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1812s by relay relay goes for the finish it
1814s just like that pride is out of the game
1816s GG's beautiful Parry Z blast over here
1820s get a huge uppercut combo into a double
1823s grapple combo a triple grapple combo
1825s into the hit from the ground what a play
1828s by paru that was unbelievable try hard
1831s is going insane right now with those num
1834s trucks oh my God the triple roll as well
1837s Prost with the F followup avocado is not
1840s going to let what huge double
1844s uppercut bl's TJ getat us a huge
1848s uppercut combo on the weo clown they are
1851s slaughtering this
1856s Lobby
1860s ladies and gentlemen welcome to the
1863s astral cup solos I and one of your CS
1867s Raven plz and I'm joined by my main man
1871s Dobby it's going to be a good day today
1873s Dobby exciting stuff we have our current
1877s jup Representatives try hard coming in
1880s hot playing for fun playing for free
1882s dominating trios the previous day will
1885s he be able to go back to back today he's
1887s going to be the first player to ever do
1889s it to win both trios and solos
1892s simultaneously if he's able to do it but
1895s there's a lot of strong competition in
1896s this Lobby today the top six have shown
1899s up APF another world champion miss you
1903s just barely not making it to Worlds
1905s showing up big we got yea weapon swapper
1909s and we got one of the goats of the na
1913s scene Casper finally making it to a
1915s finals will he be able to show up big
1918s today I know he's had a little bit of
1920s shortcomings in the past but he has a
1922s huge fan base and everyone is going to
1924s be watching what he's going to be able
1926s to do in this finals Lobby looking at
1928s this Lobby Dobby who who are your picks
1931s today who do you want to see show up and
1933s do at Big
1934s today um there's definitely a stacked
1937s group of people that I've definitely
1938s been paying attention to I mean
1939s obviously if we really go back to try
1941s hard here I mean I going to be honest um
1942s I went up against him for a really cool
1945s um kind of a a one one uh type of show
1950s on Amazon and I got a chance to meet him
1952s IRL was the first time I ever got a
1953s chance to meet him good god he's a
1955s monster he's tall as it can be um the
1957s guy's like a close to seven footer he's
1960s like six foot like what six foot seven
1963s um 66 the guy's huge um dope dude though
1966s but he is good okay that guy is insane
1970s all right somehow I still was able to at
1973s least get uh one point because it was
1974s best two out of three and I still was
1976s able to at least uh clear out one game
1979s which I was really surprised by and I
1980s actually end up winning that game so at
1983s least to get something ahead of it um I
1985s will say weapon swapper definitely
1986s somebody um definitely paying attention
1988s to but APF definitely definitely on that
1990s shopping block will give it up to uh
1992s Justin and galby uh we've seen them in
1995s the trios lobbies they definitely really
1996s put on a show heavily as trios so I can
1998s only imagine um how well they do as a
2002s solo yeah go by Justin both made it to
2005s the solos Grand finals for EO came up
2008s short but they here again for a huge
2010s chunk of cash now Chris wo wasn't here
2013s for the last grand finals but he was one
2016s of the grand finalist in the past he
2018s held rank one he's been in China but now
2022s back in the States he's going to be
2023s showing up big one of the first comers
2026s to these Grand finals King Cobalt though
2029s took some coaching for me and now I see
2031s him over here I'm definitely going be
2033s rooting for my man king Cobalt he's been
2036s around the community for a long long
2037s time finally stepping up the plate
2039s finally getting here to the big stage
2042s I'm excited to see what he's able to do
2044s versus the demons in this lobby but most
2046s of these guys all veterans of this Lobby
2050s it's going to be a tough day to compete
2053s but that first place Dobby it's a chance
2056s at a huge chunk of cash $3,000 and a
2059s chance to join us over there in Shanghai
2063s and changu to watch the actual jcup now
2066s second third and four forth still big
2069s money to beb made but all the glory is
2072s for that first place I know a ton of
2075s these players would love to go over to
2077s see the stage to get that inspiration to
2079s see that it's possible tryhard has set
2082s the stage for most of the players that
2083s you don't have to be a Chinese Pro to do
2085s it on the main stage you just have to be
2088s dedicated to the game passionate work on
2090s your craft and when you get over there
2092s do your work and you will do just
2096s fine it's going to going to be good
2097s three bones definitely going to be
2099s amazing and also that is also a a really
2102s nice check to have on the way to chendu
2104s just to let you know cuz you you know
2106s you might be able to come kick it with
2107s us you might be able to go shopping go
2108s get some food so it's going to be a lot
2110s of stuff that we going to be doing while
2111s we're there so it just makes sense that
2113s obviously if you do end up winning and
2115s you do end up actually slaughtering of
2117s course coming through not only are you
2119s going to get that trip but you're also
2120s going to get some of that bread to do
2121s what you need to while you're out there
2123s so I mean it's just it's just a good
2125s it's just a good opportunity and a good
2126s look like right like right so I'm
2128s excited to see how this goes but
2130s obviously they're still a lot ahead they
2132s still have a decent decent amount of
2134s games that they got to fight against and
2136s uh they got some good players that also
2137s are trying to go to chendu as well so um
2139s only one player is going to go
2140s Victorious and only one is going to be
2142s is going to get that flight ticket yeah
2144s the interesting part about all of this
2146s even though try hard is the favorite he
2147s cannot claim the prize so anyone who
2150s gets second behind him cuz I'm going to
2152s pick try hard he's normally won every
2153s single tournament three times ahead of
2156s the points the last tournament
2157s tournament I believe he had 75 the
2158s second place had 27 so if I'm part of
2162s this tournament we're playing for second
2163s place we're trying to get there
2165s especially on this new patch for all the
2167s players competing today we are playing
2170s with hottie and looking at the
2172s tournament structure nothing new here
2174s but if you're new to nanaa the key to
2177s being successful in these tournaments is
2179s getting a healthy amount of kills
2181s usually between 3 to six and then
2183s slowing down in order to secure those
2185s rankings because that coefficient or a
2187s multiplier allows you to multiply your
2191s actual kill points now you still get
2192s ranking points from this so for example
2194s if you get first with 10 points you'll
2196s be at 14 plus that four will will take
2199s you to 18 points now generally a really
2203s really good game is between six to 10
2206s points and in this lobby with the best
2209s in North America to do it it is
2212s extremely hard to get a kill but with
2214s the rule set given to us you will get
2217s response you will get multiple chances
2219s to get out there go for a kill and have
2222s that second chance so expect a lot of
2225s fiery offs Spawn action especially with
2228s the new character hotti have you checked
2230s out the new character at all Dobby it's
2232s a flying character and he is going to be
2235s the meta going into
2237s Worlds no I have not been able to uh and
2241s I I've definitely been hearing some
2243s goodness about him so the uh I'm excited
2245s to see how he looks in game especially
2247s with some really good players like this
2249s one in this stacked Lobby here I think
2251s this Lobby is definitely going to really
2252s give everybody kind of a sneak peek on
2254s like what he's going to look like and I
2256s think that's going to be honestly like
2257s really really fun to see yeah I I super
2260s excited to see what all these players
2262s have cooking with him CU from what I've
2264s seen and my testing with tryhard no
2266s character really beats atie right now
2269s he's he reminds me of the old Matari way
2271s way back in the day her dominance was
2273s unchallenged except we would all joke
2276s that what if they gave marari a gold F
2278s and then what if we made matar's alt be
2281s offensive and you basically got HTI this
2283s modern day souls and it's right before
2285s worlds they did also buff Faria so today
2288s you will have to be uh picking five
2291s characters there is a hero points rule
2294s so most likely a lot of the characters
2296s are a lot of the players are saying that
2298s they're going to pick at least two
2299s hotties faia teada Tami and AOS so a lot
2305s of bursting characters no defensive
2306s characters is really with the Faria buff
2308s coming out I would say that faia is
2311s pretty much an offensive character and
2312s the way she's used in pro pro league
2314s right now she's used as a counter on
2317s that holat to take out the teas who are
2320s hunting the zipping so really exciting
2322s stuff going into Jacob last year they
2326s did the same thing introducing Yang at
2328s the last second this year they add a
2330s flying character they super buff Faria
2332s they change the Jade system it's going
2335s to be extrem extremely Innovative and
2339s all those character all those players
2340s who are ready to go ready to experiment
2344s not really nervous about these big
2347s changes are going to thrive at this
2350s world cup and today for the Astro cup
2353s I'm hoping that we see some interesting
2356s stuff from all the na boys what do they
2358s have cooking showing up off spawn
2361s especially I I believe we're doing a
2363s 12-man Lobby I saw 16 players for Grand
2366s finals now nor it is 12 man for these
2369s Immortal War lobbies and looking at the
2371s spread everyone taking it conservatively
2374s this first round is start your momentum
2377s Dobby what's it going to be for tryhard
2382s Yesa and weapon swapper in the South and
2385s already weapon swapper is going to get
2386s taken down by try hard I mean I mean
2389s it's definitely tough here I definitely
2390s see uh there was definitely a few people
2392s that landed like nearby definitely a a
2394s One V one situation but also a 50-50
2397s when we say 50-50 we say 50/50 is in you
2400s land near somebody and there's a 50/50
2402s chance that you get a decent weapon you
2403s get a decent Shield or you get a 50-50
2406s chance that there's nothing at all and
2407s you're just scrambling trying to pick a
2409s singular weapon at all whether or not it
2411s could be something that is a melea's um
2414s weapon or it could just be a bow and
2416s you're just screwed and you have to like
2418s basically run away here so it looks like
2420s um weapon swapper got caught with the
2421s 50/50 meanwhile looks like Yow at least
2424s has something on on him as well but
2427s obviously that doesn't really mean
2428s anything here with the movement the
2429s speed and and absolute Mobility with
2432s that dagger try hard is going to capture
2434s their second elimination already getting
2436s getting those free eliminations and
2438s getting those swaps and just like that
2440s now he's ready to shop he already has at
2442s least 6,000 so he has coupled here to
2444s try to see if he can get some soul Jade
2446s uh swaps already maybe hoping uh to get
2448s something decent and already the game is
2450s started try hards already got two down
2452s so definitely a good good start for him
2456s already into the this game and hopefully
2458s Beyond definitely a good start too just
2460s a good feeling to have meanwhile badic
2463s just trying to dip out of here uh behind
2466s uh nkk definitely just trying to see if
2469s maybe he can close this out here a lot
2470s of right clicks definitely was missing a
2472s lot of them but now he was able to come
2473s oh he definitely was able to collide a
2475s little bit more here with that
2476s opportunity and just like that is's able
2478s to secure that elimination gets that
2480s finish and nkk was fighting that and
2482s pushing and just just going so
2485s aggressive that entire time only to end
2487s up getting turned around and losing that
2489s in a matter of seconds yeah it's looking
2491s like people successful off spawn are
2493s choosing their number one picks by Chen
2495s teada main a rank demon going to be
2498s taking down the former rank one Chris wo
2502s isol up on that rooftop really tough
2504s terrain right now looks like Justin is
2506s going to be engaging onto try hard both
2507s Grand finalists teada also going to be
2509s invested try hard's going take to the
2510s sky and our first look at HTI will try
2515s hard be able to pressure up Justin oh my
2517s goodness so much damage coming out from
2518s that V2 the burn damage CH chipping away
2521s Justin trying to land a shove right now
2524s but what can he do this max range triple
2527s charge gold attack from try hard doing
2529s so much damage he has to be careful here
2531s there's a player lurking in the
2532s background and out of nowhere try hard
2535s is going to get ambushed now with the
2537s staff he's looking for to dodge out able
2539s to dodge one of the furins and now TR On
2541s Top of the Rock looking for the R&B not
2543s able to get it going to get the blind
2545s parry and now Justin against the ropes
2547s in a last H Point situation Justin with
2549s the light attack able to chip off try
2552s hard but APF is going to come in with
2554s the assassination and the dagger to his
2557s friend's back APF with no remorse
2560s picking up that kill oh my goodness I
2563s can't believe a uh tryhard just oh I
2567s kind of side note here that tryhard is
2568s actually playing with one headphone I
2571s was very surprised that
2573s um what's his name weapon swapper was a
2576s able to sneak up on him and get that
2578s light attack without him hearing it at
2580s all wait how do you know that he was he
2582s was complaining today that his headset
2585s broke and even yesterday he played with
2587s one headset so today he's going to be
2590s beating people one sound of audio yep oh
2595s my goodness and he already has three
2597s eliminations deep so far even though APF
2599s was able to secure that elimination and
2600s is able to at least snag one um I mean
2603s already starting really strong with the
2606s you know unfortunate for the early aim
2608s but you know he still has an opportunity
2609s to come back still has his resurrection
2611s but to have three kills under his belt
2613s already in this first game here is going
2614s to be a very strong start for him as
2617s he's still going to be able to rotate
2618s this looks like a Casper and potentially
2619s weapon swapper might be fighting
2621s potentially here but it looks like
2622s everybody else is still has a lot of
2624s range around each other it doesn't
2626s really look like there's anything too
2627s crazy it looks like Numba and it looks
2629s like one other player might be heading
2631s directly towards each other on the map
2634s but after that everybody definitely has
2636s a decent amount of space here uh not a
2637s lot of people really forcing uh many
2639s fights here unlike uh unlike try hard
2642s who try hard just came in absolutely
2644s strong and now weapon swapper has to
2646s play a little bit more um safe
2649s definitely has to um play to their
2651s numbers and just hopefully try to see if
2653s maybe they can capture a free
2654s elimination as Casper is going to be
2655s nearby here it looks like he will be
2657s going past it here let's see if he
2658s actually doesn't oh and he does hit
2660s weapons whober from outside of the Bush
2664s absolutely unfortunate here you know we
2667s say sometimes it's good to just check
2668s out these bushes because you never know
2670s what could be in there you never know
2671s what surprises could be in store and now
2673s weapon swapper has to try to see if they
2674s can rotate this out definitely does not
2677s want to risk this first elimination
2679s happening early in his games so he's
2682s going to try to play at least towards
2683s that moment but looks like Casper is not
2685s going to go out without a fight he wants
2687s to fight this out he's going to scale
2689s Rush he's going to push onwards here he
2691s might be able to close in this Gap
2692s potentially as well as he is slightly it
2694s looks like weapon swapper might have to
2696s force this fight he might have to fight
2697s this out here and it looks like he is
2698s goes for the turn waits for the Dodge
2700s missu comes out of nowhere as well here
2703s waiting for the scale push to come
2704s through as well with those dual halberg
2707s it looks like he's still going to be
2708s able to rotate this around just trying
2709s not to get caught inside of this corner
2710s here waiting for the time for The Shield
2712s to pop open oh en up getting caught from
2714s outside of the window en up getting hit
2715s by Casper and missu comes right on the
2717s back stretch on the outskirts and says
2719s what's going on buddy pops open the ulti
2722s and now he's going to have to scaddle
2723s out of here if he has the opportunity
2725s here pops The Shield pop some of his
2726s heals question is is he going to
2728s actually use this momentum to get out of
2729s here or is he going to try to use this
2730s mag to at least maybe cause some damage
2732s inflict some arm doesn't look like it
2734s maybe just uses it for his
2737s shield does it uses it as a quick
2739s getaway kind of surprising here for the
2741s moment here but he does have his purple
2742s Shield though might be trying to see if
2743s maybe he can use
2745s it looks like he's going to wait the
2747s timeout seeing if maybe Casper doesn't
2749s actually pay attention and realizes he's
2750s inside and he knows that he sees him he
2753s sees him in
2754s there just probably doesn't want to push
2757s into that fight oh never mind I take it
2759s all back as he ends up scale rushing him
2761s CES him on the outskirts catches him
2763s inside of the corner absolutely bullying
2765s This Man weapon swapper as he pops open
2768s the deada ulti he wants to get this
2769s elimination here weapon swapper down to
2771s his final half of heals weapon swapper
2774s does have to try to see if he can rotate
2776s this around but it's not going to be
2777s enough as get I'm sending him on the
2778s outskirts one hit one HP and Casper is
2781s going to be able to secure the
2782s elimination and gets the Finish
2784s meanwhile inside of the realm of Yang
2785s we're back at it baty and sin one of the
2788s team members from our Tri games we were
2790s seeing fighting from earlier here
2792s popping this open as it looks like he
2793s going to be the teas flying oh my
2794s goodness is he flying in the air yeah
2796s this is Hottie so another there our
2799s second look at hottie num numza taking
2801s the sky charging of the you can
2803s basically Focus attack in midair and you
2806s can't really uh knock them down unless
2808s they take a certain threshold of damage
2810s and now byen trying to take him down
2813s with the teada grappling on able to hit
2816s that stagger but not enough damage able
2817s to take him down for a little bit but
2818s he's going to take back to the sky pop
2820s in his combo break going to go for the
2822s focus attack but great F3 coming out
2825s from ban putting a ton of pressure on N
2827s having him against the corner weapon
2828s swap is going to come in grapple combo
2829s into the focus attack and Bin is going
2833s to clean it up numza getting his wings
2836s clipped from midair unable to deal with
2839s a T Pressure from byen the second he got
2842s a hold of him he just broke off his
2845s wings kept up the pressure and took him
2847s down just like weapon swapper when
2849s Casper that was super unfortunate
2851s normally weapon swapper gets in there
2853s plays very aggressive it looks like
2854s today he was going to start off very
2856s defensive now going over to Justin and
2858s missu missu in the Sky versus a teada
2861s again but this time Justin GNA get his
2864s legs clipped from under them miss you
2866s with the finish on the hottie and we're
2869s just seeing multiple top players all
2872s opening up with hottie that's what the
2874s notes are looking like fire fly
2877s nighttime Morris you want to play your
2880s strongest bursting character and it
2882s looks like missu APF tryhard all of the
2887s best players in na are opening up with
2889s it now we got tryhard versus missu missu
2891s already having to pop his com break
2892s getting away trying to use the scale
2893s rush but try hard not letting him
2895s getting down now stuck in the canyon
2897s trying to scale up with the nunchucks
2898s one of the worst weapons of scale Rush
2900s not be able to get away and the staff
2901s going to put him against the corner 1
2902s two three is going to miss but missu
2904s finally switches it up to the fan going
2906s to have that instant scale trying to
2907s make it away but try hard is on him he's
2909s smothering him nowhere to go the f is
2911s going to be coming down turning into a
2912s kite missu trying to find some space he
2915s knows this is a demon chasing him he's
2919s at 80% ultimate able to get it with the
2921s Firefly he can get out of the situation
2923s he's going to have to pop all but try
2925s hard is hot on his heels with the armor
2927s swap resetting it back to neutral try
2930s hard going to slow this down sees that
2932s the armor swap is going to come in
2933s doesn't want to overextend Yesa with the
2935s flank but now try hard opens up with a
2938s focus attack gold F already used again
2941s missu on the defensive looking to use
2943s the nunchuk double meter not able to get
2944s anything though try hard probing for
2946s some weakness Yesa on the outside now
2948s uppercuts going to come in and now missu
2950s on the back foot unable to stop the
2952s Relentless pressure from TR and the R&B
2955s is going to come out of nowhere missu
2956s wasn't ready for it while he was
2958s transforming he gets just gets chopped
2960s in half oh
2964s no wow
2966s absolutely wow absolutely incredible
2969s here as triy hard is looks like he's
2970s going to be able to push onwards towards
2971s this as well here I thought he actually
2973s got the last hit though from that spear
2975s from y but it looks like he wasn't able
2976s to successfully here but he does end up
2978s popping the ulti here and it looks like
2979s he's going to be able to capture his
2980s flight as he does end up popping it he's
2983s going to keep that same amount of damage
2984s onto him though as the burning TI is
2985s going to be able to do enough to get the
2988s Finish wait does it do burn take over
2990s damage as well yes uh the variation two
2993s when you triple charge it it puts a burn
2996s debuff on it and it's really really good
2998s versus those defensive heres Faria and
2999s zipping you're going to see a lot of
3001s this in the future um try hard miss you
3004s APF all very accustomed to studying
3006s what's over happening in the scrims
3008s everyone is using this in China right
3011s now that is insane to see here as he is
3015s able to clutch this up here iMed immed
3017s immediately mediocrity trying to see if
3019s he can close this out with Bat C and it
3020s looks like he will be successfully able
3022s to though but Bat C does have that win
3024s from the realm of yang so he's able to
3026s risk at least one elimination here but
3028s that means mediocrity is able to get his
3030s third elimination from that as well
3031s definitely a free elimination inside of
3032s this corner here as he does have the
3035s time to be able to run through meanwhile
3037s gate of the the realm of Yang is going
3039s to respawn yet again another 90 seconds
3041s left for it's part two for some of these
3043s fights here for our game number one 11k
3046s on him mediocrity is going to be able to
3047s do a little bit of some shopping here
3049s but we look back at the overall Center
3050s of this map here there's only four
3052s players
3053s alive only four players game one geez my
3057s money's on try hard I got try hard we're
3060s going to see this this extended out none
3062s of these players want to really go out
3064s finish off their opponent they want that
3066s chance at the double kill now when if
3067s you're new to nraa when you go into the
3069s realm of Yang you do get a second chance
3072s to fight afterwards you will have a
3074s debuff called Yang depletion where you
3076s have four and a half minutes to search
3078s over for a soul Bloom now a strategy has
3081s evolved this year where if you get a
3084s kill on the outside a lot of the times
3086s instead of eating that Soul Bloom for
3088s that immediate regen of health and rage
3090s for your ultimate you leave it there as
3092s an insurance plan and go into Yang and
3094s double down as far as skills it looks
3096s like tryhard is already up to five kills
3099s in a 12-man Lobby that is absolutely
3101s insane and it's there's still four
3103s players left and
3106s potentially a double up kill over here
3108s try hard waiting for that second R of
3110s Yang on the hottie on the
3113s staff now moving forward I'm I'm curious
3117s to see if byen one of the strongest teas
3123s on ranked will be able to show us
3125s anything versus try hard's hottie just
3128s because try hard was telling me that he
3129s tried playing teada he explored some
3131s ideas looking for the counter for HTI
3134s and there was nothing there
3134s unfortunately we're going to get byen
3136s versus mediocrity on theia mediocrity
3140s taking to the skies now Faria does have
3141s an advantes versus teada can he get this
3144s value off of the V3 but immediately ban
3148s claiming the neutral going for another
3150s one shot it's going to get parried now
3151s it's going to be forced to Ultimate now
3153s but mediocrity doesn't bite he just gets
3156s put into the touch of death oh no but
3159s byin drops it he had him dead to rights
3161s and now the momentum has shifted back to
3164s the Faria back to ban he's looking for
3166s the 50-50 right now trying to guess
3168s exactly where ban is behind the pillar
3169s looking for that Splash damage on the
3171s cannon able to get one can you pepper it
3173s in for the last little hit and and
3175s mediocrity is going to take it on that
3181s faia absolutely insane finish and look
3184s towards it towards the very end here
3187s mediocrity definitely starting to turn
3188s up a little bit as he does is able to
3190s get his win uh from the realm of Yang
3192s and now we're down to the top that
3193s should be no okay no he does have an
3196s opportunity so we're still down to four
3198s he's able to get that elimination but
3200s there's still that runaround here
3201s definitely going to be a lot harder here
3202s as he ends up doing scale Rush a little
3203s bit of a repeating crossbow ni hits
3206s coming through from the right click
3207s connection oh beautiful Perry going to
3209s be able to connect that mediocrity
3211s deciding to turn up a little bit here
3212s going crazy with repeating crossbow the
3213s question is canting connected just
3215s slightly not enough to do what he needs
3216s to here he's going to have to close in
3218s that Gap here as the tea old starts to
3219s pop off here it looks like BC is going
3221s to be able to do just enough here to
3224s maybe make him back off slightly here
3226s but he doesn't decide to heal at the
3228s worst time here it looks like that
3229s listen mediocrity that repeating
3231s crossbow is not working for you it's
3232s time to throw that away it's time for
3234s you to get in there it's time for you to
3235s get bug and it's time for you to get
3236s going cuz now that repeating crossbow is
3238s not doing it for you man you missing out
3240s on some good shots you're whiffing and
3241s he's definitely giving BC a decent
3243s opportunity here for some yields
3245s meanwhile the pistol shots connecting
3246s onto BC as both try hard and mediocrity
3249s is going to try to close in this Gap and
3250s maybe force their fight into getting
3252s this getting this fight meanwhile
3253s tryhard decides um actually mediocrity
3256s decides to turn on try hard here and
3257s he's like no you're not going to steal
3259s my elimination I just want to fight this
3260s with you and now they're both duking it
3262s out as try hard's going to be uh forced
3264s to retreat and try to back off this as
3267s best he can definitely the best time for
3268s him to be able to go for the rotation as
3270s mediocrity is going to get found again
3272s as tr's going to start hitting him with
3273s the dagger beautiful Retreat trying to
3274s see if maybe he can close in this Gap as
3276s he does and still trying to see if they
3278s can find it both whiffing on each side
3279s nice scale rush to connect beautiful
3280s right click on mediocrity mediocrity
3282s trying to see if he can do what he can
3284s here nice Shield trying to see maybe
3285s they can connect it pistol shots
3287s connecting on the try hard here as he is
3289s going to try to see if they can rotated
3290s waiting for the Parry strike maybe
3292s there's an opportunity there for that to
3293s maybe connect but it's not enough both
3295s of them are both really good players
3297s they know what's going on Med Med
3299s meanwhile mediocrity is just getting
3301s absolutely slain by Bat C out of nowhere
3303s here forcing mediocrity to pop open his
3306s ult and go for the retreat as now he's
3308s getting hit and pelted by the hits as
3311s try hard is going to actually start
3312s coming through and causing some problems
3314s and absolutely scale rushing right
3315s clicking after right click after right
3317s click right on the mediocrity here and
3318s now he ends up getting hit on the back
3319s stretch but he hits up popping open that
3321s F beautiful Glide to maybe see if he
3323s could go for the quick Retreat and now
3324s they're both coming through on each side
3326s here try hard waiting for the strike and
3329s now he's going to start to go for the
3331s chase here as mediocrity low dangerously
3333s low APF closing in that Gap here could
3336s potentially get a free elimination
3337s because of it and it looks like he might
3338s be able to here as what APF is finally
3341s able to secure that that kill and now
3343s it's the top three it's going to be
3345s batesy try hard
3347s and and APF in this final three fight
3351s here both of them absolutely duking this
3353s out here and it looks like it's a lot of
3354s daggers and it looks like he also has
3356s the Spear either that's the spear or
3358s that's the psur here and it looks like
3360s that is potentially the spear that he
3361s has with him here beautiful hits trying
3363s to connect on each side here as try
3364s hard's going to be able to get a
3365s beautiful scale onto um onto baty baty
3369s trying to see if they can run towards it
3370s beautiful hits though oh amazing Tak
3372s down here the it's going to pop through
3374s beautiful F to go for the reset here but
3375s still has that opportunity as the pistal
3377s shots trying to see if they can connect
3378s it but it's not going to be enough here
3379s as they do continue to chase b c so
3382s close on maybe being able to get a heal
3384s off just for minute here just for the
3387s chance to close in this Gap here APF
3390s also with the bow giving him the
3392s opportunity for him to back off maybe
3393s pop a heal same with Bat C now Bat C has
3396s an opportunity here but it looks like
3397s one APF will not have that opportunity
3399s to maybe repair his bow as he does have
3402s the opportunity to try to close in this
3403s Gap here so close on each side ladies
3406s and gentlemen this is Games 1 through
3407s six it's time to see who's going to be
3409s able to close out this first game and
3410s who's going to start off strong my money
3412s is still on try hard here but let's see
3413s what happens the B shots going to be
3414s able to try to see see if he can pull
3415s back sadly whiffs that opportunity here
3418s try trying to see if they can connect it
3420s both of them missing on their
3421s opportunities here baty is able to hit
3423s at least one currently here scale rush
3425s trying to connect it both of them scale
3426s rushing it oh baty with a beautiful
3428s Parry forcing try hard maybe for the
3431s back off here beautiful fkey here maybe
3433s for that opportunity here oh but he hits
3435s him with the spear but it's not going to
3436s be enough as he does hit them with a
3438s little bit of a spray just enough to do
3439s what he needs to and APF is able to come
3442s through get the final elimination and
3444s the release four eliminations in total
3447s AP played that toward the very end
3450s watched them was able to fight that out
3452s and was able to come through and go for
3454s the final sweep to get the first dub of
3456s game number
3457s one I always say uh Dobby Works smarter
3462s not harder APF perfectly plays that
3464s endgame he has three kills going into it
3466s and he secures the last two pushing by
3469s Chen into tryhard unfortunately uh
3473s tryhard overextends gets taken down by
3475s byen great play from bchm to close it
3477s out with that F3 and you're seeing Bin's
3479s off spawn absolutely crushing and again
3482s APF Works smarter not harder comes in
3485s with a third party takes down the number
3487s one player try hard byen clutching it up
3490s versus numza just really really
3492s unorthodox C to play doing a ton of
3494s options catching that are unorthodox
3496s catching his opponents off guard numza
3499s getting taken for a ride against the
3502s wall grapple cup kick combo coming out
3505s miss you on top of the Rocks not able to
3507s get any space away from try hard the
3508s Relentless pressure from him absolutely
3510s shredding him in the surprise pocket
3513s pole sword coming out of nowhere and
3515s again Yesa getting hard punished on his
3518s Retreat trying to make some space unable
3522s to get away but two of the top six
3526s players just getting immediately deleted
3528s back to back by try hard now mediocrity
3531s coming out showing that he's not very
3533s mediocre coming out with a huge scale
3535s onto byen while he has the buff and
3537s showing his work inside the realm of
3540s Yang again versus bin guessing these
3543s 50-50s peppering it in and taking down
3546s that te now finally closing it out APF
3550s just easy last hit situations just comes
3554s in Taps it in doesn't even need to use
3556s ultimate and he's going to secure that
3559s kill now try hard absolutely decimated a
3561s Lobby up to six kills and ended up
3563s getting 11 points even though he was in
3565s third place APF with that win with that
3568s extra placement points hot on his heels
3570s with 10.4 byen winning his offs spawns
3573s getting tons of skills at 9.4 go by I'm
3577s guessing mediocrity might be go by at
3580s nine points miss you at 3.4 a huge drop
3583s off here the top four skyrocketing ahead
3585s numza at 3.4 Casper at 3.4 Chris Woo at
3589s two yea at two weapon swapper at one
3592s Justin at one and King colal I don't
3595s believe King Cobalt showed up today
3597s unlucky for my
3600s man absolutely unlucky and unfortunate
3604s but still with that though try hard
3607s coming through very very strong in his
3608s first game was able to secure those
3610s three eliminations super super early so
3613s any eliminations that he has after that
3615s is just it's just icing on the cake and
3618s it's also a good look just to have and a
3620s good feeling knowing that each time he's
3621s just getting ahead ahead and more ahead
3623s of the pack so even though he wasn't ble
3625s to actually secure the dub for our game
3626s number one those eliminations was still
3629s able to do enough for him to take that
3630s first place slot uh overall for our game
3633s number one so obviously still good but
3636s he is not out of the Woodworks yet he
3638s still has four more games to fight sorry
3641s five more games to fight this out and
3643s the next player is only one point behind
3646s him yeah APF one point behind one of uh
3650s try hard's biggest training Partners
3652s these two they zero ban all day at
3654s Worlds they fought against each other
3656s non-stop try hard credits AP APF for one
3659s of the reasons he's really good and even
3660s to me APF was one of my teachers taking
3663s me under his wings teaching me three
3664s band he's always been one of the goats
3666s of solos and with the second chance of
3668s Astro cup you're seeing what it looks
3670s like when APF focuses on solos instead
3672s of trios I know for most of the Season
3675s APF mainly Conant in trios and actually
3677s yesterday him and missu were able to
3680s take that second place behind Intel now
3684s more on that afterwards we're going to
3686s take a short break folks and we'll be
3689s right back for game two on
3699s [Music]
3713s hollo
3716s [Music]
3743s a
3745s [Music]
3774s oh
3779s [Music]
3782s [Applause]
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3803s w
3813s [Music]
3844s [Music]
3893s he
3898s [Music]
3913s [Applause]
3923s n
3928s ladies and gentlemen welcome back to
3929s nraa Blade point the astral cup and so
3933s far game number one I mean they're not
3935s leaving no crumbs on the table everybody
3937s is licking their plates clean they're
3938s making sure that everybody is gone good
3940s to go and clearly first game on Morris
3944s Isle was going to be a very strong one
3946s and we called it just the way that it is
3948s now meanwhile back at the standings here
3950s 11 points already leading up to the top
3952s for tryhard APF down in in uh place
3956s number two our winner actually for our
3959s game number one but try hard just
3960s getting a little bit more of an edge a
3962s little bit more ahead of the game uh
3964s when it came to the overall points
3966s getting those first early eliminations
3968s of three points before he even got
3970s eliminated out of the first uh first few
3973s minutes of the game here meanwhile uh
3975s APF is close second by chin is third
3977s with uh 9.4 and galai closes out our top
3980s close to our top five with nine points
3983s now even with here they still have a lot
3985s more to come through and hopefully
3987s everybody else will really start to
3988s clock in but like I said it's only the
3990s first game so there's still more to
3991s happen but let's get into it as we're
3993s about to lock in for HOV obviously HOV
3996s is a much larger map a l a much larger
3998s space to be able to not only continue
4000s some of that movement but at the same
4002s time you definitely can close out um a
4005s lot more eliminations as well but you
4007s also have a big opportunity to lose some
4010s of those eliminations as well because it
4012s is a lot easier to scale it's a lot
4014s easier to Rush it's a lot easier to get
4016s out of Harm's Way because of the amount
4018s of room that you have so hopefully uh a
4022s lot of these solo players will use that
4024s to their advantage when it comes to
4025s moving when it comes to be being able to
4027s escape when it is one HP and uh let's
4029s see if those let's see if uh these
4031s players have been really taking their
4033s their um their maneuvering skills uh
4036s seriously because this is where this is
4038s where you learn right
4040s here yeah Hollow Roo like you were
4042s saying Dobby wide open space and after
4045s game one on Morris that we only had
4048s three people in that end game I can only
4051s imagine how fast pace this daytime hollo
4055s is going to be now traditionally we see
4057s a lot of zipping in Fair on this bent
4059s but I'm wondering if anyone's going to
4061s come in clutch with some hotti play as
4063s well weapon swapper getting by chin
4066s to the ground just absolutely decimating
4070s with these Nunes covering every single
4072s option on wake up over and over we're
4074s seeing go by in the field as well taking
4076s down Justin I don't know why go named
4080s himself to mediocrity he's definitely
4082s not mediocre he's definitely having less
4084s than a mediocre day multiple players
4087s going down now at the top R in Plum
4088s Castle sin numza showing up switching
4092s over to tryhard and yisha Grand finals
4095s going out it can Yesa finally find the
4098s answer to one of his demons try hard one
4100s two three canceling out looking for the
4102s Stagger unable to get a nice little play
4104s right there Yesa hiding under the cover
4106s able to get that horizontal Focus attack
4108s off now scale rushing away trying to get
4109s the reset here looking for the armor
4111s reset able to get it able to get the
4113s parry and he's able to conquer one of
4115s his demons and he sends try hard packing
4117s to his second
4120s life absolutely insane to see that
4123s finish come through here as exio is able
4125s to get his first elimination of this
4128s game here absolutely had in struggle
4130s here if you guys don't remember he was
4131s the first person that got eliminated in
4133s our game number one of by the second by
4136s the our first place uh Placer currently
4138s tryhard as I think he was trying to
4140s force the 50-50 and obviously his 50/50
4143s was um not in his favor so he was able
4146s to so he sadly dig it eliminated out of
4148s this so hopefully I mean obviously a
4150s good turnaround for him in this game
4151s number one here as oh scale rush trying
4153s to see if he can close it out but the
4155s bow actually ends up stopping him Midway
4157s through it trying to see if he can
4159s connected so not enough to do what he
4160s needs to here and it looks like now he's
4162s going to have to go through with the
4163s maneuvering and let's see what we let's
4164s see what we have here nice scale rushes
4166s beautiful connect on each side here
4167s trying to see if they can come through
4168s and close it out numza trying to see if
4170s maybe they can find it here as he ends
4172s up hanging off of the side and the edge
4174s oh ends up getting hit nice scale Rush
4176s nice reset here from Numba oh beautiful
4179s Parry to do exactly what he needs to
4180s here the long sword able to do a whole
4182s lot of momentum here now he just needs a
4183s little bit more damage to do what he
4184s needs to here oh as he starts to get
4186s absolutely hit discouraged and
4188s slaughtered by the cannon shots oh
4190s beautiful hits trying to see if he can
4191s rotate it nice shot though by the musket
4193s but it's not going to be able to do
4194s enough here as he does end up popping
4197s finishing open the AL here oh right
4198s click to be able to do enough but it's
4200s not going to be able to do enough Midway
4201s through that heel and still is able to
4203s keep it alive this is the problem with
4204s fighting a Zing a Zing Ying you either
4207s have to be fully direct and ready to
4210s fight them out completely all the way or
4213s you just have to be able to retreat it
4215s because it is absolutely sometimes it
4217s feels impossible and it feels like it
4219s takes so long to finish out and get an
4221s elimination on a z p because all they
4223s just focus on is getting those deals and
4224s that's one of the issues that we've had
4226s especially like when we especially when
4227s Zing first started you know having that
4229s choice a lot of people chose zinging in
4232s order to continue to keep fighting in
4234s order to continue uh to keep these
4236s Maneuvers happening and and keep the
4237s game alive for themselves here so now
4239s especially in the mvpl in mvpl now
4242s you're forced to only pick um each hero
4246s twice so now people have to be limited
4249s on when is it the best time to pick a
4250s zip Andy you can't necessarily force him
4253s every single time in every one of these
4254s fights because you know she does come
4256s with a massive advantage of those heals
4258s but the question is if you're if you're
4260s not that good in terms of actually
4261s fighting that definitely puts you a
4263s little bit on the disadvantage because
4264s it just
4265s prolongs uh yeah just prolongs the death
4269s yeah like you were saying uh Dobby
4271s zipping one of the menaces of fair he's
4273s just able to out sustain and has so much
4276s durability you really get to just walk
4278s down these fos she's one of the hard
4279s counters to far on top that Holo even
4282s though Faria does a little bit better in
4284s that end game zipping in this early in
4287s this middle just lays absolute Siege to
4290s all the fers trying to burn their
4291s resources stop them from scaling up
4294s getting those purple weapons and those
4295s purple armors well far benefits from it
4297s a ton but here with a ton of movement
4299s options you're seeing that vda those
4301s zipping going at it trying to found an
4303s advantage right now byen on the vda
4305s going to get that stagger into the onew
4306s looking for the bow shot playing this
4308s very safe but Yesa one of the best
4310s movements in this current meta of solo
4313s na players numza coming out of nowhere
4315s throwing his patented one charge with
4317s the staff looking for that vertical
4319s unable to get it but ban unfaced by it
4322s he has eyes for one person and it's this
4324s zipping unfortunately for him this
4326s zipping is playing hard to get doesn't
4328s want to just give it up that easily byen
4331s is going to tap out can't keep up with
4333s it but numza going over hitting the Bell
4335s revealing everyone's location getting a
4338s lay of the land we got Chris Woo in the
4341s background former rank one he does have
4343s white arm against all these blueberries
4345s can he find some action right now
4348s Yesa peppering in just being an absolute
4351s Menace he doesn't want to engage un
4353s unless he's coming in third party with
4354s 90 seconds to the first realm of Yang
4357s these players don't seem very interested
4360s and resetting uh and going for rang
4362s they're happy to play this herd fighting
4365s this multi-way fight this one V One V
4367s One V one byen coming out of left field
4369s looking for the R&B as well but numza
4371s again with the patented vertical one un
4374s charge Yesa with the panded flank
4376s looking for the opportunity finally
4377s finds him numza with the 211 able to get
4380s the focus off but he misses the timing
4383s just a little bit and just like that
4385s yisha is out of here just a little bit
4387s of Hit and Run doesn't get the look that
4389s he wants now he's out of here gonna
4391s reset gonna conserve his resources numza
4395s Daz and Confused looking for B and byen
4398s is like you know what I'm out of here
4401s I'm going to make my well way to that
4403s realm of yang
4404s now I'm curious to see what the rest of
4407s the lobby is playing plume Castle
4409s generally benefits all the zipping all
4412s the very defensive characters who can
4413s out sustain keep fighting for a long
4416s time and unfortunately because all these
4419s characters are very defensive it's
4420s incredibly tough to get a kill with so
4422s much movement ability to them now Yesa
4424s and byen going in great scale rush into
4427s Perry into the weapon swap Old Reliable
4430s coming out getting the tech Chase
4431s getting the reset and again another
4433s another big combo coming out from byen
4435s trying to cover up the wake up with a
4437s vertical not able to get it light
4438s attacks coming in weaving in and out but
4441s the zipping alt is out nice stagger not
4443s letting Yesa reset jumping El beans
4445s denying the exit with the F3 just
4448s absolutely smothering Yesa Yesa has the
4452s F1 has a little bit of room to breathe
4454s able to get onto the rooftop will ban be
4456s able to lock him down great movement
4458s from yisha breaking the ankles from uh
4461s byen and now into the realm of we got
4464s Chris wo versus go by R&B is are going
4466s to come out and I can't believe Chris wo
4468s goes in with white armor my man is
4470s confident he's come to play purple staff
4472s in hand though he will be doing a ton of
4474s damage rolling up baiting out the Parry
4476s unable to get the timing though doesn't
4477s get the Stagger looks for the light
4479s attack looks for the musk not able to
4480s get it and this time go by traps him
4482s gets the corner he's going to have to
4484s pop ultimate but he baits it out gets a
4486s grapple kick combo vertical Focus coming
4488s out covers the wake up V3 is out doesn't
4490s get any value Now We're Off to the Races
4493s can he find the kill the FIA change in
4495s effect getting the stagger into the
4498s cannon shot a trip double shot coming
4500s out go by trying to make it to the
4501s corner unable to nice double jump
4503s jumping just over the cannon and dodging
4506s out the musket shots go by threatening
4508s you better get back in that turn form
4509s we're going to shoot you in the face
4511s with this musket Chris Woo looking for
4513s this shot great movement from goai
4515s giving him the toughest shot above his
4517s head but Chris wo UNF peppering him up
4519s with these lmb attacks now coming out of
4522s the fair we only got 10 seconds someone
4525s has to make a move someone has to bet at
4527s all who's going to guess correctly 4
4529s seconds left unfortunately against Faria
4532s it is a win or tie and in this case for
4536s Chris Woo and go by it goes a
4540s tie both of them lose it out in a tie
4544s here that's what happens when you're
4546s both good players here the the realm of
4547s Yas got to go all right guys you got to
4549s go you ain't got to stay home but you
4551s got to get out of here cuz y'all taking
4552s too long y want to somebody needs to get
4554s eliminated here so if y none of y'all
4556s won't I will both of y'all meanwhile
4559s weapons swapper ends up getting hit with
4561s a large Parry by Miss U and now missu
4564s has the opportunity here to potentially
4566s secure the elimination but obviously the
4567s scale rush trying to see if they can
4568s separate it just a little bit longer
4570s definitely is making it so much harder
4571s for him he's end up catching him inside
4572s the corner here goes that F key trying
4574s to see if they can keep the game alive
4575s for himself nice scale rush trying to
4576s see if he can close in the Gap as he is
4578s able to nice hits connecting it
4580s potentially catches him inside the door
4581s definitely makes it harder for them to
4582s be able to back off
4584s up the stairs nice scale trying to see
4586s if they can close in this Gap but it's
4588s so so hard to especially when you have a
4591s z ping that just will not get eliminated
4593s just won't die you're like come on man
4596s he's able to close in this Gap here do
4598s exactly what he needs to here nice hits
4599s on the stairs trying to see if they can
4601s close in this gy oh nice hit with the
4603s dagger trying to see if they can nice
4604s hit a nice little turn scale rush trying
4607s to rotate this around the spear goes on
4609s the in skirts here waiting and maybe
4611s predicting them potentially going in in
4613s the front here but it doesn't look like
4614s it his weapon swapper ends up getting
4616s hit again the spear able to scale it as
4618s he's just timing it he's just timing it
4619s long enough so that way maybe he can pop
4621s his fky again for more heals as that
4623s opportunity starts to come in a little
4624s bit more he's still not making it easy
4627s as the scale Rush here comes through
4628s amazingly as APF waiting for the scale
4630s Rush
4630s here I saw that scale in the corner I
4633s think he was just waiting for somebody
4634s to come through that
4636s door as looks like the Shadow's going to
4638s start to slowly close in this Gap as
4639s well here one APF definitely nearby as
4642s well I don't know why I keep putting the
4643s one there I feel like the one would just
4644s be a really nice like just a nice extra
4648s like little bit of pizzazz to it I feel
4650s like the one APF would definitely like
4651s get it like I'm just the I'm the one I'm
4653s the one AP I'm the only AP you know cuz
4655s obviously you know AP really nice
4657s watches uh miss you ends up uh getting
4660s some of those uh some rewards as it
4663s looks like Casper was able to actually
4665s secure that elimination out of nowhere
4668s with a cannon and some burn TI
4671s damage it's funny that you say one APF
4674s that's actually apf's switch name on
4677s Twitch so he agrees with you that one
4679s APF does make sense for him now
4682s following that frustrating fight of
4685s chasing down weapon swaer it's just it's
4688s just a tough time chasing a zipping with
4690s gold f with that possibility of V with
4693s the F uh F1 bu Buffs that first uh
4697s variation of her abilities it's just so
4699s much healing and sustain that goes to
4701s zipping it has a faster cool down than
4702s F2 it Al increases your healing when you
4704s take heals and it gives you a regen over
4706s time APF is just playing this so
4709s textbook he's just not really taking any
4711s risk willing to ice off situation
4713s playing on that bista now Chris W
4715s showing up against missu Chris with the
4717s double hold DOD out looking for the
4718s parry and missu wise enough not to
4720s release into there just going for the
4721s light attacks double jump Gambit going
4723s to deny the option able to get the cross
4725s up able to get the weapon swap but the
4727s Rocks geps his combo and now it's Chris
4729s wer what do we got for us again he drops
4731s his combo but the V3 is going to come
4733s out nice Guma stop coming out from missu
4734s getting the combo section on the drop
4737s down but the B3 is going to come out can
4739s Chris turn away in time to deny the
4741s damage he's able to miss you with the
4743s advantage here doesn't have Al to his
4745s name he's going to try to get in front
4746s to see if he can take down Chris and the
4748s lmb is going to go through smack Chris
4750s before he can get that heal off and
4751s missu is going to secure the kill now
4753s another faia battle going down Faria
4756s versus balda numza versus byen purple
4760s fan in his hand numza trying to the
4763s distance trying to get those pepper in
4764s those cannon shots but by Chen able to
4766s Ife frame perfectly able to pop those
4768s top Dodges on reaction now APF on the
4772s background seeing another fight going
4773s down and Mr APF one APF looking to work
4778s smarter not harder coming in with the
4780s third party sees that numza is against
4782s the ropes sees him in zone doesn't need
4784s to force the issue patience is the key
4787s here APF hunting waiting to see where
4789s numza is going he knows that he has to
4791s be in that building I wonder if he's
4793s hearing the sound q that numza is just
4794s going to hold down now the first Zone
4796s doesn't do a ton of damage so great play
4798s from nza to camp this out try to get the
4801s sent off from APF Yang is going to be
4803s coming down is APF going to want to go
4805s in it doesn't look like that he's happy
4807s to sit on the outside he's happy to play
4810s these One V One V one situations looking
4812s in for that third third party byen ends
4816s up searching it out looking for uh numza
4821s in the zone but going into the real of
4822s yang we got missu versus Casper Gold f
4826s is going to be popped combo break is out
4828s now both of them no combo the name next
4830s thing is a Comm middle tap joh is going
4832s to come out missu with the V3 able to
4834s get the R&B able to get the jump lmb and
4835s another two so much shift damage coming
4837s out from missu but Casper able to get a
4840s vertical off that explosive armor saving
4842s out missu now missu not going to go into
4844s the mech a little bit wild here instead
4846s he's going to go for these pole swords
4849s he has a go pocket P sword down another
4851s looks for the scale Rush he has to be
4852s careful here the buff to Faria is not to
4854s be messed with and now with that delayed
4856s Faria scale rushing across great play
4858s from missu but Casper has a three piece
4860s on him able to get DM now now miss you
4862s with an opportunity to take down Casper
4865s against the pole the peppering is coming
4867s out Casper Bob weaving using the gold F
4869s he only has a sliver of health and missu
4872s is going to take him down with the leg
4874s shot Casper unable to weather the storm
4878s versus missu incredible play from him
4881s absolutely insane
4883s all the way around here just to be able
4885s to push in and get that missu is
4886s definitely one of the top players and is
4888s also there an incredible player um over
4891s overall here I've watched missu um over
4894s the last few years here as a as a player
4896s in general here and they really have uh
4899s come into their own as a player just
4900s getting better and better over time so
4902s obviously really seeing them able to
4904s hold strong and really uh Crush through
4906s all the way toward aaran is very amazing
4909s to watch and to see so let's see if they
4910s still keep the same energy as they're
4912s going to continue to move forward here
4914s in these games but starting off three
4916s eliminations so far very good from missu
4918s overall as we still have six players
4920s alive AP also looks like they're uh
4923s struggling here they have zero
4924s eliminations under their belt so they're
4925s going to need to get something here as o
4927s there was somebody in that bush I know
4929s that was very quick for them to see that
4931s turn around here from the camera but
4932s there was somebody in that bush and I
4933s definitely noticed that they're on the
4936s rotation as we have an abysal aurora one
4938s attack Soul Jade and three melee resist
4940s Soul Jade twos from APF here so clearly
4944s definitely that defensive side of him is
4946s definitely um going to be a big
4947s Advantage for AP in the middle of these
4949s fights here it looks like missu is
4952s currently in the middle of a fight too
4953s is maybe we can go back to seeing what's
4955s going on over there on that side of the
4957s on that side of the
4959s mountain looks like they are oh no it
4961s looks like it's going to be a nice
4962s little scale Rush fight it looks like
4963s Casper is also going to be nearby as
4964s well
4966s potentially in order to fully cast this
4968s out it looks like they will be able to
4969s fight this out here no real way to do
4971s anything else here is going to try to
4973s see if they can scale rush it right
4974s towards it just trying to see if they
4976s can close in the Gap oh beautiful Parry
4978s on the Casper though decides not to
4979s fight that out decides just dip out
4981s giving himself a little bit more space
4984s whoa what type of Soul Jade does do does
4987s this person
4990s have wow missu keeping up the pressure
4994s onto
4995s Yesa has that Mystic M buff it's going
4997s to be really tough for Yia to get away
4998s that Mystic M buff does give you ESP
5001s every couple second it KS him on the map
5003s and Casper keeping up the pressure he
5004s does have the Yang depletion 2 minutes
5006s left we got to eat a soul balloon Boys
5008s in order to survive can Casper find this
5011s kill Yesa has his work cut out for him
5013s double Faria chasing him down the katana
5016s on Casper looking for his Pandit opener
5019s looking for that scale rush but yisha
5021s breaking ankles right now and
5023s unfortunately for Cas he's going to be
5024s running into the jabbing of missu but
5025s looks like missu has eyes for now Casper
5029s this is very dangerous fighting on this
5030s platform two ballistas on both sides
5033s sides explosions can come out at every
5034s second Casper with the kiing Ring Around
5036s The Rose he doesn't want to give up the
5039s the opener to missu he sees that missu
5041s has his jabbing on the staff that direct
5044s damage that range is just so powerful in
5046s it missu peppering his way in not
5048s overheating not overcooking just trying
5051s to find an opening with that grapple bot
5054s Casper holding his ground perfectly here
5055s denying the pressure from missu missu
5057s doesn't really want to overcommit here
5059s buff is going to be running out wants to
5061s transition to that late game on the
5065s Faria transitioning from early to mid
5067s that's when zipping really want to get
5069s in there but it looks like Casper he has
5072s to find an open here that Yang depletion
5074s is ticking he realizes that he needs to
5076s force the issue here nice R&B coming in
5078s doing a big amount of Chip damage Casper
5080s looking for the Parry not able to get it
5082s nice Bob and weaving tap Dodge posturing
5085s and now miss you getting the V3
5087s revealing his hand overh holding but
5090s Casper on phas just staying on top of
5092s missu missu forced to go in the mech
5094s Casper though the time is ticking the
5096s pressure is building missu is going to
5098s be able to get a full heal right now 40
5100s seconds left will Caster be able to find
5104s the kill versus missu this this Mech has
5107s a ton of Health has a ton of ability for
5111s missu to reset right now but the purple
5113s P sword is going to be doing a ton of
5114s damage and APF showing up to the party
5116s as well now missu nervous about this
5118s situation needs to start disengaging
5120s needs to find a better scenario able to
5122s pop off not Casper back the combo break
5124s is going to be used he's going to look
5125s for an opener onto Casper gets a sagger
5128s and wisely backs off before Casper can
5130s get that V3 opener and APF coming out of
5132s nowhere again with the third party
5135s working smarter not harder but missu
5137s wants to claim this kill Casper with the
5139s white armor reset he needs to find an
5141s opening here unable to get away and it
5144s looks like missu with that last little
5147s bit of Chip damage is going to take down
5150s Casper overall absolutely an insane
5154s display here as missu was able to secure
5156s their next elimination absolutely
5158s putting in that work and that effort
5160s here amazing thing to see overall and
5163s it's good it's really been good overall
5165s as we're able to see that put in towards
5167s the very end and let's see if we could
5169s see even more of an opportunity come
5171s through as one APF still is able to run
5173s through it still is able to do what they
5174s need to here what a large shutdown
5177s here do exactly what they need to
5181s overall
5183s let's see if APF has that opportunity
5185s though so so far five players alive who
5188s are you going for I'm really
5190s surprised that APF is playing Max melee
5193s resistance like I've known APF for the
5195s past two years he's normally a super
5197s aggressive player when he goes in he
5199s likes to take in that action he likes to
5202s go for fights he thinks it's weak to
5205s play slow but we're seeing another sign
5207s of him I know last year when he made
5209s grand finals he played that strategy it
5212s definitely humbled him and we're seeing
5214s that today that you don't need to do all
5216s the heavy lifting you don't need to do
5217s all the damage when it's called upon you
5220s should have the ability to fight back
5222s you should have the ability to take down
5223s people and I'm going to have to go with
5225s my man APF he's looking locked in today
5227s no overextension looks like sound
5230s strategy using every piece of terrain to
5232s his Advantage running full meta strategy
5234s running that nice teada counterpick so
5236s he's not fully going to the defensive
5238s mode he's instead looking for those
5240s skills using his abilities to try to
5242s secure him now unfortunately for this
5244s round he's not able to find the
5245s opportunity to pick up kills off spawn
5248s with that faia buff I think that be
5250s might be a slight mistake and as we go
5252s to end game I'm going to have to give it
5254s to miss you as far as winning this end
5257s game I'm surprised that we haven't seen
5259s any of try hard today looks like he was
5261s gotten taken down off spawn but with
5263s Faria leading into this end game she is
5266s notorious for being that endgame demon
5269s but I don't know if it goes the distance
5271s Dobby a lot of these players miss you in
5274s uh especially very impatient but it
5276s looks like go by mediocrity APF both
5279s playing this very uh slow nums up
5281s playing this very slow and we still have
5283s one person on the map that we do not see
5287s involved right now and looking over at
5290s missu inventory my man is stacked to the
5294s guills we got Yesa in the background
5296s we're we're really going to this end
5298s game and Yesa with that gold dagger I
5301s think Yesa was on on the zipping there
5303s is a chance it's between I would
5307s say oh this is so tough all these guys
5309s are Grand finalist I might have to put
5311s it on Yesa I didn't realize there was a
5313s zipping hiding in the bush with so many
5315s faras uh on Deck I believe Yesa is going
5320s to time them out and looking at his
5322s Jades and everything he has Advan Health
5324s he's going to be able to time them out
5326s stay high up in the air use that grapple
5329s cancel over and over and hopefully use
5332s all his cool Downs to survive this end
5334s game especially with all these buildings
5336s being uh in place it's going to be a lot
5339s it's going to be very difficult for
5340s Faria to find those line of sight angles
5342s to get a ton of value off her cannon
5345s shots unfortunately going into this end
5349s game all these players are are happy to
5352s play this heal off situation the person
5353s who needs to make a move here though
5355s that this situation becomes unwinable is
5358s definitely APF teada not notorious for
5362s winning these heal off situations his
5364s power spike is earlier in the game that
5366s offs spawn that mid game that inside
5369s real of Yang where he's able to lock
5371s people down use his Touch of death
5373s Combos and find Value on his teada who
5377s do you think out of these five players
5380s uh Dobby is going to take
5385s it
5389s definitely definitely definitely tough
5392s uh to see how this is going because I
5394s feel like with everybody everybody has
5395s an opportunity here I feel like uh missu
5398s has been playing this really well they
5400s have a couple eliminations under the
5401s belt so their confidence is highly
5403s highly up there AP has been has done a
5405s fantastic job of really playing the
5407s formula and the format of where everyone
5411s is and knowing when to strike to be
5414s honest with you I feel like APF has this
5416s I think his timing is really impeccable
5418s sometimes and I think he knows when it's
5420s the best time to strike so I feel like
5422s for the advantage of AP and what he's
5424s done overall especially with certain
5426s things cuz sometimes it's just like how
5427s you said it's about working smarter not
5429s harder and I feel like AP is definitely
5431s an amazing Testament to that so I feel
5433s like my money is going to be on APF for
5435s uh this final Circle here I want to see
5438s if maybe he's not only is able to secure
5440s maybe an elimination or two but also a
5442s dub here if he plays this
5444s smart yeah circle is coming in
5447s everyone's getting forced out place is
5449s revealed and now the character pool is
5451s revealed APF look looking around
5452s realizing that no one looks like him
5455s this is going to be a tough Lobby for
5456s him to navigate for him to win and
5459s immediately Yaman nums are fighting for
5461s the dominance of the bridge but that
5463s gold dagger tons of pain going out to
5465s him Yesa on that zipping has a ton of
5468s durability and already go by on the side
5471s M getting fied by missu the the twin
5474s shot and Cannon coming out on to go by
5477s missu doesn't want to give up a little
5478s bit space here gold long sword in hand
5480s though all of these Fair with purple
5483s weapons at minimum are going to be doing
5485s a ton of damage numza find a little spot
5488s here away from everyone and now go by as
5491s well on the zipping I didn't realize we
5493s had two zipping going into this last leg
5496s of the game now traditionally holl Ro
5498s this is how it's played out daytime
5499s Hough it's very very hard to find kills
5503s onto faras and zipping unless the
5506s zipping are really going to force the
5508s action really risk dying uh you're not
5511s going to see any of these players dying
5513s anytime soon unfortunately when you
5516s overextend in the situation it's very
5518s easy to G and get third party now we're
5519s seeing the bleed out of APF Yesa on that
5525s zipping with the dagger just death by a
5527s th Cuts will APF able to get a reset
5529s here we got a Cliffs side end game with
5532s these buty rocks it's really difficult
5534s to get melee attacks off these rocks the
5536s sliding animation locks you in place
5538s Yesa holding down the prime location
5541s that ultimate height peppering in
5543s everyone showing everyone this is my
5546s spot on the other side miss you claiming
5548s the top of the Rocks but APF has his
5550s tree able to line the sight deny a lot
5552s of the pressure from yisha sending R&B's
5556s consistently with that fan now Yesa
5558s trying to hold his ground looking for
5559s the Perry letting APF know we can switch
5561s sides brother you can have the bridge if
5563s you want he's willing to take this all
5565s the way down that gold armor is going to
5567s provide so much tankiness now APF on The
5571s High Ground the most ideal location you
5573s can see this cada he's not going to be
5576s able to do much he's not going to be
5577s able to get a combo going he just wants
5578s to buy as much time play for some last
5581s hit situations by his time missu with
5583s the gold P sword rolling through looks
5585s like missu getting lobbied right now
5587s everyone spotting missu panicking
5591s looking for some room and the first FA
5593s Al is going to be forced out now missu
5595s he's not going down without a fight he's
5597s peppering in everyone APF trying to
5599s force ye out but this tight that's
5601s spacing is just impeccable Dobby it's
5603s actually insane like that's definitely
5606s something that you definitely do not
5607s want to get caught in especially with
5608s numza being so far down and now with
5610s even with the Rockets he's getting
5612s pushed out of the circle here definitely
5613s gives him the disadvantage here as missu
5615s actually ends up taking his place and
5617s now he's caught in a tough situation
5618s here as he's going to be forced to be
5620s able to pop up up top here as he ends up
5621s losing his ulti here and now it's just
5624s all three scrambling inside of this
5626s tight little circle here so that way
5627s they don't get caught by the massive
5628s ulti by that numza has here the timing
5631s couldn't be even more impeccable here as
5632s now he ends up not having his out as
5634s well and it looks like the final fight
5636s comes through here as it looks like he's
5638s able to successfully get the elimination
5639s the beautiful finish all the way towards
5640s that end AP trying to see if they can
5642s scale rush it on the outskirts here
5644s mediocrity and and him getting hit off
5646s the outskirts miss you up top just
5648s trying to carry it out not really trying
5649s to fight this and forcing the fights on
5651s the towards the bottom here just waiting
5653s for them to do what they need to and now
5654s it's time for the force fight on each
5656s side here APF is going to be able to go
5657s through the separation miss you not able
5659s to secure any dub for himself is here as
5661s medoc is trying to hold on for the
5663s longest stretch as possible here waiting
5665s for it here as he is able to
5666s successfully carry out the elimination
5668s at least I thought he did as ye actually
5671s holds on towards the very end three
5674s eliminations tied on each player here
5676s and only ye ends up actually being ahead
5679s of the damage only by
5682s 2,000 damage ye having 14,000 overall
5686s and looks like um missu having 12,000
5689s overall but my what a tight Circle they
5692s did not really want to fight towards
5693s that end yeah Yesa and goai on the
5696s zipping they play it perfectly they they
5699s do a ton of damage to the feris forcing
5701s out their ultimate so they have nothing
5703s to worry about going into that heal off
5704s situation and zipping it's just the meta
5707s of the game now zipping has so much
5710s healing capabilities for that end game
5712s and it allows her to close it out so
5714s well played by both of them they end up
5716s getting a tie by looking over at the
5718s early in mid game you see missu
5720s absolutely crushing it in inside the
5722s real y with that weapon swap
5725s combo go by tying it up with Chris who
5728s but he's able to bring it back in that
5730s end game able to close it out missu an
5734s absolute Terror throughout the game and
5736s even inside the realm of the M able to
5737s clutch it up versus the combo God Casper
5740s Casper desperately trying to get away in
5742s the situation using his scale Rush using
5744s his movement but it's not enough with
5746s these faia Buffs she's just able to get
5748s so much value out of her ultimate and
5750s again unfor unfortunately Casper gets
5752s walked down again by missu getting that
5755s last hit the Yang depletion coming out
5758s unable to find that kill now looking
5759s back at this end game go by taken to the
5761s sky using those grapples over and over
5762s to delay the ineval missu taken to the
5765s sky as well trying to stay in zone for
5767s as long as possible but he has two
5768s zipping to deal with they just have such
5771s big Health pools and he's not able to
5773s close it out APF holding his ground
5776s claiming that third place but again
5778s zipping the ultimate Queen for this heal
5781s off situ
5782s situation absolutely insane of a finish
5786s here as we're going to look at the top
5787s and it looks like gai is going to be
5789s closing this game out with the 16.8 AP
5793s still in that second place has not moved
5795s a bit with the 13.4 points and miss you
5798s with a 12.4 overall tryhard all the way
5801s at the very end here NB uh with 12
5803s points in by chin closing out our top
5805s five with an 11.4 game so far it's still
5808s a tight game anybody really has an
5810s opportunity here but surprisingly to see
5812s G all the way at the top here but still
5814s was able to get those eliminations is
5815s able to do what he needs to nice
5817s shutdown beautiful find all the way here
5819s and it's just it's a it's a good look
5821s for them overall here yeah go by has
5824s been competing in tournaments the the
5825s win has eluded him he's he's worked on
5829s this game nonstop he's worked on his
5831s zero band he's worked on his three band
5833s he's a super technical player I remember
5835s when he first came out onto the scam he
5836s was very very defensive but he was
5838s taking it very seriously now you're
5840s seeing all of his work paying off when
5842s now he knows where to hit the gas when
5845s to show up when to take that aggression
5847s and he dominates that end game able to
5849s close it out with three kills and that
5851s win unfortunately for the FAS are not
5853s able to find that opening and we're
5855s seeing that leaderboard switch up a
5856s little bit but it's still game one game
5859s two it's a little bit of Feeler and I
5861s think the way the lobby is shaping up
5864s everyone has come out to play this is
5866s super meaningful I think there's a lot
5868s more on the line besides the money all
5870s these players there's that feeling when
5872s you don't get to go to Worlds that you
5873s just wish you had that another chance an
5875s astral cup has given an opportunity for
5878s these guys to show up and have that
5880s second chance and you're seeing maximum
5882s effort from these guys if they were just
5884s running it down taking every fight
5886s possible they're just kind of playing
5888s for fun right now but you're seeing that
5890s there's a lot of Pride on the line
5891s you're seeing a lot of top level nraa
5893s now even though that was a slow round
5895s not the best to watch I know in the
5897s future as we move forward the the
5900s aggression is going to be ramp up as we
5902s go into those Firefly days as everyone
5904s warms up as the but butterflies start
5906s caling down I'm happy to see that all
5909s these top solo players are coming out
5911s swinging absolutely Coming Out Swinging
5914s as much as possible here especially with
5916s players like AP and try hard and now
5918s miss you really really deciding to pop
5920s off here as I feel like now after you
5923s know getting those Jitters out getting
5924s that first elimination done they really
5926s were able to do what they need to here
5927s and really pop off in such an incredible
5929s way so I'm excited to see what they do
5931s over overall but we still have four more
5934s games left we're going to be headed back
5935s to Morris Isle uh to be able to really
5938s close this uh out here and obviously
5940s going back to the OG map for the OG days
5942s and I think it's going to be a good game
5943s but for now we'll be right back as we're
5945s going to get ready to lock this in for
5947s our next games here for the Rocka blade
5949s point we'll see you guys in a
5957s [Music]
5960s moment
5963s [Music]
5965s [Applause]
5971s [Applause]
5974s [Music]
5990s a
5991s [Music]
6020s a
6023s [Music]
6049s [Applause]
6050s what
6057s [Applause]
6065s [Music]
6100s [Music]
6140s oh
6143s [Music]
6171s ah
6180s [Music]
6185s ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the
6187s Asal cup for the Rocka blade Point as
6189s we're about to get ready to lock in for
6190s our game number three at Morris Isle I
6193s am your host and Caster uh at Ambush
6195s King and accompanied by Raven npl
6198s capital Z if there isn't a capital Z
6200s that's not Raven uh as we're about to
6201s get ready to lock in here for another
6203s game so far the first two games are
6205s already complete and so far it seems
6207s like the most consistent one right now
6209s as AP he has yet to move in any
6211s standings he hasn't gone up and he
6213s hasn't gone down still in second place
6214s holding strong with a good amount of
6216s eliminations but it looks like it's
6217s going to be G by at the very top with
6219s the 16.8 as AP like I said has not moved
6222s from that second place getting himself a
6224s 13.4 so still three points behind first
6228s place but still as a solo player that's
6230s definitely some room to be able to get
6232s some few eliminations get a top Place
6234s finish you can definitely see himself in
6236s the top Place meanwhile close slowly
6238s creeping up out of nowhere miss you
6240s coming down from the very bottom of the
6242s barrel and now is in top three with a
6244s 12.4 and almost tying it up with tryhard
6247s with 12 points even closing out of top
6249s five is by Chan and so far even with
6251s even with ye at the very bottom of of
6254s the top six with a 9.8 so overall still
6258s really good for a lot of these players
6259s here so it's going to be good to see
6261s where they go towards this very end and
6263s I'm excited to see where this all goes
6266s but for Morris is here this is the
6267s halfway mark for these players here 3K
6269s on the line and a chance to go to chindu
6272s China to watch the nvpl finals and going
6275s in the game three there's still a lot
6276s under rocket played we're getting close
6278s to that halfway point now game one game
6281s two warm-up rounds we get a feeler out
6284s now is the time for the adjustments now
6286s even though we got a daytime Morris
6288s rolling up I imagine go by he's at the
6291s top right now he knows it'll play very
6293s defensive it's just when you switch
6294s gears when you have to put it on the
6296s line will his fighting be able to keep
6300s up at the lights of APF missu tryhard
6304s yeisha and weapon swapper all these
6306s players made it to Grand finals now
6308s we're seeing offs spawn a good spread
6311s coming out and looks like King Cobalt
6313s coming in a little bit late now we're
6314s getting a full 12-man Lobby weapon
6317s swapper offs spawn with no armor trying
6320s to make his way
6321s to a better spot but mediocrity go by
6325s going for a ride nice scale Rush coming
6327s out weapon swapper keeping up the
6330s pressure pop forced to pop his gold F
6332s but he's going to get the Stagger again
6334s and now go by going to get closed out
6336s weapon swapper clutching out his offs
6339s spawn versus the current leader weapon
6342s swaer needs that a little bit of
6343s momentum all you need is that little bit
6346s that good start to start snow and
6348s balling the lobby looks like he's going
6349s to keep that for later King Cobalt
6351s versus APF versus Chris Woo and Chris wo
6354s coming out of left field Gunner uppercut
6356s take down King Koba where you been King
6359s cobal you're late to the party welcome
6362s to solo Grand
6365s finals absolutely insane start for him
6369s to be able to do exactly what he needs
6370s to here what an actual fine here to Able
6373s able to really push this one together
6374s here's try hard now has an opportunity
6377s but he does have uh great Shield
6379s definitely not the best advantage that
6380s he has for himself here but it looks
6382s like Justin's going to decide to push
6383s onwards to this one but the try hard
6385s knows how to fake it and absolutely
6387s knows how to make it as he ends up
6388s catching him on the up stretch beautiful
6390s hits though all the way towards the
6392s absolute combination here with some of
6395s it nice scale rush to be able to come up
6396s top here actually catches him inside of
6398s it catches him in his side of his own
6400s now that gray Shield he has him
6401s dangerously though though so he has the
6403s opportunity here Justin could really get
6405s closed out here for this game but try
6407s hard definitely playing this smart
6409s backing off definitely playing this all
6411s the way towards the very end here let's
6412s see if Justin has the opportunity to do
6414s what he needs to
6415s here as try's going to close in this
6419s Gap let's see if they have the
6421s opportunity to do exactly what they need
6422s to here as
6423s Casper he going to be able to go for the
6425s shutdown nice Bell to be able to rock it
6427s towards the very end
6429s here nice stretch of the imagination
6431s here as Casper is going to try to close
6434s in this Gap as able to close it in
6435s exactly what he needs to here oh
6439s beautiful Parry as well
6442s trying to see if maybe they can do what
6444s they need to here all the way towards
6445s the very end of it but man try hard
6449s trying to see if maybe they can close
6450s this out here Justin trying to hold on
6451s for as long as humanly possible here
6453s nice scales on each side here trying to
6456s see if they can catch it o but he ends
6457s up scale rushing up into weapon swapper
6459s here weapon swapper is going to keep
6461s that same defense and is going to
6463s absolutely come through oh Justin with a
6465s nice take down
6466s here retreating this out here waiting
6469s for the time to strike here and it looks
6470s like it it looks like it's going to be
6471s his time Tada pops open the ulti here
6473s waiting for it trying to see if maybe he
6474s can throw him on his loop it's not going
6476s to be enough here Justin is making it
6478s not easy for him he's going to
6480s definitely earn this elimination if you
6481s can though and doesn't definitely does
6485s not want to get caught in that corner
6488s though yeah Justin keeping up the
6491s pressure he's in the last hit point
6493s situation weapon swapper and try hard
6495s both tag teaming him trying just trying
6496s to keep him low look for this opening
6498s and now try hard noticing that Justin
6500s wasn't able to get the reset going to
6502s make his way back and he has no heals to
6503s his name he needs to find this kill or
6505s else he's risking going down here off
6507s spawn the Armes are coming out he's
6509s looking for the tchas able to get the
6510s parion adjusted and now in the last hit
6512s point situation we see weapon swapper
6514s coming in he's able to C that hit off
6516s try hards able to get the soul blow able
6518s to get the uppercut but the gold F the
6520s combo break coming out for both of them
6522s and now next next W neutral win is for
6525s Keeps try hard pulling out the pole
6527s sword he's going to get crossed up
6528s though set into the weapon swap
6531s weapon swapper staying true to his name
6534s taking try hard for a ride and ending
6536s his life on the beach weapon swaper
6540s already up to three kills he was on the
6542s top six now he's climbing up closer to
6545s go by this
6547s daytime super super aggressive normally
6550s on daytime you see the defensive
6551s characters come out but we're seeing the
6553s LI of Justina Tami
6556s teada all these bursting characters
6559s coming out now t normally a counter to
6562s those acos is unfortunately for try hard
6565s not finding the matchups that uh T
6569s really counters here off spawn but he
6571s still has a second life he still can
6573s bring it back looks like B Chen and go
6575s by at it going at it with the dagger
6579s versus staff F3 is going to be hit
6581s unfortunately if for go by the uphill
6583s going to deny his Touch of death by Chen
6586s knows what the deal is being a a
6588s connoisseur himself is going to back off
6591s but that ultimate cancel that 50% ult
6594s still leaves go by very very dangerous
6597s and we have our my main man APF with the
6602s Tami with the mask skin with the fish
6605s hat the drip is insane APF playing this
6608s perfectly staying on the inside of the
6609s Zone investing that gold F denying the
6611s Justina pressure wants to get this heal
6613s off then he's going to get back in there
6615s still has ultimate to his name has to be
6616s careful for this freeze though max range
6618s freeze not coming out APF wisely spacing
6621s out this Justina Ultimate Gold double
6624s tries coming out with the staff sending
6626s out those purples denying the space
6629s weapon swapper not able to find an
6630s opening just getting held in zone APF
6633s keeping it simple weapon swapper getting
6635s red on his wake up and APF is just
6638s making it look easy today APF definitely
6642s feeling it though he only gets his first
6643s elimination here but sometimes that also
6645s could be just enough is that is he has a
6647s Shrek it's a mask like the move
6651s Jim car oh it's from The Mask oh my
6654s goodness oh my goodness I finally like
6657s got it like as I saw it I was like wait
6659s a minute this this like why does this
6661s look familiar at first I thought it was
6662s Shrek but that is actually insane to see
6665s overall here
6666s what a piece to the puzzle here as
6670s obviously he's going to be able to close
6671s this out is able to get that first
6674s dub let's see if he's able to do more
6676s here is he's going to be able to push
6677s this one towards the next bace is
6679s mediocrity end up getting chased by b c
6681s here nice shots trying to see if they
6683s can connect it but sadly misses them as
6685s the hits ooh beautiful from the spear
6688s spear absolutely juggling him inside of
6690s the air here nice movement as mediocrity
6692s is going to have to be forced to pop the
6693s teada ulti here waiting for the time to
6695s strike here M for the moment that maybe
6697s could be helpful for the Parry but it
6698s looks like BC is going to decide to let
6700s him go pops up with some Shield real of
6703s Yang is probably nearby for some people
6704s that's ready to fight this fight as king
6706s Cobalt also is nearby with those pistols
6708s trying to see if maybe they can close it
6710s out definitely does not want to get
6711s baited into this though but low Shield
6713s low heals definitely not good for him as
6715s missu is going to go in the air and
6717s looks like ye is going to be fighting
6718s this out as well nice hits coming
6720s through from the dagger trying to see if
6722s they can connect it as he is able to
6724s successfully nice strike to do what he
6726s needs to nice take down overall
6729s here oh beautiful Parry from missu to
6732s come through beautiful connection on
6734s each side here as he is able to get the
6735s right click nice hold to take down and
6738s obviously is able to pop the ulti on
6739s both sides here and it looks like he's
6742s waiting for it oh nice strikes say missu
6745s is going to force the pop theirs as well
6747s here now he's going to close in this Gap
6748s but this kles is going to help him just
6749s stay alive for a little while longer
6751s here nice defensive stands trying to not
6755s take as much damage as need to here he
6757s is definitely on the wrong side of the
6758s of the tracks here nice hits from the
6760s tiger beautiful strike question is can
6763s they close this out defense up already
6765s nice Advantage he's all the way up top
6767s he's going to try to see if he can slam
6768s down misses the opportunity can he hit
6769s the next one though oh the spear nice
6772s return on the investment here could be
6774s the opportunity that he needs to Oh
6776s beautiful hits though K he close this
6778s out yo as Miss youu is going to be able
6781s to get the elimination and get the
6782s Finish just in time before the realm of
6784s Yang takes them both out Valiant effort
6787s coming out from yisha I know missu was
6789s starting to get tighten a little bit
6790s those scale rushes could have led to a
6793s huge extended combo unfortunately for
6795s Yesa missu positioning gets put against
6798s wall he's not able to get the followup
6799s that would abs abolutely have decimated
6801s him missu with that clutch lmb around
6804s the corner just the elbow popping out
6805s we're just going to take that a little
6807s bit youa get out of here miss Hugh is
6808s going to close it out now on the outside
6810s try hard not able to get in that round
6812s Yang needs to keep it going he's falling
6815s down to rank four now on the Tami wants
6819s to find by byen right now but byen with
6822s the movement with the shovan behind the
6825s rooftop able to break down the best to
6828s do it in Na's ankles now try hard with
6832s the grapples with the ability to chase
6834s down now going to follow up go in but by
6836s Chan opening up with the one TR able to
6837s get the nice chunky hit off but a try
6840s hard returning the favor with a deep fry
6843s for himself tap Dodge with the Trap able
6846s to get the Stagger off looks for the
6848s Parry going to get tiger off still has
6850s 10% on his ultimate doesn't want to
6852s overextend and it looks like by Chen is
6854s going to give try hard a chance to reset
6856s here but is it a trap though try hard
6859s with the double tap tou able ey frame
6860s the tiger able to eye frame the lunge
6863s going to take him for the ride followup
6865s is coming through try hard doesn't even
6866s need to Al in the situation now byen
6869s against the ropes running for his life
6871s try hard hot on his heels will byen be
6874s able to repeat his success able to break
6876s down the ankles again try hard what is
6879s going on where did my man go notices him
6882s cutting noise on the top right now able
6885s to get in there get the uppercut off F's
6887s going to be invested but by Chen with a
6889s little bit of space can he find his way
6891s again round three of this hide and seek
6894s game tryhard guesses the wrong way loses
6897s by Chen and he makes his way in the
6899s temple and he's safe we are out of there
6902s he shall miss you Justin In a Mosh bit
6905s and Yesa is going to take a dagger to
6908s the back missu with that great sword the
6911s gold great sword triple charging
6913s threateningly in Justin's face the R&B's
6916s going to come out missu has to be
6917s careful right now multiple players
6919s diving in numza hot on the heels on the
6921s back missu forced to pop ultimate able
6922s to get the siphon off able to get the
6924s soul BL and now missu suddenly back with
6927s the momentum nums up with the third
6929s party wait a second where's everyone
6930s that slow we're out of here the kitty
6931s claws are out I got to get out of here
6934s missu loses his Target again and it
6936s seems to be the theme right now people
6938s are breaking ankles today
6940s Dobby absolutely insane the movement
6943s definitely upscale that's what happens
6944s when you go from uh holl off to Morris
6947s aisle I feel like uh holl off is such a
6950s great warm-up map for movement that I
6952s feel like coming back tomorrow everybody
6953s is just ready everybody just knows the
6955s movement everybody's ready the scale
6957s rushes are on point uh the movement
6959s speeds is just really coming through and
6961s obviously for numza numza trying to pop
6964s the ulti here just so they can try to
6966s time this out a little bit waiting for
6967s it as it does end up coming through for
6969s their advantage here not too much of an
6971s advantage as he does end up going in
6973s through the wall here but nza is still
6975s uh definitely low so he definitely needs
6977s to back out of this and play this smart
6978s as he ends up going inside of that tight
6980s little corner here going to scale Rush
6982s all the way to the other side here and
6984s definitely gives that free opportunity
6985s for the heals as try hard's going to be
6987s all the way up top
6989s here looks like he's going to go for the
6991s heal all the way up top numza up there
6993s as well same with capser looks like
6995s Caper could potentially be on the second
6997s floor apf's on the
6999s outskirts trying to time this right both
7002s of them not really forcing any fights
7004s they don't necessarily have to see if
7006s they take the T out see they need to
7007s here overall and over time
7012s yeah try hard and APF APF joked uh with
7016s us the other day he's like yeah my my
7017s strategy is I'm just going to follow
7019s tryhard around let him hit people and
7021s then come in at the lasic and last you
7023s know just like a a mama bird just
7025s following his baby bird around looking
7027s to help him out but try hard seeing that
7029s tumm off shoo him away get out of here
7032s APF do your own heavy lifting it looks
7034s like Justin's going to be loading up for
7035s that real of Yang tryhards posture going
7037s to go in APF searching on the outside
7039s we're not seeing Chris Ru or by Chen
7042s going in Chris Ru normally a Tarka
7045s connoisseur unfortunately for him tarker
7048s in this current meta not as strong it
7049s looks like numza and Casper a little bit
7051s of scuffle out there but Justin with the
7055s gold dual halber it's posturing up with
7057s go by the gentleman's agreement we'll
7060s see you in the realm of Yang my boy
7063s Justin unfortunately he's not going to
7064s get the teada ditto that fiery ditto but
7067s instead he's going to get m you instead
7071s now Justin a grand finalist no slouch
7073s when it comes to fighting able to take
7075s down some of the best players will he be
7076s able to take the number four player down
7078s missu taken to the scotch with that
7080s assault looking to come down with the
7082s falling RB fans going to be coming out
7083s Justin spacing this out finding his time
7085s peppering in his opener seeing that
7087s missu looking for the Parry what's
7089s Justin got in line able to hold Dodge
7091s out using that fan Dodge perfectly
7093s winning the chip damage but he's gonna
7095s let missu reset here mono man we got a
7097s little bit of a read now Justin still
7099s buying his time ging some space he
7102s doesn't have ultimate now I realize why
7103s he's buying so much time only at 75% but
7105s missu finally gets the over he wants the
7109s tried in true weapon swap combo Justin
7111s with the cancel over and over miss you
7113s knows that my man's just trying to buy
7114s time putting up the pressure not letting
7116s him get away ultimate's coming out Kitty
7118s claws around tiger is going to be
7120s invested but Justin with the eye frame
7121s able to get away from it the lunch is
7122s going to come out though all is out he's
7125s going to get the hit does he get the
7126s full Touch of death does he get the
7128s reset he's unable to but miss you does
7130s have a tiger to his name able to angle
7132s it up catch just in the midair but one
7134s HP situation f is going to be invested
7137s it's coming down to the wire Justin
7138s needs to cancel his ultimate to get his
7140s F3 back onine miss you going from the
7143s top roads going out of line toight gets
7145s the grapple stagger 8 seconds left
7147s Justin one HP goes for it all releases
7151s the focus attack and he's able to win it
7154s with a half charge to Justin's going to
7156s clutch it versus missu what a match
7160s absolutely insane to see here what a
7164s finish it was getting down to the wire
7166s here and it got a little got a little
7167s spooky I'm not going to lie I was like
7169s um guys one of y'all going to need to
7170s get eliminated or both of y'all going to
7172s be struggling to try to see if y'all can
7174s find an elimination here overall and you
7175s definitely don't want to get caught in
7176s that tough situation so obviously able
7179s to see it towards the very end here they
7180s able to do what they need to and Justin
7182s was able to secure that dub for their
7185s overall team what a finish here as nkk
7188s up top here
7190s as a solo player is able to do a lot of
7191s stuff here let's see if they have their
7192s opportunity here to push onwards here
7195s try hard able to close this out oh it
7197s looks like Casper gets found though by
7199s nkk nice pistol shot to get rid of the
7201s rest of the shield and now Casper is on
7203s The Chopping Block already getting hit
7205s by it and now enk ends up getting hit in
7207s the back with some dual HB Birds by
7209s tryhard tryhard ends up backing them off
7211s as APF also ends up rushing through the
7213s scale as well and now they're both
7214s fighting it out now it's a Chase between
7216s try hard and Casper it looks like APF
7218s might potentially try to see if they can
7219s the chase as well it looks like so far
7221s Casper is definitely on the up and up
7224s trying to get away from both parties as
7225s much as
7227s possible yeah so many people over here
7230s at Temple oh my goodness just constant
7233s herd fighting everyone looking for any
7235s amount of weakness and numza
7236s unfortunately for him gets bled out
7239s right now on the Z he's going to be able
7240s to invest that uh F to if frame out of
7243s here but there's nowhere left to go
7245s Chris Woo with the fan able to get that
7247s pistol shot off taken down my man's toes
7250s and then he's out of there everyone
7252s playing this Hit and Run game over here
7254s at Temple I I believe all the lobbies
7256s here I might have counted eight players
7258s Dobby everyone's getting in there right
7260s now tryhard does have a minute and 45
7263s seconds for this Yang depletion he's
7264s going to find his his homie missu his
7266s coach missu out here on the rooftop but
7270s missu wants to get out of here f is
7272s going to be invested from tryhard
7274s looking for the stun right now so many
7276s players around here but a minute 20 the
7279s pressure is building right now can he
7281s find the opening it looks like Casper
7283s able to find the opener onto try hard
7285s able to get the nice light of Tex chunky
7287s hits with the pulser but try hard with
7289s the Whisk able to get a nice combo off
7291s and byan comes out of nowhere taking
7294s Casper's legs from out of him SS can to
7296s be invested from Casper and he's going
7297s to re-engage onto try hard tryhard with
7299s 3 seconds with a sliver of Health can my
7302s man find an opening and unfortunately
7304s casber is going to close it out with
7306s that scale Rush ao's claws coming in
7311s clutch AO Claus is able to do exactly
7314s what they need to I mean it's it's claw
7316s of course it's going to be dangerous and
7317s of course it's going to hurt you got to
7318s definitely make sure you don't get
7319s caught by the Tiger Strike here this
7322s that's what I call it I like to call it
7323s the Tiger Strike here because obviously
7324s it is the strike of the Tiger It's the
7326s ey you definitely don't not want to get
7327s caught in that you know in comes the
7329s guitar
7337s music you just don't want to get in that
7339s is Justin trying to see if they can dip
7342s out of here with those dual hellbird
7344s looks like bait was potentially wanting
7346s to fight that out but sides to back it
7349s up everybody is just
7352s really paying attention to everybody
7355s here as baty ends up trying to push this
7357s onto missu missu is like this is going
7359s to give me an advantage don't give me
7360s the opportunity don't give me a free
7362s chance to fight cuz I will take
7363s advantage of it and clearly baty
7365s understands that decides to back off
7366s here and has the time here to maybe pop
7368s The Shield missu on the scale on the
7370s outside here ooh almost got him
7374s though it looks like they missed the
7376s opportunity though for a nice try could
7377s have stopped the heal process as well
7379s inside of this o nice hit from the
7381s bow trying to catch missu on a different
7384s on a different section here looks like
7385s he just misses them while they were
7387s scaling down the wall but it was like
7389s caught in one of those Corners here so
7390s it definitely gave missu the opportunity
7391s to back off here looks like the circle
7395s definitely looks like it's going to
7396s clone in as one other Circle actually
7399s trying see if they can close this one to
7401s a different
7403s area looks like the r of Yang might
7405s potentially open up here is am I
7406s tripping or is that no that's something
7407s else I thought there was meanwhile Ban's
7411s breath surging oh that's a Bane's
7413s breath yeah Ban's bre random Bane bre
7417s spawn in right in this end game very
7419s random and you're seeing the the
7421s Challenger buff it's it's a new scroll
7424s it's basically an opposite Bounty where
7426s you just take on all challenges you reel
7428s your location but also gives you an
7430s ability to see everyone on the map now
7432s miss you able to to reset here has that
7437s Challenger buff on him he's taking all
7439s challenges he wants to get in there go
7441s pull sword in hand on this AOS is not to
7443s be messed with looking for that Parry on
7445s to go uh go by right now now seven
7449s people alive so hard to see where your
7451s opponent's coming from with this fog
7453s with the bamboo trees it's like ninjas
7455s are coming out of the Mist but miss you
7457s one of the Ninjas one of the assassins
7459s in s going to release that armb but
7460s Justin slamming him down he want seconds
7463s on to missu both shots are coming out
7465s onto miss you now missu realizing wait a
7467s second we're getting lobbied right now
7469s let's just bail out in here let's go
7471s Moon Bane surfing baby we're going
7472s straight through the moon Bane no fear
7474s from my man miss you the moon Bane is a
7477s teammate of his dodging weaving in and
7480s out of it Casper going to reset some
7481s resources seven people alive we're
7483s seeing a defensive day hitting this
7485s halfway point for naraga gain three on
7488s this daytime Morris solo Grand finals
7491s everyone's playing to win it we're
7493s seeing those bursting characters coming
7494s out tons of AOS tons of te everyone's
7498s looking for some kills right now Casper
7500s up to one kill looking for that he sees
7502s the possibility of a purple armor now
7504s being a blueberry going into this end
7505s game the second you start getting hit
7507s it's very risky to take an engagement as
7509s long as you find those flanks you want
7511s to survive and thrive picking up the
7515s hard work of other players and we're
7516s seeing go by waiting it out now even
7520s though he has gold armor he wants to
7522s have that ultimate before he gets out of
7524s here he has two staffs a gold pull sword
7527s a heavy sa my man is Juiced up he even
7531s has that Earth Shaker for when the Zone
7533s closes in that spin to win Jade the
7536s triple charge coming out from the top
7538s roads go by weaving seeing just what's
7541s out here oh my goodness scale rushes
7543s coming out from every direction now
7545s Casper in the thick of it with byen and
7548s miss you APF now it's his turn musical
7552s chairs at the stores everyone wants to
7553s load up and it looks like the name of
7555s the game today for APF is defensive play
7558s when my man even has the poison mushroom
7560s he's going off to the heal off he wants
7563s to take down as many people with them at
7566s that last second the Tami Al in endgame
7569s putting everyone in the mud and with so
7571s many acos is here APF just binding his
7573s time looking for the opener while these
7576s felines go absolutely nus CL clawing at
7579s each other trying to see who is going to
7582s be Alpha in this end game Dobby who do
7584s you take with these seven players going
7586s at
7587s it oo I don't know this is definitely
7590s going to be like really really
7591s interesting to see like where this goes
7594s overall um I think I it's going to be
7597s tough I think Casper definitely
7599s struggling here with the Blue Shield low
7601s on Heels here definitely still has
7603s somewhat of an advantage here staying
7605s himself alive oh never mind I takes SP
7607s get W too soon way too soon as me
7609s mediocrity uh ends up getting hit
7611s with the hit of the Tiger but it's not
7614s going to be enough as mediocrity is able
7615s to secure the elimination here and it's
7616s going to be a four-way fight in between
7618s all of these different people APF comes
7619s through trying to see if they can cause
7620s some problems miss you ends up getting
7622s some beautiful strikes mediocrity caught
7623s in the worst
7624s position by the little tornado that
7627s keeps him up as APF is going to decide
7629s to rotate this out and keep it
7631s going meanwhile
7635s APF deciding not to get caught here that
7639s he decides to back this off I mean so
7641s far I'm G be honest I I think I got to
7642s go back to APF I think APF just keeping
7645s that consistency doesn't necessarily
7647s have to force fights he has two
7648s eliminations under his belt he's in
7650s second place he's doing well I don't
7653s think he really needs to force anything
7654s if he doesn't have to so I think with
7656s that advantage that he has in
7659s mind I think there's a shot here that I
7662s think he could potentially take first
7663s place in this first game I'm going to go
7664s with
7665s ap going with ap sticking with ap it's a
7669s good it's a good gamble to go on I got
7672s to go on my man missu he has a gold P
7674s sword he's set here stacked for this end
7676s game but APF as I said that by Chen with
7678s the dagger to his knees we we see Justin
7682s Chris wo going at it in the building
7684s coming out miss you though with that P
7686s sword looking for the last hit situation
7687s is going to pop the all sees that
7688s someone's health is really low
7690s unfortunately for him by chance able to
7692s secure the kill chill out now close out
7694s four people left at first there were
7696s seven now we're down to four miss you
7698s already invest of his all he has half of
7701s it to possibly find an opening gets byen
7704s but byen looking really meaty the claw
7707s doing barely any damage getting some
7708s value off that tiger healing off his
7710s health now missu with the staff Chase
7713s going to slow it down APF in the
7716s background though hunting waiting for
7719s those whis waiting for the right time to
7721s invest that temo but it looks like byen
7723s doesn't want to play this slowly he's
7725s peppering around he's Vibe checking
7726s everyone what how we doing over here how
7728s are my neighbors is doing he's trying to
7730s find any opportunity to keep this game
7733s going he's up to one kill wants to find
7735s a little bit more now that he's in a
7736s healthy place with the golden armor max
7738s Health but it's going to be a tough
7740s place to get an opening on the likes of
7743s Chris R missu APF these guys have been
7746s here before they know how to play these
7749s rooftop situations isol isolating these
7752s angles APF on the top looking like Robin
7755s Hood trying to get some bow shots off
7757s unable to and again looking to reset
7762s some of his uh heals there but he's down
7764s to no no uh economy APF playing a little
7767s bit too defensively needs to start
7769s looking for an opening right now because
7770s if this goes to heal off does tamy win
7773s this versus the acles and take I think
7775s APF actually has a good chance he just
7777s has to force out his win condition in
7780s this spot is to force out that te so one
7783s thing that's going to
7784s make mess up his positioning for this
7787s last leg for people left a little bit of
7789s rocks a little bit of cover and it looks
7791s like all four of these players are
7792s willing to wait this out except ban a
7794s little bit impatience right now has to
7796s be careful missu sees a flank
7798s opportunity able to get the silence off
7800s able to get the P sword scale rush and
7802s now ban suddenly in a bad position missu
7805s wants to let everyone know hey man this
7806s guy is low let's keep up the action
7808s showing a ton of aggression towards byen
7810s but the Dreadful whales going to come
7811s out icing off the pressure and missu is
7813s going to back off now APF tagged in able
7816s to get the whis able to get a little
7818s little bit of a love tap in when byen no
7820s armor to his name going to find a little
7822s crevice to try to hide to try to buy
7823s time but miss you with the Parry forcing
7826s out the ultimate and the time is ticking
7829s Dobby for
7831s byin bin able to do what he can here but
7834s b c is going to get caught by one APF
7836s who's able to secure that elimination
7838s three finishes deep overall
7842s here absolutely incredible as
7847s missu trying to hold on top of this rock
7850s as he ends up scale rushing towards the
7853s end right in the front here as it looks
7855s like it's going to be the final downtime
7856s before the final three fight this out
7858s missu definitely does not want to
7859s connect onto
7862s KK missu having a beautiful Advantage
7864s here with that with that ultimate let's
7868s see if they have it here overall here
7870s definitely could be good with a wild
7871s wind spout a stanan Sky Pillar Sky Force
7875s follow the recall switch Dazzle and
7877s heavy sword swab I feel like a lot of
7878s these Soul Jades upgrades has really
7880s been incredible for a lot of these
7881s players here and I feel like a lot of
7882s them are definitely using it to their
7884s advantage here but here we go Circle
7886s slowly closing in APF and
7889s KK and miss you all the way up top the
7893s final three to close out game number
7895s three in the halfway mark for our games
7896s here for the astral cup let's see what
7898s happens and both of them are going to be
7899s scale rushing up top not really trying
7901s to fight this out as nkk is going to go
7902s for the slam and sends him all the way
7904s on the outskirts of the circle here APF
7906s has has to force his way back into the
7907s circle here definitely does not want to
7909s force it and missu is going to do the
7910s exact same thing sends him out as the
7912s tumult is going to be able to pop the
7913s ulti trying to slow down their movement
7915s here definitely making it harder as
7916s missu is going to be able to close in
7917s the Gap here oh my goodness this missu
7920s ends up catching both eliminations on
7922s both sides here what just happened wait
7924s a second okay hold on we saw the finish
7927s one of them ends up getting the
7928s elimination but I guess because of the
7931s poison the poison was able to take out
7932s the last player obviously the circle
7934s take was able to do the most of the
7935s damage as well here but what happened
7938s perfect play from my man missu and Chris
7942s R with the assist now APF he had every
7945s advantage to win that he hold his all a
7947s little bit too long and he gets double
7949s slammed into Zone first one coming out
7952s from Chris Woo holding the center of the
7953s circle but a uh missu just holds the top
7956s ropes waits to the last possible second
7958s doesn't pop his ultimate just uses his
7960s ability to knock everyone away and in
7963s that end game your worst enemy is the
7965s actual Zone that's where most of the
7966s damage comes from and you see miss you
7969s putting on a clinic of exactly how to
7971s play AOS in that last hit situation APF
7975s though still with a super solid game my
7978s man is still going to be holding the
7979s lead after that one but miss you hot on
7982s his Tails go by coming up short this
7984s time I was so saying Dobby when when the
7988s fighting starts happening can go by
7990s stand up to the heat multi-way fights we
7993s saw go by on his teada and gold armor
7995s he's unable to deal with the 1 V one V1
7997s situation Justin with the dagger Soul
8000s break picking up kills and miss you over
8002s there clutching it up now we got try
8004s hard versus go byai and it looks like
8006s goai is able to win the Yang fight
8009s versus try hard with that clutch fan hit
8011s this fight was insane that last hit that
8014s half charge two on to miss you Justin
8017s able to clutch it up Casper able to
8019s close it out on to try hard now finally
8021s in this end game ban with that dagger
8025s Dreadful whale has a ton of opportunity
8028s to keep this uh to stall out but
8031s unfortunately can't find any room some
8033s real estate to stay safe plug into that
8036s Airbnb but unlike miss you my man with
8039s the grapple cancels over and over just
8041s binding his time Tami Al is up F comes
8043s down everyone goes into the Zone we're
8045s holding this triple charge gold pul SW
8047s Coming Out Swinging APF knocked in the
8050s zone miss you it doesn't matter that
8052s defense and buff is just too much the
8054s poison mushroom comes out from APF but
8055s it doesn't matter miss you able to get
8058s that last hit in in order to secure the
8061s kills and he closed his distance to go
8063s by and go by is going to be holding the
8065s lead at
8066s 23.3 missu at 22.8 APF staying
8070s consistent at 21.2 by Chen at 15.9 try
8075s hard still in Striking Distance
8077s surprisingly dying in this mid game at
8079s 15.4 there's still a lot of ncka to be
8081s played we're only at that halfway point
8083s Chris Ru rounding out the top six at
8085s 14.8 yeisha at 12.2 to Casper at 11.8 it
8090s looks like though the top eight all in
8092s Striking Distance we're only at that
8094s halfway point a 10-point game for any of
8097s these players is possible what a half of
8102s solos today Dobby this is just the first
8105s half we got three more games after this
8107s I know AP just seems like they just
8109s can't get a break they are trying so
8111s hard here every single time when you
8113s think they're just slowly close to
8114s closing it out and just giving that
8117s opportunity as well here they just
8119s cannot close it towards the very end
8121s here definitely a a really tough um
8124s admiration overall and they really did
8127s try for as long as possible here I think
8128s it was a good look overall I think even
8130s with the timing they did a great job but
8132s I think now it's all about like okay
8134s what's the next steps how do how are
8136s they going to be able to close out this
8138s game in a really really great way here
8141s so there's still some opportunity for
8142s them to be able to really close this out
8144s but so far it's it's definitely a
8145s struggle for them though overall I mean
8147s listen they this is some of the best of
8149s the best players here so we never said
8151s that these games were going to be easy
8152s ladies and gentlemen never said that in
8153s any which way shape or form but for AP
8156s he definitely is coming through
8157s absolutely cooking but for everybody
8158s else though so far this was an explosive
8160s game number three here I think the
8162s timing I think even with everything
8163s that's been going on they were able to
8165s do exactly what they need to and one of
8167s them was able to close out the game in
8169s such a nice fashion but definitely was
8172s some really close calls
8175s overall yeah just like you were saying D
8178s Dobby only game three three more to go
8181s winner is going to be joining us over
8184s there in China I am Raven plz and I am
8187s joined by Dobby there's still three more
8190s rounds of nraa to be played who is going
8192s to take the top prize for $3,000 in a
8194s trip to China keep stay tuned and we'll
8197s be right back after a short
8207s break
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8549s [Music]
8554s what's going on N Rocka fam welcome back
8556s as we are back at it again with the
8558s Astro cup Grand finals for solos our
8561s first three games are done and we sent
8563s the lovely lovely Ambush King AKA Dobby
8567s and Raven off to go get some snacks
8569s because it's well earned and me and got
8570s Moxy be joining you for your second half
8573s and helping you guys Crown the champion
8574s here for the Asal cup as we take a look
8577s back at the current points for the day
8579s we've got gby sitting first at a 23.3
8581s miss you after an incredible game three
8584s coming in at a 22.8 points and APF off
8587s to a very strong start today currently
8589s holding down third place with a
8592s 21.2 by Chen in that fourth place
8595s position by 0.5 points over try hard
8598s here at a
8599s 15.9 those are of course going to be
8601s your money placement finishers here and
8604s of course first place will be walking
8606s away with that huge trip to head to
8608s guango China to watch the J Cup World
8612s Finals I mean it's all still to play for
8614s though right we have three more games
8616s and none of these placements are set in
8619s stone but what is going to be set in
8620s stone is the closing date to enter our
8623s nraa blade Point meme contest if you get
8626s your way into the the official nraa
8628s blade Point Discord server you'll be
8630s able to submit your entry but you don't
8633s have a lot of time run we've only got
8635s three matches to determine the astral
8637s cup and we only have one more day for
8640s these contests to actually be entered
8642s into so make sure that you do not miss
8644s your opportunity you guys have one more
8647s day to enter this meme contest like I
8649s have one more day before my bags need to
8651s be packed and we head on over uh to get
8654s ready for Jacob in Gina it's going to be
8656s a crazy crazy time but this is your last
8659s chance to get these lovely Astro cup
8662s specific twitch drops so if you're not
8664s watching on Twitch and you want to get
8666s these drops you need to head on over to
8667s naraka bladepoint make sure
8670s you've got your naraka account linked
8672s with your Twitch account and get your
8674s watch on because there's not a whole lot
8676s of time left like Moxy said we have
8679s three games left to go and these have
8681s been some aggressive games today who
8683s knows if there's even two hours left
8686s Moxy yeah yeah aggressive really has
8689s been the name of the game I was looking
8691s at game two and I was looking over and I
8693s was like that's the second real of Yang
8695s so why are there only four players left
8697s alive in this Lobby it was crazy quick
8700s but no surprises we've been seeing a lot
8701s of really aggressive hero picks coming
8703s through Faria got her changes we didn't
8705s really get to see yesterday in triers a
8707s couple of teams floating the idea of
8709s having Faria in along so things like the
8711s Yoda and Yan which seems to be an upand
8713s cominging composition for ters from
8715s certain regions but in so
8718s however fa is finding an awful lot of
8720s value she's been finding more value now
8723s on this patch considering the fact that
8724s that muscle memory that timing of
8726s knowing when to tap Dodge around the
8728s bits of the fer Cannon has been thrown
8730s entirely out of wax so inside the Realms
8732s of Yang that fch is absolutely brutal
8736s and obviously as that final Zone
8737s collapses as well having that stagger
8740s having that knockback being able to push
8742s all of these players and taking that
8743s extraordinary amount of damage and the
8745s corruption is really absolutely
8749s invaluable but we've also seen hardi I'm
8751s super happy cuz we saw hardi in shers
8753s and he didn't he didn't do that great
8755s Rune I'm not going to lie he's
8757s incredibly mobile but unfortunately like
8759s Z he's in the golden Focus he doesn't
8760s get that damage reduction state so if
8762s you don't have something like a a zip on
8765s that team you're not really going to be
8767s able to find the support value for the
8769s hadti player because he's in the mobile
8771s State away from his teammates away from
8773s a lot of avenues of Peele but obviously
8775s if you go for the zip alongside him take
8777s away sand siphon that is not a problem
8780s in solos you get to lock in harder you
8782s get to be as aggressive as you want you
8783s get to use the golden focus and the
8785s triple charge of that V2 to be able to
8788s hit the fire tick and that really does
8790s and do a lot of sustainability for
8792s Heroes like that c ping but we said it
8794s was going to be aggressive here it is
8796s okay early acus ultimate coming through
8798s from APF who must have been able to get
8800s his hands on some of those fire is
8801s actually going to go directly into
8803s weapon swappers combo into that golden
8805s Focus staff and immediately followed up
8808s with the teada ultimate shove as well
8811s that is a very fast dead cat yeah I mean
8814s absolutely as we cut back here to
8816s mediocrity heading through uh one of our
8818s favorite places Moxy good old secret
8820s tunnels here uh just to the north west
8824s of the lovely even tide Temple M off to
8827s a good start with an elimination of
8828s their belt already and if you notice
8830s they are leaving that Soul Bloom behind
8833s they are prepping for that realm of Yang
8836s as they hopefully able to go in and win
8838s and if not they're going to be falling
8840s back on that Soul Bloom to ahead and
8842s cleanse that Yang depletion the odds of
8843s somebody finding that hidden away there
8845s in secret tunnel tucked in that back
8847s corner pretty low so this is a great
8850s place for them to leave that Soul Bloom
8851s if they want to come back as we take a
8853s look here nnk trying to get into a fight
8856s here with Ben benck on the fan Bic
8859s trying to come in is able to get the
8860s grab but not able to do a lot with it is
8863s going to move away doesn't want to take
8864s this fight with the whites especially
8866s given these purple dual blades are just
8868s going to start ripping through battic
8870s there we go into the weapon swap with
8872s the katana in the follow-up uppercut
8874s weapon swap back to the dual blades oh
8876s my goodness nkk here just tearing
8880s through the competition off to a good
8882s start with their first elimination here
8884s we already have nine players left alive
8887s and three people back at the soul alter
8889s looking to get back into this game Moxy
8892s yeah and the difference as well is that
8894s that body's a little bit more in the
8895s open so the soul is going to be taken
8896s try now with those dual blades trying to
8899s take on mistu actually having to use
8901s that F1 to try and survive spear into
8904s dual blades the wind up is just a little
8906s bit too long so try hard is able to come
8909s in with those blue focuses and
8911s absolutely chunk through all of that
8913s armor all of that Health even with the
8915s damage reduction and crucially he didn't
8918s have to invest either the F1 or the
8920s ultimate his own and we're now going to
8922s be heading over to celestra Casper able
8925s to actually find a kill all also going
8927s to be leaving that Soul Bloom deciding
8930s to go for the re shield on on the pot
8932s instead actually oh he took it okay I
8936s was going to say Casper leaving that Sol
8938s making the decision to have that
8939s insurance policy as we head towards
8941s those real of yangs but no he's going to
8942s actually pick up that bloom celestra one
8944s of those places that a lot of players do
8946s gravitate towards because of not just
8948s the loop pathing but also the ability to
8950s break those ankles around those
8952s buildings speaking about breaking those
8953s ankles APF is actually thinking about
8956s maybe breaking some next with those dual
8958s hits has to be careful however as
8960s there's another player coming on up
8962s behind they're going to take the fight
8964s with medoc but they're not actually
8966s going to want to keep this engagement
8969s sustained disengaging away seeing that
8970s nums is coming up on the rear with those
8973s musket shots and not wanting to get
8975s locked down between the two
8978s players yeah APF over here just trying
8981s to break away like you said cuz that
8983s third party potential way too risky
8985s especially before that first set of Yang
8988s comes through we're going to see King
8988s coalt on the backside here looking to
8991s break away weapon swapper looking for
8993s him not quite able to find him and it
8995s looks like King Cobalt might have broken
8997s his ankles here I don't think weapon
8999s swapper has seen him on the backs side
9001s of this he definitely just heard him
9002s above though there it is these two are
9004s going to engage here we're going to see
9006s the Perry whff come out the F invested
9008s from the hottie here to break away from
9011s the followup of that purple staff weapon
9012s swapper still looking for that
9014s opportunity to clutch onto him there's
9015s gal looking for the scale Rush not going
9018s to quite find it there we go the
9019s uppercut there it is we will see the
9021s conversion into the charge R&B off of
9023s the step no P sword for him to swap into
9026s here the ultimate coming in from hottie
9028s there's that charged left click there
9030s off of the ultimate will be using that
9031s V2 to get that burn tick there weapon
9033s swapper able to tap Dodge through it
9036s misses the furin off of the teada
9038s ultimate though and weapon swaer still
9040s trying to hold on will eat that second
9042s charge there will eat the third and King
9044s Cobalt here on hottie just putting on a
9047s show weapon swapper able to find the
9049s furin this time but nnk shows up for the
9051s third party and turns their attention
9053s onto weapon swapper into the tiger M and
9055s there's nothing left weapon swapper will
9057s be heading back to the soul alter
9059s someone might be joining him though as
9061s we've got even more players gravitating
9063s towards this area nkk with that AOS
9066s ultimate doesn't have any more of those
9068s grabs but still has the added Mobility
9070s to try and kite around these other
9072s players will not be able to kite around
9075s the opposing AOS as V2 however gets
9077s caught up in the grab has to be careful
9079s that he doesn't go into the triple
9080s charge of that great sword and
9082s unfortunately gets stuck on the window
9084s sill Casper catches him in the back with
9087s the Dual Halbert and claims the kill
9090s meanwhile there's still a fight going
9091s potentially on over against muu Casp has
9094s been able to actually catch out the
9096s tumult who was in that disengagement
9099s state trying to run away from missu try
9101s hard actually sitting on the shop might
9103s potentially be taking a couple of focus
9104s strikes to themselves but no one really
9106s wanting to actually commit to a fight
9108s for the reason that you can see spawning
9110s up on the mini map ever so slightly
9112s Northeast of this area we're going to
9114s see that first realm of Yang spawn and
9116s as a result these players are not going
9118s to want to commit the ultimates because
9119s that means that they're not going to be
9120s able to go through the realm of Yang and
9122s potentially pick up that villion bird M
9124s so it's going to be a lot of posturing a
9125s lot of puffing up and showing your
9127s heckles but not a lot of commitment so
9130s no surprises we do have things like the
9132s Great Sword and the staff really big
9135s cleaving weapons that have those long
9137s swinging arcs and buy yourself as much
9138s space as possible and do as much damage
9141s in one go as possible so if someone
9144s tries to pressure on to you you're not
9145s actually going to have to use your
9146s ultimate to be able to find the
9148s disengage you can simply come in with
9150s something like that staff and go for the
9153s Golden State focused knowing that you
9154s don't have to go for the hit confirm of
9156s something like the spear which is
9157s incredibly risky with that repul on the
9159s Dragon Slayers and it looks Rune like we
9162s have the age old truce between miss you
9165s and try hard as both on understand it's
9167s far more valuable to give up this one V
9170s one than take the realm of Yang saying
9172s that though here comes the grief a F1
9175s going to be invested missu still able to
9177s actually make it through but he has 10
9179s seconds to be able to heal up and go
9182s against a full health y that's a lot of
9185s pots he's going to have to burn in this
9186s as well it's going to leave him no
9187s Health pots in this fight if he's able
9189s to find a reset at all to begin with
9191s here Yia trying to come in with the bow
9193s shots not quite able to make them miss
9194s you will catch that staff MB and
9197s converted over not able to find the
9199s followup onto the charged lmb afterwards
9201s there we go the fan coming in that R&B
9203s doing a lot of damage here for yel the
9205s followup f with the damage reduction for
9207s missu missu not having pop the ultimate
9209s will go ult for ult here though misses
9212s that opportunity but is able to get away
9214s from Yia lock him down and keep him from
9217s popping that V himself and missu will be
9220s coming out on top inside this realm of
9222s Yang some huge upgrades here moving to
9225s that legendary set of uh great sword and
9228s that purple set of armor as well numza
9230s going to be walking away here inside the
9233s realm of yangang not sure who numo went
9235s against here but will be taking a
9237s legendary staff and a purple set of
9239s armor these are some huge upgrades for
9241s both of these players numo is going to
9242s come out immediately onto a bounty
9244s scroll as well so he's going to turn
9246s around and start looking for that Bounty
9248s knowing that he has that lovely
9251s Vermilion Birds might he can take just
9252s about any fights he wants and it looks
9254s like it's going to be onto weapon
9255s swapper that that Bounty goes down on to
9258s no it doesn't actually it goes even
9260s further than that and comes off to the
9262s side on Justin yeah numza here no that's
9265s it's on Casper oh my
9269s goodness there are so many players
9272s around this even tight Temple area and I
9274s mean it's something that we do see
9276s traditionally right from players who
9277s don't go into the realm of Yang they
9279s want to try and play towards the more
9281s outer edges of the zone so they don't
9283s get run into by the players who do have
9285s those BFFs and are playing incredibly
9287s aggressive or the players who lose the r
9289s of Yang and have to play aggressive
9291s against the will to be able to pick up
9293s those Soul blinds and cleanse the debuff
9295s that you can see on the lower left of
9297s your screen Yia having lost that fight
9300s against that acos overh holding the fan
9302s tap dodging out of the blue trying to
9304s just threaten that space with the lmb
9306s will be able to find one confirm doesn't
9309s manage to find the par has to use the
9311s ultimate to be able to recover now he's
9313s going to continue harassing gets the
9315s grab to land the terrain not griefing
9317s the AOS and that is a very fast vilon
9320s Birds might burn through for missu Yia
9324s able to come back in with the Revenge
9326s does not allow missu that opportunity
9328s that we saw in the real of Yang that
9329s he's able to use the AOS ultimate to
9331s convert the aerial into uppercut into
9334s great sword hot Swap and confirm that
9336s kill and Y now cleansed of that Yang
9339s depletion is free to disengage and kite
9342s out all of the players in the area yeah
9345s here trying to use that fan to create
9347s some space here he knows he's at a
9349s killer disadvantage here without that
9351s ultimate he only has the 38% rage right
9353s now he just wants to keep things moving
9355s long enough for him to get some rage
9357s back in and get the attention away from
9359s himself and it looks like he's going to
9360s be successful as we swap back to try
9362s hard actually getting parried here by
9363s nnk he's going to use that ultimate to
9365s convert back in pick his fan back up and
9368s keep the chase going here onto nnk both
9370s of these AOS ultimates going try hard
9372s not able to get that lock down will get
9374s grappled out of the chase here as well
9376s by weapon swapper and then reg grappled
9378s by numza from down below tryhard going
9380s to be forced to try to pot up here but
9382s no numza going to turn onto him will be
9384s eating that V2 charge right into the
9386s face try hard trying to make the most of
9387s that Ultimate Will converge those Tiger
9390s Claws into a full combo here off of the
9392s fan unfortunately put into the corner
9394s he's going to be forced to burn the f as
9395s well weapon swapper coming in with the p
9397s sword try hard wants to get the
9399s elimination unfortunately doesn't will
9401s be able to get the bloom though off of
9403s the body which is a huge reset for him
9406s him that said still being chased no F
9408s available no ultimate available either
9411s and the teada ultimate being invested by
9412s weapon swapper he's going to get picked
9414s up by the staffier tryhard half HP no
9417s armor the F about to come back on cool
9419s down if he has the opportunity he needs
9420s to cast it but he can't find it and
9422s weapon swapper finds the elimination
9424s well we said that some of these players
9426s had to play outside of that comfort zone
9427s when they had that Yang depletion and
9428s try hard was in that state he had the
9431s Yang depletion he was obviously that
9432s player who went into the second realm of
9434s Yang that we did not see and had to
9436s commit fully to those fights as quickly
9438s as possible wanting to end them so it's
9439s not to get third partied and the
9441s solution to trying to end those fights
9442s as quickly as possible if you're an acos
9444s is you pop that ultimate and you try and
9446s find that touch of death lock down and
9448s unfortunately it left him vulnerable to
9450s the third party against the decada
9452s afterwards yes he's able to find the
9454s soul blin but he's still not able to
9455s survive the rest of the lobby and it is
9457s a huge reason why we see a lot of these
9460s players way up risk to reward of
9462s actually entering the realm of Yang the
9465s first one is where absolutely especially
9467s if you've been able to find kills off of
9469s the rip and save the soul Bloom so that
9471s you don't have to play aggressive and
9472s use your ultimate a little bit too early
9475s the second realm of Yang however the
9477s zones a lot smaller so you're going to
9479s be away from those bodies that you'd
9480s left behind and there's a lot less
9483s players which means that potential for
9485s third party if a fight starts to kick
9486s off and everyone sees the noise and
9488s attention going down sky rockets as we
9491s do see a lot of those players clustered
9493s up in towards Temple mediocrity probably
9496s usering up to take the second ram of
9498s Yang does have the dagger don't know if
9500s he has any Soul aids to be able to Aid
9502s it something that we have seen a lot of
9504s these players actually use as a strategy
9506s is holding on to one of those soats of
9508s Destiny something like a dreadful whale
9510s having it in your back pocket not
9513s revealing that you have it until the
9515s final couple of hits are needed to
9517s confirm those kills inside the realm of
9518s Yang so your opponent is not expecting
9521s having to Parry it out before it hits
9523s into that golden charge as it looks like
9525s numza and mediocrity yeah there's the
9527s red flash mediocrity just not wanting to
9529s take a fight not wanting to burn the
9531s ultimate going through with the
9532s gentleman's agreement yeah here we go
9534s mediocrity versus numza and this is good
9536s for mediocrity because even if he loses
9538s this where he comes out is super close
9541s to where he had that Soul Bloom stash
9543s he's going to be able to get back into
9544s this game one way or another after this
9546s but of course he's looking to come out
9548s on top here and walk away with that buff
9550s as well as the upgrade to a legendary
9552s weapon for himself a musket shot coming
9554s in from numza he's going to STP half
9555s that armor off of he's able to cancel
9557s the pot in time to get away from that
9559s legendary staff unfortunately he will
9561s eat the F from the mirror match here on
9563s the AOS he's trying to get away will
9565s turn around with an F of his zone is not
9566s quite able to find the connection does
9568s find the connection this time as numza
9570s tries to go for the overh unfortunately
9572s numza on the receiving end of that staff
9574s here they're both going to Parry with in
9575s the in their face respect the distance
9578s here but now going in for the point n's
9580s letting him go hitting those clashes
9582s able to hit a little bit of a charge off
9584s the left click there mediocrity still
9585s trying to to make it happen but now the
9587s ult coming in he's going to be forced to
9589s burn his ultimate as well he's got to
9590s get away from it he can't get away from
9592s the first V2 unfortunately the claws
9594s come out before he has a chance to stand
9597s up and mediocrity will be heading back
9599s out here but like we said he does have a
9602s soul Bloom stashed odds are he's going
9604s to come back into this game very quickly
9605s and this is going to be two for two for
9607s numza here inside the realm of Yang who
9609s is able to come out on top double
9611s Legendary Weapons here as we turn to
9613s missu missu looks like he's been able to
9615s go into to the realm of Yang he's been
9617s able to pick up that M Mike and win a
9619s second realm of Yang back to back here
9621s and now with a legendary Katana and
9623s great sword both in the back pocket here
9626s utilizing that fet to get some movement
9628s going it's going to be very interesting
9630s to see how this plays out Moxy given we
9632s still have that one Soul looking to come
9634s back seven players still left alive in
9636s this Lobby and we are just now going
9639s into zone three oh miss is going hunting
9642s the fan not just in the back pocket for
9645s that extra movement he's also got soul
9647s shatter and thunderstorm for that Katana
9650s so this is going to be pretty stacked in
9653s terms of Soul Jade setups for your
9656s mechanical melee fights this miss you
9658s trying to figure out where some of these
9659s players could potentially be hiding
9661s Mystic M with that damage reduction but
9663s also crucially having the information
9666s pinging players locations on and off so
9670s that you're able to get a better read of
9671s your surroundings and whether or not
9672s it's okay to take a fight isolated or if
9674s you have to worry about being third
9677s partied unfortunately mediocrity can't
9680s even try and disengage a fight if he
9681s knows he's going to be third partied he
9683s has three minutes he still got the Yang
9685s depletion that Soul blim that he left
9687s behind might actually have been Stripped
9689s by another player Rune and as a result
9692s he's having to commit to these fights
9693s he's going after numza unfortunately
9696s everyone has now seen that there is
9698s movement and fight going on mocy holding
9700s on to the ultimate now going to invest
9702s it one grab coming out finds the
9704s connection onto y knocks him back to be
9707s able to get a little bit of bubble to
9708s put that Shield back into the mix each
9711s now going to be using his own ultimate
9713s and the tiger grabs like ships in the
9715s night pass each other without Landing
9717s but mediocrity is able to find the
9720s grapple into charge Focus strike when
9723s they're in the standing frame and as a
9725s result he's able to walk away with the
9727s kill cleanse himself with the Yang
9729s depletion put himself onto the rooftop
9731s and now look to break away from the rest
9733s of the pack absolutely saying here by
9736s mediocrity super unfortunate turn of
9738s events that the soul Bloom he had stash
9740s was missing here clearly he felt forced
9742s to come back up top and take a fight but
9745s not only does he make the fight work for
9747s himself there it was easily an
9749s opportunity for one of those other
9751s players to come in and take that Soul
9752s Bloom away you see him use the threat of
9755s that charged blue coming off of the
9756s katana he takes the overh just to keep
9759s the space and then releases as he takes
9762s the soul Bloom so even if they try to
9765s push forward and have a blue held
9767s themselves the most they can get is a
9768s Clank and it still leaves him in space
9770s to be able to pick up that bloom he
9772s guarantees the bloom for himself and
9774s then he instantly dips away and the
9776s other player wants nothing to do with it
9778s they're more than happy to just pick
9779s through the resources in the body and
9781s let him get away mediocrity keeps the
9783s game alive for himself missu here still
9786s two eliminations for himself here both
9788s of them being that realm of Yang missu
9790s clearly not wanting to take too many
9792s fights outside of the realm of Yang in
9794s the early game now in a situation though
9797s where every fight has to be outside the
9799s realm of Yang so missu clearly out here
9801s on the hunt constantly using this fan to
9804s get some extra movement as he checks
9806s bushes and keeps things moving just here
9808s to the west of even tide temple on the
9811s top side of the map we're going to see
9813s him here going to use that Soul Jade
9814s like you said checking that bush going
9816s to throw the R&B just a double check in
9819s case they were crouched and that
9820s horizontal goes over their head you
9822s never know and missu is not leaving
9825s anything to chance Moxy yeah talking
9827s about not leaving anything to chance
9828s something I do want to actually talk
9829s about is the fact that mediocrity he
9831s knows when he takes that fight inside
9833s Temple he's probably going to get third
9835s partied so he comes in with the katana
9837s for the actual fight and then he swaps
9839s to the dagger to be able to enable those
9841s scale rushes to disengage because he
9843s knows with the terrain and amount of
9845s walls scale rushing out of that uh
9847s position as quickly as possible is his
9849s best chance of being able to survive as
9852s people don't really want to commit the
9853s full Chase through even T when you don't
9856s have a lot of information on the amount
9857s of players that you're going to be
9858s running past and as a result he's able
9862s to see himself out of a very unfortunate
9865s position you do not want to go into that
9866s second realm of Yang when we are reduced
9868s to only seven players when you have that
9871s Yang de and have to play aggressive
9873s fight still going down in even tide at
9875s the moment nkk caught between two
9877s players weapon swapper trying to come in
9880s with a couple of opening shots on the
9881s musket we're actually going to see that
9883s additional pressure of this other player
9885s forcing the AOS F1 to come through
9888s unfortunately for Weapon swapper by the
9890s time he's able to find that
9891s re-engagement the F1 is going to have
9893s cycled back on up this is one of the
9895s things that even TI and celestra are
9897s known for if a player is able to break
9899s away from a fight even if they have to
9901s invest in ability to be able to do so
9903s they're able to cut noise find an
9905s entirely different angle and hide
9908s themselves away before that fight renews
9910s for the ability to be able to cycle back
9913s so even though we have six players
9915s remaining in the Lobby chances are the
9917s only way that we're going to see an
9918s actual fight breakout is if a player is
9921s able to pick up something like a bounty
9922s scroll because then you're able to keep
9924s that position locked on for where the
9926s player is and keep that chase a lot more
9929s easily the zone as well going to be
9931s pushing these players off of even tide
9932s so some of these players starting to
9934s move forward already not wanting to be
9936s that last player lagging behind where
9937s everyone swaps over to the range
9939s projectiles and starts to chunk through
9941s all of your armor because then you're
9942s forced to use that ultimate it does look
9944s like one player mediocrity has been the
9946s one that everyone has identified as the
9949s weak link and immediately weapon swapper
9951s coming in with that pul movement looking
9953s to try and find this third party deny
9955s that reset keep the players around him
9957s low enough that they get turned onto
9959s instead of him and he gets a free pass
9961s to position where he wants because he is
9963s a teer he is a wolf amongst the chickens
9967s everybody else in this Lobby I believe
9969s run is an acos and they don't see the
9972s customizations they don't see the name
9974s plates what they do see is the hero that
9977s you have and that toada the wi condition
9980s comes in when the Zone claps is up and
9982s everyone is pushed into taking the
9984s corruption t damage off of those fur and
9986s shelves until then he has to play
9988s Passive he has to play out of the way
9989s otherwise all of these auses are going
9991s to ban together and take that teada out
9995s oh mediocrity here with one HP in a
9997s dream misses the scale rush off of the
9999s side it might cost him dearly as the
10001s rest of the lobby come in here
10003s unfortunately for mediocrity took the
10006s risk to go in onto the box trying to
10009s find that legendary armor he does find
10011s it but it's cost him dearly he's found
10013s another armor swap here just to stay
10015s alive but it's not going to be for long
10017s enough as missu in the rest of the lobby
10019s just dog him down and put him into the
10022s dirt that's it for mediocrity here in
10025s game number four we are down to our top
10027s five players left remaining alive and
10029s sometimes this is why you'll see players
10031s who don't want to risk it in solos for
10033s trying to go into that box and pick up
10036s that legendary set of armor this time
10038s around it cost mediocrity pretty heavily
10041s he's able to get there but we see
10043s multiple musket shots and bow shots come
10045s out immediately strip the armor away
10047s from him and once that armor has been
10048s Stripped Away From Him and the lobby
10050s knows it's a gold set of armor these
10052s players smell blood in the water they're
10054s like sharks they will all descend on you
10056s and it doesn't matter he's able to find
10058s multiple pot resets he's never able to
10060s get to full though somebody always has
10063s an angle on him from these other five
10064s players in there able to get shots out
10066s and he just stays low the whole time he
10068s finally is able to find an armor swap
10070s into a blue armor as soon as he picks it
10072s up I don't know if you see this you
10074s actually see that blue armor get shot
10076s yet again well it's right to his left if
10079s he really want it the problem is does he
10081s have the pots to heal it he's able to
10083s get here he's able to get it on nobody
10085s sees him down here nobody's watching it
10087s missu will get that upgrade he's looking
10089s for desperately here now he is going to
10092s go to two and four here so he's got to
10094s be very care F about what fights he
10096s chooses to take here Moxy because his
10098s resources are running drastically low
10101s there's no shops left There's No Loot to
10103s get except from picking up eliminations
10106s and taking it off these other players
10108s bodies yeah and I mean that resource
10110s management is going to be absolutely
10111s crucial you can see all of these players
10113s have prioritized those shield parts if
10115s you're an acost you do not want to burn
10117s your F1 early because that's the
10119s immediate go sign for these other acos
10121s players to be able to use theirs have
10123s that defense buff lasting a little bit
10125s longer we're also seeing a lot of the
10126s melee resist soers as well for these
10128s players to be able to hold on to those
10130s ultimates as long as possible because in
10131s these mirror fights whoever ults first
10134s tends to be the one who goes down first
10137s as well a lot of these players just
10140s waiting for the moment for the zone to
10141s collapse in before the fight breaks out
10144s really flat ground as well these auses
10147s are going to be incredibly happy that
10149s they don't have to worry about things
10151s like The Buttery rocks interfering with
10154s the followup from those grabs into those
10156s combo extensions weapon swapper as we
10158s talked about actually opting to crouch
10160s inside that purple bush missu has not
10163s checked that one with the RMV and lmv
10166s and he knows he is playing the long con
10169s I say that someone grapple checked over
10173s the purple Bush and it flashed red and
10175s immediately the gig is up weapon swapper
10178s has been found by Casper and is now
10180s going to have to play for his life
10182s Casper on a tul as well also an outl in
10185s times of those hero picks weapon swapper
10188s potentially going to be taking a little
10189s bit of damage coming through if Missy
10191s swaps on to something like a cannon but
10193s he's not actually going to be able to
10195s find a connection doesn't have to commit
10197s the scal just using the inside of this
10199s building and the blue charges on the
10201s staff to keep everyone at Bay from being
10203s able to push onto the deada deada in an
10205s enclosed space is not a position that
10207s anyone wants to take a fight inside but
10209s he has been spotted out one of these
10212s acles says no there is a player unlike
10214s the other and they want them gone before
10217s the Zone collapses in one of these
10220s things is not like the
10223s other as we see here you know weapon
10225s swaper here able to recover from that
10227s quite nicely though like you said nobody
10229s really wanting to push in and try to
10231s force the issue onto that teada inside
10233s the building here miss you utilizing
10236s this great Zord to check some of these
10237s bushes here and you this is that one
10240s look there's some very interesting
10243s things that we've seen actually come up
10245s in cand during nvpl we've actually seen
10247s players start to opt to hide inside
10250s actual bushes instead of the
10252s invisibility bushes and they're starting
10255s to because they know they're everyone
10256s sees just your basic stuff they're not
10259s seeing your flashy cosmetics and stuff
10261s so if you're able to crouch down into
10263s one of those bushes that can fully hide
10265s your player model people are 10 times
10267s less likely to Grapple check those
10269s bushes because they don't see anybody
10272s hiding there because why would you it
10274s doesn't Grant you in Vis ability like
10276s the purple bushes do a massive scale
10278s Rush being landed onto missu and NK
10279s going super low as well missu able to
10281s get back into the Zone going to be
10282s forced to pop that F though now going to
10284s be feeling forced to pop the ultimate
10286s there able to use the scale rush off the
10288s side of the tree and convert it into the
10290s V2 there on the weapon swapper miss you
10292s keeping it going back up onto the tree
10294s one of the nice things about AOS is
10297s unlike regular characters who have to do
10299s the full charge to get that scale rush
10302s off of the tree if you're an AOS in your
10304s old ultimate you only have to press the
10307s button once you do not have to hold to
10309s get the scale Rush he breaks the mold a
10310s little bit that way numza coming in with
10312s the claws on to nnk and is going to keep
10314s our boy weapon swapper from picking up
10316s the elimination trying to create some
10318s distance here with this legendary P
10319s sword will eat the furin and not get his
10321s chance to go up the tree though is now
10323s going to swap out there numza trying to
10325s get topside utilizing those lovely
10328s grapples just to stick to the tree is
10330s going to come botside though cuz he
10331s knows he needs to get a pot and if he
10333s sits up in the only tree of ailable in
10335s this Lobby odds are he's not going to be
10337s a happy boy missu now trying to go top
10339s side looking to do the same numza able
10341s to get the repair off as the grapple
10343s comes out as it looks like missu just
10345s trying to use those grapples to stay
10346s airborne not absolutely trying to
10349s capitalize on the stun to get to some of
10351s these players dza going to go Airborne
10353s off of weapon swapper here looking to
10355s use the tree just to stay airborne the
10357s problem is is he's not high enough there
10359s we go he's got the grapple distance he
10361s can just grapple the ground cancel it
10362s out right here and hold on to that that
10365s top side he's going to be looking for
10367s that opportunity to drop in on everybody
10369s we're going to see Casper coming in
10371s there's the temol looking to lock all of
10373s these players potentially Down numza
10375s Still Airborne doesn't have the ultimate
10377s will come in with the eone and since
10379s everybody flying it's such a great
10381s position here so much HP I don't think
10383s anybody can stop him but no wait a
10385s minute weapon swapper able to get the
10387s hit is he going to be able to get the
10388s kill no numza was able to get the soul
10390s blooms get just enough HP to stay alive
10395s take it to the end Moxy oh my goodness
10398s the second that you know that Casper is
10400s still alive in this Lobby even though
10402s both of those auses know that there's a
10404s tumult still in play they're trying to
10406s harass him they're trying to hand him
10408s down before that ultimate is able to
10411s collapse into the remaining part of the
10413s safety away from that corruption tick
10415s Casper even intentionally taking
10417s corruption tick damage going outside of
10419s the safety to be able to set that
10421s ultimate up directly in the middle
10423s actually plays perfect Ally into numza
10426s because numza he's in the eye of the
10428s storm and if anyone's been playing Hardy
10430s over the couple of days that he's been
10432s out they will know that if you're
10434s actually in the eye of the storm the
10436s center of the tul ultimate you can fly
10439s out and above it and the grapple for
10441s numza worked the exact same way so when
10444s that ul Ultimate comes through everybody
10447s below him loses the stamina but numza is
10450s actually freed from any of the CC to be
10453s able to come in with that massive damage
10455s from the vertical great sword locking
10457s down so many of these players chunking
10459s them through as quickly as you would
10461s like it and it's actually all because of
10463s Casper's ultimate that the AOS is able
10466s to find that value which is so ironic
10468s because tul is one of the hardest
10471s counters for an acus to be able to deal
10473s with the second they pop that ultimate
10475s you just drop the wall and watch as they
10478s try and stumble their way
10480s through yeah I mean this is a very
10482s interesting events nums have played it
10484s very well though being able to stay uh
10487s skybound that entire time utilizing
10489s those grapples just to stay up there he
10491s knew he didn't have the ultimate to fall
10493s back onto so he had to bet everything on
10497s Landing that F and knocking players into
10499s that zone knowing that that zone seven
10502s tick is just so massive not only that
10505s when he comes down he's much healthier
10507s than all three of the other players who
10509s have been hitting each other so as soon
10511s as he comes in here and lands this look
10513s at this it's like the perfect app it
10515s knocks all of them it hits them for
10516s damage knocks them all into Zone to take
10518s the stun there Casper goes down weapon
10520s swappers there and then look at this he
10521s prioritizes coming in and picking up
10524s those Soul blooms and it's just enough
10526s healing tick despite the heal reduction
10529s coming in from the zone for him to be
10531s healthy enough to survive to the end
10533s here and as we take a look at the
10534s rankings and how they've changed missu
10536s moving into first place at a 31.8 galby
10539s into second at a 26.8 and numza holding
10542s on to third place now at a 20 2.5 APF
10546s unfortunately still sitting around 22.2
10550s points Casper moving into Fifth and try
10552s hard being knocked all the way down to
10554s sixth place something we do have to talk
10557s about as well is the fact that when
10558s numza comes down it's not the pulo
10560s damage it's the F1 and we talked so much
10563s about F1 being problematic in the 1 V
10565s ones it becomes even more problematic
10568s when it's going into multiple players
10570s because it scales off of the amount of
10572s players that are hit so you are get
10574s getting something like 50% damage
10576s reduction off of that insane level of
10580s Entry which means that he's able to use
10582s that damage reduction even up against
10584s fellow acuses that are still in the
10586s lobby and maybe have their f one still
10588s available they're only going to be
10590s getting the base 30% damage reduction as
10592s opposed to numo who was free to be able
10595s to take on those fights and play as
10597s aggressive as he wants with the puled
10599s with the followup because he knows
10601s there's not a lot of punishment even if
10602s he goes into that deada and gets head
10604s into the teada ultimate Carousel he is
10607s still going to be able to survive and
10610s the fight will have gone outside and
10611s into the corruption tick damage which
10614s means that he'll be able to out sustain
10616s past everyone else alive it's those
10618s really smart decisions where he
10620s understands okay there's a tumul still
10622s here I know the tumultous win condition
10625s how can I turn this to work the best for
10628s me because you see him he understands
10631s that ult ultimate is coming out he knows
10633s he can't try and for the fight and play
10635s Super aggressive against theal because
10637s even if there's another acos in the
10638s lobby if they see a player go low
10640s they're going to look to shark the kill
10642s he cannot take all of the aggression
10644s himself so he plays the long game using
10647s the grapples not going for the tree
10649s because he knows that's going to be
10650s potentially a spot where he's going to
10651s get grapple canceled or knocked into
10653s some of the damage coming through from
10655s something like that to much wisps CC and
10657s waits for Casper to make his move and
10660s then turns it to his advantage and being
10663s able to see those moment see those
10665s really Niche situations where you're a
10667s okay with letting your best counter
10669s survive and find their win condition to
10672s be able to immediately forite the owner
10674s reverse card is what differentiates a
10677s lot of these players from standing at
10678s the very top yeah yeah absolutely well
10681s played again he banks everything on that
10683s F has to come in and find that dynamic
10685s entry if you will where he's able to hit
10687s all three players he's able to find that
10690s win condition and make it happen but
10692s speaking of finding win conditions we're
10693s going to f elves away to a break real
10696s quick because we got two more games to
10697s play so don't go
10702s [Music]
10713s [Applause]
10720s [Applause]
10723s anywhere
10727s [Music]
10739s [Applause]
10740s [Music]
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10843s he
10853s [Music]
10873s he
10877s [Music]
10903s w
10906s [Music]
10912s [Music]
10918s [Music]
10921s [Applause]
10926s [Applause]
10933s a hello everybody and welcome back to
10936s the nraa blade Point astral cup I'm Moxy
10938s I'm joined by R and we were down to free
10941s games we're now down to two and that's
10945s when things get really stressful some of
10947s these players needing those points going
10948s to have to be playing a lot more
10949s aggressive of always game number six is
10952s going to be a tale of desperation but at
10954s the moment this uh leaderboard is a tail
10959s of incredibly Incredibly Close position
10963s players a lot of these players
10965s especially those in the top six all
10968s within distance of each other and these
10970s positions can very easily Shuffle around
10973s in two games right
10976s Ren uh yes absolutely Moxy two games can
10980s be absolutely gamechanging here we've
10983s seen it time and time again we saw after
10986s you know game one galby wasn't even in
10989s first place APF had been up there by a
10992s drastic number of points and then after
10994s game two coming from all the way from
10996s the bottom of the leaderboard jumps into
10997s first place it's still anybody's game
11001s all of these players more than capable
11003s of jumping into that top three situation
11006s much less being able to move into first
11008s place and Dethrone some of these other
11010s players and we even see we have tryhard
11012s today who's a player we all expected to
11014s come in and just kind of wipe this
11016s tournament from start to finish kind of
11018s hanging on by a little bit of a thread
11020s right now because of some early game uh
11023s mistakes coming through for him so if
11026s try hard is capable of making those
11027s mistakes any single player in this Lobby
11030s is equally able to make those same
11032s mistakes marxy I mean I do believe that
11034s try hard is actually playing with only
11036s uh one audio working currently on his
11040s headset Raven was mentioning earlier
11041s that like half of his headset broke so
11044s he only has audio in one ear at the
11046s moment which can be a pretty
11048s disconcerting in terms of how you're
11050s able to to play naraka especially if
11052s you're anticipating while those players
11054s are going to be positioned for the third
11055s party we also saw a couple of Hardy
11057s picks come through from him so I believe
11059s for try hard even though he was doing
11062s incredibly well in qualifiers this
11065s opportunity is much more about limit
11067s testing some of the new Heroes and also
11069s potentials of the new weapon with that
11071s fan as no surprises there it is try hard
11075s is on the latest here he's going to be
11076s running Hardy and he's immediately able
11078s to find a kill onto mediocrity with
11081s those duel hirs and F2 V2 and this is
11085s something that's incredibly interesting
11087s cuz I thought we were going to be seeing
11088s the F2 for the combo break you thought
11090s we were going to be seeing a little bit
11091s more F1 come through from hard and solos
11094s uh you know I really think we would too
11096s you know it's so easy to extend combos
11099s off of it and many of these players very
11101s very comfortable coming in and using
11104s something similar to like you know vda
11106s F1 which doesn't have that gold focus is
11109s not a combo breaker but it allows you to
11111s get those Touch of deaths and it's
11112s something these players excel at so to
11115s see them coming in here really shows
11117s that they may be less comfortable than
11119s you might think on hottie given the fact
11122s that he's only been out for a couple of
11124s days they want to really find that
11126s comfortability before they start trying
11128s to move into that realm and go for those
11130s Touch of deaths with a character they
11132s haven't had the time to practice with
11134s yeah there's absolutely huge uppercut
11135s coming in here onto BK from King Cobalt
11138s here or no this is Justin sorry oh my
11140s goodness the camera King Cobalt in the
11143s background though going to be feeling
11144s forced to use that f as those dual how
11146s birds come in the Parry bait coming in
11149s from Justin coming in there but the
11151s repair by K Cobalt as well Justin going
11153s to use that F to get out of that
11155s situation kin though on the receiving
11157s end of the re third party from batc here
11160s as Justin continues to go extremely low
11163s Justin trying to break away here wants
11166s to pick up the elimination on the king
11168s Cobalt does but doesn't have time to get
11170s the soul Bloom and bait C here will come
11173s in and pick up an elimination for
11175s himself as well onto Justin we can see
11177s the fight breaking out in the background
11179s there by try hard and another player it
11181s looks like try hard might have actually
11182s just been able to pick up an elimination
11184s as he does a little bit of looting over
11185s there uh try hard killed
11188s nomza in the background we are going to
11191s get to see nkk on that toada going up
11193s against weapon swwa I feel like a lot of
11195s the reason why we do see those Howes
11196s pick the F2 over the F1 is because they
11199s need the combo breaker to be able to uh
11201s match the combo break potential com
11203s coming through from things like that AC
11205s cost's weapon swapper goes down to the
11207s fast charge RMB on the fan we've all
11211s been there my friend do not
11213s worry that weapon is incredibly strong
11217s and Incredibly quickly so if you're not
11219s expecting that release it really melts
11222s you through very very fast as nkk is
11224s going to be able to force the into using
11225s that free shell we're going to see the
11227s ultimate invested nkk not actually
11229s getting hit into the freeze still
11231s holding on to that fan trying to kite
11234s around this Justin the nun's going to be
11235s coming through the overh hold going to
11237s be canceled out and nkk for he had an
11239s opportunity to be able to commit that
11241s R&B on the fan but it's anticipated and
11243s parried out of his hand missu coming
11245s with an absolute gorgeous counter and
11247s repul damage will be able to find the
11250s kill it did cost them the use of that
11252s ultimate as we get to see the Hardy
11254s ultimate now coming into play Casper
11257s going to be using it to be able to
11259s disengage a fight he is still on I
11261s believe gray armor and two two other
11264s players are in the area nzo who had just
11266s spawned up from Soul alter and Yea who's
11269s also in the environment to be able to
11271s take control of firefly cages one of our
11274s lovely environmentals on Hol Roth you
11277s can put yourself onto those Firefly
11278s cages interact with it and you
11280s immediately start to regenerate that
11282s ultimate charge to be able to come in
11285s with that ultimate as often as you would
11287s want and for Yea on this target that
11289s ultimate is going to be absolutely
11291s necessary if he wants to try and put
11293s himself to a r Yang yeah absolutely and
11296s by the way when we took a look back at
11298s missu missu having a legendary set of
11299s nunchucks as well meaning he had to go
11302s solve puzzle there at podium early game
11305s to get his hands on a legendary weapon
11307s before those first Realms of Yang coming
11309s through so missu able to not only go
11311s over there and potentially win the fight
11313s also able to solve the puzzle and get
11315s his hands on that early game legendary
11317s giving him a huge advantage over just
11319s about everybody else in the lobby before
11321s those first Realms of Yang Justin here
11323s trying to use this flight away on hottie
11325s to get away but walks into the staff R&B
11328s will find the Parry though back on to
11330s baty baty going to use the F just to get
11332s away here start to get a little bit of
11334s healing Justin will lose that ultimate
11336s here as we continue to see the chase
11339s going on by baty Justin does not want to
11341s get eliminated by baty here yet again as
11344s they did lose that fight early on inside
11347s plumed Castle here to bitc they do not
11350s have a resurrection under their belt if
11352s they go down now this is going to be it
11354s for them here in game number five as we
11357s do get to see pretty soon where these
11359s Realms of Yang are going to be coming
11361s through there we are in 90 seconds they
11364s will be fully formed just as Zone one
11366s completely collapses down onto the start
11369s of zone two Justin down below still
11370s looking to find some sort of upgrade no
11373s blue armor available for him since he's
11374s been able to hit the respawn he has been
11376s able to find a blue weapon but it's
11378s going to be hard for him to get that
11379s scale up here we do see Yia here on that
11383s dark trying to get away from try hard
11384s try hard trying to find the followup
11386s goes into the hit though unfortunately
11387s Yia can't really commit and confirm to
11390s it because of the third party nearby
11392s tryhard could have just found himself
11394s getting infinite out here thankfully the
11397s third party will actually save him Yia
11399s the ultimate going to be gone here and
11400s now the bow shot coming in from APF
11403s though will pick up the elimination and
11405s steal it away from try hard classic APF
11408s coming through here with the kill steel
11410s and he's more than happy to walk away
11413s let try hard pick the body clean here he
11416s got what he came here for Moxy he got
11418s the kill but try hard got the bloom and
11420s as a result that rage is now 100% both
11423s of these Hardies going to have ultimate
11425s both of them looking to try and control
11426s this realm of Yang R we might actually
11429s get a dog fight inside the realm of Yang
11431s and I cannot wait to see how these two
11433s are going to go head to head as we can
11436s have a look at kin over on that Justina
11438s free dashes left F1 from the AK going to
11440s be invested so they're not going to be
11441s able to I him with the golden f through
11443s the next Dash there it is the acos
11446s caught out into the blue into the gold
11448s from the staff King Cobalt finding the
11450s full damage off of the back of it onto
11452s weapon Swap and they're going head
11454s to-head with nkk going to see the overh
11457s on those dual hits and decide to just
11459s Dash past and do I get my wish APF on
11463s the hatti going up against mediocrity
11466s inside the real of Yang APF on the had
11469s he hasn't used the ultimate GS yet
11470s trying to catch mediocrity as they fall
11472s onto the with the R&B on that dagger
11475s it's not going to be the Hardy versus
11477s hard's going to be the Hardy versus the
11478s tul and that's going to make it even
11480s harder for the tul to be able to find
11481s value with this ultimate cuz APF can
11483s just fly right out the top of it he's
11485s going to use the ultimate now trying to
11487s find that connection there's the tulture
11488s ultimate to Zone APF away so he's not
11490s able to find the opportunity to go in
11492s with the triple charge through the
11494s windall as he if he does go through the
11495s windall it does cancel the ultimate
11497s temporarily and he's denied the ability
11499s to fly for three seconds but the Tage
11502s goes outside to towards the pillar and
11504s APF is able to kite around the sandstorm
11506s and catch him out now we're going to see
11508s the Wisps already being used no combo
11510s break potential APF going to be able to
11512s go through with the R&B and catch
11514s mediocrity on the back
11516s end
11517s absolutely well played by APF there
11520s coming out taking control of even just a
11523s little play mistake try hard also on the
11525s inside here on hottie and this is where
11528s hotti is really going to excel right
11530s inside these Realms of Yang he just has
11532s so much movement and on the outside
11535s you're able to kind of break away see
11537s where he's coming from Etc inside that
11539s realm of Yang he has you trapped in the
11541s Box he's very easily able to capitalize
11544s on that movement and keep you locked
11546s down and that's why we're going to see a
11547s lot of players continuing to play hottie
11549s here today APF on the outside as well as
11552s try hard both of these players on that
11554s hottie pick here more than happy to come
11557s out on top inside that realm of Yang
11559s they both have that Vermillion Birds
11560s might and are looking to capitalize on
11562s it it looks like they might even come
11563s head-to-head here unfortunately try hard
11565s does not see APF so he's going to keep
11567s on scooting here as he continues to look
11570s for the opportunity to take a fight
11571s while he has that safety net four
11573s eliminations under his belt this could
11575s be the game that try hard desperately
11577s needs to bring him back up into
11579s contention for that first place position
11581s here mediocrity and missu looking to
11583s trade blows here as mediocrity comes in
11586s trying to find some value missu was
11588s forced to use the F there to keep the
11590s followup from happening missu with that
11591s golden set of nunchucks here looking to
11594s get onto mediocrity mediocrity though
11596s with the charged R&B off of the staff
11598s coming in from above able to get a
11600s little bit of value of it on to miss you
11601s but APF coming in from the side as well
11604s we are now going to see tryhard coming
11606s in looking to make something happen here
11608s as well tryhard picking up that Valiant
11610s challenge while he has that bloom there
11613s that lovely buff to give him that safety
11615s net inside of the ultimate try hard
11618s trying to make something happen here if
11620s we could turn back to that fight with
11623s try hard so we can see what's going on
11625s as missu breaks away APF feeling forced
11627s to use that golden F just to get topside
11630s here and get away from the follow-up
11632s uppercut that we see coming in here is
11634s try hard now on the chase here just
11637s trying to chase down APF APF though just
11642s moving away wants nothing to do with
11643s this trying to break the ankles of try
11646s hard mediocrity somehow in that mixup I
11649s do believe went down to try hard as well
11653s so try hard with one elimination under
11654s his belt already there is he's going to
11656s see where APF is and it looks like try
11658s hard was forced into an armor swap here
11660s but wants to keep the aggression going
11662s in onto APF APF going to use that F to
11664s break away here trying to get out trying
11666s to use charge left click on those dual
11668s hes but the staff the reach just a
11671s little too strong for him as tryhard is
11673s able to come out on top and I do believe
11675s that is going to be his fifth
11676s elimination so it looks like mediocrity
11679s went down to APF but try hard still able
11682s to find that extra elimination he was
11683s looking for with that Vermilion Birds
11685s might here under his belt he only has 30
11688s seconds left remaining on it but he has
11690s 2 minutes and 30 seconds left on his
11693s Valiant challenge so he's going to have
11694s to look to head towards that next realm
11696s of Yang if he wants to buy himself a
11698s little bit of protection from everybody
11700s on the map knowing that position Moxy K
11703s Cobalt CAU out on the justtina loses a
11707s huge majority of that blue armor
11709s thankfully they are inside plume so it
11711s should be easy to be able to break away
11713s from the chase turning onto numza
11715s instead going to be able to find the
11716s kill and something that's really
11718s interesting is that these hadti players
11720s they are incredibly strong like we
11721s talked about they do have a lot of
11722s mobilities inside things like the realm
11723s of Yang the fact that they're able to
11725s just kite around and still keep healing
11727s on the move and in the ultimate as well
11729s and you can't even light Stager them out
11732s of being able to cancel that reset it
11735s very much does feel like you just have
11737s to wait the Hardy ultimate out for as
11739s long as possible but I think one of the
11741s biggest CEST we're going to see toar is
11743s not a hero as much as a weapon because
11746s staff is actually looking really strong
11748s if you think about it we saw it from try
11749s hard there where he's able to use the
11751s reach of that staff to be able to catch
11753s on once the uh F2 has been used right
11757s but you also have to remember that staff
11759s unlike spear gets a golden focus without
11761s needing hit confirm hard and triple
11764s charge in the ultimate does get a golden
11766s state but if you're able to just catch
11768s the moment that he comes in for that
11771s triple charge with the over on that
11773s staff you're going to be able to Clank
11775s it and survive a little bit longer as
11777s well as potentially do enough damage
11778s with a vertical overh to knock him out
11780s of that flight and leave him vulnerable
11781s for the 3 seconds as Y is going to be
11784s well unfortunately waiting more than 3
11785s seconds for the next Lobby to reform
11788s yija going down T always having a little
11791s bit of trouble dealing with those third
11793s parties F2 now going to be invested from
11794s try hard to be able to break away from
11797s nkk there's the range on the staff that
11800s we were talking about TR thinking about
11801s maybe going for the charge lmb not going
11804s to be able to land the hit however that
11805s legendary staff doing so much damage in
11808s the light confirms that he actually
11809s forces the teada into using the V1 try
11812s hard sent aeriel nkk not able to
11813s capitalize on the damage and potential
11815s combo string however as try hard is
11817s going to fall to the ground and de is
11819s going to use the opportunity to look to
11821s run away does try hard double down on
11824s trying to find this elimination or does
11826s he position himself for that second
11827s realm of Yang looks like he still wants
11830s to try and find this kill onto nkk here
11832s is not moving towards the realm of Yang
11835s he's instead moving towards where he
11836s thinks that teada has run off to cuz he
11838s knows that the ultimate has been
11839s invested and he still got an ultimate of
11842s his own to hold on to so ring around the
11844s rosies we go back onto the low ground
11847s onto the roof top T still trying to
11850s figure out exactly where the decator has
11852s gone and as a result APF might actually
11854s take this R of Y for fre no one steps
11856s forward onto the plate to challenge
11858s him yeah APF is going to be very happy
11861s about this turn of events coming in it's
11862s going to be a legendary staff which is
11864s going to be a huge huge weapon for him
11867s to have in the back pocket here he
11868s already has that Juggernaut at level
11870s three as well coming out with the buff
11873s oh my goodness just barely able to walk
11877s away from that natural pains breath it
11879s looked like two hits would have
11881s potentially juggled him there and if he
11883s had been locked into a third one that
11886s could have actually been APF eliminated
11888s from the lobby here as we turn to King
11889s Cal with a massive Parry on to try hard
11892s into the staff turn around with the
11893s reule the terrain actually saving him
11897s from getting to there as tryhard going
11900s to burn the ultimate and immediately de
11903s to save some of that percentage APF
11905s coming in with a massive Parry onto K
11907s Cobalt now as well K Cobalt going to
11909s lose a legendary weapon and feel forced
11913s away that legendary staff that used to
11915s belong to try hard that he parried
11917s getting immediately parried Away by APF
11920s APF with three gold weapons in the back
11922s and King just trying to break ankles and
11924s find a place to find that reset he so
11927s desperately wants the grapple continuing
11930s to come in though this time it looks
11931s like it's miss you oh my goodness try
11933s hard and APF King Cobalt no place to go
11935s all three of these players hungry for
11937s the elimination try hard returning the
11940s favor from earlier just needs to find
11941s one hit on the staff there it is try
11943s hard waiting for the bloom to come
11944s through he's able to get his hands on it
11946s but now he has to deal with both APF and
11949s missu coming in for the chase onto him
11951s he's going to use that St to break away
11953s and try hard will be able to find the
11955s reset he needs yeah but he's still on
11958s blue armor so he's going to try and make
11960s his way back to that body and pick up
11961s the broken purple to be able to get that
11964s reset find the upgrades that's so
11967s unfortunate for the justtina cuz like
11968s you said they had the kill locked down
11970s and unfortunately the terrain they go
11972s onto the ledge hang and as a result
11975s scale Rush as a follow up and try hard
11978s is able to survive long enough to Golden
11981s focus with the hard abilities break away
11984s from the fight and the attention turns
11986s instead onto the Justina and as a result
11990s because you get blitzed down by APF with
11992s this legendary staff the ultimate it's
11994s forced those free dashes invested
11995s incredibly quickly and APF is able to
11998s continue pressuring before the Justina
12000s is able to fully break sight and cut
12003s noise to be able to slip away into one
12006s of the many hallways of plumed APF
12009s looking incredibly stacked at the moment
12012s on this Hardy pick three kills to their
12014s name so they're still going to be trying
12015s to play for placement if they want to be
12017s able to walk away with a win over try
12019s hard who is I believe on something like
12021s six or seven kills when we last saw them
12024s miss you does have St and Sky Pillar
12025s unfortunately does not have the staff to
12028s be able to actually get to utilize that
12031s potential silence Soul shadow on the fan
12034s however as well as poison slash one of
12036s the pettiest solders in the game that
12038s can sometimes still find you an
12040s elimination nonch up and splitter also
12043s not really going to be getting to see a
12045s whole lot of value other than that
12047s sappers missu does see try hard into the
12050s distance swaps over towards the fan to
12052s be able to utilize that potential
12054s mobility and also potential Soul shatter
12056s in the back pocket the overh hold into
12058s the bwap committing onto the lmb
12061s throwing it out trying to bait try hard
12063s into anticipating when they would throw
12066s the actual focus and try hard whiffs the
12069s Parry missu able to come in with so much
12071s damage forcing the F2 now invested from
12074s that Hardy missu not going to be going
12076s into the blue charge from that staff
12078s does have to use the free shell form
12080s however will be able to tap jge over the
12082s vertical that try hard was trying to
12083s Land once the free shelf form had been
12085s invested as missu continues now with the
12087s first state charges of the R&B to buy
12089s themselves as much space as possible
12091s they've noticed that APF has appeared on
12093s the horizon they notied now that they're
12095s potentially caught in the middle between
12097s both of these players and they want to
12099s make sure that neither of them are in a
12100s state to actually commit to this fight
12102s and third party onto the Justina
12104s uppercut confirmation into two
12107s horizontals into another horizontal
12109s enabled by the slope and missu is forced
12112s into burning the Justina ultimate to
12114s burn themselves out of the fight oh my
12116s goodness missu in such a sorry State
12118s here the reg grabble coming in nnk with
12120s the weapon swap into the musket picks up
12123s the elimination from downtown what a
12126s shot as we immediately turn over to nnk
12131s gets the grab able to go into the weapon
12133s Swap and find such a quick elimination
12136s miss you thought they were home free but
12140s nnk comes out of nowhere try hard going
12143s to turn on to nnk now nnk not able to
12145s find any value here with the staff as
12148s Tri hard continues to keep things going
12150s and if I'm not mistaken try hard was
12151s able to loot that body pick up the
12153s purple fan and likely now has that Sky
12156s Pillar and he's able to pick up the
12158s elimination onto nnk try hard and APF
12162s the last two remaining players in the
12164s lobby here as that natural Bain's breath
12166s coming down here in the mid game oh my
12168s goodness the grapple recombo into the
12170s R&B on the fan into the cleanup with the
12173s jumping R&B try hard ladies and
12176s gentlemen this is the game that he
12178s needed it's the game he's been looking
12179s for all day he's going to jump so far up
12182s in those standing Moxy wow that took
12186s such a quick turn in the ending there I
12189s thought that was going to go a whole lot
12190s longer and then and and K swoops out of
12193s nowhere and it turns that entire game on
12196s its head what a photographic finish as
12199s well Ban's breath exploding behind you
12202s Starry Knight set up with all of its
12204s twinkling stars and a Hardy Al right in
12207s the middle of plumed incredible shots
12210s coming through I mean incredible shots
12212s also coming through from nkk with that
12214s musket absolutely insane like you said
12216s miss you really thought that they were
12217s going to be able to evade death on that
12220s one APF showing that that h it's a
12222s little bit harder to evade than some of
12224s these players might have anticipated
12226s mediocrity trying to proide that was to
12228s buy themselves the zoning but APF
12230s anticipating it going in with the R&B on
12232s the dagger to be able to dodge it as you
12235s can see what happens when an acos goes
12236s up against an angel unfortunately the
12239s EOS doesn't have the range of being able
12241s to collapse onto that Hardy and as a
12244s result they're able to come in
12246s anticipate the Gramps coming through and
12247s hit in with that triple charge and fire
12250s tick additional damage here the where we
12252s got to see APF and try hard go to so APF
12255s getting caught out the second that the
12257s F2 is used by the one to like confirm
12261s Stager here's the musket shot the
12263s grapple cancel coming through nkk does
12265s eat the poison Splash as a result but I
12267s mean you're more than happy with the
12270s fact that you're able to pick up the
12271s kill off of the back of it here's the 1
12273s V one that decided the MVP of the lobby
12276s try hard able to find that grapple lock
12278s down into combo extension with the R&B
12281s on the fan finishing things up and like
12283s you said that is the game that he has
12285s been waiting all day for off of the back
12287s of that one performance he's sky rockets
12291s with that Hardy F2 into first place yeah
12294s absolutely huge here for try hard he's
12297s feeling himself he's in his Groove he's
12299s coming in you know he's playing hottie
12301s here today and again these this hero
12304s really hasn't been out long enough for
12306s these players to master them and try
12308s hard is somebody we've talked to in the
12310s past who's not very comfort picking up
12312s and playing Heroes he hasn't had a lot
12315s of experience on playing he wants to be
12317s 100% comfortable with them but seeing
12320s how well hottie is doing knowing that he
12322s was going to be live here in this
12324s particular event try hard more than
12326s willing to take a risk if you will in
12329s playing hottie even though he's not 100%
12331s comfortable with the hero just because
12333s of the power level that he is bringing
12335s into solos right now and again inside
12337s realm of Yang in particular hottie
12340s really has such a DE demanding control
12342s of that space once he populates that
12344s ultimate and is able to just cut in and
12346s out we saw even in possibly one of the
12349s worst matchups for him with the Tami as
12352s soon as that Tami ultimate went away he
12354s was just very cleanly able to catch onto
12357s the tamul and just Blitz him out of
12359s existence and come out on top inside the
12362s realm of Yang the question is post today
12364s is how will H perform in Worlds given
12367s how well he's doing here I'm super
12369s excited to see it happen but before
12371s before that we've got one more break for
12373s you ladies and gentlemen but don't go
12374s anywhere because when we come back we're
12376s going to Crown our champion here for the
12378s astral
12382s [Music]
12388s [Music]
12393s [Applause]
12400s cup
12402s [Music]
12408s [Music]
12417s [Music]
12427s [Music]
12430s oh
12434s [Music]
12446s [Music]
12460s all
12462s [Music]
12476s [Applause]
12479s [Music]
12516s [Music]
12520s a
12530s [Music]
12540s [Music]
12559s [Music]
12566s [Music]
12580s n
12582s [Music]
12591s [Music]
12606s [Applause]
12608s [Music]
12610s n
12613s welcome back naraga fans we are three
12616s weeks deep and so many games into astral
12620s cup and I hate to say it Moxy we're
12622s heading in to our final game of the day
12625s our final game of Astral cup there's
12628s still a lot more in the rocket to come
12629s after this but it's been a good time
12631s here getting to commentate the lovely
12633s players in na fighting for that chance
12636s to head over to Worlds to get a little
12639s chunk of change as well as we see try
12641s hard off off the back of his fifth game
12643s here finally able to move into that
12644s first place position like we said it's
12646s literally still anybody's game even
12649s after this game missu holding on to that
12651s second place APF in third galai in
12653s fourth nkk in that fifth position and
12656s numza in six this is going to be a very
12660s interesting final game as we head back
12661s to morile Moxy yeah especially because I
12664s believe we've seen a lot of people
12666s actually utiliz that double hero pick a
12668s lot of people double hero picked hottie
12671s so we're going to potentially be seeing
12672s a couple of different Heroes come to the
12674s mix for those of you who do not know who
12676s are joining us to the nrao blade Point
12678s astral cup without any prior experience
12680s of watching some of the nraa Esports
12682s scene in solos we have the five hero
12684s Point rule where of these six games that
12686s you play per day you have to play at
12688s least five different Heroes which means
12690s you can only double pick once and as we
12693s have already talked about with how
12694s powerful hard he is and the fact that
12696s there isn't really that immediate
12698s counter not only that he counters a lot
12700s of the current top tier or rather past
12703s top tier meta Heroes like the teada like
12706s the acos and also with the V2 fire tick
12709s like The Zing sustainability as well he
12713s is absolutely the best hero currently to
12716s be able to go for that double pick so as
12718s a result in game number six the very
12722s last game of the day we're going to be
12724s seeing something a little bit different
12726s coming through from all of our players
12727s in this
12728s Lobby yeah it's going to be very very
12731s interesting to see how those hero pics
12732s go down as we take a look here at the
12735s spread a lot of these players just up to
12738s the Northwest outside of celestra as
12740s fights already breaking out between xia
12743s and mediocrity mediocrity and xia here
12745s by the fireflies next to one of those
12748s lovely loot caves Yia will be going down
12751s mediocrity able to utilize those
12752s nunchucks to take that first elimination
12755s here no armor for either player as
12757s mediocrity continues to look for some no
12760s fireflies near by just yet we do see a
12764s massive upgrade for mediocrity though a
12766s purple staff this early in the game is
12768s going to be huge for them Justin turning
12770s around onto try hard here with the
12773s charge to lmb off of the staff looking
12775s to make something happen Justin looking
12777s for it yet again tries to go in I do
12779s believe was that jabbing I just saw Moxy
12782s yeah oh my goodness jabbing coming in
12785s extremely early this is one of those
12786s Soul Jades we've talked about all season
12788s in the nvpl as well that is just kind of
12791s so good if you don't see them having it
12794s comes out so fast and does so much
12796s damage so even tricking an opponent with
12798s a single time is absolutely massive
12801s gains for you try hard here able to
12803s catch Justin out in the air Justin just
12805s trying to get away and get a clean reset
12808s here they are able no that is not a
12810s clean armor swap for Justin coming
12812s through there it looked like it was for
12813s a second but try hard able to finally
12815s find that last hit that they need and
12817s come in and clean up their first
12819s elimination of the game here here just
12821s to the north of Shadow Jade as they are
12823s going to head fully on up here and look
12827s to find some extra Loot and maybe
12828s another engagement given that they still
12830s have that early game Resurrection you
12833s got to appreciate try hard as well here
12835s on the Zin yangang rocking that lovely
12837s Halloween cosmetic that everybody wanted
12840s so bad Moxy I mean I'm just appreciating
12843s the fact that we're seeing all of these
12844s different Heroes we did say that the
12845s hero pick rule would make it a little
12846s bit harder for some of these players to
12848s be able to go onto that Comfort picks
12850s we've seen a far zip valer now we're
12853s going to get to see another Z ping F1
12856s already going to be used from nkk and
12858s they throw the blue they have the power
12860s followup damage as well going to be
12862s swapping over to that staff and using
12864s the movement on the weapon to disengage
12866s the fight as other players had come into
12868s the area catching one of their pursuers
12871s into the back going to actually be able
12873s to pop the ultimate to cycle back into
12875s the drop of that F1 and now with that
12877s sustainability they can return to the
12879s scene of the crime and try and hold
12881s their position onto The High Ground so
12883s if anyone tries to push them off of this
12885s space they can come in with the Scoops
12887s onto the staff either the purple or the
12889s gold being able to break through a lot
12891s of those combos and grapple UPS if a
12893s player tries to look for either a scare
12894s rush or a grapple entrance onto The High
12896s Ground but nkk going to be seeing
12898s another couple of players start to come
12900s into the mix kingle but on that AOS does
12903s not have the F1 to be able to break away
12906s from any of these combos that come out
12908s onto them great armor as well they're
12911s just going to be looking to keep
12912s themselves as mobile as possible
12914s committing with the lmv from those dual
12916s blades onto weapon swapper trying to
12919s chunk a player down low enough that
12920s everyone else in the area then turns
12922s onto them so they're going to be able to
12924s find a clean reset and because of this
12926s continued applied pressure weapon
12928s swapper is now the one falling low the
12931s AOS not able to find the locks and King
12933s Cobalt not able to find a clean entrance
12935s into the fight having to give up that
12937s spacing losing that chunk of gray armor
12940s knowing that he's going to be vulnerable
12942s and the one that everyone turns on to
12943s the second that weapon swapper goes down
12945s and with weapon swapper being sent back
12946s to the soul alter yeah everyone's now
12948s after that acos it's a real good thing
12950s he repositioned putting himself onto the
12952s cliffs to be able to scare us but these
12953s grapple cancels are no joke he has to be
12956s so careful as well that he doesn't run
12958s into Casper he know that there's a tul
12960s still in play and if there's one thing
12962s that can stop a scare Rush it's all
12963s whisp yeah Casper here on his comfort
12967s pick of course tamy being one of those
12969s Heroes he knows in side and out front
12972s and backwards it's going to be his
12974s second time on the hero he saved his
12976s double hero pick here for game number
12978s six he's going to break away as those
12980s whiffs die down and he looks to get that
12981s cool down back knowing how important
12984s having that gold focus is going to be
12985s heading into these fights and in K here
12987s going to get picked up in the R&B off
12989s the staff looks to find a reset able to
12991s utilize that F and immediately wants to
12993s break back into this fight here but is
12995s looking for a good opportunity to do so
12998s APF On The Backs side of this building
13000s so many many players over here Moxy in
13003s invisibility ruins as I like to call
13005s them here we're going to see try hard
13007s immediately turn on to nnk looking to
13009s come in and make some noise and of
13012s course nnk was able to get that huge
13014s musket shot last game but try hard was
13016s the player who came in and cleaned him
13017s up so NK not really wanting anything to
13020s do with this situation right now as he
13021s tries to break some ankles and get away
13023s going to turn around the corner and this
13025s time run into Casper Casper just going
13027s to go ahead and pull that wisp up to get
13029s away from that staff r m b and keep it
13032s moving nnk just trying to find a little
13036s bit of a respit here Justin utilizing
13038s that V2 on vda here looking for a reset
13041s tryhard actually going to put himself
13042s into the corner will be taking that
13044s spear to the face and this is a very
13046s interesting situation try hard also
13048s going to get pillared down here by the
13050s Faria and knocked away will take the
13052s time to go for the full reset and backs
13055s off of that aggression just a little bit
13057s it's hard to believe Moxy all this
13060s fighting going on and still 10 players
13063s left in this Lobby there have been no
13066s eliminations in the last couple of
13067s minutes here as all of these players try
13069s to utilize these ruins to break ankles
13071s and keep things moving many players
13073s trying to capitalize onto some of these
13075s other players who have gone low and have
13077s been using these abilities and they've
13078s just not been able to make it happen
13080s nobody really wanting to commit to the
13082s ultimate here either given how high the
13084s risk for third party is as these players
13087s continue to move around the ruins try
13088s hard here are going to cat charge lmb
13090s off of that dagger trying to follow it
13092s up will walk into the F3 from the vda
13096s Justin here with no ultimate and try
13097s hard knows it because they were caught
13099s out there earlier inside of that spere
13102s try hard wants to keep the pressure up
13103s onto them they know of that
13105s vulnerability they are going to catch
13106s out bit C though look to go in we are
13109s going to see a blistering Edge come out
13111s and finally pick up an elimination this
13113s time onto bait C and Justin oh my
13116s goodness but it's not try hard that's
13118s able to find the kill it's nkk
13121s nkk coming in with the staff able to
13124s poach both players and now try hard and
13127s APF going to be drawing them away away
13129s from sunveil going to be putting
13131s themselves inside a realm of Yang
13132s instead oh this is risky two Zips inside
13136s a realm of Y are we going to see the
13138s dreaded time out as both of these
13141s players have the ultimate both of these
13143s players have the sustainability there's
13144s that jabbing head coming through
13146s connecting instantly on to try hard
13147s immediately the armor is gone try hard
13149s going in with the fan looking to try and
13151s come in with the faster hits to be able
13153s to keep the staff in check throwing out
13155s the lmb will be able to catch P try
13157s takes one hit to a second jabing
13160s confirmation try finding the T able to
13162s find the Parry into the uppercut into
13163s vertical lock down trying to chase after
13166s With the Wind got light attack follow up
13167s on that fan nums are able to break away
13170s and the Zips are going to be able to
13172s sustain through red Flash coming on out
13175s from nums a try hard not following it up
13177s now try hard going for a red flash of
13178s his own but the staff is over held into
13180s the full blue into grapple extension and
13183s it's immediately going to be try hard
13184s having to hold on to the ultimate for as
13186s long as he can now going to be investing
13188s it to be able to keep himself intact
13189s finds the par onto numza who was
13191s probably looking to try and land another
13193s of those jabbing hits and it's off the
13195s back of two backto back charged rmbs on
13199s the fan the try hard is going to be able
13201s to walk away the winner as heading over
13203s to a second realm of Yang we also have
13205s the risk of potential time out 10
13207s seconds left that fair going to be a lot
13209s harder for Missy to be able to burn
13210s through he's able to find the one he's
13212s able to find the second he commits to
13214s the third blue Focus lock in and he's
13217s able to find the kill oh my goodness
13221s that fight between tryhard and uh boy
13224s numza inside that first R of Yang
13226s extremely close I love the bait coming
13229s in from TR you see what he does he's
13230s able to get the Parry the followup and
13233s then overh holds that R&B waits for them
13236s knowing that they're going to try to tap
13237s Dodge through and get that staff back
13239s and as they tap Dodge through he
13242s releases it into them and then just
13244s immediately finds the followup he knew
13246s they were going to go for the staff I
13248s don't know if he knew he didn't have
13249s another weapon in the back pocket or not
13251s but because of that he's able to get the
13253s read and just cleans that up so easily
13256s as we take a look turning back now to
13257s celester missu here as well winning his
13260s realm of Yang three eliminations under
13262s his belt that purple staff nine players
13265s left remaining alive as we take a look
13267s at fight starting to break out inside
13269s celester King calt going to get caught
13270s out by the staff here going to take some
13272s huge hits in the follow but King calt
13274s trying to go for the uppercut combo
13275s there is actually going to get punished
13277s as we see the F being invested here by
13279s missu on the zip so that they can just
13281s turn around and keep Kim calt from
13284s getting that full uppercut confirmation
13286s combo here that golden Focus really
13288s doing wonders for missu numza on the
13291s outside yet again it looks like an
13293s elimination was able to happen here I'm
13295s not sure whether numza was able to clear
13297s his Yang depletion or not but mediocrity
13299s in a similar situ situation who needs to
13301s get rid of it as well looking to find
13303s this elimination here on num massive
13305s Parry coming out here these nunchucks
13307s putting in work as numza loses most of
13309s their HP they're going to be forced to
13311s use the F here trying to bait out the
13313s red Flash doesn't quite find it we do
13316s see mediocrity finally release a red
13318s Flash and off the fear of eating that P
13320s sword blue immediately just invests the
13323s F to back away doesn't want to risk
13325s taking any of that damage at all oh my
13327s goodness no he releases in the face went
13330s for the0 n but it was mistimed ever so
13334s slightly so he goes into the white
13336s instead of the blue doesn't get the
13337s Clank that he's looking for and punished
13339s heavily for it as numza releases the pul
13342s SW his face now he's forced to use the
13344s ultimate looking for that full reset
13346s will still trying to get some damage off
13348s onto numza goes for the cannon shots
13350s through the window not able to find the
13351s connection and numza likely going to get
13353s the full reset for free tries to go for
13356s the read hits the window doesn't even
13358s get it to go through the doorway here
13359s and media medocity is going to have to
13361s burn the ultimate off and immediately
13363s it's a scale Rush coming in it's tight
13366s here as mediocrity is just looking for
13368s an opportunity to make something happen
13369s tries to get a pot off not going to be
13370s able to get it will get the Clank will
13372s he get the Parry there it is he's able
13374s to get the read and turn it back around
13376s numza going to be forced to utilize that
13378s F yet again here mediocrity though as
13381s the third party coming in from tryhard
13383s is going to find himself in one heck of
13385s a situation Moxy I mean that third party
13388s is actually allowing medy well
13389s potentially a back off but no Tri is
13391s turning onto that fair he knows that the
13393s ultimate is going to be removed does hit
13395s one vertical off of that P sword and as
13397s a result is going to be investing that
13399s zip F1 tries to throw the blue doesn't
13402s manage to find the instance of being
13404s able to put it through the red Flash the
13406s par comes night from mediocrity who
13408s overh holds the R&B on those dual hits
13410s so tri's not able to follow up from that
13412s grapple cancel and the chase is going to
13414s continue but mediocrity does not have
13415s the time to afford at the moment he
13418s can't look for this full disengagement
13420s and he has to commit to the fight the
13422s Parry comes on out the f are forced to
13424s use that F1 to be able to escape but
13426s here comes that second player that
13428s mediocrity had been fighting for so long
13431s they've used the instigation of tryad
13433s coming through to be able to find that
13434s full reset and now they're back and
13436s looking for this lock down onto the F
13438s try hard trying to find the interception
13440s with that pole sword charging up the
13442s right click throws out the first stage
13445s finds the lam on mediocrity who's just
13447s so incredibly low and not able to break
13449s away up
13450s into grapple extension into pul on swing
13453s we go and try hard's going to
13455s immediately be able to burn through nums
13457s V1 we're going to see try hard now with
13459s an F1 of his own to be able to keep
13460s himself aggressive in the position to
13463s throw out the R&B on the hbet so he can
13465s pick up the kill that he's worked so
13467s hard for he he the third party in the
13469s back of his head he knows that those
13471s players are going to try and chase after
13472s that kill throwing in the F1 to be able
13474s to stick his position but now he's going
13476s to be able to use it potentially to try
13478s and break free from these other two that
13480s have turned up try hard using the F1 and
13482s the ultimate at the exact same time to
13484s get as much sustainability as possible
13486s going into the full meter dump coming on
13488s through from the opposing zip has to be
13490s careful cuz he backs up into the Wisp
13493s and he goes down oh my goodness try hard
13496s such an unfortunate turn of events here
13498s but Casper now with missu locked down
13501s inside of the ultimate missu able to
13503s break through the wall here he's going
13505s to get caught into the wh though Casper
13507s into the uppercut with the weapon swap
13509s no he misses the follow up on the weapon
13511s swap he releases it just a second too
13513s late here and now has to turn on to
13516s missu missu with a little bit of an arm
13518s Le here into the jump Parry onto Casper
13520s with the return in and instead of a
13522s weapon swap just commits to the overhead
13524s here on the staff for the damage missu
13527s gets caught out in the whisp yet again
13528s but the chase is still on on to Casper
13530s the third party going to be coming
13532s through very soon missu will end up
13534s going down no missu gets the elimination
13536s onto Casper there sorry and Ken Cal with
13539s the third party coming in though looking
13540s to clean up missu missu still with an
13542s ultimate though the legendary staff
13544s going to strip that armor instantly away
13546s from King calt going to use that F again
13548s to try to get away but King Cobalt onto
13551s the overh hold with the dual blade
13552s doesn't fall for it a second time
13554s unfortunately as soon as he pops his
13556s ultimate missu finds an opportunity to
13558s clean it up and finds another
13560s elimination and goes to six oh my
13563s goodness miss you able to just hit King
13566s Cobalt low enough that one vertical slam
13569s from a jump is going to be able to do
13571s the acos in anticipates the ultimate
13573s being used to look for the disengagement
13575s rather the potential turn around and
13577s grab and gets aggressive chasing after
13580s that potential disengage and missu
13582s starting to steam his way storming up
13585s that leaderboard APF holding on to that
13587s pul for as long as possible thinking
13589s maybe they're going to get grapple
13590s cancelled into position hits the
13592s blistering Edge connection onto Bat C
13595s who's going to be wrapped around by
13597s another player coming on in enk
13600s here for that potential third party
13602s ballista also within range for one of
13604s these players to try to jump onto but
13606s unfortunately in it's a little bit hard
13608s to be able to find the vir especially if
13609s you can get grapple canceled before
13611s you're able to head onto it baty using
13613s the cliffs to be able to scourage his
13615s way out has led nkk into APF in the
13619s hopes that these two are now going to
13621s turn their attention to each other and
13622s afford him a safe passage out of a fight
13626s and it looks like that has happened APF
13628s and nkk now turning onto each other nkk
13632s with a couple of opening shots coming
13633s through from the pistol still not hard
13635s engaging because he does know that third
13637s player is still in the area is playing
13640s to be able to put himself into position
13641s to hit that Bell get a little bit more
13644s Intel on the amount of players near him
13646s in case he does have to worry about that
13648s potential third party charging up the
13649s scar is going to be met by that staff
13652s he's up onto The High Ground however
13654s we're going to see now him being
13656s continued to be chased by this fer not
13659s afford him any downtime APF also still
13662s not entirely repositioned still in the
13664s area to be able to turn onto the fight
13666s you hear one ballista shot going on off
13668s it does not find the connection looks
13670s like APF is the one currently on top of
13672s it and that does significantly limit the
13674s amount of movement that nkk has to be
13677s able to deal with this F if he goes to
13679s the top side he's going to be going into
13681s that ballista as he looks to go to the
13683s low ground and lose sight of his Chasers
13686s but he's Tracked Down by BC the zip
13688s having to use the V want to try and keep
13690s himself aggressive but bit's able to
13692s burn the ultimate through and we're
13694s going to see APF off of the blister and
13696s I'm not able to find the kill but still
13698s trying to take this pressure onto bait
13700s c yeah APF here no eliminations under
13703s his belt here desperately needs this if
13705s he wants to make something out of this
13707s game for himself he needs some
13708s eliminations as well as that first place
13710s finish here looking to lock onto him
13713s unfortunately batc is going to get top
13715s side and find a reset so APF here needs
13718s to make the decision whether he wants to
13719s continue to take this fight or try to go
13721s down and loot that body and get some
13723s precious resources we're going to hear
13724s the Bell rung just in the distance here
13727s and APF is going to keep the hunt up
13729s here onto baty baty of course with the
13731s bounty on his head so APF going to know
13733s where he's at no matter where he heads
13735s off to a massive blistering Edge coming
13737s out from APF here onto our boy baty baty
13740s not happy about that turn of events
13742s going in trying to look for the purple
13743s and gold Focus there in that sa overhead
13745s to buy himself just a little bit of
13747s safety but APF going to keep the
13749s pressure up on Bat C as we hear those
13751s grapples continue to come through baty
13753s trying to find a clean scale Rush here
13756s onto APF and even out this fight just a
13758s little bit unfortunately still not able
13760s to find it here b c though with the F
13763s and both the pillar available here so
13765s not in such an un unheard of situation
13769s here missu on the horizon as boxy points
13771s out as baty going top side and just does
13774s not stop the movement whatsoever knows
13776s APF is trying to give Chase and it looks
13778s like they will be able to break away and
13780s find the reset they've been looking for
13782s this entire time as missu shows up to
13785s the party they're going to turn their
13786s attention over onto APF trying to find
13789s some hits here APF going to go down
13791s below and missu going to keep things
13793s going not able to find the grapple
13795s they're looking for they're going to
13796s come up top side looking to turn things
13798s onto baty baty with a huge scale Rush as
13801s missu looks to start cleaning up this
13803s elimination but baty will find a huge
13806s charge to lmbb tries to go for the
13808s overhead followup UNT muu gets the read
13811s is able to get the Parry out onto bit C
13813s bit C though will get away not going to
13816s take a ton of damage here as muu is now
13818s no armor left to his name baty trying to
13820s keep it up and APF waiting in the wings
13823s a monster in Disguise ready to come in
13825s and try to clean it up APF going to turn
13827s on to bit C here is bit C trying to get
13830s away APF going to get some huge damage
13833s out onto them though missu coming in as
13835s well the pillar going to be invested and
13837s bit C going to turn their attention AP F
13840s oh my goodness that P sword so much
13843s damage coming in they didn't even get an
13845s opportunity to look for a heal or go to
13848s Cannon Mode they just clean it straight
13850s up both these players trying to get the
13852s Parry out nobody able to find the T
13854s timing as they get the red flash to Red
13856s flash APF going airborne here and we're
13858s going to see them immediately use the F
13860s to get away massive blistering Edge on
13863s to missu miss you trying to get away
13865s will find the huge uppercut combo off of
13868s the staff here the pill being invested
13871s on the side of APF coming in looking for
13873s yet another blistering Edge APF not able
13876s to find it Miss times the read missu
13878s picks up the elimination takes seven
13881s eliminations in a first place finish and
13883s if I'm not mistaken that's going to be
13884s your Champion yeah miss you able to come
13887s in with that staff and also deny the
13889s fair from being able to hop into that
13890s Mech and potentially boost away and find
13892s a reset it's always going to be really
13894s tough when it's a one V one and you're
13896s up against the zip because if you're not
13898s able to find that touch of death combo
13899s chance chances are she's going to be
13900s able to land that F1 or ultimate and
13903s start to heal on up and it really did
13905s feel like that fa had such a window of
13907s opportunity when that first blistering
13909s Edge connected because that firei damage
13912s meant a huge heel cut for the zip to try
13914s to sustain fruit the problem is that's
13917s the wind condition and the faer knows it
13919s and miss you knows it as well so he is
13922s anticipating the second throw out of the
13924s blistering Edge like you said it's a
13925s miscalculation on the distance of the
13928s blistering Edge to connect onto the zip
13929s that missu is able to take full
13931s advantage of and since the F has already
13933s been kited off of the Fret from that
13935s staff coming through from missu away
13937s from being able to turn the fight around
13939s by hopping into the mech they're
13941s unfortunately reduced to just losing the
13943s One V one in the straight
13946s neutral yeah super super unfortunate
13949s there for APF he played it really well a
13951s little bit of a misread there on that
13953s second blistering Edge being thrown out
13955s and this right here this this is
13957s heartbreaking the turn of events that
13959s happen onto TR hard here where he
13961s accidentally gets walked into the Wisp
13963s after this is so unfortunate I believe
13966s if it wasn't for that wisping exactly
13969s where it was tryhard lives through that
13971s turn of events unfortunately for him
13973s it's not what happens here and there we
13974s go we're going to see right here that
13975s APF he's a little too high to be
13978s releasing that horizontal is afraid that
13981s he's going to lose the neutral if he tap
13983s Dodge his way because of the reach on
13984s the staff so he just lets it go anyway
13987s and sure enough the followup comes and
13989s missu cleans it up but missu is going to
13991s be walking away your astral Cup champion
13993s at a 51.5 try hard going be in second
13995s place with
13997s 46.2 APF and nnk going to be taking
14000s third and fourth place and they're each
14002s going to be walking away with a little
14003s bit of cash for themselves as well Moxy
14006s yeah really good stuff coming through
14007s from all of our players like you said
14009s miss you able to walk away with that
14011s first place and that does mean free
14014s fisen as well as earning that trip to
14017s Shanghai to be able to witness Jacob
14020s live in action when it kicks off a
14022s little bit later on in November I'm
14025s really happy we got treated to some
14026s absolute Stella stand out nraa we also
14030s got a little bit of a taster and
14031s appetizer for what the meta might well
14034s turn into run because the patch that
14036s astral cup has played on is going to be
14038s the patch that J cup is played on as
14041s well so it is massively important that
14043s for some of these players yes they might
14044s not be walking away with the opportunity
14046s for that trip to Shanghai or the money
14048s but if they already going to Jacob they
14050s got to use this as a sort of testing
14053s grounds to try and figure out what's
14055s going to work what's not going to work
14057s how aggressive they need to be to be
14060s able to play into the tempo that Hardy
14063s brings to the table absolutely I mean
14067s this is going to be an extreme
14069s foreshadow of what's coming and you've
14071s got to remember every region typically
14073s ends up playing Heroes very differently
14075s from each other as well so we're seeing
14077s what na is experimenting here with hotti
14079s as well as we had over there we're going
14081s to have every single region coming EU is
14084s going to be bringing to Bear na we're
14086s going to have the sea region we're gonna
14088s have the as region and we're going to
14089s have the CN region all coming to rep
14092s their region there in J cup in the world
14095s championship it's going to be a really
14097s good time I know the games are going to
14099s be absolutely incredible there's a lot
14101s of people that I'm looking forward to
14104s seeing getting to play that didn't get
14106s to play last year there's a lot of
14108s people that did get to play last last
14109s year who are trying to come in this is
14111s the potential for them to find their
14113s Redemption Arc as well you know we spent
14116s a lot of time talking about try hard the
14118s last couple of days here in the astral
14120s cup as we should this is a player who
14122s came in from Na and has really opened
14125s the door for North American Esports in
14127s terms of nraa for these other players
14130s and on top of that in the final moments
14133s of the last game of the World
14134s Championship was moments away from
14137s clutching away the world championship
14139s ship from some of these Pros in the CN
14142s region and you know he's going to be
14143s coming back even hungrier this year
14146s looking to raise that trophy high so
14149s it's gonna be such a phenomenal year of
14151s nraa and I can't wait to see what
14152s happens next year Moxy well talking
14154s about opening doors when one door opens
14157s another closes and your time to enter
14159s the nraa meme contest is rapidly closing
14163s you have until the 20th of November to
14167s get your entries in if you don't know
14169s where to go our lovely mods I'm sure
14171s will have the link in chat join the
14173s official nraa blade Point Discord from
14175s there there should be a channel titled
14177s meme contest submit all of your images
14180s any of your formats there and you'll be
14183s in with a Chance of walking away with
14185s some of our wonderful prizes you know
14187s what Moxy hold on we should C come back
14189s to camer we got to give him a face you
14190s know what you've got one day left we're
14192s going to give you a little extra to work
14193s with let's hit them with a face that
14195s they can use for the meme contest on
14197s three M are you ready one two
14202s three there you go chat a little
14204s something extra there for you get your
14205s screen caps in get yourself a clip of us
14207s being goofy and utilize that in your
14210s memes so you have a chance to walk away
14211s with some of those goodies more than
14213s happy uh to provide that at my own
14215s expense for you guys because we love you
14217s guys a lot and we wouldn't be here
14218s without
14219s you oh yeah Moxy Moxy you know if I'm
14222s doing it I'm roping you into it from
14223s start to finish when for the classic
14226s Esports pose you know you have to hit
14228s them either the folded arms or the one
14230s hand over the chin but one thing we're
14232s going to be hitting you with is an
14234s interview with our wonderful winner I do
14236s believe we have missed you on the line
14239s congratulations on your
14241s win thank you thank
14245s you how do how do you feel about the
14247s turn of events year in this final game
14249s miss you it felt like everything was
14252s really going your way in those final
14254s moments uh um I feel it's not it's not I
14258s don't have any any like feeling cuz I
14260s was um kind of uh I mean I'm not paying
14264s that much attention for this cuz I was
14267s um thinking like how how to kill um
14272s someone so thinking then about how to
14275s kill someone obviously we have hardi
14276s coming into the mix and a lot of
14278s questions are about how powerful he is
14280s whether he's going to fit into either
14282s solos or trios matter and also how best
14285s to counter him in your opinion as a
14287s player what is your personal feelings on
14290s Haddie and who do you think is the best
14292s bet of Heroes that we already have to go
14294s up against
14295s him
14297s uh play hardi against Hadi oh jusa jusa
14305s Justina is there a specific reason and
14307s do you think this means that we're going
14309s to actually see a lot more of Justina
14310s come into the
14311s meta um I don't think so cuz like
14314s justtina can't like leave the like can't
14317s stay for like an Circle
14319s so uh I think it's just for like counter
14322s Hadi Sal and it can freeze him I mean
14326s freeze him down and you can like do a do
14329s a charge after that so that that's the
14331s Counterpoint but I don't I still don't
14333s think Justina is a good choice for
14338s attorneys Absol so tournament play then
14340s would you say that there is no hot
14341s counter for cuz if it's the answer is ah
14344s play Justina how exactly do you think
14347s some of these teams in Jacob are going
14349s to be able to tackle the Hardy
14351s problem every team I think they'll I
14354s think they will try like at least in the
14359s scrims I think um I'm not sure but I'll
14363s see I'll see I'll watch them
14365s play absolutely are you excited about
14368s heading over and getting to watch those
14369s grand finals for J cup and jungu no I'm
14372s actually going with ntl so like I'm
14374s leaving
14376s tonight oh okay yeah so you yeah you're
14379s going to be competing as well I
14380s completely forgot that you're going to
14382s be competing uh miss you uh do you guys
14385s have any without giving anything away do
14387s you guys have any secret strategies
14389s you've been working
14391s on uh like for TRS yeah yeah we have
14395s something but um but like um it's a just
14399s just it's just an f f thing so I don't
14402s think um I think I I'll tell them like
14406s when we get China but not now
14410s speaking about playing into China
14413s obviously as you said you're going to be
14414s going with one of the teams over from na
14417s which team are you either the most
14419s worried about facing or have the most
14422s respect when you're going to be playing
14424s up against them on the Jacob
14426s stage uh I think now it's a fun plus and
14430s xcg for
14435s TRS okay thank you so much Miss you do
14438s you have any words that you want to say
14440s any shout outs to anyone that you want
14441s to give before we let you head
14443s off uh shout out to Hero try hard and
14447s and all my brothers like yesterday APF
14450s LG just those that's
14453s all perfect thank you so much Miss you
14455s and have a very safe flight we'll see
14457s you in Shanghai byebye see you in
14462s Shanghai oh good I think correct me if
14465s I'm wrong that means that someone else
14467s is going to get yes the trip to go to
14470s Shanghai because all of the players who
14471s are already involved in jcup aren't
14474s going to get to go to Shanghai twice
14476s that's not how it works so one of these
14478s other players is going to be able to get
14480s their way into jaob as well so we very
14483s much look forward to getting to see them
14485s over there too absolutely and of course
14488s you guys know if you're going to be over
14490s there yourselves or if you win the trip
14491s and come over please come up talk to us
14493s casters we're going to be more than
14495s happy to hang out with you we'll be more
14497s than happy to sign some autographs for
14498s for you as well and just have a good
14500s time talking about nraa as well you know
14502s we're super excited to be heading over
14504s and just getting to experience a true
14507s land for the first time as well of
14509s course with everything that's been going
14511s on the last couple years with the
14512s pandemic and everything we haven't had
14515s that experience where every single
14516s player from every single region gets to
14518s come together in the same room so it's
14521s going to be a very exciting year for
14523s nraa Esports for a lot of reasons going
14526s forward and you know that we are going
14529s to be there to bring you guys all the
14532s details from start to finish because
14533s there's no place in the world we'd
14535s rather be Moxy yeah but sadly time does
14537s continue marching forward and since we
14539s have played all six of our wonderful
14541s games it does mean that our time at the
14544s nraa blade Point astral cup is coming to
14546s a close a huge thank you to everyone who
14549s has been involved on the production side
14551s as well really lovely to get to see the
14553s wonderful Folks at rally cry get
14555s involved in some nraa projects massive
14557s thanks as well to all of that Talent who
14559s have been on screen my lovely co-host
14562s today run kefir Raven and Derby as well
14565s thank you so much to the chat and the
14567s community as well when we hosted signups
14571s for the astral blade cup did not
14573s honestly think that we would be seeing
14575s over 300 players come together in solos
14580s alone to try to trot their stuff on the
14583s stage and get their way to Shanghai but
14586s it is absolutely wonderful to get to see
14588s the lovely outpouring of support from
14590s such an amazing Community thank you to
14592s everyone in chat as well who have sat
14594s through all six of their games
14596s supporting their players supporting
14597s everyone on the production and it has
14599s been an absolute blessing to get to be
14601s here on the desk and that sadly is going
14604s to be us signing off for the last time
14606s take care everybody and see you in
14612s [Music]
14617s Shanghai
14621s [Music]
14623s [Applause]
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14807s [Applause]
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