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5s hello and welcome to another nraa 101
7s tutorial I'm Cyclops and today's video
10s will walk you through chapter 4 the
12s latest update to The Showdown campaign
14s first off Wu chin has been added to The
15s Showdown roster he comes equipped with a
17s fan and surprisingly a swarm his skill
20s in The Showdown mode is similar to his
22s Battle Royale third skill this skill can
24s be used while under attack and it
25s summons three blades around him that he
27s can throw out individually to deal
28s damage to enemies or to heal armor for
31s himself and his teammates a barrier is
33s created whenever wuen Spirit blades are
35s thrown that will block incoming ranged
37s attacks if wuen takes fatal damage while
39s he has at least one Spirit blade left
41s around him the Fatal hit will be negated
43s Lin's Showdown ultimate is really
45s awesome it gives him two charges of a
46s high damage spell which will mark an
48s enemy that he's aiming at and repeatedly
50s drop Spirit blades on them for a few
52s seconds if not used on a Target enemy
54s the blades will be called down upon a
56s spot on the ground the chasm Showdown
58s season has ended and the turmoil season
60s brings an allnew Showdown pass with a
62s massive amount of extra rewards there
64s are a ton of New Soul Jades as well as
66s new enima rings for yama's Abyss we've
68s also got a new playable chapter it is a
70s single mission called Autumn Plains
72s turmoil and features a single boss fight
74s against corvine and hundan on normal you
76s will only deal with hundun's phase but
78s in hard mode and above the second phase
80s is unlocked where you will fight against
89s corvine
114s the first phase of the fight is mainly
115s against hundan he has two weak points
117s that you can attack for extra damage and
119s if you break both weak points hundon
120s will be defeated the hundon mostly does
122s charging attacks and slamming attacks
124s when you see him getting ready to charge
126s give him some distance so you can see if
127s it will be a blue Focus attack that you
129s must Parry or a non-focus attack then
131s you must Dodge or diffuse when you see
133s him go up in the air get ready to dodge
135s or diffuse a ground slam and watch his
137s animations for wind ups while he's still
139s on the ground after a slam there's a
141s chance he will do a second quick slam he
143s will sometimes twist his body to roll
145s around on the ground or swing his claws
147s in front of him these moves may be best
149s to avoid or to defuse near the end of
151s the attack so your diffuse doesn't get
153s interrupted once hundon is taken care of
155s you will fight corvine by
160s herself corvin's move set can be a
162s little tricky corvine does a lot of
164s Leaping attacks watch her carefully so
166s you can see whether she's doing a blue
167s attack that you need to Parry or a
169s regular attack that would be better
170s dodged or diffused when she goes up in
172s the air she's usually preparing to
174s launch herself Like a Torpedo I like to
176s diffuse this move but be careful with
178s this as she can do a second kick after
180s after a diffuse she has a special attack
182s with a special windup animation that
183s looks like this this is her cut scene
185s attack if she grabs you here you'll just
187s have to watch as she rides you like a
188s skateboard and Deals an insane amount of
191s damage corvine has a defensive stance
194s she can go into and if you throw a blue
196s attack on her while she's glowing red
198s she can actually Parry
200s you this fight isn't easy and learning
203s how to deal with corvine and hundon
204s might take some practice so keep trying
206s and you will take her down I hope you
208s enjoyed this video have a great rest of
209s your day and I'll see you all in the
211s next
213s one
220s kindness