comes on to
19188s Alliance Jin here with the old sense of
19191s flying backwards and Jin here just
19193s trying to find that elbow into something
19196s just not able to make it happen and we
19198s do see that pull sword almost puts an
19200s end to bang bang goes way low because
19202s that legendary pull sword but is able to
19204s find it in the very end there with that
19207s dagger down uh by jumping up into the
19210s right click and using that to get
19212s through to get enough damage off to take
19214s the victory here we go the MVP of the
19218s game is of course going to be kla's gin
19222s at 27 000 damage eight eliminations huge
19226s for them I'm gonna Leah take it away
19228s though as we go to our last interview of
19230s the day take it away
19234s 27 000 damage
19236s wow
19239s ah
19240s that was a lot
19242s I wasn't ready for that like I knew he
19244s had a lot of damage I knew he was
19247s putting in work I knew the dagger was
19248s doing immense amount of work but 27 000.
19252s I think that's the most damage we've
19253s seen tonight yeah absolutely is I mean
19256s coming in putting in a ton of work also
19258s I I guess I misspoke I thought we were
19260s jumping to our interview with Aaliyah
19261s here but we'll have that for you guys in
19263s just a couple of uh minutes here I'm
19265s sure but man what a performance from
19267s Fang tonight uh I think we have to take
19270s a look at the overall leaderboards right
19271s we're not done just yet we gotta see
19273s where the overall standings are I gotta
19275s see if he hit that 50 bomb tonight
19276s because if so happy to hit it
19280s I mean
19283s yeah
19285s yep we're gonna throw it over to Leah
19287s now for an interview and then we'll come
19289s back to take a look at those final
19290s standings take it away Leah
19293s okay hello everyone welcome to the post
19296s game interview I'm Leah so this time we
19299s have myr from the tingjiri so first let
19302s her say hello to us
19307s okay welcome so myr is the first girl
19311s who comes to our interview so of course
19313s the first question will be like before
19315s you come to our competition which player
19319s you really want to like have a battle
19322s with him not teachers
19338s okay so she choosed uh
19342s 101 TN from the team J team why is him
19356s okay so I have no uh 101 team in for a
19362s really long time and we are in uh
19364s Staying Alive a live app but I didn't
19367s have an opportunity to have a battle
19369s with him so I want to do this in the
19371s match well you know our competition or
19374s our interview have a new part is called
19376s answer for Treasure so if you know the
19381s answer please write on it in the chat
19383s box and we will do a screenshot and the
19385s first one in the picture will get our
19387s price and this time our question is who
19390s picked 10 high today
19397s okay
19400s so I really want to ask you you know how
19404s do you think about like maybe the king
19407s oug performance today yeah
19422s okay so I think he's really strong and
19425s although I didn't met him in the
19428s training game so today is the first time
19430s so do you know the king we call him the
19433s like most handsome boy or NFL do you
19436s think about that too Natural Woman
19444s foreign
19449s so spider is the most handsome guy you
19452s think in our Olympians
19457s oh wow okay so the king have a like
19462s Challenger is from our spider well
19465s please calm down the time okay
19472s three two one okay screenshots and don't
19476s forget to check your mailbox and our
19478s monitor will send you a message don't
19480s miss the prize Well uh after like
19483s today's sixth game how do you think
19484s about the first day you come to our mpls
19500s okay so of course I'm the first this is
19504s my first time in mbpl and uh actually I
19508s have still have something I don't know
19510s so I have to try her bad best in the
19513s following games okay thanks
19515s um why are for doing this and that's how
19517s far into well well back to the casters
19519s bye
19521s foreign
19523s welcome back ladies and gentlemen I'm
19525s here thank you so much for the interview
19526s and of course Leah thank you for giving
19528s us a wonderful interview there man what
19531s a day one Dobby I look I always have
19534s expectations coming into the seasons
19537s right I I always expect there to be a
19539s little bit of fire I expect players to
19541s come out pop off day one I expect to see
19545s a little bit of jitters a little bit of
19546s slow down as players kind of test the
19549s water especially when there's new
19550s players added to the pond because it's a
19553s pond filled with some big fish and you
19555s get some other little fish coming in
19556s everybody kind of like all right we got
19558s to see what these other fish do and uh
19560s Fang on the other hand just said the
19562s heck with that I'm big fish in the pond
19565s I don't care who you is I'm gonna eat
19567s you up and spit you out and not only
19570s that the BM coming out you know it I
19574s don't even want to call it
19575s unsportsmanlike because it's not really
19576s unsportsmanlike dropping the gold
19578s weapons up there right that's what they
19580s did it for me for me the little one
19584s he knew what he was doing yeah we cut to
19587s his face and he was just like hey hey
19593s I I love it absolutely love it because
19596s it's just it's that healthy amount of of
19600s BM right it's not that level of BM where
19603s you're really being kind of no no you
19605s know what it is you know what it is it's
19607s confident it's it's the
19611s yeah that come and get it
19613s come on what you want to do it's that
19617s that's what that is open to some banner
19619s I love it
19621s we love we love some good banner and
19623s these you know it's all in good fun for
19625s these players and at the end of the day
19626s Fang came in and said he don't care grab
19629s that gold weapon he he I mean he showed
19632s gin Jin had that gold weapon and he just
19635s turned that fight on his head he said
19636s you can have the oh you can have the
19638s gold weapon you can have it all my name
19642s is Fang and I'm here to Bear my fangs
19646s and that he did that he's not a snake
19649s but might as well call him that because
19651s man were those fangs out and a lot of
19654s people got caught by the Poison by the
19656s thing because man oh man he put in a lot
19659s of work uh throughout today and
19661s throughout tonight
19662s um to everybody here appreciate you guys
19664s showing support in chat to all the
19666s people that we've seen uh throughout our
19668s last season to all the new people
19670s welcome we hope you enjoy it and we hope
19672s you enjoy the rest of the season there's
19673s still a lot more um games there's still
19676s gonna be a lot of intensity it's gonna
19677s be it's gonna be a good show I'm excited
19679s to see the next groups though
19681s um for our solos and obviously tomorrow
19683s is going to be the start of our trios so
19685s you guys stay tuned for that it's gonna
19687s be around the same time uh and obviously
19689s we showed you guys the calendar from
19690s earlier in terms of what's going to be
19691s so it's a lot of weekends they're going
19693s to be snatching up uh for these from
19694s Thursday to Sunday that we'll be doing
19696s these so it's gonna be a lot of time so
19698s we hope you guys stay tuned and get
19699s ready for it because it's still gonna be
19701s a lot of action to be had as we look in
19703s for our final standings for day one for
19706s our spring bi-weekly
19709s obviously looking into this gin putting
19712s up a decent performance in some of these
19713s games here ending in an eighth with that
19715s 18.1
19718s and obviously still some of these
19721s players still have a lot more to go here
19723s but TK uh but Ali and S rail uh some
19726s very new players here 12.6 and 10.9 a
19729s struggle in our first games here
19731s um but definitely seeing some uh
19733s momentum starting to pop off here but
19735s look at this Jaden with two 7.8 in our
19738s game number four and our team number six
19740s but look at this there it is with the 50
19743s point one I said it before this might be
19746s a 50. in our first day Stanger puts on
19750s 50 points a great strong start for the
19753s man himself dang you in second place
19755s with a 33.3 putting up massive points
19758s here and the King ending up strong the
19761s handsome face uh for a
19763s 32.6 obviously the most points coming in
19766s from the Fang which is that 16.8 but
19770s still I said it before we might see a 50
19772s bar release gentlemen we saw it
19775s look the here's here's something to take
19778s important note of as well we didn't see
19780s a whole lot of 50 bombs in solos last
19783s season and last seasons we had 16
19786s players in the lobby that's potential
19789s for six more eliminations given your
19793s rebirth given the fact that they can go
19795s into the realm of Yang and that's an
19797s extra kill on top of it as well you're
19800s talking six less kills available in the
19803s lobby and Fang still drops
19806s a 50 bomb this is a huge massive
19809s accomplishment coming out for bang here
19812s in day one and man talk about setting
19815s the bar high like you said bang that's
19818s he man he's a snake he's got those fangs
19820s and I tell you what I can't wait to see
19823s who's gonna win the spider or the snake
19826s baby because both of them got Venom and
19828s they coming in hot
19831s The Spider and the snake oh we have a
19835s title
19837s oh we have a title oh
19840s the snake versus
19844s whoa oh this is gonna be a good season I
19847s I already have thoughts in my brain
19849s immediately of what we did I'm gonna
19852s have to talk to production guys I'm
19854s thinking a pit right it's a snake pit
19856s spiders caught in the center spang's all
19858s coming up anyway
19861s still I got a lot of ideas here but but
19864s the fact that we have The Spider and the
19866s snake that is a that is so that's a
19869s movie that is a movie I'm sorry whoa oh
19873s it's gonna be a good season I'm excited
19874s day one the fact that we get blessed to
19877s have such a fantastic show for our first
19879s day is already it's getting me sold give
19882s me so many Goosebumps getting ready for
19883s our next weeks of Showmanship and
19886s obviously next week will be our finals
19888s all ready for our first bi-weekly and
19890s obviously it's gonna just keep going
19893s from there we have so many weeks ahead
19894s of us so we hope all of you guys stay
19896s tuned we're excited to bring you guys
19898s more action and obviously me in room
19900s casting alongside all of our other
19902s fantastic casters and obviously you guys
19904s are going to be seeing seeing some new
19905s faces and some old faces on the casters
19909s roster so appreciate you guys for being
19911s here we're excited and man this overall
19913s look was
19915s oh absolutely I'm I'm ready and you know
19918s I'll be here tomorrow ladies and
19919s gentlemen for day two we're coming in
19921s with trios hot it's gonna be me and Jake
19923s I do believe tomorrow hip rain coming in
19925s there's lovely trios and I'm excited for
19928s that I kind of knew what to expect
19930s common in for the solos here today in
19933s terms of kind of the meta what we were
19935s going to see in terms of hero picks
19936s trios on the other hand I feel like is
19939s gonna be wild there's some oh it's gonna
19941s be insane big shake-ups with Feria
19944s joining into the meta I think she
19946s changes everything and I can't wait to
19949s see these pro teams and what kind of
19952s comps they lock her into because I think
19955s she's gonna be bringing a lot to the
19956s battlefield when we come into trios
19958s tomorrow zaping surprisingly not as uh
19961s not
19962s important as we have
19964s this our first couple of games though
19966s actually kind of exciting to see though
19968s so let's see how powerful she still is
19971s but on top of that fairy and her massive
19974s Mech of Mayhem can absolutely put more
19976s destruction in but ladies and gentlemen
19977s that's it for us over here at the
19979s casters table for nbpl thank you guys
19981s for being here thank you guys to
19982s everybody in chat that's participating
19984s in the games and trying to win the
19986s prizes we love you guys we appreciate
19987s you guys we'll see you guys here same
19989s time tomorrow for trios day two
19992s mwah
19995s [Music]
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20011s [Music]
20022s thank you
20028s [Music]
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20063s thank you
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20103s foreign
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20140s foreign
20144s [Music]
20157s [Music]
20188s ER they remind me to be stronger like
20194s the Phoenix in my head and they can try
20199s to bring me down
20202s push me to the edge but it won't work
20208s oh no
20212s and they can try to bring it down
20220s [Music]
20222s I Rise a thousand times
20230s a thousand times
20239s see my blood is in the shade of a
20244s burning Scarlet Sunrise the end is my
20249s beginning
20250s I will rise a thousand times
20253s [Music]
20268s foreign
20269s [Music]
20275s [Music]
20287s from the Brokenness whoa
20294s and all the pain
20297s they can try to bring me down
20302s or push me to the edge but it won't work
20308s oh no
20311s they can try to bring me down
20319s but I still
20325s see my blood is
20328s [Music]
20333s my beginning
20335s I will rise a thousand times
20339s [Music]
20354s because
20361s [Music]
20382s this time
20392s [Music]
20403s [Music]