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Hello Beautiful people,

Welcome to the suggestion MegaThread! This is the place for you to make suggestions for the game and ask any questions you may have. Having this MegaThread will significantly help us with feedback collection and getting to know more about our community.

Please read the following before commenting:

  1. Be respectful to other members of the community.
  2. If the question you have has already been addressed in the comment, reply below instead of making a separate comment. In this case, we'd be more efficiently collecting the feedback and passing it to the Dev team.
  3. Please do not make a separate thread in our Subreddit for the same issue, as we want the platform to be more of the NARAKA discussions in terms of gameplay/tricks etc.

We sincerely appreciate every piece of feedback from our community, and we aim to provide the best gaming experience possible for our players. Thank you all so much!

Love <3

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