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Dear players, The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from July 2nd, 2024 at 23:00 (UTC) to July 3rd, 2024 03:00 (UTC). We suggest you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.
The details for this update are as follows:

Brand New Content I. Introducing an all-new map: Perdoria!

Seek eternal life in Perdoria.
With the new update, players can now explore our newest map: Perdoria.

New Areas:
  • Imperium: The Jiling Emperor, who spent his life in battle and unifying the land, moved his meticulously constructed Imperium underground to serve as his mausoleum, where he now rests eternally.
  • Arcadia: Built by the Jiling Emperor for his favored concubine, a Herald, it served as the place of their love story.
  • Azoth Peak: A serene and ethereal place where Qi cultivators practice. They pay special attention to cultivating medicine, hoping it will eliminate illness around the world.
  • Twilight Pass: Originally a remote forbidden area of Vesper Coven, is shrouded in thick miasma. The people here worship ancient gods and follow primitive rules.
  • Skygaze Cove: Formerly a place where craftsmen resided, it was later turned into a dock for mechanical vessels by Feria Shen's ancestors.
Brand New Features:
  1. Fortune Lands: Appears randomly in each match and has the same environment as the match. Defeating players within the Fortune Land grants Dark Tide Coins. There are three types of Fortune Lands: Resilience, Rejuvenation, and Soul Revival. They will, respectively, provide automatic Remains recovery, Health and Armor recovery upon defeating players, and an extra rebirth chance. Additionally, a Gold Devourer always appears in Fortune Land, defeating it rewards players with advanced equipment.
  2. Mercury River: Encircles the entire area, with floating piles refreshing periodically. Players can surf on the Mercury River using slide moves. By crouching, players can lurk within the Mercury River, but prolonged hiding will continuously reduce Health. While lurking and equipped with a melee weapon, players can execute enemies using Blue Focus moves.
  3. Lava: Originates at Skygaze Cove and can be partially controlled by the Lava Conductor. Active lava will burn players on contact, reducing their Health. A player who interacts with a Lava Conductor can activate a portion of the lava in Skygaze Cove, making their team temporarily immune to the lava's burning effect. After activating the Lava Conductor is activated for the first time, additional resources will appear on the lava.
Brand New Mechanisms:
  1. Sea Firefly: Striking it releases toxic mist, poisoning nearby players.
  2. Carnivorous Yam: Interacting with it causes the player to be swallowed. While inside, the player is immune to attacks but takes continuous damage and can leave voluntarily. The Carnivorous Yam will eventually spit out the player after some time.
  3. Spring Source: Interacting with it allows the player to play with water within it, continuously restoring Health. Once their Health is full, they will start to recover Armor.
  4. Healing Willow: After interacting with the Healing Willow, a link forms between you and the willow. You continuously restore Health while linked, and gain a large amount of Ranged Resist. The Healing Willow can be connected with multiple players simultaneously.
  5. Charred Wood: When attacked by players, Charred Wood collapses according to the attack direction. Players within range will be dealt damage and become [Vulnerable]. Falling Charred Wood can also destroy certain kinds of interactive terrain.
  6. Clay Soldier: After interacting, you transform into a Clay Soldier, unable to open your inventory or use items. While in Clay Soldier form, performing an Attack will cause the soldier to unleash a damaging attack with a large range, as well as forcing you out of Clay Soldier form. While in Clay Soldier form, players take normal damage when hit.
  7. Soaring Arm: Approaching it and using the interact button pulls the player to the starting position of a launch action. Players can then adjust the angle to launch themselves for rapid travel.
  8. Celestial Barge: Located in the Skygaze Cove, players can spend Dark Tide Coins to interact with it and fire Celestial Fire at any area of the map.
Each match also guarantees Red Weapons, and Souljades. There are also numerous Easter Eggs waiting to be discovered!

New Music: While in Perdoria, you will hear the following new BGM tracks:
  • Preparation BGM
  • A new Combat BGM track while in the five major areas
  • A Combat BGM track while outside of the five major areas
  • A new track for the 6th and 7th Shadow Corruptions while in the five major areas
  • A new track for the 6th and 7th Shadow Corruptions while outside of the five major areas

II. New Weapon - Fistblades The hidden fist blades strike like a rainbow, shattering the sky with a single blow.
In the new update, we'll be introducing a new weapon—the Fistblades.

III. Brand New Anniversary Events 1. Perdoria Exploration
Event Time: Jul 3, 2024 Update - Aug 1, 2024, 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules
  • During the event, you are requested to explore five regions and find the treasures hidden in each area.
  • Upon your first daily entry into the event and by completing exploration quests in each region, you can obtain the event item Beacon. The Beacon is an Action item for the event, and you need to consume Beacons to Explore.
  • In addition to the ultimate treasure, each area also contains other exploration rewards. Be sure not to ignore locations beyond the target points in each area.
  • After the event concludes, any remaining Beacons can be exchanged for Spectral Silk at a 1:1 ratio on the event page.
2. Prosperous Grotto
Event Time: Jul 3, 2024 Update - Jul 31, 2024, 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules
  • During the event, opening Stashes in the matches of any Survival Modes will grant Destiny Stones. If you team up with a member from your Justice Chamber or a returning Hero, you can accelerate your acquisition of Destiny Stones during the matches.
  • Besides the Survival modes, you can also earn Destiny Stones by playing Showdown, Sky-high Racing (within 240 sec), and Gold Hunt (exceed 1,000 points), with a weekly limit of 5,000 Destiny Stones from these sources.
  • You can use Destiny Stones to exchange for rewards offered in this event. After exchanging, a new reward will be refreshed, and you can continue to exchange.
  • Tapping the "Refresh Reward" button will refresh three rewards. Each refresh costs 50 Destiny Stones, and there are 10 free refresh attempts per week, refreshed every Wednesday at 20:00 (UTC).
    The first-time refresh is on July 10, 2024 at 20:00 (UTC).
3. Grand Trove Connoisseur
Event Time: Jul 3, 2024 Update - Aug 1, 2024, 20:00 (UTC)
Event Rules
  • Players can obtain Antique Chests in Survival modes or Showdown mode.
  • Antique Chests can be used and identified in Seraphic Quartet, Fairyland Penglai to earn rewards.
  • Up to 3 Antique Chests can be obtained from in-game matches every day.
  • The Antique Chests will expire after the event, so please use them in time.
4. Perdoria Sign-In
Explore Perdoria and delight in the joyous third-anniversary celebration!
Players who sign in a total of 10 days during the event can receive Legendary Wuchen Outfit [Fengshen Chronicles·Shen Gongbao], Blessed Treasure Choice Gifts*10, and other great rewards.

5. Anniversary Stats
Event Time: Jul 3, 2024 Update - Aug 1, 2024, 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules:
During this event, generate your own Anniversary Stats by tapping the "Generate Anniversary Stats" button and scanning the QR code. You can check your own stats for the 3rd anniversary and claim limited-edition rewards. For more details, please check the event page.

6. Anniversary Achievements
Event Duration: From the July 3rd, 2024 update to August 1st, 2024, at 8:00 PM (UTC)
During the event, earn Anniversary Achievements by logging in for specific days and completing [Perdoria Exploration] to receive a total of 108 Imprint Rollers and various generous rewards for free.

7. Anniversary Deals
Event Time: Jul 3, 2024 00:00 - Aug 2, 2024, 00:00 (UTC)

Event Rules
  • During the event, 4 kinds of vouchers are claimable in the event page: Legendary Outfit 40% discount voucher, Legendary Weapon 40% discount voucher, Legendary Accessory 40% discount voucher and other Legendary Item 40% discount voucher. There's 2 of each voucher type to be claimed.
  • Use a voucher when purchasing the corresponding Legendary cosmetic with Gold, and you'll get a 40% discount. These discounts cannot be applied when purchasing gifts for friends.
  • Please note that vouchers are only eligible for the Legendary cosmetics from Season 10: Pioneer Season and previous seasons.
  • Vouchers are valid for a limited time only. Make sure you use yours before it expires.

IV. New Justice Chamber System 1. Justice Chamber Points (Previously named as Contribution)
  • A Justice Chamber's rank is determined by the sum of the points its members accumulate.
  • Reach the required points and complete the rank-up challenge to advance to the next rank.
  • Play any feature or participate in group events in the Justice Chamber to earn points.
  • Points will be settled and reset to 0 at the end of the season. If your Justice Chamber has reached the highest rank (Scorching Justice), you will receive a Hero Badge.
2. Chamber Scoreboard
  • Added the Chamber Scoreboard, which is split into the Justice Chamber and Personal Scoreboards. Rankings for the Scoreboards will be based on Justice Chamber total points and players' individual points, respectively.
  • The first round of Justice Chamber Points will be settled and reset on July 18, 2024 at 00:00 (UTC). Future scoreboard settlement will happen every Wednesday at 20:00 (UTC). You'll receive an exclusive title if your Justice Chamber is ranked on the Justice Chamber Leaderboard.
  • At the end of the season, all points will be cleared. If your Justice Chamber ranks on the leaderboard, you will receive a Hero Badge. If you are in the top 10, 100, or 500 in the individual leaderboard, you will receive an additional exclusive Hero Badge.
3. Treasure Hunt
  • Justice Chambers randomly search for treasures 2 times per week. Once your Justice Chamber has detected treasures, a round of treasure hunting will start, and players will have 24 hours to hunt for treasures.
  • Each player has 3 chances to hunt for treasures in each round. Any treasure found will be kept in the Justice Chamber.
  • After each round, every player who participated in that round of treasure hunting can claim all treasures that were found. Only one round of treasures can be kept in the Justice Chamber, so please remember to claim them quickly!
4. Justice Celebration
  • For every 400 Gold spent, you will receive 1 Celebration Scroll. Use Celebration Scrolls to start a Justice Chamber-exclusive Fairyland Penglai Celebration.
  • The Celebration has 3 levels, with higher levels offering richer rewards.
  • Each Celebration lasts 12 minutes and includes 3 rounds of Red Packet Shower and 3 rounds of Songbird Arena Challenge. Participate in the Red Packet Shower and win in the Songbird Arena to earn rewards.
  • You can get up to 3 Red Packets per round, with a maximum of 27 per week. Any Red Packets exceeding the limit will convert to Justice Chamber Points.
  • Hosting Celebrations will earn additional Justice Chamber Points and Heroic Coins.
5. New Version of Heroes Assemble
  • Heroes Assemble has been adjusted. It will now be 1 level with 8 rounds of enemies. Players will earn rewards based on the number of rounds they defeat.
  • Korvine has joined the Heroes Assemble!
  • The prices of some items have been adjusted.
  • Added a new item—Firework. Players can spend Heroic Coins earned in the Justice Celebrations to fire the fireworks, which will add individual Justice Chamber Points.

V. New Season We have come to the end of Season 12: Tenacity and would like to thank all the players who participated in this season’s ranked matches. For the full recap of season rewards and score resets please see our official announcement post:

VI. Dyeing System Updates
  1. Added two new hair dye options: [Flourish] and [Gradient]. Each use of either of them requires 8 [Dye Cream], each with a price of 50 Gold.
  2. The original hair dye is now named [Solid Color], and it can still be used for free.
  3. The [Flourish] offers over 60 preset dye effects and can be used right away.
  4. With [Gradient], you can set 3 different colors for the Root, Middle, and Tip of your hairstyle, and adjust the range and Gradient Transition. It requires 16 [Colorium] and unlocks for all hairstyles.
  5. Each [Colorium] costs 50 Gold, and can also be purchased for 500 Spectral Silk in the Spectral Silk Store, with a limit of 4 per week.
  6. After the update, each hairstyle can save up to 3 different presets in addition to the default effect. You can switch between these presets at any time, with slot 1 free and slots 2 and 3 requiring unlocking with Tae or Gold.
  7. All Highlighted hairstyles will have dyeing options available.

VII. Cosmetics Return Find limited-edition items in the bazaar, with numerous rare treasures available for a limited time.
  1. The Retro Bazaar will open from time to time, allowing players to refresh and purchase currently unavailable/limited-edition items. Once purchased, you may own these items permanently. Items that you already obtained will not repeat.
  2. Each time the Retro Bazaar opens, players can refresh for free twice and use Renewal Tickets to get an additional 28 refreshes. Renewal Tickets can be obtained in the Shop.
  3. Items in the Retro Bazaar will come with random discounts.

VIII. Starcatcher's Pavilion Starcatcher's Pavilion: Where stars cascade into the celestial palace.
During the event, Star-Collections will be available for auction in the Starcatcher's Pavilion. Players can participate in the bidding using Spectral Silk. Once the bidding period ends, the highest bidder will claim the prize.
1. This Term of Star-Collections:
(1) Greatsword Extreme Skin [Star - Wolf King's Fang]
(2) Tarka Ji Legendary Outfit [Star - Dragon's Bane]
The number of Star-Collections is limited, and will not be restocked after they are sold out.
2. There will be 2 rounds of bidding in this term. Details are as follows:
Round 1:
  • Preview Start Time: After Jul 3 Update
  • Auction Start Time: Jul 3 12:00 UTC
  • Auction End Time: Jul 6 14:00 UTC
Round 2:
  • Preview Start Time: Jul 6 20:00 UTC
  • Auction Start Time: Jul 6 12:00 UTC
  • Auction End Time: Jul 10 14:00 UTC
  • For players playing via different platforms, please check the number of items on each platform on the in-game event page.
Auction Stage Intro:
  • Preview: Preview the basic info of the items, their quantity, price, auction time, etc.
  • Auction: During auction time, players can place bids and raise bids to win items.
  • Settlement: After the auction, the system will settle the results.
  • Conclusion: Check the auction results on the event page and claim your items if you win. If you lose, you will get your Spectral Silk back.

IX. Meeting Chest The Meeting Chest has been updated, offering a variety of rewards for just $1.85, including a Legendary Weapon Skin Choice Gift and Peerless Treasure Choice Gift*10.
This updated Meeting Chest is also available for purchase to players who had bought the previous one. The Meeting Chest on the PlayStation version will be updated on July 4th.

Hero Adjustments I. Matari 1. Skill [Flash]
Flash towards the aimed direction and increase Attack.
  • Flash can be used twice at most
  • When her Ultimate is active, use the skill again to flash towards enemies' backs and unleash a special attack.
2. New Effects of Skill [Flash: Thrust]
Thrusts in the aimed direction and stops upon hitting an enemy.
  • Charging will allow the skill to penetrate enemies and increase its distance and damage.
  • When her Ultimate is active, attacking the enemies restores Matari's Health or Armor.
3. Ultimate [Invisible Assassin]
Repels nearby enemies. Resets skill cooldown for all allies and grants them [Stealth].
  • Matari gains an extra skill use.
  • Allies can restore Health and Armor by attacking enemies.
4. New Effects of Ultimate [Invisible Assassin: Restore]
Repels nearby enemies and enhances her skill. Lasts for 25 sec.
  • Matari gains an extra skill use.
    Unleash Ultimate again to instantly [Flash] behind the target, gaining an Attack boost and becoming [Invisible] for a brief time.
  • [Flash] will not interrupt non-attack motions.
5. Skill [Flash: Retrace] has been deleted.
6. Ultimate [Invisible Assassin: Scale Rush] has been deleted.

//Dev Note: Matari's offensive skills have been relatively weak, so we've introduced the skill variant [Flash: Thrust] to improve her ability to initiate and follow up on attacks. Additionally, we've introduced the [Flash] feature to her Ultimate [Invisible Assassin: Restore], allowing her to ambush enemies unexpectedly.

II. Ziping Yin Increased [Nature's Touch]'s Cooldown time from 22 sec to 25 sec.

III. Zai 1. The Ultimate [Chain Scythe] now deals 17% less damage with its horizontal and vertical strikes when hitting a target 6 meters away, while the damage within 6 meters remains unchanged. The details are as follows:
  • When standing, reduced the damage multiplier of the first strike in a Horizontal and a Vertical Attack Combo against enemies more than 6 meters away from 1.04 to 0.87.
  • When running, reduced the damage multiplier of the first strike in a Horizontal and a Vertical Attack Combo against enemies more than 6 meters away from 1.27 to 1.06.
  • When sprinting, reduced the damage multiplier of the first strike in a Horizontal and a Vertical Attack Combo against enemies more than 6 meters away from 1.12 to 0.93.
  • Reduced the damage multiplier of the second strike in a Horizontal and a Vertical Attack Combo against enemies more than 6 meters away from 1.69 to 1.41.
  • Reduced the damage multiplier of the third strike in a Horizontal and a Vertical Attack Combo against enemies more than 6 meters away from 4.02 to 3.35.
2. Reduced the damage multiplier of charged Horizontal Strikes and Vertical Strikes of the weapon [Chain Scythe] under the Ultimate from 0.5+3.25 to 0.5+3.0. Damage Multiplier of [Chain Link] and [Chain Link: Suppress] remains the same.
//Dev Note: Chain Scythe posed a significant threat to distant enemies, so we have reduced its damage to faraway targets while keeping the damage to close enemies unchanged.

IV. Tessa Adjusted Rage cost for single casts of the Ultimate [Enchant] and [Enchant: Group Prey] to 60% from 55%.

//Dev Note: After casting her Ultimate and killing an enemy, Tessa could instantly cast her Ultimate again with the Soulbloom, overwhelming enemies. So we've increased the Rage cost per cast, aiming to reduce its frequency of cast in battle.

V. Wuchen 1. Increased the maximum casting distance of Yin Yang Orb of the Ultimate [Tai Chi Teleport] to 60 meters from 50 meters. Additionally, the maximum distance Yin Yang Orb can persist has been reduced to 90 meters from 120 meters.
2. Upon successful teleportation with [Tai Chi Teleport], a beam-like visual effect now remains at the destination for a period of time.

VI. Akos Hu 1. Slightly reduced the ascent height during aerial charging of [Roar: Blast], improving alignment between visual effects and the actual hit range.

VII. Yueshan 1. Reduced the Ranged Resist of the transformed Almighty General by 10%.

//Dev Note: With the unification of Ranged Resist and Melee Resist Souljades, the Almighty General excessively benefited from Souljades. Hence, we have reduced his base Ranged Resist.

VIII. Lyam Liu 1. Reduced the knockback distance of the Flash move in [Metal Fusion].

IX. Hadi 1. When flying with his Ultimate, taking damage exceeding a certain threshold disables flight. In Trios mode, this threshold has been adjusted from 600 to 800, while remains 600 in Solo and Duos modes.

Combat Adjustments
  • Optimized the button's buffer input feature when taking consecutive hits.
  • Replaced the original move of unarmed Vertical Strikes with a slap attack.
  • Players can now use melee moves, dodge, jump, and crouch to interrupt sliding down slopes.
  • Improved the animation of female characters falling from the sky when holding weapons.

Souljade Adjustments I. Melee Souljade Adjustments 1. Unified all Souljades that altering the third strike of Horizontal Attack Combo into [Cyan Fang]: Alters the third strike in a melee weapon's (excluding Heavy Sword) horizontal combo. On strike, restores 75% of damage dealt as Health or Armor.
  • Unified the original [Blue Moon II] Souljade, reducing its damage multiplier to 1.44*2 from 1.58*2 and removing its ability to briefly silence enemies upon hitting.
  • Unified the original [Flying Kick] Souljade, reducing its damage multiplier to 2.69 from 2.93 and removing its ability to briefly silence enemies upon hitting.
  • Unified the original [Dual Ring] Souljade, reducing its damage multiplier to 3.36 from 3.66 and removing its ability to briefly silence enemies upon hitting.
  • Unified the original [Splitter] Souljade, reducing its damage multiplier to 1.49*2 from 1.66*2 and removing its ability to briefly silence enemies upon hitting.
  • Unified the original [Stamina Strike II] Souljade, increasing its damage multiplier to 1.54*2 from 1.35*2 and removing its ability to restoring Health equal to 100% of the damage dealt.
  • Unified the original [Dual Circles] Souljade, increasing its damage multiplier to 1.0*3 from 0.88*3 and removing its ability to restore Health equal to 100% of the damage dealt.
  • Unified the original [Whirling Slash] Souljade, shifting the Horizontal Strike combo to trigger at the third phase, altering its damage multiplier to 1.38+0.47*3+1.38 from 1.24+0.42*3+1.24, and removing its ability to restore Health equal to 100% of the damage dealt.
2. Unified all Souljades for counterstrike combo into [Sap]: Alters the counterstrike moves of melee weapons and enables them to provide a healing effect equal to 75% of the damage dealt.

//Dev Note: We have introduced a large number of [Sap] and [Horizontal Strike Finisher] Souljades for different weapons. However, due to the challenging conditions for Souljade effect activation and the need to acquire the corresponding weapon, many Souljade slots are occupied. This adjustment aims to enhance the usability of Souljades, allowing players to fully enjoy the variety of Souljades.

3. Unified some powerful Souljades and increased the drop rate of some Souljades in Morus' Blessing and the Spirit Well.
  • Unified [Assassin's Lunge & Netherstep], [Soulshatter & Netherstep], and [Velocity Untold & Trigger].
  • The Souljades [Assassin's Lunge], [Soulshatter], [Netherstep], [Velocity Untold], and [Trigger & Lock Breaker] can no longer be acquired.
  • Increased the drop rate of the following Souljades in Morus' Blessing and the Spirit Well: [Ripple Step & Phantom Step], [Soft Step & Gecko Foot], [Warrior Pace & Infernal Slash], [Erudition & Spear Storm], [Assassin's Lunge & Netherstep], [Soulshatter & Netherstep], and [Velocity Untold & Trigger].
4. Slightly increased the startup frames for the Fan Souljade [Soulshatter] and the swing amplitude of the move.

II. Souljade Removal and Acquisition Adjustments 1. Removed the following Souljades: [Follow the Recall], [Ocean Parter], [Blue Moon], [Abyssal Aura], and [Curative Bolts & Healing Bolts].
2. Transferred the following Souljades' effects to Glyphs: [Siphon Technique], [Wave Roll], and [Auspicious Jade].

//Dev Note: To allow players to make better use of the Souljade system, we have temporarily removed some less favored and relatively weak Souljades. They will be reworked and reintroduced in future updates.

III. Souljade Attribute Adjustments Unified the attributes of Ranged Resist and Melee Resist into a single Damage Reduction attribute.
  • Introduced new Souljades: [Damage Reduction Souljade I] and [Damage Reduction Souljade II].
  • Removed the following Souljades: [Melee Resist Souljade I], [Melee Resist Souljade II], [Ranged Resist Souljade I], and [Ranged Resist Souljade II].
  • Unified the attributes of Ranged Resist and Melee Resist of Epic, Legendary, and Extreme Souljades into a single Damage Reduction attribute.

//Dev Note: We aim to reduce the influence of attributes on players' Souljade selection, encouraging them to choose more interesting Souljades.

IV. Added new general Souljade tags and optimized their display. 1. Reclassified Souljades into four types: [Defense], [Attack], [Strategy], and [Recovery] to make them easier to understand.
2. Tags of Souljades are now displayed upon drop, in the Rift Dealer, and the Bag.

In-game Adjustments I. Adjustments to Solo Ranked, Matchmaking, and Bot Mode 1. Removed Moonbane Charm II and Moonbane Charm III.
2. Increased the number of Realm of Yang arenas per round from 2, 1 to 3, 2.

II. Immortal War Adjustments 1. Added Divine Beast Power to the occupation rewards in the third round of the Spirit Well (Solo Mode) and the fourth round of the Spirit Well (Trios Modes). Introduced a feature that prevents players who did not capture a Spirit Well from picking up the equipment and items dropped by said Spirit Well for a period of time.
2. Removed Universal Key, caves will now automatically become accessible at a set time. After a warning prompt, the Cave can be interacted with and accessed.
3. Increased the Yang Depletion duration for players defeated in the second round of the Realm of Yang (including Solo and Trios Modes) to 330 sec from 270 sec.

III. The Herald's Trial Adjustments In The Herald's Trial, matches with an average rank of Silver or lower will have drops selected from a smaller pool of weapons and their related Souljades. As the average rank of a match increases, more weapons and related Souljades will gradually be added to the pool of items that can appear. Detailed rules are as follows:
  • Bronze V: Only Longswords, Poleswords, Fistblades, and Greatswords will appear.
  • Bronze IV: Dual Halberds and Dual Blades are added to the pool.
  • Bronze III: Katanas and Heng Swords are added to the pool.
  • Bronze II: Nunchucks are added to the pool.
  • Bronze I: Spears and Staffs are added to the pool.
  • Silver V: Daggers and Fans are added to the pool.

IV. Map Performance Adjustments Optimized the visibility of Caves on the mini-map to make them more noticeable.

V. Wishing Well Adjustment When a weapon is placed into the Wishing Well, it will now only produce a different weapon of the same quality and type (ranged for ranged, melee for melee).

VI. Rescue Effect Adjustment The in-game audio effect associated with the Rescue Effect [Cinnabar Beam] has been adjusted. It should now play when Rescuing and stop once the Rescue process has been interrupted or ends.

For more information, please check our official website.
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.