Transcript (by Youtube)

1s [Music]
23s choose a preferred action before each
26s match
27s influencing who is assigned to each side
32s introducing spirit angles
35s during pre-match preparation check up on
37s your team info and choose your spirit
39s hackles
40s select up to two spirit ankles to gain
42s their pacific attacks these include
45s golden rats
48s light rage
53s lethal armor
59s copperworld
64s rendax
69s and beckham
73s evilians may choose to from hookahs
79s in rage
88s split tags
93s eagle vision
98s miasma rattan
105s and eternal
108s please replace the default skills
115s redden is found around the back but only
118s grows me a soul antenna evil hands me
120s damaged soul and just removing
122s your heroes they repair the soul
124s antennas to have rabbit wristband once
126s more
127s soul engines can be repaired by multiple
129s heroes at once speeding up the process
131s throughout the nearby respawn once every
134s 4 seconds
140s heroes now have gold focus during the
142s last second they submit wrestling
144s invulnerable to evil and interruption
147s bullets just found in random spots along
150s the tracks
151s heroes must spend ten thousand dark
153s tight coins to unlock them after which
156s they can be used by all heroes
159s demons now drop two rattan upon death
162s heroes have two chances to prevent a
164s saturation into the match forever
167s they'll no longer be able to prevent
169s evil hands will also drop five breaths
171s before
173s the nearby chat voice channel has now
175s been replaced with faction chats
178s team chat has been added for those
180s players who join the match as a party
183s what's the match end you are showing a
185s summary including the winning faction
187s top three players
189s the match staff's interface has been
191s completely overhauled
193s it now includes the hero selected
195s specific game mode achievements and more