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5s hello everyone and welcome to another
7s naraka 101 video my name is osk and
10s today we'll be talking about Showdown
12s chapter 2. real quick if you didn't
14s already check out the naraka 101 video
16s for chapter one make sure you do so now
19s as it does provide some Basics as to how
21s the mode works and some of the monsters
24s involved in these levels in this video
26s we're going to go over the three levels
28s of chapter two the different monsters
30s and bosses in Chapter 2 and also the
32s differences between the normal and hard
34s modes so without further Ado let's get
37s started the first level of chapter 2 is
39s Desert tribulations in this level the
42s objective is to gather three runestones
44s from these purple chests by defeating
46s monsters around the chest you'll
48s complete each section of this solo
49s however if you happen to finish early
51s you can defeat the bosses outside of
53s these barriers to unlock the other solo
55s areas and help your teammates along the
57s way it's important to be self-sufficient
59s in this level as you only have yourself
61s to count on until the later parts of the
63s level but once you're done defeating all
65s the mods officers and Gathering all
66s three runestones you'll be able to go to
68s the center to fight the stone monster
70s the stone monster is this ninja rock
72s looking thing who will devastate you
74s with grounded attacks as well as
75s swinging limb attacks he has a habit of
78s zipping around the battlefield and
79s sometimes teleporting right in front of
81s you so you must always be on your guard
83s in the normal mode the most devastating
85s attacks he can land are these jumping
87s and launching grounded attacks that will
89s spawn spikes under the player it's
91s fairly easy to see this coming so you
93s will need to tap Dodge at the right
95s moment and even throw in a roll if
96s you're not outside of the radius another
98s normal move you want to watch out for is
100s whenever he picks a player to Sprint
102s towards and stab with his arms and if
105s you're not careful he can then spin
107s around with a focus attack to land even
109s more damage another normal combo he
111s loves to do in the normal mode is to
113s wind up his right arm swing at you with
115s an uppercut and then jump back and jump
117s towards another player launching an
119s attack it's important to always keep
121s your eye on this monster as no matter
123s where he is he can always turn in and a
126s pinch to another player so if your
127s friend's getting attacked just keep in
129s mind that he can easily turn his gaze
130s towards you at a moment's notice another
132s normal move you'll want to watch out for
134s is whenever he crosses his arms lays
137s them down to the side and then does the
139s spinning attack normally this will be
141s followed up on with another spinning
142s attack directly after so if one friend
144s gets caught make sure you stay away for
146s the Second Spin as long as you know what
148s to look for on the startup of this
149s animation you should be able to dodge
151s out of the way another spinning attack
153s the stone monster likes to do is wind up
155s in a circle and then start spinning
157s immediately after this he will stab with
159s a focus attack you'll definitely want to
161s steer clear of the spin but if you
162s happen to dodge it make sure you're
164s ready to counter that Focus attack this
166s same stabbing Focus attack can also be
168s thrown out raw so make sure you keep an
170s eye out for it and make sure you counter
172s when you see blue flashes if you can get
174s past these moves then you should be able
175s to take down the stone monster on normal
177s difficulty pretty easy in hard mode he
180s does gain some extra attacks but it's
181s not by much he'll gain an extra ground
184s splitting attack where he just winds up
186s and smashes the ground creating a huge
188s field of spikes in front of them for
190s this you'll want to tap Dodge at the
192s right time he can also frequently combo
194s with Focus attacks meaning a normal
197s attack and then a focus attack directly
199s after so make sure you're ready with the
200s counter after your first Dodge and like
202s I said earlier the stone monster has a
204s habit of teleporting around the
205s battlefield so if you see him wind up a
207s focus attack away from you just keep in
209s mind that he can be right in front of
210s you in a moment's notice another
211s favorite combo of his that he has in the
213s hard mode is the spinning attack
215s followed by a normal stab into a focus
218s stab you'll want to dodge the first two
219s attacks and be ready for the counter on
221s the third other than that it's mostly
223s just more damage and more defense that
226s this monster has and it's actually a
228s pretty good challenge for a first level
230s in a chapter beware of these attacks and
232s the teleporting and you should be good
234s to go the second level of chapter 2 is
236s called immovable if you like Tower
238s Defense games and you're gonna love this
239s one in the movable you will have seven
241s rounds to defend against hordes of
243s enemies and you must protect these three
245s Soul altars around the map you'll notice
247s different glowing platforms where you
249s can build different items such as
251s nighter Jades ballistas and also
254s pendulums immovable comes with two new
256s enemy types they are these wasps and
259s also these rollers wasps will fly above
262s the ground and can be hit by vertical
263s attacks and range weapons and will have
265s a golden Focus Stinger attack that can
267s launch their stinger at range the
270s rollers of course have a basic attack
271s and a focus attack as well in the normal
274s mode which can be countered in hard mode
276s the rollers will also have a purple
278s Focus attack which you must Dodge in
281s order to avoid damage at waves 4 and 7
283s an additional boss will spawn at Wave 4
286s the corpse monster will join in this is
288s the same as the stone monster except it
291s is a little bit weaker and does less
292s damage he spawns in with a horde of
294s enemies as well for wave 7 you have your
297s regular Old Stone monster you will have
299s the same moves and defense as the
301s previous level except he will also make
303s a b line for your soul altar you'll
306s definitely want to use the gold you earn
307s throughout the level to build ballistas
309s and shoot him down as quickly as
310s possible once you clear out all seven
312s waves of enemies you will win the level
314s the third and final level in Chapter 2
316s is called topple mountains and this is
318s where you will have your final showdown
320s with omnius rock omnius rock fights like
323s a martial artist in the normal mode and
325s there are some additional features that
326s we will cover in the hard mode later the
329s normal mode is fairly simple and goes by
331s fairly quick even if you are right at
333s the since level required for this level
335s omnius rock moves very slowly and his
337s attacks are very well telegraphed so
339s there's not really that much you have to
341s worry about although the damage that he
343s outputs can be a little bit higher than
345s normal the first attack to watch out for
347s is this charged ranged punch where he
350s will wind up for a very long time punch
352s forward and unleash a burst of air after
355s the initial punch given the long wind-up
357s time this is easily avoided the next
359s attack he has is a running Focus attack
361s where he will charge towards a player
363s glow blue for his Focus attack back and
365s then uppercut them into the air the
367s thing about this move and most of his
369s moves in the normal mode is that he has
371s a very long recovery period after each
373s attack therefore after you dodge omnis's
376s attack you will have a lot of time left
378s to then deal some damage to his astral
380s ages the next move to watch out for is
382s his Focus kick which can be comboed into
384s a ranged punch simply counter or Dodge
387s out of both once omnius rock hits 50 in
389s health he will spawn in these wasps and
392s evil ants simply defeat them and get
394s ready for the next wave of attacks one
396s of these attacks could be his jumping
398s slam which is a normal attack but will
400s do a lot of damage if it connects omnius
403s Rock can also combo out of his Focus
405s attacks by doing a spinning series of
407s kicks you'll want to make sure you tap
409s Dodge away from both of these and
411s finally the last attack to watch out for
413s from omnius Rock in the normal mode is
415s his burrowing attack where he will go
417s into the ground for about 3 seconds and
419s then emerge uppercutting outward what
421s you want to do is count in your head
422s 1001 1002 1000 2003 and right at 1003 is
427s about when he emerges you simply want to
429s time this up and Dodge if necessary and
432s that about covers omnius rock for the
434s normal mode it's a very simple fight
436s pretty easy to defeat and you should
438s have no trouble with him at all but now
440s we get into the hard mode and this is
442s where the difficulty ramps up very
443s significantly out of all the modes
445s currently available in Showdown I would
447s say omnius rock hard mode is where you
450s get your first real test to see if you
452s know the mechanics of the mode omnius
454s Rock starts out with his first form just
457s like before except he does have a few
458s extra moves such as this multi-punching
461s attack that is normal and he also gains
463s an extra move at the end of this kick
465s counter as you can see now that's all
467s fine and good but the real fun starts
468s whenever he hits half Health when omnius
471s rock hits half Health he will transform
473s into this larger vajra looking form with
476s four scorpion Tails just like in chapter
478s 1 this transformation grants an entirely
481s new moveset and a full health bar in
483s addition to all that the damage that he
485s deals is absolutely devastating speaking
488s of damage this footage was gathered from
490s before the recent changes to his grab
492s attacks but all his basic attacks should
495s still have the same damage dealt another
498s big thing about this boss is that he
499s darts around the entire Battlefield in a
502s Flash so you'll need to make sure that
503s you constantly keep an eye out for his
505s attacks as you never know when you're
507s the next Target and he can get to you
509s fairly quickly for example this first
510s move of his where he jumps and launches
512s himself towards you can deal half of
514s your health bar and that's just one move
517s so make sure you're playing defensively
519s always keep an eye on this boss and make
521s sure that you know when to dodge by
523s following this guide another thing
524s you'll want to watch out for are his rap
526s attacks sometimes it's not very well
528s telegraphed and you'll need to keep a
529s good distance away from the boss in
531s order to prevent this for example I use
533s Viper ning in this scenario and her long
535s sword grants her the Phoenix blast
537s ability when you're trying to dodge this
539s boss usually about the distance it takes
541s to hit from Phoenix blast is about how
544s far you want to stand away this should
546s get you close enough to land attacks
547s while also giving you enough time to
549s dodge out of certain moves another thing
551s about this boss is that counters go a
554s long way as he's not very still most of
556s the time and he does attack fairly
558s quickly so what you'll need to do is
560s keep an eye out for these blue Focus
562s attacks such as this one again this
564s isn't very well telegraphed but he will
565s glow blue for a brief moment before
567s unleashing an airburst attack so make
570s sure that you're ready to hit that
571s counter button in addition to this air
572s burst attack he will also have a bent
575s over slam attack that you'll want to try
577s to counter as well all I will say about
579s countering is that make sure you don't
581s miss your opportunity because if you do
583s you're going to be up against this boss
584s for a long time and he can do a lot of
586s damage even in just one move the next
588s attack you'll want to watch out for is
590s this straight punch that he does it's
592s not telegraphed that well but he will
594s wind up slightly with his right arm and
596s then punch towards you with both his arm
598s and his scorpion Tails so you want to
600s make sure to tap Dodge to the side for
602s this now that's all well and good those
604s are normal attacks should expect from
605s any boss but his main mechanic is his
608s grab moves this part can be especially
610s frustrating if you're not ready for it
612s but essentially he will swipe with his
614s scorpion tails to try to capture you and
617s then slay me down to the ground like a
618s vajra would in the Battle Royale mode
620s for those of you who don't know what a
621s vajra is it's Tian High's ultimate where
623s he grabs you and slams you the only
625s reliable way to get out of this grab
627s animation is to either tap Dodge through
629s it or Dodge enough times to where the
631s iframes will get you through it as you
633s can see not even a single tap Dodge will
635s be enough to get you out of the range of
636s this attack as his grab has a very large
639s hitbox and you will need to either go
641s through it or completely around it with
643s multiple Dodges this is why it's
645s important to always save your stamina
647s during a fight with this monster as if
649s you don't have enough then you will be
650s getting grabbed and you will be taking a
652s lot of damage if you're not careful to
653s top it all off he can also do a double
655s grab where if he gets two players at the
657s same time he will do a double slam and
660s will almost guarantee that you wipe the
662s two players so it is very important to
664s make sure that you Dodges grab attacks
666s at all costs now that's the most
668s important mechanic of this boss fight
670s but it's not over yet omnius rock also
672s has a get up attack whenever you knock
674s him down he will then regenerate and do
677s a sweeping attack around him make sure
678s you avoid it and finally the last
681s mechanic for this boss is his ranged
683s laser attack now this creates three
686s lanes of lasers two on the outside and
688s one up the middle what you'll need to do
691s is make sure to get about mid-range from
693s him and then Dodge slightly left or
695s slightly right the lasers also will
697s sweep towards the end of its animation
699s at the longer ranges so as long as you
701s fit somewhere in the middle where the
703s bevel is large enough you should be able
705s to slip right through easiest way to do
707s this of course is to tap Dodge through
708s the animation what I should say is
710s that's the last normal mechanic of this
712s boss as once he hits about 15 percent
714s Health he will then teleport to the
716s center of the arena do a few ground
718s slams and then do a sweeping laser
721s attack with his Tails this covers the
723s entire grounded section of the Arena and
725s you'll need to use your grapples to get
726s up high enough to dodge this attack
728s after that attack is done he will then
730s proceed to attack you further in his
732s current form however once he hits about
734s five to ten percent of his health he
736s will then transform into his previous
738s form yes indeed that is correct this
740s boss is not done yet and he will
742s regenerate up to half of his health to
744s then finish you off now the thing about
746s this next form of his is that it attacks
749s a lot quicker and some of the attacks
751s are enhanced such as this jumping slam
753s attack with extra explosions now I will
755s admit this next attack kind of caught me
757s off guard but it is cool to watch if you
760s get hit by this normal uppercut omnius
762s will then proceed to Aerial combo you
764s and deal a ton of damage finally last
766s mechanic you want to watch out for is
768s his burrowing as it does gain an extra
770s Focus attack kick whenever he gets out
772s of the uppercut animation just be ready
774s to counter that second hit or
776s alternatively you could find these
778s little spikes I found on the northeast
780s side of the Arena yes that's right you
782s can cheese this boss a little bit if you
784s have ranged weapons available available
785s and really get some damage done without
787s being in danger from any of the hits
788s obviously it's not an intended mechanic
791s but I found it funny so I'm including it
792s in the 101 video once you get through
794s this third phase you will have finally
796s completed the level and you will have
798s beaten omnius rock this is definitely a
800s true test to anyone who enjoys the PVE
802s side of naraka as that damage is insane
805s but if you manage to succeed the reward
807s is well worth it and that is going to do
809s it for today's naraco 101 video for
811s Showdown chapter 2. thank you guys so
814s much for watching really hope it helped
815s you learn some of the mechanics in this
817s new mode I would like to thank naraka
819s for giving me the opportunity to cover
821s this 101 video and also for you guys for
823s staying here till the end this has been
825s osk y'all have a great day and I will
827s see you all out there