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5s hello my name is special superhero and
7s today we'll be breaking down the newest
9s addition to naraka Blade Point known as
11s the pole sword this weapon would be
12s closely compared to the great sword when
14s it comes to stone form and base attacks
16s however with the utilization of focus
18s attacks and souljades this weapon
20s becomes a unique Powerhouse so without
21s further Ado let's break it down
24s starting off with the basics we have our
25s horizontal string
29s then we have our vertical string
31s huh
37s crouching horizontal
42s a crouching vertical which launches the
44s opponent
48s a jumping horizontal
53s and then a jumping vertical
59s moving on to boost the tanks we have our
61s horizontal Focus attack
63s one thing to keep in mind is the longer
65s the charge the more damage you will deal
67s however the longer you charge the more
69s susceptible you'll be to getting buried
72s next up is the vertical Focus attack
74s which has three stages for the first
76s stage you'll do a downward slash for the
78s second stage you'll actually get two
81s slashes however the second slash will
83s cover the most distance moving on to the
85s third stage you get three slashes
87s however this will cover the same amount
89s of distance as the second stage
91s additionally with this Focus attack you
93s can actually charge and move at the same
95s time no Jade required
98s foreign
102s Focus attack can get an additional
104s attack by pressing vertical at the end
106s of the attack sequence
107s do be careful because again this will
109s leave you susceptible to being carried
113s one thing to keep in mind is that pull
115s sword gets access to stone form stone
117s form allows you to maintain steady and
120s charge up for a counter-attack however
122s this counter attack is a focus attack so
124s it can be parried immediately however
127s unique to Pole's sword you can Dodge out
129s a stone form and follow up with a
131s horizontal attack for an immediate
133s counter-attack
135s this is broken
137s now for souljids pulsory gets access to
140s two Soul Jades one being blistering Edge
142s which turns the horizontal attack into a
145s flame projectile attack one thing to
147s keep in mind is longer the charge the
150s more damage output and the last Jade is
152s the Overcomer this Jade Alters the third
155s stage of the Pole's sword's vertical
157s Focus attack this attack can be canceled
160s by dodging or jumping
163s before I leave you guys today I'm going
165s to leave you with a quick and easy
166s variation full sword combo this will
169s require variations F2 ability and it'll
172s also require the Overcomer as well as
174s the blistering Edge souljades to start
177s off with you want to get to stage 3 in
178s your vertical Focus attack which will
180s unleash the Overcomer after six lashes
183s you want to dodge out of Overcomer then
186s line up your target for variations F2
188s ability then Dodge forward into a
191s horizontal Focus attack which will
192s unleash blistering Edge Let's see that
194s one more time in real time start off
196s with Overcomer after six slashes you
199s want to dodge forward into F and then
201s Dodge forward into a horizontal Focus
202s attack
204s all in all the pole sword is a great
206s addition to naraka Blade point with its
208s unique Soul Jades bringing creative
210s combo potential and possibilities with
212s its ease of use however you'll have to
213s keep in mind that this weapon does have
215s a lot of focus attacks which will leave
217s you very open to being parried therefore
219s being unpredictable and reading your
221s opponent will be the key to success
223s however that is all the time we have for
225s today so hopefully I was able to help
226s you guys out with the basic
227s understanding of the pole sword as said
229s before my name is special superhero and
232s I'll see you guys on the battlefield
233s later