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5s what's up everybody my name is creatives
7s and today i will be helping you better
9s understand the character takeda nobutato
14s takeda is a aggressive fighting
16s character that is able to take fights to
18s his opponents on par with heroes like
20s viper ning and yodohime
25s able to counter attack and steal
27s opponents weapons without pairing with
28s his f abilities and able to deal damage
30s from a good distance with his ultimate
32s it makes takeda a powerhouse of a unit
35s to be aggressive without dealing with
36s some of the counters in the game let's
38s break him down
42s takeda's first base skill f1 is called
45s mythic grab which allows him not to
47s worry about blue focus attacks for the
48s next 10 seconds if he is hit with a blue
51s focus attack takedown will grab his
53s opponent's weapons and initiate a
54s counter attack while taking no damage to
56s himself and siphons health based on his
58s weapon's rarity
60s this skill is able to be casted midair
63s the skill has a 30 second cooldown and
65s cannot be used while under attack
70s take a second base skill f2 is called
73s mythic grab defend which allows takedo
75s to charge forward and steal his
77s opponent's weapons while they are
78s holding a focus attack or skill even if
80s his opponent is not attacking keep in
83s mind this variation can be interrupted
85s by light attacks and cannot be used
86s while being under attack this skill has
88s a 18 second cooldown
91s moving on to takeda's base ultimate
93s demonic aid allows him to summon a
95s demonic spirit named furin that is able
97s to fight for him within a certain
98s distance around takeda which is called
100s the demonic domain
102s this alters your base skill into three
104s charges of demonic strike with a four
106s second pull down in between strikes
111s demonic strike can be aimed in the
113s direction takeda is aiming at and also
114s can be used under attack or controlled
117s and is able to move freely after casting
119s the skill
122s some things to keep in mind are that
123s this skill only hits opponents within
125s roughly 15 meters of takeda surroundings
127s if opponents are outside the range it
129s will not hit casting demonic aid also
132s has a knockback if the opponent is near
133s him landing a demonic strike also
136s siphons health
139s if enemies are airborne by one of
141s takeda's previous attacks demonic strike
143s will do more damage
150s take a second ultimate demonic a
152s teleport which allows furrin to
154s instantly knock back nearby opponents
157s takeda is then able to aim at his
159s opponents for the next two seconds
161s before casting demonic strike teleport
163s which teleports to cato over to his
164s opponent is dealing some serious damage
166s to the target
170s any any mean range will be knocked into
171s the air deceptive opponents are an
173s ultimate focus that is also known as the
175s goal focus and will be hit by a series
177s of attacks from takeda
179s this ultimate can be used while under
181s attack keep in mind though this skill
183s only hits opponents within takeda
185s surroundings of up to 32 meters if
187s opponents are outside that range it will
189s not hit even in range if takeda is not
192s locked into the opponent it can miss
199s overall takeda is a very versatile and
201s aggressive hero that is good for his
203s abilities to isolate opponents with his
205s ultimate abilities best use in solo
207s gameplay asset skills give him the upper
209s hand in various situations
218s takeda is able to save himself when
220s being buried used as a combo extension
222s or for a quick kill before going back
223s into the fight with his ultimate
226s i personally like how versatile and
227s creative you can be with this hero
239s i would recommend f1 his first space
241s skill as takeda would not have to worry
243s about pairing his opponents within the
245s 10 second window and focus more towards
247s the damage dealing instead however i
249s would personally go with f2 for more
251s combo extensions when it comes to his
252s ultimate i would recommend v1 as it
255s gives takedown more potential in the
257s ability to either reset a fight not be
259s punished or for a combo extension
261s depending on the scenario
263s that is all the time we have for this
264s video i hope i helped you understand
266s takeda nobody's potential in naraka
269s bladepoint see you guys next time
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286s you