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8s hey everyone it's chef of the dead I'm
11s sure you've read the title you know why
12s we're here and that's to talk about the
14s brand new character akos is an absolute
16s monster and his kit is just a ton of fun
18s with a whole lot of potential I'll go
20s over his skills and ultimates of course
21s and hopefully you'll get some insight as
23s to if you want to main him I know I
25s certainly will be for a good while I'd
27s say he's a sort of semi-transformer a
29s bit like Tarka he doesn't fully
31s transform but he does adopt some new
32s moves and some passive abilities as for
35s his skills though we have Roar and Roar
38s blast neither of them can be used while
39s under attack so they're definitely more
41s aggressive than defensive Roar is like a
43s ground slam it's a gold Focus attack and
46s does a bit of knockback and some damage
48s as well as granting you 30 damage
50s reduction for the next 8 seconds you can
52s sort of use this as a soft reset tool if
54s your opponent catches you in a 1-2 combo
56s knocking them back and resuming the
58s fight with your damage reduction
59s Advantage there are also ways to extend
61s combos with Roar so I'm sure we'll be
63s seeing plenty of ways to use it
65s creatively
65s but if you're looking for a more
67s combo-centric ability his second skill
69s will not disappoint a quick but very
71s important note about the first skill
73s before moving on the 30 damage reduction
75s is something you get on activation no
77s matter what but it can become a lot
79s stronger in team modes or even group
81s fights and solos this is because every
83s enemy you hit with Roar will give you an
85s additional 10 damage reduction it's a
88s great way to make yourself instantly
89s more tanky and will likely cause
91s opponents to Target the other person in
92s a third party situation with Roar blast
95s a single tap will trigger a fast
97s Shockwave attack with blue Focus that
99s can act as a combo starter but if you
101s hold it you very quickly charge to a
103s gold Focus state that will double the
105s damage and unlike Roar that knocks the
107s opponent back Roar blast knocks them up
109s into the air this has huge combo
111s potential as you can probably imagine
113s but it has quite a long cooldown so you
115s do have to use it wisely even if you
117s don't want to go for longer combos
118s though a Charged Roar blast will also
121s earn you a free Focus attack so
123s definitely keep that in mind if you're
124s looking for some burst damage his first
126s ultimate is feral frenzy and there is a
128s whole lot you can do with it for one it
130s can be used while under attack which is
131s great to make up for his skills not
133s being able to and once it's active you
135s can tap alt again to gain access to
137s three Tiger Strike attacks you can use
139s all three of these in a row or delay
141s them to try catching your opponent in
143s their Dodge recovery from alt activation
145s there's a full 35 seconds of uptime so
147s you do have quite a while to make use of
149s everything all of the passives while an
151s old are shared by the two versions so
152s I'll go over those and then go back to
154s the active of the second one first of
156s all akos gets access to an enhanced
158s version of scale Rush making it so
160s charging grants you purple Focus instead
162s of blue so it can't be parried only
164s dodged or clanked my favorite thing
166s about it though is that you can scale
167s rush in any direction off of anything
169s that means things like trees and pillars
172s that you typically have to charge on to
173s avoid rushing upwards you can just scale
175s Rush normally as if it was a wall then
177s there's tiger leap which is something
179s you can make use of basically non-stop
181s throughout your old duration and all you
183s have to do to activate it is Jump while
185s sprinting at any time during your leap
187s you can use a modified jump attack which
189s goes for both horizontal and vertical
191s attacks but it's once you hit the ground
192s after leaping that unlocks the true
194s potential of it if you attack moments
196s after landing you'll activate a pounce
198s attack that has great range and lets you
200s go right into a light attack combo
201s pouncing after your first leap will
203s grant you purple focus and after the
205s second leap and beyond your pounce gets
207s gold Focus the damage of pounce is
209s increased after each consecutive leap up
211s to three times both pouts and the jump
213s attack damage are affected by your
215s weapon Rarity but the jump attack damage
217s doesn't increase with each leap like
219s pounce does leaping is a great way to
221s mind game your opponent as long as
222s you're staying at the right distance
223s since they will have to predict when
225s you're going to pounce and think about
227s how to deal with each type of focus
228s attack both are just great opportunities
230s to bait and punish okay we talked about
233s the triple Tiger Strike ability that his
234s first ultimate has but finally going
236s back to how the second old actually
238s differs when you tap alt again after the
240s initial activation instead of entering
242s that state where you can use your three
244s strikes you have access to two lunge
246s attacks that can be used whenever as a
248s mostly solos player I prefer this one
250s over the first ultimate since it feels a
252s bit more versatile as a combo finisher
254s and just a much more unpredictable
255s attack in general it doesn't do a ton of
257s damage which is probably a good thing
259s and normally the amount of knockback is
261s too far to guarantee a follow-up attack
263s off of it but if you lunge into a wall
265s then you do end up close enough to keep
266s on the pressure if you're out in the
268s open though then going for a ranged shot
270s follow-up can be a good idea The Meta
272s hasn't totally settled yet so we can't
274s say exactly where he stands when it
275s comes to counter play and what he
277s potentially struggles against but what
278s immediately stuck out to me is his
280s potential to deal with zipping since he
282s has such easy access to gold and purple
284s focus with his skill rush and pounce
286s zipping players tend to use the skill
288s that negates stun from light attacks and
290s then hunt for a Parry but as we know
292s with purple and gold Focus that doesn't
294s work out too well it doesn't seem like
296s he'll be particularly strong against
297s true Transformers like tianjai and Feria
299s since most of his abilities while an ALT
302s won't be very effective at all against
303s them also because he doesn't have a
305s combo breaking skill he will be pretty
307s susceptible to the Tarka infinite so if
309s you find yourself up against atarka I
310s would really try to hold on to that all
312s as long as possible to either ensure the
314s kill or break out of that infinite I
316s found Takeda to be a relatively even
317s match up because your lunge can beat his
319s demonic strike but with takeda's
321s potential to pull off infinites as well
323s I would probably give the same advice
325s for playing against atarka akos is
327s definitely a character with a lot of
328s nuance he's got a fun and aggressive
330s skill set and in my opinion he's a
332s fantastic addition to the roster I'm
334s sure we'll be learning a lot more about
335s his full potential over the coming weeks
337s so be sure to stay tuned for more akos
339s content from the rest of the community
340s on Twitch and YouTube that's about it
342s from me though I hope everyone enjoys
344s the new update and hopefully I'll see
345s you in a game

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