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1s [Music]
5s foreign
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14s [Music]
15s [Applause]
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60s [Music]
64s boy
67s [Music]
71s a monkey
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134s thank you
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419s thank you
435s holding that neutral with the Dragon
438s Sword is such a lethal think all of
440s these people with the nunchucks
445s assassin's lunch come out as well
448s into the circle here trying to go for
450s that third drop Mike getting super low
452s the Assassins shot able to take him out
454s here
458s [Music]
459s [Applause]
462s 's gonna get the opportunity to give a
464s full Carousel here but no you're unable
467s to follow it up with the F Wang layang
469s loses their odd best opportunity to make
472s something happen in Year Ron so in
475s control of this wingman however will
476s find the scariest
486s might put a huge Parry coming through
489s we're gonna see the ultimate pop out
491s from the year round Mike already got
493s that cooldown gets one heal up with the
495s back slash the backstab is gonna be
497s super detrimental here so we're gonna
499s see the charge come off it is a little
500s bit harder to see the charge almost gets
502s that combo off and it looks like Mike is
504s gonna bring the combo the other way here
512s absolute Blitz by j-team's action gift
515s taking another long sword class super
517s face getting caught in the bubble we're
518s gonna see the ultimate come out from
519s both gonna Panama there was one Spirit
522s he still has three left and eight action
523s is now the one getting low he's gonna
525s get caught in it and a man
528s [Music]
533s it looks like quonsai came in and stole
535s the kill just at the last second they're
536s because of that mortal Defiance and Mike
539s is another huge Parry here another huge
542s Perry Oh My Goodness Mike is on fire
545s right now coming away with the kill
546s kla's Fang with the dagger trying
551s better
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562s you know
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596s hello
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875s swalla
881s Washington
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930s I'm only sorry it didn't hurt more
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936s say Calamity Rising
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1106s all right
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1465s what's up
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1483s question is
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1509s my sisuki
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1771s yesterday
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1968s I'm only sorry it didn't hurt more
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2640s finals we are kicking off our spring
2643s finals with trios and we had solos
2645s yesterday but we can't get off the trio
2646s finals today we've got two days of
2648s Tourism today and Sunday and be crowning
2652s our first champion of 2023. my name is
2655s hit friend and I am joined by Raven
2657s Raven how are you doing you all right
2659s doing great I'm super excited for today
2661s I can't wait to see with this new patch
2664s what all these Trio seams are cooking up
2666s I'm hoping uh people out of the gate do
2669s something really special to get ahead uh
2671s usually the first day though I know
2673s traditionally when there's a new patch
2675s Everyone likes to fall back onto that
2677s dreaded monk the tried and true
2679s traditional uh but I know that a couple
2682s teams always are super super Innovative
2684s like tea my favorite team I'm hoping
2686s they come out and show me something new
2687s tonight
2688s okay so talking about a new patch and it
2691s changes what are the major things major
2694s things that we maybe could be looking
2695s out for from the changes on the new
2697s patch well you're definitely seeing
2699s different variations of Viper because of
2701s the F3 change normally Viper was looked
2704s at as a character that goes in locks it
2706s out in ability and sets up for an
2708s execution but now there's an added
2710s benefit of running F3 where it heal
2713s debuffs them which is really great for
2715s mirrors with a Viper wu-chan yodocomp
2718s but also it does a ton of damage now
2721s traditionals come out really really
2724s strong and you see ferrios kind of die
2725s out because of this new uh attacking
2729s power that Viper has
2730s but the thing that I'm really excited
2732s for is to see whether or not Echoes
2734s comes in Yodo akos and um
2738s cada all kind of fill that role as being
2741s this really really bully character that
2743s can do a ton of damage outside of
2745s transforming and I'm really curious to
2747s see if more teams experiment with
2749s hackers we saw it when we cast it
2750s together for Last Chance qualifier one
2752s or two teams running that akos but I'm
2754s curious to see what aqueous is going to
2756s look like in the most powerful team's
2757s hands I mean the key thing to kind of
2759s think about as well from those last
2760s chance qualifiers was we saw mostly
2763s cicada like there was a monk in every
2766s game but like genuinely singular in some
2768s of those cases like there was not many
2770s monks getting played uh and we saw a lot
2772s of teams leading on the Decatur and the
2774s power of that and then it was kind of
2776s like Yoto and it's cool to see that
2778s people are actually leaning away from
2780s these monk cops and going we just need
2781s to go for like balls to the wall points
2784s and it was paying off for some of those
2786s teams in the repair some of those teams
2787s who were sitting higher up in the tables
2789s basically just got a whole bunch of
2790s points put together by uh Decatur games
2793s and then just sat comfortably for the
2795s rest of the rest of the tournament and
2796s the whole time our storyline and not
2798s what we were following were the teams at
2800s the bottom end of the table because it
2802s was still scrapping to get in because
2803s there were a bunch of teams that had
2805s already kind of pre-booked their port
2807s their spot in the grand finals just
2808s because they were using these very
2810s aggressive teams really effectively and
2812s I think
2813s the reason why it works so well is
2817s partly due to the Roma Yang meaning that
2819s there's less people in the uh in those
2821s final circles so then monk instantly
2823s goes down in value because that com
2825s comes alive in the final Circle and
2826s there's lots of people and you can
2828s basically Farm kills the points in the
2830s final Circle when you're now down 10 odd
2833s players per final Circle that's 10 less
2835s points you can earn so people are
2837s starting to try and find earlier picks
2838s and earlier kills using these Decatur
2840s guns uh we are having a quick look at
2842s txj here from te here
2845s 231 kills this split an absolutely
2849s monster performance coming in from txj
2853s and I'm not surprised to see it's t who
2856s we're having a look at on this one I
2857s think when we're really looking at it
2859s there's a couple of teams that do jump
2861s out to us as like the major names to be
2863s watching
2864s no real surprise the te are gonna be one
2868s of those names and unfortunately there
2870s is no KLA uh unfortunately due to them
2873s breaking some rules they're not actually
2874s going to be here at the Grand finals we
2876s won't go any further in that but
2878s it does mean one of the main teams who I
2880s was watching as our kind of black horse
2882s our black sheep of the uh of the finals
2885s is actually not here and I think Steve
2888s kind of just got a much easier running
2890s now because I feel like Kaylee was such
2891s a wild card for them but now that
2894s they're out who else is there to
2896s challenge them J team I think are very
2898s good but also very inconsistent so
2901s depends what type of version the JT show
2903s up we'll have a good idea if I like game
2904s two or three if Jay team are actually
2906s here to play today or if they're just
2908s gonna be struggling all day
2910s well like you said without candle here
2912s they won two of the weekly finals and I
2915s think personally they were the strongest
2917s Transformer team in the league now
2919s looking at these uh
2922s prize pool it's looking really juicy for
2924s first and now one of the things I find
2925s super exciting about the grand finals
2928s because this is not a weekly it's not a
2929s weekly Grand finals these teams are
2932s playing for top three so these teams are
2934s going to be pulling out all the stops
2936s and playing for the win and like you
2939s were mentioning about KLA Who challenged
2941s them and why they were so important is
2943s that they're only the top six teams
2944s really went into the realm of Yang and
2946s the realm of Yang really gives you a
2948s huge Advantage moving forward and if te
2951s knows that one of their hardest uh
2953s opponents are not going in again you're
2955s gonna see them go in more uh same with
2958s GG wbg uh xcg all these teams love going
2963s to Yang and especially the Dark Horse I
2966s have to go with them as my dark host
2968s favorite J team they just find a way to
2970s win they are incredibly consistent when
2973s it comes to these very very high stress
2975s lobbies
2979s are we are you actually calling the
2981s two-time world champions the Dark Horse
2985s oh I feel like they're just a front
2987s runner right BPL they they I feel like
2990s they're always ironing out the Kings
2991s throughout the season yeah and
2992s everything when it comes to competition
2994s is peaking at the right time just
2996s hitting your stride of when your team is
2999s by far the best right when it matters
3001s and it's right time
3003s for some reason day team always times
3004s themselves perfectly for uh when it's
3008s showtime in its Grand finals yeah so
3010s okay I I would head hesitate to call Jay
3013s team a dark course I feel like it's it's
3015s very
3017s we're looking at like our top teams jtm
3019s and te are probably the two teams that
3021s we're going to be watching
3023s um I think
3025s CE are the ones who I think are the more
3027s favored of the two teams who are our top
3030s spot but I couldn't I couldn't bring
3032s myself to cool JT in the Dark Horse I
3034s think you're very correct they are
3035s plagued by inconsistencies they are uh
3039s plagued by by mistakes and some games
3042s where they just they just don't seem to
3044s show up or some days where they don't
3046s seem to show up but if they do show up I
3048s think yeah they definitely have earned
3050s their spot at this point I'm actually
3052s gonna say I've got two dark horses who
3054s I'm gonna be watching one right now is
3056s in this bottom end of the table it's oug
3059s these guys actually have won before uh
3063s not the overall tournament keep in mind
3064s but they've they have always placed
3066s relatively high in season two I think
3068s they were second or third uh my other
3071s team who's a little higher up in the
3073s standings is GG I think AUD or GG are my
3076s two big Dark Horses of these Grand
3078s finals I think Gigi have struggled all
3080s season long but they found their footing
3082s towards the end of the tournament and
3084s really kind of came into their own so I
3087s think they could potentially have a real
3089s strength here my concern is if the meta
3091s moves away from monk because I feel
3093s Gigi's strongest when they're playing a
3095s monk pump and if the meta has moved on
3097s and people do start to go for the acos
3099s or the decades like we saw a lot in the
3101s uh in the last chance qualifiers I think
3104s that's at that point then Gigi May
3106s struggle but I think they're gonna be my
3108s optimistic dark courses
3110s um but I I do still I can't save how
3114s much I think this is T's uh Grand finals
3117s to win I'd be surprised if they don't
3120s because I mean this organization uh or
3122s this roster joining this organization
3124s this season they were formerly FPS and
3126s fpx were always the favorite and they
3128s never came through in the finals season
3130s one and two fbx fell short they didn't
3133s even make it a world it's like I know
3135s they did make it the world but they just
3136s they struggled fbx as a team has
3138s struggled moving on to te it feels like
3141s some of those nerves when it matters
3145s have started to come through for this
3146s team
3147s oh I always think that when you're at
3149s the top you have all eyes on you so it's
3152s very very hard to get it's not as hard
3155s to get to the very top it's hard to stay
3156s there because once everyone starts
3158s studying you they start countering and
3159s you start deciding the meta and it's
3161s very easy like you said to kind of get
3164s in your own heads and over adjust
3166s instead of doing what got you there now
3169s we're already seeing a te running that
3171s Takeda Viper instead of that Yodo Viper
3174s one of the first adjustments I've seen
3176s to one of these tried and true comps
3177s that I call Attack on Titan that really
3179s monk slayed um
3181s a lot of the Transformers out there but
3183s it's kind of turned into this
3185s assassination comp instead where it's
3187s there trying to pick off people going
3190s into Yang or coming out of Yang with to
3192s having that Yang depletion you find a
3194s lot of really really great third-party
3196s and fourth party scenarios and Takeda is
3199s an absolute bully when it comes to the
3201s things especially when you have really
3203s really pristine execution that te has
3206s Yodo gives you a lot of Bend because
3207s she's a little drum cancel keep a lot of
3209s her all charge but Takeda in the long
3213s runs as it starts scaling up more and
3215s more we literally can one be three teams
3217s Yodo really good at killing one player
3219s definitely a group of players but Takeda
3222s can legit one B3 a full team when he's
3224s really really scaled up so I like to see
3226s that coming out from te I'm hoping to
3229s see some Echoes out of here now you're
3231s saying GG has been uh kind of like I
3235s would say J team putting it all together
3237s and really coming together at the end
3238s and they're really known for their monk
3239s player 330 same thing with
3242s um Sleepwalker on wbg those guys have
3244s been in the league forever I've seen
3245s them at Worlds they've always been
3248s pointed out as some of the Premier among
3250s players uh inside mvpo and actually when
3254s I when we were watching a lot of the
3256s cicada
3257s um temi zipping comes
3260s uh I actually saw that
3262s them do really really well when it came
3264s to those compositions and what from what
3267s we've heard in China that composition
3269s the reason why it's so popular it's
3271s literally called the brain dead
3272s composition because it's so so effective
3274s versus everything you can't I I think
3277s the the best property it has that it's
3279s anti-burst so like any really really
3281s good execution team that tries to like
3283s surprise you you have sub so many
3286s options to peel so you have the zipping
3287s V2 that pretty pretty much puts more of
3289s the finals in all of your everyone so if
3291s you get last hit you have this nice
3293s little pop knocking everyone away Takeda
3296s has a shove that pretty much pushes
3297s everyone from bursting you from range or
3299s from close range and then temmie's win
3302s wall just is slurps your stand from you
3305s creates a giant wall around you and even
3307s it has enough peel to get away from
3310s those Viper rolls and unless that Viper
3312s is V2 that locks him out he's able to
3314s use his ability to iframe the actual Sun
3316s so all three of these characters peel
3318s for each other it's really really great
3320s for an anti-verse comp and it really
3322s shows of why it's dominating in a league
3325s right now it's just so durable
3326s I mean we'll have to find out when we
3328s get in to the game and see what the hero
3331s select is going to look like I am
3332s buzzing to see what these guys have got
3334s lined up for us I'm hoping some teams do
3337s have that spice ready for them they have
3339s got something up their sleeves I feel
3341s like we will have some teams you
3342s definitely lean in the tried and tested
3344s I'll be surprised to see GG not play
3347s monk in this game number one
3349s um I'd be surprised to see
3352s um I think te actually might not go monk
3355s game number one either
3358s I can't remember what day we're at what
3360s time of day where I think
3362s it's this day Okay so
3365s oh maybe it is a monkey game then
3367s because there won't be as many fireflies
3368s so I feel like maybe they'll save those
3370s decades and stuff for later in the day
3372s when the fireflies are on the map and
3374s they can jump onto those points and get
3376s those ultimates built up nice and early
3377s so maybe game one might just be a very
3381s uh
3382s a very monk monk focused Lobby uh we are
3385s going into horror off Night Time For the
3387s First Time full tournament in game
3389s number two as well
3391s um I'm really excited about that because
3393s we haven't had it yet so
3395s it's it's basically a slightly unknown I
3398s mean obviously these guys have played on
3399s it and practiced on it but at the same
3402s time
3403s this is probably their least practice
3405s like time for this map so I'm curious
3407s what that's gonna look like and what the
3409s game's actually gonna end out like I
3410s it's I'm so excited to see holler off
3412s night we haven't had it all tournament
3414s long and we've been begging for it but
3416s the map draws this hasn't got enough
3418s over on that one but we did finally get
3420s it uh and that game pretty much
3422s instantly comes into this and it's been
3424s one of the things we talked about a lot
3425s is game one and two are played back to
3428s back there is not a lot of time in
3430s between them so
3433s it's it's hard for these players and if
3435s game one goes bad during the grand
3437s finals nerves are already high you do
3439s not have a lot of time to kind of get
3440s that mental reset in and kind of rebound
3443s from the action of game number one
3447s sorry strategy game number one you'll
3450s see everyone gets nervous you get
3452s butterflies in the stomach this is
3453s normal for any competitor uh it's just
3456s there are two different philosophies do
3457s you want to slowly heat up kind of like
3461s take it easy not take a ton of risk
3462s because you don't want to make a big
3463s mistake or do you want to come out
3465s swinging and one of the things I love
3467s about te is they always come out
3469s swinging a lot of the times they open up
3472s with the Viper com so we're seeing a ton
3475s of monks coming out immediately and we
3476s see Gigi with the Echoes love to see it
3479s wbg as well with a Viper team
3483s um
3484s where is xcg is also coming in with a
3487s cicada box
3488s it's okay to mulch zipping coming out
3491s very very aggressive he is actually
3493s going the conservative route running
3495s traditional Transformers we're seeing a
3497s monk majority gain the one two three
3499s four five six seven eight monks
3503s as majority monk Lobby and it makes
3506s sense just because a daytime of Morris
3508s gives uh these monks a very very good
3511s chance of surviving it's a lot harder to
3513s survive on holleroth but it's a lot more
3516s flat rounds even though it's better for
3517s the monks it's not as good for surviving
3519s you're able to get to assassinated now
3521s right here I'm curious to see how hot
3525s everyone's gonna be landing see about it
3528s in the South there chilling Landing
3530s pretty safe xcg claiming the center with
3535s no one challenging them but we got a
3537s couple hot drops over here I know Gigi
3538s loves the top right they love going
3541s there uh especially with monks sun wing
3543s is really really great for these kurumi
3545s teams because they can use the mushrooms
3547s to their advantage and and poison other
3549s teams so you're always going to run into
3550s really really strong monk teams in the
3552s top left of the map
3554s yeah let's get a few scenes are
3556s relatively clustered J team actually
3558s dropping away from the likes of tea and
3560s wbg but that's actually already where
3562s I've barely Stacks that a Lobby are
3564s dropping so it could get messy up there
3567s really goddamn quickly uh let's do that
3570s GG also do have that very Northern drop
3572s so for them it might also get a little
3575s bit messy there are a bunch of teams in
3576s their areas but it's pretty clustered
3579s start to the day as you can see the
3581s crowd are ecstatic for game number one
3585s it's te
3588s just gonna be spotting a couple of
3589s people we're actually cutting over to GG
3590s we've got himself in a fight here versus
3592s ewg being jungle around right now as he
3596s is getting himself a little bit too low
3597s pop back knocked down three freeos kind
3600s of try and slide in sort this killer for
3602s himself he's able to get it and he's
3603s able to heal up two ticks pins him
3605s against the wall pops the Bell three
3607s three oh it's saved by the rest of his
3609s team as missed here comes in but now
3611s miss here catches them with Applause
3613s able to secure another kill onto free
3615s Frio taking him down but he's pinned
3617s against the pillar as Alex M is keeping
3619s the pressure up onto two things gets the
3621s grapple onto lxm comes in with the
3623s nunchucks trying to finish up this kill
3624s but he is gonna get taken down by Miss
3626s Kia who's also on the acos himself and
3628s GG get the squad White
3631s I'm loving that that's that akos Coming
3634s Out Swinging with the claws clawing out
3636s into the competition claiming those
3638s fireflies and that that sustained damage
3641s from the aqueous changes the reason why
3643s I just believe he has a place in this
3645s Meadow now going into Temple we got Gs
3647s versus GD kurumi with the big Perry
3650s tossing
3652s you Sean across which looks like a
3654s cleanup now GS in this 2v3 situation but
3658s GD K gets taken down they're able to
3661s clean this up that kurumi Perry though
3664s just really really shredding the other
3666s team getting a ton of momentum
3669s for this Transformer team and they
3670s really really want to get this kill off
3672s spawn to get their scaling going where
3675s they get a ton of loot get their monk
3678s get their yushan with gold weapons gold
3682s armor and they're able to just roll the
3684s lobby unable to die with their crew meat
3687s being the foundation of this team now
3689s j-team I mean you didn't say they're
3691s darkers but I think
3693s they're doing really well this nbpl
3695s season but traditionally for some reason
3698s even though they're two-time the lobby
3700s never really gives JT the respect that
3703s they deserve being the two-time
3705s defending Champions now te everyone says
3708s they fear this team
3709s I'm really really excited to see them
3712s set up for Yang it looks like they
3715s already they landed safe in the top left
3718s it looks like they're starting so this
3719s is very rare from uh te normally they
3722s start very very fast uh but I'm happy to
3724s see that they're gonna slow it down a
3726s little bit and we can really see their
3728s maximum potential uh this time around
3730s they did drop their J team initially so
3733s it was interesting that they were there
3735s with I think
3736s uh JL and I can't remember who the
3739s fourth team was as well in the area but
3741s just look like they honestly just got a
3743s pretty quiet start while the other teams
3745s did get into some action uh T quite
3748s happy to forego that fight and actually
3750s just grab better Loot and get himself
3752s into a position where they feel
3753s comfortable to fight xcg seven a quick
3756s look at these guys right now they are
3757s leading the charge with three kills
3760s um also starting off with the most start
3762s well the most starting points uh on the
3764s higher end of the starting point see at
3766s the most starting points so because of
3767s that xcg are currently in first I mean
3769s expect that to change we're only a
3771s couple of minutes into game number one
3772s running that uh decayed accomplish we
3774s did see so much during the repochet
3777s um this conference just had so much
3778s power so much effect and it really leans
3781s into clearing out the lobby getting
3783s kills early and using the um
3786s using the realm of yangs is a safe place
3788s to take a fight where you're not going
3789s to get third parties grab yourself some
3791s kills and some Buffs and then and then
3794s just continue that that power and that
3795s presence on the map and just get as many
3797s kills and kind of Snowball the game away
3799s as quick as possible now there are a lot
3802s of monkey cops in the lobby so I'm
3803s curious how this is actually going to
3805s end out because typically when this
3807s cicada comes and on the map like what
3809s happens is more teams do go out a bit
3811s earlier just due to the fact that the uh
3814s the teams the teams are just looking for
3817s fights they're looking for points as
3818s quick as possible oh EG have found jjh
3821s here JJs dude just send a warning Cannon
3823s shot to oug and uh do you decide to head
3826s off in their own different ways
3832s like you were saying these monks uh
3835s being so many monks in this Lobby I love
3837s to see this because I love seeing sacked
3839s end games now in this current meta a lot
3843s of the time everything all everyone just
3846s ends up getting fried they can't hold
3847s their ground but now that everyone's
3849s playing for a top three No One's Gonna
3851s want to take a risk here everyone's
3853s super capable of just spotting you out
3856s and when you take the fair 3b3 you're
3859s just not gonna fully dominate the other
3861s team all these teams are pretty evenly
3864s skilled with I would say the top of the
3866s lobby maybe having a 60 40 Edge but when
3869s you take that fight at what cost will it
3871s go when another really really strong
3873s team rolls up and finishes you off when
3876s you have no alts that's why you're
3877s seeing not a ton of action here compared
3880s to the last chance qualifier all these
3882s teams are taking it very very slow
3884s outside of their off spawn fight and
3886s you're seeing most of the Hmong teams
3888s not really getting a ton of uh kills off
3892s spawn and you're seeing a lot of the
3893s fast bursting comps that Takeda that
3895s temi that Echo said Viper coming out hot
3898s getting a ton of kills
3902s all right now having a quick look at
3904s bowder powder I haven't had any action
3906s yet for themselves I've got a little bit
3908s of loot there I see a purple dagger I
3910s believe one of their players uh oh it's
3913s a long sword actually onto Melman as a
3914s lion has the
3917s pole staff staff sword I can't remember
3919s the name of it now oh God what's his
3921s weapon called
3923s Soul sword pole sword thank you that was
3926s a weird brain fart my brain just decided
3928s I didn't know what everyone was using as
3930s uh speaking of uh pulsehoods Jing he's
3932s in the Cabbage variant I love this skin
3935s so much it's such a good skin
3937s is that wbg it's actually been a quiet
3940s one for them as well but they are a team
3941s who typically do start to come alive a
3943s little later in the game so I'm not
3945s overly surprised by that it's a
3949s surprisingly tame early game I think
3950s because it's the first game of the
3952s finals everybody's kind of just getting
3954s a feeling of a footing of how everything
3956s is sitting and with all the monks in the
3959s lobby as well they're probably quite
3961s happy with the state of this game
3962s they're quite happy to uh
3965s to basically play this as chill as
3967s possible
3970s there's just not that no one has really
3973s taken a ton of risk here everyone's
3975s setting up for Yang coming up at this 23
3978s Mark it's about to be
3980s um announced and we're seeing Gigi set
3982s up for the assassination play you see
3985s Moon Moon Bay going down ggj team bowdo
3989s GD all converging and the center right
3992s of the map ewg going to the bomb jj8
3994s gonna be uncontested at the top Center
3997s but all this first Yang is really going
4000s to dictate uh a lot of the tempo for
4003s this Lobby we're seeing te work their
4005s way to the top left and I like to see
4007s this them working this really really
4009s slow going to an uncontested Yang so
4012s they don't really get uh
4014s dropped on by some Viper hiding in the
4016s trees or hiding in the bushes and we're
4019s seeing now J team JD bowed a Gigi having
4022s this huge cluster very very dangerous
4024s trying to go into this Yang with JL
4027s moving towards making a play on the box
4030s in the center that's generally the
4031s conservative play
4033s um if you as long as you have a temi and
4035s this is what I think about trios really
4036s really revolves around uh this season is
4039s having a Tammy it just gives you so many
4041s options to make plays versus monks
4044s versus Vipers for boxes everything that
4047s you see in a mortal war that gives you
4049s such a big Advantage for success
4052s absolutely well the Roman Yanks putting
4055s up J team looked to be bolting towards
4057s it they can see GD in the distance if
4059s they're gonna try and jump in and maybe
4061s take this fight Romanian comes in Jay
4063s team are gonna not be able to get into
4065s the realm of Yang they were too slow on
4067s the rotation and now we have jjh versus
4070s te inside this Rama Yang here as Godly
4073s just gonna get himself up in the sky
4076s transformation's coming out from both
4078s sides here is txj gonna be looking for
4080s the grabs onto the likes of these jjh
4082s members because right now he's gonna
4084s jump into the face of Godly and get a
4086s fair amount of damage from those
4086s repeating crossbows here the cxj trying
4089s to find those grabs but he's just
4091s struggling to be able to do much of
4092s anything here it's just desperately
4094s trying to get into water because
4095s Hellfire is being shredded away Godly on
4098s the other side actually doing a pretty
4099s good job of staying up but they do
4100s finally find that grab on City but they
4103s don't think they're gonna be able to get
4104s the slam and actually txj goes down
4107s Godly able to find that kill beautiful
4110s pick up there and now see AJ hates with
4112s the Advantage I'm going to try and take
4114s him under this fight both teams have got
4116s the uh transformed but it's a man
4118s advantage over the jjh they just need to
4120s wait out this year Eurasia on
4122s transformation and then they should have
4124s the pressure the power to win this fight
4126s is uh vvv going a little bit low here as
4128s well on the other side of things getting
4130s jumped onto by Godly lyd unable to keep
4134s any real pressure of anyone as vvv goes
4137s down lyd has been left on his Lonesome
4139s and this is gonna be a Fight Win here
4142s for jjh
4144s JJ Ace pulling out the upset man I was I
4148s was that was an exciting fight because I
4150s normally in these mirror matchups with
4153s monks it's all about the monk for eye
4155s strategy who can damage the longer
4156s passes and now we got J team versus bout
4159s of the old school OG
4162s Ma's armor Circle crew me coming out on
4164s Eagle coming out with the grab onto this
4168s Yodo Yoda's getting absolutely cooked
4171s and taken down and about a just bows out
4174s and leaves immediately sacrificing this
4177s Yodo not really all in any keep one they
4179s want to keep their gear set up and
4182s possibly get a rest let's look at their
4184s money they actually don't have enough
4185s money for the rest they're just living
4186s this out just gonna try to play the
4188s outskirts of the map see if they can
4190s scrounge up enough coin to Res their
4194s teammate back up a little bit
4197s of a misplay there blue Chan should have
4199s been a middle part of mine Yodo did have
4201s all she looks like Eagle just made a
4203s great play with those that really really
4205s tough terrain able to pick up that Yodo
4209s one of the hardest parts uh taking
4211s fights is the actual train now we're
4213s getting a replay GD versus xcg another
4216s Juggernaut and looks like another upset
4218s is gonna happen xcg is grabbed and that
4220s temmie is getting juggled off that
4222s Cavalry back into the crosses getting
4224s cooked and now we're in a 2v3 situation
4227s with kurumi out still up xcg just
4230s getting absolutely pressed against this
4232s pole
4233s this cicada Tammy not able to get
4236s anything going their offense absolutely
4238s stuck
4240s just crushed by this monk team so the
4243s two top Yang teams xcg and te do get
4247s taken down what a great day for the up
4251s and coming new blood and we may be
4253s crowning a new uh
4255s team today
4258s I mean we do still have the games on
4260s Sunday uh it is a 12 game finals
4263s um one thing I've learned about Maraca
4265s is it literally comes down to the final
4268s game game 12 I guarantee you well still
4271s have so much on the line every time if
4275s somehow one team gets a big enough
4277s advantage that they can't be contested
4278s in top spot by the 12th I will be
4281s shocked that'll be the first time ever
4283s uh we are watching right now xcg taking
4286s himself a fight here versus wbg's leak
4288s Walker has thrown down the ultimate
4290s doesn't wasn't able to actually connect
4292s any stunts onto anyone but xcg feeling
4294s comfortable to set this one up it's used
4296s at all of their Decatur charges actually
4298s there so nothing we're gonna be able to
4299s do too much more on that one ACG playing
4302s this nice and relaxed actually deciding
4303s not to go any further forward as Jinx
4306s does launch in forwards Knight HQ able
4308s to get some damage off their throws down
4310s the affability Fleet Walker now getting
4311s jumped onto his nice Cube his health
4313s bars going low but he's got the zipping
4315s to keep him up and down and comes in
4316s with a full spear rush and nice cube
4319s boggles in the next one
4321s out they go with the uh teleport out for
4323s safety xcg they needed that kill because
4326s they've got the debuff on them
4329s or the buff depending on how you look at
4331s it just giving them the confidence
4332s getting that double spear rush around
4335s now te also having that debuff
4337s popping them on God's monks duking it
4340s out shove's going down and pushing him
4343s out of the healing zero txa has the
4344s advantage with buttery rocks
4347s it's absolutely destinating the other
4349s monk sliding other rocks not getting the
4352s healing circle from his grooming now txt
4354s just a formality gonna clean this up
4357s looks like BBE is absolutely dominating
4359s he's like staggering us and it looks
4361s like they are going to get their second
4362s lives crushing GD
4365s man
4367s I I just can't expect anything less than
4369s T they're just such a strong team now
4371s xcg they do have only 41 seconds they
4376s they have their backs against the wall
4378s it looks like they're going to go down
4380s to this young depletion unless they
4382s somehow give all the money and res like
4386s one of them out of this but I don't even
4388s think that's in their their bag of
4389s chicks here maybe one of them has a soul
4392s balloon because it doesn't look
4394s oh it looks like they're chasing their
4395s Bounty right now but with only 18
4397s seconds left man this is the one one of
4400s the worst ways to go out just not being
4402s able to find an engagement
4405s and it's one of the benefits of having a
4407s wuchen on your team for the opening game
4409s you're able to just uh disengage get
4412s that teleport fully run away if you're
4415s losing a fight
4416s again goes down sad times that is a
4420s rough way to go out that is a very very
4422s rough way and like you said it's the Wu
4425s Shen completely destroyed them they
4426s would have got that and they would have
4427s got in they would have been okay
4429s unfortunately not going to be the case
4431s you can't see but Jay team once again
4432s are on the edge of the Roman young Zone
4435s uh actually you know that's Amore's
4436s blessing so they're actually going to
4437s try and test that more reflecting jjh
4440s are gonna jump into the uh Rama young it
4442s looks like GG may join them uh at the
4445s moment it's just JJ I hate you've jumped
4447s in and looks like they might actually
4450s just get a free realm of Yang at this
4451s point J team decided to move away from
4454s ewg and from the uh for the mura's
4458s blessing so J team they got denied the
4461s first uh Rama Yang it feels like they're
4463s not gonna be able to get this more as
4464s blessing so they're a little bit a
4466s little bit sore on the old Loop front
4468s meanwhile te obviously
4470s quite happy right now they've got myself
4472s purple weapons across the board only
4474s blue armor so they are a little bit
4477s easier to kill like you like to call
4478s them blueberries uh but they're pretty
4480s easy to put
4482s let's see
4484s definitely in an okay position at the
4487s moment but it is game number one as uh
4489s jjh they just get a free runner Yang
4491s nobody contested them
4492s yeah a ton of a ton of the strategy I've
4495s seen in the CN meta is that second Yang
4499s is not worth it because like I was
4500s saying you just don't have that big of
4502s an advantage on other teams when it
4504s comes to just a raw team fight you're
4507s most likely to get third party because
4508s the circle is closing and what really
4510s differentiates the best teams is their
4513s end game performance how they play in
4516s these super congested areas how well
4518s they rotate how well they peel for each
4520s other and how well their monk does
4524s getting out multiple alts and getting
4525s multiple double grabs you're seeing the
4528s best teams in the league their monk
4530s getting three to four monk alts in these
4533s end games so they don't really want to
4536s take these raw 3b3 fights if it's
4538s unnecessary because the chances of them
4540s surviving if they don't win it's pretty
4543s much zero percent but if they make it to
4545s this end game they're most likely gonna
4547s add minimum get three to six kills and
4549s when you're a monk team that's where you
4551s get all the benefit all these other
4553s birth scenes you see cicada comps they
4555s they're capable of getting 10 kills
4556s early game off spawn getting three to
4558s six that mid game getting a little bit
4560s of assassinations place off the Yang
4562s another three to six kills but in end
4565s game where monks provide so much cover
4567s and basically they're a factory for
4570s kills and soul blooms
4571s they just don't have that and they have
4574s nowhere to hide and they're just praying
4575s for a good terrain situation where monks
4578s aren't as strong this Tower is one of my
4581s favorite spots on the map hiprain it is
4583s impossible to die here there are just so
4585s many levels to this thing and you're
4586s seeing even two teams use this tower for
4589s complete safety to transition to this
4592s end game there's just so many like
4594s tricks you can do moving in and out it
4596s is really really hard to lock down
4598s anyone here and if you're looking to
4599s camp out make it to the end game not
4601s getting all in to buy any of these yang
4603s depletions this is one of the best
4605s places to be with a belt you're able to
4607s ring every minute so you can see any
4610s team that's looking
4612s too aggressive coming in on you no one
4614s can really sneak up onto you and just
4616s that multiple layer of rooftop you're
4617s seeing a lot of these teams take refuge
4619s over here with this Zone coming in just
4622s because it is really really difficult
4625s to hold down any of these Pro players
4626s with their movement mechanics on these
4628s multiple rooftops
4630s it feels a lot more like
4633s more like aim from last year like this
4635s fills on
4637s fields on two game where everybody is
4639s quite content just to play this a much
4643s slower pace and kind of sit on the top
4645s of roofs and just wait out the final
4648s circles
4649s prior to this I mean all season long
4651s it's been way more aggressive you don't
4654s have down time like this anymore
4655s traditionally in naraka and maybe that's
4658s just because there's a lot of monks in
4660s the game and people are wanting to play
4661s for those final circles uh maybe it
4663s comes down to just people being a little
4665s bit nervous and don't really want to
4667s play have a bad first game and then let
4669s that kind of affect their mental going
4671s in for the rest of the 11 games they've
4672s got to play for the grand finals it's
4674s hard to say at this point uh what is
4677s easy to say though is there's 39 people
4679s left in the lobby normally at this point
4681s where like I think seven minutes we
4683s expect to see I believe the numbers
4686s normally about 21 to 23 players left so
4689s the fact were 39 players at 11 minutes
4692s left in the game that really should show
4694s you how many people are left in this
4696s game this is gonna be a very very
4698s clustered final Circle what that does
4700s mean is we won't have as much downtime
4703s in those final final circles just due to
4705s the fact that like everyone's gonna be
4706s on top of each other it's gonna be a
4708s very very clustered state of the game so
4711s expect though that moment to get very
4713s explosive if we do actually end out here
4715s in the city though there's gonna be a
4717s lot of buildings for people to hide in
4719s and then suddenly those monks lose a lot
4720s of value
4722s exactly this this is exactly you what
4725s you want to happen if you don't have a
4727s monk on your team all these monks
4729s they're not going to be able to farm as
4731s many kills they will be able to dictate
4733s a lot of the spacing
4735s holding wherever they want on a rooftop
4736s just because you can't really challenge
4738s them for their positional superiority
4741s now what separates teams here in these
4744s end games when no one can really attack
4746s each other is the range you're seeing a
4749s ton of teams here you don't normally see
4751s this in rank but you see all these teams
4753s holding six repair kits because what
4755s allows you to take positioning is
4758s superior Firepower the better days you
4761s have as far as range you're able to
4764s pressure your opponents to the best
4765s position and generally the best position
4767s is really really up high if you can
4770s isolate where everyone is in front of
4772s you
4774s you don't have to worry about Your Flank
4776s versus being dead center where you have
4777s to worry about 360 Degrees if you're up
4780s top you only have to worry about what's
4782s on the bottom of you one of the great
4784s places to be in any Battle Royale height
4788s or ulti height is one of the best
4790s positional places to be
4793s now it doesn't mean that just because
4795s you're a monk team you're going to win
4796s the Zen game you have every Advantage
4798s once you get here but I've seen this
4801s Takeda temi that we're looking at right
4802s now xcg
4804s do a ton of finesse to find their ways
4807s to a victory in all the chaos a lot of
4810s the times if you pay attention when a
4812s monk D transforms that is the time where
4815s you'll see all these burst comps jump in
4818s because they're not worried about
4820s getting double grab and just executed
4822s they only have to worry about the yushan
4825s and with a Takeda that one character can
4828s just bully the entire team so you're
4830s gonna see all the action go down
4832s amongst all and when they D transforms
4835s one of the exciting things to see in
4838s such a stacked Lobby I miss these
4839s lobbies hit rain uh I'm not a big fan of
4842s having only 18 20 man and games I like
4845s these 40 Man end games where everyone is
4847s playing for top three instead of just
4849s qualifying
4851s I don't know man I I love I love like a
4853s good action-packed mid game the final
4855s circles are fun though when you've got
4857s this many players the final circles are
4859s just it's chaos it's absolute Carnage uh
4862s there's a lot to kind of keep your eyes
4863s on uh I'll let you saying though about
4865s the indicator
4866s someone's burst in that comment when
4868s you've got the uh Tammy to kind of give
4870s you the sandstorm for safety you've got
4872s the Stagger from the ultimate as well uh
4874s on the cicada it's it's very very
4876s oppressive to fight into it's uh right
4878s now Morris but I think has spawned up he
4881s tried to get their hands onto it but ewg
4884s did a pretty good job of just
4885s gatekeeping it and not letting them near
4887s it ewg very stacked on the soldier front
4889s as you can see and I did that j-team
4891s have found that te as well are gonna
4893s head away from them but looks like
4895s nobody's overly interested in fully
4897s committing or this Morris blessing are
4900s quite happy just to uh trying to keep an
4903s eye on things and move away but now it's
4905s going to be over the two dick he's going
4906s to get his hands onto it immediately
4908s Cannon fires coming in the kurumi
4910s actually does a great job of getting him
4912s some safety and they grab the golden
4913s armor they grab any of the goodies they
4915s want from it and they're just gonna head
4916s away and heal up your rant gonna be
4918s quite content with that one lovely play
4920s there by AWG really patient on that more
4923s expressing
4924s yeah they actually waited till the lobby
4928s stopped paying attention with that
4929s umbrella you're able to block a ton of
4930s shots and te just doesn't want to risk
4934s it we're seeing a very very conservative
4936s te now as long as your monk has purple
4939s armor transforming
4942s Transformers is just so so powerful you
4944s just need your monk to be able to
4946s survive a ton of bursts and the thing
4948s about these monk situations is that if
4951s there are more monks
4953s altered at the same time monk becomes
4955s way stronger because it's less likely
4958s that the lobby will focus any one monk
4960s with range attacks as long as you um
4963s uncle at the same time now the tough
4965s part here is you don't want to be the
4968s team to hold first if you're the team
4970s that holds first first to all first to
4973s lose because your monkey transforms
4975s first and when he D transforms first
4976s other monks are still active and can
4979s grab them while they're stuck in
4981s animation so you definitely do not want
4984s to go first that's the reason why
4986s there's a chain reaction to monk alt is
4988s all these monks pay very very close
4991s attention of where their timing is
4994s relative to the rest of the lobby and
4995s now we're seeing Te You Sean having to
4999s create some space for his team in order
5002s to find a good spot to that so that they
5004s don't get lobbied now this is actually
5005s the team uh hip brain that I learn the
5008s whole position one and two and three
5010s from fbx during the first world it's now
5012s known as
5015s exemplified this playstyle where he
5018s bullied other teams so his teammates
5020s could get to these good positions and
5022s they never got lobbied it's one of the
5024s reasons they got second behind baiti
5026s yeah I mean they're a team were very
5028s forward thinking I do think that
5030s transformation from lyd was uh him
5032s getting chunked out and being forced at
5034s all then he just read the situation well
5036s used it to fight space for his team and
5039s uh is able just to move on from that
5041s does look like tea don't really have
5043s like an optimal
5044s today I kind of just playing the cliff
5045s edges right now J team going full
5048s squirrel mode and quite happy just
5049s holding on to this tree for themselves
5051s it's a very good final Circle for monks
5054s there's a lot of high ground there's a
5056s lot of flat ground for them to use as
5057s well this is an ideal place for those
5060s monks to transform the question is is
5062s when are the monks gonna pull that
5063s trigger who's gonna be the person who's
5065s gonna be forced to use that
5066s transformation first vvv take a little
5069s bit of damage there as a Ventus actually
5071s sansi gets counted gets himself chunked
5073s out pretty heavily there but is gonna
5075s have to heal from the kurumi tether to
5077s keep them up there's a lot of kurumi's
5078s there's a lot of healing in this Lobby
5080s ewg on the low ground actually are
5083s taking quite a lot of Cannon fires we
5084s just pan away from them seeing just a
5087s whole cluster of teams being forced off
5089s The High Ground as the Zone moves once
5091s again j-team forced out of their tree
5093s finally there's a Tron almost gets
5096s grabbed up by eagle there J team just
5098s reposition down onto the lower ground
5099s they're going in for the transformation
5100s Eagle he's throwing it out he's gonna be
5103s looking for someone because she's also
5104s transformed as well Eagle he's just
5107s holding he was purely doing it as a as a
5110s way to gain a control of the area as uh
5113s now eagle gets to push back off the
5114s Kentucky ZK has been hit the Tevas onto
5117s them they're trying to get back into the
5118s zone as quick as possible they are able
5120s to do so as wbg's Jing has taken out vvv
5123s Eagle heavily chunked out here but
5124s kakaishi also a little bit low the
5126s healing from the kurumis though are
5128s keeping them up as kakaishi continues to
5130s get chunked low Eagle now D transforms
5132s he has that belt to use he's gonna try
5133s and get the charge attack off Eagle low
5135s HP armor has been taken away from him
5137s here as kakaishi is low J teams 101 Tien
5141s able to secure the killers he D
5142s transforms now Godly charging in as they
5146s do get a kill onto them two thick
5148s finishes up Moon lucky takes down and it
5151s is absolute Carnage but eagle goes down
5153s in the midst of all of this action
5155s you've got the kurumi Teva trying to get
5157s Casey back up GD desperately trying to
5160s find the heel in comes a Viper son isn't
5163s actually going to connect onto too many
5164s people as lxm catching out some players
5166s here on the Logan and hey goes down to
5169s 101 TN he's just picking up kills left
5172s right and Center for his team Miss Kia
5174s here on that a coast can he make it work
5176s for him have they been able to pick
5178s Eagle up as well for the side of Jason I
5180s haven't been able to see vvv was picked
5183s up in the middle of all of the action
5185s that was going on but vvv going very
5187s very low eagle goes down once again
5189s unfortunately as soon as he's picked up
5191s water from jjh is able to pick him up
5194s and it is just an absolute cluster of
5197s teams in action right now ZK trying to
5201s find a pickup trying to find a heel but
5202s it's gonna be very hard for him to do so
5204s 101 DNS in the areas we do see balder
5207s getting eliminated from the lobby as
5210s avoiding God please grab there just off
5213s the corner of the screen
5214s so many monks are transformed 101 Tien
5217s has also thrown out a transformation
5218s himself it does look like they've been
5220s able to pick Eagle up again but he's
5221s already incredibly low flame is coming
5224s down wbg have been taken out and jjh are
5228s absolutely destroying this Lobby picking
5230s up kills left right and Center dhg about
5234s to lose his grip from The Higher Ground
5235s is gonna have to slide down fairly soon
5237s but he is going to be in danger I
5239s believe he was able to find at least one
5241s grab there but it didn't result in the
5243s kills he jumps back down into that low
5244s ground there's still 24 players in such
5247s a tight Circle it's absolute card this
5250s is TE now a starting to pick kills up
5252s for the cannon down goes Jay team as
5256s they are finally out of this Lobby Eagle
5258s he's the first out and he's the first
5260s out again taken out as it is now just
5264s down to GD you're picking up a kill onto
5265s GG it's so hard to read this fight
5268s there's just too many players too many
5270s actions there's a sandstorms coming out
5271s I don't know who's casted that because
5274s it is just an absolute cluster of action
5276s and players just standing in this final
5278s Circle each one looking to try and find
5281s a Kill
5282s at the kill feed reading like a cradle
5284s Credit in a movie
5286s oug picking up a bunch of kills as well
5288s into lucky and tului as uh dong Shing
5291s able to secure himself until actually
5293s the king takes out lyd from t-e-t losing
5296s another player there but they do answer
5298s back with one thing from JL in response
5301s as missed here on a sliver of HP trying
5305s to avoid some of this action is able to
5307s hold himself up for GD once again who
5309s doesn't give her a whole bunch of kills
5311s oug get eliminated from the lobby we're
5314s now down to nine players txj needs to
5316s avoid the hands just tap dodging away
5318s from kakaishi as kikaishi's desperately
5320s trying to find it but he does
5321s d-transform in the mean while missed
5322s here drops down with that low HP is
5325s going to try and get himself up the tree
5326s and try and get some healing done for
5327s themselves is able to get some armor
5329s back as lyd still in this fight but back
5332s someone not into the zone no gets
5333s counted gets chunked out a little
5335s heavily here as Miss gears waiting for
5336s the prime opportunity to throw that
5337s ultimate down he gets himself caught up
5339s in the air lyd has gone to the
5341s transformation BBV T trying to hold a
5344s life for as long as possible as they
5346s take down Juan GL taking out Miss Kia
5348s finally finishing them up BBV it's gonna
5351s go down Decay as K definitely trying to
5354s hold on to this is GD take game number
5357s one
5359s what a end game we saw almost four alts
5365s coming from oud the King now OG the king
5369s who used to be a solo player and I'm
5371s happy to see that he's found a
5373s comfortable role for his team being on
5375s that monk but they were dead center in
5378s all that chaos and I was keeping track
5380s of how many alts he got down with four
5382s minutes left he was able to get three
5385s monk Alt
5387s to go off now DD ends up taking it
5390s but what why you got you got to see
5392s there is T on the top held the best
5394s positioning during that whole end game
5397s with only one or two teams challenging
5399s them not being in a dead center and we
5401s saw Jay team initiate that whole monk
5404s chaos they were the first monk team to
5407s all and one of the first to take the
5409s first casualty now with that crew me
5411s they were still able to get keep a res
5413s and keep the fight going what they were
5417s severely scuffed at that point being one
5420s of the first teams to all
5422s now the most amazing thing that I saw
5426s from all that
5428s was just how the lobby was able to just
5432s stay alive and kind of stay active in
5434s all of that monks everywhere it's just I
5437s haven't seen that stack of an end game
5439s in months you just don't see that
5442s anymore even in these weeklies even on
5445s the first game this was this reminded me
5448s of what worlds look like where everyone
5450s is trying their absolute best to get the
5453s most value out of every single character
5456s on that team and that's what the highest
5458s level of naraka is looking like right
5459s now everything is made in these end
5461s games
5462s and even though you saw te go into that
5465s end game with their blueberries not
5467s having much uh loot it didn't matter at
5471s all they still were one of the top three
5473s teams going into that claiming a great
5475s kill multiplier and getting the most out
5478s of their us
5481s absolutely good weapons it's just enough
5484s to pick off kills they don't need the
5485s armor they don't need everything else
5488s armor
5490s good armor good weapon Transformers can
5493s do everything from there yeah absolutely
5495s it was it was a really solid game coming
5497s in from uh from a lot of players there I
5499s think that position was amazing I do
5502s think now that we're moving on to a
5503s night time horror off again number two
5504s though teams may go for those more
5506s aggressive comps those acrosses those
5508s yotos the cicadas you know these pumps
5510s are very very explosive
5513s um but there is a there is a world where
5514s they're actually saving hero points for
5516s the final half of the of the of the uh
5519s of the day and then looking to try and
5521s pick up these these comps in these ways
5523s uh play around with things there I
5525s really don't know what the mindset's
5527s gonna be because we've come out from the
5529s represent where like teams were leaning
5531s way more in to the cicada compass and
5533s away from the monkey comps
5535s um so it's interesting to see that
5536s actually the
5538s come into this game go no fireflies this
5541s is a monk Lobby everyone picks it we had
5543s one Acres from GG of all teams I feel
5546s like it was bizarre because at the
5548s beginning I was like I expect to see GGG
5550s playing the monk because that's what
5551s they're best at uh they just they just
5554s said no we've not been playing monk good
5556s all season it's not been our season so
5558s they've been shaking things up they pick
5559s up the acos and first team to pull it
5561s out here in the grand finals
5563s um
5564s it had some success I've curious to see
5566s the overall points because the problem
5568s with those final circles is actually
5570s very hard to read Who's got what points
5573s because no one really entered that with
5574s many kills and then it's just like it's
5577s just like a kill feed constantly
5579s scrolling with people and I can't be
5581s jotting down who's getting what kills
5582s where so it does become a little hard to
5585s kind of match exactly or
5587s um map exactly where people are at at
5588s that point uh so I'm very excited to see
5590s what what the uh what the overall points
5592s are going to be looking like coming out
5594s from this final game
5596s um
5597s because I I don't think one team was was
5600s completely dominating with kills and
5603s for the first time I've seen actually in
5605s in nvpn we're having two night games
5607s One's Gonna Be On holleroth and one is
5609s going to be on Morris so that means
5610s you're gonna see exactly what you like
5612s seeing hit brain that was High
5614s fast-paced games and I imagine there's
5616s gonna be a ton of vipers coming out just
5618s because at least in EU and na the Viper
5620s comps have been over performing and I
5622s see that same thing happening here in CN
5624s uh especially with Feria pretty much
5626s going extinct I'd be very surprised if
5629s people actually play fair on Hall earth
5631s now in the beginning of nbpl and when
5633s ferio first drop everyone was playing
5635s Feria everyone was saying this character
5637s is a little bit too strong and with the
5639s changes to her Mech being having a lot
5641s less his points and are her main primary
5644s fire doing a lot less damage she's no
5646s longer this moving Ballista
5648s and everyone discovered that she has a
5651s very big vulnerability to vipers now San
5654s the the barrier to mulch monk was very
5658s strong if you had three alts but the
5660s second you don't have three and you run
5661s into a Viper comp these vipers were able
5663s to pick those comps apart and I saw it
5665s happen within just one weekly of the
5667s nbpl just I believe it was GG they
5670s absolutely cooked a Lobby dropping
5672s almost 30 30 plus points in one game and
5675s they were one of like two Viper teams in
5678s that Lobby and they crushed all the
5680s Feria teams throughout it on the early
5682s middle and even end game with super
5684s super sneaky strategies getting that
5686s Viper stun off where people least
5688s expected it
5689s and these teams were not able to react
5691s and when they did react they over
5693s committed their Monk and feral so I'm
5695s very curious to see what this hollaroth
5698s has entailed for what I do imagine we're
5700s gonna see a lot of temi like you just
5702s you're gonna see 10 most everywhere
5708s so that I hope
5713s the Wii game it's hard to say because
5714s we've never seen holler off night in
5717s competitive at the mbpl it's always been
5719s a map which has never made it through uh
5722s the macro so yeah having two nighttime
5725s mats is also interesting because
5727s they're obviously going to want to share
5728s a similar theme where they're going to
5730s be teams that are going to want those
5731s fireflies so the question is is where do
5734s they use this hero points maybe that is
5736s why we saw so many teams actually in a
5738s way from the Decatur comp in that first
5741s game because they want to save them for
5742s both uh horror off and then Morris later
5745s when it's when we got the nighttime Maps
5748s um I think that that's gonna be
5750s that's probably where we expect to see
5752s that
5753s um I'm very excited to get into this
5755s game but we can finally see the overall
5757s points it's quite a big game so a lot to
5758s calculate a lot to look at
5760s um
5762s let's have a look so GD right now got
5766s themselves 13 kills that's a 25 Point
5769s start for them te had nine kills 17 JL
5773s had eight points which is 14. uh oeg
5776s actually were tied with them in kills
5777s but a little bit lower in the placement
5779s points than J Team all the way down at
5781s the bottom there only three kills barely
5783s gotta kill multiplier
5785s that's a rough start for J team yeah
5788s your dark horses are doing really well
5789s oud and GG they're playing super super
5792s solid in that end game
5794s I I haven't seen gd's uh performing
5797s super well they're they're kind of
5798s inconsistent I thought during all the
5800s weeklies but this is what I was saying
5802s about J team uh
5803s they just I don't know how they do it
5805s they just find a way they're just in the
5808s really really big moments they they find
5810s a way to clutch it up but I saw some
5813s really really excellent play from te
5814s even though they did lose that Yang
5816s fight uh but with that mental composure
5818s it didn't matter to them that they lost
5820s versus a team they normally beat jjh
5823s they come back in that end game and they
5826s they pull out Nine Kills and get that
5828s big multiplier plus the second place to
5831s to get 17.4 teams and that's a
5833s difference
5834s between these other mountains and it's
5836s why they don't go into the second Yang
5838s te doesn't go into second gang uh saves
5841s up places end game and gets 10 more
5844s points and jjh who beat them down in
5846s Yang jjh had a way better fight with
5849s that that monk ditto it's very rare that
5851s you see te outplayed they are the most
5853s feared Yang team inside the league and
5855s they have the highest win percentage but
5857s it doesn't matter because their end game
5858s is just as good
5860s absolutely absolutely I I feel like this
5864s game is not a great game to judge
5865s everything off I think we are getting a
5867s you know it's very much The Feelers game
5868s though
5870s um I'm surprised to see obviously HCG
5872s had a rough start there at the Moon
5873s normally relatively consistent do you
5876s expect to see them a little bit higher
5877s I'm not gonna lie I'm not surprised to
5879s see bowder with a donut
5881s um they just haven't impressed me for a
5883s long long time unfortunately so not
5886s overly surprised by that Jay team again
5888s genuinely not massively surprised
5890s they're a team whoever like
5892s have like an insane performance or just
5895s completely crumble apart so you know the
5898s question is is that going to get to them
5900s because I think J team it's very easy to
5903s kind of read the playbook for these guys
5904s on how they play based on their first
5907s two games if they end on a loss it's
5910s their first game and then they lose this
5912s next game that proves to me that their
5914s mental is just a little shattered and
5916s they're gonna struggle going into game
5917s three four five six and it may just be a
5920s rough day for J team and then they'll be
5921s playing catch up on day number two uh if
5924s they can make a bounce back then it
5925s shows that actually that they've
5926s improved on that kind of mental side of
5928s things from them and they don't struggle
5930s as much as they as they maybe used to uh
5933s in previous in previous Seasons with
5935s kind of fighting the the mental side of
5937s it because that is definitely their
5939s major weakness but as well watching The
5941s Cheeky replays there's either uh te
5943s Just Landing grab off the grab double
5946s grabs coming in Galore but it is going
5948s to come down to GD and kataishi able to
5951s win that game for them and we'll see our
5953s nvps the kurumi MVP actually coming in
5956s for the side of GD that is gonna be dong
5959s Shing here with 14 000 damage 22k
5962s healing and five kills under their uh
5964s under their belt really good stuff
5966s coming in from Don Shing it makes sense
5968s he has the hepta detached Jade for those
5971s of you don't know that is the gold Jade
5974s that gives you a ton of melee resistance
5975s but also adds a second stunning attack
5978s that heals you off long sword beam now
5981s most of times in Transformers the kurumi
5982s is always using a long sword because
5985s it's one of the highest damaging and
5987s safest weapons you can use that allows
5989s her to support her team
5991s super super well and you're seeing JD
5994s getting a ton of momentum it makes sense
5996s to me after seeing that replay they did
5998s fight xcg taking down one of the other
6000s juggernauts of the lobby and that
6002s probably got their Deuces flowing and
6004s generally if you're not in the top five
6006s of teams getting a big win over one of
6009s your barriers just gets that momentum
6012s going and you can take that to end game
6014s and it looks like GD carry those vibes
6017s to the end game and just absolutely
6019s dominated that end game that's great to
6021s see it from GD I like to see more action
6025s it I don't like really when the lobby
6027s like has one or two teams that just pull
6029s so far ahead and it's not very
6030s competitive with GD up there I already
6033s know that xcg like you were saying
6035s still really really early there's a ton
6037s of naraka to be played this is one out
6039s of 12 games we're going into the game
6040s two and it's gonna be spicy this is the
6043s first game very very defensive no
6044s fireflies or anything but this next same
6047s Hollow Roth we got Firefly cages that
6049s you can go all over the map grab some
6052s more uh alt charts and we have
6054s guaranteed fireflies it's to this day I
6057s still discover new fireflies on the map
6059s because the map is so large and there
6062s isn't really a complete map out there
6064s that has every single Firefly out there
6066s so with these fireflies you're going to
6067s see a ton of really really aggressive
6070s timing attacks now the interesting thing
6073s is what do you think Hit Parade how many
6075s teams make it to end you because this
6076s end game was like around 39.40 how many
6078s make it to end game do you think on this
6080s Alura oh I'd like to see a return to
6082s like the 21 Mark realistically 20 to 21.
6085s over under over under
6088s over or under under I guess
6092s um
6094s it's it's hard though to say without
6097s students income I think ing more monks
6099s coming out here first of all that just
6101s shows to me oh my God these teams are
6103s terrified of playing anything but monk
6105s uh but it also would show us but okay
6107s this is gonna be definitely another more
6109s slow paced game I think though because
6111s of the fireflies and seeing what we get
6113s off the back of that I expect it to
6115s probably be a a much smaller final
6118s Circle but for you guys at home you can
6120s actually answer for Treasures which team
6122s just won game number one was it a g d b
6126s t e c x c g or d-o-u-g uh make sure you
6130s put your answer in the twitch chat make
6132s sure that you uh do check those whisper
6134s boxes as well because that's where
6135s you'll be contacted if you do win
6137s yourself a uh a treasure so make sure
6140s it's in a limited edition great children
6142s lovely uh I can't actually remember
6144s what's in those I I'm awful at members
6146s in what Tres is it's not my uh that's
6148s not my area of expertise unfortunately
6150s uh but game number two I yeah I expect
6153s it probably to be a lot faster paced I
6156s think this first drop is going to be hot
6157s drops Galore people grabbing fireplace
6159s and just looking to get those kills on
6161s the board because remember you get those
6163s you get a rebirth you get a second
6165s chance sure you don't want to have to
6167s start looting up again but horror off I
6168s find is a very generous map like people
6170s get geared very quickly on that map and
6172s it's not just because yeah there's more
6174s as blessing at the beginning of the game
6176s and yeah there's a bunch of other little
6177s bits like that I think um
6179s I just think this map seems to have like
6181s higher drop chances on good gear man
6183s everyone gets geared on this map so
6185s goddamn quick uh so I expect that with
6188s the fireflies plus the rebirth people
6190s are going to be happy to fight early and
6192s it's probably gonna be a very bloody
6193s early game
6194s that is true the the map is so large
6197s there is a lot of loot now
6200s the reason why I say over 21 uh players
6203s will be alive is one of the first
6204s adjustments that went into the previous
6206s worlds Championship when these Viper
6209s comps came out was uh the birth of what
6213s we call Sand Farmers which was you Sean
6216s temi and monk now we saw with Feria
6219s replacing
6221s you Sean in the com and going to a more
6224s range style but with vipers coming back
6226s this was the first true counter to Viper
6229s comps in fact you'll see an old uh World
6233s fights that when a Viper team saw a
6235s ushan temi monk running towards him they
6238s would immediately turn and run and run
6240s away they would never take the fight
6241s because each of their olds could counter
6244s each of their alts and they would always
6245s Outlast and win there was no way to
6248s burst them down and not only was there
6249s no way to burst them down they would
6251s always be snowballing their alt
6253s offensively onto them and it was one of
6255s the rare instances that there was a hard
6257s counter so I'm predicting that more of
6260s these teams are gonna run this yushan
6262s temi Monk
6263s the sand formers that we had seen in the
6265s past that we haven't seen before I saw a
6267s little bit of it going into the last
6270s week of nbpl a couple teams started
6272s running it uh as the Viper meta showed
6275s up and this is uh one of the things I
6277s love about the CN meta is that all these
6279s teams are very very very tactical they
6282s try to min max every situation and for
6285s the first time I would say in naraka
6287s probably the most balance I've ever seen
6289s it as far as they're always being a
6291s solution to what your opponent is doing
6293s and you're not seeing just one cookie
6296s cutter mold that fits all in solos or in
6298s trios for for a long time solos was
6301s dominated by Matari then it was
6303s dominated by Justina
6305s then it was dominated by just like a
6307s weapon nunchucks and in trios it was
6309s just dominated by Transformers but now
6311s you're seeing so many different
6312s variation and I love this part of this
6315s current meta and I'm really really
6318s curious to see what the team are gonna
6320s run are they gonna play a very
6321s conservative monk game and my prediction
6323s is they're going to still blame play
6325s very conservative this whole day I feel
6327s like it's gonna be very conservative
6329s because they're going to be able to
6330s regroup and come back day two with their
6334s aggressive Place depending on where they
6335s land today and I feel like most of these
6338s teams for philosophies is going to be
6339s consistency consistency consistency as
6342s long as we get to that end game we're
6344s going to give ourselves an opportunity
6345s to pick up a ton of kills I would like
6349s to see some teams especially those lower
6350s down like J team now uh to actually say
6353s okay we can't play like that we have to
6355s go aggressive we have to get points on
6357s the board we've got day two to make up
6359s some problems so I felt like you don't
6361s want to be
6363s I feel like today at least a couple of
6365s games today are the games where you have
6367s to like gamble it and just say okay we
6369s need to have a big game or we just lose
6371s our grip on this on this Lobby entirely
6373s and then he hopes of placing at a
6375s reasonably High spot goes completely out
6377s the window so for me I would like to see
6380s the teams actually really show up and um
6383s have a very very aggressive uh game
6386s number two I think you've got the
6388s perfect setup it's gonna be a lot of
6390s fireflies you're gonna be able to take
6392s those early fights if you pick your
6393s decades if you pick yiosis if you pick
6395s yeah uh
6397s ecos a complete golden there you can fit
6399s your a-classes and stuff like that like
6401s you've got the ability to pick these
6403s hyper aggressive team comps so I feel
6406s like this is the time to do it we'll
6407s have to see because it does look like we
6409s are getting ready to go into our second
6412s game of the day holler off at night the
6414s first time
6415s we've had that in trios all split long
6417s and it is in the grand finals let's see
6419s what the team comps are gonna be looking
6420s like give me some decades give me yotos
6423s come on there it is that's what I'm
6426s talking about
6428s a lot of zipping Takeda temi interesting
6434s no not that not as many vipers that I
6436s expected we are seeing a very
6439s interesting calm come from coming from
6440s jjh the temi akkos Monk
6444s now
6445s te going out with the temi cicada this I
6449s like to call it box com and the reason
6451s why it's called box comp
6453s is with the temi you don't really want
6455s to go with Yang since you don't have a
6457s monk but you're able to challenge every
6459s single box that spawns on the map now
6461s before Yang existed a bunch Morris has
6464s only spawned on a bunch of chests
6465s essentially spawn on the map and that
6467s and most teams had a variation of tumult
6471s to secure these boxes for loots that's
6473s where the idea of box comp came from and
6476s now we're seeing probably the strongest
6478s version of The Box com that you see with
6481s the zipping buff
6482s having a ton of heels and Takeda
6486s discovering his true potential with his
6488s V3 being able to scale up get more ghost
6491s shoves as he gets more as the team gets
6494s more weapons Takeda is actually able to
6496s get more old charge
6499s and it has all become stronger where he
6501s has up to four ghosts and he's able to
6503s shove people around and with temmie that
6506s Synergy between those three characters
6508s is probably the strongest right now that
6511s exists outside of Transformers now with
6515s the nighttime game being the way it is
6517s like I was saying before Takeda if he
6519s gets old he can 1v3 a team so I think
6522s you're gonna get your wish hip brain
6524s these teams are going to go fully
6526s aggressive Takeda zipping having some of
6529s the best Synergy off spawn uh probably
6531s one of the strongest duelist comps
6533s actually and we're gonna see that in
6535s this action today with all these teams
6538s Landing really really hot it's looking
6540s like only a couple teams Landing
6543s relatively safe but a ton of teams in
6545s that North seven the eight teams in the
6547s North
6549s [Applause]
6551s pretty hectic game to start us off with
6553s J team actually drop just next to the uh
6556s the winners of the previous game uh GD
6558s decide they do not have to get all the
6561s setup to actually take that fight so
6563s they are just gonna grab what they can
6564s while GD also grabbing whatever they can
6567s we are going to cut over to Alliance
6568s though we've got themselves in a fight
6570s here with xcg xcg had some ground to
6572s make up as they were the first team out
6575s of the previous game they've already
6577s caught on to Jean they've now got lucky
6579s here in their fights as well an alliance
6581s will demand disadvantage or still being
6584s able to catch on to xcg Against The Wall
6585s lucky takes out two
6589s not gonna be enough to hold on anymore
6591s he only took out one mind you as uh Lin
6594s is gonna try their best gets a whole
6595s bunch of damage off into my HQ almost
6598s turns that fight back around as xcg do
6601s get a squad wiping started off
6603s this Spa right outside of plume Castle
6606s has a double Firefly spot and you're
6608s seeing xcg dominate that position and
6611s now Gigi on the back side of Imperial up
6613s in the north is Gigi going to be king of
6615s the north we will see here it looks like
6617s their Aquos does have alt online but
6619s they're not challenged there were seven
6621s teams out there but we are going to see
6622s jjh versus wbg
6625s wbg didn't have a good game last time so
6628s will they be able to get a good start
6629s today Tammy all does come down purple
6632s Greatsword on water and he gets a
6634s ginormous Parry on Sleepwalker deleting
6636s his full health forward Health pool with
6639s that purple armor but the Echoes alt
6641s coming down
6643s and with these claws he's just gonna be
6645s able to win neutral for free finding
6648s these openers there is a takeata alt but
6650s that gray sword chops wbg in half and
6654s sleeve water gets cleaned up by water
6655s just an absolute tsunami on this Echoes
6659s with this purple Greatsword dominating
6662s this now this is one of those weird
6664s Innovative uh comms hit brand I was
6667s talking about
6667s Echoes monk Tammy I have never seen this
6671s comp ever and they're opening it up
6673s right now in these Grand finest you love
6676s to see it
6678s time to show yeah your forehand if
6681s you've been practicing some of it might
6682s be a little bit different a little bit
6683s more strange it's now or never really
6686s for these teams they are pulling it out
6687s as a ZK and then we've got a whole bunch
6690s of damage off onto Godley there JT maybe
6692s killed himself to kill if they're
6693s looking to keep the pressure up onto jjh
6695s lovely early aggressive one alt charge
6698s comes out from ZK is it gonna get
6700s himself somewhat of course out does
6701s touch onto water with the vertical
6703s strike and the old charge as well from
6705s the F water Bobs him back with a great
6707s sword though battering him away tries to
6709s go for the scale rush to DK catches on
6711s they're just playing George around each
6713s other but J team are gonna be able to
6715s finish this one up ZK does get taken out
6718s because he will be able to get the
6719s revive off since j-team have won that
6721s fight really really close stuff coming
6723s in from J teamers they got themselves
6725s their first three kills on the board got
6727s three kills last game but weren't able
6730s to get too much more off the back of
6731s that unfortunately it's uh JD and I
6734s found himself oh GD sorry I found
6736s themselves uh versus the remembers of of
6739s JL there is
6741s a g g d just gonna get some healing and
6744s then maybe go in pursue of JL
6749s so GD chasing JL trying to find their
6752s way out of here it looks like they use
6755s their alt here but Fang is about to get
6757s his Viper old online they they did Port
6759s out
6761s low hit points hard grappling out now
6763s this is one of those unique situations
6765s that uh in trios Min maxing your Jades
6768s depending on your team composition is
6769s super important and having one or two
6771s different uh distances for your Rapids
6773s allows you to reset to this point and
6775s they're able to get to this no all zone
6778s so even though GD has three alts it
6780s doesn't matter right now they're going
6782s to have to beat JL in neutral Takeda
6785s attempty zipping versus this Viper and
6787s the Viper's gonna come in with the
6788s silence flying in and JD is able to get
6792s that Dragon Rush stunning the zipping
6794s and 100 is hearing her and now JD even
6797s with their big Advantage now sees
6799s themselves on the back foot getting
6801s absolutely out position by JL jail
6803s consolidating cleaning this up oh no but
6807s they trade out and now they bring it
6808s back down to a 2v2 it's super close even
6811s though vipers at one HP she's able to
6813s get a little bit and now it's coming
6815s down
6816s to a 2V1 for the windfong just gets
6820s absolutely blasted though
6822s looks like he's gonna be taken down and
6824s they're able
6826s JL able to clutch it up with a no Old
6830s Situation playing it perfectly what
6832s beautiful naraka we're seeing here today
6834s at brain yeah jail honestly played thus
6836s so flawlessly really good Escape into
6839s turn into team fight when now xcg
6842s getting himself in a fight here but yeah
6844s Sandstorm goes up in the middle of the
6846s snowy areas does get himself popped back
6849s from the counter and the uh Wu Shen
6852s ultimate outer safety is gonna get
6854s thrown down oh you actually get himself
6856s in the fight with ewt they've got the
6858s Bane's breath burning away at the moment
6860s as they have been in very comfortable
6862s ewg even though they own the Bane's
6865s breath are still going to lose that
6867s fight really really rough one for them
6868s as a xdg getting heavily chunks out here
6871s so GFS you can use as an opportunity to
6873s jump forward they do find themselves one
6875s kill Louis goes down as down and able to
6878s secure himself that one and that is
6880s another little fight there for the side
6882s of xcg but they're gonna be quite happy
6884s to take even more kills under their belt
6885s up the six marks now
6887s really really big stuff from these guys
6890s I'm loving the xcg is running that
6892s Takeda Viper I really love that
6894s variation don't I don't really get to
6896s run it on my team I've been trying to
6898s convince him to run that variation I
6900s just feel like it's it's super super
6902s strong but the Echoes coming out strong
6905s we're seeing jjh leading the pack very
6909s rare you see monk variations leading the
6911s pack off spawn with kills they're up to
6913s seven kills now we're seeing oud and wbg
6916s on the left side of the map running the
6918s caves usually
6920s this is like xcg stomping grounds
6922s normally where they have a monk on their
6924s team and you're able to use a lot of
6926s this open area to take good engagements
6928s everything is about to rain when it
6930s comes to these team engagements but it
6932s looks like oug has a bounty on them and
6935s because they have a Takeda uh it is very
6939s very dicey to go and fight a Takeda in
6943s close quarters the same thing with a
6944s Yodo you're kind of flipping it on who
6947s comes out on top and it's really just
6949s who wants it a little bit more who wants
6952s to push all in and it doesn't look any
6954s like any team wants to do that every
6956s team is setting up for Yang we're
6958s hitting that 23 Mark 23 minute Mark
6960s Yang's being announced
6962s all the teams trying to figure out how
6965s they're gonna play we see te in the
6966s South have a Yang uncontested jjh and JL
6969s to the right finding a Yang it looks
6971s like Jay team may find the northern Yang
6974s now something that I I found interesting
6976s during solos when there's so many
6979s players trying to get into Yang it's
6981s actually really really tough to spam
6984s that e button to get in and we actually
6987s saw spider have a really really tough
6989s time getting in a Yang and I'm wondering
6991s today are these three are there going to
6993s be enough trio teams trying to get in
6995s these gang and are some teams just not
6996s gonna make it in because they're not
6998s able to spend any now we're seeing a
6999s line so finding GD the winners of the
7002s previous round
7004s Takeda also being popped out
7006s jdk trying to create enough space not
7008s sure where his teammates are he's
7009s getting a ton of value off these shoves
7012s and he's fighting this 1v3 he does have
7016s the bounty on himself maybe that's why
7017s he's not with this team and they're just
7018s willing to let him get taken down alone
7020s man you're just seeing such conservative
7023s play that their one teammate is bountied
7025s and they let him take the 1v3 and like I
7028s was saying hit brain he almost he almost
7030s took him down he got a full shove hit
7031s all three all of them with their armor
7033s switch but now this is what I live for
7037s seeing these Yang fights and we're
7039s seeing I'm hoping to see some great
7041s mirrors some great action here with the
7043s cicadas going at it and we're going to
7045s see te versus wbg two of the strongest
7048s teams inside this Yang brawling out and
7051s it looks like it's gonna be a mirror I
7054s don't see how much yeah it's gonna be a
7056s mirror so I'm curious to see how they
7057s open up everyone takes to the skies vvv
7059s one of the most dangerous fraggers
7062s inside mbpl take disguise and
7065s immediately get to slam onto Jing having
7068s that F1 up and now the Takeda alts are
7070s going down
7071s coming into the center brawl now going
7074s after the enemy Takeda he's ready at one
7077s HP but with the zipping heel coming down
7080s no one is getting taken down at all the
7082s zippings are actually going at it right
7084s now BBV looking on who is the lowest
7086s trying to make sure that his team stays
7088s alive with that all last ghost coming
7091s out
7092s and now all alts are done it's
7095s monoiyamano who is going to take it now
7098s vvv super super healthy but his zipping
7101s gonna get taken down te now losing one
7104s of the members can they trade out the
7105s kill Jing super super low but now lyd
7108s also getting taken down now vvb's in a
7111s 1v3 situation getting absolutely
7114s exploded and wbg pulling out an upset
7117s taking them down we do have J team
7119s versus jjh will there be an upset here
7122s JJ eights having a great first game will
7125s they be able to have a great second Yang
7127s it doesn't look like it J team's showing
7129s why they are the Champs why they clutch
7132s it up when the biggest tournaments and
7135s they end up taking them down
7138s huge win there for Jay team uh that was
7141s really tragic for vgd by the way because
7143s he uh he got counted when he died so he
7146s dropped his purple pole sword which
7147s means he's gonna spawn without that when
7149s he gets his respawn so that's a little
7151s rough for them because they're gonna be
7152s running around desperately looking for
7153s kills and they're going to be missing a
7155s purple pull sword which is a major tool
7157s for them to be able to find those skills
7159s is uh battle have the Vermillion Spurs
7162s might they got it actually from the uh
7163s from the realm of Yang the BBG maybe
7166s thinking about taking it this is the
7167s most consequence free fight you can have
7169s both sides have uh have the vermillions
7172s first match so they're basically both
7174s free to die and it doesn't really matter
7177s too much I mean like
7178s it sucks in a way but like because you
7181s lose the bus but you don't actually lose
7182s anything for it you're not gonna lose
7184s your weapons or your gear uh Jing is
7186s gonna get bought back here as he's
7187s trying to find an opportunity to get
7189s good charge with the old off does jump
7191s in forwards gets a bit of damage off
7193s with the charge down as they do actually
7195s see one member go down Sleepwalker has
7198s already lost his life in wbg on the back
7201s foot bowder should just be able to close
7203s this one out Jing gets caught in this
7205s whip gets caught nice and low and PP the
7208s only one left standing here because he
7211s is actually able to take down uh
7212s balder's Moon there are there is a
7214s respawn around here so it could be a
7216s little bit scary but nope PB is just
7219s gonna respawn
7220s he is down
7222s I'm not surprised that uh when they have
7225s this vermillions Birds might Phoenix
7226s buff they don't want to really Razz and
7228s run it back again but what they do want
7230s is to get as many kills as possible even
7232s though they trade out kills not getting
7233s three kills they still get one out of it
7235s so it ends up being that positive now
7237s this is one of the tough spots after you
7239s get this fight on this burst map we had
7241s GG coming in with this Viper Ackles come
7243s tummy all comes down to peel but Viper
7247s still has her alt up now they're gonna
7249s pour now and reset here heal back to
7251s full and will
7254s the enemy team be able to get away
7256s aquosol does come down but we're going
7257s to tune into xcg versus ewg euron
7260s already taken down he was in the solos
7263s finals as well now in the trios finals
7266s one of the few players to be in both xcg
7268s and Hot Pursuit Of ewg though
7271s all to all popped nowhere to run flat
7274s ground just getting juggled by the
7278s strongest Jades in the game's merciless
7280s doing a ton of work but we got Ventus
7282s with the third party now xcg's wuchen
7284s this is your one job you need to be able
7287s to protect your team with a good Port
7288s here this is really really tough we saw
7291s in last chance qualifier how
7294s breathtaking it can be if your Wu Chan
7297s doesn't get you out of these sticky
7298s situation Inventus pops a temmie old
7300s onto the Wu chin but where did they go
7302s it looks like they ain't Vince's ankles
7304s are broken they're looking left they're
7306s looking right they completely lose them
7307s they're out of there good job on that
7309s team's wuchen
7311s now we got jjh versus J team I believe J
7316s team did win there so this is kind of uh
7318s all extra credit for them
7320s jjh is running that akos Tammy Monk and
7325s it looks like their tummy is already
7326s taken down so this is a 2v3 and they're
7328s next to a no alt zone so as j-team
7330s closes the distance Godly knows that the
7334s inevitable is coming he's about to get
7336s d-transformed now he can present himself
7338s to give him the advantage here but it
7340s looks like he's gonna sacrifice himself
7342s for his teammate to go on and try to
7345s find rez's play on a little more but
7347s more try to get a res maybe later he
7350s does have 8 000 with enough discount he
7352s should be able to buy one of his
7353s teammates backs
7355s if he's not able to do that
7356s unfortunately that is our only monk stop
7358s out of the lobby which is really really
7361s tragic for them
7364s no I'm very happy I'm very happy
7367s my my feelings about monk comps are
7370s another Secret
7372s ewgs he's getting himself a fight here
7374s versus Juventus uh it doesn't last long
7377s as they're ejected from the lobby and
7379s The Cliff face at the same time there uh
7381s ws98 does eat a uh eat and eyes blocked
7385s to the Head does get stunned for a
7386s second there but it's gonna be okay
7387s because they are just gonna move away uh
7391s from all this and actually head over
7392s towards wherever the circle is going to
7394s be moving towards now could have
7396s possibility of three of the different
7398s biomes the circle is literally the dead
7401s center of the circle right now is is
7403s like the trifecta between each of the
7405s biomes so that's quite interesting we
7406s could have a it could go anywhere we
7408s could have a snowy one we could have a
7409s 71 and a slightly grassy Land one uh
7413s we'll have to see for now though J team
7415s looking and turning their attention
7416s towards this realm of Yang they won
7418s their first one they've got golden
7420s weapons they've got the momentum and
7423s this is what J team needed they needed
7425s this game to go good for them because
7426s they had a bad game number one and it
7428s looks like
7430s they are they didn't let it get to him
7432s they have they've they've recovered from
7434s that first game
7436s their bounce back and now are looking
7439s towards potential Romanians we all just
7441s can get a replay of a te taking a fight
7443s here versus Ed saying exactly who won
7446s this fight because I had no idea not t
7449s apparently because BBB is already out oh
7452s that's rough
7455s top two teams going at it right now
7457s looks like GD carrying that momentum
7459s from the previous game and this looks
7461s pretty early into the the round 60
7463s minutes and 30 seconds but we're gonna
7465s get J team versus wbg this is one of the
7468s classic battles inside Yang both of
7471s these teams pretty evenly matched with
7473s potatoes taken to the skies and now
7475s we're seeing the juggernauts going both
7477s out of Decatur onto K to action F1 being
7480s cop getting the first slam now ZK J team
7484s trying to look for that big flame good
7485s getting that big overhead slam with the
7488s r b
7489s Eagle getting a big Parry now we've lost
7492s the zipping though this is not looking
7494s good for Jay team but they can bring
7496s this back having one more gold shove
7499s with this cicada and his gold pole sword
7501s wbg just needs to buy the time and get a
7504s good flank off and looks like they do it
7506s they're gonna clean this up sleepwalker
7508s just doing a ton of work for his wbg
7512s team and J team is gonna be taking down
7515s what do you calling some I would say
7517s they're evenly matched but wbg doing a
7520s great job even though they're really
7521s known for their Mong comp I've seen wbg
7524s and GG really adapt to this new meta
7526s with that Takeda shove and now we're
7528s seeing as I was saying before GG versus
7531s GS looks like GS is just trying to
7533s survive here at the yushon ruins looks
7536s like they lost a team fight to bow to
7538s but
7539s getting a port out disappearing into the
7543s Zone kind of trying to deny the kill
7545s unable to do it though about at picking
7547s up that kill that top left of the map
7549s with all those portals can be really
7552s really tricky
7554s and one of the best places to rat it out
7556s in these end games if you find yourself
7558s not in a full team you're able to go in
7561s and out of the portals even though
7563s there's a slight cooldown on the the
7564s portals it's one of the best ways to
7566s create a lot of distance to lose people
7570s now Gigi
7572s are going to be actively hunting for a
7575s couple kills here with that akos Viper
7577s this comp isn't as strong in these end
7580s games because they do not have a temi
7582s and it looks like te they're like
7586s they got alligator blood you just can't
7588s get them out they just always find a way
7590s to get teammates back and besides buying
7594s your teammates back from the vendor you
7597s can get a res from one of the Morris
7600s chests now it's extremely dangerous
7602s because every team does Hawking go in
7604s there but if you're sneaky beaky enough
7606s you're able to find these resists and
7608s this is the type of place that separate
7610s uh a lot of teams from other teams that
7612s they keep their heads in it they keep
7614s staying active because you don't want to
7617s go back at the end of these 12 games
7619s where you lose by like two points and
7622s and I remember in the first fpx uh
7625s versus j-team they only lost by a couple
7629s points to Jay team in the first worlds
7631s so they're keeping at it they got that
7634s res
7634s and they're staying Super Active we are
7637s down to 31 players though hip rain I did
7640s take over 21 you may be correct you got
7642s your wish that you got a very very
7644s active lobby but we will see as these
7647s Zone closes do we get under that the 21
7650s uh player Mark
7652s it's gonna be a tight one there's uh
7654s definitely less players than there were
7655s in the last game though so I take that
7657s as a win in a way uh Jay team right now
7659s though they've got two minutes left to
7661s find themselves a kill and I don't think
7663s there's a single player near them right
7664s now so they could have what they could
7667s have done was uh funnel the cash
7668s together I actually didn't have enough
7670s for a rebirth charm so they can't do the
7672s the rebirth trick Eva uh they haven't
7675s got enough gold to get them all up Eva
7677s this is a really rough one for J team
7679s and
7680s they got eight kills this is an amazing
7682s game for them all they needed was a good
7684s multiplier on this and this would have
7686s been them set up quite nicely but now
7688s they are running away from any other
7691s teams in the area I believe they've rung
7693s the bell and may have got some
7694s information but I don't think they did
7695s Eagles finally found J team uh GG xcg
7699s are coming in and this is j-team's
7701s opportunity to actually recover from
7703s what could be potentially a hard game
7704s but there's a Wu Shen on GG so if this
7707s fight goes remotely bad GG just leave
7709s the fight
7711s this is the tough part of like you said
7714s running into these blue gen teams though
7716s their objective here is to burn the Wu
7718s channel so they're immediately going on
7720s wuchen pop into the ghetto and getting
7722s all the overcome Overcomer carrying away
7725s with the horsey now three three zero no
7727s did they get us all blame they got us
7729s all blame they didn't get the portable
7731s advantis is coming in with a third party
7732s in GG is in shambles right now
7736s getting juggled by the merciless as well
7738s and then so many teams are coming in
7740s Bounder coming in with the fourth party
7743s it's a mosh pit J team just absolutely
7746s getting devoured now by the third party
7749s xcg losing one of the members but being
7752s able to Port out and then his
7753s capitalizing claiming some of this loot
7756s bout it on the outsides I'm not sure how
7759s many fly though j-team just in shambles
7763s two of them getting taken out but if you
7765s want one person to stay alive on your
7767s team you want your Takeda that Takeda he
7769s can I've seen takeda's clutch it up in
7772s these end games as long as he says alts
7775s up and as long as he gets lucky with one
7777s of these end games where there's a ton
7779s of foilers a ton of trees that he can
7781s hide in he can still find himself his
7783s team's uh a good multiplies are you
7785s saying earlier
7787s hit brand they got that one Soul Bloom
7789s that's that's all they needed to keep
7790s their hopes alive they got that extra
7792s kill up to nine now as long as they stay
7795s alive long enough to get a decent
7796s multiplier on this game they're gonna be
7797s sitting quite happy and uh at least this
7799s hang getting jumped onto this is
7801s actually going down as he is nowhere to
7804s run oug just swarming him as losing hang
7808s goes down oegs and you able to pick that
7810s kill up and we're down to 23 players now
7813s left in this Lobby uh lyd taking a fair
7816s amount of damage as well there is
7818s desperately just trying to heal up it's
7819s just gonna blink away head over towards
7822s uh a safer spot as he is on the edge of
7825s the Bean's breath but just gonna use the
7827s purple Bush to hide and uh
7830s wait this one out as Miss key is now
7831s being run down by wbg this is uh GG's
7835s last player as well they've been forced
7837s into the zone and we're now at the point
7838s where like a lot of those solo players
7840s are just getting killed off as I say
7842s that ZK is killed off and jtmr
7845s eliminated from the lobby Miss Kia doing
7848s his best just to hold on as long as
7849s possible try and get as many placement
7851s points for his team as he can not gonna
7854s be able to win the lobby off the back of
7855s this one but is able to rejoin into the
7857s Zone we have got the meteor shower uh
7860s that looks to be coming down relatively
7862s soon actually so that could really
7865s change the dynamic of this uh of this
7867s final circles Miss gear is able to just
7870s about a void away immediately gets
7871s caught out now and up by GD as they are
7874s just playing The Runaway game but
7876s unfortunately for them it's gonna be a
7878s hard Escape they're just getting
7879s repeating crossbows they're getting
7880s every tool in the trade thrown at them
7883s as PP is able to secure that kill down
7885s to 20 players
7886s Raven I was right mate it's under the 21
7889s Mark you've got exactly what you wanted
7892s this a full Rush down Ooga Booga game
7895s with all these semis look how many kills
7898s are on the board we got
7899s wdwbd with a battle with seven Ventus
7902s with six xcg even though they died with
7904s nine jjh would nine J team with nine uh
7908s just such a high kill game but we're
7911s seeing
7912s GD having back to back good games as
7916s long as they hold on here as long as
7917s they play this very very conservative
7919s they're looking at a very very big game
7921s now we're seeing wbg getting toasted by
7925s this burst Arrow scatter shot coming
7928s from oug oug I think they probably are
7932s the most improved team I've seen in the
7934s league they really really struggled kind
7937s of incorporating the King when he came
7938s over from solos you play like three
7940s different roles before finding where
7942s he's comfortable in each different comp
7944s and they are being they are really
7946s really consistent right now at least
7948s going into game two and game one
7952s they have made both end games and as
7954s long as you make end game that is the
7957s way you win these tournaments you cannot
7959s win if you are dead
7961s another team here on our screen right
7963s now JL Dave had an absolutely killer
7966s performance so far uh they had a great
7968s game one great game number two right now
7970s in the overall standings they are second
7972s sitting in second they're not that far
7975s behind only 10 points behind GD T8
7977s getting knocked out they could really
7979s grow that Gap right now you can see oug
7981s a team who came through the refugee
7983s through the last chance qualifiers who
7985s are in fourth right now they are only a
7987s fraction of points behind uh te so it is
7990s within the possibility but the overall
7994s standings may be shaken up quite heavily
7996s after this game number two is Ventus
7998s able to finish up Bowden again
8000s unfortunately for balder it's it's been
8002s a better game for them they're a team
8004s who I've been very critical of all
8005s season long I think they've really not
8007s performed overly well they got seven
8009s kills this game this Lobby has suited
8011s them this style is definitely suited
8013s them and I think bowders struggle in the
8015s monk games because I don't think that
8016s meta suits them
8018s but when we get these decade again so
8019s when we get these hyper aggressive games
8021s these kind of comps really suit powder
8023s and they made it worse
8026s Cabana uh all the rosters are involved
8029s were really really known for their their
8031s vibrating and now we're seeing that
8034s going for that gold box
8037s man
8040s and and the gold Jades and the gold
8043s armor putting that on the cicada uh he
8046s is just the Juggernaut of the team as
8048s long as Takeda is alive there is a
8050s chance that you are just gonna continue
8052s to farm a ton of kills especially
8056s going into these end games it's all
8058s about getting that last hit when it
8059s comes to everyone having uh some type of
8063s dot damage either fire burn either Venom
8066s tip you're seeing a ton of all the
8068s tricks of the trade coming out going
8071s into these end games remember these guys
8072s are playing for top three they don't
8075s want to just qualify and somehow make
8077s get in the middle of the pack they want
8079s to be considered the absolute best they
8081s want a chunk of that big price pool at
8084s the very top and a lot of that cash is
8086s stacked in the top three so everything
8088s that these guys are doing they're
8090s looking to maximize it every single
8094s point every step of the way we're seeing
8096s a buttery rot end game with all these
8099s little Cliff ends and cannons coming out
8101s building a ton of damage off trying to
8105s uh benefits is trying to hear dictate
8107s the top of this map they're able to hold
8109s the top of this map and isolate who
8111s possibly push GED off you're being a
8114s great position to win this now GD knows
8116s they don't want to go in the bottom
8118s bottom is death here and that end game
8120s where everyone's gonna be struggling
8122s falling down now there is a little
8125s tricky strategy that you can do in these
8127s end games where if your full team holds
8129s at the bottom you can just pick off all
8131s the strikers as they come down and we're
8132s seeing GD execute
8135s hey Tammy alt on to wbg but it's gonna
8138s be a ton of grief trying to get a ton of
8142s pressure with these different levels of
8144s these buttery rocks wbg ends up not
8147s getting much value now we're seeing the
8148s all coming out from jail Fong
8150s trying to claim this hybrids Juventus
8152s getting stunned are they going to be
8154s able to capitalize on these kills but
8156s Ventus is cicada able to peel off
8158s creating enough space and no none of the
8160s kills getting traded just alternating
8161s trades but you're seeing oug in the kill
8163s feed finding a lot oh of stragglers here
8167s on the low ground picking them off as I
8170s was saying this strategy being very very
8171s great oug finding more kills doing super
8175s consistent today jjh
8177s on the brink of getting eliminated wiped
8180s out by oud the demons lurking on the low
8183s ground
8184s oh you just starting to get a whole
8186s bunch of kills put together these guys
8187s remember came through that last chance
8189s qualifier and they were one of the Dark
8191s Horses we had coming in today and they
8193s are having absolutely phenomenal game
8195s number two as they tidy up Vince's wx98
8198s and climb into third place overall in
8202s the standards they've got nine kills in
8203s their pocket they are in a shot without
8206s actually taking the whole game the whole
8208s day for GD able to grab himself a couple
8210s of kills in response as GD do get bought
8213s back there by J air one thing is gonna
8216s get himself taken out though on the
8218s third tail end there is trying to get
8219s some damage down onto these GV members
8221s oh you see sliding forward and that's
8222s gonna be the end of JL oh Eugene now had
8225s to fight off versus GD SS Boston to the
8227s zone is able to recover and get himself
8229s back in but needs another chance
8230s charging that potato after has his own
8233s want to throw out but he's just being
8234s juggled around he can't move he's
8236s desperately trying to find it does get
8237s an opportunity does get that opening
8239s because Casey gets chunked out SS
8241s launches himself onto the low ground
8243s gets a whole bunch of Hell taking away
8244s is able to recover some of that armor
8246s though is going to heal up a little bit
8248s more as on the low ground GD and venters
8250s are scrapping it out also dong ching
8253s down there as well for the side of GD as
8255s fancy getting himself heavily chunked
8257s out boxed into the Zone finished up by
8259s zinu okay knocked back into the Zone
8262s himself as he launches into the GD
8264s members oudss slides in as well ahead to
8267s see if he can try and find himself a
8268s kill he's gonna get himself caught out
8270s by kakaishi but Casey low heat p s s
8273s losing his armor K's going down kataishi
8277s finally Falls not before taking so much
8279s health GT is knocked out PP he's just
8282s not giving points over he knows he can't
8284s afford to give points away so he just
8286s runs into the Zone
8288s escapes the clutches of oug I know ug
8291s will take game number two
8294s great play by oug holding that High
8297s Ground able to weather the storm versus
8300s GD you saw the tomatoes match it out but
8304s with uh oug's Takeda having that Phoenix
8308s blast was just enough pressure to push
8311s and dominate GED a lot of this mirror
8314s matchup is the Takeda on Takeda battle
8317s the both the juggernauts locking horns
8319s and just going at it you're seeing the
8321s ghost being shoved back and forth and
8323s they're not only trying to kill each
8325s other but also kill all the people
8327s supporting that cast and you're seeing
8330s everything invested into supporting that
8333s spear at the tip of it the takedo with
8337s either a pull sword or in this case
8339s Phoenix blast longsword and oug the
8344s Cinderella story coming down from the
8347s last chance qualifier and performing in
8350s this super super stack Lobby versus the
8352s best team in the league looks like te a
8355s little bit frustrated
8357s going into it but
8360s you know there's still a ton of naraka
8362s to be played with that second game being
8366s a knight holleroth new map as you've
8368s been saying over and over hip rain very
8371s very aggressive less than uh 21 people
8374s you were right you got what you wanted
8377s aggressive game and now we're going to
8380s be going into the third game a uh
8382s Firefly Morris so gonna be still another
8385s aggressive game exactly what you want uh
8388s I'm very curious to see how these teams
8390s are gonna choose for this next game
8391s though but King having playing called to
8394s himself with the King as the king cop
8396s that is so good I love that so EG do you
8400s take that game number two I didn't
8402s expect to see one of my dark horses this
8404s strike so early in the day I thought
8407s they were going to kind of just be
8408s consistently good and then a threat on
8410s Sunday but no oug just go now we're not
8412s about that they took the first game of
8414s the refugee been coming to the second
8416s game here on horror off like this is our
8418s meta this is how we play all of the
8420s reference was hyper aggressive it was
8422s all of these cicada comps it wasn't monk
8424s monk really fell to the Wayside and it
8426s felt like
8427s a lot of teams felt way more comfortable
8429s playing this style than they did the
8432s monk style and I feel like a lot of our
8434s top teams lean heavily on that monk comp
8436s to kind of be as good as they are and
8439s when the meta shifts away from that it
8441s feels like the other teams actually have
8442s a moment have an opportunity to jump up
8443s like JL they're pulling out the acos
8445s there they looked amazing on that was
8447s that JJ oh it's jjh around the acos I
8450s can't remember I had a brain fart uh one
8452s of those teams ran an acos and they look
8454s really really good on it I mean we saw
8455s uh GD who looked like they were gonna
8459s um take that overall but they didn't it
8460s was oeg but it was very close between
8462s the pair of them I can't see the overall
8464s scoreboard and see um
8466s how the teams are how the teams are
8468s faring after that game number two what
8470s the points look like that was definitely
8471s a better game for Jay team but
8473s unfortunately they kind of fell apart
8476s because the opposite of what typically
8477s happens like you said in the decade of
8479s us the catacombs they focused the Zippy
8482s they didn't they didn't Focus the
8483s Decatur they just went straight onto the
8485s zipping burst them out and then suddenly
8487s the healing was gone and there was no
8489s one to support the tip of the spear and
8491s the decada just lost all of their
8492s support around them they were the final
8493s one to fall and that was just the
8496s undoing of Jay team they they were able
8498s to survive a little bit longer and got
8501s an extra kill because the uh because the
8502s Roman young V buff forced them to take a
8504s fight maybe they otherwise wouldn't have
8507s wanted to and yet they were quite happy
8508s to maybe win that fight but or at least
8511s get a kill we'll get a soul Bloom but it
8512s only gave him like another two minutes
8514s three minutes in the game and I think
8515s maybe the next team out anyway so it
8518s doesn't really do much for the placement
8519s points either uh but it was still a
8521s better version of J team I think they
8522s suited at this more aggressive style
8524s than the more passive style that we saw
8526s in game room one
8527s yeah as you were saying like this game
8529s had a ton of kills look at this is this
8532s was the most kills I've ever seen in one
8534s game spread out amongst other teams
8536s you're seeing Gigi with five xdg with
8539s nine bowdo with seven J team with nine
8541s JL with a JD with seven Ventus with a
8545s jjh with nine wbg with nine oug with 14.
8549s and all these teams have to be feeling
8551s good with all those kills now we're
8554s seeing something super important though
8555s how much uh the placement multiplier and
8560s the placement points play into your
8563s overall points so even though jjh uh had
8566s nine kills they only have 14-1 points
8568s compared to wbg who got second with Nine
8571s Kills and they have 17.4 but in first
8574s place
8575s ug
8575s absolutely rolling the lobby and you
8578s were saying before with J team losing
8580s their uh zipping first uh that support
8584s role and a lot of people are confused on
8586s what is Port role is inside naraka it
8590s doesn't mean that you're just healing
8591s there uh forever it just means that you
8594s cannot die first Your Role is to support
8598s the other two players in front of you
8600s but if you go down first your ultimate
8602s is so important for your team to stay
8605s alive the the zipping roll inside this
8607s Takeda to mulch comp
8610s allows the team to fight for so long
8613s because it keeps it get it basically
8615s gives uh your teammates a second life so
8619s if you go down first they don't get
8620s their second life so essentially you
8623s don't get a full six lives to fight
8625s another team you only get three cannot
8629s go down first as your support role in
8631s any team composition same thing with the
8633s wuchen we did see during the last chance
8635s qualifier that bubble team porting their
8639s team into Zone that is seared into my
8641s brain hit friend I can't forget it and
8643s seeing the faces of that team with their
8645s boot in now today I've only seen Wu
8648s Chen's doing the right ports saving
8650s their team when they need to I'm hoping
8651s the same thing doesn't happen to another
8653s support player but we're seeing the
8655s Demons of the bottom oug picking up all
8658s the kills on the bottom as all these
8660s teams fall down and they're able to then
8663s Alpha their way back onto High Ground uh
8666s fighting GD to win it out and winning
8668s this game
8670s great job by oud we're gonna see what
8673s the MVP is looking at a temmie coming
8677s out normally you see the cicadas being
8679s the MVP but this time the temi getting
8682s MVP and a ton of his damage coming from
8686s those cannons so I was curious if we
8689s were going to see the potato or the uh
8691s or the temi here because
8694s um
8695s the temi has Nine Kills let's get into
8697s 20K damage so it is it was up in the air
8700s what they got but they got the universe
8702s Flash the arm up here for great little
8703s step for Cavalry room the long sword
8704s staff the flame breath there coming in
8706s from zinyu just a really really solid
8709s performance from these guys and OG they
8712s strike hard in game number two obviously
8714s got a little break now so they can kind
8716s of sit back go okay that was great we
8717s need to replicate that a whole bunch
8719s more but they have slingshot themselves
8722s up the overall standings off the back of
8724s that a really really solid uh
8726s performance from these guys and the
8728s question is is how are they gonna
8729s perform throughout the rest of the day
8731s oh J team actually gonna make it to a
8733s final Circle at all today they've been
8735s going out very early all day long and
8739s that was definitely an upset for Te the
8741s question for me on the side of tea is
8742s you know is that gonna get to them or
8744s are they gonna be able to bounce back
8745s they are a team who have always
8748s struggled when it matters I think that's
8750s been T's biggest failing as a roster and
8752s not just an organization because this
8754s roster has played together for longer
8755s than that and it's always been our
8757s our major criticism of of these guys is
8761s they struggle at like finals or grand
8765s finals or bi-weekly finals it doesn't
8767s matter as long as it's got the word
8769s Final in it uh it's an important game
8772s that roster the one on te right now do
8775s seem to struggle game one yeah it was
8777s pretty good for them they they uh they
8779s didn't win it it was definitely a good
8781s game for them I think again third
8782s overall uh but this game number two now
8786s they just they were bad they look lost
8788s they had two kills they went out nice
8789s and early they didn't really achieve
8791s much and I feel this this fast-moving
8794s hyper aggressive meta that was starting
8796s to see develop in araka is maybe leaving
8800s tea a little bit behind
8803s that a GE like you were saying the lobby
8806s uh and all the other teams kind of joke
8808s with them that even though they are
8810s afraid of them they're not as afraid of
8812s them when it comes into the finals they
8814s they normally do super super well in the
8816s qualifying rounds they absolutely
8817s annihilate everyone everyone's kind of
8820s scrambling for that top seven uh but
8823s qualifying is different than the top
8825s three finish where your Everything Is
8827s For Keeps every Point matters
8830s yeah absolutely well uh we're gonna
8832s phrase ourselves to a quick break and
8834s then we're back from back with game
8835s number three we'll see in a moment
8838s foreign
8863s [Music]
8865s Georgia
8867s [Music]
8874s [Music]
8898s foreign
8902s [Music]
8908s [Music]
8910s foreign
8955s thank you
8959s [Music]
8992s I'm a break
9000s [Music]
9019s everything
9040s ready
9044s [Music]
9060s thank you
9069s foreign
9082s [Music]
9096s foreign
9110s yet
9126s CE had an okay game number one Jay team
9128s had a horrendous game number one game
9131s number two was slightly better for uh
9133s for JT and they got a decent amount of
9135s kills but the rest of it didn't go great
9136s and we can see the overall scores right
9138s now uh honestly I'm surprised to see
9141s bowder in 11th but not 14. you're not
9144s gonna be completely honest with you
9145s they've been a little disappointing I
9148s mean I I'll flame batter all day long
9150s they have not been a good team at all I
9151s mean a lot I guess having less starting
9154s points and only being one point behind
9157s them should really show you how bad this
9160s has already started off without her it
9162s is game number two we still have 10
9164s games for the whole uh Grand finals to
9166s go four more today six more coming up on
9170s um on Sunday so things have room to move
9172s around nice to see wbe doing a bit of
9175s climbing but JT I'm doing a lot of
9176s sliding as they have slid down from that
9179s second spot into seventh off two games
9182s Jade te have lost their top spot and
9186s have moved the fourth is GD oud and JL
9189s all lead to charge right now but the
9192s points are close it is 0.2 points
9194s between oeg and GD going into this game
9197s number three
9199s and even though it's a 25 Point
9202s difference to 47 that's one game a lot
9206s of these really really strong teams xtg
9208s uh GD J team T these guys are known for
9212s dropping really really ginormous games
9214s 25 to 35 Point games so it's light work
9217s for them to bring this back only two
9219s games down and
9222s everyone's gonna have a better idea
9224s after this first day of how these teams
9226s are gonna play the second day and the
9228s adjustments are going to be made so I'm
9230s still curious to see how the rest of
9232s this day is going to be played out with
9234s the third game going into the Firefly
9236s Morris now uh you were saying before you
9239s love for these rushdown comps and now
9241s there is a counter strategy to these
9242s rushdown comps where you just play super
9245s super safe and as you hate this hip
9247s brain Hmong strategy where you're able
9249s to dominate the Yang now the one part
9252s where these tummy cicadas do fall short
9254s is versus a traditional Transformer team
9256s inside Yang now the question is can the
9259s Transformers actually get into the realm
9261s of Yang as they're being hunted
9263s throughout all the map can they secure
9265s enough loot to get blue armor for that
9267s first yank but if they do they're able
9269s to perform super super well and we're
9271s seeing
9272s a lot of these different teams we saw
9274s Gigi not open up with their normal monk
9277s composition even though they do have I
9279s believe three zero on their team on one
9281s of the best monks in the league they end
9283s up playing a very fast comp with the
9285s Takeda temi
9287s but this is when they might be popping
9289s out with these Takeda or a yushon monk
9293s kurumi the traditional Transformers to
9295s counter these Viper comps on the Firefly
9297s Morris Day now fire uh Morris
9301s traditionally a lot better for these
9304s monk comps because the terrain benefits
9305s them a lot more it's a lot harder to get
9307s assassinated uh they don't get caught
9309s out in the open now the left side of the
9312s map is that Viper territory where you're
9314s gonna see vipers jumping from the top
9315s and with fireflies being so prevalent uh
9318s on the mud it's not going to surprise me
9320s to see half the lobby go Viper's next
9322s game now we do have a question for
9324s everyone how many kills did team oug get
9327s in game two is it a 10 B12 c14 or d616
9334s you get this answer correctly you will
9336s be able to get a chance to win a limited
9340s great Chaser chest just enter in the
9343s chat box uh what you think the answer is
9346s I'm actually not sure what I can't
9349s remember honestly if I can be real with
9351s you this is the first time where I'm
9352s like I don't know the answer to this
9353s question
9355s um
9363s it's a multiple choice and you've just
9365s given them the 50 50. you could be right
9368s it
9369s it's it they got they got kick Deals
9370s they did well anyway uh do you know
9373s something we haven't seen today
9375s we haven't seen teams camping the Morris
9377s uh the uh roaming Act
9380s we haven't seen a team try and jump
9383s another team who are on their way to get
9384s it because when you're a monk come the
9386s last thing you want to be doing is
9388s throwing down that monkey outside the
9390s the rummy yeah you want to be able to
9391s save it you don't want to burn your
9393s ultimates so if there's a team who are
9395s going we just don't care about
9396s committing alts and we're just not going
9398s to go into the realm of Yang jump in
9400s commit alt they either get a kill as the
9403s rest of team get into the realm of Yang
9404s and leave someone on their own or
9406s they're forced to then alter or
9409s um try and take a fight win the fight
9411s and then get into the realm of Yang
9412s without using their ultimate so it's a
9415s very it's a very uh
9417s effective method to try and farm kills
9420s or at least a fight where you can
9421s basically Force an advantage because
9423s another team is unwilling to use their
9425s ultimates at least immediately and you
9427s are willing to burn it so we have our
9429s teams across the season throw that that
9431s down as like a a way to play
9434s um
9435s play out these these Rama yangs uh where
9438s they just don't go for it and they don't
9439s care about the items and the Buffs and
9441s stuff like that they just want the kills
9442s we haven't seen that today I mean game
9444s one was very passive game two was very
9446s aggressive so I was surprised that we
9447s didn't see at least one team commit it
9449s in that previous game
9452s uh I believe it's just there wasn't as
9455s many monk teams in this game too so yeah
9458s uh the one monk team that you did see in
9461s the lobby you happily pointed out that
9463s they did get assassinated trying to get
9466s into Yang desperately unable to make it
9468s and I'm sure during this map we're gonna
9470s see a couple more monk teams and we're
9472s gonna see that assassination play going
9473s down where these yodos drop their F3 to
9476s block out
9478s either uh the monk or the yushon or it's
9481s generally very hard to catch the kurumi
9483s because as long as he's Tethered to one
9485s of her members as they enter the portal
9487s she's able to teleport to her teammate
9489s now this used to be a huge problem for
9491s teams because of course uh one of the
9494s first primary targets is that support
9496s player on the team
9499s being the kurumi now a lot of the time
9503s you do want to end up silencing a you
9504s shot when it comes to Transformers when
9506s you're on that Viper because if you
9507s silence a yushon it opens up a ton of
9510s plays because the yushan's not able to
9512s block the stun so you could potentially
9514s team wipe the Transformers but as this
9518s Yang meta has developed there have been
9520s a bunch of tricky things that you can do
9523s to mitigate this risk and I I think one
9525s of the reasons that you're not seeing a
9527s lot of that Yang griefing is like we
9529s like to call it where you're getting
9530s these cheeky kills as people try to go
9532s into Yang is these teams who normally go
9535s into Yang are not going to the contested
9537s Yang they're reading the map they're
9540s reading the initial
9541s Lobby of where everyone is and where
9543s they think they're going to rotate and
9544s they're going to the less contested game
9546s and this kind of goes in line with
9548s everyone wants to play this first date
9550s fairly consistently but like you were
9553s saying before it rained a lot of the new
9556s blood and new up-and-coming teams or
9558s dark horses are doing super well because
9560s they're coming in with this super
9562s aggressive strategy oug coming in hot
9565s with that Takeda temi and popping off in
9568s this game too during a nighttime Firefly
9572s day where horsepower and killing power
9574s means the most now going to see what
9578s these team compositions are going to be
9579s going into game three we're about
9582s reaching that halfway point
9584s and this is where teams start heating up
9588s or start cooling off you were pointing
9590s out that JT and te they started at the
9593s top with all those initial points but
9594s they're slowly making their way down to
9597s the middle
9599s um
9599s [Music]
9600s yeah we're seeing a ton of Monk comms
9603s coming out yeah
9604s a couple of uses actually a singular
9607s Yoto do we have a Yota lost game I think
9609s we did it's a jjh who are going to be
9612s running that one
9613s um
9614s monk comps uh yeah there's a lot of Monk
9617s we actually seen the farrier version
9619s from GG so actually they're running that
9621s more traditional I say traditional the
9624s the Pacific Rim comp which we did see a
9626s few teams pulling out interestingly
9628s though they're using a um
9631s a kurumi instead of the uh the Tammy in
9635s that com to me that screens but Tammy is
9637s just so flexible right now and belongs
9639s in so many different comps but they
9641s don't want to use their hero points up
9642s on Tammy on this comp in particular
9645s they'd rather just have a Healer and
9647s play it a little bit safer and I guess
9648s like you were saying the mech has been
9650s nerfed and the amount of Health it gives
9651s is lower so having is having a uh having
9653s some level of a Healer whether that be a
9655s zipping or in this case
9657s um a kurumi means that they they do have
9660s that that level of healing to kind of
9661s keep them up for now as well I'm gonna
9663s look at where everybody is dropping here
9665s in game number three can see the J team
9667s and wbg are gonna be dropping down the
9670s song's rest pretty clustered on the uh
9673s left hand side of the map actually a lot
9675s of teams may catch each other as they're
9677s moving up Alliance dropping right near
9679s the shipwrecks off in the center I say
9681s it's costed actually this is very spread
9683s out now we step away there are clusters
9686s on the left but a lot of teams have kind
9688s of just got safe drops to themselves for
9690s game number three
9692s you really want to get a good drop
9695s because whoever gets first Blood here
9696s gets a ton of point a ton of coin and
9699s now oud taking down GG Mishka now this
9702s is one of the Firefly spots to the east
9704s of the map like three or four five three
9706s or four fireflies land around here and
9707s they're with this Viper coming they're
9709s able to assassinate that Faria fairy
9712s acurumi monk a little bit of an
9713s untraditional calm but now wbg and J
9716s team fighting it out at sun wing Firefly
9718s spot looks like Sleepwalker tried and
9721s true one of the Staples of this team
9724s able to pick up a grab and take down
9727s uh one of the challenges I wasn't sure
9729s what that team was but now Ventus is
9731s coming in with that third party coming
9733s in from another fire spot even though
9735s they don't got armor I'm sure they're
9736s coming in with some alt and the acros
9739s coming in hot with the old absolutely
9741s shredding wbg with those staggers from
9745s that unblockable lunge getting a ton of
9749s value
9752s they're not going to get away with it
9754s they tried for the res and they just
9756s give away more kills more points
9759s they tried for the sneaky back door res
9762s and it just did not work out for them
9764s that is unlucky
9765s of that uh that act as I was saying
9768s saying uh yeah
9772s I love it but we are actually seeing
9774s Gigi getting himself in a fight versus
9775s oug SS is going to be able to pop the
9777s stun they should be able to finish up
9779s three for you in met and that is an easy
9782s win there for oug if they are able to
9784s take themselves back fight cutting over
9786s down to xcg in the no alt Zone to you
9788s coming in with the dragons Rush there on
9789s the on the spear trying to get the
9791s damage down gets another full charge off
9794s beautifully played by te as they just
9798s absolutely Slaughter xdg and it has been
9801s a rough day one of grand finals for xcg
9803s they have not achieved much right now uh
9806s zero kills and they are temp overall in
9809s the standings
9810s yeah surprisingly te with the triple old
9813s ends up still taking down xcg uh in that
9816s no alt area not even needing alts to
9820s follow up to finish off their Rivals
9823s right there now going to jjh here at
9825s wreckage
9827s spear being one of those great weapons
9828s inside trios having all that uh stun
9831s effect when you get that Perry you get
9833s that dragon
9834s Rush holding them down and with the
9837s addition to these poles so you're seeing
9838s these great big bursts coming from these
9841s teams they're position one they're aggro
9844s front line of their monks their yushants
9847s able to come in with a ton of damage and
9851s uh in Trio so you don't really have a
9854s lot of energy to move around but with
9857s this extra mechanic that the pole sword
9859s brings you're able to just move around
9860s and re-space yourself bringing in really
9863s ginormous blue attacks now going into
9865s this we're getting T versus bowed out
9868s showing up with a moon Bane timing onto
9871s te
9873s cheese monk ends up matching so he
9875s doesn't get stacked oh it looks like I
9877s take it back was able to get the moon
9879s Bane what no damage going down because I
9883s believe the crew May popped their F3
9884s able to give that 90 damage reduction
9886s now is gonna be taking a done of damage
9889s from this Moon Bane
9892s even though one of these members is
9894s taken down they do have the moon Bane
9896s that fourth player on their side and te
9898s vvv with that tether is going to get
9900s this res now txj trying to kite around
9902s survive just by time for his team using
9905s the Bell and the double moon Bane coming
9907s down toasting that you Sean completely
9910s but it's just a blue Monday somehow he's
9913s just tanking so much damage and te
9915s turning this around even though they
9916s initially got taken down bow to now on
9918s the ropes trying to get out of this
9920s Moonbeam reposition and stabilize but
9923s lyd's not gonna let it happen he's on
9925s top of lion
9926s Line's gonna have to sacrifice himself
9929s for the greater good and bow to losing
9933s out versus te but managing the damage
9936s though it brain managing the damage they
9938s do get out with their Blue Moon Bane on
9941s side the kurumi and there looks like
9943s they're gonna use it back and repay the
9945s favor onto T they're gonna drop the moon
9947s bait on top of tea and D's gonna
9949s disengage but balda's gonna be able to
9951s get that res on their teammate yeah
9953s they're gonna be able to pick them up
9954s but that was rough honestly
9956s te that fight should not have looked
9959s that bad for them considering they had
9961s the Moon made down and everything but I
9963s guess at the end of the day they end up
9964s paying the price and they do still get
9966s themselves the uh the victory in the
9968s fight only getting a single kill though
9970s and a fight for they lost a player they
9971s effectively traded one for one so not
9974s amazing let's put them on that front
9976s low armor here because he's only rocking
9979s that gray and Jing is just obliterating
9981s his health bar they have been able to
9982s take out Sleepwalker has got some
9984s healing coming in from the uh the kurumi
9986s tether I'm trying to get the pressure up
9988s onto Jing as Jinx doing his best to deal
9990s with them but oug have actually come in
9992s as a third party into this fight to see
9994s if they can pick up some kills for SS
9995s immediately losing a little bit of HP
9997s their transformation will be wearing off
9999s fairly soon and
10000s oh you keep coming in on that third
10002s party catch out onto Jing Jing half HP
10005s no armor is eating grapples after SS is
10008s just giving the chase onto him and this
10010s should just be enough down goes Jing oeg
10014s able to pick that kill up able to take
10016s himself that fight a great little third
10018s party from our Front Runners who right
10020s now have five kills in their pocket as
10022s well so they're having an amazing game
10024s Juventus looking to try and get the stun
10027s off here with the Viper two tickets
10029s caught and ewg will be losing them
10032s having a quick look at the overall
10033s standings Jay team have been able to
10035s achieve anything they are zero kills
10037s right now they do have a traditional
10038s monk combo so when the realm of yangs
10041s come up when the late game starts to
10042s come up that might be their moment to
10044s strike and see if they can make this
10046s game go for them same for Te but T have
10048s been able to pick four kills up which is
10050s a major difference between the two uh
10053s two favorites coming into today as uh
10055s euran is being finished up by Juventus
10057s nice and easy there Juventus using their
10060s power but they were able to get with
10062s that man advantage and turn that fight
10064s on that's why we're getting two kills
10065s picked up as uh in a different location
10068s JL right now are just grabbing loot
10071s getting themselves set up we'll have
10073s those uh
10075s starting to spawn up fairly soon so
10078s expect to see some action when they come
10080s around
10080s add that 23 minute Mark you're gonna see
10083s the Yang being announced but first
10085s bowder able to celebrate that situation
10087s versus the moon Bane bring their team
10090s into like him now they're gonna be
10091s fighting jjh the Viper is going to come
10093s in trying to get the silence but they
10094s miss it battles monk able to alt in
10097s response to it but he's getting shredded
10099s almost 60 of his health being shredded
10101s immediately and the Yoda was gonna come
10103s out kurumi with the gray counter play
10105s pop in the healing Circle perfectly so
10108s his monk cannot be pushed down and the
10110s monks in the tank hit perfectly finally
10112s crowd control and a lot of the players
10114s here
10115s unable to get the double grab but able
10118s to tank a ton of damage and d-transform
10119s with the armor you Sean old still able
10121s to come up and wuchan is porting out now
10125s we still have you Sean old uh still up
10128s so there JJ does not be able to come in
10131s with that Viper roll to assassinate
10133s they're gonna have to fully disengage
10134s here now if jjh really wants to uh push
10139s the issue they can come in and clean
10141s them up but it looks like they're just
10143s I was gonna let them go they can't
10146s really play for Yang here there is a
10148s little bit of fireflies in the South
10149s that they could get it's probably taken
10151s at this point looks like they're gonna
10152s go and check out the cave to see if
10155s there are fireflies now they may run
10157s into jjh before and now T is to the
10162s right fighting for Yang with GD and xcg
10166s and in the north no one is actually
10168s contesting that box with Jay team uh and
10171s I believe Alliance there booking the
10174s challenge to go in and we're seeing the
10176s grief the grief
10178s it's happening we go for it and it's
10180s actually going down Eagle already losing
10182s a lot of hp's Juan gets himself caught
10184s by the uppercut and the Griefers have
10186s been griefed themselves they're holding
10189s their ultimates J team are quite happy
10191s to just not go into the realm again they
10193s did burn a single uh Eurasian ultimate
10196s there but ultimately Alliance they got
10200s turned on hard here and they're gonna
10202s pay the ultimate price Jason's saying
10204s sure we don't get the bus but we're just
10206s gonna take the double kill and move on
10208s from that
10210s yeah with te versus xcg now two Titans
10213s going as a rematch
10215s xcg NT both going into Yang repeatedly
10219s now finally going against each other
10221s creamy circle is going to be coming out
10223s and te is going to drop monk form and
10225s trade out with a yushon from xcg trying
10228s to stabilize here xiaoman holding the
10231s line in front while his groomy tries to
10234s Res the yushon unable to T he's able to
10237s secure this kill and take down xcg
10240s and with that we were talking about that
10242s Yang grief and the problem with temmie
10245s for Yang griefing you're not a Viper uh
10249s uh you Sean can immediately spot that
10252s grief coming in and all he needs to do
10255s is all provide the buff to his team and
10257s your all does nothing to the
10260s Transformers and they're able to come
10262s after you with the threat of Monk all
10265s looming in the background and what a
10268s great play from Jay team that's the type
10269s of stuff that you want to see from the
10271s veteran teams showing up even Under
10273s Pressure making the right calls
10276s that's one of those plays as well where
10277s you go it should tilt you before that
10280s happened and you're like damn it we
10281s really wanted to fight for that Roma
10283s Yang but the fact that you turn it
10285s almost cleanses your mental you're like
10287s ah that feels so good they lost for
10290s trying to tease us and we didn't have to
10292s burn as much like they burnt a single oh
10295s to win that fight
10296s meanwhile uh the alliance burned
10300s everything they threw all of their
10302s abilities down hoping that they were
10303s going to win that fight and it did not
10305s pan out for them at all j-team I'm very
10308s happy off the back of that one CE though
10310s eight kills in they have known for the
10313s last two games weren't perfect for them
10315s and they want the strike back they do
10317s have Ventus you also have eight kills
10319s this game though so Lobby could be
10321s contested by the likes of Ventus right
10323s now Jason they're a long way off from
10325s catching up but Ouija also sitting on
10328s five kills so they are not willing to
10330s give up that top spot you know they've
10332s bought two for nail they've had to play
10334s a whole extra round to get here to the
10336s Grand finals in that last chance
10338s qualifiers so ug
10340s having an absolutely phenomenal recovery
10343s from everything is that te are going to
10346s get the pressure up here onto GD uh D
10349s obviously with that vermillions first
10350s mate are feeling very comfortable and
10352s confident to go in onto this fight as K
10355s getting himself somewhat chunked out
10357s here is just gonna throw down the
10358s transformation and that's just gonna buy
10360s him the mobility he needs there's a
10362s whole bunch of teams in the area though
10363s this could get real messy real fast
10366s between all of these teams is okay
10368s trying to turn it around actually onto
10370s lyd gets a big chunk out of him okay
10372s also eating a fair amount of damage
10374s himself still has some time left on his
10376s transformation though so it's gonna be
10377s able to use the mobility that he gains
10379s off that as German tries to jump in on
10381s to a member of t-e-txj has been Someone
10384s caught out the bell's gonna get popped
10385s his arm has taken away and there comes
10387s all of the damage to transformation is
10389s gonna have to be forced out by tsjamin
10391s the answer is in kind throwing down his
10394s own transformation and you can see with
10396s the bigger health bar he just has better
10397s armors and work with so he's way
10399s stronger than txj whose Health part is
10402s being absolutely obliterated right now
10405s txj is gonna have to use that Bird's mic
10408s nice and early as vbv finds himself
10410s being grabbed out the slam comes down
10413s BBB Falls as well to Jay ellu coming
10416s with that third party and looking to
10418s tidy up some of these members is Anne is
10421s going to be going down and it's just a
10423s cluster of teams fighting here one thing
10425s 40 is the transformation able to find
10427s himself one grab gets the second grab
10430s double slam coming down looks for the
10432s re-grab onto one is able to get it and
10434s that is gonna be a member of GF down and
10436s out nowhere for them to go another grab
10439s coming in one thing just doesn't miss
10441s and he is farming kills to his team they
10443s need it they've got the Roman Young
10445s debuff on them and this is one way to
10448s cleanse it one by one they are cleanse
10450s JL able to get that realm of Yang deep
10453s up often and have a fantastic four fifth
10457s party into a very messy fight but here
10459s come the Front Runners
10461s they can see that everybody was fighting
10464s in the area and they smell blood in the
10466s water
10467s what an absolute Marsh but here just
10470s north of mine
10472s tea coming in hot with the buff keeping
10476s their snowball going with
10478s where were they at eight kills on a
10480s Transformer team this early in the game
10482s is phenomenal and the reason why is
10485s they're able to get so much loot from
10487s this and set up for this end game
10488s normally teams kind of slow down between
10490s three to six teams when they have a monk
10492s but having eight kills this is what I
10494s was saying that even though te was
10495s fading down a little bit they started
10497s out early they had a bad second game
10498s they are one of those teams that are
10500s capable for these 30 bomb 40 bomb games
10503s getting over 20 kills and securing that
10506s first place now we're seeing GD Hold the
10509s Line there
10510s surviving the pressure from te able to
10514s have their you Sean create an opening
10516s and with the second Yang coming out
10519s looks like Gigi's posturing looking to
10520s go in and so is GD I don't think te will
10523s go in knowing that they have eight kills
10525s it's a little bit risky but we're seeing
10526s Jay team also posturing to go in
10529s establish their dominance so we may be
10532s having a GED versus J team but before
10535s then we have oug get in super aggressive
10539s finding these kills I'm happy to see uh
10542s the Takeda variations of these Viper
10544s comps and The Echoes variation doing a
10547s ton of work I'm kind of sick of that
10549s Yodo the same way that you're sick of
10550s monks I'm sick of Yodo that character is
10553s so annoying to fight against and now
10555s we're gonna see who's gonna step to the
10557s play j-team is stepping up to the plate
10558s a bunch of blueberries if they win this
10561s they're gonna go on and profit a ton if
10564s they lose this I don't see them making
10566s it it out of here unless they find a
10569s great situation that we saw here north
10571s of Mind where multiple teams were
10572s fighting you're able to get in and get
10575s out getting that Soul Bloom to get out
10577s the Yang depletion
10579s but we're gonna see if another team is
10581s willing to challenge Jay team here but
10583s before that Gs versus oug still looking
10587s to Fight Pro for weakness and without
10590s the wu-chan all up they want to play
10592s this a little bit slowly but it doesn't
10593s look like gs1 is going to let them go
10596s and rat it out and these tunnels are
10597s gonna flush out these rats although I
10599s see GS this is a monk going into Close
10602s Quarters versus a Viper Takeda highly
10605s ill-advised because a lot of positions
10608s where there's a low ceiling monk is not
10610s able to alt so he's not gonna get the
10613s pure value of being this character with
10616s a second Health spool and with that bow
10618s shop just like GS is going to give it up
10621s they are really really scaled
10623s I don't see how they were gonna to to
10625s win that fight maybe I guess they could
10628s just play on fuchsia now we're gonna go
10629s to te versus wbg
10631s wbg's Jing looks like he's alone Lone
10635s Wolf maybe a solo player getting picked
10638s off right now
10639s uh
10640s horse sounds gonna use the the moon Bane
10643s very wisely to create space now 4te this
10648s could be grief where they just get
10650s double hit now Jing is actually getting
10652s hit by the mode Eddie gets blown up
10656s and taken down by lyd's Pistol he take
10660s he took two Moonbeam shots in a row and
10663s then gets pistol eagle gets golden Jewel
10666s swords got the purple armor as well off
10668s the back of that uh they just got a
10669s freebie on the Roma Yang so they lost
10672s out on getting into the first one but
10674s they want to fight and then they get a
10675s free one in the second time I'm sure JT
10677s are quite happy with that maybe they
10679s wanted to find some kills knowing but
10680s they need to get some points put
10681s together but this does set them up for a
10684s better end game we'll have to keep our
10685s eyes on them because last time they
10687s played the monk comp they kind of
10689s fumbled in that in that final Circle
10691s they transformed first like you said you
10693s don't do and then they were the first
10695s out for an eagle
10696s just got bullied the entire time as it
10700s does feel like now the teams are
10701s starting to play that small more relaxed
10703s uh chilled last couple of stages of the
10706s game 31 players left in this Lobby so
10708s not as slow as our first game of the day
10710s and it doesn't have to continue to be
10712s too much slower because JJ H finishing
10714s up ewg and uh taking them out as our
10717s fourth team out of the game
10718s unfortunately for ewg they will be
10721s waiting now for game number
10723s four wow we're already the halfway point
10726s uh I have to wait for game number four
10727s before they can play again the rest of
10730s our ug are quite happy just waiting
10732s around inside the uh inside the mindset
10734s he said they got the Decatur like they
10736s want people to come to them if people
10737s chase them into the mines they have so
10739s much power in those Close Quarters so
10741s much birth capability so
10744s one of those things that they will just
10745s be keeping their eyes on
10747s and you're seeing uh teams like Gigi
10750s even though they have zero kills on the
10751s board they have full purple armor and in
10754s these end games these monks are super
10755s dangerous with 30 players on the board
10757s uh Gigi is one of those teams capable of
10760s picking up 10 kills
10762s um it's all about how many alts you can
10763s get on your monk
10765s three to four alts these bunks are able
10768s to get in these lobbies all these bunks
10770s are super Elite as far as knowing
10772s different little tricks to the trade to
10775s create those double grabs get those Soul
10777s blooms Farm up that alt using that
10779s Cannon and a lot of these guys are
10781s basically using no energy glyphs at all
10783s just full damage rage so every Cannon
10786s shot that they shoot with
10788s the ton of repair kits they have they're
10791s able to farm that all back up but it
10793s makes fighting extremely difficult as
10795s you see uh gs's monk move around every
10799s time he Dodges that energy bar is going
10801s up super super slow he practically just
10805s has two Dodges and he is the monk for
10808s his team essentially always in them
10810s we're gonna see jjh versus JL going down
10812s Viper rain with the Cavalry Bloom
10815s looking to get in there but Fong able to
10816s Zone him out with the nunchucks that
10819s gold Focus just absolutely zoning them
10821s out doesn't this Viper doesn't want to
10822s get juggled and get 100 to zero but
10825s they're gonna keep it up and the silence
10827s is gonna go down they get it onto the
10828s you shot this is really really bad for
10830s the Transformers if rain decides to pop
10832s old
10833s he's not gonna be able to counter for
10835s his team and Fong stuck and a victim of
10837s this not able
10839s to get any peel but it looks like jlas
10842s is able to get out and get that Alta
10845s forcing water to go down and the port is
10849s scuff wuchan not able to get out of line
10851s inside to put that Port down
10853s 's been able to jump on deny the res and
10856s it looks like jail is going to be picked
10858s off but Ventus coming in with that third
10859s body found realizing that gonna pop that
10862s all to iframe this Viper old grabs going
10865s down Fong even though he's stunned will
10867s his teammates be able to appeal for him
10868s healing Circle goes down he's getting
10870s shredded he has to jump up and down
10871s Juventus shredding this moment chopping
10874s him down he's able to de-transform and
10876s then Bell able to survive the onslaught
10879s from vent his Inventus backs off JL able
10882s to survive such a fierce third party and
10885s looks like a fourth priority is coming
10886s in from
10888s it looks like GS up to the north able to
10893s pick off ventus's Port out of there and
10895s now JL using this terrain perfectly to
10898s disengage out of the sticky situation
10899s and now jjh coming back in Rain being
10903s like hey how you guys doing did you
10904s survive can we can we pick up a kill no
10906s it doesn't look that they want to commit
10908s no alts at hand but
10910s that fourth and fifth party hip rain
10913s going really nuts transitioning into
10915s this end game with 27 players alive
10918s that was absolute chaos is the oeg
10920s actually now has seven kills looking to
10923s pick up a couple of extra here they
10924s jumped onto dongqing catching him out
10926s pretty low the wind wall actually comes
10928s up to make sure they don't get caught by
10929s the grab sliding straight into the Zone
10931s Xenu Dodges away on the grab but it
10933s lands onto the king so now ug have to
10935s turn they have to fight this to keep the
10937s king alive he's able to wiggle out and
10939s they do separate away they've already
10940s got a kill onto k g d running at a bit
10943s of a disadvantage here as OGG quite
10945s happy to tank the zone to avoid the
10946s grabs from kakaishi as kikaishi is
10949s trying to catch on to Don Ching dongjing
10950s able to just stand below him in a way
10952s for the moment because you're about to
10954s lose that transformation he will be
10955s swarmed by the members of oug kakaishi I
10959s don't think he's gonna be able to live
10960s this for too much longer SS is just
10961s stepping back playing it nice and chill
10962s but actually they've got K on the
10964s transformation as well and GD just
10966s desperately trying to get away in comes
10968s SS they're trying to catch him out but
10969s they're unable to connect there goes one
10972s kill kakaishi finally Falls to oug off
10975s the back of that one OG very low though
10978s so probably do want to just step back
10979s and get some healing done before they
10981s look to chase anymore
10983s what a great performance from oud they
10987s haven't had a bad game so far playing
10989s every single composition super super
10991s well with eight kills with this Viper
10995s Takeda wuchen 57.7 10 point lead above
10999s GD now GD is that Transformer team so
11002s they're gonna pick up a little bit as we
11004s transition into this game but they do
11006s lose their monk actually I take that
11008s back oug takes down their their
11010s competitors number twos monk getting
11014s chopped off the legs being chopped off
11016s from this Transformer team without the
11018s monk there's not much hope for this team
11020s to get any more kills
11022s but te coming alive with Nine Kills I'm
11025s excited to see what they're gonna bring
11026s going into this end game now GD uh with
11031s you Sean having this end game with mine
11034s there is a ton of maneuverability and
11036s yushan out of all the three characters
11038s has the most amount of Mobility to stay
11041s alive in here so he still can salvage
11043s that three to five points uh in
11047s placement going forward now oug even
11050s though they're a bunch of blueberries
11051s here going into this end game
11053s one of the great things you can do in
11056s these type of situations is Salvage buy
11058s one go into these uh chests say picking
11060s up the leftover Jades maxing out your
11063s health maxing out your melee maxing out
11065s your attack depending on what class
11066s you're playing uh but then transitioning
11069s to spawning out the box situation going
11072s down because a lot of times there's a
11074s gold armor in there and a purple armor
11076s and as long as you come in hot with this
11078s third party seeing which team riskly
11081s goes in there and you have this Viper
11083s you can rapidly scale up and yoink some
11086s kills here now it looks like oug has a
11090s ton of great Jades on their Cannon and
11092s the same way that monks are become a
11094s factory of getting alt over and over
11096s these vipers are the same thing for
11098s those teams where that giant uh V1 stun
11103s having that five seconds to just
11105s absolutely delete and melt someone's
11107s Health pool
11108s become so critical in these end games
11111s now when they do it is super super
11114s important because there's so many you
11115s Sean's on the map to counter and it
11117s looks like GG J Team all want this
11120s posture on the left I'm not sure if a a
11123s Ballista might be in place here doesn't
11126s look like it just Yang circles a lot of
11130s the times uh around the mine with the
11132s addition of all these different releases
11133s uh these end games end up being super
11136s spicy because teams just consolidate and
11139s hold on to it
11141s we're seeing like I was saying that box
11143s able to salvage a purple armor in oug
11146s looking really Prime I
11150s who do you think's gonna take this hit
11151s rain I get so early to cool right it's
11154s so early to Cool J team though getting
11156s absolutely railed by cannons they are
11159s geared to the teeth golden armor on two
11161s members uh no so God number on one
11163s member gold weapons I believe on
11165s everybody right now okay they are super
11167s super strong the problem they have
11169s though is
11171s they just they would have such a bad
11173s position but they just get absolutely
11174s railed for it rain comes in looking for
11176s the stun onto the JT members they're
11177s able to actually break line aside into a
11179s couple of those players as it is just
11180s Carnage for the Cannons water is
11183s liquefied by eagle as they make quick
11186s work of that 101 DN transform to buy
11189s space but water is gonna be able to get
11191s blinked out and resurrected but Jay team
11193s this has been their major failing for
11196s the entire season they are so bad at
11199s finding positions on the final Circle
11201s and half the time they just get railed
11203s by cannon fire Reigns again looking to
11206s try and jump in onto the JT members
11207s j-team are just being bullied in this
11210s little in this little area they put
11211s themselves set up in for and with the
11213s Zone moving they're going to be forced
11214s out anyway but water may find himself in
11217s danger SS is looking for the stun onto
11218s multiple members inside the Zone Walter
11221s should be finished up nice and quickly
11223s oug sorting himself up a bunch of kills
11226s this jjh have been eliminated from the
11229s lobby as GG has gone for the
11230s transformation
11232s they're all a bit of fun to grab onto
11234s lxm who is going a little bit low but
11237s keeping himself up for the heels able to
11239s just about squeeze away from that fight
11242s and from that action I don't know where
11244s J team are they are still in that area
11246s just waiting to try and farm up some
11248s cannon shots and also not transform yet
11251s as we are going to see the Mets Club out
11253s here lxm's gonna get that met up does
11255s take the cannon fire there from the mech
11257s on that right click but is able to just
11260s about survive this one out for the
11261s moment as loud are gonna drop into this
11264s low ground and go in for the healing J
11265s team are in the area though a couple of
11266s Cannon fires do land onto them on that
11269s area for the moment is TE just holding
11272s himself quite comfortably atop this uh
11274s this Boulder just using it as a position
11276s to get the cannon fire off they have a
11278s transformation but they can throw out an
11280s eagle has transformed himself will be
11282s looking for a grab able to grab onto
11284s Melman looks for the second grab unable
11286s to get it malman gets slammed is able to
11288s survive just a little bit longer they
11290s look for the regrap onto him unable to
11292s connect there but they do just about get
11294s enough damage to find the re-grab Eagles
11295s going low jumps in to the kurumi
11298s ultimate at 3-3-0 actually steals the
11301s kill away from the members of GG from
11305s the members of uh jtm GG securing the
11307s kill eagle gets himself taken out though
11309s bye fruit for you
11311s just rubbing so in the wound at this
11313s point as now he's gonna go for the
11315s transformation they're gonna try and get
11316s the tether try and get the resurrection
11318s off onto Eagle as bowed as lion TT is
11321s going a little bit low but ZK is just
11323s too low I don't know if he's gonna be
11325s able to survive this one is just about
11328s alive for now as 101 TN holding on day
11331s team of suddenly springboarded
11332s themselves up to six kills at a
11335s seemingly nowhere but they've got two
11338s members down and one member in
11340s transformation with low HP I don't think
11341s they're gonna be able to hold on for too
11342s much longer while txj for the side of te
11345s quite happily holding this High Ground
11347s finding himself the re-grab not actually
11349s able to get the slam off there onto
11351s those members as VP going a little bit
11353s low is able to hold on actually taken
11356s down by a s's we've still got 11 members
11359s all scrapping for this High Ground for
11361s this final little bit of area where they
11363s can go for the fight you can see the
11364s overall health bars and armor of all of
11366s the individual members on the map on the
11368s left-hand side of the screen as one
11370s thing gets himself of a slime onto and
11373s able to take him down and this is
11375s actually jail holding this High Ground
11377s holding the advantage right now another
11378s grab does go on to txj txj heavily
11381s chunked out one thing does lose that
11383s transformation though and is now gonna
11385s have to give up that High Ground as
11386s Melman tries to just inch his way up a
11388s little bit higher a little bit more
11390s comfortably into this position as JL on
11393s the low ground also got those health
11395s bars and those ultimates to use the
11396s three three oh yes onto the top of the
11399s higher ground is now going to be looking
11400s for those grabs unable to connect any
11403s 101 TN is still in this game still
11406s desperately trying to avoid being
11408s grabbed trying to just get as many
11409s placement points for his team as
11410s possible but now he's been jumped onto
11412s and this may just be the end of days no
11414s he has the transformation he's gonna try
11416s and jump forward into te getting the
11418s slam down onto the txj te having to find
11422s an opportunity to heal up here is 101 TN
11425s it's just been a bit of a menace on the
11427s low ground is gonna Force the
11429s transformation out from txj here as he
11431s is desperately trying to just jump
11433s around and avoid awake from the members
11435s of te somehow we have got J team in this
11439s Lobby still waiting to see if another
11441s player another team can just be evicted
11443s before they are as uh there goes the
11446s transformation for 101 TN he's just
11448s gonna try and hype play on The High
11449s Ground but unfortunately for him he has
11451s been grabbed out in mid-air and that
11453s should be the end of J team finished up
11455s by JL who have got an absolutely solid
11458s foothold in this game txj low HP grabbed
11462s by one thing finished up as bowder are
11466s just tidying up this Lobby I gave him a
11469s lot of a lot of flat in this game but
11471s they came alive
11473s and Gigi's able to clutch set up without
11476s it coming in hot with a ton of kills
11480s here you were griefing them
11483s hey Brandon they they might have
11484s answered the call right here getting a
11486s ton of kills themselves we saw T.E
11488s clutching it up able to claim
11491s a ton of placement Point multiplier
11494s uh going in Zen game now I was hoping I
11498s was gonna see te pop up here come in
11500s with that that 30-point game uh unable
11503s to do it but JL it looks like getting
11507s the most amount of points for this game
11510s hey we just saw them constantly in that
11513s mid game coming in with those third
11515s parties it was it was super aggressive
11517s considering how many monks were uh in
11520s this Lobby and in that mine area super
11523s exciting for monks a lot of technical
11524s stuff you can do there with all the
11527s different positions there you saw uh T
11529s E's monk try to take The High Ground at
11531s the last second but he ended up sliding
11532s down
11534s over here by taking a high ground he's
11536s able to avoid a ton of damage
11537s unfortunately he did sled down so the
11540s lobby is able to get a couple long sword
11542s beams on his leg so he wasn't able to
11544s find a double grab there
11546s I'm really curious to see how these
11549s points end up
11550s we're seeing a ton of these teams uh
11554s this is the most even I've ever seen uh
11557s a lot of these lobbies go where the top
11559s three or four teams are getting like
11561s eight to nine kills all together so a
11564s lot of these teams I would say uh have a
11566s ton of momentum moving forward we're
11568s reaching that halfway point
11571s uh right now after this this game three
11573s going into game four uh we're gonna see
11576s these teams start to heat up feeling
11578s very comfortable hitting this stride and
11581s I can't wait to see what else these
11584s teams have in store for us that second
11586s Firefly game coming in we're I believe
11588s we're going into a daytime game so it's
11589s going to slow back down get that nice
11592s monk stacked end games uh I can't wait
11594s to see what's next apron yeah I man it
11597s feels like there's some scenes who just
11599s are struggling I mean I've covered te
11601s and their roster for long enough to know
11603s this is kind of what they do in these in
11606s these finals they do seem to crumble
11608s they definitely look more put together
11610s than I've seen them in previous ones but
11612s I think they're still making quite a lot
11614s of mistakes I don't think they're
11615s playing like the formidable te that have
11618s been the best team and the team who
11620s everybody's been talking about all
11621s season long you know they've been making
11624s a lot of silly mistakes there's all
11626s those silly errors and unfortunately 40
11628s you know it's not been the greatest day
11630s I've been I've clowned on bowder all
11634s season long and they actually had a
11635s really good final Circle there that's
11637s the first time I've been genuinely
11639s impressed by belder so good job on that
11641s we'll see if they've got enough in the
11643s tank to actually carry on on that front
11645s I'm worrying about both T and J team
11647s though I feel like j-team definitely
11648s more so open to you because here at
11650s least keeping up with the other Front
11651s Runners
11652s Jay team just don't seem to have any
11654s stamina after game number two like
11656s they've just crumbled they had their
11658s like bad game one they've looked to be
11660s bouncing back and then one little
11662s mistake really shut them down and yeah
11664s they did get I think about six or seven
11666s kills this game but like they are just
11668s not getting multipliers they are not
11670s getting good enough performances and
11672s high enough store and get points they
11674s have slipped from second place into the
11676s bottom end of the day of the top end of
11678s the table now they're like eighth at the
11679s moment April 9th now it's it's not a
11682s great performance coming in from Jason
11684s they've got some serious work to do
11686s because
11688s I I they're halfway through the day and
11690s yet they're not even halfway through the
11692s finals because they still got Sunday to
11693s play but like you do not want to be
11695s starting Sunday on the lower end of the
11697s table or you are going to be I mean
11699s you're just in danger towel at that
11700s point you're in you're in real trouble
11702s so I I do worry about them oh you g
11705s though
11706s my dark horse is
11708s UG and GG they're performing oud
11710s especially these guys are stepping up so
11713s phenomenally today I am so impressed by
11715s these guys
11717s yeah your two picks for the dark horses
11720s GG and ug
11722s man I'm really surprised by Og because
11724s they came from this last chance
11725s qualifier so now GG is kind of known as
11727s one of those top five teams in the
11729s league but oug really finding their
11731s stride and momentum and uh one of the
11734s great parts of being one of these new
11736s teams up and coming is when you get
11737s these uh great games you carry those
11740s momentum into these other games now the
11743s veterans like you were saying were not
11745s this there's still a day two so a lot of
11747s these teams can bring it back make these
11749s these adjustments and a lot of the times
11753s depending on the team they thrive in
11755s different environments as the lobbies
11757s get more and more tents where teams
11759s become desperate that's where you see
11761s other teams uh shine where they
11765s capitalize on things actually committing
11767s to fight against and not running away
11768s not having to play this super patient
11771s game
11772s um we're seeing Jay team kind of have
11774s mixed results because they're willing to
11776s go into Yang and whether or not you win
11778s in that Yang really separates of whether
11780s or not you're going to have a successful
11781s end game because you're going to have
11782s gold weapons you're going to have good
11784s armor and you're not gonna have to risk
11786s going in and all inning to get that Yang
11789s depletion off of you as we're seeing
11791s here JL
11794s uh with the traditional
11797s with the traditional healing too from
11799s the crew me 20K on the monk 18K on the
11802s you Sean and 12K actually on the kurumi
11805s ton of damage coming through me and I
11807s think this really goes to show how uh
11810s naraka has evolved these numbers are way
11813s bigger than they used to be during
11814s worlds now considering Yang and an extra
11816s res and everything but I really believe
11819s it's because the range game has been
11821s figured out so much more than it was
11824s before and we're seeing T this this
11826s fight off spawn versus xcg seeing great
11829s follow-up coming from this spear
11832s uh dragon Rush the pole sword coming in
11835s hot with the big overhead and we see
11837s bowdo versus he there with the back to
11840s back Moonbeams and this is what I mean
11841s by the realm of Yang t e versus xcg xcg
11846s is just having one of the roughest days
11848s I've seen from them normally they are
11851s like the super super consistent team of
11854s the league and they just can't get their
11856s off spawn going they just can't get
11858s enough loot because they're dying off
11860s spawn and then even their follow-up
11862s they're not finding a good footing
11863s inside
11865s that mid game to scale up now we're
11868s seeing the gray play from JL when you
11871s hold High Ground you end up winning
11872s positioning over everything now Gigi
11875s doing a great job of surviving all the
11877s way to the end here to secure these
11879s placement points unfortunately
11882s oh actually fortunately they're able to
11884s clutch set
11885s with that kurumi umbrella stalling in
11887s mid-air grabbing those Soul balloons
11889s able to pick up her health but we're
11891s seeing the MVP one we saw him a lot
11895s in this mid game clutching it up for his
11897s teammates peeling perfectly with that
11899s Dragon more nunchucks
11900s uh setting it's holding the front line a
11904s lot of the times you see mistakes from
11906s teams where they do a call out but and
11908s people like with multiple teams
11910s surrounding them don't cover their
11912s teammates they make the mistake of
11913s moving then cover instead of covering
11916s then moving
11918s and it's one of the most important jobs
11920s to cover your kurumi to cover your
11923s yushan even though you're positioned one
11925s when you're going on the infested
11926s knowing how to play defense perfectly
11928s and they got themselves out of a sticky
11930s situation where four or five teams piled
11933s in with two Yang completion teams
11935s probably he was able to create enough
11936s space for his team to disengage and get
11938s to that end game right there it's plays
11940s like that a hip rain that really
11942s separate these teams from being at the
11945s top three or somewhere in the middle of
11947s the path
11948s yeah it's
11949s well because now the now the three games
11951s are starting to get a rough idea of
11952s where everything's going at least for
11954s today uh we still have Sunday afterwards
11956s as well so we get a little bit we get
11958s another extra kind of look in on these
11960s guys uh but it's interesting because for
11963s me I feel like um
11967s it's not going into script at all like I
11970s did not have jlgd winning a game today
11973s on my list I did expect at least one oug
11976s like good game I didn't expect them to
11978s be consistently good all day
11981s um I mean I maybe that's a little bit of
11982s an unfair write-off from me on oeg I
11985s obviously put them as my dark course
11986s because I do believe that they're
11987s actually a very good team keep in mind
11989s Aug worth they won the uh the regular uh
11994s season two last year they didn't win the
11997s uh the grand finals but they won the
11999s regular season and they were the top
12000s team coming out of that so they're not a
12003s team to snare out at all they've always
12004s been consistently very good I just after
12007s the performance they've had this split I
12008s wasn't expecting them to kind of return
12010s to form in the grand finals and it's
12013s like season two or ug's back like they
12015s just they really seem to suit whatever
12017s the meta does and whatever the lobby
12018s does I think that's their main strength
12020s I feel like both te and J team right now
12023s are chasing the lobby to kind of okay
12025s we're going aggressive so we're gonna be
12026s playing this Tom they're kind of
12028s struggling to kind of keep up with that
12029s are ug seem to be leading that charge
12031s they're one of those teams up there with
12032s the likes of GED with the likes of GL as
12035s well
12036s um who are basically just kind of taking
12039s the the lobby by the horns and beating
12041s it this is a Decatur game this is an
12043s aggressive game so we'll take it this is
12044s a monk game so we'll be playing for
12046s final Circle it feels to me a little bit
12048s like te and J team are playing catch up
12050s on that anyway we're gonna pass it over
12052s for an interview after that game number
12054s three and then moving back to back with
12055s game number four and five so we'll see
12057s in a moment
12061s hi everyone this is Jager and welcome to
12063s post game
12067s your audience
12081s so first I have a question it seems like
12085s you guys today you're familiar with the
12087s different hero combo in the trolls game
12089s and I want to know which one is your
12091s favorite Channel
12108s so to be honest the favorite hero combo
12111s for me is
12115s and I would like to know why
12123s [Music]
12126s so I think I think because for this hero
12128s combo it can also attack and the defense
12131s and it can escape so we have very high
12134s rates to to survive to the end of the
12137s game that's why I think it's very strong
12139s in the trails game and I really like it
12141s okay
12146s so we are have moving to the next part
12149s answer for Treasure so you guys can see
12152s a question on the screen and if you know
12154s the answer just type them in the chat
12156s box after our player counting three two
12159s one we will take a screenshot and the
12162s lucky guy will be whispered so let's see
12164s today's question question is which hero
12168s was the MVP in the games three years
12197s okay so imagine
12203s in the matches because its speed is
12206s really fit to the matches okay I think
12209s our player is prepared and let's start
12211s counting
12215s three two one screenshot
12219s time for us to find out
12227s yes the correct answer is
12235s okay so we know so far in the Grand
12239s Final you guys are the highest score
12241s till now so I would like to know how
12243s does it mean to your whole team do you
12245s guys have pleasure now now
12266s foreign so to be honest I think we don't
12269s have too much pressure because after the
12272s game two we get the highest score we
12274s just like communicate in our team made
12276s together and we just want to do our best
12279s for the each matches and because the day
12281s after tomorrow is the is the most
12284s important day for us so we will try our
12287s best
12288s holidays
12295s thank you thank you for today's
12297s interview and we will take a break and
12299s be right back later
12301s thank you
12314s foreign
12338s continue
12348s foreign
12364s [Music]
12372s foreign
12408s foreign
12444s foreign
12470s swallow Ed
12475s foreign
12494s [Music]
12505s [Music]
12508s thank you
12511s [Music]
12524s foreign
12526s [Music]
12556s thank you
12557s [Music]
12573s [Music]
12593s foreign
12601s [Music]
12614s [Music]
12628s hello everybody and welcome back to the
12631s mbpl we're getting ready to go into game
12633s number four at five as we're having a
12636s quick check-in on the overall standing
12638s Alliance it's it's
12640s this game's going as well as that well
12642s today's going as well as that
12643s assassination attempt when it's pretty
12645s bad pretty poor showing from these guys
12647s wbg very low down in the running xcg
12651s like you said they've been plagued with
12652s inconsistencies all day and they're a
12654s team who've been historically very
12657s consistent so uh a little out of the
12659s blue from these guys but the top of the
12661s table o u g are sitting at the top they
12665s start over it with only eight points
12667s today
12668s 62.9 right now the blood the Dark Horse
12672s are sitting at the top they took it in
12674s game number one and they have not let go
12676s JL are a little bit behind them then
12679s you've got GD behind them te they have
12681s some work to do if they want to catch up
12683s to that top end of the table and I think
12685s right now for both te and J team their
12688s overall goal is to actually just hit the
12691s uh hit the top three hit the top three
12695s if they can hit third they can then look
12697s to contest first on Sunday but right now
12699s they're having
12701s especially having a pretty rough day to
12704s be honest
12705s yeah exactly I'm super surprised by uh
12709s the top three what we got right now JL
12711s yeah o-u-g GED normally you don't see
12714s these seams at the top but they're
12716s performing super super well uh and it's
12719s under the brightest lights this nbpl
12721s finals like we're not there's no uh
12724s round two after this this is it like how
12726s you do today is gonna represent your
12729s entire season
12731s now yeah uh I'm kind of at this point
12734s I'm cheering for oug to keep it going
12736s just because they're they're up and
12738s coming uh the king is transitioning from
12740s solos and uh it's
12742s uh a great representation that if you
12745s put whatever you put in work in you can
12747s be successful at a lot of people didn't
12749s really believe in the king coming from
12751s solos will he have the same impact
12753s because as a solo player he was one of
12755s the elite he was in the top half of the
12758s league
12759s um but he said that it was It was kind
12762s of lonely competing at solos and in
12764s trios this team plays Synergy your team
12767s play mechanics is a ton of fun and
12769s you're seeing it come together for oug
12771s where they're peaking right now
12773s during this first date now I don't
12775s really count out the veteran teens like
12777s oh you uh like J team t e g g these
12781s teams just are mentally solid now it is
12784s still day one we're going in the game
12786s five there's still two games
12788s all of those teams that I mentioned are
12790s Yang teams and as long as they win their
12792s Yang you can see an explosive game
12794s coming from them where they make 20 to
12796s 30 points and can happen with just a
12799s snap of the finger these teams can just
12801s pop into it and how does oug respond
12805s after that is what I'm curious about is
12807s when you have all the momentum going for
12809s you it's very easy
12811s to get ahead of yourself the same way
12813s that if you're doing bad you get
12814s frustrated and tilted you can get tilted
12817s and overconfident when you're doing
12818s super well and over extend and kind of
12820s take for granted uh the strategy and
12823s tactics that got you there by playing
12825s patient playing very solid and if you
12827s give any of these really strong teams in
12829s inch they may take a mile on you
12831s especially with the adjustments that
12833s these guys are going to be able to make
12834s going into day two they're gonna be able
12838s to go back
12839s see what they did wrong and more
12841s importantly see what tricky new things
12843s that other teams popped in with and
12846s check out those povs and the coaches
12848s will set up these teams to come in hot
12850s the next time now what I'm really happy
12853s to see here bring is these acros comps
12855s doing super well also there's cicada
12858s Viper getting this Yodo out of there out
12861s of the meta that character is just so
12863s annoying and to me one of the easiest
12866s characters to play in trios now granted
12868s a lot of fun for newer players if you're
12870s looking to have a fun character but for
12872s competition one of the most frustrating
12874s characters to play against because she
12876s has so many I win buttons and she just
12879s gets to do constant damage to you for
12881s free while you cannot pressure her
12883s yourself so I'm happy to see Takeda
12886s Viper doing better and Ackles Viper
12888s doing better now I do imagine wbg also
12891s uh you saw during the break Sleepwalker
12895s make that little bit of a joke that I've
12897s been sleeping the rest of the season
12899s and hopefully wbg can wake up
12903s start performing a lot better they're
12905s going to have to start taking these
12906s risks they haven't been going uh into
12909s second Yang and it looks like they're
12911s gonna have to start doing it if they
12913s hope to catch up and close the distance
12915s as long as you're within a one or two
12918s game a distance I feel like you're able
12920s to play consistent and not let the games
12922s get ahead of you feel the pressure of
12924s like oh I gotta hold this team at Bay
12926s instead really what you have to do in
12929s these situations as a competitor is play
12932s your game and the true enemy comes from
12935s within you gotta stick to what you know
12937s stick to what got you there
12939s and just perform the best you personally
12942s can and not worry about everyone else it
12945s doesn't matter who's in front of you
12946s they have to go down if you want to be
12949s one of the top three teams in the league
12951s now Alliance I don't know what they can
12954s do they're playing temi monk Feria no
12958s team is running this comp it's basically
12960s been phased out I feel like Alliance has
12963s lost the memo zip right oh okay brain I
12965s don't know what they can do to get out
12967s of this
12968s yeah I uh
12971s I don't know man
12973s Alliance I someone has to be lost right
12975s and it's always a lion it's always a
12978s lion so about it like it's one of those
12979s two guys every time uh unfortunately for
12983s them there's there's not much more I can
12985s say or do before them I think you know
12987s they
12988s they definitely had uh issues across um
12992s across well the last three seasons
12996s um
12997s they're not inherently an awful team I
12999s just think compared to the other teams
13001s in the league they are
13003s visibly weaker I I don't think anybody
13006s could argue with me on that fact uh
13009s I think right now a good performance for
13012s them is to just make it into the top end
13014s of the bottom side of the table if they
13016s can do that I would take that as a w
13018s also remember that I can't remember
13019s exactly where the point where the uh
13021s like money breaks are but there's a lot
13024s of money off the grabs in these Grand
13025s finals I did a quick check on the the
13027s old map
13028s um the amount of money that like first
13031s place get is Bonkers I can't remember
13033s exactly how much it was I translated it
13035s into Dollars
13037s um
13037s and it is a serious amount of money it
13040s is a serious serious amount of money
13042s figures right
13044s pun is it six figures first it's
13048s um
13050s oh God hold on I actually did Google it
13052s it might still be open in my tab
13055s going into this a night Morris as you're
13058s looking that up we're seeing the Viper
13060s comms come out when it's night time we
13062s got Viper ning coming out with the
13065s assassination place oh I love this
13068s wbg with their patented they always go
13070s this bunk comp uh
13072s when they get this nighttime game to
13075s kind of countercom we're seeing Ventus
13077s and Gigi coming out with the Echoes
13078s hoping to see that perform and GD as
13081s well following wbg's lead with the Mong
13084s comp will these two monks make it to end
13087s game I don't think they will just
13088s because hip rain has cursed all months
13091s and they seem to not be able to survive
13093s to get this strategy going they're gonna
13094s have to take refuge in the realm of Yang
13097s try to hit that power Spike and get a
13099s ton of great loot
13101s so they're not a very juicy Target to
13103s jump on but uh I just don't see it
13106s happening the the effective aggression
13109s from the current meta right now that
13111s we're seeing in pro league it's just
13113s very hard to survive as among
13115s composition if the majority of the lobby
13117s aren't monks
13120s now
13122s as we're seeing the spread of the teams
13125s uh the the name of the game so far I've
13128s seen uh throughout today is landing safe
13133s getting solid lude and taking that first
13136s fight
13137s we're even seeing a ton of teams just
13140s staying super super safe laning away
13142s from the complete crowd happy to not be
13145s on top of anyone not take the 50 50 off
13147s spawn but to the left we're seeing five
13150s teams clustered up it's gonna be a tough
13154s one on that left side another right side
13156s of the map though very free and open and
13158s the bottom right in the bottom left a
13160s great rotation spot we're gonna see J J
13163s L and GS run it down for some fireflies
13166s Viper coming in hot with the dagger
13168s offspun I hate to run into this just
13171s dagger off Swan is one of the war
13173s situation but Takeda coming in with the
13175s F1 peeling for his team in and taking
13178s down uh the Viper now when to get
13181s against that slide he's able to take his
13183s weapon away but we're seeing the acroso
13184s coming out the claws coming out and the
13186s sustain clawing down winning this
13189s neutral over and over getting the
13190s staggers just jumping back and forth
13192s impossible to CC and this is the power
13194s of echo's off spawn that's sustain main
13198s damage absolutely taking down
13200s GS and J Al continuing their reign with
13205s oud at the time in jail might be taking
13208s a lead soon 62.2 points with that akos
13211s playoff spawn that was absolutely huge
13214s yeah you can see the power of the um
13216s of The Echoes and you know no no uh no
13220s weapons no problem we obviously
13222s Sleepwalkers actually transformed has
13223s anybody still stuck on a net I don't
13225s know what he's trying to do I think he's
13226s trying to get a bit of height but he's
13227s stuck he's just oh God sleepwalker
13231s you just got he got clowned in the
13233s advert and then he just clowns himself
13235s in real life
13237s oh nice that is so sad okay well wbg
13240s don't have a monk for this fight so uh
13242s it's on Jing to carry it sleepwalker's
13245s still stuck on the net
13250s I just that did not go good for him at
13253s all Godly jump it in jjh now pulling in
13256s and they're just gonna finish up wpg all
13258s of their Transformations are gone this
13260s is not the fight they needed Godly gets
13263s the slam the pole sword into Jing's face
13265s the kurumi healing is there to buy a bit
13267s of space but when you are rocking
13269s without either Transformers these fights
13271s just get infinitely harder to pull off
13273s the postal's doing a lot of work about
13275s water taking a lot of damage in the
13276s meanwhile in him comes xcg with the
13279s third party Knight Q throws the ultimate
13281s down sleepwalker's toasted caught in a
13284s net the Trap is sprung and down he goes
13287s Knight HQ with the ultimate on is gonna
13289s try and keep the pressure up onto Louie
13291s here just keeping his eyes on the prize
13293s but PP dashes out in front of him and he
13296s changes Target can't make his mind up
13298s they're happy with their one kill
13301s xcg finally getting on the board here
13303s with a great timing attack on wreckage
13305s now initially on the map I don't believe
13307s uh wreckage was actually in zone but it
13309s looks like they got a bounty on to
13312s this is jjh or jjl regardless they're
13315s gonna be wiping them out with this
13317s cicada and Viper it's just so much
13320s pressure off spawn such a huge Advantage
13323s now we're seeing te
13325s against ewg for all the money on the map
13328s we're seeing the Viper roll being popped
13329s can ewg hold anyone down and it looks
13333s like he's able to line inside but no vbv
13335s does get caught out now it's a 2v3 te is
13339s gonna have to clutches but ewg with the
13341s double Perry they're Viper carrying this
13343s fight with a stone but now bow to the
13346s bottom of the league coming for the top
13348s of the league te does get taken down but
13351s they I believe they're able to pour it
13352s out and now ewg a victim of their own
13354s success bow to in Hot Pursuit
13359s Tammy Takeda zipping trying to close
13362s this out they do pick off one of them to
13365s take does get taken down but now about
13367s are gonna go back and see if te does
13370s show back up to see if they can get some
13372s of this loot all that money location te
13375s one of the S tier teams in the league
13378s loves Landing in that spot they love
13380s Landing cave they're Landing that's not
13382s in that money spot as we like to call it
13385s able to get around 12 to 14 000 coin
13388s from that spot and scale up perfectly
13390s getting a moon Bane getting some Jades
13392s I'll spawn and look at j-team into the
13395s north slowing it down going back to the
13397s tried and true
13399s place out consistency is everything get
13402s to end game and you're gonna do better
13404s in this league now xcg uh they've been
13407s dormant this entire day they need to
13409s step it up
13411s with this all spawn timing
13413s I'm hoping that they continue this hunt
13416s and keep finding uh more and more teams
13419s it's interesting to me that they did put
13420s the purple armor on the Witch and maybe
13423s uh it was probably one of the weak
13425s points and whatever they're doing today
13426s their wuchen just does keep getting
13428s taken down now Ventus opening up with
13431s the silence able to get Alliance
13434s uh locked in and they're able to pick
13436s off Lynn with the oh no wall Zone looks
13439s like Alliance in a very scuffed position
13441s not really with a ton of loop but they
13443s do have a purple dagger onto this yodel
13445s he's going to do a ton of damage with
13446s each of these lash coming down their
13448s Alliance Wu Chan does get taken down and
13453s there you go yeah it looks like Ben is
13455s able to pour that but they're already
13456s back in but it doesn't matter Alliance
13459s just immediately throws some bull
13460s attacks and able to take down Ventus
13462s and down to a 2v2 or 2V1 situation
13465s Ventus trying to clean up the lines here
13469s gray armor he does get a Parry now no
13473s way P1 situation can sanzi clutches
13476s versus lucky
13478s Ackles versus Yodo New School versus the
13481s old school wait lucky both one here
13485s and and villains can't do it I'm sorry
13487s I'm sorry hey brain EU can't do it they
13490s really pulled in they came back they
13493s just they just thought your hand back it
13494s and won the 1v1 turning into a 3v one
13497s now ug have got himself a fight here
13499s with bowdo malman's already gone down
13502s genius given the pressure up into line
13503s DT he's gonna get cooked as well in
13506s comes the Viper stun that's the
13508s finalized and oeg just get himself a
13511s nice and easy Squad wipe off the back of
13513s that one and that puts them up to four
13514s kills so JL and have a little bit more
13516s work to do to catch up to them speaking
13518s of JL they have now got Ventus in their
13521s sights um in the DeWalt Zone which isn't
13524s amazing for them does finally get popped
13526s as does have his ultimate up and
13528s available so you may just watch and see
13530s him but to throw that one out as he does
13532s eat an arrow shot to the face a couple
13534s armors Stripped Away wx-98 is feeling
13536s comfortable to step up and actually take
13538s this fight here but the veins breath
13539s coming down this could get a little bit
13541s hairy for Ventus as has popped the
13543s ultimate he's gonna jump in and fancy
13545s he's just getting stagger locked down
13547s one thing coming in forward as well as
13549s the Bane's breath from JL is gonna
13551s absolutely rip everyone from Ventus to
13555s shreds the stun does connect onto Jing
13557s but that's not gonna really matter
13558s because another teammate will be going
13560s down onto the side of Ventus the Wu Shen
13562s all out and JL needs to keep the
13564s pressure up I don't think they're even
13565s gonna be able to get Santee out Bowers
13567s it was too short of a Teleport and now
13569s it's you he is just one shot away from
13572s going down and as he's keeping the
13574s pressure up until the grapples are
13575s coming down don't quite connect onto him
13577s this time taking up into the trees to
13578s get away jjh also in the area hunting
13581s for a free kill there's the grapple
13583s there's the lock down there's the
13585s finalize see who goes down catches
13588s himself the knock-up he's just
13589s desperately trying to escape gets the
13591s clang is finished up Godly secures the
13594s kill nice and easy jjh take away the
13598s kill and deny JL an opportunity to catch
13601s up and maybe overtake oug at least for
13604s now as a donkey he could get caught out
13606s txj doesn't spot him though and he's
13609s just gonna head away moving on to a
13611s different part wait he's just gonna
13613s carry on uh going to grab himself some
13615s loot we got those more as blessings
13616s spawning up soon though
13618s and that is where I expect to see a
13620s whole bunch of action break out it
13621s doesn't look like there's a key up and
13624s available is that someone's Vault or is
13626s someone already opened the Vault I can't
13628s really remember that I think someone's
13629s got a key then that's it someone's got a
13631s key so they may go open that vault
13633s I guess we'll see where that gets used
13635s uh Alliance do get a rebirth off
13637s and J team are looking to contest this
13640s realm of young it will be spawning up
13641s now they've got GG in the area uh we are
13645s going to see GS get into their one oh no
13648s and it's been third parted he got him
13650s he's out
13651s he's not going to be in any danger Jay
13654s team almost got given a free win there
13656s by uh te as now Jay team gonna get
13660s himself aerial gonna look to try and
13661s take this fight and he's still in the
13663s middle of healing he hasn't even got a
13665s full heal off so JT confuses an
13666s opportunity to jump in uh ZK moves on
13669s whole bunch of HP answers getting
13670s juggled around to the side the sandstorm
13671s comes down zk's front now I'll come out
13673s catches on to Anne as Yahoo loses a
13676s whole lot of HP here as the sandstorms
13678s are doing a fair amount of work for the
13679s healing coming in from 101tn is gonna
13682s keep him up and it's just spent this
13683s entire fight healing his health bar as
13686s he is taking so much damage ZK is trying
13688s to jump forward does get himself out F1
13690s off on to uh Louis there from the
13692s ultimate counter comes down zk's low HP
13695s is able to heal himself back up eat a
13697s whole Chunk from that decade on the
13698s other side fires back with his own one
13700s but now all of his charges are used up
13702s trying to get some damage off onto these
13704s members J teams playing this fight a
13707s little bit tempered now for their
13708s ultimate sit down Zeke immediately jumps
13710s forward gets himself caught out but
13711s turns it around
13712s cats for his armor nice and simple but
13715s his health is going a little bit low as
13716s he's been jungled up Hellfire going low
13718s he needs the healing from the zipping
13719s it's coming in the Armor's there but
13721s he's just stagger locked more healing
13723s coming in from the sleeping Louis gets
13725s caught up in the air being juggled
13726s around by Jason hellfire's low not gonna
13729s go low enough to go down yet though as
13731s he's trying to kind of finish him up
13732s there goes one J team have the man
13734s Advantage they have lost the player as
13736s well so it's been answered out and kind
13737s as they give the uppercut they finalize
13739s this kill and he's spent the entire time
13742s healing his low HP and the only one left
13745s standing as he's trying to do some
13746s damage with that spear but he's not
13748s gonna be able to do too much he's almost
13749s caught Eagle Cannon shot coming in it's
13752s actually somehow 1v1 DK has ultimate
13754s ones up again though and down he goes
13756s that was a clutch fight
13759s it came down to the wire there what a
13762s good close-up
13764s eagle and ZK having that last second
13766s Perry it could have gone anyway right
13768s there but with the presence of mind
13770s seeing that Focus attack coming with
13772s coming in with the flank able to get
13774s that 180 180 Perry and it's plays like
13776s that that really really uh
13781s sear into your brain as a competitor
13783s like you want you want to clutch it up
13786s for your teammates and you want to have
13788s that crazy play and that 180 Perry
13790s having eyes in the back of your head and
13792s catching that great flank
13794s j-team is able to secure their position
13796s and kind of turn their day around it's
13800s all about momentum when it comes to
13802s naraka having that early game when
13804s having that that Yang win sets your team
13807s up for success to get to that end game
13808s then it's really on you to not mess it
13811s up when you got these purple armors like
13814s jjh is set up right now on all three of
13816s their players plus the buff you can go
13818s on continue hunting when everyone teams
13821s run into you they're they're immediately
13824s intimidated the second they see that
13825s your full purple armor and they're going
13827s to be taking way more damage from you
13829s because most likely you're gonna have
13831s these great Jades
13832s you saw the difference right there of J
13835s team using their Jades to their
13837s advantage with that merciless on the
13839s staff they got multiple juggles even
13841s though they were at a health deficit to
13843s turn it back around on gsgs saw the low
13846s Health ended up overextending trying to
13848s close out a kill and they end up getting
13851s juggled by the backlight sitting there
13854s uh supporting their Takeda in the front
13857s line now going transitioning into this
13861s end game uh with these trees being in
13864s play on the Morris and all these vipers
13865s uh being in play this is where you don't
13869s want to be if you don't have a Wu Chen
13871s and if you do have a witch and you want
13872s to be super safe but as I say this ewg's
13875s gonna jump into it looks like they
13877s cleaned up J JD and JD for the first
13881s time in during the day not really making
13885s it to this end game they've been keeping
13887s up pace with oug unfortunately the monk
13890s doesn't pay off it rained the month
13891s didn't pay off I I I think they were
13893s gonna make it you curse all the monks
13896s they're being hunted down as a rare
13899s creature in this Lobby
13900s it's time to be extinct let's go let's
13903s go out like the dinosaurs in a Blazer
13906s Glory do you have a lion's uh lurking in
13909s that tree right there looking for a
13911s cheeky play uh wbg's at
13915s the box it doesn't look a GS is going to
13917s be able to get an ambush play here going
13920s into Celestia though
13922s with this temi together uh this comp
13925s really shines around in this area with a
13926s ton of buildings the Tammy all does cut
13929s up everything perfectly it looks like
13930s Alliance is looking for this third party
13932s though this is one of the situations
13934s where you want to slow it down
13936s uh not get caught in the middle here but
13939s wbg doesn't care you want to jump in on
13942s us we're just dragging you out in the
13943s open away from these buildings and
13944s Sleepwalker is going to be popping this
13946s old leading the tempo gets one grab does
13949s he get a second one unable to get it but
13952s wbgpv has forced to pop healing Circle
13955s he's getting shoved out of the healing
13956s Circle by the Takeda but he makes her
13958s way back into it he's gonna be fine but
13961s Sleepwalker is getting
13962s absolutely melted by that Venom tip he
13965s does get another grab those Sleepwalker
13967s the premiere monk of the league getting
13969s the slam hopefully decade is going to be
13972s able to
13973s solidify the kill but it looks like DS
13976s is going to be taken down first kill
13978s going down but bow to coming with a
13980s third party what does wbg's play there
13982s looks like they're bailing out
13984s not it's gonna stick around to see what
13987s happens in GSN now GS big left to the
13991s Lions about it coming in hot looking for
13994s to pick up and clean the skills stealing
13996s in the bush away from wbg Takeda with
14000s spear cleaning up the temmie
14002s bowed up with the kills and now Alliance
14005s bottom of the leaderboard they're trying
14009s to find their way on the come up they're
14011s unable to they're just happy to to seal
14014s the deal with picking up some loot
14016s a little bit of a misplay by Alliance
14018s have been they could have
14021s used this a surprise attack to take
14023s advantage of it especially with a Viper
14025s and a Yodo I'm surprised they didn't
14027s force the issue now j-team is a little
14029s bit more stacked in them so they're a
14031s little bit hesitant but this these are
14033s the type of plays that kind of hold you
14035s back though Alliance had a great
14036s opportunity
14038s to come back there but I understand
14039s their hesitation they finally have a
14041s good game going four kills and they're
14043s setting up for that end game
14044s yeah Jay team I actually feel like this
14047s is maybe the smart play it's just not to
14049s kind of risk it all on this and they're
14050s forced into Roma Yang Diva maybe read
14053s the room and see if you think anybody's
14055s going in or not and then if no one does
14057s maybe see if you can grab a freebie it
14059s looks like they did take it and they're
14061s going to be going up versus ewg who are
14063s playing on a Yoto comp so this could be
14065s a little bit of an exciting one down in
14067s that realm of yang right now we are just
14069s keeping our eyes on uh on JL as uh we do
14073s see that's a very aerial realm of Yang
14076s between ewg and J team ZK immediately
14078s catches out jalore loses a lot of hp
14082s eagle charges forward so much damage
14084s coming out to use the ultimate to try
14086s and zip out but remember they don't have
14088s to sustain J team names off the zipping
14090s they can keep this going looking for the
14092s lock down there with the Viper but they
14094s are either break away France to the
14095s sandstorm and actually Jolly way still
14097s low HP is being chased down by ZK the
14100s final charge from ZK able to secure the
14103s kill as he's just finishing up he ran
14105s low HP
14108s slowly but surely getting them down and
14111s Jason they just made that look easy
14114s you love to see it from the world Champs
14117s finally picking up their stride and this
14119s is what I mean by the veterans they
14121s stick at it they keep doing what's
14123s necessary to win it's stopped by luck
14125s that their two-time Champs that is so
14127s crazy that they're able to pull that off
14129s and they actually what a rare case to
14133s choose Draco storm usually teams go
14137s wait a minute I read this wrong they
14139s they are with the blue mystic it just
14141s looks like Drago cerventus is the one
14143s with the Drago storm but we got Gigi
14145s versus oug and for the first time oug is
14148s against the wall they're Yodo forced to
14151s pop off all and Gigi's gonna clean up
14153s shinyu
14154s where is his teammates are they they all
14156s taken down Gigi does have a bounty on
14159s them and ewg is looking for this third
14161s party
14162s now
14163s Gigi with this akkos
14166s I wish I could see the scoreboard
14169s they've been doing super well with this
14171s Echoes all day you do with two kills
14174s 42.2 saying very very consistent as long
14177s as you're in that 20 to 30 point range
14180s of first you are still very much live to
14183s take this tournament with uh seven more
14185s games to go
14187s are on game four now te in their on xcg
14191s one of their Rivals and they're just
14193s getting the best of xcg all day inside
14196s gang outside gang xcg just keeps getting
14200s taken down and eliminated by their
14202s Rivals and te continues their hunt to
14206s take back their place on at the top and
14209s oug for the first time is actually
14211s eliminated they've pretty much have made
14214s every single end game except this one
14217s j-team is coming in to take the loot
14220s from te with
14223s that buff they're able to really the one
14225s of the best things about having this
14226s Bell buff is it gives you the location
14229s of everyone around you and it allows you
14231s to basically choose the perfect
14233s engagement on top of the fact it gives
14235s you that 20 damage reduction making your
14237s whole team impossible to kill and we
14240s still have Alliance running away from ew
14243s they had a bounty on them earlier
14246s yeah I don't really know what alliance
14248s is trying to do here it looks like it's
14251s just skills it's kind of working it's
14253s four kids they're they're chilling but
14256s they show a lot of this battle royale
14259s um not getting focus is all about
14261s showing strong body language as a team
14263s that you're not afraid to fight when
14265s you're disengaging this much they do lay
14267s the trap and get the silence onto the
14268s Viper and they do get the they get the
14270s stun ewb in a tough spot is there a week
14273s I'm gonna be able to Port them out I
14275s believe they do but a lion's fighting
14277s back as I said that they did blow all
14280s their alts so
14282s they are super vulnerable to any team
14284s and as I say that te spots them blood in
14287s the water All Odds pop they woochin does
14291s he give him a good Port yes he gets them
14293s back into Celestia an alliance playing
14295s this really well actually it rained
14297s they're playing the Super well
14299s able to play this Hit and Run play style
14301s that the Yodo Viper wuchen comp does
14306s yeah well it's a weird one where they
14308s they played the bait game I
14310s think she turns out yeah they weren't
14311s they weren't
14313s they they tried to look like they
14314s weren't ready for a fight when they were
14315s absolutely ready to turn on a dime ewg
14318s found themselves in a little bit of a
14319s skirmish here with uh te Landing that
14323s Cannon shot there on to uh txj second
14326s one goes a little bit wide the third one
14328s does hit though they are slowly but
14330s surely able to kind of get some real
14331s Damage Done To That armor and just pick
14334s it away at the health bar of the te
14336s members they landed grapple and they
14338s feel comfortable to step up another
14339s Cannon shot comes in not gonna land that
14341s next one but txj's losing some serious
14344s health right now and has to play this
14345s pretty carefully is vvv charges Into The
14348s Fray he actually slides in remember
14350s they've got no armor so they are
14351s vulnerable as hell they're gonna throw
14353s down the ultimate in ewg they're down a
14355s player they've just got 20 seconds left
14357s they've got to take this fight and get a
14358s get a win here but with Iran going down
14362s to txj 2 ticks should be next to full as
14364s well and ewg they're probably just out
14367s of this game there is going to be no
14368s hope for them to get in on this and down
14370s they go eliminated from the lobby
14373s and I was earlier looking at the um
14378s looking at the kills and looking at the
14380s amount of people left there were 40
14382s players left uh a little while ago and I
14384s was like wow this is a slow paced game
14386s all of a sudden we dropped to 24. with
14388s nine minutes left like the game just lit
14390s up immediately out of almost nowhere and
14393s these teams are just starting to put a
14394s whole bunch of kills on the board
14396s Alliance funnily enough being one of
14398s those teams with six kills under their
14399s belt
14400s that's why I call a Yang depletion
14403s actually a Yang buff it super motivates
14405s uh the team with Yang depletion to go on
14408s and uh
14410s use their confidence and go for any kill
14413s they can see in front of normally they
14415s wouldn't probably do that they probably
14416s play something slow but since they have
14418s that extra buff that four minutes of
14420s motivation to get in there you see these
14423s lobbies get super super hectic and just
14425s get thinned out in these post Yang
14427s situations now you were talking about a
14430s line so usually being at the bottom and
14432s now ewg it's actually at the bottom and
14435s I did watch solos the other night finals
14438s and year round even though he's in both
14440s uh solos and trios finals for nbpo he's
14444s also at the bottom of both so
14448s not really what you want to be known as
14450s for getting there and getting at the
14452s bottom but still respectable he is there
14454s he is on the world stage
14456s unfortunately for him he's anchoring the
14459s Bottom now Gigi your Dark Horse pick hit
14462s brain doing super well and with that
14465s Ackles I love it they got their Echoes
14467s super Juiced up the gold armor he's
14470s feeling good he's ready to get the claws
14472s sink his teeth into another team will it
14476s be J team J team also having a great
14478s game today or this round
14482s transitioning to this end game with
14485s vipers running around it's just so
14487s volatile
14489s in these situations that you really
14491s can't engage past this point once the
14493s depletion is up you really want to slow
14495s down because even if you pour it out at
14497s this point with the circle being so
14498s small and everyone being so hyper aware
14502s teams are gonna observe when you do have
14505s cooldowns on and when you don't and with
14508s that Yodo with that Echo so with that
14510s Viper all you really don't want to be on
14513s the receiving end of it when you don't
14515s have Ulta it's just there's just no
14517s upside of it so I see this going to an
14520s end game uh
14522s with this next Morris coming up
14525s being one of the contention points you
14527s do want to get that uh gold armor get a
14530s couple Jades any Jade there are a couple
14533s like I call them Jades of Destiny and
14536s when you get them your team just has a
14538s humongous Advantage like pretty much any
14540s dagger Jade gives you a huge Advantage
14542s uh they all provide a lot more stagger
14545s provide a continuous combo a lot of the
14547s pole sword Jades all give you a
14549s ginormous Advantage blistering Overcomer
14553s providing a ton of damage dot damage
14556s crowd control and this is what you
14558s really want to be set up doing when
14561s you're in these end games and you don't
14563s really have much to do you're just
14564s playing for positioning what you could
14566s be doing is trying to
14568s use that extra money that you have your
14571s CTE with a ton of money here they're
14573s trying to use this vendor over here to
14575s see if they can get another critical
14577s Jade and that's why you see a ton of
14579s these teams camping these areas so they
14582s can take advantage and deny and see if
14584s they can catch you lacking to to get a
14587s free kill here or get you lobbied
14589s because as long as you get the last hit
14591s that's all you're looking for here you
14593s don't need to do all the heavy lifting
14594s work smarter not harder
14596s and you're seeing the reign of cannons
14598s coming out in this new meta this 2023
14602s naraka now it used to be only one player
14605s who held a cannon on the team February
14606s now all three players hold a cannon
14610s performing right it's so good performing
14612s rage the cannon that's why so many
14614s people do it as well because at these
14615s stages especially developed as like a
14618s monk thing like monks would have the
14619s cannon so they could build up rage as
14621s quick as possible and have the ultimate
14623s up as much as they as much as they can
14626s um but yeah I it has been that that
14628s change to the buccaneer phase where it
14631s was a ring a regular like kind of
14633s for foreign cannons now we just got full
14634s on board side you know 40 guns all just
14637s letting it wail
14639s it's it's a very scary face because as
14641s you can see right now Fleet Walker as
14642s the monk in the lobby as soon as he
14645s transforms all of the repeating
14646s crossbows and cannon fire just goes into
14648s his face and he loses a lot of HP there
14650s actually te deciding to make this as an
14653s opportunity to maybe jump in onto these
14655s members unable to actually let that
14658s damage stick as they do just get a
14660s cheeky reposition off but Sleepwalker
14662s silly in a whole bunch of cannon fire
14663s trying to move away to a bit of a safer
14665s position for himself as uh Bill's not
14667s quite ready to pop and give information
14668s yet as you can see uh
14671s GG are currently fighting with J team
14674s off on the top for that High Ground of
14676s the Hill as a wbg forces the kurumi heel
14680s there just to get some level of sustain
14682s because there's not a lot of space and
14683s actually the same wbg Jing don't put the
14686s transformation a sandstorm comes up as
14688s well just to be a real nuisance bowder
14690s taking a bit of damage is txj and all of
14693s te get that slam there from Jing do you
14696s see a massive stun coming in from a
14697s large one trying to lock down members
14699s all about her have been caught with that
14701s one unlucky is immediately gonna fire
14703s off with his ultimate J team ZK though
14706s comes in and steals away the kill but
14707s Alliance cashing it on a bunch there Leo
14710s does grab himself one but all lions just
14712s a remove powder from the lobby ZK with
14715s the flamer trying to get some damage
14716s done to all of these people grouped up
14718s in the area Leo taking so much damage
14720s from this flamer dating feeling very
14722s comfortable to step forward and use that
14724s Golden Flame a golden long sword on the
14727s ZK to get as much power off as possible
14729s as vintage wx-98 is gonna finish up a
14732s couple of players into Zone Jing
14734s actually takes the kill onto lxm there
14736s as PP getting cooked in wbg they may
14740s have run that that monkey but now this
14741s is gonna be then taken out of the game
14744s Alliance out of the game with nine kills
14747s his Ventus actually don't get that kill
14749s because J teams steal it with the bow
14751s 101 Tien able to secure that kill for
14753s his team and they know up to Nine Kills
14756s at this point in the game venters do
14757s finish up PP and get themselves a kill
14759s in response though as te holding the
14762s higher ground trying to hold on to this
14764s game and get as much control of this
14766s area as possible J team they fought
14768s quite hard for what they've just picked
14770s up and they're actually now starting to
14771s be a little lacking in the health
14773s department so just getting the damage
14774s off into Santi Fancy's trying to get
14776s himself repositioned out jumping away
14778s with that aircos ultimate on the run
14780s here ZK putting the flamer out as well a
14782s little bit of follow-up damage coming
14784s down but they got two more charges left
14786s on that ultimate to come down one shot
14789s there framer coming forward all it's
14791s going to take is one not more of those
14792s to go forward as Ventus there's no solo
14796s it's actually going to be VV taking the
14798s kill onto a JT member off in the
14799s distance is J team get flanked by te
14802s Eagle he's got his uh Karen's being
14804s camped as well so it's gonna be hard for
14805s him to actually get himself into that
14807s Fighters j-team also lose another player
14810s there suddenly losing people left right
14811s and Center ZK desperately trying to hold
14813s on to this game but txj now gonna throw
14816s down that Viper stud try and lock down a
14818s couple of players here 3-3-0 caught in
14820s the zone nowhere for him to go he's
14822s going to be going down as we do see
14824s Gigi's miskier desperately trying to
14826s jump into the middle of this fight and
14827s see if he can maybe turn this one around
14829s as we are going to see the Viper sun
14830s look to break out onto these members
14832s onto the J onto the te member C2 blink
14835s out in the nick of time to avoid away
14837s from this one as Miss kids low HP and te
14839s finally have their moments ZK is gonna
14842s have to somehow one versus three versus
14845s te here he does have jinyu to maybe buy
14848s him a little bit of space but he's
14849s knocked into the Zone he has no health
14851s no opportunity Unity to survive this one
14853s and te take the lobby
14857s what a beautiful play for mte
14860s the boys showing up finally I knew they
14863s had it in them and you saw what a
14865s glorious wuchen Port there timing it
14868s perfectly to iframe that that Viber roll
14870s that is extremely hard to do and
14874s extremely dangerous to go for the Viper
14877s did uh manage to max range and get out
14880s of range of the tether for the stun and
14882s if you grab your teammate and put him
14885s back into a Viper stun you're gonna get
14887s some death stares from your team and as
14889s we saw in the last chance qualifiers but
14892s you're not seeing it
14894s from one of the strongest teams in the
14896s lobby t with that great port and you see
14898s you see the relief in their eyes that
14901s we're getting it going
14903s J team look a little bit pressed here I
14905s feel like they they did all right that
14907s lobby as well maybe there's a slight
14909s misstep I might have missed it but I
14911s believe they did really well as
14914s ventis also having a good game I believe
14918s still being very very strong they're one
14920s of the dark horses that I I studied
14921s throughout the season
14923s I don't know if they have it in them it
14925s to win it but they are proving me wrong
14928s right now uh being in the middle of the
14930s pack
14932s now te though I'm really curious to see
14934s how many points there would I get up uh
14937s with this because I've been saying this
14938s whole time GG wbg J team t e
14943s uh xtg all these teams have crazy 30 or
14947s 40 point games in them and all it takes
14950s is just a little bit of momentum
14952s for them to just pop off and catch up to
14956s the rest of the lobby and I'm happy to
14958s see that no one's pulling away no one's
14961s pulling on my hip right it's super super
14962s competitive at the top that's what I
14964s like to see it's nice to see that t
14966s finally had some life in them as well
14968s because it feels like they're games
14970s where they've had life they've taken out
14971s a little bit too early and there's been
14973s games where they just haven't looked on
14974s form at all so it's nice to see but you
14976s know they actually can't show up when it
14978s matters uh
14979s because there were questions about this
14981s team about te and about this roster in
14983s general who seem to struggle when it
14985s matters uh but they did find some life
14987s they did find some hope uh the question
14988s now is you know we've still got two
14990s games left to go we're gonna be going on
14992s to holler off now uh which I believe is
14994s morning color off so it can get snow
14996s storms and stuff like that
14998s um I wonder what the comps are gonna
14999s look like uh there still should be some
15001s fireflies up on the map so I expect to
15004s see probably a couple more monks than we
15005s did last time but
15007s I think there's also going to be room
15008s for some people to be picking up the
15010s likes of a uh of these Decatur comps
15012s which has just been so effective I mean
15014s we're starting to see acos get used a
15016s lot more as well and I I'm like in the
15019s current state of the matter where like
15021s it feels like there's a fair few
15023s um
15024s pickable teams I think obviously there
15027s are some things shared like Yoto comp is
15029s the only one which doesn't seem to
15031s inherently share a lot of the the other
15033s stuff because it just runs we shed and
15034s Viper it's gonna get away I know you can
15036s run Viper with uh
15038s but they feel like they're much more
15040s comfortable with the likes of a uh
15042s of a zipping as they're like accessible
15045s and then like a um a Tammy for the sand
15047s stall and kind of buy space for both of
15049s them
15050s um
15051s but it does it is cool seeing like
15052s variations on the team comps and like
15054s various different like concerts that are
15056s actually being able to get pulled out
15057s and played here J team again they
15060s finally made it to a final Circle but
15062s they just crumbled they did they they
15064s they saw red they tunnel visioned on one
15067s team and they got flanked by te T took
15070s out probably the scariest team in the
15072s lobby for them and then left just one
15074s player left alive and it was like
15076s placement points are gonna be great for
15077s uh J team they're gonna have a decent
15080s amount of uh kill multiplier as well
15081s because they were second there and they
15083s had about 9 or 10 kills by the end of
15084s that game so it's not inherently a bad
15086s game for J team and I'm sure they're
15088s going to be happy with it but man this
15090s could have been so much better for them
15092s and there it is t 29 Points coming out
15095s from that game J team 17.4 Juventus was
15098s 16 alliance with 12. and oug in ninth
15102s place with 5.5 points not a good game
15105s from those guys
15106s what a lion's coming in hot they they
15109s heard the rose they answered the call
15111s hit brain Nine Kills respectable unable
15114s to solidify the the multiplier but still
15117s Nine Kills getting them a momentum going
15119s when they still have two games so a
15121s lions can pull this back and Salvage
15124s their day getting themselves back into
15126s the middle of the pack and as I was
15128s saying before a te that there's 30 point
15131s games they're like known for it the 15
15133s kills plus the first place sending that
15135s juicy juicy multiplier
15137s skyrocketing up to 29 Points and still J
15141s team Veterans as always consistency is
15144s the key
15145s slowly climbing their way back up to the
15147s top and now this is this is a question I
15149s have I hit brain after oud after uh GED
15155s doesn't have a good game are they able
15158s to maintain right it's very easy to keep
15162s the Vibes up to keep the mental up when
15164s everything is going right but what
15166s happens when uh the other really really
15169s strong teams that you you kind of know
15172s and fear start waking up they start
15175s showing up you're seeing txj 22k damage
15179s uh vvv one of the best fighters 18K
15183s damage coming in with this 15 kill game
15187s are you able to keep these composure in
15189s these spots and I'm really curious to
15192s see going into these last two games uh
15195s I'll believe in the dark horses and that
15198s it may be a new reign of these other top
15201s teams if they're able to jump back and
15205s stay consistent and make these end games
15207s so yeah absolutely I
15211s um I think there's like the main thing
15214s for me is I feel like a bunch of teams
15216s have got momentum today it's about are
15218s they gonna be able to carry that through
15219s onto Sunday they have a whole day off as
15221s well which is in a way a bit of a bit of
15224s a painful one especially if you've had
15225s like a bad day or a good day either way
15227s I think it's it's but it's either way is
15229s negative because what happens is you
15231s play this first day and you're like oh
15233s that one really great and then it's got
15235s you're kind of cooking on it for the
15236s next for the next day waiting for the
15238s next day to come so you can play on
15240s Sunday you spend all the Saturday just
15242s thinking about it and being like I
15243s really just want to get this going and
15245s if you had a bad day you had an extra
15246s database to sit and think about how
15248s rough that was and that you'd love to be
15250s able to bounce back from it so it's one
15253s of those things where
15254s honestly I uh
15257s I think the players probably would have
15259s liked they've had their days back to
15260s back but that's not how it's gonna go
15261s and txj he's our MVP off the back of
15264s that game six kills and 22k damage and
15267s absolutely monster performance coming in
15270s from txj on the side of te and they
15272s finally found their found their game
15274s it's taken them four games to get their
15276s foothold in this lobby but they have
15278s finally found it the question is is are
15280s they gonna be able to keep it up I think
15281s right now for Te their goal is make it
15284s towards that top end of the table
15285s they're currently like four four I think
15287s they're fourth right now if they can at
15289s least be in top three starting Sunday
15291s they their job for Sunday just becomes
15294s so much easier so much easier look at
15298s the percentage uh of his damage coming
15300s from Canon 16k out of that 22k comes
15305s from his Cannon it's because of that
15307s rupture Gale orb and Flame breath for
15309s those of you who are new to naraka or
15311s new to the competitive scene uh flame
15313s breath on Canon is one of the strongest
15316s combinations in the game not only for
15318s the ulcers but the amount of damage now
15320s what rupture Gaylord gives you is
15323s a giant AOE so you're essentially
15326s setting tunes on fire every single time
15329s you look at them and what
15331s that allows you to do in these end games
15333s is TE is able to kind of herd the lobby
15337s exactly where they want them and pick up
15339s all the kills it's one thing to go in uh
15343s kind of go in blindly swinging not
15345s really know what's what versus setting a
15347s team on fire and last hitting everyone
15349s else then immediately able to turn and
15351s address whoever tries to turn and look
15353s at you next and being like look yeah you
15354s look at me now I'm gonna set you on fire
15356s and the rest of the Lobby's gonna start
15358s picking you off te is able to dictate
15360s the pace of that and end game and really
15362s capitalize on that they have I believe
15364s the biggest win of the day and it's
15367s these type of Veteran place of how you
15369s finesse these end games when you're put
15370s into position there is a little bit of
15372s luck of the draw up like who 30 third
15375s parties you early mid game which Jades
15377s you get but once you get into these good
15379s positions what defines these really
15381s really good teams is they get there and
15383s they capitalize when they have that
15385s opportunity chance benefits the uh the
15388s prepared mind I always say when it comes
15391s to tactics and you're saying going into
15393s this next day uh if you sit there and
15396s cook over it it could be a negative
15397s thing I call that stewing when you sue
15399s over it and you don't let things go in
15401s Battle Royale one of the most important
15403s things you can do as a competitor is
15405s realize that each round is mutually
15406s exclusive it doesn't mean that you're
15408s going to do worse next round if you let
15410s your emotions get the best of you that's
15412s going to take away from your consistency
15413s emotions will fade but if you want that
15417s Glory it's all about discipline and
15419s consistency now going into
15422s we have a question for everyone for one
15424s of these limited great Treasures which
15426s team is leading the scoreboard now is it
15428s a g d b t e c x e g or d o u g
15435s I don't know the answer actually I'm
15437s gonna have a guess I'm not gonna say who
15439s but I have an idea of who it is but I
15441s don't know if things got changed because
15442s of the outcome of that last game uh make
15444s sure you decide your boxes uh because
15446s that's where you get notified when the
15448s uh when the points um little points when
15451s your Treasures are divvied out so make
15453s sure you do keep your eye on that one
15455s you'll be contacted if you do win uh but
15457s now we are going to be moving on to
15458s holler off for game number five very
15460s little downtime between the two games
15462s they you know they get enough to quickly
15464s pops the toilet and then get himself
15465s back set up and ready to go into this
15467s game number five
15468s how do we feel this game's gonna go then
15471s because I feel like looking at how
15473s everything's gone today the teams
15475s haven't really lent into the monk too
15477s much they have had two games on it on uh
15480s mauricyle but other than that it's been
15482s very much the key to focused day Aiko's
15484s favorite day you know these are the two
15486s who I mean mostly Decatur who've kind of
15488s just been running the the lobbies and
15491s they've been hyper aggressive games I
15493s mean we saw a lot of teams get knocked
15494s out very very quickly in that previous
15497s game
15498s um there was like a moment where there
15499s were 40 players left I look away for
15501s like a couple of minutes come back and
15503s it's like oh there's 20 players left
15504s we've literally lost 20 players in the
15506s time but we were gone
15508s um so it's going to be an interesting
15510s one and we are actually gonna have the
15512s uh the previous question section
15514s answered for you here as you can see the
15516s overall standings right now Alliance
15519s have wiggled themselves up one spot uh
15521s after that game because to be fair that
15523s was a pretty good game for them ewg
15525s honestly coasting off their pre-proposed
15527s points for the fact they started with 10
15529s points today and they have had an
15531s absolutely abysmal day 7.3 points after
15535s four games that is horrendously bad
15538s bowder surprising they've actually done
15541s pretty good they've got themselves 31
15542s points today but it is TE who've jumped
15545s from fourth into first off the back of
15547s this they have got JL and Ouija
15549s relatively close to them so there is
15551s room to be caught up with but speaking
15553s to catch it up J team have also slong
15556s shot themselves up from six into fourth
15558s place so they are now setting their
15560s sights on top three and I feel for both
15562s of our Front Runners the two teams who
15564s we had as the teams who were going to
15566s take it all I feel jtm and te it's
15569s really on them to make sure that they
15570s end the day in that top three somewhere
15572s because then it means that the next day
15575s is about kind of just remaining in sport
15577s and making sure that you are able to
15579s contest first uh as much as possible but
15582s we are getting ready to go into game
15583s number five of the day
15585s two more games to go
15588s before the teams get a break and then
15590s get to finalize this whole tournament on
15593s Sunday
15594s uh I think you're right uh hip brain
15596s that this next game you're gonna see a
15598s ton of cicadas what I'm curious about is
15600s uh our team's gonna counter comp now the
15603s counter to that Takeda Tammy zipping
15605s comp is monk Takeda zipping is what it
15609s gives you
15610s over Tammy is this sustained fight where
15614s you at any point if they get a double
15616s grab your team is just dead now with
15619s that Takeda you're able to shove the
15621s other team and force him to pop all of
15623s their alts the second that monk all
15625s comes out
15626s you have a huge Advantage now the
15628s problem with that monkey to zipping comp
15630s is it kind of loses to everything else
15633s so you mainly want to choose it in order
15636s to counter comp specifically when you
15639s think the lobby is going to be running a
15641s ton of this temi Takeda now it is
15643s daytime holleroth you're going to see a
15645s ton of Tammy coming out because it is a
15647s lot of flat ground a lot of out in the
15648s open and you need to have that wind wall
15650s that sand wall to protect your team as
15653s the Zone gets smaller and you want that
15656s Takeda to bully other teams and cash
15659s them on the low gram this is where we
15660s saw oug kind of have their pop-off game
15662s where they were playing the aggressive
15664s comp that you love so much and they're
15666s able to get a ton of frags now
15669s I would love to see a different
15670s interpretation of these tactics but this
15673s is kind of where I stand on this
15674s prediction initially what people were
15677s doing on this map was the ferry among
15679s temikamp and we've moved then moved away
15682s to the Viper uh Yoda Wu Chen com then it
15686s moved over to temi Takeda zipping that's
15689s because a lot of teams figured out how
15692s to ice off that Viper with Jessa temio
15694s and figured out exactly how to play this
15698s anti-burst gameplay as I like to call it
15700s between Takeda temi and zipping they
15702s just protect each other super super well
15704s so these assassination plays aren't
15706s going to be as valuable now we're seeing
15709s team
15710s JL in that second place average 6.6
15714s kills top 5 42 percent they're making
15716s most of the end games but even if they
15719s don't they're still getting a ton of
15720s kills kills is a great part of morale
15723s for your team because you could be
15724s making a ton of end games but if you're
15726s getting no kills and your your teammates
15729s aren't winning their fights you can feel
15732s that you're not really heating up and
15734s you're kind of underperforming and it
15735s does kind of dig at you a little bit and
15738s becomes a lot harder to perform but as
15739s long as you're getting kills and you're
15741s making small mistakes as far as the mid
15743s game and late game it tends for the
15746s teams more round to play out a little
15748s bit better because you feel like all
15749s right we just got to play a little bit
15751s safer transitioning and dialing back is
15754s a lot easier than feeling desperate and
15756s being like Oh we gotta make something
15757s happen and that's where a lot of
15759s mistakes happen when you're just like
15761s going in overextending just trying to
15764s force it instead of letting Rocca kind
15767s of come at you
15768s and play the game how it should be
15770s played with great Target selection great
15773s timings great terrain selection and good
15776s counter comping depending on the day it
15778s I like to think of naraka closer to a
15781s MOBA where there is a ton of technical
15783s depth as far as Min maxing your team
15786s compositions your weapon compositions
15788s even your alt rotations and where you
15791s end up rotating on the map as far as
15793s terrain situations to take advantage of
15796s every little bit you can now going into
15799s the last game
15800s my favorite thing to see here
15802s tacos
15806s look at that there's three monk cups as
15809s well coming in so not so many monk comps
15811s as kind of expected honestly looking at
15814s the hero points venditure right now
15816s bowdo barely used any hero points oh you
15818s g same for them jjh reviews
15821s free no two hero points you start with
15823s 15. yeah you start at 15. so he's two
15827s hero points all day long GG
15830s they've been spending they have been
15832s spending those points a lot today
15834s rocking the uh Rockin cicada pretty
15838s standard Decatur comp on that front
15840s what's interesting is how when this map
15843s first came out it was seen as a Decatur
15846s map and in both solos and trios back in
15849s season two we did see people starting to
15851s pick it up they then realized oh we'll
15853s just play monk as normal moved away from
15855s it
15856s um and kind of stuck with the monkamps
15858s and then now that we've had like a
15859s rebirth of cicada in trios is like a
15862s very very effective unit and hero uh we
15864s are starting to see more and more people
15866s just kind of lean into this kind of uh
15868s as much as they can in fact I kind of
15870s pinned this as the new monk comp in the
15872s sense where the the players are way more
15876s interested in making sure that they have
15878s this comp as much as possible versus
15880s playing that monk as much as possible uh
15883s we can't see the current drop spots and
15885s where everybody is j-team they got
15886s themselves Cydia Tang to themselves a
15889s lot of people up by Imperial Village in
15891s the surrounding area there's five teams
15893s here
15893s oud GG uh GG ewg and the alliance are
15898s all here so that is going to be an
15899s absolute blood off down there you can
15902s see te also to have some teams in their
15904s local area wbg actually might just get
15908s the uh
15909s might just get the three More's blessing
15912s for free and we still haven't seen it we
15915s finally seen nighttime holler off in a
15917s competitive game here at the MVP via
15919s mppl we still have yet to seen the red
15922s armor so we'll keep our eyes on that one
15924s if we are gonna see it still never shown
15926s up over two seasons and a world
15929s championship seven percent drop chance
15931s hasn't happened a nice cue here looking
15933s to try and see if they can win
15934s themselves this fight here as a GG and
15937s xcg are going Toe to Toe xcg it's been a
15940s horrendous day for them they started
15941s with some of the highest amount of
15942s pre-proposed points they start with the
15944s same amount of points as J team today
15945s and they have rumbled all day long seven
15948s points is all they've been able to earn
15950s and it's not getting better for them
15951s it's just getting worse GD coming in
15953s with the third party though Kakashi got
15955s that long so if you get that vertical
15956s strike off might be able to get a fair
15958s amount of damage off lxm is able to
15959s dodge away on that one though if they do
15961s put the wind wall up to try and get them
15962s away actually also seeing another team
15965s joining into the mix
15967s oug coming in to see if they can get a 4
15969s fifth party off GG's lxm has been pinned
15972s against the wall as in comes the backup
15975s in comes the turnaround LSM trying to
15977s get the dragons rush off oug went into
15979s the perfect moment to strike and pick
15980s away a couple of kills as they've got K
15982s juggled up in the sky the king able to
15984s finish him up and oug they're lost to
15987s the fight and they are gonna have all of
15988s the control over it they've got miskier
15990s on the low ground they've not got any
15992s real grapples to keep a Chase up with
15994s though so they're gonna play it nice and
15995s calm as dong ching coming in in the area
15998s SS though rocking the
16000s purple armor already he's nice and
16002s healthy kind of a little lacking in the
16004s health department they are weapon
16005s department is ewg pressuring up onto oug
16009s now I'm just gonna step away it looks
16011s like jalloway it takes a little bit of
16012s damage in this fight is just ongoing it
16015s is endless action as all of the teams
16018s dropped in the in Imperial Village five
16020s teams are all going to be scrapping it
16022s out JL
16024s seeing if there's an opportunity to get
16026s involved but it doesn't look like
16027s they're gonna have it
16028s you know what I love about this hit
16030s brain uh even though so many teams
16032s landed here they only engaged when it
16035s was super favorable for them the second
16038s that multiple teams showed up on the
16039s flank they they born to agree they got
16041s that first kill and they immediately
16043s started to rotate their team together to
16046s make sure they had all eyes on
16048s the potential third party a lot of this
16050s time you see in my region in Na and EU
16053s and these positions uh teams will not
16056s back off they'll never take their foot
16058s on the gas and they'll overextend in
16060s these positions and everyone ends up
16062s just coming out here with in the
16065s negative instead of there being like a
16067s dominant uh
16069s team coming out where everyone's getting
16071s Loot and only one or two teams everyone
16074s just ends up dying and one team comes
16076s out just because so many teams end up
16078s over permitting and as I say this xcg
16080s popping their alts they do get the
16082s respawn and they're gonna get senzie
16085s immediately grabbed they are forced to
16087s pop their healing circles like roomie
16088s did get low with their uh you Sean now
16091s yushan is gonna be forced to pop up
16094s Inventus is gonna have to retreat but
16097s who is going to take this after events
16100s this is looking a little bit more scaled
16101s here and xcg is gonna have to back up
16103s and the lines
16104s as I was saying that is going to be
16106s working on the outside xcg is on their
16109s last leg they can't lose anyone and you
16111s Sean doesn't have enough time to pop all
16113s and peel for his teammates and now
16115s Juventus is able to clean up xcg and the
16118s curse continues xpg is just having such
16121s a tough day where even Alliance is
16123s beating up on them
16125s from the bottom now coming up ventis as
16129s well usually in the middle doing super
16131s super well today at 54 points now going
16134s into oug they want to reclaim their
16137s position at the top keep their momentum
16139s going and this can be a defining Factor
16141s can oug keep their momentum going show
16144s that they have this resolve that it's
16146s not a fluke they're not just getting
16148s lucky they are one of the most
16149s consistent teams in the league now and
16152s they're matching te right now with three
16154s kills and three kills everyone did land
16157s in the north and there was no one
16158s landing on the left side I believe
16162s whoever landed here in the top left had
16164s this for free but all the teams who died
16166s in the top right are now rotating over
16167s here and we're seeing Gigi rotating in
16170s has that cicada and Alliance is forced
16173s to Old here with the muck but this
16174s terrain is absolute poopy for Alliance
16178s they have no line of sights to get a
16180s good grab here even with roomy
16182s staggering here it's going to be very
16183s hard for Lynn to find a grab and find a
16185s kill here Gigi's doing a great job of
16188s kiting in circles here denying any value
16190s from this munkle this is straight a
16193s worthless alt here
16195s he does all here for Tempo and does uh
16198s regain Tempo so that Alliance is able to
16201s kind of zone out the other team take a
16205s good fight here but now they don't have
16207s their most powerful and Gigi still has
16210s their most powerful role this cicada all
16212s I'm surprised GD is calling out the back
16215s out here they must have seen something
16216s that I didn't or
16218s we we're not in at the 23 minute Mark oh
16220s they did Ventures at the top and they
16222s spotted out and they're just not willing
16224s to take this fight now vent is coming in
16227s go to chase down Alliance you will not
16229s be able to disengage here lion still has
16231s a u-shine also he's gonna be able to
16233s make some space here and peel
16235s I believe the creme is getting the monk
16237s is getting absolutely destroyed Linda
16238s they're able to get a Perry This U shot
16240s needs to get some slams off Ventus
16242s trying to take down the monk kurumi all
16244s does come down saving the monk Benz is
16246s putting pressure
16248s non-stop lucky he's just trying to build
16250s up enough
16252s ultimate in order to get his monk back
16256s online now this terrain right here one
16259s of the worst horrends to fighting on
16260s Inventus trying to make it work pushing
16263s Alliance into this corner Alliance was
16266s doing really well now everything's
16267s snowballing out of control and Gigi's
16269s gonna come in with his third party
16270s everyone's falling down this Cliff
16272s body's hitting the ground Alliance
16274s getting annihilated and now GG coming in
16277s with their Takeda oh
16279s mashing Ventus against the wall doing
16282s the same thing back to Ventus fence is
16285s zipping unable to get away getting
16287s absolutely toasted by GG's Takeda now
16290s Mishka making his way to the top trying
16293s to see where the rest events as his
16295s teammates are they're gonna beat Sansa
16297s trying to
16299s Salvage the situation and gets out of
16301s there now o-u-g-n-t-e the two
16303s heavyweights going at it now it looks
16307s like to use wuchen port was burned and
16309s now with that temio and zipping all it
16311s looks like oug does have the momentum
16313s but te with that hard grapple are they
16316s gonna able to get away I did bring this
16318s up before the team with better grapple
16320s distance is able to perform this it's
16322s like uh who has the longer legs who can
16325s get away and you're seeing the Hot
16327s Pursuit coming from oud chasing down te
16332s he actually does stop to take a heal
16334s this is super risky they're not gonna be
16336s able to get away from here Leo does pull
16338s out the bow to try to slow down any of
16340s the grapples and the cicada hole does
16341s pop out it looks like he's gonna hold
16343s their ground here Tammy all does pop out
16345s Takeda also popping out can d e p e Hold
16348s the Line oud wants to claim their top
16350s spot BBB looking to peel for his
16353s teammate does have his Decatur shoves to
16356s mulch away but Leo is getting decimated
16359s but the giant ghost comes in and out
16362s gets flanked oh
16364s wbg's coming in with the third party but
16367s outh
16368s and the fifth party shows have ewg's
16371s here to party as well everyone's invited
16374s wbg rolling in trying to secure the
16378s kills on oud te goes left
16381s oug goes right the hunted become the
16384s hunters
16386s so rough
16388s beautiful
16389s skills man
16393s is the fact that the revives wore off as
16397s that fight happened so there is no
16400s revives for those players you have to go
16401s get a charm to go get him up now oh or
16404s go try and risk running for Karen which
16406s is just not gonna happen so
16407s it was a real mess up actually uh
16411s te it looks like they were able to get
16413s their player up who got down so they
16415s should be all right
16417s um unless they died just before it wore
16419s off but for the side of oug they
16421s definitely have lost the player they are
16422s girls they're gonna be down there
16424s zipping and there's a fun opportunity to
16427s get it but it's gonna be a little bit
16428s hard as Jay theme get himself for free
16430s for Millions birds mate not really got
16432s anybody in the area he's going to be
16434s contesting them for anything
16436s so they're just going to move back
16438s towards a safer location Jason zero
16442s kills right now
16443s um gotta be a little bit scared when the
16445s likes of tea and everyone are starting
16446s to get some kills uh Jason actually
16449s slipped into six off the back of how
16451s action-packed the beginning of this game
16453s is and it's nice to see my other Dark
16455s Horse because we talked a lot about oug
16456s having a good day my other Dark Horse
16458s are doing pretty good GG they got 10
16460s kills this game uh they've been they've
16463s been playing pretty well was uh jjh got
16465s themselves of a million birds mate I
16467s assume they got that from a uh from
16469s their Roma Yang as a fancy
16474s he's been seen J team they're gonna get
16477s themselves for free kill off the back of
16478s this one he tries to Blink through the
16480s portal but J team stay hot on their
16482s heels fancy trying to get away not gonna
16484s be happening down they go JT and get
16488s their first kill of the game and that is
16490s a needed kill for Jay team off the back
16492s of their lovely no alt Zone pop there
16494s means that Godly is going to be
16496s struggling now has lost his monk form
16498s and means he's way more exposed there's
16501s a bowder feel comfortable to step up to
16503s GG as soon as I compliment them I cast
16506s accustomed they're crushed they fall
16508s apart and they lose two members oh no
16513s no not like this missed here
16515s they got two teams chasing on to Miss
16517s Kim this kid is trying to desperately
16519s get away he's gonna break the line it's
16520s like using the area but there is no
16523s Escape for Miss Kia down they go GG it's
16528s the BG they're out
16530s it happens to the best of us the the
16532s Caster curse they end up getting taken
16535s down uh but this is the question I was
16538s asking can oug keep playing Super
16540s consistently and this is the the way te
16544s played that situation the fourth the
16546s fifth party just a festival popping out
16548s just to the east of plume Castle
16552s te is able to navigate that situation
16555s perfectly and oug just gets a little too
16559s aggressive and uh they're being a victim
16562s of their own success they just see a lot
16564s of situations going right for them and
16566s in that spot because there are five
16568s teams you just cannot commit in that
16570s spot you're the second you see that many
16572s teams coming in you have to rotate out
16574s and play the positioning game of putting
16577s someone else between you and the other
16578s team you don't want to be the meat of
16581s the sandwich you want to be the bread
16582s now JL
16584s doing a great job executing the enemy
16587s team's Takeda wuchen also doing a great
16589s job pointing them out and not not only
16592s that porting them out at a good angle
16595s where there's not even a Pursuit being
16596s able to happen JL ankles broken confused
16600s looking left or right where did they go
16602s unable to find them
16605s now looking at the leaderboards though
16607s we had tea in the lead with four kills
16610s 81.9 and oug cannot compete there's a
16614s potential for uh the last remaining
16616s players to do go find a res and
16619s oh my goodness even though Gigi did get
16622s taken down hip brain they had 12 kills
16625s as long as they survived they just
16627s needed to play Super ratty they could
16629s have gotten a giant multiplier because
16632s uh when te got that 29 point game they
16634s had 15 kills in a first if Gigi just
16638s gets to the end game picks up three
16640s kills they can match that same point
16644s unfortunate for them to be able to
16646s survive this mid-game transition now uh
16650s bowdo
16652s actually doing well so the Caster curse
16655s is working in the different favor you
16657s saying that Bala always uh kind of a
16660s disappointment they got five kills this
16662s round they're climbing the leaderboards
16663s there's there's one more round after
16666s this if they have two good rounds I can
16668s see them uh fighting for that type five
16671s top five spot and that's definitely uh
16674s and really really unexpected about it is
16677s actually able to get up there and
16679s compete for a title going into game two
16685s this is one of the
16687s wbg PBB
16689s um yeah one of the the tricks you can do
16691s uh in this current meta that wasn't
16694s really known before
16696s in naraka is using dagger when when you
16700s have dagger in these trios and you're
16702s using these very very high range High
16705s discount builds where you don't have
16706s much energy uh the Jades to the top of
16709s your talent tree benefit a lot more to
16711s dagger so when you feel other use other
16714s weapons you feel like a lot of your
16715s movements cut down a lot of your ability
16717s to maneuver their fights cut down but
16719s when you use dagger
16721s it actually feels like a normal weapon
16724s and you're able to maneuver super well
16727s and that's why you see a ton of position
16730s one position three uh players so you
16733s that's your entry Fragger that's your
16735s support player uh using dagger they're
16737s able to just maneuver so well going into
16741s these fights especially these these
16742s really really aggressive teams you don't
16745s really have that transformability where
16746s you're basically playing another middle
16748s game you are fighting like the vanilla
16750s naraka with like an extra ability you
16753s are going to be sitting that spacing out
16755s trying to use the best position you can
16757s to take advantage of those micro
16759s situations between other teams
16763s replay of uh J team actually taking on
16765s txj from the side of te get the stun
16768s down and J team able to get fully locked
16771s down what happened there they just got
16773s melted
16775s oh that was horrific for Jay team
16778s um lost two players I don't know if
16781s they've got revives I thought they were
16783s on the map a minute ago though so maybe
16786s that was them at the beginning of the
16787s game I can't remember what happened uh
16789s we'll have a look when we get the
16790s scoreboard back up in a moment jjh
16792s though looking to get himself a bit of a
16794s freebie on this one there's J teams they
16796s are all here as a group as wbg maybe
16799s thinking about jumping into this realm
16801s and yeah waiting out they are going to
16802s get themselves in there all of them are
16804s there so that's gonna be jjh versus wbg
16807s inside this rubber Yang uh no monster
16811s transform as well so it can get nice and
16813s exciting there's water yeah
16816s oh oh it's an Echoes monk okay so they
16819s do have that all right let's see how
16820s this works out for the Missouri
16821s immediately takes up a little bit of
16823s damage there Godly on the Monk on Lena
16825s uh just avoiding away off in the
16827s distance Jing already loses most of his
16830s HP has to pop that ultimate strong get
16831s some damage down throws down his first
16833s step Sandstorm comes up Jing's getting
16835s absolutely liquefied by the Acres able
16838s to tackledge away from the leap Dodges
16841s on the second one as well still got two
16843s charges of his ultimate only gets one
16845s off not gonna Glass Long easily finished
16848s up Dudley goes to the transformation
16850s just to make sure that there's control
16851s Sleepwalk is grabbed
16853s gonna go for the second grab peepee's
16856s grab slams down and that is a really
16858s really easy fight for jjh
16861s that
16863s looked unbeatable I was saying that in
16866s order to counter all these Takeda uh
16869s temi comms this is a very very unique
16871s thing that jjh did using that akos monk
16875s um
16877s akos monk temmie that that just worked
16880s out perfectly they they dropped down the
16881s Tamil they dropped down the echo soul
16883s and they're able to absolutely bully the
16885s Juggernaut that Takeda
16887s he just gets completely cooked by The
16889s Echoes In that leaping form not able to
16892s win neutral forced to pop all and the
16894s second he pops all the Tigers go out and
16897s he eats a full three piece just just
16899s like a Yoda would do
16901s in a Yoda Viper comp except there's a
16904s sustained pressure coming out from the
16908s extra duration of that oh where he's
16910s able to keep staying in that tiger form
16913s and lunging over and over and with that
16915s temio uh forcing his hand putting him
16918s against the wall the monk is able to
16920s follow up and toss up uh folks his act
16922s to close them out usually potatoes are
16924s super super durable within that box so
16926s I'm now we're gonna get balda versus wbg
16929s there's gonna be key for one of these
16931s teams to jump up to the middle there is
16933s a no-wall Zone uh about a Viper able to
16937s get a ton of Cannon damage against the
16939s team it looks like he's he has flame
16942s breath and
16944s the bigger aoej able to put a ton of
16947s pressure onto wbg but WG is going to
16949s back out and pop their alts but the V2
16952s is coming out PB cannot make it away but
16954s he's able to line a sight just barely to
16957s get that V2 off able to create some
16960s opening able to save save some of his
16962s teammates PB trying to survive here
16964s where is the teammates where is the peel
16966s his team GS is the PO that's not even
16969s his team is look at his teammates who
16970s are completely annihilated at a fourth
16972s party and fifth party comes in Gs te
16974s smelling blood in the water but wbgp be
16977s able to find a crack in the rocks to
16980s hide to live to fight another day
16983s hopefully rest we don't have enough
16985s money
16987s he has two minutes he has to get
16989s souljaed in two minutes and he's on his
16991s own it's it's over wbg out there's
16995s nothing they can do what they're trying
16997s to do is not give points over to any
16999s other teams that's exactly wbg's game
17001s plan here but I mean it's almost
17003s pointless they're 12 right now they've
17005s got so much work to do coming in for the
17008s last seven games of the uh of of the
17011s grand finals is that we are cutting over
17013s the JL here
17014s mopping up ewg nice and easy there only
17017s one player left standing and uh jealous
17019s being run down by one thing does have
17021s that ultimate up and available to them
17023s uh jail just gonna break a line of sight
17025s and then just jump straight back up onto
17027s jolue caught them by the grapple there
17030s is no getting away from this
17031s unfortunately now that ultimate is burnt
17033s in jail away will fall to the side of
17036s the JLS jail do eliminate them and grab
17038s themselves their fifth kill of the game
17040s so not a bad standing here for jail they
17042s did uh win our game number three it
17045s feels like they've still got some
17046s momentum from that prior win but they're
17049s looking to carry forwards just cutting
17051s over now to J team who've got PP they
17053s finally find their little freebie kill
17055s there eliminating wbgs Jay team get
17058s their second kill of the game they've
17060s been
17061s surprisingly slow in these last two
17063s games actually not really achieving too
17065s much early and actually looking to play
17067s a little bit later into the game
17069s now as we're approaching the 10 minutes
17071s left on the clock mark 27 players still
17074s left in this Lobby so still a lot to go
17077s a lot of players to go get taken out and
17080s it's definitely been a very high impact
17082s game very uh very high uh momentum game
17086s but at the same time it still feels like
17087s it's moving at a relatively relaxed pace
17090s I feel like a bunch of these teams
17092s probably okay with that some of these
17094s teams probably want this game to be
17095s moving a little bit quicker get himself
17097s as much kills as possible
17100s yeah it's hollarath even though it's
17102s such a big map there's just nowhere to
17104s hide and
17106s I'm really excited to see jjh uh explore
17109s this monk at Coast Tammy I want to see
17112s how this does an end game will the other
17114s teams because there's a monk Focus
17116s firing them more uh the problem when you
17119s don't look like the rest of the lobby is
17121s it's very easy to pick you off once you
17124s get weak you can't really do a wardrobe
17126s change a lot of what you can do in solos
17129s you see this more prevalent you can
17130s switch weapons uh in trios you kind of
17133s just switch positions and uh put another
17136s team in the middle I call them don't you
17138s don't want to be monkey in the middle in
17139s this situations you want to just rotate
17141s around and constantly have someone in
17143s the middle not you
17145s we're seeing jjh use the cover of these
17148s buildings to make it to this end game uh
17151s it's this is kind of like a variation of
17153s what we saw with the Feria temi monk but
17156s instead the the super buffed Echoes
17159s being uh the main offense of it instead
17163s of that super strong Feria that's
17165s sustained from it it's just been doing
17167s wonders this is also right here you're
17169s seeing Ventus able to claim these boxes
17171s purple armor gold armor scaling to the
17174s Moon just hitting it big actually three
17177s armors everyone went from blueberries to
17180s looking Gucci and Rich we got gold
17182s purple armors we're Super Rich we're set
17184s up for end game Inventus
17187s as well as JL continuing that slow and
17190s steady winning these tournaments is all
17193s about slow and steady wins the race it's
17196s all about consistency not overextending
17199s and just playing for these end games you
17202s cannot win if you are dead as I say it
17204s so risking too much and dying instead of
17208s disengaging in that early and mid game
17209s really shoots you in the foot and we're
17212s seeing
17213s jjh really getting uh getting it going
17217s right here holding this High ground with
17219s the monkey
17220s at hand I'm really curious to see what
17223s how their sustained is going to be
17225s Echoes kind of plays like you Sean so I
17227s imagine Ackles is gonna go around play
17229s that position to enforce their
17231s positioning
17233s be able to Lunge and force all these
17235s cicadas out of there while having that
17237s sustain uh duration of the all to make
17241s sure that no matter what their team is
17243s going to be an advantage
17245s really really really cool comp here I
17247s wonder what what do you think we should
17249s name this hit brand we got the monk akos
17251s temi I feel like this this com could
17254s become more popular
17255s uh
17258s yeah the tiger right because he got the
17260s iron storm and the tiger it's the eye of
17262s the tiger
17264s that's like I like it I'm gonna start
17267s calling that that conversation eye of
17269s the tiger I like it
17271s I like this as well it's very very
17274s effective
17275s um I mean it Eggos is just oppressive
17279s the amount of like the Staggering that
17282s he does it almost feels like it's
17283s sometimes it's impossible to move and
17285s there's a lot of damage that comes to
17286s the Stagger it's very much like the
17288s Decatur
17289s um in the same sense I mean they feel a
17291s very similar role don't they in the
17292s sense where like they have big stagger
17294s that can you know really just turn the
17297s tides of a fight with just a massive
17299s amount of damage that comes out from
17300s that big stagger uh let me do you start
17303s to see a lot of sandstorms kicking up
17305s here for Te there's uh they are just
17308s gonna move over away from uh all of the
17312s surrounding action definitely in a bit
17315s of Lull in the action the last couple of
17316s moments but I think this circle is gonna
17319s remain to be a little bit more of a lull
17321s but after this circle breaks that's what
17324s I expect to see the things really fight
17326s you might see a few teams just go for a
17328s kill this uh Morris blessing maybe a bit
17332s of a problem uh some teams especially
17334s because of his positioning on the middle
17335s of Bridge
17337s it's gonna it's gonna be very
17338s susceptible to getting jumped onto a lot
17340s of ability so they throw the sandstorm
17342s down to make sure that they can grab it
17343s nice and easy pick up Dolan's swarm in
17346s there as well that's actually really
17348s nice for this Earth it's kind of more
17349s ranged phase but we're in it's actually
17351s just warm actually put out a lot of work
17353s a lot of damage gonna be able to see
17355s what they can do with that one for now
17356s though I'll see an oeg actually to get
17359s himself relatively chunked out by Ventus
17360s gonna heal up as much as they can but
17362s Ventus really really geared and scaled
17365s as you'd say
17366s could be a threat for oeg but teams no
17369s one's really willing to commit because
17371s if you commit
17372s and the fight goes remotely bad you will
17376s just get the whole Lobby turned on to
17377s you doesn't matter if you started the
17379s fight if you get a big hit and lose your
17381s armor everybody swarms they just they go
17385s to it immediately so that's something
17387s you gotta get your eyes on we can see
17388s the overall scores right now honestly
17390s not a massively high scoring game
17392s compared to what we've had previously
17393s mostly because GG have most The Kills
17396s they're 12 kills and they're out of the
17397s game
17399s yeah these these sight lines here as you
17401s were saying you will get lobbied here
17403s this this plays very much like almost
17405s like traditional FPS a lot of how all
17407s the other uh shooter battle royale's
17409s play out
17411s um
17411s you want to be very considerate of all
17413s the angles that you're taking here and
17414s because there's so much
17417s um
17417s terrain elevation here is it gonna be
17420s high ground looking down you don't want
17422s to be in the canyon
17423s but because there's multiple High
17426s grounds here uh every team has a kind of
17429s a safe spot so no one can truly engage
17431s here without getting absolutely Fried by
17434s the rest of the lobby you're just gonna
17435s get lasered by all these cannons
17438s crossbows and all are we gonna see
17440s fences going at it they're putting it
17442s all on the line mashing into J team here
17445s in the canyon exactly where you don't
17447s want to fight they're getting shoved in
17448s the zone over and over taking most of
17451s the damage from The Zone the zipping
17453s hole does come out able to pick up
17455s everyone and now te seeing the chance to
17457s come in here there they have to pour it
17459s out because the the amount of range
17461s coming down forces them
17463s to pour it out but they're not gonna be
17465s able to get the heel JL JL is at The
17467s High Ground not committing to anything
17469s just raining down
17471s cannon fire over and over
17474s the health is so low because he's coming
17477s in he's gonna get a big old son vvv is
17479s gonna get caught by it the question is
17480s is who they're gonna go on to get a
17482s little bit of a scattered as a room of
17485s attention there and vvv able to get a
17487s kill and get out of that fight somehow
17490s they're okay I say that and then a
17491s massive shot lands onto Leo for the
17493s cannon fire coming in on the side Leo
17496s heavily chunked out okay also good
17498s looking for a hill himself it is Carnage
17501s down in the pit there everyone's taking
17504s so much damage jails as getting himself
17506s also heavily chunked out he's going low
17508s he finally goes down ZK from the side of
17511s Jay team secures their third kill of the
17513s game Samsung comes out Zeke actually
17514s keep him the pressure up until one thing
17516s Gonna Keep the damage down the knock-up
17517s lands onto both of them Jay team are
17519s going to be able to secure both of these
17520s kills nice and easy that's one here
17523s comes the second that's gonna be a
17525s lockdown a finish up and that is another
17527s kill in the pocket of J team grab
17530s themselves for as much healing and good
17532s gear as they can J team jumped up the
17535s standings a little bit more there with
17536s those five kills they just tied up for
17538s themselves as vvv and the rest of tea he
17540s actually jumped down to try and contest
17542s Jay team on this low ground they are
17544s gonna get forced away for the moment as
17547s you can see
17548s the pit is being evacuated as everybody
17551s needs to move up onto the high ground
17552s and that actually means J team having a
17553s bad move here are going to get Chung Tao
17555s immediately ZK loses a lot of HP Eagles
17557s chunks out he's gonna try and find a
17558s political opposition a place where he
17560s can heal as DK does get himself some
17562s health back ultimate comes out wushen's
17564s there means J team can heal up if they
17566s need to
17568s looks like that is gonna be the game
17569s plan for them for now is Eagle getting
17571s so much damage off there on to txj
17574s Sandstorm comes down as well oh EG able
17577s to get himself a kill onto Leo City have
17579s lost a player J team gets the scale Rush
17581s down onto genu DK's holding his life at
17583s the moment he's not got that ultimate up
17585s available he's just trying to build the
17586s rage as quick as possible but the health
17588s bars are low comes in with the vertical
17590s strike misses it GE secure the kill now
17593s massive Lockdown from Anne is gonna come
17595s down day team able to break line the
17597s sight no GDK is caught but he's able to
17599s hold on for just a little bit longer
17600s Sandstorm comes out repositioning once
17602s again has that ultimate up and running
17604s SS has been gone the headset attacks the
17607s kills him to kill SS goes down but he
17609s loses the teammate for it Louis gets his
17611s block back stinky charging in Hampton
17614s attacked again JT we're out of the lobby
17617s yes blink back over to The High Ground
17619s as they've got to take a fight versus
17621s oug this is yes 100 secure in the win
17625s here with the kills oug maybe this is
17627s looking for some vanity kills but down
17630s they go yeah take game number five
17635s and look at the smiles on GS they are
17639s satisfied with this performance
17641s snowballing out of control withered to
17643s Cato able to clean up the wrestler Lobby
17646s te was threatened in need of there they
17648s were they were forcing everything just
17651s really trying to min max
17653s and they end up over extending getting
17655s taken down I believe they're still going
17658s to be in the lead after this I don't
17660s think
17660s oug or JL is able to come up but GS
17663s having that pop-off game
17666s able to control the top of the Canyon
17669s perfectly coming in at the perfect time
17672s not going a little bit not too early not
17674s too late where they don't get the kills
17676s but right at that perfect time
17679s able to clean up the lobby oug uh the
17683s king looking look a little shocked he's
17685s staring off right now just like hmm did
17688s I play this correctly should I still be
17690s playing solos all you do can kind of
17692s look like a deer in a head license what
17694s is happening we were dominating before
17697s we gotta we gotta make sure we lock in
17699s for this case game six
17702s now J team
17705s I believe they they had a solid game as
17707s well I didn't see him I see them in this
17709s end game but GS very very satisfying
17713s rare Smiles normally you see uh the the
17716s teams very very stoic not showing a ton
17719s of emotions but you see such relief
17722s coming from the scene that things are
17723s coming together and they're able to
17725s perform how they actually want to
17729s any game
17730s well it's a big win there for TS a
17733s needed win for them as well on the back
17734s of that game as uh moving on to that
17737s game number six now is our final game of
17739s the day j-team still yet to pick up a
17741s win that was a very good game for them
17745s there's a whole bunch of little things
17746s that went wrong for them
17748s um first of all they jumped into the
17750s zone to secure a kill when they were
17752s already very low HP it felt like a
17755s little bit of a messy fight it probably
17756s could have just
17757s taken the L there found an opportunity
17760s to heal and then jump back into that
17762s fight a little bit later but they
17763s decided not to decided to go for the
17764s kills losing up losing two players to
17767s the zone as well in that final Circle it
17770s it was definitely messy but they were
17772s fixated on kills and I think that's been
17774s their mate of downfall is their final
17776s circles have been so aggressive because
17779s they don't do much in the early game so
17781s they have to secure as many kills as
17783s possible in the late game and the payoff
17784s is that is they they kind of they kind
17786s of tunnel vision
17787s their laser focus onto onto a certain
17790s squad or a team and they don't really
17792s pay attention to what's going on around
17793s them and that's where they seem to fall
17795s apart I think if JT want to be as
17797s comfortable as possible they should
17799s literally try and get a bunch of kills
17800s in the early game when they've got the
17802s the safety net of the revive like I
17804s don't see why teams are so scared to use
17805s those revives they're such a powerful
17807s tool it's a very unique thing to thoraca
17809s and I know you do lose your loot but
17812s realistically is it worth risking your
17814s loot like at this point which is mostly
17816s going to be blue you might have the odd
17818s purple and then get yourself like six
17820s seven kills or you're better off just to
17822s grab good loot and then wait till late
17824s game and then kind of be forced to rush
17827s kill as much as possible because you're
17828s playing catch up to the other people who
17830s did play more aggressive early I think
17832s I'd like to see Jay team you know they
17834s don't need to go balls to the wall they
17835s don't need to do what GG did and ink the
17837s game away because they threw everything
17838s into into their kills into just finding
17841s as many kills as possible but you know
17843s if they can pick up five six kills at
17845s the beginning of a game like that's two
17846s squads at the beginning of the game
17848s then play Relax like they have been
17850s doing for the rest of the time I think
17852s they'll find themselves in a much more
17853s comfortable position in that final
17854s Circle but they don't kind of have to
17855s play with almost like an element of like
17857s we manically need to find kills and just
17859s completely fixate on it
17862s you bring up a great Point as far as J
17864s team their tunnel visioning I thought
17866s that in game one went right after I said
17868s like first Souls first to lose JT makes
17870s a very aggressive play and just alts
17872s starting that Monk
17874s battle but now looking at the standings
17876s j j s with 17 kills the most amount of
17881s kills for today with that 32.2 and oug
17885s finally showing up they had a bad game
17888s for but in game five they show up seven
17890s kills with a 14.2 GG
17893s 12 kills but they're not able to get to
17895s the end game they die so early so
17897s they're not able to get that fat
17898s multiplier now J team does get six kills
17901s with Goods playing at 11.5 bowdo as well
17904s seven kills 11.3 te another solid
17906s performance six kills uh 11 points they
17910s do over extend their JL with six jjh
17913s with six ewg with four and we're seeing
17917s such an in
17918s a good amount of kills from most of the
17922s lobby now going back to what you were
17925s talking about it brain this this over
17928s extension that a lot of these teams are
17930s going for uh one of the one of the
17932s tactics that you want to think about
17934s that makes your team overall way better
17936s is damage control most people think like
17939s oh big damage that's what we want to do
17941s really really big damage you're seeing
17942s and 17K damage uh
17946s Louis with 25k damage uh their wuchen
17950s kind of hard to do damage on him but
17953s what he does do super well damage
17956s control without that damage control the
17959s situations where your team needs to Ben
17962s needs to endure it will actually just
17965s break you need to know when to cut your
17967s losses and move on to go off and go for
17970s a res to back off and just give up the
17972s kills to another team if it means that
17975s you get to reset and live to fight
17977s another day you can go and extract your
17980s revenge on that team take back your
17982s kills
17983s find another good spot but if you're not
17986s if your team doesn't have really good
17987s damage control you're gonna get wiped
17989s out here you're seeing Jay teams over
17991s extension fighting on these butter
17992s buttery rocks getting all in by another
17994s Tammy team you put them against the wall
17996s they're gonna go back and add like a
17999s cornered Fox they're gonna bite you back
18001s and take you down with them
18003s unfortunately for J team and you're
18006s seeing GS capitalize on this because
18008s they're alive when you're alive you can
18011s find more kills when you're dead there's
18013s no more options from there so damage
18015s control is the name of the game
18017s I was uh honestly GS played that very
18021s very well that final fight an absolutely
18022s phenomenal game coming in from them the
18025s educator is gonna be our MVP sliding in
18028s the back of that game
18030s absolutely huge game we'll see what the
18032s damage is is going to be 25k and Nine
18035s Kills coming in from Louie
18037s absolutely enormous game switch Dazzle
18039s meteor hit the patch uh again seeing
18042s some Cannon stuff in there with the
18043s bounce shell on the meteor like you're
18045s saying the buccaneer phase is very much
18047s a key phase in these final circles now
18049s partly just to build up the rage but
18051s also just the ability to strip hell and
18053s um
18054s almost put that like almost put that
18056s blood in the water because the main
18057s thing is as long as you're not the
18059s lowest player in the lobby people aren't
18061s looking at you people are always
18062s watching for the lowest player in the
18064s lobby so using those cannons to kind of
18066s force the attention of the lobby away
18068s from you but you can survive as long as
18070s possible it's kind of part of the game
18072s plan here when you do play a uh when you
18074s do play a battle royale but a big big
18076s game coming in from GS and now that
18078s means we've got one game left going for
18080s today and we saw six games on Sunday
18081s coming up but going into this final game
18084s going back to Morris Isle I am
18087s interested to see what the what the hero
18089s so that's gonna look like because
18090s nobody's really used any hero points to
18092s the point where they're in trouble I
18093s think
18094s GG are the only team who are low on
18097s points but like everyone else is over 10
18099s points right now and even GG when Hello
18102s they're like nine or seven points so
18103s they're gonna be feeling quite
18105s comfortable going into this final game
18106s they should be able to pick whatever cop
18107s they want to be playing unless um I'm
18110s trying to think what they played I think
18111s they should be all right
18113s um but this final game is going to be an
18115s interesting one because I think
18117s Jay team really needs to show us but
18118s they are capable of actually performing
18121s because I just have to be so hit or miss
18123s and mostly missed today
18125s um I'm not overly sold onto here right
18127s now if I'm completely honest with you I
18129s think they're they're a good team but
18130s like they're not appearing as the best
18133s team they just appear as another one of
18135s the good teams you know like you could
18137s take the name plates off and right now
18139s I'd show you oeg's games and you'll be
18141s like yeah that's probably just PE but
18143s like because we know who it is it's
18144s harder to kind of pull that distinction
18145s but I feel like there's a whole bunch of
18147s really solid games right now at the top
18149s end of the table and T don't stand out
18151s so this final game they really need to
18154s prove to me that they can stand out yeah
18155s they've got a win under their belt like
18161s wins today already
18163s I think we're gonna get another game one
18166s run back and now I don't really
18168s ug is uh newcomers I don't think they're
18172s they I would know the difference between
18173s te and them there's just a level of
18175s aggression and a level finesse that he
18178s has over more games now oud's definitely
18180s been playing very solid very consistent
18182s uh but it's many uh slow and steady
18185s who's winning their race
18187s awesome well we're gonna throw ourselves
18189s over to a quick break and then we're
18190s back to a game number six so we'll see
18192s in a moment
18193s good
18207s I'm only sorry it didn't hurt more
18212s say Calamity Rising
18218s [Music]
18229s [Music]
18240s thank you
18244s [Music]
18267s [Music]
18309s [Music]
18322s thank you and we are back folks
18328s now you were you were saying that oug is
18330s not one of uh the newer teams and they
18333s did had a lot of success for an mbpo and
18335s for me at least the ogs are j-team fpx
18339s and bowdo always strikes like fear into
18343s me from those early days
18348s kind of like completely revamped but the
18351s old school balda definitely set the meta
18353s for a lot of trios and they were the for
18356s me especially uh
18359s when we're seeing all the vods coming
18361s over from CN they were always one of the
18363s really really strong teams now they've
18364s kind of followed off uh now that they've
18367s uh restructured finding new players
18369s trying to find their new star players
18371s going into this and we're seeing the
18373s results te is consistently doing super
18377s well but ug able to pull it back Jess in
18381s that second place I feel like this last
18383s game is gonna be very very defining
18386s going into that day too now
18389s JL as well doing super super well they
18392s had great positioning and discipline in
18394s that end game not committing to the
18396s aggression in the canyon the team that
18399s went in the canyon ends up getting nuke
18401s J team
18402s making a small mistake overextending
18406s there but still playing super super
18408s solid I love to see uh Jay's team still
18412s performing and they just have the
18413s highest expectations they're they're
18415s two-time world champions we expect them
18417s to win here so that we're we're watching
18420s everything under a microscope expecting
18422s them to be great
18424s um
18425s and I just think they do the best when
18427s they play Transformers and I'm hoping to
18429s see another stacked end game going into
18431s this last day it is going to be daytime
18433s Morris which traditionally is a very
18435s very defensive day we started on with a
18437s daytime Morse we're ending with a
18438s daytime Morse so I'm hoping that we see
18441s one of these stacked end games where we
18443s get to see
18445s the really really complicated play of
18447s these Transformer teams now the reason
18450s why uh Transformers has been one of the
18453s staple compositions of trios forever in
18457s naraka it's one of the most complicated
18460s to play now technically it's very very
18462s defensive but it's the equivalent in
18464s like an RTS or mobile where you're
18465s getting to that end game where your hard
18467s carry is gonna get there you're doing
18469s everything you can to give your carry uh
18472s the best weapons the best armor
18474s and really really set you up for these
18476s very complicated place that's going to
18478s be very decisive to win and in naraka
18480s it's this end game where you're getting
18482s these double grabs where you are
18483s positioned to you're used on your echoes
18486s your Feria is covering so your monk
18488s could continuously go for these double
18489s grabs and you're constantly jostling for
18492s the best positioning so you're threading
18494s the needle or you want kills but you
18496s also want to stay alive and to win that
18498s last place that's five points that big
18500s multiplier in the top two places ends up
18503s being huge for these teams
18505s well it's a question for you guys at
18506s home uh get
18509s great treasure uh which team won game
18511s number five is AJ team
18515s b-o-u-g-c-t-e or d g s make sure you
18518s leave that in the twitch chat and check
18520s your whisper boxing grab yourself one of
18521s the limited great Treasures up for grabs
18524s uh I don't this won't be the last one
18526s today there'll be another one on the
18527s interview there's always one in the
18528s interview so uh yeah you go yeah you're
18530s gonna be given one away last one we'll
18532s be doing uh this should be a fairly easy
18534s answer we did just watch that game you
18537s should know who won the previous game
18538s maybe us talking about a bunch of teams
18540s is distracted you in somewhat but
18543s yeah going into this final game another
18545s light Raven I kind of hope you're wrong
18547s I hope we do keep up with these Decatur
18549s and these acos games uh I think they're
18551s super fun to watch I don't want like a
18553s 40 Man final Circle where nothing's
18555s happened until the last 10 minutes
18558s um as much as those final circles can be
18560s chaos and as much as I think you might
18562s be right uh I think it's
18565s dusk no Dawn I think it's Dawn Morris I
18568s were playing on now if I remember right
18570s uh so it's gonna be you know you're
18573s you're probably in the right line of
18574s site where that's like oddsa Monk's
18577s gonna be fairly strong but I do think
18578s that we will have not as many monks as
18581s we did in game number one I think a few
18582s teams have probably felt quite
18583s comfortable playing these across is
18585s playing these uh uh z uh zp indicator
18588s comps as well you know these very
18591s aggressive very kind of fighty clubs
18594s they like to fight early on them uh so I
18596s hope we do see a couple of teams pick
18598s those up and uh maybe shake up the lobby
18599s a little bit because
18601s those comps have been very very
18603s impactful uh shaking up the entire way
18605s that like everyone's been playing as uh
18607s SS is now holding the king's card
18609s they're so good that's such a good
18612s little prop they wrote on them
18615s well they're definitely in High Spirits
18616s I like to see that from the team very
18618s loose
18619s uh not really worried about going the
18622s Zen game they're pretty happy with their
18623s performance that's thus far
18625s you love to see it and uh
18628s the hint I would give you to the answer
18630s of the the last question the team
18633s actually smiled I rarely see Team CN
18636s team smiling after wins or losses
18638s they're usually super super stoic very
18641s dialed and very focused and you're
18643s seeing uh another side of this oug team
18646s NGS team where they're very very happy
18649s after their performance and winning
18651s now going into this last game uh
18656s we I think it's gonna probably be a
18658s mixture of that there's a Decatur to me
18660s it's just such a powerful team now we're
18663s seeing Ventus here a little bit more
18664s stress you're not seeing the smiles are
18666s definitely focused in trying to make
18669s sure that they execute correctly but
18670s being very tight going into these games
18673s especially uh six more games after this
18676s going into the Day game two
18678s you want to keep the morale up for the
18682s team it's not just about kills it's also
18684s about how the team is vibing how you're
18686s synergizing and how committed you are to
18689s uh winning every position you find
18692s yourself in sometimes it's slow but when
18694s it ramps up it ramps up super fast in
18696s naraka and you've got to be ready for it
18699s absolutely it's it's it's one of those
18702s games where like the the tempo of the
18705s game can be so far out of your control
18707s uh sometimes you you want to play a
18709s slower game and the lobby is moving fast
18711s sometimes you want to play faster game
18712s and the lobby is moving slow and it's
18715s very hard to force it like you can
18717s control the temperature of the game but
18718s I feel like I have to kind of also be on
18721s how everybody is is running it as uh we
18724s are just having a quick rundown of our
18725s teams before we get into the sixth and
18726s final game JL they have been the
18729s surprise the surprise team for them
18731s today I think you know we talked about
18732s oeg we talked about GG some teams who I
18734s had some kind of Dark Horse energy for
18736s uh Loki I was not expecting JL to show
18741s up what they have today oh I definitely
18743s didn't have a written off but like I
18745s never really made a note of them because
18746s I felt like they were a middle Place
18748s team in my eyes and and they have proven
18751s me very very wrong on that they've
18752s played absolutely amazing today
18754s um we'll see whether or not they can uh
18756s maybe pull something out we haven't had
18759s one team win more than once today as
18760s well so keep that in mind maybe it's
18762s someone else's turn to win or maybe
18764s someone's time to really put their stamp
18766s down an authority on this Lobby is we're
18768s getting ready to go into game number six
18771s see what the heroes select looks like
18773s what the players are all gonna be
18775s pulling out in this final game of the
18778s day so we're having a quick look it's
18780s mid midday more as I thought it was Dawn
18783s for some reason I was completely wrong
18784s and oh
18786s I am so here for it this is what I
18789s wanted get that monk out of here give me
18791s cicada
18793s there's there's three monks there's
18795s three of them no that's good enough for
18798s me
18799s will they survive no not looking good we
18804s got J team with the AKO so I like to see
18806s it t e though with a Takeda Viper
18810s looks like everyone is more willing to
18812s run that Takeda Viper before they run
18814s that Echoes Viper I still feel like the
18817s echo's Viper has a ton of value but wbg
18820s does have their monk uh JJ jjh I love
18825s the cicada temi mom love that comp as
18827s well and we saw a third one is it only
18831s two no there's three Alliance oh well
18834s hopefully Alliance hold the line
18836s alliance this this is a chance for
18838s Alliance to have a crazy pop-off game if
18840s Monk's able to get to that end game and
18842s they get that nice terrain situation
18846s of all three monk teams get there uh the
18848s monks can Feast if they don't all three
18851s get there and then one of them gets
18853s taken out it's gonna definitely dampen
18855s their chances for getting that pop-off
18857s game but we're going into this last day
18859s or last game on the first day of this
18862s trios finals I'm super hype this has
18865s been a lot of beautiful Morocco these
18867s teams have definitely been showing up a
18869s lot of surprises today and I'm hoping
18871s that we uh end the day with one more
18874s surprise
18876s we'll have to find out uh it does look
18878s like fairly crusted drops across the
18880s board other than GG who always drop
18882s there they love that more point that
18884s most Northeast pointers you can get
18887s um
18888s it's pretty much where they always seem
18889s to drop it is a favorite of theirs uh
18892s eyes on GS right now they have J team
18894s and wbg in the area oug finding
18897s themselves in a fight here versus JJ H
18899s they're not back onto the king of the
18900s counter comes down he has lost his
18902s shield but froze out the wind walls
18903s immediately to help his team recover but
18905s he hasn't got a weapon he was counted he
18907s needs to find a weapon and oeg losing a
18910s player basically through weapon lost
18911s means they have to just give this fight
18913s up the king is gonna get run down I
18915s don't think he's gonna be able to escape
18916s this one meanwhile
18918s gswbg and J Team all scrapping it out as
18922s a GS trying to jump in onto these JT
18924s members 101 TN has been isolated away
18927s and down he goes Jay team losing all but
18930s one off the back of this
18933s tough break and jjh landing in sun wing
18936s without a crew me I've just shrooms just
18939s being so painful JL with the Matari
18942s zipping Takeda this comp was very very
18946s popular in the season but it's kind of
18947s been phased out I'm curious to see
18949s whether or not that you do good but
18950s Alliance is coming in we need this long
18952s team to survive Alliance needs these
18954s kills we need both of these things to
18956s happen but he immediately gets buried
18959s gets taken down Castle curse I'm sorry
18961s Alliance bent is coming in hot with the
18963s third party kurumi
18965s getting flamed and chopped in half by
18967s that long sword now JL trying to pick
18971s off the scraps as well vent is fighting
18974s for these craps and now the altar being
18975s popped out jlas Takeda immediately
18978s getting blown up Benton sanzi's showing
18981s the alpha who's Alpha between the
18984s cicadas immediately bullying the other
18986s Takeda now Fong
18988s forced to try to salvage the situation
18990s trying to get away unable to Matari not
18992s gonna be able to do much no gold elf in
18995s sight just gonna get juggled and
18996s toothpicked to death no chance but
18999s Ventus five kills off spawn he'll love
19002s to see it how about up versus
19005s jjh fighting for the money the naraka
19009s Bitcoin with that Moonbeam coming in it
19011s looks like the moon Bane is gonna be
19013s coming from jjh bow to trying to get out
19016s of the situation lion swerving dodging
19019s each of that nasty Moon breath getting
19022s out of here and surprisingly able to
19025s disengage and get out of that situation
19027s and JJ age with that Takeda Monk
19032s tell me to keep the dream alive amongst
19034s making it to this end game able to
19036s secure this money location and this is
19039s exactly what you want to do if you want
19040s to get to these end games and you want
19042s to level up your carry your monk uh
19045s getting him all the gear he needs by
19046s getting all of this money jjh living to
19050s fight another day using that Moon Bay
19052s defensively and able to get out
19055s but they're able to keep that purple
19057s weapon onto Keda probably on the monk as
19059s well salvaging uh a bad situation into a
19064s winnable situation now
19066s absolutely well 26 minutes left in the
19070s game already pretty Explosive Start five
19072s kills on Juventus three kills on about
19074s it like there's just been so much action
19076s already kick it off as uh Judy do not
19078s want to take their foot off the pedal
19079s here they're trying to take a fight
19081s versus te vvv immediately gets himself
19083s caught out chunked out by the Wish by
19085s the zephas everything lands in Te losing
19088s a member zipped out with the Wu Shen
19091s ultimate and GD not entirely sure where
19093s they went so T is just gonna pick Leo up
19095s and move away to safety they do not want
19098s to be dealing with that anymore that was
19100s brutal he just got absolutely ripped to
19103s shreds in that fight and uh
19106s is gonna put a bit of a fear in them and
19108s off to the back of that one I'd love to
19110s see
19111s what they're gonna be able to do off the
19112s back of that but GD they have found
19114s their prey they've given the pressure up
19116s onto te the question is is RT gonna be
19118s able to break away from them as uh
19120s kakaishi keeping himself up with the
19122s grapples trying to get that movement as
19123s well with the katana does he a bow shot
19125s which actually staggers him so he
19127s actually may not be able to catch up to
19130s the side of uh t e but T is still being
19133s chased down by GD for the gedia being a
19136s little bit more uh lacks the days ago
19138s about using those grapples they are
19139s about to time out in a te
19141s they know that they've got the old
19143s disadvantage so they're just gonna flap
19145s down the uh the no alt Zone and hope
19146s that's gonna be enough for them to win
19148s this fight is a donching closing the Gap
19150s up here onto them as a t gonna get
19153s immediately jumped onto vvv getting
19155s chunked out already leaving a little bit
19157s of HP but not too much as tsj gets
19159s himself caught vertical strike connects
19160s onto him he's chunked already having to
19162s move back okay also gets himself fairly
19164s caught out and low hate fear daunting's
19166s keeping the pressure up of the tsj
19167s catches him with the uppercut caught out
19169s by the tree stump though which means
19170s he's gonna have to step away for a
19172s moment trying to get the damage off as K
19173s has already lost his life to Casey
19175s trying to get away now from t-e-t have
19177s actually been able to turn this fight
19179s around so effectively because Casey goes
19181s down and GD just losing that fight whole
19185s handedly
19192s everyone they're gonna clean
19197s today trying to close the gap between te
19200s and oud four kills on the board five
19204s kills what a great play from
19207s oug with that V1 stun that might be the
19211s best third party I've ever seen they got
19214s everybody
19215s normally when you third party you kill
19217s like one and then everyone's scatters
19219s they just murdered the whole team so
19222s they just took everybody out that was
19223s brutal that AC 130s we like to call up
19227s the death from above Viper ning with the
19230s drop down stun
19232s now there's still a lot a lot of naraka
19235s to be played in this game it looks like
19237s we're seeing some great disengages from
19238s these teams GS able to get out of here
19240s deny the pressure
19242s when they're an ALT disadvantage uh and
19246s you saw te's great play there when
19248s you're when you're in a bad position
19250s because a lot of these teams are running
19251s good great race and they know where
19253s these three band zones they're able to
19254s disengage and fight on their terms now
19257s if you want to kill us now you're gonna
19258s have to beat us mono mono no alt involve
19261s the tides have turned we are now equals
19265s as I say that a GS Takeda getting double
19269s teamed here who's gonna win the double
19270s team situation GS and does get Perry
19273s putting their team in the pub situation
19276s because of that her teammate eats all of
19279s that Perry damage and and ends up taking
19281s a horizontal from the long story J team
19285s saying it doesn't matter we don't need
19287s to beat you with our alt we can beat you
19289s with our long swords now back to oud
19291s versus xcg can xdg turn it around
19293s they've been having a rough first day
19295s does it continue though fighting the top
19298s of the lobby it's such a weird thing to
19301s imagine that xcg is not the top of the
19304s lobby and oug is at the top of the lobby
19306s instead
19308s doesn't look like oud wants a hard
19310s commits to this uh Yang is coming up
19313s they could either be playing the box or
19315s the Yang situation at the top we do have
19319s JT with gsgg Alliance all in the top
19323s right
19325s jjh making their way to the other top
19327s Yang ewg GD making in the bottom right
19330s but to the bottom left xcg bow to ug
19334s they see the moon Bane going down onto
19337s the Yang but who is gonna claim this
19339s here this is the last game so
19343s everyone seems to be playing fairly
19346s aggressively I imagine uh
19350s any team with the temmie is going to try
19352s to at least test Yankee there's not
19353s enough monk teams to not believe you can
19355s win it I don't I don't see a way that
19358s Viper ever wins inside Yang at this
19360s level
19361s um you see it in EU and N A sometimes
19362s happens with vipers that teams will go
19364s in but versus any of these comps it's
19366s very tough for Wu Chen to get value
19369s inside of Yang outside of Yang that max
19371s range Fort is amazing but we got extra
19374s GCO now dropping down with the triple
19377s kick and the V1 Viper stun is about to
19380s come down they do get it bow to caught
19383s lacking about us trying to peel for his
19386s teammate but it's too late and now oh
19388s yeah whatever you want oh my goodness so
19392s much grief coming down at this Yang xcg
19395s a little bit too early to celebrate the
19398s same thing happened to them and balda as
19402s well gonna get cleaned up
19404s there's no way SS has landed this many
19408s multi-man sons like there's been a
19410s massive debate for a long time well not
19411s a debate it's been a known fact for a
19413s long time but BB is considered the best
19415s Viper in the world SS is putting a
19418s strong intention in to be the best the
19419s new best in the mbpl like they just
19422s absolutely landed multiple Multiple Man
19426s ultimates there absolutely huge as OTE
19427s they get caught out mid air that was
19431s brutal the health was the destroyed by
19433s the star from Iran txj gets a whole
19436s bunch of damage back onto him though
19438s gets the charge click off there is
19440s trying to finish up your round Iran
19442s picked up his staff once again txj gets
19444s counted by two tick he's going low
19446s they're gonna try and grab their weapon
19448s but he's unable to get the katana in
19449s time he's been struggled back txj low HP
19453s finally been able to finish up your ran
19455s as we have a te disadvantage ewg have
19459s this this is all on txj to win the one
19462s versus two scale rushing towards too
19465s thick trying to break away trying to use
19467s that line of sights the best of his
19468s ability if he's caught by the grapple
19470s this is gonna be the end of days as ewg
19472s win the realm of yang
19475s either would you pull in that great
19477s upset there and I'm saying I don't see
19480s how Viper wins and yang even if you're T
19482s going into Yang and getting value off
19484s that Wu Chen poor you end up just
19486s porting into a merciless getting juggled
19488s immediately but it's a great play by ewg
19490s to recognize exactly where that Port is
19492s and denying any of that spacing value
19496s I wonder if t-a-te is able to go to to
19499s come back and find a way to assist uh
19503s secure their win for the day
19506s now Ventus wouldn't this replay gonna be
19509s fighting against what is this
19512s GD
19514s looks like GD immediately gets one of
19516s their players executed but sansi
19518s unfortunately that horizontal just goes
19520s through Don King able to get a double
19523s Perry here with the sap the B2 from the
19526s zipping ends up saving him but again
19527s this long sword beams it's just there's
19530s not a there's not a Perry button coming
19531s from GD they end up just getting cooked
19533s by horizontals with his long sword what
19535s is this
19538s slowing down here actually speaking back
19540s when we were in the bush now we're back
19541s to fighting wbg versus GED I believe one
19544s of these people have Yang stations but
19545s wbg having that you shall not it's gonna
19548s cut right through this cameo
19550s DD cicada shoving and mashing peepee on
19555s that kurumi he's trying to stay inside
19556s the healing Circle unable to the cicada
19559s absolutely harassing him Sleepwalker
19561s trying to peel not having any success
19563s getting staggered but
19565s getting doing a great job on this yushon
19567s keeping his team healthy and Alive now
19570s ewg's coming in with this Third Way
19572s fresh off their window teams oh coming
19574s in hot stranding everyone wbg's Jing at
19578s that low hit point still trying to peel
19580s for his crew me for his team but jl's
19582s team is coming up this monk team is not
19584s going to be able to survive this amount
19585s of third-party PBS doing her best job
19588s but another temio coming out
19591s it doesn't look good for our mugs
19593s they're all getting shred Adventists
19594s picking up the pieces of this monk team
19596s now ewg as well picking up he's a te
19599s needs those Soul balloons coming in
19601s lurking in the shadows in that bush
19603s looks like vvv is gonna be coming in as
19605s soon as his team catches up he Scouts it
19607s all up they're gonna be looking to grab
19608s some soul balloons
19610s Leo vvv need to find a buff here if they
19614s don't they will be eliminated from today
19616s and oug has a chance to take the leaf
19618s but Ventus ewg end up getting taken down
19620s one of the buff scope getting slurped up
19623s by t-e-t looking for more kills able to
19626s fine and solidify their lead against oud
19630s they had a 10 point lead JL doesn't want
19633s to be another victim to t-e-t with a ton
19635s of momentum they still have their alt
19636s they still have their woo Channel they
19639s pop their takedo they pop their Vibra
19641s but they still have their witch and all
19642s they can still Force this Advantage onto
19644s JL they're zipping getting caught out
19646s right here te doing a great job finding
19649s all of these kills finding these three
19651s teams and cleaning up everyone on the
19653s brink of being eliminated but still
19655s rallying back JLS trying to survive
19658s versus he with no Alt
19661s and it looks like jl's gonna be cleaned
19664s up te with a massive play the boys are
19667s back they're claiming their place at the
19670s top to the today love to see it hit rain
19673s yeah really nice there coming in from T
19676s able to cleanse off that Roman young
19678s debuff able to hold fast I may have got
19682s a little bit hairy for them and they're
19683s having an absolutely phenomenal
19685s performance look at the amount of kills
19686s they've got at this point 11 kills in
19688s really really solid stuff from the side
19691s of te and they have bounced back in in
19694s style oh ug though are keeping up they
19697s have eight kills in their pocket they're
19699s also feeling pretty good uh Ventus have
19701s ten honestly if I'm JL or J team right
19704s now I'm kind of sweating because they
19706s haven't done enough to hold on to their
19708s top spot honestly they could get knocked
19710s out by Ventus right now who are honestly
19713s marginally behind and with those 10
19715s kills as long as venters get a good
19717s multiplier they could jump into top
19719s three by the start of for the start of
19722s Sunday they even get a bounty on J team
19724s so the team that they want to be taking
19726s out for overtake they now know where
19727s they are they now know how to take them
19729s out so
19731s scary times for J team right now after
19733s all the back of all of this action but
19735s are hitting a slightly slower point of
19737s the game where is he just gonna do a bit
19739s of shopping after all of those fights
19741s there's a lot of teams up in the north
19743s there so expect to see a fair amount of
19745s action break out around there you can
19748s see uh gsj Team Ventus and Alliance all
19752s in the area so if JT want to get some
19754s hills this could be their opportunity to
19756s do so oh gee trying to say oh you g
19759s sorry trying to see if they can uh
19760s contest this realm of yang
19762s okay they actually have any interest in
19764s going into it I think they're more
19765s interested in third partying anybody who
19767s wants to go into it themselves I don't
19769s think they got the fight they wanted so
19770s they decided to back off and uh it's
19772s going to be wbg versus GG inside this
19775s realm of Yang here see how this is gonna
19777s go down 3-30 on that uh pillar just
19780s staring down at the other side of the
19782s fight so we are going to see them all go
19784s up it's on the other side it is
19786s ewg Southern Yang Sleepwalker catching
19789s out immediately on the 2-1 Miss Kia
19793s takes a big chunk of damage there from
19794s Sleepwalker who's just trying to dodge
19796s you away he's got himself that stuff so
19797s he's gonna do a fair amount of work and
19799s here we go sleep well the special he's
19801s going to transform up gonna look for
19803s those grabs misses out on that first one
19805s unfortunately is lxm now using the
19807s pillar to get behind it does look like
19809s wbg threw down both their
19811s Transformations at the same time so
19812s we'll be de-transforming around that
19814s same Mark which is typically normally a
19817s staggered activity between them as a
19819s 3-30 just about avoiding away on getting
19822s grab Sleepwalker is is able to grab Miss
19823s Kia is trying to look to grab lxm is
19826s going to get the slam down the follow-up
19828s slam comes in from Jing the D
19830s transformation comes out from
19831s Sleepwalker Gene still got his for just
19833s a little bit longer but it's gonna
19834s finally time out and now at this point
19836s GG should have the advantage in the
19838s fight now that Transformations have worn
19840s out but the health bars a little bit low
19841s it feels like they're trying to find an
19843s opportunity to breathe a space where
19844s they can fight into it is lxm avoiding
19847s away on sleep well because people
19848s getting that stuff very effectively if
19849s Sleepwalker loses his arm and Pops the
19851s bell in comes the kurumi healing gets
19853s the bot back from lxm on to Sleepwalker
19856s but he's dealing back up to full HP
19857s pretty much at this point as three three
19859s oh gets caught out by the staff lxm also
19862s getting caught out Jing does go down so
19864s GG have the man Advantage but the star
19866s from Sleepwalker is absolutely ripping
19869s the health bar to shreds GG now it's a
19873s disadvantage they're looking to finish
19874s up PP he's gonna go down and now they've
19876s got the man Advantage Sleepwalker will
19878s be ganged up and finished up he can't
19880s 1v2 or can he count it comes in
19884s Sleepwalker does it
19886s 142. the Perryville that frame one extra
19891s Perry traps and boats and they finally
19895s get taken down I was about to say
19897s Sleepwalker is trolling not using that
19900s merciles to peel
19902s for his teammate but he comes in clutch
19906s with Perry four times in a row catching
19909s them lacking with that frame on ferry
19911s now Alliance versus
19913s looks like Aug Aug trying to solidify
19916s their spot at the top putting down
19920s yushon immediately Alliance does have
19922s this Moko they still can potentially get
19924s a double grab grooming Circle does come
19925s out oh you deep
19927s pressuring this mother frying his legs
19929s over and over the kurumi lucky not have
19932s been going for the res here waiting but
19934s now Ventus is gonna be coming in coming
19936s in hot and Alliance just unfortunate for
19939s them nowhere to go no more cooldowns he
19942s does get the Perry belt
19945s but Ventus with this buff there's no way
19947s that Lynn can survive this situation
19949s just last ditch effort aligns their day
19953s has ended value and effort from Alliance
19957s they were winning they were doing decent
19959s versus
19960s uh the previous scene before they poured
19962s it out but now we're gonna get ewg
19964s versus uh
19966s I believe this is J team ewg's looking
19969s really really scaled up juice this
19971s cicada is coming in on with the armies
19974s on the pull sword poison mushroom coming
19975s down Jay team tanking a massive amount
19977s of damage Force support out
19980s will they be able to track them down ewg
19982s takes to this guy shall you looking for
19985s where they went but looks like his uh
19987s ewg's angles get broken here
19990s yep that's two times now we're both oug
19992s and uh ew oh sorry oug and JT I'm able
19995s to use basically the perfect timing on
19998s that ultimate from the Wu Shen to get
19999s away EEG they got their kill that fight
20001s started to get a little bit bad they saw
20003s the third party coming in said this is
20004s our perfect time we won't get chased so
20006s they just zip out revive their teammate
20009s who went down and then are just gonna
20011s step away quite happy ewg they've not
20013s got much longer they've got a minute 40
20015s until the uh Roman Yang debuff finishes
20018s them up and what has been a
20019s disappointing day for them will be
20022s finalized in a disappointing manner so
20025s quick repair quick recovery but they use
20027s their ultimates versus j-team it's so
20030s hard for them to find a recovery at this
20032s point this J team are just jumping
20034s around in the in the distance almost
20036s taunting uh ewg venters are trying to
20040s chase up potentially uh as well as
20043s xiaolu a on the run now is gonna find
20046s himself between multiple people his J
20048s team gonna try and open up this fight
20049s onto
20051s ewg closing in slowly but surely but all
20053s J team really needs to do is get a bit
20055s of damage and survive for a minute if
20057s they can do that they get the kill
20058s credit so this is basically free kill
20060s for them at this point the longer they
20061s play this fight out and in comes the
20063s Viper stun as well from ZK onto two-tick
20066s will be able to grab him out with that
20068s one as soon as the man Advantage is
20070s sealed that should just be enough for
20072s this to be done though vertical strike
20074s off the vertical strike coming out from
20075s ZK as he is landing all of the damage
20078s necessary for Jay team at this point an
20080s ewg they just don't have the power they
20083s just don't have any fuel left in the
20085s tank this is the end of days for them
20088s eliminated from the lobby and Jay team
20091s get some aggression in and it pays off
20093s for them they're able to turn that fight
20094s around meanwhile here in the field of
20097s poppies a whole bunch of teams are all
20098s fighting out Gigi's missed Kia is able
20100s to step forward as 3-330 finishes up as
20103s remember GG they need to get these Soul
20105s blue messages they got 40 seconds left
20106s themselves this kid did get one kill so
20108s they should get Soul Bloom onto one
20110s player meaning they should be at least
20112s somewhat safer for now but this is not
20115s gonna be good for GG 36 seconds left to
20119s find at least another kill if they can
20121s get two kills two players stay alive
20123s that their possibility of staying in
20125s this game even higher but with 25
20127s seconds I think they might be out of
20129s options at this point I think this might
20131s just be the end of days they're gonna
20133s try and gang up onto water but Godly
20135s comes in with a counter finalizes the
20138s kill there as well and GG I think it's
20141s all but over for them at this point it's
20142s 3-30 also gonna get himself ganged up
20145s finished up and the Overcomer
20147s is all they need to finish up 3-3-0
20150s jumps him into the Zone scale Rush
20152s forwards and down he goes water secures
20154s The Kill
20155s oh my goodness I just realized how many
20157s kills Benson's house they're going for
20159s the record today they have 16 kills on
20161s that Takeda
20163s Tammy now jjh also having a great game
20165s the last Monk standing that's monk
20168s temmie Takeda and this is one of those
20170s end games I was talking about zipper uh
20173s hit brain bet
20175s if the monk gets here this is one of
20177s those ideal circumstances with trees
20179s involved
20181s um not that many places the line of
20183s sight but able to still deny some of
20185s that Viper pressure uh they're going to
20188s be in a good position to get even more
20190s kills here
20191s oud
20192s staying very very consistent nipping at
20195s the heels of te this is also a good
20198s place for their Viper
20200s so I'm really really curious to see how
20203s well they're going to be able to
20204s navigate this end game there's 27 people
20206s alive I don't see the lobby getting
20208s thinned out anymore there's just too
20211s much of a threat of a giant third party
20213s GS also doing super super well getting
20217s that gold armor onto that cicada they're
20219s gonna be stacked here for this end game
20220s we're gonna check out this replay this
20222s is the play we saw earlier the giant
20226s stun by
20228s o-u-g-s-s getting five stuns here
20231s getting this extra silence and wiping
20233s out these two teams and it's even
20236s crazier after this we see the the
20238s re-stun after uh
20241s xcg comes and does his son and SS again
20245s gets his massive stun on everyone and
20248s the team's just feasting getting all
20250s these kills unable to get that oh and
20253s actually be able to secure that last
20254s Acadia this ends up being huge
20257s picking up that kill about it two
20259s massive stuns in a row from SS that's
20261s absolutely massive
20263s that's just great tactics from the
20265s leadership of that team putting them in
20267s and putting your teammates in a place to
20270s succeed is really really big in trios
20272s now as I say that OG SS again gets
20275s another great stun
20277s xcg do you take the kill away uh from
20279s oeg off the back of that one that's a
20281s bit of Revenge for that previous stun we
20283s saw earlier on as a CG I'll just gonna
20285s hold this High Ground Gs are not going
20287s to be able to get up uh xiaohu
20289s Unfortunately they are going to be
20291s knocked out of the game and I think
20293s we're at the point where it's gonna be a
20294s little hard to find a rebirth charm or
20296s anything like that as a AEG probably
20299s just more looking now at this point to
20300s try and build up that rage bar once
20302s again onto SS so he can look for another
20303s one of those big big tactical stunts
20306s onto the whole Lobby 26 players left in
20309s this game right now six minutes until
20310s the circle has fully closed so a bit
20313s more time to the side of oug to build up
20316s some of that rage already at 41 was lxm
20319s from GG uh desperately trying to get
20321s away we'll see a replay of uh this this
20324s fight this was such a clutch fight by
20326s Fleet Walker just that massive double
20328s Parry like you said I called this fight
20331s is over
20333s because look how he loses so much health
20335s as well it's like he's just chunked and
20338s he just somehow finds to stag all the
20339s stuff and then fam gets the Parry in and
20342s finishes them all up absolutely
20344s phenomenal by Sleepwalkers sounds like
20346s the golden stuff
20347s he's already got the soul Jades for the
20349s staff set up as well like this guy is
20350s terrifyingly strong now
20352s that's sap it's just so big and it's one
20356s of the reasons when your opponent is at
20358s one HP there's almost no reason to throw
20361s a blue you're either covering the Perry
20363s or you're light attacking him to not
20365s give him any opportunity to bring it
20366s back because until you know that your
20368s opponent doesn't have a sap you cannot
20371s give that uh Perry up because what sap
20374s does is it not only does way more damage
20378s in one swing so you can't even gold FF
20380s to defend your teammate it's also gonna
20382s heal your opponent so it's one of the
20384s strongest comeback mechanics in the game
20387s and you just have to completely deny
20389s that option or something like that
20391s happens and I know wbg's mantle is
20393s through the roof but on the flip side
20395s when your team gets 2V1 that is
20398s devastating because you just realize
20400s like man we just messed up we just let
20403s them come back in make a play when we
20406s could have easily played this very
20408s consistently denied that situation even
20410s just healed up not forced to kill oil or
20413s just light attack him forcing the
20415s Stagger while one of us
20417s goes for the Perry
20419s going into this end game though 25
20421s people alive it was 27 people like five
20424s minutes ago only one person inside and
20426s Sleeve Walker in that monk form is he
20428s gonna get value
20430s no other monks here to pressure them and
20432s this is one of the tough Parts when
20434s you're the only monk in the lobby no one
20436s everyone else is concentrated on you
20439s trying to dodge your uh actual monkey
20442s now with the wiper all coming out
20444s there's an opportunity Sleep Walker does
20447s get this grab and able to pick up this
20448s kill and the rest of the lobby explodes
20450s as they scramble to find good
20453s positioning now Sleepwalker it's all you
20455s can eat buffet monks going for grabs
20457s everywhere we had JJ's Godly in the
20459s background also looking for tons of
20461s grabs this is the last game of the day
20462s jjh is trying to get some kills this is
20465s where monk shines they want to pick off
20467s more unfortunately the ushan from wbg
20471s comes over and just gripping their team
20473s their tummy does get taken down and now
20475s all they have is this Monk and this
20477s cicada but the rest of the lobby is
20479s coming in the Overcomer you see plowing
20483s through the center of their team and te
20485s the second that Mong D transform this is
20488s when the aggression from the veteran
20489s teams come in they're looking to pick up
20490s all these skills
20492s oug wants to keep neck to neck with te
20494s though 11 kills 10 kills
20497s oud keeping Pace with one of the
20499s strongest team in the game AUD showing
20501s that they are coming here to play they
20504s want to get first place same thing with
20506s JL same thing with J team J team with
20509s nine Juventus with 16.
20511s losing a member here though j-team has
20514s the best position here they're looking
20516s to secure this High Ground
20525s that's a big pickup onto one of their
20527s rival teams who one of the people who
20529s will be contesting them the hardest
20531s absolutely enormous pickup Sleepwalker
20533s though is picking up a bunch of kills as
20535s well for his team wbg cashing in some
20538s serious number of kills being picked up
20539s on all sides J team hold the high ground
20541s though and that means that it can drop
20543s so much of the power of the lobby will
20545s be forced down as the Zone slowly but
20547s surely creeps towards them and we'll
20549s force them off this Higher Ground but
20551s right now they're just raining cannons
20553s down Jing is low HP they're unable to
20555s make it connect as a ZK almost slides
20558s off his High Ground spot there just
20561s trying to get himself the repairing on
20562s the cannon continues to get that fire
20564s off he's gonna look for the big old
20566s Viper son onto the lobby who can he
20568s catches the question catches onto PP
20570s switches out into the dual swords pp's
20573s Court peep he's jumped he's in the zone
20575s and ZK secures himself to kill he's
20578s gonna jump back again where Jing is
20580s jumped up to the rest of his team as
20581s that's another kill picked up for Jay
20583s team I think they just got the slam onto
20585s ZK no he's able to break away
20586s Sleepwalker looking for a bit of Revenge
20588s here desperately trying to get this High
20590s Ground away from the side of wbg unable
20593s to do so unfortunately his vvv has been
20596s grabbed has been slammed not gonna get
20599s finished off a sleepwalk and now can
20600s slide down Eagle gonna recover some of
20602s that armor for himself right now as
20604s constantly where ZK is he has rejoined
20606s up the rest of his team cutting back
20608s down onto the low ground though 101 Tien
20610s going in with the tiger finishing up
20612s everybody he can low amount of Health
20615s onto those players but not able to
20616s finish him up quite yet sleepwalker's
20617s going low 101 TN is trying to finish him
20619s up but he's being harassed by the
20622s Terracotta Warrior is gonna jump back
20624s down off that High Ground as Jing low HP
20626s zk's trying to force lxm away from this
20628s ground wx98 is low HP that's gonna be
20632s the kill for JT's Eagle they have got
20635s themselves a grip this could be their
20636s final game of the day that ends in a win
20638s they've got the highest percentage win
20640s shot they need to deal though with them
20642s to they need to make sure of Avengers
20644s don't get any of these kills they're
20646s losing every grip hole J team have this
20649s game in the bag it's all but done they
20652s just need to finish up wx98 is low the
20655s stuns are coming in as they're gonna
20657s finish juventus's wx98 securing
20660s themselves every little bit of damage
20662s they can do onto him but Jay team are
20664s gonna go down to the Zone but they
20666s finalize the kills they finalize the
20668s game that's Jay-Z winning game number
20670s six
20673s heating up at the end I I saw in the
20676s chat that a lot of players were saying
20678s Jason this is what a team did at Worlds
20680s they they start off really slow but
20681s consistency on the big stage they just
20684s keep at it they keep grinding and it all
20686s comes together this last game I'm
20689s guessing Jay team probably gets over a
20691s 25 point game here and
20693s I was pointing out before how important
20695s end game positioning is J team happens
20698s to pick the very best spot in the lobby
20701s being on that high ground and they have
20703s fire arrows and Flame breath on their
20706s Cannon and they just make the lobby
20708s cannibalize themselves as they last hit
20711s all the people from the pure safety of
20713s their perch able to pretty much conserve
20716s all their coolness even with those monks
20718s going crazy
20719s in the aim game in the end game two of
20721s them they're able to use that High
20724s Ground to not deal with it and still
20726s pick up a ton of kills now oug was neck
20730s to neck with te that entire time I'm
20732s curious to see what points ended up with
20734s I believe te might have just clinched
20737s but j-team is probably jumping into that
20739s top four with that pop-off performance
20745s pretty hot to cool where the uh where
20747s the scoreboard will look at the end of
20749s the day we will get that briefly so have
20751s a little bit of time on that front uh
20753s but Jay team a much needed win for them
20755s because they had been having a pretty
20757s rough day I I think you hit net on the
20760s head they just positioned really really
20761s well in that final Circle they had a
20763s really good idea of where to be standing
20765s and that is a major criticism if I had I
20768s had of them during game number four I
20770s said they're a team who seem to really
20771s struggle at finding a good position in
20773s that final Circle to stand at and they
20776s were they were struggling and then this
20778s game they didn't have that problem they
20780s sat quite happily on that High Ground
20782s they had control of the game they had
20784s control of the lobby and that was just
20785s Jason's game to win I thought Ventus for
20788s Godless were gonna win just because of
20790s how many points they got and how late
20791s into the game they got but JT must have
20793s put enough points together to get the
20795s percentage chance to swing so far in
20797s their favor it went to like 56 at one
20800s point and Ventus was just out of it
20802s actually it might be more it was like 70
20803s I think but like it was just out of it
20805s Juventus and it was such a good start
20807s for venters it was such a good game
20808s overall I mean SS from oeg now man that
20811s guy is uh that guy is putting his name
20813s down as a as one of the top vipers two
20816s full Squad stuns onto two squads in a
20819s row back to back into massive
20821s third-party fights where OGG were able
20824s to clean up loads of kills really really
20826s impressive stuff and I think hopefully
20829s now you understand why I put Ouija as my
20831s Dark Horse after coming into today
20833s because they came in from the repair but
20835s they are a team who have proven time and
20837s time again domestically they are
20839s incredibly capable
20841s I agree with you ug is doing super super
20844s well today and they showed it they they
20846s had one bad game and that's usually the
20848s test of a team that can you bounce back
20850s when you have one bad game can you go
20852s back and stick to your strategy and not
20854s overcompensate and oug did a great job
20857s especially on this last game none of
20859s these teams gave up they kept on
20861s swinging they kept on
20863s playing as safe as possible while trying
20865s to uh take as many good risks as
20868s possible and capitalize on their
20870s opponent's mistakes you saw it from oud
20872s SS like whoever is calling positioning
20874s for that team setting up those Viper
20876s stunts is amazing they knew at that Yang
20879s because of the high tree situation
20881s there's a possibility that we're going
20883s to get a great third-party xcg it's the
20885s same thing but their timing is slightly
20887s off they think they're alone there and
20890s oug is able to sneak up while they're
20892s all fighting and drop down with another
20895s big five to six stun uh V1 Viper getting
20899s a mass amount of value off that V1 and
20901s in today's age you see most teams
20903s playing uh an easier execution where
20905s they're just doing the AOE silence V2
20907s it's only a two second stun and the real
20909s value of that V1 is just really really
20913s good reads on the lobby of where you're
20915s gonna find teams fighting with these
20917s High Ground situations where you can
20918s Blindside them with this Viper ning from
20921s the drop down and with the points 20
20924s bomb
20925s 20 bomb J team coming in with the
20929s biggest kills of the day 37 points and
20933s that's what I was saying that a lot of
20936s these veteran teams they just come out
20938s of nowhere and they get a 30 plus point
20941s game now ventis if they would have
20944s survived just a little bit longer 29.5
20946s still super solid with 18 kills that's
20950s still really insane and te same thing
20953s super super solid 11 kills 18.5 wbg jjh
20958s AUD all having great games as well 12 11
20961s and 10 respectively and this has been
20963s the theme of the day hip brain like the
20965s kills have been really spread out I'm
20967s really happy to see that multiple teams
20969s are doing super well and getting
20970s multiple kills because it just means the
20972s mantle is good for most of these teams
20974s and we're going to see the best all of
20976s the top six had over 10 kills that's
20978s like six teams had over 10 kills that
20980s was an absolute blood Fest of a game so
20983s many people going down some people were
20985s getting rested and killed again just
20987s constant action a really really good
20989s Lobby and this is why I'm liking these
20991s akos lobbies this is why I'm liking
20992s these uh cicada lobbies because we get
20994s games like this we get really
20995s bloodthirsty games where you know it's
20997s not about playing for final search but
20999s it's about playing for the now it's
21000s about playing for the game oh ug they
21003s may have proven to us but they might be
21005s just the best third party is in this
21006s finals they have been so good at reading
21009s all day other fights they can jump into
21011s here's the first is this the second time
21014s OGG come in with a third party they
21016s clean up a whole Lobby when they're
21018s sorry a whole Lobby a whole group of
21020s teams and then just after this they go
21022s and do it again they were just an
21024s absolute Menace In This Lobby odg just
21027s consistently on fire with the uh
21030s with their third parties and some insane
21033s realm of yangs I mean we all got to talk
21035s about this for Sleepwalker look how low
21037s his health bar is and then Pam instant
21040s win of the fight final Circle 101 Tien
21043s on the acos just controlling this High
21044s Ground so effectively for his team feels
21047s comfortable to jump down as well do a
21048s lot of work
21049s Viper has just had such a Resurgence in
21052s the in the matter like she had a moment
21054s where she was really heavily picked up
21056s in like early mbpl but kind of started
21060s to fall to the Wayside when we got into
21062s season three and it was all about just
21064s every variation of monkey cop was the
21066s beginning of season three it was we had
21068s the fairer versions We had the
21070s traditional we had the sandstorm version
21072s there were so many variations of this
21073s club but it's now starting to fall on
21075s the Wayside and people have gone
21076s actually Monk's not gonna be all lendel
21078s it's actually better to find kills early
21079s and then not have to worry about whether
21082s or not we get a good position in the
21083s vital Circle to get kills so I feel like
21085s people are starting a favor with the
21087s fact that monks be nerfed they also seem
21089s to favor not monkey but like the barrier
21090s versions
21091s they're starting to favor keep teams
21093s that get a little bit more uh a little
21096s bit more explosive earlier and put the
21098s game in their hands and not just down to
21100s RNG at the final Circle but here's our
21102s MVP ZK from the side of J team at 28 000
21108s Damage Done 10 kills coming out from
21110s this guy 14 000 damage half his damage
21113s was Canon
21116s half of his damage was candid through
21119s and he does have again that rupture
21122s Gaylord and Flame breath and meteor
21125s we're up together playing breath op when
21127s it comes to damage and there he's not
21129s running the opf3 that everyone seems to
21132s despise right now he's running the
21133s traditional F2 V1 one of the highest
21136s skill ceilings I think of Viper being
21138s played
21139s but the the real thing that I loved
21142s about JG
21144s OS hit brain Echoes Viper showing uh the
21149s viability of this character in trios I'm
21152s happy to see uh Echoes being used and
21154s utilized and breaking into that
21156s traditional Yodo Viper as uh for the
21159s longest time the Synergy between Yodo
21161s Viper which is so powerful the amount of
21163s bursts that it bring but I think with
21166s Echoes you get an additional you
21169s sacrifice a little bit of burst but you
21171s gain so much durability to your team and
21174s so much of a threat when your akos has
21176s alts and I just feel like when your
21177s Ackles has all off spawn that's like a
21179s guaranteed team wipe the same way that
21181s Takeda is but with the one thing that
21183s Takeda doesn't have that akos has is
21186s that bursting power
21188s and he cannot be cc'd when he's in that
21191s uh tiger form jumping around it is
21194s almost impossible to get him staggered
21196s with a light attack you have to
21197s restoring a blue attack but his Mobility
21200s is so insane he's able to double jump
21201s over a ton of things and he's able to go
21203s focus and challenge whatever you do to
21205s him it's just such a strong character
21207s and I know going into uh day two trios
21210s we're probably gonna see a lot more of
21211s it yeah I mean I hope so I am loving I'm
21215s loving the meta I'm loving the comps I
21217s think it's super super fun but we have
21218s you know this is the most varied I've
21220s ever seen trios uh it's been a major
21223s concern of mine for a while because like
21224s in solos there's the five hero rule you
21226s have to play five Heroes a day so that's
21228s led into creative uh parfing and kind of
21231s like picks getting picked up but like
21233s trios has only really had the hero point
21236s and that system hasn't really hampered
21239s the uh players abilities to kind of like
21241s to spam play the same comp over and over
21243s again so it's it's really cool to see uh
21247s it's really cool to see a bunch of the
21248s teams actually just go we don't need
21249s here are bugs are almost redundant at
21251s this point because it's really about
21253s like they just have so many different
21255s options now I mean the monk comp is
21256s still there I don't want the monkey gone
21259s I just don't want it every game I'm a
21261s little bored of it being in every game
21262s but it is nice to see that as we can see
21264s the uh overall standings at the end of
21266s today unfortunately for a life they have
21268s slipped back down into last ewg made
21270s somewhat of a recovery but I mean there
21272s is point two point separating AWG and
21274s Alliance GS at the top end of the bottom
21277s of the table balder a little bit
21278s disappointing uh I mean I say a little
21281s bit I'm surprised their attempts to be
21283s honest they've just been bad all season
21284s uh wbg they're the ones who I find a
21288s little bit shocking they're very low but
21289s te and J team and o u g all in the top
21294s end of the table that is
21297s shockingly close and J team it's about
21299s time they came online it took them all
21301s day but they finally found their their
21303s stride and made that game number six
21305s really go in their favor an incredibly
21308s close standing between them but I'm
21310s having a coeg up there I've never seen
21312s one of these dark horses still him with
21313s a chance and honestly GG not only they
21316s got the funny number as their score
21317s they're still in top six they're still
21319s within the realm of grabbing themselves
21321s on that top end of the table
21323s I called in all day though it brain that
21326s t e j team they're the veterans of the
21329s lobby
21330s they know how to win in these tough
21331s situations now te has been cursed they
21334s generally do choke in these situations
21335s uh but they have the mechanics they have
21338s the strategy and they just had to slow
21339s it down a little bit and I was happy to
21341s see in the opening round the te wasn't
21344s going to open up with their fast tempo
21346s playing one of their burst comps early
21348s they actually played really slow on
21349s their bunkcom and they showed a ton of
21351s discipline consistency is the key to
21353s winning these 12 rounds it's not about
21355s just having one big round it's having a
21357s bunch of really big rounds and the only
21359s way to do that is good strategy and
21361s taking advantage of every opportunity
21363s you get
21364s well I think it's time for us to pass it
21366s over to Jaeger for our interview so
21369s we'll pass it over to her and we're back
21371s to the closeout
21372s foreign
21375s and welcome to post game interview and
21378s now I'm standing here with vvv and let
21380s him say hello to our audience
21387s um
21396s so first because it's the grand final
21399s today and I really like to know for you
21402s guys for the team te you think from this
21405s opponents who give you the biggest
21407s pressure and biggest threaten to the way
21409s to the champion is
21433s foreign
21437s so to be honest I think J team really
21439s gave a big Stratton to our team because
21442s in the game 6 you're like they got the
21445s higher score in the game six and I still
21447s think we have some mistake today and we
21450s like to return it and we want to do
21453s better in the rest of the game okay
21459s okay
21461s so let's move on to next part and so for
21464s treasure
21465s so you guys can see a question on the
21468s screen and if you know the answer just
21470s type them in the chat box after all
21472s player coming three two one we will take
21475s a screenshot and the lucky guy will be
21477s whispered
21478s okay so let's see today's question
21481s which team is leading the scoreboard now
21484s ain't nothing cancel it
21508s foreign that so I asked him a question
21511s like because today is the Grand Final
21513s and is there any difference like the
21516s speed of the matches just compare with
21518s the rest of the game like regular game
21520s or bi-weekly final and vvv just told me
21523s that it's known totally don't have too
21526s much difference but just a little bit
21528s faster than the other games and other
21531s matches in the regular day of bi-weekly
21534s final okay I think it's time for us to
21537s counting and I think our players
21539s prepared let's start counting now
21541s there's always
21545s three two one okay screenshot
21549s okay so it's time for us to find out the
21552s correct answer BT
21557s yes the correct answer is b-te and
21561s congratulations to you guys okay and we
21564s know in the team tea there are also a
21566s player we are very favorite is the
21569s player lyd and sometimes we can hear her
21572s uh like singing in the live show and I
21575s think BBB just told me he have the
21577s different idea and I would like to know
21579s why who you think is the best singer in
21582s the team te now um
21608s okay so to be honest because lyd just
21612s sing to his fans and they don't have the
21614s time and chance to sing in together and
21617s in history
21619s himself he thinks he is the best singer
21622s in the team okay and if we have chance
21625s we would like to see like to hear your
21627s singing okay
21636s okay cheer up okay thank you for today's
21639s interview and we will get back to our
21641s customers
21642s foreign
21643s thank you very much and uh yeah honestly
21648s an amazing day uh we had
21651s it's always so back and forth man it's
21653s crazy I love naraka especially in the
21656s grand finals like honestly expect things
21659s to change on Sunday I really do expect
21661s to see some other teams kind of shake
21664s things up I mean te definitely seemed to
21667s get over the curse today but I wouldn't
21669s say they they were so far over the curse
21672s that they looked like the most strong
21673s and dominating team yes they're at the
21675s top of the tables but
21676s did they really look like just clearly
21679s the best team or they just currently
21681s scored the best I think I would lean in
21683s the sense but like there's a bunch of
21685s teams who all look absolutely amazing
21687s today and I think any one of them has
21689s the ability to take it like JL probably
21691s my biggest uh my biggest surprise of the
21694s day I think those guys really showed up
21696s oh EG I'm I had them as my Dark Horse so
21698s I'm not overly surprised I'm happy to
21700s see them do well J team I'm a little
21702s surprised that they found their first
21703s thing in the last game normally they
21705s kind of tilt before that um but they did
21707s have an amazing end to that Juventus
21709s coming out of nowhere with our final
21711s game 18 kills absolutely huge honestly I
21714s think it's anybody's game on Sunday I
21716s really do
21718s I think with the adjustments coming in
21720s uh it's like what I said my my pick is J
21723s team they always find a way to win even
21725s it wasn't it wasn't looking good from
21726s them early on uh some teams started off
21729s very fast they saw they they get lucky
21731s they carry the momentum but the second
21733s they face adversity they're not able to
21736s sustain that momentum now I I was
21739s wondering to see if oug could survive
21741s that test having the king here the king
21744s did make it to multiple finals on solo
21747s so he's no stranger to stress uh he's
21750s definitely found a role where he can
21752s really contribute to the team
21753s so I'm happy to see oug coming together
21756s but te or fpx and J team have been the
21759s top of naraka trios forever so it
21762s doesn't surprise me that they're at the
21764s top right now leading the charge one of
21767s the things that I think will change
21768s going into day uh day two is I feel like
21771s the monk will be given up a little bit
21773s more for that higher uh fragging ability
21777s that comes with playing the timothicator
21779s or
21780s the The Echoes Viper Decatur Viper or
21783s Yodo Viper and something that I saw in
21785s my region and used region that a lot of
21788s the monkumps are be being phased out
21790s once you kind of get a good idea of how
21793s to third party really really effectively
21795s now obviously in CN the ferocity of it
21798s was insane today we didn't see just a
21800s third party we saw a fourth party we saw
21802s a fifth party we saw a festival just
21804s breaking down uh and a lot of these
21806s teams capitalizing on these
21807s opportunities I'm happy to see uh that
21810s the game is evolving and the the
21812s beautiful naraka being played today
21815s super exceptional I'm happy to see it
21817s and I can't wait to see who comes out
21819s top at the end well speaking of evolving
21821s as you saw when we had our little top
21822s pop up a second ago we have all games
21824s coming tomorrow we have six games in the
21827s solos finals but we are actually
21828s starting a little earlier tomorrow I'll
21830s be kicking it off with a show match for
21833s the new horizai uh I don't know what she
21836s does so I'm very excited to see do you
21839s know what I want I secretly want another
21840s supportive character because I feel like
21842s another supportive character can really
21844s change up uh The Meta massively I feel
21846s like we got enough carries at this point
21848s we need more support options we need
21850s another Tammy another Matari stuff like
21852s this that can kind of uh thread into
21854s these comps and support the your likes
21856s of your acrosses and stuff like that I'm
21858s very excited to see what that's going to
21859s look like we'll have a I believe it's
21861s roon and Derby doing the uh doing that
21864s show match and they'll be covering
21866s tomorrow's game so make sure you do join
21867s them a little bit earlier tomorrow
21868s before that show match because it is
21870s going to be a banger
21872s um unfortunately I'm on the road
21873s tomorrow so I'm not gonna be here to see
21875s it but I'll have to watch the vods and
21877s see see how she does but uh we do
21879s obviously then have our finals for this
21881s trios on Sunday so it'll be tomorrow
21883s deciding our solos Champion you put your
21886s money on Mike I believe raven like I
21889s gotta go for Mike I love the guy too
21891s much I think I'm gonna put my money on
21892s Mike and and then obviously we've got
21895s our finals on Sunday I'm not gonna have
21896s an opinion on that yet because I'll be
21898s covering Sunday with Moxie so uh yeah I
21902s I've made my I've made my opinions known
21904s I do think things are going to get
21905s shaken up I hope things get shaken up
21907s because I don't like it when things are
21909s just done by like game three I think
21912s naraka what makes America so much fun is
21914s the fact that people have the ability to
21916s bounce back have the ability to recover
21919s and honestly it always comes down to the
21921s wire always comes down to that game
21923s number six guys thank you very much for
21925s joining us here for the MVP although
21926s we'll be back tomorrow with our solos
21928s final so until then good night good
21930s morning good day we'll see you later
21943s [Music]
21953s [Music]
21961s thank you
21966s [Music]
21985s [Music]
21993s ladies
21996s [Music]
22010s [Music]
22023s [Music]
22024s foreign
22026s [Music]
22042s [Music]
22073s thank you
22082s [Music]
22092s [Music]
22100s foreign
22113s [Music]
22135s [Music]
22154s thank you
22156s [Music]
22171s [Music]
22176s foreign
22182s [Music]
22201s ER they remind me to be stronger like
22206s the Phoenix in my head and they can try
22211s to bring me down
22215s push me to the edge but it won't